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wmm ♦ ' •.♦•■♦ ♦ ♦ % ' •♦■■ - ' • » •, 4 4 • • ' I a ♦ ♦ ♦. ♦ • I % ♦ • • .- rt - s .4i - r - ,„ PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY ♦ ♦ ♦ -• .• ■ • w m tcli U N I O L A BRIAR COLLEGE, SWEET BRIAR. VIRGINIA : . I . • . • I ♦ ♦ DEDICATION The 1957 Briar Patch proudly presents Miss Winnie, Miss Prior, and Helen Mac. They are the charming proprietors of our bookshop and the friends of all the students. They are always will- ing to suggest unusual gifts or to talk to the students, taking a personal interest in each girl. Miss Winifred Walker, Miss Gertrude Prior, and Miss Helen McMahon are an important part of the Sweet Briar family and represent our Sweet Briar way of life. We will not forget their warm personalities, their infectious laughter, their wholehearted en- thusiastic approach to life. Miss Winnie ' s African violets, Miss Prior ' s love of the outdoors, Helen Mac ' s energetic efforts to re- cruit camp counselors. Their sincere interest in others and their genuine affection for everyone is reflected in all they do. We are honored to count the Bookshop Trio high on the list of our dearest friends. We take great pride and great pleasure in dedicating the 1957 Briar Patch to Miss Winnie, Miss Prior, and Helen Mac. f ' :? f; ♦. ? . ALICE ' S WONDERLAND . . . Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank, and hav- ing nothing to do. She was considering in her own mind whether the pleasure of mak- ing a daisy chain would be worth the trouble of getting up and picking daisies, when suddenly a white rabbit with pink eyes ran close by her. There was nothing so very remarkable in that; nor did Alice think it so very much out of the way to hear the Rabbit say to itself, " Oh, dear! Oh, dear! I shall be too late! " ; but when the Rabbit actually took, a watch out of its waistcoat pocket, and looked at it, and then hurried on, Alice started to her feet, for it flashed acros.; her mind that she had never before seen a rabbit with either a waistcoat pocket or a watch to take out of it, and, burning with curiosity, she ran across the field after it. ♦ »♦♦ ♦♦ I if. ■ : She found herself in a beautiful garden. A large rose tree stood near the entrance. - % ♦ » I lie shop seemed to be lull oi .ill manner ol curious things . . . " I limp How about so here. " 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 She opened a little glass box lying on the table. She found a small cake with the words EAT ME beautifully marked in currants. % ♦ " •♦•■♦ » 4 t • » ' It was so large a house that she nibbled more ! the mushroom and miscd herself to about two feet high. : » f 4 4 4 4 4 4 . i The door of the neat little house had a bright brass plate with the name W. RABBIT engraved upon it. ♦ « ♦ V . m£ One side of the mushroom will make vou grow r.tller and the other side- will make vou grow shorter. ; The walls were filled with cupboards and bookshelves. Here and there she saw maps and pictures hung upon pegs. ■ i ♦ CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ATHLETICS ACTIVITIES » t . administration • ♦ ♦ • ♦ ♦ ♦ • •• ' ' The time has come, " the Walrus said, ' To talk of many things: ' Of shoes — and ships — and sealing «.i - ' Ot cabbages — and kings — ' 4 t 10 . it A MESSAGE FROM OUR PRESIDENT ANNE GARY PANNELL President bn r ?. I9J? Ia5S «■ 1957: V.i« »♦•» ♦ BOARD OF DIRECTORS Hiomas C. Boushall, A.B., President Richmond, Virginia C. Kmsi Pettyjohn, B.A., Vice-President .Lynchburg, Virginia Sara Shallenberger Brown, A.B Harrods Creek, Kentuck) Connie M. Guion, M.I ' .. D. S New Yorl I ii Row land Lea gricola, Virginia Secretary nf the Board oj Directors an, I of tin- Board of " ;,;,,,,, Archibald G. Robertson, LLB Richmond, Virginia fOHN S. Zissmk. MA Philadelphia, Pennsylvania EXEC1 riVl ( OMM1 I I I I Mr. Robertson, chairman, Mr. 1 i , Mr. Pi mi iohn BOARD OF OVERSEERS I hom is ( ' . Boi sh i i . A.B., President Richmond, Virginia Trrm Expires 1957 Alma Martin Roi i m, A.B Princeton, New Jersej 1958 Annie Powell Hodges, A.M Williamsburg, Virginia Adrian M. Massif, B.A Rye, New " i 01 k Charles 11. Murchison, LL.B lacksonville, I lorida The Rt. Rev. Rk hard S. Watson, I L.B., D.D Sail Lake City, Utah 1959 Harrov F. Black, K.I Norfolk, Virginia Buford Scott Richmond, Virginia Edward T. Wailes, B.S Washington, I). C. Rebecca Young Frazer, A.B Atlanta, I orgia i960 (Catherine Bloun r Andersen, B.A Bayport, Minnesota 1961 Meta Glass, Ph.D Charlottesville, Virginia Lawson W. Turner, Sr Forest, Virginia GORH m B. W i KtR, |r., B.A Lynchburg, Virginia Mildred W. Warner Tuscaloosa, Alabama Anni Pannell, D. Phil, I.I..I) ex-officio, President of the College Gladys Wester Horton, A.B., ex-officio, President of the Sweet Knar tlumnae Issot iation Members of the Board of Directors an- also members of the Board oi ( ri , is EXECUTIVE 01 1-ICERS Anne Gary Pannell, 1). Phil. (Oxon.), LL.D President Meta Glass, Ph.D., Liu. P., I.I..1X, D.C.I President Emeritus Mari I. Pearl, Ph.D Dean Jean Louise Williams, A.M Assistant Dean Dorothy Jester, A.B Dean of Students Bernice Drake I. ill, A.M Director oj I J mission I I Miii Boone, A.B Recorder l ' i itr V. Daniel, B.A Assistant « tin- President; Treasure) F.dith Stewart, M.A Executive Secretary ami A dministativi Assistant to tin- President MARY J. PEARL Dean JEAN LOUISE WILLIAMS Assiilant Dean DOROTHY JESTER Dean of Students I , t t ••♦•• •• ♦.- ■ 4. Edmund P. Allison A ssistant Professor of Musi B.S., New York University; A.M., Har- vard University. Arthur S. Bates Professor of Romance Languages A.B., Hamilton College; A.M., Ph.D., Cor nell Universitv. Belle Boone Beard Professor of Sociology L ' • " 1 . Jane Belcher A.B., Lynchburg College; M.A., Ph.D., k BL A.B., Colby College ; A.M., Columbia Uni Bryn Mawr College ■■■fc. ■■■■■ .£■■■ versify; Ph.D., University of Missouri. -a Miriam F. Bennett tsJ tW Professor of Economies A.B., Carleton College ; A.M., Mount Holy- BrSv V. j% oke College; Ph.D., Northwestern Univer- Wft E$ V l BA ' ' M.A., University of Birmingham, sity. MtSMfc. ?i?iw England; Ph.D., Columbia University. li " r Laura T. Buckham Sara Boulden % o t i r , y T » Professoi of Romana Languages Assistant in Biology JB i 1 ,_ ; A.M., Universitv of Vermont; A.M., Ph.D., A.B., Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College. Hi J s Radcliffe College Richard G. Carrott Alan Cassels Instructor in Art -J$r . " d W-w Visiting Lecturer in History and in the mc9 k J _ Division of Social Studies A.B., Weslcvan Universitv; A.M., New Klh L H A. irk University. Wll .- I K ' fllH B ' A - MA ' 0x f° rd University. Janice M. Cordr ay % ar ' - " A Charles L. Crowe Instrui tor in Classics A. - " Instructor in Philosophy A.B., Goucher College; M.A., Ph.D., The dPSfeoflm l fe A-B " ' Duke l ' niversit - v ; M - A - Columbia Johns Hopkins ' W ' SHH IH 41 HB Universitv. NOT PICTURED lush imi E. Barker Professor of Roman, c Languages ; Richard W. Beclin Instructor in English Dire, lor, Junior Year in France B.A., Hamilton College; M.A., Cornell University. B.A., B.D., Vale University; A.M., Harvard University; Ph.D., Columbia. _ ,, _ , . . . _ , . ; , Franz K. BERNHEIMER Assistant Professor of Ait Munich Academy of Art; Student of Herman Haller, Zurich; M.A., M.F.A., Yale University. El i VNOR D. Barton Professor of Art A.B., Vassal College; A.M., New York University; Ph.D., Rad- Carl Bricken Professor of Music cliffe College. BA _ YaK . g n i vers i t y; Student, Ecole Normale, Paris; Mannes •On leave. 1956-1957. School of Music, New York. FACULTY 20 ♦ % • % % % • • ♦ FACULTY NOT PICTURED Arnold A. Dei ( !reco Visiting Associatt Professoi o) 1 1 alian Evelyn ■. Freeman Instructor in Education U.S., The New York Dniversity; A.M., Ph.D., Columbia Uni- A.B., Ohio Wesleyan University; M.S., Bowling Green State Uni- versity . v i rsity . ( ii km ird Masur Professor of Ili t , i j Ph.D., University ol Berlin. fOVAN Pi Rocco Issistant Professor of Art School oi Architecture, University of Belgrade; Art Students Lysbeth W. Muncy " I ssociale Professor of History League, New urk; Student n| Harold Van Hnreti Magonigle. ,,„ Government " On sabbatical leave. 1956-1957. All., Vassar College; A.M., Ph.D., Brown University. Evelyn Eaton Visiting Lecturer in Creative Writing Fellow, MacDowell Association; Member, American Authors ' Association; Member, Poetn Society oi America. Angelia M. Geraci Instructor in Physical Education U.S., Statr Ti-ac hi r College, Trenton, N. J. Milan E. Hapala Associate Professor of Government and I onomics A.B., Beloit College; A.M., University oi Nebraska; Ph.D., Duke University. Dean Hosken Assistant Professor of Religion A.B., Mount Holyoke College; B.D., Union I heological Seminar} . SONJA P. KaRSEN Assistant Pfefessoi " l Modern Languages B.A., Carleton Collegi ; M. V. Bryn Mawi College; Ph.D., Columbia University, Esther B. Leffler Assistant Professor of Chemistry U.S., Pennsylvania State College; Ph.D., University oi Virginia. Sidney L. Freeman .Issistant Professor of English B.S., I niversity oi Wisconsin; M A., Bowl- ing i .urn State University ; Ph.D., Cornell University. G. Noble Gilpin .Issistant Professor of Music B.Mus., M.Mus., Syracuse University. Patricia Horst Instructor in Physical Education B.A., Ohio State University, Cecile Guilmineau Johnson Associate Professor of French l , I lie Johns Hopkins University. Mary Ann Lee XssociaU Professor of Mathematics A.B., Randolph-Macon Woman ' s ( ' " liege; A.M., University oi Wisconsin; Ph.D., Cornell Univi {Catherine MacDonald Issociat ' Physical Education B.S., Tufts ( olli ge; M.S., I niversity ol Iowa. Jk . Florence T. McCulloch Instructor in Modern Languages A.] ' ... Vassar Colege; A.M.. Ph.D., Univer- sity i ' t North Carolina. W ' ii i lam Mallard, Jr. Instructor in Religion A.B., Randolph-Macon College; B.D., Hie Divinity School, Duke University : Ph.D., Duke University. Iren Marik Assistant Professoi ' it Music Graduate, Budapest College of Music; Piano Professor ' s Diploma, Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest. Helen K. Mull Professor of Philosophy, Psychology, and Education A.B., Vassar College; A.M., Ph.D.. Rad- cliffe College. Evelyn B. da Parma Instructor in English B.A.. Ithaca Conservator} ; M.A.. Uni sit) of North Carolina. Ethel Ramage Professor of English A.B., Barnard College; A.M., Columbia University ; Ph.D., University of Wis- consin. n A b| Frank H. McGar, Jr. Instructor in Physics B.A., Vale University; M.S., Case Institut of Technology. Gertrude Malz Professor of Greek and Latin A.B., Swarthmore College; A.M.. Ph. IV, University of Wisconsin. Elisabeth F. Moller Professor of Psychology A.B., Gouchcr College; A.M., Clark Uni versify; Ph.D., Cornell University. Lawrence G. Nelson Associate Professor of English B.A., Luther College; A.M., University of Texav; Ph. P., University of Virginia. Peter Penzoldt Assistant Professor of Modern Languages I icense des Lettres, Doctorat des Lettres, University nf Geneva. Sarah Thorpe Ramage Assistant Professor of English B.A., Newcomb College; M.A., Newcomb College; M.A., Bryn Mawr College; Ph.D., Vale University. NOT PICTURED As roiNETTE D. Nelsox Instructor in Education A.B., Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College; M.A., University of Michigan. Ralph E. Purcell Professor, Carter Class Chair of Gov, i nm, tit A.B., Florida Southern College; A.M., Duke University; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. •Second semester. 1956 1957. " On leave. 1956-1957. Thelma E. Richmond Instructor in Frent h A.B., Agnes Scott College; M.A., Stanford University. Charles H. Riggs, Jr Instructor in History and in the Division of Social Studies A.B., Oberlin College. Ruth I.. Roettixger , 1 turer in Government and in the Division of Social Studies A.B., Asluirv College; M.A., University of Kentucky; A.M., Rad- cliffe College; Ph.D., University of North Carolina. FACULTY % » • % ♦ • FACULTY NOT PICTURED Jons B. Rim Issistant Professor of Spanish l ' h.H., University oi Chicago; M.A., D.M.I., Middlebury College. El 1 m.i ni I ■ . Spr m.i i • Issistant Professor of Biology B . A.M., Univi rsity oi ( alifornia. Andrew J. Schwartz Instructor in the Division of Sot nil Sin, In s B.A., I. infield College; M.A., Fletcher School of Law and Di- plomacy. •On leave, 1956-1957. El liott R. Twery Visiting Professoi of Irt B.S., Carnegie Institute oi rechnology; MA, Stati University oi Iowa. ARTHUR 1 . VOCELBACK Professor oi English B.A., Wesleyan University; M.A., Columbia University; Ph.D., University of Chicago. James A. Rawley Associate Professor of History A.B., A.M.. University oi Michigan; Ph.D., Columbia University. Carol M. Rice College Physician and Professor of Hy- giene A.B., Smith College; A.M.. Wellesley Col- lege; M.D., University of Wisconsin. Marion Benedict Rollins Professor of Religion A.B., Harnard College; A.M., Ph.D., Co lumbia University; B.D., Union linn logical Seminary. Emma Lewis Thomas Instructor in Physical Education A.B., Duke University ; Professional train- ing course, Mary Wigman School " l the Dance. Lucile Umbreit Associate Professor oi Musi, A.B., Radcliffe College; A.M. Vassal College. Ben L. Reid .Issistant Professor of English A.B., University oi Louisville; A.M., Co- lumbia University. Harriet Howell Rogers Professor of Physical Education A.B., Mount Holyoke College; Graduate oi New Haven Normal School oi Gymnastics. JOHANNE M. STOCHHOLM ' ., , isor of English MA, University of Copenhagen; l ' h.H.. Bryn Mawr College. Dorothy D. Thompson Issociate Professor of Chemistry V... A.M., Mount Holyoke College; l ' h.H., Massachusetts Institute oi Technology. Bertha Pfister Wailes .... ;,,:. Professoi ■ S B., Sweet Briar College; M.A., Univer- sity oi Virginia. Orland E. White lisiting Professor of Biology B.S., l S., South Dakota State College Sc.D., Harvard University. . • Leonora A. Wikswo Instructor in Mathematics A.B., Montclair New Jersey Teachers Col- M.A., Columbia University. • t I classes » The tabic was a large one, but the March Hare, the Mad Hatter, and the Dormouse were all crowded together at one corner of it. " No room! No room! " tliev cried when thev saw Alice coming. ■■ • •♦. ' The members of the Senior Class wish to express their warm ap- preciation to their class advisors, Mr. and Mrs. James A. Rawley. The Senior Show The Ring Game Left to Right: Ragland, Treasurer; M. Smith, I ice-President; D. Duncan, Secretary; Dumeld, President. SENIOR CLASS " Silence in the court! The students of Sweet Briar Col- lege will testify on behalf of the class of 1957. " We have shared their classes, their ideas, and their in- terests in graduate study, research, and teaching. We approve of their academic pursuits and their intellectual ambitions. We have enjoyed their originality, spirit, and organizational ability. We applaud their freshman pro- duction of " Gullible ' s Travels, " their May Day on a southern plantation, their Briar Patch, of " Sweet Briar, Then and Now, " and their senior presentation of " Grev Flannel Hearts. " Versatility and variety are represented by the class of ' 57. They combined tradition, by living in Gray, with in- novation, by living in William Bland Dew. A record group of thirteen studied in Europe during their junior year and brought back stimulating ideas. They were the first senior class to keep cars on campus all year, and we appreciate their mature acceptance of responsibility. This was a gay class. They enjoyed all phases of col- lege life, including Friday night dinners with the Raw- leys, step-singing on the Golden Stairs, coffee on the arcade after breakfast, and THE RING GAME (played frequently) . Once again, the herald calls for silence. The jury an- nounces its decision. The Class of 1957 has been tried and has been found to have successfully completed their college career. We send them into the world with a great deal of confidence and hope for the future, and with not a little sadness, knowing how much we will miss them next year. 27 • » t JAQUELIN AMBLER Montclair, New Jersey ' Jackie " . . . her dimples and her smile . . . pur- pose and attainment . . . warming exuberance . . . " Well, I went leaping about " . . . friend to all . . . vivacious . . . . " Now let ' s see, where are my glasses? — I ' m blind you know! " . . . drawing funny faces . . . wide-eyed naiveness . . . Southerner with a Yankee drawl . . . wedding rings, apartments, " I love to work " — " Oh, to join the navy " . . . " When things are as pretty as that, criticism is out of season. " the nineteen fifty-seven English Major. House President; May Court; Orientation; Curriculum Committee; Personnel and Vocational Guidance Committee; Briar Patch, Cir- culation Editor; Bum Chums; Brambler; Art and Music Club; Campus Chest; World Affairs Club. SOPHIE ANN AMES Orange, New Jersey " Sophie " ... on the hockey field or in the lab . . . just couldn ' t get accepted at V.M.I. . . " Get the rab- bit habit " . . . brown curls . . .always going to or returning from Lynchburg . . . vast amounts of work in a short time . . . " Let ' s send back for more cookies " . . . infectious enthusiasm for any and all sports . . . " Wake me up in time for supper " . . . fun and frolic . . . " For her heart is like the sea, ever open, brave, and free. " Chemistry Major. Paint and Patches; Tau Phi; Orientation; Head of Hockey; Head of Lacrosse: Athletic Association, President, Treasurer; Dean ' s List; Choir. » 4 " V ♦ k « • • % ♦ • • senior class of sweet briar college BARBARA LEE BAKER Baltimore, Maryland " Bari " . . . " When I was in England " . . . terrify- ing cough . . . Music from Gilbert and Sullivan ' s operetta to Bach ' s harpsichord to Baker ' s guitar . . . combined Mother Confessor and Dorothy Dix . . . dog shows . . . penchant for the name Charles . . . " What ' s a four-letter word meaning " . . . tall tales . . . faux pas . . . " That reminds me of a joke " . . . concern for what she thinks is right . . . " You make us happy and you make us good. " Religion Major. Choir: Altar Guild: Campus Chest: Art and Music Club: Curriculum Committee: Y.W.C.A. Cabinet: Church and Chapel Committee. MONICA FLORENCE BALLARD Forest Hills. New York " Mikki " . . . sincere . . . " Bubbles " . . . " interna- tional crisis " . . . four-day boarder . . . chief Ghost . conscientious . . . intense religious discussions . appetite for popcorn . . . " Did I get a call? " . sailing . . . spectator and participant in sports . loyalty is her motto . . . busy writing letters . football fan . . . " Aw, c ' mon " ... a true friend in need . . . " True enjoyment comes from activity. " Religion Major. Varsity Hockey, Basketball, La- crosse: Orientation: Y.W.C.A. Cabinet: Junior Class, Secretary; Chung Mung. President: Y.W.C.A. Com- misssion: May Court: World Affairs Club: Audi- torium Fund. FLORENCE MORSE BARCLAY Cranbury, New Jersey " Flo ' ' . . . impish grin . . . castanets at 7 A.M. on Ring-game day . . . merriment . . . common sense . . . poise of a born leader . . . commands the situation . . . snipping wires to Europe and the Middle West . . . " Yes Charlie, No Charlie " . . . late sheets . . . " Love Forever True " . . . solid gold . . . charm sans frills . . . candid . . . " Life is not life at all without delight. " Psychology Major. Social Committee: Aints and Asses; Glee Club; Orientation; Varsity Lacrosse; Auditorium Fund, Treasurer; Bum Chums; House President, May Court. the nineteen fifty-seven ALICE DIEHL BARNES Rocky Mount, North Carolina " Alice " ... A pianist for all occasions . . . " To- night we ' ll have self-improvement hour " ... a pll for every purpose . . . successful concert manager . . . " Neat " . . . going in six directions at once . . . good experience as a general cleaner . . . records . . . the suite that had the real Christmas tree . . . the peacemaker . . . plans to teach . . . " True polite- ness consists in being easy one ' s self and in making everyone about as easy as one can. " Music Major. Boxwood Inn Committee; Art and Music Club, Vice-President; Curriculum Committee, Secretary; Auditorium Fund Committee; Chung Mung; Dean ' s List. 30 - % ♦ - senior class of sweet b riar college HELENE BAUER Clayton, Missouri " Helene " . . . shaggy waif amidst a maze of micro- scopes and guppies . . . " What did I come in here for? " . . . " Felix " . . . macabre sense of humor . . . passion for Aztec marriage hymns endearing her to all? . . . enjoys meeting interesting people . . . knack for getting into unusual situations . . . apart- ment in D. C. . . . beans . . . anyone for Tommy ' s? . . cute ' n clever . . . genuine interest in others . . can always see the funny side . . . " She comes with gusts of laughter. " Biology Major. Curriculum Committee. JANE CUTLAR LEE BEST Fremont, North Carolina " Jane " . . . inconspicuously efficient . . . likes chil- dren, basketball, and knitting . . . bacon sandwiches in Mr. Allison ' s class . . . able student is an under- statement ... an authority on North Carolina . . . loves the South . . . modesty personified . . . " Will I ever want to get out of bed? " . . . Little Henry — the apple of her eye . . . cake for breakfast, popcorn and peanuts at any hour . . . will return as a visiting lecturer in C. C. . . . genuine and sincere . . . " They are never alone that are accompanied with noble thoughts. " Psychology Major. World Affairs Club; Art and Music Club; Altar Committee; Varsity Basketball; Athletic Association, Secretary; Emth Watts McVea Scholar; Tau Phi; Personnel Committee; Church and Chapel Committee: News; Orientation; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa. S ♦ 4 ■ i tfAai PRISCILLA HEVERIN BOWDLE Wilmington, Delaware " Pris " . . . our Priscilla . . . floating in silvery clouds, but one toe firmly on the green . . . soft, slanting, penetrating eyes . . . " Oh pickle! " . . . frisky in the A.M. . . . humming, singing, humming . . . " Should I go or should I stay home? " . . . " Please, shag with me! " . . . deep, assured manner . . . " But I have to get up a half an hour earlier than you do! " .... babies, babies, babies . . . dogs too . . . man is only secondary but surely there is THE man . . . " To be capable of respect is almost as rare as to be worthy of it. " the nineteen fifty-seven Psychology Major. Varsity Hockey; Orientation: Sophomore Class, Vice-President; House President; Paints and Patches; Q.V.; Tau Phi; Judicial Board, Chairman. JANE JOBSON CAMPBELL Charleston, West Virginia " Jane " . . . Red-headed temper and quick wit . . . her friends lost track of her men . . . sailing, Amagansett, Amber . . . sticking pins in the effigy — " I hope he feels terrible " . . . papers completed a week ahead of time . . . " Padum " . . . " I ' m going to change my major " . . . favorite pastime is typing . . . extrovert at 7:30 a.m. and 10:30 p.m. . . . thoughtful . . . " Without love and laughter there is no joy; live amid love and laughter. " English Major. Glee Club; Choir: Classical Club; Dean ' s List. ' 11 v senior class of sweet briar college ANNA CHAO New York, New York our favorite Oriental with a Southern you-all " . . . playful youngster . . . de- " Chips drawl . termined, dignified adult . . . " Everything comes to those who wait— tables " . . . service to mankind- idealistic . . . loves people and people love her . . . trips to the cabin . . . loves mice? — and all animals . . . devilment and serenity projected in her eyes . . . loyalty to all . . . " By happy alchemy of mind, I turn to pleasure all I find. " Biology Major. Head of Softball; Freshman Class, Vice-President; Freshman Honors; Deans List; House President; Varsity Hockey; Varsity Basketball; Glee Club; Q.V.; Varsity Lacrosse; Orientation; Choir, Athletic Association, Secretary; Judicial Board, Vice- President; Tan Phi; Who ' s Who in American Uni- versities and Colleges. MARIE ARNOLD CHAPIN Falls Church, Virginia " Mimi " . . . loafing in an energetic way . . . bustl- ing accomplisher . . . vivacious . . . contagious giggle . . . understanding . . . willing to help in any situa- tion or on any committee . . . wiggly nose . . . " Pea- nuts " . . . writes modern poetry because it doesn ' t have to rhyme! . . . Spain, mail, knitting and food . . . plans after graduation? " I ' ll never tell! " . . . love of life . . . ' " I would do anything to serve a friend. " Spanish Major. Paints and Patches; Glee Club: Briar Patch, Engraving Editor; Spanish Club. Altai Committee: Freshman Show, Script Writer; Orienta- tion. May Court. 13 t t ELIZABETH ANN CHURBUCK Hinsdale, Illinois " Bets " . . . impulsive, generous nature . . . " Hed- onistic Stoic " . . . " I ' ve got a plan! " . . . aristo- cratic profile . . . expressive eyes . . . high-style in fashions and in tastes . . . designing sets . . . sail- ing on the Cape . . . writing papers in early morning hours . . . Stock Market follower . . . continuous search for " an honest man " . . . " Eloquence is the child of knowledge. " Philosophy Major. Paint and Patches; World Af- fairs Club; Art and Music Club; Curriculum Com- mittee; Symposium Committee, Secretary; Freshman Show, Lyric Writer; Senior Show, Lyric Writer; Dean ' s List. the nineteen fifty-seven MARYLEW HUGHES COOPER Abington, Pennsylvania " Marylew " . . . Venus created an " Angel " . . . Christian Dior, Jaques Fath and by all means Fer- ragano . . . She came, he saw, she conquered . . . soft, appealing voice .... blue eyes that hold a world of expression . . . " cocktails at six! The Ex- celsior preferably. " . . . constant chaos, but mission accomplished . . . hustling with a hockey stick . . . " Oh to return to Italy — che meraviglia. " . . . " She is a dream of perfect bliss. " International Affairs Major. Orientation; Social Committee; World Affairs Club; Junior Year in Italy; Dance Club; Brambler: May Court. ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ■• % • • •? senior class of sweet briar college NANCY FORBES CRONE WlLLIAMSVILLE, NEW YoRK " Nancy " ... an authority on the Navy . . . big dark eyes . . . initiative ... a hint of unpredicta- bility . . . effervescent . . . the ability to make oth- ers laugh . . . born mimic . . . that special ring . . ■ willingness to accept a challenge . . . determination and efficiency . . . gay spirit and lovable personality . . . brimming with pep and vitality . . . sweet dis- position and unaffected manner . . . " Her loveliness I knew when she smiled upon me. " Biology Major. Art and Music Club. ELAINE BILLINGS DIES Memphis, Tennessee " Elaine " . . . bouncy pony tail . . . hair ribbons to match her sweaters and kneesocks . . . merry ways . . . devilish wink. . . . radiant smile . . . psychol- ogy for practical purposes . . . keen intellect . . . affinity for sweets . . . gay sense of humor . . . play- ing pranks . . . sympathetic nature . . . abundant source of energy . . . " Her very frowns are fairer far than smiles of other maidens are. " Psychology Major. Dance Club: World Affairs Club. ll.-k VIRGINIA CARTER DONNAN Roanoke, Virginia " Carter " ... no more crises, now maturity . . . doll face and dimples . . . infectious laugh . . . amaz- ing ability to get things done . . . quiet, modulated voice . . . funnies first, editorials second . . . " Sack out time " . . . Chumming with the Mungs . . . neat and efficient . . . thoughtful in inconspicuous ways . . . " Charlie says ... " ... inquisitive mind . . . open house, open heart . . . " She is the mirror of all courtesy. " the nineteen fifty-seven Government Major. Basketball Varsity; Orienta- tion; Inter-Dormitory Council; World Affairs Club; Altar Committee; Y.W.C.A., Secretary; Handbook and Key, Editor; Development Fund Committee; Chung Mung; Freshman Honors; Junior Honors; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa. DIANE DUFFIELD Gladwyne, Pennsylvania " Duffy " . . . the all-american girl — beautiful, in- telligent, athletic . . . Rock Hudson worshipper . . majors in extra-curricular activities . . . " doesn ' t any- one know parliamentary procedure? " . . . movie cam- era in hand . . . always fun . . . " f ' r cryin ' in the beer " . . . whistles thru her teeth . . . contagious laugh . . . " Clean it up, now! " ... in the future — the trip west . . . " The heart to conceive, the under- standing to direct, the hand to execute. " History Major. Sweet Tones; Head of Basketball: Head of Cabin; Hockey, Varsity; Chung Mung; Aints and Asses; Q.V.; May Court; Social Commit- tee; Boxwood Inn Committee; Senior Class President; Orientation; Athletic Blazer Award; Basketball, Var- sity; Junior Class, Vice-President. 36 • « » • ♦ • » senior class of sweet briar college DOROTHY EMILE DUNCAN Monroe. North Carolina " Dot " . . . Ah, Paris, but it ' s so far away from North Carolina and Pooh . . . never mad, never bothered and never a dull moment . . . Sat. classes at Chapel Hill — plans after graduation??! ... in- describable eyes . . . distinctive walk . . . the right word at the right time . . . beaucoup d ' esprit . . . " Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. " French Major. Freshman Honors; Q.V.; World Affairs Club, Vice-President; Social Committee; Tau Phi; Secretary-Treasurer; Orientation; Inter-Dormi- tory Council; Judicial Board; Junior Year in France; Senior Class, Secretary; Dean ' s List; May Court. JANE PARRISH FITZGERALD Portsmouth, Virginia " Fitz " . . in the smoker . . . bridge . . . cigar- ettes . . songs . . . coffee . . . " Nice going, ace " . . . weekly haircut . . . " Sweetie " . . . clever, worldly wisdom . . . " Oh, really " ... a jolly good fella . . . made for black sheaths . . . dramatic, dynamic, insistent . . . first prize for most complicated love life . . . shoulder to cry on ... a million things to do . . . typical Ass . . . " It ' s not that I love work less, but that I love fun more. " Music Major. Aints and Asses, President; Sweet Tones; Senior Show, Music Writer; Junior Class, President; Campus Chest, Secretary; Social Com- mittee. } 37 t ■ ELAINE LANCASTER FLOYD Plainfield, New Jersey " Floydie " . . . bubbly . . . " Do you know what I mean? " . . . art and religion ... " I have three round-up reports due next week! " . . . " Wittich. what time does the train leave? " . . . always ready to giggle . . . duck-hunting . . . " lady of the manor " .... " Well, I ' m off to the library " . . . " Won ' t you give dorm devotionals Wednesday night? " . . . " I ' m sooooo tired " . . . " Enthusiasm is the genius or sincerity. " the nineteen fifty-seven Religion Major. Church and Chapel Committee, Treasurer: Orientation; World Affairs Club; Art and Music Club. BETTY MAXINE FOLMAR Montgomery, Alabama " Betty " . . . tiny bundle of energy . . . " Where are my eyes? " . . . pulled THE curtain . . . C.C. de- votee . . . toeless shoes . . . coffee all day . . . " It ' s me, it ' s me, oh Lord " . . . good for a laugh . . harem pajamas ... " I think I ' ll take a nap " . . champagne . . . not at her best before breakfast . . " I just can ' t stand it " . . . our answer to Freud . . Alabama Boogie ... " I am wealthy in my friends. ' Psychology Major. Orientation; Bum Chum; Aints and Asses; Curriculum Committee; Social Committee; Briar Patch, Photography Editor; Senior Show, Stage Manager; Dean ' s List. .%%%• senior class of sweet briar college MARIELLA GIBSON Kansas City. Missouri " Day " . . . little girl from Little Rock . . . economy in the senior year . . . McCarthy . . . K.C.U. . . . mid-western reactionary . . . vivid imagination . . . loves a discussion . . . head in the clouds, feet on the ground . . . " Mommie says " . . . " Oh dear " . . . beautify in formulas . . . long, long letters to K.C. . . . many long talks . . . .endless curiosity . . . amicable . . . her own ideas about the government . . . dreamy . . . " The sweetest garland to the sweet- est maid. " Government Major. Freshman Honors; Dance Club. Choreography; May Day, Treasurer; World Affairs Club; Tau Phi; Deans List. SUZANNE GIPSON Monticello, New York " Sue " . . . vivacious . . . bubbling good nature . . . . . . fun-loving and yet serious-minded . . . preoccu- pied with men and politics . . . penchant for heated discussion " . . . bridge at Tommy ' s . . . interest in current events . . . authority on politics . . . brim- ming with ideas . . . ready for a good time . . . modest . . . " True humility is the highest virtue. mother of them all. " Government Major. World Affairs Club: Altar Committee: Debate Club. » .- 39 t t t t » t t » $ f t -♦•♦ ' ' «: ii NANCY ELLEN GODWIN Petersburg, Virginia " Nancy " . . . exuberant, spontaneous, individual . . . Sophisticated Lady ... " I can ' t stand it an- other minute " . . . loves sweet smells, bubble baths, and cats ... a girl of many talents and interests . . . versatile ... the theatre . . . organized con- fusion . . . passion for zany literature and festive occasions . . . dynamic wit . . . magnetic personality . . . creativity flows through every vein . . . vitality plus . . . " Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground. " the nineteen fifty-seven Drama Major. Freshman Show, Director; Sopho- more Class, President; Q.V.; Paint and Patches; Ju- dicial Board, V ice-Chairman; Toast Mistress, Junior Banquet; Curriculum Committee; Senior Show, Direc- tor; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities; Dean ' s List; May Court. SYDNEY STRADLEY GRAHAM Highland Park, Illinois " Sydney " ... a never-ceasing flow of stories. . . avalanches of words tripping off her tongue . . . con- vulsive giggles . . . whirlwind of activity . . . her finger in every pie . . . scurrying hither, thither, and yon . . . exuberance . . . hustling and bustling . . . capable, dependable, and responsible . . . frantic ges- tures . . . kindly • • • her friends come first . . . " The secret of happiness lies not in doing what you like, but in liking what you do. " Spanish Major. Y.W .C.A.; Freshman Chairman, Interdorm; Briar Patch, Business Manager; Curricu- lum Committee; Glee Club; News; Development Fund Committee: Orientation. 40 ♦ " V . ♦ ♦ % senior class of sweet briar college RUTH ELLEN GREEN Natchez, Mississippi " Ruth Ellen " ... La Bella Bambola . . . " amiable idiot " . . . Ethel ' s little sister . . . " But he just takes up all my time! " . . . very Ivy, but loves frills and bows . . . Sweet Briar ' s answer to Cleopatra . . . beauty is its own excuse . . . brimming with natural charm . . . beautiful eyes and matching smile . . . lovely clothes . . . " I ' m going to work to- night " . . . New Orleans holds a certain fascination . . . " Angels listen when she speaks, she ' s my delight, all mankind ' s wonder. " International Affairs Major. Junior Year in Italy: May Court: Orientation: World Affairs Club. ANNE HARVEY GWINN Huntington, West Virginia " Anne " . . . sparkle, spice, and smartness . . . cas- ual but efficient . . . champion of the Vogue set . . . " May I have operator 24 in Lexington? " . . . You ' ll just love the Delts . . . " Oh, everything is so discombo- bulated " . . . twinkling eyes . . . dreams of Jay, pine-panelled walls and built-in bookshelves . . . " What ever will be, will be " . . . doll-like fragility, but plenty of pep . . . lively ■ • ■ " Heaven itself would stoop to her. " Psychology Major. Choir: Briar Patch, Literary Editor: May Court: Y.W.C.A. Cabinet: Art and Music Club: Senior Show Cast: Orientation: Dean ' s List. the nineteen fifty-seven DAGMAR CAMILLA HALMAGYI Richmond, Virginia " Dagmar " ... " I just don ' t know how I ' m going to get all this done! " . . . delightfully wicked wit . . . enthusiasm, efficiency and diplomacy . . . " Life ' s just one crisis after another ' " . . . gives generously of her time and her talents . . . unselfish service for others . . . integrity . . . endless stream of letters to and from " the Institute " . . . " But Dagmar, you already have SEVEN red dresses! " . . . " Example is a lesson that all men can read. " International Affairs Major. Student Govern- ment, President: Judicial Board: Freshman Class, Treasurer: Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities: Inter-dormitory Council; News, Editor- ial Board: Joint Council; World Affairs Club; Bum Chums; Tan Phi; Dance Club, Choreography; Orien- tation; Deans List. JOAN FREDERICA HARJES New York, New York " Joanie " ... an awareness of life . . . genuine . . . natural beauty that captivates . . . sensitive . . . planning weekends on Wednesday . . . " Zap " . . . Horses, Horses, Horses . . . Britches and knee socks . . . outdoor life . . . " I ' ve got to go on a diet " . . . coffee, cigarettes and toast . . . master technician . . . the theater and Michael . . . " Just a tad " ... a lovely smile . . . marriage . . . trips to California in an English Ford . . . " Faithfulness and sincerity first of all. " Philosophy Major. Head of Riding; Riding Coun- cil; Paint and Patches, President, Secretary; Varsity Hockey; Dean ' s List; Sweet Briar Hunt; Senior Show, Technical Director. % ♦ • ■•♦•♦. ♦ ■ senior class of sweet briar college ELIZABETH HASKELL Salem, Massachusetts " Lee " . . . improper Bostonian . . . the goof-off in the know . . . she ' s just not the type to make a serious announcement . . . " Ladies " . . . long finger- nails, bracelets, a bun . . . THE Development Fund . . . It ' s really nifty ... an Ass with a heart . . " Scott, you ' ve got to get me some scotch . . humour without malice . . . telling narratives . . long stride . . . funny, fun, CHARACTER . . amiable and amicable . . . " She tickled the feet of the sober and they laughed. " Government Major. Choir, Treasurer; News; Amis and Asses; Bum Chum; Briar Patch, Advertising Manager; Development Fund, Chairman. GAIL MARIE HAUGAN Eastchester, New York " Gail " . . . refreshing . . . " He will be here in five minutes and I ' ve got to wash my hair " . . . geologists favorite — she ' s got rocks in her head . . . smiling — when not sleeping . . . soft eyes that show her love . . . " Just call me Fangs " . . . extra special sweet- ness and generosity . . . Romantic . . . " Oh, to stare into a fire forever " . . . " An amiable disposition she has. " Chemistry Major. News: Orientation. +: ' t- ' ■ JUNE JUDITH HEARD Hartford, Connecticut " June " . . . Southern Connecticut Yankee . . . " Has anybody got a new magazine? " . . . milkshakes and more milkshakes . . . long fingers, long fingernails . . . " I ' ve got to cover up the car " . . . dancing, criminology and gummy magazines . . . can be found in the second floor kitchen . . . " You ' re a dirty bird " . . . naturally curly hair . . . rock ' n roll and Elvis . . . " There ' s a new sound " . . . future in a nursery school . . . bubbling with fun and frolic . . . " Let us live and be glad. " the nineteen fifty-seven »- Sociology Major. Dance Club, Choreography: Brambler, Advertising Manager: Senior Show, Chore- ography. CHARLOTTE SEABURY HEUER Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania " Char " . . . Miss Republican . . . voice heard round the world . . . " shut up and deal " . . . daily hair washing . . . vigorous exercising . . . the early morn- ing train north . . . red sneakers and a variety of nighties . . . " What would you like to argue about? " . . . " No, operator, I ' m sorry I ' m not here " . . . Princeton vs. U. of Pennsylvania . . . " With words, we govern men. " 0t ■ ■ !% f Government Major. Glee Club: Brambler; News; World Affairs Club, President: Development Fund Committee: Inter-Club: Briar Patch; Deans List. senior class of sweet briar college BARBARA DAY HOOKER West Hartford, Connecticut " Barb " . . . combination of spirit and loyalty . . . happy and full of fun . . . the qualities distinguish- ing a good friend from a passing acquaintance . . . her " listening ear " comforts . . . diligent worker . . . accomplishes all she attempts within the fullest extent of her ability . . . gentle and sweet . . . " Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and low: an excellent thing in woman. " History Major. News: World Affairs Club. ELEANOR SAYNOR JOHNSON LaGrange, Georgia " Saynor " . . . " You all, I ' ve never had a better time in my life " . . . tom-toms . . . million dollar smile . . . Sortilege, Champagne, Sea Island . . . " I ' m not snowed, but where are those skis? " . . . sprouts wings on Friday . . . Continental kid . . . the hair with the natural curl . . . giggles at midnight . . . Dear Johns with finesse . . . " Virginia ' s my home! " . . . " I ' m gonna get a new personality " . . . " Lan- guor is not in your heart, weakness not in your word, weariness not on your brow. " History Major. Judicial Board; Choir, Librarian; Glee Club; Orientation; Music Club; Y.W.C.A. Cab- inet; Junior House President; Q.V.; Lectures and Con- cert Committee; Chung Mung; Committee on Acad- emic Responsibility; Vice-President of Student Gov- ernment; May Court: Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities. 