Swanton High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Swanton, OH)

 - Class of 1950

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Swanton High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Swanton, OH) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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i I . 5 I 5 K 2 1 2 5 1 s u 1 f"f"'C' Une 1950? PIGNEE W ir. MIX qgx Published for the Student Body of the Swanton High School by the Yearbook Staff under the direction of Caro1K1ine, Editor in Chief, and Charles Smith,Business Manager. SWANTON HIGH SCHOOL Swanton, Ohio cms rmv PIUIQIFT SWANHIN HIGH SIEHIIIH 1, H, ag, ., ,Ag VSERW A :HAM QW K ,W-f-vw""M'W.MU VKAV , 7 J My .ff""'f . xg, -. A ,AJ-""",Jr A X ,Ag A f' LI. A F NS 3 -rg W AN w. A .. T if ' ' SF! -' 4 'QM A, X I , A X f A .AQ AR xxx QA :i 1: big- biz? ' ' x I- A , ' NX Q XX 1 f A 5 II R M s 1 AJ. L A . 'f ' f- A A . H! gggfzf ,aa ' fl pf EQ? lf? - A ,A 5' ff? A fs? - 1 kk:'k, .A ' -wzgif? fi? .A W A 2.9 ,I gig! gig gm Q Q3 -7 f ' r 'Q A Q , R yi, f .K A Lnlk fqqi yr AA 4 fu fe fl AM .W .V Y Ai" ww .5tM.?fff-5'f1 f.ffgg,- rv ' ' g5'L,g.gr Yg Q , A A ' sf A-A 3 V Q1 wi ,4 " L K A 'A 9' ' mx' , an if 'f M , 2 A .+ 4,n.1 AA'- - nf vm . A? A ' Q - 'isqqxw Y ,,.-f F fi x-I IA Ii ullv :vim in v JAMES G. BAKER JOHN BONAM EVA CARPENTER COMMERCIAL HISTORY ENGLISH ASSISTANT COACH L , ' s ,A .I2.,,4., L. A. WALKER SUPT. VERNON GRAHAM FRANCES KNOKE IMOGENE NEWMAN MATHEMATICS HQME ECONOMICS LATIN k ENGLISH 6 C 1' 'K L L' ft: A-9 , I WILLIAM DANIELS DARWIN EATON ELMER GIRTEN SCIENCE 8 AGRICULTURE INDUSTRIAL ARTS MUSIC naw B. G. RUNNELS PRIN. LEONA SLOAN DONALD LANG DEWEY JOHNSON GIRLS' PHYS. SCIENCE COACH ACCOUNTING SECREIARY lIBRARIAN . .wi 4. lllMl IARY SHH00l FAEUlIY pxihg. 'nuns' f 5 . L is 'X 324 W fx gs. :E FIRST ROW: MARILYN BONAM, ELLEN PocA, MURTIE ELTON, LOUELLA SPAULDING, LAVONA EATON. SECOND HAZEL HEINCELMAN, NELLIS EMSHWILLER, PHYLLIS MEIER, IRENE SAGERT, MARGARET DANIELS. CUSIUHIA S ORMAL COLE WALLACE JOHNS Mm- 1,1f g W' . f,,, Nh 2 V LE Hg lqikf ROW: PRF gk! f MQ, HASSES SENIORS MONA BABCOCK LUCILLE BRODBECK RUTH BUCKENMEYER EUNICE CARROLL RUTH CARUSO GWYNITH COON ANESTA EISEL BEVERLY FORD MARY ADA FRAZIER ELLAJAYNE FROST JOYCE HARRISON KAROLYNNE HEALY LOUELLA HENRY MARY LOU JOHNSON DAISY JORDAN DOLORES JUDSON BETTY KELLEY JO ANNE KELLUMS PEGGY KLEIN CAROL KLINE MARGIE KRAUSE THERESA KREUZ BETTY JO LEFFEL ELOUISE LLOYD JANE MILLER SHIRLEY MONDAY MAXINE MOSSING DONNA PETERS VERLEE PORTER ALICE PUEHLER NORMA ROTH ALICE SMITH BARBARA SPERLING BERNADINE SZEZESNIAK STAR TANSEL VIRGINIA WYSE MAGDALENO AGUILAR GEORGE ARMAGANIAN JACK BLOOM ROGER BowERS LOUIS BOWMAN RICHARD DREWYOR GALE EVANS TOM FAUBLE ROBERT GANT JOSEPH KEOGH ROBERT KLINE SYLVESTER KOCINSKI JOHN KRAMER STANLEY LEONARD DONALD MARTIN JOSEPH MINNICH ROBERT MOSSING CLIFFORD MYERS ARTHUR OVERMYER CHARLES SMITH GEORGE SPERLING MELVIN TwIGG JAMES WHITTAKER DONALD ZESING WILLS HER LEADERSHIP HER TACT HER STUDIOUSNESS HER MEEKNESS HER LAST NAME HER FRIENDLINESS HER BOYFRIEND HER SOFT VOICE HER RESERVE HER QUICK MIND HER HEIGHT HER SEDATENESS HER CO-OPERATION HER SHORTHAND ABILITY HER CUTE SMILE HER POETRY HER BLONDE HAIR HER DIAMOND HER CHEERLEADING ABILITY HER DRUDGERY AS PIONEER EDITOR HER WAY WITH THE MEN HER EXCESS ENERGY HER HIGH GRADES HER SHORTHAND BOOK HER SINCERITY HER BASKETBALL POWERS HER HAPPY NAUTRE HER DIGNITY HER EIGHTH PERIOD STUDY HALL HER GOVERNMENT BOOK HER SHYNESS HER SENSE OF HUMOR HER LOVE OF BOOKS HER FICKLENESS HER CHARM HER CAR BOXING TALENT HIS DARK HAIR THOSE FLIRTATIOUS GLANCES HIS MOTORCYCLE HIS NICKNAME HIS HEIGHT HIS WEIGHT HIS ENERGY HIS LAUGH HIS INTELLIGENCE HIS BRAIN HIS FIRST LOVE HIS BROAD SHOULDERS HIS HEIGHT HIS SMILE HIS PRESSCARD ONE AUTOMOBILE IN GOOD CONDITION HIS SLOW WAY OF SPEAKING A FEW TARDY SLIPS TWO CRUMPLED BUICK FENDERS A BOTTLE OF ORANGE POP HIS LOVE OF MISCHIEF SOME OF HIS TALKATIVENESS HIS PLEASANT VOICE TO INEz MEYER MR. EATON JERRY HUFF GENE DOREN SOME TENOR ROBERT HAHN NOBODY SANDRA ARMAGANIAN NORENE TAYLOR KEN BARNES MARYNETTE MYERS NELDA SEVERIN EMILY BROWN GWENYTH BLOOM DOLORES GRIFFIN POSTERITY HOWARD KELLER BEVERLY BAKER BOB GANT NEST YEARIS EDITOR SUE ROLEN KENNY MOSSING LARRY DUNBAR MR. BAKER BONNIE KRAUSE JUNE MASON CAROLYN KREUZ PAT GARRY MR. GRAHAM ANYBODY WHOILL TAKE IT DAVID LINGENFELTER JOHN DAvIS DUKE CLAY JUDY MOSSING IRENE TwIGG BILL JONES PERRY ZEIGLER CARL BUEHRER ALL THE S.H.S. GIRLS MARY MARGARET BLAYZ SOMEONE NAMED CHARLES BILL STUKEY GAYTHON EATON CARL LAKE BETTY KELLEYIS HORSE ALBERT EINSTEIN A MUSEUM JOANNE STRAW ALVIN KREUZ JIM ILER DICK JACQUOT DALE MONDAY SOME JUNK YARD ROGER FLYNN DORIS FREY THE TROPHY CASE MISS NEwMAN JOHN BRODBECK BOB HOLLAND TOM POOLE SI IIIII IIIASS IIIIIIIIIIS ARTHUR OVERMYER CLASS PRES. l,3,Ug VARSITY FOOTBALL I,2,3, My TRACK I,2: JR. HI-Y I, PRES. 2: SR. HI- Y 3, PRES. U3 BASKETBALL I,25 MOVIE OPERATOR N3 CLASS PLAY 3g BASEBALL I. CAROL KLINE CLASS OFEIOER: VIcE PRES. M, TREAS. 