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jim glam, gntmutznq, gfwflflqflfd- .9 .Sdw L HZ 7946 Ffzeaenta, .Same ' jlnlmwafwl Between the past and the future stand the present In thus book the Sensors of l946 have endeavored to present a plcture of the present Sycamore Hugh School Memorles are all that remaln of twelve years of work play wornes and joys May this book be a record of some of the memorues of the present and each tame we turn these pages may we luve for awhmle un the present world that even now forms the threshold of the future Board of Education County Superintendent Faculty School Friends Custodian Bus Drivers Cooks wif, fbdfldf nl fducatwn, Floyd Adams Ralph Van Buren Wayne Curlu Paul Muster Rev C F Brouse Pres Marcille Kuncy Asst Clerk nuniq, Mr Ralph :mae Mr. Broede who has been our County Superintendent for a number of years is highly respected by the students because of his friendly spirit and his willingness to help both teachers and pupils at all times. Jnwlfgc Supt Charles Shell Mary V Tuttle Prunclpal and Mathematlcs Alice Vance Soclal Sclence Harold Moorhead Vocatlonal Agrlculture Evelyn Lust Vocational Home Economics Helen K Grummel English and Latm Loss Roberts Commercual Mary Stahl Music Blllne Hlckok Sclence Charles Osborne Snxth Grade Ruth Pancost Fnfth Grade Geraldme Sams Fourth Grade Frances Mesnord Third Grade Aurlan Grandstaff Second Grade Eunrce Stalter Furst Grade NORMAN WALTON Glee Club l 2 3 4 Band and Orchestral 2 3 4 FFA l 2 3 4 Slhls 4 Arrow Staff 3 4 Class Pres 4 Basketball 4 Track 4 Class Play 3 4 Stu dent Councll 2 3 Operetta l EULITTA DROLL e Club l Lnbrarlan 4 Offuce Gurl 4 Srhns Staff4 FHA l Operetta I 4 JOHN BROWN Glee Club l 2 3 4 Baseball 4 Bas etball 2 Track l 2 3 4 Band and Or estral 234 FFA l 4 Treas 2 3 4 Class Play 2 Operetta l 2 3 4 Varsity S 2 3 4 Scholarshup Team l CLARA BELLE MARTIN Glee Club l 2 3 4 Class Play F H A l 2 3 4 Orc 2 4 Operetta First And l Librarian 4 HUGH DAVIS Glee Club l 2 3 4 Baseball l 2 3 Basketball l 2 3 Track l 2 Class Play 2 3 4 Arrow Staff 3 4 Sxhns 4 Band and Orchestra l 2 3 4 Operetta l 2 3 Scholarshlp Team l 2 3 Student Councnl l 2 Hn Y 2 Varsnty S 3 5.2I1.w!lA, ilkfq be M, ,Q 'lm MIRIAM HETZEL Clee Club l 2 3 4 Lubrarlan 4 Vice Pres 4 Arrow Staff 4 FHA l 2 3 4 Operetta l 2 3 Band and Orchestra l 2 3 4 Fnrst And Club l CHARLES YOUNG Glee Club l 2 3 4 Baseball l 2 Track 2 3 4 Class a A H Operetta l 2 3 4 MARCILE GEARY eClubl234 GR 2 4 Vnce Pres 4 Class Offvcer l 2 3 4 CIossPIay2 3 4 Ar row Staff 3 4 Snhus 4 F H A l O eretta l 2 3 4 Stu ent Council 2 3 Scholarshlp Team l 2 3 4 Flrst And Club I CHARLES TOOLEY Llbrarnan 3 4 Oftlce Boy 3 Class Play 2 3 4 Arrow Staff 3 4 Snhus Staff 4 Hu Y 2 MARY ETTA BELL Glee Club I 2 3 4 Orchestra Pre Arrow Staff 3 4 Slhls Editor 4 Llbrarlan 2 Office Glrl 2 3 4 A Cheerlea er 4 Operetta l 2 3 4 Scholarship Team l 2 3 4 Class Play 2 4 Fnrst And Club l Class Of fncer 2 CLAIRE PRATT Glee Club I 2 3 4 Class Play R 2 F A 2 chestra and Band I 2 3 4 eretta I 2 3 4 Suhus Staff 4 Furst Aud Club I Scholarshup Team 3 DONNA HUSHOUR Glee Club I 2 3 4 GR 4 Lubraruan 2 4 Offuce Gurl 3 Class Play 3 Suhus Staff 4 FHA I Operettal 2 3 4 WINONA STEWART GR 4 Lubraruan 2 3 ass Offucer I 2 3 4 Arrow Staff Suhus 4 FHA I C r Leader 4 Furst Aud Club I Class Play 2 3 MARILYN HANOVER Glee Club I 2 3 4 Class Play 2 3 FHA I 2 3 4 Operetta I 2 3 4 Hugh School Play 4 Furst Aud Club I CHRISTINA EVERHART GeeClubI234 GR 2 4 Lubraruaru 2 Offuce Gurl Class Play 2 3 Arrow Staff 4 Slhus4 FHA I 2 3 4u,Or chestra a d Band I 2 3 4 Cheer Leader I 2 3 4 Operet 2 3 4 Furst Ad GEORGE MARGRAF Glee Club I 2 3 4 Class Play Pre Band and Orchestra I 2 3 4 Oerettal234HuY2 'Q X nib 'No ,K 'v' '-. T QV QQ in--lhv w BEVERLY ROBERTS e Club I 2 3 4 Gurl serves 2 3 4 Class Play 3 4 rrow Staff 3 4 FHA Operetta I 2 3 4 Furst Aud I Scholarshup Team I MARION IBUDI HANOVER e Club I FFA 2 chestra I 2 3 4 Operetta I B nd I 2 3 4 HELEN McCORMICK eClubI234 GR 2 4 Class Offucer 4 Class Play 3 4 Arrow Staff 3 4 Edutor 4 Suhus Staff 4 Orchestra 4 Cheer Leader 2 3 4 Operetta 2 3 4 JEAN GREGG GeeClub I 234 GR 2 4 Lubraruan 2 Class Play 2 4 Offuce Gurl I 2 3 Arrow 4 Suhus 4 FHA I Operetta I 2 3 4 Scholarshup Team I 2 2 Hugh School Play 4 Furst Aud lu I ANNABELL HUFFORD Gurl Reserve 3 4 Arrow Staff 4 FHA 2 CHARLES LAMB Glee Club 2 3 4 Lubraruan 4 Baseball 2 3 Basketball I 2 rack 2 3 4 Cass P s 23 Class Play 234 Hugh School Play 4 Arrow Staff 3 4 Operetta I 2 3 Student Councul I 2 3 Suhus Staff 4 fsgfauaaw We boarded the trann at Sycamore station ready and eager to go Our flrst elght stops were mnnor ones but we enjoyed our vlslt nn each one very much The nlnth stop Columbus was all we had wanted for We looked the town over good before starting to take part an any events On October Z! l9-43 we took part nn the furst event It was called Freshman lnutratuon We enloyed the charrnung costumes and dresses that were styled that day even though we were wearnng them Durmg our stay nn Columbus one of our fellow passengers Bob Ekle berry was put on the Varsity Basketball team We lingered We llngered In Columbus for some time but soon moved on our way Chlcagol All out for Chrcago' The tenth stop on our way and after taking count of our passenger lust we found that there were now 31 passen gers Instead of 32 We had lost one between statuons Whale In Chncago we decided we could become actors and actresses so we put on a play Hnllbully Courtshnp which was a great success Durlng our brlef stay In Chicago another one of our boys Charles Lamb was put on the Varsnty Basketball team We also had the good fortune to have three of our gurl classmates elected as cheerleaders They were Jean Gregg Helen McCorm1ck and Chrustlna Everheart Next stop Denver' All out' Whale ln Denver we purchased our Jumor class rmgs We were very proud of these and could hardly want untnl we got them To make a lnttle money whsle there we sold magazines to all our frnends and neighbors Thus money was put away for future use whale on our trnp We also sold pop and popcorn at the Basketball games for finances Durung our vlslt In Denver we put on another successful play Jumpnn Jupiter To top our vlsut here we went to a formal dance Jr Sr Banquet spon sored by us The passengers put thelr best outflts on and had a gala tame lespeclally when the stars started to falnl Movmg on our way we finally stopped nn San Francisco wnth a passenger llst of only 22 Here we took ln a few partues and put on another play Her Emergency Husband We really belleve thus play was the cause of Mary Etta Bell and Annabelle Hufford gettung marrled On Jr Sr Day we spllt the games between us and shared In the fun Some of our classmates played on the Varsnty team and four of the belles of the class were cheerleaders I O 1 1 - 1 1 ' . I I I T , . . 