45 » ■ 4 i PATRICIA McINTYRE JOHNSON Clifford, Virginia " Tricia " ... a small-sized dynamo of energy and ideas ... a tale of woe, a witty remark, or an ex- quisite B flat . . . two tablespoons of charm, a cup of effervescence, piquancy, and a dash of sophistication . . . procrastination in the library . . . perpetual panic . . . sensitivity, sense and sincerity . . . " Joy rises in me like a summer morn. " French Major. Choir; Glee Club; Music and Arts Club; French Club; Lacrosse, Varsity. the nineteen fifty-seven ELAINE KIMBALL Lake Charles, Louisiana " Elaine " . . . Lady Macbeth in a roguish red robe . . . pixie ways . . . shetland sweaters . . . " You re so Mike-ish! " . . . the laugh with the knee slap . . . post card correspondence . . . Ivy League with the grace of the Greeks . . . " You know. " . . . Scot- tish souvenirs . . . " Wiser today than she was yes- terday. " Greek and Latin M ajor. Sophomore class, Treasu- rer; Q.V.; Paint and Patches; Tau Phi, President: Glee Club; Curriculum Committee; Senior Show, Producer: Freshman Honors: Junior Year in Scot- land; Altar Committee; Classical Club: Orientation; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa. 46 senior class of sweet briar college , . • ♦ % ♦ JOAN PATRICIA LAWSON Louisville, Kentucky " Joanie " . . . blushing again . . . that awful bus to Durham ... in front of the mirror cutting her hair . . . crying over her math problems . . . despite her major, is unable to balance her checkbook ... al- ways willing to eat . . . " Do we have to dress up? " . . . here comes another crisis . . . friendly, generous ... " I don ' t understand " . . . endearing ways? . . future — running a barber shop . . . " So of cheerful- ness, or a good temper, the more it is spent, the more it remains. " Mathematics Major. Bum Chums, President; Aud- itorium Fund, Treasurer: Social Committee; Chung Mung: Handbook, Business Manager. YUNG SIN LEE Seoul, Korea " Shun " . . . shining and radiant like her name . . . conscientious worker, profound thinker . . . her scrap- book boasts a picture for every occasion . . . loves people . . . with a song in her heart and a smile on her lips ... an affinity for American " slanguage " . . . " See you later, Alligator " . . . looking for that " Cool Daddy-o " . . . loved, admired, and respected by all . . . " There is room in her heart for everyone. " Sociology Major. World Affairs Club. iJ ■ - MARGARET ELIZABETH LIEBERT Richmond, Virginia " Peggy " . . . goodness . . . " Of course, there is the Y " . . . the cultured mind . . . " Would you like a piece of candy? — I would " . . . two R ' s and a W — reading, resting and walking . . . " Oh, crash " . . . quiet, gentle manner . . . methodical and thorough ... a beautiful lady . . . " The hand that made you fair hath made you good. " Art Major. French Club: Dance Club; Tau Phi; Q.V.; Manson Memorial Scholarship; Freshman Hon- ors; Junior Honors: Freshman Class Secretary; Dean ' s List; Y.W.C.A., President; Phi Beta Kappa- the nineteen fifty-seven wr HELEN NANNETTE McBURNEY Bronxville, New York " Nannette " . . . " NoNo " — a transplanted magnolia . . . penchant for exotic stuffed animals . . . ex- quisitely ladylike, delightfully feminine . . . Kim ' s colleague . . . " No, you can ' t play Elvis Presley on my hi-fi " . . . conscientious and enthusiastic editor . . . ingenious way with words . . . enviable facility for acquiring knowledge . . adept organizer . . . authority on British History . . . dependable for a job well done . . . satisfaction is the reward of thoroughness . . . " Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers. " History Major. Dance Club, Choreography; Choir; World Affairs Club; Tau Phi; News, Editor; Senior Show, Co- Author; Briar Patch, Feature Editor; May Court; Deans List; Phi Beta Kappa. V.. «»»»-• isenior class of sweet briar college MARY THERESE McCARRICK Rochester, New York " Mary " . . . creative spirit . . . has progressed in four years from a " damnyankee " to " yank ee " — but vows she will never live in Virginia . . . shower soprano . . . favorite pastime is procrastination . . . " U. Va. has nothing on W. and L. " . . . weakness for crinolines and bracelets . . . Rochesterian accent . . . " You all, I ' m getting fat " . . . life begins after midnight ... a helping hand . . . tinkling the iv- ories . . . " The best elixir is a friend. " French Major. World Affairs Club: Friends of Art and Music: Glee Club: Orientation. P MARGUERITE HODNETT McDANIEL Atlanta, Georgia " Marguerite " . . . coquette . . . devil in angel ' s dis- guise . . . sunny disposition . . . blush . . . prim and proper . . . winning smile ... a true Georgia peach . . . music, men and mail . . . " Y ' all, I just love Atlanta - ' ... a desire to keep on the wings of song . . . " Oh, Keecher " . . . fish bowl blues . . . sittin ' on around . . . " How y ' dewing? " . . . " Oh, that ' s not nice! " . . . " I ' m snowed " . . . " What d ' y ' all think about this? " . . . " God put upon my lips a song. " Music Major. World Affairs Club: Church and Chapel Committee: Y.W.C.A. Cabinet: Campus Chest; Music Club: Y.W.C.A. Commission: Arts Club: Orientation: Art and Music Club. President; Lectures and Concerts Committee; Inter-Club Council. V 49 t 4. f f; f » . it ■ le CAROL YOUNG McMURTRY Amarillo, Texas " Kim " . . . umteen credit hours in history . . . gen- erous nature . . . straightforward . . . intellectual curiosity . . . do-or-die Democrat . . . " Big Brother is watching you ' " . . . Library of Congress Annex . . . Nannette ' s colleague . . . Honors Plan devotee . . . " Rally for Rawley and jump for Jim " . . . " But, I don ' t like anything except history " . . . empty desk in the stacks . . . proud Texas heritage . . . genuine and sincere friend . . . " The wit of one man, the wisdom of many. " the nineteen fifty-seven History Major. News; Auditorium Fund: Person- nel Committee; Head of Archery; World Affairs Club; Orientation; Dean ' s List. ROBERTA LOUISE MALONE Dothan, Alabama " Roberta " . . . silks, satins, poodles . . . Southern beauty, Northern intelligence, and universal humor . . . collection of hearts — Italian, French, and Ameri- can . . . " The natural state of man is sleep " . . . fancy nighties . . . " If anyone loves to sing, it ' s me " ... " I have to study this weekend — but I ' ll take my books with me " . . . persistent to perfection . . . what will she do? well, " Tomorrow is another day. " . . . " Her air, her manners, all who saw admired. " French Major. Orientation; May Day Committee Head; May Court; May Queen; Junior Year in France; Music Club; World Affairs Club; Dean ' s List. SO %•♦ ♦ % • ♦ « senior class of sweet briar college VIRGINIA MARKS Odessa, Texas " Ginny " . . . soft-spoken . . . fun to talk to . . . loyal representative of the Lone Star State . . . the laughter of a girl, the smile of a woman . . . warm understanding and quiet kindness ... a witty re- mark, a quaint phrase, she pours forth with con- tagious gaiety . . . sincerity and friendliness her con- stant companions ... a mischievous trick or two . . . " My heart is like a cabbage which I divide in two; the leaves I give to others, the heart I give to you. " Religion Major. World Affairs Club; Christmas Bazaar, Co-head; Y.W .C.A., Vice-President; junior Class, Treasurer; Paint and Patches; Dean ' s List. EMMA HENRY MATHESON Alexandria, Virginia " Pinkie " . . . three-year wonder . . . " Nobody can call me a Madonna and get away with it. " . . . French roll ... a conscientious objector to extracurricular activities . . . " some day the aristocracy will rise again " . . . knits and takes notes simultaneously . . . " If that isn ' t just too sweet for words " . . . her per- sonality matches her hair . . . " Down with the domes- ticated U.S. male " . . . weekly cake baking ... a ' superior ' beauty . . . " Even virtue is fairer in a fair lady. " A English Major. Freshman Honors: Orientation; Dean ' s List; May Day, Decoration Chairman: May Court: Phi Beta Kappa. FRANCES MAY St. Louis, Missouri " branny May " . . . interest in the psycho-sociological aspects of Ubangis and Cannibals! . . . interna- tional playgirl . . . golf, tennis, and yachting . . . " Tommy ' s? Goody goody, gum drops! " . . . affinity for crocheting . . . questions the deeper meaning of things . . . avid reader . . . friendly and cheerful . . . missionary work in Uraguay . . . likes a party . . . intellectual and fun . . . " Education has for its object the formation of character. " Psycho-sociology Major. Dean ' s List: Riding Coun- cil: Junior Honors. the nineteen fifty-seven BARBARA ANN MEDERT Shaker Heights, Ohio " Barby " . . . I ' ve got a book report, and I just CAN ' T go to V.M.I. . . . " All ' s I have to do " . . . the soft-boiled egg and I ... " I did not eat Pippin ' s apple " . . . " Sure I know the way to the Crow ' s Nest " . . . " Who ' s John Donne " . . . here comes the Coast Guard — DUKW . . . " They ' d love me — I ' m a Government Major " . . . willing listener and ready to laugh . . . taKes teasing good-naturedly . . . " I just HAVE to get out of Cleveland! " . . . " So shines a good deed in a naughty world. " Government Major. Glee Club: World Affairs Club: Orientation: News. I III senior class of sweet briar college KAY DIANE MOORE Dickerson, Maryland " Kay D " . . . two apples a day and she ' s such a little girl . . . reserved but sparkling . . . sensitive but sprightly smile . . . captivating calmness . . . " Got to get in ten more rides before Thanksgiving " . . . just a little skip . . . " Ok- - -lahoma " . . . Madrid is the spot . . . soon to be top agent for C.I.A. in Spain . . . mischief . . . " No perfect thing is too small for eternal recollection. " Spanish Major. Music and Arts Club: Altar Com- mittee; News; Dance Club: Junior Year in Spain. STELLA MITCHELL MOORE Easton, Pennsylvania " Stella " ' ... a way of wearing clothes that makes any dress look like an original . . . loves her back scratched . . . games of solitaire . . . " Great Ac- tion " . . . studying at Tommy ' s . . . bright plati- num hair . . . golf, squash, basketball . . . " I ' m not tight. I ' m tired " . . . leads with her chin . . . tiny feet . . . Green Bessie — the hot rod — her pride and joy . . . writing notes on her hand . . . " What a hot sketch " ... " A daughter of the gods, divinely tall and most divinely fair. " Government Major. Brambler, Business Manager: Varsity Basketball: Head of Basketball: World Af- fairs Club. 1 m LOUISA LAY MORTON Alexandria, Virginia " Lisa " . . . " Ah I ' ve been there! " ' on seeing " Evening in Paris " ads in Vogue . . . High tea after seminar . . . " Oh goody — it ' s nap time " . . . Dr. Nelson fan . . . Beef for breakfast . . . Senior hockey player . . . passion for ketchup . . . Hamburgers make her soul light up . . . Always dieting . . . Top grades for minimum work . . . Records and Books . . . She ' s always poor . . . " Aren ' t men God ' s gift? " . . . antinomian . . . custom-built station wagon . . . " What would Freud say? " . . . " Thought is oftener bolder than speech. " the nineteen fifty-seven French Major. Junior Year in France: Dean ' s List. BETTY LOUISE MURDEN London Bridge, Virginia " Betty " . . . the strawberry blonde with the red De Soto convertible . . . " Anyone want a ride into town — I ' ve got to go to the dentist " ?. . . frantic prepara- tions prior to long weekends at Annapolis . . . news- paper clippings about Navy and weddings at Virginia Beach . . . " Dixie " means she is near ... a regular in the continual bridge game on 3rd floor Gray . . . loyal . . . talent for dancing . . . happy and gay . . . " Tis only noble to be good. " Government Major. Dance Club; World Affairs • -• + ' Club; Orientation. 54 urn HfflU ' senior class of sweet briar college ELAINE ANN NEWTON New Rochelle, New York " Lainy " . . . Newton and the Apples . . . always on schedule . . . bead curtains and tropical fish . . . " You beast " . . . " All men are of three types: past, present, or future " ... 10 o ' clock scholar ... al- ways tan . . . " I ' ll take it along for the ride " . . . whiskey sours at Virginia and Bill ' s . . . long-distance weekends — with uniforms . . . cannot be swayed from her goal . . . experienced N.Y.C. guide . . . " It is a mark of intelligence, no matter what you are doing, to have a good time doing it. " History Major. Dance Club, President: Orientation: Dean ' s List. FRANCES JOY PEEBLES Lawrenceville, Virginia " Joy " . . . " Dearest Darling " — sitting on the desk at 7 A.M. — " I just a-dore him " — " My Fair Lady " . . . daydreaming again . . . rare freshness and candor . . . warm, radiant glow ... " I go t a goody today " . . . horses and houses . . . such sparkle, straight from the heart . . . antiques and (new tangled) recipes ... a model ' s figure . . . bound by way of matrimony . . . " Beauty is the only thing which time cannot harm. " History Major. Bum Chums, Treasurer: World Af- fairs Club: Music Club, Treasurer: Campus Chest, Secretary: Glee Club: Altar Committee. m I 55 HELENE PERRY Salisbury, Maryland " Helene " . . . " Little Miss Fix-it " . . . full of git-up- ' n-go . . . " But Salisbury is a big city . . . favorite pastime is rigging experiments to torture her unsuspect- ing roommates . . . emergency calls from Physics 1-2 sufferers . . . can ' t decide between W. and L. and V.P.I. . . . " Durn " . . . belief in co-education — 100 boys and 1 girl . . . divides her time between art, music and physics . . . portrait painter . . . thought- ful . . . even disposition . . . " No sky is heavy if the heart ii light. " Physics Major. German Club; Art and Music Club; Curriculum Committee; Orientation; Dean ' s List. the nineteen fifty-seven PAGE ELEANOR PHELPS West Hartford, Connecticut " Pagie " . . . thoughtful . . . expressive hands . . . diminutive waistline . . . skiing . . . Winnie the Pooh . . . Paris, la gaie Paris . . . " Nobody ever listens to me! " . . . Christopher Robin in a black leotard . . . red plaid glasses . . . Bach and " Bee- thoven ' s Schroeder, " her earless musical pig . . . en- dearing manner and ways . . . always waiting for new adventure . . . " Her ways are ways of pleasant- ness. " French Major. Orientation; Dance Club; Paint and Patches, Vice-President; Junior Year in France; Symposium Committee. » senior class of sweet briar college JANE KENT PINCKNEY Richmond, Virginia " Jane " . . . " Janie Pincks " . . . poise . . . sponta- neous smile . . . listen for her laugh . . . " praise the royal swaine " ... A scarlet gown lighting the way to the stacks . . . " Did you say. Why Shakespeare? " . . . efficient . . . " All my friends are married " but " I ' m having too much fun " . . . controlled enthu- siasm . . . love comes to those who love . . . twinkle in her eye . . . " She ' s good to look upon, bu t better yet to know. " English Major. French Club, Secretary-Treasurer; Judicial Board; Freshman Honors; Deans List; Y.W.C.A. Commission; Junior Year in Scotland; Phi Beta Kuppd. " •. MARGARET SUSAN RAGLAND Richmond, Virginia " Susie " . . . whirlwind of activity . . . varied inter- ests . . . studies, friends, Sweet Briar, and hockey . . . industrious and fun-loving . . . the stable ex- trovert . . . " Someday I ' m going to write a book " . . . efficiency plus in the Library, added fun in a group . . . " Join the Army and see the world! ' - . . . sweetness personified . . . listening ear and ready solutions . . . " A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance. " ' V French Major. Freshman Honors: Dean ' s List; May Day, Decorations Coordinator: Development Com- mittee: Senior Class. Treasurer; Junior Year in France; News. • ?; l " l v JOANNE HOSKINS RAINES Havana, Cuba " Jody " . . . Sweet Briar ' s Representative to the Council of Smokey Bear . . . calm, cool, and col- lected . . . epitome of efficiency . . . level-headed dry wit . . . Cuban belle . . . loyal fan of the St. Elmos . . . unruffled, in complete control of the sit- uation . . . loyal ... a dash of sophistication com- bined with little girl ways . . . completely charming . . . generous individual . . . " Care to our coffin adds a nail no doubt; but every grin so merry draws one out. " Modern Language Major. Tau Phi; Aints and Asses; Bum Chums; Judicial Board; Fire Chief; Social Committee; Orientation; Dance Club: Christ- mas Bazaar, Co-Head. the nineteen fifty-seven JANE CORINNE RATHER Manhasset, New York " Jane " . . . vivacious, intense, eager ... " I am in love with life " . . . April in Paris . . . Propensity for red . . . artistic tendencies . . . proficient pianist . . . good conversationalist ... La vie en France ... be a serious student and a gay hostess, but what- ever you do, do it well . . . language laboratory . . . fascinating tales to tell . . . completely indoctrinated with the Parisian way of life . . . amicable . . . " Speak in French when you can ' t think of the Eng- lish. " French Major. Junior Year in France; Dance Club; Curriculum Committee. ♦ ' ♦ ♦ senior class of sweet briar college ANNE GOLDING RICHARDSON Marlington, West Virginia " Annie " . . . " Oh, them gals from West Virginny! " . . . Shaggy-banged pixie . . . curious and inquiring mind . . . colorful and a bit Bohemian . . . many weekends, many parties, many men . . . engrossed in the affairs of the animal and plant world . . . memo- ries of Blackaire and summertime in D. C. . . . Life is but a dream . . . Helene, Gilbert, and the beans!! ... to Europe on a freighter . . . bridge tourna- ments at Tommy ' s . . . " Fortune favors the good. " Biology Major. ELEANOR JANE RITTER Springfield, New Jersey " Ellie " . . . some are born to lead . . . industry and ambition . . . hearty laughter . . . long, intense dis- cussions. . . North Carolina fan . . . goes about the business of living in a most energetic fashion . . . scholastic whiz . . . lively personality . . . ready smile . . . intense . . . dynamic . . . always accom- plishes what she sets out to do . . . ahieves her goals through merit alone . . . success . . . " Deeds, not words. " History Major. Athletic Association, Treasurer: Varsity basketball: Student Government Association: Treasurer: Orientation: Tau Phi: Bum Chums: Cur- riculum Committee: Choir, Publicity Manager: Cam- pus Chest Committee, Chairman: Academic Responsi- bility Committee: Mary K. Benedict Scholar: 11 bo ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities: Dean ' s List. • t DIANA MAURY ROBIN Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey " Dee " . . . " Egad, how gauche! " . . . dehydrated humor . . . lovable eccentricity . . . tweedy . . . cosmo- politan . . . longs for a little villa in Cannes . . . con- servative tastes . . . milky complexion . . . fantastic cook . . . keen wit . . . propensity for dodging dates via second floor windows . . . affable . . . music . . . " Wit is the salt of conversation. " the nineteen fifty-seven Music Major. Axnts and Asses. KATHERINE SUE ROTH Oak Park, Illinois " Sue " . . . north to Sweet Briar from Rollins . . . artistic skills . . . individualist . . . unique . . . sparkle in a group . . . contagious laughter and jovial ways . . . cute and fun-loving . . love of people . . . generous and understanding manner . . . knows the value of a kind word . . . amber-hued eyes . . . affable . . . " Patience is the best remedy for every trouble. " Art Major. Briar Patch, Art Editor. % ♦ senior class of sweet briar college MARGERY NIXON SCOTT K HMOMi VlRGIf " Margery " . . . twinkle in the eye . . . ever filled mail box . . . luscious cashmere sweaters ... a leader . . . " oh, yes, it ' s me — and I ' m in love again " . . . those color combinations . . . " Where is the world? " Erroll Garner and the Four Freshmen . . . fraternity jewelry . . . the lead tread . . . " Thank heavens I ' m twenty-one " ... " I hate to eat with my family after a cocktail party " . . . sparkling per- sonality, liveliness in a group . . . " When nothing is enjoyed, can there be greater waste? " Music Major. Inter-Dormitory Council; Varsity Hockey; Varsity Lacrosse; Social Committee; Christ- mas Bazaar, Business Manager; Choir; Sweet Tones: Glee Club; Chung Mung. MARY CAROLYN SCOTT Lynchburg, Virginia " Carolyn " . . . Helen of Troy . . . angelic aura . . . Southern belle, sweet and charming . . . always a lady . . . sugar-spun curls and sea-blue eyes ... a dreamer . . . stars in her eyes . . . artistically tal- ented . . . warm and friendly . . . selfishness is not in her vocabulary . . . understanding is her password ... a dash of mischief in her makeup . . . life is filled with music . . . " To doubt her fairness were to want an eye; to doubt her pureness were to want a heart. " Music Major. Paint and Patches; Music and Art Club; Inter-dormitory Committee; May Court; Glee Club. » ♦ . . ■ ENID WARNER SLACK Gainesville, Georgia " Enid " . . . Versatile . . . always ready-to-go . . . capable yet carefree . . . " My, she ' s a Fair Lady " . . . imagination, intelligence, and inimitable wit . . . a touch of color ... a 5th Avenue fashion plate . . . late hours — morning, noon and night . . . the hostess with the mostest . . . frequents the Eastern coastline run . . . " There ' s no business like show business " . . . never speechless . . . bedtime Pooh stories . . . " To understand the difficulties of others is to forgive. " the nineteen fifty-seven English Major. Social Committee; Paint and Patches; Orientation; Art and Music Club; Tau Phi; Development Committee. HELEN HOWELL SMITH Chattanooga, Tennessee " Helene " . . . " Smitty " . . . " Oh, those eyes! . . . diversified knowledge . . . loves Paris, wine, interest- ing people . . . soft-spoken . . . " I ' m going to take a nap " . . . perpetual warbrobe of new clothes . . . petite . . . " Je suis la pompadour " . . . " Mama says " ... " I need someone to convince me I shouldn ' t study " ... the center of every party . . . " Smitty, tell us a funny story " . . . " Oh, you-all " . . . true friend ... a world of love in her heart . . . " She was as good as she was fair. " French Major. Freshman Honors; Orientation; Junior Year in France; Dean ' s List: May Court. 