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M he .,.,-- :Q A fl? s 1962 "The student today - whatever his faults -I is not the 'college kid' our parents so 'glibly expect us to be . . . It is not that the student will not behave in the old 'laugh a minute' style. He certainly will, especially as we give him nothing else to do. But this behavior is only a surface phenomenon. lvlan's life is lived in- side his head, in the consciousness which is the primal fact of human existance. What is seen outside is only a smoke screen, more or less effective, behind which life is lived. So when we observe the behavior which preserves the image of the 'college kid', the riotous search for 'enioyment' enshrined forever by a movie like 'Where the Boys Are' - the whole 'fun and gaity' motif of the descent on Fort Lauderdale, we must look a little deeper .... The student today is a new animal in a new age. A few generations ago, young men and women .looked forward to a life dominated by the effort to work and save, to provide for future generations and for old age, it was a time when satisfactions and relaxations were all put aside for some undefined future, which, if it arrived at all, arrived too late. These were the people who arrived at old age and success with the sense of being cheated, as Nathanael West realized so well - with 'fevered minds' built by years of expecting and imagining and with 'emaciated bodies' no longer able to support the constructs of the mind. That such men should have had a' gospel of destruction should be no surprise. And that it should have been essential that, as young men, as college students, they should have needed some time - a moratorium on life - to enioy themselves before commencing that road, there should be no surprise. This generation of students differs. lt has never had to wait, it has grown in the most unparalleled prosper- ity in the history of the country. lt has no need to delay. lt has no need to worry about its future employ- ment, about its next meal, about 'providing' And, moreover, our parents have learned the lesson of the past: that one can delay and wait too long. But human life has a tendency to run to extremes. From West's men who waited and delayed and expected too long -the men of 'fevered minds and emaciated bodies', has sprung a generation of students with 'fevered bodies and emaciated minds'. This is a genera- tion which has been dominated by the urge to flee from all the older concepts which were thought to make a man - obligation, responsibility, honor, and, if you will, sacrifice .... The process of making students citizens - of broadening their lives beyond the narrow circle of family and 'success ethics' - of giving them the ability to feel responsibility and guilt - of allowing them to develop a sense of identity - all of that would be a long slow task. But it is the absolutely vital task .... ln fact, the process might not work at all. You might be unsuccessful. But you must be willing to take that risk if you are to lead others to do so. You must have that true radicalism that does not care if it fails to change the world, but is more concerned with preventing the world from changing it- more concerned to be true to its own ideas of virtue and responsibility .... . . . what we must restore to the student of America is the sense and the vision that Frost put so well - 'The woods are lovely, dark and deep But I have promises to keep And miles to go before I sleep And miles to go before l sleep,' From the SBPC banquet address by Carey McWilliams, Jr, Department of Government Oberlin College 2 ve. my Q if .av f ,Q ..., "' -. K , 4.1. 3 Q .WA-.fwfr-w,: , A K . . w X.. 340-'x---in Gu A 'rd ,-Q.- . . ,gi sm ' ,i BV, 4 Ca. 7 2 8 K s I Q 'S ss? 3 'WY ' gf MAH. iw? 1 s L.W.,.,. Q I Iliff s1:1xgzs,.1f . . fxm,if,:,, 1- - . ,- 10 :i f f 5 Z, ,, -- v'-" X 1 i 4- ,L-sg 5,91 fx J ' RS X SX 15 16 , - . , ..... y a I i s 4.55 2 5 x s Y 'H K 'xl 18 Q' E1 - l iidggizlymffwwi t 3 Ah if fu.i?eq4,uv5nMs1Lfzgr00If ir mmmmm I E A : X Vi, is V s E 23 25 H---o-...,.., XNNNN ..2'P'H Wwwmg 11 + - L , iw ? ' ' - , ...v ' 1 . A 4' 'QP A .5 -ii! Q ,VL ? : A .' k at V M yy K f fm , an-W ? I m if veg? , qw N 3 FQ' in f K -sr :QQ ' gum E X, g ,, Q, , an 1 Y B' my 5 if f"" Ki.. A , , ,n ... ., ,,.,k -, .,:,Z.....,-::. p,Nfi9,' '.3IZ'- V 5 -"W zz 30 3 v ...4 A rv: ,u am i .,-f y: .I M , 33 4 ml' .if If cf. Q.- ww X xi?" Q- ,pf Q H in if IQ" --1 :Q wr-4 . Pm,- ,1 e W, V N wsw'-iff-++"w., R x . .F , ' f ' V . ,, 'Q gn., 2" ' 6 . ' - . 1-'fi.,4.. , I . " ' K f A " I ' 1 N 4 ' A y Q4 ' ' ' . 4 ,. lB0'4. - - ' W ,5 fwl h , -1 . .mwfzf-Q' 4 fa V 4, , V M a- -nf-. f V ,px .., , Y sf'-.W - . ' . :Lf 4 L, ' N k w A A , , Q .: 1 ,f .. .Q Q. ,A --wg? Y on .. 6 ,W .f . - , "' 1:-'fir-sg' 'ug-73:-Q ,pw 1, -.- 'f as-. L ww , . W M X if- -Q rg -?",g.,4f f N , - fi .+- .Q-aq' -f -A-,Q W A .-1, A - ' . . - 3 . , Q V - . - , f N fn, Q X Y 3?-Am . ' waik 1 up ,s ,. ya.,-. -re-Q.. Nw x . - . Nf'-N-is-.f .4 -f 1' - K r A ,. .N -- 4, - ' 914 'K V ' ' -. 1 'Q ' N - 1. 3, , 5 1 .' ' M, f W Lfiig, E gh.. .' ii' 4 1 J 4,33 f M Q gg :ze ' f . V342 in L A 'M 2 is ifx ni-H wise gwmzss-gif - f 'xswfsggsf ff: .,f,,,p, ff-,, mf v,.L .. f -iv, fs .5151 M. .N 'bfi 3 36 n 48- E 37 i P 39 1 40 pf zz 98 swsifif , ,. I 5:ql'!aQH'-51121i::::-if-el!E' H2 V I- I i ii -- - ' --wr., ss- A X ,,,4: :-,, - f, , Q, 2232551 fE7ffVi"'VlfV5N AN riifiikv-A 7lL?,r'YlX M fx5I7f'w,w V521 x i!! H.Qwe-Eiiesffgiawgfek' ,ffesazfz-wg az EGEQKLSLQQ79zA22Q7fQAEgw2!w Q-Rf-asf Hy ,A L,ffq,,,A11, ,Q , W 8 Q vggiswg fi'-55:,:vjy11?'5iEfTi''.'T5'1giliT'Q :55652355315f5?i5iA:SfgEvbES2A?g ta ff? 'Y fvmzggff 1' Y .,,, -fA,vM,1WMaff xiii-1 Nw,:ffQ,:wpfaa:?if?gff 3 f125iE,rQZ1fi?f: . ,, , 'Q fqQ2s:5g:Qig5i2gH1g?24f'iff 8-4 4 f '- K up 'I A 5 45" ' 3 Q . 48 'ga'- , f L 1- Nl ---A-.Q 'dvi' .1 LQ' 1 L2-:I:"' nba: Jf .wa- .3 F - v:Y'0d,':'f""' ,dxvr .L . . J 05 g viii? "r"4- aw 5 M Q Q , .zzz 1 wm5,5,i,:iV . ::-.5 gif, r ' k2i'X?effl-2,3 f ' fvgmwgm iw, I-ab . ,gif '- Y, f I L ii? iw M L., --7 1 Rf . mu, ., ML .- Q ,. . 15 ,. L, g ww- Y W. q M .M K, ww ff N 7 K , M. -.Mt ..-XM fag 1 " WPRX ' fig? L' R 3 's 553 fe 'Q Q 3 Q ' t ia, Q K - f , , , , I , -Q ig , sw, q,L,,u1 my L 4 '3'vI.f -ff f tif x' a"!3'r. QF , ...mf -5722 i 1 59 n J f 60 g 3 5 L s 5 ff Q' Wg? Mi' Q Q ma Q81 as , Nw, -- 2' 'I . ww,-A A., -1.322 -- ffm : 'fiifwf 5-11 fe s F25 : fi wwf? , , . W- 5 SJW My ! 5 E X' wi, F1 ,fy 0 , ...Q Q M, rvsr .Awxislly 5 4 kv Xqrwfc' www. Arts Festival 4 , . -a A i I a mi 1 wr :F fag. The Good Woman of Setzuan V , 69 ww bs .x" Z- M N A- sigma Qmmfwfsimf- ff f.vf l,,,g,F,:- A-,, ,.., w .JM . f 2 5? .R ,,.. Qi.,,,g2,.,,mE,,,, K mziayzxg' ai :-,y, V, A 'iv' Lf ' " k . , 25' 3? , QQ , y V V if W VVAAVV A A . x , . W - i 1 'E-If ' ITKL QQ?-J JHAQWY it NA... V ., V I , L '4V L A - Vi 4 ,A.1 X, 1 1 f T' -ad, ITOP: left to right! Hickey, Blum, Worn, Burnes, Schuster, Buek, Schembs, SQFFT, Kclne, Worthington, Armstrong, Cczroft, Thurman, Bertsch. CBOTTOM:J Creighton, Forlow, Nyquist, Kronquist, McNinch, 75 KAPPA SIGMA PHI KAPPA PSI KTOP: right to lettl Moybee, Steelman, Bechtel, Patton, Poole, Lipshutz, Worth- ington, Lillie, Brand, Salisbury, Mot- thews. CBOTTOMQ Ku, Tropp, Flei- schaker, Lover. CTOP: left to rightj Menhan, E, Smith, Morehouse, Nesbitt, Brandt, Ecldy, Moore Parsons, Uehelein, Oglesby, Brown, Bupp, Hannum. lBOTTOM:l Gaskill, Robin son, C, Smith, Kenton, Parke, Wallach, Bellama, Garvin, Rowley, Springer. i 76 lTOP: left to rightl Rcuich, Moylory, Sclwoenboum, Hampton, Deordort, Lister, Mclfelvey, Ellis, Treunfels, Riggs. rBOTTOM:J Scott, Bermon, Solodor, Freyer, Herrington. PHI SIGMA KAPPA TAU ALPHA OMICRON KTOP: left to righttl Setlow, Westine, Potter, Moore-head, Stearns, Stevens, Held, Steln, Bunker, McCrosson, Latham. CSITTING:J Reed, Silbermcm, Freudenthcl, Kramer, Mother, Russell, ff", mg K' X if . , 5fi:?f:?isi2L5:saisv,- f - if 1 3 Q42 ,.., 5 ., 1.5, ,,, :.HQ-f. fm 'mfg ff , 1- 1- ww w,.e,. dmv 1 5 my VL., 4, -fff2 ,,.., X-if ,iw -V - 'Innin- 79 -I - 3, 'T' A sw' "' K "'--. ,J-Y' Light Drifts into Darkness Casting Shadows into Reality .---. , ,- .- ' .I2Iz:aea22:: ::.-2 - 'If I ' iiiiifirifrfrs'rIrfr:r:-.. 4'1":.:. .-.f.g.-.:.:.:.: :M2"'ii:.,l,l..,f.,...4--.-M... -52155-1'I,. :vEEEE:'1r-rErEr:2. . '-E212--,2 :--.:.,.,.4, -1- . " 3 ' ""1-'fmv "' 1 - 5 3 f , ' , ..., V ,,,,, .. .....,.... 59 3 -if V- f:f?'1'5f5"'5xb.. 'In"?'f5c'335Wifg.,...mggqzliQ.:sQ:Q:1rf:-:f:5,:.gE5i5252f,2F151f""" , ' V..