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The Red 8c Gray presents 1978 Red 8: Gray published by Herff Jones Yearbooks And Busoo Nestor Studios i Linda Howerton - Editor 5 g - 1 Susan Zimmer - Advisor ,K - D- 1. 5' 3 if Seniors: Terri Richardson, Gerri Fontillasg Underclassmenz John Tambio, Mona Arauz, Sonia Nolla, Maggie Valdez, Student Life: Aida Sotelo, Beth Abbott, Ricky Lomibao, Lisette Rico, Michelle Thibeaultp Faculty: Toney Carrillog Boys' Sports: Ferdy Preclaro, David Diaz, Girls' Sports: Michelle Mellegers, Toni Caldwell, Advertisements: Connie Lopez, Gloria Galvang Photographers: Bryan Johnson, Pete Bautista, Dennis Ginn, Weldon Thompson, Photo Secretary: Susan Greywacz, Copy: "H" D. Hughes. Table of Contents Senrors .......................................... Juniors .............. Sophornores ......... Student Life ......... Faculty t ............. Sports ......... Advertising ....... 2 A 'FS' f , I ' ' '-Q1 X ' INN X 1 A9 gas! sag X E!! 41,- cf Memories of days gone by, of grammar school and junior high, Of friendship made and laughter shared, of parents love because they cared. That we have knowledge that's the best, to face toward the final test, Of going forth to build a life, in a world that's free of strife. Let's take the time now and then, to stop and remember the good times when We shared the joy of friendship and fun, because our memories have just begun. S.A. Howerton Q... Mcimoxies Cf 3 Goodseas n I 1,55-,Y-ffrggfgafau ,..,... Red and Gra ma es HISYOTY. The Red and Gray Stat? has memories of good times in class: Nlunching out, singing songs, telling jokes and cutting each other down. We also have memories of hectic days and nights after school to make this year's annual oneeyof the best in years. Countless layouts, picture and pieces of copy that had been sorted out by the end ye ys in order to make Sug,H,sij5pyroud and to let our annuyalegsjtell the world ilIT'S GREAT,g,IO BE A DEVIL. Linda Mrs. Susan Toney Carrillo, Sports: Toni Caldwellgj,'EQclj5tggr5ff'MfichelIe Nleilegers Knot xiietiifriiiiilfli-y,ilbBottom row left to rightj Unidgegrclassmenz John Tambio Editof5f'i1f:Mi?ggi,e Valdez, Sonia Nolla, MonafAra'uzgiBoys' Sports: David Diaz,,ieffFerdy Preclaro Editor, Susan GreyWac2'Photo Secretary, Senior 'Gerri'eFontillas, Terri Richardson, Editorg Standing Aida Sotelo Editoigtlvlichelle Thibeault, seated, Beth Abbott, Ricky Lomibao, Lisette' Rico Student Life, Advertising: Gloria Galvang Connie Lopez, Editor, Photographers: iStandingl Dennis Ginny Bryan Johnson, Head Photographer, iseatedl Weldon Thompson, Pete Bautista. AQ-M ii wi ' i., "'1 - A' , .N 'E V ' Agia i mu- . Qi ,X-j ,EEE " my Xu- Sq -wk -,sara Seniors Editor: Terri Richardson Gerri Fontillas Soon to Face Tomorrowis Reahues The Mighty Class of '78 mixed work with play, as all seniors will do. They started organizing in the summer and raised money throughout the year for a well- planned prom. But they did socialize, too. They held a beach party, Mexican dinner and various other events. The Senior lVlotto, written by Amor Camatcho, Al LeAlcala, Ron Longley, Ferdy Preclaro, Roz Sue and designed by HH" D. Hughes, symbolized our future and not our past. Picture right, Karen Slavinsky, Vice-President, below, IVlr. Vogel, Al LeAlcala, President, Amor Camatcho, Treasurer, Rick Lomibao, Secretary. -TD 'fb Y ." A , .N g , Q A .Q Q . 4 A V A , N ' 4 lx ' ag ' 5 ,E 2 Y, ,.-, Y 4., X Q B x X ff TP' x x if wwf' , ' " X A :V?3,,, fx f 1 1-, N A - T 5 W- A . X X. -" lin x mi N S ' 1 , - .. f wp. f iii' 1 va P Ki x xg? 9 X I' .9 , .w ' MH gg 5 .wffliw 4 .14 , , , .- 1 If 1,- , Lx, B . 7 l- - . ,,, v ,Q 'qmail' " 377355 f Lv V ,'T gi V : V 11 Ki , Q, ' vc 1 ,fgk 1. x YN ,H A 'Q--urmlk - ' - fm----' sz... ...wx W ff' x . ,f tr- , '3 ' A .,"'l, I' il- gr, J . ., I K , as . 4 . I ' s M A- I rm-Zn mm! I o o Remembering ur Favorites i - 7 . "A 2 r AC, . 1, i xii, fi ' ., V, ,M J, .Et .gfn , A' 9: 'ZA .,i 5 if fi Above Left to right: Prettiest Eyes, Lee Rodriguez and Paula Lane, Most Attractive, Pat Valdivia and Kriss Satterthwaite, Senior Favorites, ivrdy Preclaro and Lisette Rico, Prettiest Hair, Scott Hammond and Karen Slavinskyg Most Likely to Succeed, Albert Alvarez and Susana Vega, Most School Spirit, Lisa Sanders and Rick Lomibao. rr' qejgytf v - 1 1 .-1 V, . o ,M W g 3 ,1 L, . yEA" Y A415f, ling- 27 f A 'iiwf . - ,i ,ef 471 ,V ,LM '7 . Q .f?Hf4ivfft" .. - A- 3' ' f -40 xi-K 'fy .:?-55' ' ' .'-.1 f 'jf' . A, , - if 'L , 5 N 1 iy.'3'.fgy :g,i 1 , i i ,yd vf'gfA,f7 " is i, , N ,M 214541, , - i g gh, 1 J if 'J' I A r 1 I ,V J he , iv 'b" . il 54,5 nw Hi fi, HN s P 5 Wax , J 5 ,P if A N i Q 'I I 1 ' i X eg , P f , ' N Q,-it 3 5 169 , , 7 5' 'lie 'WW 4 X 'U if 'x , i i :D ' ' an , i ,iw Kim. , W 1 ' ,V f f r w exwggtiivjivjh t WW, fgfdfy- ri, 4, im, Huy., ,, V :f"fi""i'li it in W1 J ,vi J ' ' , i, Wi. i , fl ,f sq ei,-e , I Y . , 4 A A - 0 1 f ,,a 1 ENXLL-2 k FQ! l M433 ,- I , f' '59 f l 4 , ' .A o' 'I ' dp fi! Q if ., W , -M ,, Above Left to right: Roslyn Sue, Best Dressed, Most Athletic, Henry Martinez and Alison Reyes, Best Sense of Humor, Charles Weeks and Lisa Sanders, Prettiest Smile, George Stoutenberg and Liz Cuesta, Cutest Couple, Alex Mercado and Esther Fernandez. Not Pictured Lucian Jackson, Best Dressed. I in W- M. w W, ?',.mlfwlfy. if-9, '- 'fe t- , 5 ,' if 1 - V 5 gm.: l 2 L1 Q. 1 'W ' Ai ' n Q ' V ' X W4 ,. " 1, , F Xu . H. l . fn. ,3k,9. fb 4 " , is 'mv . I- . Vi .. ' . 4 Wi A Q 1 ,,,mfff R ., w Qu' W . ' FK fs L 2 ,, ,-N, T 1 KX H 2 0 Q 5' ' . 1 l , , Xl W' ! 4 14 'W N, L Y' ., B al ,sf fx, M g , ff:,zff'f I if 1 ,I M 'ff ,Q 1 . '- f' I f' ' I. - ' ' , ,Ag " A, ' - 51 .I My 'l ' A f , , I Ly' 4 , , . , V f f ff- X. L. Queen Sonia Arce if ' " ' V .lf 'wwf V HOME Homecoming Court 1977 if U 1 it MY. , ., ',. M WN M X o r oooo -.51bgg. E Lisette Rico Karen Slavinsk ' MING '77 Y S Kris Satterthwaite Queen Sonia Arce Mary Murray 1 A 2 iv W ik? ' 5 v XE4 2. Y ..f:"' in f S, , 5. H .. ,t .JS ,nl ff" .1 'Y Q 9 I ,. , " v 4, 3' ' 3 K Q 5 , A 1 . ki? :ff 'F-. I E. 22' ,. 1 'Mf'g'i?7"' ' - m R,2 ,mw , W Mu- ' W " jig?" ' ' A+ Q M 1 ,f Av f -A ixxxx. - ' ' , H? W , . V,---.'-2 - 4 -S-:N , w ,L li il., FA.-1:x' i X ,1 AV Lil. Q ,v, ,- ' rg A rx-1 lj, 'i 'H Q 'NM3 "' ' 6 we M ' f-m W"MQ,F' ffrHafxfi 1? . I 5. .ma :V U' 'ff Q H Eg if I I 5 lit' e sip S we . Wy, wwf V H D. ,, ,M E 4 QF ., Q' .QI I is Ay -eff. fi 11 an n.:-'mg w-r ,,,,,,.:. , -W " Qi ' ' , 5 1 QV! wt BETH ABBOTT, or Rabbit... was in Les Cherettes 1,2, SHS 3, Float Committee 3, member of the H3 lVlouseketers", Red 84 Gray 3, Photo Club 2,3g Class Council 1,2,3, ...Will miss sitting with my llLittle White Fox" at the football games, going in the darkroom with my llDen-Den", Basketball games, and Coach Smith . , . likes talking to Mike in Weightlifting. OFELIA ANTONIA ABIERA, or One, was J.V, Cheerleader 2, Var. 3, Su-Ettes 1,2, Float Committee 1,2,3p . . , She'II miss all her friends, cheering and all the fun she had at good ol' Su-Hi ... likes cheering, reading and listening to music. VICTO RIA AC EVES LUZ ACOSTA THOMAS ADA NICHOLAS AGUILERA ODETTE AGUILERA, was in Senate 1, Su-Ettes l,2, SHS 3, Campus League 2,3, Tennis 3, ...will miss all her neat friends, especially Wisey , . . like sewing, tennis, and gooting around with Liz. FRANK AGUON HILDA AISPURO BRENDA LEE AKRIDGE was in L.D. Corp. 2, Lt. 3, Campus League 2, treas. 3, , , . will miss marching in half time shows, all her friends, and the football games... like sewing, and being with her friends. . . plans to go to college and be a nurse. TERRY LYNN AKRIDGE was in Uniform group 2,3 capt. 3, Campus League 2,3, ...will miss marching in parades and half times all her friends . .. likes sewing, camping, swimming, and being with her friends . . . plans to go to Kelsey Jenney College and become a legal secretary. DOUG ALDERMAN ALAN ALDRICH JOSE ALENIAN ALBERT ANTHONY ALVAREZ, was in Knowledge Bowl 1,2 Pres 3, CSF 1,2 V. Pres. 3, CA. Boys State 3, Super-Senior 3, . . . will miss the people, students, and teachers . . . like to be with friends and just bum around. ANA AM EZCUA COLLEEN MARIA AIVION, or Koala , . . was in FHA-Hero 1,2 Pres. 3, Choir 1,2,3, Letter- Ettes, Wrestling Manager 3, . . will miss being with all her friends and walking in eye's distance of Pat and his gang during break and football assemblies. like to get rowdy with her friends, make people happy, collect Koala Bears and study to become a psychologist. JUAN ANGELES 18 M ' fl , it 5 , , : if 4, an i , ey, W Ins? NW I A GEORGE ARCE SONIA MARIA ARCE, or Super . . . was Homecoming Queen 3, MECHA 3 . . . enjoys being with Victor, playing the guitar and dancing . . . will always remember being crowned Homecoming Queen 1977 and when Victor sang ner song at a show... Hopes to continue living a happy life with Victor and strive forthe best through God. DAVID PAUL ARCIGA or Liohel was in J.V. Football 1, Var. 3, J.V. Baseball 2, Var. 3 ,.., never will forget Nacho, Fred Carillo and all the football games . .. plans to go to college and become a successful lawyer . . . likes to play football, basketball and baseball CYNTHIA AVERION ARELLANO, or Cindy . , . was in Asian club 1,2, Tennis 1,2,3, Float Committee 3 ... likes to play tennis. MILDRED AVERION ARELLANO was in CSF 1,3, Asian Club l,2,3. Tennis 2,3, Class Council 3 . .. likes tennis and ice skating . ,. She would like to attend UCSD and become a Medical Technologist. She would like to visit the Philippines in the near future. AUDREY ARGUILEZ GERALDINE ARNAL MARINA AVINA HENRY AYALA 19 JIMMY BACON RANDY BAKER SARAH RUTH BAKER . . . was in Junior Miss Pageant 3, Les Cherettes 1,2, CSF 1,2,3, Campus League 1,2, Pres. 3, Girls State 35 Senator 3, Imp 2,3, Lamplighters 3, . . .will miss her friends . . . likes tennis, reading, Bible study and being with her friends. ROBERT BALSAVICH JOSEPHINE BARRIENTES ELIZABETH ANN BARRIER . .. Ann was in Class Council 15 Lamplighters 1, Wrestling Mgr. lg Float Committee 3, . .. she will miss everyone at Su-Hi: her sophomore year when everyone was so different, and the wonderful guy she met that year ... loves to eat junk food, shop for clothes, play in the snow and go 3 wheeling. BRUCE BARTON JOE BAYANI 20 4 TAIVIARA BEARDEN ELIZABETH BECERRA CARIVIEN LETICIA BELTRAN Bruja RALPH BENSKIN EDUARDO NIACABASCO BERIN Eddie was in CSF 1,2, ... will miss all his friends, teachers and acquaintances . . . likes to listen to the radio and try to get an aviation and SCCA license after high school. JAY BERNAL ELAINE BETTS MICHELLE LAVONNA BIVENS ...Shell was in the Big Sister 3, Tennis 1, Basketball 1, Photo 2, Track 3, . . . will miss the football games, going to coaches room after the games and being Nletro Champs 2 yrs. in a row. . .wants to be a airline reservationist. VINCENTE SULSE BOBADILLA ...Vic will miss all his friends and that special person . ,. likes weightlifting, football, baseball and music... was in Nlarching Band 3, Pep Band 3, Asian Club 3. LINDA BORDWELL . . . was in Track l,2, Tennis 2,3, Basketball Stat. 3, Peer Counselor 2,3, . .. will miss the fun on the teams and meeting lots of people in peer counseling . . . likes playing tennis, being alone, and having fun, JUDITH EILEEN BRENNAN Judy likes backsacking, reading, listening to music, being with Rob .. . was in German Club 1, Drill Team 2, Swim Team 2, . .. will miss nutrition break. 21 KATHY JEAN BROWN ... Kat was in Pep Club 2, Float Committee 1,2g National City Miss 2, Swim Team 1,25 Water Polo 25 . , . she wants to attend the university of ner choice and major in nursing . . .wants to be successful in all that life has to offer. DENNIS BRUNETTE 22 0 fr ' -'wma-www, wr EDWIN BULLOCK VICTORIA CALLUENG . .. Sweetie will miss a few of ner PHYLISS BURRIS sweet friends she made and all ner associates . .. loves tanitian dancing, jogging, tennis. ANDREW CAIVIANCHO MR JUAN CAIVIACHO IVIARIA CAIVICHO AIVIOR CAIVIACHO . . . Camcn was in CSF 1,2,3, Senate 1,25 Senior Class Treasurer 3, Class Council 2,3g Float Committee 1,2,3, Track lVlgr, 1,2,3, JV Wrestling 1, Varsity 2, Super Senior 3.. .will miss the fun times he had during the football seasons . ,. likes drawing, bike riding, s , M3 MARCUS CAMPBELL ANGELA CAMPOS DAVID BRUNETTE 722 X. , . w- Q I LOUIS ANTHONY CANO MARIA CAPPS ANTONIO M. CARRILLO . .. was in Red and Gray 1,2,35 Mecha Club 2,35 Yosemite-1 San Francisco trip 15 Senator 35 Su-Hi News 35 Class Counsil 35 ... will never forget September 26, 1976 ,. . he hopes to be successful, f mtv- W l, W . ' CARLOS CERVANTES DAISY CARRENO SYLVIA CARRILLO ELIZABETH MARIE CUESTA . ,. Pinochio was in Var. Cheerleader 35 Letter Carrier Camp. 25 Drill Team 15 Class Council 1,2,35 Class VP 25 Float Committee 1,2,35 ASB Secretary 35 Gymnastics 2,35 Asian Club 1,25 Co-chairman 35 . , . will miss cheering, the float committee meetings and especially all her new and old friends at Su-Hi . .. likes cheering, laughing, and going crazy with friends, JOSEPH CAREY J HUGO CASTELLANOS MARTHA ALICIA CASTILLO . .. will miss her three closest friends and the good times goofing around during lunch time. ARLENE ANN CASTILLO , . . will miss old and new teachers, except lVlr. Inzunza. 24 VIVIAN CASTRO . , . Viv EVANGELINA CELICEO .., Evalina CAROL LYNN CERVANTES . .. Cer was in Track 1,2,3, Tennis 2,35 Peer Counselor 2,35 Big! Little Sister 3, will miss the years when her life started from teenager to adult . , . loves to play tennis, mostly enjoys the forests of Northern California. , -af w , ,fm - f "' HOPE CHAMBERS BERTHA CHAVEZ JAMES CHAVEZ JOSEPH CHAVEZ YVONNE CHAVEZ JOFFRE CLARK GARY ALLEN CLARK GLORIA IVIIRELLA COLLINS . .. DONALD CORTELL Waterfalls . ,. will miss Mr, Donscheski's class. 25 STEVEN CONTRERAS GRISELDA COSIO WILLIAM A. COSTALES SUSAN COURTNEY DEBRA LEE COX ALLEN STEVEN CRESTIK PEDRO CRUZ NANCY MARIE DAVIS . . . was active in Red Cross Club 2, Float Committee 3, and Letter Carrier 3 . , . will miss all the fun times she had trying to share the locker with four people . .. collects hippos and being with Daniel, CARlVl EN DECIIVIA 26 ...A new DENNIS DEBERRY . . . or Big Nose was in Senate 1,2,3, Class Council l,2,3, Chess Club 1,25 Varsity Wrestling 2,3, J.V. Track 1, Imp and Devil Club 1,2,3, C.S.F. 1,2,3, . .. hopes to be the best at whatever he tries . . . wants to be a jet pilot... remembers going to football games and watching G.W. and D.E. catch touchdowns ELENA ROSE DELAFUENTE FRANK DELAROSA . . . was in Football 1. EDWARDO DELEON BERNARD SALVADOR DE LOS REYES . .. Bernie was in Knowledge Bowl 2,3, Orchestra 2,3, ...will miss Nls. Pugh's Psych class, attending football games, everyday hassle of getting in line at lunch . . . likes to mess around with friends, making noise at football games, making noise in lVls. Pugh's Psychology class. ANNA DEL ROSARIO . .. Comadre Banana was in Varsity Tennis 1,2,3, ASB Attorney General 3, Class Council 1,2,3, CSF 1,2,3, Asian Club 1,2,3, . .. will miss all her dear friends and teachers who made her years at Sweetwater most memorable . .. enjoys being with her family and friends and playing tennis, dancing and driving her l'FIAT". ANDREW DEL TORO . . . Andy was in Varsity Tennis 2,3, . .. will miss all the friendly people, going to the football games, calling Wayde llDumkoff" . .. likes to make and eat Italian and Mexican food, likes to kid around with friends. JEANETTE MARIE DE LUCIA ... Shorty will most remember her sophomore year. . . wants to someday become a social worker, raise a family, and live a life of peace and happiness. VALERIE DIANE DEUEL . .. Duck will miss lVls. Follendorf's Creative Writing class 5th period, all the good times at lunch, and the Football games . . . was in Campus League 2,3, Student Activities 3, . . . likes to sew, swim, bowl, camp, be with friends and have good times. COLLEEN ANN DEVANEY . .. Col was in Choir 2, Vocal Ensemble 3, . . . will remember the Choir trips, and the funny faces Nlrs. Charles made to make us smile... likes horsebackriding, and having a good time with her friends. 27 VIRGIL ALLEN DEWITT . . . SOS Pad likes all outdoor activities, likes 4 wd trucks . . . was in Varsity Golf 1,2,3, HEIDI ANN DRUMMOND . .. was in Biccentennial Club 2, Varsity Track 1,2, Cross Country lVlARIVEL DIAZ 2, Softball lVlgr. 