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-LMW f - .,fg'4'!f1H fa Li 2? B, "J ' 14 V ,am- wlf ima 'ifliiF3gi5'g1 , sswglrsffsf' '11 fifl ' 1. ,,h C . gimffk fa - -,.. we-Q-W -N 352 QQHQ Hi!! 35:1 1 nw mu can nm iw KM viii-5' if iibgffiixia 15 -. , ,X-W, . ihiigfigk 1 vs-W , K.. Q s-Jil' SWANTON HIGH SCHOOL Swanton, Ohio hor s e , but a 1952 Ford bus. We're off, hitting every bump, being tossed backward and forward, up and down, but always r e a c hing o ur destination, the little red school house of Swanton High. We shall make our exit s lowly for I have learned it is useless to even try to depart from an over-loaded bus by shoving, Since the boy in the seat behind us ate my lunch I plan to eat at the cafeteria, Upon entering the building we find groups of students standing around talking. The people are not all girls either as you find hundreds of mouths going like fury telling fr i end s what has happened since they last saw each other . It is amazing all the gossip that springs up in that 3:30- - 8:5 O period, We shall push our way past the s e people and try to find my locker. I can never re- member the number, but it really doesn't matter for my Eng li sh book is in Jane's locker, my shorthand noteb ook in Sue's, and that A me r i c an government book has probably been turned in at the office since I las t saw it yesterday. There's plenty of time before the bell rings, two rninutes, so I simply mus t comb my hair, talkin with YOU Mary about last night, and borrow now and come with me on a visit to the a pencil for the day. halls of SHS. So that you will not be no- ticed, and to pr e vent the students from acting differently with a visitor in their midst. pretend you have attained the body of a mouse. Climb into my pocket, but peek out whenever you wi s h , Be Careful not to fall out, for should you make your descent during the changing of classesyou would find your s e lf amidst a. thundering herd of stampeding students, Now off we go for a hectic day of high school antics, Our visit commences as we mount our trusty yellow steed and the driver steps on the gas pedal. No this isn'ta 190 7 4 .L '19,--:,f.f:-I-1 L--:args wg: -f'fg.-fggw-1 ei. 45513: -5 a'q:g,s',f 2, ,Q have - I-:-:fly fvelsiievriaziis-i'lLfiiziftiifimfe 4. -ern,-1-,g,.wf .A -, .Q - ' , " ' V we wi. wf,f,+w gi-,ww f-W ft Well, her e We are in physical education class, but why don't the girls hav e their gyrn suits on? It seems that some prank- ster let the air out of the basketballs and phys ed classes are canceled for the day. Second period we visit journalism c la s s wh er e we find fifteen students sitting in nice soft lHa! 1. seats reading and clipping newspapers and old Hi-Lifes. After this class we have five minutes to get to thir d p er iod. Even with all this time, the halls still look like bargain dav at Maceys'. Only three minor casualties so far, but the day is still young. I hope you're a mou s e with a good coat of fur, for s ometime s this place gets so cold even the polar bears would evacuate. Our next class is that of scribbling and pounding, commonly c a l l e d , shorthand and typing. When I first started short- hand, it reminded me of the letter s my cousin and I us ed to wr it e to each other when we were s rna l l . And typing! I'm the one who kept the paper niills in bus- iness while I lear ne d which finger went where. Continuing our visit We enter the audito- rium wher e we find the sixty vocalists who compose the girls' glee c lub. The important thing to learn her e , is to talk to your neighbor and sing simultaneously, At noon, we hurr y to the cafeteria and even try "pushing the line", to no avail, and usually end up eating chili and prunes. In room 201 we study human r e lations, Reports are given weekly on topics vary- ing from dog food to nylons, The purpose of the class is for pupils to und er s tand their actions better, and from some gf the antics that go on, I'd call it "humo r relations", lContinued on page 87, SIIHUUL BUHHIJ Agnes Kline Vice President Dr. R. V. Bowxnan Pr e s ident Lloyd Geer Arthur Ruggles DU-1'bi1'1 NOC Clerk 6 f V -. . M, . - W"W" A"A' . "?XHZf1Q wzifsf-"1f.. V- 55' 'Y'lf"l'v -'35 W .. ,..,.. -- -N zrzsfaz,-1-:-,: , ,, , iff '5fm4i'g'5m 5 i 4 QW ! '-1 - ' , - me i v,j1,z1,.', QQSQQQMQQ-g,,fss:gg.yg3sfial?Ez1.mam W . Q 5qngaMgggg,H iwfwuf-.fssa.' fs-51WPrzsfslkfifilsw,-ffifsfi?blz5z-.EQ ew A-wh lvf- Q2-Em -rs lxgiwsf - 7Qaif-YJXW-5-W.if-Q-!'Lf'1P,ii'?ffffWF- El WK.,f-Q-feM,v-fM,in:?s,-iyzgsfzbsyfsiqgfiigfifiggsl,-H151fT:Qt:fsw1.Qs51.-PM-fg1,,f-,-'s 2 'M mgf' .Wigs-wXw?f,fQ"2f?f'fvS?wfgfs-S,7.?-f',-'41 ,fu'UfQ1Qfzffff-2,-xggxfsfwfQ??as?23agf?wesf1Q-.wwe!lrigglfvsimss-EM MMR? Qi, Q,QwgNw,1'fgy,ggk5ffmQ.wPfg?fk l . ' 'M ' xy- ,l,Tvig5,,gk, ' 'lat W i - 5,-,QSM-,SI -. A, x , A . M f :er ...q ' - W,,e.n,., -AW f CHFETEHIH Mrs. Halderrnan, Mrs. Vaughn, Mrs. Hancock, Mrs. Derby CUSTUDIHHS M I M .5 Ormal Cole Wallace Johns s 1-ww .i . 54, Nl X 5 , , ,aw 'Sui .W 'SN Lg, ff , ig. ,. ' 11 we , ,M .,f: 5 " 1 : 'Vu X .nay sg l' Q Harm DeBoer Complirnents of Omer Jacquot, General Insurance 1 5 'F FHCUUU pv""Q:lm" 'V I 'z C1fm'-'sWr'L",- : T , , 'IZ-,gksvgqf-U g . 2: . ff -Qzgri. 3, ,.'i,l gn Q t ,.,.. AT THE PROM The 1954-55 Swanton High School fac- ulty had five "fr e s hmen"---at least freshmen to Swanton--plus one who was a "freshman" to his position, of course that would be Mr . Radebaugh, who moved into the position of pr in c-ip a l , The new teachers were: Miss McCall - um, Mr. McFarland, Mr. Newman, and Mr. Alleman. Mrs, Davisjoined the faculty the second semester. There can be no end to the amount of recognition whichis also due to the vet - eran members of the faculty. Mr, Dan- iels for his work in science and visual education, Mr. Baker, who has doz- ens of private s e cr e tar ie s--to teach that isg Mr. Eaton, whose boys have been tops for ten years straight in state 5 Industrial Arts Display at Columbus , Ohio Tops for ten years straight I industrial arts competition: Mrs. Jeske, whom all the boys should thank for teaching their future wives how to cook and make good homesg Mrs . Carpenter, who make s Shakespeare and Co. a joy to the seniorsg Mr. Bonam, who always has a ready quiz--or quipg Mr. Girten, who combines harmony' and humorg Mr. Martin, a very likeable guy who give s no his teams the ad vantage of outstanding , coaching combined with the finest type of sportsrnanshipg and Mrs. Sagert, who Apyy s get teaches a good class in American Gov- E ernment. The captain of the team is M1'.Runnels. From the offic e of superintendent, he calls the plays which make this a win- ning team HQ, -wn1'2ffn9':'e"' ' Mr. Bonam and his World .iw 11 ww Qgwgggggggfv :mm sw ra S Ms, W ,am W, , Wfawwvv Q A S WW , W'.,wW,35..,M5zii UNSW 'fhimfw MW gg WW Q 1geWg W WEN ' E35 . fEE?kfk!fi16zW!l3fi3i?g5'Qg N V -33'mkkQ37k'. , wig? QQFQS4. fl W W W?FC,imm555F L' g ? 5 3 a y9 f , m y ag ,175 Q!?3mffU?'4'Q122sisaiwsyemf. H - 1-.1Ir1+f1S5'f:: f' 4- ' 'Uffla14Lvifsfzgsbffflliiilensf144:3'x'm'A'W-1:wi--2-in.fi11wf.si2gwf2Q1f1yiwsw--'Q-1.,1rf:1g1- will--"ifoll"A : "W SUPEHIIHEHUEIH B. G. RUNNELS Compliments of H. A. Powe ., wi Q offs, 'sc as A - 57 W'W'W'l H : - A., f,w:f--1--Iiiiff 7 -, pwnwy vw 2,51 wg- Q ff, 1, ga" gkmfvff ,gm , g aff' z.-1544? ser: Aww -fe' , A V 5 17 f ' f - A f"'Q,-iz? 7IvlEYPE1Qr"' in I '71 f we W- '11J"5W92ffifir3ii5fS'i.LffE5'5V' IW! 5 515' 4, -'f Emil Qi 3i:53Q5"'55:Wi9:lfM7Ei- f 1 1 1 K to o Z K H K - ff 3 rf if 1, I 'iflifif , ii Y'-if-. B if! L- i ' . 1 lk Q , ,i , :I . r k - 4 1 Vfilqffl iii? k 1, ,, 5 Jil- , ll Studios ----- "Photography at its Best" 10 . Kotak ,. gk, A L .,,, is Y' X M PRIHBIPHL SECHETHRU BYRON RADEBAUGH RUBY KEELER The Office at 8:40 A.M. QU I K A 5 FHCUHU DONALD ALLEMAN - -Science Science Club NANCY DAVIS--English Physical Education, G A A Donald Alleman Nancy Davis EVA CARPENTER--English Dramatics, Hi-Life JAMES BAKER- -Commercial, Yearbook WILLIAM DANIELS - -S cienc e, Photography Club JOHN BONAM- -Histor y, Student Council DARWIN EA TON - -Industrial Arts , President Swanton Teachers Association James G. Baker I Eva Carpenter John Bonam William Daniels Darwin Eaton 12 FHCUHU ELMER GIRTEN--Music, Art Club KATHRYN JESKE--Home Economics, Frosh. Y-Teens PAUL LANE- -Latin, English, -T1111i01' Clas S Play HAROLD MARTIN- -Coach, Senior Hi-Y JOSEPH McFARLAND--Dri- vera Education, Freshman Hi-Y DONALD NEWMAN - -Mathe -V matics , Assistant Coach IRENE SAGERT - -American Government Too busy 'Z fi lit Elmer Girten Kathryn Jeska Paul Lane A Harold Martin .1 Irene Sagert -TOSCPI1 McFarland Donald Newman Q 1 Nillinanm V ns ""wr,U w 4 Z' V' L .nn-. rf"i"2f Sw 1-,.. fx f,,, -wiMLq,.,,..2'1l,!! ,,, i5i3Px,".55 f ' k . Lmgyy w A , AQ .. if vtiklxg 1 2. Wg: K -pw. , f, ' ' ' EF T A ' ,- 'M' -1' E.: Q .is A ,Q K MT, '. 