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5 3 I Qvs Ein? 211 THE SWATARA SWATTER-Swatara To h p H gh S h l N i 4ID6diCdfiOTl Q03 a token of appreciation i 'f for what the class of '26 y i has done toward the improvef i i ment of the Swatter, we the y staff of logo, are dedicating this i book to them. We, indeed, i appreciate what they have alf ready done and hope that in A the future, as in the past, they i y will continue their good Work i and will stand by the Swatter i Staff at all times. Q gk: W A' -- 'A- W 15,19 NQQQQQQM NMNWNM QNQQEQ QQ9'DlICn!+L'zJi LcAaJrKf-945 Swatara Township High School-THE SWATARA SWATT ER 3 ll gQ6b.J.CUN'5U mrocvuueqa-gg William Lebo, President Ellie Edwards CWolfeb, Secretary Paul Erh, Treasurer Neva M. Engle Mary G. Benney George S, Yeager Evelyn Shultz Christian K. Ehersole The Following Could Not he Present When the Pictures Were Taken Oscar Balclwing Booser Bishop, VicefPresidentg George Deimlerg France Fackler Ehersoleg 6: Gladys Housman McLaughling Myra Peckg Thomas Proudfootg E Mary Quickg Elwood Stopfelg Martha Webner 411 THE SWATARA SWATTERW-Swatara Township High School 5'-S65-"'f'N'f"7" W'wu"4G2!! S? 62 o 1 School Song To thee, SWATARA TOWNSHIP HIGH, Thy name and sports we praise, Thy records of the years gone byg A torch our way to blaze. S. T. H. S., S. T. H. S. We'll fight like those of old To hold in air Thy colors fair, The dear old blue and gold. A gdgbamww Alma Mater SWATARA HIGH, pride of our hearts, Scion of years gone by, Fairest of schools Your precepts and rules, Learning's richest legacy Your gold and blue, We love them too All other schools you defy And everywhere You will find us there Lauding our SWATARA HIGH. Swatara Township High School-THE SWATARA SWATTER if 511 leg-IICVJOWUI ncmmurggg 'Ghe Board of Education ' i M. F. OHNEAL, President J. E. BERKHEIMER, Treasurer J. M. ERB, Secretary R. A. SHULTZ, Vicefljresiderzt W. H. HORNER DR. L. L. KEIM P. I. PARTHEMORE THE members of the Board of Education of Swatara Township are constantly busy trying to make the schools of our district the very best possible. They indeed deserve much credit for the efforts they have put forth and for the many worth while things which have been accomplished under their supervision. 621 THE SWATARA SWATTERfSwata1a Township High School .scwwm WWKQ2: S? G2 'Gable of Qontents evo FACULTYI ,. ... 7 EDITORIALS I . ..,. II SWATTER STAEE ..., I2 SENIORS, , .... IS JUNIORS . . , . , V34 SOPHOMORES . I I . . . .36 FRESHMEN I ,,.... . . .38 PHYSICAL EDUCATION , , . . . . 45 ATHLETICS . . .... 46 DRAMATICS . .... 65 MUSIC ...68 CALENDAR , . . ,75 JOKES., ....77 ALUMNAE , , .... SI ADVERTISEMENTS . ,... S5 Swatara Township High SChOOl7THE SWATARA SWATTER 7 Q-6y.sIIcvmfuI wwwragv j, E. SHERK, A. M. SUPERVISING PRINCIPAL Lebanon Valley Academy, IQIOQ A. B., Lebanon Valley College, 1913, A. M., Columbia University, Educational Adrnimsf tration and Supervision, 1921. cms MRS. ANNA STROUP SMITH COMMERCIAL TEACHER Manager of Cafeteria Club, Swatara Township High School, IQISQ C. V. S. Normal School, 1917, Summer Session State College, 1922, Beckley's Business College, IQ23-1924. 'E W. F. CHRISTMAN, B. S. ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Teacher of Science and Mathematics, Faculty Director of Athletics, Girls' Basket' ball Coach, Coach of Baseball and Track: Advisor of HI-T Club. Elizabethtown Preparatory School, 1911, West Chester Normal, 1915, Lebanon Valley College, 1929. ooo R. MAE MOUNTZ, A, B. TEACHER or HISTORY AND ENGLISH Director of Literary Activities, Librarian. Harrisburg Central High School, 1921 Dickinson College, IQZSQ Summer Session Lebanon Valley College 1928. 0 J s.QJhi me-2-uv: mae-.inIr'Q9.a L. H811 THE SWATARA SWATTER-Swatara Township High School ggcpxwnm l l...,W. ,,,, RAYMOND N. KEIM, A. B. TEACHER or MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE Boys' Basketball Coach. Swatara Township High School, 19145 Lebanon Valley College, IQZ6. cwo CLARA E. BAUM TEACHER OF ENGLISH Central High School, IQZSQ Wilsoru College, 1929. li E !iZQJr:1n:+uf KUZVWDIRQS FRANCES M. BAISH, A. B. TEACHER OF FRENCH, LATIN, SOCIAL STUDIES Coach of Dramatics. Boiling Springs Vocational High School, IQZSQ Dickinson College, 1929. mo LYALL J. FINK TEACHER OF MATHEMATICS Attended Central and Tech High Schools, Harrishurgg Millersville State Normal School, IQI gg Doing work at Lebanon Valley College. mx-:an1lc'Q9.a Swatara Township High School-THE SWATARA SWATTER H9 gggyamfomi lCU'J9S9NR.da2,1 EARL BAILLETS, B. S. RUTH E' GIVEN TEACHER OF ENGLISH AND MATHEMATICS TEACHER OF HISTORY AND CIVIcs Halifax High School, 1925, Shippensburg Steelton High School, Iozgg Shippensf State Teachers- Coueue 1929. burg State Normal School, IQ26Q Summer Session Temple University, I927. ow ons CLARENCE SHULER NEI-LIE WISEMAN TEACHER or SCIENCE AND PHYSICAL EDUCA- TEACHER OF ART AND GEOGRAPHY TION Shippensburg State Normal, 1927, Sum' Highspire High School, IQZOQ Shippensf mer Session Shippensburg State Normal, burg State Teachers' College, I926Q Penn QZ7, '28, '29. State College, I927. A . ifZQJram:fo-mx ucvo:axz'm95i if IOB THE SWATARA SWATTER-Swatara Township High School ggpxwwm ruwmuragzg CLARA E. FRANZ, B. S. FREIDA DREESE, MUS. B. TEACHER or PHYSICAL EDUCATION MUSIC SUPERVISOR Coach Girls' Athletics McClure High School, IQZBQ Selingsgrove West Chester High School, 19215 Temple High School, IQZSQ Susquehanna University University, 1926. Conservatory of Music, 1929. School Officers Katherine Bell ' Thomas Eitner Elizabeth Kapp Assistant Bookkeeper Treasurer Bookkeeper tZQ9':incfo.:nx m:4:muc'4L93i Swatam Township High School-THE SWATARA SWATTER QXJKVWNN lCU'Vt1lLQ9 Staff Editorial UNE more year of history is added to SWATARA TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL with the publication of this book. This year's book is dedicated to the class of 1926, the last class to graduate without the opportunity of having spent at least one year of their high school career in our new building. It has been the purpose of every edition of THE SWATTER to picture to the Boosters and Supporters of our school just what the school is doingg therefore, it is with this purpose in view that we endeavor to present to them what we hope will prove to be the best edition ever published. Since it is not possible for every parent and outsider to come into the school and see for themselves just what the school is doing, this book is published as a means of conveying to them the news of the school's activities and projects. It is hoped that THE SWATTER will stimulate in each of the citizens of Swatara Township a greater interest and respect for the schools of the District. ELMIRA YEAGER lam ..i.,.s5 1 L H1211 THE SWATARA SWATTER-Swatara Township High School o o e Swatara Township High School-THE SWATARA SWATTER 11 I3 11 gggxaxwocw IVNGTIRQQI 'I s u 4 THE SWATARA SWATTER-Swatava Township High School rgxuwwcw mvmmagv Ambition MBITl0Nl That desire of power and foresight of the human mind, regarding career planning in future life work, is something that every man, every woman, and every boy and girl should possess. They should come to realize that the greatest factor and gatef way to success is the possession of that inward feeling of future power called ambition. Then secondly Cfor those who have acquired such an ambitionb to carry it out and make the best of it, so that someday they may be a success and at the same time render service to their community, to their state, and to their country. But! There are many persons who have not acquired such an ambition but are idle dreamers and aimless drifters. They are like the man who is fighting a defensive battlef parrying with conditions as they exist around himfexposing himself to trustsfletting himself in for a beating. And why? Simply because they haven't the grit to set an ambif tion and conquer it. Simply because they are willing to take chancesfto follow the easy roadfthe fatal line of least resistance. They are drifting along under the impression that life is a dream, and are hoping that someday luck will come flying by, bringing them a better job, a raise in pay, recognition or whatever they wish on a silver spoon. ln other words they think that the world owes them a living, but they seem to forget the other half that they owe the world a life of service, The followers of this previous group, as stated before, are many. They have not realized the only foundations upon which success can be built, they have no true knowledge of its reward, nor realized its help to their community, to their country and to humanity in general. But, on the other hand, there are still some persons on the opposite side of life's path who may be classihed under the ambitious type of manly men and womanly women. They have set before themselves some great obstacle which they intend with their heart and soul to strive at, to work for and to conquer. They have realized that in order to be a success they must be more steady than others, they must be in their chambers while others are at the theatreg they must work while others are idle, concentrate while others dream, and last but not least they have made up their minds that if at first they donlt succeed, they'll try, try, again. To which of these two groups do you belong? The former, consisting of the idle, driftless, and lazy type, or the latter, consisting of the ambitious, energetic and studious type. Surely you should belong to the latter and if you do, you are on the right road to happiness and success which you will soon realize if you not already have. But, in case you belong to the other type, try and convince yourself to shift over. Donlt say, "I haven't any luck," or 'BI haven't a chance," or some other alibi, because the world of yesterf day, today or tomorrow never did nor ever will judge one by what he wants to do, but by what he really does. The sources of help, information and knowledge are many. There are all the different types of schools such as the elementary grade schools, high schools, trade schools, colleges and universities together with business schools, public libraries, museums, art galleries and the like. So you see if you really try you can't help but succeed. Make up your mind that you are going to acquire and "carry out" some form of ambition, by first selecting a vocation, secondly, develop a personality that corresponds to your ideal of fine manhood or fine womanhoodg and third, have perseverance, that is to say 'istick to it, and never give upfl By doing this your reward will slowly but surely come, It will greet you with happiness, a livelihood and lifels success. Then you can truly and righteously say, "The world owes me a living, for which in turn I am rendering a life of service to my community, to my state, and to my country. JOHN SCHENFELT 2?GJram:+w Swatam Township High School-THE SWATARA SWATTER 5 Senior Qlass History QUR one great High School Task, "Enter to Learn," being completed, we start on our next great task, L'Leave to Serve," with renewed vigor, strength of mind and willingf ness on our part. The records during our entire High School Career clearly spell success, indicating that each and everyone has done his or her best. We are justly proud of this fact and have great faith in believing that the members of our class are bound to make a future success of themselves. It was not all "Smooth Sailing," as one might think: We had our "Ups and Downs" in our school and social affairs, together with arguments and misunderstandings among ourselves. But it was due to our cleverness in dealing with such matters that made peace reign supreme, it was this fact that made it possible for us to have such an outstanding good record as shown in the paragraphs hereto following- Early in September, 1926, our classmates then a group of young sturdy knowledge seeking pupils from all sections of the Township entered the New High School Building as Freshman. At first Cas is common among all Freshmanj we were shy, bashful and forlorn. We possessed a fearful attitude toward our upper classmen who quite often treated us with burning initiations and other nasty tricks. But regardless of this fact we were quite active in all sorts of school affairs and school events. We had 4 members on THE SWATTER Staff. In basketball we had 5 boys and rr girls on the Junior Varsity. Our Sophomore year was even more successful than the Freshman year. This year the boys and girls were no longer shy, bashful or forlorn but were romantic, daring and chivf alrous which was clearly displayed in our response to the calls for football, basketball and other athletic and social events. In football fthe Hrst in the history of our schoolh, we had r 1 brave and hearty boys respond. In basketball we had r boy and 4 girls on the Varsity teams, and 2 boys and 5 girls on the Junior Varsity teams. We also had 3 members on THE SWATTER Staff. During our Junior year we were more inclined to realize life's work that lay before us. We were less 'kchildishn and more studious in our manners and attitudes, as the real purpose of a High School Education was just beginning to dawn upon us. This year we gave our first play entitled L'The Winding Road," which was a great success to us, and likewise a recreational service to the public. As to athletic events we had a greater showing than before. This year we had 2 boys and 6 girls on the Varsity Basketball teams. In football we had claim on 8 members. In baseball we had 5. We also had a good showing on THE SWATTER Staff to which we attributed 8 members. Our last and Senior year was in one way our saddest and in another way our happiest year. We felt sorry toward leaving one another, while on the other hand we felt happy to realize that we were grown up and prepared to face our future task that lay before us. This year we gave our second play entitled "The Silent Shape," which also proved a success. In athletics we had 5 boys out for football. In basketball we had 5 boys and 7 girls. While in baseball we had 5 boys. We also had 8 members on THE SWATTBR Staff, We Hnished High School by having 51 members in our class who fought and plugged their way toward their one great goal of Learning. JOHN SCHENFELT, -IR., Historian tQJhin.c+m :www it-Q9 6 THE SWATARA SWATTER--Swatara Township High School ug KUNG! xv-v-vuurey sa 62 E2Qmune:-o-mm Seniors in Waking Irvin Eshenauer john Houseman Paul Bell Frank Vuckmanic Jacob Fry Louis Diegle Michael Bowman Nicholas Otzel Casper Peterman George Snoke George Sheaffer Henry Frank Joseph Kocsis James Baldwin George Lock James Black Benjamin Monk Daniel Zimmerman Harry Stazewski Frank Wise Thomas Eitner John Schenfelt Robert Metzler Stanley Attick Melvin Davidson Meade Aungst John Keim Marlin Keim Charles Roth As Freshmen Lost, Stmyed ofr Stanley Attick James Baldwin Paul Bell Michael Bowman Louis Deigle Henry Frank Jacob Fry John Houseman John Keim Stephen Kuhn Joseph Kocsis Jacob Krahling Paul Logan Daniel Monk Nicholas Otzel John Pope Charles Roth Frank Stadler Frank Wise Daniel Zimmerman Frank Stadler Florence Beinhauer Catherine Shultz Theresa Steigenhofer Eva Schlafman Elizabeth Frank Pearl Koup Parthene Deimler Erma Freeland Clara Mehargue Eva Wigand Elizabeth Kapp Elmira Yeager Martha Greenawalt Teletha Weaver Margaret Holly Helen Spudic Mary Edwards Mabel Wingert Viola Ricker Jesstena Wise Lindabelle Walborn Anna Lehn Anna Dormuth Elizabeth Dentz Mary Balsbaugh Julianna Hoffman Roshae jackson Thelma Walden Stolen Rosella Baughman Florence Beinhauer Elizabeth Dentz Parthene Deimler QSta Anna Dormuth Elizabeth Frank Margaret Holly Julia Hoffman 'rel Roshae Jackson CRobertsj Pearl Koup Anna Lehn Ruth Lewis Garnet Loux Clara Mehargue CMillerj Edith Polatar Helen Spudic Sophia Szverra Theresa Steighenhoffer Thelma Walden Teletha Weaver Swatara Township High School-THE SWATARA SWATTER 7 S? 62 Seniors in Making Francis Moore Daniel Zimmerman john Shenfelt Marlin Keim Michael Bowman Meade Aungst Stanley Attick Robert Metzler Thomas Eitner James Black George Lock Casper Peterman George Snoke James Baldwin John Housman Paul Bell Pennod Dunlap Frank Vuckmanic Melvin Davidson Harry Stazewski George Sheaffer Louis Deigle Irvin Eshenour Thelma Walden Sophia Sczverra Elizabeth Kapp Viola Ricker Florence Beinhauer Parthene Deimler Margaret Holly Gladys Henning Mabel Wingert Martha Greenawalt Erma Freeland Mary Edwards Jesstena-Wise Lindabell Walborn Elizabeth Frank Elizabeth Dentz Eva Schlafman Eva Wigand Elmira Yeager Catherine Shultz Clara Mehargue 39 5 111311 TH E SWATARA ggg,m.1ncf-:+::u SWAT'TER4Swara1a Township High School Qwumww wx-mnaggg G2 1 Y Y A E -Y ug 1 Y? E 5 Wg, 1 3 ' 1 1 1A '- A .. ' x ' 9 9 o , i "us I I f ik h 3 1 . ' if 'gf ' . '1 gin? if dir fo 7 5 ,f,A',.f' . 5'V'?'-JJ' , ku, A o 1 ,f - . 47, iii il ,T il IMIR To -.5 i Ffh j ' .QTL- I 2 5 , i gmc UC CLS.. F rye-mxr'4L93i Swatara Township High School-THE SWATARA SWATTER 9 '31KV?9i9N momlwgv Senior Glass fP'ropl1ecy 'C AFE! Gee, what luck! I thought surely I'd crash and break my neck when that control wire broke! Well anyway, I made a safe landing and should get a mechanic to repair that broken control wire." I set foot for Cleveland Qwhich was only a short distance awayj and searched for a mechanic. It wasn't long until I noticed a large sign above the main entrance of a large garage, bearing this inscription, "Black and Vukmanic, Aero and Auto Repair Shop." I entered and turning to my left saw a tall lanky fellow with greasy overalls and greasy face, leaning on the fender of a Ford car while repairing the fan belt and some worn out spark plugs. After watching him for some time I asked him for information concerning the whereabouts of the airplane mechanic. He slowly lifted his head and turning his face toward me replied, "You'll find him right around the ffff ," here he stopped and with outstretched hands came running to greet me. 