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FAT R161 m 5 Lf5. 4N BAUGHEP I K E I A mm 1947 D 1' THE HATYIJIIJ I94! pallehled gy 74e Katia,-zekee Sweeney Dag Seine! Wfandedmg. 77emz4qlwmd4 1 1 1 1 1 5 . . Mh,N' 4 ,-N , . 1 ! . yfilzss DMU' lCll'lIll' g 111e1'11v11 VVhosc wisdom, symputlmctic L1l1dCl'Still1diHg, and unfuiling clcvotion to our NVL'H'lll'C lmvc been our constant guide througlmout our yours at the Sweeney School. KATYDNJ1O lljisx ,fflgjiles lijclfiilcl il 0 vnu. Miss Mzitulti, ti line musieiun amd at valued lriend, we dedieilte this lwolx with deep 2ll'l-CCIiUl1 and sincere ulmpreeizltiuii ol' your good will, friendly spirit. und grueious petsomility. X'l'e will nlwtixs l'CINCllllJL'l' vnu as the one who made the truditiomll Cnmlleliglit service ti beautiful and lasting lHC1l1Ul'X. lf A TYDIVD 4047 x M-I mm l'lmmm'4lpl1x lic The Katydid Staff ltlIl4lI'Il1cIHL'I SLISRHIHL' Sclmcllqcr Xssi- lallll l.cI'lm -l1lL'KlLlL'lillC Clraxybill I u inc-s NILIIHIQUIA l,Ill3lUgl'llIlllX lxillul' 5 . C m'ul4nmn Nlaumgcr ssislaml ciilflllkllillll xl2ll12!gL'I' l,.IlI'UI1 AIQIHHQUI' ssislnnl Pllll'Ul1 AILIIHIQCI' I ilL'ran'x' lfcliim' lllm' glenn Schlcisncr Sillllll Slwpzlrcl Mary :Xnn Cullen 'lL'ilI1l1L'ffL' SIlL'2lH'L'I' Mary .lame Sllcllcy Nurnm Kcillm ,Xmm Hurd Dclmrnlm Slmaaffun' KAW! YDID Wil Thoughts On Graduation As we come to the end of our days at Sweeney School, we realize that we must leave behind us many associates who have become our close friends. School has meant more to us than the lamiliar "reading, writing, and arithmetic." We have learned to work with people, to understand them, and to respect their viewpoints. Over the school books we have discussed important topics ol' the day: in extra-curricular activities, such as the publication of the Yearbook, we have merged our etlortsg and in many school projects, includ- ing the Christmas Clothing campaign, the Red Cross and VVelfare drives, we have aided civic and patriotic causes with friendly eo-operation. Not only in the schoolroom have we derived much joy from our friendships, but also on the hockey Held and the playground. ln competing with one another, we have gained lasting satis- faction from good sportsmanship and lively companionship. Our teachers, too, have added much to making our school life an enjoyable memory. They have been our instructors, yet at the same time our Friends. It is largely through their efforts that we have been able to receive the full benellt ol' our education. ln preparing for Candlelight service, Field Day, and the Shakespearean plays, we have come to know and appreciate the per, sonality of each one of our teachers. A new day is dawning in the life ol' every senior. As we look toward the horizon, we see new worlds to be conquered, new friends to be made. W'e will never Forget, however, the ones with whom we have spent many happy years. hlay those who follow in our footsteps likewise partake of the delight and rewarding experiences of friendship. A Q? KATYDlDaHIQL+7 1 Xlrs, I illlk' Miss lhmlwrxs Mrs. llcrmzm Mrs. Selma.-HU' Mrs. l,mxis Xlrs. Xauslm Xliss Nlvlnrm Hrs. Hvntlm Miss Ann gN'l'l'I'IlX' Mrs. llnutriuh F L 'v 1-r Q Xliss SXYK'k'llt'X Xliss llcynulmls Mrs. limvcn Nlrs. Balrnill Nliss Nlitclwll Xliss ,Xl.nlul.n Xlrs. XWIQ' Xlrs. X,illL'f'1ll'lI Miss l,L'mur Hrs. Alkfwtbllltlgllk 2 KXXTYDID wif R I ,.., 'F' lik fa... Wifh 4 4? TYDVD 1929 LOOKING BACK- IQHT sw- NOU7 0 Sweeney School Song Sing x1ilI1 joy 11ml IHIIHIHIIICSS, I.lIl wur xwncc ol l11'11iw. II-Il 111 IIIITCIILII IIICIIKIY, UI nur glncl sclmnl C Inys. lI151'11.