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Sweeny lSD'sEriety Yearbook Published by Taylor Publishing company Dallas, Texas Offices: 1310 Elm Street, Sweeny, Texas 77480 Volume 38 ! August 20, 1981 to May 27, 1982 Local Programs 36 Weeks in Review 1-288 TV lThat's Varletyl Update 2-15 'What's Happanlng' 16 Pictorial coverage includes highlights from Big Events of 1981-82. 'All ln the Family' 40 A review of classes, academics in the Sweeny Schools. Part 1- "Breaking Away" 119821 Starring the Senior 42 Class. Eart 2- "Too Close for Comfort" Starring the Junior 55 ass. Part 3- "ln Search Of..." Starring the Sophomore Class. 73 Part 4- "The Rookies" Starring the Freshman Class. 81 Part 5- "60 MInutes" A look at classroom instruction at gg Sweeny High School. Part 6- "Dynasty" Sweeny ISD faculty, administration 107 and school board are reviewed. 'Different Strokes' 132 Campus clubs, organizations, special interests. 'Games People Play' 174 In the Famllylpags 40 ,A look at the Athletic Deptl, seasonal sports. 'Kids Are People, Tool' 212 Part 1- "The Twlllght Zone" Starring Grades Six through 214 Eight. Part 2- "LIttIe Rascals" Starring Grades Three through 248 Five. ,X Part 3- "Sesame Street" Starring children in Early 265 W' Childhood, Kindergarten, and Grades One and Two. 'Index of the Stars' 284 A catalog of Sweeny ISD personalities. sr. it . A production of the Sweeny High School Journalism Are People, Toolpage 212 Dept.lCopyright 1982! TV titles used with permission Advlssr: Mr. Fred Martindale Organizations: Michelle Murphy, Ann Bryson Advisor: Mr. Bob Swan Photography: Photo I 81 ll classes Edltors: Lisa Boazmen, Michelle Murphy, Shelda Administration: Mr. Joe J. Lindsey, superintendent: Mr. Charlotte Whilehul-el, Tracig Glick Malcolm Atwood, assistant superintendent, Ronda Riehn-lend, Reima Stewart Minshew' administration: Mrs. Barbara Bass, assistant Bryson superintendent, instructiong Mr. Frank Burttschell, Academics: Sheri Ullrich, Amy Blatner, Juli PVSSIUGUY- board Of 9dUC8fl0f1 Jackie Cole, Kelly Flickinger, Ann Bryson, Vangie Campus Admlnlstratlon: Mr. Joe Schuchardt, high Cindy French school principalg Mr. Harry Beverly, middle school Willie Austin, Skee-Gee Digtzl Connie principal, Mr. John Maples, intermediate and primary Connie Lindsey - School Principal- , 8AM 9AM 10AM 11 AM Noon Weekdays August 1981 through May 1982 8 CHANGES- EducaIIonaI A long-running series of successful educational programs, "The Sweeny ISD SchooIs" are again featured in this documentary about a southeast Texas school system. Expanding its format to include two new campuses by the 1983 fall season, "The Sweeny ISD Schools" is sponsored by a supportive community and a highly skilled team of professional educators. This exclusive series has achieved top ratings as one of the most successful programs in the vast network of the state's schools. B TV UPDATE- Drama A look at the variety of people, places, and things in the Sweeny Schools. Shown in diversified roles, local characters portray the drama of life in a small town school system where the kids are still number one. see pages 2-15 WHAT'S HAPPENING-Special Good times, special occasions, and unforgettable experiences are staged in this exciting special. Featuring the talents of Sweeny students, pictorial coverage includes highlights from Fair Week, Homecoming, Pride Day and other big events. see page 16 AI.I. IN THE FAMILY- Educational A review of classes and academics in Sweeny High School. Grades 9-12 are featured in a variety of school experiences. see page 40 6 MOVIE- Mystery "Breaking Away" 119827 Twelve years of waiting reach a climax as SHS seniors stage a massive breakout. Starring the Senior Class. seepage42 I I 1 PgIvI 2I1IvI 3PM 4 PIM l I I 5PlVl I 6PM I 6: MOVIE- Comedy-Drama "Too Close for Comfort" 119825 group of teenagers fJunior Clas buy magical rings that bring on plague of incurable symptoms. B fled by the effects of premat senioritis, teachers and pare search in vain for a cure. see pag 0 IN SEARCH OF... Non-fIcIIo Sandwiched between you adulthood and the anticipation o driver's license, tenth grad struggle to find identity a anonymity. Starring the Sophom Class. see page 73 Q THE ROOKIES- Comedy A spin-off series from the e popular "Wild Kingdom", this de episode stars the Freshm Class. Castaways in an alien w of new experiences, determi ninth graders seek survival in hostile environment of fear, b steers, and upperclassme jeers. see page 81 EE so MINUTES Mike Wallace and Morley Safert an investigative look into t instructional facilities and activit of Sweeny High School. Dep ments including Language Arts, Fi Arts, Social Studies, Math!Scien and Vocational are reviewed. page 89 DIFFERENT STROKES Variety Motivated by the need to belo SHS students join over 30 act clubs and organizations that offe melting pot of activities and spe interests. see page 132 DYNASTY- Drama In an empire that sprawls over f campuses, Sweeny ISD's sch board, administration, and staff visited in this continuing sa starring school personnel. see pa 107 6 S-Sum EL I ' RW' 'cz lm '04 O 7 ' .L . mv M tx . g . 9 wgsf nevafiou - ROQU H0 Q 1 t 1 C1053 CHANGES UD aAlvi g BLUEPRINT FOR PROGRESS I Beginning with a two-to-one decision by voters in the spring of PP mmm US' ELC' N ' 1981, the 811.1 million bond issue passed and opened construction plans for a new K-5, Middle School and additional High School science facilities lshown lefty. Brick-by-brick the Sweeny ISD schools are building a program of Y ,Wg " t lggr L, education suited to the highest ,L t t . . .M demands of the future. 'll " "' ii CIQSQ ALL IN THE FAMILY Up. ALL IN THE FAMILY 11 AM Although we had a lot of different faces in 1982, we had become like one big, busy family. Dozens of academic courses and electives buzzed with involvement as teachers taught and students learned. Given encourage- ment, guidance, and healthy measures of lectures, classwork, and homework, stu- dents responded in a variety of creative ways. While Mrs. Barbara Murphy lbelow rightl instructs her students on research skills, senior Kellee Greer lleftl takes her new-found skills a bit deeper. 7PM 8PM 9PM L CQ GAMES PEOPLE PLAY- Sports A whole town turns out for Friday night football. An all-girl basketball team goes for the state champion- ship. A small Southeast Texas school system gives athletic competition to anyone who wants it. see page 174 KIDS AFIE PEOPLE, TOO- Documentary A three-part series focusing on the academic development of Sweeny students from Early Childhood to Grade Eight. see page 212 THE TWILIGHT ZONE- Drama Through a variety of educational experiences, Middle School students emerge from childhood during the growing-up years. see page 214 "' -N CIQSQ BREAKING AWAY up NOON 6 LAST DATE After a dozen years' wait, graduation day became another "X" on the calendar-- another of life's signposts that will rank among the best of memories. 1982 seniors Ibelowl keep their final appointment as a class. -J I 9PM l l l l l I l I I l I LITTLE RASCALS- Comedy Fun and learning combine in thi unique look at the stars of grades 3 at the Sweeny Intermediat School. see page 248 close UD li fes 6 QQ Q OPME SESAME STREET Children MidnightGE INDEX OF THE STARS No Big Bird Grover or Kermit the Variety Frog here but Primary School catalog of Sweeny children get a good start on personalites and where you can find everything from the A B Cs to the them see page 284 WHAT'S HAPPENING 10 AM 0 ALWAYS TIME FOR A GOOD TIME 1982 delivered an array of unforgettable events to its Sweeny participants. We were never once without some activity to occupy our time and to enrich the school experience. As the seasons brought their own brand of special feelings and occa- sions, the business of being, belonging, and becoming became an even larger adven- ture. We had a lot in common and we expressed it in our many "happenings". And there was always something for everyone. THAT VAFRUET 1982 Blends New 81 Dlfferen Leisurely paced? Yes. Tradition bound? Without a doubt! Routine, THATS VARIETY rural, conserva- tive? Of course. And that's what makes some students impatient sometimes with the Sweeny community. But at the same time, the things we complain about are what set us apart and make us different than anyone elsel Small town. A Houston freeway commuter wouldn't complain. Traditional. That's where our strength lies. Conserv- ative. Yes, a nice place to go to school, church, to work hard, grow up and come back to after you've seen the world. Overall, an uncomplicated setting. And while we wallow in our wonderfully traditional, leisurely, routine, rural and conservative With Old 81 Traditiona ways we found time to be ourselves and to do things with a lot more pizzazz than most folks. And just when we 're getting used to the semester system again it's time to elect another governor. But we can handle changes. Always have. It's the unchangeable things about us that have.made us an outstanding school lsystem and community. It's the changeable things about us that make us interesting. We'.ve got an image. One that projects high standards in most everything we do. But we haven't made it yet. A lot is yet to be done. Keep your eyes open. We 're still arriving. We're the Ones to watch in everything from academics to sports. So stay tuned as we present Sweeny ISD in all its variety of people and ideas. ...num sl ,4 x . g . X ., -f -1 . tw 'N ' is A W 113 . 1 zrkxg f 1 - X ., . . ' G I 'K - - '--j-----------H 5 ----- ' players frolick during a Halloween BELOW FAR LEFT.' Twin tuba . , I pep ralIy-- one of many fun dress- el ' up days in 1982 when students . - . celebrated everything from football . .1 season to Valentine's Day. I e 5' V! I I' WELCOME SWEENY HIGH JUNIORS AND SENIORS I' Q., x-5,2 "fit , r v, ' 1 , .un .I 1 '2'-2-L-, 'QQ r f ' 15, -S-'Q .Q 'Mig ,V Af, -1 .......---- mg.. , LEFT: An unchanged tradition for years. tha junior-senior prom took on a new pace and new place for I 1982. Held at Bay City's Holiday lnn, the prom featured K-Disc music, fried chicken, and dancing past midnight. - - --an-7 QT, .,.f-ai' - iff ABOVE RIGHT: Taxiing country style, FFA members Tom Harrington and Les Kluttz help conduct the annual Farm Day activities. The event has become a popular clash of the classes where students get a break by participating in variety of contests. FAR LEFT: Primary School children enjoy a field day in the spring when call of the outdoors in irresistable. SECOND LEFT: Coach and faculty member Raymond Washington takes a break from officiating contest events at the first annual Senior Olympics May 14. Teachers in 1982 became more daring to participate in new and different events apart from the regular classroom. LEFT: Homecoming spirit reached an all-time high as classes all over SHS brandished scissors and glue to create door decorations like this one by publications staff members. ff, . 'X-'---1 .. 1, Y -, ff., , v1.e',-7-2g.'-,-.1-. 1 1 " x .a- 5 131'xa'Qgip2:k51. :n'gj"'1 ' iii- '5C?n1'1".w 324-5.'iSs.i1?: -2 ' nv.-:-,nf Lf fdfjfil- H '5 EE.. ft -211,:,,.5j-. 1. i:5i5i5?2HfiF3'- 1 : :Ml 5143 13-'QI E j5'Tj5:??5fgg A :R -.ffg 41:44 ffqz A . 115jg1lg,g,1 wg . ,7-if "4 uv is ff -.- . , ., ,x..,:v W , , , ho shared similar outlooks, 'kes, and dislikes. lf you ere really cool you would w ride during lunch, listen o KLOL, wear message- earing T-shirts, and hang ut at Dairy Mart. lf you were more conserva- 've, you more likely wore ennis shoes, blue jeans and ould be found most nywhere the "cool" were ound. Then there were the cks, the rednecks, and ome less prominent sub- roups called preppies and unks. lt really didn 't matter what you were as long as you belonged. Sweeny students reflected the 1980's in everything from the food they ate to the clothes they wore, and from the cars they drove to the music they listened to. We grouped not out of human frailty, but out of human strength. ln groups we spoke with a louder voice. ln groups we searched within ourselves for more understanding and pushed ourselves to previously unimagined lengths. We suffered and rejoiced, sometimes with friends, but more often, alone. Few of us feel that we do not own a part of this school. The feeling of possession wasn't instan- taneous, but took years of association, growth and understanding to secure its roots. PEOPLE were the best part about us. l T05: The locker. The center from which campus life tethers and a home for the tools of the student tra e. ' ABOVE: ln a circle ol unity, pep rally participants parade around the gym: the scene of many moments of Bulldog spirit. I TOP RIGHT: The roar of hall talk tremors through the K-wing locker area. tBelween-class congregations religiously kept appointments to rap about the latest developments lin student lile. MIDDLE RIGHT: Mrs. Jerri Morris oversees D-hall visitors Kelly Woodruff and Skee-Gee Dietz in the infamous "think tanks" of the Altemate Study Program. ' RIGHT: The freedom to be yourself an important feature of this place. Principal Joe Schuchardt chuckles at the frivolity of faculty member, Mrs. Bobbie Gaspard. FAR RIGHT: One of many local teenage stops, Milt's provides fuel for the car or body and a game of Pac-Man, il you please. Q X -x Of all the places to be in world, we were here. And after checking out a lot of e o P e other places we decided this Q isn 't a bad place to be. After all, it isn 't the PLACE that mat- , ters, but who is - there actively ' making it a place to In remember. The best thing is that all the places where we spent our time were really little arenas where the Sweeny way of life could be acted out to its fullest. We learned that a school isn't just a collection of buildings, but rather a collection of varied personalities simultaneously sharing the feelings and emotions of a time and space. And, somehow, the memory of this place will lodge with us forever. ln an age that quaked with change and insecurity, we each found that special place where we could be ourselves andreach for our dreams. From a small desk in a windowless classroom some of us could travel the length and breadth of the universe while, for others, the place was strictly a small desk in a windowless classroom. Some of us cringed at the thought of spending a day in ASP. For others, the experience was a convenient escape from the regimens of school life. For some, the library was a haven for quiet adventures in the pages of a good book. For others, a trip to the library would have required asking someone directions on how to get there. We expressed the variety of life within us by the places we were often seen. Some places we had in common. The halls, benches on the bus, lockers, and side walks daily displayed the variety of life on campus while Milt's, 7-1 1, Dairy Mart, and other gathering points attracted our youthfullness in droves. Though time and progress change the face of our PLA CE, for us it will never change. Each brick cries out to remind us of where we have been and, perhaps, of where we are going. gl 5 x 1, Q 5 Y X Xe 1 'Qs Places 9 1 5 l I 1 1 l Although most of ju days were spent with books, pe s, paper, and all the other utensils bf our trade. we found a mountain of other THINGS to occupy ur time, our pockets, our purses,1 our closets. our dcars, our locker, and our mm s. For girl , ribbons. barrettes a dheadbands were the rifark of high 5 I f-sm wif' bm in " . w W 'iff SENIQW uve I I , 1 ' g traded Levis and Wrang- lers for Calvin Klein nd Jordache designer jeans. Popular fashions bepame shared by both guys and glrm lzod, Polo. and Ocean Pacific shi y s draped our bodies while Tlddies, Nikes, or The rainbow sticker became I new symbol of peace, love. andl American way as it appeared on 1 rear glass of cars ands trucks a most anywhere it would stick. We rocked, we boogied, we n the Cotton-Eyed Joe to the mu of artists as crazy as Ted Nugi and as laid-back as Mickey Gills The price for fun junk was han to pay during the age Reaganomics, but for Swea students. there were few appan budget cuts. Sn. the mountain grew. Now, that's varietyl Topsiders covered our feet. 1 982 was the year of the Rubik 's Cube, a maddening puzzle popularized among all ages. S Q 960 Q L ' -1 LFVL -w 'W ... J N114 W . m., 1 'nm iw 2- , -, M A , 5:44451 ,, N W mf 5-iw: WwLvfQ,Lg M 133 1, ,,- ,,,.nv---A . t ,J THAI S VARIEIV av :V X I1 :Wa """'0v-.. l . QI0iSW.0!CLPUZZl9. across down 1 Sweeny 4 Mr. Tom 9 Bender's Bunch 10 Industrial Arts labb.l .y 11 Herber's sport 13 An apple a day keeps the .- happy. 14 affectionate name for mother 15 Distributive Education labb.l 16 Vocational Office Education labb.l 17 drill team member 18 Football chant 19 Harold's game 20 Mr. Gary ... ,orse, band director 22 Future Teachers of America labb.l 24 Brain Club 25 bump, set, spike 28 collective teacher group 30 Synonymous with Mr. Riley 31 Distributive Education Clubs of America labb.l 35 science of beauty culture 36 Class of '82 37 Bland's Brigade 39 .T line, new addition to Bulldog Band 41 dark room 42 Vocational Industrial Clubs of America labb.l 43 Fellowship of Christian Athletes labb.l 47 Laura, Twink 81 Ann 49 20-minute yell 51 May 1 in Sweeny 52 Monday through Friday, plus weekend 1 Bulldog mascot, proper name 2 English queens 3, principal 5l long run 6 ., , hot dogs, apple pie an Chevrolet 71 School starts at half past L. 81 Athletic Director 12 Pigskin Pretty or Football - ,, fight, win . Fall plus Friday night equals .i 23 Future Farmers of America fabb.l 26 halftime entertainment 27 eleventh graders 28 ninth grader 29 spring running sport spirit encourager You are looking at the 1982 Bulldo 34 final senior ceremony 38 Class of '84 labb.J 40 nearest foreign language 41 a walk through downtown Angleto 44, l mechanics class 45 theater arts class 46 48 50 18 21 32 33 junior event honoring seniors kids love to skip it . A reporting period is i weeks. udos gg Aboloxeuls GOOD TIMES, SPECIAL OCCASIONS, AND UNFOIZGETTABLE .CII EXPERIENCES me QECALLED - QE I IN THIS EXCITING I5 SERIES. PICTOIZIAL 7 :Ii COVERAGE INCLUDES 5 A f I 2 HIGHLIGHTS FROM BIG , " VEI7 . If "'. Senior Olympic an rams enlors Prese Unique Version of the Game The traditional Senior Assembly gave way to an innovative notion that the senior class could have lun and get some healthy exercise, too. "Let's have a Senior Olympics," somebody suggested. "What's that," most everyone else replied. "lt's just like the real Olympics, except you do everything wrong and in bad taste," echoed a voice. lt was the greatest gathering of Olympic athletes in the history of the uncivilized world. Underclassmen, parents, and other entertainment seekers poured into the Bulldog Stadium during sixth period May 14 to see six senior teams meet in grueling matches of strength and agility. Even the events sounded funny. Frisbee Discus. Trike Relay. Balloon Relay. Shoe Relay. And worst of all, the all-male Olympic Oueen contest. Who can forget names like Billie Lou Adams, Melissa Sue Gilbert Salazar, Melvinerva Spiller, Kevinella Stavinoha, Mikez Carminez Victoria Theresa Maria Ruby Sanchez, and Penelope P. Lavallias? As press box announcer, Coach Jerry English gave an air of authenticity to the first annual Senior Olympian Diversions. We remember the team introductions as they filed 'flip i'f!'f'f'f l 1' 5 if' l VI, .av 5,1 y ixnigg A fi: 1 in front of screaming fans in the bleachers: Team one, in black, are called The Coldest Dudes. Hope they don't get cold feet when they meet... Team two, in blue, The Blue Demons are an unbeatable collection of muscle and brawn, mostly brawn,.. Team three, in orange, is affectionately called The 0.J.s. When thistjuice gets loose it's bad news for... W Team four, The Green Manolishees. They have plenty of jive for... Team number five, in yellow, is The Zirconians, a heavy metal group that plans to do a number on... Team six, in blue and white, The T. K. 0.s or the "Technical Knock-Outs". The event turned out to be much better organized on paper than on the track or field, but no one seemed to mind the mish-mash, except a few unfortunate teachers who caught water balloons with their faces. And after the balloons all burst and the egg all dried, we decided it was an event worthy of tradition status. The winners? Whoi has time for scorekeeping and other details when you're having fun? """-4-M I 1 GHT: Ronda Richmond and Kevin Stavinoha get set for the trike Tim Robertson, Les Kluttz, and Mohon provide hallway protection for Tom Holcomb while campaigning for queen candidates. LEFT: Held aloft in victory, Mikez Victoria Theresa Maria Ruby iMike Sanchezl blushes before an crowd after being named Olympic during coronation ceremonies. Spfftczl X ig. H" . if ,ls .. . ' FAR LEFT: Brian "Dolly" Jammer helps coordinate Olympic events. SECOND LEFT: In borrowed uniforms of the cheering trade, Tim Robertson, Bryan Lowery, and Larry Dunn "bare" the responsibility of crowd control. LEFT: In an illegal finish, Tracy Jones carries his exhausted trike across the finish line. ABOVE: ln general unruliness, members of the Green Manolishees build team spirit for the hurdle duck competition. new. sas... School Takes SPIRIT to New Dimension SPIRIT developed a double meaning at SHS in the fall of 1981. SPIRIT had always meant yelling our heads off in weekly support of the Bulldogs, but the enthusiasm of the school and community helped take the meaning to a new dimension. Perhaps it started with the junior class. Cheering as if to force themselves into the pages of hollering history, the class remained peerless in Friday competition for the coveted spirit stick. Class competition for the prize had reached an all-time high as the volume of yells swelled to dynamic proportions. .QS .ic .unseat Q Aj- :A .AI fun ,, Xfif' U 'F I 'VJ-,fr I . f 5:-L. f ' 1 SPIRIT also meant pride in who we were. With fantastic teams supported by proud fans. the pep rally became an arena where all manner of spirit boosters appeared each week. The town emptied into the new gym to participate on Fridays leaving streets, stores, and homes mysteriouslyl barren of activity. All the energy of several hundred people was pumped into 20 minutes of total pride and team support. Add noon pep rallies, costume days. sign-plastered hallways, spirit buttons, tags, and bumper stickers, the wake of SPIRIT flooded every nook and cranny of Sweeny. ww f. - -' --sf ' 'vt .. V r ,, , A y I If , A +'. 1 1.1! V1 I. . . . ': ' 'i-fs yu, ' , ' '- :I - w fi ' '. ' ' .' ,I V '. J-5' x .l . L OU Qtfigpcb we-E lg .6 X31 pw I Q w I LEFT: Going out with style, the senior class united to show their unequalled spirit at the final pep rally Nov. 13. BELOW: llar leftl Senior Bulldogs Skee-Gee Dietz, Bryan Lowery, Dwayne Ryman, and Gilbert Salazar get fired up shouting their favorite G.A.T.A. chant. BELOW: lsecond lefti A participant in the Halloween dress-up day Oct. 30, Miss Lillian Jones struck fear over the entire campus with this spooky look. BELOW: lleltl Finishing out Homecoming Week Oct. 16, the varsity and Jvcheerleaders form their famous pyramid to boost pep rally spirit. BELOW: Sophomore Mollie Hinkle displays her twirling talents before a cheery pep rally crowd. eiizaoc . i . Q 5 WA gr tm'- WSJ - Pirit ls Showinz! sv AX. K 5 sig -. N12 . 1-A Q I Q w E k wx Q X S X E K X XX k N . Q, Q g N Q S 3 'X X 8 Q H X k Q , Q f Q we n Q Y Ng A A S. X - . i .L Q I Qin wg ' - W- 9. 'E'-if-:ff Mwst-1 Ay, ! AX is K K Q X XX ,Q 5 i W' Q K , ,Z Q, . . 1. S- W - M. A X A 14-W' 2 1 4 'K L ' XE, Q L .- iw w K Q. E?" is QE TUGBMS Fare WSH in Fail' Events With entertainment and exhibits that rought "Friends Together Again", the forty ird annual Brazoria County Fair began onday, Oct. 1 for a week of unequalled citement and competition. Officially opening with a Grand Parade in wntown Angleton, the 1981 fair events tracted over 50,000 visitors during a variety fun activities ranging from livestock shows ml mule-pulling contests to side shows and eos. Once again, Sweeny students tumed out by 1e scores to get in on the fall's'biggest event. Competing with other county high school nlrticipants in opening day events, several eeny entries topped the list according to parade, coronation and project judges. Senior Leanna Denson, daughter of Harold and SHS drama coach, Agnes Denson, was crowned 1981 Brazoria County Fair Queen in coronation ceremonies. Constructed in white and variations of blue, the Sweeny High School float entry won the S100 first prize. Members of the Art Guild and woodshop classes combined their decorating and assembling skills to produce the winning float, on which Fair Queen, Leanna Denson rode during the opening parade. The project was coordinated by Mr. Robbie Bland and Mr. Jim Patton. In the fair theme float division, Sweeny FFA's greenery entry sporting the fair theme, won first place. Chapter sweethearts Melissa Zwahr and Amy Wisdom rode atop the winning float. FFA also took a first place in the Agriculture Education Exhibit and posted a multitude of individual project winners. Thirteen student photographers eamed 27 award ribbons for their individual scenic, portrait and individual photo entries. Senior Kevin LaBeth won Best of Class and first place in the student division. For Sweeny students, the fair wasn't all fun and thrills, The success of the annual event depended on the hard work of individual students who worked many months to produce their best competition efforts. View-I aw, BSI TOP LEFT: First division winning Bulldog Band marchers step off the nearly three-mile parade route to the tune of "Thor", "On Broadway" and the traditional "Fight Song". TOP RIGHT: Sophomore Melissa Zwahr and freshman Amy Wisdom beautified the first place float -entry in the fair theme judging division. , Q ,.. 1x7 A B0 VE: Escorted by Jeep driver junior Monty Boyd, the varsity cheerleaders greet the throng of parade onlookers in downtown Angleton. J ..3 K The HOMBCOIMDE We Beat the Bluejays, Honored Exes, Danced until Midnight Sweeny rolled out the red carpet Friday, Oct. 16 to ex-students as a week of Homecoming activities reached a peak during pre-game festivities of the Bulldog-Needville match. Fomier students and other Bulldog fans saw a new queen crowned from among senior finalists Millie Bivens and Gaye Barker. Excitement enveloped the campus as students participated in the Student Council- ABOVE: Kikkers Jan Sewell and Walter Whatley get their kicks at the after game cafeteria dance sponsored by the Student Council. The well attended event featured juke box music and refreshments. ABOVE RIGHT: Senior Home- coming Queen candidate Gaye Barker lleftl is escorted by her father, Mr. Bob Barker. Gaye was named first runner-up. RIGHT: Sixteen students of Mrs. Linda Andersen's third period physical science class produced this first place door decoration. sponsored special days. Earlier that week, the Student Council conducted a survey to find out what students wanted to do after the game. Of the over 300 respondents, the general opinion called for sandwiches and cookies. Soft drinks and juke box music were provided until midnight. A S2 percouple door charge and 51.50 single cover charge were charge and 51.50 single cover charge was required of those who attended the event. Homecoming Queen candidates wi escorted by their fathers in the pre-gal ceremony. Karen Mclntosh Senior Millie Biv presented with roses after a week of by the student body. Alumni of the Cla 1972 were honored upon their tenth reunion during the evening's activities. Crowned by 1980 Homecoming Que ens -I s 53 is is s CKGROUND: With a royal and a dozen roses, senior Bivens greets her new after being crowned Queen in pre-game 5. LEFT: Homecoming Queen candidates include Leanne Denson, Mr. Harold Denson, escort: Gaye Barker, Mr. Bob Barker, escort: Michele Walden, Mr. Larry Walden, escort: Connie Cummings, Mr. Bill Cummings, escort. .J ""'0' Belle Sweetheart 8: Miss Bulldoe Belle Kelly Flickinger Ronda Richmond l N hav- e 4 WY' Jban Dobias Band Sweetheart l.. Zoun eanna Den Kevin Stavinoha, escort we Queen 5,4 E fe 5 SN 4 1 4 ' -'J ,A ootball Sweetheart Millie Bivens 5 9,14 SX beg' m0v1o00.0 00 Amy Wisdom F FA Greenhand Sweetheart FFA Chapter Sweetheart Melissa Z wahr 0'0'0WW R . N f x Q ' 3 e Prom'Queen 85 Kina Millie Bivens Billie Adams A v Q. L Y PA .' ' S GY i im A . K, L Lea Q , ,, ,ak I X- Q Mr. 8: Miss Bri Guild Kirk Johnson Christi Jammer Best All-Round B09 Blake Simpson Best All-Round Girl 1431 Gaye Barker rl .,f- Y,-of "This ' is W8 Hello? ,gf K. C ww mix 5 B". Q r Dramatists Staze November 'Blithe Spirit' Blithe Spirit, a farce written by Noel Coward, takes place in England in the 1940's. Charles Condomine fBrad Burtl invited a "medium" to hold a seance to prove -that "all that hocus-pocus" is nonsense. When Madame Arcati tTami Snedecori arrived, Charles got quite a surprise when his first wife, Elvira lCindy Burkettl appeared. A few more surprises were in store for Charles from both his present wife, Ruth lEllen Swanl, and his maid, Edith lYvette Gozal. Adding Dr. and Mrs Bradman fChris Ottis and Karla Heynl to the scene helped create a landslide of laughter until Charles finally got his revenge. Directed by Mrs. Agnes Denson and Pam Foster, assistant director, Blithe Spirit demanded the polished acting talents of the department's stage veterans. The three-act farce required constniction of some elaborate scenes depicting the period, and a host of other special audio and visual effects. "The kids were a bit disappointed that the audiences each night were small, but the production came off quite well. They had never tried a play of this type before," explained Mrs. Denson. t Production personnel included Randy Henderson, stage manager. Light Crew: Julie Sharp, Rhonda Griffin, Tracey Davenpon: Property Crew: Cindy Burkett, Tracey Davenport, Matthew Lowery, Thurman McLaren, Costumes: Ellen Swan, Bobbie Margraveg Special Effects: Kathy Lavallias, Kimmy Hollomong Publicity: Robyn Frankum, Kathy Lavallias, Tammy King, Lalla Hargett, Matthew Lowery, and Thurman McLaren. Other crews were, House Managers: Tammy King, Lalla Hargettg Scenery: Regina Anderson, Cindy Burkett, Brad Burt, Robyn Frankum, Nancy McNeill, Renee Bardwell, Bobbie Margraveg Sound: Troy Weatherford: Business Management: Rhonda Griffin, Troy Weatherford, Regina Andersong Make-Up: Tracey Davenport, Kimmy Hollomon, and Pam Foster. TOP: "Oh, dear, what's the matter with her?" inquires Edith lYvette Gozai, a popular character among "Blithe Spirit" audiences. ABOVE LEFT: "The fingers should be touching..." instructs Madame Arcati l Tami Snedecorl, who helps the group experience its first seance. ABOVE RIGHT: "What are you doing with her?" shouts Ruth lEllen Swanl as the Bradmans nish to the rescue of Madame Arcati. LEFT: "l suppose if l'm really out of my mind,they'lI put me in an asylum," says Charles l Brad Burtl to Elvira l Cindy Burkettl. Gateway to arad is Juniors Honor Seniors In Year s Most Formal Aff For a number of years the prom hasn't been the main topic of discussion the Monday after, but in 1982 a casual listener could here excited mutterings about the years most formal event for almost a week after it occured. ' The juniors' theme choice, Gateway to Paradise, tumed out to represent the most unforgettable of evenings all year. Bay City's new Holiday Inn hosted the April 17 formal with accomodations second to none outside of Las Vegas, or perhaps, Clute. Although dining on fried chicken in a S100 dress or a rented tux seemed a bit awkward, the meal was good, the K-Disc music was good, the unique mixture of casual with formal was good. In fact, everyone found the whole setting somewhat intriguing. When we used to split by ten o'cIock, we were still dancing after midnight that night. Familiar couples, unfamiliar couples, unlikely couples each contributed a unique presence that will never be duplicated in the same way. ln the words of one student, "l thought proms were a bit old fashioned until I went to this one." PICPICJKJllvllvkblirlvlvllvkbkrlivlirkrkrkrlivkvlivlivllrlirlivkrll 1Pl0lOlOl0l0l0lOl0l0l4PlOl0lC2l0lOl0lCPl0lOlOl0l0l0l0l0l0lC KQV 1.