'LWell. blow me down, where did you come from, huh?" Sure enough it was James Black in person and still as iovial as before. "Why, I just thought I'd drop in and give you some M," here I was interrupted by a shrill voice, "Hello, John, don't you recognize your old friend, Monsieur Vukmanic?" "I surely do, Frank," I replied, "and say, by the way, would you mind repairing my airplane in a hurry, you'll find it about a quarter mile south of Cleveland in a corniieldf' And with a cheerful expression and smile upon his face he replied, "You bet your boots I will, john, you know I'd do anything for you," and away he went to 6x it. After a brief conversation with james, I told him I had better see a doctor about my wrist which seemed to me might be dislocated. "Don't go to any doctor around here," interrupted james, "take my advice and go to the hospital and you'll ffff you'll ffff see some more of your former classmates." I immediately bade James farewell and started toward the hospital which was just a few blocks away. After entering the hospital I marched briskly through the hallway when suddenly I was tapped on the shoulder, by someone from the rear, whom Cafter turning aroundj I recognized as Marlin Keim. "Why, John," he said, "what happened to you, why are you so pale, are you hurt?" "Oh, no, Marlin, I just came in to see some of our former classmates." "So that's it, eh, well you wait here and I'll call them." I seated myself on the bench in the hallway and waited. But no sooner had I seated myself when I heard footsteps rapidly but quietly moving down the hall, and glancing up, I immediately recognized the three approaching nurses as Linda' bell Walborn, jesstena Wise and Martha Greenawalt. They were plainly but neatly dressed in snowy white dresses. I iumped up and with a cheerful smile greeted them heartily. "Shake, John, old boy," Martha hailed me cheerfully, "How are you?" And with these words she grasped my right hand and proceeded with her familiar trusty handshake. "Whats the matter with him?" said jesstena in surprise, "why his ffff take him to the dressing rooml His wrist is broken," and the next moment they were all crowded around me bandaging my wrist. Of course I felt a little uneasy at first but I soon recovered and became accustomed to my new sur- roundings. "You girls are really well trained and kindfhearted nurses, and I wish to say that I wouldn't mind coming here a little oftenerf' "Isn't he the same old john," said Lindabell, 'galways flattering and praising the girls." Our conversation continued until they gave me some information about Casper Peterman, then bidding farewell, I decided to pay him a short visit. I strolled down West Federal Street in a delightful mood while relating some of the joyous events I had so far encountered. At last, almost unexpectedly, I reached my destination-Casper Peterman Clothing Store. I slowly entered the store and looked right and left but I could see no one. While waiting for someone to apf pear, I heard a small child begin to cry and at the same time a deep toned voice began singing-"Rock afbyefbaby -Sleep my child-etc." This voice seemed familiar and I immediately went to the rear of the store to investif gate. To my surprise I saw a fat, chubby man with two small children Ceach of whom was smearing licorice over his facej sitting on a soap box behind the counter. This young man proved to be Casper and after seeing me he could not hesitate to run out and greet me. 'AYou darling 'Ruth,' 'Adelinef and what not, come let me hold you in my arms," and so he did. After relating my experiences to him, I was surprised when he said he knew the whereabouts of one more of the members of our class, Harry Stazewski. "Aw, I thought you were going to say," me a faint voice from the other side of the storeroom softly whispered, "surely you know me John." I was more than surprised when I turned about and noticed Eva Schlafman, now a tall, fair and beau' tiful brunette serving as clerk and stenographer in Casper's store, staring at me in such a manner that my knees began to shake and practically give way from under me. "Gee, you've surely changed a lot," I at last remarked, "why the last time I saw you, you were so small, and now ffff well ffff there's quite some difference." We conf tinued our conversation and suddenly Casper said, "Come on, john, let's go and see Harry." So we started out at a rapid pace, We barely left the store when a loud shrill voice was heard from the second story of the clothing store. "Casfper! come here this instant." Sure enough there was Agnes standing in the doorway with a rolling pin in her hand, "Casfper! Did you hear, come here this instantino arguments and hurry the children are crying!" Casper looked at me in a downfhearted fashion and told me he was sorry he had to leave so soon and then marching back toward the store said, "Yes, darling, I'm coming." I then called on Harry, even though Casper couldn't come along and we discussed bygone events among ourselves. Harry also informed me that he was president of I..yter's Ice Cream Industry, and I was happy to learn that he was successful in his life's work. "Say, john," suggested Harry, "how would you like to go to the Dome theater in Youngstown with me and see Melvin Davidson and Catherine Shultz on the stage in their latest role, 'Romeo and Juliet' You see Melvin sent me two tickets yesterday telling me to come to see him if possible." I did not hesitate to reply, "Sure, I'll go, and I think if we start now we'll be there in time for tonight's performance." So we left immediately for Youngstown. ylktsibfai msoeaxg-Q99 THE SWATARA SWATTER-Swatam Township High School fqpwnumm zvmmnagv Senior Glass fllrophecy We journeyed to Youngstown in Harry's Rolls Royce roadster and while passing through Akron I sug- gested that we visit a barber so that we might look our best when we meet Melvin and Catherine. "A good idea, john, I'll park here and we'll do just as you say." We walked along the crowded sidewalk looking for a barber shop when suddenly we saw a tall "redfheaded" fellow with a broad smile on his face coming down the sidewalk toward us. 'iWhy that's Tom Eitnier," said Harry. "Why hello, Tom." Sure enough it was Tom and when I asked him what he was doing in that outfit he cheerfully replied, "Why, I'm captain of a United States war vessel." "Really?" replied Harry, "and where are you going in such a hurry?" "Well, I'm going to see how my iirst and second mates are making out." Of course we didn't understand what he meant and asked him to explain. "Well you see ,' Thomas slowly went on, "Francis Moore is second mate, and best prize tighter on our crusier, while Krieder Douglas our first mate is his trainer and promoter. Right now Moore is lighting the heavy weight champion of the S. S. Saratoga cruiser for the naval heavy weight title. Another thing that might interest you is Pennod Dunlap's success as minister on our cruiser, but who at this time is serving as the radio announcer for the fight." This information was interesting and we likewise told Tom of our experiences. "Sorry," replied Thomas after a brief conversation, "that you can't come with me, so I'd better be going. Well, so long." And away he went with a rapid pace while we again moved along to locate a barber. While Harry and I were discussing Tom and our sailor friends we came upon a large barber shop and after entering to our great surprise recognized the barber as George Lock, who greeted us heartily. Turning about in my surprise, I saw a beauty parlor on the other side of the shop in which two more of our former classmates were employed as beauty specialists namely, Mabel Wingert and Gladys Henning. "What does this mean" replied I, "surely -ff- Here being nearly speechless, Mabel calmly remarked, "I don't know what you want to say, john, but George and I went into partnership and he's running the barber shop while I, with Gladys' assistance, am running the beauty parlor." We then exchanged information concerning other members of our class. Gladys told us that Viola Ricker was a nurse in one of the foremost hospitals at Washington. She likewise told us that Robert Metzler had received an A. B. degree from Penn State College and that Elmira Yeager was teaching French and English at the University of Maryland. We were all in a happy delightful mood while relating our experiences but we were all astonished when the door flew open and George Hall came in, asking us if we wanted to buy any Fuller tooth brushes, tooth paste, combs, etc. We felt sorry for George and after inquiring concerning his success he laiughingly replied, 'kMy success in this business is ffff well, I'm a millionaire ffff and the only reason why I still work is because I like to be a salesman and am doing it as a hobby." We listened with great interest as George continued. "About a month ago I was over in Paris visiting George Snoke who is also a millionaire. He lives in a mansion along the Seine River." Here curiosity over took me and I replied, "George a millionaire! What do you mean?" "Why it simply means this, john," George continued, "George Snoke played the stock market in New York and acquired a fortune. Cf course, Snokie then decided to settle down and share his wealth with Erma Freeland, and so he did." We were silent for a moment when Mabel Wingert said "Tell us some more, George," and he continued. "While over in Europe I journeyed through Germany, England, and a few other countries and met some more of our friends." Here George briefly told us about Elizabeth Kapp and Eva Wigand who were stenographers for President Hindenburg. He also gave us information on Irvin Eshenour and George Sheaffer, who were successful partners in the great Endicott Shoe Manufacturing Company of England. The discussions conf tinued until Harry made a suggestion that all go with us to see Melvin and Kate on the stage. The entire group responded to the suggestion, but while we were passing by a news stand my eyes fell upon these head' lines on a newspaper, "Search for missing air mail pilot." I bought a newspaper and read the article. 'iGreat Scott! Look at this! Frank Vukmanic had started a nation wide search for me and thinks that I have met with foul play because I didn't return when I told him I would. ffff Well I'm sorry I can't go with you, I must go back to 'Puggyl and stop this useless search." In my hurry to return to Frank Vukmanic, I forgot my purse, having left it in Harry's roadster. "just my luck, now I can't ride back to Frank, I'll have to walk." So I hurried along the street with the intentions of getting a hop. "Hello, john! Could you direct me to the Railroad Station?" "Who can that be," I thought, and going a little closer was overjoyed to see that the speaker was Mary Edwards. She told me about her success on the screen and stated that she was on her way to Hollywood to appear as the leading lady in Ramon Navarro's next picture. I was pleased with the news, and after telling me she had to go as her train would leave within ten minutes I told here that if she wanted me to, I'd be delighted to take her in my airplane as I would pass by Hollywood on my way home. "Oh Boy," Mary cheerfully replied, "Will I go?" and we hurried to Cleveland, and after a brief visit at 'Puggy's' took leave to Hollywood in my airplane. While on our way she told me about Meade Aungst who, she said, was owner of a large confectionery store in Pittsburgh. Meanwhile, Mary was constantly playing and fooling with the controls until she finally broke the aileron and rudder and wire controls causing the plane to fall. "Helpl somebody save mel Oh, John, don't you think we're going to kill ourselves?" yelled Mary in a very frightened manner. By this time. we were getting closer and closer to earth and all the time traveling faster ffff faster ffff "Ouch! My head. Where am I? In a hospital? No. Cause there's my own bureau. Why, I'm in my own room and on the floor at that." Only a dream but what a revelation! I'm glad my schoolmates succeeded even if only in a dream. JOHN SCI-IENFELT oballcsomz ltcfbcnil V490 Swatara Township High School-THE SWATARA SWATTER H21 Il Senior Glass Officevfs l MOTTO "With the Ropes of the Past We'll Ring the Bells of the Future" 953 CGLORS Blue and Buff CLASS FLOWER Shell Pink Rose THE SWATARA SWATTER-Swatava Township High School f6m.sllclrvSul KUPQGYNKQ9 MEADE ELLISWORTH AUNGST ' ' Sheeney ' ' "Sheeney" is the ladies' man, The ladies' man is he, They all flock lo "Sheeney," A handsome man lo see. This curly-headed young man is one of the popular members of the class. Meade is vivacious type, always bustling and hurrying. He has many friends, feminine and masculine. He is a "soda jerker" which accounts partially for his popularity. In any school activity he may be relied upon to do his share. While not taking active part in athletics Meade is interested in all school contests and may he seen at all games. We wish "brown eyes" success in his chosen occupa- tion of running a carbonate machine and we hope he gets rid of his dislike for the "Oberlin" street car service. OKI JAMES MORRIS BLACK "Sc0tchy" In all his underlakings, "Scolchy's" wide awake, And when il comes lo sludies, i'Scotchy" takes the cake. This pleasant face belongs to a lanky, likeable in- dividual dubbed "Scotcliy" Cnot because of his penuriousnessj. "Scotchy" is the "money-man" of the Athletic Association. He is very active in school activities and he may be found helping at all times. James ranks high in the class and concentrates all his athletic abilities on baseball. If one listens real close one might hear a certain lady say, "Home james." We wish him a happy and prosperous future wherever he goes. P89 ROBERT MELVIN DAVIDSON "Jelly Beansl' lelly beans are Melvin's dish, But " Katie" is his girl. Now he's hooked. just like a jish, And pulled in ou! oflhe whirl. This pleasant looking face belongs to our class sheik. Melvin has unanimously been voted the best looking senior. A real good sport is "Jelly Beans." His worth to the football team is unquestioned. His genial per- sonality combined with his mischievousness makes him the class "cut up." Melvin has descended from an Attick Cthat being his mother's maiden namej, so we guess he is "all there upstairs." As a speech maker Melvin says he would make a good paper hanger. His main ambition other than walking "Kate" home is to be a mule driver. We hope he succeeds for then "Kate" won't have to walk home. LNKD CRIDER DOUGLAS uD0ugn Look ai our gianl Hercules, Don'l rush him loo hard, you ladies. "Doug" is the giant of the class. His whole physique aids him in playing football, baseball and basketball. Track also appeals to "Dough," Being a "strong arm man," "Doug" throws the "shot" and Oh My! what a throw. He is a fine sport and is liked by all. Crider is a confirmed woman hater but what woman could hate such a man. NVhen you want to put on muscle you will have to consult Crider Douglas. Physical Educator. 'i5QP'ane,-mm RQNIIWW95' Swatara Township High School-THE SWATARA SWATTER 3 QQIKVWWI lcv-o-:vule4aa PENNOD LINCOLN DUNLAP "Static" "Nod" Pennod of lhe many words, Pennod of lhe theory, Pennod with his impromptu speech, Nearly drives you leary. Ladies and gentlemen, the minister of tl1e class. "Static" is his nick-name probahly coming from his favorite occupation, talking. YVords pour from his lips like water from a bucket. He will ramble on some remote subject, using words not yet printed in the dic- tionary. Pennod's jokes and humerous recitations are inexhaustible. Pennod is the champ track man of S. T. He runs the hundred yards in nearly nothing flat. "Static" goes in for football, basketball and baseball besides track. If any marriages are desired let Rev. Pennod Lincoln Dunlap perform the ceremony. If any funeral services are to be held don't get Pennod. His sunny disposition will not adapt itself to such a gloomy subject. In the midst of the ceremony he might be "reminded of a funny story." 