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X5 1 I Y H S IQESELIAN VOLUME XXXVII L PRESENTED BY THE SENICJR CLASS A SWISSVALE HIGH SCHOOL L L svvlssvAn.E A PENNSYLVANIA 'HE' 1 Y as ww 1 X. w ,gb 4' ? X' Lk 'A x M5 -W'- xg 2 I EQ IV W . P vm? L A - An? in H 1, K VK ' A A gy in ---A-X ,J X wi v Q . ' 55 I K I I SHE! f 2 fs ff Q S THE 1957 STAFF NANCY PRICE Caeditor NICK MORAYTIS Co-editor PAUL SCHULTZ Business Manager SALLY WONDERS Literary Editor 1, 5? '62 Q Us , Q . R 'f fr- . ' M, rg Qs is ' W-WV' 33334 . Y , 52 is ' 1 . 'Qs 1 ef r I 'Jr ,gg A 1. My Sqeiq 'L 7 K ima J Q L 2 A . 5 1: ' Q Af sssA'srss ISSVALIAN f 1 I 1 l , Boys, here's what the glrls do 1 in that little room at the Edge wood Community Club Our cheerleaders and majorettes brought down ootball players. 4 THE FUN WE HAD Books and learning were not the only im- portant phases of life here at SHS. Our stu- dents were always busy with some big project or major activity. During the first week of school interest was centered on rushing around to see who was in what class and which teachers were in charge. Next came the furor of making plans for the election of home room officers and class officers. We even took part in the national elections by having a mock vote-and as Swissvale High went, so went the nation! By this time the Valistic was operating in high gear and bringing us all the news of elections hot from the "presses" in Room 6. It seemed no time at all until the audi- torium was alive with seniors hoping for a part in "Cheaper by the Dozen." When the big evening Finally arrived a smooth and lively cast put on a performance to be remembered. Another successful theatrical venture was the Christmas operetta, which showed off the choir's talents so well that another musical program was soon in rehearsal. The biology classes tried their surgical skill on poor defenseless frogs. . The seniors sadly put away their uniforms for the last time, while Lois looks ard to next year. forw Q Who let them out of the playpen? Connie warns Carol--"VVatch that pin!" This lah technique should bring the sixth perind Chemists a D. 6 Photo by Pittsburgh Press Mr. Weichel introduces Mr. Hanson, Publicity Director of the Union Switch and Signal Company, Mr. Marasco, and Mr. Buchanan to the first period physics class. WE'LL REM IVIBER Although most of our experiences were happy ones, we had a very sad one when our highly esteemed physics teacher, Harry Elder, died unexpectedly. After several weeks of un- successful hunting for someone to take his place, the Union Switch and Signal Company came to the rescue by releasing two physicists to teach Mr. Elder's classes until a replace- ment could be found. Practically the entire school entered into the Polio Program, with over three hundred students and teachers baring their arms for a "shot" of vaccine administered painlessly by Dr. Barnett. Another activity that claimed almost everyone's interest was the Junior Prom, beyond a doubt the most exciting event of the year-unless it was the junior Class Play, "Home Sweet Homicide." No resume of the year would be complete without mentioning those peppy Pep Meet- ings, where our cheerleaders were always com- ing up with something new. And then the grand iinale-May Day, with the lovely Queen and her court enjoying the program of dances and stunts presented by the under- classmen. Aldean, joan, and Gretchen are reminded that graduation isn't far away. LET US LOOK AT THE MOST IMPORTANT INGREDIENTS OF OUR SCHOOL- THE PEUPLE Members of the Board of Education are, beginning at the far right: Charles C. Thomas, president: Mrs Dorothy Petrovsky, secretaryg Dr, Roy M. Smith, vice-presidentg Charles J. Wright, jr.: john R. Smith, solicitor: Frank Stewart: Clyde O. Brughg Dr. Leonard A. Burgardq Clarence H. Lewis. ADMINISTRATION Our administrators Carl S. Baily and John C. Weichel, along with Swiss- vale's Board of Education, deserve the thanks and recognition not only of the students but of all the members of the community as well. They are generous with their time, sincere in their interest, and undestanding in their handling of problems connected with the schools. v l I 1 ,M I .5 it i 1 ii . , CARL S. BAILY JOHN C. WEICHEL Superintendent of Schools High School Principal 10 FN 3111 illirmnriam HARRY L. ELDER November 17, 1956 The passing of this brilliant scientist and dedicated teacher was sadly felt by the students and faculty of Swissvale High School. 11 .gtg A scno cnol . 3 . MISS NAOMI STERNAT MR. THOMAS BROWN MRS. MIMI LAWRENCE School Nurse Art Sewing MISS NORMA LUKAS MR. JOHN BRACE MISS ANN PRISUTA Cooking Driving Librarian MISS HELEN I-IYVARINEN MR. JOHN RODGERS Secretary to the Principal Physics, Advanced Science 12 MISS MARGARET EISAMAN English MR. ARNOLD KOEPKA Physical Education, Football MISS EDITH MACLEOD History MRS. CAROL FLANNICK Bookkeeping MR. JOSEPH DENNISON Mathematics Athletic Director MISS RUTH SUTTER Typewriting MISS ELIZABETH JACOBS Publications, Biology MISS MARGARET JONES Counseling, English MR. KOLMAN TOTH Counseling, History MR. HENRY GEORGE History MRS. SARA DENNISON Home and School Visitor PAUL AGNEW To fulfill his ambition to become an engineer, Paul is looking for- ward to going to Carnegie Tech. Although he is a serious student, Paul likes to swim and fish and was a member of our Stage Crew. He really has a promising future before him. DREW ANDERSON It wasn't often that anyone ever caught Drew walking down the hill towards school. An auto enthusiast and former Boy Scout, Drew is thinking seriously of joining the Navy tprobably the result of his best friend's influenceJ-and then he'll be even more attractive to the girls. NORMA LEE BAREFOOT Here is a really versatile girl. If you want a peppy cheerleader, she's made to order for that. If you want some excellent art work done or an exhibition of acrobatic dancing, call on her! The Valistic staff, Bowling Club, intramurals, and the Y-Teens shared her in- terest. Tech night school and com- mercial art are in the future. PAUL BOORY Irv has been an asset to the SHS Choir for three years. Eating and volleyball rate high with him. If you're near Isaly's and hear someone saying "I don't know," chances are it's he. Paul soon will be responsible for beautifying many homes, since his ambition is to become an interior decorator. JOHN B, BRADLEY jack, one of our wittiest seniors, kept Room 19 laughing. He was very active in intramural volley- ball and basketball, and you could count on Jack in a close game. In his spare time, jack enjoys danc- ing. He plans to join the Navy and be seeing the world in the next few years. SALVATORE AMODEO Sully did a good job as a basket- ball and baseball player. He was a regular at the school's various ac- tivities and was always seen with a different girl. After graduation he hopes to take his irrepressible personality to Penn State or Otterbein. JOHN R. ANDERSON From Room 17 comes this friendly and ambitious senior. Andy was very active in the school sports program, having served as both a baseball and basketball manager. He also contributed much to his home room's senior volleyball championship. A future electrical engineer, he will attend Pitt next year. GERALDINE BIEHL Jerry had a busy time in her senior year. If she wasn't at a Bowling Club meeting or a Y-Teen meeting, she was attending the Camera Club. In addition to this she put her heart and soul into home room intramurals. jerry works at Murphy's now, but she hopes to make a career as a model before long. MICHAEL BORELLIS Stamp collecting and sports are the major pastimes of this future mathematician. An active member of the baseball team and editor of the Valistic sports staff, "Moose" also has an ear for popular music. Working after school at Isaly's keeps Mike busy at present. while in the future he will attend Du- quesne U. GRETCHEN BURGARD Gretchen, the most traveled member of the senior class, helped to keep Room 24 laughing all the time. She was a member of the Camera Club, Y-Teens, and Glee Club. She wrote many Senior Spotlights for the Valistic and was an ardent fan of the football and basketball teams. Gretchen plans to attend college this Fall. IDRS MICHAEL BYRNE Mike is a cheerful guy and is lots of fun. He showed his interest in tumbling by participating in the May Day program. His ambition is to go to college to become an accountant. Mike spent his after school hours working as a sales clerk at Isaly's. BARBARA ANN CHIZMAR Barbara, a carefree, fun-loving lass with a beautiful smile, will make a fine model. She was an attractive member of the Bowling Club, Camera Club, and Room 13's intramural teams. She enjoys danc- ing and swimming. We will miss Barbara and her pleasant wavs. PHILIP COLLINS Phil's lively personality was such a part of Room 24 that we just can't imagine it without him. Basketball, intramurals, and tear- ing into the parking lot were among his activities. To be a pilot in the Air Force is Phil's ambition. WILLIAM F. CREIGHTON Bill, a Varsity Club member for three years, played on the football team for three years, and was a member of the basketball team for three years. Our senior class secretary also played on Room 17's intramural teams. His love of sports is leading him into a career as a football coach following college. RICHARD J. DAVIES Dick is one of our good-looking senior boys. He was an active member of intramurals and an ardent sports fan. Cars, swimming, eating, and sleeping were among his favorite interests. His great ambition is to graduate from SHS and then, perhaps, attend college. WILLIAM C. CARLSON To become an advertising execu- tive is Bill's goal. His participation in both Junior and Senior Class Plays was a source of enjoyment to him and to all those who at- tended the plays. Along with his fondness for good music goes a gift of gab. Northwestern U. ap- pears in the future. CONSTANCE M. CLIFFORD When Connie gets that secre- tarial job in one of Pittsburgh's modern office buildings at the Point, her pleasant personality will be appreciated there, too. She was a member of the Glee Club here at schoolg at home, Connie likes to cook, dance, and enter contests land who knows, she might win one some dayl. FRANCIS CONTI Our Student Council president has also shown his capability and leadership as president of both his sophomore and junior class. Franny has taken an active part in sports, playing on the football, basketball, and baseball teams. The Army comes next for him - and then business school. JOHN cREs'ro Is that the SHS Band marching down the street? If it is, you can be sure Johnny is in the back row corner, blowing away on his trusty trumpet. Fuzzy enjoys bowling and playing his trumpet in his spare time. He is now studying electronics, which he intends to take up as a career. BETTE GRACE DAVISON This pert lass has been very active at SHS. Her varied activ- ities included the Valistic, on which she served for three years, Y-Teens, and being an oflicer in the SHS Candy Corporation. B. G. plans to enter Wooster College in the Fall and to make good with that wonderful personality of hers. V . ik . lX E N4 ANTHONY DELIA Tony, a Choir member for three years, plans to go to business col- lege after graduation to become an accountant. He has been laying groundwork for his chosen career with his job as sales clerk at Homewood Produce. One of our better drivers. BERNARDO DIBERNARDO Bernie took a big part in our SHS athletic program. He played guard for the Flashes, baseball, and intramural basketball and volleyball for Room 16. In addi- tion to sports, he played the clari- net in the Band and saxophone in the Dance Band. Duquesne Uni- versity is next for Bernie. GRACE ESTHER DOLAK This new addition to Room 12 came originally from St. Louis, Mo. Intramural sports, Bowling Club, Y-Teens, reading, and typ- ing for the Valistic occupied much of her time. After graduation Grace plans to attend business school to become a private secretary. She has made many friends here at SHS. GLORIA L. DUGAN Gloria has set her sights on busi- ness school, so you can guess her ambition! No loafer in school, she was a member of the Y-Teens, Glee Club, and home room intra- murals. She served as treasurer of the Candy Corporation and on the junior Class Play makeup committee. ROSEMARY ERRERA Ro, like all of us, enjoys gaiety and found pleasure in such activ- ities as Y-Teens, bowling, and