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f "YUM, f . t V4.1 ,--., , w J., 5 ,..,,,w r. '?WMl -2- X ,- ' : . ..,w.35-'f,-., , I, ,H V t V. ., -,Ariz ,, ,. " . A V Ja,,.h:,'.:1:'Y'5,5,i.,.u' .. I I . V p wk' - 4, i-.nlgfilg-Q' t 5 . , 5 gg xf , . -H " ywj,R.1:' fd? f CG 4f'E'.,Ffg3Q. 5 , f , M r , 9. HV... 1 , 1 . Q5 M,-1 'ur' K .-- L Q . 4-ff f 1 '. 45 4 52 L 3-Q' .:. 'g,af'4LP '3"- g ff g m 4 f rl ' 'A' 4.2 Ffw. . It VE. QLJ yWkQ' g M-15' H64 QE :J E f "H 17-by-'1.f xr,--.1 xy, w L 1, ,il ' wi' 'rm M' V: 1' f P vi ,I vii. , -. . A 1, 3- fu?-qi 94 1 1 1 wa.. P,3f1,' 1-.'frf,- ' 5,5113 ' , , ,315 ,yi 1 V ', , . '- '. , . ,f . . yy: ,, .4 ,win L gf V. Ak , vg . 1 ,P K. ,1g5,f, ,- f.. V, 1 , Lp , gh 'I ,i f NT' Q 4 4: . Am K 5, X . 'f Y, .', if "tw-l'ff,v ' ,f.. ,-5. A' 1.-1 V' Sgr. 1, ' -L - . - , li .5217 . ...,,f, nn.-1 P-vw-mv -QF, BURABLE QTE IBC No. 350 roi toms -an K. :I We f ' 'i xy. ,W Tia ,S .Hn J..-... ' ff!-'? ' f.. Q X w-Q L. ,LQ A .-,.. ?Qf!fg'1" 7 K 1 - " 1. . v X , -,zz ef K2 , 1? ' 1 'ww . 1 gy' W -,f J--'J ..1. x' -5, , ,... QU ' , ,- 0 Q V 2 is Q 1943 I 1 . 7 lWe, The Senior Class ol: Swanton ffl f rf? , ,,, High School Q 4. Q 1,4 'r QR li . are bringing you in this yearhoolc a panorama of the events in the training of its occupants from recruits to commissioned oHlcers and their trainers. Tlm6ttSeptemher, l94ZfMay 11943 PlHC6ftSWanton High School transformed into Camp Pioneer, one ol' the armyls training camps. xCl'11H1FHCfE6TSWStno1ents ancl teachers ol: Swanton High School portraying roles ol olraltees antl olllcersf, fx X x x A X 1 f N 4 .L 5 " anis xx , Aj , -v X rf ' .. " x 2 fx " 1 ' x inQ 6 Y' ' l . E . . .: WU ' H i v"Tf!T.:? A Q i 4 "kW,. r , 'i x 1 , Q -Y .4 l - F3-xl, I Q 5 ,, 'D if-r Q 1 . if ,f 1 Q ,X w ' -,w in . , , 3 . ,1., . , ' 4 pw' .4 U.. F. A9-Mir'-Q, s ,? -Q' N, ' ',.'f',gw "' F'.i"v', ,, My ,if 5K Q' . 'I , 1' fi-,ex 1 Q., ,, .K 'n w'Ewf3- 'va ' , ' , ' N. 1 Q' Qi' r .. :I ,wg K 1 y Q- ffl? ' , fx 3 X ' 9 ti S. ve 'LP' ,b ,,'1.a"U U N .ln tg ' v. A .hs Q' .D l . y 1. . N ,gm ,f1-gv.,'1xN , - A ' 5 ..,f N,-' 4 px 4 ' in x'g vi 1 an N. X I pi., J 5 r 'U 1 1 ll' , l5',lvA 4 .l .' . 8 du .V fffil , 8 .. ' 1 'S Y 'U 2, ,X 'yi I I., 15 in . 1 'u' xv , fe - ,.: A, YQ 'A' 5 .KJ . ous . ,. 'Q .' ,X Q., . , , . n 0 K lv ' -' .4 1 .1 . , iv 3:56520 X v .L ,v 'X ' 'wfp 'fx . qrvp, Nw ,5 g . :vu Br, xx' p, -4. wal? . BW, 1 . vs, if '- , ,Qgj f'L'J,.4. N. ' ,. 1 - . , X , Q. .QA ' Q' K o .KW Y . 3.-Y 'N we nk ,r ' 4 A ' "' su , X f' ' . -Jr' -'Q' . fw- fkv- ., .1 ea 'ns h .3- A ,Q 'K Akqw. -" ,-' -v K- . ,evil Yu! . 3, Q -, A . A 4 s gh 4, 'iff 5 X 'W f ' qrxtl 1 V .:x,?"-XQQQD Z 4 X ex 's ' T.4I,w.' . Y - t V' KV? , -'I U .K-1.x 'i'2:::1 2' 3 : -1 aww? ' Q The 11943 Staff of Recwarders 4. Q JLAN DERNL,xN JACIQ, SLO.-XN Mmm!-1 PILLIUD lJ,xL1': Bl CIQENMI-KY MILDREIJ lhus NANCY Txx'Tlc3uN SL L: PILLIOD IixT11m'N ELTON ELLIS Ux'El:Mm'r:R HONXLD BURN ALICIN SIEYEHIN Jpxrwms JLDSON WLVXNDX LEIST I-I R JOHN l5lc:14r:NMm'1f:1: HELEN PARKER PHYLLIS HAYNES .luvlrxs l3u4l4:n fflflblnr A4 rlisl Fl'll1lll'l' w ,4SSl'SfllIlf ,41'L1'1'1'I1'v.v .-fssislulzf lflrzssf-.v .4ss1's1.:1nl Spurlx ffsxzklzzrll Hzlsirzvss llgr. L4s.v1',wlr1l1l t1SSfSllllIf ffss1'.wl11r1t T-x'p1'sf .4 SSl.Sfll-III ,'1l1I'lAS1I." De Ration Q 0 llvnn-lliln-r ,lim 1' You und ht- tu-rv good frivnds. ht' llwd in the hon sv nr-xl to yours. 'lihvn ht' was vullvd into tht- Army and tht- nvxt thing you knew ht- was in .'X'lHll'l1lliI. llc- was oven' thvre gvttlng tht- laps" for ulmut liw months. tht-n his mother i's'f'vivml ai telvgrum that said jim had he-en severely xxulllltlvtl and wus not vxpt-t'ts'1l to liwv. ,lim had shut down liour Jap! jxlaun-s. lrut tht- lifth ,lap got him. Jully just think -lun. why. ht' had just stairtvd to live. Hr just graduated l'rom High St-lmul last Spring. lu-ing the lwst tbntliall plajvr' und mm jim might not sw ai tkmtliall gumc iigainl Hmm many hui s arc there lighting for Uncle Sam 1' M-s. tht-rc' urs millions nl' them. ,-- . f w Ilwrt-s tt-tl in tht- Nami. lint- in tht- Nlarinvs. Iiilt in tht' ffm ist fxllilftl, M in thc Air t.orps. bail in thv Vt'-X:XtI'S. Sun- in the WAVES and maint cithvrs. ull hg li is tu ull Strijws sn wt' Ways" so wc- jna-uw. and so this IOIJS Piunv -, ,lf - hting und working for Yivtory. thest- svrving undcr our Stars and may go un living our "AlIl9l'lt'2lIl Illily haivt' everlasting frvvdom and Victory will he ours. that iw dedivatt- PT. Three and Four-Star Generals General L. A. Walker has the title of a four star general. General Walker graduated from Buck- land High School after which he taught in a one- room school for three years. He attended Ohio Northern University where he received his B. S. Degree. History and economics were taught hy him at Ada High School for one year. Later he was principal of West Unity High School. He then came to Swanton and was principal for four years and hecame superintendent in l927. which position he now occupies. He has attended Ohio State Uni- versity in the Summer. He received his lVl. A. Degree from Ohio State University in l933. General Walker is interested in golf. gardening. and traveling. He has made trips to the Fast and visited many Historical places. An active memher is he of Local. State and Na- tional Teachers professional organization. He was a former President of Fulton County Teachers As- sociation and served two terms as a memher of the Board of Examiners of Fulton County. General Walker has supervision of all twelve grades. His school policy is. "To refuse to adopt every passing fancy of some educational theorist llefore it has heen demonstrated showing that it will worlif, General H. W. Bogge is termed a 3-star general. General Rogge graduated from Liherty Center High School. Following his graduation he at- tended Bowling Green State University for one year. and then taught in a rural elementary