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SWEET BRIAR COLLEGE ■ ' llipilll illilllniii 3 2449 0297343 ti 1 ; V ' ♦ ♦ - ♦ ' ..♦ ♦ ' •♦■;»: ♦: ' ♦; ♦ ' vv 1a V ' ; THE 1965 BRIAR PATCH i- ♦ ♦ THE 1965 BRIAR PATCH AN ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF SWEET BRIAK COLLEGE SWEET BRIAR, VIRGINIA BEATRICE rOTTEN Editor ABBY STARKE BuMness Manager ! i §iimm FOREWORD iMemory harbors a wealth of valued thoujilitjs and lier nine tlaufjhters of inspiration re- cord the fleeting wisdom for Eternity. Here let the charm of all the iMnses he recalled while jjentle Memory recreates the lovely days with colors that never fade. MNEMOSYNE Unaiiiiouiiced, the precious fiift arrives Demanding precedence, denyinjjj time; She shows the poet Paradise in rhyme And pales all pleasnre with the pain she gives. She offers peace. She offers hridal ease. But just beyond is the trembling lip of Death : The Deatli which ends all ihoiighl and frees The comet course of IMemory ' s haunting breath. The desperate thoughts that make half-lies of Truth And promise constancies that beggar Ruth. She offers none of these, nor does she ask The after-lie that only Life ignores. She offers these : the dreams that open doors, A heart awake, a soul disturbed, a task. CONTENTS ADMIMSTHATION 11 CLASSES 29 ACTIVITIES 109 ATHLETICS 139 DIRECTOHY 153 DEDICATION To: MARY JEANETTE PEARL Dean of Sweet Briar College In tribute to you, the Class of 1965 dedicates this Briar Patch. Your integrity, your standards of scholarship, your concern for and interest in this college — both the faculty and the students — will continue to inspire all those who teach and learn at this institution which you have served so well for thirty-seven years. Ave atcjue Vale Hk S r 1 1 A ' 1 H i JKl k J H MA in JKWKTTK I ' KAKl Dean oj llir College ' ■ :•♦■ f J ' - ' .-♦u The treasures lielil t MemoiN are infiniteU precious. • » » ' ♦ .- •♦■ • ••J • •♦. - ;• ' .A smimsmim Lasting are tlie recollections of lovely places. ADMINISTRATION ■ •♦. fJ- ' ' . iS Smma PRESIDENT ANNE GARY PANNELL With a deep appreciation of the meaning of history and the significance of tradition, Mrs. Anne Gary Pannell points to the marginal notes of George Washington on the draft of the Constitution of the United States. In the words of Edmund Burke: " People will not look forward to posterity who never look l)ackward to their ancestors. " Ajax ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ BOARD OF 1)1 RECTORS .1. ll.-ii NlWMW. J.I). (Iliaiiiiiaii Slidit Hills. cu Jerscx (!. I! im: I ' k I I .ioiin. M.K I, luliluirg. Viifiiiiia ui ' -(.luiiniiaii and Si ' irrlar H Sum. I. KMiKRGKR Brown. A.H Harnuls (Ircck. Kentuckv CdNME M. (UION. M.I).. D.Sc New York. New Yuvk lU FORD Scott Richmond. V ' irginia I.AWSON W. Fi rm;r Forest. Virginia I ' .DWAKD TiioMi ' SON Wailes. B.S Washington. D.C. The Direetors are also members of tlie Board of Overseers ExECLTiVE Committee Mr. S(OTr. Chairman. Mrs. Brown, Mr. I ' ktt .joiin. Mr. Turner Thf C.luiinnan of the Board and PresidrnI iij ihf Collcfe. rx-nffirio HO.ARD OF OVF.KSKKKS ' J. Wii-soN Newman, Chairman C. Raine Petty.IOHN. Vice-Chairman and Secrelary Term Expires 19()4 The Rt. Rev. Richard S. Watson. D.I). Sail Lake Cit . Ltah l ' W).5 J. H. Tyler McConnell, LL.B Greenville. Delaware l ' )66 John J. Corson. Ph. I) Princeton. New Jersey Charles N. Prothro. B.B.A Wichita Falls. Texas S - 1- 1%7 Gladys Wester Horton. A.B Short Hills. New Jersey Robert C. Tyson. B.A New York. New York GoRHAM B. ' alker. Jr.. B.A Lynchburg. Virginia 1968 Ellen Snodgrass Park. LL.B Alexandria. Virginia 1%9 Wright Bryan. B.S Clemson. South Carolina r- " " ni.- i.uiun ai High K. Duffield. A.B Gladwyne. Pennsylvania Nida Tomlin Watts, A.B Lynchburg. Virginia 1971) Kmma Riely Lemaire. A.B New York. New York Anne Pannell, D.Phil., ex-officio; President oj the College Blair Bunting Both, A.B.. ex-officio; President of the Stveet Briar Ahiinnne Association BOARD OF OVERSEERS III! 1(1 liK.iri " . K(l O.NK: l)i. Ciii.Mi. Mr-. Wall-. !i-. Il " ri..i Wailes, Mr. .Newman, Mr . Biilh. Mrs. I.eMaire. Mr. Hmllir... Mr. Walker, Bishop Walson. Mr. Tyson, Mr. Scott, .Mr. Petlyjohn. Ii-. I ' I)iilli.-I.l Mr. 1, ■(.,„„ ,1. KdW rWl): KdW THKKK: Mr. Mr. 1 I!Y ,1. PEARL Driin oj the College DEANS ANNE E. AIKEN Assistant Dean oj the College DOROTHY JESTER Dean oj Students ILIZABETH H. CARK Issistant Dean oj Students ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF I Kl ' l ' III i;|(.fH: h-. I ' .ai,-. 1,- (;emm,ll. li-- W illiam-. Mr. ll..o,i. Ii (.n Briesti, li-. Hilp. Mr-. W.umI. 1,. D ini.l. ()T PirriKKl): Ii - l!,„,ne. FK ' IKR V. DANIEL Assistant to the President: Treasurer nil. I) (;. IIITE Exeriilite Secretary and Administrative Assistant to the President J K A- L. W ILLIAMS Director of Admissions KLIZABETH R. WOOD Executive Secretary. Alumnae Association 1 1. 1 I.KK (;KM IKI.I Librarian CAF OLYN C. BATES Director of I ocalional Guidance JEA.WETTE BOONE Recorder J ' Al I. B. HOOD Director oj Development M MM II VMM BRIESEN Director oj Public Relations I These were the days that shall never he forgotten. " AftS NIHIL EdJ ' V ELCOMEi 16 FACULTY LEFT TO RIGHT. SEATED: Miss Ethel Ramage, Mr. Nelson, Miss Sarali Raniagi-. STANDING: Mr. Vogelbaek, Mr. Broughton, Mr. Rowland, Mr. Schmunk. ENGLISH AND DRAMA Mr. Leglei and Miss Emerson. NOT PICTLRED: Mr. Aik. A slud of folk ilnlhnis. SCIENCES • ♦.%•,♦•. BIOLOGY— LEFT TO HH.HT: Miss Crist, Mi ss Sprague, Miss Bi-lcher, Miss Bennett. tw» " :£lCi» t.HKMI lin 1 i:rr to niCIir: I,. i:a..r.-i. Xl,-- lUair. Ml-- l.rlli.r. Mr. Markl.- l. lHK. lAii(. Wli l ' ii ' i. lt..- l.KI- 1 iu KK.III: mi, m. ..i. Mr-. Wikswii. .Mrs. Kappaport. Mr. .Miser, .Miss Lee. ' 9 SOCIAL STUDIES LEFT TO RIGHT, SEATED: Miss jMuncy, Miss Lowry, Mr. .Masur. STANDING: Mr. Laurent. Mr. Taylor. Mr. Carsch and Mr. Gilpatrick. NOT PICTURED: Mr. Anthony, Mr. Gooch, Mr. Gitler, Mr. Ray- mond. " ♦.♦. ' ♦•♦•il •. ■ ' ♦ n;:. NOT I ' lCn RED: Mrs. .le Kniil. li. n.l (.1,-,,.. Mr. Malllirw. MODERN LANGUAGES LEFT TO RIGHT. SE. TEl): Mi .- liu.khai.i. li-. Van Tre.se. ST.ANDING: Mr. Van Tr.-csc. Mr. I ' .-n- «.l.ll, Mr. Hates. • • J • « ■ «: ' . ' ♦•. •: ' - ■ ■ ' - - - ' ' . ' v ; • , ' ;.. ' k ' ..• !fc ■— «!5!J» ' «S««»»M»!!« »» ■»»• W - .. ■ - GREEK AND LATIN 1 • fr Miss Silverberg and Miss Forte. H Dean Pearl and Mrs. Nelson |: : :v - -Mi. Firm. -Mrs, Faulcrincr and Mr. Trau:?ncck. LEFT TO RlCirr: Mr. Haven. Mi Moller. Mi- Sk-vens PHILOSOPHY, PSYCHOLOGY, AND EDUCATION ,. • LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Ku . . Mi. 1. lam. RELIGION Tile Reverend Frank . M. McClain Chaplain oj the College LEFT TO KICHT: Miss lank. Mr. Mian li- linlireit. Mr. S.nilli, ART AND MUSIC IKhT id ItM.IIT: li. liarl..n. Mr. .lunkin. Mis- Kiii.i, Mr. |)..i-.li. 5 t . ♦ • PHYSICAL EDUCATION LEFT TO RIGHT: _ Ii M.iehlenkamp, Mi Nirlir.Knii. Mr. Bailey, Miss Brown, Miss McMoran. ■l6 STAFF THK SWKKT Hl!l l! I ' OST OIFICK l.KI i TO KIGHT: Mrs. Turner. Mr. Br.iwn. .Mrs. K.- ser. THE BOOK . llOI ' LEFT TO RIGHT, SEATED: Miss Walker. ST. NDING: Miss McMahon, .Mrs. Schmunk, .Miss Schirmacher. NOT I ' lCTLRED: .Miss Prior. 7 » • « « « ♦■ SWEET BRIAR SECURITY POLICE LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Garrison, Mr. Myers, Mr. Kessler, Lt. Watts, Mr. Purvis, Mr. .Inline, n. Through a vile miasma foggy, 0 er pot-holes soft and soggy. Drove a Pinky tired and groggy, ' Twas a Sweet Briar Renta-Cop. a8 ♦ ♦ ' «r v ■ ♦.. V f ' V ' ' • ► BRENDA MUHLINGHAUS President FAIRFAX MacRAE . .Vice-President CAROLINE RICHARDSON Secretary MILBREY SEBRING Treasurer LEFT TO RIGHT: Milbrey Sebring, Caroline Richardson, Brenda Muhlinghaus. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS MR. AND MRS. RALPH AIKEN Sponsors 3° i ♦ " . ♦ ♦ ' i ♦■♦. ' ! ♦ .♦ ♦ SENIORS SANDRA WHITFORD ALLEN W siiin(;t(in. District ok Columbia ASTRID MARIA von BAILLOU Cahencro, Lot isiana JUDITH ANN BARTHOLD JeFFERSONVTI.I.E, IiNUIANA KREN(!H. Junicir Year Abroad: France; Wnrld Allair- Club; Cllri lma Bazaar; Kresbnian Slio« : Senior Show; Dean ' s List. " La parfaite valeur est de faire sans te- moins ce iju ' on serait capable de faire de- vant tout le monde. " I.a Rarlu-joucmihl ENGLISH. Brambler, Editor; Christmas Bazaar; Fresliman .SIkjw; .Senior Sliow. " Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting witli the gift of s|« ' e( ' h. " Simonidi ' s; CHEMKS ri{ ' . Junior Class Treasurer; dung Denioirats Cbd) ; (Campus Chest; Finance Committee; May Day, Committee (Miairinan; Interclub; Orientation; Fresh- man .Show; Freshman Honors; Dean ' s List. " From compromise and things half-done. Keep me with stern and stubborn pride. . nd when, at last, the fight is won. God, keep me still unsatisfied. " Louis Unlerniryer . ♦ ' i f. ♦. . ♦ it MARY ELIZABETH BENOIT Charlotte, North Carolina AMERICAN HISTORY. Lake Council, Chaimian; Vocational Guidance; Y.W.C.A.; Church and Chapel Committee; Orienta- tion; Altar Guild; Christmas Bazaar; May Day; Senior Advisor; Freshman Show; Senior Show; Dean ' s List; Junior Honors; Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award. " Betsy, like aL jf her own. " lid women, had a temper William (.arleton X. SUSAN ELIZABETH BLACKBURN West Hartfokd, Connecticut MODERN EUROPEAN HISTORY. World Affairs Club; Sweet Briar News; Orienta- tion; Freshman Show. " To see a World in a Grain of Sand And Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour. " William Blake ELIZABETH DEER BOSWELL Df.cati:r, Alabama PSYCHOLOGY. Orientation; Christmas Bazaar; Amherst County Day; Senior Ad- visor; Briar Patch; May Day; Senior Show. " Each year doing. So singular in each particular. Crowns what you are doing in the present deeds. That all your acts are tjueens. " W ' llliiim Shakespeare m r 1AR [SI. A IK BOTH W ii.mim;t(in. Dki.aw ark SHAROX ANNE BRADFORD Washington, District of Collmbia JILIE ANNE BRAUSHAW Flossmore, Illinois AMERICAN STl DIES. Orientation, Com- mittee Chairman: .W.C.. ., Cabinet: .Tudi- lial Board, . " secretary. ViccChairman: Q.V. : May Day; Christmas Bazaar; Senior .Ad- vis ir: Freshman Show; Senior Show; Fho ' s If ho Antony Students in American Colleges and I niiersilies. " Who has known heights and depths shall not afiain know peace . . . And yet . . . who (mre has trodden stars seeks peaie nn more. " 1 fln Brent Whiteside m lOK OK ART. Briar I ' aich : Brum- bier. Business .Manager: (Christmas Bazaar; .May (jiurl: Freshman . " how : . " senior Show. " Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rliythm depend on simplicity. " Plato POLITICAL ECONOMY. Executive Board. House President: Judicial Board: Young Republicans Club; Conservative Club: World .■ flairs Club; Orientation: .Mtar Guild: Christmas Bazaar: Amherst County Day: .W.C.. .; .May Court: Senior Show; Who ' s W ho Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. " The days that make us happy make us wise. " John Masefield 33 r ♦vt ' vf ' SENIORS VIRGINIA ARMISTEAD BRENT Richmond, Virginia FRENCH. Junior Year Abroad: France; Sweet Briar News; Orientation; May Day; Dorm Sports; Freshman Show; Senior Show; Saccharine Thorne Gang. ' ' Nor but in merriment begin a chase. Nor but in merriment a quarrel. O may she live like some green laurel Rooted in one dear perpetual place. " William Butler Yeats NANCY MAY CANT New York, New York SOCIOLOGY. Y.W.C.A.; Conservative Club; Young Republicans Club; .Senior Show. " Let us be merry. " Charles Dickens SANDRA LOU CASNER Potomac, Maryland ENGLISH. Young Republicans Club. " Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers, and I linger on the shore. And the individual withers, and the world is more and more. " Alfred, Lord Tennyson N 3 .♦■. ■♦-v ♦ y BESSIE ELIZABETH CAIJWENBERG Amherst, Virginia MATHEMATICS. Vcuiif; Denmorats Club: Siceet Briar cws: Brumbler: Y.W.C.A.; Mav Dav; Freshman Show; Senior Show. BONNIE WELLS CHAPMAN Le.vwood, K. TysAS MODERN LANGUAGES. Briar Patch; Christmas Bazaar; Dorm Sports; Freshman Show; Senior Show. " Every jo is gain " My niglit is the niglit o the paradoxical . nd gain is gain, however small. " ending. " Robert Broil ' ling Jack Gelber SALLY LORD CHELLAS Sarasota, Florida MODERN EUROPEAN HISTORY. Junior Year Abroad: England; World Affairs Club; Orientation; Campus Chest; Church and Chapel Committee; Hispanic Society; Senior Advisor; Dorm Sports; Freshman Show; Senior Show; Junior Honors; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa. " Oh, to be in England Now that April ' s there. " Robert Browning 35 r.f. V ;, ELIZABETH DRYDEN CHILDS An AI " (M.IS. _ I liYHM) ANNE HOWARD CLARK McMiNWii.LE. Tennessee CHERYL ANNE CLAYTON J rKsoNviLLE, Florida DRA- L . Paint and Patches: Sweel Briar News, Editor; The Key, Editor; Briar Patch: Young Republicans Club; Christ- mas Bazaar: Student Guide; Freshman Show; Senior Show; May Court. " A strange melancholy penades me thai 1 lie-ilale to call sadness. " Franqoise Sagan HISTORY OF ART. Junior Year Abroad: Italy; Chung Mungs; May Court. Garland Bearer; Dean ' s List. " He who bends to himself a joy Does the winged life destroy; But he who kisses the joy as it flie- Li es in eternil " s sunrise. " William Blake ECONOMICS. Christmas Bazaar; World Affairs Club; Brambler, Advertising Man- ager; May Day; Freshman Show; Senior .■ hiiw: Dean ' s List. " Uost ihou lcj time, tor that lilcy Then do not s(|uander 1 the stuff life is made of. " Benjamin Franklin 36 SENIORS JOAN ANN CI INCll (.11 M II M. NkU JkHSK ' I roLlTICAl, i:C0.N0M . ' louiii; Repul)U- ran? Clul ; Y.W.C.A.; Paint and Patchi-s; Orientation; Social Committee; Curriculum Committee; Christmas Bazaar; Senior Ad- visor; Freshman Show: Senior Show; May ( )url; Dean " s List. " She is a woman, therefore may be w oo ' d : She is a women, therefore may be won. " JT illiam Shakespeare CAROL NOLANU COLE W IIMIM.lllN. DkI W KV. lllSroKt OF ART. Siudenl tiovermiienl, ' ice-President; Interclub, Chairman; Ori- entation. Chairman: House President; oung Republicans Club; .Senior Advisor; Lake Council; Freshman Show; Senior .Show; Who ' s W ho Among Students in American (-alleges and Vniversities. " The world is full of noble tasks And wreaths hard won: Each work demands strong hi ' arls, stron;; hands. Till day is done. " Aubrey De Vere NANCY CIB.SON COLLIER Charlotte, North Carolina E.NGLISH. Sweet Briar ! ews, .■Advertising .Manager; Briar Patch, Literary Editor; V.W.C.A.; Young Republicans Club; Hall President; May Day; Christmas Bazaar; Freshman Show ; Senior Show ; Dean ' s List. " i am so glad and very merely my fourth will cure the laziest self of weary the hugest sea of shore. " s 9 • Jij » ' i-4 ' . K ♦: K ' . ' --■ ELIZABETH NORTON CURREY Lookout Mountain, Tennessee MARY-PAULINE DELAHOUSSE Paris, France EUGENIA NEWBOLD DICKEY Texarkana. Arkansas GOVERNMENT. Bum Chums, President; Aints and Asses, Treasurer; Executive Board, Senior House President; Ring Chair- man: May Day; Tau Phi; Varsity Basket- hall; Freshman Show; Senior Show; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities; Dean ' s List. GOVERNMENT. World Affairs Club; French Corridor; Senior Show. " And if ye will not again run gaily, llu-n shall ye pass away! " Nietzsche " A ine of cleverness and wit. " Quincy Kilby MATHEMATICS. Junior Year Abroad: Scotland; Sweet Briar News; Orientation; Curriculum Committee, Secretary ; Choir; Y.W.C.A.; World Affairs Club; Young Re- publicans Club; Conservatives Club; May Day; Freshman Show; Senior Show; Dean ' s List; Freshman Honors; Junior Honors; Emily Watts McVea Scholar; Phi Beta Kappa. " " The secret of success is constancy to pur- pose. " Benjamin Disraeli • -•. " - • " ' ALICE VIRGINIA UOUU Louisville, Kentucky RELIGION. Y. W. C A.. Vic.-I ' resident; Choir; Christmas Hazaar; Freshman Show: Senior Show. " Grace was in all her steps, heaven in her eye. In every f; esture dignity and love, " John Mill,,,, HAKKIOTTE WINCHESTER DUD.SON Roanoke, Virginla MATHEMATICS. Orienlalion; Y.W.C.A.: (umfi Democrats Club, President; Hram- lilrr: Christmas Bazaar, Business Manager; Interclub; Dorm Sports; Amherst County Day; Freshman Show; Senior Advisor; Senior Show. ' " Good nature and good sense must ever join. " Alexander I ' ope SENIORS IIU 1) DARLE.NE DOW!) Dallas. Texas ENGLISH. Y. X.C.A.: Q. .: Paint and Patches; Sweel Hriar eu ' s: Executive Board, House President, Junior Class Presi- dent; Vice-President, Sophomore Class; Church and Chapel Committee; May Court. Scepter Bearer; Senior .Advisor; Freshman Show; Senior . ' how; If ho ' s If ho Among Students in Ameriran C.olleprs and I niter- si ties. " But you never hear her do a growl or whine For she ' s made of Hint and roses, very odd. " John Davidson • • Ja isl Sv ANN CRAWFORD DREHER Columbia, South Carolina DRAMA. Sweet Briar News, Associate Edi- ti)r; Paint and Patches; Judicial Board. Secretary; Q.V. ; Orientation; May Day; Campus Chest; Freshman Show, Assistant Director; Senior Show; Senior Advisor; Freshman Honors; Dean ' s List. ■■Don ' t think Fm i Fm not going widi where I am. " adventur »us hecause It ' s just that I like SENIORS l«iMi MARGARET CAROLE DUDI.EY Atlanta, Georgh liFLIGION. Sweet Briar Vcics. Circulation; t trientation; Social Committee; Y.W.C.A., Treasurer; Sweet Tones; Choir; Church and Chapel Committee; Freshman Show. Committee Chairman; May Court. ■ " Learn the sweet magic of a cheerful face; Not always smiling, hut at least serene. " Oliver Wendell Holmes MARY MARTIN DUNCAN New York, New York SOCIOLOGY. Orientation; Young Repuh- licans Cluh; May Day; Chri.stmas Bazaar; Senior Advisor; Student Guide; .Amherst County Day; .Student Development; Senior .Show. ■ " . he can be as wise as we. And wiser if she wishes; She can knit with cunning wit, And dress the homely dishes. " George Meredith ♦ ' ♦ ' ♦ " ♦.♦. - . f : X ANNE WHITALL ENGLISH Summit, New Jersey SUZANNE FANCHER Altus, Oklahoma SUSAN JANE FEDELER Salt Lake City, Utah HLSTORV OF ART. Chung Mungs; .W.C.A.; Choir; Church and Chapel Com- mittee; Orientation; Dean ' s List. " The world stands out (jn either side No wider than the heart is wide; Above the world is stretched the sky — No higher than the soul is high. " Kdna St. I ' irurni Millin APPLIED MUSIC. Y.W.C.A.; Choir; .May Day; Freshman Show; Senior Show; The Lucille Barrow Turner .Scholarshij); The Presser Foundation Award. " The music in my heart I hore Long after it was heard no more. " William Wordsivc PSYCHO-SOCIOLOGY. Young Repuhlicans Cluh; Freshman Show; Senior Show. " The highest possible stage in moral culture is when we recognize that wi- ought to con- trol our thoughts. " Charles Darwin 41 » • li SENIORS MARGARET RUTHERFOORD FEILD Charlesti) West Virginia ANN FERRELL Miami, Forida JEAN ELIZABETH FLANAGAN KiNSTON, North Carolina HISTORY OF ART. Y.W.C.A.; World Affairs Club; Orientation; Senior Advisor; Senior Show. " And some will say all sorts of things. But some mean what they say. " Robert Frost ENGLISH, Young Republicans Club; Bram- bier: Senior Show. " Eternity is a mere moment, just long enough for a joke. " Hermann Hesse PSYCH OLOGY. Sweel Briar News; Y.W.C.A. ; Orientation; Dance Club, Secre- tary; Choir; Church and Chapel Commit- tee; Altar Guild, Chairman; Campus Chest; Student Development Committee, Treasurer; Parents ' Day Committee; Senior Show; Senior Advisor; Freshman Show; Dean ' s List. " .Merrily, merrily, shall I live now. Under the blossom that bangs on the bough! " T il iam Shakespeare s • % ♦ » ■ ' % • -♦, .», ' . ' ALISON EUZABETH FLYNN HoBE Sound, Florida MATHEMATICS. Orientation: Paint and Patches; Stieet Briar News, Circulation Manager; Young Republicans Club; Ath- letic Association, President; Executive Board; Vocational Guidance; Qiristnias Ba- zaar; May Day; Amherst County Day; Dorm Sports; Varsity Basketball, Lacrosse; Senior Advisor; Freshman Show; Senior Show; Dean ' s List. " I have tried too in my time to be a philoso- pher; but, I don ' t know how, cheerfulness was always breaking in. " Oliver Edwards i;abrielle l. vielle babette FRASER Houston, Texas GOVERNMENT. Young Democrats Qub; Interclub; N.S.A., Chairman; Executive Board; World Affairs Club; Student Gov- ernment, Parliamentarian; Senior Advisor; Freshman Show; Senior Show; Honors Plan of Study. " The only guide to a man is liis conscience; the only shield to his memory is the rec- titude and sincerity of his actions. " Sir H inston Churchill MARY ELLEN FREESE Colorado Springs, Colorado FRENCH. Junior Year . broad: France; Dance Club, President; Q-V.; World Af- fairs Club; Sophomore Class President; French Corridor: Freshman Show; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa. ' " For the good are always merry. Save by an evil chance, And the merry love the fiddle And the merry love the dance. " William Butler Yeats 43 t 9 » t ♦ JOANNE MAUD GALLEHER Manassas, Virginia KATHARINE WEINRICH van GEEL Washington, District of Columbia SUSAN IRENE GIBAUD Webster, New York MODERN EUROPEAN HISTORY. Juih.h lar Abroad: France. " n in(li ii.lual is ' man whn jjives himself iir refuses himself, hul never lends him- self. ' ■ ' George Bernanos IMOLOC . Junior Year Abroad: Scotland; Choir; Y.W.C.A.; Head of Cabin; Fresh- man Show; F ' reshman Honors; Dean ' s List; Junior Honors. " That shining moon — watched by that one faint star: Sure now am I. beyond the fear of change. The lovely in life is the familiar, And only the lovelier for continuing strange. " Walter de !a Mare INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS. Choir; Horse Show Committee; May Day; Campus Chest; Senior Show. " Music washes away from the soul the dust of every-day life. " Auerbailt 44 r ' ! v: i ' • " ■ ■ ♦. ♦ SENIORS EVELW mRI) CKAHAM Chaumont, New ukk LVC ffnoK M.ILW MM-; HALE ClIARUlTTF.SVII.I.K. VlRClNU lAAE MAXWELL IIA.MILL Cl CIN ATI, OUKI COVERNMENT. Briar Paul, : Sweet Brhr eus: .W.C.A.; oung Republicans Club; Varsity Hockey; Dorm Sjiorts; Christmas Bazaar; Amherst County Day: lav Dax : Senior Show. " The simple gift of being kind Is greater than all the wisdom of the wise. " Du Base Heyuard LATLN. Y.W.C.A.; Ori.ntali m; Siveel Briar ' ews: Dance Club; (,).V ' .; Student Govern- ment, Secretary; Judicial Board, Chairman; Aints and Asses; Tau Phi; Church and (Chapel Committee: May Day; Christmas Bazaar; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities: Mary K. Benedict Scholar. " Thft e about hrr From her ball read the perfect wavs of honor. " fl " iiliam Shakespeare ENGLISH. Junior Year . broad: Scoihnd; Tau Phi- Young Republicans Club; Y.W.