006 MARY ROMAINE EDWARDS "Eddie" Serene of mien, modest of mind, She's the kind of a girl the lucky guysjind. "Ohl what a gal was Mary," yells someone and behold there is Mary herself. She is one of the few serious minded members of the class. Mary excels in scholarship and in basketball. She plays guard on the team and is steady and reliable. Sunny of disposition but quiet and unassuming, Mary will be sure to Wm success in her chosen work. ooo IRVIN MARTIN ESHENAUR, JR. "Irve" If Irvin kissed the girls and ran away, He'd die of bashfulness that very day. Behold the countenance of the youngest and smallest member of our class! Irvin says, "There's only four things I hate in school and making speeches is all four of them." XVhen Irvin makes a speech his shyness and modesty are very apparent. Maybe "Irve" is also shy about reciting in class and about studying lessons but taken as a whole Irvin is worthy of being a senior. His interests do not turn toward athletics but he is a staunch supporter of the team. XVhen you have a Hat tire or a knocking engine take your car to lrvin's garage and get quick service. ons THOMAS AARON EITNI ER t.Redu "Red" Eilnier is his name, America is his nation, Chamber Hill his dwelling place, And loving his occupation. Fair Damselsl Let your gaze fall upon this flaming youth, from the city of Chamber Hill. In case you don't know him allow me to introduce "Tom." "Red," or whatever you wish to call him. "Tom" is one of the most popular boys in the school, especially among the ladies. "Red" has taken an active part in schoolwork, having played an important part in the Class Plays and Operettas during his Junior and Senior years. "Tom" also took part in athletics having played foot- ball for two years. Tom" hasn't definitely decided what he wants to do but he hopes to be a chemist, and the class of '30 wishes him the best of luck. GQPHKQNM woonr'4x9.a 4 THE SWATARA SWATTERH-Swatava 'Township High School e6y.:lCU"9f1'lJl KUNf.11lC4fQ9' ERMA ROM AINE FREELAND uEl,n,lu Flitting like a butterfly Over the jiowers and dew, Erma's sure to catch your eye: And watch out or she'll catch you. Here is the smallest and most jovial girl in the class. Erma is the feminine "cut up" of the seniors. Her mis- chievous is oB'set by sound judgment which makes all her fun harmless to any one. Her pranks continually keep the seniors in a state of alarm wondering upon whom the next joke will fall. Erma not only excels in basketball and track but also stands high in her studies. "Erm" can tickle the typewriter. She sure will make good as a stenographer. DQ MARTHA MOYER GREENAWALT "Mattie" "Greenie" ".llartie" of the studious mind, ilfladest of action and word, And in a .filly argument, She is never heawt. The fair face here pictured belongs to the quietest and most modest member of our class. Even though quiet and unassuming "Martie" has a friendly and genial personality. "Martie" is studiously inclined and as a result she stands high in her class. "Greenie" confines her interests to books and does not go in for athletics. She is a great helper to the class whenever she is called upon. "Martie" wants to be a nurse. XVe don't know for sure whether she wants to nurse her own kiddies or someone else's. At any rate she will be a success. ons GEORGE LEROY HALL George the mighty, George the great, Hatl's the brightest boy, In forty-eight States. Ladies and Gentlemen. allow me to introduce to you the second Napoleon, George Hall, the small and mighty boy oi the Senior Class. He came to S. T. from Steelton in '28, and since that time he has been a big assest to the school. George is the most intellectual scholar in his class, and has the reputation of knowing everything worth knowing. He not only excels in his academic work, but he is also an athlete. George starred on the basketball team for two years. George is not attracted by the opposite sex, perhaps this is due to a young lady by the name of ..... ? We don't want to tell any secrets. Hall does not know what course he will follow after he graduates, but we won't be surprised if we hear of him being President of these United States some day. The class of '30 wishes him good luck in anything he undertakes. ' me GLADYS MAE HENNING Hair is blonde, curly too. Eyes are shining and they are blue. Golden-haired and blue-eyed, this young lady is the shy female member of the class. Although shy, Gladys is a good student, and always had her work. Gladys does not participate in any athletics, but she was always a "side line booster." The boys do not seem to interest Gladys, although, there are rumors of a young man in Marysville, who is attracted by this "fair miss." Her ambition is to be- come a hair dresser. XVe hope she has luck in giving permanents and marcels. "ZQJra1nMmx WMHKW93' Swatava Township High School-THE SWATARA SWATTER 2 5 'Gb-IKUFMSUI Kvnbdlhliqfan ELIZABETH MENG KAPP "Lizzie' ' Dancing feet and dancing eyes, Bubbling laughter of gay surprise, That is "Lizzie" thru and thru, She's there when needed and true blue. "Henry made a lady out of Lizzie." No he didn't at least not this "Lizzie." "Lizzie" has always been a lady. Her jolly and friendly but modest ways make her a lady in the first degree. "Lizzie" is another studious member of the class as her marks will testify. Her ability as a basketball player makes her a great support to the team. "Lizzie" has not unlightened us as to her future but we feel and hope that it will be a success. ma MARLIN SHEAFFER KEIM "Awkets" "Lindy" "Kelmie" Dark and tall, big and strong. This "Adonis" to "Lindy" belongs, Marlin is the handy man, He jlnished the work lhal he began. This black-headed, good-looking young man runs good opposition for being the class shiek. Marlin may be frequently seen between Enhaut and Oberlin and not alone. Driving the Chrysler is Marlin's favorite occupation when he is not in Oberlin. "Lindy" has numerous friends of either sex and he is well liked around the school. Athletics take up a good part of Marlin's time. He played center on the basketball team and is the high jumper on the track team. Marlin is also good in his studies and he gives great promise for a brilliant future as a doctor. evo GEORGE DANIEL LOCK upatu I "Pal" and "Mike" went out to swim, "Mike" fell in and drowned, "Pal," loo, fell in but swam with vim, So we've still go! "Pat" around. "Pat" is always pat when there is something to be done either mischievious or otherwise. His innocent expression allays suspicion but when the matter is dug into it is found that "Pat" is always involved. George is also a good student. Baseball is his favorite sport although he takes no active part in it. He may he found in the laboratory anytime, Chemistry being his favorite subject. "Pat" is yet undecided as to what his life's work will be but you can be sure to see his name in the papers some day. 089 ROBERT SHIELDS METZLER "Bob" "Shylock" "Bob" is the class' man of songs, You can hear him all the day, To warbling and singing he belongs, He chases Ihe blues away. This handsome young man is none other than "Bob" Metzler the handy man of the senior class. Someone was heard to remark, "If any activity goes on without Metzler in it, it will be a flop." And so it seems for he is chosen for every activity. If anyone hears what sounds like the Civil VVar it will prove to be Metzler and Eitnier arguing over some problem of our government. "Bob's" favorite occupa- tion is preaching and how he can preach. "Bob" is active in all school projects. If you decide to get married go to Reverend Robert S. Metzler. "5QP'2llw4-wi new-.axrQ95' H2611 THE SWATARA SWATTERASwatava Township High School 5.565-IK'-N191 lCl?:9G93ilLQ9 FRANCIS ROCKWELL MOORE "Hap" "Rockwell" Here is " Hap," our medicine man, He's good for any lroubles, Lel him make you laugh a lillle while, And your troubles go like bubbles. This happy go lucky chap is the wit of the class. His favorite occupation is teasing the girls. " Hap" is our baseball star and champion bat-buster. "Hap" has lost more balls than anyone on the team and can be relied on when there are three on base. "Rockwell" may frequently be seen with some girl's compact, powdering his nose or gazing at himself in the mirror. In everything as in baseball "Hap" is dependable in the pinch. When someone gets sick, go to Francis R. Moore to get your prescription filled as "Hap's" future will be spent in the Pharmacy business. me CASPER HENRY PETERMAN ucasn uAggien upetien Ifyou see a boy come down lhe slreel with his "Sweelie," Hanging on his arm you'll know it's "PeIie." XVell, well, here is "Cas" but don't crowd him ladies. "Pete" is a fine football player and he also has ability in basketball and track. "Cas" is studious and has a noticeably fine character. His main hatred centers on loafing in pool rooms. Be- sides ranking good in his studies, "Cas" is an artist of no mean ability. Casper tells us his father is a roll greaser but he didn't say whether it is in the steel works or in a bakery. "Cas" will pursue art and we know that he will over- take it. me VIOLA MAE RICKER ' 'Red' ' 'Sparkles' ' Sparkles applies lo Viola's eyes, And also lo her hair, She's just the kind the boys admire, Bu! her eyes say, "Don'l you dare." This red-headed lady is our class "Sheba" but not that she wants to be. She just can't help it. Her pleasing personality and her modest sociability make her very popular. She is of a studious nature and is athletically inclined. She is our red streak on the basketball team. "Red" sure is persistent in everything she does including basketball playing. "Red" has made a secret of her future so if we want to find out we will have to let time tell. can JOHN SCHENFELT, JR. "Ruth" Smiling and happy, so carefree Johnny's just that kind of boy, He's studious and modest Yet he'sfull ofjoy. This jovial face belongs to our class gloom Chaser. ,lohn's face always wears a perpetual smile. Sometimes, in fact very often the smile broadens into a laugh, over some joke that he has successfully "pulled oFi." Although John will have his fun, he is a good student and he never lets fun interfere with his work. "Ruth's" mind does not have an athletic twist, that is actively, although he loves to follow football. john will help preserve our national forest as his mind is set on becoming a forest ranger. ii'ZQJr:im:4mJi R556-2aJKQ95: Swatara Township High School-THE SWATARA SWATTER 7 t'65.JKl2N9-:SN KU"9f1UgQ5l EVA ELIZABETH SCHLAFMAN "Dutchman" Dancing when the sun goes down, Dancing when il comes up, Samelimes we hear a person Say. "I guess she'll never stop." Here is our feminine midget. Eva is small in stature but large in mind. Eva is what one would call tempera- mental. At times she is jovial and jolly and then in a minute she lays that nature aside for a studious, thoughtful one. Eva is high in her studies especially shorthand, her favorite, Whenever there is a dance in the vicinity there you will find Eva. "Dutchman" will be a stenographer in the future perhaps to the President, who knows? 085 GEORGE ELI AS SHEAFFER ' ' Georgie' ' Whenever "Georgie" starts to blush, He gels so hot he'd make snow slush. "Georgie, Georgie, pudding and pie, kissed the girls . . . . .well you know the rest. But even though "Georgie" is cute, as the girls say he does not kiss them. "Georgie" is in a state of perpetual blush and when any girl approaches him the whole school feels "Georgie" "burning up." George plays basketball on a noon-league team but as he says, "There ain't no sport like baseball." He likes nature study probably because he will then be prepared for his chosen occupation, that of agricul- turist. ous CATHERINE LOUISE SHULTZ "Kate" "Shultzie" When il's gloomy out and the day is drear, " Kalie" sings songs of cheer. Like a bird lhroughout the day, " Katie sings the blues away, "K-K-K-Katie, beautiful K-K-K-Katie," sings Mel and who appears on the scene but this dark-haired blue-eyed Miss. "Kate" is the all around girl of the class. She may be depended upon. She took a role in the Senior class playi, and is active in school projects. She is athletically inclined and played on the basketball team for three years. Besides these accomplishments she is a musician and an accomplished artist. Her studies are along the commercial line but she hopes to be a music teacher on leaving school. We wish her luck. 006 GEORGE WILLIAM SNOKE, JR. "Snokey" We know "Snokey" loves the 'woods lo roam, But we don'l know whether he goes alone. This curley headed young fellow is none other than our champion girl teaser. "Snokey" just delights in teasing girls but all his teasing is harmless. He is a constant source of amusement for the class. His wit is unusual but he finds time for his studies. "Snokey" ranks fairly high in the class and he is also athletically inclined. He held down the wing position on the football team and he bid fair to rise on the basketball team until difficulties caused him to quit. He also Dlays baseball and he loves to walk in the woods and study nature. l.f"Snokey" is going to he a business man in his later 1 E. "ZC'5P'aslnsA2a1 nvaaxrkgi' l H2811 THE SWATARA SWATTER-Swatara Township High School M gl.g'Q1lf'M'1 xv:-osvukdg HARRY WILLIAM STAZEWSKI "Hersh" "Slow but sure, that's Harry you bet, He's steady, I'll say, but there he'll get. A nd whenever there's something to do, Harry's right there to pull it through. Another one of the "Bressler Gangstersf' and the leader at that, is here before your admiring eyes. Harry, blonde and grey-eyed, is the popular boy of the Senior Class. Harry frequents Enhaut and may usually be seen in that vicinity. Harry concentrates on his studies and consequently he stands high in the class. His brilliance not only shows in his studies but also in his athletics especially basketball, of which he is the capable captain. In baseball Harry also excels. XVhen you buy milk from Harry's dairy you will be sure to get fat from it. C506 FRANK WILLIAM VUKMANIC tipuggyn U12 in the air, up in the air, Over the hills and the trees, "Puggy's" a secondLindI1ergh, As he stunt: there in the breeze. Here you have before you the well known features of a nice blue-eyed young man. Frank is usually quiet, but when he is aroused he can be jollier than the rest. He is one of the "Bressler Gangstersf' and is usually seen with his gang. "Puggy" is one of the schools best athletes, playing football, basketball and baseball, not to mention his very important position on the track team. His marks are usually high in all his studies. Frank is a willing helper and his services to nearly every school activity are valuable. "Puguy" says he hates work so he has chosen avia- tion as an occupation. This is one time we hope he stays "up in the air." 059 LINDABELL MAE WALBORN --Lindyn Liked by all, young and old, Your worth to the school cannot be told. This wavy haired, comely Miss is none other than our own "Lindy," "Lindy" is the quiet, mild, stay-at-home type of girl. VVe know why she likes to stay at home, but we dare not tell. "Lindy" is helpful and cheerful and is frequently seen in conference with ..... well that would be telling. "Lindy" is an athlete and played one year on the basketball team. She is a bright girl in her studies and her studies are along the commercial line. As a nurse she will surely make many sick persons feel well. G60 EVA ELIZABETH WIGAND ' 'Bingo' ' Dancing feet to the musids tune, Glaneing eyes under a crystal moon, Eva's sought after every day, Sometime, someone will carry her away. This charming, blue-eyed Miss is none other than the champion dancer of the class. Vllherever there is a dance there Eva will be. Eva is jolly and sociable and is well liked by all. Eva's activities in the school are numerous and able. Her interests focus on her studies and as a result she stands near the head of the class. Eva takes no interests in sports except as a spectator. She hopes to be "somebody's stenoun and we know she will fill the position satisfactorily. kibawmx nvosaaun'Q93i Swatara Township High School-THE SWATARA SWATTER 9 PQQKUPWUI KUWGYIKQ9 MABEL EMMA WINGERT Blonde she is and blue-eyed too, And b'gosh she does drive her cur, I'Vhe'n you see her burning up lhe pike, You'd lhink she's a shooting star. Behold! Here you see the charming features of a sweet, blonde, blue-eyed lassie. Mabel is undoubtedly the most serious minded member of the class. She is as shy as a rabbit and her shyness keeps her from mixing with the rest of the class. She is well liked by all in- cluding the male portion of the class. Mabel is a commercial student and an efficient one at that. She is interested and helpful in all school activities. She takes no interests in sports. She is going to be a stenographer when she leaves S. T. cv-5 JESSTENA ELIZABETH WISE url-eenn If you hear someone holler, "Come on boys, lots of pep. Le1's win for old S-waluraf' T1hal's "Teen," you bel your neck. Here is the profile of the most popular girl in the class. "Teen's" jolly laugh or merry greeting may be heard at any time. Her sense of humor is fine and she can take a joke as well as give one. "Teen" puts a lot of effort on her lessons and as a result she does fine work. Not only to studies does she confine her interests but she is the capable captain of the girls' basketball team. She is also an efficient cheer leader and because of her peppy leading she draws forth peppy cheers. "Teen" wants to be a nurse or a stenographer. XVe hope she is both someday. msn ELMIRA MAE YEAGER Studious, industrious, mild. Ax quiel as a mouse, Elminfs nol the noisy kind, You can be! 3l16'S never wild. This charming Miss is the class "book-worm," XVherever you see Elmira she is at her lessons. Elmira although very serious minded is not lothe to get in on a joke of the right sort. As a result of her studiousness she leads the class, Elmira is sociable and has a pleas- ing personality. She is liked by every one, including several young men. Elmira's favorite sport is volleyball and she is actively interested in no other. Her future occupation is teaching school and with her intelligence she cannot fail. 'ZQJPugg-Atal' Rsblallwso H3011 I, ?6b-3llC'?RO45Ui : , B HPYXWCNP' ,HAZ pkswf' I ""! -HA HA lxvww E 2 gf A N if h Z9 i-'if' Y gg 4, ,Eg MEADEAUNGST G YSHENNING W is H A H LAD I J D SODAJERKER HOUKGIGGLEPJ U AMES Mqq Scorcrng I APUUND GF in H 4 h' J.