school four years, spending the Summers in college and industrial plants in Toledo, construction work for Henry Ford Railroad and farming. He then al- tended Bowling Green State University and Ohio Northern University from which he graduated with his B. S. in Education. General Rogge then came to Swanton as a Chemistry, General Science and Biology instructor. He was promoted principal in l9f'3l and has retained this position. He is also the faculty manager of athletics. His attendance was taken at Ohio State University during the Sum- nirr where he received his M. A. degree in 1939. General Rogge is an acive member of local, state and national teachers and principals professional organization. Positions held by General Bogge were the presi- dency of the Fulton County Teachers Association. and the Northwestern Ohio Principal section of Dehance. He is a memher of the Ohio Principals Activities Committee as well as serving on a guid- ance and occupational committee for our state. General Bogaeis hohlries include fishing. movie 1 n u D photographing. hunting. golf, collecting and re- pairing. General Ro ge is interested in im roving our go P z-1 i school on a long range program-rather than just passing fancies. His philosophy is. 'gPeople should participate in activities to the fullest extent of their capacity and likewise should assume responsihil- it ' in ro ortion to their rivilegesi' Y P P P c We owe a great deal to these two men who have made our school what it is. They spend a great cl'al of their time improving our school. William Ilunivls I.. A. Walker Ninn Vxllmf-r l1.W.lCU-'uv 71 F ,nuff 5 r i lfwrfghliv t -'f"""7 W 1 hw Al, Instrmcztwrs Termfedl Majors and lictly Wallwoll Darwin lfaton ' 'mf .:.:, . xi Q Q f Vw' ,ww 5 'NIP -Weill ugail Curtis Maurice Hoffman Margaret Joslin James B3kCl' Ai' ,A - 50, fi' J V gf t ,- 4 Eva Carpenter lloroilly Harri Preflndmctiwn Trainers 0 0 0 Helen Arnslva rger Blanche Bradshaw H021-lla Klvin Dorothy N11-rver Dale Vaughan Katlflryn Langenderfer Sally Rillf'lIi1l'dl I' orresl ILIIIIIQ Harrlet Larter June Olnerlx Dxmb Laopcx Their Training . . . GENERAL WALKER received his B. A. at Ohio Northern and his M. A. at Ohio State. Teaches American History and supervises the entire camp. For recreation he plays golf and reads. His fav- orite spectator sport is football. General Howard Rogge attended Bowling Green State University, Ohio Northern and Ohio State University. Has B. A. and M. A. degrees. He is the Hi-Life sponsor and arranges all athletic games. His hobbies are fishing. chemistry. reading and sports. Major James G. Baker has a B. S. from Kent State University and a M. B. A. from Toledo Uni- versity, is the Annual Staff advisor. Teaches typ- ing, shorthand, senior business training, account- ing, commercial law, selling, and general business. Hobby: Reading and farming. Major William Daniels attended Bowling Green State University. and Michigan State College ot' Agriculture and Applied Science. Has a B. S. de- gree and is the Torch Club sponsor. He teaches physics, farm shop, horticulture, senior science and farm crops. His hobbies are gardening and bees. Major Maurice Hoffman attended Findlay Col- lege, University of Michigan and Ohio State Uni- versity. Is our basketball and football coach. He taught World history, citizenship and occupations. and boys' physical education. Is now serving in the United States Army. Major Dale Vaughan went to Ohio State Uni- versity and received a B. S. in education. He teaches algebra, plain geometry, advanced mathe- matics. His hobby is farming. Major Darwin Eaton received his training at Indiana University. Ohio Northern and Ohio State University. Has a B. S. degree in education. He teaches industrial arts, is our acting coach. also is the Hi-Y sponsor. For recreation he enjoys fish- ing. archery and turning on the lathe. Major Forrest Etling received his B. M. degree from Heidelberg College. He directs the band. the boys' glee clubs. besides teaching music apprecia- tion and dramalics. Is the sponsor of the photog- raphy club. For relaxation he enjoys music and photography. Major Betty Walbolt received her B. S. from Ohio State University and now teaches home eco- nomics, citizenship and occupations. Is the senior girl reserves sponsor. Likes traveling, ice skating. and picnicing. Major Abigail Curtis received her B. A. from Ohio Wesleyan and her M. A. from Ohio State. Now teaches biology, general science, American history. sociology and economics. Plants, music. scrapbooks are her hobbies. .-.12-. Major Nina Palmer graduated from Miami Uni- versity with a B. S. degree. She teaches freshman English and has charge of girls, glee club and grade music. Her hobbies are knitting and reading. Major Margaret Joslin received her B. A. degree from Oberlin College. She teaches English 10 and ll, and girls' physical education. Also is the G. A. A. sponsor. For recreation she enjoys knit- ting. crocheting, serving and writing poetry. Major Dorothy Harris attended Bowling Green University. She has a B. S. and B. A. degrees. She teaches Latin I and Latin II, French II and English IV. ls Junior Girl Reserve sponsor and enjoys reading and dancing. Major Eva Carpenter is a graduate of Toledo University. Has to her credit a B. S. and B. A. degree. Teaches World history. Music is her fav- orite means of relaxation. Major Catheryn Langenderfer, 8th grade teacher. attended Toledo University and Ohio State Uni- versity. She has a B. S. degree. For relaxation she enjoys sports. Her favorite spectator sport is haseba l l. Major Blanche Bradshaw, junior high instructor. Attended Wittenberg and Defiance Colleges. She enjoys painting, drawing, reading and traveling. PRE-INDUCTION TEACHERS Dorothy Mercer, sixth grade teacher. An alumni of Bowling Green State University. where she re- ceived her B. S. degree. Her favorite hobby is photography. June Eberly. fifth