-11N I11 lllll' IlL'2ll'I5, on our lips, IIlCl'L' ia I1111- Ihr you. .XII nur days no will Iuc true In 11111, our Swcc11L'1 SL-Iwnl. 2. XVIW11 those cI111's 2ll'L' IcI't Imchi Snll 111lI1111 llSII1L'l'C 1x1III14.' I,1x111g 'ms tI111l 111011 II14111 ILISI ll 1111311111111 I1 much 111 IMI. OIT K A I Y D I D """'-MM. pQ1ll.O79 NORMA LOUISE KElTll Dorf! lil'IlL'L' Mc ln" "Narnia" Patron Manager ol Tm? KATYDID. '46, '47 llonor C'oli1t11ittvc, '-I-6. '47 cil1l'lSIH1ilS Dance Committee, '46 L1lll'lSllllilS Clothing Drive, '46 Norman is tlic glamour girl ol' tlic Senior class, always calm uncl sumo. ln In-r little gran Ford lillccl with Seniors, wc soc licr rushing up Scconcl Struct just us tlw lust In-ll is nluout to ring. XXVL' wisll you tlic licst of luck LllN'llyS, Norma, and wc will lie watching for your piumurc on tlic cover ol' cvvrx' l113lg1lZll1L'. KATYDIDsIO1+ K SUSANNE SCI IEFFEIR "l,l7flClICL' and Fortitzrrlew "Susie Editor-infChief of 'l'm, KNIXDIU, '47 Circulation Manager of Till? Ka'1'x'nio, '46 Honor Committee, '45, '46, '47 Christmas Clothing Drive. '44, '45, '46 Captain of Gold Team, '46 Sue is one ol' our most outstanding senior girls, and we lynou that success will he hers no matter what field she may choose. This year she honored us, as a class and a school, hy winning the State llssay Contest. Not only is she a shining light scholastieally. hut a hoclyey star as well. ln fact she is a typical all around girl. Wfheneyer you neecl some help. Susie is always there, lrienclly ancl tlepenclahle. Lots of lucly anal the hest of wishesl ID M947 UIIQVXN SCI ILEISNEIR "I'L'VNfllltlIif1"' ",L'lflHliL"' ' lhnsimm txlilll1lgL'l'lli' 'ling K.x'1x'nin, '46, '47 I Honor L'lllllllliIlfL'U, '45, '46, '47 c'ilI'iSllIhI5 Clothing Drivc, '44, '45, '40 L'tl'L'LlI7lilil1 oi' Green 'l'CllIll, '45 Nl' cannot inmginc whzlt wc would hawc dons throughout thcsc past fcw yours without Ylcain, with l1L'l' L'iiiL'iL'l1I anal business' likc UHF' oi' getting things cionc. llcr CH'L'l'X'C5L'k'I1I personality and Lccn wit luwc nmdc hcr gi womlcrful and unlorgcttuhlc friend. VVL' nchnirc hor, too. for hcl' scholastic zlcliicvclncnts. May you attain cvci'y goal for which you strive, .ICLIIL :incl wc wish you thc hcst ol' luclt, if. KATYDID iw? QQ W' i IJEISORAI I GROSS Sl lfXFFllR "l'lm1'x llflmi I Like fllzmzt The South" "lJcl1lrie" Liternrv Editor ol' rlillh KATYDID, '47 llnnuriCmnrnittee, '47 Christmas Dnnee Cornmittee, '46 LillI'iSlIllKlS Cluthing Drive, '46 Debbie is another ol' those Southern luclles, hailing slruigln lirum .Xtlunta, no less. She has heen here only u year, but to us all she has heeome ai dear friend New ns she leaves, we wish her all kinds ol luelr in the liuture, whatever it inuy he. KI10XYil1g Dehhie. we feel than she will always he happy-wherever he isl l4ATYD!D +047 3 Liv N5 A ff X ,x if .. Q45 -IIQXXXIQI ll1AI.XlHlg SI Ilg,XI4l4lf,l1 "l'frlu'1 Dullv' "lJnrti1"' clI'l'lllLlll1IIl .Xl.m.ngmw1I lm IXAIXIIIIB, 4, ,XNKHCIAIIC lwlmu' of lm, k,'xl'x'lmln, 40 llunur cNHll"lI1'liIIt'1'. '40, '47 C'lmirm.m ui C1lll'i5IlllLIS lluxmuu, '40 K'lu'istnms cultblllillg llrivc, '45, '40 .Xlgmy am' the days than Unlliu has vlmlicxcxwnl xx imlm lwr gxmiulmln' k41LlIlL'l', .xltlwuglw I'-l'L'I1L'l1 was IIIL' IUQIIIC ml' hm' L'xisIL'l1cC, wc' Cam N-ll sux slw is "tmljours guicf' Du not Inc nmislnkcn. I1mvcx'c:', Uuttic mlncs lmw IIUI' scriuus mun11m'nts, cspccizlllx' xvhcn "xc nlcl sinus" Nll'llxL'S. XVQ' lurpu SUIHL' lxlllil pcrsmm cllscmcra an I'L'lllL'liX lm' this lmnlglqlx' mon. fmml luclx. Uuttlc. NVQ' lmpc xml xxlll LIIXYLIFS lx' IYLIIWIH. '+ ?f'fJYDlD U' ,WQ E W5, M. fs -.3 x t 5 ' Q 3 jg ,, 'f it ft .. Y gif? 1 . ., ,go Q ,.,. 1? if 2 F .P .... 7 P -4 m 'V' IT? 'U D DU C 6 51 --. -N. 'f -9 Q N ,.. "4 fc 3- lf.. :vgf g:',,m En-'EE u--"1' f'j':,-EIT' 2:13-73' E:'4"P- ""'Yt I E- rn 3-ln. fa:'E" -mg 4, A .j-1 216: ,-rn F -1-,71 X'-1-31 92 E F -LS XI E Co-captain of the Green Team, '46 Christmas Dance Committee, '46 Christmas Clothing Drive, '44, '45, '46 Sally has endeared herself to us all with her lovahle manners and even disposition. VVQ could always count on her to save any situation with a hearty laugh. Sally, where do you get your energy? VVe guess lrom all those delicious chocolate lnarshmalloxv nut sunclacs. A lot ol' happiness to you, Sally, wherever you go! ,Q,TYD!D 1947 If vm! I,'xc1QuH.1Nu lil,AlNl1c:IXAYBlII H.,l1L'k ic" Mun' ,XNN Cu1.1,r-.N "Mary Ann" .XNNA NV11,Ls Hman "Ann" Mmm' -IANLL Slnal.1,uY "Mary lmlcf' Aw UPPER SCHQOL I IIWXVUH LULIISP I-111' In mu Sc:,xl.1.oN I llama xx "Sz1lI1"' ,XnNm.n PHY! Us M,-mud lxrnu "l'11yI" I'nlsm'1l,l,,x .XNN lim Ill Ugllllllitf' S -, 'CP KATYDPD 19 ,XNNE Boyun Lum UAIITIUU ANN llE1N'rzELM,xN AIALLAN "Ann" Pfwnlcl.