Swedish American Hospital School of Nursing - White Cap Yearbook (Rockford, IL)

 - Class of 1964

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Swedish American Hospital School of Nursing - White Cap Yearbook (Rockford, IL) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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. ziiizfi 1 . -512'-tgfxlg .,.. 1,51 -- :XM - -V ? -1-1'Q+-112 - X 1 2,.615.L'-f:jw,v ., . ' .1"- 'V THE WHITE CAP swsmsu-AMERlcAN Hosplmn. SCHOOL or Nunsmo ROCKFORD. ILLINOIS 'X .xr----. A, , ' r -vb A ' A ' 1 Q: h 5 IQ., LY-ss'.f 'Z W bilvmq-y.va-.n-L-gllnw-:FUNNY YWWBZQJLYY-Nu! Q 3332 I M Q. X M ,M mf ,,,..,,.....5 AAO' ! I W , , YXFJ F vr L' 'PET 4 .1 M ., 1 ,MKII-, I, . I ! L' ei i 1 I -'53 n lf X S., sk ' K ., E My , .1 553. ,Yu . 1.5. 3 wi " f- W un- i 5323 JL W .J P -31 "1 Lfi A A-O, lvl 1 , J 3. ,, .4 51," H, ' Sv, X .W ' x fl-4.-" Muzi! 3.4 ,Y ,fp-m, , ,4 fl' ' ,h ,Z gp, , ,W m f .. -M .,. lllv fe Q1 N -A-9' i ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY DOCTORS FRESHMEN JUN IORS pages 27-34 SENIORS pages 35-54 DEPARTMENTS ACTIVITIES Pages 63 -75 I XXXXXXXRW- 2: uri F: 5: -I -I rl' nu! NH E f I X wo f in nl, -1- ' 'gif ALONG THE WAY Q5-21 '5 A 2 rw ""' W n, .:,,f-nl, ,V I , 'bf .isxi -- wr ,V 1 21 as iii s X fig . I A . nf fn. X 7 -. X - X,.....-he-wg ""'f ' .-.-..-W-+"'-'f' ,mx -.K N,,,,,,...f.wg-N-sv'f'? k.- -- X .. K H- . . . Aw F7 ,v M, f""Wff,U ' I ff . ' www 4 ,M Hwy 7 ..... w....,.., .....W.W. 7' 5 ff ffMffw,ww4mWM,f ,, ,,,,fz,,,f f ff fm Z , , www Wwwywfww , , , , f ,jffffwh ,W , 4ZW7!W, 1450 X'x, .xxx , , - up 4...-.4 1-1.-a..........-'bn-.....s:M.. :ilu-3'F'3'i,E'fI9.n-niwuv-1'-vY'Cs ma-c E I Q 1 y.h,,..,,.. , f 4 jmnlliiil i J i ,W mmf GUIDANCE 7,,f L , 7 . ly ? E g, c I. ,Qi X .X xx. Xa-Y Q N W 1 s KN 4 QAEVQ' 4-lm-anna! :Gb-. 41 gg P"?""1- HOSPITAL ADMINISTRATION Mr. George Edblom, administrator, is responsible for the smooth management of Swedish-American Hospital, He has devoted much thought to the continued planning of the hospital expansion program, Mr. Myhre and Mr. Keister, assistant administrators, are responsible for the financial and public relations program of the hospital. The Board of Trustees are active in their consultant capacity and support the program outlined by the administrators. BOARD OF TRUSTEES FIRST ROW: Assis. Secretary R. Carlson, President R. M. Alden, Mrs. C. Roos, Vice -President R. Aldeen, TTE9-SUTCI L. Liljedahl, Vice-President L. Geddes, R. Keister. SECOND ROW: G. Edblorn, Rev. E. Johnson, C- RGDO, W. Anderson, L. Schuette, I-I. Newton, W. Lidbetter, THIRD ROW: E. Lindberg, E. Stonefield, M Hawkinson, N. Aldeen, K. Clark, V. Myhre, Not pictured: Chairman S. Hillman, Vice-President A. Mauqllist, Secretary R. Jacobson, Mrs. G. Anderson, G. Ekstroni, H. Emerson, S. Henrikson, G. Johnson, H. Lmden, H. Nelson, B. Olson, A. Perks, A. Strandquist, C. SWCHSOD. 8 ...J-.:.wfaw4mx' '- . ..,f..,...s-....,.....,.. , , A , , i 081' Em of Cir Sfam nv M. L DIRECTOR OF NURSING To pay tribute to the graduates of the Swedish.. American Hospital School of Nursing is a real pleasure. A look into the past fills me with gratitude for the inspiration I have received, for the dedication of the graduates and the traditions they founded. Mere words cannot express my heartfelt thanks for knowing intimately so many wonderful nurses who are coping with today's immense tasks. The future promises to be even more challenging, but I am confident that the nurses of tomorrow will continue to utilize the inspiration of the past and strive to insure that nursing remains actively dedicated to serving mankind. May God Almighty grant you the wisdom and the courage to work for achievement, for fulfillment, and joy in making your contribution to nursing. Miss Miller R.N., B.S.N., M.S.N.Ed. Mrs. Goodsell R.N. DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION No matter where you are in the program of study, just beginning or on the threshold of graduation, you have indicated a desire to assist those unable to provide their own health needs. Nursing is expanding in its functions as well as in the demands placed on the practioner. There is much to learng a porgram in nursing can only acquaint you with some of the experiences of professional nursing. The school strives to help you attain a solid foundation from which you may continue your quest for knowledge. Whatever the future may be, I would pray that each of you might experience the truth of Pau1's words, "I have strength for anything through Him who gives me power." --Philippians 4:13 , - . - v-.