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SWEET BRIAR COLLEGfc 3 2449 0297337 A i. I .f %. M 37I-80L SSrCh Presented by c C A- MAR.Y HELEN COCHRAN LIBRARY SWEET BRIAR COLLEGE 113122 j v,«» .i .» ' .«a- .«f ' ii ' ' v» • AN ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF SWEET BRIAR COLLEGE SWEET BRIAR, VIRGINIA BETTIE KATHERINE ARNOLD Editor VIRGINIA deBUYS Business Manager MR. CHARLIS LAW SON CROWE 7mi» .».; ■! m ' 9f .iiF ' Wr » In appreciation of his concern for the academic com- munit} ' and for the indi ' idual student, his sense of humor, clarit) ' of vision, and dedication to every sphere of knowledge . . . " I am that gadfly . . . and all day long and in all places am always fastening upon you, arousing and persuading and reproaching you. " DEDICATION 113122 t ADMINISTRATION CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION 13 FACULTY 19 FRESHMEN 29 SOPHOMORES 39 JUNIORS 49 SENIORS 61 ACTIVITIES 109 ATHLETICS 133 MAY COURT 139 • ' si ,rftwT» »-» r ' iw wr.ar-B ATHLETICS College is the assimilation of fragments. The initial perception of experience is kaleidoscopic. As we seek to understand relationships, we gather and compose these fragments into a mosaic. The many colors that make up the mosaic are crystalized in the prism. Held to the light, the prism, small in itself, can color and illuminate the largest room. THE ESSENCE OF AN EDUCATION awareness of the values of the past . . . anticipation of the demands of the future . . , w LIS IE ig ijIS H . impels one to think- critically, creatively, constructively and to express those thoughts to question to search, to weigh, to choose . . . to comprehend . . . and appreciate to play . . . and to laugh to work— and to accept responsibility ... to widen horizons. ADMINISTRATION 13 PRESIDENT ANNE GARY PANNELL " Life is a problem, a task, an ordeal, even at times an agony; it is also fas- cinating, challenging, and intense. All of us living today cannot wish to hide our heads either in the sands of the past or of the future. We must have a sense of new horizons. We must face with outward vision a restless human world and, with cheerful hearts, help this world to mend its broken spirits. The full task of education is both to train people in freedom and to prepare them for free- dom; to teach them control of themselves as well as of their world. This, then, is what educated women need for the fu- ture: the self-discipline of affection for other people . . . " . . and Ajax BOARD OF DIRECTORS As specified by the charter of incorporation granted by the Commonwealth of Virginia in February, 1901, the Board of Directors includes seven members, elected for life. They are empowered to hold all properties in trust and to fill any vacancy which may occur in their numbers. J. Wilson Newman, J.D., Chainiicin . . . .Richmond, Virginia C. Raine Pettyjohn, Vtce-Chairman and Secretary Lynchburg, Virginia Sara Shallenberger Brown, A.B., . .Harrods Creek, Kentucky Connie M. Guion, M.D., D.Sc, New York, New York Adrian M. Massie, B.A., Rye, New York Buford Scott Richmond, Virginia Lawson W. Turner Forest, Virginia The Chairman of the Board and the President of the College are members ex-ofjicio. The Directors are also members of the Board of Overseers. J. WILSO.X . E VM. . (chairman. Board of Director Board of Overseers CH. RLES X. PROTHRO Channiaii, Development Commit Board of Overseers BOARD OF OVERSEERS Established in May, 1927, the Board of Overseers is composed of the seven Directors and additional members elected by the Directors, most of whom serve six-year terms and may be re-elected. The active oversight of the College is in the hands of the larger Board, whose decisions are submitted for ratifi cation to the Board of Directors. The President of the College is ex-ofScio a member of the Board of Overseers. J. Wilson Newman, Chairman. C. Raine Pettyjohn, Vice-Chairman and Secretary. Term Expires 1964 Charles H. Murchison, LI.B., Jacksonville, Florida Elizabeth Pinkerton Scott, A.B., North Garden, Virginia The Rt. Rev. Richard S. Watson, D.D Salt Lake Citv, LJtah 1965 J. H. Tyler McConnell, LI.B Greenville, Delaware Edward Thompson Wailes, B.S Washington, D. C. 1966 John J. Corson, Ph.D Princeton, New Jersey Charles N. Prothro, B.B.A Wichita Falls, Texas 1967 Gladys Wester Horton, A.B. . .Short Hills, New Jersey Walter S. Robertson, L.L.D Richmond, Virginia Robert C. Tyson, B.A New York, New York Gorham B. Walker, Jr., B.A Lynchburg, Virginia 1969 Wright Bryan, B.S Cleveland, Ohio Hugh K. Duffield, A.B Gladwyne, Pennsylvania Nida Tomlin Watts, A. B Lynchburg, Virginia Anne Pannell, D. Phil., ex-officio. President of the Col- lege Juliet Halliburton Burnett, A.B., ex-officio. President of the Srveet Briar Alumnae Association 15 PEANS MARY J. PEARL Dean of the College DOROTHY JESTER Dean of Students H ► ANN E. AIKEN Assistant Dean of the College ELIZABETH H. CARR Assistant Dean of Students ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF PETER V. DANIEL . .Assistant to the President; Treasurer HILDA G. HITE . .Executive Secretary and Administrative Assistant to the President NANCY G. BALDWIN Acting Director of Admission JEANETTE BOONE Recorder TYLER GEMMELL Librarian ELIZABETH B. WOOD . . . .Executive Secretary. Ahvnnae Association MARTHA von BRIESEN Director of Public Relatione L. GUY MOON Director of Development LEFT TO RIGHl: Miss Boune, Miss von Biiesen, Mrs. Baldwin, Mr. Moon, Miss Gemmell, Mr. Daniel, Mrs. Hite. i8 FACULTY 19 ENGLISH AND DRAMA LEFT TO RIGHT, Back Row. Miss Emer- son, Mr. Rowland. Front Row: Mr. Nelson. Miss Ramage, Mr. X ' ogelback. LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Emerson. Mr. Srhmunk, Miss Allnutt, Mr. Aiken, Mrs. .■ iken. Mr. Legler. LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Buckham. Mr. Kirrmann, Mr. Pcnzoldt, Mr. Matthew, Mr. Bates. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Dominicis. Mrs. deKont, Mr. Del Grero. MODERN LANGUAGE LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Hoffecker, Mr. Miller, Mrs. Miller, Mr. Hapala, Miss Muncy. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Gilpatriik. Mr Gittcr, Miss Rogers. SOCIAL STUDIES Mr. Dn -id . nthon ' LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Burrows. Mrs. Nelson, Miss Forte. GREEK AND LATIN A renowned C. C. lecture ' m ' l i 3 LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Firm. Miss Bar- ton. Mr. Oliver. ART AND MUSIC LEFT TC RIGHT: Mr. Gilpin, Mr. Shannon, Miss Uinbreit, Mr. Bricken. NOT PICTURED: Miss Marik. RELIGION Mr. Ogilvie, Religious Emphasis Week Speaker LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. McClain, Miss Garner, Mr Kirbv. Reverend Frank McClain, Chaplain of the College 2-5 PHILOSOPHY, PSYCHOLOGY AND EDUCATION Mr. Crowe, Mr. Cornett. LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Stevens, Mrs. Faulconer, Miss MoUer, Miss Otis, Mr. Trausneck. i6 SCIENCES LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Belchpr, Miss Turner Miss Sprague, Miss Bennett. CHEMISTRY LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Markle. Miss Blair, Miss Lefler. [; 23 M. THEM. TICS .AND PHYSICS LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Tso. Miss Lee, Mr. De ol. Mr? Gouver. Mrs Wikswo. LEFT TO RIGHT, STANDING: Miss Tinsley, Miss Nicholson. Kneeling; Mrs. Moon, Miss Mac- donald. PHYSICAL EDUCATION a i8 FRESHMEN LEFT TO RIGHT: Gretchen Bullard, Vice-President; Verita Korth, President: Mimi Har rison. Secretary; Anne Turner Overton, Treasurer. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS 3° If y f 1 S;illy Abfll Mary Gary Ainblci Barbara Annan ickie Baker Kat Barnhardt Pruc Baxter Mary Bell Judy Bensen Jill Berguido Betsv Bernard Ann Bivins Prissy Blackstock Clay Blackwell Bonnie Blew Julie Bodin Lisa Braden Beverly Bradshaw Joan Breier Jo Briggs Anne Stuart Brown Randy Brown Ina Brown Susan Brown Genie Bull Gretchen BuUard Mary T. Burnette Dolly Caballero Jean Caldwell Andria Calhoun Ginny Carpenter Emily Chenowcth Chris Christensen Barbara Cochrane Colleen Coffee Flossie Collins FRESHMEN U _. . kaleidescope 31 BMMaMMII— ■ FRESHMEN It is not yet learned just how defenseless she can be! Anderson Corl Judy Corrin Diana Dalton Dottie Dana Hallie Darby Helen Davis Patsy Davis Gaylc Dearborn Ann Denton Nancy-Co Dew Direxa Dick N ' icky Dillon Belli Dixson Leigh Donnelley Margy Dortch Ciina Dunlap janie Eastin Mary Ecknian I ' ully Eclls Nirginia Evans Stevic Ewalt Claudia Fangboner Patty Fischer Linda Fite Pniii Ford Lynn Frazier Pam Froninir Beth Gawthrop Shelley Gearhart Diane Geissal Mary Gillespie Sandy Gilmore Beth Glaser Grace Gould Linda Grizzard orienfafion . . . disorientation Lynn GuUctt Jill Haden Roxie Hamilton Peggy Handly Jane Hansford Mimi Harrison Carol Hartley Lisa Har ey Judith Haskell Sally Haskell Britton Hassell Kitty Hawthorne Judy Hay Linda Henderson Dee Dee Heyward Mellie Hickey Elizabeth Hill Sandi Hoas Charlotte Hoskins Mary Baldwin Howell 33 Leslie Hubci- Hallam Hurt Paula Ayotte Bonnie Jackson Mary Johnson Judy Jolly orvell Jones ' icky Jones Kathy Kelety Ellen Kelley Peggy Kennedy Muffie Ketcham Judy Keyserling Cherry King Sherry Kirschenfeld i), f 0 Verita Korth Jody Krout Pam Krusen Betsy Kurtz Adele Laslie Carroll Long Madeleine Long Ray Longstaff Stcphie Lucas Mary Lynn Lyle J.inc MacDerniod (iarol MacMiUan Marion MacRae Judy Mancss Margaret Mapp Rulhic Marshall Jci.Hi McClurc I ' hvllis McEvoy Trrry McKay Martha McKelhir 34 FRESHMEN " Do they REALLY send our grades home? " the enigma of initiation Nancy McLean Barbara McNeil Sims McRae Martha Meehan Cammie Mertins Jean Miller Marianna Miller Lynn Milton Pegg - Minis Mandy Mitchell Charlotte Moore Peggy Moran Sue Morck Caroline Mueller Carole Munn Page Munroj Toni Naren C:harlotte Nelson Pat Neithold Lillie Orr fX 9 Anne Turner Overton Nancy Pendergrass Peggy Pitt man Darcy Poole Judy PowiU Laurie Pratt Pam Pryor Connie Quereau Carroll Randolph Molly Randolph Putzi von Rebhan Jane Reed Carol Risher Gail Robins Laurie Rogers l -f FRESHMEN Lil Rothe Lynne Rutledge Pam Rutledge Pat Sadtler Melissa Sanders Brth Siliiltges Peggy Schulz Karen Schwabenton Gail Seaman Beth Sebring Baird Shinberger Lindsay Smith Rose Mary Smith Susan Soriero Ellie Belle Spivcy Glnny Stanley Sally Ste(hnan lark Ste,-1 - Diane Stephenson Jane Stephenson 36 exploration and investigation Patty Stetson Jarquelin Ste ' ensoii Oiacpy Stoddard Clunnie Stuber Bonnie Stiitski Susan Sumners DeeDee Symington Robin Teller Dixie Ann Thompson Barbara Tillman Penny Titter Xancy Townsend Kay Trogdon Sue Tucker Sallv Twedell Peggy Vose Kim Waters Barbara Weaver Keri7 Weber Josephine Wiens Maria Wiglesworth Margaret Williams Janie Willingham Elder Witt Jenny Reed Yeh ' erton Virginia Young NOT PICTURED: Marie Bottomly, Sara Brydges, Annie Carr, Gloria Carroll. Bobo Coving- ton, Josalee Douglas, Anni Henry, Lang Lloveras, Mary Ellen Martin, Neil OrlofT, Stella Renchard, Sue Schnaitter, Pam Sullivan. 37 v w ' I had a little sorrow born of a little sin. " The well-dressed Irosh Sweet Briar eongcniality SOPHOMORES 39 LEFT TO RIGHT: Kathy Mockett. Treasurer; Mary Entwistle, Secretary; Tia C:anipb(ll Vice-President; Ruthie Schmidt, President. S ■■■inn ■!■•■• ■laiMi ' ivrai r-iNW " ir SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS ■vi riti ' x ' Mr. and Mrs. Peter Daniel Sponsors 40 Meredith Aldrioh Gidget B.ibb Anna Band Judy Barthold Mai% Pat Behnke Kathv Binsfham SOPHOMORES . mosaic Betty Booker Terrell Boyle Margaret Brown Nancy Bullard Julia Bush Gracie Butler Frances Butt Mary Ann Calhoun Joyce Callahan Tia Campbell Jean Campbell Lin Campbell Mary Emma Carinichael Kathy Carroll Carol Clark Katie Clay M 41 distraction and direction iR ri Cynthia Coffin Keenan Colton Louise Comer Xancy Conkle Jcannine Corbetl Cynthia Craig Ann Crowe Janice Cullman Randie Cutler Sarah Dean Ann Drehtr Marsha Dumas Xancy Dunham Marlow Engelhardt Deanic Finch Marilyn Garabrant Someone did take her date to the Soph- omore Coffee House SOPHOMORES 42. Lisa Gianotti Diane Girlintt Georgia Grahai Eleanor Gilmorc ' Mary Meade Gordon Vi Graveure Judy Hargraves Delia Harrison Dfl.hir H.isl.nil Sandv Hatten H.iUy Hemphill Pegg ' Henning Mary Herlihy Diana Herran Steele Hill Linda Ho ' de Sally Jackson Gary Jndx Sally Kalber Ann Kerr Jackie Kloby Linda Lamb Lome Lassiter Pam Leary Robin Link Jane Ellen Lishnoft ' Barbara Lukens Kay McDonald f If 43 potential becoming kinetic . . (f ft ipi Mary McGrew Marguerite McKec Lee Mackubin Martha Madden f ' C Sheila Mahoney Donna Martin Patty Martin Serain Martin Anne Mason Cora de la Maza Pam Mendolia Ann Mercei Cindi Michel Randi Miles Kathy Mockett Susie Moseley Margery Moses Judy Mundy Wick Xalle Jane Nelson Anne Newton Jotly Noland Mariana Oechsle Susie Parker Al)l)y Patterson Jane Palton n(lriM Pearson Laura Penick 44 SOPHOMORES Irene Psilinakis Helen Raney Diana Rediker Pearl Riggan Weesie Rivers Natalie Rolierts Betsy Ru Joanna Sabalauskas Courtenay Sands Ruthie Schmidt Chessie Scott Peggy Scurlock 45 Kathy Shcahan Di Sii nrcU Marty Spangenberg Mary Stearns Penny Steketee Sandy Streett Susan Sudduth Sachiko Takemura Jane Taylor Sally Thomas Wing Todd Molb . ' Trombly Brook e Tucker Sidney Turner Jane Utloy Sally Nan Winkle Noiv how am I going to lose ten pounds? SOPHOMORES 46 every momenf has its own impulse .inda Wallace Kirven Watson Philena Werden Muriel Wikswo ' irginia Williams Judy Wilson Anne Ward Sallie Weitzcl Julie Whitehurst Pcnn Willcts Rab Willis Susie Wilson NOT PICTURED: Kim AUinson, Judy Baker. Katharine Baker, Tracy Bean, Carolyn Billingsley, Margaret Bloch, Pat Brennan, Greta Brown. Susan Brown, Vicky Chainski, Carolyn ChristiaQ, Bonnie Cord, Eleanor Crossley, Evie Day, Barbara DuhJS , Sallie Dunham, Louise DuRona, Anne Eberstadt, Mary En- twistle, Terrill Fentress, Anne Frothingham, Sara Green, Tolhy Greer, Eleanor Griggs, Pat Gromel, Gail Harrison, Mary Haskel, Sharon Healy. Eileen Hodges, Harriette Horsey, Brad Hunner, Cathy Ireys, Pam Jones, Patricia Jones, Margo Langenberg, Ginny Lee, Sally Lee, Harrah Lord, Mimi Low, Midge Lundy, Betsy McElwain, Grctchen Miller. Jody Moore. Susie Moorman. Win Murray. Margaret Nichols, Sheila Nolan, Marcia Pace, Sandy Palmer, Harriotte Parker, Cindy Paugh, Lida Pierce, Anna Pot- ter, Margaret Rogers, Laurie Saunders, Gwen Simson, Missy Spruance, Corky Stevenson, Sandy Swain, Lizanne Swing, Eleanor Thomson, Patty Thornhill, Shelley Turner, Mary ' an Nice, Maddy Vargish, Nell Wheatley, Penny Winfree. ' Yes, I think one can study too much. " 47 PInid lighthiilbs- that ' s thr scrict! rhey stay open til midnight now. so the next move to do something about that 3.2. . . . When the fu.se blows, the cradle will fall. 48 JUNIORS 49 m h ' LEFT TO RICH 1 ; l hebc Harris, Treasurer; Caroline Richardson, Secretary: Sarah Porter, Vice-President; Trudy Dowd, President. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS J ?u,, . i ' :-iif- ' -FtT j Miss Eleanor Allnutt Sponsor 5° Kristin Amundson Clvnthia Baynham Julie Beai ' den Betsv Benoit Susan Blackburn Beltie BoswcU Blair Both Sherry Bradford Julie Bradshaw Anne Butler Sandra Casner Bette Cauwenberg Bonnie Chapman Dryden Childs Cheryl Anne Clayton Joan Clinchy prism . . After it ' s over — what JUNIORS Carol Cole Nancy Collier Liz Curre ' Tutti Cuthbert Alice V ' irginia Dodd Mary-Pauline Delahousse Harriotte Dodsoii Trudy Dowd Carole Dudley Mary Duncan Anne English Suzanne Fancher Sue Fedeler Margaret Feild Jean Flanagan Allison Flvnn When a beer would taste good • «■■■ JUNIORS ' 1 drank at every vine. The last was like the first; Babette Fraser Sue Gibaiid Piyor Hale Lil)ba Hanger Grayson Harris Phebe Karri? Alice Haywood Lanie Horton Judy Howe Bonnie Hulse Whitney Jester Chris Kilcullen Kay Knopf Mary K. Lee Natalie Lemmon Alice McEldowney Wiggie McGregor Elvira McMillan Anne MacClintock Nancy MacMeekin 53 I came upon no wine so wonderful as thirst ' Fair MacRae Courtney Manard Pat Markle Linda Marshall Abby Mason Lourine Massie Jane Mcrkle Marianne Micros Alice MiKhell Nancy Moog Lynn Morgan Joanne Moricle Nancy Moss Sallie MuUins Jean Murray Melinda Musgrovc Lillian Norburn Brooke Patterson Eir.ily Pleasants Gay Plowdcn 54 Molly Poole Sarah Porter Astrid Previtali Carol Reifsnyder Aline Rex Caroline Richardson Grayson Rowlctt Traylor Rucker Linda Schwaab Mibs Sebring Bev Sharp Jeani. Shaw ivin Snyder Abby Starke Susie Strong Molly Sutherland " just strummin ' along, singin ' a song — side by side. " JUNIORS V A ' ¥ Changed the charte Bunny Sutton X ' icky Thoma Toni Thomas Mona Thornhill Luiline Tolbert Cynthia Topping Bea Totten Barney Walker Harriet Wall Kathleen Watson Janet West B.llr Williams 56 the light of the tram in an underground tunnel Sally Wright Barbara Youmans Juliet Young Hdly Zueigler NOT PICTURED: Nancy Cant, Anne Clark, Ann Ferrell. Lyn Graham. Laura Haskell, Margy Highlands. Jean Inge, Mary Parke Johnson, Polly Jose, Cora Lee Logan, . nn Lutz, Seralyn McAfee, Margy Rand, Dana Reinschmidt, Helen Scribner, Leslie Smith, Katie Wood. Va-: that some of Katie Wood ' s favorite date cake? V 57 V SANDRA ALLEN France IRGI L BREXT France SALLY CHELLAS England GENIE DICKEY University of St. Andrews Scotland JUNIORS ABROAD Ein Leben wie in Paradies, Gew ' dhrt uns Vater Rhein! (Chr. Holty) . . Oh, lovely Spain! renown ' d romantic land! (Lord Byron) . Francaises! trancais! (Charles de Gaulle) . MEL FREESE France v-V JO GALLEHER France JANIE HAMILL Jniversity of Aberdeei Scotland SUE HOBBES France SO.NJA HOWELL France Jt JOAN MESSENGER France HRKNDA Ml 11I.1M;HAUS LUnniniy 9 FOY ROBERSON France SALLY RAStX) Spain LANE STEELE France And Scotland ' s hills for mc. Oh London is a fine town, A very famous city, Where all the streets are paved with gold. And all the maidens pretty. George Colman the Younger EILEEN STROUD France MI MI VOGT France NOT PICTURED: BETH HUNT You who have been to Paris know: And you who have not been to Paris — go! John Ruskin 59 KATIE WEINRICH University of St. . ndrews Scotland ' ♦ ♦ EXCHANGE STUDENTS Mary-Pauline Delahousse Paris, France " But of course! " . . . " Cest incroyable. " . . . spontaneity uninhibited . . . those wild shining sreen eyes . . . philosophical Phedre . . . but of course — she ' s French! . . . Italians do as the Romans do — Mary-Pauline does as her bubbling heart desires. Jean Murray Clackmannamhire, Scotland Red-robed lassie from the land of lochs and heather . . . Tertian Year Abroad ( — and she doesn ' t even get credit for it) ... At least someone on campus speaks the Queen ' s English . . . Mysterious Scottish ancestry of all SBC . . . " What a super year " . .. haihiKo 1 akcinura Kanagana, Japan Rice tea and china . . . chopstick lessons in Gray smoker . . . Haiku for the Brambler . . . teaching Japanese with Mr. .Anthony . . . kimonos and cummerbunds — a touch of the traditional . . . hands across the sea. SENIORS 6i 1,E1 ' I ' TO RICH 1 : M, Oil i,iri . President; Jane Bradley, Secretan-: Sally Gump. " u President; Margaret Thouron, Treasurer. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS MR. . ND MRS. LOREX ()I.I KR 6x SENIORS GAIL PANNILL ANDERSON DANVILLE, VIRGINIA Mathematics NANCY DEE ARNI FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA Chemistry BETTIE KATHERINE ARNOLD GADSDEN, ALABAMA Philosophy " We are here to add what we can to, not to get what we can from. Life. " Sir WUliam Osier " Nothing is sacred at last but the integrity of your own mind. " Eryiersori " The Tiger lay quiet having just been plentifully fed. It yawned a little, gazed wearily at its new surroundings, and immediately fell asleep. " Kafh- SENIORS ADRIENNE ASH MARGARET LUCILLE AURAND NANCY LOUISE AYER DAYTON, OHIO German FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA Spanish ATLANTA, GEORGIA Spanish " Two souls, Alas! Are dwelling in My breast — ' Goethe " Mas quiero vivir segura N ' esta sierra a mi sostura " Gil Vicente " The most useless day of all is that in which we have not laughed. " Sebastian Shamjort GERALDINE RAE BAILEY NANCY BOWEN BANFIELD MARIELYCE BARCLAY LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, TENNESSEE DOWNINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA NEW MILFORD, NEW JERSEY French Modern European History English " And he alone is great who " This name of Inconstancy, " The world no longer turns the voice of the wind which hath so much been believes the simple can into a song made sweeter by poysoned with slanders, be profound. The his own loving. " ought to be changed into spirit of the age Kahlil Gibran variety, for the way of the loves dissonance. " world is so delightful, Albert Schweit icr and a woman for that the most delightful thing in this world. " John Donne 65 MARY ASHTON BARFIELD JACKSONVILLE J FLORIDA French " i will cultivate within me scrupulously the Inimitable which is loneliness, these unique dreams never shall soil their raiment with phe- nomena. " e. e. cummings BARBARA ELLEN BOLLING CLEVELAND, OHIO History of Art " Let not young Souls be Smothered out before They do quaint deeds. " Vachel Lindsay ANNE BOOTH SOUTH LINCOLN, MASSACHUSETTS History of Art " Do not suddenly break the branch, or hope to find The white hart behind the white well. " T. S. Eliot MARY DEAS BOYKIN BOYKIN, SOUTH CAROLINA Psychology " God gives all men all earth to love But since the heart is small Ordains for each one spot shall prove Beloved over all. " Rudyard Kipling JANE HELEN BRADLEY SAVANNAH, GEORGIA American Studies " A little sunburnt by the glare of life. " Elizabeth Barrett Browning SENIORS SUSAN FRANCEZ BRONSON SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA American Studies " No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. " John Donne BARBARA ELIZABETH BURNS ATLANTA, GEORGIA Government " Love in a hut, with water and a crust. Is — love, forgive us! — cinders, ashes, dust. " John Keats SENIORS LUCINDA HELENE BURR RAHWAY, NEW JERSEY British History " And how the butler found her in the pantry rinsing her mouth out with champagne. " T. S. Eliol. CHRISTIE HOLMES CALDER MONTCLAIR, NEW JERSEY Psychology " Too black for Heaven and yet too white for Hell. " Johii Dryden y BETTY PAGE CARLTON TAPPAHANNOCK, VIRGINIA Biology " And in the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter and sharing of pleasure. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed. " Kahlil Gibran SHEILA BRADLEY CARROLL YORK, PENNSYLVANIA Mathematics " I have no other but a woman ' s reason. I think him so, because I think him so. " Shakespeare CORNELIA ANNE HARRIS CLARKE KING GEORGE, VIRGINIA History of Art " Consider that this day ne ' er dawns again. " Dante 69 JILLIAN JAN CODY LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA Mathematics " No woman is an absolute fool No woman is ever completely deceived. " Joseph Conrad MARIANNE COUCH SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA International Affairs " Shall I go off to South America? Shall I put out in my Ship to sea? Or get in my cage and be lions and tigers? Or — shall I be only Me? " A. A. Milne MARY FRANCES CULBERTSON LIMA, PERU International Affairs " Oh, think not I am faithful to a vow! " Edna St. Vincent Millay ♦.• • ■«• ' ■ ►» if 70 SENIORS MONA LEE DAUGHTRIDGE WILMINGTON, DELAWARE Music " I only know two tunes. One is " Yankee Doodle, " and the other isn ' t. " U. S. Grant ANNE PERKINS DAY PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY Modern European History " There is magic in the distance, where the sealine meets the sky. ' Alfred Noyes SUSAN EUGENIA DEASY MOORESTOWN, NEW JERSEY American Studies " The heart has its reasons that reason cannot know. " Pascal SENIORS VIRGINIA STUART deBUYS RUXTON, MARYLAND History of Art " A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men. " Anon VIRGINIA MARIETTA DelGRECO CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA Mathematics " You have to believe in happiness or happiness never comes . . . Oh that ' s the reason a bird can sing — On his darkest day he believes in Spring. " Douglas Mallock LAURA SANDERSON DENMAN CRANFORD, NEW JERSEY English " Three be the things I shall have till I die: Laughter and hope and a sock in the eye. " Dorothy Parker ANNE EVANS DILLS LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA Mathematics " Two roads diverged in a wood, and I Took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. " Robert Frost BARBARA POW ELL DOTY YORK, PENNSYLVANIA Psychology " There is no duty we so much underrate as the duty of being happy. " R. L. Stevenson MAR ' GILLIS DUER BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Sociology " But she is more than young and sweet and fair. " Edna St. Vincent Millay 71 ♦ • ■ " ♦ MARILYN MANDLE DUNLAP PARIS, TENNESSEE Modern European History " They said — These are the best years of your life. I laughed and answered — then stop the world. I ' m getting off now. However, they couldn ' t, so I didn ' t. And I ' m glad. " HELEN CAROLINE DUNN NEW YORK, NEW YORK English " Deer walk upon our mountains and the quail Whistle about us their spontaneous cries; Sweet berries ripen in the wilderness: And, in the isolation of the sky, At evening, casual flocks of pigeons make Ambiguous undulations as they sink. Downward to darkness, on extended wings. " Wallace Stevens JUDITH CORBETT DUNN NEW CANAAN, CONNECTICUT Psychology I ' ll run across the lawn and kick the dewy cobwebs before they dry, And if I ' m sad today, I ' m young enough to cry. SUSAN BURNETT DWELLE JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA English " Let the night be too dark for me to see Into the future. Let what will be, be. " Robert Frost CAROL CREIGHTON ECKMAN WAYNESBORO, VIRGINIA American History " Lay me low, my work is done, Lay me low I am weary. Lay me low. " Adam Lindsay Gordoi SENIORS JOSEPHINE ELIZABETH ENGLAND BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Mathematics " Happy are we met, Happy have we been. Happy may we p art and Happy meet again. " Willtam Blake MARY EVELYN EVANS RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA Modern European History ' The course of true love never did run smooth. " Shakespeare SENIORS ALICE PECK FALES WASHINGTON, D. C. French " His answer trickled through my head Like water through a sieve. " Lewis Carroll MARY HARRISON FITZHUGH JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI English " I ' m done with burning and giving And reeling the rhymes of my woes, ' nd how I ' ll be making a living The Lord in His mystery knows. " Dorothy Parker MARGERY EYERLY FLEIGH HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND American History " . . . satisfaction is a lowly thing, how pure a thing is joy. " Marianne Moore ELIZABETH AMY FREUND NEW YORK, NEW YORK American History " Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity. " Kahlil Gibran GRACE MARY GARRY TAYLOR, TEXAS English " Who is it that says most, which can say more Than this rich praise, that you alone are you. " Shakespeare 77 NANCY LEE GILLIES SUSAN SEYMOUR GLASGOW MARY PORTER GREEN PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Religion NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE English KENILWORTH, ILLINOIS American Studies " How far chat little candle throws " This life is but a " A little brown, whimsical, his beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world. " Shakespeare paradise whose door is the human heart. " Kahlil Gibran sweet nut that ' s not too hard to crack — that ' s what ' s so delightful. " Anonymous 78 SENIORS BONNIE MOUNT GRIMSLEY AMHERST, VIRGINIA Latin " Flower o ' the clove All the Latin I construe is " amo, " I love! " Robert Browning SARA ADELAIDE GUMP JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE French " Books are good enough in their own way, but they are a mighty bloodless substitute for life. " R. L. Stevenson NANCY READE HALL BELMONT, NORTH CAROLINA English " Oh, when to the heart of man Was it ever less than treason To go wi th the drift of things. To yield with a grace to reason, And how to accept the end Of a love or a season? " Robert Frost SENIORS VIRGINIA BOSWORTH HAMILTON DENVER, COLORADO Government " Where could you ever be a stranger, Bearing your own delight and danger And always younger? " Douglas Le Pan FRANCES GASCOYNE HANAHAN CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLIA History of Art " To do a great right, do a little wrong. " Shakespeare MARGARET ANN HARWOOD RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Psychology " Life is a jest; and all things show it. I thought so once, but now I know it. " John Gay lANE FOWLER HATCH HEDI HAUG SAVANNAH, GEORGIA MANHASSET, NEW YORK Latin Psychology ' ' Qui non proficit, deficit. " Wisdom is the principal Anonymoui thing; therefore get wisdom; and with thy getting get understanding. Proverbs MARNEE DEE HELLIER MARION, MASSACHUSETTS Spanish " Juventud, divLno tesoro, ya te vas para no volver cuando quiero llorar, no elaro, Y a veces lloro sin querer. " R. Dario 8i APRILLE GRAY HITE PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY Mathematics " Whan that Aprille with his shoures sote The droghte of Marche hath perced to the rote, And bathed every veyne in such licour Of which vertu engendered is the flour. " Geoffrey Chancer ANNE JENNETT HORAK HINSDALE, ILLINOIS Spanish " You give but httle when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. " Kahlil Gibran HARRIET HAYNE HOUSTON GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA Modern European History What ' s the use of worrying? It never was worthwhile So pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag, And smile, smile, smile. " George H. Powell KATHLEEN CHIALING HSU SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA Biology " From the temple, deep in its tender bamboos Comes the low sound of an evening bell, While the hat of a pilgrim carries the sunset Farther and farther down the green mountain. Lin Chang-Ch ' ing CLAIRE ALLEN HUGHES MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE Government " Laugh and the world laughs with you; Weep and you weep alone. For this sad earth must borrow its mirth; It has trouble enough of its own. " Sabatini SENIORS JOAN FRANCES HULLEY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA English " To see the world in a grain of sand. And a heaven in a wild flower; Hold infinity in the palm of your hand. And eternity in an hour. " William Blake MARIAN LEE HUSTON LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY Mathematics " There is a Desriny that makes us brothers; None goes his way alone. All that we send into the lives of others Comes back into our own. " Edwin Markham SENIORS MARGARET ANNE INGHAM PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Sociology ' There is always one dream left . . . " Eugene O ' Neill SUSAN DEE JAHN COLUMBUS, OHIO Modern Languages " . . . . French newspapers, which have a strange fashion of telling a perfectly straight story till you get to the " nub " of it, and then a word drops in that no man can translate, and that story is ruined. " Mark Tn ' air. .LISON DIANA JENNINGS FRANCES LEAVELL JOHNSON MARY EVANS JOHNSON NEW CANAAN, CONNECTICUT RICHMOND, VIRGINIA LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, TENNESSEE Psychology English Modern European History " And still of all my dreams " But not on a shell, she " O frabjous day! Cooloh, In turn so swiftly past, starts, Coolay! " he chortled in Each in its fancy seems Archaic, for the sea. his joy. A nobler than the last. " But on the first-found weed Lewis Carroll Robert Bridges She scuds the ghtters. " Wallace Stevens 85 KATHERINE SWANN JOHNSTON BIRMINGAM, ALABAMA Mathematics " To strive, to seek, to find And not to yield. " Tennyson DANA LEIGH KELLAM ROSEMONT, PENNSYLVANIA American Studies " A witty woman is a treasure; a witty beauty is a power. " George Meredith CAROLINE HAYWOOD KELLER JACKSONj MISSISSIPPI French " The world is so full of a number of things That I ' m sure we should all be happy as kings. " R. L. Stevenson 86 SENIORS CAROLINE KINCAID HIGH BRIDGE, NEW JERSEY Sociology " I ' d like to go by climbing a birch tree And climb black branches up a snow-white trunk Toward heaven, till the tree could bear no more But dipped its top and set me down again. " Robert Frost CLARITA CSAKY KONT LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA Chemistry " The intellect of the wise is like a glass, it admits the light of heaven and reflects it. " ELIZABETH MARSHALL KOPPER HINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS French " Pleasure has its time, so has loving. Make love in thy youth and in thy old age attend to thy salvation. " Voltaire SENIORS VIVIANNE PAMELA LARSON EDITH ANN LASHER VERA CLARISSA LeCRAW CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Mathematics NEW YORK, NEW YORK Philosophy GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA French " With bom right Sky-bright Star-night eyes. " Philip Booth " Born with the gift of laughter, and the sense that the World was mad. " Rafael Sabatini " How good is man ' s life, the mere living! How fit to employ All the heart and the soul and the senses Forever in joy! " Robert Browning LINDA CLAIRE LEE DES MOINES, IOWA English " There was a star danced, and under that was I bom. " Shakespeare RUTH ANNE LITLE WASHINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA History of Art " . . . What is art But Ufe upon the larger scale, the higher. When . . . It pushes toward the intense significance Of all things, hungry for the Infinite? " Elizabeth Barrett Brorvning BARBARA ANN LITTLE SANDUSKY, OHIO French " Thought is deeper than all speech, Feeling deeper than all thought, Souls to souls can never teach What unto themselves was taught. " Christopher Pearse Cranch 89 LINDA MARIE LONG ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA American Studies " Let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith let us to the end dare to do our duty as we understand it. " Abraham Lincoln CATHERINE MITCHELL LYNN LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA Medieval History " If this uncertain age in which we dwell Were really as dark as I hear sages tell. And I convinced that they were really sages I should not curse myself with it to hell, But leaving not the chair I long have sat in I should betake me back ten thousand pages To the world ' s undebatably dark ages ... " Robert Frost MARY ELIZABETH McGRAW EASTON, PENNSYLVANIA Latin " O World, I cannot hold thee close enough! " Edna St. Vincent Milby ELIZABETH EAGLES McGUIRE CHARLOTTE. NORTH CAROLINA Americiin Studies " Around the child bend all the three Sweet Graces — Faith, Hope, Charity. " Waller Savage Landor ALICE RAWLINS MACKROTH NAPLES, ITALY International Relations " No man is an island, Entire of itself. " ]ohr} Donne t SENIORS FRANCES CARTER MALLORY LEXINGTON, VIRGINIA History of Art " My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there. " Charles F. Kellering MARY LOUISE MARSH NEW YORK, NEW YORK Philosophy " God, the Lord and Maker of all things, Said you shall be a rebel and a seeker And praise the Lord, I seek and I rebel. " SENIORS Goetht KATE ROY MASSIE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA American Studies ' We got home all safe. ' ' Mark Twain ELIZABETH WEBB MATHESON HILLSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA British History " Still the towers of Trebizond, the fabled city, shimmer on a far horizon, gated and walled and held in a luminous enchant- ment. It seems that for me, and however much I must stand outside them, this must forever be. " Rose Macaulay PARE ELIZABETH MERCUR BETHLEHEM PENNSYLVANIA International Relations " ... how imense the world is by lampHght. How small the world is in recollection. " Baudelaire MARSHALL LEA METCALF SARATOGAj CALIFORNIA French " Whosoever danceth not, Knoweth not the way of hfe. " Christ in a 2nd Century Gnostic hymn JOAN ALANSON MOORE NEW YORK, NEW YORK Psychology " All things he seemed to understand . . . Save his own soul which was a mist. " Charles Lamb a 93 NANCY SCOTT NEWELL WELLESLEY, MASSACHUSETTS Biology " May I in my brief bolt across the scene Not be misunderstood in what I mean! " Robert Froit JAQUELIN MARSHALL NICHOLSON ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Psychology " So much depends upon a red wheel barrow glazed with rain water beside the white chickens. " William Carlos Williams DOROTHY LEE NORRIS GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA French " What an eye she has! Methinks it sounds A parley to provocation. An inviting eye; And yet methinks right modest. " Shakespeare }« SENIORS JOAN LYNDA OVERLY WYOMISSING, PENNSYLVANIA Spanish " For pains acquired so clearly from love, cannot recover Save only through the presence of the lover. " San Juan de la Cruz LAURIE PRESTON de BUYS PANNELL BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Philosophy " Sweets to the svv ' eet, Farewell. " Shakespeare DONNA JO PEARSON NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA French " It matters not how long we live, but how. " Bailey SENIORS MARY KAROLINA PEDERSON KILGORE, TEXAS Government " Go where he will, the wise man is at home, His heart the earth — his hall the azure dome. " R. W . Emerson ELIZABETH SHIRLEY PIDGEON GREENWICH, CONNECTICUT Religion " The whole life of man is but a point of time; let us enjoy it therefore while it lasts, and not spend it to no purpose. " ANNA CHRISTINE PLATT CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA Mathematics " And some will say all sorts of things. But some mean what they say. " Robert Frost i MARGARET ALICE REEDER CONCORD, NORTH CAROLINA American Studies " How good is man ' s life, the mere living! How fit to employ All the heart and the soul and the senses forever in joy! " Robert Browning GALE WILSON ROGERS WINNETKA, ILLINOIS Medieval History " Cuens de fene peut yoler Quant il veut, si vait et vient; Nule cles ne le dettent. " Richard de Fournwal GAIL CHARDON ROTHROCK WILMINGTON, DELAWARE English " Blessed are the forgetful, for they get the better even of their blunders. " Nietzsche 97 ROSAMOND SAMPLE EL DORADO, ARKANSAS French " Over mountains, over seas, I traveled far away; Yet love, my servant, never failed To follow day by day. " Kuritct Hijinwko REYNOLDS FLORANCE SHARP RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Mathematics " There is good and bad in every- thing. To a more or less degree; But the side that you are looking at, Is the side you are apt to see. " Anonymous LYNNE CAMPBELL SMITH WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS Modern European History " In her heart is the law of kindness. " - ' " ' TIFtl KATHERINE BABCOCK SNOW UPPER MONTCLAIR, NEW JERSEY Psycho-Sociology " Happy is the man who finds wisdom, and the man who gets understanding, for the gain from it is better than gain from silver and its profit better than gold. " Proverbs 3:13-14 JO ANN SODERQUIST SOUTH EUCLID, OHIO Physics " Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom. " James Allen SENIORS STEPHANIE HELEN STOKES DENVER COLORADO Economics " No, you never can get any fun out of the things you haven ' t done. " Ogden Nash ♦ •♦ r - - DAGMAR KRISTIN STOLL CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Chemistry ' We dance round in a ring and suppose. But the secret sits in the middle and knows. " Robert Frost SENIORS MARGARET LEE STREET CHARLESTON. SOUTH CAROLINA Religion " In the midst of winter, I That there was in me an invincible summer. " Albert Camus SARAH LEE STROTHER GROSSE POINTE, MICHIGAN Philosophy " On the Coast of Coro Mandel Where the early pumpkins blow In the middle of the woods Lived the Yonghy-Bonghy-Bo. Two old chairs, and