-x NV-xLL,xc13 AIILLER "Pat" -I EWEL CIBRIEN "'I11Iic" UPPER SCHOOL KLATYDID MARY ELLEN SCHIMIXIEI "Mary Ellen" N AN SCIILEISNEN "Nan" MARY EDYTHE SHELLEY H17VIL'l1'j' Edytllcu W1NN1E MAE Suu1.l.15x' "XVil1Hiu" M247 IQ Lens EILEEN QQII mx "Lois" lfmmzus liE1s'l'un uFl'l7lIkiL'H Nfxm' S'ru,xnT M,xl,l,,xN HA1tIY'1'H AIARY ST,xcuvol,u "Mr1ll'1"' UPPER SCHOOL ,uw MAnzzle1,1,,x CL,xn1u1n "Mcfv'.1"' Iwr l3owl,lNu M.u,l.,xN HIIIHIUH ,un OTIE ANN Ak'Q1I,lllllg "C 1Iltlf'l0Ht"' Xl Inf fiIIRlS'l'lNE AIILLEIX HfxIiL'L'H 9 T59 Es' ff, KATYKND ' fff ELIZABETH FARLEY VVHATLEY "l3etQ1"' 'IOANNA O. YUNKER "VI0l7Hl7l1H UPPER SCHOOL , M, 3 , -1 xi , ,- .6 Z X' X ' ' fxitik , xl fy .1 ' , ' A 'W J KATYDKD wGV w Candlelight S67"UiC6 Decenibei, Nineteen Foityfsix NWA! fDllW S I LIIJY I LXLI, IARIQNCII CLASS QQEOMETRY CLASS CLIN-QliN 'I1EAXiXl l sf ' Tv , l l0CIxL'X' DID wb. 'L..,.. ENGLISH CLASS ASSEMBLY CIVICS CLASS KATYDIDQVQ COLD 'I'EAMMl3askcthuIl I IIS IORY CLASS l,ll3l1fXRY K!kTYDiD fOf+7 QZ2"..-1'- N-fats' f mf, 1 Y D KU Q4 -nd Clk ul , ,xl I4 A T f' Ude To The Senior Class Oh lofty class of '47 'fs-.nrc.',w VVho run our school as though sent from heaven, Ytu six important graduates, VVe toast you, dear old Sweeney mates. Susie and ,lean and Sally dear, Deborah, Dottie, and Norma here. They've done so well, each girl her part, They've won a place in every heart. Susie, our editor, our chief indeed. ln each activity she takes the lead: On her violin she sure does Hddle Till the doors are closed hy Mrs. Little. Then Sal, our pal, will leave us too. Friends like Sal are all too few: At hockey Sally gained her fame, V'etor'ous she was in every game. Then lean, our repertorial queen, Towards comedy she seems to lean: Though towards tragedy her audiences inelim lt's good that Shakespeare is supine. Our Norma is of the glamour group: ller fame lies with some Hollywood troupe. VVith gleaming nails and slinking hips, A Power's model could take her tips. Of Dottie's motto we now shall speak. "To me Vick's salve is quite a treat." Ar "R and Dish she's always happy, Vicks and sundaes keep her snappy. Oh Debbie, dear Debbie, well miss you "oz You have the answer to each question, we knows We haven't known you very long, But to you we also sing this song. Farewell, farewell, you seniors six: VVith the big wide world you soon will mix. Good luck, success, and happiness, XVe wish to you the very best! KATYDIDAQ47 Nan Schleisner 564' WY ,, Y, 79 Flights of Fancy lifXlRYLfXNlJ 'lhe land ol' fairies is romantie and bright, Aglow with warm sunshine and golden light. The elves and snrites skim hanilv alonv, I l ll . n VVhistling a tune and singing a song. .X pretty little fairy with a rosy hue ls sitting on a flower, sipping drops ol' dew. ller silken robe and golden hair Are softly blown by the eool morn air. l'he beautiful queen in a silver gown Views the subjects ol' her joyous town. lhey hail her and ery, "Long live the Queen!" Ne'er more alfeetionate elves were seen. l'he ellin ehildren are playing in glee. l3rolieking gaily around a tree. lhe babies are soft and pink and new. Rocking in cradles of heavenly blue. liairies are creatures happy and gay. Cheerful and merry every day. They run, jump, skip, and dance. ,Xnd fill our hearts with love and romanee. lilly Lou Arnold 5 ri OCIUBER Late one fall day a ehilly breeze illouehed some leaves ol' the trees: Each cluster was tinted with glorious shades Ol' autumn erimsons and ambers and jades. Cone are the joys of sun-led days: Cone the fair flowers and warming ray sz FS , No longer will grain and barley sway ln the languid breeze of a summer day. iljhe birds, whose instincts are sharp and Leen No longer inhabit branehes ol' green: ililhey have taken their llight to a warmer elimt And will not return until lilae time. lhe pungent smell ol' ripened eorn i-Xnd the hoary lirost