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SVVFH " BRIAR COL Lt L.f 3 2449 0297355 A • Lf f. f. Presented by Briar Patch Staff MAR.Y HELEN COCHRAN LIBR.AR.Y SWEET BRIAR COLLEGE 1 II 11 li i i D ffili I|b. m im E 1 ' n a a u u u 1 y 1215 17 a,- t; f..: f , ELIZABETH DIANE GIRLING Editor JANE DOUGLAS TAYLOR Business Manager SWEET BKIHR COLLEGE SWEET BRIAR. X ' lRGINIA rv - t ' V r-r EET BRIAR COLLEGE presents THE 1 BRIHR PHTCH FOREWORD ' ' ' All the world ' s a stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts . . A four-year scene forming characters for future roles, offering many parts to each player. An active interplay of many influences. Dialogues shaping ideas. A potential awa kened. An exit, and an entrance. 121517 MRS. W. RALPH AIKEN Assistant Dean of the College An adopted member of the Class of 1966: a ' " freshman " the year we were freshmen . . . Resident Coun- selor, teacher, Assistant Dean ... in every role concerned for each and all of us. It is with appreciation for this concern that we dedicate our year- book to Anne E. Aiken. DEDICATION ANNH H. AIKHN A!:sista}it Dean of Sweet Briar College ' . ♦ f:-f:f; U. - ' - ' V ' VV content; i ■ • ft ' ,•■•; ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY II CLASSES 29 ACTIVITIES 115 ATHLETICS MAY COURT DIRECTORY 147 137 162 ( Vale University School of Drama) " Actors and Players, as it were, of what Nature will have set forth. " Sir Philip Sidney flDMINlSTRHTION HND FACULTY ♦ f. ' f-- % » oESlDEi ANNE GARY PANNELL The intriguing story of Sweet Briar ' s beginning becomes a part of each student as she enters into the college community. Mrs. Pannell, in her home Sneet Briar House, part of which was the original plantation home, sits behind the harp of Daisy Williams, in whose memory the college was founded. . jax ♦ .♦♦..♦ BOARD OF DIRECTORS J. WILSON NEWMAN, J.D., Chairman Shore Hills, New Jersey C. RAINE PETTYJOHN, M.E Lynchburg, Virginia Vice-Chairman and Secretary WRIGHT BRYAN, B.S Clemson, South Carolina CONNIE M. GUION, M.D., D.Sc New York, New York GLADYS WESTER HORTON, A.B Short Hills, New Jersey EDWARD THOMPSON WAILES, B.S Washington, D.C ROBERT C. TYSON, B.A New York, New York [The Directors are also members of the Board of Overseers] Executive Committee MR. PETTYJOHN, Chairman : DR. GUION, MR. TYSON The Chairman of the Board and Pre ident of the College, ex-officio BOARD OF OVERSEERS J. WILSON NEWMAN, Chairman C. RAINE PETTYJOHN, Vice-Chairman and Secretary Term Expires 1965— J. H. TYLER McCONNELL, LL.B Greenville, Delaware 1966— JOHN J. CORSON, Ph.D Princeton, New Jersey CHARLES N. PROTHRO, B.B.A Wichita Falls, Texas 1967— GORHAM B. WALKER, JR., B.A Lynchburg, Virginia 1968— ELLEN SNODGRASS PARK, LL.B Alexandria, Virginia 1969— HUGH K. DUFFIELD, A.B Gladwyne, Pennsylvania NIDA TOMLIN WATTS, A.B Lynchburg, Virginia 1970— EMMA RIELY LEMAIRE, A.B New York, New York THE RT. REV. RICHARD S. WATSON, D.D. . . .Salt Lake City, Utah 1971_CLIFTON WALLER BARRETT Charlottesville, Virginia MARGARET CLAPP, Ph.D., LL.D., Litt.D Wellesley, Massachusetts ELEANOR BOSWORTH SHANNON, M.A. ..Charlottesville, Virginia EX-OFFICIO ANNE PANNELL, D.Phil., (Oxon) , President of the College BLAIR BUNTING BOTH. A.B., President of the Alumnae Association CATHERINE S. SIMS Dean of the College ANNE E. AIKEN Assistant Dean of the Col ELIZABETH H. CARR Assistant Dean of Students DOROTHY JESTER Dean of Students DEAN; ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF PETER V. DANIEL Assislaut to the President; Treasurer HILDA G. HITE Executive Secretary and Administrative Assistant to the President JEAN L. WILLIAMS Director of Admissions ELIZABETH B. WOOD Executive Secretary, Alumnae Association H. TYLER GEMMELL Librarian CAROLYN C. BATES Director of Vocational Guidance JEANNETTE BOONE Recorder PAUL B. HOOD Director of Development MARTHA von BRIESEN Director of Public Relation! LEFT TO RKiHT: Mrs. Bales, M iss (icmmell. Miss Williams, Mr. Hood. Miss von Bricson. Mrs. Hitr. Mrs. W.od. Mr. Daniel. NOT PIC- TURED: Miss Boono. 15 ♦.. ;f . ♦♦ tV NGLISH ANOUaHS ANTIGONE Mr. Schniunk, Miss Ramage iO RIGHT: Mr. Lcgler, Mr. Rowland, Mr. Nels .11. Miss Emerson, Mr. Aiken. NOT PICTURED: Mr. Broughton, Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Morrison, Mr. Vogelback. 16 MODERN LANGUAGES LEFT TO RICHl : Mis ..n I u-.-so. Miss Bu.khdiii, Mr. W.n li.t.i. . I,.s. Soinincn ill.- LEFT TO RKiHT: Mr. Mirri. Miss Diifour, Mrs. Galcazzi, Miss Banning. .NOT PICTURED: Mr. Penzoldt, Mr. Matthew, Mr. Kirrmann. GREEK AND LATIN Miss Forte. Mr. Burrows :J i i - ' ' ; ' ■ ' - MATHEMATICS A. U HHV.SK.S-LEF 1 ' l RIGHT: Mr. Collins, Miss C.idiii, Mi-s. (iouycr, Mrs. VVikswo, Mr. DeVol, Mr. Miser. NOT PICTURED: Mrs. Rappaport, Miss Risley. SCIENCES BloI.DGV LEir IX RlGlll; Mis, IkK lur Mi: Rand. Mr. Edwards. Miss Spraguf, Miss Bennett. CHEMlslRV LKl I h I Kli.il I Nt; Mnrkl--, Miss R|;,ir. N(r Mr Clenon, Miss Leffler 19 ■K.. T. -,_ -.y. • ■:, PSYCHOLOGY— Miss Moller. NOT PIC- TURED: Mr. Haven, Miss Stevens. PHILOSOPHY— Mr. Regan. NOT PICTURED: Mr. Klcinc PHILOSOPHY PSYCHOLOGY AND EDUCATION EDUCATION ' — Miss Stone. Mr. Trausneck. i?.» LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Kirby, Mr. McClain, Miss Gamer. RELIGION 01 - i J« The Reverend Frank M. McClain. Chaplain of the College. ' SOCIAL STUDIES LEFT TO RIGHT: FRONT, Mrs. Wailes. Mr. Gilpatrick, Mr. Gooch. Mr. Hapala, Miss Pruitt. . OT PICnURED: Mr. Morland, Mr. Raymond. LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Muncv. Miss Hoffecker, Miss Rogers, Mr. Laurent. NOT PICTURED: Miss Drinkwater. Mr. Sensahaugh, Mr. Tavlor. Mr. Masur. - - - ♦ .♦ ART— LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Finn, Miss Bniion. Mr Dorsch. Mr. Olivrr. ART AND MUSIC MUSIC— LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Gilpin. Miss Umbieit. Miss Maiik. Mr Sh.inm.ii. XOT PRHIRED: Mr Moehlcnkamp. 3 ♦ t i LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Oliver Miss Matdonnld. Miss Tod l Xd ' l I ' R:TURED: Mrs. Moehlenkamp, Miss McMoran, Mrs. Tinsley. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. Bailey. NOT PICTURED: Miss Nicholson. ' I ♦ ' • ' " Take my counsel, happy man; Act upon it, if you can. " The Gondoliers 15 IK: ' - V ' .. ' • ■■:« ' ' Shall we have a play extempore? " Henry IV " O! This learning, what a thing Taming of the Shrew } • ; , ' O my prophetic soul! " Hamlet ' O, for a horse with wings. ' Cymbeline LIFE Magazine [Cj limt, Jii V " Fellow-mammals, fellow-vertebrates, fellow-humans, I thank you. Little did my dear parents think— when they told me to stand up on my own two feet — that I ' d arrive at this place. " The Skin of Our Teeth i8 ♦:■ ;♦ ■♦i;V .» -; - ,- i ' » ? ' « ' FRESHMEN 19 y K . % FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS SARAH KAY GIDDENS President JAN HUGUENIN Vice-President LISA SMITH Secretary ADELE PERRY Treasurer MR. AND MRS. LOREN OLI ER Sponsors LEFT TO RH.HT: AcIfIc Perry, Kay Giddens, J. in M 3° Janet Al.n. ' V Joan Ailiian..- Bn-an Alpliin flcnc Anderson Ann Arnspiyer Jcanette Bahnson Ginny Kay Baldwin Jane Banks Lnry Banzet Margaret Barnhardt Beverly Bassetl Nancy Bateman Elizabeth Beach Stephanie Beaudoiiin Beth Beckner FRESHMEN Mary Blake Bccler Mary Bell Marcia Bernbaum Susan Bissell Elizabeth Blackwell Susan Bloomer Kathy Blythe Sally Boucher Elizabeth Brent Martha Brewer Anne Briber Avis Brown Elizabeth Brown Gretchen Buis Marianne Burtis Marian Butts Marnite Calder Ann Cameron Ciail Carey Diana Canniehael 3 t ♦ ♦ ■ JP VI Dee Cassedy M Margaret Chambliss Elizabeth Cheney r Mary Chesnutt r Harriet Coons Anne Crawford €T Caroline Crockett Edna Cunningham Sally Dahl Judith Daniel Margaret Darden Jane Davis Diane DeLong Anne Dobbins Linda Donald FRESHMEN Helen Doss Melville Douglass Barbara Duflfield Elizabeth Diivall Judith Edds Peggy Gibbes Kay Giddens Elora Gilbert Sally Gipson Patricia Gilroy Phyllis Girard Cathryn Gray Annie Green Ellen Greenhouse Melissa Griffith Judi Griffiths Mary Guthrii- Carolyn Haddail Catherine Hal! Margaret Hannuin 3- • . in pause where I shall first begin. Hamlet Claudctte Harloe Joan Hayes Cynthia Hays Gail Hemstreet Almcna Hill Christy Kitchens Carolyn HoUister Janith Holt Ruth Hiiopes Joan Horowitz Judith Hnrton Janice Hudson Jan Hiigucnin Harriet Hunter Kav Huti .i) Jane lllingworth Kiinberly Johnson Carolyn Jones Maria Jones Wendy Jones 33 ( f ' good hay, sweet hay, hath no fellow. Midsummer Night ' s Dream Nancy Joseph- Beatrice Kalliii.i Cathie Kr]U Barbara Kent Katherine Kilil.ee Loraine Kneip Sally Knoke Melinda Koester Connie Lane Barbara Lee Elizabeth Lewis Lanny Lruis Anne Marlill.in Mary Af iliaij Cari)! n Mapp Jane Martin Am. M.iilc.vs Elizabeth Mal l cll Melinda McAfee Karen McOay 34 Anne McKiltrlck Margaret McLean Mary-Eli abeth Mcdaglia Jane Merriani June Metzger Martha Milhm Ellen Millci Ann Moore Carul Moscley Charlotte Moser Mary Murrhison Mary Nelson Jane Nexsmi Pamela Noyes Evelvn Oak.s FRESHMEN Carol Osborn Amanda Ottolenghi Patsy Parkinson Susan Patterson Ceorgiana dePaul Adele Perry Suzanne Perry Darlene Pierro Mary Pollingue Lynnr Pottharst Judith Powell Tessa Predmore Margaret Price Penny Proctor Tallulah Quina Michelle deRaismes Jane Reid Xniie Richards Lin Rick Haden Ridlev 35 Christine Riehl Maureen Robertson Fran Robinson Susan Roessel Courtney Rucker Jean Rushin Sue Scanlan Pamela Sinex Sharon Singletary Lisa Smith Cinny Stanford Painela Steffeno Trudy Stephenson Mimi Stockover Kiki Stoddard FRESHMEN Anna Suber Missy Suinner Marion Sweeney W " ' Anne Taylor Ginger Taylor Sybil Thomas ' irginia Thoinas Suzanne Thompson Beth Tillotson Pamela Tipton Ann Trcmain Kathy Trimble Robin Tuttle X ' allerey V ' andegrift Frances Veale Marion Wallace Maria Ward Rosemary Warner Mary Waterman Sylvia Wederath 36 " The woman that dehberates is lost. " Cato, Addison Parker Wcisheit Judith Weiss Nam y Wendling Marion West Mona V ' est C hcrrie VS heeler Louise Willett Helen Willinghain nne Willson Patricia Wintoii Suzanne VVot lscy Katherine Wright Marion Ycarley Barb ara Young Mar ' Malone Allee Louise Pr nr Baker Marion Jeanne Brown Deborah Marsh Baldridgi- Sandra Evelyn Bererra Susan Bielaski Clarol Bunhard Linda Coho Margaret Davis Pauline Dickey Sarah Fitz-Hugh Map. ' (iollows Barbara Fuller Ridgely Fuller Christine Furstenberg NDT PIcnURED Barbara (Jreenspan Julie Clrote Carolyn Guilford Paula Haley Barbara Hastings Bettye Hobbs Patricia Hughes Kathr n Kiely Mary Kilpatrick Marie Lane Nance Leach Esther Michel Kathryn Moniz N ' irginia Moser Carol Noniian Lynn Pearson Mar% Quesenberrv ' Elizabeth Ruddick Joan Sheets Elizabeth Taylor Daphne Trent Nancy Trotter Josic Wii-.n 37 ' The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool. " (Fred J. Maroon) 38 t ♦ ■ ♦ ♦ • • • ' • " 4 , OPHOMORE 39 W- :: jKt, HOMORE CLA OFFICERS ANN PETERSON President CELIA NEWBERG Vice-President ADALINE ALLEN Secretary CONNIE VVILLL MS Treasurer r i MRS. NANCY G. BALDWIN Sponsor LEFT TO RIGHT: Ann Peterson, Celia Newbcrg, Adalinc Allen, C:c.nnie Willianii 40 A 4 4 4 •♦ Adalitic Alk-i. Lorna Alk-n Elizabeth Allison C ' Aniic Andcrsdii Elisc Aiiiu ' iiaki Barbara Bailiy Ann Banks Jane Barnes Elaine Batcheldci Barbara Baur Louisa Bedi-ll Julie Bell Ann Biggs Gene Bilhro Lesley Bissell Sandra Blynn Franny Bonney Phoi ' be Brunner Dixie Boring Susan Brush Janalee Bourne CJceilia Bryant Pamela Boyd Harriet Buford Stephanie Bredin Kathr n Buster Melinda B.-own Helen Butler 41 Susan Butler Anne Cabaniss Elizabeth Cadwalader Louisa Cahan Laura Campbell Mary Cantey Eugenia Carr Ann Carroll Courtney Cash Connie Chalmers Marguerita Chandler Marv Clark Percy Clarke Karen Cole Julie de Coligny Kathy Cooley Loni Cooper Shelby Dudley Kathnn Crook Kay Eckcrt Brenda Darden Donna Edgerion Cherry Dean Suzanne Edinger Mickie Donaldson Owen Ekholm Sue Drewcs Jeanne Forsyth 4 ' -♦:■♦.♦ ' A A « % ♦ % • SOPHOMORES Jo Fox Francine Fratc Lynne Gardner Madelainc Gill Merilyn Givcns Alicia Glass Leilani Green Mar) ' Gress Judith Harboltlc Libby Har ey Beverly Hay Judy Hein Kalhryn Hemphill Rickey Hendricks Peiii Herbert Nancy Hickox ' Hang out our banners on the cutward walls. " Macbeth 43 3W such idleness so near the heart. . . " Antony and Cleopatra SOPHOMORES Susan Hill Martha Hilton Anne Hinshaw Cintv Hdskins Maurna Houlihan Julie Howard Ann Hoxton C:harliitte Hunnncl Cono ' cr Hunt Diane Hunt Carter Hunter Laiuie Ives Margery Jackson Trina Jensen Barbara Jcihnsou Jane Johnson 44 ♦ - Af Ashley Jones Nonic Keen Neil Keller Mary King Svisan Kinnaird Anne Kinsey Frances Kinen Sherilyn Klaerner Ohristinc Kulczycki Sally Laurence Dede Leland Marian Li Suzanne Little Debbie Luby Jenny Lyons Sophie MacKenzie Tenia Macneil Pam McCiinnell M. i Kail: Ann Stewart Matthews Sally May Mary McCall Jill McMahon Elizabeth McMullen Marilyn Meyers Kaye MrCampbeM Elizabeth Miller 45 • ♦ Bainie Minor 1)1. inr Mitchell riid Montgoiiiciy Pat Mountrey Celia Newberg Kathy Obenchain Penny Oliver Sally Paradise Betsy Peiinell Ann Peterson Cathy Porter Leslev Predmore Jeannic Preston Coo Prettyman Camilla Reid Eileen Riley ' •■««a|- V. ' Bettie Robcrson Emmy Savage Susan Roe Francie de Saussure Adclaiilr RusM, Marianru. S. Imli, Elizabeth Sanfoixl Julie Seihels Il.by Sarlor Lynn Si-lllinu-j Lynn Saunders Patty Skarda 46 • • Tm only a beer teetotaler, not a champagne teetotaler. SOPHOMORES Pat Sparks Mclanie Stcmlial Anne Stoddard Carol Stokes Anne Stiipp Marie Sushka Donna Tankcrslcy Amy Thompson Mary Townes Barrie Triminghani Mike Twine Carol ' ont Ellen Wakefield Andy Walker Lisa Walker Jing Wang Shaw, Candida 47 • ♦ f f . ' invent anything that tends to laughter. . . " Henry IV, II SOPHOMORES Lynn Warren Sandy Waters Ann Webster Jane Weihman Toni Wilswo Connie Williams Susan Williams Cecelia Williamson Chris Witro ' ( Betsy Wolfe Tay Wood Melissa Allen Christina Bacchiani Andrea Beerman Ellen Bilgore Lucy Blundon Susan Bokan Jane Brady Jeanne Brassell Pamela Browning Ellen Buchanan Katherine Burton Pamela Burwell Margaret Colbert Kate Condax Candida Connard NOT PICTURED Jane Dedman Suzanne Evans Carann Graham Susan Grinberg Janice Haagensen Susan Hinner Holly Holden Elise Hortenstine Jacqueline Israel Kathleen Israel Kristin Kuhns Linda Mallon Sarah Massey Linda Pattberg Victoria Pitts Pembroke Reed Virginia Rulon-Miller Susan Somerv ' ille Susan Sullivan Ellen Thurman Joanne Tumolo Andree Williams 48 Llhh] Mnaozine fc ' l Time. Inc. I am resolved to grow fat and look young ' til forty. " Dryden, The Maiden Queen " If I can make no sport, I ' ll mar none. " Wilson, The Cheats 49 • ♦ • three year ' s patience will at last crown us with happiness. " She Stoops to Conquer 5° JUNIOR: 51 rp CLASS OFFICERS MARY BELL President BONNIE JACKSON Vice-President MARTHA MEEHAN Secretary JOAN McCLURE Treeauner MR. and MRS. 1 H( )M S S SCHMINK Sponsors .EFT TO RIGHT: Mary Bell, J.. in UC m ' -, Bonnie Jack,on, M.uiIk, Nfr.h, 5 4 •• •. P;uih ' . Ay..tt - Katharine Bariihanlt Daphne Baynhaiu Marv B,-ll Judith Beiisiii Jill Bcrgiiido Ann Bivins Mary Blackwell Juhe Bndin 1 W 1 Lisa Braden I Ss sJ Randolph Brown 5 $ v Andria Calhoun larbara Cochrane i e Diane Dalton ; Hallie Darby ■ ::a Patricia Davis ( - » kM. iy bargains and my well-won thrift. . . " Merchant of l enice 4 ♦ Gayle Dearborn Direxa Dick Margaret Dortch Margiiia Dunlap Mary Erkman Polly Eclls Stephanie Ewalt Margaret Frazier Pamela Fromme th Gawthrop Shelley Gearhart Mary Gillespie Elizabeth tllaser Linda Grizzard Peggy Handly Jane Hansford " Jove and my stars be praised! Here is yet a postscript; Twelfth Night 54 JUNIORS Marion Harvey Judith Haskell Sally Haskell Britton Hasscll Mellic Hiekcy Elizabeth Hill Leslie Huber Hallain Hurl Bonnie Jackson Susan Jester Evelyn Johnson XoivcU Jones Katalin Kelety Ellen Kelley Anne Kern Marshall Ketcham Gene Kini; Sheri7 Kirsehcnfeld Betsy Kurtz Lynn Lyle Sims McRae Marion Macrae Ruthie Marshall Judy Mayberry 55 h JUNIORS Martha Mcchaii Oarolyn Milton Martha Mitchell Charlotte Moore Margaret Moran Clarolc Munn Marshall Munroe Toni aren Patricia Xeithold Nancy Pendergrass Margaret Pittnian Judith Powell Connie Qucreau Carroll Randolph Molly Randolph Anne vonRebhan Sue Reineke (Jail Robbins Pamela Rutledge Patricia Sadtler Melissa Sanders [Ji alirth S. hiltges judx Schlatter Karen Schwabenloii 50 Bethel Sebriiig Maiy-B aird Shinbcriirr M;ir - Lindsay Smith Ellie Spivcy Gracey Stoddard Bonnie Smtski Pamela Sullivan Barbara Tillman Kay Triigdon Sally Twedcll Kim Waters Kerrv Weber Maria Wiglesworth Margaret Williams Virginia Young NOT PICTURED Mary Gary Ambler Kate Barrett Elizabeth Bernard Kendra-Ann Brown Eugenia Bull Mary T. Burnette f;i(iria Carroll Colleen Coffee Eleanor Covington N ' ictoria Dillon Jane Eastin Linda Fite Judith Keyserling Madeleine Long Ray Longstaff Stephanie Luras Joan McClure Margaret Mapp Neil Orloff Jane Reed Margaret Schulz Jacqueline Stevenson Margaret Vose " Much may be said on both side Fielding, Coreiil Garden Tragedy 57 " Custom, that unwritten law. . . " Davenant, Circe Li IE Magazi ., little maids who, all unwary, Come from a ladies ' seminary. ' The Mikado JUNIORS ABROAD Bookstalls line a Paris street. Victoria Jean Baker France Frances Grace Gould France Josephine deRussct Heyward France Beverly Jean Bradshaw France Linda Dee Henderson France Victoria Snow Jones France Mary Bethel Dixon France NOT PICTURED Priscilla Gay Blackstock Greece Susanne Page Brown Scotland Mildred Gretchen Bullard Scotland DoUv Mary Caballero ' Puerto Rico Virginia Field Carpenter Spam Susan DeFord Sumners Spain Lorna Gladys Christensen Spain Claudia Dillon Fangboner Greece Carroll Carter Long Italy Stella-Mae Renchard Germany Virginia Miles Stanley Londo-ii f Adolf Easton Laslic France Lang Elizabeth Lloveras France Susan Lee Morck France Lucille Porter Orr France Jfjta : ., w:» . . • i Susan Jane Stephenson D jn 9 [m •i . Susan Elizabet!) Tucker France mi : iwtv . ' Jai.i. l;.:...u. ;.. VVillingham France ♦ ♦ CHAN MARGARET ANNORA MILLER Glasgow, Scotland HilS ' i fi 1 ■ K H v ■ 1 ' i 1 m Mp t; ' - IIIHI RJBI ' !! S H MARIE-MADELIENE VIOLET Paris, Fiance 6% i.» vv vi ' .J Every year the Sweet Briar girls en- joy meeting a new student from the Highlands. Here, Maggie praitires her swing in a snapshot taken in her homeland. Marie-Madeleine has been of invalu- able help in improving accents and grammar on the French corridor. In this picture she gives us a glimpse of her summers at home. 63 f w ♦ ■ ' The wheel is come full circle; I am here. ' Kino Lear 64 • ■ • ■ " - " - - . » " - ENIOR; 65 SEN CLA OFFICER MARY A . CALHOUN President JUDY VILS( ) Vice-President CATHIK IRKVS Secretary GRAC.1E BU 1 LER Treasurer MR. and MRS. PETER . DANIEL Sponsors LEFT TO RKrUT: l.u.l- B-.itli-r, Mary Anne Calhoun. Judy Wilson. Cathie Irey 66 . . . ENior; MEREDITH J. NE ALDRICH Belmont, Massachusetts French DIANA HERRAN ANGULO Charlottesville, ViRGiiNiA Sociology EMILY PERRY BAKER Atlanta, Georgia Government " . . . there is a music wherever there is a harmony, order, or proportion; and thus far we may maintain the music of the spheres. " Sir Thomas Browne " Do I dare Disturb the universe? In a minute there is time For decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse. " T. S. Eliot " Leaving the tumultuous throng To cut across the reflex of a star That fled, and flying still before me, gleamed Upon the glassy plain. " William Wordsworth JULIET PLATT BAKER Chew Chase, Maryland History of Art KATHARINE M. BAKER Far Hills, New Jersey American Hiitory and Literature ANNA BITTING BARTEL Winston-Salem, North Carolina French ' The noontide is upon us and our half waking has turned to fuller day, and we must part. " Kahlil Cibran " We need an education of the heart and spirit. The most important things belong first, not last or never. " Cedric Wright " Keep your heart young and your ex- pectations high and never allow your dreams to die. " Wilfred A. Peterson CYNTHIA 111(.)R. BAYNHAM Martinsburg, West Virginia Brilish History " With curiims art the brain, too finely wrought, Preys on herself, and is destroyed by thought. " ' Charles Churchill STEELE HILL BAXTER Amherst, Virginia Biology " I can think whatever I like to think. I can play whatever I like to play. I ran laugh whatever I like to laugh. ' A. A. Mil lie KATHRYN ROBY BINGHAM ( )ii. City, Pennsylvania Sociology ■ " Where most of us end up There is no knowing. But the hellbent get where They ' re going. " James Thurber MARGARET ELIZABETH BLOCK Gadsden, Alabama Music " The language of tones belongs equally to all mankind, and melody is the absolute language in which the musician speaks to every heart. " Richard W ' aener BETTY BURWELL BOOKER Charlottesville, Virginia British History " ' The time has come, ' the walrus said, ' To talk of many things : Of shoes — and ships — and seal- ing-wax — Of cabbages — and kings — And why the sea is boiling hot — And whether pigs have wings. ' " Lewis Carroll MARGARET LIVINGSTON BROWN Ardmore, Pennsylvania American History " Two roads diverged in a wood, And I— I look the one less traveled by, . nd that has made all the diflTerence. " Robert Frost iT . I ♦• •• SUSAN GALT BROWN Houston, Texas French NANCY DRAKE BULLARD Richmond, ' irginia Music JULIA LOOMIS BUSH Elmira, New York Music " Vc love llie things we love for what they are. " Robert Frost " Some folks consider mu- sic as