-,..,,.:.:+:w.:1:::eef:f5'::-4--,- :Z ,y,g55515g5gi:2v1:,: 1 N . , ' 4 i 1 , .,.,. A :Z ,,,,, ! '1-1e::1:1z:12ss N4 V The question is often asked at Swarthmore, what is the value of athletics? ls there a place on a predominantly intel- lectual campus for the cheers, the spirit, the pep rallies, all of which are associated with sports? The answer would seem to be by all odds an emphatic yes. When played in the context that they are at Swarthmore, athletics can indeed be of great value. First of all, and most basically, they are important to the players themselves. ln the same way that acting in a play or writing for the Phoenix is enjoyable to some people, participation in sports is enioyable to others. It provides an outlet for energy and at the same time allows for development of the student's physical abilities. Excellence in athletics comes, as it does in 'most other fields, only after hard work and determined effort. The athlete learns to value self-discipline, determination, and honest elfort, for without them, he cannot possibly succeed at his task of striving for excellence. Athletics also gives the player an opportunity to learn so.mething about himself. He learns of his own capabilities and shortcomings. He learns the value of teamwork and cooperation. If he plays only for himself he feels the censure from his fellows iust as soon as the "ham" feels it from his fellow actors on the stage. Furthermore, the mere contact with other people, the desire to win within the context of good sportsmanship, the give and take necessary in any kind of team endeavor, all contribute in their way to building the various qualities that together are called character. Thus the value of athletics, at least at Swathmore, is evident. And as the former General Secretary of the Rhodes Scholarship Trust one said, "Playing hard and well need not be the enemy, and is more often the ally, of working hard and well." 84 Dave Heider -A ,,,Q av 41 as 331-2-E lst ROW, left to right: Potts imgr.J, Post, Churchill, Austrian, Quarles, Felter, Martin, Nesbitt, H., Littleford, Rakofl imgr.J 2nd ROW: Coach Cottman Klftredge, Schembs, Cooper, Glass, Uehlein, Nesbitt, J., Budd, Miele, Fedoruk, Hannum, Walters, Brad, Blum, Rolhman, Coach Robinson 3rd ROW: Sales, Hickey, Jewett, Eddy, Willis, Riggs, Ganz, Lederer. I I TENNIS I I Left to right: Coven, Mutchler, Kem, Lieu, Jenks, Waldbaum, Lande, VanTil, Pao, Hynes lfaculty rep.l, Coach Faulkner, 86 i r 4 M M , 5 Left to right: Sorber lfaculty rep.J, Becker Imgntl, Rabinowitz, Ebersole, Forlow, McKibben, Coach Stetson. I96I lst ROW, left To right: Moore, Vessey, Welsh, Koehl, Dickey, Snygg 2nd ROW: Eldridge, Buek Fairbanks, Bechlel, Lehmann, Green 3rd ROW: Snyder, Ayres, Creighton, Weitzman, Sober Thurman Murray 4fl1 ROW: Johnson Lorber, Ellis, H,, Shield, Gezork, Morehead 5th ROW I I Coach Elverson, Hammond, Stevens, Landes. 'lst ROW lett to right- Burnes Towle Christensen Sirman Westine, Hopkins, Warren, Finkelson. 2nd ROW Dunne, lvlayor, McLanclhan, !5lclams,lBeitman, Ellils, Warrington. 88 SOFTBALL lst ROW, left to right: Stein bach, Hutchinson, Malley Spiegelberg, Panwitt, Hallock Pickett, 2nd ROW: Stallmann lmgrj, Stone, lsler, McGinley Tomkins, Werner, Barcalow Phillipson, Sargent Cmgrj, Moll I 1 ARCHERY Left to right: Hondwerk, Smith, Scott, Johnson. ..," 'lst ROW, left to right: Terodc, Rutter, Moore, Perchonock, Perkins, Welfling, Horris, Kerr, Broxton, Dcxvis, Grohom, Lutton, Yoder, McCutchon. 89 N.. ist ROW left to right: Elverson, Spruonce, Coroff, Prescoff, Green, Cook, Loucius, Knowfeld. 2nd ROW: Hickey Lipshufz McLonol1on Fernolcl Booser Tyler Prestovvifz McCrossen Buek 3rd ROW'Scl1ernbs Seymour, Jacobi, Jeweft, Beitmori, Houle, Lillie, Roy, Burt, Worfhingion. 4?l1 ROW: CHO, Blackburn, Hudson, Boker, Tempelmeier, Russell, Peelle, Tropp, Howkinson,.lc1cobson, Field, Burnes. 15? ROW, leff To ViQlITr Tl'10mPSOfW, lghoro, Jolwnson, Morehouse, Hcmnum, Stevens, Seflow. 2nd ROW: 3Te1S0ri, UQHTHGY, Snyder, Lomb, Willis, Westine, Menolcer, Toy, Rowley, Moybee, Tove. .f ,Aw 90 5 CROSS COUNTRY 'Ist ROW, left to right: Simon, Snyder, Ayres, Giese, Fairbanks, Creighton, Sober, Phillips, 2nd ROW: Henning, Kidder, Kittredge, Miller, Hart, 3rd ROW: Shield, Egnol, Smith, White, Hammond, Prenter, Held. 4th ROW: Block, Tarble, Moorehead, Meeropol, Taylor. 5th ROW: Stott, Patton, Miller. 'Ist ROW, left to right: Brod Cmgni, Riggs, Weiss, Stevens, Raun, Wright, G. 2nd ROW: Forwood, Towle, Stein, Many, Hickey, Sirman, Assistant Coach. 5 i 'lst ROW, left To right: Blackburn, Berman, Wallach, Keller, Mehan, Bicklorcl, Parsons, Davies 2nd ROW: Mangelsdorfl, C., Cook, Houle, Smith, Roy, Burt, Robinson, Zuckerman, Allison, Walters SWIMMING 'lst ROW, left to right: Thurman Held, Russell, Mayloee, Passell, Field Keegan, Platf, Jaqueffe. 2nd ROW Murray, Hale, Salisbury, Weeks Williams, Eclcly, Henley, Leonard, Lewis, Craisley, McAdoo. 92 if R, f W2 K we 1' f'f' 'Ist ROW left to rnght Lowe Glenn Toylor Wrught Preston, Mcnllonee, Wehmiller, Fezcmclief Eves Holl Lune Foster 2nd ROW Hess Humphrey Lee Brand Eldredge, Clements, Rc1ines,Jucld, Diebold Brad MODERN DANCE lst ROW, left to right: Giloone, Col vin, Johnson, Lofferty, van Benschoten Lorunt, Fontl, Chilcnos. 2nd ROW Tercudo, Beck, Holsbond, Hertz. 'Ist ROW, left to riglitz MCDiarmid, Kerr, Ring, Hollock, Hodges, McConnel, Stantord, Boyer. 2nd ROW: Hess, Diebold, Brown, R,, Brown, B., Heller, Eldredge, Gronkiewicz, Merrill, Faulkner ,I K Q-.1-of BADMINTON 2 1 s , O 'lst ROW, left to right: Diebold, Rosenberg, Wood, Hild, Welsh, Flaccus, Stanford, Stuart, Bradbury, Moore. 2nd ROW: MCDiarmid fmgrl, Lowe, Broadbooks, Brand, Davenport, Braxton, Lutton, Taylor, Loessel, Hess,McCutchon,Fleck, Glenn, Mallonee, Kline, Wright, Judd Krngrm. 95 HOCKEY my, . 5 KJ we ,me w '- - 1 'K S QQ? Left to right, Wore, Strong, Ross, Edwards, Weiss, Brandon, Seymour, Merrill lmgrj, Moll BASKETBALL 'Ist ROW, left to right: Sclwrnitter, lnngrm, Strong Lee, Kunlcle, Stevens, Lowe, Lutton 2nd ROW, Glenn, Albertson, Toylor, Chose, Floccus, Fleck, Werner, Moll 3rd ROW, Kelly lrngrm, Aspinoll Vtfeber, Stevens, Wtllionts, Anderson. Clork Prenhce Judd Rublo Rhodes Berger 3rd ROW Roth Veeder Pres Smith, Stewcurt, Town- This day writhes with what? The lecturer On This Beautiful World of Ours composes himself And hems the planet rose and hews it ripe, And red, and right. The particular question - here The particular answer to the particular question ls not in point - the question is in point. If the day writhes, it is not with revelations. One goes on asking questions. That, then, is one Of the categories. So said, this placid space ls changed. It is not so blue as we thought. To be bl There must be no questions. lt is an intellect Of windings round and dodges to and fro, Writhings in wrong obliques and distances, Not an intellect in which we are fleet: present Everywhere in space at once, cloud-pole Of communication. lt would be enough If we were ever, lust once, at the middle, fixed In This Beautiful World of Ours and not as now, Helplessly at the edge, enough to be Complete, because at the middle, if only in sense, And in that enormous sense, merely enjoy. UG "The Ultimate Poem is Abstract Wallace Stevens The Collected Poems of Wallace Stevens Alfred A. Knopf, lnc. Copyright l95O, 1954 by Wallace Stevens 98 COURTNEY CRAIG SMITH President 100 WILLIAM C. H. PRENTICE Deon of Men MARGARET L. MACLAREN Assistant Deon for Admissions SUSAN P. COBBS Deon of Women 101 GILMORE STOTT Associate Deon JOSEPH B. SHANE Vice-President EDWARD K. CRATSLEY Vice-President BARBARA PEARSON LANGE Assistant Deon of Women JOHN M, MOORE Associcfe Deon ROBERT A. BARR, JR. Assisfonf Deon for Admissions ff' ff? -RN K 103 SUSAN MARGARET ARNOLD History For I dipt into the future, far as human eye could see, Saw the Vision of the world, and all the wonder that would be . . . Tennyson ,eh :Qg1,,,"4 sas.-f:'rsJ' il lm l 1 ,. .1 U, ,if GEORGE J. BECKER, Chairman, Department of English Literature ELLEN L. ASHER English Literature Honors 104- PETER B. ASHELMAN Greek ROSE-MARIE BENTELE Russian FREDRIC KLEES Associate Professor of English BERNARD M. BERMAN Fine Arts Buddy - Phi Sigma Kappa, Inter- Fraternity Council President, Phoenix Sports Editor, LTC ion calll, the midget wrestler: l23 lbs., MJC Chairman, occasional Hamburg show participant, the one who brought ML into the ranks of football powers. HILDE D. COHN PETER E. BISKIND English Literature Honors 105 Associate Professor of German REBECCA BROWN Fine Arts "In my room, The worId is beyond my understanding, But when I wclk I see thot it consists ot three or four hiIIs ond 0 clou ." CI - . fm f ' 3 2 S3 fIiSi21? w k4 vfxi .,- N .n.: .ag3s kk fjgggiglgfs 3 AUDREY NADINE MARGARET RICH Visiting Assistant Professor of CIossics ,QQ 11.3, aim? mfg . 