grade teacher. Attended Bowl- ing Green State University. Has an Elementary Certificate. She is the capable Girl Scout leader. Her hobbies are reading and sports. Doris Cooper. fourth grade teacher. She grad- uated with a B. E. degree from Toledo University. Music and athletics take up her spare time. Sally Rinehart, third and fourth grade. Attend- ed Toledo University and Mary Fanning College. She enjoys anything that is not work. 5 K Harriet Carter, third grade. She attended Ohio Northern University and has an Elimentary degree. Likes shows and musical concerts. Helen Arnsbarger, second grade. Attended Bowling Green State University and has an Elemen- tary Certificate. She enjoys traveling. Rozella Klein, first grade. Attended De Salles College. Her hobbies are sewing and camping. EDITOR at I w, fx s -'sl'-9"-1 L .ww Nm.. Master Sergeants l I Mary Vaughan if Jean Dernlan Glen Jewell Nancy Tavtigian The master sergeants have for their officers Mary Vaughan. presidentg Glen Jewell. vice president: Dernlan. secretary, and Nancy Tavtigan, treasurer. With their leadership. the master sergeants have reached the time to be commissioned lieutenants, They have passed through the other ratings as pri- vate. private first class. corporal. sergeant. master sergeant and are now graduating with the honor ol having ohtained the rank of lieutenants. They are specialists in different fields such as typing, cooking, chemistry, physics. mathematics. carpentry, foreign languages. history. hiology. law. shorthand, science and music. which will he useful as they graduate from school. Master Sergeanwts Holm Wertz Wanda Mae Leist Lewis Taylor Margie Pilliod Ronald Born Virginia Buckenmeyer Jack Pilliod ng... l I Betty Allen James Geahlen Master Sergeants 4 Bill Harrington Alicia Severin ,lack Friedemann Iris l-lalderman Eugene Zeigler lletty Planer Dale Buckenmeyer Helen Parker Paul Keough aster Sergeants Clavera Kreuz Frank Flitemiller Hulrcrl Na-iuriun Kathryn Elton Bob Zutavern Orletta Winterfeld Merlin Hassen Phyllis Haynes ,gow .Ss Louise Gear Ralph Tolanfl John lluclcenmeyer Sue Pilliod Master Sergeants ,T l Rachel Hawkins Neal Slane Bill Vargo Irene Kujawski I Master Sergeants l ::- - .' ..., YJ, V : gl fflnwk Strong Mildred Raah Ellis Overmyer , 3' Artlnlr Miller' lfliler Vllolf Dean Griffin Lillian liepka James Balxus Emma Jean Weirich ,22- Maswter Sergeants Victor Bardnowski Dorothy Scherzer James Stipp Paul Keener Betty Jane Hassen Archie Eifrher Rose Ann Baldorf Gerard Eisel Viola Wheating ,23- n' F W ' 1 Til? Master Sergeants Jack Sloan James Allen 1 fl 1 i 4 1 1 I l Bill Pospisil Wendel Camp fl :- w James Judson Mike Miller w -24- M Master Sergeants and Their Background A -K After years of hard work and a lot of fun and accomplishment the class of '43 has finally been promoted to Master Sergeants. As privates the class entered Camp Pioneer in the Fall of '39 with that grown-up feeling that being in high school .gives you, but we soon found that we were a little green. The class was soon well organized and was running smoothly with Hubert Najarian as presidentg ,Iohn Buckenmeyer. vice presidentg Sue Pilliod, secretary, and Nancy Tavtigian, treasurer. Miss Edgar, Miss Bechtolt and Mr. Faber were our sponsors. Being privates in Camp Pioneer we got all of those first thrills of high school such as joining clubs, going to pep meetings and assemblies, going to camp parties and building a float for Corn Fes- tival. The float was a green and white one of a modern design. It brought out the classes, good workmanship and won first prize. One of the outstanding students in our Freshman year was Sue Pilliod who was cheerleader. As corporals we were well acquainted with Camp Pioneer. Able to get organized and take a more active part in the school life. This year John Buck- enmeyer was elected president, Ronald Born, vict- presidentg Alicia Severin, secretary, and Wanda Mae Leist, treasurer. Miss Bechtolt and Mr. Kel- logg were advisors. Since the class was a little more "camp wise" this year it was possible for the students to hold offices and take a bigger part in school activities. Une of the big events of this year was the Sopho- more class play given at an assembly program. The name of the play was "A Wedding" in which Sue Pilliod and Bob Thacker had the leading roles. During our Sophomore year we produced an- other prize-winning float. The theme was "Peace Synonymousn with Betty Jane Hassen and Cordon Light representin 'LMiss Libertyv and 'Lllncle Sam." They stoos in front of the American flag and there was a golden eagle perched on the fore part of the float. One of the social events of this year was a Pri- vate and Corporal party. The party revealed some interesting things undiscovered heretofore, such as dancing ability, personalities, dates, etc. ln the Spring of '41 we were promoted to Ser- geants, ready to take up work in the Fall. One of the first duties in the Fall was election of officers. Ellis Overmyer was elected presidentg Gerald Mill- er, vice presidentg Kathryn Elton, secretary, and Helen Parker, treasurer. This year the treasurer really gets a work out with the class play, class rings and Sgt.