(;..A.; " Challenge " Committee. C i- Chairman; N.S.. ., Surveillance; Choir; May Day: Senior . ' dvi,sor. " Words ought to be a little wild, (or they are the assault of thought on the unthink- ing. " John Maynard Keynes ELIZABETH CLARK HANGER Atlanta, Georgia PHEBE JANE HARRIS Lndianapolis, Indiana LAURA GUION HASKELL North Augusta, South Carolina MODERN EUROPEAN HISTORY. Y.W.C.A., President, Treasurer, Cabinet; Judicial Board; Executive Board; Younp Republicans Club; Church and Chapel Committee; May Day; Varsity Basketball, Captain; Varsity Lacrosse; Freshman Show. ■ " Optimism is the madness of maintaining everything is right when it is wrong. " Voltaire AMERICAN STUDIES. Aints and Asses; Bum Chums; Orientation; Young Republi- cans Club; Social Committee; Junior Class Treasurer; Briar Patch. Circulation Man- ager; Freshman Show; Varsity Basketball; Senior Advisor; Saccharine Thome Gang. ' " The woods are lovely dark and deep And I have promises to keep, -And miles to go before I sleep. And miles to go before I sleep. " Robert Frost HISTORY OF ART. Paint and Patches; Dance Club; Y.W.C.A., President; Annual Religious Conference, Chairman; Executive Board; Chung Mungs; Orientation; Voca- tional Guidance; Lake Council; Church and Chapel Committee; Altar Guild; Senior Advisor; May Day, Committee Chairman; Freshman Show; Senior Show. ' " Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. " Ralph Waldo Emerson M.ICF. CIIKSIIIKK II WOOD Kmhi.ii. Nciiini (! H(ii.iN 1AT11KM, IK:S. ..unt: I).-m.. rals Clul., Co-president; Swret Hriar f cws. Circula- tion Manafier; (Church and Chapel Coni- iiiittee; Freshman Show; Senior Show; n.-an ' - l,i l: I ' hl llcta Kappa. ■Th. i- no Mili-tiliile for hard work. " Thomas Edison MARGARET SUSAN HIGHLANDS CiNCLNNATi, Ohio MODERN EUROPEAN HISTORY. Judicial Board; Intercluh; Briar Patch, Photography Editor; Q. .; Curriculum Committee, Chairman; Christmas Bazaar, Co-Chairman; Senior Advisory Program, Chairman; Tau Phi: " Challenge " Committee; Freshman Show; Senior Show; Who ' s If ' ho Among Students in American Colleges and Univer- sities: Freshman Honors. " Where the willingness is great, the difficulties cannot be great. " Niccolo Machiavelli SENIORS SUSAN HERBERT HOBBS Shakkh Hkights. Ohio HISTORY OF ART. Junior Year Abroad France; .Social Committee: Orientation Campus Chest; Freshman Fashion .Show- May Court; Saccharine Thorne Gang. " Thanks he to God, the world is wide. And I am going far from homel nd I forgot in Camelot Till- man I loved in Rome. " Edna St. I in(rnt Millai HAZEL ELAINE HORTON Charlottk. North Carolina MATHEMATICS. Riding Council, Chair- man; Campus Chest, Treasurer; Choir; ■senior Show. " And into the midnight we galloped ahreast. " Robert Browning SENIORS JUDITH RUTHERFOORD HOWE Belmont, Massachusetts MATHEMATICS. Christmas Bazaar; V.W.C.A.; Dorm Council; Varsity Lacrosse. Head; May Day; Freshman Show; Senior Show; Dean ' s List. " Order and simplification are the first steps toward the mastery of a suhject — the actual enemy i- the unknown. " Thomas Mann .SONJA MARGARET HOWELL Jacksonvillk. Florid FRENCH. Junior Year . broad: France; Sweet Briar News: World Affairs Club; Mav Day; Freshman Show; Senior Show. " . . . pour passer outre aux ridicules, aux vices et surtout e la betise des etres. il faut detenir un secret d ' amour que le monde ne connait plus. " f ran f 0(5 Maiiria ,:». % ., :, ' - MARY COBB HULSE ItrKMiNCHAM, Alabama MODERN EIROPEAN HISTORY. Bum (Shunts: Altar Guild; Sueei Briar eus. Photograplirr; Senior Advisor; May Court; ouno; Rcpuhlicans Cluh; Christmas Ba- zaar; Sarcliarine Thome Gane, e(i in -ir(ies. An i those circles Theodore Ruethki ELIZABETH HOPE HLf.NT Chapel Hill, Noktii ( r )Lina GOVERNMENT. Junior Year Ahroad; France; Judicial Board; Orientation; Y.W.C.A.; World Affairs Cluh; May Day; Choir; French Corridor; Symposium Com- mittee; Varsity Basketball; Freshman Show. • K life is nut an apiilo-; . hut a life. " Kaliih If altlo Emerson JEAN .MARILYN LN ' Cg Norfolk, Virci.nla GOVERNMENT. Social Committee, Chair- man; Executive Board. House President; Christmas Bazaar; .May Day; .May Court, Crown Bearei ; Freshman . ' " how ; Senior Show. ■ " Lord, let me live as I will! I need a little wild freedom, A little giddiness of heart. The strange taste of unknown flowers. " Carmen Bernos de Gaszlnld 49 ANN WHITNEY JESTER Lynchburg, Virginia MARY PARKE JOHNSON Virginia Beach, Virginia POLLY ANNE JOSE Palm Beach, Florida MATHEMATICS. Social Committee, Treas- urer; Bum Chums; Briar Patch, Circulation Manager; Handbook and Key, Business Manager; Sweet Briar News, Business Man- ager; Orientation; May Day, Treasurer; Freshman Show; Senior Show. " Action is the proper fruit of Knowledge. " Thomas Fuller ENGLISH. Young Democrats Club; Christ- mas Bazaar; Amherst County Day; Senior .Show. " We, with all our wounds and all our powers. Must each wait alone with his own licifihl Another darkness or another light . . . " Edwin Arlington Robinson AMERICAN HISTORY. World Affairs Club; Young Republicans Club; Brambler: Briar Patch; Christmas Bazaar; Freshman . " how; Senior Show; Dean ' s List. " I will not cease from mental flight Nor shall mv sword sleep in my hand. " n liam Blake it 4 ' ' v■♦-.v ♦. ' . ♦ • ' ■ CHRISTOPHER ANN KILCULLEN Al.KXVNDHH, ' 1HI.1M .MARY KINLAW LEE RiciiMdND, Virginia NATALIE LOUISE LEM.MOX Si ' KINCFIELD, MlSSDUHI GOVERNMENT. Vouiif: Reimblicans Clul), President: Vimiif; Consi-rvatives Club: President; Inteicluh: World Affairs Club: N..S..A., Treasurer; Representative tii S.C.II.S.A. at West Point; Briar Patch: Sports Editor; Siveet Briar News; Choir; Christmas Bazaar; . " Vmherst County Day; -May Day; Freshman Show; Senior Show; .May ( ' ourt; DeanV List. ■ " Thy purpose firm is eipial to the deed: Who does the best his cireumstance allows Does well, arts nobly: angels could no more. " Eilwar,l Younii .MATHEMATICS. Student Government A.s- soi iation. Treasurer; Interclub; oung; Republicans Clul): .May Day. Chairman; Orientation: Freshman Class Social Chair- man; .Social Committee; Q.V. ; Lake Coun- cil; Christmas Bazaar; Senior Advisor; Freshman Show; Senior Show; Saccharine Thorne Gang; Dean ' s List. " You have to believe in happiness Or happiness never comes . . . Oh, that ' s the reason the bird can sing — On his darkest day he believes in spring. " Douglas Mallock ENGLISH. Chung Mung.s, President; Y.W.C.. ., Cabinet; Choir; Challenge; Am- herst (bounty Day; Christmas Bazaar; Dance Chib: Senior . " how. " Then heigh-lu). the holly! This life is most jolly. " William Shakespeare 51 CORA LEE LOGAN VicKSBURG, Mississippi BARBARA , NN LUTZ L KE FdREST. IlLIN(JIS SARALYN McAFEE Kirk WOOD, New Jersey DRA. L . Paint and Patches; Briar Fatch. Photography Editor; Christmas Bazaar: Senior Show. " All Natiirt ' wears a universal grin. " Henry Fieldinfi ENGLISH. .May Court. ■ " ou tell me that there are no stars, hut there are. " Anonimniis -MODERN EUROPEAN HISTORY. World .Affairs Cluh; Curriculum Committee: Christmas Bazaar; May Day; Dorm Sports: .■Senior Advisor; Dean ' s List: Proctor and Gamhle Scholarship. have often regretted iie er mv silence. " speech, Piiblius Syriis 5 SENIORS - ,T - « t 1. t mt r fm mm W.H.E McELDOWNEV Ann vd i.k. New Jersey ML. SIC. Choir, Heail : Sweet Tonei , Leader: Q.V. ; Class .Sung Leader: Orientatiun: In- lerclub; Lake Council: May Day: Senior . dvisor: Freshman Show; Senior .Show. Musiial Director. " If you can kie| your head when all ahoiit you are losini: theirs . . . " Hull yard Kliiling OLI VI. AN.NE McBL ' RNEV MeGREtUJR Bronxville, New Yurk INTERN. TIONAL AFFAIRS. Orientation: Choir, Business Manager; Senior .Advisor: Paint and Patches. Treasurer; May Day. Committee Chairman; Senior Show. Direc- tor: Christmas Bazaar; Varsity Hockey: Durm Sports; Freshman Show; Dean ' s List. " La felicita a per un altro. " ina cosa per un JEAN .MASSEY McINTOSH Rl SSELLVII.I.E. Al.ABXMV HLSTORV OF ART. Junior Year Abroad: France; Orientation; Choir; Campus Chest; May Day; " Challenge " Committee: Fresh- man Fashion Show: .Senior . dvisor: Fresh- man .Show; .Senior .Show. " There is no substitute for talent. " A I do us Huxley Charles Schulz « • ♦ ELVIRA COCHRANE McMILLAN BrEWTON, AiABAMA ANNE URSULA MacCLINTOCK Danville, Virginia NANCY ELIZABETH MacMEEKIN Flourkjwn, Pennsylvania AMERICAN HISTORY. Executive Board, Senior House President; Judicial Board; Young Republicans Club; Q.V. ; May Day, Committee Chairman; Y.W.C.A. ; Choir; Freshman Class Treasurer; Sophomore Class Treasurer; Freshman Show; Senior Show; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. ' " How but in custom and in ceremony Are innocence and beauty bom? " Willium Butler Yeats ENGLISH. Orientation: Brambler: Cur- riculum Committee; Sweet Briar Neivs: Young Democrats Club; Church and Chapel Committee; Christmas Bazaar; Tau Phi: Y.W.C.A.; Senior Advisor; Senior Show; Dean ' s List; Judith Bland Scholarship; Phi Beta Kappa. " She that was ever fair and never proud. Had tongue at will and yet was never loud. " William Shakespeare PHYSICS. World Affairs Club; Athletic Association. Head of Cabin, Lake Council; Sweel Briar News, Headlines Editor; Fresh- man News, Headlines Editor; Y.W.C.A.; Christmas Bazaar; Dorm Sports; Freshman .Show; Senior Show. " There ' s too much beauty U|Kin this earth For lonely men to bear. " Richard l.e Gallienne ♦ ♦ ♦ 4 « ♦ -•♦:,♦: SENIORS Fi i i!i:tii rvini ' w h„mE ii mii:m. iiii,i i HI.STOK ' l OK Airr. limn Chums; Tau Phi; Cani|)iis Chest. Chairman; Christmas Ba- zaar; Seniiir Ihinse I ' n-siileiil : Dnrrii S|iiirts; Freshman Shciw ; Sc-nim Shuu ; Sai i harini ' riiiirnc Can;;. ■■ rl i- .1 human arli in ha in;; l..r ii- |iur|pn (. thr tranMMi i. n I., nlhcr- .p| the highest ami l)est (ei-Hut; In uhi h men have risen. " Leo Tolatoi COliKTNEV CLAIBORNE iMANARD New Okleans, Louisiana MODERN EUROPEAN HISTORY. Choir; Orientation; Sweet Briar Neivs: Paint and I ' atihes, Historian; Dance Cluh, Secretary; .Symposium Committee; Campus Chest; May Day; Freshman Show; Senior Show. " What will not woman, gentle woman dare, Wiien strong affection stirs her spirit up. " Robert Sotithev PAIHICIA .li; MARKLE W IIMINC.lnN. DkI.XWAHE AMERICAN STliDIE.S. Orienlation; Young Republicans Cluh; .Aims and Asses; .May Day: Freshman Fashion Show; Freshman Show; Senior Show; Saccharine Thome Gang. " H there ' , n.. halie.l in a niin.l A-sault ami halter i f the wind (!an never tear the linnet from the leaf. " William Butler Yeats V :- ? Uv -v LINDA SPENCE MARSHALL Chevy Chase, Maryland ENGLISH. Young Republicans Club Christmas Bazaar; Sweet Briar News Church and Chapel Committee; " Challenge " Committee; Senior Show. " Her roseal color comes and goes With such a comely grace. More ruddier, too, than doth the rose Within her lively face. " John Heywood SENIORS ABIGAIL ADAMS MASON Boston, Massachusetts DRAMA. World Affairs Club; Y.W.C.A.; Sweet Briar News; Orientation; Paint and Patches, Secretary, President ; May Day, Committee Chairman; Christmas Bazaar; Amherst County Day; Freshman Show; Senior Show, Committee Chairman. " I can be pushed just so far Harry Wilson JANE ARROLL MERKLE Haworth, New Jersey AMERICAN .STUDIES. Orientation; Young Republicans Club; Christmas Bazaar; May Day; Freshman Show; Senior .Show; Sac- charine Thome Gang. " To tell once and once only, for them never to forget. How . . . she walked in brightness. " Robert Frost £ ' ♦. ' MARIANNE !• Mill MICROS ClBA. NtW YoliK AMCK IV1A MK.HELL Mdbilk, Ai. ii m V NANCY ANNE MOOG E ST At ' KORA, New York ENGLISH. Hispanic Society, President; Church and Cha|H-l Conmiittet " : Sweel Briar Wm ' s; Brambler: i un)L Denwicrats Club; Senior Advisor; Junior Honors; Dean ' s List; Honors Plan of Siuily; Sweet Rriar Scholarship. ■■. ly road calls nic, lures me West, east, south, and north. Most roads lead men homeward; Mv road leads mi. forth, " Juhn Ma. ' iefield RELR;I0N. Y.W.C.A.. Cabinet: Church and Chapel Connnittee; Vocational Guidance; Social Committee; Student Development (Committee; " Challenge " Committee; Christ- mas Razaar; Ma Da ; Freshman . ' hnw ; . " senior Show. " Hi h erected thoughts seated in the heart of courtesy. " Sir I ' liilij) Si !ney DRAMA. Paint and Patches; Dance Club. Treasurer; Orientation; Campus Chest; Christmas Razaar; .May Day; Senior .Show. " I ha%e a I out with r . nd what c; than I ca ttic shadi ' Vi that goes in and in be the use of him is more see. " Hohfrt Louis Sh ' Vfnson 57 ■- ■ " .■ . ' ... ' . " i i - » ■ • ' ' . ' . SENIORS JOSEPHINE ANNE MORICLE Reidsville, North Carolina NANCY LANCASTER MOSS Leesburc, Virginia SALLIE ANN MULLINS Palm Beach, Florida MATHEMATICS. World Affairs Club; Briar Patch : oung Republicans Club ; Senior Show. " She smiles and smiles, and will not sigh. While we for hopeless passions die; Yet she could love, those eyes declare. Were but men nobler than they are. " Matthew Arnold MODERN EUROPEAN HISTORY. Campus Chest; Y.W.C.A.: Ahar Guild; Orientation: Senior Advisor; Christmas Bazaar; Young Democrats ; May Day ; Freshman Show ; Senior Show. " I carry the sun in a golden cup. The moon in a silver bag. " William Butler Yeat.s PSYCHOLOGY. Young Republicans Club; Christmas Bazaar; Dorm Sports; Amherst Coimty Day; May Day; Senior .Show. " Life ' s a pudding full of plums; Care ' s a canker that benumbs. Wherefore waste our elocution On impossible solution; Life ' s a pleasant institution, Let us take it as it comes. " WiUiain Gilbert • •.♦ •• BRE.NDA MLIHLINGHAIS Palm Beach Shores, Florida JUDITH ANN MUNDY Lynchburg, Virclnla MKI.l.NDA LAW IL.S(;K()VE l!ri MiN(.iiAM. Alabama rpER. L N. Junidr Year Abroad: Germany; .W.C.A.. Freshman Representative ; Execu- tive Board, Sopliomore House President; Senior Class President; 0-V. ; Aints and . sses; May Day; Dorm Sports; Student Guide; Freshman Show; Senior Show: Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. • M lionestv. wil, nior crownetl. Stephen Dade CHEMISTRY. Handl,ook, Business Man- ager; May Day, t )mmiltee (Chairman; Freshman Honors; Junior Honors; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa. " See with what simplicity This nymph begins her golden days! In the green grass she loves to lie. riil there with her fair aspect tames rile wiid ' r Howrr-. and gives them names. " Andrew Marvell PSYCHOLOGY. Paint and Patches: V.K-a- tional (Guidance, Secretary; Sweet Briar . ews: Orientation; Briar Patch: Christmas Bazaar: . mherst County Day; Y.W.(;.. .: V ung Democrats Club; Boxwood Inn Coniniillee; Fall Dance Vieekend; Fresh- man . " how ; .Senior Show; Dean ' s List. " Her thoughts are like a flock of butterflies. She has a merry love of little things. " Brian Hooker 59 LILLIAN ELIZABETH FAIRWEATHER NORBURN ASIIKVILLE, NllKTII CAROLINA MATHEMATICS. ' ounu Republicans Club; Uebatina Team; Christmas Bazaar; Bram- hler; Freshman Show; Senior Show. I.|!CV BROOKE PATTERSON Cacu.as, Puerkj Rich MODERN LANGUAGES. Hispanic Society ; Sweet Briar News; Orientation; Y.W.C.A.; Senior Advisor; Aints and Asses; Christmas Bazaar; May Day; Senior Show. ALICE HELENE PERRY Guatemala City, Guatemala, C.A. SPANISH. Junior Year Abroad: Mexico; Hispanic Society; Language Lab Assistant; Orientation; .Senior Advisor; Y.W.C.A.: .Student Guide; May Day; Senior Show. " Order is a lovely thing; On disarray it lays its wing. Teaching simplicity to sing. " " To travel hopefully is a better thini; than to arrive. " Hubert Louis Stevenson " With solace and gladness Much mirth and no madness .All good and no badness So joyously So maidenly .So womanly Her demeaning. " Jiihn Shellnl, 60 -T " . " » ' •« ♦ HMPtJHWBMMMHMWii SENIORS KMIl. ' i 1 ' EK I ' l.KASANTS 1NSTIIN- 4LEM, NllKTll (.ARDI.INV HELEN GABRIEL PLOVi DE.N RivtKsiDE. (Connecticut MOLLI HUOl) I ' OOLE (JMTHEBSBI H(,, . l inHND MODERN EUROPEAN HISTORY. Social Conimitlec: Hriar fatih: Choir: Sweet T( ne : Dorni Sports; Christmas Bazaar: Ma Court ; Seiiicir Vdvisor; Senior Show. " If lo her harc some female errors fall. Look on her face, and you ' ll forget " em all. " Alexander Pope EN(;LISH. Choir: Orientation: Y.W.C.A.: World Affairs Cluh: Senior Show. " And what is so rare as a day in Juney Tlien. if e er. come perfect days . . . " James Russell Lowell -SOCIOLOG " . Christmas Bazaar: Dorm Sports: Brambler: Freshman .Show; .Senior Show. " Darwinian .Man. though well-behaved, . t best is only a monkev shaved. ' " Uitliam Gilbert f ♦■ «L A■ v. . JJ«6 ' Me«5 »« s»»-«N««- :. »K»i,T. j SARAH BROWN PORTER Charlotte. North Carolina MARGARET RAND Bronxville, New York SARAH MARGARET RASCO Amarillo, Texas RELIGION. Executive Board, Sophomore House President. Junior Class Vice-Presi- dent, President of Student Government ; Q.V.: Tau Phi; Varsity Basketball; May Court, May Queen; Freshman Show; Man- son Memorial Scholar; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Univer- sities. " Exceedingly wise, fairspoken and persuad- ing. " William Shakespeare PSYCHOLOGY. Orientation; Paint and Patches; Briar Patch; Christmas Bazaar: Y.W.C.A. ; Sweet Briar News: Senior Ad- visor; Varsity Hockey; May Day; Fresh- man Show; Senior Show; Dean ' s List. " But oh, the den of wild thi The darkness of her eves. " Ralph Hodii SPANISH. Junior Year Abroad: Spain; Sweet Briar News; World Affairs Club; Orientation ; Hispanic Society ; May Day : Freshman Show; Senior Show. " The human heart has hidden treasures, In secret kept, in silence sealed; — The thoughts, the hopes, the dreams, the pleasures, Whose charms were broken if revealed. " Charlotte Bronte CAROL ANN RKll ' SNVDKK r.K siiui . iii(,i i CHKMISTK ' i . Alliletic Association, Treas- urer: Oriititalioii; World Affairs Club; VW.C A.: Senior Adviser: Kreslnniin Sliow : Senior Sliow ; Kre lijnan Honors. " Go, wondrous creature! riHUMil » lien- Science guides, Go. measure earth, weigh air. ami late the tides: (Jo. teach F.ternal Wisdom how In rule — Then drop into thyself, and he a foid! " AU-xaiutiT ' (i jc DANA CHRISTIE REINSCHMIDT Savannah, Geoklh BIOLOGY. Young Republicans Club: .W.C.A.; Amherst County Day; Christmas IJazaar; Dorm Sports; Senior Show. " .Midnight shout and reveir Tipsy dance and jollity. " Jnhn Millon N SENIORS ALINE BEVERLEY REX Bill LDKH. COLOHMX) TRIACII. Oii.-ulation; Student I ), ,i..