even chess. To gain business experience as well as pocket money, Ro has been clerking in a grocery store, but she plans to attend Robert Morris Business School in the Fall. JOHN DELUCIA This really sharp boy from Room 17 has added his person- ality to the Class of '57. He was class treasurer and participated in basketball and baseball, and added a great deal to both class plays. He loves to listen to records and his ambition is to go to college and enter the medical field. JOHN R. DIERST john's wit was a source of enter- tainment to all of us. He was in the Band and Choir, as well as being treasurer of Student Council. In September he will enter Buck- nell University to prepare for law school. John has an extensive rec- ord collection comprised mainly of jazz and Harry Bellafonte records. JACQUELINE A. DONOHUE jackie, one of Mr. Brace's "crazy drivers," was a member of the Y- Teens and the Glee Club. Her very pleasant personality and pretty smile have made her well- liked here at school and a pleasure to work with as a photographer's model. We wouldn't be surprised if next Fall she'll be modeling her pretty clothes professionally. JACQUELYN H. ELZER jackie was one of our peppy cheerleaders, so naturally her fav- orite saying was, "Yea, Swissvale!" She also was a member of the Y- Teens, Valistic, and intramural teams. She spends her spare time writing letters, baking, and sewing. Her fond memories of SHS will surely include her being in the Prom Court. JEANNE LOUISE FORD As Choir pianist, Jeanne was constantly in demand to play for one program or another. She was also kept busy with the Valistic, Y-Teens, and the intramural pro- gram. In her spare time, Jeanne likes to-you guessed it-play the piano. One of these days soon we'll see Jeanne as a Woman in White. IDRS WILSON EDWARD FRANTZ A friendly, happy-go-lucky sen- ior who reported to Room 19, Ed- die was a mainstay on the Stage Crew for three years and a mem- ber of the Band for five. After graduation, Eddie will probably be a man in blue-with the Navy, of course. FRANK GAMBINO Tinkering with cars and driving them around town gives Frisky a lot of pleasure. No appearance of the Band was complete without Frank marching up front with the Color Guard. He plans to attend Pitt to become an electrical en- gineer. "That's the way it goes" with Frank. JACQUELINE LEE GHRIST Beautiful copper-red hair, brains, and a pleasing personality - all these go to make up jacquie, fea- ture editor of the Valistic. She was a member of the Choir and took part in intramurals. Her extra hours were spent reading, swim- ming, or playing the piano. Thiel College comes next. EDITH GRANITE Edi, a pleasant young miss who came to us from our neighboring rival, Rankin, reported to Room 19. Dancing is the most popular activity in her life at present, and she goes to various dances when- ever she has a chance. After her school days are over, Edi is plan- ning to work for the Bell Tele- phone Company. CAROLE H. GRIMM Carole, a peppy senior from Room 12, has set her sights on a secretarial career. She likes to dance and to listen to records in her leisure time. She was a mem- ber of the Y-Teens, the Bowling Club, and the Glee Club. What, we wonder, will Room 12 do now for a faithful salesman? HENRY FUSARINI Foose is a hard-working boy who meets life with a cheerful heart. His likes are typical-girls, the gang, sports, loafing, and an after school job. For the future he plans to work in electronics, a field he hopes to learn more about next Fall. EMILY K. GERNHARDT Emily, or Em, as she is known to her many friends, was one of our sweetest seniors. She partici- pated in Y-Teens, Bowling Club, and intramurals - but dancing, swimming, and listening to records ran those activities a close second. In the Fall, Em would like to further her education at Pitt. CONSTAN CE L. GRANATIR Connie, one of our attractive blondes, loved driving her sharp red convertible in her leisure hours. She was always buying new clothes to keep up with the latest styles. Eventually Connie hopes some good will come from her fashionable dressing by venturing into the modeling business. ROBERT GRATTON This hard-working senior re- ported to Room 12. It was a com- mon sight to see Bob driving around in his hopped-up Merc- his best spare time friend. This lad from the Square hopes to find a good job after graduation, so be- fore long he and the Merc will be out hunting. FRANCIS J. HABIC Although Burr isn't sure about what he wants to study in college, with his experience he might as well aim for the presidency! He has been home room president, Choir president, and was leader of the senior class. In between his duties as prexy he found time to participate in football and intra- murals. E v N. r w L I E l Qgfgf in 49' il. . 9 'f r A l . , A ,M , WY' l"" riti A 2--Q unfit '1 pi iv , I 5 xx: r '.,s i'... A L N fmxfv DALE HAYES Doc, a member Of the Color Guard, proudly escorted the Band to the athletic field for three years. He turned in a good performance in "Cheaper by the Dozen" and took part in intramural games. His future depends on the Air Force, but in the meantime Dale keeps busy after school at Gardill's Drug Store. ELIZABETH MAE HOSIE Elma's activities run a wide range, after school it's been a job at Kaufmann's, baby-sitting, paint- ing, swimming, and horseback rid- ing, while here at Swissvale High, Y-Teens, the Bowling Club, and the Glee Club have been impor- tant. Elma would someday like to be a Navy nurse. ALDEAN WINIFRED JOHNS An airline hostess is what Al- dean wants to be in the future. Blondie really has some out of the ordinary hobbies: hypnosis and horse racing. This is indeed an in- teresting combination! Around school she participated in Y-Teens and home room intramurals. After graduation she plans to go to college. LaVERNE M. JOHNSON This strawberry blonde was a member of the Band, Y-Teens, Valistic, and the SWISSVALIAN staff. She graced the Prom Court and helped Room 13 to a number of intramural championships. La- Verne enjoys ice skating, swim- ming, and reading. It will be a pleasure to be sick when she is your nurse. GRETCHEN KELLEY Gretchen lent her lovely voice to the Choir and her pep to the Bowling Club and the Y-Teens. She had a part in the Junior Class Play and contributed her athletic ability to intramurals. This super- duper ticket salesman plans to go to Baker University to become a nurse. JOHN HOGAN jack had so much interest in his Alma Mater that even during the summer he could be found work- ing in the halls of SHS. He served as home room officer a number of times and was an intramural parti- cipant. jack played varsity foot- ball for two years as an outstand- ing lineman. The Army is for him after graduation. CATHERINE HOSPER Cathy was chosen by her class to be one of the attendants in the Prom Court. She took part in the Bowling Club, Y-Teens, and intra- mural sports. Dancing and collect- ing and listening to records were her out-of-school interests. After graduation she plans to attend business school. ANNETTE ELIZABETH JOHNSON Net-Net, a future student of nursing, is a jolly girl who enjoys dancing more than anything else. Y-Teens, basketball, volleyball, other intramural sports, and Glee Club held her interest in school. A busy life for a lively senior from Room 12. PATRICIA L. KEARNS Our pretty senior president of Y-Teens has been quite an asset to our school. Among her many activities were bowling, intra- murals, and the Valistic. Pat was very successful in never missing a school football game. Her friends are confident that she will make a pleasing nurse. BARBARA KERR A lovely miss is Bobbie, with interests ranging from bowling to baby-sitting and Y-Teens Cof which she was an officer! to the Valistic. Soft spoken and patient Ka prompter in both class playsl, our fair-haired Bobbie will be a welcome angel of mercy after nurse's training. IDRS ROBERT KLEMMER Bob, one of our very active sen- iors, is also one of the best looking. He was a member of our football team for three years and was also a basketball manager. He took part in the school intramurals and this year was our class vice-presi- dent. Someday Bob hopes to be an aeronautical engineer. STEVEN KUZMICH just what would Room 13 have done without Kuz and his ability to draw cartoons? We think he could really do something with that gift, but Steve's main interests lie in fixing cars and listening to rock 'n roll. He'll make a pleas- ant and cooperative mechanic. JOSEPH LAVERDE Joe's plans for a career in the future consist of going into indus- try. Right now, though, he likes to loaf and paint his car, which he could tell you just can't be done at the same time. He was a valu- able member of Room 12's intra- mural teams. PHILIP M. LYNCH This happy - go - lucky senior hailed from Room 13. When it comes to cars, Phil knows his stuff. Loafing suits him to a T, but he was right there when it came to intramural games. Phil soon will become a Boy in Blue and then he'd better know "What's happen- ing." DAVID P. MADIGAN Dave, a joy-loving senior, re- ported to Room 24. He was very active in intramurals and has en- joyed many good times in high school. He has an after school job helping his father, but his favorite pastimes are sports, sleeping, and driving his "Hot Merc." CON STANCE KOVAL Our Junior Prom Queen was very active in school affairs. She was a majorette, a Y-Teen mem- ber, a reporter for the Valistic, and secretary of Student Council. Swimming and listening to music take up Connie's extra time. After college, she plans to be a home economist. ANTHONY S. LAMBERTI One of our schoo1's best artists was Tony, but in addition he con- tributed much to the football and baseball teams. I-Ie spends most of his leisure time listening to records or dancing, and resting up from last summer when he had a tremendous amount of experience doing construction jobs--which he hopes to make his life work. RUTH A. LUDWIG Ruth is a pretty and popular senior, with a pleasing personality and a winning smile. Being news editor for the Valistic, secretary for the Y-Teens, a member of the Band, Choir, and Student Council were among Ruthie's activities. This future nurse is also very handy with the paintbrush and pencil. BARBARA MACCUMBEE Barb claims her ambition Che- sides marriagej is to make lots of money, but she'll have to add work to her list of interests-dancing, swimming, and eating--to achieve it! Y-Teens, intramurals, and Ever- ett's Little Store have taken up much of her time in the past few years. REGIS S. MAJOR Regis, who hailed from Room 16, was active in sports, especially in home room intramurals -- in which he excelled. In his spare time, when not working at Bar'd's, he enjoys driving his car. Regis has one great ambition, to attend the Navy Air School. xl 'F K 'fi .iii wt ,. l 1 :si .ai JOSEPH S. MALLEY Joe, who is a lot of fun, did a commendable job in the Senior Class Play, "Cheaper by the Doz- en." His favorite interests are sleeping, swimming and school C?J. He would like very much to go to college next year to prove his ability in the field of business administration. NORMA JEAN MCCOLLOUGH Norma, one of our pretty Swiss Misses, was a very efficient typist on the Valistic. The Bowling Club, Y-Teens, and Camera Club were also among her school activities. She has won many honors with her skill in archery. Norma plans to take up business administration in college. WILLARD A. MCKAY Willy, a future engineer, hopes to be counted among the alumni of Carnegie Tech. He spends some of his spare time hunting and swim- ming and was a member of the Color Guard. Willy was a credit to his home room in all intramural sports. He was dependable in everything he undertook. BARBARA ANN MCTIERNAN Barb's future plans are in action right now, as she has been attend- ing business school as well as SHS during the year. She was a faith- ful member of the Choir and was in the business law play. In addition to her willingness to help out in intramurals, Barb also en- joyed bowling. KIRK J. METZGER Kirk, an active volleyball and basketball intramural player, and considered a fine home room friend, also found time to be a reliable football manager. Like all boys, he enjoys eating and playing foot- ball with his pals. After graduation, Kirk plans to enter college, though he hasn't decided just what course he'll take. SAMUEL LEWIS MAURY One of Room 17's