3: GLEE CLUB I,2,3,Mg GIRLS' INTRAMURALS I,2,3,N: PIONEER N, EDITORS DRUM MAJOR: JR. Y-TEENS I,2: G.A.A. 3,hg J.C.L. I, PRES. 2g CLASS PLAY 39 BOWLING GREEN CONTEST 23 MIXED CHOR- US 2,N3 SEXTETTE I3 FULTON CO. MUSIC FESTI- vAL I,2,3. CHARLES SMITH CLASS SEC. N3 GLEE CLUB I,2,3,Mg PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB I,2,33 TREAS. Up PIONEER U, BUSINESS MGR.S MOVIE OPERATOR 3,N3 CLASS PLAY 39 J. C.L. l,25 FULTON CO. FESTIVAL 33 MIXED CHOR- US 3,U. LOUIS BOWMAN VARSITY FOOTBALL 35 RESERVE I, CAPTAIN 3: BOYS' INTRAMURALS 25 JR. HI-Y I, SEC. 2: SR. HI-Y 3,U3 BASKETBALL MOR. I,2,3g CLASS TREAS. M. Sl IIIR MASS MAGDALENO AGUILAR VOCATIONAL E TECHNICAL SCHOOL OF SAN ANTONIO ! TEXAS I,2,3: SR. HI-Y M. GEORGE ARMAGANIAN WASHINGTON SCHOOL, CHICAGO I,2: FOOTBALL VAR- SITY 3,Ng BoYS' INTRAMURALS 3,U: SR. HI-Y 3,4 MONA BABCOCK CLASS OFE1cER: TREAS. I, SEC. 3: GLEE CLUB I 2,3,uQ GIRLS! INTRAMURALS l,2,3,U5 HI-LIFE 2 3,N3 PIONEER My JR. Y-TEENS I,23 SR. Y'TEENS' VICE-PRESIDENT 3, PRESIUENT Us J.C.L. I, SEC 2. 9 JACK BLOOM FOOTBALL! VARSITY 2,3,U, RESERVE lg JR. HI-Y l,2: SR. HI-Y 3,45 BASKETBALL I,2,3,U: BASEBALL l,2,3,U. ROGER BOWERS GLEE CLUB I: Bovs' INTRAMURALS l,3, SR. HI-Y 3,Hg BAND l,2,3,h1 BASEBALL 2. LUCILLE BRODBECK LIBRARY CLUB lg GIRLS' INTRAMURALS 2: SR. Y- TEENS N. 1 41, v . -, a 04 4950 RUTH BUCKENMEYER 14 GIRLS' INTRAMURALS l,2,3,1-45 GLEE CLUB l,2,3, 3 HI-LIFE U3 PIONEER My JR. Y-TEENS I, SEC. 2, 14 G.A.A. TREAS. 3, SEC. . EUNICE CARROLL GIRLS' INTRAMURALS l,2,3,uS JR. Y-TEENS 4,23 G.A.A. 3,14. GWYNITH COON GIRLS' INTRAMURALS 2,3,145 SR. Y-TI-:ENS 14: G.A.A. 3. DREWYOR, RICHARD ANESTA EISEL GLEE CLUB I,2,3,14g GIRLS' INTRAMURALS l,2,3,145 BAND 3,141 JR. Y-TEENS I,2: G.A.A. 3,143 MIXED CHORUS 3,U: FULTON COUNTY MUSIC FESTIVAL I,2,3. GALE EVANS FOOTBALL! VARSITY 2,3,N5 BOYS' INTRAMURALS 2, 3,145 JR. HI-Y I,2z SR. HI-Y 3,143 MOVIE OPERATQR 3,145 BASEBALL 3, 14, MGR. 2. i .Mmm SHIIIUR MASS TOM FAUBLE CLASS VICE-PRES. 2,3g FOOTBALL: VARSITY 2,3,H, RESERVE Ig PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB I,2,3,Hg TRACK I, 2,3,U3 BASKETBALL I5 MOVIE OPERATOR 3,Ng CLASS PLAY 3. BEVERLY FORD GIRLS' INTRAMURALS 35 JR. Y-TEENS l,2g SR. Y- TEENS U5 G.A.A. 3. MARY ADA FRAZIER GIRLS' INTRAMURALS l,2,3: JR. Y-TEENS I,2g SR. Y-TEENS My G.A.A. 3. ELLAJAYNE FROST GLEE CLUB l,2,3,M5 PIONEER U3 JR. Y-TEENS l,23 J.C.L. I,23 GIRLS' INTRAMURALS l,2,Hg BAND I, 2,33 SR. Y-TEENS 3,Ug MIXED CHORUS U3 ORCHES- TRA 2: BOWLING GREEN MUSIC CONTEST 2,35 FULTON COUNTY MUSIC FESTIVAL l,2,3. ROBERT GANT GLEE CLUB 3,M5 BOYS' INTRAMURALS 3,Ng FOOTBALL MGR. U3 MOVIE OPERATOR 3,U3 PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB 3,Ng MIXED CHORUS 3,H5 BOYS' QUARTETTE 3,U. JOYCE HARRISON DELTA HIGH SCHOOL I3 G.A.A. H. IH 1950 KAROLYNNE HEALY PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB l,2,3g GLEE CLUB 2,3,Up BAND l,2,3,Hg SR. Y-TEENS U. LOUELLA HENRY LIBRARY CLUB I3 SR. Y-TEENS Us GIRLS' INTRA- MURALS 3,M5 G.A.A. 3. MARY LOU JOHNSON LIBRARY CLUB l,U5 GIRLS' INTRAMURALS U5 JR. Y-TEENS I,2. DAISY JORDAN GIRLS' INTRAMURALS 2,U5 JR. Y'TEENS 23 G.A.A. 3,M. DOLORES JUDSON CLASS PRESIDENT 23 GLEE CLUB l,2,3,U5 GIRLS' INTRAMURALS I,U3 HI-LIFE 2,3,Hg PIONEER Hg BAND l,2,3,Mg JR. Y-TEENS l,2g SR. Y-TEENS 3,35 CLASS PLAY 3: J.C.L. l,23 BOWLING GREEN MUSIC CONTEST l,33 ORCHESTRA I,2: MIXED CHORUS 2,Mg FULTON COUNTY MUSIC FESTIVAL I,2,3,N. BETTY KELLEY GIRLS' INTRAMURALS I,2,Ug BAND Ig JR. Y-TEENS I,2: G.A.A. 3,M. SI IUII IZIASS JO ANNE KELLUMS GIRLS' INT , , , - . -TEENS 25 G.A.A. 3,N3 GENOA HIGH SCHOOL I. RAMURALS 2 3 U' JR Y JOSEPH KEOGH PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB l,2,3,hS MOVIE OPERATOR 3,U. PEGGY KLEIN GLEE TRAMURALS I,29 PIO- NEER Mg JR. Y-TEENS l,23 G.A.A. 3: CLASS PLAY 3g J.C.L. I,2g CHEERLEADER 2,3,U5 BOWLING GREEN MU- SIC CONTEST 3: MIXED CHORUS 3,M3 SEXTETTE 3,Ug FULTON COUNTY Music FESTIVAL I,2,3. CLUB l,2,3,U3 GIRLS' IN ROBERT KLINE PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB I,2,3,Mg TRACK I5 MOVIE OPERATOR 