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SWEET BRIAR COLLEGE 3 2449 0482048 8 Tlfc BRIM WTCH I ■%.».%. % « % ft • it % % « ft ft ft ft ft • ft ' . ft ft-ftft ' ft ' ft ' ft ft ■ » % • « ♦ % • ♦ • f 7HE JUNIOR CUI$5 0f 5VEET BRIAft 9RE51NT5 TKE emAftwrcH m DEDICATION MARY ELY LYMAN With sincere personal interest Mrs. Lyman guides the lives of Sweet Briar students. For her graciousness, steadfastness, warm heart, and never failing faith in human nature, we express our appreciation by dedicating to her ike Briar Patch of 1944. Dean DR. MARY ELY LYMAN The 1944 Briar Patch Sweet Briar has always been a closely knit com- munity. In this war year, when we have called upon our own resources rather than depending upon outside entertainment, our eyes have been turned toward the potentialities of campus life. We have found new beauty in the familiar and have come to value deeply the pos- sibilities for a well rounded life here at Sweet Briar. We of the Briar Patch staff have been made aware of this new atmosphere, as this year we have simplified the book by both doing most of the photog- raphy ourselves and reducing the actual size. We hope this volume will prove to be a concrete expression of this new feeling that is present at Sweet Briar. Editor, Ann Bower Business Manager, Ellen Gilliam • • ■ » ' J Briar Patch Staff Editor-in-Chief - - Ann Bower Business Manager - - Ellen Gilliam Art-Photography Editor...... - Julia Mills Literary Editors .—Jeanne Skerry, Alice Gearhart, Lyn Dillard Copy Editor - - Anna Mary Chidester Head Typist.. - - Carol Cox Art-Photography Staff Elizabeth Joseph, Margaret Jones, Jean Moores, Anne Warren, Martha Holton, Anne McLean Literary Staff Anne Macfarlane, Anne Warren, Joanne Morgan, Jean Moores, Helen Davis Busmess Staff Alice Nicolson, Virginia Berrier, Sarah Temple, Isabel Gaylord, Susanne Landis, Helen Davis, Mary Haskins ENTRANCE GATE . 1- ♦ % •♦• % ' ♦•% " President DR. META GLASS BOARD OF DIRECTORS The Reverend Carl E. Grammer, S.T.D., President Emeritus The Right Reverend Beverley D. Tucker, Jr., D.D., LL.D., S.T.D., President, Cleveland, Ohio Mrs. Charles R. Burnett... Richmond, Virginia W. Gerard Suhling Lynchburg, Virginia Archibald G. Robertson Richmond, Virginia Rowland Lea Agricola, Virginia Dabney S. Lancaster, LL.D Richmond, Virginia EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Mr. Robertson, Chairman, Mrs. Burnett, Mr. Lea BOARD OF OVERSEERS Beverley D. Tucker, Jr., President Cleveland, Ohio Term Expires 1945 O. M. W. Sprague, Ph.D., Litt.D Boston, Massachusetts 1946 Carter Glass, LL.D Lynchburg, Virginia James D. Mooney, M.E., Dr. Eng New York City 1948 Edward Jenkins M illwood, Virginia Dabney S. Lancaster, LL.D Richmond, Virginia 1949 Meta Glass, Preside7it of the College Sweet Briar, Virginia Robert A. Weaver Cleveland, Ohio ALUMNAE MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF OVERSEERS 1946 Edna Lee Cox, A.B Sweet Briar, Virginia 1949 Elsetta Gilchrist Barnes, A.B., M.L.A Cleveland, Ohio Members of the Board of Directors are also members of the Board of Overseers Rowland Lea Agricola, Virginia Secretary of the Board of Directors and of the Board of Overseers COMMITTEES OF THE BOARD OF OVERSEERS Executive Committee: Mr. Robertson, Chairman, Mrs. Burnett, Miss Glass, Mr. Lea. Investments arid Finance: Mr. Jenkins, Chairman, Dr. Sprague, Mr. Robertson, and the Treasurer of the College, ex-officio. Farm: Mr. Lea, Chairman, Mr. Lancaster, Mrs. Barnes, and the Treasurer of the College, ex ' officio. Buildings and Grounds: Miss Glass, Chairman, Mrs. Barnes, Mrs. Burnett, Mr. Lancaster, and the Director of Buildings and Grounds, ex-officio. Endowment: Mr. Robertson, Chairman, Mrs. Cox, Miss Glass, Mr. Lancaster, Mr. Mooney, Bishop Tucker. hi !%-%■%■% •■••♦ % • I OFFICERS OF ADMINISTRATION AND INSTRUCTION 19434944 THE EXECUTIVE OFFICERS Meta Glass, Ph.D., Litt.D., LL.D., D.C.L President Mary Ely Lyman, Ph.D., Litt.D Dean Emily H. Dutton, Ph.D Dean Emeritus Bernice Drake Lill Registrar A.B., Wellesley College; A.M., The George Washington University. Jeanette Boone Assistant Registrar A.B., Sweet Briar College. Don C. Wheaton... Treasurer B.L., Kenyon College. THE FACULTY Meta Glass Preside?tt A.M., Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College; Ph.D., Litt.D., Columbia University; Litt.D., Mount Holyoke College; LL.D., University of Delaware, Brown University, Williams College; D.C.L. , The University of the South. Mary Ely Lyman Dean and Professor of Religion A.B., Litt.D., Mount Holyoke College; B.D., Union Theological Seminary; Ph.D., University of Chicago; Litt.D., Roanoke College. Adeline Ames Professor of Biology B.S., A.M., University of Nebraska; Ph.D., Cornell University. Joseph E. Barker Professor of Romance Languages BA.,B.D., Yale University; A.M., Harvard University; Ph.D., Columbia University. Grace E. Bates- Instructor in Mathematics B.S., Middlebury College; M.S., Brown University. Belle Boone Beard .Professor of Sociology A.B., Lynchburg College; Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College. Jane Belcher Instructor in Biology B.S., Colby College; A.M., Columbia University; Ph.D., University of Missouri. Marion Josephine Benedict Professor of Religion A.B., Barnard College; A.M., Ph.D., Columbia University; B.D., Union Theological Seminary. Edith Betts Instructor in Physical Education B.S., University of Wisconsin. On leave for the duration of the war. 11 Gladys Boone — , - — Professor of Economics M.A., University of Birmingham, England; Ph.D., Columbia University. Laura T. Buckham - Assistant Professor of Romance Languages A.B., University of Vermont: AM., Ph.D., Radcliffe College. Nancy Cole - - Instructor in Mathematics A.B., Vassar College; A.M., Ph.D., Radcliffe College. Carl Y. Connor.— — - Professor of English B.A., University of Toronto; A.M , Harvard University; Ph.D., Columbia University. Lucy Shepard Crawford Professor of Philosophy, Psychology and Education A.B., Ph.D., Cornell University. Frances Davies - Instructor in Physical Education A.B., University of Denver; A.M., New York University. Arnold A. Del Greco .Instructor in Romance Languages B.S., New York University; A.M., Columbia University. Jovan De Rocco - - ----- Instructor in Art School of Architecture, University of Belgrade; Art Students League, New York: Student of Harold Van Buren Magonigle. Dorothy Dillon Instructor in Economics and History A.B., Hunter College; A.M., Columbia University. Alfred A. Finch —. — .....Professor of Music Mus.B., Yale University; M.M., Eastman School of Music. Jessie Melville Fraser Associate Professor of History A.B., Columbia College; A.M., University of South Carolina; A.M., Columbia LTni ' versity. Florence Hague.- Associate Professor of Biology A.B., A.M., University of Kansas; Ph.D., University of Illinois. Anne Pleasants Hopkins Assistant to the Dean, Instructor in English A.B., Agnes Scott College; A.M., Duke University. Irene Huber Assistant Professor of German Abitur, Kantonsschule, St. Gall, Switzerland; A.B., Barnard College; M.A., Bryn Mawr College; Ph.D., Stanford LIniversity. Cecile Guilmineau Johnson. Associate Professor of French M.A., Johns Hopkins University. Helen Gaylord Knapp Instructor in English A.B., Wellesley College; M.A., University of Colorado. Mary Ross Larson Instructor in Physical Education B.S., New York University. On leave February, 1943, to September, 1944. On leave for the duration of the war. 12 • ' V ♦ « ♦ % • % ' 1 Edward M. Linforth... Assistant Professor of Art B.F.A., Yale University. M. Dee Long — ..-. Professor of English A.B., Northwestern University; AM., Columbia University. Agnes K. McLean Assistant Professor of Music Mus.B., Westminster Choir School; M.S.M., Union Theological Seminary. Gertrude Malz.. Associate Professor of Gree and Latin A.B., Swarthmore College; A.M., Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. Salvatore C. Mangiafico Associate Professor of Romance Languages B.S., A.M., Columbia University. Elisabeth F. Moller Associate Professor of Psychology A.B., Goucher College; A.M., Clark University; Ph.D., Cornell University. Eugenie M. Morenus Professor of Mathematics A.B., A.M., Vassar; Ph.D., Columbia University. Helen K. Mull Associate Professor of Philosophy, Psychology and Education A.B., Vassar College; A.M., Ph.D., Radclitfe College. Lysbeth W. Muncy.-. Instructor in History and Government A.B., Vassar College; A.M., Ph.D., Brown University. Julia Jenevieve Naylor Instructor in Chemistry B.S., Northeast Missouri State Teachers Coll ege; A.M., University of Missouri. Virginia Macky Noyes Student Assistant in Physics Mary J. Pearl Professor of Gree and Latin B A., University of Toronto; A M., Ph.D., LIniversity of Michigan. E. Gertrude Prior Assistant in Biology A.B., Sweet Briar College; A.M., LIniversity of Pennsylvania. Ethel Ramage Associate Professor of English A.B., Barnard College; A.M., Columbia LIniversity; Ph.D., LIniversity of Wisconsin. Lisa Rauschenbusch Instructor in English A.B., Cornell University. Dora Neill Raymond .—Professor of History A.B., A M., LIniversity of Texas; Ph.D , Columbia University. Carol M. Rice College Physician and Professor of Hygiene A.B., Smith College; A.M., Wellesley College; M.D., University of Wisconsin. Florence Horton Robinson Professor of Art A.B., MA, LIniversity of California; Ph.D., Columbia University; F.A.A.R. Harriet Howell Rogers Associate Professor of Physical Education A.B., Mount Holyoke College; Graduate of New Haven Normal School of Gymnastics. George F. Rohrlich .Instructor in Economics and Government Dr.Jur., University of Vienna; Diplome, Consular Academy of Vienna; Ph.D., Har- vard University. 13 . , ♦ ♦ Eva M. Sanford... Associate Professor of History A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Radcliffe College. Ewing C. Scott Professor of Chemistry A.B., Stanford University; Ph.D., University of Chicago. Raymond W. Short Assistant Professor of English A.B., Ph.D., Cornell University. Johanne Stochholm Associate Professor of English M.A., University of Copenhagen; Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College. Hildegard Stucklen - Associate Professor of Physics Ph.D., University of Gottingen. Lucile Umbreit... - Instructor in Music A.B., Radcliffe College; A.M., Vassar College. Bertha Pfister Wailes - Assistant Professor of Sociology A.B., Sweet Briar College; M A., University of Virginia. Miriam H. Weaver Assistant Professor of Music Cincinnati Conservatory of Music; Columbia University Summer School; Isador Philipp, Paris; Julliard Summer School of Music; The University of Chicago. Hugh S. Worthington Professor of Romance Languages B.A., M.A., University of Virginia. Ernest Zechiel Associate Professor of Music B.A., Oberlin College; Graduate Mannes School of Music, New York; Pupil of Benno Moiseiwitsch, London; Pupil of Rosario Scalero, New York and Italy. LIBRARIANS Janet Margaret Agnew Librarian B.A., M.A., University of Manitoba; B.L.S., McGill University. Lydia M. Newland - Assistant Librarian A.B., Skidmore College; B.S., Columbia University. Edith Endicott - — Cataloguer Library School, Carnegie Institute of Technology. Genevieve Mundy Lyttle Assistant in the Library A.B., Sweet Briar College. Louise Merriam Assistant in the Library A.B., New Jersey College for Women. Dorothy C. Scott Assistant in the Library A.B., Colorado College; M.A., LIniversity of Chicago. 