-M. Sgt. banquet coming up and the float, too. The float had for a theme H0rchids to Swantonf' It was covered with lavender paper and had gold letters. Betty ,lane Hassen and Clavera Krcuz rode on it holding a large orchid between them. The class rings caused much excitement among the sergeants. They were chosen early in the Fall and we received them a little before Christmas. uGrowing Painsi, was chosen as our class play. It centered around the troubles and trials of a group of adolescent young people. Sue Pilliod and jack Sloan took the leads. Mr. Kellogg and Miss Carpenter were our patient and capable di- rectors. With the money received from the class play and the candy sales, which took place in the halls at noon and night and at the basketball games, we entertained the M. Sgts. of ,42 at a banquet. The banquet was based on a patriotic theme. It was held at the Masonic Temple and then there was a dance in the gym. The temple hall and gym were both decorated in red, white and blue. The queen for the banquet was chosen from the M. Sgts. class. Louise Kauffman was crowned queen with white roses. Once more the class of '43 has been promoted, this time to Master Sergeants. The officers this year are: President, Mary Vaughang vice presi- dent, Clen Jewelg secretary. ,lean Dernlang treasur- er, Nancy Tavtigian. The sponsors are Mr. Daniels and Miss Harris. The float this year was rather modified due to the war. The Seniors were represented in the Corn Festival parade by a buggy painted red, white and blue with a dummy of Hitler hanging by a rope around his neck. There were several signs on it, one being, '5Down With Hitler." Mildred Sell was dressed to represent "Uncle Samv and drove the horse. The one important thing the Seniors strive to do is to put out the biggest and best annual yet. The graduation pictures caused excitement for all of the M. Sgts. They were received in time to be used as Christmas gifts. We have picked out our class flower. motto. color and invitations up- to-date. Now we are looking forward to the class play. commencement, baccalaureate. and the Sgt.- M. Sgt. banquet. Some of the outstanding students of our senior year are: Jean Dernlan. who with her journalistic ability. is editor of both the annual and the Hi- Lifeg Suzanne Pilliod. cheerleader: Margie Pil- liod. president of the G. A. A.g James Allen, cap- Senior Sayings Betty Allen 3 Reading is her pastime. James Allen 3 Athletically minded??? Betty Bauer 3 Good B. B. player. James Bahus 3 His motto--'LAlways late!" Victor Baranowski 3 An actorl ll Rose Ann Batdorf 3 "Work, work is all I ever do" Ronald Born 3 Joined the Navy to see the world 'K Dale Buckenmeyer 3 Can he jitterbug! ll John Buckenmeyer 3 MOh! I can't sit still." Virginia Buckenmeyer 3 Fun should be her name Wendel Camp 3 "Meet me at the corner of South Main and 3" Jean Dernlan 3 Busy as a bee Archie Eicher 3 Super duper salesman Gerard Eisel 3 Did his hair get white from worry? Kathryn Elton 3 "K-K-K-Katie. Beautiful Katiei' Frank Eitemiller 3 '4Fun. fun. fun--what a pleas- ant word." Jack Friedeman 3 A true friend James Geahlen 3 Ambition is to be a preacher Louise Gear 3 "Silence is goldenw Dean Griffin 3 'Here Comes the Navy" Iris Haldermau 3 'It,s the girl with the pigtails in her hair." Bill Harrington 3 has a mechanical ability Betty Jane Hassen 3 Attractive Merlin Hassen 3 A word not spoken is a rule not broken Rachel Hawkins 3 Everyones friend Phyllis Haynes 3 Sweet but spicy Glen Jewell 3 Knows his mathematics James Judson 3 Good ticket manager Paul Keener 3 An excellent driver??'? Paul Keough 3 Knows his horses--horse sense Clavera Kreuz 3 Is she bashful??? Irene Kujawski 3 Beautiful wavy hair -2 7- tain of the basketball teamg Edwin Strong. captain of the football teamg Lewis Taylor and his orches- trag Mike Miller. president of the Hi Yg Mary Vaughan. president of both the class and the Senior Girl Reserves, and Ellis Overmyer. assistant Hi- Life cditor. The class honors of being valedictor- ian and salutatorian are held by Jean Dcrnlan and Lillian Repka. respectively, for their high scholas- tic records. Wanda Mae Leist 3 Remember her in the class play? Arthur Miller 3 Chewing gum. chewing gum. chewing gum Gerald Miller 3 Happy-go-lucky Hubert Najarian 3 HDark eyes." Ellis Overmyer 3 Played football. remember? Helen Parker 3 Can she make sodas. sundaes and what have you? Jack Pilliod 3 Handsomell Margie Pilliod 3 A jolly good sport. Sue Pilliod 3 Spends her spare time at the La France Bill Pospisil 3 "Why study?', Mildred Raab 3 A good student Lillian Repka 3 A charming personality Dorothy Scherzer 3 Does she have a temper? Alicia Severin 3 Lacks nothing Neal Slane 3 Ah! Those eyesl Jack Sloan 3 A second Harry James!! James Stipp 3 A good sport Edwin Strong 3 His name certainly fits him Nancy Tavtigian 3 "What if I am short? Can l help it?' Lewis Taylor 3 An artist at heart Ralph Toland 3 A jolly sort of fellow Bill Vargo 3 Does he drive a car. or is that off the scrap pile? Mary Vaughan 3 Lead the seniors through a suc- cessful year. Jean Wveirich 3 MI got it bad and that's' goodw Robert Wertz 3 A famous football star. Viola. Vfheating 3 What are her plans? Orletta Winterfeld 3 Shy ? ?? Ehler Vllolf 3 Certainly glad he isnlt like his name Eugene Zeigler 3 Knows what he is talking about Robert Zutavern'3 He ought to he in Hollywood Sergeants... A AT LAST--UPPER CLASSMEN! Was my face red. or did you say green. back in 71-ll when we P. E. fi. were being kicked around the study hall? It was a year to remember though. Our oflicers were Harold Bloom. president: James ll ibeson. vice presidentg Edward Lamb. secretary and Evelyn Michael. treasurer. with Miss Hahn and Mr. Baker helping us out. We were really noticed when we carried away the honors on Corn lfestival with our "Betsy Boss" float. Many new dates came that year too when the Freshmen and Sophomores had a "Hopf, The two-step and Chinese checkers provided the entertainment. Leading our Sophomore year as officers were Earl Gearig. presidentg Edwina Judson. vice presi- dent: Phillip Kinney, secretary and Ralph Vaughan, treasurer. Miss Walbolt and Mr. Baker were our able sponsors. We were all out for Camp Pioneer that florn Festival hy a purple and white lloat with a football player and cheerleaders. The high spot of that year was the Sophomore play izhicli furnished an amusing assembly program of laughs. The last day of school was really a goal for us. for at lastiwe were UPPER CILASSMENY This year the class of '44 elected Betty Lou 'vaulding as presidentg Ellen Adams. vice presi- clentg Evelyn Michael. secretary