half a candle. The old jug without a handle. These were all (her) worldly goods. " Edward Lee CAROLINE WILSON TATE CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Music " Oh! The gladness of her gladness when she ' s glad And the sadness of her sadness when she ' s sad. But the gladness of her gladness and the sadness of her sadness are as nothing, As the badness of her badness when she ' s bad. " E. B. Cunningham WENDY THOMAS KANSAS CITY. MISSOURI English " Drinking when I had a mind to. Singing when I felt inclined to. " Hilaire Bella MARGARET POLK THOURON WILMINGTON, DELAWARE Mathematics " A closed mouth catches no flies. " Cervantes lOI KATHLEEN BOULDIN STEVENSON TURNER CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA American History " May the smile on a face be but a reflection of feeling in the heart. " " Wniiam Blake FRANCES WINTER UTLEY LANCASTER, OHIO Modern European History " I turned and looked back upward, the whole sky was blue. And the thick flakes falling at a pause were but frost knots on an airy gauze, With the sun shining through. " Robert Frost DONA BAKER VAN ARSDALE RIDGEWOOD, NEW JERSEY Government " Out upon it, I have loved Three whole days together! And am like to love three more. If it prove fair weather. " Sir John Suckling SENIORS JEAN BURTON WALKER NEW YORK, NEW YORK English " When you do dance, I wish you a wave o ' the sea, that you might ever do nothing but that. " Shakespeare EMILY FOLTZ WARD FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS Philosophy " Philosophy is the love of wisdom, not the possession of it. " Plato PATRICIA ANN WHEELAN cos COB, CONNECTICUT German " The Movmg Finger Writes; and, having writ. Moves on: nor all your Piety nor Wit Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line, Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of it. " Omar Khayyam I PAMELA HELLMUTH WIEGANDT LAWTON, OKLAHOMA Psychology " Blessings on him that first invented sleep! " Cervantes WENDY ELIZABETH WILKENS GILMANTON, NEW HAMPSHIRE Philosophy " Know then thyself, presume not God to scan; The proper study of mankind is man. " Alexander Pope SLJSANNE NOLTING WILLIAMS RAPIDAN, VIRGINIA History of Art " 1 would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself than be crowned on a velvet cushion. " Henry David Thoreau PENELOPE DOUGLAS WRITER NYACK, NEW YORK Biology " The pedigree of honey Does not concern the bee; A clover anytime to him Is anstsrracy! ' Emily Dickinson EVELYN ELIZABETH YOUNGS ATLANTA, TEXAS English " Here a star, and there a star, Some love their way. Here a mist, and there a mist: Afterwards day! " Emily Dickinson NOT PICTURED: Carol Ann Bowen SENIORS EXPECTED TO GRADUATE WITH THE CLASS OF 1964 Martha Alice Benn Melody McCormick Cooke Ann Sims Fauber Anne Johnston Henderson Susannah Crist Lee Katherine Griffith Stephens 105 EVENTS OF THE YEAR f 4 EDUCATION THROUGH THE ARTS MAUREEN 1 ( IRRES I ER ( ijn.Kli.in contralto . . . s seven languages — fiuni opera to fulk music . . . dramati ing ... an interpretive artist. KIMEC) ETO . . . Japan ' s foremost composer and performer of music for the koto . . . Suzushi Hanayagi: leading Classical dancer . . . performers of the Jiuta, the danced ballad . . . subtle movernenl coiueying emotion behind a white mask ... a study in understatement . . . haunting counterpoint. NETHERLANDS-IRELAND HOCKEY GAME International sports . . . field hockey exhibition game . . . Ireland versus the Netherlands . . . welcome addresses by President Pannell, the Mayor of Am- herst . . . fanfare of trumpets . . . victory for the Dutch. % . i»« ' . ■ « . DISPLAY OF INTERNATIONAL TALENT . . . BARBARA WARD: A notable clarity on complex issues . . . vivacity, versatility, learning, and irrepres- sible British wit ... a vital and talented writer ... a Renaissance " Lady. " " The Western World has never known any be- lief other than that society exists for the protection of the human individual; that the human individual in society can achieve goodness and wisdom and freedom. " i. ' f» •« ' » ' i i ' : QUARTETTO ITALIANO Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, ' erdi — precision timing graceful execution, clarity of tone, richness of veX ' ture, perfect creation and maintenance of mood — hailed outstanding in America and on continent — musical highlight of school year. SPECTRUM OF SPECTACULARS JOERG DEMUS January brought Austria to Sweet Briar . . . lyricism and perfection in the touch of an artist . . . Beet- hoven, Schumann, and Bach in La Scala, Royal Fes- tival Hall, and Babcock Auditorium ... a product of Europe ' s finest teachers teaches appreciation of romantic music. V m ACTIVITIES 109 LEFT TO RIGHT, STANDING: As Lynn, Clarita Kont, Helen Dunn, C I liild, Tappy Keller, Carol Nicholson, Susie Glasgow. SEATED; Grace Linda Long, Mary FitzHugh, Missy Reeder. PHI BETA KAPPA The golden key of curiosity and discipline . . . eternal quest for essentials . . . " broad cultural interests, scholarly achievements, and promise of continual intellectual growth. " . . . the thirst to know and understand . . . highest academic honor. ACADEMIC HONORS Manson Scholar and Emily Watts McVea Scholars . . . Honors Plan of Study . . . reports and papers . . . tutorials . . . meditatior, over coffee cups . . . free exchange of ideas . . . Resolution and In- dependence. TOP TO BOTTOM: Lee Huston, Benedict Scholar; Joan Hulley, Tappy Lynn, Marianne Micros; Rab Willis. Jackie Nicholson, Clarita Kont, Emily Watts, McVea Scholars; Grace Mary Garry, Jo Ann Soderquist, Man- son Scholar: Babette Fraser, Barbara Little, Marsh Metcalf. am .« LEFT TO RIGHT: Betsv Benoit. Mollv Sutherland. Nivin Snyder. Marianne Micros. JUNIOR HONORS Academic excellence . . . Two years of scholarly achievement . . . Brilliance intermingled with a touch of graciousness . . " Let knowledge grow from more to more. FRESHMAN HONORS A semester of success . . . Honors Convocation — applause for achievement and incentive for fu- ture growth . . . the best beginning . . . " There may well be those who can do without knowledge; but I for my part am certainly not one of them. " LEFT TO RIGHT; Ellie Belle Spi- vey, Jody Krout, Virginia Yelverton, Sally Twedell. SEATED: Susan Brown. Elder Witt. Margaret Wil- liams. LEFT TO RIGHT, STANDING: Trudy Dowd, Kathleen Watson, Julie Bradshaw, Lynn Morgan, Dootsie Duer, Jean Inge. Lynn Youngs, Josephine England. SEATED: Carol Cole. Jo .Ann Soderqui.st. " ice-President : Susie Glasgow. President: Prvor Hale. Mary K. Lee, Ruthie Schmidt, Missy Reader. MoUv Sutherland. .Adrienne Ash. Laura Haskell. NOT PIC- TURED: Verita Korth. EXECUTIVE BOARD Democracy at work . . . Monday night meetings to keep us ini-ormed . . . Sponsoring lectures, debates, and the Morals Con- ference . . . Community Christmas Party and Summer Rum- mage Sale . . . " Of what is past, or passing, or to come. " .Susie Glasgow I ' resident, Student Government STUPENT LEFT TO RIGHT, STANDING: Aihk Duhn, u ki Cliaii,- ski. SEATED: Linda Schwaab, Elvira MacMillan. Anne Mer- .11. .Su .iii W ;ll;.,Jl,. , Caroline Tate, Vice-Chairman. Lee Huston, Chairman, Blair Both, Mar ' FitzHugh. NOT PIC- TURED: Margaret Williams, Stella Renchard. JUDICIAL BOARD Black-robed representatives . . . Shades of the apartment rule ... A little tin box . . . Handbook hawkers . . . " Wait till you see what was in the suggestion box this week! " . . . Complacencies of Meta Glass Parlor and late cokes and cigarettes on a Monday night. GOVERNMENT Lee Huston Chairman, Judicial Board Anne Mason, Ann Ward Sophomores HOUSE PRESIDENTS " What am I to do with a girl who plays bridge twenty-three hours a day " ? . . . Serving to help each girl live and work in harmony with others . . . preserving the smooth functioning of each dorm . . . UN-quiet hour . . . house meetings . . . famous fire drills. 111 ttm LEFT TO RIGHT: Julie Bradshaw. Kathleen Watson. Jean InKc. Juniors RIGHT. LEFT TO RIGHT: Missy Reeder, Josephine England, Dootsie Duer. Seniors 114 TAU PHI LEFT TO RIGHT, BACK ROW: Pnor Hale. Laurie Dennian. Elizabeth . Latheson, President: Judv Dunn. Kathie Arnold. SECOND ROW: Mibs Sebrin?, Susie Glasgow, Adrienne Ash, Anne Litle. Lib Kopper. MIDDLE TO BOTTOM: Barbara Dotv, Bea Totten. Doouie Duer, Helen Dunn. NOT PICTURED: Sarah Porter. Kathy Hsu, Mary FitzHugh. Alice Fales, Mary Marsh, Susie Strong. CHUNG MUNG Designed for and understood by the specially initiated alone ... pi R squared . . . secrets of the Orient, held by thirteen .shrouded descendents of an ancient and royal line ... in the world of the every- day, pastry vendors and baseball plavers. Sumus philosophi scholarum . . . " aesthetic sensitivity " , a hallmark . . . faculty debates for all to hear . . . lively interest in ail aspects of learning . . . " Yet some there be that by due steps aspire To lay their just hands on that golden key That opes the palace of Eternity. " LEFT TO RIGHT, STANDING: Anne English, Betty McGuire, .Anne Clark, Laura Haskell, Natalie Lemmon, Barbara Doty, .A.nne Day. SE. TED : Jan West, Nivin Snyder, . nne Dills, Margie Fleigh. FRONT: Daisy Boykin. President. " 5 Secret Sophomores — ' til Spring . . . unity, spirit, enthusiasm — intangible goals . . . unobtrusive com- batants of the proverbial slump . . . historical banner . . . Bums in unexpected places. But there ' s a bush full of Bums out there! BACK, LEFT: Marguerite McKec. FRONT ROW. LEFT TO RICHT: Sandy Swain, Pearl Riggan, Mary Meade Gor- don, Kathy Sheahan, .Xnn Drehpr, Gracie Butler, . nnc Mercer, Katie Prilchett, Mary Emma Carmiihael. XOT PICmiRED: Lin Campbell, Virginia Williams. BUM CHUMS The Notorious Ten . . . hopeful Q.V. catchers . . . The Inns — a hohday mood for Christmas and Spring . . . stocking caps and jingling bells . . . coke machine custodians ... St. Paul ' s Mission . . . dust-pans at the Date House . . . " Quips and Cranks and wanton Wiles, Nods, and Becks, and Wreathed Smiles, . . . And Laughter holding both his sides. " Grin and bear it . . . o-o-r-r ... So what if I am a ratfink! LEFT TO RIGHT, BAC:K: Liz Currcv. Bonnie Hulse, Harriet Wall. FRONT: Carol Clole, Jeanic Shaw. Fair MacRae. Phcbt- Harris. Whitney Jester. Barney Walker. NOT PICTURED: Mollv Sutherland. " 7 PAINI AND PATCHES fh Visage of Janus ... " I don ' t care HOW it was done last year! " . . . Capt. Red-Beard . . . The Green Room . . . " She ' s always living in the past. Now she wants to be divorced in the Virgin Islands . " . . . Long, long nights and sudden-released elation of success. It ' s a bird! It ' s a plane! It ' s Super- schmunk! LEI r TO KK.iri ' , BAC:K ROW: Natuy Mooir, Hrdi 11, n,- Kathy Johnston, Mariclycc Barclay, Edi Lasher. Laura ll.isktll, Joan Clinchy, V. M. Del Greco, Anne Booth. THIRD ROW: Pam Larson, Nancy Banfield, Dryden Childs, Mary Ducr, Courtney Manard, Beltv McCuin-. SECO.N ' D ROW: C:ora Lee Logan, Bea Totten, Laurie de Buys. FRO.NT ROW: Abby Mason, Wiggic McGregor, Mr. Schnuink, Lyniie .Smith, Presi- dent; . prillc Hite, Vice-President. ii8 LEFT TO RIGHT. STANDING; Josephine England. " The Illustrious One. " Adrienne .Ash, Margaret Thouron, Liz Currey. Nicky Batterson, Kathie Arnold. SEATED : Marguerite McKee, Phebc Harris, Harriet Wall. Tapp Lvnn. Pryor Hale, Brad Hunner, Sally Gump. NOT PICTURED: Nancy Ayer, Step- hanie Stokes, Gracie Butler, Mary FitzHugh. AINTS AND ASSES Parodies of P ! P . . . Guardians of the Grass . . from Thurber Thircus to Dismay Day . . . O-O-R-R-R . . Opening night finery . . . The Sweat Brow Blues Guazzabu lio ' s lovely lasses. THE ILLUSTROUS ONE: Jose- phine England: CHINCHY CHAN- GELLOR OF THE CANCELLED CHECKS: Nancv Ayer. Other Titled Officers Delectable Duchess of the Dewey Dells: Ann Harwood : Countess of the Counterfeit Constitution: Stephanie Stokes; Comely Keeper of the In- valuable Insignia : Phebe Harris : Marquesa of the Magic Mountain: Margaret Thouron; Fantastic Fire Wardeness of the Ferocious Fires: El ' zabeth Currey. " Our " Sponsor Lawrence " Guazzabuglio " Nelson _V. - - What could it be — unless Thubcr Thii LEFT TO RIGHT, BACK ROW: Pam Mendolia, Sue Gibaud, Sims McRae, Cherry Brown, Nancy BuUard, Brooke Tucker, Pam Hellmuth Wiegandt, Nadean Finch, Katie Pritchett, Vicky Jones, Carole Dudley, Evie Day, Sandy Strectt, Beth Gaw- throp. THIRD ROW; Natalie Lemmon, Jean Flanagan, Anne Horak, Kathy Mockett, Kathy Carroll, Cindy Coffin, Holly Zweigler, Hedi Haug, Margie Moses. SECOND ROW: Elvira MacMillan, Mary Meade Gordon, Jody Krout, Pam Pryor, EUie Gilmorc, Chris KilcuUen, Kay Knopf, Peggy Pit tman, Barbara Dublin, Bev Sharp. FIRST ROW: Julia Bush. Mar- garet Bloch, Sally Twedell, Emily Pleasants, Alice McEldow- ney, Lee Dautridge, Head ; Leslie Huber, Wiggie McGregor, Mellie Hickey, Mary Green. CHOIR Symphony of Psalms . . . Ceremony of carols . . . " unconflicting " practice sessions — playing around with Moses . . . road trips near and far — W L and Brown . . . " 4,2,3; 3,2,3; 2,2,3 " ... Mr. Gilpin— " for whom the bell tolls. " Chum! Chu LEFT TO RIGHT, STANDING: Mary Green. Alice McEldowiiey, Emily Pleasants, Mary Meade Gordon, Mary Emma Carmichael, Margie Moses, Pam Mendolia. SEATED: Kay Knopf, Linda Long, Head: Wendy Thomas. SWEET TONES Informal singing . . . voices out of the dark on any night . . . songs of Christmas and Sprmg at the Inns — bright faces and feelings . . . sur- prise serenade in a pre-Christmas dawn . . . arpeggiated arrangements . . . " Such music (as ' tis said) before was never made. " Singing and swaying ■ ■■• ' ♦ Sounding board for student opinion . . . mediator between the individual voice and the na- tional staff . . . blending ideals and practicality . . . lending na- tional perspective to local spheres . . . " To care enough to act: to act enough to succeed. " Planning for the future . . . Careers Conference in March Signposts for the Crossroads . . . senior credentials ... in- formation on jobs all over the world . . . " Where are you going, my pretty maid? " NATIONAL STUDENT ASSOCIATION LEFT TO RIGHT, BACK ROW: Diana Henan, Babette Eraser. Lynda Overly. Phil Wtr- den. SE. TED: Pat Vheelan, Bea Totlen, Peggy Pittman. Rab Willis, . drienne . sh. Co- ordinator: Chris KilcuUen. VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE LEFT TO Rli.lll. si, M)lN(,: 1...1I R..ihi.Hk, ch.i SE.-VTED: Katr Rov . lassir. .Man FitzHugh, 1 rayloi .Allison Jcnnines, Melinda Musgrove. .Abby Paterson, Sabalauskas, Betsy Benoit. . li- r, l)u Rex. Aiihui B.iti-s. .-Xdvisor. itsii- Uufi. Kay Knopf, . llison Flynn. .Juanna CURRICULUM COMMinEE Every class and field of study . . . the current curriculum — progress and problems . . . academic assessments . . . comparisons with other curricula . . . complaints and solutions . . . " A system, built upon the discoveries of a great many minds, is always of more strength, than what is produced by the workings of any one mind. " LEFT TO RIGHT. BACK ROW: Barbara Dotv. Marv Meade Gordon, Mihs Sebring, Maigy Highlands. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sarah Strother, Chairman; Xivin Snyder. SENIOR ADVISORS LEFT TO RIGHT. B. CK ROW: Claire Hughes. Grace Mary Garn-. Kate Roy Massie, Frances Johnson. Barbara Doty. Lynda Overly, Nancy Gillies, Gale Rogers, MoUie Johnson. Lee Daughtridge. Diane Hatch, Dagi Stoll. SECOND ROW: Sheila Carroll. Missy Reeder, Dootsie Duer, Carol Eckman, Sarah Strother. . niy Freund. Penny Utley. Penny Writer. JoAnn Soderquist. FRONT ROW: .Aprille Hite, .Allison Jennings. . nne Horak. .Nancy Hall. Susan Deasy, Scotty Newell. 12.3 Introduction to the self-dis cipline of learning . . . study schedules . . . the voices of ex- perience . . . " The final test of a leader is that he leaves behind him in other men the conviction and the will to carry on. " s ' ' s M M ' m LEFT TO RIGHT, BACK ROW: Win Murray, Kathy Shea- han, Gracie Butler. Carey Judy. Susie Wilson. SECOND ROW: Mibs Sebring. Anne Newton. Bctsv MrElwain. Ellen Baird, Ginger Pennel. Kirven Watson. THIRD ROW: Caroline Richardson. Kathy Bingham, Helen Raney, Marguerite Mc- Kce, Tia Campbell, Laura Penirk, Marlow Engelhardt. FOURTH ROW: Anna Bartel, Mary Pat Behnke, Marty Spangenberg. Marty Rogers, Patty Thornhill, Pearl Riggan, Sally Green, Pat Groniniel, Judv Wilson, Susie Moorman, Margie Moses. FIFTH ROW: Jackie Kloby, Kim Allinson, Abby Patterson, Sandy Haitcn, Jody Noland, Vi Graveure. SIXTH ROW: Penn Willets, Georgia Graham, Jane Nelson. Susie Parker, Andrea Pearson, Lome Lassiter, Mary Anne Calhoun, Robin Link, Di Simrell. SEVENTH ROW: Sandy Streett, Jane Utlcy, Pam Jones. Sally ' an Winkle, Martha Madden, Lisa Gianotti, Cherry Brown. FIRST ROW: Virginia Wil- liams, Keenan Colton, Judy Baker, Courtenay Sands, Steele Hill, Carol Cole, C!hairman; Diana Herran, Katie Pritchett, Kathy Carroll. ORIENTATION COMMinEE Getting acquainted with a new environment . . . learning the way around Pooh ' s Corner . . . new vocab- ulary: boondocks, the Grounds, L.D. on the longhorn . . . places to go: Buck ' s, meetings, the P.O., the stacks . . . people to see: big sisters, advisers, Mutt . . . things to do: library tours, handbook classes, standing in line at the Book Shop. A familiar route ia4 LEFT TO RIGHT, STANDING: Katie Piitrhett, Wing Todd, EUie Gilmore, Margaret Street, Susan Dwelle, Gail Rothrock, Jan West, Tappy Lynn. SEATED: Nivin Snyder, Whitney Jester, Wiggie MacGregor, Lynn Youngs, Chairman : Steele Hill, Jeanie Shaw, Mary K. Pederson. SEATED, FLOOR: Carole Dudley, Kathy Johnston. SOCIAL COMMinEE Examples of decorum and proper dress: " Please, ladies, belt your shifts! " . . . tactful reminders — are we " in " or in style . . . frantic decorating — Fall Dance Hoot- enanny . . . entertainment for the Saturday-night regulars . . . faculty-student teas. ' I ' m afraid you ' ll have to go change your clothes . . . " 12-5 YOUNG DEMOCRATS An avid interest in good gov- ernment . . . Politics and princi- ples . . . debates . . . discussions . . . " If a nation values anything more than its freedom, it will lose just that. " LEFT TO RIGHT, Back Row: Li-isli Donnt-lley. Barbara Dublin, Bette Cauwenberg. Alice Heywood. Pat Wheelan, Madelan Vargish, Marianne Micros, Anne McClintock, Betsy McEl- wain. Front Row: Katie Clay, Harriotte Dodson, Jill Haden, Belle Williams, Andrea Pearson, Lisa Gianotti, Martha Madden. HISPANIC SOCIETY Aprender, saber, comprender . . . lectures, films, and discussions on the Spanish-speaking countries ... a flaii ' fo. Flamenco and a taste of the Warm South . . . toward international understanding and fellowship. LEFT TO RIGHT, BACK ROW: Marianne Micros, Pcggv ' uran ' , Marcia Dumas, .Anne Merlins. Ma -low Engelhardt, MIDDLE ROW: Vicky . ' nn Thoma, Diana Herran, Anne Hcrak, prcident; Lynda Overly. Philena Werden. Susan Sumner-,. FIRST ROW: Nancy .Ayer, Brooke Patterson. Mimi Hellier. Ann Kerr. NOT PICTURED: Dolly Caballero. Ginny Carpenter, Pam Krusen, Alice Mackroth, Carole Poer, Molly Randolph, Wendy Wilkens. 