945 Q- ' 'Lia - V , "fu, 'X H- . -wifi V in Lf .Jw- 'A ,A ,- : 1 U! l .. R X , 2 ,X ':,,.qg,fffz.1 4 4,21 fx-Qgf,-aw -fi 4 Smymzmsv ff ' L wg-.qffw uf, 5 K lffviiiviiilie- ' L 'fi SI- P , ,,,f ' f,L5g.s3g,- .. CLASS OFFICERS Helen Buckenmeyer, Secretary Marilyn Clay, President Donald Scherzer', Treasurer Tom Camp, Vice President CLASS FLOWER Pink Carnation CLASS COLORS Pink and Charcoal CLASS MOTTO "There is nothing gained without labor." Ruth F r anklin , Shirley Frederick, Janet Gladfelter, Lois Jacquot, Wilrna Puehler , Marjorie Ruggles, Suzanne Welch, Walter Ashenfelter, Keith Ber- kebile, Bob Boehm, Tom Camp Ray Chamberlain, Karl Doren, Nelson Hag- erman, Howard Kurth, Dale Poorman, Floyd Smith, Jerry Thomas, and Bill Wagner. Other highlights in the senior year are: the individual pi c tur e s, name cards, class trip and prorn. The senior trip is taken in May. This year we are go- ing to New York City. During the high s chool year s the students are busy ,??fIE?ing monel' for the,FEfP' American Govermnent X' Class I 15 CQ!! 1 Walter A shenfe lter Rochelle Badgett Raymond B eaver s SEHIURS WALTER A S HE NF E L T E R--Camera Club 1, Z3 Photography Club 3, 4, Vice President 4. ROCHELLE BADGETT-- Student Council 3gScholastic Tests 1,2, 35 Intramurals 1, Z,3gF1113UJ-'G T0-HC11e1'S of America 4. RAYMOND BEAVERS-- Camera Club 1. KEITH BERKEBILE-- Camera Club 1, 23 Photography Club 3, 4, Trustee 4g'Intramurals 1, 2., 3s Reserve Football 2, 3g Varsity 4g Base- ball 2, 3, 43 Senior Scholar ship 4. ELLSWORTH BIGSBY - -Scholas- tic Tests 4, Keith Berkebile Ellsworth Bigsby 1 S..- aalnf ' R f' 1 -'tl J K 16 Robert Bloomer Robert Boehm ROBERT BLOOMER- -Camera Club 1 2, Tr ea s ur e 1- Z5 Photography C lub 3 43 Junior High Football 7, 8, 9: Var- sity Football 3, 45 Football Manager 2g Track 4g ROBERT BOEHM--Movie Operator. GENEVA BROWN-- Intr a- murals 1, 2, 3, HELEN BUCKEN- MEYER--Class Officer, Secretary l 2, 4g Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Vice President 4, Accompanist 2, 3gFresh- man Y-Teens 1 , Secretary, Sophomore Y-Teens Presidentg Hi-Life Typist 45 G A A Reporter 3, President 43 Fulton County Musical 2, 3, 4. TOM CAMP-- Class Officer, Vice President 43Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Hi-y 3, 4gSec- retary 45 Student Council 4, Pioneer4 Junior High BasketballgRes er ve Basket ball 1, Z, 35 Varsity Basketball 4 3 Baseball 3, 4: County Music F e s tival 2, 3,4. G ene va Br own Helen Buckenmeyer Thomas Camp Compliments of Zeigler-Gearig Sales---Swanton Fogd Locker 17 Raymond Charnb er lain Marilyn Clay Janet Conver S e SEIIIUHS RAYMOND CHAMBERLAIN--Stud ent Council, Scholastic Tests. MARILYN CLAY--Junior Class Secretary, Senior Class President, Band 1,23 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, President 4, Y-T e en s , P1'eSi- dent 1, Vice Pr e s id ent Z, President 4, Hi-Life Z, 3, Assistant Editor 45 Sen- ior Scholarship Testsg Junior Play Scholastic Tests 1 , 23 F Ulton C OU-ntl' Musical 1, 2,3,4g Pioneer Staff, Student Council 4g Intramurals 1, 23 Senior Play. JANET CONVERSE--Y-Teens 1,25 G A A 35 Y-Teens 4. DONALD COUTCHER --Football 15 Football Manager 1,3 Photography club 4. KARL DOREN-- Movie Operator, Pioneer Staff. Donald Coutcher Karl DOI' en 18 M9.1'ilYI1 EU011 Geraldine Engel Ruth Franklin MARILYNELTON--Glee Club 1 , 2, 3 , 4 Y-Teens 1:GAA 2,3,4, Vice President 3, Reporter 45 Junior C las s Play: Football Cheerleader 3,43 Basket ball Cheerleader 3,43 Homecoming Queen 45 Scholastic Tests 2,45 Intra murals 1 , Z, 3gSenior Class Play GERALDINE ENGEL-- Scott, Napoleon,D e fian c e Senior Y-Teens 43 Pioneer Queen Attendant. RUTH FRANKLIN- G A A 2,33 Y-Teens 13 Library Club 1,Z,3 Secretary-Treasurer 35 Junior Class Play. SHIRLEY FREDRICK-- Band 1 Y-Teens 13 GAA 2,3,43Glee Club 3,4 Pioneer Staffg Football Cheerleader 1 2, 3, 4g Basketball Cheerleader 1 , 2, 3, 4 Football Queen Attendant 3s Intramu- als 1,2,3g JANET GLADFELTER -- Band 1,2,3,4g Hi-Life 2,3, Editor 4 GAA ,3g Y-Teens 13 B.G. Musical 1,Z,3g FultonCounty Musical2 , 3 , 4 State Musical 1,33 Scholastic Tests 1,2, 3,45 Senior Play. Compliments of Farmers and Merchants Deposit Co, - 19 Shirley Fredrick Janet Gladfelter -Western Auto 'rr-' Nelson Hagerman -an-'W' William Hardy Gerald Heinemann Lois Jacquot SEHIUHS NELSON H.AGERMAN-- Pioneer Editor Basketball 3,4g Poster Club lg Art Club 2,3,4g Student Council 4. WILLIAM HARDY--Glee Club 3: Movie Operator 45 Football 45 Track 2,43 Scholastic Tests 1. GERALD HIEINEMANN- -Base- ball 1 , 2,3,4. LOIS JACQUOT--Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Library Clublg Y-Teens l,2g G A A 3,4g Secretary 4g Senior Playg B. G. Musical 4g Fulton County 1,2,3,4g Pioneer Staffg Intramurals 1, Z, 35 Senior Play. JAYNE JOHNSON -Band 2g Glee Club Z,4g G A A Z: Intra- murals 1,Z,3g F T A 43 Senior Play Jayne Johnson 20 Kathryn Kr asula Kenneth Kreuz KATHRYN KRASULA--B and 1, 2,3,4 Glee Club 2., 3, 4gY-Teens1,2,3,4 Junior Class Play, B . G. Musical 4 Fulton County Musical Z,3g Football Queen Attendant 1. KENNETH KREUZ --Hi-Y 1,2, 3,45 Vice President Student Council 43 Bas eball 3 , 45 Scholastic Tests 4. CAROL KUNZ--Band 1,2,3,4 Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Y -Teens 1,Z,3,4 HOWARD KURTH--C la s s Tr easurer 1,Zg Football 1, Basketball lg Movie Operator 3,43 Hi-Y 13 Bowling Champ 2,3 JAMES LAMBERT--Basketball 1,2,3,43 Glee Club 15 Hi-Y 1,2g High School Bowling Champ 2,35 Scholastic Tests 3,4. ,WJ ET jf' EE A Carol Kunz A n,llll A A 'ze Ps: : kv-, A . W EEI? A , c s , n a f 1 ::--mas. ree.. Howard Kur th James Lambert Compliments of H. A. Powell Studios--Largest in the Midwest Z1 Harvey Lewis Shirley Norris William Pear s e SEHIURS HARVEY LEWIS--Re s e r ve F ootball 3,4g Track 1,2g Camera Man on Talent Showg SHIRLEY NORRIS--Band 1, 2, 3 4g Glee Club 1,Z,3,4g Y-Teens, 1,2,3 li, Chaplain and Program Chairman 2.,4g Student Council 4g Pioneer Staff Intramurals 1,2,3, Captain 23 S en 101- Scholarship Tests 4. WILLIAM PEARSE - -Band 1,2g Hi-Y: Football 3,4: Track Zg Intramurals 1 , Z, 3, DALE POORMAN --Band 1,2,3,4g Camera Club 1, 2 Photography Club 2, 3, Trustee 45 Vice President Camera Club S cho la s tic Tests 1,2,3,4g Pioneer Business Staff. WILMA PUEHLER --Y-Teens 1, 2, 3,4 Intramurals Z. Dale Poorman Wilma Puehler Z2 Jack Robinson Jerry R0biI1SO11 Ben Roschmann JACK ROBINSON--Hi-Y 1,Z,3,4, Vice President 4g Football 13 Basketball 1, 2 3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,4g Glee Club 3,4 Senior Class Playg Junior Class Play Scholastic Tests 43 Fulton County Mus- ical 3. JERRY ROBINSON--Glee Club 3, Movie Operator 45 Hi-Y1,Z,3,4 Football lg Basketball 1,Z,3,4g Base- ball 2, 3 , 4. BEN ROSCHMANN --Camera Club 1, S. at Arms, Football 1,3,4. MARJORIE RUGGLES--Band 1,2,3,4gGlee Club 1,Z,3,4, Accom's t Boys' Glee Club 4: Y-Teens 1,2,'3,4 Student Council 35 Junior and Senior Clas s Playsg B. G. Musical 1,2,3,4 State Musical 2. ROBERT SAXER --Sophomore Vice President, Football 1,2,3,4, Co-captain 4g Hi-Y 1, 2,3,4 Chaplain 2,43 Intramurals 1,2,3, Compliments of P 8x G Grill Z3 Marjorie Ruggles Robert Saxer Donald Scherzer Susanne Shaffer Jerry Sharples SEHIURS DONALD SCHERZER-Class Treasurer 3,43 Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Hi-Y 1,2,3,4 Tr easur er 45 Student Council 23,4 Football 13 Fulton County Musical 1, 2 33 Scholastic Tests 1,Z,4. SUSANNIE SHAFFER,--Band 1,2,3,4, Trustee 3 Vice President 4g Hi-Life 2,3,4g State Musica l Z,3,43 Fulton County Musical 1,2,3,45 B. G. Musical 1,2,3,43 Stu- dent Council 45 Pioneer Staffg Pioneer. Queen Attendant 4. Y-Teens 1,2,3f1Q Library Club 1. JERRY SHARPLES --Class Pr e s id ent 1,2, 35 Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Hi-Y 3,4,Presid ent 43 Art C lub Z3 Student Council 1,2,35 Junior Class Playg Poster Club 15 Pioneer Staffg Football 1,2,4g Baseball Z,3,4 Fulton County Musical 1,Z, 3,41 Scho- lastic Tests l,2,3,4. FLOYD SMITH --Basketball Manager 25 Movie Oper- ator43 Camera Club 13 Hi-Y 