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EET BRIAR COLLEGE fg9 " 7373 A Presented by The Briar Patch Staff SWEET BRIAR COLLEGE LIBRARY 176155 THE BRIAR PATCH 1Q7Q SWEET BRIAR, S f O VIRGINIA 24595 cT] iv " --TEP ' Aa ' v; 1 nrr l Mfc«,jlii(j ' I crH II 5 10 ji § 3 O |3 ® " s. : J i a f ! irr ' 1 1 1 4! %l = M| S® J,! „ c 37 • ' 05 A history book. A face book. A memory book. A creative publication. This year ' s Briar Patch staff has tried to capture the 1977-78 year with a graphic theme. Therefore, the book should not point at any particular groups or individuals. We could only cover the essentials. You take it from here! Thanks to Kathy for " leaving it up to me, " and for her " dark hours. " Thanks to Charlie, our rep, for all his patience and devotion; and to Hunter Publishing Company for caring. Staff, thank you for sticking by me.You have been more enthusiastic and diligent then I ever imagined. Holly, you get a special thanks for " putting everything in focus! " Carrie Ruda Editor-in-Chief . V ' :.T ' ' ' . ' !! ;io ' ■. " ; r lL ♦ ,f ' 176155 O c we know what we wanted, where we would go? Would we win and grow and come away with satisfaction, or would we go back quiet and low to rebegin? When we made the commitment, we questioned, we wondered, we prayed that the steps would lead where we hoped to go. From there we were alone, alone until our friends, our learning, our fun, and our own growth took us by the hands and hearts and offered us memories to hold and keep for the rest of our lives. We have laughed in love and happiness, and we have cried in despair and frustration, but we have tried, and we have lived, and we can never discount the experience, the time, and the people who have helped to make us who we are. " . . . our world is a learning experience to be tested with questions every moment of our lives. " uhe life we have begun, the time we have spent, the things we have learned, have been heightened, broadened, and deepened by the presence of our friends. Our friends have helped us to find ourselves in a new world where decisions are ours to make, re- sponsibilities are ours to uphold, and life has become ours to guide. Disappointments and failures, when we feel ourselves weak, become a smaller burden when a friend gives the time and the feeling to support us. Our triumphs and completed goals, when we feel reward of work and sincerity, become times to laugh and re- joice when a friend shares in our happiness. We have asked and given, and tried in earnest to be true, and when we have received the love, and had our honesty returned to us, we know that we have been with friends whose value we will cherish in our hearts forever. . . we have been with friends whose value we will cherish in our hearts forever. " [eading intently in a tiuslied room, playing hard to keep our perspective, walking alone on a quiet evening, we can feel the growth of our world and the way we view it. We have learned, through ourselves and our teachers, that we are capable, and we are imperfect. We have worked and fought to learn our share; often we have doubted and questioned in requiring the truth. We have studied and responded as a duty fulfilled, and we have begun to understand ourselves, the people we meet, and the things that we must do to remain true to our standards. We have been encour- aged, prompted, forced to know that our world is a learning experi- ence to be tested with questions every moment of our lives. We have recognized the value of struggle in our work, and we have found ourselves able to meet the challenge presented to us. We will never cease to use that which we have learned in laughter and tears; it will send us confident and whole into future days, when we must look back with thanks and pleasure at an experience unique and important in the molding of our lives. e are reminded daily of tine time, and it wiii come, tine time for goodbyes. Wfien we reacti ourgoai, and we must face our worid withi confidence and iiope, our memories of tiappiness and tears, stiaring and love, will keep us above our appretiension and send us forward on botti feet to meet our future with open arms. We must know in our tiearts that friends will be new, that we must leave something of ourselves behind to move farther ahead. We will be saddened by our parting, but we must also be heartened by the knowledge that we will always have ties with special friends. In learning and despair, in fun and hope, we have grown together to become separate people, more aware of the world around us, more tuned to the feelings within us, and grateful for the thoughts and memories that we can depend upon to keep us close to the people and the experiences of a time that we must never forget. i 1 ' ■ ' •] B u re! ■r SeHioks ; nowtcy F(« CU SS Of ' is! KSUr ' ; l FF B r ' " .rfvi m I yfc 7 B jlH |,jaili ■1 lyl II 5 p - ' S H JMP A (I to r) Cindy Rogers, Treasurer; Lynn Spilman, Vice Pres- ident; Mary Page, President; Melanie Bowen, Secretary. I oRs! ' ! fA emXAi4r fl pro.- ' Yiuii_i-»j " I ' ■ s ;i us T- 5) The i-Q KJ ' . .O-. ' j. •hey . I n 1 mm m mr 1. ELIZABETH ANN AXELBERG French Atlanta, Georgia 2. LESLIE MERIWETHER LEWIS ANDERSON History Chapel Hill, North Carolina 3. EDITH A. BAIRD History Great Falls, Virginia 4. DIANE M. BALL Economics Rye, New York 5. ANNE READ BALDWIN Anthropology Sociology Dallas, Texas 1. BARBARA J. BEHRENS Art History Art Studio Massapequa, New York 2. EVE BASKOWITZ Sociology St. Louis, Missouri 3. JEAN-OTEY BEARD French Sociology Psychology Atlanta, Georgia 4. HELEN BAUER Psychology Mobile, Alabama 5. KATHLEEN MICHELE BERTRAND American Literature and History Auburn, New York ' J ' - ' . ' ' , ' f •%■ C " 1 L 4t . - IP • J " f- M ' IK 1 m r Hf K " Ji t ' • 1. PATRICIA ALICE BOYCE Psychology Madison, New Jersey 2. MELANIE LEIGH BOWEN Religion Macon, Georgia 3. JOAN BOGERT Government Morristown, New Jersey 4. VIRGINIA TRACY BREGMAN Anthropology Chester, New York 5. MEREDITH JEAN BORST Anthropology Sociology Berwyn, Pennsylvania 1. LEE SUSAN CAROLLO Chemistry Sebastopol, California 2. PAULA JENNIFER BROWN Political Economy Fairfax Station, Virginia 3. TONI CHRISTIAN Economics Lynchburg, Virginia 4. EUDORA CATHERINE CLELAND International Affairs Charleston, West Virginia 5. ELIZABETH MACRAE COLEMAN History Greensboro, North Carolina 1. LEITH ANN COLTON Sociology Education Hartsdale, New York 2. NANETTE JEAN COOPER Art History French Paris, France 3. ELIZABETH ELLEN CONE Psychology Hudson, Ohio 4. LENORE LEE COX English Lynchburg, Virginia 5. SUZANNE MALLORY COLLINS Psychology Greenville, South Carolina •,w 1. DEBORAH ANN DALTON Chemistry Potomac, Maryland 2. HOLLY ANN CROMWELL Anthropology Chanceford, Pennsylvania 3. BECKY DANE Sociology Education Bethesda, Maryland 4. CANNIE GODWIN CRYSLER Art History Sociology Haverford, Pennsylvania 5. VIRGINIA SUSAN CRAIG Sociology Naples, Florida ' iS» cl y fl n M ' .M l W 1. HUNTER DAVIS Anthropology Sociology Henderson, North Carolina 2. EMILY DICK Economics Knoxville, Tennessee 3. ELIZABETH LAWRENCE DAY Anthropology Education Virginia Beach, Virginia 4. LUCY RUTLEDGE DARBY Art History Jacksonville, Florida 5. DEBORAH ELIZABETH DAVISON Anthropology Johnstown, Pennsylvania 1. ADELAIDE ESHBACH Anthropology Schenectady, New York 2. CAROLYN W. ENNIS English Rehoboth Beach, Delaware 3. CATHY SUE FINLEY Political Economy Suffolk, Virginia 4. CHRISTINA ALICE FRENCH Spanish Simsbury, Connecticut 5. DANA ANNE DOTTEN Chemistry Summit, New Jersey 1. SUSAN GRISTE International Affairs West Chester, Pennsylvania 2. MARY CLAIBORNE GEARHART Theatre Arts Baltimore, Maryland 3. HELEN GAYLE GORMAN Music Lynchburg, Virginia 4. BERNADEAN MICHAELAGUPTON Government Nashville, Tennessee 5. MARY HELM GOODWIN Anthropology Sociology Ligonier, Pennsylvania I f 1. ELIZABETH JANE HEMENWAY German Anthropology Washington, D.C. 2. DRUSILLA BREWSTER HALL Sociology Nashville, Tennessee 3. MARY FONTAINE HARRIS Studio Art Lynchburg, Virginia 4. MARY LOVELADY HAMILTON Government Columbus, Ohio 5. SUSAN D. HEITMILLER Psychology Wellesley, Massachusetts fell 1. ELINOR BRYAN HUMPHREY Sociology San Diego, California 2. SUSAN M. HUDSON History European Civilization Charlottesville, Virginia 3. EVA KATHERINE JACKSON Sociology Birmingham, Alabama 4. WENDY IGLEHEART Studio Art Evansville, Indiana 5. ELIZABETH STERLING HURLEY Anthropology Sociology Erie, Pennsylvania 1. KATHERINE PLEASANTS JACKSON Art History Charlotte, North Carolina 2. MABLEJOHN Psychology Columbia, South Carolina 3. CAREY PAMELA JEFFERSON Psychology Economics Lynchburg, Virginia 4. ANNE ELLIS JARRELL English Atlanta, Georgia 5. DIANA RICHANI JAMAL International Affairs Maracaibo, Venezuela " Ki 1. ANN TOWNSEND KEY Economics St. Louis, Missouri 2. NANCYELLEN KEANE Government Richmond, Virginia 3. MARIETTA ROBINSON JONES Anthropology Sociology Education Richmond, Virginia 4. SUSAN J. KING Government Darien, Connecticut 5. CAREY ANN JOHNSON Biology Kensington, Maryland 1. DONNA LOUISE KIPP Economics Moorestown, New Jersey 2. JANA ELISA KOUBEK Anthropology Washington, D.C. 3. KYLE A. KUBILIUS Anthropology Sociology Bronxville, New York MARY KAREN KUHLMAN Economics Oak Brook, Illinois LIZABETH LEE LAMBERT Sociology Fort Worth, Texas ski Kl v v %. 1. ROBERTA H. LEHET French Orange, Connecticut 2. DOROTHY NANCY LEAR Arthropology Sociology McLean, Virginia 3. MARY ELLA MAYS LEWIS Sociology Amherst, Virginia 4. DEBORAH JANE LAUDERDALE Arthropology Sociology Atlanta, Georgia 5. KAREN ANN LEMON Spanish Skaneateles, New York 1. ANN SCOTT MARICLE Government St. Louis, Missouri 2. ELIZABETH ANNE iVIAYNARD English Glen Rock, New Jersey 3. LURA ADELINE LITTON Biology Government Environmental Studies Shelby, North Carolina 4. PATRICIA LYNETTE MASON Italian Studies Delray Beach, Florida 5. CATHERINE ANNE LUMSDEN International Affairs Hanahan, South Carolina A 1. CATHERINE CAROLE MELLOW Sociology St. Louis, Missouri 2. JEANNETTE DORA KAREN MEHL Art History Economics Mexico City, Mexico 3. CYNTHIA ANN McKAY Religion Columbus, Ohio 4. LEIGH ANNE McDONALD History McLean, Virginia 5. KATHRYN HOLLY McGLOTHLIN History Sociology European Civilization Washington, D.C. 1. DONNA J. MIHALIK English Creative Writing Lawrenceville, New Jersey 2. MARGARET CHURCHMAN MOFFETT Anthropology Sociology Education Staunton, Virginia 3. BARBARA JO MENDELSSOHN French Literature Fairfax, Virginia 4. BARBARA ALBRECHT MINNIG Sociology Akron, Ohio 5. MARI MARGARET MONAHAN International Affairs Darien, Connecticut M 1. MARY REBECCA MULVIHILL Psychology St. Louis, Missouri 2. MARY LEIGH NASH Philocophy Baltimore, Maryland 3. SUSAN MARI NEGAARD Biology Centerville, Ohio 4. ELIZABETH ANN MOORE Sociology Environmental Studies Alexandria, Virginia 5. JAMIE MURRAY Political Economy Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts f 1. LAUREN RICHMOND PLACE Studio Art Rye, New York 2. lEKE OSINGA Economics German Sweet Briar, Virginia 3. JULIE ELEANOR PFAUTZ Economics Wilmington, Delaware 4. MARY KENT PAGE Studio Art Londonderry, Vermont 5. ELIZABETH G. PERKINSON Psychology Winston-Salem, North Carolina I ♦ 1. MISSY POWELL Anthropology Sociology Education Baltimore, Maryland ANNE TAYLOR QUARLES English Creative Writing Fredericksburg, Virginia 3. ELLEN QUINN Psychology Stamford, Vermont KATHERINE CARRINGTON POWELL Biology Studio Art Halifax, Virginia 5. SALLY-ANN POLSON Psychology Sociology Frankfurt, Germany 1. JANET RAKOCZY Psychology Medford Lakes, New Jersey 2. KATHRYN B. RENAUD Sociology Detroit, Michigan 3. LEIGH SUMNER RAMSAY French Fairfax Station, Virginia 4. MARGARET R. RICHARDS Sociology Williamsburg, Virginia 5. ANN NEWTON RAMSAY Psychology Miami, Florida v;, ■■ ■ W T -•V • ' ■. ■ ' ■ -..; ■:,..Wi kE-k. ' K 1. NANCY H. ROBINSON Biology Bethesda, Maryland 2. CYNTHIA ROGERS Political Economy Marietta, Georgia 3. ANNE RIORDAN Economics Wausau, Wisconsin 4. ANNE HELEN RODGERS International Affairs Closter, New Jersey 5. MARIA TRAUGOTT RIXEY Economics Virginia Beach, Virginia 1. DONNA ROOS Religion Yorktown, Virginia 2. SALLIE ANN SEXTON International Affairs Allentown, Pennsylvania 3. EILEEN PAULA SCULLY History New Rocheile, New York 4. CARRIE LOUISE RUDA Political Economy Washington, D.C. 5. MARY ELIZABETH RYAN American History and Literature Toledo, Ohio tf ' rw EnlaennRHwnAi 1. ELIZABETH SPRUILL French Lynchburg, Virginia 2. CASSANDRA KING SMITH Art History New York, New York 3. DEBORAH E. SNEAD Government Sociology Amherst, Virginia 4. JANET GUMMING SMALLEY French Griffin, Georgia 5. LOUISE GWENDOLEN SPILMAN Art History Sociology Richmond, Virginia 1. MICHELLE TARRIDE Music Fort Worth, Texas 2. CATHERINE GREEN TAYLOR Economics Richmond, Virginia 3. MARY ANNE STELLE Biology Environmental Studies Glenview, Illinois 4. JULIA SUTHERLAND Government Galax, Virginia 5. SUZANNE duVIVIER STRYKER Biology Darien, Connecticut •ir -j i ■ ' J B va « S| 1. AGNES TOWERS