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V1 1:41 eiif J' Q E If M 1 hx T ,,,. qw , f Vi H 'X' S fx l . 'A' 5 . ggi. M 4L.g, gf K .LD I W ,,. M 1 if' Fw Q2 wig E 1',: f f 4' and H S A Q B 3 4' L, S - f,.g sk 1 Nm 4' Q Y 5 Sf pr Q ,aw-iQ 3 A if K L- . 254111.59 jig , E' , Q 5 X 5 fi SQ Egg' ,A . Q EW g as n aj ig Xl I N , 5 JJ ,, Q V.' x,1,:, y::-, , Q if iiz .,v, A ,- - I P LLV. P' Q mllgh A ,ff ,' ' A ,5 'fl Q i if fs 5- Q, 7 4 4 . : . 5 ,Q 1 A,-na-. ' Wi' 35 2 W 4, ':: V 'fx, "u: ' in 'Q '- Q: N ., 5 + s ,as 4 Q, 1. 1' ,.1 x T x Q :H K - -- is 1--ty 4 -, ,.,.:Q:3.x,x..,.:- - . . I ,P -, .. - .ESV -K: -mb V : 4.,,, 1 A Q 1 'ga-p.'u.... swims, 'GL' ,V 5-mf My-4 X.,.fv A f , gf was ft ?? W Y . ' , ,k X., + A . V,.1 In W 1 ,Ef,, 1. K in N f". THE SIHI A f. a. Q SYCAMORE HIGH SCHOOL Sycamore, Ohio I958 ll DEDICATIO We, the class of 1958, dedicate this yearbook to Miss Mary Tuttle, our principal. It is with deep gratitude and appreciation that we dedicate this yearbook to her for her untiring efforts in behalf of our education and the personal welfare of each member of our class. To us she is more than just a teacher. She has helped us in planning our senior trip, rehearsing our commencement exercises, and planning our yearbook. For this and all the other help she has given us during our years at Sycamore High School we thank her. S X X OARD of EDUCATIO SEATED: I. Dewey Hetzel, Presidentglohn Downs, Clerkg Paul Konkle. STANDING: Harry Hart, Philip Shober, Reed Morehart, Vice-President. These gentlemen who govern the Lnew Mohawk School District have a big job ahead of them in the planning for a new consolidated high school and all the problems involved. SUPERINTENDENT OF WYANDOT COUNTY SCHOOLS D. W . OMAN PRINCIPAL MARY V. TUTTLE A. B. Heidelberg College M. A. Kent State University A SLIPERINTENDENT CHARLES SHELL B. S. in Educ. Ohio State University M. A. Ohio State University OFFICE SECRETARY MARCILE MOORE FACULTY EUNICE STALTER GRACE WENNER AURIAN GRANDSTAFF First Grade First Grade Second Grade GLADYS WEININGER FRANCES SAMMET Second Grade Third Grade FLORENCE BROWN Third G rad e MARIE SWIHART HELEN MILLER RICHARD RICHARDSON CHARLES OSBORN Fourth Grade Fifth Grade Fifth Grade Sixth Grade FACULTY LUCILLE NIEBEL THOMAS DUTTINE HELEN RICHARDSON Arithmetic Biology Business Education English Driver Education cms PhY5iC31 Education K, Q I, Vi 7,vA Rf , g slE1 ? .1if x :,, A GRACE CRON EUGENE RAYLE HAROLD MOORHEAD Music Science Vocational Agriculture Physical Education LA DENA MOYER ROBERT HARMAN RUBY SNYDER NOLAN YOUNKMAN English Social Studies Home Economics Geography Spanish Ohio History BUS DRIVERS, CUSTODIANS, COOKS ROW ONE: Pete Osborn, Wirt Brown, Eldon Hartschuh. ROW TWO: Emery Lundy Sr. , Fred Case, Ralph Bacon, Jr. , Emery Lundy, Ir. Mr. Hale Mr. Shaffer Mrs. Maggie Hufford Mrs. Mabel Bogard Mrs. Christine Hufford C-So X SENIORS MARY ADAMS BARBARA GROTE National Honor Society Class Officer 2 3 Mixed Chorus 2 4 Student Council 2 3 4 Annual Staff 4 President 4 Arrow Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Class Play 4 A Queen Attendant 2 Arrow staff 4 Class Play 3 4 Y-Teens 4 Choir 4 Homecoming Queen 4 Girls Chorus 2 4 RONNIE HOSTERMAN National Honor Society Class President 2, 4 Student Council 2, 3,4 President 4 Co-Editor Annual Class Play 3,4 Class Secretary 1 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2,3,4 Varsity s 1,2,3,4 3,4 CHARLES WOLFORD Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3,4 Track 1, 2, 4 Varsity S 2, 3,4 LYNN BELL Boys Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3,4 Class Play 3 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3,4 Varsity S 1,2, 3,4 HENRY MEKUSH Class President 1, 3 National Honor Society 3, 4 Co-Editor Annual Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Arrow Staff 4 Class Play 3, 4 Class Vice-President 2, 4 Varsity S 3, 4 Basketball 3,4 Track 3,4 Vicounts 3,4 Student Council 1, 3, 4 JANET GREGG Class Vice-President 1 Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4 Secretary-Treasurer 3, 4 Girls Chorus 1, 2, 3,4 Mixed Chorus 3,4 Choir 4 Class Play 3,4 Librarian 2,4 Cheerleader 1, 3,4 Y-Teens l,2,3,4 Varsity S 3,4 Queen Attendant 1 S NIORS RICHARD ALTHOUSE F.F.A. 1,2, 3,4 Assistant Treasurer 3 Treasurer 4 VA N CUR LIS Student Council 2, 3,4 Scholarship Team 2 Basketball 3 Track 3, 4 VER LIN RIEDEL F.F.A. 1,2, 3,4 Sentinel 3,4 TOBE RIE DEL Boys Chorus 3 Mixed Chorus 3 Annual Staff 4 Arrow staff 3,4 Baseball 2, 3 IO ANN GREGG Class Treasurer 1, 2, 3 Girls Chorus 1,2, 3,4 Mixed Chorus 3,4 Annual Staff 4 Arrow Staff 4 Class Play 3, 4 Librarian 2, 3, 4 Cheerleader 1, 3,4 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4 SENIORS DONA LD RIEDEL MERLYN REED National Honor Society 4 Student Council 1 Student Council 3 Annual Staff 4 Boys Chorus 2, 3,4 Arrow Sta ff 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3 Band 1,2, 3,4 Basketball 2, 3,4 Annual Staff 4 Varsity S 3 4 Track 3,4 A 1 2 Secretary 3 4 ELIZA BETH CRA MER Class Rcportcr 1 Mixed Chorus 1,2 Band 1 Arrow Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Class Play 4 Librarian 2, 3 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 National Honor Socie W CHARLES NUTTER Boys Chorus 2, 3 Mixed Chorus 23 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Annual staff 4 Class Play 3 F. F .A . 1, 2 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Vicounts 3,4 , 'sql i K, . iii ELAINE FLECHSENHAR Girls Chorus 4 Mixed Chorus 1,4 Arrow Staff 3,4 Class Play 3, 4 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Scholarship Team 2 Quill and Scroll 2, 3 Tri-Masque 2, 3 Sr. G.A.A. 2,3 Pep Club 2, 3 SANDRA MA SON Class Secretary 3 Chorus 2, 3,4 Band 4 Annual Staff 4 Arrow Staff 4 F.H.A. 1,2 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Student Council 3 Scholarship Team 3 VIRGINIA GRIBBEN National Honor Society 4 Student Council 1 Mixed Chorus 2, 3,4 Girls Chorus 1, 2, 3,4 Annual Staff 4 Arrow Staff 3,4 Co-Editor 4 Class Play 3, 4 Librarian 1, 2, 3, 4 Cheerleader 1 Halloween Queen 4 Queen Attendant 2 5 SENIQRS JAMES MC GINNIS Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Arrow staff 3,4 Class Play 3,4 F.F.A. 1,2, 3,4 Treasurer 3 Vice-President 4 JUNIOR HETZEL Band 1 F.F.A. 1,'2, 3,4 Reporter 4 DONALD WARD Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Boys Chorus 3,4 Mixed Chorus 3,4 Class Play 3 NANCY OSBORN HETZEL Girls Chorus 1,2, 3 Mixed Chorus 1,2 Band 1, 2, 3 Class Play 3 Librarian 4 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 Secretary 3 Student Council 4 LINA MAE BAUGHER Class Reporter 2, 3,4 Girls Chorus 1, 2, 3,4 Mixed Chorus 3,4 Annual staff 4 Arrow Staff 3, 4 Co-Editor 4 Librarian 1, 2, 3,4 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3,4 Vice-President 4 F.F.A. Queen 4 Choir 4 National Honor Society 4 4.- DAVID MILLER Class Vice-President 3 National Honor Society 4 Boys Chorus 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Secretary 3 President 4 Annual Staff 4 Class Play 3, 4 F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 President 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Varsity S 3,4 Dance Band 3,4 Vicounts 3,4 . mn? SENIQRS MARY BABCOCK Class Play 3 F.H.A . 1, 2 Y-Teens 2, 3,4 Hallowe'en Queen SUZANNE LININGER Class Play 3 F.H.A. 1,2 Y-Teens 3,4 2 Girls Chorus 1, 2, 3,4 -Q JERRY BOGARD Class Secretary 2 Boys Chorus 1,2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3 Class Play 3 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1,2, 3,4 Varsity S 1,2, 3,4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 GENE GOODMAN DAVID HAWKINS Arrow Staff 4 F,F.A.1,2,3 Boys Chorus 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Arrow Staff 4 SEN IO RS ,ii HELEN SPRAU PAUL BRIDGEFORD Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 Girls Chorus 1,2, 3,4 Track 3,4 Arrow staff 4 Class Play 3 Librarian 3 4 Y Teens 1,2, 3,4 Homecoming Attendant 2, 3 WILLIAM GILES DON JOHNSON ERNEST RISNER Class Play 3 F.F.A. 1, 3,4 Boys Chorus 4 Mixed Chorus 4 ELLEN DUTCHER PHY LLIS SHELLHORN Class Play 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 3 F H A 1 2 Girls Chorus 1,2, 3,4 C Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Arrow Staff4 y Class Play 3 F.H.A. 1,2 Y Teens 3,4 AS WE ERE 'Z-fi lni V M f gv- , y ROW ONE: Don Riedel, Henry Mekush, Charles Wolford, Lynn Bell, Ronnie Hosterman, Van Curlis, Mary Adams, Sandy Mason. ROW TWO: Lina Mae Baugher, Dick Althouse, Suzanne Lininger, Barbara Grote, David Miller. ROW THREE: Ernest Risner, .To and Janet Gregg, .Terry Bogard, Nancy Hetzel, Verlinlliedcl, David Hawkins. ROW FOUR: Junior Hetzel, Tobe Riedel, Mary Babcock, Lou Cramer, Helen Sprau, Ellen Dutcher, Bill Giles. ROW FIVE: Paul Bridgeford, Elaine Flechsenhar, Ginger Gribben, Phyllis Shellhorn, James McGinnis. CLASS WILL I, Lina Mae Baughter, will my ability to create excitement to Karen Carr who might like a change. I, Jo Gregg, will my hair style to Lyndel Shaffer who might like a change. I, Nancy Hetzel, will my ability to find a man to my sister who just don't seem to get the knack. I, J. Dewey Hetzel Jr., will