ol. a day newfborn ,Xml the fiery glow ol' the inlinite slay Clive warning ol' summer's departing ery. hlary Edylhe Shelley KATYDID ww ' a P 1 F f OIUUI' X C100 CCE jr, Candlelight ServiceffDecember, Nineteen Fortyfsix if-I VDID EARLY MORNING Cl IFCK-UP X. LIRSERY RIN IDERGARTEN CQRADIL I ICATYDND 1947 3 GRADE ll CLRAIJE lll calming lv K A T Y D I D C I XIDI1 X' C l1XIJli YI li uvox T Y D X w ' ".X,,'- 4-214- so r , V Y X R f .Xfhx Tlll-1 SNOVVMAN A pudgy snowman Sat on the land. Ile had a big fat nose And a big fat hand. His eyes were of coal: Ilis nose was a carrot: And on his head Sat a little parrot. Sarah I. Fanassy Gran PF 3F 75 THE BARN Down on the farm There is a barn, In which we like to play. The hay is soft Up in the loft. And there we like to stay. The pigeons coo, The cows go "moo," le 3 And the hens run about all dav. Alice Kunkel Grade -I :F 1+ an TIIE FOREST As I went walking through And saw the graceful trees, I thought of Mother Nature. Her animals and her bees. I looked around about me To see the pretty brook, And saw it babbling nicely Along the path it took. As I stood there watching That very little stream. It seemed to make me think That I had had a dream, the forest Bernard Ilvan Grade 6 1.T't'IDlDa1O ISOBSLEIJIJINCQ Cue day I went I:obsledding. I hit my head against the sled And thought that I was dead. Edwin Zemo Grade -I rs Pi- X- THE SNOVV VVhen I went to bed last night, Outside the door the big tree was all white Wfhirling gusts of starrv flakes, Houses changed to frosted Cakes. Tomorrow we will have lots of fun, I know Because God gave us all this snow. Cynthia Sullivan Grade -I 'r af TI IE BIG BIRD NVhen I was in Grand Canvon. The higgest bird I saw, VVas sitting on a roek, Eating a can of NeIIie's slaw. Ile jumped when he saw me: Straight at me he flew. But I moved aside, And he landed in a stew. VVhen he came out of there. Ile looked like a heel, For on his head there was A German Christmas seal. VVhen he was done with that, He was red with rage. So hurry, dear readers. And turn this page. + Ll! wf SLISII2 One night Susie was walking in her garden with her four little kittens prancing behind her. All of a sudden a dog hy the name of Blackie started to chase her. The four kittens popped into a hole in the screen door, and Susie was so frightened that she ran up a telephone pole. Then the dog decided to give up. After the dog had gone away, Susie tried to come down from the pole, but she couldn't. She started to howl, and she howled until all tht- neighbors were awake. Shoes, buck-sl'ot, tin cans, and alarm clocks started flying. Someone said, "Throw some wate." "VVater, is there a fire?" inquired a neighbor. "lt's the Jones' house. I see smoke coming out of the kitchen window. fall the fire department," they shouted. Meanwhile. Mrs. jones. who always enjoyed a mid- night snack, had decided to make pancakes. After putting the cakes in the pan. she thought of hair curlers and ran up the stairs, forgetting all about her pancakes. In the meantime, the night was filled with the elanging and screaming of fire engines. At this time Mrs. Jones smelled the smoke of her burning pancakes and carrie down into the kitchen. The firemen now had the hose attached. A spray of water hit Mrs. jones' face. liinally, al'out one o'elo"k, everything was settled. The firemen brought Susie down from the pole. while Mrs. jones made more pancakes and the neighbors slept soundly the rest of the night. llobert llafcv Grade 5 I Up in the air he flew. And dived straight at me. llut I dodged neatly, And he hit a birch tree. After he hit the tree, Ile killed himself that way. I took one more look, And then I trotted away. Peter Zemo Grade 5 THE CROSS OLD OWL The big barn owl. with a terrible scowl, Called down to the horse who was eating of course "Stop it! I say, this crunching all day, This stamping around in the straw and hay." "My sleep at its best is sleep without rest," Growled the owl to the mule and the various fowl. "It's sleep that's no usema dreadful abuse- 'lihis cackling along