11.6 YOUNG REPUBLICANS First year in action ... de- bates with the Democrats: party platforms and the Mission oi Red Chma to the U.N. . . . campaigning in Amherst Coun- ty .. . political slant for the IS ' eJi ' s . . . GOP — campus can- vass . . . looking ahead to No- vember. LEFT TO RIGHT. STAXDIXG: Libba Hanger, Elvira MacMillaii. X ' irginia Evans. Pam Leary. . line Rex. Marlow Engelhardt. Eniy Baker. Brooke Tucker. Bonnie Hulse. Mar - K. Lee, Louise Comer. SE.ATED, MIDDLE ROW: Mellie Hickey, Phebe Harris. Pemmie Mercur, Chris KilcuUen. Jeanie Shaw, President: Dabney Williams, Julie Bradsahw, Jo.Ann Soderquist. KXEELI.N ' G. THIRD ROW: Barbara Lukens, Cherrv Brown, Phil Werden Kathy Kelety. SE.ATED, FRONT ROW: Claire Hughes, Carol Cole. Judv Haskell, Sally Kalber, Bea Totten, Ray Longstaff, Bev Sharp. Diana Herran. NOT PICTURED: Katie Wood. Linda Marshall. Bunny Sutton, Mary Duncan. Wing Todd, Sandv Hatten. Jodv Moore. Joann Moricle. Diana Rediker, Sue Fedeler. Y. W. C. A. Workmg together to under- stand and share the fullness of life . . . service to others through worship, projects, discussion groups, dmners . . . Annual Religious Conference . . . " There can be prayers without words just as well as songs. " LEFT TO RIGHT. ST. NDI G: Jane . elson, Natalie Lemmon. - line Re-x. Mary Green. . bbv Patterson. SE.ATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lee Daughtridge, Mar- gie Fleigh, Libba Hanger, Laura Haskell, President: Nancy Dun- ham, . lice Virginia Dodd. iry LEFT TO RIGHT. BACK ROW: Kathy Hsu, Missy Reedcr. Margaret Feild. Saralyn McAfee, Deanie Finch, Martha Mad- den, Joanna Sabalauskas, Diane Rediker, A. V. Dodd, Louise Comer, Penny Utley, Donna Jo Pearson. SECOND ROW: Pemmie Mercur, Hallam Hurt, .Andrea Pearson, Vicky Thoma, Mibs Sebrins, Judy Powell, iMary K. I ' cUersun, Brooke Fucker, Sarah Strothers. FRO. T ROW: N ' irginia Evans, Frances Johnson, Pam Larson, Diana Herran, Kate Roy Massie, President ; Phil Werden, Lynda Overly. Mary Ambler, Kathy Sheahan, Sue Deasy, Susan Blackburn, Britton Hassell. WORLD AFFAIRS CLUB Lectures . . . David McReynolds — a discussion of Socialism . . . current events at the dinner table . . . repre- sentatives to councils and conferences on all parts of the world ... a " U.N. Day " . . . looking at the world with eyes open. NATO Briefin)» Team — at coiivcratioii ii8 LEFT TO RIGHT: Lanie Hoiton, Margie Fleigh, Fair MacRae, Chairman; Julie Bearden. CAMPUS CHEST Funds for charities . . . For- eign student scholarships . . . allocation meetings . . . Convo- cation and a speech by Dr. Nelson . . . " Does the Eagle know what is in the pit? Or wilt thou go ask the Mole? Can Wisdom be put in a silver rod? Or Love in a golden bowl? " STUDENT DEVELOPMENT LEFT TO RIGHT. B. CK ROW: Kate Roy Massie. .Nancy Gillies, Cherry Brown. .Mona Thornhill, . nne Day. FRONT ROW : Kathic- Johnston, Chairman : Ginger Pennel, Bev Sharp. Betty McGuire, Sheila Mahonev. The Science Building ... en- deavor for completion . . . Apple turnovers . . . Sugarin ' off . . . Blazer sale . . . Fund, drive to meet a challenge gift . . . originality and diligence . . . " Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. " LEFT TO RIGHT. BACK ROW: Helen Raney, Lynn Youngs, Missy Reeder, Susan Dwelle, Sarah Strother, Business Man- ager; Molly Sutherland. Editor; Diana Herran, Bunny Sutton, Vicky Thonia. Mary FitzHugh, Pearl Riggan. FRONT ROW: Harriet Wall, Keenan Colton, Marilyn Garabrant. Laurie Denman, Brad Hunner, Marielyce Barclay. THE SWEET BRIAR NEWS Wednesday editions . . . campus news, reviews, previews . . . stimulating the intellect — constructively controversial and critical . . . debates in the " Let- ters " column . . . provocative " Rose Petal " . . . editorials to reflect upon. Molly Sutherland Editor-in-Chief 130 THE 1964 BRIAR PATCH Kathic Arnold Editor t ' rinny de Buys Busmess Manager " if you get gloomy just take an hour off and sit and think how much better this world is than hell of course it won ' t cheer you up much if you expect to go there. " EDITORIAL STAFF; LEFT TO RIGHT, BACK ROW: Courtney Manard, Liz Currey, Jeanie Shaw, Barney Walker. Harriet Wall, Hedi Hauff, Lvnda Overly. .Abby Starke. Helen Dunn. FRONT ROW: Carol Cole. Ginny de Buys. Margy Highlands, Kathie .Arnold, .Anne Day. Jackie Nicholson, Laurie Denman. Susan Deasy, Mary FitzHugh, Barbara Doty. NOT PICTURED: Chris Kilcullen, Susan Dwelle. Mar%- Marsh, Dottie Norris, Nancy Hall, Kay Knoff. Kathy Hsu. BUSINESS ST.AFF, LEFT TO RIGHT: Abby Starke, Ha riet Wall, Ginny de Buys. . • ♦ LEFT TO RIGHT, BACK ROW: Elizabeth Matheson, Laura Dcnman, Helen Dunn, Maiy FitzHugh, Linda Long, Anne Day, Jane Ellen Lishnoff, Barbara Burns. FRONT ROW: Jackie Nicholson, Allison Jennings, Penn Willets, Judy Dunn, Donna Jo Pearson. BRAMBLER 1 " Should you care to write (and only the saints know why you should) you must needs have knowledge and art and magic — the knowledge of the music of words, the art of being artless, and the magic of loving your readers. " HANDBOOK AND KEY Program for Pooh . . . Frosh ' s first assignment . . . Preview of fun and responsibility . . . mat- tress pads and helpful musts . . . Sweet Briar society as a whole . . . honor and order. LEFT: Whitney Jester, Business Manager, STUDENT HANDBOOK. RKail: Orvden Childs, Editor, THE KEY. ATHLETICS 133 ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION " Wide flush the fields; the softening air is balm; echo the mountains round; the forest smiles; and every sense, and every heart is joy. " Thomson Mens sand in sano corpore . . . finding sportsmanship in victory and defeat . . . lazy day leisure at the lake . . . Team spirit . . . Physical fitness . . . the great outdoors . . . Canoes, cabin, cookouts ... I dreamt I went swimming in my Sweet Briar sweatshirt. . . . LEFT TO RIGHT, B. CK ROW: Susan Sudduth, Basketball; Corky Stevenson. Hockey; Nancy MacMeekin, Cabin. SEC- OND ROW: .Allison Jennings, Tennis; Alice Fales, Dance; Betsy Benoit, Lake. FRONT ROW: Lynn Morgan, President. NOT PICTURED: Dagi Stoll. Secretary; Carol Ann Reif- snyder, Treasurer; Lanie Horton, Riding; Diane Hatch, Gaines; Kit Snow, Lacrosse. 134 TENNIS ... a typical day in May Spring is sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where my racket is . . . add in . . . deuce . . . add out . . . sneakers and shades . . . queen of the courts . . . power and grace in a ruthless smash ... a relaxicizing game. LEF 1 III RK.HI. STANDING: Gail Rothrock, Margaret Thourun. SEATED: Traylor Rucker, Allison Jennings, Pemmie Mercur, Penn WiUcts. NOT PICTURED: Ann,- 1 i Susan Sudduth, Cindy Paugh Sennott, Bunny Sutton. ' 35 LEFT TO RIGHT. STAXDIN ' G: Mar - Ann Calhoun, Traylor Rurker. Allison Flynn, Emily Baker, Jean Caldwell, Hallum Hurt. SE.ATED: Susan Sudduth. Libba Hanger. Captain; Anne Mercer, Carol Ann Reifsnyder. BASKETBALL Scrambling and scrimmaging . . . invading enemy territory . . . Intercollegiate and Intra- mural enthusiasm ... a trium- phant team . . . dribble, pass, shoot, score! . . . No place for squatty-bodies. . . . HOCKEY Bullies and boundless spirit . . . long comer, short comer . A colorful game — bruised knees and red faces. . . . Whacking smacks of stick and ball . . . eagle-eye goalie ... As always, padding counts . . . long-winded lassies . . . LEFT TO RIGHT, STA.NDI.NU: Patty Fischer, Corky Steven- son, Vicky Thoma, Ruthie Schmidt, Barrie McNeal, Barbara Tillman, ' Bonnie Jackson, Jill Berguido. Laurie Rollers, Lynn Morgan. CENTER: Kit Snow, Captain. 136 DANCE Originality, expression, ab- straction . . . corporeal poesy . . . embellishing, exercising, and equalizing . . . limber legs in leotards . . . " Now be a dandelion! " Fast and furious fun . . . learn- ing to temper the temper . . . aerial artistry — check, draw check ... in the spring . . . energetic esprit . . . passing the tournament test. LEFT TO RIGHT: .-Kprille Hite. Gerry Bailey. Jane Ellen Lishnofi ' , . atalie Lenimon. Linda Lee, -■Mice Fales, Head; Marsh Metcalf, Jean Flanagan. LACROSSE 1. 1.1 I l I K1(,HT. ST.WDLXG: Kit Snow. Hr.id: . llison Flynn, Jud Howe. Gracie Bntlei, Diane Hatih. KXEELLXG: Grayson Rowlett. Di Simrell, El Griggs, .- nne Mercer, Nancy Ami. RIDING Horses, hounds, and hunts . . . over hill and dale . . . Getting " pro " for the show . . . Mr. Bailey ' s belles . . . having one ' s up ' s and down ' s, or riding around in circles . . . " hard-headed " equestrians. West end of horse . . . facing east BELOW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Anne Eberstadt, Nancy Dun- ham. Lynda Overly, Susan Deasy, Kathleen Watson, Abby Patterson, Gail Harrison, Midge Lundy, Sara Dean, Lanie Hortoii. Holly Hemphill, Terry Fentress, Gret Miller, Sally Dunham. | ||1 . ji: r V B . m w H l BiB ' J vHt ni» f fli 138 MAY COURT 139 -fi MAY QUEEN MISS MARY DUER 140 MISS SUSAN BRONSON Crown Bearer MISS DONNA JO PI K ' SON Garland Beare MISS NANCY A ' ER Page MISS TAPPY LYNN Scettre Bearer Y I LEFT TO right; Betsy Pidgeon, Ginny Hamilton, Tina Piatt, Seniors left to right; Anni- Booth, Harriet Houston, .Judy Dunn, Seniors LEFT TO RIGHT: C ' aroline Tate, Lynn Youngs, Minii Couch. ' era LeCraw. Senion 141 Caroline Richardson, Mona Thornhill. Junior LEFT TO right; Kay Knopf, Sarah Porter, Trudy Dowd. J union 1964 MAY COURT LEFT TO right; Margaret Thouii.n, L.lni ui L. alder, Ann Harwood. Seniors 143 IKFT TO right: Rot in Link, Eileen Hodges, Anne Newton. Suphonwies iF.FT TO right: JuHc Whitehurst, Virginia Williams, Courtc- nay Sands. Sophomores |., D.iir l.is, ( l.iu.il.i I MAY COURT 1964 LEFT TO RIGHT: Eiiiilv Pleasants, Ann Lutz, Bonnie Hulse. Juni " LEFT TO right; Sheiiv Bradford. Jean Inge, Julie Bradshaw. Juniors 145 FRAGMENTS We are the fragments of men ' s dreams— the makers of memories . . . we are the ever-changing face of this world where dreams are made: giving life to the fast crescendo of each new moment we come from the cross-roads of existence we are the paradox full-blown . . . seekers of silences . . . restless as a bronzed leaf in the sneeze of a windy afternoon . . . 147 we are the mirror— reflecting the level of a civilization . we inherit ... to give a heritage. n i« . DIRECTORY OF FACULTY STUDENTS AND ADVERTISERS 149 ADMINISTRATION, FACULTY AND STAFF EXECUTIVE OFFICERS Barbara Blair Assistant Professor of Chemistry B.A., Agnes Scott College; M.S.. Ph.D., University of Ten- 19 6 3-1964 " ' ■s ' - Anne G. rv Pannell. D. Phil. (Oxon.), LL.D President Meta Glass, Ph.D.. Litt.D., LL.D.. D.C.L. .President Emeritus On leave, 1963-64. Mary J. Pearl. PhD Dean Carl Bricken ' Professor of Music .■ nn E. .- iken, M.Ed Assistant Dean B.A., Yale University; Ecole Normale, Paris; Mannes School of Music. New York, DoROTHV Jester, A.B Dean of Students Jean Louise Williams, .A.M Director of Admission Laura T. Buckham Professor of French A.B,, University of ' ermont; . M., Ph.D., RadclifTe College. Nancy Godwin Baldwin icting Director of Admission Jeanette Boone, . .B Recorder Rey.nold Burrows Associate Professor of Greek and Latin B.. ., Harvard College; M.. ., University of Michigan; Ph D., Peter ' . Daniel, B.A. ..Assistant to the President; Treasurer Princeton University Hilda Gray Hite, B., . Executive Secretary and Administrative Assistant to the President Henry Carsch Assistant Professor of Sociology B.. ., University of California; M.. ., University of Chicago and Princeton University. THE FACULTY Charle.s Lawson Crowe .■is-.ociate Professor of Philosophy Anne Gary Pannell President; Professor of History A.B.. Duke University; M.A., Ph.D.. Columbia University. A.B., Barnard College; D.Phil., (Oxon.); LL.D., University of . ' Alabama; Woman ' s College, University of North Carolina; Litt.D., W ' estem Reserve University; D.H.L., University of . . , „ „. • ■ , . „ , , , , - L ,j Arnold A. Del Greco Visiting Associate Professor of Italian ' B.S., New York University; A.M., Ph.D., Columbia Uni- versity. Mary J. Pearl Dean; Professor of Greek and Latin B.A.. University of Toronto; A.M., Ph.D., University of Michigan. Lentz C. DeVol Associate Professor of Physics B.. .. Marietta College; M.S.. University of Cincinnati. Ann E. Aiken Assistant Dean; Instructor in English B.A., Sarah Lawrence College; M.Ed., Harvard University. Maria Canteli Dominicis Assistant Professor of Spanish B.. ., Institute of Camaguey, Cuba; Ph.D., University of Havana. Ralph .Aiken Assistant Professor of English B.A., Williams College; B.A.. M.A., (Oxon.); Ph.D., Duke University. Elizabeth Emerson Assistant Professor of English A.B., Mount Holyoke College; M.A., University of Tennes- see: Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College, Eleanor M. Allnutt Instructor in English B.A,, Mount Holyoke College; M.. ' ., University of California. Dorothy M. Faulconer Instructor in Education and David F. Antho.ny ,, ' " ' ' " ' j, ■ ' " ' ' ' ' " ! ' " . ™«™ ' " A.B., Lvnchburg College; M.Ed., University of V irgi nia " " ' ' D.. ., Princeton University; M., ., Ph.D., Yale University, ,-.-■, Eleanor D. B. RTON Professor of An ' J] .V " " " r. , .■ , , . -■ " ' " - ' ' " W " " ' " " A.B., Vassar College; A,M., New York University; Ph.D.. S- M.A.. Ph.D., Columbia University. RadclifTe College. Bettie Forte Assistant Professor of Greek and Latin Arthur S. Bates Professor of French A.B.. . ' gnes Scott C:oliege ; M.A., PhD., Bryn Mawr College. . .B., Hamilton College; . .M.. Ph.D., Cornell University, M. xiNE Garner Professor of Religion Jane C, Belcher Professor of Biology . .B.. Woman ' s College of the University of North Carolina; A.B., Colby College; . " .M,, Columbia University; Ph.D., M.. ., Union Theological Seminary-Columbia University; University of Missouri. Ph.D., University of .Aberdeen, Miriam F, Bennett Associate Professor of Biology Thomas ' . Gilpatrick Associ ite Professor of Government A.B,, Carleton College; , ' ,M., Mount Holyoke College; B.S., M., ,, University of Illinois; Ph,D,, University of Ph,D,, Northwestern University, Chicago, 150 ADMINISTRATION, FACULTY AND STAFF G. Noble Gilpin Professor of Music B.Mus., M.Mus., Syracuse University; D.S.M., Union The- ological Seminary. Gekhari) Masur Ph.D., Univer-sitv of Berlin Professor of History A. George Gittkr Assistant Professor of Sociology B..- ., University of ' iri{inia: M.. ., .-Xnierican University. Suzanne Taylor Gouyer A.B., Sweet Briar College. Assistant in Physic Mila.n E. H.vp.vl. Carter Glass Professor of Government .■ .B., Beloit College: A.M., University of Nebraska: PhD.. Duke Universitv. R .|on. Matthew Professor of French; Director, Junior Year in France . .B.. Uni ' ersity of New Hampshire : Diplome. Franco-.Amer- ican Institute of N ' ichy : Docteur dc I ' Uiiiversite de Cler- mont-Ferrand. Frank .A. Miller Visiting Assistant Professor of History B..- .. Swarthmore College. Marion Swann Miller Visiting Assistant Professor of History A.B., Acadia University; A.M., University of Pennsylvania. Carol Hoffecker Visiting Lecturer in History . .B.. Universitv of Delaware : .A.M., Radcliffe College. Betty Sue Moehlenkamp Assistant Professor of Physical .A.B.. Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College. Education James E. Kirbv Assistant Professor of Religion B.A., McMuny College: B.D., S.T.M., Perkins School of Theologv ' : Ph.D., Drew University. Elisabeth F. Moller Helen K. Mull Professor of Psychology A.B., Goucher College; A.M., Clark University; Ph.D., Cor- nell Universitv. Ernest N. Kirrmann Associate Professor of German B.S., College of the City of New York; M..A.., Teachers Col- lege, Columbia University; Ph.D., Northwestern University. Klara Merenvi de Kont Assistant Professor of Spanish Alapvizsga (B.A. ), Szakvizsga (M.A. ), Pedagogiai Vizsga, University of Budapest. Mary .Ann Lee Professor of Mathematics A.B., Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College; -A.M., University of Wisconsin: Ph.D.. Cornell University. Esther B. Leffler Associate Professor of Chemistry B.S., Pennsylvania State University; Ph.D., University of ' irginia. Patricia H. Moo.v Assistant Professor of Physical Education B.A., Ohio State University. Lysbeth W. Muncy Professor of History and Government A.B., Vassar College; A.M., Ph.D., Brown University. .Antoinette D. Nelso.n Instructor in Latin .A.B., Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College; M.A., University of Michigan. Lawrence G. Nelson Professor of English B.A., Luther College: .A.M., University of Texas: Ph.D., University of A ' irginia. Carolyn Nicholson Instructor in Physical Education B.S., Mississippi State College for Women. Philip Legler Assistant Professor of English B.A., Denison University; M.F A., University of Iowa. Katherine Macdonald Associate Professor of Physical Education B.S., Tufts College: M..A., University of Iowa. LoREX Oliver Assistant Professor of Art B.F..A.. John Herron Art Institute; M.F. A., Tulane Uni- versitv. Mary Jane S. Oliver .A.B.. Sweet Briar College. Assistant in Art Frank M. McClai.n Chaplain; Associate Professor of Religion B..A.. Yale University; B.A., M.A., Cambridge University: S.T.B.. General Theological Seminary. Lucy S. Otis .A.B., Sweet Briar College. Assistant in Psychology Judith .A. McMoran Assistant Professor of Physical Education B,S., Beaver College: M.S.. Smith College. Peter Penzoldt Professor of French and Comparative Literature License es Lettres. Doctoral es Letters, University of Geneva. Iren Marik Associate Professor of Music Graduate. Budapest College of Music: Piano Professor ' s Diploma. Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest. Sarah Thorpe Ramage Professor of English B.A.. Newcomb College: M..A., Bryn Mawr College; Ph.D., Yale Universitv. H. Chester Markle, Jr. Associate Professor of Chemistry Secretary of the Faculty B.S., Franklin and Marshall College; M.S., Ph.D., Carnegie Institute of Technology. On leave, 1963-64. On sabbatical leave, second semester, 1963-64. 151 ADMINISTRATION, FACULTY AND STAFF Lilly L. Rappaport Whitney Professor of Physics Ph.D., University of Vienna. .■ nne R. Turner Assistant in Biology B.S.. Mary Washington College. James A. Rawley Professor of History A.B , A.M., University of Michigan: Ph.D., Columbia Uni- versity. VViLLL M M. Trausneck Associute Professor of Education .A.B., Richmond College ; M.S., University of Richmond : Ed.D., University of Virginia. Carol M. Rice College Physician .B.. Smith Colle.ge; . .M. Wellesley College: M.D., Uni- versity of Wisconsin. Marguerite Rislev Visiting Lecturer in Astronomy A.B., M.A., Syracuse University: Ph.D., Radcliffe College. Lucn E Umbreit Professor of Mus .■ B , Radcliffe College: . .M., ' assar College. Gilberte Van Treese Insliuctor in French B.A., Bowling Green State University; M.. ., Indiana Uni- versity. Mary E. Rogers Assistant Professor of History A.B., M.. ., University of Pennsylvania. Glenn J. Van Treese Instructor in French A.B.. M.. ., Indiana University. Richard C. Rowland Professor of English A.B., Columbia College: B.A.. M.A., D.Phil., (Oxon.). D. RuTLEDGE ViNiNG Visiting Professor of Economics B..- .. M.- ' K., University of Texas: PhD., University of Chica ;o. Thomas W. Schmunk A.B., Wabash College. Instructor in English .Arthur L. ' ogelback Professor of English B .A., Wesleyan University: M.. ., Columbia University: Ph.D., University of Chicago. Charles V, Sheusi Instructor in Psychology A.B., University of Buffalo. John R. Shannon Assistant Professor of Music B.S., Davidson College: M.. ., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. Elizabeth F, Sprague Associate Professor of Biology A.B., A.M., University of California; Ph.D., Claremont Graduate School. Phyllis W. Stevens Associate Professor of Psychology A.B., Oberlin College; M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. Dorothy D. Thompson Rockefeller-Guion Professor of Chemistry A.B., A.M., Mount Holyoke College; Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Berth. P. Wailes Visiting Lecturer in Economics; Assistant in Academic Counseling . .B., Sweet Briar College: M.