Sweetwater High School - Red and Gray Yearbook (National City, CA)

 - Class of 1945

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Sweetwater High School - Red and Gray Yearbook (National City, CA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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4 a , ' Q 1 555 A .D . -1-Q X OX ixx "S: cf' 1 f f ,f xY i is Ax 15 ,4 BED EBAY z'arw1'e 'ramp Q .s ki d C Publnstued by the Assocuated Student Body Sweetwater Umon Hugh School M Edt National Cnty Calnforma EW V d A June i945 3 af y K if "W , .. 1 ry A , . , y 'LM .if QA ' ,Q I Alu J -. F b 4 'is ' gl X' - tfxxf x I a wa Editovs ' E Jerry Crews - ' Cintfor ourtrey I: O Business Manager U I Marntyn Scotfetd I NOV I s er on er u ' I iq 1 f g .ia3.w1nv' Ia v' fn , r fjnrlkib .si A A . w, - ' f . na. S' . ' - fy" ' ' ,frff 'ffw '.,, , . ,. , v f '-. :JL r " f y. ix - .17.1aJ'E',d 25 ff "1- 1 5 -4' LJ h rw- N v.,, . 1 up I V. A, ' 'vgfsl'-QV' K ,f 4 t aj I ' 'K' Q, L-'- w"-, V4 . -' 4 "" .. "' fl A-.,.zf'Q',ff'g f " 5' 4- ,5- ' I ,, . r X x xr K V - 4 i, Hr" .If-KW . 3 'Q :sm N "tiff, . , ,fy-4 pl' ' ,' ' ,Cn , 5 .' . I' ,'l,..A. - 'cf W , -up 4, ,-f-QM-:ff Q' fm, ...Y 9-'. .A jf" 70-v 5 - .r Y , 1 ' 'T A ' ' .. '3 f' ,hai . Q. h uf M ul, , Y , 1, .V A . .554 1" ' I gi' ,ei"f. r ' Q 5. L- V , , 4 'Iwi' H 8-. Q0 Jyu' , 5-4 4 -' . v. ' ' ,.l' ' ,Nl"l3f ' 1 1:61 ' . ,ylvpfylik 4. x fxtav' - ' Q ' .f-J Y 4 7,1 -Lf,',. U- '... I " 'J' 1-A'-4.1" X . ,,W . I , ,+I . 5.,w .. . x 4'- . ,J suv: a-5'X?,f. s U' J Cf" . ,mf ,f ,Q M .Y .y 4 C ',. A. ,fx 1, .. K i, , , t 1 Q., 4 I. if, ff! 1 ' . p s ' Q 'v F 4 -,.1 . . , H .. l 4 fu xl , .o A , ,lf . . gi' . 5 'A,',1 1 C ' L-, Jfflf I I 1,1 1- -X J , ,, .' '11 V0 1 1' ,',, uf , ' 0 I 5. s ,ff riff I A 9 I al . at Q' 'w.4'tI 4-' .-. if" ,f 5 'W . gl' I fx ' LA ,Y ,H Q 'H 14 2 'I 'VS' sd 1,-,A ,. f HQQV. , my V, fi: ' , rf' 4 s9.',.' .' ' 3 ,Ti Mu.: f. - 'f ..5w ' ' ..'PC. I " O' 57, x J :Xffl "pl fir 'G ,' . If '14 1 " 1 A J' l ,J 711 ,V I I n, jx 1 ,gtg far' I :Q-A, " Ml K .Q fw- n lv r" .lv , , . ' . 1 . . - 4 "9 A543 AUMINISTHATIUN . 1 "MN 4' M""Y""'f fa" .. ' - Q J 5' f HQ? 9 wdiv.-1 .4 Superlntehdenf D cc W5 S fee we men M D WO uccer Nef' Board of Trustees N X D L oer YHCIPBI S 26 N e r' Lm W 6 culty Offlcers S no E f G e X L 5 an 'VCGCLVQV S65 ed IVTWHV' MSVYT 22 CYQCNGQ V C, LJQSI H M '49 , I , S ,E W ,,,, .... ? 32, 9 f f Q I l Z I M3 1 4? ,, y sc. Y A S x x S :J l W' 1 F 1H.1CrU Hwgrf Sew ,D,t'::w1J"w M, Q fa e : ml 4 James B, Nertev tmstee' D. L. M 'fan :Veil Harms, business rweeagef L, B. Bafves tmstee' C. G, Eeamet trvstee' Lfyse H. Pr Pi I W t at 'U use Hgh 324:33 wi 'de' Tc :Wedge srl: 3: FEW M. Cai 6 Fa H ta ,r-3: ive M, Lyons, Scvetay' Vw- S, Pate 2:2161 H fi , . ,J ' t 'Z Tl , C ,i , X f et' Lmuie Stesfwew Cn-5 GZ 9 1 Adv' R D bow and dean of gwds re pecgtwvely Vlc sta yn , 5 Ie' , 1 f i x V f -J ,af - 'Ig-'-Q., -sug- ICerS Tme Fall bwoem edmm 5 IQV' of Swee waLer was afeo cwer vo e be band of Orme Lee Thomcsor Qec etery .low Pwkmb preggqw 5 d Llcyd Watc n vnce preswde COmmISSIOI1CI'S T ef wefe Us w eo C e O 5 :J 'ww Q C ee ec X u o rgn Oifauy 5 W r . e as v ew CGLNCVIS Mafy Arne Rucra o on Bofwm ew Stews Mary Arn Be we ASSQWO 2 B We m an e H Q e wace Ce NW fc PL,o'wf 2 M PM Officers Rod Sums upper lett was chosen ASB presndent tor the sprung semester l-lrs call to the Army Arr Corps depraved Sweetwater ot a capable leader Elected to trll the place ot vrce president was Walt Palmer secretary Mary Jean Prsclward elected presrdent by tlne student leguslatue was Demostlnenes Pappas l-le was formerly yrce president COmmISSlOnCfS Front row Lyle Fredlund Athletics Don Coolc Puoluc Relations replaced by Mary Buctrold Asemblres Jaclce Corsrglra Records Bente Clwrrstensen Frnance Mrmr Tlwomcs n Pep Joy Bryant Stamps and Bonds Oma Lee Thompson Deputy Frnance J yCews Publrcat n PH Lou Peacock, not in picture'.Clarence Close, Activltiesf Don Rolstad, Music. Baclc row: Anna May l Wt l j I V W L' I- Qrru V, Y ' llgvcl l jx in 6 Front row Robert Turner Dick Bacon John King Jim Bailey Lloyd Watson Marvin Shrewsbury Mimi Thompson Jerry Crews Oma Lee Thompson Belly Vincent Midge Cermak Doris Chrisfman Second row Clarence Close Lyle Fredlund -om Th Jmpson Joyce Sprouse Buster Johnson Ruth l-lelm Jackie Corsiglia Jo Ann Madden Mary Anna Richardson Bente Christensen lop row Rudy Schmoke Bob Parker George Comer Bob Rinklieb John Rurkins Wally l-lartin Lewis Curtis Dick Lareau Clif o. Ccurcney. lne- Horowitz, Leonard Teyssier. Spring F ont ro 2 Charles Paulson, Barbara Wahler, Betty Wells, Barbara Avery, Norma Rogers, Carol Denniss, Vfinnie Golden Rat Grillin, Virginia De Wolle, Dorig Christman, lnez Horowitz, Mary Ann Bel- lanfe, Second row: Rhylig l-laryey, Nona Hughes, Jackie Corsiglia, Oma Lee Thompson, Joy Bryant, Anna May Bucnold. Mary Jean Rritcnard, Benfe Christensen, Jerry Crews, Alan Campoell, Demosthenes Pappas. lop row: Lyle Fredluno, Wally l-larltin, Charles Leiner, Walt Palmer Don Cook, Clarence Close, Don Rolstad. Bob Buby, K p Courtney, Dick Lareau, Ted Woods, Not oictured: Jack Bowles. Bobbie Roonett, Lloyd Watson Bob Tomlinson, Ray Cleveland, Edwin Johnson, Lynn Little, Dave Oberlin getty Rooneff Colleen Rush Genevieve Utley, Franceg Winship, June Burns, Charles Ptacnik, and on e. l 3 USIC Clwarlre Rober Donald Rolstad Jeanne Cletu Jrrnrny Barley Srttrng Mary Anna Rlcln r son Harlan e under a rnusrc rns ructor Cara Lee brary St ro v5 Ha er H J orocrn oraran Jewe lfnocns E fer Jespersen r betn Gelwrrnts L erscn rnna ae lrbraran Ann Huey Tnelrna Brrggs Jerrre Ma I a Mae Fl yd rtr re ro a ara ann e Rcbnet lrrna Beers Ellen C as Mary Jean Prrtcnad Not n plc ure Helen Veleber fkoelrne Copley Betty Boland Betty Chase Bnrrley Mye Genace Nester Rose Marre Rater Qlga Searcy Norma Wo encratt Gayle Wagner Betty Doren Clwarrna ne Daly Jean Horner Betty McCormrcl4 Lrllran Salazar Slwrrley Rogers .lune Burns Lovera Boland ecretarles Grace Seebold attendance Bessre Merrrll attendance Jo Ann Peterson attendance nd Mary E Cnoate receotronr an 1 'We wx 4 Q .1- I .jd Z .. -Q ..-- , .gif 1.3.7 22.4. zz' ..Q::r'm, 4' , " , A ., I It -. , r ,N Q .Q v - 'rf' ff 9..- fi,-aa. . Q 'gfsgt ff 'Q ,f , f' X'M3"7' ' A9 X Q lf? E -1 .gg ,Hi if I " nag-ix LSR, JL: if .. E Q , , E 5 A ' , 5 X 7 N -..-,.... .-,.. .1 Y flk, I' 3' .W " if -Y-v .f,f,g X , X. . ,g ' , 1 . V' Er' -. 1- 1-' , D ,xii . A - 5.8: y NJ, 23,11 . b,:L,.,'y L. y :ff M145 f- - ,. ., , f-wx. ., , 2' ,- ff, , -.,,, '. , ,V Q, 0, , .1 , . 1 4 . if .l"' 'Ai' " -"Fw fy' 3 - H H' ' ,Q ' . ,U . A 2-1 A, . 'u f 7 -, ,i - -,Ll ,, Q 'Q , zj',.X .", .. , 4 : Q- M351 Y'- ff A 1 "r7',4- ' A-' 4. 