and Edward Lamb. treasurer. Again our sponsors are Miss Walbolt and Mr. Baker. Our lloat took on a patriotic air. depicting the Statue of Liberty and the four branches of service. Looking ahead to the annual Junior and Senior Banquet we sponsored the Hal- luwe'en party. Candy sales were also started. Next came the junior play in the form of "Mama,s Baby Boy." Here we will remember Janice Overmyer and Ed. Lamb as the "kids," Betty Lou Spaulding and Harold Bloom as 'gmamaw and 'Ldaddyf' and the joke of the show. Ellen Adams. as Minnie. By the first of December we could really strut for we were wearing our class rings. Don't you envy us. P. E. C.? Our biggest event is yet to come. the Junior-Senior Banquet. Though present day con- diticns bring changes. our aim is to have a better banquet than ever. The girls, skirts may not be so wide. the boys may not have cuffs on their white llannels. the orchestra may be all girls. but count on us not to let the Master Sergeants down. By this year our class is well represented in all Evelyn Michael. Betty Spaulding. Ellen Adams and Ed Lamb. T28- phases of Camp Life. Many of our boys are val- uable members of athletic teams. Nancy Howard and lionnie Hill are cheerleaders, Ellen Adams. Thelma Lemmon and Jacque Schultz are mem- hers of the Hi-Life staff. We are well represented in the hand and glee cluhs, and most of our class memhers are active in the various organizations. Special Reward Ellen Adams-her gigglesg Robert Ashenfel- ter-his happy-go-lucky waysg Marion Battig-M neatnessg Myra Beldon-pepg Harold Bloom-he ing foggyg Evelyn Brown-heightg Harold Buck- enmeyerfsmilesg James Buckenmeyer-hlue eyes: Rita linckenmeyer-management of candy sales: liohert Cole-super strengthg Grace Cornellfsup- er hair-dog Paul Frederickgquietness in class. Vernahelle Garmennftrim figureg Madeiine Gear-peppy walkg Earl Gearigfbasketball play- ing: Marjorie Heathwfstudious hahitsg lone Hill-e peppy cheerleadingg Nancy Howard-glasses, Edwina Judson-happy waysg Richard Kahle-A that Nhutchvg Leo Karpinski-black hairg Dane Keller-plaid shirtsg James Kinkaid-pretty smile: Marilouise Kreuz-shorthand speed. lF 29S With our goal of graduation not far in the future we hope that we shall be capable of filling those unknown jobs which wait for us in the World of Tomorrow. Whether the fellows be on the battle front and the girls on the home front is still to he scen, hut whatever our station our memories of Camp Pioneer will never die. OTOOQ Hobert Kreuz-mischieviousnessg Thelma Lem- mon-sunny smileg Esther Kurth-colorful com- plexiong Edward Lamb-his last wordg Josephine Lewis-many colorsg Joseph Melotik-serious ness: Carolyn Meier-blonde hairg Alice Miller- - ruhy lipsg Evelyn Michael-singing voice: Joy Mohler-reading abilityg Iris Naugleg Janice Overmyer-quick answers. Joseph Parker-being so lankyg Victoria Sar- kisian-coal-hlack hairg Robert Poole-knowing cverythingg Jacque Schultz-ambitiousnessg Bettv Lou Spaulding-helpfulnessg Paul Spengler- hecklingg Marie Stybaniewicz-bright eyesg Mil- dred Thompkins-piano playingg Agnes Welch-- pretty blond hairg Ralph Vaughan-quietness: Nelson Welch-wavy hairy Sophia Woityna- husky voice. Sergeants... . Q Ellen Aclamu Marion liattig Harold Buckenmeyerlim Buckenmdy Myra llelclfwn Harold Bloom Rgbert Cole Grace Cgmell Evelyn lin un Rita liuekenmeyer Paul Fredrick Vemahelle Garmenn 'U' PW' Ei' l Q as we Q+f"" ' W MaW'AXi .1..',-3' ,h e , A 2 s -range? ..?h'Q"' may fem L swf ll rf f Marleline Gear lfurl Gearig Marjorie Heath Bonnie Hill Nancy Howard James Jadlocki lftlwinu ,Ill1lSUll lllQ'llLll'll ,Iakle llane Keller James Kinkaid Janice Uvermyer Joe Parker -30- ,Q 7, Sergeants... l f Karpinski Marilouse Kreuz Thelma Lemmon .IOC Melotik 'li nobert Kreuz Esther Kurth Evelyn Midlael Alice Miller Ed Lamh Carolyn Meieer JOY Mohler Iris Nallglt' if il .wif i uf-If f - I gf, X f-:S Q5 n:'7""'T Q ""' lla p9W"'N ,. 3 ' -., ,,, A it ,..V' J . 32:9 1 6 J' 51' r '25 GE G59 in " "t"'i:w any Su. i Holm Poole Victoria Sarkisian Jacque Schultz Betty Spaulding Marie Stybaniewicz Myltlred Thompkins Ralph Vaughan Agnes Welch Sophia Woityna Mary Westphal Nelson Welch Not in picture: Robert Ashenfelter. Paul Spangler, Josephine Lewis. Corpora s.. Patsy Allen lack Ballmer Gaylord Batdorf John Batdorf Walter Mae liishop Margaret Bowman Kenneth Born Junior llatdorf Donna Bloom J. B. Carter Betty Caswell Myrna Bryan Nicholas Carroll Joyce Crandall La Vonne Dayton John Doren Dick Coon Orville Coon Frank Dennis Margaret Dennis Rosemary Eichner Elvin Elton Peggy Fee Rohert Green Cone Hahn Terrance Hallett Mary June Hamlin Alene Heath Junior Howard Violet Jewell Phyllis Johnson Bryce Keough Alice Kinkaid Patricia Kreuz Paul Lengenderfer M. Langenderfer Norman Kreuz Q, 0 21 ' ,, ni , 5-1" pf. - . ,Qs Corporals.. U ..::2 gg fs if .... . .:. U, x we we J. gif' . ., k eg f Q,-gf' .i ..A. .5, , - . A- fi if J ,',' J 3 1 ' its f rf 'A' 2-3 sw "" -A - ' ' il islttt- i f .QIQ ,vl 3, .., A V Q ,. k i s ew A ,A it J , g WN i Q, ggrrjfg. ,,,N A , EAA 'f Qi' J -, -- Z E is W J sim, V' wtkw . .h,. 5 A sf-by ' ' ' V k.., . .. H t A I ah A '. ,c JA if 1 R. . f + sf I' , X Q fl l . sf-.Q ' Theresa Langenderfer lvan Lewis Phyllis Mapes Hill McClure Harlan Miller John Mitchell Esther Mohr Frances Mohr Janet Mohr Junior Osten Lewis Peters Helen Pike Carl Pinkleman Lowell Rhuland Robert Richardson Jean Ringholtz Jane Robertson Junior Rose Not in picture: Bonnie Ashenfelter, Mary Natter, Danny Delong, Donald Eicher, Robert Grove, Dale Paul. Bernard Ross Donald Roth Barbara Russell Peggy 'Schondel Doris Seeman Guy Severin Bruce Sharples Forrest Slane Ma ry Stnkey Edward Sutherland Margaret Taynor June Vaughan Lois Vollmar Marilyn Vlveihl Joy Wertz Betty Wooley Esther Zeigler Robert Ziehr . , , Q 'feels- . ,,., 'weti 't lf lv ' '. J V ,,., .A AQ ft' it ri. I r " 3 Ac ,A ,,, ,,:. ,....,, A :,. .,t, A , A A V a V, AAAA . .AAAZ , A A. 1 1 E . I 4' V' ' X GA.. -. tj-5 X f --ei J or ' "" '1'a5-f'- ""' - " 'W ' 'A A , 3: i ---- : " V - .. N ,..,. h , A ,vi fa T A t 1 awww. '- fs?