-A., University of ' irginia. Leonora . . Wikswo Assistant Professor of Mathematics A.h.. Montclair, New Jersey, Teachers College; M,A„ Colum- bia University, LIBRARY H. Tyler Gemmell Librarian A.B., Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College: B.S., M.S., Colum- bia University, Lydia M, Newland Assistant Librarian A.B., Skidmore College : B.S., Columbia University. Nora S. Surface Cataloguer B.. ., University of Tennessee: M,. ., (L.S.) George Pea- body College for Teachers. Nancy Horn Tinsley Instructor in Department of B.S., College of William and Mary, Physical Education Mary Ada Hendricks Circulation Librarian B.A., Wake Forest College; M.S, (L.S,) University of Caro- lina, Alexander D. Tso Assistant Professor of Mathematics B,S,, M,S,, St. John ' s University, Shanghai. On leave, 1963-64. Second semester, 1963-64. Second semester, 1962-63. Harriet Ying Assistant Cataloguer LL,B,, Soo Chow University, Tapci. Nancy H. .Adams Helen Edgemo.n Mildred Eixiemon Bookkeeper Stack Assistant Stack Assistant 152- SENIOR ACTIVITIES DIRECTORY GAIL I ' ANMLL ANDERSON Gail Orientation Committee; Sweet Briar News, Sub-Editor; Senior Show: Dean ' s List. NANCY DEE ARNI Nancy Senior Advisor; Young Democrats; ' arsity Lacrosse. BETTIE K.ATHERINE ARNOLD Kathie Inter-Club Council; Sweet Briar News; Briar Patch: Editor, . ssistant-Editor; Tau Phi; Aints and Asses; Women ' s Lunch. ADRIENNE ASH Adrienne N.S.. ., Chairman; Inter-Club Council; Campus Chest; Orien- tation Committee: Sweet Briar News; Personnel and ' oca- tional Guidance Committee: Tau Phi: . ints and . sses: Fresh- man Honors; Dean ' s List: Proctor and Gamble Scholarship: Junior Year Abroad; Producer, Freshman Show. MARGARET LUCILLE AURAND Brambler; .-Xthletie .Association: Horse Show Team; Junior Year in Spain; Freshman Show, cast: Senior Show, cast; May Day Committee; Hispanic Society. NANCY LOUISE AYER Nancy Aints and Asses. Secretary-Treasurer : Freshman Show ; Senior Show, cast; May Day; Hall President: Hispanic Society; May Court, Page. GERALDINE RAE BAILY Gerry Dance Club: Junior Year Abroad: Freshman Show; Senior Show, cast. NANCY BOWEN BANFIELD Nancy Paint and Patches : Freshman Show : Senior Show, Stage Man- ager; May Day; The Seven Secret Sponges. MARIELYCE BARCLAY Alarielyce Orientation Committee; Sweet Briar News, Circulation Man- ager; Paint and Patches; Freshman Show; Senior Show, cast. MARY ASHTON BARFIELD A hton Judicial Board: Freshman Class ' ice-President ; Curriculum Committee: Freshman Honors: Dean ' s List: Junior Honors: Junior Year Abroad: Freshman Show, cast: Senior Show cast; Freshman Fashion Show: Lake Council; Phi Beta Kappa. BARBARA ELLEN BOLLING Beebe Freshman Show: Sweet Briar News, stafl : Orientation Commit- tee; Senior Show; Brambler, Business Staff: May Day. Cos- tumes. ANNE BOOTH A u n e Choir: Sweet Briar News: World Affairs Club, Secretary; Paint and Patches: Freshman Show: Senior Show; Mav Court. CAROL ANN BOWEN Carol Dean ' s List: World .Affairs Club: Senior .Advisor: Phi Beta Kappa. MARY DEAS BOYKIN Daisy Junior Class Treasurer: Inter-Club Council: Campus Chest: Brambler; Riding Council: Chung Mung, President: Dean ' s List: Freshman Show: Senior Show: Music Box. JANE HELEN BR.ADLEY Jane Senior Class Sec:-etary: Campus Chest; Student Development Fund. Secretary-Treasurer; Orientation Committee; Sweet Briar News: Brambler; Bum Chum. Secretary: Freshman Show: Sen- ior Show; May Dav. SUSAN FRANCEZ BRONSON Susan May Court, Garland Bearer: Briar Patch: Dean ' s List: Senior Show, cast: Princess, Har est Bowl. BARBARA ELIZABETH BURNS Barbara Orientation Committee: Brambler; World .Affairs Club: Junior Year .Abroad: Freshman Show: Senior Show. LUCINDA HELENE BURR Cinda Senior Show. CHRISTIE HOLMES CALDER Christie Social Committee, Secretary: May Court: Orientation Com- mittee; Bum Chum; Freshman Show, cast: Senior Show: May Day. BETTY PAGE CARLTON Betty Page Orientation Committee: World .Affairs Club; Church and Chapel Committee: Senior Show; Lake Council. SHEIL.A BRADLEY CARROLL Sheila Inter-Club Council; Choir: Campus Chest. Chairman; Orien- tation Committee: .Altar Committee: Church and Chapel Com- mittee; Freshman Show: Senior Show; Senior .Advisor. CORNELIA .ANNE HARRIS CLARKE Nelie Brambler: Chung Mung: Junior Year Abroad; Senior Show. JILLIAN JAN CODY World .Affairs Club: ' arsity Basketball: Freshman Show: Sen- ior Show. MARI.ANNE COUCH Mimi May Court; Senior Show, cast; Sweet Briar News, Sub-editor; Freshman Show; World Affairs Club; Dean ' s List. MARY FRANCES CULBERTSON Fran Senior Show, cast. MONA LEE DAUGHTRIDGE Lee Y.W.C.A. : Choir, Head: Orientation Committee: Dorm Council ; Church and Chapel Committee ; Varsity, Hockey, Lacrosse; Dean ' s List: Freshman Show; Senior Advisor. ANNE PERKINS DAY A.P.D. Student Development Fund; Sweet Briar News: Briar Patch: Brambler; Hall President; Chung Mung; Junior Year Abroad: Senior Show, Assistant Technical Director; Music Box. SUS.AX EUGENIA DE.ASY Sue Orientation Committee; Sweet Briar News; Briar Patch; Rid- ing Council; World Affairs Club: Senior Show: Senor Advisor. IRGINIA STUART deBUYS Ginny Briar Patch, Business Manager, Advertising Manager. TRGINIA MARIETTA DEL GRECO V.M. Judicial Board: Senior Class President: Head of Orientation; Inter-Club Council; Paint and Patches. Technical Director: Who ' s Who in .American Colleges and Universities: Q.V. : Freshman Show, cast : Senior Show, Technical Director and cast: Mav Dav, committee head: Freshman Council. LAURA SANDERSON DENMAN Laurie Sweet Briar News, Edito rial Board ; Briar Patch : Brambler : Tau Phi: Junior Year Abroad: Freshman Show: Senio. " Show. ANNE E ANS DILLS Anne Freshman Class Treasurer: Dorm Hockey: May Day, Deco- ration Committee; Chung Mung: Senior Show. Costumes. BARBARA POWELL DOTY Baibarn Orientation Committee: Briar patch: Tau Phi: Chung Mung: Curriculum Committee: Dance Club; Dean ' s List; Freshman Show, cast; Senior Show, cast; Music Box. 153 SENIOR ACTIVITIES DIRECTORY MARY GILLIS DUER Dootiie Secretary of Student Government; House President: May Court. Queen; Orientation Committee; Sweet Briar News; Freshman News Board; Vocational Guidance Committee; Paint and Patches, Head of Costumes; Tau Phi; Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities; Dean ' s List; Benedict Memor- ial Scholar; Freshman Show; Senior Show; Senior Advisor; Music Box. MARILYN MANDLE DUNLAP Marilyn Student Development Fund; Orientation Committee; Senior Show : May Day. HELEN CAROLINE DUNN Helen House President; Y.W.C.. ., Commission Head; Orientation Committee; Briar Patch, Literary Editor; Brambler, Editor; Tau Phi; Curriculum Committee; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Freshman Honors: Dean ' s List: Junior Honors; Freshman Show, cast; Senior Show: Women ' s Lunch; Phi Beta Kappa. JUDITH CORBETT DUNN Judy May Court: Briar Patch; Brambler; World . flairs Club; Tau Phi; Senior Show; Freshman Fashion Show. SUSAN BURNETT DWELLE Susan Social Committee; Campus Chest; Orientation Committee; Sweet Briar News, Photography Editor: Bum Chum; Senior Show; Freshman Fashion Show. Briar Patch. CAROL CREIGHTON ECKMAN Carol Orientation Committee: .Altar Committee: Dean ' s List; Senior Show; Senior .Advisor. JOSEPHINE ELIZABETH ENGLAND Josephine Judicial Board; House President; Y.W.C..A.; Commission Head: Inter-Club Council; Orientation Committee: Brambler: .Altar Committee: Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities; .Aints and .Asses, " The Illustrious One " : Q.V. ; Fresh- man Show, cast; Senior Show, cast; May Day, committee head; Chairman of Coolwell; Senior .Advisor. MARY EVELYN EVANS Ebbie Y.W.C..A. ; Campus Chest; Orientation Committee; Sweet Briar News. ALICE PECK FALES Alice Sophomore Class Secretary; Christmas Bazaar, Business Man- ager; Head of Dance; Tau Phi; Curriculum Committee: Dance Club, President, Treasu ' er; Q.V. ; Freshman Show, cast; Sen- ior Show, cast; Young Democrats Club; N,S,.A.; Senior .Ad- ' isor; Music Box MARY HARRISCXN FITZHUGH Mary Judicial Board; Joint Council Member; House President: Sweet Briar News; Briar Patch, Literary Editor; Brambler; Voca- tional Guidance Committee: Tau Phi; Who ' s Who in .Ameri- can Colleges and Universities: Freshman Honors; .Aints and .Asses; Dean ' s List; Junior Honors; Freshman Show; Senior Show, producer: May Day. committee head: Phi Beta Kappa. MARGERY EYERLY FLEIGH Margie House President; Y.W.C.A., head of PhyUis Wheatley; World Affairs Club; Chung Mung; Junior Year .Abroad; Freshman Show, cast. ELIZABETH AMY FREUND Amy Orientation Conmiittce: Senior Show; Freshman Fashion Show; Hall President. GRACE MARY GARRY Grace Mary Orientation Comm ' ttee; World .Affairs Cluli; Freshman Hon- ors: Dean ' s List; Junior Honors; Scholarship; Honors Plan; Junior Year .Abroad; Freshman Show; Senior Show, cast: Senior .Advisor; Phi Beta Kappa. N.ANCY LEE GILLIES Nancy Y.W.C.A.; Campus Chest; Student Development Fund; Orien- tation Committee; Dortn Council; World .Affairs Club; Altar Committee; Church and Chapel Committee; Freshman Show; Senior Show, co-stage manager; Senior .Advisor. SUSAN SEYMOUR GLASGOW Susie President, Student Government .Association; Joint Council Member; Freshman Class Secretary: Junior Class President; House President; Y.W.C..A.; Tau Phi: Church and Chapel Committee; Who ' s Who in .American Colleges and Univer- sities: Q.V. ; Dean ' s List; Junior Honors; Freshman Show; Senior Show, cast: Phi Beta Kappa. MARY PORTER GREEN Mary Y.W.C..A., President, Secretary; .Annual Religious Conference Head, Class Representative; Choir; Orientation Committee: Church and Chapel Committee: Bum Chum; Freshman Show, cast: Senior Show, cast; Sweet Tones; May Day: Executive Board ; Music Box. BONNIE MOUNT GRIMSLEY Bonnie Choir: Freshman Show; Senior Show. SARA ADELAIDE GUMP Sally Judicial Board; Senior Class Vice-President: .Aints and .Asses; Q.V.; Junior Year Abroad: Freshman Show, .Assistant pro- ducer: Senior Show, cast: Freshman Council. NANCY READE HALL Nancy Campus Chest; Orientation Committee; Sweet Briar News. Editorial Board; Briar Patch; Brambler; Freshman Show: cast; Senior Show, cast ; Senior .Advisor. ■IRGINIA BOSWORTH HAMILTON May Court: Vocational Guidance Committee: Curriculum Committee; Senior Show; Senior .Advisor: Hall President. FRANCES G.ASCOY.NE HAN.AHAN Fran Orientation Committee: .Altar Committee; Bum Chum; Fresh- man Show, cast; Senior Show. MARGARET ANN HARWOOD Ann House President : Orientation Committee ; .Aints and .Asses, " Grand Duchess of the Dewey Dells " : Freshman Show, cast: Senior Show, cast; May Day; Freshman Fashion Show; May Court. DIANE FOWLER HATCH Diane Orientation Committee; Head of Basketball, Head of Games; Varsity Hockey, Lacrosse; Dean ' s List; Freshman Show; May Day, committee head ; Senior .Advisor. HEDI HAUG Hedi Choir: Campus Chest; Briar Patch, Sub-Editor; Paint and Patches; Dean ' s List; Freshman Show; Senior Show. MARNEE DEE HELLIER Mini i Hispanic Society; May Day Committee; Senior Show. Junior vear abroad. APRILLE GRAY HITE Aprille Sweet Briar News; Brambler: Head of Dance; Paint and Patches, Vice-President: Dance Club, President; Freshman Show, cast; Senior Show. Co-Director: Handbook and Key. Business Manager: Senior .Advisor; Board of Publications. ANNE JENNETT HORAK Anne Inter-Club Council: Choir; World .Affairs Club; Senior Show; Hispanic Society, President. HARRIET HAYNE HOUSTON Harriet May Court; Orientation Coinmitlee ; Sweet Briar News; Brambler; Dean ' s List; Senior Show. cast. 154 SENIOR ACTIVITIES DIRECTORY KATHLEEN CHIALING HSU Kathy Sweet Briar News: Briar Patch; Brambler; World Affairs Club, President: Tau Phi; Dean ' s List; Senior Show. C:LAIRE ALLEN HUGHES (. ' liiiie Social Committee; Choir; Sweet Briar News, Copy Editor: Senior Show; Song Leader; Yoimc Republicans Club: Senior Advisor. JOAN FRANCES HULLEY Joan World Affairs Club; Dean " s List: Honors Plan: Freshman Show; Senior Show; Y.W.C.A. MARLON LEE HUSTON Lee Judicial Board, Secretary, Chairman; Freshman Class Presi- dent; Sophomore Class Vice-President; Y.W.C.A.; Orienta- tion Committee, Head of Freshman Mixer; Briar Patch: Church and Chapel Committee; Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities; Q.V. ; Mary K. Benedict Scholar; Fresh- man Show: Senior Show, cast; May Day; Freshman Fashion Show. MARGARET ANNE INGHAM Peggy World Affairs Club; Freshman Show; Senior Show. SUSAN DEE J.AHN Suiie Y.W.C.A.; Orientation Committee; Sweet Briar News; Briar Patch; World Affairs Club; Paint and Patches; Freshman Show. ALLISON DIANA JENNINGS Allison Y.W.C.A.; Orientation: Sweet Briar News; Brambler, Busi- ness Manager; Athletic Association; Vocational Guidance Committee; Varsity Tennis; Bum Chum; Senior Show; Lake Council; Senior Advisor; Hall President; Board of Publications. FRANCES LEAVELL JOHNSON Frances Sweet Briar News; World Affairs Club; ' arsity Hockey; Sen- ior Show; Senior Advisor; Y.W.C.A. MARY EVANS JOHNSON Molly Campus Chest: Deans List; Freshman Show: Senior Show; May Day, Committee Head : Senior .Advisor. K. ' VTHERINE SWANN JOHNSTON Kathy Junior Class Secretary; Social Committee; Inter-Club Coun- cil; Campus Chest; Chairman of Student Development Fund: Orientation Committee: Paint and Patches: Freshman Honors: Senior Show. D. NA LEIGH KELLAM Dana Freshman Fashion Show; Freshman News; Freshman Show; May Day Committee; Christmas Bazaar; Senior Show. CAROLINE H. YWOOD KELLER Caroline Head of Coolwell; Campus Chest; Orientation Committee: Freshman Honors; Dean ' s List; Junior Honors; Junior Year .Abroad ; Freshman Show, cast ; Senior Show, cast ; Phi Beta Kappa. CAROLINE KINCAID Caroline World Affairs Club; Senior Show; Y.W.C.A. CLARITA CSAKY KONT Cla rita World Affairs Club; Dean ' s List; Young Democrats Club; Phi Beta Kappa. ELIZABETH MARSHALL KOPPER Lib Sweet Briar News; Tau Phi; Junior Year .Abroad; Freshman Show; Senior Show; Hispanic Society. 1 lANNE PAMELA LARSON Pam Y.W.C.A.; Campus Chest; Orientation Committee; Sweet Briar News, Advertising Manager; World Affairs Club, Vice- President; Paint and Patches; Freshman Show: Senior Show: May Day: Young Republican Club. EDITH ANN LASHER Edi Choir; Paint and Patches; Dr. Connie Guion Scholarship: Freshman Show: Senior Show; May Day. ERA CLARISSA LeCRAW Vera Orientation Committee: Sweet Briar News; Church and Chapel Committee; National Merit Scholar; Junior Year .Abroad: Freshman Show; Senior Show: May Day, Committee Head; May Court; Dean ' s List. LINDA CLAIRE LEE Linda Sweet Briar News; Athletic Association; Paint and Patches; Dance Club, President; Freshman Show, cast; Senior Show, choreographer; May Day, Committee. RUTH ANNE LITLE Anne Social Committee: Campus Chest: Orientation Committee: Sweet Briar News; World .Affairs Club; Tau Phi; Q.V. : Dean ' s List; Junior Year .Abroad; Senior Show; May Day Committee. BARBARA ANNE LITTLE Barbara Honors Plan; Junior Year Abroad. LINDA MARIE LONG Linda Inter Club Council: Choir; Sweet Briar News; Brambler: Dean ' s List; Senior Show, cast; Head of Sweet Tones: Wom- en ' s Lunch; Class Ring Chairman: Hall President: Finance Committee ; Phi Beta Kappa. CATHERINE MITCHELL LYNN Tappy Social Committee; May Court; Orientation Committee; .Aints and Asses; Freshman Honors; Dean ' s List; Junior Honors: Junior Year Abroad; Freshman Show; Senior Show: Emily Watts McVea Scholar; Phi Beta Kappa. MARY ELIZABETH McGRAW Mary Junior Year .Abroad : Freshman Show, cast : Senior Show. ELIZABETH EAGLES McGUTRE Betty Student Development Fund; Paint and Patches: Altar Com- mittee; Chung Mung; Freshman Show; Senior Show. ALICE RAWLINS MACKROTH Alice World Affairs Club; Junior Year .Abroad: Hispanic Society. FRANCES CARTER MALLORY Fran Orientation Committee; Brambler: Freshman Show: Senior Show. MARY LOUISE MARSH Mary Briar Patch; Tau Phi, Secretary-Treasurer: Dean ' s List; Fresh- man Show; Young Democrats Club: Senior .Advisor. KATE ROY MASSIE Kate Roy Judicial Board; Social Committee; Inter-Club Council; Stu- dent Development Fund, Treasurer; Orientation Committee: N ' ocational Guidance Committee; World .Affairs Club. Presi- dent ; Church and Chapel Committee. ELIZABETH WEBB M.ATHESON Elizabeth Inter-Club Council; Orientation Committee; Briar Patch: Brambler, Editor; World Affairs Club, Secretary: Tau Phi, President; May Day, Conmiittee Head; NSA; Women ' s Lunch: Dean ' s List. 55 SENIOR ACTIVITIES DIRECTORY PAPE ELIZABETH MERCUR Pem)7iie Student Development Fund; World Affairs Club; Varsity Ten- nis and Hockey; Junior Year in Italy; Freshman Show, cajt; Senior Show; May Day Committee; Young Republicans Club. MARSHALL LEA METCALF Mnrsh Oricr.n ' ion Committee; Dance Club; Dean ' s List; Honors Plan: Junior Year Abroad; Freshman Show, Head of Chore- ography: Senior Show; May Day, Committee Head. JOAN ALANSON MOORE Joonnie Choir; Campus Chest; Dorm Council; ' arsity Basketball; Senior Show. NANCY SCOTT NEWELL Seattle Inter Club Council ; Student Development Fund ; Aints and A.sses; Bum Chum, President; Freshman Show; Senior Show, cast; Sweet Tones; May Day, committee head; Song Leader; Senior Advisor. JAQUELIN MARSHALL NICHOLSON Jackie Sophomore Class Treasurer; House President; Y.W.C.A.; Campus Chest; Orientation Committee; Sweet Briar News; Briar Patch; Brambler; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities: Bum Chum: Dean ' s List; Junior Honors; Fresh- man Show, cast ; Senior Show, cast ; May Day, committee head ; Women ' s Lunch ; Finance Committee : Emily Watts McVea Scholar: Phi Beta Kappa. DOROTHY LEE NORRIS Dottie Social Committee; Orientation Committee; Sweet Briar News; Briar Patch; World Affairs Club; Junior Year Abroad; Fresh- man Show, cast: Senior Show, cast. JOAN LYNDA OVERLY Lynda Orientation Committee; Briar Patch; Riding Council; World Affairs Club; Senior Show; Senior Advisor; NSA; Hispanic Society, Vice-President. LAURIE PRESTON de BUYS PANNELL Laurie Paint and Patches ; Varsity Hockey, Lacrosse ; Freshman Show ; Senior Show: May Day, Committee Head. DONNA JO PEARSON Donna Jo Campus Chest; May Court; Orientation Committee; Sweet Briar News; Brambler; World Affairs Club; Junior Year Abroad ; Senior Show, cast. MARY KAROLINA PEDERSON Mary K. Social Committee; Y.W.C.A.; Sweet Briar News; World Af- fairs Club; Freshman Show, cast; Senior Show, cast. ELIZABETH SHIRLEY PIDGEON Betsy Y.W.C.A., Treasurer, Vice-President; Choir; Oricntatiun Com- mittee; Brambler, Advertising Manager; World Affairs Club; Church and Chapel Committee; Senior Show; May Day; May C ' ourt. ANNA CHRISTINE PLATT Tina Orientation Committee; Sweet Briar News; Brambler; Fresh- man Show: Senior Show; Senior Advisor; May Court. MARGARET ALICE REEDER Missy House President; Sweet Briar News, Editorial Board; World Affairs Club; Dean ' s List; Senior Show; Phi Beta Kappa. GALE WILSON ROGERS Gale World Affairs Club; Senior Show; Senior Advisor. GAIL CHARDON ROTHROCK Gail Social Committee; Y.W.C.A.; Choir; Orientation Committee; Sweet Briar News ; Vocational Guidance Committee, Chair- man: Church and Chapel Committee; Varsity Tennis, Hockey: Fre.hman Show, cast; Senior Show. ROSAMOND SAMPLE Rosamond Church and Chapel Committee : Freshman Honors : Junior Year Abroad: Freshman Show, cast: Senior Show, cast; Y.W.C.A. REYNOLDS FLORANCE SHARP Reyn Orientation Committee; Dean ' s List: Freshman Show; Senior Show. LYNNE CAMPBELL SMITH Lynne Inter-Club Council; Orientation Committee; Briar Patch; Paint and Patches, President; Freshman Show, cast; Senior Show, Co-director; May Day, committee head KATHERINE BABCOCK SNOW Kit Choir, Librarian, Business Manager, Treasurer; Orientation Committee; Sweet Briar News: Head of Lacrosse; Varsity Hockey, Lacrosse, Basketl nll, Tennis: Senior Show, cast; May Day, committee head. JO ANN SODERQUIST Jo Ann Student Government Association, Treasurer and Vice-Presi- dent; N.S.A. ; Inter-Club Council, Head; Orientation Com- mittee: Sweet Briar News: Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Bum Chum; Freshman Honors; Senior Show, cast; May Day, committee head; Young Republicans Club; Lake Council; Senior Advisor; Lecture and Concerts Com- mittee; Music Box. STEPHANIE HELEN STOKES Stei ' ie Campus Chest; Aints and Asses, Countess of the Counterfeit Constitution: Freshman Show: Senior Show, cast: Hall Presi- dent. MARGARET LEE STREET Margaret Senior Class Social Chairman; Social Committee; Orienta- tion; Q.V. ; Freshman Show, cast; Senior Show, cast. DAGMAR KRISTIN STOLL Dagi Christmas Bazaar Chainnan; Orientation Committee; Ath- letic Association, Secretary; Varsity Basketball; Chung Mung; Freshman Show; Senior Show; Senior Advisor. SARAH LEE STROTHER Sarah Inter-Club Council; Student Development Fund; Orienta- tion Committee; Sweet Briar News, Business Manager; World Affairs Club; Curriculum Committee, Chairman; Varsity Bas- ketball and Lacrosse; Freshman Show; Senior Show; Women ' s Lunch; Finance Committee; Board of Publications, Chairman; Senior Advisor, Chairman. CAROLINE WILSON TATE (, ' aroHne Judical Board, Vice Chairman; Social Committee; May Court; Orientation Committee; Sweet Briar News; Who ' s Who in .Amercan Colleges and Universities; Q. ' .; Freshman Show; Senior Show, Music Director; Sweet Tones; May Day, com- mittee head : Dean ' s List. WENDY THOMAS iVeiidy O.ientation Commitlec; Freshman Show; Senior Show, cast; Sweet Tones. 