'X N -"TJ, Eating drinking Singing eating playing games eating and generally raising cane was the order ot the day tor these titty luclcy February seniors at their d tch day in EI Monte Park The top picture illustrates the enormous amount of tood consumed by gourmets Clyde Stahl Carl Atkinson Rosemarie Kurturst Gil Lozano Jaclc Strayer Kenneth Hallock Eugene Cochrarn Pat Seernan Dorothy Torbett and Peggy Shepherd Leaning against that tune car are Eugene Cochram Carol Ptlimlin and Louise Hill Doris Kranzer Jean Mason Melba Knight and Betty Collins have gust swallowed Canaries Marvin Shrewsbury grinningly ignores Marian Murray Man Mountain Buby vs Laurah Grappler Hiser grudge tight . . . Still eating: Melba Knight Jean Mason Jane Stetler Esther Jespersen Doris Kranzer. I8 ICCTS Wlllre B nlla vrce presldent Bob Ritchie pre :den Dong Kran er secretary Melba Knnght treasurer On0r SfLId6f'ltS Beve ly Raymond trrst honor studen Carol Ptlrmlrn second honor student Life Members Joyce Sprouse Charles Roberts Pat Seeman Marvin Shrewsbury l'low much It meant to be a Senior a s.roerlor bemg rul r ot all our lowly subjects the Sophomores and Junaorsl We berng the upper classmen ot the school tound It our duty to lead the way tor the rest On November I6 the Sensor A class presented the sparkling mystery and comedy A Full l-louse The play was a great success and one ot the best ever presented at Sweetwater Another rmportant hrqhlroht ot the year was the Sensor Prom wrth the musrc ot Brll t-lllton and hrs orchestra ln the last week ot the semester came the Sensor Assembly the tarewell awards dutch day and then Commencement l-lavrng absorbed much ot the knowledge Sweetwater otters our February class ot I945 lett the schoc wrth regrets knowrng tnat they would soon be scattered all over the world and that hugh school expenences would b kept only In therr memones BHUAHY M -Ol.. ' I s' tt ' 1, H 'rr V. lt. .,y il . - , I . P E S , 1 9 4 5 CARL ATKINSON GEORGIA CAMPBELL GAA2 4 Cu Imp ard D Song Lead I4 A may 4 T EUGENE COCKERAM a CraIt 2 JOYCE ESTERBLOM C u CIII stmas Pag ant3 4 U CIU lc Skating CIULJ 4 WILLIAM HAYNES a C w ESTHER JESPERSEN B r' 2, 3 Orch 'stra 2 'hes amp M'sSaf1g' Imp and DQVII 4 MELBA KNIGHT Sgmcr A Sem-gfa', 4 Anm,aI SIGN 4 BaIIet 2 GIQ-3 Club 4 Ice Skatmg CIuI: 4 Chwstmas Pag-raft Int'a'vuraI VcI'v:yka C'a"1ps 3 WILLIE BONILLA r V s t a A PIa OV D D ANN CANNON J amatms 2 a Cluc I ory Sp BETTY JUNE COLLINS CIU T am EARL FAULK LOUISE HILL GAA? 3 T as C 'I 3 bI Iurz C IC Skatmg Cub 4 V Q ory Sp aIc 12 r I JACK KEENAN ack 2. , ctthrfn s CIUE Lxggns atur' ag' Craft 3, 4 IntramuraI Footbal DORIS KRANZER Saw or A Tfcas. 4 THY 2, 3 O'CITCSfId 2,3 4 Band 2, 3 I 4 Af' fx cs s,y '27 EARL BROWN 'Irark 3 S G JEANNE CLETUS Phnlharmon a 2 O c estra 2 3 4 et O ch stra 2 3 Strung Quart I 4 Santa Ba Izara Mum VGI U SC Cont st 4 IREEN DUNCAN G L Club 2 DIIII Ham 2 B rzan BIbI CIU Skat ng CIu KENNETH HALLOCK ROBERT HUTCHINSON Orchestra 3 GLENN KELLEY I ck 2. 3 Baseball 4 Lnifnrmans Cub , if C W . 1 aiurn , ROSEMARIE KURFURST Tm-Y Trcas. 2, 3 4 GAA 2, 3 4 CI'1eerIeader 4 Vwctory Spf:aIccr 2, 4 CIwstmasPaqcant2,3 JAMES LEWIS Stage Cratt 4 c Skatunq Club HAROLD MAGNES Intramural Fo tbal MARIAN MURRAY Art Club 4 Y CSF 4 N s Stat 2 4 Chrlstmaslgag ant2 3 CAROL PFLIMLIN 2nd Honor Stud t I Player C 2 3 4 Qur ard Scroll 4 cnror A Play 4 Su Hu News Statt 4 Vrctory Spcak r 4 BEVERLY RAYMOND F st I-lonor Stud t 2 3 Phrlharmonm 2 c I-Ir Play 5 c r CIub2 V BERTHA ROMERO GAA 2 Int arnural Bas ball Captaun 2 nt amu al Vol yball PAT SEEMAN S I-Ir N F atu nor 3 E PIOY u ar1oS s Y Cati n D d D Is W 4 il GILBERT LOZANO Track 2, 3, 4 L ttumans Club 2 3 4 CSF 3 Senlo1A Play 4 Intramural Bas ball Champs 4 VELMA MAKOWSKI V c ory Sp ak r 2 GLORIA OLIVER JERRY PHILLIPS lm andDvrI4 Bn 23 ROBERT RITCHIE Sensor A Pres 4 CSF 4 s tball 3 Football 4 Track 4 Chess Club 4 S n or A P ay 4 LOIS ROOKER O c estra 2 3 4 V ry Sp alrcr 4 PEGGY SH EPHERD o u Cub Toast'nast rCont st4 Vctoy Speaker3 4 no APa Chr stmas Paq ant2 4 MARY MADDOX Tn-Y 3, Cabinet 2, 4 Art Club 4 Su l'1lPlayerS3 Pres 4 CSF 3 ChrustmasPageant3 4 netles 2 ft 2 JEAN MASON Qu and Scroll 3 4 Y lntramuralVolleyball Irtramural Baseball 2 TOM OLSON Bas tball 2 Lettermans Club 3 Intramural Football 4 JOHN PURKINS ASB Pres 4 o ball 2 3 Bas etball 3 4 Trac 2 4 Letterman s Club Sec 3 Trees 4 Imp and Devul 4 Chess Club 3 CHARLES ROBERTS Phllharmoma 2 Pres 4 Orc estra 2 3 4 Strung Quartet 4 Santa Barbara Music F :val 3 4 U S C Contest 3 S mor A Play 4 CHARLES ROSS MARVIN SHREWSBURY AS Pes 4 Foo ball 2 3 Basketball 3 4 Track 4 L tte man s Club Leglslatur 4 Speaker 3 JOYCE SPROUSE Y 3 Sec u and S oll S c s Su I-'I News Society Feature Edutor 4 Deputy Finance 4 Sensor B Pres 4 Imp and Devll 4 RUTH STETLER omol t d HERNAN CAMACHO Foo ball 3 4 Lettermans Club 2 3 Trees 4 B etball 2 3 4 Softball Champs 4 Glee Club 3 Chow 4 Varletues 4 CLYDE STAHL BILL STEWART DOROTHY TORBETT Ge Club2 Ar Club3 4 fi Kia? ftwww gf' i 44" -3 PEER ARY BISIAUI ATES PE GEORGES ARGOUD Completed worlc summer of I944 BEATRICE KEAN Completed orlc summer of I944 VIRGINIA THOMAS n 2 GAA 4 Clworus 3 ALBERT CROWE mpl t d orlcn summ rot IQ44 BHUAHY, 22 JANE STETLER ARLENE STORM Ctor 3 Clw stmas Paq r tes JACK STRAYER UT PIIITUHEU VIRGINIA MASON ompl t d wovk summer ot I944 CARL WHITTENTON 1945 FIU Tri- , .4 5 . I Q ill cr fl ., F 7, Q A 5. 1 Prc .4 3 ' 3 2. , L K' - I , cd K 1. A ,f ' A Il 3 A get 4' bw J, . J' . I2 X 'J - 'LL 3. ' . an It X I Tm 2 3 C A e Q worln In ' summer of I944 A-v gs ' GW? Club 2' 4 ' X 'I 1-'. if 3, 4 X Va we I 2, 3 t 3 5' 7 Ballet 2 3 Y xx A it Af QA E5 ' t , T Q gf ' ' , t . '56 ' 4 dst ' T T RQ' i K . f, ,cf , Q I f fa! I ' X X iff' fa! ' 0 f In Ba d , 3 C C U III w In Co C fi w 'D ICCIS Robert Runlclueb Presudent Muldred Thompson Secretary Oma Lee Thompson Treasurer and Cluttord Courtney Vuce Presudent Despute homework frosty rrornurugs malcung up tume and deadlunes graduatuon nught wull leave most ot us wuth a lump un our throats and an empty teelung when we thunlc ot what we have lett behund Each semester another group ot senuo A s lett us and our tume drew nearer Now that moment us here and we take wuth us all the luttle thungs that went to malce our hugh school career ruch and full Such memorues as the Mud Wunter Ball that man hus trumpet and You Made Me Love You Varuetues Senuordutch clay the proms Duck Bacon and hus Musuc Malcers and the excutung ASB electron campaugns are ones that wull never be forgotten Thus the class ot I945 wull go on to bugger and better thungs but the sacred memorues ot Sweetwater Unuon l-lugh School wull always remaun I JU SE URS JOHN E. ABBOTT C.V, H'-Y 4 Stamp Mvss-'mgm 3 DONNA ANDRE ROBERT L. BALDWIN MARY ANN BERGER 2 C band 3 Treas 4 A CIub3 Sec 4 A 2 3 S c: Assembhes Commws snoner 4 Lcguslafure 3 V ruetwcs 3 4 LOUISE BOLTON CSF 3 PEARL BREAKFIELD GAA 2 3 2 O C stra 2 3 Stamp Mcsscnq r 2 JOY BRYANT Bond and Stamp Corrvmsswon r 4 T Y 4 GAA 3 0 ar-d D v D MERRILL DOWNEY TCII34 'E VERNELL ALAND GAA 4 Tv -Y 3 GI--w Che 4 Vwfirvy SC-'HIK-'Y 3 BETTY BACHMAN Chou 3 N3-Man 5 CILII32 3 4 VERNON BALLARD Su-I-In N-'ws Staff 4 CHARLENE BISHOP GAA 4 JACK EOWLES THELMA BRIGGS T Y 4 Art CIM: 4 GAA 4 ANNA M BUCHOLD G A 2 Cabm I 3 Cac:- 'T' I 5 mb idgv SL. I WILLIAM CAMERON a H oz y cas 'Yvmft if , 727 sf V' T 1 Q- Qp. iv' -1--- PATRICIA ANDERSON Aw-Im' Staff' 3 G'-H CIM, 4 HELEN BAKER N:,MarUCIub2 3 4 IRMA BEERS Stamp Mvss-:rvgcv 4 Vwctory Spvakyv 4 Nn'Man s Club 2, 4 BETTY BOLAND Tam AIL,ub4 TI No Man S CIUIJ 2 VIRGINIA BRAVO MARY ANN BRUST BEVERLY BURNS rv I At CILJC 4 r 53 AGNES CASH BETTY JEAN CHASE VILLI S Clwrstrnas Peg ani 2 afno M ss q BETTY CHRUDEN ar n Maj CLARENCE CLOSE I-In Y I C Pres 4 ACLIVILI S Comm S Sloner 4 Traclc Maraq r3 L Herman s Club 3 Irnp and Dcvrl 4 BETSY CONYERS C 2 3 UI Gr Res rvc 2 C nn I 3 s T Annual Stall 4 Mozcy Inn Board Drrectors 4 WILLIAM COWART ack 3 L tfurnans Club 3 JERRY CREWS Annual Co drtor Publlcat ons Co 'nssro 2 3 A 2 S q a Si 3 C BILLIE S DAVENPORT HERSHEL DENNIS Banc 2 3 4 Football 4 Basaball 3 4 L 'fL"nar' 5 Clab 4 C V I-Ir Y 4 ELLEN MAE CHASE Trr Y I atur o and D J 5 Pa an ROBERT CLARK LJ RAMIRO COMAS CSF 2 clr 3 Basketball 4 rn Clu JACKIE CORSIGLIA Y and D Art Club 4 Corn ol Records 4 L qrslaturc 4 'I' am DAN CRACOLICI lrtrarnural Football BILL CROWE JOAN DAVIS S GWYNN ELLIS Druf' Magor 4 Vankms 4 BENTE CHRISTENSEN Asst Frnance Corn 'n ssoner 3 Frnanc Corn 4 Y Vu: Pre Inns and D CSF 3 Moz y Inn Board ol Darcrlors 4 EVA LEE CLEVELAND CSF 4 n gtra RICHARD CONNOLLY CSF 2 CLIFFORD COURTNEY Annual Stall 4 ure Sensor A Vrce Pres 4 Ice Slcatrng Club 4 Intramural Football 4 rn and D val IRENE CRADDOCK LEWIS CURTIS Traclc Squad 3 4 Q rman 5 Club HIY3 BEA DAWSON e Club? C orr 3 4 rs S t GAA 3 4 n Pcrni 2 r I M ESPERANZA ENRIOUEZ Clror4 JOE ENRIQUEZ Tck23 KASSIE FAUBION Stamp Messenge No Man s Club 3 LYLE FREDLUND Com ot Athletlcs 4 N C I-In Y Pres Foo ball 2 3 4 Ba etball 