-ffg 1 EEA A .A i J A V P H , iii . 1 Eg? ' 2 ' A ' l . 5: , at ,, 4 yn-W' A a t ,W 3 sg. l X' iv 'M I tw? I il J ,.A - -. fs -A l '- 1 T" gi A5 tw 1 A. .ya J ,519 ,X A. is A: 3 ' '-"' ' 'J ,r fu l ntl , W ' z A ...,A. ,,A. A 'Egfr A ' . 4 g A A we V liver' 0' sail t A .Al- oaik, Q l , it 'Ibm A 'ff lk QW r e 2 itz P E F , S A Z: ":'tf A History of The Corporals AX .. This is the second year that the Corporals of 'fl-2 and '43 have spent on the top floor of Camp Pio- neer. In these two years their time was earnestly spent in preparing their lessons. As Buck Privates we had the privilege of having one of the best instructors in our career. Major Bradshaw. We were especially prepared in Eng- lish and other practical subjects at this time. Our float that year was huilt in collahoration with the other Buck Privates as was the usual custom. The float was designed into a replica of old part of Camp Pioneer. It was that year we had bestowed on us first prize. lt was during this year that the operetta 'gScro0ge's Christmasn was presented. ln the latter part of our Private training our teacher was Major Berkebile. During that year we held our first election of officers. The results were thus: Jack Ballmer. presidentg Edward Suther- land, vice presidentg Donna Bloom. secretaryg Bon- nie Ashenfelter, treasurer. In the scholastic test Mary Stukey took first place with Jack Ballmer placing second. For our float that year we chose an artistic design of a large waving American flag. Our 96 strong marched into Camp Pioneer. slightly on the greenish side. ready to set all Patsy Allen-being 'fsmart as a whipf, Bonnie Ashenfelter-hit me hrother, we a solid four. Jack Ballmer-mischievious hut bright. Gaylord Batdorf-that cute way of talking. John Batdorf-keeps up the latest styles. records athletically as well as scholastically. As our greenness wore off we took into view all the possibilities of education. Our elections for that year were as follows: Kenneth Born, president, Donald Eicher, vice president, Edward Sutherland. secretaryg Terrance Hallett, treasurer. Jack Ball- mer was appointed to the Defense Committee. Miss Edgar and Mr. Vaughan were the sponsors of our class. There were quite a few high scores in the climination test. Two from our class, Dale Paul lohn Shearer received football letters. A giant ' for Victory mounted on a boat with the slogan 'Sailing to Victory" was the theme of our float that year. Coming to school as Corporals was quite differ- ent from the previous years. For officers we kept the same executive department as in the past year and as Keeper of the Records, ,lack Ballmer was minted and Bruce Sharples as Keeper of the Funds. Miss Joslin and Mr. Vaughan sponsored our class this year. It was in this year that we had our first class play, 6'Youth and Uncle Sam." It ' as an appropriate presentation as to the times. The moral taught was how to stop rumors and save America. Altogether it was a very timely and suc- '-essful production. ,lunior Batdorf-philosopher. Walter Mae Bishop-that optomistic quality. Donna Bloom-easy to get along with. Margaret Boman-changing with the times. Kenneth Born-gentlemen and unlimited. Myrna Bryan-talking with her hands. do Nicholas Carroll-handsome is as handsome es. J. B. Carteraa whiz at drawing and lecturir Betty Caswellfsmooth ways. Joyce Crandallfplaying a Hute. Dick Coon-his crowning glory. red hair. Drville Coon-smarter yet. Le Yonne Dayton-having serious moods. Danny DeLong-he was born What" way. Frank Dennisf"school's a lot of troublef' Margaret Dennisf'4Junior Miss." John Dorenfquite a guy with the "gals.,, Donald Eicher-he dood it. and how. Bosemary Eichners-everybody,s friend. Elvin lilton-likes a good joke. Peggy Feevhaving the jitterbug feeling. Bobert Greensthe blond, manly type. Bobert Grove-serious and good natured. Gene Hahn--suave and humorist. Terry Hallettgpolite and oh so cute! Mary June Hamlinffdisliking her red hair freckles. l s Aline Heathshaving soft voice. Junior Howard-that tall. smart boy. Violet Jewell-being on the go. Phyllis Johnsonfbeing an intelligent miss. Bruce Keough-tries hard in school work. Alice Kinkaid-talkingis her specialty. Norman Kreuzs-tiny little man. Patricia Kreuz-those large blue eyes. Margie Langenderfer-full of life. Paul Langenderfer-he knows where he is g Teresa Langenderfer-looking older than s he is told D. I Billie lkfdfllure-Ahappy go lucky. Harlan Miller-he just canit keep quiet. John Mitchell-handsome gent. lfsther Mohr-giggling. Frances Mohr-looking through specs. Janet Mohr-short and friendly. Mary Natter-industrious is the word. Junior Usten-serious nature. Dale Paul-quite a cook. Lewis Peters-nice to know. Helen Pike-pretty complexion. Carl Pinkelman-humorous. intellectual. ig. and oing. he is I hyllis Mapes-"Gum is a great necessity." Lowell Rhulandflaugh and the world laughs with you. Bobert Richardsonfquiet. Jean Binglloltzghcliicksw in a crowd. Jane Bohertsonglikes basketball lgirlsb. Junior Bose-Mr. Five by Five. Bernard Ross-needs a step ladder. Donald Hothfthinking awful hard. Barbara Bussellgthose rippling locks. Guy Severin-on the beam. Lillian Schondelfpersonality plus. Doris Seemanfchampion basketball player Bruce Sharples-optomistic blond. Forrest Slanefon the bashful side. Mary Stukey-book worm, but smart. Edward Sutherland-Gildersleeve's double Margaret Taynorgbeing serious and energetic June Vaughan-holding her own on a trombone Lois Vollmar-getting prettier every day. Bruce Sharples. Jack Ballmer. Donald Richer and Kenny Born. Marilyn Weihlftiny. blond and blushing. Joy Vvertzfvivacious and cute. Betty Wvooley-rippling ringlets. Esther ZeiglerAhard to get "mad,, at. Robert Ziehr-seriousness is a probability About