3,43 J un- ior C las s Play. JOYCE SCHONDEL --Band 1,Z,4g Glee C lub 1,25 Student Council 4, Secretary-Treasurerg Sen- ior Class Playg G A A 1,2,45 Science Club 4g Prom Attendant, x Floyd Smith Joyce Shondel Z4 Richard Sutherland Elizabeth Sutton RICHARD SUTHERLAND--G.lee Club 1 Z, 3g Poster Clubg Movie Operator 3 , 4 Photogr aphy Club 3,43 JuniorCla.ss Playg Senior Class Play. ELIZABETH SU'TTON-- Glee C lub 1. JEROM E SMITH--Hi-Y 1 , 25Scholas tic T e s t s 2, 3,4. RICHARD STUBBLEFIELD -- Vice President Junior Classg Photo - graphy Club 3,45 Track 4: Scholas tic Tests 2,45 Poster -Club, 1. JERRY THOMAS--Band 1 , Z, 3 , 43 Photography Club 2g Hi-Y 1, 3,43 Reserve Basketball 35 B. G. Musical 2,33 Fulton County Musical 43 State Musical 2, 3, Jerome Smith Richard Stubblefie ld Jerry Thomas Compliments of Brockhoff's Dry Goods---Smith's Drug Store 2.5 Emma Sue Thornton Shirley Toth SEIIIURS EMMA SUE THORNTON--S enior Y- T e en S . SHIRLEY TOTH--Y-Teens 1 Z, G A A 3,4. TOM URBAN--Hi-Y 3,4 Movie Operator 3,45 Student Council Z 3, President 43 Football 1, 2, 3,4gBase- ball 1 , 2 , 3 , 45 Most Valuable Football Plalfel' 3,45 GERALDINE VAN DYKE-- Boys' Glee Club Accompanist 23 G le e Club 1,2,3,4g Y-Teens 1,2,3,4gSec- retary 4g Fulton County Musical 1,Z,3,4 JANET VALERIUS--Y-Teens 1 , 2 , 3,4 Library Club. Th01'I'13S Urban Geraldine Van Dyke Janet Valerius 1 ka , I 2 6 N 1 William Wagner Suzanne Welflh Leatrice Wielinski Christena winterfeld David Zenk Marcella Z1entek WILLIAM WAGNER- - Camera C lub 1 Senior Class Play 43 Track 4. SUZ- - W ANNE WELCH--Glee Club 1,2,3,4 A Band 1gLibrary Club 1gY-Teens 1 ' G A A 2,3,4p Pioneer: Football Cheer- 5 76' leader 2,3gIntran1urals 1,Z,35 Squad S' Leader 1,4g B. G. Musical 15 State X Musical 15 Fulton County Musical. P f Fl LEATRICE WIELINSKI- -Y-Teens 1,2 G A A 3,45 Pioneer: Intramurals 1,Z,3 CHRISTENA WINTERFELD- -Y-Teens ff 1, i 7 1,2,3,4z Scholastic 1,3,4. DAVID 4 'A ZENK--Hi-Y 1 Z,3,4g VarsityFootba.Ll 3: Varsity Basketball 4. MARCELLA ZIENTEK--Football Qu e en Attendant 25 Y-Teens 1 , 2, 3,4,Treaaurer 1gProm Queen 4. 27 JUHIURS Corn F e stival F loat This junior class will be the first to complete its four years of high school in the new building. The future sen- iors have worked hard all year raising money for the an- ual Junior -Senior Prom sponsored by the juniors, One of the main sources used by the juniors to raise rev- enue has been selling candy at noon and after school to the students, and also at the football and basketball games. Another source is the junior class play. F1"'l2-- In nv, gl vw n 0-K Z8 K if I buf OFFICERS M aft Pete Najarian, President James Ward, Vice President Julia Corwin, Secretary Marie Pawlaczyk, Treasurer X'-no o o This year the juniors sponsored the "Get Acquainted" dance which increased the treasury. For the Corn Festival par- ade the class of '56used the theme of B. Junior -Senior Prom which is their clirnax of the year. Along with the other excitements of being an upperclass- man, it is also the time for the selection of class rings. The junior sponsors are Mr. Bonam, Mrs. Jeska, and Mr. Newman. L hr.. lqcct Wi 5-N--We-L4---'-4 Junior English Class . , T5 .,h, W JUIIIUHS mn if y li W N X X, P 575 bb K K ,yn rua w Q' ' 5 1 if, QB- V -' '- -:W X ,r S XY I 5 Ns, nv f X , f' 1: , 'Ira 5159-Y 1 - I , l , F ' F2222 W L ' :gi 5 - 4,1-f . ' Atv 'zsvflf-'Q 5- K , L ... an W- W mm V f 'Nil' . 31 , X -' A .. , eg 3 1 3 Cl HL f lsmziw . - 'alemgg 'Wi' l . fm,-m. .21 f,. f, Pew., ' 1 M N M QF ,SXQWL V xi 4' ' TOP ROW: Elaine Belcher, Carol Bloomer, Elaine Bowers, James Bradtord, Bill Bryan, SECOND ROW: Charles Butcher, Joyce Burgin, James Caldwell,Betty Camp,Deanna Car- penter. THIRD ROW: Charle s Coutcher, Phyllis Culler, Frances Currier, Mary Ann Damaske, Delores Drennan. FOURTH ROW: Mariarlene Eisel, Nancy Elton, Mary Joanne Faber, Jerry Fleming, Norma Jean Flesh. FIFTH ROW: Rosemary Grabarczyk, Nancy Haley, Doris Hallett, Ralph Houser, John Jewell. Compliments of P 8: G Grill 30 JUHIUHS 2.2, ..-..sf,,.,s - f-tiff!-1 -is , f . T: f :EJ-: e 'Y of :vitr- . " , iii, 'gli , we .M 3 L nayvewwgff R' V nv A J l A ly af, .y 1 x W X R Q 1 E:i.g:,.y . V-1 1 bl, vt . 25 f: i,.ff3,f fr A 2.51. V -, 5 2 QQ'-ifla-:?.. G i? 2253 if rig V. Q Y a 4 Q n ff, 3, L- ' 7 53 1-1 ' . tie J K e W if 1' . 2 ' "x ,. .." P ff KX ,.,x .1 f ri? x .Ak Y 5 W rg, 1 ,M , ,, ull' veit, 'S S' iimfiw E mi .3 it 1 -A 3' qv ., R . Q W, :Ji VA Q F 5 so . -5 . 1 1: J U 3 . ' 3 Wg bf? Q Q 4 .- h L . :sl Y f ,J - -- ' ' x My K Q 1 . r ' S -, " 'nf ,- F f W ,- . 1 .M In-K gg , A - Q V ' .- 5.38-M X 'AA' "A' ' V 'l -1A' R N ' 4 A 3.1 5 flai r' A - H A K -43-, Q 1 -ar J , R iXw, i:g L., " . 5 i TOP ROW: Rhoda Johnson, Mildred Jordan, Norma Jordan, Marilee Kahle, Fred Kas- ten. SECOND ROW: Milton Keener, William Kidder, Carl Kinney, Paul Longlott, Rob- ert Meyerhofer. THIRD ROW: Bonnie Naugle, Beatrice Pacynski, Barbara Perkins, Dave Proudfoot, Eddie Rausch. FOURTH ROW: Herbert Reynolds, Olin Reynolds, Ella Mae Robertson, Ronald Stinson, Jerry Taynor. FIF TH ROW: George Tolford, Shelby Von Seggren, Robert Wahl, Leah Rae Witker, Mary Lou Zeigler. Not pictured: Sharon Everett, Jim Dennis, Joanne Keisser, Richard Mohr, Martin Peters, Compliments of Buckeye Chevrolet ---- Nofzinger's Jewelry 31 SUPHUHIURES g Great progress was made by the sophomore 0. A ss ,Z ik Q Hi r K .. x,. M , eh it S' KN- ' class of 1955 which is composed of 87 indus- trious students. In 1954 there were only 66 sophomores at the end of the year. egg M The class under the guiding wings of its ad- visors, Mr. Daniels, Mr. Lane , and Mr. i M' 1 Eaton elected officers in the beginning of the schoolyear to steer them through their meet- ings and activities, 'J Ly ,IX QSO far this year these students have had a csrti ' bake sale and did a good job of making money. i 1 X 5 if B tj N There are plans for various dances and other M 5 1 worthwhile activities whi c h wi ll benefit all students and give them all a chance to parti- cipate in the class affairs. OFFICERS Larry Sunday, Pres. Dawn Tavtigian, V. P. John Hennings, Sec. Mike Tressler , Treas . Corn Festival Float OFFICERS Pat Norwine , Pres , James Noe, V, P, Elsay Prange, Sec. illiam Daniels, Treas "-suit, Corn Festival Float The freshman class is the largest in the his- tory of Swanton High School. It consists of 169 students--98 boys and 71 girls, The num- ber of pupils coming from Swanton Village i s 71, from Swanton Township 40, from Irwin Z7, and from Rabb 10. Although the only project of any significance completed this year was the building of the Corn Festival float, the freshmen have U19 been busy getting orientated and becoming a part of Swanton High School. To help them make decisions and to guide them Mr. Lane, Mr. Alleman and Mrs, Davis have acted as class advisors. FRESHHIEH SUPHUHIURES .. V N. f 33 f ,,1,Q: :IE 1 V.-, , K?y"mfiKf,:. is? Q'f 'LL,'l - L '.,:f: X- - -1 We J ereea ' 1 , ' mf fgf, wr L :,- QIW g A -r 1, :X ., j Q, , h KX' S AV N X 'N F fl fwfr J' I" ,s 'R -'wi from X Ja . Q' Q X xy: i,?, . v ai- iiv' 1: ,I Q X R Haw' 'FOP ROW: Kenny Babcock, Lois Barnes, Har ve y B ea. vers, Janet Bick, Thelma Bick. SECOND ROW: Pat Bigsby, Janice Bloomer, Joyce Brick, David Butcher, Ted Bzovi. THIRD ROW: John Camp, Irma Champine, Larry Dauben-neyer, San- dra Deck, Janet D immer ling. FOURTH ROW: Ronald Dixon, Dorothy Drewyor, Joe Duran, Patricia Edwards, Betty E-lkins. FIFTH ROW: Howard Engel, Bar- bara Fauble, Barbara Ford, Carol Franklin, Wayne George. Complixnents of Cable 8: Wire Products Company 34 SUPHUIHUHES x 5- if - ' "W'lxi ,, s N . . LU, . iz .. , , ,H . if R frm, , , . . "' "" I - . ' e "' .. Y , ' , f Q 4 3 ,L f , Z ' Q'-ax ' fiiilawn, . wit E V 9 ' Q I ""' Z. Q," I gg' nl , Z ""'?"! It ' . ::' '51 ',s:E'f:.:j'C' wflj " ,.' w. ,, , '.,, " wir? I 'V 53 .9 'I "" I -I-ff gfils.- I..,,,,,,,! .G . ,ew aw I - al f ,F gm f-W f 1 , gal? I .,-ww-' f -2 S - , - 'ir - ff? f l " f Li' Y' ' 51234111 A- Astor -f I I , W w- v- . 157 ,Q " -L ,. X v A 351,37 ii- . ,A ,X , 'HX . , I , H A ,' f, r -e l , 'QQ S' ' ':- J, 'gi' tvvt -- . . I k, V i , Q. we I QL -my if in any I , '- . , 'S R 9 f U i h I I " .,,""f X . . .W F K . H L 3? .i , af, fa "5 X Q f 4 I l 1 5 'fn-1,5 X , if 5 ,H . ,I Q R , fav- srlt I S-. q 5 I on 2 -f , 7 . 