my ability to work on radios to Daryl Campbell who seems to get hold of the wrong wires. I, Earnest Risner, will my nickname "Uncle Ernie" to Richard Close who thinks that it is very funny. I, Merlin Reed, will my ability to keep cars out of the ditch to Virginia Melroy who has a hard time. I, Ginger Gribben will my knowledge of volleyball to Daria' Bloom who still thinks that all you have to do is giggle at the ball. I, Mary Adams, will my bouncy walk to Martha Gregg who might like a change. I, Don Johnson, will my quietness to Roma Kelly who has some trouble keeping quiet. I, Charles Wolford, will my ability to stay out of Fostoria to Bill Hufford who sure likes the Parakeets. I, Ellen Dutcher, will my letter writing in sixth Study Hall to anyone who thinks that they can keep up with F113- I, Bill Giles, will my ability to argue with Jo Gregg and Mrs. Richardson to anyone who would like to try. I, Verlin Riedel, will my ability to drive to Tom Corfman who seems to be having some difficulty. I, Don Ward, will my wavy hair to Don Grub who is having a little trouble. I, Jim McGinnis, will my powerful Nash to anyone who thinks that he can control its power. I, Dick Althouse, will my Ford to anyone who wants to drag. I, Gene Goodman, will my ability to type on the "Arrow" to any Junior who thinks that they can come close. I, Van Curlis, will my ability to become embarrassed easily to anyone who thinks they are able to live up to it. I, Jerry Bogard. will my ability to grow a goatee to Dick Wolford who only has three black hairs on his chin. I, Barbara Grote, will my German ex-boyfriend to anyone who likes tall, blonde, handsome and very jealous Germans. I, Ronnie Hosterman, will my little blue quiz book to Herb Hufford and Don Shook. I hope they take it along on those Saturday Nights. I, Don Riedel, will my slender build to Dick Vance who has a little problem. I, Phyllis Shellhorn, will my height of 5 ft. to Carol Pancost who might like a change. I, Janet Gregg, will my classmate Ronnie Hosterman to Carol Jean Brouse, who would like to have him. I, Helen Sprau, will my ability to go steady with the same boy to Carol Sloman who has difficulty keeping a steady. I, David Hawkins, will my drivers license to Don King who just can't get the courage to take his test. I, Lou Cramer, will my ability to keep the speedometer registering at or under the state speed limit to Vernice Harris who sometimes gets a heavy foot. I, Tobe Riedel, will my white sidewalls to Mr. Duttine, who hasn't got the money and time to get his own. I, Henry Mekush, will my ability to get good grades in chemstry to Don King who would really appreciate them. I, Paul Bridgeford, will my ability to buy cars cheap to Lester Benner, who is planning on paying a high price. I, Lynn Bell, will my ability to get in early on certain holiday eves to Don Shook who just can't seem to find the bed. I, Elaine F lechsenhar, will my ability to go faithfully steady a whole year without seeing him to anyone else who's willing to try it. I, Sandy Mason, will my ability to get into trouble to anyone who wants excitement for a change. I, Bud Nutter will my girls in Tiffin fall but one that ish to Edson Smith who has trouble finding a girl. I, David Miller, will my ability to wreck my car to Randy Mawer who is way overdue. I, Susie Lininger, will my Senior year to Helen Bausman who would certainly like to begraduating. CLASS PRCDPHECY In the year 1980, my friend and I happened to be passing Earth on our way to the Milky Way, so we zoomed down to see what our classmates of 1958 were doing. Our first stop was at a space station just outside Eartl1's atmosphere, where we refueled our cloud hopper, We found that we were in luck as HEN- RY MEKUSH and DAVID MILLER were co-supervisors of this particular space station. From them we learned that VAN CURLIS and DON RIEDEL were head engineers at the latest top secret Anti-space Jinx Development. While our ship was being refueled, we asked about the GREGG SISTERS. It seems that JO has been very happily married these past few years and JANET, with partner, LOU CRAMER, has been running a home for old maidens. It is said that they know all about such things! Just then LINA MAE BAUGHER came flying into the station on two atomic cylinders. She was headed for her husband's office in Preythel, Mars, and she informed us he is a private eye there. She went on to tell us about GINGER GRIBBEN'S home life in the town of Kavana on Venus. We also inquired of TOBE RIEDEL'S where-a-bouts and the reply was that he is playing in a comedy hit on the planet Venus. He was always a comedian and it has paid him to cultivate his talent. The show is being produced by ER- NEST RISNER and directed by CHARLES NUTTER. They are two eminent men indeed. Blasting off from the space station we passed JERRY BOGARD and RONNIE HOSTERMAN who are still playing basket- ball from one cloud to another. They never give up, do they? All of a sudden a news flash burst forth on our inter- planetary space radio. The light barrier had just been broken by those daring space pilots, J. D. HETZEL and JAMES MC GINNIS. Who Ccouldn't you guessj is serving as mechanic on their satel- lite space ship but BULL GILES. CTO think he was once interested in just "car" motorslj The announcer on our space system radar radio was that ever popular disc jockey of our time, RICHARD ALTHOUSE. We were passing over Europe just then so we buzzed down to visit BARBARA GROTE. She is doing very well for herself in the position of head professor at the well-known Martauren University in Ger- many. She informed us that ELLEN DUTCHER had just arrived in Saterola to join her husband in taking a cruise to Pluto. When we stopped over night at the Plantopekin Hoteleu' owned by HELEN SPRAU. She told us all about SANDY MASON'S career as a Universal artist who is constantly on the go from one planet to another. Our next destination was the United States. First we landed in California to see ELAINE FLECH- SENHAR. She is quite happy with her occupations of housewife and private Secretary at the Satellite Inc., QA corporation that produces Satellite Cloud Hoppers.j She was taking the Universal news correspondent, MARY ADAMS, to see the sights, including Santa Catalina Island - The Island of Romance. We pointed our ship toward that wonderful state of Ohio. There we found MARY BABCOCK and SUZANNE LININGER very happily married and living in the new city of Neptia. We passed NANCY HETZEL as she was shopping at the modern Big Dipper Market. She was thrilled over her pilot hus- band's feat as you can imagine. This market was designed by the Universally know architect, DON JOHN- SON she told us. By this time we began to feel the pains of hunger, so we blasted off to find a good outer space restaurant. We stopped at the Jupiter Jive House, which is located some twenty light miles from Jupiter. To our delight, we discovered that DON WARD was part owner of this delightful establishment. He and VERLIN RIEDEL had put their life savings into it and are now reaping the profits. We were waited on by PHYLLIS SHELLHORN who seems to enjoy her occupation immensely. We then zoomed over to Uranus where we found MERLYN REED operating the Uruta Beauty Shoppe and he is doing a thriving business. CHARLES WOLFORD was managing a branch of the Satellite Inc.. only a swish down Southwest of this beauty shoppe, so we put the ship in there to talk with him. We were greeted by GENE GOODMAN who does the books and is social director there. He told us that Charles was on one of his eXtraCurriCu1arS. namely. showing their new prominent salesman, LYNN BELL the strings of the business. After conversing for a while we made our take-off and traveled on to Neptune where PAUL BRIDGE- FORD was Universal Television-Telephone Technician of the Unite Planets. He said that this was a huge job, but the U.T.T. branch on Saturn, which was headed by DAVID HAWKINS was one of his best aids. On our way to the Milky Way we discussed how the world had certainly changed from our good old school days and how wonderful it is to live in the United Universe. SENICDR CLASS PLAY DOWN TO EARTH The comedy "Down To Earth" was presented by the Senior Class on October 14, 1957. This hilarious play was centered around three spirits, Wilfred, Agnes, and Pilon who des- cended to earth to get rich old Aunt Augusta to return with them. It seemed as if all of Aunt Augusta's relatives and friends were after her money. Herman Howell, who was very fond of Augusta was the exception. After much persuasion Augusta released her tight grip on her money and gave it to her relatives. She falls in love with Herman. Diane Clump, the maid, falls in love with that mischievious angel Pilone and ascends with Wilfred, Agnes and Pilone. Wilfred . . . . . .Tim McGinnis Pilone . . . . . Tobe Riedel Agnes . . . . . . . Janet Gregg Diana Clump . . . Richard White . . . . . . Lou Cramer . . ,Terry Bogard Augusta Applegate .... Barbara Grote Baxter Brgmley , , , E13l1'l6 FlCChSCl'lh31' THE CAST .T une Bromley . . . . . Robert Hanley . Herman Howell Ruthie Teel . Orpha Teel . . Prompters . . Director . . , . Ginger Gribben Ronnie Hosterman . . . Henry Mekush . . . .To Ann Gregg . . . . Mary Adams Lina Mae Baugher Sandra Mason . Mrs. Dale Moyer CCDMMENCEME T The Program Processional: "Pomp and Circumstance" ........ . . Elgar Carol Brown Procession: The School Administration The Speaker The Ministers The School Faculty The Graduating Class of 1958 Invocation. . V . , Rev. Philip Shober Welcome . . . ............. ..... C lass President Ronald Hosterman Vocal Solo . .......... . . " If I Can Help Somebody" Jerry Bogard Honor Address. . ......... . . . . "Atoms For Peace" Mary Adams Awarding of Honors . . ......... .... M iss Mary Tuttle, Principal Honor Address . . . . ........... "Challenges Facing Youth Today" Henry Mekush Trumpet Solo . . ........ ..... ' 'My Regards" Don Riedel Class Address . . .............. . . "Your Future is Showing" Dr. Ralph H. Geer Bowling Green State University Presentation of Graduating Class ................ . . . SHPE. Charles Shell Presentation of Diplomas ........................ Mr. I. Dewey Hetzel President of the Board of Education Benediction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Reverend Nolan Younkman The Program Processional . . . . . . . . . . . . . "Poms and Circumsr-ance" Neil Hartschuh Processional Hymn . . . . . . . . . . . . . "H01Y. HOW. HOW" Invocation . . . . . ..... Reverend T. A. Hiatt Scripture Reading . . . . Reverend Francis McCracken Music.. .. .... . ACappe11aChoir Lo, A Voice to Heaven Sounding Go Not Far From Me, O Lord The Lord Bless You and Keep You Baccalaureate Sermon . . ................... . Reverend Sam Kreider Bengdictign , , , , Reverend E.A. Griswold Reccssional . . . . . . . . . . . . ."C1ayton's Grand March" Carol Pancost Q af 1 -1 IEW Q f F If 94' 31? 1. i JU IOR C ASS sg ' , 'E' 'E , , ' ,K 'V Y H 2 X' Q. W yr, ' we Q . ,AX w.,,.-49-.1 has Q, A Y J xx V.,,?,, 'fi vl W 72 Q V XY KH 7, 4.5. W, 'I-sk 5: r4 l5:m5gf1,',,, . :., , 1 it 5 A A L if David Mercer, President Carol Brouse, Vice-President Carol Brown, Secretary Larry Von Blon, Treasurer Lynn Adams Julian Babcock Joyce Balliet Don Bare Connie Beasley Lyle Bell David Bloom Jerry Bookmeyer Irene Breyley Marilyn Burks Daryl Campbell Tom Corfman Bill Curlis Neil Dininger Carl Geary Jane Griffin Gloria Gingery Martha Gregg Tom Hall Vernice Harris Neil Hartschuh Ronald Hufford Don King Edward Lininger Jean Maskey Randy Mawer Jo Anne McDermott Virginia Melroy Barbara Osborn Carol Pancost Darlene Ransom Suzanne Schryer Don Shook Lynn Stillberger Edson Smith Joanna Vaughn Jean Walker Shirley Walters Harold Williams Don Secoy, President Dick Vance, Vice-President SOPHOMCRE Helen Bausman, Secretary Charles Solze, Treasurer Norman Adams Frances Bakies Sharon Beard Terry Beasley Joan Beitler Shirley Campbell Larry Corfman George Cunningham Sue Curlis Mary Alice Gingery Don Grubb Ronald Harbour Philip Honsberger Maggie Houdeshell Gordon Hufford Judy Kay Hufford Judy V. Hufford Phyliss King Roma Kelly Orville McCracken Kenneth McKinney Jackie Miller Wayne Moorhead Karen Niebel Raymond Perry Newman Renfro Kathy Riedel Sharon Riedel Richard Risley Jean Shellhouse Carol Sloman Daryl Sprau Dorothy Swinehart Torn Turk Richard Wolford Jim Smith, President Mickey Miller, Vice -President Sue Bell, Secretary FRESHMA CLASS ,: . Bob Navarro, Treasurer Mike Beard Kathleen Secoy Daryl Ahlefeld Jim Althouse Myron Babcock Beth Barton Dennis Bare Darla Bloom Karen Carr Richard Close Sue Coffman Roberta Cunningham Judy Davis Norma Dininger Raymond Giles Edwin Goodman Lary Grady Jean Gribben Jerry Hamlin Nancy Hess Ioan Horick Bill Hufford Delbert Johnson Betty King David Lininger Sandy Maskey Philip Miller Raymond Naugle Charlotte Reed Carolyn Riedel Claude Riedel Lyndel Shaffer Howard Shook Fredrick Smith Elsie Sniffen Marlene Stockmaster Jim Stewart Janet Swerline Bernard Taylor George Tuttle Melvin Wagner Leopa Zender EIGHTH GR DE ROW ONE: Sheldon McKinney, Dickie Engler, William McCracken, Lou Cramer, Rita Williams, Charles Hufford, Dick Riedel. ROW TWO: Mr. Duttine, William Dunley, Ted Babcock, Bill Cramer, Mitchell Perry, Bobby McEwen, Conrad Hufford, Bobby Burks, Mrs. Snyder. ROW THREE: Freddy Lundy, Ed Naugle, Charles Hushour, Sharon Ekleberry, Mary Lou Hess, Rich- ard King, Keith Corfman, Larry Weber, Phoebe Conner, Kernie Conner, Bobby Britton. ROW FOUR: Betty Holman, Carolyn McBride, John Riedel, Lester Benner, Larry Mackling, Dick Osborn, Ray Nutter, Leora Gooding, Wilma Harbour, Dick Kear. ROW FIVE: Barbara Os- born, Virginia Hufford, .Tana Gribben, Marcia Honsberger, Esther McCracken, Cleone Riedel, Mary Hushour, Kathleen Sniffen, Carolyn Hill. CLASS OFFICERS President . . . . . Cleone Riedel Vice-President . .... Dick Kear Secretary . . . . . Sharon Ekleberry Treasurer . . . . . William McCracken Reporter .... . . . Charles Hufford Student Council . . . Sheldon McKinny SEVE TH GR DE F5 , ROW ONE: Connie Curlis, Judy Grady, Judy Cochran, Dick McGinnis, Linda Turk, Jean Beard, Sharon Rayle. ROW TWO: Mrs. Niebel, Mildred Smith, Patsy Geary, Betty Hess, Sandra Doss, Russel Goodman, Carol Heck, Judy Holt, Susan Sweigard, Diane Marquart. ROW THREE: Jerry David, Larry Wagner, Ralph Hawkins, Jon Brown, Bobby Mason, Mary Ingman, Judy Lininger, Carolyn Sowers. ROW FOUR: Jimmy Konkle, Tim Niebel, Charles Hall, Tim Curlis, Daryl Corfman, Danny Schryer, Neil Stover, David Fadley, Billy Crawford. C L A S S Student Council OFFICERS President ..... . . David Fadley Vice-President . . . .... Judy Grady Secretary . . . . . . Judy Cochran Treasurer . . .... Jean Beard Reporter ..... . . . Jimmy Konkle . . . . . Connie Curlis SIXTH GR DE ROW ONE: R. Swinehart, K. Bonin, F. Bakies, A. Sloman, B. Burks, R. Weaver, N. McBride, R. Roberts C. Bigler. ROW TWO: C. Osborn, J. Fatzinger, L. Secoy, R. Neff, C. Lorah, C. Weatherbee, V. Hale R. Mekush, S. Southward, W. Williams. ROW THREE: R. Aurand, S. Hill, C. King, J. Billings, G. Weath- erbee, S. Kreider, R. Goodman, R. Corfman, S. Gregory. ROW FOUR: B. Mowery, J. Cramer, J. Cross M. Bell, T. Osborn, I. Shell, I. Hollins, P. Zender, C. Perry. FIFTH GR DE ROW ONE: J. Riedel, R. Ames, B. Harbour, G. Kear, G. Osborn, R. Wagner, J. Babcock. ROW TWO: R. Simonis, S. K. Burkin, K. Navarro, M. J. Shellhouse, L. Zender, I. Davis, B. Johnson, W. Sprau. ROW THREE: D. Campbell, D. Hamlin, J. Swinehart, R. Granata, C. Shook, R. Wetherill, V. Hufford, I. Hushour, P. Strait, and J. Babcock. ROW FOUR: Mrs. Miller, J. Bogard, N. Britton, B. Stockmaster, K. Balliet, J. Pancost, R. Burkhart, B. Stover, S. Beasley, S. Miller, J. Shook, B. Goodman, Mr. Rich- ardson. ROW FIVE: B. Hall, J. Grummel, R. Phillips, D. Gingery, L. Feasel, M. Kelley, A. Walter M. Mawer, B. Ohl, J. Beitler, E. Scruggs. ROW SIX: D. Conner, C. Cramer, R. Hetzel, D. Goodman M. Ekleberry, P. Grummel, P. Lundy. I. Lininger, D. Kenner, P. Beekman. DURTH GR DE 11 iid. ROW ONE: B. Andrews, S. Golling, K. Hollins, S. Hetzel, M. Stockmaster, J. Wagner, M. Hufford, B. Conner, T. Hosterman. ROW TWO: J. Wilson, D. Rose, W. King, D. Ankney, J. Tuttle, D. Wilson, D. Eng- ler, R. Burkhart, J. Dininger. ROW THREE: B. Allen, S. Mekush, P. Smith, B. Rose, N. Dunlap, G Adams, B. Bell, D. Beis, D. Dillion, Mrs. Swihart. ROW FOUR: C.Cunningham, D. Sampson, D. De- Long, B. Billings, B. Swinehnrt, J. Hale, P. Baum, J. Ludwig, C. Crawford. THIRD GR DE fl' ROW ONE: M. Osborn, N. Spradlin, K. Margraf, J. Stover, L. Burkin, A.Grumme1, T. Walton, L. Lin- inger, D. Perry, V. Rose, W. Metcalf. ROW TWO: D. Warner, P. Gribben, B. Hufford, D. Johnson, S. Walton, K, Shock, D. Cunningham, R. Stover, R. Smith, D. Kisor, E. Traxler, P. Hollins, J. Mercer. ROW THREE: C. Bonin, R. Harbour, R. Jump, J. Walton, L. Pancost, A. Dunlap, D. Minter, I. Scott S. Weber. ROW FOUR: Miss Sammet, J. Campbell, M. Fatzinger,C. Dyer, K. Ahlefeld, C. Maskey, D. Stover, A. Feasel, D. Shook, D. Rose, J. West, L. Hushour, M. Billings, C. Baum, Mrs. Brown. ROW FIVE: R. Britton, R. Grummel, M. Bechtel, J. Geary, W. Naugle, C. Valentine, S. Dunlap, H. Case, J. Hale, J. Holman. SECO D GR DE ROW ONE: M. Neff, L. Sloman, C. Beekman, J. Margraf, R. Lininger, K. Wall, V. Ingman, R. Southward, M. Stover, D. Stover. ROW TWO: P. Sorg, P. Dunlap. .T. Francis, J. Cochran, L. Smith, S. Weaver, N. Aller, L. Fry. ROW THREE: S. Wagner, I. Bogard, G. Meyers, D. Sampson, C. Tuttle, W. Shellhorn L. Wilson. .T. Francis, T. Roush, K. Zeigler, R. Southward, S. Wood. ROW FOUR: Mrs. GraHdSI8ff. D. Curlis, D. Granata, I. Bell, D. Hartschuh, G. Kirby, R. Swinehart, C. Bakies, S. Holt, M. Snyder, M. Fat- zinger, K. Stockmaster, F. Dyer, Mrs. Weininger. ROW FIVE: D. Smith, K. Ekleberry, C. Billings, C. Hall, R. Scruggs, N. Kelley, B. Holman, L. Zender, L. Hushour. ROW ONE: K. Fadley, T. Shock, J. Gobs, K. Moore, R. Brouse, M. Curlis, G. Lauthers, A. Young, I. Scruggs, M. Simonis, J. Smith, B. Zender, R. Baughn, J. Adams, M. Feasel, V. Beitler. ROW TWO: S. Kear, L. Perry, E. Williams, P. Sowers, D. Southward, P. Eyestone, M. Meyers. J. Bakies, D. Bechtel, J. Wood, D. Dyer, S. Wahrer, D. Gregg, J. Wetheri11,R. Dunn, J. Bi11ings,K. Kisor. ROW THREE: C. Davis, S. Arter, J. Bloom, A. Walton, S. King, R. Phillips, T. Hartschuh, R. Rose, K. Fey, K. Houde- shell, C. Swerline, B. Traxler, D. Hufford, D. Rose. ROW FOUR: C. Wagner, M. Morrone, D. Beis E. Mekush, C. Weber, M. Case, D. Beard, G. Scott, G. Martin, P. Goodman. Teachers: Mrs. Wenner and Miss Stalter. fl W7 -'S u 5 ff qv x A, f xf WHO'S WHO THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY FRONT ROW: Connie Beasley, Carol Brown, Mary Adams, i JV Phwms Elizabeth Cramer, Lina Mae Baugher, Virginia Gribben. BACK ROW: Lynn Adams, David Miller, David Mercer, Randy Mawer, Don Riedel, Henry Mekush, Ronnie Hosterman. .