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Text from Pages 1 - 152 of the 1945 volume:

? ' 1 ' 0297357 iHKftKKKMflHUrv .{•jKH- E X L I B R I S w " Bfar ■afar TttW " nfar tkw TtfV " W Presented by The Briar Patch MAR.Y HELEN COCHRAN LIBRARY " 54-5 " SWEET BRIAR COLLEGE ' ixr is txr ttf 2tr itf ' ' Of " fff ' vsus ' iu € " 5395 ■ % % %. ' ' Oh — Evolu —, Oh — Evolu —, There is nothing in this world you cannot do _ " • •••• ' ' But now youve brought a greater phenomenom to pass. You took the class of ' 45, an embryonic mass. And changed it by a miracle into a senior class — Oh, — Evi — Iva _ Ova — Evolution. ' • . . • ♦ % ♦ ♦ » . , , k c J . ■ , , -N BRIAR PATCH 1945 % a V _ % 5i a a . , % J? dv • ' 4? :S S ■■ ;» - ' , r .- j ' - ' - i - c ■ « f t " ' " " jt " S jk " a £ " %. jk jk jk jk ' %. m m jk m " jk m m ' %. ' %. m A i THE RIAR PATCH FOR 194 ? -r ' - - M V })o €,d b) i:)i e Junior Class SWEET BRIAR COLLEGE SWEET BRIAR, VA. M ' Sl " A M ft " M. i M M m ' M M £ " m n " M £ " %. " m m jk M jk jSl m " a jfe. aM . E D I C A T E D T O YOU YES, this 1945 edition of The Briar Patch is dedicated to YOU. It is dedi- cated to all of you who, through your own contributions, have helped to make life at Sweet Briar representative of the demo- cratic way of living that our nation is fighting for today. To YOU, the faculty, who have given us the opportunity to share in your learning . . . and to YOU, the students, whose healthy, unprejudiced attitude has enabled you to take advantage of this opportunity, we dedicate this edition of The Briar Patch. ♦ r-: »r . : s 4 63395 5: :S » - ' FORE THE Briar Patch is the annual publication of the Junior class of Sweet Briar College. It is published with the intention of teUing as fully as possible what that particular year has meant in the history of Sweet Briar. The 194f edition of The Briar Patch is not as large and as ornate a volume as some of those published during the 30 ' s. The staff felt that this year, the fourth year of the nation at war, was a particularly inappropriate time for such an expensive and elaborate book. We do hope very sincerely, however, that each one of you will find in these pages all of the things, big and little, that have endeared Sweet Briar to you. We unashamedly confess that day by day we have found all of it beautiful, and our one aim has been to express honestly your feelings along with our own in this presentation of life at Sweet Briar. The Cl. ' ss of ' 46. l % -- • % « % 4 :g : «t % • % « « % % FACULTY 4 A ni X .VVv ' f y ' K S ♦ - •♦■♦• ' ( PRESIDENT META GLA msssli DEAN MARY ELY LYMAN •- .• BOARD OF DIRECTORS The Right Reverend Beverley D. Tucker, Jr., D.D., LL.D., S.T.D., President, Cleveland, Ohio Eugenia Griffin Burnett, A.B Richmond, Virginia W. Gerhard Suhling - - -— Lynchburg, Virginia Major, A.U.S. Archibald G. Robertson, LL.B Richmond, Virginia Rowland Lea Agricola, Virginia Dabney S. Lancaster, LL.D... ...Richmond, Virginia Edward Jenkins Millwood, Virginia EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Mr. Robertson, Chanman, Mrs. Burnett, Mr. Lea BOARD OF OVERSEERS Beverley D. Tucker, Jr., President ....Cleveland, Ohio Term Expires 1945 O. M. W. Sprague, Ph.D., Litt.D Boston, Massachusetts 1946 Carter Glass, LL.D Lynchburg, Virginia James D. Mooney, M.E., Dr. Eng New York City Captain, U.S.H-R- 1946 Edna Lee Cox, A.B Sweet Briar, Virginia 1949 Meta Glass, Presidetit of the College.... Sweet Briar, Virginia Roberta. Weaver, LL.D., Sc.D Cleveland, Ohio Elsetta Gilchrist Barnes, A.B., V.L A ....Cleveland, Ohio 1950 C. Raine Pettyjohn, M.E Lynchburg, Virginia Members of the Board of Directors are also members of the Board of Overseers Rowland Lea - Agricola, Virginia Secretary of the Board of Directors and of the Board of Overseers. COMMITTEES OF THE BOARD OF OVERSEERS Executive Committee: Mr. Robertson, Chairman. Mrs. Burnett, Miss Glass, Mr. Lea, Mr. Pettyjohn. Investments and Finance: Mr. Jenkins, Chairman, Dr. Sprague, Mr. Robertson, and the Treasurer of the College, ex ' Oj cio. Farm: Mr. Lea, Chairman, Mr. Lancaster, Mrs. Barnes, and the Tre. surer of the College, ex-officio. Buildings and Grounds: Miss Gl. ' ss, Chairm an, Mrs. Barnes. Mrs. Burnett. Mr. Lan- caster, AND the Director of Buildings and Grounds, e.V ' o|fjcio. Endowment: Mr. Robertson, Chamnan, Mrs. Cox, Miss Glass, Mr. Lancaster, Mr. Mooney, Bishop Tucker, Mr. Weaver. Self-perpetuating board without terms of office. 12 % ♦ % OFFICERS OF ADMINISTRATION AND INSTRUCTION, 1944-1945 THE EXECUTIVE OFFICERS Meta Glass, Ph.D., Litt.D., LL.D., D.C.L _ President Mary Ely Lyman, Ph.D., Litt.D... q Emily H. Dutton, Ph.D Dean Emeritus Bernice Drake Lill Reaistrar Lieutenant. U.S.H-R- A.B., Wellesley College; A.M., The George Washington University. Jeanette Boone _ Assistant Registrar A.B., Sweet Briar College. Don C. Wheaton Treasurer B.L., Kenyon College. THE FACULTY T Glass President A.M., Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College; Ph.D., Litt.D., Columbia University; Litt.D., Mount Hoiyoke College; LL.D., University of Delaware, Brown University, Williams College; D.C.L., The University of the South. Mary Ely Lyman _ Dean and Professor of Religion A.B., Litt.D., Mount Hoiyoke College; B.D., Union Theological Seminary; Ph.D., University of Chicago; Litt.D., Roanoke College. Adeline Ames.. Professor of Biology B.S.. A.M , University of Nebraska; Ph.D., Cornell University. Alexander Baird ... Lecturer in Economics and Government B.A., LL.D., Ph.D., University of Paris. Joseph E. Barker _. .Professor of Romance Languages B.A., B.D., Yale University; A.M., Harvard University; Ph.D., Columbia University. Belle Boone Beard ....Professor of Sociology A.B., Lynchburg College; Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College. Jane Belcher _ Assistant Professor of Biology B.S., Colby College; A.M., Columbia University; Ph.D., University of Missouri. Marion Josephine Benedict _ ..Professor of Religion A.B., Barnard College; A.M., Ph.D., Columbia University; B.D.. Union Theological Seminary. Edith Betts _ histructor in Physical Education B.S., University of Wisconsin. Gladys Boone Professor of Economics M.A., University of Birmingham, England; Ph.D., Columbia University. Laura T. Buckham Assistant Professor of Romance Languages A.B.. University of Vermont; A.M., Ph.D., Radcliffe College. Carl Y. Connor Professor of English B.A., University of Toronto; A.M., Harvard University; Ph.D., Columbia University. Lucy Shepard Crawford Professor of Philosophy, Psychology and Education A.B., Ph.D., Cornell University. Arnold A. Del Greco Instructor in Romance Languages B.S., New York University; A.M., Columbia University. On leave for the duration of the war. Second Semester 1944-4T. JovAN De Rocco- — - Instructor in Art School of Architecture, University of Belgrade; Art Students League, New York; Student of Harold Van Buren Magonigle. Sylvia Dworski Instructor in Romance Languages B.A., Connecticut College; M.A., Ph.D., Yale University. Alfred A. Finch ....Professor of Music Mus.B., Yale University; M.M., Eastman School of Music. Jessie Melville Fraser .Associate Professor of History A.B., Columbia College; A.M., University of South Carolina; A.M., Columbia University. Florence Hague ..Associate Professor of Biology A.B., A.M., University of Kansas; Ph.D., University of Illinois. Anne Pleasants Hopkins Ass;stcnit to the Dean, Instructor in English A.B., Agnes Scott College; A.M., Duke University. Irene Huber Assistc»7t Professor of German Abitur, Kantonsschule, St. Gall, Switzerland; A.B., Barnard College; M.A., Bryn Mawr College; Ph.D., Stanford University. Cecile Guilmineau Johnson Associate Professor of French M.A., Johns Hopkins University. Louise Ward Johnson.... Instructor in Physical Education B S., College of William and Mary. Helen Gaylord Knapp ..Instructor in English A.B., Wellesley College; M.A., University of Colorado. Edward M. Linforth .....Assism)!t Professor of Art B.F.A., Yale University. M. Dee Long Professor of English A.B., Northwestern University; A.M., Columbia University. Agnes K. McLean Assistant Professor of Music Mv.s.B., Westminster Choir School; M.S.M., Union Theological Seminary. Gertrude Mt lz ....Associate Professor of Gree and Latin A.B., Swarthmore College; A.M., Ph D., University of Wisconsin. Salvatore C. Mangiafico Associate Professor of Romance Languages B.S., A.M., Columbia University. Elizabeth Worman Mogge... Instructor in English A.B., A.M., Cornell University. Elisabeth F. Moller Associate Professor of Psychology A.B,, Goucher College; A.M., Clark University; Ph.D., Cornell University. Eugenie M. Morenus Professor of Mathematics A.B., A.M., Vassar College; Ph.D., Columbia University. Helen K. Mull... Associate Professor of Philosophy. Psychology and Education A.B., Vassar College; A.M , Ph.D , Radcliife College. Lysbeth W. Muncy Instructor in History and Government A.B., Vassar College; A.M., Ph.D., Brown University. Julia Jenevieve Naylor Instructor in Chemistry B.S., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College; A.M., I ' niversity of Missouri. Mary J. Pearl Professor of Greek, and Latin B.A., University of Toronto; A.M., Ph.D., University of Michigan. Helen S. Pollock.... Instructor in Mathematics A.B., West Virginia University; M.S., The State University of Iowa. On leave for the duration of the war. » . . Eloise McCaskill Popini Instructor m History and Economics B.A., Mississippi State College; A.M., Columbia University. E. Gertrude Prior ....Assistant in Biology A.B., Sweet Briar College; A.M., University of Pennsylvania. Ethel Ramage.... ...Associate Professor of English A.B., Barnard College; A.M., Columbia University; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. Lisa Rauschenbusch Instructor m English A.B., Cornell University. Dora Neill Raymond... Professor of History A.B., A.M., University of Texas; Ph.D., Columbia University. Carol M. Rice..... College Physician and Professor of Hygiene A.B., Smith College; A.M., Wellesley College; M.D., University of Wisconsin. Florence Horton Robinson Professor of Art A.B., M.A., University of California; Ph.D., Columbia University; F.A.A.R. Harriet Howell Pvogers Associate Professor of Physical Education A.B., Mount Holyoke College; Graduate of New Haven Normal School of Gymnastics. George F. Rohrlich Instructor in Economics and Government Dr.Jur.. University of Vienna; Diplome, Consular Academy of Vienna; Ph.D., Harvard University. Eva M. Sanford... Associate Professor of History A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Radcliffe College. Raymond W. Short Assistant Professor of English A.B., Ph.D., Cornell University. JoHANNE M. Stockholm...... ..Associate Professor of History M.A., University of Copenhagen; Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College. Hildegard Stucklen... Associate Professor of Physics Ph.D., University of Gbttingen. Dorothy D. Thompson.. Associate Professor of Chemistry A.B., A.M., Mt. Holyoke College; Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology ' . LuciLE Umbreit Instructor in Music A.B., Radcliffe College; A.M., Vassar College. Bertha Pfister Wailes ...Assistant Professor of Sociology A.B., Sweet Briar College; MA., University of Virginia. Miriam H. Weaver Assistant Professor of Music Cincinnati Conservatory of Music; Columbia University Summer School; Isador Philipp, Paris; Juilliard Summer School of Music; The University of Chicago. Egbert Semmann WENGERT ..Associate Professor, Carter Glass Chair of Governynent A.B., LL.B.. Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. Frances Davies Wessells Instructor m Physical Education A.B., University of Denver; A.M., New York University. Helen Pesci Wood ...Assistajit in Spanish B.S., University of Illinois. Ernest Zechiel ...Associate Professor of Music B.A., Oberlin College; Graduate Mannes School of Music, New York: Pupil of Benno Moisei- witsch, London; Pupil of Rosario Scalero, New York and Italy. On leave 1944-45. First semester 1944-45. On leave March 1942-Septembcr 1945. 15 • •••4 ♦ f • ♦♦ LIBRARIANS Janet Margaret Agnew .Librarian B.A., M.A., University of Manitoba: B.L.S., McGill University. Lydia M. Newland -- - -- Assistant Librarian A.B., Skidmore College; B.S., Columbia University. Edith Endicott Cataloguer Library School, Carnegie Institute of Technology. Genevieve Mundy Ly ' ttle --. As5ista it to the Librarian A.B., Sweet Briar College. Louise Merriam Paine Assistant in the Library A.B., New Jersey College for Women. Montgomery McCrary Assistant in the Library B.A., University of Toronto; A.M., The George Washington University. ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Lois Ballenger .-.. Secretary to the President B.S., Woman ' s College of Furman University. Martha von Briesen Director of Public Relations A.B., Sweet Briar College; A.M., Radcliffe College. Margaret Carey Secretary to the Alumnae Secretary Rebecca M. Carroll... Assistant ni the Office of the Treasurer Mabel M. Chipley Assistant to the Treasurer Edna Lee Cox ....Secretary to the Coynmittee on Admission A.B., Sweet Briar College. Helen H. McMahon Alumnae Secretary A.B., Sweet Briar College. Isabel Proud ...Secretary in the Office of the Registrar Alice L. Stevens.. Secretary to the Dean Wilsa Wade Tanner... Secretary to the Director of Public Relation s Ruby Walker Manager of the Boo Shop Margaret L. Yates... Secretary to the Registrar Evelyn Arthur, R.N J urse Edith Black, R.N Tv urse OFFICERS IN CHARGE OF PLANT Albert M. Knapp Director of Buildings and Grounds Linda Spence Brown Director of Refectories A.B., University of Texas; A.M., University of Chicago. Christine B. Caldwell Secretary to the Director of Buildings and Grounds J. Edwin Dinwiddie .Superintendent of the Farm Raymond C. Gregory Assistant to the Director of Buildings and Grouyids Mary Shackford Johnston Manager, Boxwood Inn Rebecca C. Kerr Supervisor of Halls of Residence Belinda Mitchell Spindle Assistant to the Mayiager, Boxwood Inn Frances O. Stone Secretary to the Director of Refectories September-December 1944. First semester 1944-45. 16 ' iA. , - - C L A E President Marian Bower Vice-President Patty Traugott Secretary Westray Boyce Treasurer Emily Loftis -aiiW FRESHMEN THEY were the embryonic mass that arrived by train, car, bus, and plane at all hours on September 11, 1944, to inspect the possi- bilities that Sweet Briar, and everything Sweet Briar stands for, held in store. Prepared for and protected by the Orientation Committee and their sister Juniors, they united in the face of their common foe and survived the ordeal of Freshman-Sophomore Day to emerge a real class complete with spirit and loyalty, not only for their class but for Sweet Briar, of which they at last seemed a part. Their wonderful showing at the first Step-Singing, their stealthy raids on the fire plug to give it its coat of many colors, their luscious fashion show, their ' " Thoughts for the Day, " their " Swing and Sway " sessions that never cease in Commons, and their " do or die " spirit in all sports make them an individual mass that is bound to evolve into one of the most capable groups of Sweet Briar ' s career. Street, R. Stevens, E. Thorpe Wagner Thomas, A. Smith, J. Taylor, S. Terry, Vaughn, Wattley, Traugott, P., Wallace, D , Steptoe. Wurzbach, Willlams -♦•• ♦•♦•J Hancock Humphries Flack RlCHSTONE Elliott F R E H M E N McKemie JOVA Harris Haskell Plunkett Barbour Lindsay Lahman Barrett Massey, Yougene, Gray, Pekor, Moses. Meuse, Pierce, M. . - . . . . t ft. %•«« %.% F I 4 Rollins fonville Rankin Gale Coulter Bac}{ Row: Taylor, J. Schively Saunders, S. YOUMANS Front Row: Wright, M. Street, A. Stedman i ■t Rowan Sheffield Rankin Somervell Sam FORD Jenney FRESHMEN OF 194 Lloyd, Lile, E., Garrison, M.. Hooks, Perkins, Ransom, Kernan, Leach, King Shoesmith, Grigsby, Goodson, Vestal, Bland FRESHMEN OF 194 Jackson, F. MlNCHEW Wallace, E. Johnston, M. Strailman Owen, M. Tunnell Mansfield, Robb, Paxson, Smith, P., Backer, Potts, Massincull, McArthur FRESHMEN OF 194 Johnson, E. Draughon Belts Graves, E. CONOVER Anderson IRM3ira89H " , ■ Bdc}{ Row: Bruton, Armstrong, M., Holmes, V. front Row: Faulkner, R., Jackson, B. A., Garrison, Berthier, Graves, B. FRESHMEN OF 194 LuuDiNUTON, Bower, M., Pender, H., Armstrong, M., Miller, Martin, Rowland »• ••• ADDITIONAL FRESHMEN Anderson, Elizabeth Anne Antrim, Claudia Fishburne Blakey, Julia Ann Bramham, Elizabeth Cooke Brock, Annabell Victor Butler, Mary Sue Christian, Drusilla Cravens Clevenger, Constance Anne CoLSON, Mary Davis, Martha Boynton Davis, Sally Gardiner DeVore, Louisa Roberta Doolin, Catharine Claude Edwards, Suzanne Estill, Bobbie Lee Faulkner, Closey Virden Fratus, Ardis Lydia Godchaux, Eve Ruth Harding, Cynthia Ann Hardy, Suzanne Henderson, Lydia Bowman Henderson. Mary Collins McCall Hepler, Barbara Hobbs, Allen Melton Irvine, Carolyn Joyce Johnson, Eleanor Beldon Jones, Mary Elizabeth Lamon, Yvonne McCaffrey, Anne Jane McCallum, Margaret Graves McDuFFiE, Mary Marshall, Ann Louise Masten, Mary Priscilla Mattison, Faith MiLWEE, Margaret Covington Montgomery, Carolyn Morrell, Jeanne Hunter Morton, June Susette Mlirray, Jacqueline Ann Neal, Josephine Randall Orr, Ann Elizabeth Pierce, Mary Hoxton Reese, Alice Leigh Ricks, Anne Ryland Rucker, Marguerite ScHUBBR, Emily Battle Sentner, Joyce Steele Sheridan, Frances Josephine Shmidheiser, Martha Elizabeth Skeppstrom, Virginia Jackson Small, Shirley Margaret Smith. Marjorie Marrow Smith. Ruth Patricia Smith. Sally Lou Snider. Nancy Barnett Stobert, Diane Stokes. Agnes Wayne Warner, Betty Ann Warren, Bettie-Jane Weisiger, Katherine Jennie White, Elizabeth Carrington Whitehead. Elvira Gertrude Rose SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Vice-President, Anne Colston President, Jean Ferrier Treasurer, Mary Elizabeth Vick Secretary, Sara Bryan OPHOMORE SOPHOMORE year! Upperclassmen at last! A new sense of really belong- ing to Sweet Briar comes to us when we sit for the first time on our Wall. As the year unfolds we take a more lively in- terest in the school ' s traditions and activ- ities which are now familiar to us. Q. V. works secretly in our midst to keep alive cur enthusiasm and to knit us more closely together as a class and as an integral part of Sweet Briar. It is our turn to demand re- spect from the class below us on Freshman- Sophomore Day. We don white on Foun- der ' s Day to take our part in the ceremony on Monument Hill. In the spring we pro- vide some sort of entertainment for the school, and we crown our year at gradua- tion by hooding our sister class. As Soph- omores we come to know and love Sweet Briar better. • ••-. •«■• Gulden, Schreck, Hall, N., Wright. L., Van Cleve, Banker, Munnerlyn HuDGiNS, Stafford, Beard, Levis, Wood, White, M. E. OPHOMORES OF 1945 l ' V M - 1 1 jM y s : ' " ■ : B vh ' - 1 r " m. ' ..i r f •i; ' ' V ' ' l ' tM ' ;%ii iiH " " " ' mG J feAri Wylie, Barron, Caldwell, E., Grogan, Etheridge, J. McGuiRE White, E. McCoy Burnett McKoY bosworth De Lustrac Robertson Brenizer OPHOMORES OF 194 Graves Rosamond Munter Green Dawson OPHOMORE OF 1945 Miller Warner, J. Redfern Hart Wynn Holmes, M. Bac}{ Row: Ulmer, Smith, M., Jackson, A., Burwell Front Row. Crumerine, Marcoglou, Hughes, LlTTLEFORD, StOBER Camblos, Knapp. R., McCulloh, Redding, Amilon, Lile, Brinson, Old Bac Row: Tucker, Ripley, Fitzgerald, S. Second Row: JONES, M. S.. F1TZGER.ALD, C, Butler, C. Front Row: Bemiss, Walker, v., Vars Gardner, Brummet, Bechtel, Slane, Hoehn OPHOMORES OF 194 Gofer Man LEY Hazlehurst Holt Kennedy Durrett ZULICK, I. Kleeman " - ' •• Blanton, Street, K., Hassler, McMullen, Converse V ADDITIONAL SOPHOMORES Abbot, Elizabeth Lee Camm, Felicia Beall LiNFORTH, Justine Arnold Pillow, Josephine Dale Pitman, Katharine Royster, Sara Olivette Webb, Anne Neville Mullen Weil Bric.cs Jones, M. E. Back. Row: Knapp, p. Stillwell Lambert Front Row: Gamble Lee Des Pland OPHOMORES OF 194 GUNTER Ray Illges Joseph Hooper Herr Holloway Bromberg iwf wi—i HBppipiip President, Betty Ann Bass JUNIOR OFFICERS Vice-President, Ellen Robbins Secretary, JOSEPHINE Thomas Treasurer, Mary Booth Taylor JUNIOR WE were amazed in September to find ourselves the Junior Class — after two years one step from the top. We proudly took possession of our bench and welcomed our sister class, the Fresh- men, to Sweet Briar tradition. We ' ve had time to become accustomed to our college home, to understand it, and to love it. WeVe gotten to know each other well and have become famiHar with the workings of the community. Our small number makes for compactness and unity. We look for- ward with anticipation, backward with satisfaction, and do our work with aware- ness to added responsibilities and privileges next year. After two years of preparation, we find ourselves beginning our major work, making plans for a lifetime ahead. ■ » i ■ . . ■ J Inge, Lee, West, Eubank JUNIORS OF 194 Vinton, Arms, Young, Ryland MuRCHisoN, Holmes, P., Taylor, E., Marr V V V , %♦%•♦•♦• Watts Stevens, L. McDuFFiE, S. Thackray Kennedy, A. Sprunt Drubych Nadler Sanders Butler, A., Jones, S., Lively, Carter, Jones, A ■v t - ♦-♦••♦ ♦-♦l Cameron Waite DowD Clement Myers JUNIOR F 1945 CoNLEY, Vandeventer, Love, J., HoLTON, M. L., Field, Ashby Todd Berend COFFMAN J U N I F I 9 4 Stuckle Sibley COE Smart Jones, L. Raley Gurley DiNGWELL Cr-awford schoenheit Houston, Nixon, Kent, Christian, M. Fellni-r, Stricklanh, C iR (:()Ran, Ualhwell, L). J U N I O F I 9 4 saaammammm$mmmsmsmsi S!s Titterington Ou ' Ens, a. Greene, N. RUDULPH Pollard ADDITIONAL JUNIORS Foree, Elizabeth Gholston Freiberger, Annette C. (fiRAEFF, Helen Lorenz Hill. Anne Belle Hood, Barbara Gregg L wrence, Jane Smith Moore, Sheilah xndolph, Beverley L% % % SENIOR OFFICERS President Anne Dickson Vice-President Mary Haskins Secretary Frances Bickers Treasurer Leila Barnes X X X : . : E N I O R SENIORS — the most honored position in the school — the culmination of all that is Sweet Briar. We look to them for leadership and inspiration, and they capably accept this respon- sibility. Theirs is a united class with four years of close association and friendship and theirs is the class with the many privileges: living in Gray . . . sitting on the hallowed Golden Stairs . . . smokmg, chatting, and discussing their unforgettable show, " Harem-Scarem, " in the Senior Parlor. They look forward with antici ' pation to the life ahead founded on the principles and experiences gained at Sweet Briar. M KATHRYN LEIGH AGEE Huntington, West Virginia Political Economy Cute " Kagee " . . . the girl with the lovely voice . . . and the genial manner . . . who has made Sweet Briar gayer by her presence. . . . She is . . . cool efficiency . . . plus loads of fun. . . . She ' s aiming for a government job after college. Activities: Choir, Vice-President of I. R. C, Social Committee, Su ' eet Briar J ews, Business Manager of Brambler, Orientation, Secretary- Treasurer of Board of Publications. ENIOR CLASS OF 194 LELIA GILLIAM BARNES Griffin, Georgia Music Blue skies and laughter ... a product of the deep South . . . who is efficient, but not too much so. . . . Modest . . . charming . . . and every inch a lady. . . . She ' s a girl who ' d like to go for a horseback ride ... or listen to a symphony on a Sunday afternoon . . . always fun to talk to. . . . Activities: Music Club, I. R. C, Treasurer of Senior Class, Advisory Council. ijLP L W1— W„ •%♦%•♦% M VIRGINIA ANNE BERRIER Washington, D. C. Political Economy " The Philosopher " . . . " Ginny " always has well thoughtout views of her own to express . . . and can talk to almost any one about anything. . . . Notwithstanding her serious side, however . . . " Ginny " is never one to turn down the chance for a good time. . . . Activities: Treasurer of A. A., Business Man- ager of Sweet Briar 7 lews, Chairman of Per- sonnel Committee. ENIOR CLASS OF AUDREY TEAL BETTS New York, New York Religion A Northerner with characteristic energy . . . who rides away with top honors at horse shows. ... A combination of tweeds . . . and light blue pixie glasses. . . . Audrey is as naturally clad m riding clothes as any Vogue model. . . . She plans to do therapy work after graduation. . . . Activities: Head of Riding, Honorary Member 0 Choreography (Technical Director). Its ' Ttf tff " QX Iff ' " XtS TU " " XtS c lXS ' TtS ttf TXi Iff Itf tST Til FRANCES YAGER BICKERS Winchester, Virginia • lolop Soft brown velvet worth working for . . . ' Franny " has a smile and eyes ready to laugh. She ' s wonderful to be with . . . and has that enviable quality of being able to make anybody feel at ease. . . . She is efficient . . . but quietly so. . . . After school, she plans to become a laboratory technician. . . . Activities: Secretary of Y. W. C. A., Secretary of Senwr Class, Tau Phi. 7 lews Staff, Social Com- mittee, Dance Group, Orientation, Head