62 •■••% senior class of sweet briar college MARY LANDON SMITH Hagerstown, Maryl and " Pee Wee " . . . ebony locks and a dark fringe of lashes . . . enthusiasm . . . zest for life ... a flair for dramatics . . . carefree ways . . . down-to-earth . . . conscientious . . . considerate of others . . . bound- less energy . . .the best things come in small pack- ages . . . mirth and merriment . . . rare gift for creating fun . . . charm and smiles . . . " She pre- ferred to be rather than to seem good; hence the less she sought fame, the more it pursued her. " Government Major. French Club; World Affair Club: News; Art and Music Club; Church and Chapel Committee; Q.V.; Y.W.C.A., Secretary; ju- dicial Board; Student Government, Secretary; Senior Class, Vice-President; Social Committee. SUSAN ANN SMITH Washington, D. C. " Sue " . . . adds sparkle to any group she ' s in . . . that inner glow . . . zesty approach to life ... in- tuitively maintains a perfect balance between work and play . . . " Heaven on toast " . . . white Chevy convertibles and underpasses . . . impromptu imper- sonations . . . irresistible ways . . . the Fine Arts . . . staunch supporter of the Bell system . . . borrowing U. Va. beer mugs . . . sincere . . . " True goodness springs from one ' s heart. " Drama Major. Music Club: Spanish Club, Treasu- rer; Paint and Patches, Treasurer; Riding Council: Curriculum Committee; Sneet Briar Hunt. 63 ♦ . - EMILY REDIN DUNLOP STENHOUSE Washington, D. C. " Emmy ' ' . . . Smile of delight that is rarely absent . . . " So glad to have you with us " . . . willing and able to sketch cartoons, to illustrate term papers, to draw your ring . . . contemplation of nature. . . . " Do you want anything pressed? " . . . early morn- ing rides . . . never misses a U. Va. weekend . . . enthusiasm for life that brightens your day ... " A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows. " the nineteen fifty-seven Art Major. World Affairs, Publicity Chairman; Arts and Music Club; Riding Council; Sweet Briar Hunt; Dance Club; Senior Show, Head of Publicity; Paint and Patches. ELIZA SPURR STEVENS Burlington, North Carolina " Liza " . . . " still water runs deep " . . . collection of memories from Switzerland, Colorado and all points in between . . . glasses, cigarettes, coffee and text book in the smoker until somebody mentions bridge . . . first aid for all French students . . . " Bad deal " ... a developing philosopher . . . " Character is be- fore money or property or anything else; money cannot buy it. " French Major. News; Freshman Show, Director; Curriculum Committee; Y.W.C.A. Commission; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet. »•• •♦ « senior class of sweet briar college SANDRA DIANNE STINGILY Meridian. Mississippi " Sandra " . . . " Golden Girl " . . . Memphis shufflle . . . " Slow Boat from Europe " . . . Sweetheart of Sweet Briar Circle . . . Hi-fi . . . " Going to sit on my front porch and listen to the grass grow " . . . pink ruffled skirt . . . .rosebuds and petticoats . . . " Dancing bears with the spirit of spring " . . . " He couldn ' t get his jet this weekend " . . . doll-like fragil- ity .. . exemplifies Southern charm and hospitality . . . She touches nothing but she adds a charm. " Psvc HOLOGY Major. Bum Chums, Secretary; Aints and Asses: May Court; Orientation; Social Commit- tee, Chairman; Assistant Fire Chief. CAROLYN ETTA SWIFT Brooklyn, New York " Carolyn " . . . reserved, cute, lovable . . . flirtatious . . . brown eyes . . . bows and beaux . . . " Smile and the world smiles with you " . . . our little " prob- lem " solver . . . dynamo with a flair for efficiency . . . neatness and naivete . . . considerate and sincere . . . " Early to bed, early to rise " . . . good conversa- tionalist, especially in her sleep . . . " oh, Pishaw " . . . riding in the surrey with the fringe on top . . . " Good manners and soft words have brought many a difficult thing to pass. " Art Major. Glee Club; Curriculum Committee; Auditorium Fund; Church and Chapel Committee; World Affairs Club; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet; Y.W.C.A. Commission. 65 f ♦ t . ♦. 4 4 : ■ BARBARA ANN TETZLAFF Wyncote, Pennsylvania " Barbie " . . . one spoken word the product of much thought . . . smoking cigarettes, typing term papers, speaking French, balancing scales and the budget . . . lists for the sake of forgetting them . . . " Mail, any- one? " . . . theater, riding, crossword puzzles . . . " What time do you want to get up? " . . . " So solly, honey, you lose " . . . beautiful hair ... fu- ture is bound up in the theater . . . " Knowledge is power. " Drama Major. Paint and Patches: Riding Council; Senior Show; French Club; Curriculum Committee; Varsity Hockey, Basketball; News; Glee Club. the nineteen fifty-seven KATHARINE SCOTT TILGHMAN Richmond, Virginia " Kay " . . . last minute efficiency . . . delicious pizza . . . always neat . . . " Holy Mackerel " . . . knee socks were designed for her . . . " Oh you don ' t need to do the assignments " . . . wavy hair . . . never near the library . . . passsion for throwing things . . . the car that always needs repairs . . . " May I have a sip of your coke? " . . . math in the smoker . . . " Who would resist her quiet charm? " Mathematics Major. Orientation; Curriculum Com- mittee; Chung Mung, Treasurer; Development Fund. 66 senior class of sweet briar colle g e MARY ANNE VAN DERVOORT Richmond, Virginia " Mary Anne " . . . always a pleasant word . . . Elvis fan . . . mathematical genius despite what she says . . . quiet and gentle, at least at Sweet Briar — at U. Va.? . . . " I ' m going to quit school and work for the S.B. News " . . . " Don ' t be Cruel " . . . " go West, young Woman " is the greatest axiom . . . " Oh, panic in the streets! " . . . S.B.C. is interlude between weekends . . . cool and collected . . . " Calm of speech and broad of mind. " Mathematics Major. Freshman Honors; Orienta- tion; AV.C.A. Cabinet; Campus Chest, Treasurer; Personnel and Vocational Guidance Committee; News, Business Manager; Dean s List. PRISCILLA ALDEN VERMOOTEN Dallas, Texas " Pris " . . . Sweet Briar ' s only physical education major . . . blessed with a real " Sugar Daddy " . . . " I have mystic goodies " . . . Diamonds are a girl ' s best friend . . . infectious giggle . . . tea at four sharp . . . third member of the sour notes . . . gen- erosity is her rule . . . calls from Cambridge . . . fringe of eyelashes . . . " You all must come visit me in Hawaii " ... " A rare compound of wisdom, fun, and frolic. " Spanish Major. News. 67 ■4 • «: r MABEL LOUISE WALLACE Bronxville, New York " Lou " . . . riding . . .lab . . . " I ' ve never been so tired in my life! " . . . vibrant voice . . . " Hi Daddy " ■ • ■ candidate for the Met . . . delight- fully scatterbrained . . . " Oh my gosh, I forgot " . . . unable to pass spelling 1-2: " How dew yew spel Mis Bemt? " . . . I ' ll never pith another frog! " . . . " Who ate Pippin ' s apple? " . . . completely unruffled and never mad . . . " She lives in peace with all man- kind. " the nineteen fifty-seven Biology Major. Riding Council: Hunt Club; Orien- tation; Dean ' s List. MARY OLIVER WEBB San Antonio, Texas " Mary " . . . " What? Who? Where? " . . . happy- go-lucky . . . always late . . . majors in constructive rest and advanced sleeping . . . " Have I slept through another class? " . . . bridge, bridge, bridge . . . generous . . . frantic frenzy before a test . . . complete collection of glasses frames . . . night owl . . .Sweet Briar ' s answer to Dorothy Dix . . . procrastinator . . . fabulous record collection . . . friendly Texan . . . keen sense of humor . . . witty retorts . . . always has the last word . . . " If I couldn ' t laugh, I couldn ' t live. " Government Major. Sweet Tones; Brambler; Aints and Asses; World Affairs Club, Treasurer; Art and Music Club: Glee Club. -zrr 68 t » t t f • ' ♦ " ' ♦ " • ' % " ■ V » ' ■ ■ ♦ « ♦ % ♦ ♦ senior class of sweet briar college VIRGINIA BISHOP WEED Miami, Florida " Gina " ... " I could have danced all night " ... a true friend . . . show tunes in the shower . . . can ' t function without coffee . . . tiny wrists . . . faculty children ' s class . . . striking looks . . . " Does any- one have poster paints? " . . . day dreamer ... al- ways dieting . . . " It ' s de-vine! " . . . " O-o-o-h! " . . . petite . . . her future is choreography . . . " Dancing, the poetry of the foot. " Psychology Major. Dance Club, President; Patch- work Day, Chairman; Chung Mung; Brambler, Art Editor; Social Committee; Head of Dance; Orienta- tion; May Court. ANN CARROLL WEITZEL Aiken, South Carolina " Carroll " ... A few well chosen words . . . chemist par excellence . . . black jersey " success dress " . . . riding and reading . . . " Oh, Growl " . . . work at four a.m. . . . " You just wait, I ' m going to be so slim you won ' t even recognize me " . . . good at most anything she tries . . . neat . . . " there ' s just some- thing about a uniform " . . . frank and self-assured . . . wants to teach in prep school . . . " Life is to be fortified by many friendships. " Chemistry Major. Personnel and Vocational Guid- ance Committee, Chairman; Social Committee: Tau Phi; Inter-Club; Orientation: Y.W.C.A., Treasurer; Development Committee; Glee Club: News, Editorial Board; Freshman Honors; Junior Honors: James Lewis Howe Chemistry Award; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa. 69 tall CAROLYN ANN WESTFALL " Westie " . . . multitude of friends . . . always de- pendable . . . passion for green . . . her music is her life . . . suppressed desire to play jazz on the church organ . . . weakness for vivid chiffon dresses . . . perpetual twinkle in her eye ... " I don ' t know why I have good clothes for Sunday, I live in this black robe " ... " I ought to move my bed to the music building " . . . " Write me as one that loves his fellow- man. " the nineteen fifty-seven Music Major. Choir, Chairmttn; Song Leader; News; Sweet Tones; Orientation, Chairman; Q.V.; Inter- Dormitory Council; Inter-Club; Personnel and Vo- cational Guidance Committee; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet; Music Club; Church and Chapel Committee; Senior Show, Music Writer; Dean ' s List. MARJORIE ANN WHITSON " Marjie " . . . " You can see the star so much better in the sun " . . . pennies accounted for in the blue book . . . campaign manager for the concert series . . . waiting tables every night . . . " But you know I can ' t tell a joke right " . . . backbone of class projects . . . can laugh at herself . . . endless boxes of blue paper . . . only subscriber to the Farm Journal . . . practical idealist . . . " A kinder lady treads not the earth. " Religion Major. Glee Club; Campus Chest Com- mittee; Altar Guild, Co-Chairman; Church and Chapel Committee; Dean ' s List. 70 • ♦ ♦ •• • •.♦♦ senior class of sweet briar college MARY ANNE WILSON Chattanooga, Tennessee " Mary Anne " . . . cryptic Latin phrases . . . slim model ' s figure . . . devotee of la vie en France . . . clever with words . . . intellectual curiosity and abil- ity . . . versatile and individual . . . keen sense of humor . . . poise . . . meticulous . . . perfectionist . . . flair for fashions . . . cordial hostess . . . drv wit . . . powerful character ... an inner determina- tion to attain life ' s highest goals . . . lots of sparkle ... a true friend . . . " Anything worth doing is worth doing well. " International Affairs Major. Freshman Honors: Emily Watts McVea Scholar; House President; Q.V.; Aints and Asses; Junior } ear in France; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities: Tail Phi: Judicial Board; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa. NATALIE STAFF WITTICH Millington, New Jersey " Lee " . . . happy even on Monday mornings . . . will make the perfect wife . . . impressed with Wis- consin . . . favorite answer — " Ohhhhhh " . . . likes to talk particularly about foreign and domestic politics and law . . . that car was quite a birthday present . . . proud of being twenty-one . . . always working on a pair of large size socks . . . can be found where there ' s food and bridge . . . knows how to keep a secret . . . the future remains to be seen . . . " She who sows courtesy reaps friendship. " American Problems Major. World Affairs Club: Art and Music Club; German Club: Orientation. " LET THE JURY CONSIDER THEIR VERDICT ' F . . + ,, ■ a«c Left to Right: Bryan, Vice-President; A. Carpenter, President: J. Graham, Secretary; M. Taylor, Treasurer JUNIOR CLASS " Who are you? " said the wise Caterpillar, smoking his hookah. Alice replied, rather shyly, " I — I hardly know, sir, just at present — at least I know who I was when I got here. " As we Juniors sit on top of our mushrooms waiting to chmb the Senior Stairs — and onward, we remember the accomplishments and the fun of the three years in " Won- derland. " Our first weeks of Freshman Orientation pre- sented the question " Who are you? " We think we have found the answer. The Briar Patch of 1957 was our class project for this year. We have gotten ads, taken pictures, written copy, and thought of ideas. Our majors, class and en- gagement rings, college week-ends. Watts School project, Christmas Bazaar, and all our other extra-curricular ac- tivities give us all up here on our mushrooms, smoking our hookahs, a sense of happv satisfaction. We feel we have come a long way and know what we will do in the future. Yes — we know now — who we are! the nineteen fift y-seven junior Aphrodite B. Anthony Mollie Bain Archer Patricia May Ashby Sarah Langhorne Austen Susan Mary Avril Joan Bates Baggs Cornelia Irene Bear Evangeline Iredell Bell Judith Milligan Bell Gisela Anne Benecke Olivia Procter Benedict Polly Benson » • • • ♦ m % » % • ••♦•« . lass of sweet briar college Sarah Benton June Berguido Julie Ravenel Boothe Suzanne Linton Brown Marv Lane Bryan Floride Dwight Buchanan Marv-Louise Burelle Sally Ann Byers Susan Gordon Calhoun Clare Penn Cannon Alexandra Carpenter Ruth Berrien Carpenter 77 • ' ■ 4 t the nineteen fifty-seven junior Dianne Falconer Chas e Emma Elizabeth Coggeshall Elizabeth Grosvenor Colburn Julia Olive Craig Susan Hunt Davis Susan Randolph Day Dana Dewey Cecile Beverly Dickson Mary Woods Ely Katherine Ann Epsen Myrna Fielding Nancy Carlene Floyd 7S « • %•••• « class of sweet briar ol 1 e 2 e Ruth Elizabeth Frame Elizabeth Lee Gallo Sara Gait Maybelle Moselev Garrard Judith Louise Graham Julia Thompson Green Judith Lee Gross Catherine Newcomb Hill Marcia Dunsmore Hill Eleanor Willie Rose Humphreys Mary Pegram Johnson Suzanne Louise K ' Burg 79 ' ♦ f. ♦ 04 the nineteen fifty-seven junior Elizabeth Carol Kemper Judith Campbell Kingman Edith Windholz Knapp Joan S. Lamparter Julie Ann Christine Langie Annie Laurie Lanier Maud Winborne Leigh Jean Lindsay Mary Louise Lineberger Cornelia Booney Long Celia Sue Loving Shirley Anne McCallum SO I -J I t class of sweet briar coll Barbara Elaine McClancy Ann McCullough Carolyn Judith Mclvor Ruth Ann Mackie Marian Hamilton Martin Elizabeth Paxton Mears Peninah Alice Meighan Elizabeth Armstead Moore Jessie Kenan Myers Roberta Joan Nelson Violet McArthur Nelson Ethel Farmer Hunter Ogden I I . ' . ' the nineteen fifty-seven junior Elizabeth Herbert Pender Ann Barksdale Plumb Lynn Irene Prior Margaret Ann Richey Betsy Alden Robinson Eula Elaine Schuster Adele Gerard Scott Margaret Elizabeth Pope Shannon Martha Jane Shipman Eleanor Armstrong St. Clair Patronella Ann Sylce Ann Tanner Taylor ♦ ; • ■• ; c 1 ass o f s w e e Mary Willis Taylor Virginia Carole Tyson Betty Berkeley Waddell Patricia Anne Williams Dorothy Venning Woods Elizabeth P.S. Worrell Dorothy Jane Wyatt Janet Miller Wynn Shirley Ann Zick t briar coll Mary Kent Zimmerman B3 rt f. •E, JUNIORS FRANCE Dorothy Lynn Crosby Julia McCullough Caroline Bryan Sauls Letha Donaldson Wood SCOTLAND Marietta Eggleston Elizabeth Dana Smith SWITZERLAND Jane Frances Ottley Dianne Davenport Stafford ABROAD ♦ ♦ ♦ SPAIN Stephanie Butan Barbara von Hoffmann Lynne Morris STUDENTS FROM ABROAD Clare Harrison New Belper, Derbyshire, England Mona Musa Ghantus Beirut, Lebanon Eva Villaran Lima, Peru A« " SO YOU THINK YOU ' RE CHANGED, DO YOU? ' ♦ 4 ♦ ♦ • • ♦ 9 ■ ' Left to Right: Dunning, President: Brtiner, Vice-President; G. Smith, Treas M. Cooke, Secretary. SOPHOMORE CLASS " So she went on wondering more and more every step . . . and the egg got larger and larger and more and more human . . . when she had come close to it she saw that on the wall there sat the Sophomore Class itself . . . " Thev grinned collectively from ear to ear, as they leaned forward and offered Alice their hand, sure of their position on the wall and eager to tell of their year ' s adventures. In the fall, they said, they kept their pre- carious seats on their wall only through abolishing anv suggestion of a Slump and defending their honor in a battle at the hitching post against the Freshman. Orig- inality at the Bazaar gave them a steadier balance, and when the Q.V.s were announced and the Bum Chums tapped, even the wild excitement of these climaxes did not precipitate the historic fall. May Day was the grand climax, however, and the Sophomore Class rested on their laurels, using them to cushion the seat of the hard brick. They looked quite sad as they said good-bye to Alice and told her that they had picked their majors and had to leave their position. They cheered up when Alice assured them that they would not forget their Sophomore year, for this Humpty Dumptv had no " great fall " but made for itself a solid place on the wall and at Sweet Briar. B9 •♦■• the nineteen fifty-seven sophomore A £5 Sara Elaine Allison Ethel Houston Andrews Sallie Millis Armfield Erna Gale Arnold Sara Catherine Beattie Jana Bekins Sarah Starke Bertelsen Beverly Bonham Birchfield Caroline Hunnewell Blake Joanne Stewart Bossert Mary Kathleen Boyd Elizabeth Buckley Brawner Judith Ann Brean Marcia Jane Brown Catherine Alexandria Brownlee Ethel Woodville Bruner Victoria Louise Buckingham Martha Ann Burnet Patricia Ann Bush DeDe MacKenzie Bussan Vivian McLean Butler Dorothy Ann Carter Elisabeth Lacy Chambers Patricia Louise Chandler ♦% %•♦ class of sweet briar college Mary Chen Elizabeth Tunis Colwill Margaret Celeste Cook Mary Harrison Cooke Patricia Barringer Coxe Patricia Ann Davis Joann Derrickson Claire Evelyn Devener Sallv Baird Dobson Diane Doscher Jo Anne Marita Dougherty- Elizabeth Etheridge Duke Jane Cannon Duncan Deborah Jean Dunning Mary Snowdon Durham Ann Mayhew Eagles Alice Cary Farmer Donna Susan Ferris Anne Fisher Cornelia Louise Fitzgerald Judith Marshall Franklin Patricia Carolyn Frawley Lucy Elizabeth Frost Ann Armstrong Fulenwider ' ? f, ♦. the nineteen fifty-seven sophomore Susan Anne Glass Caroline Tucker Green Nancy Southwick Grubb Ann Elizabeth Gumaer Catherine Bradley Guy Mary Suzanne Hafer Katharine Meriwether Hagerty Sally Brown Hale Mary Ballou Handy Jacqueline Gay Hart Jane Charlotte Hawkins Patricia Diana Hawn Ann Bartlett Hearin Jacqueline Hekma Harriet Roberts Henderson Pamela Henry Karen Herschbach Susan Hight Nina Cabell Hopkins Gertrude Gaston Jackson Jane Helene Jamison Elizabeth Carrington Johnston Virginia Anne Jones Barbara Elaine Kelly ♦♦%♦•• class of sweet briar college Shelia Kerlin Jane Anne Kroeger Sandra Sara La Staiti Margaret Adams Lawrence Barbara McDonnell L«wis Isa Mary Lowe Joan Buckley Luke Marjorie McCollum Aminta Sorrel Mackall Virginia Lord MacKethan Virginia Lee Marchant Eloise Davenport Marshall Robbie Cecile Martin Sally Burnett Martin Kathleen Carmichael Mather Sarah Frances Mayfleld Dorothy Illges Mayher Victoria Anne Meeks Elizabeth Penn Meyerink Lizora Schoolheld Miller Juanita Oglesby Mixson Dorothy Daniel Moore Evelyn Hanes Moore Jane Ryland Moore - m m the nineteen fifty-seven sophomore Eleanor Truax Morison Alice McLean Morris Sarah Jane Murdock Virginia Grace Nassib Alice Fleming Parker Aline Mead Payne Marcia Bradfield Payne Ann Frederick Pegram Susan Jane Perry Suzanne Pohl Rew Price Elsie Quarrier Prichard Cay Ramey Virginia Anne Ramsey Debora Maria-Victoria von Reischach Virginia Anne Robinson Betsy Ann Salisbury Barbara Edgeley Sampson Prudence Cleveland Sandifer Joan Schladermundt Mary Blair Scott Kathryn Sell Ann Courts Smith Elizabeth Margaret Smith It ♦ % ♦ • • class of sweet briar college Gretchen Reed Smitli Judith Manard Sorley Sally Ann Southack Elizabeth Collier Space Valerie Stoddard Mary Lee Taggard Susan Spotswood Taylor Fr ances Tabb Gordon Thornton Nina Cooper Thornton Sara Susan Thrall Susan Marshall Timberlake Mary Kathryn Todd Carol Ann Turnbull Alice Kathleen Tyler Dorothy Hunter Ulf Catherine Marie Watjcn Julia Christian Watts Ruth Dorney Weaver Jane Wheeler Anne Camilla Wimbish Jane Edith Winje Alice Isabel Wood Lucia Waller Woods Mary Ola Woolsey Halcia Ann Young •a a YOU OUGHT TO SEE THEM COME - ♦ ♦ ♦ AROUND ME ON A SATURDAY NIGHT • . . . ♦ ■... ' . First Row, I. eft to Right: King, T FRESHMAN CLASS The time has come, ' the walrus said " And so have Dum and Dee. They followed the finger-posts and came Straight to the Patch, you see. " What is chat embroidered on your name-tag? " Alice said. " Hm. ' Dum. ' You must have Twecdle written on the back. ' " Nohow. " " Contrariwise. Why where are you from with your ' no- how? ' You must be from the South. " " Well, may I say, your ' contrariwise ' sounds Yankeefied to me. " " My hitching-post ' s been spoiled! " screamed T. Dum. " Mine too! " yelled T. Dee. We must have a bit of a fight. I don ' t care for how long. What time is it? Half past four? Let ' s fight ' til six and then have dinner. " Said T. Dum and T. Dee, " We ' ve passed our first exams. It ' s simple as can be. You just say ' If it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn ' t, it aim. ' That ' s logic. " You like poetry? " asked T. Dee of Alice. " Yes, pretty well, some poetry, " said she. " If it ' s not too King; this is the night before spring vacation and I must hurry to the Eighth Square to pack. " " What shall I repeat to her? " said T. Dee, ignoring Alice ' s plea. " The best we have, " replied T. Dum. They recited and sang for Alice until she completelv forgot what time it was. Then she noticed a dark shadow looming overhead. Before she realized it. Tweedledum and Tweedledee took to their heels and were out of sight. She didn ' t see them again until a summer had passed. 