14 ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Elizabeth W. Bowley Secretary to the President A.B., Sweet Briar College. Martha von Briesen — Director of Public Relations A.B., Sweet Briar College; A.M., Radcliffe College. Margaret Carey - - Secretary to the Alumnae Secretary Mabel M. Chipley - Assistant to the Treasurer Edna Lee Cox Secretary to the Committee on Admission A.B., Sweet Briar College. Helen H. McMahon Alumnae Secretary A.B., Sweet Briar College. Jane D. Richart Secretary to the Dean Isabelle H. Scruggs Secretary in the Office of the Registrar A.B., Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College. Mildred C. Sellers - Secretary to the Director of Public Relations Ruby Walker - Manager of the Boo Shop Margaret L. Yates - - Secretary to the Registrar Evelyn Arthur, R.N Jiurse Elizabeth Robertson, R.N H rse OFFICERS IN CHARGE OF PLANT Albert M. Knapp Director of Buildings and Grounds Linda Spence Brown - Director of Refectories J. Edwin Dinwiddie.... Superintendent of the Farm Raymond C. Gregory ..Assistant to the Director of Buildings and Grounds Rebecca C. Kerr - Supervisor of Halls of Residence Nellie F. Harper Assistant to the Director of Refectories Frances O. Stone Secretary to the Director of Refectories Christine B. Caldwell Secretary to the Director of Buildings and Grounds 15 : t ■ ' ■ TOWER VIEW v - ♦ ' «» ■ 4 ■ ' ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ R 1 i r p i f 1 1 ■ ' i II 1 ; » i 3 ; 1 « a !r r :i ' I ■ ' ■♦• ' ♦- ' ♦• • ' ♦ V- % % % t % » %•♦ ' ,-IK ♦ ♦ ♦ ■ m OUTSIDE INTEREST :::::::: Student Government President, Peggy Gordon Vice-President, Anne Bowen Secretary, Virginia Lee Griffith Treasurer, Wyline Chapman lN 1906 the students of Sweet Briar College petitioned the administration " for legislative and executive control in certain matters. " This was granted by the faculty, and since that time the association ' s prime objective has been the strengthening of " the spirit of unity and the sense of individual responsibility ... " among all Sweet Briar students. Although the governing board is the Executive Committee consisting of the four officers, six House Presidents and the President of the Freshman Class, all students are active members of the association. Executive Committee: Peggy Gordon, Anne Bowen, Virginia Lee Griffith, Wyline Chapman, Sydney Holmes, Sterling Nettles. Lyn Dillard, Ruth Longmire, Marjorie Christian, Adeline Jones, Judith Burnett, Connie Sue Budlong (second semester) ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Social Committee Head, Catherine Tift Although the war has caused a social upheaval in the male representation at Sweet Briar the Social Com- mittee is still tops on the subject of etiquette. " Blue jeans are taboo except for the illustrious few working on scenery; and girls, please wear heels to dinner. " These are a few of the admonitions of this committee composed of thirteen seniors and one junior. This year, in addition to their usual activities, they have sponsored informal dances for the men of nearby army camps, and have revived the old custom of having faculty-student coffee hours, both of which have been very successful. Members: Brenizer, Fannholt, V. Hall, Haverty, A. Johnson, Lancaster, Mornssett, Patton, Rice, Saunders, Tift, Tohin, E. White; D. Arnold, Healy (second semester) Funds Committee Head, Marion Shanley This financially minded organization is responsible for all the charity drives on cam- pus. Funds for the United China War Relief, the Greek War Relief, the Fighting French, World Student Service, the endowment and the future auditorium have been raised by them. The annual Christmas Bazaar, always a gay and profitable occasion, was especially successful this year, raising more money than ever before. The Patch Box, our campus beauty shop, has reopened. One of the newest and brightest projects sponsored by the Funds Committee has been the featuring of Saturday night Members: Barron, Beutell, Bickers, Buchanan, Camhlos, Carter, Corcoran, Davis, Fruit, Pretlow, Shanley, Stiekney, Strickland, Willcox 29 " ' if B mmi I « % ♦ ♦ % % ♦ ♦ % - % % % Advisory Council Head, Mary White The Advisory Council is the necessary intermedi- ary between faculty and students. This group meets monthly to discuss and solve community problems. It is composed of the heads of all campus organizations, the presidents of the four classes, and two representa- tives elected from each class. Members: Bowen, Bower, Bradley, Budlong, Burnett, Caldwell, Cantey, Chapman, M. Christian, Clement, Colston, Crump, Dillard, B. Duneombe, Gearhart, Gordon, G. Griffith, V. Griffith, Haverty, Hoffman, Holmes, A. Johnson, A. M. Jones, Lippitt, Longmire, Maury, Nettles, Rickards, Shanley, Skerry, Staples, Tift, Traugott, Vandeventer, P. Whitaker, M. White Handbook Editor, Alice Lancaster Business Manager, Ellen Boyd Duval It ' s fall and you come to Sweet Briar with a special corner in your suitcase for the Handbook. For the first weeks in the life of the Freshmen it is of invaluable assist- tance as a guide in learning the " whys and wherefores. " The Constitution of the Student Government Associa- tion, laws, and by-laws, traditions, offices, clubs, the A. A. point system, Faculty Rulings are all found in this little book. To the old students it is a constant reminder of the accepted customs of college life. 31 • •♦■• ' ■•■ ' ♦: ;■ ♦ t » • Young Women ' s Christian Association President, Helen Cantey Vice-President, Helen Gravatt Secretary, Connie Budlong Treasurer, Dorothy Arnold U PHOLDING the spiritual ideals of Sweet Briar the " Y. W. " plays an integral role in the life of every member of the community. Each individual takes an active part in this invaluable association. Evening chapels, the Christmas candlelight service, the " V-box, " are all familiar evidences of the " YY 1 versatile activities. On campus they are busy providing recreation for the waitresses, and amusement for the Sweet Briar children. Off campus the Association sponsors child welfare work in the form of recreational and educational programs for the children of Amherst County. The Indian Mission, Coolwell, and Clifford Schools all benefit from the generous help of the Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Arnold, Boencke, Buchanan, Budlong, Cantey, Duval, Gravatt, Grayson, Haskins, Herbert, A. Johnson, A. Joseph, Konsherg, Lively, McDonnell, Moore, V. Watts LI f.t.l f i-f V J ♦ %•♦ %• Orientation Head, Alice Johnson Co ' Hcad, Mildred Brenizer The minute the bewildered freshman or transfer steps off the train, the orientation committee, an important branch of the Y. W. C. A., takes her in tow. Those first hectic days — and they are hectic — would confuse even an Einstein, but with the help of the omnipresent and omniscient committee they are able to get into the new routine less painfully. Each new student inherits a big sister who is on hand for consultation or consola- tion throughout the year. At the suggestion of the committee both old and new girls wear name tags for their mutual benefit. During the first week a Barn Dance is given which is followed up by picnics and boat house parties at frequent intervals. Members: Ashby, Brendlinger. Cantcy, Carter, Crump, H. Davis, B. Duncombe, Faulconer, Gilliam, Gurley. V. Hall, Haskins, Haverty, Lancaster, Longino, S. McDuffie, Mcjunkin, Morgan, Porcher, Rice, Skerry, Stevens, Strickland, Symes, Temple, Tift, W. Watts, E. L. White, M. C. White, Willcox, E. J. Williams, Woodard, E. Zulich Tau Phi President, Anne Woods Highlighting the first step singing of the college year is the announcement of the new members of Tau Phi, Sweet Briar ' s highest honorary society. . . . The twelve seniors and four juniors chosen for their leadership ability and their interest in furthering Sweet Briar ' s ideals and traditions, have the responsibility of carrying this spirit into all phases of community life. Tau Phi also cooperates with the Library in keeping the Browsing Room open on Sundays, ushers at all lectures and concerts, and stimulates cultural interests on campus, sponsoring guest speakers throughout the year. Members: Bowen, Bradley, Budlong, Cantey, Crump, Dillard, Gordon, Gilliam, V. L. Griffith, Holmes, Lindsey, Longmire, Nettles, Staples, Somervell, Tobin, Traugott, A. Woods ■■■■ ■■■■•■ ■Ki Members: H. Davis, V. Hall, Hoffman, A. Johnson, Maury, Moores, Sadowsky, L. Smith, Temple, Tift, Wilkins, E. J. Williams, E. Zurich These thirteen white figures, cloaked in surreptitious- ness, are especially conspicuous in the fall with their circus and harassing of Tau Phf s. They are identified by the black ribbons they wear, the capers they cut, and the late hours they keep in searching for caps and gowns. They also have their serious side — a fact which is proved by the success of their Red Cross drives and Spring Fashion Show. President, Alice Johnson Chung Mung t ♦ ♦♦♦♦ - ♦ Paint and Patches President, Martha Lee Hoffman " Hey, is my wig on straight? . . . Bring that ladder over here. Props, that horsehair sofa is two inches oft base . . . Everyone set? Lights dimmed, audience hushed, Paint and Patches presents . . . " This organization not only affords an effective outlet for enthusiastic interest in the many and varied branches of the drama, but also provides high spots of entertainment on campus. Three plays are presented during the year — two in the fall and one in the spring. The second production of the season is open especially to the new students. Plays produced: The Playboy of the Western World, Synge: Fashion, Mowatt; Much Ado About Toothing, Shakespeare. Members: Anderson, Bower, Brendlinger, Cantey, Chidester, Clement, Crump, Dillard, Eden, Good- speed, Gordon, Hoffman, Holmes, Long, Longmire, Moores, Nicol, Rice, Staples, Stickncy, Temple, Tohin. P. Whitaker, Wilkins, E. C. Williams Members: Bass, Bradley, M. Brenuer, Carmichael, B. Duncombe, Edwards, R. Hall, Lindscy, Longino, Mejunkin, Nettles, Porcher, Symes, J. Williams, E. L. White, M. White, Woodard, A. Woods, E. Zurich These rollicking lassies are Sweet Briar ' s gift (?) to the theater. ' Though the plot may not always have a climax, ' though the costumes may leave something to be desired, there is never an obvious lack of spirit. Trying to prove that Sarah Bernhardt had nothing on them, they present a takeoff of every P. and P. play. Their hilarity is matched only by their personality. They pro ' vide the campus not only with amusement, but also with a definite service to the community. That police whistle you hear in the spring doesn ' t mean, " pull over to the curb. " It ' s the Aints and Asses on the job — " Keep off the grass " echoes from dell to dell. President, Frances Longino Aints and ♦♦♦♦ ♦ ♦ • Q. V. Q. V. is a sophomore honorary society, the members of which are chosen by those of the preceding year. They are a cohesive and integrating force in their class, and they accept a challenge to keep alive friendship and interest in all activities. They function throughout the year without revealing their identity. The names of the members are dis ' closed at the last step singing in spring. Rosemary Ashby Adeline Jones Betty Ann Bass Shields Jones Dorothy Sue Caldwell Eleanor Myers Jean Carter Ellen Robbins Elinor Clement Lee Stevens Mary Vinton d - ' .♦■%- V %■..♦■• ' .♦ - Members: Dillard, Gaylord, R. Hall, Lebris, Morgan, Nicolson, Porcher, Temple, E. Zulich " The Bum Chums are Coming, Hurray! Hurray! " The battle-cry echoes from dorm to dorm as " old shoes and bedspreads " tap their new members. Visible in all initiates is a genuine interest in the college and all phases of its life approached with enthusiasm, good humor, and an indescribable something called " pzazz,. " These char- acteristics are manifested in their work as Red Cross Room monitors, supervisors of the Victory book cam- paign, and cake vendors, the money from which is used for charitable purposes — " it ' s the little things that count. " President, Jodie Morgan Bum Chums 1 • Sweet Briar News Editor, Betty Maury Business Manager, Marion Saunders In tune with the times the 7 {ews is the local source of public opinion, world affairs, and gossip. Friendly let- ters to the editor provide an opportunity for the dis- cussion of controversial subjects. Members are drawn extensively from all four classes on a competitive basis. Monday night is the crucial one in the life of the editor. Frantic calls for one more half -column article to fill that empty space echo from Academic, and if successful an- other edition is on the way. Since Betty had to resign, Barbara Duncombe was elected editor for the second semester. Members: M. Anderson, M. Brenizer, Budlong, Chapman, Chidcster, Christmas, DeVore, Dillard, M. Duncombe, Estcs, Farinholt, Gravatt, B. Gray, C. Greene, Haverty, Hoffman, A. M. Jones, Kons- berg, Lippitt. Moore, Moorcs, Patton, Petit, Prctlow, Randolph, Rice, Rickards, Sadowsky, Skerry, Staples, Strickland, Tavcnner, E. Taylor, Temple, Tift, Tobin, Vandeventer, Waite, Wilkins, B. Williams, J. Williams, M. Woods, Yocum 40 The Brambler Editor, Frances Murrell Rickards Business Manager, Marguerite Brendlinger Sweet Briar ' s literary magazine, which is designed to provide an effective outlet for hidden talents, welcomes contributions from all students. This publication is pro ' duced three times during the school year. It stimulates not only creative writing, poetry, and prose, but photo- graphy and art. Even those who are not destined to be a Shakespeare or a Sandburg are asked to contribute. Members are chosen on a competitive basis, creative ability and interest being the primary factors considered. Staff : Agee, M. Anderson, Brinklcy, Budlong, Fellncr, Gilliam, A. Johnson, Maury, Sadowsky, Smart, K. Smith, Temple, P. Whitaker Faculty Chairman, Dr. Raymond Short Student Chairman, Norma Bradley 1 HE