of May Da , Mdv Coiut. ENIOR CLASS OF i 945 ANN CARMICHAEL BOWER Richmond, Virginia Modern European History A tiny girl . . . with an extremely capable man- ner and flair for organization . . . balanced by friendliness and thoughtfulness of others. . . . She has been on the Honors Plan of study for the past two years. . . . After Sweet Briar, she would like to combine work and travel. . . . Actitiities: Editor of Sweet Briar Jslews, Paint and Patches, Tau Phi. w Div Tsv ' ofw TttVo iir Ttmr w W " V ♦ V n : DOREEN FRANCES BRUGGER Staten Island, New York Psychology Lovely serenity. . . . " Deen " is a quiet girl who accomplishes much . . . " still waters run deep. " . . . She loves sincerity in other people . . . and is among the sincerest of people herself. . . . Activities: Co-head of Hockey, Honor Girl in May Court. ENIOR CLASS OF 194 SUSAN BUCHANAN Durham. North Carolina Mathematics A real Southern drawl . . . and the blue eyes of a Jon Whitcomb cover girl. . . . Full of a love of fun . . . Susan has a sense of responsibility too . . . illustrated by Glee Club organization . . . and faithfulness to her Y. W. C. A. duties. . . . Activities: Glee Club, Choir, T. W. C. A.. Funds Committee, Orientation. m VT TsXa ar " mar w w v • ♦-♦•♦ ♦-♦-♦J ar iKv Tisv Tttur " OfXn Jir tsitr in sr nt iir iii BETTY CAROLYN CARBAUGH Chattanooga, Tennessee American History Party girl ... a la Tennessee. . . . " Carhaugh " has that unusual gift ... of always making people around her feel jolly. . . . She can dash off for week-ends . . . and still be relied on to manage the Spanish Club expertly. . . . Her immediate plans after college ... are to travel through Europe and South America, . . . Activities: Choir, Glee Club, President of Spanish Club, Misiones, ' hlews Staff. ENIOR CLASS OF MARGARITE WYLINE CHAPMAN Columbus, Georgia Modern European History Yardley ' s Lavender . . . that is " Willy " in her quieter moments. . . . She is industrious . . . en- thusiastic. ... A crusader with a baby face . . . she has the ability to get things done. . , . She plans to go into some sort of foreign relations work. . . . Activities: Choir, Paint and Patches, T ews Staff, . v., Tau Phi. May Court. n. %•%«%■«.% n ANNA MARY CHIDESTER Toledo, Ohio Pre-Medical Science " Chickie " . . . the unforgettable " Stage Man- ager " of Our Town ... the true spirit of Paint and Patches . . . the speed demon of the hockey field. . . . She has an air of cheerfulness ... a hearty laugh . . . plus an eiHciency which renders her indispensable. . . . She plans to become a medical technician after graduation. . . . Activities: I. R. Paint and Patches, Cabin Leader. C, J ews Staff, President of Tau Phi, Advisory Council, ENIOR CLA OF I 94 GRACE REED CLARK New York City Miwic Vivid blue eyes . . . " Ticky " has an air of reticence . . . and a certain quietness . . . yet she is independent . . . unique ... a personality in herself. ... A prof icient horse-woman . . . she also cxcells in playing the piano. . . . She ac- celerated and graduated last February. . . . Now she is doing Red Cross work in New York City. . . . Activities: Music Club, Riding Leader. V ta V Wf W to a J r titltr tuiff ittltr in • • • ( BETTY RUPERT COCKE Lyon, Mississippi Economics As welcome as the first signs of spring . . . Betty ' s friendly nature makes her a favorite in any group. . . . Her intrinsic happiness gives her a lovable disposition ... an even temperment . . . and a place in the hearts of all who know her. . . Actii ' ities: Misiones, Dance Group. ENIOR CLASS OF i 94 CAROL McNEIR COX Washington, District of Columbia Religion and Social Problems Blue eyes with a snap . . . Carol ' s ever-evident sense of humor makes her fun on any party. . . . Overwhelming generosity . . . entertaining con- versation ... all the traits of a well-rounded per- sonality. . . . She ' ll go into the field of merchandise after S. B. . . . Actifities; Choreography, Amts and Asses. ♦ V ar TO «r la ar " as W " Tti p ia- " war iis «r tout m LOUISE WEAKLEY CROSS Birmingham, Alabama Mathematics " Petie " . . . with her elfish grin . . . has a never- failing capacity to think of something funny to say. . . . Her slow drawl epitomises the South . . . and all its charm. . . . Activities; Choir. ENIOR CLASS OF 194 ESTHER ELLIOTT CUNNINGHAM Scarsdale, New York Modern European History With her shining brown hair . . . " smooth " is the word for " Esty. " . . . More the cosmopolite than the sophisticate . . . she has a keen wit . . . and a strong sense of the right thing to do at the right time. . . . Post-graduate plans include a pent-house . . . and a job in New York. . . . Activities: Funds Committee, Advisory Coun- cil, Discussion Planning Group, F. M. or L., Social Committee, May Court. n -z 49 V W oi w w in v Its BT Its w lis ur " US HELEN DAVIS Port Washington, New York Religion Red hair and a winning smile . . . " Hel " hkes people . . . and people like her. , . . Further proof that she is a sociable soul . . . Hel ' s favorite past- times are visiting and chatting. . . . Always on her toes, Hel will do any job . . . and do it well. . . . Actifities: Chairman of Funds Committee, I. R. C, Chung Mung, . V., Varsity Basketball ENIOR CLA OF I 94 VIRGINIA BAIRD DECKER Roanoke, Virginia Sociology A red-head . . . with an extremely quiet man- ner . . . Virginia is neat in appearance ... in habit ... in personality. . . . She goes away for week-ends frequently . . . often heading down to Roanoke for some more new clothes. . . . After leaving here, she will go to Katherine Gibbs school in New York. . . . Actu ' ities; Social Discussion Group. ar " US ar -ns ar ttiia- -nsv V ' W " " li V P ¥ " V M ! ANNE TALBOTT DICKSON Virginia Beach, Virginia French A crackling wood fire in an open hearth . . . Dicky means friendliness . . . and has a laugh that makes others laugh too. . . . Although she has been here only two years . . . she holds many offices and honors . . . and always makes dean ' s list . . . yet FalstafF-like in her humor . . . she dis- misses her brains and capabilities with a joke. . . Activities: French Club, Aints and Asses, F. M. or L., Tail Phi, Advisory Cotinci!, Church and Chapel Committee, President of the Senior Class. ENIOR CLA EVELYN DIXON DILLARD Alexandria, Virginia French " Lyn " is one of the most versatile girls in the senior class. . . . She has well-directed sarcasm . . . plus quick sympathy. . . . Knows everybody . . . always dashing busily around campus. . . . " Lyn " will be remembered for having a feather cut two years before anyone else . . . and her renditions of " Minnie the Moocher. " . . . Activities: Tau Phi, Vice-President of Pamt and Patches, Vice-President of Student Goi ' er7i- wient, Bum Chums, T ews Staff, I. R. C, A. A. M X - ♦ ♦ lo " ttf to " itt Its ' ttt nf ttf fi Mf Ttr Its ' itf ur lit itr itt HULDAH HOLLADAY EDEN Baltimore, Maryland Psychology A cool, clear winter afternoon . . . Huldah is always well-groomed . . . and well-dressed. . . . She is a girl who can detach herself and seem aloof one minute . . . and giggle infectiously the next. . . . After leaving Sweet Briar, she plans to work in the field of abnormal psychology. . . . Activitiei " ; Paint and Patches, French Club, Braynbler Stajf, Social Committee, May Court. ENIOR CLA OF I 945 ALICE CORNELIA EDWARDS St. Louis, Missouri Music " Hedy " is a combination of a " Bob Hope " sense of humor . . . and an " Iturbi " touch at the piano. . . . Miss Weaver says she looks like young Beethoven when she plays . . . and forwards on the basketball court say she ' s like greased lighten- ing. . . . She claims she ' ll " join the working masses and continue voting Republican " after graduation. . . . Activities. ' Chung Mung, Aints and Asses, Music Club, A. A. Ex., J lews Staff, Fire Warden. : M M : MARGOT DIVINE ENRIGHT Indianapolis, Indiana Romance Languages " Dede " is a slight girl . . . with big blue eyes . . . and a quick way of talking. . . . After she graduates, she plans to work at interpreting or translating . . . and wants to go on a lengthy trip to South America. . . . Activities: Spamsh Club, French Club, I. R. C, Social Committee, J ews Stajf. ENIOR CLA OF I 945 FRANCES SWANN ESTES Birmingham, Alabama Modern European History " Franny " is both a good manager . . . and a lot of fun. . . . Paint and Patches plays wouldn ' t seem right without " Franny " back-stage ... in that voluminous bright red shirt . . . and rolled- up blue-jeans. . . . She has a slow smile . . . that says worlds. . . . Activities: Chung Mung, Paint and Patches. Associate Editor of Sweet Bnar Ts ews, Editor of Hand-Boo}{. ar law w w tbv ht us itr ttivf ikw to UF 1t( Its ' Iff Iff ' TSi Iff " Qi A tr Itf Iff Iff Tff Iff KT Iff EUGENIA MUNNERLYN ETHERIDGE Macon, Georgia Chemistry A capsule of energy . . . " Red " is a perfect feminine counterpart of the " barefoot boy with cheek of tan. " , . . Red bangs ... a quizzical look . . . and an appetite inconsistent with her minute proportions ... all add up to Eugenia. . . . After she receives her A. B. at Sweet Briar, she is going to medical school. . . . Activities: Runner-up in Community Tennis Tournament, Winner of Senior Bookshop Con- test. ENIOR CLASS OF i 94 INDIA DOLORES FAGG Kernersville, North Carolina Art Gentle as blue feathers . . . " Doe " is a tall, willowy girl . . . whose quiet and unassuming manner often hides serious thoughts. . . . Artistic courteous . . . " Doe " also has a sense ol humor that pops up when one might least ex- pect it. . . . Activities: Glee Club, Friends of Art, Ori- entation. w- la ur tuV ttlVF " nf o W W W W V J 1 1 EDITH MALONE FARR Fairfax, Virginia Economics " Edie " accelerated her course and graduated in February. . . . She has a hurried way of speak- ing . . . and almost always talks with her hands. . . . She played the first few months after gradua- tion . . . but plans to start work in Washington soon. . . . Activities: Tsjeu ' s Stajf, Spanish Club. ENIOR CLASS OF 194 NANCY ELLEN FEAZELL Mount Hope, West Virginia Sociology Like a blue angora sweater . . . Nancy has a sweetness . . . and femininity. . . . She is a quiet girl . . . who has perfect manners . . . and is al- ways friendly . . . and congenial. . . . She plans to do some kind of social work after gradua- tion. . . . Activities: Spanish Club, Sociology and Eco- nomics Club, Misiones. X: :SM f ' f ■•■ . ■ 0 M MARY KATHRYN FRYE HEMPHILL Hickory, North Carolina Sociology Apple blossoms . . . Mary Kathryn will always be remembered for her singing . . . her lovely complexion . . . and her clear hazel eyes. . . . Al- though her femininity belied it, she made the varsity basketball team. . . . She was married last December. . . . Activities: Music Club, Social Discussion Group, Orientation, Choir, Glee Club, Aduisory Coiincii. ENIOR CLASS OF VIRGINIA CHRISTINA CANS Goshen, Virginia Government " Jin.x " has a broad grin for everybody . . . big brown eyes that sparkle when she smiles . . . and a warm, friendly manner. . . . Swimming is her favorite sport and she excels in that here at Sweet Briar. . . . V ' ISABEL JORDAN GAYLORD Staten Island, New York Psychology Celebrated star of Aints and Asses produc- tions ... a veritable terror to her opponents on the hocky field . . . " Diddy " is loved for her scintillating sense of humor and dry wit. . , . Versatile . . . she balances the ridiculous with an abundance of common sense, . . , Activities: Aints and Asses, Bum Chums, A. A. Ex., Chung Mung. ENIOR CLASS OF 194 ALICE MARIE GEARHART Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania French Gearhart ... the girl with the low-toned speak- ing voice . . . and the ready laughter . . . who is full of ideas that always work out . . . and a strong sense of humor. . . . After graduation, she plans to work as a translator ... or in some gov- ernment job using her French. . . . Activities: Orientation, French Club, President of German Club, Director of Senwr Show, Tau Phi, Aints and Asses. ar " m V tit isr itt if lOVi ' Jt ' " V V " Hs JP " tout if ♦-♦-♦♦ ar w w w T»s « w w w w V EDITH PAGE GILL Roanoke, Virginia Music " Edie Page " attracts people . . . hy her good nature . . . her sense of humor . . . and her con- sideration for others. . . . She wears bright red pixie glasses . . . and has the gay personality to go with them. . . . When she leaves Sweet Briar, she plans to continue her study of music. . . . Activities: Music