1, . .. likes DAVID DIAZ reading, going to the beach, PHILIP DIAZ DE LEON jogging with her dog, Autumn, DAVID A. DIAZ and being with Richard. LUDIVINDA DUBLADA JUDY GRACE DREW GINA DUKE . . . she'll miss ditching and having good times with Nlaria, Pat, Nlark, Robert and most of all Greg . .. she wants to keep Greg as happy as she can for the rest of his life. WESLEY DANIEL EATON... Wes was in Varsity Football 3, Varisty Track 3, Chess Club 2, German Club 2, . . , will remember being lVIetro Champs 1977, the Lincoln!Su-Hi CIF game, and Elaine lVlangosing in Psychology . .. likes to play football, hopes someday to become a Physical Education Teacher. W, ,ff 28 CATHERINE AGUON ENRIQU EZ .,. Cat was in ID Corps HR" 2g Asian Club 1,2,3g , . . will always remember meeting Ricky on April IVIAXINE EDWARDS 12, 1976 ESTELLA ESTRADA EDGAR EGUIZA THEA ERICKSON JULIE ESTRADA OSCAR FAMANIA ALUGASI ENOSA JOSE LUIS ESPINOZA FLOYD A. FAIIVAE ALVIN FARMER 'GF ri i L i i WILLIAM FAST ESTHER FERNANDEZ . , . was in Uniform Group 35 . . . always will remember the football games and being in uniform groups with Volie, Monie, and Martha while it lasted . . . wants to go to business college. IRMA FLORES ROSEANN M. FLORES RUDLFO FLORES, JR. DAVID FLOWER BENNY P. FONTILLAS, JR. . .. Bunz likes to play his trumpet and being with Diana . . . was in Asian Club 1,2,3g Pep Band lg Marching Band l,2,3g Assistant Drum Major 25 Drum Major 3g Jazz Ensemble 1,2,3g ...will miss all the trials and tribulations of being a high school student. ALFREDO FORTALIZA . . . Tuffy was in Football 1,2,3g Float Committee 1,2,3g . . . will miss football, good times talkino all my bull to the mugs . . . likes to party, listen to rock. . .wants to be the best commercial artist and have the money to show it, LAURA LYNN FOWLER ... Sunflower . . . was in class Council 35 Campus League 1,2,3y Imp and Devil 2,35 Action Club 2, president 35 Gallery 3g . . . will miss Mr. Gipson, Ms. Anderson, and Mrs. Charles. The friends she will leave behind, and pep assemblies . . , likes to be with my friends, go camping, football games and trip out. JAN L. FRANKSON 30 424 Bd ,, -A it LQ ., , .,.,.V. lf, MICHAEL JOSEPH GALLEGOS ,,. Pear was in JV Football 1, Varsity 2, Class Council 3, . ., likes partying, concerts, the Hicks and going out , . . will always remember when his brother played in the semifinals and he didn't . , , with God's guidance, he hopes to someday nnd all goals achieved and be happy always. GLORIA ELENA GALVAN .,. was active in CSF 1,3, Pep Club 1, Annual Staff 3, Class Council 1,3, Float Committee 1,3, . ., will miss football and basketball games and Mr. Don. Will never forget all the friends she found at SuAHi . . . likes to make people happy, and travel, Plans to become an airline hostess, CYNTHIA GARCIA MARCO GARCIA MARK A. GARCIA YOLANDA YVONNE GARCIA KURT ALLEN GIESER . . . Tigger will miss friends and activities, teachers and car rallies . . . was in Choir 1,2, Vocal Ensemble 3, JV Tennis 1, Red Cross 2, . .. likes tennis, driving, horse back riding, swimming, bowling, the beach, parties, snow and the desert. DENNIS GINN Silver Fox was in JV Football lg Raquetball 3, Photo Club 2,3, Class Council 2,3, Float Committee 2,3, . .. will miss some of the people, not all, but some . . . likes photography, freehand and architectural drawing. Which someday he hopes to get into. Also to get married sometime to, l'who else," Dawn. JOSEPH DUMAYAS GIRON Joe plans to go to college and live a happy life . . . was in Asian Club 2,3, Pep Club 2, Float Committee 2, Basketball 1,2 Varsity 3, to cherish all of happiness with Candy. EUGENA RITA DUEANS GOGUE . , , Jeannie was in Float Committee 1,3, Asian Club 1,3, . , . will miss the special talks about 2134, 1222, with Jeannie, laughs shared with friends ,.. will always remember the way she felt about that special someone, 134, Homecoming night 1O!14!77, and the parties . . . likes sports and dancing. W I 31 GUILLERNIINA RAIVIONA GOIVIEZ . . . Nloni will remember French cultural experiences, football and basketball games, trip to Acapulco and Mexico and all the stomachaches I got from laughing so much in lVlr. lVleredith's class . ,, my goal is to become a certified public accountant for an airline, JOSE A. GOIVIEZ DAVID ALLEN GONZALES . .. Goony was in Chess Club 1, Football Manager 3, Senator 3 ...will miss the people, football team, the girls, and making pop corn . , , likes camping, tishing, hiking and playing with his electric train. EDUARDO GONZALES f -V :E THEODORE H. GONZALES TIlVl GONZALES LETICIA GONZALES . ., Letty will miss the fun and laughter that she shared with her best friends . . , wants to go to college and major in Home Economics. PRICILLA ANN GONZALES . .. Percy or lllVliss Priss" was in Float Committee l,2,3, Class Council 1,2,3, Pep Club 2,3, . .. will miss egging, football games with gang and Wayde's animal cookies . . . wants to attend college and party. SILVIA GONZALES ISABELITA GREGORIA . .. Lisa likes to sew, go out... was involved with Class Council 1,2,3g Pep Club 2,3, Float Committee 1,2,3. SUSAN DANA GREYWACZ . .. Susie will miss Guillermo in Biology class, and all'her friends and people that she's come to know in the three years , .. participated with the Su-ettes 1,2g Varsity Tennis Team 3, and Annual Staff 2,3g . . . likes to be with Donald and being happy and make people laugh. STEPHEN KEITH GRIFFITH Steve was in football 3, . . . will miss the 1977 Varsity Football team, and their chance to go to the stadium ...likes to go to parties, play football, and lift weights. JOE E. GROSS 'rv-fs. -l--ff' 4 MONICA A. GUADERRAMA JANIS LYN GUALCO .. , likes sports and parties . . . was in gymnastics 1,25 Float Committee 2,35 . . . will miss the mugs and the mug bug. MARTIN GUERRA 34 KENNETH HADLEY , . . Sadly was in JV Football 1, Varsity 2,35 Metro Champs . . . will miss most Friday night football games, and all the guys at lunch time . .. wants to be a carpenter or a football coach. SCOTT ROBERT HAMMOND . .. was in Golf 15 Water Polo 2,35 Swimming Team 2,35 Lamplighters 25 Senior Standouts 35 CSF 25 . . , hopes to become a Forester live in the mountains, and persue contentment, love, and prosperity WANDA ANN HANNUM ..,was KELLEY MARIE HAWKINS . ,. basketball and softball mgr . , . was in Float Committee 35 will miss all her friends and Variety Show 35 National City's teachers . . . wants to be an Jr. Miss 35 Racquetball Club 35 interior designer. . , , will miss the gang around the platform in front of the ASB at CLIFFORD JOE HASTINGS break - -- WGS Playing racquetball, sewing, swimming. LORI ELIZABETH HAWKINS LAURA KATHY HILL IKUKO JOAN HOLLOWAY . .. Pocahontas was in Marching Band 2,3, Pep Band 3, Band, IVIAFIA 3, Campus League 1, Secretary 2,3, Action Club 2,3, Imp and Devils 2, Gallery Staff LINDA S. HOWERTON ,.. FVELYN HERNADEZ Woodstock was involved in Float Committee 1,2,3, Red and Gray ILEANA P HERNANDEZ l,2, Editor-in-Chief 3, , , . will remember ditchinq class and the IVIARIANNE R HERNANDEZ good times with Debbie.. CURTIS HOVVREY RICHARD HUBBARD DEBORA ANN HUCKABY . .. Huck participated in the Art Club 2,3, .. . will miss being with her friends in the smoking area . ,. loves oil painting, camping in the mountains or the desert, likes being with her friends at Sweetwater Roller Rink. UH" DONALD HUGHES, JR. . ,. Homegrown was actively involved with the Senate l,2, Float Committee 2,3, French Club 2,3, CSF 2,3, Red and Gray 2, Copy Editor 3, AFS 1,2, president 3, Class Council 1,2,3, Swimming l,2,3, Imps and Devils 1,2,3, Commissioner of Public Relations 3, Su-Hi News 3, Lamplighters, Historian 3, . .. likes to water ski, go see the 'tRocky Horror Picture Show" with the usuals. ROBERT HUNTER ' I Iv ROBERT HURLBERT THOMAS HUTCHASON . . . Tom was in Imps and Devils 1,2,3, Ass't Commissioner of Service 2, Ass't Commissioner of Store 2, Lamplighters 3, Float Committee 2,3, .. . will always remember Homecoming 77 . . . all my friends at the WHOPPER! BRITT HUTCHISON . , . Bret was in Choir 1,2, Red Cross 3, . .. likes camping, hiking, tennis . ,. will miss football games, all his friends and mostly the teachers who have helped him. GILBERT IBARRA HECTOR INIGUEZ CRAIG ISABELL TEODORA JAN LEY ELISABETH JERDO ... Liz will miss all the fun she and the gang had together, and the 'lopenf closed" campus . .. likes to play tennis and spend the rest ofthe time at the beach catching the rays. VICTOR JIIVIENEZ BRYAN EDWARD JOHNSON... BJ likes competitive roller skating, photography, psychology and just enjoying life. Also, would like to continue to college . , , was in Class Council 1,2, NFL 1, Secretary!Treasurer 2,3, VTS! Monitor 1,2,3, Photo Club 3, Senate 3, Imps and Devils 3, Disc Jockey 3, Swimming 2,3, Red and Gray 2, Head Photographer 3, ...will remember having fun with the Swimming Team of 76, Red and Gray, and Senate. I 36 Q in pwsif--" , '1 C t I ELIZABETH JOHNSON LARS JOHNSON ... Pirate was in JV Track l,2, Varsity 3, . .. will miss the people and the goons . . . wants to kick back and relax, be himself, to give something back to life. JOEL SCOTT JOHNSTON ...will miss playing football and playing volleyball in P.E .... was in JV Football 2,3, Varsity 2,3. ANDREW LEE JONES ANN CAROL JONES . . . was in Knowledge Bowl, CSF . . . will miss friends and teachers . .. likes to play tennis, bowl, go to movies, and read gothic romance books. DEOK YUNG KIlVl ...Jennie was in CSF, Interact Club, Knowledge Bowl, Imps and Devils . . . likes to read, swim, and play tennis. MARY LOUISE JUBACH .,, Jubacki was in Su-ettes 1,2, Sophomore Class Secretary 1, Class Council l,2,3g Nlarching Band, Stage Band 1,2,3, Tennis Team 2g Float Committee 1,2,3g Ski-Club 2,35 Su-ette Spirit Cheerleader 2, want to go to college, major in Special Education for handicapped children ...will miss good times with the l'GANG" Kris, Aud, San TRINA A. KALINA BERNADETTE KLElVlAN 1 3 7 5 i I fil KANDACE STAR KNIGHT . .. Kandy will miss the fun times and the friends she made in swimming ...was in swimming l,2,35 Water Polo l,2,35 NFL 2, Gallery Staff 3... hopes to go on to college and become a successful dentist5 likes to be happy in all she does and to swim. DAVID KOLEBER MARY KOONS 38 pAUl-A JEAN LANE BEATRIZ LEDESMA GEORGE ASA LANGFORD . .. KELLEY LEE Mighty Mouse was-in Float Committee l,2,35 Track l,2,35 JV Football 15 . . . will always remember summer with Diana Ridriquez . . , wants to own an outstanding looking home, start hiw own business, be wealthy, ALFONSO LE ALCALA III . . . Al will always remember scoring two goals against San Diego, making l3'0" feet and more, and his counselor Mrs. Ocha . .. Senior Class President 35 JV Track 1, Varsity 2,35 Varsity Soccer l,2,35 JV Football 1, Class Council l,2,35 CSF l,2,35 JAMES ARTHUR LIESMAN ... Jaime was in Orchestra l,2,35 Marching Band 35 Stage Band 35 Asian Club 1,25 Ski Club 2,35 Art Club l,2,35 Lamplighters 15 Red Cross 25 Shutter Bugs 25 Cafeteria worker 1,25 Imps and Devila l,2,35 , , . will miss shouting, Ms. Shine, my art designs of sunsets, and going crazy at football games . . . likes to paint, music and would like to major in art. ROSA MARIA LIM . . . was in Class Council l,2,35 CSF 1,25 Basketball Stat 2,35 Varsity Tennis 2,35 ...wants to go to' college and become an elementary school teacher, live in the faith of Christ by bringing sunshine into lives with smiles of friendship . , . will remember the good times after the football games and basketball games. MANDY LITTLE MANUEL LIZARRAGA DEAN JOSEPH LOCKWOOD ef?" EUFRONIO GONZALES LOIVIIBAO, JR .... Rick was active in Vocal Ensemble 1,2,35 Peer Counselor 35 Homecoming Committee 2,35 Campus League 35 Red and Gray 2,35 Senior Standouts 3. RONALD PAUL LONGLEY . .. Ron was a member of the Ski Club 35 Peer Counselor 35 Lamplighters 35 AFS 2,35 BBXSP 35 ,. . will miss Ending out more of his friends. CONSUELO LOPEZ . .. Connie hopes someday to go to Bible College, 5 ,was in Campus League 1,2,35 CSF 25 Action Club 2,35 Red and Gray 2,35 Gallery, 2,35 enjoys playing the piano and the guitar, writing and needlework. EFRAIN LOPEZ GLORIA LOPEZ IRIVIA LOPEZ TINA LOPEZ . .. Pooches will miss the eggings, football games and Priscilla's and Lisa's short jokes . . . was in Float Committee 1,2,35 Class Council 1,2,35 Pep Club 2,35 Basketball 25 . . . likes photography, parties and that special person. KAREN MARIE LORD . , , Smiley was manager of the wrestling team 3, . . . will miss the good times and the guys, will always remember her senior year and the guys on the team .., likes being with friends and having a good time. THERESA NOREEN LOYA . .. Farrah Fawcett II was involved with Class Council 2,35 FHA 3, Choir 2,3, . . . will miss pep assemblies, and peanut butter cake... likes to dance, watch TV, write scripts, and watch football. ANITA IVIACIAS EDDIE IVIACIAS ROSA IVIACIAS CHRISTOPHER NIACROHON INOCENCIA IVIAGALLONES lVlILAGROS ARIVIAIVIENTO NIAGTIBAY . ., lVlila was in the Asian Club l,2,3, Imps and Devils l,3g . . . hopes to reach her goal, enjoy life, and do things that she's always wanted to do. IVIAGDALENA IVIALDONADO . .. Nena likes going off campus when there was an assembly, hitting her friend Julieta when she got mad, playing volleyball and basketball . . . will miss her friends, her teachers, especially lVlr. Evans, the Spanish teacher, and Charles Weeks, especially when he called her 'lBruja". RENEE MALERO 40 ELAINE IVIANGOSING , . . Nlango was Var. Volleyball, Softball, basketball 1,2,3, Var. pep squad 3, speech team 1,2,3, NFL 1,2,3, Asian 1,2, CSF 2, Choir 2,35 ASB V.P. 3, comm. or student act. 2, . . . will miss the ASB gang . .. plans to attend college and major in Tele-communication, wants to become the Philipina version of Barbara Walters. CARIVIEN L. lVlARTINEZ .. . will miss her friends and T.E .... likes to go out with her friends to parties, dances, and concerts, hopes to go to college and become a bilingual legal secretary or a bankteller. DANIEL IVIARTINEZ . . . was in Band 1,2,3, Pep Band 3, Red Cross Club 2, Float Committee 3, Chess Club 2, ...will miss all the great times he had with the band. DAVID MARTIN EZ DEBRA MARTIN EZ HENRY IVIARTINEZ . . . was All CIF 1ST Team Offense 3, All lVletro 2,3, . . . likes kicking back. JESSE MARTIN EZ ALIDA MAXWELL CATHERINE DELORES IVIAYNARD , . . will miss the drama dept., the Sweethearts ball, and her junior year, . . .was in Lamplighters 1,2,3, Thespians 2, President 3, Adv. Drama 1,2,3, Les Cherettes 1,2, Su-Hi Service Club Pres. 3, . ,, enjoys acting and the theater arts, dancing, and being with someone special! EDWARD PAUL lVlAZEY 41 LINDA IVICBRIDE JANIISON IVICCORIVIACK PATRICIA MELLADO 42 MICHELLE IVIELLEGERS . .. Shell was in Varsity Volleyball 1,2,3g Su-ettes 1,25 SHS Club 3, Float Committee 3, member of the l'Three Mouseketeers" 2, Red and Gray 1,2,3, Class Council 1,35 . . . will miss the football games, the fun times with Dennis and Beth in Red and Gray, playing volleyball, weightlifting, Coach Smith . . . likes to go to the movies and be with friends. HAROLD IVIENDIOLA g JOHN PAUL lVlENDIVIL . . . was in Basketball 2, JV Football 2, JV Baseball 1, Varsity 2,35 CSF 1,2,3, . . . will always remember lVlr, Stewart's biology class . .. likes sports and being with friends and others. HENRY NIENDOZA . . , was in JV Football 1, JV Cross Country 25 JV Track 1,2, German Club 2. ROBERT AREMNAS IVIENDOZA ... RANI hopes to travel to Europe . . . likes listening to music, meeting new people, having a good time with his friends and partying! .,. was in ASB Commissioner of Finance 3 CSF 1,2,3, Asian Club 1,2, Co- chairman 3, Sophomore Class Treasurer lj Float Committee 1,2,3, Imps and Devils 1,2,3, Ass't Comm. of Tickets 2, JV Wrestling 1,2, Class Council 2,3, ASB DJ 2,3. JESSE ALEX IVIERCADO SHEILAH IVIORENO NIERLAN KENNETH MIRAMONTES GABRIEL MOLINA GILBERT MONTES -it MARTHA ALICIA MONTES DE OCA . . . was in CSF 1,2,3g Class Council 1,2,3g Basketball Stat. 3g . . , will miss Angel Reed borrowing her chemistry book . . . likes to go to college and be successful in whatever career she chooses. FRAN K MORALES WENDELL MOORE MARIA EUGENIA MORENO MARTHA MORINEAU . . , ID Corps 3g enjoys dancing, concerts and going out , . . will miss all her friends and the dumb things they did. Will always remember ditching and going to eat. FRANCIS MARIA MUNOZ ROSA LINDA MUNOZ .. . will remember her friends, the good football games, and the llth grade typing class with Mr. Hartshorn. H g I .tl ..,, g g I .Qg G cle :I 'QQ .l,W A ,- . r.. ' I I 'm" I ft ,I .N " MARIA MURILLO GEORGE MURPHY 44 MARY MURRAY, was in float comm. 1,2,3, Su-ettes 2, J.V. Cheer 2, Var. 3, Var, Track, Softball, 1,2,3, J.V. Volleyball 1, Homecoming Court 3, Jr. Miss 3, Good Times 1,2,3, . . , will miss going out with the l'mug" gang, and crusing in the l'Mug Bug" ... likes sports, cheering, and going out after the football and basketball games. NICHOLAS NORMAN NASTAV or Barbarian, hopes to be himself and get out of life what he puts into it... likes