3,N3 BASEBALL 2,3,N. SYLVESTER KOCINSKI BOYS' INTRAMURALS 2,3,Hg TRACK 23 MOVIE OPERATOR 3,M. JOHN KRAMER . GLEE CLUB I,39 LIBRARY CLUB 3,33 PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB l,U5 PIONEER N3 MOVIE OPERATOR 3,45 BOWLING GREE MUSIC CONTEST ' N 3, MIXED CHORUS 3. IH 1950 MARGIE KRAUSE M JR Y-TEENS 1,23 GIRLS' INTRAMURALS I,2,3, 5 . ' S PLAY 3: CHEERLEADER 3. G.A.A. 3,U, CLAS THERESA KREUZ GLEE CLUB l,2,3,N5 GIRLS' INTRAMURALS l,2, CAPTAIN 3,Ug JR. Y-TEENS I, VICE PRES. 35 G.A.A. 3,Mg CHEERLEADER 3,U. BETTY JO LEFFEL GLEE CLUB l,2,3,Ng GIRLS' INTRAMURALS I,2,3,U5 HI-LIFE 2,35 EDITOR U3 JR. Y'TEENS I,2: SR. Y- TEENS 33 TREAS. U: BOWLING GREEN CONTEST 3: MIXED CHORUS 3,U5 SEXTETTE 2,3,Ug FULTON COUNTY MUSIC FESTIVAL 2,3. STANLEY LEONARD BOYS' INTRAMURALS EAST PERIA HIGH SCHOOL I,2,35 Us PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB 'lg SEC. 'Ig BAND 1I. ELOUISE LLOYD GIRLS' INTRAMURALS 33 G.A.A. 3,h. DONALD MARTIN MACOMBER HIGH SCHOOL I,2,33 FOOTBALL U. SENIIIIR MASS JANE MILLER GIRLS' S 33 PIONEER Ng JR. Y-TEENS I,2g SR. Y-TEENS N: G.A.A. 3. INTRAMURAL JOE MINNICH GLEE CLUB I,2,3,Hg LIBRARY CLUB 3,Np PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB l,2,3,Np PIONEER Mg MOVIE OPERATOR 3,Ug MIXED CHORUS 3,U3 COUNTY MUSIC FESTIVAL 2,3. SHIRLEY MONDAY GLEE CLUB 2,3,U3 PIONEER U3 GIRLS' INTRAMURALS l,2,3,hj JR. Y'TEENS I,23 G.A CHORUS U. .A. 3,Ug Mxxco MAXINE MOSSING GIRLS' INTRAMURALS 3,H3 JR. Y-TEENS I,23 G.A.A. 3,M. ROBERT MOSSING CLASS TREAS. I5 JR. HI-Y lg TREAS. 23 SR. HI-Y TREAS. 3,N5 BASKETBALL I,25 MOVIE OPERATOR Hg FOOTBALL: VARSITY I,2,3,U. CLIFFORD MYERS BOYS' INTRAMURALS 3: JR. H 3,M: MOVI I-Y l,2: SR. HI-Y E OPERATOR 3,U. I III III50 , DONNA PETERS GIRLS' INTRAMURALS I,2,33 JR. Y-TEENS 1,25 SR. Y-TEENS 3, SEC. U. VERLEE PORTER GIRLS' INTRAMURALS l,2,3,Hg JR. Y-TEENS l,29 G.A.A. 3,M. ALICE PUEHLER S' INTRAMURALS 3: JR. Y-TEENS l,2: G.A.A. GIRL 3.U. NORMA ROTH GLEE CLUB I,2,3,U5 GIRLS' INTRAMURALS 3,45 BAND 2,3,U5 JR. Y-TEENS VIcE-PRES. I: PRES. 2: G.A.A. 2: MIXED CHORUS VICE-PRES. 3, PRES. U3 J.C.L. I, hi COUNTY MUSIC FESTIVAL l,2,3. ALICE SMITH LIBBY HIGH SCHOOL l,25 G.A.A. 3,U3 GIRLS' INTRA MURALS 3,M. BARBARA SPERLING U HI LIFE 2,3 My PIONEER U GLEE CLUB I,2,3, g - , BAND 2,3,U5 JR. Y-TEENS I,23 G.A.A. 3,h. .ma.,.N I Sl IUH Ill SS GEORGE SPERLING FOOTBALL! RESERVE I. BERNADINE SZCZESNIAK GIRLS' INTRAMURALS l,2,Ng GLEE CLUB l,2,35 JR Y-TEENS I,2: SR. Y-TEENS 3. STAR TANSEL LIBRARY CLUB I5 GIRLS' INTRAMURALS 2,3,M5 JR Y-TEENS I,25 SR. Y-TEENS U5 G.A.A. 3. MELVIN TWIGG FOOTBALL MGR. 2,Ng BOYS' INTRAMURALS I,2,3,N. JIM WHITTAKER CLASS TREAS. 23 VARSITY FOOTBALL l,2,3,U5 TRACK I,2,3,M. JR. HI-Y I,2g SR. HI-Y 3,h. VIRGINIA WYSE GLEE CLUB I,2,3,M3 GIRLS' INTRAMURALS I,2,3,N5 TwIRLER 2,3,U5 JR. Y-TEENS I,25 G.A.A. 3,H: CHORUS hi BOWLING GREEN MUSIC CONTEST 33 FULTON MUSIC FESTIVAL I,2,3. J.C.L. I: MIXED DONALD ZESING JR. HI-Y 23 SR. H1-Y 3,U5 MovIE OPERATOR 3,U' GLEE CLUB I,2,3,U5 JR. PLAY CAST 3' B ' I , oYS N- TRAMURALS 3,U3 FULTON COUNTY MUSIC FESTIVAL 3. SUPHUMURIS Jack Stevens, PRESIDENT John Brodbeck, VICE PRESIDENT Frederick Pilliod, SECRETARY Donald Pahl, TREASURER l 23 Cl SS UIIIEIRS JU IUHS Gaython Eaton, PRESIDENT Gwenyth Bloom, VICE PRESIDENT Marynette Myers, SECRETARY Kenneth Mossing, TREASURER FRISHMI Bonnie Myers, PRESIDENT Ann Curtis, VICE PRESIDENT Carl Buehrer, SECRETARY James Mason, TREASURER .Ill IDRS gf, ff - LL,-.V , y K ,.3', K , "f"f'.f'-if f 4 LLV, Q f ! is I Sl , if 5 . 5 - "' s fx 2-Eff 4 we fi 2.4 Paul Adams Patricia Babos Peggy Ball Madeline Black 1VIaryMargaret Blayz Tom Bollinger Mary Bratton Anna Mae Brockhoff Edward Brodbeck Hattie Brown Herbert Brown Jean Brodbeck Glen Buckenmeyer Mary Lou Bushong William Butz Robert Camp Jack Carpenter Albert Clauson James Cook John Davis Eugene Doren Duane Durr Lucille Fears Roger Flynn Lois Jean Franklin f Doris Frey Bertha Garner Pat Garry Robert Hahn Barbara Hallett James Hallett George Hayden Robert Haynes James Iler Shirley Jacob Richard Jacquot James Jones Bill Jones Carolyn Kreuz Francis Kreuz Marilyn Kreuz N Paul Kreuz Joyce Leonard Calvin Lehman David Lingenfelter James Lingenfelter - Calvin Lloyd June Mason Bill McGhee Inez Meyer M im i 41 QA x , ,Q S W X Q, R af , Sf JII IIIRS ig A ET 'J ' egsgtq 353 Q fr., ,.,,. iz fk.- ,.g,, ,, .f K M .. ,,,e.,L, ..,, , , -1-s1zggjg1,,s?g.ssIkg .Z . f , I 1-waz: X S , A, 99 5 ...ff js!! +1 Q W5531535565Ei33'lz,fHEYf'E.5JV.,-ji 1 E iw f21.'55'4xx'1i fS'Ik5Lf:'L5if" Yifkw f - ' - . ' ' ' 1:'rw'f5ffw:3f,S1w ' ' fx s , ,fi I fs .. . yan.. fe 25 ,ge .aw f . .QA 6 Q gl at L fs if K I' f lunn 'ti ,X an , 's, K' 1 'N 5,.9rsgg,5 F, a n 5 ? wg : in Ffa., Q his af 'nf it QQ -' W K .1 7' 4 if' 1 , sw all ,,. 