156 SENIOR ACTIVITIES DIRECTORY MARCiARK.l I ' OI.K TllOUROX M irgarel Senior Class Treasurer; Tennis and Hockey Varsity Teams: Aints and Asses; Freshman Show, cast; Senior Show, cast; Freshman Fashion Show; May Court. KATHLEEN ' BOULDIN STEVENSON TURNER Ktilhleeii C ' nmpus Chest: ( )rienIalioii Conunittcc: Senior Show. FRANCES WINTER UTLEV Penny World .Affairs Club; .Mtar Committee; Senior Show, cast; Senior .Advisor. DONA B.AKER VAN ARSDALE Dona Orientation Committee; Brambler; World .Affairs Club: Paint and Patches: Freshman Show, cast; Senior Show; May Day. EMILY FOLTZ WARD K ' liity Junior Class Vice-President; World .Affairs Club; Senior Show: Youna; Democrats Club: Senior .Advisor. PATRICIA ANN WHEELAN Pat N.S..A. officer; World .Affairs Club; Young Democrats Club. PAMELA HELLMUTH WIEGAXDT Pani Choir: Orientation Committee; Conservative Club: Campus Chest; Young Republicans Club; Church and Chapel Commit- tee; May Dav: Freshman Show: Senior Show, cast. WENDY ELIZABETH WILKENS ]Venriy Spanish Club: Junior Year .Abroad; Senior Show, cast. SUSANNE NOLTING WILLIAMS Susan Judicial Board; Joint Council Member: Sophomore Class Presi- dent: Social Committee: Orientation Committee; Brambler; Altar Committee: Church and Chapel Committee; Curriculum Committee: Who ' s Who in .American Colleges and Universities; Q. ' . : Freshman Show, cast; Senior Show; Senior Advisor. JEAN BURTON WALKER Jeannie Senior Show. E ELYN ELIZABETH YOUNGS Lynn Social Committee Chairman ; Junior Class Social Chairman ; May Court ; Orientation Committee ; Sweet News, Editorial Board; Brambler; Dean ' s List: Freshman Show; Senior Show. 57 ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦• ■♦ STUDENT DIRECTORY Abell, Sarah Rogers Mockingbird Valley, Louisville 7, Ky. Aldrich. Meredith Jane 21 Prentiss Lane, Belmont 78, Mass. Allinson, Katherine Marie 4 Greenbriar Dr., Summit, N.J. Ambler, Mary Gary 4702 Pocahontas Ave., Richmond 26, Va. Araundson, Kristin Margaret 7061 Central Ave., Lemon Grove, Galif. Anderson, Gail Pannill 428 Maple Lane, Danville, Va. Annan. Mary Barbara 6393 N. Ocean Blvd., Delray Beach. Fla. Ami, Nancy Dee 1503 Graham Rd.. Falls Church, Va. Arnold, Bettie Katherine 226 Dogwood Cir., Gadsden, Ala. Ash, Adrienne 130 Beverly PI.. Dayton, Ohio Aurand, Margaret Lucille 219 Orchard Dr., Fairfax, Va. Ayer, Nancy Louise 563 W. Paces Ferry Rd. N.W., Atlanta, Ga. Ayotte, Paula Elizabeth 731 Forest Hills Dr., Wilmington. N.C. Babb, Frances Rae 20 Sunset Dr., . sheville, N.C. Bailey, Geraldine Rae Wendy Trail, Lookout Mountain, Tenn. Baird, Ellen Louise The Knoll, Upper Brookville. R.F.D. 1, Oyster Bay, N.Y. Baker, Emily Perry 3037 E. Pine Valley Rd., Atlanta Ga. Baker, Juliet Piatt 6920 Woodside PI., Chevy Chase 15, Md. Baker, Katharine Myers Fowler Rd., Far Hills, N.J. Baker, Victoria Jean 4640 Lanark Rd., Salt Lake City 17, Utah Banfield, Nancy Bowen 11 Downing Rd., Downingtown, Pa. Barclay, Marielyce 259 Greve Dr., New Milford, N.J. Barfield, Mary Ashton 4966 Arapahoe Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. Earnhardt. Katharine Caperton Viggo Rothes Vcj 13, Copenhagen, Denmark Bartel, Anna Bitting 321 Lynn Ave., Winston-Salem, N.C. Barthold, Judith Ann 948 E. 7th St., Jeffersonville, Ind. Batterson, Bettina Nichols 536 Simsbury Rd., Bloomfield, Conn. Baxter, Prudence Welborne 5320 Carvel Rd., Washington 16, DC. Baynham, Cynthia Thorn Ills. Raleigh St., Martinsburg, W. Va. Bean, Elizabeth Tracy 75 S. Fullerton Ave., Montclair, N.J. Bearden, Julie Elaine 620 W. View Ave., Nashville, Tenn. Behnke, Mary Patricia 29 Harbort Dr., Madison 4, Wis. Bell, Mary Rogers 239 Holiday Rd., Lexington, Ky. Benoit, Mary Elizabeth 238 Hempstead PI., Charlotte 7, N.C. Bensen. Judith Leslie 14 Old Orchard Rd.. No. Haven, Conn. Berguido, Jill 135 Rose Lane, Haverford, Pa. Bernard, Elizabeth Ashby 1671 Westovcr Ave., Petersburg, Va. Billingsley, Carolyn Amelia 1 1 Larkspur Lane, Clarendon Hills, 111. Bingham, Kathryn Roby 921 Osage Rd., Pittsburgh 16, Pa. Bivins, Ethel Ann 230 Sutton Dr., San Antonio 28, Tex. Blackburn, Susan Elizabeth 6 Sunnydale Rd., West Hartford, Conn. Blackstock, Priscilla Gay 3740 S. Terwilleger, Tulsa 5, Okla. Blackwell, Mary Clayton Rt. 3, Amherst, Va. Blew, Bonnie Rea, Providence Rd., RD. 2. Malvern, Pa. Bloch, Margaret Elizabeth 212 Forestine Ave., Box 165, Gadsden, Ala. Bodin, Juliet Emilie 10907 Wickline, Houston 24, Tex. Boiling, Barbara Ellen 22251 McCauley Rd., Cleveland 22, O. Booker, Betty Burwell 2028 Barracks Rd., Charlottesville, Va. Booth, Anne Old Concord Rd.. South Lincoln Mass. Boswell, Elizabeth Deer 1608 Stratford Rd., Decatur, Ala. Both, Mary Blair 4 Log Church Rd., Wilmington 7, Del. Bottomley, Marilynn, 806 Hillcrest, West Lafayette, Ind. Bowen, Carol Ann 415 Miramar Dr., Lakeland, Fla. Boykin, Mary Deas Millway Plantation, Boykin, S.C. Boyle, Kaye Terrell 2327 Redfox Trail, Charlotte, N.C. Braden, Elizabeth Bownum Golf Club Lane, Nashville, Tenn. Bradford, Sharon Anne 5140 Rockwell Pkwy., Wash., D.C. Bradley, Jane Helen 3505 Abercorn St., Savannah, Ga. Bradshaw, Beverly Jean 346 E. Kalcy Ave., Orlando, Fla. Bradshaw, Julie Annr 1515 Braeburn Rd., Flossmoor, 111. Breir, Joan Beth 38 McClellan Ave., Amsterdam, N.Y. Brennan, Patricia Smith Griswold Rd., Rye, N.Y. Briggs, Jonell Moore W. 10th St., Chadron, Neb. Bronson, Susan Francez 6024 E. Ridge Dr., Shreveport, La. Brown, .Xnne Stewart 313 N. Main St., Manassas, Va. Brown, Elizabeth Randolph Gloucester, Va. Brown, Greta duPont 4515 N. Delaware St., Indianapolis 5, Ind. Brown, Ina Hamilton Ashbourne, Harrods Creek, Ky. Brown, Margaret Livington 141 Mill Creek Rd.. . rdmore, Pa. Brown, Susan Gait Pecksland Rd.. Greenwich. Conn. Brown, Susanne Page 1003 Horsepen Rd., Richmond 29, Va. Brydges, Sara Hughes 2041 Cherry Rd., Springfield, 111. Bull, Eugenia 561 Briar Lane, Northfield, 111. BuUard, Mildred Gretchen 1 1 15 Watson Dr., Wilson, N.C. Bullard, Nancy Drake 405 W ' alsing Dr., Richmond, Va. Burnette, Mary Tarrant, E.C.T. School. Rt. 3, Rocky Mt., N.C. Burns, Barbara Elizabeth 2635 Brookdale Dr. N.W., Atlanta 5, Ga. Burr, Lucinda Helen e 327 Maple Ave., Rahway, N.J. Bush, Julia Loorais 652 Euclid Ave., Elmira, N.Y. Butler, . nne Lawrason 317 Stanford Ave.. Baton Rouge, La. Butler, Grace Tucker Manursing Way. Rye, N.Y. Butt, Frances Wilcox 7 Lewis St., Lexington, Va. Pannel, Laurie deBuys 116 Cherokee Rd., Birmingham, Ala. deBuys. Virginia Stuart 809 Rolandvue Rd., Ruxton 4, Md. Caballero, Dolly Mary 1485 Ashford Ave., Santurce, Puerto Rico Calder, Christie Holmes 264 Upper Mountain . ve., Montclair, N.J. Caldwell, Jean Foster 2931 Canterbury Rd., Birmingham 13, Ala. Calhoun, .Andria Beth 77 Beers Rd., Easton, Conn. Calhoun, Mary Anne 140 E. 51st St.. Savannah, Ga. Callahan, Joyce Ann Barnhill Rd., Stevenson, Conn. Campbell, Dorothea Hammond 1233 Oakmont Rd., Charleston, W. Va. Campbell, Jean 48 Pine Brook Dr., Larchmont, N.Y. Campbell, Mary Lavinia 8732 Canyon Dr., Dallas 9. Tex. Cant, Nancy May 435 E. 52 St., New York 22, N.Y. Carlton, Betty Page Tappahannock, Va. Carmichael, Mary Emma 1031 Cherokee St.. Marietta, Ga. Carpenter, Virginia Field 736 Coleman PI., Westfield, N.J. Carr, Anne Fairfax 110 East End Ave., New York 28, N.Y. Carroll. Gloria Ann 101 Hemlock Dr., Lodi, Ohio Carroll, Kathryn Holbrook 925 Somerset Lane, York Pa. Carroll, Sheila Bradley 925 Somerset Lane, York, Pa. Casner, Sandra Lou 10821 AUoway Dr., Potomac, Md. Cauwenberg, Bessie Elizabeth Amherst, Va. Chainski, Victoria .Anne Shoreacres, Lake Bluff, 111. Chapman, Bonnie Wells 8918 Mohawk, Leawood, Kan. Chenoweth, Emily Frances 33 Ridge Dd., Birmingham 13, Ala. Childs, Elizabeth Dr den Tudor Hall, Rt. 1, Annapolis, Md. Christensen, Lorna Gladys 39 Oriole Ave., Bronxville 8, N.Y. Christian, Carolyn Rhctt 9936 Litzsinger Rd., Ladue 24, Mo. Clark, Anne Howard 518 W. Main St., McMinnville, Tenn. Clark, Carol Bancroft 35 Lime Rock Rd., Rochester, N.Y. Clarke, Cornelia Anne Woodlawn Plantation, King George, Va. Clay, Kate Alexander Rt. 3, Paris, Ky. Clayton, Cheryl Anne 1260 Edgcwood Ave., Jacksonville 5, Fla. Clinchy, Joan Ann 21 Oak Dr., Chatham. N.J. Cochrane, Barbara Elaine 124 Anawan Rd., North Attleboro, Miss. Cody, Jillian Jan 3809 Manton Lane, Lyrichburg, Va. Coffee, Colleen Mansgrove Lane, Princeton. N.J. Coffin, Cynthia Hamilton 636 E. Victory Dr., Savannah, Ga. Cole, Carol Noland 1014 Kent Rd., Wilmington 3, Del. Collier, Nancy Gibson 2200 Malvern Rd., Charlotte, N.C. Collins, Carolyn Florence 330 Argonne Dr., .Atlanta 5, Ga. Colton, Keenan 251 Loring Ave., Pelham, N.Y. Comer, Grace Louise Glennville Plantation, Pittsview, Ala. Conkle, Nancy Elizabeth P.O. Box 38, Cashiers, N.C. Corbett, Jeannine Elizabeth Airlie Gardens, Wilmington, N.C. Cord, Bonnie Carol 11790 Snider Rd., Cincinnati 42, Ohio Corl, Kathryn Ander.son 300 River Rd., Moumee. Ohio Corrin, Judith Ann 508 E. Main St., Clarksburg, W. Va. Couch, Marianne 530 Wilder, Shreveport, La. Covington, Eleanor Watson 2315 Princess Ann St., Greensboro, N.C. 158 STUDENT DIRECTORY Crais, Cynthia Biyaii 4. ' 01 Va( ht Clul) Rd.. Ja ksonvill.-, Fla. Crosslev, Eleanor Kidd (Mrs. T. J.) Rt. 3. Box 12, Amherst a. Crowe, Ann Miller 11)11 Zodiar Dr., C olorado Springs, Colo. Cidbertson, Mary Frances Box 509. Marion, N ' a. Culluni, Janice Anne 5 Marseille Dr., Locust Valley. N.Y. Currey. Elizabeth Norton 200 W. Brow () al. Lookout Mountain, Tenn. Cuthbert, Margaret Collier 2031 Woodland Rd., Petersburg, Va. Cutler, Robin Randolph HOG Park Ave., New York 28, N.Y. Dalton, Diane 2918 Winthrop Rd., Shaker Heights 20, Ohio Dana, Dorothy Ann 3535 Riverside Ave., Jacksonville 5, Fla. Darby, Hallie Harlan 729 N. Wood . ve., Florence, Ala. Daughtridge, Mona Lee 301 Cornwall Rd., Wilmington 3, Del. Davis, Helen Elaine 301 Doddridge, Corpus Christi, Tex. Davis, Patricia Frances 136 Westlook Cir.. Oak Ridge, Tenn. Day, Anne Perkins 1100 Rahway Rd.. Plainfield. N.J. Day. Evelyn Lee Wampum Rd., Louisville 7, Ky. Dean, Sarah . ' nn 501 Springhill Dr., Lexington. Ky. Dearborn. Anne Gayle 4427 E. Brookfield Dr., Nashville 5. Tenn. Deasy, Susan Eugenia 435 Camden .- ve., Moorestown, N.J Delahousse, Mary-Pauline Baecher Rd., Norfolk 9, ' a. Del Greco, ' irginia Marietta 12 Canterbury Rd., Bellair, Charlottesville, Va. Denman, Laura Sanderson 4 Riverside Dr., Cranford, N.J. Denton, . nn Barnett 207 Hillview, San Antonio 9. Tex. Dew. Nancy-Coalter Little Tuckahoe, New Hartford, Conn. Dick, Direxa, 770 Park Ave., New York 21, N.Y. Dillon, N ' ictoria Marie 282 Bentley Cir., Los Angeles 49, Calif. Dills, Anne Evans, (Mrs. Michael) 145 N. Princeton Cir., Lynchburg, Va. Dixson, Mary Bethel 919 Wellington Rd., Winston-Salem, N.C. Dodd, Alice Virginia 513 Emeiy Rd-. Louisville 6, Ky. Dodson, Harriotte Winchester 122 7th St., S.E., Roanoke, Va. Donnelley, Leigh Patricia 3721 N. 25th St., .Arlington 7, Va. Dortch. Margaret .Anderton 4406 Harding PI., Nashville 12, Tenn. Douglas, Josalee 4338 Sparkling Lane, Phoenix 18, Ariz. Doty, Barbara Powell 1933 Vorth Avenue, York, Pa. Dowd, Trudy Darlene 6614 Norway Rd., Dallas, Tex. Dreher, . nn Crawford 1506 .Adger Rd.. Columbia, S.C. Dublin, Barbara Brown 6907 Bradley Blvd., Bethesda 14. Md. Dudley, Margaret Carole 3795 Paces Ferry Rd. N.W.. Atlanta 5, Ga. Duer, Mary Gillis 1011 Wagner Rd., Ruxton 4, Md. Dumas, Marsha Jo 2003 Dauphin St., Mobile, . la. Duncan, Mary Martin 1049 Park Ave., New York 28, N.Y. Dunham, Nancy Nicholas 12 Mur ' on Court. Westport, Conn Dunham, Sally Secrest 12 Mun,on Court. Westport, Conn. Dunlap, Margina Gates 1151 Oakcliff Rd.. Macon, Ga. Dunlap, Marilyn Mandle 502 Dunlap St., Paris, Tenn. Dunn, Helen Caroline 250 East 65 St. New York 21, N.Y. Dunn, Judith Corbett 1 Silvermine Rd., New Canaan, Conn. Du Rona, Louise Marguerite 6 Pennsylvania . ve., Yonkers, N.Y. Dwelle, Susan Burnett 4848 Monen Rd., Jacksonville 10, Fla. Eastin, Jane Prescott 5855 Brookwood Rd., Indianapolis 26, Ind. Eberstadt, . nne 1326 Chetwyn Ave., Plainfield. N.J. Eckman, Carol Creighton 800 Oak Ave.. Waynesboro. a. Eckman. Mary Murray 800 Oak .Ave.. Waynesboro, ' a. Edelstein. Michele Juliette Sweet Briar, ' a. Eells. Marion Coffin 623 Mcadowbrook Lane, Rock Hill, S.C. Engelhardt, Sara Marlowe 2315 N. Fenway Dr., Montgomery, , la. England, Josephine Elizabeth 14 Montcrest Dr., Birmingham, Ala. English, Anne Whitall Entwistle, Mary Cox Evans, Mary Evelyn Evans, Virginia .Anne 149 Kent PI. Blvd.. Summit, N.J. 114 Tribal Rd., Louisville 7, Ky. 405 Forsyth St., Raleigh, N.C. 426 Third St., Cheraw, S.C. Ewalt, Stephanie Walther Barton Beverly Hall, Millersville, Md. Fales, .Alice Peck Kalorama C:ircle, Washington, D.C. Fancher, Suzanne 727 E. Elm, Altus, Okla. Fangboner, Claudia Dillon 9018 Brierlv Rd.. Chevy Chase 15, Md, Fedeler, Susan Jane 1182 E. 27th So., Salt Lake Cit ' 6, Utab Feild, Margaret Rutherfoord 1520 Quarrier St., Charleston, W. Va Fentress, Nancy Terrill 10800 Fox Hunt Lane, Potomac. Md. Ferrell, Ann 17 Park Rd., .Asheville, N,C. Finch, Nadean Louise 665 S. Skinker. St. Louis, Mo. Fischer, Patricia Anne 8701 Montgomery Ave., Philadelphia 18. Pa. Fisher, Martha Mcllwain 6112 Summit St., Kansas City 13, Mo. Fite, Linda Ann 1132-2 Columbus Cir., Andrews A.F.B., Washington 25, D.C. FitzHugh, Mary Harrison 222 Ridge Dr., Jackson, Miss. Flanagan. Jean Elizabeth 2102 Greenbriar Rd., Kinston, N.C. Fleigh, Margery Eyerly 1321 Oak Hill .Ave., Hagerstown, Md. Flynn. Alison Elizabeth Jupiter Island, Hobe Sound, Fla. Ford, Pamela Jane Bowerstown Rd.. Washington, N.J. Eraser, Gabrielle Babette 3805 Chevy Chase. Houston, Tex. Frazier, Margaret Lvnn 36 Ridgetop, St. Louis 17, Mo. Freund, Elizabeth Amy 29 E. 64th St.. New York 21, N.Y. Fromme, Pamela Jane 8 Rittenhouse Rd., Bronxville, N.Y. Frothingham. Anne Laura 517 Irwin Dr., Sewickley, Pa, Fuhrman, Ann Louise 2917 39th St. N.W,, Washington 16, D.C. Garabrant, Marilyn Cramer 2500 N.E. 26th .Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Garry, Grace Mary Rt. 2. Taylor, Tex. Gawthrop, Elizabeth Duniesnil 800 Sconneltown Rd.. West Chester, Pa. Gearhart, Shelley Shook 2816 Shook Hill Rd. Birmingham. 13, Ala. Geissal, Diane Jean R R- 3, Beaver Dam, Ky. Gianotti. Elizabeth Ann 3358 Washington St., San Francisco 18, Calif. Gibaud, Susan Irene 838 Lake Rd.. Webster, N.Y. Gillespie. Mar ' Sabra Box 66. Orange, Va. Gillies, Nancy Lee 714 Devonshire St., Pittsburgh 13, Pa. Gilmore, Eleanor Dowling 39 Warrenton Rd., Baltimore 10, Md. Gilmore, Sandra Helen 27 Gwen Rd., Meriden, Conn. Girling, Elizabeth Diane Rt. 2, Monroe, Va. Glaser, Elizabeth Lee 304 Tari7town Dr., Richmond 29, Va. Glasgow. Susan Sevmour 3615 Woodlawn Dr., Nashville, Tenn. Gordon, Mary Meade Huntly, Bon Air, Va. Gould, Frances Grace 506 Selma .Ave., Selma, Ala. Graham, Evelyn Byrd Greyston, Pt. Salubrious, Chaumont, N.Y. Graham, Georgia Saffold, 3689 Fenway Dr., Montgomery, Ala. Graveure, Mola Patricia Pleasanuille Rd., Fallston, Md. Green Mary Porter 201 Cumberland .Ave., Kenilworth. III. Green! Sara Elizabeth 804 Crest Dr., FayetteviUe, Ark. Greer. Nancy Taliaferro, The Grove, Floyd Ave., Rocky Mount, a. Griggs, Eleanor Southworth 806 Greenwood Rd., Wilmington 6, Del. Grizzard, Linda Landis Columbia Pike, Franklin, Tenn. Gromel, Patricia Ann 225 N. 17th St., Allentown, Pa. Gullett, Belinda Elaine 3008 Noddin Way, Portsmouth, Ohio Gump, Sara Adelaide 806 Mountain View Cir,, Johnson City, Tenn. 159 STUDENT DIRECTORY H Haden, Alice Jill 4425 Dannywood Rd., Louisville, Ky. Hale, Lucy Pryor 2029 Hessian Rd., Charlottesville, Va. Hall, Nancy Reade Belmont, N.C. Hamilton, Roxanne 21 Sweet Bay Rd., Portuguese Bend, Calif. Hamilton, ' irginia Bosworth 135 Dahlia St., Denver 20, Colo. Hanahan, Frances Gascoyne 43 E. Battery, Charleston, S.C. Handly, Margaret Craig 3420 Hampton Ave., Nashville, Tenn. Hanger, Elizabeth Clark 36 Brookhaven Dr. N.E., .Atlanta 19, Ga. Hansford, Jane Cory 58 Washington Rd., Pittsford, N.Y. Hargraves, Judith Lynn 4634 Sunset Blvd., Tampa, Fla. Harris, Grayson Warfield 409 Leake Ave., Nashville 5, Tenn. Harris, Phebe Jane 1530 E. 77th St., Indianapolis 40. Ind. Harrison, Cordelia Carlton 202 Poplar Lane, Richmond 26, Va. Harrison Gail Box 657, Young Rd., Bernardsville, N.J. Harrison! Marion Bell 262 The Prado N.E., Atlanta 9, Ga. Hartley, Carol Jean 608 Sand St., Ravenswood, W. Va. Harvey, Marion Louise RD. 4, Dallas, Pa. Harwood, Margaret Ann 1506 West Ave., Richmond, Va. Haskell Judith Bright R.F.D. 2, Box 373, North Augusta, S.C. Haskell, Laura Guion R.F.D. 2, Box 373, North Augusta, S.C. Haskell, Mar ' Carolyiic 722 Shepherd Hills Tucson, Ariz. Haskell, Sarah Bright 10 Calycanthus Rd. Richmond 26, Va. Haslam, Deborah Page 901 Lawrence Ave., Westfield, N.J. Hassell, Willie Britton Rt. 7, Florence, Ala. Hatch, Diane Fowler 520 45th St. E., Savannah, Ga. Hatten, Sandra 1344 E. Beach, Gulfport, Miss. Haug, Hedi 16 Revere Rd., Manhasset, N.Y. Hawthorne, Jane Grier 490 Sullivan Rd., StatesviUe, N.C. Hav. Judv . ' nne 1625 Kalmia Rd. N.W., Washington 12, D.C. Havwood ' , Alice 2502 Lewis Farm Rd., Raleigh, N.C. Healy, Sharon Gilmore 39 Dundee Rd., Babylon, N.Y. Hellier, Marnee Dee Middle Rd., Farmington, Conn. Wiegandt, Pamela Hellmuth 5340 CHfton Rd., Jacksonville 11. Fla. Hemphill, Holly Loralee 1400 Wathen Ave., Austin 3, Tex. Henderson, Linda Dee, Hickory Lane, Rt. 7, Greenville, S.C. Henning, Margaret Linden 7 Cartaret PI., Garden City, N.Y. Henry, Ann Wynn 3106 Holly St., Alexandria, Va. Herlihv, Mary Reid 1540 Bedford Rd., Charleston, W. Va. Herran, Diana 800 Park Ave., New York 21, N.Y. Heyward, Josephine deRosset 340 Harbison Rd., Wayne, Pa. Hickey. Mellie Hanks 331 Fairfield St. S.E., Aiken, S.C. Highlands, Margaret Susan 2 Noel Lane, Cincinnati 43, Ohio Hill. Elizabeth Baldwin 3168 Thomas Ave., Montgomery 6, Ala. Hill, Sherrard Steele 323 Kent Rd., Charlottesville, Va. Hite, . prille Gray Princeton, N.J. Hoag, Suzanne Elizabeth 824 Amies Lane, Bryn Mawr, Pa. Hodges, Eileen 241 E. Montgomery, Milledgeville, Ga. Horak, Anne Jennet 1001 Chanticleer Lane, Hinsdale, 111. Horsey, Harriette Elizabeth Peachtree Battle Ave. N.W., Atlanta 5, Ga. Horton, Hazel Elaine 5806 Old Providence Rd., Charlotte, N.C. Hoskins, Charlotte Bryce 1414 Youngsford Rd., Gladwyne, Pa. Houston. Harriet Haynr 148 Fernwood Lane, Greenville, S.C. Hovde, Linda Ruth 515 S. Seventh, Lafayette, Ind. Howe. Judith Rutherfoord 49 Tyler Rd., Belmont, Mass. Howell, Mary Baldwin 101 Colonial Court, Lynchburg, ' a. Hsu. Kathleen Chialing 2311 Massachusetts Ave., N.W., Washington 15, D.C Huber, Leslie Jean 102 Ogden Cir., Oak Ridge, Tenn Hughes, Claire Allen 2722 Natchez Lane, Memphis, Tenn Hulley. Joan Frances 8908 River Rd., Richmond 29, a Hulse, Mary Cobb 3624 Ridgeview Dr., Birmingham 13, Ala Hunner, Joan Bradley 210 Longwood Rd., Baltimore 10, Md Hurt, Frances Hallam Halifax Rd., Chatham, ' a Huston, Marian Lee 109 Kingsway Dr., Lexington, Ky Inge. Jean Marilyn 6160 Rolfc , ve., Norfolk, Va. Ingham, Margaret Anne 632 Pennridge Rd., Pittsburgh 11, Pa. Ireys, Catherine Recknagel 45 Willow St., Brooklyn 1, NY. Jackson, Mary French 777 West St., Pittsfield, Mass. Jackson, Sallie Jean 60 Indian Spring Lane, Rochester 18, N.Y. Jahn, Susan Dee 2228 Yorkshire Rd. Columbus 21, Ohio Jennings, .Allison