sturdiest boosters was Sam, who went in for intramurals in a great way. He was in the Choir for three years and was a member of the sound crew for the Senior Class Play. After Ohio State, his greatest ambition is to become a doctor like his father. DAVID MCGOUGH Dave, one of our leading athletes ever since junior high, has played football, basketball, and baseball during his three years at SHS. He intends to go right on playing sports when he enters college, but after that, "Da-Da," one of Room 13's selected few, plans to become a draftsman. ELIZABETH J. MCKIM This happy-go-lucky miss, with a sweet smile and disposition to match, will make a very good air- line hostess someday. Liz was a faithful member of the Bowling and Camera Clubs and was a great asset in intramural games. Swim- ming and dancing rate tops on Liz's list. RITA MCTIERNAN Are the Flashes playing tonight? If so, you can count on seeing Rita there to cheer them on to victory. One of our most enthusiastic stu- dents, she took part in the Camera Club, Bowling Club, Valistic, Y- Teens, and intramurals. Rita hopes to venture into the business world. JOANNE MARY MIELE Here is a cute girl who adds a laugh wherever she may be. "Pidge" has been vice-president or secretary of her home room during each of her three years at SHS. Joanne, who loves to dance and collect records, is considered a terrific athlete by her classmates. IDRS AUDREY MILLER Booby is a very active and beau- tiful girl from Room 13. Her long list of activities included Y-Teens, Valistic, "Cheaper by the Dozen," intramurals, Bowling Club, and Student Council. Her outside in- terests are swimming, sports, and drive-ins. After graduation it's secretarial work for this lass. CAROL ANN MORRISSEY Painting landscapes and por- traits is one of Carol's hobbies. Another interest is fashions, wear- ing the latest, and reading fashion magazines. She is now a sales girl in an East Liberty store, but event- ually she wants to go into the field of interior decorating or dress designing. GRANT NORRIS During his three years at SHS, Bucky won seven varsity letters. When he wasn't at practice, Bucky was either eating or sleeping. He served on Student Council for three years and was vice-president of our junior class. In the future we may see him hitting homeruns at Forbes Field. JEANNE E. O'GRADY Jeanne is a lovely, lively lass, active both in school and out. In school she was a Y-Teen officer, Candy Corporation officer, and an ardent intramural participant. She also enjoys dancing, swimming, and driving. Her ambition is to make a success of whatever field she chooses. GRETCHEN L. PAFF Combining business with plea- sure has been the lot of this lively girl, who just loves dancing and who teaches it for the Fillion Stu- dios. One of our dependable recep- tionists. Gretchen enjoyed bowling, dramatics, and Y-Teens. College is her ambition for next Fall. NIKOLAOS MORAYTIS One of our most active boys, Nick was kept busy this year as co-editor of the SWISSVALIAN. He also participated in Band, Dance Band, Student Council Cas vice-presidentl, both class plays, intramurals, and Intercom Crew. Nick's goal is an engineering career after college. LINDA K. MURRAY Linda is a vivacious girl who helped to make the Junior Prom Court more beautiful. Her favorite activities were the Valistic feature staff, Y-Teens, Bowling Club, Camera Club, Junior Class Play, and intramurals. She likes to listen to good music and plans to study journalism in a small college. TERRENCE O'CONNOR This sandy haired senior from Room 17 played intramurals at noon, but after school his time was devoted to the blue Plymouth. He kept his car in top-notch condition so he wouldn't have to walk to school from the Square. Terry plans to become a mechanic, a job he hopes to learn more about at night school. LAWRENCE OLINGER Larry was a great asset to Room 22's intramural teams as well as serving as our junior class treasurer and as home room officer for three years. He was also a member of the Prom Court selection commit- tee. This Road Saint spends all his time working on cars, especially his roadster. MADELIN E T. PARIS Lynn is a very delightful person to be with. She proved her acting ability in the Junior Play and the business law play. Lynn could often be seen running into Room 6 to hand in her Valistic assignment. Business school is next, then sec- retarial work. MARY LOU PASCARELLA A sparkling personality and nice manner belong to Mary Lou. One of the lovelies of the Prom Court, she is happiest when dancing or swimming. She was a Y-Teen member and a home room officer for three years. Since secretarial work appeals to Mary Lou, busi- ness school may come next. MARGARET POLLARD That big grin and fancy hairdos are Peggie's trademarks. She was especially popular in speech classes when she brought her luscious cakes along for a demonstration. A future nurse Cand a kind one she'll bell, Peggie enjoyed Glee Club and intramurals. NANCY MARIE PRICE This cute senior put her brains and personality to good use for the Valistic, Student Council, Choir, and the Y-Teens Cas its treasurerl. Nancy a future nurse, was in the junior Class Play and the Prom Court. She also spent many hours working as co-editor of the SWISS- VALIAN. KATHRYN LOUISE RADAKOVIC This future school teacher was a member of the Choir for three years and the competent editor of the Valistic. Kathy showed her cap- ability as an actress, performing in both Junior and Senior Class Plays. She also served on Student Council during this past year. A lovely valedictorian for the class of '57. GEORGIA RATICA Bunny is an attractive and friendly girl who has been ever- loyal to that wandering room-18, 1, and 19. She played intramurals for three years and was also very active in Y-Teens and the Valistic. Georgia hopes to be wearing a little white uniform and cap to match in a few years. VINCENT J. PASCARELLA Vince's favorite sports are bas- ketball and intramurals and his favorite pastimes are cars and having fun with the boys. Caddy- ing at Edgewood Country Club takes much of his time. His am- bition is to be an engineer, so next Fall will find him at college. CAROL ANN PRENTICE Since Carol plans to be a Lady Marine, we'll probably see her pic- ture in the paper as an attractive example. Her neat appearance and pleasant manner made her a well- liked member of the Class of '57, Intramural sports were her favorite school activity. DONALD PROTHEROE This good looking future Navy pilot is quite an outdoor sports enthusiast. He enjoys fishing and hunting as well as home room volleyball and basketball. Don also turned in an excellent performance in the Senion Class Play, "Cheaper by the Dozen." JOSEPHINE MARY RADELJA Josie's exceptional artistic abil- ity was put to good use as art editor of the Valistic and in the division pages of the SWISS- VALIAN. Her pleasant nature made her a welcome member of the Y-Teens and the Choir. Out of school, Josie likes to read, dance, or go swimming. This Fall she plans to prepare for a career in art. NANCY J. RAYNOR Nance is a wonderful girl with a nice disposition and a smile to match. She is an all-'round student who participated in many activ- ities, among them the Valistic, Y-Teens, Senior Class Play, and Candy Corporation. Nancy hopes to enter college in the Fall and is planning on a teaching career. ALBERT R. REID It's hard to tell just what is uppermost in this well-liked boy's mind-cars, sports, or his job at the YM Bn WHA. Football, bas- ketball, baseball, volleyball-you name it, he plays it. Engineering in college comes next and then that big Cadillac he aims to own. MARIE E. RUSSO Pleasing to be with is one of Marie's many qualities. She's a very good athlete when it comes to intramural volleyball and bas- ketball. Marie was a faithful typist on the Valistic staff, a member of the Glee Club, and a help on the SWISSVALIAN. PAUL SCHULTZ Paul was on the Valistic staff for two years and a member of the Senior Play cast. He played solo trumpet in the band for six years and was business manager of the SWISSVALIAN. After receiving his diploma, he plans to go to college and in time he will become Paul Schultz, M.D. MARGARET ANN SHEDLOCK Peggy, a member of Room 12, was one of our most ardent intra- mural participants. She took part in both basketball and volleyball all three years. In her out of school time. she likes to dance or swim. In a few years, Peggy hopes to be a private secretary to some big executive. WILLIAM O. SHORTZ Bill has certainly been busy in school activities! This vice-presi- dent of the Choir was selected to sing in the District Choir for the past two years. He made a great contribution to both of his class plays. His future plans are to at- tend Upsala College and later sem- inary where he will train to be- come a minister. MARWIN RUBEN STEIN Ruby, who wants to be a finger print expert, also had a real in- terest in Room 22's intramural games. Catching criminals, making money, sleeping, and eating are Ruby's pastimes when he's not working with the 336th Military Police Corps. THOMAS SCANIO Tom, one of our well-liked sen- iors, played the drums in the Band for six years. His after school activities include working at Zinn's Pharmacy and being vice-president of the Road Kings. Tom enjoys driving the Plymouth and going out with the "Big Five." ARDEN LEE SCHWEINBERG Ardie was an active member of Student Council, Y-Teens, and Valistic. We all enjoyed seeing her in "Cheaper by the Dozen" and at football games as a majorette. Ar- die, our sophomore class vice- president, enjoys swimming and dancing. Her beauty and person- ality will add much to a business office. VIRGINIA SHOGAN Ginny is a peppy person who can be counted on to keep things going in Glee Club and in intra- murals. She also has many outside activities, such as dancing, skating, and riding. Some boss will be mighty pleased to have such a pleasant secretary to brighten up his office. NANCY LOU SIMONELLI Nancy's high school days have been busy ones, what with leading cheers for our athletes, taking part in plays, singing important roles in school musicals, participating in Y-Teen activities, and intra- murals-and having fun with it all. She hopes to attend Pinkerton's after graduation. ROBERT SIVACK Known better as Bob, this sen- ior's favorite activities, which helped to occupy most of his spare time, were bowling and being one of the efficient members of the Stage Crew. After graduation, you may expect to find Bob a soldier in the United States Army. JAMES SMOLINSKI Jim's special interests were the Choir, of which he was a member for three years, and the Stage Crew, on which he served two years. He is now a hard-working clerk at Allen's Drug Store, but plans to enter the Air Force after graduation. WILLIAM S. STANTON Bill is an attractive, sports- minded senior from Room 12. He was a home room officer and was active in basketball and intra- murals. Besides these interests, Bill also enjoys hunting, driving, and baseball. After high school, it's college for this boy, where he plans to take up business administration. WILLIAM M. THOMPSON Bill, one of our nicest and most reliable classmates, was a member of the notable Room 17. He could often be seen driving around town in a green Chevy, but he also liked to play basketball with his friends and go swimming and skating. He hopes to be an electrician someday soon. GLENN TOPPING A future college student, this friendly senior has a likable per- sonality. Glenn, who reported to Room 24, was active in all intra- mural sports and plans to be an engineer in the near future. His favorite pastimes are hunting, fish- ing, delivering groceries, and loaf- ing in the Square. JOHN K. SMITH Smitty's plans for the future call for seeing the world-courtesy of the U. S. Navy. Most of his spare time was spent talking and laugh- ing with the kids. His interestes in- clude eating, loafing, and espec- ially working on cars. John also enjoyed playing in intramurals. JOAN SPANGLER Driving the Caddy, dancing, and swimming appeal most to Joan. However, various school activities and her after school job at Edge- wood Cleaners laid claim to much of Flick's time. A lively person- ality and attractive appearance characterized this girl and are cer- tain to be an asset in a secretarial career. JOAN THOMPSON Joan is a neat and well-liked young lady who has won many friends