- ,- -- -941-3111-wg .nada-ruin.- , an-roman .- . Vw- - - - . .- --Q..-...--v., -rw-1 Q . , wq my-u-1, .4-1, gg.gqlo,,:3,..,-5. I D I N M an s 5 ax, Mrs. Anderson R.N. MIS' Bauxar BNA" MA x 1.2 Miss Brooks R.N., B.S. Miss Chapman R.N., B.S. 'vp-uv-FPR 'f Mr Glynn R N S xs Housu R N B Q .ap 1, 0-:eau ""'54:2Av Q. N is ., s M of s X L X s vw , , ' V if Q s -.h.- Q - , . 5 . x so .xv .X S - - -7 B . . . N 1 . n . - - 3 "' .ff -L. 'Value gg.'.-o-.a-a:.1..- 'Jan L, - ,, Q- -.,-lv..-1,5--5.5-1, H , -, ,M H v N - I, oz, A:-Y' h -' - -'- - .. , . V. . , -N.-,-V,--.N N s ' nr as ' ' ' " li-HHN ' "- '- " 4 ' 1 ...- . . ' --un1-mp .-. X Mrs. Kampen R.N. Mfg, Letch PMN, - Q 1 I E X3 Mrs. Lindbefg R.N., B.S. NHS' R.N' Mfg. Northrup R.N., AA. MIS- POWG11 PMN- H- 11 -.....-new-... 1-n-5'u-LEED' ,inf-uv-mums- 'lift 'Ir-Q-aut-Y L vrvn I 11 v l PSYCHIATRIC AF FILIATION Left to right: Miss Toigog Mrs. Keiferg Mrs. Kingg Miss Randall, Director of Educationg Mrs. I-lender song Miss McGavin3 Mrs. Owens. I2 PE DIATRIC AFFILIATION Left to right: Mrs. Leeg Miss Burgie5 Miss Jonesg Miss Manng Mrs. Leu. Miss Voorsanger, Director of Education. o. . ROCKFORD COLLEGE FACULTY - MRS. GUYETTE i, k.... ,Q MR. BLOOM MRS. STABLER ,, ...... ,... . 3 L .rw f ZW 0' 4,,,-4m4. ' -wife 'V . MR WESTLAKE MRS. RICE MR. GROSS 13 SU PE RVISORS fy 'LC N' 'fizf-T12 Miss M. Larson, Nursing Officeg Mr. J. Drew, Mrs. J. Dykeman, Nursing Officeg Mrs. S. Surgeryg Miss C. Adams, Assistant Director of Lundgren, Obstetricsg Miss J. Drafhal, Nursing Nursing Service. Office. A Not pictured: Mrs. C. R ussell and Mrs. T. Carlson of Nursing Offico. HEAD NURSES QV , ., iff . rl it .. S 1 .9 S XX Q Q N1 N N b i .NXS J X .j f . X SX? . Q .X .X X -x 3 Xxx ss R K A s X D Nwwmr ,N,.,. .X NSR Qimxs s isssw i D ss . FIRST ROW- Mrs M Pe ' - - 356 Mrs. D. Forsber - ROW: Mrs V Lee Mrs M Rruce Mr R Zg, Mrs' D'InSk'feP,M1SS B. Lundv:x11,Mrs.A.Tarp1ey. SECOND ' ' 9 - - , S. . Wel GI, I' - 3. M x F . K' Sonnenbergi g V Miss V. Andtison, Mis. L. Celts, Mrs. S. Rowlb-M M15- lil- use-nh iii DOCTORS 5 K 4 X 795 ht 1 P. Anderson, B. Canfield. BACK ROW: D. Lyddon,P, : F, Carlstrom, R. I-Ieerens, I. Bree e , ji 63 Z 4 FRONT ROW Van Pernis, J. Bowman, J, Hosek, I. Ferrias. Q i 'S -x S K fi is x x ,gg ,Q 1 g - E, i FRONT ROW- R H31 - . vorson P, Des. W S x. V N I Kransj C. Young, H. Vanlandainghani, . Ohm 14141. l, hlm1mls.w5 ll XX mu yy XCR FluXg J Smlih, lt- 3 + 'X D . . 1:44-KA-.L,w!,-A, I l 1 I I-115011, P. il fx. A U. Anderson Anderson Anderson Berger Berry Braze Canfield Fredber g Green "Don't worry, Sir. have triplets. R. Green P. Grimes DOCTORS Not Pictured on Opposite Page M. Gullickson R. I-Iarshfield R. Hollingsworth A. Johnson L. Johnson W. Jones M. Kohl Many women if f' 'z-52: 'Sf' IA, x 5 H. Krueger E. Lofgren T. Lukasik C. Mclntosh F. Norten W. Page C. Roe R. Runstrom F. Sauer ai 4 I , fazof lv' Nfir N ,arf HQ Q 'QQ 5 3 rf ,QRS .J .Qi Fffsilf' rig? . Fl' W' fri is .M 444 if X , t 2 E. Schilling W. K. W. A. H. R. G. Seifert Skaar Slinger Swanson Willuhn Wilson lNormley "Do asl say and not asl d " "What's left IS mine." "For some strange reason, We I always get along with my Patients-H "My wisdom tooth hurts' IIHOW can a gravida one 17 t n?" "Who: me? pm bashfulf' be a para e "Tomorrow's mY Screen te " I "You wan nurses?" IIMY man t OUR opinion of student patient said a short, stocky looked at her eye today!" DDCTORS' SNAP9 "No, little boy. These aren't my pajamasd' 3 N "But, he's an ulcer patient, John, I-Ie's GOT to have milk." "Next time, take the stairs, young man. X . R1 t "Now, why did all the nurses dis- appear?" "Just wait until he sits on that tack!" f an ingro "Yes, I scheduled the excision o WH hair. " LX 6 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS SEATED, left to right are: R. Parker, Vice-presidentg S. Bueschel, Presidentg D. Daye, Treasurerg L. Abbott Secretary. STANDING: K. I-lomfeldt, Social Co-chairrnang B. Hamerslag, Social Co-chairmaug Miss Brooks Advisorg S. Nyberg, Representative. Rusmmou ROCKFORD COLLEGE EXQITEMENT TUDYING OMEQICKNEQQ M IQTAKEQ EXAMQ EW some V s 1 1 I FRESH MEN X AN If Linda Abbott Rockford, Illinois Joanne Anderson Rockford, Illinois Karen Bandlow Rockford, Illinois Nancy Barkdoll Tampico, Illinois Karen Bauer Zion, Illinois Rita Bickett West Brooklyn, Illinois Linda Bitterberg Lexington, Illinois Sandra Bueschel Rockford, Illinois Donna Daye Rockford, Illinois Paulette Fennell Rockford, Illinois Sherran Finnestad Creston, Illinois 2 1 wQ3nnul.iL. ,.,g,,..5,L -13391 ... I.. FRESHMEN Mary Marshall MeHd0ta: Illinois Trudy Miller Monticello, Iowa Deanna Gagnon Rockford, Illinois Marilynn Goodin Rockford, Illinois Brenda Harnmerslag Zion, Illinois Nancy I-lanewall Beloit, Wisconsin Susan Hayrnond Lindenwood, Illinois Karen Homfeldt Elgin, Hlinois Sandra Johnson Rockford, Illinois Diana Livesay Winnebago, Illinois Judy Long Dixon, Illinois 0' 1 Rh-f FRESHMEN XX Cheryl Shirley Cherry Valley, Illinois Suzanne Tilton Rochelle, Illinois S . hi., L, 23 Sharon Nyberg Rockford, Illinois Candy Oshita Rockford, Illinois Roberta Parker Mcl-lenry, Illinois Suzanne Rernensnyder Barrington, Illinois Carolynn Reuter Carpentersville, Illinois Kathleen Richardson Janesville, Wisconsin ' Margo Rosell Rockford, Hlinois Ruth Rostron Stillman Valley, Illinois Nayna Saunders Genoa, Illinois FRESHMEN Juanita Ventura Sterl ing, Illinois Judy Wenck Woodstock, Illinois Judy Winger Beloit, Wisconsin 3.1. Linda Whi tcomb Galesburg, Illinois CAPPING The Capping ceremony took place at the First Mission Covenant Church, February 23, 1964. Reverend Gordon Nelson, Associate Chaplain of the Swedish-American Hospital, gave a challenging address. The school cap is attained upon successful completion of the first six months of the nursing program. THE NIGHTINGALE PLEDGE I solem ly pledge myself before odfand in the presence of this as- sembly to pass my life in purity and to practice my profession faith- fully. I will abstafipffrorn whate er is dele eriouyand mischievous! and will not take yo knowingly administerf any harmful drug! I will do all in my powerfto maintain and elevatef the standard of my profession, and will hold in confidencefall personal matters commiyed to my f keeping,.ai1d all family affairs coming to my knowleydge in the prac- tice of finy profession!! With loyaltyfiwill I endeavor tfi' to aid the physi- cian his workfand devote myself! to the welfare of those committed ,f to my care fl' 25 n X. X I 'xii' AE 34, Q 12 ,V if Yi! . 5. x ' i L I 'W v YQ L 'f 5 77 wg, wiv- 5? -una npm-....- i X H, 1 s f f i ri' AZ' Q ws XS x w r L... X s f,f?747f:i-fzffffg fi e learn so niuch we isn't just whe 's al Learning , 2 ,z 'MS' ,Q 553 7- X wg, X5 ' .. ESQ 1. ,iff 55? 1 2374. xx K JK if is . A wg ,ggf im , rf I TQ Wil' , t 'QW---- g-- --"""'if- I A if irq Q' f' '- f Q i --M.,,.x wa W. 1 z W , ,WW if ,.ff.mg -N, J . . ,L be . xenu' 'Y 9 ng s 1 4 -x wa, . 'EQ 1 , M.. f. K, X .f, f.. X af ww S ,f , ,ggfqf,,f',f Ng, , ' . , nn '4 ' ,f IORS Q-e""ff-. :ff s in g ,zfffff .f l -,vp self' "t- an f--af. Q ww, . cf?- JUNIOR CLAS9 OFFICERS From left to right: N. Calkins President- J Johns V' , , . on, ice-presidentg S.Dahlgren,Secreta1'y5 Mrs. M9-Yfieldv Advisor5 G. Palmer, Treasurerg J. Nyman, Representative. JR-QR. BANQUET ULCERQ l NIGHT DUTY NTEREST BQTETRICS Rusneo URGERY X 721 J JUNIORS Norma Anderberg Joyce Appleby Diane Ammon GGITUQ-T1 VQHQY1 Monticello, Iowa Rockford, Iliinois Illinols ,.a' -.N Jean Bacorn W Donna Baker Walnut, Illinois Rockford, Illinois ,ff W" 'M ' ff, CW ,,,,, V Barbara Banwell Sandra Becker i Nesffthd Clafilgs Rockford, Illinois Rock Falls, IIIIHOIS ROC Of 1 1 29 JUNIOR9 Judy Carlson Barbara Clifton Blanche Cgndill Rockford, Illinois Rock Falls, Illinois Elgin, H-linois Sally Dahlgren Mary Davis Rockford, Illinois Mendota, Illinois Betty Dir M nh Sterling, Illinois Rockiordi lafitiois B liargn Dellflflunn e V1 ere, inois 30 A x JUNIORS E 5 I E i I 3 sxifi D 9 C tta iallrgxgkalliscomin Argene Greggrsefl Sharon Hamer 0 8 1 Rockford, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Billie Hyland Pamala Iserninger I Elgin, Illinois Triumph, Illinois fa 4 ,, ff f wwf fam, ,Z f f Constance Johnson Judith JO hnson Con t J h S ance O nson ' ' Rock Falls, Illinois Rockford, Illinois Rockford, Illinois 31 W BIEEQIQRQ ii? Jacqueline Jury Ruth Ann Kingsbury Ruth Ann Maus Belvidere, Illinois Whitewater, Wisconsin Mendota, Illinois Nancy McCrillis Ruth Ann Moen Cheryl Nelson Rockford, Illinois Argyle, Wisconsin Rockford, Illinois Aina Nyrnan Judith Nyman Gail Palmer Carpentersville, Illinois C21fPGHtGrSVi11G, Illinois Leaf River, Illinois 32 h vu N f 5 I 1 li 1 I ,fri I in 7 1 I I .ILINIORS Joan Perla Pr- -11 P Rockford, Illinois Cherlifclfaalleffellsltlgois Kqudidallliice lngs, mois Nl3.IC19. SChI101'I Ann Shuman Merrl Thorne 192021121161 Ill1no1s Sterlmg, Ill1no1s Woodbme, Illmolg Trudy Tlmm Jamce Ward Jud1th Zwetz Rockford, 111 Poplar Grove, Ill1no1s Monroe Center, Il11no1s 33 --H f .,.. . '-- ':,..--ff'-2 ,, - - -' L"'-1-, 'f:,-.'