Our most important art And they are right because it keeps A record of the heart. " James M. Metcalfe " There is sweet music here that softer falls Than petals from blown roses on the grass . . . Music that gentler on the spirit lies, Than tired eyelids upon tired eyes; Music that brings sweet sleep down from the bli.ssful skies. " Tennyson GRACE TUCKER BUTLER Rye, New York French " To laugh often and to love much, to win the respect of intelligent persons and the aflfection of children, ... to have played and laughed with enthusiasm and to have sung with exaltation, to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. " Emerson FRANCES WILCOX BUTT Lexington, Virginia Latin " If only I may grow: firmer, simpler- quieter, warmer. " Dag HaminarskjoUl MARY ANNE CALHOUN Savannah, Georgia History of Art " Ideals are like stars: you will nut suc- ceed in touchin,g them with your hands, but like the seafaring man on the ocean desert of waters, you choose them as your guides, and following them, you reach your destiny. " Carl Schurz . A § % • ••♦ ♦ 4 t ♦ ENior; DOROTHEA HAMMOND CAMPBELL Charleston, West ' irgima M ' idern European History ■ ' Shi ' was ai ' tivf. stinint;, all fire Could not rest, cnuld not tire. " Browninp JEAX CAMPBELL Larghmont, Xf.w York Frencli " Lc courage, c ' est d ' aller a I ' ideal ct do coniprendre le reel. " Jt ' di! J (litres MARY LA I. L CAMPBELL Dallas, Texas English " Misery is when your hinds are sticky and you ' ve got on a new dress. " Suza:ine Heller IL 73 MARY EMMA OARMICHAEL Marietta, Georgia Engliih " It is very hard to be simple enough to be good. ' ' Ralph Waldo Emenon KATHRYN HOLBROOK CARROLL YoRKj Pennsylvania Religion " Continuous as the stars that shine And twinkle on the milky way. " Wordsworth CYNTHLA HAMILTON COFFIN Richmond, Virginia Drama " Noli me tangere, for Caesars I am . nd wild for to hold. " Sir Thomas Wyatt 74 KEENAN COLTON Pelham, New York English ' ' Love and a red imse cannot be hid. Thomas Holcrojt GRACE LOUISE COMER PiTTsviEW, Alabama Economics " For in the dew of httle things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed. " Kahlil Gibran NANCY ELIZABETH CONKLE Cashiers, North Carolina Goi ' ernment " Do good by stealth and blush to find it fame. " Anonymuus • ♦ - ♦ ENior; JEANMNE ELIZABETH CORBETT ViLMi.NGTON ' , North Carolina Sociology " For life is the niirmr of king and slave, ' Tis just what we are and do : Then give to the world the b?st you have, And the best will come back t;) you. " Madeleine Bridges Bt) XIE CAROL CORD Cincinnati, Ohio Mathematical Physics ' ■ Ve know what we are, but know nc what we may be. " Shakespeare CYNTHIA BRYAN CRAIG Jacksonville, Florida American History " In his confusion he bit a large piece out of his teacup instead of the bread-butter. " Lewis Carroll ANN MILLER CROWE Coral Gabi.?;s, Florida Modern Languages " Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connait pas. " ' Pascal ROblX J. RANDOLPH CUTLER New York, New York European History " A morsel of genuine histor ' is a thing so rare as to be always valuable. " Thomas Jefferson EVELYN LEE DAY Louisville, Kentucky English " Since all things pass, let ' s make a pass- ing melody. Let us sing with love and art. and swifter let us be than swift de- parture. " Rainer Marin Rilke NANCY NICHOLAS DUNHAM Westport Connecticut Government " In the time of your life, live — so that in the uondrous time you shall not add to the misery and sorrow of the world, but shall smile to the infinite delight and mystery of it. " William Saroyan SALLY SECREST DUNHAM Westport, Connecticut History of Art " What is this talked of mystery of birth But being mounted bareback on the earth? " Robert Frost LOUISE MARGUERITE DURONA Crestwood, New York Drama " The woman who hunts for the best in a one dollar stocking. " Anonymous ♦.. ■: v. v ENior; NANCY TERRILL FENTRESS Potomac, Maryland American History and Literature " One may not reach the dawn save by the path of the night. " Kahlil Gibran ANNE LAURA FROTHINGHAM New Canaan, Connecticut History of Art " Here we go ' round the prickly pear . . till human voices wake us, and w drown. " T. S. Eliot MARILYN CIRAMER GARABRANT Bl.OOMFIF.l.D HlLL.S, MiCIIICA.N French " ' Twas brillii;, and the slithy toves Did gyre and giinble in the wabe: . ' Ml mimsy were the borogovcs . nd the mome raths outgrabe. " Lewis Carroll MARGARET GILLMER Miami, Florida American History and Literatur " Help! " John Lennon ELEANOR DOWLING GILMORE Baltimore, Maryland Psychology " What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare? — " William Henry Davies ELIZABETH DL ' XNE C;iRLL G Monroe, Virginia French " Par les soirs d ' ete bleus j ' irai dans les sentiers Picote par les bles, fouler I ' herbe menue: Rcveur, j " en sentirai la fraicheur a mes pieds, .Je laisserai le vent baigner ma tete nue! " ' Arthar Rimbaud ENior; MARY MEADE GORDON Bon Air, Virginia Government GEORGIA SAFFOLD CJRAHAM Montgomery, Alabama Physics IOLA PATRICIA GRAVEURE Fallston, Maryland French " I ' d rather Icam from one bird how to sing Than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance. " E. E. Cummings " Look to this day, for it is life — For yesterday was but a dream. And tomorrow is only a vision ; But today well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness And every tomorrow a i- sion of hope; Look well, therefore, to this day — " Sanskrit proverb " . . . ce qui compte, c ' est d ' etre VTai et alors tout s ' y inscrit, I ' humanite et la simplicite. " Albert Camus 8i 4.04 , ' ENior; NANCY TALIAFERRO GREER Rocky Mount, Virginia History of Art ELEANOR SOUTHWORTH GRIGGS Wilmington, Delaware American History and Literature PATRICIA ANN GROMEL Allentown, Pennsylvania Sociology ■ ' Sweet are the uses of adversity. " Shakespeare " What ' s the use of worrying? It never was worthwhile. " Anonymous " It ' s not that I love work less, but that I love fun more. " Anonymous (.EORCIA HURT HAMPSHIRE TowsON, Maryland French C ' onu ' , Vive in Now and occupy it well. Prediction ' s no alternative to forethought . . . " Robert Graves CORDELIA CARLTON HARRISON Richmond, X ' irginia Internotional Affairs " One song leads on to another, One friend to another friend : So I ' ll travel along With a friend and a song. " MARY CAROLYNE HASKELL Tucson. Arizona History " My candle burns at both ends; It will not last the night; But, ah, my foes, and, oh, my friends — It gives a lovely light. " Edna St. Vincent Millay DEBORAH PAGE HASLAM Westfield, New Jersey International Affairs SANDRA HATTEN GuLFPORT, Mississippi Government SHARON GILMORE HEALY Babylon, New York French " I ' d rather drive where sea storms blow. And be the ship that always failed To make the ports where it would go, Than be the ship that never sailed. " Anonymous " Like flame, like wine, across the still lagoon The colors of the simset streaiTi. Spectral in heaven as climbs the frail veiled moon, So climbs my dream. " It ' illiam Rose Benet ' The mere sense of living is joy enough Emily Dickinson » ♦ ♦ • MARY REID HERLIHY Charleston, West Virginia Er,gli h " And I was one of the children told Some of the blowing dust was gold. " Robert Frost HARRIETTE ELIZABETH HORSEY Atlanta, Georgia Philosophy " If one does not expect the unexpected one will not find it, for it is nut reached by search cf trail. " Hernclitus CiAlHERI.XE RECH.XAGEL IREYS Brooklyn, Xew York English ' Tread softly because you tread on my dreams. " U ' illiam Butler Veals SALLIE JEAN JACKSON Rochester, New York French " The fox knows many tricks, the hedge hog only one. One good one. " Archilochus PAMELA LEE JONES Nashville, Ten. es.see French " III run across the lawn and kick the dewy cobwebs before they dry, And if I ' ln sad today, I ' m young enough to cry. " Anonymous CAROLYN LOUISE JUDY Columbia, South Carolina Economics " Is all that we see or seem But a dream within a dream? " Edgar Allan Poe K - : ' K. ' . - ' SARAH KAY KALBER Louisville, Kentucky Goventme it " What we have in lis of the image of God is the Icve of truth and justice. " Demosthenes SUSAN KJELDSEN Brightwaters, New York Philosophy " And he gave a deep sigh, and tried vei7 hard to Hsten to what Owl was saying. " A. A. Milne MARC.ARET MORTON LANGENBERG St. Louis. Missouri Government " He that will have eternal riches let him build the house of his mind on the foot- stone of lowliness, not on the highest hill where the raging winds of trouble blow or the rain of measureless anxiety. " A. ' i ig Alfred the Great ,» » ' LORXE ELIZABETH LASSITER VVinstox-Salem, North Carolina History of Ail " Rejoice in joyous things — nor overmuch Let grief thy bosom touch Midst evil, and still bear in mind How changeful are the ways of human-kind. " Arckiloclius PAMELA ANNE LEARY Miami, Florida Government " How does it feel? To be on your own, with no direction home, like a complete unknown, like a Rolling Stone. . . " Bob Dylan MARLW WARD LOW Fairfield, Conimecticut American History and Literature " A little rcbelliim now and then is a good thing. " Thomas Jefferson i ' V-VV MARY CILARE LOVD Lynchburg, ' irgim. Engliih " Whither, C) splendid ship, thy white sails crowding. Leaning across the bosom of the urgent west. . . " Robert Bridges MARGUERITE McPHEETER.S McKEE Raleigh, North Carolina Religion " I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see. " John Burroughs MILDRED LEE MACKUBIX CiLOUCESTER, X ' iRGlMA Religion " To ever ' man there openeth a Way and ways and a Way And every man decideth the way his soul shall go. " Oxenham , - • •♦- " MARTHA MADDEX New Hartford, New York American History and Literature " Let nic be a little kinder. Let me be a little blinder To the faults of those around me. Let me praise a little more. " Edgar Guest SHEILA ANN MAHONEY Rochester, New York English " I m the very slave of circumstance And impulse — borne away with every breath! " Byron DONNA LEA MARTIN Roanoke, Virginia Psychology " Head of a traveler, wherefore seeking whom Whence by what way how purposed art thou corae To this well-nightingaled vicinity? My object in inquiring is to know. But if you happen to be deaf and dumb And do not imderstand a word I say. Tlvn wave vour hand, to signify ,1. mil. Ii ' .! A Houuniin 90 4 « ♦ PATRICIA LYNN MARTIN Roanoke, Virginia Psycliology " I am, a.s it were, of two minds, each more or less in a.grcenicnt with the oilier. " Peter Ustinov ANNE STUART MASON Seattle, Wa.shington French " Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour. " William Blake ANNE EUGENIA MERCER Dallas, Texas Mathematics " ' Tis one who ' s full of siin.shine .And who genuinely tries Who will elear the clouds of trouble From his own and other ' s skies. " Anonymous LUCIXDA CARLTOX MICHEL Miami, Florida Sociology " Happiness is like perfume — You can ' t spray it on others Without getting some on yourself. " Wilfred A. Peterson RANDI LYNN MILES Westport. Connecticut American History " The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, . ' Knd miles to go before I sleep. And miles to go before I sleep. " Robert Frost K. THARINE ALICIA MOCKETT Short Hills. New Jersey Mathematics " De in. de pocsie. de vertu, a votre guise; mais eni rez-vous. ' Baudelaire ♦ •♦:• . JOSEPHINE PAGE MOORE Atlanta, Georgia History of Art " She has a lovely faee ; God in his mercy lend her grace. " Alfred Lord Tennyson SUSAN GILLESPIE MOORMAN Hanover, New Hampshire Sociology " He uhii comes to do good knocks at the gate; He who loses finds the diior open. " Rab ' jidrnnuth Tagore SUSAN LYNCH MOSELEY Louisville, Kentucky Biology " Still The little maid would have her will. " Wordsworth WINIFRED STERLING MURRAY Cincinnati, Ohio Sociology " Yuu tell me there are no stars but there are. " Anonymous VICTORIA NALLE Houston, Texas Music " They hand in hand, with wand ' ring steps and slow, Through Eden took the solitary wav. " John Milt on JANE WORMELEY NELSON CuLPEPER, Virginia Modern European History " The space between is but an hour, The frail duration of a flower. " Philip Freneau « • ENior; AN.NE RODGERS NEWTON Greenwich. Connecticut International Affairs iMARGARET ANN NICHOLS Potomac, Maryland Modern Languages JOAN MADDEN NILES Bethesda, Maryland Psychology " The world stands out on either side No wider than the heart is wide: Above the world is stretched the sky — No higher than the soul is high. " Edna St. Vincent Millay ' I must get out of these wet clothes and into ; dry Martini — " Alexander Woollcott " Nature ' s Perfection and the perfect shrine of Grace attend Thy deed in evry part. A thought, a word, and worke of Thine, will kill Sin, Satan, and the Curse: and Law fulfill. " Edward Taylor jf ' ?, t • -v SHEILA MARGARET NOLAN Easton, Pennsylvania Greek " Grind on Millstone, grind on, for even Pittakos grinds on, and he is King over mighty Mytilene. " Anonymous JOSEPHINE NOLAND Saint Louis, Missouri French " . . . toujours vmgt ans Dans quclque coin du coeur. Anonymous MARIANA CARMEN OECHSLE San Isidro, Lima, Peru Modern Languages ' Et soudain me prit un desir, unc envie, qiielque chose de phis furieux. de plus imperieux que tout Cf ciuf j " a ' ais resscnti JListlualors: i ic! je veux vivre. je ciix vi re. " Andre Gide ■If ' ••■; J ■ • ' ENior; ABBY PARKE PATTERSON Far Hills, New Jersey Religion " A little nonsense now and then relished by the wisest men. " Anonymous JANE MARIE PATTON Nhu York Cjt., Nkw York " When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth yiiu are weeping for that which has been your delight. " Kahlil Gibrun ANDREA PEARSON MoBILEj AlaBAM.A Mathematics " I expect to pass through this world but once: any good thing therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any fellow-creature, let me do it now; let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass tliis way again. " Ationymous 97 . » t t ' .■ J LIDA LEE PIERCE Elmira New York Government DOROTHY CAROLE POER Cedar Rapids, Iowa English SARAH HELEN RANEY Wilmington, North Carolina History of Art " Ready am I to go and my eagerness with sails full set awaits the wind. " Kahil Gibran " Shall the day of parting be the day of gathering? And shall it be said that my eve was in truth my dawn? " Kahil Gibran " Who finds a joy in birds and flowers And babbling brooks; Who loves the sunshine and the showers — the shady nooks; Whose soul within him never co ers But upward looks; Who values most the priceless things not bought with gold; Whose voice with kindness ever rings To young and old ; Who. with his sunshine, ever brings a jov untold. " D , , Orfidd «- • xi • Tf DIANA BOWRON REDIKER Birmingham, Alabama English " The lunatic, the lover, and the poet. Are of imagination all compact. ' U ' illiam Shakespeare LINDA EVELYN REYNOLDS LvMBERTov, North Carolina Music " Foiir be the things I am wiser to know; Idleness, sorrow, a friend, and a foe. Four be the things I ' d been better without: Love, curiosity, freckles. and doubt. Three be the things I shall never attain: Eiuy. content, and suffi- cient champagne. Three be the things I shall have till I die: Laughter and hope and a sock in the eye. " Dorothy Parker ! E. RL GLRKIN RIGGAN Norfolk, Virginia Mathematics ' A useless life is an early death. Goethe NATALIE SUSAX ROBERTS Xewport News. ' irgixia Religion " After the verb ' To Love, ' ' To Help ' is the most beautiful verb in the world! " Baroness Bertha von Suttner MARGARET BULLARD ROGERS Norfolk, ' ir ima American History and Literature " Sinreri ' ly ruffled by love of life. " Anonymous BETTIE CAIRO RUSSELL LONGMEADOVV, MASSACHUSETTS Sociology " I have never for one instant seen clear- ly within myself: how then would you have me judge the deeds of others? " Maurice Maeterlinck JOANNA SABALAUSKAS Baltimore, Maryland International Affairs " Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers. " Alfred Lord Tennyson COURTENAV NORTON SANDS Richmond, Virginia Government " She that was ever fair and never proud, Had tongue at will and yet was never loud. ' ' William Shakespeare L. URA JETER S. ' VUNDERS . rdmore. Pennsylvania American History " Why does the Devil have all the good times? " Anotiymous RUTH CORNWELL SCHMIDT Saint Louis. Missouri British History " No one ran tell me, Nobody knows, Where the wind comes from. Where the wind goes. " A. A. Milne NANCY JANE SCHMITT Glen Ridge, New Jersey Chemiitry " I ' ve taken my fun where I ' ve found it. " Rudyard Kipling PEGGY JOY SCURLOCK Falls Church, Virginia American History and Literature " Qiiolh the Raven, ' Nevermore ' . " Edgar Allan Poe DIANA MARY SIMRELL Sharon, Connecticut International Affairs " Et il ne s ' agit pas de vivre dangereuse- ment. Cette formule est pretentieuse . . . Ce n ' est pas le danger que j ' aime. Je sais ce que j ' aime. C ' est la vie. " Saint-Exupery MARTHA CLAY SPANGEXBERG Denver. Color.vdo French " Love is the greatest thing in the world. Anonymous ALICE LEA SPRUAXCE WiLMINGTO.N. DeL. V. RE English " Do you think I can listen all day to such stuff? " Be off, or I ' ll kick you downstairs! " Lewis Carroll PAMELA MARGARET LY. . E SPURDON Irvinoto -ox-Hudson ' , New York French 11 laiil ctip tnujouis ivre. ' Charles Baudelaire MARY ETHEL STEARNS Gaixesville, Florida Sociology " Is life so wretched? Isn ' t it rather yoi hands which arc too small, your isio which is muddied? " Dag Harnrnarskjold I ' EXELOPE STEKETEE (iKAMi Rapids, Michigax Muthernatics " Strange, when you come to think of it, that of all the countless folk who have lived before our time on this planet not one is known in history or in legend as havini died of laughter. " Si: Max Beerbuhm M mm ♦„♦:-♦.• ' .• COURTNEY BRERETON STEVENSON Chew Chase, Maryland Mathematics " Whom honesty, wit and humor crowned. " Stephen Dude LOIS CASSANDRA STREETT Flycreek, New York French ' Well done is better than well said. ' Benjamin Franklin SUSAN ALLPHLN SUDDUTH Na.shville, Te.vnessee Biology " I find the earth not grey but rosy, Heaven not grim but fair of hue. " Elizabeth Barrett Browning 105 ENio ' r; MARY ANN CHAMBERS SWAXEY Winston-Salem, North Carolina Spanish SANDRA LUPTON SWAIN Birmingham, Michigan History of Art JANE DOUGLAS TAYLOR Washington, District of Columbia Physics ' Pert she is and loves to flirt. ' Anonymous " Glor - be to God for dappled things! ' ' Gerard Manley Hopkins ' A little nonsense now and then, Is relished by the wisest men " Anonymous SALLY ANN THOMAS West Haven, Connecticut Physics " From quiet homes and first beginning Out to the undiscovered end, 1 liere ' s nothing worth the wear of winning But laughter and the love of friends. " HUdire Belloc ELEANOR ANN THOMSON Fruitland Park, Florida English " Let my heart he broken With the things which would break the heart Of God. " Victor Hugo P.VIRICTA ANN THORNHILL Raleigh, North Carolina History of Art " .• nd a broken laugh and a thousand memories, And not a single regret. " Edgar Lee Masters ■ ■: -:fj MARJORIE WING TODD EusTis Florida History of Art MARY OCONXOR TROMBLY Honolulu, Hawaii En sink LEAH BROOKE TUCKER Houston, Texas Government " Cioe. and catche a falling starre, Get with child a Mandrake roote, Tell me, where all past yeares are, Or who cleft the Divel ' s foot. " John Donne " Men never make passes At girls who wear glasses . . . unless they have interesting frames. " Anonymous " Ah, but a man ' s reach should exceed his grasp — Or what ' s a heaven for? " Robert Browning SHELLEY HULL TURNER Westport, Connecticut Engliih " My salad day., when I was i;rccn in judgment. ' William Shakespeare SIDMA ' . I ( ) TURNER IA poRT, Florida Psychology " He joy must ei e who joy would win. For happiness was born a twin. " Byron JANE EMAl.IML U ILEY Chari.ottk. North Carolina Sociology " Oh! The gladness of her glad- ness when she is glad And the sadness of her sad- ness when she is sad. But the gladness of her glad- ness and the sadness of her sadness are as nothing, As the badness of her badness when She ' s bad. E. B. Cunningham ANME KATE WARD Richmond, ' irgima Drama " ' We ' d better go home now to bed; We have drunk too much, ' I said. ' " Phelps Putnam PHILENA BISHOP WERDEN MattooNj Illinois Modern Languages " Que la tierra florezca en mis acciones Como en el jugo de ore de las viiias, Que perfume el dolor de mis canciones C ' omo un fruto olvidado en la campina. " Pablo Neruda MURIEL ANASTASIA WIKSWO Amherst, Virginia Biology " To unbind what is bound, to bring the underground waters to the surface: man- kind is waiting and longing for such as can do that. " Albert Schweitzer ENIORi MAXEV PE.NX WILLETS Sf.wicklev. PE s •I.VA ■IA English " May you live all the days of your life. S ' u ' ift VIRGINIA ARMISTEAD WILLIAMS Rapidan, Virginia Modern European History " Zealous, yet modest; innocent, though free; Patient in toil, serene amidst alarms ; Inflexible in faith: invinrilile in arms. " James Bcatlie . I. RV-FLEMI. (; HA.MPTO.X WILLIS C:oi,u.MniA. South CiAROi.iN.v Biology " I always knew that someday I would roni! ' this way but yesterday I did not know that it would be today. " Anonymous JUDITH GRAVES WILSON e v Orleans, Louisiana English " Blessed are they who have the gift of making friends ... It involves many things, but almve all. the puwer of going out of oneself , and appreciating what- ever is noble and loving in another. ' Thomas Hughes ANN PENNI.N ' GTON WINFREE Roanoke, Virginia Aiusic " I have known . . . the silence for shicli music alone finds a word . . . " Edgar Lee Masters PEGGY BEATTIE WOOD Atlanta, Georgia Religion ' ■ nu shall above all things be glad d youm;. I ' lir if viin ' ir vnunt ' ,. whatever hfr vuii wrai II will bee. .in. ' ..n; and if you are glad Whatever Ining will your- self become. e. e. cumtnitigs DIANXA RUTH YAEGER TiMONiL ' M, Maryland " The gciulc Miindc by kimuIo dcrds is Knowiu ' . ' Edmutid Sl eiiier N ' OT PICTURED ' ictona Anne Chainski. Anne Turner Overton EXPECTED TO GR.ADUATE WITH THE CLASS OF 1966 Jeanne Fenrick Bedell Marj- McGrew Lee Xancy Ann Beekinan Carringer Margery Moses Phillips Nadean Finch Hampton Sharon Price Schinnerer Nancy-Coalter Dew Lathrop Anno Dunlap Younians " This business will never hold water. " Gibber, She Wou ' d and She Wou ' d Not " 3 I.II-E Magazine (c I Time, Inc. r f - ' I play the man I am; Coriolanus 114 flCTIVlTIE " 5 ;f -f- . LEFT TO RlCUr, STAXDIXC;: Marilyn Gaialjrant, Mary-Flemin.5 Willis, Muriel Wikswo, Kathaune Mockett, Meredith Aldrich. SEATED. MIDDLE: Majorie Wing Todd, Ruth Schmidt, Sally Thomas, Dorothea Campbell, Margaret Bloch, Frances Butt. SEATED, FRONT: Anne Turner Overton, Pearl Riggan. ' OT PICTURED: Donna Martin. PHI BETA KAPPA Election to inembership in the honorary society of Phi Beta Kappa repre.sents the attainment of the highest ideals to which a student may aspire during her years at Sweet Brair. Members are chosen not only for their excellent academic records but also for evidence of broad cultural interests and promise of future intellectual growth. The number of seniors rarely exceeds ten per cent of the class and the election of juniors is the exception rather than the rule. ACADEMIC HONORS The Honors Plan of Study allows the interested student to follow her own path to an increasing knowledge. The Manson Memorial Alumnae Schol- arship and the Mary Kendrick Benedict Scholar- ship are awarded to two members of the senior class for their scholarship and their contributions to the college. The Emily Watts McVea Scholars are those students whose outstanding academic records cause them to be named the top students of their classes. LEFT TO RICHT: Emily l» ' rt i McVea scholars: Frances Kirven. 