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Swartz Creek High School - Dragon Yearbook (Swartz Creek, MI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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x ,., ,,.. . ,A , 1 -Q-F-.4.T'E'dr'1':-'gsr--:rg-r-1,----n,..... VW, , f PW -141 - .r'f'- '1-+1-w 1119- " z 7 - . ' N4 - 1 'Il ' -,-:Vi fm' 1 'f'.. fff1-A2 J.:- 5152, w- . fs :ff X., . .lzmri ,L - NL:g-i,V.,,ff.,,j-L-- ,:,.vi,',-.i gf V' -' U- fl V1-:hi Q3Y,?.,1.V. K, .-. fi,-' . Q " ,, sv 1 -"ff l' " ', ,LV .-1. ' V ' - :L -w ,f- A , ..- w--3:31,-f -,'-2' -vm! " ".v,i??,-A ...-.1-' Y'-. ,f 1-ni ' ,..f. - f .-,-A: ' iq A - - 5 f - T ' Y-"sf-Ig' 1" if 1'1'f-1f--" 'ff- -'iLf23'1-2Q'.,.-ft1fg-'f1.1:'q,e':T:.'ff-2 f J , ' ' . 'fm 2 "1 ga, iff? '-" 5' ' ' f - L. ,, fw sf 4 .x . 1 If -A gf -rg-4 E. 3: xg 0 I 4 Q 3 N R W- 1 J 1 , . 4 11 1 ,6- 'vll QT, .-54 - .fi . 3 -E.: f if -Rm' , 55 Q5 3,35 tk!" ff-iv? .rp .X ' -E nu My r ,.."".' " Y "f-L.:-' V. - -. . " " . .vi . , . . X SW? -X If-A .if : 4. " -X -r X 1 I" :Q Nm...-+ ff-' - "" . . Q 'mfg ':'X : LF 1 , .- "-A. M" x ' " X Q.-V 1' -gh -' -" -1-P g.. X-1: -L-X. .6 .X1f'X f. - ,--. V .-MI 1-E, 1'VfIi'f -', -3'-. X 'V' 4 ' - ':. 2 'I L K- L -.:" U Xfrvu sr!-' :H 3 : s. . ' . V' ' . X f Q V. . - " ' IA. Y -I ' . ' V ' ' ' f - I . vs Q I. r .". 1 4 X 4 , A .. Q avnx a gig- aj". .2 .1 X I Y - ..fK:c. 11 1-N! ..m..T N ,.. 4 :ry W A . -.4 .,. 7' 3.5523 Y - 4-s. 41 .-.31 H uf... SLI? .. X ,,.,.. vin:-tj. +!:..'f. "Tim -1-4, :J X :-fa ' " f -151 .as I I: . .. .L 55 IIITX A... XIXLII. 4 .f pg' 5- --nf: ..vq-- M. .,g,X5I. .LI "xi4l3'i- . 'X- 2-- , -,,.. f Q. I- X ., j . 15615- . .,4'1. f gym: .X ws " -1.rX: p , L ' 7 .- :g,V'aQ?f!A'Xz-I. ..'X .. .. -v2.5.1-gf 51 vg A' I... :-,su A .. frm V FV, . , 35 wa' .. .t ' fa. .J - . ,fl - qfgrf ' .,. ,WI I. 1 fi , ':'Ln L1 5 . L. F512- " ,. 1:1 f .,I AA. -1. .qg wh. ll' L1-alla vw. im, 'fiss II. . 'il' . t' . .IIP 5- Hf - .ff-2.-' ,,,. 1 I. .. . .W I 1.5Xb,g.5 y.,k5T.fwf2 3-35 . 'T ... .-.":.f5sf1 1 " 'r H." 'LQLJ ' ,- .::'-'jf5f'5'.3fiV95La ' 3:--,' 1 Ix":"f'?.'Ji-4151i lgzdfgif' :iii 4 ' . ...IV .V. F X ,e 2-4. . - ' if . .flv f- 2 1"." "'+?3L'?'i" ",:??2' W 1, nnfli ,aw ' 1 " ' 1--xg.. Vg. .X ' X J?-L':' ":'.'- --LI. 1' .--'K ' ffrfgy-I 1, ,Id . I vc . ' IIS . - 6 III ,A 1g5V,X X., .V X ' ..,I. I gf, . -14-1 .V x., Vk'I', I . "2 XI-1. If .X . IW .- IIIII.I , I -...X " .5 2 ' f .I EQ'- ' '- ' Liv . . .. . . , "t,--"" - 1:-,. . . .- -.y f f K ' ' 41 v V ' ' :V T -. x .. , ....- .X ,V ' A-,.. - Yf-I r I 3' mi- " ' 1 . ' ' 1 ' I I if XI-.1 X- ,Q .I H- I , , V- I . I -1 . ' . 14-mn. Ji' F ' ' f- -- .,Ig,,1-,V Ig. , . .VXV .. .,I.I .- 1.-bm .. 3' rv- " am-i H' wg- " -1 , L 1 .. .X :.:1z: . 1 Xu. .4 :S xi , J!-""' ". . ,X ., ' - wil- , -FJ' j'V1g!g..,5 -" 1, . , V . I VV V.-I I . X .JMX ., -q5.?:'-frflfil.. :L 15521. .. "' . - Z.. 1-'P -4-ef. 11.355-..X H-5 2X"X'v X: .. 5 ':.1f '- 3,15 if 'J' -'X . "iE"'....,i4 il. il ' .,.-'LL inf .ff-1.11 -14'f.?7'.-121-N 4 . T' fm ' 2 .XX , .. .3 VL., ..V,I Vip. :K .. .X ..X. I V-QI.--V1... I ,V , 1..V.,I,V - ,I 1 .M-'9.'.-" - - ' X' . "X ' fwfif.-4vx.V:M 1. H . .X fr X. X-1. '-Q f. -' L I wif. 'Xf"3f.12QAX-1'X"5'-. .J nf- wwf -- ' ,. ' XX- 'fl me' '1' ::.-f-3'-.15 ' 1 LA.-551' - ,.. .- ' X -wp---1,5 5 .1-X I, Q.. . . af- . 3 '. e. X, :-A 'L' rf: X' V -,uc C. 5' .J Xi' -.1 1--5 171. ' HH ff- 5' ' ff ' X , 3 , " -Q V-'Af tw 2,1 -ff!:., , - , -N "Ap - pf. ' -1 .X- ' . '. .' 'U " A - I 4' L. 4 'T' , H" ' JlL":l' , .' ., f7.' X d,fX. - ',,. -l l.. .X:'w. , 591. ' - , '. '- ' I . . X. 1. X f ' .iw 7 ' X - W I '1' 1' ff " ' .X In XJ QI -X ..X., .Iv-. -fl."-.. ' fx'-fwfsf .:- X 2E,V15.s'p X :' I. 'ff .X.eEL.1L' I X -wut: H,IfgIV,Ij II I' -, : 1-ji? ,. -2 . II III 'iw I-I QI' I X if X' 'f"59?i9f.1wrL:' ' ' 'QEJTLY' . .:- ' .-1 " .. qw.. ,X 'NfXX,V- ji. 1-5-'-' 'X . V- " ' 15 -V . ,V .,.- if' I ,' ' Aix , -. .,V . ',.1, "Vz,4g':5- VIV I fl III-5.-1: H-,X I ' . X ga rl, .X 'E-1 V Y 5.3: ff. ' 141+ ' X:-Q.. .X - 'QQ ,,+:-S X7 iflilili' , -gyfl "- K ' -iii' u ' 2--4.3 XI - X1--ff u..- .' X u-X. f " xx, , ' , -X .. ...W 1- rm- . ,,-.. .3 SI-2? S:IVIj I3K'.'I, I. X.. -L1 ' 1 ,QI 'I G. "., .I 1:3 ' Q-if. ,ww ,,. -Hx. .V 313V r MII- , ff... -,IJ ,, - ... 1. ,L 5:51 , II gn ' zz, .XV Vw' '- . 1J5'W'5.1.,f.X- 2 -TXX Vj, 'g ,sf f n'J,: gy., lf. kgnvnfXfx 'X -.'..'f'LL 3 -A , "..'L:',..f1 . .. . '. J -. 'I'-'I ' .. . . JF, v ' rug-' . 5.-' 'X 5,-'Fr ' , V. gm 52- -- '-MM-V'x"2?,.. 'V .X 1 +A 5I 'Q - X X -' PW. - Q.. :..'5!'-: X-Q X . L1 - I 'HQ k'-- ,.X:f.L.'.XN ' 3:--ff.. X 1 - - -H .X..:g,3.-f.',-. ' -ina.-if Ig - , .QE-if-V . . L1,,f .V I -1 .3 X 'fl :Li . -- ' 9 . . K QP' ' .371---' 71111. U 1- pf' A i ' 1 - - .. -- - ".., me:ZQ"- 1' M-ff, ,-,, jp ...fs-...ggI.'L. . . - ' .I , ,...'11.. . VJ r. ! ' . . " Q, I-'Tam '-ji..-nv. . 43 -: .rw :Xf '51, X -X .L -sqm-w ff 3 -2.-f ' -- ' 11uf'f'Q".!:1. - Y-X :H X- . Q , ...,, -- 5-,rv .Ig ,. VV . , .I XXII F957 TWA ' . .-. ' 'ff 5'f'1UX ' ' -1'-Q2 4--X... . -,f.i4QIgf, . 2- ,uf 'fiu.w.q' XM.. V ."X - f W :L 'f 21... . .- .g-w V: 1 MHwf Xamff.w mx. i-. .,fw .. .' af "' fa . 11,4 ' ., . . h 'I Xu, :..'-5 X - .5 4.4e.'..f K -1 1.I lfwiv x g.qp'y,.. ' Ms: ' ., X C x Q 1 XX 1 .. A .- .4 .uf Q . -. 1 Q.: X g ti-iQ':3lX:7:'F' .11 .-gag,-eff' .. ,IQ-X II. III1 . . jing u,!4....24 X W A SF: '5- .. ' 1: I . III. 4 Le za. ., -1, Q, La' f- HX , I-W.. .. 5' QI 2 - :gg vf- .,, , ,. :I .L I-"ji-Yu ni:3:i'Qu ' I ' ft "7 ' T" -X-Q25:-f ff- , , X-Q25 Q22 'L-'51 r4"- ix. .v XX ,.X. F ' ill -AA' I I .LQ ffl! f Q P115 II . . Q . 1 "" X '5 ."'.'.ft' w v ' I-i L' '-:fi ivakiz - Vw- 1 ' . X--4. .IIX . Ig. . tx . gg.. QI.. -.T .. U rug. .XI .4, . X Lis? VL-1 ... fc . 'EA sw vm If X-.X . -gfsbi -vp-X ex.. ..- .Am VI I. +941 . Rr' .1 Ffa Aw --W. l". rx. ?5f5.'k-1- " L '.1JP'if?1'. '13 .'flL.f'F' f - 'fi 1. .. .f- -4, J V I . J.. .1 .4- .' 1-. V. .r . 'Q ' KX , .. ja' -Q 4' . v' '-14167 :'.- ,V , AK: ,II' .:V -1 f ' . Q 43.7 . 'V ,-,I . X..l A :QVJ -1 I w-I- , gn. f- - w 5, "1? ' r 'c .rg.!mA',.+4.1X- .V X. i.NaL7f:1ihm.fs.a-lm mr-, 1. .fLg,:-gfX:..:-:mam X1 4 iglrfmgm 55 These are the Seniors reponsible for the organization of the 1953 DRAGON YEAR BOOK. They are: , FRONT R UW: SECOND R OW: Left to right-Nancy Dowell, Production Manager: Shirley Drlik, Social Editurg Marie Ketchum, Editor: Miss Dorr, Sponsor: Nan Howell, Assistant Eldilorg Mary Brown, Assistant Sales Manager. Robert Titsworthg Jim Woolman, Boys' Sports Editor: Jerry Hunt, Ari Edilorg Howard Snell, Artistg John Wood: Charles Fick, Sales Manager: Jean Miller, Girls Sports Editor. We wish to dedicate our Annual to Ronald Pobocik.who, after one week of school in Septem- ber, has had to spend much of the year in an iron lung. To a brave student, who has made a coura- geous fight, our best wishes. We, the Seniors of "53," wish to express our appreciation to John F. Pajtas, who has served on the school board for the past fourteen years. He was a trustee for one year and a president for thirteen years. During his years of service, he has worked diligently, always for the good of the commu nity and the school. Xl ll I IMATION LEFT TO RIGHT: Clifford Bristol, Treasurerg Max Johnson, Trusteeg Frederick Dieck, Presidentg Orel Champneyg Frances Fick, Trusteeg Raymond Syring, Secretary. i 1 MR. CHAMPNEY, Superintendent MR. RU ELL' principal ST IJDEN CUIJN 'J ll Jerry Hunt, Presidentg Gerry Stadler, Vice-President, Dana IVlcVay. SECOND ROW: David Dieck, Charles Fick, James Spaniola, Alan Boring, Jean Miller, Bill WigginS. Mr. Buell, Advisor. THIRD ROW: Carl Stubblefield, Neil lVlarkv:1, Douglas Relyea, Thomas Podolan, Ann Miller. Robert Lattie, Lillian Hanson. FIETY P TRD mi.. . , Baker, Mary l:.llen Cusack, Lucinda ixtswormn. SECOND ROW: Fred Kranz, Ernest Callard, Stanley Edward, Andrea Curtis, Cherie Frechettej Clifford Olson, Kay Ann Artibee, Patricia Colvin. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Aldridge, Thomas Shelby, Dale Nlclvlichael, Robert Case, Bonnie Burch, Edward Grubb, Lauren McCarthy, Alan Artibee, Thomas Goupil, Robert Durish. FOURTH ROW: Rose Mary Cupal, Richard Shedon, Andrew Lengyel, Alberta Houdek, Carol Maul, Eleanor Case, Billy Miller, Nancy Veselsky, Charlotte Durish, Mrs. Wallis. AFSENT: Wayne Sherman, 'jmrrulig JANET GREENKY ALICE HARRIS NOR INE DELANEY FRIEDA CLAXTON IVIARGU ER ITE HODGES EINIIXIA WALLIS MAR Y GDR TON MAH GARET CLEVELAND MARIE ALDR IDGE CHLOR IS DIXON THEDA GIFFORD DONNA POWELL 6 Speech BEATR ICE HARRISON ELEANOR WILLIAMS RUBY CLARK PEATR ICE SYR ING I NETTIE CHAIVIPNEY R ITA FORTINO JOHN BLIGHT MA BEL COOK MA BEL PYLES DAVID WEBB Track ROBER T BR OWN EILEEN BREWER LOUIS WILCOX Bus Supervisor JULIA IVEY Latin, English Shop MARY JANE SANDELL EVA DORR Commercial STUAR T WARNAAR Music BRUCE KE MPF History, Coach Driver's Training Coach RUSSEL HUBER JOHN MEIER Biology Agriculture ALBERT MACKELWICH Science Coach MAR JORIE WILCOX DONNA WADLEY Home Economics English GERALDINE BELL Driver 's Training Coach WX fx fri? if Q ,l fy f- f ' X ? l e J X555 4 ffm Q2 J l f Q73 QBML' .3'Hnt1rr2 Stninrs Ju:-uv wuuu- vu.-. .. ....-.,.