-5 ABOVE FAR LEFT' Guest administra- tors and class sponsors dine heartily at the head table. ABOVE LEFT: Seniors Millie Bivens and Billie Adams wear the royal crowns depicting the titles of Prom King and Oueen. BOTTOM FAH LEFT: Senior sponsor 5 x i K Mrs. Barbara Murphy and husband, QR Mike join students on the dance floor during K-Disc music. BOTTOM LEFT: While couples Ronda Richmond and Will Reid, Sharla Wisdom and David Schuerg enjoy the formality of the prom atmosphere, senior Blake Simpson enjoys the variety of having two dates: Connie Lindsey and Shelda Stevenson. BA CKGRO UND: Prom couples combine in a yearbook staff collage. gs if Far' Nr' N EMM 35 Pride Day Features Big Events and... Rl GH T: Special parade guest Yogi Bear entertains spectators. BELOW LEFT: Third runner-up Jan Bryson also received a Most Photogenic award in the Pride Day Queen coronation. BELOW RIGHT: Using a flatbed truck as a music stand, Bulldog Band members provided tunes for the day's activities. BOTTOM LEFT: Sweeny tuggers dig in to defeat West Columbia in the tug-o-war contest. BOTTOM RIGHT: 1981 Pride Day Queen Darla Kay King awards runner-up trophies to candidates Tami Snedecor, second: and Shelda Stevenson, first. Qalsmxj -. g. . .Q K x K 1 V -.Q wx W., L L an T 'L Y? " 9'5" -G aw 'si Ei-'f wa- f I Qin' , Y Q- 51 N, 36 ainbow Fantasies A tradition rich in community unity, Pride Day events May 1 offered something for everyone as hundreds of local folks and visitors joined in the parade, barbecues, entertainment and nighttime fun contests. Based on the theme, "Rainbow Fantasies", the evening queen coronation highlighted 18 candidates from SHS. Senior Grace Upham won the crown: Shelda Stevenson, first runner-up, Tami Snedecor, second runner-up: Jan Bryson, third runner-up, Most Photogenicg Trishanne Heard, Most Photogenic. Proceeds from nighttime contest events were donated to the "People of Sweeny Scholarship Fund"-- a program offering two S500 scholarships to deserving seniors. Events ranging from hog calling to a Sweeny- West Columbia tug-o-war were held at Bulldog Stadium. West Columbia forfeited the sack race and lost, :he tug-o-war to the mightier Bulldog participants. LEFT: Senior candidate Grace Upham was crowned Pride Day Queen from among an attractive line-up of 18 candidates sponsored by local clubs and businesses. BELOW: Queen candidate Christi Jammer and escort Kirk Johnson greet onlookers from aboard the Grand Prize winning float created by the SHS Art Department. x . i. Q 'fill E if P' 15.4. 1- - . ! U """"f ' ' W fun ,,.l . - l X - . ll S l :gk ' .X iii is E 5 it Q uihlix. wi l l l i . i , I A .. i . l z ' r i NX Y " il iliN.iu.G txt 'Mig 3 . 1 I F 2' Q sf? J s 'Q TOP LEFT: Seniors Miron Bertsch and Connie Cummings receive Scholarships from company representative, Mr. Cliff Akers. TOP: Juniors Will Reid and Michelle Murphy receive Boys and State Awards from Principal Joe Schuchardt. LEFT: Liza Ruiz is presented the Dow Institute Scholarship by Mr. .l Gellich, company representative. ABOVE: Senior James Spnggs is presented the first annual L "Slugger" Lindsey Award by Principal Joe Schuchardt. l 1 l "' -K Emmy Awards May 1 1 Awards Night Program Recognizes Best Performances in Academic, Service Roles Much like a night of Emmy Awards in Hollywood, the stars came out May 11 in the annual Awards Night program which featured recognition forthe outstanding academic and service achievements of SHS students. Every department brought out its best before a crowd of parents and citizens. A highlight of the program, local scholarships presented by area civic and industrial organizations represented college grants ranging from one to four years for selected graduating seniors. The Phillips Scholarships, presented by Mr. Cliff Akers, were awarded to honor graduates Connie Cummings and Miron Bertsch. The scholarship awards S1000 yearly toward college tuition for four years. The new People of Sweeny Scholarships, presented by Mr. John Richers, are a project by local folks. With proceeds from civic events like Pride Day and other fund raisers, the two S500 scholarships are awarded to selected seniors. Brian Jammer and Kirk Johnson are the first recipients of the new scholarships. Board member Mr. Jerry Gerlich presented four awards on behalf of the Dow Chemical Company. Gaye Barker was awarded the Dow Outstanding Secretarial Student Scholarship. Salutatorian Jesse Knight received both the Dow Chemical Scholarship and the Texas Chemical Council Award. Liza Ruiz received the Dow institute Scholarship. Mr. Merle Wise presented a S400 award to Laura Johnson, recipient of the Local Union if564 of the lntemational Union of Operating Engineers. A S500 scholarship, presented to Willie Austin, was awarded by Mrs. Anna Higgins on behalf of the Women's Auxilary Brazoria County Civic Association. Connie Cummings and Miron Bertsch also received the American Legion Awards presented by Principal Joe Schuchardt. Other awards include: Civic Club Scholarship to Darlene Wyatt by Mrs. Mattie Lee Jordon. Sweeny Garden Club Scholarship to Darlene Wyatt by Mrs. Vivian Fisher. Pink Ladies Scholarship to Ronda Richmond by Mrs. Eutabelle Albritton. Lloyd "SIugger" Lindsey Award to James Spriggs by Mr. Joe Schuchardt. Brazosport College Scholarship to Michele Walden by Mr. George Bamett. Wharton Junior College Scholarship and High Achievement Award to Connie Cummings, Harold Barfield, Joan Dobias, Jesse Knight, DeAnna Lamb, Liza Ruiz, Blake Simpson by Mrs. Sharon Depold. Best All-Hound Students to Gaye Barker and Blake Simpson by Mr. Joe Schuchardt. Outstanding Boy and Girl Athletes to Millie Bivens and James Spriggs by Mr. Bob Pyssen. Woodmen of the World American History Awards to Liza Ruiz and Gaye Barker by Mrs. Nan Ryman. V. F. W. Voice ol Democracy Award to Dwayne Ryman, Doug Walters, Preston Wiginton by Mr. Jerry Wilder. Bluebonnet Girls and Longhom Boys State Awards to Michelle Murphy and Will Reid by Mr. Joe Schuchardt. D.A.R. Award to Lisa Boazman by Mrs. Zuleika Mitchell. Little Theater of Brazosport A ward to Cindy Burkett by Mr. Glen Fluitt. Speech Awards to Julie Sharp, Preston Wiginton, Christi Jammer, Christy Gay, Ann Bryson by Mrs. Barbara Murphy. Thespian Awards to Yvette Goza, Ellen Swan, Karla Heyn, Regina Anderson, Rhonda Griffin, Kimmy Hollomon, Pam Foster, Tracey Davenport, Cindy Burkett, Kathy Lavallias, Julie Sharp, Tami Snedecor, Best Girl, and Brad Burt, Best Boy. Outstanding Crew Awards to Julie Sharp and Troy Weatherford by Mrs. Barbara Murphy on behalf of Mrs. Agnes Denson. U.l.L. Awards to Preston Wiginton, Christi Jammer, Christy Gay, Ann Bryson, Tom Shomette, Tammy King, Liza Ruiz, Sheri Brown, Grace Upham, Michelle Murphy, Lisa Boazman. Student Council Award to Lisa Boazman by Miss Lillian Jones. Cosmetology A wards to Michelle Hataway, Patricia Mack by Mrs. Nan Ryman on behalf of Mrs. Nell Copeland. Choir Award to Laquita Hutto by Mr. Bill Bender. Band Awards to Gaye Barker, Arion Award: Harold Barfield, John Phillip Sousa Award by Mr. Gary T. Forse. Q f Q. A QEVIEW OF CLASSES AND ACADEMICS IN SWEENY HIGH SCHOOL. X J I: A x , ',r:.' "" 3 Seniors TWELVE YEARS OF WAITING REACH A CLIMAX AS SHS SENIORS STAGE A MASSIVE BREAKOUT. STARRING THE SENIOR CLASS. PART ONE Breaking Away RIGHT: Counting down the seconds until freedom, Thomas Holiday lrightl and Peter Lavallias wait in the wings just before commencement exercises May 21. BELOW: Gwen Clements, Jim Chenault, Ricky Burge, Jan Bryson, and Ann Bryson line up outside the auditorium forthe grand processional. 131 seniors reached the climax of their K exif? new 'ffl 1 WT, SWA ,, N 1, .W +--K 'A"'.,s . 'sf 25,1 jf '- ??'ff?5fj Q 3 ' gy ig,:g,,,zI5 if: ' af' 5 5121 ' 52' Y he f 13 .AH 4, V, 4 1 ' ffl mf H 1 yi +w,,,1153'f,: f , f :wt f ,Q V' Vw si 1 w RQ' sf high school years as graduation ceremonies focused on their past achievements and future hopes. BOTTOM: Remembering a time not so long ago when they lined up to go to the cafeteria in Primary School, these Sweeny seniors enjoy the mixed emotions of sadness and joy as their school life comes to a close. s 1 f ' i li 4,1 1 - xx B .T X - B . X . ' 1 u' m I lg 1 W s, E353 x fl l f H, 'J 'il , X I ' 4 ' , , ' TOP: As senior band members play "Evergreen" for a standing-room-only crowd, board members and graduates enjoy the last proud moments of a class' 12 years of achievements. ' 5 N 1 , , X S l '23 -QQ i ABOVE: Guest ministers conducting the May 16 Baccalaureate Service are Rev. Bobby Good, pastor First Baptist Church of Old Ocean, benediction, Rev. Larry E. Jones, pastor Sweeny Assembly oft God Church, sermon, and Thomas Lemon Jr., Church Christ, invocation. ABOVE RIGHT: Valedictorian Cummings delivers the valedictory h Whaf 8 BY! xit in Blue Marks Baccalaureate, Commencement Exercises Law 3-ss..-. The 1982 seniors played to a packed house Friday, May 21 and the pertomiance was nothing less than memorable. Columbia blue engulfed the scene as a wave of proud graduates carefully stepped into the future. And to suit the protocol of the event, the entire board of trustees was present to congratulate each senior as diplomas were awarded. Even an audience of parents, relatives, and friends celebrated the event with little pockets of applause erupting throughout the crowd and with cameras frantically flashing to record images of the once-in-a-lifetime occasion. And between tugs of grins and tears the class presented a dignity and polish that overshadowed all those times when the fun and rowdiness of youth burst forth. As expressed in the class song, we became free birds that day. With new wings and willing hearts we tumed to look at what was once a distant horizon. 11" ,f s. ,.N..x x wh ri Directed by Mr. Bill Bender, seniors ABOVE LEFT: Jesse Knight gives the Gerald Woodard, Jeny Gerlich, Alma Davis, Hutto and Maria Barton join salutatory message. and Frank Burttschell award the for the choral rendition of "God ABOVE RIGHT: Supt. Joe Lindsey and board diplomas. Board member Paul MCGrew is not With You Till We Meet Again", members Kennard Smith, Charles Stevenson, pifrlured. X gf fgi dlstrlct arsity track all-district solo SX Ast . . k-,txt -w Qi 6 Q. .N ev . , 0 5 . - H 1 I sr Y K Y 'Q x Q P ,... - x ts' OEA Bulldog solo and r gade councrl. V823 SHS secretary, wspaper Staff, 1stdivisionfUlL lrd, Yearbook Art exhibit std 8 i ' V Ne OJ FF FFA. score Student and VICA member. ICT track S1816 H n n veg? rggcft FTA Y reporter FHA. track. CBO! FHA. C81 80 y FFA FHA QM., N 1 - Award, super tutor Scholar P8 A SWA 1 . M , -we-v .a-K-nf " ""' . ,, ,,,..N , 3-f:ikIQ,gQg,1'? , QQ,."'N7N lpfgih. fix DWLHM A, R - L 3" QM ' l " 63-w'7fq3l55l7-513 l w l H 723-f.G':3l?fX2f5v! -L - -psi bhuiou-. 1.-...L aaa 2 an " l wmv- '1n53"'5 ' A f iT't.'!5L"S8i9"m.t 5 - it l 11- we -Afw "" ,,.,,,.. 1 VJ.. M y. J Ti exif? H 37.2. 1. n1'l'Qiln an -u ann mutual 1'U.'a0"6'GSi'LA!qn2q" W' " ""' Q tk' ' , ' ,xx ,tiff xglf A . -n1avef:vs'ev,vptgQ .Q N51 FFA 4 baseball 1803 football Industrial 3 106 . HQ.. -S, -.,,, I l82l VOE OEA mle l81j Ba d Band lA2nd Pye-mn azyvos S Maid, Bulldog , NHS, Bulldog rf" Band, FTA. 1813 Band. Bngada phoo Il IA Speech U basketball, tra k, Spams lub, Art Gulld, track. Art GUIIU, . ' ootball Art Guild football, An Gulld. F WYATT Club sergeant .s . -' l'80J Spamsh Club. packet, yearboo .Q lSchcIarsl'np lackel, n . l , p medal, IA, V 1 - president and State photo ll ll I ah., VICA 7' ent V821 Sholarshu eq!! f I A Tribute to 'Slugger' Lloyd 'Slugger' Lindsey There is no need for tears. The time for grief is over. A boy is running through the fields, and rolling in the clover. His halo tilts a little bit. His angel wings are slightly bent. His laughter sings throughout the skiesp I And IO U16 earth QV8 hedvefl sent. His light brown hair is ruffled. His fleeting feet are bare. There is no pain or sorrow. He lives with love and care. He runs toward God's great lake And lies down in the grass. He looks upon his loved ones, He knows their grief will pass. And someday they'll be with him To share this glorious place. To see the face of God. To feel His warm embrace. He leaps up from the grass, Toward the woods to roam. For him there's only joy and pecu For Slugger is at home. Senior Footnotes... In the eighth grade we talked James Florence into climbing over the tool room wall to get into the Coke storage room. Instead of getting us some Cokes, James got over the wall and fell to the floor with a thud. We laughed him all the way down to the office. Les Kluttz I remember when Cheryl Baugh and I had a fight. Afterwards, we became the best of friends. Veronica Walton I remember when Quint Blum stuck a paper clip into a wall outlet in Mr. Brown's eighth grade science class. He wanted to know if the power was on or not. It was. He was knocked clear over the desk behind him. Hunter Williams I remember the time it snowed and the teachers let us out to play. We didn't do anything the rest of the day. Kathy Maxey I remember when Mrs. Hudson, my kindergarten teacher, dressed up as a witch and went to each classroom to give out candy. Randall Griffin got scared, crawled under his desk and cried. Kelly Flickinger I remember an excerpt from Danette sixth grade English paper which read..."Aft got back from the delivery room I looked there and there was ole Grace Upham in the next to me so I said hello.' Connie Cummi I remember at the beginning of this year w Connie Cummings and Danette Ellis tooks letters off Stewart's Grocery St marquee. Mr. Schuchardt announced over public address system, 'The girls in the Pinto are asked to return the letters taken Stewart's marquee." Some of them reappea Most of them didn't. I I remember in second grade when R Bledsoe's trip to the restroom ended at the w fountain. He got in trouble and everyone m fun of him. , . Tim Robertson, Kay Lynn McB Lisa Boaz I remember when Mr. Beverly called all eighth grade girls into the omceforstanding in a thunderstorm cheering. It was misting. i Connie Cummi '7 I 1" e o o T my whm we carry with us, V, TT..-N ,J " "I ' 'T TL' s, r kfyffg? fjffffi' ' 1' ' , a' A' 'QTY SRX' U. 6 W J -..,, . . , 5'i'c'cQEli'3'i ' 5110 , ',41,l'S.ln sing our song for you. 1 if U . fd you still remember me? ,J Mg: ,Wwe yor to see. fu-aa, girl. be the same. fwvu, nge. wa ge. r efecmge. 2:1 61 sweet love. fin? change. if so badly. Tm sfo blame. in new, the Same. now, his bird they'll never change. Mei Change. mi change. zfwnge. If Eryny rd Slgynyrdj J 4 ,f if ' lu P 3 1' 55 5, 486 uw.. 99 Z6- v as a rag 5510- A , - AX If 'Q' I -...,.,,,,,.1mm..-1.1!-1-l.,,, , ,f.m..m" , , L ,gg I 4+V444444444444454444444 N enmaeye U ..... V " ' 57ys.feenj. Heels :School Senior Class of Ll ,Ff?fir1FlWZ?' ROW: Derqnna Lamb, Terri Rayburn, l3."FlC5:?6ff8 Hataway, Millie Bivens, Mr. Fred kflariindale, Class Chairman: lVlr. Torn Holcomb, Assistant' Principal: Mr. Joe Sehuchardt, Principal, Billie Adams, Connie Cummings, Miron Bertsch, Lisa Boazman, George Dietz, Laura l-lankins, Kelley Anderson, and Kay Lynn McBrio',:r'. SECOM? I'FQLW?.l.' Julie Jenkins Laura Johnson, Ronda Riefbsnond, Allison Ellis, Liza Ruiz, Marla fleheeoa Uittfurth, Agatha Sanchez, .irl szxrisie Anderson, .Sheri Ullrich, Linda Barnes, Laquizfa Homo, Yvonne Darrell, Darlene Wyatt, Jean Meyer, Lisa Meadows, Mary hrllnshew and lillll-itll? RUW: Altha Sikes, Gaye Barker, lflarold Barlieid, Karen Z-Vruitr, lxfirn West, Lee 0'Leary, Cindy Burkett, Lisa Simmons, Ricky Reynolds, Danette Ellis, Mike Sanchez, Reatta lifiinshew, Kelly Flickinger, Lance Rayburn, Jackie Cole, Tommy Krebs, and Veronica Walton. FOU'R?fl:F ROW: Mary Thompson, Christi Jammer, aifheryl Baugh, Patricia Mack, Louise Brooks, Carol lvligfgins, Patricia Jones, Lisa Anrrey, k'iti'y Thompson, Peter Lavalias, John Mack, Kirk Johnson, Beverly Mack, Kellee Greer, Brad Burt, Jan Rryson, Ann Bryson, Gwen Clements, Leanne Henson, Grace- Upharn, Nanette Richers, Sharon Slay, and Mike Marrinan. FIFTH ROW: James McCormick, Wadale Strother, Les lfluttz, John Mahon, Jesse Knight, Brian Jammer, Mike Thompson, Mike Tolbert. Willie Austin, Everett Wright, James Potter, Scott Crosson, David Argo, Jim Chenault, Mike Northcutt, and Thomas Holiday SIX Tl-l ROW: Russell McCann, Walter Whatley, Ricky Burge, Ronald Hutson, Jeff Ostendorf, Dwayne Ryman, Gilbert Salazar, Kevin Stavinoha, Blake Simpson, John Devvveall, Richie Gary, Tracy Rutherford, Billy Virgil, Boyd Williams, Charlie Speck, Tim Robertson, Lee lifieans, Mark Brown, Steven Frankurn, and Mark Legg. 454444444444454445554444 480 2 l i P iii fa if J, f gjgmf ig fi., ' 91. Jin' ,ggi 3- ',-65' fm fl ' 92,9 ., L ,QQ l if , P-i,,, ,X fffffw 14'- ' , f, . jj, ,Lg 1 'x K '45, ,M A 1 ,.. 4 .,. J' Q ,S , In sig X df A ,-.r X Q is Klullz s, Les lie Elli Tl0ane ,l",--, Billie A dams xg Mo ST UK ELY T0 SUGC EEDI L iza Ruiz. Harold Barile ivens. Millie B SHS! MR. 8 MlSS 481, 1 llllll lilllll- THE CBO GE BOY LE S I ffm ,if 'Paw Q -r 'Du M., Eff 1,1 Jw . X Je B+ M 3 5 rw My 4, Q I se nt! , H' 21 I , 'fg,'jj,5.i- Wir L-Qkgki' . 'EM IMKWVRWV v R X 'N ,- ' 4 , W QM iffy! 4-4- ll! Q' Apu' V.: wr 9 'i R 2 l 1 L-- O 5 ' xv I 1 ...- H5 A As. 4 'X .. . we I 1 VALEDICTORIAN Connie Jean Cummings Posting the highest lour-year scholastic grade average among the 1982 graduating class of 131 students, Connie Jean Cummings earned the top title of class Valedictorian. The 17 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Cummings o1Sweeny, Connie graduated Magna Cum Laude with an overall high school grade average ol 96.23 1 A head cheerleader and a member of the National Honor Society, Connie was active in the Bulldog Band and served as a senior representative. She has been a Homecoming Queen candidate and president ol the Junior Class. She has alsoearneda number of scholarship awards, idistrict and region band awards, and has served as treasurer for the Future Teachers of America. 1 Honor Gradua es 48h Graduating with a 95.91 four-year grade average, Jesse Edward Knight Jr. was named class Salutatorian. The 18 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Knight of Brazoria, Jesse has won many scholarship awards and was active in the Industrial Arts Club and National Honor Society. A Math Club member and a winner in the Alvin Community College computer programming contest, Jesse has been named an alternate to region competition in University interscholastic League Number Sense and Science. SALUTA TORIAN Jesse Edward Knight Jr. MA GNA CUM LA UDE Connie Cummings Jesse Knight CUM LA UDE Harold Barfield Gaye Barker Miron Bertsch Brad Burt Leanna Denson Joan Dobias Kellee Greer Brian Jammer DeAnna Lamb Terri Rayburn Liza Ruiz Altha Sikes Blake Simpson Grace Upham Darlene Wyatt WITH HONORS Linda Barnes Jackie Cole John Dewveall Larry Dunn Kirk Johnson Laura Johnson Connie Lindsey John Mack Ronda Richmond Kitty Tolbert g I f BXLLXE DW PN NE U Qi , 5,1 .N UN PMEY USR AD ANS 3 ERSON mamma 1 mme vc mx mm , rv I '11 t. msk .' ,f Z. wa 2 1 if .,,H,' ww ' ,,,,,,,,. 0 RPN BNKFXELO - 2 mam I. 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'ax X982 ns an x ' W KELLEE JEAN GEEEE E L AURA .SENNXEEE HPLNKXNS 'MCM NRO EMBL G MN CAROL PNN A NE BEF: MJETY E PLGQUELX HXGGXN me YXELLE ELYLE EN P5 NN PL TYKONX PLS YXOLXO NOTY O RON PA. O NJXNOENT NUTS ON LAOOXT IX ANN ON INN NEON A PNN-ER LEEN .NNNXNS ONOXST X MIXOXE 3 PMNXEB .SOLXE OOL P M NOX Px PNN AO NES JONNSON LFXORFX N PN .SON NSON NWN OO OEOXON l T VXNIN U ?wYX5-NN R LES V NK EE .SON ES PET EPR FANDVRENN 1635233 ix Q SX LPN PMMXS .WX NNE Wx M3025 LXNOSEY WSH KLUTY1 ROW XEE LPM E LLOYD U NNPOW-c L XHQSEY HEEDY MACH N mow mm LEE PM BEN! EH H LQXNEVN SV ENGR BW PM V M HXCX FX MX H WASH NNPRN KM HLEEN NNPOLE PQHHXN AN f sexi V5 Wm' WSH MEL HUGH NN 5 f KPN O Semovs X 982. usa LYNELLE MEADOWS N Nmme LEE MEMS vt NN 3 NNGBENDE NEW EE ERN ELYLP-BEYN NW VN ELLEN SIXNOHP NOLIXN JOHN NN PN NE NONON X 5,1 m Ji gg.-, if .yr ,1 if .Ml -M N RY fi 'P P F - W , A Ml Y -- ff gf j ,P i Q WWW if xar-mx em LE mu me 'Mme EUSE WMM muon. eww axomoxm Vfnfffn , Mg!! ' , , M M31 Edgy, , l 1 . 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L, sh.: tffzf 7: , N 5' '56 . ,f ew Mu ' mum w no me sw Pu KPN ST R01 HER 4 , sem KENIXN LEE ST PNXNOHP- NNNNSHBN 5 - hw iii A ,f WWW A q'24 , hex, eueaese1aCWS0N , ,V :Yiwu WSH Qi ' W K ' f f mam sue mum WCM PLEL DU ME TOLBERT if-A5137 A u x Y f Qkfmf Y V L, g 'X ww: ,. -G-A , a , V , 'M Jw' M M, ix ' " L LLLLL Q 1 x, L xx ' f' ik BXLLY LXLLXPLN GRACE LWYK PM ULLEXCH SHE?-X ELLEN . v.',, ff, - N D M if Q, if A Wk .SOE VX EGEL mfx ,ss - ai BEE LE EL NXQHEHEUXFNEWPLDEN vevmxxcn aeovmewmoxa M 'E . - L Q f 'W N A Wig . , K X i A QA Li ' . -, I 1 5 . L 'iw iw, N NY 2 'E -M, X . WM' M x ' gin- . W., E XNEST 1.2 Vx 3' Aff " ze Q X! fy . f 'hams' 1, 1. x ,g X ,. X A X N X ' , RN ggi t E x XX mi .ff W W xx M 7 "' . Q X :Fir lugs V ' ' J x , , , 3, H ,:,. ,' 'J L! , ,X MM, ,T M X M . W W x it T ka, , 7 sf, ' Aff was XX M W M M r W X ,, M ,, v, M XX N 1 . if as 3 X if xx I X X a vgwii :L M1 ,, 1 'Q XJg'g'?iivE .f 2 ilk A wmwgwiwsk +I Chi: u. y 7 PERSONALITY PLUS . Lyndon Mayberry I Cynthia Spillbr X x X F w i i if w ,nl w , ff ,xi kv- Xxx f,-,mfg , TER alvENs', amv , AMY aonnssol cAnL AMEY5 SANDRA Auoensou, Aumouv Ausrm, Jesse y BAINES HASLEY BATY, cnucx aevm y BAUGH, ALoNzo amen y BAUGH, unsuux y BEARD, wANoA BLATNER n BELL, KENNHH aonoens n Bess, CYNTHIA N N W N W N WITTIEST Shometto Twyla Mack N ' ff' '- , l X I 1,g,' . ' A 'A i. A f gi f W a .' M I said. RING BEARER greatest distinction to come to any class is to be recognized as next year's class. And the greatest mark of is the coveted class ring-- a ital symbol of achievement and Poverty? Juniors buying rings in 1982 found themselves almost after investing up to several dollars on a gold ring. Lynn Wildman tbelowl, a Balfour representative, presents his senior via a multi-media show depicting all ring styles and selections available for seniors. Although graduation was well a year away, juniors could begin the of excitement associated with the commonly called senioriris. ,Aa 'ug 4-3 .18 I BOYD, MONTY COLEMAN, MICHAEL DAVIS, CONNIE GUCK. TRACIE BRITTAIN, RICHARD CRAWFORDJANIE DAVIS, RHONDA GRIGGS. MAURICE BURTTSCHELL, JILL CHRIST, THIEME DOBIAS, JOHN GROTH. BRENDA BUSH, JAMES CRISP, JAY DOWOELL, DEE DEE GUTIERREZ, VANGIE BUTLER, STUART CROSSEN, ALAN FORNEY, THOMAS HAFLEY. STEVE CALLEJAS, MARIA DAVENPORT, TRACEY FRANKLIN, LESLIE HAFILEN. MARK HARRINGTON, TOM HEARD, SHARI HEFFERNAN, HEATHER HENDERSON, RANDY HOLLIS, LAURA HOWARD, JAN HUNT, ROBERT JACOBS, DONNA JAMMER, ANNETTE JAMMER, TRACIE JOCHUM, JIMMY JOHNICAN, BESSIE JOHNSON, BRAD JONES, DARLENE JONES. ROOSEVELT JONES WENDEL KUBENA, MATT LABETH, KEVIN LAND, KAREN LACOMBE, DAVID MACK, TWYLA MARCUM, JAMIE MARTINEZ, CARMEN MAYBERRY, LYN 68 ." if . 59HJb L Q F":N I V ' 'li' Munvnv, MICHELLE oms, cums NAPLER, LISA PEARSON, TERRI NEWMAN, Lo. PHILMON, MICHELLE NEwsoME, rommv PIMLOTT,SANDRA Nonmcurr, TRACIE PoLAK, cmov omcs, Tom PowELL, KARAH ,. A THELT .IVLI Raid rf I -e J N c' Y, JK' 1, if-' ' 1 tif K n 'Q gf' s I I w. f I 1 211. ,. I t 4 4 ,fr 1 .1 'K' 'vvr' L m A' F L of, ,v ffl' fi 1 Q 5. 5 lAX nr- ,Q-. 'D+ vb Reeves, SHELLY smaos, SHANNON snows, Toav REID, WILL SANDERS. ALLEN SILVEY, sTAN RICHARDS, SLAVIN SCHUERG. DAVID simmons, ELANDA ROBIDEAU, ERIC SEWELL. KELLY sxmnen, NEIL Romano, MARTHA SHINN. JULI smmi, DARLA RUTHERFORD, TRACEY SHOMEITE. TOM SMITH, KELLY l L smml, KESIIN smmi, Tommv swims, nov sneoecon, wmv SPILLER. CYNTHIA srAsEv, rloam l l U p -I PEP suns Junior band members Shari Heard and Kelly Smith perform a pep rally skit in a scene from "What's Happening". UP LEARNING THE ROPES With the skill ofa real cowboy,junior Charlie Berry twirls a lasso in a scene from a "What's Happening" episode featuring the spring Farm Day contests held campus-wide. Juniors had become an integral part of the SHS machinery in 1982 as many school activities brought classes together in a variety of fun events. L -.- COW wean Pnsstou JEFF wesr, Lom JOHN wuemrou, Pnesron ' mms DAPHNE wnLL . DOUG wuLuAMs, LINDA BEST DRESSED SHELDA wALToN MICHAEL w S ' lSD0M.sHAnLA woonAno,nHoNnA woooAnn,noaEnT woonnow,cHAnLeNe WOODRUFF, KELLY WYATT, RANDY I N AUTOGRAPHS .-,, , f If' in X 'x Ns' X 'M-MA., 1 A-....., , :ugh , H3 0 ' N-N 'T ff!!! ' '. '- m .1 A . I . A 1X X .. . , ' -' ' - - .xi SX "X , kgs- ' ' ' 1 3 , ' ' ' '- 1 , . " 1 ' . ,fi9,,:,11" '-A' li,I31'i-hA1- ff,"-T - - ' - '- gf" . . f'- T ' I 2" 1 I fl' ' ' , ,. "5 . I 1"d1f'L- ,K -f Af: - 's - , , , , A , 4, , A Y I ny' Y . , A , ..VV , ff. 1,g,'!',' 1- my j .1 1 -jg. A ,, ,fx , I M2 S' '. -ff ww. Q. ff .- I-I1 A if ' 1 ' ' , L- , 11 ' - Ju ' 'I 5 "' MES- fr.-Ai I' . 'I M -i ,- 'Il -F' Lay- ,1"' 1" A - ' ' "' ' nl- KSU ,',L W., LL., , .?:Yv . ' M . , Q 5. ,U I , 5 T' 'MIPS fspihffffg 4- fiiif ' 2' "' ' " H ' " iw 1, ' ' elif LLYI, g . Id If' I vGa'YI.T 400 I I I C '- xx ff' I1 53.7 I I , ' I ' ' . 1' ' 'I ."fl '.f, 'V H , ,I-wreri ffsbwfl, I , sf, :mga L? 316 Q I-. ,LI-r, .X 'in' an 'I , , H-sq . -4 ,. l .qq I , . f. . N Q ,Q In fe I I " I :ff 'IIHFY .- ix 2 +4 I I' M' ffm. X. , N I 3.1 rd.-.n 'nfl ' J . ' L OX E. M, w ' I ALAMIA, CYNTHIA ANDERSON, TAMMY BELL, KEVIN BERTSCH, MELINDA ANDERSON, RITA BARBER, JOHN BERRY, CARL BESS, REGGIE ANDERSON, DOROTHY BARFIELD, MICHAEL BERRY, CHARLIE BORREGO, MARCELA BOWIE, CHARMINE BRANT, CLIFFORD BRIGGS. RHONDA 3 BROWN, DALE BROWN, SHERI BURT, TAMMY BUSH, CINDY CAMPBELL, BILLY CAMPBELL, VALERIE CARRASCO, RICKY CHAMBLEE, CONNIE DECOU, KIM DEMALADE, BECKI DENSON, KEITH DOOLEN, SHERRY PERSONALITY PL US Aihxx My J' '6- a. pl EMMANUELDARREN FQSTERPAM FnEEMAN,vELMA GlBSON,TERRY CHRISTINE FonNEv,sHERnv FREEMAMSABRINA GAV, CHRISTY GILLESPIE, KIM FMA! N' im,,, Nqpf s l Dale Brown X I 1 f' K. ....-.Q J W" 2 M M ' it i :SL fx s x 3 l w 3 Z 'Q 'A A X GOLDEN,KARMON GOLDEN,KARY GO0DRUM,ROBERT GOZA,YVETTE GRANTHAM,DONNA GREEN,8RAD fb- Q ,gmail fu I GRIFFIN, RHONDA HARRIS, SHARI HIGHTDWER, KEITH HOWARD. KATHY JAMMER' VICKY JOHNSON' JOHN GUTIERREZ, ANDREW HARRISON, JON HIGGINS, JERRY HUGHES, MARCY JOHNSON' CARY JOHNSON' SHARON GUTIERREZ, VICKY HAYES, LESLIE HINKLE,MOLLIE HUNT, KATHY JOHNSON, GARY JOHNSON, WALLACE HALL, DOAK HEARD, TRISH HOLLOMAN, KIMMY 3 HARDING, RANDY HEIDECKER, EDDIE HOOD, TAMMY ' HARLEN, LUKE HEYN, KARLA HOUSTON, MICHAEL , 76 I I TT wi1liams!LU QC, ff -rv wsuov LAvALLIAs, KATHY LIIIDLEY, MECIIELLE MAIITIM, PATTY MCCULLOUGH' ALLEN LEBLANC, MARY BETH LINNETT, TOMMY MARTINEZ, DOUGLAS MCNEILLI NANCV CRYSTAL LEMMoNs, JACKIE LoEscH, KIM MAIITINEZ, JAMES MCREYNOLDS' THQMAS KAIIIIEN LEWIS, RHONDA MACK, TROY MATTHEWS, DAIILENE MITCHEMY BENIN MOORE. CHRIS . MORRIS, MIKE M037 1,4 LENTED NELSON, PHILLIP ,faith DUUSUU gfl,:'SMAqI4fM?.1SHAYE Angefa. PEKAR, DAWN ,f,,..y BEST DRESSE I Andre I' 'rv '1""? PHILLIPS, PAULA REEVES, ROBERT SALAZAR, KIM SMITH, LISA STEWART' JIMMIE ST, JOHN, TINA PIPES, JANINE REYNOLDS, WILLIAM SCHUELKE, MICHAEL SMITH, MARK STIDHAM' BRIDGET SWAN' ELLEN POTTER, DAVID RICHARDSON, JERICA SCHOFIELD, RONNIE SOLIS, CYNTHIA PRICE, MARK RINGHAUSEN, ROGER SCOTT, DAVID SOWASH, TRDY RAMIREZ, LUPE RYLAND, FRED SEDBERRY, TRENT SPARKMAN, FLOYD REANS, GARY RUTHERFDRD. CINDI SEWELL, JAN STAVINOHA, JEFF TUM, PEGGY WALCOTT. LARRY ' WEEKLY, RONALD WILLIAMS. AARON WISE MICHAEL UITT, JOE WATKINS, JOHN WHITEHURST, WILLIAMS, DICK WOMACK TRACY CARS, MIKE wEATHenFono,m0y CHARLOTTE WILLIAMS. TRINA woooARb, DUANE WILHELM, JON X X L ,M WITTIEST Mike Morris Valaria Campbell 5' 'I WOODARD, KEVIN WYATT, TAMMY YENDREY, LISA ZARATE, ANITA ZARATE, RAMON ZWAHR, MELISSA AUTOGRAPHS SI -a X gif Q. I 3 lA Eai I-Nl CASTAWAVS IN AN ALIEN WORLD OF NEW EXPERIENCES , DETERMINED NINTI-I GRADERS SEEK SURVIVAL IN A HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT OF DOMINATED BY UPPERCLASSMEN. STARRIN6 TI-IE FRESHMAN CLASS. ' Freshmen N ABBOT, TERESA ACHTEN, GLENN ADAMS. SYLVIA ALAMIA, ANGIE ANDERSON, MICHAEL ANDERSON, REGINA ARMSTRONG, KIM ARGO, RANDY BAKER, CAROL BAKER, STACEY BARFIELD, MIKE BARNES, GINGER BASS. TROY BEISNER, TINA BELL, MELVIN BELL, ROBERT BIRMINGHAM, BRADLEY BIVENS, DONALD ! X 'V' 'F CROUCH, PHOEBE EDWARDS, GEORGINA DAVIS, LAURIE EMS, JOE DAWSON, SHEILA EVANS, ROBIN HEHMINA DELEON, LUPE FIELDS, BENNY JAMES DowoELL, JULIE FINLEY, BRIAN EST DRESSED Xxx, 3 J 61 .1 ,, . 1 Ia' JH AE, If gjigawzl, ', I I v Gihgqr ,f TERRI CHANCEY, ROY EDISON, ARTHUR FINLEY, RHONDA FINLEY, TOMMY FOSTER, RENEA FOSTER. STEPHEN FRANKUM ROBYN FRESHOUR, MARK GAINES, ARTHUR GIBSON, DONALD GILLIAM. DARRON GOODRUM, VLADIMIR GREER, RICKY GRIGGS, IRIS HAGENS. STEPHEN HALL, KATHY HAMILTON. VALARIE HARGETT, LALLA HARRIS, MIKE HELMS. JARVIS HENDERSON, LISA HIGHTOWER, DARYL I-IOPPER, SANDY HUBENAK. SHAWN HUDSON, ANN JACOBS, BILLY JERNIGAN, KATHERINE JOCHUM, KIM JOHNSON. JANET JONES, LARRY JONES. MICHELLE JONES, PENNY 84 ,438 'D -I ' ' ' ,I,,, ,K ,. ,.,., ix 'wt' X' - 1 xx TALENTED 8toi5hahMSha'a? in-0' I ll ill ICO at IU' Pb J ALBERTO RAFAEL TAMMY PATRICK PECKY, JOHNNY KREBS, KYLE LABETH, STACEY LAIRD, TRACY LAMB. JOSEPH LEMON, DONALD LEWIS, RICHARD LINDSEY, LISA LONG, CHERRY LOSACK, SHERRY LOWERY, MATT MABE, MARTHA MACK, CONNIE MARCUM, DANISE MARKS. DIANE MARGRAVE, BOBBIE MARTINEZ, NATALIE ,am V-i MARTINEZ, PAS MAY, MARY x WITTIES T "F-.7 fin MCCAIN, LAURI MCREYNOLDS, JAMES MOORE, BRANDON POLAK, NATALIE RICHARDS, TOMMY MCLAREN, THURMAN MOHON, KAREN MURDOCK, VICKI POLLOCK, SANDRA RICHERS, THERON ORCHARD, VALERIE PYSSEN, JAY RICHMOND, DENA PAINTER, BILL RAMIREZ, MARCUS RINGHAUSEN, DONNIE PAINTER, MIKE RAYBURN, JOHN RINGHAUSEN, RONNIE PIMLOTT, MARILYN REYES, VICTOR ROBERTS, TRACY I I I 86 I SCOTT X Q Y S I WEBB, STEWART WEEKS, SHERI WHITE, TERRY WISDOM, AMY WRIGHT, APRIL WOODARD, GARY WRIGHT, TROY .wqq xfy, .0535 ,Q, - Q 'SVI Matt Low ry Cherry Long I SHARP, JULIE SHAUGHNESSY, BRIDGET SHAW, CODY SHEARER, STEPHEN SIKES, JOEL SIMIEN, TRACY SIMMONS, CHRIS SIMMONS, JONNIE SIMMONS, PHILLIP SMITH, VICTORIA SPECK, SUZY SPILLER, SHELIA STAEDTLER, STACI SURBER, BENJI TERRELL, MELISSA THOMAS. BECKY TIPPS, BRIAN TORGUSSON, SCOTT TORGUSSON, STACEY TRUITT, WANOA VESSELS, JAMES VESSELS, JOHN WALLACE, CLIFTON WALTON, CHARLES 41' I Mosr SPIRITED I if I 87 I AUTOGRAPHS L1 N-1 ,ao M IDUTBS I Classes 8:Academics 735 AN INVESTIGATIVE LOOK INTO - TI-IE INSTRUCTIONAL FACILI- TIES AND ACTIVITIES OF SWEENY I-IIGI-I SCI-IOOL. 1 Laneuaee ff Classes Create Own Experience to Communicate New Idea Language Arts courses in 1982 took some new twists that plunged students into unexplored areas of creativity and learning. Introducing an honors English program in the fall had both students and teachers wondering what to expect, but the learning tree has grown some new branches for kids to climb. Honors classes gave advanced students an opportunity to participate rather than just sit and listen. The result was a gallery of events like dress-up days, show- and-tell exhibits and let's eat likethe Greeks dinners. A new speech club helped generate more interest in verbal communication and inter-school competitive events. And with a new need to accomodate non-English speaking students, SISD responded wi Minerva Sanchez' class "English i a Second Language". Over students district wide learned the of bilingual communication in Mi Sanchez new course. Underneath all the new, howevi a mainstream of tradition language art academics kept 61 kids busily learning how to bett communicate. Main StreetfSWeeny, Texas :-MIN' A i:.wL Y ll W' ' wwf' mf, it ' .ir ' M U g i an ii if a 445 ,zu vs - W + vw 45 1 S s ,,. X . .. -Q TOP LEFT: Diplaying ribbons won in speech- related contests, the newly organized Speech Club was sponsored by Mrs. Barbara Murphy. FRONT ROW: Karla Heyn, Jan Bryson, Christi Jammer, Donna Grantham, Julie Sharp. BACK ROW: Thurman McLaren, Ellen Swan, Matthew Lowery, Mollie Hinkle, Kathy Lavallias, Chris Ottis, Tammy Wyatt, Nancy McNeill, Christy Gay, Brad Burt, Ann Bryson, Preston Wiginton. MIDDLE LEFT: For non-English speaking students Laticia Lopez, Martha, Adrian and Tito Romero, Mrs. Minerva Sanchez translates school subjects into meaningful language experiences in the new curriculum addition, English as a Second Language. BELOWLEFT: An authentic Greek mealis served in Mrs. Sally Knight's Honors English class as part ofa fall culture study. Students were assigned individual projects to show how Greek culture has influenced modern American life. Mrs. Knight serves Greek salad to Blake Simpson, Ronda Richmond, Connie Cummings and Joan Dobias as visiting English l instructor, Mr. Fred McDonald samples the foreign aroma. BELOW: Characters from the Canterbury Tales came alive in English IV class as students dressedin costumes depicting the literary period. Grace Upham became a nun, Kirk Johnson poses as a yeomang Brian Jammer as a priest,' and Connie Lindsey as the miller. th NX Recapturing a bit of Sweeny history, junior Honors English Chris Ottis and Heather Heffernan help collect artifacts for a display presented at the central administration building in The students of Mrs. Bobbie Gaspard uncovered a genuine can, old quilts, butter churns, old clothing and a wealth of local N-F 91 P I I . - -pg x2Lk,.f. , - uf. S A ABOVE: .Iunior Preston Wiginton pecks out a computer math program on the TRS terminal in Mrs. Sandra Nite's high-tech math course. In addition to learning computer applications to the field ofmathematics, students also got a good dose of computer jargon like disc drive, hardware, software, etc. TOP RIGHT: .Giving all nine lives to science, a cat cadaver submits to the exploratory findings of biology student, Cynthia Spiller. MIDDLE RIGHT: Science department chairman Mr. Fred Boening helps senior Mike Northcutt tackle a workbook problem. The combination of classroom and lab studies helped stimulate many students to consider futures in science-related fields. RIGHT: Phillips Petroleum engineers Mary Halliday and Kent Kedderman present their viewpoints on engineering as a career before an audience ofSHS science students. The special program was presented in observance of National Engineering Week. FAR RIGHT: Blueprints for a new science lab and classroom complex depict the continuing need for more science-technology training. Planned for occupancy in the fall of 1983, the new science facility will accomodate a wealth of up and coming scientists as well as a fortune in new Ideas. vnwfonqwvfwwr vw-4-wwww-qv-at... I Bfh S C i6 I1 C 6 rowing Technology Prompts New Construction s of hiqh technology at the high school level a new science education an effort to meet the continuing and h ld h I k I I t ISD trustees years ago s den t at wou ep eep oca at the forefront of training. The spring 1982 marked the beginning of efforts between the B- and homemaking buildings. several thousand square foot I X 5 facility will house a combination of modern labs and classrooms where students can expand their scientific studies to new levels. From the fundamentals of math to calculus, the math department continues to improve its course offerings to better prepare students for the rigors of college math and math-related careers. Computer math provided students valuable information and experience in dealing with computers. Instruc- tion was given in number bases, flowcharting, and other thought processes used in writing programs. To familiarize students with the capablities and functions of computers in society, experience in word processing and data base management was offered in the course. in .l ,-UU,N 5- K g gg! :QM ,, . I NORTH ELEVATION 't ..s' -.M -I fy, :xanga 1 Q 1-X , MW Aga, .