with her quick and friendly smile. The Choir and Y-Teens were among Joan's activities, and she could always be depended upon when you needed her. Beau- tician's school is in Joan's future. CAROL TOMASIC This sweet girl from Room 24 spent her free time working at Kleen-Ette Cleaners during the past few years. Gertie was always ready to go dancing, swimming, or skating. Y-Teens and the Camera Club kept her busy during school. Her ambition is to be an airline hostess. MICHAEL TOTH Mike, a friendly senior from Room 16, was an active member of their intramural teams. When he wasn't at work as a clerk in the Swissvale Isaly's, he was probably out driving his big Buick. Mike's many friends in the Class of '57 wish the best to this class member. MICHAEL VALKO This amusing lad intends to be an engineer and is preparing for it well with a full program of sci- ence and math courses. Mike was a member of Room 12's intramural teams in both basketball and vol- leyball. He spends his after school time working at the Regent Bot- tling Company. JOHN F. WALSH John was one of our more hand- some boys and a welcome addition from Oakmont. Tall and soft- spoken, he hailed from Room 16 and was liked by everyone. Being a sports-minded lad, he was a member of the football, baseball, and basketball teams. After gradu- ation, it's college for him. JEAN WATERS The Bowling Club kept Jean busy on Wednesdays until she left us for the sunny south, but she was never too busy to attend dances. She loved to watch basket- ball games and was a regular on her home room's intramural teams. This carefree member of Room 13 thinks the job of housewife will be good enough for her. CAROL A. WHALEN This faithful member of the Y- Teens enjoys driving, reading, and when she has time, bowling. She was interested in school and was always ready to help out when needed. She's had a great deal of experience working at the Thoro- fare Market, so she won't have to go job hunting after graduation. PATRICIA LOUISE WOLLERTON Pat is a snappy cheerleader from Room 22. She was an attend- ant in the Prom Court and also took part in Y-Teens and intra- murals. Pat was our class treasurer her sophomore year and class sec- retary her junior year. She enjoys swimming or driving a car when- ever she has a chance. MARTHA ANNE WAHL This pert blonde sang in the Choir for three years and was a member of the Y-Teens for two. Her beauty and personality con- tributed much to our Halls of Ivy as well as the Prom Court. When not at the basketball games, future secretary Marty enjoys driving the "Big Green." SHIRLEY JEAN WARDROPE Shirley, well known all over this area for her skill as a Scottish dancer, admits to a fondness for all kinds of dancing. This petite member of the Y-Teens, Glee Club, Valistic staff, and Senior Play cast, was also a receptionist and intramural participant. Grove City College comes next. HENRY J. WEBER Landscaping has been Henry's method of earning pocket money while in high school, but he won't have much use for that skill when he joins the Navy. Driving, danc- ing, and home room intramural sports have shared a large part of Henny's special interests. NOREEN WHALEN Noreen is a cute doll who has been president of her home room for three years. Rene has been a Y-Teen, a member of the Bowling Club and the Camera Club. She also participated in intramural games. After school hours, she was a secretary for Guide Post Re- search, but her ambition is to be- come a nurse. SARAH JANE WONDERS Sally is one of our cute seniors who is always fun to be with. She has had an active year serving on the SWISSVALIAN as literary editor, Valistic, the Bowling Club, Y-Teens, and the class plays. Sally would like to attend college to be- come a dietitian, so next year will see her at Carnegie Tech. CHARLOTTE ZACCARI Most everyone knows Chich, who is very much in evidence around SHS. Not only was she a secre- tary for her home room but she also played intramural sports for it. Y-Teens was another activity popular with her. as were swim- ming, dancing, and collecting Q records. JAMES zETWo jim, or Zippy, as he is better known, contributed much to his home room, 16. He belonged to the Bowling Club, was a member of the Stage Crew, and played base- ball for the high school. After graduation, he hopes to attend college and major in the Field of business administration. The seniors left their mark on the under- One of the many things that distinguished the Class of '57 from other senior classes at Swissvale High was its all male administra- tion. Frank Habic served as president, with Bob Klemmer as vice-president, Bill Creigh- ton as secretary, and John DeLucia as treas- urer. "Cheaper by the Dozen," the senior class play, was a smashing success because of Sally Wonders, Audrey Miller, and Bill Shortz, to name a few. The cast will never forget that jellyhsh sandwich! In April the class held their Kid Party- and how many seniors wished they were start- ing all over again. Then, after three years of waiting, came Senior Day, with Franny Conti serving as Mr. Baily, Frank Habic as Mr. Weichel, Connie Koval as Helen, and many other seniors acting as teachers. The Senior Luncheon was given the same day, and in the afternoon the entertainment highlight of the year, Senior Assembly, was presented to the underclassmen. john makes a wisecrack to his fellow ofii- cers Frank. Bob, and Bill. classmen in many ways, notably by the beau- tiful aromas they fanned out of the chemistry laboratory so everyone could have a sniff. These same seniors will always bear in mind the lectures on "Senior Baby Sittersv and "Cradle Snatchers" they received in Room 7. On June 3, another class of seniors passed on from Swisvale High School. These seniors were overjoyed when graduation day arrived, but the tears showed that some will miss SHS more than others. The Class of '57 received their diplomas looking forward to a bright future full of opportunity. SENIORS MICHAEL BORELLIS JACQUELINE GHRIST, Salutatorian FRANK HABIC ANDREY MILLER NIKOLAOS MORAYTIS NANCY PRICE KATHRYN RADAKOVIC, Valedictorian NANCY RAYNOR PAUL SCHULTZ WILLIAM SHORTZ ARDEN SCHWEINBERG CAROL WHALEN SALLY WONDERS JUNIORS GUY CATONE MARTIN POAD JANICE GAMBINO GEORGE SEMAN MARY ELLEN GILDROY JUDITH WHALEN JOHN HALCHAK ALICE YANKURA JEAN MCFARLANE JOAN YUHASZ EMMETT O'HARE SOPHOMORES MYRNA GATTO MARY MCGREGOR ARNOLD HABIC DOROTHY MULKERIN ROBERT HILF BRUNA RICCOBON The seniors listed have maintained an average of 90? or better throughout their four years of high school. The undergraduates' names have appeared on all honor rolls published through March of the current school year, indicating no grade below 85 and a citizenship average of A or B. Many of the students noted on this page are leaders in school activities as well as leaders in scholarship. 27 Y! I ft Seated: Ruth Ludwig, Kathy Radakovic, Nancy Price, Jacqueline Ghrist Standing: Paul Schultz, Michael Borellis, Sally Wonders, Nick Moraytis YEARBOOK EDITORS Literary editor of the 1957 SWISSVALIAN, Sally Wonders, helps co-editors Nancy Price and Nick Moraytis lay plans for the year as business manager Paul Schultz looks on. The jane Grey Swisshelm Chapter of Quill and Scroll includes in its member- ship the outstanding students who publish the Valistic and Swissvalian. Quill and Scroll is an international society for high school journalists. Its members are found on college campuses in many countries of the world and its emblem is recognized as standing for exceptional work on school publications. Students who are recommended for this honor must, in addition to their journalistic work, maintain a high scholastic rating and must be a member of the senior class. Their activities speak for themselves in the bi-weekly issues of the school paper and the publishing of the Swissvalian. -. -is John Dierst, Connie Koval, Tom Scanio, Ardie Schweinberg, Bernie DiBernardo, mem- bers of the business staff The editors of the 1957 SWISSVALIAN worked feverishly all year to bring you the biggest and best yearbook ever. The literary department, headed by Sally Wonders, con- tributed much to the yearbook with their original and clever writeups and activities reports. Although the assignments were not always turned in on time, to the editors' an- guish, they eventually arrived and were usu- ally worth the wait. The business staff, under the management of Paul Schultz, brought in many ads and patrons to help the yearbook meet its budget. Because of this staff's excellent work, the edi- tors of the SWISSVALIAN were able to pre- sent a bigger book with more pictures and a special cover designed expressly for Swissvale High School. First row: Linda Murray, Bette Grace Davison, Marie Russo, Nancy Raynor, Norma McCollough Second row: Sam Maury, Frank Habic, John DeLucia, Bob Klemmer, members of the editorial staff. Not pictured: LaVerne Johnson MAY QUEEN AND COURT PAT WOLLERTON Maid oi Honor rs if ARDEN SCHWEINBERG LAVERNE JOHNSON Queen JACQUELYN MARY LOU CONSTANCE MARTHA ELZER PASCARELLA KOVAL WAHL 30 9-, First row: Second row: Nancy S., Shirley, Ardie, Sally, Kathy, Audrey Nancy, HIt's your move." Third row: Phil, Norma, Bill S., Nick, Paul, john, Bill C.. Nancy R., Miss Emmerling SE NIOR PLAY . . . Cheaper by the Dozen THE CAST Lillian Gilbreth, the mother, SALLY WONDERS Ernestine . .. ..,. NANCY SIMONELLI Frank Gilbreth, the father BILL SHORTZ Martha ...,. .. KATHY RADAKOVIC Ann .. . . . , , AUDREY MILLER Lillian . . . .. .SHIRLEY WARDROPE Frank , . PAUL SCHULTZ Miss Brill ., , A ARDIE SCHWEINBERG Bill JOHN DELUCIA Dr. Burton . . . PHIL COLLINS Fred . JOE MALLEY joe Scales , A , BILL CARLSON Dan . .. DALE HAYES Larry A , A NICK MORAYTIS jackie . . .. A . , DON PROTHEROE Mrs. Fitzgerald . A . NANCY RAYNOR Bill leads the gang with a "Hoo-rah-ray The whole family: Paul. Audrey, John, Joe, Dale, Nancy. and a tiger." Kathy, Don, Shirley, Sally, Bill "Eight seconds-not bad." 4' 31 Joe, Don, Dale Ardie, Don, and Phil look on as Paul tells 10 I 'r ,S Where's Mr. Weichel while Joanne, Carol, Donna, Judy, Sheila, and Betty Ann are throwing snowballs? The Class of '58 spent a busy year, safe in the knowledge that we had another to enjoy at SHS. The year passed quickly and pleas- antly. The iirst thing of importance was the election of our class oflicers, jimmy, Marty, Anne, and Guy. Of course, we also held elec- tions for home room officers. We participated in all the activities offered by the school- especially Y-Teens, Bowling Club, Camera Club, football, basketball, baseball, and in- tramurals. Another exciting event was our first class play. Will we ever forget the suspense until the cast was announced? At last we performed for the public and "Home Sweet Homicide" was now history. One of the most awaited events was the Junior Prom, for which we started prepar- ations months ahead. Oh! The time we spent making decorations for our Hawaiian theme. Finally May 3 arrived and what a wonderful time we had! Then came june 3 and with it the realiz- ation that we had but one more year in which to enjoy our beloved SHS. JUN 71 QM' MARTIN POAD vice- president ANNE GALVIN treasurer JAMES CIMINO president GUY CATONE secretary ROOM 8 Martin Amodeo, treasurer Helen Barbarino Sharon Bole Bill Byrnes David Champion Ethel Charnick Patricia Durbin Betty Fish Joanne Gates Louis Greene Paul Hosper Ronald Johnson Margaret Logan Kenneth Lucas John Mehalik Joyce Moorman Donna Pagano, sec'y Martin Poad, pres. Wayne Richter Richard Schuda Carol Scholtz David Spagnoli Madeline Weber Dale Wentroble Emmett O'Hare, vice-president CNot picturedj ORS ROOM 10 Nick Andrejko, president Augustine Bahleda Mary Ann Barclay, vice-president Arlene Chunko Nancy Cravotta Gail Eagleson Constance Franey Carol Franzetta Phyllis Gibson John Halchak Mary Jane Holderbaum Betty Ann Hrizo Edwin Hutchison Marie Morelli Sheila O'Grady Richard Ozarchuk George Seman Maude Simpson Elizabeth Skover William Taylor William Tishko Loretta Veri Judy Whalen, secretary-treasurer Sandra Wright MR. HARRY ELDER Physics , Q g.,, Ai: M. , 11 vw iff' I: as f ll A M ' s Q , J 0 Q .l.t , . ' -,-1 LA fo 1134? - 'Q .Ye r ,ad - in 5 g-S i W Q A f Q E i f .1 J xii ' 1 J' ji, N' X go. i n R i, I ., 'f A. ll! l i X tx Ni is MRS. MARGARET HILL English 25? stos roJnr,l ie ,o fi J ffmiw A f . 