--- ,--D-, , handsome." Basketball 3g Baseball 33 Football 4g Track lg Journalism lg Junior and Senior Play Committeesg President of the Senior Class. LORRAINE SEDLAK QLor1-ainel--"Short and good natured." Basketball 45 Softballg F. H. A. 4g 4-H 33 Chorus 3: Junior and Senior Play Comrnitteesg Prom Comxnitteeg Secretary of the Senior Class: Red Cross lg Future Nurses 13 Library 1 . MARIE KETCHUM--"Ask me no questions, l'l1 tell you no lies." Basketball 1: Softball lg F. H. A. 4: 4-H 33 Chorus lg Junior Play Com- mittee: Senior Play Cast: Prom Conunitteeg Secretary of the Junior Class: Vice-President of the Senior Class: Student Council Z3 Library lg Editor of the Annual. CHARLES FICK fChuckl--"Saying is one thing, dome 15 another." F. F. A. 4: Baseball lg Track 33 4-H 7: Junior Play Committeeg Senior Play Cast: Treasurer of the Senior Class: Sales Manager of the Annual Staff. ning mr 351:11 m - UIlIlIl'l'1t wrath Nr"'9'l- f"'1,, CLASS FLOWER 3 CLASS COLORS YELLOW CARNATION is 'Q ' -51,41 Z LAVENDER AND SILVER M54 K x X MMM, ,S 'il 15550 3 af Tune: "There's Music In The Air" The time has come for parting From the halls of Swartz Creek High. We're sure that we'l1 remember These years until we die. Many books we put aside, But as friends we shall abide. We wish to thank the teachers--kind For knowledge they helped us find. At times we've had our troubles. At times we've had our fun. With years that we have spent here Our lives have just begun. All the joys that we've found here we will always hold as dear, But at last we must depart With memories in our heart. Ruth Crissey ,J Marie Josephine Ketchum was born in Flint, Michigan on December 16, 1934. Her first schooling was received at Kline School and she came to Swartz Creek in the fifth grade. Marie has four majorsg one each in English, Social Science, Home Economics and Commerce, and a minor in Mathematics. She has also been an active member in school affairs for she was a member of the 4-Hffor three years, student council representative for two years, F. H. A., four years, sports, one year and librarian, one year. Marie was Secretary of the class in her Junioryear and Vice-President her Senior year. She would like to secure a job in an office or a bank upon graduation. Marie has a scholastic average of 3.61. Ruth Ann Crissey was born in Iowa City, Iowa on November 11, 1935. Her earlier schooling was received in Flint Schools before she joined us in the fifth grade. She has four majors: one each in Mathematics, Science, English, Social Science, and one minor in Language. Ruth has been in the band for four years, chorus, four yearsg softball, three yearsg debate, one yearg and has accompanied the rhythm band. Upon her graduation, Ruth plans to attend Ohio Wesleyan University to study music. Her scholastic average is 3.64. Cl. XSS POEM Bernard Bendle The dust has settled, the race is won: We have not finished, We have just begun. One phase has diminished, Until now it is done. What lies before us, We cannot surmise: We can only hope and thus, Gain new faith in worldly ties. We leave today, But shall not return tomorrow. In parting we have only this to say, May we be as great as the knowledge we borrow. DOTTY JEAN BEAMER fDotl--"Ask and Learn." Softball Z5 F. H. A. 45 Senior Play Castg Prom Committeeg Vice-President of the Sophomore Class. RUTH CRISSLEY fCrisseyl--"I am not a musi- cian, but a whole brass band." Softball 45 Girl Scouts lg Debate lg Band 4g Chorus 4: Junior and Senior Play Cast: Prom Committeeg Rhythm Band. BERNARD BENDLE fBenl--"Let every man mind his own business." MARILYN CURTIS--"Success is a future goal for all." Basketball lg Softball lg F. H. A. 43 4-H 63 Girl Scouts Z: Junior and Senior Play Committeesg Prom Committeeg Kitchen lg Future Nurses 1. KENNETH BENNETT fBenl--"As ill luck would have it." Junior Play Committee: Senior Play Cast: Prom Committee: Camera Club Z. HAROLD DART fDartJ--"Beware, I might do something sensational." Basketball 33 Football 3g F. F. A. 4g Senior Play Committee. MARY BROWN fMaryl--"The mildest manner and the gentlest heart." Basketball Z3 Softball Z5 F. H. A. 4: Journalism lg Band 43 Junior and Senior Play Committeesg Prom Committeeg Red Cross lg Library Z5 Sales Manager for the . Annual Staff. ROSEMARY DANKO fRosiel--"Can we ever have too much of a good thing." Basketball 11 Softball lg Track lg F. H. A. 4: Chorus 25 Junior and Senior Play Committeesg Prom Committee. Janice Hughes - Marie Ketchum - Margaret Pakney Grace Slocum - Patsy Kaye - - Pat Herrington - Marilyn Curtis - Marjorie Hill - Mary Brown - - Lillian Hanson - Sheila Sullivan - Nancy Dowell - Jean Miller - - Dotty Beamer - Shirley Sullivan - Nannette Dowell - El-IKNESSIES - - - - - "Letters" .- - - - - - Being an Editor" - - - - - - - - "Shorthand Phrases" - - - - - - - -- - - - "LateHours" - - - - - - --"LemonPie" - - - - - - -"ABook" - ----- "Johnny" - ---- - -M ---- - Denny' ' - - - - - - - - - - BeingaCashier" - - - - - - - "Dancing" - - - - - "Keeping Late Hours" --Men-. Marie Robinson- - - - - - - - - - - - ChangingHer Careers" - - - -- - Temptation" - - - - I- ----Bradn - - - "Physics" - -"Underclassmen" .. Lorraine Sedlak - - - - - - Being A Popcorn Girl" Ruth Crissey - - Rosie Danko - - Fred Raubinger - Jerry Hunt - - John Wood - - Howard Snell - Jim Woolman - Earl Henry - - Bernard Bendle - Kenneth Bennett - Harrison Parker Neal Sweeney - Robert Lee - - William Wiggins Harold Dart - - Chuck Fick - - D otty Beamer - Bernard Bendle - - - Kenny Bennett - Mary Brown - - Marilyn Curtis - Ruth Crissey - Harold Dart - Rosie Danko - - - - - - - "Certain Fellow From Minnesota - -"Lemon Sodas" 5 - - - uNavyu Shirley Drlik ---- - - - - - Marines" - - - - - -"Customized Cars" - - - "Joan" - "Women" - "J'oAnn" "Mandeville" - - - - -"Wisecracks" - - - F - "Model 'T'Fords" - - - - 1 - -"Dye School" - - ----- -"Plymouths" "Durand" - - -"Clothes" ' - - - - - - - Women" -.Cakeu - - - - "Being A Friend Of Bennett's" - - - - - - - - - - - "Cadillacs" "'53 Chevrolets" XYI 135 - - - - - - - - - - - - -"That's the way she goes" - - - - - - - - "Variety is the spice of life" - - - ----- - "No second gear" - - ----- "Will you add this" E - - - - - - - "I didn't do my Shorthand" - - - - - - - -"Gotaproposition" - - - - -"Darn if I know" - - - - "I'll never tell" Shirley Drlik - - - - - - -I - - "Good" Nancy Dowell - - - ----- - - - "You ought not to do that" Nannette Dowell ------ ----- ' 'Let's get on the ball" Chuck Fick - - Lillian Hanson - Pat Herrington - Earl Henry - Marjorie 'Hill - Janice Hughes - .Terry Hunt - - Patsy Kaye - - Marie Ketchum - Bob Lee - - - .Tean Miller - - Margaret Pakney Harrison Parker Fred Raubinger - Marie Robinson - Lorraine Sedlak - Grace Slocum - - - - - - - - "Hello girls, you too boys" . Howard Snell - Sheila Sullivan - Shirley Sullivan - Neal Sweeney - .Tohn Wood - - Jim Woolman - Bill Wiggins - - - - "Cripes sakes" - - - - - "Don't feel bad" - - - ---- "Darn it" - - - - - - - - - - - - - "Eager" - - - - - - - - - --"Where are we going tonight" - - - - - - "Let me see" - - - - - - "Not this kid" - - - - - "I don't care" aawhyvv - - - -"More people kil1ed"' - - "Now, yet, already, so soon, hey' - - - - "I don't know" - - - - - -"What you doing" - - - "Not today" - - - "Oh, honest to Pete" - - - - - - I've gotto work" - - - - - "That's nice" - - - "You know it" - - - - - - "What are you girls talking about - - - - - -"You wanta bet" - - --------- - "What's wrong" - - - - - - - -- - - -"sma,-mia" - - - uoh Boyn NANCY DOWELL fNancj--"I can resist every- thing, except temptation." Basketball 4: Softball 4g Track lg Journalism 23 Cheerleading 43 Vice-President of the Squad: Chorus 43 Band 43 Majoretteg Junior and Senior Play Cast: Prom Committee: Secretary of the Fireshman Class: Production Manager of the Annual Staff: Library Q. EARL HENRY flienchl--"He knows not when to be silent, he knows not when to speak." Football 43 Track Zg Journalism lg Junior Play Com- mitteeg Senior Play Castg Prom Committee. NANNETTE DOWELL fNanD--"It what you learn after you know it all that counts." Basketball 45 Softball 4g Track lg Journalism Z: Cheerleading 4: Head Cheerleaderg Band 45 Majoretteg Chorus 4: Junior Play Comxnitteeg Senior Play Castg Chairman of the Prom Committeeg Assistant Editor of the Annual. PATRICIA HERRINGTON KP:-it,--"Patience is the best remedy for any trouble." Basketball lg Softball Z3 4-H 8: Debate 1: Junior and Senior Play Committeesg Library Z. SHIRLEY DRLIK fShirll--"Men are most apt to believe what they least understand." Basket- ball 4: Softball 3: F. H. A. 4, President: 4-H Z5 Cheerleading 33 Band lg Junior and Senior Play Castg Prom Committee: Student Council Z5 Social Editor of the Annual Staff. MARJOBIE HILL--"I can be pushed just so t'ar.' Basketball Z: Softball 35 Journalism l: Chorus lg Junior Play Committee. LILLIAN HANSON lPetel--"She may seem shy to everyone, but she is lots of fun." Basketball 17 5035811 1:17. H. A. l: Journalism lg Junior and Senior Play Committees: Prom Committeeg Student Council 1. JANICE ELAINE HUGHES f-Janl--"She always has a good natured smile for her friends." F. H. A. 