-.?J,,,,!L+-1 ' K ? -Ji? um io4 OPE HANDT 7 EAST E 5001-H Ei.EvA'rloN - Room ioz . .,. if-1' ',.1:4fE?'. iiiffj 'NWN'-M Wm ng lfvyfg ,,.N,-. A i V' a.,,g ia ,lslilzlll grlgl r, ' ef-'fiiggglfiif-fl stil I .E Mi , . . if ,-..il.J , V' , K ' W-r"""". - ' I i K I . F-.-as-M i Ni sq 2 l .X I K - 1 ' . Q 15,3 ,J Fine Art Open New Dimensions of Expression The SHS curriculum offered many outlets for creative expression through a collection of courses that hinged on individual achievement in the fine arts: music, art and drama. Art students were introduced to forms ranging from drawing and painting to sculpture and commercial art in a series of courses designed for training the eye and other senses to an appreciation for the varied art styles. Musically, the choir and band programs drew about 70010 of the student body into study, rehearsal and performance of instrumental and vocal music. Choir focuses on ear-training and sight-singing activities while band music thrives on the aesthetic feelings created in the performance of good musical 4 f :ze - literature on stage and on the marching field. Students of the theater arts program participated in drama training to help develop powers of observation, to learn stage terms, ,, .4 MFL Jw! M qmnngwrx 4 Huw: A -rPn.mmT21 K N un: M-:Lux I2 ,A W , .,-,,,,M,a.lf,mme.eW.,T-1,-s.-.-sv-n.1e.-,..,fM.M.- 'ffl 44 i lf? .ian I A , , Mf- HHEHHHHIMIEIHE . V i Q a Q 3, X M: .A Seniors Brad Burt and named Outstanding have starred in in a variety of SHS LEFT: Senior Kirk Johnson with guest speaker Leta n during an art class she made on how to a portfolio of art samples. .' Band director Mr. Gary T. ,su M .. Nl .----'uf Forse leads a warm-up session just prior to the UIL concert contest at Victoria. The group won UlL's top division rating. TOP: Choir members perform for guests at the Chamber of Commerce banquet in January. Public performances are a big part of stressing the importance of staging and presentation. ABOVE LEFT: Sophomore Cindy Bush receives the Outstanding Art Student award for her talent in many art styles. ABOVE RIGHT: Senior Danette Ellis plays french horn during the spring concert performance. The discipline required in the concert setting helps gain a more mature mastery of instrumental technique and tone quality. l l l Social Studi Classroom Srmulatro Stimulate Social, Self A warene Using a time-honored teaching technique where students learn by doing, the social studies courses brought the world, its people and ideas into the classroom in some interesting ways. Students gained insight into different cultures and eras by reproducing them on the spot. For example, Miss Becky Herber's World History classes wrote newspapers as they might appear in ancient Greek and Roman times. Coach Doug Reid's history classes simulated the operation of a nineteenth century farm. For one Sweeny foursome the classroom learning experience evolved into a real event as they BELOW: Close-Up participants Mr. Doug Fleid, Connie Lindsey, Allison Ellis and John Mack visited the nation's capital in January for visited Washington as participants in the Close Up program. Flying into a icy Washington in January, Mr. Doug Reid sponsored students Connie Lindsey, Allison Ellis and John Mack ona week-long look at the workings of the federal government. Throughla series of informative workshopsi and visits to historical and governmental landmarks, the local students collected a unforgettable array of facts about what makes the United States tick. l Reid said that although the X a first-hand look into the operations of the federal government. A frozen Washington sky hovers over the capital building lrightj. LEFT: Child development courses help older students understand the social relationships of children and adults in the learning process. High school students coordinated activities for young children as part of their study. BELOW: As a contrast to the usually rigid requirements of Mr. Wayne Fortenberry's government course, he intermittently gave students a break by reading picture books for class members. A colorful storyteller, Mr. Fortenberry kept students on the edges of their seats during the storytime breaks. w -9' I X E LEFT Displaying ancient newspapers chock full of Greek and happenings students of Miss Becky Herber s history classes collected wrote factual accounts ofancrent events for their publications Shown are DeMalade Kathy Howard Kim Decou Sherry Doolen BridgetStidham, VE RIGHT Mr Doug Reid assists Roy Blackstock in a simulation game the problems of Nebraska homesteaders in the 1880 s Complete with Roy and his classmates assumed the role of farmers and were to a farm management project While some turned a profit, others .Nw TOP LEFT: Senior Jackie Higgins contributes her clerical skills as an office employee at the Phillips Petroleum Company. Jackie works through the vocational program of the business education department. TOP RIGHT: Distributive Educa- tion student Lee Means works in a program under employer Mr. A.M. Anderson of Anderson Lumber Company. RIGHT: Mr. Ed Rosser accepts a club donation to the Sweeny Community Library Fund from VICA cosmetology club president Michelle Hataway and sponsor, Nell Copeland. Raising the donation from beauty salon customer donations, the SHS club served the community by its efforts. as MMM-1"' ,, ...,. WI, 7 "W Hifi sV'1m""'1f mi' WM -f f, tl ' l A Y 5 t val. ,.. W 98 L .tt 'N C1 0C3fi0I18l rograms Teach Work Ethic: rve Yourself Best I ' y Serving Others First ' 'Isl 1 5ii9'f"'f.?Y x in I kwf+f,fi'a?fai",,s1 il ess me 1 it fifift 25: e' . 9 at E H ' N I 45' its SHS diversified vocational offerings gave students much more than just a job. The programs taught students that, as part of the American work force, the dignity of work is an expression of service to others. Students of work programs provided valuable links to a community that is willingto support its young people by offering opportunities for service and responsibility. And students returned thanks by contributing a growing maturity in their relationships to peers, parents and patrons. TOP LEFT: Junior Karen Sewell, an vocational program employee of Thumbs-Up, applies a heat transfer to a custom t-shirt. Karen and her classmates gained valuable experience in customer relations, business management and quality control in product manufacturing. BOTTOM LEFT: Junior Kelly Sewell gets some special typing instruction by Mrs. Bette Shannon. Classroom phases of vocationally related courses familiarized students with the basic tools and system know-how to become a valuable employee in the future. . ., .- ..t.-s,s.. ..f. w"i-'fr "'m""1' ' L- ' ' ' ' 100 RIGHT: Students of the construc- tion trades class complete framing on a scale model house built at the Ottis residence in Sweeny. The course introduces the use of hand and power tools, shop and site safety, and construction theories related to residential and industrial projects. ln addition to the self pride and discipline that comes with school involvement and community service, construction trades students make an easier transition into other coordinated vocational programs. ABOVE: Senior Vocational Office Education student DeAnna Lamb and employer, attorney John Goodwin, exemplify the school-community link that opens new career opportunities to Sweeny students. x R ,la l 5 .1 A BOVE: Senior ICT student Rick Reynolds works Sweeny Hospital maintenance supervisor, Jimmy 4 Vocational Students Build Future Careers With Hammers, Typewriters, Curlers 81 Hard Work TOP LEFT: First year cosmetology student Bessie Johnican practices her new hairstyle techniques on her mother, Erma. A two-year program, cosmetology offers a 1500-hour course that qualifies students to take the State Cosmetology Commission exam. Successful completion of the state exam entitles course graduates to practice their trade as licensed cosmetologists. MIDDLE LEFT: Colin Robertson and John Barber work on the Sweeny FFA agricultural education exhibit at the Brazoria County Fair in October. The scale model farm scene depicting the grass farm industry in the Sweeny area, won a champion rosette among the competing displays. BOTTOM LEFT: Readying for the VOE work program, pre-employment lab students Robin Stasey, Eunice Maxey and Sandra Pimlott pose with instructor, Mrs. Betty Jo Spencer. BOTTOM RIGHT: Construction trades teacher Mr. Gene Meador demonstrates a phase of foundation slab reinforcement to student David Argo. The group completed several construction projects for local residents. E fs, J, , 5 S I' vm! Y ,. K aa if T I i . an A X X f L X. l Uocationa Q' 102 l TOP LEFT: Joe Truitt and Luke Harlen, CVAE construction trades students, do finish work on custom carpentry in the wood shop. W TOP RIGHT: Examining a V-8 prototype engine aslpart of their studies in auto mechanics class are student mechanics Carlos Borrego, Jeff Surber, Richard Brittain, Doak Hall, Maurice Griggs, Author Woodard, Dennis Jonps and Robert Hunt. Under the instruction of Mr. Raymond Hale, the boys provided a . Fllwnrnwmsmwoqv.-fw,W wr 5, CLX N k ' ...' - variety of auto services from t ups to minor repairs. ig ABOVE LEFT: Pre-employment student Toni Oaks works on ano phase of specialized cler training. She will enter the program in the fall as a part employee. ABOVE RIGHT: Senior student Sharon Slay prints billing statements at her offiti for the City of Sweeny. , Learning Lifetime Skills, Earning the Right to Work TOP LEFT: Junior Carlos Borrego displays his winning starter assembly project which earned honors in the district VlCA contests in the spring. Carlos and other student mechanics learned many professional skills related to the automotive industry. BELOW LEFT: Mary Thompson works as an office assistant in process engineering and first aid at the Phillips Petroleum Company at Old Ocean. BELOW RIGHT: Sweeny agriculture student Johnny Scott closes the deal on the purchase of a Brangus project heifer from Moon Ranch at Ftosharon. Set lor summer competition at Kerrville, Johnny and his classmates are instructed in farm and stock business procedures in agriculture courses and FFA related activities. Pictured are Mr. R.P. Doherty, owner of Moon Lake Ranch: Johnny Scott, local FFA member: and Mr. Larry Dickschat, ranch manager. ' inns!-1 ,I 'x 4 .Q B45 AN - ' V ff'- ,,-A2 ul, lf 103 In Suooortineil Resource People Provide Special Services, Personal Link to Real World RIGHT: To stimulate student interest in engineering careers, Phillips Petroleum Company engineers Mary Halliday and Kent Kedderman present an informative program to SHS science classes. Local industry often provided resource personnel for on-campus programs and demonstrations. FAR RIGHT: Sweeny teachers Marjorie Pollard, Josefa Gupton, Elizabeth Hudson and Dorothy Woodard attend a special summer workshop in June. Staffed by resource personnel provided by and coordinated by Region lV Education Services and the local district, summer workshops were offered in varieties to supplement oles... f teacher training on most any course and grade level. 104 ABOVE: Michael Bradley, a National Education Association consultant from Australia, speaks to government and history classes about the processes and structures of Australian government as compared to that of the United States. 1 ABOVE: New Sweeny board trustee Dr. Alma Davis speaks to a gathering of local P7fA members. ln presentations to school and civic groups, Dr. Davis covered a variety of topics ranging lfrom child psychology to teenage pregnancy. 1 4 l l N Y r l .. Q ' ' im? X, X . V -5 ,x ABOVE: Inmates from the Department of Corrections Huntsville visited the SHS to encourage students to trouble that leads to drinking, d I' Je! crime. An inmate labovei tells found himself a slave to and alcohol as a teenager and serving a five year prison m as a result. lk' fri' Spina "Ei 01,-L. ABOVE: School nurse Mrs. Berilyn Smith administers a hearing test for Elanda Simmons. Mrs. Smith daily visited the district's four campuses to provide special medical attention for the system's nearly 2000 students. :L Mx 'tff . X - 5ix."', .Yf x j' it ee... , , A 'J 4 ' . 'Lf A I -,,...i" ABOVE: Local historian and retired teacher, Mrs. Verna Arrington shares some little-known facts about Sweeny history with English classes. Her presentations reveal Sweeny as a community of friendly, concerned people with real pride in personal tradition. 105 Q lf. Guest Appearances Visitors, Special Programs Break Up Campus Routine 'ar I I I I I .1 .C D I I If nf .Q 106 lx., 1 x 9 at My . I 1' A.. A , TOP: Equipped for space flight, an astronaut mural welcomes students for a tour of a mobile space module exhibit in the spring. Visitors viewed space gadgets and combat flight gear in displays presented by the Armed Forces. TOP RIGHT: Guitarists of the group Free Farejam for an SHS assembly. On a nationwide tour, Free Fare brought music and a good message to youth in both school and evening performances. ABOVE: Musicians of the Kitchen Band, a Sweeny senior citizens group, perform for an evening activity. The ladies specialize in music made from common objects like combs, tunnels, and other kitchen utensils. RIGHT: Don Wallace, vocalist-pianist based in Arizona, returned to SHS in the fall to present his brand ofcomedy and music. A Christian entertainer, Don's stop in Sweeny is one of many school and church programs he presents while on the road. I QI XX IN AN EMPIRE THAT SPRAWLS OVER FOUR CAMPUSES SWEENY ISD S SCHOOL BOARD ADMINISTRATION, AND STAFF ARE VISITED IN THE CONTINUING SAGA STARRING A SCHOOL PERSONNEL. School Personnel N ABOVE: After canvassing April 3 board election results, the new board and immedi- ate staff lineup included Malcolm Atwood, admini- stration, Barbara Bass, instructionj Charlie Stevenson, new trusteej Joe Lindsey, superin- tendent, Jerry Ger- lich, trustee, Char- lotte Skinner, recording secre- tary, Frank Burtt- schell, president, Gerald Woodard, trustee, Paul Mc- Grew, trustee, AI- ma Davis, new trustee, Kennard Smith, trustee, and Tommy Collier. tax-assessor col- lector. if H 'if E A nit' 4 W fs 1, by ' V .V 1 X, .WX A 'X ' . M ia Q'-gs 5, -,Xxx ' X ,ff-. if 1 xg F X gr nf . 2 A member of the Sweeny ISD Board of Trustees since 1975, FRANK M, BURTTSCHELL was elected to his second term as board president in April this year. His three daughters have all attended the Sweeny Schools. Mr. Burttschell is married and an employee of the Amoco Production Company. KENNARD SMITH began his second term as board vice-president in April. A former teacher, Mr. Smith is employed by Phillips Petroleum Company in Sweeny. His wife, Edna, is a faculty member at the intermedi- ate School. Completing seven years as a trustee, EBNELLE ORB retired in April. Married and an employee of the Texas-New Mexico Power Company, Mrs. Orr was named "Outstanding Woman of the Year" in January by the local Chamber of Commerce. She served as secretary for the SISD Board of Education. .sf-I graduate, is an the Dow Che i Company and has three years as trustee. A Position incumbent for the Ap elections, Richers defeated by newcomer Alma Davis for the b seat. Mr. Richers married and the fathe four children. Fu. niciifns, an IT? 108 l .xl ,x I 1, It ' 450 . xl -t N V Xu N., X X rl-TALD WOODARD, a 71 graduate of SHS, is employee of the Phillips troleum Company. E- ted to the board in April, 81, Mr. Woodard is gle and resides in eeny. Q I nun-Us L Y S. x X A former SHS teacher, JERRY GERLICH has served one year as board trustee. Employed by the Dow Chemical Company, Mr. Gerlich is married and has two sons. His wife, Gwen, teaches at the Middle School. 1' X r I At -' ' .V safv' QSWAXKQ at V-ik Ll . . W 'W A, ,ix . ,,IV W- . , H. . ' 5 Beginning his third year as a board trustee, PAUL MCGRE W is employed by Phillips Petroleum. He is married and has a son, Jeff, who is a student at the Middle School. y1""'w Sl lf- 'VS xf 1 As the dollar yo-yoed in value and as unemployment lurked near ten percent in mid- 1982, Sweeny ISD board members had good reason to be consumed by financial affairs rather than by educational concerns. But they weren't. While educators statewide buckled under the pressures of a tough economy, student and teacher dropouts, and a teeming assortment of problems, Sweeny school trustees kept finding ways to keep students, staff, and progress at the top of the agenda. Our success in 1982 can be largely attributed to the excellent foresight and planning of this elected management team. While most firms and schools tabled construction plans, the Sweeny system plunged healthily into a huge building program to include two new schools and a science complex. Educationally, trustees initiated significant improvements in local salary and benefit structures, broadened course offerings and language studies, and established a program of guidance and counseling at the primary grade levels. So, as the nation quivered under an economic scourge, Sweeny kids are still getting the best education money can buy. LEFT: New trustees Charlie Stevenson lleftj and Alma Davis lmiddlej pose with Supt. Lindsey during the first board session for the new members. Dr. Davis received 56.8 percent of the vote to win the Position 6 race over incumbent F.J. Richers. District voters also chose Stevenson for new Position 2 trustee. An attorney, Stevenson won a three candidate race with 61.2 percent of the vote. Contenders Billy Losack and James R. Hensley trailed in Position 2 voting which placed Stevenson in the board seat left by retiring trustee, Ernelle Orr. A total ol 1,035 district voters cast their ballots in the April 3 election. 109 170 Standing on the outer edge of a swirling decade, the 1980s, much of our educational foresight is blurred by the rapid currents of change that have become synonymous with modern times. ' But beneath this mainstream of troubled water lies an unshakeable foundation cemented by a common sense approach to managing the seemingly unmanageable. With a system of good decision- making backed more by research and planning than by "educated guesses", the Sweeny ISD has built an administrative fiber which is not easily torn by the economic and educational problems of our day. The administrative team of Mr. Joe J. Lindsey, Mr. Malcolm Atwood and Mrs. Barbara Bass is a veteran force of educators who provide guidance and seek lasting solutions to modern school problems. Shar- ing over 15 years of administrative service to the Sweeny Schools, the trio of superintendents operate on a system of inputs from the board members, patrons, parents, faculty and students. X 'Xxx new ,L ui , , 51:-P i 1' l 1 A 1, l Joe J. Lindsey SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS ..P'Q-f""' as , X ' - I M Malcolm Atwood Barbara Bass SSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT, ASSISTANT SUPEFIINTENDENT ADMINISTRATION INSTRUCTION ,373 .' '- at -'S 'Tift . 4-' 2 -V tm -use A ss, if . f 1 S Q l 54.35, X 4 E, x . . is M ,, gig , 1 K 4. 1--.Q x c ,t sxkg S1 , W ,. .is .M X Q I -.Q . j. Y - . X 3 ,. . ' .s ' A' .FW s-':.J,1, , -1 I-X S,:s-1535:-as-1' ' - 'W' 'A .xizgaet-35,1-lg s , ' :f -I 421 s 5 -,gg , x..- " is ,EL A Ni. . :F T j K , gm 'f - X S LEFT: Tax Assessor-Collector a Business Manager Thomas Coll has completed his first year financial operations with t Sweeny ISD. A transplant from t Columbia-Brazoria ISD, Coll replaced retiree T.L. Duke. TOP RIGHT: Retiring in Decem after serving 30 years as busin manager for the Sweeny Scho Mr. T.L. Duke lmiddlej poses w son Jodi, granddaughter Aprile, a daughter-in-law Karen during farewell reception hosted Nov. 15 business office secretaries. Duk career began with a genuine inter in people and a personal interest educationg qualities which he maintained over the three deca as office manager and tax assess collector. BOTTOM RIGHT: Business off secretarial staff includes Sha Borders, Pauline Powers, Mario Koonce, Vickye Albers and M Doolen. 112 45 M 'Nur The business of making the 1982 dollar stretch was a formidable assignment for businesses and households alike, but making the 1982 educational dollar render its worth was an even tougher task. The SISD Business Office team managed an overall district budget of nearly S10 milIion-- an accounting feat that could rival, or rattle, the best of bookkeepers. Guided by Tax Collector- Assessor and Business Manager, Mr. Thomas Collier, the big job became more manageable in 1982 as most of the district's financial transactions were converted to a computer system. Soaring energy costs, up 20 percent, and a continuing multi- million dollar building program combine to create financial accountability bordering on the awesome. Dollar-stretching in 1982 was no easy game. 713 Mew,-12 TOP: High School Cafeteria Staff. FRONT ROW: Freida Carter, Myrtle Sartor, I Nila Anderson, Ester Weeks. BACK ROW: Nettie Lewis, Mary Weatherford, Angle Phyllis Finley, Mary Escalante. ABOVE: Middle School Cafeteria Staff members are Faye Reeves, manager, Sarah Ste Teresa LaOombe, Roxie Bell, Pat McCullough, Barbara Gilsby, Pauline Asabell, DorothyS Alma Womack, Donace tlacobs, Seleeta Long. 114 i 1 .MWMMW 7 i l ,HJ X Z X N M., .wwmmf V N '72 ! xxp Qkgk t , """ i 3 4 l 4 C. A 'Pa ABOVE LEFT: Charlotte Skinner, administrative clerk. A B0 VE: Corky McGrew, Margaret McReynoIds lnot picturedi, Sweeny Teachers Federal Credit Union. Xi Q XX LEFT: Dorothy Cole, superintendent secretary 5 Q E -gg V5- R r Y v ff ,sl fir' 'M if S' ,fx , 776 R LEFT: Sweeny ISD bus driving lame ludes FRONT ROW: Sam Thomas, ette Jammer, Harry Mathis, Joe talone, Herbert Mays, Bob Freeman, is McReynolds. BACK ROW: Lee Luker, Dettling, Beth Oakes, Jovita Reyes, hy Minderhout, Frank Barrientez, Lou ell Helen Copeland, Elizabeth Reid, Carol LEFT: Charlie Yount, director of transportation. BOTTOM FAR LEFT: Custodial services department includes Rosie Carbajal, Mary Torres, Naomi Pena, Susie Rojas, Janie Ordonez, Hortense Juarez, Emma Covarrubias, Sue King, Mary Gutierrez, Price, Anna Garza, Joe Garza. BOTTOM LEFT: David Carr, director of maintenance and operations. BELOW: Maintenance staff members are Jeannie Smith, Robert Jackson, Ray Bell, David Conine, James Hanks, Bumey Byrd, Candy Gutierrez. Buck Evans, Brenda Finley, Bill Q Samona Aldape, Pansie Hazleton, Ethel Thomas, Estelle Tolbert, Ethel Harris, Delores BELOW: finsetl Karen Bailey, maintenance department secretary. J X6 'Sa Mgpmwr 117 Y 1 Tift- M... limes" ,ft ABOVE: ln a presentation April 27 by Board President Frank Burttschell, Mr. F.J. Richers lleftl receives an award for his service as trustee to the Sweeny ISD Board of Education. ABOVE RIGHT: Presented a certificate of merit by Supt. Joe Lindsey, Mr. Joe Pantalone retired in 1982 after teaching 31 in the Sweeny schools. NOT PICTURED: Mr. Robert J. "Bob" Barron retired in 1982 from a 25-year teaching-coaching career, the past seven years of service in the local schools. ABOVE: Retiring board member and secretary, Mrs. Emelle Orr lrightl is presented a service plaque by Frank Burttschell, board president. ,l Mary Ethel Thomas, a 20-year retiree of the maintenance is presented a certificate of merit by Supt. Joe OVE: ln a special luncheon in honor of athletic trainer Roger es trightl, Mrs. Bobbie Gaspard presents a going-away gift on half of attending friends. GHT: Retiring after 22 years as a Sweeny ISD teacher, Mrs. na Smith leaves her post at the Intermediate School. NEW ARRIVALSH981-82 Maintenance Dept.- David Carr, director, Bumey Byrd, assistant. Business Office- Tommy Collier, manager Special Senrices- Berilyn Smith, nurse Primary- Nancy Hanson, asst. principalg Mattie Washington, library, Laurie Lindsey, aide. Intermediate- Sharon Dulak, Cynthia Collier, Sandra Roberts, Renee Murphy, Donna Huff, Sandra Blaine Middle- Jimmye Lu Tindol, Sheree Christian, Herbert Mays Jr. High School- Linda Andersen, Beth Peterson, Ira Rose 119 RIGHT: Receiving 10 year service pin awards in banquet ceremonies April 27 are Bernardene Heyn, Opal Johnson, and Lee Luker. Other recipients, James Hanks and Gayla Sterzinger are not pictured. BELOW: 20 year service pin award recipients are Kay Cossey, Pearl Boazman, and Ethel Thomas. Jimmie Marsh is not pictured. 'Dx uf! IGH T: 25 year service pin award recipients M at un xx an ' . L X re Billie Beverly, Faye Reeves, and Dorothy nead. Q, N IELOW: Awarded 15 year service pins are 'B 13, ' . Tay Brightwell, Joan Good, J. C. Barclay, ' 133531, . ,Q torothy Hamlin, Barbara Frankum, and Peggy . 13112 f," if S' , gl 'llis. Dell Burke is not pictured. 0 , I-Zj.'525f.5f1: fp1.313Zg2'1' x l o 4.-.-.j.jIg:g:l1Ej:Q:1:1-1- ' 1 - -'-1:1:z:a- -"'-'- , i X 32123232523123i:3:i:3131i,. 4 ' x N E Q X .11-'-1-'-if-izfrgIf-I-Izl'-'f ' it . J ,Y . K 5 K vii ' v .. J :ffl E B R X ' - ' 1 , N 1 tl. wi ,e l ' s ? I ffhw gs W M35 diff fs is is l f- x, X M,-i wi: X , V, ie-UU 3 .r,.a ' S Bl efgxh J wx' ' 1 I i :ii ' l B 5' . , n A - If i ..n . ., . ' L' :mi is ef r' Bl 7 i N R' an ,A 'x'. if - f1"'4f4!!f I ta 'fl' E nu NAENH J 'fn ,, 11192 ' ' ' Pr .IQ I A! Q Q .5 9 N if f if 1 g i at , K ir' :-wg " aa? 4' , Zi?ff,,gf fs' fi x x 3 '. .X 9' L LEFT: Receiving pins for five years' service are Ludwell Taylor, Ruby Bertsch, Simona Aldape, Donace Jacobs, Cherry Schumacher, Linda Dupler, Jerry English, Barbara English, Nickle Solis, Wilma Jean Criswell, Sandra Nite, Linda Lincecum, and Millie Jackson. s Q 9 . X, -. gi 1: Ek 555 X fi Q1-X-K xv' X by J We E, ib n ,. ,. -A . ' -:fr . , , f N x b xnx x K R s I ' :As '- x if , . , , NI, i f S M , 5 ASQ, 121 Managing the district's largest campus team of professional educators and largest grouping of students in 1982 was a feat only for the fittest. ' With over fifty years of professional school experience between them, Principal Joe Schuchardt and Assistant Principal Tom Holcomb drew their administrative success from years of service in many different educational roles. And teamwork isn't practiced only on the football field-- it's a mark of every successful administrative effort. For Mr. Schuchardt and Mr. Holcomb, strength in leadership came from a keen balance of listening to and supporting teachers, encouraging and guiding students. The friendship, insight and mutual respect between this administrative duo has benefitted each participant in the SHS program. FAR LEFT: Since assuming the principalship in 1977, Mr. Joe Schuchardt has led SHS through some of its most prosperous academic years. LEFT: Mr. Tom Holcomb completes his fifth year as assistant principal in the summer of 1982. K , 1 A q..3,,Qg,7g.2 ABOVE: Policing the hallways in an unending search for wandering waifs, Mr. Holcomb finds a friend in senior Melvin Spiller. LEFT: ln one of many planning sessions, Mr. Schuchardt confers with Supt. Lindsey about upcoming school events. 123 L 'S X ,I x V, xg .s -- 1 g 'V H BERILYN SMITH School Nurse J. C. BARCLAY NAN RYMAN HAROLD MCGILL Vocational Director Guidance Counselor Guidance Counselor F r Jrsxi XA R' ES. f C' X f K f-.qw L, wi Q i i r if ..s4?.,.-Ag ' 1 . If I We X Y' w -fi-, 'V . A Y, i"i' mrr'SQQ7:j,. Sy S, Q-f-A 24 CE TATUM YVONNE HAMMOND Secretary Attendance Secretary 5q,,,t3 LEFT: High School secretaries Bernice Tatum, Delores Chafin, and Yvonne Hammond accept awards for meritorious service from athletic trainer, Roger Kees. DELORES CHAFIN Accounting Secretary if 'Q 52215 125 126 IQ! LINDA ANDERSEN BILL BENDEFI ROBBIE BLAND Physical Science Choir Art, Study Lab ,Q-F.: V wmca sum ETSHEIPHFJW ' 4' X A ,X X X . FRED BOENING BEN BOLER 'BILL CHRISTIAN Biology l, ll Vocational Adjustment Coordinator Industrial Cooperative Training 'I -Q-f .Q ,Q NELL COPELAND WILMA JEAN CRISWELL AGNES UENSON Cogmetglggy I' ll Inlr0, Algebra ll, FOM I English ll, Th68fF8 AHS I, ll, III is K K, L A L 5, lx 5 l iii 'va f K DETTLING LESTER DUPLER I Agriculture II' C0-f P, Ag. Basic Bi0l09Y. Health, Athletics ENGLISH GARY FORSE Basketball, Physical Education Band Swv .vm -X La ali'-' Nags' Big GA5pAgU RAYMOND HALE 'ish HI Auto Mechanics A ' LINDA DUPLER Homemaking I, ll, Home 8. Family g .-'- . if " , vw WAYNE FORTENBEFIRY Government, Psychology, Economics JANE HAMILTON Business Math, Bookkeeping, Typing 127 128 Y is Ni W' I N32 Y BECKY HERBER QPAL JOIHNSON LILLIAN JONES world History, Basketball, Tennis Llbfafv Alde Chemistry I. Physics. Student I L-'sf .4""5 ROGER KEES SALLY KNIGHT GEORGE LECOMPTE Athletic Trainer, Health English III, IV Custodian if 3,-'le QP' ,ss .QQ 1 is t W i i ww t MELVIN LOESCH CLARA MAPLES FRED MARTINDALE World Geography, Athletics Homemaking, Child Development JOUrnalISm I. II. Yearbook CHARLES MATHIS y ' ' 3 s " -1 I M 5 FRED MCDONALD Com. Art I, II, III, Res. Math I, II English I 1 mv. MCREYNOLDS GENE MEADOR MORRIS BARBARA MURPHY Study Program English I, Speech PATTON GLORIA PATRICK Drafting. Woods Librarian I xl RANDY MIKSCH Educatign General Construction Trades I, II, III Driver Ed., American History, Athletics D' ci ,fx SANDRA NITE Computer Math, Geometry T Q I DUANE PERRY English II 129 130 -. I Q tz H BETH PETERSON Drill Team, Band!Athletic Aide CAROL RAND Res. World History, Res. Biology in I 33' 1 'Qifgfa P 1 I' 2- f 'l Q9i!94f::af?5f13251f5'fS?f"5, v7',f,1,,.'jgig, lf' f Mfgygazegl-k gy? Q f5!.Q:i,'f' 2,559 ' ': , ' , ' ffzil il: 5,22 lil if I , A 'I I I BOB PYSSEN Athletic Director DOUG REID MORRIS RICHARDSON American History, Athletics, Track Study Lab v -is M I I ieie ' . I x I I X I 1 , A - CURTIS HICKAWAY IRA ROSE JIM RILEY t Genergl Construction Trades I, ll' in General Drafting, General Metals I, ll Algebra H- G90m9fl'Y- Tf'9fEA W3 'Ps "A, rx, ye' E fe O- If . v ttf: 4 ,Z V 1l'.: f5S? v ,lv -, ' 52 25' I Ft '.' l f! A ' 2 MlNEnvA sANcHEz .1oHN scxmaonoueu CHERRY scHuMAoHEn English as a Second Language FOM I, ll, Athletics PhYSiC8l EdUC8!i0f1. Volleyball. H tag . .. 'F-t'1. - K 1 - M . Q W., gr. ,J Q is :Y A , a 3, . 4, ' - I A . V Q , .... 1 BETTY JO SPENCER Vocational Office Education WALTER THOMASSON American History, Spanish I II I JOAN WHITWORTH Intro. Algebra I, Algebra I Health Physical Education s. 5 MOTIVATED BY THE NEED TO BELONG, STUDENTS JOIN OVER 30 ACTIVE ORGANIZATIONS THAT OFFER A MELTING POT OF ACTIVITIES AND SPECIAL a li Y If I I . Sl, as Ax J F ' 'L-,,.f34,k.:A.nH W 'L""L-'iii'-....V--f-""""""' AW' 1? 5,511.4 INTERESTS. wg", ! I I I I I Q 4-I 1 I 1. q. Z' I I A I I fx iss Musicians Make Note-worthy Contributions to Band Program The immense success of the Bulldog Band in 1982 runs parallel to the great successes of individual players in the program. With encouragement from directors and incentives like extra points, many band members try out and win awards in a number of contests during the year. Seniors Gaye Barker and Harold Barfield, for example, were named to the National High School Band Hall of Fame in the spring, an honor bestowed by voting band directors nationwide. District solo 8t ensemble and other multi-level individual contests were won by Sweeny students. The quality ofmusicianship exhibited by local band students is the greatest contribution to the statewide recognition enjoyed by the Bulldog Band as a group. RIGHT: Band Council members are FRONT ROW: Jan Bryson, historian: Gaye Barker, drum major: Shari Heard, librarian: Ann Bryson, secretary. BACK ROW: Connie Cummings, senior representativef Harold Barfield, president: Danette Ellis, historian: Tom Shomette, junior representative: Kelly Smith, librarian: Cindy Polak, librarian: Gary Reans, sophomore representative. NOT PICTURED: Joe Ems, freshman representative: Wadale Strother, chaplain. BELOW: Mr. Gary Forse is "decorated" by seniors as recipient of the Director's Award during the May spring concert. Build ABOVE: Solo 8- ,ensemble participants include FRONT ROW: Jan Bryson,l Michelle Murphy, Gaye Barker. BACK MW and VE: Area Band members are Dobias, Harold Barfield and Barker. P RIGHT: Seniors Ann Bryson, ye Barker and Joan Dobias were ected as Band Sweetheart didates. Joan, band vice- sident, was named to the title ing Band Night ceremonies Nov. DLE RIGHT: A new feature of Bulldog Band performances, line members are Kim Loesch, Meadows, Toni Oakes, Agatha chez, Connie Chamblee, Lori Charlene Woodrow and Grantham. TTOM RIGHT: District-Region members are FRONT Shari Heard, region, Mollie region, Trish Heard, Ellen Lisa Smith. BACK ROW: Dobias, region, Harold region, Katie Jernigan, Jan Howard, region, Kathy Karla Heyn, regiong Gaye region: Stephen Shearer. 