Club, Spanish Club. ENIOR CLASS OF i 945 ELLEN COALTER GILLIAM Lynchburg, Virginia English Ellen . . . always ready to lend a helping hand . . . has a special knack for making people feel at home. . . . She laughs and jokes a lot . . . bu t is much more serious than she would lead one to believe. . . . She may teach school after gradua- tion. . . . Activities; Head of Tan Phi. Chairman of War Service, German C ub, Engiisfi Club, . V., Orientation. M ANN GLADNEY Dallas, Texas Art Typical Texas . . . with a friendly, open frank- ness. . . . Ann follows her artistic bent ... by delving into both music and painting. . . . She has a definite job after graduation . . .advertising work for Neiman-Marcus. . . . Activities; Glee Club, Choir, Friends of Art. ENIOR CLASS OF 194 MARTHA ELIZABETH GRAY Annapolis, Maryland Socio log V Betty does everything around campus . . . with the same grace and ease . . . that is seen in her dancing. . . . She is a quiet girl . . . who is always " ready, willing, and able. " . . . After college she plans to work in occupational therapy. . . . Activities; Social Discussion Grou , Health Connnittee, Head of Choreography, Misiones. ELIZABETH DANTZLER GRAYSON Lynchburg, Virginia Government Betty is little . . . one of the few people the word, " cute, " was really meant for. . . . Her man- nerisms create a feeling of fellowship between herself and anyone else. . . . She is as yet un- decided between doing graduate work . . . and taking a job as soon as she graduates. . . . Activities: r. W. C. A.. 1. R. C, Funds Com- mittee, Boxwood Inn Committee. ENIOR CLASS OF 1945 ALMA RUTH HALL Atlanta, Georgia French A stunning figure . . . marvelous sense of hu- mor . . . good bit of forthrightness ... all these add up to " Tutti. " . . . She ' s definitely partial to knitting. . . . Aints and Asses . . . and Walter. . . . Her future concerns the latter, as is indicated by the diamond on her left hand. Activities: Amts and Asses, Bum Chums, French Club. t:J.-A -»-.( U MARY FISKE HASKINS Chattanooga, Tennessee Religion Mary has big brown eyes . . . and a gentleness in her character . . . that shows clearly every time she smiles. . . . She has a wealth of understand- ing . . . joviality . . . sincerity. . . . When she graduates, Mary hopes to work in a kinder- garten. . . . Activities; Choir, T. W. C . A., Head of Re- ligious Discussion Group, Head of Advisory Council, Vice-President of Senior Class, Social Committee, Orientation, May Court. ENIOR CLASS OF HARRIET JANE HAZEN Wheeling, West Virginia Biology Always the pacifist . . . " Gus " has an evenness of temperment . . . that keeps her ever calm, cool, and collected. . . . She is self-contained . . . but not remote . . . always friendly and sympathetic. . . . She plans to take a graduate course in medical pharmacy before going into actual hospital work. . . . Activities: Choreography. ur itf ur Its IS ' itt iir itsv V ' V ' VV tt TjT -Mia- -astr war -jsV ar tavr -isar -Jttiir -as ELIZABETH TURNER HEALY Hampton, Virginia Economics Betty IS always a lady . . . and an attractive one . . . with typical Irish beauty ... of black hair . . . white skin . . . and eyes like deep blue sapphires. . . . She is always immaculately groomed . . . courteous . . . and poised in every- thing she does ... an accomplished master in the art of graciousness. . . . Activities: Head of Social Committee, Orienta ' tion, Advisory Council, Honor Girl in May Court. ENIOR CLASS OF MARY BALDWIN HERBERT Columbia, South Carolina History Like yellow buttercups . . . Mary is always cheery. . . . With all her gaiety . . . she has a cer- tain seriousness of purpose. . . . Mary can nearly always be found at the music studio . . . either playing the piano ... or listening to records. . . . She plans to do graduate work in music after leaving Sweet Briar. . . . Activities; Mtisic Club, Choir, Socia! Com- mittee, Church and Chapel Committee, Vice- President of T. W. C. A. Sr M M S: ELISABETH GOLDSBOROUGH HICKS Cambridge, Maryland Modern European History A Yankee drawl . . . " Lib " has a slow way of speaking that would never be called Southern . . . but is completely characteristic of " Lib. " . . . She is straightforu ' ard . . . and composed. . . . She plans to do research work for the government after school. . . . Activities; La e Courtctl. ENIOR CLASS OF 194 MARTHA ELEANOR HOLTON Toledo, Ohio Physics Lovely eyes that are startling in their blue- ness . . . belong to " Marty " . . . who is a quiet girl . . . conscientious in her work . . . and always willing to help out. . . . She paints innumerable posters . . . swims and dives expertly. . . . When she graduates, she plans to work in a physics ex- perimental laboratory. . . . Activities: T. W. Chapel Commhtee, Head of La}{e, Church and Chapel Committee. S: : M ' ♦•♦ M HILDA HUDE Lookout Mountain, Tennessee Drama Hilda IS a regal person . . .and one of the pret- tiest girls in the senior class. . . . Fun sparkles out of her brown eyes . . . and her love of living is evident every time she laughs. . . . Activities: English Club, Choir, Social Com- mittee, May Sjxeen. ENIOR CLASS OF i 94 MARGARET BOYD JONES Annapolis, Maryland Chemistrv A mere slip of a girl . . . Peggy is more fre- quently seen in jodhpurs than anything else. . . . She is better able to handle a skittish horse than her tiny size would indicate. . . . After she re- ceives her A. B. here, Peggy plans to do post- graduate work at M. L T. . . . Activities: Spanish Club, German Club, Rid- ing Leader. « %- 5 " %- W Y - % - " ' t 4-. - VV X ELIZABETH JOSEPH BOYKIN Montgomery, Alabama Art " Liz " created a flurry of excitement when she went out to Cahfornia to he married ... in the midst of mid-term e.xams too. . . . She is a tall girl . . . with an easy, care-free manner . . . who has a special talent for painting and design. . . . ActiDities: Vice-President of Friends of Art. ENIOR CLASS OF 194 MARIAN BURKS KEDDY Alexandria, Virginia Psychology Smiling so that her eyes tilt at the corners . . . " Cuddles " rates her nick-name by being one of the most genial girls around Sweet Briar. . . . She ' s always backstage for a P. 6f P. production . . . out riding horse-back ... or generally having a good time. . . . Post-graduate plans include be- coming a psychological assistant in a mental hospital. . . . Activities: Brambler, 1. R. C, Cabm Leader. Religions Discussion Group, Paint and Patches. Its ' tti 2tr tsi 2ts iti itt ' 111 fijfifr Ttf ]tr lu 2tr lu sr tti MARJORIE MAY KOONCE Shreveport, Louisiana Psychology Marjorie has a certain vitality . . . that keeps her always doing something. . . . She is perpetu- ally knitting. . . . She likes to tell detailed stories about her travels and experiences. . . . After leav- ing school she plans to do occupational therapy. Activities: I. R. C, Discussion Group, Cabin Leader. ENIOR CLASS OF ELAINE DeWITT KRAUSE New York, New York Music Elaine always seems to have something exciting planned for the week-ends . . . which more often than not includes West Point. . . . Blonde hair . . . big blue eyes . . . dimples . . . make Elaine as popular with the male species as they do with the girls here on campus. . . . Actiuities: Music Club. x ANTOINETTE FRANCOISE LEBRIS Westport, Connecticut International Affairs " Tony " is one of the best-loved girls on camp- us. .. . She is interesting to talk to because of . . . her soft slurred speech . . . her sparkling blue eyes . . . her quick mind . . . and her intensity. . . . " Tony " is always up on world affairs. . . . She plans to return to France and do reconstruction work after graduation. . . . Activities: I. R. C, President of French Club, Spanish Club, Discussion Groups, J lews Stajf, Who ' s Who, Bum Chums, Recipient of Manson Memorial Scholarship. ENIO.R CLASS OF 194 RUTH MARY LONGMIRE Temple, Texas International Ajffairs The girl with the gavel . . . Ruth is a demo- cratic leader . . . who is completely impartial . . . composed . . . and diplomatic in all situations. . . . She has a ready smile . . . and more than her sha re of that Texas friendliness. . . . She may do research work after graduation. . . . Activities: President of Student Government, Tan Phi. . v., I. R. C, Paint and Patches. Ex- ecutive Committee. May Court. . M 5 M JANE EUWER McJUNKIN Charleston, West Virginia Religion Humor with a poker face . . . " Junk " made her debut in Sweet Briar ' s hall of fun in the Sopho- more Show . . . when her " dead-pan " act brought down the house. . . . She has an easy manner . . . naturally curly hair . . . and is usually wearing a sweater of some shade of purple. . . . ActtDities: Aints and Asses, Chung Mimg, . v., Choir. ENIOR CLASS OF ANN CARTER McLEAN Alexandria, Virginia Art True wit . . . Ann ' s droll mannerisms make people laugh wherever she goes. . . . Her hobby is sculpturing. . . . After college, she will work in commercial art . . . or do recreation work for children. . . . Activities; Fnends of Art, Camera Club, Health Committee. M FRANCES ELIZABETH MATTON Louisville, Kentucky Spanish A ready listener . . . " Pani " has a quick sym- pathy . . . clever humor . . . and a fondness for chatting . . . which make her affable company always. . . . She speaks English with a faint and interesting Spanish accent. . . . Her engagement ring shows that her career is chosen. . . . Activities: Spanish Club, French Club, Editor vf Brambler. ENIOR CLASS OF 194 JULIA ADELAIDE MILLS Washington, D. C. Art With unbounded energy . . . Julie spreads her talents over the fields of writing . . . painting . . . and riding horseback . . . excelling in all three. . . . She IS dependable . . . fun to have around always. . . . Graduate work will claim her atten- tion after she receives her A. B. here. . . . Activities; Glee Ciub. Studio Citib, T ews Staff. Brambler Staff. M MARY JEAN MOORES Springfield, Ohio Modern European History Clear aqua-marine eyes . . . Jean is outstanding because of . . . her athletic skill . . . her femininity . . . her work for P. £r P. . . . dressed in rolled-up blue-jeans with her shirt-tail out . . . and her poise before the student body in athletic assemblies. . . . Actirities; Pamt and Patches, J ews Staff, President of A. A., Chung Mimg, May Court. ENIOR CLA OF I 94 JOANNE THOBURN MORGAN Charleston, West Virginia Music Super-friendliness ... in smile . . . voice ... all of " Jodie " . . . who has done such a commendable job as president of Y. W. C. A. . . . She is noted for being . . . bubbling with enthusiasm ... a good sport about everything . . . able to put people at ease. . . . She wants to do social and religious work of some sort after graduation. . . . Activities; Bum Chums, President of T. W. C. A., Tau Phi, Orientation, Music Club. jir itfitr lew " asv mv w ittiti " tsw ijsar " at ALICE WHITCOMB NICOLSON Washington, D. C. Biology A striking type of beauty . . . " Steve " would stand out in any crowd. . . . She is a tall girl . . . with flashing blue eyes . . . high cheek hones . . . sharply chisled features . . . and a knack for wear- ing clothes well. . . . Long, well-shaped hands are another of her attractions. . . . After Sweet Briar, she plans to take " an interesting job. " . . . Activities: Chung Mung, Aints and Asses, Bum Chums, Chairman of the Board of Publications, Business Manager of the Handbook, Orientation, Head of Tennis, Honor Girl in May Court. ENIOR CLA VIRGINIA LATIMER OSBORN Grosse lie, Michigan Music Always smiling or laughing . . . " Ginger " has a broad sense of humor . . . and that rarely found trait of being able to laugh at herself. . . . She is a good critic . . . quite adept at evaluating other people. . . . Music is definitely her main interest in the artistic field. . . . She plans to do graduate work after receiving her A.B. here. . . . Activities: Music Club, I. R. C, French Club, ?iews Staff, Choir, Cabin Leader, Planning Com- mittee for Discussion Croups. M CAROLINE PARRISH Marion, Virginia Mathematics Big brown eyes and long black lashes. . . . She has a shy smile . . . that brings out a dimple . . . and a slow way of speaking that is quite appeal- ing. . . . After she leaves school, she plans to work in an aircraft industry . . . and " keep house for Bobby. " . . . Activities; Glee Club, Choir, Chapel Choir, May Court. ENIOR CLA OF I 94 ELIZABETH JORDAN PENDER Norfolk, Virginia English Glamorous in appearance . . . but too witty to be called languidly sophisticated . . . " Pender " has shining black hair with a blue sheen to it. . . . In the two years that she has been at Sweet Briar . . . she has won us all . . . with her vivacity and winsome ways. . . . Activities. I. R. C, Aints and Asses, Social Covimittee, May Court, F. M. or L. V ♦ % ♦ i y M HARRIET LATTA PORCHER Charlotte, North Carolina Spanish " Pooch " is a tall girl . . . who dresses beauti- fully. . . . She will long be remembered for . . . her excellent brand of humor and her infectious laugh . . . her baby talk in the Senior Show . . her wonderful dancing . . . and her parts in Aints and Asses productions. . . . Activities: Aints and Asses, F. M. entation, Spanish Club, Choir. L., Or ENIOR CLASS OF 1945 CATHERINE LYTLE PRICE Louisville, Kentucky Psychology Fastidious in dress . . . " Cappy " is attractive ... a very fine product of the Blue Grass state. . . . She is always ready for a good laugh . . . and likes to be around when there is fun to be had. . . . She is friendly . . . gracious . . . and possessed of a great deal of charm. . . . Actiuitie.s ' ; Social Connnittee, Mav Court. Si M TAYLOR BEALE REESE Attleboro, Massachusetts Art A refreshing cynic . . . " Tay " has a dry wit . . . and a quick tongue. . . . Her creative mind delves into the fields of art . . . writing . . . and compos- ing ... as exemplified by the music in the senior show. . . . " Tay " is always on hand for a game of bridge ... or a swim if weather permits. . . . She may go to art school after graduation. . . . Actirities: nmg Group. Choreography, Discussion Plan- ENIOR CLA F 194 JEAN BISSELL RIDLER Wilmington, Delaware C)ie77!lSt7 ' _V Intelligence plus . . . Jean is one of the most brilliant girls in the senior class. . . . She is quiet . . . efficient . . . and scientifically inclined . . . practical . . . but fun too. . . . After school, she will work at a job using chemistry, math, or languages. . . . Activities: German Cluh, Friends of Art. M : 74 - ' • • » .• i M MARGARET GAINES SWANN Winter Haven, Florida Pre-Medical Sc ences A quiet girl . . . with an abundance of A " s . . . and ability. . . . Margaret accelerated her course . . . and is to graduate in three years. . . . Her favorite sport is riding . . . and she does quite a hit of it here at Sweet Briar. . . . After June, she is going to Cornell Medical School. . . . Activities; Religious Post - War Discussion Group, German Club. ENIOR CLASS OF 194 MARY EMILY SYMES Rio de Janeiro, Brazil English Contagious laughter. . . . She has a vivid im- agination . . . and a sense of humor to match. . . . Long lashes offset clear hazel eyes. . . . She is go- ing home for a year immediately after graduation . . . and then may come back to work in New York. . . . Activities; . V., Amts and Asses, President 0 £nghsh Club, Co-head of Orientation, Asso- ciate Editor oj Sweet Briar ' hlews. ' J ♦ • . M SARAH ANN TEMPLE Chattanooga, Tennessee Modern European History Vivacious . . . that ' s the word for Sarah . . . who is always in a good humor . . . and full of a love of fun. . . . She devotes her full attention to the job at hand . . . whether it be a midnight search for Tau Phi robes ... or " striking the set " after a P. and P. production. . . . Activities: J ews Stajf, Paint and Patches, Bum Chums, Chung Miing, Vice-Presicierit oj A. A., Brambler, Orientation. ENIOR CLASS OF 1945 MARY PERKINS TRAUGOTT Norfolk, Virginia Modern European History A tall girl with shining blue eyes . . . " Perk ' s " sincerity is admired by all that know her. . . . She has a certain reserved charm . . . composure in all situations ... a never-failing ability to have a good time . . . and has been an outstanding member in her class for four years. . . . Activities: Tau Phi, F. M. or L., T ews Staff, § . v.. House President of Carson, May Court. %: %: n ANNE CARTER WALKER Orange, Virginia PoUttcdl Economy Like a Dresden china figurine . . . Anne Carter has fine, light blond hair . . . and light blue eyes. . . . Swimming is her hobby, favorite past-time, and sport . . . and she was co-head of lake at one time. . . . After graduation, she hopes to get a government job. . . . Acthnties: La}{e Council, I. R. C. ENIOR CLASS OF 194 ANNE WARREN Greenwich, Connecticut Modern European History Straightforward and frank . . . Anne is full of original thoughts . . . which show in her hobby, playwriting . . . Anne will be remembered for the Senior Show script. . . . She wants a job that will include traveling . . . preferably to England. . . . Activities; I. R. C, Fnends of Art. M S: 77 •♦•♦■_ , US ' tS Its ' Iff txr Iff " its ' Iff V Itf VF Its KT Ttf W Iff VIRGINIA BRANCH WHITAKER Winston-Salem. North Carolina Laun Elfin . . . " Whit " is amusing always . . . with that zest for living that makes her company scintil- lating. ... A good Jitterbug, she could be de- scribed as " delightfully roguish. " . . . She says her plans after college are " too numerous to mention " . . but knowing " Whit, " they will be fun. . . . Actiiiities; Choreography. ENIOR CLA OF HARRIET GALE WILLCOX Norfolk, Virginia Mathematics Conscientious to the nth degree . . . " Lovah " IS at once gay . . . and dependable. . . . She will do anything and do it well. . . . Ever ' one likes to be around her. . . . Her big, brown eyes do much toward heightening her friendliness. . . . Post-graduate plans are indefinite . . . but she may teach. . . . Activities: SiiUwan Award Committee, House President of Gray, Who ' s Who, May Court. -r; - V- Kl U ALMA CHRISTINA WRIGHT Rutland, Vermont Psychology " Chris " has a certain daintiness ... a kind of New England Puritan charm. ... A quiet, re- served girl . . . who is sincere . . . modest and cheerful. . . . After graduation, she plans to work in New York. . . . Activities; I. R. C. ENIOR CLASS OF 194 ELIZABETH ALBRIGHT ZULICK Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania Psvclioiogy Incomparable " Zu " . . . the girl possessed of wit, cleverness, and good common sense. . . . She who made an ideal leader for Chung Mungs . . . had her finger in many other pies as well. . . . Her sense of humor . . . plus her sense of the practical . . . will carry " Zu " a long way. . . . She hopes to work in a city after college. . . . Activities: Head of Orientation, Chung Mung, Aints and Asses, Bum Chums, Advisory, Choir. ar -mar " uj ar tb ar -«isv ' ' ar tb ar is ar fl V y 79 ADDITIONAL GRADUATES ELIZABETH BULL MAURY Richmond, Va. £71glis l Absence from college prevented her from graduating with her class in 1944. She returned to Sweet Briar in September and received her diploma in February 1945. JEANNE SKERRY TEPE Wilmington, Del. American History Originally a member of the class of 1945, she continued her education at the Uni- versity of Chicago and the Women ' s College of the University of Delaware. She received her degree from Sweet Briar College in June, 1945. PHYLLIS TENNEY Washington, D. C. Economics Originally one of the Class of 1944, she continued her education at George Wash- ington University in Washington, D. C, and received her degree from Sweet Briar in February, 1945. ♦ 4 . _i_l. ' -j i UTSIDE CLASSE •♦ ♦ Back ow: WiLLCox, Jones. A., Ashbv, Dillard, Longmire, Chapman, Christian Front Row: BowER, M., Clement, Traugott, M., Ferrier ?iot in Picture: BuRNETT, Carter President, RuTH Longmire Secretary, Wyline Chapman VKe-President. Evelyn Dillard Treasurer, Rosemary Ashby EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF STUDENT GOVERNMENT IN the words of the Constitution, " The purpose of this Association shall be to foster the individual and community interests of Sweet Briar by maintaining the high standard of conduct and decorum, and by strengthening the spirit of unity and the sense of individual responsibility implicit in the ideal underlying the foundation of Sweet Briar College, which was ' to impart to students such an education in sound learning and such physical, moral, and religious training as shall best fit them to be useful members of society ' . " All students are active and responsible members of the Association and each serves on a House Council at least once during the year. The Executive Committee of the Association is composed of the officers of student government, six house presidents, and the presidents of the Sophomore and Freshman classes. It is the duty of this com- mittee to decide imperative and detailed business, to carry out resolutions passed by the College Council, and to take action on any infringement of the rules in accordance with the regulations of the Association. The College Council acts as an intermedi- ary between the faculty and the students. Truthfulness and a high sense of per- sonal honor are the standards on which the Association is based. It is the recognition of individual responsibility for maintaining these standards that enables Student Gov- ernment to operate effectively. % • • • Members: Ashhy, Barnes, Bass, Bower, Buchanan, Burnett, Caldwell, D., Chapman, Chidester, Clement, Christian, M., Cunningham, Davis, Dickson, Dillard, Ferrier, Gilliam, Haskins, Healy, Hemphill, Hen- derson, Illges, Jones, A., Jones, S., Leach, Longmire, Matton, Moores, Morgan, Reese, Strickland, Trau- gott, Warner, Willcox, Zulich, E. Chairman, Mary Haskins ADVISORY COUNCIL THE Advisory Council functions as an intermediary body between the stu- dents and the Administration. Its membership includes the four class presi ' dents, the heads of all organizations on campus, and two representatives elected from each class. The group holds a meeting each month to discuss current community problems and their solutions. Bac Row: Haskins, Joseph, Zulick, Robbins, Lively, Crumrine, Randolph, Bower, M. Middle Roif; Gurley, Herbert, Morgan, Bickers Front Row: BucHANAN, Myers, Hemphill, Holton, M. ?vJot m Picture: Grayson, Lupton President, Joanne Morgan Secretary, Frances Bickers Vice-President, Mary Herbert Treasurer, Elizabeth Gurley Young WoMEN s Christian Association THE Young Women ' ' s Christian Association at Sweet Briar is a vital part of campus activ ' ity. Every individual takes a part in this association. Charitable work is carried on in the form of educational, recreational, and relief programs de ' signed to bring greater opportunities to the under ' privileged people living in Amherst County. To make the Freshmen feel at home, the Y. W. C. A. sponsors the Orientation Committee and under it the Student Associate system. Letters of welcome and handbooks are sent to each new stu- dent before she comes to college. Chapel services are held throughout the year and ministers and other speakers are brought to Sweet Briar to offer helpful guidance and advice. Spiritual ideals are fostered in the life of every member of the community — ideals which are in- valuable in later Hfe. ' A V ■»■■»-. - v 4 Members: Agce, Bickers, Bryan, Buchanan, Carter, Colston, Dickson, Dowd, Fagg, Ferrier, Gearhart, Hall, N., Haskins, Healy, Hemphill, Hill, Holton, M. L., Knapp, Morgan, Myers, McDuffie, S., Nicolson, Porcher, Reese, Rohhins, Robertson, Rudulph, Stevens, Strickland, Symes, Temple, Vinton, Watts, White, Zulick, E., Zulick, I. ORIENTATION COMMITTEE Co-Heads. Elizabeth Zulick, Mary Symes THAT composite, ever-ready soft shoulder made up of " hospitality conscious " peo- ple from all classes on which the fresh- men lean so heavily. . . . They ' re here days ahead to meet the freshmen at trains — even at TiOO a. m Their picnics in the dell and parties in Commons cure most of that home- sick feeling that ' s so apt to creep in at first. . . . All in all, they admirably transform the freshmen into an integral Sweet Briar unit. Sarah McDuffie and Lee Stevens, Both Juniors, Meet Freshman Felicia J. CKSON •• ( Bac Row: Brugger, Gray, McCoy, Edwards, Betts, Schoenheit, Pitman, Robbins Front Row: HoLTON, M., Waite, Carter, Moores, Temple, Sibley, Gaylord Jiot in Picture: ViCK President, Jean Moores Secretary, Nancy Waite Vice-President, Sarah Temple Treasurer, Jean Carter ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION THIS year as always the Athletic Association has been the center of extra ' curricular activities at Sweet Briar. The association offers facilities for a wide variety of sports, only a few of which are hockey, lacrosse, riding, tennis, basketball, and boating. An out- standing increase has been seen in optional participation in a wider variety of sports, partly due to the fact that under wartime