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 - Class of 1952

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■■Wsiliilr ' ' 1 ' , ' ! y ' W ' ' ( ' Vt 1 I , mm MsdAim. PiSP . , ., MSijS w ■M simBmimBmBKmmmaBmmmmm THE JUNIOR CLASS OF SWEET BRIAR COLLEGE SWEET BRIAR, VIRGINIA PRESENTS ii ;jr![;!J! ' -i " if::;i ;ii ' rnr ' i iir- it;tJ!« ' »I« ' » ' i.lT ' Wf. m l SSSBIBg K ' - SSiiS :i ' uu f-?j ' irJi.t;i : - Hi(:UrtiM» ' t-WJu ' ;f:M.MtI»rt ' itJii EltJ ' JliUiiriJiifjJi ' iSuSun uSSiSmti iHSil ' Jttjuri ' j ' iS! . ■ f)eJJjysIiJ The successful woman is the woman who constantly acts to further not only her own ideals but those of the community she guides. In spite of the demands placed upon her as speaker, writer, administrator, and teacher, Anne Gary Pannell has unfailingly maintained a bond with us as counsellor and friend. Her interest in students, faculty, and alumnae is continually manifest; Sweet Briar House is always open; her warm sym- pathy and sound advice are constantly available; her wide contacts and abundant information are ours for the asking. With sincere appreciation for what she has done for us and will continue to do for the grow development of the college, w icate the 1952 Briar Patch fifth president of Sweet Briar Gary, Mks. I ' anxei.l, Clifton asi )»« SMm p»aa ft i ti aBa 8gg m r Sweet Briar in Action! That is the theme of the 1 952 Briar Patch. Here you will see the past reflected, the present depicted, the future projected. Observe, if you will. Student Government working so successfully that it has been used as a pattern for other colleges; the Y. W. C. A. leading projects from chapels to clinics; Tau Phi conducting student discus- sions; Q. V. welding together the sophomore class; and the inter -departmental clubs activating student ideas and sponsoring visits from distinguished visitors in special fields. The dramatic productions of Paint and Patches, the takeoffs of Aints and Asses, the social and chari- table functions of Bum Chums and Chung Mungs, the mmmmmmmmm varied offerings of L,ectvres and Concerts, are all a part of the condensed picture of Sweet Briar which w e present. To alumnae we invite inspection of a vitalized in- stitution, to undergraduates we issue a challenge to keep the college gro ' wing, and to the class of 1 952 we extend a grateful recognition of their part in making Sweet Briar a College on the Move. SiMiitiil l6tlJwAuWiSiti Till ' ; ,SLA E CAJUX .r«0963i)i » (!iJ5 JiiijiiJWittii HH ' _ ' S aw .K.i; - ' .Am ' --m 4 Mei UliAY POND IN THE WEST DELL iiMijmMiliiMmimi FLETCTIETl AXD ACAr)E: IH ' r.mMfiJiS5am»h-. mssam HPa iVl An ' ne Gary PannI ' :i.i. Mary J. Pkaki. ideiil De Faculty and Staff ] ' .()Ai;i) OF i)ii, ' E( ' T )i;s Akchibali) G. Eobicrtson, LL.P).. Pirxi,lnd Riehnioiid. Viruiniu Dabney S. Lancaster, LL.l).. Vhc-I ' rcsulnil Farmvilk ' , Virginia EuGKNiA Griffix Burxett, A.B Richmond, Virginia Edward Jenkins : Iilhvoo(l, Virginia Rowland Lea A, ;ricoln. Virginia W. GERiiAifi) SuuLixii Lvncliinirg. Virginia Thk RiciiT KicNKKEM) I ' .EVERLEY ]). TfcKEH. ., D.D.. LL.D.. S.T.I) Clfvcland. Oliio BOAKI) OF OVERSEERS Archibai.ii (i. Ivoiii ' RTsoN, Pri ' sidni I T ' icliiiioiiil. Virginia Term Expires 19.52 Margaret S. Banisti-r, A.B Wasliington, D. C. 195.5 Thomas C. Boushai.l, A.B Richmond. Virginia Sara Siiai.eenberger Brown, A.1 llarrods Creek, Kentucky Meta Glass, Ph.D., Litt.D.. LL.K.. D.C.L Cliarlotte.- ville, Virginia 1956 C. Raine Pettyjohn, M.E Lyncliburg, Virginia Mary Huntington Harrison, A.I ' . Cincinnati, Ohio Connie M. Guion, M.D., D.Sc New York City Anne Pannell, ex-ofjicio, President of the Coltege (Jienibers of tlie Board of Dircctor.s are also members of tlie Board of Overseers.) TIIH LXKCl ' TIVE OFFICFRS Anne G. Pannell, D.Phil. (Oxon. ) Pii ' sidnil Meta Glass, Ph.D., Litt.D.. LL.D.. D.C.L Pre. iidenl Kmcnlus Mary J. Pearl, Ph.D., i " " ' Jean Louise WiLLiAiis. A.M Isslsliuit Dean Bernice Drake Lili Direct or of Admissluii AM., Wellesley; A.M.. The George Wasliiiigton liiiversity. - L RIOX BENEniCT liol.I.INS EDCAR .]. I ' ISIIF.R Bei.i.e BiioxK liKAi:!) ( AliOI. ' SI. IvKT. Il, ,,i,nc .1 i;ax KT ' i ' H Boon !■: Hfi-onhr A.H., Sw.tI Mriar Cullc c. St i.i:v Om w AKi ' . Trvdxurc}- li.S., Irsimis Cnll,. ,.; M.lt.A.. I iiiviTsil,v of rciirisy lviU]i:i. ' I ' lii ' ; KAci i;r ' A Nh: (Jauv I ' an. i;i.i I ' l-muli ' iU A. II., r.aiiiiud Colli-c; 1). I ' hil., {(I (.n.l. MAin -I. I ' lOAlil I ' i ' ini inid I ' mji ' ssur of (Irrrlr (tiul LnHn U.A., riiivcrsily cil ' •|un iil..; A.M.. I ' ll, I)., riiivcisily ii .Michlynn, HaUMAUA M. Al.I.I ' lX I iis nichir in I ' lii sicid ■Jiliiciil ion J!,.S,, Host., 11 Iriivcrsily, Jo,SEI ' ll E. Baukhii I ' idfi ' .ssor of Hoiiin in r Ld iii iiiK cs. I)ini loi . .1 iiiiior ) ' i ' iir in • ' ruiirc B.A„ B,l.)„ Vale rnivcisily ; A.. l., llMrvanl liiivciMly; I ' ll.!!.. ( nliiiiil.ia I riiu-i ' sil. ' . AliTIIUli, S. I5. TE.s Ass(j(iiili ' I ' nij ' cssor of llonmiice Jjiikjikkicx A.li,, HamiltDii t ' cillc ' ; " ' : A.. l.. I ' ll.!)., C.inirll I iiiwisily, Bki.i.k Booxk Bi:. ni) I ' mfcxsor of Soriolo( ii A,B„ l.ynclilmrj; Cnllc-n . l.. .. IMi.l).. Kry n Mawi Culliv-c. .I-WIC llKl.cil Isl! Assoritilc J ' lofi ' ssor of Jjii lo( i A,l!., Colby C ' nili ' t;,- , ,M., ( oliiniliiii liiivriMly; i ' li.l),. lrii n mI y of . l i soiii i, Fi: . K, l ' !:i; iii:i . i i:i; lnstrii lor in Arl .Miniicli Anulcmx of . ii; SIikI. ' hI of llcinian llall.T. Zurirli; . l,. .. . I,I ' ' ,A„ ' laic liiiviTsily, (il..viivs Jlod.M-; I ' rofcsscji- of Economics .M,A., riiiveisity ,f lljnnin.4li nil, iMi laial ; IMi.l),, rciluiiiliia I iiivc-rsity. L.U ' H.V T. ] ' Ui ' Kll- .M ssociiilc I ' rofcssor of Hontonic Ldni iniqcs A,B., University of ' ci iiioiil ; . ., l., IMi.l),, IJaaclillC ColU-v. Wli-IJAiM a. I ' l ' KKS ssin-iiilc I ' rofi ' ssor of L ' onidnic Linn iUK cs A,B., Uliivfrsity of .Ali- sissippi ; A.M.. fnivcisjly of Alaliuiiia ; I ' li.l)., I iiIn iTsil of North ( ' aroliiia. Ca1!L Y. CoNNOK I ' rofcssor of h ' n( lisli B.A., University of ■loroiito: . ,M,, llarMird I iiivfrsity ; I ' li.l),, ( ' ..liiiiiliia University, Lucy Shepard ( ' )i. F()lili I ' rofcssor of I ' liilosoplii . I ' si choloi i , mill ■Jiluciilioii A.B., I ' li.D., Cornell Iniveisity. Jov.vx I)e Rocc ' O issisliinl I ' rofcssor of A rl Sel 1 of Arcliiteeture, University of Belgrade; Art Students League, New " lorU ; .student of Harold Van Buren ' Magoni ' le, E i;i.Y Eaton Visiiimj Lecturer in Creative Wrilim University of Paris. Edgar J. Fisher I ' rofcssor, ( ' nrlcr (JIuss Chair of (lorcrnnicnl. A.B., A.M., University of Kodiester; Uli.l).. t ' ohiinliia University. Jessie Melville Fhaser [ssorinlc Professor of llis on A.B., Columbia College: A.Al.. University of .S,,utli Carolina; A..M.. Colnniliia I iiivei sity. Evelyn Groxbi:rg Frke.max Asslslinil in Spccdi A.B., Ohio Wesleyan University ; M.S., l!o«lin ; Green State Uiii ersily. Sidney L. Freeman Inslniclor in Ivmjlisli B.S., University of Wisemisin : Al,. ,, Howling Green State University; I ' IkIJ,, Cornell University, G. N oble Gilpin Assistant Professor of Music B.Mus., M.Mus., Syraense University, Florence Hague Associate Professor of Biotoiji A,B., A.M., University of Kansas; I ' h.l)., University of Illinois. Milan E. Hapala Issislnnl I ' rofcssor of (iorerii inent and Economics A.B., Beloit College; A.il.. Uiiiver-ity of Nebraska. Dean Hosken Assistant Professor of Reliijion A.B., Mount Holyoke Colle..ie; li.l).. liiion ' 1 lieological Seminary. JosEPH C. Hutchinson ssisliint Professor of Roniinice Lanijuages A.B., A.M., Emory University: I ' li.l)., University of North Carolina. Cecile Guilmineau Johnson Associate Professor of Fi encli M.A., Johns Hopkins University. Abraham Kreuslee Assistant Professor of (Icrman Ph.D., University of Craeow. Mary Ann Lee Associate Professor of Matlicmatirs A.B., Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College; A.M.. University of Wiseoiisin; I ' li.l)., Cornell University, Katherine Macdonali) Assistant Professor of Pln sical Education B,S„ Tufts College; M,S., Lniversitv of Iowa. 0n sabbatical leave 1951-19.52. fOn leave for military service. La ura T. Buckuam Moilcni Liiniimuics IT CH. Hahiukt IIowki.l Rooer.s I ' hu ' .n.il I fhiiutuiii G. Noni.K GiM ' iN Mil sir Jane Belchb3 Biology • Fkaxk H. McGah IiDilrudor in Pliiisics (tiid Mailn ' medics B.A.. Yale University; M.S.. fase Institute .if Teolindh.fry. (iKETiiUUE Malz I . suciiite Professor of (jreek and Latin A.B.. Swaithnioiv Colli-e; A.M.. Ph.D.. rniversity of Wisennsin. Irh.v Marik issistani Professor fjf lilusic Graduate, Budapest l ' ulle.s;e .if Music; I ' iaiiii Professor ' s Diploma, Liszt Academy if Music, Budapest. GiCRHAiiD Masur Professor of History Ph.D., University of Berlin. Jane L. Ma.kwell Inshuclor in Cheuiislry A.B.. Randolpli-Macon Woman ' s t ' olle.;. ' ; M.S., Iniversity of Delaware. Elisabeth F. MoLLKR ssoi iaie Professor of Ps! eliolo(jy A. 15.. Gouclier College; A.M.. t ' lark Iniversity; I ' li.D.. t ' ornell University. Helen K. Mull Associate Professor of Philosophi , Psi cliolo( i , ami Edueaiion A.B., Vas.sar College; A.M.. I ' li.D.. Hadclifle C.illege. Lysbeth W. iluxcY is.si.slani Professor of Jfis-lory and (iorernnient A.B., Vassar College; A.: l., I ' li.l).. Brown I ' niversity. Lawrence G. Nelson Associ((fe ' ro Vvsor of Knijiish, Seerelnry of the Faculty B.A., Luther College; A.. l., University of Texas; Ph.D., University of Virginia. " Anna C. Pitts Assistant Professor of Chemistry A.B.. Winthr.ip (ollcgc; A..M., Mount Holyokc Concg. ' . Mary Plevicti I nst ruelor in L ' onianec Languages A.B., Hunter C.illege; A. .M., Columliia University. Ethel Eajiage Associate Professor of English A. B., Barnard Cidlege; . .. l., Columliia lniver-il ; Ph.D.. University of isi-,,nsin. [URIEL liATCI.lFF [ssislant in Piding Ben L. Eeid lastrai tor in English A.B„ University of l.o.iisi ilh ; A..M.. ( olnmlii:i I ' niversity. Jane DAVinsON Reid Issistani in English A.B., A.M., University .if Louisville. Carol M. Eice. ( ' ollcgc I ' h i sician and Professor of Hygiene A.B.. Smith College; A.. l., W dh-sh-y Cidl.-g. ' ; M.l).. I ' niversity of Wiscnisin. Florence Horton Eohinson I ' rofessor of A rt A.B.. M.A., University of Calif.irnia; Ph.D.. Columliia Lniversity; K.A.A.K. Harriet Howell Eooers Professor of Physical Education A.B.. Jlouilt Holyoke College; (Ira.luate of New Haven Xor.nal S.h.i.il .if Gymnastics. Marion Benedict Eollins Professor of f ' eligion A.B.. Barnard College; A.M.. Pii.l).. Columliia University; B.D., Union ' I ' lieologi.-al Seminary. Ev- il. Saneord Associate Professor of History A.B.. A.M.. Ph.D., Radelille Colle.ge. Elizabeth Spies Inslruo ' .or in I ' hi sical Education A.B., Wells College. Elizabeth F. Sprague ssistanl Professur of Biology A.B., A.M., University of California. Johanne M. Stochiiolii sso(iate Professor of Lnglish M.A., University of Copenhagen; Ph.D.. liryn . lawr College. HiLDEGARD Stucklen Associate Professor of Physics Ph.D.. University of Citittingen. .h ' l.lA Stone Sl.m.merson Assistant in Viidin and Viola Philip Mittell. New York City; Cincinnati Conservat.iry of Music with .l. ' an Ten Have ami Peter Kreelich; .Inilliard Scli.iol .if Music with Louis Persinger and Edouard Dethier. D0R0THY D. Thompson Associate Professor of Chemistry A.B., A.M., M.nint Holyoke Cidlege; Ph.D.. .Massachusetts Institute of Te.-hn.ilogy. Myra TJhlfelder I nslructor in I ireck and. Latin A.B.. A.M.. University of Ciminnati; F.A.A.I!. LUCILE Umbreit Issistani Professor of Music A.B., Kailclitt ' e College: A. [.. N ' assar C.dh ' gc. PjKRTIia Pfister W.ULEs Associate I ' rofessor of Sociology A.B., Sweet Briar Ciillege; M.A., University .if irgini;i. Miriam H. Weaver sM,ciale Professor of Music Cincinnati Conservat.iry of Music; Colinnlii;i Lniv. ' rsity Summer Sch.iol ; Isador Philipp. Paris; .luilliard Summer School of Music: The I ' niversitv of Chicago. ()n leave l ' l4!)-l ' ' eli. l!l. ' )2. fOn saliliatical leave, sei ' .md I ' nu ' stcr 1!1. " 1 l!l.-i; .Jes.sie Melville Frasek Jlisionj 1 Ax.NA C. Pitts Clieiiiisti; IIki.kn K. ilri.i. I ' ]iiUiS(i]ihii mill I ' sijfhdlrniil HiLDEOARt) iSti ' CKLEN Pln sii i mmmimi t : .) ic.w L((rish; W: i.i.iams A.H., A.M.. Urilc-li ' .v Cullc.;;, ' . I ;i! nsT kciiiI ' ;i B.A., ()l)C|-lill ( oll(.-c; Cradllillr, .Mill l!(isiirin Sciilcn., New u)l mid lliils Assishnil lira,, ,111,1 l)u;;l,ir of ' icl ,111,1 ' ,l, llli,lll,ll (illillllllCP. ss„ri,h ' r l ' ,„ rss„r „f M iiKir. Scl I (if . liisic, N,.,v .l|■k City; I ' lipil (,f liiMino .Miii-ciwilscli, I-iiimIuii: l ' ii|,il of Lii ' .i;. i;v II. ' ! ' vi.i:k (ii;. i . ii:i.i lirnriini A.I!.. Uiiiul(il|ili-. liicoii Wuniiiii ' s Cdllc c; I5..S.. M..S., ( ' uliiiiiliiii I iiivcr-ily. A n M. Ni: vi,A i) ssisliiiil Lihniilin, A.H., Skidlllniv (ollcnv; n.S.. Collllllhin I lli vcl-ily. Ldl.s M i!ii; I ' llKiw ' , ' ricl,uij III Uic l.ihriiiiiiii lli:i.i; I ' ;iiiii;m() ' . . .SI, id,- .I,v,v ,s7(( .M ll.liHIMi l ]li(fi:. l()N ' ■ l,ii I,- Asslnhnil I ' lnri ' ii IsxhicoTi ' Cihilof iin- l.iliriuy ScliiKil. Ciiriiej;!.- liistilulc cif ■|t " (diiiulii y. I ' lsTV ( ' iiTi:i; IIdi.t ssi. l,iiil in lli,- l.ilinnij , i)Mi. is ' ri;. ' n -K st. ff Ki. VN Ainiiri: iirxc Cniduatt ' . Marsliall K-id f Mciiiinial llusiiital. lAii.