99 4 4 • the nineteen fifty-seven freshman - % JF " - r i A K ' Sm. P Q Q r j id 1 ' nfia 1 Jean Sears Alexander Patricia Jane Allan Jane Meredith Andrews Elizabeth Rhett Ball Carol Perry Barnard Judith Eugenia Barnes Dorothy Lea Barnwell Barbara Louise Beam Jan Isabel Bean Nancy Ann Beekman Betsey Jane Belisle Barbara Ann Bell Judith Randolph Berkeley Louise Meredith Blanchard Barbara Maury Bowen Martha Ann Boyd Laurel Bonney Brown Leigh Ann Brown Elizabeth Lines Buechner Barbara Starr Bullis Elsie Caldwell Burch Nancy Lee Burford Alice Goodrich Butler Eleanor Grace Cain Linda Marie Canaday Ann Quayle Cannon Mary Anne Claiborne Lura Ann Coleman Patricia Alvson Collyer Margaret Cook Raye J. Cook Joyce Cooper Nancy Branch Cornell Nancy Tilman Corson Judith Eleanor Cowen Sammie Jean Crawford Eleanor Ralston Crosby Ann Redfern Crowell Lee Brooks Cullum Elizabeth Grace Davis ICO class of sweet briar college Leonora Annette Del Greco Elizabeth Ward Dew Mary Ellen Dohs Nancy Ellen Dravncek Mary Rcid Dunn Jane Elizabeth Ellis Matilde Anne Farrell Ruth Anne Fernley Elizabeth V. Few Evangeline Ford Sue Speed Ford Elizabeth Morton Forsyth Maydelle V. Foster Susan Elgin Galleher Ann Hubert Gatling Lvnne Nelson Gilbert Maline Gilbert Carolyn L. Gough Dorothv Pryor Grant Marion Grauert Mary Keating Griffiss Charlyne Grimes Jane Washington Haldeman Claire Anne Hanner Mary Ann Harbin Joanne Harrier Wendy Gail Hayman Shirlev Ann Hayman Lvnn St. Clair Head Charlotte Jane Hcadstrcam Marian Sue HerTcrnan .Susan Ann Hendricks Ellen G. Higgins Theodora Gausc Hill Mary Jane Hilton Valeric M. Hnot Min Kwan Ho Janet Holmes Judith Hunter Harriet Nash Hurlev f ron ft ( rs QMi 101 the nineteen fifty-seven freshman Marylyn Dixie Jackson Louise Green Jenkins Judith Jenks Alice Carr Jones Donna C. Kerkam Carolyn Lee King Kathleen Knox Carol Kolakowski Diana Maud Ladden Mary Alletta Laird Deborah Lane Rebekah Brown Lee Gail Patricia Lloyd Carol Holbrook Lord Katherine Halladay Lord Ary Jane Lotterhos Mollie Lee McDonald Page Tucker McFall Florence Marks McGowin Mariorie Cable McGraw Margot Ann McKee Jacqueline Jett Mabie Gay Rand Mann Annie-Laurie Martin Lucy Adelle Martin Adrianne K. Massie Janet Moore Maynard Elizabeth V. Meade Kathryn F. Mendelson Melissa Meyers Lydia Morris Montgomery Melinda Ann Moore Jean E. Morris Diana C. Muldaur Barbara L. Murphy Marianne Muse Clare Adelaide Newman Frances Newman Nina Appleton Newton Ellen Carter Nichols 1C2 ♦% ••♦ class of sweet briar college Kadri Niider Marianna T. Oliveri Norvell S. Orgain Mary Robertson Ould Suzanne E. Pardee Norma Jean Patteson Charity Paul Elizabeth Crawford Pearson Kate Elizabeth Penney Anita Frances Perrin Louise Snow Phinney Patricia Ann Powell Ellen Stuart Pringle Elizabeth M. Quaile Nancy Jane Ray Barbara Chisholm Reeves Anne Blanchard Reiblich Suzanne Reitz Jane Frances Riddle Anne Norris Rienecke Patricia H. Russell Catharine Mary Saunders Margaret Ann Saur Angie Keller Schmidlapp Reta Palmer Schoonmaker Beverly Marilyn Schuemann Katherine Schuhmacher Janice Laurie Shreffler Elizabeth B. Shwab Linda Lyon Sims Ann D. Smith Marion Norris Smith Gwen Urquhart Speel Mona Elsie Stiles Suzanne Styer Grace Ellis Suttle Jane Stewart Tatman Geneva G. Tayloe Anne Thomas Julia Scott Todd £ ft B ft f I Oft a a 103 the nineteen fifty-seven freshman Rebecca Hobbs Towill Yolande Tsai Sarah Reed Underhill Mary Jane Vreeland Winifred S. Ward Isabel W. Ware Renate Weickert Eleanor Ann Weingart Dorothy Jean Westby Nina Gordon Wilkerson Ann Dick Wilson Marydee Wimbish Louise Carleton Winslett Heidi Lynn Wood Natalie Anne Yates Gale Roberts Young class of sweet briar colle g e » « • ♦ ♦ ♦ " EVERY ONE OF THESE THINGS HAS GOT TO GO ON, SOMEHOW OR OTHER " f f. I • % • • . m h .4 % f % ♦ • « - ? - K Alice thought she had never seen such a curious croquet game in her life; the field was all ridges and furrows; the croquet balls were live hedgehogs, and the mallets live flamingos, and the soldiers had to double themselves up and stand on their hands and feet to make the arches. f. " ?,:f f ' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Athletic Association is the force that makes sports an important part of our lives at Sweet Briar. An excellent location, qualified instructors, and complete equipment offers each student an opportunity for an active outdoor and indoor life. There are three hockey fields, one lacrosse field, six tennis courts, an archery range, and three riding rings. The gymnasium is used for basketball, dance, volleyball, ping pong, badminton, and squash. The fun of an overnight at the cabin on Paul ' s Mountain or an afternoon at the lake and the boathouse invites us to join in these activities. The principles of fair play and team cooperation, together with an active spirit of competition, exist in this phase of our life — as they do in all others. Inter-class competition, between the Odds consisting of the Juniors and Freshmen and the Ends consisting of the Seniors and Sophomores, is continued throughout the year in all sports. The gymnasium resounds to the laughter and cheers of those participating in Rally Night in February. Crowds gather at the Boathouse in May to enjoy Gala Night — a night to sing, to cheer for one ' s class float, and to watch the burning Tau Phi symbol illuminate the sky. Rally Night and Gala Night are shared by faculty and students. Awards, seals, medals, and blazers are given out at these times by the Executive Committee of the Association to those students who possess skill and exhibit responsibility, en- thusiasm, and sportsmanship in athletics. Lake Day with its swimming and boating competition lures students to enjoy the warm spring weather. The officers of the Association and the heads of sports give their energies to provide the necessary systems, and through the students ' integrated effort these systems find their function together with an expression of beauty, skill, and pleasure. From Uft to right: Blake, Treasurer; Ames, President; Best, Se HOCKEY firs ( », from left to right: Hekma, M. Johnson, Ballard, Riibllck, Brean, Meighan, Head of Hockey, M. B. Scott, Pardee, C. Payne, A. Wood, Berguido. Second Ron, from left to right: Chao, Worrell, Massie, Saur, Coleman, Muldaur, Hearin, B. Lee, Hart, Watjetl, Underh 11, Miller, Ward, T. Thornton, Fernley, Barnard, Franklin, Duffield. Not Pictured: Ames. Interest in Hockey starts as soon as the school year begins in September with stickwork and games on both varsity and class levels. There is a high degree of spirit and participation in intramural competition. Students taking hockey for credit play in a series of games and several Odd-End games are played. The enthusiasm in the class games was high with the class of ' 59 emerging victorious. The Varsity and Reserve had a successful season with their matches against Hollins, Westhampton, Richmond, Roanoke, and Chatham Hall. The Blue Ridge Tournament was held at Sweet Briar and twelve girls were selected to play in the Southeast Tournament at Wilmington, Delaware. There were five from Sweet Briar, Ruth Fernley, Penny Meighan, Mary Blair Scott, Alibel Wood, and Angela Geraci, one of our coaches who plaved in the National Tournament at Philadelphia. Miss Geraci was selected as a member of the United States Team. VARSITY Sweet Briar vs. Campus Characters 2-0 Sweet Briar vs. Little Colonels 1-1 Sweet Briar vs. Richmond Club 2-4 Sweet Briar vs. Hollins 5-2 Sweet Briar v. Madison 2-0 Sweet Briar vs. Westhampton 1-2 RESERVE Sweet Briar vs. Roanoke 3-1 Sweet Briar vs. Campus Characters 2-3 Sweet Briar vs. Lynchburg 9-0 Sweet Briar vs. Bridgewater 8-0 S eel Briar vs. Chatham Hall 2-2 109 » .- RIDING First Ron, from left to right: Stenhouse, Space, Prichard, Miller, Kroeger, Timberlake. Second Ron, from left to right: May, Benton, Head of Hunt, Wallace, Lindsay, Head of Riding. Not Pictured: Harjes, Holmes, Lord, Maynard, Rienecke. The Riding Club began its program of activities in September. New and old talent appeared for the Bedford Horseshow and the Horsemanship Classes. Mr. Clayton E. Bailey guided schooling sessions which included the evalua- tion of horses and Saturday morning programs. Hunter trials, cross-country and trail rides were frequent events. A Point-to-Point attracted outside competition as well as many spectators. Captain Vladimir S. Littauer conducted the annual clinic in February with the theme " Milestones in Schooling. " Longer drags were initiated in the twice-a-week hunts. New members were asked to join, adding interest and enthusiasm to the hunt. A Cross-Country Endurance Test over a two mile course proved the necessity for riders and mounts to be in good condition. A Horseshow Team was chosen early in the Spring to represent the college in Shows in the Lynchburg and Amherst areas. The Lewis and Lloyd Howard Trophies were presented at the annual Sweet Briar Show. Horsemanship Classes later in the season offered the Blackwell Challenge Trophy to the Advanced Class and the " 52 " Cup to the freshman rider who exhibited the most improvement during the year. F- 110 ♦ ♦ % % % COUNCIL Top, left: Starting the Hunt. Top, right: Hunter Pairs. Center: Horse Show Practice. Bottom. left: Schooling with Mr. Bailey. Bottom, right: Line-up for the Point-to-Point. ' ♦ ' .♦. ' f, ' DANCE First Row, from left to right: Glass, S. Davis, Weed, President, Johnston. Second Row, from left to right: Pedersen, New- ton, V. Nelson, Leigh, Long, Chase, Murden, Kingman, Gerrard, Richey. Third Row, from left to right: Coggeshall, McCallum, Liebert, A. McCullough, Mears, Phelps, Wyatt, C. Hill, Buckingham, E. Bell, Loving, Shannon. Not Pictured: D. Gibson, Rather, Barnes, Forsyth, Frawley, Gilbert, Herschbach, A. Jones, Newman, Stenhouse, Ta loe, A. Taylor, Dies, K. D. Moore, Headstream, Young, H. Wood, Lloyd. Dance a t Sweet Briar is modern dance. There are two divisions of the Dance Club: Tanz Zirkel is for interested beginners, and Dance Group includes more advanced members who combine techniques and creativity in their compe- titions. The Dance Club holds tryouts several times a year; anyone interested in belonging to Tanz Zirkel is urged to try out, and promotions to Dance Group are made as the dancers improve. After auditions, the new members are announced at fall and spring picnics. A demonstration in November illustrated a regular class for the freshmen. A spring recital, given in March, pre- sented the talents of the members in expression, in technique, and in choreography. The dance schedule also included visiting performers and programs off campus. The Club was invited to see per- formances and to take master lessons from artists appearing under the auspices of the Richmond Dance Society; the dancers also attended the Fine Arts Festival at the Women ' s College of North Carolina. 4 • ♦ ♦ ♦ TENNIS Tennis is a popular sport at Sweet Briar in the fall and spring seasons. There are six courts on campus which are available for matches or for informal games. This year there were faculty-student matches, and an Odd-End school tournament took place in the fall. Varsity and reserve teams are chosen to play matches with Westhampton, William and Mary, Randolph-Macon, Lynchburg College, and Bridgewater. The match against Hollins is played on the courts at The Homestead in Hot Springs. A tennis coach comes to Sweet Briar in the spring to conduct a clinic for the tennis classes. hint Ron, left to right: Schwab, Coxe (Head), Woods, D. Second Ron: Winslett, Miller, L., Ho, Cowen. Not pictured: MacKethan. First Ron, left to right: Berguido, Reiblich, Chao, Best, Moore, S. (Head), Duffield, Morison, Moore, D. Second Ron : Ford, E., Brean, Boothe, Space, Bear, Fisher. Devener, Cowan, Grant. BASKETBALL Varsity basketball was chosen from the Odd-End teams in the late fall. We had exciting and close games during the season with Lynchburg, Hollins, Westhampton, William and Marv, Roanoke, and Madison. Odd-End and class games added intra-school rivalry to the schedule. The games and practices were fun for all and produced much spirited sportsmanship. ♦♦♦.». ' ! ■ ; 0 4 ■ ■ ' A i LACROSSE Many beginners as well as energetic veterans join in the fast game of lacrosse. Games were scheduled during the spring and fall seasons with William and Mary, Hollins and Stratford. We also participated in the Virginia State Tournament. First Row, left to right: Fisher, Graham, Fielding, Coleman, Wood, A. (Head). Second Row: Thorn- ton. T., Scott, M. B., Ward, Johnson, M., Rieblich, Brean, Weingart, Berguido, Morison, Hnot, Mas- sie, Crosby, E. First Row, left to right: Thornton, T., Scott, M. B. (Head), Hale, Head, Wood, A. Second Row: Jack- son, Johnson, Sell, Smith, A. SOFTBALL Shouts from softball enthusiasts echo from the West Dell during the spring season. Odd-End and faculty-student games give many the opportunity to play and to watch. Students and faculty join in the fun, encouraging their re- spective teams with loud cheers. 114 ♦ ♦ THE LAKE Boating enthusiasts, sunhathers, and swimmers gather at the lake during the Kill and spring. The rustic boathousc with its fireplace and informal atmosphere provides a place for parties and relaxation throughout the year. The lake becomes a festival scene of class contests and student rivalry during Lake Day and Gala Night. THE CABIN " The call of the fire, " campfire songs, and toasted marsh- mallows — the students think of these and they come to the cabin. A short hike takes us to the contentment of woodsy surroundings, relaxation, and the " simple life. " Cornelia Bear, Head of Lake d of Cabin Ceci Dickson, Head of Archery Jana Bekins, Head of Games ARCHERY Colorful targets near the gym invite skilled and unskilled archers to test their aim. Arrows are seen soaring through the air on any warm spring or fall day. Where they may land, nobody knows; but future Robin Hoods are on their way! GAMES Games, anyone? Ping-pong, squash, badminton, and vol- ley-ball are offered for winter sports. There is lively inter- class competition, Odd-End games, and faculty-student rivalry. There is always activity at the gym, and everyone is welcome to join in the fun. 115 " ' J 4 Hfl - ■1 Ha jm L J ■f H 1 ■B • ' -x •:1 L - r tt y J ' ■ L II 1 Lafe " I ' m late! I ' m late! The Duchess! The Duchess! Oh, my dear paws! Oh, my dear paws! Oh, my fur and whiskers! She ' ll get me executed, as sure as ferrets are ferrets! " STUDENT EXECUTIVE BOARD As a result of the student petition submitted to the faculty in 1906, Sweet Briar College students were granted the privilege of self-government. Since then the Student Government has been a constantly growing and active part of our college. We, the students, have been given more and more individual responsibility; our Student Government As- sociation has emerged as a reflection of our ability to accept these responsibilities. The powers of the Association are vested in three capacities: legislative, executive, and judicial. The legislative powers are vested in the Association as a whole, which has jurisdiction over all regulations falling within the student sphere of authorirty. The executive powers are vested in the Executive Board which makes and interprets rules, con- ducts polls and elections, and coordinates campus activities. Faculty and students are brought together by College Council meetings in both executive and judicial capacities. The main purpose of the Executive Board stems from the desire to make the whole system of campus life more meaningful and smoothly operative. In its 1956-57 program, the Executive Board has fulfilled this purpose by stream- lining the nomination systems, organizing a workable receptionist duty plan, sponsoring weekly faculty-student din- ners in the refectory, and by attempting to increase student awareness of the necessity of accepting individual responsi- bility both here and in post-college years. First Row, left to right: Calhoun, Halmagyi, President; Lanier, Benedict. Second Row: Stingily, Bush, S. Johnson, S. Davis. Third Row: Liebert, Dunning, Buchanan, Ames. Fourth Row: Mackall, A. Carpenter, Barclay, Ambler. Not Pictured: Berguido, Ward. GOVERNMENT First Ron; left to right: Prior, Underhill, Bowdle, Chairman; Chase, Massie. Second Ron: D. Woods, Wilson, Salisbury, D. Moore, M. Martin, Chao. Not Pictured: Godwin. JUDICIAL BOARD The judicial powers of the Student Government Association are vested in the Judicial Board which safeguards the Honor System on which the Association is founded. The aim of the Judicial Board is to interpret the Honor System, emphasizing not only the system but the way of life embodied in it. The Judicial Board renews its purposes each year. It operates through an unchanging policy which emphasizes " more honor and less system. " Judic educates the individual and the community in an understanding of the reasons behind the rules as well as the rules themselves. Penalties are " reminders " and are assigned after careful study of each individual case. While the Executive Council emphasizes the overall spirit of the Association, the Judicial Board applies this spirit practically by way of the regulations. The Honor System applies to every phase of college life. The most concrete ex- pression of our obligations in maintaining a high standard of honor is embodied in the honor pledge signed by every student: " I pledge upon my honor to assume individual responsibility for the honor system of Sweet Briar. In accepting this responsibility I pledge my best effort to make the highest ideal of honor prevail at Sweet Briar; I promise to report myself for any of my infractions of the Sweet Briar regulations, and to ask others to report themselves for any of their infractions if I am not certain that they have done so. " Y. W. A CABINET First Ron. from left to right: Pinckney, Ogden, Marks, Mallard, Lcibert, President; Murdock, McDaniel. Second Ron: B. Robinson, Marchant, Lotterhos, Cannon, Gwinn, Stevens, Baker, Swift, Leigh, Ballard, Duke. Not Pictured: Corson, Perrin. Front Ron, left to right: Stevens, Ballard, Pinckney, Swift. COMMISSION HEADS ♦ » ♦ ♦ C. A. First Row, left to right: S. Taylor, Hale, Miller, Marshall, Farmer, Ogden, Chairman, Payne, Burnet, Sampson, Watjen, Franklin. Second Row: Parker, Marchant, Henderson, Stoddard, Grubb, M. H. Cook, A. Taylor, Murdock, Brownlee, Sor- ley, C. Fitzgerald. Third Row: Johnston, Zick, Plumb, Bossert, Tyler, Ramey, Eagles, Coxe, Duke, C. Gibson, Bussan, Ulf, Chambers, Bmner. Back Row: P. Chandler, Ramsey, A. Young, Farquhar, Hagerty, Morison, Timberlake, Kroeger, T. Thornton, E. Smith, Ely, Watts, Turnbull, J. Green, Epsen, G. Smith. Not Pictured: Andrews, Bekins, Bryan, Gumaer, Hawkins, Hill, Lowe, MacKethan, McDanield, J. Moore, A. Morris, M. B. Scott, Slack. Sturgeon, Taggert. ORIENTATION COMMITTEE The Sweet Briar Y.W.C.A. endeavors to emphasize the importance of religion in daily life and to achieve the goal of the national Y.W.C.A., " To unite in the desire to realize full and creative life through a growing knowledge of God. " All students receive membership in this organization and are encouraged to join together in programs of wor- ship and service. The campus and community program of the Y.W.C.A. is centered on problems of particular concern to students as responsible Christian members of the community. Each class supervises a project in the underprivileged schools in the Amherst area. The four Discussion Groups— World-Relatedness, Christian Faith and Heritage, Personal and Cam- pus Life, and Social Responsibility — meet once a month to discuss problems of common interest; they seek in these discussions to apply Christianity to all phases of life. Members of the Orientation Committee welcome new and for- eign students and help to guide them through the first weeks and months of life at Sweet Briar. Sunday evening ves- pers and weekly dorm devotionals, which are conducted by students, arc a meaningful part of our college life; the three-day Annual Religious Conference is a valuable experience in Christian development. 