War Service Committee, designed to meet the needs of the present world crisis and to provide a chan- nel for the war effort, was organized last year. Since its beginning its influence has spread in- creasingly among the students. The commit- tee has tried to reach each and every one to make all feel their responsibility in the war effort. The instruction and participation gained thereby is felt to be of value both now and in the future. War Service Committee STUDENT HEADS OF SUB-COMMITTEES Gilliam Jones. Adeline Lindsey Moore Shan ley Taylor, M. B. Williams, E. B. C. Stevens (Treas.) Sub-committees of War Service Program The War Service Committee has eight sub-divisions this year. The discussion Sub- committee under Miss Sanford and Martha Lindsey merged with the post-war planning group. Under Mr. Knapp and Martha Lindsey the campus is equipped to meet air raid and fire emergencies. Senor Mangiafico and Anne Moore head the County Volunteer Committee which provides students and faculty a chance to help at the local rationing board. The Salvage Committee undertakes the collection of old newspapers and other ma- terials which would otherwise go to waste, and is headed by Miss Rollins and Chauncey Williams. The War Loan committee, supervised by Miss Crawford and Adeline Jones with the assistance of Tau Phi, conducts the war bond drives and selling of stamps. Dr. Rice and Mary Booth Taylor encourage the co-operation of students in keeping themselves physically fit. The War Drive Committee under Miss VonBreisen and Marion Shanley co- operates with the Funds Committee. Mrs. Wheaton and Ellen Gilliam maintain the Red Cross branch on campus. The secretary and treasurer of the organisation are Miss Harriet Rogers and Lee Stevens. English Club President, Dorothy Tobin English and Drama majors are automatically members of this club. Those interested in English may qualify for membership by giving a book review. They meet to discuss literature, modern trends, and authors. Current books are reviewed and purchased so that they are avail- able to the members. At the end of the year these books are given to the Browsing Room. Members: Burgess, B. Duncomhe, Gilliam, Goodspeed, Gordon, Hepburn, Hude, Long. Marcus, Maury, Pender, Symes, Tobin French Club President, Dorothy Beuttell Furthering the war effort materially, the French Club sent gifts to the Fighting French Relief and the French war prisoners. A very active discussion group was or- ganized for the development of a keener interest in problems confronting France today. Along with these modern trends the club has not lost sight of the value of exploring French culture, and has continued its re- search by lectures on art, music, and literature. Members. Berend, J. Blanton, Bloeh, Bowman, Briggs, Beuttell, Cameron, DesPland, Dinsmoor, Dickson, Duval, Eden, Ennght, Feder, Gcarhart. Goodspeed, Gravatt, Hawkins, Herrick, Illges, A. M. Jones, L. Jones, Kent, Konsberg, Landis, LeBris, J. Little- ford, de Lustrac, Marr, Maury, Munter, Nicol, Osborn, Pickens, Rice, Rosenzweig, Ryland, Sadowsky, Tift, Waite, P. Whitaker, E. L. White, Wilkinson, J. Williams, Wylie Friends of Art President, Peggy Gordon To promote an interest in art and art appreciation is the purpose of this club. Throughout the year exhibits are held in Big Commons, lectures are conducted on various phases of art, and often colored films are shown . Coffee hours with visiting speakers give the members a chance to obtain first hand information. . El Club Espanol President, Ann Moore The aim of El Club Espanol is to encourage Pan- Am- erican interests on campus. Its meetings, conducted in Spanish, range from quizzes on geography, culture, and history of both South America and Spain to a discussion of current events. Throughout the year El Club Espanol provides various social activities, including the Spanish Table and picnics at the boat house. Members: Abrash, P. Arms, Berend, Beuttell, J. Blanton, Bryan, Carbaugh, Cornell, Crumrine, Denny, Dingwell, Farr, Fischer, Gamble, Greene, Hawkins, M. L. Holton, Humbert, M. B. Jones. LeBris, Levis, Marshall, McCoy, McLaughlin, Moore, Morris- sett, Porcher, Street, K. Smith, Vick, Waterman German Club President, Ann Bowen Discussions which seek to give those interested in German a clearer insight into the life of the German people, are a major part of this club ' s program. Their customs, education, and ideas are discussed under the guidance of lecturers. The Christmas Party is a high- light of the club ' s social activities. Members: Beard, Berner, Bowen, Buchanan, E. Davis, English, S. Fitzgerald, Gilliam, Gurley, Gearhart, N. Hall, Hartz, Hoff- man, Kauffelt, Knapp, Lambert, Lawrence, de Lustrac, McClean. Mayer, Randolph, Ridler, Schoenheit, Sherman, Sibley, Swann, Todd, Van Cleve, J. Warner, Warren, Williams, Zulich Music Club President, Lois Gene Patton This organization is composed of students of applied music, who, by singing and playing before an audience, gain self-confidence and assurance. Members: Arnold, Barnes, Beuttell, Brendingler, G. Clark, Edwards. Frye, Gill, Gurley. V. Hall, Hepburn, Herbert, Hill, Holmes, Inge, Jackson, Krause, Lancaster, Lippitt, Morgan, Osborn, Patton, M. White, E. C. Williams. Willets ♦ •♦• •♦ International Relations Club President, Louise Smith The purpose of this organization is to stimulate a more general interest in world affairs by means of de- bates and discussions of present day problems. Members are chosen on the basis of an entrance test given in the fall of the year. The whole community benefits from interesting and informative articles in the AJetcs, open meetings, current events, and quiz, programs. Since Louise graduated in February, Betty Haverty has been elected president for the second semester. Members Agee, Anderson, Banker, Bradley, Chapman, Chidester, Christian, Christmas. Crump, Dil- lard, Duncombe, Ennght, Fannholt, Gordon, Griffith. A. Jones, Keddy, Lancaster, LeBris, Littleford, Longmire, Mallory, Oshorn, Shanley, Somervell, Stickney, A. Taylor, Tchou, Tift, Warren. Waterman, E. C. Williams, A. Woods Sweet Briar Choir Head, Virginia Hall Librarian, Mary Kathryn Frye With dignity and dependability the Choir lends add- ed beauty to the Sunday church services. The group furnishes the campus with entertainment for special oc- casions such as the Baccalaureate service and the tra- ditional Christmas candlelight service. Carefully trained voices united as one, the Choir is a group of which Sweet Briar is rightfully proud. Members: Agce, Brendlinger, Carbaugh, Chapman, Dingwell, Duval, Fellner, Ferrier, Frye, Graeff, Gravatt, Gurley, V. Hall, Hepburn, Herbert, Holmes, Hude, Lambert, Lancaster, Lee, Lindsey, Lippitt, Long, Longino, Love, Mayer, Osborn, Parrish, Patton, Pearson, Pettit, Shanley, Van Cleve, J. Warner, M. C. White, E. Zulich Gle e Club President, Patricia Whitaker Treasurer, Dorothy DeVore Librarian, Helen Graeff Those who enjoy group singing and want, in ad- dition, the benefit of trained instruction find the Glee Club a profitable organization. The group, by a judi- cious combination of hard work and fun, furnish the college with much enjoyable entertainment. Annually the Glee Club presents two recitals and this fall it was joined by the Duke University Glee Club in a joint concert. Members: Ashby, Barron, Brink, Brooks, Budd, Buchanan, Burnett, C. Butler, E. Caldwell, Cameron, Camm. Carbaugh, Coe, Corcoran, Crumnne, Des Pland, De Vore, Dingwell, Drubych, Dudley, Fagg, Ferrier, S. Fitzgerald, Frye, Gamble, Graeff, Gurley, Hardy, Holman, Hughes, Inge, Jackson, Lam- bert, Lee, McCulloch, M. McDuffie, Mayer, Munter, Nadler, Newell, Nicol, Parrish, Pearson, Randolph, Redding, Redfern, Royster, Ryland, Todd, Van Cleve, Vars, P. Whitaker, M. C. White, A. Wright, I. Zulich M 1 ♦ Athletic Association President, Janet Staples Vice-President, Patricia Whitaker Secretary, Jean Moores Treasurer, Virginia Berrier OUPPLEMENTING academic activity, the A. A. provides the balance necessary in every student ' s program. This year it has tried to make up for its loss of varsity games by con- centrating on the development of greater interest in intramural competition. The associa- tion offers an unlimited variety of sports to meet an unlimited variety of demands. Since wartime conditions confine us more closely to campus, athletics are becoming a greater part of Sweet Briar life. i::::::: 1 Hockey Co-Heads Isabel Gaylord Anna Mary Chidester Hockey is still the most popular of fall sports for both students and faculty. In addition to interclass, varsity, and subvarsity competition, each class had a game with Randolph-Macon this year. For a combination of skill, hard work, and fun, the answer is hockey. Dancing Head, Marjorie Woods Art combines with athletics to form a suitable med ' ium for self -expression. Vigorous technical training is followed by individual composition which culminates in the Spring recital to which all members of the com- munity are invited. Basketball Head, Sarah Temple Basketball brings out the keenest competition among classes, dorms, and varsity squads. The climax of the season was a picnic given for the most successful team. This year special attention has been given beginners who have organized themselves into a group known as the " Aces. " More advanced players competed with West Hampton College and Saint Anne ' s School. • -♦■♦• Badminton Head, Alice Johnson Due to the enthusiastic participation of both students and faculty in individual games and in the annual tournament, bad- minton was this year organised as a major sport and given representation on the A. A. executive committee. Archery Head, Jean Ryan For the individual, for the group, for fall, for spring — archery is a popular sport requiring a maximum amount of skill, acquired through many hours of practice. Tennis Head, Helen Davis Despite the premium on balls and shoes there was no shortage of po- tential Alice Marbles on the courts this spring. For those interested in polishing up their game for the sum- mer, the community tournaments afford an opportunity not only for practice but for fun. Riding Head, Mildred Littleford Head (second semester), Marjorie Willets Faithful adherents to this year-round sport claim that no one can fully appreciate Sweet Briar until she has ridden over the miles of beautiful mountain trails. Instruc- tion is given on the road and in the rings. Gradual steps in advancement finally en- title the more adept to act as riding leaders. :::::::: ' Cabin Head, Jane Rice " There ' s a long, long trail a-winding . . . " but the tramp up those hills is well worth the energy and effort expended. The cabin is open year-round for those wish- ing to spend a week-end away from it all. The pioneer spirit comes to the fore when it is a case of chopping wood, hauling water from the rain-barrel, and building that fire to last all night. Lake r tt i Marjorie Willets Jeanne okerry If the campus seems deserted on a warm spring after- noon it is a safe bet that there is a bee-hive of activity at the Lake. Sunbathing, canoeing, boating, or swim- ming — each has its enthusiastic backers. Those inter- ested in practical application of their aquatic skill are offered an opportunity to take the Red Cross Water Safety Courses. LaCrosse Head, Evelyn Pretlow A sport requiring all out energy and enthusiasm, La- crosse is well worth every muscle exerted. A colorful specialty game is held each year between Paint and Patches and Aints and Asses, with vociferous encouragement given both teams from the sidelines. t ♦ ♦•♦•♦•. » • i ■ 9 - ' ■ • ♦ t BETWEEN CLASSES • - 4 % I . ' ♦♦♦• •♦• v ' •- ■♦• SK HHUMXKlX BHHHai ♦ %•, %• " ••• ' • •%»%••% • 5 H M A • ' ♦-•♦• ' • President, Judy BURNETT Vice-President, Jean Ann Ferrier Secretary, Becky Knapp Treasurer, Mary Lib Vick A class to be envied, for their college years are ahead with unknown opportunities for growth and pleasure, Sweet Briar welcomes them and invites them to join in the campus activities. The freshmen give a circus right after initiation. They publish an edition of the Sweet Briar Hews and give a party for the juniors. They have the largest class, the newest clothes, and the gayest time. Elizabeth Abbot Nancy Lu Alexander Janet Amilon Eliz beth Anderson Virginia Barba Lois Andrews Martha Ann Apple Patricia Armes Ernestine Banker « « + « ' ♦ Anne Beard Jenne Belle Bechtel Cynthia Bemiss Carol Blanton Helen Bloch Eleanor Bos worth Ann Briggs Grace Brinson Sara Bryan Martha Budd Anne Burckhardt Judith Burnett Mildred Blair Burwell Cecil Butler Mary Sue Butler Elizabeth Caldwell Martha Camblos Felicia Camm Eleanor Crumrine Mary Carroll Chilton Nancy Cofer Lucinda Converse Elaine Davis Margaret Dawson Evelyn Dudley Susan Durrett Jane-Arthur Etheridge Jean Anne Ferrier Caroline Fischer Catharine Fitzgerald Suzanne Fitzgerald Martha Francis Gloria Gamble Ann Graves Frances Gardner Gaille Griffith Barbara Golden Betty Golden Laura Lee Grogan Shirley Gunter Natalie Hall Jacqueline Halsey Amanda Helen Hardy Nan Hart Nancy Hartz Patricia Hassler Jean Hazelhurst Sara Cecil Herr ::i:::.v:i Betty Jean Hoehn Marie Elise Holman Julia Holt Eleanor Hooper Mary Louise Howell Mary Hudgins Margaret Hughes Jean Huske Virginia Illges Anne Jackson Barbara Janney Agnes Jefferds Justine Valerie Johnston Margaret Jones Mary Elizabeth Jones Alice Joseph Mary Kennedy Virginia King Anne Kleeman Elizabeth Knapp Cordelia Lambert Shirley Levis Marguerite deLustrac « ■♦•♦•.