5 E.: i lim , af ,f s Y' , is if S . MW M, :A, y cyty it ,Z ' , ,K 2 .Ill IIIRS K -wg ., 5 y S . t . ix 'fi Q39 ,H , nv xx 1 is ,ff L ff l 'C ' all 1 gm 8 drill' if 2 2 g " p if Q i X Q , 1 '55 b- Us ,wi -:N-H:1.1. M in if Wig? ig, nxlbxwfl' ,: ,I I ...M-Y 7, - Q ,J ex if 6 - iv ,SEL L- ::,:'- lm- ,.., fr K V mg. 1 KSA? A , Q . -xi: ' , , .W 3- -X .HJS , 4 , X :rr . , Pk' K ,M X Q A X K XA fifig . X S , A ,. at , 5 A , , ,M , P ul P . mf . .,.ai3' 4 gggw 1 51 Viola Mines Robert Mitchell .Tudy Mossing Tom Mroczkowski Betty Niner Daniel Nowowiej ski Darolyn Olmstead Curtis Penamon Betty Poorman Sue Rolen David Smith Stella Span Bill Sperling Joan Stapleton Dallas Storeholder William Stukey Fay Sutherland Norene Taylor Irene Twigg Carl Weiss Joe Winterfeld Archie Mae Wells Nancy Whaley John Williams Ophelia Williams Wylodene Weisweber William Witker Leo Yager Perry Zeigler Sandra Armaganian John Bahus Beverly Baker Dale Barnes Kenneth Barnes Glen Batdorf James Black Charles Blayz Emily Brown Glen Brown Betty Brushaber Marvin Buehrer Lynne Carpenter Don Chamberlain James Clay Sandra Clay Barbara Corwin Harry Culler Patricia Czajka Jay Dayton Donald DeNeis Charles Dennis Bernice Drewyor Lula Mae Elkins Fredrick Elton Joan Evans Richard Faber Thomas Fears Verna Fitzsmimmons J Rollan Griffin Q 2' SUPHIIIVIIIRIS ' or ' .. "1 ""f" K eq ,.. .,V 1 L my J I Negra l J' ' , 1 , 5 KF, 'ni i ir 1 y + 1 J iz, Q QE, , . IP 5- X, , f , f nz? 1 M 0 . gm 1 f , 1 rrf J 1 F, 1 y yy n J, id M, f, ,,,, i- - , xt, i V 153 Y f ,gm it . . 7 4 1 SAA wwf! ,Q t i in C 1 my , .gl 5 il." ' f f ' ni f "" ' -1:, 3 I B A .,i,.,g,, Z! A .5 K hw SIIPHUIVIIIRES gh Y - ' Zzz .K W it I ti R. x W Q 72 - 4 S H - af as w. .ffffji gp-v Ronald Gullic Jeanetta Hall Amy Hallett Robert Hand George Harris Arthur Heath Donald Heinemann Duane Henry William Hood Melvin Jewell Robert Jewell Barbara Johnson Willie Pearl Johnson Howard Keller Donald Ketring William Ketring Frances Keyes Betty Kidder Mary Ann Klein James Koepfer Bonnie Krause Carl Lake Sandra Leffel Gerald Leland Merlin Lemmon Duane Mohr Robert Mohr Dale Monday Alice Niner Mary Niner Joyce Noe Jo Ann Parker Anna Penamon Jacquelyn Perkins David Peters William Piper Thomas Poole A. D. Powell James Puehler Norman Raab Roberta Robinson Elza Ross Kenneth Russell Nelda Severin Darrell Shaffer Eugene Simms Jennie Stevens Paul Storeholder Austin Studebaker Robe rt Straw Joanne Sulewski Joyce Sulewski Erma Tansel Q... 5 Willia Nell Thompson J' - . Kenneth Vaughn Carol Welter Roger Wiles John Winte rfeld Joanne Zaleski SIIPHIIMIIRIS , ..- J . 4 s, , , -4, ,"Tf', - . 3 5745 9 ig f - ff ,,3ifi' "' R4 21' V31 Q ,gg 2, 'X WW J ry ei may mf T Q if X0 tm , . . 'Kun-'f - .if 5,6-V ii- :rx 75? 3 15 9 ...W Q1 lex x fM.ap V fi' my 4 -W Q? " R HHSHNIE ,V .... , 4, W. , if it i , B .ff f'.I?'5' :mf 2 RHF W. if v-bv!! J' 5 l . new , it N5 ' 'Q 4 i . ',.: ji, 'EW -I . -. ,Z Z. .yzl E . 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A ' A N , A ' ,IP 4 if v S l 'P S gf qs ... , 5 , sl. .,Wv yy Lya R fl 'W Q fl ,sig LEONA SLOAN ARITHMETIC 4 st Q. 1 ig, .. 1" ,:Mm5 ,Q S 2 ,wg 33 FRANCES KNOKE Hom: Economics ELMER GIRTEN Mus I c Qi DEWEY JOHNSON S c 1 E N c E BLANCHE BRADSHAW ENGLISH V' all if it Wi ig.. .4 s ' .3252 3 l r .4 Q If Lf: of J S fin , . 5 Z L l ift' 11 "i w, - N .sail C Z? .1--U: lk sf ' I viii If W5 , QW K , , RY me M i , 'fi-"B Q2 5 is I H f i 'K ,T i Lx HGHIH GRADE , i s Qi' fag 4 5 if W.. 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Q ff :Na af 'ff a f k ' gi QW! ' NX ,-. f 7 Q C 2 45" X I ks fx ps .1 Q Vx V ,M 'ii' A ef, A 1 f 5 , X X -1 :xi 44313, 1 ,. X Q4 "1 V -X'-. V N 1 I X .V 6, X f ' X- 'A Vx' , S-I I 3 D A 541 - ' nu-E: S l 1' ni Q-A---sw MUSIC gs FIRST ROW: CAROL KLINE, VIRGINIA WYsE, FRED DAMASKE, JAMES CRAIG,fWILFRED BROCKHOFF, GAYTHON EATON, JOANNE NOE, EL- MER GIRTEN, JANICE NOE, BILL WITKER, EUGENE DOREN, GEORGE HAYDEN, RALPH KLING, MARY ANN KLEIN, SANDRA ARMACANIAN. SECOND ROW: DAVID BALL, ANESTA EISEL, BEVERLY BAKER, ILA MAE NOE, ANN CURTIS, PATRICIA FABER, PEGGY BALL, GLEN BAT- OORF, GORDON GILGER, DIANA KLINE, DICK RUNNELS, JOYCE DOREN, SHARON CAMP, LYNNE CARPENTER. THIRD ROW: NORMA ROTH, MARI- LYN CLAY, JOAN STAPLETON, JERI WITKER, DOLORES JUDSON, 38 i.kggZ S, 'Q' NELDA SEVERIN, STANLEY LEONARD, FRANCES KEYES, BERNICE DREWYOR, NANCY KOERFER, DALE POORMAN, MARY ELLEN MOSHER, ROXANE GILGER, Jo ANN PARKER. FOURTH ROW: ROGER BOWERS, JOYCE LEONARD, BONNIE MYERS, KAROLYNNE HEALY, JOYCE NOE, MARYNETTE MYERS, BARBARA CORWIN, SUE CURTIS, MARILYN MATHENY, MARILYN KREUZ, ROBERTA ROBINSON, BARBARA SPER- LING, MARGIE RUGGLES, VERA PENNOCK. FIFTH ROW: AUSTIN STUDEBAKER, DORIS FREY, WILLIAM SPERLING, SANDRA CLAY, DOROTHY STUKEY, DONALD TAYLOR, GWENYTH BLOOM, PATRICIA CZAUKA, DAVID LEONARD. 