Sweet Briar College - Briar Patch Yearbook (Sweet Briar, VA)

 - Class of 1967

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SV tt I BKIAK 1 LiLLtul iiinniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiHillliniilHliiiiiill 3 2449 0297361 7 i i? 371. S05 = - 3 r Pioscnt( cl bv staff of Briar PatcJi 03p. ' J- MARY HELEN COCHRAN LIBRARY SWEET BRIAR COLLEGE 125737 .♦ .♦•-:♦ .♦ " ♦,» jRI SWEET BRIAR, VIRGINIA 125737 t t - DIREXA DICK Editor JILL BERGUIDO Business Manager 1 ' . vM aumarh Not quite five centuries ago, the great scholar Erasmus ended a letter to his close friend and associate, John Colet. on a discouraged note questioning, ' ' Who would put up with the life of a schoohnaster who could get a living any other way? " This discontent was mutual, for Colet was equally disgusted with the students at the English Universities, feeling that such disciplinary regulations as: ' The undergraduate is expressly forbidden to encourage an inordinate growth of hair . . . " , or, ' ' No one shall prevent his fellows from studying or sleeping by singing, making a noise, shouting, dis- charging guns, or by any other kind of uproar or din . . . ' , should not be necessary. How similar it is today, or is it? Superficially, very different, basically, very much the same today ' s institution of higher learning still retains much of its innately medieval structure, many of the quaint traditions, and naturally, that most unchangeable of all elements, people. If one feels that most of the world has changed almost beyond recognition they must still admit that schooling has remained rel- atively untouched, and perhaps for those who see that man of to- day is not so far removed from the world of his ancestors, they can see that in the realm of the student there is nothing new. (EnntpntH ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY.... 7 CLASSES 28 ACTIVITIES 1 16 ATHLETICS 150 MAY COURT 162 DIRECTORY 165 v.♦ ' -v • . HLz £ DR. LAWRENCE G. NELSON Professor of English ■• C : j%l% . ■ ♦ ji • ♦ • u ,• •,♦ - ip trattfln Professor of English, sponsor of the Aints and Asses, and most especially, one who has dedicated many years and much energy to advising the Briar Patch . . . Interested in every asfject of Sweet Briar ' s academic and not so academic life. It is with great appreciation and gratitude that we dedicate our yearbook to Lawrence G. Nelson. • :.♦■-♦•.♦•. Thf Bettmann Archive Ahmtutstrattnn anil Jarull ANNE GARY PANNELL BOARD OF DIRECTORS J. Wilson Newman, J.D., Chairman Short Hills, New Jersey C. Raine Pettyjohn, M.E., ' uc-Chairiiian and Secretary . .Lynchburg, Virginia Wright Bryan, B.S Clemson, South Carolina Connie M. Guion, M.D., D.Sc New York, New York Gladys Westkr Horton, A.B Short Hills, New Jersey Robert C. Tyson, B.A New York, New York Edward Thompson Wailes, B.S Washington, D. C. Executive Committee Mr. Pettyjohn, chairman; Dr. Guion, Mr. Tyson. The Chairman of the Board and President of the College, ex-officio BOARD OF OVERSEERS J. Wilson Newman, Chairman C. Raine Pettyjohn, Vice-Chairman and Secretary Term Expires 1966 John J. Corson, Ph.D Arlington, Virginia 1967 Elizabeth Prescott Balch, A.B Utica, New York Gorham B. Walker, Jr., B.A Lynchburg, Virginia 1968 Ellen Snodgrass Park, LL.B Alexandria, Virginia 1969 Hugh K. Duffield, A.B Gladwyne, Pennsylvania NiDA ToMLiN Watts, A.B Lynchburg, Virginia 1970 Emma Riely Lemaire, A.B New York, New York The Rt. Rev. Richard S. Watson, D.D. Salt Lake City, Utah 1971 Clifton Waller Barrett, Litt.D., L.H.D. Charlottesville, Va. Margaret Clapp, Ph.D., LL.D., Litt.D. . .Madurai, India J. H. Tyler McConnell, LL.B Greenville, Delaware Eleanor Bosworth Shannon, M.A. Charlottesville, Virginia 1972 Charles N. Prothro, B.B.A Wichita Falls, Te. as Ex-Officio Anne Pannell, D.Phil. (Oxon) , President of the College Blair Bunting Both, A.B., President of the Alumnae Association i auB CATHERINE S. SIMS Dean of the College DOROTHY JESTER Dean of Students FRITZIE E. GAREIS Associate Dean ELIZABETH H. CARR Assistant Dean of Students ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Peter V. Daniel Assistant to the President; Treasurer Hilda G. Hite Executive Secretary and Administrative Assistant to the President Nancy G. Baldwin Director of Admissions Elizabeth B. Wood Executive Secretary, Alumnae Association Ruth Bradley Acting Librarian Carolyn C. Bates Director of Vocational Guidance Jeannette Boone Recorder Paul B. Hood Director of Development Martha von Briesen Director of Public Relations LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST Rt) V: Miss Biadlcv. Miss Boanc. SECOND ROW: Mr Dani.-l. Mrs. Bate Mr. Hood. NOT PICTURED: Miss von Briesen, Mrs. Wood. o . 4 » ' ■ • K ■ r : V :• ' f-Kf- !Siiic5i?f8 »» ' f;j «a ' steM i%i348 .CJj( PIV--K . ?i LEFT TO RK;HT: Mr. Busch. Mr. Rowland. Mr. Smart. ENGLISH AND DRAMA LEFT TO RIGHT, SEATED: Miss Sarah Ramage. Mrs. Campbell. STAND- LNG: Mr. Nelson, Miss Emerson. NOT PICTURED: Mr. Aiken, Mr. Campbell, Mr. Vogelback. 14 V;C€t« ♦.. ♦. V V? x ' • ' -r -r ' K MODERN LANGUAGES LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Kimnaim, iMr. N ' aii Tires.-, Miss Bannint;. LEFT TO RIGHT. SE. TED: Mrs. Marrlu-tii, Mine. Somnier iHc. Mrs. Van Trccse. STANDING: Miss Buckham. Mr. Mirri. Miss Du- four. NOT PICTURED: Mr. Matthiw. Mr. Penzoldt. 15 LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Ziinincrmann, Miss Blackburn. Mr. Burrow GREEK AND LATIN MATHEMATICS LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Collins Miss Lee, Mrs. Wikswo. C;HEMISTRY— LEFT TO RK.HT: Mr. M Clonon. Miss Blair. Mr. Marklc BIOLOGY— LEFT TO RKiHI : .Miss B-klur. Miss Rand. Mr. Edwards. Mis.s SpratjiR-, Miss Bpiinott. -K ' ' K ■■■ . EDUCATION ' — Mr. Trausneck, Miss Stone, PHILOSOPHY— Mr Kleiner, Mr. Regan, PHILOSOPHY PSYCHOLOGY AND EDUCATION PSYCHOLOGY— Miss Stevens, Mr, Freeman. Mi.ss Mollei. 18 J r Ji.fi ' yj ' fW RELIGION LK K I K) RICH 1 : Mr. Kui.v, Miss (.aiTUT. The Rc crcnd Alexander M. Rnhertson, Cliaplaiii nf tlip ' (illcgc. i i •■ i- • •. •. : V ■ ' - ' » ' " ■■ ' srj4 !B3®tai8ttias6Bsi8R SOCIAL STUDIES Miss Dixit, Mr. Eidelberg. i LEFT TO RIGHT, SEATED : Miss c 4 t - « ART— LEFT TO RIGHT Miss Barton. Mr. Dorsrh, Mr Oliver, Mr. Gurncy. ART AND MUSIC MUSIC LEFT TO RRiHT: Mi GilpiTi. .Miss Uml.reii. Miss Marik. Mi. Sliaiumn. .NOT PICTURED: Mr. Mcelilenkainp. m MmWJMmm mmmmsmMm s m mt Miss Macdonalti. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. BailuN, Misb AiJiuImju. Miss McMorai % • » ' : . " " . » - - • ' 2Si 3 M ■ ■ ' J ,♦ ' ■♦ " •:: : f» V r " 3Li ;} -,•..•■ ' . » :♦• . T The Bcttniann Archive. The wheel uf the seven liberal arts The News and U.uK Advaiue, Lviu hl.uri;. a. 2-5 ' i. ♦;. f i- ■ •:.: • K i: , ♦. ' - ♦ VV ' ' . ' ■ioMiiMSMMK i III- Krttmann An hivt 16 ' - A " • ' MKH r;ii (ElasHPs ' ,, . ' J r. » T- - 7» :» -f ». - 7 [WwaiiBMWMBiWiwWi The Bettiiiann Airhive JUrpfiljmpn 18 LEFT TO RICHT: Ann Tcdaids. Knnucs Gi.n.K. Kniilv Cn, ,h, L .uisr Bilhi FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS I RA.NC KS (.R KI.V Presideiil ANN TEDARDS Vice-President LOUISE BILBRO Secretary IMII.V (iOOCIl Treasurer rile Rev. and Mrs. Alrxnndrr M. RohiTtsnn. Sponsors. ■ ' ' ' ■ - ' - ,. f. Margie Alsop Margaret Arnold Cynthia Bacon Magaret Ball Kathryn Barnes Nancy Barnes Carolyn Barr Laura Bartels Snellen Bartholomaus Jan Bates Susan Bates Sandra Beall Pamela Becker Rebecca Bentson Louise Bilbro Mary Blencowe Lynne Brantly Elizabeth Brewer Barbara Brewster Kathleen Britton FRESHMEN Elizabeth Britton Janine Brockie Lindsley Brown Monnie Brown Carroll Bryan Cindace Buker Mary Burns Patricia Calhoun Helen Camblos 30 iWMtJf A . , I « ,» . Sarah Campbell Caroline Clark Mary Clemens Ruth Cleveland Cynthia Cocke Mary Cogan Margot Coleman Dorothy Compton Margaret Cooper Diana Couneill Cariil Covington Katharine Cummings Jane Davenport Stuart Davenport Alice Davidson Debrah Dencmark Elaine Deshler Mary Dietz Mar ' Dilworth Lvnne Doerflcr 31 f ' 4 ■•:•»: ■ .■•- : ' t - : f . .. ' V ■ ' Frances Dornettc Elizabeth Dudley Linda Duke Elizabeth Edgertnn Linda Edgeiton Elizabeth Edwards Susanne Elkins Teresa Eoli Claudia Forma n Patricia Fuller Ann Gatelcy Fdulitsa Giannakis Hannah Glass Emily Gocch Elizabeth Gott Jane Gott Linda Gould Frinces Gravely Mary Griffin Frances Griffith p • T «♦ -.♦ ' ♦ .♦ " ♦ -.• • Mary Hullii aii Sandra Hamilton Siis:in Hampton Debr.rih Hand Liiclla Harlin Kathryn Harris Lorini? Harris Karen Hartnctt Connie Haskell Louise Hayman Joan Hennessy Kristin Hcrzog Sally Hewett Joanne Hicks Mnrv Hipi) Susan Holbrook Elizabeth Holloway Jessica Holzer Susan Hull May Humphreys FRESHMEN .9 Hannah Hunter Janet Hutchison Adelaide Johnston Catherine Jones Deborah Jones Elsa Jones Karen Jones Susanne Kallusrh Janye Kay 33 Marv Kelley Mary Kendig Linda Kiniiaird Dayna Kinnard Carol Kistler Page Kjellstroni Virginia Klise Kathleen Kraemer Mary Kyger Barbara LaLance Louise Lambert Jane Lewis Margaret Lewis Katherine Litchfield Lucy Lombard! Catherine Louis Susan Lykes Sarah MacFarlane Margaret Markie Susan Malcolm Margaret Manson Karen Manson Marilyn Martin Patricia Mast Diane McCabe Sydney McCanipbell Katherine McCardell Beth McConkey Mary McGrath . « " ' ♦ ■ ♦-- - i fl l? Elizabeth McKcc Mar ' McKce Elizabeth McLcmore Sindra Miller Sherrill Milnor (Icnevies ' e Minor Alice Mitchell Kim Mitchell ' ictoria Moffitt Emily Moravec Andrea Moscly Martha Mullen Kim MuUer-Thym Putnam Mundy Cynthia Murray Rebecca Nelson Julia Northrup Sarah Nutt Barbara Offutt Frances 0 " Conner 35 Deborah Ohler Karen Olsen Wilma Packard Bonnie Palmer Kay Parhani Martha Paul Margaret Pearson Michelle Perry Mary Jo Petree Thornasia Phillips Pain Piffath Kathryn Pinner Mary Pollock Susan Pond Katharine Potterfield Joan PoNvers Josephine Pre ost Anne Purinton Daisy Quarm ' irginii Ranney g f,f 36 ; %• V •• « «•■ • Bclty Rau Marjoric Rcbciilisch Erica Rdlcr Alexandra Rich Jane Richlcy Kathv Robhins Linda Rodgers Carolyn Rogers K illileen Rose FRESHMEN Mar - Roth Lynn Sabetti Tracy Sa age Maiy Scales Margaret Sharp Josephine Shaw Salli Shropshire Laura Sickman Cynthia Sims Joanne Smith Martha Smith Emily Snyder Suzanne Solberg Lydia Starnes Sandra Starrctt N ' ictoria Steele Susan Stephens Ruth Stokes Nancy Sullivan Patricia Swinney 37 Elizabeth Taylor Sally Taylor Ann Tedards Susan Tenen Heather TuUy Donna Tyree Tauna Urban Kathryn Waldrop Pamela Walker I h - ' FRESHMEN Martha Walton Deborah Warren Katy Lou Warren Barbara Waters Sarah Watson Jessica Waugh Alexandra Weyant Ann Wheeler Margaret Wickham Jane Williams Linda Williams Mary Woltz Anne Wood Hope Wright Johanna Yaple Laura Yates Kendra Baile Virginia Eldridge Linda Bennett Ann Grice Phyllis Blythin Ann Harwood Margaretta Bredin Laura Hawkins Diane Calhson Patricia Hodge Anne Clark Jan Hull y NOT PICTURED Mildred Littleton Mary Love Catherine Lucas Elcanora Marshall Elizabeth Marvin Cynthia McWilliams Cathlcen Pulliam Katherine Schlech Sarah Shirley Helen Watts Elizabeth Wood 38 ♦ ♦ ' " ' " ' ' ' - ♦ ' ,♦ » I f 39 ' rMik- The Bettinann Archive nntinmnrps 40 I 11 I ' lO RICHT: Man- Blake Bccler, Lisa Smith. Ann. ' I remain. Catliv Mall. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS I. ISA S.Mll II President AN.NK IREMAIN Vice-President C . H IIAI.I Secretary I R HI. KI. HKF.I.KR Treasurei MR . . 1J MRS. LORK.N ( )I.I KR 41 SOPHOMORES Janet Abney Joan Adriance Bryan Alphin Gene Anderson Ann Arnspiger Jeanette Bahnson Ginny Kay Baldwin Jane Banks Lucy Banzet Margaret Barnhart Beverly Bassett Nancy Bateman Elizabeth Beach Mary Beckner Mary Blake Bcelcr Mar - LeUa Bell 4 Susan Bielaski Elizabeth Blackwcll Susan Bloomer Katherim- BIytlir Sally Bouilicr Martha Brewer Anne Briber Avis Brown Elizabeth Brown Gretchen Buis Marianne Burtis Marnite Calder Diana Carniichael Di Cassedy Betsy Cheney Mar ' Chesnutt £) P fi ? Edni Cunningham Jane Davis Judith Daniel Peggy Davis 43 t f - . ,. f..f. ' ii ' Aiiit K jsiixsevjsaz.is sami esifi , ' V " f. ' » ■- , ' » " " 1 If- ' Kir " xl ' Rv- y m i H 1 A Diane DeLong Michelle deRaismes Pauline Dickey Linda Donald B jrbara Duffield Judith Edds fi Eloia (Gilbert Sally Gipson Phvllis fiirard Cathiyn Gray Elltu Greenhouse Biinnie Greenspan Melissa Griffith Judy Griffiths Mary CJuthrie tiatherine Hall Margaret Hannuni Claudette Harloe Bn ' b.u ' a Hastings Cynthia Hays Gail Hemstrect Mrnv Hill 44 Billxr Hnl.l,, t;aiolyn Hdlisici Diane Hcllcunv lanilli Hell Ruth HoDpis Joan Hmowil Judith H,.itc.ri Patricia Huyhcs [an Ilusuenin EHfn Hunter Kay Hutton Jane IlMngwcirth Kim Johnsiin Carolyn Jones Xadine Jones Blair Josephs SOPHOMORES 45 .V " ! ' • « ♦ •■ ' , t TV ■ " • ■-■ .V ' ■ • - Bca Kallina Cithie Kelly Re Hide Kneip Mflinda Koester C instance Lane Mirie Lane ance Leach Elizabeth Lewis Anne Maclellan Man- Mahan C ' lriilyn Mapp Ann Mathews Elizabeth Mannsell Margaret McLean Mary-Elizabeth Medaglia Jane Merriam SOPHOMORES 46 • ■•• ,» •-• ' -jm Ti BKflEHUPJRi Esther Michel C charlotte Moser Kithnn Montz ' iri;inia Moser Carol Moseley Mar ' Murchison Mai Nelson Michael Nexsen Pain Noyes Evelvn Oakes Amanda Ottolenshi Darlcnc Picrro Mar ' PoUingiic Judith Powell Susan Predmore Penny Proctor Anne Richards Lin Rick Hadcn Ridley Christine Riehl Maureen Robertson %t 4 0f ft 47 ' ♦ • T ; ' 3 • »• . ■r ■ Susan Rocsscl Jean Rushim Susan Sranlan Jan Sheets Pam Sinex Sharon Singletaiy Lisa Smith ' iieina Stanford Pam Steffens Mimi Storkovcr Anne Suher Marion Sweeney Anne Rhett Tayln Terry Taylor Pamela Tipton Ann Tremain Kathy Trimble Maria Ward N ' ancy Trotter N ' allerey Vandegrift Win Waterman Parker WVisheit 48 . ■ft ' .»T- -t ,W SOPHOMORES Nancy Wendling Marion West Chcrrie Wheeler Louise Willett Helen Willinnhani Anne Willson Katherine Wright Eliz-ibeth Wvatl Barbara Young Alberta Zotark Lisa Baker Stephanie Beaudoi Marri Beriibauin Sue Bissell Elizabeth Brent Mabr - Chambliss Anne Crawford Sarah Fitz-Hugh Mary Follows ||f fi i© I? ' C NOT PICTURED Barbara Fuller Barbara Kent Suzanne Perr - Ridgcly Fuller Katherine Kibbee Lvnne Poltharst Margaret CJibbes Barbara Lee Margaret Price Kay Ciddens Martha Millan Belle Quesenberry Pat Gilroy Ellen Miller Jane Reid Carolyn (iuilford Ann M.K.re Courtney Rurker C arolyn Haddad Carol Norman Michelle Ruddick Joan Hayes Patricia Parkinson Virginia Taylor Polly Jones Lynn Pearson Suzanne Thompson Daphne Trent Marion Wallace Roseniar - Warner Sylvia Wederalh Josie Winn Pat Winlon Suzie Woolsey Marion ' earlev 49 ' - -?--v :i:vf-;r W I ' . ' ;i. ' ir- V ■ ' ( The Bcttinaiin Archive The Bettmann Archive aluntnra 50 ♦ % ♦ J ' LEFT TO RIGHT: Deirdre Leiand. Sallv Laurence. Anne Banks. .Annr K JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS .WNE B.WKS President DEIRDRE LEL. . D Vice-President . N. E KI.NSEY Secretary S.VLL ' S ' L.VUREXCE Treasurer MRS. NANCY G. BALDWIN Sponsor 51 . « .V If • •»• ' Adalinc Allen Botsy Allison CrAnne Anderson Ann Banks Jane Barnes » - Martha Bennett Ann Bisss JUNIORS 0«a| Lesley Bissell Frances Bonney Pamela Boyd 52- Melinda Brown Pam Browning ♦ • » Phoebe Brunner Susan Brush Cecilia Bryant Pam Burwell Kate Biistci Dorothy Byrne Anne Cabaniss Louisa Cahan 0 Laura Campbell Eugenie Carr Courtney Cash Percy Clarke Candy Connard Lani Cooper Brcnda Darden Julie deColigny 53 ( 4 % T I Frances deSaussure Mar ' Donaldson Donna Edgerton Suzanne Edinger Jemne Forsyth Francinc Frate Merilyn Givens Sara Granath Mary Cress Jan Haagensen Libby Har ' ey Valerie Haygoud Rickey Hendricks Pern Herbert Xancy Hickox Susan Hill 1 . 54 r;»- -». ♦ %■ ' ♦ •• •■} Susan Hiiuu-r Anne Hiiishiw Neil Keller Anne Kinscy Mary Humelsine Diane Hunt Carter Hunter Marger ' Jackson Helen Jenkins Jane Johnson . v JUNIORS ?I5 Frances Kirvcn Kristin Kuhns Chris Kulczycki 55 Dcirdre Leland Marian Li Suzanne Little Deborah Luby Linda Mallon Man ' Matheson Sally-Ruth May Kathrvn McLain JUNIORS Elizal)eth McMullcn Marilyn Meyers Elizabeth Miller Beirne Mil Patricia Mnuntrey 56 J :;♦ ♦ " • . - Kathleen Obenchain Caroline O ' Ferrall Penny Oliver Sally Paradise Linda Pattberg Ann Peterson Bonnie Pitman Catherine Porter Lesley Predmore Jeannie Preston Kileen Riley Ibby Sartor Lynn Settlemyer Patricia Skarda Patricia Sparks Melanie Stembal 57 ' t » f Anne Stoddard Anne Stupp Donna Tankersley Mary Glenn Townes Michal Twine Carol ' ontz Ellen Wakefield Blair Walker Jing Wang Peggy Waters Constance Williams Toni Wikswo Melissa Allen Christine Bacchiani Elaine Batchelder Gene Bilbro Sandy Blynn Helen Butler Jane Dedman Shelby Dudley Suzanne Evans Lynne Gardner Alicia Glass NOT PICTURED Judy Harbottle Charlotte Hummel Sarah Laurence Ginny Lyons Tonia Macneil Pani McConnell Elizabeth Penncll Victoria Pitts Ruth Prettyman Pembroke Reed Elma Savage Susan Somerville Ellen Thurman Andrea Walker Jane Weihman Andree Williams 58 ♦ ♦ Jk .♦..♦. ' m JUNIORS Susan Williams Cecelia Williamson Chris Wiicovcr Betsy Wolfe Penny Yeargin 59 f Elizabeth Jane Cadwalder Paris, France Mar ' Hill Cantey Paris, France Constance Anne Chalmers Paris, France Mar ' Allison Clark Paris, France JUNIORS ABROAD Catherine Jamieson Cooley Paris, France Sheril Ti Kay Klaerner Paris, France Sophie Benson MacKenzie Paris, France Wendy N ' alentine Montgomer - Paris, France Cclia Ann Newberg Paris, France Adelaide Maria Russo Paris, France Julia Temple Seibels Paris, France Pamela Dunbar Trimingham Paris, France ■m jB ' l a. " ... -j i, K- ' , ' . ,«» ' - vjHH! r i j ' ■ ' ■ ' ■kJWJWJMMIi V u Ann Adams Wclister Paris, France NOT IMC I I RI.l) Lucy Di) Miiiiii; Bliindcn P(ni . I-rtiiict ' jcaiiiic Clallu ' iiiu ' HiasscU Parii, France Sarah Jane Masscy Paris, France Katina Delano Condax University of St. Andrews Scotland Camilla Anne Reid University of St. Andrews Scotland Katho ' n Glenn Hemphill University of Aberdeen Scotland University oj Aberdeen Scotland Strphaim- S Uii Pent Brcdin University College of North Wales Bangor S Elizabeth Cecil Sanford Naples, Italy Josephine Morgan Fox Stockholm, Sweden 6x EXCHANGE STUDENTS ADRIENNE ANNE HALL Edinburgh, Scotland RfiGINE NICOLE GILLET Tours, France C : .K: ' .». Although Adrienne ' s Highland FHiik may not look terribly authentic, in spite of the Scottish setting, the year she has spent with us has given Sweet Briar a particularly realistic and happy contact with her homeland. " Bon Anniversaire! " Here Regine celebrates her birthday in France in not a very foreign seeming manner; although I ' m certain the champagne isn ' t exactly Taylor ' s New York State!. 63 M ;v JK • " The Bcttmann Archive " " l H R KJ i HHL F!B ' ' k _j ■ fj ay MK4i J|9 I fmf ' ' w H 1 1 " 1 r 64 fmnra - - - " ' -•♦•••.♦•♦■ LEFT TO RIGHT: Gretchen Bullard, Gina Dunlap. Joan McCluio, Melissa Sanders. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS MELISSA SANDERS President JOAN McCLURE Vice-President GRETCHEN BULLARD Secretary GINA DUNLAP Treasurer 65 MR MRS. J. MES E. KIRBY Sponsors iV If ■ • - ff] i.; c» ■ ; - . • , 1,1. ' MARY GARY AMBLER Richmond, Virginia Drama " If a man does not keep pace with his companions perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however meas- ured or far awav. " Siftrr Mary Coritn PAULA ELIZABETH AYOTTE Wii MiNGTON, North Carolina Mathematics " And a broken laimh, and a thousand memories. . nd not a sine le regret. " Edgar Lee Masters NTCTORIA JEAN BAKER Wright-Patterson AFB. Ohio French ' La chair est triste, helas! et j ' ai lu tous les livres. Fuir! la-bas fuir! Je sens que des oiseaux sont ivres d ' etre pamii I ' ecuine inconnuo ct les cieux! " Mallar iwmvs .♦■♦■♦:■♦. • ' . ? A 1 KATHARINE C ' .APERTON EARNHARDT Virginia Bkach, Virginia Hiilory " Emotion is a pair of scales upon which the soul rests . . . And however far the scales may dip on either side so will they in time dip equally to the other And when they dip we taste the sweetness or bitterness of life But when they balance there is no taste but the blandness of monotony. " ' Martin Buxbaum LKLIA CARROLL RANDOLPH B ARR Kkknk, Virginia !