• " ♦ • 4 ♦ ♦ • • -4 Joan McCoy Jean McCulloch Mary McDuffie Mary Stuart McGuire Linda McKoy Josephine MacMillan Frieda Man ley Ann Marshall Joan Matheis Ann Morse June Morton Elizabeth Mullen Margaret Mlinnerlyn Katherine Munter Jacqueline Murray Elizabeth Newell Gloria O ' Hearn Jean Old Anne Pearson Dale Pillow Peggy Pitman Genevieve Ray Sherley Redding Margaret Redfern i ♦ % ' -V-S t % « Lois Elizabeth Ripley Margaret Robertson Inez Rosamond Sarah Royster Jacquelin Schreck Emily Schuber Judith Scott Nancy Scurry Anne Seibels Virginia Shackelford Frances Sheridan Mary Rose Sheridan Meredith Slane Shirley Small Lillian Smith Martha Smith Jacqueline Stilwell Katherine Street Elizabeth Thomson Emmy Lou Thomson Maria Tucker Fannie Ulmer Susan Van Cleve Trudy Vars Mary Elizabeth Vi k Virginia Walker Ann Walters Rebecca Jane Warner Anne Webb Elizabeth Weil Katharine Weisiger Evelyn White Margaret Ellen White Mary Josephine Williams LaVonne Wright Nancy Louise Wylie Isabel Zulich L _. Judith Bailey Sally Bailey Virginia Barron Irving Brenizer Margaret Bromberg {Catherine Brooks Constance Clevenger Ann Colston Suzanne Criswell Aimee Des Pland Marguerite Emmert Catherine Roberta Evans Mary Wallis Evans ADDITIONAL FRESHMEN Elizabeth Gates Mary Holland Betty Holloway Anne Hyde Julia Jerman Patricia Knapp Mary Jane Land Susan Lane Mary Cary Lee Justine Linforth Joan Littleford Sara Ann McMullen Alexandra Marcoglou Joan Miller Mary Mooers Bess Pratt Alice Reese Charlotte Reilly Juliette Rollins Barbara Schaab Ellenor Stafford Diane Stobert Juliet Tchou Legare Thompson Catherine Vance Mary Frances Wood i % % ♦%■♦ %•♦! 1 i •♦-♦• ♦ ♦ . ♦ • 4 y B i 1 . j lU ' ■ 1 f§ ' fn, ■1 (B ™ B v " v: " " IPjFmBI fW V Jf SWHJ f| 1 1 ■ 1 ll -, ; H jfc fttft V President, Elinor Clement Vice-President, ROSEMARY AsHBY Secretary, Barcy Kennedy Treasurer, Jean Carter Having a year of introduction behind them, the sophomores flock back on campus. The traditions and the activities of Sweet Briar have become familiar things, so they enter into them with all of the en- thusiasm and spirit typical of sophomores. Q. V., their secret organization swings into a subtle program to keep this spirit and verve alive. As a class they claim the wall, organize freshman initiation, give some type of entertainment for the school in early spring, and hood their sister class at graduation. As indi ' viduals they become vital members of the various activities, come to know their whole class well, and Sweet Briar grows to be ever dearer to them. Patricia Arms Rosemary Ashby Ann Atkinson Betty Ann Bass Joan Berend Barbara Boyce Marguerite Brink ft w s mm iA E J J " la r ' 4 L M tjcj nnHHi ♦ • It % • % • • % ♦ Dorothy Sue Caldwell Margaret Carmichael Marjorie Christian Elinor Clement Carroll Cone Jane Cook Carolyn Conley Dorothy Corcoran Louise Crawford Charlotte Dinsmoor Beatrice Dingwell Ruth Drubych Marian Duncombe Alice Eubank, Ann Farr, Suzanne Feder, Leila Fellner, Crutcher Field, Elizabeth Fox, Elizabeth Fruit ■w Helen Graeff Elizabeth Gurley Mary Anne Hall Ann Hill Palmour Holmes Mary Louise Holton Harriet Inge Shields Jones Si y Km-ffelt Barcy Kennedy Mary Kent Elaine Johnson Adeline Jones Ariana Jones Lucy Charles Jones Corinne Klemm Jane Lawrence Bertha Lee Louisa Lloyd Jean Love Leila McLaughlin Jane MacRae Mary Moss Madison i ;::::;::: Beverly Randolph Katherine Riordan Ellen Robbins Lois Rosenzweig Caroline Rudulph Grace Schoenheit Elizabeth Ryland March Sanders Eleanore Sherman- Marilyn Mandle Alan Mott Helen Murchison Eleanor Myers Gloria Nadler Clara Nicol Anne Owens Jean Pollard Anne Stuckle Margaret Swann Eden Taylor Florence Taylor Margot Sibley Elizabeth Simmons Charlotte Sprunt Lee Stevens m t- t ♦ • i ♦ ■■ •••♦-••■ Ellen Thackray Margaret Todd Josephine Thomas Sara Noll Thompson Martha Titterington Nancy Waite Mary Dunn Vandeventer Jane Warner Wister Watts Lillian West Louise Wilbourn Martha Witherspoon Christina Wright Elizabeth Adams Betsy Anne Bowman Audrey Betts Frances Kay Brinkley Julia Bristow Jean Carter Eunice Coe Nancy Dowd ADDITIONAL SOPHOMORES Cornelia English Betty Anne Gaines Noma Greene Hilda Hude Audrey Humbert Marilyn Mayer Elizabeth Pender Taylor Reese Margot Stafford Anne Stubbs Mary Booth Taylor Juliet Tchou Mary Vinton Helen Wilkinson .|„,1, JTzM f ♦ • 4 President, Jeanne Skerry Vice-President, Mary Haskins Second Semester, Frances Bickers Secretary, Ellen Gilliam Treasurer, Harriet Willcox As juniors our numbers are less and our interests deepened. The proud possessors of " The Bench, " we help to guide our sister class of freshmen, start work in our major field, look forward to wearing our rings at the banquet in May, and publish the Briar Patch. Our activities have become more specialized, for we work toward taking over responsibilities next year. Sweet Briar is a second home with the ease of knowing the personalities and workings of the community. Eugenia Etheridge Elizabeth Foree Annette Freiberger ADDITIONAL JUNIORS Frances Longino Sarah Norman Cora Smith Sara Temple Elizabeth Zulich Kathryn Agee Dorothy Arnold Leila Barnes Virginia Berrier Frances Bickers Ann Bower doreen bruoger Susan Buchanan .■%■•■•«• % ♦ 1 Betty Carbaugh Anna Mary Chidester Grace Clark Jerry Cornell Carol Cox Louise Cross Esther Cunningham Helen Davis Anne Dickson Lyn Dillard Huldah Eden Alice Edwards Divine Enright Frances Estes Dolores Fagg Edith Farr Nancy Feazell Mary Kathryn Frye Virginia Gans Isabel Gaylord Alice Gearhart Edith Page Gill t ♦ • -♦: Ellen Gilliam Betty Gray Ruth Hall Mary Haskins Harriet Hazen Betty Healy Martha Holton Elizabeth Joseph Marian Keddy Elaine Krause Antoinette LeBris Ruth Longmire Irene McDonnell Anne McLean, Anne Macfarlane, Jane McJunkin, Sally Martin, Julia Mills, Jean Moores, Joanne Morgan 72 Alice Nicolson Virginia Osborn Caroline Parrish Harriet Porcher Catherine Price Jean Ridler Jeanne Skerry Ann Bower Wyline Chapman Virginia Decker Elizabeth Grayson Mary Herbert Elizabeth Hicks Peggy Jones Ellen Marcus ii • L Ma 1 «) ' W j 9 . 4 m 1 = " 1 ! ▲£ ' fl 1L i ■ ■ Mary Symes Mary Perkins Traugott Anne Carter Walker Anne Warren Virginia Whitaker Harriet Willcox LIVING MEMORIES t ♦ • ■ I ' l f ' f I 9 ♦ • ' ■ President, Helen Crump ViccPresident, Susan Somervell Secretary, Constance Sue Budlong Treasurer, Patricia Stickney With the leadership of the school both as an honor and a responsibility, the Senior class holds the experience, the ideas and the drive which put across most of the campus activities. They had long sessions in the senior parlor which resulted in " Out of This World, " the Senior Show. Conversation runs to the newest engagement, comprehensives, recitals and " after graduation " with its thousand different plans. We look to the Senior class for the setting of precedents; they look back at us with a sigh of — so little time of this sweet bliss — and then their hearts leap with visions of carrying their training at Sweet Briar to their new interests. i l i : s f . 1 » ■ i t %%,««» ♦■♦■J W ri«( iM raSk Pi -a 3 c Va_ Majoring in Sociology, " Mugsie " is also interested in Spanish and Amy. Sincere and sympathetic, fond of knitting and people, she graduated in January. Her plans — graduate study for social case work and marriage. Dottie has a mercurial disposition, is capable, efficient, and talented. She likes music and outdoor sports, majors in French, is president of the French Club, in the Spanish Club, and on the Funds Com- mittee. Her future plans include work in one of her many lines of interest — or Cal. } sLu p 3 J . Jean is a French major and is active in language clubs, Lake Council and Dance Group. She is quiet but much fun, likes swimming, tennis, and bridge. She plans a future centered around Ned. 79 ♦ ♦ QLm- jc- j o4sc kA Vice-president of Student Government, a member of Tau Phi, and president of the German Club, Anne is a religion major. She is fun to be with, crazy about clothes and classical music, loathes in- sects and mice. Rehabilitation, preferably abroad, is her aim. Bea is one in a million, completely genuine, un- inhibited, unconventional, with an appreciation for the best in life. She majors in religion, loves trees, trains, scythes, people, and Gaelic. Bea has been head of the Indian Mission. She plans after gradua- tion work in physical therapy for the duration. ( bv» I u n- tzmtic l 1 Brad is chairman of the War Service Committee and the Red Cross Committee, a member of Tau Phi. Aints and Asses, and Choreography. She majors in religion, displays joie de vivre, loves acting, music, and poetry. Future plans include the conquest of New York. i • ♦ ♦ II Choir, P. and P., the " News " and the Brambler are a few of Margie ' s interests. A psychology major, energetic and frank, she likes music and receiving letters. She hopes to join the WAVES, although knitting an army sweater. Millie ' s interests are Aints and Asses, Personnel Committee, co-head of Orientation, T ews, and the Social Committee. A completely independent per- son with a sense of humor and a good mind, she wants to he a memher of the fourth estate. W 50 Mary Jane majors in modern European history, is active in riding and I. R. C. She has definite ideas on most subjects, likes sports, music, dogs, gardenias, and the navy. Her plans after college are uncertain. Always helpful and humorous, Connie was the author of the Senior Show. Tau Phi, house presi- dent, Y. W. C. A., and elass secretary are some of her activities. A psychology major, she plans a writ ' ing career, if not marriage. Her special likes are travel, food, and angels. An English major, brilliant, with a keen sense of humor, Ginny is a member of the English and Ger- man Clubs. She is fond of reading, telling tall tales, and avoiding gym. Ginny plans to be a pro- fessional assistant in the State Department. lluu " £« w Helen is efficient head of Y. W. C. A., a member of Tau Phi, the Church and Chapel Committee, and P. and P. She majors in psychology, likes religious discussions, sentimental music, West, and the Uni- versity of Virginia. Plans after graduation, mar- riage, social work perhaps. Nancy is a government major, and member ot I. R. C. and the Social discussion group. Thorough and considerate, she loves discussions, the navy, and sewing. Nancy dislikes early rising, and hopes to be a WAVE- -maybe. LuLCjU CJA UvkjLlOJS A major in modern European history , Christmas is also a member of the Social Committee. She has much personality, is stimulating to be with, adores travel, sailing, and army life. Early marriage is pre- dicted by her classmates. %l C C fL. Senior class president, in Tau Phi, P. and P. and " Who ' s Who, " Crump, who majors in modern Euro- pean history, is interested in world affairs and camp- us events. Active, but never hurried, friendly and capable, business manager of the Briar Patch ' 43, she wants to do work for military intelligence. l M " 0. 4- : Easy to get along with, quiet and efficient, Dot is fond of studying and swimming. A psychology major with interests in Span ; sh, she plans to us? it in some form of work after college. St- ZLi cu AcUi + L At the Inn or playing bridge, Dot is always ready for a laugh. A psychology major and treasurer of the Glee Club, she hates exercise and alarm clocks. After college she plans to do personnel work — for a while. c jrlOaura TicJocOf fcjf Reminiscent of Winnie the Pooh, cherubic, hair ribboned, Dune is an English major, editor ot the Sweet Briar AJeirs, member of I. R. C. and Aints and Asses. She looks forward to a job in advertising until a home with navy blues and the twins. , -♦■ ♦ fcSlJLujL «M I U-OOlI E. B. majors in French, is chairman of the Board of Publications, vice-president of the French Club and business manager of the Hand Book. She is quiet, conscientious, loves bridge, tennis, reading, and sticking up for the South. She would like work in rehabilitation abroad. TTTaarhcj " Stan FaJUs Marty has been called a " rare item. " She loves New York, the gayer things in life, and being un- conventional. Her major is in the field of sociology. After college she plans to return to Missouri tempor- arily. $at + t Mc Betty is on the Social Committee, majors in gov- ernment and is a member of I. R. C. She is femi- nine, smiles sweetly and purrs, loves Tabu perfume and the Naval Academy. After college, plans on marriage — of course. A Latin major, likeable, reliable, fun, with strong likes and dislikes, Mildred is graduating at nineteen. She is on the Orientation Committee. Her pastimes are telling cute jokes, knitting, and helping others. 