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SWEET BRIAR COLLEGE 3 2449 0297316 7 ' ijfife ' " n Presented by Anne Leininon Janet Bogue m:m " C: ■ : (a MARY HELEN COCHRAN LIBRARY SWEET BRIAR COLLEGE ' f y- -- e ' ■:. ' ■■ : f r: ..-•.%,• .V . ,. ■V-. vs t J1 w-isai;? 4 v " :: ' ' i afcislr ' ; ' i Wtl a ' ■■ t - W 1936 NE LEMMON EDITOR JANET BOGUE BUSINESS MANAGER Z -c v li---y Coe: . ( j ,. . 9 PUBLISHED BY THE JUNIOR CLASS SWEET BRIAR COLLEGE SWEET BRIAR -VIRGINIA M Thirty years ago Sweet Briar Academy be- gan its initial year with an enrollment of thirty- six students. It is with pride and admiration that we look back on the classes which have preceded us, and which have made possible the Sweet Briar we know. With great hope and eager anticipation we look to the future. We feel we are now beginning a new era in which growth and great changes are inevitable. It is with this in mind that we have made the 1936 Briar Patch, hoping that it may be a tangible expression of what Sweet Briar means to us to-day. We have endeavored to reflect truly the beauty and happiness of our college life; and if in the years to come this book brings back memories of these happy college days, its purpose will have been fulfilled. IJhe ' L oiiege C 1 a s e s 13 r g a 11 1 z a i 1 O 11 s A if Ii 1 e i -1 c s May Day, 1 9 O 5. in dvertisemeiits 13222 Because in the past she has be- come so definitely a part of the Sweet Briar we love, and because in the future she will be present always in our memories as a sincere and lovely person, we dedicate our volume of the Briar Patch to MISS DEE LONG Jfe --. ' i ' ■■ .S " LahJUxj { C ej:ectatu rtom tlte i aad. p CMWOodj- J ktoiitjk y y LuunoiLu J— caves J lie J—lotutit icvs at J jLtjlit z weei u tiat ::7 r ' ' citu yi aietrall at tkc = 2jam zi Letcltet at J xJiakt (I ADMINISTRATION THE BRIAR PATCH IQ36 Dr. Meia Glass Presidi -nt of Sweet Briar College THE BRIAR PA J)r. 1 MII.V H. l)r 1 idn Dean of Sweet Briar College THE BRIAR PATCH IQ36 MR. P E R R ' L A U K H U F F Kacultv Adviser of the Briar Patch PlJgi ' J cfll y THE BR ' AR PATrM lO Co- Officers of AclnMimstration ama Imfruciion, 1935-1936 •mi- KXKfl ' I 1 K OIMCKRS Mkta G. as , Ph.D., Lltt.U., I.L.I)., P,,siJ,-nl Kmii V Hkhn DiTTMN, Ph.D., D. i« 1Uhs;h.k Dh. kk Liii, Registrar .- .Ii., WflU-sU-y C.lU-pi-i .A.M., Thf Ccrgc Washington University JK.WF.TTt BOONK, AssistiJKt Regiftriir A.B., Sweet Briar College WiLLi. M B. Dfw, Treasurer liKKNUt I). 1,1 Tike Facmltj Meta Glass A.M , Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College; I ' h.D., Litt.D., Columbia University; LL.D., University of Delaware; L ' tt.D., Mount Holyoke College; Preshitnt Emily Helen Dutton . .li., Mount Holyoke College; A.M., Radcliffe College; Ph.D., Universitv of Chicago; D.:v, .,m Professor oj Greek and Lalin Mary Harley M.U., Woman ' s Medical College of the New York Infirmary; College P nsieian au.l Professor of Hygiene Hl ' CiH S. WORIHINGTON B.A, .M.A., University of Virgini.T Professor of MoJcrn Languages VlR(;INIA Rand.vi.l McL.aws Sludenl in the Charcoal Cluh ,.1 Baltimore; Student and Teaclu in the New York School of Art; Pupil of Hcnrv Caro-Delvaille, Paris; Dire.lnr ,.l Arf Caroline Lambert Sparrow A.B., C.oucher College; A.M., C.rnell University; Professor of History •On s.abbatical leave 19.i;-36. ' .Absent on leave iy.l -.?6. HrGH S. WoKTHINGTOS Page Ttienry-On hiE BRIAR PATCH IC)36 Virginia Randall McL Eugenie M. Morenus A.B., A.M., V.issar Collegei Ph.D., CoUimbi.i Uiil Professor of Malhemalics Adeline Ames BS., A.M., University of Nebraska Ph.D., Cornell Unversitv; Professor of BJology Lucv Shepard Crawford A.B., I ' h.D., Cnrnell University Professor of PAilasop iy, Psyc wlogy ,u:,l Education Carl Y. Connor B.A., University of Toronto A.M., Harvard University; Ph.D., Columbia University Professor of English EroENiF M ' ■ Ewing C. Scott St.mford University, PhD., University of Chicago; Professor of Chemistry Preston H. Edwards B.A., M.A., University of Virginia; Ph D., T ' hn Hopkins University; Pruiessor of Physics M. Dee Long Northwestern University; .A M., Columbia University; Professor of EngUsh Dora Neill Raymond A.M., Unversity of Texas; Ph.D., Columbia University; Professor of History Alfred A. Finch Mus.B., Yale University Student of Thomas Whitney Surette, Francis Rogers, Fclia Litvinne, Dr. Theodore Lierhammer, and Austro- American International Conservatory, Mondsee, Austria, Diplomas Conservatoire Americaine, Fontainebleau, France Professor of Music Harris Gary Hudson A.B., James Millikin University; M.A., University of Oxford; Ph.D., University of Chicago; Professor of Htstory Marion Josephine Benedict A.B., Barnard College; A.M., Ph.D., Columbia University; B.D., Union Theological Seminary; Professor of Bihlicil Literature On sabbatical leave, first semester, 193 5-36. Page Ttienty-TtLO THE BRIAR PATT 3 6_= liKi.LK HoDNE Heard A.I!., Lynchburg Clk-gc; Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College; Professor of Economics and Sociology Carol M. Rice A.H., Smith Cullcgci A.M., WclU-slcy College; M.D., University of Wisconsin; College Physician and Professor of Hygiene Jessie Melville F ' raser A.H., C( lunihi;i College; A.M., Cnivcrsity of South Carolina; A.M., Columbia University; Associate Professor of History Helen K. Mull A.B., Vassar College; A.M., Ph.D., Radcliffe C ollege; Associate Professor of Philosophy, Psychology and Education Florence Horton Robinson . .B., M..A., University of California; Ph.D., Columbia University; Fellow American Academy in Rome; Associate Professor of An Joh.anne SroCHHOLM M.. ., University of Copenhagen; Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College; ' Associate Professor of English Harrietp Howell Rogers A.B., Mount Holyoke College; Graduate of New Haven Normal School of Gymnastics; Associate Professor of Physical Education Gladys Boone M.A., Birmingham University Associate Professor of Economics Joseph E. Barker B.A., B.D., Vale University; A.M., Harvard University; .1 ».,■., ,■ P,„i.i „r „f Freeh .Minna Dams Reynolds A.B., A.M., Goucher College; Assistant Professor English .Miram H. Weaver Student of Cincinnati Conservatory; Student of Isador Phllipp ir Paris; Student of Thomas Whitney Surette; Assistant Professor of Piano and Theoretical Music Florence Hagi ' e A B., A.M., University ..t Kansas; Ph.D., University ot Illinois Assistant Professor of Biology KwisG C Scott Page Ttcenty-T ir =: =-THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 Preston- H. Edwards Cecile Guilmineau Johnson M.A., Johns Hopkins University; As. isni„l Professor of Freud, Joseph Dexter Bennett 3.A., Y.ile Univei-sitv; B.A., University of Oxford; Assis aiit Professor of English Salvatore C. Mangiafico R.S., A.M., Columbia; Assismnt Professor of Modern Languages Elisabeth F. Moller A.B., Coucher College; A.M., Clark University; Ph.D., Cornell University; Assistant Professor of Psyehology Alfred A. Fl Mary J. Pearl B.A., University of Toronto; A.M., University of Michigan; Assistant Professor Greek: and Latin Ernest Zechiel B.A., Oberlln College; Graduate Mannes School of Music, New York; Pupil of Benno Moiseiwitsch, London; Pupil of Rosario Scalero, New York and Italy Assistant Professor of Music Lois Wilcox Graduate, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Student, Art Students League, New York; L ' EcoIe Montparnasse, Paris; Student of Galemberti and Orozco; Assistant Professor of Art Ethel Ram. ge A.B., Barnard College; A.M., Columbia University; Assistant Professor of Englisli Bertha Pfister Wailes A.B., Sweet Briar College; M.A., University of Virginia; Assistant Professor of Sociology Maria Boudreaux A B., Ne (comb College; A.M., University of Chicago; Instructor ,n Modern Languages Hilda Harpsier A.B., Sweet Briar College; A.M., University of Michigan Instructor in Biology II.ARRI5 G.VRV H A.B., Otterbein C Inst •On sabbatical le Perry Laukhuff A.M., Harvard University; ■-uctor in Go 1935-36. Page Tuenly-Fou THE BRIAR PATCH IQ36- W ' lI.l.A R. " ' oiINC A.H., Smith Colk-gci Ctrtlticate, Institute Univcrsit.iirc lU- flautcs Etudes Internationales, Geneva; Assis an to the Dean G eneral .iikiser to Freshmen Irene Huber Abitur, Kanti.nsscluile, St. Gall, Switzerland; A.H.. Barnard College; M.A., Rryn Ma«r C ' Mllejtf; Inslnutor in German Nora H. Siaael B.S., Northern State Teachers College M.A., Columbia University; Instructor in Physical Eilucation Elizabeth Adams B.S., Midillebury College; M.A., Smith College; Instructor in Chemistry Geriri ' de Malz A.B., Swarthmorc College, A.M., I ' li.D., University of Wisconsin; Instructor in Greek anj Latin Nancy Cole A.B., Vassar College; A.M., Ph.D., Radcliflfe College Instructor in Mathematics Cameron King A.B., University of Idaho; Certificate, Department of Drama, Yale University; Instructor in English Bn IF BooNF Bf Louise Rood B.M., University of Wisconsin; Student luilliard Scho.il of Music; Pupil of Edouar.l Dethlc Juilliard Fellou in Music Sarah Thorpe Ramage BA., Xewcomb College; M.A., Bryn Ma«r College Instructor in English Helen Davis B.S., Bostim University; Graduate Boston School of Physical Education; Instructor in Physical Eilucation Erminie Huntress A.B , M,.unt Molyoke College; B.D., Union Theol, gical Semina Instructor in Biblical Literature •First semester 1935-36. Page r-.eenly-Fili = THE BRIAR PATCH ig36 Eleanor Rathbone A.B., Vassar College; A.M., Radcliffe College Instructor i?l Hrstorv Anne L. Delano Graduate Bouvc-Bostun School of Physical Ediicat!, Assistant in Phvsial Education Eleanor Pease A.B., Wellesley College Assistant in Bioloex ' Mary Mangiafico A.B., Hunter College Assistant in Modern Languages loranaiis Doris Aline Lomer Formerly Head, Cataloguing Department, McClll Cniversity Library Librarian Elizabeth W. Steptoe Drexel Institute; Assistant Librarian Mabel Griffith Edwards A.B, Smith College; B L.S. Library School, Carnegie Institute of Technolog Cataloguer Edith Endicott Library Scho,, ' , Carnegie Institute of Technolog Cataloguer Marjorie Smith A.B., Sweet Briar College Assistant to tlie Librarian Page Twenty-Six THE BRIAR PATru lo r Otker Officers and Assistanfs Marciaret S. Banister A.Ii., SwcTt Briar College; Dinwior of Public Relation! V ' lVIENNE liARKALDW HrECKENRIDGE A.H., S«i-ct Hriar Ci.llcge; AlNi :n,ic Sectflary Lois Ballenger B.S., (Jreenville Woman ' s College; Secn-lary lo the Praident Lelia Evelyn Maher Assistant to tin- Treasurer Lelia Graham Marsh A.B., Salem College Secretary to the Dean Ada Robinson Secretary to the Registrar Nancv Coale Worthington A. B., Sweet Briar College Secretary in the Office of the Director of Public Relation Donna P. Wills, R. N. Craduate St. Andrew ' s Hospital, Lynchburg, Va. Gwenddlvn ' HirM()RE, R. N. Graduate Marshall Lodge Memorial Hospital, Lvnchhurg, Va Nurse Ruby Walker Manager of the Book S iop icers in ' C-liarge of Jr lamf Jame; Ri ' ssELi. .ViiHirr Jane K. W. |ensen B.S., C E., Virginia Polytechnic Institute A.B., Wellesley College; Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Director uf the Refectories Mary Dix Martindale Lydia Dodge Morse Supervisor of the Halls of Residence Head of Faculty House Henrietpa Payne Goldenberg Manager of the Boxuood Inn Page T centy-Set ' i THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 ioarJ of O Rev. Carl E. Grammer, S. T. D., President Emeritus Philadelphin, Pa. Mr. P ' ercuts Reid, President Norfolk, Va. Mr. I). A. Payne, Secretary L nchhurg, Va. Mr. .- llen Cl ' cullu, (Chairman Executive Committee L nchbiirij;, Va. Mr. R. L. Cumnock .Altavista, Va. Mrs. Ch.arlep Burnett Richmond, Va. Senator C.arier Glass L nchbui ' a;, Va. verseers Dr. H. Parker ' ILLIS New " i ' ork Cit - Mr. James D. Mooney New York City Mr. Arthur J. Morris New York City Miss Met.-v Glass President Sweet Briar College Dr. James Morrison Lynchburg, Va. Dr. Beverley D. Tucker, Jr. Richmond, Va. Mrs. a. Kent Balls Washington, D. C. Mrs. ' illiam Williamson, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. jh secuCive ' Uominiititee Mr. Allen Cucitllu, Chairman Mr. D. A. Payne Mr. R. L. Cumnock Dr. James Morrison I ' resident Meta Glass, ex-oficio JDoarfll of JlJirectors Rev. Carl E. Grammer, S. T. D., President Emeritus Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. Fergus Reid, President Norfolk, Va. Mr. D. a. Payne, Secretary L nchburLr, Va. Mr. Allen Cucullu, C luiDDian E ecutivc Conninttet L nchbiirg, Va. Mr. R. L. Cltmnock .AltaVista, Va. Mrs. Ch.arles Burnett Richmond, Va. Dr. James Morrison Lynchburg, Va. txecutive " Uommiiiee Mr. .Allen Cucullu, (Chairman Mr. R. L. Cumnock Mr. D. A. Payne Pti i- Tu -u y-Eig t THE BRIAR PATCH Tlie oweet IBriar Aiummae Association ' Ihc Sweet Briar Alumnae Association was founded in June, 1910, at the i ment. Its purpose has always been to further the interest of alumnae and fori and in each other. The Alumnae Nms, published four times a year brings to thi affect Sweet Briar directly or indirectly. S:c.;-l Hri.ir To-.lay, published twice a year discussion of campus news. December 28 is set aside each year for Sweet Briar Day. Meetings of all th the United States and of the fourteen Associations in foreign countries bring togethi and students for the purpose of discussing Sweet Briar, past and present ' of tile first comnience- students in the college events of interest which -eight ;.f the In memory of Mr. N. C. Manson, a mer gives each year the Manson Memorial Schol academic work as well as prnx ing outstanding in iber of the first Board of Directors, the .Mumnae Assoclatioi irship to an upperclassman who has distinguished herself ii outside activities. This year it was awarded to Elizabeth Cocke MK . John Clakk Wouu Croft Ari- (Eleanor Harned, ' 24) First Viu-PresidcHl Fr. ncks D. rden Second Viee-PrcsUe„l MKMBHRS Ol- (Edna Lee, ' 26), PresiJenI ' ' lVlENNE BarKALOW BkkCKKNRIDI Alumnae Secretary and Treaiu Gertrude Prior, ' 29 C ,airman Alumnae Fund THE COUNCIL Mrs. Donald Torrky (Elizabeth Grammer, ' 1. ) Mrs. Benjamin Wailes (Bertha Pfister, ' 17) Mrs. H. ERicK Valentine (Elizabeth Taylor, ' 23) Y Van Metre Campbell (Esther Tyler, ' 29) iRET McVey, ' IS (Honorary Member) Mrs Fr Mrs. Hai Li ' FK (Isabel Webb, ' 20) .Mar ALUMNAE MEMBER OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS Mrs. Cha rles Blrnett (Eugenia Griffin, ' 10) ALUMNAE MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES (Eliz.ibeth Frankc, ' 13) Mrs. Willum Willumson, Jr. (M Page Tttenty: i CiWu SENIORS Jacqi ' eline Moore Pt I ' i ' idoit Jane Shelion V ' u -Pr cs ' ulrnt Chi.oe Frierson Sr crctarx VlRC;INIA RiriTY 7V •a Hirer THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 X LLCC i iiit Ljevetcn il ' ciict CoLl ' MBIA, S. C English Her luvdy voice lias made Alice a inemher ..f tlie Glee Club and Choir, as well as college Song Leader. Dur- ing her Junior year she was Editor of the Briar Patch, and gave up Aints and Asses to become a star of Paint and Patches. As a Senior she became a Chung Mung and Editor of the Bramhler. Page Thirly-Fo RocKv MouN ' i " , N. C. Economics and Sociology Nancy has been a member