-lilmit; ' . ' irj;iiiia. Lois Hai.I.KN(IKI! cnrlifn In I he l ' rrsi,l,-iil I!. .S., Woman ' s t ' ollegf of Kiiniian liiivcixily. Edith TuKNUR BeckNEK S ' , l-chin In ll,,- Jinin,,- } ' ,;ir ill Fnuirr [. KTH. VOX liRlESEX I iinrl ,,r ,il I ' lihlir l!rliili,iiis A.B.. Sweet Briar College; A.. l.. liadilillc College Linda SiMONCK liROWN Dirrrhn- iif 1, ' ,-fi; lijiii ' S A.U., I ' liiNcrsity of Texas; A.M.. Iiiiversity ,,f Cliicafjo. HkBKCC ' A M. ( ' AltKOI.I Assishiiil in III, ' (Iffirr of 1 1, r T n;isit nr Maijici. M. Cii nm,i:v {s ishml Tinisum- Janice M. Davis rrri ' lmi in II, r Minnnn, ' O jirr ChrlsTINIC Cai.DW Kl.l. FAULt ' ONFR ' frichi ri hi llir llicrlor iif linil ilinij „ni! Hiuiniih JosKril A. (iil.rHKIST. Jr Supninlrmlnil nj Ihr l- ' nitii B..S.. Yale I ' liiversity. MAR iAKKT W. Hayks fcrelanj-A , ' ssislan I , O Jici ' nf I ' lihli, Ui-lnlionn A.B.. Marietta College. Aram inta S. Hitt Vi r.ve (iraduate, Viruinia l?a|itist Hos|iital, l.yiudilmrg. ' irginia. Ll.oVD i . IIOILAIAN Pirrrhir ,,{ li n llili n s ,iii, l (! run mis ' ,.S.. M.S., Virginia Polytei liiiir Institute. II ll.li ( ' . .IHEFKESON Srrn-liin . (j; irr of Ihr I ' rrsiili ' nl ItoKoTliV Jester .ssisl,inl in Ihv Ofjirr nf Ihr Drnii A.I!., Agnes Scott College. Rebecca C. Kerr Supcrrisor of Hulls of Ursiilmrr Hei.EN H. McMahon Manager of Ihr SI mlml ' s Booh Sliop A.B., Sweet Briar College. Elizabeth S. Mullen Secrrlnn in Ihr Alnnmnr Office A.B., Sweet Briar College. Evelyn S. Munger Servrtanj, Comniillrr on Admission E. Gertrude Prior [ssislnnl. Shulmh ' Ho,ik Shop A.B., Sweet Briar College: M.A.. rniversity of Pennsylvania. Maroaret Corwvkll Schmidt Exn ulirr Srcrrhin of Ihr Alnmnar Association A.B.. Sweet Briar College. Frances 0. Stone rcrrlnri l,i Ihr Dimlnr of Refectories Alice Tucker ssisl,in ' l In Ihr Dimlnr of Refectories Mary Vinton [ssislnnl. Offirr of Admission A.B., Sweet Briar College. Henrietta 1L Walker Mannijrr. Bn.nroud Inn Margery Ann Washburn Secrclari in Ihr Office of the Dean A.B.. Montreal College. Eddie P. White Secretary to the Dirrctnr nf Admission Florence Horton Robinson Maky Ann Lee Gertride iUi.z Carl Y. Con xon Ci.miy. ' Art Matlirniatiis Clreel- anil Latin i:n,i,isl, Eroii i ' e are in action from the first moment we set foot on Sweet Briar eampus As freslimen we safely stowed away tlie rules and traditions learned in liand liook classes, took a deep breathe. an l jihinued into college life. We griped aliout all-afternoon labs but we couldn ' t help being fascinated by the " innards ' " of our frogs ajid flowers. Outside reading in Social Studies seemed endless, but we soon adjusted to the long hours in the library, and the inn became an indis- pensable break. We wondered if we could ever learn to recognize what seemed hundreds of syni- jihonifs. and sjient hours in music listening when tests caught u]i with us. AVe were frantic over last minute term ])apers but somehow managed to get them in on time in spite of our worries. We .stayed up all night in the transfoi ' nied. tomb-like quiet of a smoke-filled Counnons. and ordered a cheeseburgfi ' and a milk shake at the date house so we wouldn ' t have to waste study time by chang- ing our blue jea]i for dinner. We couldn ' t wait for vacations. Ijut June it was hard to believe v Were already sojiliomores. As .sophomores we really felt necessary to the action of Sweet Briar. We were no longer shy of speaking up in Student (io ernment meetings ; Charlottesville and Lexington became as familiar as Sweet Briar itself. We ])assed oui ' reading knowledge (much to our sur|)rise). ])lowed grudgingly through the confusion of ( ' .( ' .. and wondered if Poppy didn ' t know more than we did about ] sych. At the enil of the year, after jnucb deliiieration. we ( Ikisc our majoi ' s and linallv dashed foi- the junior bench, upperclassnieii at last. Junior vcar we wei ' e aluiost at the top. We took philosopliy and Tieligion and found ourselves thinking more tlian e ei ' befcjn ' . With basic requirements behind us. things began to take shape. We knew what we wanted and how to get it. Some of us went abrcjad and studit but no matter how we studied, what we studied now had real meaning for us, our i-ings and eyed the (ioldcii Stairs longingly, but the idea of compreheiisi es made us wondei- if we Weren ' t better off as juniors. Senior year we were " the ones. " We put on a Broadway show witli an e;Lse that belied the bard work behind it. With coniprehensives just a short time away we went to seminars faithfully and wondered how it was possible to grasp so much. But by the time we stopped to catch our breath, we were sit- ting on the Golden Stairs, di- plomas in hand, singing " Oh look up here and see us ' " for the last time. We the honors plan, couldn ' t wait for Ito, V cUcut c4 t fiftafo e luct ( HC€iAlecl Firs L ' oic: ] Iartiia LEfi(!. ' irr-l ' rfslilnil .■ (iuAci-; IM.Lum.. Srcrrhiri . Second Tloir: .Iackii-: 1 A C(iok. I ' lc itU ' ul : .Iican Cai.dwkij., Treasurer. 1952 It is Vdu whom wc have lookcil-up to. the ones who liave fultillt ' d all the ho])es from j)ulil isli inir a top Fi ' eshiiian issue of the " News. " ' to sailiii;jf throuuh (•(im])rehensives. You have left vour inai ' k. not only aeademically with thiiteen Phi Betes, and a sizeable Dean ' s List, hut with llie Show and llidwinters. Theve wiis Founder ' s Day and the hrst wearing (if your Senior rohes : we shall always remember the disunity ot a mortar hoaid tilted over one eye. Christmas aeation ca and ' nt : the year was hall ' o er before you knew it. Suddeidy it hei ' ame the fashion to acquire the third linger left hand ring, and to plan June wedding.s. When eomprehensives loomed large, you may have wished you had refused " — just one more hand ! " and another eup of coffee at the date house. But when your names are read and you ha e your di])lomas in your hands, we ' ll all lie whistlini;- ' -Bright. Sprite. Wittv and Pert ! " " mm MAIMilKlflTK ANN ANDKIISON ' siii (;t(in. 1). ( ' . liKll.odV " Her irords ilii xiniir her irll iiiitiiii jiiinihlr. " ' illiaiii Sli;ikcs|)i ' ;irr Bum Chinns; Aint ' s and Asses; Oi-ii ' iilal ion ; Head of Lake; Tanz Zirkel. MARY HAMMOND I ' .AILKV Griffin, CiEOKtiJA zoui.ocy " She would ndlirr iulk In n iiniii llniii nil (niijt ' l mil ihiij. " Dorothy I ' arki ' i- Altar (iuild; Chung JIungs ; Aint ' s and Assrs; May Court; May Queen; Currieuhnn ( ' oniinittiM ' ; Secic- tary. Treasurer. Student (lovernnieiit ; House Presi- dent; ( )iientation ; Wlio ' s Who in Aniei ' iean Colleges. Oh, look up here and see us Cudjo iwy i ' bai;hai;a ciolt bakki; l ' A.SS-A-(inlLLE, Floi(1d. SdCIOl.lMiY " Whcvc ' lie irilliiitjiicsx is f fi ' iil, tlic di linillics ciiiniiil he i mi!. " Xinilu : Im-liiavelli Soeiolu.uy ( ' liili: (ilrc (Jlub: Vioo-Prt ' s ideiit. ' ' . ' .( ' .A. ; VAWC.A. ( ' (nniiiissioii Head; Church and Chapi ' l ( ' (iiiiiiiitii ' i ' : Altar (iuild Student Cliairiiian; ( ' u-Chairiiiaii. ' (irld Student Serviee Funds. Hp CYXTIIIA P.AI.CII I ' .AK ' XS UrnA. Ne v YniiK SPANISH " Of iiuiji ' iiikI iiii( ' ((li)lrs sill ' iriis ijinic n irunliuiise. " And crcri uiic ii-niili ' i! Iicr nl llirir litiusv. " O-deii Xash (;iee rhil ; Spanisli Chili: Friends d ' Ait: News: liusiiiess ManaiTev. IllM K I ' ati ' ii ; I ' xiavd of I ' ulili- eations: lnti ' r-1 )iiniiit(irv Cniiiicil. And wish that you could be us -■£ w SUZANNE MAKMK I ' .ASSKWITZ UiiDoKi.YN, Ni: YiiiiK i:n(;i,isii " Whiwii liinirnltj, iril. diiil liiiiiiiir rnnniril. " Slr],lu ' ii Dado Kn. lisli cnuh; Clawic-iil Cluli; l;cs (lau.-lics; Branih- Irr: Uhiai; Pai ' ih ; Cni-i-iciiliiiii ( ' (iiiuiiittiM ' ; Taiiz irkri. PATKICIA HAMILTON BKACH HAHTFORn, COXNKCTICUT DRAMA " If ' s all a gri ' lil shoir The world Ihul irc ' rr in. " .lilllC VtM ' V English Club; Music Club; Glee Cliilj; Treasurer, Paint and Patches; Dance Group; Vice-President, S.W.A. Sitting on the Golden Stairs m €UdJoi KDITIl .MAirnX HELL (ii.ENVIICW, KkXTVCKY AKT " The. rwd is roiiiaiirc ,so ( ' il iriiid. " () ;■( Icn Xash I ' aiiit ami I ' atilir : Frirnds of Art ; Curricuhini Coin mittei " : I ntfr- 1 iirin i t nrv Couiifil : (. ' liairmaii of N.S.A.: Xnrs: Hnniililvy : Hidiii- Council. CAii ' dLvx (;itK(;()i?v hijack (iiiiM)N Island. M. ]ivi.A i) (a)vi;KX.MEX-r " Siiuir irDiiii ' ii, llir frir, liiivr chiinii for nU. " .lames Barric Political Ecouomy Club: Musi.- Cluli; Ifidiii.u Ccniu- fil: Orientation: Kin.i: Chaiiinan: World Alfairs Clul) : Mav Court. We have worked for three long years ' £wv l l. |)A liltACKK ' l ' T IIanovi;:!, . ' i; Ham i ' sm iki: IllS ' lOliV ' ■TU,- I,ir,irr hrnrl. Ilir l.linllirr Inniil. " Alfi-iMl lx.nl Triiiiystin .Iiidhial I ' .iiiiid; Oricntatinii ( ' i.minitti ' c : ( . ' . : Siilli- ;iii A :ii-il ( ' oiimiittcr : Tail I ' lii: ,Iiiiiii)i- Ycai ' in Scdllaiiil. JEAN CALnWHLL HoNor ULU, Hawaii REl.ltJinX " I! is ircll III i irc irlicii (islrcd. Iiiil il is teller lu (jive unasked thruiujli uiulei-shuKliuej. " Kaliil (iilirau Trt ' Msurcr, Si ' iiior ( ' lass: Head dl ' Caliiii : Varsity Ijarriissc: Sci ' diid Class llucki ' v Team ; Ividinj, ' ( ' oun- I ' il ; ( ' Iuiiil;- M uiil;s. Had our troubles and our fears « Ik ' €umoI JAXE LEWIS CARTER North WiLKK iHORo, North (Carolina GOVERNilKXT " A merry licmi Unit Jung lis a I rare. " llciirv lliirt Milnuiii Business Manager, Neirs: World Atl ' airs Cluli; lusic Clul); Friends of Art: Funds Coniniittee; Board of Publications. Op SARA LATIMER CLAY Atlanta, (Jkoroia oovern ' mkn ' t " Cliiinii is llie iiieitsare uf iittnicHmi ' s puirer. To cJidiii the fleeting fiiiicij of the hour. " J ouise Canil Tiionias IN.litical Economy Club; LR.C: Y.W.C.A. Cabinet: Y.W.C.A. Commission Head: Xeirs.- Orientation Connnittee : Social Coniniittcc : Altar Guild: Tanz Zirkel ; Lake Council: Cuiriculuni ( ' (imniittce; Per- soiiufd Committee: X.S.A.: Mux Court. Now we ' re sitting on the Golden Stairs ' £ D I ' llOl ' ]! ' .! ' : (;()()!). M ' : I)i;F()K WlXDSdl!, ' I : I! MO NT I ' ll I l.dsol ' ll V " I ' vi ' II jirrlli hixlc fur jiiiniihi.r. " Cillirrt and SiiUixaii Krciuli Cliili; Cciiiian Cliili: ] i ' ! ( laiirlics ; ( ' iirvi( uluiii Coiiiin it tec : SiMTd a rv. . .y . : Fiist ( ' la. llcM-kcy Tcain ; K ' cscrvc Varsity lliici fy Tram; Hiiliii, ( ' (iiiiicil ; I ' aiiit ami I ' atilirs. (ilJACE MA15KL l)i:L() G ilOHXTON, I ' kxnsvi.vama IIIS ' IOKY ■ ' .i irilh hen III !■■ n mirri-. " Ge(iruc Mcrrilitli : Iiisic Chili; Politii-al Kcuiiomy Chili; Clcc Chih ; l.h ' .C; V.W.C.A. Vespers Cdiiimittee; Secretary. Seiiidi ' Class: Inter-Dorm itory (hmiieil; l iUAii I ' aitii ; ' (irld Affairs Cluli; Fumis Cumiuittee. Oh, hear those seniors singing " SSSSS €UmoI VIRGINIA JUNE EARLKY Casa Grande, Aeizoxa MUSIC " The cltanii, llir gran ' Ihiil Tunc iinikrs alrouq. " Flcin-v Austin Dobson rhoir: Glfo Cliili: Musi,- Clul.. MARY STKUART KLY PriTSBrRCll . PlONXSVI.VAMA RKI.KiinX AN ' ]) SOIIAI. PROIU.K.MS " liitiiiilc rirhrs m a liUIr nioiii. " Christuphcr Mnrlnwe vSociology Club; Frencli Club: r.W ' .F. : OricntHtioii Committee; Boxwood I mi ( ' (imiiiittcc ; Woi ' id At ' nirs Club. Tis sweet I do declare Ji- -:L(w S. 1,LV IIAirr FISIIF.IK ' N llOANdKi:, X ' lliCIN I I ' dl.ri ' lC l. 1:1 ONDM " ! " (inicr irii. in Iwr y i ' is, lirari ' ii in lirr I ' l r — ' rri ' ii i cs nrr iHijiiihj mid lure. " .Idliii .Milldi). ()iit ' iit:iti(iii ( ' (iriiiiiitti ' i ' : ( ' u r I ' icii 111 III Cdiii III i 1 1 1 ' c ; Chaiiiiian of the Social L ' oniiiiittee; President. Cliiiiii; Munt ' s: Seci ' t ' tarv. Treasurer, Iiiter-Dormitorv Couii- cil : Iiiter-l ' liili CdUiicir, i ' elief Com ni i t ter : Mny Coui-t: Cd-CliainiKiii. Cliristnias Bazaar; I ' dlitiial Econdiiiy Cliili; Classical Clul) ; Funds Coiiiiiiittee ; Who ' s Wild in Aiiiericaii Colleges; Phi Beta Kappa. MARY JOHNSON FORD RiCH.MOND, VlRGIXIA IIATHEMATICS " Those nliout hrr From her shnU read the perfect tvnys of honor. " William Shakespeare French Cluh; Q.V. ; Tau Phi: U.W.F. ; Hockey and Basketball Varsity ; Basketball Captain ; Chairman of Inter-Dormitory Council; Vice-President, Judicial Board ; Judiciary Chairman of Student Government ; Social Committee; House President; Who ' s Who in American Colleges. To hear those seniors singing ■n CUUJol AXNE lU ' KTOX KOKSTKi; Vlro BiCArii. F:.()i!ii)A GOVKRXirEXT Willi soiiiclli li(( of Kiiiii ' lir Ill Ill. " William WiM ' ilswortli Political Econoniv Cluh: (,).A ' .; Tan Phi; I.R.C. : Vice-President. Y.W.C.A. Ficslmiaii Cabinet; Ciir- riculum ( ' oinniittee; Tvcasu ici-. Sophomore Class; .liidicial l oard : Chainiian (if May Day; Producer. StMiiiir Sluiw: Phi licta Kappa. ELLEN GALEY Caracas, YenkzuI ' :i.a, S. . . HISTORY " Good sf ' iisf, which only is Ihc ijift of heaven. ' Alexaiidci- Pope Sitting on the Golden Stairs ' £uw ANNA WVAA.V. CAK ' ST BooNic Mil. I.. ' iniii i A HKI.KIION AND SOCIAL l ' l!(l II I. I ' lM S " Kui nil! shf iliiiici ' K .•iiich II inn . ' Xii sun iijiDii nil h ' lisirr Dni Is liiilf so fnir II siijliir Sii- .loliii Siicklini; ( ' li(,iV(ij;i:l]iliy: Head (if Dance; Music Clllli: Sci (iijv Cluh. SALLY MILLEK (iKAIMlAI. ' T Pearisburg , ' I KC I X I A DRAilA " Go find cntcli II fidliiii sfnr. " Jdliii I)(iniic Kufilisli Cluii; Piesideiit. Taint ami I ' atclics; Head of Softball; Cabin Leader; Les Gavudies ; Briar Patch; Director, Senior Sliow; (jlee Cliil) ; Classical Cliil). The rest of you must wait wm m mmr ' ' ' SBm mssmm ssssmmssmsm mm €u uoi BRIGITTK GUTTSTADT Bkrlix-Sciii.achtenskf., Germaxy sociology " Mij coiuitrii i.t (lie irorld : my counfrymen lire iiKiiiluiil. " William Lloyd Garrison Gcviiian Chill. NANCY ANN HAMEL GRKKNsiioRO. North Caroi.ixa ENGLISH " ;( jiublic ciiipldi iiiciiis indti il rioii.s mid griivi ' , And iiloiir irilli friends, Lord, how merry! " ilatthew Prior Song Leader; Judicial Board: Music Cluli: t .V. ; House President: Choir; Head of Orientation; Treasurer. President. Tau Phi ; English Cluh ; Who ' s Who in American Colleges: Phi Beta Kappa: May Court. To reach this royal state ' L jv MAUMiAIIKT KKIi; 1 1 K. I.KV I)ii; i i i;ii i . A:. i; i a IMOl.KIIIIX •■ ivnuhl niiphiiiil llnr In Ihv rni ,-cho Tliitl shiiiilil ii i ililii(l ( iiiii. " William SliakrS|K ' ai ' c I ' lioii " , Aiu ' ts and Asses; Srci-i ' tarv-Trcasiirci ' . Music Cliih: Classical Clul.; I ' lvsiilrut. YAWC.A. Fivsliuiaii Caliinct : SiMivtarv. X.S.A. HOLLY I11LLA8 Wyxcotk, Pewsyi.vaxia PSYCIIOI.OfiY " Hfiiuhj. ll ' 7. ( (( iiDilchJi ' ss illf nil 1 ! " Roliert (irceiic Q.V. ; Tail Plii-: UAV.F.. Joint Council: Curricukiui Committee; Judicial Board; Basketball A arsity; Class Tennis Team; Social Committee; Junior Year in Scotland; Cliairnian of May Day: I ' lii l i-ta Ka|)|ia; ifav Court. Of sitting on the Golden Stairs itiif!!!i!!Gii!J3fiSK8ii i idsr-rimmsmmmammmBmimmmammmmmam CCcUJol AXXE ROOXI-: TIOAGLAXD Wasiuxotox, D. C. sonoLOOY " Ih ' iidiii ' il fiifinlli irilli (I siiilh ' . a elm nil ill (J ironl or jfst. " Jolin [iisefield Socioloi;y Cluli; Viee-Prei5ident. lEusic Chili: Chair- man of tile Personnel Committee; Head of Games: Class Hockey Team: Class Tennis Team: News; Briar Patch: lioiird of Pulilications: Editor. JJand- IkkiI- and Krij. SrSAX LEWIS HOBSOX Kew (iARDEXs, Xhw York i:x(U.isii " h ' kli ill llic trensure of despired nnioirn. " Sir Philip Sydney English Club; French Cluh; Q.V. ; Chung Mungs; Glee Club ; Joint Council ; Orientation Committee ; Tanz Zirkel: Class Basketball Team; Class Hockey Team ; Co-Head, Christmas Bazaar ; President. Fresh- man Class; Judicial Board: President. Student Government ; Phi Beta Kappa; Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Colleges: Mav Court. We ' ll tell all you under classes ' JLuv .lO.WXl ' : STA.NM ' IV liOlJ ' .lMioK W sii i i; i ' (i . I ). ( ' . lACI.isll ••Tlic irininl of ,i lliiiu irrll iluiw is hi have ,lo„r il. " Kalph Wnl.l.i Kni,Ts,,M iMiiilish Cliilc S|iiinisli Chili; 1 iitn-Cliili ( ' (.iincil: l ' ]ilil( i-. Hiiuiilil) ' !