■ rench " If ynu think your heart can lake it, C.onie flv with me. " ( ' harlei Ridgelx Warfield DAPHNE dou(;las-wili,. n BAYNHAM Martinsdl ' rg, VVe.st Virginia English " We had the experience but missed the meaning. " T. S. Eliot ' ' zj psi .n :- ' • f- ' ' - ' - v - - .,. .V y ■:- ' iv ' 1 ' ■ • ' » « . « , MARY ROGERS BELL Lexington, Kentucky Modern Languages JUDITH LESLIE BENSEN North Haven, Connecticut American Studies JILL BERGUIDO Haverford, Pennsylvania English " Les femmes croient souvent aimer, encore qu ' elles n ' aiment pas: I ' occupation d " une intrigue, remotion d ' esprit que donne la galanterie, la pente naturelle au plaisir d ' etre aimees. et la peine de refuser leur persuadent pu ' elles ont de la passion lorsquelles n ' ont que de la coquetterie. " La Rochefoucauld " I woke — and chid my honest Fingers, The Gem was gone — And now, an Amethyst remembrance Is all I own — ' " Emily Dickinson ■ ' It should be recognized I have not come sneaking and look for no surprises. Lives are saved this way. Each trade has its way of speaking, each bird its name to say. " V. D. Snodgras. , ♦ ' ♦ ♦ s ELIZABETH ASHBY BERNARD Petersburg, X ' irgima Hiaory " Yet all fxperience is an arch where through Gleams thit untraveled world whose margin fades Forever and forever when I move. " Alfred, Lord Tennyson PRISCILLA GAY BLACKSTOCK Tulsa, Oklahoma Greek ■ ' Zeus has laid it down that wisdom comes alone through suffering. " A eschylus pntnra MARY CLAYTON BLACKWELL Sweet Briar, N ' iroi.nia I have measured out my hfe in coffee spoons . . . " T. S. Eliot ♦ m jim i ' it BONME REA BLEW Malvern, Pennsylvania Mathematics " Ay. they heard his foot upon the stirrup. And the sound of iron on stone, And how the silence sure;ed softly backward. When the plunging hoofs were gone, " Walter De La Mare JULIET EMILIE BODIN Houston. Texas History " I go to the hills when my heart is lonely. I know I will hear what Tve heard before. My heart will be blessed with the sound of music, . nd rU sing once luore. " Oscar Hammei stein II ELIZ ABETH BCJWMAN BR.ADEN Nashville, Tennessee Mathematics " . evcr set your stomach for jelly bread sandwich till you ' re sure there ' s some jellv! " Charlte Broun mmts BE ERLV JEAN BRAUSHAW Orlando, Florida French " Far be it from Ui insult the pun! " Victor Huao ELIZABETH RANDOLPH BROWN Gloucester, Virginia Econojiiics " — Why do the young die? Why does anyone die? Tell me. — I don ' t know. — What ' s the use of all your damn books if they don ' t tell you that? What the hell do they tell you? —They tell me of the agony of men who can ' t answer questions like yours. ' Nikos Kazantzakis SUSANNE PAGE BROWN Richmond, Virginia Government " St. -Vndrews by the Northern Sea, That is a haunted town to me! " Andrew Lang 71 ■ • ■♦. ' _ -. EUGENIA BULL NORTHFIELD, ILLINOIS E7igUih " For what shall it profit when men are dead To have dreamed, to have loved with the whole soul ' s might. To have looked for day when the day- was fled? Let come what will, there is one thing worth. To have held love safe till the day grew night. While skies had colour and lips were red. " Algernon Charles Swinburne MILDRED GRETCHEN BULLARD WiLSox, North Carolina Mathematics " A man who sees only bad in the world . . . cannot know the good. " Ralph M. Sargent MARY McMAIN TARR. NT BURNETTE Battleboro, North Carolina Drama " I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived. " Henry David Thureau 7=- ' :j» - . ' ♦ ■♦ • ' .♦.♦v!l ANDRIA BETH CALHOUN Easton, Connecticut Biulogy " Dna ' lly and compassion come with llic clironiosomos. " Aldous Huxley IR(.IMA FIELD CARPENTER Westfield, New Jersey Spanish " Sicmpre. aunque sea una carccl, Hay un rincon olvidado Do alquna vez se ha gozado Un instante de placer, Y al dejarle para siempre Concociendo que le amamos, Un iadios! triste le damos Sin podernos contener. " Jose ZorriUa fmora (.L()RL ANN CARROLL LoDi, Ohio Biology ' I would rather sit on a pumpkin and hjvc it al! to myself than be crowned on a velvet cushion. " Henry David Thoreau I LOR.NA GLADYS CHRISTENSEX Bronxville, New York Spanish ' l Clonio podriainos respirar y vivir. Si el espacio no estuviese Lleno de alee;ria y amor? De la aleerria nacen todos los seres, A traves de la alegria son mantenidos. Y con alegria desaparecen Cuando nos abandonan. ' c Como podriamos reposar y morir, Si la muerte no fuese Otro modo de amor y de alegria? " Bias de Otero BARBARA ELAINE C:OCHRANE North Attleboro, Massachusetts Biology You should not anger yourself about this world : It does not care. Whateser comes, assign it to its proper place in your little world and you will be happy! Plutarch COLLEEN COFEEE Lawrenceville, New Jersey Sociology Be careful what you set your heart upon, for it will surely be yours. " James Baldwin mxors J ' : ■ ELEANOR WATSON CO TN(;H)N (iREENSBORO. NORTH (IVROIINA History " Good grief, Charlie Brown, I even get emotional over flying a kite. " Schulz ELEANOR KIDD CROSSLEY Amherst. ' irgi.ma Religion " V ' ou are the bows from which your children as living arr w.s are .sent forth. The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite, and he bend,s you with His might that His arrows may go swift and far. Let your bending in the archer ' s hand be for gladness; For even as He loves the arrow that flies, so He loves also the binv that is stable. KahUl C.ibrnn DIANE BECKVVITH DAL ION Sii. ker Heights. Ohio Drama " These are the best years of your life. " S.S.D. lif i i HALLIE HARLAN DARBY PATRICIA FRANCES DAVIS DIREXA VIRGINIA DICK Florence, Alabama Oak Ridge, Tennessee New York, New York Religion Biology History " Where am I going? I don ' t quite know. Down to the stream where the king-cups grow. Up on the hill where the pine trees blow — Anywhere, anywhere I don ' t know. " . jest, a laughing word, often decides the highest matters better than sharpness • ' .Auf. ledig ' Mann! Jetzt macht euch dran! " Richard Wagtie A. A. Milne and seriousness. " mxma MARGARET ANDERSON ' DCJRTCH Nashville, ' I ' e.nnesskk History of Art " It ain ' t no use putting up your iiiiibrella till it rains. " Alice He Ran MARGINA GATES DUNLAP Macon, Georgia American Studies " All men should strive to know before they die What thev are ruiniiiiif from, and to, and ul.v. " James Thurber lANE PRESCOTT EAS ' IIN Indianapolis, Indiana Goi ' ernment " I ' ve taken mv fun where I ' ve found it. ' Rndyard Kipling MARY MURRAY ECKMAN Waynesboro, ' iroinia Economics " Do not try to eliminate your problems, erow with them. " Bernard Baruch MARION COFFIN EELLS Beck Hill, South Carolina English ' I shall believe that people are really good at heart. " Anne Frank STEPHANIE VV AETHER BARTON EVVALT Prince Frederick, Maryland Spanifh " One crowded hour of glorious life is worth an a?e without a name, " Sir Walter Scott fmora y ' } j J ' J» ' .» ' -» feaMk Ph«HMi C;LALDIA DILLON FANGBONER Chew Chase, Maryland Creek LLNDA ANN FITE Washington ' , D.C. English PAMELA lANE 1 ( )RD Washington, New Jersey Mathematics ■ ' The world stands out on cither side No wider than the heart is wide; Above the world is stretched the sky. — No higher than the soul is high. And he whose soul is flat — the sky Will cave in on him by and by. " Eiina St. Vincent Millar " When have I last looked on The round green eyes and the long wavering bodies ( )f the dark leopards of the moon? Williiim Butler Yeats ' My eyes make pictures, when thev are shut. ' ' Samuel Coleridge 79 MARGARET LYNX FRAZIER St. Louis. Missouri French " Oh, Would I were dead now, Or up in my bed now, To cover my head now, And have a good cry! " Thomas Hood ELIZABETH DUMESNTL GAWTHROP West Chester, Pennsylvania Music ' If music be the food of love, play on. " Shakespeare SHELLEY SHOOK GEARHART Birmingham, Alabam.a Psychology " Travel, trouble, music, art A kiss, a frock, a rhyme, I never said they feed my heart But still they pass my time. " Dorothy Parker 80 mxava MARY SABRA CJILLESPIE WiLi.iAMSiiuRG. Virginia Biolof y " A man and what he loves and liuilds h i r but a day and then disapp:;ai ' : na- ture rares not — and renews the annu il ii ' uiid untired. It is the old law, sad Ijut not Ijitter. Only when man destroys the Hie and beauty of nature, there is the I ' ulraite. " Cenrf e Macniilny Treielyati ELIZABETH LEE GLASER Richmond, Virginia Mathematics " We do not whit ue ought: What we ought not, we do: And lean upon the thought That C ' hance will bring us through. ' " Maltlu-iv Aniolrl I RA.NtlES (iRACE (;(.)L " LD Ski MA, .Alabama h ' rench " . . . je vL-u. bein qu ' on sachc que le peu que j ' ai appris jusqu ' ici n " est prcsque rien a romparaison dc ce que j ' ignore . . . " Descartes LEILAM LORETTA GREEN Monroe, New York Mathematics " Our doubts are traitors. And make us lose the Rood we oft might win. By fearing to attempt. " Shnkeipeare LINDA LANDIS GRIZZARD Franklin. Tennessee Latin " Plant the seeds of kindness where you pass along : Keep the note of courage alwa ' s in your song. Though the fates may drive you onward day by day, Spread the cheerful gospel as you go vour way. " 5. E. Kiu-r MARGARET CRAIG HANDLY Nashville, Tennessee Soliologx Half-devil and half-child " Rudyarrl KtplilijJ mXOYB I AXE t:()RV HANSFORD PiTTSFORD, New York Physics " For only Nobody knows Where truth grows Why birds fly and Especially who the mcK n is E. E. Cummings MARION LOUISE HAR EY Dallas, Pen n sylvan l Sociology " Hope is the thing with feathers That perches on the soul And sings the tone without the words And never stops at all. " Emily Dickinson VDn l BRK.Hl HASKELL North Aigusta. South Carolina Governme ' it " Ever ' little frog is great in his own little bog. " Russian Proverb r sa fSg i M i rste SARAH BRIGHT HASKELL Richmond, ' irginia Giirernment LINDA DEE HENDERSON Greenville, South Carolina French JOSEPHINE deROSSETT HEYWARD Wayne, Pennsylvania History " A man without mirth is like a wagon without springs ... he is jolted disagreeably by every pebble in the road. Henry W ' arii Beecher . . . toujours vin,gt ans Dans quelque coin dii coeur. " " II pleure dans mon coeur Comine il pleut sur la ville. Quelle est cette langueur Qui penetre mon coeur? Paul Verlaine % • % ■■ mmvB MELLIE HANKS HICKEV Greensboro, North C ' .aroi.in.v Government " riir little ones leaped, and shouted, and l.unjh ' d And all the hills echoed . . . " William Blake KLIZABEIH BALDU l llll.l. MONTGOMKRV. . l AllAM A Mathematics " Snap and t-dmation arc nut as sudden as a massacre, l)ut they are more deadly in the long run. " Mark Twain CHARLOTTE BRYCE HOSKINS Haverford, Pennsyi.va.sia Sociology " The tree that never had to fight For sun and sky and air and light : That stood out in the open plain .And always got its share of rain. .Never became a forest king. But lived and died a scruhby thing. Douglas Malloch LESLIE JEAN HUBER Oak Ridge, Tennessee Music " Sure on this shining night t)f star-made shadows round. Kindness must watch for me This side the ground. The late year hes df wn the north. All is healed, all is health. High summer holds the earth. Hearts all whole. Sure on this shinin.g ni.ght I weep for wonder, wandring far alone Of shadows on the stars. " James Agee FRANCES HALLAM HURT Chatham, N ' irgi.nia Goi ' eryinient " For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: . time to be born, and a time to die . time to weep, and a time to laugh; . time to mourn, and a time to dance ; . time to keep silence, and a time to speak. " Ecclesidstes MARY FRENCH JACKSON PiTTSFiELD, Massachusetts French ' . s he thiiiketh in his heart, so is he. ' The Bible- Old Testament fmnra J ' : - - .» SUSAN SPOTSWtJOD JESTER Lynchburg, Virginia Matheynatics ' " After all. it ' s a great country, but you can ' t live in it for nothing. " Will Rogers NORNELL MASON MONT.AGUE JONES Fairb. nks, Alaska History of Art ' ' Words should be looked through. should be windows. The best word were invisible. The poem is the thing the poet thinks. ' Robert Francis VICTORIA SNcnV JONES New Rochelle, New York French " Sing down in ponderwalers and lilt elision of their syllables Beneath the nebulilies. " A.Clark 87 KATALIN DEXISE KELETY ELLEN WADE KELLEY ANNE COVER KERN Brookli.ne, Massachusetts Houston, Texas Winchester, ' irginia American Studies Sociology Biology " We pattern our heaven C n bright butterflies But it must he that even In Earth Heaven lies. " John Updike " It ' s hardly in a body ' s power To keep, at times, frae being sour. " Robert Burtf. " Beneath the crisp and wintry carpet hid, , million buds but stay their blossoming . nd trustful birds have built their nests amid The shuddering boughs, and only wait to sing Till one soft shower from th e south shall bid . nd hither tempt the pilgrim steps of Spring. " Robert B t Bridges 88 i ♦ % ♦ ♦ ' ■♦•♦I • • Z 3 • •.♦ ■ " ♦ » -• •• - " 1 » ♦ 4 » • ♦ • • • V pmnrH MARSHA KETCHAM Wkstfiei.d, Nkw Jkrsky Hiitory of Arl " Life, like a dome of iriany-rolored glass, stains the white radiance t f eternit ' . " Shelley % lUDIlH KEV.SERL1. {, Beaufort, SoirrH Caroi.i.n j Goi ' ernmetit ■What, after all. Is a halo? It ' s only one more thine; to keep clean. " m 4 (JE.NE A.NNE K1. G Tampa, Florida American Studies " Three be the thin.ijs I shall have till I die: Laui;hter and hope and a sock in the eye. " Dorothy Parker MARY ELIZABETH KING Decatur, Georgia Chemistry ' ' Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard Are sweeter; therefore ye soft pipes play on. Not to the sensual ear, but more endeared. Pipe to the spirit ditties of no tone . . . John Ke SHERRY LYNNE KIRSCHEXFELD Montgomery, Alabama Psychology " A journey of a thousand miles Muist h; ' i;in with a sint le step. " Aricit ' nt Chinese Proverb ELIZABETH (TLL KURTZ CoLUMBu.s, Ohio Religion " But. my CJod! it was my material and it was all I had to deal with. ' • " . Scott Fitzgerald mxaxB •► : : 1 4 • « 4 « ♦ -♦ ♦ ♦ Mii ADELE EASTOX LASLIE New Orleans, Louisiana Philoiophy ■ ' Teach us to care and not to care Teach us to sit still. " LANG ELIZABETH LLOVERAS Tegucigalpa, Honduras Mortem Langtiage ' Don ' t rain on my parade! " CARROLL CARTER LONG Selma, Alabama History of Art " O cara speranza, quel siorno sapremo anche noi che sei la vita e sei il nulla. " Cesar e Pavese A » t » • . MADELEINE E A LONCi Alexandria, Virginia Religion LLEWELLYN RAY LUNGSTAFF Baltimore, Maryland Philosophy STEPHANIE JEANNE LUCAS San Juax, Puerto Rico Psychology " My figure in this world has not lieen great, but I have had a great experience — it has been a great thing even for me to live. " Horace Bushnell " Is not life a hundred times too shi for us to bore ourselves? " Nietzche " Happiness is like time and space . . as big, as little as you please ; just thing of contrasts and comparisons. " George Louis Palmella Busson DuMaurier y J ■ ' J■ pmnrH MARY LYNN LYLE [acksonvii.le, Fi.ORinA Piycholoiix ' All that associates, saves. ill that isolates, damns. " MARION MONTAGU MacRAE .Xi-F.xANDRiA, Virginia Hiitory " There is a homely ada.i e which runs, " speak softly and carry a bi. stick ; you will eo far! " " Theodore Roosevelt DIANF. R().SE STEPHENSON .MANN . ti.a ta. CJkoroia History " We dance round in a rin.s and suppose But the secret sits in the middle and knows. " Robert Frost 4 ' . ' tfeifeSaa teii MARGARET AYDELOTTE MAPP ACCOMAC, ' lRGINIA Biology " Love seeketh not itself to please, Xor for itself hath any care But for another gives its ease And builds a heaven in hell ' s despair. " William Blake RUTH ANN MARSHALL Savannah, Georgia English . . " Love is like understanding, that grows bright Gazing on many truths. " Shelley JUDY CAROL ADDISON MAYBERRY Amherst, ' irginia Sociology. . " Resolve to be thyself: and know that he ho finds himself, loses his misery. " Matthew Arnold mtora ♦. y 5 : j : ♦-. . " •-•. MARY HELEN McCALL JOAN VICKERS McCLURE GLORY SIMS McRAE Lookout Mountain. Tennessee Chevy Chase, Marvlanh Jacksonville. Florida I atin Mathemalici Music " I ' ve found somebody just like me. I thought I was the only one of them. " A. A. Milne " Sow a thought, reap an act; sow an act. reap a habit ; sow a habit, reap a char- acter; sow a character, reap a destiny. " Anon. " The infant child to hue dost ope his eyes; To air dost purse his lips to kiss life ' s seers, To breathe and share their life, and then be wise In innocence, to feel airs wings him rise. To touch, to feel, to know and s?e life clear — Upon a tear he sighed his soul and smiled To float as one with love, as God ' s own child. " 95 MARTHA CiEORGE MEEHAX Newport News. ' irginia Sociology " Siricerclv ruffled bv love nf life. " CAROLYN PAT MILTON Bernardsville, New Jersey Psychology " The only explanatiim of happiness is the fart that it exists. " Balzac .MARTHA MITCHELL Newark, Ohio Religion " The most lost day of all is the day on which we do not laugh. " Nicholas Chfimfort •.♦ -♦.♦• ♦•.•- t tm m trnt m emnra C:ilARLOTTE ADAMS MOORE Lynchiiuro, X ' irgima SocioUiii " Vc talk of our mastery of nature, which sounds very grand ; but the fact is wc respectfully adapt ourselves, first, to her ways. " (Ihireuce Day MARGARET MILDRED MORAN Danville, ' irgim. History of A rt " A dream is to look at the nii;ht and see things. " Ruth Krausi SUS.W LEE MORCK Ware Neck, Virginia French " If you arc lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a movable feast. " Ernest Hemingway CAROLE ESME MUNN Corona-del-Mar, California Modern Languages ' The first hundred vcars are the hard- est. " Anon. MARSHALL PAGE MUNROE Charlotte, North Carolina Government ■ ' A day for toil, an hour for sport, But for a friend is life too short. " Ralph Waldo Emerson TONI AGATHA NAREN Brookville, New York Drama " Crash! and, winded, we come back to earth full of dust and laughter, wiser than we were. " A last air Reid mvxx ♦ •;•:;» - PATRICIA OTTILIE XEITHOLD NEIL GOODMAN ORLOFF LUCILLE PORTER ORR Palm Beach, Florida Scarsdale, New York Atlanta, Georgia Modern Languages Engliih ReliRion " Though nothing can bring back " I want the one rapture of an inspira- " .■ s the marsh-hen secretly the hour tion. " builds on the water - sod. Of splendor in the grass, of Gerard Manley Hopkins Behold I will build me a nest glory in the flower; on the greatness of God: We will grieve not, rather I will fly in the greatness of find God as the marsh-hen flies Strength in what remains behind; In the freedom that fills all In the primal sympathy the space ' twixt the marsh Which having been, must ever be. " and the skies: Sidney Lanier IVordsicorth NANCY JEAN PENDERGRASS Princeton, New Jersey Modern Languages " The senses always reason well. " Milton MARGARET LAXDRUM PITTMAN Columbia. South Carolina Hiitory " This above all : to thine own self be true. And it must follow, as the night the day. Thou canst not then be false to any man. " Shakespeare JUDITH HAYWOOD POWELL Washington, D. C. English " The only difference between a saint and a sinner is that every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future. " Oscar Wilde } : y y ' - tmma PAMELA ilALLlDAV PRYOR Columbus, Ohio French " Patience is a tree wiili a bitter rcuit whose fruit is sweet. " CM. P. CONSTANCE VANDYKE QUEREAU Wyomissing, Pennsylvania Mathematics " Skittisli she was, and jnlly as a coh. Tall as a mast and uprii?ht as a h,ih. " Chaucer MOLLY FONTALNE RANDOLPH Martinsville, Virginia Psychology " She shall be sportive as the fawn That wild with glee across the lawn Or up the mountain springs; And hers shall be the breathing balm And hers the silence and the calm Of mute, insensate things. " Wordsworth -Kf-Kt:f. ' - ■ ' - ♦.. ' ; ' - VIRGINIA JANE REED MoNTicELLO. Illinois Latin . . " Adsiduus usus uni rei deditus et in enium et artem saepe vincit. " Cicero SUE ANN REINEKE WlLLAMSTON, MICHIGAN Goverttment " A child said ' What is the grass? ' fetching it to one with full hands; . . . I guess it is the handkerchief of the Lord, A scented gift and remembrancer designedly dropt. Bearing the owner ' s name somewhere in the corners. That we may see and remark, and say, " Whose ? " Walt Whitman STELLA MAE REXCHARD Washington, D. C. History " . . . . Here world I pass you like an orange to a child. I cm no more with you. Do what you will. Edgar Lee Masters miavs GAYLE DEARBORN ROBERTS Nashville, Tennessee Sociology. . " I was gratified to be able to answer promptly ,and I did. I said I didn ' t know. ' ' Mark Twain PATRICIA ANN ARM.AND S. DTLER Chambersburg, Pennsylvania Sociology " Maybe wildest dreams are but the need- ful preludes of the truth. " Alfred Lord Tennyson CAROLINE GAIL ROBINS Baton Rouge, Louisiana Philosophy " Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact. ' William James 103 MELISSA DRANE SANDERS Xewnan, Georgia French ' Jack of all trades and Master of none. ' Anon. ELIZABETH ANNE SCHILTGES ZioNsviLLE, Indiana Philosophy " Of course no one is so sensitive as you, but try to remember they think they are. " Mignon McLaughlin JUDITH MARGARET SCHLATTER Eau Galue, Florida English " Now as I was young and easy under the apple boughs About the lilting house and happy as the grass was green And honoured among wagons I was prince of the apple town And once below a time I lordly had the trees and leaves Trail with daisies and barley Down the rivers of windfall light. Dylan Thomas 104 •-♦? - .