conditions more students remain on campus. A few outside varsity and iirst team games were reintroduced this year in spite of some necessary wartime adjustments in the sports program. Athletic Association activities remain popular because enjoyment rather than great ability is always stressed. ♦ ■♦ %■ %■«. Back, Row: Dickson, Le Bris, Zulick, I., Brummet Front Row: Davis, H., GiLLiAM, McGuiRE, Butler, A. Chairman, Ellen Gilliam WAR E R V I C E SWEET Briar, like any other patri- otic community is vitally concerned with doing all possible for the war effort. The War Service Committee was organized to provide the channel through which we on campus can do our part to aid the nation at war. They have func- tioned with enthusiasm and have done a fine job especially with the Red Cross and the War Bond Drives. Other projects are the waste paper collections ot the Salvage Committee, " the Diet " of the Health Committee to slim us down a bit, the collection of ration books, and discussion groups. The War Service Committee met a local crisis in the fall by supplying apple pickers to the nearby Amherst County orchards. • • . ♦ I Bdc Row: FoREE, Healy, Agee, Price, Herbert, Hude, Eden, Jones, S., Haskins Front Row: Bickers, Cunningham, Pender, E., Le Bris, Enright SOCIAL COMMITTEE I ' M sorry but the last bell has rung, " is heard around campus on week-end nights as members of the Social Committee walk their tour of dorms re- minding girls that their dates must leave. These thirteen Seniors and one Junior are responsible also for seeing that the girls keep up their appearance even though the war has decreased the numbers of visitors on campus. Among their other duties they are found serving at the faculty-student coffee hours and sponsoring dances for soldiers from near-by camps. Elizabeth Healy Chaninan _ ' : - i i Members: Buchann.m, Caldwell, D., Camblos, Cunningham, Davis, H., Dingwell, Grayson, Gardner, Jones, S., Knapp, Lile, A., Longmire, McCallum, Myers, Stevens, L., Vandeventer FUNDS COMMITTEE THIS efficient organization holds one of the most responsible positions on campus. It manages all financial drives held on campus and this year raised funds for the National War Fund, World Student Service, Sweet Briar Endowment, and others with greater success than ever before. The committee sponsors the annual Christmas Ba ' zaar, which is a profitable affair enjoyed by all: the Patch Box, our campus beauty shop; and the popular Saturday night movies. Chairman, Helen Davis Treasurer, Dorothy Sue Caldwell Members: Taylor, E., Strickland, Matton, Nicolson Bac Row: Agee, Estes, Miss Agnew Front Row: Mr. Linforth, Miss von Briesen, Miss Hopkins A(ot m Picture: BowER, Berrier, Longmire, Vandeventer BOARD OF PUBLICATION Chairman, Alice Whitcomb Nicolson THE Board of Publications acts as an advisory body to the four college publications: the T ews, the Bramhler. the Briar Patch, and the Handhoo , in all matters of finance and policy. It has control of the joint reserve fund of these publications and nominates all officers to them except those of the Bramhler. It also elects the editor and business manager of the T eivs and the Handhoo}{. It is composed of the active and retired editors and business managers of these publications, the faculty advisors of each of these, and the faculty advisor to the board. ■eb tr ' Bac}{ Row: Stevens, Kennedy, Marr, Vandeventer, Holmes, Field, Holton, Thomas, Rudulph Middle Row: Corcoran, Caldwell, Strickland, Taylor, Ashby Front Row: Jones, S., Murchison, Berend, Adams Tsjot m Picture: Christlan, Greene, Hill, Robbins, Ryland R I A PAT C H Editor, Mary Jessie Strickland Business Managers, Eden Taylor, Mary Vandeventer THE purpose of the 194 ' ) edition of The Break Patch has been stated in the Fore- word. The staff is composed of Juniors who combine their talents to present in May a full picture of Sweet Briar College Hfe during First Semester. the past year. The theme is taken from the Senior song, " Evolution, " and has been carried throughout the book in the delightful dinosaur drawings conceived and executed by Rosemary Ashby. . ' ♦ ■♦• ' ♦•♦■I iVi Left to Right: Dillard, Barnes, Moores, Mills, Estes. Randolph, Bower. Waite, Littleford. Symes, Fitzgerald, Corcoran WEET BRIAR NEW THE l lews is the weekly publication of the students of Sweet Briar. It is the vehicle of expression for the whole community ' s views on current issues. As a college newspaper it emphasizes campus news, but it also includes items of interest from the world at large. Besides the gossip column, " Betty the Briarite, " the athletic section, and general campus information, there is the informative " Undercurrents, ' ' a column which gives world news in sum- mary each week. The T cws strives to pre vide reading material of interest to everyone in the community. The editorial and business staffs are com- posed of members from all classes who are chosen on a competitive basis. The staffs meet weekly in conference about forthcom- ing issues and in this way they strive to cover all current news and views. Working on the paper provides students with a knowledge of the technical side of general newspaper work, and also helps them to develop a clear-cut journalistic style. Editor-m-Chief, Ann Bower, ' 45 Associate Editors, Frances Estes, ' 45; Mary Symes, ' 45 Business Manager, Virginia Berrier, ' 45 Copy Editor Beverley Randolph, ' 46 Ma e-Up Editor Isabel Zulich, ' 47 Assistant Mary Kennedy, ' 47 Assignment Editor Catharine Fitzgerald, " 47 Feature Editor Dorothy Corcoran, ' 46 Alumnae Editor Lyn Dillard, ' 45 Art Editor Julia Mills, " 45 Exchange Editor Joan Littleford, ' 47 Music Editor Leila Barnes, ' 45 Photography Editor Jean Moores, ' 45 Sports Editor Nancy Waite, ' 46 Adrertismg: F. BiCKERS ' 45, N. Greene " 46, S. JoNES ' 46, E. Knapp " 47, P. Vandeventer " 46 Circulation: A. M. loNEs " 46, S. Temple " 45, M. P. Traugott " 4 -. E. White " " 47 Feature Writers: B. Bass " 46, Antoinette Le Bris " 45, L. McKoy " 47, J. Strickland " 46, M. B. Taylor " 46 Headlines: E. Banker " 47, J. Berend " 46, D. Enright " 45, E. Farr " 45, B. Carbaugh " 45 Proof Readers: K. Agee " 45, M. Camblos " 47, F. Camm " 47, V. OSBORN ' 45 Reporters. F. Cameron " 46, W. Chapman " 45, A. M. Chidester " 45, E. Ryland " 46 Sports Writers: A. Edwards " 45, B. GuRLEY " 46, M. Smith " 47, M. L. ViCK " 47 Typist: Elizabeth Abbott " 47 Editor, Anne Bower Business Manager, Virginia Berrier Bac Row: Jones, A. Smith, M. Banker Farr White, E. Strickland Enright Middle Row: Cameron Le Bris Osborn Chidester Bass ViCK Front Row: McKoY Camblos Agee Temple tr.augott Chapman Bdc Riiw: DiNc;vviiLL, Smart, Schoenulii, Ldlin, ,-.iiiii Middle Row: Mills, Fellner, Matton, Bass, Agee, McMullen Front Row: Keddy, Munter Mot m Picture: CoRCORAN, GiLLiAM, Stevens, L., Temple RAMBLE] Editor, Frances Elizabeth Matton Business Manager, Kathryn Leigh Agee THE Bramblcr is the college literary magazine issued on the average of four times yearly. Students from all classes may contribute material. Welcom ' ing voluntary contributions such as short stories, essays, plays, and poems, the Bravri ' hler provides an outlet for those with a creative flair. It sponsors several contests throughout the year in search of new material and talent on campus, particularly in the ranks of the freshman class. Since the war it has been necessary to minimis the si2,e of the Bramhler, and though the magaTiine is reduced in quantity, the edi- torial and business staffs have combined their efforts to keep the quahty of the work as high as ever. " ' " -% J.. HANDBOOK THE Handhoo is an invaluable guide for all who are puzded by questions concerning the various phases of college life. It includes the Student Government con ' stitution, faculty rulings, social regulations, and Sweet Briar traditions. Editor. Fr. nces Sw ' .ann Estes Busmess Manager, Alice Whitcomb Nicolson Members: Arms, Berthier, Bryan, Carhaugh, Crumrine, Des Pland, Dingwell, Draughon, Enright, Etheridge, J., Feazell, Field, Fonville, Gamble, Gill, Gunter, Harris, R., Jones, M., Joseph, Jova, LeBris, Levis, Matton, Mcjunkin, Munnerlyn, Nixon, Pearre, Pierce, Porcher, Robbins, Rosamond, Stevens, Street, Thomas, Vick, Watts, White, E., White, Ev., Wright, Mrs. Raymond EL C L U E S PAN O L President, Betty Carbaugh Secretary-Treasurer, Peggy Jones SI, senorna! The Spanish Club has two main purposes — to encourage campus interest in Pan American affairs and to improve the Spanish speaking abihty of its members. Each meeting is planned with this goal in view and is conducted entirely in Spanish. Quizzes on the history, geography, and current events of South America and Spain, bridge games, songs, and plays, all in Spanish, have been a few of their many programs this year. The Spanish Club has sponsored two benefit bridge suppers, one each term, for the support of the War Fund and also Missions. At the Christ ' mas Bazaar they sold Mexican candy. Another activity has been the Spanish Table in the refec tory once a week. Members are chosen each fall and every girl who has shown a knowledge of the Spanish language and a genuine interest in Spanish and Latin American affairs is considered an eligible candidate for membership. LE CERCLE FRANCAI President, ANTOINETTE Le BrIS THE French Club has had a two-fold purpose ever since the outbreak of the war. Now it materially furthers the war effort as well as maintains the high standards of French held here at Sweet Briar. Gifts and money are sent to the various French reliefs, and food and supplies are sent to the French war prisoners. In order to main- tain the high standard of French an active discus ' sion group, held once a week, has been formed to create an interest in contemporary problems facing France today. The weekly French table and French movies also promote interest. Though the focal point is modern trends of France, the club has not lost sight of the value of all types of French culture. Members. Bass, Bcrend, Bosworth. Bower, M., Briggs, Butler, Cameron, Cansler, Christian, Des Pland. Dickson, Eden, Enright, Fellner, Gearhart, Henderson, lUges, Jackson, E., Jones, L., Kent, Lanion, Le Bris, Littleford, Lloyd, de Lustrac, McDuiSe, M., McDuffie, S., McCulloh, McKoy, Matton, Munter, Neal, Orr, Osborne, Pitman, Rankin, Redfern, Ripley, Schmidheiser, Terry. Thomas, Tittenngton, Ulmer, Vinton ' , Youmans, Young m ER DEUTSCHE VEREIN President, Alice Gearhart THE German Club is designed to give those interested in German a clearer insight into the life of the German people. This year under the supervision of Miss Muncy a discus- sion group has been started to discuss Germany ' s problems before, during, and after the war. Various activities throughout the year have been the Christmas party, the German Table in the refectory each Tuesday night, German movies, and the Singing Group, which supple- ments the monthly meetings. Members: Anderson, Backer, Beard, Beltz, Butler, M., Colson, Colston, Davis, De Lustrac, Des Plands, Dingwell, Durrett, Elliot, Fitzgerald, C, Fitzgerald, S., Frye, Gearhart, Gilliam, Goldin, Graeff, Hall, N., Hill, Jackson, Johnson, Jones, M., Kennedy, M., Kernan, Knapp, Lambert, Lawrence, Lile, A., Lile, E., Manley, McCallum, Munter, Murray, Paxon, Randolph, Rankin, Ransom, Smith, J., Somervell, Steptoe, Sttllwell, Swann, Terry, Todd, Van Cleve, Warner, Warren, Webb, Zulick, L . ' MMSri ' Members: Carter, Corcoran, Fellner. Field, Gilliam. Greene, Hude, Jones, A., Kennedy, Pender, Raley, Schoenheit, Strickland, Symes, Vinton ENGLISH CLU President. Mary Symes Treasurer, Dorothy Corcoran A LL students who are majoring in Drama or " A English are automatically members of this club. Others who are interested may be- come ehgible for membership by giving a book review. Club meetings are held once a month at which time two current books are reviewed, fol- lowed by an open discussion about them as well as other books, authors and modern literary trends. The club uses its money to purchase books of recent publication which are at the disposal of the members throughout the year. At the end of the year these books are given to the Browsing Room of the library. The purpose of the club is to create an active interest in literature and an opportunity for the enjoyment and appreciation of it beyond the requirement of the classroom. GLEE CLUB THE Glee Club consists of a well trained group of voices under the direction of