|,. meni; o(alinnal CJuidance: ' . .C.. ., Cabinet: .Mtar Guild; oung Republicans Club; May Day; Christmas Bazaar: Briar I ' alrh: .Senior Advisor: liramhlrr : Senior Sliow. " And thus she moves in lender light. The purest ray, where all is bright. Serene, and sweet. " Charles Swain . K " CAROLINE GORDON RICHARDSON I ' mon, Solth Carolina ENGLISH. Sophomore and Senior Class Secretary; Y.W.C.A.; Symposium Commit- tee: Orientation; May Court; Christmas Bazaar; Freshman Show; Senior Show; Saccharine Thome Gang. ' Infinite riche- in a little room. " Christopher Marlowe SENIORS FOY JANE ROBERSON Greenville, Sdltii Carolina ECONOMICS. Junior Year Ahroad: France; French Corridor; Sweet Briar News: Fresh- man News; World Affairs Cluh; Orienta- tion; Parents ' Day Committee; -May Day; Freshman Show ; Senior Show. " Life ' s a ver funny proposition after all. " George Cohan -MARGARET GRAYSON ROWLETT Wilmington, Delaware ENGLISH. Young Repuhlirans Club; Choir; Varsity Lacrosse; Senior Advisor; Christmas Bazaar; May Day; Freshman Show; Senior Show. " When I was one and twenty. T heard a wise man say, ' Give crowns and pounds and gui nea-. But not your heart away. ' " .•(. E. Hniisman . .f- . ■ A » • y MKRIEL TRAVLOR Rl CKKR Athntk; ISevch, Florida LINDA VAN LEER SCHWAAB Baltimore, Maryland HELEN EATON SCRIBNER ' |NNETKA, IlLINDIS ENGLI.SH. Young Republicans Club; In- lerclub; Rramhler, Publicity Chairman; Sufcl Briiir . rws; Athletic Association, Secretary; Varsity Basketball, P ' ield Hockey. Tennis; Vocational Guidance. Committee Chairman; Campus Chest; Student Guide; Senior Advisor; May Day; Freshman Show; Senior Show; Sweet Briar Scholarship. " A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows. " Stafford HI.STORV OF ART. Sophomore Class Sec- retary; Judicial Board; Chung .Mungs; .May Day; Freshman Show; Senior Show. " W hatever is in any way beautiful hath its source of beauty in itself, and is com- plete in itself. " Marcus Aurelius ECONOMICS. Paint and Patches; Orienta- tion; Christmas Bazaar; Amherst County Day; Freshman Show; Senior Show. " " Contrariwise, " continued Tweedledee, ' if it was so, it might be; and if it were so it would be; but as it isn ' t, it ain ' t. That ' s Logic ' " Lewis Carroll 65 SENIORS MILBREY EWING SEBRING ViLLANOvA, Pennsylvania VIRGINIA BEVERLEY SHARP Saint Louis, Missouri JEANIE TYRIE SHAW Princeton, New Jersey HISTORY OF ART. Orientation; World Affairs Club; Tau Phi, President; Cur- riculum Committee; Interclub; Lectures and Concerts Committee; Senior Class Treasurer; Christmas Bazaar; Senior Ad- visor; Finance Committee; Freshman Show; Senior Show. " To live close to great minds is the best education and the happiest thing that can befall us. " GioTsio Vasari MODERN LANGUAGES. Choir; Student Development Committee; Young Republi- cans Club; Christmas Bazaar; Freshman Show; Senior Show; Dean ' s List; Jean Campbell Myers Scholarship; Sweet Briar Alumnae Club of St. Louis Scholarship; Phi Beta Kappa. " Beholding the bright countenance of truth in the quiet and still air of delightful studies. " John Mi ton GOVERNMENT. Young Republicans Club, President; Junior and Senior Class Social Chairman; Christmas Bazaar, Committee Chairman; May Day, Committee Chairman; Bum Chums, Treasurer; Freshman Show; Senior Show; Saccharine Thorne Gang. " Sincerely ruffled by love of life. " Anonymoiii V LESLIE CANTRELL SMITH (!]iK (!n K. _ Imivi. m AlUiY ST. JOHN STAKKE NDliliil.K. ' ll!(.lM LANE L R(;AKET STEELE Hi NTINf.TON, PeNNSVLVAMA CUVEKNMENT. Vocational Guidance; Senior Advisor; Brambler, Circulation Manager; Young Republicans Club; Fresh- man Show; Senior Show. " There lives more faith in honest doubt. Believe me. than in half the creeds. " Alfred. Lord Tennyson M. THE. L T1CS. Taint and Patches; Briar Fatch, Business Manager, Advertising Man- ager; Y.W.C.A.; Orientation: Campus Chest; Finance Committee; (Christmas Ba- zaar; May Day; Senior Advisor: Freshman Show; Senior Show. ■Born with the gift of laughter And a sense that the world is mad. " RaiacI Snhalini FREiXC H. Junior Year Abroad: France; Choir: Hispanic Societv: Freshman Show; May Day. " Plus ne suis ce que j ' ai ete Et ne le saurai jamais etre. " Clement Marot 67 . ». ' ' A .» .« . ■ -. ¥? lSrj;™Tr;-.;, NIVIN SNYDER STOTT Isle of Palms, South Carolina SUSAN LOUISE STRONG New Canaan, Connecticut EILEEN STROUD Wilmington, Delaware ENGLISH. Chung Mungs; Social Commit- tee; Freshman Class Vice-President; Cur- riculum Committee, Secretary ; Orientation ; Christmas Bazaar, Co-Chairman; May Day, Committee Chairman; Freshman Show; Senior Show; Freshman Honors; Junior Honors; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa. " The blazing brightness of her beauties beame, .And glorious light of her sunshiny face To tell, were as to strive against the streame. " Edmund Spenser BIOLOGY. Intercollegiate Discussion Group, Chairman; Y.W.C.A.: World Affairs Club, Treasurer: Curriculum Committee; French Corridor: Tau Phi. " The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. " Albert Einstein MATHE.MATICS. Junior Year Abroad: France; French Corridor; " Challenge " Com- mittee; Social Committee; Athletic Asso- ciation, Treasurer; Varsity Hockey; Fresh- man Show; May Court. " Hail, ye small, sweet courtesies of life! for smooth do ye make the road of it. " Laurence Sterne 68 1 ■♦• ■•»- • SENIORS MAK D ' lKR SUTHERLAND Fayettevii.i.k, North Carolina EIJ A1!KTII SOITHWORTH SUTTON CAMBRIDGE, MaSSACHI ' SETTS VICKY ANN THOMA George .Mills, New Hami ' SHIhr ENGLISH. Orientation: Sweel Briar News, Editor; Hramliler: Aints and Asses; Tau Plii: liiini ( liiinis; Dance Concert; May Uay. Coniniiltee Chairman; Freshman Show; Senior Show; If ' ho ' s Who Anion ; Stiith-nts in American Colleges and Vni- vcrsilies: Ereshinen Honors; Emily Watts McVea Scholar; Junior Honors; Phi Beta Kappa. DRAIVL . Young Republicans Club; Sweet Briar News; Paint and Patches; Christmas Bazaar; Varsity Tennis; " Challenge " Com- niittcc: . ' Senior Show. ' Take a pair of sparkling eyes. ' William Gilbert " He ids do show her wit inc( mparahle. " William Shakespeare GOVERNMENT. World Affairs Club; His- panic Society; N.S.A.; Athletic Association, Head of Sports; Sweet Briar News, Sports Editor; Cabin Leader; Varsity Hockey, Captian; Briar I ' atrh, Sports Editor; Dorm Sports; Senior Advisor; Dean ' s List; Re- becca Woodbridge Bell Scholarship. ■ " My country is the world and my religion is to do good. " Thomas Paine TONI LEE THOMAS West Hartford, Connecticut MONA CAROLE THORNHILL Salem, Virginia LURLINE WARING TOLBERT Carrollton. Georgia ENGLISH. Orientation; Y.W.C.A.: Senior Advisor; Briar Patch: Freshman Show : Senior Show; Saccharine Thorne Gang. " Secret and sharp and small, Flits he from tree to tree. Calling on all. " Walter ile la Mare PSYCHOLOGY. Student Development, Committee Chairman; Parents ' Day Com- mittee, Chairman; Dance Group, Publicity Chairman; Y.W.C.A. ; May Day, Committee Chairman; Christmas Bazaar; May Court; Freshman Show; Senior Advisor; Senior .Show. AMERICAN STUDIES. Sweet Briar News; " Challenge " ' Committee; Senior Show. " T ' ll think of it all tomorrow . . . After all. tomorrow is another day. " Margaret Mitchell " The larger he rt. the kindlier hand. " All red. Lord Tern N s: y y V. ♦ ■ ♦ ■ ♦ ' l -t Civ ■V-•■■ CYNTHIA BOWEN TOPPING SWAIITIIMOIIK, PeNNSYLVAM MODKK.N Kl KOPEAN HISTOR ' . I)..ini Siiiirl ; Cliii.-linas Bazaar; Siicrl llriar Acicj; Sf-nidr Show. " Ve should all be concerned about the fu- lure because vve will have to spend the rest of our lives there. " Charles Francis Krlli ' rins BEATRICE W ILLOCCHBV TOTTE.N Sditii Hamilton, Massachusetts ENCLl. ' H. Tau Phi: Paint and Patches: Briar Patch, Editor: World Affairs Club: oung Republicans Club. Treasurer: Con- servatives Club: Interelub: N.S.. ., Jr. Class Representative: Riding Council: Parents ' Day Committee; Amherst County Day; May Day, Committee Chairman; Christmas Ba- zaar, Committee Chairman; Freshman Show; Senior Show; May Court, Page; Who ' s Who Among Students In American Colleges and Universities. " " (). when she ' s angry, she is keen and shrewd! Sin- was a vixen when she went to school: nd though she be but little, she is fierce. " William Shakespeare SENIORS MARIELIISE VOGT ' SI11N(.TI1N, DlSTKICT OF CoLI MBIX MODERN LANGUAGES. Junior Year Abroad: France; Siveel Briar ews: Chung .Mungs; French Corridor; .May Day. Com- millee Chairman: Freshman . ' how: .Senior Show; Dean ' s List. " La vrai generosite envers I ' avenir consisic a tout donner au present. " Albert Camus V •. ■;V r ' ' • ¥ J ELIZABETH BARNEY WALKER Lynchburg, Virginia MODERN EUROPEAN HLSTORY. Young Democrats Club; Siveet Briar News: Orien- tation; May Day; Briar Patch: Bum Chums; Dorm Sports; Senior Advisor; Ciuistmas Bazaar; Freshman Show; Senior Show; Saccharine Thorne Gang. " Tell me, Which is the way I take; Out of what door do I go, Wliere and to whom? " Theodore Roelhke SENIORS HARRIET HOWARD WALL Conway, South Carolina RELIGION. Sweet Briar News, Managing Editor; Briar Patch; Orientation; Y.W.C.A.; Bum Chums; Aints and Asses, The lUiJs- trious One; May Day, Committee Chair- man; Varsity Basketball; Freshman Show; Senior Show. " Wit will shine. " John Dr)den KATHERINE EILEEN WATSON Virginia Beach, Virginia I ' SYCHOLOGY. Junior House President .Student Development Committee; Y.W.C.A. Christmas Bazaar; May Day; Riding Couii cil. Secretary; Horse Show Team, Captain Freshman Fashion Show; Freshman Show .Senior Show; May Court; Dean ' s List. " Let gentleness my strong enforcement be. " William Shakespeare JANET MADDOX WEST Washington, District of Columbia DRAMA. Paint and Patches; Orientation, Committee Chairman; Stvcet Briar Aetvs: Brambler, Art Editor; The Key: Freshman News; Y.W.C.A.: May Day, Committee Chairman; Social Committee; S)inpo iiini Committee; Campus Chest: Parents " Day Committee; Chun;; Mungs; Dorm Sports; Freshman Show; Freshman Fashion Show. -Wliert- lo e and skill Expect a masterpiece. " to ietlier John Ruskin ISABELLA PESCUD WILLL MS Raleigh, North Carolina SOCIOLOGY. Young Democrats, Co-Chair- man; Social Committee; Christmas Ba- zaar; Amherst County Day; Senior .Show. " lUi ' sl with that charm, the certainty to please. " Samui ' l Rogers EMORY DAISNEY WILLIAMS Hll HMipMI. VuiGIMA ENGLISH. Orientation; Senior Advisor; Young Republicans Club; Christmas Ba- zaar; . mherst (. ' ounty Day; Briar Patch: May Day: Frohman . " how: Senior Show. " Was I deeeiv ' d, or did a sable cloud Turn forth her silver lining on the night? " John Milton fil 73 SENIORS KATHERINE BENHAM WOOD Sweet Bhuu. Vibgima ENGLISH. Executive Board. Freshman Class President: V.W.C.A., Cabinet: Church and Chapel Committee; Paint and Patches, Vice President; Briar Patch, Advertising Man ager; Orientation; May Day; Young Re publicans Club; Christmas Bazaar: Fresh man .Show; .Senior .Show, Stage Manager " .She ' s as steadfast as a star, And yet the maddest maiden: She can wage a gallant war. And give the peace of Eden. " " George Mereilith ALICE WRIGHT Seattle, Washington HISTORY OF ART. Vocational Guidance: Senior Advisor; Brambler; Christmas Ba- zaar; Senior Show. " I hear a smile. " Richard Asshelon BARBARA HELEN YOUMANS Newbeuky. South Carolina ENGLISH. Choir; Christmas Bazaar; May Day; Freshman Show. " A gentle minde by gentle deeds is knowne. " Edmund Spenser V Jl I.IKT ANN (niNG nil SSKT, MaSSACIH SKTTS l ' ' l(:ll()l,0(;V. Varsily Haskelhall: Christ- 111 1 liazaar; Brambler: ' (iiinf; Keimlilicaiis I IiiIp: Mav Day; Frcsliiiian SIkiw; Sciiinr Mhiu. ' In Dieanis l!fj;iii Ki |Min-iliiliiies. " Di ' hnurc Sihwartz HOLLY GAY ZWEIGLER Deerfield, Illinois FKEiNCIL Swcel Briar News: Young Dem- .iciats Clul); Choir; Y.W.C.A.; Church and Chapel Committee; Altar Guild; Dorm Sports; Senior Show; Sweet Briar CAuh of Chica ;o Si-iiolarship. ■■For sh, sans. " the maker uf the song slie Wallace Stevens NOT PICTLKFI); Margaret Cuthhcrt Broaddus Anne Lawrason Butler Katherine Knopf Staoblleman Joan Bennett Messenger Marguerite Morgan Reynolds EXPECTED TO GKADl ATK WITH II II. CLASS OF 1965; Margaret Lucille Aurand Ruth Caroline Peyton Katharine Babcock Snow Sharon Van Cleve y 75 ' • - A Their very memory is fair and liright. 76 JUNIORS f • ' ♦♦•♦♦• -:! ANNE MERCER President PEARL RIGGAN ...Vice-President SARA GREEN Secretary JUDITH BARTHOLD ...Treasurer LEFT TO RIGHT, SEATED: Sara Green, Judith Barthold, Pearl Riggan. STAND- ING: Anne Meicer JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS MR. AM) MRS. PETER DANIEL AND DABNEY Sponsors 78 l tU- • ' I ' Sally Alkins Frances Bal)l) Emily Baker Kathrrinr liaker ( A itlliia l a nIiaiM K.illir n llin iliaiii i;.-M li.H.kei (inia liidwn Mar ari-I lirnwn Julia liu h (irace Butler Frances Hull Mary Anne Callioun Dorothea Campbell Lavinia Campbell Kathrvn Carroll One of those unusual bull session?? JUNIORS X Victoria Chainskl Keenan Colton Grace Comer Nancy Conkle Jeanninc Corbett Bonnie Cord Cynthia Craig Eleanor Crossley Ann Crowe Evelyn Day Barbara Dublin Nancy Dunham Sally Dunham Louise Du Rona Nancy Fentress Margaret Gillmer Happy Birthday! Don ' t all sing at once! JUNIORS W f v Eleanor (Jiliiiore Mary Meade Gordon (iciir ia (Iraliaiii Sara Green Eleanor Griggs Patricia (ironu-l Gi ' oriiia Hanipsliire Cordelia Harrison Gail Harrison Deliorah Haslam Sandra Hallen Margaret Henning Diana Herran Steele Hill Harrielle Horsey (!allnrine Ireys Pamela Jones F ' atriiia Jones Sarah Kallier 8i Susan Kjeldsen Margaret Langenberg Pamela Leary Jane Ellen Lishnoff Marion L iw Mary Loyd Barbara Lukens Mary McGrew Marguerite McKee Mildred Mackubin Martha Madden Sheila Mahoney Donna Martin Patricia Martin Anne Mercer Lucinda Michel Randi Miles Josephine Moore Susan Moorman Susan Moselev il 8x Iar(;ery Moses inifreil Murray lane .Nelson nne Newlnn loan Niles Su-an Parker Alili Paller-cm Jane I ' atlnii n lrt a Pearson Lida Lee Pierce (larole Poer liaron Prire Sarah Raney Diana Rediker Linda Reynolds Pearl Ripgan " Wliat a corny idea for a parly JUNIORS % .. ■; • ♦! | vniiu Natalie Roberts Margaret Rogers Bettie Russell Magdalena Salvesen Courtenay Sands Laura Saunders Nancy Schmitt Elizalielh SimiII Peggy Scurlock Kathleen Sheahan Martha Spangenberg Alice Spruance Pamela Spurdnn Mary Stearns Penelope Steketee (Jnurtney Stevenson J fPI Taste hud sensation for the year. JUNIORS ' , v 0 M ' f3i Mary Ann Swaney Sachiko Takemura Jane Taylor Sally Thomas Patricia Ihornhi Mary Trombly tirooke Tucker Shdlev Turner i(.lney Turner Jane It ley Anne Ward I ' hilena UVrden F.llcn Wheatley Muriel Wik«wo I ' enn Willels V ' irpnia Williams Marv-Fleminf: W illis Judy Wilson Pennington infree Peggy W ood Dianna aeger Juliet Baker Margaret Blorh Nancy liullard Mary Emma Carinichael Robin Cutler NOT PICTLRKD Anne Eberstadi Nadean Finch Anne Frothinghain Nancy Greer Mary Haskell Mary Herlihy Eileen Hodges Victoria Nalle Margaret Nichols Mariana Oechslc JUNIORS ABROAD " Paris aux rent mille fare si-ra toujouis Paris. " Robert Giraiid NOT PICTURED: SUSAN BROWN SANDRA SWAIN France France SHARON HEALY ELEANOR THOMSON France Scotland MlJ;l,|i|lil ALDRICH France ANNA BARTEL France JEAN CAMPBELL France CYNTHL COFFIN France GARABRANT France VIOLA GRAVELRE France SALLIE JACKSON France lOKNE LASSITER m v 86 AMINE MASON f ranee K III MOCKETT A Sweet Briar rose in Srntlanci. Fianri: JOANNA SAI5ALAUSKAS France RUTH SCHMIDT Scotland DIANA SIMRELL Switzerland LEFT TO RIGHT: Lois Street!, Anna Bartel, Sallie Jackson, Viola Gra eure. Marilyn Garaliranl. Jean Campbell, Joanna Sabalauskas. Wing Todd, Josephine Noland. LOIS STREETT France 87 ♦• v:--j;-.? EXCHANGE STUDENTS MARY-PAULINE DELAHOUSSE Paris, France Her gift of expression comes from a ready wit and her abundant energy is part of her special charm. SACHIKO TAKEMURA Kanagawa, Japan Eager to share the customs of her cuhure. Sachiko is always happy and ready to demonstiale the art of flower arranging or to show us one of the tra- ditional dances of Japan. MAGDALENA SALVESEN Edinburgh. Scot and Overflowing with enthusiasm and energy, and al- ways cheerful, " Mag " has brought to Sweet Briar a pleasant touch of the " Highland Lassie. " SOPHOMORES = " ' MARION HARRISON President HALLAM HURT Vice-President MARGARET WILLIAMS Secretary STELLA-MAE RENCHARD ..Treasurer LEFT TO RIGHT: Marion Harrison, Hallam Hurt. Martraret Williams. Stella-Mae Renchard. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS MR. AND MRS. THOMAS SCH.MLINK Sponsors 90 k ?: :||fV W -- V:- Judy Addison Ia17 Gary Ambler Barbara Annan icttiria Bak» ' r Kallicririe Bainhardt l)aiilinc r a [d)ain ' aula Ayotle MarN lifll SOPHOMORES judilli Brn-en Jill Ber uido Elizabeth Bernard I ' riscilla Blackstork Clay Blackwell Bonnie Blew Juliet Bodin Elizabeth Bradrn li.-verly Bradshaw Juan Briier Jonell Brit:;z Anne Stuart Bnmn Handulph Bn.vvn Ina Brown Cretchen Bullard Mary ' Burnette 91 . A A " Dully Caljalleni lean Caldwell Anclria Calhoun Virginia Carpenter Anne Carr Gloria Carroll Emily Chenowelh I.orna Christensen IJarbara Cochrane Colleen Coffee Florence Collins Eleanor Covington Diana Dalton Dorothy Dana Hallie Darby Patricia Davis SOPHOMORES f, Sophoinores slumping? • k• ' Dir.xa Dick Iar Ecknian Viitoria 1) Marion E.-ll liethel Dixon irf;inia Evans Margarel Dnrlch M.iiiiiri.i hiinl,i|i Stt ' iihanir Ewall (Jatiilia Kanfiliunrr IMlricia Fischer Linda Kile Pamela Eor.i Lvnn Fra ier Pamela Fmnime Klizaljetli (;awlliri |) Shelley (lerhart Mar - Gillespie Eli aheth leaser Grace (iould Linda Gri Jtard lielinda (;nllcl Uoxannc llamillon Marparet Handly Jane Hansford Marion Harrison K J 93 - ♦ • Liiuise Harvey I mlith Haskell Sarah Haskell Hrittiin Hassell lane Hawthcirne ImiyHay Linda Hendersdn Idsrpiiine He ai(! Mellie Hickey Elizaheth Hill Charliitle Hoskins Leslie Huher Hallani Hurl Mary French Jackson Mary Johnson Norvall Jones " Of course I ' m workiiifi 94 li ii- ♦ ' ■i v T - Katalin Kelety Ellen Kellcy Margaret Kennedy Anne Kern Marsha Kelchani Judith Keysrrling Sherry Kir-i-henfeld Joanne Kmut Pamela Krusen Elizabeth Kurt Adele Laslie Lang L(ivera« Carroll Lon;; Madeleine I.(uig Stephanie Lucas Lvnn Lvie SOPHOMORES nil «lial ' s your indilTerence curve: ' fi P I 95 t 9 r t ' Terrence McKay Martha Mi Kellar Margaret Mapp Ruth Mar-hall Nancy MtLean Marv Ellen Marti Sims McRae Martha Meehan Bf Marion MacRae Jean Miller Marguerite Minis Martha Mitchell Charlotte Moore Susan Morck Carole Munn Page Munroe Toni Naren Paricia Neithold Neil Orloff Lucille Orr Anne Turner Overton Nancy Pendergrass Margaret Pittman Dorothy Poole Judith Powell Pamela Prvor Judith Mancss Carolyn Milton 9« ♦ " ♦•:■♦■■■ v i v " - SOPHOMORES Sine Mi ti I wire in lieinunld Constance Quereau Carroll Randolph Molly Randol| li Anne von Rehhan Jane Reeil Stella-Mae Renehard Laura Rogers Lillian Roilie Pamela Rutledge Patricia Sadller Melissa Sanders Elizabeth Schiltges Susan Schnaitter Karen Schwahenlon lielhel Sehrin;; lary-Hair l Shinber(ier 9 i ' A jmn Y ,. Tffl ii, nil 97 . • Prudence Baxter Susanne Brown Eugenia Bull Leigh Donnelley f M NOT PICTURED Victoria Jones Nancy-Coalter Lathrop Ray Longstaff Joan McClure Lindsay Smith Rose Mary Smith Ellie Belle Spivey Virginia Stanley Diane Stephenson Jane Stephenson Patricia Stetson Jacquelin Stevenson Gracey Stoddard Connie Stuber Bonnie Stutski Pamela Sullivan Susan Sumners Diedre Symington Dixie Ann Thompson Barbara Tillman Penelope Titter Kathryn Trogdon Susan Tucker Sallv Twedell Margaret Vose Kim Waters Kerry Jean Weber Josephine Wiens Maria Wiglesworth Margaret Williams Janie Willingham Elder Witt Viiifinia Yelverton Margaret Moran Laura Pratt Margare Schulz Virginia oung 98 f -v» FRESHMEN 1 % K PAMELA McCONNELL President LISA WALKER . . Vice-President ANNE STODDARD ...Secretary PATRICIA SKARDA ..Treasurer LEFT TO RIGHT: Lisa Walker, Pam- ela McConnell, Anne Stoddard, Patricia Skarda. - ' . " ' ...:-4 FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS MRS. NANCY BALDWIN Sponsor 4 Tf- •iv ' C- V v Ailaline Allen I.uriia Allfii lrli .a Allen tlizabelti Allisun Charlotte Anderson Julie Arminaki llarliara liailey nn Banks lane Harnes Mariiarit liatc lieliler Karhara ISaur l.c.uisa Hedell Andrea Beernian indilh liell Ann Hisgs FRESHMEN Gene Bilhro Lesley Bissell Lucy Blundon Sandra Blynn Frances Bonney Dixie Borinj; Janalee Bourne Pamela Boyd Jane Brady Shplianie Breilin Meliiida l!i..