'ig Chorus 3g Junior and Senior Play Committees: Prom Committeeg Red Cross l. ISIIZI In RY Lillian Hanson: A Shorthand pad and pencil so she'll always remember it. Mary Brown: A ticket to the Creek Theatre she never goes to the show. Lorraine Sedlak: A box of popcorn-she never gets any. Jerry Hunt: A paper doll. Now he can have a girl all his own. Nannette Dowell: A megaphone so she can remember her days as a cheerleader. John Wood: A tube of toothpaste so he can keep that Pepsodent smile. Dotty Beamer: A hard top car- because she is tired of riding in a convertible. Marie Ketchum: A ladder so she can really get up in the world. Margaret Pakney: An appointment with an employment agency so she can get a job that she likes. Howard Snell: A razor so he can shave for the first time. Shirley Drlik: A basketball so she will remember the days she played on the basketball team. Earl Henry: A joke book so he will never run out of stale jokes. Jean Miller: A score book to remember the points she made on the basketball team. Jim Woolman: A gold medal for his outstanding athletic ability. Rosemary Danko: A microphone so people can hear her. Harrison Parker: A bottle of wave set so he can keep those pretty waves. Marie Robinson: A college entrance certificate to C. M. C. E., now she can keep tabs on Pete. ' Ken Bennett: A can of Campbell's Tomato Soup so he can really soup up his jalopy. Nancy Dowell: A piece of bubble gum to remember the Senior Play. ' A Neal Sweeney: A jar of freckle remover. Shirley Sullivan: A thermometer to start her on her nursing career. Bob Lee: A round trip ticket to Iowa so he can see his mother. Marilyn Curtis: A package of stationery so Johnny will receive some more letters. Bernard Bendle: A can of paint to fix up the scratches that Jean made on his car when she takes off. - p Pat Herrington: A comic book, she always reads dried up novels. Fred Raubinger: A car so he can have one of his own. Grace Slocum: A bottle of peroxide to keep her hair a golden blonde. Chuck Fick: A cow. Now he can add to his small herd. Q Patsy Kaye: A bottle of milk for she is the baby of the class. Harold Dart: An A-Bomb so he can make some noise.' Sheila Sullivan: A date book to keep track of her dates. Ruth Crissey: A dictionary to pronounce those big words. Bill Wiggins: A picture album to keep the play pictures in, that he took. Marjorie Hill: A marriage license so she can save the two dollars. Janice Hughes: A pair of shoes so she won't have to go barefooted while she's- in Kentucky . .ay . -154,1 p7.LLEK. Jn.'N4.ey 9"""f JERRY HUNT fToadl--"His only fault is that he has no fault." Baseball 4: Football Zi JO'-lfflalism 1: Junior and Senior Play Cast: Prom Committee: Vice-President of the Freshman Class: President of the Junior Class: Artist for the Annual Staff: President of the Student Council. MARGARET PAKNEY--"Confession of our faults is the next thing to innocency." Basketball I: Softball I: F. H. A. 4: Chorus l: Junior and Seniox Play Committees: Prom Committee: Library Z. PATRICIA KAYE'fPatsyl--"The very flower of youth." Basketball l: Softball 1: F.'H. A. 4: 4-H Z: Girl Scouts 4: Chorus Z: Junior and Senior Play Committees: Prom Committee: Kitchen 1. HARRISON PARKER fliarryl--"He likes work when it is far away." F. F. A. 4: Junior and Senior Play Comrnittees: Prom Comrnittee: Camera Club lg Advertising for the Annual. ROBERT LEE fBobl--"No one knows what he can do until he tries it." Bridgewater, Iowa: Flushing: Prom Committee. MARIE ROBINSON --f'I am whatever was, is or will be." Basketball 1: Softball l: Track 1: F. H. A. 4: Chorus 1: Junior and Senior Play Committees: Prom Committee. JEAN MILLER fMi1ll--"I am willing to be convinced, but show me the person who can do it." Basketball 4: Softball 4: Track Z: 4-H Z: Journalism Z: Cheerleading 4: Debate 1: Band 4: Chorus 4: Junior and Senior Play Cast: Prom Committee: Treasurer of the Sophomore and Junior Class: Student Council 1: Library l: Sports Editor of the Annual. FRED RAUBINGER fFerdj--"A man can die once, but who's a man?" Football l: Track l: Junior Play Committee: Senior Play Cast: Prom Committee. ILP SS V ll.l. We, the Class of 1953, having reached the end of our high school career, being both sound in mind and body, make and declare this writing to be our last will and testament, thereby declaring all other testimonial writings to be false. The residue of our estate should be disposed of in the following manner: I To the faculty, we leave our sincere gratitude and appreciation for their help through our high school years. To the Juniors, we leave all our unopened books with the hope they make a fine success of them, To the Sophomores' and Freshmen, we leave patience and fortitude to last them through their high school years. Each Senior wishes his estate to be disposed of as follows: I, Janice Hughes, will my ability to argue well to Joyce Unwin. I Marie Ketchum, will my small stature to Gerald Hartz. I, Bill Wiggins, leave my naturally red hair to Mary Belle Brown. I, Rosemary Danko, bequeath my pleasing disposition to Doug White. I, Ken Bennett, leave my mischievousness to Dianne Hart. I, Jean Miller, will my ability to stand on my feet during the basketball games to Joan Meek. I, Harrison Parker, will my curly hair to Skip Schindler. I, Grace Slocum, leave my blue eyes to Pete Cupal. I, Pat Herrington, will my books and ability to read them to the Sophomore Class. I, Marie Robinson, leave my sewing with Mrs. Wilcox. I, Margaret Pakney, bequeath my quietness to Dorothy Chase. I, Chuck Fick, will my ability to handle money to the Junior Class. I, Nancy Dowell, bequeath my ability to enjoy food to Shirley Brayton. I, Patsy Kaye, leave my blush to Pat Anderson. I, Mary Brown, leave my ability to go to school and hold a job to anybody who wants it. I, John Wood, will my crew cut to Dick Meek, I, Fred Raubinger, will my pegged pants to Lloyd Cook to enable him to look like a cat. I, Howard Snell, bequeath my nickname "F erocious" to Bernard Bloss. I, Bernard Bendle, leave my Model T Ford to Jerry Stadler. I, Sheila Sullivan, will my ability to get our car to anybody brave enough to try it. I, Marilyn Curtis, leave my height to Arm Ryan. I, Jerry Hunt, will the duals on my car to Alan Boring. I, Jim Woolman, bequeath my sports ability to Larry O'Brien. I, Dotty Beamer, leave my long blonde hair to Barbara Delbridgle. I, Shirley Sullivan, will my smile to Ronald Muchler. I, Nannette Dowell, will my verbosity to Dolores Brockway. I, Lorraine Sedlak, bequeath my ability.to make popcorn to the Ninth Grade. I, Lillian Hanson, will my ability to dance to anybody who wants to learn. I, Shirley Drlik, will my bashfulness to Janet Drlik. ' I, Neal Sweeney, leave my freckles to the Henry family. ' I, Harold Dart, bequeath my shyness toward girls to Neil Woodbury. I, Bob Lee, just leave all I can afford to give away to anybody who wants it. I, Marjorie Hill, bequeath my precise handwriting to Walter Cairl. I, Earl Henry, leave my smart cracks to anyone who thinks that they can get away with them. I, Ruth Crissey, leave my music ability to Jerry Brayton. SHIRLEY SULLIVAN fShirll--"While the sick man has life there is hope." Basketball 45 Softball 42 F. H. A. 45 4-H lg Chorus 45 Senior Play Cast: Prom Committeeg Red Cross lg Future Nurses l. I really like to do are illegal or fattening. Baseball Zg Football 3: Journalism lg Junior and Senior Play Committeesg Prom Committee Artist for the Annual Staff. - HOWARD SNELL fFerociousl--"All the things . NEAL SWEENEY fSweenj--"All the great men are dying, Idon't feel so well'myse1f." Basket ball 3: Baseball 43 Football 4: Track 33 Junior and Senior Play Cast. SHEILA SULLIVAN --"Fun and mischief are her two companions." 'Basketball 43 Softball 4g F. H. A. 45 Journalism lg Debate lg Chorus Zg Junior Play Cast: Student Director of the Senior Playg Kitchen 1. f WILLIAM WIGGINS fBxlll Blonde or Bru nette this rhyme implies, happy is he who knows them not." Junior and Senior Play Committees: Student Council 3. GRACE SLOCUM--"So calm and quiet, you don't know she's here." Basketball lg Softball 1: F.H. A. 45 4-H 8: Chorushlp Junior and Senior Play Committeesg Prom Committeeg Kitchen JIM WOOLMAN Uiml--"Athletic, clever, neat, and slim, nothing at all the matter with him." Basketball 43 Baseball 3: Football 3g Journalism lg Chorus 4: Master of Ceremonies for the Junior and Senior Playsg President of the Fresh- man Class: Vice-President of the Student Council Zg Sports Editor of the Annual. . IHZXTDZ Pllrlil LP FIRST EDHWON INSURANCE BUSINESS BOOMING Fickville-S.C.H.S. Fred Raubinger, wealthy insurance broker, opened a new office ln Fickville today. He plans to make his seven millions by selling insurance to the unfortunate people who fall into the holes that Chuck Fick digs to plant his potatoes. Nan Dowell is employed as secretary of Raubinger Insurance Agency. SWEENEY SELLSV PLYMOUTHS Otterburn-S.C.H.S. Neal Sweeney owns his own Sween Plymouth Agency. He is off on another Plymouth Adven- ture and he is still trying to catch up with the Mayflower. WOOLMAN SCORES 188 POINTS ' ' Night Planet ---- S.C.H.S. Jim Woolman, star guard for the Harlem Globe-Trotters, scored 188 points before being fouled out in the third quarter. Since Jim fell in a barrel of tar on Night Planet, he became black and Manager Jean Miller accepted him on the team. Jim was playing illegally before. Miller's team is undefeated so far. Maybe Day Planet will pull an upset. THREE CHICKS GAIN FAME New York-S.C.H.S. The Three Chicks, Pat Herrington, Pat Kaye, and Marilyn Curtis, are to appear on Harold Dart's television program, Bread Of The Town. The Chicks became famous by being able to harmonize well together and being able to sing Dry Bones on an ocean liner. NEW FAD Iowa-S.C.H.S. All the students are following Bob Lee's new idea of wear- ing Corn Belts. This is to remind