35' ,J il ,. ...al-4 ,I 03" 77 an ., cg I J . A I jx' Q .tg I I x y A J. J J 135 136' Bul . W FT P? :EA LE r band fohns X. 3'r ? " 1 BELQW Monief. throdgliout BEL 0 W: T. Jorse, direct . . X K if 0' 3 we ..f Q . nw. .-, . p , b nm e- -Mm Q . f irif 'L 'T VXI .f Q: N I 'V ' 1 ': w'? - Ann QQ 2 B a n d Musical Season Crescendos to Sweepstakes, State Recognition lt's the largest group on campus and is easily the Ioudest-- especially on Fridays. The 120-plus member Bulldog Band is often referred to as the "Pride of Sweeny". Dozens of appearances annually include football games, pep rallies, assemblies, UIL contests and a score of special events. Directors Gary T. Forse, Harold Spencer and Anna Ruth Hickey implemented some changes that gave the group a more distinctive look and sound. With new uniforms and a change in marching style from military to the more popular corps style, the band gave a dazzling new audio-visual impact that Forse described as being "limited only by one's creativity." The addition of a co-drum major and an auxiliary flag line helped form a moving, colorful backdrop to the band performances. A new spin-off group, the "Pep Band", was formed to promote spirit and to bring popular music to more listeners and more occasions. The 30-member group, selected from among the best players, provided more flexibility in fulfilling invitations to perform. Beginning Nov. 3 at the Region Xlll UIL Marching Contests in Victoria, all the new changes and hard work paid off. Sweeny eamed straight first divisions in a field of 14 competing bands, an achievement shared only by the Brazos High School Band. After a few more weeks of stringent rehearsal, the Bulldog Band received the prestigious Sweepstakes trophy in the spring after gleaning straight first divisions in both concert and sightreading competition at Vanderbilt. Based on sweepstakes performances, Sweeny was selected as Region Honor Band in a contest pitting tape recorded performances of top groups in tough competition. ln May, the band was notified of its selection as a candidate for State Honor Band. ln addition to many contest victories, Sweeny also picked up a first division rating' for concert performance at the Sandy Lake Amusement Park Fun-Fest near Dallas during the April spring trip. "l felt this performance was one of the most exciting of the year," commented Forse. Billed as one of the largest music festivals of its type, the Fun-Fest featured renowned judges like Jerry Nowak who described the band's performance as "exceIlent". Selection to the 3-A Honor Band title will give Sweeny band members an opportunity to perform at the Texas Music Educatofs Convention in February. Bulldoe Belles Bulldog Belles Beautify School, Community Events RIGHT: Freshmen Rhonda Finley makes the best ol initiation at drill team camp-- pony- tailed hair, inside-out clothes, etc. ABOVE: Between rainshowers, Belle brigade members perlorm for the residents of Sweeny House. The girls often performed for of!-campus events. RIGHT: Reatta Stewart is awarded the Miss Halltime USA title at summer camp. Ronda Richmond also received the honor. SECOND RIGHT: Brigade girls show up the cheerleaders with this living monument to Bulldog spirit during a November pep rally. .2 f hrs, wr 'Q- g,,,5,.4Q2'l 5 . Magi bk! 'Jff-3 a it HJ i 'l.p1"jf"' if .gj4fg,..' J? i I IJQ 6 f EL LY-9 4 LEFT: injured in action, Marcella Borrego frightj is sidelined at summer camp activities at Southwest Texas State University after spraining her ankle. Brigade-mate Lisa Yendrey offers moral support. ABOVE: 1979 SHS graduate and former brigade member, Miss Beth Peterson returned to SHS to sponsor the new Belle bunch. u .U K . . it - -- f :11f':..ff'ti.,Z,'K .' . f W-Y ff."-":PQ -Q ......1.... Cheerleaders -af lf at 'T' v :l 2. W .. R ' K Y 5 if ' T4 when ABOVE: With yelling, jumping and boosting spirit as their favorite pastime, the varsity cheerleading squad set the pace for dozens of events throughout the year. FRONT ROW: Connie Lindsey, Connie Cummings, head cheerleader: Sheri Brown, Melissa Zwahr. BACK ROW: Betty Bivens, Tracie Glick, Michele Walden, Karah Powell. ABOVE RIGHT: Senior Connie Lindsey pom-poms her way through another varsity football game. y RIGHT: Cheerleader sponsor Mrs. Jerri Morris adds another ornament to the spirit tree. Mrs. Morris initiated many different ways to help the cheerleaders improve school spirit. I N,- 140 Spirit Team Teaches SHS to Shout-it-Out! LEFT: ln a rush meeting before a morning pep rally, senior Connie Lindsey explains the agenda to junior Tracie Glick and junior varsity cheerleaders. BELOW: Escorted by junior Monty Boyd, the girls ride the Brazoria County Parade route. BOTTOM LEFT: Junior varsity cheerleaders are Bridgett Stidham, head cheerleader: Jerica Richardson, Trish Heard, Lisa Lindsey, Iris Griggs, Ginger Barnes. BOTTOM RIGHT: Girls lead an outdoor pep rally. . I I ,Y ,I A l Student Co uncil You Asked for It-- You Got lt! Reps Work to Fill Student Wants, Needs Perhaps the word "availabilty" best describes the elected representatives of the SHS Student Council, the student body's little Congress that made our wishes come true. , Sponsored by Miss Lillian Jones and led by senior Lisa Boazman, the 22-member council created and produced most of the campus-wide activities that bring us together. Operating on a philosophy of service, the students reps brainstormed successful events like Homecoming, a string of spirit days, hall decorations and most anything else that would divert us from the boredom of routine. Although the average student was not so involved in the governmental aspects of the council's operations, Joe Average was, however, quite concerned about having somebody do something to make school life a bit more interesting. And that's what TOP RIGHT: Junior council member Jill Burttschell serves refreshments during the fall Homecoming dance. Mollie Hinkle and council member Joan Dobias sample the goodies. MIDDLE RIGHT: Sophomore representatives include Troy Weatherford, Melissa Zwahr, Kim Gillespie, Becky DeMalade. NOT PICTURED: Trish Heard. BO TTOM RIGHT: Freshmen representatives are April Wright, John Rayburn, Jay Pyssen, Ginger Barnes, Sherry Losack. the Student Council did best. A chief function of the members was to conduct democratic-based elections of campus titles, class officers, and council officials. ln cooperation with class sponsors and administrators, ,the council smoothly conducted numerous elections and gave the student body an arena in which to exercise their freedom to vote. Near year's end, lthe council launched its own campaigns and elections for new officers. Juniors David LaCombe and Llyn Mayberry were elected as the president and vice-president of the 1982-83 Student Council, respectively. ,Sq 1. 'WA .. . it tt.. f R5 raft, , ts 7, if L.. .. ... .-... 742 ! :X- QU: sf ABOVE: Executive officers are Laura Johnson, corresponding secretaryg Joan Dobias, treasurer, Grace Upham, recording secretary: Lisa Boazman, president, Leanna Denson, chaplain, Gaye Barker, vice-presidentf Pres- ton Wiginton, parliamentarianp Michelle Murphy, historian. MIDDLE LEFT: Senior repre- sentatives are Laura Johnson, Grace Upham, Leanna Denson, Michele Walden, Joan Dobias, Lisa Boazman, Gaye Barker. BOTTOM LEFT: Junior representatives are Jill Burttschell, Tracie Glick, Preston Wiginton, Michelle Murphy, Heather Heffernan. N..-. N. 144 Q QN"NNlrn..ff'N'5 17 T T T 1 3 wwf. - w -T- . 3. ffzi Q wg - 5 rg, .E 5 Ti S S l 2 9' 5 5 f i z TOP: Visiting Columbia-Brazoria High School Exchange Week student council members are FRONT ROW: Melinda Warren, Bana Ashley, Dena Boone, Deanna Derrick, Yvette Pislak. Sweeny hosts are Gaye Barker, Preston Wlginton, Michelle Walden, Kim Gillespie. ABOVE LEFT: Junior David LaCombe, Student Council presiden t-elect, gives a campaign speech. l ABOVE RIGHT: Vice-president-elect Lyn Mayberry, running unopposed, gives his campaign platform. TOP RIGHT: Teachers dine on home-cooked cuisine as guests of council members for a teacher appreciation luncheon in May. Stu: ABOVE: Before an Awards Ni audience May 11, junior D LaCombe takes the oath of his presidential office. ' Sfiaiii t 0 u n C ll Campus A ctivities wifi: x.""..1. ff' Q VE: Sophomore Troy Weath- and freshman Regina check voter lists at a election station. 1 n-17 -nn-r 145 146 National Honor Society Recognizes Outstanding Character, Scholarship, Leadership, Service Membership in the National Honor Society tNHSl became a welcome reality for 14 hard working young scholars who fit the bill by exemplifying the society's prerequisites of character, scholarship, leadership and service. Old members welcomed the new initiates in a special school-wide assembly Jan. 7. Sponsored by Mrs. Bobbie Gaspard, the NHS group conducted an impressive formal installation ceremony complete with decorative plants and other formal accessories. NHS is not only an honor society, but an active campus service group as well. Working in cooperation with the Student Council and the Future Homemakers of America, NHS coordinated the most successful of the annual blood drives to date. ln early spring the groups, in association with Houston Blood Services, collected over 80 units of lifegiving blood from among student, teacher, and patron donors. The drive almost doubled previous collections and provided sponsoring groups an opportunity to serve their fellow man in a special project. A JUFQ l l Q.. . -. K. ,xx ' ' . I. ff g -x X k 51. '1 A N j NK ABOVE: Senior Louise Broo donates one of over 80 units blood collected during the ann NHS Blood Drive. LEFT: Senior Harold Barfi presides over the installati ceremony held Jan. 7 before t entire student body. BOTTOM FAR LEFT: Mir Bertsch became the only senior b initiate into NHS. BOTTOM LEFT: Junior Cin Polak was the only new mem installed from the junior class. f f QZ f xxxff 2 l 'a f, L ,f tix - X LX' J' ABOVE: Sophomore new members are FRONT ROW: Karla Heyn, Kim Loesch, Mollie Hinkle, Pattie Joice, Ellen Swan. MIDDLE ROW: Robert Goodrum, Michael Houston, Andrew Gutierrez. BACK ROW: Jerica Richard- son, Peggy Tatum, Trina Williams, Melissa Zwahr. LEFT.' Old members include FRONT ROW: DeAnna Lamb, Terri Rayburn, Connie Cummings, Shelda Stevenson, Leanna Denson, Kellee Greer, Joan Dobias, Mrs. Bobbie Gaspard, sponsor. MIDDLE ROW: Lyn Mayberry, Brian Jammer, Harold Barfield, Blake Simpson, Will Reid, David LaCombe. BACK , Y 4 A , t 1 ROW: Cynthia Spiller, Laura Q '-1 A tt A if - 5 X g Hollis, Gaye Barker, Liza Ruiz, X I! 'x 5 ' - 5 g f 2 Q , f.,f"' Michelle Murphy, Kitty Tolbert , 5' g 5 sf , ,w ' Thompson. M-4 fr A it Q i,,, x . A :' A A A. f' 1 'J ff . fu' l "' " I iz iw . l ,. 'LN E , j 147 Fellowship y of Christian Athletes Forms Boy, Girl Chapters I C A 148 ng YK-- TOP LEFT: FCA 'Cuddles'memt Vicki Gutierrez pins on sol Christmas spirit during a chap visit to the Brazoria County Men Retardation Center. TOP RIGHT: FCA 'Cuddle officers are Lisa Boazma president: Joan Dobias, vic president: Trina William treasurer. NOT PICTURED: Ta Snedecor, secretary. ROW Cindy Polak Karah Pow Joan Dobias Jill Burttschell L Boazman, Shari Harris Tamd Anderson Trina Williams Ta Snedecor, Carol Higgins. MIDD ROW: Duane Woodard, K Johnson, Kevin Stavinoha, Andr. Gutierrez, Will Reid, Mich Tolbert, Skee-Gee Dietz, Br Lowery, Cynthia Spiller. BA ROW: John Dobias, Brad Johns Jay Pyssen, Jeff Stavinoha, La Borders, Dale Brown, Alan Cross Trent Sedberry, Jackie Sheri Brown, Connie Mack. PICTURED: Coach Lester sponsor. LEFT: FCA members are FROA .' , 4 1 . 4 l 4 BOTTOM LEFT: FCA officers include Andrew vice-president: Will Reid, Kevin Stavinoha, PICTURED: Billie Adams SPEECH fir LEFT: Sophomore Julie Sharp displays the fourth place trophy she won her performance in the Katy Speech Tournament. RIGHT: Recipients of awards for outstanding Speech Club participation Christy Gay, Ann Bryson, Christi Jammer, Preston Wiginton, Julie Sharp. OVE: Speech Club members are FRONT ROW: Karla Heyn, Jan Bryson, isti Jammer, Donna Grantham, Julie Sharp. MIDDLE ROW: Ellen Swan, hy Lavallias, Tammy Wyatt, Christy Gay, Ann Bryson, Preston inton. BACK ROW: Thurman McLaren, Matt Lowery, Mollie Hinkle, Mary , Chris Ottis, Nancy McNeil, Brad Burt. New Club Focuses On Speaking Skills, Competition mf ABOVE: Speech Club officers are Jan Bryson, president, Karla Heyn, Christi Jammer, Donna Grantham, Julie Sharp. 149 i N if 150 Future Homemakers Promote Community, Family Goodwill Xa... Jifp Q- 't X TOP LEFT: Junior FHA member Amy Blatner delivers a Christmas stocking to a senior citizen at Sweeny TOP RIGHT: FHA group members are FRONT ROW: Betty Bivens, Kathy Hall, Benita Mitchum, Eunice Laquita Hutto, Ursula Baugh. BACK ROW: Twyla Mack, Connie Fields, Kathy Maxey, Christi Jammer ABOVE LEFT: Twyla Mack, Ursula Baugh and Christi Jammer participate in an FHA activity. ABOVE RIGHT: Honoring parents and other special guests, FHA members prepared a dinner as one of their gro activities. FTB Y Q7 ' . VE LEFT: Junior Preston Wiginton, after a valiant campaign, was FTA district parliamentarian for the 1982-83 term. Competing in a writing contest at the district convention, junior Karah Powell won place with her essay based on the FTA theme, "Tomorrow depends On Nine local FTA members attended the Nov. 21 convention atAldine School. ABOVE: Junior Darla Smith leads a group study at the intermediate during an invasion by Future Teachers. Future Teachers Find Promising Careers in Education LEFT: FTA officers include David LaCombe, vice-president: Preston Wiginton, parliamentarian: Michel- le Murphy, president: Mollie Hinkle, treasurer: and Cindy Polak, secretary. BELOW RIGHT: A major activity of the group is to experience teaching first-hand. Sophomore Billy Jacobs helps a student at the Intermediate School as part of his teaching assignment. i f' 'TJ f 151 l f RIGHT: Director Mr. Bill Bender introduces choir selections during a spring performance. Much of the choir's success can be attributed to the instruction of Mr. Bender and his wife, accompanist Martha Jim Bender. MIDDLE RIGHT: In Region Choir tryouts in November, Chris Ottis, James Florence and Keith Denson were chosen as Area qualifiers. , FAR RIGHT: Choir Council and Officers are FRONT ROW: Chris Ottis, vice- president: Michelle Murphy, secretary-treasurer: Laquita Hutto, president, Outstanding Choir Member. BACK ROW: John Watkins, :sophomore representative: Sherry Losack, freshman rep.: Becki DeMalade, sophomore rep.: Karla Heyn, sophomore rep.: Stephen Shearer, freshman rep. BELOW LEFT: Laquita Hutto, Marla Barton, Michelle Murphy, Pam Foster, Tami Snedecor, Chris Ottis, John Watkins, John Rayburn ,and James McReynoIds perform ensemble music during the May graduation ceremonies. MIDDLE BELOW: First division soloists are FRONT ROW: Mollie Hinkle, Michelle Murphy, Ellen Swan. MIDDLE ROW: Tami Snedecor, Karla Heyn. BACK ROW: John Watkins, James McReynolds, Becki DeMalade. BOTTOM RIGHT: Choir members. FRONT ROW: Pam Foster, Phoebe Crouch, Darlene Jones, Patti Joice, Jeannine Pipes, Marla Barton, Kim Decou, Kathy Hunt, Mr. Bill Bender, director. SECOND ROW: LaquitaiHutto, Ellen Swan, Michelle Murphy, Mollie Hinkle, Tami Snedecor, Sherri Doolen, Trish Heard, Nancy McNeil. THIRD ROW: Robert Hunt, Alan McCullough, James McReynolds, John Rayburn, Staci Staedtler, Sherry Losack, Robyn Frankum, Jan Sewell, Karla Heyn. BACK ROW: Troy Weatherford, David LaCombe, John Watkins, Keith Denson, Slevin Richards, Chris Ottis, Stephen Shearer, Becki DeMalade, April Wright. is ca ! .Ffa if bi - KI .yy WJ 1. ' L I M... 152 1 f NN ,FMS -.X I if ,111----3-7. ,I be 5? .1 ,. , . , faqmpfs :Numa ' '46, X nfqf J' nf, i ff x en!" 'IV .fi 3 .,, ' A f' 1: I, ' ,WH-ff Lff " QMW6 3, 4 ' i,,,,w-3'i,5-21? 'nz' f ,4 f , fm' S an , f. ,. ,..,.. - I vs ' in I L Wnouvwd ' E Wx 'I gs 3 f g l t W '26 X 3 x if X 6 1 A 1 95+ Q, Wi' 33? I cf Q K X 'S X . Oy 's 5 . f 1 x vu wx 4 S39 Y ,ff , ir SYQI fx !,i ' ix I 4 un-U L ' -I ' x uture , Farmers , Chapter Teams Win Sweepstakes, State Honors The Sweeny Chapter Future Farmers of America is one of the stronger clubs at SHS. As an intra- curricular part of the vocational program, the FFA serves as an outlet for skills and abilities learned in class or in project programs. Under the direction of chapter advisors, Joe Dettling and Sam Thomas, the chapter completed its twelfth year of building citizenship, cooperation, and leadership. ln 1982, leadership event participants captured some top places in FFA competition. Chapter members won a sweepstakes banner with six of seven teams claiming awards. Four advanced to district while the senior farm skills team earned a state third place. At the Brazoria County Fair, local FFA members won first place with their agriculture exhibit and Best Fair Theme float entry. Community service activities included work with Pride Day, the Primary School Barnyard Tour, high school Farm Day Assembly, and a variety of educational opportunities for adults inthe community. Members of the chapter also participated in district, area, and state activities and conventions. Six members qualified for their Lone Star Farmer degree, the largest group to receive this award in a single year. Attaining the Lone Star Farmer degree were Charlie Berry, Tom Harrington, Les Kluttz, Nanette Richers, Grace Upham, and Kelly Woodruff. Chapter fund raising projects provided money for activities like the fall barbecue, fruit sale, and sausage sales. 154 The Spring Awards Banquet featured former Sweeny FFA advisor, Dr. Thomas Randle as guest speaker. ABOVE RIGHT: Sophomore Melissa Zwahr, chapter sweetheart, represented Sweeny at the district sweetheart banquet, Pride Day activities, and most chapter functions. Amy Wisdom, green- hand sweetheart, represented the younger chapter at the Pride Day events. RIGHT: The Sweeny FFA float won the Best Fair Theme at the 1981 Brazoria County Fair. Riding on the float are FFA sweethearts, Melissa Zwahr and Amy Wisdom. The FFA educational exhibit also won a Grand Champion Rosette in the agriculture display area. LEFT: Sophomores John Barber, David Potter and Thomas McReynolds, members of the Senior Farm Skills Team, were the first Sweeny FFA members to compete at the state level leadership competition at Sam Houston State University. The team placed first at district, first at area and third at state. LEFT: Sam Thomas, chapter advisor, accompanied Freshmen Billy Campbell and Johnny Scott to the Houston Livestock Show for competition in the calf scramble. Both boys caught a calf and qualified for a 3400.00 certificate to purchase a show heifer. Johnny purchased a Brangus heifer and Billy purchased a Brown Swiss heifer to be shown at the 1983 Houston Livestock Show. SECOND LEFT: Sweeny FFA leadership teams scored high enough in overall competition to bring home the chapter's first Sweepstakes Banner. Winning teams were Senior Chapter Conducting, first place: Junior Chapter Conducting, second place: Senior Farm Skills, first place: Junior Farms Skills, third place: Radio Team, first place: Extempor- aneous Speaking, third place: and Quiz Team, tenth place. LEFT: Sweeny FFA Chapter and officers include ffront rowj Stuart Butler, sentinel: Les Klutz, junior advisor: Charlie Berry, vice- president: Tim Robertson, president: Grace Upham, secretary and district secretary: Tom Harrington, treasurer: Christy Gay, reporter. fsecond rowj Mike Anderson, Thomas McReynolds, Roy Blackstock, Jay Pyssen, Nanette Richers, Sam Burt, Randy Harding, Slavin Richards, Matt Kubena, Jon Wilhelm, Shawn Hubenak, and Johnny Scott. iback rowj Brian Finley, Tommy Smith, Valerie Orchard, Tina St. John, Becky Thomas, Billy Campbell, Colin Robertson, Stacey Baker, Kyle Krebs, Phoebe Crouch, Carl Berry, and Tammy Burt. 156 RIGHT: Mr. Ben Boler, Mrs. Agnes Denson and Miss Lillian Jones help fudge the FFA Farm Day hog calling contest. BELOW: Wanda Truitt, Brian Keith and Valerie Orchard guide Primary School students on a tour of farm animals during the Food for America Children's Barnyard Tour, an annual event that gives youngsters a better understanding of farm life. as ' x UW YB Farmers FFA Service Builds Chapter Support TOP LEFT: Preparing for the faculty breakfast, juniors Kelly Woodruff and Jimmy Jochum join other chapter members in showing their appreciation for the continuing support of teachers and administrators. LEFT: Mr. Herbert Hinkle of Hinkle Mill 8. Supply and Chapter Advisor Sam Thomas receive the Honorary Chapter Farmer Degree for their service and dedication to FFA programs. BELOW LEFT: Chapter President Tim Robertson presents the Farm Day trophy to senior class representative Lisa Boazman. Seniors won in a variety of events against underclassmen and were named the victors during the National FFA Week activity. BELOW RIGHT: Dr. Thomas Randle, dean ofsophomores at Woodlands High School, delivered the keynote address at the 12th annual spring awards banquet April 30. A Sweeny FFA advisor from 1975 to 1979, Dr. Randle now resides in Spring. v. ,,. 353. if ' Q o fm 157 158 A Willingness to Work Puts Distributive Education Students Ahead , 1 "' 1, .. 3 Y wx A "5 'll' We v . as L. 9 ,xxx x t ij E it rm J .4 , A1 Q ABOVE LEFT: Mrs. Clara Maples, an apparel and accessories judge in the February mini-contest hosted by Sweeny DECA club, discusses an entry by senior Lisa Meadows. ABOVE RIGHT: DECA members are FRONT ROW: Larry Dunn, Julie Jenkins, Lisa Simmons, Jackie Glidden, Mary Minshew, Lisa Meadows, Lisa Amey. MIDDLE ROW: Scott Crosson, Hunter Williams, Kim West Ronda Briggs, Rene Phillips, Shelly Reeves, Karen Sewell, Wayne Burnett, Traci Northcutt. BACK ROW: Tommy Smith, Mark Brown, Leanna Denson, Thieme Crist, Mark Smith, Leslie Franklin, Mark Harlen, Tommy Linnett. Club sponsor lnot picturedj Mrs. Dianne Vermillion. ABOVE RIGHT: Junior Thieme Crist arranges stock displays at his Distributive Education training station, Stewart's Grocery. RIGHT: Checking the mount on a wheel balancing machine, senior Larry Dunn performs many automotive services at his White's Auto job. ICT LEFT: ICT participants are ROW: Linda Barnes, Jean Darlene Wyatt, Vangie ierrez, Kellee Greer. BACK : Rick Reynolds, Tracie Jones, tha Sanchez, Hasley Baines, es Spriggs, Cindy French, rlie Speck, Walter Whatley, Billy el, J.D. Newman, Chuck Baty, e Rayburn, Billy Campbell. RIGHT: ICT officers John Tipp, Darlene Wyatt and Kellee Greer coordinate the "Buy a Brick" community library fund raising campaign. ABOVE LEFT: Senior Cindy French works under supervisor Ray Gallahue at Brazoria Electronics. Forty-five percent of the ICT students continue working after graduation reports coordinator, Mr. Industrial Cooperative Training Pays Off Bill Christian. MIDDLE ABOVE: Senior Tracy Jones works under maintenance director Mr. David Carr of the Sweeny ISD. ABOVE RIGHT: Senior Lance Rayburn hydraulically bends pipe under the supervision of his boss, Kenneth Sexton of Sexton Mufflers. ff 'Q A ft 159 Office Education Association Boosts Professional Skills D E A RIGHT: Senior Laura Johnson, a vocational office education student at the Philips Petroleum Company, uses her bookkeeping, accounting and specialized secretarial skills in her office assignment. BELOW LEFT: OEA secretary DeAnna Lamb lleftl is recognized by club sponsor, Mrs. Betty Jo Spencer during the annual banquet. An employee of local attorney John Goodwin, DeAnna earned a fourth place merit award for her speech on legal secretaries before Region III judges at Barbara Jordan High School in February. BELOW RIGHT: VOE work supervisors from Phillips Petroleum Company are given certificates of appreciation by student associates. Pictured are Liza Ruiz, Laura Johnson, Mr. Alvin Bannert, maintenance plant supervisor: Mr. A.B. Cahoon, materials procurement and warehouse superintendent: Jackie Higgins, Mrs. Evelyn Gibson, benefits clerk: Mrs. Ruth Kerns, administrative secretary: Mrs. Frances Reddoch, industrial nurse: and Mary Thompson. L l I 160 .,f' RIGHT: Office Educaton Associa- tion members are FRONT ROW: Carol Higgins, Jackie Higgins, Louise Brooks, Zoraida Juarez, Laura Johnson, DeAnna Lamb, Kitty Tolbert, Mrs. Betty Jo Spencer, sponsor. BACK ROW: 7 . H Sandra Pimlott, Kelly Sewell, Sharla Wisdom, Karen Truitt, Mary Thompson, Gaye Barker, Terri Rayburn, Robin Stasey, Toni Oaks, Sharon Slay, Liza Ruiz. Vocational In dustrral Clubs U I C A Offer Career Practice LEFT: As part of her professional association in the cosmetology Vocational Industrial Club, Connie Davis practices her beauty culture skills on classmate, Rene Frankum. BELOW: Winners in state VICA contests at San Antonio include sponsor, Mrs. Nell Copeland, Donna Grantham, Kathy Maxey, Michelle Hataway, Patricia Mack, Paula Phillips. District winners include Connie Davis, Lisa Smith and Rene Frankum. VICA training also helped senior Michelle Hataway become a licensed cosmetologist after passing the state exam in June. tif LEFT: VICA cosmetology club members are FRONT ROW: Linda Williams, Donna Grantham, Crystal Jones. MIDDLE ROW: Bessie Johnican, Karen Richards, Connie Davis, Gina Edwards. BACK ROW: Mrs. Nell Copeland: sponsor: Cynthia Bivens, Sabrina Freeman, Paula Phillips, Connie Chamblee, Lisa Smith. 6 Q 162 Cultures Mix in Language Club RIGHT: Students with a mutual interest in foreign language study formed the membership of the Spanish Club, sponsored by Mr. Walter Thomasson. Members include FRONT ROW: Sherry Forney, Christi Jammer, Diane Marks, Darla Smith, Delores Reyes, Cynthia Alamia, Cindy Solis, Anita Zarate. BACK ROW: Carol Free, Beverly Mack, Rafael Juarez, Cheryl Baugh, Daphne Williams, Michael Houston, John Mack, Donna Jacobs, Martha Romero, Adrian Romero, Lupe Ramirez. BELOW: Spanish instructor Mr. Walter Thomasson monitors students during a listening- speaking drill in the language lab. v,' r 1 Spanish F Club l 1 all QCD ABOVE: Enjoying a club dinner outing to the Monterey House, Cynthia Alamia, Carol Free, and Diane Marks encourage the attention. The combihation of different' cultural backgrounds among members created a rich learning experience for the club participants Group Provides Outlet for Special Artlnt eres rs SJ . J an 1 VE: Showing samples of art work, Leia Baldwin of the Art Institute presents a program on art careers to Art members. LEFT: Mr. Ed Rosser lmiddlej, treasurer for the new Sweeny Library fund accepts a S150 donation by the SHS Art Guild. Presenting the check are club sponsor, Mr. Robbie Bland and former Art Guild President, senior Jan Bryson. Guild members raised the money from proceeds collected during last fall's "Family Feud" show. With the Art Guild's and other school club and civic donations, the library fund reached its goal of nearly S150 thousand. Construction began in late spring. BELOW: Art Guild officers are Mike Thompson, Mr. Robbie Bland, sponsor: Christi Jammer and Kirk Johnson, president. GUNS'-fd mat' 1 163 Industrial Arts Projects Place 764 at State , on I iw .ah N Q TOP LEFT: Allen Sanders, Mr. Gene Meador and IA sponsor, Mr. Jim Patton sample barbecue served to faculty members at the May 28 event. ABOVE: Ricky Burge, Mike Shulke, and Charlie Berry initiate Mr. Ira Rose at poolside during the state contests at Waco in May. TOP RIGHT: Industrial Arts Club members are FRONT ROW: Steph- en Hagens, Stuart Butler, Brian Jammer, Michele Walden, Jeff Ostendorf, Ricky Burge, Miron Bertsch, Terry Bevell. MIDDLE ROW: Dick Williams, Gary Reans, James Potter, Jerica Richardson, Ellen Swan, Shari Heard, Jan Howard, Jan Sewell, Brenda Groth, Darlene Wyatt, Altha Sikes. BACK ROW: Michael Burge, Kevin LaBeth, Beniy Surber, Allen Sanders, Jesse Knight, Matt Kubena, Bryan Lowery, Les Kluttz, Allison Ellis, Jon Harrison, Tom Shomette, Trent Sedberry, Andy Reynolds, Tracey Davenport. I 1 1 I6 BOTTOM RIGHT: State qualifiers in various wood,, metal and photography projects are FRONT ROW: Trent Sedberry, Andy Reynolds. MIDDLE ROW: Tracey Davenport, Jerica Richardson, Ellen I Swan, Stephen Hagens, Mic Burge, BACK ROW: James B Allen Sanders, Ricky Burge, Smith, Richie Gary, Charlie B Theron Richers, Tom Shomette, Kluttz. 4 - 5 ' ' Coordinated Vocational- A cademic ' Education Serves Community I I LEFT: CVAE members include FRONT ROW: Larry Jones, Alonzo Baugh, Matthew Bernard, Thomas Forney, Michael Walton, Phillip Wilson. MIDDLE ROW: Randy Argo, Luke Harlen, Mike Harris, Donald Gibson, Ludwell Taylor, Kenneth Bell, Daryl Johnson, Mr. Gene Meador, instructor. BACK ROW.' Mr. Curtis Rickaway, instructor: Pat Mora, Mark Freshour, Joe Truitt, Keith Hightower, James McCormick, Michael Anderson, Terry Gibson. ABOVE: Other CVAE class members are FRONT ROW: Darren Gilliam, Steve Foster, Darrell Hightower, Ray Ryland, Melvin Bell, James Carter, Cody Shaw, Tommy Richards, Brian Tipps, James Vessels. BA CK ROW: Mr. Curtis Rickaway, Mark Price, Benny Spencer, Donald Lemon, Ronald Lemon, Donald Bivens, Roy Chancey, Charles Walton, B.C. Birmingham, David Argo, Rafael Juarez, Clifton Wallace, Benny Fields, Mr. Gene Meador. Girls Serve Team Spirit Football teams don't live on touchdowns alone-- the support of a special group of supporters has helped make the Big Blue an outstanding squad. The Football Maids, a special forces unit dedicated to uplifting the morale of the team, has been working behind-the-scenes since summer to build spirit. Sponsored by Mrs. Linda Dupler, the girls formed a cracker jack fund raising group whose biggest financial goal was to produced the always- successful All-Sports Banquet in the spring. As hostesses to several hundred athletes and special guests, the Maids made being a Bulldog a proud experience. RIGHT: Football Maids include Kelly Woodruff, Kim Gillespie, Michelle Hataway, Zoraida Juarez, Grace Upham, Millie Bivens, Shari Harris, Juli Shinn, April Wright, Connie Mack. The girls are shown during Maids' Night ceremonies in November. 166 ABOVE: Kim Gillespie, Shari Harris and Kelly Woodruff serve up a spaghetti lunch for the boys in blue. Build campus ' . a ids l l ABOVE: Escorted by quarterback Billie Adams and Coach Bob Pyssen, senior Millie Bivens is presented as the boys' choice for Football Sweetheart. l ABOVE: Junior Juli Shinn doe: mind waiting tables for a buncl hungry Bulldogs. 'School News' Becomes Weekly School News LEFT: Junior Stan Silvey, a staff sports and feature writer, watches advisor Mr. Fred Martindale place one of his stories on the news layout form. To produce the weekly newspaper, staff members were subiect to weekly deadlines in every writing department in order to publish the 28 issues for 1981-82. BELOW: Dedicated to keeping peers, parents and patrons informed about school events, Sweeny School News staff members pose on a background shot of the "brains"of the system, the new AM Varityper phototypesetting computer. FRONT ROW:Ann Bryson, newsg Lisa Boazman, news, typesetting, Michelle Murphy, news, editorials, features: Shari Heard, news, editorials, features,- Jan Bryson, news,' Stan Silvey, sports, news, Brad Johnson, sports,' James Florence, news, features, photography: Richie Gary, sports, news. - - fsiw. Voice for District When the board saw a need to better inform students and parents about district activities and to improve morale, trustees sought a better way to present school news. The result is the Sweeny School News, a tabloid size weekly newspaper crammed full of news, features, sports, editorials and photos from each of the district's four campuses. Journalism ll and photo students merged to produce the weekly with the technological help of new typesetting and composing equipment to complement the well- equipped photo lab. Averaging over 20 pictures an issue, the News has virtually eliminated the district's reliance on other area media to carry school events. Supt. Joe Lindsey said the objective of the publication is to project the good, positive things that are happening in extra- curricular as well as academic areas. "Too often only the controversial and negative aspects of schools are pubIicized", he added. He believes the new publication is helping to turn that around. Perhaps the most important aspect of the program is that students are doing a great deal of the weekly paper themselves under the direction of advisors Mr. Fred Martindale and Mr. Bob Swan. "We've committed ourselves to a large and frequent format, but it's already paid off at the state level," said Martindale. Students editing, layout, photography, and other composition skills were highly praised by interscholastic League Press Conference judging in March. The News, in only one year of publication has gained attention statewide as one of the best of its kind. Another great feature of the program is that students are familiarized with deadlines and equipment that usually not experienced until the college level. "With this practical experience," said Martindale, "these kids can move right into journalism or photo careers without additional training." Best of all, district patrons have appreciated the paper's contents and all the feedback has been positive. 