«n I ' anifla Brownin;; I ' hoehe Brunncr Susan Bru li Cecilia Bryani Ellen Buchanan Harriet Buford Susan BulliK-k Kallicrinr Burton Pamela Bur«rll il «5 1 -Vt 1 «• a -«a» H 1 if 1 r Y FRESHMEN " Gee, 1 feel insecure. Kalluyn Buster Helen Butler Anne Cal)aniss Louisa Cadwalader Louisa Cahan Laura Campbell Eugenie Carr Ann Carroll Courtney Cash Constance Chalmers Mariiiierita Chandler Louann (ihapinan lar Clark Anne Clarke Margaret Colbert Karen Cole Julie deColigny Katina Condax Candida Connard Sandra Cook {i €i (, ' lirislina Cooley Katherine Cooley l.,-e(:oo[ " T Kallii n Oook llieiicia Darilcn larinii Dean lane Drdnian Mary Donald ion Susan Drewes " ' lelby Dudley Sherry Dunseath Emily Erkert Donna Ed-ierton Suzanne Edin ier Su anne Evans Sharon Folan Jeanne Forsyth Josephine Fox Franoine Frate . niu " ( " .ardiier Delioiah (,a l(i Madelaine (lill Merilyn (;ivens Helen Goodman (iarann Graham Leilane Green Mary Cress Susan Grinheri; Karen (iuslafson Judith Harliollle Elizabeth IIar e Beverly Hay Marian Hein Kathryn Hemphill Rickey Hendricks ' d ttWi 103 . ' . . - Susan Herliert Nancy Hickox Susan Hill Manila Hilton Susan Hinner Anne Hinshaw Electa Hoffman Holl y Holden Elise Hortenstine Grania Hoskins Maurna Houlihan Julia Howard Ann Hi)Xton Charlotte Hummel Katharine Hunt 50 V f. . f (Jarter Hunter Jacqueline Israel Kathleen Israel Laura Ives Margery Jackson Kalrina Jensen liarhara Johnson Jane Johnson Laura Jones Eleanor Keen Cornelia Keller Sheila Killion Mary King Susan Kinnaird Anne Kinsey Frances Kirven Sherilyn Klaerner Kristin Kuhns Mary Kulczycki Tillie Laird 104 FRESHMEN " Friday. iNow wliat will I du.- ' Kallierine LaRdche Sarah Lawrence Deidre Leland Marian Li Maxine Liskin Suzanne Little Deborah Lul) Margaret Lyons Sophie MaiKcn .ie Tonia Mainril Linda Mallon Sarah Massey Mary Malheson Ann Matthews SalhRiilh Ia Mary McCall Pamela MiCnnell Kathryn McLaiii Jill McMalinn Elizal.eth MrMullen 105 . ♦ . Marilyn Meyers Elizabeth Miller Mary Minor Diane Mitchell Wendy Montgomery Patricia Mnuntrey Elizabeth Nalle Celia Newberg Kathleen Obenchain Elizabeth Oliver Sarah Paradise Linda Pattberg Elizabeth Pennell Ann Peterson Victoria Pitts aft© Kalharine Poer Catherine Porter Lesley Predmore Ali.r Preston Ruth Prettyman Pembroke Reed Camilla Reid Eileen Riley (jeori;ia Riley liettie Roberson Susan Roe Virginia Rulon-Miller Adelaide Russo Elizabeth Sanford Elizabeth Sartor Linda Saunders Frances deSaussure Marianne Schultz Jule Seibels Lvnn Setllemver io6 X - 4l ' i .■I ;, : J Diinna Tankersley (;wrndc.len TaxL.r Amy TlKiinpsiin Ellen Tliuniian Natalie Tirrell Suzanne Turjian Mary Townes Pamela Triminpliani Joanne Tuinnlip Miil.al Twine llurrie Slicinnian Sara Shorter nne Siehentlial I ' alricia Skarda MarirS.nilh Susan Somerville I ' alricia Sparks Suj-an Spii-lnian Mi ' lanic Slemhal Anne Stoddard Carol Stokes ■ ally Sloops rine Slupp u«an Sullivan Marie Su-lika FRESHMEN 107 FRESHMEN NOT PICTURED Ellen Bilgore Susan Bokan Jeanne Brassel Susan Butler Mary Canley Barbara Church Samantha Drake Gwendolyn Ekholm Alicia Glass Janice Haagensen Kaye McCampbell Margaret Newton Constance Williams Susan Williams ( iecelia Williamson I Christine Witcover Peggy Wood aurinda Wright Mary Wyrick Susan Yarbrough Jane Polsky io8 ACTIVITIES LEFT TO RIGHT. SEATED: Anne MarClintc.ck, Mary Sutherland, Marv Freeze. Marieluise Vogt. STANDING: Eugenia Dickev, Beverlev Sharp, Judith Mundy, Sally Chellas. Dorothea Gamphell. NOT PICTURED: Alice Haywood, Donna Martin. Nivin Snvder. Marv-Fleniins; Willis. PHI BETA KAPPA Election to the Phi Beta Kappa Society is the highest honor that the college offers to students who have distinguished themselves with high scho- lastic achievements, broad cultural interests, and promise of future intellectual growth. On February 24. Professor Ernest Simmons delivered the 1965 Phi Beta Kappa Address. LEFT TO RIGHT: Patricia .Martin. Babette Fraser. Elder Witt. Sarah Porter, Mary Sutherland, Pryor Hale. ACADEMIC HONORS The Manson Memorial Alumnae Scholarship and the Marv Kendrick Benedict Scholarship are awarded to two members of the Senior class for iheir scholarship and their contributions to the college. The Emily Watts McVea Scholars are those upperclassmen who have attained a high level of academic achievement. The Honors Plan of Study is offered to those students of unusual ability who have intellectual initiative and a preference for independent stud in a particular field. k K ' ' ' l.EKT TO KI(;Hr: I II).-.. I inii.l.ell. Kanili Mil.-. I)(,nna Marlin. Sally 111,,!!!, At Opening Convocation each year, the faculty recognizes those Juniors who have maintained an outstanding scholastic record during their first two years at Sweet Briar. JUNIOR HONORS FRESHMEN HONORS In carlx Ffl ruar . a special Honors Convocation is called at which the facullv recognizes those stu- dents who have distinguished themselves academ- icalU durinp: their first semester at Sweet Briar. LEFT TO RK;HT. E. TEI): Kenl .Xewtt.n, Gwendolen Taylor, Eleanor Keen, ; ' , (. ' amilla Reid, Patricia .Skarda. Marfjuerita Chandler. ST.4NDI.NG: Katina ( on- | dax. Anne Kinsev. Janalee Bourne. Frames Kirven. NOT PICTURED: Judith | jL P.ell. I.anne Pra -el. Mar Cantex. , herilyn Klaern.r. D.-i.Ire L.-land. rui I ' rl,-i-n„ L •« ' --- : f SSBm STUDENT The Executive Board is composed of the student leaders of the college community. These students assist in the educational purposes of the Student Government by directing projects to the appropriate organization and by channeling questions about academic matters to the proper authority. Among its other functions, the Executive Board also receives all petitions. api)eals and proposals for amendments to the Constitution and By-laws. SARAH PORTER President of Student Government EXECUTIVE BOARD ■ M .- , ' ' v -. 1 ' f $ i ij, » 1 1 1 LEFT TO RIGHT, SEATED: Alison Flynn, Elizabeth Han ;er. Fai rfax AlacRae, Jean Itifje, Dryden Childs, Elizabeth Currey, Lavinia Campbell, Carol Cole, Sarah Porter, Brenda Muhlinghaus. STANDING: Nancy Conkle, Mary Meade Gordon, Virginia Williams, Anne Mercer, Courtney Stevenson, Pamela McConnell, Lee Cooper, Babette Frazer, Mary Bell, Marion Harrison, Gretchen Bullard, Victoria Chain- ski, Elvira McMillan, Trudy Dowd. GOVERNMENT The Judicial lioaid iiilfijiifls tlir llcmoi S stem and Regu- lations to the Student Government and the Faculty. Because the Honor System is an integral part of life at Sweet Briar, the Judicial Board is eiulowed with the power to enforce the regulations li iinestigating an(1 trying cases which involve a lack of responsihility or breach of the Honor S stpm. and imposing such jjenalties as it deems advisable. PRYOR HALE Judiciary Chairman oj Student Government ■ 1 1 1 i JUDICIAL BOARD LEFT TO RICIIT. SEATED: Margaret Mapp. . arali Ha kell, Pryor Hale. Ann Drelie Sarah Ma-- ey. Blair Bnili, Linda Scliwaab, Helen Raney, Susanne Brown, Ann Banks Julie Brad haw. SlANDLNC; Marzueriie McKi- LEFT TO RIGHT: Trudy Dowd, Fairfax MacRac. Eli abelli Currev, Elvira McMillan. Seniors LEFT TO RI(;HT: Lavinia Cam|iliell, Nancy Conkle, Mary Meade Gordon. Juniors HOUSE PRESIDENTS The House Presidents work with their Resident Counselors and Hall Presidents to maintain order and enforce the living regulations in the dormitories. Among their many duties, these students are responsible for checking the house book, holding house meetings, and presiding at fire drills. Sophomores: Gretchen BuUard and Mary Bell - TAU PHI Tau Phi is an honorary society composed of ujjperclassmen who ha e demonstrated not onlv scho- lastic acliievement. hut have also shown a special interest in uniting the highest ideals of the academic tradition. The group sponsors faculty-student discussions, en- courages interest in lectures and concerts, and gives play readings and book reviews. Amcjng Tau Phi ' s other activities is included packing baskets at Christmas for the farm employees. LEFT TO MIGHT. TOI ' TO liOlTOM: Kli al.elh Cuney. Catlu-rin.- In-ys Maty Mea.le CcnL.T., .Sarah Porter, Randi Miles, . iiiie MacCliiilDck. Jean Mcintosh, Fairfax . iacRae, I ' ryor Hah-. Mary Freese, Jane Hamill, . Iary-FIeniing Willis, Katherine Weinrich, Beatrice Totlen, Patricia Martin. Trudy Dowd, .Margaret Highlands, Susan Strong, Mary Sutherland, Milbrey Sebring. CHUNG MUNG The " ghostiv thirteen " form an organization designed for atid understood b the sjM ' cialU ini- tiated alone. Besides guarding the secrets of the Orient, these shroud- ed descendants of an ancient and roval line vend " goodies " in the ' ' " •■•Tis each week and sell box- woods on Parents ' Dav. l.FKT TO RIGHT: .Marieluise Vogt. Uiarui II. nm. In.h .l-..n. N.iialie Lemmon. Dr den Childs Janet West. NOT PICTIRED: Sara Green, . nne English, .Anne Clark, Uura Haskell. .Mary -McGrew, Nivin Snyder, Linda Srhwaab. " 5 LEFT TO RIGHT, KUW WM.. , aial, lla Lfll. Man 1ui,U n -..null Hdlldm Hurt. Kuth Maishall. ROW TWO; Stella-.Mae Kemliaid, Margaret Mapp, Carroll Randolph, Margaret Williams, Crete hi n Billiard I ' ase Monroe. Mary Jatkson. Marion Harrison. Each Fall the Sophomore Class elects the Q.V. ' s by secret ballot, and the names are not disclosed until Spring step-singing. This society began in 1937 with the dual purpose to encourage the enthusiasm and spirit of the class and to make each individual aware of her responsibility to participate in class activities. " Halleluia, we ' re nut Bun l.tlT T(t KK.llT: Lama Saumlers. iil..iia Cliain ki, Man Anne Calhoun. Luui e Du Run I ' aliicia Tlmrnliill. Courtenav .Sands, Annit- Ward. Helen Kaney, in if red . Iurra BUM CHUMS The Notorious Ten is a spirited group of Juniors who sponsor numerous projects which touch all sides of college life. They sponsor the Bloodniobile. and they clean the Date House, but they are most recognized for their celebrated " Inns " which set the mood for aiati()ns with boisterous entertainment. Arc the two cleaning the Date House or sucking blood? ' 4 ♦ ♦ I J .- . ' " » - ' a •f v-giS LEFT TO RIGHT, KNEELING: Abigail Mason, AU-limla Alusgrove, Katlierine Wood, Janet West, Trudy Dowd, Laura Haskell. STANDING: Miss Emerson, Beatrice Totten. Cora Lee Logan, Ahby Starke, Barbara Dublin, Elizabeth Sutton, Olivia McGregor, Mr. Schmunk, Alison Flynn, Dryden Childs. VICTIM: Susan Moorman. PAINT AND PATCHES Ife P P provides a natural outlet for those students with creative and dramatic talents. The aim of the organization is to " entertain and to educate " not only the audience, but also those who participate. Experience is offered in acting, scenery, props, lighting, make-up. costuming, and stage-managing. This year the productions included Van Dru- ten s Bell. Book and Candle, three one-act pla s by Chekhov, and Anouilh ' s Antigone. char here? ' ii8 ♦ ♦ ♦ • The Asses r(iin() in a Puerto Rican stomp. AINTS AND ASSES " The Gardians of the Grass " are the unsur- passed personalities of Sweet Briar. Each ear the Asses stage original parodies of the I ' P productions, the Freshman . " how and .Ma Day. During exams they puhlish the Sweal Brow Blues, which abounds with hu- mor, wit and satire. On the serious side, the Asses protect the spring grass by blowing their whistles at wandering scholars. LKKT TO KK-HT. .-KAIHII: I ' .itri, ia Iarkl.-. la.ira Saunders. STANDl.Mi: . " lirllcN ruiiicr. !ourlnc .SicM-nson. Marj;iiirile MrKee. Melissa Sanders, Man Jackson, Jean .Mclnlosli. LAIJUER: Harriet Wall. .Mary Sutherland, Lavinia Camphcll. TOP: Elizabeth Currey, Phebe Harris, Jane Easlin, Grace Butlor, Brenda Muhlinghaus, Brooke Patterson, Mr. Nelson. " 9 ♦. Tf CHOIR LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW ONE: Sally Twe- dell, Jean Flanagan, Olivia McGregor, Brooke Tucker, Carol Stokes, Elizabeth Nalle. ROW TWO: Joanne Krout, Anne Frotliingham, Natalie Lemmon, Eleanor Gilmore, Jane Reed, Victoria Nalle. ROW THREE: Kath- ryn Hemphill, Jule Seihles, Alice Virginia lindd, Hollv Zweigler, Anne English, Mar- uaiet Pittnian. ROW FOIR: Mellie Hickey, . lar, ;aret Bloch, Elizalieth Hunt, Pamela IJnyii. Eugenia Dickey, Shelley Turner. ROW FIVE: Grayson Rcnviett. Carole Dudley. Bar- hara Dublin, Jill Bergnido. Lane .Steele. Kathrvn Carroll. ROW SIX: Nancy Greer, Mariiaret Henning, .Sims McRae, Christopher Kill II lien. Pamela Burwell. Clayton Black- »ell. ROW SEVEN: Pamela Trimingham. Nancy Bullard, Elvira McMillan, Lavinia Campbell, Belinda Gullet, Peggy Wood. The Chdir provides music for each Sunday church service during the year. In addition to the annual Christmas service, the Choir joined with the New York University Glee Club to present a concert in March and with the Col- gate University Glee Club in an April concert. The Choir also participated in many campus events such as the ground-breaking for the Chapel. ALICE McELDOWNEY Head of Choir SWEET TONES 11)1 ' TO BOTTOM: Can.l.- Dudl.N. Maiv Meaile Gord.in. Mary McGrrw. Victoria Junes, Margen Moses, Margaret Vose. Mar Emma Carmiohael. Melissa Sanders. Pegg) Wood, Elizabeth Gawthrop, Emily Pleasants. Victoria Nalle, Alice McEldowney. I- d liy Alice McEldowney. the Sweet Tones is an informal singing group composed of thirteen students selected from the three upper classes. Their songs hrighlen Fall Dance and Mav Dav Weekends, the Christmas and Spring " Imis. " and other campus activities. They liave also entertained for the Board of Overseers and the Board of Di- rectors. Perhaps the most delightful surprise of the year is their serenade at the dawn of Christmas acation. N.S.A. serves Student Government through E.I.T. and the In Loco Parentis study group. The organization extends educational opportunities such as the Regional Symposium on Southeast Asia, which was held at Sweet Briar this Feb- ruary TOP TO BOTTOM, ROW ONE: Pamela Burwell, Anne Newton, Sandra Cook, Baird Shinberger. Vicky Thoma, Elizabeth Hunt, Bab- ette Eraser. ROW TWO: Mary-Fleming Willis. Robin Cutler. Mar- tha Madden, Foy Roberson, Carole Peer, Judy Hay, Bethel Sebring. NATIONAL STUDENT ASSOCIATION VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE The Vocational Guidance committee is composed of a small number of students and faculty for the purpose of informing students about post-graduation and sum- mer jobs and careers. The committee keeps extensive files concerning vocational and educational possibilities, and arranges for speakers and panels to discuss future op- portunities. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Carv A. iiluM. ;i-,. i;,.. I. Alice Wright, Pearl Riggan, Alison Hynn. iiaylnr Kii. kc ;. Ilallam Hurt, Mi-hell. CUHIMCULUM COMMITTEE III i I ' fl ' ' I II The Curriculum Committee is com- posed of students from each of the fields i f tiidv and from the Sopho- iiKin- and lieshman Classes. It fun -- lions as an intermediar between faculty and students 1) gathering stu- dents ' ideas and opinions concerning the curriculum. This is accomplished through o|)en meetings, questionnaires anil rieu |)a|)er articles. LKFT TO UK.IIT. KdW ONE: Stella-Mae K.mlianl. Marguerite Chaiuller, Victoria Cliainski. Patricia Martin. KOW TWO: . nne Ma( Cliiituck, Margaret Highlands, Mary- Frcese, .Milhrey Sebring, .Mary-Fleming Willis. LEFT TO KU;ilT, lanV (J.NE: Ann Dielier, Vi.k Tlmma, Alinr R.-.v, lil. Mark,-, Eli jl.etl. lienoit, liriioke I ' alterMm, Jean Flanagan, Naniv Moss. Harrintle Doilson, Dahni-y Williams, Cariil Keifsnv.jcr. Anne .Ma.Clinl... k. Eli .alMili BMswell. ROW TWO: Travli.r Kuck.r. Hahette Eraser. Alio- iVrr . Milhrev .Sehring, .Margaret Highlands. Alice McEldi.wncv, Marv I.ee. liamcv Walker. Jean Mclnicsh, Alice Wright, Susan Strong, Leslie Smith. ROW THREE: Laura Haskell. Sally Chellas, .Melinda Mu.sgrove, Joan Clinchy, .Marv Duncan, Eliiuibcth Currev, Gravson Rowlctt, Trudy Dowd, Jane Hamill. ROW FOLIR: Saralvn McAfee. Marianne Micros. Emily Pleasants, Mary Hulse, Carol Cole, Alice Virginia Dodd, .Vlison Flynn. ROW FIVE: Phebe Harris, Blair Both. SENIOR ADVISORS The . " enior Advisors assist Freshmen and transfer students to become familiar with the academic |)rograms and re- (luirements of the college. Their pur- pose is to provide suggestions concern- ing plans of study and to offer any advice which is requested. 1x3 f t -0 t ■ LEFT TO RIGHT. ROW OM- I ii al.t-lh Leuiaid Hi abeth Claser, Ellen Kt-llry. Virlmia Cliain.-ki, Paula Ayotte, Charlotte Moore, Clayton Blackwell. ROW TWO: Jiulith Ben en, Ui ie nn lliompson, Virginia Yelverton, Josephine Hevward, Virginia Stanley, Molly Randolph, Baird Shinberger. ROW THREE Bethel Di on Jane V illingham. Hallam Hurt. Judith Powell, Virginia Evans. Stella-Mae Renchard, Judith Hay, Bethel Sebring. Margaret Si hulti ROW FOUR Marion Eells, Margaret Pittman. Margaret Dortch, Penelope Titter. Leslie Huher, Sarah Kalber, Claudia Fangboner, Bonnie Blew, Tom Naien lane Reed. ROW FFVE: Martha Meehan, Mary Gary Ambler, Melissa Sanders, Juliet Bodin, Victoria Dillon, Kimble Waters. Barbara Tdlnian, Elizabeth Braden. Jean Miller, Diane Dalton. ROW SIX: Margaret Williams, Eleanor Covington, Diedre Symington, Kathryn Trogdon, Shelley Gearhart, Gayle Deerborn, Emily Chenoweth, Kerry Weber. ROW SEVEN: Linda Grizzard, Mary Ellen Martin, Connie Stuber, Gracey Stoddard, Britton Hassell, Hallie Darby. ORIENTATION COMMITTEE The Orientation Committee returns to college a week prior to Opening Convocation in order to welcome the Freshmen and transfer students. The students of this com- mittee help all new students hecome acquainted with the campus, and the social and academic life at Sweet Briar. " Yim can ' t !;el there from here. ' 114 V ♦ ♦ ♦ » 4 r-i%- LEFT TO UKiHT, FIK.ST ROW : Kmily Pleasants. Jean Shaw, Giurtenay Sands, Belle Williams, Diedre Symington. SECUiNlJ ROW: Whit- ney .|i iei. Judith Haskell, Jane Willingham. Joan Clinehv, Jean Inge, Alice .Mighell, Margaret Pittnian, Elizabeth (Jlaser, Judith Bensen. Judith liakiT. SOCIAL COMMITTEE Several girls from each class are elected to serve on the Social Conimittee which assists in the administration of the social regulations and also ])rovides such entertainment as . " aturdaN night mo ies for the faculty and students. The major j)roject of this committee is to sponsor the Fall Dance Wekend. Candied apples and other refreshments at the Friday night combo party, a concert hy the Journeymen, and class parties were on this year ' s program. " All taste and no judgment. " IM YOUNG DEMOCRATS The oung Democrats recognize the need to stimulate interest in government and politics. These students hold de- bates and discussions, work at Amherst County polls during elections, and s])ons()r many speakers during the year. Together with the Young Republicans, this group organized the mock election held in early Noyember. LEFT I ' O KH.HT, K(» U F.: Maxine Li-kin. Ju.lilh liarlliold. ROW TWO: Anne MacClintnck, Anne Turner Overton, . nne Newlon. RO THREE: Barliara Dublin, Marianne Micros, Melinda Musgrove, Martha Madden. HISPANIC SOCIETY The members of the Hispanic Society show an interest in the cultural, political and social aspects of Spanish-speaking countries. This year students have given lectures on their own countries, and advanced Spanish students provide help for first- year students at special tables provided for them in the Refector on Wednesday nights. I, EFT TO RIGHT: Alice Perry. Brooke Patterson. Frances llal.li. Katina Condax. ROW TWO: Laura Rogers, Dolly t ili.ill.ro. Stephanie Ewalt, Philena Werden, Marianne Mm in-. Vickv Thonia, Lang Lloveras. 116 YOUNG REPUBLICANS I lie iitiiii; l{f|iul)li(;ins (Huh consists .if tliiise students interested in initiating iiiid maintaining arti e political int T- ests on campus, ' lo provide llie ' mem- bers with practical experience, the (,hih has sponsored dehates and speakers and has worked in conjunction with local civic leaders in campaigning and poll- watching. Members of the Club have also participated in the Virginia Fed- eration conferences and have taken a Spring trip to Washington, D.C. LEKI 1(1 KM. HI. HOW ONE: CliriMopher Kikullen. Julie Bradsliaw, Can.. II i;,n,.l..l|.h Katalin Kelety. Jane I tl.