39 Q' R Q Ji J? ,I r UYQPMP Jw TWIIHHIS Sandra Armaganian, Janice Noe, Virginia Wyse, Joanne Noe, Mary Ann Klein Elmer Girten CarOi1K1ine 40 FIRST ROW: BOBDY PFAFF, JIM WARD, MARY Lou ZEIGLER, LOIS BARNES, BILL DANIELS, JERRY THOMAS, FRED DAMASRE, MARY Jo FABER, DAWN TAVTIGIAN, GARRY POZSIK. SECOND ROW: TERRY VANCE, LEAH RAE WITRER, SUSANNE SHAFER, DAVID LEONARD, JEANETTE BALL, JULIA CoRwIN, JOYCE BRICK, PRIscILLA WITRER,NANcY CHAMDERLAIN. THIRD ROW: MR. GIRTEN, TAMARA BLOOM, JIMMY NOE, JANET GLADFELTER, BARBARA BRADFORD, JERRY FLEMMING, WAYNE GEORGE. LAST ROW: GERALDINE VAN DYRE, MELVIN SCHAFFER, WILLIAM PEARSE, LDIS JAcQuoT. QD QP ? AORXO FIRST ROW: ELLA JAYNE FROST, Boa BLAYZ, DAVID LINGENFELTER, GLEN BUCKENMEYER, JACK STEVENS, BILL SPERLING, GAYTHON EATON, MARY BLAYZ. SECOND ROW: PAUL ADAMS, JIM LINGENFELTER, Boa CAMP, BILL WITKER, Boa GANT, DON TAYLOR, ROGER FLYNN, JIM MASON. THIRD ROW: HOWARD KELLER, GENE DOREN, CHARLES SMITH, BILL STUKEY, DON ZESING, JDE MINNICH, GEORGE HAYDEN, MR. GIRTEN. 41 A , wg fE?'PJRA -QHQTRQEQ gg H as A A 3 . V I Q, ' 1 if F 5+ Q 'W J FIRST ROW: JOAN EVANSQ BONNIE KRAUSE, ANNA NTNER, CONNIE RINKLE, JUNE MASON, LULA MAE ELKINS. SECOND ROW: MARY BRATTON,'ILA MAE NoE, THERESA KREUZ, DOLORES JUDSON, JANET GLANZ, ROSEMARY SMITH, ANN CURTIS. THIRD ROW: DONNA FRANKLIN, CAROL WELTER, PATTY FABER, VERA PENNOCK, BETTY POORMAN, KAROLYNNE HEALY, BONNIE MYERS, BARBARA HALLETT. LAST ROW: BETTY NINER, PAT GARRY, AMY HALLETT, SHARON CAMP, PEGGY BALL, WYLODENE WEISWEBER, JEAN BRODBECK, VERNA FITZSIMMONS, MR. GIRTEN. 42 FIRST ROW: BARBARA SPERLING, PEGGY KLEIN, JERI WITKER, IDA MAE ROBINSON, PATTY CZAJKA. SEC- OND ROW: BETTY Jo LEFFEL, DORIS FREY, NORMA ROTH, MARILYN KREUZ, ELLA JAYNE FROST, JOAN STAPLETON. THIRD ROW: MARY ANN KLEIN, ROBERTA ROBINSON, DAROLYN OMSTEAD, JUDY MOSSING, ANITA HAGERMAN, BEVERLY BAKER, CAROL KLINE. FOURTH ROW: JOYCE LEONARD, SHIRLEY JACOB, PAT BABO5, DOROTHY KELLER, ANESTA EISEL, JOYCE NDE, MARY BLAYZ, GWENYTH BLOOM. LAST ROW: MARILYN MATHENY, VIRGINIA WYSE, LYNNE CARPENTER, RUTH BUCKENMEYER, SHIRLEY MONDAY, BARBARA CORWIN, MONA BAB- cocK, FAY SUTHERLAND, JO ANN PARKER. 43 Q, QW In iQ URGANIIAIIUNS R Siig9?Q? TT? SI H SEER: 'L 'Q xx my . ...U-I... ,Q X A EDITOR . ASSISTANT . REPORTERS . BUSINESS MANAGER. . BUSINESS STAFF ART EDITOR . TYPISTS . . FACULTY ADVISORS Q.-.----. llllll llllll lllllll llllll . lllllll llll llll CAROL KLINE . . MONA BABCOCK ELLA JAYNE FROST DOLORES JUDSON . JOE MINNICH . NORMA ROTH . . JOHN KRAMER SHIRLEY MONDAY . CHARLES SMITH . . ToM FAUBLE . . . Boa KLINE RUTH BUCKENMEYER BARBARA SPERLING . . PEGGY KLEIN . JANE MILLER . JAMES BAKER . EVA CARPENTER W3 F x is fig' Xi .N ,QI E.. , BETTY FXRST ROW: MARYN Jo LEFFEL, Donxs FREY, ERMA TAN A SPERLXNG- SECOND EATON, 5 1 RUN: SANDRA LEFFE , Jo ANN PARKER, GLEN BUCKENMEYER, DOLORES JUDSON. YNNE ' CLUB Jun THKRD ROW: MRS. CAR RUTH BUCKENMEYER, A BAB- j FIRST ROW: MR. DANIELS, PERRY ZEIGLER, BILL SPERLING, DAVID LINGENFELTER, RICHARD DREWYOR, BOD KLXNE, TOM FAUBLE, JIM HALLETT. SECOND ROW: BOD CAMP, JOE KEOGH, BILL WITKER, BOB GANT, DON TAYLOR, TOM MROCZROWSKI, CLIFFORD MYERS, JIM JONES. THIRD ROW: SYLVESTER KOCINSKI, GALE EVANS, JOHN KRAMER, BOB MOSSING, BILL STUKEY, JOE MINNICH, DON ZESING, CHARLES SMITH, ART OVERMYER. FIRST ROW: PERRY ZEIGLER, CARL WEISS, GLEN BUCKENMEYER, PAUL KREUZ, JIM LINOENFELTER, JIM ILER. SECOND ROW: MR. GRAHAM, PAUL ADAMS, FRANK KREUZ, CLIFFORD MYERS, JIM JONES, BOD CAMP, DUANE DURR. THIRD ROW: DON TAYLOR, LOUIS BOWMAN, TOM MRoczKowSKI, GEORGE ARMAOANIAN, ART OVERMYER, GALE EVANS, ROGER FLYNN. LAST ROW: DAVID SMITH, JACK BLOOM, TOM BOLLINGER, BOB MOSSING, DON ZESING, KENNY MOSSING, JIM WHITTAKER, ROGER BOWERS. NIIIVII UPHIAHIIIS PHIIHIISRAPHY HUB ,nw 'Ella ,J .Ill IIIR HI-Y FIRST ROW: TOM PILLIOD, KENT WELCH, GALEN FADER, GAYTHON EATON, LLOYD RAKER, WALTER STUDEBAKER. SECOND ROW: DAVID LINGENFELTER, BILL SPERLING, JACK WALLINGTON, JACK STEVENS, BOD KLINE, AUSTIN STUDEBAKER, TOM FAUBLE. THIRD ROW: BILL WITKER, JIM COOK, Boa GANT, FREDERICK