1-,,, '4' X: '- . x J4- Q W T55 mf ,. zh, 3 5 .55 a it - ..,.. ' a' Z W 33 C7 WY' , M, J Al f.. .. .U Q an M 5 1, V. .W as iv J J, J MRS. MARIE FRAZER Problems, Psychology ,xdi '2 Q! 429 v- W . MISS MARGARET BROWNE ff F' Q K u ,, V x 1 A W 64 Q 'Q I' '-fx Ft' ii if g I .5 G' ' gi . , i . i 4 . 'F' I pf L 5 :G aa - 1 if L I fx . 1 Q .Q A -if I .., M- e if Stenography 34 4 si ROOM 14 Lisa Battaglia jim Cimino, president Shirley Clark Delores Cresto, secretary Peggy Early, vice-president Jim Fulmer Janice Gambino Gilbert Gigliotti Mary Ellen Gildroy Lance Good Tom Harris Patricia Hughes David jones Carole Mahler Barbara Murray john Preusse Russell Ragan Eleanor Reid Pat Ruffner james Speer Nancy Spinosa, treasurer Margie White Alice Yankura Rudy Yurko ROOM 15 Gilbert Austin Virginia Benson Donna Capasso, secretary Joanne DeNardo Clare Fahey Charlene Floss LaRue Grubb, treasurer Carol Hall Diane Huot Eileen Madden Janet Malma, vice-president Mary jane McClintock. president Grace Page Nancy Preisach John Shipman Ann Sullivan Gloria Tomasic Joanne Tomko Rita Wach ROOM 27 Walter Allan Barbara Bliss Marie Capezzuto, secretary Georgene Carlo Richard Cencarik Frances Coletta John Elish, vice-president Anne Galvin, president Elaine Kurtz Barbara Lewis Lois Maxwell John McEliece james McCluskey John McFarland Jean McFarlane Carl Munch Barbara Neff Gayle Paulie Richard Simko joan Spargo Margaret Sproull Patricia Urbanic, treas. Eugene Valko William Zelen ROOM 26 Susan Bietenduefel Mary Louise Casillo Guy Catone, president Carol Coleman Elizabeth Cooley Rita Costello Larry Cuccaro Beverly Dell, vice-pres. Patricia Donnelly Elaine Fusia Barry Holmes Grace Jadot David James Lois Lanyi Dennis Legal Rosemary Mancen, treas. Penny McGahee john Neal Ruth Nelson john Osley Georgia Pcholinski Edward Petro joe Ponsi Ray Schreiber Illene Stein Jaclyn Weichel Metalyn Yetka, secretary Joan Yuhasz MISS HILDA SCHIMMEL Spanish, Algebra 114' ,, Y 5' v WY' I 5, ., . ff 3 gg 1 ,c if ' -4 i . 4 gvgz I 3 Q 53' fi?" ,.,,. x 'jg K ..- Fm W- at Q '15 I n t fi Eli.- Yfi ,.... ei c. f f' , M .,. 'W' MEF 6, MRS. AGNES MILL! R . Pu . . Latm, blicatlons R, , A at . F -L. -Hr My .: -A ,, :z,g Mi 3, sai W 1 E H .if A A f 4 is ' 2 6 " W A xii'-X ,J ' NS X A 5 17- ,.,+ i ,V S g X Y wg it i A nxl- is ,ff JUNIOR PROM QUEEN AND COURT JANET MALMA Queen CAROL MARY JANE GAYLE DONNA FRANZETTA MCCLINTOCK PAULIE CAPASSO RITA DIANE FRANCES BEVERLY WACH HUOT COLETTA DELL 3 6 Upper photo- Talking things over are, seated, John Elish and Barbara Neff Standing: Martin Amodeo, Guy Catone, Martin Poad Center photo- The entire cast. First row: John Elish, John Halchak, Dennis Legal, Emmett O'Hare, Jim Speer Second row: Janet Malma, Ethel Charnick, Mary Jane McClintock, Joanne Tomko, Joan Yuhasz, Frannie Coleta, Mary Ellen Gildroy Third row: Miss Emmerling, Gayle Paulie, Diane Huot, Guy Catone, Martin Poad, David Jones, Russell Ragan, Martin Amodeo, Barbara Neff, Barbara Murray Right photo- Frannie, Joan, and Joanne introduce John to Barbara Neff "You did it. You're the murderer!" Left to right: Enjoying a party are: Jimmy and Mary Janeg john Martin, John, Russell, Diane, Dennis, Mary Ellen, Joan, and Ethelg Janet and Davidg Barbara and Emmett Frannie, Joanne Marian Carstairs .. Susie ., A .... ..,.... , . . April .... . Dinah ....,..,r,,... Polly Walker ..... Wallie Sanford Mrs. Cherington .r... Mr. Cherington ,........., Rupert Van Deusen Frankie Riley .r..,,.,, JUNIOR PLAY . . . Home Sweet Homicide THE CAST , BARBARA NEFF ...JOANNE ToMKo ...MFRANCES COLETTA ....,,...,,.JOAN YUHAsz ...,i,.,,......D1ANE HUOT CATONE MARY ELLEN GILDROY ....,,.......DENNIS LEGAL MARTIN AMODEO RUSSELL RAGAN Bill Smith .,,.....,... .,,.., J OHN ELISH Sergeant O'Hare ..r,. r.,....r....,.. M ARTIN POAD Pete .e.r...,.,.rt..,r,.....r.r,r. ......,..,. J IMMY SPEER Joella . ..t..... . t,.... MARY JANE MCCLINTOCK Flashlight ..... ........,..,,,....i J 01-IN HALCHAK Slukey ..... ..,V. E THEL CHARNICK Wendy .... . BARBARA MURRAY May , ,. ..i.,, JANET MALMA Joe , .... ..,.i DAVID JONES Ralph .... ...Y E MMETT O,HARE Louise, Fredi Ann, Arnie, and Madeline discuss plans for livening the sophomore class. Our versatile sophomore class arrived in the stately halls of Swissvale High School slightly bewildered but outstanding as one of the largest classes to appear on the scene in recent years. One of our first honors was the election of class officers. After a heated campaign carried on with much enthusiasm and brilliant speech- es on the part of the candidates, the follow- ing class officers were chosen: president Arnold Habicg vice-president Madeline Don- ofriog secretary Louise Burgardg and treas- urer Fredi Ann DiMarzio. Our Sophomore Party was without a doubt the best, jolliest, and funniest ever given, al- though we are not given to boasting! Some of the novelty acts were "Patience and Pru- dence," portrayed by Norman Urban and Matt Ballaban. Other notable features were dancing acts, singing, and instrumental num- bers. We always managed to get to class on time, sometimes with our tongues hanging and hair Hying-and the famous words, "just made it!" At assemblies and pep meetings, we waited patiently for the seniors to depart, hopefully anticipating the day when we will be mem- bers of that privileged class. SOPH Miss MARY EMMERLING Speech, Drama tics ROOM 3 3 ' . Q. A Jim Abraham 4' " L . Kitty Austin N ' . J Lorraine Beninati, pres. W ' ' Dick Bennett L ' ' 1 "l Mary Beth Burger ' l jim Christie N 5 Sara jane Cottom 1 'A li W Edith Dravecky g i N ' H' l Lf rf K Q jim Frank . K Mary Fusco I V "' Pat Gigliotti 'f P" is 'iv' f Y, Joanne Horsman -Jjs I x K 1 , P L A Andrew Kandra W Marie Keefe i ' b ' 1 Marge Kemerer, vice-pres. 6' vw, X , W' L jim Logan if r ' 5 A F7 'j R ' ,gg Dorothy McNair xf' 1 - 3 ff " E 'ri 15' Q' 1 Dan Meggenson vlan' 56. 5. E .4 .. V 4 Noreen Milchalk Caroline Napoleon I V p by 5- , A Jim Nesbitt ' 9 C' WJ 9 --P ' H ' ' Q Sandra Payne R' ,. 'L 1 rf" "' , 'i r '--. gg Don Renner Q ' 4 I . ,' xg' in Q Francis Singer 7- 5' ' l . 5 ' ' e' 3 ' -A' 4 K r. joe Shea Mary Tammariello June Thomas Bill Venturini Arlene Culligan, sec'y-treas. -fa . A -. 'L , xx.: C Not picturedl Miss MARGARET JONES English ROOM 18 Barbara Becker, president Edward Bednarczyk, treas Donald Bradley Elizabeth Bradley Maureen Byrnes john Cafaro joan DiDominico Danny Dugan , . f T fi Jerry Harrell Carol Henry Joyce Jones Mary Laughery Danny McConnell Ray Mareno Mary Jane Martinich, secretary Tommy Matthews Polly Ann Medved, vice-president Jean Munson Scott Norris Sandra Nye Kenny Ryan Elaine Schalles Susan Steinmetz Loretta Vitartas ROOM 7 Q, MR. CHESTER JELBART Chemistry Joanne Badali, vice-president ' Duane Baine E , 9 Beverly Brannagan V . -P -'- T gm K X Ronald Chizmar - , Judy christ E if -we y john Cohill K Ly K - v L- si R T fini' S F.. W A Nick Costello 'ff A Robert Cramer ,J Mary Ellen Daw E V if j Q A 1 X Nancy Dufalla, president Eddie Fry, treasurer Myrna Gatto A A june Hutchison W ,,:, Nancy jean Kann . EL, V W 'Cf Mike Lesko 'Q -I 'i.: " 1 ml 'X Q E Q ' L' s 'X K , , , ' . Aleta Mccau O John Wertz S 34' Nina Newton Q. ff A T ' ' -R 9' - ', J im O'Connor 37, 'Q aggi, 1 1, ' Johnny Pavlisko " if kg 'Z' b is gp' " Mary McGregor -,K ' iq? I .. Q X " 4, ' Mary Ann Praska A M Bob Rhoades 1 Roberta Smith, secretary Q ""' 5 M jx' 1 D' t 'M - W, Paul Tomko qt A tg-A E a ,,., - -Q 1 j Amelia Trepak S I "' S ' 5 Joe zidanic 1 Q -L ' - it . A ig ,pf 4- f Av Q 4 J 4 1 I vu- ' 1.-' Au MRS. EMILY BAILY English G .- la ' fc' lzli xl ik" 1- '-4 nl " K if-' '71 ,Q X Xa' .KJ 3 'W ' .ar 0 il' . X IL l 1 M21 ,7 'Yi Q I 1 rf 6-Wm 'il N' . x1 Q1-' I ,7 J H10 49, A F. X L f .Ax ' Miss MARGARET BORETSKY Girls Physical Education I t t "' sh me 1" N sf F' 't - ,L ii -N A V l 'l4Ji si?ll 2 , 2 "' L' 'ff Vx ,Q , . rm! ' I' l Q -- l ,WW K -- sf Q L v ' J' - ii 1' - ' ':"' iigs Li c C 1 L as 'IA - if sVl" J " ' . -, 'f ,.., lssls D' 5 5,2 li? ,F J ,Wai .2 Q cf , luv, 2 Q v 1 A fy, Y7' ' ,,. 1 -A -i ,A ROOM 2 1 John Bucar Mary Pat Bodner Rolando Colaquari Thomas Conaboy Gregory Cunningham Marlene Danielson, treas. Sue Foster Kitty Lou Giordano, vice-president James Henderson Joanne Jessell Susan Kunic Walter Laney, secretary Rita Madden James Mazzoni Charles McKinley Thomas Millslagle Dorothy Mulkerin Marilyn Ross Ray Ruth Diane Sherer Joseph Venturella OPH ROOM 11 Matt Ballaban June Barefoot Gladys Biehl Ed Booher Louise Burgard, vice-pres. Martin Cosgrove Gloria Costa Dick Crawford Carol DiBerardin Madeline Donofrio Carol Germanowski Arnold Habic, president Charlotte Hysong, secretary-treasurer Joe Kasher Joyce Kirk Steve Levine Dorothy Madaras Mike Marino Gene Miller Justine Mise Virginia Olixa Ivrie Pegues Bruna Riccobon Elaine Steffy Norman Urban Carol Weimsker Enos Williams ROOM 23 Lenore Bell John Bliss Eleanor Bucar, vice-pres. Francis Byrne Connie Chambers Frank Coletta Jacqueline Doyle Pat Everett Tom Faulds Beth Hoover Robert Hyland Vernice Jones Kathleen Madigan Jerry Malley Kenneth Munster Dorothy O'Connor Edward Rowland Harry Rubenstein George Scherba Carol Shedlock Thomas Silvasy Dorothy Stoffa, sec'y-treas. Georganne Wilson Bill Wonders ORE ROOM 28 Edith Beerbower James Biscup Kathleen Brylka Robert Burkhart Shirley Cecchino Fredi Ann DiMarzio, president Bonnie Evans Joseph Elborne Robert Hilf, sec'y-treas. Juanita Hilgenberg Eugene Horcholic Bill Joyce Patricia Joynt Marilyn Lester Anna M. Mazzarello Bernice Mise Audrey Owens Erwin Polansky , Richard Rupp Bill Rutter, vice-pres. Carol Seng Carol Swiatkowski Rachel Vergona Joseph Vigliotti Jim Wintermantel ' W - V, g. f . K E z mtg, V, Us . Q . 4' 1 x ADD TO THIS THE VALUE AND PLEASURE DERIVED FROM- ACTIVITIES -Qi Seated: Connie Koval, secretary: Franny Conti, president, Noreen Whalen, Ardie Schwein- berg, Anne Galvin, Kathy Radakovic, John Dierst, treasurer: Pat Kearns, Nick Moraytis, vice-president Standing: Martin Poad, Guy Catone, Nick Andrejko, Barbara Becker, Arnie Habic, Nancy Dufalla, Fredi Ann DiMarzio, Frank Habic, Lorraine Beninati, john Bucar, Bill Wonders, jim Cimino, Mary Jane McClintock, Mr. Toth, faculty adviser STUDENT COUNCIL Student Council was a migratory group this year, meeting in whatever room was avail- able. Every Monday morning at the beginning of the 25 minute period a voice over the in- tercom would announce: "Student Council will meet this morning in Room 1 for 19 or 20 or 25j" and off would go our represent- atives, who in most cases were also our home room ofhcers. Headed by president Franny Conti, vice- president Nick Moraytis, secretary Connie Koval, and treasurer john Dierst, and spon- sored by Mr. Toth, Student Council kept their meetings running smoothly and efficiently. Student Council had, as usual, many re- sponsibilities. One of the most important of these was setting up the intramural schedule and seeing to it that it was carried through to the championship playoffs. Many were the 25 minute periods spent arguing over elig- ibility rules, but eventually an agreement would be reached and the rules passed. Cham- pionship games were played at Dickson be- fore highly partisan students, with a dance following to celebrate the victory. Student Council also had charge of elec- tions for the Prom and May Queen Courts. This was a real chore, but the group, assisted by several faculty members, handled it admir- ably. In May Student Council sponsored the Awards Assembly, at which time the winners of scholarships were revealed, pins were given to senior members of the choir and two-year members of the council, art awards were pre- sented, and members of Quill and Scroll an- nounced. ,f A-div' Y l First row: Jacquie Ghrist, feature editorg Kathy Radakovic, editor-in-chiefg Ruthie Ludwig, news editor Second row: Josephine Radelja, art editor: Mike Borellis, sports editor VALISTIC To keep the students and faculty of SHS up to date about news happenings we had our paper, the Valistic. Under the very efficient editorship of Kathy Radakovic, this year's paper was timely and readable. Kathy's trade- mark was the question, "Any news today?" Her editors, Ruthie, Jacquie, Josie, and Mike were on the jump giving out assignments to answer that question. One big problem of publishing our paper, since we are a DO IT YOURSELF group, was our dear old mimeograph. In spite of a big sign reading, "THIS MACHINE IS CLEAN- Keep it that way" it was frequently found run- ning over with ink. Of course no one had ever left it that way! When a page was