us that he came to Swartz Creek from Bridgewater, Iowa. The belt is made of six ears of corn, that is, ii you have a small waist. Twenty-four ears are sufficient if you are a little larger. To add a little flavor, Bob suggests that you put a little salt on the belt, if you happen to be traveling over the desert arrdbecome hungry. BENDLE INVENTS NEW DOOR Recommended for women dr-ivers. Benville--S.C.H.S. The 'ingenious mind of Bernard Bendle came through today with the newest invention of our time. The way to make a new door. Old Ben was whipping his Model T, the one in which he has just installed a new 1963 Cadillac motor, into his driveway, when it suddenly slipped into Atom-Jet Drive and he went through the first door of the garage and crashed through' the back wall. making a new door. This kind of garage is especially useful with cir- cular drives. His slight injuries were well taken care of by Nurse Shirley Sullivan. qwffv 5ULLIVAN'S COMMERCIAL CARRIER BUSINESS BOOMING Sully--S.C.H.S. Sheila Sullivan, ace truck driver for her own concern, set a new record October 21, 1963. She has covered an average of one million miles and has had no accidents and only one flat tire. She has been highjacked once by bandit Harrison QB1ackjack-45-38 ---- Roy Rogers Bee Bee Gunj Parker. He was caught by Sheriff Willy Wiggins. When asked in court if he were guilty, Parker could only reply, "Not today, tomorrow maybe, but not today." MARIE ROBINSON BECOMES ' ' MODEL Flint-S.C.H.S. Rosemary Danko, owner of the newly designed Danko Furs, Inc., employed Marie Robinson to be the head model in the fur department. Miss Danko informed me that Marie would also pose as a model for the manikins that 'will appear in the store windows wearing the latest styles of furs designed by Nancy Dowell. CRISSEY SETS NEW RECORD India--S.C.H.S. A gal from S. C. has just won the wrestling championship in India. She defeated her opponent, Janice Hughes by gaining three falls in the first three seconds of the match. CONSTABLE OFFERS RECOMMENDATION Swartz Creek--S.C.H.S. Constable John Wood has recommended that all swimming pools in the city offer life saving lessons. They should be taught under the excellent direction of Marie Ketchum. Miss Ketchum saved Dotty Beamer from drowning when she accidentally slipped on a banana peel and fell headlong into the water. Miss Beamer is employed at one of the bunch of banana factories that Marjorie Hill owns. Miss Beamer will be back with the bunch when she is fully recovered. THEATER GOER BEWILDERS CASHIER' ' Swartz Creek---S.C.H.S. Ticket seller, Mary Brown, was bewildered by the actions of Earl Henry Friday night. Earl approached the ticket office at the Brown Theater and bought a ticket for the showing that night. He dis- appeared into the lobby but soon returned and bought another ticket. This was repeated eight times. At the eighth time, Miss Brown asked him the reason for his buying so many tickets. Mr. Henry's reply was, "Every time I go in there soxne man keeps tearing the tickets up." All in a day's work Mary. Earl is employed at Lillian Hanson's Chicken Hatchery. TEST-FLYER AT JET -CRAFT FACTORY ESCAPES NARROW DEATH Jetville ---S.C .H .S . Ken Bennet, famed test pilot escaped close death Saturday morning at 8:00 A. M. when the motor of his plane conked out. JUNEILI963 Being the quick thinker that he is, Ken climbed out of the cockpit, with his plane diving at a rate of 800 miles an hour, made his way to the tail of the plane and sat there until the plane leveled off. The motor caught and Ken climbed back into the cockpit and continued his flight. A medal was presented to him for his excellent bravery by the owner of the factory, Grace Slocum. FAMED DESIGNER TO APPEAR AT THE IMA Flint---S.C.H.S. Industrial designers, Jerry Hunt and Howard Snell, will be at the I. M. A.. January l, 1963 to feature their newly designed Hunt-Snell X- I963. They told the New York report- er -Shirley Drlik, that the car was on the order of a Cadillac. For a half- complete description they told us that the car would be thoroughly customized. It would be leaded in, lowered ten inches, -have white sidewalls, wheel discs, duals, Hollywood mufflers, and the hood and the trunk would be shaved. As an added accessory at extra cost, there would be a glove box inthe interior large enough to carry ten boxes of Crooks cigars. FLASHIZIZIIHII The following will race dn Sunday, June 23, 1963, at the Snellville Race Track, Starting time is at 2 o'k:lock. Harry "SPEEDSHIFT" Parker vs Lillian "COOL ROD" Hanson. John "l'VE GOT A PONTIAC" Wood vs Rosie "SLIP--CLUTCH" Danko. Bill "HIGH--SPEED" Wiggins vs Dottie "L OW --SPEED" Beamer. Jean "DYNASLUSH" Miller vs Marie HLOCBE FENDERS" Robinson. Nancy "SHIFTLESS" Dowell vs Nan "RUB- BER GEARS" Dowell. Earl "SAFETY" Henry vs Jerry "DUALS" Hunt. This race is going to be the first on the new seven mile track at Snellville. Everyone competing will be required to have a certificate from the new manager, John Meier. To qualify you must go ninety miles an hour down Saginaw Street and hit every light red. If you hit ahgreen one you must back up to the starting line and start over again. Are there any questions? NEW DICTIONARY PUBLISHED Chicago--S.C.H.S. Lorraine Sedlak, that well known literary writer, and Margaret Pakney, the novelist, have come through with the dictionary of today. Solme of the words in the dictionary are: The Seniors hate to leave Mary Crapo, but, "Today We Follow-Tomorrow We Lead." jf Npvcyjoufll E IOIQ I lC'flONAl2Y Name Would Like To 2 Dotty Beamer Receptionist Bernard Bendle Engineer Kenneth Bennett Pilot Mary Brown Stenographer Ruth Crissey Choral Director Marilyn Curtis Secretary Rosemary Danko Secretary Harold Dart Farmer Nancy Dowell Pro Softball Player Nanette Dowell Nurse Shirley Drlik Office Worker Chuck Fick Farmer Lillian Hanson Comp. Operator Earl Henry Marine Pat Herrington Librarian Margie Hill Housewife Janice Hughes Office Worker Jerry Hunt Marine Patsy Kaye Secretary Marie Ketchum Bookkeeper Bob Lee Store Owner Jean Miller Margaret Pakney Harrison Parker Fred Raubinger Marie Robinson Lorraine Sedlak Grace Slocum Howard Snell Sheila Sullivan Shirley Sullivan Neal Sweeney Bill Wiggins John Wood Jim Woolman College Student Rich Mechanic and Speed Shifter Marine Office Worker Nurse Practical Nurse President Office Worker Nurse Marine Hardware Man Marine Teacher Hobby Collecting Movie Magazines Antique Cars Fixing Cars Selling Tickets Listening To Records Horseback Riding Swimming Square Dancing Chewing Bubble Gum Sports Basketball Milking Cows Dancing Being A Pest Reading Roller Skating Collecting Photos Customizing Cars Swimming Sewing Bowling Basketball Horseback Riding Going Out With Women Hunting Swimming Popping Corn Sewing Disposing Of Nickname Sewing Birds My Car Photography Sports Sports Clas s Predicts Weight Lifter Football Coach Ballet Instructor Snake Charmer Old Maid Opera Singer Butcher Ping-Pong Champion Lion Tamer Horticulturist Mechanic Rich Play Boy Haulaway Truck Driver Minister Archery Expert Photographer At Ciro's Beekeeper Private Eye Milton Berle's Secretary Fat Lady In A Circus Senator Barber WAVE Stunt Pilot English Professor Flower Arranger Corn Husker Farmer's Wife Jockey ' Fashion Designer Brick Layer Brain Surgeon Marathon Runner Sailor Pitcher For Tigers Known F or Long Hair Studious Attitude siuy Laugh Black Hair Class Rings Giggles Mild Voice S er ious nes s Bubble Gum Typing School Spirit FHA Sweetheart Dancing Corny Jokes Books Engagement Ring Friendliness Drawing Good Nature Brains Personality Color Of Hair Deep Voice Pink Cars Cheerfulness Cute Smile Theater Work Blonde Hair Nickname Blushing Silly Questions Freckles Red Hair Football Star Basketball Star 1 us msmnv FRESHMAN. It doesn't seem like four years ago that fifty-five green Freshmen started their high school education together. After the first excitement of Junior High, we settled down to electing our class officers who were: Jim Woolman. Jerry Hunt, Nancy Dowell, and Betty Fortin, as: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Our Student Council repre- sentatives were: Marie Ketchum and Ruth Crissey. Mr. Meier was our advisor. It wasn't long before the Sophomore's dreamed up some very silly looking and uncomfortable costumes to have us wear for initiation. We survived though some of us had to eat Limburger sandwiches and garlic. SOPHOMORE: In the fall of 1950, we came back, happy and ready to go to work again. And why not? We had a new thirteen room addition to our high school, which gave us an excellent opportunity to take subjects that lack of room had forbidden before. Our one thought was the Freshman Initiation. To show them we really had a heart we didn't make them get all dressed up in their costumes the second day. Our advisors were Mr. Wilcox and Mr. Meier. We elected class officers as follows: Mick Sweeney, Dotty Beamer, Gloria Denny, and Jean Miller as: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Our Student Council representatives were: Marie Ketchum and Bill Wiggins. We nominated Jim Woolman for Student Council Vice- President and he was elected by the student body. We found that Robert Nyman, Bill Hulet, Thomas McWherter, Betty Fortin, Harriet Culver, Lelia Turnbul, Kenneth Swart, Ed Bell, Bill Hawtin, Jean Walesky, Mildred Shangle, and Wayne Chisholm were