4 A Lj£i L , Cjp j Juanita is bright and modest behind harlequin glasses, fond of bridge and drama, waltzing and read- ing. Always enthusiastic, her main interest is eco- nomics both as a major and as a post-college career. Wanofc. J t»ocVJ fe£ Active in P. and P., director of the Senior Show, Goody is a drama major with a liking for Shakes- peare. She sings loudly, is full of energy, and hopes to write and produce plays of her own. « ♦ • ♦ % - ♦ • I " ?■ n QtrxAxruu, Head of Student Government, in Tau Phi, P. and P., and the Js[ews, sophomore president, junior house president, and I. R. C. head arc Peggy ' s many activ- ities. She has an analytical approach with over- whelming concentration. Red headed verve and warmth, tempered with sound judgment, accompany a liking for her English major, education, organiza- tion, and people. Vice-president of the Y. W. C. A. and copy editor of the T ews, Gravy is also in Choir and the French Discussion Group. French is her major, languages and children her interests. Absent-mind- ed, humorous, she hates squash but loves knitting and bridge. f« ' f+9fd ju f yft Ginny exerts a quiet charm and real executive ability as secretary of Student Government and mem- ber of Tau Phi. She loves children, dogs, and, char- acteristically, dislikes people without tact. After col- lege she hopes to put her major in international affairs to practical use. Ginny is a music major, heads the Choir, and is a member of Chung Mung and Choreography. She was the successful lead in the Senior Show, likes dancing and horses. She plans to continue her study of music. J{(L J { J President of I. R. C. second semester, Betty, an international relations major, maintains a deep in- terest in current affairs. On the Social Committee and the Njzws, staff, she is efficient and considerate. She is fond of sports and knitting and hopes to do nursery work after college. Collector of mail and devotee of dancing, Sloan is a vivacious " Southern girl. " She majors in Ro- mance languages, has worked for the Spanish and French clubs and P. and P., hopes to do graduate work or to be in the diplomatic corps. ■H BBMHUB Head of the French Study Group and in the May Court, Leslie is vivacious, whimsical, and sympa- thetic. She is fond of neatness and reading, of talk- ing and planning. A sociology major, she thnks of an M. A. — or marriage. -£ Jj t ry Louise is a religion and social problems major with an interest in music and children. A combination of the humorous and conscientious, she likes hot dogs, badminton, and movies. After graduation some phase of social work. J(tdsH U4 AletEt ' - An English major, a member of the English Club and I. R. C, Frances is ever ready, willing and able, quiet, conscientious. She likes vacations, candy and medical school, abhors wisdom teeth, ants, confusion plans after college — marriage. ■♦ ' .♦•♦ Martha Lee is a Romance languages major, presi- dent of P. and P., on the ' Hews staff and in language clubs. Fond of dramatics and dancing, she is always smiling and sincere. Her future includes German translation and Mac. sS ) ■ - t + Skid is an extravert, delightfully realistic, and revels in crises and sweeping statements. A senior house president, music major, Q. V., Chung Mung, editor of 1943 Briar Patch, P. and P., Tau Phi, and Hews, she enjoys her friends, a short cig, and hulling — hates to miss something. Alice is president of Chung Mung, Head of Ori- entation, a memher of the Social Committee, Aints and Asses, and the Brambler staff. She has a keen wit, and executive ability, likes athletics, books and photography. She plans to employ her math major in war work. Weezie likes open fires, Bill, and the Coolweli children. On the Js[ews staff and in the French Club and German Club, she is also active in sports. Real- istic and with a high sense of values, she majors in French and hopes to do translation work in New York City. Q LQJL. CM3w CoJ 2JlaI Sweet, generous, and congenial, Alice is interested in current events and music. She majors in modern European history, would like to do government re- construction work, is also active in Choir, as editor of the Handbook, in I. R. C. and on the Social Committee. •UJtaO-tVTVe UojrvA v Susie majors in economics, is a member of the French Club and technical director of this year ' s dance recital, the first girl to graduate from S. B. C in three years. She is frank, candid, humorous, in- terested in people, fun, and loves long discussions on almost any subject. She tentatively plans work in South America. v. • Serene, delightful simplicity, brilliant, and kindly, Jodie graduated magna cum laude in January. She has a knack for making people happy and being a gem. She is a sociology major with a yen to go to Persia. OuaV Y w Head of Discussion Groups and Fire Chief. Lind- sey is also in Tau Phi, Aints and Asses and the Choir. Fond of arguments and interested in other people ' s ideas, she hopes to have a job dealing with labor relations. Lindsey is an economics major with intelligence and charm. " Neet " has the reputation for screamingly funny remarks at just the right time, loves music, eating, baby elephants, and fantastic hats. She is a riding leader and head of Chapel Choir, majors in music, and plans to continue work in this line. Logical and humorous, averse to noise and fond of horses, the efficient head of Riding, Millie maj- ored in art on campus, hut her main interest is the army and marriage. VouJeU kcnnq Vice-president of P. and P., in Choir and Choreo- graphy, and on the J {eu s staff, Paulett is a drama major. She is original and idealistic, interested in religion and the drama. Disliking apathy, she has astounding energy and enthusiasm. Her plans are to do Red Cross recreation, or psycho-drama. Xxxaju frVautkuJL Sincere, quiet but gay, " Babe " is a formidable hockey player with a hatred for loud people and cockroaches. Her special interests are the navy and dreaming of wedding bells. She majors in govern- ment, is domestic and delights in bridge and knitting. HH " T CTy r T TfTnrmffnnii ♦■• ' ♦ i -♦•♦• - Hannah majors in philosophy, is head of the Char- ity Committee and a member of I. R. C She has " twinklish " eyes, a firm handshake, and is the unique and lovable " Hank. " She likes familiar things, old shoes, and overalls, plans to return home and teach little children. Editor of the 7 ews and a Chung Mung, Betty is an English major with interests in journalism. She is dependable with a quick wit, has a nose for news combined with a love for French and tennis. Ouuu LOl a Competent in her positions on the J ews, in the Spanish Club, and in Amherst county work, Ann is a sociology major and always busy. She likes stuffed animals, but not nuts and her ambition is to join the Waves. » » A sociology major and a member of the Social Committee, Carlisle is little, pretty, mischievious, loves Homer, Brahms, gardenias, and ice skating; dis- likes sweet potatoes and nasty little post cards from the gym. She graduated in January with plans to do war work. Sterling is a combination of color and common sense. She majored in art, was a house president, associate editor of the A[eu s, a member of Tau Phi, Aints and Asses, and Chung Mung. Her interests now are Bob and a small cottage in Pensacola. _C4 » o«- i » - ' y jLs£ j Ginny is a mathematics major, fund of chopping wood and knitting. A cabin leader and interested in the Indian Mission, she objects to people who leave lights on. Ginny takes everything in her stride here and hopes to go on to graduate school. w Pa ? . ij£ vfTrf • ■ " i|f Pe z A song writer and a frequenter of jam sessions in the senior parlor, Pat is enthusiastic, original, and peppy. She is president of the Music Club, in Choir, News, Social Committee, Church and Chapel Com- mittee, and wrote the Senior Show songs. Franny majors in art and is photography editor of the T ews, a cabin leader, in Choroegraphy, and Choir. She is vivacious and cheerful, likes swim- ming, the navy, artichokes and poetry, can be seen around campus most any time — taking pictures. s4- fW P +4Z£ utS Evie is happy-go-lucky but efficient, with a sense of humor and a liking for china animals and cheese. She is head of lacrosse and on the Funds Committee and the AJetcs. Planning on marriage or social work, her major is sociology. . % ♦ - •%•%♦ •♦% Ricey is active on campus in P. and P., on the 3 iews, Social Committee, and as head of hiking. Her interests are divided between the cabin and the armed forces. A sociology major, she likes post-war planning and hopes for a personnel job. K a £{ jLay o— Ricky is an art major, and editor of the Bramb- ler. Travel and people, art and Norfolk are her in- terests; narrow-mindedness her aversion. After col- lege comes work in architectural drawing — then marriage. s Jean is always cheerful, a good conversationalist, and rather conservative. She majors in religion, is head of the archery team, and on the Church and Chapel Committee, likes bridge, music, and mountain climbing. The near future holds marriage. Art is Lulu ' s main interest on and off campus Art editor of the Brambler and Js[ews, she is a Chung Mung and works for Choreography and P and P. She is fond of New York, fun, and Prince ton, hates to miss trains and hopes to do commercial art after college. Jfc. J£ B +4 9 060 Business manager of the J eivs and a member ot the Social Committee, May Court and Choreo graphy, Speedy majors in psychology. She is always beautifully dressed, immaculately groomed, loves square cut diamonds, mystery magazines, and avia- tion. After college she plans to join the WAFS The efficient chairman of the Funds Committee and a member of I. R. C. and Choir, Marion majors in religion, is always busy, smiling, and enthusiastic. She loves orchids, men and pretty clothes, and would like to work on Y. W. C. A. or the World Student Service. _____ •♦♦: ► » % % ♦ % • ♦ ■ " % •% %•♦ %% i A major in international relations, a capable presi- dent of I. R. C, a proud member of Chung Mung, Louise loves New York and crowds of people, hates ants and routine work. She characteristically talks navy and Knobby, plans to combine marriage with post-war reconstruction. Susie is an international relations major, vice president of I. R. C, chairman of the Personnel Committee, a Tau Phi, and was president of the class junior year. She has intellectual curiosity, loves art, music, the theater, traveling; plans after gradua- tion to study law. Janet is president of A. A., active in P. and P., and a member of Tau Phi. She is happy, gay, loves horses, people, and the theater. A psychology major, she plans psychiatric social work, until, that is, the right man comes along. r- £ y e .it m m Pat majors in international relations, is a member of I. R. C, P. and P., Funds Committee and is treasurer of the senior class. She is friendly, thought- ful, teasing, and enthusiastic, likes Best ' s clothes and modern art, wants after college to do social work until — . rfaft : fory - ayfcr Adeline shows her dry humor and liking for cur- rent events m I. R. C. and discussion groups. Fond of the country hut not of apples, she is always knit- ting and singing off key. A modern European his- tory major, her ambition is a job with Time. gjQj LkM " £ May Queen, chairman of the Social Committee, " Tee " is a Chung Mung, a member of Orientation, and the Hews staff. Charming, Southern, interested in the navy and tennis, she majored in French and hopes to be a diplomat or a wife. niaMMiiimaBBHHHHai A member of Tau Phi, May Court and the Soeial Committee, Dotty has prevailing dignity, yet is full of surprises. She majors in English, likes getting flowers and going to bed early. Her future centers around marriage with a certain young man in the coast guard. A Texan, need more be said! Libby is lively and delightful., fond of riding and the air corps, but not of rain or an empty