2 3 Leqrslature 2 Lettermans Club 3 4 Imp and Devrl3 4 Fe I-Ir Y Pres 4 EDWARD GRAVES FFA3 Pres C V Hr Y 4 Basketball 2 T nnrs3 4 ELLEN HAPTONSTALL Grossmont Unron Hugh School Grossmont Calrt 2 RUTH HASTINGS Su Hr News Service Ed Society Ed 4 T Y 4 Vrctory Speaker 3 4 Asst Publrc Relatron Commrssloncr 4 RUTH HELM ature 2 Senror B Sec 4 Y 3 Cabmet Annual Staff 4 Pnrlharmonra 2 P n Polnt3 4 GAA 4 Y MARY ANN HUEY GAA 3 4 Dr II Tearn 4 T Y 2 Vretory Spealre Lbrary Staff 4 MARGARET ESTES D ll Team At Club 4 'amp M ss nq RUTH FAWCETT GAA 4 an Brbl Clu No MansClub2 3 4 BETH GORDON WILBERT GREGORY T ck3 4 GLORIA HARDINA No Man s Club 3 4 Drrll Team JOHN HATZ Lequslature 2 I-lr Y 3 Vretory Speaker 2 L ttermans Club 3 Baseball 3 Football 3 4 Varretres 4 FRANK HOBEL Football 4 Basketball 4 L tt mans C u 4 B n 2 3 Orchestra 4 Intramural Sottball Champs 3 GAIL HUGHES Mar s Cluc FAIRE EVANS G A 2 3 4 Art Club 4 Glee Club 2 CSF 2 Drrll Team Stamp M ssengfr 3 V metres 2 3 ADA MAE FLOYD Drrll Team 4 Art Club 4 No Man sClub2 DOROTHY GOWIN Seymour Hugh School Seymour Tex 2 3 LULU HANSEN TY4 GAA4 WALLY HA RTI N Com ot Actrvrtres 4 Legislature Speaker 4 Yell Leader 4 Trac 3 4 Annual Statt 4 Lettermans Club 3 4 Imp and Devrl 4 NORMAN HAYDEN Annual Statt 4 Track Manager 4 Staqe Crew 3 4 Imp and Devrl 4 GEORGIA HOLLAND Herb rt I-Ioover Hugh School San Duego I 2 BETH ELLEN HUGHEY ra , , rr , 3, 4 A I St -5 -5 ,er 4 ' 3, 4 C v ,4 a ' , r 4 I , ' , 4 Bere e b 4 Q , N14 . f u 3, .4 I s- I t r . sk . I' ,3, 4 d. z . ' ,- , 4 ra , 'I' e ' . ' , 'U 3, 4 I I ' ' C.V. Hi-Y 3, Treas. 4 Ir . ' ., ' . C.V. '- I4 . rr- ' . Q ' . e ' ,4 . I I 1 , 4 Legrsl ,3, 4 C I Tri- I I 4 Q Cf ' I b y Cell- -3 a cl C I Va retr-gs 4 , Nc' I I 4 I ri- r 3, 4 I . 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SP 'mam P, Sh--nh-vo K. Sr-.vwar J SW Sfwsmar C, S,"".irs. Th'1 "ut S. P' iwrat B. 9,9505 F. Dvfi :is L Rin-wt, E. T. QFXF-if 8.1. Rndcvs I Fw-a C R T': E. Cin" B. 3i'2'fs L. Pvt-uf' M. P'-Lrg H. Fw, D. N. Pwpf D, Pyncf'-', F. u 1 F P C?"-'i sf.: U. Pi'K'u'st M.P rf-1' C. 5-wt'-has TH' Vttvg' ,. :'w-:tt B. Qa,::' E. Rv,-Qs ,. 2-if C 5 R S F Qs- H, F,:k'fi' E. RLG-L L. Rupv A. Si as K. S'-Q tc' J. S'f",'s G. Swwtr N. SWA' S. S:':g J , 7 Tf'ft':.-.15 .'f- F. X-Xfsf: T-. mtv' , T.'.'2A3 3. Wfics L. Wifi:-:':' C OC W 5 S- ij'3 '3.',g ,, T'..'i,,f" F. XV-CV' E. VCWTTV ,. JV: x VJ' E. V7 C-365 A, WJ :ENS ,.xQ1.fT A N W x, 'Ju f- ,. XX' ,M T"3 ".A.: 5. Ti'-fin" G. Utw. Q Va' 'X-i"Vi" v'. T'-'35 H. '-f G. V'C'1'i T. '23 T-, 5. JY 'N S. J.-,M V, A, Mic. T-: Q. Sze'-Q, H.Sta'1-. B. Sz- 1-.wt L. Str- '.'. Sv--rv ,. Stuzxss R. Smf:-': E. T' ,. Tffwzecn T. .. T'3W:s:w Ciwfi 52:15. Svitti' F. Tivcf C, Taxes- C. T'::c 3- .. T': B. ,. T-:Mag C. T":'W:: :H W T T A. Tv'-v i' . ' Q'-' H. in .WU hw, Q .2 awe J, XViT3i'd S. nuary I948 P if i Ur U U January I948 V15 N A f' , Q C G 4 Staunch supporters ot every Su-Hi activity. the Devilettes in the top picture are, top row: S. Larson, O. Hayes, B. Geitz, M, Hobel, D. McConlcy, D. Christman, P. Harvey, M. Cloei bottom row: B. Bord- well, P. Rickards, C. L. Gross, S. Myres. Two extremes ot Red Devil crowd spirit are shown in these two pictures. The happy, shouting stu- dents in the center picture are witnessing a touchdown in the Hoover game. Score: Sweetwater I3, Hoover 7. In the bottom picture, San Diego High has romped over the goal tor its fifth consecutive touchdown. Sweetwater O, San Diego 32. THE HLEAEHEH5 H ME Loss L Starclc ang Harlan Slcrnner are the ethcrent drrectors ot the musrc department Both vocal and lnstrumental groups serve the school and communrty The Band plays for tootball games parades varrous pro grams and concerts The Orchestra pro vrdes musrc tor all school atfarrs and each member serves the school Chorus IS de srgned tor those who enjoy group slngrng and music apprecratron worlc A pleasrng srngrng vorce rs needed for Glee Club and especrally tor Chorr These students per torm tor school programs and communrty actnvrtres school and communrty tor therr delnghttul programs Seen rn the front rows are Jane Stetler Melba Knrght Wanda Carter Beverly Ray mond and Shrrley Thompson . I . Both groups deserve the gratitude ot vs , K i l me Cfmfmerfwl Cf ' 'Y'gr'+ 5G"wPx .U Q we N Q e L, m moef me H Scfw wc f 4-12 W C u n V5 3 rw Mica -55 Sffeewvfwef 3 3 F F rf L A' , n 1 f ' 1 - ' 1 I If 'X ,.3! JI' . , 1' T . N , X' ,mia :yeas f X A ,M we we ii ine seat ' :we wSf'NCf.S1-1C6nfE 35 tws O7 ,ai - ' 5te'tf2::,.wne1552tftQ' f'f'A2 a ,ii itefn stpcaft may 5' cis sem 2 sis :uf 'a, faweitzrs, Simevg if :ere 2: :Hia 5. f.CV"Q Sfvienc cztc-ear 'g T"fIf'i'1"5 ans s..,3 as a . 3625.43 i' ine ' gf 'c:M'a'fa'is i' if ::,',a fi-'JQ"'fE if .-.2 'f1i"1 'i' is o,.s'as, w:'c, C My e ' sz Etmy MA Lyme tygmg Lamar L, mia' cmfasg iwizcciw C. Stix t,L H3 Pie! tb . f e' e ci: fa: 'g, Ag yk ve' ine' eiicxts 52 Cwa Lee Tfcmrgf S75 -itfr fave' Jena ,gf Safga 4,2 Befte Cvistexeev Ewzacetn Mae' -ana State' A , Exif Mm isset' SCMQ za' L5 , w I :ff Dem r4'a':e'. HT AN SPEECH 0' 'Sb 13 .ss lg Wm 5-4-' H Two teackwe 5 who work Lmwungky on sckwook actuvl res are Lou: e O S epkwerr pubiuc speakrng e partr-en and Jerekyn M Sparks ar+ departmerr Tkwerr groups have combined to boost the sekook wa bond eamoargrs Vre cry weekers sp KZ before Q 1 roorw and Comrmmuty audrenee and art stuo mfs mace posters fo urge Sweeties on to vrcfory ear of pubkrc eakrnc prepare ke s U ent 'C ,eak e ore any Q we a o rrrfrease rrw er + :rw wcrkd events Art goorggg offer freenarwo orawmg rm ereatrve Par-d work eommererar art rr' dove rr rm: rw deeoro frve art an decorotrorw themes. o, img .ogeerme ' , re r ro: J rr, 'CZ rx ., Toro -:.. e 5 if : o' ace, Charkes Roberrs, R .n Hosfngs, Ls ' 5' rs rstmam, Psa e nr. 4d To meet coliege language requfrernents Spanrsh Fencn and Latrn are offered Spanrsh classes pre dominate and after two years of study students have a sc'endrd f undatron for ordrnary conyersatron In the thnrd and fourth year they become more flu n and Increase therr lrnowtedge of our Latrn Amer :can nenghbors As a foundation from wh cw rnany Enghsh x ords ae oe wed Lat n r :mp rtan and especrafly so to those entering the med cat o Ie5ai profe sions rench and a kn w die of Fencn Q t embers fr rn the tn ee 3 u e e e alrne a 3 n h Hugney Mar,fA1 e Lucero Martna Ca ar me? V2 cuty F nc s M oe rn ue Pate Fe c n rn Helen M Smrtn anh an nc rt e en c an re r Teac er W X' M96 3' Jew 49 HUME Eljlll ICS lx EW 1 af :" Nt' --:J"" A varied program IS op rw to gurls mleresled an home malcmg H memakmg ano rela'eo sciences are oesxgned lo gurls lrve e ed rw the ho e They combrne chlld care lamlly rela rohshrps home plan mrrg and laboratory worn Clothmg rts selectron and applrcatuon t the mcllvldual and looos It value rw preoaratuon ae lyalue to al 53 IQ vor ee e prer e e T o oeeartrr rm emo S lVl6 k, lm36lDVlfS me Ccflwrwg O2C6Vl'VTl6V"f l"l ghllgh UG l' Q ar me Qecarfmervg la hnorw tea l 3 emu re rourw a Poer on urse arr err ref hrhar Oc url Vrr l Turner Roselle Boxley Evelyn Berger Ann Cannon Hazel Gee Rosecelra San Ma 'nh Helen Balcer Aedrey Curia Cha lotle Waters Cafherme Churcmll 50 Boys nn Sweetwater have talcen advantage ot the courses best trttrng them tor future robs and lor en terrng the service Mechanmeal drawing teaches boys the use ot drafting materials Auto fundamentals grves boys a knowledge of all types ot engrnes Auto mechanrcs rs designed to gave actual practrce wrth engines They realrze the value ot mathematics rn all trelds and boys and gurls both are enrolled rn algebra geometry trrgonometry and general mathematlcs Boys who enloy worlcrng wth therr hands are Leon Gooch Weldon l-lunter Bull Cameron George Bordwell Charles lngold What Cowart Bob Buby Faculty members are Alvrn B Buby woodshop Eugene P Crawford auto shop Trlman Chamlee mechanical drawrng Verne Roberts math Gordon B Cox math Wrllram L Harlan math T T L Qme er e e ua on re wewert rw reef fe fse ow new ' f use W' cmmc eemew em f T C'2'J G GFFIFZ C ff' G L VVTW VW' 6 L1 een Q e v 2 fm a ow , F Q f Kea a '12 7 6 fra JFK ' 36 Q 'Z QM. ef' efmrwer ge Tfrefff 7 y e, mfnefw emcr B wg ,fwrf 3 no er L, f'5 f ree Au ref Hyofff 52 . 