11 - - - 11 - 1 ' 1 1 1 ' , . . 1 . . . . 11 - 1 1 A 11 ..... '- . I - . r , 1 , - - 11 1 11 A - JL Klan, Jfufnny, ffnnij We went to parties galore and took in another grand banquet This one was especially for us Also we were taken into the Alumni We enjoyed the banquet that they had for us The climax came when we were handed our diplomas for good work all twelve years at Commencement on May 23 I946 Our trip was enjoyed very much by everyone and even though we went through some scrapes we all stuck together on the true course So bid us Farewell as we each enter into our own seperate part of the world Jr, Clau, Fzznplmcq, SENIORS OF 46 They tell me there s no harm in dreaming so I set myself down In the good ole easy chair with a coke by my side ll may need refreshment I What should appear before me but my old classmates of Sycamore High ten years hence According to the Queen of Dreams this is what they have shall we say accomplished? JOHN BROWN has started the famous Brown Bombers Circus tour H is a wild man strong man and trapeze performer and he even sells popcorn between acts MARY ETTA and Doc are living in Tiffin and have their own cab com CHARLES YOUNG is an elevator operator in Penny s That is the only way he could keep up with people MARCILE and Mick are Irving in Alaska and have a very fine fur Indus try haven t you heard of the famous MICK and CILE coats? CLARABELLE MARTIN is the new Home Demonstration Agent She demonstrates chiefly new ways to fix olives DONNA HUSHOUR is still listening in on the confidential business of the playboy HUGH DAVIS JR as he reluctantly drops his nickle in the slot at the first phone booth in the Waldorf Astoria in New York City Now the Queen of Dreams floats before me and drifting along behind her is a far more domestic side of our class MIRIAM HETZEL Heimrick was the first to pass our view and I now see that she is very happy mending Bob s shirts and the babies panties She hopes in a couple of years to let her oldest daughter take over I I , O U I . . . . I ' . e pany. Their children are the cabbies. So far they have five cabs in operation. A, Clam, Pfznphecy, ffnnij ANNABELLE IHUFFORDI DILLON IS not so happy as she scrubs her fnngers to the bone trynng to get those beautiful whnte towels clean that Dewey has gotten all greasy from the statuon GEORGE MARGRAF and Mary are stnll the lovey dovey couple that we used to meet In the halls as he helps her wnth the dishes and she helps hum mnlk the cows MARILYN HANOVER and her assistant HELEN MCCORMICK are super vnsnng the Lunutlcs at Large Hospital Maggle charms them wnth her pleasing personallty whsle Marilyn scares the meanness out of them with her loud talk CLAIRE PRATT IS also at thus hospital she puts the patients through their dauly exerclse They get theur exerclse by plcklng Clalre up off the floor lshe never could stand up on the gym floor I We now see CHARLES LAMB ESQ after he has flnally received his engmeerung degree at Toledo U and IS pacing the streets of Washington try mg to secure a patent for has new machlne lKnss me again baby I m stlll conscnous I We fund Reverend MARION BUD HANOVER reverently preparlng has Sunday mornmg sermon We always knew Bud had It In hum As we peer unto the spotless windows of Winona s Beauty Salon we see Stew busily gnvlng JEAN GREGG the famous atomic treatment lThats just a llttle penncullnn mlxed wlth mud I Jean has acquired the posltlon as Ist model for John Robert Powers Jean even calls hum Johnny Two of our class are touring the country glvlng lectures EULITTA DROLL as telllng the people about her trup through the U S on a kangaroo NORMAN WALTON IS lecturung on how to grow super speclal Ohio Certlfled Seed Corn Its all corn and no cob BEVERLY ROBERTS IS gray headed and not marrned After getting her nurses degree she was buslly taking patlents pulse and holding their heads Now Beverly has traded places with some of her patnents She stlll cant decade between those ex sanlors They always were a worry to her Here s where I need the refreshment The Queen of Dreams drlfts past again closely followed by the happy go lucky sports of the Class CHRIS TINA and Znp are travelmg the world wsth the famous Zlppers Basketball Team Zlp coaches their 5 boys m the fundamentals of basketball and Chrlstma teaches theur 2 gurls the art of cheerleading for thelr famous brothers Zoom' What was that? None other but CHARLES TOOLEY nn has jet propelled plane takmg the Queen of Dreams back to her throne Charles IS her personal escort you know ' 1 I . . ,, . . ,, . . . 1 ' 1 , . 'I . . . . . 1 . I I - 11 11 - - . . . , u 11 - - - - 1 1 . . . , , . . . . ,, . , . Klau, WML We the Senaor Class of Naneteen Hundred and Forty sax beang sound an mand and body do hereby bequeath the under classmen the followang MARY ETTA BELL walls her hamburgers and onaons to Esther Walters so at wall help her fall out those sweaters JOHN BROWN walls has sleepang abalaty to Mort Weananger who needs some extra hours BUTCH DAVIS walls has slack chack talk to Eugene Droll who doesnt have much to say CHRISTINA EVERHART walls Zap to Betty Volkmer so she won t have to look up for once I Chrasty s kaddang of course I MARCILE GEARY walls her abalaty to keep those late hours and yet be able to walk straaght the next mornang to Marlon Kuncy who seems to be late for school so much JEAN GREGG walls her horseback radang abalaty to Gladys Ekleberry so she won t feel so bruased the next tame she hats the ground CHARLES LAMB walls has towerang heaghth to Jack Anderson l thank we ll agree that he needs some extra anches added DONNA HUSHOUR walls her abalaty to wear those up sweeps to Margaret Walton One of Donna s secrets on up sweeps as the use of lacquer It does help raed a few weeks to all her successors an school MIRIAM HETZEL walls her home economacs to Mary Wagner who wall need at an her marraed late George wall apprecaate thas BUD HANOVER walls has common sense to Jam Ekleberry Lets don t have any remarks MARILYN HANOVER walls her debatang abalaty to Bob Snyder who usually gets the wrong end of the deal when he argues BEVERLY ROBERTS walls her abalaty of keepang her B F s straaght