P. O. box. Majoring in art, she hopes to return, of course, to Texas. (L CCLl. UJ(l)llWU2rtV-. Determined and original, mischievious and sincere, Cecile ' s main interests are I. R. C. and the Spanish Club on campus, and the armed forces outside. She is averse to hypocrisy but fond of mail; an eco- nomics major, headed for further study or a govern- ment job. 4 ♦ • ■ ' § I OtcvcCnUn. VJl .VV: VaTc e a. U Vi» o Cao Dykic majors in mathematics, is active in Y. W. C. A. and departmental clubs. She is quick witted, humorous, on the alert, and always ready to take time out to have fun. She likes star gazing, sewing, food and dieters, plans marriage as her future occu- pant m. A French major, Pat is head of the Glee Club, in P. and P., and on the Brambler staff. She is vice- president of the A. A. and interested in sports of all kinds. Dependable and vivacious, fond of bridge and dancing, her main interests now are John and mar- riage. efiDft hr LtoiVe Neatness, sincerity, efficiency: Tina has all these. A psychology major, she likes mail and people, puns and chic clothes. Aints and Asses, Orientation and the Social Committee have been among her interests: her ambition — getting married. Languid with a punch, smart, and music-loving, Mary likes wine, men, and dancing. She is active in Dance Group, Aints and Asses, May Court and as chairman of the Advisory Council. Mrs. Whitehead likes everything and everybody. She was in I. R. C, P. and P., Choir, and business manager of the Briar Patch a few years ago. This year her interests are Vira Rose, sociology, and the farm. She is pleasant, ambitious, and original, with plans for teaching or public welfare. f ' A vital member of P. and P., Em also is active in Chung Mung, hlews, and as chairman of the Inn Committee. She is tweedy, theatrical, stoic, and frank. A little mystery and secrecy surrounds her. She hopes to use her history major in war work. ■ m ijewi. R. lOiiUUb CK. incu lOill I OUUU Marge is very much alive, forceful, enthusiastic. She majors in music and her interest in anything athletic ranges from being head of lake 1st semester to being head of riding 2nd semester. She would like to enter the diplomatic service or be a female F. B. I. agent. Whimsical and breezy. Fence is head of salvage, in P. and P.. the J ews, and I. R. C. Her main in- terest is " the the. iter, " her ambition the Broadway stage. She is a sociology major, giggles constantly, and is known among her friends as a " bird. " Qet j «££ 6 «t»» Breezy. lovable with never a care, Jane is always in a good humor. She is the head of the May Day Committee, a Chung Mung, in Aints and Asses, on the J evus, and on the Orientation Committee. She wants to do some work using French translation. I % % ♦ «•»-! Anru W ercta Majoring in mathematics, Hoppy divides her time between playing bridge and Aints and Asses. Soc - able and funny, she especially likes thin people. Her aim is the universal Sweet Briar one: the right man and marriage. Anne majors in international relations, is the dig- nified president of Tau Phi, a member of Aints and Asses and I. R. C. She presents a combination of the sublime and the ridiculous, likes Winnie the Pooh, hates law and order, would like to be the wife of a future ambassador to Russia. ■YtvoaIio Cv j o " Snookie " is head of dance, did the choreography for the Senior Show. Full of fun, intense and curi- ous, she is a religion and social problems major, and enjoys religious discussions. Her main interest is dancing, child welfare work her future plans. | . . ' ♦ With sophistication and a lovable smile, Martha- lyn goes on with school life after being married last year. She majors in sociology, is in the Sociology and Economics Club, and on the s[eu ' s staff. Her savoir fa re about clothing made her the head of the fashion show in ' " Out of This World. " ' Y flJCtUa- LXec ADDITIONAL SENIORS Alice Sarah Hepburn Harriett Stephenson Tavenner ..».,. » :..:-.;• i ■«• i nUUHBHUH|HHBM| J « •♦ ' ' l WHAT BABE RUTH MEANS TO BASEBALL What Babe Ruth means in baseball. What Tiffany means in rings, What Hershey means in chocolate drops, And Heints in pickled things, What homemade means in pie crust, You understand we trust, What sterling means in silverware, The Sophomores mean to us. THERE WE WERE There we were, hay behind the cars. Taking many week-ends, Shedding homesick tears; Gay little freshmen We really weren ' t slow And so very glad to say hello. Then we were sitting on the wall Taking things for granted, Feeling on the ball; Cocky old sophomores All doing things right And too full of life to say goodnight. We can remember The feeling when we reached the junior state, Then we thought we really could rate. We can remember We worked so hard and we could hardly wait To reach the se nior nest And get a bit of rest. Well here we are on the Golden Stairs Taking comprehensives, Getting blue grey hairs; Unhappy seniors, No strength left to sigh. But oh how we ' ll hate to say goodbye. NOW WE BRING TO YOU Now we bring to you A song that ' s hard to sing to you For we must tell you goodbye. The time is nigh When we must leave you. Though we ' ll go away Within our hearts you ' ll always stay Friendship can never die. All the same we ' ll have to try Not to say it with a sigh — Goodbye. Senior Songs THE TANG OF AUTUMN The tang of autumn in the mountain air, New seniors sitting on the golden stair, The red leaves falling ' til the trees are bare - These are the things we love. The long trek up the hill on Founder ' s Day, Then winter comes so fast until one day We ' re singing carols and we ' re all so gay. These are the things we love. And then, it seems that spring will never come again. It ' s all so bare. But when it comes the days fly by so fast, and then So suddenly the end is near. The way those last few weeks are always filled, Then graduation and we ' re all so thrilled, We ' re not ashamed because our eyes are filled— These are the things we love. OH LOOK UP HERE AND SEE US Oh look up here and see us. And wish that you could be us, Sitting on the Golden Stairs. We have worked for three long years Had our troubles and our fears Now we ' re sitting on the Golden Stairs. Oh hear those seniors singing ' Tis sweet I do declare To hear those seniors singing Sitting on the Golden Stair. The rest of you must wait To reach this royal state Of sitting on the Golden Stairs. We tell all you other classes It takes of A-plus passes To put you on the Golden Stairs. Ha! ha! Oh hear those seniors singing ' Tis sweet I do declare To hear those seniors singing Sitting on the Golden Stair. JUST ONE YEAR MORE Just one year more Of this sweet bliss. Just one year more Of happiness. You ' ve got us enchanted With your charming ways. We would like to be together For the rest of our days. You ' re perfect sisters. We love you true. You ' ve stood the test The long year through. We ' re proud of you our sister class, And we wish that this might always last. But still we have Just one year more. SHUFFLE DOWN A RAINBOW Shuffle down a rainbow Duck under a star You can find a heaven Wherever you are. We ' d love to hitch a ride Flutter Southward by your side But here we ' ve hung our wings There ' s attraction to heavenly things. You ' re leavin ' our world For one of your own, That world at S. B. C. And though it ' s on earth We really must own It ' s as close as heaven can be. So we ' ll say goodbye with nary a sigh. So long, farewell, goodbye. We want to get out Out of this world Go out and get things done, Way out of this world And into the real one And take our place in the sun, So we ' ll say goodbye with nary a sigh. So long, farewell, goodbye. ♦ •■♦ •♦ •- OUTER WORLD ♦ % ♦ - » - »-« TTf . T -TH t r nr " g j ♦ % ♦ % ■ r II I II F F STUDIO 550 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR THE 1944 BRIAR PATCH COMPLIMENTS OF JANE TOOHER Sport Clothes 2 71 1 Boylston Street Boston, Mass. KELLER b GEORGE DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELERS and OPTICIANS • SINCE 1875 OPTICAL DEPARTMENT JboWenL DMPANY Inc I i LYNCHBURG. VA. AMHERST PUBLISHING CO. COMPLIMENTS OF Amherst, Virginia COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL NEWSPAPERS BAILEY-SPENCER HARDWARE COMPANY Commercial Printing 1014 Main Street Printers of the Sweet Briar News Lynchburg, Virginia HHBHBB||II| ::::::: ' ALL ROADS LEAD TO Woodward S- Lothrop 10th, 11th, F G Streets WASHINGTON, D. C. When you are shopping for War Bonds, graduation gifts or furnishings for your college room, you look first to WOODWARD b LOTHROP where you can depend on a varied selection. You know, too, that you will find guidance from our Miss Warren in School Outfitting, and that prices will be suited to your par- ticular allowance. 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Manager In Loyal Support of our tighting men hc have pledged ourseKes to remind FLOWERS ACCORDING TO DOYLE 708 MAIN STREET Phone 892 COMPLIMENTS OF BOXWOOD INN I iJ every American 10 buy more War Stamps Bonds • Aott- The FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF LYNCHBURG Resources: 12 MILLION DOLLARS Member Federal Deposit Insurance Company THE OLD, BIG, STRONG BANK : B 3- LEGGETT ' S Lynchburg, Virginia THE FASHION CENTER OF LYNCHBURG MILLNEBff V Qthe SHOPPING CENTRE ) The Shopping Centre HILL CITY TOBACCO CO. 100 Ninth Street, Lynchburg, Va Distnbutors of SCHRAFFT ' S FINE CANDIES FOR 43 YEARS THE HOUSE OF SWEETS HARRIS, WOODSON COMPANY, Inc. Lynchburg Virginia COMPLIMENTS CALDWELL-SITES CO. ROANOKE, VIRGINIA OFFICE EQUIPMENT STATIONERY MIMEOGRAPHS SPORTING GOODS GIFTS PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS ■■yuiiUUUK V % » • « » %• JfT«6 n€W€R. elleftf WHAT ' S IN A NAME? " CUSTOMCRAFT. " for instance . . the label that has long stood for high fashion footwear by master craftsmen. L I L.L Y UAL n t whose name has become synonymous with creative genius in hats . . . These and other famous label names from the world of fashion you ' ll find at Jelleff ' s in Washington where the Jelleff label means fashion, value all those qualities that have made Jelleff ' s " One of the Country ' s Great Apparel Stores 1 " FARMERS AND BANK OF AMHERST Amherst, Virginia THE MOST CONVENIENT BANK FOR SWEET BRIAR MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION ruuei ■— CANDIES L y« drt i onal SODAS [.Goodness RESTAURANT THE POPULAR MEET ING PLACE 9th and Main Sts. Lynchburg, Va SCOTT, HORNER b MASON INCORPORATED INVESTMENTS Lynchburg, Virginia MUNICIPAL BONDS AND CORPORATION SECURITIES Richmond, Va. Charlottesville, Va. OPTICAL SERVICE yfZuJwfudtasH-. 919 Main Street DIAMOND MERCHANTS Mn ng nnB THE PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK OF LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA MEMBER OF FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM and FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION JOHN VICTOR President W. D. HODGES Vice-President and Cashier W. E. PAYNE.. - - - Assistant Cashier W. A. HENDERSON - - - ...Assistant Cashier ♦ ft ft ft - ft • , ft ■■%■•■% ♦« FP 1 I ' T K T ' l 1 ' T F ' T ■ .■ ■•■»• ' » Creating YEAR BOOKS of Distinction It ta es more than " good printing " to create outstanding Tear Boo s. The J. P. Bell Company specializes in Year Books. First, by maintaining a Department of trained and experienced personnel that devotes its entire time to the planning and servicing of Year Books. Secondly, by maintaining a plant equipped with the most modern machinery, manned by skilled, efficient workmen. There is a certain mark of Distinction on all J. P. Bell publications. FOUNDED 1859 J. P. BELL COMPANY, Inc. 816 MAIN STREET LYNCHBURG V I R G I N I A Student Directory, 1943-1944 Abbott, Elizabeth Lee Holcombe Rock Rd., Lynchburg, Va. Abrash, Muriel Arlene 415 East 39th St., Paterson, N. J. Adams, Elizabeth Riley 210 Stanislaus Circle. Macon, Ga. Agee, Kathryn Leigh 1020 Ritter Park, Huntington, W. Va. Alexander, Nancy Lu... 900 W. 17th St., Austin, Texas Amilon, Janet Dorothea 220 S. Santa Fe Drive, Denver, Col. Anderson, Elizabeth Anne - Marbethtop, Fletcher, N. C. Anderson, Mary Bachman 10th Army Corps, Sherman. Texas Andrews, Lois Ann 2410 Kanawha Blvd.. Charleston, W. Va. Apple. Martha Ann 2400 Central Ave., Hot Springs, Ark. Armes, Patricia Tilghman .3600 Douglas Rd., Birmingham, Ala. Arms, Patricia 23 Brookside Rd., West Orange, N. J. Arnold, Dorothy Lawrence 1529 Sycamore St., Petersburg, Va. Ashby, Rosemary 830 Westover Ave., Norfolk, Va. Atkinson, Ann Elizabeth 215 E. 45th St., Savannah, Ga. Bailey, Judith Matthews The Tuckahoe Apts., Richmond, Va. Bailey, Sally 2332 Massachusetts Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C. Banker, Ernestine Claire 57 Butler Ave., Kingston, Pa. Barba, Virginia Cary, 222 W. Harvey St., Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. Barnes, Leila Gilliam Griffin, Ga. Barron, Virginia Gordon Horsley Creek Rd.. Rome. Ga. Bass, Betty Ann 3440 Alta Vista Way, Knoxville, Tenn. Beard, Anne Beth Elijah ' s Road, Sweet Briar, Va. Bechtel, Jenne Belle 105 Maplewood Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Bemiss, Cynthia Merrifield 1224 Rothesay Rd., Richmond, Va. Berend. Joan Frances 11 W. 69th St., New York, N. Y. Berrier, Virginia Anne, 2540 Massachusetts Ave.. Apt. 205, Washington, D. C. Belts, Audrey Teal 888 Park Ave., New York, N. Y. Beuttell. Dorothy Louise 632 Esplanade, Pelham Manor, N. Y. Bickers, Frances Yager Winchester, Va. Blanton, Carol Bowling Green, Va. Blanton, lean Dulaney Bowling Green, Va. Bloch, Helen Holly Fork, Cismont, Va. Boericke, Beatrice Anne " Deepdene, " Wynnewood, Pa. Bosworth, Eleanor H 78 Morningside Park. Memphis. Tenn. Bowen, Anne Bramwell, W. Va. Bower, Ann Carmichael 319 Greenway Lane, Richmond, Va. Bowman, Betsy Anne Tenney Circle, Chapel Hill. N. C. Boyce, Barbara 3003 Hayden, Amarillo, Texas Bradley, Norma 415 W. 3rd St., Lexington, Ky. Brendlinger, Marguerite Matilda. 