■•■•►♦■,•--♦ mxara MARC.ARi:i LOU SCIIULZ Landenberc, Pennsylvania HUlory " We do not what we oui;ht; What we ought not, we do: And lean upon the thought That Chance will bring us through. " Mattheic Arnold KAREX JEAN SCHWABENTON Greensboro, North Carolina English " I learn by going where I have to go. ' Theodore Roethke BETHEL .lA.NE SEBRING KoNiosTEiNG, Germany Physics " You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if you do not trust enough. " Dr. Frank Crane ., " ,V ; -■ " - ' ' MARV-BAIRD SHINBERGER Richmond, Virginia Chemistry " Ah, but a man ' s reach should exceed his grasp. Or what ' s a heaven for? " Robert Browning MARY LINDSAY SMITH Raleigh, North Carolina History of Art " It is the glory and good of art. That a rt remains the one way possible Of speaking truths, to mouths like mine at least. " Robert Browning ELLIE BELLE SPIVEY West Point, Georgia English " But at my back I always hear Time ' s winged chariot hurrying near! " Andrew Marvell imaxB ♦ ' -♦ • - ■ ■-♦ •.• -♦ .• ■ •♦■- ' PHEKjKjPUhUBL IR(;iMA MILES STANLKY Falls Church, ' irginia History " And think, this heart, all evil shed away, A pulse in the eternal mind, no less Gives somewhere back the thoughts by EnEfland given. Her sights and sounds; dreams happy as her day; .■ nd laughter, learnt of friends; and gentleness. In hearts at peace, under an En.glish heaven. Hubert Brooke SUSAN JANE STEPHENSON Greenville, South Carolina Latin " Let there be spaces in your together- ness. " Gib ran JACQUELIN KING STEVENSON Charleston, South Carolina History ' Praise be to God for dappled things. ' Gerard Manley Hopkins c;racey luckett rankin stoddard Shaker Heights, Ohio French " Amid the rubble, the fallen fruit Fermenting in its rich decay, Smears brandy on the trampling b(K)t And sends it sweeter on its way. " Yvor Winters BONNIE SUE STUTSKI Toms River, New Jersey Government " It is very simple. You just go up in the air and stay there a little while. " Anon. PAMELA MORGAN SULLIVAN Maplewood, New Jersey Hiitory " little elf plays hide and seek in the twinkle of her eye. " Anon. J ' : • SUSAN DEFORD SUMNERS San Antonio, Tkxas Spanish " But I knew enough by this time not to seek again belatedly that which is not found t)V seeking. ' " H. G. Welh MARIE ELIZABETH SUSHKA Alexandria, Virginia Government " (Jive me a place to stand im, and I uill move the earth. Archimedei mxava B. RB. R. A.N.NE TILLMAN Wynnewood, Pennsylvania American Studies " There is a comfort in the strength of love; " Twill make a thing endurable, which else Would overset the brain, or lirrik the heart. . . . " " William Wordsworth KATHRYN CYNTHIA TROGDON ToccoA, Georgia Goi ' ernment ■■Shall I go off tcj South America? ShiU I put out in my ship to sea? Or get in my cage and be lions and tigers? Or— shall I be onlv Me? " A. A. Milne SUSAN ELIZABETH TUCKER Atlanta, Georgia French ' ■Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connait pas. " Pascal SALLY ANN TWEDELL St. Louls, Missouri Music " Music has charm alone for peaceful minds. " Anon. m w tmaxB . r .T .♦: i " % . - ♦ . ♦ .♦ ♦ .♦ ♦ V • .♦ •• •- •■ « i ELINOR ANNE VON REBHAN Hadlyme, Connecticut History of Art " There was a little man. and he had a little soul ; And he said. Little Soul, let lis try. tn ' , tn! MARGARET V. NCE VOSE We.stport, Connecticut Psych ology " I ' m a biff girl now — I ' m five! " S chafer MARGARET KIMBLE WATERS Lynchburg, Virginia Latin " you shall above all things be glad and young, for if you ' re young, whatever life you wear it will become you ; and if you are glad whatever ' s living will yourself become. ? " ' ' i- " ' -» ' 5 ' d«. j . ' rv " ' ' . ' - -o - i .9, tMjm . V ■ . am m m fstr9iK ' ' KERRY JEAX WEBER Bav City, Michigan English " I ' m Nobody! Who are you? Are you — Nobody — Too? Then there ' s a pair of us? Don ' t tell! they ' d advertise — yi u know! Emily Dickins MARIA MONETTE WIGGLESWORTH Lexington, Kentucky Physics " Damn the consequences! " Lord Nelson MARGARET NOLTING WILLIAMS RapidaNj Virginia Mathematics " We wander in darkness now, but one with another we all have the conviction that we are advancins; to the light; . . . Let us look out toward the light and com- fort ourselves in reflecting i n what think- ing is preparing for us. " Albert Schweitzer • -.•••♦■••.♦.♦ — JA.NIE POINDEXTER WILLINGHAM Signal Mountain. Tennessee Psycholoi;y " On revient loujours a scs premieres amours. " C. C. Cuillaume IRGI.M. . NN YOUNG CoHAssET, Massachusetts Mathematics " . ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. " . A. Shedd fmnra " 3 . t:4- : f..f. ' f- - -f- » ' - The Bcttiiinnn Archive 114 Arttutttps " 5 LEFT TO RIGHT: Cecelia Williamson, Nietoria Baker, Frances Kin en, Patty Skarda, Sally Twedell, Carroll Long, Maiy McCa PHI BETA KAPPA Election in the Phi Beta Kappa Society is the highest honor that the college bestows on students who have distinguished hemselves with high scholastic achievements, broad cultural interests, and promise of future intellectual growth. ACADEMIC HONORS The Manson Memorial Alumnae Scholarship and the Mary Kendriclc Benedict Scholarship are awarded to two members of the Senior class for their scholarship and their contributions to the college. The Emily Watts McVea Scholars are those upperclassmen who have attained a high level of academic achievement. The Honors Plan of Study allows interested and able students to pursue independent paths of study in a particular field. ' ' U LEFT TO RIGHT: Patty Skarda. Sally Twcdcll. Peggy Pittman, Grace Gould. ' - j • ■ • JUNIOR HONORS At Opening Convocation each year, the faculty recognizes members of the Junior Class for out- standing academic performance during their first two years at Sweet Briar. LEFT TO RIGHT: Frances Kirvcn, Anne Kinsey, Chris Whitcovcr, Patty Skarda, Toni Wikswo, Ann Blinks. FRESHMAN HONORS Each February at a special Honors Convocation, these members of the Freshman Class are recognized by the faculty for their distinguished academic achievement during their first semester of college work. FRONT ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: Happy Watts. Kathy Cummings, Lindsey Britton, Kathy Waldrop, Mary Jo Petree, Vicki Moffitt. B. CK ROW: Put Mundy. Cathy Louis, Baird Hunter, Louise Lambert, Lynne Docrfler, Ruth Stokes. immi 1 •I sss r ' ». . - 1 ?» ' .. s. 1 t M. r 3 ' ' j.f ' M k£8- k r LEFT TO RIf;HT. SEATED: Sally Tuedcll. Marion Ma. Kar. Kli al.nh Lewis, C .o I ' lrltyinaii. Jraiinr Forsvth, Maiv Bell, lane Hanstnrd, .Judy Pnwcll. Laura Campbell. STANDLN ' C;: Lisa Smith, Kathy Porter, Beth Glascr, Mary Lindsay Smith, Shelby Dudley, Margaret Wil- liam.s, Patty Skarda, Lynn Frazier, .Jane Banks, Francine Fratc, Bobo Covington, Carolyn Mapp, Lizzie Miller, Melissa Sanders, Cecelia Wil- liamson. tnhmt EXECUTIVE BOARD The E-xecutive Board is composed of student leaders whose primary aim is to implement the educational purposes of the Student Government. Its main project this year was to initiate TEMPO, the first student-sponsored symposium at Sweet Briar. It also organized a collection of books to send to University College for Women in India. Furthermore, the Executive Board continued work on the new Student Government Constitution. MARY BELL Presideyit of Student Government ii8 LEh 1 il) RK.Hl. SEAIKU: Adaliue Allen, Haliam Hurt. Ruihie Marshall. STA. ' DI. (,: Bettys Hobbs, Jane Davis, Jan Hiigiicnin. Sally Haskell. Margaret Mapp. Brcnda Darden. Sally-Ruth May. nu rnm nt JUDICIAL BOARD The Judicial Board interprets the Honor System to the stu- dents and faculty in an attempt to make it an important and integral part of life at Sweet Briar. The Judicial Board encour- ages a reverence for the traditional codes of honor as well as an understanding of specific rules within the Honor System. Be- cause the Honor System is such an integral part of the Sweet Briar Community, the Judicial Board is endowed with the power to enforce the regulations by trying cases involving a breach of the Honor System. 11A1,1.. . I IILRI judiciary (Jiairman of Stufterit iiorfrtiniftit " 9 HOUSE PRESIDENTS The House Presidents are in- vested with the duty of maintaining order and enforcing Uving regula- tions in the dormitories. They pre- side at fire drills, organize dorm parties, check the housebook, and conduct House Meetings. Also, of course, their duties include the not so pleasant task of maintaining quiet hours and urging everyone to keep the smokers clean. JUNIORS. LEFT TO RIGHT; Shilby Dudk . Lizzie Miller, Jeanne Fursyth, Coo Piettynian. SOPHOMORES. LEK 1 Hi KK.lir: Carnlyn Mapp. Eli ahetli Lewis. SENIORS: LEFT TO RIGHT: Sally Tuedell, Mary Lindsay Smith. Marion MacRae. TAU PHI Tau Phi is an honorary society composed of upperclassmen who have demonstrated not only scho- lastic achievement but have shown as well a keen interest in the in- tellectual growth of the college. Tau Phi sponsors lectures by Sweet Briar professors and fac- ulty-student discussions. This year it presented, among other lectures and readings, a series of talks on the speakers of the student sym- posium, TEMPO. LEFT IC) RK.Hl. FRO.NI ROW: I ' ulK ¥.v h. Rutin.- Mai luill. Pll lil... k-i... r.. M.,,i,,i, MacRac. SEC ' .O.ND ROW: Fraiups Kir cn, . or ell Jones. Stella-Mac Renchard. I ' am Biiiwcll. THIRD ROW: Patty Skarda, Sally Twedell, Francine Fratc, Peggy Pittinan. B. CK ROW: .Ann Banks. Margaret Williams, Direxa Dick, Margaret Mapp. CHUNG MUNG ' ' Glory, glor)-, I ' m a Chung Mung " is the cry of the ' ghostly thirteen ' as they are involved either in harassing the Tau Phi ' s or in working on one of their many projects. The Chung Mungs have organized a Jug Band which played on such oc- casions as Parents ' Day and thi- Gum Drop Inn. Traditionally, they sold bakery goodies in the dorms every week. Also, this year the Chung Mungs sponsored a fashion show given by Miller and Rhoades. LKF r TO RU.HT. , BO i:: Besnlv Bradshau. Judy Sihlalter, SalK-Rulh .May. Jeanne Forsyth, Martha Median, Judy Puwell. Judy Harbutdc. BELOW: Barbie Tillman. Sally Haskell, Ann Peterson, Mary Lindsay Smith. Each spring the Freshman class elects Q.V. ' s by secret ballot for the following year. Since Q.V. ' s can work more effectively if its members are unknown, the names are not revealed until spring step-singing of their Sophomore year. This society began in 1937 with the dual purpose of en- couraging the enthusiasm and spirit of the class and of making each student aware of her responsibility to par- ticipate in class activities. LEFT TO RIGHT, FIR.S 1 ROW : Juduli P,nvill. Kav (,iddi-ns, .Ann Treinaiii. CaruKii . I.i|j| ROW: Lisa Smith, Ruthie Hoopes, Cathv Hall. Dina Mnser, .Nance Leach. Mar ' Blake Beeler. Watiiiuan. Jane Banks. SECO.ND BUM CHUMS The Bum Chums are a group of Juniors who sponsor numerous projects which touch all sides of college life. They sp)onsor the Bloodmobile; they clean the Date House; and they ' re responsible for the coke machines. However, the Bum Chums are most famous for their celebrated " Inns, " such as the Gum Drop Inn which they gave right before Christmas. LEFT TO RIGHT: Libby Har cy. Neil Keller. Linda Pattberi?. Lizzie Miller, Lani Cooper. Liura Campbell. Sandy Blynn, Franny Bonney, Brenda Darden. Penny Oliver. " 3 PAINT AND PATCHES The purpose of P P is to give interested students an opportunity to work for the theatre and also to present entertaining plays to the Sweet Briar com- munity. It is an honorary club into which membership is gained by working on a minimum of three plays. The plays presented by P P this year were Spoon River Anthology, presented on Parents ' weekend, three Medieval Mystery Plays, performed on a wagon in the quadrangle right before Christmas, and The Im- portance of Being Earnest, presented in the Spring. Ml-. Busch, Toots Daltc FIRST ROW: Xell OrloflF. Marv Carv .Ambler, Ml Bus, hsl-.c :( iM) Rl ) V: Tc.ni Xan-n, Janie Willinnham, Glorv M. Rar. Ditidic Lrlaiid. Lynn Lyle, Kim Waters, Paula .Xyotte. THIRD R( ) : Baird Shinlicryir, Beth Sebring. Tonia Marncil. Jane Barnes, Toots Daltoii. T. Burnette. 1x4 ' ■ ' V •; «gi ' 5« ST SPW- ■■■ ' ■f?i AINTS AND ASSES The Aints and Asses are a bunch of loveHes, the Hkes of which you ' ll never see off Sweet Briar campus. Aside from their boundless school spirit which they demonstrate by harassing the zanies who wa lk on the grass, the Asses display an unequalled love for fun and frolic. They pub- lish " Sweat Brow Blues ' during exams and, as if that weren ' t enough to ruin anyone ' s reputation, they do a take-off on each P P production. And who can forget the Dismay Court, try as one may? LEFT TO RlGHl : jam- Sii-phi-risnn. Ct-n-lia Villiams..ii, Cathy Hall. .Vmi l -(irsi.ii. Lisa b.adiii. Penny Oliyer, Melissa Sandci». .Nan. Hickox, Martha Brewer. Linda Fite. Lynn Frazicr, Lynn Milton, Bonnie Jackson, Beverly Bradshaw. Joan McClure, Jane Easlin. Page Mon- roe. ( seated ) » 5 LEF I III KK ,H 1, ROW 0. E: Betsy Blackuell, Regine Gillet, Margaret Arnold, Dianne Hunt. Toni Wikswo, Sally Twedell, Leslie Huber, Edna Ann Cunninirham, Liz Bearh, Dayna Kinnard, Cindy Cocke, Betty Glass, Joanne Hicks. Kay Parham. ROW TWO: ,Iudy Griffiths, Sue Lykes, Margaret Sharp, Carolyn Jones, Tracev Savage, Michelle Perry, Marsha Pollock, Emmy Moravec, Debby Jones, Esther Michel, Glon- McRae, Jeannie Preston. Sue Reineke, . nne Moore, Molly Randolph, Ellen Miller, Cindy Sims, Charlie Hoskins.ROW THREE: Pam Boyd, Beth Gawthrop. Jane lUingworth, Laura Sickman, Sandra Hamilton, Stuart Camblos, Barbara La Lance, Fran Gravely, Darlene Pierre, Mar ' Follows. Lynn Settlcmeyer, Mary King, Judi Horton. Jane Reed. Charlotte Moser, . drienne Hall, Judy Edds. CHOIR The choir provides music for each Sun- day church service throughout the year. In addition to participating in a number of campus events, including the ceremony on Founders Day, the annual Christmas Service and the dedication of the new chapel, the choir also presented three con- certs: two with the Georgetown Glee Club and one with the Pittsburgh Glee Club. MSI, 11, HIBER 11, ud ..I (Jioir i%6 •,wwi.si(« vK vw ' aii«at»i«rW! {lf5? ' •l ' SWEET TONES Under the leadership of Beth Gaw- throp, the Sweet Tones is a small in- formal singing group composed of girls from the three upper classes. They per- form at a number of social functions such as May Day and Fall Dance Weekend and also at the Christmas and Spring Bum Chum Inns. Some- times their melodious tones brighten a dismal study session when they unex- pectedly appear in the dorms. It is also tradition that the Sweet Tones Sere- nade us bright and early on the morn- ing of Christmas vacation with a med- lev of carols. I. hi 1 1(1 RK.ll 1. RONS (iM Hunt, I ' aiii I ' l.rd. SIANDIM. Esther Michel. S.iiniv W.itirs. C:i.iiiii( L.UH . ROW 1 S ( : I. mi Scttlfiiicyc-r. ' iiky Joius. Bt-lli (Jawthiop, Leader; Diane Neil Keller. Kllen Miller, Lynn (Jardner. Michelle Rnddirk. .Xndrec Williams, Judy Edds, Peggy Vose, XVJ NATIONAL STUDENT ASSOCIATION This year the student body voted to disaffihate Sweet Briar with the National Student Association. It was felt that N.S.A. as an organization could better serve larger universities than a smaller college such as Sweet Briar; there was not considered to be enough interest on this campus to maintain our membership in the association. LEFT TO RIGHT: Bobo Covington, N.S.A. Coordinator, Charlotte Moser, Neil Keller. VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE The Vocational Guidance Committee is a group of students and faculty whose purpose is to inform students about post- graduation and summer employment op- portunities. In addition to arranging in- terviews with visiting representatives of various professions and vocations, the Committee also sponsors several panels during the year. This year it sponsored panels on summer jobs, work overseas, and journalism jobs . LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Pembroke Reed, Baird Shinbcrger, Student Chairman. SECOND ROW: Ginny Lvons, Anne Briber, Nance Leach. THIRD ROW: Gina DunUp, Anne Kern, Connie Williams, Cille Orr. Ruthic Hoopes, Mrs. Bates, Director. -:i y:if i - ' » . V l.ALkA L.AMFBhLl. Head of Orientation 4 -■« ' ■ y f- ' V?; ' 3k; i ' .ii - ' . ■% ' J- $: i ! ii ■A » «« YOUNG DEMOCRATS The Young Democrats and Young Repub- licans Clubs represent an awareness of the need to stimulate interest in government and politics in the Sweet Briar Community. The Young Democrats recognize this need by holding debates and discussions, organizing groups to go poll-watching in Amherst, and sponsoring a number of speakers during the year. Also, this year the Young Democrats sponsored a mixer at the University of Vir- ginia. LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW ONE: Jane Barnes, Sally Biiurher, Claudia Fangboner. ROW TWO: Jan His- sinscm, Francine Frate, Margie Hannum, Kat Earn- hardt, Kathy Obenchain. ROW THREE: Nancy Sul- li%an. Tonia McNeil. President; Kathy Kibbee, Pam Tipton, Phoebe Brunner, HISPANIC SOCIETY The purpose of the Hispanic So- ciety is to foster communication between the U. S. and Spanish- speaking nations. Among the ways in which the members of the His- panic Society show an interest in cultural, political, and social as- pects of these countries are spon- sorship of guest speakers and Jr. Year Abroad Panelists, and the showing of movies about various aspects of Spain, South and Cen- tral America. This year members of the Society also participated in an Intercollegiate Conference to discuss Hispanic World Affairs; and they took a trip to Washing- ton, D. C. to visit museums, ex- hibitions, and Spanish Embassies. SE.VFEU; Subaii Sunincrs, President. KNEELI.XC: .Stcph.mio Ew.iit. (,iiiny tlarpentcr, Ce- celia Bryant. STANDING: Peggy Davis, Jane Davis, Lorna Christenson, Vicky Moffit, Lucy Lombardi, Melinda Koester, Marie Sushka, Chris Witcover. 131 LEFT RJ RIGHT. ROW ONE: Chris Kulczychi. Adaline Allen, Su? VVil- iianis. Pat Mountrey, C ' Anne Anderson, President: Leslie Bissell, Anne Hin- shaw. Barbara Offiitt. Pegirv Davis, ROW TWO: Jane Rirhlcy. Terry Taylor, Marie Sushka. Oaiidv Buker. Chris Witcover. Ginny Stanford, Judy Bensen, Melinda Koester. ROW THREE: Liz Smith, Frances Dornette. Karen Manson. Lin Rick. C:athy Cuininings, anry Wendling. Hatlie Coons, Jan Sheets. ROW FOUR: Margaret .Arnold, Bcirne Minor, Margaret Cooper, Margaret McLean. Jcannie Preston. Esther Mirhel. Fran Robinson, Sharon Siimletary, CAary- McRac. jane Williams. YOUNG REPUBLICANS Y. W. C. A. The Y.W.C.A. provides varied opportunities for service to others through a number of projects. Mem- bers of the " Y " lead Sunday Ves- per services, visit " old folks " at the Ryan ' s and Chatham ' s homes, work with retarded children in the Lynch- burg training school, and collect clothes for the needy which are dis- tributed by the World University Service. They also give an annual Christmas party for the children of the employees. This year the guest speaker of the Annual Religious Conference was Dr. George Kelsey, Professor of Christian Ethics at Drew University. LEFT TO RIGHT. ROW ONE: Kathy Porter, President: Baird Shinberger. Les- lie Bissell. Linda C;rizzard. ROW TWO: Gracey Stoddard. Peggy Pittman. Me- linda Brown. Joan . driancc, Judy Has- kell 133 LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Ginny Stanford. Chris Whitcover, Marie Sushka. SECOND ROW: Pam Tipton, Ginny Stanley, Presi- dent; Marcia Bernbaum, Sue Reineke. THIRD ROW: ' icky Moffitt, Julie deColigny, Stella-Mae Renchard, C ' Anne Anderson, Kathy Kibbee. WORLD AFFAIRS CLUB The World Affairs Club stimulates interest in current events and broadens the horizons of Sweet Briar students beyond immediate college events; it sponsors discussions and sends delegates to many conventions, including the Mock U. N. To help club finances (i.e. move from red to black) the members sponsored an International Sale of articles from many foreign countries. The club has also helped to arouse interest in many guest lecturers including Sir Robert Menzies, former Australian Prime Minister, and Kurt von Schuschnigg, former Chancellor of Austria. ' 34 ■vvv U CAMPUS CHEST Campus Chest is a faculty-student or ganization designed to offer to each mem- ber of the Sweet Briar Community an op- portunity to realize his responsibility to others. There are two drives a year organ- ized to receive contributions for foreign stu- dent scholarships as well as local and na- tional funds. This year Campus Chest also sponsored an auction in which not only food but also faculty services were raffled off; and a " Meagre Meals " project which consisted of soup dinners — a project dating from World War II. LEFT TO RIGHT; Kal Earnhardt. Chairman; Betsy Wolfe, Barbara Cochrane, p ' ranrie DeSaussure. STUDENT DEVELOPMENT The Student Development Committee is a group of students who organize and spon- sor projects to raise money for the Sweet Briar Development Fund. This year the Committee made an all-out and very suc- cessful effort to raise money for a student union. Among the projects were " Sundae Night, " nights on which ice cream sundaes were sold in Grammar Commons; a china survey; " Have a Ball, " which consisted of buying ornaments to decorate the " Wailes Challenge Tree " to match the Wailes ' chal- lenge of S40,000, and a carnival held in February. LEFT TO RICHT: Shelby Dudley. Mr. Hood, Peggy Pittinan, Chairman; Pege: - Handley, Nancy Wcndling. ' 35 m}t i9fir STAFF Editor: Direxa Dick Business Manager: Jill Bergiiido Advertising Manager: Kim Waters Photographic Editors: Barbara Cochrane Patsy Davis Literary Editor: Pam Pryor Engraving Editor: Ginny Young Typing Editor: Ginny Stanley Circulation: Gina Diinlap Peggy Handly Copy Editor: Judy Schlatter Photographer: Barbie Tillman Events of the Year Editor: Julie deColigny DIREXA DICK Editor EDITORIAL STAFF LEF ' l III RK.Iir: Direxa Dick, Patsy Davis, Barl)ie Tillina]!, jmlx S. Iil.iun. (.u.iiy Vnuiis, 136 Irtar Patrl| if ij jtt.: jILL BFR(.ril)i ) Business Manager BUSINESS STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT: Ginny Stanley, Kim Waters. Peym 11..ih11, . (,n,.i lJ„hl.,| 137 The Sweet Briar Nens is the weekly newspaper pro- viding reviews and previews of campus activities as well as events in the Lynchburg area and around the world. This year there has been particularly good coverage of such school events as " Tempo " , and aside from the ex- cellent journalistic style in which this and other events have been treated, the photographic work deserves special note in having made this year ' s paper an exciting one. |L DV POWELL Editor mnX Iriar 138 tmB LEFT T(l RIGHT, ROW ONE: Judy l ' c, ,,,. l. mm. 1 h..iwn Judx ■ lu.iiur. Neil O.ioli, L. l.f Huh.