Psychology Jacksonville, Florida 2. DRASI von WEISENTHAL History New York, New York 3. ANN CRAIG THRASH Classics Atlanta, Georgia 4. CYNTHIA A. WHITLEY International Affairs Alexandria, Virginia 5. AUDREY TOWNSEND Anthropology Knoxvilie, Tennessee 1. ELIZABETH FLEMING WRAY Economics Sociology Wilson, North Carolina 2. ANN HILL YAUGER Economics Atlanta, Georgia 3. ELIZABETH M. WILLIAMS Anthropology Bethesda, Maryland 4. MICHELLE YOUREE Spanish Oakton, Virginia 5. ELIZABETH FAUNTLEROY WOOD Government Anchorage, Kentucky NOT PICTURED NANETTE COOPER French Art History Paris, France ALDEN ANNE CORRIGAN Sociology San Jose, California CECILIA MARIA GARCIA-TUNON Frencln Washington, D.C. MAGGIE LAURENT History Alexandria, Virginia MARYBETH LIPINSKI French Hinsdale, Illinois EMMA LAURA PRYOR English San Antonio, Texas ELLEN EDITH QUILTY Sociology Morristown, New Jersey MARY FRANK SAUNDERS Art Studio Roanoke, Virginia JULIANA FROSCH SMART English Italian Literature New York, New York SUSAN WHITTEN WRIGHT Biology Madison Heights, Virginia i Ain ' t we great — we ' re the class of ' 78 . . . recover banner. . . Senior pictures . . . grad parties . . . Found- er ' s Day . . . hemming robes . . . Junior year a ' Briar . . . step singing . . . Thirteen Clocks . . . the pool . . . Se- nior Stairs . . . overwhelming class spirit . . . " P " is for party . . . donation of the mug project . . . peal of the bells . . . applications . . . resumes . . . S.B.C. blazers . . . ring games . . . black and green . . . Santa ' s pic- tures . . . GRE ' s . . . Christmas cocktails . . . Lantern Bearing . . . keeping our Stairs . . . comps . . . Senior drunk day. . . the last time we ' ll ever . . .Baccalaureate . . . caps and gowns . . .Commencement. . .When will I see you again? " You never really leave a place that you love. Part of it you take with you, leaving a part of you behind. " The Senior Class Presents iV - CO i : » . O Q) O ::3 o [ IJJ CO CD tii E QC Ct5 5 :: K -Q J i, THE GOLUX. Cannie Crysler; THE PRINCE. Lu Litton; THE DUKE OF COFFIN CASTLE, Becky Dane; HARK. Cindy McKay; HAGGA. Barbara Mendelssohn; THE PRINCESS. Julie Ptautz; THE COUNTESS. Mary Page; THE MAYOR. Cindy Whitley; THE COURT JESTER. Beth Cone; THE MINSTRELS. Michelle Tarride, Betsy Wood, Gayle Gorman, Suzanne Stryker, leke Osinga, Becky Mulvihill, Carrie Ruda, Mo Moffet, Liz Maynard; THE VILLAGERS. Lynn Spilman, Holly McGIothlin, Jane Lauderdale. Julia Sutherland, Ann Key, Ann Maricle, Cindy Rogers, Drusie Hall, Melanie Bowen, Paula Brown, Jeannette Mehl, Jean Beard, Leigh Ramsey, Muffy Hamilton, Barbara Behrens, Maria Rixey, Diane Ball; THE GUARDS, El Humphrey, Kathy Jackson, Tracy Bregman, Kyle Kubilius, Ellen Quinn, Leigh McDonald, Sue Griste, Cathy Finley, Michelle Youree, Elizabeth Perkinson; THE CLOCKS. Suzanne Collins, Ginny Craig, Leith Colton, Mimi Borst, Lisa Wray, Katherine Powell, Le- nore Cox, Katie Renaud, Leslie Anderson, Sue King, Anne Baldwin, Susie Heitmiller, Libba Coleman; WHISPER. Kathy Jackson; THE THING. Lynn Spilman, Jane Lauderdale; THE TODAL. Holly McGIothlin: DIREC- TOR. Cassandra Smith; ST AGE MANAGERS. Lauren Place, Annie Stelle; LIGHTING, Nancy Robinson; COSTUMES, Libba Coleman; CREW, Betsey Hurley; MUSIC, Michelle Tarride; PUBLICITY AND PROGRAMS, Mary Page, Lynn Spilman, Lisa Wray, Cassandra Smith, Barbara Behrens. f f r f •« « .. ' 4 ■ ' • ■ 4 , I Anderson, Leslie: Art Club 4, Deans List 3, Senior Show, Social Comm. 4. Axelberg, Lisa: Jr. Year in France. Baldwin, Anne: Dean ' s List 2, House Pres. 4, Orientation Comm. 2, Syracuse in the Netherlands, Tennis 1. Ball, Diane: College Council 4, Dean ' s List 3, Exec. 4, F.O.C.U.S. 1,2, Freshman Show, Interclub 4, Lacrosse 1, Orientation Comm. 2.3, Overnite Hostess 1,3, Parent ' s Weekend Chrwmn 3, Senior Show, Social Comm. 1,2,3,4 (Chrwmn), Student Affairs Comm. 2, Who ' s Who 4, Young Republicans 2,3,4. Baskowitz, Eve: Riding Council 2,3,4, Student Advisory Comm. to Sociology 3,4. Beard, Jean-Otey: A. A. 2(Sec.), Career Planning Comm. 4, F.O.C.U.S. 1 , French Club 1 ,2 (Pres.), 4 (Pres), Freshman Show, Hall Pres. 2, Hockey 2, Intramural Rep. 1, Jr. Year in Franee, Senior Show, Swimming 4, Tennis 1, Young Democrats 4. Behrens, Barbara: Dean ' s List 2, Freshman Show, Chung Mungs 4, Student Handbook 3, Senior Show, Freshman Honors. Bertrand. Kathleen: Young Republicans 3,4. Bogert, Joan: Riding 1,3,4. Borst, Mimi: Jr. Banquet Comm. 3, Riding Council 2.3.4, Senior Show. Spanish Club 1. Bowen, Melanie: Class Sec. 4. Class Treas. 2, F.O.C.U.S. 1,2,3,4, Curric. 4, Exec. 3, Hall Pres. 4, Interact 3,4 (Pres.). Orientation Comm. 2,3,4, Overnite Hostess 1,2,3,4, Senior Show. Social Comm. 1, Spanish Club 1,2,3,4. S.G.A. Sec. 3, Stud ent Guide 1,2,3,4, Task Force Comm. on External Affairs 3,4, Who ' s Who 4. Boyce, Patricia: Hall Pres. 2, Orientation Comm. SB Singers 2. Bregman, Tracy: Infinity 1, Riding Council 3,4, Senior Show. Brown, Paula: Colgate University 3. Honor Guide 4, Overnite Hostess 2,3, Senior Show, Student Guide 2,3, Wailes Center Comm. 4. Carollo, Lee: A.A. 1, French Club 1, Freshman Honors, Jr. Year in Scotland, Jr. Honors, Riding 1 ,2,4, Social Comm. 2, SB Scholar 4, Tau Phi 2.3,4. Christian, Toni: A.A. 4, Basketball 1,2,4, Hall Pres. 2, Intramurals 4, Orientation Comm. 2, Syracuse in the Netherlands. Cleland, Cathy: Briar Patch 3, Chung Mung 3,4, Overnite Hostess 1 , R.A. 2,3, SB News 3,4 (Editor), Orientation Comm. 2. Coleman, Libba: Jr. Year in Scotland, Senior Show, Student Guide 1.4, SB News 4. Collins, Suzanne: Art Club 4. Jr. Banquet Comm.. Jr. Sem. at Emory University. Orientation Comm. 2, Parent ' s Weekend Chrwmn 4, Senior Show, Tennis 1,2,4. Colton. Leith: Food Comm. 2,3,4. Senior Show. Student Guide 3,4. Cone, Beth: F.O.C.U.S. 1, Orientation Comm. 2, R.A. 3, SB News 1. Cooper, Nanette: French Club 1,2 (Pres.), 3, Intramurals 1,2, Italian Club 2,3, Orientation Comm 2, Overnite Hostess 2, Semester in Italy 3, Semester in France 4. Cox, Lenore: Brambler 3,4, Briar Patch 2,3,4, Curric. Comm. 4, F.O.C.U.S. 1 , Orientation Comm. 2,3, Senior Show, Jr. Honors, SB Scholar 4, Tau Phi 3,4. Craig, Virginia: Parent ' s Weekend Comm. 3,4, Senior Show, Newsletter Abroad 3. Cromwell, Holly: Hockey 1, Jr. Sem. in Italy, Lacrosse 1. Crysler, Cannie: Asses 2,3 (Exchequer), 4. A.A. 2 (Treas.), 3 (V.P.), 4, Basketball 1,2,3,4, Briar Patch 2 (Ed. Directory-Sr. Activities), 3 (Ed. Directory-Sr. Activities), 4 (Ed. Directory-Sr. Activities), Class Pres. 3, Curric Comm. 1 , Freshman Show, Hockey 1 ,2,3,4 (Capt.), Intramurals 1, Exec. 3,4, College Council 3,4, Lacrosse 1,2,3,4, Long Range Planning Commission 2,3,4, Orientation Comm. 2,3,4, Publicity Comm. 2, Q.V., Pit Crew, 75th Anniv. Pool Fund 2, S.G.A. Vice Pres. 4, Student Guide 1,2,3,4. Who ' s Who 4. Dalton. Deborah: Dance 1. German Club 1. Health Services Comm. 2 (Treas.), Orientation Comm. 2. Dane, Becky: Asses 2,3,4 (Most Illustrious), Exec. 3.4, Bum Chum, Freshman Show, German Club 1,2,4, Orientation Comm. 2, Overnite Hostess 2. Senior Show. Student Dev. Comm. 3, Student Guide 1,2, Song Leader 4, Sue Reid Slaughter Fund Comm. 2, Sweet Tones 3,4, Paint and Patches 3,4, Who ' s Who 4. Darby, Lucy: Briar Patch 3. Curric. Comm. 3,4, Dean ' s List 3, Fencing 3,4 (Capt.), French Club 2, Hall Pres. 2,4, Health Services Comm. 2, Instruction Comm. 4, Italian Club 3.4 (Treas. V.P), SB News 2,3. Davis, Hunter: Riding Council 3,4, Task Force 3. Davison, Deb: Earphones 2,3.4, Freshman Show, Orientation Comm. 2. Riding Council 3.4 . Day, Liz: Briar Patch 1. Interact 4, Orientation Comm. 2, Overnite Hostess 3, Student Guide 2. Dick, Emily: Intramural Rep. 1,2,3, Overnite Hostess 1,3. Dotten. Dana: Briar Patch 4, Dance 2, German Club 2 (Treas), SB News 3,4. Ennis, Carolyn: German Club 1,2,4, International Club 2.4, Italian Club 2,4, Jr. Year in Scotland. Student Guide 2. Eshbach. Addy: Riding Council 2.3.4 (Sec. -Treas.). Finley. Cathy: Orientation Comm. 2, Overnite Hostess 1,2,3, Senior Show, Student Guide French, Chris: Freshman Show, Overnite Hostess 2, Spanish Clut 1,2,3 (V.P.), 4, Student Guide 3.4, SB Singers 2,3, SB News 4, Young Republicans 3. Garcia-Tunon, Cecilia: Curric. Comm. 2,4, French Club 2,4, Jr. Year in France. Gearhart, Mary: Basketball 1,2,3, Coffeehouse Comm. 3, Lacrosse 1,2,3,4. P P 4. Goodwin. Mary: Earphones 3.4, Overnite Hostess 2, Student Guide 2,3. Gorman, Gayle: Collegium Musicum 2,3,4, Freshman Show, Hall Pres. 3, Senior Show, SB Singers 1,2,3,4, Sweet Tones 3,4. Griste, Sue: Challenge 1. French Club 2,4, Jr. Year in France, Orientation Comm. 2, Senior Show. Gupton, Michaela: Golf 2,3, Riding 1. Hall, Drusie: Riding Council 3,4, Senior Show. Hamilton, Muffy: Bum Chum, House President 3.4, House Presidents Council Sec. 4, Honor Guide 2, Orientation Comm. 2. Social Comm. 3. Senior Show, Student Guide 2.3. Harris, Fontaine: Coffeehouse Comm. 3,4, Lacrosse 1, P P 4. Heitmiller, Susie: Challenge 1,2, C.L.E.A.N. 1, French Club 4, Freshman Honors. Freshman Show, Q.V., Senior Show, Social Comm. 1,2 (Treas.), 4, Student Guide 4. Hemenway, Jane: A.A. 2, Cabin 1 ,2,3,4, German Club 1 ,2 (Pres.), 3,4, Student Affairs Comm. 3, SB News 3,4, Swimming 4. Y.A.F. 2 (Pres.), College Republican. Co-Chairman 3. Hudson, Susie: German Club 1, Honor Guide 4. Orientation Comm. 2, Overnite Hostess 3, Student Guide 3,4. Humphrey. El: Briar Patch 3.4. Hall Pres. 3,4, Student Guide 2,3,4, Senior Show, Sue Reid Slaughter Fund Comm. 3,4. SB News 3,4, SB Singers 2.3,4. Hurley, Betsy: Curric. Comm. 4, Health Services Comm. 1,2 (Chrwmn), 3, Interclub 2, Orientation Comm. 2.3. R.A. 2.3.4. Social Comm. 3. Tennis 1,4. Jackson, Eve: Dean ' s List 2, Orientation Comm. 2, Overnite Hostess 3, Student Guide 3. Jackson, Kathy: Art Club 2,4, A.A. 2,4 (Pres.), Earphones 2,3,4, Friends of the Arts 2,4, Golf 1.2,3,4, Orientation Comm. 2, Overnite Hostess 2, Q.V., Intramural Rep. 3, Senior Show, 75th Anniv. Comm. 3, Student Fundraising Comm. 3 (Co-Head), Student Guide 4, Syracuse in the Netherlands, Who ' s Who 4. Jarrell, Anne: Briar Patch 4, Riding 1,2,3,4. Jefferson, Pam: Chung Mung 4, German Club 1,2, SB Singers 1, Swimming 4, Young Republicans 3 (Treas.). John, Mable: Riding Council 3,4. Johnson, Carey: Riding Council 2,3. Jones, Robin: Asses 3.4, Class Vice-Pres. 3. Earphones 3,4, College Council 3, Exec. 3, Freshman Show, Hockey 1,3, C.L.E.A.N. 1, Judic. 2,4, Lacrosse 1, Long Range Planning Comm. 3,4, Orientation Comm. 2. Outing Club 1.2, Overnite Hostess 1.2, Q.V., Student Guide 1,2,3, Who ' s Who 4. Keane, Nancyellen: Hall Pres. 3, House Pres. 4, SB News 4. Key, Ann: French Club 1, Freshman Honors 1, Hall Pres. 2, House Pros. 4, Orientation Comm. 2, Senior Show, SB News 1. King, Sue: Challenge 2, Honor Guide 4, Overnite Hostess 3, Senior Show, Student Guide 2,3. Kipp, Donna: Freshman Honors, Junior Honors. Orientation Comm. 2. Tennis 1.2. ) Kubilius, Kyle: Asses 3,4, Freshman Show, Intramurals 1, Orientation Comm. 2, Senior Show, Student Dev. Comm. 3, Student Guide 1,2. Swimming 4. Kuhlman. Karen: Brambler 3. Student Guide 3. Lauderdale, Jane: Challenge 2,3 (Head), Chung Mung 3.4, F.O.C.U.S 1,2,3 (V.P.), 4, Health Services Comm. 1,2, R.A. 3,4, Senior Show. Lear, Dorothy: Asses 3,4, Chung Mung 3,4, Hall Pres. 3, Intra-Campus Mail Comm. 4, Intramural Rep. 2, Orientation Comm. 2. Pit Crew. Student Guide 1.2,3, SB News 4. Lehet, Roberta: Jr. Year in France. Lemon, Karen: Hall Pres. 4. Interact 4. Orientation Comm. 2. Spanish Club 1.2.3. Litton, Lu: Collegium Musicum 3.4, Freshman Show. Interact 3 (Treas). 4, Overnite Hostess 1 .2,3,4. Senior Show, Student Dev. Comm. 2,3 (Treas.), Student Guide 1,2,3,4, SB Singers 1,2,3,4. Lumsden, Cathy: Interact 4, Hall Pres. 4. Orientation Comm. 2. Student Guide 2.3.4. Maricle. Ann: Orientation Comm. 2, Senior Show. Sem. in D.G., W L Mock Convention 2. Mason. Patricia: Intramural Rep. 1. Italian Club 2.4, Jr. Year in Italy, SB News 4. Maynard, Liz: Briar Patch 3 (Co-Editor). Orientation Comm. 2, Senior Show. Student Guide 1.2. SB Singers 1,2,3,4, Sweet Tones 3,4. McDonald. Leigh: Jr. Year in Scotland. McGlothlin. Holly: A.A. 4. Basketball 4 (Co-Head). Briar Patch 2 (Ed. Directory-Sr. Activities). 3 (Ed. Directory-Sr. Activities. Head-Photography). 