167 f The Bigger, Better Book Flipping through this bigger- than-ever yearbook will bring back many vivid recollections of 1982. That makes us happy, because that was our goal. It was a landmark year for the 20- member staff that produced this conglomeration of of pictures, copy, and headlines. This paragraph, the headline above, the pictures to the right and below, and the bordering graphic lines are all a product ofthe staff. All phases of this new book are student-produced with only the printing performed by our publisher, Taylor Publishing Company of Dallas. Often feeling that we had bitten off more than we could chew, the dedicated staff members kept churning out pages late into June in 1982 Bu order to present this unique book based on a TV Guide magazine theme. We hope you've caught all the many little references to the theme, TV: That's Variety. From the cover to the index, this book has been brought to you by the inspiration and perspiration of staff members who just wouldn't settle for anything less than a superior record of the school year. RIGHT: Sports section co-workers senior Connie Cummings andiunior Roy Smith select photos for the track pages. -fl ,.. 'S-s Q- - , 3 'E' me . 'M 5 ,,,, 5 ,- "-.uxu ,, ABOVE: Junior Michelle checks a proof book organization shots. LEFT: Seniors Lisa Boazman Ronda Richmond check past copy on the layout forms. 168 ABOVE: Sporting t-shirts with the "TV: That's Variety" logo, deadline-sick staff members attempt mass suicide by drowning in a local pool. FRONT ROW: Lisa Boazman, theme,' Kelly Flickinger, classes: Cindy French, classes: Charlotte Whitehurst, theme,' Jackie Cole, classes: Shelda Stevenson, theme, academics: Connie Lindsey, sports, academics: Juli Shinn, classes. SECOND ROW: Michelle Murphy, organizations: Connie Cummings, sports: Amy Blatner, classes: Ronda Richmond, theme, events: Sheri Ullrich, academics: Vangie Gutierrez, classes. BACK ROW: Skee-Gee Dietz, sports: Tracie Glick, theme,' Mr. Fred Martindale, advisor: Ann Bryson, academics: Willie Austin, sports. NOT PICTURED: Jan Bryson, Roy Smith. LEFT: Senior Willie Austin designs a track page. BOTTOM LEFT: Junior Shelda Stevenson masks an overlay onto a faculty page. 169 1 A ' 1 NLM? L 1 J i f A Q f as X TOP: Enroute to the state Thespian convention in December, travelers are FRONT ROW: Robyn Frankum, Mrs. Agnes Denson, sponsor, Tracey Davenport, Mary LeBlanc, Julie Sharp. BACK ROW: Katherine Wright, Pam Foster, Donna Grantham, Yvette Goza, Nancy McNeil, BridgettStidham, Lalla Hargett, Brad Burt, Cindy Burkett, Regina Anderson, Troy Weatherford, Mrs. Lou Powell, Mother Superior and bus driver. ABOVE: Thespians Karla Heyn, Brad Burt, Pam Foster, Tami Snedecor and Kimmy Hollomon participate in installation ceremonies for new members during the club banquet. , 0 Productions Put SPIBD 'Rising Stars' .. Center Stage VE: In a scene from the spring of 'Farewell to Galatea', Shomette, Chris Ottis and shanne Heard rehearse a ment of the one-act UlL entry. m Shomette was named "Best tor" for his performance. LEFT: Thespian officers include Karla Heyn, Randy Henderson, Pam Foster, Tami Snedecor, Brad Burt and Ellen Swan. BELOW: Overcome by ghostly spirits, fortune teller Madame Arcati lTami Snedecorj faints as seance participants Mrs. Bradman lKarla Heynj, Charles lBrad Burtj, Edith lYvette Gozaj, Ruth lEllen Swanj and Dr. Bradman lChris Ottisj gasp in astonishment in a publicity scene from 'Blithe Spirit', a comedy in three acts presented in November. TZ J at m .x y 7 UIL University interscholastic League Participation On Upswing While the University interscho- lastic League continues to provide high schools the best measures of scholastic and athletic perfor- mance, SHS participation in UIL events greatly increased in 1982. Literary contests hosted by Wharton County Junior College and Texas A8tl University at Kingsville were well attended by Sweeny students. Coordinated by Mrs. Agnes Denson and sponsored by faculty coaches, the UIL contests featured Sweeny winners at the district, region, and area competitions. 172 i l ABOVE LEFT: Brad Burt and Meadows, district alterna ' d debate, Christy Gay an Bryson, district third place, LEFT: UIL participants rect medals during the May 11 aw. program. TOP: Grace Upham, districtsec place, shorthand. ABOVE: Sheri Brown, district place, regional, area qual typing. i ELOW: Jesse Knight, district ernate, science and math I , P , l N , X 71, ns ,1 ......U . N IA TOP: Mrs. Barbara Murphy, speech events coordinator, presents a district first place medal to junior Preston Wiginton for his performance in persuasive speaking competition at the April 2 district meet at Wharton County Junior College. ABOVE: Performing in the one-act district entry, "Farewell to Galatea", Tom Shomette lleftj was chosen BestActor. Tammy King received the Honorable Mention award for her role. ABOVE RIGHT: Ronda Richmond, district alternate, shorthand. MIDDLE LEFT: Michelle Murphy, district first place, feature writing. BOTTOM LEFT: Liza Ruiz, district first place, region alternate, spelling. 'N 173 LL A WHOLE TOWN TURNS OUT FOR FQIDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL. AN ALL-GIFZL BASKETBALL TEAM GOES FOR THE STATE CHAMPIONSHIP. A SMALL, SOUTHEAST TEXAS SCHOOL SYSTEM GIVES ATHLETIC COMPETITION TO ANYONE WHO WANTS IT. IQQFW ' p Q vo' 'N 'au f X '+R I - ' 'X . , . A , , " 1, I 'Q-if T' A, f - , . R 52421: 1? l - , I '- + I2 I lk 1 .f ' A I , 'I . -5 I ' ' . i ' ' PF 2 ff A . I , Lk ' X fi I 5,5 I g if 1.4 I S ' A -L A f A -f.-.Q-.f':-I-M- , - A Mi, 72183 If 175 UG LUIE FSEVHEWDBD Life Got Toueher, W I7 'Wx 176 . BACKGROUND. S A 1 5 A . S fora score in the Nov. tb, Sharks the home , , -El .,..,,,,I-S of B Lea speared the -'49-0 in the . fi' - l M. B lg, istrict ...fqk e, ' , 1 B " , K V ii 5 72 ALEFT: Bulldog coaching slalf. FRONT now: Melvin fs l ,X i 1414 lllll l3 , 1 M defensive line: Bob Pyssen, head coach, offensive R. V l, ' ' g 1' "l: ' B g K Reid, freshman coach. BACK ROW: Lester Dupler, g Q - 4 4 K B K L l secondary, Roger Kees, athletic trainer, Randy Miksch, Ag, 5 1 4 f E ' fy-l linebackersg Raymond Washington, offensive receiversg J ff' ,,., Zyl Q -g o, if gh h 7 B' , Scarborough, offensive line. W e , s,a,, f'i+i'0iXQi?-?,?S?f?J45s' ' H W "i 94'Y'f'v Got Stroneer t 'X X .J .. .xs.,Js 1 Sometimes the Best Team Comes in Second Life Pgot tougiher for the Bulldogs with Van Vleck, itchcoc , and Sweeny al contending for the District 26-3A title, unlike last year when Van Vleck and Sweeny were the only teams vying for the championship. Because of the tough competition, these teams set high goals and grew stronger throughout the season. During pre-season at the Texas High School Coaches Association, Sweeny was picked first in district followed by Hitchcock and Van Vleck, Head Coach Bob Pyssen wamed, "The top teams are going to be Hitchcock and Van Vleck, look for both of these to be real tough." And tough, they were. Even though Sweeny had to settle for second place in district, their performances on both offense and defense proved their true strength. Only allowing 15 points throughout the entire season, the Mad Dog defense dominated most of the games while the Sweeny offense scored 281 points using plays like 36-socket and 18-option. Looking forward to next year, Coach Pyssen projected that with hard work and dedication the Bulldogs will prevail in 1982. "The tougher the competition gets, the stronger we'll get," he said. ie . if .hQi elf 1 1 14525 1, I . r ,ft fel.. rr' . ' . fx X , K-1 5 k 1 E 'iw' X ,I fffdf, is s W I ,X , X v, Pat Mora Reid. ROW: Thomas . , ..MA, ...Q g, iSaiak3r,,,V1Monty"i:BfZifVdQ Kevin Stavinoha, Mike A A George 1 DieIz.'i'BACK ROW: ' Kirk Johnson, Mark , Mclntyre, Mike Tolbert, Charlie Speck, Anthony Anderson, Evertt Thompson, James Spriggs, Michael Coleman, Michael Wright, David Schuerg, John Dobias, Brad Burt, Billie Adams. 177 UG LUE IEREVUEWD Hitchcock TOU2hBSf U8 31-ff 178 ABOVE: Defensive coach, Randy Miksch signals a play to his G.A.T.A. Mad Dog defense onfield. Under Miksch's direction, Sweeny's delense allowed no score in seven of ten games. RIGHT: Leaving a pair of Palacios Sharks dumbfounded, senior defensive end, Skee-Gee Dietz, stretches skyward to block a errant pass. leck LUCHBST 1 K 4 I A at i -If I --'A'k ' m y 4 I I .V A. , L Q EAI. P I ,-1-1 -QA2 f 1' f . A-'tif 'Wx A -'X Q V VB ' ' . , mmf ' ,ff , ww.. , ...uw-... . .V , . A. l- H 5:2 ,... l. 'lj it fi V X SQC ' ,Val g Q-.4 .,' --53 , ff. I 1f f1:1k 1n.., F' , R, uv - NW.. , ff. 179 180 UG LUE E3lEVllIEW,,,,,. Ei2hl I q. whrc Swnny 20, Wharton 0 Sweeny's "Mad Dog Defense" held Wharton Tigers in check while the Bull offense scored points on the ground in a 2 shutout on Sweeny's home turf. The Bulldog attack was paced by rushing of tailback Melvin Spiller. the gam leading ground gainer with 158 yards on carries. Senior tackle George Dietz put Bulldogs in good field position early recovering a Wharton fumble. The Bulldog offense dominated the th quarter gaining yards up the middle and option pitchouts to Spiller. With just overf minutes to play, Coleman ran a one-y touchdown leaving the score 20-0. Swnny 42, Needville 0 In an outstanding meshing of offense defense, the Sweeny Bulldogs continued t opponent-blanking streak by piling up a 4 pummelling of the Needville Bluejays. The Bulldogs closed out its first qua scoring at 21-0 and kept the scoring down rest of the game, snatching one TD in eac the final three quarters. With 8:59 left in the game, the Bulldogs seven plays for 51 yards and their final ga points.Spiller led all mshers with 120 ya 101 of them coming in the first half. Se Mike Sanchez took over the second- running chores finishing the game with 1 yards. . Swuny 49, Plllclas 0 After the first three Sweeny offen possessions resulted in a 21-0 first qua lead against Palacios, there was not m doubt who would win the game. Eventually, the Bulldogs scored four times to crush the Shanks 49-0, but at point everyone was uneasy as Palacios moving the ball toward the goal. Palacios drove 77 yards to the Sweeny and wtih four shots to get into the end zon looked as though the mighty Bulldog defe could be scored on for the first time season. The defense came through and stop Palacios, "They sure got close - I was a li scared there for a while," said Head Coach Pyssen. "Palacios has scored on every t in district. We did an awful good job stopping them." Swuny 59, Bullng 0 The Sweeny Bulldogs rebounded from previous week's heartbreaking loss to Vleck by beating the Boling Bulldogs ot Enoueh Victory Eludos Bulldogs Only Twice in Ten Games, But Eight Wins Aren't Enough to Clinch the Playoffs Sweeny's defense department kept its oreless string alive as they held Boling to inus nine total yards on offense. Both the defense and the offense anhandled the entire Boling team and the Ildog line was dominant on both sides of the ball. With the exception of one lost fumble, the Sweeny offense scored on every possession. At the helm, Adams, Coleman, and Reid combined to complete fourpasses for 112 yards and no interceptions. Z' 9 8 Www ri nu! f , 4, .L 'sr -li' Z fGKfjtgfQ.4HJf: fi luilv' 3,'fwQW1 IUU, iw? np+Q,'vsT 5kQ,g -H,- :i, Fwww la ',.,-. , sg - 4 1 : .V 1 ' ' Sl 1 1 'L' DA Si r "if tif we HVQQA A 55.-' :, o ,.Hn' :A if : nf 9 i ff te a A 452222315153 r V 3 4535 '- i i Mfmhxl . Ex ' M, I -spit s,.s, Nts, , Q7 rms. -,-,my -.LA 5 if, y Furl , -11, .,,., ,,,1.-i ii , ..,.n...Lfi'iE?1zfi?11',fN- --.. . V l 5 - f' t ie' . ,fa 'V ,fa vm -i W " U 4 ' " 'f"' . i5ngTwf,.hwf U vvkmmme A5i r "', , f 1 - - --fTw.i,fff' 'f" 1'ff1.'.jf s+"A" 1 I 5 A I y,,'mM1,,,,.,,' Q 3 y W --.,...,,,... V., 1513- 7 4 fi MIN? ilyt f E'DIETZ , 6 V Ne 5 I 'i '-, Lottie ecohdleam 4 ns " ndf- ,igg .f,. f .r H. we ,v TWV 'G' D . F r :V ,rv eam 4' :pe f:51'e,, "!rf i RWE 'fy r ww-A. e' . ff? rf "-: tl , 'a e ei: e io ' tm warn , i .ef+"'A .fs m y Bggk 181 Gimme ABOVE: Sweeny Bulldogs show their spirit belore the match on Sept. 11 when Sweeny won the 'Battle of the Brazos' 14-0 against West Columbia. 1 RIGHT: After winning the midfield toss, Senior team captains Gilbert Salazar and Melvin Spiller retum to the locker room to tell the good news. 1 i 4 1 Break li We Had the Talent. We Had Q, the Skill. We Had What It Takes. But, Where Was the Big Break When We Needed It Most? Throughout the season, the Bulldogs hibited talent, skill, and whatever it would ve taken to become champs, but when Van eck's Leopards were on the line, the Big eak wasn't on our side. On Oct. 23, the Bulldogs dominated Van eck in nearly every conceivable way, except the final scoreboard. Bad breaks and poor ming were the enemies that ht. "Everything that could have went ong did go wrong", said Sweeny defensive ordinator Randy Miksch. "We dominated football game, but Van Vleck got every ak " that game with Coach Pyssen out sick," recalled senior Kevin Stavinoha. After a few days of rest and good test results, Coach Pyssen retumed to help the boys recover from their 7-6 loss, but the season ran out and so did hopes for the playoffs. While so many negatives seemed to accumulate against the team at season's close, the general attitude became one of "Hey, gimme a break!" But with all blessings counted and a really miraculous season recalled, all the bad things faded into the Head Coach, Bob Pyssen, suffering from pains, was hospitalized earlier that Unsure of his recovery by game Sweeny's players entered the game with on their minds other than football. "lt was hard to concentrate on the importance of background. The achievements of the team and individual players were the main points to remember. After all, when the smoke clears and you look back over it all, it's the moments of unity, pride, friendship, and teamwork you remember most. we fw- ala A ZF TOP RIGHT: Sweeny Varsity Managers. A- aron Williams, Darrell Austin, and Larry Walcott. ABUVE RIGHT: Enjoying their status as celebrities, senior Bulldogs Gilbert Salagar and Bryan Lowery lead fellow teammates into the gym for an aftemoon pep rally. 183 .rjg UG ILUE IPBEVHEWM Thursda 'ia beige! 4 tv 1 tl I f . f -gi 7 f ',nvv gf .Surf 'Sal K YAXQ I 184 RIGHT: Junior I varsity ouarterback, Troy Mack calls hrs signals as fe low teammates get ready to attack the opponent. r We ieht Special 1. 0:3 '49 W -A 'RA a -K Q in ,Vg ,k . . E . x 'N.'-'44 0VE. Junior Varsity Football FRONT ROW: Kenneth Jones, Troy Leslie Hayes, Andrew Guiterrez, Trent Dale Brown. SECUND ROW: Alan Lupe Ramirez, Gary Reans, Tracey mak. BACK ROW: Jeff Stavinoha, ston Webb, Kevin Bell, Keith Denson, Kary den, Kevin Smith, and Larry Borders. an 'iii RIGHT: Junior varsity football coach, Melvin Loesch, concentrates on a strategy to overcome the opponent. With a 9 1 Record Thursday Nights Were Made for J Vs With the only setback being a 6-0 loss to Brazoswood, the junior varsity football team ended their season with a 9-1 record. The team displayed a fine defensive showing with five shutouts and the offense also showed the ability to control the game with individual efforts of running backs Brad Green and Alonzo Baugh. "0uite surprising," said Coach John Scarborough as he reflected on the past season and defensive coordinator Randy Miksch stated, "they came a long way and inproved greatly as the year "ent on to become district champs." Fo the J.V. Bulldogs: Thursdays weren't like just any other day. They were special. 185 UG LUE FREVUEWDDB Movin On UP 1 0-0 Record Foreshadows Super Varsity Team While the typical freshman cowered under the ridicule of the upperclassmen, the freshman football team towered over the upperclassmen with a 10-0 record that demanded the respect of all. They proved their strength, courage, and skill with outstanding individual and team performances. We could begin to see the foreshadowing of a super talented varsity squad in the making. With freshman quarterback, Jay Pyssen, atlthe helm and a host of outstanding players like Phillip Simmons, Gary Woodard, and Arthur Gaines, the combinaton was a constant threat to every opponent on the schedule. A varsity team with slmilarj talent and a 10- 0 record would have hailed the attention of the whole state, its sportswriters, and college ABOVE: Freshman football team players. FRONT ROW: Matthew Lowery, Roy Blackstock, K. L. Borders, Steve Foster, Vince Kem, Troy Bass, Mike Anderson, and Tommy Finley. SECOND ROW: Thurman McClaren, Kent Baugh, James McReynolds, Gary Woodard, Marcus Ramirez, John Rayburn, Arthur Gaines, and Charles Walton. BACK ROW: James Vessels, Donald Lemon, Robin Evans, Phillip Simmons, Kerry Davis, Johnny Scott, Tracey Simien, Jay Pyssen, and Bill Painter. RIGHT: Freshman quarterback Jay Pyssen steps back to attempt a pass to a fellow Bulldog. FAR RIGHT: Freshman football coach, Doug Reid, keeps a close watch on his district championship team. The freshman Bulldogs finished the season with an outstanding 10-0 record. J UG LUIS IPREVHEWW. Road Runners I fe a:"5- , R 'Cl' W I, ii 5'VEE li ki 5 .' Q tax' , f t N ' .V EE r-t.NX'C.lQfg1' x . N, A , J .4 4 5' ., H Wilt? ....--9" l Cross Country Striders Take District First Place 2' Running away with ribbons, medals, and trophies, the Bulldog Cross Country team made it all the way to the state meet. The team placed first in district and second in region as they upheld the high standards of Sweeny athletes. LEFT: Sophomores Robert Goodrum ileftj and James Martinez open up in the final stretch as running contestants in the Brazoria County Fair parade 0ct. 5. Robert won the two-mile parade run and went on to place first in district, third in region, and forty-ninth in statewide competition. BELOW: Varsity Cross Country nmners are Vladimir Goodrum, James Martinez, Mike Bariield, Doug Martinez, Andrew Gutierrez, Robert Goodnrm, Randy Oaks, and Brian Jammer. Team coach is Mr. Doug Reid. ref .ig W 187 88 BHG ILUE REVIEW x J Varsity Network Signs Off ith a 5-5 Split District Record i . ' The varsity volleyball team ended their season with a distnc record of 5 wins and 5 losses. Their first round record was 3-2 and their second round was 2-3. Outstanding players for the varisty girls were sophomore Shari Harris, junior Dee Dee Dowdell, and senior Joan Dobias who, among others, made up the network of the team. FAR LEFT: Sophomore Shari Harris demonstrates network as she rises to block a spike. LEFT: Varsity volleyball players. FRONT ROW: Setter Cindy Polak, spiker Karah Powell, spiker Shari Harris, spiker Sherry Doolen. BACK ROW: Back-setter Dolores Reyes, spiker Dee Dee Dowdell, spiker Joan Dobias, setter Terri Raybum, spiker Laura Hollis, and setter Cynthia Alamia. BOTTOM LEFT: Senior Joan Dobias tips the ball over the net during the Brazosport game in which they lost 13-15 and 5-15. BELUW: Sophomore Shari Harris, junior Dee Dee Dowdell, and senior Joan Dobias were all three chosen as All-District players. . , , , . , 1 ', X f' f i 1 N15 I : 'X . is N F . nm 5 N 'H as ,. a f V, Q 5. K Q 'X 044 ef . .A wf A V' ,A i VV .. MMV, I .. .- is an ,-". 1 F f' Q K W I 1 3 -.. ,fx V 5 ?.a k,..:: Y 4,.. . I. LLM I 189 190 l UG LUIE IREVUEW FJU Network Freshman, Junior Varsity Volleyball Teams Battle Network Ratings in Tough Season Play Managing only 12 wins among 34 los the freshman and junior varsity volle teams experienced well played, but t seasons as they battled behind a net of competition. During the Sweeny Toumament, the iu varsity defeated Bellville 15-7, 15-13, they lost to EI Campo 9-15, 2-15 and to City 15-13, 17-15. The freshman t defeated Brazosport 15-8, 15-13, but lost to Brazoswood 5-15, 8-15, and Needville 4-15, 3-15. LEFT: Junior varsity volleyball pl include Bridget Shaughnessy, Tami Sned Darlene Matthews, Vicky Gutierrez, Sharp, Vangie Gutienez, Christine Eggle Lisa Yendry, Valerie Campbell, Lisa Lin Melissa Zwahr, and manager Bridget Sti BOTTOM LEFT: Freshman volle players. FRONT ROW: Penny Jones, Weeks, Sandy Hopper, and DeLeon. BACK ROW: Manager Zarate, Julie Dowdell, Natalie Polak, May, Denise Marcum, Renee Bourdwell manageer Cindy Solis. BELOW: Coach Cherry Schumaker. Soorts Score Update I FRESHMANIJUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL Sweeny 0, Bellville 6 Sweeny 6, West Columbia 0 Sweeny 18, Sweeny 31 Sweeny 21 Sweeny 20: Sweeny 20, Sweeny 32 Sweeny 21 Sweeny 26 Mt. Camel 0 Edna 15 Wharton 9 Needville 0 Van Vleck 0 Boling 6 Palacios 16 Hitchcock 12 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Sweeny 28, Sweeny 22, Sweeny 35, Sweeny 26. Sweeny 20, Sweeny 14 Sweeny 19 Sweeny 24 Bellville 0 West Columbia 6 Mt. Camel 0 Edna 6 Wharton O Needville 6 Van Vleck 0 Rice Consolidated 12 JUNIOR VARSTIY VOLLEYBALL SWEENY VS OPPONENT Brazosport 7-15, 2-15 Terry 10-15, 15-10, 8-13 Wharton 5-15, 14-16 Industrial 9-15, 15-5, 15-3 Taylor 4-15, 12-15 Tidehaven 15-7, 15-5 Angleton 15-11, 13-15, 15-9 SWEENY TOURNAMENT FRESHMANIJUNIOR VARSITY VOLLEYBALL FRESHMAN VOLLEYBALL SWEENY VS OPPONENT Brazosport 15-6, 14-16, 9-15 Terry 5-15, 4-15 Wharton 11-15, 7-15 Industrial 4-15, 15-17 Taylor 7-15, 15-9, 9-15 Tidehaven 15-5, 15-6 Angleton 16-14, 2-15, 3-15 SWEENY TOURNAMENT Sweeny 22: Terry 16 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL SWEENY VS OPPONENT Brazosport 13-15, 5-15 Terry 15-4, 8-15, 15-17 LA PORTE TOURNAMENT Spring Branch 3-15,15-13,12-15 Liberty 8-15, 5-15 Wharton 1-15, 5-15 Industrial 15-2, 18-16 Taylor 2-15, 14-16 WHARTON TOURNAMENT El Campo 3-15, 9-15 Palacios 9-15, 15-10, 9-15 Tidehaven 15-11, 17-15 Angleton 13-15, 15-7, 15-7 Brazos 4-15, 15-9, 14-16 Brasozwood 1-15, 14-16 Van Vleck 5-15, 10-15 Needville 15-10, 2-15, 5-15 LAMAR TOURNAMENT Dulles 7-15, 3-15 Channelview 10-15, 5-15 Hitchcock 15-5, 15-1 Palacios 15-7, 15-12 Boling 13-15, 15-4, 15-12 Van Vleck 13-15, 15-17 Needville 11-15, 16-14, 4-15 Hitchcock 15-8, 16-18, 15-10 Palacios 15-6, 12-15, 15-5 Boling 12-15, 10-15 El Campo 9-15, 2-15 Bellville 15-7, 15-13 Bay City 15-13, 17-15 Brazos 4-15, 6-15 Brazoswood 7-15, 15-10, 5-15 ALVIN TOURNAMENT Angleton 6-15, 8-15 Texas City 10-15, 4-15 Van Vleck 12-15, 8-15 Needville 5-15, 10-15 Hitchcock 15-4, 8-15, 14-16 Palacios 15-1, 15-4 BRAZOSPORT TOURNAMENT Brazoswood 16-4, 7-15, 9-15 Friendswood 10-15, 15-10, 10-15 Boling 14-16, 15-10, 15-2 Van Vleck 15-13, 9-15, 14-16 Needville 15-5, 11-15, 1-15 Hitchcock 15-6, 7-15, 15-3 Palacios 13-15, 16-14, 15-9 Boling 10-15, 15-12, 13-15 Brazoswood 5-15, 8-15 Brazosport 15-8, 15-13 Needville 4-15, 3-15 Brazos 6-15, 1-15 Brazoswood 13-15, 15-12, 8-15 Van Vleck 7-15, 6-15 Needville 15-13, 1-15, 2-15 Palacios 7-15, 9-15 Van Vleck 7-15, 11-15 WILLOWRIDGE TOURNAMENT Willowridge 15-6, 13-15, 1-15 Brazosport 15-2, 17-15 Wharton 6-15, 1-15 Needville 11-15, 11-15 Palacios 10-15, 15-4, 7-15 JUNIOR VARSITY GIRLS FRESHMANIJUNIOR VARSITY GIRLS BASKETBALL FRESHMAN GIRLS BASKETBALL FRESHMANXJUNIOR VARSITY BOYS BASKETBALL JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL FRESHMAN BOYS BASKETBALL BASKETBALL S weeny 37, Pearland 50 Sween . - y 34, Rice 58 Sweeny 39, Rice 24 gggggv Eeadand 41 Sw--nv 37' Gregory Pomand 28 Sweeny 24, West Columbia 34 Sweeny 33 West Columbia 10 y . regory Portland 34 Sweeny 34, Calhoun 39 Sweeny 47 Bay city 84 Sweeny 60 Bay City 56 SI Campo 48 Sw-nv 30' V'c'0"a 49 Sweeny 34, west Columbia 41 Sweeny 43 woot Columbia 18 y ' 'mm 41 Sweeny 32' Bmoswood 20 Sween 34 Brazos rt 30 Sween 54 Brazosport 53 Sweeny 49, Brazoswood 42 Sweeny 36, Calhoun 48 Sweeny 42' whanoeio 56 Sweeny 37 Bmoswood 27 gy Fa" 54 Sweeny 31- Cv Fa" 43 . swooiiy 45, west Columbia 46 Sweeny 41 Lamar 32 y , alhoun 25 Sweeny 52, West Columbia 31 Sween 55 Seal 32 Sween 43 AMI, 37 Sweeny 43, Calhoun 32 Sweeny 35, Calhoun 25 swam: 46' Bay ,sity 82 Sweeny 34 Stanford 32 gxzggy jg' gfma? 41, grassy 3:g'g':Zn3484 Sweeny 51 Sam Houston 78 Sweeny 37, Calhoun 26 V ' .V . V V ' Sweeny 76 Memorial Hall 57 swoony 61 Calhoun 28 Sweeny 32, Victona 49 Sweeny 46, Calhoun 28 sween 61 Needvme 25 Sweeny 44 sealy 28 Sweeny 58, Angleton 50 Sweeny 45, Angleton 39 Swami 64 Paiacios 19 Sweeny 60' Bay my 56 Sweeny 28' BB' my 25 Sw-env 35' BaV"'w" 43 Sweeny 65 Hitchcock 67 Sweeny 46 Bay City 41 Sweeny 48, Hitchcock 25 Sweeny 40, Angleton 59 Sweeny 60 Boling 41 Sweeny 49 Needville 42 Sweeny 52' Van VW 38 Sweeny 19' Bay my 2' Sweeny 55 van Vleck 67 Sweeny 49 Hitchcock 62 Sweeny 68, Palacios 32 Sweeny 47, EI Campo 37 S 44 Need .H 39 Sween 62 Van wack 44 Sweeny 0, Needville 0 Sweeny 32, Willowridge 30 sw-nv 56' paIac'fLse40 Sweeny 35' Needvme 28 gvtieentg Hitchcock o Sweeny 66. gweeny 34, van vieck ia 49- Hitchcock 55 Sweeny 37' Needvme 34 omg weeny 33, Needville 8 - . ' . Sweeny 39, Van Vleck 45 Sweeny 52, West Columbia 25 Sweeny 71 Bohng 52 Sweeny 71 Hnchcock 59 Sweeny 40, Needville 14 Sweeny 23, Alief 35 Sweeny 49, Palacios 25 Sweeny 39, Van Vleck 28 Sweeny 0, Boling 0 Sweeny 28, Needville 17 I . 91 The Thrlll 0 Pearland Alvin Brazoswood Cy Fair Calhoun Columbia Dickinson EI Campo Victoria West Sabine Westfield Angleton Clear Lake Brazoswood Angleton Westbury Bay City Hitchcock El Campo Boling Van Vleck Needville Palacios Hitchcock Boling Van Vleck Needville Palacios Houston Yates LaGrange Medina Valley Ingleside Ferris Barbers Hill Q Victory l --r ' weeny Court Queens Earn Ticket to State Tournament Here we go again! For the third time in four years the Lady Bulldogs have reached the threshold to the state championship only to be deprived of it once again. The Eagles of Barbers Hill, led by Pennee Hall, topped the Lady Bulldogs 68-53 in their championship bid in Austin's Super Drum. Sweeny's fate was sealed by their dismal 36 percent free throw shooting, while the Eagles had an incredible 60.2 percent night. "We never could get one to fall where we needed it," cited a disappointed Coach Jerry English. "We played with great intensity, but not a great deal of finesse," Millie Bivens led Sweeny in scoring with 19 points, while Trina Williams added 13. The Lady Bulldogs route to Austin was long and diversified, if not difficult. They started their season with a bang, posting an 8-3 non- district record with their only losses coming from 5A powerhouses Angleton, Victoria, and Cy-Fair. They beat, among others 5A semifinalist Yates in a non-district slate comprised of nearly all 5A schools. This proved that Sweeny could play on the same level as anybody in the state. In tournament play, Sweeny won the Sweeny Classic by blowing out Columbia and Dickinson en-route to their championship victory over El Campo. ln the Barbers Hill Gulf Coast Classic, the Lady Bulldogs reached the semifinals before bowing to District 17-5A champs Westfield 57-55. Finally, in the Brazosport College Holiday Tournament, the girls routed Clear Lake and Brazoswood before avenging their loss to Angleton 60-58 in the finals. Those non-district matches proved to be the only competition Sweeny would face until they reached Austin. After a non-district record of 15-4 against mostly 5A schools, the girls in District 26-3A proved to be absolutely no contest. Despite measures to keep scores down, like shortened quarters, Sweeny nevertheless obliterated district opponents with scores like 96-21 and 61-10 en-route to a perfect 10-0 district mark. In fact, the closest anyone ever got to Sweeny in a district game was 31 points during a game with Van Vleck. FAR LEFT: Ecstatic after winning the Region IV championship once again, Lady Bulldogs Trina Williams and Jill Burttschell heol aloft their ticket to Austin. ABOVE LEFT: Lady Bulldogs Coach Jerry English shows intense concentration during one of his team's practice sessions. LEFT: Varisty Lady Bulldogs basketball players include Trina Williams, Jackie Higgins, Rolanda Bell, Jill Burtfschell, Renee Phillips, Millie Bivens, Elaine Amey, Betty Bivens, Carol Higgins, and Rhonda Woodard. l 193 194 The eonv of Defeat M0 t 4' 4 -wiv! ho09 if-Li' L .vwdo wn in Austin he Lady Bulldogs entered the playoffs in same fashion in which they won district. 3 - - i 77 36 bi district victory over Coach English stated, We made stakes in execution, but we still to keep it out of reach." pounding LaGrange in the bi-district Sweeny traveled to Kingsville for the IV Toumament, in which they their winning ways with a 67-36 of Medina Valley in a repeat of last year's regional The Panthers committed 16 in the first period alone as Sweeny out to a 19-6 lead. "That quick start helped us," said Coach English, "l think prepared a great deal for our press, having it last year. But, when it came right back so fast, l'm sure it shook them up a continued to shake things up as Ingleside later the same day, 49- thus sending them to Austin once "AlI in all, l'm just very, very excited kids. This team has worked as hard as Sweeny team I have ever coached. I think wonderful thing that we are going to be to Austin together," cited an elated ch English after the game. pon reaching the hallowed final four, the y Bulldogs met with much more opposition they were accustumed to, having to fight rappy Ferris team tooth and nail to escape a narrow 48-45 victory. Neither Sweeny Ferris played up to their usual caliber of etball, as blown opportunities and low ting percentages were the rule. "We had emendous desire to win in the last six tes," said English, "We didn't play very , but we wanted it badly. l know we can better next time." weeny did play better in the finals against ers Hill, but for the winners of 21 straight s just not to be. The disappointment was ent on the faces of the players as they sat ned by the reality of losing the big one again. However, these girls have bigger better things to look forward to. All- r Millie Bivens will play in the state tar game in Houston this summer and the of the seniors can go away much the er for their experiences. The rclassmen, though, have a much more t objective: to continue in the dynasty is Sweeny. lily., sig w 'Q-"".x l... I 'S Q31 ' 4,1 1 ABOVE LEFT: With the disappointment evident on their faces, the Lady Bulldogs accept the state runner up medals once again. FAR LEFT: Sophmore Trina Williams outjumps an Eagle opponent while teammate Renee Phillips looks on. ABOVE RIGHT: Senior all-stater Millie Bivens goes airbome lor a basket during the state linals against Barbers Hill. eff T .M ... . i is LEFT: Junior Jill Burftschell shoots for two during the regional toumament in Kingsville. ABOVE: Seniors Millie Bivens and Renee Phillips sadly display their state runner up team trophy as their teammates look on. 1' Y 195 196' EBM Hue lF3eMiew,,,, ourt Queens JV, Freshmen Girls Win District Titles ABOVE: Junior Varsity Coach Mary Williams. ABOVE RIGHT: Junior Varsity Girls Basketball. FRONT ROW: Sheri Brown, Rita Anderson, Peggy Tatum, Vicki Jammer, Iris Griggs, Cathy Lavallias, Kim Loesch, Cynthia Spiller, and Sharon Johnson. BACK ROW: Rhonda Lewis, Emma Bell, Angela Wiley, and Tracy Jammer. RIGHT: Freshman Girls Basketball are Sylvia Adams, Johnnie Simmons, Phobee Crouch. Amy Wisdom, Connie Mack, Susie Speck, Ginger Bames, Stacey LaBeth, and Leslie Bohr. V Wiuticfw Eatwwiwwi ,.,A One lay At a Time 5-M K A film' fe 6... TH J V Boys Win S we en y Tournament, District Title XX l It " ABOVE: Varisty Boys Basketball Coach Randy Miksch. ABOVE LEFT: Junior Varsity Boys Basketball. FRONT ROW: Andrew Gutierrez, Troy Mack, Micheal Houston, and Ludwell Taylor. BACK ROW: Duane Woodard, Reggie Bess, Mark Mclntyre, Howard Edwards, Mark Smith, and Aaron Williams. LEFT: Freshman Boys Basketball. FRONT ROW: Kerry Davis, Phillip Simmons, Donald Lemon, Jay Pyssen, and Tracey Simeon. BACKROW: Arthur Edison, Charles Walton, Gary Woodard, Kent Baugh, Bennett Fields, Arthur Gaines, Jarvis Helmes, and Scott Torgusson. 