17 gm ri - 5 grae 1. qu , -Twe swuet w wav ,ogy Zee Qgy Q , kay C' wiwio scene' 1 A H sea' LH :Jiri 5 XFN: ees the , of the ' PWJ5 mf :V 1,3 UAS,f,f1:a'feri1s Q: 'px 55' ee t pity 'ra m ewmc ef fo fc' swims ,r 1 Cf we Life: awe: cz, 51' ire :Utes "e ireyy 0' H152 t air re '54 , no Weteif 'zjff evvafi eejwee we 'amz icwrm kate". Re mai: 1 ence arc egrcuitwe ae vew gurqecte seen ii 3 'Ns emo s:,' fe'r1ecive,. Foxy 'vewzbefz fx. liner, riwdcgy' CN ,ce M - a, -czegy Mant: Mzrtgc ,e', Qfeff Cir ' Jff Bf I az' Cuxtue' Maw Be' V, veit 0 ,tae ,C A Ch' V5 A, Mz'eh1e.,e rf UCL. f , , , f Mte'e:t,, we ZCUZCJI in , , 'f 'J gydmo: Beti pi' W' X, Pe, fi get ' A fvea el - F' riitlgfif : GSX ,fi LatF'-,, 'Z ae BAY H Eehef V5 1, f , PW etc' X 'pe ish if m t imp rc n l ccurge. Q covers rammar, voca U r cn osrtc. iitera ure no newzceper wrning. n order t att e Mu en+ may spec an 'te correc,!y ine r U 3 ' un'r,f two years O Engl' ae prescribed ln wel lm qra e English studen Q reylew runoa wentel ol grammar and read llterature wnlclw created the :deals ol democracy U y memoers Ruth Colburn lrorarran Elrza en ayage Engllslw Lourse Howe Enbnslw Fran K r my Englrslw Frank Chamberlain English Mary E Barney Englrsl'1depar'men+ lweao Far 1 lzrrclcarr Enjrn He en Berger lournallb wer c Koromys a lern on n I casa lS lullrllrng outside readlng equnremen S 1 Els EEG I' 53 BUYS - HEALTH ' YNY? 3 l Leading boys physncal educatron classes are Coaches Glenn Warren and Vance Clymer Strong em phasls IS placed on physrcal trtness Calnsthenucs are grven to unsure muscular development A rntramural sports program ot touch football basketball track softball and tennls ns carrlecl out thus develops coordrnatron stamnna cooperatuon and sportsmanshrp Wrllram Brattmnller mstructs boys rn health educatnon anatomy health problems trrt and and physiology Touch tootball IS Illustrated by Joe Ottombrmo Duck Bacon Bob Clark Bull Hopknns Rrchard Hoskrns Boys take an actrve part rn the outdoor sports program 54 .i 2 i l r , I ll I I . Z , ,3. , '4- Nmummhgx Physucal actnvuty us prescrnbed for all physrcally tit gurls Volleyball speedball baslcetball and bas ball are played an therr respectrve seasons Tennrs archery dancrng and dnll team are also otte eol Une day each week ns devoted to hyglene where health problems are drscussed The Instructors are Margaret Ward dancrng ,lesslel Smrth RN hygrene Ruth McCready phys ed Melba Thomas phys ed Volleyball us the tsrst sport talcen up clurung the tall ser ester Girls partrclpate rn wholesome outdoo actrvrty ancl enroy a rest trom mental concentratron Teanns a e chosen rn each class and tournament a e entereo by the drtterent perrod classes 55 . A 0 T L are aa V fl E I A 1 4 W 9 3 - , Q 1 e E E Democ acy is the main theme ot this departrnent U S history covers America s development tror discovery to tne present day Civics shows the trameworlc ot local state and national government Problems ot American oemocracy deal with personal social economic and political problems Air age world the history ot aviatuon and its place today and Pan America tne hustory ot the Pan American countries are ele 've These supplement the former three required subiects e to right Ma ion Menze, Lucille Van Horn Bess Brown hi tory Fred Jeter, civic, Isabella l-lil ditch, department head Ted Bass, Grace Gilman, problems, discuss current social science questions. Lucille Van l-lorn lectures on the latest developments in the South Pacific theater ot war, 56 f c 51, 9 41 JW 5 GANIZATIU No Man s Club offrcers Frrstwmelter lower prcture Bettne Whrttenton secretary Mum: Thompson vice prebudent Joyce Sprouse president Othcers second semes ter right top Therese Palmer presrdent Mum: Thompson vrce president Bettie Whrttenton secretory fw 'W 4 -1.......-..... 'V si1""4' V ,Y N 0 1. Fall E Vomd r s Hs' a o n 'vw J Ro A cr fa W nz r Iv F Prudnwn T C 'fv WSC r ' S Mow x u A f A 5 M ss U D S If Q-aq we aa'-M Sprung C V-1 C KU 6 1 f If , if t ., I 1 " ' ,A Q 1 ,. A Fifi 'cuz , Q Pm D. Jamg D, Ch .rr ' J. C'-:ws B. R b att, T. Pal ar, F. Rusk, B. . brwett, M, . Bwi'H':1s:' F. Rui-3. Sci CJ 'cfm B. HJC sir S. PmHcS J. T':'fcscrw B. Ra',r"5'C1 . F3'tn.:r C. Derrwas D. Kra fy J. C-3m'mgr', . . Cs 'cfm C, Pifflwrx B. R tiwv 6. C , cr J. Straycf M. SM-' ury D. Passas R, N. Pa Jr- f A. Dawn s. No. pmfurud: M. Def-is J. Ord, K, Jauqwu M. B , I.. Farm MOH, D. Frazbr, N, Gu-grrfrc, C. L-mfr-:', . F 1M,'f' S. Mfvs G. N:"'ar' P. Siitk B. Ba Craze' J. lrwq5JJ5 . B 'wtf J. Haw--J, I. Izacics-yr, . Jsa' -Jia H df" usp' ' ' git 5 on Cn , f " 1 is i W ' r : X Q' if , - I f 'J . . ', , '34 X 5 ' J A K K I V .. W 1 , i 1 J X B, B A 3 , ff Q , . L mrs " A Q Q ...K u ' Nd M K - , ' fl Q -.u .J ' . l Ffgfi ff.: .. P-' V' C. , 'f:N:,:H TP1 ff' 5. Qtrfctz F. 52.21 F Q-: -1 ,. Cwws M. Sc eva. Sfiinc 'if-I 2. C"it'faf E. "fin B. f-f- . C. ,JMS B. W- 3 C, :xmas J. Njmfe' Ni, C:-. B. TC" W. 3 i'i'csfF. v' ': 'i.-43.9512 3. 5.3225 3. C'Hv.' B. DJ"-' .. 'gi 5 A. ZLMD. Tc: ':.-.: J. B22 B. Hvisr' C. Q" 'Q-Q' 5. 3'5' B. Tnifi' Z. J-:-' 'Nit : ii-'-3: 5. Ee ::s5-' ,. Ewa' S. 3' :5 A. Bawctt J. Piff.-. .. Va' Dcfff B. B: 3-- ' E. CY .- inc 5. Biff E, JVQ"S' ' A- N. 3, J. T':'fss:' Q. Bans L. B':1L':: 'rg E, 3-"': V. A 3-tt. E . 'f " ,. ,i::"w'- .. 'Xwfi' B. CC ' ' 3. BMJ B. Q. Qirffi 3. Bus? F. S' z"'i' B. SZ- 1 -4 . ,- f Offhand AWBVCIS t-larrret Osborn Ellzabetln Meyer Elorse Turner Gloria Lacao Lourse Bolton Glorra t-lardrna Rena Warner Annona Muller BOOlKlt66pIf1g Fron row Bente Ctrrrstensen Jaclrre Corsrgra Margaret Estes Mary l-lardesty Bob Applewtwrte second row Oma Lee Thompson Ellen Ctrase Joyce Russell Nettre Guerrero Jeanette Bosellr Barbara l-larbrson Betty Lovell tturd row Annona Muller Elrzabetlw Meyer Joy Bryant Frances Rube Lulu l-lan en Car lrne Jump Dorottry Myers top row Jery Norman Mary Cloe Rnyrlrs Mrlclcel on Glora l-larorna Snrley Phrllrps Elsbetn Scnnerder rnstructor not prctured Jo Cleta Osborne Rosemary Rater Dons Ranlc Valerie Cornelrus Eva Lee Cleveland Myrleen lrwln Jerloean Reclc Jerry Rtwlrps Jean Rrce Mary Wallace Rober Rrnklreb Sara Abbott Elrzabettx Grrttm At worlf are Trve ottrce pra trce students Doro by Meyers Joy Bryant Bente Cnrrstensen Betty Vrn cent and Jaclcre Corsrglra rn baclcground y Ing Awards N crc ured are Flo alee Peters Clnarlyne Pe ers Betty Davenpor lrene Isaclcsen Arene Dougla Rrclnard Wrlbelm Be ty Jean L ve Clnarlene Br nco Emma Rosas Elarne Walters Sturr ley My es Jean M Mar Auorey oe el y 62 Sh , . . . , ' L . ' ' ' I L ' r ' I V I L r , . . I , ,. . l , S , C l , , . Y I , . ' 5 r F r ' r . - r r .,., r .,. . v . , . . . Irt r , , L 1 , .., r. 1- ' '- . T p or t r r t , t, y , F . L ., . . l :, : , t C , S , . , ' ' l ' r , c r S r B ,o . -Q...-... Chula Vlsta HI Y Nahonal Cnty Hu Y 3 'I Z1 O T Orc esira Rae Dcorawa Baroara Wa Je Ray evearo S y H rJ n cbaue nr Suzanne rbber' Jack Bowne Rr n Hende on N ma B s ker Mary Anna nfnar Qon Et a e New n Jeanne Ce L, ra Jc Tn rv ca Jeane e rrnrn F a Andrews Marca e Seaulornj AJJyn Dennr Cara Lee 0 r B II b Han en J rn T ' er Care, fn w re Ha Bacon B 0 a e Henr Muene C arJe O e rer a n rlnq Quartet pan Cnanes Robert Bran Henaeqn y Anna Rrcnara a e e MFG M ,fA ar me Philharmonia F a e e e e every Ra, , aroson J anne annrn or: W ar ara anler ar n en e ref A rn 2 e Cf' L4 h J- r ff Q Mane r35,R'JvJ-Cr-, - MQK' r, r , 'Q , 'or ,rfrs Lei Roc , RQ' d, f B 'Je MCC 'Sr ' Q t 5 The , Q r -ei Baf fa Leeiet n tt 3o5e3li, J' ,y J 3 Den ' , Q r t A ', E, Press, Jrfrfny aey Bo S ea. nc!! Wert H Jsan Ha Q n Den Rostaa, Rey Rise Ha'2:1 Mann Joe Bro oe' Sni1 y wey, Dick , 3 T rn r, y ' I J, nn 2 R P: ffs, ccneert 'nam , H'rJan Skr ne' drrecior. Sf' ': 5. ' nw Ma' r 4 'een Jem" C' tes. Sp ' rd: a' rna Rrcnarcsen, Bam' a Wake' Jeanette Beze Q Care! Tart. I I 'cnt ':w: Etf B J Mcffenctn Jean' C tai B K 'nncnn Mar ' Awe Reef J , of H 1' ,T fro :B b W ' Cr ei Rccefi Bb H CJ 'Son Dick Baez' JM", Ba' ,Net Crimea: Mau .n G tt, PU: Catz: C aacrne Hefn nge' Betff J rin Difna Serfent. 