run off, Bobbie could often be heard saying, "Darn this machine, this ink gets over everything-and everyone." Our little black cloth was always in use, either for our hands or the floor. But when such troubles arose and were beyond our knowledge, we could always call in Mr. Weichel, who can fix ANYTHING. He is one friend whom all those connected with publish- ing the Valistic will never forget. Upper Photo- Seated: Delores Cresto, Peggy Early Standing: Rita Costello, Margie White, Elaine Kurtz, Georgia Ratica, Bobbie Kerr Lower Photo- Seated: Pat Urbanic, jim Cimino, Norma Barefoot, Donna Pagano Standing: Tom Harris, jackie Weichel, George Seman, Nancy Raynor 'f 'aw 1 Tape Seated: Sally Wonders, Bobbie Bliss, Jackie Elzer, LaVerne Johnson, Beverly Dell VALISTIC Audrey Millei Below-- First row: Betty Ann Hiizo Grace Page Second row: Ann Sullivan, Rosemarie Mancen, Elaine Fusia, Linda Murray, Connie Koval, Gretchen Burgard Third row: Pat Kearns, Jeanne Ford, Madeline Paris. Joan Yuhasz, Barbara Murray. Alice Yankura Often heard in the Valistic department of Room 6 were: "Where-'s the correction Fluid?', cover was the work of the art staff. Many colorful covers were achieved, with the crown- Standing: Jeanne O'Gi'ady, Norma McCollough, Marie Russo, Barbara Kneebone. Bette Grace Davison, Janice Gambino. "Oops!" "Oh, that reporter!" "To be typed." "Oh, brother!" But a more efficient group you just couldn't have found anywhere. The typ' ists gave up many a study period to aid the march of progress. Typing for a newspaper is hard work-you must know how to spell and how to hyphenate, especially on a stencil! The public is only too ready to pick up errors! To provide the Valistic with an attractive ing glory being a silk-screen copy for Easter. One of the most popular features of the paper was the Senior Spotlight page. The three girls in charge of this page were Jeanne Ford, Pat Kearns, and Gretchen Burgard. The sports minded could always find a page or two devoted to sports at SHS. Of course the ever-popular intramurals were included in this section. The day before each issue was to be dis- tributed was always a busy one. Typists, edi- tors, staplers-all were in a dither upholding the honor of the Valistic, which always comes out ON TIME. Then it was Bette Grace Davison's turn to be busy, sending out our paper in exchange for those from other schools. Mention must be made of Mrs. Miller's journalism classes which were held through- out the first semester to train the cub report- ers in the way they should go. Here writing Seated is Mrs. Miller, surrounded by her "cubs:" Fi Joanne Tomko, Steve Levine, Eddie Bednarczyk, Second row: Nick Costello, Bob Hilf, Andrew Kandra, bara Neff, Sue Steinmetz Rosemarie Mancen, Nancy Ray- nor, Barb Kneebone, Alice Yan- kura, and Jackie Weichel are stap- ling the Valistic and recording each subscriber's "john Henry." styles were discussed and practiced and the mechanics of putting out a paper explained, Those who made the grade became full- fledged staff members the second semester. But all was not work on the Valistic. At Christmas and at the close of school, after the last issue had come out, the staff met to make merry. Special guests were Mrs. Miller, Valis- tic adviser, whose help and patience were in- exhaustible, and Miss Jacobs and her SWISS- VALIAN staff. rst row: Amelia Trepak, Carol Whalen, Gayle Paulie, Frances Coletta Sue Kunic, Gene Miller, Arnie Habic, Clare Fahey, Bar- First row: Betty A. Fish, Dorothy Madaras, Beth Hoover, Nancy Simonelli, Josephine Radelja, Metalyn Yetka, Lois Lanyi, Joanne Badali, Loretta Veri Second row: Donna Capasso, Carol Franzetta, Vernice Jones, Barbara McTiernan, Jacquie Ghrist, Mary Laughery, Phyllis Kirk, Marie Keefe, Rita Wach Third row: Eddie Bednarczyk, Martha Wahl, Bob Hilf, Richard Rupp, Tom Harris, Frank Singer, Erwin Polansky, Don Renner, James Abraham Fourth row: Sam Maury, John Dierst, jim Fulmer, Frank Habic CHOIR . . . A pleasure to hear 1 The Swissvale High School Choir, consisting of about sixty boys and girls who thoroughly enjoy singing, provided entertainment for the school and community throughout the year. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during the fifth period, they would gather in the auditorium to learn and to practice new songs. This year the Choir produced a Christmas oper- etta entitled "Merry Christmas," starring Donna Capasso and Bill Shortz. They were supported by the other members of the group, some of whom +- played dramatic parts. Mr. Hill requests some band member to get in step! 48 First row: Eileen Farren, Kitty Lou Giordano, Elaine Steffy, Kathy Radakovic, Ruth Ludwig, Gretchen Kelley, Frances Coletta, Mary Ann Barclay, Elaine Kurtz Second row: Jeanne Ford, Carol Coleman, June Thomas, Nancy Price, Steve Levine, Tom Millslagle, Carol Shedlock, Pat Ruffner, Gayle Paulie, Nick Andrejko Third row: Mary Jane Martinich, Marilyn Lester, Joyce Moorman, Diane Huot, Tony DeLia, Dick Bennett, Dave Champion, Gene Miller, Andrew Kandra, Guy Catone Fourth row: Bill Hutchison, Paul Boory, Martin Poad, Bill Shortz In the spring the choir produced another oper- etta entitled "Tennessee Tess." As you can guess, the setting was in the hills of Tennessee. Leads were sung by Donna Capasso and Frank Habic. As a reward for their hours of faithful practice, the stu- dents traveled to Saltsburg and Blairsville to re- enact the operetta. Especially honored were Bill Shortz and Paul Boory, who were selected to represent SHS at Dis- trict Choir, held this year at Turtle Creek. As is the custom, the choir sang for senior assem- bly and, as is also the custom, many of the members shed a few tears when they sang "Now Is the Hour" and 'The Halls of Ivy." The choir sang for Baccalaureate-and was saddened by the thought that it would be the last time they would sing together. 49 1.. . OFFICERS FRANK HABIC ...... ............,..........., ...... p r esident DIANE HUOT .,.,.... ......,, s ecretary-treasurer BILL SHORTZ ..... .......,.. v ice-president First row: Myrna Gatto, Gilbert Smith, Linda Beeman, Pat Urbanic, Jerry Levine, Jamie Ralston, james Dukate, Emily Brugh, Richard Brozek, John Bonacci, joe Cresto Second row: Ardie Schweinberg, Bill Hood, Carol Coleman, Charlene Floss, Marie Capezzuto, Gloria Costa, jackie Ludwig, Gary Weaver, Robert Cramer, Dorothy Schwarzbach Third row: Diane Huot, Willard McKay, Tom Scanio, John Dierst, Richard Bennett, John Preusse, Doug- las Hags, Russell Ragan, Ronald Dukate, Leo Toribio, jim Christie, Frank Gambino Once again our band impressed the fans with their half-time entertainment at the foot- D ball games and with their fine precision ' ' ' marching. These performances were possible only because of summer practice and scorch- ' ing seventh period rehearsals. In If you have ever passed the field during a practice, surely you have heard the familiar words, "Hey, you, keep in line. We want a "Sing the praise oi Swissvale High School . . . Ei 7 Sb. eppt Qftif' -- ' fl ,- A H First row: Billy Lehm, Greg Edie, Patty Schwarzbach, Billy Couse, Becky Bowman, Clair John, Charles Meigs, Douglas Topping, jerry Hagadorn, Richard Ifester, Kitty Lou Giordano Second row: Nancy Carlson, Gerald Zeok, Tommy Lemak, Joan Spargo, Lois Lanyi, Dorothy Mulkerin, Bill Hollstein, Ruth Ludwig, LaVerne Johnson, Connie Koval Third row: Dale Hayes, Donald Gratton, Rita Wach, Dave Champion, Paul Schultz, John Cresto, Eddie Frantz, Emmett O'Hare, Nick Moraytis, Jane Malma straight onegn or perhaps you have heard Mr. Hill exclaim for the twelfth time, NO. K., we'll try it again, LEFT FACE 1, 23 RIGHT FACE 3, 4." After the final rehearsal seventh period Friday, the band would rush to the high school to add its pep, vigor, and music to the pep meetings. Another feature of the band was its high- DANCE BAND . . . SW The advanced members of our band are given a chance to play popular music in the Dance Band. stepping majorettes, who led our musicians through the streets of Swissvale, and the Color Guard who carried our beautiful flags. We are losing quite a few of our band mem- bers this year through graduation, but there are more who are preparing to take their places by stepping into the handsome blue and gold uniforms. ing and sway with Edgar J Front row: Mary Pat Webb, Ronald Dukate, Lois Lanyi, Carol Coleman, Bernie DiBernardo Second row: Dick Bennett, Bill Hood, Paul Schultz. John Cresto, Nick Moraytis, Gary Weaver, jerry Hagadorn Standing: Drummer Ruth Ludwig, Pianist Bob Hilf. Vocalist Donna Capasso f .. .,. .,.,..t , ,A ,, , GLEE CLUB l i l WA, , to 1 rn J ff First row: Edith Beerbower, Arlene Culligan, Connie Chambers, Justine Mise, Loretta Vitartas, Elaine Schalles, Noreen Milchalk, Sandra Payne, Bernice Mise, Carol Seng Second row: Lenore Bell, Dorothy O'Connor, Suzanne Kunic, Joanne Gates, Pat Everett, Marlene Danielson, Eleanor Bucar, Mary Ellen Daw, Lorraine Beninati, Charlotte Hysong Third row: Maureen Byrnes, Mary Ann Tammariello, Pat Gigliotti, Marilyn Ross, Susan Foster, Joanne Jessell, Mary McGregor, Pat Joynt A group of students from Room 27 chat with Miklos Barcs, recently arrived from Budapest, Hungary. 52 51 Q. fb ART CLASSES Upper Photo- Front row: Connie Granatir, Rita McTiernan, Joanne Miele, Edith Granite, Shirley Wardrope Second row: Marwin Rubenstein, Henry Weber, Tony Lamberti, John Cresto, Dave Madigan Lower Photo- First row: Judy Whalen, Elaine Fusia, Dennis Legal. Mary Ellen Gildroy. Rita Wach, Barbara Kneebone Second row: Joan Yuhasz, Janice Gambino, Pat Urbanic, Jackie Weichel CANDY CORPORATION . . . For your sweet tooth Nancy Raynor, Bette Grace Davison, Bill joyce Cbuying candyh, Peggy Logan, jean O'Grady One of the highest dividend paying busi- nesses in the country is Swissvale I-Iigh's Candy Corporation. Their wares appeal to RECEPTIONISTS . With these girls on duty, no stranger ever has to Flounder around in SHS looking for the superintendent's or principal's ohice. In addi- QP"9"1r.m T hungry students. and so Hourishing is their business that what few shares become avail- able are snapped up quickly. With a smile tion to their duties as receptionists, they also helped Helen by delivering absence sheets and doing other chores to aid her. Seated: Aldean johns, Carol Whalen Standing: Metalyn Yetka, Mary Ellen Gildroy, Connie Clif- ford, Carol Coleman, Susan Bietenduefel, Sandy Wright, Grace Page, Madeline Dono- frio Seated: Dale Wentroble, Nick Moraytis Standing: Nick Costello, john Shipman The voices behind that familiar and cheery "Good morning!" you hear every morning be- long to these boys. They informed the stud- ents what club was meeting where "imme- diately after devotions." When the intercom let out one of those piercing shrieks or when the mike began to ring during an assembly program, you could be sure that one of these boys had "goofed" and was going to hear about it! STAGE CREW Seated: Jim Zetwo, Bill Tishko, Jim Cimino, jim Smolinski. Nick Costello Standing: Walter Allan, Dick Simko, Dick Bennett, Dick Cencarik, Eddie Frantz, Jack Neal, Paul Agnew, Barry Holmes, jim Biscup, Don Renner. Joe Shea INTERCOM cREw The industrious lads of the Stage Crew were responsible for setting up scenery for the class plays and the choir's operettas. With the help of our new art teacher, Mr. Brown, they did a good job here as well as at Dickson Field for May Day. When not so industrious, they overlooked having a flag for us to salute in assembly-but they could usually be counted on to have everything ready for all occasions. First row: Sally Wonders, Barbara MacCumbee, Carol Tomasic, Emily Gernhardt, Gloria Dugan, Norma McCol- lough, joan Thompson, Grace Dolak, Connie Clifford, LaVerne Johnson, Jeanne Ford Second row: Gretchen Burgard, Ardie Schweinberg, Noreen Whalen, Pat NVollerton, Mary Lou Pascarella, Nancy Simonelli, Nancy Raynor, Elma Hosie, Norma Barefoot, Gretchen Kelley, Jackie Elzer Third row: Bette Grace Davison, Georgia Ratica, Josephine Radelja, Linda Murray, Cathy Hosper, Joan Spangler, Connie Koval. Carole Grimm, Carol Morrissey, Jerry Biehl Fourth row: Barbara Kerr, Rita McTiernan, Carol Whalen, Charlotte Zaccari, jacquie Ghrist, Martha Wahl, jackie Donohue, Audrey Miller The Y-Teen Club, one of our school's most popular organizations, is composed of both junior and senior girls, Its present enrollment is 84 members. whose will to accomplish jean