--'J' JANET GREGG A' Representative to Girls' Siafe RONNIE HOSTERMAN Representative to BOYS' State KAREN NIEBEL Superior Rating in State Science Day Contest RANDY MAWER, NEIL HARTSCHUH Members of A11 Ohio Boys Band TROMBONES CLARINE TS TE NOR SAX OPHONE BAD ROW ONE: David Fadley, Bonny Burks, Judy Grady, Tim Curlis, Jackie Miller. Judy V. Hufford, Karen Niebel, Helen Bausman, Barbara Osborn, Bobby Burks, Neil Stover, Tim Niebel. ROW TWO: Jeanie Beard, Linda Turk, Janet Swerline, Jim Smith, Neil Hartschuh, Sharon Beard, Larry Secoy, Bobby Navarro, Lester Benner, Dick Kear, Martha Gregg, Mike Bell. ROW THREE: Miss Cron, Ralph Hawkins, Mike Beard, Henry Mekush, Lynn Adams, Don Riedel, Carol Pancost, Randy Mawer, Edson Smith, Dave Mercer, Philip Honsberger, Jim Smith, Sharon Riedel, John Brown. ROW FOUR: Gloria Gingery, David Hawkins, Don Ward, Lyndel Shaffer, Carol Brouse, Jean Shellhouse, Vernice Harris, Patsy Geary, Joan Beitler, Beth Barton. ROW FIVE: Marcia Honsberger, Esther McCracken, Suzanne Schryer, J im McGinnis, -Bud Nutter, Dave Miller, Sandy Mason, Jean Walker, Sue Curlis. Edson Smith Don Riedel David Mercer Lynn Adams Jim McGinnis Don Ward Richard Risley Tim Curlis Bob Navarro Lester Benner Dick Kear Jim Konkle BASSES Larry Secoy Randy Mawer David Miller Carol Pancost Jim Smith Janet Swerline Beth Barton Jim Althouse Neil Stover TENOR DRUMS Mike Bell Bob Burks Bonnie Burks DR UMS Carol Brouse Martha Gregg Jon Brown Ralph Hawkins Henry Mekush Philip Honseberger Suzanne Schryer David Hawkins Judy Hufford Joan Beitler Sharon Beard David Fadley Esther McCracken Rosie Mekush Sharon Krieder Ronnie Ames FLUTES Jackie Miller Vernice Harris Helen Bausman Patsy Geary Karen Nieble Karen Bonin BASS CLARINET Sharon Riedel BARITONE SAXOPHONE Gloria Gingery ALTO SAXOPHONE Sue Curlis Jean Shellhouse Ronnie Harbour Bud Nutter Linda Turk Judy Grady Mike Beard FRENCH HORN Neil Hartschuh Jean Beard BARITONES Barbara Osborn Tim Niebel CYMBALS Jean Walker BELLS Marcia Honseberger Lyndel Shafer DANCE BA D its a A ROW ONE: Randy Mawer, Gloria Gingery, Philip Honsberger, Jean Shellhouse, Karen Niebel, Sue Curlis. ROW TWO: Neil Hartschuh, Lynn Adams, Dave Mercer, Edson Smith, Carol Pan- cost, .Tim Smith, David Miller. ROW THREE: Miss Cron. VICOUNTS is These two music groups provide music for our school dances as well as for other organizations. llenry Mekush, David Mercer, Randy Mawer, Edson Smith, Bud Nutter, David Miller. HCDIR ROW ONE: Dave Mercer, Carol Pancost, Lynn Adams, Randy Mawer, Bill Sowers, Edson Smith, Don Riedel, Dave Miller, Mickey Miller. ROW TWO: Miss Cron,J ackie Miller, Lina Mae Baugher, Sharon Beard, Darla Bloom, Karen Niebel, Carol Brouse, Kathy Riedel, Connie Beasley, Judy V. Hufford, Sharon Riedel, Janet Gregg, Barbara Osborn. ROW THREE: Janet Swerline, Beth Barton, .To Anna Vaughn, Martha Gregg, Vernice Harris, Mary Adams, Lyndel Schaffer, Gloria Gingery, Richard Risley, Jean Shellhouse. ROW FOUR: Irene Breyley, Wayne Moorehead, Jim Althouse, Bobby Navarro, Neil Hartshcuh, Jim Smith, Carol Brown, Sue Curlis, Susan Schryer. The music department has had quite a busy and successful year. Early in the fall the operetta ,W "An Old Sweetheart of Mine" was presented by the choral groups. These same groups then presented a special Christmas Program. Both chorus and band groups participated in the county festivals this spring. In addition to these, numerous individual and small groups performed for various programs. Many music students entered the District Music Contest and fourteen won a Superior rating. Of these five received a Superior rating in the State Contest. A saxophone solo by Sue Curlis and a trumpet duet by Edson Smith and Don Riedel received this high rating in addition to the trio pictured at the right and those mention- ed elsewhere. David Mercer, Edson Smith, Don Riedel CYS' CHQRU ROW ONE: D. Sprau, L. Bell, D. Lininger, P. Miller, B. Navarro, N. Hartschuh, J. Althouse, W. Moore- head. ROW TWO: L. Corfman, D. Mercer, D. Miller, R. Mawer, J. Bogard, L. Adams, D. Riedel, B Sowers, Miss Cron. ROW THREE: D. Hawkins, M. Miller, C. Riedel, B. Martin, E.Smith, J. Stewart M. Beard. ROW FOUR: M, Wagner, C. Geary, D. Ward, D. Grubb. J. Smith, P. Honsberger, G. Tuttle R. Risley. The brass quintet earned a Superior rating in both the District and State con- tests. ,iii Don Riedel, Edson Smith, David Mercer, Randy Mawer. The Boys' Qiartet added much to the Programs presented by the Music Depart- ment. They also teamed with the Girls' Quartet to form an octet which received a Superior rating in the District Contest. David Miller, Neil Hartschuh, Randy Mawer, Don Riedel, Edson Smith. GIRLS' CHCRU ROW ONE: S. Curlis, H. Bausman, S. Lininger, H. Sprau,S. Schryer, J. Gribben, J. K. Hufford, J. Beitler J. V. Hufford. ROW TWO: N. Dininger, J. Swerline, B. Barton, K. Carr, N. Hess. J. Walker, B. Osborn C. Beasley, S. Riedel. ROW THREE: Miss Cron, L. Zender, S. Beard, J. Miller, S. Bell, S. Walters R. Cunningham, V. Melroy, I. Breyley, M. Houdeshell, S. Maskey, R. Kelley, M. Stockmaster. ROW FOUR D. Swinehart, C. Brouse, K. Secoy, P. Shellhorn, J. Shellhouse, M. Adams, C. Pancost, C. Sloman, L Cramer, V. Harris, E. Flechsenhar. J. Maskey, D. Bloom. ROW FIVE: P. King, K. Riedel, J. Vaughn S. Mason, D. Ransom, K. Niebel, E. Sniffen, L. Shaffer, M. Burks, G. Gingery. ROW SDC: G. Gribben L. Baugher, J. Gregg. Janet Gregg, B. King, S. Corfman, J. Griffin, M. Gingery, C. Riedel, M. Gregg. This saxophone quartet received a I rating in the District and State Music Con- tests. This quartetof Junior girls has been quite active in appear- ing on numerous pro - grams this past year. Carol Brouse, Carol Brown, Martha Gregg' Irene Balmer. Karen Niebel, Gloria Gingery, Jean Shellhouse, Irene Balliet. l NN UAL STAFF ROW ONE, SEATED: Lina Mae Baugher, Henry Mekush, Ronald Hosterman, .To Ann Gregg. ROW TWO Don Riedel, Ginger Gribben, Miss Tuttle, Tobe Riedel, David Hawkins, Sandy Mason, Dave Miller, Merlyn Recd, Jerry Bogard, Barbara Grote, Lou Cramer, Mary Adams. ROW THREE: Jim McGinnis, Janet G rcgg, Bud Nutter. ANNUAL STAFF Co-E ditors . . Business Manager Assistant Manager Activities . . . Assistant .... Music Education . Sports Editor . . Assistant . . . Typists . . Artist . . Snapshots . . . . . Ronnie Hosterman Henry Mekush . . . . Don Riedel . . . Lou Cramer . . . David Miller . . . .Tim McGinnis . . . .Tanet Gregg . . . . Jerry Bogard . . . . . Ginger Gribben Linda Mae Baugher Barbara Grote Mary Adams Merlyn Reed . . Sandy Mason . . . Toby Riedel David Hawkins Bud Nutter RROW STAFF ROW ONE, SITTING: Mary Adams, Ginger Gribben, Lina Mae Baugher LouCramer ROW ONE STAND ING: Phyllis Shellhorn, .Tanet Gregg, Mrs. Richardson Elaine Flechsenhar Merlyn Reed Jo Ann Gregg Dave Hawkins, Charles Wolford, Barbara Grote. ROW TWO Helen Sprau ,Tim McGinnis Henry Mekush Gene Goodman, Sandra Mason. Co-Editors Head Typist Typists . . Circulation Feature . . Activity . . Reporter . Sports . . Proofreader Artist . . . Advisor . . THE STAFF Linda Mae Baugher Virginia Gribben . . . Lou Cramer . . . Mary Adams Barbara Grote Gene Goodman . . . . Merlyn Reed Charles Wolford . . . . Helen Sprau Janet Gregg . . . . . .ToGregg Henry Mekush . Phyllis Shellhorn ......TimMcGin11iS David Hawkins Elaine Flechsenhar . . , . Sandy Mason . . . Mrs. Richardson LIBRARIANS 2 ROW ONE: Linn Mac Baugher, Jo Gregg, Janet Gregg, Ginger Gribben, Helen Sprau. ROW TWO: Tuttle, Carol lirouse, Joyce Balliet, Carol Brown, Judy K. Ilufford. TUDE T COUNCIL Miss ROW ONE: Randy Mawer, Dave Mercer, Janet Gregg, Dave Miller, Ronald Hosterman, Barbara Grote, Edson Smith, Mr. Shell. ROW TWO: Miss Tuttle, Terry Beasley, Don Secoy, Kathleen Secoy, Jerry Bogard, Van Curlis, Jim Smith, Martha Gregg, Mr. Rayle. ROW THREE: Jackie Miller, David Fadley, Gordon llufford, Larry Grady, Sheldon McKinney, Cleone Riedel, Connie Curlis. VARSITY " " .H ROW ONE: R. Mawer, J. Gregg, L. Bell, I. Gregg. .T.Bogard, D. Mercer, B.Cur1is. ROW TWO: T Beasley, B. Hufford, D. Shook, H. Mekush, L. Stillberger, B. Sbwers, Mr. Rayle. ROW THREE: D Wolford, M. Reed, C. Wolford, R. Hosterman, D. Miller, L. Bell. Y-TEENS ROW ONE: M. Burks, M. Babcock, S. Maskey, R. Kelly, B. Osborn, I. Breyley. J. Swerlein, B. Barton B.King, R, Cunningham, J. Gribben, S. Bell. ROW TWO: Miss Tuttle, K. Secoy, M. A. Gingery, S. Wal- ters, S. Beard, C. Beasley, S. Schryer, I. Miller, V. Melroy, M. Stockmaster, S. Corfman. ROW THREE