of Chung Mung, as well as President of Aints and Asses and Chairman of the Orientation Committee. The Bramhlcr has claimed her as Advertising Manager, and the Senior play was a success under her direction. She has devoted Wednes- day afternoon to the Colored Committee during the last two years. Page Thirty-Five THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 I ' leasan rviLLE, N. " ' . EtigUsh Though Gloriana left us her Junior year for St. Andrews, Sweet Briar refused to let her talents escape again. Upon her return she was made Book Reviewer of the Ih,vnhler, Secretary of the English Club, and a member of the Advisory Council. Other positiims occupy the rest of her time. Page Thirty-six JllILn L M Richmond, Va. Biblical Literature Lillian ' s ability has won her a prominent place in Sweet Briar athletics. In Hockey and basketball she was a member of her class team all four years, and on Varsity her Junior and Senior years. She has been Head of Basketball this year. Among the other posi- tions she has held are membership In Aints and Asses and the Social Committee. Page TAirly-Se THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 y 1 latit Vituiniu L, t-ift V I ' RANKLIN, ' . Engl ' lih Mary ' lrglnia is one of our foremost clubwomen. She belongs to the Classical Club, the Italian Club, and the English Club. The rest of the college will miss her inspired hockey playing while dressed in a fur coat, as well as those trickv Oxford glasses. Page Thirty-Eight y y lataatct I iiSMtiii C annwcli ' J Di-iRuir, MiLii. Pn-. Irdual Peg h.is bfcn .i nu-riihcr „f tlu- ! ' )! Hkr. K I ' aivii Slaff and the Orientation Ci.niniittee. As a Senior she has served as President of the Biology Club, a position which she has filled admirably judging by the masterly way she deals with her cats and dangles pigs feel before less scientific eyes. Pjg,- r iir y-Mnf THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 y I iii ' cu c kLiinct L- c •J utt Norfolk, Va. E igitsh Tor fdur ye.irs Kin has participateJ in the wurk uf the Dance Grdup, and for twtj years her beauty has won for her a place in the May Court. Besides these activities, as a Freshman she belonged to the Classical Club, and later became a member of the English Club and of Aints and Asses. ■Xeiu C iLTcWctli (_ cckc J Chkvv Chase, Md. RUilicai Lhtratuii ' NunihiTici among Betty ' s achievemenls are rmmbcrsliip in the C ' .lee Club and Choir, Business Manager ..f the Briar Patch, and I ' resident of l alnt and IVitches. She has also become a Chung Mung. Freshman, Sopho- more, and Junior Honor Student should be added lo this list, and she received the Manson Memorial Award this year. P,lgi- ForlyOm- THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 X ancii J—iu ' lIU L 7 a : Amhers ' I " , Va. Greek ivid Latin It seems that one can always find Lucille in the Library and no wonder, for she is one of the few Seniors who is majoring in the Classics. In keeping with this she has been a member of the Classical Club for three years and as a Senior she has been Secretary of that organization. Paz Foriy-T ' .i dr—faii ( liavLii r- Z v z tV Hui.Lis, N. V. Biology When Ad:i i.uw u, us In lur .Iuiii..r year she joined ihs Gernun :inJ Biology Clubs, and after proving her ability in several plays, she became a member ot Paint and I ' atches. In her Senior year she has been C ' hairni.in of the Social Committee, Secretary of the V. VV. C. A., and a Tau Phi. P, g.-F ,rt)-r ,r THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 X Sheboygan, Vis. Mathi ' iii itics " L i ' s " acti kiL-s have bei-n In various fields. Among them we find Assistant Editor of the Handbook, and membership In the Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, and in Chung Mung. In sports she has been a member of the Interclass Lacrosse team and of the Swimming Council. Page Furly-Fo uttLCLu ■LLliCu (L iiniuiiiij Urooki.vn, N. Y. PhUosi)ph mid Psychology I ' nfs Mi.-iullini-ss and unfailing gm.d-naturo luui- made her lnvi-d hy all those lucky enough to know her. Transferring to Sweet Briar in her Junior year Pat becam-j a member of the Biology Club, and worked on the .S«w llnar .W ' .cs as a I ' ro.if Reader. In her Senior vear she has been Treasurer of the Classical Club. Page Forly-Fiii THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 L, klcc cr tie tJi n Columbia, Tenn. Philosoph ' nii. ' l Ps chnlo Chine ' s positions defy emimeiatidii in this liniiteJ sp;ice. However, as a Senior she was Secretary of her class, and a member of the Advisory Council. Chung Mung and Aints and Asses both claim her, and she has graced the Mav Court fur two years. Page Forl -Six C wccliitc I lc ct: zi ittiiuj Selma, Ala. Economics and Sociology Pity the poor Social Cummittee, Advisory Council, and Aints nnd Asses next year! They are going to have to struggle along without Gallic as best they can, but they ' ll never forget her southern accent or her funny stories of her varied experiences. Page Forly-Scicn THE BRIAR PATCH IQ36 X {iZntli L ijJci t Lflll ' uwi .Amherst, Va. English Ruth has been I ' rfslJent of the English Club, a Staff Writer for tlie Stctel Briiir A ' firij, as well as Associate Editor of the Bramhhr. Her ability coupled with her friendly smile has made her a place at Sweet Briar which will not soon be forgotten. Pci e Forty-Eight Ij itkct jccX Will AiviHERsr, Va. English Opinions differ .ihout .iccomplishments. The school will probably remember Parker best as Assistant Editor of the Briar Patch and Rramhler her Junior year and Business Manager of the Rramhler her fourth year, and as a member of Aints and Asses. Parker, however, considers her greatest accomplishment lies in her English Honors work. Page Fa THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 X Auitcci l i ' liccLct tea out MoNlCLAIR, N. J. History " Chickie " is ,ine of those fortunate humans to whom was granted a sixth sense — efficiency and good manage- ment. Among the positions she has held are Editor of the Handbook, head of properties for Paint and Patches, Copy Editor of the AVhj, and advertising manager of the Briar Patch. Tau Phi also has claimed her fur its Vice-President. Page Fitly Norfolk, Va. Economics and Sociology Marge has been a member of the Sociology and Economics Club, the Spanish Club, and the Inter- national Relations Club. On the appointed nights she has been seen among the shrouded figures of her sister Chung Mungs, singing their dirge or chasing the Tau l his. Page Fijly-Onc THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 X Takoma Park, Md. Economics and Sociology Capel ' s infectuous laugh gives her away whether she is on the hockey field, in a V. W. C. A. Cabinet meeting, or chanting with the Chung Mungs. She has been chosen Assignment Editor of the News this year and has also been a member of the Sociology and Economics Club. Page Fijty-Tu.0 Amhersi ' , V ' a. Greek and Latin To prove that Mary is one nf our finer students vc need only to say that she is on the Dean ' s list. She has also chosen a major which seems very difficult to most of us. During her Senior year she was a member of the Classical Cluh. Page Fifty-TAr THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 X (I ( ' Horsham, Pa. English Betsy was a member of the Ensemble her first year, and as a Junior and Senior was a member of the English C:ub. She was among those chosen by Aints and Asses her last year. We will remember her best, probably, with a coke and cigarette sitting with Kin at the Inn. Fagf Fijiy-Fo h Toledo, Ohio Philosophy and Psychology T(iry " Is nut only .1 nienihcr of the Senior Debating Team, but is one of the class athletic stars. Fur four years she lias been on the Swimming Council, anJ for the past two years she has been a member of her class hockey teams, of which she was captain as a Senior. Page Fifly-Fi THE BRIAR PATCH IQ36 -- cLcii _y ti Au r roLicii Westport, Conn. Economics and Sociology Orissa ' s accomplishmejits are primarily hi the field of Sweet Briar ' s publicatluns. Her Junior year slie was Business Manager of the Handbook and Assistant Editor of the Briar Patch. The Neivi chose her as an Assistant Editor lier last year. Her activities were not limited to this field and, among other things, she was a member of tiie Y. W. C. . Cabinet. Pagf F,l y-S,x Hdiuar, Tenn. Economics (tnd Sociology Mary lias been a nu-niber of the Sociology and Eco- nomics Club for the past two years. She has also been outstanding in the Dance Group throughout her Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years. Could this fact thro« any light on the humor we hear that she rates more mail than the rest of usr Pagt Fifty-Seve THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 y fl- J-L I P ■ K ilia j: iiskc J ewis ' !■ Oxford, N. C. Eco iomics and Sociologv VVc di. init kn..« uli.it j;n,nl «ind blew Vn.i to Sweet Brl.ir her .|urll .r ye.:r but we nre July :.ppieclative to it. Eliza is President iif the Sociology and Economics Club this year, a member of the Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, and of the Social Committee. She also stars in pro- ductions given by .Aints and Asses. Piige Fijiy-Eighl yl Lataatct -TulliPii ' zlcn jLhiui MoNTCLAIR, N. J. Economics atid Sociology l -p li:is bci-n :i member c,f both the Spnnlsh and the Sociology and Economics Clubs during the last two years. Those clubs may not be known for jollity particularly, but Peg certainly has imc of the most infcctuous laughs on campus. Page Fif y-.Mi THE BRIAR PATCH IQ36 ■Luid C IvvatAA y 1 L clttin Buffalo, N. Y. Economics and Sociology Alma C(.mbliu-s raiL- wit and goud-nature witli the equally raie .|ualities of leadership and executive ability. Active In many irganizations and sports throughout all her college life, as a Senior she has served on the Advisory Council, was President of the V. W. f. A., a member of Paint and Patches, and I ' resident ..f the Chung Mungs. Page Six y L- utlietinc . Liiciitin y I Litclicil Denver, Colo. (. ' u nisfry niKin.ii.ig »ith .|uni..r li.niurs anJ aJmissii.n Into Taii Plii during her third year, Cabby ' s ability and per- sonality have won her two of the most important offices on campus — Vice-President of Student Govern- ment and President of Tau Phi. She is also Secretary of the Advisory and a member of the Social Committee. P,2gf Sixty-On THE BRIAR PATCH IQ36 X LicaiLcluie y V ioo ' ze Rrhmonu, Va. Englhh j;icky might he imIIcJ the pc.enni.il president Un she has led her class for three years. She has also held various positions on the Student Ciovernment, has served on the College Council, the Advisory Com- mittee, and the Executive Committee during the last two years. She has been a meniher of several clubs Including Tau Phi. Page Six y-Tt L ' Nt.HHrRU, Va. English " Lib ' s " beauty won her a place in the May Courl when she was a Sophomore and her voice a place in the Glee Club. She has also been taken into Aints and Asses this year has been on the Nezvi Staff for three years. Will any one who has ever been an honored guest forget the sumptuous repasts prepared by Lib ' s mother? Page Six y-T ir THE BRIAR PATCH |C)36 a AlictJ_ctl U pyciati Bl ' kfalo, N. Y. Philosophy and Ps cholog " TiUie " is a sirl «h„se «it and sense of humor will not be soon forgotten. Throughout her four years she has been active in athletics and captained class teams in Lacrosse, Baseball, and Basketball. She has also been a member of the French Club, and in her Senior year was President of the International Relations Club. Page Sixty-Four I ' utllCtLdC J CMVCttllJ Mllc ' ELl.Esl.EV Farms, Mass. English " K:itiL- " has .il v;ij-s bfi-n outstandiiij; in la-r class. Uuring her first t«o years she was a member of the C.lee Club and Varsity Hockey Team. She spent her Junior year at St. Andrews. Although gone, Katie was not forgotten and returned to us to take over the duties of President of the Athletic . " Association, and to join the ranks of Tau Phi and Aints and Asses. Page- ixly-Fk THE BRIAR PATCH IQ36 Clinton, N. Y . History Nancy has been active In the Y. W. C. A. for the last three years. As a Junior she was a member of the Cabinet, and In her Senior year she was elected Treasurer. She has also been a member of Alnts and Asses and has served on the Brniiitler and Briar Patch Staffs. Page ix y-Su ( ' P Pi- ■ AuiiUSIA, Ga. Econo7nics and Sociology Logan has been an officer of both the Sociology and Economics Club, and the Italian Club, and has sung in the Choir and Glee Club. As a Junior she was a Chung Mung and was chosen for the May Court. She was a Tau Phi and Secretary of Student Government in her Senior vear. Fagc Sixly-Sc- THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 lylt c cp t ' L Litk lylc tJcn Verona, K. J . Psychology iiud Philosophy Phoebe is not only a member of the French Club and President of the Italian Club, but her name appears in both the May Court and the Dean ' s List. Phoebe is one of those Seniors who is so conspicuous by her absence over the week-ends. Page Sixly-Eight C iiyihclli _y I Lc I [little ifyutLtlcii Bavdnne, N. f. English " Pinky ' s " merits were discovered her Freshmen year when she was elected President of her class. For three years she has been House-President. Her beauty and intellectual ability were honored by the M.ny Court and Tau Phi respectively, . ' mong other things she has been .Assistant Kditor of the Sees in her Junior and Seni.)r vears. Page SixlyNin THE BRIAR PATCH IQ36 yytutailiitf j - lllCA IJycW ' cil West La sn, Pa. Fretich After twu years at Sweet Briar Marq spent her Junior year in France. When she returned she was elected President of the French Club, and was a member of Paint and Patches and of her class Debating Team. She has also served on the staffs of the Brambler and the Sacel Briar Netos. Page Seventy I ' oR iLAND, Conn. F,((i)i( uncs and Sociology Mary, a member of the Inlernatiunal Relations Club and of the Sociology and Economics Club, has not confined her activities to the academic side of college. In her Junior year she was a member of the Handbook Staff, and as a Senior she worked on the .V.«j. P,igi .SVivn y-O.i.- THE BRIAR PATCH IC)36 L LtaLllld J—CUIAC l ntti y Rochester, N. " ' . French Ginny lias been a member of both the Choir anJ CUee Club, as v ell as the French Club. In her Senior year she was President of the Spanish Club and a member of the Ateneo. She has also been Treasurer of the Senior Class, and was among those chosen by Aints and Asses. SevetUy-Ttc Glenside, Pa. English Ann always appears as though she just dicpped in en campus for tea. This is not Jue to any lack of dc- mands on her time, for she keeps that perfectly groomed appearance in spile of many positions in or- ganizations, ann.ng which are Editor of the AV«j and niemhership in Chung Mung and the English Club. Page Sevcn-T ir THE BRIAR PATCH |C)36 jaiic licitcii ChA ITANOOCiA, TeNN. PiXchulogy Jane has served as Vice-1 ' resident „1 hei class l„r two years. She has been both Circulation and Business Manager of the S-ucet Briar AVfcs. As a member of Paint and Patches, the Social Committee, and Tau Phi she has taken a prominent part in extra- fage S.