surfing, construction work and enjoys camping. ELAINE NARVAZA TUYETAN H NGUYEN KAREN D. NOSAL or Nose, was in Su-ettes 1,25 basketball Statistician 1, Girls League 1, CSF lg J.V. pep squad 25 Hoat comm.1,2,swimming 1 . .. wants to become a nurse and share the rest of her life with Albert... will remember the car accident with Lisette and Dawn, and going out with the ltmug gang", ROBIN OCHOA ZAN DRA OJ EDA JOSEPH JOHN O'KEEFE, JR., Basketball 1, J,V. 2, Var. 3, baseball l,2, var. 3, NFL 2, Pres. 3, Lamplighters 2,35 ITS 2,3, Adv. Drama production of IlSerendipty," 'lInterview", I'Matchmaker" and the ltPrime of Miss Jean Brodie", will always remember winning the best comedy award at the '77 scene festival, and all the times he had at Sweetwater. DAVID O'RILEY JORGE OSUNA MARIA ELIZABETH OSUNA or Liz, Volleyball 1,2, Var. 3, soccer man. 2, Latino Club 1, French Club 2, Mexico City trip 2. . .will never forget all the happy days she had here with her friends, especially the guys from the soccer team, hopes to become a doctor and marry the guy she loves. PATRICIA OSUNA ANTONIO PASCUAL PABLO or Tony, Asian Club 1,2,3, wrestling var. 3, . . . will miss all 3 years of fun and laughter and every single friend he has made in these past years, oh yeah, Uthe goon joke" ... likes foosball, movies and going out, PETER PABLO MARY CATHERINE PABON, Class Council 2,35 basketball stat. 2,3, Pep Club 2, Speech Team 3 . . . will miss being with all her friends at lunch, football and basketball games . . . wants to attend college and raise a beautiful and loving family. ALICIA PACH ECO RUTH ELIZABETH PARKER or Rufus, swim team timer 1,2,3, Class Council 2,3, AFS 1, sec. 2, trea. 3, peer counselor 3, . . . will miss football games, P.E. with Miss Lewis, being with her friends, senior year, and Miss Michael . .. hopes to become a registered nurse, likes to work at the hospital and going out with her special guy. TERESA PARRA CARIVIEN PASTRANA or Negra, will miss photography and gym, the fun she had with J.C. and the football assemblies . . . likes swimming, dancing, softball and volleyball . . . will always remember 9-23-74. MARY ELLEN PATTISON was in Su-ettes 1,2, SHS 3, float comm. 35 Photo Club 2, three mouseketeers 2, . . . will miss football games . . . likes to go shopping, eating and being with Robert. Wants to become an airline stewardess and someday get married. JULIE THERISE PAYNE . .. Letter carrier 3, float comm. 3, CSF l,2, . . . will miss sharing a locker with 3 other people and going to football games . . . will remember the Fallbrook basketball game in 76. DONNA PEPPIVIULLER RICARDO PEREZ JOHN HENRY PHILLIPS SHERILYN L. PHILLIPS or Sheri, volleyball 1,2,3, softbal 1,2,3, basketball 1,2,3, bicentennial club 1, CSF 1,2,3, 2nd team Nletro volleyball 2, lst team 3, lst team lVletro softball 2, will miss girls sports and all of the good times that shes had . .. likes to play sports, and do things with her friends. CAROLYN PIIVIENTEL, float comm. 1,2,3, Su-ettes 1,25 bicentennial club 1, volleyball 1,2, swimming 1, basketball 2, . . . will miss the good times with all of the "mug gang" . . . wants to be happy and have a chance for the kind of life she's hoped for. RANDY PIN KERTON lVlOISES PLON EDA 46 A-'WX' CHARLES ANTHONY POLLACK or Chuck, was in band 1,2,3, will miss halftime shows and going on parades with the band , .. likes to play basketball, being with his girlfriend Teresa E, and have fun with the guys in band, JESSLYN DENISE PONCE or Sha-Sha, MECHA 1, Bicentennial Trip Club 1, Photo Club 1, softball J.V. 2, baseball stat. 2, CSF 3, . . . will miss the fun that Mr. Hodges and Mr. Canaris added to our trip . .. likes photography and sports . ,. would like to make it through college as a writer and photographer, while making a very special someone happy, REBECCA PORTILLO or Becky, will remember being friends with Antonia Valdez and all the fun we had on our football team .. will miss football games . , . likes to cut classes and go eat with Monie, Martha and Yolie. CYNTHIA ANN POWELL or Cindy was in gymnastics 2, ...will miss all her friends . . . wants to marry that special someone, enjoy life to its fullest and be successful in anything. FERDY PRECLARO, was in float comm. 1,2,3, class council 1,2,3, comm. of student activities 3, CSF 1,2,3, Class V.P. 1, senior standout 3, Red and Gray 1,2, Sports Ed. 3, . . . will remember Good Times Sept '76, June '78, "Back of the room gang" in annual staff, talking to Teresette and Alma's best friend Terri, Toni llCald's" problems . .. likes to go to the beach, have a good time with good company, and llMake Money" wants to learn how to surf right. MARCELLA MARINA PRENDEZ or Marcie, MECA 1, softball 2, Var, 3, friendship team 3, fioat comm. 2,3, Imp and Devils 3, . .. likes to draw, paint, be outdoors .. . wants to be an R.N. DIANA ESTELA PRESTON, MECHA 3, will miss Mr, Inzunza, his class help and encouragement... likes going places and just being with Alfonso. CECILIA BERNICE PRICE or Squinky, Su-Hi News . . , likes to eat and be with the 'lmamadells", especially with Bonifacio Munoz, Jr. SAMMY JAY PURVIS, J,V. Cross Country 1, Basketball man, 1, JIMMY HIDALGA QUILON will miss the friends he grew with. 47 ROSARIO A. QUINATA, Su-Hi News 35 Volleyball 2,35 Basketball 2,35 class council . .. will miss Barbara, Elaine, Sheilah, especially all her friends in Volleyball, basketball and also the tennis team, and coming into the career center every day after school. ROSA RANIIREZ, Drill team 25 ID 35 will miss her friends and school activities . . . likes to camp with a group of friends and skate, go bike riding and draw, VALERIE ANN RAIVIIREZ CASSANDRA LEE RAIVIOS MARIA LOURDES RAIVIOS LISA RANDALL IVIICHELE ELAINE REON or Frenchie, CSF 1,25 Su-Hi News 1,25 Su-ettes 1,25 Class Council 1,25 Pep Club 25 ...will miss going to the games . . . likes to party. PATRICIA RETORIANO ALEJANDRO REYES ALISON LORETTA REYES DONNA JEAN REYES MARIA REYES 48 5 insane RAY REYES LORA LYNN REYNOLDS or Taco, swimming 1,2,3, float comm. 2,3, Class Council 2, . , . will miss Mr. Gibson, all the fun times and fun people she met these past three years . . . likes swimming, laughing and going out with Richard, TERRIE SUE RICHARDSON, Red and Gray 1,2, Senior Ed. 3, Choir 1,2, Class Council 2,3, class treas, 2, Co-Chairman Vareity Show 3, AFS 2,3, Pep Club Pres. 2, , . , will miss annuals llBack of the room" gang, Ferdy's jokes of my friend Alma, Teresette, the good times with Jackie, Kathy and Lisa . . . will remember her Jr. year, deadlines, and all the choir trips . . . wants to become a legal secretary and move out of California. LISETTE RICO . . . was in Float comm. 1,2,3, J.V, pep squad 2, Var. 3, softball 1,2,3, senior standout 3, Homecoming court 3, Red and Gray 1,2,3, . . . will remember beingwith Karen and Dawn when Karen sank the boat, finding 520.00 with Linda, and going out. PATRICIA MAE RIGGS or Patti Mae, class council l,2, float comm. 2,3, Ensemble 2,3, AFS 3, Jr. Miss 3, . . . will miss all of the super people that she met, especially Karen, Lisa, Terri, her buddies . . . likes singing, sewing, and eating. BARBARA MAE ROBERTS or Boo Boo, CSF 1,2, Volleyball 2, co-captain 2, Var. Track 1,2,3, Literary Magazine 2,3, advisor to Editor 3 . . . will miss Mr. Doncheski, Guillermo, Katie, Ms, Lewis and Mr. Martinez!! also miss the good times at football and basketball games, and the good time in V.B. and Track . .. loves natural things, being herself and meeting people who are the same. DEBRA LEE ROBERTS or Deb, Su-Hi News 2, Editor 3, class council 1,2,3, basketball stat. 2,3, Imp and Devil 2, float comm. 1,2,3, Pep Club 2, Quill and Scroll 3, . . . will miss being weird with all her friends . ., likes going to games and Rocky Horror with the usuals. JACQUELINE ROBINSON or Jackie, will miss cheering, KENT DAVID ROBINSON ROSAN NA ROBLEDO 49 MARIO ROBLES ANNE RODRIGUEZ DEBRA RODRIGUEZ DIANA LEE RODRIGUEZ gymnastics 1,2,35 fioat comm. 25 will miss her friends and the good times at Su-Hi, not being able to take P.E. two times a day to bug the coaches . . . wants to fulhll her goals in life and marry her special guy. ELIAS THOMAS RODRIGUEZ or Lee Rod football 2,35 baseball 2,35 . . . will miss football and the chance we had to show San Diego we had the HBADDESTH team and the UStonies" . . , likes to play sports, party with his friends and just jive around . .. wants to enjoy life the best way he can maybe someday be a rich HCA-rv, SALLIE ANNE RODRIQUEZ or IIQui Chang" Marching band 1,2,35 Pep band 1,2,35 Band Council sec. 35 Maha 35 ...will miss Mike Duke and his 4 Hats, r.o. and the l'family" . . . likes to be destructive with the Family during and after band events. ALICIA ROEBUCK ANALYN CRYSTAL ROLLAN or Twin, CSF 1,2,35 Knowledge bowl 2,35ASiar1 Club 35 ASB 1,2,35 Comm. of Store 35 Imp and Devil 1,2,35 will miss the ASB knowledge bowl tournaments, the devil horns, Su-Hi! . . . likes to work at games, watch games, cook, read, work and go to dances. EVALYN CRYSTAL ROLLAN or Twin, comm. of concessions 35 knowledge bowl 2,35 CSF 35 asian club 35 Imp and Devil 1,35 will miss friends and teachers of Su-Hi . . . likes to play tennis, read, work, and join clubs. Wants to go to Whittier or UCLA and become a Bio Analyst. AUREA MARTIN EZ ROSALDO 50 t l av .ss JOANN GOGUE ROSARIO NANCY ROWLAND WAYNE ROWLAND or Duck, will miss eating animal cookies at the football games with Donald, Miss Priss, Ann, Anna, Lynn and the rest of the gang and especially eating pringles and yogurt with Cindy . , . likes to work with animals and watch cartoons for the rest of his life, while eating wheaties and yogurt. ROSEIVIARY RUAN SONIA ANTONIA RUAN LESLIE RUSSELL GUSTAVO SA LGADO ELENA MARTIN SALUDARES, Asian Club l,3, float comm. 1,35 volleyball 1,35 softball 1,35 basketball lg . . , wants to let life come as it goes and successfully go to college and major in nursing . . . will remember summer school of '77, the gang, and friends . .. likes going to dances. SYLVIA SANIUDIO IVIARYAN E SANCHEZ 51 LISA GAYLE SANDERS or Lisa Gay, water polo 1,2,3, swimming 1,2,3, class council 1,2,3, AFS 1,2,3, float comm. 1,2,3, Devil doers 1. Lamplighters 1 Ski Club 3, Senior standout 3 . . . will miss co-ed water polo, her Inspiration l'lewie", Pitts, Verdugo, Karen, Patty, Terri and Zarecky, football games and most of the basketball games . . . would like to go to a 4 year state college and someday become a swimming coach. SARA SAN DOVAL BETIY SANTOS MARIO SANTOYO KRISTINE SATTERTHWAITE or Kris, gymnastics 1,2, tennis 2, su-ettes 1,2: SHS 3, Ski Club 2, Pres. 3, Homecoming court 3, . . . will miss and remember all the fun and crazy times with the llgang" . . . likes to ski and go to the beach . , . will always remember Homecoming. REINHARD SCHALL EVELYN SCOTT TAMARA ELIZBETH SHUMAN or Tam, track team 3, tennis 3, ...will miss all of the people she's met , . . likes to play tennis be with her friend Susie, reminisce old times and just be as active as she can. PATTY SILVA MARIA SIM ENTAL 52 I ALETHA TERESA SIMPSON DARREN A. SIMMS KAREN SLAVINSKY or Pollack, class council 1,2, class V.P. 3, CSF 1,25 Treas. 3, AFS 1,2,3, Hoat comm. l,3g Ski Club 2,3g Homecoming court 3, senior standout 3, . . , will remember the carefree days of good times spent with beautiful people from Sept '75 to June '78 . . . would like to travel, experience life and become a good teacher and understanding counselor. GARY DEAN SMART NAOMI JOAN SMITH or Ned, Softball, basketball 1,2,3, Tennis 1,2,3, CSF 1,2g Sec. 35 Red Cross 2, French Club 2,3g peer counseling 3, llGallery" editor 3, AFS 2,3g . . . will miss the few teachers who have taught her so much, and sports . . . likes to draw, write, listen to piaf and play sports. SHANNON LEE SMITH RONALDO SOLIS REBECCA MARIA SOTELO PHILLIP G. SOTH RAS 53 SCOTT ANTHONY STEELE marching band 1,2535 pep band 152,35 AFS 1,2, maytime band review comm. 2,35 will miss being in band . . , likes to play music and be with friends. GEORGE E. STOUTENBURG was on J.V. football 1,25 Var. 35 J.V. baseball 15 Var. 2,35 wrestling 1 ...likes to party with friends, be outdoors and surf. DAVE SPARKlVlAN PAUL EVERETT STRUBLE ERIC ANDREW STEWART WILLIAM L. STRAHAN or Bill, Imp and Devil 1525 AFS 152,35 float comm. 25 Adv. Drama 2,35 ITS 253: Lamplighters 1,25 wants to study for a degree in restaurant management and some day own his own . .. ROSLYN ANNE SUE or Roz, was in class council 1,2,35 CSF 1,2 Pres. 35 NFL 2,35 French Club 152,35 senior standout 35 Jr. Nliss. 35 . , . will miss being a part of the l'5" stooges . .. would like to attend Biola College and major in communications. KAY FRANCES SU PSIC CATHERINE TAIJERON LYNN PATRICE TAKESHITA l 54 LAVO NYA TAY LO R LISA RENE TAYLOR or Kid, I.D. corps 35 . . . will miss waking up before the cock crows, some of her teachers and friends . . . likes being with her boyfriend as much as she can,'likes to cook, and sew. JEFFREY TALYOR LINDA MARIE TEGARDINE will miss partying with all her friends ...wants to become a success in modeling and to be happy with everyone. CECILIA TEJEDA will miss all her friends . . . plans to go to college, wants to marry Anthony Cano and show her love and understanding for him and live a happy and successful life with him. ALICE TELLEZ ROLDAN ALLEN NIALIKSI TEROY CSF 1,2,35 marching band 1,2,35 Pres. 35 Pep band l,2,35 Boy's State will miss the breath taking inspirations of Kathy Brown since the summer of 1974. MICHELE RAMONA THIBEAU LT, Hag corp capt. 2,35 Imp and Devil 2,35 Class sec. 2, Asian Club 1,25 Red and Gray 35 class council 25 Hoat comm. 25 ...will miss friends, Ferdy's friends, crazy times and R2-D2 . . . will always remember taking first at Camarillo '77-78 . . . likes to have fun, to go the beach with her friends . . . hopes to attend college and be successful in life. VANESSA RENEE TOOKES MARK WAYNE TORBETT MICHAEL TURNER JIMMY UGALDE SANDRA KAY UNERTL or Turtle, Red Cross Pres. 25 Su-ettes 2,35 Lamplighters 2,35Tl'1eSpiaVlS 2,35 Campus league 1,25 Drama 1,2,35 V. B. man. 25 . . . will miss the friends she met along with the teachers who helped her achieve her goals . . . likes to go to the mountains, be with lots of people, loves acting and helping others with the challenges along with enjoyments. STELLA MARIE DARAL UNGAB or Stella, Hoat comm. 1,2,35 class council 25 Var. pep squad 35 will miss cheering at games, being with her friends, her favorite teachers . . . likes cheering, going out to the parties after the games with her friends ... plans to go to college and become successful. ANN MARIE VALDICONZA or Waldo, float comm. 2,35 class council 2,35 pep club 25 ...will miss acting crazy with Rody and Taco, and the gang, wild Hoat comm. meetings, the social life ... hopes to accomplish everything she wants . . . likes to sew, photo., gossip. PATRICK A VALDIVIA or Pat, was on Football 1,2,35 Metro Champs. 2,35 WILLIE VALENCIA JANIS VAN SICKLE SUSANA VEGA or Presidente, ASB Pres. 35 CSF 1,2,3,: Thespians 2,35 NFL 2,35 Les Cherettes 1,25 SHS 35 MECHA 35 Lamplighters 1,25 Jr. Miss. 35 Senior standout 35 . . , will miss the terrific people she's met iteachers, tool and the interesting experiences she's had ... likes to jog, ride her bike, be alone, dance, play piano. BENJAMIN VILLALOBOS or Fingers will miss girl watching, close contact with friends, and always yelling out three certain words , , . wants to live in a big house, drive a fast car, own a fat bank account and have fun with a beautiful life. 56 DAWN VOGEL, Speech 2, class council 1,2,3, Hoat comm. 1,25 gymnastic scorekeeper 1, racquetball club 3, . . . will miss her friendship with Mrs. Stevens, car rallies, and Mr. Ditto's spanish class . . . enjoys most being with close friends Diana, Charles, and especially Dennis ...wants to become a special education teacher. CAROL LYN WADE LUCILLE WADE or Lucy CHARLES E. WEEKS, Cross Country 1,2,3, J.V., Var. track 2,35 . . . will miss his friends and running cross country and track ,.. likes making new friends, running and acting. ELAINE CAROLYN WELCH MARILYN RAYANON WESTFALL or Jutz, CSF 1, Girls track 2, Pep Club 2, Les Cherettes 2, SHS 3, class council 3, Hoat comm. 3, ...will miss her friends . . . likes to travel, draw and sketch, read, or just have fun with friends. ERNEST JIM WHITE SCOTT DUAYNE WILLIAMS, Newspaper staff, sports ed. 3, DARLENE WILMA WILLTER, French Club 3, will miss all students and teachers, football games enjoys learning everyday, playing tennis, making people laugh, working at Jack 3 and being with Ed. PATRICK M. WRIGHT 57 GLENN CAZAR LISA BARAGAS JULIE YOIVIAUCHI DEBBIE GONZALES GREG CARTER FRANCIS ARIAS FRANCISCA YEE AGUILINO GARCIA RUTH CARDOZA BARBARA ZUNIGA , lf, 58 ELENA GUZIVIAN JULIA PEREZ ANA MARIA VEGA FRANK WEBER INOCENCIA IVIAGALLONES AIVIY RIVERA CHRIS WALKER TERESA VELASQUEZ LUPE PINEDO ANDREW SHOOK CHARLES WHITLEY A 11 b A if 'uw' A 1 l, fi , ., ,+A IJ, 4- ZW.. ,-f-rvgW,,J-1,-'LM+.m:3-was r g, f X w .. f , J W , , 1, f s,5W q1, mm 'qv 1 j A , ' , A H F we 'A :JL + + ,, Underclass Editor: John Tambio Mona Arauz Maggie Valdez Sonia Nolla Juniors Are One Big Happ Family M31 fi dwxkkw-.,e....