4 (Ed. Directory-Sr. Activities. Head-Photography), College Council 4. Exec. 4. Freshman Show. Hall Pres. 1. Honor Guide 2, House Pres. 2,3.4, House Pres. Council Chrwmn 4. Interact 3.4. Interclub 3. Intramural Rep. 1.2. Lacrosse, Hockey 2 (Manager), Orientation Comm. 2.3.4. Overnite Hostess Pit Crew. Q.V., Senior Show. Song Leader 1,2. Student Guide Who ' s Who 4. McKay. Cindy: Church and Chapel Comm. 4, Curric, Comm. 3, P.O. C. U.S. 1 . Orientation Comm. 3, W L Mock Convention 2, Senior Show. Mehl. Jeannette: Art Club 4. Dance 1.2.4. French Club 4, Freshman Honors, German Club 2, International Club 2,4. Jr. Year in England. Senior Show. SB Scholar 4. Spanish Club 2,4, Tau Phi 4. Mellow. Cathy: Tennis 1,2.3.4. Mendelssohn. Barbara: Asses 4, Decorati on Comm. 4. French Club 2.4. Jr. Year in France. Senior Show. Mihalik, Donna: Brambler 3,4, Dean s List 2, Jr. Honors, Orientation Comm. 2, Riding 1,2.3,4, SB News 1,2,4. Minnig. Barbara: Intramural Rep. 2. R.A. 2, W L 3. Moffett, Mo: Interact 4, Orientation Comm, 2, Senior Show, SB Singers 1,2, Sweet Tones 2,3,4. Monahan. Mari: A.A. 4. Basketball 3. Hall Pres. 4, Intramural Rep. 3,4, Overnite Hostess 3,4, Ski Club 3,4, Swimming 4. Moore. Betsy: F.O.C.U.S. 1. House President 4, Orientation Comm. 2, Overnite Hostess 3, Senior Show, Student Guide 3, SB News 2. Mulvihill, Becky: F.O.C.U.S. 4. French Club 4, Orientation Comm. 2.4. Refectory Comm. 4. Senior Show. Social Comm. 3, Student Guide 1,2,3,4, Sweet Tones 2,3,4, Tau Phi 3,4. Murray, Jamie: Asses 2,3,4, A.A. 3. Bookshop Comm. 2, Hall Pres. 2, Freshman Show. Interact 3, Overnite Hostess 1 ,2. Q.V.. Student Guide 1.2,3 (Head), 4. Nash. Mary: Jr. Year at Exeter, Lacrosse 1. Negaard, Susan: Curric. Comm. 4, Freshman Honors, Instruction Comm. 4. SB News 3,4, Tau Phi 3.4 (Pres.). Osinga. leke: Basketball 1. German Club 1.2,3,4, Lacrosse 1, Sem. in Germany 3, Senior Show, Student Handbook 3 (Business Man.). 4 (Business Man.). Tau Phi 4. Page, Mary: Art Club 1,2,3,4. Asses 2.3,4, Briar Patch 2,3, Class Pres. 4, Class Treas. 1, College Council 4 (Sec), Exec. 4, F.O.C.U.S. 2, Friends of Arts 3.4. Curric. Comm. 2. Freshman Show, Lacrosse 1, Orientation Comm. 2.3 (Chrwmn), Q.V., Senior Show, Song Leader 3. Student Affairs Comm. 3,4, Student Guide 1,2,3, Student Public Info. Comm. 3. Perkinson. Liz: Bum Chum, Earphones 2,3,4, Honor Guide 2, Orientation Comm. 2. Interact 3 (Sec). 4 (Sec). Overnite Hostess 1.2, Senior Show, Student Guide 1,2,3,4, SB News 4. Pfautz, Julie: Briar Patch 2, Colgate 3, Senior Show, Social Comm. 4. Student Guide 2.3, SB Singers 3,4, SB News 3,4. Place, Lauren: Art Club 2,3 (Pres.), 4, Bum Chum, Italian Club 4. Senior Show, Tennis 1. Poison, Sally: A.A. 4, Hall Pres. 2, German Club 1 ,2. Intramural Rep. 3.4 (Head), Jr. Honors, Student Guide 1,2.3.4. SB Scholar 4, Swimming 4. Powell, Katherine: Briar Patch 2 (Co-Editor), 3, Church and Chapel Comm. 2 (Treas.). 3 (Treas). College Council 4. Exec. 4. F.O.C.U.S. 1.2,3, Hall Pres. 2, Judic 3,4 (Chrwmn), Orientation Comm. 2. SB Scholar 4, Senior Show, SB News 1,2,3, Tau Phi 3,4, Phi Beta Kappa 3,4. Powell, Missy: Bum Chum, Dean ' s List 3, Honor Guide 4, Anthro. Advisory Board 3,4, Student Guide 3.4, Tennis 1.2. Quarles, Anne Taylor: Asses 3,2 (Keeper of Scribes), Bevridge, Bookshop Comm. 3. Freshman Show. Curric. Comm. 2, House Pres. 2. Publicity Comm. 2 (Chrwmn), Q.V.. Toastmistress 3. Quinn, Ellen: Career Counseling Comm. 1, Chung Mung 3,4 (Head), Orientation Comm. 2,3, R.A. 4, Senior Show, SB News 1, Swimming 4. Rakoczy, Janet: Freshman Honors, Jr. Honors, Overnite Hostess 1, R.A. 2,3,4, Student Guide 1, SB Scholar 3, Tau Phi 3,4. Ramsey. Leigh: Church and Chapel Comm. 2, French Club 1,2,4, Jr. Honors. Jr. Year m France, Italian Club 4, Publicity Comm. 4, Senior Show, SB News 4, Tau Phi 4. Richards, Meg: Riding Council 2,3,4 (Head). Riordan. Anne: Briar Patch 4, Dean s List 3, French Club 4, Hall Pres. 2. Orientation Comm. 2. Riding 1. Rixey. Maria: Dean ' s List 1.2. Hall Pres. 2. Interact 4. Jr. Honors, Senior Show, Social Comm. 4, Syracuse in the Netherlands. Tennis 1,2,4. Robinson. Nancy: Coffeehouse Comm. 2, Curric. Comm. 2,3, Instruction Comm. 3. Orientation Comm. 2. P P 2.3.4. Senior Show. SB Singers 3.4. Rogers. Anne: Basketball 2. French Club 4. Orientation Comm. 2. SB News 4. Tennis 1.2.4. Rogers, Cindy: Class Treas. 4. Senior Show. Roos. Donna: Coffeehouse Comm. 2. Riding Council 1.2.3. Ruda. Carrie: Briar Patch 3 (Co-Editor), 4 (Editor). Interclub 3,4, Judic. 2 (Sec). 3. Orientation Comm. 2. Radio Comm. 1. Senior Show. Student Guide 1.2.3,4, Song Leader 4, SB Singers 2, Sweet Tones 3,4, Who ' s Who 4. Ryan. Betsy: Class Sec. 1. Bum Chum. Freshman Show. Social Comm. 2.3 (Treas.). 4, Student Guide 4, Tennis 1,2,3,4, Scully, Eileen: Basketball 1,2, Freshman Honors, Freshman Show, Jr. Honors. Jr. Year at Exeter. Orientation Comm. 2. Senior Honors. SB News 2.4. Sexton. Sallie: Briar Patch 4, German Club 1, Y.A.F. 2. Smalley, Janet: French Club 2.4. Jr. Year in France. Smart, Juliana: Italian Club 2,3. Smith. Cassandra: Art Club 3 (V.P.), 4, Church and Chapel Comm. 2,3,4, Coffeehouse Comm. 1 ,2 (Head), Art Ed. of Brambler 3,4, Freshman Show, Friends of Art 3,4, French Club 4, Hall Pres. 4. German Club 4. Italian Club 4, Honors Comm. 3. Lecture Comm. 3, Orientation Comm. 2,4. P P 1.2.3 (Treas.), 4, Dir. of Senior Show. Student Guides 1,2.3,4. Snead, Deborah: Freshman Honors, Student Handbook 3, SB Scholar 3,4, Tau Phi 3,4. Spilman, Lynn: Bum Chum. Class V.P. 4. College Council 4. Earphones 3.4 (Head). Exec. 4, Interclub 4. Lacrosse 1, Orientation Comm. 2,3, Senior Show, Social Comm. 2.3. Who ' s Who 4. Spruill, Lisa: Freshman Honors, Orientation Comm. 2, Tau Phi 4. Stelle, Anne: Health Services Comm. 3, Interact 3 (V.P.), 4 (V.P.), Lake Council 3,4, Orientation Comm. 2.3. Senior Show, Student Dev. Comm. 2 (Sec). 3 (Chrwmn), SB News 4. Stryker. Suzanne: Jr. Newsletter Editor, Senior Show, Tennis 3,4. Sutherland, Julia: Chung Mung 3,4 (Treas.), Career Planning Comm. 4, Earphones 2,3,4, Freshman Show, House President 4, Senior Show, SB News 2 (Copy Editor), 3 (Managing Editor), Tennis 1. Tarride. Michelle: Bum Chum (Sec), Collegium Musicum 2,3,4. Orientation Comm. 2, 3 Hall Pres. 2, Senior Show, Social Comm. 1.4. SB Singers 1,2,3,4, Sweet Tones 2,3,4, (Head). Taylor, Catherine: Church and Chapel Comm. 2. Class Sec. 3, Curric. Comm. 4 (Chrwmn). College Council 4, Dumps Club 1, Earphones 3,4, Exec. 4. Health Services Comm. 3. Honor Guide 3, Instruction Comm. 4, Interclub 4, Lecture Comm. 3. Orientation Comm. 2,3,4, Overnite Hostess 2, Radio 1, Student Guide 1,2,3, Who ' s Who 4. Thrash, Ann: Freshman Honors, Orientation Comm. 3. Townsend, Audrey: Bum Chum (Treas.), Brambler, 1, Challenge 1, Class Sec. 1. Intramurals 2, Orientation Comm. 2,3, Overnite Hostess 1,2,3 (Head), Honor Guide 2, Student Affairs Comm. 1.2. Student Guide 1.2,3. Whitley. Cindy: Chung Mung 4, Jr. Year in Scotland, Orientation Comm. 2, Senior Show, Social Comm. 1. Williams. Elizabeth: Jr. Honors . Sr. Honors. Wood, Betsy: Collegium Musicum 3,4, Senior Show, Student Dev. Comm 2. Stu. G. Publicity Comm. 3, SB Singers 2,3,4, Orientation Comm. 3. Sweet Tones 3,4 (Business Manager), Tau Phi 4. Wray, Lisa: Bum Chum (Head). Exec. 3,4, College Council 3,4, F.O.C.U.S. 4. Interact 4. Senior Show. Social Comm. 3, S.G.A Pres. 4. Treas. 3, Student Guide 1,2,4. Who ' s Who 4, Young Democrats 4. Yauger, Ann: Chung Mung 4, Dance 1, F.O.C.U.S. 1,4, Health Services Comm. 4, Mock Convention 2, Publicity Comm. 2, Ski Club 1,2, Student Guide 1,2, Tri-College Comm. 2. Youree, Michelle: Freshman Honors, ' Orientation Comm. 2, Riding 1,2,3, Senior Show. Sf- ' " ' A THE CLASS OF 1979 (I to r) Cindy Little, Trea- surer; Hannah Craighill, President; Wendy Worth- en, Vice President; Susan Anthony, Secretary Big Sister class ... Ju- nior Bench . . . Junior Year Abroad . . . small class . . . Chung Mung goodies . . . ring fitting . . . Bum Chums . . . sense of belonging . . . pulling up cum . . .majors dinners . . . Stu-G officers . . . involvement . . . rowdy . . . internships . . . Junior Honors . . . Class of 1979 is mighty fine . . . Junior Banquet . . . room trashed, you ' re smashed. . . Senior stairs . . . Senior robe. JUNIORS ABROAD AND AWAY WENDY ATTEE: Bregenz, Austria JANET BALDWIN: Paris, France ROBIN BEHM: Amsterdam, The Netherlands FRANCES BIGGERS: Amsterdam, The Netherlands LAURIE BOWEN: London. England BUNNY BROWN: Exeter, England HOLLY BUTLER: Surrey. England CATHY CALELLO: Exeter. England INGRID CHRISTNER: American University JANIE CLARK: Amsterdam. The Netherlands SARALEE COWLES: Amsterdam, The Netherlands CAROLINE CURME: Newcomb College JOANIE DEARBORN: London, England LYNNE EINSEL: Rome, Italy SANDY ERLEBACH: American University KATE EVANS: London, England KATIE EWALD: Denison University LESLIE FORBERT: Amsterdam, The Netherlands CHIC GRONES: Amsterdam, The Netherlands CHERI HARRIS: Pans, France HOLLY HARRISON: Kenyon College MARY JO HAYDENEK: Amsterdam. The Netherlands LISA HITE: American University MARGARET HIXON: London. England DEBBIE KOCIK: Exeter, England CINDY LEE: St. Andrews, Scotland SUE LORD: Paris. France BARBARA MALLETT: St. Andrews. Scotland KELLY MCBRIDE: Rome, Italy PATTI MCCORMACK: Copenhagen, Denmark TUCKER MCGOWIN: Newcomb College ELIZABETH MCMARTIN: Washington and Lee University DANIELLE MICHELS: Paris, France DEBBIE PARKER: Pans, France SUE PITLER: Florence. Italy KAREN RIES: Paris, France IRENE ROTHSCHILD: London, England PATTY SNOWDEN: American University MELINDA TREUTLE: Florence, Italy LYDIA WARDWELL: Heidelberg, Germany PAM WEILER: Paris, France NANCY WHITE: London, England HARRIET WHITTAKER: St. Andrews, Scotland ASHLEY WILSON: Florence, Italy BRIDGET WRAY: Florence, Italy f r r (front, I to r) Lynn Westine, Jean- nie DeGaetano, Dini Cecil, (back) Kristi Furches (front to back) Alice Benton Aimee Kass, Kate McTaggart, Di anne Delledera (front, I to r) Amy Smitti, Brandy Wood, (back) Lucy Coyle, Shan- tini Senanayake, Beth Bogdan (I to r) Jill Steentiuls, Karen Jaffa II H % v Ti j -tim ' Sms miiti iL! . , ' , ' ' ' ' {I to r) Lisa Hagan, Susan An- thony, Judy Williams, Pat Guild, Cindi Little, Laura Crum (front, I to r) Page Breukell, Margaret Girard, (middle) Susan Andrews, Jeanette Rowe, Connor Kelly, Sarah Skaggs, (back) Anne Garrity, Graham Maxwell (front, I to r) Carol Zimmerman, SherrI Manson, Mary Cowl, (back) Nancy Hatch, Mary South (I to r) Ginger Pierson, Phyllis Shelton. Kim Hatcher, Gay Goracci (front, I to r) Teresa Marshall, Pam Ramsdell, (back) Piper Allan, Tricia Paterson, Clara Jackman ;V?V " .:.vr.V.;i .. ' r7 , ' i«ii.,v«»jt,.,.-::Wi X ' v», (I to r) Jane Hubbard, field, Nancy Reynolds f • 4 THE CLASS OF 1980 (I to r) Day Pritchar tt, Treasurer; Lisa Sturkie, Secretary; Charlotte Gay, Vice-President; Angela Anton, President " Beer, Beer for our Sophomore Class " . . . Big Sisters . . . second year . . . sophomoric . . . ' 80 tree . . . purple hitch- ing post . . . taking harder courses ... a mixer that didn ' t mix . . . money making projects . . . hour-long class mtgs . . . popcorn . . . mugs . . . declaring majors . . . UVa . . . should I go abroad or away? . . . Q.V. ' s . . . Lochrane . . . " For the glory of our Sophomore Class. " (front) Pam Willett, (back, I to r) Vicky Clarendon, Carolyn Hallahan, Lisa Caldwell, Peggy Pierson (I to r) Ginny Paris, Randie Mulholland, Catherine Flaherty, Barbara Wes- ley ri, . ■ . ' 1 mj (front, I to r) Cindy Scholey, Moira Erickson, Julia Grosvenor, (back) Rebecca Beverley, Julie Zurek, Lay Theng Lee (front, I to r) Lindsey Meadows. Martha Carey, (middle) Danna Mahoney, Daria Davies, (back) Sally Gray, Lawre Finn (I to r) Susan Smith, Missy Gentry, Anne Garden, Leslie Williams iati " 1®: --iia (front, I to r) Muffit Sinks, Flor- ence Barone, (back) Toni San- tangelo, Laurie Newman, Holly Anderson, Jeannine Davis (front, I to r) Susan Posey, Beth Fletcher, Eithne Broderick, Nancy Bade, Jamie Beard, (back) Shan- non Thompson, Francie Root, Georgia Schley, Martha Fruehauf, Fannie Zollicoffer (I to r) Wanda (VIcGill, Martha Gose (front, I to r) Mary Callahan, Sandra Rappaccioli. Leslie Lud- wick. Myth Monnlch, (back) Diane Dilworth, Lind Robinson, Frances Holland, Lisa Sturkie, Beth New- berry (I to r) Katie Tams, Lynn Howard, Nancy Holdsworth, Martha McCaleb (tront) Charlotte Gay, (back, I to r) Lisa Schneider, True Dow, Cari Thompson (I to r) Pam Koehier, Leslie Minton, Beth Talbot, Ann Vandersyde one hundred (front, I to r) Pam Kobrock. Brooke Hardin, Phyllis Watt, Fran McClung, Beth Hogan. Lisa Ward, (back, I to r) Tammy Driskill, Flo Powell, Ann Connolly, Cindy Stover, Stephany Mayer, Ann Rockwell, Angela Anton (I to r) Mary Jo Giambatlsta, Lisa Faulkner, Jeanne Crane, Jana Joustra, Allison Becker, Brucie Howe, Carson Freemon ; hundred one (I to r) Lisa Carangelo, Gary Dol- lard, Carol Foote, Kris Sum- merill (I to r) Megan Coffield, Emily Quinn, Carolyn Birbick, Tish Longest (front) Michele Wajsbrot, (back), I to r) Melissa Santos, Betsy Thomas. Marilyn Scherb one hundred two : ' r!C-- (front) Jeannle Goulder, (sitting, I to r) Betsy Helm, Laura Pryor, Cookie Comoton, Emily Cox, Jamila Champsi, (standing, I to r) Liz Swearingen, Suzanne Sentz. Tammy Bishop (I to r) Louise Swiecki, Mikie Frost, Catherine Tucker, Kim Wood, Annie Ivey, Janet Hughes i hundred three THE CLASS OF 1981 (I to r) Dana McBride, Secretary; Chris Falcon, Vice President; Annie Callahan, President; Carrie Maynard, Treasurer Little sisters . . . Honor Pledges . . . Pittman Plaza . . . Hitching Post battle . . . Boathouse parties . . . road trips . . . grain . . . " Preppies " . . . mid- night talks . . . Freshman fats . . . Ho-Jo ' s . . . Step Singing . . . 