4 4 4 TAU PHI Tau Phi is an upperclass honorary society, founded for the purpose of uniting the highest ideals of the academic tradition with those of Sweet Briar life. The members believe that the stimulation that comes with learning is more meaningful through sharing; thus, besides encouraging interests in the various lec- tures and concerts throughout the year, the club endeavors to bring interesting and controversial ques- tions to the college through faculty-student discussions, weekly readings for the whole community, and book reviews in the newspaper. Tau Phi ' s other activities include packing baskets at Christmas for the farm help and collecting and sending books to Asian countries. First Ron, from left to right: Weitzel, McBurney, Ames, Halmagyi, Duncan, Bowdle. Second Row: M. Martin, M. A. Wilson, Kimball, President; Raines, D. Gibson, D. Woods, Buchanan, Leibert, Slack. Third Ron : Ritter, Pinckney, Best. Not Pictured: Berguido, Chao. First Ron, left to right: Ely, Sykes, Duffield, M. Scott, Weed, M. Taylor.Bac Rob : C. Donnan, Tilghman, Ballard, President; A. Barnes, Lawson. Not Pictured: Ashby, Johnson, Prior. CHUNG MUNG The aim of these thirteen junior and senior ghosts is to encourage a spirit of enthusiasm toward Sweet Briar and its traditions. They are chosen for their interest and participation in campus activities and de- vote much time and energy to community projects throughout the year. They sponsor an auction in the fall during the Campus Chest drive, aid the Student Development Fund, collect clothes at Christmas to send to Europe, and in the spring present their annual fashion show. The peak of their friendly rivalry with the Tau Phis is reached on the morning of May Day in the traditional game of Softball between the two groups. 122 Q. V. The QA ' . ' s arc members of the sophomore class, elected by secret ballot by their class in the fall. Their purpose is twofold: they encourage enthusiasm in all phases of college life so that each sophomore will look forward with anticipation to her remaining years at Sweet Briar and they make each individual aware of her responsibility to participate in class activities not only in the sophomore year but throughout her college ca- reer. The names of the members of the Q.V. are not announced until spring step-singing because it is felt that they can work far more effectively if they work quietly. first Ron. left to right: Mackall, G. Smith, D. Moore, Turnbiill, Dulce, A. Young. Second Ron: Bush, Salisbury, Morison, C. Cook, Marchant, Hale. Right: Cannon, Zi ident; Benedict, Mclvor, D. Woods, Meighan, Prior, S. Davis, J. Graham. BUM CHUMS " Hallelujah I ' m a Bum! " announces the coming of the Notorious Ten through the school year as this spirited group of juniors embarks on various projects for the benefit and fun of the community. They are tapped just after spring step-singing of their sophomore year; the following September they plunge into their duties as monitors for the March of Dimes in Amherst, sponsors of the Blood-mobile, supporters an- nually of a charitable project, and cleaners of Daisy ' s Den. Added attractions are the Holiday Inns put on at Christmas and in the spring — faculty shows in miniature, with ice cream and cokes — designed to show the world that every professor has his bright side. Their pure fun and functionless function is their search for the identity of the year ' s Q.V. ' s which adds much spice to campus life. Each year they prove themselves to be an indispensable part of the " Sweet Briar family. " PAINT AND PATCHES The aim of Paint and Patches since its establishment has been for the students to create and to develop an active interest in all fields of drama. The basis of this aim is " to entertain and to educate " Sweet Briar audiences by further- ing the creativity and theatrical knowledge of the students working on plays, therefore hoping each year to develop a better and more universal understanding of dramatic art. Paint and Patches this year presented a variety of plays, each representing a different genre of drama. In the fall Henrik Ibsen ' s realistic and intense Hcdda Gabler proved a very successful venture. As if winter couldn ' t give shivers enough during those damp, cold days, an unusual melodrama, Murder Without Men, added a touch of excitement and color to the long winter months. As a final presentation, Paint and Patches closed the season with the witty and enduring Gilbert and Sullivan musical, Iolanthc. As always, no dramatic production could be possible without the artistic function of the director. Dr. Freeman ' s wide capabilities in both the technical and acting fields made each performance a polished and " alive " realization of the aim of the Dramatic Club at Sweet Briar. First Ron; left to right: Schuster, Phelps, Harjes, President; Wynn. Second Row: Lanier, Ogden, Churbuck, S. Smith, Godwin, Tetzloff, Wyatt. Third Ron: Chapin, Slack, Marks, Freeman, C. Scott, Bowdle, Ames, Kimball. ■ «• • ♦ » « ♦ Haskell, Barclay, Folmar, Webb, Grafmueller, Prior, Meighan, J. Fitzgerald, President; C. Cannon, Bear, Fulenwider, Raines, Zimmerman, Robin, Duffield, Bush, Hale, Buchanan. Not Pictured: Stingily, Wilson. AINTS AND ASSES The familiar refrain, " Aints and Asses, lovely lasses, not one dud, " symbolizes gaiety and humor at Sweet Briar. With sparkling wit and glowing humor, these twenty-one young lovelies satirize any and all phases of community life. Unfettered by conventions of propriety, they stage original take-offs of dramatic productions, the Freshman Fashion Show, and the Mav Court. Their " Sweat Brow Blues " keeps the morale of students high during exams as does their buffoonery during the rest of the year. The Aints and Asses are especially well known in the spring by the sound of their whistles as they strive to keep wanderers off the new grass. This merry clan holds a unique place at Sweet Briar because it was for their " poisonality that " they " was picked. " 125 SOCIAL COMMITTEE When the lights begin to blink and you hear the familiar words, " It ' s time to tell your date goodnight, " you know the Social Committee is on the job. Working in conjunction with the Dean ' s Office and the Ex- ecutive Council, this committee is active not only on the weekends but throughout the week, reminding Sweet Briar girls of their responsibility to uphold the Sweet Briar standards of dress and demeanor. These active lasses plan and put on the Midwinter ' s Dance and act as the floor committee for all Sweet Briar dances. First Row, left to right: Lawson, Raines, Weed, Sykes, M. L. Smith. Second Row: Ulf, M. Scott, Folmar, Stingily, Chairman; J. Fitzgerald, M. Taylor. Third Ron: C. Fitzgerald, Bear, Ely, Leigh, Duncan. Not Pictured: Cannon, Hopkins. First Row, left to right: Ambler, Weitzel, Chairman; Shipman, Van DerVoort. Second Row: Sykes, M. R. Cook, Coggeshall, Westfall, Best, Leigh. Not Pictured: Myers, McMurtry, Birchfield, Barker, Armfield. The Personnel and Vocational Guidance committee, composed of a small group of students and faculty, ad- vises Sweet Briar students about post-graduation and summer job opportunities. The committee gives panels on summer jobs and teaching and arranges for speakers to visit the campus to discuss career openings and advantages. The student members of the group tabulate student interests and publicize and make available information in these fields. The extensive literature on graduate schools and job possibilities collected and filed by this committee is readily accessible to all students. VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE COMMITTEE PHI BETA KAPPA In 1949 Sweet Briar College was granted by the Phi Beta Kappa Society a charter for the Theta chapter of Virginia. Each year the chapter chooses a small number of seniors who have attained a high excellence in scholastic and cultural pursuits. Membership rarely exceeds ten percent of the senior class and may not sur- pass fifteen percent. The chapter may also elect juniors of exceptional ability. On February 26, Dr. Lily Ross Taylor, Dean Emeritus of Latin at Bryn Mawr College, delivered the 1957 Phi Beta Kappa Lecture. Best, Matheson, Pinckney, Donnan, Weitzel, McBurney. Not Pictured: Kimball, Wilson, Liebert. Left to Right: Ritter, Pinckney, Chairman, Dickson, S. Smith, Rather. Not Pictured: J. Duncan, Claiborne. The Curriculum Committee invites students to bring questions, suggestions, and constructive criticism with regard to the curriculum. It serves as an intermediary between faculty and students on such matters as major subjects, the Honors Plan of study, or group requirements. The committee is composed of stu- dent representatives from each of the groups of study and from the sophomore and freshman classes. Its job is to gather facts about the curriculum and methods of instruction at Sweet Briar and to give valid answers to questions that arise concerning these. CURRICULUM COMMITTEE 127 f.-f t » ' f. ART AND MUSIC CLUB The purpose of the Art and Music Club is to stimulate and to promote interest in art and music in the Sweet Briar Community. The club sponsors films, exhibitions, lectures, and art demonstrations for the ben- efit of the community. Each individual member has the opportunity to work on projects which the group enjoys as a whole. The Club partly owns the large lending library of picture collections used by the col- lege community. Included in the program for this year was a lecture entitled " Schweitzer as Theologian, Musician and Philosopher " , given by Miss Margaret Deneke, a prominent lecturer and concert artist who worked with Dr. Schweitzer in Africa. First Row, right to left: Birch, Blake. Hight, Archer, Baggs, Bruner, Green. Second Row: Gallo, Craig, M. Johnson, V. Nelson, McCollum, Epsen, Barker, Mayer, Churbuck, Long. Third Row: Loving, Mclvor, P. Johnson, Perry, P. Davis, Kingman, McDaniel, President, McCarrick, E. Moore, Wittich, Gwinn, Slack, Westfall, L. Martin, Baker. Not Pictured: Allison, A. Barnes, Bekins, Best, Colburn, Crone, Eagles, C. Green, Hagerty, Mixson, K. Moore, McKee, Pegram, Paul, Russell, Schuemann, Scott, Spenser, Stenhouse. First Ron-, left to right: Grubb, L. Brown, Mackie, Lineberger, Schumacher, Birchfield, Frawlcy. Second Ron: GaUo, Craig, Ritter, Mclvor, Wescfall, President; Hale, M. H. Cooke, C. Mather, Mayer, Mendelson. Third Ron : Massie, Ward, P. John- son, McClancy, Benedict, Austen, Marshall, T. Thornton, Bussan, Robinson, Duncan, Bruner. Fourth Ron: M. Payne, Chao, Tatman, Henderson, Eagles, Ramsey, Sampson, Jamison, A. Smith, Baker, Campbell, Duke, Saur. Not Pictured: Dunning, Graham, Ferris, H.Iton, Kemper, Kerkam, Lane, Mayfield, Nichols, Paul, N. Thornton. THE CHOIR The Sweet Briar Choir is an organization which offers instruction in group singing and acquaints its members with sacred and secular choral music. The Choir encourages its members to become familiar with varieties of sacred music including plain song, chants, and oratorios. Election to the Choir is considered a distinct honor. The Choir, under the direction of Mr. Edmund Allison, has presented an unusual selection of works throughout the year. The Choir provides music for each Sunday service and participated in the Founders ' Day program in the fall. The winter season included two joint presentations of the Christmas portions of the Messiah with the Washington and Lee Glee Club at Sweet Briar and at Lexington. The annual Christmas Carol Service featured the " Magnificat " bv Dufay. The Choir joined with Paint and Patches in the spring to present Gilbert and Sullivan ' s lolanthe. This was followed by a tour with the University of Virginia Glee Club. The Baccalaureate Service brought the vear ' s activities to a close. 129 t t » : f . WORLD AFFAIRS CLUB This organization provides a fine soap box from which students as well as faculty and guest speakers may air their ideas on the world situation to a well-informed and interested group. Political and economic problems are discussed and debated, thereby giving each participant greater insight into international affairs. First Ron, from left to right: Ambler, Underhill, D. Duncan, Heuer, President, Webb, M. Johnson, Medert. Second Ron: Schoonmaker, P. Davis, Best, S. Lee, Murden, Churbuck, L. Woods, Blake, R. Carpenter, Burelle, Phinney, Marchant. Back Ron: J. Nelson, Wittich, Calhoun, Swift, Waddell, Zimmerman, Baggs, Mayher, D. Gibson, Benedict, Lanier. Not Pictured: Ballard, Boothe, Cooper, Duffield, Frost, C. Gibson, C. Green, R. E. Green, Haskell, Hooker, Kimball, Leibert, C. Lanz, Luke, McBurney, McCarrick, McMurtry, S. Moore, Peebles, Pender, Mayfield, Ramsey, M. L. Smith, Stenhouse, Wallace, Williams, D. Woods, Wyatt, Weikert, Malone. First Ron, from left to right: J. Graham, C. Cook, S. Hale. Second Ron: J. Fitzgerald, M. Webb, Westfall, Presi- dent; M. Scott, Duffield, Richey. This informal singing group was started several years ago by a group of nine seniors who enjoyed sing- ing together. They have since become a standing tradition at Sweet Briar, providing entertainment at school parties and dinners and at occasional Lynchburg events. The success of any occasion is assured with the help of this lively group and their varied repertoire. SWEET TONES CAMPUS CHEST COMMITTEE This faculty-student organization, the only large charity solicitation group on campus, sponsors a Funds Drive each year within the college community. The committee supervises and allocates the donations ac- cording to the wishes of each contributor to local, national, and international organizations. Part of the funds goes toward scholarships to bring at least two foreign students to Sweet Briar each year. This drive makes it convenient for every student to give as much as she likes to causes that seem worthwhile to her. First Ron. left to right: Jamison, Whitson, Ritler, Chairman; Benton. Second Ron: Archer, Johnson, A. Taylor, P. Meighan. Not Pictured: McCallum, Robinson. First Ron, left to rght: Marchant, Lineberger, Donnan, Hale. Second Ron: Bryan, Haskell, Chairman; .itt. I Inn! Ron: Ragland, Bekins, Ashby, Heuer, Bniner, Sturgeon, S. Graham. Not Pictured: Benton. [ " here has been a fund in pasl years i " raise monej for tli construction " l a new auditorium, [ " his I unci has at a good deal " i iii " u . Although the need for a new auditorium i- 1 1 great, Sweet Briar has realized that there were oilier parts oi ih. development program that could benefit more from " ur efforts, [ " he student l " d voted t " change the name of the Auditorium Fund to the Student Development Fund. We " ill vote at the beginning of everj school yea i to decide which division we «ill work foi during the coming months We change mir project as it is net t nun year to year with this flexible set up, I Ins year tin Student Bodj voted unanimous!) to support Facult} Salaries. I h students make monetary and other contributions; thej have made it possible to reduce maids ' salaries in ordei to increase I acult) salaries bj volunteering to take ovei reception dutj in thi dormitories. The Develop menl Fund has also sponsored th Christmas Bazaar, the Fall Auction, the maintenance oi Zinsser ' s Cabin, and the sellin Briai blazers, The student bod) of s«eet Briai College " ill undertake an annual project fur the purpose oi the betterment of the entire community under the guidance " t student and faculty leaders " t the Development Fund, DEVELOPMENT FUND COMMITTEE 131 ' ♦ • 4 ■ THE BRAMBLER The Brdtnbler, Sweet Briar ' s literary magazine, publishes the best short stories, plays, poems, essays, and drawings submitted by students and faculty. Occasionally material written in foreign languages is accepted as well as translations from foreign writings by contributors. This publication appears four times a year and aims to stimulate interest and skill in all forms of literary art. First Row, left to right: Burnet, S. Moore, A. Scott, Parker. Second Ron: Ambler, Heard, Frame, Weed, Ramey. Third Ron : Frost, Bussan, Price, Heuer. Not Pictured: Morris, Mears, Webb, Meyerink, Stenhouse, Mather, Brown. Left to Right: Lawson, Business Manager; Donnan, Editor. The Student ' s Handbook is a manual of the social and academic rulings of the college. It is published each spring and is sent to all incoming students as well as the upperclassmen to familiarize them with Sweet Briar ' s honor system, regulations, organizations, and activities. The Key is an informal presentation of college life. Its main emphasis is upon traditions, extracurricular activities, and the lighter side of campus living. It tries in this way to express concretely the intangible " Sweet Briar spirit. " HANDBOOK AND KEY THE SWEET BRIAR NEWS NANNETTE McBURNEY MARY ANNE VAN DERVOORT Editor Business Manager First Row from left to right: Wcitzcl, Churbuck, M. M irtin, McBurney, Editor; Van Dervoort, Lanier, E. John- ston Se-ond Ron: Plumb, Haugan, Ambler. Medert, Haskell. Heuer, Berguido, Wimbish, Bush, J. Green, Wh.tson, Best Third Row Craig Mclvor. loving, Zick, McCallum, Benson, M. Hill, A. Taylor, Wynn, E. Moore. Not Pictured: Prior. Br an. Stevens, B.irnet, Arnold, Meighan, Colburn, Hooker, Frame, Westfall, Jackson, Duffield. Sampson, Buchanan, Ambler. The Sweet Briar News is a medium for acquainting the community and friends of the college with cam- pus events, for integrating student-faculty views, and for bringing the college community in touch with hap- penings of local and national interests. Because of increased national and local advertising, this year the News has increased to six pages every week, bringing a more complete coverage of events of interest and more feature articles, particularly on campus traditions. The News, in trying to take a more active part in campus lite, sponsored a discussion on Integration and States ' Rights early in the year based on the Desegregation resolution passed at the National Students Congress in August. 1956. In November the News sponsored a Mock Presidential Election, which showed Sweet Briar students to be good judges: Eisenhower was elected. The Mens is the result of week-long toil. Assignments are distributed Tuesday and are due on Sunday nights. Pages are made up Monday nights. Page proofs are checked with the printer on Tuesday after- noons and on Wednesday the News is received by every student and subscriber. Purely a student enter- prise, Nen - staff jobs range from photography and copy reading to circulation and advertising to writing and editing. ♦ 4 % THE BRIAR JANET WYNN Editor The Brair Patch is the annual project of the Junior Class. Each member participates in the pro- duction of this year book, which is designed to portray life at Sweet Briar, its traditions, interests, and activities. This year the Briar Patch presents Alice ' s Wonderland. We hope to emphasize the intangible meanings and experiences that each student finds in her Wonderland by depicting the Sweet Briar scene as a fantasy. Alice is the alumna, the student, the prospective observer; Alice is a part of Sweet Briar. She will always be found on our campus for A £} ( FIRST ROW, from left to right: Dr. Lawrence G. Nelson, Faculty Advisor; Cornelia Bear, Sports Editor; Evan- geline Bell, Art Editor; Claire Cannon, Engraving Editor; Julie Green, Feature Editor. SECOND ROW, from left to right: Marcia Hill, Copy Editor; Joan Lamparter, Literary Editor; Shirley McCallum, Circulation Editor; Ann McCullough, Typing Editor; Jane Shipman, Advertising Manager; Mary Taylor, Photography Editor. 