'V It I Q s HELEN F. NORTH Associate Professor of Classics PAUL ANDREW BREST English Honors SAMUEL L. HYNES Associate Professor of English DAVID ABRAHAM BURACK English Literature ROBERT M, WALKER Professor of Fine Arts MICHAEL G. BUNKER English Literature MARY LAN Fine Arts 1fMOIIyf1 E CHASE JO ANN CHATELAIN French Literature DAVID COWDEN Associate Professor of English DEBORAH DICKINSON Fine Arts MAURICE GRAY ELDRIDGE English Literature With a spoon he scooped out the eyes of crocodiles and spanked the monkeys on their bottoms. With a spoon. The King of Harlem - Garcia Lorca 108 5 if DARI. P. EVES French Pooh , . . Our kosher Quolcei' . la .ff i "Hello," soid Pooh. "I'm Pooh," soid Alorsl . . . "hey, I finolly did ci good THOMAS H. EVANS dive Today!" Fornilior lace in Friends English Literature . . , loves To donce , . , "Its re-filly, reolly Hue" , , . "I he-lieve in exercis- ing the body os well os The mind" . . . "how many doys 'til Friday?" . "Thai reminds me . . . " . . . Dahl ink, JOHN W. WILLIAMS, Instructor in Fine Arts A. HARRIS FAIRBANKS English Liimxituif- Honors "I'lr1p' KATHLEEN FAVERTY English Literature FREDERICK J. GROVER SUE ASHTON FINES French Honors O Star lthe fairest one in sighfl, Not even stooping from your sphere, You ask a little of us here. You ask of us a certain height, So when at times the mob is swayed To carry praise or blame too far, We may choose something like a star To stay our minds on and be staid. STEPHEN J. BROWN Assistant Professor of English Associate Professor of French MARGARET FLACCUS English Literature 110 JAMES ANTHO Latin NY FREYER Westchester County Republican . , plays the horn, Fiat horn, that is . . , "But Charlie Goren says . . . " PHYLLIS A. FOSTER , , . Phi Sig rush chairman . . . P.C. Fine Arts Honors -l'O4Y ---' J-A-G --rl Moderate . . . tunas at Niclds . . . leans toward law. HAROLD M. MARCH Chairman, Department of Moder il 5 s -iii MERRIE GARDNER English Literature Little blond with a big heart . . . awareness of others . . , "What ig about you?" . , . frankness . , , gaiety . . . sparkling eyes , . . spontaneous infectious laughter . , , expressive ges- tures . . , impulsiveness , , . mischie- vousness . . . Somerville and red sweatshirt , . , kneesoclcs and football games . . . volleyball and SEO . . . early a.m. breakfasts . . . fascination 111 with the unconventional . . . lives in Paradise. 5 n Languages 'i l immoderate C. f it 5 I JEAN ASHMEAD PERKINS Assistant Professor of French MARY M. GILRUTH Fine Arts Honors NANCY ANN GARDNER English Literature ELISA ASENSIO Assistant Professor of Spanish 112 JEROME A. SHAFFER Assistant Professor of Philosophy ROBERT JAY GROSS English Literature NICKY FISCHER HAHN English Literature LORA KATHERINE GRAHAM French Honors l'd like to fly by climbing cn birch tree, And climb block branches up Q snow- white trunk, Toward heaven, Till the Tree could bear no more, BUT dipped its top ond set me clown ogoin . . . One could be worse than be G swinger of lsirches. HEDY R. HARRIS Philosophy Westward hol Cast to Colorado - Biologist turned philosopher - Catching mice in kitchens - 2 o'clock fire drills - Midnight back-rubs - Awake for afternoon classes - What dress rule? - Horses and pony-tailsy levis and hitchhikers - Somerville somambulist - vanilla fudge in her "buriamers" - "What's good about it?" imornings, literature, etc.,J - accident-prone "Headyless." PERCY LINWOOD URBAN, JR. Assistant Professor of Religion CAROLINE HODGES English Literature Honors STEVEN IZENOUR Fine Arts JAMES D. SORBER Professor of Spanish 15. KEITH D. G. JOHNSON English Literature "You see, what I mean is . . J' - "Whose lead is it?" - Americans live too fast, take soccer too seriously - constant visa revisions - Robinson mas- cot - "I have measured out my life with coffee spoons . . - From b-u-t-t-e-r to b-u-d-d-e-r in two years - Back to merry England, but not leaving America entirely behind. 7 'Sw VA ELEANOR CATHERlNE JAHODA English Literature Big brown eyes and a teasing grin practicality with a romantic flair Dozens of hobbies and places to go "There is an America outside of New York" -- A terry-cloth shoulder, former alchemist - "There's a me size desk in the new Chem lab" A delightfully infuriating incorrigible punster - Squeak. JAY KERZNER Russian Literature Kerz, the clean-cut mover, usually can be seen flashing his quick smile. Jay's activities have ranged from the base- ball team to the stage and everywhere he is liked for his outgoing and cheer- ful manner. His personality and interests assure him great success in the chosen field of Medicine. ANTHONY G.N. FLEW Visiting Professor of Philosophy SHIRLEY ANNE LAW Fine Arts The farmer's daughter from lowa iwe do have electricity at home who came barefoot on a pilgrimage to the cul- tural shrines of the East - and left doing the hambo, taking with her that puzzled frown, spontaneous hair, and the works of Catullus. R. BARBARA LEMCHEN English Literature The Ultimate word on the latest of fashions -- walking a tightrope twixt Physics and Lit -- Perpetually armed with a wink and a grin - Equally willing to study or listen - a victim of violent, transient passions, "This time it really is IT!" --e What is truth? at 3 AM - Bobbie. 116 NANCY RUTH KRAMER English Literature Honors "Herrick is so unbelievably cool, just listen to this , , . And don't pat me on the headl' '.., Heard of crackers and raisins for all night sieges . . . "The academic approach to life is invalid for the following reasons . . . "But you've simply got to Plan . GABRIELE HOENIGSWALD Lecturer in Classics KATHLEEN MALLEY Philosophy ,k,. K GEORGENNE MALLONEE English Literature Uninhilaited ldealist , . . Artistic Athlete - "Got another bruise today!" . . . Favors, Fung Foodg Flowers and Friends . . . Cotcfee in her creom, Colorado and back in 80 hrs . . . "l'm so sleepy" . . , Sun-bathing, sky-divingp Shake- speare and Sunday suppers . , , Endless patience . . . Sincere irrationality - Believes in everything but dinosaurs . . . Geni. DAVID LEWIS Philosophy RICHARD B. BRANDT Choirmon, Department of Philosophy and Religion PETER GRAM SWING Chairman, Department ot Music SETH E. MANY Philosophy sensitive hearing . . . orient . , love . . . paternalism and demos . . Straight sets . . . P.P.P.P .... super- reflect . , . captain . . . iudge. EMILY JANE MALSIN English Literature Browns and burnt orange: the texture is suede. An ex Kahlil Gibran romantic, now evolving her own school. The calm voice ot compromise on the Phoenix board. Fine Arts and Engineering this week: maybe we'd better put some- thing in the tea. Emily. MONROE C. BEARDSLEY Professor of Philosophy STEPHEN W. MARK English Literature Honors MARY SANDRA McDIARMID English Literature Virginia patriot with a classic soul . . . perennially behind yet always time to stop and watch the squirrels . . . hockey manager, badminton, Aeschylus, Gilbert and Sullivan, Dostoyevsky, Daumier, and the horses . . , "This year is different because it's the last" , . . the srnile with the heart behind it. . . MCD. GUNNAR NIEMI Philosophy ANNE G. MILLER Greek PETER SCHICKELE Instructor in Music 119 CHRISTIAN FRIEDRICK OTTO German Literature l hail to the college as "Otts", Obey all the Dos and the Nots: Reserved in a way, ilixternally, let's sayi, But holds me out wide ot the hots. PATIENCE N. PARRISH Fine Arts Cassatt at the Louvre, Picasso at home. Art of expressiveness in trivial traumas coupled with Milltowns gives spontane- ous trolic. Smiles and stars in trees. "Conelrad . . . ? No, 'Mountains So High '." In chatter, iokes, waves of laughter. "You wear my skirt . . . Pooh." ELIZABETH COX WRIGHT Professor of English 120 BARBARA J. PALMER Latin ROBERT A. PICKEN Asslslonf Professor' ol French CAROLYN PENTA English Pulsque lout posse, foisons lo mgloclie possogvireg Calle qui nous dosollbre OUVCI de nous mlson. Clwonfons Ce qul nous qullle ovcc olnour el orl, Soyons plus vile que le mpide deport x 'B KATHARINE HARTWELL PECKHAM Fine Arts VV.S.G.A. 4 A wlc .... QQK "Moonlight Girl' . , . olwoys STeve's girl, A flower in lwer lwoir ond o lwounze in lwer walk . . . Tl1:xf's Kale. BETSY RODMAN English Literature STEPHANIE ROSS French Isn't there ci French dictionary ony- where in Martin? . . . Studies French ond dreams in Spanish . . , In the Peoslee tradition . . . 