4th floor Glass . . . term papers . . . Christmas wreaths . . . Winter Term . . . Freshman Show . . . visit- ing professors . . . regis- tration . . . Beach break . . . election . . . lunch time sunbathing . . . diet . . . exams. one hundred four one hundred five (front, I to r) Harriet Harrison, Anne Sargeant, Jamie Planck, (back) Joan Hibbard, Stephanie Rinaldi, Sarah Shoaf (I to r) Sarah Huie, Liecie Rowland, Ansley McKenzie, Chris Falcon (front, I to r) Margaret Mayfield, Leiee Frank, Cornelia Kennedy, Karen Battle, (back) Lisa Powers, Anne Strike, Theresa Blane, Hedley Sipe one hundred six (front, 1 to r) Jane Losse. Sarane McHugh, Annie Callahan, Martha Freeman, Felicia Nelson, (back) Dawne Cotton. Sandy Meads. Moira Holway, Peggy Walz. Chris- tina Andrews, Kathy Graham (front, I to r) Sharon McGrath, Gill Page, Rhonda Harris, Charia Bor- chers. (back) Lucy Flynn, Vau- ghan Richardson, Browning Au- gustine, Joy Gillio, Mary Boiling. Sarah Martin one hundred seven (I to r) Windsor Cleveland, Pam Wood, Murray Tutwiler, Georgia Graves, Nell Stephens, Sophia DeCleva, Virginia Donald, Terrell Luck. Caroline Hawk, Mollle Waltzman, Gary NIchol, Nan Schuessler (front, I to r) Andrea Knotts, Beth Adams, May Carter, Susan Rlche- son, Letha Dameron, (back) Jane Ward one hundred eight (front. I to r) Tania Voss, Betsy Simpson, Sophie Crysler, (middle) Elizabeth Ryan, Laurie Coe, Ann Cleland, Hope Keating, (back) Carmen Ateca, ? , Sharon Resener, Barb Rush : l (I to r) Betsy Foster, Molly Rogers. Elizabeth Webster, Cary Toledano, Nancy Barwick (front, I to r) Susan Pinkard, Nancy Sieldlarz, Robin Roden, (back) Laquela Scaife, Ginia Zenke one hundred nine (front, I to r) Sigy Carlen, Maria Roberts, (back) Stephanie Skin- ner, Leslie MacNeil, Harriet Bielitsky, Kathy Aker (I to r) Stephanie Snead, Nancy Broun, Dana Painter, Diane Landau (I to r) Brendy Reiter, Deryth Tag- gart. Amy Marshall, Alison Dwyer one hundred ten (front, I to r) Swee Lan Wong, Molly Davis, Ginger Reynolds, Barrie Jeffrey, (back) Valerie Dupont, Betsy Harper, Alison Lyons, Margaret Donaldson, Juliette Cendron, Libby Shackel- ford, J hundred eleven (I to r) Angie Odom, Nina Brown, Daughty Hagan, Ellen Hagan, Nan Dabbs, Heather Freeman, Susan Graham (I to r) Kearsley Rand, Tracy Drake, Jane Lauer, Heidi Merrill, Claire McDonnell, Debbie Kertzman, Susan Rowat one hundred twelve 4: . iJ. I (I to r) Florence Baldwin, Mara Ryan, Jane Terry, Kay Lazarus, Frances Hudson, Anne-Marie - McAndrews, Lori Jons, Margaret Robinson (front, I to r) Liz Winson, Nancy Webb, (back) Jennifer Figge, Wendy Zacfier, Trish Matfiews (front) Wendi Wood, (middle) Margaret Medlock, (back, I to r) Suzanne Belton, Meg Tfiomas, Bobin Bryant, Diane Landau. Carrie Maynard nd_3:: one hundred thirteen _ " i A ■•- ». (front, I to r) Kathleen Freeman, Erin Lynch, Torrey Mitchell, Re- becca Griggs, Elizabeth Jones, Ruthle Reid, D.J. Stanhope, (back) Hillary Lewis, Lorl Cham- bers (front, I to r) Marian Galleher, Laura Coleman, Marcia Makepeace, (back) Sarah Woodhouse, Lisa Allison, Marti Maclnness one hundred fourteen (front, I to r) Barbara Burns Wray, Olivia Chaplin. Libby Landen. (back) Holly Silsand. Mary Craighill, Henrietta White (front, I to r) Alexandra Willson, Patricia Moynahan, Debbie IVIar- kowltz, (back) Suzanna Pomeroy, Kathy Levi, Elaine Arozarena. Hil- ary Downe T? .] ■ hi i! a one hundred fifteen one hundred sixteen (front, I to r) Sarah Bennett, Ednah Martin, (back) Karen Gag- non. Rose Boyce, Kathy Gagnon (I to r) Stephanie Stitt, Sue Pflug- felder, Allison Muller. Mary Black, Nancy Weinberg, Lynn Croft, Nancy O ' Donnell (I to r) Holly Craig, Beth Halsted, Susan Clay, Kathy Bennett one hundred seventeen one hundred eighteen one hundred nineteen ♦ « one hundred twenty-one : ' " HAROLD B. WHITEMAN, JR President one hundred twenty-four ROBERT BARLOW Dean of Student Affairs PETER DANIEL Vice President and Treasurer ELIZABETH WOOD Director of College Development BEATRICE PATT Dean of the College one hundred twenty-fj THOMAS ALLEN English GARY ALTER Photography GREGORY ARMSTRONG Religion ROBERT ARTINIAN French one hundred twenty-s NANCY BALDWIN Director of Admission JOEL BARDIN Sociology DIANE BAUMGARTNER Physical Education and Theater Arts MARJORIE BEECHER Physical Education one hundred twenty-seven « GERALD BERG History JAGQUELENE BROWNING Economics REYNOLD BURROWS Classical Studies THE REVEREND SALLIE CARTER Chaplin one hundred twenty-eight EIJA CELLI Physical Education and Theater Arts GEORGE CONKLIN Sociology JENNIFER CRISPIN Physical Education NANCY CROMEY French and Italian one hundred twenty-nine PAULCRONIN Director of Riding ROSS DABNEY English JOHN DAUGHTRY Mathematics MARY GAYLE DAVIS Education one hundred thirty Sr JULIA de COLIGNY Director of Estate Planning DAVID EAMES Director of Food Services ERNEST EDWARDS Biology JUDITH ELKINS Mathematics • hundred thirty-one MARIA EMBEITA Spanish WILLIAM EVANS Theater Arts RUTH FIRM Art History ROSCOE FITTS Book Shop Manager one hundred thirty-two ELIZABETH FRANKLIN Assistant to the President RODMAN GANSER Spanish one hundred thirty-three THOMAS GILPATRICK Government KENNETH GRIMM Government EDWARD HANCOCK, M.D. College Physician MILAN HAPALA Government one hundred thirty-four MARGARET HARVEY Assistant Director of Career Planning CARTER HOPKINS Director of Career Planning one hundred thirty-fiv RONALD HORWEGE German BONNIE JACKSON Director of Aquatics ALLEN HUSZTI Music HENRY JAIVIES Librarian one hundred thirty-six DOROTHY JESTER Assistant Dean KATHLEEN KAVANAGH Associate Director of Public Information one hundred thirty-seven CHARLES KESTNER I Director of Buildings VIRGINIA KITCHEN Director of Residence Halls AILEEN LAING Art History WILLIAM LAUTEN Physics one hundred thirty-eight GEORGE LENZ Physics MARY LINN Registrar THOMAS LONG Biology JANET LOWREY Director of Public Information one hundred thirty-nir ROBERT LYONS Economics KATHERINE MACDONALD Physical Education JANE MALONEY Assistant Director of Admission ILEANA MARCULESCU Philosophy one hundred forty CHESTER MARKLE Chemistry and Director of Financial Aid ROBERT MARSHALL French and Director of the Junior Year in France CHERYL MAYO Social Work JOHN McCLENON Chemistry one hundred forty-( JEFFREY McCORMACK Biology JACK MERRILL Spanish REUBEN MILLER Economics DIANE MORAN Art History one hundred forty-two LOREN OLIVER Studio Art ROELOF OOSTINGH Anthropology ANNE PARK Assistant to the Dean of Student Affairs JANE PERRY-CAMP Music one hundred forty-three E. LEE PIEPHO English ANN REAMS Director of Alumnae Affairs NANCY RICE Riding MICHAEL RICHARDS History one hundred forty-four - 3r. T . ' [l JrSHL i S m " sr " " iB JOSEPH ROACH Theater Arts RICHARD ROWLAND English JOHN SAVARESE English CATHERINE SEAMAN Anthropology and Sociology one hundred forty-five JOHN SHANNON Music MARGARET SIMPSON Biology WILLIAM SMART English CAPTAIN CLAUDE SMITH Head of Security one hundred forty-six MARIE-THERESE SOMMERVILLE French PHYLLIS STEVENS Psychology BYRD STONE Education ANNE SWARTZ Music one hundred forty-sevi HAROLD SWISHER Director of Grounds KARLTAMBURR English PATRICIA TAYLOR Sociology PAUL TAYLOR History one hundred forty-eight W Z H HISI ir " M Wv ' I i M Kk 1 GEORGE VAN DYNE Psychology RAYMOND TWIDDY Studio Art WILLIAM TRAUSNECK Education GILBERTE VAN TREESE French one hundred forty-n GLENN VAN TREESE French ELIZABETH WENTWORTH Philosophy MARK WHITTAKER Director of the Fund Office KENNETH WRIGHT Classical Studies one hundred fifty LANGLEY WOOD Environmental Studies NOT PICTURED RALPH AIKEN English, on sabbatical RICHARD AULT Economics, Winter and Spring SUSAN BANDES Art History, Winter and Spring JEFFERSON BEAUBIER Anthropology BARBARA BLAIR Chemistry, on sabbatical ELIZABETH GRONES Riding GOLDIE JONES Education CAROLYN MCKEE Public Information and Development ROSALIE MURPHEY English JAN OSINGA Farm Manager BETH SCHNITMAN Assistant Dean of Student Affairs ELIZABETH SUTTON French one hundred fifty-c one hundred tifty-two riNRL IHECK DUT one hundred fifty-three lij no tid. ' tg ' uesli ' Holly N«dl 5W,„ 2 1km " PmibjIjII -, 1 " TIcor 3 ' f icor 1 1 1 r— - 1 TUB Win BFSDA PMCU (front, I fo r) Charia Borchers, Debbie Kertzman, Claire McDonnell, Julie Smith, (second, I to r) Karen Black, Lisa Ward, Hollis Hutchens, Carol Zimmerman, Ingrld Christner, Corby Hancock, (third, I to r) Flo Powell, El Humphrey, Alison Dwyer, Dana Dotten, Sally Byron, Susan Rowat, Cannie Crysler, Carrie Ruda, (back, I to r) Charlotte Gay, Sallie Sexton, Anne Cretzmeyer, Holly McGlothlin. one hundred fUty-sJ) Carrie Ruda Editor-in-Chief OPENING CLOSING Carrie Ruda, Ed. Karen Black Florence Powell Lisa Ward Ingrid Christner SENIORS Maria Pinaire, Ed. Lenore Cox El Humphrey Anne Riordan Kim Wood UNDERCLASSMEN Florence Powell, Ed. Susan Stetson Phyllis Watt FACULTY STAFF Mollis Hutchens, Ed. Nancy Bade Day Pritchartt Lisanne Eustis CLUBS Karen Black, Ed. Anne Cretzmeyer Melissa Santos Julie Smith Phyllis Shelton ADVERTISING Dini Cecil, Ed. Jeannie DeGaetano Lisanne Eustis Charlotte Gay Corby Hancock Diane Riley Sallie Sexton Carol Zimmerman DIRECTORY Cannie Crysler, Ed. ACTIVITIES Holly McGlothlin, Ed. Sally Byron FRESHMEN INTERNS Charia Borchers Alison Dwyer Nancy Golden Debbie Kertzman Jane Lauer Kathy Levi Claire McDonnell Mary Reynolds Susan Rowat Marlene Weber PHOTOGRAPHERS Holly McGlothlin, Head Dana Dotten Peggy Girard Corby Hancock Anne Jarrell Kathy Kavanagh Alison Becker ADVISOR Kathy Kavanagh one hundred fifty-seven SWEET BRIAR NEWS (front, I to r) Maggie Laurent, Cathy Cleland, Lucy Coyle. Brooks Cunningham (second, I to r) Dorothy Lear, Sharmini Luther (third row, I to r) Harriet Bielitsky, Sophie Crysler, Laura Tucker, Jane Hemenway, Jamie Murray, Torrey Mitchell, Donna Mihalik (back row, I to r) Laura Evans, Dana Dotten, Gay Goracci, El Humphrey. YOUNG REPUBLICANS (front, I to r) Phyllis Shelton, Danna Mahoney, Lawre Finn, Kim Wood, May Carter, Holly Silsand, Sophie Crysler. one hundred fifty-eight STUDENT HANDBOOK BRAMBLER (front, I to r) Karen Jaffa, Susan Boline (middle, 1 to r) Donna Mihalik, Cassandra Smith (back) Lisa Hagan. YOUNG DEMOCRATS (front. I to r) Brooke Hardm, Cindy Stover, Ann Connolly, Lisa Ward (back, I to r) Robin Bayless, Felicia Bernstein, Elizabeth Jones, Cornelia Kennedy, Phyllis Watt, Debbie Snead, Debbie Kertzman, Nancy Golden, Chris Falcon, Florence Powell, Sherri Manson. one hundred fifty-nir ART CLUB (front, I to r) Kathy Jackson, Bar- bara Burns Wray (middle, I to r) Jeannette Mehl, Lauren Place, Terrell Luck (back, I to r) Holly Silsand, Cassandra Smitti, Kate McTaggart, Susan Rowat (Mis- sing) Mary Page, Cannie Crysler, True Dow, Boo Majors, Wendy Ig- leheart, Marianne Hutton. RIDING COUNCIL (front, I to r) Karen Jaffa, Meredith Borst, Kristi Furches, Susan An- thony (middle, I to r) Mabel John, Deb Davison, Sally Byron (back, I to r) Meg Richards, Drusie Hall, Tracy Bregman, Hunter Davis. one hundred sixty COLLEGIUM MUSICUM (front, I to r) Mr. Shannon, direc- tor; Letha Dameron, Kate McTag- gart, Kathy MacKay, Sarane McHugh, Betsy Wood, Mr. Dab- ney (middle, I to r) Mr. McClenon, Michelle Tarride, Gayle Gorman, Mrs. Oliver (back, I to r) Lu Litton, Terry Tan, Lindsey Meadows, Mr. Huszti, assistant director. ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION (front, I to r) True Dow, Susan An- drews, Kathy Jackson (back, I to r) Lorl Hatfield, Cannle Crysler, Holly McGlofhlm, TonI Christian, Lauren MacMannis. Sally Poison, Sandra Rappaccloll, Jeanette Rowe, Annie Ivey, Sue Cappaz- zoli, Tracy Drake (missing) Gay Goracci, Meg Richards, Lucy Darby, Mari Monahan, Robin Behm. CONCERT CHOIR (front, I to r) Carmlnl Luther, Laurie Coe, Betsy Wood, Nancy Robinson, Mr. Huszti, director; Debbie Donigan, Jane Hubbard, Terry Tan (second row, I to r) Julie Brooke, Beth Ann Bradford, Julie Pfautz. Liz Maynard, Michelle Tarride. TIsh Longest, Peggy Walz, Mary Jane Young, Stephanie Stitt (third row, I to r) Stephanie Mayer, Ruthie Reld, Kate Hagan, Lisa Helsle rkamp, Maggie McCarthy, Alice Benton, Kelly Yeadon, Nancy Hanger, Kate McTaggart (back, I to r) Lindsey Meadows, Holly Sllsand, Lynn Eriandson, Hillary Lewis, Dawne Cotton, Jane Losse, Mar- garet Robinson. one hundred sixty-one EXECUTIVE BOARD (front, I to r) Lynn Spilnnan, Holly McGlothlin, Charlotte Gay, Cathy Harold, Kathy Jackson, Diane Ball, (middle, I to r) Mary Page, Cannie Crysler, Chris Falcon, Annie Callahan, Wendy Worthen, Angela Anton, Katharine Powell, Lisa Wray (back, I to r) Becky Dane, Hannah Craighill, Mary Harris, Catherine Taylor. JUDICIAL BOARD (I to r) Sophie Crysler, Robin Jones, Gina Neilson, Katherine Powell, Phyllis Shelton, Gay Goracci (missing) Lind Robinson. r, one hundred sixty-two HOUSE PRESIDENTS COUNCIL (front. I to r) Julia Sutherland, Holly McGlothlin, True Dow (mid- dle. I to r) Muffy Hamilton. Ann Key (back, I to r) Anne Baldwin, Nancyellen Keane. Claire Denni- son. CURRICULUM COMMITTEE (front. I to r) Laura Crum. Catfierine Taylor. Melanie Bowen. (back. I to r) Lenore Cox, Betsy Hurley, Nancy Reynolds, Susan Negaard. SOCIAL COMMITTEE (front, I to r) Diane Ball, Betsy Ryan (middle, I to r) Jenny Kelsey, Becky Trulove, Cindi Little, Lind Robinson. Clara Jackman. Fran- cie Root. (back. I to r) Eve Jackson. Julie Pfautz. Susie Heitmiller, Maria Rixey. Mary Har- ris. Susan Posey. Toni San- tangelo. Heidi Van Patten. I hundred sixty-three FRENCH CLUB one hundred sixty-tou GERMAN KLUB (front, I to r) Virginia Zenke, Robin Maycock, Juliette Cen- dron, Phyllis Watt, Ctiris O ' Leary, Dorothy Stanhope, Jane Hemen- way, Lisa Hagan, (back, I to r) Nancy Palme, Stephanie Skinner, Hedley Sipe, Swee Wong, Carolyn Ennis, Mr. Horwege, advisor; Margaret Girard, leke Osinga, Robin Bayless. ITALIAN CLUB (front, I to r) Patty Hoyos, Maggie Laurent, (middle, I to r) Julie Zurek, Leigh Ramsey, Carolyn Ennis, Diane Delledera, Lisa Bianco (back, I to r) Lee Carollo, Shantini Senanayake, Mrs. Cromey, advisor. ; hundred sixty-five one hundred sixty-six SWEET TONES (front, I to r) Becky Dane, Lisanne Eustis, Jane Hubbard, (back, I to r) Ginger Pierson, Lindsay Meadows, Gayle Gorman, Lisa Heisterkamp, Michelle Tarride, Carrie Ruda, Mo Moffett, Becky Mulvihill, Betsy Wood, Liz Maynard, Stephanie Mayer, Teresa Tan. PAINT ' N PATCHES (front, I to r) Jamila Champsi, Mary Gearhart, Lisa Caldwell, (back, I to r) Cassandra Smith, Nancy Robinson, Cathy Harold, Graham Maxwell, Teresa Tan, Catherine Tucker, Fontaine Har- ris, Mimi Walch. ! hundred sixty-seven TAU PHI (front, I to r) Laura Crum, Re- becca Beverley, Betsy Wood, Susan Negaard, Mary Harris, Lisa Hagan, (middle, I to r) Lee Ram- sey. Becky Mulvlhlll, Lenore Cox. Janet Rakoczy, Carol Zimmer- man, (back, I to r) Debbie Snead. Lisa Sprulll, Annette Teng, Kris- tine Fruches. leke Oslnga, Lee Carollo, Susan Andrews, Anne Baldwin, Jeannette Mehl. -■J. ' .V ' ?5 ' 5|S CHUNG MUNGS (front, I to r) Cindy Whitley, Ghost, of Julia Sutherland. Connor Kelly, (middle, I to r) Ellen Quinn, Bar- bara Behrens, Pam Ramsdell, Judy Williams, Ann Yauger, (back, I to r) Dorothy Lear, Jane Lauderdale, Louise Wright, Cathy Cleland, Robbie McBrlde. Pam Jefferson. one hundred sixty-eight DANCE (front) Swee Wong, (middle. I ro r) Sarah Skaggs. Jeanette Rowe. (back to r) Connor Kelly, Leie Frank. iot H AT YOU n XAIst mj ' ■ QV ' S (front. I to r) Gina Neilsen, Brooks Cunninghanfi. Heidi Van Patten. Muffit Sinks, (back. I to r) True Dow. Ann Connelly. Georgia Schley. Claire Dennison. Can Thompson. Tom Santangelo. Charlotte Gay. BUM CHUMS one hundred sixty-nine FOCUS (front, I to r) Ann Connolly, Caro- lyn Birbick, Tish Longest, Annie Callahan, Dana McBride, Peggy Walz, Sandra Rappaccioli, Alison Lyons, Becky Mulvihill, (middle, I to r) Nancy Hatch, Kay Hagan, (back, I to r) Jane Lauderdale, Alexandra Wilson. Suzanne Promeroy, Jane Losse, Chris O ' Leary, Melanie Bowen, Ginger Pierson, Miliary Lewis, Beth Adams, Jane Ward, May Carter, Elizabeth Jones. ORIENTATION COMMITTEE (front, I to r) Toni Santangelo, Cannie Crysler, Lisa Wray, Holly McGlothlin, Becky Mulvihill, Melanie Bowen, Cassandra Smith, Nancy Hatch, (middle, I to r) Flo Powell, Judy Williams, Susan Anthony. Cindi Little. Pat Guild, Susan Andrews, Brooke Hardin, (back. I to r) Gay Goracci, Holly Anderson, Ginger Pierson. RESIDENT ADVISORS (front, I to r) Connor Kelly, Re- becca Beverley, Karen Jaffa, Janet Rakoczy. Kristi Furchess, (back, I to r) Beth Schnitman, ad- visor, Florence Barone, Lisanne Eustis, Jane Launderdale, Pam Willett, Betsy Hurley, Ellen Quinn. one hundred seventy INTERACT (front, I to r) Lochrane Coleman, advisor, Melanie Bowen, Liz Par- kinson, Annie Stella. Lu Litton, Mary Callahan, Lisa Bianco, Susan Andrews (second row, I to r) Kelly Yeadon, Laune Newman, Holly McGlothlin, Diane Delled- era, Stirling Cassidy, Marlene Weber, Kathy Graham (third row, I to r) Peggy Walz, Jane Losse, Hol- lis Hutchens, Letha Dameron, Susan Richeson, Charia Bochers, Ann Connolly (fourth row. I to r) Lisa Wray, Liz Day, Maria Rixey, Sandy Meads, Shantini Senanayake, Kathy Friend, Mary Boiling, Flo Powell (fifth row, I to r) Harriet Harnson. Julie Brooke. Betsy Foster. Molly Rogers. Bar- bara Behrens, Margaret Robin- son, Tricia Paterson. STUDENT GUIDES (front, I to r) Paula Brown, Flor- ence Powell, Melanie Bowen, Becky Mulvihill, Pam Ramsdell. Ginger Pierson. Janell Conrad. Angela Anton (middle, I to r) Toni Santangelo, Leigh McDonald, Lisa Wray, Holly McGlothlin. Graham Maxwell. Cathy Finley. Sally Byron. Francie Root (back. I to r) Cannie Crysler. Leith Colton. Kathy Jackson. one hundred seventy-one SWIMMING and DIVING TEAM (front, I to r) Sally Poison, Lise Gardenier, Kim Wood, Ellen Quinn, Becky Garrett, Lisa Ward, Whitley Greene, Jean Beard (middle, I to r) Libby Shackelford, Pam Jefferson, Beth Hogan, Hed- ley Sipe, Lauren MacMannis, Pam Ramsdell, Sigy Carlen, Lori Hat- field, Jill Steenhuis (back, I to r) Wendi Wood, Muffit Sinks, Laura Judd, Mari Monahan, Gina Neil- son, Vickie Archer, Beth Adams, Bonnie Jackson, poach (missing) Holly Anderson, Vicky Clarendon, Kim Horner, Kyle Kubilius. BASKETBALL (front, I to r) Holly McGlothlin, Sarane McHugh (back, I to r) Brucie Howe, Juliette Cendron, Susan Andrews, Toni Christian, Betsy Foster, True Dow (missing) Cannie Crysler, Harriet Harrison, Betsy Harper. ' a one hundred seventy-two GOLF (front, I to r) Karen Kuhlman, Kim Horner. Miss MacDonald, coach, Tracy Drake. TENNIS (front. I to r) Sue Cappazzoli, Chris Falcon, Janet Hughes, (back, I to r) Ann Rockwell. Liz McSween (missing) Cathy Mellow. Maria Rlxey. Rhonda Harris. Molly Davis. Barbara Burns Wray, FIELD HOCKEY (front. I to r) Martha Carey. Hen- rietta White. Margaret Medlock. Dana Painter. Janet Fronckowiak (middle. I to r) Nancy Sieldlarz, Claire Dennlson, Mary Cowell, Marian Galleher. Cannie Crysler, True Dow, Hedley SIpe, Muffet Sinks, Pam Koehler, (back, I to r) Miss Crispen, coach. Lisa Schneider. Meg Thomas. Sue Rowat, Lucia Miller, Libby Landen (missing) Beth Blair. Gar- row Hudson. Anne Cretzmeyer. Kathy MacKay. Olivia Chaplin, Jane Terry. Mary Craighill. Libby Shackelford. one hundred seventy-three one hundred seventy-fou one hundred seventy five hundred seventy-seve n ■- ' i- ' r. ' ' - ' " ' M © eO m |5 ' © I Fidelity 617 MAIN ST. • AMHERST, VA. 24521 • (804) 845-0969 (804) 946-7461 We Help Children Everywhere 215 865 1882™ F C V.N. O.O.S. PA D 1835 TROXELL STREETq ALLENTOWN, PA. 18103 R OF CHILDREN o OF VIET NAM i To the Briar Patch ' 78 staff: Long live the grid! Many, Many thanks to Carrie, for two years of (almost) painless advising; to Holly, for countless hours in and around the dark- roonn; to Dini for " taking us over the top " in ads; to all the photographers for those " at least two rolls a week " ; and to all the section editors and their staffs for hours of photographer-sitting, name-taking, picture selling, typing, layouts, cropping, headaches, and many good times. You ' ve been terrific, and the book proves it. You will be missed! Kath REID DORM i hundred eighty RANDOLPH DORM To Liz, Holly, Carrie, and " my " Tones: " You never know what good friends are, until it ' s time to leave them. " Thanks for the four " extra " good years. I ' m proud to be graduating again with the Class of ' 78. " Till we meet again ... all my very best wishes. Kath BEAUCHAMP, MARTIN, GAY CO., INC. METALS JGSBERY W. Gay PRESIDENT P O, BOX 7B36 RrCHMOND. VA 23231 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1978 Mr. Mrs. Joseph M, Dalton Jr. Potomac, Maryland one hundred eighty-one ST. CHARLES KITCHENS BY GIRARD, INC. Scotts Corners, Pound Ridge, N.Y. 10576 Pound Ridge — (914) PC 4-5728 or PC 4-5729 White Plains — (919) WH 6-9084 J one hundred eighty-two Hail and Farewell to S.B.C. and the Class of 78 from the Harvey Humphreys ELINOR BRYAN 78 EELEN HUSON MARGARET, WHITING MARGARET McDONALD ' 50 CALUM and K.K. DAD. IN THE WORST OF TIMES DO THE BEST OF THINGS MR. MRS. RICHARD D. GRISTE MITTY ' S PLACE Rt. 60 East — 946-5425 Hours: 6 A.M. Til 9 P.M. ' Friday and Saturday Til 12 P.M. Complete Menu Chicken • Seafood • Steaks 4. Banquet Facilities J|A one hundred eighty-three Road Runner O Company 2929 Republic National Banl Tower Dallas, Texas 75201 BEEF ' N ' PIZZA HOUSE Rt. 29 N Pizza, Spaghetti Salads and Sandwiches Homemade Lasagna To Go: Call 846-3221 Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Garrity Lynchburg, Va. (804) 384-2400 Roanol e, Va. (703) 982-2929 SERVING LYNCHBURG AND TEN SURROUNDING COUNTIES BROWN-MORRISON COMPANY, INC. YOUR COMPLETE OFFICE SUPPLY STORE 1616 Main St. at the Expressway Lynchburg, VA 24505 (804) 845-2303 lETEES Classic Sportswear FAULCONER ' S HAM HOUSE Route 2, Amherst, Virginia 24521 • 804-946-5655 " Old Fashion Virginia Sugar Cured Country Ham Bacon " F.T. FAULCONER III one hundred eighty-four o xfiox S 270 ROOMS Route 29, Expressway nnkeeper, Mr. Jeff Trout Phone 847-4424 ® WW. OF LYNCHBURG TWO LOCATIONS Route 29, North Innkeeper, Mr. Ralph Frank Phone 846-6506 BEAUTIFUL GARDENS BEGIN HERE BRIAR PATCH LAWN AND GARDEN CENTER Rt. 2, Box 195, Amherst, Va. 24525 Fresh Shipment of House Plants Always In Stock Delivered Twice A Week " You ' re still the one that makes me laugh Still the one that ' s my better half. We ' re still havin ' fun And you ' re still the one " Thank you — R.B., B.C., T.D., T.S., M.S., J.W. — I never would have made it without you. Thanks. " And if we should meet on the road up ahead, we ' ll laugh about the times we had together " . Bob Kath, Who will read the directory next year? What will they do without us? H. C. one hundred eighty-five SUZANNE MALLORY COLLINS CLASS OF 1978 FOUR GREAT YEARS IN THE " BRIAR PATCH " CONGRATULATIONS TO A GREAT DAUGHTER MOTHER AND DADDY ; hundred eighty-j houiaud JOMnfon5 hpf(H .(f f t ' lirsliimaiil P.O. Box 4035 Route 29 Lynchburg, Va. 24502 (804) 845-7041 Just Good Food Tel. 384-2861 Delicatessen EMILS GOURMET INTERNATIONAL AND LE CHALET Continental Cuisine — Elegant dining amid unusual surroundings. Boonesboro Shopping Center Lynchburg, Virginia Owner: Emil Waldis Private Parties Phone 846-6679 845-9056 CHRISTIAN BOOK SHOP Mr. Mrs. T.E. Gilbert, Owners Books — Bibles — Church Supplies Gospel Music — Albums — 8-Tract Tapes Cassettes — Gifts — Pulpit and Choir Robes — etc. 19-A Wadsworth Street Lynchburg, Virginia 24501 Our Good Wishes Go With Pride, Love, Affection To Cannie Godwin Crysler and the Class of ' 78 Which Does, Indeed, Merit the Rose. C.C.G., R.G.C., S.G.T.C. one hundred eighty-seven m HILTON INN m 1 ma Sweet Briar ' s Host in Nashville, Tennessee Hilton Airport Inn 9 Minutes from Vauderbilt 5 Minutes from Opryland U.S.A. 225 attractive rooms and suites — ail with color TV. 12 superior meeting and banquet rooms accommodat- ing groups of 6 to 600 for food service. Intimate cocktail lounge with entertainment nightly — renowned Silver Wings Dining Room. Free 24 hour courtesy car service to Metro Nashville Airport Terminal and to executive aircraft F.B.O. Outdoor pool — golf and tennis nearby. Conveniently located 1 mile off 1-40 E. (Airport Exit) and just IVi miles off 1-24 (Airport — Opryland Exit). No charge parking for 500 cars. w % Hilton Airport Inn RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE No. 1 International Plaza, Nashville, TN 37217 Telephone 615 361-7666 or see your Yellow pages for " Hilton Reservation Service " toll-free number. Best Wishes to the Class of ' 78 Hampton Scientific AND Industrial Center " New Dimension in Research and Industrial Support Facilities " TELEPHONE (804) 838-1422 P. O. BOX 2025 POQUOSON. VIRGINIA 23«G2 We Love You and Your Goals, Kate MOM DAD D.H. Vaughan H.L. Vaughan Pittman Plaza Mall Lynchburg, Va. 24501 528-3553 ; hundred eighty-eight Good Luck, Harriet With Love, MOM, JOE, AND JOANN GREGORY ' S GENERAL AUTO REPAIR Route 8 I E Amherst, Virginia 946-7069 Service Plus Quality HILL HARDWARE CORP. Dealers in Hardware, Furniture, Building Material Implements Best Wishes to the Class of 1978 MAURICE AND JAN SCHERB one hundred eighty-nine t«(ai»:» " t ytzp UH d rJ e-zi u lou td Pi 2124 Wards Road, Hill ' s Plaza Lynchburg, Va. 24502 Tel.:(804) 239-1717 COCKTAILS CARRYOUT SERVICE SUN. BUFFET 12:00-4:00 Compliments of FARMERS AND MERCHANTS BANK Amherst, Virginia and Madison Heights, Va. AMHERST PHARMACY Pharmacist Always on Duty M. Blair Robertson, Owner Amherst Va. VISIT Biltmore House e Gardens ASHEVILLE NORTH CAROLINA one hundred ninety Compliments of Tire City, Inc. 39th and Orcutt Avenue Newport News, Virginia 244-6551 11612 Jefferson Avenue Newport News, Virginie 595-4427 DUNLOP TIRE SAFETY