-r, M.linda Kn.sUr. Kv.,« i. w Gonic C;arr. Karrn Mansdii, Jaiu- Riihlcy, Judy Bt-nsi-n, Marie Sushka, Bobo Covington, Vicky Moflitt. ROW THREE: Margaret Arnold. Suzanne Edinger. Mcny Hill, Shelley Gearharl, Nancy Pendergrass. 139 f. ' . ♦.. • " f- ' ■ BRAMBLER The Brambler is the college literary quarterly. By publishing poetry, prose, art work, and music con- tributed by both students and faculty, the Brambler aims to recognize and stimulate creativity at Sweet Briar and to bring varied and vital enjoyment to its readers. Among the projects of the Brambler staff this year were a " pop " Chapel, featuring folk music and readings from Kierkegaard and Beckett; a chatauqua; a special edition concerned with the program and speakers of the Tempo Symposium; and the annual freshman contests for art and literary work. MARY C. RV .. MB LER Editor LEFT TO RIGHT— FIRST ROW: Mary dn Ambler, Linda Fitc. SECOND ROW: Bi-tsy Kurt?, Ciarolc Miinn, Pamela Ford, Peggy Vose, Bettye Hcbbs. THIRD ROW: oi-%eIl Jones, Paula Ayotte, Neil Orloff. 140 tKT HANDBOOK AND KEY The Student Handbook is the principal source of information concerning the Honor System, activities and organizations, col- lege regulations, and general information. The Key, sent in the summer to incoming freshmen, provides a host of suggestions to help prepare the students for their first year at Sweet Briar. Connie Williams and Susan .K ' ster, Edilor and Business Manager. 141 In October, Sweet Briar helped sponsur a program of the Martha Graham Dance Company. Here, one of her group, David Wood, appears in the composition " Acrobats of God " . Ex-Prinie Minister of Hungary, Ferenc Nagy, n turned to Sweet Briar in Xovembcr for a second visit. He spol e on the crisis in South-east Asia and its efTect on Central-Eastern Europe. Miss Mars;ai-et Wt-bslc-i. wliosi- pait-iils an- bntli i iitslandiiig in the world of the theatre, and who is herself a well known actress, spoke at a con oration held in November. The topic, of her talk was, " The Heritage of the Drama. " In November, Sir Robert Gordon Menzies, the former Prime Minister of .Australia, spoke on " History and Tradition. " Harper Lee. aiithur " f " lo Kill a Mockinitbird " visited Sweet Briar for several days in Ocloboi. .Mthouirh she crave no formal lecture she did speak informally to the creative wrilinc classes and to srviral Knijlish classes. H3 Lionel Wiggain was the kr)iiotc sjjr.ikLi Im 1 nnpu. Maiili 1!-1. A man of many talents, and a one-time sciipt writer in Hollywood, Mr. Wiggam read from his published book of poems, The Land of the Unloving. Poet Edward Fields, winner of the Lamont Poetry Award for his collec- tion of poems Stand up. Friend, ivith me, joined Lionel Wiggam and Ralph Ponieroy for a panel discussion on poetry. Dr. George Kelsey, speaker at the Annual Religious Conference, was on campus February 12-14. The theme of the three lectures he gave was " Beyond Cultural Conformity. " mtiimmmmk Ji.nas Mekas, an experimental filmist, brought several underground movies to Sweet Briar. He joined David Shaber for a discussion of ' he theater. Ralph Pomeroy, poet and artist, w is third ■.)!. ikri ..n the program ot the student sponsored symposium called " Contemporary .-Xrt and Thought in America. " Mr. Pomeroy spent the entire weekend on campus talking to the students. C:hiirlic Byrd. lassical and ia guitarist, finished Tempo ■■If with a most enjoyalilr loui h. He and his group covered many types uf music froii Baroque to the Bosja Nova. ♦ • (« »«»•. tf-vy-M . Edward Albee, author of fVhu ' i Aliuid of Virginia Woolj and other dramas, is consideied to ha e been instru- mental in developing the new current of avant-garde productions. Mr. Albee ' s talk was on the pla wiight ' s respon- sibility. . David Shaber. making a return trip to Sweet Briar, is an I ' xp ' riMunlal dranuitist. He spipke on the theater of today. On his previous trips to the College he has directed the Dramatic Workshop. 146 . : 4 ' v. Art Buchwald. syiKluated political satirist. pinMciid a most ctitertainiiig atti-rnoon on the last day of the symposiuri No irony of politiral life escapes his biting humor! 11 John Updike, an award winning novelist, read selections from several of his published and unpublished works H7 ■ » f» ' - - i» ,-ao«9iiSK. ;« i l!.« 148 S 5!!SJ ' r ' i; s-J The Bcttmmii ichi e 149 AtWtttra 4 • • .•♦. .•♦• .■ jK ' »: f - ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION LEFT TO RK.HI: Brtsv West. L)lihv Harvrv, Mabrpv Chamhlis.. Sandv Blv LY. . FR. ZIER Head of the Athletic Aisociation The Athletic Association promotes wide participation in Varsity, dormi- tory, and individual sports by award- ing medals, seals and blazers for out- standing participation and ability. Also, this year the Association sold golf socks to raise money for a swim- ming pool. LEFT TO RIGHT: Kay Tioudcn, Martha Brewer. Lynn Frazier, Charlotte Mot.re. Linda Donald. Barbie Tilhnai 150 DANCE Members are chosen for interest, ability, and participation in the dance program. Stu- dents do their own choreography and present it on stage. In May, the club pjerformed a dance choreographed to the Gloria, by Francis Poulenc, at the Fine Arts Center in Lynch- burg. It also gave a Dance Open House in December. The Dance Club sends a girl annually to take a summer course at Connecticut College for Women. K.AV IKDl.UEX Head of Dance LEFl TO RK.HT. IRO.NT: Suzanne Little Lorna .Mian. Betsy Brown, Kav 1 rocden. B.M.K: Knn Waters, .Anne Mathews. Helen Butler. 151 ♦ f. ♦. ♦- V RIDING Students are offered many opportunities for cross-country riding as well as organized instruc- tion. This year the Riding Council sponsored hunter trials in the Fall, a point-to-point and three phase hunter test in the winter, and con- cluded the year with the annual spring horse show. These events, in addition to rides on the Appalachian trail, weekly hunts with the Bed- ford County and Farmington Hunt Clubs, Sweet Briar mock hunts, and local horse shows, pro- vided a well-rounded and enjoyable year for those interested in the program. CHARLOTTE MOORE Head of Riding LEFT TO RIGHT: Molly Randolph, Karen Schwabenton, Bonnie Blew, Charlotte Moore, jan Higginson, Ginny Carpenter, Ann Wilson, Betsy Wolfe, Andy Calhoun, Miss Nicholson, Connie Quereau, Peggy Schulz, Elizabeth McMullen, Mr. Bailey, Pam Noyes, Susan Brush, Cille Orr. p t. ' ? yy 1 ' M- KKKK TENNIS The Sweet Briar Varsity tennis team competes in inter-collegiate matches in both the Fall and the Spring. The highlight of the year is always the Sweet Briar-HoUins match held at the Homestead in the Spring. An innovation this year was a student-faculty mixed doubles match. The tennis club also sends two girls to the Middle Atlantic States Tournament at Mary Baldwin. LEFT TO RIGHT. ROW ONE: Laura Campbell, Terry Taylor, Kathy Porter, Libby Haney (captain), Bonnie Greenspan, Frances Kinen. Wallis Wickham. ROW TWO: Betsy Wolfe, Joan Adriance, Lani t:..op.r. Page Kjellstroni, Corbin Kendig, .Anne Stoddard, Kun Muller- Th)TTl. LACROSSE The Sweet Briar Varsity Lacrosse Team challenges area colleges. It also sends some of its members to the Vir- ginia Lacrosse Tournament and the National Lacrosse Tournament in the Spring. LEFT IC) RIGHT: Dcbby Jmu-s. Li Edscrtiin. Millie Littleton. Debbie Ohler, Kathy Kelly. Sue BisselK Barbara Duffield. May Humphreys. HOCKEY Varsity and Junior Varsity hockey players compete in intercollegiate games and in the Blue Ridge and Southeast Hockey Tournaments. Varsity and Junior Varsity are announced at an annual hockev dinner at the end of a full season. Also there is dorm hockey competition. LEFI rC) RH.HT. RCnV O.NE; Su.san Bissell, . nn Tedards. Bet.sy West. Susan Hinner. Susie Wonlsex. ROW I WO: .Miss Mard..nald, Fran (Griffith, Stuart Davenport, Kathy Montz, Linda Donald, Barbie Tillman. Kathy Obenchain, Miss Mc.Moran. 55 .f. „ • , . BASKETBALL Basketball is offered during the Winter term. The Varsity squad chal- lenges neighboring colleges, such as Randolph-Macon, Lynchburg College, and Hollins to games during the sea- son. Also, dorm games are offered for all interested students. LEFT TO RIGHT: Ginny Kay Baldwin. Linda Donald. Michelle Perry. Millie Littleton, -Anne Richards, Joan . driance. Susie Brush. LAKE, CABIN AND GAMES LEFT TO RIGHT: Sandy Blynn. Martha Brewer, Emmy Savage. The lake is open for swimming, boating, and canoeing in the Spring. A Lake Council is appointed every year which posts the hours open for swimming and enforces the lake regu- lations. The Outing Club arranges picnics and overnights in the A. A. cabin. Occasionally, it also plans outings and other activities with surrounding col- leges. Dorm Games are offered in a num- ber of sports, including hockey, volley- ball, basketball, and Softball. A plaque is awarded at the end of the year to the dorm with the most points. Also, badminton and squash are played on an individual basis. ,♦ ♦ » ; .♦ ' 57 • : ■ , •♦. .♦. f.- K- K K- f ' - ♦- %• 158 riir B:itnrinn Archive iiay (Emtrt ' 59 ♦,■ .• -•♦. f. f ' ) MISS PATRICIA OITILIf: XEITHOLD Mw ($mm if; 4 i ♦ .♦ LEFT TO RK;HT: Beverly Bradshaw. Nicky .|..iirs. Cl.iiKlia Faiiglioncr. julic Hc.di SEMORS If onor (Eourt SEATED. LEFT TO RI(;HT: Bonnie Suaski, Marion MacRae, Judv Sehlitler, Man Bell, Shellev Gearhart. STA.NDLXf ; : Bonnie Jackson, Pam Ford. K ■■ ■ mmmmm. • :K K l|mtor (Enurt SENIORS SEATED. LEFT TO RIGHT: Jacquelin Stevenson, Diane Mann, Bobo Covington, Stephanie Ewalt. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Rav LonRStaff. Susanne Brown. i5 " ' - ■ Ifc JUNIORS SEATED. LEFT TO RIGHT: Su annc Edinger. Frances deSaussure. Sandy Blynn. Pam MiCnncll, Carol V.mtz. STANDING. LEFT TO RIGHT: Laura Campbell. .Ann Peterson. Linda Pattberg. . nne Stoddard. .Ann Banks. £ f% 4 V Crowning May Ouccn 1909 SOPHOMORES WD IRr.SHMF.N LEFT TO RIC.HT: Mary Blako Be berry. Peggy Darden. Mary Pat Ciigan. Mary Lee Bell. Kim Mitchell. EHzalieth Lewis. Giiiny Kay Baldwin. Belle Quesen- •■ •- ' ' ' ' J ' ■ ' -- ' r- ' w T. ' • •• •. SENIOR ACTIVITIES Emilv Walts McA ' ca S.hnlar: AMBLER. MARY GARY Paint and Patches; Sweet Briar News, Associate Editor; The Brambler. Editor-in-Chief: Vocational Guidance Committee; Tau Phi; Y.W.C.A.; World Affairs Club; Freshman Show; Freshman Show; Freshman Editor of Sweet Briar News; La- crosse Varsity; Orientation Committee Chairman; N.S.A. ; French Corridor; Cabin Leader; Dorm Sports; Christmas Ba- zaar; Challenge Program; Mademmu-lle Clollege Board. AYOTTE. PAULA Freshman Orientation Committee; Christmas Ba aar; Fresh- man Show; May Day. Committee Chairman; Brambler. Busi- ness Staff; Paint and Patches. Vice-President; Szceet Briar Newi, Circulation Staff; Senior Show. Technical Director. BAKER, VICTORL Dean ' s List; Junior Honors; Junior Year in France. BARNH.A.RDT, K. THARINE Young Democrats. President and Treasurer; Y.W.C.A.; Cihrist- mas Bazaar; May Day; Parents ' Day C:omniittee; Campus Clhest Chairman; BRL ' R P. TCH ; Amherst County Day. BARR, CARROLL Freshman Show; Orientation; Q. ' . ; Young Republicans; Y.W.C.A.; Challenge; Parents ' Day Committee; .Amherst County Day; Christmas Bazaar, Coinmittee head; Sweet Briar News; Senior Show, cast; BRL R PATCH; May Day, skit. B. YNHAM, DAPHNE May Day; Campus Chest: Paint and Patches Production: Christmas Bazaar; Y ' oung Republicans. BELL, MARY ' Freshman Show; Sophomore House President; Junior Class President: Bum Chums; May Court; Church and Chapel Com- mittee; Senior Show; President of Student Ciovernment .Asso- ciation: Executive Board; Joint Council: Who ' s K ' io in Ameri- can Universities and Colleges. BENSEN, JUDY Freshman Show Connnittee Head; ' oung Republiians; Siieet Briar News, Circulation Mana.gcr; Orientation Clommittee: Christmas Bazaar; Social Committee; May Day: BRL R P. ' TCH: Senior Show: Brambler: Student Guide; " Teinpo " : Social Committee: Paint and Patches. BERC;UIDO, JILL Freshman Show, Chorus; Choir; ' arsity Hockey; Varsity La- crosse; Orientation Committee: May Day; .Athletic .Association. Treasurer; BRLAR P.ATCH. Business Manager; Student Wait- ress: Junior Class Prophecy Committee: Christiuas Bazaar; Senior Show. Chorus: Dorm Sports. BERNARD, BETSY Freshman Issue Sweet Briar 1 Y ' oung Democrats. BLACKSTOCK, PRISSY Freshman Show: Orientation Greece ; Tau Phi. Orientation Connnittee: Connnittee: Junior Year ( )rli ' nlalion C nnmit- BL.ACKWELL, CLAY Choir; May Day, Committee Chairn tee; Brambler; Senior Show. BLEW, BONNIE Riding Council; Lake Council; Basketball Varsity; Freshman Show; Orientation Committee: May Day: Brambler: Young Republicans; Senior Show, cast: Dorm Sports. BODIN, JULIE Freshman Show; Orientation Committee: Christmas Bazaar: May Court; Young Republicans; Student Development Commit- tee; Senior Show; Brambler, staff; World .Affairs Club. BRADE.X. LISA Freshman Show: Orientation Committee urer: May Day: .Aints and .Asses: Seni Committee. Bum Chums. Treas- r .Show: (Uirriculum BROWN, RANUV .Athletic .Association : Yo May Day; Senior Sho . BROWN. SUSANNE Judicial Board; Tau Phi; Freshman and Junior Honors; Junior Year .Abroad, St. .Andrews University, Scotland. BULL, ENGENIA Sweet Briar News, circulatii French Corridor; Senior She ig Republicans; Sweet Briar News; Freshman Show ; May Day ; Orientation Committee. BULLARD. GRETCHEN Vice-president Freshman Class; Freshman Show, cast; Sopho- more House President; Executive Board; Q. V.; Y ' .W. C. A.; World .Affairs Club; Junior Y ' ear at St. .Andrews, Scotland; Dean ' s List; Senior Show; Secretary of Senior Class; BRIAR PATCH ; Sweet Briar News, circulation. BURNETTE, T. Paint and Patches; Sweet Briar News; Freshman Show; Senior Show: May Day; Christmas Bazaar; Y. W. C. .A.; " Challenge " ; " Tempo " . CALHOUN. ANDY Freshman Show; Riding Council; Biology Lab Assistant. CARPENTER, GINNY Freshman Shou ; Varsity Hockey; May Day; Riding Council; Hispanic Society. Vice-president; Junior Year .Abroad: Madrid, Spain: Senior Show. CARROLL, GLORIA .Amherst County Day; Senior Show : Christmas Bazaar. CHRISTENSEN, LORNA Freshman Show; Hispanic Society; Senior Show; Junior Y ' ear in Spain, COCHRANE, BARBARA Dixie Cup Chairman: May Day; Christmas Bazaar, Committee Chairman; Campus Chest, Secretary; BRIAR PATCH, staff. COFFEE, COLLEEN Dorm Sports; Junior Varsity Basketball; Y. W. C. A.; " Chal- lenge " ; Christmas Bazaar; Senior Show. COVINGTON, BOBtJ Freshman Show: May Day, Chairman; Executive Board: " Tem- po ' ' , Chairman: Bum Cluuns; Sweet Briar News, Freshman edi- tor: Senior Show. CROSSLEY, ELEANOR One husband and three children! DALTON, TOOTS Freshman Show: Orientation Committee; May Day, Commit- tee Head; Brambler, Business staff; Paint and Patches, Secre- tary and President ; Director Senior Show. DARBY, HALLIE Y.W.C.A.: Choir, Treasurer: Dorm .Athletic Council; Bum Chums; Senior Show, cast: Orientation Committee; Dorm Sports. DAVIS, P.ATSY May Dav: Frcsliman She BRIAR PATCH, staff. Senior Show; Christmas Bazaar; BR.ADSHAW, BE ' ERLY May Day, dell skit: Junior Year in France: .Aints and .Asses: Chung Mungs; Senior Show. DICK.. DIREXA BRIAR PATCH, Editor-in-Chief: Curriculum Committee: XS.A.. Treasurer. Publicity: Interclub: May Day. Dell skit; Freshman Show, cast; Senior Show, cast: Dorm Sports: Ger- man Language Lab .Assistant: Student waitress: Cabin Leader: Tau Phi. publicity: Christmas Bazaar: .Amherst County Day; Orientation Committee, designer Freshman ' 68 picture book: Student Development: Outing Club: Junior Banquet, decora- tions, Paint and Patches. DORTCH. MARGIE Freshman Show, committee chairman; Hall President: Orienta- tion Committee: May Day. committee chairman: Y.W.C.A.: Young Republicans; Dorm Sports; Lake Coimcil: Christmas Bazaar; " Challenge " ; Senior Show. cast. 164 SENIOR ACTIVITIES DUXLAP, GI.NA Senior Class Treasurer: Studerit Development, secretary, treas- urer; ' oeational Guidance: BRIAR PATCH, business staff; Christmas Bazaar, committee chairman; May Day; Freshman Show; Y.W.C.A.; Sweet Briar AVui,- Dorm Sports. E. STIN, JANIE . ints and .Asses; Senior Show, cast. EC:KMA. . MARY Freshman Show; Orientation Committee; May Day: Christmas Bazaar; Amherst County Day: Senior Show: BRIAR l ' ATC:H. EELLS, POLLY Freshman Show: Orientation Conunittee; Varsity Basketball: May Dav: Christmas Bazaar; Vocational Guidance; BRI. R P.VTCH; Tau Phi; Senior Show. EVVALT, srEPH. NTE Young Republicans; Hispanic Society, secretary, treasurer; May C:ourt: Hall President; Senior Show: Dorm Social Chairman. FAXGBONER, CLAUDIA Junior Year in Greece; May Court; Freshman Show, cast; Sen- ior Show; Young Democrats: Y.W.C.A.; Dean ' s List. FITE. LINDA Dorm Sports: Sweet Briar News; Orientation Committee; Christinas Bazaar: Brambler; .Aints and Asses; Senior Show, cast; May Day; .XNL. FORD. PAM Freshman Show, cast; May Day: Senior Show, chorus: Bram- bler, Business manager; Sweet Tones: .AXL: Christmas Bazaar: Dorm Sports; Siveet Briar AV;( t. FR. ZIER. LYXX .Vthletic .Association. President: Bum Chums. President; Aints and .Asses: Head of Games; Social Committee; Freshman Show: May Day: Senior Show, cast: ' arsity Basketball: .Amherst County Day: Dorm Sports. G.AWTHROP, BETH Freshman Show; Varsity Hocke dent : Sweet Tones, Head. (;EARHART. SHELLEY Freshman Show: Dorm Sports: Young Republicans; Orientation Committee; May Day. Committee Head; Y.W.C.A.; Sweet Briar News; Christmas Bazaar. Committee Head ; .Amherst Coun- ty Day; Senior Show. GILLESPIE, MARY Dance group: Paint and Patches: Fr Curriculum Committee. Chairman. GLASER, BETH Freshman Show: Orientation Connnitlce: May Day: Class So- cial Chairman; Curriculum Committee: Christmas Bazaar, Busi- ness Manager: " Challenge " : Social Committee. Chairman: Executive Board: Senior Show: Dean ' s List. C:hoir: Junior House Presi- shman Show: May Day: GOULD. GRACE Junior Year in France. Man- K Show, cast; Dean ' s List. Benedick Scholar: Freshman Young Republicans, Y.W.C.A. (iREEX, LEILANI Sweet Briar Newt, typist: French C orridor. (JRIZZARD. LIXDA Y.W.C.A., Secretary-: Freshman Show: Church and Chapel C:ommittee: Sueet Briar S ' eus; (Orientation Committee; May Day Committee Chairman; Christmas Bazaar: .Amherst County Days; Parents Day Committee: Senior Show. HAXDLEY. PEGGY Freshman Show; Orientation Conunittee: Dorm Sports; May Day: Y.W.C.A.; .Amherst Coimty Day; Sweet Briar News, Cir- culation: Christmas Bazaar: " Challenge " : Senior Show: Stu- dent Development Committee: Young Republicans: BRIAR l ' . TCH. Circulation