with the hiss of the goose." "An old hollow tree would be better for me," Ile cried from the loft when an animal coughed. "I'd be all alone in a hollow tree home. With neither a caekle, a sneeze, nor a groan." Ar down, then. he flew to a tree that he knew "I'II sleep and I'Il sleep in this silence so deep! If any come near with a noise I can hear. I'II scare them away with a terrible leer!" Gaby Vflalker Grade -I QQ fa KATYDID F047 w fail 1' D N D H1 N J Q33 wa af aiu -wyjvj tb gf WXXQC Q HUQQ A QUT LGvUHX -E?7 5232 . Qggrg 4 k R M hx' R X Q EM qw R Q S N r 2 2 5 35 WU? 55 SG 'elf 5 :fb SESXQW fs 5 3 4 ,M U MMT! 1 if J ffl 5 5 Q? S- 1 8- F E' NF ffuqfmqm OVMWQV N51 C35 ty 9 A 5 is - Na 'E '?g,i?k3 ,4Bgielxik1,,ax M QWK 33: 6 'M affix 5 5 ADW x 6,3 new ,MVN S SF mm QEEQYAQ 1,4 A 5 'J 2f,,jH12Mj if QQ sn O, 'E 'muff 5 n 5' ' E5-Sli! MW -Zfqgswgwwfwv We 3-veq4,u.f.G"""l"""" KATYDID wnvaqfwff e' Q 3 22,,,0?,,,97 " 3225? H3 jug, E' XZVCSQ ' 5 55 mf 2 ek Sy P 'A EAP - gf ag AX gf +63 3 Z i WX :XSC-'SQ QY0 ' 5 F-QJSJ ik wg QQMM-3 Q35 1 3 3 R if K X2 V fb? -- F-5 Nfl ' . gg gg. 33 '25, 'Z H-5 Q 5 ,fe 'Af P tl Q5 tafmq P6 ' 533 ,Uv a i x sf-1J.V.-714 L' Lp 5 Qi NTI gf 'iq'-I, C' 4' f 5 N y i L-'--X Aff .i xi W6 Qfqfygg Q0 g' al. if X - LU -Wwe 'K 4+ Q Y an Y 2 W0 -2- 1-"' Q-c 'M' G-Q SH:f?Z.MfFgf'5b2'V"' N050 31:22 EQZW S f' i A aajlswb gl+J'7O1YY-7X 'mg 4 KATYDIEJ 4047 V Patrons Mr and Mrs. John Adams Mr. and Mrs. Lino A. Magnelli Mr and Mrs. George W. Baugher, J Dr. William McBride Mr. and Mrs. Merle Beaver Mrs. W. K. McBride Dr. and Mrs. Collier Bolton Mr. and Mrs. Willct G. McCord Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Bowman, J Dr. and Mrs. Carey O. Miller Mr and Mrs. Ted Brownagle Mr. and Mrs. Theodore V. Morgenthaler Mr. John T. Burnite, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Munley Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Lynch Murray Mr and Mrs. C. llarris Cohn Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Musser Dr. and Mrs. Louis G. Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Nuriek Mr and Mrs. William hrl. Cullen Mr. and Mrs. Nl. ll. O'Connor Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert Dailey Mr. and Mrs. Prank N. Payne Mr. and Mrs. VV. F. Daniels Mr. and Mrs. William A. Pearson Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Davenport lll Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Pugh Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Tyler Douglass. Jr Mr. and Mrs. Ray R. Ramsey Mr. W. E. Fanassy Dr. and Mrs. F. Reed Mr. and Mrs. Sidney M. Finkelstein Mr. and Mrs. Bernard A. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. George Gainshurg Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Schelfer Mr and Mrs. G. W. Garber Mr. and Mrs. Frederick VV. Sehimmel Mr and Mrs. M. C. Gilpin Mr. and Mrs. John S. Senseman Mr and Mrs. R. W. Gregory Mr. and Mrs. Emory VV. Sheaffer Mr and Mrs. Elmer E. Harter Mr. and Mrs. Carl B. Shelley Mr. and Mrs. N. E. llause Mr. and Mrs. Edgar T. Shepard, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. ll. E. lleim Mrs. John C. Sherger Dr. and Mrs. Raymond lleverling Dr. and Mrs. Jay D. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Miles C. Hummer Mr. and Mrs. Mack Smith Mr. and Mrs. P. T. Henry Mr. and Mrs. John Stapf Mr and Mrs. Eli Kramer Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Sullivan Mr and Mrs. Arthur Kades Mr. and Mrs. John C. Swiler Mr and Mrs. Lewis VV. Keith Mrs. Mayestelle Tarbutton Mr. and Mrs. John C. Kelley Mr. and Mrs. G. Earl Walker Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Kraus Mrs. Elizabeth Wildman Mr. and Mrs. Lewis S. Kunkel Mr. and Mrs. William Day VVilson Dr. and Mrs. Paul Kunkel, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. lrvin Yolfee Chaplain and Mrs. C. L. Lack Mr. and Mrs. Dan P. Yunker Dr. and Mrs. Harold P. Lanshc Dr. and Mrs. Peter Zemo K,lXTYDIDaalQ47 fa FOR APPAREL DESIGNED ESPECIALLY FOR THE JUNIOR MISS v1S1T OUR YOUNG SQPHISTICATES SHOP SIZES 9 to I5 W, , - ,.,, ..,.L L 7,.--.-,...