-,,. . neg. ... .,... --.NIV -.., 5 e,.---f .... A ,,,.,W..,,.e ,. av if Q: 1 ww gi- x L .ff V .N Jf,?"'M k i .W rx 1 i ,: .R Z Above - Geri Naputi, President. Top Right - Vice-President Toni Caldwell. Treasurer - Cecelia Mendivil. Opposite Page: Top Left - Secretary Dina Hall. Top Right - Nls. Maggie Carrillo, Advisor. Highlight of the year for the Class of '79 was capturing the spirit stick at Homecoming by building the winning float. President Geri Naputi led the mighty juniors through the usual fund-raising activities, which included pom-pom and pep ribbon sales plus a good share of car washes. These projects, coupled with already proven determination, promise a healthy bank account for their senior year. CLASS COUNCIL. Row 1 - V. Murphin, B. Balough, D. Miscolta, S. Padilla, C. Tilley, G. Fontillas, A. Sopher, R. Lomibao, IVI. Tuminting, G. Fontecha, Row 2 - G. Naputi, S. Nolla, A. Penaflor, R. Murrietta, D. Schroppe, C. Austin, L. Stewart, V. Balough, C. Gurule, C. Mendivil, S. Nobles, E. Maigue, Row 3 - P. Bautista, J. Santoyo, L. Heinz, M. Costello, A. Angel, L. Bilodeau, M. Scott, C. Cunningham, T. Morrison, A. Santos, M. Laxamana, D. Dinson 63 Deo Abiera Robin Abraham Myrna Abugan Jose Acosta Guillermo Adame Robert Adams Albert Aganowski Ferdinand Aguinaldo Sylvia Ahmad Ominae Aiono Norbert Alarcon Gonzalo Alba John Allen Blanca Alvarez Nlaria Alvarez Scott Anderson April Angel William Apan Nlona Arauz Javier Arballo Josepha Arbes Dolores Arce Lupe Arciniega Noemi Arevalo Victor Armijo Joseph Arrington Cindy Austin Bobby Avila lVlarlo Ayala 64 M, 'ww ,AQ '-A.: Dale Bartlett Pete Bautista Kenneth Bean Anita Bello Pete Beltran Jimmy Benavides 'iw 'Y C Joanne Braden Jennifer Brents Sf' Donna Brux James Burnside Linda Brown Teresa Cabrera 66 -1- xQ .isis V K 4- if . , -ks. WN, IU? W iv- vw.. sw i t 5 N fir' --an 'Ov NY Pat Cabulagan Beatriz Caravantes Robert Carter Paul Cervantes Albert Calderon Deborah Cardenas John Case Noemi Chavarria Toni Caldwell Alfredo Carrillo Ernestina Castaneda Ricardo Chavez Annette Candelaria Lisa Carillo Debbie Castillo Rafael Chavira TONY Cantarini Manuel Caring William Castillo Karton Chenelle MHVQGYHH Cantero Jaf'0lYf1 Caftef Catherine Catudio Debbie Cogburn Mitchell Davis Ligia Diaz Frank Delattre lVlaria Diaz William Cole Lourdes Contreras Carrie Crowson Connie Cunningham Antonio De La Serna Steven Diaz Diane Colmenero John Cooper Bernard Crum Charles Davis Ronnie Del Rosario Michael Diaz De Leon Ricardo Comaduran Robin Cox Evelyn Cruz Kathy Davis Johnny Descargar Karen Di Giulio Jorge Contreras Denise Cronkright Bill Cumming IVlark Davis Enrique Diaz Darryl Dirison .4347 I 'f 1 ,,. ,N My , r' new l 2, David Dixon Diane Dixon Jimmy Dixon Steven Dodson Teresa Dorn Gilbert Drew Kathleen Eberhard Valerie Edwards Douglas Ennis Rita Ehriquez Eugene Eramela Eunice Escalante Michelle Esparza Teresa Esparza Ernie Esquer Ana Estrada Julieta Estrada James Evaro John Exum Leeana Faas Ulysses Felarca Jaime Felix Kathryn Ferrill Robert Ferris Dennis Flores we 27 68 K, Grace Fontecha Martin Gallardo Geraldine Fontillas Freddie Gallegos Gafy Foster Olga Galvan Cynthia Fox Dante Gambito Donna Galaviz James Ganelin Angela Gallardo Alfredo Garcia Bernardo Garcia Jesus Garcia Lourdes Garcia Rafael Garcia Dorene Gayle Laura Geronilla Wh Tony Giannos Kim Gilfoil Jan Glasco Nora Glasco Joaquin Gomez Manuel Gomez 5 C.-if ...ey wvq , WWE i Diane Gonzalez Sheri Gregory Georgina Gonzalez Oscar Guerra Cnarlena Gowans Elizabeth Guerrero Maria Guzman Margaret Hagar Marjorie Hagar Dina Hall Thomas Hardie Valerie Hardie 'lb Paula Hebert Margarita Hernandez Lori Heinz Monica Hernandez Joel Hendricks Norma Hernandez Alma Hernandez Ruel Hernandez Ernest Hernand Jose Hernandez Lisa Heuss Billy Hilger Alfredo Holguin Tracy Hood Enrique Hudson David Hunter fr . ,ax 'af' Darold Hurst Rosa Ibarra lVlarco Ibanez Amalia Idos Julio Ibarra Janet Iglesias .,,, . ' ,J IVlariceI Ignacio Sandra Iniguez Rodney James Romulo Jansuy Teodora Jansuy Laura Jaszkowiak 'ev Anthony Jerdo Alicia Jimenez Elaine Jimenez Charles Johnson Carol Jones David Jones ff f , l Tanya Jones Joe Juarez Vicki Justus Helen Kapelczak Jennie Kim Ivette King mn, My dz rm ,W Carolyn Lambert James Langford Mary Lant lVlaria Lara Luke Laroya Marcus Laxamana Jacqui LeAIcala Barney Lee Beth Le Mieux Ruth Lomibao Richard Long Aida Lopez Alfred Lopez Thomas Lynch Martin Lopez Martha Macias Robin Lotz Yvette Macias Guadalupe Loza Randy Macoubrie Michael Luck Edgar Maigue Alejandra Luna Emelyn Maigue Magdelena Maldondo Jose Malijan Bessy Mamerto Joanne Manela Connie Mara Albert Marquez Joseph Martinez Gilbert Marquez Leticia Martinez Robert Marshall Martha Martinez 'Ne' 'HW 1 e F at A 'z 'S EA , NN? """:"'-' uw 'Nz 72 Andrew Mcl.int Janice McMinn Carlos Melcnor Patricia Martinez Patrick McDaniel Penny Mell Patricia G, Martinez Kermit McDowell Hector Mellado Tony Martinez Annette McFadden Cecelia Mendivi ock l 'Agp eg, "N, Antonia Mendoza Jeannie Mendoza Roger Mendoza Jose Meneses Lisa Mezta Mario Michel Brian Miller Sandra Mohr Lawrence Miller Valerie Molnar Leovardo Miranda Jaime Monge Diana Miscolta Rosa Monrreal Melanie Mitzelfelt Steven Moore Bryan Mobley Enrique Morales l 'wwf' AW ' fn.. 3 M nqpm l 7 3 Josie Moran Troy Morrison Janet Moss David Munoz Lorraine Munoz Julieta Munoz Victoria Murphin Rosie Murrieta David Napoleon Geri Naputi Elaine Narvaza Barbara Nealey Curtis Nester Sharon Nobles Silvia Nolla William Nosal David Nunez Maria Rafaela Ojeda Maria Reynalda Oieda Jeffrey Olaes Eddie Oropeza Olga Ortega Robin Osborn Randy Oyler Edmundo Pablo Frederick Pablo Frank Padilla 74 Rosario Padilla Robert Palmore Sylvia Padilla lVlary Jane Parra Robert Palmer Beverly Paston Pamela Palmore Armida Penaflor 4. A K, Vickie Peppers Donna Peppmuller lVlaria Peralta Luis Perez Pnet Petersen Leticia Pinedo 'Ya 'Ns 'fiwrev Anita Pinney lVlicl'iael Pitts Antnony Poblete lVlike Pollack Patricia Ponce Debbie Powell Nl' Oh fi Arlene Preclaro Diana Preston Snavvn Priddy Raymond Proctor Salvador Pulido Daniel Pura lVlarian Quenga Gonzalo Quiddam Alma Ramirez Reuben Ramirez lVlarlc Randolph Alena Raspperry N. it iVIary Jo Rebelo Maria Rico Arrnida Rodriguez IVIaria Rodriguez lVIarI4 Redding Armando Rics Diane Rodriguez lVIario Rodriguez Aiieen Reyes Jose Rios Lydia Rodriguez Noemi Rodriguez ii 76 Olivia Rodriguez Herlinda Romero IVlartna Romo Raul Romo Steve Ross Sandra Rowland 'nf .nv-05 Patrick Runi Angie Ruiz Guadalupe Ruiz Juana Ruiz John Saleaurnua Viliardo Sales 'Sf' ' .Z-'ff hifi. Sylvia Salgado Alex Santos Carlos Sapien Renato Samaniego Joe Santos Renee Sattiewhite Abraham Samson Phil Santos Jean Saunders Irma Santamaria Juan Santoya Deanna Schroppe Milton Scott Dennis Seevers Sa v'-W, Alfredo Sepulveda Joel Simpson Dwight Sewell Sichanh Singphiphath Maria Sewell Elvira Sipin Michelle Sherril Wesley Slaugh Theresa Silva Thomas Slavinsky Terri Simmons Mickey Sliwieki Soledad Smith Carl Snook Diane Solon Edward Solorio Aida Sotelo Kenneth Stein Gloria Stephenson Lisa Stewart Dawn Sullivan Victoria Tacto Carla Talamantez lVlark Tally John Tambio Tony Taylor Kathy Trejeda Josielyn Telmo Christina Teofilo Rosemarie Terraboa 78 Richard Terrones Weldon Thomson Carolyn Tilley Gabriel Torres John Torres Virgilio Tubon Melinda Tdminting Elsa Valenciano lVlike Vasquez Allan Tuquero Ernesto Valero Michael Venegas Johnnie Uhl Edward Vales Albert Verdugo Dora Valdez Guiselle Valverde Alex Verdugo Jaime Valdez John Varela David Verdugo Oscar Valdez Evelia Vargas Arnoldo Villaescusa Z :sry-fg 'Qf' 'iv' f.. s. Q 4 ' s ,xx ,Lx i X K ia m,m,: m,1:..,,,7. ,.. far A J I 1 1 4 ' Q ,Ik X N Q ow, ' sw. ' fi J F' is . ' ' ' 1 xxx! l i S ff Xi? , Q' ' ,f Q l"""'-Q lVlary Ann Villalovas Shelby Wagner John Wahl Fernald Walker Pamela Wallace Robin Weicht William Westbrook Sanny Westfall Robert Whitley Debra Wiggins Nancy Williams Jimmy Wilson Linda Wooldridge Nancy Wright Neil Wright Joe Yamauchi Cynthia Young Edward Zarate Gloria Zarate Judith Zuniga , " 9' IW , ZCWK 2 .W 25? fl 2 ofzi if 2 f 79 Sophomores: Not Bad For a Start The Class of 80 represents the largest sophomore class in recent history. They have showed their spirit at pep assemblies and have gotten involved in Su-Hi clubs and organizations. Their Float was one ofthe best sophomore events in recent years. They are doing projects to earn money to make their senior year one ofthe best. The leaders that helped them on their way were President, Devera Scott, Vice- President, Joe Prendez, Secretary, Colette Johnson, and Treasurer Glory Jimenez. Below, Devera Scott, Upper Right, lVlrs. Stevens, Lower Right, Joe Prendez, Opposite Page: Colette Johnson, Glory Jimenez. 80 4 CLASS COUNCIL: ROW 1 - A. Felarca, R. Gonzales, R. Olaes, S. Nolla, J. Johnson, C. Burk, R. Orata, S. Ross. ROW 2 - IVI. Jones, A. Hernandez, S. Galvan, A. Licudlne, G. Ordas, K. De La Rosa. ROW 3 - R. Gogue, J. Crespo, N. Gomez, P. Martin, D. Chunko, B. Strahan, K Frame. ROW 4 A L. Chenelle, J. Baker, J. Parmley, C. Huntsberger, D, Rico, F. Braden, L. Ciay, P. Roberti, C. lVIclVIanan, IVI. Jerdo, ,,..-.........,,,mN ,,..-..n......-.s.s..,.-v.v,.M...., ' Nw., ....,,,,- Q ' XS-Jn NMR 'Q 'wf,..m. . 'Mi ss-'4 ' A . 1 M. pi Karen Abbott Ronald Abraham Jerome Academia Victor Acosta Edward Acuna Greg Aganowskl Mark Aguilera Homer Aguinaldo Victor Aguirre Vera Aguon Emeterua Alanis Teresita Alarid Jimmy Albino Marlbel Alcoser Maria Alvarez Michael Alvarez Reina Alvarez Corey Anderson Jay Anrade C. Ansono Billy Anthony Frances Antonio Mireya Arce Susanna Arciniega Angelyn Arellano Patricia Arellano John Arguilez Angelina Arias Roseann Arias Sandra Armijo Michael Arnal Carol Arnold Alfonso Arroyo Ruben Arroyo Jesse Atalig Adriana Avlla Martha Ayina Charmaine Bailey Jim Baker Tina Balagtas Heazmun Balingit Lora Ball Patricia Ball Roy Banaban Estella Banuelos Quito Barajas Rodney Barker Robert Barragan 82 -ee ,AM f"X., ' A -.r Q Mg f K' tri 9. I C.. in if E 37, f JS X , ?a V , cg- Q.. ., .5 , we 'LQ -.4 v Dina Barrett Henry Bartolorne Martha Becerra Michael Bidwell David Bilodeau Tarnmie Bird Henry Black Linda Blair Joseph Bias Thomas Blauvelt Norberto Bobadllla Marlyne Boden Denise Bolen Lorena Borboa Ricardo Borboa Carlos Bracamonte Anabel Bracamontes Cindy Graden Janet Brennan Michael Bretado Salvador Briseno James Broadway Florence Browning Paul Brux Eugene Bryant Karen Buchanan Vanessa Bullard Carol Burke Sherry Burris George Bussing Danny Cabral Nerlita Caburao Manual Cadena Pat Callahan Roger Calvert Robert Carnilo Michael Canavan Gerardo Cano Dolores Cardenes Jesus Caro Laurice Carrillo Mario Carrillo Sylvia Carrillo Virginia Carrillo 83 Cheryl Carter Kelly Carter Arturo Casares Diana Case Yolanda Castaneda Olivia Castellanos Mark Castillo 84 ny. Fernando Castro Javier Castro Consepcion Ceja Antonio Cerda Veronica Chavez Olga Chavira Lance Chenelle Dawn Chunko Andrea Clay Allan Clowers Kim Colio Hannah Collins Bruce Concepcion Alonzo Contreras Corina Cordova Johnny Cortez Diana Cortinas Julie Coverdale Judith Crespo David Crestik Carlos Cruz Carmen Cruz Anthony Cubero Rosemarie Cuevas Benedict Damasco John Davey Patrick De Baca Tammie Descargar Glyn Davis Catherine De La Rosa Doreen Dinson James Davis E Delgadillo David Doane Ronald Dayao Dolores Delgado Robert Donahue Susana Dongon Irene Duca Mlchael Du Erin Dyjlak ke of -gf 'WL Becky Edwards Beatrlz Enruquez Rotnle Esplnoza Beatrlz Eguuza Jollana Erubez Wllllarn Esquivel Scott Emerson Estrella Ermrno Pnllllp Estepa Ana Enrlquez Anita Esparza Dlana Estrada me f. 6 4... N, K Rodolfo Estrada Ronaldo Evangellsta Elonel Evans Sheryl Evaro Nancy Famanla Angeles Felarca Nlarla Figueroa Qs hr lm Nancy Flndahl Kathleen Finn Carolyn Flanagan Kathleen Fletcher Jose Fletes Rebecca Flores Ricardo Flores ,K is V 1 Rlcnard Flores Kell Frarne Rayrntmdo Franco Teresa Fregoso Troy Folks Jaime Gabrrel Annle Galavuz 'rss Dawn Galeener Balinda Galindo Dolores Galmdo Nllke Gallnoo Sylvia Galvan Carmela Garcla Consuelo Garcia ur in is V'-rv 0 Gustavo Garcia Martha Garcia Norma Garcia Oscar Garcia Sergio Garcia Sophia Garcia Tomas Garcia Steven Gaytan Raquel Gerardo Laura Gesiopa Vickie Gieser Esterlyn Gogue Rose Gogue Roy Gogue Catalina Gonzales Christina Gonzales Kathryn Gonzales Mike Gonzales Raymond Gonzaies Debbie Gonzales Victor Gonzalez Terrie Gordon John Gordy Albert Goto Thomas Graves Alvin Grier Michael Griffith Patricia Guerra Miguel Guillen Carrie Gutierrez Roberta Gutierrez Christopher Hall Arlene Handugan Joy Hardie Steve Hargrove John Harrell Connie Hartung Ladonna Helton Alberto Hernandez 86 ,Q me "' K A 'X f 'zur 1' at x Z f - A-N W ,wt - Q Y .4-if -+ve x A N. . Q. 3 Alma Hernandez Artemisa Hernandez Baltazar Hernandez Everardo Hernandez Juan Hernandez Mary L. Hernandez Olivia Hernandez in Yvonne Hernandez Cesar Herrera Manuel Herrera Kelly Hickman Leticia Horta Rosie Hubal Ronald Hubbard iw. sm ig Q L. . Y Darla Huckaby Guadalupe Huerta Sam Hunter Colleen Huntsberger Tammie Hurst Elvia Hernandez Victor Ibanez x Daniel Idos Irene Ignacio Laura Ingram April Jack Gabriel Jaime Robert Jaime Sandra Jaszkowiak K My ,,,., .. , . My rw- Ns ss, Christine Jenkins Alberto Jimenez Collette Johnson Suzette Johnson Robert Jenkins Elizabeth Jimenez David Johnson Bryan Johnson Jose Jensen Estella Jimenez Laura Johnson Phillip Jones Margaret Jerdo Glory Jimenez Sheri Johnson Sandra Juarez 87 Trinidad Juarez Jeanne Kaemerer Crystal Kallna Patricia Kennett Karen Klme Donald Krause Doumas Lambert karl vs 3, 88 Lorrawne Lopez D. Lopez Carlos Lopez Manuel Lopez Nlary Lopez Pawa Lopez Patsy Love 4. , ,f nv., i 5 , Sam Love Christina Lozano Sandra Luck Leticia Lugo 1 xg. . L L1 , mff. 1 X.. 4 Julletta Marquez Nicky Martinez Glynis Martin Melvin Marzo lsrael Martinez Willie Mathis Jorge Martinez Charles McDaniel Larry Martinez Tara McDowell Roxanne McFadden Daniel Medina Abel Melchor Bonita Mendoza Kathryn Mendoza Ramon Mendoza Ricardo Mendoza Silvia Meneses Jerry Mercado Arnel Merlan l f , o y H K .sw e-Lf --Q., MN Babetta Metcalf Jo Anna Michetti Steve Miller George Miramontes Ferdinand Miranda Hector Miranda Rayfnundo Molina Luis Monrreal Sylvia Monrreal Donna Montoya Brad Moore Norma Morales Tina Morales Gregory Moran x ..alz , ..,:,f ,M Enrique A. Moreno Enrique V, Moreno Jorge Moreno Marla Moreno Norma Munoz Theodore Murray Guillvaldo Murrietta W E Ofelia Murrietta Lena Myers Jackie Nanquil Angela Nardone Martin Nava Rigoberto Nava Doreen Newell ,wi fx Sonia Nevare7 Sonia Noila Denise Newman Teresita Noquez Tram Nguyen David Noreiga 90 E 5 Q LW Kathy Norris Ana Ocano Mike Ocnoa Mary O'Keefe Oliver Oiiero Josetina Ontiveros 1. QF Geraldine Ordas Renee Oretta Patricia Orteqa Syivia Oropeza Nina Osman Gaano Osorio Steven Osuna x..- -439' sf W.: . Victor Osuna Greg Pablo Robert Pablo Roger Pabio Robert Pabon Kelley Parcnen James Parmiey fs.. hs- Ricnard Parra Lisa Peraza Mark Perez Irma Perez Maxine Pierce Gerald Pmeda Garry Pistole Donna Poblete Linda Poblete Laura Portiilo Joe Prendez Laura Price Loretta Proctor Joel Purdue John Quenga Peter Quenga Dons Quezon Janet Qundasol Gulbert Qunddam Nllguel Qullon John Qulntero Cecilia Ramirez Lucia Rarmrez Nllguel Ramrrez fm Ruben Ramsrez Jolene Ress Penny Robertl Marla Rodriguez Snlvla Romo Luls Ruan Irene Ramos Kurt Reynolds Raymond Robledo Rebecca Rodriguez Walter Rosario Nlaryellen Ruan Peter Raspoerry Isabel Reza Irene Robles Charles Romalne Sherrl Ross Jose Ruela Sherle Reddlng Daniel Rico Jose Rodriguez Elsle Romero Tracey Rountree Sheila Ruhl Angel Reed Lorie Rmghand Jose Rodriguez Rene Romero Jeff Rouston Danny Runz s fl: w M . ,QW 5' s l l ' s .3 . X, .Qc Av we 3 '- fe uf ,Lf - nn 3.11: i ' ' li' -1 FZ c Nlaria Ruiz Granville Saleaumua Norberto Sandoval Richard Saucedo Richard Sherman Dora Silva Ramon Ruiz Michelle Salyer Porflrio Sandoval DeVera Scott James Shorter Alicia Sirnental Tracey Sabian Rosemary Samanlego Carman Santanana Edgar Sevilla Daniel Silva MEVVIE SWIEVVTIHVI Gaylln Salazar Elisa Sanchez Sandra Santos Leon Shaver 92 ff "5 x li , . Susana Simpson Arvilla Skog Elizabeth Slocum Ben Smart Christina Smith Gaynell Smith Katrween Smwth Margaret Smwth Yolanda Smwth Sherry Sway Char1gaTTarv Soiedad Gregory Solws Rosa SoTorno xv 4 Robert Soto Robin Stark Teresa Stem Tama Stme Becky Strahan Woodwe Taeatafa Lusa Talamantes Scoit TaITy Abe! Tapra ATexam1rma Tama Audrenna TayTor HeTen TdyTor Alam Teague Nlomca Tejeda George Teroy Dmores Terrado Gamma! Terrado Marymu Terrowes Rmph Terry Dorwmd Thorvwpaorw Gwbert Thornell ml fy -x, WN Jeffrey Trmreadgm Lms Torres GTemm Trapse GTerm Uqawe Ehsa Tmemtmo Rau! Torres NTwchaeT Tucker Frank Umzueta Davwd Torres Teresa Torres VaTencna Tyson James Unzueta an sf A D Q ..... 