1968; Mary McCall, 1968; Manson Memorial Alumnae scholar: Nancy Conkle; Mary Keniirick Benedict scholar: Meredith Aldrich. NOT PICTURED: Mary- Fleming Willis, Emily Watts McVea scholar, 1966: Victoria Baker, Emily Watts McVea .scholar, 1967. Honors Plan students: Meredith Aldrich and Viola Graveure, French; Donna Martin and Patricia Martin. Psychology. JUNIOR HONORS Two years of consistently high academic achievement are rewarded at Opening Convoca- tion when the faculty recognizes those juniors who have attained an outstanding scholastic record during their frcshinan and sophomore years at Sweet Briar. lOP TO BOTTOM: Margaret Williams, Anne Turner Overton, Sally Twedell. FRESHMAN HONORS Announced at a special Honors Convocation held in early February, these members of the freshman class are recognized by the faculty for their distinguished academic achievement during their first semester at Sweet Briar. LEFT TO RIGHT, ST. ' WDIXG: Pamela Sinex, Judith Griffiths. Jan Hueucln. SE. TED : Jane Illinsjuorth. Brvan .Alphin. Marnite Calder, Maria Ward. FRO. T: Mar%- Bell. EXECUTIVE BOARD The Executive Board, composed of the student leaders of the community, assists in the educational purposes of Student Gov- ernment. It sponsors the FACETS program, bringing art movies and book and panel discussions to the students. Active in improving the rules and regulations, this year it made amendments in the electoral procedure and in the apartment rule. Most student projects are initiated in the Executive Board. L.-WINIA CAMPBELL Preiident of Student Government .TODENT m-f ' ' LEFT TO RIGHT, SEATED: Margaret Mapp, Beth Cawthrop, MarK.u.i Williams, Lavinia Campbell, Pearl Riggan, Sally Twedell, Jody Moore, Susan Sudduth. ST.ANDING: Marion MacRae, Frances Kirven. Peusy Pittman. Nanry Conkle, Page Monroe, Kate Condax, Laurie Ives, Kecnan Colton, . nn Peterson, Melissa Sanders, Mary Bell. Mary Ann C:alhoun, Margo Langenberg, Patricia Thornhill. ii8 LEI T IX) RIGHT. SEATED: Hallam Hurt, Virginia Williams, Corky Stevcnsun. STANDING: Judy Haskell, Camilla Reid, Marguerite McKee. Tia Campliell, Barrie Trimingham, Trina Jensen, Ruthie Marshall. GOVERNMENT i- ••A ' T JUDICIAL BOARD The work of the Judicial Board is fundamentally directed towards the education of students for the acceptance of in- dividual responsibility, not only for the Honor System at Sweet Briar, but for the way of life embodied in it. In seeking to maintain the strength of the Honor System by conscientious interpretation of its spirit and regulations to the community, the Judicial Board is endowed with the power to judge cases which involve a lack of responsibility or a breach of the Honor Svstem. IRC;INIA WILLIAMS judiciary Chairman of Student Government " 9 HOUSE PRESIDENTS SENIORS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Patly Thornhill, Margo Langcnberg, Xancy Conkle. Together with their Hall Presi- dents and their Resident Counsel- ors the House Presidents encour- age a responsible attitude toward the necessary regulations of dormi- tory life. Among their many duties are the checking of housebooks. holding house meetings and presid- ing at fire drills. JUNIORS. LEFT TO RIGHT: Page Munroe, Marion Mc- Cray, Melissa Sanders, Beth Gawthrop. SOPHOMORES. LEFT TO RIGHT: Kate Condax, Frances Kirsen. TAU PHI The purpose oi Tau Phi, Sweet Briar ' s upperclass honorary so- ciety, is to stimulate interest in and to cooperate with student activity in order to further the physical, spiritual and intellectual growth of the college. Throughout the year the society sponsors Sunday night lectures and panels given by Sweet Briar professors. L LEFT TO RIGHT, FRO.NT: Randi .Vlilos, president. ROW TWO: Shelley Turner, Ruth Schmidt, Di Simrell, Martha Madden. ROW THREE: Sally Twedell, Ruthie Marshall, Mar- garet Mapp, Meredith . " Mdrich, Keenan Colton, Cathie Ireys, ROW FCJL ' R: Tia Campbell. Randi Cutler, Direxa Dick, Margaret Williams, Meade Gordon. ■ p Hfl B v vZi Hln B V B L CHUNG MUNG LEFT TO RIGHT. ST. NDL G: Joan Niles. Judy Wilson, president; Sheila Mahoncy. Sally Haskell, Jane Taylor. SE.XTED: Judy Powell, Pat Gromel, ancy Conkle, Peggy Wood. Mary Lindsay Smith, Martha Meehan. Barbie Tillman. Lome Lassiter. " Glor ' , glory, I ' m a Chung Mung " resounds throughout the campus as the " ghostly thirteen ' combine the spirit of fun with their various projects such as Chung Mung goodies, boxwoods, Hallow- een parties and the Christmas Bazaar. An air of mystery sur- rounds this select group whether thev are involved in rapping new- members, harassing the Tau Phi ' s or in spreading the spirit of giving among their fellow students. Each fall the sophomore class elects the QV ' s by secret ballot, and the names are not revealed until spring step- singing. This society began in 1937 with the dual purpose of encouraging the enthusiasm and spirit of the class and of making each individual aware of her responsibility to participate in class activities. QV a tower of strength. King Richard III C:oiinie Williams, Camilla Reid, BUM CHUMS Safety pins . . . bobby pins . . . old shoes . . . blankets . . . These are items characteristic of this unique group of juniors. The " Notorious Ten " direct their energy toward various worthwhile activities including care of the Date House and drink machines, sponsoring the yearly Blood- mobile, choosing the QV ' s and presenting their famous and irresistible " Inns. " ' That strain again! It had a dymg fall. " Tnelfth Night l.y.VV lO RKaiT; BoIk) tlcnlim ' ion. Lisa Bradrii, Hallie Darby, Joan McCUiic Lynn Fra ur, Toni Narcn, Melissa Sanders, Mar - Bell, Malic n MtCray, Pani Sullivan. " 3 PAIN! AND PATCHES Paint and Patches is a student-run drama organization whose aim is " to entertain and educate. " Under th; direc- tion of Mr. Thomas Schmunlc, the students present a vari- ety of plays from theatres ranging from Le Comedie Francaise to the twentieth century Absurdist. This year the group presented MoHere ' s " Doctor in Spite of Himself, " Orwell ' s " Animal Farm " and " The Maids " by Genet. In May Mr. David Schaber from the Actors ' Studio in New York visited P P and directed his own play. His purpose was to provide the students with a more comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of the professional theatre. m LEFT TO RIGHT. B.ACK: Sims McCrae, .A.nn Ward, .Andrea Pearson, Martha Madden, Di, heiger, Sid Turner, Marilyn Garabrant, Meade Gordon. FRONT: Mary Gary Ambler, T. Bin Ruth Schmidt, Penny Steketee, Paula .Ayotte, Lynn Lyle. I h in Schmunk, Baird Shin- I, Susie Moorman, president; IZ4 LEFT TO RIGHT. KNEELING: Shelley Turner, Sandy Hatten, Linda Reynolds. Laurie Saunders, the Illustrious One, Carey Judy. ST.ANDING: Bonnie Jackson. Wing Todd, Marguerite McKee, Mary Ann Calhoun, Janie Eastin, Lin Campbell, Joan McClure, Corky Stevenson. Connie Hunt. Grace Butler. Lynn Frazier, AINTS AND ASSES Aints and Asses is the organiza- tion with that distinctive name and tiiose energetic and delightfully imaginative members. The pleasure of these clownish personalities is to parody Paint and Patches produc- tions and other campus presentations which may have thought themselves :o be taken wholly seriously. Among other activities they are shrill re- minders that spring grass is to be ' A-alked around — a job requiring constant attention. then write inr down an ass. ' Shakespeare I 5 LEFT TO RK.il i Karen McCia,. bij::.s M, R Winfree, head. Diane Hum Seibels, Nanty Bullard, C:,u. Margo Bloch. Ann Mnoie, J W ( ). E: Julia Bush, Sonoe Hiramatsu, Eleanor Gilmore, Sally Twedell, Meredith Aldrich, Wick X.i Hri.nkp Tucker. ROW TWO: Lvnn Settlemeyer. Katie Hemphill. Gigi Hampshire, Marnc Mill.in. I ' .nn; M iiv 1 ..Hows, Lynne Gardner, Emily Baker. ROW THREE: Pam Boyd, Elizabeth Beach, Judy Hoiton, Julie t; , l.ij)i). Leslie Hulier. ROW FOUR: Ellen Miller, Sandy Streett, Jeanie Preston, .Anne Mason, Ann Matthews, iv kctci. PEN.NY WINFREE Head of Choir CHOIR With the new chape! in the process of being built, the Sweet Briar Choir this year was reorganized. Fifty girls were selected and during the first semester, although they were unable to sing in the weekly Sunday service, they gave a concert which featured selections of music from five centuries in addition to a special Christmas chapel service. In the second semester the Choir again participated in the Sunday services; and a concert with the University of Virginia Glee Club was planned. SWEEI TONES " Of ballads, songs and snatches, And dreamy lullaby! " The Mikado Sweet Briar is alive with the sounds of the Sweet Tones, whose songs provide a cheery atmosphere and delightful entertainment for May Day and Parent ' s Weekends, alumnae groups, the Board of Overseers and for other community activities. The informal singing group, led this year by Beth Gawthrop and composed of fourteen mem- bers chosen from the upper classes, highlights each year with their exciting Christmas Carol serenade at the dawn of vacation. LEFT TO RIGH 1, RUVV ONE: Sheila .Nolan, Meade Gordon, Barrie Triniingham, Melissa banders. ROW IVVt): Lynne Gani- ner, Pegg - Wood, Julie Seibcis, Ellic Gilmore, Gigi Hampshire, Linda Reynolds, Beth Gawthrop, head of Sweet Tones. " 7 AliONAL STUDENT ASSOCIATION The United States National Student Association is a confederation of student bodies which are associated to give con- sideration to questions of mutual concern: student, student government and interna- tional affairs. The Sweet Briar NSA Committee sponsors events of student in- terest throughout the year and promotes services such as travel information for students. Delegates from Sweet Briar are sent yearly to the NSA Congress and to regional conferences. LEFT TO RIGHT. SEATED: Andrea Pear- son, Rah Willis. Direxa Dick. Celia Newburg. STANDING: Beth Sebring. Martha Madden, C ' .Anne .Anderson. VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE The Vocational Guidance Com- mittee is composed of five members of the faculty and twenty students. Combining efforts with the Director of Vocational Guidance, they ar- range and publicize lectures and panel discussions and arrange in- terviews with visiting representatives of professions and vocations. TOP TO BOTTOM, ROW ONE: Gracie Butler. Nancv Conkle, Georgia Graham, Sally Haskell. ROW TWO: Celia Newberg, Pearl Riggan, Kay Eckert. ♦ ♦ ♦ CURRICULUM COMMITTEE The Curriculum Committee, com- posed of representatives of each class and field of study, is organ- ized to act as a liaison between the faculty and the students on matters pertaining to the curriculum. By gathering students ' opinions and suggestions concerning the courses of study through open meetings, questionnaires and newspaper artic- les, the Curriculum Committee can evaluate the present program and plan for the future. LEFT TO RIGHT: Meade Goidoi i iant. Lcriip Lassitcr, Susie Moorman SOCIAL COMMITTEE The Social Committee ' s Chair- man and twenty-seven members act as hostesses, sponsor the majority of college social functions, help main- tain the standards of social life and co-operate in the administration of social regulations. LEFT HI Kll.il 1 ki i ii K: J.I ' (|ii ' hpi ' rn ■.n Judy ,VfiK)re, ehairman; Mar ' Liiid- say Siiiitli. ROW TWO: Ann Ward. Toni Naren, Beth Glascr, Bonnie Stutski. Pace Monroe, .• ndy Beornian. ROW THREE: C:ourtncy Sands, Nancy Hickox, Judy Powell, Shelby Dudley. .■ nn Banks, Lynn Frazier, Gracie Butler, Pat Groniel, Kate Buster. 1 9 ORIENTATION COMMITTEE The Orientation Committee returns to campus early in the fall to extend a welcome to the incoming freshmen and the transfer students. White dresses, smiles, nametags. " do-you-know " games, endless meetings, parties, orderly chaos and enthusiasm are a few of the features of the opening week at Sweet Briar which this group directs. LLH !(.; RUrHl. ROW ONE: C... Helen Butler. ROW TWO: Elise Aiu Harv-ey, Kathy McLain, Fiannie Bout Drewcs, Kay Eckeit. Suzanne Little. . Eileen Riley, Bet.sy Wolfe. ROW FO Roe, Jacqueline Stevenson, Kathy ( il Bintey Hoskins, Connie Williams. N.i Glentowns. . nn Kensy, Slielliy Dudli Loina . llfn. Jane Brady. f Hi;. ;iki. B 11. H.iMii-l Buloid. . nn Ho.vton. Liii..,i l.iii!-. ' !-. I ' . i, i ' .Lal. CAunc Andersc rlmr Minui , P.it Mountrey. Jeannir- |i.is ilii . [,ii L:,iict .Mapp, head of o II Hill ROW THREE: Pani Browniii ' .; 1.,imI C.ic.pcr. Klise Hortenstein, . nn il.iiii, D ' de Leland, Jo Fox, Celia Newljeru, Li.s.i W.ilkrr, tii-relia Williamson, Ti ' . I, ' .nils, Kate Buster, Dixie Boring, . ' Vnn I ' . ' tnson I, rin Si ' ttlcineyer, Ellen ( liii Kiihns. Leslie Bissell, Janie Johnson. R( ) V FINE; . my Thompson, . i ]nd 11. ill. Xonie Keen. ROW SIX: . iin Banks. Courtney C:ash, Julie i;n ' .S. liiili . (.:hris Kulcycki. ROW SE T..N : Mary MiC:all, Cloo Prcttyman, »n, . delme .Mien, nentatioUy Libiiy Matthews. Susan Donna Edgerton, Wakefield, Susan Pam McConnell, deCoHgny, Mary Sally Ruth May, 130 % ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ LIFE Magazine (ci Time, Inc. " . . . imagination bodies forth The forms of things unknown. . . " Midsummer Night ' s Dream wmm:. 131 YOUNG DEMOCRATS The Young Democrats was formed to better understand government and politics. Working with Lynchburg in the gubernatorial campaign was one of their projects this year. The year was further highlighted by a national convention in the spring in Washington and by Terry Sanford, for- mer governor of North Carolina, as a guest speaker on campus. LEFT TO RIGHT, OX FLOOR: Tonia Macneil, Ellic Bell Spi ey. SEATED: Margaret Millar, Connie Williams, Martha Madden, .- nn Turner Overton, Kate Barnhart. preadenl: Andrea Pearson. HISPANIC SOCIETY The members of the Hispanic So- ciety show an interest in the cultural, political and social aspects of Spanish- speaking countries. This year students have given lectures about their own countries, and advanced Spanish stu- dents helped first-year students at special tables provided for them in the Refectory on Wednesday nights. LEFT TO RK.HI ' : Winn Murray C:HAIR; Phil Werden, president. Bihins, Cynthia Bryant, Stevie Ewalt. L 131 YOUNG REPUBLICANS rop ofisr i jta LEFI " TO RIGHT. ROW ONE; Delia Harrison, Terry Taylor. Marie Sushka, Phil Werdeii. president: Cathy Kelety. fiayle Dearborn. Leslie Predmore, Mary King. ROW TWO: .Ann Webster. Sue Roessel. Elizal eth Lewis, Ridgely Fuller, Nancy Wendling, Ester Michel, Kav Hutton, (iinny Stanford, Carol Randolph, Shelly Gearheart, Margie Dortch. ROW THREE: Tallulah Dunlap, Pat Sadler. Cynthia Craig, Bairne Minor. , nne Hiiishaw, Sally Paradise, Brooke Tucker, Kaye McCampbell. C ' .Anne . nderson, Cindi Michel. Martha Hilton. Leslie Bissel, Emily Parker, Sally Kalber. Louise Comer. Student interest and participation in politics are clianneled through the Young RepubHcans Club. Members gain valuable experience through such events as club-sponsored debates, con- ferences, conventions, lectures by guest speakers and, as a special treat, by enjoying Young Republican Mix- ers held at nearby men ' s colleges. Y.W.C.A. The entire membership of the Y.W.C.A. meets monthly at dinner meetings, where programs of special interest are presented. It endeavors to serve the entire community by sending volunteers to such organizations as Chatham and Ryan ' s Old Folks ' Homes, the Coolwell School, Lynch- burg Training School and Hospital and by holding dis- cussions with other colleges. It sponsors evening vesper services and the annual religious conference, which was honored this year in having as speaker Dr. Schubert M. Ogden from the Perkins Theological Seminary, Southern Methodist University. LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT: Bobo Covin.gton, Pat Neihold, Baird Shinberger, Miss Ethel Ramage. MIDDLE: Jane Nelson. Peggy Pittman, president, Penn Willcts, BACK: Cathy Porter, Sue Drews, Helen Buthr, Charlotte Moore. t • ' WORLD AFFAIRS CLUB The World Affairs Club stimulates interest in current events and broadens the horizons of Sweet Briar students beyond immediate college events; it sponsors dinner-table discussions and sends delegates to conventions at other colleges. This year its theme was Africa, and included in its program was a talk by Miss Belcher concerning her travels there. MAR1H. MAUlJh.N President of World AJjairs LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW ( ) i Xi lira Pearson, Marie Sushka. Martha Mad.; TWO: Eminy Baker, Robin i uili.. (..l.ris Witcover, Julie Bodin, Diana Redik ' i Comer, Sally Kalber, C ' Anne Anncrson. ROW FOUR: Julie deCoIigny, Cindi Mi Britton Hassell. Di Sinirell. Janie Patton. ROW ilnit-r. ROW ' JHREE: Pani Spurdon, Louise kc Tucker, C nthia Craig. 134 CAMPUS CHEST One hundred per cent community parti- ipation was the goal of this year ' s Campus Chest Drive. The energetic drive in the fall, begun with appeals given by local speakers, resulted in many donations and pledges. The money from the drive goes for foreign student scholarships and charities in the hope of furthering effective national and international relations. LEir lO RK.irr: Lind.i Fill-. Judy I ' uulU. . oi c11 Junes, L)u STUDENT DEVELOPMENT The Student Development Fund Com- mittee is made up of a group of repre- sentatives from each dormitory. Their purpose is to raise money which goes into the Sweet Briar Development Fund. The goal this year was to aid in increasing fac- ulty salaries. LEFT 1() RU;HF: Wick . al!c. chaiTman: Brittiin Hassel. Julie le d ' ligny. " -15 . • • KEEXAN COLTOX Editor The Sneet Briar News is a weekly student publication which provides reviews and previews of campus activity, analyzes relevant national and international events and is spiced with letters to the editor and controversial columns where student opinion finds open expression. With dynamic thought behind a united, enthusiastic staff this year, and with more attention to correct journalistic style and stand- ards, the News has achieved more depth, quality and reader interest. SWEET BRIAR NEWS LErX TO RIGHT. ROW OXE: Ti.ni Xaicii. Cilins Kuhns, Bobo Covington, Keenan Colton. ROW TWO: Melinda Brown, Penn Willets, Susan Suddeth, Elizabeth MrMuUen, Genie Car iiu- Xcl.M.ii. .Ann Mcuti. Mdi Caiy .Ambler. Martha Meehan, Sally Massey, 136 DIAXE GIRLING Editor JANE TAYLOR Business Manager THE 1966 BRIAR PATCH EDITORIAL STAFF — LEFT TO RIGHT: Cindi Michel, Kathy Bing- ham, Delia Harrison, Gigi Hampshire, Susie Moorman. BUSINESS STAFF— LEFT TO RIGHT: Katharine Mockett, Jane Taylor. Jody Noland. Judy Baker. . n •» .♦- -« BRAMBLER SHELLEY 1 LR.NER Editor " Muse-ings " from students and faculty published thrice yearly by crafty artists: " We have been careful that they that will read may have delight . . . and that all into whose hands it comes might have profit. " LEF ' l ' ' lO RIGHT: Pciin Willcts, Sandy Swain, Cathir li,v Sli.Hrv Turiii.r. Aiirlira Pcarsi.n, Lesley Bissell, Mary Gary Aiiil.l.