'P V' ' f V f,r: is W .ara - , ' -il' I , 5 , xl X K , I -, --?. , . Q " N A ' ' 1 .7 ii 5. V -apr lx, , -- - N N ,sf J .. Lxx xv TOP ROW: .Tune Gladfelter, Mary G r iffin , Charles Guernsey, Aerielle Hackley , Bonnie Hagerman. SECOND ROW: Myrna Hallnan, Charles Harding, Irene Harding, Harold Heath, Eileen Hill. THIRD ROW: Milo Hilty, Kent Judson, Rose Mary Kethel, Janet Ketring, William Kline. FOURTH ROW: Thomas Krause, Leonard Kreuz, Lynn Laweki, Marjorie Leffel, Bonnie Lemmon. FIFTH ROW: M'a.ry Leu, George Meyers, Janet Mikola. Compliments of Cable 8: Wire Products Company 35 SUPHUHIUHES """9l 7 if A--af X Q X K Sr' Q , X k ww L. Vl33a,fQWw1 6, - -W,, , f M. .s,. fl., A H5 . Q, it X i L 2 K ,V , "Y if T N. N X'-17' iv' c--rr 1 ...,," y ' A 3 J 5 V .zz- . . 1 -:jf it i ,Verge tQ ""' l W"-1 .ty 3454 - ' ,,,- Www' . 2 .W , . ,L 5" 1 E A is g jj ,V .- Hqfgzi' Mfr 2? l Q , Q W.. ,A A V 1 T" 5 A : Leon' G' A an It X 1. jx '54 , 990' I :VK '14, -,sn .I ,iffy "' ' '2 5-:vig F W-ff' X in x iw 'fi WIFE gg' . 4, Q A if . . 5 1 T TOP ROW: Theresa Mi l l e r , Arlyn Mohr, Sharon Mueller, Beverly Naugle, Constance Nino, Rita Nino. SECOND ROW: Janice Noe, Joanne Noe, Joan Nowak, Fred Osthimer, Harold Pitts Charles Purdy. THIRD ROW: Michael Robbins, James Rose, Edward Scheiner, Myron Smit- ley, Raymond Steus loff, Donald Sturt. FOURTH ROW: Guy Suthererland,Louise Taft, Robert Twigg, Fern Vaughn, Jane Villegas, Carold Ward. FIFTH ROW: Sterlus lPetej Watts,Sandra. Weiss, Norma Wiles, Ohma Willette, Priscilla Witker, Harold Zenk. Not Pictured: James Johnson,James Schondel, Myrna Tompkins, Sharon Valerius, Terry Vance, Dwight Wallington. Compliments of Cardinal Dairy Bar --- Valleywood Mink Farm 36 FHESHIHEH ,ma , W 155535, 5 'fi 3' ...,. 3 J ' iff- M'-swf QW.. ' 'V' , ff' , T We 'md I ig Sv, ,tx xi YK V44 G49 wg-5' -gf Av. -7 Y.. xl ' 17 - '-r x if l sf 'S' fs B5 if , km' E ,A iw-wr ' A K x 5 M x H , J Vilxz, .,,.,....,:s I! ' 4. f. f mil. 5 iF5!i55?eSfL4' " -,W K r , .,,,,,,,,,,, We lf ,rv x J xg M , A , ,, 5 6- 12 gf. ., 1 S wg V. Q , W J, 1 ,wif W O ,fig 3, A., L.,. .K 5. ...Q u ,xg R5 'Q ' TOP ROW: Raymond Allen, Rhoda Badgett, Jim Banks, Ben Beach, Earl Beach, Lloyd Black. SECOND ROW: Tamara Bloom, Marilyn Boehm, Dora Boggs, Cleo B ollinger, Keith Boltz, Marilyn Boman. THIRD ROW: Richard Bower, Dan Bowser, Don Bowser, Mary Boyd, Galen Bradford, Anna Brown. FOURTH ROW: Dorothy Brown, Barbara Jean Bryan, Bobby Bryan , Bruce Bundy, Carol Camp, John Clay. FIFTH ROW: Bessie Coffrey, Ken Cook, Carol Cope- land, Jim Corwin, James Coutcher, Stephen Currier. Compliments of Valleywood Mink Farm 37 FHESHHIEH ui' nr 5 . ,,,, 5, V , 5 QQ!!! V. A 5 I' kt ..,r?,,, Q S2314 ' M Q- Ri. , sf in 1 ig ' VA, x . -mask - I 5. X , . I ,MW ,,,. , .:,:,, q.:i:A g . F, , :,q an or ' , ' , 5 ,pau , y. . xc!! K A 5 W x 3 3- 1? l : V .- Zigi A uf 5' ' ' ri 'z v ' f ,:. A A' ' f '.f1 1 Axl Qi 'fa 5 xl ,f'.' v Af cz, 1w l 2 ., -35:'? . XX , TOP ROW: Margaret Davis, Milford Dewey, Sesario Duran, Nona Engel, Barbara Evans, Jan- ice Faber. SECOND ROW: Grace Franklin, Darlene Fritzsche, Peggy Froman, Dorothy Fuller, Howard Fuller, Thomas Gillen. THIRD ROW: Willie Gower, Richard Greene, Frances Greg - ory, Fritz Hall, Norma Hallnan, Andrew Harris. FOURTH ROW: Jo Ann Har r i s on , Oliver Hemphill, Lynn Heuerman, Richard Hintz, Howard Hite, Marion Huggins. FIFTH ROW: Marv Hunt, Walter Jackson, Gary Jewel, JaneL Johnson, Roderick Johnson, Helen Jones, Compliments of Pat and Ra.lph's Sunoco---Smi'ch's Drig Store 38 A fi M.-H H W' fl Lf: 3 K -. -of at .J 1 q EE. 4: W 1 K Lf-K 2 Q r r , Vg? fs? A -M -I swf' ' . 1 ' 3 S , ff 'Ik,: 15' i 'L 4 J . vt Q :'M1 ' fer Q , , fl 3' 4 QA 1 4 Y W -er W 7 TOP ROW: Rosie Jordon, John Krasula, Marla Koepfer, Henry Kutsche, Jim Leach SECOND ROW: James Lilly, Richard Long, Thomas Macklin, Richard Mapes, Mar vin McCready. THIRD ROW: Mary Ann McCready, Ula McLaughlin, Richard Mc - Quade, Robert Merrill, Donald Meyerhofer. FOURTH ROW: Ronald Meyerhofer Julia. Meyers, Esther Miller, Ronald Mohr, Donna. Myers. FIFTH ROW: Martha Nicely, Irene Niner, Kathleen Niner, Lonnie Owens, Marv Ellen Owen. Compliments of Bob's Shop--- Q-Man's Potato Chips 39 1 1 - y- ,- .lnfwf--l FHESHHIEH as :uf or 4 W1 L? TOP ROW: John Pawlaczyk, Sue Perkins, Karen Pe ter s on , Robert Pfaff, Gary Pozsick. SECOND ROW: Shirley Provo, Howard Puehle r , David Richards, Sue Rinkel, Barbara Rosonowski. THIRD ROW: Billy R oth , John Sadowski, Marjo 1-ie Sarkisian, Mary Sarkisian, Martin Sc h e r z e r . FOURTH ROW: David Schrieb e r Darrell Schudel, Sandra Shanrock, William Smith, Roger Smitley. FIFTH ROW: Sharo n Steadman, Mary Sturt, Rudolph Sutton, Edward Thames, Harold Thebeau. Brockhoff's Dry Goods---Bancroft Cleaners 40 ,Q....Ah, FHESHIHEH S044 ""',f frgi Rf Lg .51 . ,ik in in if -Q. f J " ,,.,.p, -w: L- I pg TOP ROW: Joe Torok, Joyce Towbridge, Marilyn Tuggle, Nelson Tuggle, Gary Turner, SECOND ROW: Sharon Valerius, Virginia Van Slyke, Irene Von Seggern, Lynn Waller, Don Webb. THIRD ROW: Phyllis Whaley, Antoinette Wheaton, Phyl- lis Wiland, Judy Will, Ronald Williams. FOURTH ROW: Robert Wilson, Barbara Winterfield, Joseph Wozniak, David Yedica, Konald Young. F IF TH ROW: Tom YOung, Willaim Zahner, Tom Zeller, Ivan Zenk, Albin Bauer, Compliments of Bob's Shop 41 UHBHHIZHTIUHS Shirley Norris At Swanton High School, organizations P la y an impor tant role in unifying the school, Since the high school is composed of agreat number of tuition students, there are many pupils who would like to become acquainted with each othergbut due to the fact that they do not have classes together, this is diffi- cult to accomplish. This is where organizations perform their first task. They acquaint the students with each other, and also assist the faculty in be- coming acquainted With the students. Clubs also help them learn cooperation b y spon- soring and planning projects and activities. Good behavior and discipline are stressed by all clubs, as well as good sportsmanship and school Spirit. Some of the clubs develop certain interests and hobbies that will be useful in adult life, 42 .f ME CLU3 7:3 wgrfyag ' i Keith Berkebile A school dance gf L Ji ju g 43 Q The Freshmen Y-Teens is anorganization - aimed to teach and pr omote good Christian standards among the fr e s hmen girls. Mrs. Jeska, their sponsor, helped these girls to attain their goals. A scavenger hunt and the usual antics that in- itiates go through formed their informal initia- tion. A program held in the Methodist Church comprised the formal initiation. Halloween and Christmas parties were held by the club. At Halloween the girls dressed-up in c o s tume s , bobbed for apples, and played games. At the Christmas party they exchang- ed gifts. Q-...Q fn sf, l s hi A Officers of the club wer e: President, Donna Myersg Vice President, Julia Meyersg Secre- tary, Tamara Bloomg and Treasurer, Phyllis Whaley. S JG as w FRONT ROW: Shirley Provo, Marilyn Boman, Marilyn Boehm, Marla Koep- fer, Sharon Steadman, Janice Faber, Julia Meyers, Dora Boggs. SEC- OND ROW: R.Baehren, Irene VonSeggern,, Virginia Van Slyke, Barbara Winter- field, Phyllis Wiland, Grace F ranklin , Mary Ellen Owen , Mary Sarkisian, Norma Hallnan, Barbara Rowonowski, Martha Nicely, Mrs. Jeska. THIRD-- ROW: Dorothy Fuller, Marilyn Tuggle, Sue Perkins, JoAnn Harrison, Phyl- lis Whaley, Donna Meyers, Pat Nor wine , Tamara Bloom, Carol Camp, Nona Engel, Sandra Shanrock, Elsey Prange. NOT PICTURED: Jeannie Bryan. 44 Ill I a t .9 FRONT ROW: Lynn Laweki, L o i s B a rne s , Thelma Bick, Pat Bigsby, Joan Nowak, Louise Taft. SECOND ROW: Carole F r anklin , Mary Leu, Aerielle Hackley, Janet Bick, Shar on Muller, Myrna Hallnan, Pricilla Witker, Miss Praulins. THIRD ROW: Beverly Naugle, Sue Rinkle , June Gladfelter, Pat Edwards, Janet Kitring, Barbara Ford, Bonnie Lemmon, The Sophomore Y-Teens is an organization of high school girls in their second year. They are one of three groups of Y-Teens in Swanton High School. Their sponsor is Miss Praulins. The organization is run entirely by the girls, themselves, and they elect their own officers. This year they elected the following leaders: M President, Pat Bigsbyg Vice President, Bar- bara Fordg Secretary, Priscilla Witkerg Treas- urer, Janet Dirnmerling. The Y-Teens are affiliated with the YWCA, and they help promote, many worthy projects such as helping the needy and giving to Charitable organizations . Besides raising money, this active group has many parties and other forms of amusement, This year there are 26 members in the club. Compliments of Farmers and Merchants Deposit Company - 45 FRONT ROW: Marilee Kahle, Marjorie Ruggles, Kathryn Krasula, Ella Mae Robertson, Janet Converse, Emma Sue Thornton. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Car penter , Shelby V on S e g g e r n , Beatrice Pacynski, Wilma Puehler , Marcella Zientek, Betty Bryan, Christena Winterfield, Frances Currier, Norma Jordan THIRD ROW: Shirley Norris, Julia Corwin, G er a ld ine Engel, Carol Kunz, Marilyn Clay, Susanne Shaffer, Geraldine Van Dyke, Bonnie Naugle. The Senior Y-Teens, a branch of the national YWCA, is composed of junior and senior girls. The purpose of the club is "to create and main- tain a Christian standard throughout the home, school, and community." The Y-Teens Were sponsored by Mrs, Carpen- ter, and the officers were: President, Mickey Clayg Vice President, Marilee Kahleg Secre- tary, Geraldine Van Dykeg and Treasurer, .Tul- ia Corwin, A formal initiation and tea was held in the Methodist Church for new members and their mothers, Later an informal initiation was held in the home of Mrs. Carpenter. Secret pals called "bunny sisters" add excite- ment to birthdays and other parties. Christmas was celebrated with a potluck supper and gift ex change. The c lub aid ed in preparing 9000 March of Dimes circulars. 46 U-TEENS 'llll QQQ 0 -rf? FRONT ROW: Mary Lou Zeigler, Mar ilyn Elton, Leatrice Wielinski, Helen Buckenmeyer, Lois Jacquot, Sue Welch, Joyce Schondel, Shirley Toth. SEC- OND ROW: Mary Griffin, Mariarlene Eisel, Elaine Bowers, Betty Camp,Doris Hallett, Janice Noe, Joanne Noe, Barbara Perkins, Deanna Carpenter, Marie Pawlaczyk, Delores Drennan. THIRD ROW: Dorothy Drewyor, Rose Mary Kethel, Dawn Tavtigian, Bonnie Hagerman, Jean Mikola, Irene Harding,Norma Wiles, Jo yc e B r i ck , Marjorie Leffel, Sandra W ei s s , Sandra Deck,Ohma. Willette. The GAA, under the supervision of Mrs.Davis, 6 H H girls' physical education teacher, strives to . . - create interest in s por ts of all kinds, and to stimulate a good school spirit. It is composed of 33 members, consisting of sophomore, jun- ior and s enior girls, This organization was formed in 1942, A point s y s t e m , by which the girls get credit for participating in organizational activities, is used in awarding pins and emblems according to credits earned. The officers of the club were: President, Hel- en Buckenmeyerg Vice President, Marie Paw- laczykg Secretary, Lois Jacquotg Treasurer, Barbara Perkins, Reporter, Marilyn Eltong and Sergeant at Arms, Deanna Carpenter. 47 HI u It is the purpose of the Hi-Y club "to create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian charac- ter." This is the motto that the members of the club, who arejunior and senior boys, P attempt to follow each year. Last year the Senior Hi-Y s tarted to make a most va luab l e baseball player trophy. This year the trophy was completed. Another aim of the club is helping to keep the building clean. Officers of the club were: President, Jerry Sharples: Vice President, Jack Robinson, Sec- retary, Tom Camp, Treasurer, Don Scherzerg Sergeant at Arms, Tom Urbin, The faculty z sponsor was Mr. Martin SEIIIUH Y ,- as - FRONT ROW: Eddie Rausch, Thomas Camp, Ronald Stinson, Ralph Houser, Kenneth Kreuz, Jerry Sharples, William Kidder. SECOND ROW: Donald Scherzer, William Bryan, William Pearse, Tom Urban, Peter Najarian, Jerry Fleming , James Ward , Mrp Martin. THIRD ROW: Floyd Smith, David Proudfoot, JackRobinson, David Zenk, Paul Longlott, Jerry Thomas, Jerry Robinson, Robert Saxer, George Tolford Compliments of the Farmers and Merchants Deposit Company 48 1 1 3 ii M FRONT ROW: Tom Gillen, Joe Duran, Lynn Hagerman, Ivan Zenk, Garry Pos- zik. SECOND ROW: S e s ar io Dur an , John Pawlaczyk, John Camp, Martin Scherzer, Harold Heath, Milo Hilty, Mr. McFarland. THIRD ROW: Willian Smith, Howard Puehler, Gerald Stinson, Robert Merrill, Ronald Dixon, Torn Krause. In addition to the regular meetings, the Junior Hi-Y Olub had a skating party in November, and a picnic in May. During the football season novelties were made by the club and sold at the games . The officer s of the club were: President, John Campg Vice President, Ron Dixon, Sec- retary, Milo Hiltyg Treasurer, Joe Duran. The faculty sponsor was Mr. McFarland. Compliments of R. H. Allen, Jeweler---Clyde Babcock, Insurance 49 PHUTUGHHPHU CLUB "To encourage and develop the art of taking, developing, and printing pictures. " This statement would best describe the purpose of the Photography C lub . The membership is limited to 30, .iz L 2 4. The club has a c omp lete ly furnished dark room vvithallequiprnewtnecessary to develop, print, and cnla1'g'e pictures, Under the competent leadership of Mr, Dan- iels the Photography C lub ha s continued to hold a major position among the school organ- izations, The officers of the C lub wer e: President, Richard Stubblefieldg Vice President, Walter Ashenfelterg Secretary, Bob Wahlg Treasurer Jerry Taynor, EU W ll l FRONT ROW: Martin Peters, Robert Bloomer, Carl Kinney, Robert MeYe1" hofer Rob e r t W ah l , SECOND ROW: Olin Reyn0ldS , JSTTY TaYn01', James Caldwell, Richard Stubblefield, Mr. Daniels. THIRD ROW: Richard Sutherland, Keith Berkebile, Dale Poorman, Donald CoutChC1', James Bradford' 50 il FRONT ROW: Olin Reynolds , Ronald Stinson, Robert Boehm, Herbert Reynolds William Kidder, SECOND ROW: Martin Peters, Howard Kurth, Jerry Taynor Thomas Urban, William Bryan, Robert Meyerhofer, Mr. Daniels. THIRD ROW Floyd Smith, Jerry Robinson, Richard Sutherland, Paul Longlott, Karl Doren, William Harding. The Projection Club is a group of junior and senior boys, who show films to the various classes in the school. These operators have been trained by their sponsor, Mr. Daniels, or by an experienced student. The films shown at Swanton High are obtained thr ough the State Department of Education and other sources with no charge for their use. The movie operators have a fine record as careful and efficient handlers of films. Whenever a film is to be shown, two opera- tors, usually a junior and a senior from the study hall, are scheduled to run the projector. ,fi H. PH U J EUTIUH UWB STUDENT CUUHUIL The Student Council was organized in 1951, Its purpose is to provide for student self-govern- ment, to foster cooperation between students and faculty, to developa respect for school pro- perty, and to promote school spirit. The Student Council is composed of the class - presidents of the upper six grades, two repre- sentatives from each of the senior and junior if ,fi-'-,E5 classes, and one representative from each of Q iii- . 6 the organizations, This group was in charge of the football, home- 1g'i,ZL2!,v coming ceremonies, and sponsored a homecom- ,QEEZW ing dance. The officers wel-eg President, Tom Urbing Vice President, Kenny Kreuz, Secretary-Treas - urer, Joyce Schondel. The sponsors were:Mr. Bonam, Mr. Radebaugh, and Mrs. Carpenter. FRONT ROW: Michael Robbins, Judy Najarian, Susanne Shaffer, Shirley Norris, Joyce Schondel, Sue Perkins, Delores Drennan, Donna Young. SECOND ROW: Mr, Radebaugh, Mrs. Carpenter, Julia Corwin, Robert Wahl, Marilyn Clay, Thomas Camp, Patricia Norwine , Kenny Kreuz, Mr. Bonam, THIRD ROW: Donald Scherzer, Thomas Urban, Peter Najarian, Nelson Hagerman, John Jew- ell, Ronald Dixon, Larry Sunday. 