- .,,, L, ,Y O SCIIOOL SPIRIT IS CLOSELY ALLIED WITH COMMUNITY SPIE -l3utIz Arc F01111LIc'vI O11 Ilinzclitions of Freeolmu I-IHII IICCUIIIPIISIIHICIII I THE PENN - HARRIS A HOTEL OF DlS'1'lNCf'I'lON IIARRISBLIRCI lIlfll'L'f5 I7m' fIII Occrzsiom The Bbuquet Shop Mrs. E. A. IIiIcIcIJ 1'1l nd 85 Son 201 xxmlnuf sr. 11m-I-isbul-g, Pd. PHONE: -IYOI5-I - -IAUI35 S. S. Pomeroy Ifreslz Fruits 1111 LI Vegetables Fine Irzzz I Staple Groceries Quality Meats 32 NORTH SECOND STREET 'rf-i. - ff ,S YH, Y ,,, , W ,. ,, I I CENTRAL I PENNSYLVANIA ' BUSINESS COLLEGE XII 523 Market Strcct I I . . I I2lI'l'lSI7Lll'g, PCl1l1SyIY1ll1l 1 ,II I II ! ' - lu l'L'SIIgtlIL' I our I . . I Pre-C0IIcge Tl't7IllIIlkLf I I I SIIIIIHIEI' Term Bevius In :me I U I- NTLK Aw L ASAAA --.L HJR 'Hlli l3liS l COMICS, BEST SPORT NEWS ,NND ISILSI' CZOVlzRAGli OF LOCAI-. NATIONAI- AND NVORLD NEXNS . . wml Uhr 1HatrinI ,XN D Uhr I uening Nunn Horn' Hmm SUXXXI lwmzilius Hemi Vl.,lL'Ill , W , h4.,kQiu 4TE??L-if,1 L ,,,,m, : Y Heisey Beauty Salon Q'QjLXIPLlAlEN'l'S N 504 N. Second St., llurrisburg, Pu .E PHONE sm or fx F - .- 3 HL'lll'L'St'Ilfllfil'1' for lsmlgmp , 14,x1'111-f5f5N Ammf QLIINIJMX f Pnfimlzfrrfows ,v V, . Wmfw Q1 IL- , Y ,W , wgmm .X NAME POR Uh l1 l'lill CLEANING lVlENGER'S "u lirzlv fincr, tl liltlc' nmru cL1rcf11l" 325 SOUHI SEVliN l'liliNTl'l STREET PHONE 4-5128 1,8 N v JW612 'J mm' Qoyf' Ozzzyilim COATS - SUITS . HATS DRESSES - SWEATERS FOR Women mm' Girly v I STARK BROS. QUIXIPI INIIX IS I UI CHARLES BGAS 'IlII'I'II'Ii 23 NUIIIII SIKTONID SII II I MR. and MRS. CARL B. I I SHELLEY I ,N I rm YIQXIIS Ol' A S'I'IQINWfXY mul Q 'I IICIQI-'IIINCL I'IqXNUS IIIIA ,IIUSIC IIIXIJ IIIKUIIIJ Cl,,Xl'I1II UI II,IlIIIISI'UIIC. I. H. TROUP MUSIC HOUSE ns scrum NIIXPIXIUI IIISICIIXI SI'.IIVIC' SQLLWXIII, H1 Sm www Good Tazfle in Fmbion Without Zbdwumganw rc Depcmfzllalv FlIS,1i0l1S fo fm- ffzirzl 111111 A111 1' !'lllliUl'S, Misses and Wr1111f'11 WEBB HARRISBURG 555 GARMENT AND WOLF E SAFEWAY Qmllffif Spf 'fff H2 CLEANERS AND U ""' A 1 DYERS 5.16-5111 N11-111 su- 1,11 11 sm-1-1 ' vllcmh 4-4Oll 221115 Zll WALNLI11' SAIKREET ' 1 ai 11ARR1S13L112c:, PA. ii QUAUTY SEMWIL 1 5 1 lllf .v"', -- Q '. , '6 Alfa-lumel '-' - ,,.9MQNiEF1QLfI'QBr0 D UPI Congmmlpzliom TO THE. Senior Clams' Rossmoyne Processing Corporation Harrisburg Luggage and I Cgnqpany Co111pIi'n1w1tx of 213 NORTH SECOND STREET i Grayblll Coal Co, TELEPHONE 8505 Luggage and Leather Goods 1891 FIFTY-SIX YEARS OF PERSONAL SUPERVISION I947 E. G. HOOVER jEXVELER AND SILVERSMITH 25 North Third Street Harrisburg, Pa. Telephone 8876 THE HOUSE WITH A REPUTATION Pennsylvania Supply Company BUILDING MATERIALS READY-MIXED CEMENT I IARRISBURG, PEN NSYLVAN IA 55 IIJIIIIISIHIIH 'S N'l'H'l4S'l ,NNIJ lil I IN! Harrisburger Hotel LX. AIOI INSTUN Xlxxxcsmx f!I1HllVliHll'llfN nj KLEVANHS 4 Xurllm llnrcl Stu' w V CHLBERT W H SOURBEER U GROCER V HAI Ibll Mmm' PH' : lil N'l1- HXJIJS If ,-f. xml :mfs V' If ,'l- gl, 1' ,-,, ff, U Q cn- Lli' 71 xmgU,,,1,14-.N Compliments 1, ',lI Nh M l,KI M V of SIiC'ONIJ .xr s'l',xl'1, sn A Frxend PI 1.,.1l- 8274 lla 1-1- islml P, 9 m OF WARREN-WEBSTER .W. SCI-ll V, V K fm' Sunml lxfllffiiillll li EAT THE BEST . . Ic's CAPITAL BREAD ' A CAPITAL BAKERS, INC. , "SINCE l89l" : - Mgringlri. " 7 , ,,..i - ' ALM, A A Ratcliff A T ' f 1 az y 1 If lH7f'OHUS RADIOS v 1'flcmNoc:rmPf1s A S E A J ! liiclccy - Frecumu ig- ' 0,ef ,tee man' T ITIISYOHITZUCI - Clothes T no SOUTH SECOND STREET T A HARRISBURC, PENNSYLVANIA Platte,-S PMN' +8418 A llulnercfaslwrs T T Ncttfetwz Slums T 22 N. THIRD ST. 56 1 l ., . W I I A s11111r1 VYO'lll'Ig girl luzows that l H E H S H E YS persrzrnzlily shines tl11'1111gl1 every- tl1i11g she does. 1'roperly clmseu N IE R E A M clothes do accent the mltwarzf X , e,x'pressio11 of cl111r11cter 111111 taste. Om' "Tee11-nge" 111111 lllmior Slmps are expressions of our belief ill i1111i1'id11nIitj'. MARY SACI-IS 208 NORTH THIRD STREET 1 1 VANCES A 1 FOOD and MEAT 1 PRODUCTS l 'zz- 1 101 South Front St. , Phono 9375 i 1 1 eeeee M ,EEE ' ' RICE AGENCY I. If. EQUITABLE LIFE INSURANCE