to Kelly who surely has her troubles WINONA STEWART walls her umph to Nola Karcher who wall need at to get through Iafe NORMAN WALTON walls has abalaty of shootang foul shots an the last manutes of a basketball game to anyone who can do as good as we thank he does CHARLES YOUNG walls has abalaty of shootang crap to Eugene Babcock who seems to lose everytame CHARLES TOOLEY walls has grocery aob when he gets to old to work to any one that as very very very pataent because at takes a person wath that GEORGE MARGRAF walls has wooang technaque to Vargal Bogard Patch at Vargal ANNABELLE HUFFORD wills all that she has learned from being mar- flau, pnurz, We've come to an end of our high school days, We've finished our studies, games, and plays, These were the happiest years we'll ever know And after a few years it will show. Some Some Some Some will marry their old school flames Some will be farmers of our dear land Some maybe will play in a large band Some want to travel the country o er will be lawyers and carry out their aims, will be nurses and care for the sick, beauticians that will really be slick But whatever they do to the top they ll soar We ve been mean and made the teachers mad When we leave maybe they ll be glad Our fellow school mates will miss us too To all of them we hate to say adueu So long Seniors of the class of 46 Just hang on to your good ole tricks If you ever get stuck just stop and sigh And think of your classmates and Sycam 61441 691011- ore High On November 27 the Senior Class presented their class play a comedy Her Emergency Husband The cast of characters were as follows Nicky a young husband Arlene his wife Mrs Jarbo Arlenes mother Dorothy a college chum of Arlene Bill Jones a friend of Nicky Audrey Hardwick a friend of Bill Hiriam Hardwick Audrey s uncle Aunt Hazel Arlene s Aunt A Wild Man Charles Lamb Mary Etta Bell Beverly Roberts Jean Gregg Hugh Davis Helen McCormick Norman Walton Marilyn Hanover John Brown I I I I ' I I I I I II ' Il ' ll ll I I . ' I l 11 ll , . I .............................,.......................... , .,,,. 2 ,.,,,,..................,,,.,....................,........,,,,.... , , ................................................ , ...........................................A... - Aunt Jubilee, a colored servant ........................................ Clarabelle Martin , .......................--.....................----...- . . - I 1 ------------..---.---------.-------- , ........................................ , . , .....................................--.....---- Um, FIRST ROW I Brown E Stever M Blrmely N Karcher B McVay F Karcher M Walton SECOND ROW B Roelle M Kuncy R Rledel M Gregg V Stever M Moyer H Welnnnger R Ahkney Mrs Grummel THIRD ROW J Ekleberry J Shealy G Ekleberry M Traxler E Hetzel M Deppen D bwerlme O Nelson At the begnnmng of thus year 25 peppy lads and lassles entered room ZOI to start their llth school year wlth Mrs Paul Grummel as their director Throughout the school year they were actlve In Glrl Reserves Varslty S Basketball and Volleyball They gave their excellent play Brother Goose on Aprll 9 and In May treated the Seniors to a fme banquet The class offlcers are as follows President Richard Ankney Vice President Jean Weanmger Secretary Maryorne Gregg Treasurer Gladys Ekleberry .Snp!wmoJma, FIRST ROW R Grlftln N Reed V McCormlck J Fllllnger E Droll J Hufford SECOND ROW W Solze M Wagner C Ruedel T Rose B Moler E Walter Mass Vance THIRD ROW V Bogard B Reed H Chester S Solze P Hushour T Geary C Holmes M Ludwig T lngersol FOURTH ROW P Bell N Stover P Roberts R Konkle B Volkmer E Montz H Hannum D Stuckey CLASS OFFICERS President Evelyn Montz Vlce Presldent Dwught Stuckey Secretary Hershal Hannam Treasurer Ted lngersol Student Council Rep Verne McCormlck Reporter Jack Hannum Thnrty two pupuls were In the Sophomore class at the begmnmg of the year l945 46 They had a theatre party the tlrst ot March They all plled Into cars and went to the movue, The Bandnt of Sherwood Forest, at Tnftm It was enjoyed by all The Sophomores were well represented an the Hugh School Play Those Included were Betty Volkmer Twula Geary Evelyn Montz Mary Kathryn Ludwlg and Dwnght Stuckey J Klan, FIRST ROW J Anderson R Murray D Moore E Babcock R Solze W Tooley B Lee SECOND ROW J Cllngman M Baylous C Muller V Heck F Bnrmely L Swartz J Klesel Mrs Hnckock THIRD ROW D Lortz L Muller P Moler B Walton B Swerlnne M Wnlllams B Mathlas FOURTH ROW N Hufford D Lundy L Phrlllps D Wagner R Culver L Buharp R Holman There are thurty members of the Freshman class and the offlcers are as follows Presudent Bully Lee Vlce Presrdent Merlyn Roberts Secretary June Klesel Treasurer Duck Moore As a means of maknng money the Freshman sponsored a hugh school skating party ln March Many cars were used for many of the high school knds went The nnght was spent un hnlaruty makung lqhfztymze alle' 'V FIRST ROW D Shellhouse F Zellner E Doss N Gregg L Bell D Carr G Stover D Smuth SECOND ROW S Shellhouse A Muller B Muller B Buxton V Grnffrn W Cross K Rnedel Mass Roberts THIRD ROW C Roelle R Swnhart N Ekleberry D Bogord J Shook M Reed G Glles B lngersol G Harper FOURTH ROW C Geary N Westerman D Moyer G Tooley R Konkle D Swerlme J Riedel B Bell G Wagner The Eighth Grade started out thus year with 38 pupils enrolled Durmg the year Dons May moved away and Ronald Konkle came back to good old Sycamore On September 29th we had our class party whuch was a hayrlde and wuener roast It ramed that nnght, and boy dud we get soaked' ' ' ' ' The second party we had nn Aprll at the gymnasium Well, we'll be seemg you next year as those awful luttle Freshmen Bye, Bye 5Ql!.2I'I.ffL Hfzada 4, wi- si " 53:91 1 iiigilj ','.' 