818 W. Marshall St., Norristown, Pa. Brenizer, Harriet Irving 2218 Hopedale Ave., Charlotte, N. C. Brenizer. Mildred Harding 2218 Hopedale Ave., Charlotte, N. C. Briggs, Ann Elizabeth, 3 529 Williamsburg Lane, N. W., Washington, D. C. Brink, Marguerite T 43 Fairmont Ave., Newton. Mass. Brinkley, Frances Kay Louden Heights Rd., Charleston, W. Va. Brinson, Grace Anne, North Shore Rd., Algonquin Park, Norfolk, Va. Bristow, Julia Atwater 5216 Studeley Ave., Norfolk. Va. Brock, Mary Jane ... 2629 Arden Rd., Atlanta. Ga. Bromberg, Margaret Carson 3526 Pine Ridge Rd., Birmingham, Ala. Brooks, Kathenne Ellene 208 Circle Drive, Wichita, Kan. Brugger, Doreen Frances Dongan Hills, Staten Island, N. Y. Bryan, Sara Ann 112 S. Bragg Ave., Lookout Mountain, Tenn. Budd, Martha Lois 718 Greenhill Ave., Wilmington, Del. Buchanan, Susan Forest Hills, Durham, N. C. Budlong, Constance Sue 38 Chatham Arms, Chatham, N. J. Burckhardt, Anne Nimmons 83 Brighton Rd., Atlanta. Ga. Burgess, Virginia Leslie, 2800 Woodley Rd., N. W., Washington, D. C. Burnett, Judith Cary 5906 Three Chopt Rd., Richmond, Va. Burwell. Mildred Blair 1855 Avondale Circle, Jacksonville, Fla. Butler, Cecil Louise 1828 Powell Place, Jacksonville, Fla. Butler, Mary Sue 1240 Wynnton Drive, Columbus, Ga Caldwell, Dorothy Sue 4707 Bayshore Blvd., Tampa, Fla. Caldwell. Elizabeth Garth 130 East End Ave., New York 28, N. Y. Camblos, Martha Bullitt Big Stone Gap, Va. Cameron, Flora Elizabeth 3 30 Westover Rd., San Antonio, Texas Camm, Felicia Beall 712 Cameron Avenue, Chapel Hill, N. C. Cantey, Helen Robertson .....1918 Seneca Ave., Columbia, S. C. Carhaugh, Betty Carolyn 124 Hilldale Dr., Chattancoga, Tenn. Carmichael, Margaret McCaull..... Hillview Rd., Chapel Hill, N. C. Carter, Jean Williams 115 Ridgeside Rd., Chattanooga, Tenn. Chapman, Margarite Wyline 1410 Wynnton Rd., Columbus, Ga. Chidester, Anna Mary 2633 Meadowood Drive, Toledo, Ohio Chilton, Mary Carroll Charleston Gazette, Charleston, W. Va. Christian, Anna Ridgway U. S. S. Reina Mercedes, Annapolis, Md. Christian, Marjorie Downs 409 Washington St., Lynchburg, Va. Christmas, Lucile Sidley 1816 45th St., Washington, D. C. Clark, Grace Reed, % Col. S. F. Clark, 195th F. A. Group, Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. Clement, Elinor Crowell 407 Woodland Ave., Wayne, Pa. Clevenger, Constance Anne " Locust Hill, " Galena, Md. Cocke, Betty Rupert Lyon, Miss. Coe, Eunice deWolfe 13303 Lake Shore Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio Cofer, Nancy Weeks 1059 Brandon Ave., Norfolk, Va. Coffman,- Margaret Ann 100 N. Raleigh St., Martinsburg, W. Va. Colston, Ann Ainslie 2834 Courtland Blvd., Shaker Heights, Ohio Cone, Carroll Carlton 2525 Sunset Dr., Tampa, Fla. Conley, Carolyn Jean 2543 N. Deere Park Dr., Highland Park, 111. Converse, Lucinda Carpenter, II, 22 Edgewood Lane, Bronxville, N. Y. Cook, Emma Jane 1680 Micanopy Ave., Miami, Fla. Corcoran, Dorothy Elise 4545 Ortega Blvd., Jacksonville, Fla. Cornell, Jerry Dean Apartado Aereo 34-34, Bogota, Colombia Cox, Carol McNeir Kennedy- Warren Apts., Washington 8, D. C. Crawford, Louise Thomson 400 Saluda Ave., Columbia, S. C. Criswell, Suzanne Judy 2131 Center Ave., Bay City, Mich. Cross, Louise Weakley Pine Ridge Rd., Birmingham, Ala. Crump, Helen 532 College St., Macon, Ga. Crumrme, Eleanor Anne P. O. Box 312, Oxford, Pa. Cunningham, Esther Elliott 16 Autenneth Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. Davis, Elaine Elizabeth 2602 Valley Dr., Alexandria, Va. Davis, Helen Shore Rd., Port Washington, N. Y. Dawson, Margaret Hooper The Payne Farm. Horse Shoe, N. C. Decker, Virginia Baird 1101 Brandon Rd., Roanoke, Va. Denny, Dorothy Byrd 414 North High St., Franklin, Va. Des Pland, Aimee Savage Beacon Cottage, Pinehurst. N. C. DeVorc, Dorothy Jean. 1622 Avondale Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. Dickson, Anne Talbott 36th St., Virginia Beach, Va. Dillard, Evelyn Dixon 317 S. St. Asaph St., Alexandria, Va. Dingwell, Beatrice Margaret, 2924 Rittenhouse St., N. W., Washington, D. C. Dinsmoor, Charlotte 1720 Logan Ave., S., Minneapolis, Minn. Dowd, Nancy Chesebrough Lake Avenue, Greenwich, Conn. Drubych, Ruth Frances, 8112 Fort Hamilton Parkway, Brooklyn, N. Y. Dudley, Evelyn Stewart 1305 Market St., Parkersburg. W. Va. Duncomhe, Barbara Coleman 528 Elder Lane, Winnetka, 111. Duncombe, Marian Harper 528 Elder Lane, Winnetka, 111. Durrett, Susan Tandy Oak Grove, Ky. Duval, Ellen Boyd.. 3211 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va. Eden, Huldah Holladay....853 W. University Parkway, Baltimore, Md. Edwards, Alice Cornelia, 6918 Columbia Ave., University City. St. Louis. Mo. Emmert, Marguerite McDowell ...591 W. Paces Ferry Rd., Atlanta, Ga. English, Eleanor Cornelia, 4445 Lowell St., N. W., Washington 16, D. C. Enright, Margot Divine 4450 Park Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. Estes, Frances Swann 10 Glen Iris Park, Birmingham, Ala. Ethendge, Eugenia 621 Orange St., Macon, Ga. Ethendge. Jane-Arthur Curtis 310 N. E. 99th St., Miami, Fla. Eubank, Alice Llewellyn 3525 Carondelet Ave., Waco, Texas Evans, Catherine Roberts... 12 Ziegler Tract, Penns Grove, N. J. Evans, Mary Wallis Highlands, Pineville, Ky. Fagg, India Dolores Kernersville, N. C. Falk, Martha Jean 504 N. Moffet, Joplin, Mo. Fannholt, Betty Boyd Pendennis Mount, Annapolis, Md. Farr, Ann Ratcliffe Fairfax, Va. Farr, Edith Malone Fairfax, Va. Faulconer, Mildred Hudson Amherst, Va. Feazell, Nancy-Ellen Mount Hope, W. Va. Feder, Suzanne 1799 Cadwell Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio Fcllner. Leila Semple N. Branford Rd., North Branford, Conn. Fcrricr. lean Anne 4256 Nebraska Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C. Field, Elvira Crutcher 601 N. W. 56th St., Miami, Fla. Fischer, Caroline Cotton 1315 W. High St., Jefferson City, Mo. Fitzgerald, Catharine Ames 413 N. Columbia St., Union City, Ind. Fitzgerald, Suzanne Ames 413 N. Columbia St., Union City, Ind. Foree. Elizabeth G 203 Ingleside Ave.. Athens, Tenn. Fox, Elizabeth Ashe 2424 E. Lake Dr., Raleigh, N. C. Francis, Martha Anne 402 Houston St., Luling, Texas Freiberger, Annette 1917 West Colvin St., Syracuse, N. Y. Fruit, Emily Elizabeth 3208 Avalon, Houston, Texas Frye, Mary Kathryn 1537 12th St., Hickory, N. C. Gaines, Betty Anne 52 Edgemont Rd., Ashevil ' e, N. C. Gamble, Gloria 623 Fairmont Ave., Westfield, N. J. Gans, Juanita Shaw Goshen, Va. ,.-.. -, »..■ — w-. ( !ans, Virginia Christina Goshen, Va. Gardner, Frances Nelson 1498 Sevilla Ave., Coral Gables, Fla. Gates, Elisabeth Thompson 3119 Avalon Place, Houston, Texas Gaylord, Isabel Jordan Fort Hill, St. George, Staten Island, N. Y. Gearhart, Alice Marie 204 Mermont Apt., Bryn Mawr, Pa. Gill, Edith Page 410 Cornwallis Ave., Roanoke, Va. Gilliam, Ellen Coalter Langhorne Rd., Lynchburg, Va. Golden, Barbara Anne 1113 Jeanette Ave.. Columbus, Ga. Golden, Betty Lennard 1113 Jeanette Ave., Columbus, Ga. Goodspeed, Eleanor 63 Melrose Place, Montclair, N. J. Gordon, Margaret Eleanor 10 E. Oglethorpe Ave., Savannah, Ga. Graeff, Helen Lorenz 58 S. 2nd St., Chambersburg, Pa. Gravatt, Helen Stevens, % Rt. Rev. John J. Gravatt, Columbia, S. C. Graves, Ann Elizabeth 20 Westbury Rd., Garden City, N. Y. Gray, Martha Elizabeth 141 Monticello Ave., Annapolis, Md. Grayson, Elizabeth Dantzler 2465 Sewell St., Lincoln, Neb. Greene, Noma Tullis, Quarters H 3 G. Naval Operating Base, Norfolk, Va. Griffith, Gaille Barbara 123 N. Gilbert St., Danville, 111. Griffith, Virginia Lee 1703 South Rd., Mount Washington, Md. Grogan, Laura Lee 3009 Simondale, Fort Worth, Texas Gunter, Shirley 705 Felder Ave., Montgomery, Ala. Gurley, Elizabeth Rand Belrose Lane, Radnor, Pa. Hall, Alma Ruth 29 W. Andrews Drive, Atlanta, Ga. Hall, Mary Anne 1102 Washington St., Amarillo, Texas Hall, Natalie Claire 956 W. 10th St., Erie, Pa. Hall, Virginia Curtis 61 Douglass Rd., Glen Ridge, N. J. Halsey, Jacqueline Spray, N. C. Hardy, Amanda Helen 4008 St. Ives Court, Louisville, Ky. Hart, Nan Garland 1836 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va. Hartz, Nancy Ross 2512 Twelfth St., Moline, 111. Hasktns, Mary Fiske 901 Oak St., Chattanooga, Tenn. Hassler, Patricia LeMoine 2 Elliott Dr., Thomasville, N. C. Haverty, Betty Rawson 15 Cherokee Rd., Atlanta, Ga. Hawkins, Mary Sloan 410 Sixth Ave., Hattiesburg, Miss. Hazen, Harriet Jane 2 Linden Ave., Wheeling, W. Va. Hazelhurst, Jean 3900 N. Galloway Drive, Memphis, Tenn. Healy. Elizabeth Turner 609 Bridge St., Hampton, Va. Hepburn, Alice S .39 Canterbury Ct., Ottawa Hills, Toledo, Ohio Herbert, Mary Baldwin 329 Edisto Ave., Columbia, S. C. Herr, Sara Cecil 685 Elsmere Park, Lexington, Ky. Herrick, Leslie Pevear 180 Lincoln Rd., Westfield, N. J. Hesson, Hester Louise Monroe, Va. Hester. Frances Roberta 358 Shiloh St., Cincinnati, Ohio Hicks, Elisabeth Goldsborough 26 High St., Cambridge, Md. Hill, Annie Belle Amherst, Va. Hochn, Betty Jean 600 Center Dr., Memphis, Tenn. Hoffman, Martha Lee 8558 Granby St., Norfolk, Va. Holland, Mary Mcintosh Eastville, Va. Holloway, Betty 600 S. Perry St., Montgomery, Ala. Holman, Mane Elise 114 Woodland Circle, Jackson, Miss. Holmes, Idelle Palmour 85 Peachtree Circle, Atlanta, Ga. Holmes, Sydney 318 Warwick Ave., Douglaston, N. Y. Holt, Julia Kinsley .1585 Virginia St., E., Charleston, W. Va. Holton, Martha Eleanor 2318 Densmore Dr., Toledo, Ohio Holton, Mary Louise 2318 Densmore Dr., Toledo, Ohic Hood, Barbara Gregg 695 S. McLean, Memphis, Tenn. Hooper, Eleanor Gene 3515 Riverside Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. Howell, Mary Louise New Glasgow, Va. Hude. Hilda 205 N. Hermitage Ave., Lookout Mountain, Tenn. Hudgins, Mary Ashley 923 Westover Ave., Norfolk, Va. Hughes, Margaret Patience 835 Avondale Dr., Jackson, Miss. Humbert, Audrey Margaret Riverview, R. F. D. 5, Richmond, Va. Huske, Jean Ashcraft " Sunny Pines, " P. O. 822, Fayetteville, N. C. Hyde, Anne Middleton 108 College Rd., Richmond, Va. Illges, Virginia Howard 2021 Brookside Dr., Columbus, Ga. Inge, Harriet 3908 Shannon Lane, Dallas, Texas Jackson, Anne Philips Chatham Hills, Westhampton, Richmond, Va. Janncy, Barbara Kaye 1822 N. 81st St., Wauwatosa, Wis. Jcfferds, Agnes Arbuckle 1521 Quarrier St., Charleston, W. Va. Jerman, Julia Borden Hampton Hills Lane, Richmond, Va. Johnson, Alice Anderson 11 Collier Rd., Atlanta, Ga. Johnson, Elaine 2122 Hughes, Amarillo, Texas Johnston, Justine Valerie Ann R. F. D. 1, Freehold, N. J. Jones, Adeline Munce 801 Louden Heights Rd., Charleston, W. Va. Jones, Anana Craig 756 Philadelphia Ave., Chambersburg, Pa Jones, Lucy Charles Chatham, Va. Jones, Margaret Boyd .2101 Connecticut Ave., Washington, D. C. Jones, Margaret Saunders 39 Laurel Ave., Binghamton, N. Y. Jones, Mary Elizabeth 805 Maple Drive, Talladega, Ala. Jones, Shields Daughtridge 627 Tarboro St., Rocky Mount, N. C. Joseph, Alice Pelzer 1440 S. Perry St., Montgomery, Ala. Joseph, Elizabeth Pelzer 1440 S. Perry St., Montgomery, Ala. Kauffelt, Elisabeth Stacy, II 872 Briarcliff Rd., Atlanta, Ga. Keddy, Marian Burks 214 Quaker Lane, Alexandria, Va. Kennedy, Alice Anne 464 Hudson Ave., Newark, Ohio Kennedy, Mary Anne 27 Thorn St., Sewickley, Pa. Kent, Mary Elizabeth 20 Brighton Rd., Springfield, Ohio King, Virginia Bowman, 1 1 Cedarcliff Rd., Biltmore Forest, Biltmore, N. C. Kleeman, Anne 1137 Madison St., Clarksville, Tenn. Klemm, Corinne Regina 147 Avenue B, N. W., Winter Haven, Fla. Knapp, Elizabeth 1211 Far Hills Ave., Dayton, Ohio Knapp, Patricia Gaylord 2 Faculty Row, Sweet Briar, Va. Konsberg. Louise Scott 561 Hill Terrace, Winnetka, 111. Krause, Elaine DeWitt 318 E. 30th St., New York, N. Y. Lambert, Cordelia Hillwood, Henderson, Ky. Lancaster, Alice Dabney 1816 Park Ave., Richmond, Va. Land, Mary Jane 8 Davis St., Binghamton, N. Y. Landis, Susanne 2214 Sherman Ave., Evanston, 111. Lane, Susan May 114 West Church St.. Frederick, Md. Lawrence, Jane Smith Red Bank Rd., Galena, Ohio Leaman, Ruth Willis 643 Coleman PI., Westfield. N. J. LeBris, Antoinette Francoisc, % Mrs. Charles Prendergast, Westport, Conn. Lee, Bertha Barrett 820 Fleming Ave., Augusta, Ga. Lee, Mary Cary Clifton Springs Sanitorium. Clifton Springs, N. Y. Levis, Shirley Anne 1735 Clinton St., Rockford, 111. Lindsey, Martha Elizabeth 208 E. 4th St., Rome, Ga. Linforth, Justine Arnold Amherst, Va. Lippitt, Anita Cowan 622 Drayton St., Savannah, Ga. Littleford, Joan Spencer 75 Shaw Lane, Fort Thomas, Ky. Littleford, Mildred Brooks 75 Shaw Lane, Fort Thomas, Ky. Lively, Mary Jane 1577 Quarrier St., Charleston, W. Va. Lloyd, Louisa Barton Main St., Chatham, Va. Long, Harriett Paulett.. 