Manager. HAXSFORD, lAXE Freshman Show: May Day: Y.W.C.A.; " Challenge " : House President ; Senior Show, cast ; " Tempo " . HARVEY, LISA X ' arsily Hockey: Senior Show; Christmas Bazaar Varsity Hockey; Lacrosse Varsity; Vice-President Junior Class; Senior HASKELL, JUDY Freshman Show, cast; Curriculum Conunittee: Orientation Committee; Y.W.C.A. ; Social Committee; World University Service Chairman; Senior Show, committee head; Christmas Bazaar, committee head: May Day; Judicial Board; Young Re- publicans. HASKELL, SALLY Judicial Board; Class Song Leader; President Vocational Guid- ance; Q. ' . ; Chung Mungs; Y.W.C..A.; Secretary Constitution Committee; Freshman Show; Senior Show, music adviser, chorus; Dorm Social Chairman; Dorm Sports; Christmas Ba- zaar; May Day; Who ' s IVho in American Universities and Col- leges. HEXDERSOX, LINDA Junior Year in France; Freshman Show; May Day, hostess, committee chairman, dell skit: Young Republicans, treasurer; Senior Show, chorus. HEYWARD, DEE DEE Sweet Briar News; Freshman Show; Y.W.C.A.; Orientation C:onmiittee: May Day; French Corridor; Junior Year in France. HOSKIXS. CHARLIE . Freshman Show; Orientation Committee; Senior Show; Choir. HUBER, LESLIE Freshman Show, music director; Head of Choir; Class Song Leader: Sweet Briar News, music editor; Presser Music Scholar. HURT, H.ALLAM Y W C .A • Varsity Lacrosse, X ' ocational Guidance ; V ice-presi- dent Sophomore Class; Q.V. ; Tau Phi: May Day, committee head: Orientation committee head; Judicial Board, Chairman, Secrctar ' ; Freshman Show; Senior Show: Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Universities and Colleges. JACKSOX, BOXXIE Freshman Show, cast; Q.V. ; Aints and Asses; Show, cast ; May Court. TESTER, SUS.AX . , Student ' s Handbook and Key, Business Manager; Senior Show; Christmas Bazaar; " Tempo " . JOXES, XORVELL X ' arsity Hockev: Campus Chest. Chairman; Freshman Show; Senior Show: Tau Phi: Committee to Rescue Italian Art; Brambler; Sweet Briar News, photographer, JOXES, ICKI , Sweet Tones: Choir; Orientation Committee; Freshman Show; Curriculum Committee. KELETY, KATHY Young Republicans: May Day; Christmas Bazaar, Coinimttee Chairman: Dorm Sports; Freshman Show; Amherst County Day: Orientation Committee; " Tempo " ; Social Committee. KELLEY. ELLEN X.S..A.: Senior Show; Freshman Show; Chnstmas Bazaar; Uorm Sf)orts. KERX, AXXE ,., ,,c c. YW.C.A. ; May Day; Campus Chest, Secretary; W.U. ., M, Student Guide; .Amherst County Day, committee head; Christ- mas Bazaar, committee head: ' ocational Guidance; Biology Lab Assistant ; Senior Show, cast : All Dorm Hockey Team. HICKEY, MELLIE „ . , . Freshman Show; Church and Chapel C.mnmttee: - ' ' oir; ) .mng Democrats: May Day; Christmas Bazaar: BRIAR lAICH; Senior Show. HILL. ELIZ.ABETH Orientation Committee: French Corndor: Deans List. KETCHAM. MUFFIE Krrshman Show: Student Development Committee: Uorm Sports; May Day; Senior Show. KEYSERLIXG, JUDY . . Sweet Briar News: Freshman Show; Orientation Committee, May Day; Christmas Bazaar: Senior Show. ' 65 ■ 9 •:,• »» r,. " v- Tv SENIOR ACTIVITIES KING, MARY ELIZABETH " Challenge " ; Sweet Briar h ' efs: Y.W.C.A. ; Freshman Show; Orientation Committee: Young Republicans; May Day: Hall President; Choir: Curriculum C ' ommittee: Christmas Bazaar. KING. GENE Church and Chapel Committee; Senior Show: MILTON, CAROLYN " Challenge " ; Dorm Council; " Tempo " , cicj ; Mav KIRSCHENFELD, SHERRY Street Briar Newi; Freshman Issue of Sueet Briar N Day; Orientation Committee. KURTZ, BETSY I ' reshman Show; Dorm Sports: May Day: Christmas Bazaar; H ambler; Senior Show: Paints and Patches. LASLIE, ADELE Intercollegiate Discussion (houp: Lynchburg Training Colonv. N ' olunteer Work; Junior Year in Fraiue. LLOVERAS, LANG Hispanic Society; Freshnun Show, cast: May Day: Experi- mental Plays; Junior Year in France: Paint and Patches, pro- duction: World Affairs Club. LONG. CARROLL Junior Year in Italy LONG. MADELEINE Freshman Show: Y.W.C.,- .: .Amherst County Day: Senior Show : May Day. LONCiSTAFF, RAY Young Republicans; Freshman Show: Senior Show; Christmas Bazaar; Sweet Briar Neici: Bramhler; ANL. LUCAS, STEPHANIE LYLE, LYNN Paint and Patches: Sweet Briar Lighting; Freshman Show. Tan Phi; Dean ' s List: Junior Honors, News: Senior She . IacR. ' E, MARION May Day; Sweet Briar News: May Court; Bum Chums; Tau Phi: Dorm Sports; Social Committee; Senior Show, chorus; Jun- ior Varsity Hockey; Jimior House President: Senior House Presi- dent; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. MANN, DIANE STEPHENSON Young Republicans; May Day; Senior Show. MAP?, MARGARET Freshman Show; Church and Chapel Committee; Judicial Board; May Day; Q.V.: Orientation Chairman; Curriculum Committee; Tau Phi; Senior Show: K7io ' t Who in American Universities and Colleger. MARSHALL. RUTH Y.W.C.A.; Student Developnu Phi, President; Dorm Sports; versities and Colleges. nl; Q.X ' .: Judicial Bi Who ' s Who in Amer Tau Uni- M. YBERRY, JUDY Y.W.C.A.; Amherst County Day: Senior Show. McCALL, MARY Freshman Show; Orientation Conunittee; Christmas Bazaar; Emilie Watts. McVea Scholar: Dean ' s List. McCLURE, JOAN Aints and Asses, President; Bum Chums, Secretary; Interclub. Secretary; Dorm Sports; Senior Show, cast; May Day; " Tem- po " , Fund Raising Chairman; Treasurer of Junior Class; Vice- president of Senior Class. McRAE, GLORY Choir, Paint and Patches: Young Republicans; Hispanii So- ciety; Freshman Show, cast; Senior Show, cast; Christmas Ba- zaar. MEEHAN, MARTHA Freshman Show: Dorm Sports: Y.W.C.A.: Orientation Com- mittee; Sweet Briar News. Exchange Editor Secretary of Junior Class; Christmas Bazaar: May Day; BRIAR PATCH; Hous- ing Committee: CMiung Mungs; . mherst County Day: C ii- riculum Committee; Senior Show. . ' Mnts and Asses; Braniblei. Christmas Bazaar; MITC:HELL. MARTHA Mav Dav; Campus Chest: Senior Sh BRIAR PATCH. MOORE, CHARLOTTE Y.W.C., .. cabinet; Student ' s Handbook. Business Manager; Dorm Sports; Orientation Committee; May Day; Christmas Bazaar; Junior Banquet, Committee Chairman: Amherst Coun- ty Day; Riding Council; Head of Riding; Athletic Associa- tion; Senior Show. MORAN, PEGGY Orientation Committee; Senior Show; Christmas Bazaar; Am- herst County Day; May Day; Dean ' s List; " Tempo " . MORCK, SUSAN Young Republicans; Sweet Briar News; Y.W.C.A.: Junior Year in France; World Affairs Club; Senior Show. MUNN, CAROLE Sweet Briar News, News Editor: Brambler. Circulation Man- ager; Hispanic Society; Young Republicans; Freshman Show: Dorm Sports; Christmas Bazaar: ANL. MONROE, PAGE Freshman Show; Dance Concert; Q.V. ; Aints and Asses; So- cial Committee: Orientation Committee; Amherst County Day; House President; Y.W.C.A.; Dorm Sports; Senior Show. N.AREN, TON I Freshman Show; Bum Chums; Social Committee: Paints and Patches: Sweet Briar News. .Advertising Manager; Senior Show; Chorus; ' arsit ' Tennis: Christmas Bazaar. NEITHOLD, PAL Y.W.C.A., Head of Ly Court; Orientation C oi u hburg Training School Project; May nuittee; Social Committee: " Tempo " . ORLOFF, NEIL Freshman Show; Sweet Briar News; Brambler; Paint and Patches; Senior Show, Producer: May Day, Committee Chair- man: Christmas Bazaar; . " NL. ORR, LUCILLE Junior Y ' ear in France; French Corridor; Riding Council; Y.W.C.A.: N ' ocational Guidance Committee; .Mtar fniild ; C hurch and C hapel C ' onunittee; Senior Show. PENDERGRASS, N. NCY Dorm Sports: May Day: Orientation Committee; Senior Show, chorus: Freshman Show; Sweet Briar News; " Challenge " . PITTMAN, PEGGY Manson Memorial Alunmae Scholar: Y.W.C.X., President, Chairman .Xmiual Religious Conference; Vice-Chairman Na- tional Student Y.W.C.A.; Y.W.C.A. Southern Regional Coun- cil Member: Student Development Chairman; Chairman of Parent ' s Day; Executive Board; Interclub; Tau Phi; Sweet Briar News; Orientation Committee; Freshman Show; Christ- mas Bazaar; Choir, librarian; Altar Guild; Senior Show, chorus; Social Committee; Whit Who in American Universities and Colleges; Dean ' s List. POWELL, JUDY Editor Sweet Briar News; Executive Board; Chung Mungs; So- cial Committee; Campus Chest, Treasurer; Orientation Com- mittee: Y.W.C.A.: Freshman Show, cast; Dean ' s List; ANL; Who ' s li ' ho in American Universities and Colleges. PRYOR, PAM Choir; Y.W.C.A.; Orientation Committee: Freshman Show. cast; Senior Show, chorus: BRIAR PATCH; May Day. QUEREAU, CONNIE Freshman Show; Christmas Bazaar: Church and Chapel Ciom- mittee; Senior Show; Dorm Sports; Riding Cloimcil. RANDOLPH. MOLLY .Mtar Guild: Choir; Dorm Sports; Riding Council; Hispanic Society; Y.W.C.A.; Orientation Committee; Freshman Show; May Day; Christmas Bazaar; Senior Show. i66 ■ ' - ' T .•:• T r % 1 % ■ • - :♦ ♦ • ♦ :: • -.♦ -.♦ •.♦ SENIOR ACTIVITIES RKKl). lA.NK lirshiiuui Show: . .C . .: Vnuiin Di ' incxrats; May Day: Christmas Bazaar: Choir ; Senior Show, chorus: Orientation Committee. REINEKE, SUE Choir: Youns Republicans; World AfTairs Clul), ' i(e-Presi(l(nl : Christmas Bazaar: " Tempo " , Secretaiy. RENCHARD. STELLA MAE Sweet Briar News; Judicial Board: C2. ' . : Woild Allairs Club: V ' .VV.C.A. : Curriculum Committee; Tau Phi; Orientation Com- mitec: Freshman Show; Junior Year in Germany: Sophomore Class Treasurer: Senior Show: Youtiif Democrats: Outing Club: May Day. ROBERTS, (JAYI.E DEARBORN Freshman Show: Orientation Committee: May Day; Housing Committee; Youn.g Republicans: Christmas Bazaar, Co-Chair- man: Junior Class Prophecy; " Challen.ge " ; .Senior .Show. ROBLXS, GAIL Y.W.C.A. ; Senior Show. SADTLER. PAT Freshman Show; Orientation Committee: Y.W.C.X., Cabinet; Christmas Bazaar; May Day: Young Republicans; Sweet Briar ews: Dorm Sports; Senior Show: Junior Class Prophecy. SANDERS, MELISSA May Day, committee chairman: Sweet Tones; .Aints and Asses; Bum Chums; House President; President of Senior Class; Fresh- man Show, cast; Senior Show; Y.W.C.A.: Who ' s Who in American Unii ' enities and Colleges. SCHILTGES, BETH SCHL. ' TTER. JUDY Sweet Briar News; BRIAR PATCIH, staff: Pi Beta Phi Soror- ity at Rollins College: Chung Mungs, historian; Amherst Coun- ty Day: Christmas Bazaar: Senior Show, cast; Social Commit- tee: May Court. SCHULTZ, PEGGY Riding Coimcil: Orientatii Riding; .Athletic .Vssociatic n Clonnnittce; ' .W.C.A. n. Secretary- : Senior Sho Head of SCHW. BENTO. . KAREN Riding Council, Young Republicans: Sneet Briar News; Orien- tation Committee. SEBRING, BETH Paint and Patches; ' arsity Lacrosse; .S.. . ; Freshman Show; May Day: Senior Show; Dean ' s List; Orientation Committee. shlnberc;er. mary-baird Freshman Show, cast: Dorm Sports: .S..- . ; t)rientation Com- mittee: May Day. committee chaimian: Hall President; Y.W.C..- ,. ' ice-president. Chairman of .Annual Religious Con- ference, Chairman of Colony, Cabinet: Paint and Patches: Church and Chapel Committee ; Christmas Bazaar, committee chairman; ' ocational Guidance, Chairman; Interclub; Senior Show; Chemistry Lab .Assistant; .Amherst County Day. SMITH. MARY LINDSAY Y.W.C.A.; Sweet Briar News; Dorm Sports: Freshman Show, chorus: Q. ' . ; Orientation Committee: Hall President; May Day; Co-Chainnan Christmas Bazaar; Chung Mungs, Presi- dent: Social C onnnittee, Treasurer; Ring Chainnan; Senior Show, chorus: Brambler; House President: CUiristmas Wreath Committee Chairman. SPIVEY. ELLIE BELLE Freshman Honors: Freshman Show; Youn.g Democrats; Senior Show: World Affairs Club; BRIAR PATCH: Amherst County Day; Junior Prophecy Committee. STANLEY, GINNY Junior Year Abroad, University of London, England ; Y.W.C.A. ; Orientation Committee; X.S.A., Secretary; May Day; Senior Show; President World Affairs Club; Interclub; BRIAR PATCH, staff. STEPHENSON, JANE Lake Council; .Altar Ciuild: Junior Year in France; Dean ' s List; Chun.g Mungs; .Aints and Asses; Stieet Briar News; Orienta- tion Committee, Hall President. STEVENSON, JACKIE Orientation Committee; Social Committee, Secretary: Campus Chest: Curriculum Committee. ■STODDARD, GRACEY Freshman Show; Orientation Committee; Sweet Briar News; May Day; Christmas Bazaar; Y.W.C.A., Cabinet, Intercollegi- ate Discussion Group Chainnan: Senior .Show. STUTSKI. BON.NIE Freshman Show; May Day: Christmas Bazaar; Social Commit- tee; Senior Show. SULLIVAN, PAM Freshman Show: Dorm Sports; Orientation Committee; May Day; Christmas Bazaar: Bum Chums; Social Committee, Treas- urer; Senior Show. SUMNERS, SUSAN Junior Year Abroad in Spain; Freshman Show, Co-director; Young Republicans; Hispanic Society President; Y.W.CA.; Sweet Briar New ' s. staff: BRIAR PATC:H. staff: Brambler. staff; Orientation Commillc-c: May Day. (onimittee head; .Sen- ior Show. SUSHKA. MARIE Sweety Briar News; Young RcpublicaMs: Woild .Affairs Club: Dean ' s List; Hispanic Society; Freshman Show: Senior Show: BRIAR P.ATCH; Y.W.C.A. TILLMAN, BARBIE ' arsity HiK-key: Varsity Lacrosse; BRI.AR PATCH; Fresh- man Show; Orientation Committee; Senior Show, chorus; Ath- letic Association Dorm Council; Chung Mungs, Historian, Sec- retary; May Day; Christmas Bazaar, committee head. TR.OGDON. K.ATHRYN Orientation Committee: Dance Group, President; May Day, Dell Skit; Christmas Bazaar; .Athletic Association; " Tempo " ; Senior Show. TUCKER, SUE Junior Year in France: Dean ' s List: Yoimg Republican Club. TWEDELL, SALLY Freshman Honors; Deans List: Junior Hont rs: Emilie Watts McVea Scholar: Theodore Presser Music Scholar: Choir; Freshman Show; Tau Phi; Senior Show, pianist; House Presi- dent: " Tempo " , Treasurer; Treasurer of Student Government; M ' io ' .t ]i ' ho in American Universities and Colleges. ON REBHAN, PUTZI Christmas Bazaar; Dorm Sports: Senior Show. " osE, peg(;y Choir: Sweet Tones: ,S -nior Show, chorus: Brambler; Fresh- man Show. W.ATERS. KIM FrcshTiian Show: Orientation Committee: C:ampus Chest; C:hristnias Bazaar: Hall President; BRIAR PATCH, business staff ; Dorm Sports: Dance Group: Paint and Patches. WEBER. KERRY Orientation C mmi ior Show : " Tempo " tee: " Challenge " : Christmas Bazaar; Sen- .Amhorst C ' ountv Dav. WIG(;LES WORTH. MARIA Freshman Show; Senior Show: .Athletic .Association. WILLIAMS. MARGARET Vice-president Student Government; Secretary Student Govern- ment; Judicial Board; Junior Class Secretary; .Altar Guild: Campus Chest; Q. ' . : Y.W.C.A.; Tau Phi; Interclub. Chair- man; Christmas Bazaar; Senior Show; Orientation Committee; Freshman Show: Junor Honors; Freshman Honors; Dean ' s List; May Day: Who ' i Who in American Universities and Col- leges. WILLINGHAM. JANIE Social Committe e; Orientation Committee; Paint and Patches; Dance Group; Freshman Show, cast: Senior Show, cast: Jun- ior Year in France. YOUNG. GINNY Freshman Show, cast: Orientation Committee: Lake Council; ' arsity Hockev; Varsitv Basketball: Tennis Team; Dorm Coun- cil: May Day: Senior Show; BRIAR P.ATCH. Engraving Editor. ' 67 ADMINISTRATION, ADMINISTRATION and FACULTY 1966- 1667 EXECUTIVE OFFICERS Anne Gary Pannell, D.Phil. (Oxon). LL.D Freudeiit Meta GLAS.S. Ph.D.. Litt.D., LL.D.. D.C.L. President Emeritus C THERiNE Strateman Sims. Ph.D Dean Fritzie E. Gareis, Ph.D Associate Dean Dorothy Jester, A.B Dean of Students Nancy Godwin Baldwin, A.B Director of Admissions Jeanette Boone. A.B Recorder Peter V. Daniel, B.. . ..Assistant to the President; Treasurer Hilda Gray Hite, B.. Executive Secretary and .■idministrative Assistant to the President THE FACULTY Anne Gary Pannell President: Professor of History A.B., Barnard College; D.Phil. (Oxon); LL.D.. University of . lbama; Woman ' s College, University of North Carolina; Litt.D., Western Reser e University; DHL.. University of Chattanooga. Catheri.ne Stratema.n Sims Dean: Professor of History and Political Science A.B., Barnard College: M.A.. Ph.D.. Columbia University Ralph .Aiken Associate Professor of English B.A., Williams College: B.A.. MA. fOxon) : Ph.D., Duke L niversity. Clayto.n E. Bailey Conuiltant in Riding Sheffield Scientific School. Yale University Beverly Bernadi.ne Ba.nning Instructor in Spanish B.. .. Central Methodist College: M..A.. Tiilane University. Eleanor D. Barton Professor of Art JK.B., V ' assar Colleee: . .M.. New York L ' niversitv: PhD. RadclifTe College. Jane C. Belcher Professor of Biology . .B., Colby College: . .M.. Columbia University: Ph.D.. Uni- versity of Missouri. Miriam F. Bennet Professor of Biology . .B., Carleton College: A.M., Mount HoKcke College: Ph.D.. Northwestern Universitv. E. Tucker Blackburn Instructor in Greek and Latin B.. .. ' assar College: M..- .. University of Cincinnati. Barbara Blair Assistant Professor of Chemistry . .B.. Agnes Scott College: M.S. Ph.D.. University of Ten- nessee. Laura T. Buckham Professor of French . .B., University of Vermont: A.M.. Ph.D . RadclifTe College. Reynold Burrows . . . .Associate Professor of Greek and Latin B.A., Han.ard College; M.A., University of Michigan; Ph.D., Princeton. Richard H. Busch Instructor in English B.S., St. Cloud State College: M.A.. Purdue University Jamfs L. Campbell InstructiT in English . B . Berca College: M..A.. Ohio University. Judith H. Campbell Instructor in English B.. ., M.. ., State Universitv of New York at .Mbanv. Therese A. Carrig Assistant Professor of Sociology B.A., University of Toledo: M.. ., Western Reserve University. FACULTY AND STAFF John F. Collins, Jr Instructor in .Mathematics B.S.. M.A.. University of Maine. tii.AUDE L. Crawford I ' niting Lectuier in Government B.S., U.S. Military .-Xcademy: LL.B., M.-A., University of ' irginia. Lentz C. DeVol Associate Professor of Physics B.. .., Marietta College: M.S., University of Cincinnati. Prabha Dixit Visiting Lecturer in Indian History and Hindi-Urdu B.. .. fHons. ), M.. .. Lucknow University. George T. Dorsch, Jr Instructor in Art B..- .. Boston University: M..A.. New York University. LvDiA . nne Dufour Instructor in Spanish B.. .. Newcomb College: M.-A.. Tulane University. Ernest P. Edwards Professor of Biology B..A., University of Virginia: M.. ., Ph.D., Cornell University. Paul Eidelberg .... Visiting Asiistant Professor of Government M.A.. Ph.D.. University of Chicago. Elizabeth Emerson ' Associate Professor of English .■ .B., Mount Holvoke College: M..A.. Universitv of Tennessee: Ph.D.. Bryn Maw ' r College. Ruth M. Firm " ' ' Associate Profeuor of Art BS., MA.. Ph.D.. Columbia University. Stephen W. Freeman Instructor in Psychology B.Ed.. University of Miami: M..A.. .Appalachian State Teach- ers College. Krishnamurthy Ganesa.n Instructor in Economics M . .. N ' ivekananda College. Maxine Garner Professor of Religion •A.B., Woman ' s College, University of North Carolina: M..A.. Union Theological Seminary-Columbia University: Ph.D.. University of .Aberdeen. Thomas ' . Gilpatrick " ' ' . ..issociate Professor of Government B.S.. M.. ., University of Illinois: Ph.D., University of Chi- cago. (;. Noble Gilpin Professor of Music B.Mus., M.Mus., Syracuse University: D.S.M.. Union Theo- logical Seminar -. Suzanne Taylor Gouyer iwistnnt in Physics .A.B., Sweet Briar College. George Gurney Instructor in .Art B.-A., Brown University: M..A.. University of Pennsylvania. Milan E. Hapala Carter Glass Professor of Government .A.B., Beloit College: A.M.. University of Nebraska: Ph.D., Duke University. Delos D. Hughes Visiting Lecturer in Government -A.B., Oberlin College: M..A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. First Semester. 1966-67. ' On sabbatical leave, first semester, 1966-67. ' ' On sabbatical leave, 1966-67. First semester, 1966-67. i68 ADMINISTRATION, I MKs E. KiRiiv issistant Professor of Religion B.A., McMuny tN.llc f; B.D., S.T.M., Perkins School of Theology: Ph.D.. Drew Uiiiviisity. F.RNKST X. KiRRM. . . Professor of German B.S., Oollt ' gp of the City of New York; M.A., Teachers Col- lege, Cloluiiiliia University: Ph.D., Northwestern University. Scott . . Ki mmr Imliuctor in Philosophy . .B.. Williams Clollege: A.M.. University of Chic■a o. J. MH.s H. L.MRD Lecturer in Comfiuter Science B.. ., University of N ' irginia. M. RV . N Lke Professor of Mathematics . .B.. Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College: A.M.. University of Wisconsin: Ph.D.. Cornell University. Esther B. Leffler ' " ' Professor of Chemistry B.S.. PennsyK:inia State University: Ph.D., University of ' iri;ini i. EniTH C LoWRV Associate Professor of History B.A., Mount Holvoke College; M.A.. RadclifTe College; Ph.D. I t)xon I . K. THERINE M. ctio. . i.D Associate Professor of Psysicul Education B.S.. Tufts College: M.A.. University of Iowa. John R. McCle.non Assistant Professor of Chemistry B.A.. Grinnell College : Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles. Ji-DITH A. JcMoR. .N Assistant Professor of Physical Education B.S., Beaver College; M.S., Smith College. Noel H. M. oee Instructor in Music B.M.. Wheaton College. Illinois. Gertrude MaRchetti Usisiniil in h ' r,itc)i mid Cennait Diplome Gymnase de X ' illamont. Lausanne. Iren M. R1K Associate Professor of Music Graduate, Budapest College of Music; Piano Professor ' s Diploma, Liszt .