4 M, r-1 - FIRST ROW H Burks C Sorg K Moran E Grlffln J Moore H Rledel D Corfman R Shelt L Landus SECOND ROW E Caves P Hartschuh J Anderson M Rnedel G McDermott M Phllllps A Solze P Wheeler Mlss Stahl THIRD ROW H McEwen M Volkmer P Riedel M Sorg M Gregory A Hardmg D Alt house J Wllllams C Dunlap FOURTH ROW H Culver N Gregg N Beard B Fnllmger R Wagner E McQulstnon J Scott R Babcock C Rxedel When school opened there were 38 pupils m the Seventh Grade Harold May transferred to the Upper Sandusky Schools Harold McEwen to the Mc Cutchenvllle School and Rlchard Orr to the Mlfflm Kirby School leavmg us 35 This class enjoyed two partles durlng the year The fjrst Oct 5 was a hay rude and the second on March l2th was a skatmg party held at Tlffm The Seventh Graders have enjoyed their flrst year In Junlor Hugh and hope to enjoy many more years nn good old Sycamore Hugh The class offncers are President Dale Beard Vlce President Larry Landis Secretary Jerry Moore Treasurer Dale Gregg Jzamz, FIRST ROW C May E Gmgery F Stover H Schryer D Gregg N Metzgor SECOND ROW B Buxton J Zellner R Weaver M Reed P Grnffm C Muller A Droll Stover Mr Osborne FOURTH ROW L Reed B Bogord D Honnam P Funkhouser G Robnnson B Secoy Stover M Brown Smce the begmnmg of school Joan Dunlap who formerly attended school at Lykens has gomed our class Thus for Marne Reed and Leo Reed have been neither absent nor tardy thus year Nme of us have read ten of our Llbrary Books We try to decorate our room In keeping wuth the season and at present the decoratnons of sprung drawmgs were macle by the gurls of our class We enyoy our movles very much and correlate them wnth our studles ' 5 3 I ,A. THIRD ROW: E. Hushouf, R. Lundy, H. Hannum, J. shook, D. Moy, M. scoff, E. Bell. : . , . , . , . , . ' , . , P. FIRST ROW J Baller C Sprau J Bell J Schryer L Reed D Ruedel B Burks A Karcher A Ohls G VonBlon SECOND ROW B Geary M McDermott R Maller M Everhart R Rnedel P Hull T Ransom C Grubb W Dutcher THIRD ROW R Wagner F Holman D McNutt B Rvedel C Kelley D Hull T Moler J Westerman T Wllllams R Hlll FOURTH ROW R Shook L Droll N Gnles J Coffman D Paul C Rledel M Harter J Grady W Solze At the begmnmg of the school year the Fifth Grade which as taught by Mrs Pancost had 34 puplls Later an the year seven more pupils came Three of them moved away agaln At the present time there are four puplls who have perfect attendance ln health we are studylng obout good posture We are trying to eat three one hundred percent meals every day Mrs Sams ns our health teacher Each week on Wednesday we have a movie about some of our lessons and they have been very mterestmg Most of them are about Geography but we have learned many mterestlng facts that we use In other classes The Fnfth and Sixth Grade girls have gym together each Wednesday afternoon We ve played many dnfferent games but luke volleyball best when In the gym We had a Halloween carnival thus year Most of use dressed up ln costumes We all had o good tume at the carnuvol We also had a Valentme and Chrlstmas exchange Wntten by M McDermott M Everhart J. Grady N. Giles Jnwzflz, Hlzadc, FIRST ROW G Gregg D Shook P Grubb A Corfman M Weaver R McQunstuon L Taylor K Rnsley SECOND ROW L England S Kelley M Burks S Hannum V Smith A Clmgman E Kelley D Rnedel Mrs Sams THIRD ROW R McVay L Shell V Shell J Hosterman R Balluet E Evans L Breyley R Shellhorn Grlffln P Ruhlen B Hayman NOT PICTURED Bobby Landls Raymond Brldgefard We have kept our group of thurty fnve pupuls throughout the school year Maxme Burks Betty Jean Hayman and Phulup Grubb have been neuther absent nor tardy Flu and scarlet fever spoiled any of our perfect attendance records but many of us have missed only a few days of school Our room helped with several programs We had a part In the Carnival Program the Operetta and the chapel program which was gnven on George Washnngton s blrthday A group of boys and gurls with some Thlrd Grade pupils gave The Mlnuet of colonial days We ve tried to be good workers by preparlrg our lessons well and by con trlbutmg to the March of Dlmes, The Jumor Red Cross and other worthwhile projects The school year has been a pleasant one but of course we eagerly look forward to vacatuon FOURTH ROW: M. Sorg, N. Ohl, M. Grandstaff, B. McQuistion, L. McDermott, R. Riedel, J. . I . . . ll II ' , . . I 1 . . . . ' Il ' I ll ' , . . , - I I lwwL5 WF' FIRST ROW J Mekush J Baller C Holman D Hannam F Tschanen K Ekleberry L Bare K Burks J Blgler SECOND ROW N Coffman R Walton R Jamison S Wagner M Moore A Simpson K Sloman R Corfman Mass Mesnard THIRD ROW J Flllanger B Gnngery J Stever D Moler R Muller J Coldlron G Swerlme M Zellner FOURTH ROW L Sprau D Flechsenhor B Shellhouse S Montz M Zellner L Kaufman D Davis L Walton NOT PICTURED Geraldune Wnlluams Maxune Wlllnams Jolnlng the group In the fall were John Brller from Tvffln and Duane Flechsenhar from Toledo Ernestune Wllson was here for three weeks In March Luculle Walton left the group to attend school In Wharton Durmg the year ours has been an able and wlllmg group We have contributed wlllungly and heartaly to the varlous natuon al drnves Jumor Red Cross Red Cross and March of Dimes We have taken part In the various school programs A group with some Fourth Graders gave a munuet for the Washington Birthday assembly We took part un the grade operetta Tom Sawyer Along wuth enjoyung our Chrustmas gnft exchange and Valentine box we have en joyed our work Many have brought an pictures stones and artncles that pertaun to our school work James Stever brought a tune shell collection both snalls and clams Many brought sou venurs from fathers uncles brothers and cousuns from varuous spots overseas Altogether we have received much help from our books conservatuons and movles We hope to remam as a studaous and coop eratuve as we are now and we will be a tune class all the way through school Good luck to the class of l955 I .W iliiif V sfwsfif A I Q 5 . 1' 4 I ., . , Q I A 4 Q "g KP .. a PP 4 fs K: - .1 . r" , 4 I - , X' . . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . - - 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - . . , . , . , . , . , . , . , - ' 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 4 1 . , . . . , . - 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' . , . ' 1 - 11 11 1 Samui Shade FIRST ROW L Bell K Martun R Reed A Rredel E May C Shook G Corfman B Breyley SECOND ROW J Geary F McNutt M Taylor P Ward S Sorg B Muller S Grady P Buxton M Cross Mrs Grandstaff THIRD ROW M Corfman B Brrdgeford P McDermott J Riedel D Mercer G Jump J Holman FOURTH ROW R Grandstaff G Ruhlen P McDermott D Bogard R Stever D Taylor L Walton D Grandstaff C Barton School opened rn September wrth the largest enrollment rn the Second Grade There were 42 pupils Durmg the second perrod Jerry Hull moved back from Upper Sandusky whrch made 43 rn our room Durmg the year we lost sux chrldren to other schools and Charles Barton by death Joe Beaver from Rrtman school attended our school for a few weeks We had an eprdemac of flu and of scarlet fever whlch was very bad for us and our attendance record Mrs Robert Walton was our substitute teacher whale Mrs Grandstaff was quaran tmed She helped us celebrate at our Vol entrne party Other happy events of the year were the Carnrval when we played In the toy orchestra the Chrrstmas movre and grft exchange and the movre Charlres Aunt We gave money to the Junior Red Cross and the March of Dames We purchased twelve new Irbrary books and toy money wrth stamp tax money So far there are four gurls and one boy wrth perfect attendance records We have two sets of twrns In our room They are Paul and Paulrne McDermott and Donald and Ronald Grandstaff AE-yi-, t T " ' 1 - 1 T n 0 a , x .