C. Brouse, E. Flechsenhar, L. Cramer, B. Grote, C. Pancost, C. S1oman,J. Maskey, P. Shellhorn, K. Niebel, D. Ransom, N, Hess. ROW FOUR: D. Swinehart, L. M. Baugher, C. Riedel, J. Gregg, E. Dutcher I. Vaughn, I. Gregg, S. Mason, L. Shaffer, H. Bausman. ROW FIVE: J.Griffen, G.Gribben, P. King S. Curlis, J. V. Hufford, J. Beitler, S. Lininger, M. Gregg, H. Sprau, J. K. Hufford, G. Gingery. FUTURE F RMERS ROW ONE: V. Riedel, J. McGinnis, R. Harbour, D. Riedel, D. Miller, Jr. Hetzel, D. Althouse, B. Sowers, D. Campbell. ROW TWO: D. Secoy, T. Hall, B. Taylor, L. Coffman, N. Dininger, T. Corfman, L. Still- berger, E. Lininger, D. Johnson, M. Babcock, B. Hufford, Mr. Moorehead. ROW THREE: R. Risley, P. Bridgeford, R. Naugle, J. Stewart, N. Stover, M. Miller, T. Turk, J. Hamlin, E. McDermott, D. Linillger. ROW FOUR: R. Giles, P. Miller, W. Moorehead, H. Shook, D. Ahlfeld, D. Bare, D. Bare, J. Althouse, R. Close. This past year the F.F.A. carried out numerous activities. Outstanding among these activities was the receiving of the gold award in the Parliamentary Procedure contest. Other important events were the receiving of a gold rating for second place in the County Pest Hunt and the parti- cipation in the soft ball league and the winning of first place. The chapter sold 96250 worth of garden seed and the returns from this helped finance the work of the chapter. The pop concessions at the county fair were also handled by the Sycamore F.F.A. Chapter of Sycamore. OFFICERS President .... . . . David Miller Vice-President . . . . . Jim McGinnis Secretary .... .... D on Riedel Treasurer . . . . . Dick Althouse R6Dorter . . . . . Junior lietzel Sentinel .... . . Verlin Riedel Student Advisor . . . . . Bill Sowers Assistant Secretary . .. . . Ronnie Harbour Assistant Treasurer . . . . Dary1Campbell Advisor . . . . . . . . . . Harold Moorhead FUTURE HOM AKER ROW ONE: Miss Snyder, Marilyn Burks, Jean Maskey, Carol Sloman, Marlene Stockmaster, Shirley Walters, Roberta Cunningham, Roma Kelly, and Sandra Maskey. ROW TWO: Judy V. Hufford, Mary Alice Gingery, Charlotte Reed, Lyndel Schaffer, Joan Horick, Phyllis King, and Judy Davis. The Future Homemakers Chapter was active in several events during the 1957 and 1958 school year. One of the first projects was the holding of a bake sale early in the year to replenish our treasury. In March the girls entertained the Future Farmers Chapter at a party. April was the time to display the garments we had made during the year. A style show was presented with the Eighth Grade Girls, their mothers and the mothers of our members as guests. The awards banquet was held in May and here we received our awards. OFFICERS President . . . . . . Marlene Stockmaster Vice-President . . . . . . . . Jean Maskey Secretary . . . . . . Roberta Cunningham Treasurer . . . ..... Shirley Walter Reporter . . .... . . . Marilyn Burks Parliamentarian . . . . Carol Sloman Adviser . . . . . . . Mrs. Snyder QUR QUEENS May Queen . . . JoAnn Gregg Homecoming Queen . . . Barbara Grote Halloween Queen . . . Virginia Gribben May D-HY Danc e 4.11 Halloween Carnival Homecoming Game X .1 1 E 7 fy... ,. fs., VARSITY BASKETBALL ROW ONE: Dick Wolford, Bill Curlis, Managers. ROW TWO: Coach Rayle, Dave Mercer Lynn Stillherger, Randy Mawer, Jerry Bogard, Henry Mekush, Don Shook, Dave Millet ROW THREE: Mcrlyn Reed, Charles Wolford, Bill Hufford, Lynn Bell, Ronnie Hosterman. Sycamore 49 Sycamore 55 Sycamore 52 Sycamore 56 Sycamore 65 Sycanrorc 61 Sycamore 43 Sycamorc 71 Sycamorc 44 Sycamore 46 ' League games SEASON'S RECORD Lykens 47 Sycamore 48 Scutch 51 " Sycamore 73 Marseilles 40 ' Sycamore 58 Snlpher Springs 63 Sycamore 82 Harpstcr 30 ' Sycamore 60 Carey 46 Sycamore 87 Attica 28 Sycamore 109 Salcm 56 ' Sycamore 63 Wharton 50 ' Sycamore 56 Delaware 55 Sycamore 79 COUNTY TOURNAMENT Sycamore 61 Harpster Sycamore 58 Wharton Sycamore 54 Marseilles Sycamore 64 Salem Sycamore 52 Wharton Marion Sa Nevada Scutch Marseilles Old Fort Harpster Forest Salem Wharton Nevada 37 61 46 51 58 int Marys ARSITY SENIORS RONNIE HOSTERMAN DA VID MILLER Jeux! BULJARU CHARLES WOLFORD LYNN BELL When the basketball season rolls around next fall these varsity players will be missed. Jerry has played varsity for four years and most ofthe others have been on the squad for three years. With so many players leav- ing there will no doubt be a big scramble for positions next fall. MERLYN REED ,HENRY MEKUSH RESER E BASKETBALL S- Ng ,av N-'W ROW ONE: Bill Curlis, Manager, Coach Rayle, Dick Wolford, Manager. ROW TWO: Bobby Navarro, Jerry Bookmeyer, Jim Stewart, Lyle Bell, Don Shook, Bill Hufford, Mickey Miller, Gordon Hufford. SEASON'S RECORD Sycamore 30 Sycamore 32 Sycamore 40 Sycamore 38 Sycamore 47 Sycamore 29 Sycamore 41 Sycamore 26 Sycamore 30 Sycamore 36 Sycamore 32 Sycamore 31 Sycamore 30 Sycamore 53 Sycamore 28 Sycamore 33 Sycamore 46 Sycamore 38 League Games ' Lykens Scutch Marseilles Sulpher ,Springs l-larpster Carey Attica Salem Wharton Nevada Scurch Marseilles Old Fort Harpster Forest Salem Wharton Nevada BASEB LL ROW ONE: I. Stewart, D. Wolford, G. Hufford, B. Navaro, M. Miller. ROW TWO: C. Wolford, B. Hufford L. Bell, R. Hosterman, J. Bogard, D. Miller, R. Mawer, D. Mercer. ROW THREE: B. Curlis, B. Nutter L. Adams, D, Vance, L. Bell, T, Beasly, T, Hall, B. Sowers, Coach Rayle. Again this year our baseball team completed the season with an excellent record. In the fall the Sycamore Nine won the County League Title and the right to enter the District Tournament. In the District Tournament the team was eliminated by Bellville ofRichland County in spite of a two hitter pitched by Lyle Bell. When next fall rolls around and a call is made for the baseball squad, Lynn Bell, Jerry Bogard, Ronnie Hosterman, Dave Miller, and Bud Nutter will not be around. SCI IEDULE Sycamore McCutchenvi1le 7 Sycamore Marseilles l Sycamore Salem O Sycamore Edison 3 a Sycamore Wharton O Sycamore Nevada 1 Sycamore Harpster l Sycamore Vanlue 2 Sycamore Bloomville 0 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Sycamore 1 Bellville 2 TRACK 'L ROW ONE: Dick Wolford, Philip Honsberger, Edson Smith, Lynn Stillberger, Henry Mekush, Dave Mercer, Dave Hawkins, Coach Rayle. ROW TWO: Paul Bridgford, Van Curlis. .Terry Bogard, Randy Mawer, Don Riedel, Don Shook. The track team participated in four meets this spring including the County meet. In addition several members qualified for the District meet and one for the State meet. Perhaps the highlight of the season was the breaking of the long standing record in the mile relay. Van Curlis, Don Shook, Randy Mawer and Henry Mekush were the winners in this event. SEASONS RECORD Wharton 18 Harpster 19112 Marseilles Sycamore 81 112 Attica '74 112 Harpster Sycamore 83 112 McCutchen- Nevada ville 5'7 Sycamore 60 Carey 82 112 McCutchen- ville Marseilles 4 COUNTY MEET Sycamore 57 McCutchen- Nevada ville 59 28 37 112 33112 33 112 5 JR. HIGH BASEBALL AND BASKETBALL ROW ONE: Charles Ingler, Dick Osborn, Bobby Mason, Keith Coffman, Bobby Britton, John Riedel. ROW TWO: Dick McGinnis, .Tim Konkle, Tim Niebel, David Fadley, Tim Curlis, Charles Hufford, Mr. Shell, Coach. ROW ONE: R. McGinnis, C. Hufford, T. Curlis, D. Fadley, J. Konkle, T. Babcock, T. Niebcl. ROW TWO Mr. Shell, B. Mason, L. Mackling, L. Weber, K. Corfman, D. Kear, B. Britton. ROW THREE: C. lluf- ford, J. Brown, J. Riedel, R. Nutter, D. Osborn, D. Riedel. Baseball: Won 1 Lost 3 Basketball: Won 3 Lost fl CHEERLE DER RESERVE ribbon, Karen Nicbel, Sue Bell VARSITY Carol Brouse, JoAnn Gregg, Janet Gregg, Virginia Melroy JUNIOR HIGH Cleone Riedel, Marsha llonsebergcr, Judy Cochran if IV 6 qs X Q v .. , Q , 485 P TRONS Grandstaff Barber Shop Artz Department Store Vogel's Shoe Store H. L. Wenner Helen F. Stecher Pete Link - Monuments and Markers Fox Garage Don 's Body Shop Producer's Livestock Association Upper Sandusky Dairy Southward Sohio Moore Store Thomas and Franz Store Anne 's Lunch Neumeister's Bakery Gier T. V. Sales and Service Virginia 's Beauty Shop Dr. John M. Thompson Carl Huffman Newman's Music Store Superior Paint and Supply Co. Montgomery Ward Dutch Mill Sycamore Garage Keller Roofing and Spouting Whittman Motor Sales Inc. Ralph 's Maytag Store Mi1etti's Shoe Store DeBarbrie 's Variety Carey Farmers Cooperative Co. Carey Furniture Store Howard 's Cleaners Winifred Hoke Shoppe Bil1's Economy Store Robert 's Body Shop Snyder Drive-In E1 Sombrero W. A. Blicke Clady's Drug Crawford County Auto Club Pete's Shoe Shine Rieser Fruit Farm Slemmer's Tavern Rosebud Cafe Snyder Department Store Riess Paint Store Mil1er's Jewelry Tony's Shoe Store and Repair Mel Hoerig Shell Service Jack Werling Tom Marshall Arden LeCrone New Method Laundry and Dry Cleaning Co. Good man Grain and Supply Paul F. Elick Service Station Tones Pure Oil Busy Bee L and J Service Center Armstrong Auto Wrecking Sycamore Telephone Co. Ransom's Cafe Sycamore, Ohio Upper Sandusky, Upper Sandusky, Upper Sandusky, Upper Sandusky, Upper Sandusky, Upper Sandusky, Upper Sandusky, Upper Sandusky, Upper Sandusky, Upper Sandusky, Upper Sandusky, Upper Sandusky, Upper Sandusky, Upper