61 -Ps Og V K Win Oil, X hid roy an Elwood Peterman Vrctor Arballo lull Roper Joan e lnomp on Ball Crowe Rosa l-lernrrclw Wfalter Carey Grlberta Solman Roy Rose Wallace Wnrnery Donald Rolstad Herman Wernecke Buce Ple Eomundo Perez Franlc Ruelwle Ball Addrs Joe Browder l-larold Mann Shirley Harlcey Clar nell Neqley Julran Tnompson Gwynn Ellrs Bob Van Dc e Leroy Russell Allan Strubb Duclc Bacon Jean Tlwoll Boo Turner Henry Mrclmel Jam Barley Forre t Bullrngton Bob Davues Bob Hornaday Erle Isbell Not pictured Norman Krnsel Jean Whrte Bob Smal l'le slwel Dennrs June Cranlrll Marian Bandolplr Marvrn Beag em l'lercer Jones Brll Stearns Genene Adney David Plwullnos Anne Balmer non Porter Arnold Vreeland Lary Wrlson Phllrp Mrllrgan Bll El rum MdjOrCffC and TWITICFS Be ty Clwruden l-lenre te lwman Lola Castro Gwynn Ellrs Bonn na Lucero Jessre Smltn 65 Olr Mrmr Thompson Norma Hansen Naomr Joha sen Peggy Southwreic Bonnue Hayes Glorua Rohr Top row Beftre W W QF on Bea Daw on Frahce Rusk Myrtle Lawsan Orna Lee Thompson Be+fy Chruden Frances S ar' ey Not pletureo Agnes Cash Genace Ne 'e Snrney Thompson SenlOr GIFIS GIC6 F n Ha ne Maypery Mar ha Hrhegas GNU-ace We fer Naornr Pres! y ry Barrow Mary an Ma n y G ecor' tra L U Crave Sn ey Thompson Mar 'fa yce s err: fr a aw on Warez r e a y MeNoa Knrgh eve Ly Raym rd D e nec er ye a n e Mraz: ed Pan au V Q V Junior Glrls Glee F A e e o oerara P6 aw e an Ma A 'ns eo y Voje Anner noerso p row J ro Sn rrnen Barbara e Be ty Thayer Werner GLEE EL , 1 n Lt rt , s . , s , f , LL 1 , 1 rr . Z V o , L 5. r, 'A . - - I , . 1 . rom row: 1 ry t , r ' s , e , Mar - s, B fS rt: Jo Ce iILs rx row: EL 9 , n' 'rn N r y Du -5, Jo Ei rc 1, Qevgr L 2 X s Carter, Ho' Vnene a' ter rox: ' ' Lf, B 'Q O :ri 'irafze' D ggy S. 1 o Be 'L Shares Jsioaei e Ba n' Q L r ' k Margaret Baie, Net rgretweaz Betty Hrekrnar Conn e ,ones Ram Ray jane State' Dorothy Manos Ma gr E rica. ' l ' 'int 'fwz 'Len Storm, Bemrce B ynohls L ri Vetefin P ,. L 'cn Jerrr Cody' or or ry nn Getty, Ruin Q1 T DTCW' ' S, r rea Do" Betty Coihnz Pat A ' , n' to 3 Rf tn Bates BeryS Br Aroytr 5 - L ste' I X Caro Q 5-x Q CTIIOF Trl Y Front row Bente hristensen Gerrie Madison Mary lean Pritchard June Miller Mary Ann Berger, Betsy Conyers Beverly Raymond Jerry Crew, Rath l-lelm, Bunny Bordwell, Doris Christ- man, Marilyn Scotield. Second row: Anna May Buchold, Romona l'lobel. Clara Murphy Elizabeth Field, Bobbie Robnett Paula Peterman, Mimi Thompson, Te ry Palme, Be.tie Whittenton, Orpha Hayes Midge Cermak Pat Rielcards, Beve Vincent. Thrd row: R zie Ktrtus, Aren Storm, S ire Phillips, Peggy Southwielc, Phyllis Milclcelson, Sally Day Jerry Norman, May Campbell, Mary Pewcoclc, Mary Clae, Pnyliss l-laryey, Ladie l-l ggard, Shi lef Thomason. lfp cz-: J,y Byant, Myrtle Lawsan, i er ctor, ane Rooter, Vi ginia tatzman, Ca a eo M: 1, r are, rig S , S ir ers, Betty Wells, Anne Capps. Shirley Larsen, Virginia Balrer, Rena vey, Gloria Page, JUI'1lOr Trl-Y Fr nt r w: t amp elz, ' 'na ti, Q or f rl n Dctiwas nez l-lorowit B r e Bird, Joan MeGlynn, D nna Bubel, Shirley t-larlcey, Pat N leo , Lyn Lt, , Rosa l'leinriek. ee- row: ariorie nelbs, etty mer, oi ' o K lk rfna noefson t r' tn, B tty tewarf arnell Negley, Genevieve Utley, Dorothy Miller Qlaoys Sniernan Jean Tho , ol Nooerer. loc row. Betty Jo Robnett, Helen Veleoer, Charmaine Daley, Virgina De Wolfe, Joanne Carry, Lillian Stone. Myrleen If in ' ne oagano .ta e C ehjon :aLo're enninue' Adeline Copely. 3 rt Frrs row Shirley Myres lNelda Wnllrarns Genre Madrson Beverly Rayrvond Jean Horner Mary Jean Prrtclrard Bente bn tensen S cond rorv Je elyn Sparks advr er Mudge Cermak Plwyllrs Berger Wanda Car er Top row Dorotby Torbett Marran Murray Terry Palmer Frances Rusk Beverly Bu n Crlorra Page Carol Walston Clare Murplwy Frances Stanley ICC Skating Front row Sponsor Clwarles Morenouse Ladre Haggard Bob Buby Bunny Boro well Alvin Buby Second row Vrrgrnra Baker Norman Krnsel Margaret Drrscoll Slxrrley Larson Rosella Boxely Georgra Lawson Mudge Cermak Fstlwer Vonder Au Pnyllrg l-larvey Mary Cloe 'lhrrd row Melba Kn glut Dong Kranzer Slwrrley Myres Kerttr Daley Cara Lee Gross Clara Mu plwy Barbara Avery Faure Evans Carroll Walston Harold Mann Chuck Ing ro Jobr' Brenmon Don Cook Cyrrl Pewtress Top row Carl Ackrnson Corky Martrn Tec Wooos Lows Mangerson Bll Crowe Kp Courtney Carol Dennr s Clwuck Moelter .lame Stewart Bobby l-lowerton Jrm Lewrs Jolnn Cor deau Duck Lareau 68 l - 4 9 FF r 32 , Q 1 if , . ,ig , F f M . ,rg t A - t I - y r - A I P r 4 f y I I l-lavey, Cma Lee Tlrompson, Mimi Thompson, Faire.Evans, Paula Petlerman, Ramona l-lobel, Mary Ann . : A -I ' N F, l A ' l, i V, l Q III and SCFOII Ffm W arf ' 'W Pa SCQTR 13 C GL ew M Su Hu Players Loewe V' VY' QV 1. we CA Q C U' r, grg :C Q PU nf t .' 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Btlj B to ', .1 ' T Hr 3 6 O S ' ' r, ' tln ' 313.1 t ' Q , " ' ' 2 ts Q i ' A T pist t 'o is 2 J . C Edit r E H S E - T Front 2 Lad T Ma y aggart, ' ' V G' f P ge, Drek Baton kg Do rf, lm Mr' fl I so. or r:w: Sl Lrey' M, f , Betty ean Wfe s, Betty ,sr ' S riln Beit, Brides an T ' renin, Eawne TW - Q ' mosh' Nlar, Li- Pcaciil.. 'A T i xl 71 CVIICttCS Fon row PByNus Harvey Beverly Bordwelr Bobbi Geri Qrprwa Hayes Secorwo rcw Shrdey Larsor' Dcrene M Comkey Mrdfle Cermak Betty V1 Ce'r Dorn: Crm 'mar T row Cara Lee csQ M ry CW e a ar 5 one 0 e 5 Ire MyerQ N crefureo Evre Parcnerw P n POInf F r N err rr fo e ree cW cn Q, rwrro rfmac T Q ow AL ey GITIS Octet B imc P M mr Tm LC D vv rr We ee rf 'wc Myr We aw B very Rayrrc Q Fa rev ey B vrre 5 es A av 4 New e one seme em er F me Rule 72 D . ' t 1 ' , N . 't Q, . 2 ermf,'rQrP1r2rQkd,M,1+brf++ry Qgf' 2 ' ravi 0' 3 Mx 'W S, Heb B air' De 5 , Mer' A B RQ: r Sem 2 f : dr oe BeUoy, Betsy Ccnyers. I I ,i Y 3: r ' cm SCP Beatrice a' so Q L TN cr ferr t L scrw. e 3 r P' r 'seg SL N! , C A H y . t Qi ct Bette WB':tertor. X 2 Q ' eter H B 1 re. Q 2 . Imp and Devzl 'J 1 5 'I T 3 W Berean Bnble Club 3 'I Future Farmers of America i , : "4 3 ' "ft QQ' ' N 77 .uf mfr Kg-rar ways ,.-M-3 V'1,'C K1 Jef Kass-3' Oscar Vakrca and Bi: H er Lgft eva Faq! S r -VW i'c -fs-sm Tvgd Baie f,WcffC'e it C-i"c'e"a' . . . Baskgtri sir: f. . , , - aw. Nw aw' . . . Pushad to :P-g Qog.: :F If-, seg-. av Ladie Maw Haggis w s 7 Ftif, fstz at Naive Ct,-C' a VQ 'vpscf . . . Am BLJ'Q'W'ZC a'o Bum-3 Cbmstcw-Jr 545 cus, . 