-kcadeiTiy of Music, Budapest. H. Chester M. rki.e. Jr Associate Professor of Chemistry: Secretary of the Faculty B.S., Franklin and Marshall College: M.S.. Ph.D.. Carnegie Institute of Technology. R John Mmtiilu Professor of French; Director, Junior Year in France . .B.. University of .New Hampshire: Diploma. Franco— .Ameri- can Institute of ' ichy: Doctewr de I ' Universite de Clermont- Ferrand. N ' eromca Maz issociate Professor of Sociology B.. .. Ph.D., University of Pittshurgh. GiusEfPE .Xnto.mo Mirri -issistanl Pr ofessor of Italian Dottore in Lettere e Filosofia, University of Florence. Bettv Sl-e MoEHi.ENKAMP Assistant Professor of Physical Education .• .B.. Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College. FACULTY AND STAFF Elisabeth F. Moi.ler Visiting Lecturer in Psychology . .B., Groucher College; .A.M., Clark University; Ph.D., Cor- iH ' ll University. RoiiKKT J. MoRGA.N Visiting Lecturer in Social Studies; Sue Reid Slaughter Lectureship VtS . Iowa State University; Ph.D., University of Virginia. Lvsbeth W. Muncv . . . .Professor of History and Government .• .B.. V ' assar College; M., Ph.D., Brown University. Lawrence C;. .Nelso.n ' ' Professor of English B..A., Luther College; .A.M., University of Texas; Ph.D., Uni- ersity of Virginia. Caroly.n .Nicholso.n Instructor in Physical Education B.S., Mississippi State College for Women; M.S., Springfield College. LoREN Oliver Associate Professor of Art B.F..A.. John Hcrron .Art Institute: M.F..A.. Tulane Univer- sity. . Iarv Ja.ne S. Oliver Assistant in Art A B . ' Sweet Briar College. Pktlr Penzoldt " ' ' Professor of French and Comparative Literature Licence es Lettres. Doctoral es Lettres. University of Geneva. Sarah Thorpe Ramage Professor of English B..A., Newcomb College; M.A.. Bn ii Mawr College; Ph.D., Vale University. Susan .A. Rand Assistant in Biology .A.B.. Connecticut College. I.ii 1 V L. Rappaport H ' hitney Professor of Physics Ph D.. University of X ' ienna. Jkkrai, C. R, vmo.nd Assistant Professor of Economics B . . Wesleyan University. Thomas H. Regan Assistant Professor of Philosophy B.A., Thiel College; M.A.. Ph.D., University of Virginia. Michael D. Richards Instructor in History B..A.. University of Tulsa: M..A.. Duke University. Marguerite Rlsi.ev Visiting Lecturer in Astronomy A.B.. M.A., Syracuse University: Ph.D.. RadclifTe College. Richard C. Rowland Professor of English A.B.. Columbia College: B.A.. M.. .. D.Phil. (Oxon.) foils R Shannon Associate Professor of Music B.S.. Davidson Clollege; M..A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. Wii I i M E. Smart, Jr Assistant Professor of English AH. Kenyon College; M..A.. University of Connecticut. Marie-Thf rese Sommerville Professor of French Diplome de I ' Ecole Libre des Sciences Poltiques; Licence en Droit. Uiiiversile de Paris: Licence es Lettres. Sorbonne. Second semester. 1966-67. On leave. 1966-67. On sabbatical leave, second semester. 1966-67. Second semester. 1966-67. 169 ADMINISTRATION, Elizabeth F. Sprague ' ' Professor of Biology A.B., A.M.. University of California: Ph.D.. Claremont Grad- uate SchcKil. Phyi.i.i.s W. Steve.xs Associate Professor of Psychology A.B., Oberlin ColleKe : M.A.. Ph.D.. University of North Carohna. BvRD V. Stone . .Instructor in Education; Director of Nursery School A.B.. Sweet Briar College. Paul C. Taylor Instructor :n History .A.B.. Dartmouth College; M.A., Harvard University. VtLLL- M M. Traus.neck . . . .Associate Professor of Education A.B., Richmond College ; M.S., University of Richmond : Ed.D., University of Virginia. Lucile Umbreit ' ' Professor of Music A.B., RadcliflTe College: .A.M.. ' assar College. Gilberte ' an Treese Assistant Professor of French B.A., Bowling Green State University; M.A., Ph.D.. Indiana University. Gle.nn J. Van Tree.se Instructor in French -A.B., M.A.. Indiana University. Arthur L. Vogelback Professor of English B.A., Wesleyan University: M..A.. Columbia University; Ph.D., University of Chicago. Betty Willis Whitehead .. .College Physician and Professor of Health B..A.. Agnes Scott College; M.D., University of N ' irginia. Leonora A. Wik.sv o Assistant Professor of Mathematics A.B., Montclair, New Jersey, Teachers College; M.A. Colum- bia University. Herman L. Zimmermann Instructor in Greek and Latin . .B., .A.M.. Xavier University. FACULTY AND STAFF LIBRARY H. Tyler Gemmell ' ' ' Librarian .A.B., Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College; B.S., M.S., Colum- bia L ' ni ' ersit ' . Ruth Bradley Acting Librarian . .B., University of California at Los Angeles; M.S.L.S., Columbia L ' niversity. L-iDiA M. .N ' ewland Assistant Librarian .A.B.. Skidmore College: B.S.. Columbia University. Nora S. Surface Cataloguer B.A., University of Tennessee: M.A., (L.S. ) George Peabody College for Teachers. Harriet Ying Assistant Cataloguer LL.B., Soo Chow University, Taipei; M..A. (L.S.) George Peabody C ' ollcge for Teachers. Eike Hueter Circulation Librarian B.A., M.A.. University of Alabama. Clarissa M. Rowland Library Assistant M..A. fOxon. ) Nancy- H. .Adams Bookkeeper Helen Edgemon Stack Assistant Mildred Edgemon Stack Assistant ' " On sabbatical leave, 1966-67. " On sabbatical leave, second semester, 1966-67. Second semester. 1966-67. 170 ♦ ' ♦■•»..♦♦ J -3 u STUDENT DIRECTORY AI)iH-y, jaiK ' l . ' :i;i8 Nallrybmnk. r .k-du, Olii.. 1361;) Adriancc. Joan Tniehcart 2701 51st St., Galveston. Tex. 77.i52 Allen, .Vdaline Heiskell 840 ' an Xes Dr.. Glendale, Ohio 4524( Allen, Lorna Elizabeth ..3432 Overbook, Houston, Te. . 77027 Allen, Melissa 328 S, Fenwick Rd., Mcmphi.s, Tenn. 381 1 1 . llison, Elizabeth CMeveland 400 Cleveland St.. Greenville, S. C:. 29601 . lphin. Henrietta Bryan . . 1 .North .St.. Greenwich, Conn. 06830 .■ lsop. Margie .Xnne 201 Chandler Lane. Corpus Christi, Tex. 78401 . mbler, Marv Carv 4702 Pocahontas Ave., Richmond. ' a. 23226 Anderson, C:harlotte Anne 2729 Fort Scott Drive, .Arlington, ' a. . nders in. Gene Cristina Qtrs. 1. Rock Island Arsenal, Rock Island, 111. 61202 Arnold, Margaret Box 326, Blakely. (ia. 31723 .■ rnspiger, .Xnn .Austin . .232 Barrow Rd.. Lexington, Ky. 40,iO2 Avotte, Paula Elizabeth 731 Forest Hills Dr.. Wilniington, . . C. 21803 15 Bacchiani, Christina Di.ina . .. .West Neck Rd., Lloyd Harbor, Huntington, L. I., . Y. 11743 Bacon, Cynthia Irene . 10-16 Burbank St., Fairlawn. . J- 07 1 12 Bahnson, Jeanette Louise 2725 Windsor Rd.. Winslon-Saleni. N. C. 27104 Baile, Kendra Michelle 2227 Glenn Summer Rd., Colorado Springs, Colo. 80909 Baker. Louise Prvor 6920 Woodside PI.. Chew Chase, Md. 20015 Baker. N ' ictoria Jean ASD, Area B, Box 7965, Wriglit-Patterson AFB, Ohio 45433 Baldwin, " irginia Kathleen Baldwin Woods. Whiteville. X. C. 28472 Ball, Margaret .Ann 4730 Arapahoe Ave., J.-cksonville. Fla. 32210 Banks, Ann Bo ' an . . 14 Woodland Hills. Tuscaloosa. Ala. 35401 Banks. Jane Coleman 14 Woodland Hills. Tuscaloosa, .Ala. 35401 Banzet, Lucv White Box 535, Warrenton, . C, 27589 Barnes, jane Stirling , .245 E. 87th St., New York, N, Y. 10028 Barnes, Kathnii Andrea . . .600 Brook Cir.. Griffin. Ga. 30223 Barnes. N ' ancy Elizabeth 1279 fackson Springs Rd., Macon, Ga. 31201 Barnhardt, Katharine Ciperlon 4800 Atlantic .Ave.. N ' irginia Beach. ' a. 23451 Barnhart, Margaret Suzanne 1930 Colorado Blvd.. Denver, Colo. 80220 Birr, Carolvn .Armstrong 828 Clavton .Ave.. Bav Head. . . J. 087 12 Barr, Carroll Randolph i Mrs. MichaeU Kenmore Rd.. Amherst, ' a. 24521 Bartels, Laura Arme 320 S. Englcwood Dr.. Huntington, W. ' a. 25701 Bartholoniaus, Suellen 20 Goose Hill Rd.. Cold Spring Harbor, . Y. 1172 1 Bassett, Beverly Maxw(41 Tinner Hill Rd.. New Canaan, Conn. 06810 Batchelder. Margaret Elaine 617 Marshall St.. Lexington. ' a. 24450 Bateman, Nancy .Ann 9531 . . Wakefield Court. Milwaukee. Wis. 53217 Bates, Jan Millicent 2200 South 23rd St., Richmond, Ind. Bates, Susan Legare 500 Henrietta Heights, Greenwood, S. C. 29646 Baynham, Daphne Douglas-Willan Ill S. Raleigh St.. Martinsburg, W. ' a. 25401 Beach, Elizabeth Ann . .Gourley Heights, Beattyville, Ky. 41311 Beall, Sandra Jeanne 3609 Fountainhill Ridge. Charlotte, N. C. 2821 I Beaudouin, Stephanie 250 Hamilton Rd., Chappaqua, . . Y. 1051 I Becker, Pamela Qtrs. L, U. S. .Naval Ba.se, Charleston, S, C, 29408 Beckner, Mary Elizabeth 237 Robinwood Dr.. Hagerstown, Md. 21711 Becler, Mar ' Blake 2427 Westward Ave., La Marque, Tex. 77568 Bell, Mary Leiia 1344 Boiling Ave.. Norfolk. Va. 23508 Bell, Mary Rogers 239 Holiday Rd., Lexington, Ky. 40502 Bennett, Linda Melissa 1453 Gilmer Ave., Montgomery, Ala. 36104 Bennett, Martha Leslie , ,8 Beech Hills, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 35401 Bensen, Judith Leslie 14 Old Orchard Rd,, .North Haven. Conn. 06473 Bent.scn. Rebecca Ann 512 E. Houston Ave., McAllen, Tex. 78501 Berguido, Jill 135 Rose Lane, Haverford, Pa. 19041 Bernard, Elizabeth .Ashby 1671 Westover Ave., Petersburg, Va. 23805 Bernljaum. Louise .Marcia .American Embassy, Caracas, Venezuela Bielaski, Susan Gary 31 Hawthorne Lane. Weston, Mass. 02193 Biggs, .Ann Gary 1221 N. Ocean Blvd.. Gulfstream. Delray Beach, Fla. 33444 Bilbro, Gene Spencer ,4415 Howell PI., Nashville, Tenn. 37205 Bilbro, Louise deVries .4415 Howell PI., Nashville, Tenn. 37205 Bissell, Leslie Willard 8 Carriage Road, Valmy, Greenville, Del. Bissell, Susan Eileen 118 Rockingham Dr., Windsor Hills, Wilmington, Del. 19803 Blackstock, Priscilla Gay 3740 S. Tewilleger, Tulsa, Okla. 74105 Blackwell, Elizabeth Carter Sweet Briar, Va. 24595 Blackwell, Mary Clayton Sweet Briar, ' a. 24595 Blencowe, Mary Janet 258 McWane Cir.. Lynchburg, ' a. 24501 Blew, Bonnie Rea Providence Rd., R.D. 2, Malvern, Pa. 19355 Bloomer. Susan Lea 290 .N.E. 91st St., Miami Shores. Fla. 33138 Blynn, Sandra 11 (;rosset Rd , Riverside, Conn. 06878 Blythe, Katherine Pegraiu 2525 Sharon Lane. Charlotte, N. C. 28211 Blythin. Phyllis fane Boxhill Lane, Louisville, Ky. 40222 Bodin, Juliet Emilie 10907 Wickline, Houston, Tex. 77024 Bouncy, Frances Ann 3658 Strat ' ord, Dallas, Tex. 75205 Boucher, Sally Vi rginia Rt, 1, Front Royal, ' a. 22630 Bovd, Pamela fean . , . . 1826 Keswick Dr., Meadow-brook Terr. .Norfolk, Va. 23518 Braden. Elizalieth Bounian Golf Club Lane, Nashville, Tenn. 37215 Bradshaw, Beverly Jean 3906 S. Summerlin St.. Orlando. Fla. 32806 Brantlv, Lynne Susan 1 129 Club House Rd., Gladw ne. Pa. 19035 Bredin, Margaretta Starrett Greenville. Del. 19807 Brent. Elizabeth Marshall McGuire Highland Rd., Richmond. Va. 23229 Brewer. Elizabeth Lanier 1 70 W. CJlenwood. Clarksville. Tenn. 37040 Brewer, Martha Johnston Rt. 2, Box 22A, Greenwood, Miss. 38930 Brewster. Barbara Elaine 6501 Oakland Dr., .New Orleans. La. 70118 Briber, Amie St hilling 7525 N. Links Wav. Milwaukee. Wis. 53217 Britlon, Elizabeth .Lindsev Fox Hill. Rt. 3. P.O. MechanicsWlle, Atlee, Va. 23111 Britton. Kathleen Dennis 3840 Spring X ' alley Rd., Birmingham, Ala. 35223 Brockie, Janine Nash .191 Brayton St.. Englewood. N. J. 07631 Brown. .Avis Moate ..2922 Bransford Rd.. Augusta. Ga. 30904 Br Elizabeth Florence .Rt. 3. Box 593. Raleigh, N. C. 27603 Elizabeth Randolph Cilouccster, Va. 24061 Lindslev Keith 2727 34th Place, N.W., Washington, D. C. 20007 Melinda Jane ..221 High Rd., .Newbury. Mass. 01950 Monnie Madeleine 445 Del Mar Blvd.. Corpus Christi, Tex. 78404 Susanne Page 1003 Horsepen Rd.. Richmond. ' a. 23229 Browning. Pamela 216 N. 27th St.. .Allentown, Pa. 18104 Brunner. Phoebe .Anne 5813 .Nevada .Ave.. N.W., Washington, D. C. 20015 Brush, Susan Lewis ' . Castle Hill, Lexington, Va. 2+450 Brvan. Carroll Sadler Box 3735, Greenville. Del. 19807 Brown Brown Brown Brown 171 SIUDENT DIRECTORY Bryant, Cecilia Ann 1870 Challen Ave., Jacksonville. Fla. 32205 Buis. Gretchen Lynn . .8802 Sierra Rd., Richmond, Va. 23229 Bncker, Candacc Eva Box 506, Chester, Mont. 59522 Bull, Eugenia 561 Briar Lane, Northfield, 111. 60094 Buliard, Mildred Gretchen 1115 Watson Dr.. Wilson, . C. 27893 Burnetle, Marv McMain Tarrant Box 666, Battlcboro, N. C. 27809 Bmns, Mary Car:er 4816 Quebec St , Washington, D. C. 20016 Burtis, Marianne Crawley 101 Columbia .- ve.. Swarthmore, Pa. 19081 Burwell, Pamela . . , 198 Shorham Dr,. Rochester, N. Y. 14618 Buster, Kathnn Martin . .. .P.O. Box 126, Midway, Ky. 40347 Butler, Helen Pecples ..5 Martinda ' e, Greenwich, Conn. 0683(1 Bvrne, Dorothv Estelle 103 El Dorado Dr.. Richmond. ' a. 23229 C Cabaniss, Anne Simkins .229 15th St., N.E., Atlanta, Cm. 30309 Cahan, Louisa Braun 1901 Lydia. Waukegan, 111. 60085 Calder, Marnite Earnhardt 204 N, Union St., Concord, N. C. 28025 Calhoun, Andria Beth . ,. .77 Beers Rd.. Easton, Conn. 06425 Calhoun. Patricia Lawson 2337 Kings Way, Augusta, Ga. 30904 Callison, Diane Margaret . .Wcstgatc . pt. 1602, 1122 Colorado St.. . ustin, Tex. 78701 Camblos, Helen Stuart 17 Forest Rd., Asheville, N. C. 28803 Campbell, Laura Lee . .6655 S.W. 106 St., Miami, Fla. 33156 Campbell, Sarah Van Liew . . . .Rt. 3. 143 W. Washington St.. Hagerstown. Md. 21740 Carmichael. Diana Kav 6460 Southwood Dr.. Littleton, Colo. 80120 Carpenter, ' irginia Field 711 Woodland Ave., Westfield. N. .T. 07090 Carr. Eugenia Waddell 1313 Live Oak Pkwy.. Wihnington. N. C. 28403 Carroll, Gloria Ann 101 Hemlock Dr.. Lodi. Ohio 44254 Cash, Courtney Elizabeth 330 Pinecrest Lane. Bristol, Va. 24201 Cassedy. Laurel Dianne 6617 Robin Rd.. Sprin.gfield, Va. 22150 Chanibliss, Margaret Mabry 120 N. Hermitage . ve.. Lookout Mountain, Tenn. 37350 Cheney, Elizabeth Mitchell 2 Stuyvesant Ave.. Rye. N. Y. 10580 Chesnutt. Marv Murphv 112 Cheswood Dr.. Hot Springs, Ark. 71901 Christenscn, Lorna Gladys 5 Crampton Rd.. BronxviUe. N. Y. 10708 Clark. .Anne Merren 206 Alapocas Dr.. Wilmington. Del. 19803 Clark, Caroline Fielding 209 Rockingham Rd.. Greenville, S, C. 29607 Clarke, Anne Percy . .3926 McFarlin Blvd.. Dallas, Tex. 75205 Clemens, Mary Lenore 1941 Commonwealth Ave.. Brnton Harbor, Mich. 49022 Cleveland. Ruth Trucsdell 10123 Leesburg Pike. Vienna, Va. 22180 Cochrane, Bariiara Elaine 124 Anawan Rd.. Xortli .Attleboro, Mass. 02760 Cocke, Cynthia Lee 117 Wildwood Ave., Hariingen, Tex. 78550 Coffee Colleen Lawrenceville Rd., Lawrenceville, N. .J. 08532 Cogan, Mary Patricia 240 Oriole Pkyv ., Toronto, Ontario, Canada Coleman, M irgot .Xim 10100 Southwest 56 .- ve.. Miami. Fla. 33156 deColigny. .Julie Amanda 6310 Three Chopt Rd.. Richmond, ' a. 23226 Compton. Dorothv . nn Pleasantville Rd.. . ew ' ernon, N. J. 07976 Connard, Candida Han R.D 1. New Hope, Pa. 18938 Coons, Harriet Wnable 805 Acacia Lake Dr.. Brownsville, Tex. 78520 Cooper. Lee 12325 25th Helena Dr.. Los Angeles, Calif. 90049 Cooper. Margaret Pattison 445 Cypress . e.. Clarksdale, Miss. 38614 Councill. Diana Lynn 5604 Newington Rd.. Washington. D. t. 20016 Covington, Carol Irene 6910 Baylor Dr., Alexandria, Va. 22.307 Covington, Eleanor Watson 2315 Princess Ann St., Greensboro, N. C. 27408 Crawford, .A.nne Schuyler ... .Box 306, Sctauket, N. Y. 11785 Crossley, Eleanor Kidd (Mrs. T. ].] Rt. 3, Box 12. . ' mherst, Va. 24521 Cummings, Katherine .Anne 465 Bedford Rd.. Chippaqua, X. Y. 10511 Cunningham, Edna Ann 1303 Bellevue Dr., Gadsden. .Ma. 35901 D Dalton, Diane 2918 Winthrop Rd., Shaker Hei.ghts. Ohio 44120 Diniel, Judith Parr ....206 Xelson .Ave., .Amherst. Va. 24521 Darby. Hallie Harian 729 X. Wood Ave.. Florence. Ala. 35632 Darden, Brenda Faye 197 S. Main St., Suffolk, Va. 23434 Darden, Margaret Munford 8 Thompson St.. Annapolis, Md. 21401 Divenport, Jane Ru,sh ..117 James St.. Greenville. S. C. 29609 Davenport. Susan Stu.in 6706 Wolf Pen Branch Rd., Hirrods Creek, Ky. 40027 Davidson. .Alice Houghton Bacon Pond Rd.. Woodbury, Conn. 06798 D.avis. Jane Elizabeth Maryen 4240 Orte.ga Forest Dr.. Jacksonvilie, Fla. 32210 Davis. Mary Margaret 531 10th Ave., Huntington, W. Va. 25701 Davis. Patricia Frances 136 Westlook Cir.. Oak Rid.ge. Tenn. 37830 Dearborn. .Anne CJayle 405 Sunnyside Dr.. .Xashville. Tenn. 37205 Dedman. Jane Ellen 199 Old Kings Hgwy., North. Darien. Conn. 06820 DeLong. Diane .. .5306 Duvall Dr.. Washington. D. C. 20016 Denemark. Debrah Lvn 1006 Parkway East. Utica. N. Y. 13501 Deshler. Elaine P.O. Box 51. Pottersville. N. J. 07979 Dick. Direxa 770 Park .Ave., New York. N. Y. 10021 Dickev, Pauline Eakin 1902 Ash, Texarkana. Ark. 75501 Dietz, Mary Welch 810 Laurel Dr.. Aiken. S. C. 29801 Dilworth, Mary Elizabeth . .Valley Heights, Li.gonier, Pa. 15658 Doerfler, Lynne Louise 1302 Oakcrest Court, .Appleton. Wis. 54912 Donald. Lindi Kav 5926 Overiea Rd.. Washington, D. C. 20016 Dcmaldson. Mary McStocker 4009 Undenvood St.. Chevy Chase. Md. 20015 Dornette, Frances Wav 69 Oliver Rd.. Cincinnati. Ohio 45215 Dortch, Margaret Anderton 4406 Harding PI.. Nashville, Tenn. 37205 Dudley. Elizabeth J irrett 3801 Sheringham PI.. Lynchburg. ' a. 24503 Dudlev. Shelbv Kav 3795 Paces Ferrv Rd.. X.W.. Atlanta. Ga. 30327 Duffield, B irL.ua LaTeer 726 Mount Moro Rd.. X ' illanova, Pa. 19085 3515 Paces Ferry Rd. N.W., Atlanta, Ga. 30327 Dunlap, Margina Gales ..1151 CXikcliir Rd., Macon, Ga. 31201 E Eastin, Jane Prescott 5855 Brookwood Rd.. Indianapolis, Ind. 46226 Eckman, Mary Murray .800 Oak Ave.. Waynesboro, Va. 22980 Edds. Judith Blaine 1687 Dumfries Rd., Mount Royal. P. Q.. Canada Edgerton, Donna Haves 2 Tazewell Ave.. Cape Charies. Va. 23310 Edgerton, Elizabeth Brown Wallack Point, Stamford. Conn. 06702 Edgerton, Linda 325 Cherokee PI., Chariotte. N. C. 28207 Edinger, Suzanne 611 Chil) Lane, Louisville, Ky. 40207 Edwards. Elizabeth Augusta 1344 Lakewood Dr., S.W.. Roanoke. ' a. 24015 Eells, Marion Clotiiu 623 Meadowbrook Lane. Rock Hill. S. C. 29732 Eldridge, -imirii,i ( )llpli lut 1509 Scrope Rd.. Rydal. Pa. 19046 Duke. Lind.i Je 17- - ' fc . ♦ -i ♦ •♦ STUDENT DIRECTORY Elkins, Susaiine Marie 171 Overlook Dr., Springfield, Mass. 01118 Eoff. Teresa I ' h.y 1415 Meln.se, Norman, Okla. 7:«)69 Evans. Suzanne 106 Walnut Lane, Elkton, Mtl. 2 1921 Ewalt, Stephanie Walther Barton Delhi Plantatinn, Prince Frederick. Md. 20678 F Fangboner. Claudia Dillon 9018 Brierly Rd., Chevy Chase, Md. 20015 File, Linda Ann 5361, Coff Dr., Dayton, Ohio Fitz-Hugh, Sarah Tucker 2016 DeLancey PI.. Philadelphia, Pa. 19103 Follows, Maiy . nnettc 12 Greenuay Ter.. Forest Hills Ciardens, . Y. 1 1375 Ford, Pamela jane . .Bowerstown Rd.. Washington, . J. 07882 Formin, Claudia Fleet 7045 Westmoreland Dr., St. Louis. Mo. 63130 Forsyth, Jeanne Hanby 3805 N. Woodbridge Rd.. Birmingham, Ala. 35223 Fraic. Francine Elizabeth 3511 Mountainbrook Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 28210 Frazier, Margaret Lynn ... ,36 Ridgetop, St. Louis, Mo. 631 17 Fuller, Barbara Jean 37 Lansdowne Dr.. Larchmont, N. Y. 10538 Fuller. Patricia Irene Orchard St., Medfield, Mass. 02052 Fuller, Ridgely Plater .3609 Tupelo PI., Alexandria. ' a. 22304 G Gardner, Lynne .Austin ....Purchase Lane. Rye, . Y. 10580 Gateley. Ann 2711 Hood, .Apt. H. Dallas, Tex. 75219 Gauthrop, Elizabeth Dumesnil 800 Sconncltown Rcl.. West Chester, Pa. Gearhart. Shellev Shook 2816 Shook Hill Rd., Birmingham. Ala. 35223 Giannakis, Foulitsa Minnis 5113 Virginia Ave.. Charleston. W. ' a. 25304 Ciibbes, Margaift Dixon 3420 Heatherwood Rd., Columbia. S. C. 29205 (iiddens, Sarah Kav 2555 X. Delwood Dr.. Mobile. Ala. 36606 Gilbert, Elora CJail (iregory St.. Amherst. a. 24521 Gillespie, Man ' Sabra . .8 Cole Lane. Williamsburg, " a. 23185 Gillet, Regine Nicole . . . .206 rue du Cluzel. Tours 37, France Gilroy, Patricia Elaine .7543 Denver Ct.. .Annandale, Va, 22003 Gipson, Sally R.R. 2. Box 113 " ' ., Patterson, N. Y. 12563 Girard, Marion Phyllis . .1510 Niessen Rd.. Oreland, Pa. 19075 Givens, Mcrilyn . .50 Davison Lane E.. West Islip, N. Y. 11795 Glaser, Elizabeth Lee 304 Tarr town Dr.. Richmond. ' a. 23229 Glass, Alicia Middleton . .6 Tnuld St.. Chadeston. S. C. 2940! Glass, Hannah Elizabeth 219 North Sixteenth Ave., Hopewell, Va. 23860 Gooch, Emilv Hart 2302 Avenham Ave., S.W.. Roanoke. Va. 24014 Gott. Elisabeth Schuvler 7503 Meadow Lane. t:hevy Chase, Md. 20015 Gott. Jane Elizabeth 6120 Dorchester St.. Springfield, ' a. 22150 Gould, Frances Grace 506 Selma . ve.. Selma, Ala. 36701 Gould, Linda .Anne 46 Davis Ave., .Auburn. Me. 04210 Granath. Sara Elisabeth ... .10 Radjursstigen, Kolsva. Sweden Gravely. Frances Carrington 317 Shady Cir. Dr.. Rocky Mount, N. C. 27801 (irav. Cathrvn Elaine 1232 Northampton Rd.. Petersburg. ' a. 23803 (Ireen. Leilani Loretta ..1 Midoaks Rd.. Monroe. . V. 10950 Greenhouse, Ellen Roxana 1 146 Maple Hill Rd.. Westfield, N. J. 0709(1 Greenspan. Barbara Joan 1010 Fifth .Ave.. New York, N. Y. 10028 Gress, Mar - Editli 1836 Springmeadow Blvd.. Norfolk. ' a. 23518 Grice. .Ann ' ictoria ..3065 Highpoint Dr., Macon, (ia. 31204 Griffin, Mar - Rose 40 Quaker Ridge Rd.. Shelton. Conn. 06481 (iriffith. Frances Martha 107 Woodfield Dr.. Short Hills, N. J. 07078 Griffith. Melissa C:apweli CiKTofl Rl. 5, St. Margarets, Annapolis, Md. 21400 (Iriffiths. Judith Holland. .439 E. Sixth St.. Hinsdale, 111. 