36 hours in every day . . . oh, you guys. Incident PFOHB . . . "But I wanted it To be such o good paper or paper time is trauma time . . . Stefanya. STANLEY ROSENBERG English Honors "A rose is cz rose is u rose . . . LEE RUTH ROSENBLUM English Literature Honors ANNIE CLAUDE DURBACH DOBBS Instructor in French PETER J. SCHOENBACH Spanish Literature The Bach's main interests have been ll bassoon playing, highlighted bv his performance of the Mozart Bassoon Concert, and Qi the study of the Span- ish language which he hopes someday to use in the tield of Latin American relations. This Simon Bolivar of the bas- soon also donated his sweat and tears as vice-president ot Student Council. JANE SHELBY Philosophy Honors 123 BETTIE SCHOTTENFELS English Literature The soul of a poet and the words to express it . . . Tagore, Sandburg, Virgil, Donne, Millay . . . Baroque music, mod- ern art, "people", psych, and peanut butter . . . uncoordinated, but expres- sive teet . . . "No, l'm not going to grad schooll' '... always true to the beauty of words, and says with Tagore: "Let this be my parting word." MONROE K. SPEARS Visiting Professor of English NORMA JEAN THOMPSON Classics Jean . . . Well, yes, l like Wellesley, but . . . Lance says we have to study tonight . . . Laetus in praesens animus quad ultra est oderit curare et amore lento temperet risu. Nihi est ab omni parte beatum. A. HERBERT TAYLOR Philosophy STEVEN LAWRENCE SLES English Literature Art is Passion, Art is Good, Passion is good. "He placed his pickle in her pouch And oh how Sylvia then squealed! She squealed from lay, she squealed from rage - Her ioy was real and unbevvailed, And Sylvia found her wealth that night: Her wealth was her delight!" - D.H. Lawrence, Early Lyrics no longer extant GEORGE AVERY Assistant Professor of German 124 2, CHARLOTTE THORP French Literature Junior year in Paris. fig x ,xx if - K it 'I ' A, L -ish 'Q JUSTUS ROSENBERG Assistont Professor of German and Russian MARY ANN TOMKINS Religion Moiors in biology and history too . . , CA. prexy . , . boundless energy . . , winner on pitcher's mound . . . Chester Proiect , . . Bull sessions into the night . . , Creation by evolution , , , loves those held mice . . . puns galore and some good iokes , . . aspiring teacher . . . courage and enthusiasm to try new things. 125 PETER KENNETH UNGER Philosophy Honors LENORE VEIT English Literature Honors PETER S. WALCH Fine Arts Honors gn Lg, 126 CLAUDIO SPIES Assistant Professor of Music SALLY REBA VEXLER French Literature "Training is everything . . , Cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education." iMark Twainl OLGA LANG Assisianr Professor of Russian ROSEMARY WERNER Russian Literature NINA deANGELl WALLS French Honors "In Xanader did Kubla Khan A stately pleasure-dome dec Alph, the sacred river, r cavern measure-less fo man sunless sea." ree: Where an Th rough Down to a HOWARD H. WILLIAMS Readers Services Librarian snail JUDITH JOHNSTON WOODBURY Fine Arts , ' , "wel , , ,,,,, ,. T ,,,Mr,,v,,,,,,f,,, , ,. - : I K W f-is lmfrffxfwi f fr.M,ff.,. , A 2 . ,.,. Wg, W , 1 14 ef l dr. ' -' F ' ,, . . ' Y is +4-r'f:ffr:r:f.r.m.in ,JW , - , , fi , V, . ELIZABETH WRIGHT Fine Arts But I never was a Chem major . . . GWIMP lBut can't remember what it stands fort Little mail J and that be' longs to Mrs. Wright , . . Oh, l'm not athletic, I just like to play fhockey, volleyball, lacrosse, tennis . . . Betty FRANZ H. MAUTNER Professor of German DOUGLAS G. WORTH English Literature af? 3 :: - m Q f 'T 1 JOHN W. MCCOUBREY Lecturer in Fine Arts JOHN H. WRIGHT MARJORIE ANN WRIGHT Latin Philosophy 129 Be like The bird, who Pousing in flight On limb foo slight Feels it give vvmy beneath him, Ye? sings Knowing lie has wings, Vicior Hugo 7 REBECCA ADAMS History Economics i MARY ALBERTSON Chairman, Department of History BRIAN ERIC APPEL PAUL ARMINGTON Political Science Honcrs LINDA CHRISTINE AVERY Rockets ore red Violins blueg A grod school in Cambridge And bomb shelter too. Political Science DAVID S. BAMBERGER "God is good, but schnopps is something you con drink!" . . . ond the right of all men to life History "Oh, I soy!" DEBORAH AYRES Communication, HISTORY ond beauty "Thus Kent, O princes, bids you GII, Adieu." s.u.4u.LY"wi. " ' ' If l I':i 1" LAURENCE D. LAFORE Professor of History 131 JAMES W. BARNES Economics JOSEPH W. CONRAD Professor of Economics JANE BRAND Political Science Senior year spent in Lodge l proved enlightening . . . enthusiastic partici- pant - Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, La- crosse . . . Anti-Morgenthau . . . Col- lection equals knitting . . . in New York they wear . . . "Could you please take a tour at . . . ' '... Loyal friend . . . Janie. JOHN BICKFORD Psychology 132 RICHARD C. BECHTEL, JR. Psychology All right, you guys, who's the clown! . . . Looks like football's out of the question this year . . . Wait a minute, let's get organized . . . Not another referendum! Last place in the break- fast line , . . l'll take care of it to- morrow The ioys of Physics l-2 I a.m. shower ritual . , . Headed for Med. School. PETER BRANDT History Kappa Sig and Catamount . . . liquor clerk and mountain climber . . . Lacrosse Captain . . . trail blazer for the Scott Foundation . , . errant photographer and budding drummer . . . tootsie-pops and hedgehog - hides in the library while his room is redeco- rated . . . "Be discrete children" . . . C+ OMOGI CALLEB Political Science-international Relations J. WILLIAM BROD Economics Two years JV football, then turned to managing basketball . . . Also at- tempted JV lacrosse and JV tennis without success , . . Likes economics, history. "Mon coeur est materialiste, mais ma , raison s'y refuse CLAIR WILCOX Chairman, Department of Economics 133 WALTER F. CARTER History Honors LOIS ELINOR CLARENBACH Psychology Honors One year of social whirl, three years of HANS WALLACH Chairman, Department of Psychology and Education Mike - Are you wearing your pin today? - Early to bed, late to rise - "What time is it?" - I like knowing math but not learning it - thrifty - indecision: "Let's put up a list, Lois can check oft how she feels about things today." JAMES C. DICK Political Science ADELAIDE C. CURLI. Psychology Purpose: Right Belief. Procedure: "Knowledge of human nature is the beginning and the end of political education." Henry Brooks Adams Results: "The oFfice of government is not to confer happiness, but to give men opportunity to work out happiness for themselves." William Ellery Channing And now: "Right" Action. JANE CADWALLADER DIXON Psychology "And forget not thof The eorih delighls To feel your bore feel and the winds long To ploy wi?h your hair." Kahlil Gibran DIANA MACK DRAKE Psychology "Look To This Doyl For if is Life, The very Life o f Life. In its brief course lie all 'he Verities and Reolifies of your Existence." J. ROLAND PENNOCK from the Sanskrit Chczirrnon, Department of PoliTiccI Science 135 MU'- ,5.,.w-di" SUZANNE P. DUVALL Polirlcnl Science Honors KENNETH N. WALTZ Associote Professor of Political Science Wim DAVID VonDEUSEN EDWARDS Politicol Science Honors SUSAN E. EHRLICH History EVELYN EDSON History A listener ond lookei' out of windows, memory for other people's names ond foces. Phoenix, Hamburg '61, Eire. Thor vvos the phase before lost . . . All things in their seoson ond every seoson beautiful. rex, 'Q fam. tem mm, ft JOAN CAROL ESPENCHIED Psychology Consciencious worker with a ready smile . . . Diverse intellectual interests , . . Always has time for the problems ot others. Her active participation in "worth-while" extracurriculars and community proiects is good evidence of a successful social worker-to-be, MARJORIE H. ELDREDGE Political Science Between studying, sleeping, and other passions, Pete. Sports . . . anyone for golt, a strenuous hand ot bridge? Eat- ingg "Can l have a little taste of . . ." Tea party politicsp "but the trouble with that theory is . . ." The glorious lite, but spring vacation tans . . and l'll wear your blouse." Boo. CHARLES E, GILBERT Assistant Protessor of Political Science 137 OLIVER THOMAS FEIN Political Science Honors "The diversity of ideas which one can have, say, ot an apple: the apple as it appears to the child who must stretch his neclc so as barely to see it on the table, and the apple as it appears to the master ot the house who picks it up and Iordlily hands it to his guest." Kafka , WWW CAROL P. Fox , ,..-""' Political Science LINDA DAE FULTON Economics 138 DAVID G. SMITH Assistant Professor of Political Science CYNTHIA GANUNG Psychology Honors "And all urge is blind save when there is knowledge, And all knowledge is voin save where there is workg And all work is empty save where there is lovep And when you work with love you bind yourself to yourself, and to one another . . X' Kahlil Gibran GENE DONALD OVERSTREET Assistant Professor of Poliricul Science ROBERT SHEAFFER GUTHRIE Economics 139 SUSAN GOODMAN History ELLEN GOWER Psychology JUDITH GUTMAN History Honors PAUL HANNUM History Kappa Sig and Catamount - Mush- room King hits Boston Society in a Swingin' Low Sweet Chariot - Soccer - Lacrosse - 125 cc's - a school record - Ambassador of ioy and sun- shine from Bologna to Portland - "Parlez- vous Deutsch?" JOHN H. HAND Economics Honors ROGER LEE HEACOCK, JR. Political Science 14-0 DANIEL HEADRICK Economics Headrick? Headrick? who's he? . . . The sprechen-youfespanol-monsieur guy, you mean? or the Katangan? Oh, you mean the diamond-monger, sure, sure, the diamond-monger . . . M... JAMES A. HENRETTA History Honors CYNTHIA ANN HEYNEN International Relations Cayenne pepper lends a certain spice to lite . . . Floor studier, fond of black coffee . . . Phoenix, Student Council, expedition to Ghana . . . A mind open to reason , , , "Good sense is a Good Thing, but don't let it get out of hand." Cynthia JAMES R. HIMES Economics Honors H940-HC 3l.C7 v. lOO,5 19623 THOMAS A. HODGSON Economics "l.aundry! Dry cleaningl' '... Thirteen straight strikeouts . . . Wait a minute, l'll look it up in my notes . . . Anybody going bowling Saturday night? . . . Come on, you guys! lt's 8:27 and Potter's at ELIZABETH B. HOLDEN 'he door' Political Science - International Relations 141 MARGARET RENO HURCHALLA Psychology Honors Maggy . . , l'm twice as busy as every- body else, but l'm three times as happy , , . Every college girl should have a baby . . . , i i i.