134 PATCH she is the happiness, the enthusiasm, and the vital- ity of the college. The Briar Patch of 1957 started as a dream and verv slowly became a reality. The staff began early to contact advertisers and to set up money raising campaigns. The photographer and his sub- jects thought we were jinxed as we had pictures re- taken three times. All at once it was possible to collect pictures and copy, to meet deadlines, to find our bank account full and settled. The staff of this year book fondly and finally presents the Briar Patch to the class of 1957. FIRST ROW, from left to right: Taylor, A., Schuster, Ogden, Zick, Sykes, Johnson, M., Carpenter, R., Elv. SEC- OND ROW, from left to right: Craig, Mclvor, Austen, Wyatt, Martin, Berguido, Myers, Lanier, Fielding, Peder- son, Lindsay. THIRD ROW, from left to right: Carpenter, A., Plumb, Loving, Nelson, J., Archer, Waddell, Zim- merman, Baggs, Mears, Epsen, Ashby, Leigh, Tyson, Benton. NOT PICTURED: Benecke, Boothe, Coggeshall, Colburn, Dickson, Floyd, Gait, Garrard, Humphreys, K ' Burg, Langie, Mclvor, Meighan, Moore, E., Nelson. V.. Pender, Prior, Scott, R., Shannon, Spencer, St. Claire, Williams, Woods, D. 135 t. t » T% _ MAY DAY AT SWEET BRIAR COLLEGE hsoborta oLoitise If atone MAY QUEEN " Iii the grand procession came the Queen of Hearts. " A ■ ♦ : ♦, ' Anne Harvey Gwinn Crown Bearer Sandra Dianne Stingily Scepter Bearer COURT BEARERS Mary Carolyn Scott Garland Bearer Helen Howell Smith Page «3fc f 1 Jacquelin Ambler Monica Florence Ballard Florence Morse Barclay Marie Arnold Chaplin Marylew Hughes Cooper Diane Duffield ' r ■ « r r »• ♦ • . « Dorothy Emile Duncan Nancy Ellen Godwin Ruth Ellen Green Eleanor Saynor Johnson Margaret Elizabeth Liebert Helen Nannette McBurney « » ♦ Emma Henry Matheson Virginia Bishop Weed Moi.lie Bain Archer Susan Mary Avril Julie Ravenel Boothe Ruth Berrien Carpenter i t r ■4.4 4 4 ♦. . t. Dianne Falconer Chase Emma Elizabeth Coggeshall Susan Randolph Day Judith Louise Graham Elizabeth Henry Pender Mary Kent Zimmerman ♦ ♦ 11 % f Jacqueline Gay Hart Barbara McDonnell Lewis Aminta Sorrel Mackall Elizabeth Margaret Smith Frances Tabb Gordon Thornton Ellen Carter Nichols Patricia Ann Powell . .- ' ♦ ' .♦. ' ' . Lastly, she pictured to herself how a little girl of hers would, in the after- time, be herself a grown woman; and how she would keep, through all her riper years, the simpler and loving heart of her childhood; and how she would gather about her other little children, and make their eyes bright and eager with many strange tales and dreams of Wonderland of long ago; and how she would feel with all their simple sorrows, and find pleasure in all their simple joys, remembering her own child life, and the happy days. i .. •t t ♦ ' •♦♦■♦♦ STUDENT DIRECTORY v% ; Alexander, Jean Sears Bernardsville, N. J. Allan, Patricia Jane. . . .3701 Boyds Bridge Pike, Knoxville, Tenn. Allison, Sara Elaine 20+ N. Colonial Homes C ' ir. N V, Atlanta, Ga. Ambler, Jaquelin 67 Afterglow Ave., Montclair, N. J. Ami s, Sophie Ann 779 E. Clarke PI., Orange, N. J. Andrews, Ethel Houston 1205 Champaign, Anniston, Ala. Andrews, Jane Meredith Union Springs, Ala. Anthony, Aphrodite. . . .3750 Hudson Manor, New York 71, N. V. Archer, Mollie Bain 15 Robin Rd., Richmond, Va. Arrafield, Sallie Millis 811 Woodland Dr., Greensboro, N. C. Arnold, Erna Gale 232 Edgerstoune Rd., Princeton, N. J. Ashb) , Patricia May no Sea View Ave., Piedmont, Cal. Atkins, Mary Price 257 Mansfield Ave., Darien, Conn. Austen, Sarah Langhorne . . 2742 Rocklyn Rd., Shaker Heights, O. Avril, Susan Mary 7 Tanglewood Lane, Cincinnati, O. B Baggs, Joan Bates 2737 Vineville Ave., Macon, Ga. Baker, Barbara Lee 4901 Roland Ave., Baltimore 10, Md. Ball, Elizabeth Rhett 3615 Hampton Ave., Nashville 12, Tenn. Ballard, Monica Florence. . .151 Greenway, S., Forest Hills, N. Y. Barclay, Florence Morse N. Main St., Cranbury, N. J. Barker, Jean-Lamont 10 Spooner Rd., Chestnut Hill, Mass. Barnard, Carol Perry 79 Hawthorne PL, Montclair, N. J. Barnes. Alice Diehl 817 Sycamore St., Rocky Mount, N. C. Barnes, Judith Eugenia. . . .817 Sycamore St., Rocky Mount, N. C. Barnwell, Dorothy Lea Rt. 3, Burlington, N. C. Bauer, Helene 5 Ridgewood Rd., Clayton 2+, Mo. Beam, Barbara Louise.. .+06 Lincoln Rd., Grosse Pointe 30, Mich. Bean, Jan Isabel 261 1 Live Oak, San Angelo, Tex. Bear, Cornelia Irene 1536 Gilmer Ave., Montgomery, Ala. Beattie, Sara Catherine, 3047 E. Pine Valley Rd. N V, Atlanta Ga. Beekman, Nancy Ann Franklin Park, N. J. Bekins, Jana The Highlands, Seattle 77, Wash. Belisle, Betsey Jane 3224 W. 69th St., Kansas City, Mo. Bell, Barbara Ann 155 Requa Rd., Piedmont, Cal. Bell, Evangeline Iredell 23 Stratford PL, Binghamton, N. Y. Bell, Judith Milligan 22 Stratford PI., Binghamton, N. V. Benecke, Gisela Anne 95 Edgemont PL, Teaneck, N. J. Benedict, Olivia Procter Springfied Pike, Glenda ' e, O. Benson, Pollv Meadow Knoll Farm, Dundee, 111. Benton, Sarah 161 6 44th St. NW, Washington, D. C. Berguido, June 135 Rose Lane, Haverford, Pa. Berkeley, Judith Randolph. . . .Univ. of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. Bertelsen, Sarah Starke 18 Linden Gardens, Wellesley, Mass. Best, lane Cutlar 102 Vance St., Fremont, N. C. Birchfield, Beverly Bonham P. O. Box 555, Marion, Va. Blake, Caroline.. Strawberry Hill,Needham R.F.D., Mass. Blanchard, Louise Meredith. .210 Prospect St., Hummelstown, Pa. Boothe, Julie Ravenel Vicar Lane, Alexandria, Va. Bossert, Joanne Stewart. . . .6105 Pinehurst Rd., Baltimore 12, Md. Bowdle, Priscilla 3218 Fordham Rd., Wilmington 79, Del. Bowen, Barbara Maury 2649 Henry St., Augusta, Ga. Boyd, Martha Ann 210 Woodland Terrace, Alexandria, Va. Boyd, Mary Kathleen 953 Ramona Rd., Wilmette, 111. Braucher, Nancy Cover R.F.D. 3, Somerset, Pa. Brawner, Elizabeth Bucklev ' 265 W. Wesley Rd. NW, Atlanta, Ga. Brean, Judith Ann 29 Herkimer Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. Brown, Laurel Bonney 14 Clover St., Larchmont, N. Y. Brown, Leigh Ann 279 Fisher Ave., White Plains, N. Y. Brown, Marcia Jane.... 941 Buckingham Cir. NW, Atlanta, Ga. Brown, Suzanne Linton. ... 1407 Denniston St., Pittsburgh 17, Pa. Brownlee, Catherine 1204 NE 5th St., Gainesville, Fla. Bruner, Ethel Woodville. .4201 Aha Vista Way, Knoxville, Tenn. Bryan, Mary Lane 16520 S. Woodland Rd., Cleveland 20, O. Buchanan, Floride Dwight 307 Liberty St., Winnsboro, S. C. Buckingham, Victor Louise Deerpath Inn, Lake Forest, III. Buechner, Elizabeth Lines.... 25 Sagamore Rd., Bronxville, N. Y. Bullis, Barbara Starr 9125 River Rd., Bethesda, Md. Burch, Elsie Caldwell Poplar Pike, Collierville, Tenn. Burelle, Mary-Louise 3 Arbor Rd., North Chelmsford, Mass. Burford, Nancy Lee 4209 Versailles, Dallas, Tex. Burnet, Martha Ann 1004 Cornwallis Dr., Greensboro, N. C. Bush, Patricia Ann 6031 Norway Rd., Dallas 30, Tex. Bussan, DeDe MacKenzie 351 S. Monroe, Lancaster, Wis. Butler, Alice Goodrich. .204 N. Quaker Lane, W. Hartford, Conn. Butler, Vivian McLean. . .1817 Lockerbie St., Montgomery 6, Ala. Byers, Sally Ann 2519 Fair Ave., Columbus, O. Cain, Eleanor Grace 411 S. Main St., Mullins, S. C. Calhoun, Susan Gordon Cornwall, Conn. Campbell, fane Jobson . . . . 838 Chester Rd., Charleston 2, W. Va. Canaday, Linda Marie 44 Rockwood Rd., Plandome, N. Y. Cannon, Ann Quayle 35 Forest Lane, Bronxville, N. Y. Cannon, Claire Penn. . . 2319 Princess Ann St., Greensboro, N. C. Carpenter, Alexandra 6 j Idlewild Cir., Br ' mingham 5, Ala Carpenter, Ruth Berrien .... 647 Idlewild Cir., Birmingham, Ala. Carter, Dorothy Ann 2455 E. 27th PL, Tulsa, Okla. Chambers, Elisabeth Lacy 514 Fairfax Ave., Norfolk, Va. Chandler, Patricia Louise. .. .705 S. Thornton Ave., Dalton, Ga. Chao, Anna 895 W. End Ave., New York, N. Y. Chapin, Marie Arnold 217 E. George Mason Rd., Falls Church, Va. Chase, Dianne Falconer. .. .74 N. Stanworth Dr., Princeton, N. J. Chen, Marv 361-01 Pembroke Ave., Great Neck, N. Y. Churbuck, Elizabeth Ann 828 S. Oak St., Hinsdale, III. Claiborne, Mary Anne. . . .455 W. Wesley Dd. NW, Atlanta, Ga. Coggeshall, Emma Elizabeth. . 51 1 N. Spain St., Darlington, S. C. Colburn, Elizabeth Grosvenor Rt. t, Arden, N. C. Coleman, Lura Ann 7 Weldon Lane, Bryn Mawr, Pa. Collver, Patricia Alyson Valley Dr., Greenwich, Conn. Colwill, Elizabeth Tunis 515 W. 40th St., Baltimore 11, Md. Cook, Margaret 2813 35th St. NW, Washington, D. C. Cook, Margaret Celeste Moore House Rd., Yorktown, Va. Cook, Raye Josephine 26 Valley Rd., Bronxville 8, N. Y. Cooke, Marv Harrison 820 Roanoke Ave., Elizabeth, N. J. Cooper, Joyce 18 E. Lane, Short Hills, N. J. Cooper, Marylew Hughes 2049 Maplewood Ave., Wi llow Grove, Pa. Cornell, Nancy Branch 550 Park St., Upper Montclair, N. J. Corson, Nancy Tilman. . . .3601 N. Abingdon St., Arlington 7, Va. Cowen, Judith Eleanor Parkside Rd., Harrington Park, N. T. Coxe, Patricia Barringer Skufful Farm, Darlington, S. C. Craig, Julia Olive 4201 Yacht Club Rd., Jacksonville, Fla. Crawford, Sammie Jean R.F.D. 2, Box 86, Amherst, Va. Crone, Nancy Forbes 385 N. Forest Rd., Williamsville, N. Y. Crosbv, Eleanor Ralston 3 E. 71st St., New York 21. N. Y. Crowell, Ann Redfern 4 Berkeley PL, Cranford, N. J. Cullum, Lee Brooks 3917 McFarlin Blvd., Dallas 5, Tex. D Davis, Elizabeth Grace. .53 Cloverly Rd., Grosse Pointe 36, Mich. Davis, Patricia Ann 405 S. Hale St., Piano, 111. Davis, Susan Hunt 103 Overwood Rd., Akron 1 3, O. Day, Susan Randolph 1109 West Ave., Richmond, Va. Del Greco, Leonora Annette. .. Belair, Rt. 5, Charlottesville, Va. Derrickson, Joann 128 Hazel Rd., Dover, Del. Devener, Claire Evelyn 60 Dedfield Pkwy., Batavia, N. Y. Dew, Elizabeth Ward 3420 Pine St., Jacksonville, Fla. Dewey, Dana 4331 Forest Lane NW, Washington 7, D. C. Dick, Roberta Susan 21 Stephen St., Manchester, Conn. Dickson, Cecile Beverly Aberuchill Farms, Purcellville, Va. Dies, Elaine Billings 2755 Central Ave., Memphis, Tenn. Dobson, Sallv Baird 41 W. Brentmoor, St. Louis 5, Mo. Dohs, Mary Ellen Buck Hill, P. O. Box 777, Staunton, Va. Donnan, Virginia Carter 2959 Hemlock Rd., Roanoke, Va. Doscher, Diane 55 Meadow Rd., Riverside, Conn. Doughertv, Jo Anne Skyline View, R. D. 3, Harrisburg. Pa. Dravneek, Nancv Ellen 21 Bon Mar Rd., Pelham, N. Y. Duffield, Diane. 1336 Colton Rd., Gladwyne, Pa. Duke, Elizabeth Etheridge. Si 5 Woodland Dr., Greensboro, N. C. Duncan, Dorothy Emile 701 Lancaster Ave., Monroe, N. C. Duncan, Jane Cannon Sparta, N. C. Dunn, Mary Reid 2001 Stuart Ave., Richmond, Va. Dunning, Deborah Jean Cantebury Rd., Brooklyn, Conn. Durham, Mary Snowdon R. F. D. 1, Charles Town, W. Va. 146 ♦ » ♦ » ■ STUDENT DIRECTORY 1 agles, Ann M.i hew Ellis, lane Elizabeth. . Ely, Man Woods . . . ....P. O. Box 10, Anchorage, K R. F. D. 4, Box 385, Roanoke, Va .1119 Scenic Dr., Knoxville, Tenn Epsen, (Catherine Ann 608 Fairacres Rd., Omaha, Neb. Farmer, Alice Cary 2923 Field Ave., Louisville •■ Ki. I arqnhar, Marilyn 2249 Lazy Lane, Fori Lauderdale, Fla. Farrell, Maiilde Anne 172 Beverly Rd., NE, Atlanta 9, Ga. Fernley, Ruth Ann 9507 Marston Rd., Philadelphia 18, Pa. Ferris, Donna Susan Cross Hill Rd., Millington, N. J. Few, Elizabeth Vanderhorst. . .14 Sutton PI., New York 22, N. V. Fielding, Myrna The Four Winds, Haverford, Pa. Fisher, Anne 29 S. Main St., Cohasset, Mass. Fitzgerald, Cornelia Louise 20 Bibbes St., Charleston, S. C. Fitzgerald, Jam- Parrish 52 Court St., Portsmouth, Va. Floyd, Elaine 1020 Sleepy Hollow Lane, Plainfield, N. J. Floyd, Nancy Carlene 5010 Gosnold Ave., Norfolk 8, Va. Folmar, Bett) Maxinc.304 E. Fairvicw Ave., Montgomery, Ala. Ford, Evangeline 2501 Fairwood Rd., La Marque, Tex. Ford, Sue Speed Kirkpatrick 35 Quincy St., Chevy Case, Md. Forsyth, Elizabeth Morton.. 3122 Rivermont Ave., Lynchburg, Va. Foster, Maydelle Vaughan 130 Lajara, San Antonio, Tex. Frame, Ruth Elizabeth Forest Dr., Pittsburgh 38, Pa. Franklin, Judith Marshall Seminary Ave., Lutherville, Md. Frawley, Patricia Carolyn 217 N. Perry St., Titus vi lie, Pa. Frost, I.uc Elizabeth 22 Dana PI., Englewood, . J. Fulenuider, Ann 1919 Granville Rd., Greensboro, N. C. Galleher, Susan Elgin 630 Sudley Rd., Manassas, Va. ( Jallo, Elizabeth Lee Rt. 3, Madison Heights, Va. Gait, Sara 51 Bishop Pkwy., Pittsfield, Mass. Garrard, Mabelle Moseley 301 E. Cleveland St., Greenwood, Miss. Gatling, Anne Hubert 181 1 Varina Ave., Petersburg, Va. Ghantus, Mona Musa Clemenceau St., Doubs Bldg., Beirut, Lebanon Gibson, Courtney 304 Caroline St., Fredericksburg, Va. Gibson, Mariella 6431 Willow Lane, Kansas City, Mo. Gilbert, Lynne Nelson 311 N.Jefferson St., Athens, Ala. Gilbert, Maline 1513 Forest Trail, Austin 3, Tex. Gipson, Suzanne 17 Fairchild PL, Monticello, N. Y. Glass, Susan Anne 202 Wayne Ave., Silver Spring, Md. Godwin, Nancy Fallen 203ft Westover Ave., Petersburg, Va. Cough, Carolyn Loweree. . . .4507 Roland Ave., Baltimore 10, Md. Graham, Judith Ionise 138 Bank St., Batavia, N. Y. Graham, Sydnev Stradlev. . . . 873 Yale Lane, Highland Park, III. Gram. Dorothy Pryor 136 E. 79th St., New York 21, N. Y. Grauert, Marion 77 Southern Pkwy., Rochester 18, N. Y. Cireen, Caroline. .. .567 Peachtree Battle Ave.. NW, Atlanta, (7a. Green, Julia Thompson 38 Montclair Or., West Hartford 7, Conn. (■rccn, Ruth Ellen 411 S. Commerce St., Natchez, Miss. Grifhss, Man Keating 106 Scenic Hw v.. Lookout Mountain, Tenn. Grimes, Charlvne Ann Marie 190 Countr) Club Rd., Asheville, N. C. Ito«, fudith Iii 137-10 71st Ave., Kevs Gardens Hills 67, N. Y. Gruhb, Nancy 1508 Fifth Ave., Huntington, W. Va. Gumaer, Ann Elizabeth 28 Benton Cir., I ' tica, N. Y. Guy, Catherine. .. .704 Ponce de Leon Ave., Montgomery 4, Ala. Gwinn, Ann,- Harvey. .. .528 Eleventh Ave., Huntington, W. Va, H Hafer, Marj Suzanne. .10,; Filth Ave. Ct. NW, Hickory, N. C. Hagert} ' , Katharine Meriwether St. Atidrews School, Middlctnwn, Del. Haldeman, lane Washington Glenview, K . Hale, Sail} Brown 621 S. Second St., Mayfield, kv Hall, Carol Grisham 4934 Crooked Lam. Dallas, Tex. Halmagyl, Pagmar. .4307 Chamberlayne Ave., Richmond 27, Va. Handy, Man Ballon 4112 Peakland PI., Lynchburg, Va. Hanner, Claire Anne 2677 Arden Rd. NW. Atlanta, (la. Harbin. Mary Ann Horseleg Creek Rd., Rome. Ga. Ilaries, Joan Frederica 129 E. S2nd St., New York 28, N. Y. Harrier, Joanne 114 Robinson Ave., Pen Arm I, Pa. Harrison, Clare Watergates, Blackbrook, Derbyshire, Eng. Han, Jacqueline Ga) 1 Shore Edge Lane, Short Hills, N. I. Haskell, Elizabeth 358 Essex St., Salem, Mass. Haugan, Gail.. 108 Lake Shore Dr., I .ik. [slels, Eastchester, N. Y. Hawkins, Jane Charlotte... 261 6 Dellwood Dr. NW, Atlanta, Ga. Haven, Patricia Diana 6901 Baltimore Dr., Dallas, Tex. Hayman, Shirlej Ann 2900 W. 66th St., K.in-.i City, Mo. Hayman, Wendy Gail Three Toms Inn, Thomasville, Ga. IF ail, Lynn St. Clair 9 Dunham Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. II cad stream, Charlotte Jane 3357 Highland Pk. PI., Memphis, Tenn. Heard, June Judith 1 391 Asylum Ave., Hartford, Conn. Hearin, Ann Bartlett 207 Woodlands, Mobile 17, Ala. Heffernan, Marian Sue 41 15 Poplar, Memphis, Tenn. Hekma, Jacqueline North St., Greenwich, Conn. Henderson, Harriet Roberts 1692 Laurel St., fackson, Miss. Hendricks, Susan Ann 2 3 1 S Broadw ay, Logansport, Ind. Henry, Pamela 191 Ridge Rd.. ( n r Pointe, Midi Herschbach, Karen 359 N. William St., Joliet, III. Heuer, Charlotte Seabury. .1241 Ridgewood Rd.. Bryn Mawr, Pa. Higgins, Ellen Goldsborough 100 Dunkirk Rd., Baltimore 12, Md. Hight, Susan 147 Marshall St., Leicester, Mass. Hill, Catharine Newcomb io 3i Humboldt St.. Denver 18, Colo. Hill, Marcia Dunsmore 1, West Ave., Wellsboro, Pa. Hill, Theodora Gause 1400 Sherwood Rd., Columbia, S. C. Hilton, Mary Jane.. 4224 East-West Hwy., Chev) Chase 15. Md. Hnot, Valerie Mary 1524 Deerpath, Mountainside, N. I. Ho, Min Kwan it Parkway, I.archmont, N. Y. Flolmes, Janet 1783 W. Union Blvd.. Bethlehem, Pa. Hooker, Barbara Day. .9, Ridgewood Rd., West Hartford, Conn. Hopkins, Nina Cabell. ...81 Peachtree Battle Ave., Atlanta, Ga. Humphreys, Eleanor Willie Rose Pinehill Oregon. III. Hunter, Judith 529 Main St., Shrewsbury, Mass. Flurley, Harriet Nash 1303 Third St. New Orleans, La. J Jackson. Gertrude Gaston 7408 Greenbrier, Dallas, lex. Jackson, Marylyn Dixie. 5404 Grandview Rd., Little Rock, Ark. Jamison, Jane Llelene..6i6 Ridgewood Dr., West Lafayette, Ind. Tenkins, Louise Green 1 Norfleet Ct., Tarboro, N. C. Jenks, Judith Gyps Lane, Wynnewood, Pa. Johnson, Eleanor Saynnr Pinev Woods Dr., I.aGrangc, Ga. Johnson, Mary Pegram 120 S. Wilton Rd., Richmond 26. Va. Johnson, Patricia Mclntyre Clifford, Va. Johnston, Elizabeth Carrington .... Faculty Dow, Blacksbure, Va. tones, Alice Carr 8o(, Hillrise Blvd., lohnson Cirv, Tenn. Jones, Virginia Anne The Oaks, Hornell, N. ' i . K ' Burg, Suzanne Center Rd., Lindamere, Wilmington, Del. Kelly, Barbara F ' .aine 599 Ramapo Rd., Teaneck, N. I Kemper, Elizabeth Carol... 805 Groveland Dr., Bluefield, W. Va. Kerkam, Donna Carolyn 4773 Dexter St. NW, Washington -, D. ( ' . Kerlin, Shiela 2121 E. .list St., Tulsa. Okla. Kimball, Elaine 828 Clement St., Lake Charles. La. King, Carolyn Lee 319 Albemarle Ave., Richmond 16, Va. Kingman, fudith Campbell 386 Malcolm Ave.. North Plainfield, N. J. Klein, Mar) Josephine Frederick. .3007 Park Ave., Augusta, Ga. Knapp, Eddith Windholz . . 249 Halcyon PI., San Ant. mi.. .,, lex. Kroeger, Jane Anne 627 NW 3 Stli, Oklahoma Cit , Okla. kiii ' v Kathleen Sm SW -ah St., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Kolakowski, Carol Ann 240 N. Main St.. Naugatuck, ( onn L Ladden, Diana Maud Canfie ld Rd.. Convent, N. J. Laird, Mary Alletta Louviers, R. D. 2, Wilmington. Del. I amparter, foan Sinclair 4; dak Ave., Metuchen, N. I. Fan,, Deborah 57 Walworth Avi . Scarsdale, N. " i . Lange, Julie Ann Christine. . . .280 Culver Rd., Rochester - ' i Lanier, Annie Laurie 700 Lawrence St., Mansfield, La. 147 STUDENT DIRECTORY La Staiti, Sandra Sara 107 Ryan St., New Bedford, Mass. Lawrence, Margaret Adams 401 E. 44th St., Savannah, Ga. Lawson, Joan Patricia. .. .525 N. Hubbard Lane, Louisville, Ky, Lee, Rebekah Brown 1718 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va. Lee, Yung Sin 172 Nai Soo Dong, Seoul, Korea Leigh, Maud Winhorne 300 Colonial Ave., Norfolk, Va. Lewis, Barbara McDonnell .. 1515 Wrightman St., Pittsburgh, Pa. Liebert, Margaret Elizabeth. . .Tuckahoe Apt. 303, Richmond, Va. Lindsay, Jean Apartado 561, Caracas, Venezuela Lineberger, Mary Louise Homeleigh, Belmont, N. C. Lloyd, (Jail Patricia 1 Willow Ave., Larchmont, N. V. Long, Cornelia Bonney 1709 Peachtree St., Jackson, Miss. Lord, Carol Holbrook. . . .511 Belle Meade Blvd., Nashville, Tenn. Lord Katherine Holladay Hopson Rd., Norwich, Vt. Lotterhos, Ary Jane 905 Pinehurst, Jackson, Miss. Loving, Celia Sue Monroe, Va. Lowe, Isa Mary 183 Bow Lane, Louisville 7, Ky. Luke, Joan Buckley 3430 Jackson St., San Francisco 18, Cal. M McBurney, Helen Nannette 6 Elm Lane, Bronxville, N. V. McCallum, Shirley Anne 2838 S. Moreland Blvd., Cleveland 20, (). McCarrick, Mary Therese 21 Country Club Dr., Rochester 18, N. V. McClancy, Barbara Elaine. .31449 Shaker Blvd., Chagrin Falls, O. McCollum, Marjorie 3034 S. Maddison, Tulsa, Okla. McCullough, Ann 30 Axtell Dr., Scarsdale, N. Y. McDaniel, Marguerite. .. .820 W. Wesley Rd., N V, Atlanta, Ga. McDonald, Mollie Lee 1755 S. Sycamore St., Petersburg, Va. McFall, Page Tucker. .4902 Staunton Ave., Charleston 4, W. Va. li( miu in, Florence Marks Chapman, Ala. McGraw, Marjorie Cable 630 Lafayette St., Easton, Pa. Mclvor, Carolyn Judith Monroe, Va. McKee, Margot Ann Westtown, Pa. McMurtry, Carol Poung 2222 Hughes, Amarillo, Tex. Mabie, Jacqueline Jett 904 Dover Rd., Greensboro, N. C. Mackall, Aminta Sorrel. .1816 24th St. NW, Washington 8, D. C. MacKethan, Virginia Lord 7645 Maury Arch, Norfolk, Va. Mackie, Ruth Ann 106 Coleman Ave., Chatham, N. J. Malone, Roberta Louise Enterprise Rd., Dothan, Ala. Mann, Gay Rand 2201 Parkway, Philadelphia 30, Pa. Marchant, Virginia Lee Gull Point, Mathews, Va. Marks, Virginia 1605 N. Dotsy, Odessa, Tex. Marshall, Eloise Davenport. .. .Boxwood Gardens, Clinton, S. C. Martin, Annie-Laurie Barnard The Westchester, Apt. III-A, 3900 Cathedral Ave. NW, Washington 16, D. C. Martin, Lucy Adelle 120 ' 2 E. 65th St., New York, N. Y. Martin, Marian Hamilton. 2S9 Normandy Dr. NW, Atlanta, Ga. Martin, Robbie Cecile 1879 Ribault PI., Jacksonvilles, Fla. Martin, Sally Burnett 2005 Broadway, Paducah. Ky. Massie, Adrianne Ingersoll Purchase St., Rye, N. Y. Mather, Kathleen Carmichael. .2629 S. Hayes St., Arlington, Va. Matheson, Emma Henry P. 0. Box 335, Alexandria, Va. May, Frances 6358 Alexander Dr., St. Louis, Mo. Mayfield, Sarah Frances. . . .3519 Principio Ave., Cincinnati 26, O. Mayher, Dorothy Illges Box 841, Plumfield. Columbus, Ga. Maynard, Janet Moore 514 E. Davis St., Burlington, N. C. Meade, Elizabeth Valentine R.F.D. 3, Farmington, Charlottesville, Va. Mears, Elizabeth Paxton 1109 Graydon Ave., Norfolk, Va. Medert, Barbara Ann. . . .3722 Sutherland Rd., Shaker Heights, O. Meeks, Victoria Anne. .420 Humphrey St., New Haven 11, Conn. Meighan, Peninah Alice 21 Hazel Lane, Larchmont, N. Y. Mendelson, Kathryn Frances. . 