O'Grady, vice-president: Pat Kearns, presi- dentg Nancy Price, treasurer: Ruthie Ludwig, secretary Y-TEEN SR. and things worthwhile is evident in even a partial list of their activities this year, such as having charge of the Thanksgiving and Easter assem- blies, collecting toys for orphan children, go- ing Christmas caroling, and holding a chicken dinner. Although the girls are not obligated to take part in all activities, usually no persuasion is needed, for all agree that the end result of most of the activities is a good deed done and an enjoyable time for its participants. The projects undertaken by the group are not looked upon as tasks by the girls, for they gain valuable experience in learning to work with one another in performing a service to their community and to society as a whole. The events which were particularly en- joyed by the girls this year were the visits of a fashion expert who is a familiar guest here and who spoke on good grooming, and a hair stylist who told the girls about cosmetology and willingly offered to cut and style some of the members' hair. , One of the main goals of the club each year is to provide a deserving senior member with a one hundred dollar Y-Teen scholar- ship to be used in furthering her education. Dues are not used for this purpose, but the various money-making schemes of the girls raise the required amount. A tour of Europe fthough in imaginationj was taken by the Y-Teens when Gretchen and Louise Burgard told us of their trip abroad last summer. They related amusingly and in detail their adventures, to the delight of all who were present. In October some of the junior Y-Teens presented a show for the sen- ior girls. It was composed of three short skits which were thoroughly enjoyed. Another evi- dence of Y-Teen talent was an assembly pre- sented in February for the benefit of the whole school by those members blessed with beautiful voices, musical ability, and various other talents. Y-Teen members also served as hostesses at the Open House in November, with the representatives assigned to their home rooms and others meeting and greeting parents and visitors at the door. Besides our industrious officers, the club also had a Valistic repre- sentative for publicity's sake and two council representatives to keep the girls informed about other Y-Teen clubs. In the same de- partment, the success the club enjoyed this past year was surely due in large part to Mrs. Flannick, our counselor, who somehow man- aged to keep an eye on everything. Even at this writing plans are being made for the Candlelight Service for the juniors and also a fashion assembly. And so one more school year is complete for Y-Teen members. The girls have accomplished much of value and deserve to be proud of their record. Y-TEEN JR. . . . Played an important role First row: Jean McFarlane, Beverly Dell, Barbara Bliss, Pat Urbanic, Carol Scholtz, Elaine Fusia, Lisa Battaglia, Frances Coletta, Eileen Farren, Ann Sullivan, Joanne Tomko Second row: Metalyn Yetka, Pat Hughes, Judy Whalen, Ethel Charnick, Nancy Cravotta, Joanne DeNardo, Grace Page, Clare Fahey, Joan Spargo, Elizabeth Skover Third row: Janice Gambino. Anne Galvin, Jackie Weichel, Barbara Kneebone, LaRue Grubb, Joan Yuhasz, Charlene Floss, Carol Franzetta, Donna Capasso, Pat Donnelly Fourth row: Mary Jane McClintock, Georgia Pcholinski, Marie Capezzuto, Georgine Carlo, Pat Durbin, Elaine Kurtz, Carol Coleman, Gayle Paulie, Barbara Murray, Peggy Logan Fifth row: Barbara Lewis, Joanne Gates, Pat Ruffner, Sandy Wright, Gerry Tomasic, Arlene Chunko, Rita Wach, Janet Malma, Alice Yankura Sixth row: Susan Bietenduefel, Carol Mahler, Barbara Neff, Joyce Moorman, Madeline Weber Kneeling: Jim Zetwo, presidentg Ken Lucas, vice-presidentg Gayle Paulie, secretaryg Willard McKay, treasurer First row: Audrey Miller, Rolando Colaquori, Anne Galvin, jerry Biehl, Liz McKim, Connie Granatir, Aldean johns, Carol Scholtz, joan Spargo Second row: john Halchak, Barbara Chizmar, Ed Rowland, Georgia Pcholinski, jackie Donohue, Kathy Madi- gan, Pat Durbin, Rose Errera Third row: Josephine Radelja, Barbara McTiernan, Donna Pagano, Pat Everett, Joanne Gates, Norma Mc- Collough, Mary jane McClintock Fourth row: jean Waters, Georgia Ratica, Bobbie Kerr, Grace Dolak, Elma Hosie, Jim Cimino, Martin Amodeo Fifth row: Scott Norris, Bill Tishko, Russell Ragan, Mike Borellis, Barbara Murray, Pat Urbanic, jim Smolinski, Joe Ponsi, Bill Thompson, Carol Coleman, Diane Huot BOWLING CLUB d 9 5 Ng 4 X .J N J. 1 auf' Lp it vi ilu, t . This year the Bowling Club found itself a new sponsor in Miss Bertoline. our new French teacher, who graciously consented to take over for Miss Robbins, absent this year because of illness. President of the club was Jim Zetwo, assisted by Ken Lucas, vice-pres' identg Gayle Paulie, secretaryg and Willard McKay, treasurer. Every Wednesday after school the mem- bers trooped over to the new Arcade Bowling Alleys on Dickson Street. Averages ranged from a high 140 to a low 60, but everybody had fun. Trophies were awarded the boy and girl with the highest individual score and the highest average. Outstanding girl bowlers for the season were Pat Durbin, Donna Pagano, and Norma McCollough. Among the boys, Jim Zetwo, Al Reid, and Ken Lucas were stand- outs. ....xm,.am...e....... . K-comma-K was the typing project for the day. When their individual pictures were lost. these students posed willingly for a retake: First row: Eddie Coletta, joe Zaccari Second row: Arlene Culligan, Louise Cohill, Alice Bechtol, Elaine Farren, Barbara Kneebone Third row: Jim Wollerton. jerry Evans, Emmett O'Hare. John O'Donnell, Robert McDonough 59 THEN FLAVOR SCHOOL LIFE VVITH THE COLOR AND EXCITEMENT OF- PURT nu -'r. u I .. Qu. 1 ' 1. i 1 M .P 'rwix-smx vl, H' . ---Q ,U Q- 'A 4 w 4 3 Xxx One of o u r favorite sports WHS Swissvale 13 Rankin 18 Swissvale 0 Turtle Creek 34 Swissvale 26 Scott Twp. 40 Swissvale 18 Shaler 40 Swissvale O Homestead 12 Swissvale 0 Braddock 39 Swissvale 0 Midland 25 Swissvale 6 Glassport 20 Swissvale 6 Wilmerding 1 2 69 240 Coach Koepka sends in a play with Ray Schreiber Assistant Coach John Brace and Head Coach Arnold Koepka plan the strategy for that night's game. Huddle l l IC' .1 on 1,1 Y 4 Ylh 'Y .W - , if' , , -M, 'M 2 B .3' . ww? A' 5 f e, ,, IQ Q I fi, .4 T p F ny Conti, B ky N B tt m: Dave McGough, Alb t R d B DxBe 64 fa'0'o'o'0102l'2 ,e f 5 f N X .1 WFT' , vv-rv' o llgo'3'3o'3'3'3'3'5"f' "':'?o'o'0'0'?ff1'!a'4'o'o'0??5' W ' 'ea'o'o'o'4ff to M95 043' 596 999.05 5' aT.?...L.J0A'Q.A , 1 fs , X X X o ,Xl Top: Tony Lamberti, Louis Greene Middle: jack Hogan Bottom: Frank Habic, Bob Klemmer, Bill C S h tpgf t 65 . "W Q' - - . .. Upper left: Eugene Horcholic, Martin Poad, Arnie Habic Upper right: Managers Tom Harris and Kirk Metzger Lower left: Munster centers the ball to Schreiberg Elish and Marks wait for the play to start Lower right: Bahleda, Kandra, Abraham, and Wintermantel on defensive line, with Lesko and Osley backing up BILL CREIGHTON Buzzsaw Bill In earning three varsity letters, Bill showed his ability by sure handed pass catching, hard blocks, and jarring tackles. JACK HOGAN Jolting jack A hard charging tackle both offensively and defen- sively, Jack made his presence known in every game. BOB KLEMMER Bruising Bob One of the strongest links in our forward wall, Bob was able on offense and particularly strong on defense. FRANK HABIC Fighting Frank In his first try at football, Frank earned a varsity letter as the hub of our offensive barrage. BERNIE DIBERNARDO Belting Bernie Bernie, our other guard, whose specialty was recov- ering fumbles, could always be counted on. AL REID Able Al Al was our varsity linebacker and guard. When needed, Al was always there for the block or tackle. DAVE MCGOUGH Dangerous Dave Both offensive tackle and end, Dave played where he was most needed. His forte was hard and rough play. BUCKY NORRIS Hustling Hugh At either halfback or quarterback Buck was an offensive threat. He proved this by being leading scorer. LOUIS GREENE Scampering Scooter This shifty back was our breakaway threat. He was also our best receiver in the backfield. TONY LAMBERTI Tony the Tiger Our right half on offense and defense, Tony, with his stamina, always drove for that last yard. FRANNY CONTI Fullback Franny Being converted from center to fullback utilized his power where most needed. Fran was also a de- fensive backer-up. First row: Eugene Horcholic, Andy Kandra, Joe Kashcr, Eddie Bednarczyk, Eddie Fry, Nick Andrejko, Dave Jones Second row: Ken Munster, John DeLucia, Al Reid, Gus Bahleda, Arnie Habic, Scott Norris, Tom Harris, John McFarland, John Anderson Third row: Lou Greene, Bucky Norris, Franny Conti, Dave McGough, Bill Creighton, jim Fulmer, Martin Poad Popular also was . . BASKETBALL Under the new head coach John Brace, the varsity basketball team had an exciting year. After winning the first game of the season, the boys couldn't seem to pull in a victory, although some of their losses were close. When league competition started, hard luck still plagued the boys, as evidenced by some Statistics and Scores of the scores. They finally got a win against Wilmerding and in the second half of the sea- son they won four of their last live games. The highlight of the season was the Wilmerding game, at Wilmerding, in which Jim Fulmer scored 37 points, tying Swissvale's all-time scoring record for one game set by Dick Groat. . 1956 Season Swissvale 76 Tarentum Swissvale 47 Arnold Swissvale 55 Latrobe Swissvale 42 Hemplield Joint Swissvale 35 Peabody Swissvale 36 Pitcairn Swissvale 78 Jeannette Swissvale 'F63 Penn Swissvale "'48 Scott Swissvale "'57 Braddock Swissvale "'42 Wilkinsburg Swissvale "'37 Turtle Creek Swissvale "'77 Wilmerding Swissvale "'60 Rankin Swissvale "'53 Penn Swissvale "'60 Scott Swissvale "'71 Braddock Swissvale "'48 Wilkinsburg Swissvale 371 Turtle Creek Swissvale "'83 Wilmerding Swissvale X79 Rankin "'Denotes league games. AL REID Al's bright spirit was a great asset to our team. He showed much promise during his varsity career at Swissvale. DAVE MCGOUGH Dave, our 6'4" pivot man was a great offensive threat with his hook and jump shots. He was one of the team's top rebounders. BILL CREIGHTON Bill was always jockeying for a position under the offensive and defensive boards. He was especially accurate on his foul shots. LOUIS GREENE Lou, a real try-guy, used his rangy 5'11" build to wriggle through the defense for those im- possible looking layups. FRANNY CON TI Fran used his 6'1" frame to good advantage, whether he was under the boards grabbing rebounds or shooting from outside. VARSITY CLUB JOHN DELUCIA John was a three year man on the basketball team. A great hust- ler, he was at his best when driv- ing. BUCKY NORRIS Bucky, with his quick reflexes and one hand push shot, was put to best use playing outside. He earned two varsity letters. First row: Arnie Habic, Franny Conti, Louis Greene, Bob Klemmer, John DeLucia, Bernie DiBernardo, Tony Lamberti Second row: Eugene Horcholic, Martin Poad, Bucky Norris, Sully Amodeo, Al Reid, Coach Koepka Third row: Kirk Metzger, Ray Schreiber, jack Hogan, Dave McGough, Bill Creighton, Frank Habic, Tom Harris On opposite page, top left, clockwise: Al Reid, Bill Creighton, john DeLucia, Dave McGough, Louis Greene, Bucky Norris, Franny Conti 68 ,eff I INTRAMURALS . . . Popular with almost everyone Room 8's girls were real champions, winning playoffs in basketball and volleyball. Kneeling are Betty Fish, Joanne Gates, and Carol Scholtz. Standing are Ethel Charnick, Peggy Logan, Donna Pagano, and Pat Durbin. The boys from Room 19 walked off with the basketball championship. Here we see Willard McKay, Sully Amodeo, Mike Semler, jack Bradley, and john Cresto. jack Hogan is not in the picture. Not pictured are the boys from Room 8, who won the volley- ball championship. 