- CHRISTINE WALTON JENSEN Economics Tina - Combines the Quaker and the Danish - "You're on my deaf side" - didn't like rats - that "cabin" ot Poupoc Y- mojored in AFSC on the side new ,M M mm, ALAN JENKS History 142 PAUL H. BEIK Professor of History RElDA JOHNSON History Anti-fraternity frat sister. certified hampster sitter ond beaker washer. QP Grade-A amateur Q GEORGE JONES MARGARET S. KAETZEL History History Stoic , , A bio, history, and pre-med? 'Course she's practical - she goes out intellectual dilettant ,... convinced with GngiH66I'S Y FSliCiTOUSly feline that eight o'cloclcs are good for the Hlled room tor felicitous feline femme soul . . , but the band doesrvt need e M Sections volume control - rad any more trumpetsl , . , how about a iGTSS gf0vlfOS nice slow waltz.. . Phi Sig . . .George F.M. - Jeff SOLOMON E. ASCH Professor of Psychology iv 2.2- ROBERT LEWIS KAPLAN Political Science Frustrated sportscaster - strictly non- political - the more you explain it to me the less I understand - you know, you can always use the phone book tor an opera score - future lawyer - anti-trust or bust - sophisticated naiyete and disenchanted faith - Bob DAVID E. KIDDER Political Science-International Relations NAOMI E. KIES History Honors They love dancing well that dance barefoot upon thorns. ERIC KRONFELD History "The Movs" - Erstwhile football and baseball hero who won his letter the hard way Future psychoanalyst finds cases in strangest places 3 Porterhouse and Greens f Money-makers: DU Treasury and harness horses -- Shaw to Rote and the M boys - Roomball ex- pert always beats Aus and Hoags - "Hey Warrs another bis Schaefer?" R. ARNOLD RICKS Instructor in History 144 WILIAM KRIST International Relations Well, good mornin', Captain! . , . Trau- matic dates at Marra's plus a mixture of Fats Domino and Beethoven . . . Fugitive from the Math. Dept .,.. De- funct end from the defunct Bearcats , . . Stalvvart DU who hates freshmen. "it looks gaseousg , . . wiped out!" Krister ,Ya Y P S .A 4 r ,K .352 , if -'mf 3 V ,A I K si W f. as ,iw sg f Us , ,, 2, 9 it R a Q K tor-Ao,,.:-as ,M my qNL,.. -. 72-sifmcmo fk. Kms JAMES A. FIELD, JR, Professor of History JACQUELINE A. LAPIDUS History Honors VALORIE ANNE LADD Psychology "All ignoronce toboggons into know ond trudges up to ignorance ogoin" e. e. curnmings PETER SAMUEL LATHAM Politicol Science Honors "Ho Ho Ho . . . Dc1rnrnit" -A Sonto Claus ond the TAO Christmas tree - Moiored in The Group Basis of Politics - "Good morning everyone" -- Con- servotive, cortoonist, editor, ond mon obout Wostwington Boston? Keep those scrufts out ot the dining room ond their views undcrtoot The showering songsfer "Moryiond, My Moryiondu MARGED LINDNER Psychology Honors JUDITH MARKHAM History Honors BETSY DIANA MARTIN Politicol Science KENNETH MEHAN Economics Gentlemon ond scholor. Returning vet. ex. '6O. Koppo Sigma. Wrestled o few yeors. Get serious! Ken. WILLIAM BROWN, JR. Associate Professor ot Economics JOHN R. MIELE Political Science - lnternmionol WILLIS D, WEATHERFORD Associate Professor of Economics Relofions ANN MORTON History WILLIAM J. MOREHOUSE Economics Koppo Sig and Cofomount . , . Soccer Captain and songwriter . . . Lacrosse and low school . . , bikes and beer , . . drummer and ducknopper , . Bobs . . . Cops ond Wopcycle . "Willie, did you do thot?" MARY B. MURPHY HENRY GLEITMAN Associate Professor of Psychology History 11MUrph1i R. WESLEY MUTCHLER, JR. Political Science "R, Weeley Teely" - President ot Phi Kappa Psi - She really doesn't affect me anymore - I mean it. l'm not kid- ding this time. I gotta get to know that girl. - Midnight wrestler - Pre-med. Keep your foot in the door - Potter's there today. CYNTHIA MARGARET NORRIS Psychology 148 ANDREA NEIMAN Economics Honors A real seeing-eye- girl - all spark and no spite . . . lives by continual fulgura' tions . . . "l iust had another insight" . . . Andie Neiman . . . she's a demon. MARGARET A. PICKETT Psychology Peggy . . . quiet cheerfulness . . . "Come up to my room and have some tea" . . . library, Albatross, softball, and Chorus . . . dreams of A.F.S.C. work . . . "the Peggy pun." HELEN M. HUNTER Lecturer in Economics LOUIS B. POTTER Economics Honors 149 ANTHONY J. PLITNIK Economics ROBERT RESCORLA Psychology Honors DEAN PEABODY Assistont Professor of Psychology ' WILLIAM ROBBINS RIDINGTON JR. History 150 WU' CAROLYN RHOADES Internotionol Relotions "Die kleine' '..,' 'But the librory clock wos slowl' '... lnternotionol Club, Pence Corps Committee, German ond Russion Clubs , . . Foreign Service . . . "Where's My - ?" 4355! 'ii Y I PAUL ALAN ROTHMAN Economics Honors without honors exams . . . Dab- bler in spring sports . . , Colces at ChesA ters , . , "How many minutes Hodg" . . , Phi Kappa Psi Treasurer , . . Three year A-man . , , "Laundry - Dry Cleaning' '.., Golf in the room - hole in the rug . . . Law school ahead . . , Turk . . . Roth. ARLIE RUSSELL International Relations Campus lobbyist for the Peace Corps. Summer residence -- small coeduca- tional village eleven miles northwest oi Accra. "What do you mean, Women's Rights is a nineteenth century cause? Why, 2836 of white, urban, middle- class, married women under 40 . . ." "Why all this stress on being realistic?" FREDERICK B, TOLLES Professor of History 151 JOHN CODMAN RUHNKA Political Science FREDERICK H. RUSSELL Htstory Honors 9 MARGARET STANLEY SEGA History Honors L DON L. SCARBOROUGH Psychotogy 152 ANTHONY T. LUTTRELL Instructor in History JUDY SCHWARTZ History "Dotto, Duyodhuum, Domoyoto Shanti, Shanti, St1f1ntI" ARTHUR JAY SIEGEL History Honors JAMES D. STOROZUK Poiificoi Science iiiieimiziiomxi Re- iotions Outspokon modcvotc with wry sense of humor '.,. dies Swcxrtiimore super-lib erolism os "IiiielieCiuoily dislworwosfn ond poiorized . . , U iiking for Mociiioveiii, Bismork, MorgenTiic1u, Reolpoiiiik . , . TAO, Modf.-une, Eos! Asian Swdics Group . , . ixiure iii libmiy siiwokei . . . "The Uniied Stores has cm unique Toleni for winning wins cmd losing THQ L. KEITH SIMMER Peflfe-" Hisiory L. BENJAMIN SIRMAN History ROBERT J. OSBORN insirucioi' im Politicoi Scier RONALD G. SUNY Hisfory Honors MARSHA SWISS History Honors 5 ii xv ,gg JOHN TANNEHILI. Political Science Honors . JEAN H. KOPYTOFF Leciurer in Hisiory JOHN B. THOMPSON international Re-ioiions - History Honors T. JEFFREY TOY Economics E. CARL UEHLEIN, JR. Economics Freshman year at Bowdoin. Found Swarihrnore Idetfer Tayiored To his needs. Seif styled Iacrosse goalie. What coior is grass? "I have too much work To do - well maybe I con spare half on hour." Likes To remember summer spent as mint iuiep sampier for Ihe Ford Foundation. The Dean's Whife Ghia. PHILIP W. BELL Lecfurer in Economics JUDITH D. WALSH Psychology 155 JOHN LEE WEINBERG Economics DAVID H. WEGMAN History One man triumvirate: Phoenix Editor, Council President, Senior Class President. A member of Roberts international set. "Why don't you move that stack of iunk onto your desk?" "But that is my desk." Parkinson's Law defines the downfall of modern society. Thank goodness for Jello instant pudding. - Dave ANNE WELSH Economics CONRAD M. SCHIROKAUER Instructor in History 45 JOYCE S. WHYTE Philosophy LEWIS D. WURGAFT History Honors WILLIAM BARRY WRIGHT History Local stranger with slow smile and quick humor . . . "So who the H - is he?" . , . Engineered his way into the Physical problems of History . . . "Harrith, our teenage . , .!" bicycle and bookbag . . . "lntellectual4Boor' '... gung-ho Frat Man? . . . breakfast at Somerville . . . exercise ot all hours . . . Army physical . . . JOHN H. GREEN History ROBERT K. ENDERS Chairman, Department ot Biology TERRY REYNOLDS ALLEN Zoology f JOHN DAVID BERRYMAN Biology Honors A few questions too many. Alexandria seems very far away. LAURA HELEN BERKELEY Botany What could be more glorious than climbing tiers of waterfalls in the midst of golden autumn, scrambling thru the spray for algae, and pausing to ex- amine mosses on the dripping cliffs! ELNA OTTER BINFORD Physics Electrical engineer at heart , . . "Why doesn't the Physics Department teach any courses?' '...f 'Chairman" ot AIEE-IRE Student Branch . . . a final exam in the morning, her wedding in the afternoon - almost . . . takes daughter and husband to labs isome- times . . . Habitual lateness - "l got up in time but Hilde vvouldn't eat