57 s North St., White Plains, N. Y. Meyerink, Elizabeth Penn,..830 Lombardi Lane, San Mateo, Cal. Meyers, Melissa 7 W. Avers Ave., Hinsdale, III. Miller. Lizora Schoolfield 213 Ampthill Rd., Richmond, Va. Mixson, Juanita Oglesby 200 High St., Valdosta, Ga. Montgomery, Lydia Morris Liberty, Ky. Moore, Carolyn 43 Lowell Ave., West Orange, N. J. Moore, Dorothy 3003 Habersham Rd. NW, Atlanta, Ga. Moore, Elizabeth Armistead. .4807 Charmian Rd., Richmond, Va. Moore, Evelyn Hanes 349 Arbor Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. Moore, Jane Ryland. . . . 1016 St. Georges Rd., Baltimore 10, Md. Moore, Kay Diane Sunbeam Farms, Dickerson, Md. Moore, Melinda Ann 200 Clemmer Ave., Akron 13, O. Moon, Stella Mitchell 305 March St., Easton, Pa. Morison, Eleanor Truax Middleburg, Va, Morris, Alice McLean .... 1623 Berkley Cir., Chattanooga, Tenn. Morris, Jean Elizabeth 701 Grandview, San Antonio, Tex. Morton, Louisa Lay 113 Prince St., Alexandria, Va. Muldaur, Diana Charlton 1344 Bolton Rd., Pelham, N. Y. Murden, Betty Louise London Bridge, Va. Murdock, Sarah Jane 426 E. Faulkner, El Dorado, Ark. Murphy, Barbara Leitch Carib. Sea Fron., U. S. Naval Station, San Juan, Puerto Rico Muse, Marianne 200 Meadow Lane, Longview, Tex. Myers, Jessie Kenan 237 Loring Ave., Pelham, N. Y. N Nassib, Virginia Grace 14s Rockwood Rd., Manhasset, N. Y. Nelson, Roberta Joan. . .Castle Hill, P. O. Box 632, Lexington, Va. Nelson, Violet McArthur 3726 S. Troost, Tulsa, Okla. Nevins, Judy. . . . 34 W. Grove Dr., Belle Haven, Alexandria, Va. Newman, Clare Adelaide. . . .98 Highland Ave., Short Hills, N. J. Newman, Frances 37 ' o Nottingham, Houston 5, Tex. Newton, Elaine Ann Stratton Rd., New Rochelle, N. Y. Newton, Nina Appelton 27 Oneida Dr., Greenwich, Conn. Nichols, Ellen Carter 200 Fifth Ave., Denton. Md. Niider, Kadri 89-40 163rd St., Jamaica 32, N. Y. O O ' Brien, Mary Deborah Winda Fall Farm, Salisbury, Conn. Ogden, Ethel Farmer 63 Patterson Ave., Greenwich, Conn. Oliveri, Marianna Therese 4745 Nebraska Ave. NW, Washington, D. C. Orgain, Norvell Stuart 55°5 Matoaka Rd., Richmond, Va. Ould, Mary Robertson .... 3380 Peakwood Dr. SW, Roanoke, Va. Pardee, Suzanne Elizabeth 901 Cecil Rd., Westover Hills, Wilmington, Del. Parker, Alice Fleming 309 First Ave., Franklin, Va. Patteson, Norma Jean Amherst, Va. Paul, Charity 428 Blueridge Rd., Indianapolis, Ind. Payne, Aline Mead 1511 West Ave., Richmond, Va. Payne, Marcia Bradfield 35 Old Mill Rd., Rochester, N. Y. Pearson, Elizabeth Crawford 2081 Allendale Rd., Montgomery, Ala. Peebles, Frances Joy 514 S. Main St., Lawrenceville, Va. Pegram, Ann Frederick 3180 Arden Rd. NW, Atlanta, Ga. Pender, Elizabeth Herbert. . .1039 Spotswood Ave., Norfolk 7, Va. Penney, Kate Elizabeth. . 1 340s McCinty Rd., Minneapolis, Minn. Perrin, Anita Frances Herndon, River Rd., Richmond, Va. Perry, Helene 511 Park Ave., Salisbury, Md. Perry, Susan Jane 1503 Highland Ave., New Castle, Pa. Phelps, Page Eleanor Sunset Farm, West Hartford, Conn. Phinney, Louise Snow 420a Shenandoah, Dallas. Tex. Pinckney, Jane Kent 119 Matoaka Rd., Richmond. Va. Plumb, Ann Barksdale North St., Greenwich, Conn. Pnhl, Suzanne 21s Dewitt Rd.. Syracuse, N. Y. Powell, Patricia Ann 3806 Sulgrave Rd., Richmond, Va. Price, Rew 3 Woodlev Rd., Winnetka, 111. Prichard, Elsie Quarrier. .917 Ridgeway Rd.. Charleston. W. Va. Pringle, Ellen Stuart 507 Congaree Ave., Columbia, S. C. Prior, Lynn Irene Pleasant Run Farm, Lambertville, N. J. Quaile, Elizabeth Milmine Lakeville, Corn R Ragland, Margaret Susan. . . .3415 Montrose Ave., Richmond, Va. Raines, Joanne Hoskins Central Hershey, Havana, Cuba Ramsey, Cay Grafton Farm, Marshall, Va. Ramsey, Virginia Anne. .624 Royal Plaza, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Rather, Jane Corinne 43 Westgate Blvd., Manhasset, N. Y. Ray, Nancy Jane 4215 Beverly, Dallas 5, Tex. Read, Eleanor Childs 1221 7th St., New Orleans 15, La. 148 STUDENT DIRECTORY 4 » ♦ % • » Reeves, Barbara Chisholm 129 Loring Ave., Pelham, N V. Reiblich, Ann.- Blanchard 6311 Boxwood Rd.. Baltimore 12, Md. von Reischacb, Debora .13 Terrell Ave., Rockville Centre, N. Y. Reitz, Suzanne 50: W. 6th St., Oil City, Pa. Richardson, Amu 1 ...Minn Marlinton, W. Va. Richey, Margaret Anne 4715 54th St., N., Arlington, Va Riddle, Jane I 1. inns 2224 Brentwood Dr., Houston, rex Rienecke, Anne Norris Rosebrook Ril., New Canaan, ■ ■ nn Rittcr. Eleanor 29B Forest Or., Short Hills Village, Springfield, N. J. Robin, Diana Maury 1000 W. Saddle River Rd., Ho Ko Kus, N. J. Robinson, Betsy Alden Waterville Rd., Won, ( Robinson, Virginia Anne 322 Fourth St., Monongahela, Pa. Roth, (Catherine Sue 911 N. Oak Park Ave., Oak Park, III. Russell, Patricia Howard 4621 Rockwood Pkwy. NW, Washington 16, D. C. Salisbury, Betsj Ann 1 S 1 St. Ann, Jackson 2, Miss. Sampson, Barbara Edgele) ;i8 S. Garfield St., Hinsdale, 111. Samworth, Nanc} Hall... 11 Willow Glen, Huntington, W. Va. Sandifer, Prudence Country Club Rd., Spartanburg, S. ( ' . Saunders, Catharine Mary. . ... ,s Grant St., Keene, N. H. Saur, Margaret Anne. ...23 W. Beechcroft Rd., Shorl Hills, X. |. Schladermundt, Juan 8 Park Ave., Bronxville, . V. Schmidlapp, Angie Keller 22 Tar Hills Dr., Cincinnati S, O. Schoonmaker, Reta Palmer. .. .dishing St., Ashburnham, Mas-. Schuemann, Beverly Marilyn 2706 Landon Rd., Shaker Heights 22, ( . Schuhmacher, Katherine, Rt. 8, Box 17;, San Antonio, In. Schuster, Eula Elaine 1224 NW 13rd, Oklahoma City, Okla, Scott, Adelc Gerard 10; Lee dr., Lynchburg, Va. Scott, Margerj Nixon 5407 Car) St. Rd., Richmond, Va. Scott, Mar} Blair 1306 Park Ave., Richmond, Va. Seott, Mar Carolyn 10; Lee dr., Lynchburg, Va. Sell, Kathryn. . . . . ' 24 W. 69th St., Nev. York 2;, N. V. shannon, Margaret Elizabeth hh S. Fullerton Ave., Montclair, X. 1 Shipman, Martha Jane 1218 Pine Rd., I o , ( 1 Shreffler, Janice Laurie leo a Rt., Casper, Wyo. Shwab, Elizabeth Kattelle Foxview Kami, Brentwood, Tenn. Sims, Linda Lyon 2660 Rivers Rd. NW, Atlanta, Ga. Slack, Enid Warner 167s Riverside Or., Gainesville, Ga. Smith, Ann Courts. .787 Ocean Shore Blvd., Ormnnd Beach, Fla Smith, Ann Devote 144 W. Ocean Ave., Norfolk, Va. Smith, Elizabeth Margaret. 1629 Hertford Rd., Charlotte 7, X C. Smith, Gretchen Reed Countryside, Ashland, O. Smith, Helen Howell 77 X. Crest Rd,, Chattanooga, Tenn. smith, Marion Norris 144 Summit Terrace X., Smoke R,s, , Butler, X. I Smith, Mary Landon 228 S. Prospect St., Hagerstown, Md. Smith, Susan Ann 2830 Foxall Rd., Washington 7, D. C. Sorley, Judith Manard. . . .207 Elmhurst Ave., San Antonio. Tex. Southack, Sail) Ann White-tail Farm, Sharon, Conn. Space, Elizabeth Collier 3609 Abercorn St., Savannah, Ga. Speel, Gwen CJrquhart Cricket lane, Da rien, Conn. Spencer. Kathryn Peyton Monroe, Va. Sr. Clair, F.leanor Prestwould Apt. sC. Richmond, Va. Stenhouse, Emilj J421 I owell St. NW, Washington. D. C. Stevens, Eliza Spurr R.I D. 6, Burlington, X. C. Stiles, Mona Elsie 405 W. Decatur St., Ennis. Tex. Stingily, Sandra Dianne 2002 Northwood, Meridian, Miss. Stoddard, Valerie 19 Monmouth Rd., Worcester, Mass. Sturgeon, Linda Copeland. .90c; Wellesle) Rd.. Pittsburgh 6, Pa, Styer, Su anne 726 Penn Ave., West Reading, Pa. Suttle, Grace Ellis 1590 S. Sycamore St., Petersburg, Va. suitt, Carolyn Etta 23 Prospect Park ' .. Brooklyn. X. Y. S kcs, Patronella Ann 14S X Main St., Sharon. Mass. Taggard. Mar) Lee s Redstone Lane, Marblehead, Mass, 1 atman, Jane Stewart 1007 Lincoln Ave., Connersville, Ind. Tayloe, Geneva Garner Germantown, I ' nn Taylor, Ann Tanner 3567 Talahi Dr., Knoxville, Tenn. 1 a lor. Mar} Willis 304 Virginia Ave.. Richmond, V 1. Taylor, Susan 772 Stratford Rd., Winston-Salem, N retzlaff, Barbara Anne Deaver Rd., W) te, Pa I horn as, Anne 2316 Addison Rd., Houston I I hoinas, Di.uic Carol 1510 Centei Rd., Lancaster, Pa. Thornton, Frances I abb 1817 Grove Ave., Richmond, a rhornton, Nina Cooper, ;; rhackeraj Rd., Wellesle) Hills, Mass. I In. ill, Sara Susan 270 Boston Post Rd., Weston, Mass. I ighman, Kath trim Scott . .1612 Park Ave., Richmond, Va. Timberlake, Susan Marshall... Ri.dgewood Ave., Staunl Va. I odd, fulia Scott Box 469, Orange, Va. [ " odd, Mar) Kathryn Box 214, Amherst, V.i Towill, Rebecca Hobbs 2404 Kings Way, Augusta, Ga. I s.ii, -i olandt 100 W. 80th St.. New York 24, X. Y. Turnbull, Carol Ann Dornick Hills, Ardn , Okla Tyler, Alice ' Kathleen 112c, Gordon Ave., Thomasville, Ga. fyson, Virginia Carole 888 Park Ave., New Yutk. N, " . I If, Dorothj Hunter, ,22350 McCauIe) Rd., shaker Heights 22, O. I nderhill, Sarah Reed , , 2200 Beechridge Rd., Raleigh, N. C, Van Dervoort, Mar) Anne. ...4313 Cary St. Rd., Richmond, Va. (iu ten, Priscilla Alden. .. .4404 Fairfax Ave., Dallas 5, Te Villaran, Eva San Martin 151, Miraflores, Lima, Peru Vreeland, Mar) fane 179 Hamburg Turnpike, Pompton Lakes, X. |. W [dell, Bett) Berkele) Honeysuckle Hill, Lexington, Va. allace, Mabel Louise 68 Rockledge Rd. X., Bronxville s, X. Y. d, Winifred Sylvia Comly Ave., Port Chester, X. Y. are, Isabel Williams 1806 Park Ave., Richmond, Va. atjen, Catherine Marie Meads Point, Greenwich, Conn. , fulia Christian 79 Kings Hwy., Huntington, W. Va. mi, Ruth Dome) 5307 Tilbury Way, Baltimore 12, Md ebb, Mar) Oliver 565 Granview PI., San Antonio, I 1 eed, Virginia Bishop 5S24 Park Ave., Miami ,5. Fla. eickert, Renate 102 Nevada Ave.. Shipley Hts., Wilmington 3, Del. eingart, Eleanor Ann. 139 Luquer Rd., Port Washington. X. Y. eitzel, Ann Carroll 1 512 Rav Lane, Aiken, S. estby, Doroth) Jean 231, E. 28th St., Tulsa 14, Okla. estfall, Carolyn Ann. 59 Abne) dr.. X., Charleston 4, W. Va. heeler, Jane 69 West St., Leominster, Mass. hitson, Marjorie Ann 122 E. Main St., Phelps, . " i ilkerson, Nina ( tordon 303 Pcachtree Battle Ave. XW. Atlanta. ( . 1 illiams, Patricia Anne. . , .320 Spring Ave., Clarksburg. W. V 1 ilson, Ann Dick Meadow Hills. Darlington Md, ilson, Mar) Anne. .119 Windmere Dr.. Chattanooga, Tenn. bnlvsh, one Camilla Rt. 1, Prosnect. K ' . imbish. Marx dee Rt. I. Prospect, Ke iirc. lane Edith 3 -J Park Ave-.. Glencoc 111 inslett, Louise Carleton. . .218 The Highlands, Tuscaloosa, Ala. ittich, Natalie Staff long Hill Rd., Milling!,,,,. X. I. ood, Alice Isabel Pondridge Rd.. Bedford, N. Y. nod. Heidi Lynn... s Sonne Reich Dr. We«t H-rtford. Conn. ii.hK, Dorothy Echo Hill, I nix. Station. Charlottesville, Vi. oods, I in ia Waller 330 East Deer Pa ' h. Lake- Forest, El oolsev, Man Ola 68a Madison Ave., Albany, X. Y. orrell, Elizabeth Pool. Sellers. Maple Hill Rd., Gladwvne. Pa. yatt, Doroth) lane 2it, Belle Haven Rd., Alexandria 1 nn, Janet Miller 1 S Cherokee Blvd., Knoxvil ' e. Tenn. Yeats, Natalie Anne 1816 Plymouth Ave.. Erie. Pa. Young, ( .air Roberts 19 Ilillsid, Am., Hastings on-Hudson, X. Y. Young, Halcia Ann 517 R.,s,. lane, Haverford, Pa. Zick, shiilee Ann 72.1 W. South St.. Kalamazoo, Mich Mar) Kent 1013 Buckingham Rd.. (in.ss, Pointe, Mich r i ' f . ' THE SHOWPLACE OF CENTRAL VIRGINIA IN EVERY CITY IN AMERICA THERE IS ONE DEPARTMENT STORE WHOSE NAME IS SYNONYMOUS WITH THE CITY IT SERVES — in Lynchburg, it ' s MIILLNEgH THE SHOPPING CENTRE Jf FASHIONS • GIFTS • TOILETRIES • JEWELRY • ROOM FURNISHINGS • FUR STORAGE; CLEANING; REPAIRING MEET YOUR FRIENDS IN " THE LOUNGE " ♦ %:%■% Wherever you ' re going... LYNCHBURG COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. COMPLIMENTS OF C. M. HAYMAN g 6 rXO bWen cJecve iy GompatUJ ,«. 9th and Main REGISTERED JEWELER— AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY COMPLIMENTS OF STROTHER DRUG CO. Wholesale Distributors LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA DOOLEY ' S FLORIST " Flowers Telegraphed Everywhere " 615 Main Lynchburg, Virginia HAFLEIGH and COMPANY BUCHANAN, VIRGINIA " The Best in Communications " CENTRAL VIRGINIA TELEPHONE CORPORATION AMHERST, VIRGINIA ' One of our Area ' s great Assets " ' -4 4 • » ♦ t f I r 4 4 ' The Superior Qualify TUNG OIL line Varnishes - Paints - Enamels TUNG OIL makes the difference CROSBY FOREST PRODUCTS CO PICAYUNE, MISSISSIPPI McGEHEE FURNITURE CO., INC. Lynchburg ' s Leading Furniture Store Rugs and Floor Coverings 922 Main Lynchburg 5-2501 FLOWERS ACCORDING TO DOYLE 708 Main Street. Lynchburg, Virginia Phone 6-2655 Members of tb« Florist Telegraph Delivery Association Compliments of GOLDEN GLOW DAIRY AMHERST, VIRGINIA For All of The Better Names in Your BEAUTY NEEDS PATTERSON DRUG CO. 1020 Main 627 Ma n LYNCHBURG THE LYNCHBURG NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST CO. 901 Main St. Lynchburg ' s Oldest Bank LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA Member F.D.I.C. Wholesale Fruits and Produce CANADA PRODUCE COMPANY Lynchburg, Va. Dial 2-34 83 COMPLIMENTS OF HAUSER OLDSMOBILE, Inc. LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA 10. t 9 r ». live Modern! Pick the Pack that Suits You Best ! When Bill goes hunting or fishing he finds the Crush-proof box a natural. Charlie, dressed for the evening, carries the handy pack. You are free to choose . . . only when you smoke modern L M. Smoke modern I Mand always get full exciting flavor ...PLUS THE PURE WHITE MIRACLE TIP With L M . . . and only L M . . . can you pick the pack that suits you best. And only L M gives you the flavor .. .the full, exciting flavor that makes L M . . . AMERICA ' S FASTEST GROWING CIGARETTE ' cf y You haven ' t really seen Wonderland until you ' ve seen Woollies ' wonderland ol lash- ions. With summer practically around the corner, you ' ll love choosing new clothes for fun in the sun . . . for dates . . . tor formats . . . and they ' re so modest in price they ' ll lit right into your budget. We hope to see you soon in our " wonderland, " the ( lollege Shop. Itli Floor . . . WASHINGTON 13, 1). C. . . . also Chevy Chase, 7 Corners (Falls Church, Ya.), and Alexandria WHITE OAKS MOTEL 2 Miles North of Sweet Br iar on Route 29 Amherst, Va. Phone 2301 S. O. FISHER, INC. 1024 MAIN STREET Sporting and Athletic Equipment Tennis - Golfing - Fishing and Boating Since 1828 JEWELERS — OPTICIANS 919 Main Street Creators of Your S. B. C. Ring THE PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY 801 Main Street Lynchburg, Va. Open from Three to Six on Friday Afternoons Member Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation DODGE PLYMOUTH WHITE JOHN P. HUGHES MOTOR COMPANY, Inc. 800 Commerce St. LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA Your Favorite Rendezvous In Lynchburg THE STEAK CELLAR Basement Carroll Hotel The Cozy Spot For Tasty Food f t t 4 ' . A. i M . A . 4 Symbol of Security for you and yours This Company, one of the Nation ' s oldest, largest and strongest, pro- vides a means of financial security for more than a million Americans and their families. THE LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF VIRGINIA ESTABLISHED 1871 • RICHMOND, VIRGINIA « ♦ % ♦ ON HOLIDAY OR WEEKEND TRIPS TRAILWAYS Specialists in friendly first class travel Chartered Buses — Anywhere-Anytlmc For information, call your nearest TRAILWAYS terminal 7W MILK eoovHtss- • " Golden Gverniey " the regiitered trodemork lUALITy MIRY PRODUCTS INC 20 I Oakley Ave. Lynchburg, Va. CONNER PRODUCE COMPANY WHOLESALE FRUITS and VEGETABLES DIAL 2-4583 1000 Jefferson Street Lynchburg, Virginia WHEN IN LYNCHBURG Drop in to see us — BROWN-MORRISON COMPANY, INCORPORATED Stationers — Printers at 718 Main Street COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES LADDEN ASBESTOS CORP. OF N.J. IRVINGTON, VIRGINIA FIRST NATIONAL TRUST and SAVINGS BANK LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA The OLD, BIG, STRONG BANK Virginia ' s Oldest Trust Company Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. t t ♦ . . ' 0 Kit WisLi to the 1957BRIARPATCH SOUTHERN ATHLETIC COMPANY KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE ♦ ♦ ♦ « »n « » « 4 ♦ « Major Styling in fashion-bright, campus- right clothes that insure head-to-toe confidence . . . for every mood . . . every occasion. Make Guggen- heimer ' s a fashion-habit! 1 HIM J. UNCHBURG ' SM I DEPARTMtNT STORt 7th and Main Sts. Lynchburg, Va. SULLENDER CHEVROLET CHEVROLET - OLDSMOBILE We Call for and Deliver Amherst 2828 The House of Sweets since 1901 HARRIS-WOODSON COMPANY Inc. LYNCHBURG. VIRGINIA Compliments of COMMERCIAL TRUST and SAVINGS BANK 623 Main St. Lynchburg, Va. SCHEWEL FURNITURE CO. Incorporated 1023 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia Lynchburg ' s Largest and Most Popular Furniture Store t ■ 4 ' ' t • • ' . - ' " With all thy gett ng, get understanding " iiHvviiiin Bank Trust Company NORWOOD, MASSACHUSETTS A Friendly Bank for YOU PAUL A. J 5YKES, President (Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) ALWAYS THE BEST IN MOVIE ENTERTAINMENT STANLEY WARNER ' S WARNER THEATRE Lynchburg, Virginia HENRY A. CLARK, Manager BUCK ' S PLACE for dancing Route 29 North of Lynchburg For " ALICE in NEW YORK-LAND " Looking for a job? Come to: The UNIVERSITY PERSONNEL AGENCY 541 Madison Ave. N.Y. 22, N.Y. Mrs. Wolcott Andrews Plaza -1244 Compliments of A FRIEND I Sweet Briar Patronage Appreciated VOGUE — Wh ere your favorite are a Specialty — 822 Main Street Labels ♦ • ♦ • LYNCHBURG CHAMBER OF COMMERCE In Virginia — It ' s Lynchburg J. P. BELL CO. Fold ers Booklets Annuals Mai inq Pieces Office Forms LYNCHBURG. VIRGINIA VIRGINIAN HOTEL Lynchburg, Virginia Modern Fireproofing Good Food Served in Air Conditioned Dining Room ROBERTS PIANO COMPANY " The House of Baldwin " 625 Main St. Lynchburg, Va. BEST WISHES for GOOD FISHING to the girls at Sweet Briar GEORGIA FARM FISH FOOLISHNESS CLUB West Chester, Penna. BILL ' S BARN DRIVE-IN Dining Room Curb Service Route 29 Madison Heights Wholesale Grocer Distributor J. W. WOOD Institutional Fine Foods PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS COMPLIMENTS FROM A FRIEND OF SWEET BRIAR COLLEGE V • XSCHB( j? C gRSV |nll COMPANY, sj wtee— Designers and engravers of the South ' s finest school publications t LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA 1 Memarabte Year • Congratulations to the Student Body and Faculty of Sweet Briar College upon the completion of another outstanding year of accomplishments. • The Staff of your annual has worked exceedingly hard to give you a superb book that portrays the highlights of memo- rable activities. To preserve this excellent literary and photographic record, the best grades of material have been combined with skilled workmanship to provide the finest qualitv yearbook. • We are proud that the 1957 Staff elected us to help help design, print and bind the Briar Patch. We have earnestl) endeavored to fulfill the confidence placed in us. c. w. wvimn COMPANY istlantt xicfwtfna Iff a to nebb LYNCHBURG. VIRGINIA We wish to thank the following parents tor their generous contributions to the 1957 BRIAR PATCH MR. and MRS. GEORGE AVRIL Cincinnati, Ohio MR. and MRS. JOSEPH MORRIS San Antonio, Texas MR. and MRS. L. D. BAGGS, JR. Macon, Georgia DR. and MRS. CARL A. OTTLEY Rochester, New York MR. and MRS. SAMUEL BENEDICT GlencUle, Ohio MRS. C B. PETERS, JR. Tulsa, Oklahoma MR. and MRS. WILLIAM V. BIRCHFIELD Marion. Virginia MR. and MRS. GEORGE A. SCHWAB, JR. Nashville, Tennessee MR. and MRS. FRANK J. BUTAN Brooklyn, New York DRS. JAMES B. and LARDNER M. SHANNON Montclair, New Jersey DR. and MRS. HAMILTON FORD Galveston, Texas MR. and MRS. FRANKLIN L. SHIPMAN Troy. Ohio MR. and MRS. GEORGE M. GALT Pitttsfield, Massachusetts MR. and MRS. J. H. TYLER Thomasville. Georgia MR and MRS. CARL A. JONES Johnson City, Tennessee MR. and MRS. ROBERT C. TYSON New York. New York COL. and MRS. ELMER L. KINCAID, JR. Bronxville, New York MR. and MRS. CHARLES W. VREELAND Pompton Lakes, New Jersey MR. and MRS. ALEXANDER KOLAKOWSKI Naugatuck, Connecticut MR. and MRS. CHARLES A. WHEELER Leominster, Massachusetts MR. and MRS. J. EDWARD LEWIS Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania MR. and MRS. JOHN W WOOD Montclair, New Jersey MR. and MRS, W T. McCULLOUGH Scarsdale. New York MR. and MRS. T. K. WOODS Charlottesville, Virginia MR. and MRS. FREDRICK R. MANN Philadelphia, Pennsylvania MR, and MRS. H. D. WYNN Knoxville, Tennessee ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS To Mr. Bill Burton of C. W. Warthen Company for his invaluable aid and encouragement throughout the year. To Mr. William P. Blackwell of Lynchburg Engraving Company for his unfailing patience and help in dealing with all our problems. To Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Eldridge for their willingness and courage to comply with our photographic schedule. To Mr. R. J. White for his cooperation and ability to fit into our difficult schedule. To Dr. Lawrence G. Nelson for his invaluable support and criticism as faculty advisor to the Briar Patch. To Mrs. Evelyn Eaton and Miss Iren Marik for their originality and as- sistance in helping us to fill our bank account. To Miss Dorothy Jester for her suggestions and encouragement. To Miss Martha Von Briesen and Miss Carol Terrell for their assistance in helping us to find cuts and photographs. To all those who helped in many ways to contribute to the 1957 Briar Patch. t • 4 -

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