- ' ' '3.Ll0wtib1 " ' 11:. : ',g,1' -' -' 111 1-'-LIU f ,,:f -, " ,' , A- .w l- .rr..vun-1-'-.:gg,,5:,L,, ,,g-5,',9:u,,,r'nn-J H wifi uf fl fi QM i ww., 55tA,:.,.,x is is ,AW X 133, -Ark Ai ul 12 It 51, ig r ..,,,..,...... ..g.:....a'f.aQqNf, .1i,.,:,4NA1?,?. ,,. bs'-K. , H W QX SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS F. Crabtree Representative5 Mrs. Northrup, Advisorg J. Johnson, Presidentg C. Dangerfreld Treasurer Not pictured B. Kosrer Vrce-presidentg N. Weaver, Secretary. 9 Emon ssnvucs EFFICIENCY NEUROLOGY lNTELuGENcE UPTIMIQM REGISTRATION Qemonms 36 SENIORQ Sterling, "Why can't we have later late leaves?" CAROLE BENSON ' Illinois ji? M ff ffffiw VW fiifwiiwj ff Y, ,- , f ff" Q ,Mfg , .xffjpfffww . MQW' WMU A JW fd ,QM Jw f X 0 - is bm ,M me-fr it f i'UUV71?2 f n fwfr' 250475 fy, LW? I iff 73 1 ,QQ lf W if KBETTY BUTTE IEL ji W1 Elgin, Illinois 7 4 "More bounce to the ounce than .3 Jello." 37 E39 v::-serine-f-Ib LORRAINE BECKMAN Rockford, Illinois Everything she does is all for fun CI-IARMAINE COLIN Sterling, Illinois "And could Iplease have three more cupcakes for my best friend, me?" SENIORS FLOY CRABTREE Clarissa, Minnesota "I don't see why people have t0 get so excited. -, . SANDRA CRAIG Kew-211162, Illinois Gee kids, be tender, that's my uke." QENIORS W2 Ultdlz fl QW of W M1 M LUCINDA CRIDLEBAUGH Rockford, Illinois "What is there so great about horses?" CAROLYN DANGERFIELD Sharon, Wisconsin "Here, let me open that window for you N Xf, KATHLEEN DRESSELI-IAUS Beloit, Wisconsin "Call me anything you want, but not Kathleen." X ANGELINE EI-ILERS Rockford, Illinois, Don't ask me--my back hurts. f 444 75g,,,4fLf w.Q,1LvQ D Melee XX-Z! ' .mmfw r ZSENIOREWM Amboy, Illinois "Le-13's go visit my brother." any-df Jufzf wifi? Wa peabbb fwdfcalfnk x75 jymilyekfzgfgf aafbdvwvlfff JL 7'L-517 'Zigi dfgkds 560- gsm! Mahjww Q Wwe JW Mcfcxw-5612, 70'W""' Wed WLC! ALvi Wm dw, ,GI-e,c,,,,x-J DONNA DUSING Polo, Illinois "I vote to go swimming 'in a doc tor's poo1." me ,. ?Mi SENIORS MARCIA HAYENGA Rockford, Illinois DONNA HAAKENSON Evansville, Wisconsin "I have a conflict between my drives, work and play." "Where am Igoing? Out of s 5 ,RRp1 course !" CLAUDIA I-IEDGREN Chicago, I11i1'10iS "Is it true blondes have m0I6 fllfl- 4-1 BEVERLY HOLLAND Rockford, Illinois "I sure wish I wouldn't get so flustered, so fast, so often !" QENIORS 3 X I JUDITH JOHNSON Kirkland, Illinois She walked in a closet for miles! we ii "' 1 4 J ENNIE JOSEPHSON - Kewanee, Illinois X 3 " . . . Add one cup water and mix M by hand!! A aj ?L4'! 5 fn'-.QVLJJ JZ9 firv muff'-ci! 4094'2'0' ,df U 'af :cu f9,eJ-0 5 P I 1 O i C536 BU f J I SENIORS JEANNEKAHP Huntley, Illinois The profession has gained a musician, an artist, a seamstress and a nurse. BARBARA KOSIER Sterling, Illinois Little in size only, with a heart bigger than she is ! JUDITH MALMASSARI Belvidere, Illinois "I love surgery--especially call time and days off." DONNA MAYNARD Woodstock, Illinois Walked softly--got a lot done. EILEEN MUSS ELMAN Sterling, Illinois "I don't get it." 1 jg, PAMELA PEARSON Rockton, Illinois What do you mean you he ard a whinny from my closet?" U 7,-'ot I ' ' A ,, fy. fa fn N I AQ VH ff! 'J Wy' , , " ,fl fly ,fl ,ff 0 f ff, f ,I ff 1 1' G J J oy HJ A O f ff 1 X, ,K f 4 f f ,Z '-L 'x 47 mpg 16" , ff , iv" M M Qin!! I My ,ni :V 1, ff if I I DJ ,if f 506 aff!! .-Nl if 'J 1 , WI 7 lg' 11. 5.4! SENIORQ NANCY REDDING Rockford , Illinois PATRICIA REC OB Walworth, Wisconsin "Just too many days 'til August 15th. "Oh, what I wou1dn't do for a pizza or some spaghetti." Aff!-fi of su? ff be gf A of Ns BLLLIE REYNOLDS East Peoria, Il1iI10iS lvl-he only thing I need is s1eep." 4-5 'qi-9'iY'il y MILLA sToKsTAD Oregon, Wisconsin "Life is to be enjoyed . . , thoroughly. " f I . , IQ, x ffl S7 6 Q7 99' KV OS' ,W WW ANITA SWING Stoughton, Wisconsin cool head in a hot situation." "My motto is--always keep a SANDRA THOMAS Sharon, Wisconsin 'South to Alaska!" 0 Q MERLA WILLSTEAD Dixon, Illinois "Now, according to Bill . . NANCY WEAVER Rockford, Illinois "Only two letters today?" SUZANNE WILLIAMS ' Stillman Valley, Illinois "Keep walking." QENIORS CALISTA WILSON Manchester, Iowa "I love Iowa, farms, Iowa, pizza, Iowa, cows, and Iowa." LYLA WHITE Rockford, Illinois "Everybody salute ! There's a plane flying over." 49 Q J -bbW . . i no I in leboriand deliveilfilb -S311Y-D9-mgffn fin hopes that she will Lorraine Beckman, will my fifth wheel abilities , . . do better as mess cans' And ber my ability to 'maintain my sanity while on psych. affiliation. 