Sandusky UppersSandusky Upper Sandusky Upper Sandusky Upper Sandusky, Tiffin, Ohio Tiffin, Ohio Tiffin, Ohio Carey, Ohio Sycamore, Ohio Sycamore, Ohio Tiffin, Ohio Tiffin, Ohio Tiffin, Ohio Tiffin, Ohio Carey, Ohio Carey, Ohio Carey, Ohio Tiffin, Ohio Tiffin, Ohio Tiffin, Ohio Tiffin, Ohio Bucyrus, Ohio Bucyrus, Ohio Bucyrus, Ohio Bucyrus, Ohio Bucyrus, Ohio Harpster, Ohio Upper Sandusky, Upper Sandusky, Upper Sandusky, Upper Sandusky, Tiffin, Ohio Tiffin, Ohio Tiffin, Ohio Tiffin, Ohio Tiffin, Ohio Tiffin. Ohio Tiffin, Ohio Upper Sandusky, Nevada., Ohio Tiffin, Ohio Upper Sandusky, Upper Sandusky, Sycamore, Ohio Sycamore, Ohio Sycamore, Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Congratulations to the Graduates Class of 1958 JIM DUGANS Men's and Boys' Fine Clothing and Shoes B.F. Baler Twine ALTCDN AND SONS Producers and Distributors of Walton's Hybrids and Certified Farm Seeds Sycamore Phone 7-5522 R. R. 4, Upper Sandusky Farm Chemicals W.F. SIMONIS Sales Chevrolet Service Genuine Tires Parts Batteries Guaranteed Used Cars Phone 7-6762 Sycamore Ohio WYANDOT COUNTY IMPLEMENT DEALERS ASSOCIATION Creager Implement Co. Carey Implement Store Wharton Hardware M. E. Bowen Implement Store U. S. Implement Company Wyandot Tractor G Implement Upper Farm Service, Inc. Wyandot County Farm Bureau Co-op Association Upper Tractor Sales G Service Sycamore Implement Store Vent Implement Store Schmidt Machine Co. WALTON GRAIN CO. Dealer In Grain and Seeds Phone 113 - 1136 Upper Sandusky Ohio GAY LANES Tiffin, ohio 16 Brunswick Automatics Bowling 9:00 A.M. to 2:00 A.M. Ample Parking Phone 5012 FROZEN FOOD CENTER GOLLING'S STORE Your Home Freezer's Best Friend w Livestock Household G Sick Room Supplies Cherries in 30-lb. tin Gifts and Novelties Beef Quarters, Pork Cuts, Hams Home Freezer Full? Rent a Lockerl ir lSALY'S ICE CREAM SYCAMORE F ROZEN FOOD LOCKER Phone 7-6752 Phone: Sycamore 7-9772 Clean, Prompt Service Sycamore Ohio Slaughtering BENNER'S MARKET HARBOUR W IMPLEMENT STORE Dependable Fresh Meats, Groceries Service at Low Cost and Vegetables HMake Our Store Your Telephone 7-5422 Headquartersu Eugene Benner Phone 7-52l2 Sycamore Ohio Sycamore Ohio 5 ? H FORTH'S TRUCKING AND EXCAVATING Septic Tanks G Leach Beds Septic Tank Cleaning CHealth Department Approvedj Dozer Work - Basements Phone 7-9262 Licensed Sycamore, Ohio Bonded NED F. GREGG AUCTIONEER Complete Public Sale Service That Satisfies Phone 7-5973 Sycamore, Ohio Compliments Compliments JOSEPH A. WADE AGENCY of Tiffin, ohio S- S- KRESGE Tiffin Ohio All Forms of Insurance JIM'S OK RUBBER WELDERS When your work is done by OK it is OK Specializing in Tractor and Farm Equipment - Tires 24 hr. Tractor Tire Service James Whealan, Owner Tiffin Ohio SMITH'S APPAREL SHOP Smart Apparel for Matron or Miss Carol King and Martha Manning Dresses Rosemar and Mary Lane Coats Millinery and Accessories Tiffin Fostoria r... PENNEY'S Always First Quality Tiffin, Ohio Compliments of KUENZLI HARDWARE CO. Nevada, Ohio COON'S TIRE STORE Compliments General Merchandise of Maytag Washers and Dryers I ADVERTISER TRIBUNE Zenith Radio and Television Tiffin Ohio Nevada Ohio Compliments WARFEL COAL co. Of Phone - 278 Upper Sandusky, Ohio Heating and Air Conditioning GRUNDTISCH MOTOR SALES 125 South Sandusky Ave. 135 East Fairview Ave. Upper Sandusky Ohio Compliments ASHTON'S 5C 6: lOC STORE Of Your Ben Franklin Store WHETSTONE CLEANERS Self - Service Phone 449 Ned Hufford, Manager Upper Sandusky Ohlo Upper sandusky ohio - . ...I BOLES-DANDURAND TUDIO Phone 2439 l232 South Washington Street Tiffin Ohio CRAWFORD FARM BUREAU CO-OP Feed - Seed - Fence Fertilizer General Farm Supplies Duenquat Branch Phone Sycamore Bucyrus 7-5154 4-lOl0 A. B. TSCHANEN G SONS Funk's Hybrid Corn Phone 7-6102 Sycamore Ohio CAREY MOTOR SERVICE, INC. Buick Sales and Service Used Cars Phone 6-25ll Carey Ohio THE NEW RIEGEL STATE BANK New Riegel, Ohio Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation STRASSER AND SON Compliments ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS of 132 N. Sandusky Ave. LEE'S Upper Sandusky, Ohio 5c and l0c STORE See Us Upper Sandusky Ohio For Everything Electrical HART'S PAUL'S SHOE STORE ll2 N. Sandusky Ave. Upper Sandusky, Ohio Phone 536 Paul R. Hildebrand THE DAIRY STORE Lunches and Dairy Products Upper Sandusky Ohio Jewelry Store ll4 N. Sandusky Avenue Upper Sandusky, Ohio H. M. Hart W. K. Hart J. F. Hart Compliments of RICHARDSON'S FLOWERS Upper Sandusky Ohio MILLER'S RESTAURANT West on U. S. 30 N. Upper Sandusky, Ohio Open 24 Hours l l Compliments of ART CALLARI HAY COMPANY Buyers of All Grade Hay 351-W Phones 352 Upper Sandusky Ohio THE NIEBEL INSURANCE AGENCY Herbert Weininger and Harry E. Cole Associate Agents Wrltlng Auto F1re Bonds L1fe and General Health Insurance Notary Servlce Offlce Phone 7 4412 Resldence Phone 7 5402 or 7 5752 FIRST NATICDNAL BANK "The Bank of Friendly SerV1ce" Sycamore Ohlo Congratulatlons to the Graduatlng Class of 1958 H AND G GROCERY AND RESTAURANT Phone 7 6212 Sycamore Ohlo Compllments of SYCAMCRE MILL AND SUPPLY Dealers In Fence Posts Feeds Seeds - Grains - Purina Chows Wayne Feed and Master Mix Gra1n Dryer Phone 7 6272 Sycamore Oh1o M A. WARD, MANAGER F... C ... A Complete Line of Grade A Pasteurized Dairy Products Including Homogenized Vitamin D. Milk and Ice Cream Women's and Children's Ready-to-Wear Apparel Vera Mbwery Serving Sycamore S h' and Surrounding Towns ycamore O 10 Compliments BERSON-HARVEY of Fine Men's and Boys' Wear AMES VARIETY 102 So. Washington St. HThe Friendly Family Storen Tiffin, Ohio Sycamore Ohio Compliments of Real Estate JIM'S Farm Loans WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE C. W. GREGG, BROKER ll4 East Markert St. Sycamore Ohio Tiffin, Ohio BOWLMOR LANES Compliments Bowling OF Eats NEIKIRKS Phone 7-4242 Sc and IOC Sycamore Ohio Sycamore Ohio F l DIBLES MEN' s WEAR Compliments of America's Best Known Brands C. B. SCHOOLFIELD, M. D. Upper Sandusky Ohio Upper Sandusky Ohio THE Compliments of LITE STAR OIL CO. WYANDOT COUNTY Phone 335 AUTOMOBILE CLUB Upper Sandusky Ohio Upper Sandusky Ohio Fleetwing Products Compliments of Compliments KUENZLI QUARRIES CO., INC. f o Upper Sandusky, Ohio BLUE FURNITURE CO. Main Office 673-W Upper Sandusky Ohio Gravel Plant 692-W2 Best Wishes Class of '58 R. M. ROSSEL ROY M. ROSSEL, JR. THE COMMERCIAL SAVINGS BANK Bank of Complete Service Dentists Member of F.D.I.C. 3l6 North Sandusky Ave. Upper Sandusky Ohio Phone 323 Upper Sandusky ii T Congratulations TIFFIN GUN SHOP to the Guns Tackle Class of l958 BERSON'S CLOTHING STORE Sportsman's Footwear Carey Ohio Compliments LANNING MOTOR SALES Ford - Mercury of Sales G Service SENECA LOCKER SERVICE Carey Ohio Compliments to Compliments The Seniors of BOB LOSEY, APPLIANCE KURTZ First in Color TV SHOE STORE 250 Benner St. Phone 3231 Carey Ohio Tiffin, Ohio SHUMAN BROTHERS GARAGE Good Furniture and Carpets Complete Automotive Service at 24-Hr. Wrecker Service BERNARDS Phone 6-2821 Carey Ohio Carey Ohio L... .. I- - - I r..... I Compliments of THE SYCAMORE LEADER HThe Home of Fine Printingu Phone 7-4462 Sycamore Ohio VALENTINE HARDWARE Compliments of ANKNEY ELECTRIC Electrical Wiring of All Kinds Phone 7-4682 Sycamore, Ohio Compliments of ROMANKO'S SOHIO SERVICE Sycamore Tires, Batteries, and Accessories T. M. Valentine Phone 7-9712 Earl Valentine Sycamore Ohio Compliments of RISLEY'S ROOT BEER STAND Richardson's Root Beer Good Sandwiches Frozen Food - Ice Cream Sycamore Ohio E G R FIXIT SHOP Radio and Television Service Phone 7-6312 Sycamore, Ohio Best Wishes to The Best Wishes To The Class of '58 BLOOM PIE CO. Compliments of ENGLER'S PLUMBING G HEATING For Complete Satisfaction in Sales and Service As well as Installation Sycamore, Ohio C1355 of 1958 Store Phone 7-9372 Home Phone 7-9lO4 L.... .