breakfast" , . . Elly RUTH ELLEN BROSI Zoology Honors Deeply interested in biology, but . . . "A minor in English would be nice." Unexpected events lend variety to her lite. Adventuresome spirit. Sensitive nature. "Planning ahead" is one lcey to her success . . . meeting problems head-on is another. "l've changed my mind: graduate school and marriage aren't really incompatible." ,ff STEPHEN L. BLOOM Mathematics Honors NORMAN A. MEINKOTH Associate Protessor ot Biology 159 PETER H. CAMPBELL Biology A renaissance biologist with 57 yarie- ties ot tentacles dining room lcolos . . . honky-tonic organist . . . a bass of great tenor . . . cratty arts . . . a well' known peteri-dish: Botany black-bored irescoes with a six-stringed sense of humor which never peters outp and oh those held trips , . . a very puny tel- low. W. BUTLER BURTON Mathematics Honors GEORGE C. CARROLL Botany Honors DELANSON R. CRIST Chemistry Honors "Now I really think this issue is shap- ing up," Phi Sig president at some stage ot the game. Gotta shorten that distance to Wellesley. Now which end ot Kater's pendulum goes up? Can I help it if my twin's a Kappie? . . . Lance. LAUNCE J. FLEMISTER Associate Professor of Biology 1 2 E as LUZERN G. LIVINGSTON Associate Professor of Biology STEPHEN THOMPSON EMLEN Zoology Phi Sigma Kappa f secretary, vice- president and presidentg IFC secretary, Bios Club treasurer, Freshman Orien- tation Committeeg a one time varsity wrestler. Always happy - usually with a Peckham on his arm. CHARLES H. ELLIS JR. Zoology Phi Sigma Kappa Y The alumni chair- man who ferretted out the lost souls. Frettecl basses, New York Subways and screeching brakes. Telephone calliope. Lab widower. What does B.C. equal? Puramecium electrocutionist. JOHN G. EVEN, ll Biology JOAN NA M. FERBER Chemistry HARRIS FISCHER Physics l-le ployed by ear 'H 4 FRANK WEN DELL FARLOW Chemistry DU's foll-:singer - liberol heod proctor, golf captain, SJC choirmon - "He-'S not on athlete? bid himl" - secret major in Russion ond Germon, minor in hu- mon relationships -- o sincere adherent to the informal philosophy of the Good Life. 162 so WILLIAM C. DENISON Assistant Professor of Biology MARY DIANE FINE Biology X i ROBERT L. GOBLE Physics Honors GAY C. GILMORE Biology Ace , . . "Well, l don'f know." . . . on oporfmenf, cl cor, ond o key To The "End Lolo' ',.. Thunder Mounfoln . . "the Eternal Circle." RONALD S. GOOR Zoology Honors WALTER B. KEIGHTON, JR. Choirmcin, Deportmenf of Chemistry 163 CHARLES B. KIMMEL 4iDEK's origindl Buddy-Buddy. Anti- folk singing guitar player and hompsfer breeder por excellence. . ,, rg, MARY CAROLINE McCUTCHAN Mathematics Let's go, gang! - for hockey, basket- ball, and tennis - I can use that for a game we're playing in Sunday School e But the water's colder on this side - Aw, shuckins -H MC "But whatever his weight in pounds, shillings, and ounces, He always seems bigger because of his bounces." Associate Professor of Mathematics STEVENS HECKSCHER Instructor in Mathematics DOUGLAS SCOTT HALL Chemistry "Clark - all smiles and iokes - one B down after first year - but why do I worry? - water balloon idiot - makes friends easily at the front of the lunch line - what, me go into honors? - flag raiser - sadistic lab grader - graduate work in astronomy DAVE MAYBEE Zoology Phi Kappa Psi secretary: "Who helped Dave write those minutes?" , , . Hard working co-captain of the swimming team . . . Bridge fanatic , . . Soccei manager: "Now what does Stetson want?' '... Maybee not . . . "But fellows, I don't know how that lipstick got on my collar!" RALPH L. SHIVELY GILBERT P. HAIGHT, JR. Associate Professor ot Chemistry ANNE WIJTSKE KOOPMANS Biology JOHN B. NESBITT Zoology Kappa Sig's resident - prexy -- house chairman , . . homecoming craftsman extra-ordinaire . . . lost ot the Bearcats, captain F-section Tigers . . , Lacrosse honors , . . lF's basketball flash . . . Halcyon Sports Editor . . . Med School . . . "Beat 'em, Bucs!" . . . "We gotta get on these guys!" . . . "Maintenance KENNETH S' RAWSON mon needs G new shmf, . I I Nez Assistant Professor of Biology 166 JOHN THOMPSON OGLESBY, II Zoology You name it and l've either thought of it or done it. - Ogles DAVID C. RICHARDSON Chemistry Honors Trot "Born with the gift of laughter and a sense that the world is maclf' - Sabatini Qs HEINRICH BRINKMANN Chairman, Department of Mathematics itil' E. CHRISTIAN PRESCOTT Mathematics 167 NICHOLAS PASSELL Mathematics Honors Nickp Row equivalent? No, this exampleg Why physics? phileg Splash! consider Germano- JAMES JOHLIN ROBINSON Mafhemofics Honors . . . Because I like it, Member Phi Sig. C-Section animals. I was born here, Yhaf's why! How about some pizza? One can'T study all the Time! . . . Cal- culus made easy. Yes, I am going To medical school, Academic noncon- formity. Woods Hole, women, and sailing. A happy wanderer. JONATHAN L. ROSNER Physics MARY MINIER SARGENT Mathematics 168 PHILIP W. CARRUTH Associate Professor of Mathematics PETER van cle KAMP Chairman, Department of Astronomy and Director of Sproul Observatory I me f MARTHA ANNE SCOTT Chemistry STEPHEN C. SCHOENBAUM Mathematics Honors OLIVER G. ABERTH instructor in Mathematics Let today embrace the past with remembrance and the future with longing. - Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet BERT I. SHAPIRO Zoolngy Honors Do you think rotiters believe in virgin births? Din- ing room food is just artifact. The best thing the Student Cuncil ever did was to get curtains for the lodges. Martin library. ARTHUR JOHN SOLODAR Chemistry Phi Sigma Kcippo Rush Chairman W or- denf conoeisf, folkdoncer - chorus, N,S.F. reseorch e one of The "long- ormed" dining room door boys. Zap! EDWARD A. FEHNEL Associofe Professor of Chemistry NOEL F. R. SNYDER Biology PETER T. THOMPSON Assisfonf Professor of Chemistry R A ,V , . '1 V31 . H, iss: m i .,,f gi, M 1253 T 225 T, is, use . ' ' my K , , ff p Q at ff' FELICE D. BATEMAN Lecturer in Mathematics 'HHMQH ROBERT N. STEARNS Mathematics Honors Commissioner Gordon's right hand man . . . Music to play bridge byp music to play billiards by: music to . . . This SLIO has To last two weeks, men . . , Ehhh! . . . Blow me a kiss from across the room . . , What's that in The sky? . . . Try that! . . . Hasn'T missed a Sun- day night yet . . . So beat . . . CHARLES HALCOMB SPRINGER Chemistry 171 ' :z i PARKER J. STAPLES Zoology WILLIAM JAMES SHEPPARD Instructor in Chemistry iw f - in ,Q 3 Y ff? t", . 'f Ltfil ii BURTON SPENCER STECK Chemistry KIRK STEPHENS Mathematics Honors Quiet mathematician - except when laughing 1Trot ond Joker Joke in Trot- terl. Reality principle of Outing Club, Swarthmore Grotto of NSS. Anti-social is a foreign word ios TAO will testifyl. Trying to save American railroods. Sorry, girls, he's token - permanently. ALBU RT M. ROSENBERG Assistant Professor ot Biology DUNCAN G, FOSTER Professor ot Chemistry PHILLIP STONE Chemistry 172 WALTER FULLER TAYLOR Physics DAVID W, THOMAS Chemistry We're bound for blue woter where the greot winds blow, It's time to get the tocks ulnoorcl, time tor' us to gog The crovvd's ot the copston ond the tune's in the shout, "A long pull, o strong pull, und warp the hooker out." so i LISE JO WALDMAN Mothemotics Honors ". . . Euclid clone Hos looked on Beauty bore. Fortunate they Who, thought once only ond then but for ovvoy Hove heard het' massive sondol set on stone." Edno St. Vincent Milloy WILLIAM C. ELMORE Choirmon, Department of Physics JARL A. ELMGREN Instructor in Physics JOHN WARRINGTON Zoology "The Warrs" - Stetson's bozooko re- cuperated from a knee iniury at various rest homes - Porterhouse and Greens Infamous duo: MA, and Big Bad John , . . Future surgeon who worked on Schaefer tumor in Ocean City. "Huff, Hutt, Hutt." Mr. D.U. who doubles as Kwink gaveI-pounder. "OK, A I bucket, Mavs 4 gotta turkf' ALBERT J. WILLIAMS III Physics Swimming team - Steam table - Folk Dancing PAUL C. MANGELSDORF, JR. Associate Professor ot Physics ELIZABETH S. WOOD Mathematics . . . to think is to eat flowers and not to be afraid. SUZANNE ESTELLE WRIGHT Zoology Sue . , . Shy freshman cheerleader with senior friend . . . youth marches and idealism . . . Europe . . . Biology. Train- ing for iunior year of public service: Student Council, Phoenix, Budget C Committee . . . 'fGood morning, Swarth- more Collegef' Now, admits medical aspirations . . . RMBL - trained animal owner . . . fine arts dabbler and water ballet captain . . . ideals remain, shyness gone. 175 ROBERT N. EUVVEMA Assistant Professor of Physics MARK A. HEALD Assistant Protessor of Physics -. A 1223 . BARBAR YODER Chemistry "Ask Barb -- she's o chem-major." Chromium and antimony compounds, very complex. Phi Sigma Kappa sister, dishwasher with monogrammed towels Junior year at Pooh Corner, with 'Ras- tus, Waldo, Waldare, and Waldavi, MC? and Betty. Social summer at Swarthmore with the Bryn Mpiwr Ac- tivity Boys. What does Barb'Charlie equal? 