-ELLY'Dfi'W5 ,-,,- Q L x If :A H f , 4 X-19 ' QI- I A 'fin me 2 0 'fl nnxgx K l ,.l . Qvgx ',,f ,jf X ll f,ff 7 we T llll f,f,, Q , f , f-. ve..-11 L 3 'L':gf'SS!!LMZx' 'A' In ESHE R. NELvnNDAvmsoN MAHTHAGHEENAWALT T WN' Nou .. .. Auowe TO A GIRL. JELLY-BEANS ALwAY5BusY fg ,X EAR 715, ,N IAUDEQREQ vm I 33? J SHINEY W . xl gf, bmw Nl VN! .U W 1 M4562 VK X Qfwyfgi 5 , .iii AJ ' N " NA A Q J K A f , 3 : j ' i 1 1- 5 i I 4 f X ,sl .,, ff Jlf h W R4 xg X. , E HMA FREELAND Hoofnimifilhffn UNDADELLMLMRN Lmsa TOPLAYTRICKS INDEEPTHOUGHT mmm o Q Z?QD1m:comz THE SWATARA SWATTER-Swatafa Township High School zvwmnqg Swatam Township High SchoolfTHE SWATARA SWATTER E31 Q . ,,. ' X X ' ,LL , V " 'ff x V vo D0 W K ,f on P0 f ," 'ffu W! XA Q S, WEWOFONE OF i " 5 FRAnKVumvwc5'Hes if f X fx f 7 Q X . 5' 49 'A 5' ' '4' CASPER HTERMAN X 5 f I -' -- THOMAS X 2 ig K ATWomc EITNIER R 'J ' f ,E U Sw .. ' ,Q 'fm Damn on THE mn , 3, ,M fy X " fi 4 'fi YSTAZEMLSKD K W ji' 74:25 HVORITE PLACE with ,. fx, fi fx X ht M1 41 EVA5CHIJ8Ff'lfiN7'7'l:VAwlCAND ix J 'x Q N Q4LwAYb75sETHfR ,1 x E X X , . 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ELIZABETHKAPP GoaNGHoME DKEAMING I. ii ,f ,I wi., i X ,,,, X Q :iff Z X 966.0 X X -I , Sitsz tzwl '- 4 0 Rpt 5,, I V' MQ: EQ! VV , jd QA l K I I 5 iv? X ' ,' 4 Vfo' I Ei lib W : ' x 5 i D ,op 5 i o oo 5 N 1-MAE ff ff ff:-fl Q1- 0 Cmoan Doucms N Emnu YEAGEPL GEORGEHALL SENIORSTRONG MAN Sruonou 5' Tuners ' - A i G-:Pfmmwl i ll 33 E TTER WA S RA TA WA S E TH School- gh Hi fb sh OWTI T Swatam IDOL SL H82 30:3 N ES! :NSHULUS HW E mcggl ag M2 mccwgiom 805 wean :aim E mwgwqb M4 EOOM MOOAM E332 S Mcczgl Magik Bom MENS EO-N :Q swim HW 5 EOEUEDM 32 QIUUUSAH 2233 UE F-E5 KOR gt mein rwxgcn: UQ Missa EE HSL w-,ESU BEE EE 3-E Eu Megan 532 55, mga webzwm Ecu N E EOM :Emi 55, ,Seam MW wg?-U: 558 05 25-Sq MWEFEEUW SEEK weasel! bugs wcggz Zim :QED . A U V u Dwgbujum A , 'Ea wiawjo I-'zizurwcwgm h . .wsu-MS H:-NDEHGOU ' ' A I - V E .Ugg Swami A V 4 4 A IWUCMEMEME mcwcwgaxm . 4 I -.-4'--4,- A -UEDE wgia ' A A - 'MEEMSQ ' , MCE?-m Q 455i wggmgw h . 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HMES V Irbgv A .5330 I IZMEAWZH U-HZZEE ' H A lriwgimwciw i::I:EM V .SUM-gm: E lzwgw H - I HZMDOQ V u H 4 urmcmwm NEA I r EEUQOUW I E :Haag QENZMOHZ 1 i : 3 1 1 I 3 I 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 I H -E055 5:25 Q , mms, Qzammi - I A 153625, EMZHZ H--HAEQZQOH3 Sim V - H U -ZMODAQ3 AQMQQQZHA I I I QUEESE! V255 H I lgmamsgm :dim I V E ugozm E220 - H upgmm MZEEIQU A V Jigsaw 2280 I I uzfzmgmom frm E E HSEZMEOW Zach A I 3552 EOC! A I Vzgzimm 5540 H - .5502 EOZSE W W IESFSZ EEOM Q - 4 I HMOOA QOMOEU - SEM Z-Q52 I - Hai! mgaszw E 4 VOEZZWE SEED Z.:-:jim WGMEMU 3 ,I I I I HFAQSPQZMMSHO QEFMQE I 4 V 4--lV- QZQANEML fzdm E I VMEOZMEWW ZS5 I A 'Nazism wfiomrw H - AQMQEQQ :iz V E HLSZDQ QOZZE A A EWEODOQ Egg! H I HZOESQQ ZSEHZ :HIQOEQ E21 U I VIEUZDQ EEE H242 .. ol 34 THE SWATARA SWATTERfSwatara Township High School K-Www 2.63m Sa '92 q n fxmrcxlxmi .X 1411 ' I .C : qf ff! X X ' 1 MQ fl ff 5 ' f 1' , W fa f ,f 4 1, f' ,XMQKXX X ' ,f" f A . nf ff' ,ff A 1 f yf , f ,yf o X, ftj . X I ' A I lv K ,Z I , , 1, f f 7 0 f ME lqxfxc A79 1 , XIIA . I ' R ,ff ffx 4' 'Ak A p W1 I I :lx--'X' ,I 'I 5 A ,- I ! s . f D ' J Q f ' ' ' 'V' 'I Q! , I- ,Q A W f V I I " 5 XQXXQ f 1 ff A X m 1 If! XIII K Nz ' 1 V I ,fa .W ff ', W y + Q fl If ff' ? f ' ff! g?QJrasnQsomx Swatam Township High Schoolf'I'HE SWATARA SWATTER ff 35 3 fwnim' Qlass Officevs 3 MOTTO-MCLIMB THOUGH THE Rocks Bu RUGGED." Colors-Orange and Black Class Flowerfviolet WWW Rsfbxal 5 E Cb"YgY.XSb'iMYC?Z f-Q N ff jffx f F7 X X... , "A" , . . C-,..,....,, Q - ,Y . E-. A 2 5 Swatafa Township High School-THE SWATARA SWATTER if 37 Sf' Gi 3 Sophomore Qlass Offaceofs IVIOTTOWMBEYOND THE CLOUDS OF TRIALS SHINES THE SUN OP SUCCIZSSTQS Colorsflled and White Class Flowsv-Red Rose 38 THE SWATARA SWATTERfSwata1a Township High School H H lggpslacvmvu rms-mnnqggg S' 62 u 1 nf xi off! I ,I FMS:-rlvm N ff! 5 K" X 1- ,ffz 'ffm Lea ""' ' W hfZ'.f U DCM tx ,K xg- ,ffhfQ'h' 4 h ' 1+ ii ,ff f. ff i,i,17 "' - w "'h 11' f W 555 - Swatam Township High SchoolfTHE SWATARA SWATTER il 39 ll QSGBIKVNWI KlZ:'9f:5jl'Q2l 9 7 1 Q 3 Ffresnmafn Hass Gjfzcevfs MOTTO-"S'rR1vE AND THRIVE.', COIOTSYMHYOOU and Steel Class Flowevffxmerican Beauty Rose Q H4011 THE SWATARA SWATTER-Swatafra Township High School I .-SC-55-"'f'Z'W'3' lcvsc-fSullc493g Si' G2 eighth Gmde THESE past babies and future Freshmen are getting some' what better acquainted in our school and as a result are getting noisier and more mischievious. Despite this fact they are helpful and ambitious. The school may justly feel proud of them. Swatam Township High School-THE SWATARA SWATTER ll4I ll H63-JIICUIQ-SSDI ' Seventh Grade THE innocent faces of our newfcoiners beani forth from this picture. Note the babyflike attitude of the members of the class. They are usually timid and respectful. They are Willing and helpful and are eager to get into the good graces of the teachers and the upper classfinen. They have, in the past, been a great help to the school and we feel sure that as they advance they will become better fitted to do better work. 42 THE SWATARA SWATTER-Swatara Township High School '65-IICVNSSDI mwmnagfl Number of Students. , . Number of Girls .,.., Number of Boys ..... Number of Blondes .... Number of Brunettes. . Number of 'iRedfHeads" Oldest Girl ,..,...... Oldest Boy .... Youngest Girl. . , Youngest Boy .... Tallest Girl .... Tallest Boy .... Shortest Girl .... Shortest Boy ..,. Most Fiery ..... Most Desperate .... Most Earnest .... Best Sport ..... Neatest ........ Most Influential ..... Most Conscientious. . . jolliest ........... Most Popular .... Best Looking .... Best Dancer. . . Cutest Girl .... Cutest Boy .... Best Singer .... Best Pianist .... Best Artist ...... Most Dignihed .... Best Line ....... Orator ......,., Class Flapper ...... Best Girl Athlete ,.,. Best Boy Athlete ,.,. Greatest Giggler ...,. Noisiest ......,. Wittiest ...... Class Angel ..... Biggest Chewer ..., Best Talker ,... Best Debator .... Best Typist ..., Most Dutiful ,... Brightest Girl .,,. Brightest Boy .,.. Most Ambitious. , . Deepest Thinker ..... Most Dependable ,... Senior Qlctss Statistics ,.,3r ...rg ...IS 5 .Lindabell Walborn . , . .Krider Douglas . . . .Erma Freeland . . . .lrvin Eshenour .Lindabell Walborn . . . .Thomas Eitnier . , , .Eva Schlafman . . , . .George Sheaifer . . . .Francis Moore . .Melvin Davidson . . . .Meade Aungst Martha Greenawalt . . . . . .Viola Riclcer . . . . .Marlin Keim . . .Mabel Wingert . . . .John Sehenfelt . . .Harry Stazewski , , . .Mary Edwards . . . . . .Eva Wigand . . . .Eva Schlafman . . . .Frank Vukmanic . . . . .George Snoke . .Casper Peterman . . . .Catherine Shultz . .,... George Lock . . . . . . .Pennod Dunlap Martha Greenawalt .Lindabell Walborn . . . .Erma Freeland . .Casper Peterman . . .Gladys Henning . . . .Francis Moore . . . .John Schenfelt . . . .Elmira Yeager . . . .Jesstena Wise . . . , . .Eva Wigand . , . .Thomas Eitnier . . .Elizabeth Kapp . . . .George Sheaifer . . . .Elmira Yeager . . . .George Hall . , . . . ,james Black . . . . .Robert Metzler . . . ,Elizabeth Kapp "tQ9'am:omx new-:nun-6'3" Swatcrra Township High School4THE SWATARA SWATTER 43 IVGBIKVNCSN lcvzwlulk-699' fPl1ysical Education S nearly all the friends and patrons and all the students of the school know, this is 'the first year the school has adopted the course of Health and Physical Education under persons trained particularly in this line of work. Consequently many new rules have had to be made concerning the course in order to comply with requirements of the state def partment. Some of these rules may seem harsh to some but they have been so made that the course may fulfil its purpose to the best advantage of all. The Health courses have tried to give to each person knowledge enough of the human body and its work in order that he may appreciate the necessity for practicing health rules that benefit not only himself but others. Added to this has been material which aims to point out ways that the individual may serve in the betterment of his community. The Physical Education classes have tried as far as possible to carry out the ideals in health. Exercise, such as will give the greatest amount of benefit to the whole body, has been the aim. Such work, as affords the greatest possible fun as well as the most beneficial results, has been undertaken for there must be a certain amount of enjoyment in all our work. For the benefit of our friends we can tell some of the things which we do in order to derive both benefit and pleasure from exercise. Marching tactics have a certain place in a lesson, those of attracting and centering at' tention and getting into place easily. Naturally, since we need less of this type of work, we do not spend so much time at it as some would like. Since force exercises, or calisthenics as they are called, have a place in a lesson-it is that of getting muscles working that in ordinary games, walking or other popular forms of exercise are not brought into play to any extent. Then, too, in order to have a good appearance, we must have a good posture and these exercises help us decidedly to gain this. The things which seem to interest us most are the games and dancing. From the seventh grade on we all love to play and quite often the thing which we like to do is some' thing from which we can gain numerous benefits because we are willing to work harder for them. When we say games and dances we mean also different stunts as well as organ' ized games and folk dances. Some of our games have not had much organization, that is, they have been games which did not require much team work. As we advanced, so did our games, and we found ourselves playing basketball, volley ball, football, baseball, and such games as require quite a lot of team work. Some of our stunts include Indian wrestling, Chinese wrestling, and pyramid building. Hiking, track and field events, too, have their place, and being outfoffdoor events have come in the fall and spring. We enjoy these thoroughly and as this book goes to press, we are beginning to divide the high school and the seventh and eighth grades into four teams each so that we may, by a point system, encourage each other to do better work on the held, track and gymnasium events. ffamwmz mme-:nzic'Q9a H4411 THE SWATARA SWATTER-Swatava 'Township High School gggxmwwm 8 Swatam Township High School-THE SWATARA SYVATTER H45 ggenawwwu lcln-omllqragg v 5 '? E H4 3 QW N95 46B 'THE SWATARA SWATTER Swata1a Township Hig ggpxmwm lCU?9'i93l 5? G2 2 ---2 S 'QQQXQRLQCS EWW J! ll ' I I W 1 jflffvwf :H MI! Mx f aww! 1111 r WMU 4 MM l FFw,! iq f JM f f .V J5 lu' A .4 W HW W1 fx lfwwl 611' in 1 NM My H ' ' ' ' M . K - A: ,UNM Vr,J4I 'QQWMWV Q 'Wllfwv NNW , if W W mm 1-. , , ,- ? ?jJ H X ffrrf 1 ' ,. WM, Mlii A 1 ,W E E 'HJ QM WM iiiw 2 5' Ll lg n,i,f3x: w ww my ir! lfgiirg lx 'x ,jfi 9 d 'gm xiii Y M11 I ii? if 'ill 'Q M fr, ?fhi A 1 Kssiblai Swatam Township High School!THE SWAT ARA SWATTER 47 Ssgmaicv-om: zvvvuraggi Sports Editorial AFHLETICS! The one word that stands out in the memory of boys and girls after they leave school and go out into the world. Every boy and girl likes to look back over their high school days and think of the fame they have won through athletics. The pupils of Swatara Township certainly can be proud of their school in the field of athletics. Swatara participates in almost every sport popular in the average high school-football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and track. In all these sports we have come out victorious. This can be plainly seen by our records, and by the seven beautiful cups which we have won. These cups have been acquired by both boys and girls. Three of them were won in track, two in baseball and two in basketball, the one of which was presented to our girls' team this year for having won the Lower Dauphin Basketball League. Too often the boys and girls whom we see on the floor or on the held are the only ones who receive any credit. There are many more who deserve credit as well as these. There are boys and girls who, on every practice night, come out faithfully and practice just as hard as if they were varsity members. This group deserves a great amount of credit. They make the players fight for their positions, afford competition, and arouse interest and enthusiasm in the team. Then there are the Boosters and Supporters of our athletics. Without them we would not be able to continue in our athletic work. They not only finance the teams but also spur them on. We cannot help but win when we see the crowds who are willing and ready to stand by us, and help us hold the Blue and Gold on top. Athletics do not merely develop the pupils physically, but morally as well. Statistics show that few of the world's criminals were ever athletes. A person who participates in any athletic event and plays a good, clean game, will play the game of life the same way. However, the participants are not the only people benefited, but the comf munity as a whole, for by the teachings of fair play and honesty in athletics, finer and better citizens are produced. The public in general may participate in sports as well as the students of the high school. All the year round some sport is being pursued. What man or woman does not enjoy a good game of baseball or basketball, or some other sport after a day's work in the office or the home? It relieves the monotony of their lives. If athletics do so much for the community as well as the school, then we should give our loyal support in the future as in the past. JESSTENA WISE tQJrunv:-an nf, ,-vnm9 4 THE SWATARA SWATTER-Swatara Township High School CQIKVVTN KU"9"5iK4a S? fi Sports CIQSM1116 FQOTBALL THE record established by this year's football team has been the best in the history of the school. The team has the good record of winning five games, losing two, and tying two. Under the guiding hand of our new football mentor, Mr. Shuler, the team was led to its splendid record. We hope to see this record smashed by next year's football team. BASKETBALL This year has been the most successful basketball season for S. T. Our girls won the championship and our boys were tie for the championship, but, lost out by a slight margin, although they took second place. Each year our teams are improving. In the last four years our girls won seventyfsix f76j games, and lost eleven C1 ID. Our boys won sixty C6oD games and lost fourteen f14D. The girls had a School League with five GD captains and played every Mon' day, Wednesday, and Friday. The boys had a league with six C6j captains and played every Tuesday and Thursday. BASEBALL The boys said, "We want a more successful team this year than we had last year." This year our boys had a better spirit and feeling toward each other, which made our team more successful. Our boys came in second this year and were happy, because of it, although happier to be lirst. Our boys hope to receive the cups in the future, by training and working hard now. They won six C61 games this year and lost four C4D. TRACK Our girls' and boys' track teams have once more entered the Dauphin County Held meet, and have again come out successful. Qur boys entered a meet with Franklin and Marshall, scoring I4 points and coming in second. Although they didn't win first place, they were very happy because of the precious medals they brought back to S. T. Our girls having lost no members of the relay team came in successful for the fifth time. We all know that the success of the field day was due to the girls and boys who took part in it and to their ability and ambition to do so. We expect to receive cups and medals this year as we have heretofore. Cut of the last five years in the Dauphin County held day we have brought back to S. T. four cups. QQP'JlIlc,AsaJl Rc.AsaJIK'Q95 Swatara Township High SchoolfTHE SWATARA SWATTER 49 1065-Jlrvwwu zu- slung S? 62 CRANFORD. . STICKLE ...., EDWARDS. . . WIGAND .... POLITAR .... ATTICKS .... GREENAW'ALT. . BLACK ....., LOGAN .,., Thumma .... RITTER .... GUBLE. . . GUNDOFF, . . YOURSIC .... SCHMIDT ,... Dunlap .... DOLO. . , STEPP. . RICKER DOUGLAS ,... SHEAFFER . . . AUNGST .... DUNLAP .... MOORE ,... EITNER .... is in Sports QQSMH16 GIRLS' JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL LEAGUE is as NO. 1 .... NO. 2", . .. 45 an No.5 as wa NO. 3 ,... is ww No.4 .... NO. 6". . .. Won Lost Tied 1 3 O O IO 2 1 IO 3 1 8 1 4 6 5 O 2 IO 1 GIRLS' SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL LEAGUE Won Lost Tied 9 O 1 S 1 1 5 5' O 4 4 7- 4 6 O BOYS' JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL LEAGUE Won Lost Tied , I2 1 1 . IO 3 O 8 3 1 6 5 2 4 5 I 4 7 2 3 7 T 2 II 1 BOYS' SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL LEAGUE Won Lost Tied "Minute Boys" ..... IO 3 O "Lightning Bolts" 5 2 2 "Red Aces" ..., . 5 2 2 "Bachelors", . 4 2 O "SurefShOts" ,.., . 4 3 2 'iCan't Miss". 