Diana Wahackme Rd., New Canaan, Conn. Jester, .Ann Whitney 1919 Quarry Rd., Lynchburg, Va. Johnson, Frances Leavell 120 S. Wilton Rd., Richmond 26, Va. Johnson, Mary Evans 500 W. Brow Rd., Lookout Mountain, Tenn, Johnson, Mary Evelyn 26 Main St., Newtown, Conn. Johnson, Mary Parke 221 63rd St., Virginia Beach, Va. Johnston, Katherine Swann 2865 Canterbuiy Rd., Birmingham 13, Ala. Jolly, Judith Olivia 300 Smyer Rd., Birmingham 16, Ala. Jones, Non-ell Mason Montague Pohick Rectory, Lorton, Va. Jones, Pamela Lee 405 W. Tyne Dr., Nashville, Tenn. Jones, Patricia .Ann, Box 261, Far Hills, N.J. Jones, Victoria Snow 74 Forest Ave., New Rochelle, N.Y. Jose, Polly .Anne 166 Sea Breeze Ave., Palm Beach, Fla. Judy, Carolyn Louise 1705 Crestwood Dr., Columbia, S.C. K Kalber, Sarah Kay 218 Travois Rd., Louisville 7, Ky. Kelety, Katalin Denise 112 Pleasant St., Brookline 46, Mass. Kellam, Dana Leigh 765 Conestoga Rd., Rosemont, Pa. Keller, Caroline Haywood 3536 Hawthorne Dr., Jackson, Miss. Kelley, Ellen Wade 17 Creeksid Cir., Houston 24, Tex. Kennedy, Margaret .Allen Far Hills Farm, Brentwood, Tenn. Kerr, Ann Darnell 1200 Conery Court, New Orleans 15, La. Ketcham, Marsha 1 Cherry Lane, Westfield, N.J. Keyserling, Judith Box 682, Beaufort, S.C. Kilcullen, Christopher Ann 812 Timber Branch Pkwy., .Alexandria, Va. Kincaid, Caroline 69 Church St., High Bridge, N.J. King, Cherry Irene 914 Graydon Ave., Norfolk, Va. Kirschenfeld, Sheriy Lynne 3367 Boxwood Dr., Montgomery, Ala, Kloby, Jacqueline Marie 7 Hadley .Ave., Toms River, N.J. Knapp, Brenda Louise 187 Main St., West Newberry, Mass. Knopf, Katherine Herren 2023 N.W. 14th Ave., Gainesville, Fla. Kont, Clarita Csaky 901 Sandusky Dr., Lynchburg, Va. Kopper. Elizabeth Marshall 182 Main St., Hingham, Mass. Korth, ' era San.som 5200 Watson St. . .W., Washington 16. D.C. Krout, Joanne Lester 145 Fairview Rd.. Penn alley, Narberth, Pa. Krusen, Pamela .Andrea 3110 .Agawan St., Tampa 9, Fla. Kurtz, Elizabeth Gill 2531 Brentwood Rd., Columbus 9, Ohio Lamb, Linda Caixa Postal 4226, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Langenberg, Margaret Morton 20 Lenox PI., St. Louis 8, Mo. Larson, Vivianne Pamela 352 Eastover Rd., Charlotte, N.C. Lasher, Edith Ann 430 E. 86th St., New York 28, N.Y. Laslie. Adele Easton 1626 Charlton Dr., New Orleans 22, La. Lassiter, Lome Elizabeth 726 Hempstead PI., Charlotte 7, N.C. Leary, Pamela Anne 8930 S.W. 52nd Ave., Miami 56, Fla. LeCraw. Vera Clarissa 400 Cornwallis Dr., Greensboro, N.C. Lee. Linda Claire 5600 Waterbury Cir., Des Moines. Iowa Lee. Mary Kinlaw 325 Clovelly Rd., Richmond 21, a. Lee, Mary Virginia 206 S. Broad St., Middletown, Del. Lee, Sally 5711 Windsor Dr., Shawnee Mission, Kan. Lemmon, Natalie Louise 648 S. Florence, Springfield, Mo. Link, Elizabeth Robins 220 Hawthorne Dr., Danville, Va. Lishnoff, lane Ellen 1 1 Fifth Ave., New York 3. N.Y. Litle, Ruth Anne RD. 4, Zanesvillc Ohio Little, Barbara Anne 1133 Cedar Pt. Roadway, Sandusky, Ohio Livingston, Mary .Ann Tucker Box 242, Savannah, Ga. Lloveras, Lang Elizabeth c o Banco .Atlantida, Tegucigalpa, Honduras Logan, Cora Lee 1615 ' icklan St., Vicksburg, Miss. Long, Carroll Carter 914 7th .Ave., Selma, Ala. i6o STUDENT DIRECTORY Long, Linda Marie 409 Tyk-r PI., Alcxaiuliia 2, ' a. Long, Madeleine Eva 409 Tyler PI.. .Mexandria 2, ' a. LongstafT, Llewellyn Ray 117 Woodlawn Rd., Baltimore 10, Md. Lord, Harrah Fairweather Farm, North Salem. N.Y. Low, Marion Ward 51 Milbank Rd., Fairfield, Conn. Lucas, Stephanie Jeanne 4107 Forest Lane, McLean, ' a. Lukens, Barbara .Ann 101 Peiree Rd.. Wilmington 3, Del. Lundy, Margaret Linda 359 Douglas Rd., Douglaston 63, N.Y. Lyle, Mary Lynn 4660 Apache .Ave., Jacksonville 10, Fla. Lynn, Catherine Mitchell 1105 n. Episcopal School Rd . Lynchburg. Va. M W hitc Horse Rd.. Kirkwood, N.J. 113 Lady . stor St., Danville, Va. Mc.Alfee, Saralyn MacClintock. Anne Ursula McClure, Joan ' ickers 5325 Chamberlin Ave., Chevy Chase 15. Md MacDermott, Jane Ford 901 Center Rd., Wilmington 7, Dal McDonald, Kay Ramey 326 James St., Salem, Va McEldowney, .Alice Dogwood Dr., .Annandale, N.J McElwain, Elizabeth Kent 7800 Six Mile Lane, Louisville 20, Ky McEvoy, Phyllis Jane 1007 W. Water St., Elmira, N.Y, McGregor, Olivia .Anne 6 Elm Lane, Bronxville, N.Y McGraw, Mary Elizabeth 630 Lafayette St.. Easton, Pa McGrew, Mary Louise 3223 Swarthmore Rd., Wilmington 6. Del McGuire, Elizabeth Eagles 2611 Sherwood Ave.. Charlotte, N.C, McKay, Mary Terrence 1603 Pease Rd., Austin 3, Tex McKee, Marguerite McPheeters 1000 Harvy St., Raleigh, N.C, McKellar, Martha Stockley 573 S. McLean, Meinphis 4, Tenn Mackroth, Alice Rawlins 1904 Devon Rd., Pittsburgh 13. Pa. Mackubin, Mildred Lee Schley P. O., Gloucester, Va. McLean. Nancy Croom 59 Fairfi-ld Dr., Short Hills. N.J. MacMeekin, Nancy Elizabeth 600 Maple Lane, Flourtown. Pa. MacMillan, Carol 805 Lake Shore Dr., Dclray Beach, Fla. MacMillan, Caroline Ruth 15 .AUwood Rd., Darien, Conn. McMillan, Elvira Cochrane 105 McLellan St., Brewton, Ala. McNeil. Barbara Joan Hickory Rd., PKiirouth Meeting. Pa. MacRae, Elizabeth Fairfax 903 Vicar Lane, .Alexandria, Va. McRae, Glory Sims 4655 .Apache Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. MacRae. Marion Montagu 903 Vicar Lane, Alexandria, Va. Madden, Martha 1709 Sherman Dr., Utica, N.Y. Mahoney, Sheila Ann 101 Country Club Dd.. Rochester 18, N.Y. Mallory, Frances Carter 211 Barclay Lane, Lexington, Va. Manard, Courtney Claiborne 1330 Sixth St., New Orleans, La. Maness, Judith .Ann 5055 Ortega Blvd., Jacksonville 10. Fla. Mapp, Mai ' garet .Aydelotte Accomac, Va. Markle, Patricia Jean 107 Edgewood Rd., Wilmington 3, Del. Marsh, Mary Louise 106 E. 30th St., New York 16, N.Y. Marshall, Linda Spence 2804 Daniel Rd., Chevy Chase 15, Md. Marshall, Ruth .Ann Rt. 3. Box 99. Ferguson Ave., Savannah, Ga. Martin, Donna Lea 2325 Brandon .Ave., Roanoke, Va. Martin. Mary Ellen 10 School Rd.. .Alapocas, Wilmington 3, Del. Martin, Patricia Lynn 2325 Brandon Ave., Roanoke, Va. Martin, Serain Christina 604 .Arlington Rd., West Babylon, N.Y. Mason, .Abigail .Adams 101 Chestnut St., Boston. Mass. Mason, Anne Stuart 1121 39th E., Seattle 2. Wash. Massie, Kate Roy Hillcrest. Cary St. Rd.. Richmond, ' a. Massie, Lourine Mays, (Mrs. Harold L.) Lowesville, Va. Matheson, Elizabeth Webb Tryon St., Hillsboro, N.C. de la Maza, Coralia 20 E. 84th St.. Apt. 6A.. New York 28, N.Y. Meehan, Martha George 41 Woodfin Rd., Newport News, Va. Brookmeadow Rd.. Greenville. Dal. 3649 Maplewood, Dallas 5, Tex. 449 High St.. Bethlehem, Pa. 465 Herkimer -A ' e.. Haworth. N.J. Merlins, .Amie Cameron 3339 Fernway Dr., Montgomery 6, Ala. Metcalf, Marshall Lea 14150 Douglass Lane, Saratoga, Calif. Michel, Lucinda Carlton 4965 Hammock Lake Dr., Miami 56, Fla. Micros, Marianne Faith 72 South St., Cuba, N.Y. Mighell, .Alice Vivian 251 W. Indian Creek Dr., Mobile, Ala. Miller, Grctchen Louise R.D. 1, Mohrsville, Pa Miller. Jean Brooks 630 Coville Rd., Charlotte 7, N.C. White Chimneys, Katonah, N.Y. 3 Grist Mill Lane. Westport, Conn. 25 Valley Rd., Plandonie. NY. 112 E. 45th St., Savannah, Ga. 1 1 14 W. Church St., Newark, Ohio 10 Wyndham, Short Hills, N.J. Miller, Marianne Jane Miles, Randi Lynn Milton. Carolyn Pat Minis, Marguerite Ann Mitchell, Martha Mockctt, Katherine Alic 235 Hillcrest Rd.. Ea.st Aurora, N.Y. 1248 Krise Cir., Lynchburg, Va. 504 E. 87th St., New York 28 N.Y. Moog. Nancy .Anne Moore. Charlotte Adams Moore, Joan .Alanson Moore, Josephine Page 3648 Kingsboro Rd. N.E., Atlanta 19, Ga. Moorman, Susan Gillespie 1513 Barbour Rd., Falls Church, Va. Moran, Margaret Mildred Creekside. Danville, Va. Morck, Susan Lee Belle Ville. Ware Neck, Va. Morgan, Marguerite Lynn 1020 Overbrook Rd., Wilmington 6, Del. Moricle, Josephine Anne 1223 Crescent Dr., Reidsville, N.C. Moseley, Susan Lynch 2411 Manchester Rd.. Louisville, Ky. Moses, Margery 10 Hawthorne Rd., Bronxville, N.Y. Moss. Nancy Lancaster 8 W. Cornwell St., Leesburg, Va. Grimsley, Bonnie Mount R.F.D. 3, Box 86. .Amherst, Va. Mueller. Caroline Croom The Recton-, White Marsh, Va. Mullins, Sallie .Ann 343 N. Country Rd., Palm Beach. Fla. Mundy, Judith Ann 4000 Peakland PI., Lynchburg, ' a. Munn, Carole Esme 103 Rau Professor Picarolo, Sao Paulo, Brazil Munroe, Marshall Page 2122 Roswell Ave., Charlotte 7, N.C. Murray, Jean Margaret 25 McNabb St.. Dollar, Clackmannanshire, Scotland Murrary, Winifred Sterling 115 Elm Ave., Cincinnati 15. Ohio Musgrove, Melinda Law 2850 Surrey Rd., Birmingham, Ala. N Nalle, Victoria 3024 Chevy Chase, Houston 19, Tex. Naren, Toni .Agatha Cedar Swamp Rd., Brookville, L.I., N.Y. Neithold, Patricia Ottilie 122 Webster .Ave.. Goshen 1, N.Y. Nelson, Charlotte Anne 4374 Garibaldi .Ave., Jacksonville 10, Fla. Nelson, Jane Wormeley Madison Rd., Culpepper, Va. Newell, Nancy Scott 27 College Rd., Wellesley 81, Mass. Newton. Anne Rodgers 100 Rock wood Lane, Greenwich, Conn. Nichols, Margaret Ann 9000 Congressional Pkwy., Bethesda, Md. Nicholson, Jaquelin Marshall 1803 Nicholson Lane, .Alexandria, Va. Nolan, Sheila Margaret 300 Pierce St., Easton, Penn. Noland, Josephine 13020 Conway Rd., St. Louis 41, Mo. Norburn, Lillian Elizabeth 1 Valley Springs Rd., Asheville, N.C. Norris, Dorothy Lee 306 Crescent .Ave., Greenville, S.C. O Oechsle. Marian Carmen Avenida San Gabriel 299, San Isidro, Liina. Peru Orioff, Neil Goodman 190 Old Army Rd., Scarsdale, N.Y. Orr, Lucille Porter 3245 Nancy Creek Rd., .Atlanta 5, Ga. Overly, Joan Lynda 617 Lake .Ave., Wyomissing, Pa. Overton, Anne Turner Warsaw, Va. Mendolia. Pamela .Ann Mercer, .Anne Eugenia Mercur, Pape Elizabeth Merkle, Jane .ArroU Pace. Marcia .Alice Palmer, Sandra Cher 4 Parker, Harriotte Anne Parker, Susan Dennison 3520 Menendez Dr., Pensacola, Fla. 199 Eudora St., Denver 20, Colo. 225 Barton .Ave., Palm Beach, Fla. 15 N. Elizabeth Ave., Ferguson 35, Mo. STUDENT DIRECTORY Patterson, Abby Parke Box 424 Far Hills. N.J. Patterson. Lucy Brooke 103 Betances St., Caguas. Puerto Rico Patton. Jane Marie One Fifth Ave.. New York 3, N.Y. Sennott, Cynthia Paugh Newark-Granville Rd., Granville. Ohio Pearson, .Andrea 1558 Luling St. Mobile. Ma. Pearson, Donna Jo 206 Riverside Dr.. Newport News, ' a. Pendergrass. Nancy Jean 4356 ' arney . ve.. Fort Meade. Md. Pederson. Mary Karolina Box 891, Kilgore, Tex. Penick. Laura Frances 250 ' incent . ve.. Metairie, La. Pennel. Helen ' irginia 321 Bunkers Cove Rd., Panama City, Fla. Peyton, Ruth Carolyn RFD 4, Box 1. Charlottesville. ' a. Pidgeon, Elizabeth Shirley Mavis Glen, Greenwich. Conn. Pierce, Lida Lee 1050 V. Church St.. Elniira. N.Y. Pittman, Margaret Landrum 1529 Wyndham Rd., Columbia. S.C. Piatt, . nna Christine Hopewell, Garth Rd., Charlottesville, Va. Pleasants. Emily Myers 366 .Arbor Rd., Winston-Salem. N.C. Plowden, Helen Gabriel 53 Winthrop Dr., Riverside, Conn. Poer, Dorothy Carole 1131 Minisink Way, Westfield, N.J. Poole. Dorothy Mealey Rt. 3, Box 73, Gaithersburg. Md. Poole, Molly Hood Rt. 3. Box 73. Gaithersburg. Md. Porter, Sarah Brown 4517 Sharon Rd.. Charlotte, N.C. Potter, Anna Hicks Box 25, Snow Hill, N.C. Powell, Judith Haywood 3412 Quebec St. N.W., Washington 16, D.C. Pratt. Mars- Laura 230 Dcwitt St.. Syracuse 3. N.Y. Previtali, . strid Maria 4815 5th St. So.. St. Petersburg, Fla. Price, Sharon Dorney 3121 45th St., Washington, D.C. Pritchett, Katie Lou 2500 E. 14th St., Tuscaloosa. .A.la. Pryor, Pamela Halliday 75 N. Remington Rd., Columbus 9, O. Psilinakis, Irene Box 87, Nassau, N.P., Bahamas Ouereau. Constance Van Dyke 1113 Reading Blvd., Wyomissing, Pa. R 3 Avon Rd.. Bron.xville, N.Y. Greenmont, Keene, Va. Rand, Margaret Randolph. Lelia Carroll Randolph, Molly Fountaine Box 123. Barrows Mill Rd., Martinsville. Va. Raney. Sarah Helen 1226 Live Oak Pkwy., Wilmington, N.C. von Rebhan, Elinor .Anne Box 82, Hadlyme. Conn. Rediker. Diana Bowron 3142 Pine Ridge Rd., Birmingham 13. .Ma. Reed, Virginia Jane 424 Elm Blvd., Monticello, 111. Reeder, Margaret Alice 125 N. Spring St., Concord. N.C. Reifsnyder, Carol Ann Quarters 44, Fort Belvoir, Va. Rein.schmidt, Dana Christie 134 E. 44th St., Savannah. Ga. Renchard. Stella-Mae Gladhome, Fairylands. Bermuda Rex, .Mine Beverly 2695 University Hgts. .Ave.. Boulder. Colo. Richardson, Caroline Gordon 117 Cherokee Ave., Union, S.C. Riggan, Pearl Gurkin 709 Baldwin PI., Norfolk, Va. Risher, Carol Louise Rt. 1, Tyler, Ala. Rivers. Louisa Taber 98 Murray Blvd. Charleston, S.C. Roberts. Natalie Susan 765 Pueblo Rd.. Newport News, Va. Robins. Caroline Gail 875 Drehcr .Ave.. Baton Rouge, La. Rogers, Gale Wilson 93 Indian Hill Rd., Winnetka, 111. Rogers, Laura Russell Cherr - Hill Rd., Princeton, N.J. Rogers, Margaret Bullard 1503 N. Shore Rd., Norfolk 5. ' a. Rothe, Lillian .Alden 1902 Stanwich Rd.. Greenwich, Conn. Rothrock, Gail Chardon 3 Red Oak Rd.. Wilmington 6, Del. Rowlett. Margaret Grayson 811 Greenwood Rd., Wilmington 6, Del. Rucker, Meriel Traylor 4245 Da Vinci Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. Russell, Bettie Caird 930 Longmeadow St., Longmeadow, Mass. Rutledge, Carole Lynne 904 S. 16th St., Elwood. Ind. Rutlcdgc. Pamela New Shocco Rd., Talladega, .Ala. Sabalauskas, Joanna Stella 128 Wcstowne PI.. Baltimore 29, Md Sadtler. Patricia .Ann 406 S. Coldbrook .Ave.. Chambersburg. Pa Sample, Rosamond 524 N. Madison .Ave.. El Dorado, .Ark Sanders, Melissa Drane 42 Temple .Ave.. Newman. Ga Sands. Courtenay Norton River Rd. Berkshire Dr.. Richmond 29, ' a Saunders, Laura Jeter 15 Cardinal Rd. S.W., Roanoke. ' a Schiltges. Elizabeth .Anne R.R. 1, Box 372, Zionsville, Ind Schmidt, Ruth Cornwell 7749 Davis Dr.. St. Louis 5. Mo .Schnaitter, Susan Jane 104 Milage Dr., New Canaan, Conn Schulz, Margaret Lou Hunter Hill Farm, Rt. 1, Landenberg. Pa Schwaab, Linda Van Leer 218 Tunbridge Rd,, Baltimore 12. Md. Schwabenton. Karen Jean 5311 Cumberland Rd., Greensboro, N.C. Scott, Elizabeth McChesney 2402 Delaware .Ave., Wilmington 6, Del. Scribner, Helen Eaton 1170 Broadmeadow Lane. Winnetka. 111. Scurlock, Peggy Joy 115 Offutt Rd., Bedford. Mass. Seaman. Gail 6184 Riverside Dr. N.W.. Atlanta 5, Ga. Sebring, Bethel Jane 10832 Stanmore Dr., Potomac. Md. Sebring. Milbrey Ewing 257 Broughton Lane, ' illanova. Pa. Sharp. Reynolds Florance Sharp. X ' irginia Beverly 5095 Westminster PI.. St. Louis, Mo. Shaw. Jean Tyrie 133 Galbreath Dr., Princeton. N.J. Sheahan. Kathleen Bentley 5329 Massachusetts .Ave., Washington 16, D.C. Shinberger, Mary-Baird 1125 W. Franklin St., Richmond 20, Xa. Simrell, Diana Mary Sharon. Conn. Simson, Gwendolyn Jane 224 Highland .Ave.. Ridgewood. N.J. Smith, Lvnne Campbell 41 Laconia Rd., Worcester 9, Mass, Smith, Mary Lindsay 3303 White Oak Rd., Raleigh, N.C. Smith, Rose Mary 1 Cherokee Rd. N.W., .Atlanta 5, Ga. Snow, Katharine Babcock 7 Inwood Ter., Upper Montclair. N.J. Snyder, Evelyn Nivin Fairway Dr., R.D. 3. Sewickley, Pa. Soderquist, Jo Ann 812 Cambridge Dr,, South Euclid 21, Ohio Soriero, Susan Wood 3412 Piping Rock, Houston 27, Tex. Spangenberg, Martha Clay 5101 Montview, Blvd., Denver 7, Colo. Spivey, Ellie Belle 2013 LaGrange Hgwy., West Point. Ga. Spruance. .Alice Lea 911 .Augusta Rd.. Wilmington 6. Del. Stanlev. Virginia Miles c o Lt. Col. M. M. Stanley. Hq. TUSLOG Box 289. APO 254, New York. NY. Starke. Abby St. John 1300 Gravdon .Ave., Norfolk 7, a. Stearns, Mary Ethel Rt. 4. Box 301-.V-1, Gainesville, Fla. Stedman, Sarah Elizabeth Lexington Rd.. .Asheboro. N.C. Steele. Elizabeth Tarkington 6 Thomas Rd.. Westport, Conn. Steketee, Penelope 2000 Thornapple River Dr., Grand Rapids 6. Mich. Stephenson, Diane Rose 2468 Hanover W. Ter. N.W., Atlanta 5, Ga. Stephenson, Susan Jane Rt. 5, Paris Mtn.. Greenville, S.C. Stetson, Patricia Pate 926 Hulls Farm Rd., Southport. Conn. Stevenson, Courtney Brereton 5814 Hillburne Way, Chevy Chase 15. Md. Stevenson, Jacquelin King 2 S. Battery, Charleston. S.C. Turner, Kathleen Stevenson 2 S. Battery, Charleston. S.C. Stoddard. Gracev Luckett 3096 Warrington Rd., Shaker Heights 20, Ohio Stokes, Stephanie Helen 555 S. Elizabeth St., Denver, Colo. Stoll. Dagmar Kristin 3838 Churchill Rd.. Charlotte 7. N.C. Street. Margaret Lee 17 Tradd St., Charleston, S.C. Streett. Lois Cassandra Box 74, Rt 1, Fly Creek, N.Y. Strong. Susan Louis 2 Woodway Ridge Lane, New Canaan, Conn. Strother, Sarah Lee 798 Pembcrton Rd., Grosse Pointe Park 30, Mich. Stubcr. Connie Jo 18 Gwyn PI.. .Alexandria, ' a. 161. STUDENT DIRECTORY Stutski, Bonnie Sue 422 Washington St.. Toms River, N J. Sudduth, Susan AUphin 3614 Woodlawn Dr., Nashville. Tenn. Sullivan, Pamela Morgan 11 Clinton Ave.. Maplewood, X.J. Suniners, Susan DcFord 134 Cardinal Ave., San .Antonio 9. Tex. Sutherland, Mar - Dyer Cottonade Farm. Fayetteville. N.C. Sutton, Elizabeth Soulhworth 148 Brattle St., Cambridge, Mass. Swain, Sandra Lupton 2828 Fairmount Blvd.. Cleveland Hgls. 18, Ohio Swing, Elizabeth .Anne 80 KnoUwood Crescent, Rochester 18, N.Y, Svmington. Diedre Huntington Rt. 4, Box 4, Leesburg, ' a. Takemura, Sachiko 1449 Dai, Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan Tate, Caroline Wilson 2840 St. Andrews Lane. Charlotte, N ' .C. Tavlor. Jane Douglas 3822 Fordham Rd., Washington 16, D.C. Teller, Robin 871 Menker Ave., San Jose, Calif. Thoma, ' icky .Ann Russeirs Inn, Lake Ave., George Mills, N.H. Thomas, Sally .Ann 20 Dalton Rd., Milford, Conn. Thomas! Toni Lee 193 Steele Rd., West Hartford 7, Conn. Thomas, Wendy 6321 Norwood Rd., Kansas City, Mo. Thompson, Dixie Ann 3532 Thomas .Ave.. Montgomery 6, .Ala. Thomson, Eleanor Ann Box 435 Fruitland Park, Fla. Thornhill, Mona Carole 17 Chernwood Rd.. Salem, ' a. ThornhiU, Patricia Ann 2828 Lakeview Dr., Raleigh, X.C. Thouron, Margaret Polk 90 0 X. Broom St.. Wilmington, Del. 444 Sabine .Ave., Wynnewood, Pa. 160 Hicks St., Brooklyn 1, X.Y. Jeffries Court, Eustis, Fla. 1718 Bowdon Rd., CarroUton, Ga. Princeton Ave., Swarthmore, Pa. Brick Ends, So. Hamilton, Mass. Tillman, Barbara .Anne Titter. Penelope .Adams Todd, Marjorie Wing Tolbert, Lurline Waring Topping. Cynthia Bowen 323 N. Totten. Beatrice Willoughby Townsend, Xancv Borden Rocky Hill Gardens, Colonial Dr., Rocky Hill, Conn. Trogdon, Kathryn Cynthia 606 E. Tugalo St., Toccoa. Ga. Trombly, Mary O ' Connor 112 Wailupe Cir., Honolulu 16, Hawaii Tucker, Leah Brooke 3609 Piping Rock Lane, Houston 27, Tex. Tucker, Susan Elizabeth 991 Somerset Dr. N.W., Atlanta. Ga. Turner, Shelley Hull 83 Sturgcs Hgwy., Westport. Conn. Turner. Sidnev Pevton 615 CVean Blvd., .Atlantic Beach, Fla, Twedell, Sally .Ann 5341 Bermuda Dr., St. Louis 21, Mo. Utley, Frances Winter Utley, Jane Emaline U 129 S. High, Lancaster, Ohio 522 Willoughby St,, Charlotte 7, N,C, V 312 Oak St., Ridgewood, N.J. Van Arsdale, Dona Baker Van Cleve. Sharon 6045 S.W. Old Schools Ferry, Portland, Ore. Van Nice, Mary Lowell 5506 Charles St.. Bethesda 14, Md, Van Winkle, Sarah Elizabeth 5 Woodhill Rd., Louisville, Ky, Vargish, Madelon Louise 35 Herkimer Rd., Scarsdale, N.Y. Vose. Margaret ' ance 10 Brookside Dr., Westport. Conn. 220 Kensington .Ave., Lynchburg, Va. 65 E. 76th St., -Xew York 21. N.Y. 1607 9th .Ave., Conway, S.C. Red Hill Farm, Leesburg, Va. 227 Gunclub Rd.. Richmond 21, Va, 4205 Free Ferry Rd., Fort Smith, .Ark. Walker, Elizalieth Barne Walker, Jean Burton Wall, Harriet Howard Wallace. Linda Gwinn Ward, .Annie Kate Ward. Emily Foltz Waters, Margaret Kimble 3826 Royal Blvd., Lynchbmg, ' a. Watson, Frances Kirven 4660 .Algonquin .Ave,, Jacksonville 10, Fla. Watson, Kathcrine Eileen Rt. 1, Box 60E, London Brid.ge, Va, Weaver, Barbara Thelma 1935 Carla Ridge, Beverly Hills, Calif. Weber, Kerr - Jean 1504 Helen St., Bay City, Mich. Weitzel, Sallie Durand 16 Elliott, Charleston, S.C, Werden, Philcna Bishop 309 Lafayette .Ave., Mattoon, 111, West, Janet Maddox 5132 Rockwood Pkwy., Washington 16, D.C. Wheatley, Ellen Taylor 117 Virginia .Ave., Danville, Va. Wheelan, Patricia .Ann Cat Rock Rd., Cos Cob, Conn. Whitehurst, Julie Lawson 213 53rd St., X ' irginia Beach, Va, Wiens, Josephine Marie 5701 Rockmere Dr,, Washington 16, D.C. Wiglesworth, Marie Monette 1453 Tates Creek Rd., Lexington, Ky. Wikswo, Muriel .Anastasia Ridge Dr., .Amherst, ' a. Wilkens, Wendv Elizabeth Gilmanton, .X.H. Willets, Maxey Penn 525 Pine Rd., Sewickley, Pa. Williams, Belle Pescud 2413 Beech Ridge Rd., Raleigh, N.C. Williams, Emory Dabney 22 Tempsford Lane, Richmond 26, Va, Rapidan, Va. Rapidan, Va. Rapidan, Va, Signal Mountain, Tenn. Williams, Margaret Nolting Williams Susanne Xolting Williams, ' irginia .Armistead Willingham, Janie Poindexter Box 398. Wlson Rd. Willis, Mary-Fleming Hampton 83 Concord Rd., Weston, Mass. 842 Crystal, Xew Orleans 24, La, 3408 Southwestern, Dallas 25, Tex, Solitude Farm, Earlysville, Va. 8913 River Rd., Richmond 29, Va. Wilson, Judy Graves Wilson, Patricia .Anne Wilson, Susan Smith Winfree, .Ann Pennington Witt, Florence Elder 1615 Minnekahda Rd., Chattanooga 5, Tenn. Wood, Katherine Benham Sweet Briar, Va. Wright, Alice 236 40th .Ave., E., Seattle 2, Wash. Writer, Penelope Douglas 21 5th Ave., Nyack, N.Y. Yelverton. Virginia Read Yoimians, Barbara Helen Young, Juliet .Ann Young, Virginia .Ann Youngs, Evelyn Elizabeth Zweigler. Holly Gay 404 5th St., Blackstone, Va. 1241 Crenshaw St., X ' ewberry, S.C. 1 1 1 .Xichols Rd., Cohasset, Mass. 1 1 1 Xichols Rd., Cohasset, Mass. 632 Hiram St., .Atlanta, Tex. 3544 Grove St.. Evanston, 111. 