197 1 Fast Fivesome Fill All-District Team Positions at Season 's Close. lluie Reviewing F35 An unfortunate three point loss to Van Vleck in the season finale ended the playoff hopes of the Sweeny Bulldogs varsity basketball team. The Bulldogs hung in with the Leopards to the very end. although Van Vleck had a tremendous height advantage. ln the first half, Sweeny challenged Van Vleck with its aggressive style of play, However. when the Bulldogs strayed from their offense in the second half, Van Vleck cleaned the boards and slipped away with a 64-61 victory to win the second-half District 26-3A championship. Coach Randy Miksch stated. "We played as well as we could. We hustled and scrapped and almost won." The Bulldogs ended their season at 13 with a 6-3 mark in district. They played and beat West Columbia four times as we notching victories over 5A teams Texas and Brazoswood. Their season includg championship in the Sweeny Cla climaxing in an exciting 47-41 victory i Texas City in the finals. Although they di win district, they accomplished many of preseason objectives. All in all, it w highly rewarding experience for everi involved, .C-7 l. 753 Q .lg LA,,,,,, ..t.. X., 'NM- 0l'W3l'd est, Z Varsity Boys Basketball. FRONT Pee Wee Spriggs, Billie Adams, Forney, and Arthur Woodard. BA CK Willie Austin, Lyndon Mayberry, Blake Mike Tolbert, Micheal Coleman, and Spiller. LEFT: Junior Micheal Coleman the ball during pre-game warmup. RIGHT: Senior Pee Wee Spriggs a lay-up during a district game with 199 Rice West Columbia Bay City West Columbia West Columbia Texas City Brazosport Needville Columbus Van Vleck Klein Forest West Columbia Brazoswood Sealy Bay City Sam Houston Memorial Hall Needville Palacios Hitchcock Boling Needville If lluie Reviews. Harold Barfield Earns Q., H. District, Region Places,' Girls Join Golf Team ut--all The Sweeny Golf team was once again led by Harold Barfield this He won the individual district championship and finished fifth out a field of 58 in the regional tournament. Coach Jerry English stated, is a fine golfer and I am very proud of his accomplishments. He he potential to be a really great golfer." Other players who helped in ourth place team effort in district were Mike Barfield. Chris Ottis, and Shaw. Also for the first time, girls participated on the golf These pioneers were Sharla Wisdom and Karah Powell. Senior Harold Barfield won the individual championship and fifth at region. Golf team members are Cody Shaw, Mike Barfield, Sharla Karah Powell, Hamid Barfield, and Chris Ottis. 20 202 ig Hue lB3eviieiiu...,., Girls Track Team Makes Good Show in Regional, State Meets The girls track season was highlighted by a fine showing and a fourth place finish at the Region IV Track meet. Seven team members qualified for the regional meet in seven events. These qualifiers were Millie Bivens. 400 and 800 meter relays, long jump, and triple jump: Sheri Brown, 400 and 800 meter relays: Carol Higgins, 200 meter dash: Jackie Higgins, 400 and 800 meter relays: Connie Mack, high jumpg and Renee Phillips, 400 and 800 meter relays and 100 meter dash. Millie Bivens and Renee Phillips each qualified for the state meet as well. The team recorded a first place, second place. and a third place in other meets during the course of the year in addition to their regional fourth place. ABOVE RIGHT: Girls Track Team. FRONT ROW: Vlanda Simmons, Sheri Brown, and Connie Lindsey. SECOND HOW: Carol Higgins, Ins Griggs, Natalie Martinez, and Amy Wisdom. BACK ROW: Connie Mack, lzlenise Marcum, Lisa Lindsey, and Martha abe. ABOVE FAR RIGHT: Senior Millie Bivens takes her usual first place step across the finish line. RIGHT: Senior Connie Lindsey enters the race determined to win. FAR RIGHT: Senior Carol Higgins demonstrates the discus form. Carol qualified lor region in the 200 meter dash. l'5 8 -Q W -A T-B7 for ff MM. fr P' - ra E 'l . 4 is E ffl sir? -S. X 0 8 . QNXY I 47' .V K Q 1 , I S' H .s ., J. K.. ' ff , - ,ni-.. -. t. ,.-t 4 l Seniors Millie Bivens and Phillips were both qualifiers for the eet. Millie finished second in the triple Renee finished third in the 100 meter wmstp ,gy 'i 4 ag :sage BACKGROUND: Senior Jackie Higgins and freshman Iris Grig s show a ood handoff in Q Q the 1600 meter relay. ' n .. yr r Q-' I I , , , . D ,, ,, fl. L 4 . . , . . -f'm,:,ff,-ff' . .w V '!u.,,. . 'fs .. . - '. 'F' fs 'milf v 3 s X . - aww, A. , 203 204 Keep Boys Win District by 100-point Margin For the second year in a row the Swee Boys Varsity Track team ran away with district track title. Sweeny outdistanced competitors with a 100 point margin victory, accumulating 195 points, while Vleck finished second with 95. In the vari meets they participated in, they racked up t first places, three seconds, a sixth, an ninth. Regional qualifiers were Duane Wood 400 meter and long jump: Brian Jammer. meter and 1600 meter relay: Willie Aus shot put: Phillip Simmons, discus: Bl Simpson, pole vault and high jump: Will R pole vault: Lyn Mayberry, 800 meter: Da Thompson, 1600 meter relay: M Thompson, 1600 meter relay: and Skee- Dietz, 110 meter high hurdles. Willie Au also qualified for the state meet in the Dui. ABOVE LEFT: Varsity Boys Tra team. FRONT ROW: Troy Wright, Will R Brian Jammer, Duane Woodard, Shan Goza, Troy Bass, Mike Barfield, Ja Martinez, Robert Goodrum, and M Thompson. BACK ROW: Anthony Anders Kirk Johnson, Lyndon Mayberry, Da Thompson, Blake Simpson, SkeeGee Di Mike Coleman, Maurice Griggs, Mike Tolb Willie Austin, Kary Golden, and Ph Simmons. LEFT: Junior Will Reid qualified for regio the pole vault. RIGHT: Senior Willie Austin placed sev in the shot put at the state meet. ABOVE RIGHT: Senior Brian Jammer stri out as he crosses the finish line first. BELOW RIGHT: Junior Varsity Boys T team. FRONT ROW: Kenneth Jones, L Ramirez, Joey Lamb, Leslie Hayes, S Foster, Vladimir Goodrum, and We Jones. BACK ROW: John Dobias, Ma Ramirez, Jerry Higgins, Gary Woodard, T Simien, Jarvis Helmes, David Schuerg, Je Austin, Mike Anderson, Charles Wal Ludwell Taylor, Jay Pyssen, and Mike Wal Trackin' ' , I unv"' A 'O' 137' ,iii W ,.M is ig 205 206 -+.,,--... Hume Fkewiewm Herber's if ' mf R, 9 E eb 'il A' I 5 1 BFOBS Sometimes lt's Not hether You Win or Lose, But How Much You LOVE the Game he tennis team had an outstanding season, ough it is not reflected in the season rd. Coach Becky Herber commented, had a short season and we never had time reach our peak. We also had some ppointments in the district tournament. some valuable lessons were learned." She touched on the fact that they have a good returning lettermen and that they should onsiderably stronger next year. he most valuable players were Lisa zman and Keith Denson, while Rhonda is and Brad Burt were named the most oved. Other team members who had an tanding season are Richie Gary. Kelly h, and Jill Burtschell. VE LEFT: Varsity Tennis Players. NT ROW: Lisa Boazman, Marcella ego, Kelly Smith, Jill Burttschell, and lissa Zwahr. BACK ROW: James eynolds, Brad Burt, Richie Gary, Randy derson, and Alan Sanders. LEFT: Junior Randy Henderson exhibits serving style during a district match. T: Senior Richie Gary concentrates nsely on a backhand retum. VE RIGHT: Sophomore Melissa Zwahr ages a return despite an extremely ward court position. HT: Junior Varsity Tennis Players. NT ROW: Kathy Lavillas, Lisa Yendry, Bryson, and Charmaine Bowie. SECOND : Mollie Hinkle, Kim DeCou, and Bridget ughnesty. BACK ROW: Donald Gibson, eal Anderson, Theron Richers, and Troy ell. K -v MZ? F540 mi 4 I .Y ,hi ape After the whe er SU?-UBQY boys. dt a best senes, but Somerse horizon. Saturday, May 29-- introduced to Rick Cruz, one of ended 001 come a long way. it fr 'H' ABOVE FAR LEFT: Junior Mike Coleman brings in a run in the Luling playoffs. MIDDLE ABOVE: Most Valuable Player, Gilbert Salazar demonstrates his striking form. ABOVE LEFT: Sophomore catcher Jeff Stavinoha stays alert during a pop fly. BOTTOM FAR LEFT: Varsify Baseball Team. FRONT ROW: Jam s Spriggs, Will Rggid, Brxgrigg weigfg Milrdkgaficfiefz, 'Dwayne Ryhtarij illie Adams? Toby Shows. BACK BOW: Coach Melvin koesch, Jeff Stavinoha, Larry Borders, Kevin Stavinoha, Mike Coleman, Gilbert Salazar, ,Mike Bigler. A SECOND LEFT: Coachi'iKf6esclY'shonlsL the boys how to hit. LEFT: Elated over their bidistrict win, Jeff Stavinoha and teammates celebrate. l .K1wvuv ics Uwe lFi3Geuiew.,l C Batman g I1n1v-uv-P-w--- mln C 11 gf ' C. HU' Q 'wi ,Z-ef "f,' 'S J Vs Rehearse for Varsity Big Time ABOVE: Junior Varsity Baseball team. FRONT ROW: Jay Pyssen, Andrew Gutierrez, Marcus Ramirez, Stewart Webb. and Matthew Lowery. BACK ROW: Coach John Scarborough, Joe Mike Ems, Dick Williams, Kevin Bell, Gary Reans, and Thomas McReynolds. T RIGHT: Junior Varsityy Coach John Scarborough. t Hume IPRQMEQWM Athletic Emmy Awards P 5:ilN . 5 FAR LEFT: Senior James Spriggs receives the Lloyd 'Slugger' Lindsey Award and is named Most Athletic at Awards Night LEFT: Millie Bivens, Most Valuable Player in both track and basketball, Renee Phillips, Most Valuable Player, track, Jackie Higgins, Most improved Player, track. BELOW LEFT: Melvin Spiller, Most Valuable Player, lootball. BELOW MIDDLE: Valerie Campbell, Most Improved Player, volleyball: DeeDee Dowdell Porter, Most,Valuable Player, volleyball. BELOW: Gilbert Salazar, Most Valuable Player, baseball: Mike Sanchez. Most Improved Player, baseball. BOTTOM LEFT: Blake Simpson, Most Valuable Player, track. BOTTOM MIDDLE: Lisa Boazman, Keith Densori, Most Valuable Players, tennis. Lisa, recipient of the Fonda Higgins Award. BOTTOM: Lyndon Mayberry, Most Valuable Player. basketball. ft tl- A -1 , 552 - I, S I :A -I if V Q A THREE PART SERIES FOCUSING ON THE ACADEMIC DEVELOPMENT OF SWEENY KIDS FROM EARLY CHILDHOOD TO GRADE EIGHT. Sfw-..' . . i"',"L Q I - A -1' 'yy XX - 4. . q I QA- If R f , ax ' I 5 ff I 3 'rj , 8 i 5 I t Kg - I .,,1 5 ' .. A X h 213 Middle SCh00I THROUGH A VARIETY OF EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCES, MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS EMERGE FROM CHILDHOOD DURING THE GROWING-UP YEARS. SE CRE TA RIES Whitehurst, Virginia Bigle directed bv... MIDDLE SCHOOL PRINCIPAL Harry Beverly A SSIS TA N T PRIN CIPA L Booker T. Halbert 2I5 Middle SCh00I 216 46" ??""'k CHARLES BROWN Science Faculty :A ' 1' 47' E S, p ' . ' L W . L Z x, 1 A f I DAN ARNOLD BOB BARRON Counselor Physical Education, Athletics 3 I A-:fl 1 I I. r A' It sigh' MARTHA JIM BENDER PATRICIA BETZER BILLIE BEVERLY Choir Science Math KITTY BURKE English NOLA DELL BURKE Math ir' LUCILE BURTTSCHELL Library Aide PEGGY ELLIS BARBARA ENGLISH Language Core Language Core GWEN GERLICH PHILLIP GUPTON Language Core Science, Shop ANNA RUTH HICKEY Band SUSAN FELDMAN Geography, Athletics 218 HERBERT MAYS History, Athletics LINDA MILES Librarian JOE PANTALONE Science 'S 1 QS- W.-My Xt 3 yt L 2 E 1 K il SYLVIA MCLELLAND EVELYN MCNEILL English History Q is FAYE MURPHY PEGGY OTTIS Homemaking, History Language Cgre is L. f . 4 f ANITA SHAW ELEANOR SHEARER Aide Special Education 996 SIMIEN HAROLD SPENCER JAMES STAFFORD Band Physical Education f""N Physical Education, Geography Math X Rf! he ' f ARD MOLLY YOUNT Core RSSOUFCS A STEINMANN ROONEY TIMES JIMMYE LU TINDOL NOT PICTURED Billie Barron, counselor 219 220 EIGHTH GRADE ADAMS, SHAWN ALDERMAN, JAMES ANDERSON, CHARLES ANDERSON, oENlsE ANDERSON. TIM ATEEB, ADLBEN AUSTIN, DARRYL AZBELL, PENNI BARNES, BRIAN BEARD, Josn BIVENS, ALBERTA BIYENS. ANETTA BDRREGO, GENE BDZEMAN. JEFF BRASHIER, MARY BRITTAIN, LESLIE BREWER, ROGER BRUCE, CRYSTAL BRUCE, DAVID BRUCE, JEFF BURT, GINGER CHANDLER, MICHELLE CHENAULT, WIN COBURN, MELISA COMPTON, NATALIA CORNADO, LINDA DAUGHTERY, RANNIE DAVIS. VICKI DEAL, TERRY DEMARCO, SCOTT DEWVEALL, ALISON DITTFURTH. EDWARD STAR A WARDS Sixth Grade Shannon Collier, Robbie Sm Lisa Busche Seventh Grade Amina Sayeed, Jana Set Sharon lvy, Sheila Copeland, A Hobbs, Randall Coleman Eighth Grade James Reid, Edward Dittf Brett Simpson, Alison Dewv Kathryn Philmon, Cassa Woodard, Sue Stockman, Me Coburn, Susan Watkins STRAIGHT 'A ' STUDENT Denise Belk, Randall Cole Sheila Copeland, Michelle Sharon lvy, Jill Puckett, A Sayeed, Jana Setzer, Cina Storm, Alison Dewveall, Lisa L James Reid, Brett Simpson. Stockman, Kathy Suggs, Ca dra Woodard, Lisa Bus Shannon Collier, Martha Mc gal, Jack White, Ann Ha Lowanna James, Clint Mickey, Armstrong, Jason Bullard, Dupler HONOR ROLL Leslie Brittain, Melissa Co Natalie Compton, Ed Dittfurth, Stephen Gutierrez, Laird, Kathryn Philmon, A Spiller, Daryl Toerck, S Watkins, David Bruce, S Foster, Christina Gutie Rhonda Harris, Jennifer B Aaron Butler, Michael Gupton Gutierrez, Ellen Hobbs. C Jones, Melissa Legg, Mic Lilley, Pat Peavler, Robin P Michele Rousselle. Wendy Ski Keith Wallis, Earl Hassell, Ke Hood, Rebecca James, Henry Meshelle Maxwell, Carol berry, Mike Mohon, Leslie Car Steven Crisp, Chris Murphy, Smith, Joseph Busche, T Butler, Patricia Ezell, Kat Goodrum, Joy Kennedy, Robinson, Robbie Smith, Ward, Janette Jones, A Woodruff, Wendy Hammon Taylor, Jeff Alexander, Gary Jeff Holcomb, Kelly Stavino Student Council 1- LEFT: Middle School Student Council Representatives are Alison Dewveall, Melissa Cobum, Leslie Brittain, Ann Harrity, secretaryg Natalie Compton, Jason Bullard, Edward Dittfurth, vice-president: Cary Phillips, Mike Mahon, Marlisa fr I McGee, presidentg Wendy Skinner. ABOVE.' As sponsors of Operation l.D., a nationwide program oi crime prevention, Student Council sponsor Mr. Dan Amold and local police officer Bill Mansei display a poster made by students as part of the spring campaign. With endorsements by local civic groups and merchants, the project featured an engraving service by students. The service was designed to allow local citizens to mark their property with proper identification in an effort to prevent theft. Council members also provided instructions on how to use the equipment and how to keep records of what items are marked. 221 ' ---'-- f riskies Band TOP LEFT: Region Band. FRONTROW: Ann Harrity, Sue Stockman, Melissa Legg, Denna Fite, Sharon Ivy, Scott Correll, Lowell Wright. BACK ROW: Aaron Butler, Lisa Laird, Jay Meyer, James Reid, Terry Deal, Stephen Gutierrez. 222 R9 as rv NW. NNYLNL Sweeny Middle School Band are FRONT ROW: Angela Spiller head twirler' Susan Watkins, Melissa Cobum. MIDDLE Stockman, vice-president, drum major: Sharon Ivy, Alison De chaplain, Stephen Gutierrez, Scott Correll. BACK ROW: Amy Duplel Harrity, Jana Setzer, James Reid, president, Darrell Toenck, Jeff Kluttz, Butler, Cary Phillips, Michelle Finch, secretary lnot picturedl. TOP RIGHT: Friskies Band Council members representing the ' vi L EFT: Sixth grade band members wann up backstage before the Spring C in May. ABOVE: Solo G Ensemble participants are FRONT ROW: Henry Katz, , Dewveall, Susan Watkins, Christina Gutiemez, Cary Phillips, Jeff Mc Leah Bass, Bryan Amrstrong. SECOND ROW: Leslie Carbajal, Jett I Sanette Henson, Michelle Finch, Michelle Ellis, Evelyn Ullrich, I Wagonhausen, Carl Little. THIRD ROW: Jill Puckett, Melissa Legg, , Fite, Cassandra Woodard, Wendy Skinner, Renee Hollomon, Suggs. BACK ROW: Nikky Cribbs, Stephen Gutierrez, Lowanna J Melissa Cobum, Sue Stockman, Ann Harrity, Angela Spiller, Aaron Butle Meyer, Phaedra Sheffield, Sharon Ivy, Mark Bozeman. Middle School Band Begins Winning Tradition i A 2 I K . James Reid receives the Directors as Outstanding Eighth Grade Band from Mr. Gary T. Forse, director ing special awards ceremonies at the ing Concert in May. OVE: Susan Watkins receives the Runner- Award from Mr. Gary T. Forse, director. EADES. BOBBY EDWARDS. CHRISTINA EVANS. JEFF FARRAR, SANDRA FERGUSON, ROBERT FINCH, MICHELLE FITE, DENNA FOSTER, RICHARD FOSTER, SUSAN FRANKLIN, STEVE GARCIA, BRENDA GARNER, JOHN GIBSON. PAULA GILLESPIE, KELLY GRAUE, DALE GUTIERREZ, CHRISTINA GUTIERREZ, STEPHEN HARRIS, RHONDA HARRITY, ANN HARVEY, PAULA HERNANDEZ, RENE HIGHTDWER, SCOTT HOCK, VICKIE HOLLIS. SCOTT HOLLOMAN, RENEE HURLEY, GAYLA JAMES, LOWANNA JOHNSON. BRYAN JOHNSON, MELVIN JONES, GENIA KAACH, JIMMY KEITH, DONYA KENNEMER, LIZ LAIRD, LISA LATTIE. ALAN LEWIS, DONELL LINDLEY, DARIN LYONS, VANESSA MACK, MICHAEL MEYER. JAY KLUTTZ, JEFF LAMB, CHARLES LAVALLIAS, ANTHONY LINCECUM, WES LITCHFIELD, TINA MABE, JOHN MACK, REGINALD MILLSAP. EARL Middle School Band 1 224 I A ws. . Www 5 'S I s s ' ' . 1 '21- MITCHELL GREG MORGAN, LEE Mvens, TAMMY MCGEE. MARUSA MCMILLIAN, nusrv Mcoum, oAvlD PAIGE, LAHOMA PATIN, LISA MORA LINDA Moron. ueuaenr MccuLLv, MIKE Mconew, JEFF MCPHERSON, SHANE oseonus, ANN FATE. Rosen PEKAR, TAMMV LEFT: 1982 Middle School Friskies Band. FRONT RCW: .Twirlers Sanette Henson, Jana Setzer, Dena Fite, head twirler, and Michelle Ellis. SECOND ROW: Mike Rodriguez, Henry Katz, Kristin Wagonhausen, Leah Bass, Lisa Laird, Amy Dupler, Devin Gibson, Bryan Armstrong, Jason Richers, Carl Little, Alison Dewveall, Michelle Finch, Susan Watkins, Nikky Cribbs, Wendy Skinner, Christina Gutierrez, Evelyn Ullrich. DIRECTORS: Anna Ruth Hickey, Harold Spencer, Gary T. Forse. THIRD ROW: Kathy Suggs, Cassandra Woodard, Renee Hollomon, Terri Doolen, Angela Spiller, Ann Harrity, Sandra Farrar, Chris Murphy, Lowell Wright, Melissa Cobum, Cary Phillips, Jeff McGrew, Lee Morgan, Anthony Woodard, Kyle Wallace, Charles Anderson, Mark Bamett, Jason Bullard, Sue Stockman, drum major. TOP ROW: Scott Correll, Curt Reid, Angela Reynolds, Nick Robinson, Terry Deal, Ray Ballard, James Reid, Stephen Gutierrez, Fred Simmons, Jeff Bozeman, Mark Bozeman, Jay Meyer, Sharon Ivy, Jeff Kluttz, Lowanna James, Jill Puckett, Darryl Toerck, Aaron Butler. NOT PICTURED: Melissa Legg. 225 Middle C Chorus X X fx l 226 ABOVE: Greg Mitchell, Edward Dittfurth, and Kelly Gillespie perlomv a baibershop quartet selection during the May Spring Concert. x ABOVE: Members of the Middle Cs, a vocal mixture of grades six through eight, perfonn spring concert audience. Membership in the Middle Cs requires many after school hours of in preparation for programs ranging from school and public concerts to solo and ensemble and musicals. A highlight included the musical, "How the West Was Really Won", a Novel production using the music and drama talents of chorus members. -an 5... iw PEREZ. DELORIS PHILMON, KATHRYN REID, JAMES PETTEWAY, TRISA RACHUNEK, ERIC REYNOLDS. ANGELA ROMERO. ANTHONY SANCHEZ, LISA SCHROETER, JAMES SCOTT, BARRY SEWELL, E- A . .1 :U 1 1 f 'S' E ,if i x f RODRIGUEZ, ROBERT ROSS, SANDRA SAUCEDO, JONATHAN SCRUERG, LINDA SEIGMAN, 'ixth Grade Chorus AAWQ, Vai I 0, v v venth, Eighth Grade Combined Chorus EFIELD, PHAEDRA SIMMONS. FRED SPARKMA ROBERT SPILLER, ANGELA STANLEY, BARBIE STROTHER, KARLA THOMAS, TRISHA TRAMEL, ANISSA SPRIGGS, TRAVIS STOCKMAN, SUE SUGGS, KATHY TOERCK, DARRYL UPHAM, DENNY N, 227 WALLACE. KYLE WARD, DAVID WATKINS, SUSAN WEATHERFORD, MIKE WILLIAMS, BELINDA WILLIAMS. ESTER WILLIAMS, KENT WOODARD, ADDIE WOODARD, CASSANDRA WOODARD, RICKY WRIGHT, GENA WRIGHT, LOWELL SEVENTH GRADE ALAMIA, BONNIE ARMSTRONG, BRYAN ARMSTRONG, TINA ATEEB, TABAH BAILEY, DOUG BAILEY, JENNIFER BAKER, JAMES BAKER, BRAD BALLARD, RAY BARNETT, MARK BASS, LEAH BELK, DENISE BELL, PATRICA BELL, QUINTON BIVENS, GEORGIA BIVENS, TERRY 228 BONNER, ANTHONY BOZEMAN, MARK BROWN. CHARLOTTE Special People Promote Campus Excitement ABOVE: Seventh graders Doug Sanette Henson were named "Mr. Spirit" during pep rally ceremonies in ABOVE: Friskies cheerleaders Philmon, Amy Ervin, Leah Bass, Strother, pup star,' Jill Kennemer, Shelli Chalin, and Woodard help lead the spirit ol speeta home game. Spirit Leaders Qin aw-Wi' 'A' fax-:share ,C ef fs X. LEFT: Middle School Cheerieaders. FRONT: Lisa Patin. MIDDLE ROW: Kathryn Philmon, Liz Kennemer, Cassandra Woodard, Jill Puckett, Trisa Petteway. TOP ROW: Mary Brashier, Amy Ervin, Leah Bass, Shelli Chafin, Karla Strother. LEFT: Middle School Twirlers. FRONT: Michelle Ellis, Sanette Henson, Denna Fite, head twirler. BACK ROW: Sue Stockman, drum major: Jana Setzer. 22.9 Library Services RIGHT: Reference Contest. What do you about George Washington? In a contest pitting students against a field of hard-to-find answers to questions about the father of our country, these kids exhausted the library's many reference books dunng the project in honor of Washington's 250th birthday. FRONT ROW: Patricia Ezell, top winner with 227 of 250 questions answered correctly, Marcus Woody, Leah Jean Lowery, Lawanna Lewis, Linda Grindle, Lisa Houston, Lisa Busche, Tina Jacobs, Bobby Lamb. MIDDLE HOW: Leo Rodriquez, Wendy Skinner, Robbie Smith, Marnie Heard, Jenny Smith, Kristi Venglar, Shannon Collier, Mike Flodriquez, Michelle Flatt, Miss Susan Feldman. BACK ROW: Michelle Ellis, Michelle Kotrba, Ellen Hobbs, Kame Shaddix, Nick Bess, Curt Reid, Ray Gutierrez. NOT PICTURED: Wesley Anderson, Jason Heard. ABOVE: Sweeny Middle School Library Book Garnett BACK ROW Rene Hernandez Ends. FRONT HOW: Jana Setzer, Sheila Charles Knight Mike Gupton Mike Copeland, Susan Hopper, Linda Schuerg, Weatherford Scott Correll Mike Rodriquez Cinamon Storm, Tina Litchfield, Dale Projects Encourage Reading, Library Use -M, Q ...xxx. . -- Shane Williams and David Bass join and faculty members for the first in a of Friskie Read-lns sponsored by the For 20 minutes, everyone read selections in the special program to improve student attitudes toward """"h1hs Assistant Principal Booker Halbert, ead-In participant, reads a biography Campbell, the famous Houston Oiler star. y ..- L... WW I. BUCKLEY, TOMMY BULLARD, JASON BURT, JOE ED BURT. MARY JANE BURT, MICHELLE BUTLER, AARON CARBAJAL, LESLIE CARPENTER, JAMES CARRASCO, DINO CARTER, CHRIS CAVALLIN, RHONDA CHAFIN, SHELLI COLEMAN, RANDALL COOLEY, JEWELL COPELAND. SHELIA CORRELL, SCOTT CRIBBS, NICHOLE CRISP, STEVEN CROSSON. JAMES CROSSON. KIM DECOU, TAMI DEMALADE, SANDY DOOLEN, TERRI DOFISEY, BERNICE DUBOSE. PHILIP DUPLER, AMY EGGLESTON, STEVE ELLIS, MICHELLE ELROD, MICHELLE ERVIN, AMY ESCALANTE, MAFICOS FIELDS. DELINDA 232 8? A 75- 3 X ,E -Q , sf Y ' L L . vel FIELDS, JUANITA FLNLEY, BRAD FREE, DARHYL FREEMAN, KENNETH GIBSON, DERON GLOVEH. WILLIAM GOZA, RRIDGET GUPTON. FIELDS. STERLING FORNEY. DAYHEL FREE, HAROLD GARNEU, DALE slRsoN, STACY GOODRUML SHANNON GRAY, ROBBIE GUTLERRE l riskies 00fb3ll Q ,Af-444 ABOVE: Friskies "A" Football manager. MIDDLE ROW: Scott Hightower, Dittfurth. BACK ROW: Reginald Team. FRONT ROW: Nick Ramirez, David Brett Simpson, Darryl Toerck, Kelly Gillespie, Richard Foster, David Ward, Denny Quinn, Ricky Woodard, Greg Mitchell, Darryl Wes Lincecum, Travis Spriggs, Edward John Mabe, Charles Lamb. Austin, James Reid, Robert Rodriquez, i I 95" HDBBS. ELLEN .6 SHAWNA HATAWAY. NICHOLE HENSON. SANETTE HIGGINS. HOLT, AMANDA HOOD. KENNETH HORTON, DOROTHY HUBENAK. LEIGH EARL HAYES. ANTHONY HERNANDEZ, DAVID SHAMARILYN HOLT. BELINDA HOPPER, SUSAN HORTON. GUY ii f I , LLI . D I I . 0 ff :Q VIIL: r ma Iffv i ffiiiig f :ri-ii f of ""f, V f 3'4" . ' 'I' f 1 5 X ' I ' -. , 6' " EELE I ,V Y I ve notify! 1 0 Vg: Frfs k ie S " 3 " Fo o fball Hollis, Robert Sparkman, Teny Deal, Michael FRONT gow: Bgbby Eades, pop Mack, Jeff Kluttz, Rusty McMillian. THIRD Stephen Gutienez, Jeff Bruce, Alan HOWI SQOU DSMHVCOI Jai' MQYGB, Adfbefl polo Grooo, Anfhgny gomoro, Lowgll Ateeb, Ricardo Hernandez, David Simmons, 'ght. SECOND ROW: Earl Millsap, Scott Brian Barnes, Tim Anderson. BACK ROW: Steve Franklin, David Bruce, Roger Pate, Fred Simmons, Jonathan Saucedo, Melvin Johnson, Donell Lewis. 233 Academics RIGHT: Middle School winners in the Brazoria County Fair Youth Fine Arts exhibit are Chris Lee, third place: Joy Kennedy, first place: Earl Hassel, second place: LaVelle Emanuel, first placeg Dixie McAfee, firstplaceg Dana Smith, first place, Lester Tipps, second place. JO! l . , y fl RIGHT: Reading winners in the Texas Bluebonnet Award Program include sixth graders Joseph Busche, Stacey Arm- strong, Lisa Taylor, Lisa Robinson, Patricia Ezell, Tracy Ward, Stephanie Buckley, Robbie Smith, Lisa Busche, Tamara Butler, Cary Heffeman. The group eamed a trip to the Vamer-Hogg Planta- tion in February by reading and reporting on ten library books each during a two-month period. 234 Qi. v Y ABOVE: Pictured are Mrs. Sylvia McLelland's Honor English class udents who helped produce the sta te second place winning "Language mes Alive", a fashion show written and videotaped by the ass. I LEFT: Sixth grader Keith Hogden won first place in the videotape division of the State Audio-Visual Production Contest sponsored by the Texas Association of School Librarians. Pre- sented a trophy and certificate by language core teacher, Mrs. Peggy Oltis, and Principal Harry Beverly, Keith won with an entry titled, "Shreaded Energy", which describes the advantages of a type ol laundry detergent. The videotape commercial was prepared for a class assignment designed to Hi bn X R- IVY , SHARON JACOBS, TINA JAMES, REBECCA JOHNSON, TROY JOICE, JOHN JONES, CHARLES JONES, JAMES JUSTICE, JULIE KATZ, HENRY KNIGHT, CHARLES KOTRBA, MICHELLE LEE, DARRYL 0- encourage better con- sumerism. LEE, NELSON LEGG. MELISSA LEMMONS, JOHN LEMON, DALE LILLEY, MICHELLE LITTLE, CARL LOWERY, LEAH Rogggg MAXWELL, MECHELLE MAYBERRY, CAROL MCGUIRE, MIKE MENDEZ. CHRIS MOHON. MICHAEL MORRIS, TERRY MUIRHEID, DIANA TINA MAY TERRY MCGRAW, KELLY MCPERSON. ROBERT MITSCHKE, KIM MORRIS. SHARI MOSS, MICHELLE MURPHY, CHRIS 235 NAPIER, NICOLE ONDRAS, GWEN PATE, RODNEY PEAVLER, PAT PHILLIPS, CARY PIPES, WILLIAM PORTER, ROBIN POTTER, SCOTT PRICE, TIMOTHY PUCKETT, JILL RAMIREZ, RAOUEL REID, CURT RICHARDS, KELLY RICHARDSON, JULIE RICHERS, JASON ROBINSON, NICKY RODRIGUEZ, MIKE ROMERO, TITO ROUSSELLE, MICHELLE RUSSELL, KIM SAYEED, AMINA SCHULKE, JIM SCHULKE, TIM SCOTT, JERRY SETZER, JANA SEWELL. PAULA SHARP. DOUG SHELBY, DIANA SHINN, MANDI SKINNER, WENDY SMITH, DANA SMITH. JENNY Basketball Pro vides A thletic Outlet for Boys Girls 2 ABOVE: "A" Team player Liz.Kenn I makes a graceful pivot ball back into action. before deliver: fjE,,ij.,T ' gf. g . lvlrl - "i'lW,fr it PM 'Ive I 1 paw-+I. ,1 ,z I ABOVE: Stingy with the ball, Donya grapples with opponents for possessio a home game. fl t'iSkiBS Basketball it BOVE: 8th Grade Boys "A" Basketball Team. FRONT ROW: Greg chell, Travis Spriggs, Darryl Austin, Ricky Woodard. BACK W: Donnell Lewis, David Bruce, Brett Simpson, Fred Simmons. Mr. oney Times, coach. "9 ws! , raft. 8th Grade Girls "A" Basketball Team. FRONT ROW: Gena manager: Addie Woodard, Denise Anderson, Trisha Thomas, Woodard, Natalie Compton, manager. BACK ROW: Melissa manager: Liz Kennemer, Angela Spiller, Annette Bivens, Paula Trisa Petteway. ABOVE: 8th Grade Boys "B" Basketball Team. FRONT ROW: Adlben Ateeb, Jeff Evans, Jeff Bruce, David Simmons, Lowell Wright. BACK ROW: Darryl Toerck, Charles Lamb, Denny Upham, David McOuinn, Stephen Gutierrez. The "B" squad was the last team to be coached by retiree, Mr. Bob Barron, who suffered from a stroke near the close of the 1982 season. ABOVE: 8th Grade Girls "B" Basketball Team. FRONT ROW: Gena Wright, manager: Alberta Bivens, Crystal Bruce, Linda Mora, Lisa Patin, Michelle Finch, Natalie Compton, manager. BACK ROW: Melissa Coburn, Linda Schuerg, Sue Stockman, Christina Edwards, Lonoma Paige, Donya Keith, Karla Strother, Nanci Sewell, Ann Harrity. 237 238 F riSkieS Utlllevball RIGHT: "A" Volleyball Team. FRUNT ROW: Melissa Coburn, manager: Susan Watkins, Christina Gutierrez, Barbie Stanley, Lisa Sanchez, Alison Dewveall, manager. BACK ROW: Coach Susan Feldman, Rhonda Harris, Kathryn Philmon, Sandra Farrar, Ester Williams. BELOW: "B" Volleyball Team. FRONT ROW: Alison Dewveall, manager: Tami Pekar, Kathy Suggs, Denna Fite, Vickie Hock, Melissa Coburn, manager. BA CK ROW: Coach Susan Feldman, Mary Brashier, Vickie Davis, Lisa Laird, Renee Hollomon. ,TWT SWE NS 4, FR .gg 1 lill fi EIT il aw LN Q w 5 5 ,swmti faint-i 'ti Sas 222 'AWETNY 2 5, 5llEENf' SEVENTH GRADE FOOTBALL PLA YERS ark Barnett, Doug Bailey, Jason ullard, Joe Ed Burt, Devin Gibson, teve Crisp, Derrick Jackson, Carl 'ttle, Nick Robinson, Scott Potter, ason Richers, Anthony Bonner, ine Carrasco, Randall Coleman, arcus Escalante, Ray Gutierrez, nthony Hays, David Hernandez, harles Jones, James Jones, Mike ohon, Terry Morris, Mike cGuire, Javior Solis, Brian Tims, obby Toerck, Ronald Webb, Tito omero, Terry Bivens, Terry May, oug Sharp, Brian Armstrong PHYSICAL FITNESS A WARDS ementary First A ward mes Able, Stephanie Buckley, enny Garza, Pauletta Goss, Linde rindle, Shan Hodges, Pete Juarez, ristina Marcum, Lowell McCoy, avid Milner, Tim Moss, Lisa binson, Valerie Sechelski, Linda ith, Kelly Sparkman, Kelly avihona, Ken Tolbert, Benford illiams, Marcus Woody ementary Second A ward ith Alderman, Sherita Bell, rry Bess, Kevin Billings, Senecia lm, Tracy Higgins, Tom Howard, bbie Smith, Darryl Urps, Lisa illiams nior First Award yan Armstrong, Brad Baker, Ray llard, Leah Bess, Quenton Bell, orgia Bivens, Terry Bivens, Mark zeman, Tommy Buckley, Jason llard, Joe Ed Burt, Michelle Burt, ndell Coleman, Steven Crisp, mmy Decou, Bernice Dorsey, even Eggleston, Kenneth eman, Devin Gibson, Nicole taway, Anthony Hayes, Kenneth od, Derrick Jackson, Rebecca mes, Henry Katz, Daryl Lee, Dale mon, Mike McGuire, Chris rphy, Nici Napier, Robert driguez, Gwen Ondras, Sandra nderfer, Jena Setzer, Paula well, Diana Shelby, Wendy inner, Jenny Smith, Michelle ith, Cinamon Storm, Anissa mmel, Evelyn Ullrich, Mike atherford, Ronald Webb, Kent llaims, Julia Woodard, Christy ight, Shari Morris, Marcus alante, ior Second A ward ry Brashier, John Garner, Tina hfiel, Barbie Stanley mentary Merit A ward rence Jackson, Cash McCul- gh, Mandy Woodruff ior Merit A ward elly Chafin sidential First A ward nnon Callier, Kathleen Goodru, Harrity. Freddie Jones, Julie tice, Jill Puckett, Ramona ght sidential Second Award nita Fields, Carol Mayberry sidential Third A ward ila Copeland 'P 3 ',. x 1 v If ,X N. 6 f f ARMSTRONG. STACEY II I BAKER, LAURA BARFIELO. WILLIAM SMITH, MICHELLE SOLIS, JAVIER SPENCER, SHARON STORM, CINAMON SWAN. STUART TAYLOR, ANDRA THOMAS, LISA TIMS, BRIAN TOERCK, BOBBY TOLBERT, PHILLECIA R ULL ICH, EVELYN VEACH, MARJORIE WAGENHAUSER, KRISTIN WALLIS. KETIH WASHINGTON, ZULEIKA WEBB, RONALD WILLIAMS. RICKY WOODARD, ANTHONY OD R W0 A D, JULIE WOODBURN. EUGENE WRIGHT, CHRISTY WRIGHT, LEIGH ADAMS. BRIAN ALDERMAN, FAITH SIXTH GRADE ALEXANDER, JEFF ALEXANDER. ROBERT ANDERSON, DEBRA ANDERSON, WESLEY 239 QU- in BASS, DAVID BELL SHERHITA BESS, NICHOLAS BESS, TERRY BLACKSTOCK, TAMMY BORELAND, MICHAEL BURT, JULIE BUSCHE BELL. JENNIFER BESSI. ALEXIA BESS, ROY BILLINGS, KEVIN BULUEN. ANN BUCKLEY. STEPHANIE BUSCHE- JOSEPH BUTLER. F riskies Track ? ABOVE: Severith grade high jurnper Mike RIGHI: Eighth grader Tina 'Litchfield breaks McGuire flops into a back roll to gam clearance the twine for a district first place in the 1200- over the bar. meter run. I 240 .N KPBELL. MIAHA CHANCEY, CINDY COLLIER, SHANNON COOPER, LARRY DELEON, MARTINA DUNN' GARY EMANUEL, UWELLE mm, MICHELLE MBLEE, CHERYL CLARK, SULENA cooLEY, KALENE DAVIS, DENA DEMAHCO, MICHELE EDWARDS' MARC EZELL' pAmrgiA FOSTER' KENNETH A . x, t ! Q a i J I , . 1 r 1' X, N d 1' I A . Q X g s , . ,fl i N A " A . l l X Y e fx ', Y l ' . Q 'tri' Q' P , fi I Seventh Grade Track Team. FRONT ROW: Julia Woodard, Copeland, Shamarilyn Higgins. MIDDLE ROW: Leah Bass, Jill Meshelle Maxwell, Shelli Chafin, Wendy Skinner, Paula Sewell, Henson, Christy Wright. BACK ROW: Cami Mayberry, Shari ins, Leigh Hubenak, Georgia Bums, Jana Setzer, Sharon lvy, Raquel mrrez, Jennifer Bailey, manager. NOT PICTURED: Coach Herbert vs. Team won Sweeny Friskies Relays and the District 26-AAA Seventh Grade Boys Track Team. FRONT RO W: Doug Bailey, Coleman, Anthony Bonner, Stuart Swan, Keith Wallis, Bobby manager. MIDDLE ROW: Dale Lemon, Brian Tims, Dayrel rrvy, Anthony Hayes, Derrick Jackson. BACK ROW: Terry Bivens, ve Crisp, Mike McGuire, Tito Romero, Terry Morris, Marcus alante, Javier Solis. NOT PICTURED' Coach Herbert Mays. Team District 26-AAA Champion title in N982 ABOVE: Eighth Grade Girls Track Team. FRONT ROW: Cassandra Woodard, Crystal Bnrce, Addie Woodard, Natalie Compton, Alberta Bivens. MIDDLE ROW: Barbie Stanley, Lisa Patin, Karla Stmther, Ester Williams, Tina Litchfield, Linda Mora. BACK ROW: Rhonda Harris, manager, Kathryn Philmon, Christina Edwards, Vickie Davis, Sandra Farrar, Nanci Sewell, Coach Susan Feldman. NOT PICTURED: Mary Brashier. Team finished second in District 26-AAA meet. L M. - A Q 4 - ABOVE: Eighth Grade Boys Track Team. FRONT ROW: Brian Barnes, David McOuinn, Lowell Wright, Anthony Romero, Michael Mack, Darryl Austin. MIDDLE ROW: LeRoy Peters, James Reid, Darryl Toerck, Kelly Gillespie, Ricky Woodard, David Simmons, Adlben Ateeb. BACK ROW: Delbert Moton, manager, Denny Upham, Brett Simpson, Fred Simmons, Wes Lincecum, Reginald Mack, John Mabe, David Ward, Travis Spriggs, Donell Lewis,manager. NOT PICTURED: Coach Jim Stafford, Greg Mitchell. Team won District 26-AAA Champion title. 