-z-e»ly-Fot,, y y iuticn ■d tcutiis z Lni Euglhh Marimi is bi-ttcr kni.wii ns " Sunny. " Need more be saiiir However Sunny . % been a member of tlie English and Spanish Clubs the last two years, and was among those chosen for Aints and Asses her Senior year. Her beauty established for her a place in the May Court her Junior year. Pagf %cvenl -Yive THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 X Wynnewood, Pa. English Wlicn we think „f ' •Sniltty " we think nf athletics. Fnr the last tun years she has been a member of the Hockey Varsity and of her class basketball team. In her Senior year she was chosen Vice-President of the .Athletic Association and Sports Editor of the News. Page SevetUy-Six y luti liiiu z ick es Kkw.anke, III. Euglhh Fi.r ihri-f yiMis M:irvlin;i Ikis Wen ,i im-.iibcr i.f tlu- Cifiman Cluh, nnci In Irt Junior nml Seniors years she has been a member of the English Club. She has also been on the . V«s StatT and by this time should be the foremost auth..rltv on Sweet liriar ' s tr:idllions. Page Scvenly-Sevrn THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 y ( utci : HlLLn CI t talis Richmond, Va. French As : Junii.r, C.irol julncd the Spanish Club, aiiJ in her Si-nior year she «as a nu-mher ..I the KieiKh Club, the liiteniational Relatluns CKib, and was i.ne ot those chosen by that wliite-robed society, the Chung Mungs, witli vvlloni she now chants doleful songs. Page Seve,!ly-Eiglit J.I- 1 .:= +lUtL ' ziy until Nk ' ' ork dry History We will perhaps remember " Stumpy " best as a Fire Chief with a passion for perfect fire drills. However, she held many positions besides that of First Fireman. She was in her Sophomore year Head of Freshman Initiation, and later a member of the Orientation Committee, Aints and Asses, and Tau Phi, and Vice- President of the Y. W. C. A. Page Scvcnty-Ni THE BRIAR PATCH ig36 X yt luttlia cr-f tA i?Ai iiscnii Greenville, Tenn. English Arnie, a transfer to Sweet Briar in her Sophomore year, is a person one can depend on to have some- thing nice to say to everyone. She has been a member of the English and German Clubs for two years, and has sung in the Choir and Glee CUih from the time she first came here. Page Eighty y y l dticii I IlL tutii J uiiLCt AsHKVILLE, N. C. Histor Every studtnt at S«ect Briar during this year knows how successful " Fuzzy " has been as our Student {■overnment President, and how great her contribu- tion to the college has been. She has chanted " Super- amus Omnibus " for the past two years, and has als i been a member of the International Relati..ns C ' luS and Aints and Asses. Page Eig ily-One THE BRIAR PATCH IQ36 X t L III cttu J li cntyjcit W ' hiie Plains, N. ' . Revolution atid Romanticism Willictt:i has been a member of the Choir and Glee Club for f..ur years. She is Vice-President of Paint and Patches this year and on the AVtci Staff. She is one of Sweet Briar ' s best entertainers, especially as Betty Boop, or as an ambitious Amateur. Remember the Senior Showr t tigi- Eiglily-Tz yi lutij C LLTiinctll J tcij SCHENECIADV, N. . MathtnnaUcs Betty ' s variety uf interests can be seen by her mem- bership in the German Club, the International Rela- tions Club and the Sociology and Economics Club. Besides this she is the proud possessor of the Chung Mung symbol and takes an active part in lake sports. Page Eighty-Three THE BRIAR PATCH IQ36 X d lljahcl t i yiiXctw ' coi l Vali SCRANTON, Pa. English Libby to Ikuc a talent for everything. She has been a member of the Choir, Glee Club, Paint and Patches, and the Dance Group. She was Sophomore House President, and then spent her Junior year in Scotland. Upon lier return she was elected President of the Glee Club and Chairman of the Advisory Council. Page Eighty-Fo y ALlL-rWlil-uun.. PlIISBURCJH, Pa. Etiglish A sure indic.ition of 3 V.uM and Patches production is a glimpse of Martha hustling over the campus. Costuming is her contrihution. In hctwecn times she has attended meetings of the International Relations, Spanish, and English Cluhs. Page EighiyFn( THE BRIAR PATCH IQ36 C liitLc yl latjliuli LjciittL ii Charlotte, N. C. Philosofh and Psychology In her Junior and Senior years Carrie Marshall was a member of the German Club and in her last year, of the International Relations Club. She will be best remembered, however, for her smooth, Southern dis- position, as well as for those very well known mice stories. Page Eiglily-Six ifional ot -■ uttict I iLLiLuni.i Kenilwdrth, III. (Uwmhtry P.igc Eiglily-S.vii OFFICERS Nancy Nai.le Prrsuiruf Marcjerv Cri ' ikshank. Vin-Pn ' s ' tdent Ellen Lee Snodcjrass isrcn ' ttiry Anna . Earv Charles Trinsiin-r THE BRIAR PATCH IQ36 ELIZABETH CARTER HALL Rehobarth Church, Va. Sodolog - aud Eco„u,i,iis L NET BOGUE Ardmore, Pa. Lalin MARGARET BRADLEY ' Albemarle Couniy, Va. Psychology an.! Philosophy GURLEY CARTER Hammond, La. French THE BR I A NINA 1U)() ' I " FI CArTHORN I 1 UICIRU, ' a. ANNA IAR " CHARLES Lancaster, Pa. Sociology and Economics MAR ' JAQUELIN COCHRAN Alexandria, Va. Hislurx JANE COLLINS Meridian, Miss. America,! Froklcms Page . i»c yO,i =«THE BRIAR PATCH IQ36 ODILE EVELINE BLANCHE ALIX COZETTE Tours, France Philosopliy MARGERY ALLEN CRUIKSHANK Cranford, N. J. French REBECCA DOUGLASS Norfolk, Va. English ALARY HELEN FRUEAUFF New York City Fre,ul, P,ig,- N!,„- y-Tu RRIAR ' LUL ' c;()RK ' )inK Plains, N. ' i ' FAIIII M ARIK ClORT Chica(;c), Ii.i.. Philosophy ,„:J Psychology I)()R( ) ' nn- l)A " GRKKN W ' ashinc; ION, I). C. Soaology a„J E,n,„„„ics MARY F.r.SIF, GRL ' Hl Washing, niN, 1). C. llislury Page Ninely-Threc THE BRIAR PATCH IQ36 NATALIE SOUTHWORTH HOPKINS MONTCLAIR, N. J. P lihsopiy „„, Ps ,h„h,gy FRANCES MARIE JOHNSON Norfolk, Va. French ROSALIE MURIEL HALL Garden Ci iv, L. I., N. . F,r,nA ETHEL VIRGINIA HARDIN Chicaco, III. Philo!opl,y ,;», Pixcholrjgy Page Nh:ely-Fo„ THE BRIAR PATCh MAK " JANE JONKS H I ' N I 1N(. I ON, W. ' a. FRANCES VERNON KEMP EvNciinrRc;, V ' a. BARBARA KIRCH Mai ' lewixiu, N. |. Phihiophy ;;. PsyJwIogy EIEEEXN LATIMER EAMHER ' E ' El ' lsa, ()k.la. History Page Ximty-Fivc -THE BRIAR PATCH IC)36 ANNE LEMMON Sumter, S. C. Hi ' lory ABIGAIL LESNICK Brooklyn, N. Y. Sociology and Economic! MAR - JOHNSON LAMBETH ' I ' homasville, N. C. iiocology and Economics ELIZABETH LEE Charlotte, N. C. Page Nijtcly-Sii THE BRIAR PATCH MARGARF. ' I ' DUNCAN MacRAE SiiANi.HAi, China MARGARKTHA KIM MERLE MINDER Soi ' TH Oran(.;e, N. J. Freeh NANCY PORTER NALLE Charlotte, N. C. History HELEN COOCH NEVE I v Dki ' oi, a. Page .Xi ' iety-Srii: .=: THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 IXJROTHY HELP:N PRICE Baltimore, Md. Phlloiofhy ,„„l Psycliology ISABEL LOUISE OLMSTEAD Hempsi ' ead, L. I., N. Y. Pliilo uphy „,,., Psychology DORO ' Ifn- KJJ AHETH PROUT AsBURV Park, N. [. ■:,:gln , MA ' IV ' L N PARIS Brooklyn, N. Y. Sadology „„, Economics Page Ninety-Eighi THE BRIAR P HELEN RAE West Newton, Mass. Sociology au.l Economic! ANNA LAWRENCE REDFERN Norfolk, Va. ALVR ' KATHARINE SHAFFER Cass, W. Va. History }L RRIET VANDER EER SHAW Pelham, N. V. History Page lncty-. ' ii THE BRIAR PATCH IC)36 DOROTHY MAY STEWART Philadelphia, Pa. LILLIAN MARGARET VASS RALEicm, N. C. ELIZABETH HALLAM SICARD Barneveld, N. Y. Romaiiif Laugtiagcs ELLEN LEE SNODGRASS W ASHINGTON, D. C. Sociology and Economics Page One Huvilrcd THE BRIAR ELINOR MARGARET WARD Shaker Hekihis, Ohio English WW ROHINSOX WESTON i Asi- Oranc;e, N. J. Ilinon ELIZABETH CLEVELAND VILLIAMS Greenville, S. C. History HELEN SCHAEEFER WILLIAMSON Lancaster, Pa. Sociology and Economics P„g,- n,i,- llunJrcl One THE BRIAR PATCM I MAR - AGNES -QUNG V ' ASHINGrON, D. C. Frefuh UNCLASSIFIED fULIA MARIE DEARMONT Cape Girardeau, Mo. Englisli Page- One Hundrei Tuo Th .. Addiiioiiai J imiors HELEN RE ' NOLDS ALLEN HELEN VAUGHAN HESSON E R ' rHA LOUISE CLARK SARA HALE ' KIRKPATRICK MARGARET ' IRGL LA . L RGARE ' l " ELLIOT ' E LEWLS CORNWELL RUTH EREE. LAN RUNDLE GRISELDA DERLXGER ALARjORIE ELEANOR SILVESTER Jumors ofiiclyniig Abroad Ar Sr. Andrews, Edinburc;h ANNE CARTER LAUMAN MARGARET MERRITT MARIE ALDEN WALKER Ar ' iHE Sdrbonne UNi -ERsn ' v, Paris HARHARA LEE JARVIS Pagr One HumlnJ Th, SOPHOMORES OFFICKRS I ' rancfs I- ' . ri.KNF.R Pici ' idetit Barhara Derr Vui-Prn ' ulrut Janf.T MacFarlan Sicrrtury JANF. liKMlN ' in-iiii(nr = THE BRIAR PATCH IQ36 Martha Aslier Fiances Bailey Dorothy Benzinger Mary Alice Berckn Georgia Black Frances Bogle Imogen Brock Marion Browi Betty Campbel Florence Caven Ruth Chartner Genevieve Clary Kitty King Corbett Frances Cordes Betty Dail Harriet Daniel Barbara Derr Helen Donaldson Harrictte Over PagcOoe Hun.lrtJ Si. THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 Virginl. K.atllK-1 EaJy Eslu-ln O.irothy Evans Frances Faulkn Barbara Fish Janet Forbush Marlon Fuller Katherlne Gardne Dorothy Gilbert Mildred Gill Dorothy Gipe Louisa Grace Lucille Greene Lucy Jane Gregor Llewellyn Griffith Virginia Guild Winifred Hagberg Mary Hamilton Josephine Happ Margaret Harris Page One HunJreJ Se =: THE BRIAR PATCH IQ36 H(.pe Hastorf Shlrk-v Havvvood Cdinelia Hicks Elizabeth Hopper Mary Ann Housel AInieda Howard K.itlu-rine H,.vt Rutli Inge kulh Inge Jane Job Helen Phi.ebe Judd Rebecca Kunkle I.loyd Lanier Adele Letcher Kli abeth L.ickett Nancy McCandlish Janet Macfarlan (ienevieve IVIarsh Suzanne Martin Dorothy Mathe Page 0,u- }lun,lred Eight THE BRIAR PATCH I036 -Tm Marguerite Meyers Betty Moore Sigur Moore Vesta Murray EJJiiia Newby Helen D..i,.lhy Nichols Anne OIJ Ruth Ptinpsten Anne Philbin Kate San ford Elizabeth Saunders Dorothy Selbert Pollyanna Shotwell Jessie Silvers Carolyn Staman Mary Talcott Lucy Taliafero Mary Thompson mim Sarah Tomlinson Jane T.iwnsend Pae - Onr HunJrr.l M -• TMP BRIAR PATCH K Mary Tiirnbull Wilcyn.i Upshaw Annie Rose Walla Helen Walton Anne Warriner Margaret Weimer Mary Jeffery Welle Janice Wiley Lucy Robb Winston Pauline Womack Pagf One Hundred Te„ THF RRIAR ' Adcliiioeai Doplti pmomores Gcrtruik- Ak-xandcrsnn Elizabeth Hciwli-v Mary l rciun-Smmia Agnes Craw find Justine Domhoff Ruth Frank Bessie Lee Garhee Susan Gibsim Claire Handerson Amelia Hewlett Cecih ' Jansen Margaret Kearns Jane Gray Kent Natalie Lucas Howell L kes Elizabeth MeGuire Susan Mathews Eylesc Evelyn Miller Mildred Pharr Margaret Roper Margaret Sandidge Lucile Sergeant Betty Meade Smartt Anne Spence Kate Sulzberger Josephine Sutton Maud Tucker Anne Walker Lillian ' i!liains Elinor Wilson Rilma Wilson Eleanor ' ri rht Pagf n,u Huti.lreJ EU ' FRESHMEN OKI ICKKS Jean .McKennv Pn hlnii Viola James Vur-Pn-su tut Mary Mackintosh Srcn-tnrx Elizabei ' h Dl ' RHAM Triiisunr =.= THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 Mary Frances Andr Louise Bailey Margaret Ballard Patricia Bait Mary Elizabeth Ba Elizabeth Barnes Marlly Barnes Eleanor Barrett Sarah Belk Bcltlna Lee Bell Ann Benedict Betty Blddle Jean Black Leila Bond Katharine Bonsall Jean Bourg Ethel Bowen Lucy Bowers Edith Bowron Mary Broker Mary Bro«n Mary Frances Buchanan Elizabeth Campbell Page One Hundred Fourle THE BR|A C.irol Carpenter Helen Cary Anne Cauthi.rn Virgini.i CluMth.ir Eleanor Claflin Emily Clarke Dianlha Clements llvl.ih Ci.lev Henrietta Colliei Louise Corrigan Mary Crawford Hetty Crenshaw Ruth Cross Betty Jean Cuthbert Ruth Daugherty Anna Catherine Davii Elsie Day Anne Oearstyne Narcissa Dillard Doxie Dingham Charlotte Dunn Elizabeth Durban Barbara Earl Marcia Engel Page One HumircJ Fijie THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 Alm.i Holland Martha Houghto Ann Hutchinson Dorothy Irelan Page One Hundred Six cen THE b R PATCH 1936 Violn J;inH-s Cribbs Johnston Shirley Jont s M..r.v .I.I.U- }mU Kll abcth King Katheiinc Kleberg Helen Klinper Marion Lambert LangdoM D..r. June Lassing Mary Lawder Lois Lear Yvonne Leggctt Jane Lewis Lottie Lewis Eleanor Little Elizabeth Love Gracey Luckett Frances McKay Nancy McKec Jean McKenney Ruth Macfarlane Mary Mackintosh Nan Manly Pag - Our Hu lJr,J S,v,flltc,i THE BRIAR PATCH IQ36 M,iri,.n Mann M.irtha Mathcv Helen Michel ,|.iiie Mlcssner Anne Miller Jane Miller M.iiy Milnor Henrietta Minn Frances M.mtague Martha Jane Muoney Jean Moore Fayth Mueller Lillian Neely Jean Oliver Catherine Ortel Jane Parker Ann Parks Patricia Patterson Marie Pels Eli ahetli Perkins Lo ' -e Porter Mary Grace Pcthick Sarah Redmond Priscilla Rhodes Page One Hundred Eight THE RRIAR PATCH lO Tn Julia Ridgely ( " icrtrudc Robertson Jean Rodenbaugli D..rolhv Sanf,.rd Aupusta Saul Julia Saunders Jean Gray Scott Ruth Scidler Barbara Scsler Betty Shuford Lillian Siebert Mary Louise Sinipsi Lillian Smith Mary Smith Mary Spear Florence Swift Sarah Tarns Dorothy Thom;i Elizabeth Thon Jane Thompson Janet Thorpe I ' hyllis Todd Ida Cray Todn Man Tread«av Page One Hun.ireJ Nineteen — -r THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 Janet Trosch Elizabeth Vandcrbllt Eleanor Vandruff Virginia Waer Eleanor Wallace Joie Walters Marion Wellford Bennett Wilcox Julia Worthinirton Rebecca Wright Ethel Young Uiiciassioecl Dtmcleiiis Alvce Vir .nnia Mitclu-ll Anne De Anne Beard P„ge On,- Hundred Tu.enty THE BRIAR PATCH 1036 = A ' olclifioeal Jr reslinnieii Cornt-lia ArmficlJ Evelyn C.ibson Cornelia McDuffie Katherine Rlcha Mary Cobb Anne Harrison Mary Mahan Mabel Rlcbeson Thelnia Cox Susan Haskell Delia Meade Jean Riley Elinor Edenton Mary Alice Hedges Marjorie June Miller Elizabeth Rucli Matalle Elliott Margaret Hnyt I ' atty Moncure Virginia Sisson Barbara Ferguson Kll abetli Hunt Barbara Naunian Clara Swartz, Betty Frazier Anne Luck Clutilde Palmer Annie C.ertrude ' Mary Gaul Helen McCreery Katherine Porter Margaret Wright rinsley P,tS ' - O ' " - fItnuinJ TticulyOfi CAMPUS LIFE THE BRIAR PATCH IQ36 1 he facultv dr Cm vou picture Sweet Briar «itlu.uttheni? In a genial mood Mr. Worthlngton smiles for us Dr. Black visits Sweet Briar on Founder ' s Dav lust one of the boy One of our best In trueacade fashion Dr. Scott in a char acteristic pose L.Miier telling lu t t,. show she an be dignified Page One Hundred Tuenly-Four THE BRIAR PATCH I0 6 ■r„. I .ini but l ,»lv wurni " ClK-.nisIrv l;.b ' rlu- f,iv..iilf «:ilk Klnj;., it the V. VV. r.irty Second childho,..! C.rubcr and Rogue in cliaracterlstic Typical Frcslinian (111 the Sopho- mores ' day n( Pjgr 0„e llumlrt.l Tutnly-Fift - TUP BRIAR PATCH IQ36 Just too silly Sophomore! Seniors at Found- er ' s Dav cere- Ri-laxiiii; in the Ui-ll Signora poses for •, Signora posi • her pictur Waiting for the the President himself Our own Dell o Amherst County Day Sid, C.urley and Mary Helen trade hats « 1th the High School Band Sophomores on Monument Hill on Founder ' s Day ou never can tell what vou ' ll find in a b.,XM,.od M Page One Hundred Ttcenly-Su THE BRIAR PATC. V -■ Mr. Jc-nsi.n and the hiiys dlsplny Off for till- «i-ck- Miss Dnvis ski- joring Tally-hoing in the Sunny South The Cabin under n blanket of SvMct Briar H , Piter, the Peasant Cabby, Kate, and Ginny w a t c h the snow birdie The season ' s deep- Pagc One HunJrcJ Tucnl -Scvtlt THE BRIAR PATCH IQ36_== Acfivities SiiKc OitdlxT 17, I9II6, uhiii the tucliiit hii(l iif Sweet lin ' ;ir Academy presented to the faculty its petition requesting the right of Student government in ail matters not strictly academic, organizations have placed an important part in the life at Sweet Briar. State and dramatic clubs were very popular during the early days. The stu- dents also ciijo ed athletic organizations such as the Tennis Cliili, which at one time lioasted as many as eighty members v hile the Boating Club had over a hundred. The Mandolin Club with its musical membei-s has disappeared with the others : nd new ones have taken their places. ' I ' bere are now twent -tbree oi ' ganizations on llvj campus. Asiile from the clubs which interest the school as a whole, there are honorai oiganizations whose membership is made up of chosen upperclassmen, departmental clubs which widen the intellec- tual fields, and those formed soleh ' for social activity. Throughout this section we ha e tried to give a brief histor of each organization, its accomplishments, and its purpose. Page One Hundred T iirly-Oue THE BRIAR PATC otniclemf Ijfoverminieiiit Associatioin Marion Taylor Pi ' fsident Catherine Mitchell Vice-President Logan Phinizv Secretary Nancy Nalle Treasurer Marlon Taylor ADVISOR ' COUNCIL T(-F ' R,nv: Fuller, Lenimon, Cruikshank, C.ruber. Second Row: Williamson, Eurrlll, Braswell, Cocke, Niles, Plnkerton, .