Pl IONE SMI 57 COIVIPLIMENTS O F Millefs Furniture Store Axnlzoxv 9ll1n'l's FRED B. HARRY lI4H"l'liH e. l1,ex1sH:lJ,xs1m: 1 ll1II4l'iNl1lII'UL'l' Ilulvl lluilclinv fur. 3rd and Locus: Strccls II3ll'l'iSl3Lll'g. IH f,17L'Il I'l'L'IIllIgS K N O X ll ,X I' S e in NH Y H Roselle Shep y H The M aixclirsixiv IIIIRIIVUI M I CDH,-ice Equipment C0 H 1'1" fHH1ff" "IWW l lfmfmlly Smit-ef N Nm' mmlwl X 202X'V11InutSt. I lurrislmrg, I 1 HN mi Office If-Il.QiIlL'Cl'S -- fwUHlHll'7'Cilll Plwnc 2,9609 " Sfzlfivllvfx 'z C'OMPl,l1XlllN'l'S L w COMPLIMILNTS X l OF L L 1 A OF + f GANNETT, L FLEIVIING, WILLIAM L. CQRDDRY, l W cl MURRAY 5 an CARPENTER l Inc. N w L L L L V L LL CAS . . . The Perfect Fuel for COOKING ALITOMATIC WATER I IEATINCQ IREFRICERATION I IOUSE HEATING l3ECALISl:: Gus is Fast Cas is Flcxiblc Cas is Pmcliablc Gus is Clam Gus is ECOIIUIIUCQII THE. HARRISBURG GAS COMPANY I4 SOUTH MARKET SQLIARE IIARRISBLIMQ, PENXX 5 Q r I lvgrliilfrfia , id .. ,, .,, ,Wi v -f"Y-rl----W "M" ,-'Www Telephone 9-3062 h h 1 1 c'UHlIIIilHL'lIfS 5 l of h Dress Shop Manbeckvs Bread ciofrrs - SUITS - A-11L1.1N1fm N ti l5l South Front St. Stcclton, Pa. 'fffixim ,W , YWWY- WH, , , , ,, , -,,,,, :W , , , ,,,, W, , I . v Charles G. Thomas Mlller s Shoe Store Dry Cflcmfrer 00" 'he S'11"'ff"' 0 Phone 4' 1010 ' v 1 E 5 So. Market Square 8 2200 Logan Struct jog M k Q : .. . ar ct .trcct I lzlrrishurg. Pu. 1 HARRIQBURC PX A llliWliLliH'S HEPUTA T10 N IS YOUR BEST SECURITY C A R P E N T jEWELERs ER'S 40 NORTII THIRD STREET 60 Custom-Made Furniture Period Or Modernistie BUILT TO YOUR DESIRES AND SPECIFICATIONS 0 RE-UPI-IOLSTERING Q REF1N1sH1No WW I. LI i a ANTIQUES REsToREo Pi II , f ' o DRAPERIES 'WWW 0 SLIPCOVERS, and I IVIATTRESSES Phone 7204 Per1ocI Upholstery Co. LI PHO LS llhli I N CJ und M A'l"l'Hl:SSIiS HARRISBURG, PENNA. I7uct0rj'm1rI SIZOIITUKH I'Im'r'y II. IXIIHCIQSIULII 28tI1 8 NIurIict Streets I +4 , he AAI,-, M W.-- ,Ki I Q 4 R. H. LYCN 81 SONS l,1ll'l't'1Ul'N of I C CONHHJMENTS OF A IWUEND C'UMPl.lMl1NIS UI- SPEECES DAHTY .,. .. :,4 ' , AV.- M. .. W. ..... 111. ' " 'iff isis A4'-QA -- . .. ,. - ,.l.: E1 -b 4.-. .4--,-- s .- .4 .-.-.4 .'.-.,, 1 -:If .v.-.-. 1.-.- 1 .-.- wffc-.-.- .4.-. .-.... . . , - .x-- 4:1 .4.-,- 'am -. ' s i 1 ISI-III-:j:f.g QQ- -"E:2:I:2-3lE2i2E:E2gr- - "rE1Z' !?:'32S:E:f ,f:i:-. ElE1E2:f:" .2E2EQ:f:?:-: 0 f 5 , , . 4 ' i '-'-'1 i f f I :- A -- .3-C. ..-.-.-..,. ,.,.1 .-,.....,., . 555 5 :,f2?Efljff11S,i 1., . M .... - 21:f ' 4-f - .J - - Looking nlzezzd lo the fllfllfyi Proms and caps and gowns: Dates, dances, and diplomas: THATS COMMENCEME T lt's a solemn thing . . . and u mud, frivolous whirl! 1t's an blazc of triumph . . amd vour clothes must be right, so right for the biggest time in vour life so fur The clothes you wear that lust, wonderful week are here, at aw' ' ice Y0"'a A c:uU:'Vs:th canning! Q of 'JMX 1 5.253815 9, O5 fer! Wzlvlaer lo the 1947 Claris' of Kezfbeerine Sweeney Dezy Sebool Aircraft-Marine Products, Inc l523 North Fourth Street Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Cc mpliments of ROYAL JEWELERS 317 Market Street LAIRD and HAOEE REGAL COWJANY LEATHER GOODS 1 SHOP 110 N. Second St. Phono 5-0561 INSURANCE K1iYS'lUN1i BUILDING IIARRISBLIRG. PA. CNext to Old Y.M.C.f'1.D UMBRELLAS LUGGAGE 'IARUNKS And Small Leather Goods ROl3llR'I' SIUXRR HALPII R. FARINA STARR and F!-XRINA MOTOR COMPANY DHSOTO mul PlfYMOLl'I'll . . . Sales and Svrriu' Lliljl IUNIL 9,3973 STElilflxON, PA. Y X N Cmrzpliuzcnts of fTUHI17IilllL'lIlS of X .IOhIlI1y DUYbiH,S l Men Shop E. Walter Long l256 miufku sm-L-I IMRRISBLIRCZ, PA. I COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND OO Harrisburg Dairies DISTRIBUTORS OF Blue Ribbon Winner Milk I947 FARM SHOW CHAMPION I rr HOOVER A J' B- LEE FURNITURE U A 5 - I0 - 25" COMPANY QV STORES Y A Hall Ixl1ll'lxL'l SI. IIARIKISIZLIIKQ in 'lm N- ard Sl- Y YOHI' w ' X X M lI,Xl1RlSl3LIRCL, PA XVll.l.l,XMSPUlH 1 A A SLINIRLIIRY ' W1 :: - 14l1wlSl'cm N A f fjlllfll l',l'1'I"Y l',l'L'llillg U If IEIKDOMSIELIIHL i Q H O-I I :H L' oc Q Il N! f' W, 1 