241 Tennis 242 ABOVE: Eighth Grade Tennis Team. FRONT McGee. MIDDLE ROW: Kelly McGraw, Christina Gutierrez, Petteway, Susan Trisha Thomas, Sue Stockman, Marlisa Kennemer. BACK ROW: rf' 'R E., A Hanley, Trisa Deal, Josh Beard, Jay Meyers, ll n . n Harnty, L11 Hernandez. NOT PICTURED. Ed Kluttz, TSW Dittfurth. l GARNER. WNUAM GARZA DANNY circa SHAWN eoooaum, KATHLEEN HAHN. LUIS HAMMOND, wENov HEARD. MARNIE HEFFERNAN GARRETT. MICHELLE GIBSON nusssu GOLDEN.ANGEl,A GHINDLE, LINDA HATLWILLIAM HARLEN.JOHN HEARN, JASON HELM, SEN Specials as-3-35. ji .3 he 1 ABOVE: First Place Art Show Winners. FRONTROW: Bridget Goza. Billy Campbell, Michael Gupton, Bobby Toerck, Dana Smith, Diana Shelby, Karen Shaddix. BACK ROW: Dale Garnett, John McDougald, Angela Golden, Donell Lewis, Tina Litchfield, Brett Simpson, Joy Kennedy, Nick Ramirez, Jeff Alexander. LEFT: Tina Litchfield, an eighth grade art student, won first place and "Best of Show" titles for her map color entry in the art department spring student art exhibit. The drawing of a bird dog also received special awards in voting by faculty and students. Art show judges were Betty Troutwine and Sibyl LeBlanc. z e-" , . ABOVE: Melissa Cobum, Denise Anderson and Sue Stockman won top awards in the long-running poetry contest sponsored by the Language Core Department. Judges Mrs. Lucille McCann, Mrs. Mildred Ross, and Mrs. Linda Miles poured over entries by 30 semi-finalists. Melissa 's poem, "Little Orphant Annie", was judged the first place winner. "The Ballad of Red Fox", a poem by Denise, won second while Sue's "The Raggedy Man" won third place. Trophies were presented to winners March 2 by Mrs. Peggy Ottis, contest coordinator. mrxcv HoLcoMe JEFF HousToN.LlsA JACKSON,CLARENCE Jonssrneoous JoNEs,PAuL JUHEK-C'N0Y KENNEDY.JOY KEITH Hormauncsn MARK HOWARD.TOM JolcE.JoNELL JoNEs.JANE1'rE JUAREZ, PETE KElTH.THERESA KERNJUUE 243 244 KILSBY, DALE LAMB, BOBBY LASSITER, BILLY LEBLANC, CHARLES LEE, CHRIS LEWIS, DARREN LEWIS, LAWANNA LILLARD, RHETT LINEAR, SHEENA LOPEZ. LETICIA MARCUM, CHRISTINA MARTIN. JENNIFER MCCOY, LOWELL MCCULLOUGH, CASH MCDOUGAL, MARTHA MEISMER, KEVIN MICKEY, CLINT MILLER, CRYSTAL MILNER. DAVID MOONEY, JESSICA MORGAN. MIKE MOSS, TIM MYERS, GREG OSTENDOFIF, JENNIFER PENNINGTON, SUSAN PIMLOTT, MELISSA POPE, RON PYSSEN. CHRISTI OUEEN. JIMMY ROBINSON. LISA RODRIGUEZ. LEO RYAN. JASON MA THEMA TICS CER TIFICA TES Sixth Grade Lisa Taylor, Mike Morgan, Shannol Collier Seventh Grade Kenneth Hood, Amina Sayeeo Randall Coleman Eighth Grade Kathy Suggs, Alsion Dewveal Brett Simpson REGION CHOIR Tim Anderson, Brad Baker, Jo Beard, Denise Belk, Ann Borde Leslie Brittain, Jeff Bruce, Rhon Cavallin, Edward Dittfurt LaVeIle Emanuel, Stacy Gibso Kelly Gilleespie, Wendy Ha mond, Senecia Helm, Ellen Hobb Gayla Hurley, Janette Jone Michelle Lilley, Leah Lowery, Mi McGuire, Greg Mitchell, Chri Pyssen, Jenny Smith, Den Upham, Jack White, Euge Woodburn bw--Mix ,.- ..,.. ,,, . ,.... 1 If-2' TOP: Paula Sewell, Mandi Shinn, Meshelle Maxwell are really into stnpes. ABOVE: Earl Hassell draws a crowd a demonstrates his Fnsbee technique on Middle School grounds. -1 Learning. 8: Fun if years. ln a final lift-off ending a nine year space program, Mr. Joe launches the last rocket in a science experiment that has been annually for nearly a decade. Retiring in May, Mr. Pantalone's sixth science classes ha ve made a tradition fo the rocket experiment over ABOVE: Local police ollicer T, C. Lipe clocks the speed ol the student- made rockets with his radar detector during a May science experiment by sixth grade classes. Larry Cooper won first place with a speed Lipe reported as well over 60 miles an hour. Joseph Busche placed second with a speed of 49. i X fw2rrw"!'l 4553! gi c ,ami L ,. mfr ' ' -it X-ea! . as if LN... K K A ETD a LEFT: Using "Crime Prevention Through ldentilication" as poster themes, these Middle School students won awards lor their poster entries in the Student Council-sponsored contest. FRONT ROW: Zelda Sanchez, Susan Hopper, Michelle Elrod. STANDING: Michael Gupton, Mr. Dan Amold, council sponsorg Mar- lissa McGee, Edward Dittlurth, council president, Jill Puckett, James Reid, Jana Setzer, Chief Jeny Murphy, consulting oflicerg Michelle Ellis, grand prize winner. W Q OPKATION ID 245 All's Well in District UIL Competition fi? ,XVI ABOVE: These eighth graders are among the winners at the District 26-AAA University interscholastic League Meet hosted by Columbia-Brazoria lSD in May. Winners, their contest divisions and ratings include FRONT ROW: Jeff Kluttz, Readywriting, excellent, Robert Sparkman, Poetry Interpretation, excellent. SECOND ROW: Melissa Cobum, Poetry Interpretation, superior, Alison Dewveall, Number Sense and Spelling-Plain Writing, both superior: Alberta Bivens, Poetry Interpretation, excellent: Kathy Suggs, Number Sense and Spelling-Plain Writing, both superior. BACK ROW: John Mabe, Informative Speaking, good: Jeff Evans, Number Sense, good: Jay Meyer, Readywriting, Number Sense, and Prose Interpretation with superior, excellent, and very good ratingg Phaedra Sheffield, Readywriting, superior, Leslie Brittain, Prose Interpretation, Spelling-Plain Writing, Number Sense with two superiors and one excellent rating, respectively. Middle School UIL coordinator was Mrs. Gwen Gerlich. Event coaches are Mmes. Billie - ........-........--1.1- 1-1316- 'S Beverly, Peggy Ellis, Barbara English, Sylvia McLelland, Linda Miles, and Mary Ward. RIGHT: Mrs. Molly Yount, special education teacher and poetry composer, shares some insight about her poetry writing experiences with eighth grade students. Staff members often became resource personnel as they brought special presentation on a variety of topics to the classrooms. Mrs. Yount's presentation was designed to help students better understand and appreciate poetry in all its forms. Specials URPS, DARRYL VENGLAR, KRISTI WARD. CHESTER WARD, TRACY WHITE, FELICHA WHITE. JACK WHITE, SANDRA WILLIAMS. BENFORD WILLIAMS. CLAYTON WILLIAMS. LEON WILLIAMS. LISA WILLIAMS, PAUL WILLIAMS, RICHIE WILLIAMS, SHANE WISE. MARK WOODRUFF. MANDY WOODY, MARCUS WRIGHT. PAMELA WRIGHT, ROMONA YOUNGBLOOD. MIKE SANCHEZ ZELDA SEAL. RICK SECHELSKI, vAL5mg SHADOIX KAREN SHAW TRACEY SIMMONS GREG SMITH. LINDA SMITH, ROBBIE SPARKMAN. KELLY STAVINOHA. KELLY TALLEY, DAVID TAYLOR, LISA THOMAS, CAROL THOMPSON, FELICIA THOMPSON, JOHNNY THDRTON, WILLIAM TIPPS, LESTER TOLBERT. KEN Not Pictured Jack Able James Able Dale Bates Spencer Bivens Kim Bledsoe Edwin Broderick Joy Caldwell Leslie Caldwell Ben Campbell Michael Dawson Alfred Free Paulette Goss Theresa Grider Joseph Gullickson Robin Gullickson Avery Helm Craig Helm Shan Hodges Jennifer House Derrick Jackson Roy Jackson Damon Laubscher Howard Lavender John Logue Cara Lucky Sam Lucky Dixie McAfee Cheryl McCain John McDougald Leroy Peters Donnie Puckett Nick Ramirez Richard Ramirez Jeff Ryland Sandra Sanderfer Mary Shippey Anna Silva Greg Simmons David Worlev PART TWO 6 it LIUIB Intermediate School RBSCBIS X, if! Fun mo Lsnrzume comame 'fg 1 m rms umous Loon AT me If OF ewes mess, E, smns Fouzmo Fwe. " 1' Xl' ' L1 " 'Ik' K E lx 1,11 'Y' NDRA BLAINE cretary QR X l 'md Q, COLLIER Grade 5. S-"-uv' JOHN MAPLES Intermediate School Principal as .NS .u!?if' Stihl. MAURA AUGER DORIS BARKER Resource Third Grade Q... 4 PEARL BOAZMAN KATHERINE BRIGHTWELL BETTY BURT Physical Education Art Secretary 4. KAY COSSEY Fourth Grade MARY DOOLEN SHARON DULAK Fifth Grade Third Grade 249 it iw? 9 was Q W Intermediate QF chool QM J. Faculty 7 az: , 3' 3' sr ' T E x 1 Q f idf 'N i z A 4' gs ' I fl' I J ,L. " .im ,rf ,- . L 5 W ermediate Proerams Offer Variety LEFT: Intermediate School winners in the Children's Book Week limerick contest are Sonja Carr, fourth grade: Lori Carter, third grade: and Drew Askew, fifth grade. Held in conjunction with the theme, "Let the Book Bug Bite", book week events stimulate reading interest among the students. BELOW LEFT: Mr. Charles Kilsby of the Brazona County Texas Militia visits thiro graders in a fall presentation to lamilianze students with a time in Texas history when small bands of militia forces helped win the state its independence. in an authentic militia outfit, Mr. Kilsby also gave kidsalookatearly weapons and gave accounts of militia activity during the Texas Revolutionary War. BELOW: Intermediate Halloween costumes ranging from vampires to nurses are wom by Rafael Ramirez, Trey Presley, Susan Burge, Andrea Williams, Polly Shinn, Kalen Pollard, Jason Carter, Henry Fisher, Michelle Estades, Shawn Hatfield, Candy Good, Estelle Cannon. f We .. -- an ' W3- sr 'N 4 at wwf I. i M 253 Library Presents New Challenge RIGHT: For contributing time and energy to both reading and helping out in the library, these filth graders eamed the title of "Library Elves". Pictured are Estelle Cannon, Tonya Black, Latnce Herron, Donnie Meismer, Mechyel Andrus, Amy Yarborough, Ray Bess, Trisha Parsons, Tommy Puckett, Dawn Hatfield, Crissy Jurek, Karen Webb, Shawn Hatfield, Stephnee Gage, Andrea Williams, Joahanna Hickey, Cheryl Fields, Kim Hood, Julie Gutierrez. BELOW: For 20 days service to the Intermediate Library Melissa Mendez, Lori Carter, and Angela Hayes eamed the "Library Elf" awards. Other third graders not pictured are Marianela Valdez and Cristy Hanson. "l qi H t N. -L as M gs-as .sim..rn.. s K G gtg, K jg,g,,....,.s. 254 i l i LEFT: Casual reading is encouraged by the displays and atmosphere of the intermediate library. l l ABOVE: Fourth grade "Library Elves' Latasha Wright, Rosalyn Bowie, Tina Br Christine Guillote, Sheila Matthews, Hattaway, Larry Ferguson, Laura Ande Tammy Slreeter, Rachel Ordonez, Young, Angela Horton, Cindy Gibson, Va Roberts. Roland Juarez is not pictured. lp I. ' fjxi 'C I. 'xx 'L X -4 ,QQ fl I ... f, 1 4 XQNQ I 'X f .SY hX ' 1 Q A " earning ls Seeine, Doine, Beine , .' ,. 'V s ,Ml . , . A Qt 'X - A , AC l 15:1 ., :S . . 'K ' . if s R 'A X X 'S I ' I A f . . .v NV A . 11 A I ' ' 5 l"l'xl 'Evil ' V ff' iam J -- t hn . .A . 21' E S TOP LEFT: Pinocchio finds many activities at the camival to lure him from school in a scene from a fifth grade production. Pictured are Crystal Puckett, Christi Reid, and Keri Fulligrim. TOP RIGHT: "Sings the Songs of Christmas, " a fourth grade play, tells the Christmas story through songs. Shown are Eric Hensley, Kerwin Ross, Howard Byford, Melissa Salazar. MIDDLE LEFT: Fifth grade cast members are transformed into adorable clowns in a scene from kindly, old Geppett's toy shop. Shown are Tony Reeves, Lisa- Rodriguez, Patricia Parsons, Marie Surber, Dawn Hatfield, Rita Romero, Kalen Pollard, Kim Hood, Wendy Wallis, Bubba Burt, Stacy Tindol, Darrell Krebs. ABOVE: Billy Weems, Raleigh Jordan, and Kevin Baines open gifts at Mrs. Sewell's class Christmas party. BOTTOM LEFT: Growing up in the age of the Space Shuttle is an exciting time, but for these fifth graders a tour of NA SA facilities at Clear Lake City was a memorable experience. Stu- dents viewed real-life displays of space vehicles, astronaut equipment, and lecture films about the space program. Students are shown before spacecraft previously used in NASA missions. 257 Activities Stir Imagination Creativ RIGHT: Completing a social studies unit on the Netherlands, third graders experience a cheese-tasting assembly. To the delight of some and to the dismay oi others, tasting Dutch Gouda cheese was an adventure in foreign culture. The children also studied authentic Dutch artifacts, paintings, and native dolls. BELOW: Michelle Rousselle, Nicole Napier, and Ben Campbell take ona new look during a fall dress up day. BELOW RIGHT: Ghastly and unidentiliable, these Intermediate School ghouls enjoy the camera 's attention as the campus celebrated Halloween. BOTTOM: Gaybriell Griggs, Keith Alexander, Chuck Fisher, Rita Romero, and Jackie Johnson find that class must go on despite the funny diversions of a dress up day. fs! if A ,Lx X sh T Q ,psf ff X A N Km x kk if Kia wgiwl Work Plus Fun Equals Learning ABOVE: Fifth graders Rita Romero, Brandee Rayburn, Chris Morales, Donald Utecht, and Tim Meador work on projects forthe Brazona County Fair Art Show. RIGHT: ln the Christmas spirit, Tammy Streeter, Leonard Russell, Diana Schicke, Anthony Perez, Melissa Salazar, Ragin Pate, Raleigh Jordan, Patrick Tolbert, and Joe Lavender gather around their classroom tree. LEFT: Fourth graders load the bus for an outing to Houston's planetarium and museum of natural science. Shown are Troy Moreland, Bryan James, Shannon Teague, LaTricia Higgins, and Maria Escalante. BELOW: Charley "John Travolta" Thompson can't resist the music that only he can hear. Classes Encouraee Total lnvolvemen RlGHT: Mrs. Doolen's class enjoys Christmas party refreshments. Shown are Latrice Herron, Stacy Fox, Paul Free, Angie Ayers, Kenneth Copeland, Tony Reeves. BELOW: Tim Meador, Brandee Raybum, Candy Good, and Kasey Gillespie string beads in Mrs. Thompson's art class. BELOW RIGHT: Students of Mrs. Barbara Frankum have a class party. BOTTOM LEFT: Fifth grade students of Mrs. Ruth Perry display projects culminating a study of Indians. Pictured are Wesley Robertson, Marvin Graham, Paulette Smith, Jill Hubenak, and Joseph Puente. BOTTOM RIGHT: Shown with Indian projects are fifth grade students Veronica Wulf, Lashelle Bell, Yolanda Wilcox, Charmin Bonner, Chris Trafton, and Patricia Lyster. 5.2 ls? new -- - - E-as . P 262 'fi J" ,ggi slut!-hlnl vb K ' ,,,,,5 ' u J I i I I v IQ, V I JN 7 L. N. V ' ' 'N ii LV' ' , Q Q Q ' f? N fi g is " 1,4 .ff if Qx 4 . ,f Sfggi 11,: . , ws .3 .AV . . ki: R. X 35 ' 4 xi K , s . .11 bf a J QL an . . ai vi, -V84 .V ' an :NNW . A1 8 x v Qi Y if MW P15 SA We iz V kyyy V ,n EJ . 1 W Win M "" NIQQQ' .K wh gl K 1 . . ' a ' , Hifi 32 8 ? 3 WAI A' 475 -7, , ... ' LA' --f' Q14 u My f 4. ,MA W, . 3 1 ., . If xg 2 ' y f XX "!"f'f::v ,fz??"7A5a'X J 1 if M I g'WQjTG5?!2E52' . 4 ' 1 m .. J Q 4 ' ' 9 5 6 P27 ... Wd, 8 V I Y , J , S -Q 'QW 9 .-Lf. RICHARDS, ADAM RICHARDSON, JAMES RICHMOND, DONNY RIEBERSAL, PAMELA ROBB. RUSSELL ROUSELLE, MICHAEL ROY. WILLIAM SCHUERG, KACEY SEXTON, ALISA SHAW, CHAD SHEPARD, DONNA SMITH, BILLY SMITH, CELYNSIA SMITH, JENNIFER SPENCER, SCOTTY STROTHER. STEPHEN TAYLOR, JOHN TEAGUE. MICHELLE THURMAN, LAURIE TIMS, ULANDA VALDEZ, MARIANELA WALLACE, KATINA WEATHERS. SHANNON WEBB, KELLEY WELCH. TOMMY WILLIAMS, JEREMY WILSON, EARL WINSCOTT, JASON 7 WOLVERTON. WARREN WOMACK, RALPH WOODY, TAMMY WRIGHT, RICHARD A B0 VE LEFT: Classes team up in a tug-o-war during a special field day at the high school stadium in early May. ABOVE: Between track and field events, Intermediate School students have time for a little goofing off. LEFT: Displaying team spirit as Peny's Powerful Pros, these intermediate kids turned in some good performances in the day's competitive events. 265 UI 5. S PART THREE ig k j I I IN ,ii I . Il ETIVTQQ I 2 ,lr Primary Sesame Street School NO BIG BIRD, GROVER OR KERMIT THE FROG HERE, BUT PRIMARY SCHOOL CHILDREN GET A GOOD START ON EVERYTHING FROM A-B-C TOI- I I 1. L Qi ! A S JOHN MAPLES NANCY HANSON Principal Assistant Principal Z fl iv y I 'i ATWOOD AUDREY BARCLAY CAROL CRAWFORD nd Grade Librarian Remedial Reading tk Q A xia- FARRIS JOANN FEARS VERA FRIDAY Grade Early Childhood Second Grade ff I I 5 1 BEA EDISON Aide NICKI GEORGE Second Grade 267 s if Q K fm? fi R, 'fl' 1' ,M X. 3 dl 5 Q K -W B af 5: x "'-2: N Za. also ,W ff' mmm 3 .,,. .A M , W is. 3 5 V gr XV 1 H o K. if ,,,gi i .Ai .Q , J 5 4 .r . V. . 5' sf Q. 5: in 1 . -Q .NG- 5 9 ww! W 'U N ' 3 X I 1, V112 ' 6 QQ? if-E 4 is gi 9 'f 1 imap, EL ,A . x ' if X Q 1 1' lg, i Q V9 x V .' Learnine Comes Alive Indoors or Out In the spring, classroom studies tum and her many mysteries as evidenced hese students of Mrs. Marian Miksch. As .. of their science class studies Mary K. Brightwell, Richard Hood, Raul Mora, Vance Sechelski, Shana Utecht, Chad Whitley, and Regina Sisson observe bird nests during a first-hand study of nature objects. 'leak F-'f if A B0 VE: In observance of National Girl Scout Week in the spring members of the local second grade troop conducted a Primary campus flag ceremony. Students of both Primary and intermediate campuses participated in a number of patriotic events throughout the year. 271 Plays Turn Readme into Reallt RIGHT: In celebration of St. Patrick's Day in March, students in Mrs. Nicki George's second grade class presented a play titled, "The Magic Shamrock Surprise" for an audience of classmates. Cast members Sandra Hernandez, Jason Milner, Danny Barton, Nakia Hanks, Ricky Knott, and Misty Logue helped present the story of leprechauns, elves, and fairies who protected the queen's gold from trolls. BELOW: After an introduction to the story "Rumpelstiltskin" in their basil reader, these Primary School students tumed their reading into reality in a play based on the famous fairytale character. Students of Mrs. Gayla Sterzinger who participated are Chris Olson, David Grindle, Rebecca Jacobs, Derrick Johnson, Lilley Corvarrubias, Caryn Talley, Shawn Jacobs, Brian Davis, Lee Lilley, and Misty Ben'y. 'df 3' X x Jah fb Nw ., Y . X. 30. 1 2 -.FX 3 R A x-.ff-Q I , l v V 5, S Lula- We YE! Q v I. i X C MX L 3' K Thu 6 .v QA ' ' 1 W . ,ga ...s jak Q.-...i"' K ' I l O v I ,gn , 1 0 .- gm x ali 'Q x ,X 4 1 45? f 4 I . Q5 ., -i N, . Learnine to Do, Doine to Learn ABOVE LEFT: Dwight Finley, a student of Mrs. Sharon Thomasson, shows off the 41- pound pumpkin he selected from his grandmother's garden as part of the class "Signs of Fall" study. ABOVE: Paper bag puppets help dramatize class reading assignments. Shown are puppeteers Dawn Crebo, Kimberly Adams, Wynette Fields, Melissa Howard, and Scott Laird. LEFT: As part of a study of "telling" and "asking" sentences, Kathryn Robinson, Alicia Garrett, and Scott Sullivan made stick puppets representing question marks and periods. 275 Competition Sparks Achleveme I gg , W' W 'Q as as if ABOVE: "Snowing Good Readers", a contest sponsored by the Primary School Library, produced 680 books read by students in a two week long contest. Shown with snowballs representing books read are FRONT ROW: Brushard Higgins, Wade Thomas, Chad Whitley, Raulito Mora, Reginia Sissons, Mary K. Brightwell. MIDDLE ROW: Richard Hood, Margaret Fabacher, DeAnnia Schuster, Jennifer Adley, Kenneth Kellis, Vance Sechelski, Shana Utecht. BACK ROW: Mrs. Audrey Barclay, librarian: Tracy Smallwood, Marla Morris, Claudette Gay, John Wright, Rodney Betzer, and Mattie Washington, librarian. Mrs. Miksch's class won firstplace with 202 books read. RIGHT: Top readers in the contest are Raul Mora, 27 books: Jennifer Adley, 23 books: and Vance Sechelski, 27 books. if 9 9. W if nz' KS X ' : nw , . WSF X5 ' me ..f.XXw -.Q X A aixfb I Q Q 1 V' " 'C 4 ,Q xx ,.. Q. fy 1' vu X Xf 5 i 1' me X V Y Rl jf Q. '35 wi U- 33 fjx Q N 'xv il 25 0 y x "" st 'fi 'Q .-.-, Q X I f 1' if ai 'R IA: Q vi H AMA? o , if 1 F? gmt kj 115 A :JA 1 if in 'l 'Y Q ,s, ,.' -gn .' -4 AQ 4 A . x X ' K ' , 4' 'lx' 1 u X and K T 9 Q ii ids Corral I'-'un 8: Play for a Day FAB LEFT: Celebration in conjunction with the Brazoria County Fair featured hats, boots, chaps, and spurs during Western Day in October. Justin Barber was named "Best Dressed Cowboy". Deputy sheriff Nancy Hanson, assistant principal offers congratulations. LEFT: Christoper McClure heads up the wagon train during Western Day events at the Primary campus. BELOW: Other Western Day cowpokes include Zachary Collard, Christopher McClure, Linda Jo English, Jerry Don Parrish, Casey Scarborough, Amy Atkinson, Michael Reyes, Emelda Valdez, and Clint Raynor. 1 an-4 Public Servants Still Make House Calls an-r .qu ABOVE: Sweeny fireman Jimmy Koonce visited kindergarten classes and modeled a fire-fighting suit and gear. With Koonce are Brian Simmons, Sukedra Tolbert, Patricia Daughtery, and Carlos Lockler. RIGHT: Baord member Dr. Alma Da vis presented a special program on health care to kindergarten students. As part of a unit on community helpers, Dr. Davis explains the functions of the heart and demonstrated to children how to take blood pressure readings. BELOW: In observance of National Dental Health Month in February, Mrs. Dale Hahn, loca hygienist, presented a program on tooth care. Mrs. Hahn briefed kids on proper tooth care and introduced the major enemies of healthy teeth. ..,.,t,a:W"" ms we Lai' if it Q. 1 gi 62 X. ' ,A -A x S , X T5 ,- if F . ' gm I gfxx F X ,ff XX Q6 Q Q,, "Pf ur'--'iii' LEWIS. JASON LOCKLER. CARLOS LONG. JASON LOVELL. TRAVIS LUNA. NATHAN MACK. DION MANSEL, CRISTI MATHIS. HARRY MARCUM. MARSHA MAVBERRY, SHEKKA MCCAIN. SHANE MCCLURE, CHRISTOPHER MCVICKER. DUSTY MICKEY. KELLY MITSCHKE. DENNIS MOROE, JARRET MORRIS, KELLY NASH, CRAIG NEWSOM, PATTY NORSWORTHV, NOWINA ORCHARD, DONDEE ORCHARD. SABRINA ORDONEZ. DALE ORR. DANNY PARNELL. JOEL PARRISH. JERRY PEREZ. ALAN PEREZ. ANGELA PERRY, RICHARD PIPKIN. PATRICIA PISKLAK. T J. PIERCE, GREG POTETT. FLOYD POTTER, DARREN RAYNOR. CLINTON REBECTOR. JULIUS REED. GRAOY REYES. MICHAEL REYNOLDS. ALICIA RHODES. BEN RICHARDSON. RANDALL ROBERTS. LEE RODEN. COLINDA ROLLINS, ERIC SANCHEZ. PHILLIP SCARBOROUGH, CASEY SEBRING, TERESA SIEERRA, JAVIER SIMMONS. BRIAN SMITH. LISA STEVENS. TAMIKA STEWART. CHRISTY STREETMAN. CHRISTINA SUMMERS. SKYE SURBER. WANDA TARR. TISHA THAMES, KYLE THOMASSON, AMY THOMPSON, JASON THURMAN. KARA TICHACEK. JAMES TOLBERT, SUKEDRA TRAHAN, CHARLES 282 EARLY CHILDHOOD ANDERSON, TRAVIS BRODFIICK, TAMMY BROWN, CHRISTOPHER FRIDAY, VICKY GAGE, ZACHARY LEE, JOHN LEWIS, TAMMY MENDEZ, RENEE MORENO, DEBRA NORSWORTHY, CARDIE RAND, JEREMY RUSSELL, SHELLY SMITH, RICHARD THURMAN, GINA TOLBERT, DANITA TOLBERT, ANGELA TROUTMAN,CHRIS TUCKER. SUMMER UTECHT. TRAVIS VALDEZ. EMELDA VANDERGRIFFT, GINGER VELA. VALERIE VERZWGVELT. J.D. WELBOAN, JODIE WHITE, AMBER WILLIAMS. ANGELA WILLIAMS, JEREMY WILLIAMS. ROSA WOODARD. SHAWN WRIGHT, KRISTA 283 284 AAAAA Abbot, Marcus 256 Abbot, Teresa 82 Abbot, Wade 270 Abel, amy 278 Achten, Glenn 82 Achten, Jim Ed 252 Adams, Bil lie 9.30.34,176,177,161,198,20B Adams, Brian 239 Adams, Kim 270,275 Adams, Misty 256 Adams, Scott 274 Adams, Shawn 220 Adams, Sylvia 82,196 Adley, Jenniler 270,276 Aguilar, Jerry 274 Aguilar, Joe 274 Aguilar, Lonnie 263 Albers, Vickye 113 Alamia, Angie 82 Alamia, Bonnie 228 Alamia, Christopher 256 Alamia, Cynthia 74,189,162 Alamia, Dawn 252 Aldape, Maria 278 Aldape, Samona 116,121 Alderman. Alderman, Alexander, Alexander, Alexander. Alexander. Alexander. Faith 239 James 220 Jett 239,243 Keith 252,258 Kelvin 256 Kevin 252 Robert 239 Allen, Renee 274 Allison, Clill 278 Allison, Yvette 263 Amey, Elai ne 193 Amey, Sandra 66 Andersen, Linda 126 Anderson. Anderson. Anderson, Anderson. Anderson. Anderson, Anderson. Anderson. Anderson. Anderson. Anderson. Anderson. Anderson, Anderson. Anderson, Anderson. Alexis 263 Anthony 66,177,204 Brian 270 Charles 220 Cody 278 Darrin 263 Deanna 270 Debra 239 Dorothy 74 Laura 254,256 Mera 274 Michael 82,155,1B6,205,207 Regina 82 Rita 74,196 Ronald 256 Stephen 256 Anderson, Tammie 74 Anderson, Tittany 274 Anderson, Tim 220,233 Anderson, Travis 283 Anderson Wesley 239 Andrus, Jason 263 Andrus, Mechyel 252,254 Archambo. Judy 274 Argo, Randy 82 Armstrong, Brad 252 Armstrong, Bryan 222,228 Armstron Q. Armstrong. Armstrong Armstrong Kim 82 Melissa 263 Stacey 234,239 ,Tina 228 Arnold, Dan 221,237,241 Arrant, Christine 263 Arrant, Michelle 256 Askew, Andrew 252,253 Askew, Aprile 270 Ateeb, Adlben 220,233,237,241 Ateeb, Tabah 228 Atkinson, Amy 278,279 Atwood, Malcolm 108,111 Atwood, Zula 267 Austin, Darrell 1B3,220,232,237,241 Austin, Jesse 66,205 Austin, Willie 198,200,204,205 Auer, Am 280 Y Ayers, Angie 252,262 Auger, Maura 249 Azbell, Denni 220 Azbell, Rajetta 252 Azbell, Robert 263 BBBBB Bailey, Darrin 263 Bailey, Doug 228,241 Bailey, Jenniler 228,241 Baines, Daronia 270 Baines, l-iasley 66 Baines, Kevin 256,257 Baker. Brad 228 Baker, Carol 82 Baker, Gail 263 Baker, James 228 Baker, Laura 239 Baker, Stacey 82,155 Baldridge. Baldridge. Baldridge. Baldridge. Baldridge. Angie 270 Benjamin 256 Matt 274 Sherry 263 Stephen 256 Ballard.Janna 256 Ballard, Ray 228 Bannert, Alvin 160 Barber, Jo Barber, Ju hn 74,155 stin 279,281 Barber, Ray 252 Barclay, Audrey 267,276 Barclay, J.C. 120,124 Bardwell, Felicity 263 Bardwell, Renee 190 Barlield, Harold 201 Bartield, Mike 74,82,187,201,204 Barlield, Stephanie 256 Barfield, William 239 Barker, Doris 249 Barker, Gaye 24,25,31,137,16O Barnett, Mark 228 Barnes, Brian 220,233,241 Barnes, Ginger 21,82,83,196 Barron, Bob 118,216 Barrientez, Deitra 274 Barrientez, Frank 116 Barton, Danny 270,272 Barton, Marla 45,152,153 Bass, Barbara 108,111 Bass, David 231.240 Bass, Debbie 256 Bass, Leigh 222,228,229,241 Bass Baty, Baty, Troy 82,186,204 Christopher 259 Chuck 66 Baugh, Alonzo 66 Baugh, Cheryl 162 Baugh, Joe 270 Baugh, Kent 186,197 Baugh, Marvin 263 Baugh, Ursula 66 Beard. Josh 220,242 Beard, Wanda 66 Bedtord, Georgia 263 Beisner, Tina 82 Belk, Denise 228 Bell, Charles 263 Bell, Craig 259 Bell, Emma 196 Bell, Gerald 252 Bell, Jenniler 240 Bell, Kenneth 66 Bell, Kevin 74,185,210 Bell, Lashelle 252,262 Bell, Latrisha 274 Bell, Melvin 82 Bell, Patricia 228 Bell, Cluenton 263 Bell, Quinton 228 Bell, Ray 117 Bell, Robert 82 Bell, Rolanda 192 Bell, Sherrita 240 Bell Stephanie 263 Bender, Bill 45,126,152,153 Bender, Brandi 281 Bender, Brent 259 Bender, Martha Jim 216 Bernard, Derrick 281 Bernhausen, Brandon 263 Berry, Archie 281 Berry, Carl 74,155 Berry. Charlie 74,155 Berry, Marcus 270 Berry, Misty 270,272 Bertsch, Melinda 74 Bertsch, Miron 38 Bertsch, Ruby 121 Bess Bess .Adrian 281 ,Alexia 240 Bess, Alton 259 Bess, Andrea 281 Bess. Cynthia 66 Bess, Equillia 259 Bess, Floyd 274 Bess, Lakuita 274 Bess Bess .Nick 230,237 .Raymonte 259 Bess, Reggie 74,197 Bess, Roy 240 Bess, Terry 240 Bess, Valarie 263 Betzer, Patricia 216 Betzer, Rodney 276 Bezdek, Veronica 252 Beve Beve Beve ll, Terry 66 rly, Billie 121,216,221 rly, Harry 215,235 Bible, Marc 274 Bible, Neil 252 Biggs, Kacey 270 Biggs, Tracy 263 Bigler, Mike 66,177,179,208 Bigler, Virginia 215 Billings, Kevin 240 Billings, Paul 263 Birmingham, Bradley 82 Bivens, Alberta 220,237,241,246 Bivens, Annette 220,237 Bivens, Betty 21,66,68,193 Bivens, Cynthia 161 Bivens, Donald 82 Bivens, Georgia 228 Bivens, Maurice 270 Bivens, Millie 24,25,28.30,34,193195203.211 Bivens, Ronald 82 Bivens, Terry 228.241 Bivens, Trina 263 Bivens, Ulysses 274 Black, Tonya 252,254 Black, Wendy 270 Blackstock. Misty 281 Blackstock. Roy 82,155,186 Blackstock, Tammy 240 Blackwell, Marcia 252 Blaine, Sandra 249 Bland, Robbie 126,163 Blatner, Amy 66 Boazman, Lisa 39,206,211 Boazman, Pearl 120,249 Boening, Fred 126 Bohae. Jill 274 Bohr, Leslie 196 Bolden, Ann 240 Boler, Ben 126 Bonner, Anthony 228,241 Bonner, Bobby 281 Bonner, Charmin 252,262 Borders. Kelly 82,86 Borders, K.L. 186 Borders, Larry 66,185,208 l Borders, Sharon 113 Borrego. Carlos 66 Borrego, Gene 220 ' Borrego, Marcella 74,206 Borrego, Vincente 259 Bourland, Leslie 82 Bourland, Michael 240 Bowie, Charmaine 74,207 Bowie, Jesse 263 Bowie, Rosalyn 254,259 Boyd, Monty 23,67,177,181 Bozeman, Chris 274 Bozeman, Jell 220 Bozeman, Mark 228 Branch, Rebecca 270 Branch, Steve 274 Branch, Tony 252 Brant, Clillord 74 Brashier, Brenda 82 Brashier, Mary 220,229,238 Brashier, Roy 82 Breintenstein, Derek 252 Brewer, Roger 220 Briggs, Rhonda 74 Brightwell, David 252 Brightwell, Kay 120 Brightwell, Mary K. 249,270,271 Brinkley, Earnest 281 Brittain, Leslie 220,221,246 Brittain, Richard 67 Broderick, Jeremy 263 Broderick, Joseph 263 Brogden, John 270 Brogden, Laura 274 Brooks, Craig 274 Brooks, Louise 160 Brooks, Shawn 270 Brouilette, Terri 83 Brouilette, Tony 252 Brown, Casey 274 Brown, Cedric 274 Brown, Charles 216 Brown, Christopher 283 Brown, Dale 74,75,1B5 Brown, Karen 259 Brown, Linda 263 Brown, Melissa 263 Brown, Roger 259 Brown, Sarah 281 Brown, Shane 263 Brown, Sheri 21,23,74,l96,202 Brown, Tina 254,259 Brown, Tracy 252 Bruce, Colby 263 Bruce, Crystal 220,237,241 Bruce, David 220,233,237 Bryant, Coty 274 Br ant, Wayland 263 Bryson, Ann 8,43,137 Bryson, Jan 43,163,207 Br son, Jeana Kay 259 Biickley, Stephanie 234,240 Buckley, Tommy 231 Bullard, Brady 259 Bullard, Jason 221,230,231 Bullocks, Lisa 263 Bullocks, Nathaniel 252 Burge, Michael B3 Burge, Ricky 43 Burge, Susan 252,253 Burgess, Dwayne 83 Burke, Kitty 216 Burke, Nola Dell 216 Biirkett, Cindy 33 Burns, Chris 263 Burns, Georgia 241 Burt, Arthur 252 Burr, Betty 249 ,276 Burt, Brad a2,a:i,11o,111,111,2os Burt, Bubba 257 Burt, Bryan 274 Burt, Ginger 220 Burt, Joe Ed 231 Burt, Julie 240 Burt, Mary 263 Burt, Mary Jane 231 Burt, Michelle 231 Burt, Robert 252 Burt, Sam 83,155 Burt, Tammy 74,155 Burttschell, Frank 45,108,118 Burttschell, Jill 67,69,192,194,206 Burttschell, Lucile 216 Bush, Cindy 74 Bush, James 67 Busche, Joseph 234,240 Busche, Lisa 230,234,240 Busche, Ruth 263 Butler, Aaron 222,231 Butler, Stuart 67,155 Butler, Tamara 234,240 Bylord, Howard 257,259 Bynum, Alice 263 Byrd, Billy 270 Byrd, Burney 117 CCCCC Cabrera, Molly 270 Cahoon, A.B, 160 , Callejas, Hermlna 83 Calleias, Maria 67 Campbell, Ben 258 Campbell, Billy 74,155 Campbell, Billy 243 Campbell, Miara 241 Campbell, Priscilla 270 Campbell, Valerie 74,79,190.211 Cannon, Estelle 252,253,254 Cannon. John 274 Carbaial, Jenniler 270 Carbalal, Leslie 222,231 Carbajal, Rosie 116 Carbaial,WiIliam 252 Caron, Dawn 252 Carpenter, James 231 Carr, Blaine 270 Carr, David 116 Carr, Sonja 253,259 Carrasco, Deno 231 Carrasco, Ricky 74 Carter, Cathy 281 Carter, Cheryl 274 Carter, Chris 231,274 Carter, James 83 Carter . Jason 252,253 Carter, Lori 253,254,263 Castillo, David 270 Castillo, Lilly 281 Castro, Jessica 270 Castro, Vickie 263 Cavallin, Rhonda 231 Cavallin, Rodney 263 Chatin, Delores 9,125 Chalin, Shelli 228,229,231,241 Chamblee, Cheryl 241 Chamblee. Connie 74,161 Chanc Chanc Chand Chena Chena Christ, Christi Christi Cisner ey, Cindy 241 ey, Roy 83 ler, Michelle 220 ult, Win 220 ult, Wyatt 263 Thieme 67 an, Bill 126 an, Sheree 217 os, Jesse 281 Clark, Arthur 252 Clark. Clark. Clark. Clark. Clayto Cleme Carley 259 Lakesha 281 Nikki 270 Sulena 241 n, Jason 281 nts, Gwynn 8 Coburn, Bruce 270 Coburn, Melissa 220,221,222,237 2 243,246 Cole, Carolene 270 Coleman, Michael 67,69,177,181 18 199,204,208 Coleman, Randall 231,241 Collard. Lance 259 Collard, Zachary 279,281 Collier, Cynthia 249 Collier, Shannon 230,241 Collier, Thomas 108,112 mpton Andrew 263 mpton Natalie 220221237241 ne Amye 270 nine David 117 oley James 259 oley Jewell 231 oper Larry 241 peland Classle 270 peland Douglas 281 peland Helen 116 peland Jennifer 259 peland Kenneth 252 262 peland Nell 126161 peland P Clay 252 peland Sheila 230231241 rnado Linda 220 rrell Scott 222230231 ssey Kay 120 249 varrublas Emma 116 varrubias Lilly 270272 varrubras Luis 259 x Tom 274 awford Carol 267 awford Janle 67 ebo Dawn 270275 :bbs Nichole 222231 isp Jay 67 :sp Steve 231241 :swell Wilma 121126 ocksr James 270 sson Alan 67185 osson James 231 sson Rickey 274 uch Phoebe 83153155196 uch Tommy 259 nmngham Justin 263 DDDD nlels Elaine 270 niels Elizabeth 261 ughtery Cheryl 252 ughtery Patrlcla 280281 ughtery Ronnie 220 venport Tracey 67170 Alma 45108109280 Brian 270272 v Connie 67161 v Kathleen 252 Laurie 83 vs Matthew 270 vs Rena 241 v Rhonda 67 vs Vick: 220238241 vidson Chris 274 wson Sheila 83 al Terry 220222233242 Cou Kim 74153 207 cou Tammy 231 leon Lupe 83190 leon Martina 241 Malade Beck: 74152 Malade Sand: 231 Marco Michelle 241 Marco Scott 220 233 nnls Felicia 252 nson Agnes 32126170 nson Keith 74 77152165 211 nson LeAnna 922 24 27 ming Joe 116127 wveall Alison 220221222 38 246 z Michael 274 tz Skee Gee 10 20177178 81 204 tfunh Edward 220221226 32 245 bias Jenn:ler 259 bias Joan 189 bias John 67177181 dd Bill 116 dds Jan 274 dson Carey 252 dson David 263 mas Alyssa 281 oen John 259 olen Mary 113 en Mary 249 en Sherry 74 153 189 en Terr: 231 rsey Bernice 231 er Billy 75 dell Julie 83190 bose Philip 231 ley Tessa 259 rene Dale 281 L ak Sharon 249 n Gary 241 n Larry 18 ler Amy 222231 ler Lester 127176 ler Linda 121127 ont Stacey 274 EEE es Bobby 223233 ton, Kim 274 son, Arthur 83,197 ion, Bea 267 ards, Christina 223,237,241 ards, Georgina 83,161 ards. Howard 197 ards. Marc 241 ards,Torland 281 leston, Christine 75,190 leston, Steve 231 , Kimberly 263 . Greg 252 , Michelle 222.229,230. 1.245 ,Peggy 120.217 d, Michelle 231.245 eimer. Margarita 274 mrriiiigs. Connie 21,2a,24,25.aa,44 vis. ' . . ', ViS, 4 , is, ' . 