|. Moore, Nalle. Front Row; Faulkner, Phinlzy, Tayh.r, C. Mitchell, Wall (Chairman), Denton, Martin, Scrudder, Talcott. Additional MrMEERs: Bcnet, Claflln, Fuvnlss, Hyde, Olmstead, Silvers, Spear. : ' n ;: A »..- Page 0,ie Hu,„lrcJ T ,ir y-Tao THE BRIAR PATCH IQ36 ofiULcleinLt Orovemmeiit Association The Student Goveniiiu-nt Assdciatidii of Sweet liriar College was founded in 19(16, and has since opei ' ated in an endeavor to " foster tlu- individual and eoniniunit interest of Sweet IJriar students, b maintaining the high standard cjf eonduet and decorum, and h strengthening the spirit of imit and the sense of individual respon- sibilitv implicit in the ideal underUing the foundation of Sweet Briar College. " .All students are members of the .Association. The E.xecutive Committee of the Association has the power to decide in imperative and detailed business, to carry out resolutions passed by the College Council, and to sit as a court of jurisiliction in all cases of discipline falling under its regulations. The College Council acts as an intermediar bod ' between Facidt and students. To the -Advisory Council, organized in 1934, are presented problems and com- plaints of the students. EXECUTIVE COM.MITTEE Top Row: Mitchell, I ' hinizy, Moore, Pinkerton. Bottom Row: Nalle, Cruikshank, Cruber, Silvers, T.ilcott P.lg.- One IlunJrci Thhiy-Thr - - TMP BRIAR PATCH IC)36 Y. W, C A. Alma Martin President Aline Stump Vice-President Ada Denton Secretary Nancv Parsons Treasurer P,!ge 0,u- Hundred Thirty-Four THE BRIAR PATCM I036 I ' ldiii tin- titiu- a new student i-c-ceives her handbook she is aware of the work and inthunci- nf the Sweet Briar Y. W . C A. This organization is a member of the national ' ' . W. C. A. .uul a participant in the World ' s Student Christian Association. .Mi stude]it are members of this orgain ' ation. Tile Cabinet is composed of the heads of the various committees which cair - on the work of the Y. W . C. A. Among tile committees are: tlie Traveling Library which collects books and magazines to be distributed among the schools and clubs in Amherst County; the Children ' s Committee which conducts play periods for the children of nearby com- munities; the ' i ' . W. Box Committee which supervises the selling of candy in the dormitories; the Collection Committee which gathers old clothes for the poor; the Chapel Committee which conducts several services during the year and assists the Church Committee; the Indian Mission Committee whose work is to send clothes and provisions to the mission and to arrange entertainment for the children; the Social Committee which sponsors social functions throughout the year; the Publicity Com- mittee which advertises through posters and in the Neivs; the Waitress Committee which extends educational and recreational facilities to the waitresses; and the Colored Committee which helps to provide constructive entertainment for the Negro chilili-en of the community. The Y. V. C. A. seeks to further the social life on campus by assisting in oiient- ing the new students and by having coffee hours on Friday evenings. Top Row: Stump, Denton, Parsons, Braswell, Eliza Lewis, Holden. .•oND Row: Grimes, F. Gregory, Donahue, Snodgrass, Stewart, Nicholson. Bottom Row: Old, Fuller, Remis, Eulv, R.,iis.ill. Page On.- Huiulrcl Thirly-Fiic ' - -THE BRIAR PATCH IC)36 I ami and Iraiclie Be ' i ' tv Cocke President ' iLLiErTA Thompson Vice-President Anna Lawrence Reufern Secretary-Treasurer Paijit and Patches, the dramatic chih, was organized for the purpose of creating Betty Cucke and developing an active interest in all branches of the drama, and for promoting a deeper knowledge oE the technique of dramatic art. No person is eligible foi ' mem- bership until she has taken part in three plays. This year, under the auspices of the club, Mr. King has given weekh ' talks on the " Technique of Acting. " Crulksh.i.ik, Beniis, W.iII, W. Thompson, Rcdfein. Page 0,u- Hut! J red Tlnrly-Sh THE BRIAR PATCH 1936- I ainf aii ' tl Jr aiclies ' IW ' F.l. FTH NIGHT H W ' ll I.IAM SlIAKESPKARK Kilitiil aiul St.iLi il b Camkron Kinc; (.AST A niusici:in Louisk Rood Orsino Kate Sanford Curio, Vak-ntinc, Clentlemcn of the C.iurt May Paris, Rose Hyde Other Gentlemen of the Court Orissa Hoiuen, C.ertri ok Ai kxanderson, Lloyd Lasier Viola, Sister to Sebastian Alma Martin A sea captain, rescuer of Viola Frances Faulkner g-jjl ji-g Mary Rich, Margaret Rji ' Er Sir Toby Belch WriiiETTA Thomi-son Maria, Olivia ' s companion Anna L. Redkern Sir Andrew Aguecheek Peggy Cruikshank Festc, Olivia ' s fool . Jaxk B " ' Olivia, a rich countess Betty Cocke Malvolio, steward to Olivia Elizabeth Wall Servants to Olivia Marjorie Sylvester, Kate Shakeer Sebastian, Brother to Viola Ada Denton Antonio, a sea captain, rescuer of Sebastian Isabelle Olmstead Officers of the Duke Rosalie Hall, Nancy Old A Priest Virginia Eadv Production StalT Scenery X-Tc Stanford Properties 1- ranees Gregory Costumes . . Marquart Powell, Martha Williams Lighting ... Kathleen Eshleman, Almeda Howard Stage Manager Marion Fuller House Manager Jane Shelton Top Row; Sanford, Bemis, Wall, F. Gregory, Powell, M. Williams, Martin, Cruikshank, Faulkner. Front Row: Hyde, Paris, Fuller, W. Thompson, Cocke, Redfern, Eshleman, Shelton, Turnbull. .Vdditional Members; Benet, Denton, Howard, Olmstead. P.ig Our lliifi.lr.-.l r iir y-S,- THE BRIAR PATCH IQ36 Tail PL Catherine Mitchell President Frances Gregory Vice-President Marv Elsie Gruber Secretarv-Treasurer Anna Lawrence Redfern reading in the Browsing Room. The mem- bers of Tau Phi keep this room open on Sundays for the other stu- dents. Page One H«mlrai Thirly-Eighl THE BRIAR PATCH IQ jL am Ir 111 Tail I ' lii, S ci.-t ]5ri;ir ' s oiiK lionoraii ' society, is composed of a limitcil minibcr of iipiu-rclassnicn, who b ' tlu-ir attitiulc and cfForts have manifested a special interest in furthering the ideals and traditions of Sweet Briar. New inembers are invited into the societ - at the first step-singing of the Fall. Tau I ' lii endea iirs to be of service to members of the community in many ways and to raise the tone of ccdlege life. Its members serve as ushers at college concerts and lectures, .and pour cotiee at the leceptions afterwards. The ' co-operate with the library staff in opening the stud gallery and Browsing Room on Sunday. Among their aims is to interest other students in attending convocations, Chapel services, and other college functions. Each year Tau Phi arranges a series of jmo- grams to most of which the college is invited. Tau Phi also .ulds to the intellectual interest of the college bv sponsoring ;i column in the Surrt Briar . rus In which cui ' reiit topics of llterarx , musical, and iriiieral cu ' tural interest are discussed. .At tlieir regular meetings jirograms arc given. .Among theii ' Interests .ii ' e dr.ima, music and current events. -As a special feature this ear, the Tau Phis were hostesses to prospective students who have spent week-ends on campus to become acquainted with Sweet Briar life. ■n.i- Row: F. Gregi.ry, Shell.. n, Dent,.n, Niles, Plnkcrt..n, N.illc. FR..NT Ri.w: I ' liinlzy, Tiylor, M..ore, C. Mitchell, Stump, Gri.lier, Crulkshank. AuiMTioNAi. Mkmhkr: Ann:. L:i%vrence Ri-Jlern. Pilg.- On. Hi.u.lr,,! V i-A .;.- r-- - TH E BRIAR PATCH 1936 Eli .ibcth W.ill ' ■eei Oriar Jh Elizabeth Wall President Betty Cocke Business Manatjer Kaiherine Shaffer Secretary Nancy Nalle Treasurer Betty Williams Librarian Lucy Gore Accompanist Oil " College singing, which has always pla ed an outstanding part in the Sweet Briar Community, centers around the Choir. Every student in the college is eligible to try out for membership as previous experience is not necessary. New members are selected each fall at the annual trv-nut. The Choir under the direction of Mr. Alfred Finch, Top Ruw: Elizabeth Williams, Mr. Alfred Finch (director), Elizabeth Wa Frost Row: jiuv Nalle. Katherine Shaffer. P.ige Oiu Hundr.d Forty THE BRIAR PATCH IC)36 Head of tlu- Music- Dcpartnunt, cirtVis instnation in gr()U|) singing and an acquaint- ance with choral music, representing a wide range of modes and periods. The aim of the Cliiiir is to give individual enjoynunt in musical self-expression as a part of a whole. Until this ear, the Chcjir has been called the (llee C ' luh. This name, Glee Cluh, was given to college musical giDups when the were fundamentall - social organiza- tions, and sang onl er light music. In recent cars, however, colleu:e musical groups have hegun to do comparatively more serious work and the Sweet Hriar Glee C ' luh has followed this treiul. ' I ' herefore, in keeping with the type of music it sings, both secul.ar and sacred, tin- Glee Cluh has changed its name to Choir. Each year the Choir gives concerts with the Universit of Viiginia and ' ;ishinu- ton and Lee University. This year tin- Universit of Virginia concert was held ;it Sweet Briar. Tlu- Sweet Briar Choir went to Lexington in ordei- to give its concert with Washington and Lee University. 1 he last night before Christn-ias v.-ication each ear, the Choir and senior class combined sing Chiistmas Cai ' ols to the college and coniniunit . .irrls, M. Hr..«n, Clements, McCrt-t-iT, Leggett, Pcthick, Tin- Rc.u : I ' tingstrn, Wcstnri, Miiulfr, ( ' ..ldi-n, Inge, -Ward, KaJy, Dillnrd, Rutty, Griffith. Skcind R„w: .S.Tnfnrd, H.iley, Slcard, Green, J. ' piiompson, Planner) W. Th.impson, Bowley, Engel, Redfern Thikd Ri.w: Trusch, Susong, Rell, Treadway, Palmer, Friers(,n, Holland, Macfarlan, Mather, Morton, S. Moore, Mary Smith. i-,.eKTH Row: Houghtcn, K. Williams, Daniels, Caven, Daughertv, Tarns, Davis, I. Le«is, Welles, K. Bailey, Durham, Riddle, Cuthbert. I ' kont Row: Rundle, ll:utmann, M. Mathews, Weimer, Shaffer, W:ill, Cocke, Nalle, Coley, Corrigan, Gaul, Spear. Al.r.JTloVA, I,MRn,s Bemis, l-:iiilkner, Cu.rv, L. ki-tt, Silv.st.i P,ig.- One HunJ„:l ForlyOn THE BRIAR PATCH IC)36 A U.apeiia Cylioir ILLIE• ■A Thompson President Harriet Daniels Librarian and Mistress of the Wardmbe The A Capella Choir, composed of the best voices of the College Choir, has been active for many 3 ' ears. Every Sunday this vested group lends beauty and dignity to the Chapel services. The Carol Service at Christmas time is its popular contribution to the Sweet Briar community. Top Row: Holhind, Griffith, Ward, Leggett, Wall, Coley, Rutty, Macfarlan, Cocke. Skcond Row: Houghton, Welles, McCreery, Krierson, Eady, How ley, M. Mathews, Benet. Front Row: E. Williams, Mary Smith, Inge, Daniels, W. Thompson, F. B.-iiley, Bemis, Susong, M. Br Additional Members: Caven, Clements, Faulkner, J. Lewis, Lockett, Phinizy, Silvester, • 0 u- Ht,n,hc;l Forry-Tu.0 THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 oociai C oiniiiiiiiee Ada I )i- N ION C ' liaiiinaii . K-mlic-rs of till- Social Coinmittcc, appointed frojn the- senior class, help to main- tain the standards of social life recognized by Sweet Briar College, and act as hostesses at Saturday night dances and other student social functions. Till ' Row: Cabell, Furniss, Lewis, Mitchell, Morton. Second Row: Parsons, Phinizy, PInkerton, Shelton, Wall. Pagf One llumirni Forly-Thr =-.THE BRIAR PATCH IQ36 Eeglisli CI m Ri ' TH Gilliam Prrtiat-nt GlORIANA Bl ' RRILL Secretai ' ' -Treasurer The English Club was formed in 1928 foi ' mt-mhers of the JLinior and senior classes who are majoring in the department. The jirincipal objectives are to keep in touch with modern literar)- trends, to bring on campus informal lectures, and to present a few books to the Browsing Room each ear. Top Row: Neve, M.icR.ie, Stokes, J. Moore, Cair, High, W.1II. Front Row: Pinkerton, I ' rout, S. M:itthews, Niles, M. Williams, Camp, Rcdfern, Douglass, Turnbull, Ward. .■ dditional Members: Benet, Burrill, Gilliam, Goodwin, Morton, Scudder, Sim, Susong, Va Page On,- H„ i,lr,;l For -Fo„ THE BRIAR PATCH |C)36 JDer Oeuaisclie V ereiii W ' lNiiRKi) Ha(,her(; PrusicKnt Jean Black Vicv-P resident Li ' cv Gore Secretar I ' lorknce Caven Treasurei ' Josephine Happ I ' nigram CliaVman Since its founding the German Club h:is been main- ly a social organization to promote interest In the German language, custf)nis, and culture. The club Is In close contact with the Carl Shurz Memorial Foun- dation and the University of Wisconsin German Ser- vice Bureau. Winifred Hagberg Tor Row: Elliott Lewis, Lee, Hyde, Douglass, Denton, Sergc.uit, Hardin, liowen. Second Row: Wall, Hicks, Nilcs, Ben ingcr, Ball, Hamilton, Mahan, Bond, Hast.nf. Front Row: Lambeth, J. Black, Caven, Hagberg, Gore, G. Black, Lesnlck. Addition.41. Members: B. Barnes, Benedict, Bogle, M. Clark, Corbett, M. Crawford, Dillard, Dingham, (ieorge, Happ, Hartmann, Hunt, Kirkpatrick, Klinger, Lassing, Michel, Miessner, Mueller, Rodcnbaugh, Ruch, Sanford, Stokes, Susong, Thompson, Tinsley, Thorpe, Townsend, E. Wallace, H. William!.. P„gc One Hun.l„;l FortyFivt — - THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 OFiemiaiioii Nancv Braswell Chairman ' J " hi ' Oricntatidii Committee was Hist (irganizL-d in 1933 undtr Julia Sadler. Its pm-pose is to help the Freshmen adjust themselves to college life. Before Sweet Ki ' iar opens each member of the committee writes to a number of new students to welcome them. The - shov ' the newl)- arrived girls around campus, and discover their special interests so they can notify the heads of organizations. Weekly suppers are given throughout the year. Top Ruw: Gruber, Eady Old, Dyer. Second Row: M. A. Young, Jaiisen, Cocke, Fncrson, J. Moore, Crulkshank, Na Front Row: Fuller, Shelton, Taylor, Braswell, Stump, Martin, Knauff, Talcott. Additional Membi-rs: M. Campbell, Newby, Parsons, Silvers. Page One Hundred Forly-Six JANE BE MIS VIRGINIA EAD ' FRANCES FAULKNER MARION FULLER CLAIRE HANDERSON ROSE HYDE CECILY JANSEN JANET MACFARLAN DOLLY NICHOLSON NANCY OLD JESSIE SILVERS MOLLY TALCOTT JANICE WYLIE THE BRIAR PATCH IQ36 oiiane JDeniis Virginia liaflly Frances FaiaUkiier i ' larioii F iiller l_ laire Oanaersoii JKose Jniycle l ecily Janseii J nei Maciarlaii Oolly Niclkolsoii Nancy OU Jessie Olivers Molly Talcof£ Janice Wylie Ptige One Hundred Forl -FJght THE BRIAR PATCH IQ36 It aliaii CI lal PllOEIiF. PiF.RSON J ' lrsiiKnt I ' IlI .AUK in SlCARD V ice-Prcsident Mary Ttrnbull Secretarv-Trt- ' asarff This Is tlu- Italian Chili ' s sccdikI car. It lias lifted its membership requirements so that an ' student interested in Italian cul- Phoebe Pierson ture or current problems may join. The month!