2 4 1 ISE 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th eQP'a1l:vo-ml runnin-Q9 5011 THE SWATARA SWAT'1'ER-Swatara Township High School lQ KUZ'0'i9Nk.Q2,1 S0 62 g.,Cb'uw4-:ax Swatara Township High School-THE SWATARA SWATTER 5 063,-irmvsvx KUFQSYIKQ9 Girls' 'Uarsity CBaslQetball JESSTENA WISE . .Teens 5 Senior Guard and Captain Weight 140 lbs. Height 5' 6" GVISEENN tore up things in her junior year and by showing qualities of leadership she was elected Captain for the season of l92Q'X93O. . She has been a hard lighter, never giving up no matter who was in the lead, but kept the fimng spirit in the team, thus winning the Championship. She is one of the best guards that has ever been developed at S. T. When a basket was missed "Teen" took it from the backboard and Freeland brought it up the floor. What was missing in the one was found in the others. ERMA FREELAND, Manager "firm" Senior Guard Weight IO8 lbs. Height 5' 2" Tins is "Erm," the little girl who can take the ball up the floor like a "streak oflightningf' She sure is some little "wizard" when it comes to basketball. "Erm" holds a speed record which will be very hard to beat, she is one of the best guards S. T. has ever produced. She leaves us this year, but we expect to hear "great things" from her, perhaps in the American Olympics. Who knows? Well, we have to say adieu to this fair Miss and we know that she will certainly be missed when the team reorganizes next year. VIOLA RICKER Red Hair, like a Flash, Down the jioor, with a Dash. Senior Guard Weight III lbs. Height 5' 5" THA'r's Viola's way of doing things, sure and snappy. Is Stan here? Yes, then Viola will play her best. Viola is only one of the shining lights on our team but how she shines. Does she know how to guard? Ask the opposing forwards. This is 'kWiola's" last year on our team but we know she will be an asset on any team she MARY EDWARDS ' Senior Guard Weight 132 lbs. Height 5' 6" A GLANCE and you know who this calm and steady lassie is. Mary always attracts the side lines by her curly hair, but she never is attracted by it, because of her steadiness and power to use her head while on the basketball floor. Mary is often put out of the game on fouls, although she sticks right to her opponent while in it. This is Mary's last year with Swatara and anybody who has ever seen her play knows she deserves her position, because of her ability to play and her team work. ELIZABETH KAPP ..Ea., may join. Senior Forward Weight 126 lbs. Height 5' 3" AND here's "Lizzie," our star forward! She has starred in nearly every game of the season. "Lizzie" is always ready to cooperate with all the members of the team. Her sunny disposition certainly will he missed next year. "Lizzie" is very friendly and so becomes acquainted with her guard in the beginning of the game. Nevertheless she doesn't let her opponent take advantage of her good nature, but just keeps "rolling them in" all through the game. S. T. is sorry that "Lizzie" must leave her this year. CATHERINE SHULTZ Senior Forward Weight 140 lbs. Height 5' 4" lKKATEll has played basketball since her Freshman year, and has always been an aid to our team. "Kate" is a very good shot and represents the best of form in basketball. Due to her skill and accurate shooting she has scored many points. This is Catherines last year with us, and we wish her success. LINDABELL WALBORN 4 'iLi11dy" Senior Forward QGenterj Weight 138 lbs. Height 5' 8" THIS is the slender brunette center of S. T. Although "Lindy" was not with us to hnish our season because of illness, she was with us as a booster of the team. 5 While "Lindy" was with us she did her part toward bringing a cup to the school. When Lindabell took her place at center it was a sure tap for S. T. This is "Lindy's" last year on the team, as we loose her by graduation. eQ9':um:o-:nz iwowuc'4L9a S211 THE SWATARA SWATTER-Swatafa Township High School 5265-1f'M'W wwmwagg S? G2 I Boys' 'Ucwsity Basketball 'Geam : K Swatara Township High School-THE SWATARA SWATTER 53 Boys' 'Uarsity Basketball 'Geam HARRY STAZEWSKI Senior Guard and Captain Weight 16o lbs. Height 5' IO" OUR tall, blonde captain hails from Bressler. Harry has led his teammates to a triple tie for the championship of the IQ2QmIQ5O season. The services of Harry will be missed very greatly after he leaves S. T. H. S. Very much is expected of Harry after he enters this world to shift for himself. "So long," Harry, and good luck in the future. GEORGE HALL Senior Guard Weight T43 lbs. Height 5' 7" HALL hails from Steelton, although he was formerly of Enhaut. His brilliant, close, and spectacular guarding has meant victory on many occasions to our team. When the scoring seems to be at a standstill, Hall sinks one of his sensational long shots into the basket to arouse the interest of his fellow teammates. In addition to being a Hne guard on the offensive and defensive, he is a very accurate shot. Hall is a very good -student and we hope that he will be as successful on some college team as he has been for Swatara. CASPER PETERMAN Senior Guard Weight I4O lbs. Height 5' 7" ELCASN is our fast and clever guard. He seldom shoots but when he does, it's a sure two pointer. "Gas" hails from Enhaut but the part of his time is spent at Rutherf ford. We are sure that this fact accounts for his swiftness for many times he is seen running from,Rutherford to Enhaut. We hope "Cas" will be as successful in life as he has been ian basketball. G. MARLIN KEIM 3 Senior Center Weight 165 lbs. Height 6' MARLIN is our big center, the one who likes to rough it up often. Marlin is a good tapfoff man and he has aided the team greatly in tying for the championship. Peppy and swift are his passes and he keeps the spectators dodging around away from the ball. It will be a loss to the team when Marlin leaves. We wish him luck. . , K FRANK VUKMANIC Senior Forward Weight 135 lbs. Height 5' 5" FRANK, or "Pug," as all the boys call him, plays the forward position on the team. 'LPug" is small but that does not hinder his playing in any way for he literally plays rings aroundzthe big boys. You can always see Frank smiling when the competition is great. Thiisfxis "'Pug's" last year and he will be missed greatly. GEORGE M. VUKMANIG junior Forward Weight 135 lbs. Height 5' 6" GEORGE is our blonde forward with the rare smile. He is the fastest man on the team and a good' shooter. George is small but nevertheless he Hghts like a demon in every game he plays. His good looks attract the fair sex who always come to see him play. As George excels in all athletic sports and still has another year at Swatara, we will expect a great deal of him next year. George hails from Bressler and is seen sometimes hiking along the pike to keep in condition. tQJram:o:.nx waved, 5411 THE SWATARA SWATTER4Swatara 'Township High School S9 '2 Boys' 'Uafrsity Basketball 'Beam Z Swatara Township High School-THE SWATARA SWATTER 55 Sgcgxxnvwwu mwwiqraa ?Boys' 'Uarsity Basketball 'Geain VINCENT BOLAND junior Forward Weight 142 lbs. Height 5' III' LLVINCEH hails from the great city of Oberlin. He sure has shown some real form in athletics which has given him the position of forward on the team of ,29 and '30. Without "Vince," Swatara would have been a weaker team, for he sure knew how to play forward. He is not only good in athletics but also in his studies. We are thankful that we have 'iVince" with us another year. Good luck, "Vince" LESTER GARNES junior Forward Weight I43 lbs. Height 5' 7M" NSNAGU is another of Bressler's athletes. "Snag" plays the forward position and is no slouch at it either, as some of the fans found out while watching some of our games. Even though "Snag" is a little small he sure is an example of good goods coming in small packages. We are lucky to have "Snag" with us another year and hope he will keep up the good work for the team next year. Although "Snag" can't be found after the games we suspect he is in good hands in Mohn Street. FRANK SEBORT junior Guard Weight 140 lbs. Height 5' 8" FRANK is our running guard and plays the position well. When Frank is playing he always has a determined look on his face. He tries to let the forwards make all the points for he always passes the ball to one of them, when we are near our goal. Frank still has another year with us and much will be expected of him as one of our guards next year. ANDREW NEIDERT junior Forward Weight 140 lbs. Height 5' 8V2" LET me introduce to you the dark, curly hair youth that hails from Bressler. He was a substitute forward, although the games that he played in, he showed his promisf ing ability to the team for the team of next year. i'Swifty" as he is called by his teamf mates is a very fast and speedy person in doing floor work. He is also a very steady and good marksman at sending the ball through the loop for a score for his team. MELVIN STARE junior Guard Weight 150 lbs. Height 5' 9" THIS is Stare's second year on the varsity and he has sure shown some form. He hails from that city of Chamber Hill. When "Starie" play's ball the other players take notice. "Starie" holds the record of the school by having four fouls in as many minutes. 'iStarie" has a year with us yet and we know the team will be the best. We wish him great success. MICHAEL KIRETA Sophomore Forward Weight 138 lbs. Height 5' QM" BEHOLDl The Hladies' man" of the squad. 'iPecky," our sophomore forward, has crashed the Gate of Fame in basketball. He is accurate in his shots and his ability to use his head promises to make him an outstanding basketball player of the future. We wish him success in his two more years of basketball for S. T. ufzvunoomz nc-otmnc'4L9a 5611 'THE SWATARA SVVATTER-Swatam Township High School so Q l Girls, 'Ucwsity Basketball 'Seam 2 Swatara Township High School-'THE SWATARA SWATTER 57 FGBIKUPOQVN KWNWKQ Girls, 'Uarsity Basketball 'Gearn VIVIAN CRANEORD junior Forward Weight 127 lbs. Height 5' 8" "Viv," has a great brain for basketball. She shoots, passes, and plays her position well. Perhaps this is due to the fact that she always does what she is told to do, and does it right. There were only a few times we caught her "napping" and they were when someone said, "Georgie" But everyone does that sometimes. ' "Viv" will be with S. T. another year and we know she will do her best, as she did this year to make the team a success. AGNES BLACK "Aggie" Sophomore Forward Weight 155 lbs. Height 5' 8" "WE must win and by no other way than to do your best," is "Scotchy's" favorite exclamation. "Aggie" is a good old pal not only to her team but to the whole school. She is one of the best centers Swatara has ever produced, because of her good will and cooperation with her teammates. The success of Agnes' playing is due to her attention when being coached to perform a new play. You can bet any money that it will work when i'Scotchy" steps into her position as center. Her good playing is also due to coolfheadedness. We have Agnes with us two more years and we know she will be developed into a star among the best, as she is now doing. HELEN KOHL junior Forward Weight 127 lbs. Height 5' 6" LlREDll is back again, don't think that she would desert her team. She is a great asset to our team for many reasons. Whenever you want a good laugh just go to k'Redg" she can make you laugh even if you do feel blue. She is a good player and contributes fine team work to the game. She does ine snappy passing at all times. We all like her for her good sense of humor, in spite of her red hair, and we are glad to say that we will have her with us another year. Everyone knows that she will be successful in all she does. PEARL KOCSIS Short arid slim, Always in trim, But, Oh My! How that ball does fly. Sohpomore Forward Weight 100 lbs. Height 5' 2" THERE she is, you know her. I'll say, she is a peppy girl of S. T.'s team. Pearl did good work in our lineup, but we will see her ability proven later, for "happy days," she is with us for two more years. MARY SHULTZ Sophomore Forward Weight 110 lbs. Height 5' 8" "MARY, Mary, quite contrary," does not describe this brainy star. This is Mary's first year on the team, and she is certainly deserving of her position. She is one of the best floor workers ever developed at S. T. Mary plays the position of center and forward, although she is just a Sophomore. Mary has two years to star on S. T.'s team, and to continue her good floor work and brainy passing. WINIFRED KILLHEFFER junior Guard Weight IO8 lbs. Height 5' 6" LOOK who is here, if it isn't our "Winnie" You can bet your neck when "Winnie" goes into the game, the opposing forwards sure have to do some stepping to pull anything over on this snappy guard. Our "Winnie" is like a sailor, not only because she wears white ducks, but because she has a sweetheart at every game Cinstead of portj. Her athletic ability has been such that she has won one of the three merit badges and the highest standard in basketball. "Winnie" is captain of next year's team, and the team cannot help but succeed with her to lead them to victory. GERALDINE RITTER "Ritter' ' junior Guard Weight 130 lbs. Height 5' 2" Tms is another of S. Tfs guards. i'Ritter," as she is usually called, is always shouting, "here you go." If you have ever seen "Geraldy" play you will say that she deserves her position on the team, because of her cooperation with the girls. "Ritter" is a very good guard due to her power of handling any girl she is placed against. We have "Ritter" with us another year and we know she will do all in her power to help make the team a success. uQJrum:4:ea1 ics:-ow1rQ9 E?QJrumsomx 5811 THE SWATARA SWATTER4Swatara Township High School Eguxnvaosvu KUZ'0'5U!'Q5 : Girls' 'Uarsity Basketball Schedule I Opposing Team Opponents S. T. H. S. Enola ..,.A...... ...... ...., .,,, . .... 1 9 23 Palmyra .... . ..., 15. .. .... ... I7 Susquehanna. .. 19. . . . . .. 18 Hershey .,.. . 14... 47 Middletown ..,.. . . . 8. . . . . 28 Alumni ..,.,,... . . II.. .. 20 Harrisburg CofEds. . . . 5o. . . . . . BQ Cornwall ......... .. 15... 44 Highspire.. .. ...18... ....51 LowerPaxton ....... 4... 41 Harrisburg CofEds. . . . . . 25. . . . . 54 Modern Six .4..... . . 18. . . . 27 Middletown.. . . .. IO... .. ZQ 20 Hershey .... . 15... .. 14 Cornwall ...... . . . . . . . . . 49 Susquehanna... 19... 21 Highspire .... ... 1o. .. .... 41 Palmyra ....... . . 18. . . . . 2Q Lower Paxton .... .. 8. .. .... S2 Enola ......... .. 17... .. 22 Total Points. . . .....,....... 5o5. . . . . . .628 Boys, 'Uarsity Basketball Schedule Opposing Team Opponents S. T. H, S. Enola ........... .... 2 6 ..... 4........ 2 4 Palmyra ....... .. 14... .... II Susquehanna.. . .. .. 26... .. 18 21 Middletown .... ..... ..., 1 1 . . . . . Alumni ..,............. .... 5 4. . . . . 27 West Chester Collegians. . . .... 59. . . . . . . 31 Hershey ............... .... 4 5. . . . . . . 42 Cornwall .......... . . . . 27. . . . . 26 Highspire ......... . . 16. , . . . .. 34 Lower Paxton ....... .. 9. .. . . .. 61 Oberlin Collegians .... . . 26. . . . . . . 22 John Harris ......... .... 5 9. . . . . . . 58 Patton Trade ......... ... 16. .. .... 42 Steelton's Men's Club .... .... 2 8. . . . . IQ Middletown ........ .... 1 7. . . . . 27 Hershey ....... .... 5 1, .. .... 52 Cornwall .... .. 28. .. .... 39 Susquehanna... 15... 50 Highspire .... ... 16... .... 66 Palmyra... .. 21.. 55 Hershey ....... .... 5 9. .. .... 51 Total Points. . . .... 521. . . . . . .676 c o Swatam Township High School-THE SWATARA SWATTER ff SQ Il gggxnacv.-ocv: rvrocvurqg-gg S9 Gi 6011 THE SWATARA SWATTER-Swatafa 'fownslup Hzgh School ggsyxkvwwbl S9 G2 Gasehall 'Beam -u :- Q - CAPT. BENNY liZQD':ucawmx SWATARA TOWNSHIP HIGH BASEBALL SCHEDULE Opposing Team Opponents Hershey ...... .,.,. 4 .... . . .away Hummelstown. . . . . , 2. . away Lower Paxton ,.,. . . . 3, ........ home Susquehanna. . . . . .Io .... . . .away Dauphin ..... . . . 6 ..., . . .away Hershey ........ . . .10 ........ home Hummelstown ..... . . . 4 ........ home Lower Paxton .... . . . 4 .... . . .away Susquehanna ..... . . . 5 ....,... home Dauphin ........ . . . 3, ......., home Total Points ....... SI .... ....... L Games Wonfo Games Lost 4 Swatam Township High School-JTHE SWATARA SWATTER 6 gg6yJlKv:o:vul S? G2 Football Squad SWATARA TOWNSHIP HIGH FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Opposing Team Opponents S. T. H Highspire ..... ...., 6 .... . . .away .,., . . . Hershey .... .... 1 2. . ..., home. . . . Alumni ......., ... o ........ home. . .. .. Steelcon Reserves. . . . . o .,,..... home. . . , . . Middletown ..,, . . .19 ........ home. . . . . . Duncannon ..... . . . 6 ..,..... home ..,. . . . Hummelstown. . . .... 7 .... . . .away. . , . . . Williamstown ...... .... 2 o .... . . .away. . . . . . Enola .......... .,.. o ........ h ome .... Total Points ....... 70 ............,....... 1 Games Won-5 Games Tied-2 Games Lost ' CAPT. EITNIER E 5 :zQmn-sw H6211 THE SWATARA SWATTER-Swazara Township High School gggpxwwm :vac-:vul:4ag,lg L watara Township High School-'THE SWATARA SWATTER H63 ggxlxm-ow! wwmpgag SCHOOL BUS JANITQR 2 3 y I 64ll 'THE SWATARA SWATTER-Swatrwa Township High School :SGNIGWDH WPWWI'-4322 Last Will and Eestament E the courageous, daring and ambitious members of the class of IQSO of the Swatara Township High School located in the County of Dauphin, State of Pennsylvania, United States of America, do hereby constitute and take our so called valuable time in discarding our knowledgeg our personal and private belongings together with other outstanding characteristics in such a manner as hereby outlined in our Last Will and Testa' ment. We revoke and declare void all previous wills written by us and hold without any further discourse misunderstandings or arguments whatsoever in forcing the following articles to be willingly accepted and righteously thanked for by the executors hereby named. Item 1-Cur sincere thanks to the facultyg to the remaining student body, and others who have helped directly or indirectly to make our class what it is. Item Item Item Item zwTo the noisy class of '31 some of our studious and behaving ability. 