52 FRONT ROW: Michael Robbins , Marjorie Ruggles Marilyn Clay Janet Glad felter, Carol Bloomer, Delores Drennan. SECOND ROW Mrs Carpenter Helen Buckenmeyer, Susanne Shaffer, John Hennings Julia Corwin Dorothy Drewyor, Dawn Tavtigian, Mr. Radebaugh. THIRD ROW Kent Judson, James Bradford, George Tolford, David Proudfoot, Larry Sunday James Ward The Swanton Hi-Life, the school newspaper, is published each week by the students. The ed- itor gives assignments on Monday and they are due on Wednesday,, or as soon as the event can be covered. This material makes up the paper for the next Week. It is printed at the Swanton Enterprise. Tryouts are held at the end of each school year to d eter mine the new staff members. Any freshman having a B average in English is eli- gible to try out. The edit.or is selected from the junior class members of the staff, The Hi-Life staff always decorates the halls for the Christmas season. The Swanton Enter- prise entertains the group at a banquet in the spring ,of the year. At this time letters and pins are awarded the members of the staff. The editor was Janet Gladfelter, and the assist- ant editor was Mickey Clay. Mrs. Carpenter was the faculty member of the staff. n E lu S 53 LIBHHHU CLUB Q so if , f lliil ... . . . . Swanton High S c h o ol has the good fortune of housing the public library. This has given the school amuch better library than would be pos- sible with an independent school library. The library has about 24, GOO volumes, besides a separate children's library in the elemen- tary building, The children's library is under the supervision of Mrs. Adams, Ruth Praulins is the librarian, She came from. the University of Minnesota, and is a native of Latvia. Sixteen students help with the library work. The library is managed by a b oar d appointed by the Board of Education. The following per- sons were on the board: Fred Wolf, John Bon- am, Mrs, Homer Carpenter, Mrs. Lloyd Geer, Mrs, Edmond Pilliod, Mrs. R. O. Har- ding, and Miss LaVerne Berkebilc. S' 'R I, .. A 4 .rg 'Q ,, 5 . -i , bw' 17' , 4 ww yryr Q V 17, 7 L. v . K , it FRONT ROW: Louise Taft, Sharon Valerius, Gary Jewell, Mike Robb- ins, Cleo Bollinger. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Adams, Marla Koepfer, Bar- bara Ford, Mary Leu, Thelma Bick , Miss Praulins, THIRD ROW: Sharon Muller, Pat E d war d s , Joanne Keisser, Pat Norwine, Phyllis Whaley , Ohma Willett Compliments of Raymond's Sales 8:'Service---Zeller News 54 5' Cv cw 55 SQ Af FRONT ROW: Leatrice Wielinski, Marjorie Ruggles, Shirley Norris, Marilyn Elton, Susanne Shaffer. SECOND ROW: .Terry Sharples, Mar- ilyn Clay, Sue Welch, Lois Jacquot, Tom Camp. THIRD ROW: Walter Ashenfelter, Dale Poorman, Nelson Hagerman, Keith Berkebile, Karl HHHUHL STHFF Doren, Floyd Smith. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS JOURNALISM CLASS, for wr iting the copy. SHORTHAND 1 CLASS, for typing much of the copy. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB, for the use of its camera and developing room. DALE POORMAN and KARL DOREN for a good job ot advertising. Compliments of Wayne's Sohio---Valleywood Dining Room 55 QQ!! L, ffmM '-im 'Mwunvgz Q'-. Q'1,sK sl M K i T 3. K : ffeug - an I ' , R A . - :V , . yy.. fi, ' .: ' , f , 3--' A V fi' NSQ gg . . , gx M vga--Sami-fi-af . 2 -MW wwf :gagfg,VWg1L.f1gg4x gzsifwzfiiff mzwx Mawr 1 1 w.5iigsi'1,231'!qi:Q J if Sw T. ' :lf-,jrixi Qttjil,-gin i in Vg- 'LL 7-7' ' . .L1,,rg!.-gygjivgqff.,lgigfkw ::ffl5irf:.f.551IfJL,EQT.Tl: 7-Gfk.m'xV'ff2f P iff - 5 K ' gygzTLi,q,,f,:g:3:-'Ziff-. 'Af 7 M,,V5,ffMf-ilfgqizgggiif-Aff-,igsfegm siika.-V, -! R21 f Q . ,, .. ,,.v,. ,, - I q.,tA,t.wMwM......,7,.,,a.t..-.f- a , i K, f, H- .f -Q K- ik. All N 1, ::i,..,,. 1-.. .:1f,EE.: ..,. - ' V 1 The high school band, under the direction of Mr. Girten, made recordings at the b eginning of the year which were broadcast over station WNOW, Defiance. The band plays for all home football games, and many of the games at other schools. The climax of the season is the annual Spring Music Festival, The summer program starts one month after school is out: Weekly pr ac ti c e s are held, and many trips are taken to other towns. There are 65 members of the band. This year, through the GffO1't5 of the Band Mothers Club, new uniforms were purchased for the entire group, An annual banquet is held in December. The seniors receive pins signifying the numb er of years they have been members of the band. This banquet is sponsored by theB and Mothers Club. The officers were: Pres- ident, Mrs. John Sundayg Vice President, Mrs. Robert Fullerg S e cr etar y , Mrs. Henry Kutscheg Treasurer, Mrs, Virgil Bloomer. The Junior High Band 57 L SCIENCE CLUB , 2 The Science C lub was a new organization at our school this year. It was organized in re- sponse to the requests of numerous students for a club wherein they might explore differ- ent aspects of science. The purposes of this club ar e to encourage and stimulate interest in science, in scientific problem solving, and in applying the methods of science toward the development of a better school, citizen, and community. Some of the activities included: constructing weather observation instruments, observing slides of Grand Canyon and frog dissection, field trips, coat check stand at b a s ke tba ll games, and meeting with science club mem- bers of the Archbold Club. The president of the c lub was John Jewell, and the faculty sponsors were Mr. Radebaugh and Mr, Alleman, FRONT ROW: Howard Engel, Donald Myerhofer, John Jewell, John Dauben- meyer, Jim Noe. SECOND ROW: Mr. Radebaugh, John Krasula, Lloyd Black John Sadowski, Richard Bower, Mr. Alleman. THIRD ROW: Ronald Myer- hofer, Robert Pfaff, Joe Torok, Jim Corwin, Gary Jewell, Bruce Bundy. Compliments of Brockhoff Dry Goods --- Bancroft Cleaners 58 HHlClUB FRONT ROW: Mildred Jordan, Carol Ward, Karen Petersen. SECOND ROW: Guy Sutherland, Dick Mc- Quade, Nelson Hagerman, Mr. Girten ai CHNERH ...qi FRONT ROW: M i c h a el Robbins , Margie Sarkisian, Mary Sturt, Cleo Bollinger, A nna Brown, SECOND ROW: Hank Kutsche, John Hennings William Kline , Larry Sunday, Mr. Newman. THIRD ROW: Kent Jud- son, Charles Purdy, Galen Bradford, William Daniels, Darrel Schudel Compliments of Hill Auto Supply--Curtis Hardware 59 SPHIIIG HIUSIC UUHCERT 6IHlS' Gllf lIlUB 'M' SEATED: Betty Camp, Marjorie Ruggles. FRONT ROW: Carol Bloomer, Marilee Kahle, Ohma Willette, Marie Pawlaczyk, Delores Drennan, Priscilla W. k . . it er, E laine B elche r , Barbara Fauble, Lynn Lawecki. SECOND ROW' Sandra Shanrock, Janet Dimmerling, Jayne Johnson, Carol Copeland, PhylliS, Wiland, Norma Hallnan, Tamara Bloom, Elaine Bowers, Carol Franklin Carol Ward, Deanna Carpenter, Joanne Noe, Janice Noe. THIRD ROW: Carol Kunz, Norma Wiles, Betty Elkins, Bonnie Hagerman, Rose Mary Kethel, Shirley Norris , Myrna Hallnan, J u'l i a C o r win , Donna Myers , Dawn Tavtigian, Lois Barnes, Mary Ann McCready, Joyce Burgin, Kathryn Krasula, Geraldine Van Dyke, Helen Buckenmeyer. FOURTH ROW: Pat Norwine, Janet Bick, Beatrice Pacynski, Mariarlene Eisel, Marilyn Elton, Joyce Brick, Lois Jacquot, Mar ilyn, Clay, Barbara Perkins, Doris Hallett, Dorothy Fuller, Bonnie Lemmon, Suzanne Rinkel, Jo Ann Harrison, Aerielle Hackley , Shirley Fredrick, Jean Mikola 60 rT BUllS'BlEE ULUB 'P v if i 'A :safe J en, ,ff . Z -f N " I rg. 5 if J new if .5 ,S , f SEATED: Joyce Brick, Marjorie Ruggles. FRONT ROW: Jim Banks, Tom Gillen, Raymond Allen, Sesario Duran, John Krasula, Joe Duran, Charles Guernsey, Bruce Bundy, Carl Kinney,Larry Sunday. SECOND ROW: Dwight Wallington, Tom Camp, Don Scherzer, Jerry Sharples, Kent Judson, John Camp, .Tame s Ward , Bill Kline, Dick McQuade, Dave Proudfoot, George Tolford JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Compliments of Home Builders and Supply 6l THE USHERS CAST John Morgan ..... Silas Dobbins . . . Flickie Nelson . . . Betty Phillips . . . Joan Parker . . Mrs. Guarino . . . Bill Lindsay .... Oscar Pozenby. . . M' Willie Woodson . . Mrs. Vanderventer u UUlU:l " OFF THE TRACK 'X Evalina Bumpass . . . . Piggie McDougal . . . . . . . . . George Tolford . . Edward Rausch Barbara Perkins , , , , , , , Joyce Burgin Marie Pawlaczyk . . . Bonnie Naugle Antonia Guarino . . . . . . . . Dave Proudfoot . .. James Bradford Mar ile e Kahle Charles Butcher . . Elaine Bowers 1. . Julia Corwin Leah Rae Witker JUHIUR Mrs. Vanderventer Uulia Corwin, creates quite a scene as she enters the dep- ot with her pet dog. Compliments of Murphy's 5 8: 10 62 W Dave Proudfoot, George Tolford, Bonnie Naugle, Charles Butcher, and Julia Corwin l C Elaine Bowers, and Charles Butcher CLHSS HHH I k,Llk Q ml A' i ii WI WYIUHK T0 .N-4 f mmn,if1ffLggfA?? ' was wr. ' ' " N 1 - v ,,. 5 4 .M .aee K E A K Www, , FRONT ROW: Marilee Kahle, Bonnie Naugle, Leah Rae Witker, Marie Paw- laczyk, Elaine Bowers, Julia Corwin, Joyce Burgin, Barbara Perkins. SEC- OND ROW: Eddie Rausch, James Bradford, David Proudfoot, George Tolford Charles Butcher. Compliments of Elton's Pure Oil 63 . . . Robert Saxer Mrs, Mason Mr . Mason , Maudie ,.,. Sylvia , , Alex , , , Julie ...... Lysbeth , , , Ting . . . Davy , , , Chi , Jerrv .... Mac ...... Mar gar et . . Tom Camp Mrs, Carpenter, Director Snoots. . . . . Car0l.......... nnnooaon CAST , , Marilyn Clay , , Dale Poorman , , Lois Jacquot , , Marilyn Elton , Joyce Schondel Marcella Zientek Marjorie Ruggles . , , , Carol Kunz , ,, , , Sue Welch , , , Richard Sutherland IIOOIOOO Parrington Smith , , , , , ....L Janet Gladfelter eatrice Wielinski , Jack Robinson , William Pearse . . . Tom Camp , Willialn Wagner . . Jayne Johnson SEHIUH SEATED: Leatrice Wielinski, Janet Gladfelter, Richard Sutherland, Joyce Schondel, Marcella Zientek, Marjorie Ruggles. STANDING: William Pearse, Jack Robinson, Robert S axe r , William Wagner, Tom Camp, Marilyn Elton , Lois Jacquot, Jayne Johnson, Suzanne Welch, Carol Kunz, Marilyn Clay, Dale Poorman. 