the Privates First Class . . . On September eighth. l942, there were about 93 bewildered students moving about the halls of Camp Pioneer. They were deeply impressed by the surroundings and with the situation confront- ing them. At 9 o'clock they went to the large assembly. Each felt that everyone was looking at them. know- ing that there would be many blunders made that first week. After a brief talk by Gen. Rogge they were instructed to go to their first class appearing on their schedule. There was much embarrassment to go through the first week trying to locate the George Tavtigian. Marie Stickradt. Bob Adams, and Joanne Beard. proper classroom, but, soon they were acting like their upperclassmen. When these students were buck privates they felt like quite advanced pupils and did make a good showing in their state tests. They elected as their class officers, Privates First Class Robert Adams, president, George Tavtigan, vice president, Joanne Beard, treasurer, and Marie Stickradt, secretary. The class advisors were Majors Curtis, Palmer and Eaton. For Corn Festival they built a very patriotic float out of old newspapers and gave what money they would have spent for crepe paper to the USU. Our float depicted everyone involved in this war. from the housewife to the man in service. This Corn Festival will long be remembered as it rained when the parade was assembling and many floats were damaged. The Privates First Class attended their first big party at l'lallowe'en and enjoyed it very much. Laurels are given to the Barnes Twins and Keith Clay for their ability in playing football and to Hazel Pike for being on the Hi-Life Staff. These Pvts. F. C. are doing all right and won't take long to advance. Upon promotion with the knowledge they have obtained, they will be prepared to meet almost any situation that might confront them. as 'es Q, , Freshmen Lucille Abram - wears glasses Robert Adams - 'gBob,' our president William Ashenfelter - laugh and the world laughs with you Sylvester Baranowski - "Ted,, Alice Barber - a good sport Richard Barnes - is Robert's twin Robert Barnes - is Richardis twin Joanne Beard - future Power's model Mary Bennett i plays 1 ??J a trombone Bette Bloom - is seen with Helen Pike Evelyn Bolles - tall and slender Dorothy Borck Q has beautiful hands Jimmie Bushong - uLightning', Ruth Brown wknows her science Carolyn Burgin - friends call her 'iredn Harold Bowman - 'gwhere art thou, Romeo? Burton Brown g little but mighty Rosemary Camp W- has loads of brothers Arthur Chase - very quiet Ellen Clark - always hungry Keith Clay - "Porkey" to his pals Emerson Cole - he does some clever sketches Wilma Coen - seen with Phyllis Keller Floyd Coon - friendly and likeable Bill Cotterman - plays the piano Dick Czajka - he must eat lots of vitamins Patty Davis 3 true to the Marines Wilma Davis 3 Linda Harris's cousin Velma Degenfelder - good dancei Mabel Dewey -v just Mabel James Drewyor - Louis's cousin Louis Drewyor - "Corky" Alice Elton - expressive hands Dorothy Evans - has algebra trouble Virgil Fitzsimmons - lives near the school house Pauline Frederick - always laughing Teddy Glenn - one of those strong. silent men Lois Grove - chews gum Vernill Grubb - speaks her mind plainly Jerry Harding - cute Linda Harris - plays basketball Donald Haynes - tallest boy in the class Earl Healy - there is plenty of time for everything Donna Herwat g a human whirlwind James Hauser - has a hot temper Thelma Jordon - all Cod's chillin got rythmn -3 7- lla Mae Judson - MGenius Judsonn they call her Phyllis Keller - Dane's sister Jeanne Koepfer - extremely artistic Charles Koder - another artist Ruth Kornmueller - a good disposition. Joseph Kreuz - a big voice for a little boy Albert Langenderfer - plays basketball Alvin Lewis - a lady-killer Victor Lingenfelter - likes chemistry Romain Loeffler - beautiful wavy hair Ruth Luckey - soft spoken Ruth Mahon w- Irish as a shamrock Peggy McClure - Rilly's sister Floyd Meier - is in the band Dick Mielke W wears '4Lil' Absn Harold Miller - bashful Wanda Minnich - changeable as the weather Ronald Mohr - ignorance is bliss Junior Myers - very, very quiet George Naugle - looks bored Mary Louise Perkins - pretty hair Hazel Pike - the Hi-Life boasts her help Mary Raab - likes long discussions Virginia Raker - athletic David Ray - Oh-h-h-h-h-h-h Allan Reed - 6'Drums', Sylvia Ross - blue eyes Helen Sarkisian - if you want a thing done well do it yourself. Robert Shelly -- handsome as handsome is Charles Smith - deep voice Nellie Smith - g'Dark Eyes" C-eorge Sparks - likes solitude Marie Stickradt - utterly charming Christina Stubblefield - intelligent Frances Szczeponski - Ruth Brown's pal Robert Tansel - more curly hair George Tavtigan - Cod's gift to humor Robert Tutterow - another Bob Archie Vaughan - Cute "butch" haircut Jim Vess - sense of humor Willie Winterfeld - has brown eyes Dorothy Wisniewski - lovely Latin complexion Clarence Zeigler - G'Toto,, Dorothy Zeigler - silence is golden Erwin Zeigler + fun to know P. IF. C. 1, ! 1 3 A .Qt ,r gf W' 'filwms :.-:f y .,, . E 2 . I x yi .0 -715 .mga , 5, 'mfr f ., ,fl . if is 5, . Y 4 is . H ' Q -:iii -:.--'.-:1 1 ...- 5 JMS' ' " " k' is ---" -:,.. Y-E 'Mi X N ii i f X e ' i ' ' A . i ' at 2 'I2' "':': A . . -a . AAV: r i 5 " "': , g A. . , i l ' ' 5 1' Q--"ii 5 . ' 3 "::: N ' W -rs: '. 2? in . "If " 'S V I S' : f , wa ' , 'eh .t ..- t el . ,V 4 X 1::- Q 51:53. . , ,,.,-,,., 4 LNFSKK, 3 'S' f . i i i : Q N ' , .5 5 1 we F : ,: ""' . . 1 it f aw ug.. 5 ae... 5 1 - 'Y l 3 l . f , ff- , , ,, Y' J 1' f if 1 Q' , lc 'wt' ' f Q.. f Q ' i ' in 1 ff' , a.. .Y Nj 5 4-f-A .. - , -5 .L 1. fps A us .3 . 2, I 'f' me X . i C X85-V E .5 0 B 1 . i, o fr C if C s w , it my if ,. , 'Ae i 'M J - .