3-Harry Stazewski's personality to Michael Kireta. 4-Gladys Henning's wavy hair to Elizabeth Peterman. 5-Frank Vukmanic's football ability to his brother George. Item 6-Erma Freeland's speed to Myra Hoffman. Item 7-To Edward Weiss, George Hall's vocabulary. Item 8-Martha Greenawalt's parading in halls to Francis Sourbeer. Item QfEV3 Wigand's slender waist to Mary Toth. Item io-'Meade Aungst's soda jerking ability to Charles Laudenslager. Item 1rYFrancis Moore's girls to Andrew Neidert. Item I2'TO Ora Cassel, jesstena Wise's chewing gum. Item 13-Marlin Keim and Lindahell Walborn's love affair to all "puppy" lovers. Item Item Item 14fROb6ft Metzler's blufhng to Edward Koch. 15-Elizabeth Kapp's sweet dreams to Katherine Bell. 16-To Agnes Black, Casper Peterman's dancing ability. Item I7fViOl3 Ricker's golden curls to Helen Cole. Item 18-George Lock's broken bicycle to Conrad Schenfelt. Item r9fTo Ida Shaeffer, Eva Schlafman's baby iigure. Item 2oYMelvin Davidson's mischievousness to William Pope. Item 21-Catherine Shultz' boy friend to her sister Mary. Item zzfjohn Schenfelt's "Irish Bow Ties" to William Weiss. Item Item Item Item Item 23-Mary Edwards broken heart to Vivian Cranford. 24-Krieder Douglas' muscles to Irvin DeHart. 25-George Shaelfer's hair comb to joseph Polak. 26-James Black's savings to Charles Stazewski. 27-Mable Wingert's k'Chevy" to replace Christman's Ford. Item 28-To Harry Hartz, Thomas Eitnier's height. Item ZQLGCOIQE Snoke's chemistry knowledge to Stanley Attick. Item 3,0-To Vincent Boland, Elmira Yeager's French books. Item 31-To George Stankovick, Irvin Eshenour's bashfulness. Item 32-Pennod Dunlap's drowsy feelings to Lester Garnes. We do hereby nominate and appoint "Lawyer" Sebort sole executor of our Last Will and Testament. In witness thereof, we set our hands and seal this Gfteenth day of April in the year nineteen hundred and thirty, our Last Will and Testament. Signed: CLASS OF 1930 Being signed and sealed by the above class thus named, we the witnesses in their behalf do hereby also set our hands to seal and approve this Last Will and Testament as permanent and everlasting. Per4jOHN SCHENFELT WitnessesfFRANK VUKMANIC MARY EDWARDS CASPER PETERMAN ERMA FREELAND 'iZCbrunwomz " mx-eaJ1rq9s L95-D1 'Township H1gh School'fTHE SWATARA SWATTER f65 S " ' 3 wmmmkkci E . 2 5 nn,:oeaxrK9.a W CCT 116611 THE SWATARA SWATTERASwata1a Township High School :QQZICVRVFUI KUNQSNWS 'Che Silent Shape Presented by CLASS OF 1930 HE Silent Shape," a royalty play, was presented by the Senior Class of the Swatara Township High School. The play was directed by Miss Sarah K. Bell. The music was directed by Miss Freida Dreese. CAST Coleen Medford ,..,. ....... ..,. E l izaheth Kapp Rosemary Wells. . . ...... Viola Ricker Dinah Damon .... ..... C atherine Shultz L'Billy" Wells .....,. ,... T homas Eitnier Dr. Arthur Medford ..... ..,. C asper Peterman Detective Barnum ............ ..,.. G eorge Snoke Harry Galt-"The Silent Shape". , . ...,.., James Black Dick Johnson ............................ .... M elvin Davidson SCENE-Country home of Medfords TlMEfEarly May 'Ghe fPcLtsy Presented by JUNIOR CLASS CC THE PATSY," a charming comedy by Barry Connors, was pref sented by the junior Class of Swatara Township High School at Oberlin, Friday and Saturday Evenings, May 8 and 9, at S o'clock. Play was directed by Miss Frances M. Baish. CHARACTERS William Harrington ,,,....... .,... . . . .Edward Weiss Mrs. William Harrington .,,. ,..,..,.. O ra Cassel Patricia Harrington ...,.. .,.. W inifred Killheffer Crace Harrington ..... .,..... H elen Kohl Tony Anderson ..,., ..,,.. B ruce Miller Billy Caldwell .... .,.. A ndrew Neidert Sadie Buchanan ....,...,... .... V ivian Cranford Frances Patrick O'Flaherty .... ...., E dward Koch Trip Busty ...,... ...., . . .john Yeager Swarava Township High School-THE SWATARA SWATTER H 6711 I :sswmm rffwwaz. S? G2 H6811 THE SWATARA SWATTERfSwatara Townshi High School P Nw X .gb N fl X X1 . XA A .x.i... H i XX If 5 - Q , Y h-XL UQ- A "X fA .X 4 YI- x .Lf , 'X .Xp ' U5 rt M, Sw 2:3 fa. f 1 wx W1 E ' ' C! jx X J! 9 1 X Q W , ,' 'N' Q- .I lx ?, xx X wxw XXX X .Xxx xzxxs nk X v Rx XMW waxqxxx W f -x 41", X44 1 x 52? !' Swatafa Township High School-THE SWATARA SWATTER 69 Music I AM MUSIC- SERVANT and master am Ig Servant of those dead, and master of those living. Through me, spirits immortal speak the message that makes the world weep, and laugh, and wonder, and worship. I tell the story of love, the story of hate, the story that saves, and the story that damns. I am the incense upon which prayers float to heaven. I am the smoke which palls over the field of battle Where men lie dying with me on their lips. I am close to the marriage altar, and when the grave opens I stand nearby. I call the wanderer home, I rescue the soul from the depths, I open the lips of lovers, and through me the dead whisper to the living. One I serve as I serve all, and the king I make slave as easily as I subject his slave. I speak through the birds of the air, the insects of the field, the crash of waters on rockseribbed shores, the sighing of wind in the trees, and I am even heard by the soul that knows me in the clatter of wheels of city streets. I know no brother, yet, all men are my brothers, I am the father of the best that is in them, and they are fathers of the best that is in meg I am of them, and they are of me. For I am the instrument of God. el AM MUSIC junior High School Qhofrus Helen Attick Odessa Bell Charlie Mae Branch Elsie Diegel Catherine Felix Arlene Baker Elizabeth Bates Dorothy Berkich Anna Bowman Mary Couffer Soprano Katie Frank Elizabeth Hanshaw Florence Horner Marian Logan Martha Peck Theresa Poltl Second Soprano Muriel Cranford Helen Dormuth Laura Edwards Clara Gluntz Theresa Kuhn Elizabeth Polatar Margaret Raudenski Magdaline Roth Kathleen Stahl Alice Thompson Blanche Wike Edna Rodmaker Katherine Schlafman Julia Stikl Pauline Tate Katherine Wigand Accompanist .... ,............. C ORDELLA SHEAFFER Director .... ....... F REIDA DREESE EMM ww? 70 'THE SWATARA SWATTEReSwatava Township High School PQJKUSQ-'SH lCU'Y53lR4fQ9 Se' Gi Senior High School Qhofrus Sara Bingaman Ora Cassel George Felder Helen Gabner Catherine Gluntz Kathryn- Bell Vivian Cranford Lila DeWees i Margaret Hartz A Stanley Attick Melvin Davidson Edward Koch Pennod Dunlap Thomas Eitnier Marlin Keim Soprano Myra Hoffman Pauline jeileries Geraldine Ritter Eva Schlafrnan Catherine Shultz Alto Mary Shultz Pearl Kocsis Helen Kohl Bertha Kuhnert Margaret Logan Tenor Galen Livingston Robert Metzler Andrew Neidert Bass Michael Kireta Francis Moore Marlin O'Neal Frances Sourbeer Sophia Szverra Theda Thuinma jesstena Wise Mary Yottey Conrad Neidert Cordella Sheaffer Regina Szverra Goldie Wolfersberger Arnold Salerno George Snoke John Yeager Willianx Popp Harry Stazewski Edward Weiss Accompanist .... ...., E LLEN MILLER Drrecrov ..... ..., F REIDA DREESB Francis Moore Marlin G'Neal Swatara Township High School-THE SWATARA SWATTER 7 fgxumww wofwnarcgv S9 G2 High School Orchestra N Robert Metzler Conrad Schenfelt Lester Baker George Lock George Shaeffer First Violin Second Violin Viola Keini Saxophone Cornet Robert Stahl Bruce Miller Erma Wise Harry Hartz Willianu Gruber Lloyd Jones John Yeager Graydon Livingston Cello Edith Meisinger Drums Lester Lippert Piano ..,.. .....,. E LLBN MILLER Directress, , . I , .FREIDA M. DRBESE 7 THE SWATARA SWATTERfSwatara Township High School l'?!KU"9'1N KU"O'9Nl'.Q9 Alvena Aungst Mary Bachman Rozalia Black Lois Brunner Jermaine Cieri Viola Cohick Cleora Duncan Alberta Bell Elizabeth Bingaman jacob Behney Naomi Eshenour Dorothy Hoffman Emily Gluntz Lester Baker Harold Demey Clyde Davidson James Baldwin Lloyd Eshenour SECOND HI CHORUS Soprano Evelyn Engle Leona Eshenour Rosalie Grove Fern Hackman Winifred Killheffer Edna Landis Zita Maljevac Alto Fern Killheffer Viola Keim Esther Lindle Anna Muzic Edith Meisinger George Pintarch Tenor Lester Garnes Henry Hartvich Joe Knoll Bass Theodore Moore Edward Proudfoot Anna Miller Maidie Miller Miriam Ricker Hope Smith Mildred Umholtz Anna Verbos Betty Young Helen Zerance Pauline Ricker Winifred Smee Kathryn Stopfel Nolan Staub Helen Wiley Erma Wise Violet Wingert Graydon Livingston Bruce Miller George Sheaffer Donald Stevens George Stankovich Charles Stazewski A Accompanist ..... ELLEN MILLER Director. . .. .R. N. KEIM C5 eQ9'2lll:v0saJi lv- MKY9 S atava Township High School!-THE SWATARA SWATTER H73 ll LU rmmrQgg 2 Qafeteria Qlub THIS club was organized this year, as formerly, not for the purpose of making money, but that warm meals might be served daily to the pupils, practically at cost. This club has been a convenience especially to the pupils who live too far away to go home for lunch. The fact that the club has been successful is proven by the large number that eat in the cafeteria daily. 29 Q5 !i'f.C5h1m:omz ms-oen1r'4L9-vl E743 THE SWATARA SWATTERfSwata1a Township High School HQQJICUMYN lC'?2Q6'53IlLQD2,lg THROUGH the efforts of the State Organization of the Y. M. C. A. and the boys of the Senior High School a HifY club was established. The motto of the club is: "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and comf munity high standards of Christian character." The club stands for clean living, clean speech, clean sportsmanship, and clean scholarship. The HifY sponsored the Bible Study in the Senior High School. This study was sponsored by the Y. M. C. A. throughout the country. The club meets once a week and during that period topics are discussed which will develop the character of the boys and create a general understanding among them. The officers are: HARRY STAZEWSKI . ....... President JAMES BLACK. ....... .... V icefP'resident CASPER PETERMAN. .... .....,. S ecretary FRANK VUKMANIC. . . ...,. Treasurer Mr. Christman ...,. .... A dvisor Swatam Township High Schoole'I'HE SWATARA SWATTER 75 Il ll gggwunwamx KU'N'?5Nk'.Q2l S9 '52 Galendafr APRIL r24Chapel announcement: Our girls are Basketball champs-going to receive a cup. 14fEnglish composition contest completed. I7 fjunior High kids give a play in chapel. zgejuniors given a typing test. 3O4'LHSt day of "Fools Month." Seniors trying to plan who are their best friends for roommates at Washington. MAY 6-'iBlue Monday." Juniors given History test they did not know was coming. 7fL3Sf report. 16-Seniors meet thrill of school life, going to Washington. 2ofSeniors returned and hunting books. 27'T6Sf given to Seniors. JUNE 7-1 reTest days. Last but not least Vacation. Loss of our old friends, Miss Trexler, Miss Malehorn, Miss Ott and Miss Nickey. 12-SWATTER Staff enjoys a picnic at Mt. Gretna. SEPTEMBER 3-Back at work from a long vacation. Present Seniors received their front seats. Five new teachers: Miss Baish, Miss Franz, Miss Wiseman Mr. Shuler, and Mr Baillets. ro-Seniors Hghting about books for they are not accustomed to their new seats. 13,eFootball suits given out, and what a time! 16-Juniors too many in number, some had to be moved to room 12. zo-First football practice of our squad. 28fFirst football game. Victory for Swatara. OCTOBER 1!Sophie falls for Irvin Buck. We sure do pity him. 12-BazaarfEva Wigand wins popularity contest. 15-zo-Institute Week. 23ASchool reopens. No one could settle down immediately. 3 1+Hallowe'en Nite. 76B THE SWATARA SWATTER-Swatara Township High School 5'-S65"""mwu ""N'm""4-D2-1 S? '2 Clalefndtw Z NOVEMBER I-'NEW month. Every one tries to do better than they did in October. 1 r-Vacation-Armistice Day. 24'dMfS. Smith gave Juniors Vacation in shorthand. 27-Vacation-Thanksgiving. 29-Basketball suits given out. DECEMBER ii-1 ggjuniors made candy. IBLSUSQUCDHDHH basketball game-girls and boys both lost. 13-144Senior Play. "The Silent Shape." Directed by Miss Bell. 2ofMiddletown basketball gamefgirls Won. JANUARY 14Midfyear exams. Miss Bell left our fold. 1ogHershey basketball gamefgirls Won. 174Highspire basketball gamefgirls won. 24'LOW6f Paxton basketball game-girls won. FEBRUARY 2IfMiddl6tOWU basketball gamefgirls won. 24'WHShiHgtOH programme-moving pictures. 25'-Eddie Koch's sweetheart called him on the telephone. 28-Hershey game-fgirls won. Feb. 28'M3fCh 1-Operetta. "College Days." MARCH 7-Highspire basketball gamefgirls won. iz-Palmyra game girls won. 2ofOur boys play Hershey for first place at Steelton, Pa. Lost. 2S'fsLT6CH,, Wise will make a good nurse. She was killing flies in Physical Education class. 27-End of girls' basketball career. Girls champs. 29-Picked characters for Junior Play. APRIL 1-Track started. 6-Boys received baseball suits. Got new caps. SfMr. Robert O. Briggs entertained for 3.10. 9-First Baseball game with Enola. Lost II-I. 154Boys Win hrst League Baseball game at Hummelstown. gQm4ncvoeax m+mzn'4L9g swarm Township High School-THE SWATARA SWATTER 117711 gggpslrmm mwunqggg Jokes MR. KEIM-"Why are aeroplane propellers manufactured in Russia?" JAMES BLACK-"Because there are on an average of 1,ooo revolutions a minute." TEACHBRJLsWh3t is nothing?" FRANCIS MOORE'-LLThHt is what you gave me in the test last month." TEACHER Qto Thomas Eitnier who was not paying close attentionj-"Who built the sphinx?" TOM-"Well Iferfl did know but I have forgotten." TBACHER'sLHOW unfortunate, the only person that did know and he has for' gotten." TEACHER-L'What is the most dangerous thing known to people?" GEORGE SHEAFFERtbsAVl8tIOD.11 TEACHER-"Explain yourself." GEORGE'kLOH6 drop will kill." TEAcHER4"What is an icicle?" FRANK VUKMANICJBGFTOZCH water." TEAcHERf"john, can you name a city in Alaska?" JOHN SCHENFELT"LLNO1IH I" TEACHER'ibCOff6CC.q. TEACHERTLLIS mistletoe a vine or a tree?" HARRY STAZEWSKI'LLNCIfh6F, it's an excuse." TEACHER'LLWhHt are scales?" MEADE AUNGSTfLiF6Hth6fS on a fish." TEACHERfLsWh8tlS the difference between addition and multiplication?" CATHERINE SHULTzf'iSum." TEACHERf'LKathryn, name an inventor." KATTYflLWhHt?', TEACHERfLsW8tt, correct." TEACHER'bLWhHt is contributed to the raising of the working people?" MARY EDWARDS'LLAl3fH1 clocks." TEACHER'LgWh6f6 is Cuba?" MARTHA GREENAWALT-"I dunno, teacher." TEACHERfLLWhHt? DOn't you know where you get your sugar?" MARTHATLLYCS, mam! We borrow it from the lady next door." CASPER PETERMAN'-SBDC you think I could ask your father for your hand tonight?" AGNESTELYOU might, he has his shoes off now." TAKING NO CHANGES Stanley Attick and Thomas Eitnier were walking through town on Saturday night when "Stan" stopped to buy a paper. The following conversation took place: TOM-'iCome along, Stan. You don't want to stop for a paper now. You'll see all the results in the Sunday paper tomorrow." STAN-i'Yes, but suppose something was to happen to me in the night!" ABOUT SEVENTEEN MR. SHERK Qto Mr. BOlandj4'iI'Iow old is your son?" "Well," replied Mr. Boland, "he's reached the age when he thinks the most im' portant thing to pass is not his examinations, but the car ahead with the Ford." WINIFRED SMEE-LLMY sister got her singing voice from mef' Miss DREESE'sLAfCUit you glad you got rid of it?" SIMPLE ENOUGH FORTUNE TELLER Qto Frances Sourbeerje-"Madam, you have a wonderful talent for painting." FRANCEST-BIHOW do you know?" FORTUNE TELLER-"By your face." Ezyillsibfal R64-hlfigsi T11 I 1 7811 THE SWATARA SWATTER-Swatam Township High School 5265-'WWW lf"WfW"44'gD2-'S S' G2 I jokes I TOO DEEP FOR ANNA BOWMAN Anna, returning from school one day, was greeted at the door by her mother who asked, "Well, Honey, what were your lessons about today?" "George Washington," replied Anna. "But, Mother," she said, "I don't understand if George Washington was as honest as everyone says he is, why do they close the banks on his birthday?" Laugh and the class laughs with you-but you stay after school alone. "He's forever pitying himself." 