60521 Grizzard, Linda Landis ...WiLson Pike. Franklin. Tenn. 37064 Guilford. Carolyn Bridget 164 Revolutionary Rd.. Scarborough, N. Y. 10562 (;uthrie. Mar - Lesslie . . .Nashville Pike. Gallatin, Tenn. 37066 H llaagensen. [anice Shelburne R.D. 3. Box 565. Murrysville, Pa. 15668 Haddad, Carolyn Marie 838 Franklin. River Forest. III. 60305 Hall, .Adrienne .Anne . . 103 Joppa Rd.. Edinburgh 15, Scotland Hall. Catherine Marshall 304 Skyhill Rd., Alexandria. Va. 22314 Halligan, Mary Beth 636 Sydenham Ave., Wcstmount, Montreal, P. Q., Canada Hamilton, Sandra Lynn Main St., Peapack, N. J. 07977 Hampton, Susan Cheryl 1716 Burning Tree Dr,, Vienna, ' a. 22180 Hand. Deborah Dorothy 15 Gcorganna St., Braintree, Mass. 02185 Handlv. Margaret Craig 3420 Hampton Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 37215 Hannum. Margaret El line 4805 Morgan Dr., Chevy Chase. Md. 20015 Hansford. Jane Cory 58 Washington Rd., Piilsford, N. Y. 14534 Harbottle. Judith Ann 5400 Broadway Terr., Apt. 402, Oakland. Calif. 94618 Harlin, Luella Elizabeth 122 Winslow Rd.. Franklin, Tenn. 37064 Harioe. Claudettc Ellis 669 Hempstead PI., Charlotte, N. C. 28207 Harris. Kathrvn Haves 4860 Ortega Blvd., Jacksonville, Fla. 32210 H nris, Loring Hancock 122 Tempsford Lane. Richmond, Va. 23226 Hartnett, Karen Jane 22 Ivy Trail, (;recnville, S. C. 29607 Haney. Elizabeth Duncan . .. .1790 North Cumbcriand Blvd.. Milwaukee, Wise. 53211 Harvey, Marion Louse R.D. 4, Coolvn Hill. Dallas. Pa. 18612 Harwood, Ann Elizabeth 86 Waban .Ave.. Waban. Mass. 02168 Haskell, Connie ...10 Calvcanthus Rd . Ri hmond. Va. 23221 Haskell, Judith Bright R.F.D. 2. Box 373. North Augusta, S. C. 29841 Haskell. Sarah Bright 10 Calycanthus Rd., Richmond, ' a. 23221 Hastings. Barbara Elizabeth 1945 Tavlor Rd., East Cleveland. Ohio 44112 Hawkins. Laura Louise 2163 Midwick Dr.. Altadena. Calif. 91101 Hayes, Joan Florence 851 Midland Rd., Oradell, N. J. Haygood. A ' alerie Elizabeth 1009 .Audubon Dr.. Memphis, Tenn. 38117 Hayman. Louise Lake 30 Linden Ave., Princess Anne, Md. 21853 Hays. Cynthia Lee ...1604 Richard St., Columbus, Ga. 31908 Hemstreet, Gail Arden 4405 East West Hgwy.. Bethesda. Md. 20014 Henderson. Linda Dee Hickory Lane, Rt. 7, Greenville. S. C. 29609 Hendricks. Ricky Lvnn 127 Travois Rd., Louisville. Ky. 40207 Hennessv. Joan Catherine 148 Westmont. West Hartford, Conn. 06117 Herbert. Susan Pembroke 583 Mountain Ave., North Caldwell. N. J. 07007 Ilerzog, Kristin Ellin 46 Mann Lot Rd.. .North Scituate. Mais. 02060 Hewett, Sallv .Anne 2401 Huntleigh Dr.. Oklahoma City. Okla. 73120 Hevward, Josephine deRosset 340 Harbison Rd.. Wayne, Pa. 19087 Hickev, Mellie Hanks 602 Elmwood Dr., Greensboro. N. C. 27408 Hickox, Nancy Louise Little Sewickley Creek Rd., Sewifkley. Pa. 15143 Hicks. Joanne Brvant 117 Quintynnes Dr., Wilmington. Del. 19803 Hill. Almena Pierson 513 Plantation Rd.. Filhhissee. Fla. 32303 Hill. Elizabeth Baldwin 3168 Thomas .Ave.. Montgomery. .Ala. 36106 Hill. Susan Jane . .60 S. Second St.. Chambersburg. Pa. 17201 Hiimer. Susan Yost Box 58. Mendenhall. Pa. 19357 173 •• :• . STUDENT DIRECTORY Hinshaw, Anne Stuart Bailey ' s Mill Rd., New N ' ernon, ' X. J. 07976 Hipp. Marv Jane 33 W. Avondale Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 29609 Hobhs. Bettve Baskerville Ednam Forest. Charlottesville. ' a. 22901 Hode;e. Patricia Renton 26 Barberry Lane. Short Hills. N. J. 07078 Holbrook. Susan Miiore 715 Second St.. Wrisfht-Patterson A.F.B.. Ohio 45433 Hollister. Carolvn Phyllis 219 While Oak Ridee Rd.. Short Hills. -N. J. 07078 Holloway, Diane 1704 Rainbow Dr.. Waycross. Ga. 31501 Holloway, Elizabeth Ste vart Route 4. Hume Rd.. Lexington. Ky. 40505 Holt. Tanith 1230 GaspariUa Dr.. Fort Myers. Fla. 33901 Holzer. Jessica Louise . .138 Rock Rd.. Glen Rock, . . J. 07452 H(X)pes, Ruth Snowden Box 3896. Greenville. Del. 19807 Horowitz. Joan Elizabeth -. Orchard Farm Rd.. Port Washington, . . Y. 11050 Horton. Judith . nne 3710 Overbrook Lane. Houston. Tex. 77027 Hoskins. Charlotte Bryce 402 Berkley Rd.. Haverford, Pa. 19041 Huber, Leslie Jean . . 102 Ogden Cir.. Oak Ridge, Tenn. 37832 Hughes, Patricia Jean 45 Hemlock Rd.. Short Hills. X. T- 07078 Huguenin, Jan 3815 Caruth. Dallas. Tex. 75225 Hull. Jan Campbell 41 Long -iew Rd.. Port Washingtim. X. Y. 11050 Hull, Susan Jeanette . .Westover Rd.. Litchfield. Conn. 06759 Humelsine. Mary Carlisle Xorton-Cole House. Duke of Gloucester St.. Williamsburg. ' a. 23185 Hummel. Charlotte Lvnette 177 Summit . ' Xve., Summit. X. J. 07901 Humphreys, May Wilson 147 S. Goodlett. Memphis. Tenn. 38117 Hunt. Wanda Dianne ....Rt. 4. Madison Heights. ' a. 24572 Hunter. Carter Byrd 7720 Argyle .Xve.. Norfolk. ' a. 23505 Hunter. Hannah Baird . .7720 . rgyle .- ve., Norfolk. ' a. 23505 Hunter. Harriet Ellen 49 Brandon Rd.. Newport News. Va. 23601 Hurt. Frances Hallam ....Halifax Rd., Chatham. ' a. 24531 Hutchison. Janet .Ann . .5709 W. Byron St.. Chicago. III. 60634 Hutton. Katherine Leland 212 Deer Park Dr.. .Nashville. Tenn. 37205 I Illingworth. Jane Ciail .North Montpelier. ' t. 05666 J Jackson. Margery- Lee Rt. 1, Box . -365. Rainbow Forest. Troutville. Va. 24175 Jackson, Mary French . . .777 West St.. Pittsfield, Mass. 02101 Jenkins, Helen Howard 12 Calvcanthus Lane, Richmond. Va. 23221 Jester. Susan Spotswood 1919 Quarry Rd.. Lvnchburg. " a. 24504 Johnson, Jane Elizabeth 502 White Oak Dr.. Severna Park. Md. 21146 Johnson. Kimberly .- nn .8205 Sierra Oval. Parma. Ohio 44130 Johnston, . delaide Orr 1201 Queens Rd. West. Charlotte. N. C. 28207 Jones. C:atherine Whitakcr 4600 Wallow Hills Lane, Cincinnati. Ohio 45243 Jon.-s. C:arolyn Gordon 308 Ingleside Dr., Fredericksburg. Va. 22403 Jones. Deborah Lore Brookmeadow Rd., West Farm. Greenville, Del. 19807 Jones, Elsa .Arniita.ge New Scotland Rd.. Slingerlands. N. Y. 12159 Jones, Karen McEwan . .307 Florence St.. Pickens. S. C. 29671 Jones, Maria deSaussure 419 Westwood Dr.. Chapel Hill. N. C. 27514 Jones, Nadine Elizabeth 15 . ustell Way, N.W., Atlanta, Ga. 30305 Jones, Nor elI Mason Montague Pohick Rectory. Lorton. ' a. 22079 Jones. ' ictoria Snow 74 Forest Ave.. New Rochelle, N. Y. 10804 Josephs. Nancy Blair . .24t, CoKille Rd.. Charlotte, N. C. 28207 K Kallina. Beatrice Lee 1 100 Ramblewood Rd.. Baltimore, Md. 21212 Kallusch, Susanne Emily . .Ridge Rd.. Cazenovia, N. Y. 13035 Kay. Janye Elston P.O. Box 13. Cambria, Wis. 53923 Kelety. Katalin Denise 112 Pleasant St., Brix)kline, Mass. 02146 Keller. Cornelia Flagg 3536 Hawthorne Dr.. Jackson. Miss. 39216 Kelley. Ellen Wade . . .17 Creekside Cir.. Houston. Tex. 77024 Kelley, Marv .Alice R.R. 2. .Xaperville. 111. 60540 Kelly. Cathie Cook 652 Lindlev Rd., Glenside. Pa. 19038 Kendig. MaiT Emily Corbin 5008 Gary St. Rd.. Richmond. Va. 23226 Kent. Barbara Susan 608 Woodmere Blvd.. Woodmere. N. Y. 11598 Kern. . nne Cover 119 S. Washington St.. Winchester. ' a. 22601 Ketcham. Marsha 1 Cherrv Lane. Westfield. N. J. 07090 Keyseriing. Judith Box 682. Beaufort. S. C. 29903 Kibbee. Katherine .1016 Devonshire Rd.. Pittsburgh, Pa. 15213 King. Gene Anne ... 1012 S. Sterling Ave.. Tampa. Fla. 33609 King. Marv Elizabeth 818 Twin Oaks Dr.. Apt. 3. Decatur. Ga. 30030 Kinnaird. Linda Foster 334 Linden .Ave.. Englewood. N. J. 07631 Kinnard. Dayna Charlette . .Carrolsburg Square, 1250 4th St.. S.W., Washington, D. C. 20024 Kinsev. .- nne Godwin 1 150 Woodland Rd.. Petersburg. Va. 23805 Kirschenfeld. SheriT Lynne 3367 Boxwood Dr.. Montgomery, .Ma. 36111 Kir en, Frances Fry . .833 Peachtree Dr.. Columbus. Ga. 31906 Kistler, Carol . . .2337 Linden .Ave., So. Plainfield. X. J. 07080 Kjellstrom. Page Michaux 204 W. Hillcrest Ave.. Richmond. Va. 23226 Klise, Virginia Kirk 4390 Lorcom Lane. .Arlington, Va. Kneip, Loraine DeRonde 1501 Tower Rd.. Winnetka. III. 60093 Koester, Mary Melinda ...500 Bosphorus. Tampa. Fla. 33606 Kraemer. Kathleen .Ann .30 Narcissus Dr.. Belleville. III. 62221 Kuhns, Kristin Colgan 1 100 Runnymede Rd.. Davton. Ohio 45419 Kulczycki, Mary Christine .721 S. Main St.. .Athens. Pa. 18810 Kurtz, Elizabeth Gill 2531 Brentwood Rd.. Columbus. Ohio 43209 Kvger. Man- Katharine 5 Nutmeg Lane. Andover, Mass. 01810 L La Lance. Barbar.i .Anne Bur.gess Dr.. College Hill. St. Albans. W. Va. 25177 Lambert. Louise Traylor 314 Jamestown Rd.. Williamsburg, Va. 23185 Lane. Constance Nelson 308 M Ttle Lane, .Altavista. ' a. 24517 Lane, Marie Madeleine . . . 1209 Clay St., Franklin. a. 23851 Laslie, .Adele Easton 1626 Charlton Dr.. New Orleans. La. 70122 Lawrence. Sarah .Anne 9810 Kensington Pkwy.. Kensington, Md. 20014 Leach. Nance Remington 10 Thomas St.. Harrington. R. I. 02806 Lee. Barbara .Aim 3654 Cold Spring Lane. Chamblee. Ga. 30005 Leland. Deirdre Ann .Preston Hill Rd., Hamilton. N. Y. 13346 Lewis. Elizabeth Moreland 6 Westwood Hills. Ruston. La. 72 729 Lewis, .Jane Nexille .322 Lexington Rd.. Richmond. Va. 23226 LewisI Margaret Beverly 1300 Poplar St.. Pine Bluff. Ark. 71601 Li. Marian . .. .Woodland Hgts.. 2 Wongnei Chcmg Gap Rd., Apt. 6B. Hong Kong. B.C.C. Litchfield, Katherine Beimett 3328 LeBron .Ave., Montgomery. .Ala. 36106 Little. Suzanne Middleton ' . . .352 Oxford Dr.. Short Hills. N. J. 07078 Littleton. Mildred Clement 407 Woodland .Ave., Wayne Pa. 19087 Lloveras, Lang Elizabeth c o Banco .Altantida. Tegucigalpa. Honduras Lombardi. Lucy Hendrcn 17 .Albert Court. London S.W. 7. England Long. Carroll Carter 914 7th Ave.. Selma. Ala. 36701 Long, Madelline Eva 409 Tyler PI., Alexandria, Va. 22302 Longstaff, Llewellvn Ray 117 Woodlawn Rd.. Baltimore. Md. 21210 Louis. Catharine DeWitt 2600 Dellwood Dr., Atlanta, Ga. 30305 174 ' i ♦ • ♦ • • ♦ v» -♦ J ' ■ STUDENT DIRECTORY L.. .- Man- C:luistinc 31-70 Charbonicr Rd., Florissant. Mo. 63031 Luby, Deborah . nn . . .32 Westfield Rd.. Meridcn. Conn. 06451 Lucas, Catherine . nne Marguerite ... .61 Calcta de San .Juan. San .Juan, Puerto Rico 00901 Lucas, Stephanie Jeanne 61 Caleta de San Juan. San Juan, Pucrlo Rico 00901 Lykes, Susan Wall 5418 Lykes Lane, Tampa, Fla. 3361 1 Lyle. Mary Lynn . . .4660 Apache Ave.. Jacksonville, Fla. 32210 Lvons, Maixaret N ' ireinia 4435 Garfield St., X.W., Washington. D.C. 20007 M McCjbe. Diane Michele 213-51 36th Ave.. Bayside, N.Y. 11361 McCall, Mary H. len 110 Sylvan Dr.. Lookout Mountain, Tenn. 37350 McCanipb.U, Svdncv Meriwether 4819 . Lake Dr.. MiKvaukcc. Wis. 53217 McCardell. Kathirine Claire 1023 Winding Way. Baltimore. Md. 21210 McClur;-. loan N ' ickers 5325 Chamberlin Ave.. t:he y Chase, Md. 20015 McConkev. Bi-th Alice 205 Sherwo od Lane, Wallingford, Pa. 19086 McConn-ll, Pamela 9 Seagate Rd.. Darien. Conn. 06820 Macfarlanc. Sarah Forsyihe 901 Golfview .Ave.. Tampa, Fla. 33609 MicGrath, Mary Susan 18 Willou Lane, Pittsfield, Mass. McKee. Elizabeth Hanson 55 Larchmont Ave.. Larchmont, N.Y. 10538 McKee, Marv Jean .Xrdsley Ave., Ardsley-on-Hudson, N.Y. 10503 Mackie. Margaret Mae Lomar Farm, Star Rt., Warrenton, a. 22186 McLain. Kathryn Louise 10 Merriam PI., BronxWlle, N.Y. 10708 McLean Margaret Ridley 615 Woodridgc Dr.. Murfreesboro. .N.C. 27855 Maclellan. . nne Llewellyn 125 Fair)- Trail, Lookout Mountain. Tenn. 37350 McLemore. Elizabeth Warren 719 Jones St.. Suffolk. Va. 23434 McMullen. Elizabeth Dawson 166 Cyprus . ve.. Tampa. Fla. 33606 Macneil. Tonia Wilcox 1199 S. Pasadena . ve.. Pasadena. Calif. 91105 McRae. Glor - Sims 46 1 1 Drtega Blvd., Jacksonville. Fla. 32210 MacRac. Marion Montagu 903 Vicar Lane. Alexandria. ' a. 22302 Mc Williams. Cvnthia .Ann 201 Hampshire Rd., Akron. Ohio 44313 M Mahan, Mary Hickam ... .514 Clay St.. Lynchburg. ' a. 24504 Malcolm. Susan Rebecca 771 Old Eagle School Rd.. Wayne. Pa. 19087 Mallon. Linda Lee 138 Case. Norwich. Conn. 06360 Mann, Diane Rose Stephenson 2468 Hanover W. Terr. N.W. Atlanta. Ga. 30305 Manson. Karen Christine 35 Orchard PI.. X ' alley Stream. N.Y. 1158(1 Manson. Margaret Ruth 3681 Shannon Rd . Cleveland Hei.ghts. Ohio 44118 Mapp. Carolyn LeCato .Accomac. " a. 23301 Mapp. Margaret .Avdelottc .Accomac. ' a. 23301 Marshall. Eleanor Lee 1716 Circle Rd.. Ruxton. Md. 21201 Marshall. Hazel. (Mrs. Randall) Box 139, Rt. 1, .Amherst, Va. 24521 Marshall. Ruth Ann Rt. 3. Box 99. Ferguson Ave.. Savannah. Ga. 31406 Martin. Marilvn Sanford 1260 E. Loren. Springfield, Mo. 65804 Mar in. Elizabeth Brady 408 Fairway Dr.. Bakersfield, Calif. 93309 Mast. Patricia Lee 822 Logansport. Nacogdoches, Te. . 75961 Matheson. Mar - Davidson 825 Packer St., " Sunbury. Pa. 17801 .Mathews. .Xnn Carver 3815 Noyes .Ave . Charleston. W. ' a. 25304 .Maunsell. Elizabeth Cromwell 1222 Third St.. New Orleans. La. 70130 May. Sallv-Ruth 1235 Upper Ridgeway Rd.. Charleston. W.Va. 25314 Mavberry. Judy Carol i Mrs. Alin R. j Rl. 2, Box 201D. Amherst, a. 24521 .Medaglia. Mary -Elizabeth 14 Rose Hill Rd., Suffern, N.Y, 1090! -Vleehan, Martha George 41 Woodfin Rd., .Newport .News. Va. 23601 -Merriam. Jane 9 Central St.. Winchester, Mass, 01890 Meyers, Marilyn 280 Hampshire Rd., Akron, Ohio 44313 Michel, Esther Marie , . .High Noon Rd., Weston, Conn. 06883 Millan. Martha Oliver 9375 Shawnee Run Rd.. Cincinnati, Ohio 45243 Miller, Elizabeth Langhorne 14 Ralston Rd.. Richmond, Va. 23229 .Miller, Ellen Jane B ,x 89. Homer. N.Y. 13077 Miller. Sandra Park 100 Schofield Cir.. Fort Riley, Kan. 66442 Milnor. Sherrill Fargason 440 Park St., X. E.. Vienna, Va. 22180 Milton, Carolyn Pal Mt. Harm(my Rd. Bernardsville. N.J. 07924 Minor. Genevieve Ray 1 Stevens St., Mount Vernon. Ohio 43050 Minor, Marv Beirne 2208 Buena Vista Rd., Winston-Salem. .N.C. 27104 .Mitchell, Alice Rebecca 1070 W. Wesley Rd., N,W.. Atlanta. Ga, 30327 .Vlit.hell. Kim . . .4 Little Bluff Rd., Newport News, Va, 23606 Mitchell, Martha . . , 1114 W, Church St., Newark, Ohio 43055 Moffitt, ' ictoria Watson 666 Westover Rd., Stamford, Conn. 06902 Montz, Kathrvn Kolh 58 E, Vaughan St., Kingston, Pa. 18704 •Moore, Ann Royce 17 Hazard Pkwv., Albion, N.Y. 14411 Moore, Charlotte .Adams 1248 Krise Cir.. Lynchburg, Va. 24503 Moran. Margaret Mildred . . . .Crcekside. Danville, ' a. 24542 Moravec. Emily Elizabeth 1420 Keyes Ave.. Schenectady. N.Y. 12309 Morck. Susan Lee " Belle ille ' Ware Neck. Va. 23178 Moselev. .Andrea Page 1007 Gloria .Ave.. Durham. N.C. 27701 Moselcy. Carol Wells 4 Castlewood Rd.. West Hartford. Conn. 06107 Mo.ser. Charlotte Ann 2310 Cherry Hill Rd., Texarkana, Tex, 75501 Moser, irginia Martin Rt. 2, Box 121.A. Yakima. Wash. 98902 Mountrev. Patricia Lockwiiod II Colony Row. Chappaqua. N.Y. 10514 Mullen. Martha Denise 808 North College St._. Cedartown. Ga. 30125 Muller-Thvm. Anne Wilson . . " Thymly " ' Darlington, Md. 21034 Mundv, Putnam Jane 4000 Peakland PI.. Lynchburg. ' a. 24503 Munn. Carole Esme 251 Driftwood Rd.. Shore Cliffs. Corona-del-Mar. Calif. 92625 Munroe. Marshall Page 2122 Roswell .Ave., Charlotte. N.C. 28207 Mun hison. Mary Frere 1231 Fairway Dr.. Wilmington. N.C. 28403 Murrav, C nthia Diane II Marked Tree Rd.. .Needhani. Mass. 02192 li.ni Auaiha Cedar Swamp Rd.. Br K kville. L. L. N.Y. 11545 Neithold. Patricia Ottilie 159 Everglades .Ave.. Palm Beach. Fla. 33480 Nelson, Mary Walker 313 Lynnwood Blvd., Nashville, Tenn. 37205 .Nelson. Rebecca Louise 23 Patton PI.. Tuscal H.sa. Ala. 35401 Ne.xsen. Jane Michael 948 Rothowoixl Rd.. Lynchburg. a. 24503 Norman. Carol .Anne 6045 Cleneral Meyer .Ave.. New Orleans. La. 70114 .Northrup. Julia .Agnes 40 N. Countr - Club Dr.. Rochester. N.Y. 14618 . oyes. Pamela .Anne -Apt. 12-L 200 East End .Ave.. New York. N.Y. 10028 .Vult, Sarah Ellen ... .51 1 Eastwood Dr.. Oxnard. Calif. 93030 U5 - .f:Kt-f ' -f- STUDENT DIRECTORY () C).ikes. Evflvn Aiideiscn 1401:1 Peter Pan Rd., Lookiiut Mountain, Tcnii. 37350 Obenchain. Kathleen Lee 6534 Mario Dr., Falls Cliiirc h, Va. 22042 O ' Oonnor, Frances Eiizaljetii 1007 Indian Hills. Tuscaloosa, . ' Ma. 35401 O ' Ferrall, Caroline Gordon P,0. Box 5309. Richmond. ' a. 23 220 OfTutt. Barbara lean Rt. 1 , Box 16-H, Clarksburg, W.N ' a. 26301 Ohler. Deborah Louise 514 Homestead Ave.. Haddonfield, N.J. 08033 Oliver. Elizabeth Pendleton Greystone Cape Girardeau. Mo. 63701 Olsen, Karen Louise . . .Rt. 4. P.O. Box 3008. Browns Mill Rd.. Johnson City, Tenn. 37603 Orloff, Neil Goodman 190 Old .• rmy Rd., Scarsdale, N.Y. 10583 Orr. Lucille Porter 3245 Nancv Creek Rd., . tlanta, Ga. 30305 Ottolenghi. .Amanda May ....Tenut:i Monterosso, Casella 20, .Vcqui Terme. Italy P Packard, VVilina Louise , . ,8 Knob Hill Dr., Summit, N.J. 07901 Palmer, Bonnie Joan ... .5 Forest Rd., Davenport, Iowa 52803 Paradise, Sarah Elizabeth 1 Hildreth Lane, Concord, Mass. 01742 Parham, Kav Frances 1420 Wiltshire Blvd., High Point, N.C. 27260 Parkinson, Patricia .Jane Benoit, Miss. 38725 Pattberg, Linda Anne 20 Sutton PI., South. New York, N.Y. 10022 dePaul, Georgiana Lea Leeside. Awixa .Ave.. Bavshore. N.Y. 11706 Paul, Martha Lee Box 302, LeClaire, Iowa 52753 Pearson, Lvnn Suzanne 4743 River Shore Rd.. Chesapeake, ' a. 23703 Pearson, Margaret Cochran 2427 Delaware .Ave.. Wilmington, Del. 19806 Pendergrass, Nancy Jean Fachler Rd., R. D. 3, Princeton. N.J. 08540 Penncll, Elizabeth 1500 N. Apis., 15 St. and Grady Ave.. Charlottesville, Va, 22903 Perry, Michelle C:lenions 314 CataHna PI., Corpus Christi, Tex. 78411 Perry, Suzanne Dunham Box 448, Rt. 3. Excelsior, Minn. 55331 Peterson, Ann 5114 Royal Crest, Dallas, Tex. 75229 Petree, Mary Jo 729 Westover .Ave.. Winston-Salem, N.C, 27104 Phillips. Thomasia Anne 7318 Rippon Rd.. Alexandria, Va. 22307 Pierro, Darlene Barbara 76 Oak Hill Ave., Waterbury, Conn. 06708 Piffath, Mar Pamela Ridge Rock Lane, East Norwich, N.Y. 11732 Pinner. KathiTn Meriwether 227 Pinner St.. SutlV.lk. Va. 23434 Pitman, Bonnie Louise 808 Weir St., Stua rt, Fla. 33494 Pittman, Margaret Landrum 1.529 Wyndham Rd.. Columbia, S.C. 29205 Pitts, ' ictoria Oriet .Ancruni Rd., Camden, S.C. 29020 Pollingue, Mary Louise 141 Block St.. Opelousas, La. 70570 Pollock, Mar ' Marcia 6 New Town Lane, The Crescent, Charieston, S.C. 29407 Pond. Susan Mary .Anne 6715 Danforth St., McLean, Va. 22101 Porter, Catherine Tift 295 W. Wesley Rd., N. W., Atlanta, Ga. 30305 Potterheld, Katharine Blair 4611 Virginia Ave., S.E., Charieston. W.Va. 25304 Pottharst, Lynne Clark ... .408 .Northline. Metairie, La. 70005 Powell, Judith Brooks P. O. Box CF-333, Mill Neck Rd.. Williamsburg, ' a. 23185 Powell Judith Haywood 3412 Quebec St., N. W.. Washington, D.C. 20016 Powers, Joan Douglas Centre St.. Dover, Mass. 02030 Predmore, Lesley Gail 12 Hillcrest Dr., Rt. 2. Middletoun, N.Y. 10940 Predmore. Tessa Susan 12 Hillcrest Dr., Rt. 2. Middletown. N.Y. 10940 Preston. .Alice Jeann elte Sand Ridge Rd., Rt., 3, Bowling Green, Ohio 43402 Prettyman, Ruth Mincjtt . . .Drawer B, Summen-ille, S.C. 29483 Prevost, Josephine Evelyn 114 Grimball Dr., Hazelwood, N.C. 28738 Price, Margaret Craighill 3121 45th St., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20016 Proctor. Penny Diane 1791 Summerland Ave.. Winter Park, Fla. 32789 Pr or, Pamela Halliday 471 Northview Dr., Columbus, Ohio 43209 Pulliam, Cathleen Cosley c o Col. R. H. Barrow. 532 Yarnell St., MCAS. Kaneohe, Hawaii 96628 Purinton, .Anne Davis Rosemont, Rt. 3, Charlottesville, Va. 22901 (J Quarm, Daisy Elizabeth .Ann 806 Pkwv., RoUing Fork, Miss. 39159 Quereau. Constance ' an Dvke 1113 Reading Blvd.. Wyomissing, Pa. 19610 Quesenberry. Mary BrlU- 4102 Monserrate St., Coral Gables, Fla. 33134 R de Raismes, Michelle Baudoin 704 Salem Ave,, Elizabeth, N.J. 07208 Randolph. Molly Fontaine .... P.O. Box 123, Barrows Mill Rd., Martinsville. Va. 24112 Ranney. Virginia Ella 411 .No. B St., .Arkansas City, Kan. 67005 Ran. Bettv Jane 1535 Knollwood Lane, Highland Park, 111. 