- 3« HANDBOOK AND KEY The student handbook is the principal source of information con- cerning the Honor System, college regulations, and all activities and organizations. The Key, sent in the summer to incoming freshmen, contains a host of suggestions presented in a light, informative vein which help the student organize her preparations for the com- ing year at Sweet Briar. " And now I ' ll put on my considering cap. Fletcher, Loyal Subject Charlotte Moore and Betty Booker, Business Manager and Editor. ' J ' ' % »39 EVENTS OF THE YEAR Albert Tipton, flutist: Mary Xorris, pianist; and Marie. DiFic.re, celliM. loiin the uiiumi.i1 . li.uiiber sroup of the Tipton Trio. The cnseniblt canne to Sweet Briar in rarly February and presented a delightful evening of extraordinarily wcU-pcrlornicd music:. 140 The Fall prddui tion of Paint and Patches was the highly frolicsome rendition of Moliere ' s " The Doctor In Spite of Himself. " Colorful imag- inative costumes and lively acting provided an entertaining evening dur- ing Parent ' s Weekend. . charming and lovely scholar of the harp, (Irainne Yeats presented a lecture-recital of Irish music which included folk songs, the music of the Irish harpists, and selections by her father-in-law William Butler Yeats set to music by contemporary composers. .■ fler lieirm suLjrciid l ' t ' irents of ecstatic praise l)y pioniincnt irjtiis -clicerlully quoted out nl i.ii.;r. l t tin- sr,i:|.i-iie subjects of this praise-the students of Sweet Briar were treated to the mce-in-a-generalion event of the Faculty Show. Mr. and Mrs. Rowland ' s rollicking musical, produced by Miss Belcher and Mr. Laurent, was greeted enthusiastically by all as the entire faculty combined to give an outstanding performance. 141 The New York Pro Musica is a small group of vocalists and instrumentalists who perform nmsic of the Medieval, Renais- sance and Baroque periods. The fascination and beauty of the music from this relatively unexplored area from the 13th to the 18th centuries were opened to the Sweet Briar audience in a superb performance of the chamber group under the direction of Noah Greenberg. Here, the group is seen sight- seeing during one of their tours through Europe. As its Spring production, Paint and Patches presented " The Maids, " by Jean Genet. Genet ' s play of the absurdity and cruelty of life was chosen to deepen understanding of this t pe of drama and to extend the horizons of those interested in the theatre to include a different school of thought. This presentation brought to an end a year of varied productions, uhifh included Moliere ' s play and a reading of George 1 ii Aell ' s " .Animal Farm. " S ' licii Rfv (Ic hi Toiro, ilassiial giiilaiist. perfuriiifd on the Swoct Briar campus in March, he added lo his triumphs already achieved on concert stages from Barce- lona, Spain to New York City. Signer dc la Torre ' s pro- gram of Spanish and Latin American guitar music clearly indicated his extraordinary talent and virtuosity. In early January, llio students had an opportunity to forget the Present — and approaching mid-semester exams — and retreat momentarily into the Past. The atmosphere of the 18th century was achieved at a dinner in the Refec- tory by means of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, colonial costumes, candlelight, and harpsichord music. Elizabeth Tucker Brooke Blackburn made the 18th centur - even more alive in her lecture on " Poetry of the ' ie v in the 18th Century. " Special thanks are due Mrs. Pannell whose eflforts made the evening possible. " We have an opening for a princess " was sung to a full house as the struggle cif the princess with the pea began. " Once Upon A Mattress " was directed with excellent results, by .- nne Ward. The Cciiiiiic Guion Science Building, completed for rol- lege opening in the fall of 1965, is a spacious, attractive W and excellently equipped addition to the campus. 1 mf I ' hat should cln it. " Once Upon a Mattress. 144 " A little siiDW, tumbled about . . . " King John. The Post Office, iii ' ived this year from the old building to the basement of Manson, offers more spare and im- proved facilities. .Another addition to the aiiipus is the new rhapel, which the students watched being constructed durine; the year and in v hich the opening .sen ' icc was lit Id .Ash Wednesday. 145 " Then imitate the action of the tiger; Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood. " King Henry V 146 ATHLETIC H7 ASSOCIAIION SUSAX SUDDUTH Head of the Athletic Association The Athletic Association encourages student participa- tion in varsity, dormitory and individual activities. In addi- tion, the Executive Committee promotes college spirit and awards various honors for skill, sportsmanship and interest. LEFT TO RIGHT, BACK: Terri Fentress, Lynn Frazier, Kathy Cooley, Peggy Schulz. FROXT ROW: Penn Willets, Ann Mercer. Susan Sudduth, Molly Trombly, Barbie Tillman, Sid Turner, Katy Hemphill. 148 .» -. RIDING Students are offered many opportuni- ties for cross-country riding as well as or- ganized instruction. This year the Riding Council sponsored hunter trials in the fall, a three phase hunter test in the spring, and concluded the year with the annual horse show in March. These activities plus rides on the Appalachian trail, hunts in Lynchburg and Charlottesville, and local horse shows provided a well-rounded and enjoyable year for those interested in the program. iiu-unuRs u were an easy leap. . Henry IV, Part I LLl r lU RU.lir, . U)LM1:D: SalU Uimham. Al)bv Patursoii. Maiv Ha.skcU. Kii B.ikci. B. CK. SIW.NDl.NG: Shi-niy:i Klatiuei, Nancy DiMihagi. Kale tloiidix. Mr. B.Tiky, . aiuy Bullard. Stephanie Bredin, . ndy t:nlhoiin. Molly Randolph, Tcrri Fcnlrcss. FRONT: Wendy Montgomery, Lin Saunders, Susan Brush, Peggy Schuiz, head of riiiiiig. Betsy Wolfe. Pepe Yacgcr, Minii Clark, Charlotte Moore. 149 LEFT TO RIGHT, BACK: Maunia Houlihan, Lome Lassiter, ' icki Chain- ski. FRONT: Molly Trombly. head of dance; Vi Graveure. The Sweet Briar Dance Group is an honorary organiza- tion to which students who have shown an active interest are invited as members. Performances in Lynchburg and the surrounding area and a dance concert on campus are annual events for the group. In addition the Dance Group sponsors master classes and coffee hours with visiting dance artists. This year the guests were Helen McGehee and Jean Erdman. LEFTTORIcii me!, Kay Tiouii. i !l(ii, Mns (,,!l,-i.;r. |.M,,ilrr limii-nr, KimWaliTs. IVi llouliliaii. Mollv iron.bly. I. ki C:li..niskl, Sii luir Littli. Cliailotte Hum- 150 LACROSS Lacrosse is among the various athletic activities ofFered in the Spring. The climax of the season is the Varsity squad ' s participation in the Virginia Woman ' s Lacrosse Tournament. LEFT TO RK.HT. ROW ONE: Brtsy West, . niie Mercer, head of lacrosse; Sue Bissell. ROW TWO: Connie W ' illiaiiis. El GriKSS, Ellen Thurman. Barbie Tillman. ROW THREE: Gr.irie Biitlcr. Cathie Kelly. Binti Hoskins, Kathy Cooley. HOCKEY Hockey is one of the Fall sports offered by the college. The highlights of the season include Varsity competition in the Blue Ridge Regional Hockey Tournament and in the Southeast Hockey Tournament. LEFT TO RIGHF, ROW O.NE; Bailiai.i Jolnison, Fiances eale, Baihie Tillman, head ., hoekey. Sue Bissell. Kathy Israel. ROW ! W ' Ruthic Hix)pes, Kathy Moiitz, Linda Donald, Kathy Cooley, Kathy Obeiichain, Betsey West. »5i TENNIS Tennis is offered in the Spring and the Fall. The Varsity players compete for the Mercer Memorial Cup for tennis singles in the Fall and in the Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Tournament in the Spring. The season is climaxed by the Sweet Briar-Hollins match at the Homestead. " Straining upon the start. The game ' s afoot. " ' Henry V LEFT TO RK-.iU, lji. l ll Vl lo lUI ' : Susan Sudduth, Joan Adriance. June MetzHLi, Ldui Cii.opii, Dixie Boring, Kay Eckcrt, (;inny Young, Penn VVillets , head of tennis; Barbara Johnson, Cathy Porter. Frances Kir en, Laura Campbell. ■♦• ••. ' BASKETBALL Basketball is the major sport of the winter team. The season includes varsity games with neighboring colleges and inter-dorm compe- tition. LEFT TO RIGHT. FRO.XT: Lil.bv H.i.vcy. K.ity Hemphill, l-raiuiiK- I raw. B.nrl.ara Johnson. B. CK: Susan Suddulh. Linda Donald, Martha Brewer, Kathy Cooley, head of basketboll : Betsy West. LAKE, CABIN AND GAMES The activities of the Outing Club are centered around the A. A. Cabin, where cook-outs and overnights are frequently held. The club occasionally joins the Randolph-Macon Outing Club and the University of Virginia Outing Club for more extensive hikes, canoe trips, skiing, square- dances and sailing. At present, plans are being made to improve the cabin and to increase inter- college club activities. LKI ' r TO RIGHT. BOTTOM TO TOP: Kaly Hiinphill. Sid irruT. l. nn r ra irr. ' The meaning doesn ' t matter if it ' s only idle chatter of a transcendental kind. " Gilbert and Sullivan ' Weariness can snore upon the flint. . . Cymbeline ■MnamMnHnaBiiHiHna M ' Aldeborontiphoscophornio! Where left you Chrononhotonthologos " T. Carey 154 X ' S i l .. m»r ' i5fa»- j, a ' ' » gS R«!yiWg! gi S 5i i ?r ' ;7- :S:■: y-.:■ f■ ' ' ■ ' ■■ ' J . ' g ' -j;: :: " --- . Sy ' 1 155 " For it gyveth unto al lovers courage, that lusty moneth of May, in some thyng to constrayne hym to some maner of thyng more in that moneth than in ony other moneth, for dyverse causes. " Sir Thomas Malory: Morte D ' Arthur .♦ •.♦■ .♦ ' , MHY COURT 57 MISS ANNE ROGERS NEWTON MAY QUEEN ♦ ♦•♦,• ' SENIORS LEFT TO RIGHT, STANDINfi: Lnviisc DuRnna. Emily Baker. SEA TED: Anne Mason. DIaiina YaeKer, iri;inia Williams. r k afc;.•:k•S■;tP»W ««»KiRS4aR« :W. W;ri w: SEMORS LEFT TO RIGHT, STANDING: Pamela Jones, Sheila Mahoney, Jeanne Jackson. SEATED: Susan Kjeldsen. Missing: Kathy Bingham. JUNIORS LEFT TO RIGHT, STANDING: Mary Bell, Patricia Neihold, Judy Schlatter. SEATED: Stephanie Ewah. Bonnie Jackson, Marion McCrae, Ray Longstaff, Julie Bodin. ♦ v» -♦ • 1966 MAY COURT LEFT TO RIGHT, STAND- ING: Francine DeSaussure: Marv Lclia Bell and Elizabeth Lewis (Freshmen). SEATED: Ann Peterson, Andrea Beerman. Sandra Blvnn. Marianne Schultz. missing ' : Pamela McConnell. SOPHOMORES AND FRESHMEN SENIOR ACTIVITIES ALDRICH, MEREDITH Freshman Show: Sweet Briar Riding Sportsmanship Cup; Freshman Honors: Orientation Committee: May Day, Com- mittee Chairman: Student Guide: Dean " s List: Junior Year in France: Emilie Watts Mc ' ea Scholar: Mary Kcndrick Benedict Scholar: Tau Phi: Senior Show: Chapel Choir: Phi Beta Kappa. ANGULO, DIANE HERRAN Orientation Committee, assistant Head: Dean ' s List: World Affairs Club: Hispanic Society: Young Republicans Club: Con- ser -ative Club: Handbook, Editor: Chung Mungs: Student Guide; Sweet Briar News, Associate Editor: NSA : Sophomore Class Representative; Symposium. BROWX, M. Rf;0 World Affairs Club, Secretary; Sweet Briar News; Christmas B-zaar Committee: BRIAR PATCH; Dorm Sports; Dean ' s List: Senior Sh:)w. BROWN, SUSAN Freshman Honor.-: Dean ' s List: Junior Year in France; Fresh- man Show: May Day Connnittee: YWC. ; Senior Show. BULLARD, NANCY Freshman Show; Orientation Conunittee: May Day Commit- tee: Christmas Bazaar Committee; Riding Council; BRIAR P.- TCH; Senior Show: Chapel Choir, librarian, treasurer. BAKER. EMMY Freshman Show: World .Affairs Club; Young Republicans Club; Conser ative Club: arsity Basketball: Senior Show: Chapel Choir: Mav Court. BAKER. JUDY Orientation Committee: Dt rm Sports; Hall President; BRI. R P. ' TCH, .Advertising Manager: Bi ambler; Social Committee: Freshman Show: Senior Show. BUSH. JULIE Chapel Cho!r: French Corridor; Senior Show. BUTLER, GRACE .Aints Asses, Treasurer: Q ' ; Sweet Briar News; Orienta- tion Committee: Dorm Council; ' arsity Lacrosse: Freshman Shew; May Day Committee: Junior Class Prophecy; Vocational Guidance Committee: Senior Class Treasurer; Social Com- mittee: Senior Show: Dorm Sports. BAKER. KIT Riding Council: Head of Riding: Athletic .Association; Senior Show. BUTT, FRANCES Deans List; Crown Zellerbach Scholar: Brambler, Business Staff; BRIAR P.ATCH, Business Staff; Christmas Bazaar Com- mittee; Senior Show: Phi Beta Kappa. BARTEL. ANNA Junior Year in France: Orientatian Committee; Sweet Briar News; World .Affairs Club; French Corridor; Dean ' s Li-.t: Sen- ior Show. BAXTER, STEELE HILL Freshman Show: Social Cummittee; May Day Committee; YWC. : Junior Banquet Committee : Senior Show . BAYNHAM. CYNTHIA Young Republicans Club: Senior Shew. BINGHAM. KATHY Freshman Show; Young Republicans Club: Orientation Com- mittee; May Day Committee: May Court: BRI. R P.ATCH: NBBS Representative. CALHOUN, MARY ANNE Fre;hman Show; Orientation Committee; Dorm Sports; Varsity Basketball: May Day Committee: Bum Chums; Sweet Briar Neil ' s, Assignment Editor: Christmas Bazaar, Chairman; Am- herst County Day, Chairman: Aints Asses: Sophomore Slave Day, Co-chairman; Senior Class President; Senior Show; Who ' s Who in Atnerkan Colleger and Uniremties. CAMPBELL, TLA Orientation Committee: Freshman Show, committee Head; Sophomore Class ' Vice-President ; Christmas Bazaar, Co-Chair- man: Judicial Board; May Day Committee: YWC.A ; Senior Show; Freshmn Honors: Junior Honors: Dean ' s List; Tau Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; O ' io ' t Who in American Colleges and Universities. CAMPBELL. JEAN Junior Year in France. BLOCK, MARGOT Dean ' s List: Orientation Committee; Freshman Show. Music Director; YWC.A; Junior Honors: Choir: Christmas Bazaar Committee: Tau Phi, Treasurer; Senior Show; Phi Beta Kappa. CAMPBELL, LIN C loir. Church and Chapel Committee: Orien ' ation Commit- tee: .Altar Guild: Hall President; Executive Board; Junior House President: QV ; Aints Asses; Freshman Show; Joint Council Representative: Paint and Patches Experimentals; Student Government President. BOOKER BETTY Young Republicans Club; World .Affairs Club; Handbook, Editor: May Day Committee; Christmas Bazaar Committee: Freshman Show; Key, Editor: Orientation Committee: BRIAR P.ATCH : .Amherst County Day, Committee Chairman : Sweet Briar News; Senior Show, C-.mmittee Cha ' rman; " Challenge. " CARMICHAEL. MARY EMMA Freshman Show; Sweet Tones; YWC.A; Chapel Chciir; Social Conmiittee; QV; Sweot Briar News, Business Manager; Senior Show; Orientation Committee: Junior Class Prophecy; Paint and Patches Experimentals. i6x SENIOR ACTIVITIES CARROLL. KAlllY Clhoir; Frfshman Show: Senior Sh.iw: BRIAR PATCH; Orien- tation Committee: Church and Chapel Cummittee: Christmas Bazaar C tnmittre. DUNHAM. SALLY ' VC:.S ; Sweet Briar News; Vocational Guidance Committee; BRL R PATCH: Jumping Leader; Riding Council; Deans List. COKITN. CY. THL Paint and Patches: Freshman Himors: Choir: Freshman Show: Senicr Show: Junior Year in Franco: Dean ' s List. COLTO.N. KEENA.N Sweet Briar Xeu-s. Editor. .Xssiiciate Editor. .Assignments; Tau Phi: Christmas Bazaar. Business Manager: " Challenge " ; Orien- tation Committee; YWC.A: Young Republicans Club; Freshman Show; May Day Committee: Sophomore Coffee House, Co- Head : Senior Sliow. C:OMER, LOUISE World Affairs Club: YWCA: n man Show: Christinas Ba aar Ci ling Repui ]icans Club; F ' resh- ■mmittee: Senior Show. DuRO.XA. LOUISE Freshman. Sophomore, Junior, Senior Class Song Leader; Freshman Show; Chapel Choir; May Day Committee; Paint and Patches; Orientation Committee; Bum Chums, President: Dean ' s List; Senior Show; May Court. lE.MRESS. TERRI Riding Council, Secretary; Horse Shi .Association, Secretary; Senior Show. Chairman; . thlelic 1 R( ) IHIXGHAM. AXXE arsity Tennis: Choir; Freshman Fashion Show; Freshman Show. Music Director; YWCA; Sweet Briar News; French Corridor: Dean ' s List: Campus Chest Committee; Christmas Bazaar; Junior Piano Recital; Senior Show. CONKLE, X.A.XCY Junior House President: Senior House President; Manson Memorial Scholar: ' ocational Guidance Committee; Chung Mungs: Senior Show; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uniiersilies. GARABRAX ' I " , MARILYX arsity Hockey: Sweet Briar eu . Feature Editor; May Day Committee: Freshman Show; Paint and Patches: Junior Yea r in France: Curriculum Committee; Dean ' s List; Freshman Honors: Orientation Committee: Senior Show; Phi Beta Kappa. C:ORBETT. JEA.XXI.XE ' WC.A; Campus Chest Committee; Christmas Bazaar, Store Representative; May Day Committee: Sweet Briar News, Cir- culation; Freshman Show: Amherst County Day Committee; BRI.AR P.ATCH: Orientation Committee: Senior Show. C;()RD. BOXXIE Yi.ung Republicans ( " luli: Senior Show; Campus Chest Com- mittee: Dorm Sports. GILLMER. PEGGY Sweet Briar News; World .Affairs Club; YWCA; Christmas Bazaar Committee; Senior Show; BRI.AR P.ATCH. GILMORE. ELLIE Sweet Tones: Chapel Choir: Curriculum Committee; Social Committee: Varsity Tennis: Freshman Show; Christmas Baazar, Committee Chairman: May Day Committee; Chatauqua, Pub- licity Chairman: Senior Show. crak;. c:yxthia Young Republicans Club: World .Affairs Club; Senior Show. c:rowe, AXX Young Republicans Club: Freshman Show: Orientation Com- mittee: Dorm Council: French Corridor; Christmas Bazaar Committee; Dorm Sports: Senior Show. CUTLER. RAXDIE Tau Phi; World .Affairs Club, Secretary; May Day Committee; YWC:.A: N ' S.A Representative; Christmas Bazaar Committee; Orientation Committee: " Challenge " : Dean ' s List. DAY. E IE May Day Committee: Freshman Show: Christmas Bazaar Com- mittee: Choir; " Challenge " : Senior Show; BRIAR PATCH. (ilRLIXG. DIANE YWCA ; Christmas Bazaar Committee : Paint and Patches : Freshman Show; May Day Committee: BRI.AR P.ATCH. Edi- tor; Senior Show; French Corridor; Chapel Choir. GORDt)X, MARY MEADE Freshman Show: Dorm Sports; Q ' ; Sweet Tones; House President; May Day Committee; Curriculum Committee; Christmas Bazaar Committee: Tau Phi: Paint and Patches; Dean ' s List; Senior Show. Music Director: Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. GRAHAM. GEORGIA Freshman Honors: Campus Chest Committee: A ' ocational Guidance Committee: May Day, Committee Head; Freshman Show; Student Development, Treasurer; Orientation Commit- tee : Senior Show. nrxnA.M. xaxcy ' I ' WCA: Co-C:hairman of Hunter Trials: Riding Council: Cam- pus Chest Conmiittee; Chairman of Horse Show: BRI.AR P.ATC H, Literary Editor, Dean ' s List. GRANEURE. I French Corridor: Junior Year in France; Proctor and Gamble Scholarship: Dean ' s List; Full Time Waitress; May Day, Com- mittee Head: Orientation Committee; Honors Plan of Study: Lake Council; Dance Group: .Aints Asses. 163 SENIOR ACTIVITIES GREER, TOLLY Chapel Choir; Brambler; BRIAR PATCH; Orientation Com- mittee; YWCA; Christmas Bazaar Committee; ' Challenge " ; Senior Show. JACKSO.N, JEA.NME Junior Year in France; Freshman Show; May Day Commttec- BRTAR PATCH; Senior Show; May Court. GRIGGS, EL Campus Chest. Publicity Chairman; May Day Committee; Christmas Bazaar Committee; . ' merican County Day Commit- tee; Sweet Briar News; " Challenge " ; Senior Show; Varsity Lacrosse; Dorm Hockey; Dorm Council; Freshman Show. (.ROMEL, PAT Freshman Show; Student Guide; Orientation Contmiittee; May Day Committee: " Challenge " ; Student Union Committee; Chung Mungs; Social Committee: BRIAR P. TCH: Senior Show; Saccharine Thorne Gang. HAMPSHIRE. GIGI Sweet Tones; Choir: Senior Show; BRIAR P. TCH. HARRISON. DELIA Freshman Shou ; Orientation Committee; Christmas Bazaar Committee: Younff Republicans Club: BRIAR PATCH: Senior Show. HASKELL, MARY Riding Council: .Senior Show. JOXES, PAM Orientation Committee; Freshman Show: Young Republicais Club; BRIAR P.- TCH ; May Day Committee; Senior Show; May Court. JUDY, CAREY Freshman Shew; Orientation Conunittee: May Day Commit- tee: Senior Show: Hall President: .• ints .Asses. KALBER, SALLY World .Affairs Club: Young Republicans Club; Orientation Cornmittee; Lake Council; BRIAR PATCH; French Corridor; Senior Show. KJELDSEX, SUSAX May Court: BRIAR PATCH; Saccharine Thome Gang; Christmas Bazaar Conunittee: Senior Show. LAXGENBERt;, MARGO YWCA; Freshman Show; Hall President; Dorm Sports; Hockey Junior Varsity; May Day Committee; Brambler; Christmas Bazaar Committee; Student Development Committee: Amherst County Day Committee; Junior Car Committee: May Court; " Challenge " : House President; Senior Show. HASLAM, DEBBIE Young Republicans Club: Freshman Show; Chapel Choir; World . ffairs Club; Orientation Committee; Christmas Bazaar Committee; Student Development Fund Committee; BRI.AR P.ATCH : May Day Committee; Senior Show. LASSITER, LORXE Freshman Show; Social Committee; Orientation Committee; Curriculum Committee: Syracuse Semester in Italy; Dance Group: Sweet Briar Neia: Chung Mungs. Treasurer- Senior Show. H.ATTEX, SAXDIE Freshman Show; Sweet Briar News; Brambler; BRIAR PATCH; Orientation Committee; College Union Committee; Parents ' Day Committee : Language Lab Assistant ; Dean ' s List: Young Republicans Club; May Day Committee: Senior Show: . ints .Asses. HEALY, SHAROX Junior Year in France: YWCA: Freshman Show; BRI.AR PATCH; Senior Show. LEAR ' i ' . PAM Young Republicans Club; Conservative Club; Freshman Show; Orientation Committee; .Athletic Association; Sen ' or Show; Saccharine Thorne Gang. LOW. MIMI Freshman Fashion Show; May Day Committee; Freshman Show; Orientatiim Committee; Senior Sh )w: Young Repub- licans C:lub: Bittersuite Elite. HERLIHY. MARY Christmas Bazaar Committee; World Affairs Club; BRI.AR PATCH; Saccharine Thorne Gang; Senior Show. HORSEY, HARRIETTE May Day Committee: Christmas Bazaar Committee. LOYD, CLARE Christmas Bazaar Committee: Senior Show. McKEE, MARGUERITE Sweet Briar News; Freshman Show; May Day, Committee Head; Orientation Committee; QV; Aints Asses: Lake Coun- cil; Dorm Sports; Judicial Board; Senior Sliow: Who ' s H ' hi in American Colleges and Universities. IREYS, CATHIE Fershman Show; YWCA; Sweet Briar News; Brambler; BRIAR PATCH; Curriculum Committee; Tau Phi; Senior Class Secre- tary: Senior Show. MACKUBIX. LEE YWCA: .Altar Guild; Orientation Committee; Church and Chapel Committee: Hall President: Campus Chest Committee; Christmas Bazaar Committee. 