64 Lois Jacquot, Mrs, Carpenter, Marilyn Eltgn CLHSS PLHU fi Marilyn Elton, Tom Camp Compliments Of H. A. Powell Studio "S TAG LINE" Williarn Wagner, Dick Sutherland Lois Jacquot, and Jack Robinson 65 . . L. , A A -,M . . , , A rw 'H :fl ,argl W 21- 'Wg' Trai. V37 f'T?Ti'llZav'?'i15I2f2 it ea V 7 f S vi si wg ?il?35f?fft,E:f 5:-slfl E T' f':QvHJ:: 5 'Z 1 'vixlix,-fps-.rr'? .5 e hx' fjif av ' " i S 4 f ' 'W H'-sxgw, f l f - 1 ' : X-1 I , A .J , , I-J, f .fy M fy 1. 5 - ,za ' ' - 4 iff' 71' HTHLETICS 1- A D lllu me t , ' 'Q ,V .. - i " 5-M... ....t NS 'll In terms ofSwanton's athletic accom- plishments, 1954-55 would not be an outstanding year, But it is how you play the game that counts. The Bull- dogs have always been noted for their high degree of sportsmanship, .and this will be more important to the individual player in the long run. If a game ceases to be fun, itis no longer a game, Swanton teams have probably derived more fun from par- ticipation in athleti c events than many of their opponents. SHS did K1 J ,LL fx, Wy, 3 I5 is ' A not always win, but when it did -- Oh, how it won! Do you remember Ros- ChI1'18.21i1'S touchdown runback of an in- tercepted Maumee pass whichg a v 'Q Swanton a 12 to 6 victory on the last play of the game? Or the big game when the Bulldogs held D e lta four inches from a touchdown at the final gun to preserve a 12 to 7win? These were sweet victories, but not "pres- sure" victories. It is too bad when a school will disownits teams, or ride its coach, unless, they come up with a winner every year. 'sf U TOP ROW: Bill Bryan, Mike Robbins, Bob Meyerhofer, Harvey Lewis, Raymond Steusloff, Bill Hardy, Ted Bzovi, Myron Smitley, Galen Brad- ford,Mr. Newman, Mr. Martin. SECOND ROW: Richard Stubblefield Charles Guernsey, Ronald Dixon, Wayne George, Lonnie Owens, Jerry Fleming, Harold Zenk, Jerry Sharples. THIRD ROW: Ronald Stinson, Jim Johnson, Pete Najarian, Bill Pearse, John Camp, Jim Ward, Bob Bloomer, Ralph Houser, Dave Proudfoot. FRONT ROW: Harold Pitts, Keith Berkebile, Tom Urban, Bob Saxer, Ben Roschmann, Paul Long- lott, George Proudfoot, Dick Mohr, Don Sturt, FUUTBHLL Coach Newman Under the direction of head coach Mr Martin, who was in charge of football for his first time, and our very cap- able line coach, Mr. Newman, the muscle men of Swanton High School established a successful five win and four loss record. 68 They 20 Z0 6 ,o I 7 7 Z7 6 69 If Barbara Perkins, Suzanne Welch, Shirley Fredrick, Marilyn Elton CHEEHLEHDERS , MA NA GERS Galen Bradford Robert Meyerhoffer Mike Robbins Bill Bryan Compliments of Brindley 8: Judson 70 The football team, cheerleaders, and managers were given a banquet by the Swanton Commerce Club. This is an annual event, By a vote of his team mates, Tom Urban was elected the most valuable player of the year. The picture at the right shows him being presented with the Most Valuable Player Trophy. Tom Urban receiving trophy FUUTBHll UUEEH Barbara Perkins, Marcella Zientek, Dawn Tavtigian, Marilyn Elton lQueenl Peggy Fr oman Compliments of Had Stine Buick 71 ,sa luv' FRONT ROW: Don McQuade, Danny Groggin, Gary Sharples, Robert Morris Steve Geer, Martin Scherzer, Mr. Jennings, Donald Bowser. SECOND ROW: Herbert Crosby, Bob Bland, Mike Pilliod, Larry Brueshaber, Donald Meyer- hofer, John Murphy, Scott Carson, John Mossing, Bill Grimsley, John Young Donald McReady. THIRD ROW: Fritz Hall, Edward Thames, Bob Cooper Soko Duran, Bill Daniels, Andrew Harris, Gerald Stinson, Dic lc McQuade Duayne Bryan, Jerry Bryan, Ronald Meyerhofer. JUHIUH HIGH FUUTBHLL We They Ottawa Hills 35 0 Napoleon 37 0 Delta 0 7 Holland 0 19 Archbold 1-4 19 Compliments of Buckeye Chevrolet Coach Jennings 72 Xl? STANDING: .Tim Johnson, Bill Hardy, Jerry Fleming, Mr. Newman KNEELHNTG: Jim Ward, Don Sturt, Bill Pearse, Bob Bloomer TRHCH Track was r e s um e d this spring. The team lost its first three meets to Liberty C enter , Maumee, and a triangular affair with D e lta and Blissfield. The tracksters finished the season on the right foot by de - feating Archbold 74 to 44, Individual high scorer for Swanton was Don Sturt with 45 points for the season, Compliments of Cur ly's Restaurant Don Sturt Home Oil Company 73 Ronald Stinson, Peter Najarian, James Lambert, Bob Saxer, Nelson Hager man, .Terry Robinson, David Zenk, Tom Camp, James Ward, Joe Duran, Coa.chMartin V S E A S O N R E C O R D VARSITY RESERVE -VY-e They -VY-e They Anthony Wayne 31 57 22 41 Bryan 34 ' 52 24 56 Archbold 29 66 32 49 Whitmer 52 56 A 22 44 Holland 50 52 46 20 Perrysburg 60 71 54 48 Ottawa Hills 66 70 50 eo Compliments of P 8: G Grill '74 FRONT ROW: John Camp, George Tolford, Kenny Babcock, Ronald Dix- on, G erald Stinson, Ted Bzovi, Ralph Houser. SECOND ROW: Harold Heath, Kent Judson, David Butcher, Charles Purdy, John Jewell, Ray mond Steusloff, Bill Bryan, Charles Butcher Managers Galen Bradford Mike Tressler VARSITY RESERVE Delta 48 52 Z8 53 Lyons 55 54 63 40 Maumee 61 74 44 70 Scott 63 64 25 44 Archbold 60 78 40 52 Holland 61 58 31 41 DeVilbis 59 68 44 49 Ottawa Hills 60 66 36 48 Delta. 49 54 55 34 Waite 49 63 1 9 30 Wauseon 49 58 43 17 Van Wert 47 52 75 Sesario Duran, James Corwin, Richard Hintz, Andrew Harris, Robert Mer- rill, Nelson Tuggle, Richard McQuade, William Daniels, James Noe, Lloyd Black FRESHIHHH Bl-lSHElBHll Coach Newman SEASON RECORD 11'-e They Archbold Z5 34 Ottawa Hills 48 ZZ Anthony Wayne 38 24 Delta 44 30 Whitmer 33 16 Archbold 31 37 Liberty Center 61 34 Ottawa Hills 36 34 Chesterfield 35 18 Delta 33 25 Fayette 2.2 33 Compliments of First Federal Savings 8: Loan, Delta, Ohio 76 SEASON RECORD QV-e They Fulton 29 49 Whitmer 2,6 ZQ Liberty Center 12 48 Delta 28 34 Archbold 2,9 37 Fulton 21 , 32 Liberty Center Z5 35 Whitrner 28 32. Delta 24 36 Wauseon 23 49 JUHIUH HIGH BHSHETBHLL C Oach 'FIRST ROW: Jim Jordan, Paul Myers, Tommy Gigax,Don McQuade, John Mossing, John Tressler, Mike Pilliod. SECOND ROW: Tony Sperling, Steve Geer, Bob Bland, Jerry Bryan, Larry Howard, Larry Brueshaber, Raymond Koepfer, Glenn Stinson '77 CHEEHLEHDEHS Sue Allen, Nancy Wiles, Na.ncyWa,lters,Oddlyn Bundy F R E S H MA N Marilyn Tuggle, Tamara Bloom, Sue Perkins 78 VARSITY 'R gk . fi. X -eg X' Marilyn Elton, Shirley Fredrick, Barbara Perkins, Marie Pawlaczyk BHSHElBHll BHHUUET Russell Vose, Nelson Hagerman The second annual basketball banquet sponsored by the Boosters Club, was hold in the cafeteria at East Swanton School, Special entertainment was provided by the "Jesters", a local quartet. Ten boys received varsity letters, and 16 received reserve letters, Coach Martin gave out the following awards: rebounding champ, Ne ls on Hagermang most valuable substitute, .Tim Lambertgfoul shooting champ, Bob Saxerg and a s i lverbasketball Qtwo years varsityj, Nelson Hag er man, David Zenk received a special trophy from the team for good sportsmanship, The most valuable player trophy was presented to Nelson Hagerman by Rus - sell Vose, president of the Boosters Club. 79 FRONT ROW: Dale Poorman, Jerry Heinemann, Kenneth Kreuz, Robert Saxer GarrySloan, Jack Robinson, JerrySharples, Jerry Robinson, SECOND ROW: Milo Hilty, Harold Pitts, Harold Heath, Peter Najarian, John Camp, Jerry Taynor, Kenny Babcock, George Tolford, James Ward, Ronald Stinson PM ll 'Q iw if BHSEBHH A we If 'li ,A X ' SEASON RECORD We They Pettisville 16 4 Holland 7 0 Archbold 7 6 Perrysburg 10 Z Libby 5 11 Archbold 9 5 Maumee 14 4 Wauseon 16 1 Wauseon 6 12 Compliments of Bob's Hut 80 1 FEHTURES .K v -3' X If .,-, . ,735 Q. 5 fc R fn X NX Q, gg l ff ' QEEE' ,G ETP 1D if? HUVERTISEMEHTS V at 4-ijt I I1 ,s+vu.:oQ !EE2:a PURE - -455 f , E ' ' E' 'V oq'4NV u"V E'-Q E O ' -sig - f .X ,X UEHRBUUH UUEEH BETTY BRYAN 82. HTTEHDHHTS SUSANNE SHAFFER MARILYN CLAY MARILYN ELTON GERALDINE ENGEL giewfe Allen N.B.C. HUDSON THEATRE I4l WEST 44TH STREET- NEW YORK 36, N.Y. CIRCLE 7-B300 March 18, 1 955 Miss Helen Buckenrneyer Swanton, Ohio Dear Helen: Thank you for your letter of March 15 and for the pictures of the senior girls which we are returning herewith, Since all of the girls looked so charming, it was a difficult choice for Mr. Allen to make. However, he has made his selections and so indicated them by numbering the back of the pictures. .. He has asked me to convey his best personal wishes to the graduating class of Swanton High School. Sincerely, Renee Leff Secretary to STEVE ALLEN RLflr 83 GV , 5 ' v.., ANL le e 1 ' j , ,V If . - t QQI if a -'-Q 5 gi I fx VY Senlor Glrls Sophomore Float 1n Parade W I Beatrice Pacynski l e Slumber Party Dale Poorman and William Danie 84 v Compliments of Rupp Brothers Hatchery Q U. S. U S Pullorum Clean 'Fl R P' in Best of Wishes to Swanton High School A Nin un ART RUGGLES Swanton Delta Phone 2666 Phone 2365 wi M: ' W S" -- - Q , v- f31'?'