- J. Everhart, J. Hull, R. Ekleberry. 2 . , . , . , . , .1 , . ' , . , . , . , . . : ' 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 ' . - 1 , . , . . ' I ' 1 . . . . ,, . , . . ,, jumf, ynadv. FIRST ROW K Tschanen J Glles D Grubb W Burks R VanBlon N Burkhart R Wcllaams B Sowers E McDermott J Ohls C Chance B Bloom Mass Stalter THIRD ROW L Wagner F Slmpson B Hosterman D Wolfrum N McQulstlon G Kmney R Stover D Bare T Moyer ABSENT Bobby Hull Our enrollment at the beginning of the year was 28 Jean Ruffung and Lots Walton moved from our dustrnct Carolyn Chance Linda Wagner and Bobby Hull panned our group and remained wnth us whale Roberta Price Evelyn Morrus and Ronald Wilson gomed us but moved away before the close of school Each child received a penny for every IOO In spelling As a burthday re membrance each one received a large pencll Because of a flu epndemlc and lack of coal school was dlsmussed three days earlier than antlclpated for the holnday vacatuon For thus reason we dld not have our guft exchange until January A Valentme box caused much excltement an February Rosalne Secoy and Norman Burkhart have perfect attendance records at thus wrltlng I 1 . I .X g . . ui Q +2 ' SECONDIRDW: L. warren, R. seC6y,'s. Jump, R. Riedel, J. Naebel, D. condemn, 5. coffmon, I I Bm, Qfzivnfm, -L'u4iod4kuu, -fnnkn, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT Paul Walter Charles Osborne Carl Swerlune Chester Rnedel E L Bonln Harold Schryer One other driver not an the pncture IS Myron Lorah vm Mr Leadenham who has charge of the bulldnng Mrs Tate and Mrs Moyer who have charge of the feednng of all the pupils Mrs Muller who assnsts Mr Leadenham In keeplng the bulldung clean ' - I I , , . . , . I I ' I ,,... 1 - I I 'W Avid ' , I A ir ., K ,lggg I I K ' kg? W S: 'f , i?'b'3i-fl K ., f 11-1 -f-M We Arrow F F A F H A Curl Reserve VarsltyS Clee Clubs Crchestra HR 'VJ 94 Swain mm. my 'N""f 9? was 'VK vm fi image f .- ,W A X... ,V K , Mio. X.. ww Y i . AM K E, , fr 'UM V 3'-fm , N ...W ","i" 2 in., ' ""' 'TH .fl fr A , , 'A 1-rf 1 V CI 1 I 'I " f ' 5 hr - J ... FX- - K . N Ae, , W, ,Q .. ' . K V ,, 'W' J F if .7 . , ws j j W? -f.. A' 1 I f '- 4 -' H iii? ' A B21 , r 1 w r Q 1 u 1 ' fy 1' 1 -Q' ' ff 4, L .K ' X I , ,A A ' . , .. :px ' . " x M I ' f,1, ,Q 1-M'-5 ,S up-... ' ' "F -' 4 !' ,fu '1'-- I . ww- an : ' , I A -Y s , ,K rue-If 1 ' -L piir.. ' 1 - , 4.-Q. Hg-gym rd., K . , K .J-'W-ffm . l in 3 A : . -f mr ' ,XJ , f K ,A 4 .Y9.i A W f Q W-, H gp, A , .r X! -- , a . 'LZ mf" A' - . -9 gn , ,W 'iv "' ' , fem" . . 1 SEATED Jean Gregg Helen McCormick Mary Etta Bell Hugh Davns STANDING Donna Hushour Eulltta Droll Marcnle Geary Charles Tooley Charles Lamb Christina Everheart Claire Pratt Miss Tuttle Editor Assistant Busmess Manager Assistant Literary Editor Asslstant Sports Edntor Assistant Cnrculatnon Assustant Assnstant Mary Etta Bell Helen McCormack Charles Tooley Donna Hushour Marclle Geary Jean Gregg Charles Lamb Chrlstme Everhart Eulltto Droll Clalre Pratt Hugh Davis dfllww Evil SEATED J Gregg J Welmger H McCormick C Everhart M Hetzel STANDING Fnrst Row J Shealy M Traxler M Kuncy M Geary M Moyer W Stewart C Lamb M Bell A Hufford B Roelle E Hetzel Mlss Roberts SECOND ROW M Gregg F Karcher G Tooley G Ekleberry B Roberts N Walton H Davls D Ankney V Stever Edutor Helen McCorm:ck Assistant Jean Welnmger Busmess Manaer Charles Tooley Crrculatnon Winona Stewart Charles Lamb Assestant Jum Ekleberry Maryorle Gregg Actlvutv Edntor Marcrle Geary Assustant Marlon Kuncy Llterary Edltor Mary Etta Bell Assistant Jean Shelay Advusor Mass Roberts Hugh Davos Duck Ankney B Roberts Boy s Sports Edntor Assustant Gurl s Sports Edntor A B Hufford Norman Walton Assustant Fay Karcher Vincent Stever Chief Artlst C Everhart Assistant Burdette Roelle Typlsts Mnruam Hetzel Jean Gregg Asslstants Eloise Hetzel Mary Traxler Feature Editor , s ' I 5 ' A 1 1 : . , . ' ' , . ' , . , . . : . , . , . , . , . , . , . . . , . . . "V'--"-----'-----A-A---' . I ---wl---.-'---------'---------- Assistant ...,......,..,........ Martha Lou Moyer Assistant .......................... Gladys Ekleberry . q ,, l I ' .-..........-.--.--- , , I "" I 1 """""""""" """" I 3 3 FIRST ROW R Holman V Stever N Walton G Margraf J Brown C Young J Hutford SECOND ROW W Tooley B Lee D Moore D Wagner R Murray R Solze Mr Moorhead THIRD ROW N Reed R Culver L Phulllps H Wennmger V McCormlck J Ekleberry N Stover J Fllllnger The Sycamore F F A boys have had a very successful year We started out last fall by wunnung thlrd place In county judgmg contests wnnnlng hon orable mentuon In Sears and Roebuck F F A Chapter Contest and honorable mentlon nn state accomplishments Later this wlnter, we won furst place In the county pest hunt and a sulver medal for the parllamentary contest We had four boys try for the County Publlc Speakmg Contest Norman Walton made the county and also the dnstruct and goes to the state May 31 Charles Young and John Brown are trying for State Farmer degrees thus year The offucers for thus year are as follows George Margraf President John Brown Vnce President Vmcent Stever Secretary Charles Young Reporter Norman Walton Treasurer Jutufmlla fa, SYCAIHORE CHAPTER FIRST ROW J Kiesel L Miller D Lortz H Chester E Walter P Roberts SECOND ROW C Martin C Holmes A Hufford M Hanover C Everhart P Moler C Riedel T Ross THIRD ROW B Walton M Wagner B Moler M Deppen M Walton N Karcher M Williams M Hetzel FOURTH ROW B Geary E Stever E Hetzel I Brown B McVay D Swerline M Birmely The F F A and F H A Parent Son and Daughter banquet was an event of April Five of the girls are receiving the State Homemakers award this year We have a membership of twenty nine President Christina Everhart Vice President Miriam Hetzel Anna Bell Hufford Eloise Hetzel Elizabeth Stever Clara Belle Martin Margaret Walton Miss Evelyn Lust .secretary Treasurer Historian Reporter Song Leader Advisor We the Sycamore Chapter of the Ohio Association of F H A have joined the Na tional Organization of Future Homemakers of America this past year The colors of our