74" 93 ga ., Q rw , 1 X V Tonl Usquiano Audne Uy Guadalupe Valdez 94 ,f k f w Jesus Valdez Magdalena Valdez Angellne Valdlconza Sv' was-f Carmen Valdlvia Nlaria Valdivla Ismael Valdlvia Nllguel Valencla Jalme Valdnvla Doreen Vallejo -4.- Robert Vance Dawn Vandenover Dlana Varela Laura Varela Arcelia Vargas David Vasquez Nllcnael Vaughn .nu Jose Vazquez Joe Vega Jose Verceles Susan Verdugo Knmtnerly Vestal Hilda Villa Cnzstlna Villalovas Eric Villanueva Anna Vlllegas Rosalie Wade Larry Walker Charles Watters Shela Watson James Watts Cynthia Weeks Lisa White Wanda Whlte Robin Wulkle Karen Wilson Carrie Wllksnson Jeannette Wllllarns K CP' v QNX? - no, +P - , -.Q mm 1' TSS 4 .Neg if ..,.- . QV If ,,, - ff Lowe Vvwmams Nova Wwlllams Ruthre Wlwams Steve Wxllxams Tom Wmvams Geowea W+Mkomm Karen Wwthersnoon Tracy Wmfe Carolyn Wood Pameta Wood Nrcme Woodard Lmda Wozmak Debra Wright Demse Wnght Robert Whsttwngton Prwssy Ybarra Sandra Yeager Shelly Young Terrx Young Ehzabeth Zapwen Marla Zarate s 4 5 Z 95 Students Faceless, JUNIORS Lee Aiono Raul Aranda Thanh Dinh Bui Cathy Chavez Martha Contreras Michael Dare James Davis Clara Garcia Steve Gomez Teresa Gomez Evelyn Hanson Joy Henn Angel Hernandez David Johnson Kim Kenniston Robert King Aaron Loper Ricardo Madueno Ronald Marshall Andrew McKinney Nick Medina Diana Mendez Leticia Morales Patrick Narvaez Sylvia Oropeza Emilio Perez Rebecca Plotrowski Ivan Sabian Alberto Salas Steve Schrader Annette Sopher Kim Tadlock Patrice Thomas Gerald Tookes Kathy Vargas Ruben Vargas William Vess Andy Witte 96 SOPHOMORES Jesus Amaro Carmen Arana Kelvin Austin Christine Blakely John Bordwell Mario A. Carillo Kimberly Carson Sarah Chavez Frank Clarke Charles Coonce Christine Courtney James Davis John Davis Tom Dunkin Clyde Eddleman Roman Fernandez Esther Fimbres Marcos Galindo America Garcia Consuelo Garcia Dennis Gipson Julie Gogue Donna Greene Pedro Guillen Rosanna Hardesty Humberto Hernandez Jose Hernandez Maria Huante Donald lvester Carmen Jimenez Eric Johnson Peggy Johnson Daniel Killips William King John Ledgerwood Not Forgotten Gary Little Ella Lowery Johnny Marzan Bobbie Matson Sandra Matson Manuel Maxwell Gwen McDaniel Victor Mendoza Armando Mercado Rebecca Molina Patricia Munguia Jacqueline Neder John Neder Lananh Thi Nguyen Fabian Ocano Rustico Olaes Raul Penney Candace Powell Michelle Quick Paul Rassperry Michael Riggs James Roberts Sterling Robles Andy Rodriguez Abel Ruiz Robert Salgado Danny Samudio Everado Santana Louis Stice Luiz Suarez Anthony Sylcott Juan Terrones Derek Wallace Scott Wallingford Jimmy Woodward Kevin Yonning F vw- is E A 9' v:-, .of - 97 98 Student Life Editor: Aida Sotelo Lisette Rico 5 Beth Abbott ' Miche11e,Thibeau1t Ricky Lomibao Choir and Ensemble Row ld. i.eAlcaIa, IVI. Robledo, unidentified, L. Russeii, K. Frame, K. Taiieron, S. Yeager. Row 2- unidentified, l.. Wooldridge, unidentified, R. Lornibao, unidentified, V. lVloinar, P. Riggs, E. Nlangosing, Row 3: E. Rasppery, C. Wood, R. Sattievvnite, E. Vaiero, E. Black, E. Foster, J. Brennan, D. Hall. Row 415. Ross, L. Aiono, K. Geiser. i ii ,f i. Sing to Satisf we :ca m r, ..,, Ensemble and choir vvorked their tails off, and sang their hearts out performing throughout the community. They sang at churches, festivals, and even on the steps of the Natural History Museum in Balboa Park. Passers- by liked their style, and the museum asked uthat group" to return and sing for them once more. Ensemble split a bill of 53,000 for nevv attire vvith the Senate. The guys received black tuxes, while the gals vvore rose- colored formals vvith cape sleeves. R. Sattievvhite, J, LeAlcala, E. Nlangosing V. lVlolnar, P. Riggs, R. Lomibao, E. Valero l.. Russell, L. Aiono, K. Geiser. i uMusiC The Pep Band jammed at basketball and football games at opposing schools. Marching Band performed in nalf-times and parades including the IViaytime Band Review, The Stage Band plays more modern music: at Su-Hi vvnile tne Orcnestra plays classical music. Rignt' Sufrii Orcnestra' B. Deios Reyes, E. Valenciano, Alvarez, 2 unidentiied musicians. Belovvt Pep Band- Row 1' unidentified, V. Bobadilia, R. Teroy, R. Dayaic, D. Martinez, Row 2: 3 tinidentifed musicians, iVI. Taliey, B, Crum, D. Sparkman, iV1, Jabacb, Row 3' iVir. Parker, unidentified, D. Flores, G. Teroy, B. Fontiilas, C. Poliack, M. Bretado. is a World Within Itself' 1 O2 and Memorializes Mike McGrath In lVlemory of... Michael Lee IVlcGrath lVlil4e attended Sweetwater for two years and graduated with the class of 1976. During those two years he participated in a number of activities, including being a member ofthe sophomore basketball team and a drummer in the Sweetwater band. He was also in the journalism class and contributed to the SU-HI NEVVS. lVlike was born on September 10, 1959 and died of cancer in lVlay of 1977. He was 17 years old when he died and had been battling a rare form of cancer since he was 11.lVlil4e will always be remembered as a person who had a superior attitude toward life. lLeft to Rightl Row 1- D. Wiggins, V. Bobadilla, J R. Teroy. Row 2: J. Academia, lVl. Tally, B. Crum Jubach. Row Bt lVlr. Parker, G. lVIoIina, D. Flores .Andrade, R. Dayao, , D. Sparlfman, lVl. , G. Teroy, B. Fontillas, J. Exum, lVl. Bretado. Not pictured: G. Terrado, H. Aguinaldo, R. Camillo, lVl. Pollack. i 103 J, 4, U W ? 1 ' K S fr Q ,LL in X x 59 Q". 1 4 Vx . L ' A ' ' . V Iwi,-Z E ,H-.15vV ',1tQf A ' .43 iff! ' 1 .W L A' Xfal' H Za ifiklif Sf- l -.. if k ,mr ' ,I .V,, asa, I Q? il , ' TS' Q' 4 c 1 wg hair 5' , if . , S ,' , ' SI - , , , wt , Q. lg W A 1 . 1 . Q,g,gsgg Q 27 - A. A WATER Rovv l'C.Cunr1ir1gharT1, B.Akridge, L. Tayior, N. Davis, Row 2- I. Ignacio, J. Nanquil, J. Quidasoi, IVI. Jerdo. Row 3: D. lvliscolta, G. Fontecna, IVI. Viilalovas, E. Cruz. Rovv 4: B. Fontillas, D. Idos, C. Pollack. Row 5: N. Sandoval, J. Holloway, IVI. Jubacn, B. Bobadilla, iVl. Redding, R. Evangelista, S. Rodriquez, L. Gestopa. Rovv 6: J. Liesman, V. Edwards, B. Crum, D. Sparkrnan, T. Cantarini, IVI. Pollack, G. Teroy, V. Bobadiila. 105 niform Group March to Victo1y The uniform groups took on a new, more relaxed look, opting for simpler uniforms except for special occasions. They got their moves dovvn pat, and performed during basketball and football halftimes, and parades. At Camarillo, the short fiags took a first X place trophy. Top: Second semester Advisor Miss lVlitchell, Top: Devilettes: Rovv 2: L. Blair, S. Jaszkovviak, lVl. Jerdo, J. Quidasol, lVl. Ignacio, Rovv 1: lVl. Captains T. Akridge, lVl. Thibeault, lVl. Tumimting, J. Nanguil, E. Ermino, I. Ignacio, C. Taieron. Below' Satahettes Row 2: J. Iglesias Tumimting. B. Booth, E. Cruz, lVl, Villalovas, G. Fontillas, Row 1: G. Fontecha, lVl. Thibeault. 106 lmpettes: Rovv 2: R. Ramirez, G. Collins, J. Payne, R. Stark, B. Akridge. Rovv 1: D. Gurule, T. Akridge. Tall Flags: A. Tapia, D. Huckaby, E. Hansen. Support Your Local Thespian Lamplighter members were busy this year filling both cast and crew positions. Cathy lVlaynard, Susana Vega, Sandy Unertyl, and Jacqui LeAlcaIa received the llBest Drama" awards at the district One Act Festival with the play llTo Burn a Witch". All received certihcates of excellence also. The spring production llThe Importance of Being Earnest' starred approximately 14 thespians and ran 4 nights. Student director vvas Sarah Baker. 1 Rovv 1: UH" D. Hughes, K. Frame, Rovv 2: A. Sotelo, B, Strahan, Rovv 3: Both Unidentinedg Rovv 4: D. Shroppe, Unidentified, lVl. Lant, Rovv 5: C, Austin, Unidentified, Rovv 6: lVl. Schall, L. lVloss. 107 Thais Entertainment ,,..x"""'F 10 2' W,4f: Top: t'That's Entertainment" Left: J.O'keefe and C. lvlaynarc in UThe Seven Year Itch" Right: R. Sue and S. Vega perform UThe Chalk Garden" Bottom: uHorton Hatches Egg" in a readers theatre. 8 sag The International Thespian Society ltAct well your part for therein all honor lies." This is They participated in a series of workshops which the motto and basis of the International Thespian included acting, mime, make-up, and set and light Society, an honorary group that has members design. Leaders of these workshops included some of throughout the world. At Su-Hi, it is a group of the top professionals in American theatre. They also devoted students who sometimes dedicate their performed in one act festivals, and readers' theatres special lives to the theatre arts. lVlembers attended throughout the county. Who knows, these could be the Regional II conference last summer in Irvine. the stars of tomorrow. Row 1: lVls. Dorothy Cable, Advisor and Fellow Thespian, Cathy lVlaynard, President, Group picture. Row 2. Susana Vega, Vice-president, Sandy Unertl, Historian!Secretary!Treasurer, Baba Chenelle, Kay Suspsic. Row 3: Joe O'keefe, Roslyn Sue, Bill Strahan, Aida Sotelo, Jackie LeAlcala, AI LeAlcala. qui SPUWWT f i, .0 K. . ,.... . y ll ,. ' E ..... 42 gr , Y i ga nl' . V ' . f T . f i l ..irr X 109 Squad Shows Spirit In Devilish Ways VVE'VE GOT SPIRIT! And we've got eight female varsity cheerleader-type people to prove it! Keeping the crowds UR-O-VV-D-Y", and cheering the team to victory were but two of the squads many functions. They painted the breaker posters for the football teams, perfected their routines for basketball season, and provided both teams with barbeques. In the summer they went to cheerleading camp, clad in their red and grey outfits. They returned from camp, holding a spirit stick which they earned with their mighty devil chants. Winner of the first annual llBruno Award" was Elaine USO Keep the Faith" lVlangosing. Top right: Jackie Robinson, Paula Lane, Below Lto Rt lVlary lVlurray, Lisette Rico, Ohe Abiera. Opposite page, Below L to R: Liz Cuesta, Stella Ungab, Elaine lVlangosing. Group picture, L to R: Ofie Abiera, Lisette Rico, Paula Lane, Elaine lVlangosing, Mary lVlurray, Stella Ungab, Liz Cuesta, Jackie Robinson. 110 ....wmwnu.,mw-vw. ' in gif'-Qr ., ' :Y 'fifl ' 'V Z Y 1 f , X 1' K ,I , 1 ,f J Q f ff ,f 1 f m X in ,f P fir il... ,..,.,.......M,.-ff M Wwe? -rxcvifaf nys' :M4hQm"'7 ? ie!f fwqvhl , 151 2 1? W? ie! 1 1 Eff? 5E95:'?'j :MXN 31 r.h'?f f fda pw, WST ,E 1. A! I. ,A wif, ,, ,., nf, 15555 1 1 ,ff ,,, M q2,,,,. . .,,f., , ",, A a '11' fi fwf lkiwlbsxllx gxqgggxxmxxzkxrfmw-S2332 vu-pm we ways -Wmx-Qwwes ii x 2 lll sig .-ww' uf JV Cheers for V-I-C-T-O-R Y Along vvith supporting the junior varsity teams, the JV pep squad also cheered for girls' sports and spring sports. With all possessing leadership qualities, they decided at the beginning of the year not to elect a captain but to divide the vvork load among themselves. Individual duties included publicity, Sylvia Padilla, fund raising. Violet Balough, ICC rep., Toni Caldvvellg and organization, Renee Sattievvhite. Top: Toni Caldwell, Renee Sattlevvhite, Violet Balough, Top Right of Opposite page: Toni Caldwell. Bottom: Devil Mascot Angel Reed, Renee Sattlewhite, Sylvia Padilla. Top left: Violet Balough, Middle right candid: Stella Ungab. SCI'V1CS Wlth a Srmle Action Club Action Club, formerly the Red Cross, provided service to the community and the school. Row 1: Unidentined person, D. Huckaby, Unidentified person. Row 2: C. Lopez, B. Paston, E. Valenciano, L. Fowler, lVls. Anderson, Advisor. SHS Club SHS was formerly Les Cherettes and Su- ettes. It is a service club which sponsored a pie eating contest between Varsity and JV Football teams, painted posters, and baked cookies. Row 1: Unidentified Person, S. Unertl, S. Baker, lVl. Jubach, A. Felarca, S. Johnson, R. Gogue. Row 2: S. Padilla, Unidentined Person, lVl. lVlellegers, B. Abbott, K. Satterthwaite, A. Arguilez, C. Maynard, Unidentined Person. -4 114 C'est La Vie Bon jour! A feeling of warmth greets each visitor of the French - Club. Members are students of . s . ir .,..::, F rench who wish to broaden their use of French, and their knowledge of the French culture. To accomplish this, they hold a majority of their meetings in French hold potiucks with French Q gels sei . F dishes, and go to French restaurants, x -l 1. M' -.. 2 VA . . J' t 'N .i . f ,., ' ' z 1 . .f ' 2 - -f+ V. r ,. f , Q ns. 55. J . If ,. Q 4 I W5 N ,- i 'lux 3+-lk ,N .f'lff.f. I f,, X I .. ik' fy 'rg V Row 1: T. Jones, "H" D. Hughes, L. Pinedo, V. Jimenez. Row 2: D, Wiiiter, NI. Capps, unidentined, iVirs. Garcia, G. Swanson, R. Sue, IVI. Gomez, IVI. Hagar. x E ga if 115 I landers are B. . . Yummy! Those tasty lumpias which I , , Row 1' R Lomibao, E. lvlangosing, L. Cuesta, R. lVlendoza. Row 2: T. Pablo, R. Lomibao, L 'Wened UP an Otherwise, tasteless Alanis,-D..Solon, G. Jimenez, s. Nobles, R. Oleas. Row 31 B. iviamerm, lvl. Licudine, J. cogtle, lunch Were made by ASlal'l Club lVl, Tuminting, G. Fontlllas, D. Chunko, R. Pablo, D. Verdugo, A. Rollan. Row 4: A. Handugan, ' t ' S. Galvan, G. Naputi, lVl. Nlagtibay, Tacto, G. Fontecha, J. lVlanela, A. Goto, G. Bautista, I. members 'and some Ofthelr mo hers Arias, E. Rollan, Row 5: J. Academia, Nl. Laxamana, J. Bernal, P. Bautista, E. Sevilla, J. OOOOOOh, That sparkling clean Ugaldel R. Samamegog football field after a messy Friday night crowd was cleaned by an Asian club member. Just where do the earnings from theseactivities go? Some of it goes back to the school and community by helping Asians be more aware of what is happening around them. EC IVIECHA club is affiliated with the IVIECHA Centrale of San Diego County, and its purpose is to further educate and support all peoples. President for '77-'78 was lVlireya Arce. First row, G. Valverde, A. Estrada, L. Contreras, L. Nlezta, A. Padilla, D. Preston, D. Valejo, lVl. Figuroa, S. Ruan, J. Gordy, lVl, Arauz, T. Velasquez, B, Rodriquez. Second row: lVls. Ochoa, Nl. lVlacias, R. lVlunetta, I. Flores, E, Esquer, C. Talamantez, L. Perraza, C. Gutterrez, S. Nolla, A. Bello, Miss Hass, Third row: L. Ramirez, B. Esquiza, A. Amecua, L. Talamantez, E. Bulluck, Nl. Arce, J. Neder, Nl. Valdez, V. Carrillo, D. Herrera. Last row: J. Valdez, Nlr. Inzunza, J. Feliz, E. Solorio, J. Barba, E. Morales, T. Carrillo. Knowledge Key to Success HWhat ldid gyre and gimble in Wabe?' " BUZZZZ. NThe slythytoves". HCorrect for ten points. Now for your bonus... Such a sequence could happen at a knowledge Bowl match. lVlrs. Alice Branch and her group of intellectuals, led by Al'Alvarez, went to the high schools in our district to match wits with their students. The game is patterned after the old television show llCollege Bowl." the Top: First row left to right: E. Rollan, A. Jones, T. Nguyen, B. Damesco, A. Rollan, B. Nlemerto. Second row: C. Verdugo, G. Adame, lVl. Alvarez, R. Evanglisto, G. Davies. Third row: A. Alvarez, L. LaRoya, S. Williams, B. Delos Reyes. Above: lVIrs. Branch, Al Alvarez. 11 7 problems at home or school to teen pregnancies. You can go on your own, or you could be referred to them by a teacher as an alternative to a regular school counselor. lVlrs. Pugh, one of the advisors along with lVlrs. Torres- Stanovick and lVlrs. Ochoa, is very happy with the program. She stated, uit is a very beneficial program in the sense that it is an alternative for both student and teacher." Peer Counselors below: Linda Bordwell, Advisor, lVlrs. Marilyn Pugh, Ron Longley. Peer Counselors Peer Through Minds Have you ever had a problem which you had to talk to someone about, a problem which you couldn't tell a friend, but then again you didn't feel you needed to see an analyst? Well, there is a group of devoted students who you can call one Twelve students who have taken peer psychology and psychology may be able to help you with your troubles, from t,,,,, ,Wm Wm 118 Campus League Brmgs Sweethearts Together Since the passage of Title IX, there has not been a Big Sister- Little Sister Tea. But through much patience and eftort, Campus League came up with something legal to fill the void left by the exit ofthe long-time tradition: Senior- Sophomore Friendship Teams. Seniors were paired with Sophomores so the latter could get better acquainted with the campus. Campus League also provided the Homecoming Court with roses, and sold lVlums and carnations during Homecoming week. One of the high points of the social year was the Sweethearts' Ball sponsored by the Campus League. V. Deuel, J. Holloway, R, Lomibao, A. Sopher O. Aguillera. Row 2: Unidentified person, C. Burke, S. Baker, C. Lopez, T. Akridge. Row 3 A, Hernandez, R. Gogue, Unidentified person B. Akridge. 