141 S. Colonial Ave., Richmond, Va. Longino, Frances Stokes 2982 Habersham Rd., Atlanta, Ga. Longmire, Ruth Mary 1309 N. 9th, Temple, Texas Love, Jean Lee 610 Fountain PL, Burlington, N. C. Loveland, Florence Bell 98 Clinton Ave., Montclair, N. J. deLustrac, Marguerite 507 Pembroke Ave., Norfolk, Va. McCoy, Joan 3100 Carlisle Rd., Birmingham, Ala. McCulloch, Jean Stuyvesant Ave., Rye, N. Y. McDonnell. Irene McNeal 1 Cherokee Dr., Memphis, Tenn. McDuffie, Mary 1304 E. 10th St., Columbus, Ga. McDuffie, Sarah Lowe 1304 E. 10th St., Columbus, Ga. McGuire, Mary Stuart 1622 Park Ave., Richmond, Va. Mcjunkin, Jane Euwer 1611 Virginia St., Charleston, W. Va. McKoy, Linda Cassard Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa. McLaughlin, Leila Lytle 3700 Fordham Rd., Washington, D. C. McLean, Ann Carter 323 S. Main St., Lexington, Va. McMullen, Sara Ann Ill S. Hale Ave., Tampa, Fla McRae, Jane 334 E. 49th St., Savannah, Ga. Macfarlane, Anne 903 S. Delaware Ave., Tampa, Fla. MacMillan, Josephine Biglow, 1035 Queens Rd., Apt. 5, Charlotte, N. C. Madison, Mary Moss 429 N. Washington St., Bastrop, La. Mallory, Hannah Trowbridge Warsaw, Va. Mandle, Marilyn Ruth 505 Walnut St., Pans, Tenn Manley, Frieda 330 Washington Ave., Savannah, Ga. Marcoglou, Alexandra N 815 Park Ave., New York, N. Y. Marcus, Ellen Ada 516 Northside Ave., Richmond, Va. Marr, Ruth Helen Ridley Creek Rd., Media, Pa. Marshall, Ann Louise 6326 Ridge Ave.. Cincinnati, Ohio Martin, Sally 2406 William St.. Augusta, Ga. Matheis, Joan Ruth 152 Nutley Ave., Nutley, N. J. Maury, Elizabeth Bull Rio Vista Lane, Richmond, Va. Mayer, Manlynne 201 Forrest Dr., Ellsworth. Kansas Miller, Joan Blakeney 704 Prairie Ave., Cleburne, Texas Mills, Julia Adelaide... .2938 Albemarle St., N. W., Washington, D. C. Mooers, Mary Welles 516 W. First St., Elmira, N. Y. Moore, Ann 717 N. Mt. Pleasant Rd., Mount Airy, Philadelphia, Pa. Moores, Mary Jean 108 S. Kensington PL, Springfield. Ohio Morgan, Joanne Thoburn 1538 Quarrier St., Charleston, W. Va. Morrissett, Carlisle Nance 51 Westmoreland PL, Richmond, Va. Morse, Ann Sullivan 782 Belhaven, Jackson, Miss. Morton, June Suzette 538 N. Euclid Ave., Oak Park, 111. Mott, [acqueline Alan 207 Clover Rd., Roselle, N. J. Mullen. Elizabeth Scarlette 1211 Colley Ave., Apt. 1, Norfolk 7, Va. Munnerlyn, Margaret Middleton P. O. Box 4069, Jacksonville, Fla. Munter, Kathenne Marie, 3637 Patterson St., N. W., Washington, D. C. Murray, Jacqueline Ann 737 Maple St., Spartanburg, S. C. Murchison, Helen Spratt 3790 Ortega Blvd., Jacksonville, Fla. Myers, Eleanor Gurncy 208 Hermitage Rd., Charlotte, N. C. Nadler, Florence Gloria 2506 Ohio Ave., Youngstown, Ohio % % « « t % • , Nettles, Winifred Sterling Kensington Rd., Asheville, N. C. Newell, Elizabeth Randolph 304 Park Ave., Newport News, Va. Nicol, Clara Childs " Stillwater, " Rt. 3, Pontiac, Mich. Nicolson, Alice Whitcomb, 4347 Forest Lane, N. W., Washington, D. C. Norman, Sarah Alice Monroe, Va. Noves, Virginia Macky 1134 Michigan Ave., Evanston, 111. O Hearn, Gloria Keith, % Mrs. Ernest Lamb. Stonleigh Hotel, Dallas, Texas Old, Jean Curtis 7000 Hampton Blvd., Norfolk, Va. Ofborn, Virginia Latimer, 25490 E. River Rd., Box 136A, Gross He, Mich Owens, Anne Frances Windsor Point, Norfolk, Va. Parrish, Caroline 315 Church St., Marion, Va. Pitton, Lois Gene 160 E. 48th St., New York, N. Y. Pearson, Anne 104 State St., New-buryport, Mass. Pender, Elizabeth Jordan 812 Stockley Gardens, Norfolk, Va. Pettit, Frances Blatchford 323 Pearl St., Ottawa, 111. Pickens, Jane Liddell Janelia Farms, Ashburn, Va. Pillow, Josephine Dale 810 McDonough St., Helena, Ark. Pitman, Peggy 3868 Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, Texas Pollard, Jean Grace 1406 Runnvmeade Rd., Norfolk, Va. Porcher, Harriet Latta 615 Morehead Ave., Charlotte, N. C. Pratt, Bess Humphrey 305 Eustis St., Huntsville, Ala. Prellow, Evelyn May 55 Exeter St., Forest Hills, N. Y. Price, Catherine Lytle R. R. 1, Upper River Rd., Louisville, Ky. Randolph, Beverley Winston Ave., Charlottesville, Va. Ray, Genevieve Hazlewood Forest Hills, Danville, Va. Redding, Sherley Mane 601 W. Lexington St., High Point, N. C. Redfern, Margaret Whitaker Algonquin Park, Norfolk, Va. Reese, Alice Leigh 116 Sycamore St., Petersburg, Va. Reese, Taylor Beale .12 Peck St., Attleboro, Mass. Reilly, Charlotte Beekman 19 Washington Ave., Rumson, N. J. Rice, Jane Ridgely 306 Highfield Rd., Baltimore. Md. Richardson, Jane Galloway Reidsvil ' e, N. C. Rickards. Frances Murrell North Shore Point. Norfolk, Va. Ridler, Jean Bissell 608 Lindsay Rd., Wilmington, Del. Riordan, Katherine Lyons, U. S. Naval Hospital, Hadnot Point, New River, N. C. Ripley, Lois Elizabeth 3 329 Greenwav Rd., Shaker Heights. Ohio Robbins, Ellen Ruth 2916 Chevy Chase, Houston, Texas Robertson, Margaret Briscoe Stuart. 6 Tapoan Rd., Richmond, Va. Rollins, Juliette Bowling Windermere, Columbia. Mo. Rosamond. Inez Fennell 591 Melrose, Memphis, Tenn. Rosenzweig, Lois Muriel 95 Virginia Ave., Welch, W. Va. Royster, Sarah Olivette 409 Hillsboro St., Raleigh, N. C. Rudulph, Caroline Inez 801 Carter Hill Rd., Montgomery, Ala. Ryan, Jean Chase 101 Beverly Rd., Montclair, N. J. Ryland, Elizabeth Webb 222 Norfolk Ave., Lynchburg. Va. Sadowsky. Anastasia 885 Park Ave., New York, N. Y Sanders, Nancy Marchant. 1631 W. 28th St.. Sunset Island, Miami Beach, Fla. Saunders, Marion Louise 1042 Jamestown Crescent, Norfolk, Va. Schaab, Barbara lean 832 Midway Drive, Auburn, Ind. Schoenheit, Elizabeth Grace.. ..U. S. Naval Hospital, Parris Island, S. C. Schreck, Jacauelin Henrietta 3624 Glenwood Rd., Cleveland, Ohn Schuber, Emilv Battle 83 Evelyn PL, Asheville, N. C. Scott, Judith Carro ' l 618 N 9th, Temple, Texas Scurry, Nancy Marmaduke 1912 Larchmont Rd., Houston, Texas Seibels. Anne Goldthwaite 648 Idlewild Circle, Birmingham, Ala. Shackelford. Virginia Host 343 57th St., Newport News, Va. Shanley, Marian Maull 109 Mermod PL, Kirkwo id, Mo. Sheridan, Frances Josephine, 15338 Gulf Bvld., N. Madeira Beach, St. Petersburg, Fla. Sheridan, Mary Rose 61 Woodlawn Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y. Sherman, Eleanore Louise .310 W. Cecil St., Winchester, Va. Sibley, Margaret Elizabeth 219 W. Mulberry, San Antonio, Texas Simmons. Mary Elizabeth 1124 Sunset Ave., Rocky Mount, N. C. Skerry, Elizabeth Jeanne. 905 Stuart Rd., Westover Hi ' ls, Wilmington. Del. Slane, Meredith Clark 1200 Westwood Ave., High Point, N. C. Small, Shirley Margaret 1619 W. 2nd St., Topeka, Kan. Smart, Catherine Langdon Eastover Rd., Charlotte, N. C. Smith, Cora Louise 2231 Broadway, San Francisco, Calif. Smith. Edna Louise 408 Emerson Ave., Aspinwall, Pa. Smith, Lillian E Amherst, Va. Smith, Martha Claudia 7606 Maury Arch, Norfolk, Va. Somervell. Susan Quarters 2, Fort Myer, Va. Sprunt, Charlotte 1615 Chestnut St., Wilmington, N. C. Stafford, El ' enor Knowles, 748 E. High Ave., New Philadelphia, Ohio Stafford, Margaret Daisy Hill, Chagrin Falls, Ohio Staples, Janet 167 Southwood Rd., Bridgeport, Conn. Stevens, Frances Lee 508 Wildwood Ave., Rocky Mount, N. C. I Stickney, Patricia Jean ...2125 Mt. Vernon Ave., Toledo, Ohio Stilwell, Jacqueline 803 N. Dawson St., Thomasville, Ga. Stobert, Diane 2716 Southwood Rd.. Birmingham, Ala. Street, Katherine Louise 212 S. Crest Rd., Chattanooga. Tenn. Strickland, Mary Jessie 525 W. Wes ' ey Rd., N. E., Atlanta, Ga. Stubbs, Martha Anne 316 54th St.. Newport News, Va. otuckle, Anne Katherine .13 Wendover Rd., Montclair, N. J. Swann, Margaret Gaines P. O. Box 232, Winter Haven, Fla. Symes, Mary Emilie, Rua Paul Redfern 24 A, Ipanema, Rio de Janiero, Brazil Tavenner, Harriet Stephenson Woodstock, Va. Taylor, Adeline Wright Summerville, Ga. Taylor, Eden 521 College St., Macon, Ga. Taylor, Florence Obve, % Taylor, Orr y Co., Lynch Building, Jacksonville, Fla. Taylor, Mary Booth 1 Rugby Place, University, Va. Tchou, Juliet Pao-y, Consulate General of the Republic of China. Guatemala City, Guatemala, C. A. Temple, Sara Ann 901 Vine St., Chattanooga, Tenn. Thackray. Mary Ellen 1432 Luzerne St., Johnstown, Pa. Thomas, J.sephine Elizabeth 1502 State St., New Orleans, La. Thomp son, Legare Hargroves " Evergreen, " Hopewell, Va. Thompson, Sarah Noll 409 Queen ' s Rd„ Charlotte, N. C. Thomson, Elizabeth Moseley 705 Park Ave., Goldsboro, N. C. Thomson. Emmy Lou Ivy Hill, Forest, Va. Tift, Catherine Hill 235 The Prado, Atlanta, Ga. Tittenngton, Martha Bronson 6615 Waterman, St. Louis, Mo. Tobin, Dorothy Unington .147 Ridgewood Ave., Glen Ridge, N. J. Todd. Margaret Winchester Sunnyside Lane, Irvington, N. Y. Tr- ugott. Mary Perkirs 1516 Blandford Circle, Norfolk, Va. Tucker, Maria Washington, 2521 Fairmount Blvd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio U ' mer. Fannie Baker Ortega Sta., Jacksonville, Fla. Vance, Catherine Peter. .4915 30th Place, N. W.. Washington 8, D. C. Van Cleve, Susan Marlou 429 W. 6th St., Erie, Pa. Vandeventer, Mary Dunn 1101 Graydon Ave., Norfolk, Va. Vars, Trudv Hotel Westbrook, Buffalo 2, N. Y. Vaughan. El ' zabeth lane. 333 Terrell Rd., San Antonio, Texas Vick, Mary Elizabeth 1802 Colquitt, Houston, Texas Vinton, Mary Charity Wood, Highland Plantation, Lake Providence. La. Waitc, Nancy 450 Ocean Ave., Seal Beach, Calif. Walker, Anne Carter Orange, Va. Walker, Virginia Randolph Orange, Va. Wa ' ters, Ann Cabell .20 Washington, South Boston, Va. Warner, Barbara Katherine .318 West Navarre St., South Bend, Ind. Warner, Rebecca Jane 3825 Free Ferry, Fort Smith, Ark. Warren, Anne Field Point Circle, Greenwich, Conn. Waterman, Cecile Isabel 901 S. Orleans Ave., Tampa, Fla. Watts, Virginia Anne % Prof. L. B. Packard, Amherst, Mass. Watts, Wistar Morris " Gladwood, " Route 4, Lynchburg, Va. Webb, Anne Neville St. Paul ' s School, Concord, N. H. Weil, Elizabeth Bogle 700 E. Beech St., Goldsboro, N. C. Weisiger, Katharine Jennie Milford Hills, Salisbury, N. C. West, Lillian Mamah Perry Park, Kinston, N. C. Whitaler, Patricia Ann 34 Whitfield Rd., Baltimore, Md. Whitaker, Virginia Branch 1048 Arbor Rd., Winston-Salem. N. C. White, Ernestine Lacy 90 Douglas Rd., Rochester, N. Y. White, Evelyn Shirley 2269 Jefferson, Memphis, Tenn. White, Margaret Ellen 21 T wnsend St., Walton, N. Y. White, Mary Coleman 608 W. Washington St., Suffolk, Va. Whitehead, Gertrude Kinsley Amherst, Va. Wilbourn, L uise Robertson 1511 Poplar, Memphis, Tenn. Wilkins, Emily Ann 7747 Kingsburg Rd., Clayton, Mo. Wilkinson, Helen Louise 3000 University Ave., Muncie, Ind. Willcox, Harriet Gale 537 Pembroke Ave., Norfolk, Va. Willetts, Marjone Roberts, 32 Forden Ave., Westmount, P. Q., Canada Williams, Elizabeth Berkeley Chauncy, The Chesterfield Apts., Richmond, Va. Williams, Elizabeth Jane 603 W. Brow Rd., Lookout Mt., Tenn. Witherspoon. Martha Vairin 1568 Webster St., New Orleans, La. Wood, Mary Frances 90 Wilson Ave., Rutherford, N. J. Woodard, Grace Harper Watson Dr., Wilson, N. C. Woods, Anne Baker 57 Park Ave., Bronxville. N. Y. Woods, Marjone Adelaide. 3830 Reno Rd., N. W., Washington, D. C. Wright. Alma Christina 54 N. Main St., Rutland, Vt. Wright. LaVonne 1500 W. Broadway. Sedalia, Mo. Wylie, Nancy Louise 639 King St., Pottstown, Pa. Yocum, Marthalyn Rushing 1222 N. Madison Ave., El Dorado, Ark. Zulich, Elizabeth Albright N. Warren St., Orwigsburg, Pa. Zulich, Isabel Starr N. Warren St., Orwigsburg, Pa. riTl Vf Tf T? ; ' i • % ♦ % ■ « • « -» % ♦ ;. .....

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