not with us that year: however we had gained Mick Sweeney, Rosie Danko, Howard Snell, Dick Baker, Robert O'Brien, Dorothy Thacker, and Dotty Beamer. Along toward spring, we selected our class rings which were a little different than those of previous years. They had both our initials and year of graduation on the outside of the ring. JUNIOR. Our vacation was a pleasant one but still it seemed good to get back to school. Jerry Hunt was elected President of our class and Gloria Denny, Marie Ketchum, and Jean Miller as Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. For the Student Council representatives, Shirley Drlik and Bill Wiggins were selected. Nancy Dowell and Jim Woolman were chosen as President and Vice-President candidates for Student Council. Our new personalities were: Faye Love and Sue Gundry, while we had lost Kenneth Piatt, Jack King, Ted Caryle, Mick Sweeney, Bruce Badder, Ken Holcomb, Ernestine Folts, Shirley Straughen, Damon Boardman, and Dorothy Thacker. That year our sponsors were Mr. Warnaar and Mr. Meier. To help our finances, we sold tulipsbulbs and jello. We also had bake sales throughout the year. Our big events of the year were the Junior play, "Miss Jimmie," presented March Z8 under the able direction of Mrs. Ivey, and our Junior -Senior Prom based on an orchid theme. Everyone en- joyed themselves and had a nice word to say about our decorations. SENIOR: We looked forward to this year with great expectations. As candidates for the Student Council, we chose Jerry Hunt and Jim Woolman to run for President and Vice-President, respectively. The days before the election were filled with fun for everyone. Posters were put up in the halls, cars were decorated, and snake dances were held at noon. To our delight, Jerry won the Presidency and the student body elected a Sophomore as Vice-President. As class officers, we selected John Wood, Marie Ketchum, Charles Fick, and Lorraine Sedlak, as Presi- dent, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Mr. Warnaar and Mr. Meier were our class advisors. From our Senior Class, we lost Roberta Titsworth, George Seman, Faye Love, Sue Gundry, and Gloria Denny. To the delight of the girls, we gained a new boy, Bob Lee. Due to illness, Robert O'Brien left before the first semester ended. To help us out financially, we sold magazine subscriptions and Christmas cards. To add to our finances, we had bake sales every month and the first dance of the year.. Our Senior pictures 'were taken November 10, by Powell Studios. We received them just before Christmas so we used them as presents. We presented our Senior play, "Susie The Siren," December 3, under the untiring direction of Mrs. Julia Ivey. After our Christmas vacation, we ordered our announcements and were measured for our caps and gowns. This really made us feel like Seniors. A variety show, A. C. Male Chorus Concert, and a chili supper added to our profits. Entertaining the Juniors at the annual Junior -Senior Banquet was fun and was enjoyed by everyone. Since we had heard so much about Washington, D. C. from the Seniors of "SZ" we wanted to have the same wonderful time. The White House, Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials, Mount Vernon, and the Congressional Library were only a few of the places we visited. For one week, we wore our caps and gowns and this really made us feel important. Everybody kept asking, "Aren't you happy and excited?" Baccalaureate and then Class Night made us realize that this would be our last night of fun for the class as a whole. Commencement Night, we received our diplomas and we were then alumni of old Mary Crapo. L K Fx Z f ,f x X if f ,. 81" AY- n V if mea' f A. jk SN i Mailer Qllassmvu IO? IVIRST ROW! Left io right-Elaine Sedlak, Mary l.ou Stiffvcnarl, Jrinc Cfllrien, .loan lvlevk, Janet Lovcgrove, Joyce Unwin, Miss Dorr. SECOND ROW: Ronald Nluchler, Ronald Finglein, Herb Ke-tzler, Kenneth Tidrick, Jim Spaniola, Bob Reid, Jim Nemecek. THIRD R OW: Jim Vanderschaaf, Doug White, Bill White, Don Walch, Dave VanNor-wick, Tom Podolan, Frank Pavlica. FOURTH ll OW? Mary Ann Kubik, Alice W-ebb, Sue Larohardiere, Priscilla King, Dick Vincent, Pat Kellar, Dick Sarlxe-r, Joanne- Klapko. ABSENT: lvan Tihbits, llloyd Robina, Donna Wellington. FIRST R GW! Left to right-Dorothy Chase, Elaine Elliott, Beverley Hloss, Marybelle Brown, R arnona Eidgley, Nancy Jennings, Louella Holcornb, Mrs. J. Ivey. Sl-ICUND RUW: Dan Cupal, Darl Frutchey, Marvin Birchmeicr, Alan Boring, Gerald Hartz, Richard Hoag, Hill lflawtin, Jerry Donaldson. THIRD R UW: Don Dellfloss, Don Jackson, Bob Edgcomhe, Henry Jennings, Leon Arrustead, Wcndcll Billsbrough, Gerald Dieck, Walter Cairl. l'OUR'l'H ROW: Janet Gifford, Herniece Hallza, Janet Goupil, June' Callard, Barbara Burns, Lloyd Cook, lid Chojnows ki . SOP 1 M DRES FIRST ROW: Left to right-Pat Cairl, Joann Denny, Virgilene Hughes, Theresa Merrow, Janet Sherman, Bonnie Henry, Pat Anderson, Rosalie Abeare. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Wilcox, Jack Vasicek, Glenn Butts, Milton Miller, Pete Cupal, Albert Schindler, Gene Raber, Edward Petrucha. THIRD ROW: Shirley Klabunda, Shirley Brayton, Sue Nyland, Jack Artibee, Christine Bendle, Genevieve Herrington, Glenn Harwood, Ed Farmer. FOURTH ROW: Delores Edgcombe, Pat Newman, Sylvia Miller, Beverly Reddy, Sally Sabo, Joy Snell, Bruce Pavlik. FIRST ROW: Left to right-Bill Atkinson, Maxine Bush, Leta Bristol, Janet Drlik, Caroline Pollard, Barbara Gardner, Phyllis Campeau, Neil Markva. SECOND ROW: Mr. Wilcox, Dolores -Brockway, Gerald Steel, Donald Berlin, Neil Woodbury, Ron Slosser, Connie Pointer, Gerry Stadler. THIRD ROW: Earl Tahash, Barbara Delhridge, Edward Pavlica, Ernest Straughn, Philip Strbik Brian Rice, Jackie Vincent, Martin Jewell. FOURTH ROW: Larry Gifford, Betha Schlindler, Shirley Bullock, Bill Diebold, Joann Jackson, Barbara Passmore, Miles Miller, Robert Pajtas. IZRESI-M4 E FIRST ROW: Left, to right-Janet Sage, Louella Olsen, Marcia Sheldon, Judy Kaye, Marjorie Rosenthal, Nancy Trecha, Carlene Saho, Paul Papes. SECOND ROW: John Simor, Sandra Sackrid-ar, Don Priestap, l-'rancis Mack, Dick Meek, Bernie Merrow, Matthew Unwin, Rosalind Prouse, Mr. Huber. THIRD ROW: Sharron Muchler, Rob Latlie, James Letavis, Ronald Vincenl, James VanNorwick, Larry O'Rrien, Henry Wolfe, Lynwood Muchler, Jim Vredevoogrl, Mary Qmilh. FOURTH ROW: Patty Slocu1n,l7aWn Sheldon, Nancy Sullivan, .lerry Wood, Gerald lietchmarlf, Ralph Klienedler, Dick White, Janet Wise, Maxine Pe-rkinsz, Mildred Pyles, Patty Spaniola Maydra Standley. FIRST ROW! SECOND ROW THIRD ROW: F OUR TH ROW: ABSENT: Left to right-Gladys Dart, Barbara Collins, Janice Thorne, Stanley Caldwell, David Dieck, Nancy Hemple, Beverly Hanson, Lois Goodrich. Mr. Mackelwich, Diane Hart, James Harris, Paul Breeden, Richard Dennis, Larry I-iearin, Raymond Case, Donald Clymer, Joseph Durish. Roberta Edson, Laura Callard, Marie Durish, Phillip Costello, Dewayne Dolson, Forrest Crissey, Mary Jennings, Charlotte I-lite. Robert Crites, Robert Hromek, Charles Berlin, Robert Huffman, Ronald Jones, Jack Fick, Donald Hewitt, Ann Armstead, Phyllis Jennings. Irnogine Bailey, Ronald Bellinger, Francis Cimbalik, John Jewell. lf' ISRADIE FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW! Left to right-Richard Hanson, David Durish, Barbara Hafenbrack, Elaine Barlow, Janet Adams, Jerry Hufflnan, Pat Henry, Franklin Jewell, Norman Angell. Viretta Furness, Leon Brockway, Bob Burns, Jerry Brayton, Anne Jagos, Cheryl Green, Alden Chrysler, Robert Eldred. Mr. Brown, Bernard Bloss, Shirley Hunt, Carolyn Hetzel, George Dodder, JoAnn Hansen, Elizabeth Balg, Margaret Fortino, .Terry Cupal. Janet Fisher, Norma Cousins, Carol Ambrose, Irene Arnold, Roger Jennings, Danny Fitzko, Richard Halka, Beverly Diebold, Bernice Brandes, Darlene Collins, Barbara Dean. FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW THIRD ROW! FOURTH ROW: ABSENT: Left to right-Irene Klesel, Leta Mahan, Genevieve Youells, Helen Staca, John Podolan, Dana lVlcVay, Judith Trecha, Ann Ryan. Olive Loney, Velda Keene, Danny Williams, Robert Wood, Martial Viens, Richard Shaw, Ronald Steel, Geraldine Sharp, Mrs. Sandell. Dorothy Sommers, Phyllis Resko, Ruth Ann Klabgnda, Janet Raubinger, Betty Klapko, Sandra Morrish, Shirleen Volek, Martin Tibbets. Virginia Wise, Jeannette Kolodziejski, Janice Spaniola, Carolyn Millhouse. Ronald Pobocik, Duane Vaughn. SEVIE GRI- DIS FIRST ROW: Left to right-Ruth Edgley, Walter Sedlak, Larry Breeden, Karen Ambrose, David Fitzko, Fritz Hetzel, Joseph Strbik, Jerry Cairl, Thomas Call. SECOND ROW: Bernard Pobocik, Gary Edwards, Carol Winchester, Nancy Cimbalik, Joyce Halka. Deanna Lawcock, Jean Ocenzxsek, Beverly Collins, Sharleen Stubblefield, Mrs. Brewer. THIRD ROW: Leonard Barber, Howard Hayes, Darwin Hendricks, Thomas' McNally, Douglas Relyea, James Slosser, Beverly King, Michael Costello, Judith Berlin. ABSENT: Barbara Vaughn. FIRST ROW: Left lo righi-Michael Cairl, Ralph Close, Robert Dennis, Douglas Hawley, Thonxas Henry, James Chase, Mariha Jennings, Sharron Atkinson, Erma Blosser. SECOND ROW: Patricia Lundy, Frank lfrulchey, William Kleinedler, Eillen Beardslee, Judy Sevatosh, Gordon Billsbrough, William Hansen, Patrick Pavlica, Dolores Slraughan THIRD ROW: Mrs. Pyles, Irene Snell, Irene Fayerweather, Betty Danko, Robert Rodgers, Anna Miller, Leonard