6 vis, Kerry 186,197 vis. ' L L m ' I , , .205 s. ' :Q nf 4. . . A , ' ei.1m Emanuel, Darren 75 Emanuel, Lavelle 234,241 Ems, Joe Mike 83,210 English, Barbara 121.217 English, Jerry 121,127,193 English, Linda 279.281 Epperly. Gene 252 Epperly, Steven 259 Ervin. Amy 228,229,231 Escalante, Marcos 231,241 Escalante. Marie 259.261 Escalante. Marvin 270 Estades, Michelle 252,253,263 Evans, Buck 116 Evans, Jeff 223,230,237,246 Evans. Robin 83,186 GGGGG Gage, Stephnee 254,252 Gage, Zachary 283 Gaines, Arthur 84,186,197 Garcia. Lisa 270 Garcia, Sandra 252 Garner, Craig 252 Garner, Daniel 259 Garner, Matthew 281 Garner, William 242 Garnett, Chris 259 Garnett, Dale 230,243 Garrett. Alicia 270,275 Garrett, Luther 252 Garrett, Michelle 242 Gary, Richie 206 Garza, Anna 116 Ezell, Kimberly 274 Ezell, Henry 274 Ezell, Patricia 230,234,241 Ezell, Sandra 270 Ezell, Tommy 259 Ezell, Vicki 270 F F F F F Fabacher, Margaret 270,276 Fabacher, Raymond 263 Farrar, Sandra 223,238,241 Farris, Sara 267 Fears, Joann 267 Feldman, Susan 217,230,238,241 Ferguson, Brian 263 Ferguson. Douglas 252 Fabacher, Margaret 270,276 Fabacher, Raymond 263 FBFYBY, Sandra 223,238,241 Farris, Sara 267 Fears, Joann 267 Feldman, Susan 217,230,238,241 Ferguson. Brian 263 Ferguson, Douglas 252 Ferguson. Larry 254,259 Ferguson, Robert 223 Fields, Fields. Fields. Bennett 83,197 Cheryl 252,254 Delinda 231 Fields, Juanita 232 Fields Keith 270 Fields, Sterling 232 Fields, Syondra 274 Fields, Wynette 270.275 Fields, Yasha 281 Fine, Michael 270 Finch, Michelle 222,223,237 Finley, Brad 232 Finley, Brenda 116 Finley. Brian 83.155 Hwy Fmw Dwight 270,275 Elizabeth 263 Finley. Jamie 252 Finley, Finley, Finley, Finley, Finley. Finley, Fisher, Fisher, Fisher. Jeffrey 274 Julie 270 Melissa 270 Rhonda 183 Tommy 83,186 Tonya 259 Charles 252,258 Danna 270 Henry 252.253 Fite, Denise 252 Fite, Denna 222,223,229,238 Flatt, Michelle 230,241 Fletcher,Joan 270 Flickinger, Kelly 26 Florence, James 152 Ford, Shirley 250 Forney, Daryl 232,241 Forney, Sherri 75,162 Forney, Thomas 67,198 Forse, Gary T. 127,136 Fortenberry, Jennifer 274 Fortenberry,Judy 217 Fortenberry, Wayne 127 Foster, Kenneth 241 Foster, Nora 274 Foster, Pam 75,152,170,171 Foster, Rena 83 Foster, Richard 223.232 Foster, Robert 263 Foster, Sonia 263 Foster, Steve 84,186,205 Foster, Susan 223 Fowler, Jennifer 263 Fox, Stacey 252,262 Fox, Steven 263 Fox, Tracey 252 Frankli Frankli Frankli Franku n, Barbara 120 n, Leslie 67 n, Steve 223,233,259 m, Barbara 250 Garza, Angela 274 Garza, Danny 242 Garza, Joe 116 Garza, Kathy 252 Garza, Marbella 252 Garza, Michael 252 Gaspard, Bobbie 11 Gay, Christy 75,155 Gaye, Claudette 270 George, Nicki 267 Gerlich, Gwen 217 Gerlich, Jerry 38.45,108,109 Gibbs, Debbie 250 Gibson, Arthur 259 Gibson, Cindy 254 Gibson, Donald 84,205 Gibson, Douglas 281 Gibson, Evelyn 160 Gibson, Jodi 259 Gibson, Russell 242 Gibson, Terry 75 Gillespie. Kasey 252 Gillespie, Kelly 226,241 Gillespie, Kim 75 Gilliam, Darren 64 Glick, Shawn 242 Glick, Tracie 21.23.67 Golden, Angela 242,243 Golden, Karmon 75 Golden, Kary 75,185,204 Good. Candy 252,253 Good. Joan 120.268 Goodrum, Kathleen 242 Goodrum, Christine 252 Goodrum, Cody 252 Goodrum, Robert 75,187,204 Goodrum, Vladimir 84,187,205 Goza, Bridgett 243 Goza. Shannon 204 Gola, Yvette 32.33,75,170 Graaf, Darla 259 Graham, Marvin 252 Grantham, Donna 75,161,170 Graue. Dewayne 281 Graue. Gary 252 Green, Brad 75 Greer, Ricky 84 Greer, Kellee 3 Gregory. Angela 259 Gregory, Nathan 281 Griffin, Rhonda 76 Griggs, Gaybriell 255,258 Griggs, lris 21,196.202,203 Griggs, Maurice 67,177,179,204 Griggs, Renae 255 Grindle. David 270,272 Linda 230,242 Groth. BYBUGB 67 Groves. Randall 255 Groves, Stuart 259 Guillot. Christine 254,259 Gupton, Josie 268 Gupton, Mike 230,232,243,245 Gupton. Phillip 217 Gustafson, Dawn 255 Gutierrez, Andrew 76,79,185. 187,197,210 Gutierrez. Candy 117 Gutierrez, Christine 238,242 Gutierrez, Cindy 281 Gutierrez, Julie 254,255 Gutierrez. Mary 116 Gutierrez, Mike 270 Gutierrez, Nicky 259 Gutierrez, Ray 230,232 Gutierrez, Steven 237,255 Gutierrez,Vangie 67 Gutierrez, Vicki 76,190 HHHHH Hafley, Steve 67 Hagens, Steven 84 Hahlen, John 242 Hahn, Lois 242 Hale. Rickie 281 Frankum, Norma 263 Frankum, Rene 161 Frankum, Robyn 84,86,170 Free, Carol 162 Free, Darryl 232 Free, Harold 232 Free, Paul 252,262 Freeman, Bob 46 Freeman, Kenneth 232 Freeman, Sabrina 75,161 Freeman, Velma 75 Frsshour, Mark 84 Frick, Kacey 263 Friday. Robert 274 Friday,Vera 267 Friday, Vicky 283 Frientes. Andy 252 Fuentes, Adam 263 Fuentes. Alex 274 Fuller. Chuck 281 Fulligrim, Keri 257 Hale, Raymond 127 Hall. Doak 76 Hall, James 264 Hall, Kathy 84 Hall, Raymond 259.281 Hall, Rusty 277 Hall Steve 255 Hall,WilIiam 242 Hamilton, Jane 127 Hamilton. Valerie 84 Hamlett, Elizabeth 250 Hamlin, Dorothy 120 Hammond, Tracy 281 Hammond, Wendy 242 Hammond, Yvonne 125 Hampson. Shawna 233 Hanks, Deborah 270 Hanks, James 117,120 Hanks, Kristina 281 Hanks, Nakia 270,272 Hanks. Pat 250 Hanks. Smitty 281 Hanna, Sandy 281 Hanson, Christy 264 Hanson, Nancy 267,279 Hardaway. Jim Ed 255 Harding, Randy 76,155 Hardwick. Chad 281 Hardwick, Jody 259 Hargett,Lalla 84,170 Harlen, Luke 76 Harlen, Mark 67 Harrington, Tom 7.68,155 Harris, Ethel 116 Harris, Mike 84 Harris,Rhonda 238,241 Harris, Sheri 76,188,189 Harrison, Brad 277 Harrison. James 281 Harrison, Jon 76 Harrity, Ann 221.222,223. 237,242 Harvey, Jennifer 261 Harvey, Paula 223,237,242 Hassell, Earl 233,234,244 Hataway, Karen 254,259 Hataway, Nichole 233 Hatfield, Dawn 254,255,257 Hatfield, Shawn 253,254,255 Hawkins,Sean 255 Hawkins.Shontaye 281 Hayes, Angela 254,264 Hayes. Anthony 233,241 Hayes, Leslie 76,185,205 Hayes, Sandra 259 Hazleton, Pansie 116 Heard, Mamie 230,242 Heard, Shari 68 Heard, Trish 21.76.153,171 Hearn, Jason 242 Heasley, Janice 259 Heasley, Jeff 255 Heath, Michael 281 Heath, Sabrina 264 Heidecker. Eddie 76 Heinroth, Michael 270 Helfernan,Cery 234,242 Helm,Senecia 242 Helm, Steven 264 Helms,MichaeI 264 Halmes. Jarvis 64,197,205 Henderson. Barbara 268 Henderson,Lisa 64 Henderson, Randy 30.68, 171,206 Henderson. Scotty 270 Hensley, Eric 257,259 Hensley. Derek 255 Hensley, Jon 281 Hensley, Keri 277 Henson. Sanette 222.229, 233,241 Herber, Becky 128 Hernandez, David 233 Hernandez, Hector 277 Guilibeldo 270 Hernandez. Norma 281 Hernandez, Rene 223,230,242 Hernandez, Richard 233 Hernandez,Rosa 277 Hernandez, Sandra 270,272 Hernandez, Tony 270 Herrera. Robert 277 Herron, Latice 254,255,262 Heyn, Bernardene 120,268 Heyn, Karla 32,33,76, 152. 170,171 Hickey. Angela 264 Hickey, Anna Ruth 136,217 Hickey,Johanne 254,255 Hiers. John 277 Higgins, Brushard 270,276 Higgins, Carol 116.160,193,202 Higgins. Jackie 160,192.203,211 Higgins, Jean 268 Higgins, Jerry 76,205 Higgins, John 277 Higgins, La Bradford 264 Higgins, Latricia 259,261 Higgir1s.ShamariIyn 233,241 Higgins. Tracey 243 Hightower, Darryl 84 Hightower, Keith 76 Hightower, Scott 223.232 Hinkle, Jean 217 Hinkle. Mollie 21,75,76. 136,137.152,153.207 Hobbs, Ellen 230,233 Hock, Vickie 223,238 Hock, Donald 259 Hodges, Amy 264 Hogden, Keith 235,243 Holcomb, Christina 277 Holcomb, Jeff 243 Holcomb. Linda 268 Holcomb, Shawn 277 Holcomb, Tom 19 Holiday. Thomas 20.43.177 Hollis, Brian 281 Hollis, Laura 68,189 Hollis. Scott 223,233 Hollomon, Kimmy 76,170 Hollomon, Renee 222,223,238 Holmes, Leliiah 270 Holmes, Sonya 255 Holt. Adam 259 Holt. Amanda 233 Holt, Belinda 233 Holt, Susan 277 Hood, Kenneth 233 Hood, Kerry 264 Hood, Kim 254,255,257 Hood. Richard 271,273,276 Hood, Tammy 76 Hooper, Darryl 273 Hopkins, Ethel 250 Hopper, Lana 277 Hopper, Sandy 84.190 Hopper, Shawna 277 285 Hopper, Susan 230,233,245 Hornburger, Mark 243 Horton, Angela 255 Horton, Dorothy 233 l McGraw, Paul 108,109 McNeil, Evelyn 218 HONOR. Guy 233 Houston, Lisa 230,243 Houston, Michael 76,162,197 Howard, Brett 273 Howard, Jan 68 Howard, Kathy 76 Howard, Melissa 273,275 Howard, Paul 259 Howard, Tom 243 Hubenak, Jill 255,262 Hubenak, Leigh 233,241 Hubenak, Shawn 84,155 Hudson, Ann 84 Hull, Donna 250,273 Hughes. Marcy 76 Hunt, Kathy 76,153 Hunt, Robert 68,153 Hurley, Gayla 223 Hurst, K imberly 264 Hutchens, Randi 281 Hutto, Laquita 45,152 lllll lngrarrl. Bettie 250 Ivy, Matthew 259 ivy, Sharon 222,235,241 JJJJJ Jackson, Clarence 243 Jackson, Derrick 24 Jackson, Jeffrey 255 Jackson, Millie 121 Jackson, Robert 117 Jacobs, Billy 84 Jacobs, Chris 273 Jacobs, Clay 272 Jacobs, Donna 68,162 Jacobs, Donnaca 121 Jacobs, Melanie 259 Jacobs, Rebecca 272,273 Jacobs, Shawn 272 Jacobs, Shayne 277 Jacobs, Tina 230,235 James, Bryan 259,261 James, Lavanna 222,223 James. Rebecca 235 Jammer, Jammer. Annette 68 Brian 18,39,187,204,205 Jammer, Christi 31,162,163 Jammer, Danette 116 Jammer, Eva 255.268 Jammer, Kadric 281 Jammer, Lexile 272 Jammer, Tina 259 Jammer, Tracie 68,196 Jammer, Vickie 76,196 Jernigan, Katherine 84 Jochum, Jlmmy 68 Jochum, Klm 84 Johnican, Bessie 68,161 Johnson, Andrea 264 Johnson, Brad 68 Johnson, Bonnie 277 Johnson, Bryan 223 Johnson, Cory 76 Johnson, Daniel 264,281 Johnson, Dary 76 Johnson, Derrick 272 Johnson, Elena 277 Johnson, Gene 255 Johnson, Jackie 255,258 Johnson, Janet 84 Johnson, John 76 Juarez, Pete 243 Juarez, Rafael 85,162 Juarez, Roland 259 Juarez, Zoraida 160 Juerek. Cindy 243 Juerek. Crissy 254,255 Juerek. Shelley 277 Justice, Julie 235 Lincecum, Linda 121,250 Lincecum, Wes 224,241,232 Lindley, Darin 224 Lindley, Michele 77 McDaniel, Marie 273 McDonald, Fred 129 McDougal, John 243 McDougal, Martha 244 Lindsay, Connie 21,34,202 Lindsey, Laurie 268 Lindsey, Lisa 21,82,85,190,202,203 Lindsey, Lloyd 48 Lindsey, Joe 45,108,109,110,118 K K K K K Kaach, Jimmy 223 Kacal, Joey 273 Kacal, Michael 273 Kaczmarek, Melisse 259 Karstedt, Jimmy 264 Karstedt, Missy 211 Kattholf, Angela 281 Katz, Henry 222,235 Kees, Roger 119,125,128,176 Keith, Donya 223,236,237 Keith, Theresa 243 Kellis, Johnny 259 Kellis, Kenneth 273,276 Kennedy, Joy 234,243 Kennedy, Nina 268 Kerlnerner, Lil 224,228,229,236,237, 242 Kern, Clayton 85 Kern, Julie 243 Kern, Vince 186 Kerns, Ruth 160 Kessler, Brien 281 Kessler, Lori 264 Key, Jason 281 Kilsby, Dale 244 Kilsby, Latrisha 259 Kinard, Heather 277 King, Aaron 281 King, Bruce 260 King, Lavonne 268 King, Sue 116 King, Tammy 85 Kittinger, Phillis 217 Kluge, Barry 281 Kluge, Melissa 277 Klutz, Jeff 222,224,233,242,246 Klutz, Sally 128 Knight, Charles 230,235 Knight.Jessee 39,45 Knight, Sally 128 Knighten, Eddie 260 Knighten, Karren 77 Knott, Diana 281 Knott, Patrick 85 Knott, Ricky 277 Kocurek, Marshele 264 Kocurek, Ricky 277 Koonce, Marjorie 113 Koonce, Mary 268 Kopecky, Johnny 85 Kotrba, Michelle 230,235 Kramer, Christy 264 Krebs, Darrell 255,257 Krebs, Kyle 85,155 Kubena, Matt 9,6B,155 Kutach, Scott 264 LLLLL LaBeth, Leigh Ann 281 LaBeth, Kevin 68 LaBeth, Stacey 85,196 Ladewig, Lance 260 Laird, Lisa 222,224,238 Laird, Sam 255 Laird, Scott 273,275 Laird, Tracey 85 Lacombe, David 28,68 Lamb, Bobby 230,244 Lamb, Charles 224,232,237 Linear, Shellna 224 Linett, Tommy 77 Litchfield, Tina 224,230,240,241,243 Little, Carl 222,235 Lock, Steven 260 Lock, Trina 264 Lockler, Carlos 280,282 Lockler, Dedra 264 Loesch, Kim 77,198 Loesch, Melvin 128,176,208 Loesch, Tim 260 Logue, Lisa 260 Logue, Misty 272,273 McGee, Marlisa 221,225,242,245 McGill, Harold 125 l McGraw, Kelley 235,242 McGrew, Jett 222,225 l McGuire, Mike 235,240,241 McGuire, Patrick 255 Mclntosh, Deborah 260 Mclntyre, Mark 68,177,179,180,181 ' McKee, Donovan 277 l McLain, Lauri as McLelland, Sylvia .218 l McMiIIian, Rusty 225,233 Nichols, Mason 277 Nite, Sandra 121,129 Norsworthy, Candle 253 Norsworthy, Nowina 282 Northcutt, Tracie 69 Numez, Lisa 277 00000 Oakes, Joseph 255 Oaks, Beth 116 Oaks, Randy 77,187 Oaks, Toni 69,160 Obenheus, Angela 225 Oliphant, Lashaye 77 Olives, Alejandra 264 Olson, Chris 272,273 Omdras, Gwen 236 Orchard, Clarence 255 McNeil, Nancy 77 McPherson, Diane 260 McPherson, Robert 235 A McPherson, Shane 225 Orchard, Dondee 262 Orchard, Donna 260 Orchard, Sabrina 282 Orchard, Valeriee 86,135 Long, Brenda 255 Long, Cherry 85,87 Long, Jason 282 Long, Nancy 268 Lopez, Fellcites 264 Lopez, H umberto 255 Lopez, Juan 255 Lopez, Leticia 244 Lopez, Pabla 277 Losack, Billy 255 Losack, Sherry 85,152,153 Lott, Jo 250 Lovell, Travis 282 Lowery, Bryan 18,20,177,183,208 Lowery, Leah 2330.235 Lowery, Matt 85,87,186,210 Lowry, Chad 277 Luker, Lee 116,120 Lune, Nathan 282 Lunlord, Allen 277 Lyons, Vanessa 224 Lyster, Patricia 255,262 Mebe, John 224,232,2-11,246 Mabe, Martha 35.202 M8CbI'0h n, Alisha 277 Mack, Abe 255 Mack, Antoinette 255 Mack, Connie 85,196,202 Mack, Di on 282 Mack, Lavonia 255 Mack, Michael 224,233,241 Mack, Reginald 224,241 Mack, Solornia 269 Mack, Tr oy 77,184,185,197 Mack, Twyla 67.68 Mack,Veronlca 264 Madgar, Madgar. Madgar, Christopher 277 Prentice 273 Robert 260 Malors, Kim 260 Mansel, Christi 282 Mansel, Robby 273 Maples, Clara 128 Maples, John 249,267 Marburger, Richard 273 Marcum, Christina 244 Marcum, Denise 85,190,202 Marcum, James 277 Marcum, Jamie 68 Marcum, Martha 282 McReynolds, James 66,152,153,186 McReynolds, Lewis 116,129 l McReynolds, Thomas 77,155,210 MCOuirlr1. David, 225,237,241 i McVickers, Dusty 282 l Mcvickers, Jennifer 264 Meador, Beverly 162 Meador, Gene 129 Meador, Janema 260 Meador, John 162 1 Meador, Tim 255,261,262 Meismer, Donnie 254,255 , M8lSI'119T, K6Vil'1 244 Mendez, Chris 235 Mendez, Joe 277 ' Mendez, Melissa 254.264 Mendez, Renee 263 Mendoza, Bernard 277 Masker, Stacy 277 Meyer, Jay 222,223,224,242.246 l Meyers, Tammy 225 l Mickey, Clint 244 l Mickey, Cory 266 i Mickey, Kelley 282 Middleton, Brad 277 Miksch, Randy 129,176,178 Miksch, Marian 269 Miles, Linda 218 N Marissa, Earl 224,233 Miller, Crystal 244 Milner, David 244 Milner, Jason 272,273 Milschze, Dennis 282 Milschze, Kim 235 Minderhout, Barbara 277 Minderhout, Kathy 116 Minze, Jennifer 277 Mitchell, Clint 273 Mitchell, Greg 225.226,232,237 Mitcham, Benita 77 Mock, Melissa 273 Mock, John 19 Mock, Karen 86 Mohan, Michael 221,235 Money, Cecil 264 Money, Melissa 264 Monney, Tom 264 Monroe, Yulanda 273 Montgomery, Shawna 27 Mooney, Brann 264 Mooney. Jessica 244 Mooney, Jim 255 Ordonez, Dale 282 Ordonez, Janie 116 Ordonez, Rachel 254,260 Orr, Danny 282 Orr, Ernelle 108,118 Orr, Misty 264 Osborne, Ann 225 Osborne, J.B. 273 Osborne, Johnny 277 Ostendorf,Jennifer 244 Ottis, Chris 32,33,68,69,152,171,201 Ottis, Letisha 260 Ottis, Peggy 218,235 PPPPP Paige, Lonoma 225,237 Painter, Bill 86,186 Painter, Mike 86 Painter, Misty 264 Pantalona, Eloise 269 Pantalone, Joe 116,118,218,245 Parnell, Crystal 273 Parnell, Joel 282 Parnell, Johnny 255 Parrish, Jerry 279,282 Parsons, Patricia 254,255,257 Pate, Kristie 264 Pate, LeeAnne 277 Pate, Ragin 260,261 Pate, Roger 225,233 Pate, Ryan 264 Patin, Lisa 225,237,241 Patrick, Gloria 129 Patton, Jim 129 Paul, Donna 264 Paul, Naquita 260 Payne, Stephanie 277 Pearson, Terry 69 Peavler, Pat 236 Peavler, Ronnie 264 Pekar, Dawn 77,79 Pekar, Matthew 260 Pekar, Nathan 273 Pekar, Tammy 225,238 Pena, Naomi 116 Pena, Martha 277 Pennington, Scott 260 Pennington, Susan 244 Peres, Alan 282 Perez, Anthony 260,261 Perez, Angela 282 Perez, Delores 226 Lattie, Alan 224,233 Martindale, Fred 128 Johnson, Kathleen 264 Johnson, Kirk 31,39,163,177,179 Johnson, Laura 137,160 Johnson, Melvin 223,233 Johnson, Opal 120,128 Johnson, Sharon 76,196 Johnson, Shelia 264 Jones, Kendra 281 Johnson, Tray 235 Johnson, Wallace 76 Johnson, Zerilda 259 Joice, G eorgla 259 Joice, John 235 Joice, Jo Nell 243 Joice, Pattie 77,153 Johnston, Jason 277 Johnston, Mary Jane 259 Johnsto ri, Wendy 77 Jolly, Shannon 281 Jones, Andrea 264 Jones, Ann 277 Jones, Charles 235 Jones, CTYSIBI 77,161 Jones, Darlene 68,153 Jones, Freddie 243 Jones, Genia 223 Jones, James 235 Jones, Janette 235 Jones, Jelena 264 Jones, Joshua 255 Jones, Kenneth 185,205 Jones, Larry 84 Jones, Lillian 20,21,39,128 Jones, Michelle 84 Jones, Nlckie 277 Jones, Paul 243 Jones, Penny 84,190 Jones, Roosevelt 68 Jones, Theresa 272 Jones, Tawanna 264 Jones, Tracie 19 Jones, Trent 277 Jones, Wendell 68,205 Jordan. Jordan. Chris 255 Raleigh 257,259,261 Juarez, Alberto 85 Juarez, Hortensa 116 286 Lamb, Lamb DeAnna 160 David 264 Lamb: Joseph a5,2os L8l'1d,KBl'6n LBUFBT1 011, Ronnie 264 Lavallias, Anthony 224 Lavallias, Kathy 77,196,207 Lavallias, Kevin 255 Lavallias, Peter 43,177,181 LeBlanc, Charles 244 LeBlanc, Jason 255 LeBlanc, Mary Beth 77,170 LeBlanc, Taylor 273 LeCompte, George 128 Lee, Chris 234,244 Lea, Darryll 235 Lee, John 283 Lee, Naklsha 261 Lee, Nelson 235 Lee, Roger 260 Lee, Yolanda 255 Legg. Melissa 222,235 Lemmons, Jackie 77 Lemmons, John 235 Lemon, Crystal 260 Lemon, Dale 235,241 Lemon, Dlsa 255 Lemon, Donald 85,185,197 Lemon, Franklin 277 Marcum, Robbie 235 Margrave, Bobbie 85,170 Margrave, Shelly 255 Marks, Diane 85,160 Marks, Ricky 264 Maronay, John 264 Marsh, Jimmie 250 Martin, Jennifer 244 Martin, Patti 77 Martin, Tina 235 Moore.Brandon 86 Moore, Chris 60 Mora, Linda 225,237,241 Mora, P81 68.117 Mora, Raulito 271,273,276 Morales, Audrey 264 Morales, Chris 261 Moreland, Troy 260,261 Moreno, Debra 283 Moreno Ho e 277 P6761 , Tasa 264 Perry, Diane 129 Perry, Richard 282 Perry Ruth 251 Peters, LeRoy 241 Martinez,Carmen 68 Martinez,Consuelo 260 Martinez, Doug 77,187 Martinez,Jamas 77,187,204 Martlnez,Natalie 85,202 Martinez, Pas 185 Martinez, Ruben 277 Mascorro, Kim 277 MathIs,Cherles 129 Mathis,Damon 264 Mathis.Deeanna 277 Mathis, Earl 255 Mathis, Henry 116,250,282 Matthews, Darlene 77,190 Matthews,Sheila 254,260 Matthews,Staphanie 260 May, Erika 277 May, Herbert 116,218 May, Mary 85,190 May, Ter ry zas Mayberry, Carol 235,241 Mayberry, Lyn 66,68,198,204,211 Mayberry, Shakka 262 Maxay, Eunice 68 . D Morgan, Lee 225 Morgan, Mike 244 Moroa, Jarret 282 Morris, Jerri 10,129 Morris, Kelley 252 Morris, Marla 273,276 E Morris, Mike 77,79 Morris, Scot 260 Morris, Shari 235,241 Morris, Terry 235,241 Morrison, Paul 260 Moses, Stacy 264 Moss, Tim 244 Motley, cnanen 277 Moton, Delbert 225,241 Muirheid, Diane 235 Murdock, Vicki 86 Murphy, Barbara 3,34 Murphy, Faye 218 Murphy, Michelle 9,28,38,69,152 Murphy, Renee 251 Murphy, Stephen 260 Myers, Greg 244 Myers, Laurie 255 Myers, Robin 264 Peterson, Beth 130 Petteway, Trisha 226,229,237,242 Petteway, Wilma 255 Phillips, Audrey 277 Phillips, Audris 277 Phillips, Cary 222,236 Philligs, Christi 255 Phillips, Nicole 244 Phillips, Paula 78,161 Phillips, Renee 24,192,194,203,211 Phillips, Traci 260 Philmon, Kathryn 226,228,229 Philmon, Michele 69 Plumb, Shannon273 Pickle, Mary Katherine 269 Pierce, Brandon 255 Pierce, Eric 278 Pierce, Greg 282 Pimlott, Marilyn 86 Pimlott, Melissa 211 Pimlott, Sandra 69,160 Pimlott, Sheri 264 Pipes, Fanine 78 Pipes, Jeannine 153 Pipes, William 236 Pipkin, Andria 260 Pipkin, Patricia 282 Pislak, Melissa 278 Pislak, Joseph 278 Pislak, T.J, 282 Lemon, George 260 Lesikar, Amyea 281 Lewis, Darren 244 Lewls, Donell 224,233,237,241,243 Lewis. Jackie 255 Lewis, Jarred 273 Lewis, Jason 282 Lewis, Lawanna 230,244 Lewis, Marvin 277 Lewis, Rhonda 77,196 Lewis, Richard 85 Lewis, Tammy 283 Lewis, Tyra 255 Lillard, Rhett 244 Lilley, Lee 272,273 Lilley, Michele 235 Maxwell, Michelle 235,241,244 McAfee, Dixie 234 McAlloon, Michelle 277 McCain, Shane 282 McCellan, Amy 277 McClaren, Thurman 86,186 McClure, Christopher 252,279 McClure, Douglas 264 McCormick, James 68 McCormick, Wendi 277 McCoy, Christina 255 McCoy, Lowell 244 McCray, Gregory 264 McCullough. Allan 77,153 McCullough, Cash 244 McCulIey, Pearline 269 McCully, Mike 225 NNNNN Nairn, Mary Lou 251 Napier, Brian 277 Nance, James 277 Napier, Lisa 69 Napier, Nicole 236,258 Nash, Craig 282 Nash, Vincent 260 Necessary, Ryan 260 Nelson, Phillip 77 Nettles, Kevin 255 Newman, J.D. 69 Newsome, Laura 264 Newsome, Patty 282 Newsome. Tommis 69 Polak, Polak, Cindy 69,189 Natalie 86,190 Pollard, Kalen 255,257 Pollard. Majorie 269 Pope, Ron 244 Porter, Dee Dee Dowell 67,189,211 Porter, Robin 236 Porter Ronnie 255 - Poteet,, Mary 273 Poteet, Scotty 260 Poteet, Tammy 278 Potter, Brandy 278 Potter, Darren 282 Potter, David 78,155 Potter, Scott 236 Potter, Stacey 260 Powell, John 264 all Karah 212369189201 ell Lou 116 ell Steven 278 ers Pauline 113 ley Marrlana 278 ley Trey 253 255 e Delores 116 e Mark 78 Tumothy 236 Aaron 273 Crystal 256 257 Jerry 256 Jlll 220 222 229 236 241 245 Joseph 256 262 Tommy 254 Jlm 278 Bob 176 Chrlstl 244 Jay 82 86155186197 205 Zada 251 Q00 n Jimmy 244 n Davud 232 RRR y Cynthia 256 unek Erlc 226 I T82 I T82 l YB! IYBZ IYBI I F62 IYBI C Huck 243 Lupe 78 162 185 205 Marcus 86186 205 210 Marua 264 Nlck 232 Rafael 253 256 Raquel 236 241 arol 130 Jeremy 283 Jummle 273 urn Brandee 256261262 urn John 86152158186 urn Terru 160 urn Terry 189 or Clinton 279282 s Greg 7478185210 och Frances 160 och Kusmey 278 Grady 282 Chrusty 256257 Curt 230236 Doug 130186 Elizabeth 116 Katherune 278 Susan 278 Wull 34 38 69 177 179 204 208 s Alucla 282 s Angela 226 s Fay 278 s Wulluam 78 as Ben 282 es Tuna 278 rds Adam 265 rds Karen 161 rds Kelly 236 rds Tommy 86 rdson Morrus 130 rdson Jeruca 21 78 rdson James 265 rdson Randall 282 rdaon Theresa 278 rds Slavun 155 rs FJ 39108118 rs Jason 236 rs Nanette 155 rs Theron 86 207 ond Dena 86 ond Donny 265 ond Ronda 1826 34 rsal Pamela 285 way Curtls 130 Jum 130 ausen Donnie 86 ausen Roger 78 eusen Ronnie 86 Russell 265 rts Lee 282 rts Sandra 251 rts, Tracey 86 rts Vanessa 254260 rtson Colln 86155 rtson Tim 1819155 rtson Wesley 256262 son Kathryn 273 275 son Lisa 234244 son Mlcky 236 s Colunda 282 quez Leo 230244 quez Lusa 256257 quez Mlke 230 236 quez Norma 278 quez Robert 226232 s Karen 278 Susie 116 Adrian 86 162 Anthony 226 241 Martha 162 Ruta 256 257 258 261 Tuto 236 241 lr? Kerwun 257 260 S1 dra 226 fl llf Muchelle 236 r' 'am 265 38160 fn 236 uonard 260 helley 283 oy 838620 Andy 78 c Davld 86 red 78 Way 86 Dwayne 17720 Nan 124 .' ' . .19 I , aut, ,' ' . ' . , . . f i euu, . . A. . . , - en. . ' . , I , 1 att, , . . . . , ' . ' , . , 1 1 ett, . , . ' - , r . ett, , A .- ' , , I , ,fl , , , Q . I .257 On. , , , r , r 90. 1 . I - r , I - u Bn. ' 1' , ' , . - u V V , V , . , I , V , I , 20 . ' . , . '- sruaujnnessy,ailag6n 87,190,207 Sloffvi-Ciiwmofl 230-236 vvvvv Wooded S f Q 261 ' ' U ' ' ' f H ' ' ' 'S' A ' I ' ' A uv ' 'I I A 1 s. . - ' ' , ' ' . . . s. - ' , , ' . ' S. I , , ' ' ' I 130 - ' ' ' , ' . . . , 'Vi-.163 it I 1 . . 2 ' SSSSS Salazar G bert 20 9182183 Salazar Kim 78 Salazar Melussa 257 260 261 Sanchez Lusa 226238 Sanchez Mike 18 20176177 Sanchez Munerva 130269 Sanchez Phullup 282 Sanders Alan 206 Sanders Cody 256 Sanderson Bruan 278 Saucedo Jason 278 Saucedo Jonathan 226233 Saucedo Mary 269 Sayeed Amina 236 Scarborough Casey 279282 Scarborough John 130176210 Schelp Henry 260 Schuckue Duane 260 261 Schmidt Molly 269 Schroeder Kelley 273 Schroeter James 226 Schuchardt Joe 38111 Davud 34 177 179 205 Donna 278 Schuerg Jason 278 Schuerg Jerry 260 Kasey 265 Schuerg Lunda 226230 237 Schuerg Mary 269 Schulke Jim 236 Schulke Michael 78 Schulke Tum 236 Schuster Darlene 256 Schuster DeAnnra 276 Scott Bar 228 Scott Davl 78 Scott Jerry 238 Scott Johnny 88155188 Seal Rlck 247 Sebring Kalth 273 Sebrlng Teresa 282 Sechelskl Valerla 247 Sechelskr Vance 271 273276 Sedberry Trent 78185 Seugman Lewis 260 Seugman Marlun 260 Schuerg Schuerg Schuerg 7 Setzer Jana 222 229 230 236 241 Sewell Faye 251 Sewell Jan 24 78 Sewell Sewell Nancl 226 237 241 Sewell Paula 236 244 246 Sexton Alusa 265 Shaddux Karen 230 243 247 Shannon Bette 131 Sharp Doug 236 Sharp Julue 87170 190 Kelly 160 Shaw Anuta 218 Shaw Chad 265 Shaw Cody 87201 Shaw Toby 208 Shaw Tracey 247 Shearer Elenor 216 Shearer Stephen 8587152 Shelfield Phaedra 222 227246 Shelby Duana 236243 Shelton Melussa 278 Shepard Donna 265 Shlflet Shelly 278 Shunn Mandi 236244 Shunn Pelly 253256 Shomette Tom 67180 Sucerra Javuer 282 Slerra Claudla 278 Sikas Joel 87 Sumuen Tena 219 Sumuen Tracey 87186187205 Summons Brian 280282 Summons Chrls 87 Summons Connue 87 Simmons David 227238237241 Summons Fred 227 233 237 241 Summons Greg 247 Summons Jackie 278 Summons Jimmy 278 Summons Johnnie 196 Summons Phlllup 85 87 186197 205 Simmons Valencia 278 Simmons Valanda 202 Sumpson Brett 227232241243 Sumpson Blake 3134198204211 Srsson Reglna 271273276 Skinner Charlotte 108 Skinner Wendy 221 222 230 236 24 Slag Sharon 160 Smallwood Tracy 273276 Smuth Ashley 278 Smuth Benlyn 124 Smuth Bully 265273 Smuth Bruce 273 Smuth Smuth Celynsua 265 Smith Smith Smuth Smuth Heather 278 Smuth Jaluna 278 Smith Janet 251 Smuth Jason 278 Smuth Jeannie 117 Smith Jennuler 265 Smlth Jenny 230236 Smuth Smuth Kelly 206 Smuth Smuth Kevln 185256 Smith Smuth Lusa 78161282 Smuth Mark 78197 Smlth Muchelle 239 Smuth Carol Ann 256 Dana 234 236 243 Darla 162 Edna 119151 Kathy 256 Kennard 45108 Lunda 247 Paulette 256 262 1 Smuth Peggy 260 Smuth Ruchard 283 Smuth Robbie 230234247 Smuth Shannon 260 Tommy 155 Smuth Vuctorua 87 Smuth Vurgunua 256 Smuth Wulluam 278 Dorothy 121 Snedecor Tamu 30 32 33 152 153 170 171 190 Solorua Jenny 278 Solus Cynthia 78 162190 Solis Fuma 273 Solus lavrer 239241 Solus Vickie 121 Sowash Troy 78 Smuth Snead Sparkman Sparkman Sparkman Sparkman Sparkman Sparks Pa t Brandy 278 Floyd 78 Kelly 247 Robert 227 233 246 Sandy 278 227 233 Speck Charlue 177 Speck Suzy 87196 Spencer Betty Jo 131 160 Spencer Harold 136 218 Spencer Scotty 265 Spencer Sharon 239 Spuller Angeluna 222227237 Spuller Cynthia 66196 Spuller Melvin 176177179 182198200211 Spuller Shella 87 Spuvey Aaron 273 Spriggs James 38 177 181 188 199 208 211 Spruggs Travus 227 232 237 241 St John Tuna 78155 Staedtler Stacu 87153 Stafford James 219 Stavunoha Jeff 78 185 208 209 Stavrnoha Kelly 247 Stavunoha Kevun 19 22 27 177 181 208 Stanley Barbue 227 238 241 Stasey Jessica 278 Stasey Robin 160 Steunmann Loretta 219 Sterzunger Gayla 269 Steubung Richard 278 Stevens Tamika 282 Stevenson Charlue 45108109 Stevenson Shelda 34 Steward Jerold 273 Stewart Jimmie 78 Stewart Christy 282 Studham Bridget 21 78 190 Stockman Sue 222 227 229 237 242 243 Streeter Tammy 254 273 260 Streetman Chrustuna 282 Strother Jacob 273 Strother Karla 227 228229 Strother Lunda 260 Strother Stephen 265 Suggs Kathy 222 227 238 246 Sulluvan Brad 256 Sulluvan Scott 273 275 Summers Cresta 273 Summers Skye 282 Surber Anna 273 Surber Benuu Surber Dawn 260 Surber Marie 256257 Surber Marsha 278 Surber Vuctorua 260 Surber Wanda 282 Bob 131 Swan Ellen 32 33 78 152 153 171 Swan Stuart 239241 TTTTT Talley Caryn 270273 Talley Davud 247 Tarr Christy 273 Tarr Trsha 282 Tatum Bernuce 125 Tatum Peggy 79196 Taylor Andra 239 Taylor John 265 Taylor Lusa 234246 Taylor Ludwell 121 197 204 Taylor Patruck 256 Taylor Tammy 260 Taylor Tonua 256 Teague Muchelle 265 Teague Shannon 260261 Tenazar Chris 256 Terrell Loru 256 Terrell Melussa 87 Thomas Becky 87155 Thomas Billy 260 Thomas Carol 247 Thomas Ethel 116120 Lusa 239 Thomas Mary 119 Thomas Sam 116131155 Thomas Trusha 227237242 Thomas Wade 273 276 Swan Thomas Thomasson Amy 282 Thomasson Sharon 269 Thomasson Walter 131 162 Thompson Andre 278 Thompson Charlue 256261 Thompson Darryl 204 Thompson Emmett 278 Evelyn 251 Thompson Felucua 247 Thompson Jason 282 Thompson Johnny 247 Thompson Kolanda 273 Thompson Thompson Mary 160 Thompson Muke 163177204 Thompson Mukku 278 Thames Kyle 282 Thorton Wulluam 247 Thurman Guna 283 Thurman Kara 282 Thurman Laurue 265 Tuchacek Carrie 273 Tuchacek James 282 Timberlake Suann 278 Tumes Rooney 219237 Tums Bruan 239241 Tums Ulanda 265 Tundol Jummye Lu 219 Tundol Ray 273 Tundol Stacey 258 Tupps Brian 87 Tupps Lester 234247 Toerck Bobby 239241243 Toerck Darryl 222227232 237241 Tolbert Andre 274 Tolbert Angela 283 Danielle 274 Tolbert Danuta 283 Tolbert Estelle 116 Tolbert Ken 247 Tolbert Kitty 160 Tolbert Leonard 278 Tolbert Muke 177181 198 4 Tolbert Tolbert Patruck 260 261 Tolbert Phrllecua 239 Tolbert Sukedra 280 282 Torgusson Scott 87197 Torgusson Stacey 87 Torres Mary 116256 Tratton Christopher 256262 Trahan Charles 282 Tramel Anussa 227 Troutman Chrus 283 Truutt Cheryl 274 Truutt Dennus 256 Truutt Joe 79 Truutt Karen 160 Truutt Lonnue 256 Truutt Wanda 87 Tucker Stacey 260 Tucker Summer 283 UUUUU Ullruch Evelyn 222 239 Upham Denny 227 232 237 241 Upham Grace 155 Urps Darryl 247 Utecht Donald 256 261 Utecht Shana 271 274 276 Utecht Travus 283 Valdez Emelda 279283 Valdez Maruanela 265 Vandergruftt Gunger 283 Veach Marlorue 239 Vela Valerue 283 Veloz Alma 256 Veloz Letty 274 Venglar Krustu 230247 Vermillion Duanne 131 Verzwgvelt J D 283 Vessels James 87186 Vessels John 87 Vucars Muke 79 Vullarreal Roxanne 256 WWWWW Wagenhauser Erlc 260 Wagenhauser Krustun 222239 Walcott Larry 79183 Walden Michele 21232425 Walker Bethan 251 Walker Jennifer 274 Walker Russell 274 Wallace Clutton 87 Wallace Katuna 265 Wallace Kyle 228 Wallus Keuth 230239241 Wallus Wendy 256257 Walton Charles 87186 197205 Walton Mike 205 Ward Chester 247 Ward Chris 278 Ward Davud 228232241 Ward Jeff 278 Mary 219 Ward Michael 278 Ward Sharon 251 Ward Tracey 234247 Eric 274 Ware Sharon 256 Washungton Mattie 269276 Washungton Raymond 6131176 Washungton Zuleuka 239 Wathen Rebecca 269 Watkins John 79152 Watkuns Susan 222223228 238242 Weatherford Muke 228230 Weatherford Troy 79 Weathers Shannon 265 Weathers Stacey 256 Webb Karen 254256 Webb Kelly 265 Webb Preston 185 Webb Ronald 239 Webb Stewart 87210 Weekly Ronald 79 Weeks Sheru 87190 Weems Bully 257 260 Welboan Jodue 283 Welch Tommy 265 West Cindy 278 West Emulue 278 Ward Ware West, Nichole 260 West, Michael 274 West, Shana 256 Wharral, Jason 274 Whatley, Walter 24 White, Amber 283 White, Felicia 247 White, Jack 247 White, Jessica 278 White. Sandra 247 White, Terry 87 Whitehurst, Charlotte 79 Whitehurst, Vesta 215 whitely, Chad 271,274,278 Whitworth, Joan 131 Wiggins, Steven 278 Wilcox, Haywood 278 Wilcox, Yolanda 256,262 Wiley, Angela 77,196 Wilhelm, Jon 79,155 Williams, Andrea 253,254. 256,283 Williams, Aaron 79,183,197 Williams, Belinda 228 Williams, Benford 247 Williams, Clayton 247 Williams, Daphne 162 Williams, Dick 79,210 Williams, Ellen 278 Williams, Ester 228.230, 238,241 Williams, Jeremy 265,283 , Kent 228 Williams, Leon 247 Williams, Lisa 247 Williams Williams. Williams. Williams, Williams. Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, 192,194 Wilson, A Mary 131,196 Paul 247 Ricky 239 Flichie 247 Roderick 274 Rosa 283 Shane 231,247 Shawn 274 Trina 76.79, dam 274 Wilson, Earl 265 Wilson, K risti 260 Wilson, Michael 278 Winscott. Jason 265 Wisdom, Amy 23.29.87, 154,196,202 Wisdom, Sharla 34,160,201 Wise, Jerry 256 Wise, Mark 247 Wise, Michael 79 Wolverton, Warren 265 WOITIBCK. Womack, Woodard. Ralph 265 Tracey 79,185 Addie 228,237,241 Anthony 239 wooaaraf Arthur 198 Woodard, Ben 274 Woodard. Cassandra 222,228. 229,237,241 Woodard Delicla 256 wooaaraf oororruy 269 Woodard. 197.204 Duane 76,79,177. Woodard, Gary 87,186,197, 205,256 WOOGBIUI Gerald 45,108,109 Woodard, Glendall 260 Woodard Julie 239,241 wooaaraf Kanaice 27a Woodard. Woodard Kevln 79 Lisa 260 Woodard: Renee 258 Woodard Rhonda 193 wooaaraf Ricky 220.232, 237.241 w00dBYd Shawn 283 Woodburn, Eugene 239 Woodruff, Kelly 10 Woodruff , Mandy 247 Woody, Marcus 230,247 Woody, Tammy 265 Worley, Rebecca 260 Wright, A Wright, C Wright, D pril 87 hristy 239,241 ale 274 Wright, Ethan 278 Wright, Everett 177 Wright, Gena 228,237 Wright, John 274,278 Wright, K Wright K atherine 170 rista 283 Wright, Latasha 254,260 Wright, Leigh 239 Wri ht, Lowell 222.228, 233,237,241 Wright, Pamela 247 Wright, R Wright, Fl Wright, S Wright, T 8771008 247 ic hard 265 onya 263 roy 87,204 Wulf, Charity 278 Wull, Paul 263 Wulf, Veronica 256,262 Wyatt, Tammy 79 YYYYY Yarborou Yarborou gh, Amy 254,256 gh, Julie 274 Vbarra, Delilah 263 Ybarra, Melissa 278 Yendrey. Young, K Lisa 79,190,207 elly 263 Youngblood, Mike 247 Yount, Charlie 116 Yount, Kelly 254 Yount, Molly 219,246 ZZZZZ zaraue. A nita 79,190,162 Zarate, Ramon 79 Zwahr, M elissa 21,23,29, 79,154,190.206.207 287 288 v M: as ' ri Mu.-- s fe' 2, 7 ... Yi COLOPHON 750 copies of the 1982 BULLDOG were printed by Taylor Publishing Company of Dallas, using 8011 enamel paper stock. The cover is Kromekote material, in 30'Z:, 502, 70'Za, and 100W1 variations of 31 1 Super Blue and H81 Silver. All type is registered by AM Varityper and produced by the AM Varityper Comp!Set 5 1 0-ll phototypesetting system. Body copy is 10 point Megaron Medium Condensed, Megaron Medium and 9732 Quad. Captions are matched typeface with all headlines II732 Quad in 14 point to 72 point sizes. All type, graphics and layout by the staff are composed in accordance with the Taylor Medallion IX camera ready program. Seniors pictures are by Paul 81 Mike Hattaway. Underclassmen photos by Paul 81 Mike Hattaway. Photos by Photo I 81 II students and Facts photographers, Michael Boddy and Taylor Johnson. I" 'K 1982 BULLDOG FOOTNOTES TV.' NOW THAT'S VARIETY The first time someone on the staff suggested that we do a yearbook based on a TV GUIDE format. everyone kinda groaned, but after a few minutes of consideration it was adopted as THE theme for 1982. TV. Now what could TV possibly mean? How could it relate to this huge experience we call school? I think it was Ronda Richmond, in her typically meek voice, suggested that we are a school system of unequalled "variety". As she spoke the words, "That's Variety", the whole picture came clear. There. We've gotitl Now, what are we going to do with it? 288 pages ago it was but a dream. Today is Friday, June 25 and the biggest yearbook project in this district's history is on its way to the Dallas publisher. Take a long, slow look. Don't just look for your own picture. Scan each event, each moment, each face in this book. We hope it will make you laugh. Cry. Remember. Our job is done. WITHOUT WHOM THIS BOOK WOULD NOTBE I The Sweeny community for support. I Trustees, administra- tors, teachers, students for wonderful subject matter. I Lisa Boazman, Shari Heard, Michelle Murphy, Shelda Stevenson, Connie Cummings, Ronda Richmond. and Connie Lindsey for investing a part of your summer to complete this project. I Mr. Bob Swan for being here. I Mr. Joe Dettling for being there. I Mr. Mike Parker for rush supply orders 'and quiet encourage- ment. I Mrs. Jerri Morris for offering to help. I The Lord for strength. 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 I . I . 1 33335 3 3 YN sw! i 5 gl? 3 :xi 'Q 51 3 2333 333 3 33 Xu H31 33 W 3 W55x5 3 31 1 1 33 3W f fwgl W 1 333135 33131555 1 3:3 in 3333 133 '331 3333 3 V! 3 3 333 34,2-' 3 3 xp Q W .f 4 1 1313 1"-,L ' 31? Q., 5 325,53 .J !l i ' 333 ,Q . c I4 . ' ,3 ' I 133 -1,3 .3 xg! 3, kqrtk 3: A :Y R YW 33. A . 3, ix, , 3 x N . -33. 353 , , , 3.3 ui. Q X 4 YK' " , Q . , .4 N1 . ,f 3' Xl " 33, " . Rm 33' 2:33 3 vii-21"'Q-J -5 3 . K, 3 f ,3 f 5,-Q33 fx ' '13 5 1 5 1 , 47 , 1. ff 3 i R J- WR, , X ' . . 1' ' XY V3 A , ,- -3. 33 X . N , Xl' f-gaff' SQ ' 4":1t'ffr: : 1 H3 . 7 3 ,Q ' i, .3 N131 fa I ll 1 . ,-qw' 3 -5' 1 7' 'aa 3. , 1, Q' 1 'fffl . ' JPN . eff' A 13 :" 31.1 3 , lf: 4. The S X, f 3 A 3 X 4 x mia F 53 f 3+ 3335 2 H3 3 S3 3 3 f? 5533513553323f,333:3i1iiM 1 133 x VE Y. 3 3,4 3 NW"'W -"""""' In I - W, Af. V If BROUGHT TO ' YOU BY THE NW

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