60035 Rebentisch. Marjorie Jane 311 Eagle Spring Rd., Oxford. Miss. 38655 von Rebhan, Elinor Anne Box 82. Hadlyme. Conn. 06439 Reed, Pembroke Waller 1930 Lvnn Cove Lane, ' irginia Beach, Va. 23454 Reed, Virginia Jane 424 Elm Blvd., Monticello, III, 61856 Reid, Jane Hamilton 101 Reid St.. Thomasville, Ga. 31792 Reineke, Sue .Ann Box 125, East Lansing, Mich. 48823 Renchard, Stella-Mae Chelston, East Paget, Bermuda Retter, Erica Elizabeth 2686 Bexley Park Rd.. Columbus, Ohio 43209 Rich, .Alexandra Henderson Moriches Rd., St. James, N.Y. 11780 Richards, Anne Sims Rt. 1, Box 170, Monroe, Va. 24574 Richlev. Jane Claire 249 Mt. Kemble Ave., Morristown, N.J. 07960 Rick, Linda Susan 42 Dan ' s Hgwy., New Canaan, Conn. 06804 Ridley, Mabel Haden 3719 Tu.xedo Rd., N.W.. Atlanta. Ga. 30305 Riehl, Christine Evelyn 4959 Wolf Rd., Erie, Pa. 16505 Riley, Eileen Mills 5 Washington Ave., Savannah, Ga, 31405 Robbins, Kathy Lee ... 1 1 Nenagh Dr., Wilmington. Del. 19803 Robertson, Maureen 9414 Victoria Dr., X ' ictoiia Estates, Upper Mariboro, Md, 20890 Robins. Caroline Gail 875 Drehr Ave., Baton Rouge, La. 70806 Robinson. Frances Louise 3604 Wentwood Dr., Dallas, Texas 75225 Rodgers, Linda Sue 1090 N. Sheridan Rd., Lake Forest, 111. 60045 Roessel, Susan Car(4 4 Stonegate Lane, Pittsford, N.Y, 14534 Rogers, Carolyn Horton, Jr. . .White Oaks, Leesburg, Va. 22075 Rose, Kathleen Ruth . , , ' ,22 Elm St., Cooperstown, N.Y. 13326 Roth, Mary Elizabeth Crestview Dr., Media, Pa. 19064 Rucker, Courtney 2712 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va. 23220 Ruddick, Elizabetli Michelle 2332 Central Park, Evanston, 111. 60201 Rushin. Jean Claire 26 Winchip Rd.. Countryside. S uiTimit. N.J. 07901 S S.ibeiii, Lsmi . i r,w 1794 Theodan Dr.. Pittsburgh, Pa. 15216 Sadiler, Patrici.i . mi 406 S. Coldbrook Ave.. Chambersburg, Pa. 17201 Sanders, Melissa Drane . , .42 Temple .Ave., Newnan, Ga. 30263 Sartor, Elisabeth Lane Forbing, La. 71062 176 STUDENT DIRECTORY deSaiissuir, Fram rs Hugcr 43 E. Batten ' , Charleston, S.C. 29407 Savage, Elma Louise 264 Nottingham Hill. Sherwood Forest. Md. 2166J Savage, Tracy Gatewood I!!49 W. Princess . nne Rd.. Norfolk, Va. 23507 Scales, Mar - Roselle Fire, Va. 23054 Scanlan, Susan Patricia 6455 Overlook Dr., .Mexandria. ' a. 22312 Schiltges. Elizabeth . nne R.R. 1. Box 372, Zionsville. Ind. 46077 Schlater, Judith Margaret 1181 Sunny Point Dr.. Eau Ciallie, Fla. 32935 Schlech. Katherine .Ann c n Chief Navy Section. JUSM.AT, .XPO 09254. New York. N.Y. Schultz, Margaret Lou Hunter Hill Fann, Rt. I. Chesterville Rd., Landenberg, Pa. 19350 Schwabcnton, Karen Jean 5311 Cumberland Rd., Greensboro, N.C. 27407 Sebring, Bethel Jane c o LB.M., .XPO 09757. New York, New York Settlemyer, Lynn .- nita 58 Minnisink Rd.. Short Hills, N.J. 07078 Sharp. Margaret Elizabeth Wilson Pike. Franklin. Tenn. 37064 Shaw. Josephine Saunders Roebuck Plantation. Sidon, Miss. 38954 Sheets, Joan .Ann ' irginia 46 Windsor Dr. Princeton Junction, N.J. Shinberger, Mary-Baird 11 25 W. Franklin St.. Richmond. Va. 23220 Shirlev. Sarah J isephine 4602 Sherman. C;alveston. Tex. 77550 Shropshire. Salli Ei. ' lalia 28 Rockridge Rd.. Rome, Ga. 301 6 1 Sickman, Laura Jean 20 Hunter PI.. Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y. 10520 Sims. Cvnthia .Ann 5850 Mohican Lane. Cincinnati. Ohio 45243 Sinex, Pamela Jean Washington Towers, .Apt. 907. 9701 Fields Rd.. Gaithersburg, Md. 20760 Singletar -. Sharon ' ireinia 212 E. Main St., Lake City. S.C. 29560 Skarda. Patricia Lvn 1512 Fairmount Court, Box 390. Clovis, New Mex. 88101 Smith, Elizabeth Irwin C:aixa Postal 1424. Sao Paulo, Brazil Smith. Ji anne Tyndall Cottonwood Farms. 3124 North Swan. Tucson. .Ariz. 85716 Smith, Martha Elizabeth 2702 Holiday Dr . Huntsville, .Ala. 35805 Smith, Mary Lindsay 3303 White Oak Rd.. Raleigh, N.C. 27609 Snvder. Emilv Jane 92 River Bend Dr.. Chesterfield. Mo. 63017 Solberg. Suzanne Karen Rl. 22, Somer ille. N.J. 08876 Somerville. Susan Wagner 30 Northmoor Rd.. West Hartford, Conn. 06117 Sparks. Patricia Reynolds 1680 BriarclifT Rd.. Macon. Ga. 31201 Spivev, Ellie Belle 2013 LaGrange Hgwy.. West Point, Ga. 31833 Stanford, A ' irginia Johnson Dr., Miami, Okla. 74354 Stanley. A ' ircinia Miles 7309 X ' enice St.. Falls Church. A ' a. 22043 Starnes, Lydia Downing 4200 Denbigh Dr.. Charlotte, .N.C. 28211 Starrett, Sandra Patricia 420 Linwond .Ave.. Buffalo. N.Y. 14209 Steele, ' ictoria Kay 208 S. C;hestnut St.. Princeton. 111. 61356 Steffens, Pamela Waller 501 N. Pinehurst .Ave.. Salisbur -, Md. 21801 Stembal, Melanie 48 Cottage St.. South Orange. N.J. 07079 Stephens, Susan Howard 1514 Boiling .Ave.. Norfolk, -a. 23508 Stephenson, Susan Jane Rt. 5. Paris Mountain. (;reenville. S.C. 29609 Ste -enson, Jacquelin King 2 S. Batten-. C:harleston. S.C. 29407 Stockover. Edna Marie 1711 Resenoir Rd.. Cireelev, Colo. 80631 Stoddard, .Anne U.S. Embassy, .A.P.O.. New York, N.Y. 09074 Sic.ddard, Gracey Lucketl 125 Lightfoot Rd., Louisville, Kv. Stokes, Ruth Marilyn 7013 Crail Dr., Bethesda. Md. 20034 Stupp. .Anne Maxwell ....2 Bellerive Countr ' Club Grounds, St. Louis, Mo. 63141 StuLski. Bonnie Sue 422 Washington St., Toms River, N.J. 08753 Suber, .Anne Christina 5317 Worlhington Dr., Washington, D.C. 20016 Sullivan, Nancy Lyn 5745 S. Fox, Littleton. Colo. 80120 Sullivan, Pamela Morgan U Clinton Ave., Maplewij xi, .N ' .J. 07040 Sumners. Susan DeFord 134 Cardinal Ave., San Antonio, Tex. 78209 Sushka. Marie Elizabeth 412 Timber Branch Pkwy., Alexandria, Va. 22302 Sweeney, Marion Test 6041 Sunset Lane, Indianapolis. Ind. 46208 Swinney, Patricia Hayes 201 Hempstead PI., Charlotte, N.C. 28207 T Tankersley, Donna Mae . . . . Rt. 2, Madison Heights, Va. 24572 I ' aylor, .Anne Rhett 5024 Pirates Cove Rd., Jacksonville, Fla. 32210 Taylor. Elizabeth Helen (Jroven 44533 Denmore Ave., Lancaster, Calif. Taylor. Elizabeth Terry 7 Pine Ridge Lane, Birmingham, Ala. 35213 Taylor, Sally .Adamson 1304 John St., Baltimore, Md. 21217 Taylor, Virginia Dare White Stone. ' a. 22578 Tedards, .Ann Bartlett 5323 Cook .Ave., Tinker A.F.B., Okla. 73145 TenerN-, Susan Lee . . .819 West Main. Waxahachie, Tex. 75165 Thompson. Suzanne Blair 36 Park .Ave.. Rehob.th Beach, Del. 19971 Thurman. Ellen Reid 1944 Berkeley .Ave.. Petersburg, Va. 23805 Tillman. Barbara .Anne 444 Sabine Ave., Wynnewood, Pa. 19096 Tipton, Pamela Helmick c o Mr. .Alvan E. Helmick. 6126 Edgewood Terr.. Alexandria. ' a. 22807 Townes. Mary Glenn 310 Curnnor Rd.. Kenilworth. 111. 60043 Tremain. .Ann Ridgwav 5 Tennis Rd., Farmington. Charlottesville. a. 22901 Trent, Daphne Anne Baldwin Rd.. Mt. Kisco, .N.Y. 10549 Trimble. Kathv .Ann 8 Glenridee Rd., Little Rock, Ark. 72207 Trogdon, Kathryn Cynthia 606 E. Tugalo St., Toccoa. Ga. 30577 Trotter. Nancy Sue 7465 Preston Cir., Chattanooga. Tenn. 37404 Tucker. Susan Elizabeth 991 Somerset Dr.. N. W.. Atlanta, Ga. 30327 Tullv, Heather .Anne 543 Ozbourne, U.S. Naval Station, Mayport. Fla. 32229 Twedell, Sally Ann . . .5341 Bermuda Dr., St. Louis. Mo. 63121 Twine, Michal Susan . . . .West Lane. Pound Ridge, N.Y. 10576 I ' vree. Donna Cher l Ri. 2. Amherst. Va. 24521 U Urban. Tauna Lee . .7401 Overbrook Dr.. St. L.mis. Mo. 63121 N ' andergrift, ' allerev Ann 437 Londonberrv Rd.. N.W.. Atlanta, Ga. 30327 ' ontz. Carol Marie 620 Schenck .Ave., Dayton. Ohio 45419 ' ose. Margaret X ' ance 10 Brookside Dr., Westport. Conn. 06880 W Wakefield. Ellen 26 Bouton Green, Baltimore. Md. 21210 Waldrop. Kathryn Louise Rt. 4. Box 601, 1212 Pickwick Lane. Salem, ' a. 24153 Walker, Andrea 2012 Douglas. Midland. Tex. 79702 Walker, Blair 602 S. 8th St., Oxford. Miss. 38655 Walker, Pamela Dean 923 Euclid, El Dorado. Ark. 71730 Wallace. Marion Grahamc New Kent. ' a. 23172 Walton, Martha Kavanaugh Scott 216 Holiday Rd.. Lexington, Ky. 40502 Wang. Jing Tsuen 2605 An in St.. Wheaton, Md. 20902 77 ■ • •-. : ••■ •: ♦ f- ' ♦• - ' :- ' ' -- i.4 ' " STUDENT Ward. Maria Maffitt 399 E. Main St.. Spartanburg, S.C, 29302 Warner, Rosemary Lvinan 6814 Connecticut Ave.. Chevy Chase, Md. 2001.1 Warren. Deborah Marie 711 Hunters Grove Lane. Houston. Tex. 77024 Warren. Katv Lou 2253 Dubroca St.. Mobile. .Ma. 36607 Waterman. Mar ' Windsor 207 Ridgcwoixl .Ave.. Davenport. Iowa 52803 Waters. Barbara Elizabeth 3354 Stratford Lane. Mont.eomen ' . Wa. 36111 Waters. Margaret Kimble 3826 Roval Blvd.. Lvnchlnirg. ' a. 24503 Waters. PeBg%- m 13i7 S. 22 St., .Arlington. ' a. 22202 Watson, Joann Margaret 8 Garden Rd.. Wellesley Hills. Mass. 02181 Watson. Sarah 722 N. Happy Hollow. Omaha. . eb. 68132 Watts. Helen Dickev Ill Oakwood PI.. Lynchburg. Va. 24503 Waugh. Jessica Gcorniana 69 Krysiak .Ave.. Fitchburg, Mass. 01420 Weber, Kerry Jean 1504 Helen St.. Bay City. Mich. 48708 Wederath, Sylvia Lee Seven Hills House Cirroll. Iowa 51401 Weihman. Jane .Ann 401 Mi nterey .Ave., Pelham Manor. . .Y. 10803 Weisheit. Parker Tufts Old Court Rd., Brooklandville, Md. 21022 Wendling. Xancv Sue Lealand Heights. Gallatin. Tenn. 37066 West, Marion Elizabeth ... .45 State Rd.. Gladwyne. Pa. 19035 Weyant. Alexandra Nicole 3604 210 St., Bayside. Queens. . .Y. 11361 Wheeler, .Ann Judson 1 .Allwood Rd.. Darien. C(mn. 06820 Wheeler, Cherrie Jean 6318-C Bandera. Dallas. Tex. 75225 Wickham. Margaret Wallis 4717 Pocahontas .Ave.. Richmond, ' a. 23226 Witflesworth. Maria Monette 1453 Tates Creek Rd.. Lexington. Ky. 40502 Wikswo, .Antoinette Regina . . . .Ridee Dr.. .Amherst. ' a. 24521 Willett. Louise McDowell 150 W. Wind Rd.. Louisville, Ky. 40207 Williams. .Andree Louise St. Paul ' s School, Brooklandville, Md. 21022 Williams. Constance Moore 58 W. Market St. Leesbur.g, Va. 22075 Williams. Jane Hotrhkiss . . RFD I. Peterborough, N.H. 03458 DIRECTORY Villiams. Linda .Ann 370 Sandringham Rd., Rochester, N.Y. 14610 Williams. Margaret Nolting The Campbell Field, Rapidan, Va. 22733 Williams, Susan Peters 611 W. Center St., Medina. N.Y. 14103 Williamson. Cecelia 701 Fort Dale Rd.. Greenville. Ala. 36037 Willingham. Helen Spain 1231 Jackson Spring Rd., Macon, Ga. 31201 Willingham. Janie Poindexter Box 398. Wilson Rd., Signal Mountain, Tenn. 37377 Wilson, .Anne Clilpin 216 W. Frederick St., Staunton, Va. 24401 Winn, Josie Pattison Ill E. Gamwvn Dr.. Greenville. Miss. ' 38701 Winton, Patricia Gail 11 Half Mile Rd.. Darien. Conn. 06820 Witcover. Christine .Ann 8 Capron St., Fort Bragg. . .C. 28307 Wolfe. Betsy Marie 801 Albion Rd.. Columbia. S.C. 29209 Woltz. Mary Lei.gh . .208 Cherokee Rd.. Charlotte, . .C. 28207 Wood, Anne Adare 129 E. Roanoke St.. Richmond, ' a. 23224 Wood. Elizabeth Roberts 125 Arrowhead Rd., Louisville, Ky. 40207 Woodroof, Eleanor Lee (Mrs. Robert .A) ... .499 .A Pinecrest Dr., Madison Hei,ghts, Va. 24572 Woolsey. Suzanne Campbell 720 S. Price Rd.. St. Louis. Mo. 63124 Wrieht. Hope Susan 3601 Turtle Creek Blvd.. Apt. 706. Dallas, Tex. 75219 Wright. Katherine Elizabeth 1215 Wright Dr.. Nacogdoches. Tex. 75961 Wvatt, Elizabeth Hamilton Seaburv 106 S. Market St.. Petersburg. a. 23803 Vaple. Johanna Ellen Theresa Railroad Ave. Hurley -ille, N.Y. 12747 Yates. Laura Suzanne 1417 Governor Dr., S. E.. Huntsville, Ala. 35801 Veargin. Marshalvn 217-.A S. Calhoun St.. Greenville. S.C. 29601 Yearlcv. Marion Talmadgc 2555 Habersham Rd,. N.W.. .Atlanta. Ga. 30305 Young. Barl.nra Lee 4313 Rosedale .Ave.. Bethesda. Md. 20014 Young. ' irginia Ann . . Ill Nichols Rd.. Cohasset, Mass. 02025 Zotack. Alberta Jean 290 Ba -i-iew Blvd.. Stratford. Conn. 06497 ,78 J ' J ' - -. , ■ :.- WE WISH TO THANK THE FOLLOWING PARENTS AND FRIENDS FOR THEIR GENEROUS CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE 1967 BRIAR PATCH DR. AND MRS. WALTER HARTWELL BENNETT Tuscaloosa, Alaba-na MR. AND MRS. ELIJA M. HICKS Wilmington, Delaware DR. AND MRS. STEPHEN W. BROWN Augusta, Georgia MR. AND MRS. R. S. HILL, JR. Montgomery, Alabama MR. AND MRS. JOHN HOWARD BULL Northfleld, Illinois MRS. EDWARD CHURCH HUMMEL Summit, New Jersey DR. AND MRS. MAX Z. CAHAN Waulfegan, Illinois MR. AND MRS JOHN W KELLEY Houston, Texas MR. AND MRS. G. M. CALHOUN Easton, Connecticut DR EDWIN LAWRENCE KENDIG, JR. Richmond, Virginia MR. AND MRS. JAMES D. CARR Wilmington, North Carolina MR. AND MRS. HARRY R. KERN, JR. Winchester, Virginia MR. AND MRS. JAMES ROBERT COCKE Harlinqen, Texas MR. AND MRS. FREDERICK E. KNEIP Wlnnetla, Illinois MRS. WILSON M. COMPTON, JR. New Vernon, New Jersey MRS. NORMAN J. KRAEMER Belleville, Illinois MR. AND MRS. ARCHIE DAVIS Jaclcsonvllle, Florida MR. AND MRS. CHARLES J. KURTZ, JR. Columbus, Ohio DR. AND MRS. HOWARD A. DONALD Washington, D.C. MR. E. J. McMULLEN Tampa, Horlda LYNCHBURG FOUNDRY COMPANY DRINK FUND Lynchburg, Virginia MR. AND MRS. WALTER ADAMS McRAE Jacksonville, Florida MR. AND MRS. JOHN S. EELLS, JR. Rocl Hill, South Carolina MR. AND MRS. GEORGE WALTER MAPP, JR. Accomac, Virginia DR. EDWARD B. GREENSPAN New York, New York MR. AND MRS. ADLAI MAST, JR. Nacogdoches, Texas MR. AND MRS. F. WILLARD GRIFFITH Short Hills, New Jersey MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM J. MILTON Bernardsvllte, New Jersey MR. AND MRS. CHARLES S. HAMILTON Peapacic, New Jersey MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM RICHARD MOFFITT Stamford, Connecticut MR. AND MRS. F. L. HAYMAN Princess Anne, Maryland DR. AND MRS. THOMAS JAMES MORAN Danville, Virginia MR, AND MRS, ALVAN EWING HELMICK Alexandria, Virginia MRS. ROBERT NELSON, JR. Tuscaloosa, Alabama V9 f • ■-■ - -■ - •• ' •.■• . ::. 4-, i_. ,. MR. AND MRS. WALTER R. NEXSEN Lynchburg. Virginia MRS. JOHN BAIRD SHINBERGER Richmond, Virginia MR. J. ROBERT NORMAN Nt ' W Orleans, Louisiana DR. AND MRS. ORLAND S. OLSEN Johnson City, Tennessee CAPTAIN AND MRS. HELMER S. PEARSON Chesapeake, Virginia MR. AND MRS. W. H. PETREE Winston-Salem, North Carolina MR. AND MRS. CARL W. POLLOCK Charleston, South Carolina MR. AND MRS. KARL R. PRICE Washington, D.C. DR. AND MRS. J. VANDYKE QUEREAU V yomissing, Pennsylvania MR. AND MRS. SAMUEL H. ROGERS, JR. Leesburg, Virginia MR. AND MRS. ROBERT F. RUSHIN Summit, New Jersey MR. AND MRS. MALCOLM W. SIMS Cincinnati, Ohio MR. AND MRS. ROBERT W. SULLIVAN Mapiewood, New Jersey MRS. WALTER L. TILLMAN Wynnewood, Pennsylvania MRS. R. H. TIPTON Paris, France MR. AND MRS. RAY TROGDON Toccoa. Georgia CAPTAIN AND MRS. J. M. TULLY. JR. Jacksonville. Florida MR. AND MRS. CLIFFORD T. WEIHMAN New York. New York MR. AND MRS. CYRIL WILLIAMS Rochester. New York DR. AND MRS. JOHN R. RUSSO Bridgeport, Connecticut MR. AND MRS. H. GILMAN WILLIAMS Medina, New York BRIGADIER GEN. AND MRS. G. F. SCHLATTER Eau Gallie, Florida MR. AND MRS. THOMAS W. WRIGHT Nacogdoches, Texas MR. AND MRS. CARL T. SEBRING Konigstein and Taunus, Germany MR. ALBERT E. ZOTACK Stratford, Connecticut i8o ♦■■• ♦ ♦-V •-••••- ' ,♦ ♦• -♦• ♦• ♦•-• COMPLIMENTS OF AMHERST PHARMACY AMHERST, VIRGINIA Fine CLEANERS Lynchburg, Virginia 846-1347 DOOLEY ' S FLORIST Main Street at 7th Member Florists ' Telegraph Delivery Assn. Dial 845-2338 HOLIDAY INN OF LYNCHBURG 180 Rooms — Two Locations ROUTE 29, NORTH Innkeeper, Mr. T. E. Viar Phone 846-6506 ROUTE 29, EXPRESSWAY Innkeeper, Rudolph Masters, Jr. Phone 847-4424 , ♦. f " - V i- 4 r. ♦_ ♦ i- RALEE ' S BEAUTY SALON 401 Main Street AMHERST, VIRGINIA For Appointment Call 946-9361 THE COLUMNS Fashions in Foods FOR SPORTSWEAR DRESSES SKIRTS SWEATERS ACCESSORIES PERFUME JEWELRY LINGERIE STORK ' S INC THE AVENUE SHOP 2484 Rivermont Ave. VI 6-4208 COMPLIMENTS OF GRAND PIANO FURNITURE CO. 1026 MAIN LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA in Lynchburg . . . Downtown . . . Pittman Plaza Department Stores . . . fsLsIiion drama from our nov s s orthy collection i8 Begin banking on a better life Whetherit ' saseparatecheck- 1.J.V Woff right. You ' ll find banking ing account for you, a savings services are always easy and con- account for your vacation earn- venient to use when you bank on ings, or an account for your class a better life at the First Mer- or club, F M can help you start -l- chants office near you. First Merchants FIRST MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK COMPLIMENTS OF HILL HARDWARE CO. AMHERST, VIRGINIA J. P. BELL CO. Ett. 1859 PRINTERS • BOOKS • STATIONERS 816 Main St. Phone Victor 5-3435 Lynchburg Va. FOR FINE FURNITURE 922 Main St. Member American Society of Appraisers EDWIN NUTT Real Estate Investments and Appraisa ' s 533 Sespe Ave. FILLMORE, CALIFORNIA .83 ••l " J;•f:;• » ■♦ ' ■♦-i Serving Students, Faculty, Staff Sweet Briar College CENTRAL VIRGINIA TELEPHONE CORP. Amherst Sweet Briar A checking account is SINE QUA NON - in short, practically indispensable OPEN YOURS NOW AT FIDELITY NATIONAL BANK Member F.D.I.C. JAMES T. DAVIS, INC. ART MATERIALS PICTURE FRAMING PAINT and WALLPAPER LYNCHBURG. VIRGINIA Telephone 846-5234 Milk is just milk ... unless ifs tOedtOVe L Then you know it ' s Quality Chekd WESTOVER DAIRIES LVNCHBURG. VIRGINIA R5i«SJ rr7tr LANVIN CHANEL DANA REVLON Call us when you need a prescription filled RT. 29, MADISON HEIGHTS RUSSELL STOVER CANDIES HALLMARK CARDS DIAL 845-5991 Established In 1828 S. O. FISHER, Inc. SPORTING GOODS— CAMERAS— TOYS— HOBBIES 1024 Main St. and Pittman Plaia LYNCHBURG, VA. CROSSROADS ESSO SERVICE Esso Products Routes 29 60 Amherst, Va. W. L. MASSIE, Proprietor Phone WHitehall 6-331 1 RST pVTIONAI. TRUST SAVINGS BANK i86 H. C. WEBER CONSTRUCTION CO. ENGINEERS • BUILDERS BAY CITY, MICHIGAN Since 1886 Fine Footwear COLEMAN ' S LYNCHBURG Stanley-Warner ' s WARNER THEATRE 1 l+h Main Sts. Lynchburg, Virginia Dial 845-7890 Henry A. Clark , Mgr. COMPLIMENTS OF VILLAGE PHARMACY, INC Your Community Drug Store Phone 946-9601 Amherst, Virginia FREE DELIVERY tV fr£HAU6-278l i-ora Sales ana Service 1938 29th Year 1967 187 HOWARD JOHNSON ' S DELAWARE MOTOR LODGES NEWARK Inferstate 95 at Rt. 896 University of Delaware 302-368-8521 — Phone — 302-656-7771 Centrally Located in the EAST. NEW CASTLE-WILMINGTON Area U.S. Rt. 40 Interstate Rt. 295 Compliments of DR. EDWARD GREENSPAN ROUND MAYTAG COIN-OPERATED LAUNDRY Wash 25c Dry lOc AMHERST, VIRGINIA AMHERST PUBLISHING CO.. INC. ' We print The Sweet Briar News " CERTIFIED SANTA GERTRUDIS CATTLE The first officially recognized American (Western Hemisphere) breed of Beef Cattle Herd 774 Owner: PERRY COMPANY " Rancho Verde " Box 1226 ROBSTOWN, TEXAS Herd 1591 Owner: T. P. HARRISON " Rancho Rincon del Astillero " Penon Blanco DURANGO, MEXICO AMOS 6l ANDY BUICK COMPANY 1809 S. Broad Street CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE 37408 Com aliments of DR. MAX z. CAHAN DINE DANCE at the PARKWAY INN RALEE ' S BEAUTY SALON 401 Main Street AMHERST, VIRGINIA For Appointment Call 946-9361 Compliments of SCHLUMBERGER-J. A. BODIN FRAZIER-DAVIS c Dnstruc+ion Company 1319 M ackl nd Ave. St. Louis, M ssouri PHILCO— BURCH OGDEN SCHRADER FURNITURE— TELEVISION- -APPLIANCES Telephone WH 6-3381 Amherst, Va. Compliments of Ljene ( aninbell Compliments of DR. L BRADFORD WATERS 189 ; A ■• ♦. ♦ ' Smith Studios Official Briar Patch Photographers 14 East Hargett St. Raleigh, North Carolina 517 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia 190 We ' re proud of our part in designing and engraving ' fhe 1967 BmAR PATCH Schools that want outstanding annuals year after year have turned to us. We work hard to give each school every good reason to continue with our com- pany. Our experience, art department and plant kno v-hc) v, and continuous personal service assure prompt atten- tion to every detail. Let our representa- tive tell you about the many satisfied schools, agencies, printers and editors we serve. the Lynchburg Engraving Company incorporated box 720 lynchburg, va. " ■♦- -• ' ••• ' ..-■•• » ■.- v. . " ♦ A 3MewnartBble Year • Congratulations to the Student Body and Faculty of Sweet Briar College for completion of another outstanding year. • The Staff of your annual has worked exceedingly hard to give you a superb book that portrays the highlights of memo- rable activities. • Neither time, effort nor ex]3ense have been spared to provide you with a permanent record, attracti elv presented and complete in eveiy detail. • To preserve the photography and literary efTorts of the Staff, the best grade of materials have been combined with skilled workmanship to provide the finest cjuality yearbook. • We are proud that the 1967 Stafi " selected us to help design, print and bind the Briar Patch. We have earnestly endeavored to fulfill the confidence placed in us. C. W. WA II Til EX COMPAIVY LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA ; ♦ • ■ j» ■ ♦ V •.♦ -7 •-• ••• ■ i ACKNOWLEDGMENT In appreciation for their invaluable assistance in the production of the 1967 Briar Patch we wish to express our gratitude to: Mr. William P. Blackwell Mr. William L. Burton Miss Martha von Briesen Mr. Gene Campbell Mr. Lawrence G. Nelson Miss Elizabeth Emerson The Bettmann Archive Special thanks to Mrs. Edward King, daughter of the late Ann Elisc Van Bibbes (Mrs. WiUiam O. Reckard) ' 11, for providing the hitherto unpublished photographs of Sweet Briar in the past. , " ■-♦ ' ' ■ .»• A- ' : if . k » .- •. 1 ' . ' .4 - . f -♦,-♦-4

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