13:13:01 1l3tTrIl:t1l2l1hillfil1Nrgr.rln:n Shuzian any set of keYs to her 1963 Pontiac and to Judi' Zwetz mv' funny nylons Y 1 A - 5-rfrnlztl 131338 wesvs Private corridor to Betty Dir so she can get out of the 6-bed wards, D . . h '1 and sunny outlook. , Hoy Crabtree' 'Pu to Judy Carlsorhmy appy sim ei ' nt to Donna Baker. Use only between the hours of Sandra Craig, will my Anna State library camping eC1U1Pme 5-a P.M. . . L cinaa Cridlebau h win Mary Davis mY Speed- ' Clirolyn Dangerfiefd n will my good body mechanics to Janice Ward in hopes that she will have better luck. 9 . . - - Kathy Dresselhaus, will my complete list of nicknames and mceness to Judy Rice. . Lucinda Dukes will to Ruth Maus my "few extra inches" solshe can seex over the OR table, too. Donna Dusingpwiu my ability to spend eight hours organizing my assignment to Blanche Condill and my two extra late minutes to Barb Clifton. Use them wisely, Barb, . I Angeline Ehlers, will my ability to control my hostile feelings, especially when asked to help with bake sales to Nesbeth Calkins. I I H W . H f , . - Donna Haakinson, will to Sandra Becker my ability to prove that blondes have more un--in one single appli- cation. . , Marcia Hayenga, will one set of contact lenses to Merrie Thome. Claudia Hedgren, will to Trudy Timm my love for Swedes. V I ' Beverly I-lelland, will thee, Cheryl Nelson, all the few silent places I have discovered on the grounds--use them wisely and listen well. H , 4, s - Judith Johnson, will to Judy Johnson my ability to laugh, anflilaughr and laugh- Jennie Josephson, will my "special techniques" of cake baking to Martha Dom and advise her not to use the same utensils! did. . Jeanne Kahl, will Argene Gregersen all my wonderful weekends at Anna State in hopes that she remembers one thing--sign out correctly! . Barbara Kosier, will my "little sis" Connie Johnson QYl my good fortune to spend two out of three years of training on the general floor. U , Judy Malmassari, will my frequent visits with my little sis to Priscilla Peterson. Donna Maynard, will to Aina Nyman my ability to eat lemon-filled cupcakes. Eileen Musselman, leave my ability to sleep during classes to Marcia Schnorr. Pamela Pearson, will to Diane Aronson one badly wom horse muzzle to muffle the whinnies from the closet. Patricia Recob, will to Sharon Heizler, my many joumies home to the "special one," and to Ruth Ann 'Kings- bury I will my obsessive love for surgery. Nancy Redding, will to Barbara Banwell my forgetfulness to sign out for late leaves. ' Billie Reynolds, will my tree frog to Jackie Jury. ' ' Galey Samuelson, will my senior authorityito Joyce Appleby. - -Carolyn Sawlaw, will to Pam Iseminger my prolific correspondence and ability to keep up with it. Karen Spencer, leave my whole mail problem to Joan Perla. Milla Stokstad, will to Gail Duckert one blue bandana and a David Rose album to add life to every party. Anita .Swingen, will Billie Hyland a slightly used key.. ' Sandra Thomas, will the vacancybmy graduation creates on 3-West's staff to Nancy McCrillis. Nancy Weaver, will to Gail Palmer my dusty mail box. ' 5:23232 Williams, will 3 P9-ft Of mY will P0Wer to Connie Johnson QXQ in hopes that it will help her more than' 1 1 me. Merla Willstead, will a large cheese and sausage pizza to Judy Nyman ' Calista Wilson, will to Karen DeMunn my ability to catch 9, b.li'1-ldfoldgd man IEW White, Will to Jean Bacom a nursery of her own with forty babies, and to Ruth. Ann Moen Iwill 8-West. ow what are you golng to do with it? . . - l 50 1 ' , I , . ., - . .14 ,. W.-fb .5134-2 -A .1A..A fx, ' ' 1' ' -R . N'1 ..,. i . PROPHECY Doctors G., B., S., and S. have a special scrub nurse, Charmaine Colin. A few tranquilizers and she's ready to go Say, Billie Reynolds, what's that degree you're working on? B.S.N. or MRS? Karen Spencer made a forttme manufacturing her own laughing gas. There's only one problem--too much volume. Carolyn Sawlaw liked training so well, she decided to be a professional student. Sandra Thomas and her husband wiere named "Nightingales of the Year" for their outstanding teamwork. Carolyn Dangerfield is employed by Saks of Fifth Avenue, modeling the latest in back braces. Merla Willstead--Does, she or doesn't she? Only her hairdresser knows for sure. Kay White received the "Mother of the Year" award, or was it an endurance record? Will Nancy Weaver survive away from home? 1968 A.D.