WELSTEAD, EUGENE SIMMS, BILL BUTZ, DONALD DENIES, JOE KEOGH. FOURTH ROW: EUGENE DOREN, STANLEY LEONARD, JOE MINNICH, BILL STUKEY, JOHN KRAMER, DAVID BALL, CHARLES SMITH, MR. DANIELS. FIRST ROW: ROGER ELTON, MARVIN BUEHRER, JOHN BRODBECK, FRED ELTON, KENNY VAUGHAN, ALVIN KREUz. SECOND ROW: BRUCE VAUGHAN, ROBERT ROTH, WARREN ROEHRIG, LLOYD KELLEY, KENNY RUSSELL, ROGER WILES, RICHARD LAMBERT, JOHN LANGENDERFER. THIRD ROW: MR. GIRTEN, DUANE MOHR, CARL BUEHRER, DALE BARNES, WILLIAM PIPER, RICHARD FABER, DONALD HEINEMANN, GORDON GILGER, CHARLES BLAYZ. LAST ROW: HOWARD KELLER, GLEN BARDORV, BOB CARROLL, DARRELL SMITH, JAMES PUEHLER, DUKE CLAY, DON PAHL, KENNY BARNES, JIM BLACK, KARL KOEPFERA 49 Ili Rm m 1 :xr :I Q W mms uma mn inn ll 'ljlll 'tb 5 Yf A TEEN SIIPHIINIIIIII A 'Www Q - R ERN? f f A9gf1,,,w 197 L ' A , .,,Q ww- ,g1?Eif21-z,.ff . -- .O .. , . I 'mwwis EWR? Qvvv HFWH I :L I7 jig E' ' ' L r. FEEL 2- -fl , Rasa? wus fi 25:3 Yi QWMSR ' I -, Www 73 Wwwf- IRS! MFE me WWW? '+- ' A A 1-A,- - Y L my :asf gi my , N I I . I 'Q A , E mg W . .L A . E XE N F Ya A N1 . QL.: -5 EQ. ,. div FIRST ROW: BARBARA WAONER, ANNA NINER OLLIE JORDAN, MARY MARTIN, DELORIS GRIP FIN, JERI WITKER. SECOND ROW: CONNI RINKLE, SHIRLEY CHAMBERLAIN, BONNIE MOHR CATHERINE CHAMBERLAIN, ILA NOE, PATS HOusER, BERNADINE JASOUR. THIRD ROW ALICE PIPER, HAzEL PUEHLER, ANITA HAGER FIRST ROW: PAT CZAJKA, ALICE NINER, ERMA TANSEL, SANDRA ARMAGANIAN, JOANNE EVANS, LULA MAE ELKINS. SECOND ROW: JOYCE SULEWSKI, CAROL WELTER, SANDRA LEFFEL, VERNA FITZSIMMONS, JANET SCHAUM, ROBERTA ROBINSON, BEVERLY BAKER. THIRD ROW: JO ANN PARKER, JOYCE NOE, AMY HALLETT, BARBARA CORWIN, SANDRA CLAY, LYNNE CARPENTER, JOANNE SULEWSKI, NELDA SEVERIN, JACKIE PERKINS. h . ' EWR? QRAQQ SEEN ,RIQQ L, "": A w , . . z' z'E'- .I . - I J 5 -4 - If . - I . , -51 E' "A I k.fif,- F ixx A I I I Yi K9 if I 52 ? mn IIIISIIIII MAN, PATTY FAEER, DONNA FRANKLIN, BONNIE MYERS, BEVERLY BERKEBILE, ROSENARY SMITH. FOURTH ROW: JOANNE DAYTON, MARLENE SHAF- FER, MATTIE BROWN, SHARON CAMP, MARILYN MATHENY, VERA PENNOQK, ANN CURTIS, JOANNE JORDAN, MRS. KNOKE. FIRST ROW: MISS NEWMAN, STAR TANSEL, BETTY Jo LEFFEL, JANE MILLER, ELLA JAYNE FROST, NORENE TAYLOR. SECOND ROW: GWENYTH COON, DOLORES JUOSON, KAROLYNNE HEALY, BETTY POORMAN, BETTY NINER, LUCILLE BROOBECK, LOUELLA HENRY. THIRD ROW: BEVERLY FORD, DONNA PETERS, MONA BABCOCK, MARY ADA FRAZIER, FAY SUTHERLANO, MARY LOU BUSHONG, GWENYTH BLOOM. GIIHS' AIHlHIII ASSIICI H0 FIRST ROW: BARBARA SPERLING, MARYNETTE MYERS, JOAN STAPLETON, SUE ROLEN, EUNICE CARROLL, MARY BRATTON, MAXINE MOSSING, JUNE MASON, DAISY JORDAN. SECOND ROW: CAROLYN KREUZ, BARBARA HALLETT, JANET GLANZ, THERESA KREUZ, DORIS FREY, DAROLYN OMSTEAD, ALICE SMITH, NORMA ROTH, MARILYN KREUZ. THIRD ROW: VERLEE PORTER, JOYCE LEONARD, ANNA MAE BROCKOFF, JUDY MOSSING, MARY BLAYZ, SHIRLEY JAQOBS, LOIS FRANKLIN, BERTHA GARNER, HATTIE BROWN. FOURTH ROW: MARGIE KRAUSE, PAT GARRY, JEAN BRODBECK, JO ANNE KELLUMS, VIRGINIA WYSE, BETTY KELLEY, ALICE PUEHLER, ANESTA EISEL, PAT BABOS. FIFTH ROW: ELOUISE LLOYD, PEGGY BALL, RUTH BUCKENMEYER, JOYCE HARRISON, SHIRLEY MONDAY, WYLODENE WEISWEBER, NANCY WI-IALEY, CAROL KLINE, MRS. SLOAN. INT RAM URAI.. PROGRAM CHAMPIONS: Kreuzfs Seniors RUNNERS-UP: MoSsing's Seniors 52 .- f-,A ,iff ' fi? if k W ,,. . 5 1 V is iii? , If if as hs...- Wr- 'ZS' ig 4 W' QU 1, 1 Wk 52 759' xl 4 W 'ii' 9' iff 1' 455 5 5.4 ,aes JM, G- X, if S 4 Q' 1 if 1 +5 'EP fi . - "W . 141 -4 " I 'Sf 1- f li. 4, Z4 W A ' -" V. 'W' - Z- . " J .L... ,I vfff ff' ,J 5 , A If f " , 60 SPIHHS FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Sept. 16 Sept. Z3 Sept. 30 Oct. 7 Oct. 14 Oct. Z1 Oct. Z7 Nov. 4 Nov. 10 Genoa Holland Maumee Ottawa Hills Whitehouse Wauseon Rossford Monclova Delta Bob Messing, Captaing Jack Bloom, Most valuable player Bob Mossing, left end on the All Oh1o Team f Z-H ,- MARTIN i XXX QM cyjgs-IIV6? S X A 'fELLt5R: FXRST ROMI1 ROGER WEEE, P IXDMA5, DON NARUN, Boa HOLLAND, .MN x4Nx11MEa, Umm x,xNc,ENvEE1Ea, .MN XEEN. SECQND ROW: FREDRXCK EE1oN, EuGENE 5xNN5, OUANE Dusk, JxN JoNE5, KENNY BARNES, GEORGE pRNAonNxAN, DP-NXEL NoNowxE.x5m. THXRD ROW GAEE Ev ANS, TON FNJEEE, Rxcvxmo LANEERT , PANE, JxN BEEQN, Dpvxo -3-Nm-X, OUP-NE Nona. FQORTH ROW KENNY Nossma, DALE BARNES, Bxu, Bum, WEE PWEE, JAMES CEM. EAST ROW: ACHJ, Boa MOSSXN JACK BEOON, BXLL JoNEe, Hownao DON JERRY Huw , 0ENEw JOHN-5oN Koo KELLER FERT OvEs1N'4Ea. Z- if 1-'-ff T ,f2 X5 .TONE-S E!! 3 gg! ffA:,,, ff, 1 ff f ,X C HUFF EVANS HOLL LING E NFELTER JU IUH HIGH