'feces cf' we Wawf . , , Ruse- SteU:f guffnc gn :H 53:5 grg L .N Cuts stcss'-, Vcoocc . . . Neve Ce"ac': Vezvg Ava Buvzlo ef: ga 5'-fc Neg gif p'fQ"F:'G , , ,J D ,.Ce"e:': U.S.A. SF",vfi:..'y 5.3. Stein :JP 'i USA .... AFA: Cas: i 5' -"a:Q, sffai A U 74 .V Haiti' ""1 ,1 44- Rosalre Tohrr Betty Wells Clare Murphy Peggy Southwrclc Ladle Haggard Glorra Page and the Art club nnrtnatron Norman Hayden and Bully Drclrrnson publrc address surgeons operate on a prece ot sound equrpment Drclr Lareau and hrs camera that was The Lamp before with ,lack Anderson see page IO4 tor after Chosen narrator for Christmas Pageant Mary Maddox Laughmg oft the man shortage 7 are Jerry Norman Glorra Page Mary Lou Peacoclc and Anne Capp Don Cool: Jim Kuhn Clarence Close Rudy Schmoke lmps drapun goal posts Frrm believers rn Calufornna sunshine 75 Song Leaders Betty Vrncent Betty Whrttenton Jerry Crews Georgra Camp e Snappy song leaders who gave Su Hr something to sung tor rl Team The V rctory tormatron and S formed by energetrc drrll team led by Lola Castro Members tormrng the front o he S and worlcrng up Ramona Lucero Lola Castro Henrietta Lohman Glorra Roehr Bobbre Montoya Elvrra Es cudero Martha Castro Lrlllan Salazar Coralre Schnerder Mary Slavens .loyce Nelson Charlyne Snrnrnons Mary Ann Poland Farre Evans Clara Pewtress Jaclcre Corsnglua Glorra l-lardrna Glenace Nester Margaret Estes Ada Mae Floyd Ann Huey Drum Marorettes Mary Woods Jean Horner DEVILS ep T Peo Club the football team s host ot organrzed followers u ned out tarthtully each Frrday atternoon to cheer the team wrth therr rousrng yells eerleaders Walt Palmer Rosemarre Kurturst Wally l-lartrn and Orna Lee Thompson twrs years snappy Chee leaders urged the Pep Club on to nts utmost yell eapacrty and added that extra touch ot glan or that helps malce the football eason the hugh sports spot ot the year SWEET TEH f X rr ,ag ' X P lie , r ' ' ,tr ' 1 V' 1 5 ' . Fullbaclc Nonne Carwaeh needs tor the lme Cheerleaders vnrrwmq the bench are Wally l-lartun Orme Thomp on Rosemarie Kurturst and Walt Palmer Vuvacuous song leaders Betty Vuncent Betty Whuttenton Jerry Crews and Georgla Camp be on Conga lne B hrgh pon r an Hansen eyes the basket on lets shouts Rosle Kurturst Coach G rdon ox wuth part ot has l944 grid scuad Donut Dennis romps over Cartlng Lyle Fred uno Buster Man From Mars Johnson locks tor a eeenver e toothy gran belongs to Bee cage squad cabtann Greek Papoas QD S P . K 7. 5 'L ' ' i -as y y l Qs anal ll ' a , . . C315 ' r t r- , Del ' 'B r 4 '...xCor'e . ' gofl V 1 ' ' A 'M U ' If I V, 42 " r ' ...Th . ' ' ,QQ . , r . r ' ,- sv? 4+ i If , f r W 1 8, I 4 Q, ' no I 4 so tl i ii, ,ywflf WW? ww? QV, ,Y mm, am?" nr wkm 'gp 4 my H ali eq ortung a b 3 s'nrle of er the Hoover game rs Lyle Souoy Newport e Lrgnt Waterals ba! as Swcetres rrp off yard age at the expense f Pornt Lorna J V Sutlrff crasnes San Dego lane wrth Rutclme Weadrng rnterwce ence Red knocks off a or Lune Mentor Glenn Warren and 'ne remarnrrg naif of the gnd squad Eleonan Boy Watson takes his fa rwrrar pobe For canerarnan Drrli team ana drurn rnayoreves nnakmg the half trme Ivey vamp f M I ,,,,, ,, M ,W r A f, ,., ,, "7 W 7 43? 1 , Q -I 2 f r Q 1 .,, . Q 4' ,, ,- X -3. 4 - Aw , ,VA ZW I ,, S i, sl w S r l l - ? ' L4 Sp n r ' 'ANN 96,5 , 5. f 'Q Rd f ' - , 1 W .- , ' ve A 1 ' r ' ' . rig ' ,Y f af, ' X 4 .. . . ' .. ,. ww . K . M A A K , Y I f . , . W .Q A ff - . for :nk . . . ef. ,N e 0- r .r r - 'wg ' .1 r L r .1 f an y .YJ AP, h I" t I' ' - A n. : tl' -f f . :l,"f5 , .t m r s, K 1 A L , U ' l ' ' ra I. T1 I E1 l I ,M s .' :A AA- --4 - Rod Sutlrff sweeps hrs own ruglnt end to puck up I4 yards agarnst La Jolla wltlw precrsnon blockrng by Camaclwo 50 and l-lobel 36 Capt Jolnn Purkrns Buster Johnson Cannaclwos bullet rntended for Soupy Newport 40 rs knocked down by l-loovers 69 YEA TEAM YEA TE r r 1 1. A A Coaches Gorden Cox and Glenn Warren, 7 " 7 il ' may Lake 33 takes tne png km trorn Cernaeno rn he begrnnrng or a pertect 22 X Metro League Honors Top row Ltoyd Wa on Lyte Newport t-terslnel Dennrs Roo Srrm Bob R nktero Front row Jotrn Purlcrns Lyle Fredlund Sums on a reverse to Johnson wrtln perfect blockrng from Lake 33 Rrnkterb and Fredlund 83 String L Lyl Ne pot Ed Kenney Lyle Fedl d Joh P lc s Bob R kleb Lloyd at n C e e a o e onso BII ke SWEETWATER SWEETWATER SWEETWATER SWEETWATER SWEETWATER SWEETWATER GHIUIHUN SEUHES GROSSMONT LA JOLLA CORONADO SAN DIEGO i-IOOVER POINT LOMA FIRST STHI Kneelrng Franlc Graclano Bob Hansen Bob Tomlinson Weldon Hunter Tex Darrouglw Tommy Tlwomp son Alfred Froede Tony Castro Hugh Fullerton Ramiro Comas Wrlluam Cowart Top row standrng Rod Sutlutt Franlc Hobel Wsllre Bonllla BIII Cameron Herslwel Dennis Jimmy Ingalls Bob Parker George Comer Jael: Otrs Dave Oberlrn Duck Morse VIIITUHY LIS!-IIJUE STANDINGS San Diego Point Loma 4 2 O Coronado 3 I 2 La Jolla 3 2 I Sweetwater 2 4 O Hoover I 5 O Grossmont O 5 I VARSITY S J 67 58 94 40 47 28 UU PUUTBALL IN HLVIEW Througho rt the ond ron snwson Sweetwater s R d Devrls showed torm wn I sorrrt hardly rrvaled IH the Vretory League They trrumphed over therr areh rrvals Q ossmont I9 to 6 IU the rnrtral trlt ot the I944 season s sslng perhaps the Ir et an b r n Man Purlons the Coxmen were hampered by an rnrury rrdden baektreld tollowrng the Grossmont trlt and eons qu ntlf tell prey to powertul La Jolla Coronado and San Drego maehrnes betore reoarnlng a wrnnrng strde XX betudclled I-'oover ouad ran unto an rmpregnable Sweetre torward wall and wrth Johnson returnrng to lead the aerral attaelr the Red and Grey In the Porrt I 'rw nale the Sweetres drsplayed Mentor Gordon Cox s spread tormauon l!l'IICLI proved tar supenor to anythrng ot the Lrght house gang s bu aprtalrzrng on rntereepted passes the Pornters edged out the Devrls I3 o S r one ot the most brrllrantly enacted games ot the season Seven Devrls garnered berths on mvthreal all league teams They were John Rurlcrns Lyle Fredlund Rod Sums Lyle Ne 1 vort I-Iershel Dennrs Bob Rrnklerb and Lloyd Watson Qthers on the Red Devrl roster malrrng a name on the grrdrron were Brll Lalce Nonnre Camaeho Tony Castro Ed Kenney Jerry Qlrver Dave Qberlrn Marvrn Shrewsbury Rod Sutlrtt Franlr I-Iobel and Bob Larson So Sweetwater may justly be proud ot rts I944 team Whrle rt dd not wrn the Vretory League trtle t drd exhrbrt those tune oualrtres ot sportsmanshrp and tarr play that have typrtred all Red Devrl teams 86 Lu kj l We , .J Q ' I Pos e t I In s Inf: in the league d Ied y "Io ' I I 2 e I I . ' J r ' S I n E men out-scored the highly vaunted Cardinals I3 to 7 on I-Iudgrns Freld. , A - C. . , , r ,or f I- , rr L- re X - ' r - I - - . I U I . i , , . I i . , . , I I. A VBYSIIZY Top row DlcIc Morse Bob Tomlinson Tom Qson Jrm Kenoyer Front row Marvrn Shrewsbury Buster J n n John Purlclns Rod Sums A hard trghtrng never say dre Sweetwater baslcetball team ost o most ot therr op ponents and ended IH a tue tor srxth place wrth Grossmont rn tl Vrctory League stand rn s Outstandrng tor the Devrls were Bob Tomlrnson who earned an all League bertn Bob Rrnlclerb John Purlcrns Rod Sums and Lloyd Watson torwards Marvrn Shrewsbury and Dlclc Morse centers Tom OI un Buster Jonnson Jrm Kenoyer BIII Lalce and Lyle Fredlund guards I-Irghlrght ot the season was the 26 to 23 deteat ot Grossmont For the second strarght trme the Devrls managed to throw a scare unto San Diego but bowed I7 to I5 on a long shot rn the second overtrme perrod Varsity Scores Sweetwater Coronado San Drego St Augustrne Alumni Vocatronal La Jolla Grossnnont Pt oma Kearny Won 4 Lost 6 Vlctory League Standings O Won Lo t t Coronado San D eg Grossrnon wee wa e V ca I na Kearny 87 O ll ll ' ' . . E - ' A - - ' r I t Q - . 8 . . , A , - , 7 32 s Pc.. I Hoover I2 44 Hoover 3 O I.OOO I I5 I7 6 2 .750 . A ' 2l 23 - c 6 2 .75 I 26 25 Point Lofra 5 3 .625 Q La Jaes 4 4 .soo Y 26 23 .i 3 5 .375 . L I9 25 S : t r 3 5 .375 29 2I o to ' I 7 .I25 . O 8 .OOO J E I l - I I lt-:-A Team St ndlng Bolo Rrnkleub lXonnue Carfaclwo Drclc Mor e Bob To Ilnson Tom Olson Jam Kenoyer Frank Hobel Mrllard Mangum Kneelrng Lloyd Wat on Lyle Vredlund Marvn Swrewsbury Buster Johnson Jolwn Purlcuns Rod Sums Bob Jantz Weldon l-lunter B Team Top row Alfred Froede Plympton l-lydrnclr Jael: Otus Delear l-lansen Jack Bowle Ramnro Cornas Bottom row Captam Demostlwenes Pappas Orvlle Bunch Paul Sclwrlllng Mrlton l-lar Vey Mernt Lord Herman Luglwt Sidney Franklrn ee Cee Bee League C rcr-ad Hoove a c a Grcssrfc Kea my U C r l-l cv S Au us Kea r-y G ossnton Kea ry GE SUU l-lo v an Grossrno t Coronad Point Lo K a y V cat Standmg A S C IIAII 5 . : . . X I , N I . S V.. X X V , X ll ll . . , F Sv-'iuiwoi-1' Op. I , , V F . C C 23 20 S--e-,,Aa.