'iYeah-the old 'ah me' game!" In an ofhce the 'phone rang and the boss being out for dinner, the oflice boy answered it. The following conversation took place: "Hello, is this the boss?" "No, this is the oflice boy. The boss went out after dinner." "Will he be back after dinner?" "No, that's what he went out after." HE GUESSED WRONG "I guess your wife and you are one in your household." "On the contrary, we are ten." "Tenl What do you mean?" "My wife is one, and l'm the zero." Roses are red, Violets are blue, Wherever you see three balls You'll see a jew. He-"How old are you?" Shef"Twentyftwo." He-"You told me that five years ago." Shefilm not the kind that says one thing and then say something different." Katherine Bell thinks "lobbying" is all right if you are staying at the hotel. GEORGE VUKMANIC1ssC3.Il you understand women?" FRANK SEEoRTfL'Women are like the Einstein theory. Everybody admires them, but nobody understands them!" KEENf"My client had killed his father and mother. How shall we conduct the case?" SHARPEfL'Make his plea for mercy on the grounds that he's an orphan." "How do you treat a sick bee?" i'With respect." Freshman opinion of the operetta. "It won't be any good, there's too much singing." He was seated in the parlor, And he said unto the light, Either you or I, Old Fellow, Will be turned down tonight. PASSERBY-L?Ah, my young man, so you play football. Where do you play, in the backlield?" GEORGE VUKMANIC'ssNHW, in the front yard." LANDLADYf"You seem quite fond of soup." BOARDER-LLNOC necessarily. My physician recommended the hot water cure." SHEfL'l hope you get caught making that 'moonfshine'." HE4"l wont, 'Skinney' just tasted it and he said it was line." George Lock had some birdie eggs in school. - ERMA FREELAND4'bLGl1l1IDl6 a birdie egg." - ' GEORGE'siDO you think I am a birdie?" Swatara Township High School-THE SWATARA SWATTER H79 gggpxxwww KUI'9'WUl!Q2l 9 62 . jokes MARLIN O'NEAL4l'I made the football team." His SwEErnzf"Honestly?" Bucicful did the aerial work." His SWEETIE1?.A6IlHl work? What's that?" BUcK!"Why, I blew up the footballsf' Margaret Logan thinks you have to have a license to shoot a basket while playing basketball. FAaMERf"I've a freak on my farm. It's a twoflegged calf." SECOND FARMER'-'HI know. He came to call on my daughter last night. Beauty Doctors are humorists. They make up jokes. CUSTOMER"LLHHl I think I recognize this plant as belonging to the lArbutus' family." ' CLERKwLlYOUlfC a liar. That plant belongs to this store." SOPHOMOREfuI suppose you've been through algebra?" SENIOR'uI went through it at night but couldn't see the place." JOHN HARTVICH'blI am collecting stamps, did you ever collect anything?" THBRESA Russ-"Yes, my thoughts." JOHNYHI mean something with some sense to it." VINCE BoLAND4"How were your grades last quarter?" ED. Paounroorfujules Verne." VINCE'lLHOWlS that?" ED-"Twenty thousand leagues four under the PEGGY'uI thought you were filling an engagement with jim." REGGY-"At present I am filling an engagement with my dentist." "You can get anything at a mailforder house," remarked the woman next door. l'Everything-but a male," sighed an old maid. JOEY-"What would you rather do, Bobbie, eat chestnuts on Walnut street or eat Walnuts on Chestnut street?" Bonnie-"I'd sooner eat grapes on Vine street." WINNIEfLsI heard you got a letter from your brother. Was there anything imf portant in it?" Viv-"Well I didn't open it, for on the outside of the envelope was printed, LPlease return in five days,' so I sent it back to him." "I know you." 'lWho am I?" "Nobody." "Good heavens, I am discovered." TiMf"When one ford passes another ford what time is it?" J1MM"Tin pass tin." "Say," Andy, "what's the difference between Carrie Nation and the Cape of Good Hope?" ANDY-'lNot any, both are way off." If a man is in Troy and misses a train leaving Troy, and is compelled to stay in Troy, is that Troy weight? "I fell off a sixty foot ladder today." "It's a miracle and werenlt killed?" "Ch, I only fell off the first round." "Is the feminine of Chinaman, Laundress?" "What's the difference between a crowd at a circus and an Ardent Lover?" "None, they're both in tents." "Why is a cucumber like Roeber, the wrestler?" "It does its best Hghting after it's down." - MARY'slDO you care for Browning?" JANE-"I don't mind browning, but I hate to frecklef' :ZQP'JlLsWaJl Ks!-0-3aJlKf5: 71 E8OJl THE SWATARA SWATTER-Swatara Township High School acl-1-afurqg? I Jokes I MOTHER1LsNOW, Willie, I want you to go in and kiss the new nurse." WILLIE1LlY6S, and get my face slapped like papa did? Not much!" "Jimmie," said the teacher, "What is your greatest ambition?" Jimmie considered thoughtfullygul think," he said, "It is to wash mother's face." MARLIN KEIM4'?bLHSC night I dreamed I was married to the most beautiful girl in the world." LINDY WALBORN-"Oh, Marlin! Were we happy?" MEADE AUNGSTYLLWBIC you ever in Holland?" JOHN GUSTIN-"No, but I've been in Dutch." HEJLsHHV6H,t I seen your face before somewhere?" SHE-"I shouldn't be surprised I seldom go anywhere Without it." TEACHERWLLNOW, tell me why you laughed aloud during study hour?" JOE KNOLL'uI didn't mean to do it." TEACHER-'iYou didn't mean to?" JOE-UNO. I laughed up my sleeve and I didn't know there was a hole in it. TEACHERfhLWhHt comes after A?" DICK EEERLY-"The rest of the alphabet." TEACHER-L'Bill, what do you know about the Captain of the English Regiment?,' BILL SMBELLGHC was very fatf' TEACHER-HI read that he was one of Washington's stoutest opponents." TEACHER'sLChHfl6S, tell the class something about Lindbergh's great feat." CHARLES LAUDENSLAGER-"I never saw them but I can tell about Charlie Chap' lin's." VIOLA COHICK'HGC6, Gertrude, did you read in the paper that one man in New York dies every minute?" BERTHA KUI-INERT4"Yeah, I'd like to see him." MR. CIIRISTMAN-i'How did you sleep?,' PENNOD DUNLAP-"With my eyes shutf, "Can you keep a secret?" "I'll tell the world." LITTLE JOHN'-HI tell you, my uncle has a wooden leg!" LITTLE ToMf'LWell, that'S nothing, my big sister has a cedar chest!" MISS MOUNTZfLLHOW is it that although you and James started work together, he has more written than you?" HAROLD HOOVERfLsHC has a larger topic." FRANCIS-i'Say, do you know Boo?" FRANCESKRLBOO, who?" FRANCIS-"You needn't cry about it." ORA CAsSELA"Why do elephants have such large trunks?" MR. SHULERTHBCCHUSC they have to come all the way from India, I suppose." MARY SHULTZ'LLWhO was Nero?" Wasn't he the fellow who was always cold?" MAUDE KEIM4L'Naw that was Zero, another guy altogether." TEACHERA'iWhy don't you want to recite your lesson today?" SNAGGY GARNES'h?B6CHUSC if I say it now you will only make me learn something I else tomorrow." I E, Q5 I iZG"Jrum:omz nvoezvuc'4L93n Swatara Township High School-THE SWATARA SWATTER 8 'Q-,B-Jllcvao-ml xvw:valr.4ao Alumni fllejilections THE public school has long been recognized as the most potent agency of a social and educational nature, where rewards are based on merit, and not on accidental advantage of birth or influence. This is the symbol of Americanism. It is a place where sincerity of motive is cultivated without the opportunity for the furnace of suspicion to inflame the immature, habitfforming minds, the open door to legitimate opportunity, the creator of homogeneously helpful and loyal American citizenship, the place to properly develop the mental faculties, habits of thought and personal association, which are the chief deterrents from wrong doing. Thus in the acts that we do today is contained a prophecy of what we shall do tomorrow. Every time we perform any action, mental or physical, we have more inclination to, and greater facilities for, the performance of that action under similar circumstances than we had before. A new task learned in the evening becomes easier to perform each morning than it was the night before. Could the young but realize how soon they will become mere walking bundles of habits, they would give more heed to their conduct, while in the plastic state. The drunken Rip Van Winkle, in jefferson's play, excuses himself for each fresh lapse from sobreity by saying, "I won't count this time!" Well, he may not count it, but it is being counted none the less. Down among the nerve cells and Hbres, the molecules are counting it, registering and storing it up to be used against him when the temptation approaches. The public school is a manifestation of the intention of our citizens to bear out the visions of the founders of America in the fulfillment of her natural destiny that she shall have become the guardian of liberty, evolved from the travail of the agents. Ignorance is one of the universally prevailing concomitants of crime, and poverty is the mother of ignorance. They form the main spring of modern social unrest, and the pref dominent sentiment toward lawfbreaking. Universal education is the hope of civilization in removing the baneful result of economic and educational insufficiency. According to quaint Scandinavian custom, the people open the doors ive minutes before midfnight on the last night of the year, and wait in silence, until the last stroke of twelve tells each of the assembled families that the old year has gone out and the new year has entered. So the high school seniors, beginning with the day of their graduation, will often reverently sit in prayerful silence, with open hearts and minds to breathe the aroma of school memories wafted in the breeze, finally, though not too fully realizing the untiring effort, devotion and sacrifice of the tax payers, parents, Board of Education and teachers, which made it all possible. The Alumni of Swatara Township High School doff their hats in humble recognition of the everlasting influence for good it has exerted upon each of them, and they shall forf ever caress its pleasant memories, beckoning present and future students of the High School to follow, finally joining their ever increasing number. WILLIAM M. YOUNG, '15 H8211 THE SWATARA SWATTER-Swatara Township High School gsajyjgcggqsy KTVQNKQS Members of Alumni Association Officers President ...,,. ......... ..,....... W . H. HORNER VicefP'residen1: ,.,. ..,....,.... D R. L. L. KEIM Secretary .......,.,. ,.., . ..., .i.., M R s. ANNA STROUP SMi'rH Treasurer ...,.,............,...........,......,.... W. J. BISHOP Q4 The Annual Business Meeting of the Swatara Township High School Alumni Association is held on the Third Friday of May, at Szoo P.M. in the High School Building 1888 G. A, Martz G. W. Smeltzer E. E. Handshaw W. H. Horner Florence Brehm CMartzJ Eliza Meffert CSeidersj 1890 C. F. Rupp C. J. Horner U. R. G. Handshaw Clara B. Stewart 1894 Bertha D. Eby Agnes Horner CPeckj Ada McCord CLivingstonj Frances Yeager fBishopj 'Emma Eshenour Jennie Reigart fBrickerj W. J. Bishop Rev. S. Edwin Rupp Norma Bottomstone CDailyD 'Nora Espenshade CNightenj 1907 Alma Lyter QBatdorfj Eva McCoy CAlbertD Carrie Handshaw CBishopj Norman Bishop james E. Eberly 1908 Osmer Chambers Charles Fisher Harry Heilig Mary Jones Olivia Stengle CShopej Leroy Cooper Roy La Vanture Audrey La Vanture CCashmanD 5"Emma Streams George Ebersole 1910 Abigail Chambers Cliammererj Helen E. Bennett CReynoldsj Fredith F. Eichelberger Mary E. Fawber CWagnerj Eva M. Lingle Erma B. Look QWellsD Carrie M. Lyter CHackmanD Russell G. Eshenour Percy P. Fackler Floyd E. Fackler Raymond S. Gerhart Edgar W. Kaufman Harry R. W. Reynolds Meade D. Shaffner Howard W. Shuey Floyd A. Hocker 1912 Anna M. Bingaman QEtnoyerD Kathryn S. Bishop Rena A. Brehm CMillerj Pearl N. Cook CHainesD Margaret E. Duncan CMyersD Ethel V. Horner CStenglej Mabel F. Grunden Mary P. Nissley Cliohlhaasj Caryl M. Herman Lester F. Green Webster S. Kholhaas Earl L. Kunkle f'Samuel S. Laudermilch Maurice F. La Vanture Earl C. Smeltzer 1913 Joseph F. Reuwer Russel H. Rupp George W. Young 1914 Raymond N. Keim john Walter Houck Chester McK. Shuey J. Paul Rupp Viola Pearl Brehm CKeimD Parker Heilig i Rebecca J Greist 5353? C11iEeL?iE:nermanD Ester M. Berkheimer CHolmesj Mary Young CMillerj IQIS Ruby Salome Thumma fPhilipelliD 1909 Edith L. Aungst CGreenawaltD E john F. Kauffman Ethel Emeline Aungst Q 'kDeceased 'iZQJramw:zni Rc!-4-aJlr0-D Swatafa Township High School-THE SWATARA SWATTER 83 Catherine E. Miller fKuhnertD Esther Amelia Stouffer CBoughterj Anna Verna Stroup CSmithj Margaret Clair Stewart Evelyn Grace Waidley Cshelleyj William McKinley Young Ralph Albert Bishop J. Franklin Horstick Harry William Papenfus 1916 Nora Alfretta Hoffman fHat6eldD Mary Alice Hoffman CBurnsD Lillie Irene Lyter CKaylorD 'kMabel May Hoshower jane M. Parthemore CEllenbergerj Ethel Mae Rupp CSwartzj Millard Fillmore O'Neal 'David Miles Thornton Robert Lewis Franklin Earl Leroy Cassel 1917 Helen Mae Brehm Cjansenj Mildred R, Eshenour CMoyerj Franklin Otto Paul George Paul Peck Mildred N. Rupp CDupesD 1918 Rhea Boyer john Brightbill Wayne Horner Ralph Logan James Moyer Albert Morris Luverne Snavely Walter Vogy 1919 Romaine E. Brehm fBachmanD Myrtle B. Foreman Goldie E. Fackler CHandshawj J. Earl Reed William H. Newbaum Foster Fought, Jr. 1920 Walter Marshall Aungst George Martin Bingaman Ethel Mae Bishop CBrightbillj Mary Catherine Boyer Jacob Elias Boyer Mary Elizabeth Clemens 'Edgar Omer Kline Harrison Shirk Krider Claude Edward Rupp Emma jane Wolf 'Deceased 1921 Foster William Aungst Isabel Katherine Baker Czinkj Violet Melissa Grove QHarveyj Clyde joseph Hemmersla Mary Willet Houck CHagerD Lloyd Lawrence Keim Ryle Edgar Martz 1922 Hazel Estella Akens CKeeleyj Gilbert Wesley Aungst Lester Floyd Aungst Miriam M. Beinhauer CHockerj Esther Arvilla Frantz fBowerj Cardella M. Freeland QEtnoyerD Lester Irvin Gerhart Leroy Miller Greene Pearl Romaine Gruber May Teresa Hadley Marion L. Herman Rebecca Mae Hocker CLawyerj Merle Leroy Keim Charles Henry Lamka Charles E. Lingle Harvey David Livingston Leroy Maurice Vennell 1923 Mildred Etta Staub C-Ionesj Ellen Josiah Bolan CKeimj 'Mabel Ethel Bolan QLauxl Edna Irene Hocker john Hoffman Erb Fred William Mink john Michael Stazewski Glen Luther Laudenslager Harry Austin Hadley 1924 Ruth Augusta Allen Lloyd Valentine Becker Elizabeth R. Beshore CWilliamsj Emma Louise Beshore Ola Nickens Brown Harold Kenneth Brumbaugh Paul james Conrad Arthur Orval Hager Miriam Mae Jansen Elmer Lee Koup joseph William Lina Walter Ray O'Neal Edward Nelson Steppe john V. Stopfel Helen Mae Tennis Edgar Roy Wells William Earl Wingert Florence Irene Wolfe CNissleyD john Edward Wolf 84 THE SWATARA SWATTER-Swatara Township High School 1925 Dorothy G. Aungst Cliorneyj Gladys P. Aungst QLeboD Norman C. Aungst Miriam E. Gerhart CReedJ Mary T. Grove Mary E. Hallman Claire G. Hocker Elizabeth I. Hocker CCassellj Annie I. Hoover Henry H. Hoy Mima A. Paul Hazel B. V. Peck CStevensj William L. Reed James F. Schmidt Bruce H. Steinberger Elizabeth S. Vennell QLindleD Mary E. Walter Frank F. Wilsbach Lester L. Wolfe 1926 Oscar B. Baldwin Mary G. Benney Henry B. Bishop George W. Deimler Christian K. Ebersole Ella R. Edwards QWolfej Paul S. Erb Neva M. Engle Frances E. Fackler QEbersolej William Lebo Gladys V. Housman CMaglanchlinj Mura O. Peck Thomas Proudfoot Mary M. Quick Evelyn Shultz Ellwood G. Stopfel Martha Webner George S. Yeager 1927 Grace Mae Allen Miriam Jane Aungst Glenn Arthur Aungst Mark Weiser Brehm Bernice Lehmer Brunner Martha Rebecca Cooper Leona Loretta Eberly Daniel Kohr Ebersole Richard Edwards Allen Royer Ellenberger Evelyn Mae Frantz fNewbaumj Edith Pauline Freeland Violet Mae Gerhart fBlessingj Helen Isabell Handshaw CHadleyD Reba Arlene Houck Doris Annette Keifer QEbersolej Bernice Gertrude Keim QReedj John Michael Koch Verion Merle LaVanture Helen Anna Love QRebuckj Earl Alton Myers Mayme Evelyn Seitz 'Deceased Dorothy Myrtle Shope Newman Harvey Stare Ruth Mildred Walters CSpanglerj 1928 Russell Holtzman Attick Alberta Catherine Baldwin George Watson Benney Margaret Thelma Billow Albert Sinclair Brown Marlin Lee Deimler Charles Lawrence Eberly Alice Romaine Erb Elizabeth Hassler Eshenour CTrimmerj Mary Elizabeth Foltz Mary Helena Gustin Robert Orvis Keim Evelyn Fern Livingston Christian Logan Johanna Mary Matyasic Zelma Caroline Meisinger Marie Margurite Miller George Pagano George Heberling Rissinger Mary Anne Rupp Velma Frances Schott Helena Roberta Shaffer Emma Elizabeth Stroup QDresslerj Erma Ruth Thumma Marie Louise Venell Gertrude Anna Wolfe 1919 Bernice A. Aungst George F. Auman Lloyd W. Benny Edward M. Boland Ira R. Brown Donald S. Billow Rheubin E. Bingamin Richard M. Ciere Virginia M. Cole Sarah K. Ebersole Alice R. Fowler Harry M. Gonder Ella R. Gray Elizabeth D. Holly Frances H. Hoover Anton P. Kastelic Mary G. Keller Marie M. Lindle Gloria E, LaVanture Pauline K. Miller Thelma M. Moretz Thomas D. Mehring Emil L. Matjasic joseph A. Metka Mary E. Pacy Minnie I. Quick Anna B. L. Reed Pauline M. Wagner Catherine E. Wolf CBolandj Pauline B, Webner John A. Zimmerman 4' o gr.. ra Township High Schoolf'I'HE SWATARA SWATTER H85 Gwmxw Kvzwfllll-6492 5 ii The Central Pennsylvania Business College Central Pennsylvanids Best Business Training Institution GYO Higher Accountancy, Bookkeeping, Shorthand and Secretarial Courses Individual Promotion Enter Any Time Call, Write or Telephone for Information The Central Pennsylvania Business College W. H. HARTSOCK, Principal Bell Phone 9724 Dial Phone 5130 3,23 Market Street Harrisburg, Pa. 2 H8611 'THE SWATARA SWATTERfSwarara Township High School E GENERAL HAULING BOTH PHONES A. B. DEMY Contractor and Builder We Build New Homes f Reniodel Old Homes Like New f Move Buildings Any Size, Anywhere Do All Work From Severing Weeds to Placing Furniture in the House me HUMMELSTO WN PENNSYLVANIA I Gome and See INDIAN EGHG CAVE Pennsylvanids Largest Historical Fairylcmd Underground evo FREE PARKING AND CAMPING i Hummelstown near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania kZQPum:oenz lcvomzr'Q93i Swatara Township High SchoolYTHE SWATARA SWATTER H87 f.S6L1.CU'M9N KU':9493Ik.4QD2 S' 62 2 Garclert Time is Here Have a Garden-Have a Good Gne ALWAYS PLANT SGHELL'S QUALITY SEEDS They Grow Better , They 'Yield Better Absolutely the Best Vegetable Seeds, Flower Seeds, Garden Tools, Fertilizers, Planters, Cultivators, Sprayers - Everything for the Garden and Farm WALTER S. SCHELL, Inc. QUALITY SEEDS A-S41 Delivery in City Every Day-In All Suburban Towns Every Other Day Tenth and Market Streets Harrisburg, Pennsylvania oseph Pornraning General Contractor evo Mechanics Trust Building E HARRISBURG -- PENNSYLVANIA I-5 gg 5 ZCbr:nvoeax 8811 'THE SWATARA SWA'I'TER S To nship High S h l 653' "'-4:9 sim 'ma 2 2 i PECPLES BANK The Barak That Gives 'You Service evo STEELTON PENNA. FACKLER'S Furniture f Rugs 1 Carpets F tmeral Director Lady Attendant and Chapel Free of Charge GNOO E 1332 and 1312 Derry Street Harrisburg, Pennsylvania g?QP'alcvo:ax + nvowun4L9 'Township High School-THE SWATARA SWATTER H89 5.13691 rvmvunqgg S? G2 COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF Eshenour 53 Qsman CBERLIN N- PENNA. 