SPECIALISTS Congratulations to Carrie and the Class of 1978 MR. AND MRS. RUDOLF A. RUDA 237-0494 ROUTE 1, BOX 129, RUSTBURG, VIRGINIA 24588 " CENTRAL VIRGINIA S LEADING HOME FURNISHERS ' • APPLIANCES • ACCESSORIES • CARPETING • ELECTRONICS • FURNITURE • BEDDING Amherst Shopping Center Phone 946-5758 12. Northwestern at Iowa Antiques Scrimshaw Prints S Paintings Handcrafts Indian Jewelry Lightship Basinets HH]alE ' a marlh (Sifts Ulranquil (CornerH Antiquea (B17)22B-nS4B Lauren R. Place David L. Place Owners 38 Centre Street Nantucket, Mass. 02554 one hundred ninety-c Glendale Pharmacy, Inc. Perscription Specialists Amherst, Va. 946-7088 Bob Foster, Pharmacist-Owner Delivery Service to Sweet Briar ARMY NAVY Madison Heigts Downtown Lynchburg SWEET BRIAR The Columns " Fashions in Foods " 2711 Rivermont Avenue Lynchburg, Virginia 24503 The Finest in Catering and Dining Katherine A. Mundy Owner Phone 1-847-4331 PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Marcia Mills Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Walter E. Allan Frank A. Anthony Craig Bade John Tjark Behm William R. Belton William J. Blair Henry R. Blane Bogert A. Stuart Boiling, Jr. Charles L. Borchers Robert M. Borst W.F. Boyce L.I. Bregman Goble Bryant James Edgar Byron John J. Callahan Albert A. Capazzoli Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Carter Dr. and Mrs. C. Hal Chaplin James M. Cleveland AIA ASID Dr. and Mrs. Curtis L. Coleman The David Brooks Cowles ' Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Craig Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Cretzmeyer, Jr. Mrs. R. Godwin Crysler Jack W. Darby Mrs. Watson Darby Mr. and Mrs. John Davies Mr. and Mrs. R.G.S. Davis Dr. and Mrs. William R. Davison Mr. and Mrs. Bill Devine Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Donald, Jr. R.B. Donaldson Mr. and Mrs. Edwin M. Dotten one hundred ninety-two Mr. and Mrs. Albert B. Drake John H. Evans Mr. and Mrs. Howard Falcon, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William H. Faulkner Dr. Peter M. Figgie Dr. and Mrs. Timothy T. Flaherty Patricia and Ernest Pokes Mr. and Mrs. William C. Fox Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Freeman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Don Emerson French The Reverend and Mrs. David F. Gearhart Mr. and Mrs. John K. Goodwin Dr. and Mrs. Armando F. Goracci Mr. and Mrs. Charles Niles Grosvenor III Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Guild Mr. and Mrs. Forrest L. Hagan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Earl L. Hamilton Dr. and Mrs. William J. Hancock Mr. and Mrs. William A. Hanger Mr. and Mrs. James C. Holway Colonel and Mrs. William A. Hudson Mrs. Helen B. Hurley Mr. and Mrs. James B. Igleheart Mr. and Mrs. Carey James Jefferson Mr. and Mrs. M.D. Jeffrey Mr. and Mrs. Prentis Jernigan Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Jons Mr. and Mrs. John M. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Key Mr. and Mrs. John D. Kobrock Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Kocik Vlastimil Koubek Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel I. Landon D.T. Lauderdale, Jr. R. de Treville Lawrence, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Willis B. Lemon Wendell M. Levi, Jr. M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Roman J. Lipinski Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Longest Marge and Jack Losse Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Luck III Captain and Mrs. Richard E. Lumsden Mr. and Mrs. William L. Lynch Dr. and Mrs. Gordon E. Mallet Mr. and Mrs. Harvey E. Marshall Mr. and Mrs. James J. McAndrews Mr. and Mrs. Albert McBride, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles McCormack Mr. and Mrs. Clark E. McDonald Mr. and Mrs. James H. McGlothlin Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Medlock Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Mellow, Jr. Rudolph C. Mendelssohn Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Minnig Mr. and Mrs. David M. Minton III Mr. and Mrs. C.R. Monnich Mrs. Marguerite D. Nausch Mrs. O.P. Newberry, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Newton, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. O ' Donnell Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Page Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hague Pierson Mr. and Mrs. George W. Pfautz Mr. and Mrs. Ballard Pinkard Mr. and Mrs. Joe R. Planck Colonel and Mrs. Harold A. Poison Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Pomeroy, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Powell, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Quilty Mr. and Mrs. Eugene F. Rae Mrs. Patricia Black Reibel Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence T. Riordan Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Reiter, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William T. Roos Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rowland Walter M. Ryan, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. John A. Schneider Mr. and Mrs. Burton H. Sexton Mr. and Mrs. L.C. Shelton, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Shoaf Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee Smith Mr. and Mrs. Furman South III Mr. and Mrs. William P. Stelle Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Stephens Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Tarride Mr. and Mrs. John H. Timken Mr. and Mrs. G. Lee Thompson Mr. and Mrs. James Thrash Mr. and Mrs. Rodman Townsend Mr. and Mrs. Ray S. Treatle Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Tucker Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold R. Voss Dr. and Mrs. Simon V. Ward Mr. and Mrs. William J. Watt Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Weaver Dr. and Mrs. W. Howard Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Winson Mr. and Mrs. B.P. Wood Mr. and Mrs. Sanford B.D. Wood, Jr. Mr. and Mrs Henry C. Zenke hundred nmety-thri one hundred ninety-four 1 ADAMS. MARY E p 108 1220 Robmwood Road Gastonia. N C 38052 3 AFSHAR-BAKESHLEY. FARIBA Khiaban Roosevelt Kuche Ainechr 3,51 Teheran. Iran 1 AKER. KATHY LYNN p, 1 10 3530 Winding Way Road SW Roanoke. Va 24015 2 BANKHEAD, BLOSSOM Ninth Ave P O Box 170 Jasper. Ala. 35501 1 BOTTONE. MARY ELLYN 24 Blue Spruce Circle Weston. Conn 06883 2 CAPPAZZOLI. SUSAN M, 33 Spring Valley Drive E Greenwich. R.l 02818 2 CARANGEtO. LISAp. 102 31 Lincoln House Point Swampscott. Mass 01907 2 ALL SUBHI SHAHNAZ 38 Indira Road. Ramna Dacca-2. Bangladesh 3 ALLAN. SUSAN PIPER p 92 P.O Box 398 Howey-m-the-Hills. Fla 32737 1 ALLISON. LISA ELLEN p 1 14 3401 Pinestream Road NW Atlanta. Ga 30327 4 ANDERSON. LESLIE M. p. 19 1011 Pinehurst Drive Chapel Hill. N.C 27514 1 ANDREWS. CHRISTINA H. p 107 = o American Embassy APO New Yorl( 09891 3 ANTHONY. SUSAN H p. 90 4010 Chesapeake Ave Hampton. Va. 23669 2 ANTON. ANGELA I. p 101 405 South Bristol Lane Arlington Heights. Ill 60005 1 APPLEGATE. LEE A, p. 93 1220 Lancaster Pike West Reading. Pa 19607 1 ARCHER. VICTORIA L, p. 1 16 451 Parker Drive Pittsburgh. Pa. 15216 1 AR02ARENA. ELAINE p 115 Sierra Ventana 635 Mexico City 10. D F Mexico 1 ATECA. CARMEN p 109 1259 34th Street SE Rio Piedras. Puerto Rico 00921 3 ATTEE. WENDY A ' 8050 Indian Hill Road Cincinnati. Oh 45243 ( 1 AUGUSTINE. BROWNING LEE p. 107 2005 Stuart Ave Richmond. Va. 23220 2 AULT. DEBBIE 1148 Washington Pike Wellsburg. W Va 4 AXELBERG. ELIZABETH A. p 19 5529 Glenridge Drive NE Atlanta. Ga. 30342 2 BADE. NANCY C p 98 5 Spring Creek Road Victoria. Tex 77901 4 BASKOWITZ. EVE p 20 10 Edgewood Road St Louis. Mo 63124 3 BASTEN. MARY AMELIA p 90 1 North Princeton Cir. Lynchburg. Va. 24503 4 BAUER. HELEN R p 20 300 W Indian Creek Drive Mobil 36607 4 BEARD. JEAN OTEY p 20 1040 West Paces Ferry Road Atlanta. Ga 30327 3 BEHM. ROBIN A • 207 Paddington Road Baltimore. Md 21212 4 BEHRENS. BARBARA J. p 20 205 Bay Drive Massapequa. NY. 11758 1 BELTON. SUZANNE ELIZABETH 40 County Road West Ft. Worth. Tex, 76116 1 BENNETT. SARAH p 117 306 West Maple Ave, Fayetteville. W, Va 25840 3 BENTON. ALICE H. p. 88 3897 Randall Ridge Rd NW Atlanta. Ga, 30327 4 BETRAND. KATHLEEN M p 20 Box 116. Main Street Middlesex. NY 14507 BEVRIDGE. AT QUARLES p 59 1304 Washington Ave. Fredericksburg. Va. 22401 3 BIGGERS. FRANCES 5810 Wintherthur Dr NW Atlanta. Ga. 30328 2 BISHOP. MATILDA S (Tammy) p. 103 500A East 87th Street New York. NY. 10028 1 BLANE. THERESA ELIZABETH p. IOC 2512 Hillwood Place Charlottesville. Va 22901 1 BRADFORD. BETH ANN 2321 Northwest 1 1 4 Oklahoma City. Okia 73120 3 BREAKELL. EDITH PAGE p 90 2726 Nottingham Road SE Roanoke. Va 24014 2 BRODERICK. EITHNE p, 98 5347 N E 16th Ave Ft Lauderdale. Fla, 33308 1 BROWN. NINA FORSYTH p, 112 214 Martin St, St, Simons Island. Ga 31522 4 BROWN. PAULA p. 24 10318 Burke Lake Road Fairfax Static Va 22039 1 BRYANT. BARBARA ANN p. 113 3034 Vinings Ferry Drive Atlanta. Ga, 30339 2 BURNS. CINDY 5817 Pontiac Road Virginia Beach. Va 23462 3 BYRNE. E ELIZABETH " p 89 156 Anchorage Drive Ocean City. N J 08226 1 CALLAHAN. ANNE MARIE p 107 236 Hayward Mill Road Concord. Mass, 01742 2 CALLAHAN. MARY C, p. 99 236 Hayward Mill Road Concord. Mass. 01742 4 CAROLLO. LEE S, p, 24 1517 Hurlbut Lane Sebastopol. Calit. 95472 2 CARTER. ANNA 134 Westmoreland Court Danville. Va, 24541 1 CARTER. REBECCA MAY p, 108 2526 Sheffield Drive Gastonia. N C 28052 1 CASSIDY. CATHERINE STIRLING 3803 Bettes Circle Jacksonville Fla 32210 2 CATRON. LISA E 1075 7th Place. Drawer C Vero Beach Fla 32960 3 CECIL. DIANA R, (Dim) p, 88 7 Frith Drive Asheville. N.C, 28803 1 CENDRON. JULIETTE ELIZABETH p 111 16 rue Gounod St. Cloud. France 92210 1 CHAMBERS. LORI CATHERINE p 114 3809 Lynn Regis Court Fairfax. Va, 22030 2 CHAMPSI. JAMILA H p 103 222 Pleasant Street Brookline. Mass 02146 4 CHRISTIAN, ANTOINETTE D, p 24 1 1 2 Oakwood Place Lynchburg. Va, 24503 3 CHRISTNER. INGRID A, • 8804 Edward Gibbs Place Alexandria. Va 22309 4 CLELAND. E, CATHERINE p 24 2410 Kanawha Blvd, E, Charleston. W Va, 25311 1 COE. LAURIE MacDONALD p. 109 134 Soundview Ave White Plains. NY 10606 2 COFFIELD. MARGARET A, (Megan) p 102 2813 W, Dengar Midland. Tex 79701 4 COLLINS. SUZANNE p 27 122 Parkens Lake Road Greenville. S.C 29607 4 COLTON. LEITH A, p, 27 150 Healy Ave N Hartsdale. NY. 10530 2 COMPTON. HELEN I (Cookie) p 103 6638 Blair Rd NW Washington. DC 4 CONE. ELIZABETH E. p. 27 7437 Darrow Rd. Hudson. Ohio 44236 2 CONNOLLY. ELIZABETH ANN p. 101 49 Green Street. Newburyport. Mass 01950 4 COOPER. NANETTE J. p. 27 • 32 Rue Godot de Maurol 75009. Paris France 4 CORRIGAN. ALDEN 1605 Emory Street San Jose. Calif. 95126 ! hundred ninety-fi 1 COTTON. DAWNE ELIZABETH p, 107 7526 Eucalyptus Drive Paradise Valley. Ariz 85251 3 COWLES. SARALEE • Sea Palms Colony St Simons Island. Ga 31522 4 COX. LEONORE L. p, 27 812 Dinwiddle Street Lynctiburg. Va. 24504 3 COYLE. LUCY p. 89 1542 Bedford Road Ctiarleston. W Va 25314 2 COYNE. GAIL A. 4714 Waukesha Street Madison. Wis. 53705 4 CRAIG. VIRGINIA S p 28 3131 Regatta Road Naples. Fla. 33940 3 DAO. HONG-VAN T 42 South Forklanding Maple Shade, N.J. 08052 4 DARBY. LUCY R. p. 31 919 Greenndge Road Jacksonville. Fla. 32207 2 DARDEN. ANNE p. 97 4209 Tamworth Road Ft, Worth. Tex, 76116 2 DAVIES. DARLA p. 97 8115 N, Clippmger Drive Cincinnati, Oh, 45243 4 FRENCH. CHRISTINA A, p 32 6 Meadow Brook Road Simsbury. Conn. 06070 1 FRONCKOWIAK, JANET MARIE 212 Stonehenge Farms Orchard Park. NY. 14127 2 FROST. JUANITA E (Mikie) p 103 1917 West Pomt Drive Cherry Hill. N.J, 08003 2 FRUEHAUF. MARTHA S p 98 257 Ridge Road Gross Pointe. Mich, 48236 1 GAGNON. KAREN ANN p 117 33 Brown Street Maynard. Mass 01754 1 GAGNON. KATHY ANN p 117 33 Brown Street Maynard. Mass 01754 2 CRANE. JEANNE L, p, 101 1201 Hamilton Blvd Hagerstown. Md 21740 2 CRET2MEYER. ANNE P, p, 99 429 E Sedgwick Street Philadelphia. Pa 19119 1 CROFT. CAROL LYNN p, 1 17 410 Lakewood Drive Winter Park. Fla 32789 4 CROMWELL. HOLLY A p 28 13800 Summerhill Drive Summerhill. Baltimore. Md, 21131 3 CRUM. LAURA L, p 90 3355 Allendale Place Montgomery. Ala 36111 3 CURME. CAROLINE C • 38 Canterbury Road Charlottesville. Va, 22901 4 DALTON. DEBORAH A, p, 28 10004 Weatherwood Court Potomac. Md. 20854 2 DELLEDERA. DIANE C. p, 88 210 Cornwallis Drive Lynchburg. Va. 24502 1 DEVINE. EVA MARIE 3611 Church Road EllicottCity. Md 21043 4 DICK. EMILY R p 31 4245 Alta Vista Way Knoxville. Tenn, 37919 2 DOLLARD. CARY p, 102 356 Hardscrabble Road Bnarcllff Manor. NY 10510 1 DONALD. VIRGINIA SELLERS p, 108 4132 Sharpsburg Dnve Birmingham. Ala 35213 1 DONALDSON. MARGARET REEDER p 111 288 Oakwood Circle Danville. Va 24521 1 DONNIGAN. DEBORAH ANN Route 1. Box 475 Madison Heights. Va 24572 4 DOTTEN, DANA A, p, 32 10 Blackburn Road Summit. N J 07901 1 DOUGHERTY. ANNE TREASE 999 Lake Hollingsworth Dr. Lakeland. Fla 33801 1 DRAKE. TRACY REYNOLDS p 112 Village ol Gulf. Fla, 33436 2 DRISKILL. TAMARA S p 