} ' meetings are both social and educational, ranging from picnics in the It: manner and movies, to lectures on the present regime in Italy. Top Row: Sicard, Cocke, Cruikshank, C. Mitchell, M.icfarlan, Hopper, Mary Smith, Gruber, Inge. Front Row: Turnbull, Johnson, Collins, Cimp, Derringer, Pierson, Taliaferro, Minder, Fruc.iufT. An[ iTr::sAi. Mkmbi-rs: Hr.iswcll, M. Campbell, Mooney, Schwartz. A ' lliilfllLl -Ui-flHh .. Pag.- Onr HunJrcl Forly.X, =-THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 JL ' Alliance Ir nance Francaise Marqi ' art Powell Pasidcnt Marcery Criiikshank. Vice-President ViRtUNLA RLfTTY Secrctarv-Treasiirer Marquart Powell OFFICERS Marqu;iit Powell, Virginia Rutty, Margery Cruikshank. Page One Hundred Fifly THE BRIAR PATCH IQ36 L ' AIJ lance F raecaise L ' .Mli.incc Franijaisc, funmiK Lc Cercle Franca s, was organized at Sweet Briar in 1924. The name of tin- Club was changed when it became a member of the I ' " ederation of I, ' .Alliance I- ' ran(.;a. ' se in the United States and C.iii.id.i. A new con- stitution was .-idopted in 19.5.5 in which the most important feature was the new method of electing members. .At the fii ' st meeting each year the new members are chosen from a list suggested h the oM ones. This year the membership has been extended to include fort ' members instead of thirty. The ;iim of tlie programs presented at each meeting is to stimulate an interest in French culture, above all, that in modern I- ' rance. In order to encourage the student to speak French the programs are conducted in that language. One of the desires of the club is to establish a I ' rench librai at Sweet Briar. .As other clubs, it has a ten eai ' plan by v hich it hopes to obtain its own meeting room, and to assist the college in obtaining French movies. L ' .Alliance Franqaise is active in giving assistance to one of its members who wishes to spend her Junior year in France under the Delaware Foreign Study plan. Top Row: Johnson, MacR.ie, Kunkle, E.idv, Straus, Pethick, A. Wallace, McKenney. Second Row: Minder, M. A. .iing, Dearstyne, Snodgrass, Hall, Picrson, Redfern, Frueauff, Stewart, Fish. Front Row: Rutty, Cruikshank. .Additional Membkrs: Burrill, B. Campbell, Co ctte, M. Crawford, Flannery, C.ipe, Gr( Hardin, Hopkins, Howard, O ' Brien, Olmstead, Powc ' l, S.iunders, Silvester, Welles. ■ i ■ « r r -]l Ql rt 1 k m M 1 ] : - y| 1 W, ?i A 9EmKjm H L - - -Jl Page One lluu.lrcl FijIyOnt THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 DocioJlogy aod Jc como mics C io Eliza Lewis President Logan Phinizy Vice-President Ellen Lee Snodgrass Secretary Helen ' illiamson Treasurer The Sociology and Economics Club, or- ganized in 1932, is composed of students Hii7,i Le Ms majoring in the department. The club, through its monthly meetings, attempts to keep the members in touch with current matters of social and economic interest by bringing talks by well informed speakers, and h holding discussions. Top Row: Troy, Holden, M. Harris, Charles, Ball. Second Row: Griffin, Rae, Knauff, Braswell, Crimes, Martin, Paris, E. Williams, Lambeth. Front Row: Lesnick, Donahue, Williamson, Eliza Lewis, Snodgrass. Additional Members: licard. Green, H. Hesson, Lloyd, Phinizy, Rich, Rundlc, D. Thomas. ■ One Hundred Fijly-Tzco THE BR lassicall CI 111 Janet Boc;irE Prcsiili-nt Winifred Hagberc; Vice-President Lucille Cox Secretary Patricia Edmands Treasurer POLLVANNA ShOTWELL Chairman ' avs and Means Committee The Clnssical Club Is composed of those students who arc taking or have taken college Greek or Latin beyond the requirements for a degree. The purpose of the club is to foster interest in the literature, life, and art of the Greeks and Romans. Janet Bogu Top Row: Jansen, Camp, Cocke, M. Hesson, E. Miller, H. Hesson. Skcond Row: Wall, Ward, Weimer. Front Row: M. J. Miller, Dail, Hagberg, Bogue, Cox, Housel, Marsh. .. DriTioNAL Members: L. Bailey, Bogle, Cobb, Edmands, Evans, Garbee, Nicholson, Lambert, V. Mitchell, Ridgely, Sandidge, Saunders, Scudder, Shotwell, Spence, Staman, M. Thompson, Wiley, H. Williams, Wnrthlngton. Page Onr HunJreJ Fifly-T ir THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 iKI Oinib Jhyspaiiioi Virginia Rutty President Margery Cruikshank Vice-President Helen Williamson Secretnrv-Treasurer Margaretha Minder Program Chairman Marion Sim Refreshment Chairman Scenes at the Spanish Club Picnl. Page Ouf H,i :,lr,;l Fijlt-Fou, E BRIAR PA Q36«=. Jh 1 v liil]) Kspaeol Kl Club l s|i:m(il is i.-cini|)usf(i nt those.- students wlio liavf had at k-ast oiu- si-mi-sttT iif Siianish and whu ari- paiticularh intcrcstL-d in Spain, and who havi- sx ' i d acadi-mic standinij. The nuiiili.rsh ' p of the c ' .uh is h ' niitcd to thirty. At the iiiiinthK nuctiniis of the cliih, Mr. Manyiaticn nv nunihiis dl the (.hih give talks (ir lead discussions on Sp.n ' n ' s poh ' ties. h ' tiraturc, ail oi ' music. I ' .l Club Espanol ••It Sweet Briar is affiliated with Ml Inst ' tute de las Ksp.m.is in W ' .ishington which is a n.-ition-wide Siiciet which obtains lectui ' ers, litei ' aturt-, and suggestions lor meetings for clubs in universities and colleges. Within the club there is an honorar societ ' , the Ateiieo, whose |)urpose is to further and solidify the ideals of the club. It also aims to propagate Hispanic culture and civilization by means of independent research. Each vcar several girls who show s enuine interest in the c ' .ub anil in Spanish, anil h.ive a scholastic standing of ninety- two or ovei ' ai ' e nominated and then elected into the . teneo. Members of the Ateneo are lite membei ' s of El Club Espanol. The foiu ' girls honored this ear were: irginia Ruttv, Elizabeth Williams, Margaretha .Minder, and Kitt King Corbett. Each year on .April 21, the bii ' thda of Cervantes, the club celebrates with a picnic or some social g.itlui ' ing at which a suitable program is presented. Toy Row: Weston, Minder. Second Row: W. Thompson, E. Wniiams, Sic.ird, Charles, Gruber, Dyer. Front Row: L. Willi;ims, Griffin, Straus, Cruikshank, M. Williams, Prout, Frueauff. .Additional Members: Corbett, Kemp, Kirch, Lambert, Lassing, Rutty, Stewart, Williamson, M. A. Young. P.,g,- On,- HunJrtJ Filt -Fr THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 Joioiogy ' LvItuiId) Marcjaret Campbell President May Paris Vice-President and Treasurer Sara KiRKPArRicK Secretary Margaret t ' ,inipbi-ll The Biology Club, founded in 1927, is composed of students majoring in the Biology Department. At monthly meetings interesting or current events connected with Zoology, Botany, or Taxonomy are discussed. Each year, to a student showing marked proficiency, a scholarship is offered for a summer course at a biological station. Tup Row: Faulkner, Benzinger, Lockett, H.istorf, Old, Alexanderson. Front Row; Corbeft, Paris, G. Black. Additional Members: Allen, M. Campbell, M. Clark, Denton, Edmands, Hunt, Klrkpatrick, V. Mitch- 1 ' - " ' ;L- ' . -.-,-, nt, ' ;h- , H. Williams. Page 0,:e Hundred FiflySix THE BRIAR PATCH |C)36_=. limterniatioiniai elation s v iniiD Esther O ' Brien President ' KRK ■ Shaw VicL-Prcsiiliiit Orissa Holoen Sccri-taii-Trtasurer Thn.iJgh tW efforts ,.l Dr. McDi.i.gU-, a tormt-r member of the faculty, the Intern.itloinl Relations Club was foundeJ. Its membership is composed uf those studer ts who, by passing a test given In the Fall, sh()W an interest in international diplomacy. From time to time speakers arc brought to Sweet Briar to lecture on international affairs. Toi- Row: Cireene, Hyde, Dyer, Nlles, Shaw, Pethick, Job. Second Row: Corbett, E. Williams, Cozette, Straus, Rich, Troy, Silvester, M. Williams, Alcxanderson, McCandlish, Neve. (ONT Row: F. C.rcgory, Hardin, Hall, O. Holden, O ' Brian, Stump, Grimes, Hopkins, Stewart. DDlTloN.Ai. Members; BaU, Bradley, Chartner, M. Crawford, Crulkshank, Donahue, Frierson, Greg..ry, Griffin, Hastorf, M. }. Jones, Kirch, Lemmon, Lykes, MacRae, Olmstead, Powell, Price, Prout, Sanford, Shelton, Taylor, Wallace, Weimer, M. A. Voung. P.ig.- On.- H„-i,lrfJ f 7 v-iVtvn - -- THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 C liiieg Ni UllILI Alma Martin President Chloe Frierson Treasurer Initiating the New Menibe Page One HunJreJ Fijly-Eight THE BRIAR PATCH IC)36_= Cliiiiiig iyiiung " ' J " lu- Cluiuii Mungs arc cciiiiiut; to S. 15. C. " Tin ' s mNSlcrious chant can be lieard far into the night when the group of white shrouded figures is parading. Mystery surrounds their existence, they haunt and mystif all who encounter them — ■ skimming over Sweet Briar campus in trailing sheets ;nul singing their never-ending dirge. Sweet Briar students know little about the true fundamentals of this orsjani- zation, for they are kept in deepest secrec . They do know, however, that " the Chung Mungs afliliate uppeiclassnun, who being particularly prominent in all fields of college life, and who being particular!)- consecrated to the instigation and procrea- tion of the well-rounded college citizen, aim to create a coercive unit which serves as a medium for social, artistic, and intellectual expression. " The thirteen new girls are chosen in the beginning of the year bv a ver mystifying " tapping " method. The old members in their sheets mumble several mysterious words and the white figures pass on leaving behind them a silenced upperclassman in the midst of enthusiastic and congratulating friends. Hallowe ' en is the Chung Mungs own occasion. The spirit of the da is in keeping with the ghost-like costume and the supernatural voice of their order. Chung Mungs choose the night before Christmas to serenade Sweet Briar with carols sung with the famous " one lung, " on the equally famous " sloppy night, drearv night. " Thus the Chung Mungs hold a unique place on campus with their congenial, outstamliiiLf mem- bers forming a definite part of college life at Sweet Briar. To|. Row: Troy, Cocke, Rr.iswell, Str.ius, P.iris, Turnbull. Front Row: Pr .ut, Griffin, Don.ihue, Martin, Fricrson, Scudder, I ' .rinics, Pr i,i. I, „.-, , number: Benet. Pag.- On, II:,-i.I ' ,,I F,tly-. , -- THE BRIAR PATCH IQ36 Amis anol A Nancy Braswell President Aline Stump Flabius Maximus Marion Taylor President Emeritus Eliza Lewis Director of Internal Disorder Virc;inia Rt ' -rrY Comptroller of the Currency Parker Goodwin Director General of the Expeditionary Forces Nancy Nalle Custodian of the Victuals Janet Bogue Keeper of the Keys Initiation Standing: McCuire, Gibson. Top Row: Sim, High, Frierson, Carr, M. A. Young. Front Row: Cabell, Niles, Furniss, Morton, Shaffer, Bradley. .Addition.al New Member: Elliot Lewis. Page One HimdreJ Sixty THE BRIAR PATCH IQ36 Amis amcl A sses Fri.in a Jramatic p..lnt cf viiw thi-n- is (inly (iru- club at Sweet Briar which rivals Paint and Patches. Naturally that is none nther than the cclehratcd group, Aints and Asses. The name, which may sound frivolous to some, merely reflects the modesty which is an integral part of the club. It lacks the uneasy self-assertion which characterizes the members of another club. Its genius hides its light under a bushel, except when the little plays are given which arc such an important part of Sweet Rriar life. .- fter the dramas given by Paint and Patches, Aints and Asses assemble in the Commons Room to give a sketch of the foregoing play as they think it should have been. These dramas are short and to the point. Aints and Asses specialize in melodrama of the old school — the " Curse you. Jack Dalton! " kind of thing, but occasionally turn to Russian drama or light comedy, thus obtaining variety in all productions. The most impoit.int event of the year is the annual bamiuet which simply scintillates with wit and The indomitable spirit of the Aints and .Asses is well expressed by their song: " Aints and Asses, swellest lasses N,.t one nub. Paint and Patches ain ' t no matches For our club. We ain ' t no Sarah Bernhardts, Jane Cowl has got us licked. But for our personality we was picked. " Tor Row: Parsons, Gruber, Boguc. Front Row: Stump, Nalle, Braswell, Taylor, Rutty. AnniTioN.AL Old Members; Goodwin, Eliza Lewis. I ' jfic Otic lli.H.lr,;! .V.v y-Onc -r--— THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 1 ei exas iml Eddina Newby Prcsidt-nt Mrs. Dora Neill Raymond Miss Eihel Ramage (away 9i5- l6] Miss Sarah Rama-je (1935- ' 36) Sponsors EdJiiij Xc«b) The Texas Club which was founded several years ago, is composed of all Sweet Briar students from Texas and its faculty sponsors are the members of the faculty from the same state. Being a purel - social organization, the club does not have regular meetings, but durinir the ear several social tratherintjs are held. Top Row: W.Tiriner, Houghton, B. Moore, S. Moore, D.mlels. Front Row: C-orhett, Corrigan, Kleberg, G. Green, Newby, Perkins, Caven, La«d.- Pa7c0n,H,nulrc,i: THE BRIAR PATCH IQ36 Tl le JllaiidlbooJI Frances Grki.orv l-..lit,.r ( )rIsSA Hoi-DKN IJusiiu ' ss Mnnaircr Frances Gregory The Student Handbook is published annually by the Y. V. C. A. as a part of its orientation program. A copy is sent to each new student before school opens. Through this the ' ' . A ' . endeavors to give to the new students some idea of tlie standards of Sweet IJri.ir, and of the opportunities for extra-curricular work. It also tries to answer an cjuestions about campus life and traditions. T..]- Row. Dcntun, Rich, V. Thompson. Front Row; Holden, Oegory, Donahue. Page Oiu- lh.;.lr,J SixlyTliree TUC DDlAp PATCH IQ36 Jane Sheltcm THE SWEET BRIAR NEWS- Top Row: Lambert, Warrlner, W. Thompson, Weston, Shaw, Hopkins. Second Row: Williamson, IVIann, Gilliam, Holden, Frierson, Stokes, High, Lemmon, N. Cautho Front Row; Charles, Lee, Snodgrass, Rich, Grimes, F. Gregory, Scudder, Pinkerton. Additional Members: Ball, Brown, Camp, Forbush, Franke, Gipe, GoodMin, Hall, Harris, Hopper, Inge, Kemp, Lawder, Lucas, B. Moore, Morton, Olmstud, Rutt , Shufford. THE BRIAR PATCH 103 - Li.ii Tu Rii.iu. M. A. ' :.unf, ]. t;rigor , hlRltwu, Lcnim...!, IW. u,, C..Jn,.n. THE STUDENTS ' WEEKLY PAPER i.DirORIAl. STAFF The Sjvc -t Br ' tiir Nrws is the wcckU newspaper published by the students. It aims ti give the entire community re- ports of all the news which will be of interest to them, .nid to express student opinion. Editorial Staff; Editor-in-Chief, .Ann Scuddcr; Assistant Edit(us: Orissa Hol- den, Harriette Shaw; Copv Editor: Frances Gregory; Assignment Editor, Capel Grimes; Exchange Editor, |ane Gregory; Sports Editor, Margaret Smith. BUSINESS STAFF The lousiness Staff " has made it pos- sible to enlarge the paper so that it may contain more material. The Business Staff: Business Mana- ger, Jane Shelton ; Circulation Mana- ger, Jane Gregor ' ; .Assistant Circula- tion .Manager, Jaqueline Cochran; .Ad- vertising .Manager, Mar ' .Agnes ' oung. Board of Control: Logan Phiniz} ' , Catherine .Mitchel, .Mary Elsie Gruber, Frances Faulkner; .Ann Scudder, Jane Shelton, ex-ofiicio. Faculty Advisers: Dr. Carl ' . Con- nor, .Mrs. Breckenridge, .Miss Bannister, .Mr. Pcrrv Laukhuff. THE BRIAP PATCH IQ36 Parker Goodwin THE BRAMBLER-SWEET Sanford, Lykcs, Gipe, Gilliam, Poucll, Bradley, Elli..tt Liuis, Rrown-Scrnmn. .AnmTioN.M. Membfrm Aslu-r, Hurrill, Campbell, King, McKcriney. THE BRIAR PATCH IQ36 lir.ijxM.ll, •r,ili,ih-iin, Hyd.