-y. .Sims McRae, Keenan Ojlton. ROW TWO: Juliet Yl)un l!n...ke I in ker, .Mine Rex, Beverley Sharp, Cordelia Harrison, Dabney Williams, Jean Shaw. ROW THREE: Fhilena Werden, Jane Hamill, Beatrice Totlen, Stephanie Ewalt, Mary Duncan. Nancv Collier, Lesley Bis- sell, Catherine Porter, Linda Marshall, Dryden Childs. ROW FOUR: .Mice Mijihell, Traylor Rucker, Sarah Kalber, Evelyn Graham, Alison Flynn, Elizabeth Sutton. Y.W.C.A. I he . ' . . provides varied opportunities for service to others tliroUf. ' li a niJMd)er of special ] rojeits. .Members of the " ' " " lead Sunday eve- ning vesper services, have monthly meetings with representatives from three area colleges, and hold an ainiual Christmas party U r all the chililren of the employees. This year the guest speaker at tin .Annual l eligious Conference was Dr. Richard H. Nieliuhr of Harvard I tiiversitv. LEFT TO RICHT. SEATED: IVnn Willels, Nancy Dun- ham. Aii c Virfiinia D.idd. Elizabeth Hanfier, Carole Dud- ley. Carndl Randolph. .STAND1N(;: Jane Nelson, Alice .Mifihell, Natalie Lemmon, Baird Shinberger, Patricia .Sad- tier, Lucy Blundon, Catherine Porter, Laura Haskell. IV WORLD AFFAIRS CLUB LEFT TO KIGHT, ROW ONE: Robin Cutler, Slella-Mae Keiuliard. Sarah Kalber, Philena Werden, Sachiko Takemura, Elizabeth Hunt. ROW TWO: Carole Poer, Emily Baker, INadean Finch, Brooke Tucker, Babette Fraser, Mary-Fleming Willis, Martha Madden. The World Affairs Club .stimulates interest in. and fosters discussions of international political and economic affairs. To fur- ther the understanding of contemporary problems, the group spon- sors such speakers as David Spencer, and sends delegates to many conventions. This years program included a Japanese evening with one of Sweet Briars exchange students. Sachiko Takemura. " What do you think about world affairs? " 128 LEFT TO RICHT: Jane Taylnr. Jmliili Barilinld. Susan Parker. CAMPUS CHEST In an annual canipaign. ihis facultN- sludcnt organization strives for one luiiulri ' d ]3er cent p articipation. By concentrating its ellorts in an energetic drive for contributions to foreign stu- dents scholarships, as well as national and local funds. Campus Chest offers each member of the Sweet Briar com- munity the oj)portunity to realize a re- sponsibility toward others. STUDENT DEVELOPMENT LEFT TO RIGHT: Iarv Dnman. Kutli Mar-liall. M..na Tlinrnliill. Jean Flanajian. I alricia Skarda. | This year the Student Body voted to contribute Student I)evelo|)ment funds to the Dana Foundation Chal- lenge Grant for the addition to the librar . . " Celling apple turnovers, presenting a February Carnival, and sponsoring the exhibition of Fnglish ( " hina are among the |)rojects handled by this committee. iMiiiiiiiid LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW ONE: Mary Anne Callmun. K,.i.i.an C.llnii. l)iA.i,-ii Clnl.ls, hiin,-y Jester, Susan Sumners. ROW TWO: Penn Willets, Nancy Collier, Jane Nelson, Linda Marshall, P.-arl Kififian. KOW THKKK: Siella-Mae Kenchard, Elizabeth Suttcn, Mary Hulse. THE SWEET BRIAR NEWS The Sweet. Briar News is a weekly publication which provides interesting and informative articles on local, national, and international affairs. The aims of the News are to stimulate an awareness of important events within the college com- munity and to serve as a channel of student and faculty opinion. Several neu columns, Lively Arts, Exchange Students ' Opinion, and News in Re- ' ■ ' ' both light and serious veins to complete news coverage. add DRYDEN CHILDS Editor 130 THE 1965 BRIAR PATCH KLATRICE TOTTEN Editor ABBY STARKE Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF— LEFT TO RIGHT: Emily Pleasants Susan Gibaud, Courlcnay Samls, Cora Lee Logan. Bealrire Totten, IS ' ancy Collier, Patricia .Mar- tin. Marjiaret Highlands. FU;SL E.SS .STAFF— LEFT TO RIGHT. SEATED: Katherine Wood. Ahhy Starke, Evelyn Graham. .STAND- ING: Mine Kex. Christopher Kilciillen. J3» BRAMBLER The Brambler sponsors an an- nual freshman literary contest, and this year the staff arranged to exchange representative pieces with the Washington and Lee I ni- versitv magazine. Published three times a year, this literary magazine includes the poetry, prose and art of hnth stu- dents and faculty. A.STRID VON BAILLUU Editor LEFT TO RIGHT, SEATED: Patricia Martin, Anne MacClintock, Ann Ferrell. Sharon Bradford. Astrid von Baillou, Janet West, Traylor Rucker, Jane Ellen Lishnoff. STANDING: Catherine Ireys, Juliet Baker, Molly Poole, Dorothy Poole, Leslie Smith, Lillian Norhurn. Ahne Rex, Harriotte Dodson, .A.lice Wright, Frances Butt, Margaret Langenberg. 132- .4 V ' -V V ♦♦ ' •♦ " 1)1 N HKKKA.N AM) JUDITH n ) Editor and Business Manager THE STUDENT HANDBOOK This publication is the principal source of information concerning llic Honor S steni. college regula- liciiis. and all the activities and orgaiiizulions. ' 33 t i «H EVENTS OF THE YEAR f ' ' . - :. Lois Bewley. Charles Bennett. Bill Cutler and Janite Cro- man. of the First Chaniher Dance Quartet, have successfully combined the techniques and discipline of classical ballet with their own " free style " to create a novel effect in the field of modern dance. Their repertoire included an interpretation of the life of Van Gogh which was performed with remarkable precision, grace and ability. For Parents " Weekend. Paint and Patches performed Van Druten " s enchanting play, Bell, Book and Candle. Pictured are Gillian, played by Diane Girling. Nicky, played by Mr. Glenn Van Treese, and Aunt Queenie, played by Beatrice Totten, in the act of summoning the eccentric authoress, Semantha Redlitch. 134 ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Jciil:! ' Biilcl. n (ailian American |)i;in(i iitui)! (). is an artist of iiilci- iKiliiinal acclaim. Recently, lie made the recording for tiie sound track of Sonii It illiout End. a film of the com|)oser- irtuoso Franz Liszt. Mr. Holet ' s program included the Ha dn " Andante and Variations in F mi- nor. " the Schubert " Wanderer Fan- tasy in C major. Opus 1.5. " and four " Ballades " bv Chopin. For its Winter production Paint and Pat hes presented three one- act farces by Anton Chekhov. Pic- lured is an episode from the Siian Sonp in which Vassily Vassilyitch S etlovidov is played by Mr. Rich- ard Rowland and Nina Ivanitch is pla ( ' d b Mary Cantey. _- -7 fff]ifi Jose Liinon describes dance as " nothing less than the celebration and affirmation of human grandeur, dignity and nobility. ' His extraordinarily im- pressive performance included " Missa Rrevis. " a choreographic rendering of the Mass. which expressed the dramatic (ILialitv and the rhythmic grace found in the l iturgy. Among the entertainments scheduled for the Fall Dance weekend, the Social Committee organized a Hootenanny which featured the Journeymen. This singing trio amused the audience with a variety of old and new songs interspersed with iui- morous and lively dialogue. C nc A i-%.-,fi ♦ ' ♦■♦■r. The Esterhazy Orchestra, under the direction of Conductor David Blum, presented the first of the season ' s concerts at Sweet Briar. Their repertoire included Bach ' s " Suite No. 1 in C major, " Mozart ' s " Violin Concerto in A inajur. Havdn s " Andante Canfabile from the " String Ouartet. Opus 8. " and Grieg ' s " Hoiherg Suite. " Jciuitialisl Inez iinlili caplmfd lit-r audieiicc « itii 111 T li-i luif (in tlif " Interesting People whom she lias mil tliiiiuj;li litr career. Mrs. Robb spoke with | iiritaiiec us hunmr and eas charm and delighted liiT listeners ith amusing anecdntes about her p ' .TMiiial cxpi ' ricnccs. Ilcri Mrs. Robb is ])ictured «th Mrs. Hilda llilc and Drv.len Childs. 137 « wj w » i »ic ' ivjwiJ wfrwtxa-jj aN.- In her lecture " My Russian Steps, " " Mrs. Willie Snow Etheridge entranced her audience with her sparkling humor and marvelous wit. Mrs. Eth- eridge reflected upon her recent visit to Russia with particular emphasis on the personalities of the " everyday people of the street " whom she met. Costumed as Charles Dickens. ErnKn Wil- liams has recreated this novelist " s remarkable ■haracters. His program included selections from the Tale of Two Cities, The Pickwick Papers, Our Mutual Friend and a child ' s hor- ror stor . The Pie Crust. Here Mr. Williams is pictured acting the part of Mr. Guppy: " What in the name of the devil — Look at my fingers. A dark li(]uifl defiles them! " ' .,♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ » ' ATHLETICS LEFT TO RIGHT: Laura Rogers, Nancy MacMeekin. Traylor Rucker, Alison Flynn, Carol Reifsnyder, Jiulilh Howe, Penn Willets. ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION ALISON FLYNN Head oj the Athletic Assoriatiu Encompassing all students and many sports, the Athletic Association promotes wide participation in varsity, dormitory, and individual activities. College seals, medals and blazers are awarded by the Execu- tive Committee for skill, sportsmanship, and interest. 140 RIDING Sweet Briar ofTers sluili-iils iiiun oppdituiiilie;- for crusb-couiitrv riding as well as organized instruction. The Hiding Council oversees the activities and organizes horse shows, hunter trials, and riding clinics. In addition, the members represent the college at hunts and horse shows in the surrounding area. The Riding Council is composed of those students who have shown more llian i.idi- nary interest and [)artici])ation. as well as above average riding aliililv. I Kl T Kl lill.ll 1. KM I I l i. ,,n.v liullai.1. liMiuiie l!lew. CharloM.- l..,„,. .i,.|v |,.Mtp..in.-r . kaiina (...ii,l,, . Diaiuia Yacger, all llunliarn. l WlilM.: Kaili.iinc Baker. Nancv Dunham, Terrill Kenliess, Anne Kl erslaill. Al li I ' alhr-nn. Marjiarel . " rliullz. Inily Manes . Mdlly Randolph. .MOINTED: Kathleen Watson. Elaine Hc.rlon, Beatrice Tollen. 141 fu _ ; «» ■ ' " f i ;i|ri LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW ONE: Barbara Tillman. Laura Rogers, Gail Harrison. Eileen Stroud. Jill Ber- guido. ROW TWO: Vicky Thoma. Laura Pralt. Margaret Rand, Nurvell Jones, Patricia Fischer, Virginia Young, Mary Jackson, Kathleen Obenchain, Elizabeth Harvey. HOCKEY Varsity hockey players compete in tlie Blue Ridge Tournament and in individual college games for positions on the Squad, the Sweet Briar team, and the Blue Ridge team. Varsity and Junior Varsity are announced at an annual hockey dinner com- pleting a full season. LEFT TO RIGHT. KNEELING: Judith Howe. ROW ONE: Barbara Tillman. Eleanor Griggs, Hallani Hurt. Anne Mercer. Mary Jackson. ROW TWO: Alison Flynn, Grace But- ler, Patricia Fischer, Grayson Rowlett, Jill Berguido. LACROSSE Lacrosse is among the Spring team sports offered hy the college. The high- lights of the year include the Southern Holiday weekend and the Virginia Women ' s Lacrosse Tournament. 141 ■ ' ■ k ' % " v ' i i; TENNIS Tlic Swi-ct Hiuii- ' u il tennis si|iiuil (■ )m| clt ' s in tin- Fail and tin- Sprinj; Im llii- Mt ' irur Mt-niorial (!il|). Kvt-nts ol tile far im lude tlii ' Sweet Briar-Hdilins matcli at llu ' llcinestead. l.EFT TO RIGHT. R() ONK: Kiames Kirveii. Ann.- Kroiliiiifiliani, I ' enn Willets, Louise Harvey. Kay Erl ert. ROW TWO: Elizalxtli Sutton, Traylcir Ru.kt-r, Callierine Porter, Itftjy Wolfe. Lee Cooper, liarliaia .lolinscin. BASKETBALL Basketball is offered during the Winter term. The Varsity challenges neighboring colleges during the season, but dorm games are offered for all students not on Varsity. I.Kl- ' T ' I ' D KK.IIT. Ht IINK: l ' ...iini.- l;lrw. li-..n I ' luiii. Ilallani Hull. Kli al etli Han ' : -r. Kallirvri ll.inp vey, Laura Kogrrs, Tra lor Rucker, L) nn Kra icr, Sarali Paradise, Marion Kell-, (. ' atlierine Cooley. 143 DANCE Members are chosen for interest, ability, and participation in the dance program. Stu- dents do their own choreography and have the experience of seeing their works formally presented on stage. A novelty on campus this year was a chapel program choreographed and danced by the club. " Dancing is the loftiest, the most moving, the most beautiful of arts, because it is no mere translation or abstraction from life; it is Life itself. " Havelock Ellis LEFT TO RIGHT, KNEELING: Pamela Rutledge, Jane Utley, Mary Trombly, Mary Freese. STANDING kell. Jane Ellen Lishnoff, Emily Chennweth, Nancy Lathrop. Victoria Cliainski, Laura Has 144 MAY COURT i i ' .- ' iiiSiSm MAY QUEEN Miss Sarah Brown Porter mi ' - k " 4- % " ' ♦ - " ■♦ ' : ' y A NE CL l{k (iarlnnd Ptcarcr TRIDV DOWD Scepler Rearer HONOR COURT jK.w i (;fc: Crown Hearer HI MliICK TOTTKN l ' ai:e • : ' : . - iTHTirryiwrinniMiMBiii J(»an Clinchy. ( Iirislopliei Kilcullfn. arj Cart»le Dudley, Sriiio lliihl s and Kathleen Wal im. Smim Dryden Cliild and Sharon Bradford. NOT I ' lCTl RED: Julie Bradshaw. Seniors. 148 ♦ ♦ « ♦ ♦ m r l ' ! » v ' - .v » Mona Tlininliill ami Camlinr Kirlianlson. NOT PICTLREU: Ann Lutz. Seniors. 1965 MAY COURT KiniK I ' k-a-aiiN aiul MajN lliii-r. Scniur.s. 8usan Kjfld en. Anne Newton and irtnria (Tiainski. Juniors. Courtenay Sands. Margaret Langenlierg and Ellen heatley. Jani: Man McGrew. irginia U illiam . and Kallirvn Binaliam. Junior I ranees desSaussure and Pamela Ii( Bunnell. Fnshn MAY COURT 1965 ljiiMii Harri iin anil Claiulia Faiifilioncr. Sophunivr Mary Bell and Victoria Jones. NOT PICTLRED: Mary Ja.•k on. Suphomo 151 Hold fast the memory of those gay delights , .j,«ji ' ' s.ii2 • jix-ty ' l 15 k« ■■♦■ ♦ ' ♦ ♦ ' • ■ ' ' ' ' . . 1a - 4 V • C- i ' : V i ' ♦ ♦ ■ ' - DIRECTORY OF FACULTY, STUDENTS AND ADVERTISERS i jlffll w f Ml y VrtftlC ' d ' mmmBSmsm ADMINISTRATION, ADMINISTRATION. FACULTY AND STAFF 19 6 4-1965 EXECUTIVE OFFICERS Anne Gary Pannell, D.Pliil. (OxunJ. LL.D I ' resideril Meta Glass, Ph.D., Lilt. I)., LL.U., D.C.L I ' lesidenl Emeritus Mary J. Pearl, Ph.D Uean Ann E. Aiken, M.Ed Assistant Uean Dorothy Jester, . ' V.B Dean of Students Jean Lolise Willums, A.. 1 Director of Admission Jeanette Boone, .A.B Recorder Peter V. Daniel, B.A Assistant to the President; Treasurer Hilda Gray Hite, B.A. .. .Executive Secretary and Administrative Assistant to the President THE P ' ACLILTY .Anne Gary Pannell President: Professor of History .A.B., Barnard College: D.Phil., (Oxon); LL.D., University of Alabama; Woman ' s College, LIniversity of North Carolina; Litt.D., Western Reserve University; D.H.L., University of Chattanooga. -Mary J. Pearl Uean; Professor of Greek and Latin B.A., University of Toronto; A.M., Ph.D., University of Michi- gan. Ralph Aiken Assistant Professor of English B.A., Williams College; B.A., M.A., lOxon); Ph.D.. Duke University. David F. Anthony Director, Asian Studies Program B.A., Princeton University; M.A., Ph.D., Yale University. Clayton E. Bailey Consultant in Hidinf; Sheffield Scientific School, Yale University. Beverly B. Bannim; Instructor in Spanish B.A., Central Methodist College; . I.. ., Tulane University. Hugh J. Barcer, Jr. Assistant Professor of Chemistry B.S., Davidson College; .VLA., Princeton L ' niversity. Richard W. Barron " Visiting Lecturer in Government B.A., Knox College; Ph.D., University of Virginia. Eleanor D. Barton Professor oj Art A.B., Vassar College; KM., New York University; Ph.D., Radcliffe College. FACULTY A ND STAFF .■ RTHLR S. Bates Professor oI French A.B., Hamilton College; A..M., Ph.D., Cornell University. Jane C. Belcher Prolessor ul Biology A.B., Colby College; A.M., Columbia University; Ph.D., Uni- versity of .Missouri. Miriam F. Bennett Prolessor oj Biology A.B., Carleton College; A.. I.. Mount Holyoke College; Ph.D., Northwestern LIniversity. Barbara Blair Assistant Professor of Chemistry A.B., Agnes Scott College; M.S.. Ph.D., University of Tennessee. T. Alan Brouchton Instructor in English A.B., Swarthmore College; M.A., University of Washington. Sue Anne Brown B.A., Lynchburg College. Assistant in Physical Educatio Laura T. Buckham Professor of French A.B., University of Vermont ; A. L, Ph.D., Radcliffe College. Reyn(jld Burrows Associate Professor of Greek and Latin B.A., Harvard College; M.A., University of Michigan; Ph.D., Princeton University. Henry Carsch Assistant Professor of Sociology and Anthropology B.A., University of California; M.A., University of Chicago and Princeton University. Patricia Ann Crist B.S., Lynchburg College. Assistant in Biology Charles Laws in Crowe Assistant Professor of Philosophy A.B., Duke University; -M.A„ Ph.D.. Columbia University. Arnold A. Del Greco Visiting Associate Prolessor of Italian B.S., New York University; M.A., Ph.D., Columbia University Lentz C. DeVol Associate Professor of Physics B.A., Marietta College; M.S., University of Cincinnati. George T. Dorsch, Jr. B.A., Bostim University. Instructor in Art Second semester. On leave, 1964-65. On sabbatical leave, l%4-65. 154 4 ♦ ♦ « ♦ » • T ' H« ■■•♦ ' ♦ " i ♦ ' ■♦ » ♦■ ADMINISTRATION, FACULTY AND STAFF A.Ii.. Mnunt il..lv.,kf (;.. I ' ll. I)., livrn Iawr Cclle l sociale Professor of English M.A., University of Tennessee; . l in Ann I.kk I ' ro essor of Mathematics A.H., Kaiui..li.liMa.iui Woinairs College; A.M., University of Wisconsin; Pli.l)., Cornell University. I )c III! I [in M. Fai.lco.nkh Instructor in Education and Psychology A.U., I yncliburg College; M.Ed., University of Virginia. EsTiiKii H. Leffi.kh Professor of Chemistry B.S., Pennsylvania .Stale I iii crsity; Ph.D., University of Virginia. Vkhi.ii.ii s 1- ' kk i I tsiliuj; I ' mirssor vl Philosophy li.A.. Aiigii-lana College; B.U., Aiigi.stana Tlieological Semi- nary: M.A., I ' li.l).. Yale University. I ' llII.ir l.Kc.I.KH Assistant Professor of English B.A.. Dini mi University; M.K.. .. Universitv of Iowa. Hi Til 1. KlIiM Associate Professor ol Art U.S.. I. ., Pill).. Cuhiiiil.ia University. Hkttik KdKTK Assistant I ' rotvssur ol (ireck and Lalin A.I!.. Agnes .Scoll College; . I.A., Pli.D.. liyrn . Iawr College. KiiiTii C. I.uwin Visiting Lecturer in History li.A.. Mount Holyoke Oillege; D.Phil. (Oxon). Kmiikkink MAfODNAi.E) ' Associatc Professor of Physical Education i!.S.. Tiifl College; .M.A., Universitv of Iowa. . U. 1NF, Garneii Professor of Religion . .B., WoinanV College. University of North Carolina; M.A., Union Theological .Seminary-Columbia University; Ph.D., Uni- Nersily of .Mierileen. Tiiovus . Cii.iMiiicK Associate Professor of Government I ' .S.. M.A.. Uiii er-ity of Illinoi-; Ph.D., University of Chicago. G. Noble Gili ' In Professor of Music B.Mus., M.Mus., Syracuse University; D..S.M., Union Theologi- cal .Seminary. . . George Gitter Assistant Professor of Sociology B.A., University of Virginia; . I.A., Ph.D.. .American University. Ik nk .M. -McClain l.haplain: Associate Professor of Religion .k., Yale University; ] . .. .M.. ., Cambridge University; .S.T.B.. General Theological .Seminary. IiuiTii . .Mc.MdKAN Assistant Professor oi Physical Education H.S.. Beaver College; M.S.. Smiil, College. ' liiF.N .M MiiK Associate Professor of Music Graduate, Budapest College of .Music; Piano Professor ' s Di- lilonia, Liszt .Academy of -Music, Budapest. H. Chester .Markle. Jk. Associate Professor of Chemistry B.S., Franklin and Marshall College; Secretary of the Faculty M.S., Ph.D., Carnegie Institute of Technology. Robert K. Gooch Visiting Lecturer in Government B.. ., M.A., Universitv of Virginia; Sue Reid Slaughter B.A., M.A.. D.Phil.. (Oxon). Lectureship SlZANNK TaVI.OR GoLYER A.B., Sweet Briar College. Assistant in Phrsic .Milan E. Hafala (barter Glass Professor of Government . .B., Beloit College; . .. I., University of Nebraska; Ph.D., Duke University. George . . Hxven. Jr. Assistant Professor of Psychology B.A., St. Mary ' s University; .M..A., Texas Christian University; Ph.D., University of Minnesota. Gerhard Masur Ph.D., University of Berlin. Professor of History K. John .Matthew Professor of French; Director. Junior Year A.B., University of New Hampshire; in France Diploma, Franco-.American Institute of Vichy; Docteur de I ' Universite de Clermont-Ferrand. Wilson Lee .Miser Visiting Lecturer in Mathematics B.A., Univer.sity of Arkansas; -M.. .. Yale University: Ph.D.. University of Chicago. Betty Sie .Moehlenkamp Assistant Professor of Physical A.B., Randolph-Macon Women ' s College. Education .Michael E. Jinkin ' Instructor in An B.F.A., Richmond Professional Institute: I.F.. .. ( " alifornia College of Arts and Crafts. Elisabeth F. .Miillek Helen K. MuU Professor of Psychology A.B., Goucher College; A.. I., Clark University; Ph.D., Cornell Universitv. Jvme.s E. Kirby Assistant Professor of Religion B.A., .Mc.Murry College; B.D., S.T..M., Perkins School of The- ology; Ph.D., Drew University. Ernest N. Kirrmann Professor of German B.S., College of the City of New York; . LA., Teachers Col- lege, Columbia University; Ph.D., Northwestern U ' niversity. knR Merenyi de Kont Assistant Professor of Spanish . lapvi ga iB.. .), .Szakvizsga i.M.. .). Pedagogiai Vizsga. University of Buda|)est. Pierre Henri Lairent Assistant Professor of History A.B., Colgate University; . ..M., Ph.D., Boston University. Lysbetii W. Muncy Professor of History and Government A.B., Vassar College; A..M., Ph.D., Brown University. Antoinette D. Nelson ' Instructor in Latin A.B., Randolph-.Macon Woman ' s College; M., ., University of .Michigan. Lawrence (;. Nei.son Professor of English B.A., Luther College; A.M.. University of Texas; Ph.D., Uni- versitv of Virginia. • Second semester, 1964-65. On sabbatical leave, 1964-65. On sabbatical leave, first semester, 1964-65. 