119 Skiers Try the Slopes Skiing can be really fun, but it can be hazardous also, as proved by Ski Club advisor Bill Yensen. lVlr. Yensen twisted his ankle playing Jean-Claude Killy on the slopes. Although two February trips were canceled because of his slight mishap, the snow fanciers still found their way to the resorts led by their fearless leader. Some of the members went to Idaho for a week's skiing over Christmas vacation, while others skied at Snow Summit in January. There were no accidents reported among lVlr. Yensen's masses. 120 Row 1: A. Arguilez, G. Lane, J. Silva, lVl. Ochoa, B. Lee Row 2: I. Krause, lVl. Seiwiki, R Hureburt, K. Satterthwalte, lVlr. Yensen. nlimiteds Have o Bounds After reading two books by Richard Bach, teacher Bill Whitefield decided to form a club. The Unlimited Club is what he founded early this year. Based on the books ILLUSIONS and JONATHON LIVINGSTON SEAGULL, it is a group of students who believe we put limitations on ourselves. Their goal is to remove their limitations. Unlimited: Below: lLtoRl Row 1: E, Bunellos, R. lVlendoza, C. Lozano, R. Evangelista. Row 2: T. Balagtas, L. Barajas, D. Idos. uill 85 Scroll: Future Journalists llPopeye the Sailor lVlan" was one of the tunes which you could have sent to a beloved lor maybe not so beloved? person by the Quill and Scroll, and their annual Singing Valentine fund-raiser. Quill and Scroll is a national organization for young journalists. Bottom left J. Tambio working on a deadline, Bottom right: Quill and Scroll: Row 1: UH" D. Hughes, Row 2: J. Tambio, T. Caldwell, Row 3: D. Roberts, B. Johnson, C. Lopez, A. Sotelo, S. Zimmer, G. Fontillas, F. Preclaro, L. Rico. r gr, 1. sw-45-ir-.ss-.aww-r 1 .F.L. Speaks for Itself Speech: NSeven score and four years ago". Oh, that's different, never mind. Seriously though, writing and memorizing speeches can be hard, and so is oral interpretation and debate. Doing good at it is even more difficult. But more than a handful of students at Su-Hi have accepted the challenge. They have attended tourneys throughout the state. The SDSU Tournament was their best outing. There, Jim Baker tied for irst, Susana Vega took a first, and Valerie Hardie placed sixth in their respective divisions. A special note to lVlrs. Rita Neumeister, advisor: A toast to absent friends, Valerie Hardie, Renee Sattiewhite, and Jim Baker. Top right: Roz Sue, Susana Vega, Nlrs. Rita Neumeister, Bottom left: Roz Sue takes a break from competition, Bottom right: Joe 0'Keefe, lVlrs. Rita Neumeister, Roz Sue, Susana Vega, Bryan Johnson. 1 sw ' ' ,gf c X ss e. 12 2 I' - l rlmuuuii "'L .W 'L T. . Photo Club Shoots for Perfection Photo Club, a club active only during second semester, is opened to those students vvho have taken advanced photography. Above: Photo Club: Row 1: T. Jerdo, W. Thompson, P. Estepa, O. Castellavos, iVIr. Yensen. Row 2: B. Johnson, C. Wade, T. Hood, D. Krause, G. Ugalde, B. Lee. Big Brothers- Big Sisters Big Brother-Big Sister is a new club on Campus whose members are devoted to helping individuals in need. Left: Big Brother-Big Sister: Row 1: R. Longley, O. Rodriguez, L. Serano, D. Martinez. Row 2: E. Celecio, E. Hernandez, J. Gogue. 1 CSF: Gur CSF, is a state wide organization honoring students with high grade point averages in Nacademic" classes. CSF went on their annual Disneyland trip, and sold balloons to support school spirit. Row 1: Left to Right- J. Kim, lVl. Hagar, T. Balagtas, lVl. Westfall, B. lvlarnerto, C. lVlendivil, B. Roberts, S. Padilla, lVl. Alvarez, T. Murray, A. Alvarez, K. Hawkins, L. Pinedo, G. Gomez, R. Sue, A. Camatcho. lVliddle Row: C, Burke, T. Tessen, unidentified, C. Lonzono, E. Banuelos, A. Reyes, S. Baker, L. Stewart, L, Diaz, S. lVlerIan, J. Atalig, G. Teroy, G. Adame, J. Baker, B. De Los Reyes, J. Academia, L. LaRoya, D. Doane, unidentified, G. lVIacario, unidentified, A. Del Rosario, E. Hanson. Top Row: lVIr. Donscheski, advisor, A. Handugan, J. Payne, T. Jones, A. Jones, J. Brennan, P. Santos, T. Bird, V. lVlolnar, R. Teroy, E. Berin, L. Russell, F. DeLattre, T. Catarrini, W. Boden, A. Tuquero, D. DuBerry, lVl. lVIaniss, G. Galvan, D. Johnson, J. lVIendivil, K. Slavlnsky, A. LeAlcala, lVlrs. A. Stevens, Advisor. FI-LA Serves America 124 FHA is not the Federal Housing Administration, but a club at Su- Hi which is concerned with home economics. Top: C. Amon, C. Arnold, E. Johnson, lVlrs. lVlarkes. Future Leaders Row 1: A. Alvarez, S. Baker, W. Boden, A. Camatcho. Row 2: A. Del Rosario, G. Gomez, S. Nlerlan, G. Nlontes. Row 3: NI. Montes De Oca, B. Roberts, R. R0b1edo,A. Rollan. Row 4: K. Slavinsky, R, Teroy, S. Vega. 125 Journalists Report 4 n-the-Spot, News Did you ever want to know the score of a volleyball, tennis, or soccer game? Did you ever wonder how some students feel on certain issues? You could ask a friend, or you could pick up the latest issue of SU-HI NEWS. A lot of students work hard to put each issue out. They collect information, write their stories, type them up, and the editors must paste up their pages every two weeks. Printing is done in the new print shop at Del Rey. NEWS FLASH: editors were Debbie Roberts, Page 1, Lori Hawkins, Page 2, Kathy Finn and Sherri Ross, Page 3, and Scott Williams, Page 4. Row 1: T. Erickson, J.B. Brennan, J. Barba, K. Finn, S. Ross, R. Quinata, Row 2: S. Zimmer, D. Roberts, D. Hughes, lVl. Garcia, J. 0'Keefe. 1. S. Williams types up sports scores. 2. Advisor and Editor. 3, Staff discusses stories for next issue. 2 4 126 J Walk Hand in Hand with AFS 41 .qavifihn I got here in August barely knowing any English, and being in a very strange situation, but I didn't get into any difficulties. The people I've met here have made me feel comfortable. Thanks to you, I have not gotten homesick, but I still think of my home sometimes. I know that my 1 year here in National City will be a great and valuable experience for me. I am glad that I came here, because what I have learned here will be a big help to me later in my life. Your friend, .ffzasg AFS, the American Field Service, is an international organization whose purpose through sending students to foreign countries for extended periods of time is to have all nations understand each other and live in peace. This year Reinhard Schall, from Germany lived with HH" D. Hughes and his family. Row 1: NI. Schall. Row 2: B. Johnson, R. Parker, UH". D. Hughes. Row 3: D. Chunko, S. Galvan, Unidentified person. Row 4: A. Del Rosario, N. Smith, L. Sanders, T. Richardson, K. Slavihsky, lVIrs. R. lVlichaeI, Advisor. 127 You ight Up Life Romance filled the air at the Bahia Hotel as Campus League presented its annual Svveetheart's Ball. What a change to see all those couples with their hair neat and trim, vvearing chic formals and spifty tuxes, some even vvith tails! Just on the previous Friday they could have been seen on the campus wearing their grubbies. Excitement hlled the air as the crowning hour of 10 o'clock arrived. The hve couples vvere presented to those attending, and then, seconds Al LeAlcala and Paula Lane were named King and Queen of Hearts. Jacque LeAlcala sang the Coronation song llYou Light Up lVly Life" as the couples on the court danced cheek to cheek. The evening proved to be interesting as even llnon-dancers" danced, and one ofthe carnations vvas eaten at the table adjacent to Campus League president, Sarah Baker. Q .QW ., K r ,:i: ? ,Q Above left: Queen Paula received fiovvers from Frank Delattre. Bottom left: Campus league representative escorts AI Lelllcaia to be crowned, Right: King Aland Queen Paula dance to the tune i'You Light Up IVIy Lifef' J ,X ,ff itll 'MJ Sweethearts Ball Above left: Kenny lVliramontes and Carmen DeCima, Bottom left: Couples wait anxiously. Above right: Higher Ground. Bottom right: Kenny Hadley and Martha lVlorineau. Opposite page, Top left: Lee Rodriguez and Liz Becerra. Bottom left: Cathy Enriquez and escort show hovv to dance, Top right: lVlore couples dancing. Middle right: Couples standing in line for pictures. Bottom right: Floyd Faiivae and Esther Fernandez, 130 V2 .Vx '09 N-1,1 W 'iff .xxx Rf' 6 131 Boys and Girls State Practice Politics The mayor pro-tem of Harte City, an election board clerk from lVlorrls, and Washington's fire marshall all attend Su-Hi. 'lHow?" you ask. It's very simple, through a program called Boys' and Girls' State, which teaches Seniors about state and local government. This year we had three representatives: Sarah Baker, the mayorg Albert Alverez, the election board clerkg and Roldan Teroy, the ' nre marshall. 132 Imps and Devils Serve Su-Hi IMPS Imps and Devils are the work-horses of the ASB, without them, it would 5,l0VLiiJZ?tMGeOnxLVgEj' ES'Z2iaE'.'g'ag'OeS'59e cease to function. While commissioners are busy overseeing their duties, Imps Bgadem gow 2 , M",-5Xama,,a, L, Fowler? T and Devils carry out many major details, such as tearing tickets, hanging Jones, C4 Talamantesz L. LaR0ya: B. Sani0Sz - - - - G. Naputi, P. Bautista, C. Cunningham, A. posters, and selling concessions. To be an Imp or a Devil, one must have time Finney? J' Braden? L, Huessj J' Prendezi P. Quenga, A. Santos and patience. DEVILS Row 1 - A. Rollan, lVl. Hagar, T. Dorn, lVl. Hagar, Top Row - J. Tambio, lVl. Campbell, D. Hughes, R. Mendoza ' ,tp 'ig 133 C01'I11T11SS10I1CI'S and SCI121tOI'S HEIVC If Imps and Devils are the work of the A.S.B., then officers and commissioners are the backbone. Commissioners must carry out such duties as publicizing school events, handling assemblies, organizing homecoming, handling the A.S.B.'s finances, and selling student goods. Officers must, in turn, handle elections, run senate meetings, and keep minutes of all A.S.B. meetings. The Senate holds the A.S.B.'s purse strings. This year it appropriated funds to the Red and Gray, bought new choir outfits, and put money on reserve to buy a new supply of records. Items that come up before the Senate are brought to it by a senate committee, or by a coalition of the officers and commissioners. Each spring the senate must approve the ASB budget which often runs in excess of S40,000. Happy D ys in A.S.B. Row 1: R. Nlendoza, R. Lomibao, C. Gowands, J. Tambio. Row 2: A. Rollan, R. Sattiewhite, F. Preclaro, D. Hughes, S. Nobles, E. Rollan. Opposite Page: Top: lVlr. Partch, Advisor, Below: Anna Del Rosario prepares for nutrition break, Top Left: Susana Vega, Top Right: Elaine Mangosing, Bottom Left: Anna Del Rosario, Bottom Right: Liz Cuesta, Right: Senators put up posters Row 1: A. LeAlcaIa, S, Santos, T. Carrillo, Nl. Arauz, J. LeAlcala, D. Scott. Row 2: R. Gogue, B. Johnson, D, Gonzales, S. Ross, A. Pinney, L. Heuss, lVl. Hagar, T. Dorn, Nl. Hagar. Row 3: lVlr. Partch, C. Wilkenson, C. Cunningham, M. Campbell, J. Braden, lVl. Lazamana, L. Clay, C. Braden, R. Palmore, P. Quenga. 135 ,,.W, ,. ,. ,.., , , ., 2555.523-M. 'ff .- 'M k K mi 5, bw ME, W - " 'U 1" as wg, M 2 ' wr S X 2 at 4?2q-fr ? L if 2 f sw g -'VW13 44 :J , f ,gg , fi ' ,X af Ah ,ww Faculty Editor: Antonio Carrillo K V, 8 H www 7 Leadership: ey To Success Reprimanding students was not the only task of our administrationg the also upheld our school's image, and made preparations for registration. The Board of Trustees decided the vvho, vvhat, why, vvhere, vvhen and hovv for the district. Left: William E. Darton, Principalg Below: Tuffy Avii, Assistant V.P.g Dorothy Rhea, Al Goycochea, Assistant Principalsg Bottom: Board of Trustees. Y fm ,iyao-1'4" , g li, me ' Na ll i l X ww Xhesfe ...wbmm,1s,.s ,,.. ff i ' 138 These Women Fill The Supporting Roles Left: L. Diaz, teacher's aid, Below left: Cafeteria Staffrz V. Ward, H. Allen, E. Rassmussen, S. Kibbe, J. Kapper, lVl. Johnson, - E. Alton, Below right: Librarians: B. lVloody, N. lVliner, Bottom left: B. Pennington, Nurse, Bottom right: Ofhce StafT: lVl. Winner, E. Small, C. Navarro, E. Johnson, C. Portillo, I. Harrington, lVl. Ferguson. Not pictured: Custodial Staff: R. Bergeron, E. Del Rosario, R. Ennis, B. Huckell, S. lVlaIec, L. lVlartin, J. Neighbors, P. Sarquilla, F, Sliwicki. As in acting, here at Sweetwater, the show couldn't go on without the supporting cast. At Sweetwater they take the forms of secretaries, cafeteria workers, cooks, and a nurse. Although their work is usually taken for granted, after all, if they weren't here, who would cook for, keep track of, and bandage students as well as teachers? M-we 139 i SHS Counselors 1. Alfredo lVlartinez, VocationfWork Experience Counselor, Co-ed P.E. 2. ROP Career Center Stall: Charlene Nava-Arias, Hal Rubin, Katy Jackson 3. Gerald Wiekamp, Pj-Z, Head Counselor. 4. lVlaida Torres-Stanovik E-I, Peer Counseling. 5. lVlaria-Elena Ocnoa, J-Pi, Peer Counseling. 6. Herbert Bolger, A-D. 140 Q 1. Jim Hull, Life Science, Oceanology 2. Dennis Rasmussen, Life Science, Co-ed P.E. 3. Freddie Gallegos, Toney Carrillo and Lydia Rodriquez try to reassemble the model during Health Science class. 4. Russell P. Shubert, Basic lVlath, Drivers Training, Co-ed RE. 5. Don Freeman, Biology. 6. William Noel, Physical!Health Science. 7. Robert Drescher observes as Guiselle Valverde performs Chemistry I experiment. He also teaches Physical Science. 141 1. Gary Zarecky, Juvenile Law. 2. James Ganelin, John Varela and Ron Longley ask Allen Jacobus about US in the 20th Century assignment. He also teaches Sociology. 3. lVlr. Inzunza checks up on homework assignment. 4. Ralph Inzunza, History of lVlexico, Introduction of Inter Culture Understanding. 5. Linda White, Family Life. 6. Rafael Gutierrez, Physics, Anatomy and Physiology. 142 1. Neil Korkis, US to the 20th 6 Century. 2. Gerald Walsdorf, US in the 20th Century. 3. Ralph lVlora, Opportunity Class. 4. Lee Shelmerdine, US Government. 5. Andrew Partch, Student Government, Dean of Student Activities. 6. Warren Keagy, US to the 20th Century, Health Science, Athletic Director. 7. John Warner, LD Classes. 143 1. Caroline Shine, Art I, II. 2. lVlayra Gutierrez-Garcia, French I, II, III, Spanish I. 3. Laura Charles, Creative Writing, Vocal Ensemble, Concert Choir. 4. lVlr. Parker S directs marching units. 5. William Yensen, Photography I, II. 6, Stephen Parker, String Orchestra, lVlarching Band, Guitar, Instrumental Ensemble. 7. Ron Gibson, Arts St Crafts I, II, Ceramics. 2 X 6 7 144 lil.. l X 'E Q ,S I 1. Roberta lVlarkes, Foods, Nursery School Aid Class and Parenting Classes. 2. Ernest Cochran, Woodworking I, II. 3. Susan Brenner, Foods, English 100. 4. Edward Clapper, Welding I, II. 5. Donald lVlayo, Auto Fundamentals, Drivers Training. 6. Brenda Gay, Foods, Clothing, Consumer Education. 7. Delgado receives assistance from lVIs. lVlitchell. 'Y 5 F .1 f 1 I K nf' F A g l i., , H . ,.-, W, .sv f ':.,,s15z2ir-W ' ,l,.ax, . H ...ini iw., I -. 5 :y,,',.,,,,J,, ,fi en., ,441 , ggffy .l ang--.., f 'w is-V 7 145 1. Carol Delaney, Creative Writing, Vocational English. 2. Sharron Hall, EDGH Class. 3. Beverly Follendorf, English 100, American Literature. 4. Maggie Carrillo, American Literature, English as a Second Language. 5. Alice Branch, English 100, College Prep Composition. 6. Jorge Domingez, English 100, English as a Second Language. 7. Ann Stevens, Vocational English, English 200, Short Story. 3 lll. 2 S v 146 Asn mwmm 3f?.P.F YES V' l Z l ,,.:.,,:g1 Z .. III K 1 5 f Z ' ' we f sawfwfe. .H 4 f xrgg ff' , . A ' . W, L7 ,,,,.,, 1- .., 7 -., 6 5 1. Marilyn Pugh, Psychology, Sports Literature, Peer Counseling. 2. Robin lVlichael, Creative Writing, Reading 800, English 100. 3. Joseph Vogel, Reading 700. 4. Paula lVlonroe, V English as a Second Language. 5. Rita Neumeister, SpeechfDebate, English 100. 6. Susan Zimmer, College Prep Composition, Journalism I, Adv. Journalism-Annual! Newspaper. 7. Bill Whiteheld, English 200, American Literature. 147 14 4 fa-,Li , . . ,- 1. lVlr. Donscheski assists Analyn Rollan. 2. Gail lVlitchell, Pre-Algebra, Consumer lVlath. 3. Jo Hazard, Secretarial Procedures, Clerical Training, Job Skills. 4. Robert Donscheski, Geometry, Algebra II wf Trigonometry, lVlath Analysis, Calculus. 5. Lyden lVleredith, Geometry, Algebra I, Survival lVlath. 6. Betty Fellows, Co-ed P.E., Divisional Chairperson Health!Driver Education. NOT PICTURED ARE: John Ditto, Spanish I, II, III, IV. Dan Hodges, HealthfDrivers Education, Drivers Training. Dorothy Cable, Drama I, Adv. Drama, Creative Writing. Pamela Lewis, Co-ed P.E. Gerald Smith, Co-ed P.E. 1. Robert Lopez, Typing I, Record Keeping, Accounting. 