-: Kilitor. liitiM: I ' vii ' ii: lionid nl I ' lililicnl idiis ; ( ' o-( ' (iiii|iosi ' i ' . St ' iiiiir Show : Scrrctai ' V- TiTasurci ' . Cluiiiu ' luiius. EFLALIE THOMAS .lEXKIXS B I Rll I G II Ail , A I, A r.A M A RELIOIOX " A fiiri ' t ' l itt nii tiri ' kiinl of (jnuc. " Kdimiiiil S|M ' iiS(M ' liiiiii Cliiiiiis: TrciisimM ' . Y.W ' .C.A.: Fi ' eslinian Cabi- iirt : Ki-iiMiils (if Art: Ovieiitation Cimimittee ; Social Conimittrc; ( ' lioi-i ' (),ura|iliy : Wcirld Alfairs ( ' hil : May Cmnt. It takes lots ofA- - passes mummm m;; ■-. ksmiimmmammmmmmmmsmmmBm: ■ippiiiiii €umoI Sr.SAXXA JUDD Craxhury, New Jkrsky HISTORY " Tlirre lircx the ihnvcsl frrslniesx deep down. " Upvaril Mauley Plopkins Friends of Art: .Soi ' iologv C ' luli: Politiciil E(-onom dull : Xi ' ws: Tnnisurer, Junior Class; Finanre Com- mittee: Curriculum Committee. FHAXCKS LoriSE KELLY Lkhaxox, Ki: 1 r( ky KXCI.ISII " Blest iritli Unit Clninii, the certiiliit j In please. " Samuel Kodgers Soeiology Chib ; English Club ; Y.W.C.A. Commission Head; Funds Committee; Inter-Dovmitory Council; Y.AV.C.A. Cabinet. Just to put you on the Golden Stairs ' itwv Dol. ' o ' niV ANN Ki ' ivwoirni I ' ]ast (iiii:i ' :N icii. Ii ' iiom; Island SOIKII.DIiY " Xhc iriirc srrniilii liriijlillij Hire llir niiiilinir. " .hlincs ' riiiirlirr Si)ci(iliiuy Chili: Music Cliili: (ilrc Chili; TiTasuivi. V.W.C.A. : liitcr-Chili Cdiiiicil ; Sulhv;iii Awiiid Cdiii- iiiitti ' c; Chiiicli iiiid Ch:i|irl Cuniiiiitli ' c ; ( )iii ii1iit inn ( ' oiniiiittee; liitei--l)(irniit(ii-y ( ' (Hiiicil; l ' umls Cdiii- mittee; Tail Phi; Hcud cif Chdii-; SiMTrhiiv. Stmlcnt iii ( ' riini( ' iit Ass(iciaii iii ; Wlm ' s Who in Anii ' i ' ican CuUi-vs. INFANCY LAEMMEL Greenwich, CoxNECTiruT PSYCHOLOGY " Tlir sliiijtlr gift of hriiu h- ' tinl I.S greater tliaii nil I lie irlsiloiii nf tin ' ir!se. " L)u J )OS( ' lli-ywdud (i w Chih; Les Gaufhes ; Friends of Art; U.W.F.; News. Oh, hear those seniors singing wsBmg sm wsmmmimsmmmimmBmsmm 6laMol HV1-:LVX VAX HOUTEX LAXK Hi:xi)KRs()x iLLi;, Xorth Carolina ZOOLOGY " Life ' s (I icri fiiinii pniposltidti after nil. (xeorge il. Cohan SecTetai-y, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet: Choir; Glee Club; Curriculum Committee; Personnel Committee; Paint and Patches: Bniinblrr: Cluin-h and Chapid Coiii- niittee. Music Club: Oiicutation Cunniiittcc MAIICOT .lEAXXE LaEOQUE SrorLv, Xkw York : irsic ••.l ( .v r Ihal i eiiller on the spirit lies TIkiii tirril ri eti(ls upon tired eyes. " All ' icd Lon! Tennyson Glee Club: Ciioir: President. Music Club: Friends of Art: Co-Head Les (;auclies: ilisiones: U.W.F. : Ciir- ricuhim Committee: iiiter-Club Council: Xeirs; Lecture and Concert Conniiittee. Tis sweet I do declare -ZU D I ' ATI.MCIA I ' .AK ' KSDAIJ-: I.AY.NK AliUNdTdX, N ' llilJIN I A i:n ii,isii " XtiUiiiKI i rr i inis cm- iirraiii plislinl irilliinil nilli iisuism. " I. ' illpli V;il(l(i Kincrs,,!! Music Club; Spanish Club; Eufflisb Club; .Junior Vcai- in France : News; Brainblcr; Phi Beta Kappa. Hd MARTHA KL1ZA15KTI1 U-AUi BiNGiiAMruN , New Yohk KELW.IOS ■ ' Life IX II jrsi 11,1,1 all Ih ' iiig slioir il I thought so oiiic ninl iioir I 1,-iioir it. " .lohn (iay (ilee Club; Choir; Fricnils of Ait ; Bniiiil)lrr: N.S.A. KxiTutive Council; Vice-President. Senior Class; Aints and Asses. To hear those seniors singing Wsms ss ' ' ' immmBmmmimaB mmmmmsmmsm i 6umoI ilAlfV (iORDUN LKITH Am iii:i;s ' r. Vircima . irsu ' " Tinir Ix for (Inifinii lii ' y mid niigrU, Ihr funiirr lire l j , lilllr iii, Ihr hi ler licr Inn liiiit . " .Trtiiics Tliui-lii ' v : rusi,- CluliiOli ' i. ( ' luli:Le.s Gaut-lie? ; Frirmls ..f Ai-t : I ' AV.F. ; Cluiii-. I ' aiiit and Patches. MAI.MOl. ' IH KVK LFA ' INE l AW iii:MK, Xi; York COVEKXMKXT " Thr r Zr .w of fashion and Ihr laold of form, Thr obsrrri ' d of ill ohsi-rrrrs. " William Sliak( ' s|iearc Sdciold-v Cluli; Tivasin ' er. WorM AITairs Cliili: Friends dl ' Ai ' t : Xrirs; Lake (. ' ouiicil : 15iisiiii ' s Man- ager. I ' liristnias Hazaar. Sitting on the Golden Stairs ' itu D I ' A ' riMciA A.WK Li. i ' :ni ' :i;(ii ' :i; llri;i;Ai;ii Wdiiiis, Ii.lixdis i;r " Ui i ijiiii (hi iliiticr. 1 irisli i aii. ii irarc n ' llic sni. Ihiil i oii iiii hl rrcr iln iiullihn hill lluiir ' il!i:iiii SluikcspcMiv (ilcc Chili: Sccrrlarv-Tivasuivi-. Fiviicli Cliili; Music Cliih: Ki-iciids (if Art: ( ' li(iivci,iiTii|iliy : l.cs (iauchcs; r.w.F. nOBBIK JOAN LLOVEIJAS Nicw ()ri.i;a s. Louisiana FI!i;X(H ■• iiiiilr Ihr iinjsl of nil thill roiiirs niiil llir Icnst of nil Hull ijiit r Siira ' Pcasdalc S|ianisli Chili: l ' ' ii ' iicli Chili; (iciiiiaii ( ' liili; .luiiii ' (•ai- ill P ' laiiic : Ijt ' s (iaucliis: I ' lii llcta Ka|i|ia. Oh, look up here and see us mmamimmm €Udjc XANCIE KLLEX Md ' AXN Bl. ' ISTOL C ' ONXKCTICVT ENGLISH " Biivii irilli ■llii ' i lfl of liiutjhlcr mnl ii sense Hull Nil ' irorld is mud. " rjapliai ' l Sahitiue English Club; Aints and Asses; Varsity Lacrosse Team; Social Committee. MAI. ' Y OlXilvX .MrCl ' KDY Mdvi.AN-l ' dsi-: ' ai,i,i;y, I ' | ' :xnsyi,vania EXtil.I.SH " Suppress IDC if i oil ridi! " Aiiilrcw Laiii; l V. : Treasurer. Aints ami Asses; ( ' liiiiij:- Muiigs. Social Coiiimittee; Orientation Committee; English Club; Xrirs: Hockey Varsity: Basl etball Varsity; Class Hockey Team; Class Basketball Team; Co- Writer, Senior Show ; Mav Court. And wish that you could be us -£uw CLAK ' A .M( DONALD NAsinii.i.i-:. ' l ' i ' .N i:.ssi:i ' : iii:i.i(;io AM) soiiAi. i ' i!()i!i,i:, is " (I riiinili ' iiiiiirr Hull ininiis mnl lii lils llic hnirl nf Ihr hrhuhlnr Alan I ' ortci- N ' icr-I ' ri ' sidnit. S(H ' i()lo,!iv Cluli: May ( ' (Hiit; ( ' iiiii( iiliiMi ( ' (iiiiniilti ' c ; I ' i ' ixiiincI ( ' (iiiiniiltcc. 4 t JAM-; itoiii ' .iNs M((iAi;i;v Coi.r.Miirs. OiiKi I ' ll VSllS " I ' LnrcthiKj irisc. fiiir. ' piil ' rii iiiiil jii ' rsiiinli iiij. " William Slial cs|ii ' ai( ' (Mpc Cluli: ( ' .: Tan I ' lii ; Sccrrtarv. UAV.F. : Cluircli ami Cliain ' l Cniiimitti ' c ; ( ' iiiricuhim Cdin- iiiittcc: St ' crctarv. Sniior Class; I ' i ' csideiit. Suplid- niMVe Class; Judicial Board; A ' iic-l ' rt ' sident, Student (ioMTiimcnt ; Tanjc Ziikcl; Dancr (ii-oup; Represer.ta- tivc Herald Tribune F(inim; I ' lvsideiif. Iiiter-Cluli Cnunril; Class llockev Team; Who ' s Wlio in Aiiieri- ean Colleii ' es; ilay Coui ' t. Sitting on the Golden Stairs isisMliSffii lSaSSa ■ v M SMi ! !! ? €UdJoi EDITH JIOI ' K MAI. ' SII WjiiTi; l ' i,Ai s, Xe« Yokk II ATI I KM TtCS " I ' m liu ' iiihuj iri li ii hil ii ' iieii ' S Willi mitiiij chcrrfal fnch iihaul the sijuiire if llic Ii ijpiilfiinai ' . " (lillicrt anil SuUixaii Music- Club: (Jlf ' c Cluli: (iiTiiiMii Chili: Cun-irulum Committee: Itiiliui;- Ciiuiicil : Xrirs.- Clidir: ' (irlil Affairs Club. MAli ' V VIIKMXIA MAU ' SIIALL Cl.KVELAXlJ llKKillTS, Ollli) A.Mi;iil(AN ' IIISTOKV " ' ■ ■ inii s iiri ' llir irui s of I ' lrilsniil iirsx. " Kahil (Jiraii Tiuiz Zirkel; Treasurer, Classical Club; Political Economy Club; Captain, Class Basketball Team. We have worked for three long years -£ m) JANK I ' K ' ITIT MATTAS Si ' K AN ' I ' d , l ' i: NSVI.VAXIA (iOVICltN M KN ' I ' " .I l7 r U n fnj ijnvmis llir irorhl. " .I(,lin Scldon I ' olitical Mco niiniy Cliili; (Jlcc Cliil): lliiiii Clmiiis: Srcivlai ' v. Aiiits and Asses; I.K.C: Funds Cdmi- mitlcc; ' I ' ri-asuriM ' . A. A.; ' ai-sity 1 hirkcy ' I ' caiii ; Class Ildcki-y ' ream; Associatr hldittir. Huiai! Pati m : Lake ( ' (iiniril; Sliidciit Cliairnian. A ml i t o r i ii ni Funds Drive: SdcidloLiA- Cluli; Tan i ' lii. FLORENCE U MY MAUPIN PORTSAIOl ' I ' ll, ViHGlXIA ENGLISH " Oh 1 sliniihl like In shut ,uid rurs, ' Aiiiiiin nil liliiil-ijiiiinl cri ' ir — lliil I mil irriliiiij liltli ' rcrse As lilllr liiilirs , , .- Dorothy Parker Bramblcr: Viee- P resi den t . French Club: Eiielisl Chih; ilusic Clnl); Fineiids cd ' Art; Phi Beta Kappa Had our troubles and our fears mmm BB ' ' ' ' ' WBmmHBBmmBmB t?iC ' 53!S!Ju;. " ::SS ' r i ;?l ' ;i-tiIl ' : ' j-jr; €uujoi (iAi ' .i. ' iKi.LK cat]te:r : rArpix I ' dKISMdlTir, VlROIXIA i: iii.isii " 117 0 r 7 siiincUj miij sh lf of iriiliin iiii ouclinl (iiiil (iiiiliril iKitliiiif thill she ijiil iiol ililorii. " Saimiel .Tohiisoii Bnuiihlrr: Fivn.-li Chili: Knolisli Chili: : [iisic Cliili: . ' iiiiidr ' l ' ill■ ill Fraiict ' : C u r r i c- u in in ( ' iniiinittiM ' : Xrirs: Phi I ' li ' tii Kappa. A XAXCY COLKMAX : [KSSICK WlI.I.IA.MSUlKil. VlHlilMA SOCIO], 0(iY ■■ ( soityii , (I iidodh coiiipinii . " liicliani Harris liarliaiii Clasj ical Chili: Orientation Committee; Treasurer. President. Soi-i(ilo,i; Chili: Vice-President. Aints and Asses: Persiuinel ( ' oiiiinittei ' : V(irld Affairs Club. Now we ' re sitting on the Golden Stairs -£uw mai;y i.ois Mihij-;i; Kicil lii II, ii;i;i lA KHI.KIIIIN " .SV c ' ' ((x ii-iinii ill rrrri iriiid (iiiil iri ' iilht ' r. " .hiiiics Thurlici- Fi ' iMicli Cliili; Oriciitiit iiiii ( ' (iminittuc : Sciciiil ( ' (iiii- inittcc: Tniiz Ziikcl: ' ;irsity Hockev " ri ' iini-, I ' lUin Chuiiis: V.W ' .C.A. Caliiiirt: NFmy ( ' niirt; Clmi ' cli ami ( ' lia|i( ' l ( ' (Uiiniilti ' i ' : 1 iitci ' -l )(iniiit(iry ( ' (luncil: I ' rcsi- (lent. Y.W.C.A.: Tan I ' lii : Who ' s Who in AmiTiraii Colleges. : iak(;ai?et st. clair : [oore Bi.uKFii:i,i), West Virginia (!() i;i: ,mi:n " I ' " Of iiiiirr I lid II riiiiiiiiiiii iirii(]]lliess. " Robert Bridges Glee Clul); Music Club; UAV.F. ; Varsity Softball; Political Economy Club; Varsity Basketball; World Affairs Club. 0 2, hear those seniors singing ] S M ? M SS ? iHi !?i a!«l!a !j5WS3j ' l ■ ' ;!;!iaQu ™ MJT■i•!!l•J•: J!i•;Li • CUMoI GENEVIEVE CARROLL : [OR(;AX IiUXTOX, Makyi.am) (iOVERXilEXT " CiiHid iiii uri ' (I ml i ooi] seiisr iiiuxl crer join. " Alexander Pope Xeii ' s: ' arsity Ildckey Team: ( ' a|itaiii. Class Hockey Team: Political Economy Chili: Woi-ld AlTairs Cluli. BETTY BEOOKE : i()i;i;is RoAXOKi:, Virginia RPZI.ICIOX " Miiih iiiirlli 1111(1 HO iiiiKhiPxs All ijiiiid iiiiil no biKliii ' ss, " .Tolin Skelton l uin Cliiiiiis: Y.W.C.A. Commission lleail: h y C ourt : ' ice-Pi ' esiileiit. Junior Class: Intcr-Doi ' initoiy Council : Social Conimittee. Tis sweet I do declare " a ' tuw NANCY ANNE MORROW S ' l ' AiM FOKIt. ( ' OW KcriCUT !•: ( 1 1 , 1 s 1 1 " I ' Jiitli iisiii iii !.■ Ilir genius. " Ivluard l ' iil vi ' |--Lytt(in Frcncli Cluli; Enuiisli (Uiili; Music Cluli; (ilrr Cluli; I ' iiiiit iiMil Patches ; Friends of Art ; I ntiM ' -Clul] ( ' (uiii- cil; TivasuriT. Fuiiils and Iielit ' t ' Connnittee; Brnnib- Icr: BiUAK 1 ' m(Ii; Clidii ' ; Cliairnian, Relief Com- mittee. BKTTY LoriSE MUNDY MoMiOi:. ViKGINIA I ' SYCIIOI.OGY " Let f euth ' ness my stroiuj enforcement he. " William Shakespeare French Club. To hear those seniors singing WK CUMoI MAEGARET ANNE NELSON NoiU ' OLK, Virginia ECONOMICS " Lei til ere be Uglif. " (Jt ' iiesis Sweet Briar Hunt; Vespers Coin in it tee ; Political Economy C ' lul : Les (iaiK-hes: Paint and Patches; Business Manaiiei ' , Uniiilhouk and Key; Chairman. Board of Publications; Finance Committee ;Le C ' ercle Fran -ais. JOANNE FENDALL O ' MALLEY W.VSIIINGTOX, U. C. liEI.IGIOX " Thy looks (ire full of loilire f riice. " Walter : Ialone Music Club ; Friends of Art ; Curriculum Committee ; Inter-Dormitorv Council: Tennis ' arsity. Sitting on the Golden Stairs f " » ' ■■♦-..♦• ♦;■ ' £u D srs.w OTIS X A s i I V 1 1 . 1 , !•; . T !■: N less !■: !•: ii!i: (ii " Miiiiiirr Kill ( iiJil is iriiiiiiiii ' x hrsl iiilnni iiinil . " Mcnand.T KiTlii-li Chil); I ' l ' l ' Sdiillrl Coliiliiidcr : l.li ' .C; .liiiiicil ' c: v ill Fiance; I ' lii Ki ' ia Kappa. THI THU PHAM Hanoi, Vikt Nam chemistry " The fiweei magic of a cheerful face. " Jli ' iiander I.R.C.; French Club; Secretarv-Tvcasiin ' r, (ifi ' iiian Club; Phi Beta Kappa. The rest of you must wait Sii!t!!)!!«!hMi!3R!««sS K l?!«S!;lj;fflHflSS?5fi«Uli«fiS: wmimmmmmmmiimimmiim: €UdJoi MARY GREGORY PLUMB Washington ' I). C. RELIGION " 7(p i.