-, Il.ill, l ' ,irs,.ns, Lcsiiltk. lAR ' S LITERARY MAGAZINE EDITORIAL STAFF BUSINESS STAFF The Hramblcr is the college literary niaLrazine issued not less than five times a ear. It consists of v()luntar ' contri- huticiiis of short stories, formal essa s, pla s, poems, and hook reviews. Editorial Staff: Editor-in-Chief, Alice ' an ' . Henet; Associate Editors: Mar- cjuart Powell, Ruth Gilliam, Margaret Bradley, Elliot Lewis, Lucy Taliaferro; Book Review Editor, Gloriana Burrill; Exchange Editor, Rose Hyde; Assistant Editors, Mar Brow n-Sernion, Hov -eIl Lvkes, Dorothy Gipe, I-Mizaheth King, and Kate San ford. This year the Biamhlrr has been pub- lished in a bigger form than ever, and has been very well received. The Busi- ness Staff has been particularh ' success- ful in obtaining advertisements. Business Staff: Business Manager, Parker Goodwin ; Assistant Business Manager, Rosalie Hall; Advertising Manager, Nancv Braswell; Assistant .Advertising Manager, Marion Mann; Circulation .Manager, Nanc ' Parsons; Assistant Circulation Manager, .Abigail Lesnick. The Facult - Adviser is Mrs. Dora Neill RaMiiond. TWP RRIAR DATrU |Q36 Janet Bo THE BRIAR PATCH-THE Charles, Hopkins, Le Additionai, Mk Sn .djrrass, Lee, Weston Olmstead, Bradlev. 1.J Sha«, H.ill, l!..guc, Culliiis, Redte.ii, Kr JUNIORS ' ANNUAL PUBLICATION KDITORIAI. STAFF BUSINESS STAFF Tin- Hri.ir Patch is piihlislud each Spring by the Junior class. This yi-ar there is no definite theme, but the staff has cndcavdieil to ]iresent Sweet Briar life as it is t(ida . Tile F.ditorial Staff is: Kditor-iii- Cliief, . ime Lemmnn; Assistant F.ili- tors, Ellen Lee Snodgrass, Natalie Hop- kins, . la ' Weston; Class Editor, Anna Iar Charles; Organization Editor, Elizabeth Lee; I ' acultv Editor, Isabel Olmstead; Athletic Editor, Margaret Hradle . This ear the student bod ' has inau- gurated a compulsory Student Activity Fee, and the Briar Patch subscription is included. However, it is necessary for the lousiness Staff to furnish about a thii ' d of tin- aniouiit retjuired to pub- lish the .mnual. ' File l isiness Staff consists of: Busi- ness . lanager, Janet Bogue; Assistant Business Managers, Jane Collins, Har- riette Shaw; Photographic Editors, .Mary Helen Frueauff, .Anna Lawrence Redfern; ' I pist, Rosalie Hall. ' iildiei THE BRIAR PATCH I0 6 eiics Kvt-n in the (in s of lung skirts miuI high top shoos Swi-i-t Hiiar Siirls Wire inti.-ristt.-il in sjiorts. The .Athlctii, ' Association was among till- first organizations nn lanipus. l -ihaps their games were a hit less strenuovis and more feminine than ours, but the same fine spirit and enthusiasm were there. In their n-iodest bathing suits they enjoyed swimming in the lake, and in their baggy bloomers they took part in man ' land sports. It is with respect and admiration that we remember these girls who toila would look with approv.d whiK- theii- successors play hockey, tennis, l.-icrosse, or baseh.dl, unhampered h prohibitive clothing. Nor would thev gasp and Huttei- their hands in hornn- if they should see the modern Sweet Hiiar student in her brief costinne dajicing, swimming, or boating. We wonder if they might think the Were boi ' n thirt - years too soon. No, looking back on their happy faces We doidit it. Pagf Otir HunJrfJ Sevenly-Tliree fa= THE BRIAR PATCH IC)36 Ailiieiic Association Kathtrrhu- NiIl-s Katherine Niles Margaret Smith Elizabeth Locket Virginia Eady OFFICERS President Vice-Preside}it Secretary Treiuurer FACULTY Miss Rogers Miss Staael Miss Davies Miss Delano Dr. Rice At hie tie Director Assistant Athletic Director Assistant Athletic Director Assistant Athletic Director Medical Advisor Fage One Huruircl Sci-etity-Fo THE BRIAR PATCH 1036-=.= Ali.K-J.. Ji-numstiatirs lu-r h.ir IkiiuI stroke VValtirlj; f.ir thi; judges Someone takes a spill in tlie first big game A scene from the Christmas Dance Recital Riding, Hockey, Lacrosse, and Archery, the four fall sports P,ige One Hun,lr,d ScvenlyFivt THE BRIAR PATCH IQ36 Jnlockey This season thirty-four games were played on campus, with the championship finally going to the class of 1938. The Sweet Briar Varsity, under the splendid coaching of Miss Rogers, was undefeated in a season of four games with other col- leges. Four varsit team players made the Southeast Team at the Tournament and went to Montclair to play. T.,.- Ru«; Fia iur, EuJy, Miller, fuller, Pricf, l .iri», Sinitli, M.irsli. From Row: M.icCrae, J. Judd, Lockett, Olmstead, Wilcox, Howard, Cabell, Bar .!?, (I;,- H„.:.hf,l Sei- n y-Six THE BRIAR PATCH IQ36_= Ri.« : Frank, Cabell, I ' lkf, Uoyt, Hardin, Sergeant. Rmv: Todd, Cozettc, Silvers, Guild, Harris, Moonej L acrosse LaCi ' DSSi ' has gained incrcasini h in imp- iil.irity since it was first introduced at Sweet Briar. This fall there were class ami inter- class games. For the first time an lionorar varsity was chosen which |)la ed an ex- hibition game with a selected suli- ;ir it . Jhere will be another such exhibition at the beginning of the next season to give new students some idea how LaCrosse is played and to stimulate trreatcr interest. Dorothy Price Pagr Onf Hun.lrfJ Sn-ftily-S.- ' THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 OaselbaM Baseball is diu- of the It-ndiiiLT spriiiL;; sports. Swcc-t ]i ki - (liR-s not enter inter- collegiate competition hut an intei ' clnss and a class tournament are held and from these teams a college team is chosen. Dm-ing the year 1934-35, the interclass tourna- ment was won b the 1936- ' 38 team, a]ul the class tournament h - 1935. Tur Ruw; McL ,iuii; h, .|,,l,„s„n, Thoi.ias, Cucik-, T.ilhott, Faiilkn Second Row: Hoyt, J. Gregory, Pnris, Lockctl, Fuller. ■ 0 u- Hundred Sevenly-Eighl THE BRIAR PATCH |C)36_=.- Toi- Row: Miss Rogers, Olmstc-nd, Cornwall, I ' .iris, W.ilhici ' , Man .StioNi) Row: N. Cuithorn, Price, Kr.izicr, Hardin, KulU-r, liradk- Front Row: J. Juild, I ' rout, (.•:.bL-ll, Lockett, Hu«arJ. JBaskefball Tlic liaskc ' thall varsit had :i full st-ayiii this t.-ar. The first game with L iichhurg College was little more than a pi ' actice game, in which Sweet Briai ' was victorious. The next match was a fast, clean game with Villiam and Mar , which Sweet Briar lost, 25-24. ' J " he next opponent was P ' armviile State Teachers College. The game was rough and poorly played. Sweet Briar losing, 15-2.3. The last game was a close, fast match with V -sthampton, ending with Sweet Briar victorious, 22 to 20. Lilli.in C.ibcU Pjgc On, ' llunJrcJ Scveiily-Nin ■, TUP BRIAR PATCH IQ36 JK.icliiiig Seasons come and seasons go but riding goes on in spite of the weather. ' have been singular!) fortunate this year in leav- ing such perfect weather for the picnic rides and the Drag hunts. Paper chases and more Drags in the winter have had many enthusiastic followers, while the thought of horseshows in the spring keeps everyone striving for perfection. M iiearct ISi.idk- OH fur ,1 liuiU Mav Dav Horse Shii Page One Hundred Eighty THE BRIAR PATCH IQ36-== OaiiciiTig Modirn Dance has been a pai ' t of tin- Plnsical F.ducation curiicular fur mily six years. In this short time it has i:aini.-il a gicat hold on the entire C()ninunn ' t . It offers an aesthetic education in a new and h ' ttle known field, as well as healthful exercise. Dance Group is made up of ahout twent girls who have shown particular interest and aiiility during classes. Kach spring the group presents a recital for which they do the choreography and costimiing. This year there was a program of Christ- mas dances as well. Mary Helen Friieauff is head of dancing. Marion Brown, Poll - Lambeth, Nanc ' Nallc, Helen W illiamson and Janice ' ile are Dance Leaders. Page One HunJre.1 EighlyOne - - ,, THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 JLaki The Sweet }5i iar Lake is useil fnr swim- ming during the spring and fall, and for boating and canoeing throughout the year. Lake Da and Gala Night are the two big events. In 1935 LilHan Cahell, ' 36, and Virginia Guild, ' 38, tied for first place at Lake Day. The Freshmen ' s float. " The Spirit of ' 38, " won first place Gala Night. Kiltli Kniull Page One llun.trcl Eiglily-Tzio - BRIAR PA HiL ms ' I ' luTc h;is been a revivi-ii intL-i -st in hik- ing this year with more tlian the usual number of hikes. Several of these have been awa frcmi the immediate ieinit of the campus to farther points such as the Peaks of Otter and Crab Tree Falls. The hikers are organizing an Outing Club and plans arc being made to build an Outing Club cabin on I ' aul ' s Mountain. Virginb Hardin Pag,- Oh,- HunJrt,! Eigluy-Thr THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 Arcli Archcr - is both a fall and a spring sport. The fall season ended with an interclass tciurnameiit. The winner was Julia Saun- ders, ' 39, with a sciire cif 258 points, and second place was taken hy Frances Faidk- ner, ' 38, with a score of 251 points. In the spring a team of the eight best archers represents Sweet Briar in the Inter- collegiate Telegraphic Tournament. An- other interclass tournament ends the spring season. .M IN THK Fall Tourna Matthews, Faulkner, S.iundeis, An Archery Class. Page One Humired Eighly-Fi. PATCH Luckftt, Harris, Hu«.irJ, Cruiksluilk, H.irdln. 1 eiinis This year tennis got off to a ri ing stai ' t with the Freshman Tournament. A large number entered the Community Tourna- ment, and the Challenge Cup, given by Geneva Crossman, a former Head of Ten- nis, was won b Almeda Howard. More tournaments are pla ed in the Spring and perhaps one nv two outside matches will he scheduled. ' Tft 1 AlnicJ.i Howard Page One HunArcd Eighly-Five M) Abdvc: Vesta Murray niul Hi-tt Mtadt- Smartt r ' reshman PaLHs. .At Riiz lit: Alison Diiniu-, Garlaiui ]5fari.-r. 1 At Left: A scene from John Drinkwater ' s " Robin Hood and the Pedlar, " directed by Mr. Cameron King with dances coached by Miss Nora Staael. v- f 4. lop til IJottom: Mariiin Liggett, Elizabith PiiikiitDii, M.irtli.i JaiK- Gi|H-. At To]!: .M.H-i(in Sim. Above: D.uKc frcim " Rdbin Hiunl :iiul tlu- Pi-ill;ir. ' At Left: D.in.tln Kan . Lift to Ri ;ht: Dorothy Green, I.ida Re.ul Voiirt, nml Elizalicth Morton. 1 • % f Ahcivc-: EliiKir Wnrd. Ahovi-, at Left: julirt Hallihurtmi. At Left: Scc-iK- fioni the masque. ; ;1 I •- If? Above, Ctiittr: Is.ihil AiuKison. Above, Right: Frances Bogle. At Left: Klizabetll Thompson. Above, CentL-r: Chine Fricrscm. AhdVL ' , RiLrlit: Natnlic Stn ' cklaiul At Left: Mar fames. ■m.mmi ' m ■ • ■ ■ ' ,. • •■■■• r-r Left to Right: Logan Pliiiiizv, Hcvcrlv Flill, ami .Vlyra Carr. :.itiiL Above: Helen Rae. Above, Right: Ray Adk-r. Right: The Queen ' s Pages, Eh ' zabeth Cotter and Agnes W ' ilh ' ams. THE BRIAR PATCH 1956 - Jh leciions The May QucL-n, 1936 . . Chloe Frikrson Elizabeth Morion Hdiior Girls J Catherine Mitchell Phoebe Pierson The Prcsklcnt-Elfct of the Student Government Assnciatiim Nancy Nalle The Presiiient-Klect of the Y. W . C. A. Ellen Lee Snodiirass The Presitient-Elect of the Athletic Association May Paris The Editor of the 1937 Briar Patch Janice Wiley The Business Manager of the 1937 Briar Patch Claire H Anderson The Editor-Elect of the Sweet Briar News Harriet Shaw The Business Manager-Elect of the Sweet Briar News Janei ' B(k;ue The Editor-Elect of the Bramhier Rose Hyde ' Ehe Business Ma.naL ' er-Elect of the Branibler Anna Mary Charles Page TaolluuJrcl One M-ay Oay Oaiice led by Ann RiGHr Temple with Mr. Ashton Jones MAY COURT FIGURE led bv Ellen Pratt with Mr. Pratt ' HittmimiTi ' " ' ' ' ■ ' ■ ' .;;!i„;r ' tt||||[!! k Mii Wmter Da SOl ' HO.MORf- MCJURE Rose Hyde SENIOR IIGURK led h Jacqueline Moore — ■- THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 otatnsiics PRESIDENTS OF STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIA ' EION 1907- ' 08 . . . . Frances Murrell 1922- ' 2.! 1908- ' 09 . . . Nan Powell 192. ' - ' 24 1909- ' 10 .. Nan Powell 1924- ' 25 1911- ' I2 ... Eugenia Buffington 1925- ' 26 1912- ' 13 ... Eugenia Buffington ]926- ' 2- 1913- ' 14 . .. . Rebecca Patton 192-- ' 2S 1914- ' 15 .. Harriet Evans 1928- ' 29 I915- ' 16 .. . - Margaret Banister 1929-30 19I6- ' 17 .. Virginia Sandmeyer 1930- ' 31 1917- ' 18 . .. ... Lo jise Case, Marianne Martin 1931- ' 32 1918- ' 19 Isabel Wood 1932- ' 33 I919- ' 20 ... . Helen Johnson 1933- ' 34 1920- ' 2I ... Fannv Ellsworth 1934- ' 35 1921- ' 22 ... Alice Earlv 1935- ' 36 . Virginia Stanberry . . Margaret Nelson . - . Eugenia Goodall . Elizabeth Rountree Nar Warren Taylor locelvn Watson Esther Tyle r Norvell Rover Mary Lynn Carlson . . . Alice Weymouth Marjorie Bufford Julia Sadler Lda Read Voigt Marion Taylor PRESIDENTS OF Y. W. C. A. 1907- ' 08 Nan Powell 1922- ' 23 1908- ' 09 . . . Marv Virginia Powell 1923- ' 24 1909- ' 10 . , . . Louise Wilson 1924- ' 2 1910- ' ll .... .... Louise Wilson 1925- ' 26 1911- ' 12 ... ... Bessie Grammer 1926- ' 27 1912- ' 13 ... Dorothy Crammer 1927- ' 28 1913- ' 14 ... Henrietta Washburn 1928- ' 29 1914- ' 15 .... Anne Shutte 1929- ' 30 1915- ' 16 .. Genie Steele 1930- ' 31 1916- ' 17 ... . Jane Henderson 1931- ' 32 19I7- ' 18 ... . . , . Dorothy Neal 1932- ' 33 1918- ' 19 ... . . . Dorothy Neal, Caroline Sharp 1933- ' 34 1919- ' 20 .... Fl orence Ives 1934- ' 35 1920- ' 21 .... Marv R. Tvler 1935- ' 36 1921- ' 22 . ... Ruth Fiske Ada Tyler . . Ada Tyler Jane Becker Mary Bristol . Jane Warfield . . . Marion Taber abet!) Lee Valentine . . , Mercer Jackson . , , , Dorothy Boyle ... Stuart Groner Adah Barber Helen Bean Mary Jane Gipe Alma Martin PRESIDENTS OF ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION 1906- ' 07 Helen Schulte I922- ' 21 I907- ' 08 Helen Schulte 1923- ' :4 1909- ' in . . Marv Virginia Parker 1924- ' 2 1910- ' ll ... Margaret Dalton 192.?