164 SENIOR ACTIVITIES MADDEN. MARTHA Tau Phi: Paint Patches; World Affairs Club, President; NSA, Nice-President; Youni? Democrats Club; Orientation Commit- tee; Sweet Briar News; C;ampus Chest Committee; Freshman Show; May Day Committee; Cihristmas Bazaar Committee; Senior Show; Dorm Sports; Student Guide; Amherst County Dav C ' .ommittec. MAHtXNEY, SHEILA SiK-ial Committee; Sweet Briar XfWi: Chung Mungs; Freshman Show; Student Dr elnpment Committee; Senior Show; May C:ourt. MOORE. JODY Freshman Show; Orientation Committee; Young Republicans Club; Christmas Bazaar Committee; Amherst County Day Com- mittee; Social Committee, Chairman; Saccharine Thome flane; Senior SI ow. MOORMAN, SUSIE Freshman Show; May Day Committee; Paint and Patches, Secretary. President; BRI. R PATCH. .Assistant Editor. Typing Editor; Cirriculum Committee; Inter-Club Council; Senior Show, Producer; Orientation Committee; Christmas Bazaar Coinniiltce; .Amherst tl.iunlv Day Committee. M.VRIIN. DONNA Freshman Show; Freshman Honors; Choir; Junior Honors; May Day Committee; Tau Phi; Dean ' s List; Honors Plan of Study; Phi Beta Kappa; Senior Show. MOSELEY. SUSIE YWC.A; Brambler; Freshman Show; Christinas Bazaar: BRI.AR P.ATCH; Orientation Committee; May Day Committee; Senior Show. MARTIN. PATTY Freshman Show; May Day, committee Head; Brambler; BRI.AR P. TCH. . rt Editor: Choir; Curriculum Committee; Dean ' s List; Tau Phi; Orientation Committee; Honors Plan of Studv; Senior Show. MASON, ANNE Choir; Freshman Show; House France: Senicr Show; Dean ' s List President ; Junior Year in Mav Court. MURRAY. WIN Freshman Show: Orientation Committee; Campus Chest Com- mittee; May Day Committee: Social Committee: Bum Chums. Treasurer; Hispanic Society: Student Devel(pment; Saccharine Thorne Gang: Senior Show. NALLE. WICK Student Development Fund Committee, Chairman; Parents " Day, Chairman; Sweet Tones, Treasurer; Chapel Choir; Church and Chapel Committee; Freshman Show; Young Re- publicans Cluli; Senior Show. MERCER, ANNE Freshman Council: .Athletic .Association; Sweet Briar News, Freshman Editor, .Associate Editor; Student fluide; Varsity Basketl)all: Dorm Sports: Judicial Board; .Altar Guild; QV : May Day Committee ; Varsity Lacrosse, Head ; Dorm Council : Lake Council: Freshman Show; Junior Class President: Parliamentarian; Senior Show; .Amherst County Day, Assistant Student Chairman: Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. MICHEL, CI.NDI Saccharine Thorne Gang; YWC.A; Conser ative Club; Young Republicans Club; Freshman Show; Dorm Sports: Campus Chest Committee: " Challenge " ; World .Affairs Club: Interna- lional Relations Clul); French C orridor: Student Hostess: Stu- dent Guide: ,Amherst C:ounty Day Committee; Sophomore Cloffee House, Publicity Head; Orientation Committee; BRI.AR P.ATCH, Photography Editor; Christmas Bazaar Committee: Senior Show: Hall President; NS.A. MILES, RANDI May Day Committee; Junior Honors; Dean ' s List; Christmas Bazaar Committee: Tau Phi, President; " Challenge " ; Senior Show, MOt:KETT. KAIin Freshman Show; Chapel C;hoir; Freshman Mathematics .Achievement .Award; French C:orridor: Sophomore Class Treas- urer- Sophomore Coffee House. Chairman; May Day Com- mittee; Junior Year in France: BRIAR P.ATCH, Typing Edi- tor; Dean ' s List: Junior Honors; Senior Show; Amherst County Day Committee; Phi Beta Kappa. NELSON, JANE YWC.A. Cabinet, Treasurer; Sweet Briar News. Business Man- anger; Christmas Bazaar, committee Head; Orientation Com- mittee: Freshman Show; Senior Show; Dorm Sports: May Day Committee; " Challenge, " NEWTON, ANNE Sweet Briar News; BRIAR PATCH: NS.A; Young Democrats Club; Orientation Committee: Freshman Show: May Court; Dorm Council; Senior Show; May Queen. NICHOLS. .MAR(;ARET Freshman Show: ( )rientation C ommittee; May Day Com- znitlee. NILES. JOAN Christmas Bazaar. Store Representative: Dorm Sports; Chung Mungs. Secretary: BRIAR PATCH, Sports Editor; Senior Show. NOLAN. SHEILA Junior Year in Greece; Sweet Tones; Social Committee; Dorm social chairman: Freshman Show; Chapel Choir: Senior Show. NOLAND, JODY Junior Year in France; May Day, committee chairman: ' arsity Hockey: Freshman Show; Social ' Committee; BRI.AR P.ATCH, C opy Editor; Orientation Committee; Dorm Council; Senior Show. 165 SENIOR ACTIVITIES OECHSLE. MARIANA Hispanic Society; World Affairs Club; Christmas Bazaar; May Day Committee ; Senior Show. ROGERS, MARIY Freshman Show; Orientation Co Christmas Bazaar; Senior Show. nittec; May Day Committee; PATTERSO.N, ABBY RUSSELL, BETSY YWC.A, Cabinet; Vocational Guidance Committee, Secretary; YWC. ' V: ' Challenge " Riding Council: Horse Show Team; Freshman Show; Orienta- man Show, tion Committee: BRIAR PATCH: Senior Show. BRIAR P. TCH: Senior Show: Fresh P. TTON, JANE World Affairs Club: Christmas Bazaar: BRIAR PATCH: Saccharine Thorne Gang: Senior Show, PEARSON, ANDREA Brambler. Business Manager; Paint and Patches; Sweet Briar Neui: World ,- ffairs Club. Treasurer. Secretary; Young Demo- crats Club. Treasurer; NS. , Freshman Show: Senior Show; May Day Committee; Christmas Bazaar Committee: National Merit Scholarship; Orientation Committee: Lake Council: Dorm Sports: Student Guide. PIERCE, LIDA YWCA; BRIAR PATCH Club : World Affairs Club, POER, CAROLE Senior Show : Young Republicans World Affairs Club: YWCA: Hispanic Society; NS. Board; Collegiate Council for the West Virginia State Chairman; " Challenge " ; Freshman Show : Sweet Br!ar News. R.ANEY, HELEN Freshman Show: Orientation Committee: Sweet Briar News, Copy Editor; May Day, committee Head; Judicial Board: Bum Chums; Christmas Bazaar Committee: Senior Show. REDIKER. DIANA Young Republicans Club: World . ffairs Club: French Cor- ridor: Senior Show. REYNOLDS, LINDA Freshman Show; Chapel Choir; Sweet Tones; BRIAR P.-VTCH; Aims Asses; Christmas Bazaar Committee; Senior Show, RIGGA.X. PEARL Student Government . ssociation, Vice-President; Interclub Council. Chairman: " Challenge " ; Dean ' s List: Junior Class Vice-President; Junior Class Banquet, Chairman: Sweet Briar News, Exchange Editor: Church and Chapel Committee; Orientation Committee: Q,V.: .Mtar Guild; Vocational Guid- ance Committee: NS. : . mherst County Day Committee; Freshman Show; May Day Committee; Senior Show; College Union Committee: If in ' t Il ' io in American Colleger and Universities. SABALAUSKAS. JOANNA Paint and Patches; ' ocational Guidance Committee: World .Affairs Club: Sweet Briar News: Dance Group; Freshman Show: May Day Committee: French Corridor: Junior Year in France: Dean ' s List: Mary and Lee .Ashcroft Scholarship; .Alumnae Clulj of Baltimore Scholarship; Sweet Briar Scholar- sliip : Junior Year in France Scholarship; Senior Show. SANDS, COURTEN. Y Freshman Show; Young Democrats Club: BRI. R P. TCH : Orientation Committee; Bum Chums: Social Committee; May Court: Fire Chief; May Day Committee: Christmas Bazaar Committee: -Amherst County Committee: Harvest Festival Princess: Senior Show, S. Ux DERS, LAURA Orientation Committee: May Day Committee; Freshman Show; Christmas Bazaar Committee: Bum Chums, Secretary: .Aints . sses, the Illustrious One; Young Democrats Club: " Chal- lenge " ; Senior Show; Dorm Sports; Bittersuite Elite. SCHMIDT. RUTH Junior Year at St. -Andrews, Scotland; President of Sophomore Class; Freshman Show; May Day Committee: Varsity Hockey; Freshman Honors; Dean ' s List: Junior Honors; Paint Patches, Vice-President; Co-Chairman of " Challenge " : Tau Phi; Senior Show: Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities; Phi Beta Kappa, SCHMITT, NANCY Senior Show. SCURLOCK. PEGGY Freshman Show; Student Guide; May Day Committee; Dorm Sports; Christmas Bazaar Committee; Senior Show. SIMRELL, DIANA Junior Year in Geneva, Switzerland ; Orientation Committee ; Varsity Lacrosse; French Corridor, President; World Affairs, Vice-President: Tau Phi: Senior Show. SPANGENBERG, MARTY World Affairs Club, " Challenge " : Senior Show: Orientation Committee; Freshman Show; French Corridor: Christmas Bazaar Committee. SPRUANCE, MISSY Chapel Choir; Dorm Sports: Saccharine Thorne Gang; Head of Dorm Riots; Senior Show, ROBERTS, NATALIE YWCA; World .Affairs Club; Huguenot Society Scholarship: Senior Show. SPURDON. PAM World Affairs Club; French Corridor, President; YWCA; Sweet Briar News; Chapel Choir; Senior Show. 166 SENIOR ACTIVITIES STEARNS, MARY V VC:A ; St-nior Sliov STEKETEE. PENNY Paint and Patches, Tipasurer: Frcfhman Show; Senior Show, technical director; BRIAR PATCH; Sweet Briar News, circula- tion; YWC.A; Dorm Sports; Christmas Bazaar Committee; Am- herst County Day Committee; May Day Committee; Lake Council, STE ENS()N. COLRINEY Judicial Board, ' ice-C:hainnan ; .Vints . sses: May Day. com- mittee Head: ' arsity Hockey; .Athletic .Association. Head of hockey; Orientation Coinmittee; Treasurer of Student Govern- ment; Executive Board; Senior Sh.w; Vho Who m American CoUeiie and Vniversilies. SlREEl 1, S. NUY Chapel Choir; Dean ' s List: Junior Year m France: Freshman Show: French Corridor; Senior Show. SUDDLTH, SLSAN .Athletic Association. Head of Ijasketball. President: Orientation Committee; YW ' C.A: Sweet Briar News: Freshman Show; Dorm Sports; Executive Beard: Varsity Tennis; Varsity Basketball: ••ChallenBe " : Senior Show: May Day Committee. SWANEY. MARY ANN Senior Show. SWALN. SANDY Junior Year in France: Freshman Show: t)rientation Coin- mittee; Q.V. : May Day Committee, Chairman; Sweet Briar News; Brambler. .Art Editor; Dean ' s List; Aints .Asses; Senior Show. TAYLOR. JANE . „ „ Dorm Sports; Freshman Show; May Day Committee; Hall President: Campus Chest. Treasurer; Chung Mungs: BRLAR P.ATCH, Business Manager: Committee for Dedication of Connie Guion Science Building: Senior Show. THOMAS, S.ALLY X ' ocational Guidance Committee: Freshman Honors: Junior Honors: Dean ' s List: Freshman Physics Award; Senior Show; Phi Beta Kappa. THOMSON. NELLE Freshman Honors: Freshman Show; May Day Committee; Junior Year at St. Andrews. Scotland ; Mermaids Dramatic So- ciety; Phoenix Literary Scciety; St. Andrews Folk Club: Log.c and Metaphysics, first class rank: Senior Show. THORNHILL, P.ATTY Freshman Show; May Day, tioniimttee Chairman: Bum Chums: Christmas Bazaar Committee: Senior House President: Executive Board: Dorm Council: Sweet Briar News; BRLAR PATCH : Senior Show. TODD. WLNG Freshman Fashion Shtm; Freshman Social Chairman; Social Committee: May Day Committee; Junior Year in France: Dean ' s List; .Aints .Asses; La Transition, illustrator; Senior Show; Phi Beta Kappa. TROMBLY. MOLLY Dance Club. President; .Athletic .Asswiation; Christmas Baziar C:ommittee: May Day Committee: .Amherst County Day Com- mittee: Senior Show. TUCKER. BR( K )KE Head of C;hatauqua: Young Republicans C;lub; World .Aflfair; Club: French Corridor: Freshman Fashion Show; Junior Ban- quet. Committee Chairman : Chapel Choir. Head of chapel, Treasurer, Manager: Senior Show: Boxwi od Inn Commitlce; .Amherst County Day Committee; Student Guide; YWCA; NS.A; Vocational fiuidance Committee. TURNER. SHELLEY Tau Phi: .Aints .Asses: Chapel t:ho ir: Dean ' s List; Rebecca Woodbridge Bell Scholarship: Orientation Committee; Brambler. Ediu.r: Sweet Briar News; BRLAR PATCH: Fresh- man Show: Campus Chest Committee; May Day Committee: Senior Show. UTLEY. JANE Freshman Show; Hall Preisdent : Orientation Committee; May Day Coinmittee; Christmas Bazaar Committee; Dance Club; Young Republicans Club: Bum Chums: Senior Show, choreo- graphy: BRLAR PATCH: " Challenge. " WARD. ANNE Freshman Class Vice-President; Executive Board; Sophomore House President: Freshman Show. Director; Senior Show, Di- rector: Bum Chums: Paint and Patches, Treasurer: Social Committee: BRLAR P.ATCH: May Day Committee: Christmas Bazaar Coinmittee: .Amherst Clounty Day Committee: Saccha- rine Thorne Gang. WERDEN, PHIL World .Affairs Cli:l): Young Republicans Club, page at National Republican Convention: NS.A: Hispanic Scciety, Secretary. Treasurer. President : Senior Show. WIKSWO. MURIEL Senior Show: Phi Beta Kappa. WILLETS, PENN YWC.A, Cabinet, ' ice-president : .Athletic .Association; Head of tennis: Orientation Committee: Freshman Show; Sweet Briar Nezcs; Brambler, Business Staff. .Assistant Editor: French Cor- ridor: Senior Show. WILLIAMS, VIRGINIA Freshman Show; Q.V. : Student Government. Secretary: Dorm Sports: Christmas Bazaar Committee: Orientation Coinmittee; May Court: Judicial Board, Chairman; May Day, committee chairman: Joint Council Member; Senior Show; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. WILLIS. RAB World .Affairs Club. Treasurer, President; Curriculum Com- mittee: " Challenge " : YWC.A; Tau Phi; NS.A Coordinator; Phi Beta Kappa: Emilie Watts McVea Scholar; Dean ' s List: Fresh- man Honors: Junior Honors: Freshman Chemistry .Award; Freshman Sh iw : t)rientation Committee: Senior Show. WILSON, JUDY Freshman Show: Chairman of YWC.A Christmas Party: Am- herst County Day Committee; Christmas Bazaar. Co-Chairman; Chung Mungs. President: Senior Class ' ice-President ; Inter- clcb Councl: Orientation Committee; Senior Show. WINFREE, PENNY . YWC.A; Freshman Show; Varsity basketball: Chapel Choir, President, wardrobe mistress: Senior Show. WOOD, PEGGY Sweet Tones; Chapel Choir: YWCA; Chung Mungs; Young Republicans Club; Sweet Briar News; Senior Show: World .Affairs Club. YAEGER. PEPPY Y ' WC.A: Campus Chest Committee; Riding Council: .Amherst County Day Committee: Senior Show; May Court. 167 ADMINISTRATION, ADMINISTRATION, FACULTY AND STAFF 1965-1966 EXEC;L T1 ' E OFFICERS Anne Gary Panneli., D.Phil. (O.xon.). L.L.D President Meta Glass, Ph.D.. Litt.D.. LL.D., ' D.C. ' L..Preudenl Emeritus Catherine Stratema.x Sims. Ph D Dean Anne E. Aike.v, M.Ed Assistant Dean Dorothy Jester. A.B Dean oj Students Jean Louise Williams .-X.M Director oj Admission Jeanette Boone, A.B Recorder Peter ' . Daniel, B.A. . .Assistant to the President: Treasurer Hilda Gr.U ' Hite, B.A Executive Secretary and Administrative Assistant to the President THE FACULTY Anne Gary Pannell President; Professor of History A.B.. Barnard College; D.Phil., (Oxon) ; LL.D., University of Alabama: Woman ' s Colle.ge, University of North Carolina; Litt.D., W ' estern Reserve University; D.H.L., University of Chattanooga. Catherine Str. teman Sims . .Dean: Professor of History and Political Science A.B., Barnard College; M..A.. Ph.D., Columbia University. Ralph Aiken Associate Professor of English B.A., Williams College; B.A.. M.A.. (Oxon); Ph.D.. Duke University. Clayton E. Bailev Consultant in Riding Sheffield Scientific School, Yale University. Beverly B. Banning Instructor in Spaniih B.A., Central Methodist College; M.A., Tulane University. Eleanor D. Barton Professor of Art A.B., Vassar College: A.M., New Y ' ork University; Ph.D., Radcliffe College. Jane C. Belcher Professor of Biology A.B., Colby College; A.M., Columbia University; Ph.D., University of Missouri. Miriam F. Bennett Professor of Biology A B., Carleton College: . .M.. Mount Holyoke College; Ph.D.. Xorthwestern University. Barbara Blair Assistant Professor of Chemistry A.B., Agnes Scott College: M.S., Ph.D., University of Ten- nessee. T. Alan Broughton Instructor in English A B., Swarthmore College; M.A., University of Washington. Laura T. Buckham Professor of French A.B., University of ' erniont: .A.M., Ph.D., Radcliffe College. Reynold BuRROVk-s . .Associate Professor of Greek and Latin B.A., Harvard College; M.A,, University of Michigan; Ph.D., Princeton, FACULTY AND STAFF Judith H. Campbell Instructor in English B.. .. M.. .. State University of Xevv York at .Albany. John F. Collins, Jr Instructor in Mathematics B.S.. M.-A, University of Maine. Lentz C. DeVoi Associate Professor of Physics B.. ., Marietta Cdlege; M.S., University of Cincinnati. George T, Dorsch, Jr Instructor in Art B.A., Boston University, Geneva Drinkvvater Visiting Lecturer in History . .B.. B.S., University of Missouri; M.A., Ph.D., University of Chicago. Lydia .Anne Dufour Instructor in Spanish B..A., Xewcomb College; M.A., Tulane University. Ernest P. Edwards . Professor of Biology B.A., University of Virginia; M.. ., Ph.D., Cornell Univer- sity. Elizabeth Emerson Associate Professor of English A.B., Mount Holyoke College; M,A., University of Ten- nessee; Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College. Ruth M. Firm Associate Professor of Art B.S., M.. ., Ph.D., Columbia L ' niversity. Bettie Forte Asustant Professor of Greek and Latin .A.B., .Agnes Scott College: M..A.. Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College. Cecile Galeazzi Assistant Professor of French Licence es Lettres, Diplome d ' Etudes Superieures: Certificat d ' .Aptitude au Professorat de I ' Enseignement Secondaire, Sor- bonne. Maxine Garner Professor of Religion .A B., Woman ' s College, University of North Carolina; M.A., Union Theological Seminary-Columbia University; Ph.D,, University of .Aberdeen, Thom,as V, Gilpatrick , . .Associate Professor of Government B.S,, M.A., University of Illinois: Ph.D., University of Chi- ca.go. G, Noble Gilpin Professor of Music B.Mus., M.Mus., Syracuse University: D.S.M., Union Theo- logical Seminary. Robert K. Gooch Visiting Lecturer in Government Sue Reid Slaughter Lectureship B..A., M..A., University of Virginia; B..A., M..A., D.Phil., (Oxon). SuzA.NNE Taylor Gouyer Assistant in Physics ,A.B., Sweet Briar College. Milan E. Hapala Carter Glass Professor of Government -A.B., Beloit College; .A.M., University of Nebraska; Ph.D., Duke University. George .A. Haven, Jr Associate Professor of Psychology B..A., St. Mary ' s University; M.A., Texas Christian Univer- sity; Ph.D., University of Minnesota. First semester, 1965-66. i68 " i55 ; : ADMINISTRATION, C: Koi K. Hoi FKCKKR Assi taiit Projesior of History I! A , liiivcrsity of Dolawarc; A.M., Radcliffc College. Ja.mk.-- K KlKl isiiilant Professor of Religion B.A., McMurray College; B.D., S.T.M., Perkins School of Theology: PhD., Drew University. Ernest . Kirrm.ann Professor of German B.S.. College of the City of New York; M.A., Teachers Col- lege, Cohiinliia L ' iii ersity ; PhD., .N ' orthurstern University. Scott . . Ki.f.im;k Iii trucliir in Philusophy V,. Williams ClolleK.-: AM.. University of Chicago. I ' lKKKK Hknri L.vurent Assistant Professor of History . .B.. Colgate University; , .M., Ph.D., Boston University. M K . N Lee Professor of Mathematics . .B.. Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College: . .M., University of Wisconsin; Ph.D., tioiiiell University. Esther B. Leffler Professor of Chemistry B.S., Pennsylvania State University; Ph.D., University of ' irginia. Philip Legi.er Assistant Professor of English B .A.. Dcnison University: M.F..A.. University of Iowa. K thkri. e M. cdo.n. ld Associate Professor of Physical Education B.S.. Tufts College; M.. .. University of Iowa. I ' rwk M. McCl.mn Chaplain; Associate Professor of Religion B.A., Yale University; B. ., M.A., Cambridge University; S.T.B., Ceneral Theological Seminary. John R. McCle.no.n Assistant Professor of Chemistry B.. ., Grinnell College; Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles. Judith A. McMoran Assistant Professor of Physical Education B.S., Beaver College; M.S., Smith College. Irf.n M. rik Associate Professor of Music Graduate, Budapest College of Music ; Piano Professor ' s Dip- loma, Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest. H. Chester M.vrki.e, Jr issuciate Professor of Chemistry; Secretary of the Faculty B.S., Franklin and Marshall College; M.S., Ph.D., Carnegie Institute of Technology. Gerhard Masur Professor of History Ph.D., University of Berlin. R. John . I tthf.vv ... .Professor of French; Director. Junior Year in France . .B., University of New Hampshire; Diploma, Franco-Ameri- can Institute of Vichy; Docteur de I ' Universite de Clermont- Ferrand. CJiusEPPE .Antonio Mirri iwistant Professor of Italian Dottore di Lettere e Filosotia, University of Florence. FACULTY AND STAFF Wilson Lee Miser Visiting Lecturer in Mathematics B.A., University of .Arkansas; M..A., Yale Uni ersity: Ph.D.. University of Chicago. Betty Si e Mokhi lnkamp -iisi tant Professor of Physical Educaliutx A B.. Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College. J. (.K MoEHLENK. MP Visiting Lecturer in Music B.M., University of Kansas; B.M., M.M., Yale University; .A Mus.D., Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester. Elisabeth F. Moller Visiting Lecturer in Psychology A.B., Goucher College; .A.M., Clark University: Ph.D., C ' ornell University. J. Kenneth Mori.and Visiting Lecturer in Sociology B.S., Birmingham Southern College; B.D.. Yale University; Ph.D., University of North Carolina. Claudia C. Morrison Assistant Professor of English B.A., .American University: M.A., University of Florida: Ph.D.. University of .North Ciarolina. L SBKTH W. MuNcv . . .Profeiior of History and Government .A.B.. ' assar C ollege; .A.M., Ph.D., Brown University. Premvathi p. Naidu Visiting Lecturer in Hindi-Urdu V .A . M..A., .N ' agpur University. Lawrence C. .Nelson Professor of English B.A., Luther College; .A.M.. University of Texas; Ph.D., University of N ' irginia. Carolyn Nicholson Instructor in Physical Education B.S., Mississippi State College for Women: M.S.. Springfield College. Loren Oliver Assistant Professor of Art B.F..A., John Herron .Art Institute: M.F..A., Tulane L ' niver- sity. Mary Jane S. (.)livzr. Assistant in Art and Physical Education .A.B., Sweet Briar College. Sheela Padhi Visiting Lecturer in Mathematics B.A., M.A.. Delhi Uni ersity. Peter Penzoldt Professor of French and Comparative Literature Licence es Lettres. Doctoral es Lettres, University of Geneva. Shirley Pruitt Assistant Professor of Sociology and Anthropology B.S , .Anderson College; M..A., Western Reserve University. Sar. h Thorpe Ramaoe Professor of English B.A., .Newcoinl) C:ollege : M.A., Bryn Mawr College; Ph.D., Ya ' .e University. Susan .A. Rand Assistant in Biology .A.B., Connecticut College. Lin ' s ' L. Rappaport Whitney Professor of Physics Ph.D., Universitv of ' ienna. • On sabbatical leave, 1965-66. •• On leave, 1965-66. ■• First semester, 1965-66. On sabbatical leave, second semester, 1965-66. 169 ADMINISTRATION, Jerral C. Raymond Assistant Professor of Economics B.A.. Wesleyan University. Thomas H. Regan Instructor in Philosophy B.A., Thiel College; M.A., University of ' irginia. Marguerite Risley Visiting Lecturer in Astronomy A.B., M.A., Syracuse University: Ph.D., Radcliffe College. Mar E. Rogers Aisislant Professor of History AB.. M..- .. University of Pennsylvania. Richard C. Rowland Professor of Eiisiliih A.B.. C:olunibia College; B.A.. M.A., D.Phil.. (Oxon). Thomas W. Schmu.nk Instructor in English . .B., Wabash College, M..- .. Tufts University. Leon F. Se.nsabaugh Visiting Professor of History A.R.. ' anderbilt; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University. John R. Shannon Assistant Professor of Music B.S., Davidson Ccillege: M.. ., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. Marie-Therese Sommerville Professor of French Diploma de I ' Ecole Libre des Sciences Politiques; Licence en Droit. Universite de Paris; Licence es Lettres, Sorbonne. Elizabeth F. Sprague Professor of Biology .• .B., . .M., University of California; PhD.. Clareinont Graduate School. Phyllis W. Stevens . . . .Associate Professor of Psychology A.B., Oberlin College: M.. ., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. B ■RD W. Stone Instructor in Education ; Director of Nursery School . .B., Sweet Briar College. Paul C. Taylor Instructor in History . ' .B., Dartmouth College; M.. ., Harvard University. Nancy Horn Tinslev Instructor in Physical Education B.S., College of William and Mary. Joanne Todd Instructor in Physical Education B.S., Woman ' s College, University of North Carolina: M.Ed., University of Oklahoma. William M. Trausneck . . . .Associate Professor of Education . .B.. Richmond College: M.S., University of Richmond: Ed.D., University of Virginia. LuciLE Umbreit Professor of Music . .B., Radcliflfe College; . .M., Vassar College. GiLBERTE Van Treese Assistant Professor of French B.A., Bowling Green State University; M.A., Ph.D., Indiana University. Second semester, 1965-66. On sabbatical leave, 1965-66. • On leave,, 1965-66. FACULTY AND STAFF Glenn J. ' a. Treese Instructor in French .■ .B.. M.. .. Indiana University. .Arthur L. Vogelback Professor of English B.. ., Wesleyan University; M.A., Columbia University; Ph.D., University of Chicago. Bertha Pfister Wailes Visiting Lecturer in Sociology A B., Sweet Briar College; M.A., University of Virginia. Betty Willis Whitehead College Physician and Professor of Health B.. ., .Agnes Scott College; M.D., University of Virginia. Leonora .A. Wiksvvo . . . .Assistant Professor of Mathematics A.B., Montclair, New Jersey, Teachers College; M.A., Co- lumbia University. Herman L. Zimmerm.- nn Instructor in Greek and Latin A.B., A.M., Xavier University. LIBRARY H. Tm.er ( emmell . Librarian . .B., Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College; B S., M.S., Co- lumbia University. Lydia M. Newland Assistant Librarian A.B., Skidmore College; B.S., Columbia University. Nora S. Surface Cataloguer B.A., University of Tennessee; M.A., (L.S.) George Peabody College for Teachers. Sylvia E. Dawson Circulation Librarian B..A., Boston University: M.L.S., Pratt Institute. Harriet Ying Assistant Cataloguer LL.B., Soo Chow University, Taipei; M.A. (LS.) George Peabody College for Teachers. Clarissa M. Rowland Library Assistant M.A. (Oxon). Nancy H. .Adams Bookkeeper Helen Edgemon Stack Assistant Mildred Edgemon Stack Assistant 170 STUDENT DIRECTORY Alincy, Janet 2338 Valleybrook, Toledo, Ohio 43615 Adriance, Joan Tiueheart .2701 51st St., Galveston, Tex. 77552 .Mdrich. Nfrn-dilh Jane 21 Prentiss Lane, Belmont, Mass. 02178 . llen, . d.dine Heiskell 810 ' an . e.ss Dr., Glendale, Ohio 45246 Allen, Lorna Elizabeth. . 3432 Overbrook, Houston, Tex. 77027 .Mien, Melissa 328 S. Fenuick Rd., Memphis, Tenn. 38111 Allison, Elizabeth Cleveland 400 Cleveland St., Greenville. S.C. 29601 .Alphin, Henrietta Br an 1 .North St., Greenwich, Conn. Ambler, Mary Cary . . . .1702 Pocahontas .Ave., Richmond, Va. 23226 Anderson, Charlotte Anne 1109 E. 9th PI., Cushinif. Okla. 74023 . ' nderson. (leiie Cristina Qtrs. 1. Ruck Island .Arsenal, Rock Island. 111. Armenaki. Julie Elise 1909 Birch Rd.. McLean, Va. .■ rnspiger, .Ann .Vustiii. .232 Barrow Rd.. Lexington. Ky. 40502 Atlee, Mary Malone 1414 Ridge Rd., Lancaster, Pa. Avottc. Paula Elizal)eth. 731 Forest Hills Dr.. Wilmington. S.C. 28401 B Bacchiani, Christina Diana. ... West .N ' eck Rd., Lloyd Harbor, Huntington, N.Y. 11743 Bahnson, Jeanette Louise 2725 Windsor Rd., Winston-Salem, . .C. Bailey, Barbara 1516 Aha Dr., Fort Worth, Tex. 76107 Baker. Emilv Perrv 3037 E. Pine X ' alley Rd., Atlanta, Ga. 30305 Baker. Julie! I ' latt 6920 Woodside PI., Chew Chase, Md. 20015 Baker, Katharine Myers Fowler Rd., Far Hills, N.J. 07931 Baker, Louise Pryor 6920 Woodside PI.. Chevy Chase, Md. 20015 Baldridge. Deborah Marsh 505 Sunrise Ave., Stevens Point. Wis. 54481 Baldwin, V ' irginia Kathleen. .Baldwin W ' oods. Whiteville, N.C. Banks, .Ann Bryan, .14 Woodland Hills, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 35404 Banks, Jane Coleman. .. .14 Woodland Hills, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 35404 Banzct. Lucy White Box 535, Warrenton, N.C. Barnes, Jane Stirling .American Embassy, .Aminan, Jordan Btrnhardt. Katharine Caperton 8300 Ocean Front. V ' irginia Beach, Va. 23451 Barnhart. Margaret Suzanne 1930 Colorado Blvd., Denver, Colo. Barrett, Kate Waller.. Arcadia, Farmington, Charlottesville, Va. Bartel, .Anna Bitting. ... 321 Lynn .Ave.. Winston-Salem, N.C. Bassett. Beverly Maxwell. Turner Hill Rd , New Canaan, Conn. Batchelder, Margaret Elaine., til 7 Marshll St., Lexington, Va. 22450 Bateman, Nancy .Ann 9534 . Wakefield Court, Milwaukee, Wis. 53217 Baur, Barbara .Adele. .13525 Clayton Rd., St. Louis, Mo. 63141 Baxter, Sherrard Steele Hill (Mrs.) Gordon R.F.D. 3, Amherst, Va. 2452 1 Baynham. Cynthia Thorn Ill S. Raleigh St., Martinsburg, W.X ' a. 24501 Baynham, Daphne Douglas-Willan Ill S Raleigh St., Martinsburg. W.Va. 24501 Beach. Elizabeth .Ann. .Gourley Hgts., Beattyville, Ky. 41311 Bcaudouin, Stephanie. . . .250 Hamilton Rd., Chappaqua, N.Y. 10514 Becerra, Sandra Evelyn, ,1221 Lucchetti, Santurce, Puerto R ' co Beckner, Mary Elizabeth 237 Robinwood Dr., Hagerstown, Md. 21741 Bedell, Lnuisa Gale. .. .1 195 . vondale .Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. 32205 Beeler, Mary Blake. .. .2427 Westward .Ave., La Marque, Tex. 77568 Beerman, Andrea Thorne. . . .2206 Granville Rd.. Greensboro. N.C. 27408 Bell, Judith Lee. .3072 Argonne Dr. N.W., Atlanta, Ga. 30305 Bell, Marv Leiia 1344 Boiling Ave., .Norfolk, Va. 23508 Bell, Mary Rogers 239 Holiday Rd., Lexington, Ky. 40502 B.nsen, Judith Leslie.... 14 Old Orchard Rd., .North Haven, Conn. 06473 Berguido, Jill 135 Rose Lane, Haverford, Pa. 19041 Bernard, Elizabeth .Ashby.1671 Westovcr .Ave., Petersburg, Va. 23805 Bernbauni. Louise Marcia c o American Embassy, Caracas, Venezuela Bielaski, Susan C. .31 Hawthorne Lane, Weston, Mass. 02193 Biggs, .Ann Cary 1221 Ocean Bend, (iulf Stream. Delrav Beach, Fla. 33444 Bilbro. (Jene Spencer. .4415 Howell PI., Nashville. Tenn. 37205 Bilgore. Ellen Kate. ... 180 E. 79th St., New York, .N.Y. 10021 Bingham, Kathryn Roby. .527 W. 3rd St., Oil City, Pa. 16302 Bissell, Lesley Willard. .Centerville Rd., Greenville, Del. 19807 Bissell, Susan Eileen. ... 1 18 Rockingham Dr., Windsor Hills. Wilmington. Del. 19803 Bivins. Ethel Ann. . . .230 Suiton Dr., San .Antonio, Tex. 78228 Black well, Elizabeth Carter Sweet Briar, ' a. 24595 Blackwell, Mary Clayton Sweet Briar. ' a. 24595 Bloch, Margaret Elizabeth. .212 Forestline Ave.. P.O. Box 165. Gadsden, Ala. 35901 Bloomer, Susan Lea 290 N.E. 91st St.. Miami Shores, Fla. 33138 Bluiulon. Lucv Douiiing. . . .304 C:hestnut Rd.. Sewickley, Pa. 15143 Blynn, Sandra 11 Grossett Rd., Riverside, Conn. 06878 Blythe, Katherine Pegram. .2525 Sharon Lane, Charlotte, N.C. 28211 Bodin, Juliet Emilie 10907 Wickline. Houston, Tex. 77024 Bokan, Susan Elizabeth Washington Inn, Saratoga Springs, NY. 12866 Bonney, Frances .Ann 3658 Stratford, Dallas. Tex. 75205 Booker, Betty Burwell. .2028 Barracks Rd., Charlottesville, Va. 22903 Boring, Dixie Lynn Rt. 1, Bo. 1010, Odessa, Tex. 79760 Boucher, Sally Virginia Rt. 1, Front Royal, Va. 22630 Bourne. Janalee . .920 N. Halagueno, Carlsbad, N.Mex 88220 Boyd. Pamela Jean.. 182 Kaswick Dr., Meadowbrook Terrace. Norfolk, Va. 32518 Braden, Elizabeth Bowman. .Gold Club Lane. Nashville, Tenn. 37215 Brady. Jane Harris II .North Rd., Salisbury, N.C. 28144 Brassel, Jeanne Catherine 7200 Bonnie Mill Lane. Springfield, Va. 22150 Bredin, Stephanie S. duPont. . . .Green ille. Wilmington, Del. 19807 Brent. Elizabeth Marshall McGuire Highland Rd., Richmond, ' a. 23229 Brewer, Martha Johnston. . . .Rt. 2, Box 22.A, Greenwood, Miss. Briber, Anne Schilling. . .7525 N. Links Wav, Milwaukee, Wis. 53217 Brown, .Avis Moate 2922 Bransford Rd.. .Augusta, Ga. Brown, Elizabeth Florence. Rt. 3, Box 593, Raleigh. N.C. 27603 Brown, Elizabeth Randolph Gloucester. Va. 24061 Brown. Kendra .Ann 106 Foster, Cambridge, Mass. 02138 Rrown, Margaret Livingston. ... 141 Mill Creek. .Ardmore, Pa. 19003 liruwTi. Marion Jeanne.. 144 Revere R 1 . Ri.slvii Heights, N.Y. 11577 Brown, Mehnda Jane 221 High Rd., .Newbury, Mass. 01950 Brown, Susan (lalt. . . . Inwood Manor .Apts., 3711 San Felipe, Houston, Tex. 77027 Brownin,g. Pamela 216 N. 27tli St., .Allentown. Pa. 18104 Brunner, Phoebe .Anne 5813 Nevada .Ave. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20015 Brush, Susan Lewis Castle Hill, Lexington, V ' a. 24450 Bryant, Cecilia Ann. 1870 Challen .Ave , Tallahassee. Fla. 32205 Buchanan. Ellen Lorine..2002 Edgemi nt .Ave., Bristol, Tenn. 37622 Buford. Harriet Frances, 4801 N. Lindhurst, Dallas, Tex. 75229 Buis, Gretchen Lynn. .8802 Sierra Rd., Richmond, Va. 23229 Bull, Eugenia 561 Briar Lane, Northfield, 111. 60094 Bullard. Nancy Drake. .405 W ' alsing Dr., Richmcmd, ' a. 23229 Burchard. Carol Irene. . 1 1 CiuU ' s Cove, Plandome Manor, N.Y. Burnette, Mary Tarrant Rt. 3, Rocky Mount, N.C. 27801 Burtis, Marianne Crawley 101 Columbia ,Ave.. Swarthmore, Pa. 19081 Burton, Katherine Forrest. , 120 S. Elm St., Hinsdale. 111. 60521 Burwell. Pamela ..198 Shoreham Dr., Rochester, NY. 14618 Bush. Julia Loomis 652 Euclid Ave., Elmira, N.Y. 14901 »7i STUDENT DIRECTORY Buster. Kathiyn Martin. ... P.O. Bi.. 126, Midway. Kv. 40347 Butler. Grace Tucker Manursing Way, Rye. X.Y. 10580 Butler. Helen Peeples. .5 Martindale, Greenwich. Conn. 06830 Butler. Susan 46 Clover Dr., Wilton, Conn. 06897 Butt, Frances Wilcox 7 Lewis St., Lexington, Va. 24450 Butts, Marian Jane. .Rt. 2, Box 224, Gaithersburg, Md. 20760 C Cabaniss. .- nne Sinikins. .229 15th St. X.E.. .Atlanta, Ga. 30309 Cadwalader, Elizabeth Jane. 733 Colorado . ve.. Baltimore. Md. 21210 Cahan, Louisa Braun 1901 Lydia. Waukegan. 111. 60085 Calder, Marnite Earnhardt. .204 . Union St.. Concord. iX.C. 28025 Calhoun, . ndria Beth 77 Beers Rd.. Eastnn. Conn. 06425 Calhoun. Mary Anne 140 E. 51st St., Savannah. Ga. 31405 Cameron. Elizabeth . nn. .4700 Hastings. El Paso. Tex. 79903 Campbell. Dorothea Hammond 1233 Oakmont Rd.. Charleston, V. ' a. 25314 Campbell. Jean 48 Pine Brook Dr.. Larchmont. . .Y. Campbell, Laura Lee.... 6470 S.W. 126 St. Rd.. Miami. Fla, 33156 Campbell, Mary Lavinii.8732 Canvon Dr., Dallas. Tex. 75209 Cantey, Mary Hill 105 Uni.n St.. Camden. S.C. 29020 Carey, Gail Frances. . . .27 Ten Acre Rd . . ew Britain. Conn. 06052 Carmichael, Diana Kav. .6460 Southwood Dr.. Littleton. Colo. 80120 Carmichael. Mary Emma. . . . 1031 Cherokee St.. Marietta, Ga. 30060 Carr, Eugenia Waddell 1313 Live Oak Pkwy.. Wilmington. N.C. 28403 Carroll, .Ann Shay 925 Somerset Lane. York. Pa. 17403 Carroll, Gloria Ann 10! Hemlock Dr.. Lodi. Ohio 44254 Carroll. Kathrvn Holbn.ok. . . .925 Somerset Lane. York. Pa 17403 Cash. Courtney Elizabeth. .. .330 Pinecrest Lane. Bristol. Va. 24201 Cassedy, Laurel Dianne. . . .6617 Robin Rd.. Springfield. Va. 22150 Chalmers, Constance .Anne. . 1 1200 Chalon Rd., Los Angeles, Calif. 90049 Chambliss. Margaret Mabrv 120 N. Hermitage .Ave.. Lookout Mtn.. Tenn. 37350 Chandler. Margucrita Park.... 38 Xorthwood. Jackron. Tenn. 38303 Cheney. Elizabeth Mitchell 2 Stuyvcsant .Ave.. Rye. N.Y. Chesnutt. Mary Murphy. 1 12 Cheswood Dr., Hot Springs, .Ark. Clark, Mary .Allison. ... 282 .Ambassador Dr.. Rochester. N.Y. 14610 Clarke, Anne Percy. .3926 McFarlin Blvd.. Dallas, Tex. 75205 Clay, Helen Straus (Mrs. A. Stephens) . .Arlington Ct. Apts.. B2, Arlington Blvd., Charlottesville, Va. 22901 Cochrane, Barbara Elaine. .124 Anawan Rd., North Attleboro. Mass. 02760 Coffee, Colleen . .Lawrenceville Rd., Lawrenceville. N.J. 08532 Coffin, Cynthia Hamilton. . 1 744 N. Street N.W., Washington. D.C. 20036 Coho. Linda Eby 23 Glen Moore Cir.. Lancaster. Pa. Colbert, Margaret. .235 Woodland Dr., Humboldt. Tenn. 38343 Cole, Karen Christine,. 3 E. ' iew Ct.. Port Washington. N.Y. 11050 deColigny, Julie .Amanda. .6310 Three Chopt Rd.. Richmond. Va. 23226 Colton, Keenan 251 Loring .Ave., Pelham, N.Y. 10803 Comer, Grace Louise. ... Glennville Plantation. Pittsview. .Ala. 36871 Condax, Katina Delano. . . .315 Chestnut St.. Moorestown. N.J. 08057 Conkle. Nancy Elizabeth P.O. Box 38, Cashiers. N.C. 28717 Connard. Candida Hart Rt. 1. New Hope. Pa 18938 Cooley, Katherine Jamieson Polks Rd.. R.F.D. 1. Princess .Anne, Md. 21853 Coons. Harriet Venable.805 .Acacia Lake Dr.. Brownsville. Tex. Chainski. Vicki Shoreacres, Lake Bluff, III. Cooper, Lee. 12325 25th Helena Dr.. Los Angeles. Calif. 90049 Corbett, Teannine Elizabeth. . 702 .Airlie Gardens. Wilmington. N.C. 28401 Cord, Bonnie Carol . . 1 1 790 Snider Rd., Cincinnati. Ohio 45242 Covington. Eleanor Watson 2315 Princess Ann St., Greensbo.-o. N.C. 27408 Craig, Cynthia Bryan 4201 Yacht Club Rd., Jacksonville, Fla. 32210 Crawford, Anne Schuyler Box 306. Setauket, N.Y. Crockett, Caroline King. .. .508 E. Tenth .Ave.. Johnson City, Tenn. Crook. Kathryn Bradford 59 Country Club PI.. Belleville, 111. 62008 Crossley. Eleanor Kidd (Mrs. T. J.) Rt. 3, Box 12, .Amherst. Va. 24521 C:rowe. Ann Miller 2109 Granada Blvd., Coral Gables, Fla. 33134 Cunningham. Edna .Ann.... 1303 Bellevue Dr.. Gadsden. Ala. 35901 Cutler. Robin J. Randolph. . 1 100 Park Ave.. New York, N.Y. 10028 D Dahl. .Sallv Ruth.... 4235 Cresta Dr.. Santa Barbara. Calif. 93103 Dalton. Diana . . . .2918 Winthrop Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio 44120 Daniel, Judith Parr.... 206 Nelson Ave., .Amherst, Va. 24521 Darby, Hallic Harlan. .729 N. Wood Ave.. Florence, .Ala. 35632 Darden, Brenda Faye 197 S. Main St., Suffolk, Va. 23434 Darden, Margaret ... .8 Thompson St.. Annapolis, Md. 21401 Davis, Jane Elizabeth Marven 4240 Ortega Forest Dr.. Jacksonville, Fla. 32210 Davis. Mary Margaret 531 1 0th .Ave.. Huntington. W. ' a. 25701 Davis. Patricia Frances. .136 Westlook Cir.. Oak Ridge, Tenn. 37830 Day, Evelyn Lee Wampum Rd., Louisville, Ky. 40207 Dean, Marion Gray 53 Interlaken Rd., Orlando. Fla. 32804 Dearborn. .Anne Gavle. . . .405 Sunnsysde Dr., Nashville, Tenn. 37205 Dednian. Jane Ellen 199 Old Kings Hgwy.. North Darien, Conn. 06820 06820 DeLong. Diane 5306 Duvall Dr.. Washington. D.C. 20016 Dick, Dire.xa 770 Park Ave., New York, N.Y. 10021 Dickev. Pauline Eakin 1902 Ash. Texarkana. Ark. 75501 Dobbins. Anne Pendleton 310 Westoe Rd.. Richmond, Va. 23229 Donald. Linda Kay 5926 Overlea Rd., Washington, D.C. 20016 Donaldson. Marv McStocker 4009 L ' nderwood St.. Chevy Chase, Md. 20015 Dortch, Margaret Anderton 4406 Harding PI.. Nashville. Tenn. 37212 Doss, Helen Prince. 308 Flemington Dr., Huntsville, Ala. 35802 Douglass. Melville Minge 1131 Woodward Ave., Montgomery. .Ala. 36106 Drewes. Susan Jeanne. ... 11 Pond Hill Rd., Morristown. N.J. 07960 Dudley, Shelby Kay 3795 Paces Ferry Rd. N.W.. -Atlanta, Ga. 30327 Duffield, Barbara LaTeer.726 Mount Mort) Rd.. Villanova. Pa. Dunham, Nancy Nicholas 12 Mun-on Court. Westport. Conn. 06882 Dunham, Sally Secrest. ... 12 Mur on Court, Westport, Conn. 06882 Dunlap, Margina Gates. .1151 Oakcliff Rd., Macon, Ga. 31201 DuRona, Louise Marguerite 6 Pennsylvania Ave., Crestwood, N.Y. 10707 Duvall, Elizabeth Sutton. . . .49 Melrose Rd., Mountain Lakes, N.J. 07046 Eastin. Jane Prescott. .5855 Brookwood Rd.. Indianapolis, Ind. 46226 Eckert, Emily Kay. .10927 Wickwild Dr., Houston, Tex. 77024 Eckman, Mary Murrav 800 Oak .Ave.. Waynesboro, Va. 22980 Edds. Judith Blaine. ... 1678 Dumfries Rd.. Town of Mohent Royal P.Q., Canada Edgerton. Donna Hayes. . . .2 Tazewell .Ave., Cape Charles, Va. 23310 t- .:• ' ■♦ •♦ ' -, STUDENT DIRECTORY Etiin«.-r, Suzanne 611 Club Lane, L.niisvillc, Ky. 40207 Eflls, Mariim Cli.ftin ()2:i Moadnwbnxik Lane, Ruck Hill. S.Cl. 29731 Evans, Suzanne lOti Walnut Lane, Elkton, Md. 21921 Ewalt, Stephanie Walthe.- Delhi Plantation, Prince Frederick, Md. 20678 Fentress, Naney Terrill... Fite. Linda . nn 1 Fitz-Hugh, Sarah Tucker. . Follows, Mary .Annette. . . Fo.-d, Pamela Jane. .Bowe Forsyth, Jeanne Hanby. . Fox, Josephine Morgan.. Prate, Francine Elizabeth. Frazier, Margaret Lynn. Fromme, Pamela Jane. . Frothinghani, .-Xnne Laura Fuller, Barbara Jean Fuller, Ridgely Plate..... Furstenberg, Christine . nn F 10800 Fox Hunt Lane, Potomac, Md. 20854 1IV2-2 Columbus Cir., Andrews .AFB. Washington. D.C. 203.31 2016 DeLancey PI., Philadelphia, Pa. 19103 42 Greeiiway Ter.. Forest Hills Gardens, N.Y. 1131. ' ) ' stown Rd., Washington, N.J. f)7882 3805 N. Woodbridge Rd.. Birmingham, .Ma. 35223 28 V ande enter Ave., Princeton, N.J. 08541 3511 Mountainbrook Rd., C:harlotte. N.C. 28210 .36 Ridgetop, St. Louis, Mo. 63117 8 Rittenhouse Rd.. Broiixville, N.Y. 10708 32 Country Club Rd.. .New Canaan. Conn. 06840 37 Lansdowne Dr., Larchmont, N.Y. . . 3609 Tupelo PI., Alexandria, Va. North Broadway, Upper Nyack. N.Y. 10960 Garabrant. Marilyn Cramer 2157 Woodward .Ave.. Bloomfield Hills, Mich. 4801. ' . CJardner, Lynne .Austin Purchase Lane, Rye, N.Y. 10580 Gawthrop, Elizabeth Dumesnil 800 Sconneltown Rd.. West Chester, Pa. 19380 Gearhart. Shelley Shook 2816 Shook Hill Rd., Birmingham, Ala. 35223 Gibbes. Margaret Dixon 3420 Heatherwood Rd., Columbia, S.C. 29205 Giddens. Sarah Kav 2555 N. Delwood Dr., Mobile, .Ala. Gilbert. Elora Gail. Gregory St.. .Amherst, Va. 24521 Gill. Madelaine Kirby.26 Prescott Ave., Bronxville, N.Y. 10708 Gillespie, Mary Sabra 8 Cole Lane, Williamsburg, Va. Gillmer, Margaret 10270 S.W. 48th St., Miami, Fla. 33165 Gilmore, Eleanor Dowling 39 Warrcnton Rd., Baltimore, Md. 21210 Gilroy. Patricia Elaine 7513 Denver Ct.. .Annandale, Va. 22003 Gipson, Sallv R.R. 2, Box 113 ' .., Patterson, N.Y. 12563 Girard, Marion Phvllis. .1510 Niessen Rd.. Oreland, Pa. 19075 Girling. Elizabeth Diane Rt. 2, Monroe, Va. 24574 Givens, Merilyn . .50 Davison Lane E., West Islip, NY. 11795 Glaser, Elizabeth Lee 304 Tarrytown Dr., Richmond, Va. 23229 Glass, Alicia Middleton 6 Tradd St., Charleston, S.C. 29401 Gordon. Mary Meade Huntly, Bon Air, Va. 23235 Graham, Carann Campbell ... .Cold Springs Rd.. Bishop. Ga. 30621 Graham, Georgia SafTold 3689 Fernway Dr., Montgomery ' , Ala. 36111 Graveure. N ' iola Patricia Pleasantville Rd., Fallston, Md. 21047 Gray, Cathryn Elaine. . 1232 Northamptcin Rd., Petersburg. ' a. Green, .Anne Phelps.. 201 Cumberland, Kenilworth, 111. 10093 Green, Leilani Loretta. . . .1 Midoaks Rd., Monroe, NY. 10950 Greenhouse, Ellen Roxana 1 146 Maple Hill Rd., Westfield, N.J. 07090 Greenspan, Barbara Joan 1010 Fifth Ave., .New York, N.Y. 10028 Greer, Nancy Taliaferro The Grove. Floyd Ave.. Rocky Mount, ' a. 24151 Gress, Mary Edith. . . . 1836 Springmeadow Blvd., Norfolk, Va. 23518 Griffith, Melissa Capwell Cocroft Rt. 5, St. Margarets, Annapolis, Md. 21400 Griffiths. Judith Holland. 439 E. Sixth St.. Hin.sdale, 111 60521 Griggs, Eleano.- S.aiiliwr.nh 806 G. ' eenwood Rd., Wilmington, Del. 19807 G.inberg, Susan Gail. 1260 Belle.-ock St.. Pitt.sbur.gh, Pa. 15217 Grizzad, Linda Landis. . . .Wilson Pike, Franklin, Tenn. 37064 Grcmiel, Patricia .Ann... 225 . " . 17th St., .Allentown Pa 18104 G.