2 E 29 W MMS KVWQSYN Quality Not Price- The Greatest Factor A FULL LINE GF Class Pins f Rings f Pennants Commencement Invitations H Specialties in Sorority in and Fraternity Jewelry Write for Samples, Catalogues and Prices UN1oN EMBLEM Co. Valley Trust Building PALMYRA ew PENNA. 'THE SWATARA SWATTERfS Township H h S h Z ICVXVWDI 595 WE Township Hlgh School'-THE SWATARA SWATTER eww 'K Wa , D T CII CL0TH1N0 N SH0Es N FURNISHINGS 320 Market Street, Harrisburg, Penna. Stee1t0n Bank EQ? Trust C0 Capital S3 50,000.00 Surplus , 3 50,000.00 Undivided Profits f 70,000.00 Total Assets Over f !B3,000,000.00 Steelton W Penna S 2 aww Wws HQZB THE SWATARA SWATTER-Swatafa Township High School E HARRISBURG SEED CQMPANY 2 Superlative SEEDS f PLANTS f BULBS Poultry Supplies - Fertilizers - Field Seeds - Dairy Supplies -Insecticides - Garden Seeds DeLaval Cream Separators, etc. SHERWINfWILLIAMS PAINTS IO South Market Square HARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA f WILT K 2 E Swatara Township High School-THE SWATARA SWATTER E93 ll 93 'Q Steelton Coal Company 5 H. W. ZOOK JOS. SOLOMON Bell Phone 13,5fR Dial Phone 9586 Dealers in Anthracite and Biturninous Coal, Wood, Stone, Sand and Cement Office and 'Yard 987 South Front Street at Quarry STEELTON PENNSYLVANIA BONNYMEAD FARMS Feed f Coal f Lime Fertilizer GNOO E Harrisburg R. F. D. No. 1 Pennsylvania Q411 THE SVJATARA SWAT'1'ERfSwatara Township High S h l Everything tra Music For the Home, School, Church, Band or Crchestra -bg SHEET MUSIC AND RG' ORCHESTRATIONS J. H. TRCUP MUSIC STCRE 15 South Market Square HARRISBURG "' 'T' 'T' PENNSYLVANIA LUTHER KAYLCR Contractor Concrete and Carpenter Work 990 IIS6 HIGH STREET CBERLIN PENNA. E 3 Township High ScHoolfTHE SWATARA SWATTER H95 5:EVE,:g:55555::,:,.5.5g-5 V' 355555:,I.315555553,3.,5,55:,:,,,:-QE1's1 H1 ,s'r:f.z:s:z215555gzg5:s:s:f:s:f:g:gsg5gsgsgs:5:f:s:5:z-:-gzggsgsrs A ...:.:.,,,.,.:.,,-.-.,-:-:,:.1.,.v.,.,.:.-f.:-:-:-:-:+I..:.,.-.,:-:-:-:,:-:v1-:--.- .-pg.:.,.,,,.:.:.-.,:.:-1-M ,,.,,A .. .Hg , 5, M ME ll96ll THE SWATARA SWATTER-Swatara Township High School I .SGW-awww' S0 s 4 Qnanuxnvsnnnnnxnusnnxanun Q. L 1 A A 4 Let Us Help 'You Malte Sure of 'Your Insurance 1, , . .dn 1t.,-..-..s..s..s..s..,..,..s..-..s..-! r ' I I Q 3 DISABLED gE,,,,i,,,,i,,d 19,03 DON T SWEAR Q Q A missgep, 3 momentary lapse from Q This Swatara Q TO LOVE, HONOR AND Q I your customary vigilance, and you I Township I CHERISH 2 : have become the victim of an accif : I : : Q dent which will "lay you up" for Q Agency Wi Q . . . unless you have in your pocket Q Z weeks, perhaps months, with hospif I Business I a life insurance policy payable to I tal bills and medical fees far beyond 5 : HER as your beneficiary! KI You'll . Q your means! KI The time to take Q Twenty Tears Q feel a thrill of pride when you name Q i out accident insurance is Now, i AA I HER in the application. Dorftfail herf E js-sus..-..s.,-..s..s..-..s..s..-...'4, 1 j.asus..s.,s..s.-s.....s..s..s..s..i, BE SURE YOU ARE INSURED Fire f Automobile f Life f Accident N f Aircraft Windstorm f Bonds f Casualty Lines See the Aetna-izer inflYour Community-He is a Man Worth Knowing Representing the Strongest Multiple Line Insurance Organization in the World Agency-THE CONNECTICUT MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. A FULL LINE OF AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENT POLICIES ALLEN W. ELLENBERGER All Kinds of Insurance 694 High Street f-sw Enhaut, Penna. Lamke Service Station Oil and Gas That Save 'You Cash SERVING YOU WITH THE BEST 312 S. Front St., Steelton, Pa. Bosynak and Podnar Ice, Coal, Wood and Cement use BOTH PHONES Yards and Office Conestoga and Frederick Sts. STEELTON PENNA. PeiiIer's Repair Shop HARRY M. PEIFFER Welding, Brazing and General Automobile Repair Work BELL PHONE ioz-J E9 650 Chamber Street, Bressler, Pa. li'ZG-'zruuwoeax EvansfBurtnett Co. Wholesale Grocers H ar r isburg Pennsylvania rfmmlurcgv wfwazam9 Swatara Township High SchoolfTHE SWATARA SWATTER E97 AMRAD E Bel Canto Series TRIPLE SCREEN GRID The Finest Tone in Radio F you are looking for a radio that is more than a momentary pastime, more than an electrical device, more than a wooden hox-consider Amrad, made for careful, prudent, discriminating owners. Amrad consoles are created hy artists in furniture design, they are genuinely fine furniture in themselves. The Amrad chassis is sturdily, heavily con- structed with the painstaking care of live engineering lahoratories hehind it. And Amrad hrings you radio hroadcasting with a line, clear tone-a tone that THRILLS with its vivid, rich quality-the jimivt lone in r11a'io! "The Serenatan listed below is a sliding door model of walnut and curly maple. Using 8 tuhes, including THREE screen grid tuhes, with huilt-in electric power speaker. Price S2-l-5 fless tuhesj. Let a nearfby Amrad dealer give you a demonstration of this and other Amrad models. In your own home if you prefer. CLAIR R. GRIM General Sales Manager me R. M. Pelfer: Crosley and Amrad . HARRISBURG ALTOONA , 71 H9811 THE SWATARA SWATTERm'Swata1a Township High School ,l5g6m.JllGYr4wf1u1 iC'UT9'i93llt..Q2g 2 COMPLIMENTS R. H. Lyon E99 Son Ross M. Frey Impovtevs of Coffee Insumnce Golden Roast Coffee 1 Breakfast Blend Coffee Stee ton Pen n a. HARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA 1 Swatara Township High SchoolfTHE SWATARA SWATTER 599 WHITE DOVE ELQUR Makes Better Gakes and Ties :rw HGFFER GARMAN, Inc. HARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA Where Prices are Lowest and Values are Greatest fi L It s Easy to Bay at Kades M ,,. st P i LQ it UPEN A CHARGE ACCOUNT it .-. i fi xings 'Yoaill Always Save If You Buy at Kades si.- ssss BE SURE GF YQUR STORE Founded K A D E S in IQO4 3 9 North Market Square Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 3 3 loo THE SWATARA SWATTERfSwatara Township High Sfhool 2 W. F. BAKER Tinning, Roofing and Spouting Deep Well Systems Installed BELL TELEPHONE 816 Mohn St. Steelton, Pa. ICUMSUIKAQ Keep an Eye on the FUTURE When a sum of money comes into your possession, do you think what it will buy or what it will earn? GQ Where do you Want to he five years from now? Starting a Bank account tof day will have something to do with what you will have later. HUM M E LSTOWN NATIQNAL BANK Hummelstovvn, Pennsylvania 'Your Credit May Be Good and your promises sincere -but when opportunity knocks at your door and you reach out to grasp it, remember you cannot exf pect to hold it with only credit and promises to offer. Opportunity Demands Real Money BE PREPARED start a savings account and save systematically. Then when your opportunity presents itself, reach out and grasp it with cash. THE FARMERS BANK OF HUMMELSTGWN HARRY M. HORST, Cashier QP'am:+w1 1 . J . H E s s HUPMCBILE Sales and Service General Repairing BOTH PHONES HERSHEY PENNA. ucq:o:azrq9 V si Swatara Township High SclioolfffTHE SWATARA SWATTER f E Rutherford BI-GS A four story and basement Coal, Dynamite and Mason Building Supply PAXTANG, PENNA. MAIL ADDRESS P.O. Box 1o1 HARRISBURC, PENNA. devoted to Coats, Dresses, Eurs, Millinery, Hosiery, Lingerie and Chi1dren's Wear-The Largest of Its Kind in Central Penna. - Therefore when it comes to honest Values you can always do better at EELLER'S The Store Dependable gd and Market Street HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA J. K. Meliissiek SHENK E5 TITTLE Everything for Sport DEALER FOR l'lLLClSOYLfESS6X and Bicycles M Kodalgs Hwpmvbile on from canoes N Toys GARAGE E59 SERVICE Y STATICN Repair work ofall lginds N 313 Market Street Harrisburg, Penna. S HUMMELSTOVJN, PA. QQYJLCABM Ksibsial f zozll THE SWATARA SWATTER-Swatara Towriship High School gg-C9m.1icv:orvw 90 62 S. M. Erb, Florist Cut Flowers Potted Plants "The Kind That Always Cheer" 29th Street 'near Derry HARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA Fast End Dairy, Inc. Distributors of Pasteurized Milk and Cream All Dairy Products Try Our Cottage Cheese '11 'gWatch Our Tests" 19th and Brookwood Sts. HARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA MILLERS Shoes 59: Hosiery F o r Wo rn e ri I2 N. Third Street HARRISBURG, PA. 2191 nncfmx John D. Bogar E5 Son Company Dealers irz Lumber, Millwork and Roojng ns. Distributors of Breing Bros. Paint and Varnishes Franklin near Front St. STEELTCN PENNA. wswuurg icvoe.nJucq9 Swatara Township High SchoolfTI'IE SWATARA SWATTER E103 gggmuwwm ICU?O'i51lC.da SJ i G2 Ruhl's Bakery C. H. RUHL. Proprietor Taste the Difference SwEDisH RYE -Q- 27oo Main Street PENBROCK, PA. Tomorrow is on the way Cflf you knew today that tomorrow fire would destroy your home - you'd prepare today. CfYou can't know what will happen tomorrow. But you can protect yourself against financial loss through property loss. CfFire insurance is only one of the many forms of dependable property protection we offer to those who would he prepared for t01HOffOWlS eventualities. W. H. HCRNER Representing the Insurance Company of North America "The Oldest American Fire and Marine Insurance Company" Founded 1792 Consult Your Insurance Agent as You Woiild Your Doctor or Lawyer OBERL IN --- PENNA. Charles K. Miller Groceries ENHAUT PENNA. "The Cheapest is Not Always the Bestl' But 'iThe Best is Always the Cheapestll When You Want the "Best" Vegetables, Fruits and Sea Food, Call R. C. Scheirer Local and Long Distance Hauling My Specialty ' BELL TELEPHONE 657fR OBERLIN PENNA. Flowers for All Cccasions "Say It With Flowers" FROM H . R. B A U D E R Florist and Decorator Everything in Flowers and Plants use Bell Phone 21'R'3 United Phone 4ifW 535544 Union Street MIDDLETOWN PENNSYLVANIA new-mxrm9e 1o4ll THE SWATARA S ',sQ3lICs3'OfaJ S? Insurance Raymond N. Keim BELL TELEPHONE 488 621 Second Street ENHAUT, PA. XVATTERfSwatara Township High School Appleby Brothers and 2 Whittaker Company Wholesale Heating, Plumbing, Steam, Gas and Water Sup' plies-Steam and Hot Water Boilers and Radiators 216 So. zd St., Harrisburg, Pa. Schmidt's Home Dressed Meats BELL TELEPHONE 4 8 5 'J ENHAUT PENNA. S. Sanson Wholesale Fruit, Produce and Retail Fruit Market 1355 Vernon St. Harrisburg, Pa. Elmer E. Nissley's Garage Studebaker GF Erskine Repairing Eff Accessories MIDDLETOWN, PENNSYLVANIA CGMPLIMEN TS OF J. H. Stump Funeral Director Botlfi Telephones FUNERAL HOME 1 14 West Main Street HUMMELSTOWN, PA. COMPLIMENTS E?Q2'amwm Qberlin Realty Co. Building Lots For Sale SALESMEN W. H. CUMBLER, Steelton, Pa, C. C. BISHOP, Qberlin, Pa. Steelton Trust Co. Building m:owiic'm93 'S E 5 J Cp-Jlicr-:wx-Sun Cbhsmsoenx Swatara Township High SchoolfTHE SWATARA SWATTER f 1051 George E. Sellers Real Estate and Insurance Bell Telephone 31928 PAXTANG PENNA. E. Z. ETTER Groceries Dry Goods and Hosiery Sole Agency in Hunirnelstown for Munsingwear 281 W. Main St. Hummelstown, Pa Samuel B. Zerfoss General Electric Refrigerators Majestic Radio Royal Sweepers Bell Phone 24fM C. V. Phone 14fX HUMMELSTOWN, PENNA. ALBERT S. HUMMEL Manufactor of Cement Building Blocks A Memorial of Everlasting Beauty to Consecrate the Spot Where a Loved One Sleeps LU C K EN BILL The Monument Man MIDDLETGWN, PENNA. BUILD OF QUALITY MATERIALS J. M. Brightbill Roonng and Sheetrock Curtis Woodwork Plaster f Lime HUMMELSTOWN PENNSYLVANIA J. H. WALTER Automobiles f Trucks Wooden and Tile Silos HUMMELSTOWN, PENNA. Burrell Motor Co. Chevrolet Sales and Service Chimneys Erectecl a Spgcjalty General Auto Repairing ESTIMATES FURNISHED USED CARS TELEPHONE an 246 W. Second St., Hummelstown, Pa. B O T H T E L E P H O N E S C5 KUIMWNKJQQ m:o:murq9 rooll THE SWATARA SWATTERfSwata1a Township High School ggpwsucffmfwn e 9 CCMPLIMENTS OF T he Harrisburg Grocery Co. Wholesale Grocers EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTORS OF Aunt Nellie's and Kitchen WWE!!-JQ i Gi HGLLER Coal and Ptwina Chows HUMMELSTOWN Queen Canned Fruits PENNSYLVANIA and Vegetables A s K Y o U R C R o C E R Spirie Electrical Shop R C A Radiolas and a Atwate'rfKeht Radios H S ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES MODERN FRIGIDAIRES D A I R Y IO7 East Main Street Humrnelstovvn Pennsylvania Marshall Rutherford Famous Reading Coal Beaver Station Pennsylvania B. F. BRETZ Pharmacy You Phoiie-We Deliver 189 South Front Street STEELTCN PENNA. J. C. Hess Garage GWN A HOME Ford Cars, Fovdsoii Tractors 5 Plows and Hawows BELL Coinplete Line of Automobile Ae' REALTY cessories, Gas, Oils, Greases, Tires CO and Tubes ' Both Phones Never Closed HERSHEY PENN A, Bergner Bldg., Harrisburg, Pa. Q5 Swatara Township High School f- THE SWATARA SWATTER II O7 Cleaning, Pressing, Dyeing A. Creenwalt Custom Tailor I zor Mohn St. Steelton, Pa. J. G. GARMAN INSURANCE Automobile, Eire, Life, Health and Accident Insure and Be Sure BELL PHONES Oihccz 215953--Residence: 1 47, zmwmr.Qv Tou'll Stride with Pride in a Pair of Morrison's Shoes Shoes for the Entire Family COMFORT SHOE STORE IQ N. Front St. Steelton, Penna. D. March Service Station Tourist Camp and Lodging GAS f OIL f BARfBfCUE SANDWICHES 3791 Derry St. Harrisburg, Pa. C. B. KLEINEELTER Authorized Sales and Service Lincoln f Eord f Eordson Dealer in All Kinds of Tires, Tubes, Gasoline and Oil AUTOMOBILE REPAIRINC DIAL PHONH mfr North Pine Street Highspire, Pa. THE ROYAL The Laundry That Does It Best ED. B. JONES, Proprietor 1 3 46f I 3 56 Howard Street HARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA SAMUEL B. SHIEELER Contractor and Builder PLUMBING AND HEATING C. V. Phone 74fXf2 ED Huinmelstown Pennsylvania kZQJhiicf.f:foemI CCMPLIMENTS CF Colonial Life Insurance Co. ARCADE BUILDING HARRISBURG, PA. icc,owiic'm9a r6b.JtKf-'mid llrodll THE SWATARA SWATTER--Swatara 'Township High School Si' 62 KLEIN'S Shoe Repairing ALL WORK GUARANTEED JOSEPH DORMUTH Roojing, Spouting, Furnace Repairing, Hardware Goods, House Paint, Pumps and Galled for ima Delivered Plpes , Bell Phone fL'R'2I Dial Phone Q238 175 S' Front St- Roof Painting a Specialty STEELTON PENNA- 653 High Street Enhaut, Penna. Roseanna Beauty Shoppe MRS, ANNA GLUNTZ, Prop. QQMPLIMENTS Specializing in all Branches O. E. Wagner E5 Son of Beauty Culture Nestle Permanent Waviiig Bell Phone 479fR 633 Second Street Enhaut, Penna. RUSSELL W. WOLBGRN Dealer in Hay, Straw, Feed, Seeds, Poultry Supplies, Lime, Sand, Cement and Fertilizer Stove Wood for Sale-Hauling of All Kinds at Reasonable Prices Tour Patronage Respectfully Solicited BELL TIZLEPHONE 41211 RAILRGAD STREET HIGHSPIRE, PA. E. K. MGUNTZ PETER S. KEMPF General Merchandise Voss Wash Machines and Gther Electrical Supplies BOTH PHONES ENHAUT iw PENNA. Harrisburg Johhing GO. Dealer in MILL AGENTS Staple and Gygen Dry Goods, Notions, Hosiery Girocenes and Underwear Bell Phone 4717 Dial Phone 6903 BUTH PHONES 515 Wgilnut Street 40 N' Igth St' Harrisburg, Pa- HARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA Qpwilmsoqvi msoeazicQs9.i mwurwey Swatara Township High School--THE SWATARA SWATTER IOQl ggwxzmm lCVN'i5Nk4a S0 G2 I JGHN sLov1NAo Meat Market Groceries and General Merchandise 503 South Second Street STEELTCN PENNA. H. E. MEHARGUE Wall Paper and Window Shades Water Coloring and Frescoing Paperhanging and Decorating Floors Hardwood Finished OBERLIN, PENNSYLVANIA California Perfume Co. Perfumes, Talcuins G97 Sundries use ANNA M. SHUEY, Agent OBERLIN PENNA. The Photographs in the Swatter Permanently Recording the HAPPY Hours of School Days Were Made By R A L P H L E I B Y Harrisburg Bell Phone Penna. Milli and Cream 54W ' ' Delivered to Tour Manbeckls DOO, Sweet Loaf Silver Flake Patronage solicited Singers Dry Goods Store "The Best Place to W. J. BISHOP OBERLIN f PENNA. l E, iZQD'.umwa1 Buy After Alll' 41 N. Front St., Steelton, Pa. m:+:aAic'Q9 iZQ1hiicq.:auvi lfrroll THE SWATARA SWATTER -Swatara Township High School I oSQ..3IlCl?i'4f533l Sa I HERSHEY'S BREAD Parflixcellent Quality loo? Baked Buy Bread From 'Your Grocer Froelich School of Music Piano f Organ f 'Theory Harmony f History Newest Method for Children Diploma Upon Completion of Regular Course Daily Hours: 4:oo to 6:oo PM. Bell Phone 2'2,48Q For Terms Apply io M. PFUHL FROELICH 211 State Street Harrisburg, Pa ooMPL1MENTs or E. C. KAUTZ TASTY KAKE JoE LINA Cement Contracting TELEPHoNE DIAL 915, 739 High Street ENHAUT, PENNA. H. A. Hartman and Son Local and Long Distance Hauling f General Hauling PADDED VAN S Both Phones 53,5 N. Front St. Steelton, Pa. R. F. NISSLEY Fire Insurance and Surety Bonds Representing the Largest and Strongest Insurance Co. in America Z7 315 Pine Street Steelton, Pa. York Corrugating Co. Distributors Mueller Furnaces Radiant Boilers 67 South Tenth Street Harrisburg Pennsylvania ' 1 wrocwicqgw G2 Swatam Township High School--THE SWATARA SWATTER E111 gggmxrvrofw rvwornunqgg S' 62 THE YEACER PRINTERY Commercial Printing Printing is the inseparable Companion of Achievement I 250 Market Street ' H1GHsP1RE, PENNA. l GK We are interested in the l Success of the Swatara Township High l School COMPLIMENTS OF Corgas Rexall A Friend Drug S t o r e s P 16 North Third Street 15o6 North Third Street Walnut and Court Streets KLINE BUILDING HARRIS BURC PENNSYLVANIA l l

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