155 ♦ ♦ ♦ , ADMINISTRATION, FACULTY AND STAFF Carolyn Nicholson Instrmior in I ' hysical Education B.S., Mississippi State Cnllcjie for Women; M.S., Springfield College. cjiiKN Oi.ivKi, ' ' Assistant Professor ol Art U.K. A., .lolm Herroii Art Institute; . I.F.. ., Tulane University. 1 i J E S. Olivku A.B.. Sweet Briar College As. ' .i! tant III Art Vr.TEK Penzoldt I ' roiessor oj Frrnrh and (.oiiiparaliif Literaliirf License es Lettres, Doctorat es Lettres, Lhiiversity of Geneva. Ethel RamageI I isiting Lecturer in English A.B., Barnard College; A.- l.. Columbia University; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. Sakah TiKiiii ' E R MAGE I ' ruiessor ul Engliuli B.A., Newconib College: M.A., livrn Mawr College; Pli.l).. Yale University. Lilly L. Kapi ' ai(iiit Ph.D., Lhiiversity of Vienna. If liitne I ' roiessor oj Fin sirs Jerral C. Raymond Assistant I ' roiessor oj Economic B.A., Wesleyan University. Pall C. Tavlor A.B., Dartmouth C( Instructor in Histor MA.. Harvar.l Universitv. Nancy Horn TinsleyJ Instructor in Physical Education B.S., College of William and .Mary. William M. Tkausnegk Associate I ' roiessor ni Education A.B., Richmond College; .M.S., University of Richmond; Ed.D.. University of Virginia. Lllill Umbreit Proiessor oj Mus A.B., Radcliflfe College; A.M., Vassar College. GiLBERTE Van Treese Instructor in French: B.A., Bowling Green State University; Assistant in Academic M.A., Ph.D.. Indiana University Counseling Glenn J. Van Treese A.B., .M.A., Indinana llniversilv Instructor in French Arthi u L. VoGELBACK Professor oi English B.A., Wesleyan LIniversity; M.A.. Columhia University; Ph.D.. University of Chicago. Betty Willis Whitehead College Physician and Projessor oj B.A., Agnes Scott College; M.D., University of Health Virginia. Marguerite Risley ' Visiting Lecturer in Astronomy A.B., M.A., Syracuse University; Ph.D., Radcliffe C.dlcge. Leonora A. WlKswo Assistant Projessor oj Mathematics A.B., Montclair, New .lersey. Teachers College; M.A., Columbia University. MvKI E. Rogers .issistanl I ' roiessor oI History .V.Ij.. M.A., University of Pennsylvania. RitllARD C. Riiwund Proiessor oI English A.B., Columbia College; B.A.. M.A.. D.Phil. lOxon). H. TiLEK Gemmell Librarian A.B., Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College; B.S., M.S., Columbia liniversity. Thomas W. Schmunk Instru tor in English A.B., Wabash College; M.A., Tufts University. Lydia M. Newland Assistant Librarian A.B., Skidmore College; B..S.. Columbia liniversity. tiHN R. .Shannon Assistant Proiessor oI Music B.S., Davidson College; M.A., Ph.D., University of North (. ' arolina. JoANN C. .SiLVERBERG Ins tructor in Greek and Lai i II B.A., Columbia University; M.A., Radcliffe College. Nora S. Surface Cataloguer B.A., University of Tennessee; M.A. (L.S. ) George Peabody College for Teachers. Harriet ing Assistant Cataloguer LL.B., Soo Chow University. Taipei; M.-iK. lL.. ' .) George Pea- body College for Teachers. James E. Smith Assistant Professor oj Music Mus.B., Oberlin; M.Mus., Northwestern University. Elizabeth F. Spragle I ' rojessor oj Biology A.B., A.M., University of California; Ph.D., Claremont Grad- uate .School. Nancy H. Adams Helen Edcemon .Mh.drei) Edgemijn Bookkeeper Stack AssislanI Slack Assistant Phyllis W. .Stevens Associate Proiessor of Psychology A.B., Oberlin College; NLA., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. On sabbatii ' al leave, secimd semester, ly64 ' -65. Second semester, 1964-65. 0n leave, 1964-65. t First semester, 1964-65. 156 !♦ ' •♦•• ♦ V ♦ ♦ ♦ • STUDENT DIRECTORY l,iiM,n. .huh Can. I Allrn, Adaline llfi-kril Allrii. I.iiina Kli ahetli Allen. Melissa Aili-n. ' an.lra Wliilf.inl Kl. 1. AmherslVa. Kill aii -Nf- Dr.. Clt-ndale, Ohio MM (Aeil iiM,k. Hruiston 27, Tex. .S28 . . Fenwi.k K.I.. M.rnpliis. 11. Tenn. • :U3 lilaikisloiu- K(l.. W ashin lim 16. D.C. AlJiscin. Elizal.eth Cleveland 400 Cleveland . 1.. (Ireenville. S.C. Anililer. Mary Carv 4702 PiicalKinlas Ave.. Riilunond 25. Va. nders(.n, CliarloUe Anne llOy F,. Jtli I ' l.. Cucliinfi. Okla. ■ nnan. Maiv Harhaia (VM):i N. Ocean lihii.. Delray Beach. Kla. Arnienaki. Julie Elise .5527 liiivli Ave., Fall.« Church. Va. Alkins. SalK Cullins H« 2327. HavanKin, Puerto Kico Axnlle, I ' ai.ia Fli al.rlli 7.il KmeM llilU Dr.. Mlniin lnn. N.C. I! nal.l,. Fran e Ka liar, hiani. Chri i 20 . unset Dr.. A.-hevillo. N.C. iana W. Neck Hd.. I.lovd Harhor. Huntin-iton, N.Y. 1510 Aha Dr., Fort Worth, Tex. j lUl lirocklon Dr.. Crencro, La. :«):-i7 E. Pine alle Rd.. Atlanta. Ga. (ma .odside I ' l., Chevy Chase 15, Md. Uailey. Harliara on liailou. Astrid Ma] Maker. Ftnily Perrv liaker. Juliet Piatt liaker. Katharine Mvers Fowler Rd.. Far Hills. N.J. liaker. ' i loria Jean 4fi 10 Lanark Rd., Salt Lake Citv 17, LIuh Banks. Ann Bnan 1 1 W oodland Hills, Tuscaloosa. Ala. Barnes. Jane . ' tirlin ' ; Aiiierican Endiassv. . mnian. Jordan Barnhardt. Kalharin. ' Caperton 8300 Ocean Front. Virginia Beach, Va. Barthold. Judith Ann 948 E. 7th St., JeffersonviUe, Ind. Batihelder. Margaret Elaine 617 Marshall St.. Lexington, Va. Baur. Barbara Adele 13525 Clayton Rd.. St. Louis 41. .Mo. Baxter. Prudence Welhorne 5320 Carvel Rd.. Washington 16, D.C. Baynham, Cynthia Thorn 111 S. Raleigh St.. Martinshurg, W,Va. Baynham. Daphne Douglas-Willan 111 S. Raleigh St.. Martinshurg, W.V. 1495 Avondale Ave., Jacksonville 5, Fla. le 2206 Granville Rd., Greenshoro, N.C. 3072 Argonne Dr.. N.W.. Atlanta 5, Ga. 239 Holiday Rd.. Lexington, Kv. 238 Hempstead PI.. Charlotte 7, N.C. 14 Old Orchard Rd., No. Haven, Conn. 135 Rose Lane. Haverford, Pa. 1671 Westover Ave., Petersburg, Va. Box 276, Delrav Beach. Fla. 4415 Howell PI.. Nashyille 5, Tenn. 180 E. 79th St.. New York 21. N.Y. 921 Osage Rd.. Pittsburgh 16, Pa. Centirville Rd.. Greenyille 7. Del. ■ unn dalc Rd.. Vi . Hartford. Conn. 3740 S. Terwilleger. Tulsa 5, Okla. Boxwood Farm Rd., Amherst, Va. Providence Rd.. R.D. 2, Milvern. Pa. 212 Forestine Ave., P.O. Box 165. Gadsden, Ala. I ' diindon. au l)..wninL ' 304 Chestnut Rd.. Sewickley, Pa. lihnn. .• andra 408 Midland A e.. Wavne, Pa. 10907 Wickline, Houston 24. Tex. W a-hin toii Inn. .Saratoga Springs. N. . 3f.58 Strath.rd, Dallas 5. Tex. 2028 Barracks Rd.. Cbarloitc-sville. Va. 1600 N. Colder. Odessa. Tex. 1608 Stratford Rd.. Decatur. Ala. 1 I.oi: Church Rd., Viilmington 7, Del. 920 Halagucno. Carlsbad, N.M. 22 Siriink Pkwv.. Los Vegas. Nev. (...If Club Lane. Nashville. Tenn. 5110 Ro.kwood Pkwv. N.W.. Washington 16. D.C. 316 E. Kalcv Ave.. Orlando. Fla. 1515 Bracburn Rd.. Flossmoor, HI. U N.irlh Rd.. .Salisbury. N.C. Eleanor Rt. 1. Box 62. .Springfield. Va. Bedell. Louisa Gale Beerman. - ndrea Thonn; Bell. Judith Lee Bell. Mary Rogers Benoil. -Mary Elizabeth Bensen. Judith Leslie Berguido. Jill Bernard. Elizabeth Ashb; Biggs, . ' nn Gary Bilbro. (iene Spencer Bilgore, Ellen Kate Bingham. Kathryn Robv Bissell, l.eslev illard Blackburn. Susan Elizabilh 6 Blackslock. Priscilla Ga Blackwell. Mary Clayton Blew. Bonnie Rea Bl..cli. Margaret Elizahetl B..din. Juliet Emilie Bokan. Susan Eli .al.ell Bonnev. Frances nn Booker. Betty lUirwell Boring. Dixie l.vnn Bosw.-ll. Elizabeth Dee B..lh. Mary Blair Bourne. Janalee Boyd. Pamela Jean Braden, Elizabeth Bowman Bradford. Sharon . nne Bradshaiv. Beverly Jian Bradshaw. Julie Anne- Brady. Jane Harris Brassel, Jeanne Catherine Bred in Stephanie S. DuP ml (Irecnvillc. Wilntington 7. Del. Brei.r, Joan Beth 38 .McClellan Ave.. Amsterdam, N.Y. Brent. Virginia . rniisteai Highland Rd.. Ricbm.md. Va. Briggs Jonell e l lOlh St.. Chadron. Neb. Brown Anne Stuart 313 N. Main St., .Manassas, Va. Brown Eliz.al»-th Randoli h Glouc( ster, Va, Brown, 1 (ireta duPont 451 5 N. Del.iware St.. Indianapolis 5, Ind. 57 I Brown. Ina Hamilton Brown. Margaret Living- Brown. .Melinda Jane Brown. . usanne Page Browning, Pamela Brunner, Phoebe . nne Brush. Susan Lewis Biyant. (Cecilia . nn Buchanan. Ellen Lorinc Buforcl. Harriet Frances Bull. Eugenia Bullard. Mildred (;rclch Bullard. Nancy Drake Bullock, Susan Warwick Burnelte, .Mary Tarrant Burton, Katherinc Forre Burwell, Pamela Bush. Julia l. ic)mis Busier, Kathryn .Martin Butler. Grace Tucker Butler. Helen Pecpli-s Butler, Susan Butt, France i Wilcox Caballer... D,.llv Mi Ashbourne, Harrods Creek, Ky. t.in 141 Mill Creek Rd.. Ardinore, Pa. 221 High Rd.. Newbury, .Mass. 1003 Horscpcn Rd., Richmond 29, Va. 216 N. 27th .St., Allentown, Pa. .5813 Nevada Ave.. N.W., Washington 15, D.C. (Castle Hill. Lexington, Va. Executive Residence-. Tallahassee. Fla. 2002 Edgemont Ave-.. Bristol. Tenn. 4801 N. Lindhurst, Dallas 29, Tex. .561 Briar Lane, Northfield. III. i-n 1115 Wats.m Dr.. Wils.m, N.C. 405 Walsing Dr.. Ri, hm..nd, Va. 4,306 Greenwav. Ballirjiore 18. Md. E.C.T. .School. Rt. .3. R..,ky Mount. N.C. St 120 S. Elm St.. Hinsdale 21. III. 198 Sboreham Dr.. Rochester 18, N.Y. 6.52 Euelid Ave.. Elmira, N.Y. P.O. B..X 126. Midway, Ky. Manursing Way. Rye, N.Y. 5 Marlindale-, Greenwich, Conn. 46 Clover Dr., Wilton, Conn. 7 Lewis St., Lexington, Va. C 1485 Ashford Am-.. Condad... Sanlurre-, Puerto Rico Cahaniss, Anne Simkins 229 15th St.. N.E., Atlanta 9. Ga. Cadwalader, Elizabeth Jane 5.33 Colorado Ave.. Baltimore 10. .Md. Cahan. Louisa Braun 1901 I.vdia. Waukegan, III. Caldwell. Jean Foster 2931 Canterbury Rd.. Birmingham 1.3. Ala. Calhoun. Andria Beth 77 Beers Rd., Easlon, ( onn. Calhoun. lar Anne 140 E. 51st St., Savannah, Ga. Campbi-11. Dc.n.lhea Haimn..nd 1233 Oakmont Rd., Charleston, W.Va. Campbell. Laura Le-c 6470 S.W. 126th St. Rd.. Miami .56, Fla Campbell, Mary Lovinia Cant, Nancy M; Cantey. Mary Hill Carmichael. Mary Eimiia Carpenter, ' irginia Field Carr. Anne Fairfax Carr. Eugenie Waddell Carroll. . nn .Sliay Carroll. Gloria .-Vim Carroll. Kathryn Hedbn.. ' k Cash, (Courtney Elizabeth Casner, .Sandra Lou Cauwenberg. Bessie Eliziibell ( hainski. Victoria Anne Chalmc-i ' -. (Constance Anne ( baiidh-r. Marguerita I ' aik Chapman. Bonnie- W ell- Chapman, Ixiuann .352 Chellas. .Sally Lord Chenoweth. Emily Frances Childs, Elizabeth Dryden Christensen, Lorna Gladys Church. Barbara Edith Clark. Anne Howaiel Clark. -Mary Allison Clarke, .- line Percy Clayton. Cheryl .-Xnne Clinchy, Joan .-Vnn Cochrane. Barbara Elaine (Coffee, Colleen Colbert, .Margaret Cole, Carol Noland Cole, Karen Christine deColigny, Julie Amanda Collier, Nancy Gibson Collins, Caredyn Florence Colton, Keenan Comer, Grace Louise Condax. Katina Delano Conkh-, Nancy Eliz.abeth Connaid. (, ' andiila Hart 87.32 Canvi.n Dr., Dallas 9, Tex. 7.30 Park Ave.. New " i ork 21, N.Y. 105 Union .St., Camden, S.C. 1031 Cherokee St., Marietta, Ga. 736 Coleman PI., WestHeld, N.J. 110 East End Ave.. New York 28. N.Y. 1313 Live Oak Pkwv., Wilmington, N.C. 925 Somc-rset Lane. York, Pa. 101 Hemlock Dr.. Lc.di, Ohio 925 Somereset Lane. eirk. Pa. 3.30 Pinecrest Lane. Bristol, Va. 10821 All..way Di.. Pot. .mac. .Md. Aiidierst, Va. Shorea.ies. I.;ike Bluff, III. 11200 Chah.n R.I.. Los Angeles 49, Calif. .38 N..rtliw,.od. Jackson. Tenn. 8918 Mohawk, Leawood, Kans. Turtle- (aeck Blvd.. Dallas 19. Tex. 900 Alameda Lane. Sarasota, Fla. 33 Ridge Dr., Birnungham 1.3. Ala. Tudor Hall. Rt. 1, Annapolis, Md. 5 Cram| ton Kd., Bre.nxville, .N.Y. 2.505 Wake Dr.. Raleigh. N.C. 518 W. Main St.. McMinnville. Tenn. 282 Ambassador Dr.. Rochester 10. N.Y. 3625 Beverly Dr.. Dallas 5, Tex. 1260 Edgewood Ave.. Jacksonville 5, Fla, 21 Oak Dr.. Chatham, N.J. ■ 124 .-Vnawan Rd.. .No. .• ttleboro, .Mass. -Mansgrove Lane. Princeton. N.J. 235 Woodland Dr.. Humbeddt, Tenn. 1014 Kent Rd.. Wilmington 3. Del. 3 East View Ct.. Port Washington, N. . 6310 Thr.-e Chopi Rd., Richmond, 26, Va. 120 Holly Une. Charlotte, N.C. 330 rgonne Dr., . tlanta 5, Ga, 251 Loring Ave.. Pelham, N.Y. (Ilcnnville Plantation. Pitlsview, . la. 315 Chestnut St.. .Moorestown, N.J. P.O. Box 38. Cashiers. N.C. R.I). 1, New Hope, Pa. % % • » STUDENT DIRECTORY Cook, .Saiulta Ann c o Am. Overseas PelioleiiJii, Ltd.. Box 693, Tripoli, Lil ya Cooley, Christina Lyn 3tll Woodley Rd., Wasliington 16, D.C. Cooley, Katherine Jamieson Pollc ' s Rd., R.F.D. 1. Princess Anne. Md. Cooper, Lee 12325 25th Helena Dr., Los Angeles 49, Calif. Corbett, Jeannine Elizabeth .Girlie Gardens. Wihiiington, N.C. Cord, Bonnie Carol 11790 Snider Rd., Cincinnati 42, Ohio Covington, Eleanor Watson 2315 Princess Ann St., Greensboro, N.C. Craig, Cynthia Brvan 4201 Yacht Club Rd., Jacksonville, Fla. Crook, Kathrvn Bradford 59 Country Club PI., Belleville, 111. Crossley, Eleanor Kidd I. Mrs. T. .J I Rt. 3, Box 12, Amherst, Va. Crowe, Ann Miller 2109 Granada Blvd., Coral Gables, Fla, Currey, Elizabeth .Norton 200 W. Brow Oval. Lookout .Mountain, Tenn. Cutler. Robin .). Randolph 1100 Park Ave.. New York 28, N. ' l . Daltnn. Diane 2918 Winthrop Rd., Shaker Heights 20, Ohio Danna, Dorothy . nn 3535 Riverside Ave., Jacksonville 5, Fla. Darby, Hallie Harlan Darden, Brenda Faye Davis, Patricia France Day, Evelyn Lee Dean, .Marion Gray Dearborn. Anne Gayle Dedman, Jane Ellen Delahousse. .Mary-Pauline Dick, Direxa 729 N. Wood Ave.. Florence, Ala. 197 S. Main St., Suffolk, Va. 136 Westlook Cir.. Oak Ridge, Tenn. Wampum Rd., Louisville 7. Ky. 53 Interlaken Rd., Orlando, Fla. 4427 E. Brookfield Dr., Nashville 5, Tenn. 199 Old Kings Hgwv., N. Darien, Conn. Baecher Rd.. Norfolk 9. Va. 770 Park Ave., New York 21, N.Y. Dickey, Eugenia Newbold 1902 Ash. Texarkana, Ark. Dillon, Victoria Marie 282 Bentley Cir., Los Angeles 49, Calif. Dixson, Mary Bethel 919 Wellington Rd.. Winston-Salem, N.C. Dodd, Alice Virginia 513 Emery Rd., Louisville 6. Ky. Dodson, Harriotte Winchester 122 27th St., S.E., Roanoke, Va. Donaldson, Mary .McStocker 4009 Underwood St., Chevy Chase 15, .Md. Donnelley, Leigh Patricia 2551 Waterside Dr., Washington, D.C. Dortch, .Margaret Anderson 4406 Harding PI., Nashville 12, Tenn. Dowd, Trudy Darlene Drake, .Samantha Ann Drcher, Ann Crawford Drewes, Susan Jeanne Dublin, Barbara Brown Dudlev, Margaret Carol Dudley, Shelby Kay Duncan, Mary .Martin Dunham, Nancy Nicholas Dunham, Sally Secrest Dunlap, .Margina Gates Dunseath, Sherry Anne 6614 Norway Rd., Dallas, Te 1,32 E. 95th St., New York 28. N.Y, 1506 Adger Rd., Columbia, S.C. 11 Pond Hill Rd., Morristown, N.J. 6907 Bradley Blvd., Bethesda 14, Md. 3795 Paces Ferry Rd. N.W.. Atlanta 5. Ga. 3795 Paces Ferry Rd. N.W., Atlanta 5, Ga. 1049 Park Ave., New York 28, N.Y. 12 Murvon Court. Westport, Conn. 12 Murvon Court. Westport, Conn. 1151 Oakcliff Rd., Macon, Ga. 1642 Burnwood Rd., Baltimore 12, Md. Du Bona, Louise .Marguerite 6 Pennsylvania Ave., Yonkers, N. . Easton, Jane Prescott 5855 Brookwood Rd., Indianapolis 26, Ind. Eberstadt, Anne Lindley 1326 Chatwynd Ave., Plainfield, N.J. Eckert. Emily Kay 10927 Wickwild Dr.. Houston 24, Tex. Eckman, .Mary .Murray 800 Oak Ave., Waynesboro. Va. Edelstcin, .Michele Juliette Sweet Briar, Va. Edgerton, Donna Hayes 2 Tazewell Ave., Cape Charles. Va. Edinger, Suzanne 611 Club Lane, Louisville 7, Ky. Eells, Marion Coffin 623 Meadowbrook Lane, Rock Hill, S.C. Ekholm, Gwendolyn Graf 29 Wesskum Wood Rd., Riverside, Conn. English, Anne Whitall 149 Kent PI. Blvd., Summit, N.J. Ennis, Mrs. Jane Dunn Henlopen Acres. Rehoboth Beach, Del. 106 Wanlut Lane, Elkton, Md. 426 Third St., Cheraw, S.C. Barton Beverley Hall, .Millersville, Md. Evans, Suzanne Evans, Virginia Anne Ewalt, .Stephanie Walthi F Fancher, Suzanne 727 East Elm, Altus, Okla. Fangboner, Claudia Dillon 9018 Brierly Rd., Chevy Chase 15, Md. Fedeler, Susan Jane 1182 E. 27th So., Salt Lake City 6, Utah Feild. -Margaret Rutherfoord 1520 Quarrier St., Charleston, W.Va. Fentress, Nancv Terrill 10800 Fox Hunt Lane, Potomac, Md. Ferrell, Ann 6370 S.W. 104th St.. Miami, Fla. Finch, Nadean Louise Fischer, Patricia ■ ' Vnne Fite, Linda ; nn 1 Flanagan, Jean Elizabeth Flynn, Alison Elizabeth Folan, Sharon Anne Ford, Pamela Jane Forsyth, Jeanne Hanby Fox, Josephine Morgan Eraser, Gabrielle Babelte Frate, Francine Elizabeth Frazier, Margaret Lynn Freese, .Mary Ellen 420 E. Fromme, Pamela Jane Frothingham. Anne Laura 4377 Royal PI., Honolulu, Hawaii 8791 .Montgomery Ave., Philadelphia 18, Pa. 132-2 Columbus Cir., Andrews A.F.B., Washington 25, D.C. 2102 Greenbrier Rd., Kinston, N.C. Jupiter Island. Hobe Sound, Fla. 9335 Fern Lane, Annandale. Va. Bowerstown Rd., Washington, N.J. 3805 N. Woodridge Rd., Birmingham 13, Ala. 28 Vandeventer Ave., Princeton, N.J. 3805 Chevy Chase, Houston. Tex. 3511 Mountainbrook Rd.. Charlotte 10, N.C. 36 Ridgetop, St. Louis 17, Mo. 72nd St., Apt. lOB, New York 21, N.Y. 8 Ritlenhouse Rd., Bronxville. N.Y. 32 Country Club Rd.. New Canaan. Conn, Galleher, Joanne Maud Gardner, Lynne Austin Gawthrop, Elizabeth Dumesnil Gayler, Deborah Gearhart, Shelley Shook Gibaud, Susan Irene Gill, Madelaine Kirby Gillespie, .Mary .Sabr G 630 Sudley Rd., Manassas, Va. Purchase Lane, Rye, N.Y. 800 Sconneltown Rd., West Chester. Pa. 216 N. Jackson St.. Arlington 1. Va. 2816 Shook Hill Rd.. Birmingham 13. Ala. 838 Lake Rd., Webster, N.Y. 26 Prescott . ve., Bronxville, N.Y. Box 200A, R.R. 1, Weems, Va. Gillmer. Margaret c o Vittur, P.O. Box 519, Jamestown, N.Y. Gilmore, Eleanor Dowling 39 Warrenton Rd., Baltimore 10, Md. Girling, Elizabeth Diane Rt. 2, Monroe. Va. Givens, Merilyn 50 Davison Lane East, West Islip, N.Y. Glaser, Elizabeth Lee 304 Tarrytown Dr., Riclimond 29, Va. Glass, Alicia Middleton 6 Tradd St.. Charleston, S.C. Goodman, Helen Laurette 5520 Utah Ave., N.W., Washington 15, D.C, Gordon, Mary Meade Huntly. Bon Air, Va, Gould, Frances Grace 506 Selma Ave., Selnia. Ala. Graham, Carann Campbell 143 Ridgewood PL, Athens, Ga. Graham, Evelyn Byrd Greyston Pt. Salubrious, Chaumont, N.Y. Graham, Georgia Saffold 3689 Fernway Dr., Montgomery. Ala. 1 Midoaks Rd., Monroe, N.Y. 804 Crest Dr., Fayetleville, Ark. The Grove, Floyd Ave., Rocky Mount, Va. Gress, Mary Edith 1836 Springmeadow Blvd., Norfolk 18, Va. Griggs. Eleanor Southwortb 806 Greenwood Rd.. Wilmington 6, Del. 1260 Bellerock St., Pittsburgh 17, Pa. Columbia Pike, Franklin, Tenn. 225 N. 17th St., Allentown, Pa. .3008 Noddin Wav. Portsmouth. Ohio 60 Whitcoinb Ave.. Hinaham. .Mass. Green. Leilani Loretta Green, Sara Elizabeth Greer, Nancy Taliafern Grinberg, Susan Gail Grizzard, Linda Landis Gromel, Patricia Ann Gullett, Belinda Elaine Gustafson, Karen Lee H Haagenson, Janice Shelbourne R.D. 3, Box 565, Murrysville, Pa. Hale, Lucy Pryor 2029 Hessian Rd.. Charlottesville, Va. Hamill, Jane Maxwell 1267 .Michigan Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio Hamilton. Roxanne 21 Sweet Bay Rd., Portugese Bend, Calif. Hampshire. Georgie Hurt 402 Highland Ave., Towson 4, Md. 3420 Hampton Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 36 W. Brookhaven Dr. N.E., , Atlanta 19, Ga. 58 Washington Rd., Pittsford, N.Y. 24 Upland Dr.. Chappaqua, N.Y. Harris, Phebe Jane 15,30 E. 77th St. S.E., Indianapolis 40, Ind. Harrison, Cordelia Carlton 1827 Grove Ave., Richmond 26, Va. Harrison, Gail Bonnell Young Rd., Box 657. Bernardsville, N.J. Harrison, Marion Bell 262 The Prado N.E., Atlanta 9, Ga. Harvey. Elizabeth Duncan 35 Glen Avon Dr., Riverside, Conn. Harvev, Marion Louise RD. 4, Dallas, Pa. Haskell, Judith Bright RED 2, Box 373, North Augusta, S.C. Haskell, Louise Guion RFD 2, Box 373, North Augusta, S.C. Haskell, Mary Carolyne 722 Shepherd Hills, Tucson, Ariz. Handly. Margaret Crai;: Hanger, Elizabeth Clark Hansword, Jane Cory Harbottle. Judith Ann ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ L ' - - STUDENT DIRECTORY 10 Calycanthus Ril., Riilimond 21, Va. yoi Lawrence Ave., Westfield, N.J. Rl. 7, P ' lorenee, Ala. 1344 East Beach, Gulfport, Miss. 4 ' X) . ' ullivan Rd.. Stalesville, N.C. .320 Delfern Dr.. I.ds Angeles 24. Calif. Kalrnia Hd. N.W., Washington 12, D.C. 2,i02 Lewis Farm Rd., Raleigh. N.C. 7 Ashardken Ave.. Nonhpurt. L.L, N.V. .344 7th A ve. N.E., Hickory, N.C. Ilickorv- Lane, Rt. 7, Greenville. S.C. 127 Travois Rd.. Louisville 1, Ky. 7 Cartaret I ' l.. Garden City, N.Y. .i83 Mountain Ave., North Caldvvell. N..I. l.ilO licdford Ril.. Charleston, " f. . Va. 800 Park Av.