-ote, Julie Clark 601 S. Price Rd., Saint Louis.Mo. 63124 Guilford, Carolyn Bridget 164 Revolutionary Rd., Scarborough, .V.Y. 10562 Guthrie, Mary Lesslie. . . .Na.shville Pike. Gallatin. Tenn. 37066 H Haagensen, Janice Shelbu.ne RD. 3. Box 565, Murry.sville, Pa. 15668 Haddad. Carolyn Marie. .838 Franklin, River Forest, III. 60305 Haley. Paula Warren. .78 Chu.xh St.. Winchester, Mass. 01890 Hall, Catherine Marshall. 500 Henri Rd., Richmcmd, Va. 23226 Hampshire. Geo.-gia Hurt ..402 Highland .Ave., Tcjwson, Md. 21204 Handle y. Margaret Craig 3420 Hampton Ave.. Nashville. Tenn. 37215 Hannuni. Mar.garet Elaine 4805 Morgan Dr.. Chevy C:hase. Md. 20015 Hansford. Jane Cory 58 Washington Rd.. Pittsford, N.Y. 14534 Harbottlc-. Judith Ann 24 I ' pland Dr.. Chappaqua. N.Y. 10514 Halo;-. Claudetle Ellis.. 669 Hempstead PI., C:harlotte. N.C). 28207 Harri. ' on. Clo.dcha C:arlton 1827 Grove .Ave., Richmond, ' a. 23226 HaiAcy, Elizabeth Duncan 35 Glen .Avon Dr., Riverside. Ccmn. 06878 Harvey, Marion Louise Rt. 4. Dallas. Pa. 18612 Haskell. Judith Bright R.F.D. 2. Box 373. North .Augusta, S.C. 28741 Haskell. Ma.-y Carolyne. . . . 722 Shepherd Hills. Tucson, .Ariz, 85710 Haskell, Sa.-ah Bright. ... 10 C:alycanthus Rd.. Richmond. ' a. 23221 Haslam. Deborah Page 901 Lawrence .Ave.. Westfield. N.J. 07090 Hastings. Barbara Elizabeth 1945 Taylor Rd . East Cleveland. Ohio 44112 Hatten, Sandra 1344 East Beach, Gulfport. Miss. 39501 Hay. Beverly Evlyn 320 Delfern Dr.. Lcjs Angeles, Calif. 90024 Hayc-s, Joan Florence. 40 Old Hook Rd.. Westwood. N.J. 07675 Hays, Cynthia Lee., 1601 Richard St.. Columbus. Ga. 31908 Healy, Sharon Gilmore. .39 Dundee Rd., Babylon, N.Y. 37350 Hein, Marian Judith. . . .247 .Asharoken .Ave.. .Northport, N.Y. 1 1 76. " - Hemphill. Kath yn Glenn 344 7th .Ave. N.E., Hickory, N C. 28601 Hemstieet. Gail Arden 4405 East West Hgwy., Bethesda, Md. 20014 Hendricks. Rickey Lvnn 127 Travois Rd.. Louisville, Ky. 40207 Herbert. Susan Pembroke 583 Mountain .Ave.. .North Caldwell, N.J. 07007 Herlihy. Mary Reid 1540 Bedford Rd.. Charleston, W.Va. 25314 Hickey, Mellie Hanks. .331 Fairfield St. S.E., Aiken, S.C. 29803 Hickox. .Vancy Louise Little Sewickley Creek Rd.. Sewickley. Pa. 15143 Hill. .Alnuna Pierson. . . .513 Plantation Rd.. Tallahassee, Fla. 32303 Hill. Elizabeth Baldwin. .3168 Thomas Ave., Montg:)mery, Ala. 36106 Hill, Susan Jane. .60 S. Second St., Chambersburg, Pa. 17201 Hilton, Martha Douglass 3504 Echo Hill Rd., Na.«hville. Tenn. 37215 Hinner. Susan Yost Box 58, Mendenhall, Pa. 19357 Hinshaw, .Anne Stuart .... Bailev ' s Mill Rd.. New Vernon, N.J. 07976 Hitchens, Christy .Ann.... 605 Lindslcy Dr., Morristown, N.J. 07960 Hobbs. Bettye Ba.skerville 22400 McCauley Rd., Shaker H eights, Ohio 44122 173 STUDENT DIRECTORY Holden. Hollv 360 ' allev Rd., Lancaster, Pa. 17601 Hollister, Carolyn Phyllis 219 White Oak Ridge Rd., Short Hills. N.J. 07078 Holt, Janith 1230 Gasparilla Dr., Fort Myers, Fla. Hoopes, Ruth Snowdon 808 Greenwood Rd.. Wilmington. Del. 19807 Horowitz. Joan Elizabeth 1-A Orchard Farm Rd.. Port Wa.shington, N.Y. 11050 Horsey, Harriette Elizabeth. . 735 Peachtree Battle Ave. N.W., Atlanta 5, Ga. Horton Judith . nne..3710 Overbrook Lane, Houston, Te.x. 22027 Hoskins, Grania Hilda. . ' erbank Rd.. Millbrook. N.Y. 12545 Houlihan, Maurna Maie....365 South Rd., Belinont, Calif. 94002 Howard, Julia Battle.. 107 E. 49th St.. Savannah, Ga. 31405 Hoxton, Ann Valentine ' s Lane, Glen Head, N.Y. 11545 Huber, Leslie Jean. .102 Ogden Cir., Oak Ridge, Tenn. 37832 Hudson, Tanice Claire.. 1500 . shland Ave., River Forest, 111. 60305 Huguenin, Jan 3815 Caruth, Dallas, Tex. 75225 Hughes, Patricia lean 45 Hemlock Rd., Short Hills, N.J. 07078 Hummel, Charlotte Lynette..l77 Summit .Ave., Summit, N.J. 07901 ver 3113 Chesapeake Ave., Hampton, Va. 23361 ...Rt. 4, Madi.son Heights, Va. 24572 . . 7720 Argyle Ave.. Norfolk, Va. 23505 ..49 B.andon Rd., Newport News, Va. 23601 Hurt. Frances Hallam Halifax Rd.. Chatham, ' a. 24531 Hutton, Katherine Leland 212 Deer Park Dr., Nashville. Tenn. lUingworth, Jane Gail. .46 Terrace St., North Montpelier, Vt. 05666 Irevs Catherine Recknagel. . . .45 Willow St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201 Israel, Jacqueline. .625 S. Skinker Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. 63105 Israeli Kathleen. . . .625 S. Skinker Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. 63105 Ives Laura Kathe.ine. . . . 1000 Wiltshire, San Antonio, Tex. 78209 Hunt. Katharine Cono Hunt, Wanda Dianne. Hunter, Carter Byrd. . Hunter, Harriet Ellen K Kalber, Sarah Kay 218 Travois Rd., Louisville, Ky. 40207 Kallina, Beatrice Lee 1100 Ramblewood Rd., Baltimore, Md. 21212 Keen, Eleanor Lightner 230 Laurel Lane, Haverford, Pa. Kelety. Katalin Denise 112 Pleasant St., Brookline, Mass. 02146 Keller, Cornelia Flagg 3536 Hawthorne Dr., Jackson, Miss. 39216 Kelley, Ellen Wade. ... 17 Creekside Cir., Houston, Tex. 77024 Kelly, Cathie Cook 652 Lindley Rci., Glenside, Pa. 19038 Kent, Barbara Susan 608 Woodmere Blvd., Woodmere, N.Y. 11598 Kern. .Anne Cover 119 S. Washington St., Winchester, Va. 22601 Ketcham, Marsha 1 Cherry Lane, Westfield, N.J. 07090 Keyserling. Judith Box 682, Beaufort, S.C. 29903 Kibbee. Katherine 5170 Margaret Morrison St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 15213 Kielv. Kathryn Emily 206 Manzanita Way, Woodside, Calif. 94061 Kilpat:ick. Mary Ann 400 W. Paces Ferry Rd. N.W., Atlanta, Ga. 30305 King, Gene .Anne . . 1 1 2 S. Sterling .Ave., Tampa, Fla. 33609 King, Mary Elizabeth. . . .Apt 414 So., 2020 N. Atlantic .Ave., Cocoa Beach, Fla. 32931 Kinnaird, Susan Burke 1303 Westmoor Trail, Winnetka, III. 60093 Kinsey, Anne Godwin 1 150 Woodland Rd., Petersburg, ' a. 23805 Kirschenfeld, Sherry Lynne 3367 Boxwood Dr., Montgomery, .Ala. 36111 Kirven, Frances Fry. .833 Peachtree Dr., Columbus, Ga. 31906 Kjeldsen, Susan 332 Woodland Dr.. Brightwaters, N.Y. 11718 Klaerner, Sherilyn Kay 37 Hally Lane, Darien, Conn. Kneip, Loraine DeRonde 1501 Tower Rd.. Winnetka, III. 60093 Knoke, Sally Elizabeth Claremont Rd., Bernardsville, N.J. 07924 Koester, Mary Melinda. . . .500 Bosphorus, Tampa, Fla. 33606 Kuhns, Kristin Colgan 1 100 Runnymede Rd.. Dayton, Ohio 45419 Kulczycki, Mary Christine. .721 S. Main St., .Athens, Pa. 18810 Kurtz, Elizabeth Gill 2531 Brentwood Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43209 J Jackson Margery Lee Rt. 1, Box .A-365, Rainbow Forest, Troutville, Va. 24175 Jackson, M ary French 777 West St., Pittsfield, Mass. 0210! lackson, Sallie Jean. .60 Indian Spring Lane, Rochester, N.Y. ■ ' 14618 Jensen Katrina Elizabeth. . . .618 36th .Ave. E.. Seattle, Wash. 98102 Jester Susan Spotswood 1919 Quarry Rd., Lynchburg, Va. 24504 Johnson, Barbara Forsyth Scenic Hgwy., Lookout Mountain, Tenn. 37350 Johnson, Jane Elizabeth 502 White Oak Dr., Severna Park, Md. 21146 Johnson, Kimberly Ann 10406 N. Church Dr., • ' Cleveland, Ohio 44130 Johnson Mary Evelyn,. 26 Main St., Newtown, Conn. 06470 Jones, Carolyn Gordon 308 Ingleside Dr., R.F.D. 1, • Fahnouth, Va. 22403 Jones Laura Ashlev 3404 Woodhaven Rd. N.W.. • Atlanta. Ga. 30305 Jones, Maria deSaussure. .419 Westwood Dr., Chapel Hill, N.C. Jones Nadine Elizabeth 15 .Austell Way N.W.. • ' Atlanta, Ga. 30305 Jones Norvell Mason Montague Pohick Rectory, • ' Lorton, Va. 22079 Jones, Pamela Lee. .405 W. Tyne Dr., Nashville, Tenn. 37220 Josephs, Nancy Blair. .246 Colville Rd.. Charlotte, N.C. 28207 Judy, Carolyn Louise 1705 Crest wood Dr. • " ' ' Columbia, S.C. 29205 Lane, Constance Nelson. 308 Myrtle Lane, Altavista, Va. 24517 Lane. Marie Madeline 1209 Clay St., Franklin, Va. 23851 Langenberg, Margaret Morton 20 Lenox PI., St. Louis, Mo. 63108 Las.siter, Lorne Elizabeth 2635 Grovenor PI. N.W., Apt. 1, Winston-Salem, N.C. Lawrence. Sarah .Anne 9810 Kensington Pkwy., Kensington, Md. 20014 Leach, Nance Remington. ... 10 Thomas St., Barrington, R.I. Leary, Pamela Anne. .8930 S.W. 52nd Ave., Miami, Fla. 33156 Lee, Barbara .Ann 3654 Cole Spring Lane, Chamblee, Ga. 30005 Leland, Deirdre Ann. .Preston Hill Rd., Hamilton, N.Y. 13346 Lewis, Elizabeth Moreland.6 Westwood Dr., Ruston, La. 72729 Lewis, Lanny 19 Appletree Trail, Westport, Conn. 06882 Li, Marian . .9 Briar Ave., Ground Floor, Hong Kong, B.C.C. Little. Suzanne Middleton 352 Oxford Dr., Short Hills, N.J. 07078 Long, Madeleine Eva 409 Tyler PI., Alexandria, Va. 22302 LongstafT Llewellvn Ray 117 Woodlawn Rd., Baltimore, Md. 21210 Lou Marion Ward. . . .51 Milbank Rd., Fairfield, Conn. 06431 Loyd, Mary Clare 1909 Quarry Rd., Lynchburg, Va. 24503 Luby, Deborah Ann. .32 Westfield Rd., Meriden, Conn. 06451 Lucas, Stephanie Jeanne Caleta De San Juan, 61, San Juan, Puerto Rico Lyle, Mary Lynn. .4660 .Apache Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. 32210 Lyons, Margaret Virginia 4435 Garfield St. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20007 174 STUDENT DIRECTORY M McAfee, Melinda Helen. .21: : ' E. 59th PI.. Tulsa, Okla. 7410.1 MrC ' .all, Mary Helen I 10 Sylvan Dr., Lookout Mountain, Tcnn, 37350 McCampbell, Kaye 742 Obcrlin Rd., .Au.ijusta, Ga. 30904 McClure, Joan Vickers 5325 Chamberlin Ave., Chevy Chase, Md. 20015 McConnell, Pa mela 9 Seagate Rd., Darien. Conn, McCray. Karen Marie Rt. 2, Box 109, Chico. Calif. 95926 McKee. Marguerite MrPheeters 1000 Harvey St., Raleigh. . .C. 27608 Maeken ie. Sophie Ben.son 600 Craford PI., Portsmouth, Va. 23704 McKittriik. .Xnne Cochran 15 Temple St., West Newton. Mass. 02165 Mackubin, Mildred Lee Schley P.O., Gloucester, Va. 23154 McLain. Kathryn Louise 10 Merriam PI., Bronxville, N.Y. 10708 McLean. Marearct Ridli-v 615 Woodbridge Dr., Murfreesboro, N.C. 27855 Maclellan, .Anne Llewellyn 125 Fairy Trail, Lookout Mountain, Tenn. 37350 McMahon, Jill .Ann II . klen Lane, St. Louis, Mo. 63141 McMullen, Elizabeth Dawson 166 Cyprus Ave., Tampa, Fla. 33606 Macneil, Tonia Wilcox 1 199 S. Pasadena .Ave., Pasadena. Calif. 91105 McRae. Glorv Sims 461 1 Ortega Blvd.. Jacksonville, Fla. 32210 MacRae. .Marion Montagu 903VicarLane. Alexandria. Va. 22302 Madden. Martha 1709 Sherman Dr., Utica. N.Y. 13501 Mahan, Mar) ' Hickman . 514 Clay St., Lynchburg, Va. 24504 Mahoney, Sheila .Ann 101 Country Club Dr.. Rochester. N.Y. 14618 MalU.n. Linda Lee 138 Case, Norwich. Conn. 06360 Mapp. Carolyn LeCato .Accomac, Va. 23301 Mapp, Margaret .Aydelotte Accomac. Va. 23301 Marshall. Ruth .Ann Rt. 3. Box 99, Ferguson Ave., Savannah, Ga. 31406 Martin, Donna Lee. .2325 Brandon .Ave., Roanoke. ' a. 24015 Martin, Jane .Ann 475 Woodhill Rd., Wayne, Pa. Martin, Patricia Lynn 2325 Brandon .Ave.. Roanoke. ' a. 24015 Mason, Anne Stuart. .1121 39th .Ave. £.. Seattle. Wash. 98102 Massev, Sarah Jane 209 Nottingham Rd., Richmond. Va. 23221 Matheson. Mary Davidson. .825 Packer St., Sunbury. Pa. 17801 Mathews, .Ann Car er 3815 Noves .Ave., Charleston, W.Va. 25304 Matthews, .Ann Stewart. . . .725 College St., Macon, Ga. 31201 Maunsell. Elizabeth C.-omwell 1222 Third St., New Orleans, La. 70130 May. Sallv-Ruth 1235 L ' pper Ridgeway Rd., Charleston. W.Va. 25314 Mayberry, Judy Carol (Mrs. Allan Brav) Rt. 2. Box 201D, Amherst, Va. 24521 Medaglia, Mary-Elizabeth 14 Rose Hill Rd., SuflTern, N.Y. 10901 Meehan, Martha George 41 Woodfin Rd., Newpo.-t News. Va. 23601 Mercer, .Anne Eu.genia. . 3649 Maplewood. Dallas, Tex. 75205 Merriam. Jane 9 Central St.. Winchester. Mass. 01890 Metzgcr, June Reynolds 3074 W. Pine Valley Rd., N.W., .Atlanta, Ga. 30305 Meyers, Marilyn 280 Hampshire Rd., .Akron. Ohio 44313 Michel, Esther Marie.. High Noon Rd., Weston. Conn. 06883 Michel, Lurinda Carlton 4965 Hammock Lake Dr., Miami, Fla. 33156 Miles, Randi Lynn. .3 Grist Mill Lane. Westport. Conn. 06882 Millan. Martha Oliver 9375 Shawnee Run Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45243 Millar, Margaret .Annora 54 Lairhillo Rd., East Kilbride. Glasgow, Scotland Miller. Elizabeth Langhorne 14 Ralston Rd.. Richmond, ' a. 23229 Miller, Ellen Jane Box 89, Homer. N.Y. 1.3077 Milton, Carolyn Pat Mt. Harmony Rd., Bernardsville, N.J. 07924 Minor, Mary Beirne 2208 Buena Vista Rd., Winston-Salem, .V.C. 27104 Mitchell, Diane Elizabeth. . 1 I Harbor Lane, Rye, .N.Y. 10580 Mitchell, Martha.. 11 14 W. C:hu.ch St.. .N ' ewark, Ohio 43055 Mockett, Katha.ine .Alicia 10 Wyndham, Short HilLs. N.J. 07078 Montgomery. Wendy X ' alentine 9 Del Barton Dr., Short Hills, N.J. 07078 Montz, Kathryn Kolb. .58 E. X ' aughn St., Kingston. Pa. 18704 Moore, .Ann Royce....I7 Hazard Pkwy., .Albion, .N.Y. 14411 Moore, Charlotte .Adams 1248 Krise Circle, Lynchburg, Va. 24503 Moore, Josephine Page 3648 Kingsboro Rd. N.E., Atlanta, Ga. .30319 Moorman, Susan Gillespie. 23 Lyme Rd., Hanover, .N.H. 03755 Moran, Margaret Mildred ... .Creekside, Danville, Va. 24542 Moseley, Carol Wells 4 Castlewood Rd., West Hartford, Conn. 06107 Moseley, Susan Lynch 241 1 Manchester Rd.. Louisville, Ky. 40205 Moser, Charlotte Ann 2310 Cherry Hill Rd., Texarkana. Tex. 75501 Moser, Virginia Martin Rt. 2. Box 121.A. Yakima. Wash. Mountrey, Patricia Lockwood II Colony Row, Chappaqua. .N.Y. 10514 Munn, Carole Esme 251 Driftwood Rd.. Shore Cliffs, Corona-dcl-Mar. Clailf. 92625 Munroe, Marshall Page 2122 Roswell .Ave., Charlotte, N.C. 28207 Murchison. Mary Frcre 1231 Fairway Dr.. Wilmington, .N.C. 28403 Murray, Winifred Ste.ling 115 Elm .Ave., Cincinnati. Ohio 45215 N Nalle. Mctoria 3024 Chevy Chase, Houston, Tex. 77019 Naren, Toiii .Agatha Cedar Swamp Rd.. Brookville, L.L. N.Y. 11545 Neihold, Patricia Ottilie 122 Webster Ave., Goshen. N.Y. 10924 Nelson, Jane Wormeley .... Madison PI., Culpeper, Va. 22701 Nelson, Mary Walker 313 Lynnwood Blvd.. Nashville. Tenn. 37205 .Newberg. Celia .Ann 1529 .Avenue De Grasse. iNorfolk. a. 23509 .Newton. .Anno Rodgers 100 Rockwood Lane. Greenwich, Conn. 06833 Nexsen, Jane Michael 948 Rothowood Rd., Lynchburg. ' a. 24503 Niles, Joan Madden 7826 English Way, Bcthesda. Md. 20034 Nolan. Sheila Margaret. .3558 Baldwin Dr., Easton. Pa. 18042 Noland, Josephine .3020 Conway Rd., St. Louis, Mo. 63141 -Norman. Carol .Anne. 300 .Aurora Dr., New Orleans, La. 70114 Noyes, Pamela Ann Apt, 12-L 200 East End Ave., N.Y., .N.Y. 10028 O Oakes, Evelyn Anderson 1402 Peter Pan Rd., Lookou- Mountain, Tenn. 37350 Obenchain, Kathleen Lee 6534 Mario Dr., Falls Church, ' a, 22042 Oechsle, Mariana Carmen .Avenida Juan Pezet 299, San Isidro, Lima, Peru 20130 Oliver. Elizabeth Pendleton Greystone. Cape Girardeau. Mo, 63701 OilofT, Neil Goodman 190 Old Army Rd., Scarsdale. N.Y. 10583 Osborn. Carol Elaine 734 La Mirada .Ave., San Marino. Calif. 91108 Ottolenghi. .Amanda May Tcnma Monterosso. Casella 20. .Acqui Terine. Italy Overton. .Anne Turner Warsaw. ' a. 22572 Paradise. Sarah Elizabeth 1 Hildreth Lane. Concord, Mass. 01742 Parkinson. Patricia Jane Benoit. Miss. 28725 U5 STUDENT DIRECTORY Pattberi?, Linda Anne 20 Sutton PI. S.. New York, N.Y. 10022 Patterson, Abby Parke 445 Far Hills. N.J. 07931 Patterson, Susan Graham 511 Senlac Rd., Chapel Hill, N.C. 27514 Patton, Jane Marie One Fifth Ave., New York, N.Y. 10003 dePaul, Georeiana Lea. . .Leejide. Awixa . ve., Bayshore. N.Y ' . Pearson, Andrea 1558 Luling St., Mobile, Ala. 36604 Pearson, Lynn Suzanne 4743 River Shore Rd., Chesapeake, ' a. 23703 Pendergrass, Nancv Jean Fackler Rd., R.D. 3, Princeton, N.J. 08540 Pennell. Elizabeth 315 VV. French PI.. San Antonio, Tex. 78212 Per.-y . dele Palme.- 3008 Ella Lee Lane, Houston, Tex. 77019 Perry, Suzanne Dunham Box 448, Rt. 3, Excelsior, Minn. 55331 Peterson, Ann 5114 Royal Crest, Dallas, Tex. 75229 Pierce, Lida Lee 1050 V. Chu.ch St., Elmira, N.Y. 14905 Pierro, Darlene Ba.bara 76 Oak Hill Ave., Wate.bury, Conn. 06708 Pittman. Margaret Land.um 1529 Wyndham Rd., Columbia, S.C. 29205 Pitts, X ' ictoria Oriet Ancrum Rd., Camden, S.C. 29020 Poer, Dorothy Carole 3226 Parkview Ct. S.E., Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52403 Pollingue, Mary Louise. . Ill Bloch St., Opelousas, La. 70570 Porter. Catherine Tift 295 W. Wesley Rd., Atlanta, Ga. 30305 Pottharst, Lvnne Clark. .. .408 No.-thline, Metairie, La. 70005 Powell, Judith Brooks P.O. Box CF, Williamsburg, Va. Powell, Judith Havwood 333 Mill Neck Rd., Williamsburg, Va. 23185 Predmore. Lesley Gail Box 1453. Middletown, N.Y. 10941 Predmore, Tessa Susan. . . .Box 1453, Middletown, N.Y. 1094 1 Preston, .-Mice Jeannette Sand Ridge Rd., R.R. 3, Bowling Green, Ohio 43402 Prettyman, Ruth Minott. .Drawer B, Summerville, S.C. 29483 Price, Margaret Craighill 3121 45th St., Washington, D.C. 20016 Proctor, Penny Diane 1791 Summerland Ave., Winter Park, Fla. 32789 Q Quercau, Constance Van Dyke 1113 Reading Blvd., Wyomissing, Pa. 19610 Quesenberry, Mary Belle 4102 Monserrate St., Coral Gables, Fla. 33134 Quina, Tallulah Dunlap....62 Fearnway, Mobile, .Ma. 36604 de Raismes, Michelle Baudoin 704 Salem Ave., Elizabeth, N.J. 07208 Randolph, Lelia Carroll Greenmont, Keene, Va. 22946 Randolph, Molly Fontaine. . . .P.O. Box 123, Barrows Mill Rd., Martinsville, Va. 24112 Ramey, Sarah Helen 1226 Live Oak Pkwy., Wilmington, N.C. 28403 von Rebhan. Elinor .4nne....Box 82, Hadlyme, Conn. 06439 Rediker. Diana Bowron 3142 Pine Ridge Rd., Birmingham, Ala. 35213 Reed, Pembroke Waller 1930 Lynn Cove Rd., Virginia Beach, Va. 23454 Reed, Virginia Jane.... 424 Elm Blvd., Monticello, 111. 61856 Reid, ' Camilla Anne Pinifer Park, R.F.D. 1, Midlothian, Va. 23113 Reid, Jane Hamilton. ... 101 Reid St., Thomasville, Ga. 31792 Reineke Sue . nn Box 125, East Lansing, Mich. 48823 Reynolds, Linda Evelyn 301 W. 8th St., ' Lumberton, N.C. 28358 Richards, . nne Sims. . . .Rt. 1. Box 1 18-A. Monroe, Va. 24574 Rick Linda Susan. 42 Dan ' s Hgwy., New Canaan, Conn. 06840 Ridley Mabel Haden 3719 Tuxedo Rd., Atlanta, Ga. 30305 Riehl. Christine Evelyn 4959 Wolf Rd., Erie, Pa. 16505 Riggan, Pearl Gurkin, , . . 709 Baldwin PI., Norfolk, Va. 23517 Riiey Eileen Mills.. 5 Washington Ave., Savannah, Ga. 31405 Roberson, Bettie Vance 2313 Princess . nn Greensboro, N.C. 27408 Roberts, Natalie Susan 765 Pueblo Rd., Newport News, Va. 23606 Robertson, Maureen 5710 39th . ve., Hyattsville, Md. Robins, Caroline Gail 875 Drehr . ve.. Baton Rouge, La. 70806 Robinson, Frances Louise 3604 Wentwood Dr., Dallas, Tex. 75225 Roe. Susan Margaret 1 College Hill Rd.. Clinton, N.Y. Roessel, Susan Carol . .4 Stoncgate Lane, Pittsford, N.Y. 14534 Rogers, Margaret Bullard 1503 North Shore Rd., Norfolk, Va. 23505 Rucker, Courtn ey 2712 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va. 23220 Ruddick. Elizabeth Michelle 2332 Central Park. Evanston, III. 60201 Rulon-Miller, Virginia. .110 Church Rd., .Ardmore, Pa. 19003 Rushin. Jean Claire 26 Winchip Rd., Countryside, Summit, N.J. 07901 Russell. Bettie Caird 930 Longmeadow St., Longmeadow, Mass. 01106 Russo. .Adelaide Maria. 3296 Main St., Bridgeport, Conn. 06606 Rutledge. Pamela. ... New Shocco Rd., Talladega, , la. 35160 S Sabalauskas, Joanna Stella 128 Wcstowne PI., Baltimore, Md. 21229 Sadtler. Patricia . nn 406 S. Coldbrook Ave., Chambersburg, Pa. 17201 Sanders, Melissa Drane, .42 Temple . ve., Newnan, Ga. 30263 Sands, Courtenay Norton River Rd. and Berkshire Dr., Richmond, Va. 23229 Sanford, Elizabeth Cecil .American Consulate General, APO 380, New York, N.Y. 09380 Sartor, Elizabeth Lane Forbing, La. 71026 Saunders. Laura Jeter 40 W. Ardmore Rd.. .Ardmore, Pa. 19003 Saunders, Linda Margaret 77 Sandringham Rd., Rochester, .N.Y. 14610 deSaussure, Frances Huger. . . .34 Meeting St., Charleston, S.C. Sava.ge, Elma Louise 264 Nottingham Hill, Sherwood Forest, Md. Scanlan, Susan Patricia 6455 Overlook Dr., Ale.xandria, Va. 22312 Schiltges, Elizabeth Ann R.R. 1, Box 372, Zionsville, Ind. 46077 Schlatter. Judith Margaret 1181 Sunny Pt. Dr., Eau Gallie, Fla. 32935 Schmidt. Ruth Cornwell 24 Lorenzo Lane, Si. Louis. Mo. 63124 Schmitt, Nancy Jane. .14 Douglas Rd., Glen Ridge, N.J. 07028 Schultz. Marianne. . . . 56 Cle.mont Lane, St. Louis, Mo. 63124 Schulz, Margaret Lou Hunter Hill Farm, Rt. 1, Chesterville Rd., Landenberg, Pa. 19350 Schwabenton, Karen Jean 5311 Cumberland Rd., Greensboro, .N.C. 27407 Scurlock, Peggy Joy 3220 Patrick Henry Dr., Falls Church, Va. 22044 Sebring, Bethel Jane APO 09757, c o I.B.M. Corp., .New York, N.Y. Seibels, Jule Temple. 622 Broadway . ve.. Jackson, Miss. 39216 Settlemyer Lynn .Anita 58 Minnisink Rd., Short Hills, N.J. 07078 Sheets, Joan .Ann Virginia Green Hill in Lower Merion, Apt. EE323. Philadelphia, Pa. 19151 Shinberger, Marv-Baird 1125 W. Franklin St., Richmond, Va. 23220 Simrell, Diana Mary Sharon, Conn. 06069 Sinex, Pamela Jean 125 Deland Ave., Indialantic, Fla. Singletary, Sharon ' irginia. .212 E. Main St., Lake City, S.C. Skarda, Patricia Lyn 1512 Fairmount Ct., Box 390, Clovis, .N.Mex. 88101 Smith, Elizabeth Irwin.. Caixa Postal 1424, Sao Paulo, Brazil Smith, Mary Lindsay 3303 White Oak Rd., Raleigh, N.C. 27609 Somerville, Susan Wagner 30 Northmoor Rd., West Hartford, Conn. 06177 Spangenberg. Martha Clav 5101 Montview Blvd., Denver, Colo. 80207 176 STUDENT DIRECTORY Sparks. Patricia Rcviiolds 1()8() Brianliff Rd.. Macc.n. Ga. ;n20I Spivcy. Ellie Belle 20l ' i LaGranRc Hgwy., West Point, Ga. . 