2. Loretta Scott, Typing I, Distributive Education. 3. Jack Hartshorn, Shorthand I, II, III, Office Machines, Typing 1.4. Nlrs. Garcia explains work assignment to Nlagdelena Nlagdalado. 5. David Lay, Mechanical Drawing III III IV, Consumer IVIath. 6. Nancy Wise, C0-ed P.E. 7. Wiiliam Nliller, Co-ed P.E. ET. "' rr: I i Q .2 -. i 3 i , 7 149 150 Sports Co. Editors: Ferdy Preclaro Michelle Mellegers Toni Caldwell David Diaz 151 N mber 1, Said fail Q 1 I We Are Number 1 Do It, Do It E S i 1 Itfs Time to Prove That The lVletro football of 77 was considerably different than last year. Perennial powerhouses and Castle Park were favorites to come out on top, but gone was the explosive team of Chula Vista. This year the oddsmakers were going with lvlontgomery as another favorite for the banner. As the season progressed they were proved wrong, as lVlarian became the team to beat, and lVlontgomery slipped out of the picture. Fate was with the Devils, though, as their fans watched them lose their first encounter to Castle Park in the hnal seconds, 14-7, only to come back and win their next eight. In their league final they demolished IVlarian 35-3, taking the lVletro banner for the second time in many years. The league race was a tight one. Coming down to the last game, Sweetwater, Castle Par , and lVlarian all had identical 7-1 records. But as visions of lVletro danced in Devil fans' heads, Chula Vista was busy swamping an over-confident Trojan team. The Devil gridders went on to the CIF semi-hnals, beating Hilltop and Orange Glen in the process. With only one game away from the Hnals, the Devils lost a heartbrealcer in the hnal two minutes to a powerful Lincoln team, 21-26. Lincoln went on to win the finals and take the CIF Title by whopping Kearny, 35-6. The Devil gridders had one of the most productive seasons in recent years, compiling a 10-2 record, and having one of the toughest defenses and most explosive offenses in the county. G Stoutenburg QB P Cabulagan, DB A, Calderon, K A lVlcLintock DB J Ibarra TB T. Hardie, DB J. Varela, R J. Davis, R Devil Team Can Reall Move! Even though they were hampered with injuries, they still managed to amass 298 points, and let only 65 points slip past in league play. Overall, they outscored their opponents 332 to 99. As in any good team, there were also individual successes. One of them was Henry Martinez. Henry was one ofthe top rushers in the county, he was the first one to top 1000 yards, and even hampered by an ankle injury he still managed to come in third in the county with 1016 yards. He was also named Co-Player ofthe Metro League, along with Marian's Erwin Anderson. Other standouts on the Devil team were Pat Valdivia, John Saleamua, Pat Cabulagan, James Davis, Lucian Jackson, and Tom Slavinski. Fifteen players were given all- W. Moore, DB S. Grifhth, LB league honors, and four players, Henry Martinez, John Saleamua, Pat Valdivia, and Pat Cabulagan, were named to the all-CIF team. One unusual thing about this year's season was that Coach Dave Lay played against three head coaches that used to be on his Coaching staft: Mercado of Southwest, Canaris of Hilltop, and Holmes of Montgomery. OPPONENTS DEVILS CASTLE PARK ....... ...,.. 1 7 - 14 SOUTHWEST ...... ...... O - 74 BONITA VISTA ....... ...... O - 26 MAR VISTA ............... ..... 2 1 - 35 MONTGOMERY ......... ...... O - 7 HILLTOP ,..........,.... ...... 2 3 - 34 CHULA VISTA ......., ...,.. 7 - 28 CORONADO ......... ...... 7 - 28 MARIAN ........ ...., 3 - 35 K. Miramontes, FB D. Bartlet, DB G. Cromer, FB J. Simpson, DB J. Bayani, DB P. Valdivia, LB 155 56 K. Stein, LB K. Hadley, C. J. Johnston, DL P. Pablo, OL . Procter, LB . Sampson, OL . Bender, OL . Cortell, DL Adame, C. Nlendiola, DL .Sale-amua, OL Mercado, OL .Toia, LB . Narvaez, DL . Morales, DL . Samudio OL M. Gallardo, OL F. Faiivae, DL L, Jackson, R W, Esquivel, R L. Rodriguiz, DL W. Eaton, DL T. Slavinsky, R T. Morrison, R. M. Scott, R D. Napoleon DL 157 Q' 1 WW Defense Defend Metro Title it zllgagali 'VVI 555555134 ' L Top: Napoleon sacks Trojan QB. Center left: Devil Defense explodes with the snap of the ball. Center right: Devil defender flies on Baron and sticks 'em. Bottom left: lVliller expresses the thrill of victory. Bottom right: Morales downs Crusader. 160 Top: Devil line gives away iittie yardage to opponents. Center left: Bartiett svvats a Hornet in fiight. Center right: Faiivae jumps to block iV!.V.'s extra point. Bottom left: Proctor assists Hardie in sticking with an Orange Glen Patriot. Bottom right: Sampson shows which team is I 1. Volleyball Bumps Through Season 1 F I i 'M- ll 1 VARSITY Top- Michelle lvlellegers sets the ball. Bottom left - Laura Geronilla prepares to spike. Bottom middle- Michelle Nlellegers and Elena Saludares get up for a block, Bottom right- Sheri Phillips jumps high for the spike. 62 2 I I I Cross Country Shows Endurance Top Right: P. Cervantes, Top Left: J.V., Opposite Page: Bottom Right: J. Acosta, F. Walker, Bottom Left: lVl. Davis, Top Right, J. Acosta, Top left, R. lvlacoubrie, P. Cervantes, lVl. Randolph, H. Ayala. X Q. 'itii - R 'el A ef Q f 'i" 5 K ms. . ...N p if . . 1 l QK . f K . . ., Q K K . , K J s K Ks- K gt, ..,,,,, 3 - K .-1,1 . t if K . V A ' Q .--- KK K. K K 5 , K it K f . e s. gr eei A tetf . 'U ff . ,wr . 3 , 5. . ,wt 1 Ji, PL . : 1 - . - .- S Y J' 'L vw . 1 R' H - s " -i L ,iw 4 K 0 KKK .. g K K :K '-:. 1, , l K K K .W KK ..f7fgf7fi4 'i" - K K . ,r L . Ki Kg: 1 . xi' ' . 4 5 fe . ' it ., . . , ' A ' i at Z,, get , eeaioe A so . ...M ..1.:' KK .. .. . s A. FW R. .1 K K if X 'ju 'W ' K Kg. 6 .. ff, i n 4 K. K. A Above: Row 1 - S. Anderson, J, Sepulveda, H. Ayala, lVl. Randolph, P, Cervantes, Nl. Bidwell, V. Felarcag Row 2 - lVlr. Martinez, T Nichols, R. Nlacoubrie, lVl. Davis, C, Weeks, F. Walker, M. Gomez, J. Acosta, E. Welch. 164 166 ,11- 165 Tennis Swings ! Into Action i i Sweetwater has the misfortune of 1 being in a league with perennial powerhouses, Hilltop, Bonita Vista and Coronado, where according to Coach Nancy Wise, 'lThey've been playing tennis since they've been three years old." They had a hard up-hill battle this year but they pulled through with a 2-7 record. ,,,,,.,,,-J--P ,,,,....-'-'M-'W' Top- Mildred Arellano returns the ball. Top right- Tammy Shuman serves the ball. Bottom left- Team huddle encourages spirit. Bottom right- Susan Greywacz returns a tough play. Opposite Page- lVlrs. Wise-Coach Bottom left- Emelyn Maigue displays a forehand. Bottom right- Anna Del Rosario concentrates on her backhand. 66 Af? L up 5 5 W-L4 Aw ' ' ie, fe-""" 'f-WM . , -. ' s :squ- Lfrfaivr-efwwe A M ' "' mmf? 22 Mx w..W wif ws. .....L.., Row 1- O. Aguilera, A. Rosaldo, IVI. AreIIano,AA. Arellano, C. Arellano, L. Bordwell, R. Lim, A. Del Rosario, Row 2 - T. Shuman, S. Greywacz, K. Supsic, L. Takeshita, E. Niaigue, C. Cervantes, N. Smith, L. Jerdo. 167 One of the reasons why varsity gridders have done so well is because they have a tough J.V. behind them. For the fourth year in a row, and for the sixth time in 10 years, the junior gridders took the Metro Championship, this time with a perfect 9-0 record, although at times it looked like it would be impossible to pull wins out of a magician's hat. The Devils were behind Hilltop in the fourth quarter, until the last two minutes. After the final warning, the Devils scored two touchdowns, one on a Fluke play to win the game 16-10. The backbone of the team included Richard Parra, who received the Most Valuable, and Best Offense awards, Lance Chenelle voted as most inspirational, and Jim Davis who was Best Defensive Player. JUNIOR VARSITY RECORD SU-HI OPPONENT 14 Castle Park 0 44 Southwest 6 13 Bonita Vista 12 19 Mar Vista 0 14 Montgomery 7 16 Hilltop 10 12 Chula Vista 7 20 Coronado 0 20 Marian 14 Metro Championst 9 Wins 0 Losses 168 JV Devils Explode . f- 'J'-mira-sgvtga,a.,Nh V H. L 1 :ws ,, i Q f We f , . W- V - J! A . . Row 1: G. Pablo, Q. Barrjas, L. Martinez, R. Parra, J. Valdivia, F. Gallegos, D. Vasquez, O. Guerra, R. Palamor, M. Nava, J. Ganelin. Row 2: R. Pabon, B. Concepcion, W, Mathis, E, Sevilla, S. Miller, M. Ochoa, F. Herrara, A. Jimenez, H. Bartolome, B. Alarcon, G. Marcario, M. Lant. Row 3: J. Braden, W. Esquivel, W. Wilson, M. Veneagas, J. Torres, D. Jones, C. Bracomonte, C. Romaine, D, to Another Champ1onsh1p, Perfect 9-O ! 2 12 i i 5 I Nunez, J. Davis, B. Smart, O. Aiono, D. Henry iCoachJ, NI. Hernandez. Row 4: A. Cubero, J. Arguilez, K. Bean, IVI. Riggs, J. Oiaes, G. Quiddam, T. Williams, S. Dodson, R. Mendoza, IVI. Griffith. Row 5: B. Miller CHead Coachi, R. Mora CCoachi, R. Hubbard, J. Arrington, D. Crestik, J. Quenga, L. Aiono, C. Snook, G. Saleaumua, S. Emerson, IVI. Tucker, R. Shubert CCoaci1J, B. Balanay CCoachi. s.. was g Su Hi softball lHustlers' was the motto chosen by the softball team. As usual, they played a mean game of softball, winding up in the top 5006 ofthe league. Strong points in the team, according to Coach lVlarrianne Perrault, included Diane Dixon's pitching and, lVlary Murray at shortstop, defensively. Offensively Tracy Hood and Hope Chambers were quickest to get to base, while Naomi Smith, Alison Reyes, and Aida Sotelo led in batting. Softball Hustles Through Season 'HMV Opposite page: Row 1: CL to Rl N. Smith, T. Hood, A. Sotelo, E. Mangoslng. Row 2: D. Dixon, H. Chambers, A. Reyes, M. Murray. Row 3: D. Martinez, E. Saludares M. Prendez, S. Phillips. Row 4: Coach Miss Perrault, G. McDaniel. Top Left: D. Dixon delivers the ball. Center: E. Mangosing covers her base. Bottom Right: Miss Perrault gives M. Murray last minute instructions. Bottom Left: M. Murray eagerly awaits the pitch. JV Softball: CL to Rl D. Herrera, D. Wiggins, T. Bird, V, Edwards, G. Zarate, L. Clay, D, Peppmuller, Coach D. Rasmussen, L. Wooldridge, V. Murphin, J.B. Brennan, N. Findahl, L. Geronilla, A. Bello, D. Scott. Top: J.B. Brennan is ready to slug the ball. Center: L. Wooldridge catches behind the plate. T. Bird concentrates on delivering the ball. Below: L. Geronilla keeps warm during practice. 17 Wrestlers Are Su-Hi Tin, Pals In spite of having what vvas considered a small team, varsity grapplers performed vvell throughout the season. The team vvas not complete, they lacked manpower in the heaviest weight divisions. Sophomores proved to have the upper hand in the Iovver weight classes, while the juniors and upper classmen nlled the middle weight classifications. 17 Rovv 1: K. Lord, J. Saieamua, D. Cortell, A. Uy, R. Pablo, T. Gonzales, H. Aginaldo, J. Baker, R. Pinkerton, C. Amon. Rovv 2: Coach Hull, J Ibarra, VV, Eaton, l.. Johnson, E. DeLeon, B. Garcia, D. Deberry, T. Pablo, Coach Lopez. 2 flaw he 5 R ,.. l 4-E 31" 'mx .M ,magm- Y 1' ,Af if as ,pn-Q. gun- .uf-Q.-.. Q, 4v"""' mm L,... . ,--: 1 1-- ' 'K 49? ,,,N,,,,. J, wb'-.Q-.w.-. Ss ve .xbm wx wi A Soccer Team Reaches Goal Although the league proved to be a tough one, the soccer team played well throughout the season. In spite ofthe fact that they did not fare too vvell in the league standings, they did vvln all games and took the Limited Division Cup at the l.aJolla Invitational in December or it d J . SF? S ,,... -- 'A 2 i new 'M , M .l.l , lll, . .T .lt, :,tt , W.. gm are , -.- -.. t1. ':., . -'- zflflffli: "S 'X 2: -:.. .-.. W . ,tttf .it, . tvli. fs.t H- I- - "1-N ---"" ---- www . fe M..,.-,.. .,, ' "i"' iffsf M' W ,,Lk f av -:. . "-i- in P-vf .gf , A 11si,w.,llfflEia2:f1 eggwqaln ,,,, ::m..... . -iff -wg... .Mm ------ 1:-e,,,. ife'r!iEE3i'- :' ',?':S'i -- 'iii -I i , gl O e sles .,.. as rt' i fkgu . 1 ,, s ' wasp: 'zWyre,rwvspefszagfgmg,,,f1,,fe1s'ffsxsf ,,,.. ..,, ' ,,.,,, ,,.,3,,,.,.c.. ,,,...,,n B1 e W3 5-ig,1,,,f ..,. ,,,t-,, 1'-F .. me U.W.v.,,...m,,...,l..,,9?.,i,fm..vfe,ei.-1f,iH--We -- Rovv 1: T. Garcia, S. Pulido, C. lVlelchor, J. lVlartinez, lVl. lVlaxvvell. Row 2: A. Calderon, F. Castro, E. Lopez, S. Singphiphath. Rovv 3: V. Acosta, J. Hererra, J. lvlarzan, E. Acuna, G. Quiddam. Rear: J, Simpson, D. Nlunuz, J. Acosta, J. lVlonge, E. Solorio, lVl. Capps, Coach R. Shubert. 175 asketball Shoot for Perfection Varsity: Rovv 1: J. Hardie, T. Hood, P. Wallace, C. Wade, D. Dixon, N. Smith, R. Quinata, A Reyes, V. Hardie. Rovv 2: B. Landrum, K. Witherspoon, Coach Perrault, A. Reyes. Junior Varsity: Rovv 1: D. Wiggins, L. Stewart, IVI. O'Keefe, Coach IVIyers. Rovv 2: V. Nlurphin, L. Bilodeau, L. Clay, S. Nolla. Row 3: J, Brennan, K. Finn, V. Edwards, G, Zarate, B. Paston. 7 Girl's Basketball team turned out to be a surprise. In was especially a surprise to the other teams. lVluscle, depth, and height were the strong points. They started the season in winning ways, beating Castle Park and Southwest, and entered the Southwest Tourney. Strong players were Alison Reyes, Carol Wade, and Diane Dixon. 77 Individual Efforts Got ' 7 ,,., , IVI. Pitts P. Cabulagan Devils to Quarter Finals A '111 K 1 -- -M J. Davis B, Loper T Hardie T Taeatafa T, Salvmsky Manager D Verdugo and Coach Zarecky 179 wry. i f , ,:L... 1, 181 18 M-sNf""'B 1. Devil men dispiay Hasny new vvarrn-up. 2. Zarecky gives winning tips to his team. 3. IVI. Piits out Jumps Mission Bay Buccaneer. 4. Pitts snoots for 2. 5. L. Jackson carries the bail for 2. 1' was i A U f.V :A-V W7 a 3 .E ff f -,,,,,,, Q 'QT 1. Varslty cheerleaders cheer the basketball team on to victory, 2. L. Jackson ln perfect form. 3. P. Cabulagan avvalts the suspense, 4. R. Hubbard looks on his sl1ot,5.VVbat Basketball ls all about! 6. N2 points"!l 183 6, . gggzva ,V ,,,v ,,, f i WW, at hh Wi ,. " O 'N 'WMM ,.,,: ,,A, K Left: T. Taeatafa displays good defense. 1 1 G Mmm f,f. ,, ,,.k P ... .g.g. , J J , 1 A . g t 'K" '?'i' Z Jfif I iff' ' Top Left: T. Taeatafa extends for basket. Top Right J. Davis Hies for 2. iviiddie: Devils tangle up Lancer Bottom Right: B. Loper moves into position. Bottom ,M uv- I M M eg.. -fe .... Top Left- Pitt's to tall for anyone. Top Right: J. Davis dispiays grace and agility. iVlid Left: Devils play man on man. IVIid Right- T. Taeatafa in good defense position again. Bottom Lett: L. Jackson knows who the ball belongs to Bottom Right: A, Nlercardo rebounds But: out of 2 points !l,l MM' 5 f -mamma Cll' ,pf-v" Wi nf' A . ', : ia ,, , am' N 7 1 'ef' 6 ' ' ,, .1 4 V' ,,,,, ,f,1f 3 - M H ii JV B-Ball Are Metro Co-Champs Row 1: T, Hardie, W. IVIathis, N. Samiehgo, E, Sevilla, D. Vasquez. Row 2: R. Abraham, C. Abraham, S. Ross, J. Vega, D. Lambert. Not pictured: D. Samudio, V. Saleaumua, R. Vance, J. Mercado, R. Ferris, and Coach of the year: B. IVIiIier. 187 JV Devils Lead League JV Devils had a rocky road to success. Their season was one of ups and downs. Fate allowed them more of their share of on and of? days, but luck was on their side, and they led the league through out most ofthe season. They faired well in tournament play, winning both the hrst annual Su- Hi Invitational and the Coronado Invitational. Danny Samudio picked up all-tourney honors in both. Coach Bill lVliller stressed the importance of free throws during the practice. He attributed them to team success, saying, NThe difference between a winning team and a losing team can be determined at the free throw line." Wea S ' 4 ' M ' 25? , 'fm i , . MW., axial , f , -. . f, M ' ' fafz'x "f ,- 2 d H" d ' .JU i a e 1 A 1 if at if ti 4 S 1 i. N... . . . 1 5 H i M an W ! ""' ' Lzyl l f A ,, , K: "1 , V ,, V1 . 4 C4416 fvfgti U., .gn : ' 7 ..,,., ,, ,ff " V Q if 2 H A " fi ff W - My f ,-wa , ffiffi fw, V ' 'KWH K ,gi 4' ig ff' iff ,W 189 Rugged Racketeers Bomb the Barons In the nifst of the season, a be-deviled tennis team vvnipped the pants off higher-ranked Bonita, which vvasn't too signincant in itself, but it was the first time Sweetwater tennis nas beaten the Barons on the courts. Rugged Racketeeifs included returning Iettermen Ric Lomibao and Pat IVIcDanieI, 190 ' ,, "M QQ " ' 5 A .af - ,m R ,. ,s .- is E Mg, ,,::,i.,55LZiV: K kr I I N ,1 . 0 1 1 , -f--M... W , ., , - ,. K gffgwmrgnvf Y...-wo +A . . ,H 5 4 1 :i2 4 ya fm if ,1 Strong Track and Field 'N x, ., .W,.. ,Q ,iiyk 'V-' ., L , .. , .,.. ,ik .. Q . f X 4 L'f,,, , I . . 55 - ,,: I it Q F i h - ' pi S v A in J,, mf 4 f -'l' ' . ' Q -'11- - A - k f3.df..M.:mfzmgimg,i,.y,,5.M,,5q,y,mf5:f,5,3f,g5.,.,, Put Best Foot Folward S V filiflw? A4 1 Ii Q12 .wx 94 Q 4 . l, 2: A317 ., , gp 1 Q I- ,L - I n n-..m fm : ff- 5' 35' A A W Jil, P M : , - 3 f m 'Y X L X 51 ' f A Q z 1, n . ,- J f ,... H Q f - 3. Q, 1 ' an il gil l , iff " :wif f ue' I g1' A1 A " : ag ff ' ' ' ,Q , -,,,..,,...,,, 11 bL,, A VZL. l 194 " 1 Tk an-it . 