club therefore have been changed to red and white The motto New Horizons We received much experience and made money for our club by serving the Lions Club dinners this year We helped serve sandwiches and popcorn for the Basketball Tournament Lunch was also served at the County Music Festival l F ' 3 qi. 5th, A ' ' with the following officers: of our National Organization is "Toward . . . . ,, . , . , mi Human, FIRST ROW C Everhart C Holmes B Moler T Geary C Riedel E Walter S Solze E Droll SECOND ROW G Ekleberry J Shealy M Gregg J Gregg B Roberts C Pratt E Montz W Solze F Karcher Walton K Ludwug Muss Vance FOURTH ROW M Geary E Stever l Brown M Deppen B McVoy J Wesnmger M Moyer W Stewart P Hushour The Gnrl Reserves started the l945 46 school year with thirty three members The offncers are as follows President Mary Etta Bell Vlce Presndent Marcule Geary Secretary Gladys Ekleberry Treasurer Christina Everhart News Reporter Evelyn Montz Advlsors Muss Vance and Mass Tuttle The gurls have carrued on their work splendndly They have done many useful things durmg the year such as Chrustmas Dance sellung Chrlstmas cards Mother Daughter Tea lnltnatuon of the Freshman gurls followed by a potluck supper with the Freshmen as guests Parlnamentary procedure books have been purchased by the club and puns for the Sensor members thus year We are sure the next years club can carry on as well as we dud I Z Y . , M-. , l 'Z ..-,t - A -'A THIRD RIOW: Miss Tuttle, A, Hufford, D. Hushouf, M. E. Bell, H, Mecofmsck, M. Kuncy, M. ' I I I .- U'5, FIRST ROW P Bell H Hannum J Hufford C Lamb N Walton H Davls J Brown SECOND ROW J Anderson E Babcock R Ankney N Stover V McCorrnuck J Ekleberry Lee E Dro Mr e THIRD ROW L Buharp R Holman V Stever B Reldel H Welrlnger B Roelle V Bogard O Nelson The Varsity S IS a club composed of those boys who have won the coveted 5 fo Varslty competltuon Th lub thas year helped select the desngn for new basketball sunts for the comlng year and worked wlth Mr Shell un selectlng new baseball and track eqllpment he c fflclals for the rnterclass basketball tournament were chosen from this group The 'une athletlc banquet enyoyed by so many was plaaned by the Club OFFICERS President Charles Lamb Vice Presldent Norman Walton Secretary Treasurer Hugh Davis Reporter Richard Ankney 6044, 517114 Elm Klulm, FIRST ROW B Walton P Moler J Klesel C Holmes B Moler T Geary C Rledel Walter W Solze J Clungman T Ross SECOND ROW L Muller D Lortz M Gregg J Gregg B Roberts M Hanover C Pratt C Muller E Montz F Blrmely B Reed THIRD ROW M Bell G Ekleberry J Shealy C Everhort D Hushour N Karcher C Martm M Moyer V Heck H McCormick M Kuncy M Walton L Swartz S Solze B Volkmer M Ludwlg Mass Stahl FOURTH ROW M Geary B Geary E Stever I Brown E Hetzel M Deppen D Swerlme B McVay J Wennunger M Hetzel M Blrmely M Wagner P Hushour FIRST ROW J derson R Murray E Babcock R Solze W Tooley E Droll B Lee SECOND ROW L Buharp P Bell J Hufford C Lamb N Walton H Davls J Brown THIRD ROW B Mathias D Stuckey H Honnam T lngersol R Ankney F Fnlllnqer M St hl FOSSRTFI ROW R Moore V Stever D Lundy R Rledel H Wennlnger V McCormlck G Morgraf C Young I nj 1 y . . . , . , . , . , . , . , . , E. 1 - 1 - 1 - - . . , . , . , . , , , . , . , . , . , . , . . . . , . , . , . . , . , . , . , - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 . , . - - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - - ,egg V7 '- ' . V ,M , in-A . 'iw , , , . IJ .1 1 . , , . 0 Ula! .. c ' 1 1 ,. '- 1 1 I . A 3 ,An , . , . , . , . 1 - 1 - - . . , . , . , . , . , . , . .A . , , . , . , - 1 V 1 - : . , . , . , . 1 - 1 - 1 , . . Lecflub drfwuima, Two ofthe outstandung programs ln which the Boys and Glrls Glee Clubs partncupated nn were the County Muslc Festival and the presentation of the operetta Butter Sweet Anne The operetta was presented Jan 24 under the dlrectnon of Mlss Mary Stahl wrth Mary Kathryn Ludwig as accompanist Butter Sweet Anne was presented by the following cast Papa Jules Charles Young Stefan Eugene Babcock Drlgger Molly Noel Mama Jules Zeta Duchess de Grasse Duke de Grasse Prmcess Duane Captain Roger Lee General Zozo Queen of Dreams Kung Gus Anton Jules Furst Prrate Poet Court Jester Verne McCormack Gladys Ekleberry Jnm Ekleberry lmogeyne Brown Marcnle Geary Jean Shealy Rnchard Ankney Marporre Deppen Herbert Welnmger Vuncent Stever Clarlbel Riedel John Brown Paul Bell Bob Snyder Wade Tooley Jack Anderson I I I 1 . . . , . , I ll ' Il ' ' ' II ' ll Hubert .......................... , .........,............... Dwight Stuckey """"""'A I I I I I I I ' ' I - T - I ' I II ll II Il II I I ll Il II I II - Il II ' ll Il - I I ' Il ' ' ll ' ll ' ' Il ' II II ll II I II ' II I I ' Slave Grrls Jean Wennunger Chrlstlna Everhart Jean Gregg Marjorle Gregg Donna Swerlnne Martha Lou Moyer Eulltta Droll and Mary Etta Bell The Annual Wyandot County Muslc Festival was held nn the Sycamore Audntornum Frnday March 29 The guest dnector was Prof Grrffnth J Jones of Cleveland The Gnrls Glee Club sang The Alphabet Song Serenade Songs My Mother Taught Me and The Donkey Serenade The Boys Glee Club sang We Saul The Ocean Blue Memorles Joshua Fmt de Battle ob Jerlchqy Negro Spurltual and The Anvnl Chorus The combined choruses ended the program with Ah' Sweet Mystery of Lute Sundown The Lord s Prayer and Now the Day IS Over Ufmluuffm. SEALED H McCormnck M Gregg H Davos D Smxth C Pratt M Hetzel C Martln C Ever art STANDING Msss Stahl M Moyer J Brown B Hanover N Walton G Margraf M Walton The orchestra under the dnrectlon of Mnss Mary Stahl has played for various programs throughout the year Perhaps the outstanding event of the year was the partlclpatnon In the All County Orchestra Thus orchestra played at the Wyandot County Muslc Festlval and was under the durectnon of Mr Burton Goetz musnc nnstructor of the Hopewell Louden School They played the followlng numbers Star Spangled Banner Springtime Valse Il Trovatore Selectlon Hope March and Old Favorltes Thus group wall be greatly missed next year as most of them are sensors An entnrely new group will have to be started next year Basketball Baseball Track l s l 1 ' 1 V! ' 6' f f , ' 4'5- X ' xv'-sv-' ,Ng A Uamuiq, A5'aAAntlmlL FIRST ROW Norman Walton Vlrgll Bogard Charles Lamb Verne McCormack Nelson Stover Mr Shell SECOND ROW Cheer Leaders Chrlstrna Everhart Mary Etta Bell Betty Volkmer Wlnona St wart Helen McCor :ck e m THIRD ROW Manager Bully Lee Bob Rledel Jnmmy Ekleberry Burdette Roelle Vnncent Stever Otto Nelson Jr Sycamore Sycamore Sycamore Sycamore Sycamore Sycamore Sycamore Sycamore Sycamore Bloomvnlle Mlddlepolnt Marsenlles Salem Nevada Eden Melmore Harpster Melmore Sycamore Sycamore SEASONS RECORD Sycamore Sycamore Sycamore Sycamore Sycamore Sycamore Sycamore Sycamore Sycamore TOURNAMENT 40 Nevada 30 Wharton Ma rsenlles Hopewell Louden Salem Eden McCutchenvnlle Alumni Wharton Lykens McCutchenvnIIe ' ' ........52 Sycamore ..........., 30 Wharton .,............ I7 Sycamore .,,,........ 34 Nevada ,,........,... umm, plum 1 Norman Wolton- Stub wnthout previous .hm Ekleberry Besudes has floor game Jnm s experuence became one of the leadmg scor ers of the county Has specuallty was one handed shots Verne McCormick Defense was Creeps best asset He could take off defensuve re bounds well By the end of the season he could hlt the hoon wuth more consustency Charles Lamb-He showed remarkable nm provement durrng the past season A foot lnlury kept hum from reaching a grand climax un the tom rnament Vincent Stever Mnnnne worked hard and showed fnne team spnrut Nelson Stover He saw much action on the varslty especially an the tournament H went up after rebounds and fed has team mates speclalty was hns stranght long shots Junlor Nelson Chuck saw much actlon es pecnally when we played a rushing game Bob Riedel Bob s Favornte was a drabble and a left hand shot Burdette Roelle Duke at times showed sngns of greatness Vlrgll Bogard Vlrg s chnef power was In has floor game He was a good feeder and sem: long shot artist , t If 1, . . . . . . I I I - ll - Il ' Q 11 11 l - - 1 . . . . P ll 11 . 0 ll - - ll ' . , . . . . , . . . I I e 1 9, Haakafball FIRST ROW H Welmnger J Ekleberry B Riedel J Nelson B Roelle V Stever SECOND ROW Manager Bully Lee Cheerleaders J Clnngmon N Ekleberry R Swlhort ond Dorothy Lortz James Fllllnger and Coach Shell THIRD ROW J Anderson E Babcock Ned Hufford D Stuckey D Lundy H Hannam J Hufford SEASONS RECORD Wuns I2 Losses 8 a6'aAlmt6alL FIRST ROW R Konke D Moyer B Bell G Wagner J Riedel D Swerlnne SECOND ROW H McEwen L Bell K Moran N Gregg Mr Shell SEASONS RECORD Wuns I Losses 6 Y -v ' gf- Q. -f .. u Q .. ,. ' 4 . 1' . . , . , . , . , . , . . ' 1 1 1 - 1 - , 1 - 1 , . . . , . , , . , . , . , . C O l I . . . , I , . , . , . , . , . . . , . , . , . , . . abhfmball 'Q' FIRST ROW O Nelson H Hannam V Bogard J Brown V Stever V McCormack N Stover SECOND ROW L Buharp J Fnllmger D Wagner P Bell R Holman B Roelle J Hufford THIRD ROW J Anderson B Lee E Droll Mr Shell The Baseball team opened :ts season Sept 7 l945 by playung Marseilles at Harruson Smuth Park Not havnng much practice and not benng well or ganlzed we lost our first game After more practlce breakrng un freshman players and taking the rust off the others we defeated Eden 5 4 During the season mcludung the tourn ament we played sux games won three and lost three ln the coming year the team shall be hard to beat The boys have gained expernence and know more about the game The team wall lose only one Sensor player John Brown who played catchers posltuon and sometumes putched Sycamore 8 Marseslles Sycamore 3 McCutchenvl I le Sycamore 7 Nevada Tournament Sycamore I8 Wharton Sycamore 2 Nevada el 1' r f 1 f A 2' 1 l . til ft ' . pn -,, Q V . Ulkllf' fp V . 4? A b A ,T : . , . , . , . , . , . ' , . . Z - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 ' ' ' I I , . . , . , . 1 - ' I ' 1 I - I I Sycamore ................ ,.... . 5 Eden ......................... 4 lzack SEATED J Anderson O Nelson V Bogard J Brown C Young T lngersol SECOND ROW H Davis D Moore R Culver R Murray H Welnmger Mr Shell Fllllnger Through the cold days of March and the Sprung showers of Aprul these boys have practnced dllngently under the supervuslon of Mr Shell Of thus squad three were members of the half mule relay team that won first un the county meet last year and three were membrs of the mule relay team that also won nn the county meet last year We also have the winners ofthe 220 rn last year s meet on thus squad To date we have had one meet thus year lt was a triangular meet wnth Melmore and Republuc The tmal scores were Melmore 22 Republic 50 and Sycamore 58 We are eagerly lookung forward to more track meets In the near future THIRD ROW:.R..Holmdn, 'R. Raeilelf H. Hahnarn, N. Walton, D, sfllckey, v. sfevef, J. . 2 , ' As you turn the tol lowing pages you will see the names of many friends. They have helped us put out this annual. Will you pa- tronize them in return for their kindness. ill 3314313 L+-AMW' sms-ui 'V -E xwm 12- "' " 'M ' ii 1' i 2'2" sb' ,wi- Qr YQ- fX . i WALTON'S QI-no ERTIF Kp I . Q . . C-OOD FARM SEEDS SEED PAYS THE BEST SEED NON E TOO GOOD D APPROVED BY ALL OPERATIONS INSPECTED AN THE OHIO SEED IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION RIVER VALLEY SEED FARMS F WALTON fr SO Phone Sycamore II x I Route 4 Upper Sandusky Ohuo IS B. . NS Sycamore Ohio Phone 22l faaawfsfwp We Service Radios Vacuum Cleaners Washing Machines Sewing Machines Irons Electric Motors Electric Appliances. All Work Cuaranteed 'HO mmjar-O OX-lb Compliments of RANSOM TURKEY HATCHERY Larro Feeds Phone 94 Sycamore Ohio SYCAMORE MILL Cr SUPPLY Dealers ln Purina Chow Wayne Feeds Phone 97 Sycamore Ohio Compliments SYCAMORE HATCHERY H Hannam Prop Chicks That Are Bred To Lay Ohio U S Approved Phone 38 Sycamore Ohio O -T1 I m : 3 - ' n fb ' 0 O QL E . O 9 C . , -'1 ' - U7 . - Q I . .Tl u . - rn rn O. Y' 3 O 7 E . 3 . O I Compliments of JLQ, javmn, Compllmenfs of Evon Lee Mgr Sycamore, Ohio Clover Farm Store Flrst Natlonal Bank TQ, Class of "46" Sycamore, Ohio Compli of Sycamore, Oh'o LOIS MARGARET BEAUTY SHOPPE KAPPAU F S HARDWARE General Hardware Phone I 24 Sycamore GMO Sycamore Ohio Phone 136 C PENNEY THE BUCYRUS WATCH SHOP Guaranteed Satisfaction and Dry Goods Clothes Prompt Service and Shoes Bucyrus Ohno H Davis jeweler 213 S Sandusky Ave Bucyrus Ohio BILLER HARDWARE Phone 134 Sycamore Ohno I R GREGG Real Estate Broker Phone 7 Sycamore Ohno KINGS FRIENDLY SERVICE Mobnlgas Moblloll Sycamore Ohno FARM BUREAU Automobnle Life an Fire Insurance W E Baugher Phone 69 Sycamore Ohno 1. . ', COl'Y1pIIITIeI'1TS of Cgmplimenfs I d P Best of Luck To The Class of 46 PRATT S FOOD MARKET Fresh Meats and Crocerues Complete Self Serve Market Sycamore Ohuo Complete Beauty Servuce EVELYN S BEAUTY SHOP 98V2 S Washington St Tiffin Ohlo Phone 2263 EWALD FURNITURE G' CO A Store For Those Who Love Thelr Home Tlffln Ohio Compliments RALPH S SHOE STORE Tntfnn Ohio Happuness and Success The Class of 