1833 Spiuance, Alice Lea. 911 . ugusta Rd., Vilmin.e;t()n, Del. 19807 Spurdon, Pamela Margaret. .Roland Rd., Irvington-on-Hudson, N.Y. 10533 Stanford. Virginia Johnson Dr.. Miami. Okla. 74354 Stearns, Mary Ethel Rt. 4, Bo.x 301.V1. Gainesville, Fla. 3 ' .i601 StefTcns, Pamela Waller 501 . Pinehurst .Xve.. Salisbury. Md. Steketee. Penelope 2000 Thornapple River Dr.. Grand Rapids. Mich. 49506 Stembal. Melanie . .48 Cottage St., South Oran.ge, N.J. 07079 Stephenson, Trudy Lee Rt. 3, Box 364. Madison Heights. ' a. 24572 Stevenson. Courtnev Brereton 5814 Hillburne Way. Chevy C:ha.se. Md. 20015 Stevenson, Jacquelin King 2 S. Battery. Charleston, S.C. 29407 Stockover. Edna Marie 1711 Resenoir Rd.. Greeley, Colo. 80631 Stoddard. . ' nnc Brooke. .. ..American Embassy. . .P.O. 09695. X.Y.. N.Y. Stoddard. Gracey Luckett 23350 Stanford Rd.. Shaker Heights. Ohio 44122 Stoddard, Jennifer .American Embassy. .A. P.O. 09695, NY.. NY. Stokes. Carol Montgomery 214 .-Mien . vc., .Mlenhurst. N.J. 07711 Streett, Lois Cassandra. .Box 74, Rt. 1, Fly Creek. N.Y. 13337 Stupp. .■Xnne Ma.xwell 2 Bellerive Country Club Grounds. St. Louis County. Mo. 63141 Stutski, Bonnie Sue 422 Washington St.. Toms River. N.J. 08753 Suber, . nne Christina 5317 Worthington Dr.. Washington, D.C. 20016 Sudduth. Susan .Mlphin 3614 Woodlawn Dr.. Nashville. Tenn. 37215 Sulli an. Pamela Miirgan II Clinton Ave.. Maplewood, N.J. 07040 Sullivan, Susan Lee 100 Carolina Ave.. Summeriille. S.C. 29483 Sumner. Louise Hardin 2305 Windsor Rd.. Alexandria. Va. 22307 Sushka. Marie Elizabeth 412 Timber Branch Pkvvy., Alexandria. ' a. 22302 Swain. Sandra Lupton 1 157 Glengarry Cir. W.. Birmingham. Mich. 98232 Swanev, Marv .Ann 2869 Weslevan Lane. Winston-Salem. N.C. 27106 Sweenev. Marion Test 6041 Sunset Lane. Indianapolis. Ind. 46208 T Tankersley, Donna Mae. . . .Rt. 2, Madison Heights. ' a. 24572 Taylor, .Anne Rhett Cornell .Arms Apt.. Pendleton St., Columbia. S.C. Taylor, Elizabeth Terry 7 Pine Ridge Lane. Birmingham, .Ma. 35213 Taylor, Jane Douglas 3822 Fordham Rd., Washington, D.C. 20016 Taylor, Virginia Dare White Stone. Va. 22578 Thomas, Sally Ann. . 181 Piatt .Ave., West Haven. Conn. 06516 Thomas, Sybil Elizabeth 113 S. Osborne .Ave.. Margate Citv. N.J. 08402 Thomas. Virginia Ellen 3033 Lorraine Rd. N.W., Ri.anoke, " a. 24017 Thompson. .Amy Maureen 657 River Rd., Rt. 24. Piseataway. .New Jersey 08854 Thompson. Suzanne Blair 36 Park .Ave.. Rchoboth Beach. Del. 19971 Thomson. Eleanor .Ann P.O. Box 435. Fruitland Park. Fla. 32731 Thornhill, Patricia .Ann 2828 Lakeview Dr.. Raleiuh. .N.C. 27609 Thurman. Ellen Reid 1944 Berkelev .Ave.. Petersburg. ' a. ' 23805 Tillman. Barbara .Anne 444 Sabine Ave., Wynnewood, Pa. 19096 Tillotson. Elizabeth 207 Pine Valley Rd., Winston-Salem, N.C. Tipton, Pamela Helmick. .. .6126 Edgesvood Terr.. Bell Haven, Alexandria. Va. 22307 Todd, Marjorie Wing. .1401 Lakeview Ave.. Eustis. Fla. 32726 Townes, Mary Glenn. .310 Cumnor Rd., Kenilworth, 111. 60043 Tremain, Ann Ridgway 5 Tennis Rd., Farmington, Charlottesville, Va. 22901 Trent. Daphne .Anne Baldwin Rd.. Mt. Kisco, N.Y. Trimble, Kathy Ann. 8 Glenridge Rd.. Little Rock. .Ark. 72207 Trimingham, Pamela Dunbar Woodstock Cove, Paget. Bermuda Trogdoii, Kathryii tlvntliia 606 E. Tugalo St., Toccoa, Ga. 30577 Trombly, Mary O ' Connor 112 Wailupe Cir., Honolulu. Hawaii 96821 Trotter, Nancy Sue 7465 Preston Cir., Chattanooga, Tenn. 37404 Tucker. Leah Brooke 3609 Piping Rock Lane, Houston. Tex. 77027 Tumolo, Joanne Elaine 2121 Reynolds St.. Falls Church, Va. 22043 Turner, Shellev Hull 83 Sturgcs Hgwy., Westport, Conn. 06882 Turner, Sidney Peyton . . Orchard Way. Esher, Surrey, England Tuttle, Robin Oskarella. .South St.. Middlebury. Conn. 06762 Twedell. Sally Ann. .5341 Bermuda Dr., St. Louis. Mo. 63121 Twine, Michael Susan.. West Lane, Pound Ridge. N.Y. 10576 U Utlev. Jane Emaline 522 Willoughby St.. Charlotte. .V.C. 28207 ' N ' aiidergrifl. ' allerey .Ann 437 Londonberry Rd. N.W.. .Atlanta. Ga. 30327 ' eale, Frances Spencer Green Spring .Ave., Owings Mills. Md. 21117 ' iolet. Marie-Madeleine. .46 rue de Provence, Paris IX. France ' ontz. Carol Marie. . . .620 Schenck Ave., Dayton. Ohio 45419 ' ose. Margaret Vance 10 Brookside Dr., Westport. Conn. 06880 W Wakefield. Ellen 500 Wingate Rd.. Baltimore. Md. 21210 Walker. Andrea L 2012 Douglas. Midland. Tex. 79702 Walker. Sara Lisa Walker Ranch. Rt. 10. Box 78.A. San Antonio. Tex. 78213 Wallace. Marion Grahame New Kent. " a. 23172 Wang. Jing Tsuen 2605 Arvin St., Wheaton, Md. 20902 Ward. Annie Kate 227 Gunclub Rd., Richmond. Va. 23221 Ward. Maria Maffitt 650 Palmetto St.. Sparlanbur.g. S.C. 29302 Warner. Rosemary Lyman 6814 Connecticut .Ave., Chevy Chase, Md. 20015 Warren, Frances Lynn. .39 Forsyth St.. Monticello, Ga. 31064 Waterman, Mary Windsor 207 Ridgewood Ave., Davenport, Iowa 52803 Waters. Marstarcl Kimble 3826 Roval Blvd., Lynchburg, Va. 2450? Waters. Peggy .Ann. ... 1317 S. 22nd St.. .Arlington, " a. 22202 Weber, Kerry Jean 1504 Helen St., Bay City. Mich. 48708 Webster. .Ann .Adams 4007 Bradlev Lane. Chevy Chase. Md. 20015 Wederath. Sylvia Lee. .Seven Hills House, Carroll, Iowa 5140 ' Weihman. Jane .Ann 401 Monterey .Ave., Pelham Manor. NY. 10803 Weisheit. Parker Tufts Old C:ourt Rd.. Brooklandville. Md. 21022 Weiss, Judith Pamela 1424 Alpha Ct., West Palm Beach. Fla. Wendling, Nancy Sue. . . .Leeland Hgts., Gallatin. Tenn. 37066 Werden. Philena Bishop 309 Lafavette .Ave.. Mattoon, III. 61938 West, Marion Elizabeth. .45 State Rd., Gladwyne, Pa. 19035 U7 STUDENT DIRECTORY West, Monica Lou 900 Pecan Dr.. Hobbs, N ' .Mex. 88240 Wheeler, Cherrie Jean..6318-C Bandera. Dallas, Tex. 75225 Wiglesworth. Maria Monette 1453 Tales Creek Rd.. Lexington. Ky. 40502 Wikswo. .Antoinette Regina. . . .Ridge Dr.. .Amherst. Va. 24521 Wikswo, Muriel .Anastasia . . . .Ridge Dr.. .Amherst. ' a. 24521 Willett, Louise McDowell 150 West Wind Rd.. Louisville. Ky. 40207 Willets, Maxey Penn 525 Pine Rd., Sewickley. Pa. 15143 Williams. .Andree Louise St. Paul ' s School, Brooklandsville, Md. 21022 Williams, Constance Moore 58 W. Market St., Leesburg, ' a. 22075 Williams, Margaret Nolting The Campbell Field. Rapidan, Va. 22733 Williams, Susan Peters. 611 W. Center St.. Medina. N.Y. 14103 Williams, Virginia Armistead The Campbell Field, Rapidan, Va. 22733 Williamson, Cecelia.. 701 Ft. Dale Rd., Greenville. .Ala. 36037 Willingham. Helen Spain 1231 Jackson Spring Rd.. Macon. Ga. 31201 Willis. Mary-Fleming Hampton 4520 Wildcat Rd. . Columbia, S.C. 24595 Willson. .Anne Gilpin Wilson. Judy Graves. .. .842 Crystal, New Orleans, La. 70124 Winfree, .Ann Pennington 3176 W. Ridac Rd. S.W., Roanoke, ' a. 24014 Winn, Josie Pattison 539 Mayer St., Greenville, Miss. Winton, Patricia Gail 11 Half Mile Rd., Darien, Conn. Witcover, Christine . nn 6101 Neilwood Dr., Rockville, Md. 20852 Wolfe, Betsy Marie 801 .Albion Rd., Columbia, S.C. 29209 Wood, Peggy Beattie 18 Chatham Rd. N.W., .Atlanta, Ga. 30305 Wood, Peg.gy Octavia Woodbyrne Farm, Germantown. Md. 20767 Woolsey. Suzanne Campbell 720 S. Price Rd.. St. Louis, Mo. 63124 Wright. Kathenne Elizabeth 1215 Wright Dr.. Xacogdoches, Tex. 75961 Y Yaeger. Dianna Ruth P.O. Box 295. Mayfair Farm. Timonium, Md. 21093 Yearlev, Marion Talmage 2555 Habersham Rd. N.W.. .Atlanta. Ga. 30305 Young, Barbara Lee. .4313 Rosedale .Ave.. Bethesda. Md. 20014 Young. Virginia .Ann Ill Nichols Rd., Cohasse t, Mass. 02025 178 WE WISH TO THANK THE FOLLOWING PARENTS AND FRIENDS FOR THEIR GENEROUS CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE 1966 BRIAR PATCH MAJOR GEN. AND MRS. ROLAND B. ANDERSON Rock Island. Illinois MR. AND MRS. C. EKHOLM Riverside. Connecticut DR. WILLIAM A. ATLEE Lancaster, Pennsylvania MR. AND MRS. CARROLL D. FENTRESS Potomac, Maryland MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH C. BARTEL Winston-Salem, North Carolina MRS. BERNICE R. FITZ-HUGH Philadelphia, Pennsylvania MR. C. BEACH Beaftyville, Kentucky MR. AND MRS. GLEN E. GIVENS West Islip, New York MR. AND MRS. FRANK BECERRA Santurce, Puerto Rico MR. LEONARD HADDAD River Forest, Illinois MR. AND MRS. ROBERT C. BIELASKI Weston, Massachusetts MR. JOSEPH F. HANDLY Nashville, Tennessee MR. AND MRS. HARRY B. BISSELL, JR. Wilmington, Delaware MRS. CAROLYNE HYDE HASKELL Tucson, Arizona MR. AND MRS. SAM A. BLOCK Gadsden. Alabama MR. AND MRS. GEORGE H. HASLAM Westfield. New Jersey MR. AND MRS. M. O. BORING, JR. Odessa, Texas MR. JAMES H. HAYES Westwood, New Jersey MR. AND MRS. EARL A. BROWN, JR. Houston, Texas MRS. F. HOWARD HEALY Babylon, Long Island, New York GEN. AND MRS. WILLIAM R. BUSTER Midway, Kentucky MR. PARKER HOLT Fort Myers, Florida MR. JONATHAN F. BUTLER New York, New York THE REV. AND MRS. CHRISTOPH KELLER. JR Jackson, Mississippi MR. JAMES D. CARR Wilmington, North Carolina MRS. HARRY R. KERN, JR. Wincester, Virginia MR. DONALD R. CLARK Rochester. New York MR. AND MRS. JOHN R. KIELY Woodside. California MR. AND MRS. JAMES P. COHO Lancaster, Pennsylvania MR. AND MRS. JAMES McK EE Raleigh, North Carolina MR. AND MRS. JOHN CONDAX Moorestown, New Jersey MR. E.J. McMULLEN Tampa, Florida MR. AND MRS. ARCHIE DAVIS Jacksonville, Florida MR. ROBERT L. MACLELLAN Chattanooga, Tennessee MR. AND MRS. MILTON K. ECKERT Houston. Texas MR. AND MRS. GEORGE MAPP. JR. Accomac, Virginia V9 » » ' MRS. MELVIN H. MAY Charleston, West Virginia MR. AND MRS. CAMPBELL H. STEKETEE Grand Rapids, Michigan MR. AND MRS. ARTHUR . MENDOLIA Wilmington, Delaware MR. AND MRS. HENRY C. STEVENSON Chevy Chase, Maryland MR. AND MRS. THOMAS S. MILES Westport, Connecticut MR. HOWARD K. STOKES Allenhurst, New Jersey MR. H. GORDON MOORE, JR. Lynchburg, Virginia DR. AND MRS. ROBERT G. TAYLOR Washington, D. C. COL. AND MRS. HAROLD N. MOORMAN Hanover, New Hampshire MR. J. BEN WARREN Monticello, Georgia DR. AND MRS. THOMAS J. MORAN Danville, Virginia MR. LARNED A. WATERMAN Davenport, Iowa MRS. FREDERICK S. MOSELEY, JR. New York, New York MR. AND MRS. ROBERT M. WERDEN Matoon, Illinois MR. J. ROBERT NORMAN New Orleans, Louisiana MR. AND MRS. O. S. WILLINGHAM Macon, Georgia MR. AND MRS. ROBERT M. OSBORN San Marino, California MR. AND MRS. JAMES E. WILSON New Orleans, Louisiana DR. AND MRS. FRED G. PATTERSON Chapel Hill, North Carolina MR. AND MRS. CLIFFORD A. WINTON New York, New York MR. AND MRS. KARL R. PRICE Washington, D. C. MR. TOM WRIGHT Nacogdockes, Texas MRS. MARCIA FLAME QUEREAU Wyomlssing, Pennsylvania MRS. RALPH R. RIEHL, JR. Erie, Pennsylvania MRS. LOUISE GURKIN RIGGAN Norfolk, Virginia MRS. ROBERT FRANCIS RUSHIN Summit, New Jersey MR. AND MRS. HARRY E. RUSSELL. JR. Longmeadow, Massachusetts DR. AND MRS. JOHN R. RUSSO Bridgeport, Connecticut MRS. MARGARET C. SCHMIDT St. Louis, Missouri i8o HAMPSHIRE Poured Gypsum, Insulrock and Lightweight Concrete Roof Decks Sprayed on Asbestos Fircproofing and Insulation Acoustical and Air Distribution Systems Lathing and Plastering Contractors All types of Movable Partitions Aluminum Siding and Curtain Walls Burgess Manning Radiant Heating and Cooling Resilient Flooring IN BUSINESS SINCE 1911 344 4313 ROANOKE, VA. 24014 2101 WINSTON AVE. S.W. i8i EXTRUDED ALUMINUM CO., INC. P.O. BOX 739, SUMMERVILLE, S. C. AREA CODE 803 873-8988 SUSAN LEE SULLIVAN COMPLIMENTS OF AMHERST RESTAURANT (G A Q) PHONE 946-9861 Amherst Motor Court At The Traffic Circle— U. S. 29 at 60 AMHERST, VIRINIA Modern Court- — Good Food Available Free TV and Air Condition F, E. HAMILTON. Owner and Ope-a -- Milk is just milk... unless it ' s WedtOVe L Then you know it ' s Quality Chekd W0 , ' t BURGH OGDEN SCHRADER FURNITURE— TELEVISION- —APPLIANCES Telephone WH 6-3381 Amherst, Va WESTOVER DAIRIES LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA I8 LANVIN CHANEL DANA REVLON PATTERSON ' S BmUi Presrriptioii Specialisls since 1909 i bRUfe STOftE Si Call us when you need a prescription filled RT. 29, MADISON HEIGHTS RUSSELL STOVER CANDIES HALLMARK CARDS DIAL 845-5991 ALOHA! WAILUPE YACHT CLUB HONOLULU Established in 1828 1 s. o. FISHER, nc. SPORTING GOODS —CAMERAS— TOYS— HOBBIES | 1024 Main St. and Pittman Plaza LYNCHBURG, VA. ' S Trust and Savings Bank of Lynchburg Branrhrs: • Pitlinan Plaza • 2482 Rivcrmont Ave • Fort Hill Village • Fori Fnrly Bltlg. Member FDIC MAIN OFFICE: 1010 MAIN ST. .83 COMPLIMENTS OF HILL HARDWARE CO. AMHERST, VIRGINIA CROSSROADS ESSO SERVICE Esso Products Routes 29 60 Amherst, Va W. L MASSIE, Proprietor Phone WHitehall 6-331 1 COMPLIMENTS OF AMHERST PHARMACY AMHERST, VIRGINIA FRAZIER-DAVIS CONSTRUCTION CO. 1319 Macklind ST. LOUIS 10, MISSOURI 631 10 A checking account is SINE QUA NON-in short, practically indispensable OPEN YOURS NOW AT FIDELITY NATIONAL BANK Member F.D.I.C. 184 ISRAEL BROTHERS, INC. GENERAL CONTRACTORS Parkview 5-5636 J. W. ISRAEL Hunter Rd. So. of LaDue Rd. Parkview 5-0545 P.O. Box 229, Clayton, Mo. 63 105 COMPLIMENTS OF GRAND PIANO FURNITURE CO. 1026 MAIN LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA Compliments of W,: a.ul nU PUi,, 2)S ' " DL (JSrlar f- atck J nn Serving Students, Faculty, Staff Sweet Briar College CENTRAL VIRGINIA TELEPHONE CORP. Amherst Sweet Briar i86 Ask the Girls Who Own Them KATHERINE BAKER NANCY BULLARD BONNIE CORD JUDY A. MAYBERRY JOAN NILES MARIANA OECHSLE LIDA PIERCE ANNE RICHARDS MARTY ROGERS BONNIE STUTSKI SANDRA SWAIN GIBBES MACHINERY COMPANY ESTABLISHED 1877 • AUTOMOBILES SINCE 1909 1020 BLOSSOM STREET • P.O. 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AMHERST, Virginia Laundry Dry Cleaning DINE DANCE at the PARKWAY INN 93 A LETTER FROM A FATHER TO HIS SON I have just received your grades, and I don ' t think you realize how surprised and disappointed I am. Your effort is not fair to me or to the school. Most of all, it Is unfair to yourself. Basically, you must learn to comprehend not only what is taught in the classroom and what you read in the preparation of your lessons, but you must learn, a ' so, how to retain these things in your mind. It is not enough to understand something presently. You must learn to retain It. The very purpose of making notes is to impress the dif- ferent matters permanently and Indelibly upon your mind so that you will retain them. To do so you must review your notes from time to time. May I impress upon you the following: Comprehending and understanding what you hear in the classroom and what you read Is about 50% of learning. An additional 40% would have come about through making notes of what you com- prehend and understand. The other 10% Is made up of reviewing your notes from time to time. Thus, I want to Impress upon you the thought that the difference between a low grade and a high grade Is only a matter of the last 10%. Just think of It: only 10% — the time consumed In reviewing your notes and understanding them. Get the Idea? Another point which I think you have not grasped so far is that of Individual Initiative. The boy who does not develop Individual initiative Is not going anywhere in business affairs In this world today. But the boy who develops individual initiative is the one who will succeed and be a credit to his community. As an Illustration, let us consider every father who sends a boy to college. If that father had not developed individual initiative when he was going to school, he would never have made enough money to send his boy to school In the first pace. I cannot state It any plainer. If you hope to have a successful marriage, rear children and give them a good education, and be respected In your communi ty, you must have suf- ficient ambition to want to do those things. They are not handed to you on a silver platter! If you are satisfied to be an ordinary clerk in the store, bus driver or policeman, then you should simply continue what you are doing — namely, not giving your best effort. But If you want to succeed and own your own home, and make enough money to live on in later life when you get ready to retire, then you must buckle down to realities and have a desire now. When I say a desire, you must have a craving desire! A desire to want to learn. A desire to want to do things. That is just about it In a nutshell. 1 note that your manners are graded " B " except for two " C ' s " . Certainly, I have taught you enough manners to get an A — not only manners as to how to meet people — not only manners as to how to deport yourself, but table manners as well. I note, also, that you got three B ' s and three C ' s in Citizenship. I am sure that you cou ' d improve upon this if you would but listen to what I tell you. Get your hair cut — even a crew cut. Get away from this " beatle " style. That fad is over with now and rapidly disappearing. It Is a " beatle " type that is causing all of the trouble about destroying draft cards. If people are not proud of America, then they should go to some other country. The trouble, however, is that they are not proud of anything. There is not another country that these draft dodgers would go to. What they want to do is to get away from the rule: " Seek and Ye Shall Find " to that of " Sit Down and We Will Bring It to You. " Personally, I would like to horsewhip every one of them. I don ' t want you to destroy this letter. I want you to read It two or three times. Bring It home with you and we will sit down and discuss It. In the meantime, please improve your manners, work on your citizenship, and last but not least, give more time to your studies. You ought to spend at least two hours a day In extra-curricular work. All of the foregoing Is predicated on the fact that I have an obligation to give you a chance and to extend all of the help possible. Contra, you have the obligation to take advantage of the opportunity which I extend to you. With love and affection. ' 94 ♦a " - AMOS ANDY BUICK COMPANY I 809 S. Broad Street CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE 37408 FOR SPORTSWEAR DRESSES SKIRTS SWEATERS ACCESSORIES PERFUME JEWELRY LINGERIE STORK ' S INC THE AVENUE SHOP 2484 Rivermont Ave. VI 6-4208 ROUND MAYTAG COIN-OPERATED LAUNDRY Wash 25c Dry lOc MHERST, VIRGINIA J. P. BELL CO. Est. 1859 PRINTERS • BOOKS • STATIONERS 816 Mair St. Phone Victor 5-3435 Lvnchburq Va, 100% Air Conditioned— Sound Proof Free Room Television White Oaks Motel U. S. HIGHWAY 29 AMHERST, VIRGINIA WILLIAM E. SANFORD, Owner Dial 94-6251 I SUPERIOR COURTS UNITED H. C. WEBER CONSTRUCTION CO. ENGINEERS • BUILDERS BAY CITY, MICHIGAN " 95 Nationwide Service... IN THRU-LINERS VACATION TOURS CHARTER SERVICE BUS EXPRESS TRAILWAYS DOOLEY ' S FLORIST Main Street at 7th Member Florists ' Telegraph Delivery Ass ' n. Dial 845-2338 Since 1886 Fine Footwear COLEMAN ' S LYNCHBURG OR rr • rt Compliments of AMHERST TIRE REBUILDERS Amherst, Virginia CO-OPERATIVE BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Home Office— 1001 Church Street, Lynchburg • VI 6-1391 Chestnut Hill Branch— 2015 Wards Road • 239-2676 Amherst County Branch— U.S. Hwy. 29, North • VI 6-5335 Compliments of Ljene ( ampbeit W. ROWLAND JONES FRESH MEATS, FANCY GROCERIES and GENERAL MERCHANDISE THAT eOOD GULF GAS AND OIL South of Amherst on Route 29 Ford Sales and Service 1938 28th Year 1966 iq6 TOADS OF THE WORLD UNITE ' 97 A e ' re proud of our part in designing and engraving (he 1966 BRIAR PATCH Schools that want outstanding annuals year after year have turned to us. " We work hard to give each school every good reason to continue with our com- pany. Our experience, art department and plant know-how, and continuous personal service assure prompt atten- tion to every detail. Let our representa- tive tell you about the many satisfied schools, agencies, printers and editors we serve. the Lynchburg Engraving Company incorporated box 720 lynchburg, va. A 3Mewnar€Bhle Year • Congratulations to the Student Body and Faculty of Sweet Briar College for completion of another outstanding year. • The StafT of your annual has worked exceedingly hard to give you a sujjerb book that jjortrays the highlights of memo- rable activities. • Neither time, effort nor expense have been sjiared to provide ou with a permanent record, attracti ely presented and complete in every detail. • To presene the photography and literary efiForts of the Staff, the best grade of materials have been combined with skilled workmanship to pro ide the finest quality yearbook. • S ' e are jjroud that the 1966 StafT selected us to help design, print and bind the Briar Patch. We have earnestly endeavored to fulfill the confidence placed in us. W. W A It Til EX COHIPAIVY LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA ' 99 ACKNOWLEDGMENT In appreciation for their in aluablc assistance in the production of the 1966 Briar Patch, we wish to express our gratitude to: MR. WILLIAM P. BLACKWELL MR. WILLIAM L. BURTON MISS MARTHA VON BRIESEN MR. GENE CAMPBELL MR. THOMAS W. SCHMUNK MR. RALPH AIKEN DR. LAW RENCE G. NELSON DEPARTMENT OF DR. MA, CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF DRAMA, AMERICAN UNIVERSITY ARENA STAGE, WASHINGTON, D. C. TROITBADOUR THEATRE, WASHINGTON AND LEE UNIVERSITY ALAN SCHNEIDER COLLECTION, NEW YORK r t- H ' •(•■

Suggestions in the Sweet Briar College - Briar Patch Yearbook (Sweet Briar, VA) collection:

Sweet Briar College - Briar Patch Yearbook (Sweet Briar, VA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Sweet Briar College - Briar Patch Yearbook (Sweet Briar, VA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Sweet Briar College - Briar Patch Yearbook (Sweet Briar, VA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Sweet Briar College - Briar Patch Yearbook (Sweet Briar, VA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Sweet Briar College - Briar Patch Yearbook (Sweet Briar, VA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Sweet Briar College - Briar Patch Yearbook (Sweet Briar, VA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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