1 , aria:-s.5.7fY A Jr. Kam .MK -:ISP , f,,w'fW 4' I Rt V41 f fwv ug,,L,. A, kg u Z9 ',,..M. -. w ffm ,um Q.. 195 The boys track team started out on the right foot by beating Castle Park one of the teams to beat in the race for the IVIetro Banner. They had strengths on the held as vvell as on the track. Tui Toia the star devil shot putter participated in the Jack In the Box indoor games before the season started and Heet-footed runner Charles Weekes found the competition wasn't as tough as in the past. ,, .. s , 4, . VV -' ttg V' f .. ,i,4, I s i i s 2 figs, , 1-. . 'ff .M Yg9:1'?Hl5?""! 4 . Q 'wt 'Y ,4 if itti i ' ff: i t at 'FE if -A s -o ffs 115 - if i i ai!-I it V i i -,., . r.' ' - i ,,,., 4 - st, . I , . ,V f ji I .. ,,:.,ii ,,.. VM. f WJ f--- -. VW-Z: ij: N M, M M, .i, i.,, , ...,- ...M W :., . 5 6 , , an fy, 1 W , If Ag , m ' - , ,,:f,,,,w 45:5 aw- -- 1-KE? N51 5 I M i ' fl 'L H. 'K ' , ""B , f ..'Qfjfi:- H- H, -g.-- -1 L K' - 5 3 f ., '--.. .1 J Q , K K K , ' Q f' , A , ,. k ,wlgizg 1 ' 1 - ,,,. 1 -'ing 2' K, 1, , - I I A . , g - . A gf X Q QW - ' , - 'WT' ' 'L ' afiiff Q V M . W-. m .,,, L- , ' 7 g,ff55?'ii"f 155 Y i-Q yi , - ' I Y '.. - W , ---X i f Q ' ', "' -K 57 ff: Y, if f 1 - "Q ' .ar ll -P .,,-,-L -,,, v M ' Ji, W W,..,,, , ,x,.,...B,.- ---,,, .Mm QW. T :Wmk,,,.x.,n,HX,- x kk W- ,L d r A . 3, - . M Ayyby we- '-MJ. f WEA' TSE? ,Q 'W - . L ..,, , . 2 "---- -' f- " n ..X " ,,,. , 1 , --f- f '- ' - . - ,.: .. .wffffm -- -- we Emi -- . -: K ,WW 1: .Z ,.,HU "21 i . Devil Girl Sprint into Action Girl's track vvori against Castle Park, also, Coach Al Martinez urested easier" aftervvard. He said, Ulf vve doh't have an overly strong team, what vve lack in strengh we make up in depth." lVlary Murray stood out in the hurdles, while Liz Gogue led most of the pack in the long distance. .N Rios . -If ' if L Q- yu, pa, 'fg L. t t N 'T L --sr if 'A "Y , X 1 s f 5 A i, L 1 . ' t... QR ' iitt -A .- 'iii-t' . iii ,5i?i1'g'.' A M .. ,Y S' -'ttt fit ' wif! W1 W ' --mr-m-W .,,.- , . f':-f":- --" - eve-M Ai r it .rs,. L . i , "-f t' ffl' i T ' 'ii lf! ef- ' 4 e A--W r,,e 'ewes' X L he--lm 1' - K W t. r L , r V 153' .. W' '. - , .. -. --..- - - ' -. ' s ., ., -tt,. vw- is r ,-gfgzf a ' 2. - gn ' -'t' 'M i K Y , fi,Q"'ts'j,f',, .t,,o , 198 , .. ...ad' ,- ww-Q -1-mfMWy,wfwwawff-.5vg,1-fgy 4 ,, ,, ,,,, r.,w.4y,-N,L,:, ..,..,.M ff,f,,,H,,.,m..,,.,,,.,,-f,,m.++-qv,+1-w1sg9gqn vMfwn 1 .,,wW, W vw., 'W wwf' VH, - . . .. , ,,i:,E,,. ' ' ' '-mwrwwwb-ws: W, 'W H 'vegan' ww , ,LL-.. , 47 V 7Mf..w.,....,,4. .W M. ,,M,...- , . M, H, ,, - nav L, M' -. fwlf ..,.":, H7 3. 'Z'-"'.1fY'r1". 'Mi wwelw f H -ff' ' H A .,,, A WW f A , 'a 1 ' " ' A Q 4' fp 32 . Wi f " . ' 'WW' f 11 K it I f ' , V A i : , W gi! ee s. , I 1' -f , m.. ,,,..- 1 1 H - t E N N: W "5 f f V ' ' Q A k --H Z, My A , 5 ' - t L P . . -' 7 A ' . gf: . .L View K , . .. V, ,, , 5. W .u i l... ' -f M' f ..,, . ' '- ' "J ' U L". I .frm 1 1 .QB ,. .4: . ' -' ' 'S H 'Hmm . Q 199 20 Baseball tlooking Goodf' 1 Q . it H N ti E. l xr 3. ., SL If? V x ' 5 -Q 1 'A' N r . YN, " ' T ' I 1 ., ""'?i" ...K Wa.. was fy f mga - 9 t I l. et i we? Both varsity and junior varsity baseball were ulooking good" as pro scouts checked out potential prospects. The team found that diamonds aren't only a girl's best friend, as many a competitor melted away before them. Coach lVliller was proud of his team, envisioning another CIF playoff berth. lVIr. Rassmussen coached a promising junior varsity team. Shown are a sampling of baseball players of both levels. WZ Su-Hi Swimmers Make 21 Splash ,K K SN, M. .,.anu-Maw 'V LX X A I Hilti " ' i 5.1 w 3 4 Although most don't know it, swimming is one of the toughest sports around. It is one of the few sports in which you use all of your muscles, and as coach 'lLEWIE" Lewis prophesies a la Knute Rockne HWhen the going gets tough, the tough get going." The team was not as large as it has been, and it suffered because of it lacking depth. But that did not stop Lewie. UI was very happy about this year because it is the first time we have not had trouble securing a pool. I'm also proud of the team. It was a small team, and I had to juggle a lot of events, and for the most part they sucked it up and did it." Lisa Sanders, Oliver German, and Mike lVlaniss were the most valuable aquanauts. ,:,. .s , -AQPHN Wh Water Polo Has Rough Season The water polo team swam in . m 'o f ,oiooof rough waterthrough out much of Qis the season. But there were oooo ' so ' gg individual successes. Oliver German scored a record tying 17 goals and W females in the game proved to young but gained experience as the season progressed. 204 Lisa Sanders one ofthe fevv sometimes be tougher than her male counterparts. The team was WW -f'1-Qluwg:w1g5.f:f-,f1- . , .,,, f.ff f .-ann , Q Qvwwaaxi QT W 4. af 205 2 Gymnasts D1sp1a Talent Silence is golden, at least in the case of a gymnastic audience during a performance. Oh, it's alright to applaude after a welldone routine, it can't hurt a girl's ego. But applause during a routine could have a bad effect on a girl's marks as vvell as her control, especially during a back somersault dismount or any difficult move. Coach Nloorehead was proud of her team, which was more talented than in past years. The team had its standouts in Diane Rodriguez, Amy Rivera, and a lot of back-up, which is needed for a well-rounded team. Top photo: Row 1: IVI. Pabon, l.. Becerra, S. Ahmad, C. Talamantes, S. Galvan, L. Cuesta, S. Banuelos. Row 2: L. Jimenez, C. Nlendivil, D. Chunko, Nl. Villalovas, J. Mendoza. O6 7 208 New Coach Praises Golf Team After a disappointing season last year, the golfers rose out ofthe ashes like the Phoenix. llI've been a coach for the fifteen years, and I had a good team to work with here," said nevv coach Bill Yensen. Part of the team included Pat Narvaes, Robert Pabone, Weldon Thompson, and Gary Pistole. ,W k i "vp, 'nz' ,., , ,fr r,,r, u p 1 ,Amgwswux pp O9 SW Each Victory Holds a Unique Meaning to Each Athlete me . N A L ,,,, 1? Q, ' 3 A H " ,,e., m' Z iee ' 'W ' M as 0 e ,,e,: , ' Y Q , . H ., mi ' ary' ' ,wb ,, ,jf up ww, ,, , ,, I V, E ' 1 'l ff-- Q' Y'v'?,, ,ghjfggigk 11 T7 'JSR' fm' m ff iwzmmwsm , W. ry' 7- ,, ff,, m g: jj '53 4 V ll A . ,Q ,Q 1 3 I I If My ,V IW, W., M.. ,,,, ,,,.,, ,.,-. fm: ' 1,52 A , Q ,,A , . -1 1 1, .Q 'im 'rf ., W, l ,I-px Q 5 ,,. , . ,,, 212 Advertisements Editor: Connie Lopez Gloria Galvan NATIONAL CITY MILE B95 0255.5 14 LUNG, DRUGS Where Everybody Saves 1730 Sweetwater Rd. Foy gyqvegter, Manager BEST WISH ES TO THE CLASS OF '78 K 5 . A A A - ' iw 'Y " gvf E af ' ,-:: i K..: 5,513 -If " tti,t in " me ttiii lip L,VV V K K4-Qu it , M1 2 I 5 HTHE BEST IN THE WEST" CHUCICS INN Home ofthe V2 lb. Steer Burger 100"!o Pure Beef Complete Food lVlenu Also To Go Under New Management GINGER WEST OWNERLTIVIANAGER Phone 474-4524 831 E. 8th St. if 6 15335 'Ii' fiiii. . g gg ',,,,l,. . sr e'er Wwe 6 mme ' ,. 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Phone: 475-9722 Freddy 84 Lillie Richardson , , Pano Florrsts A W Q - a Grfts ,f fx . , 4 Q A f . , - , . iq wg ' RQ f ggfqy k 'E' N 1626 Sweetwater Rd. es 1 .V+ Unit E H f f C National City, Calif. 92050 Phone. 477 1165 Consolidated Jewelers 474-3431 1446 Highland Ave. National City, California George Waters - Owner cm' msn . ,W Hur Hg, fl 3120 PLAZA NAT'l.. CITY - 475-6990 ' ' ' fSZ'lillflftG 15 ' ,ff-Trib ANTERO RIOS 124 E. 30th Suite B National City, 5 California 92050 Phone: 474-8139 Claims: 560-8888 -. 224 The Management and Staff at JOHN BULL including its many SU-HI ALUMNI extend best wishes to JGHN BULL the Class of '78, "1 'Q 3 TQM MQYNAHAN mo National Ave. TOW AND STORAGE TIVIUFFLERSZF TRANSIVIISSIONSII: RADIATORSZ' INSTALLEDT NEW AND USED AUTO PARTS TOiVl AND TINI 477-9362 Real Estate Service Insurance Brokerage Property Management HORNING 8: MORGAN 460 Third Ave. Box 1177 CHULA VISTA, CA 92012 THOMAS A. HORNING C.P.C.U. 420-5322 eg:Ef5 -,rfrfi . 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X :swivel f I iii I ?W T A 4 'I' I CO N G RATU LATION S TO TH E CLASS OF '78 COFFEE SHOP DINING ROOM OPEN 24 Hours Three Generations of Family Groups, Shoppers, and Businessmen Have iVIade Keith's a Habit SECOND and NATIONAL, NATIONAL CITY KEITH,S FAMILY RESTAURA T, 227 228 QW THE BARBEQUE P T wt f Paul Bayani, Jr. lVIanagerfTravel Consultant 310 East 8th St. Suite "A" National City, CA 92050 Tel: C7143 477-3184 or 477-3185 Su-Hu Service Club ll. to Rl: IVI. Westfall, S. Unertl, G, Ordas, S. Luck, lVI. Peralta, G. Collins, B. Abbott, A. Arguilez, lVI. Jubacn, O. Aguilera, R. Gogue, lVI. lVle-llegers, C. lVlaynard, S. Baker, S Vega, lVl. Pattieson, K. Sattervvaite, A. Raspperry. To the special Seniors who made this year special for us. This is for you: To Jay B.: For all the times we treated you. What would you do without us? When you become rich, you know who to spend yOUl' ITTOYIEY OH. To Robert M.: To someone really sweet who'd always be basin' on us juniors, but WHO lagged?? It's alright, we still luv you!! To Benny F.: For being a pretty cool brother and wonderful friend. Thanks for all the rides and for being your unique self iwe're talking about your outrageous modestyll. To Liz C.: For taking time out just to talk to us, It was a trip cheering with you-too bad we didn't have any gum to chomp on tool But it made you look just right!! To Jimmy U, and Francis A.: Although we didn't get to talk much, thanks for making our junior year a memorable one. To Glen B.: For being so nice when you hardly knew us. Thanks for helping me in Spanish CG.F.l. To Michele T.: You finally made it! !Member all the times you took either of us out? How about !!Black Christmas" and downtown with Geri N,? Trip huh? To George S.: When you're up therein life, don't lose your terrific smile. Next Halloween I won't forget to call you lG.N.l. To Jesse: Thanks for all the help in biology, especially during the tests. To Terri, Michele, Beth, David, Linda, Dennis, Connie, Gloria, Brian, Donald, Ferdy, Susan, and Lisette in Annual Staff: It was fun working with all of you, but watch out next year!!! Thank you all for making this year just perfect for the Both of us. Good luck in life and Take care- Come back and visit. Lots a luv, kisses, hugs, happiness, good luckness and all that other good junk. To a very special person in my life, Diana Rodriguez, I'm truly sorry because of the mix up I had, but I think it showed how good you were to me and how much I really care for you. You left and it could not be helped, While you were gone all I could do was think of good and awful things like you're never coming back or it wouldn't be the same, or just nothing. I will never in my life forget you leaving. They were the 3 most terrible months in my life. Most of all I'll never forget the summer of '77 in San Francisco and L.A. that I spent with you. It made me feel like a responsible young man. I'm really grateful. May God bless you in your life and may I always be part of it. I dedicate this to the times we had, to the times we could have had: and to the times to come. P.S. Sincerely sorry, will love you always, George L U GUAYA HAD X Q1 - - 4" X 9 I,-f I, - ,ZR xx, xi' 0 We J' 'S l QR? 'X -cuss or: ,,,,,, '73 iiuiiaie kim M" Love ya's always, y. i.isA E mnem- 'rwlmc vav eom Fon nmciuei -ri-ne vena EXTRA 6PeciAi.! cnzi-me Love' Pe. A-up Debbie! For Mrs. Wise, This is our way of saying thanks to our one and only tennis coach. It was you that kept our team together whenever we needed it most. So what if we didn't come out first in our league, we had fun just knowing that we were a part of Sweetwater! We'll never forget you. Take good care of yourself. We love you! Angie, Cynthia, and Mildred Arellano, Anna Del Rosario, Emelyn Maigue, Naomi Smith, Carol Cervantes, Susan Greywacz, Tammy Shuman, Liz Jerdo, Odette Aguilera, Kay Supsic, Rosa Lim, Lynn Takeshita, Linda Bordwell and Paul Cervantes, and Aurea Rosaldo and Richard Gomez. 9 3 To all my friends: Kathy Finn, Ron Hubbard, Miss Lewis, Sherri Ross, Carlos Bracamonte, Rick Hubbard, John Quenga, Marco Garcia, Toney Carillo, John Barba, Lori Hawkins, Rosario Quinata, Scott Williams, Linda Wozniak, Jim Davis, all teachers, Wesley Eaton and me, And Weirdos: Joe O'Keefe, Kathy Fletcher, Donald Hughes, Danny Rico, and all unmentionables. Have a great summer, and may the FORCE be with you! from: J.B. Brennan Assoc. 84 Company Enterprises ot Qiicncw Qompwsg 'U'hanK you lyabe for nmsmgznj lilellumsfnegg Uni-O U-my U-we. Wow t?l5'ccG4iy, yow' 6 wfilloearl, C4513 grtrioufj -gmili WL lHavL Kult loflncr IHWW AllBODuuTI ILLDWE To J.B., Sherri, Rick, Ron, Joe, Fletcher, Toney, Marco, John, Rico, Judy, Wesley, Linda, Linda R., Estella, Tina, Carlos, Mike, Scott, Bill, And to everyone in all my classes--Kathy Finn says, lIHeIlo"!!! Evelyn Cruz: I met you 2 years ago When you became a sophomore And you didn't really know Until I kissed you at your door. The year went by And you went through two But still l tried Just to be with you. My Senior year Was to be the best But your eyes filled with tears Just like the rest. We went for 27 days It wasn't too long To me it was OK To you it was so wrong. Then I left Su-Hi I promised to come again I thought you would cry Maybe, maybe then. We made the summer fun Happy and full of cheer Thinking of the things we've done Through these past 2 years I'm glad that you're content And looking good I see, Ever since I went Especially now you're free Thinkin' about these memories I Hope you are glad Please don't ever forget me And the good times we had. Take care. Luv you, Always 81 Forever, Alexander J. Cuesta CLASS OF '77 Diana, Benana is me and you, Every day we only knew. Never a cloud hung over us, As we spent together without any fuss. Number of problems just like everyone else, Although none got the better of us. Love, Benny HSmile we have each other" April 3, 1977 To the senior class of '79, Our senior year was hlled with many new and exciting experiences that will soon be only memories. We hope that the friendships we have made here will not be lost but grow with the years. Senior privileges will soon be granted to you so cherish and enjoy them. We hope you will enjoy your senior year as much as we did. Mary Pabon, Debbie Roberts, Rosa Lim, Roslyn Sue, and Martha Montes de Oca. '78. This I dedicate to all my special, close friends: For the last two years we've known each other. lsome moreb. You've shared my joys and triumphs. You've shared my sadness and tears. There is no way in which my thanks can be expressed. I hope that by writing this note you'll always remember that all my love and gratitude will be yours forever!! THANKS: Cecilia-for the pep talks, patience, confidences shared, and plain fun we had. Eddie-for the sad summer which you made happy for me, and for introducing me to your family. Lisa-for being such a good friend and for bringing me down to earth with your duddy cut downs. John-for the fun we had in Acapulco and for being the kind of friend anybody could want. Padila-for being a good sport and taking all my duddy jokes along with the good ones about you. I meant no offense. Vicki-for the goofy way you make everything funner. Linda-for being so sweet and friendly. Susana-for making me FEEL like a senior. Scott-for pulling me through some rough spots. lalotlll. And Rosemary-for teaching me I'm not as grown up as I thought and that I can still enjoy simple things like sitting down with my friends and making pompoms. lVly Senior year has been terrihc and I only wish I didn't have to leave my friends behind. It's sad to go but I'll go knowing that the Mighty Class of '79 will be the best class ever. I'm proud to say that, for a while I was part of it. Good-bye and may God Bless You. All my love and friendship forever, - I gleam Zim.. galvuu Cl. to RD Freddie HSig" Gallegos, Antonio HJ" Carrillo, Freddie 'tYoung man" Carrillo, and David llNacho" Arciniega. Not pictured: NLG. llPear" and D.M. 'lCharlie Brown". Oct. 7, 1977 231 EE WMS' SEM A F5 Wwre 75' f , - J -if-,133-f ' "'U"'y-mffnigzm do? egflgqgnei

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Sweetwater High School - Red and Gray Yearbook (National City, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Sweetwater High School - Red and Gray Yearbook (National City, CA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


Sweetwater High School - Red and Gray Yearbook (National City, CA) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


Sweetwater High School - Red and Gray Yearbook (National City, CA) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


Sweetwater High School - Red and Gray Yearbook (National City, CA) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


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