2-3-2 LAWRENCE CAROFF Engineering Science Member of Delta Upsilon Fraternity . . . served as recording secretary, president, named outstanding pledgeg 3 years of varsity footballp shared outstanding Fresh- man engineer awardg Armstrong then Sharples Scholarship holderg ca-chairman SAMUEL T. CARPENTER Professor of Civil and Mechanical En- gineering S.E.O. M. JOSEPH WILLIS Associate Professor of Civil Engineering JAMES ROBERT CHESNUT Engineering Honors Electrical engineering is a hobby and a major . . . A football fan: hasn't missed one of his high school's games in years . . . knows more of his fellow students than most of the people living on campus do . . . always smiling . . . a friendly chat and a compliment for everyone . . . Bob ROBERT CROFT ELLIS Electrical Engineering ARCHIE M. RICHARDSON JR. Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering CLARK P. MANGELSDORF Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering ALLEN GIESE Engineering JOHN D. MCCRUMM Professor of Engineering NIKKI ELIZABETH HILDUM Engineering Honors Bridge-playing engineer who spends more time in seminar and lab than most spend studying . . . irrepressible urges to see a movie, any movie . . . long, late, solitary walks . . . "l think l'll make my dress this afternoon" , . . water ballet . . , moods from pensive silence to uncontrollable mirth . . . "But he really is my brother," ALLEN HARVEY GREENLEAF Mechanical Engineering HOWARD MALCOLM JENKINS Professor of Engineering DON LATSHAW Electrical Engineering CARL BARUS Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering WARREN CREAMER KENDIG Electrical Engineering wil" 5 ,f . H - A' 'W E A . 555' , - 'L ' "" A T DAVID I.. BOWLER Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering l.. LEE MOORE Electrical Engineering Junior years at the shore and Swarth- more. What color is grass? "Labs? Collection? I've got golf practice." The four l.'s. Made the Continental scene as one of the four horsemen. JOHN L. NELSON Mechanical Engineering BERNARD MORRILL Professor of Mechanical Engineering 180 STUART J. SAFFT Mechanical Engineering One of three in mechanical engineering . . . "Hey, you guys, can't you be quiet - l'm trying to get my twelve hours of sleep." . . . "l'lI do anything to keep from working." . . . "The hell with engineering - I'm going into busi- ness.". DAVID A WALTER Civil Engineering MICHAEL E. MCCORMICK Instructor in Mechanical Engineering PETER SVEN WESTINE Civil Engineering Engineering extraordinary . . . views on everything from politics lRepublicanl to religion . . . Baseball and soccer on the side . . . Pinned four years - for- got one day . . . "This -'Ili'S"Xi8tQC! problem's wrong." Something old, some- thing new, something borrowed - mainly neckties TAO House chairman with or without portfolio. Inventor ot the fierce stare . . . Pat. DOUGLAS C. THOMPSON Electrical Engineering TAO with DU inclinations. Engineer who drowns himself in his work both academic and social. Diminutive dining room doorman. Track manager and three year JV soccer mainstay who finally made varsity this year. Sports car nut. Bridge player par excellence, and known to his friends as the "little leering cherub." NICHOLAS A. FEDORUK Political Science-International Relations Seniors Not Pictured T. ALAN BROUGHTON English Literature Honors LLOYD B. KREUZER Physics Honors DANIELA O. WITOMSKA History 1 5 183 YP ELEANOR K. HESS Assistant Professor ol Physical Education for Women WILLIS J. STETSON Associate Professor of Physical Education for Men E. J. FAULKNER Associate Professor of Physical Education for Men 184 IRENE MOLL Associate Professor of Physical Education for Women LEWIS H. ELVERSON Associate Professor of Physical Education for Men VIRGINIA RATH Associate Professor of Physical Education for Women AILYN TERADA Instructor in Physical Education for Women 185 ' 1 It A 4 1 U . , w WN . 0 1 . an Q u A ., -, , .,, -, vm ' ,frvf qs 1 f ll"""' X ' 4 'A r iw. 'wg Halcyon Editor Robert Tinker Business Manager Joan Bradbury Advertising Manager Peter Maloney StaFF Barbara Bannister, Kathy Barrett, Joann Broadbooks, Molly Chase, Lois Clarenbach, Evelyn Edson, Mary Gilruth, Nancy Hall, Alice Hand- saker, Kitty Heller, Diana Judd, Sue Roberts, Nanna Taylor, Anne Welsh, Marke Woodward Layout Editor Anne Cochran Staff Molly Chase, Margie Flaccus, Barbara Kline, Gail MacCall, Phil Morehead, Terry Platt, Ann Potter, Eric Smith, Ann Stuart, Phil Wion Literary Editor Carol Beattie Staff Pat Deats, Dave Heider Photography Editor Ron Scott Assignments Robin Smith Processing Nicky Pannwitt Staff Mary Alt, Mike Bancroft, Marty Barcalow, Pete Campbell, Ciel Coberly, Dick Grossman, Peter Hartline, Dan Headrick, Dick Kittredge Val Ladd, Kathy Malley, Pete Miller, Jerry Nelson, Larry Phillips, Linda Pike, Terry Platt, Joe Price, Tim Riggs, Steve Riskind, Marty Scott, Jim Storozuk, Sue Womer Secretary Barbara Ravenell Personnel Carol Cross Seniors Editor Carol Fox Stott Ellen Asher, Linda Avery, Debby Ayres, Molly Chase, Linda Fulton, Barbara Hallock, Jett Jones, Ricky Strong, Rosemary Werner 189 Aberth, Oliver ..... Albertson, Mary .... Asch, Solomon . . . Asensio, Elisa . . . Avery, George . .. Barr, Robert ..... Barus, Carl ........ Bateman, Felice .... Beard, Robert ...... Beardsle Monroe . . . . . . Y, - Becker, George ..... Beik, Paul ..... Bell, r Philip ...... Bowler, David ..... Brandt, Richard ...... . . . Brinkmann, Heinrich . . . . . . Brown, Stephen .... Brown, William ..... Carpenter, Samuel .... . . . Carruth, Philip ..... Cobbs, Susan .... Cohn, Hilde ..... Conard, Joseph .... Cowden, David .... Cratsley, Edward ..... . . . Denison, William ..... Dobbs, Annie-Claude Elmgren, Jarl ......... . . . Elmore, William . .. Enders, Robert ..... Euwema, Robert . . . Fehnel, Edward .... Field ames Flemister, Launce .... . . . Flew, Antony ...... Foster, Duncan .... Gilbert, Charles .... Gleitman, Henry . .. Grover, Frederick .... . . . Haight, Gilbert .... Heald, Mark ....... Heckscher, Stevens .... . . . Hoenigswald, Gabriele Hunter, Helen ........ . . . Hynes, Samuel ....... . . . Jenkins, Howard . .. Keighton, Walter . . . Klees, Fredric .... Kopytoff, Jean . . . Lafore, Laurence . . . Lang, Olga . . . . Lange, Barbara .... INDEX FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION Livingston, Luzern . . Luttrell, Anthony . . . MacLaren, Margaret Mangelsdorf, Clark . Mangelsdorf, Paul .. March, Harold ..... Mautner, Franz .... Maclaren, Margaret McCormick, Nichael McCoubrey, John .. McCrumm, John . . . Meinkoth, Norman . Moore, John ....... Morrill, Bernard . . . North, Helen .... Osborn, Robert .... Peabody, Dean ..... Pennock, Roland . . . Perkins, Jean .... Picken, Robert . . . Prentice, William . . . Rawson, Kenneth . . . Rich, Audrey ...... Richardson, Archie . Ricks, Arnold ...... Rosenberg, Alburt .. Rosenberg, Justus . . . Schickele, Peter 5 . . . Schirokaurer, Conrad Shaffer, Jerome .... Shane, Joseph ...... Sheppard, William . Smith, Courtney Smith, David .... Shively, Ralph . .. Sorber, James .... Spears, Monroe .... Spies, Claudio . .. Stott, Gilmore . .. Swing, Peter ....... Thompson, Peter . . . Tolles, Frederick . .. Urban, Linwood van de Kamp, Peter . Wallach, Hans ..... Walker, Robert .... Waltz, Kenneth .... Weatherford, Willis Wilcox, Claire ..... Williams, John ..... Willis, M. Joseph . . . Wright, Elizabeth .. Adams, Rebecca .. Allen, Terry ,,,,,,, Appel, Brian ...... Armington, Paul .. Arnold, Susan .... Asher, Ellen ...... Ashelman, Peter . . . Avery. Linda ..... Ayres, Deborah , , , Bamberger, David . Barnes, James ..... Bechtel, Richard .. Bentele, Rose-Marie Berkeley, Laura . . . Berman, Bernard . . Berryman, John . . . Bickford, John .... Binford, Elna . . . Biskind, Peter . . . Bloom, Stephen . . . Brand, Jane .... Brandt, Peter . . . Brest, Paul ..... Brod, William . . . Brosi, Ruth ....... Broughton, T. Alan Brown, Rebecca . . . Bunker, Michel Burack, David .... Burton. W. Butler . Calleb, I. Omogi . . Campbell, Peter . . . Caroff, Lawrence . . Carroll, George Carter, Walt ..... Chase, Mary ..... Chatelain, Jo Ann . Chesnut, Robert . Clarenbach, Lois .. Crist, DeLanson . . . Curll, Adelaide Dick, James .... SENIORS 130 158 130 130 104 104 104 130 131 131 131 132 105 158 105 158 132 159 105 159 132 132 106 133 159 182 106 107 107 160 133 160 176 160 133 107 108 176 134 160 134 134 Dickinson, Deborah Dixon, Jane ...... Drake, Diane ..... Duvall, Suzanne .. Edson, Evelyn .... Edwards, David . . . Ehrlich, Sue ...... Eldredge, Marge .. Eldridge, Maurice . Ellis, Charles ..... Ellis, Robert ...... Emlen, Stephen . . . Espenschied, Joan . Evans, Thomas . .. Even, John ....... Eves, Darl ........ Edwards, David .... Fairbanks, A. Harris Farlow, Frank .... Faverty, Kathy .... Fedoruk, Nicholas . Fein, Oliver ...... Ferber, Joanna .... Fine, Mary ..... Fines, Sue ...... Fischer, Harris .... Flaccus, Margie . . . Foster, Phyllis . . . Fox, Carol Freyer, James . . . Fulton, Linda ..... Ganung, Cynthia .. Gardner, Merrie .. Gardner, Nancy . . . Giese, Allen ...... Gilmore, Gary . . . Gilruth, Mary . . . Goble, Robert .... Goodman, Susan .. Goor, Ronald .... Gower, Ellen .... Graham, Lora . .. Green, John ..... Greenleaf, Allen .. Gross, Robert ..... Guthrie, Robert . . . Gutman, Judith . . . Hahn, Nicolas . . . Hall, Douglas .... Hand, Hohn ..... Hannum, Paul . . . Harris, Hedy .... Heacock, Roger . . Headrick, Daniel . . Henretta, Jim .... Heynen, Cythia . .. Hildum, Nikki . . . Himes, James .... Hodges, Caroline .. Hodgson, Thomas Holden, Elizabeth . Hopps, Christopher Hurchalla, Margaret Iverson, Suzanne .. Izenour, Steven .. . Jahoda, Eleanor . . . Jenks, Alan ....... Jensen, Christine .. Johnson, Keith . . . Johnson, Reida . .. Jones, George ..... Kaetzel, Margaret . Kaplan, Robert . .. Kendig, Warren . . . Kerzner, Jay .... Kidder, David . . . Kies, Naomi ..... Kimmel, Charles .. Koch, Stephen .... Koopmans, Anne . . Kramer, Nancy . .. Kreuzer, Lloyd Krist, William . .. Kronfeld, Eric . . . M Ladd, Valorie ..... Lapidus, Jacqueline Latham, Peter .... Latshaw, Don .... Law, Shirley ..... Lemchen, Barbara . Lewis, David ..... Lindner, Merged . Malley, Kathleen . . Mallonee, Georgene Malsin, Emily .... Many, Seth ....... Mark, Stephen . . . Markham, Judith, .. Martin, Betsy ...... Maybee, David . .. McCutchan, Mary Caroline McDiarmid, Mary . Mehan, Kenneth . . . Miele, John ..... Miller, Anne ...... Moore, L. Lee .... Morehouse, William Morton, Ann ..... Murphy, Mary .. . Mutchler, Ralph .. Neiman, Andrea .. Nelson, John .... Nesbitt, John . . . Niemi, Gunnar . . . Norris, Cynthia .. Otto, Christian .. Oglesby, John .... Palmer, Barbara .. Parrish, Patience .. Passell, Nick ...... Peckham, Katherine Penta, Carolyn .... Pickett, Margaret . Plitnik, Tony ..... Potter, Louis ..... Prescott, Christian . Sles, Steven ..... Rescorla, Robert . Rodman, Mary . . . Rhoades, Carolyn . Richardson, David Ridington, William Robinson, James . Rosenberg, Stanley Rosenblum, Lee .... . . . Rosner, Jonathan . Ross, Stephanie .. Rothman, Paul .. Ruhnka, John .... Russell, Frederick Russell, Alene .... Safft, Stuart ..... Sargent, Mary . .. Scarborough, Don Schoenbach, Peter Schoenbaum, Stephen . . . . . . Schottenfels, Bettie .... . . . Schwartz, Judy ..... . . . Scott, Martha ..... . . . Segal, Margaret .... . . . Shapiro, Bert . . . Shelby, Jane ...... . . . Siegel, Arthur ...... . . . Simmer, L. Keith . . . . . . Sirman, Lloyd .... . . . Snyder, Noel .... Solodar, Arthur . . . . . . Springer, Charles . . . . . . Staples, Parker .... . . . Stearns, Robert . . . . . . Steck, Burton ..... . . . Stephens, Kirker . . . . . Stone, Philip .... Storozuk, James . . . . . . Suny, Ronald . . . Swiss, Marsha ..... . . . Tannehill, John . . . . . . Taylor, Herbert . . . . . . Taylor, Walter ..... Thomas, David ..... Thompson, Douglas Thompson, John ..... Thompson, Norma Jean Thorpe, Charlotte .... Tomkins, Mary Ann . . Toy, T. Jeffrey ...... Uehlein, Edward . . . Unger, Peter ..... Veit, Lenore . . . Vexler, Sally ..... Walch, Peter ...... Waldman, Lise Jo . . . Walsh, Judith ...... W'alter, David ..... Warrington, John . . . Wegman, David .... Weinberg, John .... Welsh, Anne ........ Werner, Rosemary . . . Westine, Peter ..... Whyte, Joyce .... Williams, Albert .... Wilcox, Cordon .... Walls, Nina ........ Witomska, Daniela . . . Wood, Elizabeth .... Woodburv Judith . .. Worth, Douglas .... Wright, W. Barry .... Wright, Elizabeth .... Wright, John ...... Wright, Marjorie .... Wright, Suzanne .. . Wurgaft, Lewis .... Yoder, Barbara .. IIRETH 81 SULLIVAN INII. TRADITION-STABILITY AGGRESSIVE LEADERSHIP Philadelphia Chicago New York Buffalo Pittsburgh Minneapolis Portland Seattle Los Angeles San Francisco London . . . A fully equipped national organiza- tion with highest quality analysis, marketing, underwriting, and hazard control services. . . . Providing direct personal attention from the most experienced working executives and technicians. Insurance Brokers and Consultants .Sim 1881 324 Walnut Street Philadelphia, Pa. MEDFORD'S Quality Meat Products Medford's, Inc. Chester, Pa. VENTURI INC. FRESH and FROZEN FRUITS and VEGETABLES Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Marra's Restaurant and Pizzeria 3l3 Baltimore Pike, Springfield, Pa. FAMOUS FOR ITALIAN AND AMERICAN FOODS SINCE I927 PIZZA MADE BEFORE YOUR EYES COCKTAILS - WINES - BEER COMPLETE CARRY OUT DEPT. Open Daily II A.M.-I A.M. Fri. and Sat. - 2 Phone: Closed Mondays KI 3-1202 Our New Buffeteria and Pizzeria Now Open l257 MacDade Blvd. Woodlyn, Pa. Here are 4 good reasons for getting them from SPS Service you can depend on. Where SOCket-type specials are concerned-from extreme configurations to near-stand- ards-you can rely on SPS for prompt quotations, strict quality control during manufacture, and delivery on schedule. The special fasteners you need will be on your assembly line in time . . . and they Will fit with precision, Experience. No one has invested more in fastener research and development than SPS. No one has pioneered more breakthroughs-in design QUNBRAKO Hi-Life Threadi, performance ffirst commercial 260,000 psi boltj, or materials Cfirst practical titanium boltj. Because of this experience we are singularly qualified to meet any requirement you may have in precision specials. Design confirmation. SPS does more than simply meet specifications. Our engineering and methods people not only interpret your prints, they also analyze them- carefully. If there is a question Qsocket depth, fillet radius, etc.D, we double check with you. Certainly no one knows all the answers, but sometimes we can offer a sug- gestion that may help increase fastening reliability and thus increase overall reliability of your finished product. Production facilities second to none. W'hatever your require- ment in specials, SPS has the facilities to produce it in the quickest, most economical manner. Special conhguration, special material, special threads imetric, for examplej, special plating or surface treatment, special tolerances- we are handling such problems daily on a volume basis. Further, we also supply the special keys needed for instal- lation of non-standard or difiicult-to-reach threaded parts. For more information or service, see your local SPS distributor or contact Standard Pressed Steel Co., SPECIAL INDUSTRIAL FASTENER Division, SPS, JENKINTOWN 37, PA. where reliability replaces probability CAKE BOX BAKERY REMEMBER! Cafering fo College functions since 1947 3 South Chester Road THEATRE SQUARE KI 3.3243 BARCLAY WHITE 8. CO. INDUSTRIAL a. INSTITUTIONAL BUILDERS SINCE 1913 3337 MARKET STREET PHILADELPHIA 4 Phone: BAring 2-4000 RIDDLE What animal, vegetable and mineral products are so nutritious, so delicious thot they "go steady" with students and dietitians alike? ANSWER: MILK ICE CREAM -Abbotts DKTIV FOODS ' Abbotts Milk and Milk Products, of course' New and Used Cars PORTER H. WAITE, INC. Swarthmore, Penna. Sales Service KI 3-1250 Phones KI 3-1251 :JW W0 xX ff, QT' 1224 No. 9TH,ST. , N PHILA. 22, PA. 4 N ce 6-9000 n "Our Seal of Inspection- Your Guarantee of Perfection" Phone Service 24 Hours Around the Clock Market 7-8450 PIERCE 8. REESE, INC. "Just Consistently Fine" MEATS - POULTRY - PROVISIONS FROSTED FOODS FOOD FOR HOME FREEZERS AT QUANTITY DISCOUNT PRICES I3O-I32 North Delaware Avenue Philadelphia 6 D. PATRICK WELSH Real Estate 8. Insurance 409 DClI'lm0U1'h Ave. 15 S, Chester Rqqd 5WGl'fl'Im0fe, Pa. Distinctive Gifts for All Occasions Phone: Klngswood 3-0560 S45 ,i ss 1 is t sti i ss n 4 - s ! at Q f, .J L Best Wishes CATHERMAN'S DRUG STORE KI 3-5300 Mail and Phone Orders Promptly Filled MORROW'S CRACKER BARREL Swarthmore, Penna. Salted Nuts Homemade Candy Baked Foods Cold Beverages Party Snacks Imported Cheeses Hoogies Ice Cream Groceries Cold Cuts PROVIDENT TRADESMEN BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Delaware County Offices SWARTHMORE Chester Road and and Rutgers Ave. MEDIA State Street and South Ave. SPRINGFIELD Saxer Avenue and Hart Lane NETHER PROVIDENCE Beatty Road and Baltimore Pike lDrive-Inj LIMA War Admiral Lane and Baltimore Pike Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Yi- - ,,11 d 3-1729 SWARTHMORE TOGGERY SHOP, INC M. 8 8 Park Avenue 'IOO Pork Avenue KI 3-0240 Swarth Best Wishes from Nucl-lAEl.s COLLEGE PHARMACY W. 3 I xy X A Q 2 xl: c., :iff ,wr ' - ' , cf, V X:- a R N iw K ww Y A , KM ,,,1,g,'g.k, Y ' wx 1 4 if 19 . , , W ee, f-sap" R y- El 'R A " i3i5' - , 'fx 'V 'f ,fqgfi'Js, Q as .Q 9 2 to 1 4 6 . Q 'B It Ewa, M E f ' .jf .1 f' -, gn Q 1 mx., Qld A in I' wi! 3 '53 ' A YS? li www Q fi gg ' Mix! ,S 4 Y- W X i f MM!

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