Callard, 'l'yrus Vivian, Richard Butzler, Carol Slisko. ARSENT: Robert Abbot, Charles Costello. SIN CSIRAI IZ SECOND ROW! THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: ABSENT: Coqnigue, Norma Davis, Patricia Colvin, Leonard McDonough. Jimmy English, Russell Dart, Mary Ellen Cusack, Linda Barber, Stanley Edwards, Tommy Devereaux, Donald Danko, Jeffrey Currie, Cherie Frechette. Mary Lou Barber, Perle Case, Karen Dennis, Robert Case, Jay Burgess, Joanne Durish, Andrea Curtis, Charlotte Durish, Rose Marie Cupal, Mrs. Aldridge. Shirley Hromek, Alan Artibee, Edward Grubb, lerry Gilmore, Billy Beven, Bonnie Burch, Vivian Couter, Thomas Goupil, Robert Durish. Gregory Bacon. llif IERI-KDE FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD R OW: FOURTH ROW: ABSENT: Left to right-Lester Wood, Mavis Wise, Nancy Sherman, Rita Ann Unwin, Donald Vasicek, Ernest Case, Carol Patterson, Patricia Torpey, Lois Winchester, Craig Welch, Beverly Shepherd Doris Vaughn, Dianne Wells, Michael Shumaker, Joyce Yax. Steven Yokobosky, Jeannette Wykes, Lawry Reid, Nancy Straughen, Patricia Spillane, Dennis Abbott, Gay Wiebrecht, Jean Strbik, lmrs. Cook. Karen Lee Swatosh, Mervin Vincent, Richard Tallmadge, Dick Steel, Terry Green, Timothy St. John, Merton Vincent, George Sherman. Mike Teed. l'll' I I 'lil-XIJ ' FIRST ROW: Left to right-Wayne Nelson, Lois Klabunda, Daniel Perry, Boyd Orris, Rosemary Olson, Kathryn Jones. I SECOND ROW: James Lattie, Connie Edson, Cleon Pratt, Evelyn Nemecek, John Kaye, Gerald Nelson, Jeffery Keelor, Mary Smith. THIRD ROW: Jeanne Kleinedler, Walter Henry, Raymond Martin, Dorothy Kromek, James Clymer, Merrie Ellen Miller, Gregory McNally, Robert Hite, Mrs. Delaney. FOURTH ROW: Russell Perkins, Michael Ketzler, Martha Johnson, Shirley Smith, Gary Passrnore, Sharon Perkins, Tom Herrington, Charles Kulinec. ABSENT: Darwin Lovejoy. FIRST ROW: Left to right-Carole Costello, Barbara Danko, Tommy Cairl, Doyle Gould, Teddy Furness, Janice Frutchey, Basil Bloss. SECOND ROW: Robert Hall, Maxine Cooper, Sharon Covell, Bonnie Blankinship, Elaine Ballinger, Jan Burr, Jimmy Vincent, Lawrence Delbridge. THIRD ROW: Barton Brandes, Bob Gilbank, Richard Campbell, Fred Barnes, Ronald Brown, Wade Cousins, Rayburn Dieck, Lawrence Busch, Harold Frazee. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Blight, Lary Burk, Larry Eldred, Steven Schlichting, Donald Pope, Melvin Cole, Lila Bush, Maureen Burgess, Shirley Dart. l"lJIJl4ll J U-ll II F IR ST ROW: Lett to right-.loan Michael, Clark Mahan, Jayne Ryan, Paul Klapko, Joan Jennings, Judith Morrish, Katherine Heindenthal, Kirk Goodall, Diane Green, Jiliene Frechette. SECOND ROW: Ronald Hughes, Janet Mahan, Elizabeth Frank, Gerald Gilbert, Lionel May, Jane Gilhank, Danny Reddy, Milton Hendrix, Warren Gilbank, Sharon Fick, Dareld Blosser, Linda Martin. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Clark, Martha Ketzler, Dianne McMichael, Patricia Ivey, Ernest Lawrence, Frank Grarner, Lester Morton, Fred Machala, Frank Nagy, Phillip Ketchmark, James Merinsky. ABSENT: Darla Faber, Ronald Fuels. FIRST ROW: Left to right-Letty Bralub, Francis McDonough, Gail Atkinson, Sandra Burpee, Louise Bigelow, Beverly Barnett, Margaret Beardslee, Bonnie English, Robert Case, Carl Armstead. SICCOND ROW: Cheryl Crumrine, Sherrie Covell, Jerry Bullock, Jane Farrow, Harold Green, David Case, Sharon Randall, Perry Affeldt, James Ezell, Bernetta Dart, Dorothy Bellinger, George Davis, George Smith. I THIRIJ R OWg Madge Atkinson, Stephanie Currie, Donald Barnes, David Dodder, Douglas Dennis, Micheal Rucher, Robert Adams, Raymond Adams, Carl Anderson, Mrs. Reid. I-ulmll Jwu I: FIIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: AHSILNTC Left to right-Jessie Smith, Jean Tucker, Jerry Shepherd, Allen Wood, Robert Sladler, Richard Stadler, Mike Pobocik, Rose Marie Slemin, Alice Pobocik. Joyce Goupil, Dorothy Dean, Vivian Youells, Tommy Partridge, Tommy Vivian, Elouise Stocking, Kenneth Sheldon, Michael Pointer, Donald Trevillian, Dennis Straughen, Margaret Shelby, Harvey Taylor. Miss Fortino, Kathleen Yax, Pauline Spaniola, Tonimy Steel, Nancy Priestap, Mary Lou Rice, David Tiisworth, Mike Vaughan, John Tagge, Phillip Resko, Ronald Stoltenbf-rg. Russell Smith, Terry Vaughan, Marcia Vincent. Tl ll I l'.5l2l-Xl If lf ST R OHV: SEC OND R OW: THIR ID ROW! Left to right-April May, Carolyn Davis, Shirley Broaden, David Post, David Hill David Hemple, ,lack Henry, Kathlevn Cusack, .lanicc Marlcva, Peggy lllclicllar. Norman Davidson, Sharon Mack, Jaxnvs Ivey, Marie Eldred, Sharon l,oney, Gary Larohardir-re, Paul llmul, Colleen O'Rrien, Victor Naerinsky. Mrs. Syring, lluuglas licvlor, James llluchler, Curtis lXlclVlillin, Mary .lo Kulinec, Sharon Lovejoy, Llnrol Palnmr, Douglas Lovejoy, Richard Larolwardiere, Dennis Perry. I Fl? Xl If FIRST ROW: Left to right-Robert Bell, Natalie Dean, Robert Dodder, Phillip Frost, Bonnie ifrazee, Robert Edson, John Baker, Mary Dietsch, Donna Gilbert, Bonnie Brown. SECOND ROW: Carol Bloss, Darrell Collins, George Bush, Michael Burleson, Clyde Arnold, THIRD ROW: ABSENT: Gerald Devereaux, Helma Flalg, Dale Collins. Mary Gilbert, Dennis Hall, Patty Hayes, Lyle Brockway, Edward Diebold, Darleen Gould, Valerie Angell, Billy Burgess, Miss Harrison. Constance Geney, Cheryl Abbott. F LRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: Left to right-Wanita Ramlnerg, Marilyn Trecha, Karen Woolfe, Gary Wood, Roger Sharp, Dorothy Trembley, Craig Freer, Janet Stiehl, Barbara Strbik. Phyllis Spaniola, Billy Trerrlbley, Mark Smith, Douglas Sherman, Walter Wromoka Charleen Stanley, Carol Wilkie, Kathleen Thomas. Mrs. Williams, Bonnie Waggnor, Lawrence Van Norwick, James Seals, Donald Smith, Kenneth Straughn, Bernice Yax, Marshall Callard, lfrnestRyl1asczyk, Billy Ball. KINI lf1l?l.-SAI T Ii l' RONT ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: ABSENT: TEACHER: Left to right-Diane Hovanec, Sandra Crumrine, Bruce Clymer, Kathie Briggs, Larry Taylor, Craig Heidenthal, Dennis Gould, Dianne Gerring, Charles Morton, Jack Jozwiak. Bruce Brady, Ralph Kanaar, Tommy Larobardiere, David Freel, Lorraine Cousins, David Allen, Larry Briggs, Ronald Snyder, Judith Wright, Nancy Baird. Ronald Jones, Dennis McCarthy, Charlotte Pratt, Barbara Cheney, Michael Harris, Steven Atkinson, Ford Freelnan, Sue Ann Mesack, Mary Margaret Pobocik, Dorothy Youells. .Timmy Shephard, Janet Waggoner, Mrs. Harris. TLIACHLM: FRONT ROW: SECOND R OW: THIRD ROW: ABS-ENT: Mrs. Harris. Left to right-Douglas Robnolte, Danny Berlin, Susan Michael, Micki Hipps, Douglas Miller, Michael Lord, Harry Hopulele, .Tirnmy Holmquist, .Tanice Trecha, Kathleen Crimmins, .Tirnmy Larkins. Judith Relyea, Barbara Elliott, Carol Sayen, Billy Blackney, Charlene Duch, Albert Granger, Rosemary Sequin. Jillene Teed, Nancy Dart, Robert Larkins. Karen Carroll, Teresa Walkere, Billy Craine, Susan Foll, Dennis Hearin, Cassandra Baker, David Wolfe, Wayne Unwin, George Henry, Linda Allen, Bernadine Wronka, Paul Fortino. Michael Gellings. I I I IEIRGAI Ili FIRST ROW: Left to right-Rose Marie Dean, Betty Kasubawski, .Tohnny Candy, Marlenda Sheldon, Barbara Bradley, Ray Yax, Elaine Utley, Joanne Dart, David Vasicek. SECOND ROW: Rose Marie Martin, Tommy Conklin, Bobby Orrison, Marcia Eldred, Barbara Stocking, Phillip Dieck, Lee Starks, Miss Greenky. THIRD ROW: Tommy Vough, Dennis Sleva Johnny Gilbert, Diane Burpee, Paul Merrow, Lois Lovejoy, Georginia Krupo, Lewis Parks, Ioan Orrison. ABSENT: Marlene Beardslee, Bobby Curtis, Coleen Gilbank, Vivian Crowder. FIRST ROW: Left to right-Pauline Olson, Guy Courter, Patrick Boudro, Evelyn Gilmore, Paula Root, Douglas Frutchey, Shelia Tucker, Virginia Tietz., Karen Cockerton. SECOND ROW: Ann Marie Granger, Patricia Pavlica, Diane Vincent, Irma C. Legrviman, Larry Tucker, Geneva Costello, Eddie Barnes, Barbara Scanlon, Bobby Geney, Miss Greenky. ABSENT: Bobby Caldwell, Jimmy Craft, Clark Endahl, Mary Ann Vrary, Larry Gilliam, Elizabeth Hetzel, Bobby Hetzel, Karl Robins, Jane Rowe, Jeffery Seals, Michael Sommers, Nancy Williams. PEI S DNNIE l BLS DRIVERS FIRST ROW: Left to right-Lee Close, Madonna Palmer, Doris Hawley, Mary Sedlak, Louise Pratt. SECOND ROW: Fred Sexton, Darwin Burton fSubstitutel, Bill Blue, Glen Artibee, Evelyn Cimbalik, Lewis Wilcox fSupervisorJ, Paul Havonec, Lavern Barlow, Silas Coquigne. Q- CAFETERIA COOKS CUSTODIANS D , B t FIRST ROW: Left to right-Clarabelle Sheldon LEFT TO RIGHT: Glen Muchler, arwm ur on, Norma Steel, Gladys Mason. Harvey Brown' SECOND ROW: Maretta Brown, Esther Perry, Lillie Mae Mpchler . OFFICE SECRETARIES Mrs. Peacock and Mrs. Duley. Q. fy: 1' ,A 1.45751 i V + 9 f 1 , A Q X CTX I I X 'I X I X I, X 'I K I xml Nm XA: NAI Xml 'N rx A A A ,AITIi1TiIiB5 FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW THIRD ROW: FOURTH HOW FIFTH ROW: ABSENT: Left to right-Luella Olson, Marjorie Rosenthal, Nancy Trecha, Marcia Sheldon, Janice Thorne, Carlene Salvo, Gladys Dart, Barbara Gardner. Jane O'Brien, Mildred Pyles, Nancy Sullivan, Dawn Sheldon, lVlaydra Standley, Arm Arrnstead, Phyllis Jennings, Maxine Perkins, Charlotte Hite, Marie Durish, Grace Slocum. ' Mrs. Wilcox, Dorthy Chase, Mary Brown, Patsy Kaye, Elaine Sedlak, Mary Lou Stievenart, Rosalie Abeare, Ramona Edgley, Dotty Beamer, Roberta Edson, Mary Jennings. Judy Kaye, Barbara Collins, Shirley Sullivan, Lorraine