-. Oo. f ze 38 C CMM 24 34 O Cf 5 c :ooo San Dogg 2 44 5 Q' lO lt? S Deg: 7 l .875 St. Aug 'str'-Q Z3 26 fl 3 gm: 7 5 La Jolla 5 3 .625 Voc tlcfa 24 7 M ' Sweetwater 5 3 .625 La J ll 22 3I pf' to G B gl 'O 7 Q 4 4 ,500 r ff 29 ze ' ef lO r Q 3 5 .375 Pt, Lees zo I7 f P Y Q 20' ' as 3 5 ,375 f 29 26 'J 7 'Q e ff l 7 42, Wt' 5 Les: 4 WC' 3 Lzst 4 5 :on-al O B .OOO Cf Wy tb Farr r- a V' 5 109' 'M g jg 421 rv I , M f age rs vs P a rw I s Arc Har mu rom Q 5 Warcs A NP aff f- fr rw fx 3 CGS -e..n....,.... .Jun N L wmv.. Rmk-Q C, fdicffpd J:"::f 1-25112-VV :Cut 1. if bi! wr- T X f-wiv La JC a . , , TCW! 'St' D-355,32 r' :Q M 5 K.,-5 . O .cr Swcvtb-is eh: Krrcye' Joi' 0 RIWLKQC . . .K.:r'c'v,':' tak-is a Egfr, V35 ag 'st Grzesmc rg N' F A tw awcty . . . ' ff takes a sqtkuo shct aga"s: G-'csswgnz' O: 1161 . ' sw H81 af -: Wsw :goes up ft-1' 5 ,."s haf Jsfrvsom H32 L Ice H41 R 'Has gn M955 nd 45.3 at ,U has age at L Je?-a , . . R-ga Lfgrt Q,-3: up iff-L' i1L."'3 cewi ag rst K.ia'w,: Gnu :ao ' bgkg? Q iufm A, ,f C gg -3, I 'V 3 i V , M ,gl -. , , ' I W. 5 , v 4, i f .Qg ' Z, yf,1 V- ,NV f Tai . 5 Qu "Y , X Q Z . 1 ' V D , . 2 io. ,A .F K 1 ' is 2 3' ,E . Y Th , lf' f I 8 15 ws. Y ov ' - , ,. .. ,Q . 1 , v- ' 'Vx . ', n - ' , ,, " 1 J .. Q A ,pw Q' ps- Q 7' XS 1 A.-M6 Returnung trackmen un all three squads Furst row Ramuro Comas Wulbert Gregory Lester Nelson Bob Tomlunson Demosthenes Pappas George Comer Second row Duck Morse Clarence Flegal Bully Duck unson Lloyd Watson Bull Cameron Whut Cowart Alfred Froede Merrut Lord Top row Manager Norman Hayden Bull Lake .lack Yeaman Wally Hartun Rod Sutlutt Lyle Fredlund Hydruck low hurdler Mangum hugh jumper Mahan low hurdler The l945 track season was not too brught Although such unduvudual scorers as Bull Cameron sprunter Wally l-lartun hurdler Rod Sutlutt Bob Tomlunson dustance men Lloyd Watson pole vault and Bull Lake hugh jumper reported Su l-lu needed a well rounded team needed pounts scored by second and thurd place wunners to make ut a league wunner Funal Track Standungs Class A Won Lost P Sa Du g 7 O l Grossmort 6 I Hoover 5 2 714 La Jolla 4 3 57I Pt Loma 3 4 421 Swcetwater 2 5 286 Coronado I 6 I43 Kearny 0 7 COO OOO 857 -TRACE- . l u. 7, T ,ff-. 0-1. ' 'S Vue- L- N ff LX wx :X .s ' 'x ' Q . , , 1, u ' WC Q' , f ' I 7 I . C- fb 6 ' s X' av ,t's' K - M at ' ,- 153 , U ' ,nf - 1 44' , ' ."Z f . 3 ,X 4 t rut 4' 87 5 N 7 'N . ' W '1 ' f X, i Y N 0 , A A . u if f lf 1 Lf'f1 A . .-1' 'I 5 -L ' -".f 57' J us T ' . " , K . .A A K, , XX. f , u . u , . . . I . . u . . . . . u .. . , .. . , . u I u I u u I u u u u u ' ' ct. H C O . yg .D e3Q'g'Q9a X ff L rr9'2?2kgQ9EL'S?1,4 y qw,--f TYBC Squad Front row Clnarles Saunders Don Rrce Gene l-lorfon James Wrdrck Bully Smyflre Alvrn Buby Bob Mullrns Wrlbert Gregory Wally l-lartrn Bll Lake Orvrlle Bunclw Bob Bradfreld Chuck Lerner Kertkr Relpln Second row Revy Wlnorion Guy Dumas Jrm Maynard Ken Crrswell Kenny Burns Ward Gulbert Gurlberr Smrllw Brlly Drckrnson Lloyd Watson Brll Cameron Ramrro Comas Kertn Daley Barney Joseob Duck Menard Demos lwenes Papoas Alan Meyer Tlwrrd row Eugene Cole Relord Smrtbey Grlberl Martrnez Bob Parsons Manager l-larry Fanklrn Bully l-laubert Cbarles Ptacnrk Drck Morse PaLl Malwan Vrcfor Arballo Jack Yeaman Bob Tomlrnson Lyle Fredluncl Ken Wrllardson Rod Sutlrllf Wlrr ney Cowar Frank l-l bel Top row Manager Norman l'layden Plymp ton l-lydrrck Frank Moran Hubert Sarkey Les+er Nelson l-lorace Leayrtt Dave Oberlrn Clarence Flegal Gen ry Jones Tom l-lulcnrnson Brll Addrs Bob Kes George Comer Bob l-lowerton Hank Bu lock Jrm l-lo el Allred lzoede Merrrt ord Pacca and l'lartrn low lrurdlerg Watson cole yau' ore lied und T qua er mr lf lnall mr r Cass B Class C C 41 4 4 TH EH Marvrn Shrewsbury Walt Palmer l-lernan Camacho John Purlclns Jrm McClendon Tom Qlson l-lershel Dennis Brll Cameron Buster Johnson Jerry Oliver Rod Sums Bull alce Orvrlle Bunch Jaclf Keenan Ramrro Comas Jaclc Otrs John l-latz Wrllre Bonrlla Lloyd Watson Letterman s Club Lyle Newport Tony Castro Clarence Close Ted Palmer Oscar Valencia Rod Sutlrtt Franlc l-lobel Bob Rlnlclerb Drclc Lareau Tom Thompson Bob Tomlrnson Merrrt Lord Demosthenes Pappas Jam Kenoyer Lyle Fredlund Wally l-lartrn Don Trueblood Whrtney Cowart Delear Hansen Diclc Morse John Joraleman Jrm l-lobel Jrm Goss Jam Rowe Paul Mahan Chuclc Lerner Tom l-lutchrnson Joe Jackson Bob Bradtreld Vrctor Arballo l-lerman Lrght Srd Pranlclrn Mrlton l-larvey Plympton l-lydrrclc Alfred Froede Jrm Kuhn Lewrs Curtis Brllre Drclcrnson Ed Graves Pete Bonilla ETTEHME 92 25515 5' K igxsi Cl l-lershel Dennis Jrm McClendon Lyle Newport rn preseason practrce e clmax a hrt' Otrs battrng George Wrllrams catchrng and umprre Frank Gracrano The 45 baseball squad Buster Johnson catcher and prtcher Tony Castro prtcher Bob Rrnlclerb outtreld and clean up batter Returnrng letterrnen Jrm Kenoyer second base Johnny l-latz thrrd base Bob Rrnlclelb lett held Buster Johnson catcher Tony Castro butcher l'lOOver San Drego Sweetwater P Loma Vocational Frnal Standrngs 93 Nllfor Lo S+ I OOO TCHHIS Untruecl second doubles stars Kup Courtney and Ed Graves Returnung Iettermen doubles veterans Duck Lareau and Walt Palmer Captaun Duck Lareau completes toreluand smash Graves about to deluver a smaslw Furst strung Duck Lareau Walt Palmer Ed Graves Leon Myers Kup Courtney Larry Wulson Walt Palmer demonstrates proper servung form Apru Apru Apru Apru Scores 4-Grossmont 8 Sweetwater I I I San Duego 3 Sweetwater 2 I8 Pount Loma 5 Sweetwater O 28 Vuctory League Tournament 94 og, 'X r rf- . ,,,e , Winners in interclass competition in tlwe boys' and girls' ptrysical education classes. Football Front row: l-lydriclc, Magnus, Courtney. Top row: l-lartin, Clsen, Keenan Tl'6ClK Front row: Valencia, Anderson. Top row: Fullerton, Qliver, Brannon. Volleyball Front row: Roolrer, Miller, Llera, Proctor. Top row: McCann, Berger, Hem, Capt. Buclwold Football RUhl'16l'S-up Ottonnbrino, Trueblood, Jenson, Coacti Clymer, Tatus, Applewliite. B6SliC'lZb6ll Crosttiwaite, Lawson, Cornelius, Lindon, l-lardesty, Ancirae, Williams, Boys' Basketball Not pictured: Carnpbeil, Walser, Gooclw, l-lali Reeo, Cope. TH HALS I v'v"l"' 3, in SAA tv 'Y " 'Q .:':: :hw .MN JV. '1s-'-Pt..- V' X '- L'-.i-'t ,. N 5 'wc . abt' . i , 1 TJ. '+ve-it, mmf: Tw "q. H' fn.: vu. ,?'i"'i'11 J, 'ff' iz fxfesvz 3.6211 SCT' . f1'f:',. '.,'f' "1-I . S':'C'. C'1 ':IQf".fi T. ..i'1'i.i- Vu' i . 'Y 'fn . .11 v 1. CffC":, MT' ',-'-I , ' 'E . Q15 . "' 1" v'-' . -ff Z. :",':. f" -A '.,.n , -w. C, ..Ca"'s.v. tauwef . . '- . ':- .1-1:n'3,.: , '- rx 1 f 'V -v. L ,Ma ,F Lf. CW. wx, HU, . 22.1. .L rv-' f-Q if pq - 'lf' mtv , uf- ,. 1. Q. 1, w..,1- . .UN . ,, . 1 . .,-. 1 , f wCY C . U 11-L ,. Z,C' 1""1.., Sophorrlore Sport Fans ,Sf ,,, 1 Qi, fi :sez . Q-. :": 1 -":,z:'. 4.273 " .fu . i 4' . F , , - .. ,. "hw ,, f5::f ,ae N' .,-1"-1'. "1 'if-. V. H-."' FHL' .. 'CVE' A. CLS'-ix. 'int' ':-'.: ' JW ,.,i'2a, 5 , ,. , . ,Y Tw: , F. Y' . 'awed 'T' 'if-' ,. '-'ev--. . :': mr v vr I U F , ,.. A , G1-,"C'.'..1,.f 'if' L.. 'i' .. 1 f 1" '. k,'f-1 X. 41-2 E 96 Y J . 40,-f ,-,- ,- V F, -if brw, J , Y... .yy I .M .4,., ,H ,,,. 1 A n.,-- . u A,,, ,, , ., .1 ,D 1' 1 .1 - . Y, . , f1,. ,- -' A, Ann- ,. 'fri'-: . ,f, ' ...M :rn fu ' ,..,. Q..- .,.1. ,. .+A kt.. V. 0' A - , 7 ff ,. ' .'i"'- ' . ilu ". " fFi'.S . " ', W-wi 1" . 11'-.f L. ' e::5' f.C r fkcap ' . A uf -,V -V W . - v . 1. -f.. 1. 11,-3 f . Hz if Ewff " I fSf'u' .Jdf . -,'1-1.51 V-.f Wf- 1 1- . u. .11 M . 1'.' J, , ,.. ., , ',..,, H .,, Mu. .. : . V. -V-.., .A ' 1 --.u . . -:,..