-.. New York 21. N.Y. Ilill. Kh al.eth lialdwin Hill. Mierrard .Steele Hill. . ' Susan Jane Hilton. Martha Douglas: Hinner. Susan ost Hinshaw, Anne Stuart Hohbs, Susan Herbert Haskell, Sarah Uright Ha lain, Drhorah i ' age Hassell, Willie Hrilton llattrn. .Sandra Hawthorne. Jane (irier Hav. K,-verl Kvehn Rani Hav. Judv Anne U)2, lla w,.o(l. Alice Cheshire ll.in. Marian Judith 24 Hemphill. Kathryn Glenn Henders m. Linda Dee Hendricks. Rickey Lynn Henning. Margaret Linden Herbert Susan Pendudk llerlihy. Man Reid Hernm. Diana Hevwood. Josephine deRossel .340 Harbison Rd., Wavne, Pa. Hickey. Mellie Hanks 331 Fairfield St. .S.E., Aiken, . ' .C. Hiikox. Nancy Louise Little Sewickley Creek Rd., Sewickley, Pa. Highlands. Margaret . ' usan 2 Noel Lane. Cincinnati 43, Ohio 3168 Thomas , vc.. Montgomery 6, .Wa. 323 Kent Rd., Charlottesville, Va. 60 .South 2nd St.. Chanibersburg. Pa. 3.S04 Echo Hill Rd.. Nashville. Tenn. Box 58, Mendenhall. Pa. Bailev ' -. Mill Rd.. New Vernon. N.J. 22400 McCaulev Rd.. Shaker Heights 22. Ohio East Montgomery. Milledgeville. Ga. 920 E. Victory Dr.. Savannah. Ga. .360 Valley Rd.. Lancaster, Pa. 73,5 Peachtree Battle Ave. N.W., Atlanta 5, Ga. Ilortenstine. Elise ( ' ampbell 119 Hawthorne Dr.. Winchester. Va. Hort m. Hazel Elaine .S806 Old Providence Rd.. Charlotte. N.C. Hoskins. Charlotte Brvce 1414 Youngsford Rd.. Gladwvne. Pa. Hoskins. Crania Hilda Mary Verbank Rd.. .Millbrook. N.Y. Houlihan. Maurna Marie .36,S South Rd., Belmont, Calif. Howard, Julia Battle 107 East 49th St., Savannah. Ga. Howe. Judith Rutherford 49 Tyler Rd.. Belmont. Mass. Howell, Sonja Mar :arct 481,t . ra| ahoe Ave., Jacksonville 10, Fla. Hoxton. Ann Valentine ' s Lane, Glen Head. N. . Huber. Leslie Jean 102 Ogden Cir., Oak Ridge. Tenn. Hulse. -Mary Cobb 3624 Ridgeview Dr., Birmingham 13, Ala. Hummel, Charlotte Lynette 177 Summit Ave.. Summit, N.J. Hunt. Elizabeth Hope Lone Pine Lane, Chapel Hill, N.C. Hunt. Katharine Conover 3113 Chesapeake Ave.. Hampton. Va. Hunter. Carter Byrd 7720 Argvle Ave.. Norfolk 5. Va. Hurl. Frances Hallam Halifax Rd.. Chatham. Va. I Inge, Jean Marilyn 6160 Rolfe e.. Norfolk, Va. Ireys, Catherine Recknagli- 4. ' illow St., Brooklyn 1, N.Y ' . l-rael, Jacqueline 62.T S. .Skinki ' r Blvd., St. Louis 5, .Mo. Israel. Kathleen 62.S S. Skinker Blvd., St. Louis 5. Mo. Ives. I.aura Katherine 1000 Wiltshire, .San . nlonio 9, Tex. 241 H.idges. Eileen Hoflman. Electa Robertson H(d len, Holly Horsey, Harriette Elizabell Kelely, Katalln Denis. Keller, Cornelia Flagf: Kelley, Ellen Wade Kennedy, .Margaret .Allen Kern, Ann Ci ver 119 Ketcham, Marsha Kcvserling. Judith KilcuMcn. Chri-to|ihcr Ann Killion, Sheila Dorothy King, .Mary Elizabeth Kinnaird, Susan Burke Kinsev, .Ann Godwin 1 12 Pleasant St., Brookline 46, Mass. 3536 Hawthorne Dr., Jackson, Miss. 17 Creekside Cir., Houston 24, Tex. Far Hills Farm, Brentwood, Tenn. Washington . " t., Winchester, Va. I Cherry Lane, Westfield, N.J. Box 682, Beaufort, S.C. n 812 Timber Branch Pkwy., Alexandria, Va. 7.30 Canton Ave.. Milton, .Mass. 204 Brightwood Rd., Wilmington. .N.C. 1303 Westmoor Trail. Vi innetka. III. 1665 Johnson Rd.. Petersburg. Va Kirschenfeld. Sherry l.ynne 3367 Br xwood Dr.. .Mcmtgomery, Ala. Kirven. Prances F Kjeldsen, .Susan Klacrner, Sherilyn Ka Kroul. .loaiinc Lester 833 Peachtree Dr., Columbus, Ga 332 Woodland Dr.. Brightwaters. N.V. 33c ( hemin du Pre-Langard, Colony, Cieneva, Switzerland 145 Fairview Rd.. Penn Valley. .Narberth, Pa. Krusen, Pamela .Andrea 3110 .Agawan St., Tampa 9, Fla. Kuhns, Kristin Colgan 1100 Runnymeade Rd.. Dayton 19. Ohio Kulczvcki. .Marv Christine 721 S. Main St., .Athens, Pa. Kurtz. Flizabelh Gill 2.531 Brentwood Rd.. Columbus 9, Ohio Laird, Tillie Page 915 Center Rd., Wilmington 7, Del. Langenberg. Margaret Morton 20 Lenox PI., St. Louis 8, Mo. La Roche. Katherine 605 Wellesley Dr.. Houston 24. Tex. Laslie. Adele Easton 1626 Charlton Dr., New Orleans 22, La. Lathrop. Nancy Dew I.Mrs. R. E.) 12-C Hillside Terr.. Lexington. Va. 9810 Kensington Pkwy.. Kensington. .Md. 89.30 S.W. 52nd Ave.. .Miami 56. Fla. .325 Clovelly Rd.. Richmond 21, Va. Preston Hill. Hamilton. N.Y. 1462 Virginia. Springfield. .Mo. Ave.. Ground Floor. Hong Kong. B.C C. 11 Fifth Ave.. New York 3. N.Y. 18 Carlvie Rd., ' West Hartford, Conn. .3.52 Oxford Dr.. Short Hills. N.J. CO Banco .Atlantida. Tegucigalpa, Honduras 1615 Vicklan St., Vicksburg, Miss. 914-7th Ave.. St-lma. Ala. 409 Tvler PI.. Alexandria 2. Va. 117 Woodlawn Rd.. Baltimore 10. Md. 51 .Milbank Rd.. Fairfield, Conn. 1909 Quarrv Rd.. Lvnchburg. Va. 32 Westfield Rd.. .Meriden. Conn. 100 River Tower- Dr.. Apt. 717. Alexandria 7. Va. 101 Peirce Rd.. Deerhurst, A ilminglon 3, Del. 3.50 E. Woodland Rd., Lake Poorest, 111. 4660 Apache Ave., Jacksonville 10, Fla. 4435 Garfield St. N.W., Washington 7. D.C. Lawrence. .Sarah .Anne Leary, Pamela Ann Lee, Mary Kinlaw Leland. Deirdre .Ann Lemmon. Natalie Louise Li. -Marian 9 Briar Lishnoff. Jane Ellen Liskin. Maxine -Meryl Little. Suzanne -Middleloii l.loveras. Lang Elizabeth Logan, Cora Lee Long. Carroll Carler Long. -Madeleine Eva Longstaff. Llewellyn Ray Low. -Marion ard Loyd. -Mary Clare Luhy. Deborah -Ann Lucas. .Stephanie Jeanne Lukens. Barbara Ann Lutz, Barbara .Ann Lyie, Mary Lynn l,viin». Margaret Vinjinia lacks.in. Margery Lee Rt. 1, Box .A-.36,5. Troutville. Va. laik-on. Mary French 777 West St., Piltsfield. .Mass. Jen-en, Kalrina Elizabeth 618 36th .Ave. Ea--t, .Seattle 2. Wash. Jester, Ann hitney 1919 Quarry Rd.. Lynchburg. Va. .|olui-on. Barbara Forsvth . cenic Hgwv.. Lookout Mtiuntain. Tenn. Johnson. Jane Elizabeth .502 White Oak Dr.. Severna Park. Md. John-on, .Mary Evelyn 26 Main St.. .Newtown. Conn. Johnson. -Marv Parks 221 63rd St., Virginia Beach, Va. Jones. Laura Ashley 340 1 WCodhaven Rd. N.W.. Atlanta 5. Ga. Jones, .Norvell -Mason Montague Pohick Rectory. Lorton. Va. Jones. Pamela Lee 405 W. Tyne Dr., .Nashville, Tenn. Jones, Patricia .Ann 1725 Nashville -Ave., New Orleans. La. Jones, Victoria Snow 74 Forest .Ave., New Rochelle. .N. ' l . Jose. P.dly Anne 166 Sea Breeze Ave., Palm Beach, Fla. Kalber, .Sarah Kay Keen, Eleanor Lighlner 218 Travois Rd., Louisville 7, Ky. 2.30 Laurel Lane, Haverford, Pa. McAfee. Saralvn McCall. Mary Helen 110 ; McCampbell. Kaye MacClintock, Anne I rsula -McClure, Joan Vickers McConnell, Pamela McEldowney. Alice McGregor, Olivia .Anne McGrew, Mary Louise Mcintosh, Jean Massey McKay, Mary Terrence McKee, Marguertie McPheet McKellar, -Martha Slockley MacKenzie, .Sophie Benson -MacKubin, Mildred Lee M White Horse Rd.. Kirkwood. N.J. vlvan Dr.. Lookout -Mountain, Tenn. 742 Oberlin Rd., Augusta, Ga. 113 Lady Astor St., Danville, Va. 5325 Chamberlin .Ave . Chew Chase 15, Md. 606 Floral Ave., Terrace Park, Ohit. Dos;v ood Dr., .Annandale, N.J. 6 Elm Lane, Bronxville, N.Y. 4 Ave. Calas, Champel. Geneva, Switzerland Jackson .St.. Russellville. .Ala. 1603 Pease Rd.. Austin .3. Tex. L-rs 1000 Harvey St., Raleigh. N.C. 573 S. -Mclean. .Memphis 4, Tenn. 600 Craford PI.. Portsmouth. Va. . ' chlev P. O.. Gloucester. Va. 159 % % ' ♦ » ' STUDENT DIRECTORY McLain, Kathryn Louise McLean, Nancy Croom McMahon, Jill Ann MacMeekin, Nancy Elizabeth McMillan, Elvira Cochrane McMullen. Elizabeth Dav Marshall. Linda Spenc Marshall. Ruth Ann Martin, Donna Lea 10 Merriman PI., Bronxville, N.Y. .S9 Fairfield Dr., Short Hills, N.,L 14 Alden Lane. St. Louis 41, Mo. 600 Maple Lane, Flourtown, Pa. 105 McLellan St., Brewton, Ala. son 166 Cyprus A e., Tampa, Fla. Macneil. Tonia W ilcox 1190 S. Pasadena Ave., Pasadena. Calif. MacRae. Elizabeth Fairfa-x 903 Vicar Lane, Alexandria. Va. McRae. Glory . inis 4655 Apache A t.. Jacksonville, Fla. MacRae. Marion Montaeue 903 Vicar Lane, . lexandria, Va. Madden. Martha " 1709 Sherman Dr.. Utica, N.Y. Mahoney, Sheila Ann 101 Country Club Dr., Rochester 18, N.Y. Mallon, Linda Lee 138 Case. Norwich, Conn. Manard, Courtney Claiborne 1330 Sixth St., New Orleans, La. Maness, Judith Ann 50,55 Ortega Blvd., Jacksonville 10, Fla. Mapp, Margaret Aydelotte Accomac, Va. Markle, Patricia Jean 107 Edgewood Rd., Wilmington 3, Del. 2801 Daniel Rd., Chevy Chase 15, Md. Rt. 3, Box 99, Ferguson Ave., Savannah, Ga. 2325 Brandon Ave., Roanoke. Va. Martin, Mary Ellen 10 School Rd., Alapocas, Wilmington .3, Del. Martin, Patricia Lynn 2325 Brandon e., Roanoke, Va. Mason. Abigail Adams 101 Chestnut St.. Boston, Mass. Massey, Sarah Jane 208 .Nottingham Rd., Richmond 21, Va. Matheson, -Mary Davidson 825 Packer St., Sunbury, Pa. Matthews, Ann Stewart 725 College St., Macon, Ga. May, Sally-Ruth 1235 Upper Ridgeway Rd.. Charleston, W. Va. Meehan, .Martha George 41 Woo.lfin Rd., Newport News, Va. Mercer. Anne Eugenia 3fi 19 Maplcwood. Dallas 5. Tex. -Merkle. Jane Arroll I(i5 Herkimer Ave.. Haworth. N.J. Messenger, Joan Bennett 1010 Hinman Ave.. Evanston. 111. 280 Hampshire Rd., Akron, Ohio 4965 Hammuck Lake Dr., Miami 56, Fla. Micros, Marianne Faith 72 South St., Cuba, N.Y. Mighell, Alice Vivian 251 . Indian Creek Dr., Mobile, Ala. Miles, Randi Lynn 3 Grist Mill Lane, Westport. Conn. Mdler. Elizabeth Lanaborne 14 Ralston Rd., Richmond 29, Va. Miller. Jean Brooks ' 830 Colville Rd.. Charlotte 7, N.C. .Milton. Carolyn Pat 24 Valley Rd., Plandome, N.Y. Minis. .Marguerite Ann 112 E. 45th St., Savannah. Ga. Minor. Mary Beirne 2208 Buena Vista Rd., Winston-Salem, N.C. Mitchell, Diane Elizabeth 10 Harbor Lane, Rye, N.Y. Mitchell, .Martha 1114 W. Church St.. Newark, Ohio Montgomei7, Wendy Valentine 9 Del Barton Dr.. Short Hills, N.J. Moog, Nancy Anne 235 Hillcrest Rd., East Aurora. N.Y. Moore. Charlotte Adams 1248 Krise Cir.. Lynchburg, Va. Moore. Josephine Page 3648 Kingsboro Rd. N.E.. Atlanta 19, Ga. .Moorman, Susan Gillespie 23 Lyme Rd.. Hanover, N.H. Moran, .Margaret .Mildred Creekside, Danville, Va. Morck, Susan Lee Belle Villa, Ware Neck, Va. Moricle, Josephine Anne 1223 Crescent Dr.. Reidsville. N.C. 2411 Manchester Rd., Louisville, Ky. 10 Hawthorne Rd.. Bronxville, N.Y. 8 W. Cornwall St., Leesburg, Va. d 11 Ccilony Row, Chappaqua. N.Y. Rt. 2, Box 725-A. Brevard, N.C. 313 N County Rd., Palm Beach, Fla. 4000 Peckland PI., Lynchburg, Va. 103 Rua Professor Picarolo, .Sao Paulo, Brazil Munroe, Marshall Page 2122 Roswell Ave.. Charlotte 7. N.C. Murray, Winifred Sterling 115 Elm Ave., Cincinnati 15. Ohio Mu rove, Melinda Law 28.50 Surrey Rd.. Birmingham. .Ma. Norburn. Lillian Elizabeth I Valley Sjirings Rd.. Asheville, N.C. Meyers, .Marilyn Michel, Lucinda Carlton Moseley, Susan Lynch Moses, Margery Moss, Nancy Lancaster -Mountrey, Patricia Lock Muhlinghaus, Brenda Mullins, Sallie Ann Mundy, Judith .Ann Munn, Carole Esme N lile, Elizabeth Nalle. Victoria Naren, Toni Agatha Neithold. Patricia Ottilie Nelson, Jane Wormeley Newberg, Celia Ann Newton, Anne Rodgers Newton, Margaret Kent Nichols, Margaret Ann Niles, Jean .Madden N .3024 Chevy Chase, Houston 19, Tex. 3024 Chevy Chase. Houston 19, Tex. Odar .Swamp Rd., Brookville, N.Y. 122 Webster Ave., Goshen 1, N.Y. .Madison Rd., Culpeper, Va. 1529 Ave. De Grasse, Norfolk 9, Va. 100 Rockwood Lane, Greenwich, Conn. 1205 Snell Isle Blvd., St. Petersburg 4, Fla. 9000 Congressional Pkwy., Potomac. Md. 7826 F.i;:li-li VVa . Bethesda, Md. Obenchain, Kathleen Lee Oechsle, Mariana Carmen Oliver, Elizabeth Pendleton Orloff, Neil Goodman Orr, Lucille Porter Overton. Anne Turne 817 Marlow Dr.. Falls Church, Va. Avenida San Gabriel 299, San Isidro, Lima, Peru Greystone, Cape Girardeau, Mo. 190 Old Army Rd., Scarsdale, N.Y. 3245 Nancy Creek Rd., Atlanta 5, Ga. Warsaw. Va. Paradise, Sarah Elizabeth 1 Hildreth Lane, Concord, Mass. Parker, Susan Dennison 15 N. Elizabeth Ave., Ferguson 35, Mo. Pattberg, Linda An Patterson, Abby Parke Patterson, Lucy Brooke Patton, Jane Marie Pearson, Andrea Pendergrass, Nancy Jean Pennell, Elizabeth Perry, Alice Helene Peterson, Ann Pierce, Lida Lee Pittman, Margaret Landrum Pitts, Victoria Oriel Pleasants, Emily .Myers Plowden, Helen Gabriel Poer, Dorothy Carole Poer, Katharine Bowdre Polsky, Jane Louisa Poole, Dorothy .Mealev Poole, Molly Hood Porter, Catherine Tift Porter. .Sarah Brown Powell. Judith Havw I Pratt, .Mary Laura Predmore. Lesley Gail Preston. Alice Jeannette Prettyman, Ruth Minott Price. Sharon Dorney Pryor, Pamela Halliday 249 Mountain Ave., Ridgewood, N.J. Box 424, Far Hills, N.J. 103 Betances St., Caguas, Puerto Rico One Fifth Ave., New York 3, N.Y. 1558 Luling St., Mobile, Ala. 4356 Varney Ave.. Fort Meade, Md. 315 W. French PI., San Antonio 12, Tex. 15 Avenida " A " 18-59 Zone 13. Guatemala City, Guatemala 6937 Alexander , Dallas 14, Tex. 1050 W. Church St., Elmira, N.Y. 1529 Wyndham Rd., Columbia, S.C. An( rum Rd., Camden, S.C. .366 Arbor Rd.. Winston-Salem, N.C. 53 Winthrop Dr.. Riverside, Conn. 3226 Parkview Ct. S.E., Cedar Rapids, Iowa 108 Hawkins Dr.. Greensboro, N C. 411 Blair Rd., Falls Church, Va. Rt. 3, Box 73, Gaithersburg, Md. Rt. 3, Box 73, Gaithersburg, Md. 295 W. Wesley Rd . Atlanta 27, Ga. 4517 Sharon Rd., Charlotte, N.C. 3412 Quebec St. N.W., Washington 16, D.C. Dosoris Lane, Glen Cove, N.Y ' . Box 1453, Middletown, N.Y. Box 201. Rt. 3, Bowling Green, Ohio P.O. Box 608. Summerville, S.C. 3121 45th St., Washington 16, D.C. 75 N. Remington Rd., C.dumbus 9, Ohio Q Constance Van l) ke 1113 Reading Blvd.. Wyomissing. Pa. R Rand, .Margaret Randolph, Lelia Carroll Randolph. Molly Fontaine 3 Avon Rd., Bronxville, N.Y. Greenmont. Keene, Va. Barrows .Mill Rd., Box 123, .Martinsville, Va. Raney. Sarah Helen 1226 Live Oak Pkwy., Wilmington, N.C. Rasco. .Sarah Margaret 2412 Travis, Amarillo, Tex. von Rebhan, Elinor Anne Box 82, Hadlyme, Conn. Rediker, Diana Bowron 3142 Pine Ridge Rd., Birmingham 13, Ala. 19.30 Lynn Cove Rd.. Virginia Beach, Va. 424 Elm Bhd., .Monticello, 111. Pinifer Park, RED 1, Midlothian, Va. 116 Presidential Dr., Mt. Vernon Forest, Alexandria, Va. Reinschmidt, Dana Chrisiie 1.34 E. 44th St., Savannah, Ga. Renchard. .Stella Mae Chelston. Paget, Bermuda Rex. Aline Beverle Sf.n.c i..ft. Lee Hill Rd., Boulder, Colo. Reynolds, Linda EvcKn .Wl W . 8lh St., Lumberton, N.C. Richardson, Caroline Gordon 117 Cherokee .4ve., Union. S.C. Riggan, Pearl Gurkin 709 Baldwin PI.. Norfolk, Va. Riley, Eileen .Mills 5 ashington . ve., .Savannah, Ga. Riley, Georgia Nelson 511 S. Ocean Blvd., Delray Beach, Fla. Roberson, Bettie Vance 2313 Princess Ann. Greensboro, N.C. Reed, Pembroke Waller Reed, Virginia Jane Reid, Camilla .Anne Reifsnyder, Carol Ann i6o STUDENT DIRECTORY Riihersmi, Foy Jane RolxTts, Nalalie Susan Roe, Susan Margaret Rogers, Laura Russell Ro!;ers, Margaret Hullard Rolhe. Lillian Al.len Kowlelt. -Margarr (;ra i Rucker, Meriel Tra lor Rulon-Miller Virginia Russell, liettie Caird Russo, Adelaide Mai Rulledsrc. Pamela It Woodland Way Cir., (;rfenville. S.C. 765 Puel)lo Rd., Newport News, Va. CO Dr. Leon Roe. Hamilton College. Clinton, N.Y. Cherry Hill Rd.. Princeton. N.J. 1,S03 North Shore Rd.. Norfolk 5. Va. I ' X)2 Stanwich Rd.. Greenwich, Conn. ..n 811 Greenwood Rd.. Wilmington fi. nd. 4245 Da Vinci Ave.. Jackson ille. Kl i. no Church Rd.. Ardinore. Pa. 9.H0 Longmeadow .St., Longmeadow, .Mass. . ' 296 .Main St., Bridgeport 6, Conn. New .Shocco Rd.. Talladega, Ala. .Stephenson, .Susan Ja Stetson, Patricia Pate -Sadtler. Patricia iin Salvesen. Mugdalena l ei Sanders, Melissa Drane Sanford, Elizabeth Cecil Sands, Courtenay Norton .Sartor, Elizabeth Lane .Saunders, Laura Jeter . " launders. Linda Margaret deSaussure. Frances Hugi Schiltges, Elizabeth . nne Schmitt, Nancy Jane Schnaitter. . usan Jane . " chultz. .Marianne Schulz. .Margaret biu Hunter Hill Farm. . chwaab. Linda ' an Lear . ch vabenton. Karen Jean . " cott, Elizabeth .Mc(!hesney Scribner, Helen Eat(m .Scurlock. Peggy Joy .Sebring, Betbel Jane .Sebring. Milbrey Ewing . eibles. Jule Temple . " ettleniyer. Lynn . nila . " harp, Virginia Beverley Shaw, Jean Tyrie . ' heahan. Kathleen Bentley lOf. S. Coldbrook Av».. Chambersburg. Pa. iiinli) ln eralmond. Barnton. Edinburgh 4, Scotland 12 Temple . ve.. Newnan, Ga. Istanbul, Turkey River Rd. Berkshire Dr.. Richmond 29. Va. Forbing, La. 40 W. Ardmore Rd.. Ardmore, Pa. 77 Sandringham Rd., Rochester 10, N.Y. 4518 N. 35th St., Arlington, Va. R.R. 1, Box 372. ZionsviUe, Ind. 14 Douglas Rd.. Glen Ridge, N.J. 123 Randall Rd., Princeton, N.J. 56 Clermont Lane. St. Louis 24, Mo. Rt. 1. Chesterville Rd., Landenberg, Pa. 218 Tunbridee Rd., Baltimore 12, Md. 5311 Cumberland Rd.. Greensboro. N.C. 2402 Delaware Ave., Wilmington 6, Del. 1170 Broadmeadow Lane. Winnetka, Dl. 115 Offutt Rd.. Bedford, Mass. 10832 Stanmore Dr., Potomac, Md. 257 Broughton Lane, Villanova. Pa. 622 Broadwav A e.. Jackson, Miss. 58 Minnisink Rd., Short Hills, N.J. .5095 Westminster PI.. St. Louis, Mo. 133 Galbreath Dr.. Princeton, N.J. 888 Lilac Dr., Santa Barbara. Calif. ■ heinman. Harriet Ruth 115 ( " entral Park . New York 23. N.Y. 1125 West Franklin St.. Richmond 20. ' a. Rock Hill, Rt. 1. Centreville. Va. IKH Ib.pkins Rd., .Sacramento 25, Calif. 1512 Fairmount Ct., Box 390. Clovis. New Mexico 6803 Meadow Lane. Chew Chase, .Md. 1266 Wa»erland Dr.. Macon. Ga. .3303 White Oak Rd., Raleigh, N.C. 1 Cherokee Rd. N.W., Atlanta 5. Ga. R.D. 3, Sewicklev Hgts., Pa. 30 Northimior Rd., West Hartford 17, Conn. Spangenberg, Martha Clav 5101 . lont iew Blvd.. Denver 7, Colo. Sparks, Patricia Reynolds 1680 Brian lid Rd., Macon, Ga. Spielman. Susan Deile 13 Short Dr.. Manhasset. N.Y. Spivey, Elbe Belle 2013 UiGrangc Hgwy.. West Point. Ga. Spruan e. .Mice Lea 911 Augusta Rd., Wilmington 6. Del. ■purdon, Pamela Margaret Lynni- Roland Rd., Irvington, N.Y. .Shinberger, MaryBaird . " Shorter, .Sara Noska . " iebenthal. Anne .Skarda, I ' atricia Lyii .Smith, Leslie Cantrell Smith, Marie Clevi-land .Smith, .Mary Lindsay Smith, Rose .Mary Snyder, Evelyn Nivin Fairway Dr. .Sonierville, .Susan Wagner .Stanley, Virginia Mile Starke, . bby St. John Stearns, .Mary Elhel .Steele. Lane .Margaret Steketee, Penelope .• tembal, .Melanie Stephenson, Diane Ro.i .309 V,-nice St.. Falls Church. Va. 1.300 (;ravdon Ave., Norfolk 7. Va. Rt. 4. Box 301-A.l. Gainesville. Fla. Fairmount. Huntingdon. Pa. 2000 Thornapple River Dr.. ( rand Rapids 6, Mich. 48 Cottage St.. .South Orange. N.J. 24 i8 Hanover W. Terrace N.W.. .Atlanta 5. Ga. Rt. 5, Paris . Itn.. Greenville, S.C. 926 Hulls Farm Rd., Southporl, Conn. 5814 Hillburne Way, Chevy Chase 15, .Md. Stevenson, Jaci|uelin King 2 South Battery, Charleston, S.C. Stoddard, Anne Brooke IJ.S. Embassy, Vientiane, Laos Stoddard, Gracey Luckett 3096 Warrington Rd.. Shaker Heights 20. Ohio 214 Allen Ave., Allenhurst, N.J. 1 Woodlawn Dr.. Annapolis, Md. o H. H. Gaylord. Tokeneke Trail, Darien, Conn. 708 Ashford Rd.. Wilmington .3, Del. 18 Gwyn PI.. .Mexandria, Va. 2 Bellerive County Club Grounds. St. Louis 41, Mo. 422 Washington St., Toms River, N.J. 11 Clinton Ave., .Maplewood, N.J. 100 (Carolina Ave., Summerville, .S.C. 134 Cardinal Ave., San .Antonio 9. Tex. S ishka. Marie Flizabeili 412 Timber Branch Pkwy., .Mexandria, Va. Sutherland. .Mary Dyer Colt made Farni. Fayetteville, N.C. Sutton, Elizabeth Southworth 148 Battle St., Cambridge, .Mass. Swaney. Mary -Ann Chamber 2869 Wesleyan Lane, Winston-Salem, N.C. Symington. Diedrc Huntington Temple Hall, Rt. 4, Box 4, LoesliurL ' . Va. Stevenson, Courtney Brereton .Stokes, Carol Montgomery .Stoops, .Sally .Anne .Strong, Susan Lcuiise .Stroud, Eileen Stuber, Connie Jo Stupp, Anne Maxwell .Stutski, Bonnie Sue .Sullivan, Pamela Morgan Sullivan, Susan Lee .Sumners, .Susan DeFord Takemura, .Sachiko Tankersley, Donna -Mae Taylor, Gwendolen Law Thompson. Dixie Ann Thornhill. Mona Carole Thornhill. Patricia .Ann I ' hurman. Ellen Reid Tillman. Barbara Anne Tirrell, Natalie Pauline Titter, Penelope .Adams Tolbert. Lurline W aring 1449 Dai. Kanakuia. Kanagawa, Japan Rt. 2, .Madison Heights, Va. Hope Ranch. 935 Estrella Dr., .Santa Barbara. Calif. Taylor, Jane Douglas 3822 Fordham Rd.. Washington 16, D.C. Thoma, Vickv Ann Russell ' s Inn. Lake Ave.. Georges Mills, N.H. Thoma.s, Sally Ann 181 Piatt Ave.. West Haven, Conn. Thomas, Toni Lee 193 Steele Rd.. West Hartford 7, Conn. Thompson, Amy -Maureen River Rd.. Box 144-A, Rt. 24, New Brunsw ck, N.J. 532 Thomas .Ave.. Montiiomerv 6, Ala. 17 Cherrvw..od Rd.. .Salem, Va. 2828 Lakeview Dr.. Raleigh, N.C. 194-i Berkeley Ave.. Petersburg, Va. 4-1-1 .Sabine -Ave., Wynnewood, Pa. 853 S. Lucerne Blvd., Los Angeles 5, Calif. 