- ' 26 1911- ' 12 ... Elsie Fogel 1926- ' 27 1912-M3 Elizabeth Franke I927- ' 28 1913- ' 14 Alice Swain 1928- ' 29 I914- ' 15 Zallnda Brown 1929- ' 30 1915- ' 16 Zalinda Brown 1930- ' 3I 1916- ' 17 . Cornelia Carroll 1931- ' 32 1917- ' 18 .... . Cornelia Carroll 1932- ' 33 I918-M9 ,. , , Florence Freeman I933- ' 34 1919- ' 20 Nancy Hanna 1934- ' 3; I920- ' 21 Burd B. Dickson 193;- ' 36 1921- ' 22 Burd B. Dickson Elizabeth Tavlo Frede rnha Margaret Reinhold Margaret Reinhold . Jeanette Boone Evelyn Claybrook Mary Copeland Mona Stone - Mary E. Swift Anne McRae . . Margaret Austin . . . Helen Hanson Cary Burwell Katharine Niles PRESIDENTS OF DRAMATIC ASSOCIATION 1909- ' 10 Eugenia Griffin 1910- ' ll Margaret Cobb 191I- ' I2 Mary Tyler I912- ' 13 Mary Tyler 1913- ' 14 Rachel Forbush 1914- ' 15 Rachel Forbush 1915- ' 16 Martha Darden I916- ' 17 Jane Pratt 1917- ' 18 Charlotte Seaver I918- ' 19 Katherine Taylor 19l9- ' 20 Katherine Taylor 192a- ' 21 Catherine Cordes Page Tuo Hundred Four THE BRIAR PATCH 1936—== - ' l921- ' 22 Margaret Mk-rkc l922- ' 23 Loriia Wi-hi-r iy23- ' 2+ Katherinc Klumpli 1924- ' 25 Martha Aiiibr..si- 1925- ' 26 Edna U-c 1926- ' 27 Ruth Lowranci- I927- ' 2S Bess Lowranct- 1928- ' 29 Marv Shelt.m I929- ' 3(1 lictsy Enibry 19.!0- ' 31 Marv Hendcrsi.n 1931- ' 32 Betsy Uigglns l ' ' 32- ' 33 . Enna Frances Brown 19-V ' - ' H Dorothy Turno lyH-M, Anne Baker 19- ' 5-M6 Betty Cocke KDITORS-IN-CHIEF OF THE ANNUAL 1909- 1910- 19II- 1912- 1913- 1914- 1915- 1916- 1917- 1918- 1919- ' I920- ' 1921- ' 1922- ' Nan I ' „well Jennie Hurt nces Watson ■V Pinkerton 14 Ruth Maurice H Ellen Howison 16 Ruth Watkins 17 Charlotte Scaver 18 Caroline Sharp 19 Maynctte Rozelle Mary . Alii Taylor r Earlv Tioline Taylor ■ion Swannell 1M2 - 1 924- 192i- 1926- 1927- 1928- 1929- 1930- 1931- 1932- 1933- 1934- 193 5- 24 Louise Wolf, Amy Williams 25 Martha Rachman 26 Rebecca Manning 27 Helen Davis 28 Dorothea PadJock 29 Norvell Royer 30 Mary Lynn Carlson 31 Marjorie Miller 32 Martha Boss 3 3 Lydia Goodwyn ' 34 Jean Imbrie 3 5 Alice Benet 36 Anne Lemmon BUSINESS MANAGERS OF THE ANNUAL Frances Murrell . . Esther Kelly ... Elise Zaegel .... Mary Tyler . Harriet Evans Margaret Banister 1909- ' 10 I910- ' ll 1911-M2 1912- ' ! 3 I913- ' 14 1914-M5 1915- ' 16 Marv Bissell 1916- ' 17 V ' ivienne Barkalow 1917- ' 18 Delia Mav Gilmore 1918- ' 19 Mary Virginia Crabbs 1919- ' 20 Fanny Elsworth 1920- ' 21 Marion Walker 1921- ' 22 Rebecca Janny, Elizabeth Hall, Lvdia Purcell 1922- ' : 1923--: 1924- ' : 1925- ' . 1926- ' . 1927- ' ; 1928- ' ; 1929- ' ! 1930- ' : 1931- ' : 1932- 1933- 1934- 1935. Eh ;anor Harned (iertrude Kinsley . . Ed na Lee h ■anette Boone Grace Sollitt Nor; 1 Lee Antrim jwc; ndolyn Olcott Toole Rotter Ele 32 Warwick Rust 33 Helen Bean 34 Llda Read Voigt 35 Adela Cocke 36 Janet Bogue . LV ' OUEENS 1907 . Anne Roval 1908 . Marv Brooks 1909 Margaret Cobb 1910 Josephine Murray 1911 Josephine Murray 1912 Eugenia Buffingham 1913 Marv Tvler 1914 Ruth Maurice 1915 Ruth W.itkins 1916 Rebecca Stout 1917 Martha Dardcn 1918 Catherine Marshall 1919 Helen Johnston 1920 Helen Bceson 1921 Rhoda Allen 1926 1927 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 193 1934 lin5 . , Mary Munson Virginia Stanberry ell Ja 1922 1923 1 924 1925 Eugenia Goodall .... Elizabeth Rountree Virginia Wilson Marion Taber Belle Brockcnbrough Ruth Hasson Jane Muhlbcrg Virginia Hall Sara Marie Kelly Lydia Goodwyn Ellen Pratt Pj ,- r-.ta f{„n.lr ,{ Fkl rl STUDENTS ' REGISTER ADVERTISEMENTS THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 GIVE US A CHANCE Til fi uif with nii (in viiur RINGS, PINS TROPHIES FAVORS OF E EKV DESCRIPTION Designs to Your Individual Order THE BEST FOR LESS MONEY BUCKINGHAM FLIPPIN Munujucturing Jewelers and Opticians 919 Main St. LYNCHBURG, VA. Established 1811 rHErAKpiJs,fo Food Products The sign oF Quality R. C. Williams Co., Inc. New York enis, jRegisier Al,. ude. 8 Adams Rd., Sclieneclady, N. Y. AII,-n. Helen Louisburg. N. C. Allen. Margaret Louise 210 9tli St., Honesdalo, Pa. Aiidrus, Mary Fancea. 650 North Broadway, Yonkers, N. Y. Vmifield, Cornelia R., 223 Fayetleville St.. Asheboro. N. C. Aslier, Martha Louise 5003 Greenwood. Chicago, 111. Bailey, Beverly Anne. 3256 Peachtrt-e Rd.. iN. W., Atlanta. Ga. Bailey. Frances Fleming. 1321 Monle Sano .Ave.. Augusta, Ga. 144 Glen Rid;. rkway. Glen Ridge. N. J. Reiiobarth Church. Va. Churchland, Va. Vnn iity, Va Barn.- Mi ,,li.ih Washingto Barnes, Marily Montview Ave., Short Hills. N. J. Barrett. Eleanor Randolph, 37 Union St., Montclair, N. J. Beard. Anne F Amherst, Va. Belk Sara Walkup, 320 Hawthorne Lane, Charlotte, N. C. Bell. Beilina Lee 109 Gaston Ave., Fairmont, W. Va. Bein.s. Jane Scarborough-on-Hudson, N. Y. Benedict, Anne Highland Ave., S.iort Hills. N. J. Benet, Alice Van Yeveren, 808 Pickens St.. Columbia, S. C. Ben inger. Dorot ' .iy 1241 East State St., Salem, Ohio Beriknians. Mary Alice Washington Rd.. Augusta, Ga. Biddle Belty Ann Sugar Grove. Ohio Black. Georgia, 73 Monle Vista Place, Ridgewood. N. J. Bl.i,k. J.-.U, Stuart 11 Plymouth St.. Montclair. N. J. Hm I. I, ,,,.,. IIIB Federal Ave.. Seattle, Wash. Hn u, I,,,, ,M, i.,i3 Overhill Rd.. Ardraore, Pa. Phillips - ve.. Pittsburgh, Pa. II. 11.1 44 Macculloch Ave.. Morristown. N. ]. Bourg, Jean Lois 2000 Glynn Court, Detroit. Mich. Bowen. Ethel Harriet Bramwell. W. Va. Bowers. Lucy H.ll, 1846 Buena Vista Road Colunjbus, Ga. Bowley. Elizabeth Wilmer Fort Ethan Allen, Vermont Bowron. Edith Josephin e, 10 Rockledge Rd.. Birmingham, Ala. Bradley. Margaret Glendower Albemarle County, Va. Braswell, Nancy Burton, 128 N. C:iurch St., Rocky Mount, N. C. Brock. Imogene Warwick. 5402 W. Gary St., Richmond. Va. Brower, Mary Wheelock 157 Cliff St., Canajoharie, N. Y. Brown. Marion Llewellyn. 2200 .North Shore Drive, St. Petersburg, Fla. Bro«n, Maw D .430 Marion St.. Denver, Colo. Ma Theological Semil Alexandria, Va Cabell Lillian 3412 Hawthorne Ave., Richmond, Va. Camp. Mary Virginia Franklin, Va. CampbelL Belty 1101 ForMt Ave., Evanston, III. Campbell. Elizabeth Haldeman. Upper River Road. Louisville, Ky Campbell, Margaret Tussing. 2913 Burns Ave., Detroit. Mich. CarpentiT, Carol Eleanor, 25 Slrathallen, Park, Rochester. N. Y Carr. Myra Skinner 707 Westover Ave., Norfolk, Vf Page TtiO Hundred Eight THE BRIAR PATCH m r mnK OF LYNCHBURG. VA. MEMBER OF Federal Reserve System AND Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation JOHN VICTOR WALKER PETTYJOHN W. D. HODGES . W. E, PAYNE W.A.HENDERSON . . President . Vice-President Cashier Assistant Cashier Assistant Cashier PagcTuoUunJrfJMm ' . — THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 COMPLIMENTS OF JANE TOOHER Sport Clothes 711 Boylston Street BOSTON. MASS. Carter. Gurley 310 W. diaries Si., Hammond, La. Cary, Helen, Amplhill House, Cary Street Road. Richmond, Va. Canthorn, Ann Marshall 605 Peak St , Bedford Va Cauthom. Nina Booth 605 Peak St„ Bedford, Va. Caven, Florence 2003 County, Texarkana. Ark. Charles. Anna Mary 1024 Woods Ave.. Lancaster, Pa. Chartener. Ruth Garnot 4H Park Way, Monessen, Pa. Cheatham. Virginia 728 Macon Road. Griffin. Ga. Clallin. Eleanor Pearson. 172 Dean Rd., Brookline, Mass. Clark. Marti, 3 I „ Sweet Briar, Va. ly Cooperstown, N. Y. Cla 1100 3rd Ave., North. Great Falls, Mont. Clements, Diantha 1090 Avon Rd., Schenectady. N. Y. Cobh. Mary Jemison 3728 Cliff Rd., Birmingham, Ala. Cochran. Mary Jaquelin. 7 Woodland Terrace, Jefferson Park, Alexandria, Va, Cocke, Adela Elizabeth, 3 Chevy Chase Circle, Chevy Chase, Md. Coley, Hylah 247 Park Lane, Douglaston, N. Y. Collier. Henri, ila ,48 Park Lane, Atlanta, Ga. Collins. Jan. Meridian, Miss. Corbett. Kilix Kiji- Bay City, Texas Cordes. Frances Christiana. 211 Lytton Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. Corrigan, Louise 4404 Versailles, Dallas, Texas Cox, Nancy Lucille Amherst, Va. Cox, Thelma Dow Amherst. Va. Cozette. Odile 18 rue de la Chevalerie, Tours, France Crawford, Agnes dejarnette. 1D« Roslyn Rd.. Richmond, Va. Crawford. Mary Ann 40 Lincoln Rd., Brooklyn, N. Y. Crenshaw. Betty 395 Stratford Rd., Atlanta, Ga. Cross, Ruth Barbara, Park Central Hotel, 55th St. and 7th Ave.. New York City Cruikshank, Margery Allen. 115 Holly St., Cranford, N. J. Cuthbert. Betty Jean, 323 Washington St., Ogdensburg, N. Y. Dail, Betty Jane. 202 Greendale Ave.. Cincinnati, Ohio Daniel, Harriet 517 N. 9th St., Temple, Texas Daugherly, Ruth Louise, 411 Highland Ave., Wollaslon, Mass. Davies. Anna Catherine. 6922 Church Ave.. Ben Avon, Pittsburgh, Pa. Day. Elsie Saunders, 134 Sulherlin Ave., Danville, Va. Dearstyne. Anne Bell 15 Marion Ave., Albany, N. Y. Deaniiont. Julia Maria. 903 College Hill. Cape Giradeau, Mo. Denton. Ada Chapin Dunton Ave., Hollis, N. Y. Deringer. Griselda, 3327 80th St.. Jackson Heights, N, Y. Derr. Barbara. 1412 N. Halifax Ave.. Seabreeze Station. Daytona Beach, Fla. Dillard. Narcissa 214 Woodlawn Ave.. Lynchburg, Va. Dingman, Eudoxa Ann ..Wearimus Road. Hohokus. N. J. Doniholf, Justine 6333 Jackson St.. Pittsburgh, Pa. Dnnalson. Helen Edmund Merry Hotel. Seattle. Wash. Donohue, Kathleen Bishop. 502 Ontario Ave., Sheboygan, Wis. Douglas. Rebecca 1337 Princess Anne Road. Norfolk. Va. Dunn. Charlotte 229 Midland Ave.. Montclair, N. J. Durham. Elizabeth Taliaferro. 2404 Maplewood Ave.. Richmond. Va. Dy Ha Arthur. .75 South St. E-hold. N. J. Eady. Virginia Nunn. 2304 Bonnycastle Ave., Louisville, Ky. Earl. Barbara Elaine. Clover Hills Drive. Route No. 1, Brighton, N. Y. Edenton. Eleanor No. 6 Northwood, Jackson, Tenn, Edniands, Patricia Althea, 295 Clinton Ave., Brooklyn. N. Y. Elliott. Malalie Holt University Park, University, Va. Engel. Marcia 300 Central Park West, New York City Eshleman, Kathleen Legendre, 722 Lowerline St., New Orleans. La. F ge T:io HuuJrcJ T.- E BRIAR PATCH I036 official Photographers Irtar patch I- ESSLER -|eNDERSON, Inc. washin6ton, d. c P,lgrruoHu»JrfJEU - - TUP BRIAR PATCH |C)36 ■■ l ' Ji ' ( riitliiiKj In Music " —RECORDS— Victor Decca Brunswick SHEET MUSIC RADIOS PORTABLES L. OPPLEMAN 818 Main St. Phone 1483 To llu Stud, Ills of Sinct Jiriiir BEST WISHES FOK A srcCKSSFTT. CAHKKR Pocahontas Coal Sales Company Cincinnati, Ohio Producers of Genuine Pocahontas Coal F L ( ) AY V. R S " Accord ' nin io Dojjh ' ' •Sim ' { Phone 892 708 Main St. Lynchburg, Virginia (Hove Kill J ' laiiiil Uiillir h ' obiiisoii Cntsiir Siillril I ' m mils H. A. ROBINSON CO., Inc. Lynchburg, Virginia Espach, Anna Atkins, Boston Naval Hospital, Boston. Mass. Evans. Dorothy Gertrude. 462 Ridgewood Road, Maplewood. N. J. Faulkner, Frances Jane. 1635 Quarrier St., Ciiarleston. W. Va. Ferguson, Audrey Kathleen. 20 Ridge Drive, Great Neck, N. Y. Ferguson. Barhara Ruggles. 24 Carlton Rd., Weban. Mass. Fish. Barbara Valkenburg, Livingston County. N. Y. Flannery, Anne 2411 California St., Washington, D. C. Forbush, Janet Grace, " Nearbrook. " Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Franke, Ruth Adele, Broadway and Meadow Drive Woodmerc, N. Y. Frazicr, Betty Louise. 6601 Waterman Ave.. St. Louis. Mo. Frierson. Chloe " Beech Lawn. " Columbia, Tenn. Frueauff. Mary Helen. 12 E. 86th St., New Y ' ork City Fuller. Marion Valleau. 171 Stamford Ave., Stamford, Conn. Furniss. Caroline McKee, 602 Lauderdake St., Selma. Ala. Furry. Barbara Anne_ 6922 JeHery Ave., Chicago, 111. Carbee, Bessie Lee Amherst, Va. Gardner. Katharine Gifford. 1477 Maine St., Quincy, III. Catch. Nancy Wecras, 99 Gloucester St.. Annapolis, Md. GauL Mary Louise 730 North 5th St., Reading, Pa. George, Ellen Louise Keswick, Va. Gibson. Evelyn Eleanor. 9 Hall Ave., Larchmont, N. Y. Gibson, Susan Stuart, 1208 West Franklin St., Richmond, Va. Gilbert, Dorothy Ruth. 4348 Berwick . ve„ Toledo, Ohio Gill. Mildred 1658 Berkeley Ave., Petersburg. Va. Gilliam. Ruth Elizabeth Sweet Briar, Va. Gipe. Dorothy Caroline. 2048 Richmond Rd., Toledo. Ohio Golden, Mary Anna. 67 Fielding Court. South Orange. N. J. Goodwin. Parker Amherst. Va. Gordon. Norma Palmer Park Place, Short Hills, N. J. Gordy, Martha 1216 Golden Lane, Orlando, Fla. Core. Lucy 93 Quinby Ave.. White Plains, N. Y. Gort. Faith Marie, 3920 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, III. Gott. Valerie Fain. 103 Ridgeside Rd., Chattanooga, Tenn. Grace. Louisa 125 N. 5th St., Mount Vernon, Wash. Green. Dorothy Day, 1216 Madison St., N.W., Washington. D. C. Green. Gene 4621 Wenonah Drive, Dallas, Texas Greene. Lucille Carlton. 14 Hemlock Rd.. Bronxvillo. N. Y. Gregory. Frances Wheeler. 185 Upper Mountain Ave.. Montclalr, N. J. Gregory. Lucy Jane Rocky Mount, N. C. Crilfin. Margery Alberta Algonquin Park. Norfolk, Va. Grimes, lone Capel, 1007 Carroll Ave.. Takoma Park. Md. Cruber. Mary Elsie 2316 20th St.. Was ' iington, D. C. Guild. Virginia Dale, 950 Vine St., Chattanooga. Tenn. Hagberg. Winifred Edna. 1337 Fargo Ave.. Chicago. III. Haley, Eleanor Hardwick 701 S. Caroline St.. Louisiana. Mo. Hall. Rosalie Muriel. 75 Ro.vbury Rd.. Garden City. L. I. Hamilton. Mary Marner, 39 Ashland Ave., Buffalo N. Y. Handerson, Claire, Park Lane Villa, Park Lane and 105th St., Cleveland, Ohio Happ Joscijhine Theresa. .904 Vineland Ave.. Macon. Gs. Hardin. Ethel Virginia 52 East Elm St., Chicago. III. Harris. Natalie. 177 Ridgewood Ave., Spring Glen, New Haven, Conn. Harris, Margaret Moore, 3905 Juniper Road, Baltimore. Md. Harrison. Anna Lee 313 Ramsay Ave.. Hopewell. Va. Hartman. Virginia June. 44 East Kent Road, Duluth, Minn. P„i;e Tu„ Hundred Tzcelve MOTORISTS CALL IT ' ' THE MASTERPIECE OF TIRE CONSTRUCTION " 15% SAFER BY ACTUAL TEST r IRESTONE Tires, with their scientif- ically designed non-skid tread, are familiar to motorists ail over the world. They know these tires have, by their outstanding performance, won the right to be called " The Masterpiece of Tire Construction " . 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Hotel, Institutional, Restaurant Equipment, Soda Fountains, China, Glass, Silver The Lynchburg National Bank and Trust Company PARKE ' S GOLD CAMEL TEA BALLS individi:al service " Every Cup A Treat " C ' liffees Teas Spices C ' lnned Foods Flavoring Extracts L H. PARKE COMPANY Philadelphia Pittsburgh OPTICIANS .JEWELERS Bowen Jewelry Company (Ili,-or]..,l;itr,l) 81.3 Main St., Lyncdiburg, Va. Have Your Watch Regulated Free On The TIME MICROMETER at Bowen ' s Hasloff. Hilda Hope, 265 Kimball Ave, Weatficld. N. J. Hauber. Ethel House-in-tho-Woods, Newark. DeJ. Haywood, Shirley Benbury, 634 North Blount St.. Raleigh. N. C. Hebcr, Olga Aldrich. 104 Grandview Ave., White Plains, N. Y. Hedges, Mary Aliec. Mission Ridge, Chattanooga. Tenn. Heizer, Virginia Thomas, 31 Orchard Rd., Fort Mitchell. Covington. Ky. Hesson, Helen Vauglian Monroe, Va. Hesson, Mary Elizabeth Monroe Va Hewlett. Amelia Yancey. 2765 PeachtrL-e Road. Atlanta, Ga. Hicks Cornelia Baird. 2724 34th St., N.W., Washington. D. C. High. Sara Elizabeth. Drcsher and Wltmer Roads, Horsham. Pa. Himes, Mary Lorrain e May Apartments. Toledo. Ohio Hodill, Martha Elizabeth, 6922 Thomas Blvd., Pittsburgh. Pa. Hoffman, Shirley Theodora. 251 Churchill, Palo Alto, Calif. Holdfn, Helen Orissa. Cross Highway at Compo Road. Weslport, Conn. Holden. Jane Bancroft. 868 Lawrence Ave.. Detroit, Mich Holland. Alma Pearl, 1217 Ann St.. Parkersbur " , W. Va Hopkins. Natalie Southworth, 37 Warren Place, Montclair. N. J. Hopper, Elizabeth Chappaqua. N. Y. Houghton. Martha Shellon, 1700 Polk St.. Amarillo. Texas Housel. Mary Ann 940 North Front St.. Milton Pa. Howard. Almeda 183 Stiles St., Elizabeth. N. J. Hoyt, Katherine Rogers. 143 Cooper Ave., Upper Montclair. N. J. Hunt. Elizabeth, c-o The Arts Guild, 309 East 34th St.. New York City Hutchison, Ann 211 Main St.. Matawan, N. J. Hyde. Rose Foster. 