-,. , ,. J. , :,. J, gr. if -w ' I fcfvif. I ,-Z f,i, V ,QV , f rx 'lf 1Z,fAZ'-WY, E-W QQ , Q 5 .1 J WMF Lrned uo tor roll call The seventh penod dance class rncludes tront row Vrrglnra Otus Helen Powell Pa Root: ns Mary Alrce Lucero Second row Wrnrtred Crossley Lynn Lrttle Darlene Trotchan Thrrd row Vrrgrnra Coulston Joan Curry Rutn Crates B tty Palmer Ed th Hunt Top row Charlyne Srm rnons Duane Hoagland Mary Ann Ward and Lallran Stone A M dancers caught doing the Loursrana Gals and the Vrrgrnra Reel They pose durrng the Varsouvrenne tor rdentrtucatson front row Rosella Boxely Juanrta Dodero lnez Horowrtz Shrrley Thompson Caroline Jump Martha Mrtchel Second row lmogene Blaclcenshrp Charlene Brshop Lour e Larrd Betty Moody Betty LaFavel L llran Salazar Top row Jerry Crews Wanda Burch Elarne Nordell Pat Rector Bente Chrrstensen Doro thy Mye s Sophornores strut therr stutt dorng the Ace ot Drarnonds Acrobatrc demonstra tions by Charlyne Srmrnons supportrng Pat Rolobrns and Helen Powell holdrng down the ground H ws-wwf dv Forrest Raymond addresses annual Homecoming assembly . . . Toasting the otl'1er side . . . Speedy twirling by Su-ed majorette . . . Allyn Dennis raising the flag in the regular pre-game ceremonies. HUMEEUMI ul House Makrng ta gn tw ory tbe I N or bay ae ro Wx re Bonrl O leer Mooney Ear! Brown oolrce sergean Gtber L zano young bandsome and rn toye Ned Pembroke oyce Sorou e attraftrye obrec t Ned s loye Jeanne Ctetus Mrs Ftemunc utageo owner o e scene ot tne enme Pat Seeman be moronre mard and Peqjy Sneobero an attractrve chorus grrl Top row Jobn Purkrn an adamant rmb ot tne law Marvrn Shrewsbury srooery tast tatkung crook o Rutcnre an ngrub ut er susorcuous ot a nares o er an am rrous young Pawyer aro Pflumtrn an otd mard aunt Manan Murray promoter Mary Maddox non Mrs Pembroke Beverly Raymond Cbartes Roberts young cbarmung and worned wrte -""' 'V G E S ring Senior Play C6S'C :tu eo oetow a'e nnembes 5 .N ' win ri' wbwc wa: 5 :en,eo May' N7 and 18, rn tr: f: a ' , co tt, ' o :ut ,Joan S nunnake Mef Ober rn, ne M tier ga ie of ry om 2, fs C: X rs Nl 'at 3 M '. J n 3 ette Wn'tten. ,na May Buenoro F are S up ' Re, .a 3 , ma' ' a G6 0 ,yes Hwy' - areau. - r wt mee :sn t ew:: e cd A, 5' X 'a y 'da in 'Ol Wiwf an-all Art class at Camp Sweetwater Mary Jane Prrtchard Shrrley Myers Shrrley Thompson Betty Boland Shrrley Phrllrps Second row Bente Chrrstensen Gloria Page Gerne Madrson Mudge Cermalc Top row Phylr l-larvey Thelma Brlggs Mum: Thompson Oma Lee Thompson Mary Cloe Carol Walston Therese Palmer Alan Campbell l-lershel Dennrs Clarece Qlson Ed Graves Bobby Robnett rn The Donkey s Tall Betsy Conyers and Betty Whrttenton l-larlan Kester and Johnny Inman The Famrly Tragedy Spanrsh dancers Etta Belle McCIendon Ruth Galvan Martha Castro Alrce San Martrn IO2 lib 5 E C aV a C totbl Boohs Always a Cordnal Welcome at SUNKIST CAFE Frne Food 308 THIRD AVENUE CHULA VISTA CALIF y Ch clrs Cash d M C BLANCHARD Real Estate Brolcer Insurance Loans 283 Th o C CHULA VISTA STAR Vs a Serving San Dnego Countys Fastest Growing Area C pl H NATIONAL MOTOR SALES Dmstrnbutors Chrysler Plymouth Automobrles F d al Motor Tu s Ga Wood Sp ed Bo ts GUY 8r GUY Rea tor lnsuror O O P o G 74 735 Natnonal Ave 539.-4 a Cts IcCam BAILAR S Super Creamed Ice Cream We Malce It SEVERIN Home and Auto Supply e o Dale pl o Auo s cCo Po O IY7 5Natoa G7575I O Q 84I Natronal Avenue Lewls Curtis slaves Mrlckelson and legs Anne Capp Glorra Page Phylrs Leonard Teyssner tnxes her up SWEETWATER FLORISTS Natnonal Avenue Natuonal Cnty r v ROBBINS AND PETERMAN Rrchtueld Service Station o N oaICty OSCAR S DRIVE IN Frne Food and Good Fountain Servnce C pl ts ot THE BAY FURNITURE COMPANY National City California c pl ts ot SPROUSE REITZ CO One ot the Fnnest 5 and I0 Cent Stores POINT LOMA BRAND Perfect Foods Distr: buted by CHULA VISTA Klauber Wangenheim Co IO4 Cornplvncnts of CHULA VISTA DRY eoons LAUNDRY CQ' HOFFMAN'S Nan Skinner Nell Skinner BAY Ccwprmfrzs of LUMBER WHITNEY 81 COMPANY Department Store I Nat Chula V sta Compliments of CHULA VISTA FURNITURE Diclc Dickinson Phone 502 when you want the best In turnlture values DOWNTOWN CI-IULA VISTA NEYENESCH PRINTERS 5YeasEpe'e ' S .ool A ual Pod ct D ck Bacon 5 Da ce Ba d at the Sno tlalce Shuttle H W Pmlue Hartln Rachtneld Oul Corporation Chula V sta 6401 WEISSER SPORTS GOODS PARMELEE DOHRMANN C Stat R T CONYERS QV d st al Sup HAZARD GOULD acto s Eq p ZONTEK CAFE FREDJ GUNN F ne Dinners Men S Wear Ch la V sta LOGAN Pamt and Lmoleum 2 Th d A CI-IULA VISTA IO5 San DI gos Most Complrt prwntlng Plant I 50 'Om' AVENUE my Braadmy sf P Sw IS . I X " me 'n - CT nn I' U IOVI l SM Dwqn Cdlllowd I8OI Broadway San Dwego, Calif ' ! n ' ' ll - l I i ' n n w Ccwrpumr-mg Oi In u ri plies r . . - df SCVCUHI AVC- Real Estate and Insurance 8' S D,-J C P P-3 F. 5lI5 , an 3 IC Qlwl igfa Contr r un ment . C: I- at of Circ' 'nefts C' mp m n S i . I . . Pharm' CH l Vt 405 A ,ss the Strict 5'3" the Pcs: Ott :Q IU U G ls 5 77 rr venue In Chula Vrsta U j Compliments of HOLCOMB'S HARDWARE STORE Chula Vista California Compliments ol GU I LBERT'S PHARMACY On the Corner Compliments of MACEY'S MARKET SPOT Downto n Chula Vista CHERRY MOTOR CO Ford Dealer National City D L BESS CO 5 and I0 Cent Store VAN DERIPE AND BIRD Service Station G 7464! Chula Vista I C y NATIONAL STATIONERS Gift Shop National City ENGRAVERS CORPORATION Class Rings Announcements Personal Cards W t Heinrrclc De Wolfe Anderson Close Daley and Gilbert In a typical lunch hour scene KINMORE ELECTRIC Radio Repair CI'I U LA VISTA McMAIN S BAKERY Fine Balred Goods the Middle ot National City Business District H and H DRUG STORE In the Heart ot National City W JAMES AND SON Florist Fine Corsages National Cty Rr CARLYLE JEWELRY Beaut tul ngs Bracelets and Necklaces 288 Th d A CHULA VISTA HOLLY CLEANERS Complete Cleaning and Tailorng Serv ce H 345 Th d A IO6 W ln the Heart ot Chula Vrst Compliments ot the Compliments of ' ' I National Avenue Nationa it . , aid S, K fi' r Courtesy of 2I4 es Pico Boulevard I ' Los Angeles. California I I ' I I . Compliments ot I In ' i ' ' I . i I I I I I I "Well pressed is well dressed" rr venue . A R. J. - alterty I ir ve. Chula Vista 75I pl ts EL PRIMERO HOTEL Steam Heated and Mocle n Throughout al ac 4 6 Th d A Vsta a C a Vst 8 YELLOW CAB CO Chula Vista V L G BALFOUR COMPANY Attl bo o Massach setts t e a e Sc o d Colleges E C rory 8 Jo a a PETERS FEED STORE a Hy oa tv ayMt Gadc Toos C V 2 CHULA VISTA CALIF Co tcsy at FRASER S PHARMACY ln Downtown S ctron National Cnty The Exodus HELM BROTHERS Srnce I9I2 Burclc Motor Cars bl 283 F ste QHULA vrsm C pl ts ot WEE TOT SHOP h ln Chula Vrsta RITA LUISE BEAUTY SALON F Ba ysSlre cc Sevrlle Theatre Burldrng Pho e 260 Chula Vsta Calf D o J JESSOP AND SONS Jewelers IO4I Frfth Avenue am u tcsy COURTNEY S SERVICE o s ot Gasol I8th and National Natronal Cnty g A c o L D ca GUY S SANDWICH SHOP Especnally Good Hamburgers and Chrlr 26 Th d A d o th of the Post O ce C la V ta Pl WILSON S FROCK SHOP ICE CREAM STORE For You Ladres K 5 P op eto In Chula Vrsta 256 Th a A Q chu vm C pl ts of DENRICH PRESS Prmters Chula Vrsta I07 Com :men of - - e r, u V ' I Knowr' wherever her r h ols Ch res M. St lr, Manager an I .I ye., Chula a ,C 1.4, Phone Q. . i223 . - T hu' i G 49 Box 6 , La II , C lit, ur ' , Gr in, a , C l Paul r Supplrcs, Sccds, Fcrtrlrzcrs A - Q Spr a erials. r n l of Dcpcnda c Autornotsye Service . .25 . . 279, r et om irnen For the Recent Addrtions to t Q Family "or Cut' a .S Us" J, f.,, I FI i , i. Co r ot ' S-:ryrng 53 Years I rn San leg . Drstrrbut r Veltex unc .- T . . 0 rr venue 4 One oor n r Hi W 'rn - c ess nes- u' rr tion ,H hu ,S Com iments ot ' Om tmen ' Nofrnan E. r slay ' r rl r T A ir y . la I T AUTOGRAPHS A , X Qfwfdiywfvhypp WQQX. Mp ff Uh 1 MU yy A W W A W JJ? f Myfiwfvj - J W5 WWW P AFJMMJNMW ACKNOWLEDGMENTS C F I08 l ,QL . V if X 1 I Q f Us A X k N 1 U X A UW Phofogranhers Qaasee Mamie Siu Mr. CPAGSE MQiNer Siu NAA? 4Spa V tA.dL PH tm' N ,rw P' A ,, I ' '- U ,LN ' Ed' L.:fCrNEg 'QC AJ ' , EYQ 31,51 .' H J RAB AQ J If QT Lf

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