IUUIB IIII FIRST ROW: DUAYNE BAKER fMGR.I, JERRY SHARPLES, GARY HAL- LETT, DANIEL COON, ROBERT BLooMER, JAMES HARRISON, ROBERT BLAYZ, DICK TAVTIGIAN, RONNIE FITZSIMMONS cMGR.I. SECOND ROW: EMMIT LOVE, JAMES PENAMON, BRUCE VAUGHAN, Louls PIL- LIOD, LARRY DUNBAR, DICK RUNNELS, ROBERT FULLER, LLOYD RAKER. THIRD ROW: CARL BUEHRER, JAMES MASON, BOB CARROLL, FREDRICK WELSTEAD, DALLAS FOUGHT, GEORGEJOHNSON, KARL KEOPFER, BILL SUTHERLAND. FOURTH ROW: COACH JOHN BONAM. Swanton Swanton Swanton Swanton IUUIB II CHIIRII PEGGY KLEIN, NOREME TAYLOR, THERESA KREUZ, FAY SUTHERLAND 60 BASKllBAll CHllRllADlRS DORIS DEOENFELTER, PEGGY KLEIN, THERESA KREUZ, FAY SUTHERLAND FULTON C OUNTY TOURNAMENT Feb. 11 Archb old Z8 3 0 overtime Feb, 18 Fayette 26 ZZ JU IURIHGH CHllHl1AUlRS PATTI GILLEN, MARILYN ELTON, NANCY KOEPFER DIANA KLINE. ASK11BAll FIRST ROW: LARRY DUNBAR, LLOYD RAKER, ROBERT BLAYZ JOHN LANOENOERFER. SECOND ROW: MR. GRAHAM, RALPH KLING, JIM MASON, ROBERT CARROLL, CARL BUEHRER, BRUCE VAUGHAN. V H Dec. Z Fulton 14 19 Dec. 9 Metamore Z0 16 Dec. 16 Pettisville 17 Z3 Jan. 6 Archbold Z8 3O Ian, 10 Holland 11 ZZ Ian. 13 Delta 19 11 Ian. 17 Fulton 12 12 Ian. 20 Lyons 20 34 Ian. 24 Metamora 16 2.2 Jan. 27 Fayette Z4 48 Feb. 3 Chesterfield 17 26 61 H Dec T Dec H Dec T Ian. 3 T Jan. I-I Jan. H Jan. T Jan. T Ian, H Jan. I-I Ian. H Ian. T Feb H Feb T Feb T Feb T Feb BASKHBAH SIIHHIUH H Nov. Z9 Rossford Fulton Metamora Pettisville Rossford Archbold Holland Delta Fulton Lyons Metamora Fayette Whitehouse C he ste rfie ld Ottawa Hills Monclova Wause on Maumee EATON TOURNAMENT - ROSSFORD March 1 Swanton 36 Wauseon 30 March 3 Whitmer 47 Swanton Z4 CAMP MOSSING Mc GHEE PE TE R3 9? X fl' 3 ga YAG-ER BLOOM JONES .TEWELL COACHES H Nov. 29 H DEC. 2 T DEC. 9 H DEC. I6 T JAN. 3 T JAN. 6 H JAN. IO H JAN. I3 T JAN. I7 T JAN. 20 T JAN. 2M H JAN. 27 H JAN. 3K T FEB. 3 H FEB. IO T FEB. IY T FEB. 2l T FEB. 25 JOHN BONAM DEWEY JOHNSON SCORES ROSSFORD FULTON METAMORA PETTISVILLE ROSSFORD ARCHBOLD HOLLAND DELTA FULTON LYONS METAMORA FAYETTE WHITEHOUSE CHESTERFIELD OTTAWA HILLS MONCLOVA WAUSEON MAUMEE BASKETBALL RESERVES FIRST ROW: FRED PILLIOD, Bos HAYNES, JACK STEVENS, CARL BUEHRER, EUGENE DOREN, JIM MASON, JIM KOEPFER, LARRY DUNBAR, ROBERT BLAYZ. SECOND ROW JOHN BRODEECK, CHARLES BLAYZ, A.D. POWELL, JAMES THOMPSON, EUGENE SIMMS COACH JOHNSON, HERBERT BROWN, WM. LUCAS, JAMES CLAY, RICHARD FABER MARVIN BUEHRER. 64 MANAGERS FOOTBALL 'WF ' ,A,- ff V L,,, 1 ffTfz5f-' ,,.. ,-AI Q"2 Q ' Emi MQUAE Q as A MARVIN BUEHRER, ROBERT GANT, MELVIN Twice, JACK STEVENS- BASKETBALL WMM SWK 'ii i1 I1 iQ I1 if PAUL ADAMS, GALE EVANS, JIM ILER. 65 BASEBALL SENIORS: Joy Raker, Martin Sutherland, Alvin Kahle. IUNIORS .Tack Bloom Bob Kline. SOPHONIORES: Bob Camp, Frank Kreuz, Kenny Messing FRESHMEN Bob Jewell, Holland Ottawa Hills Monclova Edon Whitehouse De lta Home Visitor O Z 7 l 3 Z O 4 4 Z 5 O 66 Mac omber Maumee Sylvania Pe rrysburg DeVilbis TEAM Lingenfe lte r Fauble Ove rmye r Damrn on Niswander Whittake 1' Smith Fabe r TRACK EVENT lfZ mile relay lf2 mule relay lfZ mile relay 1fZ mile relayg pole vault broad jundpg 4405 2.205 100 yd. dash shot putg discus high junlp mile run 67 MEETS De Vilbis Napoleon lVIauIr1ee Fulton County SCORE 4ZlfZ 3OlfZ 54lfZ 61 Q Yi- Q82 91. ki 5' Am i I ' . . Ullll AIIVHHISIRS 4,-1 f dsvn HUA 1 X u 'j!f3Q'j?H,fQ, ea? fx VRQ f wiifinj lsr ,ima N A I . v xii 1 PHNQIAC .V s G COMP LIMENTS OF BIlHl A Il IVIAlll I DAY -NIGHT AMBULANCE SERVICE MODERN SYMPATHETIC PERSONAL SERVICE RICHARD BIEHL, FUNERAL DIRECTOR SWANTON IVIETAMORA f f N E X ET X A f f' E7 OO "' BUCKEYE CHEVROILET SALES 8: SERVICE I-lAYNE'S SHOE STORE PETER'S SHOES BALLBAND RUBBER FOOTWEAR E ST, X-RAY FITTED PH., 2971 Sho iw , ' ' Q :Y 1 T, I , ff' 5 W,..Nb. M -WH-"'MW""V""A'! 4, 5 ' N 'Y g ' -'-1' 341-1 f VV Q DENNIS GROCERY 227 Lincoln Ave. I I 4 I-IAYDEN'S Wallpape If -- Paints 1 I Swanton, Ohio l Linolemon -- Rugs Window Shades Staple Foods and and Venetian Blinds Meats I HERFF JONES COMPANY WORL.D'S LARC-EST MANUFACTURER OF CLASS RINGS INDIANAP O LIS , INDIANA P. D. COOK, REPRESENTATIVE MAUMEE, oH1o TAYLOR MOTOR SALES SMITTY AND SON LUNCHES AND RECREATNON 4 ' , f J' A A ,f E JK' 1' .J . FLOWERS PLANTS Member of Florists' Telegraph Delivery Assn. and Society of American Florists THE SWANTON FLOWER SHOP M. E. LEWIS TELEPHONE 3531 SWANTON, OHIO HOME OF THE QUALITY DRINK LASALLE COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO OF TOLEDQ O. fo' mmf m" ' mN gg uma GEEFVS SUNFZCJC SERVICE LUBRICATION UNDERC OATING SWANTON OHIO smm-l's DRUG STQRE Drugs Paints P re Sc 1-iptions Wallp ape r Venetian Blinds Window Shade s e E ESTABLNSHED IB96 TI1141 IJILLIQIJI CA1sO1Nk1f1 'r COM PANY MANUFACTURERS OF CABINETS, BOXES AND WOOD NOVELTIES SNVANTIJN, f1IIIO A A - - . - A .A 1 1 I 1 1 4 r r n I L J. NASH LIVINGSTON PORTRAITS -- TOLEDO, OHIO NO ORDERS TOO SMALL ' A " 'A ' 9.4 A .. 