101 20400 Matoaca Road Petersburg. Va 23803 1 DUDLEY. IRA ANTOINETTE Macon Road Amencus. Ga. 31709 1 DUPONT. VALERIE p. 111 8 rue Pigache St Cloud. France 92210 3 EINSEL. LYNNE D ' 26 Sunrise Hill Drive West Hartford. Conn 06107 4 ESHBACH. ADELAIDE p 32 2755 Rosendale Road Schenectady. NY 12309 3 EVANS. KATHLEEN B ' 4980 Quebec Street NW Washington DC 20016 3 EVANS. LAURA W 708 Shunpike Road P O Box 179 Madison. N,J 07940 3 EWALD. KATHRYN C ' Verulam Farm. R F D 3 Charlottesville. Va 22901 1 FALCON. CLAIR CHRISTIAN p, 106 116 Seabreeze Ave Palm Beach. Fla. 33480 2 FARIS. VIRGINIA 8 p 96 Rt 1. Box 21, Fans Manor Bridgeport. W. Va 26330 2 FAULKNER. LISA p 101 6835 Beech Tree Lane Falls Church. Va, 22042 1 FAUST. LORI ANN p, 116 8373 Wagon Wheel Road Alexandria. Va 22309 2 FINN. MARY LAWRENCE p 97 8060 Finley Lane Cincinnati. Oh 45242 2 FOOTE. CAROL L p 102 Rt, 6. Box 252 Bishop Estate Road Jacksonville. Fla 32223 3 FORBERT. LESLIE E • 6 Whitewood Road White Plains. NY 10603 1 FOSTER. ANN ELIZABETH p 109 502 North Avalon West Memphis. Ark 72301 1 FRANK. ELEANOR WALDROP p 106 5125 Upton Street NW Washington. D C 20016 1 FREEMAN. HEATHER BOYNTON p 2 GARRETT. REBECCA A, p 97 2848 S Jefferson Street Roanoke. Va 24014 3 GARRITY. ANNE E p 90 827 South Lincoln Hinsdale. Ill 60521 2 GAY. CHARLOTTE P p 100 6802 University Drive Richmond Va 23229 4 GEARHART. MARY C, p 35 1405 Boyce Ave, Baltimore. Md 21204 2 GENTRY. MELISSA L p 97 Walnut Hill Farms SR 3. Box 344 Madison, Va, 22727 3 GERAGHTY. THERESA 5300 Columbia Pike Arlington. Va 22204 2 GIAMBATISTA. MARY JO p 101 256 Ross Park Syracuse. N Y 13208 1 GILLIO. JOY LYNN p 107 300 Susan Constant Drive Virginia Beach. Va. 23451 1 GOLDEN. NANCY LYNNE p 116 8215 Taunton Place Springfield. Va 22152 4 GORMAN. HELEN GAYLE p 35 3101 Rivermont Ave. Lynchburg. Va 24503 2 GOSE, MARTHA A. p 98 1501 Ridgemont Drive Wichita Falls. Tex 76309 1 GRAHAM. KATHLEEN FRANCES p. 107 Village Road New Vernon. N J 07976 1 GRAVES. GEORGIA DOUGLAS p, 108 Green Island. Vistas Apt 3 Standing Bay Rd Columbus. Ga 31904 2 GRAY. SALLY p 97 1849 Country Club Road Gastonia. N.C. 28052 1 FREEMAN. MARTHA MACON p, 107 Route 1. Box 236 High Point. N C 27260 4 GRISTE. SUSAN p 35 1409 Carter Place West Chester. Pa 19380 one hundred ninety-si 3 GRONES. KATHERINE C (Chic) 206 54lh Street Virginia Beach. Va, 23451 1 GROSVENOR, ANNE FOWLER 1786 Glenwood Place Memphis. Tenn 38104 2 GROSVENOR. JULIA B p 96 1786 Glenwood Place Memphis, Tenn 38104 3 GUILD. PATRICIA p 90 8709 Wandenng Trail Drive Potomac. Md 20854 3 HAYDANEK. MARY JO • 640 Malm Road Newtown Square. Pa 19073 4 HEMENWAY. ELIZABETH JANE p 36 4816 Rodman Street NW Washington. D C 20016 2 HUGHES. JANET L p 103 Glen Side Road Drive. Glen Summit. Mountamtop. Pa 18707 1 HUIE. SARAH FORT p 106 363 Manor Ridge Drive NW Atlanta, Ga 30306 2 HURT. ALTHEA B p 97 Brookwood . Route 2 Charlottesvil Va. 22901 2 HUTCHENS. HOLLIS B p 97 5 Cruse Alley Huntsville, Ala 35801 3 KELLY. ELIZABETH CONNOR p 90 4316 Winchester Road Louisville, Ky 40207 3 KELSEY. JENNY C 4821 Drummond Ave. Chevy Chase. Md 20015 3 HAGAN. ALICE T (Lisa) p 90 3555 Penarth Road SW Roanoke. Va 14014 1 HAGAN, ELLEN WILLIS p 112 3555 Penarth Road SW Roanoke, Va 24014 1 HAGAN. KATHERINE ELLEN Delia Drive. Box 346 Commerce. Ga 30529 1 HAGAN. NANCY CAMPBELL p 112 440 Canterbury Lane SW Roanoke, Va 24014 4 HALL, DRUSILLA B p 36 412 West Brookfield Drive Nashville. Tenn 37205 1 HALL. ELIZABETH ATTAWAY p 115 PC Box 434 Upper Marlboro. (Id 20870 1 HALSTED. ELIZABETH DRUMMOND p 117 234 North Union Street Kennett Suare. Pa 19709 4 HAMILTON. MARY L. (Mutfy) p. 36 2524 Bexley Park Road Columbus, Oh. 43209 3 HAM LETT. VIVIAN Hamlett Plantation Rt 2. Box 81 Orrville. Ala 36767 3 HANCOCK. CORBY L p 91 31 1 S Washington Street Winchester, Va 22601 1 HANGER, NANCY WRIGHT p. 116 36 W Brookhaven Drive NE Atlanta, Ga 30319 3 HARDIN, KATHERINE C 2970 Nancy Creek Road Atlanta, Ga 30327 3 HAROLD, CATHERINE E p 93 3902 Sleighbell Lane Valparaiso, Ind 46383 1 HARPER. ELIZABETH ANN p 111 6105 Lamplighter Drive Omaha. Neb. 68152 4 HARRIS. MARY FONTAINE p 36 1309 Crenshaw Court Lynchburg. Va. 24503 1 HARRIS. RHONDA LIANE p 107 3419 Winterberry Lane SW Roanoke. Va 24014 2 HARRISON. ANN K 4575 Willow Hills Lane Cincinnati. Oh 45245 1 HARRISON. HARRIET MORSE p 106 3421 North 32nd St Waco. Texas 76708 3 HATCH. NANCY B p 91 3086 E Piney Valley Rd NW Atlanta. Ga 30305 1 HAWK. CAROLINE GILMER p 108 3637 WoodvaJe Road Birmingham. Ala 35223 ff S 2 HILL, DEBRA 226 Hillsboro Road Orangeburg, SC. 29115 1205Terudon Drive Louisville. Ky 40214 3 HOELSCHER. HOLLIS ANNE Albany Post Road Garrison. NY 10524 2 HOGAN. ELIZABETH M p 101 247 Mimosa Circle Ridgefield. Conn 06877 1 HOLWAY, MOIRA ANN p. 107 2312 Pembroke Ave. Charlotte. N.C. 28207 3 HORNER. KIMBERLY ANN 1521 Bayadere Terrace Corona del Mar. Calif 92625 3 HUBBARD. JANE E p 93 5414 Albemarle Street Washington. DC- 20016 2 HUDSON. ELSA GARROW 30 Lake Forest Drive Spartansburg. SC 29302 1 HUDSON. FRANCES ELIZABETH p 113 20 Capron Street Fort Bragg. N C 28307 4 HUDSON. SUSAN M p 39 2814 Northtield Road Charlottesville, Va. 22901 3 IGLEHEART. WENDY p 39 8701 Whetstone Road Evansville 47711 3 JACKMAN. CLARA L p 92 1224 New London Road Hamilton. Oh 45013 4 JACKSON. EVE K p 39 10 Rock Dell Lane Birmingham. Ala 35213 4 JACKSON. KATHERINE P (Jack) p 40 1835 Pinewood Circle Charlotte. N C 28211 3 JAFFA. KAREN L p 89 549 Baughman Ave Claremont. Calif 91711 4 JARRELL. ANNE E p 40 2899 Andrews Drive NW Atlanta. Ga 30305 4 JEFFERSON. CAREY PAMELA p 40 215 Roundelay Circle Lynchburg. Va 24502 1 JEFFERY. BARRIE ANNE p 111 80 South Columbia Ave Columbus. Oh 43209 2 JERNIGAN. KELLY Rt 1. Box 610 Island Forest Drive Davidson. N C 28036 4 JOHNSON. CAREY A p 43 3534 Raymoor Road Kensington. Md 20795 1 JONES. ELIZABETH MacKINNON p 114 445 Summit Ave Statesville. N C 28677 4 JONES. MARIETTA ROBINSON p 43 3802 Sulgrave Road Richmond. Va 23221 2 JOUSTRA. JANA A. p 101 15 Berkley Drive Lockport. NY 14094 3 KASS. AIMEE B. 101 South Central Ave. Ramsey. N J 07446 1 KASS. WENDY MARA p. 1 15 101 South Central Ave Ramsey. NJ 2 KEAN. LOUISE C. (Lisa) 5001 Trenholm Road Columbia, SC 29206 4 KIPP. DONNA L p 44 875 Golf View Road Moorestown. NJ 08057 2 KOBROCK. PAMELA p 101 87 South High Street Bridgton. Me 04009 2 KOEHLER. PAMELA L p 100 109 West Walnut Ave Morrestown. N J 08057 4 KOUBEK. JANA E p 44 5441 Potomac Ave. NW Washington. D C 20016 4 KUHLMAN. MARY KAREN p 44 3 Oak Brook Club-D106 Oak Brook. Ill 60521 1 LANDAU. DIANE ROBIN p 110 657 Revere Road Merion Station. Pa. 19066 1 LANDEN. ELIZABETH EVANS p. 115 1226 Cliff Lame Drive Cincinnati. Oh 45226 4 LAUNDERDALE. DEBORAH JANE p 1 LAUER. JANE ELLYN p 112 5555 Trowbridge Drive Dunwoody. Ga 30338 4 LAURENT, MARGARET F 215 Jefferson Street Alexandria, Va 22314 3 LAWRENCE, CARO M Highbury, The Plains, Va 22171 1 LAZARUS. MARY KATHERINE p 113 2017 Nashville Rd. Bowling Green. Ky 42101 one hundred ninety-seven Jif 2 LEE, LAYTHENG p, 96 14 Hamilton Rd. Georgetown Penang. Malaysia 4 LEHET, ROBERTA H p 47 826 Dogburn Road Orange, Conn 06477 3 LEONARD. KATHRYN L. 4308 Willow Bend Road Decatur, Ala. 35603 2 LEUZINGER. PAMELA E. 819 Heritage Road Cinnaminson. N.J. 08077 3 LEWIS, HELEN P 1011 Pmehurst Drive Chapel Hill. N C 27514 1 LEWIS, HILARY HERNDON L. p. 114 101 1 Pinehurst Drive Ctiapel Hill. N.C. 27514 3 LITTLE. CYNTHIA A. p 90 " Gainesfield , Bena Post Office Bena, Va 23018 4 LITTON. LURA p. 48 P O. Box 1346 1220 Timberland Drive Sfielby. N.C 28150 2 LONGEST. PATRICIA L p 102 Box 29 Crozier. Va 23039 1 LOSSE. JANE GARNER p. 107 1032 Oak Hills Way Salt Lake City. Utah 84108 1 LUCK. TERRELL HARRISON p. 108 R F D 1 Box 100 l anakin-Sabot. Va. 23103 1 LUCKSTONE, VALERIE ANNE 40 Pennsylvania Ave, Roosevelt. NY. 11575 2 LUDWICK, LESLIE C. p 99 11805 Bel Terrace Los Angeles, Calif 90049 1 LUTHER. CARMINI ANGELA 17 4 Kuruppu Road Colombo 8. Sri Lanka. Ceylon 2 LUTHER. SHARMINI 17 4 Kurjppu Road Colombr. 8. Sn lanka. Ceylon 1 LYNCH. LINDA EARLENE Box 468 Dahlgren. Va. 22448 1 MaclNNES. MARTHA LYNN p. 114 Rojte 1, Box 359 Rawls Road Tampa. Fla 33612 2 MacKAY. KATHERINE P. 3535 N Meridan Road Tallahassee, Fla. 32303 3 MacMANNIS, LAUREN J. 68 Holly Place Larchmont, NY. 10528 1 MacNEIL. LESLIE ANN p. 110 4422 N. Stowell Ave. Milwaukee. Wise. 53211 2 MAHONEY. DANNA J p. 97 644 Spring Mill Road Villanova. Pa 19085 1 MAKEPEACE, MARSHA JEAN p. 114 Route 2 River Road Richmond, Va. 23233 3 MANSON SHERRI L. 0. 91 " 236 W Durand Street Philadelphia, Pa. 19119 3 MANY. JEANNE 1321 Calhoun Street New Orleans. La. 70118 4 MARICLE. ANN S p 48 24 Burroughs Lane St Louis. Mo 63124 I MARSHALL. AMY KATHLEEN p 110 1 3205 Maple Grove Ave. Reistertown. Md 21136 3 MARSHALL. TERESA A. p. 92 II Canterbury Square. Apt. 201 Alexandria. Va 22304 1 MARTIN. SARAH HOLMES p 107 328 Clovelly Road Richmond. Va. 23221 1 MATHEWS. PATRICIA ANN p. 1 13 1044 Walkner Mill Road Great Falls, Va 22066 3 MAXWELL. GRAHAM E. p. 90 1 Pierrepont Street Brooklyn Heights. NY, 11201 andria. Va 22308 2 MAYER. STEPHANIE H, p 101 Knickerbocker Drive Belle Meade, N.J 08502 3 McBRIDE. MARY R. (Robbie) p 89 604 Trotwood Ridge Road Pittsburgh. Pa. 15241 2 McCALEB, MARTHA E. p. 100 438 Newman Ave. SE Huntsville. Ala. 35801 3 McGOWIN. ROSA TUCKER P P Box 35 Chapman. Ala 36015 1 McGRATH. SHARON ANN p 107 2 Audubon Place Huntington. N Y 11743 4 McKAY. CYNTHIA A o 51 2284 Yorkshire Road Columbus. Oh 43221 1 McKENZIE. SUSAN ANSLEY p. 106 2930 Habersham Road NW Atlanta, Ga. 30305 U McTAGGART. KATHLEEN HELEN p. 88 2 Lightfoot Grove Basingstoke. Hampshire. England 2 MEADOWS. LINDSEY S p 97 1751 Holton Ave Big Stone Gap. Va 24219 1 MEADS. SANDRA MARIE p 107 27 The Bury Pavenham. Bedford. England 1 MEDLOCK. MARGARET MacLENNAN p. 113 48 Richards Road Port Washington. NY 11050 4 MEHL. JEANNETTE p 51 Avenida Coyoacan 1140 Mexico, DF 12. Mexico 4 MELLOW. CATHERINE C p. 51 22 Granada Way St Louis. Mo. 63124 1 MILLER. LUCIA LANG 144 Chapin Parkway Buffalo. NY 14209 2 McGILL. WANDA L p 98 2127 Broadway South Portland. Me. 04107 4 McGLOTHLIN. KATHRYN HOLLY p. 51 3939 Fordham Road NW Washington. DC. 20016 2 MILLS. CATHERINE L 5535 Meadow Oaks Park Drive Jackson. Miss 39211 2 MILNE. PAMELA p 90 1829 Parkland Drive Lynchburg. Va 24503 4 MINNIG. BARBARA A p 52 2130 Ridgewood Road Akron. Oh 44313 2 MINTON. LESLIE S p 100 169 Valley Road Cos Cob. Conn 06807 1 MITCHELL. TORREY ANN p 114 9507 Beach Mill Road Great Falls. Va. 22066 4 MOFFETT. MARGARET C (Mo) p 52 Rt. 2 Box 415 ' Chapel Hill Farm ' Staunton. Va 24401 4 MONAHAN. MARI M p 52 64 Horseshoe Road Darien. Conn 06820 2 MONNIGH. MYTH J p 99 5731 Caladium Drive Dallas. Tex 75230 4 MOORE. ELIZABETH A p 55 Apt 251. 1200 N Nash Street Arlington. 1 MOYNAHAN. PATRICIA ANNE p. 1 15 203 East 72nd Street New York. NY 10021 2 MULHOLLAND, ANNE R (Randie) p 1 MULLER, ALLISON SCOTT p 117 2131 Via Tuslany Winter Park. Fla. 32789 4 MULVIHILL. M REBECCA (Becky) p. 4 MURRAY. JAMIE A. p 55 344 Clyde Street Chestnut Hill. Mass 02167 1 NEGAARD. ROBIN LOUISE p 116 580 West Alex Bell Brook Road Centerville. Oh 45459 4 NEGAARD. SUSAN M p 55 580 West Alex Bell Brook Road Centerville. Oh 45459 2 NEILSON. VIRGINIA R (Gina) 60 High Forest Tuscaloosa. Ala. 34501 • 1 NELSON. FELICIA ANN p 107 514 Pierremont Circle Shreveport. La. 71106 1 NEWTON. MARY O CONOR p 116 2126 Middlefork Road Northfield. Ill 60093 1 NICHOL. ANN CARY p 108 6300 Mountainview Drive Columbus. G 31904 1 ODOM. ANGELYN p 112 3188 Overhill Road Birmingham. Ala 35223 1 OLEARY. CHRISTINE KATHLEENE p. 1 PAGE. MARY GILLIAM p 107 1917 Brookfield Drive SW Roanoke. Va. 24018 1 PALME. NANCY LENORA p 1 1 1 59 North Mam Street Flemington. N.J. 08822 4 PERKINSON. ELIZABETH G p 56 2707 Bartram Road Winston-Salem. NO. 27106 4 PFAUT2. JULIE p 56 615 Benivick Road Wilmington. Dela, 19803 1 PFLUGFELDER. SUSAN MARGARET p 117 660 Ely Ave Pelham Manor. NY. 10803 2 PIERSON. MARGARET L. p. 96 Box 505-D. W Joppa Road Lutherville. Md 21093 2 PIERSON. VIRGINIA B p 92 1 125 Island Drive Delray Beach. Fla. 33444 I hundred ninety-eight 3 PITLER, SUSAN L • 162 North Pearl Street Canandaiuga, N Y 14424 1 PLANCK, JAMIE SUSAN p 106 8200 Wolf Pen Brancti Road Prospect. Ky 40059 4 POLSON. SALLY ANN p 59 Qtrs 113 Picatinny Arsenal Dover. N.J 07801 2 POWELL, FLORENCE A p 101 201 East Ninth Ave. Johnson City. Tenn 37601 4 POWELL. PRISCILLA S (Missy) p 59 1009 Wanger Road Baltimore. Md 21204 1 POWERS. LISA JEANNE p 106 301 Ridgeview Road Princeton. N J 08540 4 PRYOR. LAURA p 103 444 Ivy Lane San Antonio. Tex. 78209 2 PURDY, ELIZABETH B 221 Boulevard Mountain Lakes, N J 07046 4 GUILTY, ELLEN E Anthony Wayne Road Mornstown, N J 07960 1 RICHANI, RANDA Ave 3Y, 82B-93 Ouinta Teresa Maracaibo, Venezuela, S A 4 RICHARDS, MARGARET R p, 80 421 Scotland Street, Apt 6 Williamsburg, Va 23185 1 RICHARDSON, LAINE VAUGHAN p 107 3781 Tuxedo Road NW Atlanta, Ga 30305 1 RICHESON, SUSAN PAGE p 108 Rt »3, Box 