70 One of the most popular activities sponsored by Student Council is the intramural sports program. These in- tramurals have a definite purpose in mind-to teach the students sports- manship and to help them get along with their fellow students. Through the excellent cooperation of Miss Boretsky and Mr. Koepka, the intra- mural sports program has grown steadily in interest and popularity. This year more students than ever before have spent their lunch hours participating in this exciting extra curricular activity. Interest in the games, which is usually at a high level, reaches fever pitch as the play- offs approach. The first intramural sport was vol- leyball. After close races, especially in the senior class, the playolis for the championship were held in the Dick- son gym. Room 8 made a clean sweep when their girls beat the senior girls from Room 13 and their boys edged out the senior boys from Room 17. Next came basketball, and this year, as in past years, a fight was staged in Student Council over the eligibility of an ex-basketball team member. In the playoffs at Dickson, the girls of Room 8 won again, beat- ing the senior girls of Room 12. The senior boys finally came through as Room 19 trounced the junior boys of Room 14, 70-40. This year Student Council raised over seventy dollars at the champion- ship playoffs for volleyball and bas- ketball held at Dickson. As part of the Award Assembly in May, each mem- ber of the various school champion- ship teams received a small silver cup. Upper left: This lively volleyball game is between Room 17 and 24. Upper right: Another shot of the same contest. Center and lower photos: A hot basketball game between Room 14 and 27 found the girls ighling for each point 71 SPECIAL EVENTS AT S.H.S. Dorothy Madaras, Class of '59, enter- tains the students with an organ number. An event of tremendous importance took place at Easter Assembly when a Hammond organ was presented to Swissvale High School as a gift from the Swissvale Woman's Club and the Junior Woman's Club. In the upper photo, left, Mrs. Vera Hugo, vice-president of the Woman's Club, taking over for club president. Mrs. Gertrude Shogren, who was seriously ill, makes the presen- tation. Mrs. Eleanor Rogers, president of the Junior Club, Frank Habic, senior class president, and Francis Conti, president of Student Council, are seated behind Mrs, Hugo. In the next pic- ture, Mrs. Rogers hands the keys to the organ to James Cimino, president of the junior class, Francis Conti, and Frank Habic, as Mrs. Hugo smiles approval. The lower photos show a number of the Swissvale High students who took part in a broadcast at WQED, giving a sample of activities at the school. At the left. Bill Nesbitt of KDKA and Sam Francis, of WQED, share a joke with Norma Barefoot. Others in the picture are Nancy Raynor, Lois Lanyi, Johnny Cresto, Frank Coletta, Carol Franzetta, Pat Wollerton, Bill Shortz, Nick Moraytis, and Diane Huot. At the right Sam Francis, a Swissvale High grad- uate, confers with Bill Nesbitt. Bob Hilf is at the piano. 72 The 1957 SWISSVALIAN staff thanks the many friends who helped make this book possible. Mrs. Agnes Thompson Abel John Anderson, Class of '57 Mr. and Mrs. John R. Anderson Betty Ann and Klem Larry Camberg, Class of '56 Carol Jo's Beauty Salon Mr. and Mrs. Frank Catone Don, Phil, Klem, and Bucky Mr. and Mrs. John A. Donohue Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Dunlap Margaret E. Eisaman Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Evans Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Flannick Mr. and Mrs. Wayne H. Ford Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Ghrist Ginger and Chuck Mr. and Mrs. Christian Glaab Mr. and Mrs. Leo Glasser George T. Jacobs Janet and Paul Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Jelbart Jim and Gretchen Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Johnson Donald G. Kann Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kerr Mr. and Mrs. J . W. Koval LaVerne and Bill Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Leach Mr. and Mrs. James Logan Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ludwig Eva Ludwig, Class of '55 Madeline and Jack Dr. and Mrs. M. J. Maury Mr. and Mrs. P. R. McGregor Mr. and Mrs. John N. Moraytis Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Mulkerin Dr. Henry W. Paff Edward Perrone Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Price Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Raynor Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Rogers Ruthie and Lou Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Schreiber Dr. and Mrs. A. M. Schultz Dr. Louis E. Schultz, Class of '50 Mr. and Mrs. John Schweinberg Mr. and Mrs. George Seman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. O. F. Shortz Mr. and Mrs. John Topping Mr. and Mrs. Kolman Toth Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. Wahl Senior Room 16 Senior Room 17 Senior Room 19 Room 3 Miss Emmerling's Room Room 15 SHS Candy Corporation Y-Teens of SHS ,I I, . l'V2'C5i6l.26! fnfineetiny af UNION SWITCH 81 SIGNAL Union Switch 8: Signal specializes in Trans- portation Control Engineering. It is also actively engaged in extensive production of electrical and electronic equipment for in- dustrial and government applications. These diversified activities offer many challenging opportunities for electrical, mechanical and electronic engineers. Our research and engineering groups are organized to carry on the complete work cycle, from study phases through develop- ment and final design engineering that pro- duces today's modern control systemselike Centralized Traflic Control, Cab Signals and Automatic Freight Car Classification for the railroads-fas well as electronic communica- tion and control equipment used on pipe lines, television tower elevators, in the steel and mining industries, and for Highway and Aviation Controls. Important contributions to the defense effort are also being made through the mass production of jet aircraft flight simulators used to train combat pilots, and ground handling equipment for missiles. Known world-wide for outstanding railway signaling and control equipment, Union Switch 8a Signal offers to young engineers broad training and experience in the fast growing communication and "automation" fields of transportation and other industries. UNION SWITCH 8: SIGNAL DIVISION OF WESTINGHOUSE AIR BRAKE CO. SWISSVALE PENNSYLVANIA ROTARY CLUB Of SWISSVALE SWISSVALE LIQNS CLUB R. E. HELLNER PE 1-2921 and 1-2922 1 107 S. Braddock Avenue Edgewood, Pa. CHARLES GRECO Fresh Vegetables Fruits Frosted Foods PE 1-1162 1103 So. Braddock Ave. REGEN T PHARMACY Sidehamer Bros. 1 101 S. Braddock Avenue Edgewood, Pa. PE 1-4014-5 SAN DULAK FRIENDLY SERVICE 1048 So. Braddock Avenue Edgewood, Pa. PE 1-5 194 M OBI LGAS - M OBI LOI L JOHNNIE'S BARBER SHOP Air Conditioned Phone: BR 1-9637 2007 Noble St. Swissvale, Pa. WOODSTOCK PHARMACY 2338 Woodstock Avenue Swissvale, Pa. Telephone: BR 1-4553 McKINLEY JEWELERS HUPPLE'S FLOWER SHOP "The Best in Flowers and Service" KEEPSAKE 2000 Noble St. Swissvale, Pa QUALITY DIAMONDS BR.-mdywine 1-1400 Bonded Member-Florists' Telegraph 2010 Noble St. BR 1-0328 Delivery Association KOPP GLASS, INC. TECHNICAL, INDUSTRIAL AND SIGNAL GLASS PRODUCTS SWISSVALE, PENNSYLVANIA ESI-IMAN MOTORS . . . NASH. . . BRandywine 1-3491 WASHINGTON AND PALMER Car Washing-Polishing Tires-Batteries Accessories-Brake Service JON ES AMOCO SERVICE Tune-up and Ignition Work by Appointment Approved Amoco Lubrication with M oto-Sway Phone: BR 1-9798 Monongahela and Irvine Avenues J. A. Jones Swissvale 18, Pa. Proprietor 78 THE WOMAN'S CLUB OF SWISSVALE Reminding SHS Graduates "It matters not how long we live, but howf' VAN HORN FUNERAL HOMES SWISSVALE MONROEVILLE ECONOMY HARDWARE AND APPLIANCE 2037 Noble Street Swissvale, Pa. BR 1-3400 ESSO SERVICEN TER Eddie Catone, Prop. 2061 Monongahela Avenue BR 1-9674 Swissvale, Pa For Prescriptions UNION DRUG STORE 1900 Monongahela Avenue BR 1-2220 Free Delivery We Give S 85 H Green Stamps Compliments of F RAN K'S BAKERY 2010 Monongahela Avenue BR 1-3847 Swissvale, Pa Business: EL 1-2266 PHONES Home: BR 1-6587 BGB BQZURICI-I'S FLOWER SHOPPE FINEST QUALITY IN FLOWERS 7413 IRVINE STREET SWISSVALE PITTSBURGH 18, PA. Cleaning and Pressing Men and Ladies Alterations N. L. DeLUCA TAILOR CLEANING AND TAILORING 1 109 South Braddock Avenue, Edgewood Pittsburgh 18, Pa. Men's Furnishings CHurchil1 1-4711 REGEN T VARIETY-PAINT-HARDWARE STORE "The Big Paint and Hardware Store in Regent Square" 1039 South Braddock Avenue FREE DELIVERY Charge Accounts Invited 80 SWISSVALE Schools Picnic at Kennywooci WEDNESDAY, JUNE 5, 1957 ELAINE'S GIFT SHOP "Gifts for Every Occasion" 7534 Washington Street EL 1-2666 Best Wishes CLASS OF '57 ROTH'S STORE 202 1 Noble Ave. Swissval BR 1-3122 e, Pa SHEATS CANDY SHOPPE 7531 Washington Avenue Swissvale, Pa. BR 1-8588 Special Prices to Organizations Compliments of G. C. MURPHY CO. 2013 Noble Street Swissvale, Pa. GLASSER REFRIGERATION 1119 S. BRADDOCK AVENUE REGENT SQUARE CHurchill 1-4871 Television Home Appliances Sporting Goods f N 1.1 Compliments oi PLUMTREE ATLANTIC SERVICE f X 1.1 J. B. LABUSKES ac soNs CREDIT JEWELERS GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Your Swissvale Headquarters for CLASS RINGS DIAMONDS, and WATCHES 7527 Washington Avenue BR 1-4674 SWISSVALE, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of VESUVIUS CRUCIBLE CGMPANY BEST WISHES WILLIAM B. VENABLES F iowers Yolfll Be Proud Of Commercial and Advertising FLOWER SHOP Printing Since 1935 Distinctive Arrangements for Every Occasion 7724 EDGEWOOD AVENUE 1919 MCCAGUE STREET SWISSVALE, PENNSYLVANIA PITTSBURGH 18, PA. Next to New Post Office Phones: Bus. BR 1-8700 BRandYWine 1-6800 Res. BR 1-2926 83 CARDILL DRUG CO. "On the Hill" Westmoreland Ave. and Columbia St. Swissvale, Pa. Compliments of SWISSVALE HARDWARE Orro A. ARG:-:LANDER BR 1-3111 7544 Roslyn St. Phone: BR 1-3160 TI-IE EDGEWOOD CLEANING COMPANY MIRACLEAN CLEAN AS A BREATH OF SPRING 77 16 Edgewood Avenue BRandywine 1-3600 Phone: FR 1-7600 MAURICE E. MILLER Established 1923 REGEN T SQUARE REALTY COMPANY General Insurance and Real Estate 1 106 S. Braddock Avenue Swissvale Pittsburgh 18, Pa. ZINN PHARMACY 1703 Monongahela Avenue COURTESY - SERVICE ALWAYS RUSTY'S GULF SERVICE Braddock Ave. at Roslyn St. SWISSVALE HOBBY MART 2005 Noble Street Pittsburgh 18, Pennsylvania BR 1-8018 J. W. EDMUNDSON and ASSOCIATES, INC. CIVIL ENGINEERS CLIFFORD A. McKINLEY Funeral Director Ambulance Service 7408 WASHINGTON STREET SWISSVALE, PA. BR. 1-2240 "Your Cleaner Is Your Clothes Best Friend" SWISSVALE CLEANERS BR 1-8600 1921 MCCAGUE STREET SWISSVALE, PA. Two Hour Shirt Laundry We Give S fm H Green Stamps "Where Creative Hair Styling ls a H abit" JOSEPI-IINE'S Beauty Salon Specializing in NEW TECHNIQUES IN HAIR CUTTING AND PERMANENT WAVING JOSEPHINE FUSIA, Owner BR 1-3011 7535 ROSLYN STREET SWISSVALE, PA. CLASS OF '26 FR 1-2893 GEORGE W. DUNAY, JR. 7 1 19 Schoyer Avenue Swissvale, Pa. When you see me But when you think of insurance Think not of insuranceg See me! ROOM 22 bids farewell to Miss MacLeod, the faculty members and the underclassmen. SWISSVALE MUSIC STORE Television - Records - Phonographs Greeting Cards 2018 Noble St. Swissvale, Pa. BR 1-6400 PRINCESS SHOP LADIES' DRESSES, HOSIERY LINGERIE AND SPORTS WEAR 2012 NOBLE STREET SWISSVALE, PA. BR 1-4590 REPORT ROOM 27 CLASS OF 'ss Home Room Oiiicers: President A . ANNE GALVIN Vice-President .. , .. ,. .... JOHN ELISH Secretary .. ,.......,.. MARIE CAPEzzUTo Treasurer ..,.,.. ...,.,,. PAT URBANIC THE BIG FIVE Gordo Penny Shafted One Taxi Chicago 86 WHIPPLE MARKET 112 Whipple Street GROCERIES, FRESH AND FROZEN FRUITS AND VEGETABLES ALLEN 'S PHARMACY 2019 Noble Street Swissvale, Pa. BR 1-3116g 1-3129g 1-3133 VAN'S GULF SERVICE Noble and Waverly Streets Swissvale, Pa. BR 1-9813 SWISSVALE ARCADE LANES 7518 Dickson street Swissvale, Pa. BR 1-9899 Phone: BR 1-7616 TOWING AND EXPERT REPAIRING HUDSON'S AUTO SERVICE Heavy Duty Towing and Winch Service 7409 Washington Street Swissvale, Pa. VINCE'S PIZZA PARK "Italian Food A Specialty" 998 Ardmore Blvd. N. Braddock, Pa. Opposite Westinghouse Research BR 1-9181 Compliments of PASTRY PAN TRY 7325 Washington Street Swissvale, Pa. MADIGAN PLUMBING AND HEATING COMPANY 7448 Fleming Street Pittsburgh 18, Pa. Phone: FRemont 1-2047 Mr. Clyde Sylves was our good friend. His never failing cheerfulness was a bright spot in our days-and what would we have done without him to open our lockers, lend us ladders, and do countless other things to help us. The 1957 SWISSVALIAN staif is grateful for the help of: Jahn E Ollier Engraving Company, Chicago, Illinois, and especially to James R. McWilliams. Valley Studios, Ambridge, Pennsylvania. General Press Corporation, Tarentum, Pennsylvania. 88

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