Miss Agnes McLean. This organization is open to the members of all classes meeting certain require ' ments. A high-light of the school year was the joint recital given with the Glee Club from Duke University. Member -. Banker, Barron, Bland, Bruton, Buchanan, Burnett, Butler, M., Caldwell, E., Cansler, Carbaugh, Conover, Crumrine, Dingwell, Elliot, Estel, Fagg, Faulkner, Fitzgerald, S., Frye, Gamble, Gladney, Graves, B., Grigs- by, Guggert, Gurley, Hardy, S., Hemphill, Henderson, Hill, Holman, Hooks, Inge, Jackson, A.. Jackson, B. A., Lambert, Lee, Lloyd, McArthur, McCullon, McDufiie, M., Marshall, Minchew, Munter, Moses. Neal, Owen, Parrish. Pearre, Potts, Randolph, Redfern, Ricks, Rowland, Roy- ster, Ryland, Schively, Smith, StaiTord, Steptoe, Taylor, J., Todd, Tunnell, Vars, Vestal, West, White, Wright, Zulick, L President, Susan Buch.anan Librarian, Betsy Gurley Treasurer, HARRIET Inge MUSIC CLUB A SMALL club . . . informal ... to which each member contributes something of her talent. ... It affords each one opportunity to de- velop deeper insight into the study of music, its technique and appreciation . . . and gives its mem- bers the opportunity to develop poise in playing before an audience. President, Alice Edwards Members: Barnes, Brombcrg. Butler, M., Edwards, Fer- rier, Fitzgerald, S., Frye, Gill, GraefF, Graves, B., Herbert, Hemphill, Hill, Hood, Inge, Jackson, A., Krause, Morgan, Osborn, Owen, Schively, Vandeventer, Vestal, West fi .V . .A .4 is m w ' « o »? ? ?. A few of the two hundred and fifty-six members of the friends of Art gathered m Grammar par]or to discuss a recent exhibit FRIEND OF ART President, Ruth Longmire Vice-President, Madame Johnson Secretary, Elizabeth Joseph Boydin Treasurer, Barbara Golden Chtiirman of Membership, J JU. Mills THIS organization has a large membership the purpose of which is to promote an appreciation of art at Sweet Briar. It sponsors exhibits by various artists and purchases pictures for the college. The only require- ment for membership is an interest in the arts. Several exhibits with gallery talks and teas are given throughout the year. Both faculty members and students participate in the functions of the club. Members: Agee, Banker, Barnes, Berrier, Bosworth, Bower, Camm, Chapman, Chidester, Davis, DiLLARD, Enright, Fitzgerald, Grayson, Holmes, V., Jones, A., Keddy, Koonce, Le Bris, Longmire, LiTTLEFORD, MUNNERLYN, NiXON, OSBORN, STAFFORD, TeMPLE, WrIGHT, WaLKER, A., WaRREN INTERNATIONAL RELATION CLUB President, Anne Warren THE International Relations Club was or- ganised under the guidance and direction of the Carnegie Endowment of Inter- national Peace. The membership is limited to those who show an active interest in world problems by passing an entrance test on current events given at the beginning of each semester. The club meets regularly each month. At these meetings either informal discussion and debates on topics of present day interest are held or a talk by a speaker from the college is given. The purpose of the club is " to stimulate throughout the college community interest in international affairs and to develop a knowledge of contemp- orary problems. " In order to do this, during the year the club writes articles for the news, brings to Sweet Briar speakers on international affairs, has open meetings, and holds quiz programs. :» .i I t M I S I O N E Head, Beatrice Dingwell THE purpose of Misiones is to further the interest and enjoyment of Latin American culture. The two Americas are brought closer together through the medium of their cultures by bringing the children in the surrounding rural schools into contact with Spanish songs, dances, games, and skits. Misiones is a comparatively new organization here at Sweet Briar and in the past two years it has been rapidly growing in scope and activities. Each year on Pan American Day Misiones has given a program here at the college. This past year representatives were sent to the Pan American Day celebration in Richmond. Misiones takes the lead as one of the outstanding clubs of the state by being appointed leader of the state wide Misiones Organization. Members; Anderson, Barron, Blanton, Bryan, Berthier, Carhough, Crumrine, Des Pland, Dingwell, Draughon, Etheridge, Field, Gamble, Gill, Gray, Green, Holman, Inge, Jova, Levis, Marshall, Miller, Minchew, Munnerlyn, Munter, Murchison, Myers, Redfern, Staf- ford, Street, K., Todd, Vars, Vick ♦ ♦- •♦ GDoG ' .nii v m » ' mm Members: Agee, Barron, Buchanan, Carbaugh, Chapman, Des Pland, Dingwell. Drlbvch, Faulkner, Fellner, Ferrier, Fitzgerald, S., Frye, Graeff, Gr.aves, B., Gurley. Haskins, Hemphill, Herbert, Hude, Inge, Lee, Lile, A., McArthur, McJunkin. Neal, Osborn, Porcher, Parrish, Redding, Rowland, Stevens, L.. Van Cleve, Warner, zulick, e., zulick, i. CHOI President, Mary Kathryn Frye Hemphill Lihrarmn, Helen Graeff THE thirty-six members of the Sweet Briar Choir who appear each Sunday in black robes and fresh white collars add much to the weekly church service. Under Miss Mc Lean ' s direction they give the community excel ' lent choral music. Chosen not only for a good voice and a love of music, but also for a wiUingness to cooperate and a sense of responsibility, each choir member realizes her vital part in the group and strives to make it one of the organizations of which Briar ' ites may be most proud. The Christmas candlelight carol service is the highlight of the choir ' s yearly activities, but the group also sings on other special occasions. Often choir members visit nearby rural churches, whose size and location prevent their having choirs. 104 - --♦• . Mi i 4 J ! ttHHH. ' . SHI ,-4 , t§ J i. «« it 3 ■ - H If ir j % - fa _ J_j!f[ j H r Members: Bickers. Dickson, Morcan. LiI. rhart,Uhidester, I r. ugott, Loncmiri, C Chapman. Howtr. Die LARD, Gilliam Froyn Row: Clement, Jones, A., Ashby ot in Picture: Christian, M. TAU P H I President, Ellen Coalter Gilliam AN invitation to become a member of Tau _ Phi is an honor accorded each fall at the first step-singing to four Juniors and twelve Seniors. This organization recogni2,es leadership ability and takes an active interest in furthering the ideals and traditions of Sweet Briar. Tau Phi endeavors to stimulate a general in- terest in culture by sponsoring guest speakers and artists throughout the year. Its members also serve as ushers at lecturers and concerts. Latin chant, black robes, candle light proces- sions — these stand for Tau Phi, and Tau Phi in turn stands for the best at Sweet Briar. CHUNG MUNG President, Elizabeth Zuuck " ... glory, glory, I ' m a Chung Mimg, ' Cause I turned Tan Phi down! " THIRTEEN ghostly figures can be seen floating (?) over Sweet Briar at various times throughout the year. In the fall, it ' s the nightly search for caps and gowns, which culminates in a mad dash for the Tau Phi banquet. On Hallowe ' en they play ghostly pranks, and before Christmas they serenade the college with Chung Mung carols. In the spring, they lay aside their sheets long enough to present the spring fashion show and take up contributions for the American Red Cross. Members: DowD, Carter, Gaylord, D.wis, Nicolson, Zulick, McJunfcin, Jones, S., Strickland. Temple, Estes, Moores, Edwards F. M. OR L, Members: Cunningham, Porcher, Trauoott, Dickson, Pender Members, Bac Row: ZuLicK, McCoy, Colston, Kkapp, E., Vick, Hall, N. Front Rote: Bryan, Ferrier, White. Robertson, Reese Q. V, AT the last step ' singing in the spring Q. V. charms emerge as if by magic j from their hiding places. It is then that the members of this honorary Sophomore society, which functions secretly all year, are revealed. These Sophomores are chosen for the cooperation and enthusiasm which they have shown as Fres hmen. They are chosen by the Q. V. ' s of the previous year. Their identity is kept secret in order that they may effectively work within their class to further promote its unity, friendship, and interest in all activities. I AINT AND PAT SHAKESPEARE, SHAW AND BARRIE ARE IN OUR REPERTOIRE . . " OFFICERS Anna Mary Chidester Jessie Strickland President Secretary Evelyn Dillard Polly Kent Vice-President Treasurer Members, Bac}{ Row: Waite, Estes, Taylor, Eden, Bower Middle Row: STRICKLAND, Clement, Temple, Moores, Ashby Front Row: Chidester, Dillard. Kent, Fellner, Longmire T ot m Picture: Chapman, Christian V ♦■♦■♦% ., ' ■■♦■••%• ' ■.♦ ■.. ' CHE PAINT and Patches, the dramatic club at Sweet Briar, is made up of all those who have proven themselves enthu- siasts of the drama and dramatic technique. It is by their combined efforts that three plays each year are presented. These productions afford opportunity for anyone that is interested to " come over to Fletcher and try-out, " whether it be scenery- building, acting, props, costumes, hghts, or make-up. This year Paint and Patches presented three plays. In the fall, the upperclassmen took part in " Nine Girls, " a mystery play with an all-woman cast. Before the Christmas holidays, the Freshmen presented Moliere ' s " Imaginary Invalid. " The last production was " Family Portrait " by Coffee and Caufman, which was presented in March. Anna M.ary CHinESTER, President SCENE FROM FALL PRODUCTION OF -NINE GIRLS ■ I A I N T A N A IHTS and Asses Swellest lasses T ot ojie nnh. Pamt and Patches Avit no matches For oin- chih. We aint no Sarah Bernhardt Jane Coud has got us licked But for our poison-alxty We was pickled. President Alice Edwards :»ssi:itv.;if-aK4V; D A E THIS frolicsome song is at once the anthem and war whoop as another of the Aints and Asses dramatic (?) presentations comes to a close. They give us a new slant on Paint and Patches plays, not exactly on the seri ' ous side, but always original. We have stood jammed outside Big Commons waiting, we have fought our way in when the doors were opened, and have witnessed such bizarre productions as the titles, " For Whom the Gong Bongs " and ' ' Ass Light " might suggest. For awhile we have forgotten our worries and tasted of the ridicu- lous. Their byword is " good for the laughs " and so is their drama. We hear strange things about their initiation, but see stranger — the black pasteboard ass ears and those ghastly out ' fits, not to mention the pale, white faces. Out- side the realm of entertainment, they render service to the school by whistling errant students off the grass. Members, Bac Row: DowD, McCoy, Zulick, E., Hall, R., Nicolson, Porcher, B.ass, McJunkin, Gearhart Front Roiv: Symes, Dickson, Clark, Ferrier, Pender, E., G. YLORD, Edwards, Arms, Stevens. Vinton, Cox Members: Cameron, Kent. Dowt), Lively, McDuffie, Strickland, Watts, Rudulph U M CHUM President, Mary Jane Lively SecretaryTreasurer, Sarah McDuffie iir I HE Bum Chums are coming, hurrah! hurrah! " j[_ Amid a tangle of old shoes and bed-spreads, the ten Bum Chums manage to sing lustily as they march to choose ten new members in the spring. The members are taken each year from the Sophomore class. The club is noted for its spirit, as is each girl for her sense of humor and devotion to the project at hand. They have a serious side as is indicated by the weekly monitoring in the Red Cross room, and by the support they give to various chari- table organisations. ,. -4— - ' " ' - ' -■iii ff p ' :ii ' ir ' :- ' iii!aiiASi YEAR IN REVIEW ♦ D O WITH the coming of fall, the inhabitants of the ivy covered buildings return to their winter home just as faithfully as the swallows return to Capistrano. It IS a little hard at first to take classes very seriously when September insists on acting like June, but with the s . .-;- ' -. ' - ' -U ' Siii usiKSai . YOU R E M E M E R L A T FALL? first frost and the first step ' singing, we know that we really are back at Sweet Briar. That first step-singing is a very important day at Sweet Briar, for it is then that the new members of Tau Phi are announced. As if that wasn ' t enough excitement the Chung ■ ■■■ ■ I ::: i ■ I Uf Mungs march that night and from then on it ' s a mad race between the two organizations to see who can gain possession of the caps and gowns. Aints and Asses, too, march in the fall and ' - .