160 Hicks St.. Brooklyn 1, N.Y. 1718 Bowden Rd.. Carrollton, Ga. Topping. Cynthia Bowen 323 N. Princeton .Ave.. Swarthmore, Pa. To Totte . uzanne Irene Beatrice W illougli 3208 Delmar Ter.. I ieblo, Colo. Brick Ends. Highland St., South Hamilton, .Mass. 310 Cumnor Rd.. Kenilworth, 111. Woodstock Cove. Paget, Bennuda 606 E. Tugalo St., Toccoa, Ga. Trombly. .Mary OConnor 112 W ailupe Cir., Honolulu 16, Hawaii Tucker, Leah Brooke .3609 Pi|)ing Rock Lane, Houston 27, Tex. Townes, .Mary Glenn Triminghani, Pamelia Dunbar Trogdon, Kalhrvn Cvnthia Tucker, Susan Elizabeth Tumolo, Joanne Elaine Turner, .Shelley Hull. Turner. .Sidney Pevton Twedell. Sally Ann Twine. Miihal . susan L tiey. jane Einaline Vogt. .Marieluise Vontz, Carol Marie Vose. Margaret Vance 991 Somerset Dr. N.W., Atlanta, Ga. 10.30 Reynolds St., Falls Church, Va. 83 Slurges Hgwy., Westport Conn. 5 Bavberrv Lane, Williamsburg, Va ;3H Bermuda Dr.. St. Louis 21. Mo West Lane, Pound Ridge. N. " l .522 W illoughb) St., Clurlolte 7, N C .3205 R St.. Washington 7, D.C. 620 .Shenck Ave.. Dayton 19, Ohio 10 Brookside Dr., Wp. pnrt, Omn. i6i r ♦ ' ♦ STUDENT DIRECTORY w Williams, Virginia Arniisteatl The Campbell Field, Rapidan. Va. Wakelield. Ellen Walker, Andrea Walker, Elizabeth Barney Walker, Sara Lisa 500 Wingate Rd., Baltimore 10, Md. 2012 Douglas, Midland, Tex. 220 Kensington Ave., Lynchburg, Va. Walker Ranch, Rt.lO, Box 78A, San Antonio, Tex. 1607 9th Ave., Conway, S.C. 2605 Arvin St., Wheaton, Md. 227 Gunclub Rd., Richmond 21, Va. 3826 Royal Blvd., Lynchburg, Va. CO Capt. John M. Waters, Jr., Hqtrs., U.S.C.G., Washington 25, D.C. 1921 Lynn Cove Lane, Virginia Beach, Va. Weber, Kerry Jean 1504 Helen St., Bay City, Mich. Webster, Ann Adams 4007 Bradley Lane, Chevy Chase 15, Md. Weihman, Jane Ann 401 Monterey Ave., Pelham Manor, N.Y. Weinrich, Katharine Helen 155 Vorn Lane, Bimiingham, Mich. Werden, Philena Bishop 309 Lafayette Ave., Mattoon, 111. West, Janet Maddox 5132 Rockwood Pkwy., Washington 16, D.C. Wheatley, Ellen Taylor 117 Virginia Ave., Danville, Va. Wiens, Josephine .Marie 5701 Rockmere Dr., Washington 16, D.C. Wall, Harriet Howard Wang, Jing Tsuen Ward, Annie Kate Waters, Margaret Kimble Waters, Peggy . nn Watson, Katherine Eileen 1453 Taes Ct. Rd.. Lexington, Ky. Ridge Dr., Amherst, Va. Ridge Dr., Amherst, Va. 525 Pine Rd., Sewickley, Pa. St. Paul ' s School, Brooklandville, Md. 2413 Beech Ridge Rd., Raleigh, N.C. Wiglesworth, -Maria .VIonette Wikswo, Antoinette Regina Wikswo, -Muriel Anastasia Willets, Maxey Penn W illiams, Andree Louise Williams, Belle Pescud Williams, Constance Moore 58 W. Market St, Leesburg, Va. Williams, Emory Dabney 22 Tempsford Lane, Richmond 26, Va. Willieims, Margaret Nolting The Campbell Field, Rapidon, Va. Williams, Susan Peters 611 W. Center St., Medina. N.Y. Williamson, Cecelia Willingham, Janie Po Willis, Mary-Fleming Wilson, Judy Graves Winfree, Ann Pennington Witcover, Christine -Ann Witt, Florence Elder Wolfe, Betsy Marie Wood, Katherine Benham Wood, Peggy Beattie Wood, Peggy Octvia Wright, Alice 701 Fort Dale Rd., Greenville, Ala indexter Box 398, Wilson Rd., .Signal -Mtn., Tenn. Hampton 4520 Wildcat Rd., Columbia, S.C. 842 Crystal, New Orleans 24, La. 3176 W. Ridge Rd. S.W., Roanoke, Va. 6101 Neilwood Dr., Rockville, Md. 1615 -Minnekahda Rd., Chattanooga, Tenn. 801 Albion Rd., Columbia, S.C. -Sweet Briar, Va. 18 Chatham Rd. N.W., Atlanta 5, Ga. Woodbyrne Farm, Germantown, Md. 236 40th Ave., East Seattle 2, Wash. Wright, Laurinda Joyce 8411 Crystal Spring Rd., Woodstock, III. Wyrick, Mary Melinda 2015 St. Andrews Rd., Greensboro, N.C. aeger, Dianna Ruth Yarbrough, Susan Lisabeth Yelverton, Virginia Read Youmans, Barbara Helen Young, Juliet Ann Young. Virginia . nn Zweigler, Holly Gay P.O. Box 295, Mayfair Farm, Timonium, Md. 3721 Caruth, Dallas 25, Tex. 404 5th St., Blackstone, Va. 1241 Crenshaw St., Newberry, S.C. Ill Nichols Rd., Cohasset, Mass. Ill Nichols Rd., Cohasset, Mass. 5 Big Oak Lane, Oeerfield, III. i6x « ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ fe :-:..v,v.-.:. WE WISH TO THANK THE FOLLOWING PARENTS AND FRIENDS FOR THEIR GENEROUS CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE 1965 BRIAR PATCH MR. and MRS. W. P. ALLEN Houston, Texas DR. and MRS. NOEL R. BAILEY Fort Worth, Texas MR. and MRS. PAUL W. BAKER Atlanta, Georgia MR. W. EARLE BLACKBURN West Hartford, Connecticut MR. and MRS. J. A. BODIN Houston, Texas MR. and MRS. M. O. BORING, JR. Odessa, Texas MR. and MRS. GEORGE S. BRADSHAW Orlando, Florida MR. and MRS. ALBA H. BRIGGS Chadron, Nebraska GOV. and MRS. FARRIS BRYANT Tallahassee, Florida MR. JONATHAN F. BUTLER New York, New York MR. and MRS. HARRY R. CANT New York, New York MR . and MRS. LLOYD P. CARLOS Honolulu, Hawaii MR. and MRS. JAMES D. CARR Wilmington, North Carolina DR. and MRS. WINFRED J. CAUWENBERG Annherst, Virginia DR. and MRS. AUTHUR I. CHENOWETH Birmingham, Alabama MR. and MRS. ARTHUR M. COLE Wilmington, Delaware MR. ROBERT COLE Port Washington, New York MR. and MRS. JOHN CONDAX Moorestown, New Jersey MR. and MRS. BRADLEY CURREY Lookout Mountain, Tennessee MR. and MRS. KENNETH H. DICKEY Texarkana, Arkansas MR. JOHN DILLON Los Angeles, California MR. and MRS. EDWARD A. DODD Louisville, Kentucky MR. and MRS. ROBERT S. DUNHAM Westport, Connecticut MR. and MRS. W. C. EKHOLM Riverside, Connecticut MR. CARROLL D. FENTRESS Potomac, Maryland MR. and MRS. LOUIS R. FREESE Colorado Springs, Colorado MR. JOHN GALLEHER Manassas, Virginia MR. and MRS. GLEN E. GIVENS West Islip, New York MR. JOE F. HANDLY Nashville. Tennessee MRS. CAROLYN HYDE HASKELL Tucson, Arizona MR. and MRS. R. S. HILL, JR. Montgomery, Alabama MR. and MRS. ROBERT CLARK HILTON Nashville, Tennessee MR. M. D. HODGES Milledgeville, Georgia DR. and MRS. LEE HOWARD, JR. Savannah, Georgia MR. and MRS. E. C. HUMMEL Summit, New Jersey MR. CLIFFORD G. JOHNSON Newtown, Connecticut MR. and MRS. DAVID RANDOLPH JOHNSON Wilmington, Delaware DR. CHARLES S. JONES Atlanta, Georgia MRS. SWISHER K. KALBER Louisville, Kentucky REV. and MRS. CHRISTOPH KELLER. JR. Jackson, Mississippi MRS. HARRY B. KERN, JR. Winchester, Virginia MR. and MRS. JOHN L. KILCULLEN Alexandria, Virginia MR. C. M. KLAERNER Geneva, Switzerland MRS. J. E. KROUT Narberth, Pennsylvania MRS. R. N. LONG Selma, Alabama MR. JOHN E. McCLURE Chevy Chase, Maryland MRS. M. P. McLEAN Short Hills, New Jersey MR. and MRS. E. J. McMULLEN Tampa, Florida MR. and MRS. HUGH LIVINGSTON MACNEIL Pasadena, California MR. JOHN P. MANARD New Orleans, Louisiana MRS. GEORGE WALTER MAPP, JR. Accomac, Virginia MR. and MRS. GORDON M. MARKLE Wilmington, Delaware MR. WILLIAM J. MILTON Bernardsvllle, New Jersey MR. H. GORDON MOORE Lynchburg, Virginia DR. and MRS. THOMAS J. MORAN Danville, Virginia DR. and MRS. C. HUNTER MORICLE Reidsvllle, North Carolina MRS. FREDERICK S. MOSELEY, JR. New York. New York MR. and MRS. JEROME D. NILES, JR. Bethesda, Maryland MRS. NATHAN A. PERRY Guatemala City, Guatemala MR. C. B. PETERSON, JR. Dallas. Texas MR. and MRS. CLIFTON PLEASANTS Winston-Salem, North Carolina MRS. RUBY PREDMORE Middletown, New York MRS. KARL R. PRICE Washington, D. C. MRS. H. B. RICHARDSON Union, South Carolina MRS. LOUISE GURKIN RIGGAN Norfolk. Virginia MRS. JOHN R. RUSSO Bridgeport, Connecticut MR. and MRS. JOHN SABALAUSKAS Baltimore. Maryland MR. and MRS. H. DONALD SCHWAAB Baltimore, Maryland COL. and MRS. REAGAN A. SCURLOCK Bedford, Massachusetts MR. and MRS. CARL T. SEBRING Potomac, Maryland MR. ROBERT J. SHAW Princeton, New Jersey MR. and MRS. DONALD T. SPANGENBERG Denver, Colorado MR. and MRS. JOHN STERNER Miami, Florida MRS. HENRY C. STEVENSON Chevy Chase, Maryland MR. and MRS. GARDNER SUTTON Cambridge, Massachusetts MR. and MRS. J. H. SYMINGTON Leesburg, Virginia MRS. WALTER L. TILLMAN Wynnewood, Pennsylvania MR. CHARLES H. TOPPING Swarthmore, Pennsylvania MR. and MRS. RAY TROGDON Toccoa, Georgia MR. CLIFFORD T. WEIHMAN New York, New York MR. and MRS. J. E. WILSON New Orleans, Louisiana MR. and MRS. RAYMOND WITT. JR. Chattanooga, Tennessee MR. and MRS. M. L. YOUMANS Newberry, South Carolina »♦ •♦ ♦ it ' s SMART to START your financial future with an account at Al+avista Hi Amherst FIDELITY ™- ■ ■ " " " ■ ■ ■ III Brookneal NATIONAL BANK L il!!; 5 Offices serving Central Virginia : ' , , ,. " Madison Hts. Rustburg 1938 Ford Sales and Service 27+h Year 1965 Since 1886 Fine Footwear COLEIvlAN ' S LYNCHBURG BEST WISHES FROM WAILUPE YACHT CLUB HONOLULU FOR FINE FURNITURE 922 Main St. in Lynchburg . . . Downtown . . . Pittman Plaza Department Stores . . . fasliion drama from ou.r newrs Arorthy collection COMPLIMENTS OF BAILEY -SPENCER HARDWARE CO., INC. WHOLESALE ONLY LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA H. C. WEBER CONSTRUCTION CO. ENGINEERS • BUILDERS BAY CITY, MICHIGAN - ' . " ■♦ . ' •■ .• ■it taSiS Sm Serving Students, Faculty, Staff Sweet Briar College CENTRAL VIRGINIA TELEPHONE CORP. Amherst Sweet Briar EXTRUDED ALUMINUM CO., INC. Summerville South Carolina R. W. Sullivan, President Phone TR 3-2391 HARRY HAGA CO, INC Stereo — Television PITTMAN PLAZA THE COLUMNS Fashions in Foods HUNTING HILL FARM A Nice Filly Always Available MOLLY ' 65 DARCEY ' 67 FOR SPORTSWEAR DRESSES SKIRTS SWEATERS ACCESSORIES PERFUME JEWELRY LINGERIE STORK ' S INC THE AVENUE SHOP 2484 Rivermont Ave. VI 6 4208 J. PRINTERS P. BELL CO. • BOOKS • STATIONERS B b Meiin St. L.r--b.-i We Phone Victor 5-3435 McCARRON FLORIST 722 Main Street Phone VI 7-5566 t t f » ' (u W Branrhes: m Pillnian Plaza Ho£3S Ir- K Trust and Savings Bank 2482 Rivermont Ave. Fort Hill Village Bldg. Member FDIC of Lynchburg MAIN OFFICE: 1010 MAIN ST. COMPLIMENTS OF GRAND PIANO FURNITURE CO. LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA Esta bllshed In 1828 s. o. FISHER, nc. SPORTING GOODS —CAMERAS— TOYS— HOBBIES | 1024 Main St. and Pittman Plaza LYNCHBURG, VA. ( ciwcirds , ync. MENS AND BOYS ' SHOP BOTANY ■500- ' SUITS McGregor SPORTSWEAR MANHATTAN i VAN HEUSEN SHIRTS 725 MAIN STREET LYNCHBURG, VA. Vl.5.4733 CROSSROADS ESSO SERVICE Esso Products Routes 29 60 Amherst, Va. W. L. MASSIE, Proprietor Phone WHitehall 6-331 I YARBROUGH CONSTRUCTION CO. Contractors and Engineers 4425 Greenville Avenue DALLAS 6, TEXAS " Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Builders " If you ' re wondering why a Colorado company is advertising in a Virginia college yearbook, you ' re in good company. Our President, Executive Vice President, countless other Vice Presidents, auditors and a comptroller or two are curious, too. Do us a favor, justify our faith in the intelligence of Sweet Briar girls by spending some of your vacation time in the cool, clean, invigorating air of Colorado ' s mountains this summer. It ' ll do you a world of good— and besides, it ' ll get us off the hook. PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY OF COLORADO an investor-owned utility COMPLIMENTS OF JOHN H. HAMPSHIRE, INC. Home Office — 330 West Twen+y-Four+h Street, Baltimore, Maryland 2121 I Branch Offices — 4626 Annapolis Road Bladensburg, Maryland 2513 Chamberlayne Avenue Richmond, Virginia 2101 Winston Avenue, S. W., Roanoke, Virginia 714 Front Street, Norfolk, Virginia 1112 Kanawha Terrace, St. Albans, West Virginia 147 West King Street, Malvern, Pennsylvania THE $irKi: AMHERST PUBLISHING CO., INC. " We print The Sweet Briar News ' COMPLIMENTS OF VILLAGE PHARMACY, INC Your Community Drug Store Phone 946-9601 Amherst, Virginia FREE DELIVERY WILLS-CAMP 819 Main St. SPECIALIZE IN ' for that look you like " AMHERST LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS, INC. AMHERST, VIRGlNi.A Laundry Dry Cleaning WH 6-301 I RALEE ' S BEAUTY SALON 401 Main Street AMHERST, VIRGINIA For Appointment Call 946-936! L (I5riar f- atcn Jj nn • ■ ' ♦ -♦ V ■ V . COPLHTS OF A PARENT " ISRAEL BROTHERS, IIMC. GENERAL CONTRACTORS Parkview 5-5636 J. W. ISRAEL Hunter Rd. So. of LaDue Rd. Parkview 5-0545 P.O. Box 229, Clayton, Mo. 63 105 ♦■■% ' ■■♦ " ♦ ' ♦ " ■% ' •♦■ . . . • ' ♦ :j ■ 1 V % . M . BEST WISHES HAUSER OLDSMOBILE, INC LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS OF AMHERST PHARMACY AMHERST, VIRGINIA FRAZIER-DAVIS CONSTRUCTION CO. 1319 Macklind ST. LOUIS 10, MISSOURI 631 10 •JIM-JIM, BOOTSIE. BUTTONS, AND PRINCE ' COMPLIMENTS OF PARENTS OF VICKI CHAINSKI " HAPPY DAYS BOXWOOD ll l l and SIMACK BAR ' ' Tel. 946-9311 Open 9:30-5:30 IHK WIHER.ST GIFT Sllol ' .S07 .Main .direct ' i. Ri .S, IMPORTED TWEEDS AND LINENS RECORDS. JEWELRY. UNUSUAL GIFTS. CARDS SCHEWEL FURNITURE CO. Incorporated 1023 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia Lynchburg ' s Largest and Most Popular Furniture Store C0IVIPLIIV1EIMTS OF THE mmm club OHHE % .. LANVIN CHANEL DANA RUSSELL STOVER CANDIES HALLMARK PAnERSOH ' S Rmul REVLON Call us when you need a prescription filled CARDS RT. 29, MADISON HEIGHTS DIAL 845-5991 Amherst Gulf Service Center AMHERST TASTEE FREEZE A FRIEND CO-OPERATrVE BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Home Office— 1001 Church Street, Lynchburg • VI 6-1391 Chestnut Hill Branch— 2015 VVards Road • 239-2676 Amherst County Branch— U.S. Hwy. 29, North • VI 6-5335 MATERIAL SALES COMPANY Drawer 1040 SAUSBURG, N.C. Crushed Stone, Gravel and Sand Charles E. Brady, Pres. WITH AFFECTIONATE REMINISCENCE From A Former BRIAR PATCH EDITOR WALTER H. DRANE COMPANY -municipal codes — CLEVELAND, 44106 REAMS FURNITURE COMPANY, INC. Downtown — 924 Main Street Wayside — 6006 Fort Avenue Lynchburg, vircT ' 3 COMPLIMENTS OF WEBB-WHITAKER COMPANY 909 MAIN ST.. LYNCHBURG I, VIRGINIA Men and Young Men ' s Clothing COOLYN HILL KENNELS Afghan Hounds of Quality To Approved Customers P.D. 4 DALLAS, PENNSYLVANIA WALKER RANCH SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Oiul ex Your authority of fashion DOWNTOWN— PITTMAN PLAZA- FORT HILL VILLAGE " The Liberally Educated Man is articulate both in speeth and writing. He has a feeling for language, a respect for clarity and directness of expression, and a knowledge of some language other than his own. He is at home in the world of quantity, number and measurement. He thinks rationally, logically, objectively, and knows the difference between fact and opinion. When the occasion demands, however, his thought is imaginative and creative rather than logical. He is perceptive, sensitive to form, and affected by beauty. His mind is flexible and adaptable, curious and independent. He knows a good deal about the world of nature and the world of man, about the culture of which he is a part. but he is never merely ' well-informed. ' He can use what he knows with judgment and discrimination. He thinks of his business or profession, his family life, and his avocations as parts of a larger whole, parts of a purpose which he has made his own. Whether making a professional or a personal decision, he acts with maturity, balance, and perspective. which come ultimately from his knowledge of other persons, other problems, other times and places. He has convictions which are reasoned, although he cannot always prove them. He is tolerant about the beliefs of others because he respects sincerity and is not afraid of ideas. He has values and can communicate them to others, not only by word but by example. His personal standards are high; nothing short of excellence will satisfy him. But service to society or to his God. not personal satisfaction alone. is the purpose of his excelling. Above all. the liberally educated man is never a type. He is always a unique person, vivid in his distinction from other similarly educated persons. while sharing with them the traits we have mentioned. ' " Ilu- ••definiti,.n " w;is written by a comn from several of the larger Eastern universitii tee of faculty members and preparatory schools. " A PARENT " MALCAN CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. NEW YORK, NEW YORK Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of ' 65 Decatur Box and Basket Company, Inc., Decatur, Alabama Lad- es ' Sportswear Shoes Dresses WAILES STOP-IN SHOP Phone WH 6-2267 Amherst, Va. Stanley-Warner ' s WARNER THEATRE I l+h Main Sts. Lynchburg, Virginia Dial VI 5-7898 Henry A. Clark, Mgr Friends of SWEET BRIAR In The Heart of Downtown Lynchburg, It ' s irgiriian Hotel e II Students of Sweet Briar College and Their Families Are Welcome To All The Fine Facilities Of The Virginian TERRACE DINING ROOM . . . ELEGANT LUNCHES . . . FULL COURSE DINNERS . . . DINE IN A HANDSOME SETTING ON THE LOBBY LEVEL . . . " Compliments of Meena and Nelson " " With the Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Lyons Brown ' " KqNGE flNt.ETv Hxl:inuGo " ]lini-v-xR VOCE ' - r -- ' - ' FRbPc CONGRATULATIONS FROM BRICK ENDS FOUNDED leaa ■ ECONOMIZE — GET METAL-WISE " Keep Smi ing — it makes people wonder what you ' ve beer up to! Huber Fa rm Po ed Herefords OAK RIDGE, TENNESSEE Compliments of Douglas Campbel Visit CALIFORNIA If you ' ve never tried to fly in your own paper airplane, you might as well say you ' ve never bathed in the first sip of chilled champagne. Of course, every bubble may burst, and who was it that said, " Climb aboard a butterfly . . . CRUNCH! ' But then Roman architecture and brownstone houses don ' t have that much appeal, so go ahead and buy yourself a gardenia — J.M.Mcl. With appreciation to Sweet Briar Mr. and Mrs. James H. Mcintosh COMPLIMENTS OF MacRae ' s Blue Book The Product Directory for Industry Chicago, Illinois 6061 I CHARLES A. BURTON, JR. President and Publisher TOADS OF THE WORLD UNITE • i ' V:-V,. RAPPOPORT STUDIOS PHOTOGRAPHERS 489 Fifth Avenue — New York 17, New York PORTRAIT • WEDDING • COMMERCIAL K ene ( amnbeli PHOTOGRAPHER 1904 HOLLINS MILL ROAD LYNCHBURG, VA. We ' re proud of our part in designing and engraving the 1965 BRIAR PATCH Schools that want outstanding annuals year after year have turned to us. We work hard to give each school every good reason to continue with our com- pany. Our experience, art department and plant know-how, and continuous personal service assure prompt atten- tion to every detail. Let our representa- tive tell you about the many satisfied schools, agencies, printers and editors we serve. the Lynchburg Engraving Company I incorporated box 720 lynchburg, va. It ♦■■♦♦ ' ♦ ♦ " ■•■ ♦. ' ' Jt 3§ewnarable Year • Congratulations to the Studi nt Hoci and Fac ulty ol Sweet Rriar College for completion of another outstanding ear. • The Staff of your annual has worked exceedingly hard to give you a superb hook that poitrays tlic highlights of memo- rable activities. • Neither time, effort nor expense ha e been spared to provide you with a permanent record, attractively jjresented and complete in even detail. • To presene the photography and lileraiy efforts ol the Staff, the best grade of materials ha e been combined with skilled workmanship to pro ide the finest quality yearbook. • We are ])roud that the 1965 Staff selected us to help design, print and bind the Bri.ar Patch. We ha e earnestly endea ored to fulfill the confidence placed in us. - V. U All Til EX IOMI»AXV LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA 4 t ♦ ACKNOWLEDGEMENT In appreciation for their iavaluahle assistance in the production of the 1965 Briar Patch, we express our most sincere thanks to — MR. WILLIAM P. BLACKWELL MR. WILLIAM L. BURTON MISS MARTHA VON BRIESEN MR. GENE CAMPBELL MR. ROBERT McELDOWNEY MISS PATRICIA MARTIN DR. LAWRENCE G. NELSON i88 ■ ' I " Mil I I ♦ ♦-♦■

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Sweet Briar College - Briar Patch Yearbook (Sweet Briar, VA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Sweet Briar College - Briar Patch Yearbook (Sweet Briar, VA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Sweet Briar College - Briar Patch Yearbook (Sweet Briar, VA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Sweet Briar College - Briar Patch Yearbook (Sweet Briar, VA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Sweet Briar College - Briar Patch Yearbook (Sweet Briar, VA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Sweet Briar College - Briar Patch Yearbook (Sweet Briar, VA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


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