488 Madison Heights, Va 24572 2 RILEY, DIANE E 1836 Blairmore Court Lexington, Ky 40507 1 RINALDI, STEPHANIE ANN p 106 104 Towne House Circle Fayetteville. NY 13066 4 RIORDAN, ANNE M, p, 63 1206 Highland Park Blvd Wausau, Wise 54401 4 RIXEY, MARIA T p 63 921 Holladay Pt Virginia Beach, Va. 23451 1 ROBERTS, ALLISON JOY pill 614 Cress Creek Road Crystal Lake. Ill 60014 1 ROBINSON. MARGARET REYBOLDp 2 ROCKWELL, ANN T p 101 21 Greenmount Blvd Dayton, Oh 45419 1 RODEN, ROBIN HALLEY p 109 2535 Edge Hill Road Huntingdon Valley, Pa 19006 4 RODGERS, ANNE H, p 63 213 Hickory Lane Closter, N,J 07624 4 ROGERS, CYNTHIA p, 63 580 Havuthorne Drive Fayetteville. Ga, 24104 4 RUDA, CARRIE L, p, 64 5220 Westpath Way Washington, D C 20016 1 RYAN, MARA ANN p 113 457 Monmouth Road West Long Branch, N,J, 07764 4 RYAN, M ELIZABETH (Betsy) p 64 3505 Ridgwood Road Toledo, Oh 43606 2 SANTANGELO, TONI M p 98 Apple Jack Farm Rye Ridge Road Harrison, N Y 10528 3 SANTOS, MELISSA M p, 102 7000 Blvd EastApt I-43B Gutenberg, N J 07093 1 SARGEANT, ANNE ELISE p 106 7108 N Freemont Court Indianapolis, Ind 46256 2 SASSCER. ANNE L, p 99 Solitude, Box 550 Upper Marlboro, Md 20870 2 SCHERB, MARILYN N p 102 2345 Banyan Drive Los Angeles, Calil 90049 3 SCHICK, BETSY JO •■ 21 Hill Road Atlantic Highlands N,J 07716 2 SCHLEY, GEORGIA L. p. 98 St Elmo, 2808 18th Ave. Columbus Ga 31901 2 SCHNEIDER, ELIZABETH A p 100 6 Lakev ood Circle S Greenwich, Conn 06830 2 SCHOLEY, CYNTHIA L p 96 % Mrs, John L, Baird 750 Copper Basin Road Prescott, Ariz 86301 1 SIPE, MARY HEDLEY p, 106 12 Walnut Grove Newport News. Va, 23606 3 SMITH, AMY K p 89 701 Tarn O Shanter Blvd Williamsburg, Va 23185 4 SMITH. CASSANDRA K, p. 67 3 North Street Mattapoisetl, Mass. 02739 2 OUINN, EMILY H p 102 306 Ellington Road Longmeadow, Mass 01106 4 RAKOCZY. JANET M, p, 60 136 Mohawk Trail Medford Lakes, N.J. 08055 3 RAMSDELL. PAMELA B, p 92 49 Hathaway Lane White Plains, NY 10605 4 RAMSEY, ANN N p, 60 1010 Hardee Road Coral Gables, Fla 33146 4 RAMSAY, LEIGH S- p 60 7708 Manor House Drive Fairfax Station, Va 22039 1 REITER, MARY BRENDAN p 110 6 Burr Oak Court Randallstown, Md 21133 1 RESENER, SHARON RAE p 109 28 Skyline Drive Warren, N J 07060 1 REYNOLDS. MARY VIRGINIA pill 8101 Henderson Road Little Rock, Ark, 72210 3 RHODA, MARY E • 2009 Spring Mill Road Conshohocken, Pa 19428 4 RICHANI, DIANA Ave 3Y, 82B-93 Quinta Teresa Maracaibo, Venezuela, S,A 1 ROWAT, SUSAN F p 112 2348 Raeburn Terrace Cincinnati, Oh, 45223 2 ROWE, FLORENCE C p, 97 610 Lewis Street Fredericksburg, Va, 22401 3 ROWE, JEANETTE M, p, 90 610 Lewis Street Fredericksburg, Va, 22401 4 SCULLY, EILEEN p, 64 92 Pinebook Road New Rochelle, N Y 10801 2 SECOR, ANNE D, 4600 Weldin Road Wilmington Dela 19803 1 SELLARS, AMANDA KATHLEEN p 116 4721 Lockwood, Lane Columbia. S C 29206 3 SENANAYAKE. SHANTINI A p 81 = F Jayasinghe 3316 Keele Street Downsview. Ontario M3M2H7 1 SEXTON. TERESA JEAN 1428 Redwood Drive West Columbia. S,C 29169 1 SCHACKLEFORD. LISABETHL.p. Ill 6520 Sagamore Mission Hills. Kan. 66208 2 SHARP. CATHERINE B 175 E Delaware Place Chicago. 111.60611 3 SHELTON. PHYLLIS R p 92 2208 Sterling Point Drive Portsmouth, Va. 23703 1 SHOAF. SARAH ANN p. 106 1113 Independence Drive West Chester, Pa, 19380 1 SILSAND, HOLLY SUE p 115 Box 45 Boiling Springs, N C 28017 1 SIMPSON, ELIZABETH BENNING p 109 491 Margo Lane Berwyn, Pa. 19312 2 SINKS. LILLIAN F. (Muffit) p. 98 2728 36th Place NW Washington. DC. 20007 3 SNOWDEN. PATRICIA A • 2469 Susquehanna Road Roslyn. Pa 19001 3 SOUTH. MARY C. p 91 927 Valleyview Road Pittsburgh. Pa. 15243 4 SPRUIL. ELIZABETH p 67 7124 Taylor Road Richland Hill Lynchburg. Va. 24502 1 STEPHENS. ELYNORE MAGUIRE p. 108 Topside Irvington. Va. 22480 1 STITT. STEPHANIE SHARP p 117 8 Country Club Lane Pelham Manor. NY 10803 2 STOVER. CYNTHIA P. p 101 70 Washington Street Sherborn. Mass 01770 1 STRATTA. DANIELLE CARLA Pinehurst Hotel and Country Club P O Box 4000 Pinehurst. N C 28374 1 STRIKE. ANNE KATHERINE p. 106 4510 Roxbury Drive Belhesda. Md 20014 one hundred ninety-nme 2 STURKIE. MARY ELISA p 99 725 N, St, Marys Lane Marietta. Ga, 30060 2 SUMMERILL. KRISTINE S p. 102 123 Cranmoor Drive Toms River. N.J- 08753 4 SUTHERLAND. JULIA K. p. 68 1 1 1 Edgewood Drive P.O. Box 365 Galax. Va. 24333 3 SUTTON. NANCY A. p 91 120 North! Road Canandaigua. NY, 14424 4 von WEISENTHAL. ANDREA (Drasi) P 71 17 East BQtti Street Ne«i York, NY, 10028 1 VOSS. TANIA p 109 530 Riley Ave, Worthmgton. Oti, 43085 1 WAITZMAN. MOLLIE CLAIRE p 108 3237 Brookwood Road Birmingfiam. Ala 35223 U WAJSBORT. MICHELEFRANCOISEp. 102 14 rue Lavoisier Savigny s Orge. 91600 4 WILLIAMS. ELIZABETH M p 72 8000 Maple Ridge Road Bethesda. Md, 20014 3 WILLIAMS. JUDITH K. p 90 Irvington. Va, 22480 2 WILLIAMS. LESLE V p, 97 4333 Clayton Road W, Ft Worth, Tex. 76116 3 BROWN, CELIA G. (Bunny) (Exeter) 503 West Highland Street Paragould, Ark. 72450 3 BUTLER. HOLLY R, (Surrey, Eng.) 2830 West Chester Road Toledo. Oh. 43615 3 CALLELLO. MARY CATHERINE (Exeter) 44 Glen Street Dover. Mass, 02030 3 HARRIS. CHERYL E. (Pans) 1456 Rainier Falls Drive NE Atlanta, Ga. 30329 1 TAGGAHT. DERYTH ROSS p, 110 4 Trundy Road Cape Elizabeth. Me, 04107 2 TALBOT. ELIZABETH E, p. 100 1816 N, Alanton Drive Virginia Beach. Va 23454 2 TAMS. KATHERINE T p 100 1010 Spring Lane Lake Forest. Ill 60045 3 TENG, ANNETTE Y 33 Hm Yu Park Sibu, Sarawak. Malaysia 1 TERRY. DONNA JANE p 113 6814 Providence Road W Matthews. N,C 28105 1 THAYER. LYNDA RUSSELL p. 116 15 Circuit Road Chestnut Hill. Mass. 02167 2 THOMAS. ELIZABETH J. p. 102 5100 62nd Ave, S St, Petersburg. Fla, 33715 2 THOMPSON. CARI M p 100 Village Road New Vernon. N,J, 07976 2 THOMPSON. SHANNON G, p, 98 80 Hemmelskamp Road Wilton. Conn. 06897 4 THRASH, ANN C, p 71 127 Pine Grove Court River Hills Plantation Clover, S,C, 29710 3 TIMKIN, ELIZABETH C 6 Shenandoah Drive North Caldwell, N J 07006 1 TOLEDANO, MARTHA McCRARY p 4 TOWERS, AGNES J p 71 3730 Richmond Street Jacksonville, Fla 32208 3 TREUTLE, MELINDAS, • 117 Courlland Drive Fredencksburg, Va 22401 3 TRULOVE, REBECCA H p, 91 3324 Paddington Lane. Wmston-Salem. NO 27106 1 TUTWILER. SUSAN MURRAY p 108 4023 Winston Way Birmingham. Ala 35213 2 VANDERSYDE. ANN N. p, 100 5410-A Ocean Front Virginia Beach. Va, 23451 2 VAN PATTON. HEIDI 472 Goodspeed Rd. Virginia Beach. Va 23451 2 WARD. ELISABETH B, p, 101 33 Versailles Blvd New Orleans. La. 70125 1 WARD. JANE ELLEN p 108 120 Country Club Drive Ashland. Ky 41101 3 WEBB. JULIE D 3631 49th Street NW Washington. DC, 20016 1 WEBB. NANCY YEADON p. 113 Old Bedford Road Greenwich. Conn 06830 1 WEBER. MARLENE GAMBOAp, 115 9746 Kamagong Street San Antonio Village. Makati. Rizal. Phillippines 3117 1 WEBSTER, CAROLINE ELIZABETH p. 109 200 Byrd Blvd. Greenville, S.C, 29605 1 WEINBERG, NANCY LOUISE p 117 1091 Algonquin Road Norfolk, Va. 23505 2 WESLEY, BARBARA L. p 96 1258 Twin Oaks Drive Winston-Salem, N C 27105 3 WESTINE. LYNN V, p. 88 3268 North Ocean Blvd Delray Beach. Fla 33444 1 WEYAND. NAOMI 34-10 94th Street ' Jackson Heights. NY, 11372 1 WHITE. HENRIETTA TUCKER p, 1 15 2924 St Andrews Lane Charlotte, N,C, 28205 2 WILLETT, PAMELA A p 96 732 Signal Light Road Moorestown, N.J, 08057 1 WONG. SWEE LAN p 111 30 Lorong Kurau Bangsar Road Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2 WOOD, ANNE B. (Brandy) p 89 2204 Evergreen Road Anchorage, Ky, 40223 4 WOOD, ELIZABETH F p 72 2204 Evergreen Road Anchorage, Ky, 40223 1 WOOD, WENDILYNN LEWIS p 113 ' o Mrs John Duggan 4259 Bakers Farrr Place Atlanta, Ga 30339 2 WOODWARD, WENDY 1462 Hanover West Drive Atlanta, Ga, 30327 3 WORTHERN, WENDY p 91 1714 Northridge Drive Atlanta, Ga, 30338 3 WRIGHT, LOUISE V, p 89 1314 Old Gulph Road Rosemont, Pa, 19010 4 WRIGHT, SUSAN 113 Maple Drive Madison Heights, Va 24572 4 YAUGER, ANN p, 72 3650 Dumbarton Road NW Atlanta, Ga, 30327 1 YEADON, KELLY GORDON 1818 N Rock Spring Road NE Atlanta, Ga 30324 2 YOUNTS, GERLIND E 130 Bethesda Road Southern Pines, N C, 28387 1 ZACHER, WENDY MAITAI p, 113 17602 Berwyn Road Shaker Heights, Oh, 44120 1 ZENKE. VIRGINIA HAWTHORNE p, 109 224 Blandwood Ave Greensboro, N,C, 27401 2 ZOLLICOFFER, FANNIE C p 98 2830 Meadow Lane Henderson, N C 27536 3 ZUREK, JULIE I, p, 96 Calle 6 12-84 Castillo Grande Cartagena, Columbia, S,A, JUNIORS ABROAD ACADEMIC YEAR 3 KOCIK, DEBORAH S. (Exeter) 290 West Lance Drive Des Plaines, III. 60016 3 LEE, CYNTHIA A. (St. Andrews) 4641 E, Lake Road Cazenovia, NY. 13035 3 LORD. SUSAN E, (Pans) 818 Hessian Circle West Chester. Pa 19380 3 MALLETT. BARBARA E (St Andrews) 60 Raintree Drive Zionsville. Ind. 46077 3 McBRIDE. KELLY A (Rome) 15 Woodcliffe Road St Louis. Mo 63124 3 McMARTIN. ELIZABETH J (W 4 L) 9968 Spnng Street Omaha. Neb 68124 3 MICHELS. DANIELLE A, (Pans) Stetson Brothers Road. R F D G-57 Colrain. Mass 01340 3 PARKER. DEBORAH C (Pans) 4843 Sweetbnar Street Baton Rouge, La. 70808 3 RIES, KAREN A, (Pans) ISSignal Hill Road Cherry Hill, N.J 08003 ■ 3 ROTHSCHILD. IRENE O, (London) Casilla 58 Quito. Ecquador 3 WARDWELL. LYDIA W (Heidelberg) 50 Mill Creek Lane Chagnn Falls, Oh. 44022 3 WHITTAKER. HARRIET A, (St, Andrews) 58 Cliffs Ave Lexington. Mass, 02173 two hundred SPECIFICATIONS — The 1978 Bnar Patch was printed by Hunter Publishing Company. Wmston-Salem, North Carolina The paper stock IS Hunter ' s 80 lb Matte Trimsi2e8V2 ■ 11 inches Headline, body and cover faces are Helvetica with Italic Helvetica Light Italic IS used pages 2-13, Metrolite on pages 4, 7 and 11. Helvetica Bold Outline on pages 2-13, 156, and 206 The cover is PMS 190 applied by silkscreen on Lexotone art leather 41075. 120 pt binder board Layouts are four column. Divisions are 100° ' o black with half tones and PMS 190 art lines dropped out. Page 216 is 100% black with reversed copy and art lines The 1978 portraits were taken by Steven Studios, Bangor, Maine CREDITS— lrt, Kate Sharp, p. 75; Cover and Divisions: Carrie Ruda: Opening Essays: Cathy Harold- two hundred one two hundred two two hundred three ' r ' U -- ' -W ' i offiaBsag mr. two hundred four two hundred five H@ @ ; Junior Honors Nancy Leonora Palme Laura Lynn Crum Class of 1979 Mary Virginia Reynolds Marcia Gibbons Susan Page Richeson Alice Trout Hagan Susan Carrington Andrews Margaret Reybold Robinson Mary Lawrence Harris Janet Lee Baldwin Molly Harrison Rogers Nancy Rebecca Beverley Anne Elise Sargeant Class of 1978 Mary Catherine Calello Sarah Ann Shoaf Lee Susan Carollo Laura Lynn Crum Margaret Lynn Walz Lenore Lee Cox Kristina Lewis Furches Marlene Gamboa Weber Jeannette Dara Mehl Alice Trout Hagan Caroline Elizabeth Webster Katherine Carrington Powell Cheryl Elizabeth Harris Swee Lan Wong Deborah Elaine Snead Mary Lawrence Harris Sarah Wilson Woodhouse Kim Hershey Hatcher Kelly Gordon Yeadon Manson f emorial Alumnae Patricia Ann Hoyos Scholarship Elizabeth Connor Kelly Emilie Watts Mc Vea Scholars Cynthia Aline Little Katherine Carrington Powell, Susan Elizabeth Lord Katherine Carrington Powell, Class of 1978 Barbara Elizabeth Mallett Class of 1978 Jeanette MacDonald Rowe Phyllis Reed Shelton Susan Carrington Andrews, Class of 1979 li ary Kendricl Benedict Scholarship Annette Yung Teng Catherine Kimberly Tucker, Carol Susan Zimmerman Class of 1980 Janet Marie Rakoczy, Freshman Honors Sweet Briar Scholars Class of 1978 Class of 1981 Sarah Bennett Julia Bryan Brooke Sophia Godwin Crysler Class of 1981 Julia Bryan Brooke Sophia Godwin Crysler Pamela Quinne Pokes Everingham Richards and Captain Garret V.S. Rickards Memorial Scholarship Lynn Marie Danesi Lynn Fredericka Eriandson Nancy Campbell Hagan Nancy Wright Hanger Louise Day Pritchartt, Class of 1980 Clair Christian Falcon Kathryn Sherby Levi Pamela Quinne Pokes Jane Garner Losse Phi Beta Kappa Anne Fowler Grosvenor Patricia Anne Moynahan Nancy Campbell Hagan Sarah Ann Shoaf Nancy Wright Hanger Margaret Lynn Walz Class of 1978 Harriet Morse Harrison Frances Elizabeth Hudson Lee Susan Carollo Mary Hope Keating Class of 1980 Donna Louise Kipp Elizabeth Evans Landen Sharmini Jayaratnam Luther Jeannette Dara Mehl Karol Ann Lawson Katharine Phillips MacKay Katherine Carrington Powell Kathryn Sherby Levi Florence Annette Powell Janet Marie Rakoczy Jane Garner Losse Catherine Kimberly Tucker Leigh Sumner Ramsay Angela Carmini Luther Elisabeth Bethea Ward Deborah Elaine Snead Martha Lynn Maclnnes Frances Simkins Major Class of 1979 Class of 1979 Robin Louise Negaard Susan Carrington Andrews Felecia Ann Nelson Nancy Rebecca Beverly Susan Carrington Andrews two hundred six two hundred seven two hundred eight two hundred nir two hundred ten two hundred eleven two hundred twelv two hundred thirteen two hundred fourteen two hundred fifteen 777 s is not the end . . . not the beginning of the end. Thi s is the end of the very beginning. And the secret of action is to begin. - Anonymous ; j -yj ' ' " 0 SWEET miAR COLLEGE LL ' ARY SWEET BRIAR, VA. 24595

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