4 1 I 5 3 C omp lime nts of KLINGS uuf1cZ2EentSEA E. ELEVATUR EU. P SWANTON MILLING Coal And Feeds ELEVATCR CO. Compliments Compliments of of MOORMAN'S HILL AUTO SUPPLY Coal Feed E. A. Hill, Proprietor Seed Swanton, Ohio C OMP LIMENTS OF FARMERS 8 MERCI-IANTS DERCSIT CO. SWANTON, oH1o SWA NTON FROZEN FCOD LOCKERS n CHURCH AND MAIN CONGRATULATIONS Class of '50 Tl-IE HOME BUILDERS LUMBER AND SUPPLY CO. Coal -- Fencing -- Builders Hardware Paints -- Concrete and Cinder Blocks Phone 3 941 Swanton, Ohio C ornpliments of HAHN'S HATCHERY When You Want A Better Chick See Hahn Swanton, Ohio C ompliments of SOUTHSIDE MARKET Groceries and Meats INSURANCE of All Kinds "Losses Paid With A Smile' RUDY STAPLETON Swanton, Ohio Phone 3521 KOEPFER IMPLEMENT SALES SWANTON, OHIO INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS o INTERNATIONAL REFRIGERATION FARMALL TRACTORS Q FARM IMPLEMENTS o PARTS o SERVICE ?f , '.:44fiog fluff' , . . S X xv G1 RDI-IAM 8: BEARD Swanton, Ohio DESOTO PLYMOUTH Dresses 'IS FabTiCS SOHIO SERVICE Shoes Blouses Ch' P' icago ike Skirts gl Slacks South Main Street Swanton, Ohio WEIR DRY GOODS Swanton, Ohio , .1 A-1-. Congratulations to the Class of 1950 LAWRENCE I. HALLETT CO. Realtor -- Builder fu l C omp lime nts of FA UB LE 'S RESTAURANT The Towns' Jack Towns, Owner Compliments of CLYDE BABCOCK General Insurance Swanton, Ohio WITH IT'S A HOME RUN llgllsb VITAMIN D HONIGGENIZED Nlll.K Limber up winter-weary muscles by drinking sev- eral man-sized glassfuls of Page's delicious milk each day. Vitamin D enriched . . . smoother, easily digested because it's homogenized. Compliments of JUDSON'S FOOD MARKET of CABLE AND WIRE PRODUCTS CO. Swanton, Ohio mm. U , 333523 x.. U., . 8 2' ,.. mmafsi M ..........---0 gmsivd MA LT S AND GROWL Hamburgs Frosted Malts JOHN GRCTH Owner C ompliments C omp liments of of TOLAND 'S IUDSON'S HARDWARE FOOD MARKET THE SENIOR C LASS Presents THE PERFECT IDIOT Margaret Tennyson Jackie Tennyson Rhodora Roge r Tennyson Walte r P, Lathe rby Daniel Tennyson Arthur Barnard Miss Baker Linda Barnard Jeannie Wilson Aloysius fPuffD Witom ski Carla Carlson A Policeman Dr. Hockhorst Von Barf Miss Booth Director: Mrs. Carol Kline Stanley Leonard Virginia Wyse John Kramer Art Ove rmyer Charles Smith Joe Minnich Mona Babcock Dolores Judson Betty Jo Leffel Don Zesing Norma Roth Bob Crant George Armaganian Donna Peters Carpenter C ompliments of ' , Agere. M E Ele ctrical Li gm T and mi Hn' Appliance S Heavy Philgas Hardware Pmmbing B P S and Paints Heating SWANTON HARDWARE Phone 3841 Quality Service Courtesy The Finest In Gasoline Motor Oils Lubrication Tires --- Tubes Batteries Accessories C ompliments of KEN KEITH BRINDLEY 8: IUDSON Furniture F' loor C ove ring s Appliance s Swanton, Ohio Best Wishes to Class of 1950 P Sz Cr GRILL 105 Church St. Phone 2766 When Your Clothes Are Not Becoming to You They Should Be Coming To Us Compliments of BANCROFT CLEANERS Swanton, Ohio Best Wishes to the Class of 1950 OMER JACQUOT Gene ral Insurance Swanton, Ohio C omplirnents of HAZEL LEU DRESS SHOP Fashionable Wornen's Apparel A Swanton, Ohio THE STANDARD OIL. CO. OF OHIO R. Wyse R. Hahn Swanton Distributors BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '50 C ornp lime nts of A 8: P FOOD STORE Swanton, Ohio Elwood Elton, Manager A, A. PURDY Clothing - Furnishings and shoes for the entire family Swanton, Ohio C omp lime nts of RUPP BROS. HATCHERY See Art Ruggles Chicks Every Week of the Year SWANTON DELTA Phone Phone 2365 C omp liments of MEADOW GOLD Dairy Pr oducts Bob Adams Local Dealer C ompliments of CURLEY'S SNACK BAR Swanton, Ohio K C Lanes wwf- ls f" 1 4 C ompliments of SACRED HEART COUNCIL 32850 KNIGHTS OF C OLUMBUS Swanton, Ohio Best Wishes to Class of '50 HARRY E, PLUMMER Hudson Motor Sales and Service 101-123 South Main Street Swanton, Ohio Compliments of ORVAI.. L. KLINE General Insurance 118 North Main Phone - 3981 MYERS 427,-165 YEARBOOKS MYERS AND C0 INC TOPEKA KANSAS ::'.o:' C :a..'O THE PACEMAKERS OF QUALITY u, g. . 0 . . , P 1, 5 5 'Q X, . 6 'E 17 . ig , , Q, S 9 E ig-1 35 . 4 -an 154519: af

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