« pretty io irult irith, irithj to talk with, lUid pli ' dsniit , too. to ttiiiilr on. " Sir ,Iolin Siickiiiiji ' Xfirs: Altar Guilil : Cliuni; things; French Chil) ; Classieal Cluli; ( V. : U.W.F.; May Court; Orienta- tion Com ni i tti ' i ' : Inter-Donnitory Council; House President. AXXE IMCHARDS POPE CoLVMBUs, Mississippi RKI.IGION " Three lie lh ' things I shnll hnre till I die! Laughter mid liope mid ii sock in the eye. " Dorothy Parker Head of Basketball; Music Club; Treasurer, Friends of Art: Hockey Varsity; Basketball Varsity; Aints and Asses ; Class Hockey Team ; Class Basketball Team. To reach this royal state ra - Luv .lANK LAI MAX i;. (;LAMi liICIl MdMi. ' ll!i;lN I KM.IJSH ' • c iin; ' I Ihvr lilrr a pleas,,,,! Ilinin I, Will ' ,! ' such iirr „- iiili ' il. " Williimi Woi-ilswortli Vk ' e-Presideut, English Club; Fi ' ciicli Clul); Fricml of Art; Boxwood Inii Coimnittof. Hi; JANE KAMSAV Charleston, Sovth Cakolina spaxisii " She made one hiufili so,„i ' ti,,irs hy speaking I he trail, . " Sdiiicrsi ' t Miiuuliiiiii Neirs; Auditorium Funds Cnmniitti-c ; Spanish (. ' luh: Friends of Art; Music Clul). Of sitting on the Golden Stairs CUdJoi JACyUKLINK ROSE IJAZOOK PlXiMlUKST, XoHTlI t ' AKOI.i.XA RKI.KIIOX ' ■ l irill sliilir " Jdlui I)n(l( n I ' luircli and CliaiK ' l Coiiiiiiittee ; Bkiak Patch; World Affairs Cluli: Mnulisli Club; Sec ' retary, So ciology Club; Secretary, CiirricuUim C ' omiiiittiM ' ; Oi ' ientatioii Committee; Aiiits and As« ' s ; Secretary. .lunii)r Class: President. Senior Class: liitei--Chdi Cdiuuil: Clmiij;- .MuMiiS. Hl: HAl. ' KAKA JANE PEICH Sc ' AK.sDALu, New York MUSIC ' 7.V m ' .s- llir f ' iri ' Ih ' il hniiirliril a liniisniiil KhipsT Cliristn|ili(T Marbiwc ilusic Cluli: Clic Club: Cboir: Paint and Patcbes ; JJelief Conunittcc: Hnimhlrr: Freiicb Club; Xcwu. We ' ll tell all you under classes ' ZUW .)AM ; CAI. ' OLVX i;(»s|.;i ' ,Ki;i;v l ' i{is, Ki; rr(Kv I ' oi.iiir i, lU ' oNOM " Torpor is liiii-rinriiiij. sliilli il is irks niii Ercri lKidi rriiilj : ' Lrl ' s ijn mil mid inirksoiiiv. " O.udcn Xiish Orientation Committee; World Affairs Club; Erlitor, News; Bnunbler; Briar Patch ; Paint and Patches; Q.V.; Tan Phi; Vice-President, Freshman Class; Committee on Economies; Funds Committee; Le Cercle Francais; Glee Club; Choir; N.S.A. ; Who ' s Who in American Colleges. Od PATPICIA JOAN RUPPERT PiNEVILLE, PeNXSYI.VAXIA HISTORY " k ' lioir III! ' kiiiqs of Eik IhiiiI iuhI I iiuolr llir fiqhis his orinil ' Friiiii Wiih-rloo io Mnnilhoii in order catcgoricnl. " (iillieit and Sullivan Politii-al Economy Cluli; Sociolo.uv Club; Co-Chair- man. Wni ' ld Affairs Club; Inter-Club Couniil ; (ilee Club. It takes lots ofA- - passes €u uoi RKI. ' TA ALLEN RUSS IiAi.EiiiH. XoKiH Carolina ENGLISH " I ii(Iiri(hiiifilii I ' .v cfiTi irhrrr fo lir rr; itnli ' (l iiikI hdiiiircd lis I he roo! of iiJl ijiioil. " Jdhii Iiuskin President, Englisli Club; Xeics: Lit(M-(_ ' lul) Cotmril : Co-Chairman. Christmas Bazaar. JAXK LoriSK RUSSO JI ILTON, Massachusetts PSYCH OLO(iY AND SOCIOLOGY " Eiillinsiiisiii is llii ' i fiiiiis of siiim-ili . " Edward Kiilwcr-Lytton Ridini; Coumil : Bniiuhho- : President, Sweet Briar Hunt; Glee Club; Soeiolngy Club. Just to put you on the Golden Stairs mm ii miimmamm ' U O ALii ' K ciii ' iKK s. . i»i ' :i;s llAI.IOKill, NolM ' ll CaHOI.INA I ' Dl.ri ' K Al, i;((lN(IM ' l ' ■■lu,r hrr irll Ami Ihr i ntrrfiil »xr iif I : " i;nl„.|i llcn-ick I ' oliticiil KcoiKiiny Cliili; Music Cluli; Aiiils iunl Asst ' s : r. ' .K. : liclii ' l ' ( ' (UniniHrc ; Cuii iciilimi Cdiii- inittcr; May Court; I ' erKonucl Cdiii iii i 1 1 cr ; Sdciiil ( ' (uninittcc; Tanz Zirkt-l; N.S.A. ; I ' lvsidcnt. I.K.C; Intcr-Cluli ( ' i)uni ' il: ( ' i)-( ' liii i rni ii ii . WoiM All ' airs ( ' lull. JOSEPH INK SIIAI. ' P Port Xorris, Nkw Jkrsey ART " Liiugliter and the xhnrinij af plfiisurc " Kaliil (iilirau Curriculum ( ' (.iiiiui ittee ; Friends of Art: Frrmli Cluh; HniiiibliT. Oh, hear those seniors singing ijiiKasSiliS ••■• p PH €umoI JOAX SYDNEY SHAK ' l ' K LoN(; Bi:a( ' II, Mississhti (iOVEEN.MEXT " T ic m ' w ' Ji iiiifl fun (jrcir fusi and finious. ' ' KoUert liurns Sociulu , ' y Club: Fi-ii ' iids nf Art: Sjiiinisli Club; Po- litical Eeonomv Club: World Affairs Club. H VIIfdIXIA LEK SHEAFF liivicKsiDi:, Connecticut I ' .SYCIIOI.OGY " A irilfi iroiiiiui is « ircrisurc. " George Jleredith Curriculum Cuunnittrc: I ' lii Beta l a|i]ia. Tis sweet I do declare ' £uw ,i( si ;i ' iii. i ' : (M)i) siiioLi) Cii irw ; . ' Vv, ni.sski-: hi; m " Kiich jilili s Ihf nil- II 11(1 liiis his ilinj — 117 - h,i! Thr irnrlil ' s ■ill liijlil. I sin .- li ' dl.cn illi:ini Sri- i(|. Knulisli duli; liiiiii Cliuiiis; I ' aiiit and I ' atilics; ( (riciitatidii ( ' (iiiiinittcr ; Xrirs; Hriak rATCll : I ' rcsi- ilciit. S.W.A.: (. ' (i-Wi ' itiT. Senior Show; Funds Cuin- niittcc. CilAlILOTTK I ' AYXE SNEAD Su.M.xLiT, Ni: v .Tkesey cmCMlS ' l ' KY ■■Ihr hrsl W ' liiiiii iiiiliiri ' iiiiiilr In Icvvp llif ri ' sl in iiirr. " Tlwnias Proctor Fire Cliicf ; Cliairnian. t ' urricuhini Coiiiniittee ; Music Cluli; (ilee Club: Tanz Zirkel: May Court: Personnel Connnittee ; Inter-Cluli Council: Cliairnian. Mid- winters; Briar Paicii : Social Connnittee. To hear those seniors singing IBIillBililliliii €l ujoi JULIA BURNS SXOWDKX Wasuixutox, 1). C GOVEEXMEXT " I ' Jitijiliiisizr ihr gyiirr of Iter hidijalnp. " (iill)ert and Sulli aii World Atrniis Cluli. ilav ( ' imrt. SUZAXX STKWAKT SI ' AYDK OwiXGS Ml I. IS, MMtVI.. Mi Sl ' ANISII ■■.Mis rrss of herself IIidikjIi Chiini Fall. " Alcxiiiidfr I ' ope (ilcc Chili; President. Spanish t ' lub; Inter-Cluli ( ' iiiiiicil : X ' arsity Hockey Team: Class Hockey Team ; ( ' in riculiiin Committee. Sitting on the Golden Stairs ' :i:wv MAiMK ' nii:i;i:sA swaim liA ' iri.i; ( ' i;i;i;k. Mk iiu.an i: iii.isii " .I lle idiiisfiisf niiir iiiiil llii ' ii is iilnisiiitl . ' Iloracr Kimlisli Cluh: Chissical Clul): (ilee Clul.. HAIMMKT THAYER HoPKDAi.K, Massachusetts RKI.IGIOX " WliiitiTfr slif (VkJ irns doiic iritli sa luiifh Piise, III her iiloiif I ' lnix luiluml to pleiisc. " .John Dvydcn Friends of Art ; Head of Tennis : President, A. A. ; Tennis Varsity: Riding Council ; Class Hockey Team: Hhiah Patch. !HWi K Oh, look up here and see us ■■■■■■IP " iSSyffiSUJS ' KssacaSiBfiwa ' HiM ■■lilililili mm €UdJoi JAN IS ELIZABETH THOMAS MoNT(!()MERYj Ai,aba:ma SOCIOLOGY " Fdv 1 mil lili lw iiiul I mil gmj. " (iilbert and Sullivan Sociology Cluli; Kniiils Coniniittee; Curricuhini Com- mittee. MAIIV .lACgCELlNE THORNTON Oai.vistox, Tkxas F.Xfil.lSH " Tlirrr is n iiiiuhirss nhout iliee, mid joy. " William Woi ' dsworth Enuli li Chili: Erirnds of Art; Xeirs. And wish that you could be us Ml -zuw KKHHCCA I ' .KLL TOMUNSON Vynni: ( (ii), I ' knnsvi.vania I ' ll ii.osoniY " ) ' ((( ifwt ' iinicli A 11(1 kiKiir iiol Hull i Dii i ici ' (il nil. " Kaliil (Jihniii Classical Cluli; I ' lvsid.Mit. (ilcc I ' luh; Lcs (laiu-lies; ( " un-iiuluiii ( ' (iiiiniittiT ; HiiiAit Patch. XANCY LEE TRASK Wll.JIINGTON, NOETII C ' aROLIXA POI.ITK ' AL ECONOMY " ' ' ' (■;• hlintir mi paiiinl fniiry, Naethiny could resiKl ni 1 Xnncy. " l?()liert Burns Bum Chums; Tntev-Cluh Council ; Cliurch and Chapel Committee; President. Junior Class; Social Com- mittee; World Atfairs Club. Sitting on the Golden Stairs ■■■■■■ mS s i fi ?? ' ! SUiJol ANX LOUISE TRUMBORE Wii.kes-Bakre, Pexnsylvaxia BIOLOGY " Ldiiijliti ' i ' fur (I iiuiiitli mill (I gouil jest furerer. " " illiaiii Sli;iki ' S|ieai ' e ( ' urrkuluiii l ' (jiii iii iitfu ; Iiiter-1 •urinitory L ' muu ' il : Xewfi: Choir; (iU ' f C ' luli ; (n-nnan ( ' liiti. MARIAXXE YORYS Lancaster, Ohio OOVERXilEXT " (Ireiiliiexx eniliKilfs from coiifiisioii. " Caleb Cotton Political Eroiioniy Cluli : Inter-Dormitory Council; Hou« ' President: Xfirs; Aints and Asses; World Affairs Chih. We have worked for three long years ' ZU O (;i;. ( ' K cLAK ' Ki ' ; wali.ack liicii M(i ii. ' ii;(ii I FHKNCll " Sii .■ jiiin( iiur sininiirr lii ' aiili Imlli siicli i rdir. " .Idliii |)iiniii ' I ' rrsidciit. Frt ' iicli ( ' l ili ; .1 iiii itu ' Vciii ' in Fi ' aiici ' ; Tiiiiz Zirkcl: Varsitv Iv ' cs.tvi ' llockcv. PAULINE HELEN WELLS KiNGSVILI.E, TkXAS JIODKRX KAXOUAGF.S " Bid iiie discourse and I irill oiclnuil lliiiir cm: ' ' William Sliaki ' S[icar( ' Fiviicli C ' luli; Spanish Cluli : Srcivtai-y. Intci ' -Cluli Council : Cliairman, Funds ( ' (ininiiltcc ; ( )i ii ' iitaticm ( ' (imniittiH ' : Inter-Donnitory Council: .lunior Year in France ; Jlav Court. Had our troubles and our fears i;iji-Siiu;aiucS;ffii!a]5i2ffias;a llBHllBSIIiailll mm €udJoi AXX BROADWELL WHITTINGHAM Grossk Poixte Faems, Michigax FRKNCH " Wiihoiil ciiniesl iii ' ss tlirrf is iiotliing tu he (hiiir ill lifi ' . " Joliaiin Wolfganti ' (ioetlie Frencli Club: (ik ' c Clul ; Musir ( " lub: Frienils of Art: Orientation: Currit-ulum ( ' oniniittee: Co-Head of Basketball: Basketball Varsity; Class Hockey Ti ' ain : .liiuior Year in France. .J0l ««► Od KLIZABFTH JOHXSTOX WILDER W KSTOX , M ASS AC 1 1 rSKTTS PSYCHOLOGY " TliP ijfiilh ' iiiiiiil III ijriilh ' deeds is Inoum. " Filiniinrl Spenser Soi-iologv Clul): French Club; Sullivan Awanl Com- mittee; Curriculum Committee: Orientation Com- mittee; Laerosse Var sity: Head of Riding; Inter- Dormitoi ' v Council. Now we ' re sitting on the Golden Stairs ' iiwv AM II ' . KHVS W I LI, AIM) W ASH iNirniN. |). ( ' . i; (;i,isii " U ' (7 of the hue I ' ii ' iiilii Sjiritni ' riiiil 1(111 iiiiil.-r iiiii Hiliiij iif iiiiillliiinj. " (liMii ' U( ' Cliapniiiii Sr(iTtai ' - ' l ' ' i ' i ' asuMT. I ]iiulisli Cliili; Spaiiisli Chili; Sfcivtiii-v. I.K ' .C: Wdi-lil Allairs Cliil); I iilci ' -Cliili CiiuiH ' il; I ' i ' i ' siileiit, Aiiits and Asses. CATHERINE YERKES JaI ' KSONVII.I.Ej Fi.orid.v PSYCHOLOGY " k ' lioirh ' dge of irhat a rare, niir iroi-ltl it .s. " WiUistdii Fish Secretary, JIusie Club: Friends ol ' . rt; Oiifiitation : Auditorium Funds Committee; I ii t cr 1 )(irm i tor v Council. v.- 67 Oh, hear those seniors singing K t KeQ ' it2i:2aW3KQS5siSitii;wa!H ■Blllllllliiii .mi].L)i;ei) i?ei?E( ' ca yerkes .TacKsoXVIM.K. Fl.OKIItA 1 Hi AM A " Biif at III 11 liiicl- I iiliriii s lii-iir Time ' s iriiii ed clinrinl li iirri iiiij near. " Andrew Marvel Orientation; Xeirs: Y.W.C.A. Cabinet: Technical Director, Senior Show: Sen-etary. Vice-President. Paint and Patches: Funds Committee; Choir; Glee Club; E nglish Chih : Senvtarv. Music Cluh; Classical Chih: Plii Beta Kappa. c()i;. i:Ei.v I ' KiiKixs Zinsser SwKF.-r UlilAH, ViRCilXIA ENGLISH " A mine of (■]everiie i ami inl. ' (juimy Kilhy Enu ' lish Cluh. Tis sweet I do declare i .•; I » :■»: r , i SCENES FROM ' -RESTTXO () ol 1. " luvitc ' d to tlir I ' .nll. " " ■; in the haiidt; of the I ' iites. T. " I ' m Just a Simple (iir Kestinii ' uii Our Ijiiiii ' els Ni l.Ari. ' KLS " . Aqueiliut anyone? ' ■ ' . " " ' roo l.ate la l ' e Too Bad. ' " 4. (Graduation is . " ). " A Joe. a Schmoe,, a Jerk, and a Bum. " (5. Apollo " s out in front. at Heart. ■■ 8. " Speech is My Favorite Way of Talking. " ' 9. " We ' re w 1 " ' 10. Teclinieal. ■■■ ■■I KiHKSEY, Trenaun ' r: .Mi;i.i.kn, I ' lvsidciil ; MooiiK, I Y ice-P reside iii. i.. Secrelari : . I( Do.nai.d, N. 1953 Tile dignity nf Ihmul: ii liig-sistrr da s was lialam-cd liy loiiil ivnilcriii ' s of " We ' re tin- .hiiiiurs (if Sweet Biiai ' l ' ' From (iiir lul ' ty peivli (in tlie liemli. we tonk stork: tliiiULili many liail ill ' iijilied liy tlii ' wayside, " we still had the i|uality: ' " majoi-Jn.u was no lon ci ' a niysteiT ; and. sui |n-isinely enoueli. stiidyiiie in nni ' lields was Tun. " .V! was (doser than excr hel ' oie. We wcn-ked tneether to prnduee the Christmas Hazaar; wllii wiinld have thouelit angels would he the theme? Then there wel ' e the HlilAR P.VTCH deadlines to meet. and the ii(j|i of flash hulbs, scratch of pens, and (di(d of typewriters could lie heard all over campus. Never- theless, we still found time to attend as many Fidday iiiglit lectures and eoneeits as possible, (hii- year was highlighted hy the I ' anquet in the Spring — the iTopheey was read, and the rings were onrs at last. Now. at the end of three years, we make I ' oom lor others on the bench, and we move up to the Golden Stairs eager to assume the responsibilities of Seniors. 7 cutccn K ai ' iikhim: Amsdkn .Il ' NK AkATA JoAX Arey Kathlken IV iij:v .MaHIIIA Hl.Al k JoAX BrOI ' UY Patsy Krown Olivia C ' axtka- Faith Cati.ix Mary Ciiace Jaxe Collins EsTKLLK COURAXD tm 7 fcutc(n i .1 AM-; Dawson .Ii;a xk Dvt ' v ' lII(ilMA Dl XLAT Anne Elliott .Ii:an FicLiY Dorothea Fvllku S LLiE Gayi.k LlsliKTU (tIHSON Sl-SAN GoODRIlKfl ' : M l!(;AKi;r (iHAVKS IsAliKL (tRAYSOX Katiikrini: (Uerrant m .1 N I r 1 1 A M I Miriid Im.kwou I I MtSCII I )Ai.i-: llri ' -i ' i;!! ( ' iiai;i.i:ni-: Jackson A ' lnoixiA .Iaho Joan Jkwings Em:axoh JdHxsox Anxk .Ioyck [AlfY Kl.MIiAI.L AXNI; KlHKSI ' .Y ilAHY LlT ' l ' MMOHX ciff -t ree ii»(m!i«i«rfBHo«H»i(BiDMa»qj fi®i«SSffi3SBi5SSSiiKKSi I3alH2S5SHSMiitWf.■.ws•i«MlWr.S B ;i l!J •«BBS ' . ' l 7 ccaOnA Xax Locke Jacqielixe Lowe Xamy McDoxald Betsy Jane McElfresh X X(Y McChxxis ilAitY Axx Mki.i.en ( ' MMH.ixi; Mii.i.i:r ( ' MIlll.iNE ModllY Ll.ISAliKTH ilooRE ( Niii lA M(i(inm ' ;Ai) Nam Y MoRisoN Cai ' iiarixe ilrxDs mmimiimimmmi! Knii ' M Noun AN N.w 0 ' I i;kki ' k Naxiv Onii YosiiiKO Ota JuAxxA Parks Bktsy Parrott Jane Pkrijy FuiKEXcK Pye Elizabeth Ray Virginia Kobu Msitv HrxTKR Sloan Carolyn .Sj[ith C -tAn e 7 cMi(n ] Iary Staog Bktty Thomas PaTKKIA TllillK ViR(;iMA Tm.MONS l THEI!I I-: TlRXKR Katiihrixk Vennaed Ann Vi.i;Ki:noMK P i.izAHETii Wallace .Maiulvx W ' kllhorx ( ' (IXSTAMK WlCKLY .(Axr: ' i:s-iiiR( (iK Beverly AVilliams 78 in ( ' orii ' iA i:v 1 I.I. uiii ' 1 ' | ' ;kks Wdoii .Lkw. Yoio Ahsrnl : 15i: ' i " iv ] ' i;ii i.KX . ( ' .U!oi. Li: ' . i; . i;i:i;i) .loiiN Pcatcat l ;4 uMd AT THE UNIVERSITY OF PARIS Habriette Kikki.axd HoDGEts Tucker Ahsi ' iil: A x Saunders Josephine Wells AT ST. ANDREWS UNIVERSITY Carol exnicios AXNE Green c tcf-t n e WK i!i ' Waiiw!im WBSXwXn m First Row: Jo Xf.lson, Vice-President; Dilly Johxson, President. Second Row: Louise Aubrky, Secretan ; Anx Collins, Treasurer. 1954 Integration, the key word of your seconrl year at Sweet Briar, and by the subtle work done by Q.V.. you were integrated before you knew it and were working as a group. The fun of being a sophomore was not miniini ed l)y the fact you didn ' t really feel superior to the Freshmen after all. Things fell into place, when the . sses mart-hed you were inter- ested liecause for the first time, mem- bers of the elass of ' 54 were l)eing jiiiked. .Vnd you could laugh at the Frcsluiicn ' s woiTy over the hitching |i()st. kiiiiwing that their colors would lie nil it. but you gave them a good run for their inoney anyway. There was nil Siipliomnre .Sluni]i. at least it wasn ' t visible. Then May Day came, a huge success, and the orchids go to you. You looked forward to S])ring step-singing because now you could learn the identity of the Q.V. ' s you had won lered about. And now, with two years behind you. you an- ticipateil your Junior year, your major was chosen, and you were ready to conquer new ' fields. 