Sedlak, Marie Ketchum, Sheila Sullivan, Lillian Hanson, Lois Goodrich, Sharon Muchler, Patty Slocum, Janet Sage, Shirley Drlik, Roberta Titfsworth, Laura Callard, Rosalind Prouse, Sandra Saclcrider, Marilyn Curtis, Mary Ann liulvik, Margaret Pakney, Rosie Danko, Mario Robinson. Virgilene Hughes, Patty Spaniola, Jeanne Vredevoogd, FIRST ROW: Left to right-Harold Dart, Harrison Parker, Herbert Ketzler, Chuck Fick, Tom Podolan, Jack Vasicek. SECOND ROW: Philip Strhik, James Vanclerschaaf, John Simor, Doug White, Ronald Nluchler, THIR D ROW: ABSENT: Gerald Dieck, Jim Harris, Ed Chojnowski, Don Clymer, Mr. Meier. Donald Hewitt, Bruce Pavlik, Chuck Berlin, Phillip Costello, Ralph Kleinedler, David Dieck, Jack Fick. Glenn Butts, Larry O'Bri-en, Frank Vitous. .IIJNIUIQ - C KIDET IBANI THDQD ROW: N. Veselsky, G. Edwards, C. Edson, R. Cupal, C. Durish, 5. Hromek, P. Spillane, T. St. John, lVl. Vincent, lVl. Vincent, L. Reid, FOURTH ROW: M. Jennings, T. Henry, A. Lengyel, G. Affeldt, T, Shelby, T. Green, N. Hart, B. Miller, J. Burgess, R. Tallmadge, E. Case, S. Burpee, lVlr. Warnaar. FIFTH ROW: G. Hearin, B. Newman, L. Dietsch, R. Rodgers, Cv. Herrington, G. Short, S. Reid, I. Goupil, C. Mack, B. Burch, P. Lundy, B. Santavy. ABSENT: D. Hromek, E. Nemecek, I. Klienedler, R. Perkins, D. Perry, R. Hite, J. Clymer M. Ketzler, B. Orris, C. Kulinec, B. Rosenthal. E. Chrysler, D. Williams, N. Dowell. FOURTH ROW: N. Woodbury, R. Pajtas, P. Resko, M. Pyles, M. Kubik, M. Jennings, R. Edson, M. Perkins, C. Berlin, Mr. Warnaar. FIFTH ROW: R. Crites, J. Vanderschaaf, J. Steel, R. Reid, LT. Spaniola, H. Ketzler, L. Hearin, H. Jennings, M. Brown, V. Keene. ABSENT: M. Rosenthal, N. Markva. I Ol? IJ FIRST ROW: Left to right-Janet Gifford, Nancy Dowell, Elaine Elliott, Beverley Bloss. SECOND ROW: Janice Spaniola, Irene Klesel, Jeanette Kolodziejski, Janet Drlik, Genevieve Youells Barbara Hafenbrack, Joyce Unwin, Leta Bristol. THIRD R OW: Shirley Sullivan, Phyllis Resko, Nanette Dowell, Mary Belle Brown, Patsy Kellar, Jeanne Vredevoogd, Joan Denny, Jane O'Brien, Caroline Millhouse, Mr, Warnaar. FOURTH Elaine Sedlak, Mary Lou Stievenart, Charlotte Hite, Margaret Fortino, Betty Klapko Sandra Morrish, Shirlene Volek, Joanne Klapko, Maxine Bush, Ruth Crissey. FIFTH ROW: Patsy Newman, Priscilla King, Mary Ann Kubik, Jean Miller, Dolores Brockway, Anne Jagos, Velda Keene, Sally Sabo, Patty Cairl, Marie Durish. ED LLIQSS FHFST ROW: Left to right-Walter Sedlak, Nancy Jennings, 1-'riscilla King, Lorraine Sedlak, Phyllis Jennings, Robert Dennis, SECOND li OW: Janice Spaniola, Patricia Newman, Richard Halka, Genevieve Herrington, Marie Durish, Shirley Sullivan, Geraldine Herrington. lll3l?A I Y LEFT TO RIGHT: Jean Miller, Mrs. W adley, Pat Newman, Lillian Hanson, Christine Bendle, Connie Pointer, Iklary Brown, Delores Brockway, Lorraine Sedlak, Margaret Pakney, Janet Lovegrove, Patricia Herrington, Roberta Titsworth. I I2 IEAIIZ Ll-LPI . W "KENT: Patricia Herrington, Sheila Sullivan, Pete Cupal, Brian Rice, Gerald Stadler, Mrs, Wadley, Jean Miller, Christine Bendle, Sue Nyland, Sue Larobardiere. l-'TRST R OW: Seated-Left to right-Janet Gifford, .Tanet Drlik. SECOND HOW: Rosalie Abeare, Judy Kaye, Joyce Unwin, Marie Ketchum, Genevieve Herrington, Phyllis C ampcau. THIRD R OW: Miss Greenky, Carlene Sabo. .Toy Snell, Barbara Passrnore, Shirley Klabunba, Sue Larobardiere. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Delbridge, June Callard, Dorothy Chase, Nancy Jennings, Mary Lou Stievenart, Margaret Pakney, Patricia Herrington. l-OIR ST ROW! SECOND R OW THIRD ROW: 1" OU RTH ROW: FH-"l'H ROW: Left to right-Margaret Ann Pajtas, Rosemary Cupal, Kay Ann Artibee, Linda Barber, Sue Coquigne, Sharon Covell, Sherrie Covell, Carol Costello, Rosemary Olson. Sharah Sue Davis, Mary Lou Barber, Lois Spaniola, Andrea Curtis, Joanne Durish, Carol Maul, Ruth Ann Shumalker, Charotte Durish, Shirley Hromek. Miss Dorr, Patsy Newman, Sally Sabo, Patsy Kaye, Anna Miller, Anne Jagos, Marilyn Curtis, Diane Hart, Darlene Gilbank, Pat Herrington, Mrs. Bristol. JoAnn Hansen, Janice Spaniola, Patty Slocum, Mary Kay Smith, Margaret Fortino, Patty Spaniola, Geraldine Herrington, Grace Slocum, Jane O'Brien, Norma Cousins. Judy Kaye, Barbara Dean, Irene Beardslee, Leta Bristol, lxlarie Ketchuni, Priscilla King, Alberta Houdek, Barbara Newman, Bonnie Burch, Ll .J FIRST ROW: Lefi to right-Ernest Callard, Russell Dart, Merton Vincent, Mervin Vincent, Charles Berlin, Richard Sarber, Edward Chojnawski. SECOND ROW: Danny Fitzko, Donald Delvloss, James Vandershait, James Harris, Don Clymer, Leonard Callard. FIRST ROW! Left lo right-Wayne Nelson, Lawrence Delbridge, Robert Dennis, Max Nelson. Dan Priestap, Roger O'Dell, Thomas Herrington, Robert Gilbank. SECOND ROW: Norman Hart, Leonard Dietsch, Frank Kral, Richard Butzler, Mr. Mackelwichn Charles Mack, Leonard Barber. Bill Miller. Jav Burgess. 3l:NIlJ 4 I I. If F IRST ROW: Left to right-Ruth Crissey, Marie lietchum, Shirley Sullivan, Nancy Dowell, Sheila Sullivan, Dotty Beamer. SECOND ROW: Shirley Drlik, Jean Miller, Roberta Titsworth, Nannette Dowell, Jim Woolman, Mrs Ivey. THIRD ROW: Earl Henry, Neal Sweeney, Jerry Hunt, George Seman, Fred Raubinger, Chuck JJSFFBIQ I l ur i ,rn , . Aa- FIRST ROW: Left io right-Janet Gifford, Janet Lovegrovc, Sue Larolyardiere. SECOND ROW: Patsy Kellar, June Callard, Mary Ann Kubik, Alice Webb. THIRD ROW: Marvin Birchmeier, Alan Boring, Kenneth Tidrick, Robert Edgcumbe, Mrs. Ivey. gf -, 'L' ' ' U 1 4 X WW AX c,.1",? XS 5 11II1'1'Ex XI f -'f Nanette Dowell, Shirley Drlik, Jean Miller, Nancy Dowe11. Patsy Kellar, Sue Larobardiere, Alice Webb, Beverley Bloss. Sally Sabo, Shirley Bullock, Bertha Schindler, Dolores Edgcombe, Janet Drlik, Caroline Pollard. -N -I 1 -an al ,- ,- ,.. 49 I 2, ,,,. , A ,.,,., i :.,., 3 I 5524235212 .. Sr if 3 Q1 ' .wi Sassafr- - if 1 ,f55ig.,- J , ws- ., 5 I lk ,iz ,z ig . ' 5 I W ui: . , 3. H , "-- X ' M - ... 5 is 'f ' I U QNH : F -VL. wma, Q, , V V, V V- ' . y. ' ,... fw wff fa n V - .. " 5'S'iE5wg3e? 1-'Ek' "--' 5 V H ' ,- wa' X 'f 31. ,,.. frf 3 yt ' , ' f 515 Sf ti,- Z ,,, W - A-1ff,f-L1 'K - " ml 3 3 ' Q-f My i - K G, .,.. , - 'P- ,,.. . - V I H ' f, 2 . , ,. V Sm : Y i f , :Q . ' v, L, .V X, Qi W K . ,ex . T 3 gig x, . .J ,Q i f ,, ' "-' " M A '- Q. Q . 'H Q' fs 7 ' fi gr: . Q ..- . fs ? X ,.,, , Sei , El, we BOB REID BILL WHITE DICK VINCENT DICK BAKER IVAN TIBBETS .TIM WOOLMAN HAR OLD DART SKIP SCHINDLER DICK HOAG um ' Rslnr nunuuc nenry. STANDING: Nancy Dowell, .Tune Callard, Delores Brockway, Sheila Sullivan, Nanetle Dowf-ll, Coach .Terry Bell. The girls' team was very successful this year, however, they did not win the championship. They finished the season with a 6-Z record. The very able guards were Delores Brockway, .Tune Callard, Bonnie Henry, Nancy Dowell, Sheila Sullivan and Sue Nyland. In the point-making Column, we had Jean Miller with a total of 104 points, Shirley Drlik tallied 54, Delores Edgecombe 39, and Nan Dowell 9. TEAM WE THEY Utley Z7 16 Montrose 34 19 Linden 39 14 Hoover Z8 10 Otisville Z5 13 Dye 33 Z9 Bentley 14 17 Goodrich Z1 Z6 MILT ER -Forward-Captain DR Llfi-F Orwilrd 52 CALLARD, Guard EDGCOIYIBE , F orward BROCKWAY, Guard SULLIVAN, Guard HENRY, Guard NYLAND, Guard DOWELL, Guard DQWELLI Forward wi" talk 1 2. 2 i73, N:..' if ., , . his ' f f H+ cf h . EQ' , W- A 1'L: 1. W. 3 iff A 0 V L H mg-Q 'H-I f A ,mm Fay W 0,3 ,353 gg, QE W " wi I ? iw? 45, 3' , . Y Y .A -,,,, -L 31 21: ?"L,,,::-Q k "WEEK F- uv l fu Q ff-X ...M Q ' . 'nm' Q if ru , Q . 23 ., ,. 'YQ' no 5 M- I 'H C0 uw-Q, SOFIBALL FIRST ROW: Left to right-Jean Miller, Nancy Dowell, Janet Drlik, Caroline Pollard, Janet Gifford, Roberta Titsworth, SECOND ROW: Mrs. Pyles, June Callard, Nanette Dowell, Dolores Edgcombe, Bonnie Henry, Shirley Drlik, Shirley Sullivan, Lorraine Sedlak, Mary Ann Kubik, Mrs. Bell. ABSENT: Mildred Halka, Joan Smeja, Shirley Fisk. ,, 'W 4..- tg .V KV " "' f lvvh,-qvlphnl A B-ulud bv unnswl-urn anwrmwas In.,..1.... ln., xv Q A Q v x fr - - f . Q am fi -N AT eau-M5333 -ini Ahnertisnmnuig 8 CONGRATULAT IONS TO THE S 3 2? Q3 a G l 3lfNl1f lflf ENIORS OF 1953 CID! JNTY SIAVI GS IBIAN 4 SWARTZ CREEK BRANCH I I go A' uo.ooo'k -, mmm -Q MEMBER as wx' 5 .K . lfgmsfjl. I Congratulations To The Senior Class Of 1953 PRATT'S PLUMBING AND HEAT ING 1367 Seymour Road Flushing, Michigan Congratulations To The Senior Class Of '53 ROSE AND HARRY OSBORNE G A 3 W LANDSCAPE 'F Fill i f .smvlcf Congratulations Clas s ' 5 3 Congratulations To The Class Of '53 SWARTZ CREEK HARDWARE Frank Wiggins, Proprietor Phone 90RZ Swartz Creek, Michigan Congratulations From MATT TALT SURGE MILKERS Your Dairy Equipment Dealer 7074 Grand Blanc Road Swartz Creek, Michigan Best Wishes To The Senior Class '53 POPULAR MARKET Quality Foods Swartz Creek, Michigan A .li CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '53 SUIHHTZ CREEK ELEVHTUH HND LUIHBEH LUMBER - BEANS ROOF ING - GRAIN PHONE 118 BUILDING SUPPLIES - FEEDS M fflowwcl - fffif 1 ' fir ' A L if? 