COMPLIMENTS OF john C. Herman 8c Company NEW CUMBERLAND, PENNSYLVANIA ff 33 YEARS OF PLUIXIRINC 8: IIEATINC SERVICE L H. B. McClure Company Inc. Plumbing - Heating - Oil Burners Stokers 6: Water Softeners - FUEL OIL - ISIS DERRY STREET PHONE 51216 Special Agent THE EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES ARLEY CASSADY !Im11ait1ex and EIIKIIIIIWIIHIIT CALL -I-0I7l . . . or 6-OI57 Bu in Stylcf . . R LI Y MORE V ICTORY RON DS Small, lI'1ezIi1a1u and Largvr Sizvx unior Dress Shop CSccond EIoorD 302 IXIurI4ct Strcct K3 I N 'if F" " ' ET" i 5' 3 ffiiir-5' I g:i' -----Ag? !lE32'fff5f f N COMPLIMEN-I-S M c1oMPL11x1ENTs olf OF A o KEEP E FRIEND Corset Shoppe Arnold Coal 81 Supply Co. W Q-,Lx Pl lONli 5358i FOUNDED IN 190-4 Ynzfll fU11'1r'ys Sum' if You Huy 111 Kmlvs K A D E S l'4IIl'lIif1H'L' um! Floor Cj0l'L'l'il'Ig 450 NIARKEVI' S'l'RliI1'l4 IIARRISBLIRG, PENNA. ff! Compliments of EMILY I"I. C. Koons 1 fifth avenue Fancy Groceries 600 North Third Street 1737-1741 North Third Street Harrisburg, Pa. ..'.- Al X Harry I-I. Buch The Prescription Pharmacist Career GirIs' 'Z- SECOND AND STATE STREETS Sfffff PENN-HARRIS HOTEL BLDG. Harrisburg, Pa. OVER 568,000,000 LIFE INSURANCE IN FORCE IN CENTRAL PENNA. WILLIAM A. ARNOLD, II, GENERAL AGENT AND ASSOCIATES CE COMPANY TIIE PENN MUTUAL LIFE INSURAN STATE STREET BUILDING, HARRISBURG, PENNA. 1847 OUR HUNDREDTH ANNIVERSARY I9-I7 7 I I-LOWIQIIS I5OII ALI, OCCJXSIONS RUTH M. IVIAEDER I I Iflmvvr Shop L NUIIIIII I II IIIIIJ S'I'IIIiE'l' IIARRISIIURC, PENNA. PI IUNE: 3-0558 V W V W Y W Y W - , W,,W,fY , ,4,,L ,,i 'YQ-grief-f?g,:-Y ,T - - - --- g .in II ,IHS ITUUII SU IUIIKQ SIIIUU II'U IIIIUIILIUII SCIZUUI IIIIII ll'L' 1' fmjgollwl our I'4l'UlICII, Latin IIHII Cconlvtry' . . . BUT II74' :In cmlcwltmte on u few UIL'lllL'IIIlII'1' IIIIIIQS in our fmII nil Ivzrsilwsx I I I I, IMIJ 'II IAI Wli CAN , I , I . . . . 1 IIfIfI4-'Io tIu' In-sr IucI mI ll personal mtcrcst IH rcmlcrmg tIw tI1c Iscst of scrvicc. III11ItipIA1'MYm1r In-ating pIc11surcs. IjIl'ItIL'A'AIIIIHICIILIIICL' costs, with trouIvIc-free oil. I Szzlvtmcr-xXII Iwtlucr IIFOIH his mind. -lust tcII us to take cure OI I your 1'CLlLlIl'ClllCI1tS, and wc will maintain an a1cIc- I quatc supply in tI1c tank. I WALLIS COAL COMPANY I 223 PI N E S"I'REET I I IJL'l7L'lItIlII7IL' I'I'IIL"I Oil Svrvicc' W ,,,, ,, ,, , , ,, WI 7'7 WHOLESALE FRUIT AND DEALER PRODUCE I I I Telephones I 4-0 I 48 4-0 I 49 I I I 2-I I4 South Second Street 4 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 1 I I 75 7am fqfzaut pfzolagwpfdc Slucfia 6 SOUTH FOURTH STREET HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA 5 BUDDIE FINE FOODS LOUIS LEI-IRMAN AND SON 75 ii Vi M f UIlllllilIlL'lIfS of Iii ii i Aunt Nellie s , i i Quality Foods iM lam,-11,,f1i'i1 141 i . a . ,a , , i COIVIPLIIVIENTS i IILXIHHISIELIIK. C,l2OC,l1lN CU. i i OF A Sh lc T' 1 en or ltt e i i 3 FRIEND l'il'l'Vv1'fllflIYQ for Spur!" V i als ,XIAIRKILVI sum-1 I W V i ii V IIXIIHISIELIIILL. Pix, i M Q W i iiii "N ii f ,fn i , mn i CiUllllP,iIllL'IIfS of Pennsylvania Milk Products Corporation llli Nlllllll lOLll1l'Il Silllilfl' PI IONE +6168 Meffinger Bffofbm ESTAULISIIED 1895 -.- MEIVIORIALS -.- I Z4 South Front Street Steelton, Pennsylvania COMPLIMENTS OF The M010 Tilcher AND j6Z7i26f Wilma Hotels' I nc. CARLISLE, PA. LIZSLIH Y. IBENTLEY, Prcsidwzt 355115 ifmif,-" ,. 1'fii? 11I i " A..:' 4.g:::::,,,1i?i?::L.T ' ,T PHONE 3-2954 POULTON T N , Hupuirirzg Om' Specialty HATS Davis Jewelry Store 1 Diumcmds - T'Vl1fL'llL'S A -Icwelr 5 N. THIRD S'l'REli'l' X l N. Third St. llarrisburg, P l , i ' 4" 'E,' lf ':5l TT,-TT'v j g.A '::lT?' lllilrr -f -if W 43:-VfT7"'Li L"?7lLTi1 L-V :il T Ifor Tlmt Snack liezwvcn Classes . GEORGE 6: FRANS' unmgw AND wooumwu TO THE KATHARINE SWEENEY DAY SCHOOL WITH BEST WISHES FROM A FRIEND 78 1 Sul1ivan's Service Store 204 VERBEKE STREET 1 COMPLIIVIENTS OF FRIEND 70 HARMAN PRESS HARRASEJURG. PA

Suggestions in the Sweeney Day School - Katydid Yearbook (Harrisburg, PA) collection:

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