7 S( fi Mt neA S w V A inn; li ' riii Ai.iii; Aw i; A i.i)i:i! i AV Faii ' ii Ai.iiifiiii 1 ' uii: Amii:i{s{) A[ i;iiu,i: A ni(i: vs Ldi ' isi: AniHKY IV KI!. liA I ' .AI.1,AI!I) Susan Bassf i ' t Joy Bexnktt DdHRKN Booth ViRiiixiA Bhaiili:tt LouisK Braxdf.s C ' amili.a Bhkwkr Makiox Scott Brice iS BBSWJ i BSMSftfiS ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■l ■m ' 7nc S( i Mtone Anxe Brooke Page Bijydox Sarah Bu-MBAugh Sn-; Callaway Jaxe Caricy " l RLEXD CVRLTOX .loAX CUAMBERHIN I!ari;ai!A (. ' iiase Carot.ixk Chobot Sylvlv Clark A NX CoLLIXS Xaxcy Corxwall .Taxet Cozart .Ii:ax Croker Margaret Crowley i ' ffi!i!; ' iIn!nt;iIa!KniXt:OTWlw;fflfl«i!w u n unnng uu l ' (!K CuoviiKi; M vi; III I MiM■: ■ Anne Davis Mah(jari:t Davison { ' Koi.i: Dii.i.tiw Marhakki ' Dorman .Ikrkv Dhkisi ' .acii XaNCY I ' lllWARDS IjAMar 1 ' ' i.i.is MARilARirr l WART 1 UtCAKKT FaKRINGTON lioiiiN Francis Anne Forsyth liUTii Frye Sai.i.y Gammon C - M% 7 Sa kAomon€4. Tj.ura Garxrr JkAX (JlI.LESPIK Aim E H AKTiXG Naxci Hay Ki.izABETfi Helm Jane Hi:ni.ey Axx Henry Marc ret Hetley Iary Hitchcock ilARCiARET HOBBS l ()UisE HoriGES Peggy Huffaker {r TTn: Hughes WucillAX TXGE Martha Isdale " t " »■ « .«; r.i ' K:., M li " l 1 1 U.I. IS .lollN.SON M Mid Miirr .)() i:s .1 m: 1 k ii (i M viiv A KitoTZicK DdKo ' i ' ii V Law M. KY Li:o. AKi) Harrieti ' e Lixkheegkr Kahicx Ij(i( ki:i{ MAK(i.VHi: ' r Lci ' l ' TKRHOS .Taxhl ' McKai.i.or Kav JIcLauohlix Jkan Manning liAKiiu. ' A [athi: v; AWK ilAUKY Ann May i - owt ; !gu .I : f : t ;tJ ' ' t rtJ : M wll■ ' iJ 1 ' i ■■iiaiiigiiiiiHiiiiiiiiii T So iA Munc A ' lR(!I IA [iTCHEI.L ilAK(iAKl;T MOH I.MAN Jkax Morris [ARl;Al{l•:T Morris Lv MORKISSKY Jo X EI. SOX r MI ' l II II. I XOHI.E I ' kxioi.oi ' i; or. i. x lil-l ' SY XUXN l. ' os.M.n: Ooii.vii: ■lri.i. O ' Neal Betty Ore Elizabeth Owens l!. i;i: K. Pixxei.i, Jo.vx Potter e;:i Sii iKi,i: I ' diLsoN Mill i; II M Mi Kl!AM ' i;,S liKUSh: M ]i An K ' niiii M AKV .1 V, I ' odS Rrxii Saxiikrs SusAX Scott AXM-: SUHFFIKI,!) C ' YXTHIA SlNHI.AIll Kktte-Barrox Smith Bkveri.y Smith IIklkx Smith .Teanxe Stoiiiiart Suzanne Stribling i - oun. 7 Sa k Mtonc Ann Thomas r , lll ' .AHA TlIM I ' KINt ' |(T0IRE Took Cl.AKA TifKTTEK ' ll((iINIA rNll?:i! V001) .Makoakkt ' an Peicnicn Carole Van Tassel Klinor ' orys Elizaiieiii Walker .lovcio W ' almsley CoNsiANi i: Watts SiLVL Wiii;Lc ' ii];L M U!1E ' Er ,EL As N ' ll LIE Katiierine Wilcox I ' .ARRARA Wll.SON I ' lLr Alll:!!! Wll.SON Absent: Elizabeth Carpkr. (i kxiioi.y.n Mom, Anm-: Show hi, l. t(f- (Mn. G J iu)i!3IuItIiiUS!3a Dauoiiekty. ] ' ii-c-l ' rcsii ( ' iil : I ' akkutt, 1 KlI.BY, . " ccrr uri . ' ... I ' lrsiilciil : I ' l.AMl ' , I ' ... Trrilsiii 1955 If you liad only known how the sohool was waiting lor wide-eyed wonder from the class of " 55, hut it was with jiride that we saw that you sailed along with the dignity and ])oi e of a Senior. True — tliere was quite n lot of confusion especially Orientation AVeek with tours (if the lilirary snndwii-Jied hetween un]iacking and gan ' es (if " " do yon know — . " I ut liy the time Thanksgi ing vacation I ' ollcd around, you could for- get that you ever had to ask which building was Fletcher and which the Post Office; and you could forget your jiartner witli the two left feet at the Freshman Dance, and rememher only the excitement tiiat ]ireceeded tlie meeting with " eligible young men from nearby colleges. " There were the midnight tights for the hitching post. The colors? Klue and black, of course! Christmas vacation came and went in a flurry of carolling and the Hanging of the (ireen. Then — e.xams, passed with flying colors and a mini- mum of hysteria. With the coming of Spring you wei c initiated into the Cult of Sunbathers, and emerged with a deep tan which was the envy of the school. Somehow, in the weeks liefore Spring vacation you wrote, rehearsed and acted in a great Freshman Show. And now. after such an exciting and revolutionary first year, anything can happen in the next three. «■ t » ♦ .»: » .♦ • ::.■ • ' !ffi;::a %€ Ame(t hi ii Anwis II v. . Addixcton II Miiiiirr Anm.sox ls. iii:i. Amii;i!sii Xam AMii;iis(i. (ii;i:Triii:x Aif MsriioNd r.Alti; i;. r Ai:i: I )()li(irii V 1) AN.NISll AciMos Hakdkn l AiiiK r i:A];ii FitAM Ks i!i:i.i. SrsANXA IiKltN Alfl) S 1!A1I ISlVINS 1 KI1AIIA ])I.ACK (il.ADYS lioMirUANr Mafmokii: Hk wkhmax Ai.isox Bi;uxi:k Newell Bkyax Diana Burgess Mary Buhgman Kaiiilei;x Buttox ( ' ArincKixic Cagi-; Iiirii Cami I5:;ll Elizabeth Carswei.l ViRGIXIA Chamulix ' Nancy C ' lapp Carol Clakk Alice Cleaves I ' athicia Collixs PAilELA Co.Ml ' TON Crail Conner Carolyn Cooper Emily Coxe LuGRETiA Crater Carol Cutchins £ 5 V SsnslltaSSiSSlSalsS " - Suui K! ? •Ei " )ai.-!iBS;rai ' !Ci;-j 2!5u 7 ted ucft Mary r)Ar(;iiEBTT Siiiiti.iiY 1)avi:xi ' 0RT Gaii. Davidson Jaxi; 1)ili)Y XaX( Y DOUTHAT Si ' sAx Dowxs 1)1 AXK DrOUET 1 ' atrkia Duxlap Fi.oRi;xtE EvAxs JdAx Faxkiiauser AiAixE Farrell Ukbecca Faxox .1 AXE F ' eLTUS Li:xora FinrciA ViRGIXIA FlXCH 11 RiiARA Fncii .loAX Fi:axki,ix l)ARIiAKA (iAKl ' OKTlI I ' llYI.I.l.S GaVI ' IER JiETTY Gill Sai.LY GlLLE riE l; (idllFKKY l AriU,i:EX (iKAXT Xi:lla (iKay Fi ' HEi. Geeex JoAX GlALTir,!!! Anxic IIakhei.i, Fi.izAi:i:-i-ii Uakiusox SisAX JIaywahii Martha lli:m:- iAx CoXSTAXCE HlLI. Kathkrixk How k Sally IIuEiiXEi! I)L xi: llrxT Kmily JlrXTEU Ha-- " jsirjs Ann .lKi ' i ' i:its l(i " i r .)i;i.Ks 111 Wl ' -, .1(111 M)N Tin 1. 1, IS .loi N i:i! .liiw Ki ' ;i,i,s Jkaxk ' iti ' , Ki: ni;i)Y An m ' . 1 ll.l•■ l ' rni(iA Kii,Mi;i; (ii ' OiiciA Iwiir.i.di ' ii ( ' iiiii.i i: IjAN ' I ' ) MaKY liANdS Sui-: Lawi ' on M Ki;Ai!i:r Lkk ih .1 A.XF. LlMlSlCY Mahy Lovic Patricia Mi Clay Nancy McCkay Baubaka M( Lami: Mary McTiikma IiOSHiMARY MaNCII.I. M i;y Ki,i,i:n M a i;i.i. Dkriull Maybaxk Fkicdkrika Merkimax Patricia ] Ikykr Elizai3i;th JIii.i,i;i! M AKY PoYll .MlliliAY Maky Mykk t ' ARUI.YN NEIliHMORS Sara Oheiilin ClLAltl.dl ' TK (_)liK HrRxi:Y Parroi r I atiii.ei:n Pei:i ' i.i:s Ki.aixe Pexukxti;!! Clara Pfeiffkk Barbara Plamp r ■HI ' ' . A i ' wc mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, M 4e ' pte i4 fte«t LviitA Pi. AMP XlWA Kakix ICmzaiuitu 1;i;i;tor (Jay Ii ' i:i)i)iG MaKi lA I ' llODES Catiikrixi; Kobkrts XaTI1AI.iI-: ]lOIiEKTS0. Kvi:i. ' i X Saxdeks ])i; ' l ' TY Sa XEOIill Tii. (()i ' i:s Sauxdeks Si ' z.vxxK Sen. Mil) Srs. x Sewakd I . KBARA Shields Mary Simpsox l!i:xis Sixer (;e e S.MriH Patricia Sjuth il.vROARET Space Sue Starkey liETSY Stevens l ' i;. TRi( ' i: Stewart Phestox Stoc ktox . ri)Ri:Y Stoddaki) Mioita Strkit Sai.i.y Strothmax SllIRl.KY SlTLlFF .M. HV Sw.ux ( H.Mii.oTTE Taylor K-Mll.Y TlIO.MPSOX Al.lCK TllUXE .Mary Tki-.vor I ' aikk ia Tucker HnxxE Vkrxey Adele Vookhees Ei.isE Waciiexfeld ' ;li ' ; ' i| " ; ' ! ' ffil!: ' l;!:l:::t:l s ' JxlX!:l. ' l!l!t:l;t:t;!;!iHir M«Bli E3 ■ AximioA Wallach M i((;ai!I " I ' W ' I ' Is ' I ' MAia .1 wi; Wii n ' i:i. n Awic Williams CIamillk Willi ms T)k V Williams l.ivsLii.; W s 1 ' ]i.izahi:th Stamp (Special Stllllcllt) Alisnil : .Ilki-; C ami ' iii:i.i.. Cahy Fox t(f- io ■BH The action at Sweet Briar is far from purely academic for extra-curricniar activities play a lariJ-e fart in the growth and develo])nient of the colle, ;e. In spite of nui- complaints aliont the over- whelming amount of time consumed liy assignments, term papers, and tests most of us hecome mem- bers of several organizations in the couise of our fimr years here. Through our unique joint council made up of nu mhers (d ' the faculty. Board of Directors. Alumnae, and students we have a hand in guiding the future of Sweet Briar. The Student Government, iiuhidiug Kxecutive and Judicial branches and another uni(pie organization. College Council, funi ' tions continually to peifect our Ilonoi ' System. We leheai ' si endlessly for Paint ami Patches " pnnluctioiis and then watch the Asses tear our " passion to tatters. ' " We spend hours in the Xews Ollice or over the Briak Patch (lumniv to meet last minute deadlines. We put on Orientation parties and Holiday Inns. We hold discussions and raise admirable amounts cd ' money for relief, charity and oui ' . uditoiium Fund. We supjiort V projects l)y frequent visits to CoolucU ami tbr Indian Mission. Wi ' listen avidly to sucli sjieakers as W. 11. Auden and K ' nllini. and tlm Xational Symphony i-oneeit in early s])ring is |-arelv missed by anvimc. As we ])articipate in more arti ities we icalize bow in aluable they are to us. We learn both to coopci-ate and to take the initiative. Ahhough crowded schedules makf us ondi ' r how we could possifily do everything wi ' lind extra-curricular par- ticipatiim well worth the clfort. and the sometimes bitter menun-y ol ' lati ' hours spent cat liing u]i on aca- demic work fades with the ]iride in accomplishment. 7 matenc x(A o action zn ( icaiic ' t " r. ♦ .%■ ■% ' ' ,% ' -r I ■ • ' r- V mn ■ STUDENT EXECUTIVE COUNCIL FirsI Uiiir: Culliiis. .1.. T raKurvr : .Mi(iaiiT. Virc-J ' irsideiil : lloli-oii. I ' rrsnlnil : Kevwurtli. Srrrrlnnj. SrromJ lloir: Jdlinsoii. M.. Vovvs. M.. Miller. M. L.. Bell. H.. Munds. Third Hiiir: Fishlnini. ( ' nivder. Tluiwr. Werlv. liailev. M. Til lltOC). the stiiiiiMils pvesciitrd the iVillowiiii;- UMiiiest t(i file I ' iiculty: ' " Tlie stmleiits nl ' Sweet Briai ' College. Iielieviii;:- tliat there is liniKir ami ili,L;iiit in stuileiit liveriiineiit. di ' sire iiiili i(lual ami ((iiiimuiiity resjionsihility for tile (•(iiiiluet of students ill matters imt sti ' ietly aeadi ' iiiie. " Siliee then, stuiji lit .i;n criiiiieiit at Sweet F i ' iar has heeli a eunstaiitlv fimwiiii: and ai five part (if our tnllc- e. We. the students, have hecn .uiveii iikmc and imire individual lesponsihility, and our Stnddit ( i(i ciiinient .Vssiniatidii tiida - has cinerued as a retleetion nf nur aliility tn aeeept these respoiisihilities. Our colleoe fuuetiniis under a tri-|iartite system of ' ' sjiheres of authority, the student spln-re. the juint faeulty- studeiit sphere, and the I ' aeulty sphere. Tlie students deal with nio t min-aeadeinie matters Ihrmmli the Kxeeutive C ' ouneil. tlie Judicial linard. the 1 nter-Dorniitorv ( ' (Uiiieil. the Inter-Cluh Ccuineil. and tlii ' staiidiii.u ' eommittee-. while the joint-faeulty-studeiit matters are handleil hy College Couneil. But iniiri than Mnndav evenings in (iram- nier with Kxee or ahovc the refee with Judie. or Tuesday with Inter-Dorm, and lliat lirst Weilm-sday of every nidiith at ' :0l) in ilansiin. is tlie faet that the respimsiljilifies are ours indi idiially and as a wiinle. . s a hasie prin- ciple of this we hiiil an lloiinr System, a definite and recognized lasis of truth, w ithiiut which the elfecti enc s o{ Student (io eiiiiiient wnuld lie lost. Today, as in other years, the dignity and honur of student government, and the inherent individual and coni- niunity res]ioiisibility are jirineiples in which we helieve — the freedom they hiiie: and the thought and experience they gi ( ' . .Vs concrete expressions on the side of " doing " ' — this year we have exjiloreil our cluhs. strengthening their or- u-anization and their relalioiishi]i with Inter-Chib Council. We have eyed -.Adelaide .Vnditurium. ' " a view for the future, hy creation of the Auditorium Funds Committee for the coming event of Sweet liriar ' s . " ioth Anniversary. - gain we reaffirmed our helief that Student Government, for the ojiportunities it offers, the exjierience it gives, and the work it does, is an indispenaljle part of Sweet Briar. m ' :M GOVERNMENT JUDICIAL BOARD • ' ■.s7 h ' dir: llutli ' i-. Vici ' -l ' ivsiilciil : Fcird. I ' icsidciit ; QwcmywX. Scrrrlnrii. Second How: Locke. Ildlilis. Fdistcr. Xdi ' iiian. P.. Ilillas. Ilaiiiel. Oi-d. INTER-DORMITORY i COUNCIL A 1 a 1 i g Seb ft 1 H j[ 1 B IfiSHi .. ..:.-2h. «»i3S 9 pi j V.s ll Hr: Mn F( lt TiuimIiok. K, Ih Srroiid 1, ' oir: Auhivv. Munis. J.. lUiilcy. K.. nutter. Prcsidnil : nuiila]!. Ainsileii. Wellljoni. Setrctanj. CABINET Y. W. First L ' oir: VkTrl.Miiir. YV-. ;.,,,-,; r.akrr. I ' ;,,- ' ,,.,, ,,, , hlpi. 1. I... ' ,-.,. ,„ ; I.aiic. K.. Nrrrr , (,■ . Second Row: Graves. Kellv. llvulfv. K.. t ' lav. Morris. VaiiTassd. Wallace. ]).. Chace. M.. Cliainlierlain. COMMISSION HEADS FirsI 1, ' oir: Kt ' lly. N ' r ij l!fspi,iisiliUil ij ; Morris. Cli risi inn Fnilli hid! llnihuji ' : Clay. C ' luunliei ' lain. Personal (ivowth. hi j;rh,h;h. L . A. i ' i-(ini Miiiisdii Id till ' Shi r Ciiliiii v cnii sec llic Su(v| I ' .iiiii- . W . { ' . A. in iuiidn. ' I ' liis student orf anizatioii pcniiriiti ' S illlil |)|-(]lii(i|i ' ,-. r ci ' y plllisc (if I ' dllcnc I i IV. All incdiiiiiiu Kivsliinnii is uclcdiiicd Id Swi ' cl | ' )i ' i;ir liv the ()iii ' iil;it idii Cdiiiiiiilti ' c, with siiiiiiihm- letters from big sisters. Tliis Cdliiiiiillee j reels !inil eiliiles new stlldeiils I ii idii; lidiil the veiir. Its lillv liieinliers iire eiioBeil I ' or lligll slaiidni ' ils (d ' eliarniler. rout riliul idii mid ii ' eiit ivit y iiiid tlieir ;iiiii is Id |iei-|Fe| imte tlii ' se siiiiie elmraeteriKties witliiii tlie iiiidiiiiiiL; ejass. ( Irieiil :it idii iiieinliers i;i e .■id iee and inspii-al inn. and Lienerate si-lidd! spirit in every way |)0s- silde. ' Idirouuli tiieir liii; sisters, new stiideiiN ai ' e inlrudiired Id e l i-a-iii rririilar ae|i ities. I ' arties and jier.soiial Idiuli are the ke Vdrds hv wliieli ()rieiitalidii dperates. Iiii ht away the new Freshman eidsses the iiidiiiilaiii In Cddlwidl. while her ii|ipei(lassineii friends ' o tu Watts, the Indian Missimi and Ihe Anihei ' st Clinie. These ilass p.-djecls leaeli iiseniinly and edininiinitv li in.ti. We h ' arn hdw Id apply Cliristianity Id all i-hannels dl ' life tlirdiiijli the linir ( ' diiiniissidns. Onee a nidiith the ( ' diiiinissidns meet separately In disi-iiss a eiininidii pniMeiii in ihe li ' jlit cil ' their parlieiilar lields : Christian Faith anil Heritage, I ' ersdiiai (Iriiwth. Siieial Ii ' espdiisiliility and Wiirlil li ' elatedness. A ain eaeli niunth they meet jointly to summari .e their ideas. Thus, with Sunday niiiht ' espers and Tluu-sday nioniine meditatidiis tlii ' du;.;!! the week, and Ivxani Chapels. Daily l)e dtidnals and Lenten Chapels through the year, the Sweet Briar Y. W. C. A. becomes an intefrral jnirt of each yirl ' s life. ORIENTATION COMMITTEE oorr First h ' liir: Carlton. Clianilierlain. Frye. Arata. .lennings, Stagg. ilonas. J.. Matthews. VanPeenen. Srcuixl h ' oir: Hodges. : r.. Leonaid. M.. Hay. Ellis. Nelson. J.. Ailrisur. Cantey. Adrisor, Wallace. D.. Pirxldnit. Collins. A.. Adrisor. White. Smith. II.. Seott. Kuotf. Pye. Third Roir: Morvis. M.. O ' Keetie. Chaee. M.. Fuller. Harting. Thomas. A., Dreisbaeh, Tighe, Xormaii, E.. Xuun, Sheffeld, Orr. B., Dabney, iforris.sey. Booth. Planning. Ahsriil : (Jraves. Adrisor. 