2203 Wyoming St.. Washington D. C. Inge, Mary Ruth, 560 Upper Boulevard, Ridgewood, N. ]. Irelan. Dorothy 19 Puritan Av e., Forest Hills, N. Y. James, Viola Rider, 260 Cherokee Road. Charlotte, N. C. Jansen. Cecily 1300 Race St., Denver, Colo. Job, Evan Jane 2000 Lexington Ave.. Ashland, Ky. Johnson, Frances Marie. 1.500 Hampton Blvd.. Norfolk. Va. Johnston. Madolyn Cribbs. 38 Greenacres Ave.. Scarsdale, N. Y. Jones, Mary Jane. 2970 Staunton Road. Huntington, W. Va. Jones. Shirley Ann, 627 Tarboro St., Rocky Mount, N. C. Judd, Helen Phoebe, 721 13th Ave.. S.W., Rochc jler, Minn. Judd, Mary Jane, 721 13th Ave., S.W.. Rochester, Minn. Kearns, Margaret Chenault. 2917 Eric Ave.. Cincinnati, Ohio Kemp. Frances VtTnon 714 Court St., Lynchburg. Va. Kent. Jane Gray 3600 Seminary Ave.. Richmond, Va. Kin;, Elizabeth Schuyler. 162 East 78th St., New York City Kirkiialrick. Sara Haley Lee Circle. Lynchburg, Va. Kleberg, Katherine. 517 North Broadway, Corpus Christi. Texas Klinger. Helen Jane, 2605 Solway Drive. S ioux City. Iowa Knauir, Mary St. James Rectory, Bolivar, Tenn. Kunkle. Rebecca Jane. 418 Prospc-ct Road. Ashtabula. Ohio Liimbert. Lillian Latimer. 1536 East 20th St., Tulsa, Okla. Lambert, Marion Virginia, 5010 Western Kwe.. Omaha. Neb, Lambeth. Mary Johnson Thomasville, N. C. Langdon. Dorothy Maude Harnersville, Mo, Lanier, Lloyd. 2544 Observatory Road, Cincinnati, Ohio Piige Tuo Hnn.ire.i F«ur THE BRIAR PATCH |C)36 P.,g, Tuo H,.„. r .l Fif,,: THE BRIAR PATCH IQ36 Have you tried our Melco Candies ? Harris-Woodson Co. Ii -iiclil)iirii ' , A ' li. THE WHITE HOUSE CAFE In presenting to the puliHc OUR SERVICE, we Ik ' Hcvo we enn justly flMini tli;it it fully rcinrscnts the pidyri ' ss :nHl ]il " srllt iielfectiun I ' f the Preparation and Serving of Food For Dinners. Lunches, Chiness Dishes, Sea Foods Virginia ' s Finest Eating Place 717 Main Street FOOT SMARTNESS Fol! Every College Activity ■ SHOE SALON GOOD CLOTHES Dcsi i-vi ' (liKid Care and Shunld Be t eiif To A Good Cleaner. We respectfully sol ' eit Your ]intron;ige Cl.-llll.TS iUl.l Dv.T.. Consult Our College Agents Lassing. June, 805 I61I1 Ave.. N.E.. St. Pelersburg, Fla. Lawder. Mary Catherine, 1516 West Alabama St., Houston, Texas Lear. Lois Adaline, Hudson River Road, Waterford N. Y. Lee. Elizabeth 2301 Hopedale Ave., Charlotte, N. C. Leggett. Yvonne Renee. 53 Clarcmont Road, Scarsdale. N. Y. Leminon, Annp. 224 Church St., Sumter. S. C. Lesnick. Abi ail, 8309 Colonial Road, Brooklyn, N. Y. Letcher . dele Marie, 161 Rock Road Glen Rock, N. J. Lewis, Eliza Huske 220 Gilliam St.. Oxford. N. C. Lewis. Jane YraRer, 724 Carlton Ave.. Plainfield. N. J. Lewis, Lottie Sharp. 418 South Duke St.. Durham N. C. Lewis, Margaret Elliott 2 East Lawn, University, Va. Little, Eleanor 3613 Seminary Ave., Richmond, Va. Lloyd, Margaret Hall.burton. 4 Vera Place, Montclair. N. J. Locketl, Elizabeth Cary, 304 West Argonne Drive, Kirkwood. Mo. Love Elizabeth Howell, Lynnwood Blvd., Nashville. Tenn. Lucas, NataLe BettU 405 Coit St.. Florence, S. C. Luck Anne Wellford, 1216 2nd St., S.W., Roanoke, Va. Luckett, Gracey Hobbs 2419 Longest Ave.. LouisviUe. Ky. Lvkes, Margaret HoweM. 631 Esplanade, Pelham Manor, N. Y. McCandlish. Nancy Montague, Fairfax, Va. McCreery, Helen 2133 East 7th . ve.. Denver. Coio. McDuffie. Cornelia Hixon. St. Charles Apts.. Mobile, . la. McCuire Elizabeth Mars ' all. 1510 Grove Ave.. Richmond. Va. MoKav. Frances 4428 Wagner Ave., .tstabula. Ohio McKee. Nancy Darnell. 107 South C ' lurch St,. Cynthiana. Ky. MacRac, Margaret Duncan. 49 Rue Moliere Shanghai. China Macfarlan, Janet 136 Linden St.. Ridgewood. N. J. Macfarlan, Ruth 108 Poplar St.. Towanda, Pa. Mackintosh. Mary Frances, 47 Valley Road, Bronxville, N. Y. Mahan. Mary Marshall 2506 Laclede. Hannibal. Mo. Manly. Nan 4344 Clairmont Ave.. Birmingham, Ala. Mann. Marlon Edna. 24 Cathedral Ave., Garden City, N. Y. Marsh Genevieve Wilder. 8 East Irving St., Chevy Chase. Md. 69 Berkley Place. Buffalo, N. Y. Marl Suzi The Lee Ho Ohio 15th L St., N.W.. Washington, D,C, Mather. Dorothy Chevalier. 334 McGregor Ave., Matthews, Martha Blanlon. 2130 Roswell Ave.. Charlotte, N. C. Matthews. Susan Fitzhugh, 2330 Octavia St., New Orleans. La. Meade Margaret Delia Boyce, Va. Meters. Marguerite Elle 539 West 155th St., ;C3 Ferree St., Squirrel Hill Ne York Cil Pittsburgh, Pa, Mille: Mille: Ma Hills. N. I. Emerson. 1027 Cambridge Crescent, Norfolk, Vs. me June, 116 Brompton Road, Garden City, N. Y. Milltr. Elyse Evelyn Route 3, Amherst, Va. Miller ' , Jane Beverly, The Sea.Foam. Ventnor City. N. J. Milnor, Mary Hustis 61 Lloyd Rd.. Montclair, N. J. Minder, Margaretha Kimmerle, 10 South Center St., South Orange, N. J. Minor, Henrietta Allen, 322 Easlover Road, Charlotte, N. C. Mitchell. Alyce Virginia Walkerford, Va. Mitchell. Catherine Quentin, 1515 East 9th St., Denver, Colo. Moucure. Patty „ Second Street Road. Richmond, Va. Mo Page Tun Hundred Sixlct-n THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 V r " TME SHOPPING CENTRE ' ) -5 Ol)e Sweet ! rlar Sl)opping (Tcutre WHEN YOU VISIT WASHINGTO N BE SURE TO VISIT WOODWARD LOTHROP lOth and 11th, F and G Streets Washington, D. C. P,ig - Tuo Hun,lr.;i S.v,nlc,- THE BRIAR PATCH iv o ( Incorporated I FERTILIZERS Norfolk, Virginia PERMANENT WAVE SPECIALISTS " Beauty in Its Entirety " IMPORTED FRENCH PERFUMES EMILE, Inc. 1221 Conn. Ave. Disl. 3616 Washington. D. C. SHATTUCK JONES Boston FISH IS GOOD FISH COMPLIMENTS OF A. S. White Co. WHOLESALE GROCERS Lynchburg, Virginia Momipy. Marttia Jane The Pines. Chorlcywood, Herls, England Moore. Belly Balsell 616 Wasliinglon, Slierman Texas Moore. Helen Jacquelin, 3801 Hermitage Road, Ricliniond. Va. Moon., Jean Edwina. 200 Diamond St.. Ravenna, Ohio Moore, Sigur Elizabeth. 1, ' ;26 Jarvis St.. Fort Worth, Texas Morion. Elizabeth Fleet. 3122 Rivcrmont Ave., Lynchburg. Va .Mo.ll.r. Fayth Virginia. 55 Christopher St., Montclair, N. J, Murray. Vesta 1832 Heyward St,, Columbia, S, C. Nalle, Nancy Porter. 906 South College Charlotte, N. C. Nauman. Barbara Ann. 1273 North Ave.. New Rochelle. N. Y. Neely. Lillian Waynesboro, Ga. Neve. Hplen Cooth Ivy Depot. Va. Newby, Eddina Eugenia, 1222 West Sears, Dcnison, Tc-xas Nicholson. Helen Dorothy Union, S. C. Nilea, Katharine Bosworth, 81 Hundreds Road, Wellesley Farms, Mass, (I ' Hrian, EsthcT Lord, 150 West Utica St., Buffalo, N. Y, (Hd, Ann Eugenia, Quarters H, U, S, Navy Yard, Brooklyn N, Y. Oliver, Jean 315 Pine Valley, Atlanta, Ca. Olmstead. Isabel Louise, Plum Tree Lane, Hempstead, N, Y. Ortel, Catherine Jane, 165 Franlilin St,. Bloomfield, N. J. Palmer. Clolilde Sayre. 215 Harwood , ve„ North Tarrytown, N, Y, P.,ri«. M.,v Ivvlvn .SO Plaza St., Brooklvn N. Y, Park.r. J.,i„- :t. ' Crawford Road, Harrison, N. Y. l ' .irk.. Aim, .ii..,n Bra.lford Lynnhaven, Va, Parsons. Nan, v V..n Dyke. 62 Utica St., Clinton, N. Y, Patterson, Patricia Marcella, 962 Government St., Mobile, Ala. Pels, Marie Edna 191 Union St„ Montclair, N, J Perkins, Lois Elizabeth. 3301 Harrison St., Wichita Falls, Tt-xas Pethiik. Mary Grace Hong Kong, China Pfin; sten, Ruth Janvier, 6370 Waterman Ave, St. Louis, Mo, Pharr, Mildred 904 East 12th St., Texarkana, Ark, Philbin. Anne Lawson. 88 Groton St.. Forest Hills N, Y, Phinizy, Cora Logan 2234 McDowell St.. Augusta Ga. Pierson, Phoebe Clark 135 Park Ave., Verona, N. J. Pinkerton. Elizabeth McMutrie, 854 Avenue C, Bayonne, N, J, Porter, Katharine Thomas. 4460 Park Ave,, Indianapolis Ind, Porter, Louise Love, 300 D St,, S,W,. Ardmore, Okla. Powell, Marquart Mines, 25 Upland Road. Wvomissing Hills, West Lawn, Pa, Price. Dorothy Helen, 3407 North Hilton Road, Baltimore, Md. Trout, Dorothy Elizabeth, 406 Sixth Ave., Asbury Park, N. J. Rae, Helen 333 Otis St,, West Newton, Mass, Redfern, Anna Lawrence. Algonquin Park, Norfolk. Va. Redmond. Sarah Louise, 3 Rockdoll Lane, Birmingham Ala, Rhodes, Priscilla 239 Forest Ave., Glen Ridge, N, J, Rich, Mary Scribner 405 Main St,, Portland, Conn, Riclards, Katherine, 8 Edg,-cliff Road. Upper Montclair. N. J Richeson Mabel Lucille AmhtTst, Va. Ridgely. Julia Morrell Box 11. Towson. Md. Riley. Jean 2632 Elsinor Ave., Baltimore Md, Robertson. Gertrude Holcombe, Box 237, Warrenton, Va, Rodenbaugh, Jean Crawford, 51 Water St„ St, Augustine, Fla. Roper. Margaril Lonsdale, 727 Yarmouth St., Norfolk, Va. Kuch, Elizabeth. 73 Sterling Ave.. White Plains. N. Y. 3 Putnam Road, Scarsdale, N, Y P ge Tzio Hu,ulred Eighteen 1 BRIAR P al a l IJIullOlDy JO year ' s Old THE FIRST X ai i i a II ii I it H II k OF LYNCHBURG RESOURCES: Nine Milliu.i 1)u11;j The Old, Big, STRONG Bank P g.- Ttio H,„2,lr,:l .V, THE BRIAR PATCH 1936 HUGHES DRY CLEANING CORPORATION LICENSED SANITONE CLEANER Phones 974-975 1603 Park Avenue Lynchburg, Va. ; BLEND CHICAGO AND BROOKLYN ™ SEXTON - Coffee Merchants for Over 50 Years Bundle, Rulh Fticman, 311 Maple Ave., Edgewood, Pittsburgh. Pa. Kulty. Virginia Louise, 222 Culver Road, Rochraler. N. Y. Saiididge. Mart;aret Clark Amherst, Va. SanforJ, Dorothy Beadford 7 West . ndrew9 Drive, . tlaiita, Ga. Santord, Kate Londonville. N. Y. Saul, . ugusla Elizabeth 340 Boulevard, Salem, Va. SaundcTS. Elizabeth Gorhani, 120 East 61st St., New York City Saunders, Julia Gray Ashland Va. Scott. Jean Gray Graham, N. C. Siudder. Ann 24 North Lynwood Ave., Glenside. Pa. Soldier. Rulh Helen, 36 Claremont Ave,, Maplewood, N. J. Silbert. Dorothy Lee. 3941 Dickson Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio Sergeant. Lucile Hopkins, 92 Ralph Ave., While Plains, N. Y. Sealer. Barbara Coe, 415 West South St.. Pontiac, lU. Shaffer. Mary Katharine Cass, W. Va. Shaw. Harriot VanderVeer, 221 Highbrook Ave.. Pelham N. Y. Shclton, Jane 749 Vine St.. Chattanooga Tenn. Sholwell. Pollyanna Ewing. 406 Forsythe Ave. Monroe, La. Shuford, Betty Angola Chappaqua, N. Y. Sicard. Elizabeth Hallam Barneveld, N. Y. Siebert, Audrey 137 Senator St.. Brooklyn, N. Y. Silvers, Jessie Milne Cranbury, N. J. Silvester, Marjorie Eleanor. 205 East 69lh St., New York City Sim. Marion Stearns, 518 Lawrence Ave,. Weslfield. N, J. Simpson, Mary Louise, 835 Clinton Ave., Bridgeport. Conn. Sisson, Virginia Castle, 26 Garden St.. Potsdam, N. Y. Smith. Lillian May 370 85th St., Brooklyn. N. Y. Smith. Margaret Esllack ,5,30 Manor Roail, Wynnewood, Pa. Smith. Mary Clements 61 Main St., Concord, Mass. Snodgrass. Ellen Lee. 2909 33rd Place, IM.W. Washington. D. C. Spear, Mary Mawry 10 Porter Rd., Annapolis. Md. Spence, Anne- Bonner 1422 Faxon, Memphis, Tenn. Stamen. Carolyn May, 432 Forest Ave,, Shreveport, La. Stewart, Dorothy May. 4622 Osage Ave.. Philadelphia, Pa. Stokes, Mary Carolina. 214 S. Chestnut St., Kewanee. Ill Straus. Carol Smith. 2025 Monument Ave.. Richmond. Va. Stump. -Aline 324 East 41st St.. New York Cily Sulzberger. Kate, 1015 Hyde Park Blvd., Chicago. III. Susong Martha Arnold, 202 Main St., Gret-nville. Tenn. Sutton, Josephine Meredith, 1517 Sunset Lane, Richmond, Va. Swartz Clara Rosalie-, 1739 DeKalb St., Norristown, Pa. Swift, Florence Gibbs. 713 E. Marks St., Orlando, Fla. Talcott. Mary Archer. 1504 Park , ve,, Richmond, Va. Taliaferro, Lucy Balmaine. 305 North Union .Ave., Cranford. N. J. Tams, Sarah Allison Tarns, W. Va. Taylor. Marion McCrary, 171 Macon Ave,, , sheville, N. C. Thomas, Dorothy Ell.T, Country Club Road. Winslon-Salem, N. C. l ' „ ,- ra» ri„i,,h,;l r-ue,„ xu iz DD|Ap n y ii r Tr ACIHtlllEVIEMIENT UN ANY UN IE Of lENIDIEAVOIR. IIJTIHtlE NAirUIKAL IRJEXyiLT or ABIIILIITY AND lEXIPIEIKJIiENCIEJPiyXOIPIPOIKJryNIITY TOIIjrOIRiGANIIZATIION TAIKIEJ IPIKJIIDIE IN iiTJ jroccifXir--jycciEJj ieajknieid i Y TittiE AiBiiLinrr or inor MrMiBriRX Tlttr rXIPriKJNENCIE GAIINrO UN wrMiiY YrAiKf or rrroiwr, and imroiPiPoiRjryNiiTiiiEj orrriR iEo m IITjr CLIirNTX CtHfAII LOniE lENGIRAVIING COMPANY II NC. AKTIorTJ ' -pnOTO-ENGRAVEK -DEriGNEPJ ' Cf+AR-LOTTE NOR.T tt CAR-OLIN A NINETEEN FIFTEEN THE BRIAR PATCH |C)36 For Social and Sight-Seeins PLEASURES WASHINGTON You will enjoy your Washington visit mote if you live al the Dodge-acioss Capitol Plaia (torn U. S. Capitol Building, neat Senate and House OFFice Uuildings, Congressional Li- brary, Foiger Shakespeare Library - the world ' s most interesting group of Public Buildings. NO TIPPING Modern club-like hotel with X ' alled- in Flower Garden, Roof Porch, and delightlul guest lounge. Write lor Booklet " How to Spend a Day or a Week in Washington. " The DODGE HOTEL ON CAPITOL HILL • WASHINGTON D.C ' hanlis 10 the Su ' eet riar Qirls liilho " T aironize Virginia Stage Lines Thomas. Elizabeth Clark. Washington Road. Westminster. Md. Thompson. Jane Davidson. 507 South Oak St. Pratt. Kansas Thompson. Marv Downing. 709 FelJer St.. Montgomery. Ala. Thompson. Williella, W Rosedale . ve.. White Plains. N. Y. Thorpe. Janet Diehl. 640 Esplanade. Pelhara Manor. N. Y. Tinsley. . nnic Gertrude Amherst. Va. Todman. Ida Cray Thice Chop! Road, Richmond. Va. Todd, Phyllis 167 Main St.. Matawan, N. J. Tomlinson. Sarah Lacy, 529 Parkway, High Point, N. C. Townsend. Jane Gerry. 714 Luzerne St., Westmont, Johnstown, Pa. Treadway. Mary Lane. 100 Oakland St., Bristol, Conn. Trosch. Janet Elizabeth, 82 Southt-rn Parkway, Rochester. N. Y. Troy. Mary Elizabeth, Slop 10 Troy Road. Schenectady. N. Y. Tucker. Maud Crason. 3802 Hawthorne ve.. Richmond. Va. Turnbull. Mary Cropsey. 225 Midland . ve., Montclair. N. J. Upshaw. Wileyna Lamar. 340 Eufaula St., Eufaula, Ala. Vanderbilt. Elizabeth Park. 172 Maple St., Englewood, N. J. Vandnill, Eleanor Lawrence. 24 Hamburg - ve., Sussex, N. I. Vass, Margaret 745 Hillsboro St., Raleigh, N. C. Waer. Virginia Isabel. 135 S. College .A.ve., Grand Rapids, Mich. Walker. .Anne Rodgers 176 Pcachtree Circle. Atlanta. Ga. Wall. Elizabeth Undc-rwood. 1023 Electric St., Scrunlon. Pa. Wallace. Ann Rose, Poplar Pike and Cherry Circle, Memphis, Tenn. Wallace. Eleanor Constance. R.F.D. No . 5. West Chester. Pa. Wallers. Joie Louise. 5300 Sheridan . ve., Miami Beach. Fla. Walton. Helen Elizabeth, 545 E. Walnut St.. Springfield. Mo. Ward. Elinor Margaret. 2739 Creon Road, Shaker Heiihts Ohio Warriner. Anne Preston, Fort Clark, Brackettvillc. Texas Weimer. Margaret Jane 8th Ave. St. Albans, W. Va. Welles. Mary Jeffrey Lexington, Va. Wcllford, Marion Virginia, P. O. Box 715, Wilm:ngton, Del. W..lon. .M.il K.diinson H., 31 Chelsea Place East Orange, N. J. W ikox, Sarah Bciinett, 2840 Walton Way, Augusta, Ga. Wiley. Janice 50 Euclid Ave., Maplewood, N. J. WUIiams. Elizabeth Cleveland. 213 North St., Greenville, S. C. Williams Harri.i 211 Howe St.. Pittsburgh, Pa. Williams. Lillian RalcliHe. 1012 Main St.. South Boston. Va. Williams. Martha 6105 Howe St., Pittsburgh, Pa, Williamson, Helen Shaeller, 1103 Wheatland Ave.. Lancaster. Pa. Wilson. Elinor Ormaond, 327 Woodland Ave.. Lynchburg, Va. Wilson, Rilma Sanders, 1400 Queens Road, Charlotte, N. C. Winston. Lucy Robb Winston, Va. r«o Hundred Taeri -Taa THE R PATCH Delicious and Refresh " Goes hand in hand with good things to eat Coca-Cola is pure, wholesome, energy-giving refreshment ... containing no artificial flavor C:()M1 LIMKNTAHY (35c Value) X. u v. 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