'F I X x. X Q ., ffm! M dwg.. ' .N- 'III I I F will We Specialize In Floral Arrangements Corsages - Weddings Funeral Designs - Special Parties Our Orders Are Creative 706 West Court Street At Ann Arbor Street Webb Nursery Company Lands caping and Quality ANur s ery Products 5528 Miller Road ' Swartz Creek, Michigan Best Wishes To The Class Of '53 BORING PLUMBING AND HEATING "A Growing Concern In A Growing Community" C. Best Wishes To The Seniors LIFFORD FARM IMPLEMENT John Deere and Service Lennon, Michigan C ongr atul ations To The Seniors PAUL HAVANEC ALLAN BOURGEOIS BARBER SHOP n f Congratulations To The Class Of 1953 MacGi1livcrry G Buick Co. Sales and Service ef-'uf A 12211-'wifi Durand, Michigan Telephone 477 GAINES ELEVAT OR Beans and Grain Coal - Lumber and Building Material Gaines, Michigan Quotations Subject To Market Changes Phone 45-49 Hoya DA NMA USEN Excaval-mg UCQ -f'raC'f'0P S I i I I w 1 -51 ff Q -1, ,wi XI 5 if I Mx X. mimi! avi. ww' lcv! era' MI EEFEQEQPHJ' I I I I I M,-', it 'L' wimtti Q54 .X X s" I. A y '61 Www t H. 5 JI fig Giiiilw Mnmw NW L IiLl J. V "BEST WISHES TO THIS YEAR'S SENIORS" Best Wishes To The Senior Class Of '53 TUWN TAVERN BOUWER DRY GOODS COMPANY Beer - Wine Family Furnishings Sandwiches Shuffleboard - Television Swartz Creek, Michigan C ongr atulations To The Seniors WILLIAMS' PHARMACY Swartz Creek, Michigan Best Wishes For A Bright Future Seniors Of 1953 ROBIN'S HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCE COMPANY Phone 65RZ Swartz Creek, Michigan Compliments To The Seniors SPILLANES STANDARD SERVICE Phone 9157 Swartz Creek, Michigan Best Wishes To The Graduates Of 1953 "Success Is The Fruit Of The Future" PAUL'S PIPE SHOP AND PIPE HOSPITAL 736 South Saginaw Flint, Michigan C ongr atulationsk To The Senior Class Of 1953 BENDLE FUNERAL HOME Best Wishes To The Class Of '53 HAROLD H. MACK 902 North Saginaw Street Durand, Michigan . Phone 372 I I- I Millwork - S11PP1ieS F1int's Exclusive Low -Heeled Plywood - Lumber 4101 Corunna Road Shoe Store First Street Congratulations CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1953 ' SONS AGGREGATE SUPPLY CO ALL GRADES or WASHED SAND AND GRAVEL A TELEPHONES SWARTZ CREEK LENNON DURAND ll2Fl1 55 ZOFIZ A. M. WASCHA Fresh Meats and Groceries DODDER - GRAMER GULF Gas - Oils - Greasing Bumping - Painting Welding VETERAN'S CLEANERS Congratulations To The Senior Class Of 1953 Swartz Creek, Michigan l 1 1 I H Good Luck, Seniors LE ONARD PHAR? IS I 1 County-Wide Mailed Circulation 621113522 Qluunig 7 r22 r2e-3,-f:-4 Published By The Adams Printing Company 8014 Miller Road - Box 518 Swartz Creek, Michigan Phone 81-R-Z C arl Shumaker C ongr atulations SUPER SERVICE Seniors GENERAL Sporting Goods - Auto Parts Phone 91170 TELEPHONE COMPANY OF MICHIGAN ' 1 0 With Our Best Wishes fc 0 M 0 For T 0 Success In The Future 0 From -W 7 '3 - Q o 0 REEK IHEKIRE we W Swartz Creek, Michigan 5 0 SCHINDLER'S MAR KET Torrey Road At Hill Road Groceries - Meats Gasoline Open Evenings and Sundays Phone 4-8561 'G'-I. I-U'0'UYX! V - 2:- 0 m E O.Z Compliments Of Your Hostess WEST POINT SERVICE and Chef Corner Of Bristol and Rosie and 1 Gordon Miner Roads ' sweet ' C or ner Of F lint, Michigan Miller and L ind e n RANKIN GENERAL HARDWARE Congratulations T o The Senior Clas s 4034 Grand Blanc R oad R. F. D. No. l MacVAY MOTOR SALES Swartz Creek, Michigan A Your DeSoto - Plymouth D ealer A . E . Mc Inally Phone 7 3 Phone Rankin 2715 Swartz Creek, Michigan if 'rfl , 5, f'- ,, ,, tooot an ont t o A tssltl J 4 .iit A shir iff ,,.. in 25 A ln in I Best Wishes To The Senior Class A . 5 ' ' F3 Q Ti.. 5 5 S l C . tth L OVE GR OVE 'S C ompl ime nt s BEN FRANKLIN ST ORE T o This Year's Swartz Creek, Michigan SENIORS Best Wishes Class Of '53 Larobardiere and Raubinger GENERAL INSURANCE AND BONDS Phone 56 Swartz Creek, Michigan r Best Wishes KOERTS GLASS AND PA-INT COMPANY Phone 9-3524 501 Lewis Street Flint 3, Michigan I Painting Contractors WOOTON FLORAL COMPANY "The Durand Greenhouses" Durand, Michigan 211 North Saginaw Phone 159RZ Greenhouses On Kent Street Phone 159R3 ' Compliments Of VERNON ELEVATOR AND LUMBER COMPANY ' Vernon, Michigan GLASER'S ' DURAND BUILDING SUPPLY CENTRE Durand, Michigan L - Compliments Of THOMPSON'S SERVICE STATION Corner Corunna and Morrish Roads Swartz Creek, Michigan i Best Wishes JCM Dodge - Plymouth Phone 443 -483 Durand, Michigan Best Wishes Seniors 3907 N. Saginaw Street Phone Z 845 6 F lint, Michigan Congratulations .5 - 1-lm: - Best Of Luck - 7' F? FODGEPS .. . uJrifrf7jlfn,o- Coal - Oil - Gas - Wood 2009 Corunna Avenue Owosso, Michigan Phone 2530 5472 Miller Road Swartz Creek, Michigan Best Wishes LAMBERT'S PHOTO SUPPLY Flint"s Photographic Center 704 West Third Avenue Phone 94311 Open Till 10 P. M. Daily C ompliments Of LAFAYETTE LIFE INSURANCE CO HOLMES, JONES, AND BURTON F ' AGENCY Insurance From Birth To Sixty Phone 4-3656 Citizens Building Flint, Michigan .i 1 Congratulations v On Your Gr aduation 1 FORTINO'S F OOD MAR KET Established 1916 I CONGRATULATIONS' TO THE CLASS OF 1953 ! N VJ -,yy 'gf Qi 7, ' 1 Ient tlid ff? f Q is , vi ' . i fx 4V,. ? my n , 2? l.W"'f"' . i ,, I Q A U , M A , ,2 1 F c :Fr -sgnfsi Xa . J ' PASTEURIZED AND HOMOGENIZED PRODUCTS SWARTZ CREEK PHONE 55R2 MICHIGAN Congratulations To Compliments Cf Seniors Of 1953 SIMON'S RESTAURANT Home Cooked Meals Swartz Creek, Michigan JIMMY GLEASON'S CARBURETOR SERVICE 1701 Beach At 15th Street Flint, Michigan - Compliments - General Insurance 6405 Miller Road Phone l01F4 Swartz Creek, Michigan Congratulations Graduates MRS. ANTHONY'S FLOWERS Corsages - Cut Flowers Miller Road Flint, Michigan Best Wishes To The Seniors Of '53 C ompliments Of JOHN F. PAJTAS STANDARD OIL COMPANY BUECHE IMPLEMENT COMPANY Bernard P. Bueche Flushing, Michigan Phone 4732 Congratulations To The Class Of 1953 D AND F DEPARTMENT STORE Furnishings and Footwear For The Entire Family 2913-15 Corunna Road Flint, Michigan FLINT MEDICAL AND SURGICAL SUPPLY COMPANY 625 South Saginaw Street Flint, Michigan Phone 9-5761 FRANK'S MARKET Quality Groceries and Meats Borden's Ice Cream Phone Lennon 7F3 Lennon, Michigan Compliments Of KEWPEE HAMBURGER HOTEL Flint, Michigan Congratulations Seniors KEITH EDGECOMBE Sunoco Service Corner Grand Blanc and Fenton Roads BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '53 ZJ 'El'f'Il7,ll7C. SALES - SERVICE - PARTS 3609-21 NORTH SAGINAW STREET FLINT 5, MICHIGAN C OMPLIMENTS OF JZMFMLD- W 3341 MILLER ROAD .f FLINT, MICHIGAN I I C ongr atulations ZIMMERMAN TRACTOR SA L E 5 l-i113-znuii Your Allis -Chalmers Dealer st' PS' .blk 115' M-78 At M-71 Phone Durand 579 I f Best Wishes To The Class Of "53" IVIIIIGR Road IVIa R If QI Corner Of Miller and Dye Roads AUTI-ICDRIZED BRAKE SERVICE 2402 S. Dort Highway Complete Brake Service Trucks - Cars - Trailers F. Ambrose - I. Mishall Massey-Harris Farming Equipment New and Used Tractors And Other Equipment Parts and Service Grain Elevators PARKER IMPLEMENT COMPANY 9389 Miller Road l lf2. Miles West Swartz Creek Phone 1F13 Congratulations Seniors Of '53 CARL'S STANDARD SERVICE Corner M 78 and M 13 I STANDARD i ISIANDARD I SERVICE l Compliments Of G. E. SPILLANE AND SON HARDWARE NEUHARDT GIFT SHOP Swartz Creek, Michigan Phone 63 Gifts With Character Congratulations 'I'o Seniors Miller Road At Bristol Of 1953 Best Wishes To The Seniors Of '53 Wi M-21 At M-13 Phone Lennon 53F4 '4 Zleaaloz 5 lfaala. Q. Phone ZIFZ-3 Lennon, Michigan KRUPP'S Corner M-Z1 - ML13 1 Mile North Of Lennon Rustic Furniture Picnic Tables - Swings Bird Baths - Bird Houses Lawn Ornaments -Cement Ornaments Congratulations WELCH SALES Oliver Dealer "Finest In Farm Machinery" Trellis , , Phone 93 Congratulations To The Seniors S t k M. h. Of'53A war z Cree , ic igan GARDNEPUS CIT IES SERVICE Corner Of Morrish and Miller Road Swartz Creek, Michigan Congratulations To Seniors Of 1953 To James Spaniola, we wish to express our appreciation for the prompt and efficient service with which he delivered pictures for our annual. Many thanks for your work, Jim. I Congratulations and Sincere Wishes From CLIFF L 'J GC I'I Sf WLBYUJ' WZCVI- 134 East Second Street Flint 3, Michigan IERRY'S GARAGE -lull fHi!l!lPQU5 Mrouu N ill!! Corner M-13 and South Street Lennon, Michigan l im. fc!-lEvRol.E1' Mlll RANKIN DAIRY BAR Home Cooked Meals Short Orders Basket Burger Our Speciality Managers Mildred Cupit and Jennie Cook SUIVVVXH F IELD CHEVROLET CO. 2.712 North Saginaw Street C' Compliments Fl N K MERCLANLS ab MECLHNICS Contributions LASERS GARDEN SHOP MAYS SERVICE LEOTA BRADY F4 The Class Of '53 Would Like To Thank All The Advertisers THANK YOU U 1-4 .., fs' ' , ' 4141 . .Qs ,rl , 'Vw .3. -5 E, 3 ,-.-' ' 1, 1.5 L 'X ,,J.?qx, ..-Q - 1 0 . ,..,,..' Y- .FV .l.:.,,,.-.E'.--Y-is N, . V4 1- fm 1 - . ',.,- . Il N . Y ku : . - " I, . V, ,, . , -. 4' M.. L -5' .f.',-SLN' . . ,- -if dig., J , . ,fw.il""l',.- -- -,Y 14 - ,Q-f,,,-1-in ,-:gm my 1 ,gig -11.- PYQ' 717 'r"?T-'.'fi?"'1i?3iL2f J 355 QU' kf I -3 ' P31 Y' X' ,, ' -' 5' ff?"f f5if,,'5-:Ek AT' fx 1,5 V - ,X ,QT hr, -,. Vi K. 4,..! , K 1 'I , .:' ' 't li . Q- 5, - , 1, 1 . 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Suggestions in the Swartz Creek High School - Dragon Yearbook (Swartz Creek, MI) collection:

Swartz Creek High School - Dragon Yearbook (Swartz Creek, MI) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Swartz Creek High School - Dragon Yearbook (Swartz Creek, MI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 37

1953, pg 37

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Swartz Creek High School - Dragon Yearbook (Swartz Creek, MI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 37

1953, pg 37

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