- ■ • ' • liSII Kfc ;■Hg A ' ?;;| these comical lassies provide the college with lots of giggles, as Clement would say, in their take-ofFs of Paint and Patches productions. It is during the fall that the Freshmen become integrated into the campus way of life. They provide entertainment for the whole college with their circus in which they dis- play talent and ingenuity. The Freshmen are made to feel at home through the efforts of the Orientation Committee and the Juniors, their sister class, much to the chagrin of the tyrant ' Sophomores. Founders ' Day comes before we know it, and the entire college, led by the Seniors and Sophomores, makes a .rc.fy AND THAT SHORT WINTER pilgrimage to the monument to pay tribute to the founders of Sweet Briar. The more athletic members of the community spend hours on the lacrosse and hockey fields, and those who participate in the latter sport are given a chance to display their talents to Miss Appleby. Sweet Briar ' s many excellent riders take part m the fall horse-show and the best of this group ride in the annual Thanksgiving Hunt. In the latter part of the fall the Senior Show is pre- sented, which this year was " Harum Scarum! " Strains of " Oh, Who Will Come to Our Salvation? " can still be heard wafting on the May bree2;e. The holidays fairly fly by, and in no time at all, we are back in Virginia and buried deep in the stacks in anticipation of examinations. That particular two weeks isn ' t much tun, but when they ' re over we know that spring is on the way. Sure signs are the May Queen election, the " Busy " sign on the door to the Stu- dent Government Office as Exec, goes into a huddle on nominations, and the beginning of work on a new pro- duction by Paint and Patches. %di IN THE PRING, A YOUNG GIRL ' FANCY YES, it ' s certainly true that " In the spring, a young girl ' s fancy turns to " . . . you know what! With the appearance of the first robin, every girl on campus starts wondering just which cousin she should ask to May Day. • % ♦ ♦ The sun bathers start about the first of April, and the long week ' end on campus is spent either on one ' s back on the upper arcade, or in bed, or in the stacks doing last month ' s Social Studies term paper. The Spring Horse Show, too, is a major event of the holiday. Late in the spring, Paint and Patches marches and takes in its new members, who are submitted to a rigorous initia- tion. With the coming of May there is a great deal of prepara- tion for May Day, the happiest day of the year! This year ' s May Court was made up of the love- liest girls in school, reigned over by beautiful Queen Hilda Hude from Chattanooga. At the end of May comes the last Step-Singing when the mem- bers of Q. V. are at last announced. That night the Bum Chums march to choose a new " Notorious Ten " from the Sophomore class. Then, at last, graduation! The day for which seventy-six Seniors have struggled through Chemistry 1-2 and Classical Civilization, to finally step up on the platform and receive the precious diploma. • ♦ MAY DAY I 9 4 LADIES OF THE COURT Seyiiors Frances Bickers Wyline Chapman Esther Cunningham Huldah Eden Mary Haskins Ruth Longmire Flora Cameron Marjorie Christian Ehzaheth Foree Barbara Hood Ruth Houston Shields Jones Eleanor Bosworth Gaille Brummet Mary McDuffiie Junwrs Jean Moores Caroline Parrish Elizabeth Pender Catherine Price Mary Perkins Traugott Harriet WiUcox Sarah McDuiSe Helen Murchison Anne Owens Mary Ellen Thackray Martha Titterington Wistar Watts Sophomores Margaret Munnerlyn Susan Van Cleve Mary Elizabeth Vick DoREEN Brugger, Crown Bearer Lois Gale Freshmen Pages Wayne Stokes Alice Nicolson, Scepter Bearer Elizabeth Healy, Garland Bear ■ »_ ' :„•■♦;♦•♦• MISS HILDA HUDE May Q ueen SWEET BRIAR COLLEGE, 1945 Sfiident Register, 1944 1946 Abbot, Elizabeth Lee Holcomb Rock Rd., Lynchburg, Va. 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Todd, Margaret W Sunnyside Lane, Irvington, N. Y. Traugott, Mary Perkins - 1516 Blandford Circle, Norfolk, Va. Traugott, Myrtle Patricia - 1516 Blandford Circle, Norfolk, Va. Tucker, Maria Washington, 2521 Fairmount Blvd., Cleveland Heights, O. Tunnell, Constance Cone, 340 Peachtree Battle Ave., N. W., Atlanta, Ga. Ulmer, Fannie Baker Ortega Station, Jacksonville, Fla. Vance, Catherine Peter 4915 30th PI., N. W., Washington 8, D. C. Van Cleve, Susan Marlou 429 W. Sixth St., Erie, Pa. Vandeventer, Mary Dunn 1101 Graydon Ave., Norfolk, Va. Vars, Trudy, 7o Mrs. R. B. Lindsley, The Stoneleigh, Maple Ave., Dallas, Texas Vaughan, Ann Virginia 91 Olney Ave., North Providence, R. I. Vestal, Jo Ann.... 702 S. Jefferson, Sheridan, Wyo. Vick, Mary Elizabeth 1802 Colquitt, Houston, Texas Vinton, Mary Charity Wood, Highland Plantation, Lake Providence, La. Wagner, Mary Louise Brae Burne Rd., Flossmoor, III Waite, Nancy 450 Ocean Ave., Seal Beach, Calif. Walker, Anne Carter Orange, Va. Walker, Virginia Randolph Orange, Va. Wallace, Betty Frazee 25 Hampton Court, Lexington, Ky. Wallace, Dorothy Jeanne ..183rd St., Flossmoor, 111. Warner, Barbara Katherine 318 W. Navarre St., South Bend, Ind. Warner, Betty Ann 3256 Reba Dr., Houston, Texas Warner, Rebecca Jane 3825 Free Ferry, Fort Smith, Ark. Warren, Anne Field Point Circle, Greenwich, Conn. Warren, Bettie-Jane Fleming 92 Vernon St., Hartford, Conn. Wattley, Cornelia Bancker 620 lona St., New Orleans 20, La. Watts, Wistar Morris Gladwood, Route 4, Lynchburg, Va. Webb, Anne Neville St. Paul ' s School, Concord, N. H. Weil, Elizabeth Bogle 700 E. Beech St., Goldsboro, N. C. Weisiger, Katharine Jennie Milford Hills, Salisbury, N. C. West, Lillian Manoah.. Perry Park, Kinston, N. C. Whitaker, Virginia Branch 1048 Arbor Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. White, Elisabeth Carrington .210 Richfield Ave., Salem, Va. White, Evelyn Shirley 2269 Jefferson, Memphis, Tenn. White, Margaret Ellen 21 Townsend St., Walton, N. Y. Whitehead, Elvira Gertrude Rose Amherst, Va. Willcox, Harriet Gale 537 Pembroke Ave., Norfolk, Va. Williams, Dorothy Alston 804 Sunset Dr., Greensboro, N. C. Wood, Mary Frances 90 Wilson Ave., Rutherford. N. J. Wright, Alma Christina 54 N. Main St., Rutland, Vt. Wright, LaVonne 1500 W. Broadway, Sedalia, Mo. Wright ' , Lucille Malloy 2779 Reymond Ave., Baton Rouge, La. Wurzbach, Virginia Louise 60 W. 190th St., New York 63, N. Y. Wylie, Nancy Louise 639 King St., Pottstown, Pa. Wynn, Virginia Quarrier 32 Eastover Park, Louisville, Ky. Yougene, Elizabeth West 112 Woodley Terrace, Montgomery, Ala. Youmans, Ceciley Indian Point, Bozman, Md. Young, Edwina Olney 32 Fernwood Rd., West Hartford 7, Conn. Zimmerman, Ann Cabell 20 Washington, South Boston, Va. Zulick, Elizabeth Albright N. Warren St., Orwigsburg, Pa. Zulick, Isabel Starr N. Warren St., Orwigsburg, Pa. eKSi. ' ' ?-S B;. .i ' ii. -- 1 JAMES A. SCOTT SON, INC. « Framing - Flooring - Ceiling - Siding - Gloss - Shingles Lime - Laths - Brick - Sheetrock - Wall Board WM. 0. TAYLOR GENERAL Manufacturers - Dealers INSURANCE SASH, DOORS, BLINDS BUILDING MATERIAL PHONE 1081 Lynch Building • • Phone 225 1310-20 Commerce St. LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA LYNCHBURG, VA COMPLIMENTS OF • A. S. WHITE CO. COMPLIMENTS Incorporated OF WHOLESALE GROCERS LECKIE • COAL COMPANY Lynchburg, Virginia 1 = • THE HOME OF BETTER VALUES LEGGETFS DEPT. STORE LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA 1011-17 Mam Street PHONE 3822 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Compliments of BELL STUDIO 816 Mam Street Lynchburg, Virginia That little dark dress whose simple chic is right for any occasion, — morning, noon, or night — deserves the best of care. SAXITONE DRY CLEANING BY CRUTCHFIELD ' S CLEANERS AND DYERS Woodward ' Lothrop lOth, 11 th, F G Streets, N W WASHINGTON, D C A STORE WORTHY OF THE NATION ' S CAPITAL COMPLIMENTS OF ALFRED M. SAUNDERS REPRESENTING KEYSTONE BRUSH CO., Inc. INSTITUTIONAL SUPPLIES FOR COLLEGES, SCHOOLS, HOSPITALS HOTELS 33 Spruce Street New York, N Y. Compliments F. T. FAULCONER BRO. Amherst, Virginia ROUTE No 2 FLOWERS ACCORDING TO DOYLE 708 MAIN STREET Phone 892 ♦ ♦ .%M SI : AMHERST PUBLISHING CO. Amherst, Virginia COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL NEWSPAPERS Commercial Printing • Printers of the Sweet Briar News =8 ESTABLISHED 1818 m}5 urni5hing5, pate e, ' $hoc5 346 madison avenue cor. forty-fourth st. new york 17, n.y. Domestic Shetland-Type swe.aters As a wartime substitute for our cele- brated Brooks Shetland Sweaters — which aren ' t coming over from Scot- land these days — we suggest our Do- mestic Shetland-type Sweater. Judged by usual standards it ' s a very good sweater — so good, in fact, that per- haps you could hardly tell the differ- ence. So we ' re telling yo K ?x ovcrs. $10 Carthgans $12.50 BRANCHES ONE WALL STREET. NEW YORK 5. N. Y. 4eNEWBURV. COR. BERKELEY ST.. BOSTON 16. MASS. BOXWOOD INN On Campus • All Friends of the College Welcome WHEN " YOU " NEED EXCELLENT " BUILDING MATERIALS " SEE H. E. DeWitt Company LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA The Lynchburg Trust and Savings Bank Sll Mai,, str.et, Ly,Hhhi,rg, Va. THE OLDEST TRl ST (OMI-ANY IX THE STATE .Iui.,es R. Oilli.uri, I, , r,,..i,l,„,: l.n.ies 0. Watts, Vice- I ' resident; Paul 1 -.,1,11, ,, , r,, si. lent; L. D. Hor„cr, Jr.. Trust Otfi. . i ; I: ) l ,..,,:,.,„ , Secretary-Treasurer. -Member F,.l.r,il lii|.. ii In-uTiiice Corporation M.-iMl.er F.-.i.-ral R.-vri.- Syste,n THE Lynchburg National Bonk Trust Co. 9th and Mam Streets Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation COMPLIMENTS OF American Beauty Mattress Co. LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA SI lliK AND OFFICES GREENHOISES ; Mi:. Main Street 2nil0 Memorial Avenii, store Phones " ' miss McCARRON l; tal.|| lI.■,l I ' OI.-, Member Florists Teiegrapti Delivery Association LYNCHBURG, VA. TABB, BROCKENBROUGH RAGLAN D General Insurance 1 101 East Main Street, Richmond, Virginia a COMPLIMENTS ORKIN EXTERMINATORS, Inc. PEST CONTROL SERVICE THROUGHOUT THE SOUTH Ro(]ky Mount dord Company Solid Braided Cords ROCKY MOUNT, N. C urn MOllIT MILLS Carded Cotton Yarns Founded in 1818 ROCKY MOUNT N. C. WHERE SWEET BRIAR SHOPS Guggenheimer ' s the store that has clothes straight out of your favorite fashion magazine. This is the place to find summer clothes as smart as the winter wardrobe you selected at FARMERS AND BANK OF AMHERST COMPLIMENTS OF Amherst, Virginia BAILEY-SPENCER THE MOST CONVENIENT BANK HARDWARE COMPANY FOR SWEET BRIAR 101-4 Mam Street MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Lynchburg, Virginia INSURANCE REAL ESTATE RENTALS CARRINGTON-DIROM COMPANY, Inc. 927 Church Street Lynchburg Vc COMPLIMENTS OF STROTHER DRUG COMPANY YE TRAVELERS COFFEE SHOP EXTENDS TO YOU A CORDIAL INVITATION TO VISIT THEM Amherst, Virginia SCOTT, HORNER b MASON INCORPORATED INVESTMENTS Lynchburg, Virginia MUNICIPAL BONDS AND CORPORATION SECURITIES Richmond, Va Charlottesville, Va ' ■- - . . ' --- HAPPY MEMORIES! All tucked in, between the covers of your yearbook! And we ore more than glad for this chance to be included among your happy associations . . . JrT«€ new ellcffs 1214 - i j_ r Street Zone 4 THE FASHION CENTRE OF LYNCHBURG THE SHOPPI NG CENTRE ] WHERE QUALITY IS PARAMOUNT DIAMONDS WATCHES • OPTICAL DEPARTMENT boWen S ' nii fr , l rmai 914 Mam Street USED AT SWEET BRIAR IT PAYS TO FEED WAYNE Compliments of FLECK ROYER DOUBLE QUICK CLEANER CO. COMPLIMENTS OF JANE TOOHER Sport Clothes 3, ' 71 1 Boylston Street Boston, Mass. « « ■»♦• 1 1 COMPLIMENTS OF DAVIS PRODUCE CO. COMPLIMENTS OF CONNER PRODUCE CO. Compliments of BARKER-JENNINGS HARDWARE COMPANY BUY WAR BONDS ! 1 Compliments CALDWELL-SITES CO. ROANOKE, VIRGINIA OFFICE EQUIPMENT STATIONERY MIMEOGRAPHS SPORTING GOODS GIFTS COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND K ■■ »n he new BL R-M L Rayon Blouse Crepe A quality product from the looms of Burlington MilU, located in North Corolina, Virginia, and Tennessee. BURMIL Fobrici are Sold by Converters licensed by BUl LENGTON MILLS CORPORATION ofnewtork 150 5 EVENTH AVENUE •RpK ' Htered Tntd. M.rk NEW YORK 1. N. Y. % % ' ♦ • :V-Hk .. » . - ---c . ■ P ' % % Creating YEAR BOOKS of Distinction It takes more than " good printing " to create outstanding Tear Boo s. The J. P. Bell Company specializes in Year Books. First, by maintaining a Department of trained and experienced personnel that devotes its entire time to the planning and servicing of Year Books. Secondly, by maintaining a plant equipped with the most modern machinery, manned by skilled, efficient workmen. There is a certain mark of Distinction on all J. P. Bell publications. FOUNDED 1859 J. P. BELL COMPANY, Inc. 816 MAIN STREET LYNCHBURG VIRGINIA % «•%«.%

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