- r.... Compliments of THE DAILY CHIEF UNION Best Wishes to Class of '58 DR. NORMAN KEAR Upper Sandusky, Ohio Dentist Upper Sandusky Ohio L. H. HEFFELINGER Well Drilling EVERGREEN3 Plumbing and Heating RESTAURANT l28 West Church Street Upper Sandusky Phone 43 Ohio Upper Sandusky Ohio JOHN H. NEATE, INC. Authorized Dealer Dodge - Plymouth - Oldsmobile CROW MOTOR SALES Buick 8 Chevrolet Sales and Service Upper Sandusky, Ohio Phone 33 Phone 88 Upper Sandusky Ohio DR. D. J. BAUER Compliments of Dentist STEPHAN LUMBER CO. Upper Sandusky Ohio Upper Sandusky Ohio L... - . - - - . ...I PEOPLES BANK CO. Growing with Carey Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Individual Deposits Solicited Savings Accounts Safe Depository Compliments of BEA'S SUPERETTE McCutchenville, Ohio Telephone No. 2672 Compliments Compliments to the of the Graduating Class LUNCHEONETTE BECK'S RESTAURANT 38 South Washington St. Tiffin Ohio Tiffin Ohio Plumbing Heating JAY WALTON MARTIN BROS' Auctioneer HWe Assume that You Want Qualified by Experience Qualityn Phone ll3 23 Court St Phone Sycamore 7'5934 Tiffin Ohio RR W2 Sycamore, Ohio 3 CARTWRIGHT ELECTRICAL SERVICE C0mP1imentS Sale and Service of Antenna Installation 1'.o. - A.M. and F.M. SAYGER CAMERA STUDIO Poles and Towers and Phone 3028 i l If no answer call 3760 Sayg-er Pri-ntl-ng 288 N. Washington St. Tiffin ohio Tiffin Ohio L.... - Compliments of CLIFFCRD SCOTT Lime Hauling Sheep Shearing Phone 7-5ll0 GRlBBEN'S Plumbing and Heating Telephone 7-4482 Sycamore Ohio Sycamore Ohio Compliments VAN AND TOBE'S of PLACE TO BE FRANK CRAMER Sycamore Ohio Sneaky Falls, Idaho On the Banks of the Itching River I... HUSTON LUMBER COMPANY Lumber - Millwork Ready Mix Concrete W Building Materials W Native Lumber Phone 6-7911 755 E. Findlay St. Carey, Ohio HEYMAN FURNITURE 6 APPLIANCES H. L. Heyman, Manager Complete Home Furnishings lll N. Washington St. Phone 63 Phone 1520 179 S. Washington St. CAREY LIVESTOCK Buyers of All Kinds of Livestock Arlis J. Orains Phone 6-2911 Carey, Ohio SHORTY'S SERVICE CENTER For Complete General Auto and Tractor Repairing Phone 7-6232 Thompson Clinker Boats M.E.C. Molded Fiberglas Boats Master Craft Trailers Marine Supplies HEDGES MARINE SALES 2414 East Market St. Tiffin Ohio Phone 2242 Mary L. Mick SYCAMORE INSURANCE AGENCY Casualty - Fire - Bonds Notary Sycamore Ohio Phone 7 -4222 LEE'S FLOOR COVERINGS SPORTSMAN 51 Years Experience Hunting Sale and Installation of Mohawk, Magee, Alexander Smith and Bigelow, Sanford, Archbold Holmes and other leading Fishing makes of Carpets and Rugs Supplies and License Free Estimates Phone 2668 104 Madison St. Tiffin Ohio ...L...- - THE HUDDLE Mable Arbogast Home Cooking, Home Baked Goods Open 7 A.M. to l P.M. Tiffin Ohio Compliments of the BENTON STORE Groceries Drugs Hardware Benton Ohio Compliments of DICK RICHARDSON Representative of Midland Mutual Life Insurance Co. Life - Health - Accident Sickness Phone 7-9811 Sycamore Ohio PLANKTON STORE Groceries - Meats - Hardware Frozen Foods Mildred and Eldon Nusbaum Sycamore, Ohio R.F.D. No. 3 SYCAMORE TAVERN Howard Burkin - Proprietor Sycamore Ohio Compliments of MOORE FUNERAL HOME Sycamore Ohio Call ROBERT RIEDEL Phone 7-6632 Sycamore Ohio For Sheep Shearing Wool Buying House Painting I i w SYCAMORE TREE SERVICE Tree Moving Cavity Work Rodding Spraying Cabling Pruning Sycamore, Ohio Phone 7-9752 THE SENIOR CLASS OF I958 wish to express their sincere appreciation to the generous patrons who have helped make this publication possible. EVAN'S FLORAL COMPANY Orchids A Specialty 3 Miles East on 30 N. Upper Sandusky, Ohio Every Floral Service at Reasonable Prices Phone 583 Compliments of STEWART'S ROOT BEER DRIVE-IN CHARLES AND JANE BARTON Bucyrus, Ohio STAR THEATRE Upper Sandusky, Ohio Carey Theatre Carey, Ohio Indian Trail Drive In Theatre Route l, Carey Under Direction of LEO T. JONES Serving Sycamore and the Community with the Best in Screen Entertainment Make these Theatres Your Headquarters for Relaxation and Happiness 1892 Eli Osborn Jas. D. Winters Ada Kintz 1893 Allen P. Stalters Willard Moore Lela Caughey Eva Kurtz Leefa Walton Samuel S. Blair 1896 Harvey S. D. Teal Fordyce Swalley George E. Tuttle Clyde Ingerson Grace E. Lupton Royal Kitchen Earl B. Downey Ellis A. Galleher Naamah K. Gibbs 1898 Frank Blair Daisie Osborn Perry Hoover Viola Emerson Lulu Flumerfelt 1899 Ervie Hoover Noble G. Kirby Frank C. Samsel Charlotte Ward Ether Hill George B. Armstrong Carl S. Walker 1900 Joyce P. Hauck John S. Biles Bessie Barger Eva M. Cavanaugh Grace Lorah Muriel L. Hill Mabelle B. Lupton Odessa A. Ludwig Bertha B. Byers Marcia E. A. Foy Clifford E. Baum Eva L. Oberlander 1901 Wilfred P. Osborn Frank L. Teal Fred M. Corfman Bessie M. Kirby Bertha M. Gibbs Frank Delaplane Fred L. Teal Clara C. Lynch Flossie M. Corfman 1903 Cleo Staum Fred I . Hill Lulu A. Stewart Jacob A. Koehl Olive L. Brown Irving M. Huffsey Mabel L Ayers Edward E. Corfman S. Adelaide Gault 1904 Paul W. Ayers Emma B. Cavanaugh David Wade Curlis Hattie M. Eaton Myron Lorah Charles V. Truax William Ernest Barger 1905 Dodge Curlis Estey Davis Emma Walton Edna Taylor Pearl Shalter 1906 Jessie Emerson Naomi Ayers Dollie Lee Naamah Betzer K. M. Johnson Ward Ranck Harrison VanGundia Edith Tittle 1907 Fred Koehl Maurice Underwood Geneva Hill Mabel G. Curlis Florence Grafton 1908 Inez Cavanaugh Cora Wagstaff A. Mae Plummer Eva VanNatta Edith Disher Hazel McEwen Geneva Osborn Tuta Prouse Zoe Griffith Nee la Kitchen Minette VanGundia Hazel Delaplane Grace Burns Earl Alford William Leiby Floyde McEwen Paul Ranck 1909 Dale Yambert Everett Barger Russel Ulrich Nessie Alford Mabel Kitchen Fern Yambert Leona Simpson Laura Martin 1910 Nellie McKeehen Charles Hufford George Gaver Judd Stinchcomb 1911 Herman Klahr Mary Konkle Virtue Nichols Gladys Vance 1912 Helen Curlis Gertrude Heistand Edwin Neff Fred Walton 1913 Cora Keller Nell Griffith 1914 Marjorie Curlis Terry Wickham Ralph Miller Clifford Heck 1915 Stanley Cavanaugh Virgil Schuler Marie Ellis Gladys Ellis Neva Yambert Maudie Kuhn Mary Brown Camilla Sharp 1916 Florence Davis Erma Davis Mae Powell Ralph Spitler Ralph Kurtz Paul Curlis Horace Wood Blair Pennington Merle Hottenstine 1917 Mildred Bope Marcille Althouse Josephine Davis Wynima Moessner Marie Hayman Neita Sigafoose Mary Stalter Inez Loose Augusta Margraf Alice Vance Lemmar Walton Jay Hoffman Eddison Foght Esther Davis 1918 Mabel Baugher Eunice Stalter Grace Hackman Ruth Hottenstine Goldie Baker Helen Althouse Wanda Gault Marjorie Prouse Paul Lindsay Paul Kurtz Charles Ulrich 1919 Ralph Shrider John Powell Harold Huddle Clark Horton Lois Hottenstine Laura Smith Gail Sharp Naomi Althouse Mabel Foght Mary Blackburn Ogleva Teal Vera VanGundy 1920 Gertrude Montz Clarice Brown Ethyl Baublitz Charity Curlis Dorothy Hayman Lottie Stettler Charlotte Walton Grace Huddle Helen Ramsdell Lois Stuckey Reginald Winters Marion Spitler Paul Shelhouse Merritt Powell Paul Case Blain Emerson Mallon Webb Marguerite Foght Ruth Stalter Ralph Babcock 1921 Mister Wilson Byrne Weininger Baird Brooks Stanley Pennington V-irgil Jump Corrine Culver Lelah Adams Lodema Railing Mary Ekleberry Edna Davis Florence Hayman 1922 Zoe Ingerson Veva Risley Elma Ranck Henry Sneeringer Mary Armstrong Mark Huddle Jessie Lea Myron Tuttle Ruth Mutchler Gerald Hottenstine Velma Adams Wayne Buxton Josephine Lea Arthur Blackburn Nerita Grandstaff Derwyn Stalter Lucile Ekleberry Guy Mackling Doris Snyder Lela Hardinger Claude Stover Mabel Miller Karl Hackman Harry Tone 1923 Naomi Ahlefeld Ethel Baugher Aletta Banks Mildred Crawford Grace Myers Stata Risley Dorothy VanGundy Ina Kathryn VanGundia Helen Stalter Coyne Bloom Frank Bell Foster Corfman John Eastman Wesley Gregg Lewis Marsteller Charles Riedel Gregg Pennington 1924 Ross Althouse Wayne Bloom Sara Kurtz Martha Corfman Alice M. Gregg Florence Heck Clyde Honsberger Paul Konkle Helen McKibben Gladys Marshall George Mackling Carl McCleary Clyde McPike Margaret Powell Helen Railing Pliny Sigafoose Mary Speer Nellie Woessner Russel Whitehurst Florence Weininger Dale Grandstaff 1925 Welby Balliet Ephriam Ma ckling William Davis Forest Brown Lucile Ingman Mary Kraft Martha Mitchell Helen Landis Cora Riedel Mabel Dunlap Reed Gregg Herman Hartschuh Dorothy Stover Luella Reed Ethel Adams 1926 George Zimmers Correl Buxton Forrest Shelhouse Howard Korb Marguerite Ekleberry George Stalter Mabel Gregg Keith Moore Lucile Walters Linus Stubbs Paul Tate Alice Dunlap Edna Mackling Everett Corfman Georgia Hoover Robert Miller Gladys Gregg Bernard Hughes Alice Meyers Mildred Gibson 1927 Claude Adams Richard Adams Claude Class Arthur Tschanen Kenneth Corfman Regina Konkle Elizabeth Dunlap Edna Maskey Virginia Tate Alvin Poland Mary VanGundy Lois McKibben Catharine Neibel Ruth Bloom Gladys Courtad Helen Kollar Laura Corfman Naomi Eyestone Paul Ulrich 1928 Katherine Gribben Grace Davis Gracia Ekleberry Ruth Gregg Virgie Mackling Frances Koons Pauline Beistle Arlene Grelle Wayne Kitchen Howard Mick Charles Craig Lionel Badger Charles Reed, Jr. 1929 Frances Ivlesnard Grace Walton Margaret Althouse Thelma Fritz Leola Biller Dorthea Coffman Mary Tuttle Dorothy Curlis Mary Ankeny Phyllis Hoover Martha Gregg Paul Walter, Ir. Kenneth Oder Raymond Harter Orrin Shafer Wayne Miller Miriam Konkle 1930 Evelyn Oder GaNe1le Hardinger Madeline McKibben Sarah Walton Marguerite Coffman Virgil Riedel Francis Young Cletis Banks J ack Dimic Audrey Kaufman 1931 Miriam Class Phyllis Dunlap Marjorie Caughey Gladys Hayman Nevin Dunlap William Niebel Dorthea Biller Dorothy Rapp Helen Golling Thomas Miller Arlene Kollar Jane Vane Gundia Lowell E. Wickham Ruth N. Stalter Vincent Curlis Paul Honseberger Charles Barton Paul Beard Delbert Weaver 1932 Martha Baugher Bonnetta Beard Phyllis Stuckey Elizabeth Stalter Lucile Ellis Lois Kauffman Margaret Melroy Louise Litzenberger Anna Karcher Katherine Riedel Ardis Swartz I une Stalter Wayne Curlis Albert Swerline Wayne Swerline Richard Orewiler Claude Walker Thornton Foght Lawrence Hall Vinton Bishop Alfred Leadenham Agnes Mae Everhart 1933 Polly Coldiron Justine Staib Jane Ulrich Rex Corfman Gilbert Shellhouse Junior Crawford Wanda Shedenhelm John Bunn Melvin Dininger Vera Margraf Geneva Shealy Ernestine Brown Maxine Caughey Ilah Mae Clabaugh Martha Ward Fred Brouse Chester Mackling Dorothy Harter Grace Fadley Medford Ekleberry William