90 Firs lliiir: Ilcihson. Yerkes. 1?.. Otis. SfCDiiil li ' ijir: Mau]iin. (i.. Pluiin. Llovenis. Fisliburn. riilnl 1, ' oir: Layiii ' . I ' .. Miiiipin. F.. Fdrstn-, Slu-alf. Ilillas. Felty. TTaiiwl. PHI BETA KAPPA The Theta Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa was established at Sweet P i ' iar in 1!)4!). and l!). " i- was a milestone in its short history. For the first time over 10% of the Senior elass was elected; a Junicir, and a I ' oi ' eign student were iilsu c-hosen — three import- ant lii ' sts. The members this year were elected on the basis not only of an I ' xcellent academic record. Iiut iin their broad cultural and ])i-omised intellectual tirowtii. The honor was well conferred. CURRICULUM COMMITTEE Student representatives from evei ' v department worl witli the I ' aculty in discuss- ing all ])rublcnis of an aca- demic nature. The students were polled by a question- aire this year which the Cui- riculum Committee com- posed for constructive crit- icism of our courses; the re- sults were tabulated and published in the Xi ' irs. Suggestions for new courses or the elimination of others is just ])art of the work this committee accomplishes. ' ■.s7 , ' ( (■; McDonald. O ' ilalley. ilarsh. Sncad, I ' resiilciil . Shealf. ilaupin. V,.. Clay. (SVco (( . ' o»-.- LaPoque. Beach, Spayde. Sanders. A., Judd. Bell. Bassewitz, Wittingham, Tluilson. Trumbore. iTircLiniiii ' iiui] SWEET BRIAR AWARD COMMITTEE Or-aiii rd 1(1 take the [ilacf of llic AluvriKin Syd- llcv Sulli :iii Award ( ' (iiii- iiiittcr. t Ik ' S uci ' l I ' I ' i a !■ A var(l ( ' oiiiinitlcc this vrar rdninilati ' s tlir basis ii|Min wliicli t he Awai ' d is i;i ' aiitc(l, ' I ' lu ' ( ' i)liiiiiittrc cllodscs die III tliri ' i ' otliiTwisi ' iini-iTiig ' - iii i ' d Sfiiiurs wliii Iiavc ;iven time and effort tii tlic (•(iiimiuiiitv. Cantcv. Bell, E.. rrfsiilnil, Lotterlios. lleidcv. K.. Roos. Ley " ;. Hamilljuri;-. Clav. N. S. A. Close toueli is kept with students through the aeti - ities of X. 8. A. Every jihase of edueatiou. from the students ' viewpoint, is taken U|i liy the niemliei-s: Eduea- tional Problems. Intel - national Affairs, and Stu- dent Life. Every member of the rommunity is invited to attend the regional and nat- ional conferences, and many do so returning to Sweet Briar with a better under- standing of American and foreign students ' outlook. v: - •- " First Uoir: ITolilis. Collins. A., Jolinson. l.. Iii.iiC AiiImw. Xclsoii. J. Scciiiiil Uiiir: ' aiiTassel, jSroniian, 1 ' .. Xuiiii. CioydiT. I »i( ' islia(li. !M(iiris. M. Q. V. By keeping their identity secret, the twelve Q,. V. ' s have furthered class spirit, instigated cohesiveness. and suecessfiilly conibatted soph- more slump. Elected in the fall of tlii ' ir sophoni ' ire year, their names ai ' e unknown until Spring Step-singing. when their work comes to an end. knowing that the ideals of ( . will continue throughdut their college ca- reers. BUM CHUMS The " notorious ten " pre- sent their famed llolidaA Inn at Thanksgiving, Christ- mas and Easter, and hy mix- ing fun and fiscal profit have proved heyond tlw shadow of a doul)t that ]iliil- anthropv need not he sol- emn. Other than taking an acti i ' part in various cliai- ity drives throughout the year, the proceeds from their enterprises go to a mountain school in Tennessee and to Christmas baskets for needy Amherst families. Bailey, K., Chaci Locke. Ilciid: Wellhurn. Craves. McDonald. X.. Cantev. Collins. .] .. Guerrant, 102 HI TAU PHI ' I ' liis ii]i|i( ' i-cliiss lioiioi ' arv soiirty is iiiiii|)(isc(l of lllrlll- lici ' s wild liiixc iiiaiiilrsti ' il a special iiitcicsl ill riivtlicr- iiiu till ' ideals and traditimis (if Sweet Iliiar. liy a series ol ' jiiint I ' aeiilty and student diselissidlis on |ie rl i lien t eaiii|iiis tdpies tliey liaxe eii- ediirau ' ed an exeliange of iileas and o|iiiiidns lietween student and teaelier tluoueh- diit the year. First lloir: Forstur. Haniel. I ' rcs ' utfnl , Keywoi-tli. Srnniil h ' oir: Me(iarrv. I ' .raekett. MilliT. .M. L.. Mattai ThinI Haw: Fdid. IJoseberry. Ikdl. E., Werly. iluiids. Futtiili Jluir: llillas. Hutter, Morris, B. Flrsl Hiiir: ilct ' iirdy. Bailey, M.. Holbrook. Si ' coikI Row: Plumb, Itazook. Graves. Thinl How: Fishbuni. Caldwell. Ildbson. Mell-.n. Broiiby. CHUNG MUNGS From selliiij: one of Miss Crawford ' s loaves of bread for $10.00. to ]iresenting a ilay Queen eandidate in their s]n-ine- fasliion show, the trbostly thirteen enliven any undertaking with their boundless liumor. Even their serious activities, the auction sale for tlie Funds Drive. and the clothes contribution for Europe are sparked by file antics of the Chung Muno ' s, First Row: Sibold, Bell, E., Lane. E.. -Munuw, Bailey, K. Second Row: Joyce, V ' iWArd, C. . ' i ' ricl ii-ii,Ycrko»,l ., Vin ' -I ' rcvlilrnl , ( irarliaH. I ' irsiilntI , Miller. ( ' .. Tinisnrcr, Beach, Eeieh. Third Row: Arey, Mellen. Anisdeii. Xels.ui. M.. Mi-. Ei-ecman. Fnnilli Adrisor, Littlejoliii. Xoniiaii. E.. lJosel)en-y. Ei-diii dee]) tra,ueily to spavklin.u eomeily no play is too lilli(ult for this di-aniatii- eluli tn ])resent. Ifelirarsals aiv coiKlueted with a sobriety and earnestness whicli would make Equity nieniliers jealous. The results . iiyone who has seen the three plays given yearly can testily to their professional |jolish. The su.cess of " Arms and the ilan. " ' the two oni ' -aet Ereshnum |)lays. and " The (Joiai is Green " ' owes nuieh to the jihility of the new direetor, Dr. Fi-eeman. Flrtihfi ' . I ' . I ' . ' s dwellini: place, reeks of paint anil ,i:lue : the tappinj: ' of hammers, and the muimur of lines. ner onsly goiu- o er. are all ]irti ' ts of ])re-jiroduetion wci-k. The woi ' k is well re iai ' deil ; late hours, piled-up homewdi ' k and stat;e-fri,uht are forgot- ten when the audicni-e. stariy-eyed from the glimpse of a glamorous, grease paint world says. " Better than Broadway ! " PAINT AND PATCHES ' ■ " ■ ♦ ' ♦ ' .♦; »;,• ' ■■ AINTS AND ASSES " W ' r s. ' ilii ' izc :iiiylliinti ' ! " So .n ' ors thr Asses ' |ii ' (i;4r;im, mill tlicy (III! j ' liiiil mill l ' :itrlics silUVi ' S lllllllrl-ri fill ly ;il llirii ' IkiiiiIs. Iiiit yiiiril srr lliriii sitliiiu in IIh ' rniiii liiw wllrll tllf Assi ' S ill) tilki ' Hill ' s nil llirir |inii I ll ' -t inns. Xiit r rii till ' st;ilcly .May Ciiiirl iir llir Frrsliiiiiiii Kilsliiiiii Slum csi-ilir. Tliry lia i ' liiaslrlTil the liirililllu III ' liiliiiiiiiis coiiii ' ily anil rcualr us with llirir talriit mi- st iiit iiijily. Ill ihi ' S|inii,ii-. thr Assi ' s hiTiiiiir |iri,tiTti r. Of lialiii ' S. iiirii. iiarciits. jrwrls!- ' Xii. thr nrw -hiini rrass. 1 )i ' - tri ' iiiinril ill krrp it ali r aiiil ri ' rii fur May Day. thry iiiitiriiiuly trark iliiwii anil whistlr away any ilastanllv sinil wliii ilarrs srt Imit nil thr Swrrt I ' li ' iar Lawns. With tlirir hmuiillrss riirr y ami crasrless quest tor fun, it ' s easy to see that " t ' ui ' their |iersouality they were pieked. ' ' Ugilvie. Willard, A., Pn ' sident, Paiiott. } .. Gihsoii, Aldrich, McCuidy. Treasunr, ' uiys. M., Razook, Pope, Turner. Elliott, McCaim, Mattas, Sanders. A., Jlessiek, Henley, K., Hudson, Bailey, M.. Moody, Anderson, P. 105 FirsI I!, Ill-: V,vM- . Vi ' i ' kcs, R,., Swaim. Thonitoii. Me(iiiinis, Ilolhrook. Srvuiiil Hoir: Siliold. liassi ' witz. I!uss. I ' rrslilnil .- M.iiTdW. : Iauinii. (i.. Kelly. IViird How: Layiu% . Tmisuirr-Sfn-rhir, IJa-laml. Virc-l ' rrxulnil . llolismi, Munds, Mellen, ' estbrook, Willard, C, Ciearhart, Maujiiii. F., Ilainel. ENGLISH CLUB Tlic Sciiidi- anil Junior Eiiuli.sli a]i(l Iirania majors are often earnestly seen in iliscussion langing from Audeii and KJiot to Sliake- speai ' e. A caiiT-over from .dass hours :- Ny| (,t, all, merely the illustration of the stimulus the P]nglisli ( ' lull jii-o ides in their monthly meeting when all aspeets of Englisli literature are earried beyond the limi- tations of the classroom in the pleasantly smoky parlor. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS " On parle franc ais iii. |)as d ' anglais s ' il vous plait. Mademoiselle, " and another French Chih meeting is olf. In discussing French cult- ure, especially that of mod- ern France, or in watching the programs, like the " (Jui- gnol, " presented at each meeting, the potential ling- uist forgets completely tluit she ever even hesitated to say " Bonjour. " ' Firs! It ' iiir: Lloveras, L ' hace. JI.. Defoe. TJagland. Ilii-sch, Tur]ier. Gilison. ' an I ' eeni ' ii. iSecuiiil L ' liir: Morrow, Manning. Tri ' itsiirrr, Jnyce. Wallace, G., President, Mellen. JIaupin. F.. Otis. Whittingham. llohson. Maupin. ' (i. Thinl Row: Lineb-rger. P.. Sharp. Ely. Fuurlh Hoir: Lavne, V.. Wells. P.. : Iillei ' . : r. L.. Williams. P.. Pliam. Wellborn. ■Su EL CLUB ESPANOL cy is ( I Illy in cll ' rct hriT. ;is iiii ' iiiliiTs parlnkc nf lidilcil liiMii|i ui ' cciis. ill llic rcl ' i ' c III the Spiiiiisii liililc. or (if IcM at the iiiccliims. The lli,ulili, ' ;lils (if the chill ' s iic- t i itics ai ' c till ' 1 nlcniat idiial Cliristinas party and tlii ' Spanish ni(i ii ' fur tlir cntii-c riiniiiiiiiiit -. ' (lll ran ahiavs tril wlicii a nicftiiii; ' is iidiiii; nil liy tlic strains iif ' " Alia en el raiicliii Lii ' andc " issiiiiii; ' fnini L ' cid pai ' lnr. i f(oinl L ' oir: I ' .ariis. ( ) " Kft.|lV. Dull ' , Wells, 1 ' ., Gayle. Abseiil: t ' tuirand, ' ice-Pn ' si(h ' iil. First Hon-: Second How: I ' hinl 1, ' uir: 1 Ftdty. I irsi,h ' nl. Strcit. .Mai-sh. Trettor. DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN Ii ' iiunding out the coiiti- iit ' iital atmosphere surround- ing; Briarites is the German Club. The members are chosen on the l)asis of in- terest and the completion of at least one year of German. Hut the meetings are not closed affairs, all members of the community are invit- ed to become familiar witli the songs, traditions, and political background of Ger- nianv. FirsI 1, ' nic: Fm- : Iatta.-. Seroiiil h ' liir: lilack. t ' .. Vorys, M., LeVarii. Nelson, 11.. Belong. Judd. Carter. Trask, Mor- gan. Fishimrn. Willavd, A., Snowden, Pham, Shariie, J. Absoit: Jfuppeit. McElfresh. WORLD AFFAIRS CLUB It was International Kela- tions and Political p]cononi_v rlulj-s which iiierfred to fur- ther understandin.tr of con- tcniporary world pi ' ohlcnis. international questions and to keep us ahroa.st of current (■ ciits. W ' f n 1 iKit lii ' inoan our seeming i ory-tuwer ex- istence when we have cur- rent news constantly before us (in a capsule version) on the World Affairs hulletin board in Giav. AUDITORIUM FUNDS COMMITTEE This brand-new fund-rais- ing organization started its campaign with a bang — a dollar steak dinner in the refec and the presentation of Adelaide, the Pecuniary Pig. Further coin of the realm was amassed by a cake sale, a rummage sale, and baby-sitting for the faculty. However, we ' ll all agree that the high light of the Audi- torium drive was the un- orthodox football game witli many dignified Sweet Briar girls in the scrimmage line. First Iloir: Courand. .Mattas. I ' remdent, Jennings, Trcusarcr. Second Bow: Dawson. Yerkes, K. ♦ " f »■♦.»; » .♦ ■« hM SOCIOLOGY CLUB Sdcicild v in:ij()is iir stll- (Iciils who have had al least thi ' cf hours ill the dcpart- iiinit anil who ha r shown rxicpl ioiial intrivst arc cliu- ihlc for iiicinhri-shi|i liy iii- ilat ion. Aiiain sociology is (•ai ' i ' iiMJ outsiilc the chiss- rooin. isitint; ' speakers stini- iilatr the (lisi-ussion of ideas, and you ran always tell a soriolo.iiV major hv the ■raphs she ]ilots on aiiy- tliinti ' and evervthintr. FirsI lliiir: .ludd. Messick. I ' rrsiilriil : lv. ' inc. Sharp.., Seciiiiil 1, ' iiir: Kelly. Onl. Mdionald. ( ' .. .Mattas. lloa i-land. llazook. Kly. I ' .aker. Alisfiil: Alldiews. ' .I ' andes. ' lr, ' -l ' n ' si,lnil. Voivs. I ' rvs ' ulviil , Kirksey. ' ' ■ ■,s7 Hull-: Courand. Uliaiii Cantey. I ' ve. S, ' ,iiu l llnir: l.owe, Elliott. Wlllcox. Trnisurcr. Cliohot. Vlei-ehonie. ' I ' hinl llinr: ()oo(lridj;e. Felty. Bassewitz. .loyee. Collins. J.. Hughes. Ahxfiil: Adair. Secretary. CLASSICAL CLUB At the monthly meetings of the Classieal Chili, (ireek or Latin students are seen ]iartifipating in jirogra ms in classieal literature oreulture from Homer to Plato, or listening to outside leetuivrs disenss the Kise of One-ilan Power. So indjued are they with the influenee of the (Ji ' eek and Eoman eiviliza- tioii. we half-ex]ieet to see them treading grapes with vine leaves binding their hair to achieve a genuine clas.sical spirit! SswSsliSiSiSs liSfSawsssBsui J Fiisl Hoir: Knoliloeh. Chobot. Lawton. AVallaee, A.. Felty. Thompson. Johnson. E., Tretter. Babb, Koberts. Haniilbiii-g. Second How: Dabney. Bivin.s, Lineberger. II.. Yt ' ikcs. K.. Smith. V. Courand, Williams, B., Goodridge. Lowe. Tliiirl How: Jloore, E., Kilmer, Brooke, Drouet. Kirksey, Tui-uer, Mr. Robinson, Duff. President, Pope, Treasurer, Croyder. Reese. Manci Fourth Row: Nelson, M., Bell, E., Wallace. Iv. FiiH.t. Si ward. Aubve Ragland, Swain. Collins. A., Legg, AVestbn.ok. (iill. Lee. Catlin. Jlay, Hnghes. Fifth Now: Munds. : rellen. Parks. Woods. .Iiidd. I. ' anisi.y. S.