163 WE WISH TO THANK THE FOLLOWING PARENTS AND FRIENDS FOR THEIR GENEROUS CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE 1964 BRIAR PATCH MR. and MRS. W. T. BIVENS San Antonio, Texas MR. and MRS. SAM A. BLOCK Gadsden, Alabanna MRS. STEWART BOILING Shaker Heights, Ohio MR. and MRS. R.J. BOTH Wilnnington, Delaware MR. FLOYD B. BOWEN Lakeland, Florida MR. and MRS. G. S. BRADSHAW Orlando, Florida MR. JONATHAN F. BUTLER New York, New York MR. and MRS. G. M. CALHOUN Bridgeport, Connecticut MR. HARRY R. CANT New York, New York DR. W. W. CARROLL Lodi, Ohio DR. ARTHUR I. CHENOWETH Birnningham, Alabanna MR. and MRS. GORDON 0- COCHRANE Attleboro, Massachusetts MR. and MRS. ARTHUR M. COLE Wilnnington, Delaware MRS. EMMETT R. COLEY E. Dorado, Arkansas MR. C. D. COLLINS Atlanta, Georgia MR. and MRS. E. WAYNE CORRIN Clarksburg, West Virginia MR. and MRS.,F. P. DAY Plainfield, New Jersey CAPTAIN P. DELAHOUSSE Norfolk, Virginia DR. JAMES F. DUMAS Mobile, Alabama MR. and MRS. ROBERT S. DUNHAM Westport, Connecticut MR. and MRS. J. H. E. FEDELER Salt Lake City, Utah MR. and MRS. CARROLL D. FENTRESS Potomac, Maryland MR. and MRS. Wm. HENRY FITZHUGH Jackson, Mississippi MR. FRANK P. HALL, JR. Belmont, North Carolina MRS. CAROLYNE HYDE HASKELL Tucson, Arizona MRS. T.J. HEMPHILL Austin, Texas MR. and MRS. J. J. HERLIHY Charleston, West Virginia MR. and MRS. R. S. HILL, JR. Montgomery, Alabama MR. J. E. HORAK Hinsdale, Illinois DR. and MRS. LEVI W. HULLEY, JR. Richmond 20, Virginia MR. and MRS. HENRY C. HURT Chatham, Virginia DR. and MRS. C. G. JOHNSON Newton, Connecticut MR. and MRS. JOSEPH N. JOHNSON, JR. Lookout Mountain, Tennessee MRS. S. K. KALBER Louisville, Kentucky MRS. CHRISTOPH KELLER, JR. Jackson, Mississippi MRS. J. E. KROUT Narberth, Pennsylvania MR. and MRS. LLOVERAS Tegucigalpa, Honduras MRS. R. N. LONG Selma, Alabama MRS. ELIZABETH McGUIRE Charlotte, North Carolina MR. and MRS. GEORGE W. MAPP, JR. Accomac, Virginia MRS. ARTHUR I. MENDOLIA Greenville, Delaware MR. and MRS. BLAIR G. MERCER Dallas, Texas MRS. FREDERIC MERCUR Bethlehem, Pennsylvania MR. and MRS. THOMAS S. MILES Westport, Connecticut MR. and MRS. W. C. MOOG, Jr. East Aurora, New York MR. BERRIAN MOORE, JR. Atlanta 19, Georgia MR. H. GORDON MOORE Lynchburg, Virginia DR. and MR. THOMAS J. MORAN Danville, Virginia DR. C. HUNTER MORICLE Reidsville, North Carolina MR. FRANK H. MOSS, JR. Leesburg, Virginia MR. and MRS. JOSEPH NALLE Houston, Texas MR. and MRS. CHARLES T. NICHOLSON Alexandria, Virginia MR. EDGAR M. NORRIS Greenville, South Carolina MR. and MRS. EDWARD OVERLY Wyomisslng, Pennsylvania MRS. OSCAR N. PEDERSON Kilgore, Texas DR. and MRS. JAMES VAN DYKE OUEREAU V yomlssing, Pennsylvania MRS. LOUISE GURKIN RIGGAN Norfolk, Virginia DR. and MRS. ASHTON ROBINS Baton Rouge, Louisiana MR. and MRS. HENRY S. ROTHROCK Wilmington, Delaware MR. and MRS. JOHN SABALAUSKAS Baltimore, Maryland MR. and MRS. EDWARD HILL SADTLER, JR. Chambersburg, Pennsylvania MR. and MRS. CARL T. SEBRING Potomac, Maryland MR. and MRS. ORVEL SEBRING Villanova, Pennsylvania MR. and MRS. WARREN F. SMITH Gadsden, Alabama MRS. PAUL H. H. SNYDER Sewickly, Pennsylvania MRS. HENRY C. STEVENSON Chevy Chase, Maryland DR. HENRY H. STROUD Wilmington, Delaware MR. and MRS. GARDNER SUTTON Cambridge, Massachusetts MR. and MRS. C. H. TOPPING Swarthmore, Pennsylvania MRS. RAY TROGDON Toccoa, Georgia MR. and MRS. GEORGE R. UTLEY Lancaster, Ohio MRS. SHIRLEY H. WEAVER Beverly Hills, California MR. J. E. WILSON New Orleans, Louisiana MRS. M. L YOUMANS Newberry, South Carolina MR. and MRS. GILBERT A. YOUNGS Atlanta, Texas WILLS-CAMP 819 Main St. SPECIALIZE IN " for tkat look you like " COMPLIMENTS OF AMHERST PHARMACY AMHERST, VIRGINIA SAVE FOR YOUR FUTURE EDUCATION! Current Dividend Rate — 4% Per Annum LYNCHBURG FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 615 Church St.— 1990 Fort Ave.— Timberlake Rd. LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA @) PHONE 946-9861 Amherst Motor Court At Thf 5 Traffic Circle— U. S. 29 At 60 AMHERST, VIRGINIA Modern Court — Good Food Available FREE TV AND AIR CONDITION F. E. HAMILTON, Owner and Operator ' ' AH ANONYMOUS PARENT " SCHEWEL FURNITURE CO. Incorporated 1023 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia Lynchburg ' s Largest and Most Popular Furniture Store rcsK IcnIidI MOTOR INN Downtown Lynchburg ' Just Minutes away From All College Functions " kOURTSj (L €ly £Ht£ a C - P 6 For Reservations Phone VI 5-5975 ® McCARRON FLORIST 722 Main Street Phone VI 7-5566 Fine CLEANERS Lynchburg, Virginia 846-1347 CONNER PRODUCE, INC LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA Milk ... Ice Cream . . . Cottage Cheese . . . Butter WeAtoven. DAIRY PRODUCTS QUALITY CHEKD LYNCHBURG-WESTOVER DAIRIES. INC. LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA PHONE VI 7-4476 FOR SPORTSVv ' EAR DRESSES SKIRTS SWEATERS ACCESSORIES PERFUME JEWELRY LINGERIE STORK ' S INC THE AVENUE SHOP 2484 Rivermont Ave. VI 6-4208 JORDANS TAXI SERVICE WH 6-6001 COMPLIMENTS OF TOWN COUNTRY RESTAURANT COMPLIMENTS OF ASHBOURNE FARMS LA GRANGE, KY. J. P. BELL CO. Ett. 1859 PRINTERS • BOOKS • STATIONERS 816 Main St. Phor e Victor 5-3435 Lynchburg Va. DANCE at the PARKWAY INN DOOLEY ' S FLORIST Main Street at 7th M smber Florists ' Telegraph Delivery Dial VI 5-2338 Ass ' n. John Stutski, R. R. Phone MYrtle 3-2868 STUTSKI ' S FORKED RIVER PHARMACY Rt. 9 at Railroad Ave. Forked River, N. J. L ompliments of l i nlte C A ?? imneud - ♦ ♦ • ' ' H. C. WEBER CONSTRUCTION CO. ENGINEERS • BUILDERS BAY CITY, MICHIGAN COMPLIMENTS OF PADGETT FROZEN FOODS LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA FOR fINE FURNITURE 922 Main St. in Lynchburg . . . Downtown . . . Pittman Plaza Department Stores . . . fashion drsimsi from our rtG rs orthy collection Complete Banking Service to Individuals and Corporations „„l«lll ' ' " " " " Ml,,,,, ' FNAHONAL TRUST AND SAVINGS U A I K III Lynchburg, Virginio . , Bank as conveniently as you shop... • 101 MAIN ST. • t OKT EARLY BLDG. « M82 RIVEKMONT AVE. • No 1 PHTMAN PLAZA • FORT HILL VILLAGE THBFSA FRIEKOIY OIFFEIiENCt.,.AT IHE flBr Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation SOUNDING CIRCLE RANCH Angus Cattle and Suffolk Sheep VANDERPOOL, VIRGINIA 1938 Ford Sales ancf Service 26th Year 1964 Compii merits of S hr eve port , Loaislana PIERRE MARQUES Hotel Bungalows Acapuico, Gro THE MOST LUXURIOUS IN ACAPULCO All airconditioned For reservations: Your fravel agent or Robert F. Warner Inc. 630 Fifth Ave., New York 20, N.Y. THE NEW CHIC PLACE FOR SPRING VACATIONS COMPLIMENTS OF BAILEY-SPENCER HARDWARE CO., INC. WHOLESALE ONLY LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA Lad es ' Sportswear Shoes Dresses WAILES STOP-IN SHOP Phone WH 6-2267 Amherst, Va. COMPLIMENTS OF THE COOLYN HILL KENNELS Mr. and Mrs. Laning Harvey, Jr. RD 4, Dallas. Pa. AMHERST REALTY INS. CO. JOE KILGORE, Agent AMHERST, VIRGINIA 946-649 1 EASTERN ELECTRIC CO. Wholesalers CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS of ' 64 Mr. and Mrs. Kirke Couch SHREVEPORT, LA. ' s SMART to START your financial future witfi an account at ' ' ' ■ ' ' - Altavista FIDELITY fit Drookville NATIONAL BANK I J , 13 Offices serving Central Virginia lii _ ' ° " 1 Rustburg COMPLIMENTS OF THE DRAMATIC CLUB ON THE IPSWICH K lci editors ncuer ciie neu lust a on t rccoi ' cr from tlic sliocli PLANTER ' S FERTILIZER PHOSPHATE COMPANY CHARLESTON, S.C. Thomas Jenkins THE ANTIQUE SHOP 524 Church Street LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA Bus. 847-4521 Res.: 845-8458 COMPLIMENTS Of HILL HARDWARE CO. AMHERST, VIRGINIA AMHERST PUBLISHING CO., INC. " V e print The Sweet Briar News " ' Home of THE VILLAGER ' VOGUE LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS OF Post way Co., Inc. CONCORD, NORTH CAROLINA DL (ISriar J- atch nn COMPLIMENTS OF Mr. Mrs. Malcolm M. Lishnoff and Daughters Jane Ellen Yvette Alane " TO GET SOFT WATER CALLYOURCULLIGAN MAN! " c«x£i2 vm CROSSROADS ESSO SERVICE ESSO PRODUCTS Routes 29 60 Amherst, Va. W. L. MASSIE, Proprietor Phone Whitehall 6-33 I I VIRGINIAS rirjEST DEPARTMENT STORES Now 2 Great Stores to serve you In Lynchburg MILLER RHOADS Plttman Plaza MILLER RHOADS 8th Main Streets — Downtown AN ANONYMOUS PARENT COMPLIMENTS OF VILLAGE PHARMACY, INC Your Communify Drug Store Phone 946-9601 Amherst, Virginia Dr Pepper THE RUST ENGINEERING COMPANY Pittsburg, Pa. Birmingham, Ala. Serving Students, Faculty, Staff Sweet Briar College CENTRAL VIRGINIA TELEPHONE CORP. Amherst Sweet Briar Educators Life Insurance Company of California Home Office North Hollywood, California AM HERST LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS, INC. AMHERST, VIRGINIA Laundry Dry Cleaning WH 6-301 I THE COLUMNS Fashions in Foods Since 1886 Fine Footwear COLEMAN ' S LYNCHBURG W. ROWLAND JONES FRESH MEATS, FANCY GROCERIES and GENERAL MERCHANDISE THAT GOOD GULF GAS AND OIL South of Amherst on Route 29 COMPLIMENTS OF THE ADVERTISING MANAGER The BOMB, VMI, ' 29 On Sweet Briar ' s paths We walk to work; The way is straight but scratchy. But in New York When work we shirk we always TAKE A TAXI! EN OPERATING CORP 638 W. I32d St. NEW YORK CITY CO-OPERATIVE BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Home Office— 1001 Church Street, Lynchburg • VI 6.1391 Chestnut Hill Branch— 2015 Wards Road • 239-2676 | Amherst County Branch— U.S. Hwy. 29, North • VI 6-5335 COMPLIMENTS OF MR. AND MRS. MILO J. MARSH TYPEWRITERS Smith -Corona — Underwood — Hermes Sales — Service — Supplies KEESEE BUSINESS MACHINES 202 5th St. VI 5-5296 LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA " Say It With Flowers " DOYLE ' S FLORISTS 708 Main Street Phone VI 6-6581 V e Telegraph Flowers World Wide COMPLIMENTS OF Mr. Mrs. GEORGE S. WRITER, Jr. BEST WISHES JOHN E. GANNAWAY Co. . Inc. Established 1874 HARDWARE Dial VI 7-5595 920-922 Comrr erce St. LYNCHBURG VIRGINIA WHEN IN LYNCHBURG Drop in to see us — BROWN-MORRISON COMPANY, INCORPORATED Stationers — Printers Headquarters For All Makes of Portable Typewriters Sales — Service — Repairs 1616 Main Street Plenty of Free Parking At Main Street Expressway Exit LANVIN CHANEL DANA REVLON Call us when you need a prescription filled RT. 29, MADISON HEIGHTS Your Home in Lynchburg Feminine Apparel g i V ' e t tf;6 Footwear " fashions finest " 81 I Main St. Lynchburg, Va. RUSSELL STOVER CANDIES HALLMARK CARDS DIAL 845-5991 RALEE ' S BEAUTY SALON 401 Main Street AMHERST, VIRGINIA For Appoinfmenf Call 946-9361 COMPLIMENTS OF SMILEY BLOCK CO., INC. HOLIDAY INN OF LYNCHBURG 180 Rooms-Two Locations ROUTE 29, NORTH ROUTE 29, EXPRESSWAY Innkeeper, Mr. T. E. Viar Innkeeper, Mr. Lamar E. White Phone 846-6506 Phone 847-4424 NEO LAND CORPORATION 300 South Payne Street F AIRFAX, VIRGINIA Dear Ladies, You are finishing or have finished four years of educational experience to serve you for many decades to come. May the officers and staff of our corporation convey our best wishes. Now, allow us to encourage you to continue your education, wherever you may reside, with reference to real estate which is permanent. 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We work hard to give each school every good reason to continue with our com- pany. Our experience, art department and plant know-how, and continuous 1964 BRIAR PATCH personal service assure prompt atten- tion to every detail. Let our representa- tive tell you about the many satisfied schools, agencies, printers and editors we serve. Lynchburg Engraving Company incorporated box 720 lynchburg, va. A 3Mewnar€Bhie Year • Congratulations to the Student Body and Faculty of Sweet Briar College for completion of another outstanding year. • Tlie Staff of your annual has worked exceedingly hard to gi e you a superb book that portrays the highlights of memo- rable activities. • Neither time, effort nor expense have been spared to provide you with a pennanent record. attracti ely presented and complete in evei detail. • To presei- e the photography and literaiy efforts of the Staff, the best grade of materials have been combined with skilled orkmanship to provide the finest quality yearbook. • We are proud that the 1964 Staff selected us to help design, jsrint and bind the Bri. r P.atch. We ha e earnestly endeavored to fulfill the confidence placed in us. W. WAIITHEX COMPANY LYNCHBURG. VIRGINIA ' ♦ v vvlv-U. In remembrance of The Music Box. The Q.V ' . ' s weren ' t quick enough! Some scintillating scenes from the Senior Show. i8p SWEET BRIAR COLLEGE 1963 - 1964 CALENDAR OF EVENTS FIRST SEMESTER October 1963 3 Lecture: li ' hat Me Are For- 5 Film: Anatomy of A Murder 6 Morning Service — 11:00 a.m f November -Dr. Arthur Logan B. 9 12 13 15-17 16 19 23 25-26 26 30 The Reverend Dr. Davie Napier, Yale Divinity School Lecture; Numbers and Logic — Dr. Raymond Wilder, Professor of Mathematics, University of Michigan Piano Recital — Miss Marilyn Neeley Film: La Strada (Italian) Morning Service l 1 :00 a.m.— The Very Reverend J. J. Weaver. Dean. St. Paul ' s Cathedral. Detroit, Michigan Alumnae Council Meeting on Campus Founder ' s Day (No morning classes) Convocation:: Greater Opportunities Lie Ahead — The Honorable Luther H. Hodges, Secretary of Commerce Lecture: William Byrd of Virginia: Augustan in Exile— Protestor Carl F. Dolmetsch, College of Wil- liam and Mary Recital: Dolmetsch— Saxby Concert for Recorder, Harpsichord and Viols Fi!m: Happiest Days of Your Life (English) Lecture: Scholarly Publishing in America — Mr. Vic- tor Reynolds, Director,— The University of Virginia Press Paint and Patches A Thurber Carnival Parents Day Lecture: Christian Education for the Volunteer and Professional Worker Mrs. Richard Watson, Salt Lake City, Utah Lecture: The Japanese Intellectual — Dr. Leon Picon Lecture: How Not to Kill Mockingbirds — Joel H. Hildebrand, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, Uni- versity of Pennsylvania Lecture: Relationships in Painting and Sculpture — Hobson Pittinan, Artist -2 Board of Overseers Meeting on Campus Fall Dance Weekend 4 Lecture: Problems of U.S. Far Eastern Policy — Mr. J. W. Ballantine (formerly with U.S. Department of State) 9 Film: Brandy for the Parson (English Comedy) 11 Lecture: Mr. Alan Moorehead, Writer 15 Concert: Sweet Briar Choir and Washington and Lee Glee Club 16 Film: Raisin in the Sun 17 Morning Service — 11:00 a.m. — The Reverend Dr. George Buttrick, Emeritus Professor of Christian Morals, Harvard University 20 Recital — Maureen Forrester, Contralto 22 Canadian Players— f eno ' IV, Part I 23 Film: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers 27 Thanksgiving Recess begins, 11:50 a.m. 1 Thanksgiving Recess ends, 11:00 p.m. 2-3 Senior Show: L ' il Abner 5 Lecture: Is Communism Reactionary or Progressive? Ferenc Nagy, Ex-Prime Minister of Hungary 4-5 Junior Christmas Bazaar 7 Film: Intermezzo 19 Christmas Vacation begins, 10:50 a.m. January 1964 6 Christmas ' acation ends, 10:30 p.m. 10 Piano Recital — Joerg Denius 11 Film; Hiroshima, Mon Amour (French) 23-30 Mid-year Examinations 31-Feb.l Southeastern Regional Conference — .Association for .Asian Studies February 1964 17 18 19 21- 22 25 25-27 28-29 March 6-7 7 10 Movie: Who ]Vas That Lndy? Mid-year Recess ends 1 1 : 00 p.m. Dance Concert Concert — Quartette Italiano Movie; The Quiet One Freshman Honors Convocation — Where Do We Go from Here? — Dr. John J. Corson. Professor of Public and International Affairs. Princeton Lecture: Communist Strategy for the Conquest of Southeast Asia — Ambassador Tran ' an Chuong Civil War Lecture — Peace or War: 1864 — Professor James . ' . Rawley Lecture: New Democracies in the World Community — .Embassador Tran Van Chuong —Lecture: Nationalist China and U.S. Far Eastern Policy — Dr. David Rowe. Princeton University Movie: Great Expectations Lecture: Problems of Underdeveloped Nations — Lyle J. Hayden. Near East Foundation .Annual Religious Week — The Reverend Mr. Lloyd Ogilvie, Bethlehem Presbyterian Church, Bethlehem. Pennsylvania Paint and Patches — Aeschylus ' Agamemnon February 29 — Lynchburg Community Concert Series — The Detroit Symphony Orchestra Rickc Rensselaer Polv- Lecture: Professor George technic Institute Phi Beta Kappa Convocation — President .Anne G. Pannell Careers Conference Movie: The Great Adventure Lecture: Law and Society in Traditional China — Professor Derk Bodde, University of Pennsylvania Lecture: On Being Unselfconsciously Christian — Pro- fessor Schubert M. Ogden. Southern Methodist Uni- versity, Dallas, Texas Movie: Gates of Paris Convocation — The North .Atlantic Treaty Organiza- tion — S. CL. NT Briefing Team 19 Lecture: .Anthony E. Raubitschek, Associate Profes- sor of Classics, Princeton 20 Spring Vacation begins 10:50 a.m. 30 Spring Vacation ends 10:30 p.m. 31 Little Singers of Tokyo .April 15 — Lynchburg Community Concert Series — Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company April 2 Concert: Sweet Briar Choir and Brown Universitv Glee Club 5 Piano Recital — Iren Marik 7 Meeting of Lynchburg Society of .Archaeological In- stitute — Lecture Recital Room 11 Movie: Father Brown, the Detective 13 Phi Beta Kappa Lecture — The Unity of the Free World — Barbara Ward It Lecture: Edward D. Garber. Professor of Botany, University of Chicago 18 Movie: The Philadelphia Story 21 Faculty Organ Recital — John R. Shannon 22 Lecture: Japanese Problems and Prospects — P.-ofesso ' Chitoshi Yanaga, Yale University 24-25 Paint and Patches Production 25 Sweet Briar Horse Show May 2 May Day 7-8 Senior Comprehensive Examinations 15-16 Meeting of Board of Overseers 19 Classes end 5:20 p.m. 21—29 Final Examinations 30 President ' s Garden Party — Bo.xwood Gardens 31 Baccalaureate Service — 10:00 a.m. — Babcock Fifty-fifth .Annual Comn Babcock .Auditorium lencement — 4:00 p.m.- 191 V : r,.,-: ' EDITOR ' S ACKNOWLEDGEMENT when the day arrives that the job is done, an editor breathes a grateful sigh of rehef . . . and disbehef. In due time, however, an editor comes to reahze that she didn ' t do as much as she sometimes gave herself credit for; and that without the help, cooperation, and understanding of certain other people there would be no finished product to breathe a sigh of relief over. I would like to thank those certain other people to whom much credit is due. DR. ARTHUR S. BATES MR. WILLIAM P. BLACKWELL MR. WILLIAM L. BURTON MISS MARTHA von BRIESEN MR. GENE CAMPBELL MR. HERBERT CRAFT THE EDITOR, THE BLUE STOCKING

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