--Claudia Hedgren has joined the Faculty, with all her past experience, she ought to be an expert. Donna Haakinson is a stewardess-nurse for T.W.E. Airlines. Anita Swingen can be found at her part time job as physical therapist, teaching patients to twist. Lorraine Beckman was named "Night Nurse of the Year" by her patients, because she was so quiet. Due to her outstanding organizational ability at 'S.A.I-I., Nancy Redding has been recently appointed efficiency advisor to the Surgeon General of the United States Public Health Service. Lucinda Dukes, Betty Butterfield, Sandra Craig, and Carol Benson are filling the spare moments. of their nursing careers recording traditional folk songs for the Reject label. Jeanne Kahl is now assistant head nurse on her beloved 3-Center. ' Beverly Holland has been .znamed "Motorcycle Champ" at Rockford Speed Way. Floy Crabtree is still trying to break' the iron curtain and return to "Kids." The Globe Trotters have a new nurse, Lucinda Cridlebaugh. She specializes in knee injuries--right at eye level. Working in Geriatrics, Angeline Ehlers is still waiting for the right one to come along. Calista Wilson is the author of the new best seller, "How to Care for Your Patient and Keep Him, Too." Donna Dusing has a position as School Nurse at the University of Illinois--inside pull! Pam Pearson is always in style wearing corns with her white uniform and saddle sores with her levis. Hey, Milla Stokstad, what's the great charm of New York? Certainly not the State Board requirements. Judy Johnson appears on the floating shift between Surgery and Labor and Delivery, her favorites. Patricia Recob is specializing in the care of burn patients after all her experience on 4-West. Galey Samuelson has signed a five year contract with Maceys in New York as Santa Claus. Found living on a island is Marcia Hayenga. She commutes to work on her yacht, the S.S. Nightingale. Barbara Kosier has taken advanced training from bed pans to bird pans. Ringling Brothers hired Eileen Musselman because of all the muscles 'she developed from lifting C.V.A.'s. Suzanne Williams is writing a book called "Twenty-seven Ways to Maintain A Milk White Complexion." Judy Malmassari has her seasons switched around. She has her winters in her summers. . Kathy Dresselhaus resigned as assistant head nurse on 3-West since she was caught passing T.V. dinners to the patients. ' Jenny Josephson is writing a book about the experiences of the Josephson sisters in training, entitled "The Last of the Red Hot Josephsons." . ' Donna Maynard is engaged in research work for Metracal and Like. V . ,:i,.f..- 1 .-1 L I .' '- 4' Iii '- --QW -'f --Q1 .,., v if 1 l W!! gg xi v qu, Rw- 4 x X X Xxx X ',.,, . f 4 .Af-:xv 7 - . ,, f- fd Y Keg .N ,K yt QQ? Q yi? SN 'Q i 1 1 'O-uxyv.. .ju ---2-M .. se--f,L: ' . 1 fi: ------'f',"" ' l-Lf-H' J3Ll'l'f' 7"'f Y.: "lv 55773--M-f,'1,L-'-' ,J?.p,,4,.i,:.J-F., 3V'L1-VL:-.- 3: f 1.21.1-' fl: QTlQ'f2'.I"5'-5 r' ' wf-' .. T' ' . ' I 1 ' X " """"' 'HA' B "' ' nv- - --f --' 'Q W' 75 3hR!'fx53'5!'5 7' v0""'CHvJuuxcnL1'v'iL3.,.,..:c.f4z.31h-...L.?'lr:-.nun-uu,,g,,,,f.n,,,-Anfin-gx,'.1.,wgf.,-,,,,.., g,.qr,...,..,1nulX--Hn.,,,v,1g,-.uwf 212 -'Qi Q, 7 .H GRADUATION FIRST ROW: K. Dresselhaus, K. Spencer, P. Pearson, S. Thomas, F. Crabtree, N. Redding, L. Cridlebaugh, B. Kosier, D. Maynard, C. Sawlaw, B. Holland, J. Josephson. SECOND ROW: C. Colin, L. White, B. Butterfield, C. Hedgren, A. Ehlers, D. Haakenson, P. Recob, A. Swingen, S. Williams, D. Dusing, L. Dukes, B Reynolds. THIRD ROW: C. Benson, S. Craig, J. Johnson, E. Musselman, C. Dangerfield, G. Samuelson, J. Malmassari, C. Wilson, J. Kahl, N. Weaver, L. Beck man, M. Hayenga, M. Willstead, M. Stokstad. Graduation is one of the most meaningfulexperiences in the life of a nursing student. She is with her classmates for the last time and on the brink of a new and challenging life. During the ceremony, each student is given the school pin by the Director of Nursing and diploma by the President of the Board of Trustees of Swedish-American Hospital. At this time, scholarships given by the hospital are awarded to graduating students who meet the qualifications. A p ' g ggi 'N g pp D . , 'Q' ' - , . . EXPERIENESES . . . vQ X TMENT Ne ---f-EN ' 4:--1-71:1 .,-1---522.-E-E,,i1'Yfiiyiaiizae-pdf' 3-Lfjsagiqf - 'fu' 1' ifx 1-.-"'2fL'-f '-E1 E-: 1--. Z., .12 3- . -.,- - J, , . , V "-"' E film!-Six., 4 , ,ann-q,.,,s--C62dL1Vn,a.1---1-2 E r-54h---I-U'v1-M-1-'-u.-43.5 1- H. .E--.1-?n9.'-'l.wr.f....:, :,.---.....m'wn'-.v.-m.: .,:.:x.xuw. .., ,,., 1 I 1'.r""d.F, ' 4 n'l.vA- Q E ! r I Q,,f"J0'fSv 1. gf E r'f Q .wi 5 ,M , i A ' f if ,A ig! J MZ! , uma, . .g,., . 