Honseberger Martha Hufford Bonnetta Barnhart Richard Stiefel Betty VanGundia Keith Walton 1934 Lenora VanGundia Catherine Swerline Isobel Stalter Dorothy Riedel Doris Leadenham Madge Golling Maxine Curlis Arleen Coffman Velora Clabaugh Rose Bishop Jennie Bacon Paul Bunn Nevon Class William Everhart Charles Fox Robert Fox Paul Hall Paul Hayman Robert Kitchen George Koehl Richard Riedel Don Shurtz Fred Stover Michael Swinehart Claude Walton Gerald Wickham Evan Young 1935 Helen Adams Mary Beard Helen Burks Louise Corfman Naomi Margraf Eunice Osborn Garland Walton Mary Jane Warner Max Bonin Richard Curlis John Heistand Donald Campbell Alton Kaufman Chalmers Ellis Robert Shedebhelm Wilbur Hall Grant Walton Lowell Walton 1936 Judd Caughey Stanley Cavanaugh Wayne Close Verlin Dunlap John l-lardinger John Hussey Clarence Margraf Neal McEwen Max Moore Donald Walton Neil Parker Cozetta Cross Ida Mae Curlis Kathryn Engler Lucille Grummel Louise Koehl Helen Rapp Helen Ruhlen Frances Shafer Mabel Tuttle Minette VanGundia Dorcas Ward 1937 Leta Campbell Mary Cross Doris Hall Catherine Hostler Cuba Louise Jones Grace Keller Farrie Lanker Martha McPheron Wanda Miller Delores Shealey Garland Von Blon Helen Walton Flora Wood Kenneth Baum Kenneth Beitler Myron Brown Earl Dunlap Richard Dunlap Neal Ekleberry Neil Gregg George Gribben Robert Heck Franklin Hosterman Kenneth Roberts Dean Shaffer Laymond Swinehart Daniel Warner Veryl Wickham Lewis Young 1938 Helen Cross Jane Meyers Frances Walton Doris Honsberger Mary Frances Rankin Lawrence Everhart John Wyss Clarence Walton Dale Miller Kathleen Corfman Franklin Stover Ralph Koehl Leonard Beard Mac Shafer Lloyd Nelson Ted Beitler Alfred Yentzer Edith Babcock Neil Adams Robert Lee 1939 Imogene Evans Edith Campbell Beatrice Deppen Eileen Minter Mae Richardson Margaret Melroy Elwood Leadenham Clara Louise Hussey Lewis Rucker Claude Ekleberry Richard Bishop Betty Orewiler Eileen Wagner Marjorie Metzgar Ruth Hannum Wellington Baker Naomi Kisor Jack Snyder John Detwiler Noble Bare Paul Wood Roy Harbour Virginia Keller Charles V. Truax Anna Jane Everhart Ilah Coffman Mary Jo McVay Jocelyn Staib Jack Golling Charles Heck Jack Mick Robert Tuttle Helen Koehl Gerald Knierieman Lula Miller Richard Miller 1940 Junior Bacon Madge Chester Louise Curlis Florence Davis Clarence Dunlap Donald Everhart Ray Fadley Mary Hayman Edith Hayman Evelyn Harper Cora Belle Kaufman Lorin Knierieman Robert LaRue Annabelle Markley Mary E. Maskey Dale Miller Howard Montz Annabel Parker Ruth Paul Helen Riedel James Shealey Robert Stover Daryle Stuckey Neil Walter John Thomas Warner Anna Harriet Young James Phillips Horace Wood 1941 Wilma Adams Virginia Badger Sam Bibler Vaughan Brown Agnes Droll Ruth Everhart James Fox Paul Grummel Lucile Hartschuh Kathlyn Heck Jean Hufford Robert Hussey Helen Kappauf Kathryn Koehl Madge Melroy Betty Mick Marjorie Minter Paul Moore Julia Osborn Albert Rank Daniel Reed Dwight Vance Gloria Staib Billie VanGundia J. Warren Walton Neil Weininger Dorothy Walton Neil Weininger Dorothy Walton Mildred Walter 1942 Forrest Bacon Herschel Bogart Margaret Campbell Jean Curlis Meric Curlis Sarah J. Dake Patty Dunlap George Fadley Jr. Ned Golling GaNelle Hill Richard Hufford Dorothy Ingman Garneita Kuncy Esther Kirby Laurel Kisor Virginia Margraf Laurabel Markley Helen Roby Doris Stiefel Harold Wagner Marilyn Stover Kenneth Stover Junior Walter Ivalene Wyss Rozella McQuistion 1943 Robert Shellhouse Kathryn Walters Irene Hushour Rosalea Shedehhelm Charles Bell Hazel Corfman Craig Curlis Pauline Gillis James Hufford Mabel Hussey Phyllis Hussey Donald Knierieman Paul Koehl Mary Ann Lehnhart Emery Lundy Jr. Marijane Martin Dale Meyers Doris Nestor Maxine Reed Elma Riedel Madalyn Shaffer Billy J. Shedenhelm Jack Sigler Leroy Tooley Martha Wagner Wayne Walter Wayne Walton 1944 Tom Gregg Kenneth Adams Betty Wagner Clarence Keller Phyllis Close Tom Hufford Nancy Curlis Kenneth Ankeny Mary Louise Blackburn Claude Montz Don Christopher Helen Kirsch Loel Arnold Edna Gregory Darrel Kisor Vivian Walton Paul Walton Jr. Ruth Dunlap Carl Minter Jeanne Ludwig Iliene Riedel 1945 Marjorie Harper Eva Doss Mary Lou Hannam Robert Curlis Mary Margraf Mabel Margraf Marcile Kuncy Blanche Curlis Harold Hushour Jeanne Pfahler Robert Young William Walter Lois Jean Parks Stanley Walton Helen Funkhouser Helen Sorg 1946 Norman Walton Eulitta Droll John Brown Clara Belle Martin Hugh Davis Miriam Hetzel Charles Young Marcile Geary Charles Tooley Mary Etta Bell Claire Pratt Donna Hushour Winona Stewart Marilyn Hanover Christina Everhart George Margraf Beverly Roberts Marion Hanover Helen McCormick Jean Gregg Annabell Hufford Charles Lamb 1947 Imogene Brown Elizabeth Stever Vincent Stever Nola Karcher Faye Karcher Margaret Walton Burdette Roelle Marian Kuncy Robert Riedel Marjorie Gregg Martha Lou Moyer Richard Ankney James Ekleberry Mary Traxler Eloise Hetzel Marjorie Deppen Donna Swerline Neal Reed Lois Orr Jean Weininger 1948 Dwight Stuckey Jay Walton Evelyn Montz Peggy Hushour Stover Wanda Solze Virgil Bogard Mary K. Ludwig Hershel Hannam Jr. Ruth Ann Konkle Betty Volkmer Paul Bell Shirley Solze Helen Chester Jack Hufford Bernice Reed Clara Belle Riedel Ruth Ford Mary Wagner James Fillinger Kathleen McNutt Nelson Stover Esther Walter Eugene Droll Ceclia Holmes Royal Griffin J r. Verne McCormick 1949 Bill Lee Myrta Baylous Richard Solze Patsy Moler Eugene Babcock Carol Miller Ralph Murray Virginia Heck Ned Hufford Florence Birmely Howard Von Stein Lois Miller Dale Lundy Janet Clingman Richard Moore Bonnie Geary Jack Anderson 1950 Lewis Bell Robert Bell Donna Bogard Donald Carr Junior Clingman Eddie Doss Norma Ekleberry Chester'Geary Ned Gregg Virginia Griffin George Harper Betty Jean Hetzel Gene Holman Barbara Ingersol Ronald Konkle Anita Miller Bonnie Miller Dale Moyer Mary Reed Harvey Riedel Jr. Karis Riedel June Shook Shirley Shellhouse Richard Shellhouse Donald Smith Roma Swihart Wade Tooley Glenn Wagner Daryl Weaver Forrest Zellner 1951 Doral Ann Althouse June Anderson Ronald Babcock Elizabeth Caves Maxine Gregory Harold Culver Eugene Griffin Jean Hannum Phyllis Hartschuh Vera Houdeshell Betty Jo Hufford Edwin Karcher Larry Landis Genevieve McDermott Gertrude Miller Jerry Moore Dolores Nusbaum Craig Riedel Homer Riedel Phyllis Riedel Arlene Solze Jane Volkmer 1952 Donald Hannum Howard Wall Lydia Kirby Joyce Zellner Enza Bell Norman Metzger Jo Anne Wyss Marilyn Marquart Robert Secoy Annabelle Stover Geneva Smith Wayne Fadley Bill Bogard Ruth Weaver John Hudgins Marie Reed Peggy Hill Donald Gregg Jo Ann Shook Everett Hushour Howard Feasel Angelette Droll Leo Reed ' Joan Dunlap Carol Miller Patricia Griffin Donna Berkheimer 1953 Alan Karcher Larry Lee Reed Ruth Riedel LaVon Droll John Bell James Biller Janis Corfman Wayne Dutcher Marian Everhart Nova Giles Edwin Gingery Jean Grady Carol Grubb Marlene Harter Shirley Hummel Marjorie McDermott Ronald Miller Ruth Miller Carolyn Riedel Terry Ransom Robert Shook Marilyn Smith Wayne Solze Bonny Yentzer 1954 Jerry Hosterman Romaine Riedel Lowell Breyley Shirley Hannum Gene Von Blon Alicelee Clingman Janet Hufford Mary Lois Grandstaff Carolyn McGinnis Vaughn Shell Leon Shell Gary Gregg Donald Riedel Kenneth Risley Albert Ohl Phyllis Ruhlen Louise McDermott Virginia Smith Irene Wyss Eleanor Hetzel Maxine Burks Allen Corfman Richard Shellhorn Richard Balliet Joanne Griffin Sarah Kelley George Gatchell Robert McVay James Schryer Marlin Weaver 1955 Bell Hiatt Kenneth Ekleberry Nancy Corfman Ronald Miller Shirley Montz Francis Tschanen Melva Zellner Joseph Mekush Melvin Zellner Beverly Shellhouse Sylvia Wagner Keith Burks Gerald Swerline Carol Harris James Marquart Phyllis Hepperly Donald Hannam Marjorie Moore Marjorie lvliller Fredric Hufford John Bigler Kay Sloman Marjorie Stevens George Noggle Ruthann Corfman Diane Flechsenhar Lucille Sprau Charlotte Goodman Diane Davis Maxine Williams 1956 Judith Lyn Adams Gary Beasley Marilyn Corfman Lester Bell Mary Ellen Cross Bill Breyley Jocelyn Geary Danny Bogard Joan Holman Gene Corfman Donna Hummel Dick Ekleberry Shirly Kelley Jerry Everhart Janet Maskey Bill Gingery Pauline McDermott Donald Grandstaff Leatrice McKinney Ronald Grandstaff Diane Mercer Carl Holman Beverly Miller Donald Holt June Moorhead Wayne Mahoney Nancy Neisler Wayne Neiderhauser Margy Wallace Larry Pancost Patty Ward Ronald Reed Geraldine Williams Alton Riedel Sue Grady Will 1957 Diane Bloom Wayne Burks Beverly Corfman George Giles Jane Hiatt Glenn Goodman Shirley Jump Robert Hosterman Miriam Margraf Donald Houdeshell Ellen McCracken Paul Hufford Tena Kay Moyer Junior Ohl Judy Niebel Keith Tschanen Roma Riedel Ronnie Von Blon Roalie Secoy Raymond Williams Judy Wyss w g LZ INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Publishers - Cover Mnnulumlurers Book Bnnders FACTORY - HOME OFFICE Kansas City PRINTED IN u s A. 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Sycamore High School - Log Yearbook (Cincinnati, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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