-n dd. Lfv WiUiains. A. MUSIC CLUB Oiir budding virtuosos and idloraturas develop poise and cunlidi ' mi ' in ] ert ' ormanee by rontributing to the jiro- granis pri ' sented by the ilu- sic Club. Further stimulus to iiuisiial iutei ' est on camp- us is reiM ' ix ' cd by the music faculty and outside guests who are often invited to per- bu-ni or Icctuic on requested subjects. Cookies and Coiint- erjioint. both generously doled out make for pleasant music at the meetings. Ewait. lanpi Bcrnh, 1. ■, Andr Werlv. Simpson, n. F.. Pye, ' inier. !Miss ews, Scott, Havward, l. ' a.liii. FRIENDS OF ART You have, of course, no- ticed tlie jiaintings hung in Academic ranging from an impressionistic still-life to an alistract " view of the luture. " These masterpieces are seen by us due to tile efforts of the FruMids of Art. a large organization open to students, faculty, staff, alum- nae and friends of the col- lege who wish to foster art exhibits and also lectures and art demonstrations. First , ' iiir: ] [orrow. ilcCinnis. Gayle. Conner. Legg. Second Uoir: Keyworth. Marsh. Beach. LaRoque. President. Stoddart. Arata. Ilarting. Tliird liiiir: Ilenlev. K.. Sccre ary-Treiisiirer. Leitli. Pii-(]pby. Sanders. A.. Ram.sey, .Tone. ' - Whittiiigham. Bhu ' k. C, Brown. P.. Sheffield. ■ r ♦■-♦ ♦ ■! .t I GLEE CLUB Adventures into tln ' realm of elioral niiisie aic (ipiMi lo all sliidi ' iits wliose taieni anil eiilliusiasm make tliein elii:ilile for nienilierslii|i in the (;lee Cluli. TluMT ill- sti ' iiel i(in in l: ' 1 ' oii|i sint;in,i; ' is l ' eeei i ' (l at weekly mei ' tines tlironiiiiout the year; this year ' s work was eulniinateil hy joint concerts with the men ' s clubs of Haverford College and the University of Viru;inia. Willi IS, ]!., Sinitli. ir. Sr(il,;l: l,incl)i ' i-cr, H.. Stay.y. (iualticii. WliitI in;;lian hiirilliui : Trevor. Morris, J.. Kirlcsey. ,S7(()ir ji( . ' ' ics A ' oir.- liumbavigli. Garner, limit, W illiaiiis, I ' ., ' roiiiliiisoii, I ' lcsidiiil. Looker, Hiviiis. Ak-C ' lnv. Siner, Ruppert. Scott, UiUrr, O ' Ki ' i ' lle, Tirnsuirr. Love, Westlirook. C ' liaiiiherlaiii, Kolili. SL A.; Norman, E„ Sinclair, O ' Neal, Crowli y, Wetzel, Itahnier, Brooke, M;iy. Kusso, Clark, C. Heroiiil Ifoir: Jones, Yoe, Forsytli, Olierliii, MeDoiialil. X,, Wliitelaw. C ' liainlilin. Courand. Collins. J., Swain, Edwards, Ord, Tompkins, Kwart, Fuller, Stevens, Maxwell, Howe, Hin-. ' inan, Orr, Frankliauser, Grant, Wallace, A., Fidueia, Thin! Row: Laemmel, Anderson, N,, Finch, ' ., Karrell, Mnrray, ilellen, Hughes. . Ii(iariy, I luclnu ' r, Chiwe, M., Smith, P., Cantey, Hayward, S., Sanders, K„ Gill, Strothman. rninUi Hon-: Taylor. C, Bell, F., SutiilT, Black, B., Maiirill, MiCniy, Morris, li., McDonaM, C, Ki|. iiipr, Orr. B. ' .I., Delong, Crater, Voorhees, A., Stewart. Fii-sl H iir: ilarsh. Gillespie. Keyworth. Pn-.sidciil . Stam p. Truiuhore. leOinnis. C ' onnt Second Roir: Yerkes, !{.. Carlton, Burgess, Aubrey. Ogilvie. Third Roir: Vlerebome, IJeith. Morrow, Haniel. Foiirlh How: Havting, Legg. Henley, K., McCray, Kropliy, Lihniriaii, McElfresh. Frye, Fiflh How: Adams. Parrott. B.. LaKogue, Shetlield. Sixlli How: Farrell. Hutter. Leith. CHOIR The beauty of the Sweet Briar Church is largely due to the well-trained choir which sings every Sunday. Perha]is the nuist beaiitirul of all the Choir ' s serviees of the year is the Candlelight Cliristmas Service to wliich we eagerly look forward. Red robes and iieautiful voices eombine to give us one of the most moving of religious .services. I ' -fB Hii Bf -P ' ;; ' --- ..s w! j ■f ! Bt ' ►« - i»P Fi ' c.v h ' uir: Tiglie. Brewer, Felty. Clay. Sanders. A. Si ' roiiil Ili}ir: .Mes.sick. Hoagiaucl, President, McDonald. C. Third h ' tiic: Looker. Chaee, M., McDonald. N.. Snead. PERSONNEL COMMITTEE Are you wondering what •sort of a Job is open to you after graduation ' - ' The Coni- mittee on Personnel and Vocational guidance can hel] you Ijy |)ul)licizing in- torniation on litdds of woi ' k anil hy bringing t ' re(|U( ' nt sjieakers to cani})us for panel discussions of job (]]i|ioituii- ities. ( ' oni])oseil of a small grdup of both fai-ulty anil students, the Coniniittee stresses graduate work and help.s students in securing permanent or summer jobs. SOCIAL COMMITTEE As the guardians of " what the well-dressed Sweet Priar girl wears, " ' the Social Com- mittee keeps an eagle-eye out I ' m- shoi-ts in the lilu ' ary or pajamas at breakfast. Furthrrniore tliey cooperate with the Dean ' s Staff and Kxec in the administration of social regulations from seeing to it that dates leave promptly at the second bell to " good taste and good judgment. ' " First lioir: Morris. I ' ,.. .M.( ' ui ' .lv. Sn. ' ud. V ] n v . Chnuunni . MrCuiii. W ' Klllinn,. Second Il(jir: Courand. (iraves. Turner. McLaughlin. .Jenkins. Sanders, A.. Trask. Wallace. (i.. Collins. A.. Ruoif. «■ f ♦ " ♦.♦• f l •♦ FUNDS COMMITTEE The Fllliils " l)rll riiiii ' iiii: ' iiiciiiil lli:il llic iiOiil had liccii I ' caclicd anil a;iaiii llic lllollrv r L;a c Wduld 1)1 ' ili idcd aiiiiinu (H ' uaiii .at idiis Mich as Caiirci ' . llic Wurld Student Sri- ice Fund, and niainti nancc ' ol ' I ' diciuii st i- diMits at SwiM ' t I ' .i-iai-. This ()i-th ' c (I ni mitt cc i)i ' l s liai ' d all year e ' cttini; ' and col- lect inu ' |iled,ees. and tlirdueli wide |iuldicity and hard work their aims are acconi- plished. Firsl Hon-: Cantey. Keyworth. Morrow. Wells, 1 ' .. I ' n ' sldent , .Vmsden. Tinisiin-r. Walhi Second liow: Carlton. Bailey. Third Roiv: Ellis, McLaughlin, Willeox, Delong. Collins, A.. Ogilvie. McTheiiia. Dntf. Morrow, I ' rrsidnil, MvUuuh. Wells. P.. Dahney. llirscli. RELIEF COMMITTEE This is the cleaving house tor all appeals from charity organizations: it sponsors and assists the ]irojects hav- ing to do witli relief: ami it also jilans and allots the hudget of our foreign stu- dents oil seholarshi]). The committee gets speakers and stages the Community Funds Drive, and it coordinates all tlie work of other organiza- tions sponsoring relief pro- jects. THE SWEET First Huir: DreisliMcli. Pve, Laviie. Barnes. Marsh, Potter. Trumljure. McDonald, X., Cliace. -M. SecoDcI Iioir: McCurdv. Clay. Kiiiil all. liosclicrry. Edilor. Caitcr. Uiislnrsx MniKKjcr, iramilliuru ' . (lammon, [organ. Yorys. M.. Dawson. Third How: lloaglan.l. P-cll, P]. Fourth lioir: Siliold. Sanders. R.. Dutt. Hay. Judd. Ramsey. Iletley. Laeniniel. Keating. Vennard. Loi-ke, Levine, Arev. Sniitli. II.. Clianilierlain. Tighe. Locke. Stagg. " The Fiirpet Briiir Xfirs — aims to give the students, faculty and community reports of all the news which will he of interest to them. " An ini])Osing statement firndy living up tn its ideals for we learn everything from political events in ' ' Keeping in TouclT ' to the latest engagement in " Pietty the l-!i ' iarite. " Tlie dark days for the Xeirs staff, the Sunday to Tuesday cy(de of " hreakdowns to recovery. " iiegin with Sunday night editing of assignments. Monday night make-up. proof reading, pasting, cutting. Tuesday the tyi)e is set and the ]ia])er is put to IxmI. IJecovery is com[)lete on Wednesday when the Xeirs- rests unfailingly in our P. O. hoxes. There are four special issues of the Xfiry: the Funds issue whose special jnirpose was to inform us what be- comes of our money: the May Day issue devoted to an entire coverage of Sweet Briar ' s gayest social event; the 114 BRIAR NEWS Frefihinan issue iiuuuieil by an all-Freshman staff giving tlieni a elianie to let their in-inters ink Mood coine to tin surface; and last hut not least, jierhaps the most beloved issue, the " Sweat Brow Blues ' " arriving at a low-niorah . ' noil, exams. The eooi-ieration of Student Goveiiinient. the N.S.A.. and the entire eommunity makes this a tine organ of iournalism. THE BRAMBLER FirsI 1, ' iiir: ' ennard. Black. M., Busiiie- ' s Miuuujer, Ilolbvdnk. lulilor. Lineberger, V. Srciiiiil liDir: Maupin, (i., JMaupiu, F. 77(1 7 li ' dir: Littlejohii. Sharp. J., Bassewitz. Bell. Keating. Wilhii-d. ( ' .. Laync. P.. I.i ' Vai ' ii. Moi ' mw. Russo. Four times a year a box is placed on Gray bulletin board and Imsy typewriters are heard all over campus, girls are seen sketching drawings with India ink-dipped pens to contribute to the B)v)» Zc)V Sweet Briar ' s quarterly maga- zine, an important medium for the creative expression of student artistic and literary ability. Under the direction of Business and Adxeiti ' mg Managers, the Junior staff spends many afternoons lalling on the merchants of Lynchburg, typing subsiuption Ictteis. and handling circulation. The Editorial Staft ' carcrully judges tlie entries (from which names an ()l)litnat(d lot laiiiiess) and after tearing its hair over tlie liiu ' line bi ' twccn " accepted " and " rejected " coiitriliutioiis liiialU pKvdits tile approved copy to the Art Stall Inr illust raticm. This codpcrative project intends to encourage cie.itnit ' i among the cunimuiiity nienibei-s. aims at a aricty oi high (piality wdi ' k. and often reveals a great deal of otherwise hidden talent within the stiuh ' nt body. THE HANDBOOK AND KEY Till ' Shidrtils IliimlJiiiol ' is a guide and manual r(n- all of us to use throughout the academic year. It not only gives us information about rules and regulations but also famibai-izcs us with Sweet liriai ' s organ- izations and activities. The Kcji, a small but informative jiresentation is sent to incoming freshmen and pr()spe ' tive students. Since it is sent to the Freslimen l)efoi ' e their arrival, it ex]dains in a light ein what to do. what to wear, and what to see. Nelson. Bu.- iness Mmiiic rr ; Hoaj; land, Editor. THE BRIAR PAKJll Fii-sl lloir: Ilaniilhui-,-;-. N vir x Ediloy, Black. F.. Lilrniri Eilihir. ] it1l( ' j(iliii. Sniini- WrUr l ' i - lulilor. (iilisoii. AiJvrrlisiii! l-:,lilor. Secoiul Hoir: Tiu-wr. ' v y. On inii-.iilioii iiikI J)rpiu-liiinil Eililnr. Moore. 1!.. Ail lulilor. Duiilap. Busiiirss M,iii- ager, Willard. C. Edilar. lliulsoii. I ' linlixjritjilnj Eillhir, (ioo.l rid.uc I ' milnnj Hililor, Veniianl. ISailcy. Clrnihi- lioN Edit Of, Stago-. Tli ' n-d L ' nir: Wcllliorii. Eiiiinivnuj Edilnr. I ' ve. Dawson. Williams. I ' ... Kiiiiliall. Wallare, Chace. M.. ilillur. (. ' .. Tvshr. I ' ai ' ks. Huttrr. UMk Tminnj Kdlhn-. O ' Kfell ' e. Orel. .Vivy. Lc ' aiii. For a lon.u- timo we thought that this, the .luiiior chiss liahy. would never he horn : we peered over the tall stacks of photographs-to-be-sorted, identities-to-he- leternuued. and niatcrial-to-he-wi ' itteii. The fact that this would actually appear in print seemed an impossihle event, hut with the aid of coH ' cc ami all-night sessions we managed to push everything through hy tlie linal deadline. Anyway, here it is: we hope you like it because its heen fun publishing tile IWiiAK Patch fcu ' vou. Although only two years of gym are required at Sweet Briar many of us continue to use the excellent athletic facilities throughout all four years. Kiding is always a favorite sport, and we practice continually for the shows here or at Amherst and Bedford, hi February Captain Littauer and top riders from all over the East come to discuss and compare theories of riding. Almost every- one plays liockey at one time or another, and at each game about the fourth or fifth lap from one goal to the other we invariai)ly swear to gi e up smoking. The liiki ' u|i the iiiduiitain to the cabin builds u]i appetites and food cooked over an open fire is always particularly good. In the spring tennis releases the tension of studying on a beautiful spring afternoon. . - the weather gets warmer we go to the lake for sunliathing and a swim to escape the heat. Dance gives us a chance not only to exercise but to think, and many line interpretative works have conic out of choreograph} ' . According to our abilities we reach the Varsity or seventh team, the Hunt (Mub oi- the Iiack levid. but for all of us exercise of our bodies seems to relax anil reno ate (lur minds so tliat wlien we retui ' n from a I aiTosse game or a ride thiough the Invely wood trails cm campus we iie er fail to take up our books with a new vitality and alertness. (t accacc (U frcfUon HCUtce c a tont mon t «t fKuutd o fric t«fte(€t mmmmm mmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Cantey. iScrretary, Thayer. Pn ' t:idt ' iii, Bailey. K.. ' Trt ' daurer. ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Ijit ' c at Sweet Briar is essentially an outiloor life. F(ir this reasun the Athletic Assiieiation is one (if the nuist im- portant (ii-,i:aiiizatiiins on eam|)us. Kvery stuilent njion enteriji.u Sweet P)riar automat ically heeomes a niemher of the A. A. This nienibeiship entitles the student to all privileu ' es and o|iportunities which the A. A. pioxides. The stu- dent has at her disjiosjil all the A. A. facilities wliich include the staliles. tennis coui ' ts. tlie cabin, the hoathouse. livinuiisium. and the lacrosse, hockev. and sol ' tljall lields. In a lil)eral arts college the traiiiint;- of the hoilv is as impoi ' taiit as i-ultural. intellectual and s])iritual education. Xot physical training alone hut other qualities such a.s sportsnumship, euthusiasm. leadership and clear thinking are stressed. irSS? !!!!!! HOCKEY lldcki v. iiiir jdi ' h ' iill s|Mir(. is III ' priiiiaiv iiitcivsl I ' nini tlir ' ;ii--.ity lo ivsci ' ms (in lln ' l-;i;. ' lilli ' I ' c ' iiiii. Ubii-k and liliir shins lic.dinc the (i ;iic. iind the i-iii.i: (if taprd slick (in l.all ciIkics ||-(,ni the li(icl cy lldd. ' riiis rai-. (iiir ' ai-sitv Icani clMnlicij t ' l the lii-licst peak l!ic lir-1 iindidratcd scaxm since tlic war. Kroiii frames with Madi (in. West hani|il(in. William and Mai ' y. and the Slate ' I ' ou i nanient . the Sued llnar leani enicl-jrcd vic- tdi-icius and cii eivd with eldi ' v. New lidiKirs came t(i leani ndiers; Mis,- Allen liecaine a third learn nieinlier of the Sdntheaslein team, and a niemlier u{ the ' ir,eiiiia . ll-state lir-t team : .Im Nidsdn «a- el. cte(| to the S(iiithea tcrn i ' eser es; N ' ii ' .uinia Finch and do .Xclsi.n made the ' ii ' einia . ll-stale lirst team, and . aii I.dcke ua,- made a nn ' mlier df the same team ' s reserve s(|iiad tdeelher with I ' aev (li ' dvilei- and I ' ani ( ' iim|)tijn. . lthdu,eli Miss . |i|ileliee did not c( Id Sweet liiiar. she was [iresenl at the Slate lldckey ' rdurnanieiit hnd- in,u- dur team her niil ' ailiiiL;- sii|i|idrt and enthusiasm. The l.