46 NIEBEL INSURANCE AGENCY Complnments of O D Mahln Mgr TIFFIN IEWELRY STORE Tlffln Ohio Shortest Route To Satlsfactlon THE TIFFIN PAINT AND WALLPAPER CO l85 S Washlnton St Phone 302 1 of to 7 N E W M A N S For All Musical Needs Band Instruments And lvluslcal Supplies Phone I33 l89 S Washington Tnffln Ohlo Best Wushes For The Class of 46 MAY IEWELRY COMPANY 20 W Center St Marlon Ohio Compl :ments of the CLAYCRAFT COMPANY Wyandot Plant Upper Sandusky Ohno SAMMET THE FLORIST Occasnons Quality Value and Servuce Phone 69 Upper Sandusky Ohio Particular Printing or Particular People TH E SYCAMORE LEADER Compl :ments BOW AND ARROW Upper Sandusky Ohno Compliments SYCAMORE GARAGE ' Flowers For All , f R of of GROSE S MEN S WEAR Value sfyle VOR K CAFE Quamy A Good Place To Eat Bucyrus Ohio l l2 N Sandusky Ave Bucyrus Ohno SCHUETTE BAKING CO Bucyrus Ohno Shoes For The Entlre Family a so Rubber Footwear OCEOLA SHOE STORE Oceola Ohlo Breads, Cakes, Cookies, and Rolls I STAN SHELLEY CLOTHING BUCYRUS Manhattan Shirts McGregor Sportswear lnterwoven Hose Hickok Belts G jewelry Cheney Neckwear Disney 5 Lee Hats HOME OF HART SCHAFFNER C7 MARX CLOTHES THE SIFERD HOSSELLMAN CO Luma and Bucyrus Ohno Industrial Supplies Pamts On s Batteries Automotive Parts Shop Equnpment E ZE GLER M LLING Flour C-raun and Feed Phone 55l3 Bucyrus Ohlo FOR THE sYcAMoRE LUMBER cf COAL co HOME FIRST Sycamore Ohno Phone l92 We Sell Everything ln Bulldlng Maternals Remodelmg or New From Foundation To Chimney Cap Consult Us Before You Buy Bunldnng It s your Best Bulldlng Maternal lnvestment . . N- . - .I TH I I CO. SPEND Compliments of LAKE SHORE MEAT MARKET Tiffin Ohio Compliments MILLER BROTHERS Registered jewelers Compliments of THE IDEAL HATCHERY Upper Sandusky Ohio BALDRIDCE TIRE AND BATTERY SERVICE D R Baldridge Prop I I2 East Wyandot Ave Upper Sandusky Ohio Tiffin Ohio Complnments Class of 46 WHITEHOUSE HAMBURCER SHOP Sandwnches Soft Drmks Mnlk Shakes 9l lvladason St Tlffln Ohlo SHUMWAYS FLORAL STORE Novelty Cnfts For All Occasnons Cholce Cut Flowers Bloomnng Plants Wedding and C-raduatlon Bouquets and Corsages Phone 53 Funeral Flowers A Specialty We Telegraph Flowers Anywhere Z3 South Washlngton St Tnffnn Ohuo Compliments of BERNICE S PLACE Dmner Lunches Sandwiches Beer Wnne and Soft Drunks First Class Restauranteurs Crroup Dinners A Specialty Sycamore Ohno to u il ' 1 D ' 1 3 1 1 1 1 ! Compliments of SANFORD THE REALTOR 90 V2 South Washington St Tiffin Ohio Anythnng an real estate SMITH S APPAREL SHOP l9O South Washnngton St ll6 East North St Tnffnn Ohno Fostorla Ohlo Women s lvlnsses 6' lunnor Ready to Wear Mlllmery Cloves Hosiery and Accessorles IENNING S FURNITURE STORES Where no sale IS complete untnl the customer IS satnsfled IZ3 125 W Wyandot Ave H5 N Mann St Upper Sandusky Ohio Kenton Ohuo When you thunk of FLOWERS Thmk of NORTONS Floral Artnsts Since l882 Bucyrus Ohlo "THESE ARE BUSY STORES THERE'S A REASON" NORTH CENTRAL OHIOS LARGEST AND MOST COMPLETE CLOTHING STORE Home of the most famous names Hart Schaffner C1 Marx Varsity Town Undergrad Clothcraft Crosby Square Rob Lee Arrow Cheney Botony Interwoven Holeproof Hlckok Swank Schoble Donngal Wings Lamb Knut Rugby Bantamac jantzen Palm Beach Cooper jockey Reis Scandles THE .IIIVI IIUEIIN CLIITHINE STUHE MIIHIIIN We Are Always In the Market For Malk and Cream Manufacturers of Butter Cheese and Drled Mnlk THE CHIEF IIIIIHY PHUIIUCTS UU 1 o v 1 1 1 1 u v 7 9 1 v , 1 v v 1 v 1 l n v y 1 v , I v v I 1 Call 151 L 1 for Healthy, Dependable Chicks Hatched From Blood Tested Flocks BARE'S HATCHERY Sycamore, Ohio Congratulations and Best Wishes of R O S D E N T 210 South Main St Phone 323 Upper Sandusky Ohio Compliments of COLONIAL FINANCE COMPANY 115 South Washington VERNON S BROWN LIFE INSURANCE AGENCY Retirement Income Business Insurance Annuities Estate Planning Insurance Programing First National Bank Building Tiffin Ohio Ray Kuntz Ward Kieffer Vernon S Brown R. M. SEL, IST Tiffin, Ohio LAMB S L LAND Wall Paper Dupont Pannts jeweler Keepsake Dnamonds Hamilton Elgin Logunes an Benrus Watches lntenor Decoratmg Bucyrus Ohio So S3l'1ClUSlQy Ave Bucyrus Qhlo MODERN CLOTHING CO Compllments of 1 Fred Heydmger SHOE On the Square On the Square Bucyrus Ohio BuCyruS OhlO If your clothes are not becommg to WA LT H E R H A R D WA R you you should be coming to IA Y S T 0 G G E R Y Paint Cutlery Class e C Bucyrus Ohio Bucyrus Ohno BUCYRUS RESTAURANT Arr Conditioned The Best CeorgeH Davis Prop Bucyrus Ohlo ' O . . E S . . . . , . ' . d Clothes for Men and Boys A. B. Dun, Mgr. lg , ' - - ,- r . RODGERS SPORTING GOODS Where Sportsmen Send Thelr Fruends I I I W Mary St Bucyrus Ohuo BOBS SANDWICH SHOP On The Corner Bucyrus Ohuo Compliments of SOUDERS HATCHERY Home of Paymaster Chucks Bucyrus Ohio NEW METHOD LAUNDRY an DRY CLEANING CO M E Keyse Prop 23ON Sandusky Ave Bucyrus Ohlo Bonen s Pamt and Wallpaper Store Hanna s Green Seal Paints Imperial Wallpaper I37 N Sandusky Ave Bucyrus Ohlo DRUG STORE The Rexall Store South Mann St Sycamore Ohlo SYCAMORE IMPLEMENT Sales and Service Phone 37 Sycamore Ohlo D M c B R Veterinarian Phone l I8 Sycamore Ohuo ' d , . BALLIET'S CO- D R. . I D E ComplIments WYANDOT C0 FARM BUREAU Compl Iments CO Opefahve Assn THE DAILY CHIEF UNION By co operatmg you buIId Upper Sandusky Upper Sandusky Ohm OhlO Best WIshes to the Class of 46 Everythlng In Dry Goods Ready to Wear Floor Covermgs DraperIes A R T Z B R 0 S Upper Sandusky OhIO Best Wnshes to the Class of 46 WOOD S RESTAURANT Upper Sandusky Ohlo of . 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Cr . RY H. 8' C. RESTAURANT Compliments of WALKER S DRY GOODS Upper Sandusky Ohuo KOEHLERS PAINT AND WALLPAPER STORE Upper Sandusky Ohno Dean and Barry Office Supplies and C-reetmg Cards Compllments of HARRIET GREEN STUDIO Upper Sandusky Ohno Complnments of P H E I F E R Hardware Implement C0 Upper Sandusky Ohno Compliments of I MASON SMITH C-rannte and Marble Monuments Phone 55l M Upper Sandusky Ohno Compliments of BENTZ AND SWOVERLAND 5 lO IOO Store Upper Sandusky Ohlo Complnments of O R C O S T U D I O Opposnte the Court House Upper Sandusky Ohuo Compliments of BILLS SUPER SERVICE Smlthvllle Ohio Owner Bull Shedenhelm Sycamore Phone l lX3 220 North Main Street 3

Suggestions in the Sycamore High School - Log Yearbook (Cincinnati, OH) collection:

Sycamore High School - Log Yearbook (Cincinnati, OH) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


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