2 -Aff- v s! ' FQ T " U 3 Q I . fs V ni S2 MEDICAL-SURGICAL UNITS 4-WEST vi' 3-CENTRAL 23 -rf' Q If I.. -fi. U! . M, K x ff? QS i 4-EAST WM' .. e,zf 1 PEDIATRICS SURGERY DBSTETRICS f 57 DIET KITCHEN . - - ' 12 During the time spent in Diet Kitchen the Sfllden a learns the daily nutritional requirements for this average healthy p6ISOn. With the aid of Mrs. QUX instructor, and the dietitians the student learns 1:0 modify' the general diet to meet the needs of 1n- dividual patients. . , This is accomplished by actual ebipenence In the . . . rd con- preparation of special diets, CIQSSCS, and Wa - t ferences. A dietary care study gives the Sgudeg ar further experience in meeting the needs o on P ticular patient. ra EMERGENCY RDOM Onl student, but the experience is unforgettable. This unit is well staffed and adequately supplied to treat any emergency that might come through the double door. Many cases are treated and released, or seen again on an outpatient basis. Others are admitted to various departments in our institution. With the new addition, Emergency Room has expanded to an eight room suite and large waiting room. y a brief time is spent in Emergency Room as a HI1' 11"1 59 CO WORKERS In the light of today's modern medical techniques the laboratory 1S invaluable to a large hospital Un der the direction of Dr Van Pernis, diagnostic tests are run quickly and accurately to aid the doctor in the treatment of his patients I-Iistologic studies are done on both an out-patient and hospital patient basis Maintainence of a blood bank is another vital function performed by the lab X-RAY 'lzhe x-ray department plays an important part in assisting with the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. Its personnel is comprised of registered x-ray technicians, students, and radiologists. Their combined talents result in efficient and safe x-ray procedures. 60 an 1 Filhfi El' I Cl CO WORKERS PHARMACY r Dean and his assistant Mrs Anderson, are ke t ve M - 1 - P ry I busy, They patiently fill the orders placed by the nurses in the morning and attempt to keep up with constant re- uests for additional medications "right away." They are willing to answer questions about medications and aid nursing personnel by suggesting newer methods of ad- ministration. 5 I PHYSICAL THERAPY The physical therapy department corrects dis- abilities and aids in rehabilitation. After many efforts, the most discouraged patient may be coaxed into "trying again" by Mrs. Crowley. I-Ier kindness, understanding, cheery smile, and words of encouragement tempered with determination spell success for those who will put forth an effort. Q sr s L CENTRAL SUPPLY Central Supply is the hospital's equipment center. Here linen and supplies are packaged and sterilized for opera- ting room and general floor use. They also take care of equipment from the floors and store and keep in good re- Pair all special machines. The new quarters give Cenfial Supply the much-needed additional room essential for its vital part of hospital function. 61 gs W I 'NN Xl , X ,r"'! ANNUAL STAFF l Miss Miller, Advisor5 D. Haakenson and J. Malmassari, Co-editorsg J. Bacorn, Junior Editor. LAY-OUT PHOTOGRAPHY TOP: .Im Kzmlnl, CI. Wilson, R. Kingsbury. MIDDLE: C. Wilson, B. Holland, E.lVlL1SSCl111H11. IM Hill.:-rlwrg, K. Billllxf, N. lI:1n0w:1lI. l?.O'l"l'OM: VJ linrlulull, 'lf Millvr, J, Wxlrcl. lil STAFF WRITING 'I fl'-W' f v .I- Qf L' 5' -Tn, I3 'J' SEATED: S. Nyberg, S. Dahlgren. STANDING: S. Johnson. A TYPING SEATED: P. Fermell, N. MCCrilliS. STANDING! J. Anderson, J. Ward. BUSINESS SEATED: D. Daye, R. Maus. STANDING: N Sazmders, B. Holland, L. Whitcomb. OUR PHOTOGRAPHERS Mr. Northrup, MI. Chapel, and Mr. Althouse of Althouse Photographers. "N I , if I ynaggw fV,, If ,A X ,f , 4, , " f Z, ' f I l 1 L , , .fi 9, f V. f N.F.C Nurses Christian Fellowship meets once a week to provide a time for spiritual devotions and fellow- ship for the students. Speakers, panel discussions, devotions, picnics, and other forms of recreation are planned for the programs. As a member of the Collegiate Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, students of all denomina- tions are welcomed. The sponsor of N.C.F. is Miss Marilyn Miller. Y.W.C.A. The warm and friendly atmosphere of the Y.W.C.A. of Rockford is enjoyed by nursing students as they take part in the numerous activities sponsored by the organization. Membership is offered to all students of the school. Activities include swimming, knitting, trim gym, cake decorating, volleyball, and basketball. There are many arts and craft classes to attend also. 67 HOUSEMOTHERS 1-v Left to right. Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Hanson, Mrs. Peterson, Mrs. Greene. Mrs. Mueller m- I-Iousemothers are our mothers away from home. It is their duty to see that students are in their rooms or have signed out prop- erly for the night. Students on the "sick list" receive nourishments and have their temperatures taken during the evening by one of the four. Dorm refrigerators would lose their charm if these ladies did not make daily trips to replenish supplies. Pacifying dates, listening to tales of hom esiekness, and helping to boost the general morale are in their line of duty. For all this, we thank you. Mrs. Mueller, secretary, handles all school correspondence fand does mimeograph work for the faculty. Besides mana ing her paperwork with great S efficiency, she always has a cheery smile and a kind word for everyone passing by her office. vuru1'63i'51NIL,z:2-.-Hdwp-:hw We're studying Nutrition. i Just a relaxing jaunt to Rockton! Anyone for plzza on the rocks? 71 ...M v-.-.. --sq-u.a'r 'aw-W -U v- -1.11-at .f..r , -.mm f-n Hello Mother, Hello Father, Well, it's better than watching a test pattern. You gotta watch those silverfish! 72 ax--.4:-. ,,1- gd'-Anaqgg g,?1:-51 1 : -4- 31.5. ' 2.2L-,-,C-:b:Q..:,:.11ee-.Lu-,-:Q-..z.. vga...-.q-,f-r,--au: an LL:5-,Lyla--.-..,. ...'..1,'. 3.5- .. ,-..,. . a.-:.. . - . .- LIFE A tea honoring Ivlrs. R. Goodseu for twenty-five years of service, An informal "sing-a-long" T R il l' 'i V-5 r in a, Swed1sh-Arnerxcan Alumnae Banquet honoring the class of 1964 "Sing-fest" at Lake Geneva. 73 'I YGITN I i X x Y Kr- 'E' xiii 5 Q -XNQXV Q' QQ:-Q ESX. .w K Qigixffix N X .gSsQ5XxX wif-X X: X XXQ x. . f f f- - -... .... .,....-g- , j7!2! , f , , f jg! ff , f ,V ff,,,, ,f, f ,,,, - f ,M ,, r f r Q? jf". f Q 'wa ww Y Q- Raimi' VXKIFV -dwoi" -' f """-a- """-Q, 'MQ' U I L 4 4 .gf ,M sq .,-wmqnnmn' 6 , , ,g,ff-f,4f', , f ,ff 1 A, Cf4g5g,ff,4,f' f f fi' fix 'ffdffaf ,f f, f,f, , 1 f ff' ,fy f f ..,.,-...A,,......,...k.,g.4.ws.a.-gafff--4W.a:.g:.1g:.arr.-as.a.giLggg.g.,:,gp.:.i:L..:..E,N.:-,. .gg:g,1,,f,-. , 4,,fg15,.1-ng .. . - , n....., . . v PATRONS Mr. Norris A. Aldeen Mr. R. A. Aldeen Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Alden American Nat'l Bank 8rTrust Co. Dr. Henry C. Anderson Dr. Perry Anderson Dr. R. L. Anderson Dr. John Vanlandingham Dr. Stanley Anderson Dr. Charles Ballinger Dr. Miles J. Gullickson Dr. Edward Sharp Dr. R. G. Smith Dr. John Berry Dr. Alexander Braze Canfield Clinic Mr. and Mrs. Ray Carlson Dr. F. J. Carlstrom Wilbur Christenson Funeral Home Dr. Paul Dee Mr. and Mrs. George M. Edblom Mrs. Grace M. Ekstrom Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Emerson Dr. Irving B. Ferrias First Evangelical Free Church Dr. Clifford W. Fredberg Mr. L. H. Geddes Ginders-Graham Ambulance Service, Inc. Dr. George Green Dr. R. G. Green Dr. R. Halvorson Dr. Clara Hanstrom Dr. R. Harshfield Martin Hawkinson Co. Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Henrikson Mr. and Mrs. Swan Hillman House of Lindberg Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jacobson Mr, Gilbert A. Johnson Dr. L. P. Johnson Dr. W. Donald Jones Mr. Roger M. Keister Kelley, Williamson Co. Dr. David Krans Dr. Harold P. Krueger Lamps Elevator Sales and Serv. Mr. and Mrs. Ward Lidbetter Mr. Leroy E. Liljedahl Mr. Hugo W. Linden Lindquist Jewelers Dr. Eric Lofgren Lundholm Surgical Group Dr. Donald Lyddon Mr. and Mrs. Allen C. Mallquist Dr. C. B. McIntosh Mr. Harold E. Nelson Mr. Harry B. Newton Dr. Fred Norten Dr. Andrew Nyboer Mr. Bruce F. Olson Mr. Fred Olson A. C. Perks Special Rockford Anesthesiologist Assoc, Rockford Life Insurance Co, Rockford Standard Furniture Co. Dr. Chester Roe Dr. Richard Runstrom Dr. F. E. Sauer Dr. Novella A. Schafer Dr. Waldo Schneider Mr. L. H. Schutte Dr. I. Schwartz Sealtest Ice Cream Shostrorn Signs Dr. John Smith Mr. A. J. Strandquist Sundberg Funeral Home Mr. C. E. Swenson Dr. Paul Wilkinson Dr. Hans Willuhn Dr. Clayton Young Dr. Harold E. Zenisek Th ' ' C 1964 Whlto Cap staff wishes to thank all those whose contributions made this book possible. 76 1' 4 A 1 w ,. v X f r l Y 1 1 -x 3 4 5 1 I H I i 5 5 1 , 4 , 1 fi 'f S, l Xi 11, s , . Iii ,, iw wa 4 , in I. ., I if 1. J . 5 il is is 5: X ,. if 1 . fy. sq F , 'fn wm- . ,-. ,..-...efe-:,' nu'-'ff,i+fff.:JG?-',Q.'.ff.iQ,.-.1-.L-421-:J:...faq...-.,..,.y,.-.f,:,-1.4i.L:.:,g,L.,,......,...m,.-41...,.-- -:-- -... - -- -W---fu . . . -- w - v - V ,. , x in 'J Q 1 qi u P1 v 4 , '- lim 4 i, 't

Suggestions in the Swedish American Hospital School of Nursing - White Cap Yearbook (Rockford, IL) collection:

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