-iurel-cidwned path ' if the Ihjckey team makes stickwnrk praitice. sdre muscles and Idmr treks t(j ;:anies iikh ' c than wurthwhile. FIrvl li ' oir: Welllidrn. Ogilvie. t ' liare. Felty. Oavforth. Werly. Reese. Isdale. Wachenfeld. Tucker. Stagg. Second Row: Campbell. K.. Defoe, Pope, Ford. Finch. Comptdn. Mdrgan. .Vmsden. Locke. ilcC ' ray. Hutter. Crovder. Jlattas, McEltre.sli, Joyce, Brawner, Nelson, J. H BBT- i llliHIIIillllllllil RIDING COUNCIL Krawner, Defoe, Keating, Caldwi ' ll, Uaile -, l ., P,ell, K., Mai h. Wil.hi-. l;ii .- Black, C, May, Hamilburg, Isdale, Miss Ratcliff, Hiteheock. ( ' .. .hjyie. Tliayrc. Yoe, Iiiding at Sweet liriar is not just a one-season event, ratliei-. hoots and In-eeclies are doiineil all yeai- i-oiiiid. Hunt- ing is the priniarv concern of riders in the fall, " Tally ho! " becoming their battle cry. There arc other fall events, an outside show with the Amherst County Fair, the Bedford Fall Show, and Horseiiianslii]i classes. In the winter the event is the advent of Cai)tain Littauer, who in four day.s, instructs chr-scs in specilic techniques, demonstrates, and to])s it all off with a riding clinic of criticism and discussion. Spring In-iiigs new invitations to shows, in par- ticular the Hunter Show when the Blackwell Trophy is presented, E.xcellent instruction and well schooled horses make the Sweet Briar stable one of the finest to be found. !!i!!ii!rTi|3|iiniIi!ili BASKETBAIJ. Ciilrr IIk ' iil.lc (linvlioii (if Missrs Allen iind M;h1 )oii;iM. I ' ,;i,-krtl,;il| hik.- the liiiieli rlit diirin;. ' tin ' winlcr. ' I ' lic ■; iii l)cc(iincs a w I ' ll-oruiin izcil liliir (jf (iiic lia krl aflri- aiiiit her. ' lliciT arr r|a . ti-ains. intiT-iloini ti-anis ami N ' arf ity teams ,i;i ill,u eM ' I ' V (ilie a elianee lo (lis|)lay liei- ahility nn the enlllt ! We ai ' e |ii-(iU(l (if oiu- oiitstamliiif: ' ' arsity memliei-s who ileiiKHol rated tlieii- skill in iiitei ' e(ille;:iate matelies wHli l. nelil)Uie. William and Mary. Madison and West liam|i|(in ( ' (ille-es. Then the annual I ' lay Day with llnllins and ifandolpli-Maeon hrouelil an (illieial eliist ' to thi sisisnll. The sueeess ui ' liaski ' thali at Swi ' et liriai ' is lar.uely due t(j tln ' luuu ' eies of tile ' arsity. ami to the entliusiastio suppoi t of the class teams. Firs 1, ' tiir: Ovr. ( ' .. Xelson. .1.. Auhi ' ( y. Pojie, Locke. Garner. liss MacDonald. Sri-diiil Roir: Caniphell. 1!.. Frye. Oeilvie. Tucker, Morris. M.. .Telks. Harrison. Thinl l!(iir: Space, Finch, PtVitlVr. l!eese. Hutter. Car.swell. Moore. P.. ilcCiay. C ' hamblin. m msg mmmmmmmammmiimmmm HHI ' ' •.s7 Uoir, Seal I ' d: Hol)bH;. Coniwall. Jlcinl, Tiiimioiis. Second Bow: O ' Malley, Thayer. Finch. TENNIS You ihin ' t have to be a potential Alice Mai ' hle to lie iiii|ioi-tant in the Teiiiii world of Sweet Briar. Besides the A ' ai ' sitv niciiiUeis. eacli class lias its own team of eiuht players cvci- ready to uphold the class honor, or you can plav oil vour own. There i always someone eaj;er to play, as the Ion- waiting list on the hulletin hoard can testify. Kxcellciit instruction is yours for the askin;.; — you can take tennis either o|itioiially or for credit. The varsity has aiii|ilc chance to displav its skill in the mtcivollceiate nuitches with William and MaiT. S;iulhham|iton. Ilollins. and i;anilol|)li-.Macon. With live courts and " ood weather is it any wondci- that in spidn.i: a Sweet IJriar yirl ' s fancy turns to thouuhts of tennis? DANCE |);ill.-c, I lie liMisI i ill 111 ' Ihr isii;il iii ' Is. cillls t mil lii.iirs of iirliili; iiiiisclcs nl ' tiM ' sii i:i ' S iiiidri ' an rii,i;li ' I ' yr wliirli will hikr nut hiiiLl ' slimi of |H ' i I ' imI idii. ' riic iTsnlls aiT L;r, ' il if) iiiu as lliisr w lin IkiM ' srrn ihr S|ii ' iii,u rrrilal anil tlir May Pay |irrroi ' nianrr can trslii ' y. r.ulh Ihr iiTilit rlassrs anil llir llii ' lance chilis. Tan ii ' kcl. I) (in)ii|), anil ( lioi ' cdu ' i ' iiplu ' . Iia c li: ' c(inic enthusiastic ri)ll(i ei ' s iif the Linii ' in lcchnii(Lie ihir til the ilynaniisin III ' mil ' instrnctnr. Miss ] ' li ,aliet li Spies. Hut not unh ' ni ' e we intercstcil in the halance |Hanci|ile nf Jose Linii ' m. hut also in the il isci |i] ine alViinled ns in the ext ra-cu I ' rie- ular classical hallel classes which I ' lUinil nut oui ' ilance eilucatiiiu. iirnaiiwav. here we cniue! i iiiil II! " liie. hreislKich. (iihsdu. I ' .assewitz. Wallace, (j ' ' ailtiin. W ' alkei-. Jenkins, (iaist. Ilrail. ( ' ollin . A.. Liiu ' Lcruer. 11.. I ' .lack. . I.. llmd. !;i!l!j]-!iu ' :irii!PJJJi jiif3ifl!BiSSi; SS SS S HSf H SS fflHS ffl ■■ LACROSSE First Row: Ruoff, Beese, Moir, Joyce. Second Roir : Helm, Farrington, Aiiisden. Isdale. SIkiucII. , { 1 O % i For .such a furiously ener- i;eti ' and conipetitive sport. till ' casualty rate among La- (•i-i)ssc riitliusiasts is remark- alily hiw. The liauuts of the team meiiduM ' s are either the ,i;yiii or tlie lacrosse titdd which hccouie hattletield or |)|-acticc gi-ouiid. Othci- than the iutei ' -class teams. Lacrcisse lioasts a Varsity s(|uad of seasoned eterans who take on out- side teams and ol ' tcn win. Sweet Briar ' s " 9, " a credit to tiicir college. ])lav in a nianiii ' r exciting and un- orthodox. Home runs are the I ' ulc rather than tlic ex- ci ' l ' ti luc to tlic fact that halls lia c a iliscouraging tendcniy to loll down the hill which in (ilvcs tracking them (hiwn through the fiidds. lliit undaunted hy the forces of nature, the Softhall fans have a " whack- ine " " time of it. Thomas. . .. .Marshall. . l.. .McKlfresli. Ilutter. Choliot. Cantev, Vlerebome. SOFTBALL Ji:. x ( ' ai.I) vi:i.i, II mil nf Clhill Ax NIC JOVCMC !Ir,„l of Lill-r THE CABIN THE LAKE The n]iv to " p ' t awiiy IVdtii it all ' " causes many a liriaritc to slioulilci ' licr pack and lic.yiii the loii.u tvfk U|i the iiioiuitaiii. ' riioiiuli tlio uoiiiLj may i; ' i ' t rou.uh, the knowledge tiiat an open liii ' . charcoal steaks and com- fortable Inmks lie at the end of the trail is incentive enmieli to make e cn the laziest take to the cabin. Come tile warm weather, it is almost necessary that vou iesei !■ sunbathing S])ace on the lake dock. Swimming is not the oidy attraction that is afforded us hei-e. but boating and canoeing call foith many a laiidluMier on Sweet liriar lake. The Boathouse with its large tire])lace becomes an ideal ])lace for organization picnics. The lake in tile Spring becomes the sun-worslii])]ier ' s .Mecca. Cu]iid ' s game is one of our most popular individual sports. The whistle of arrows is beard all tbi ' ougii the Fall and Spring seasons, (hdy rain can tear our en- thusiastic bow and ai ' row girls awa ' I ' rom the target. You need iie er duck as you walk along the archery green toward the viii : the bulLseve is seldom missed. ir it ' s ariety you are after — iiiid who isn ' t in the Ideak colli of winter — then (iames is certainly for you. Siiii-e sipiasb, badminton or volleyball is not limited to instruction or classes, a student is free to come to the gym at any time and take pai ' t in any of these sports as a Welcome dixersion from studv. ARCHERY GAMES Shirley Poulson Head of Archery 127 Caroline Liiobot Head of Games iiS!ffiS!siHS SS!r SP H SHii M H After wp linve left c-ollfi;e it fieeoniej; increasingly more diHiiult to recapture exactly what we did or bow we felt there. We can get some idea by talking to a classmate or coming Ijaek to re- unions, but we invarialily find that bcitli tVicnds and the (•(illcgc change and notliing is ever quite the same. Tiie vi-ai ' book is the only dependable reminder of that intangible something which i- col- lege spirit. From its pages we can recall our friends, what we did — academically and otherwise, and, most impditant. we can attain a realization of what Sweet Briai ' has given us and in some measure wliat We lia e given Sweet Briai ' . i annual cannot cover everything. I ' atlier it is a series of flash- backs liighligbtiiig not ojdy the most inipcirtant phases but the e ery(Uiy experiences of our life here. This linal section is a picture of Sweet Briar in action thrnughout the year. It includes the May Court, reminiscent of the lovely spring pageant and the last dance week-end at college. The other pictures capture events which are not so important in the usual sense but wliich make up a areat deal of the action of our four years here. It is a review of the things we do everyday. These jjages ]ierha]is more than any others in this book t-an recall our col- lege life, for in them we see ourselves in the action, serious and silly, that is most fa- miliar tc] as. and wliich ill tile long run does much to make us the integrated whole that ctc m cifie Ic c t index o et 6 k ' Tftcuf ( aunt Mary Bailey Jiaij Queen ■■■■■■■■■■■■I ■■ Nancy ri. Mi:i. Sally Fisiihtrx P-VCii-: .Vn ' dehson Pai ' sy Brown 1)k:kiI ' : Wellhoun SrsAx TIoBsox Jo Parks my ' Francis IJi-:i-;si E.M-MY Coxi-: Alice SaiN ' deks Pat Smith Sweet Briar in action throughout the year ' vvn S9 9 ■W: c(mnt(4emeftt4. - - • The green and white stripes Compliments of the of a Jelleff package . . . part of the fun of a trip into town! MILLER PAPER COMPANY LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY • • JELLEFF ' S DUNLAP AND COMPANY • INSURANCE SINCE 1895 • ATLANTA :i|.uit!i,!XLJ,!!!!J.:i,iiJiiniJ|i,!J|,!IJJ.JjajmU III H For Complete Eye Care Consult Your EYE PHYSICIAN . . Then See Your GUILD OPTICIAN A. G. JEFFERSON Exclusively Optical Ground Floor, Allied Arts Build ng Lynchburg, Virginia For All of The Better Names in You,r BEAUTY NEEDS PATTERSON DRUG COMPANY 1020 Mam 627 Mam LYNCHBURG WHITE HOUSE RESTAURANT HARRIS-WOODSON CO., Inc. Lynchburg, Virginia The House of Sweets Since I ' Wl The Fun Begins at ... . MOMMA GEORGE ' S TRAVELER ' S INN Hamburgers — Beer — Soda Pop Compliments of ROBERT MUNSON 1203 West 41st Street Richmond, Virginia Major Styling in fashion-bright, campus- right clothes that insure head-to-toe confidence... for every mooa . . . every occasion. Make Guggen- heimer ' s a fashion-habit ' GUGGENHEIMER ' S th and Mam Sts L n:hburg, Va THE GREATER VCGLJE — Where your favorite Labels ore a Specialty — New Departments and Added Services for Your Greater Shopping Convenience 822 Mam Street Compliments of THE COLUMNS " Fashions in Foods " SEE WEINSTEIN ' S For Furniture in Lynchburg 12th and Mam Streets Compliments of HAMILTON PAPER CORPORATION " Paper Specialists " Richmond — Newport News, Virginia Compliments of H. E. DeWITT CO. Building Materials and Coal LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA Diamonds of exceptional beauty and sound value. Bowens - The Store That Confidence Built REGISTERED JEWELER AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY flff! " !f! ' ffS!WH!Wfff! .r ' J ti) 00 ' ' V• ■ ' ■f ■■■ ' ' ■ ' f " ' ' " SCHEWEL FURNITURE CO. Incorporoted Boxley Quarries CRUSHED LIMESTONE and CRUSHED GRANITE for 1023 Mam Street Road Building - Concrete - Railroad Ballast Furnace Flux - Filter Stone - Agstone Lynchburg, Virginia Limestone Sand • W. W. 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' I ' wo Frirk NEW ' ' ECLIPSE " comprcssorH, of ■ ' {() lip. each, provide air coiiililioniii;:. and two oilier Krirlv iiiac-liiiiO!4 rool four I ox ' h for food H« ' r ic ' . I ' aiij Harris, arrliilct-l. P »r your " project o( the year " Hpeeify Kri -U eoolini; etpiipiiieiit. COMPLIMENTS OF THE LONG BELL LUMBER COMPANY KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI FOR THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHER STUDIO 213 EIGHTH STREET LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA FLOWERS ACCORDING TO DOYLE 708 Mam Street, Lynchburg, Virginia Phone 6-2655 Members of Ihe Florhh Telegraph Delivery Associalion FOR A BETTER KIND OF DRY CLEANING COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Designers and engravers of the South ' s finest school publications LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA Creating YEAR BOOKS of Distinction It takes more than " good printing " to create outstanding Tear Boo}{s. The J. P. Bell Company specializes in Year Books. First, by maintaining a Department of trained and experienced personnel that devotes its entire time to the planning and servicing of Year Books. Secondly by maintaining a plant equipped with the most modern machinery, manned by skilled, efficient workmen There is a certain mark of Distinction on all J. P. Bell publications. FOUNDED 1859 J. P. BELL COMPANY, Inc. 816 MAIN STREET LYNCHBURG VIRGINIA t r ♦ .♦ ♦ .1 ♦ .laWJWWMmWIli BiBI ackn()WL] :d(;ments T(i Mr. r.ill IJiiiloii (if .1. 1 . Ui ' ll lor his iiiiliniitnl pal iciii ' anil iii aliialjlr aid in iiKHiiriits ol ' crisis. T(i Mr. Ell Culcman nl ' l.yiii-liliur.i;- l ' ' ii,uravinii Cninpaiiy I ' ur liis iinfailiiiL; ' ability to [scf lis out III ' ti,L;hl spills ami his I ' lTmis tn hi ' l[) us in all pi-iililnns. Til Di ' . Ciiiiiiiir loi- his i ' i-i ' lli ' iit iritii-isni ami umimI liiiiimr in hi ' lpiiii ' us on sliovt iiotice at any time. To Mr. Firil Huillry for his liunmr ami I ' llorts rain nrsliiiii ' . To Virginia lluilsim ami rainera I ' nr siM iro ahinc ami hryoml the rail of duty. To Mr. Neil O ' KeetFe foi ' his intei ' est and the fine drawings on [lages 134. ? r . and 13G. To Miss Steele and ilr. Sedliury ot Harris and Ewing tin- their hard work and care taken with the photographs. ' IVi Miss Martha i u I ' l-iesen and Miss Peg Hays for their iiidiniifed assistance in helpins ' us to find cuts and ])hotogi-aphs. uta n ifi M-WligSHflii ' iii ' i ' l iifflaiiffiSffiStii ' ffliffifflffl I I I I ' j ' ■ ' ' ' ; ' 1 villi 1 ill :i;iii!i:i!iN: ' l ' ' 9 ' ' ■ ' ■ ' ' n ■ ■,1.1. ' .J ;.;■■ ' ■ ' ■ ' ' ' -. ' " ' ' " ' I — ■■■■• ■ ' . ' 1 ' • ■. ' : ' .:. ' ■ ' ■ ■ J ■, ' ■ ' ■, ' i ' i ' i I ' yr i ' iU ' ' rri ' i ' r rih ' vr VI i 11 -i ' iT- , ' ' ij ' : . ' l " ■ r. ' . ' i ' : ' - ... ' ..,...,,,.,,,;:; ' ;_;- ; ' . ' ■•;■,,,■ ; ' ; ' " i ' ; ' - ' ; " ' ' ;■, ' ;■] ' ■ ' ; ' ' ; ■ ' ■ ■- ' ■- ' ■■ ! J )! .i flj;i iN ' rlJ ili iijil!rrJ ' 3 ■•; :■■ ' ■■ ' •■ ' i ■■■ - ' ■ ' ■ ' ■ ' • ' - ' . ' ' • ' ,• ' . 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