?fE85 ' . UN YSPZ5 l wait View M' V - H., V V on 3? or I 1 53? 9 555 fmffa hfsffgfi ff., 5931215 ,- -...,. D, , QL - -Wx f . .Rt.rz,owfzr,f., Ra x Trwirfsizoioiw ffl 'f.. Qwgfii' if X aa at , 6, : I - jsgaa aaagafigggpxzgg iff? gil ,xsmrn .1 .ix xkrakfax i jf ,il Nflgggggfgg isfwx :naarsaffs--...Haw-:serie ia: .w-a--,::- ::aa:g::,,:-,,-Q1:,, ,5: - - .--m .- as H nz ' 'fimfifijigf I is oaaos faaalwog ,L jf g ' fs M Meadow Gold Dairy Milk Butter Cheese JUNIOR BLOOM, Distributor Phone 2766 ,.,.. QD F 4 Compliments of I-larrling's Bakery Compliments of Bloomer Builders Supply LUMBER MILLWORK ROOFING INSULATION Brailey, Ohio Phone Swanton 3765 I n 85 ' 'L' ' "W Compliments of I-IERFF JONES COMPANY World's Largest Manufacturer of Class Rings Indianapolis , Indiana P, D, Cook, Representative Maumee, Ohio Compliments of DEWITT'S OHIO HATCHERY, INC Chicks --Poults That are bred to make you money from some of the nations leading strains. Swanton, Ohio Phone 498 6 HARRY PLUMMER Hudson Cars Swanton, Ohio Phone 2.621 I I rw QContinued from-page 52 Sixth period is spent in room 205 where we learn how confusing our government really is today, My seventh period is a study hall . In eighth period English we put up a never ending battle to dispose of book reports, but we never win, As the final bell rings, we hurry down the stairs, slam our books in the locker, put one arm in a coat, and dash for our overcrowd- ed bus, Our journey ends and our day closes as we fall from the bus and breathe a sigh of relief after a hectic day that will long be re- membered by any student who has encountered six hours on the pre- mises of Swanton High School, 8 Walter Ashenfelter Rochelle Badgett Raymond Beavers Keith Berkebile Ellsworth Bigsby Robert Bloomer Robert Boehm Geneva Brown Helen Buckenmeyer Thomas Camp Raymond Chamberlain Marilyn Clay Janet Converse Donald Coutcher Karl Doren Marilyn Elton Geraldine Engel Ruth Franklin Shirley Fredrick Janet Gladfelter Nelson Hagerman .i CLASS R0 Bill Hardy Gerald Heinemann Lois Jacquot Jayne Johnson Kathryn Krasula Kenneth Kreuz Carol Kunz Howard Kurth James Lambert Harvey Lewis Shirley Norris . William Pearse Dale Poorman Wilma Puehler Jack Robinson Jerry Robinson Ben Roschmann Marjorie Ruggles Robert Saxer Donald Scherzer LL Joyce Schondel Susanne Shaffer Jerry Sharples Floyd Smith Jerry Smith Richard Stubblefield Richard Sutherland Elizabeth Sutton Jerry Thomas Emma Sue Thornton Shirley Toth Thomas Urban Janet Valerius Geraldine Van Dyke William Wagner Suzanne Welch Leatrice Wielinski Christena Winterfeld David Zenk Marcella Zientek 88 llllllllllill CEHIEIIT PROGRAM Processional ........ March from "Athalia" - Mendelssohn Eva Carpenter, Elsie Blevins Invocation .................... The Reverend I. C. Wynn Pastor, Methodist Church Valedictory - 'LWhat Man Hasn't Masteredn-Janet Gladfelter Soprano Solo - "The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise"-Seitz Kathryn Krasula Class Address .................... "The Wrecking Bar" Clyde Hissong, Ph. D. -- Professor of Education' Bowling Green State University French Horn Solo .............. "Berceuse" - Goddard Marjorie Ruggles Presentation of Awards ................. B. F. Radebaugh Principal of High School Presentation of Class of '55 ................ B. G. Runnels Superintendent of Swanton School Presentation of Diplomas ......,. Robert Bowman, D.D.S. President of Board of Education Recessional ........ "Coronation Marchv - Ira B. Wilson Eva Carpenter, Elsie Blevins f 3 Janet Gladfelter, Valedictoriang Helen Buckenrneyer, Salu- tatoriang Marilyn Clay, Most Outstanding Girlg Jerry Shar- ples, Most Outstanding Boy 89 RUDY STA PLETON Insurance of all kinds "Losses Paid With a Smile" Swanton, Ohio Phone 3521 SWANTON ECONOMY CENTER Ready to Wear Merchandise Buy and Save Right Here All the Time WEIR DRY GOODS DOTTIE'S SHOP SWANTON FLOWER SHOP Hat s G lo ve s Ralph and Lucile Swint Purses Girdle s Flowers Wired Everywhere Jewelry Phone 2021 Phone 3531 Swanton, Ohio WE IHL ' S HO ME E Q UIPME NT SWANTON TELEVISION SERVICE Warm Air Heating Contractor Circulating Oil Heaters Swanton, Ohio RCA Victor Dealer Chicago Rd. Swanton, Ohio Compliments of SOUTH SIDE MARKET Groceries and Meats A . A . P URD Y Clothing- --'-Furnishings Shoes for the Entire Family Swanton, Ohio 90 FAUBLE'S RESTAURANT Compliments of The "Town's" Restaurant Swanton, Ohio COFFEE CUP Mrs, Virginia Laweki, Prop. Compliments of A 8: P S TORE Elwood Elton, Manager G IBSON IMPLEMENT SALES New Idea Allis -Chalmers Farm Equipment Sales --Parts - -Service Swanton, Ohio Phone 2946 ALFRED MEIER Ferguson Tractors 8: Equipment Admiral Television 8: Appliances Whirlpool Washers 8: Dryers Swanton, Ohio Phone 2552 RUPP BROWN 8: SONS Plumbing 8: Heating Kelvinator Appliances Swanton, Ohio Phone 4546 Compliments of BRAILEY GENERAL STORE William Damaske CORNER MARKET Harold Doren, Proprietor Swanton, Ohio Compliments of K C LANES "Bowling at its best" COLUMBIAN CENTER CORP Swanton, Ohio C omp liments of SIMMONS CLEANERS 8: TAILORS Chicago Pike 8: Forrester Ave. REPAIRS--4-ALTERATIONS Tailored-to-Measure Suits Cleaninguin by 10 out by 49 SWANTON HARDWARE "Your Hardware Shopping Center" Full line of Westinghouse Appliances Full line BPS Paints, Varnishes and Enamels Largest Stock Hardware in Town Phone 3841 Compliments of JOE NOE HARDWARE Alumnus of Class of 1937 Compliments of HAZEL LEU DRESS SHOP Women's 8: Children's Apparel 92 Dodge Street, Swanton, Ohio Phone 3851 an '.Q, 3 v:,l Compliments of .Iudson's Food Market F' ' as ,F ,im M 2 - E 4 Q Q K ot IIQM Y X I l 5 lp ,..., Y f. . 4. ., 1, . Mm 4. X F ' .av A ff 2 jj .. ' s ' l." , 41 I Q K 1 v GKMRNSEYS " I Nu ' szsmcf Twvfp U-.Bm Af-ON i F ni,-nn' 131 iii- i - yml 1.5 wear - f ' ' uf -?v?l'f:Y'l,i f t A , gQ:Q.g.Q,,Q W' "Y-My f A W 9 :M Y A V f , ii f Qiy, iQLh gi ,, H Q- f , --wil l ' X Vl f F mf . I Vrrrk N kk W: K ,. V 7 Lyyyk W - KW, SSWN 'V K - A K K I I K , I 'A Z1 'fi rj!M125fic-5151ll?Wi2:i'i11afgM,,. . "Your Friendly Ford Dealer" BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '55 93 . A , V 'N-M, 1, mpg: i BEST WISI-IES TO THE CLASS OF 1955 BIEHL AND MALONE FUNERAL DIRECTORS --AMBULANCE SERVICE Swanton Lyons Metamora 94 fl? COMPLIMENTS OF PIllIOD CABINET COMPANY an EMPLOYEES 95 ...N na, COMPLIMENTS OF Coca Cola Bottling Co. 4' W: - , ' 5+ . . , w a I . , Q5 .IINQ XX Rig, ds -fun 10 fo ,,,, XM, --. ,Es iqiq' x 'i-E N V5'2T-,xxx ... e ,.y in 6 xx x QNX Smmu Scam A A I I mg SAFE SPEED . . . A ruu. ronrv roof Luna. ALL,STEEL CONSTRUCTION YARD SIZE ROLLER CUASTER Rusr-Pnoor PLATING EIGHT 5 Foor secnons S 6 Q 5 0 EASILY ASSEMBLED RETAIL PRICE ADDITIONAL TRACK AVAILABLE mnn umm wmv. SCOTTDEL, INC, swnnou 3. omo 96 TRANSIT CONCRETE MILL SUPPLIES LUMBER SASH Compliments of Swanton lumber Company P East Broadway, Swanton, Ohio, Phone 2926 E.ElEVATllll Ill Swanton Milling 8 Elevator Co. COAL FEEDS PHONE 2696 97 I JUHIUH Q9 mg' ,L A THE GAY Colurnbian jx M3 May 7: F., - s N -I!,X -t-qY'n'X,m sag il NU A 1 da ful., Cent 1955 Wharf pf, gx ,, 4. y 4 , U H iii ff W 'X ,W-r A ' "lub fx. w A w aiauzus ENGINEERING W. E. Baker Engineering "For the Best in Heating" Swanton, Ohio . Compliments of Mauirice Weigel "Dick" Wyse Distributor Standard Oil of Ohio Manager IOC v fu: ii X ev X 5 J: ,1+f-' V , if Ege- HQ at - f

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Swanton High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Swanton, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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