-. ti"""f"l -'---A- ...X .:.:.:,.,.:.,x ...,,.k:,:. . , f A ' . ' f ' " :"' 'zll zrr "' ' " 'II' ... , 1 i i t i ' 4 if 1 -0 5 Y fa A w 'Q' 'N l . ' 22 WW' VW - 'Hi '3 F' ' K , W- L.. Q it 1 M... . .QQ .,.:,:,,., , ,..: :,., an X gag Q L ' 'W ' , - .f- na... . . ' whit' fliitagzl ' , K Qs hh' . . ig-Q 1355135 Q . I Q ,K Q X 1 t x ' A we xx . 4 I A X ,.... Q, , 13:1 i J . 45 1 , y 1, 5 5, :xxx it 5 4, E, , ,X -.,N,,,. Q i -yi :-- 1 ii, - X F1 4 L. ,.,.. .1.... Q I g...iM-5...,.,...l.q..... 1 . V aw--X1 Y . .x .. M, . 2. .- . i t .ga 2 'M i 1 P' F C s y , . A, by Xa : x f. nw :S wa gi if- Q. 043 .S . ri 4- i 3757 ' l 9 ' e ,vm Avi. fig fi ' pl, ,gr P- 2 3 ff" . ' 3- I PS' l A,-Q , J' f " x. Q 15 i , ' to X ' 'Y f A-' ' I. Lucille Abram. llohert Adams. William Ashenfelter. Alice Barher. Richard Barnes. Bohert Barnes. Joanne Beard. Mary Bennett. Bette Bloom. 2. Evelyn Bolles. Dorthy Borck. Harold Bowman. Burton Brown. Ruth Brown. Carolyn Burgin. James Bushong. Rosemary Camp. Arthur Chase. 3. Ellen Clark. Keith Clay. Emerson Cole. Yvilmia Coon Bill Cotterman. Dick Czajka. Patty Davis. Wilma Davis. Velma Degenfelder. 1. lVlalnel Dewey. James Drewyor, Louis Drewyor. Alive Elton, Dorothy Evans, Virgil Fizsimmons. Pauline F . riek, James Houser, Teddy Glenn. 5. Vernill Crnlnlv. Geraldine Harding. Lynda Harris, Donald Haynes. lfarl Healy. Donna H1-rwat. Lois Grove. V -3 g.. P.F.Cl It ,te .V VJ.. Q b .1 '-,. ,,-'V, :EL F X 0 A V - 'gig' - . fl t - R I N if " " :E t i M sl D - gl E ', " . A if M A Q' , ' V, Y if' 1 5-33 R- , Q.. 'W' if ::. E ,la t 1' Q it -. '- R N 5 iw gffi'mA'U 4. M-fa ,v l fi - vw A -- . 'Nm' 'fx W' . t wwf .. 'Q-.qw we Aff 2 is-.3-, , . .1 ,::--- few 's-gg.wf :- 'Q ,2 . f f4w5.af f W Q-aye. Mmawwfwg A- 1 'A -QA rw ages Hr, ..,. f . a..fx' VQMEQV YQ? " Q - -t . 1 it , -A Q, A ,, Q u WfPQ Q t Q -. ,.,, , 1 -.E A t ., , -S I Q J ....,.. E i , vvx 5 ---v - I I -:-l , QV A- . - f -s ew A " 5 ,gt ge '::" , M 1 ' W , AH Y' " X "..' y . :za 'LT V51 .H ,M as Y. wif Q S - in x R' W' Q' 5 as if , fir at 4l.i:nw-1s ... , . rxa X5 -,,.- is .. A we Q wi x 5 IM . --vl- x . ,Z ,:-,,, . A W Q K 7 ,Q s Q .,Al if-in ,-. Q WZ t 42 .A M Q .VP -R-ft A lf ,'1- '.:,i , E fy Qzkl' I 'X V ' I Q ii A f CV' Q '59 . ' it ' f 5 Q A F ., X ...-....., W.-. M kt... ,,,,,. , , . . y j I s ' . ' ' , X f d i -9 .V" A , , A l l' '- A 2 'we.Q'p. AA , wWwlV'K 1". 'b :Q gt + 3 'T' ' X 35 if . 'X " . p 1 if e X' ' at as . a 'F ' '. 'G If r . ,,S,.A ' W K Q I' ' AN-,....s t Q. . A g . Q i , 5 :lm ,. I we 525' l sg.. zz' A 1., ':11-'- .- . A V --", gm ' N. 5 grid . 5 E. l 0 N' ws.. K - 'Y wwwsut - . ' ei I . 2 ,A ii-sf"' X f ,:i,,,., x,,,,. . 4. .fiB:g,..if, 5 I A 5 E H b t a ll SK.: -' ' ' " l 2 1 gy- '..fx:'j":" :""l Q 4, H H - ' X. W ' , 3 , f . A+ , xl V Ah, A , If , . 2e'ei 'F gw1.ffi'r east sat tt? Qiwff- Hffmi R -' '19 . A a ' . R A Q 1A .. A t A .af 'F-ri . 'wsff' fr 5 . '53 A "": E :: " I 1'Q :,:: '1-2--- f A": 1 .1 filiffi q, ' . kfw t."i .. XV V -is ::::: my-w Jlvwqew xl V 2 K 'x .. , ,. N-,. ,.. 1 ini . A ' . A gx 11: H - r. - " ' ' "-: . " Mfg. , ' Z ...,.. K.. ' 933' f 3 f -- ,. .--" ' :'a "ii - Q sgwij , F-Qgf. -t sag ,iw a ages is ' ' . "' "'l MU ' lb -. ,. . ,. , "-' ' "zz" 9 A . i Y - gigw 1 pdmq 5 W I if ' .. , t . 4 CJ .4 fern ILA fi! W' K 'Lk' lf? 3,i..2-' l. Thelma Jordan. lla Mae Judson, Phyllis Keller. Charles Koder. Jeanne Koeufer, Ruth Kornmueller. Joseph Kreuz, Albert Langenderfer. Alvie Lewis. 2. Victor Lingenfelter. Romain Loeffler. Ruth Luckey. Ruth Mahon. Peggy McClure, Floyd Meier, Harold Miller. Wanda Minnich. Ronald Mohr. 3. Junior Meyers. Mary Louise Perkins. Hazel Pike.Mary Raab, Virginia Raker. David Ray. Sylvia Ross. Helen Sargisian, Robert Shelly. 4. Charles Smith. Nellie Smith, George Sparks. Marie Stickradt, Christina Stubblefield, Frances Szczepanski, Roh- 't Tansel, George Tavtigian, Robert Tutterow. . 3. Archie Vaughan, Jim Vess, Willie Winterfeld, Dorothy Wisniewski, Clarence Zeigler, Dorothy Zeigler, Erwin .1gler. Not in picture: Sylvester Baranowski. Dick Mielke, Allan Reed, George Naugle. -3 9- These Are The Eighth Graders l. Lillis Bartlett. James Blake, Howard Bloom. Mary Bryan, Jack Crandall, Kay Crandall, ,Ioan Dennis, Bill D5: 3 2. Donna Edwards, James Eicher, Gertrude Eicher, Joan lfitzsimmons, Helen Crilfin, Peggy Hallett, Betty Ha: John Hill. 3. Mary Ann Jadlocki, Warren Judson, James Kurth, Anne Lamh, ,Ioan Michalak, Tommy Minnich. Jerry Morse Beryl Overmyer. 4. Robert Paul, Wilhllr Parker, Caroline Pilliod. Nancy Pinkstone. lla Mae Seewer, June Severin, Janet Sipes Mary Jayne Slane. 5. Esther Spangler, Steve Stevens, Rheda Sulewski. Albert Taylor, Clyde Thompson, Virginia Welch. Not in picture: Jane Batdorf, Betty Parker, Jeannine Whittaker. eval 'ir -4 QM Buck Privates l. Doris Adams, Ervin Bak, Donnie Barnes, Roy Barnes, Beverly Batdorf, Corrine Batdorf, Mar- ilyn Berkebile, Dale Boman. 2. Buddy Bracy, Howard Busack, Joyce Butz, Howard Cable, Doris Chase, Doris Jean Clay, Robert Czajka, Lorraine Davis. 3. Don Eaton, Wilma Edwards, Jenny Fessler, William Fessler, Audrey Grubb, Jack Jacquot, Claude Hill, Jack Houser. 4. Lester Jewell, Barbara Kling, Harold Lambert, Floran Lewis, Dolores Mahon, Margaret Miller, Jean Morse, Nancy Norris. 5. James Pahl, Clarence Puehler, Grace Puehler, Robert Rowley, Ronald Sperling, Ruth Stulcey. Dorothy Vollmar, William Vaughan, Carol Warren, Gloria Wiles, Rose Mary Willhardt. Not in picture: Marion Lambert, June Pack, Ernest Boost, Mary Ellen Shaffer. 1 1 -M.. Buck Private Traits Lillis Bartlett - very quiet Jane Batdorf - quiet and shy James Blake - tallest in the room Howard Bloom - front seat Mary Lou Bryan - looks like her sister Jack Crandall - half an hour older than Kay Kay Crandall s artist of the room Joan Dennis - the runt of the grade llill Dowell - knows his civics Donna Edwards - Betty is one of her chums ,lim Eicher - short fellow Gertrude Eicher - her beads Joan lfitzsimmons - brown eyes llelen Griffin -- nice to know Peggy Hallett - likes a certain sophomore lletty Haynes - primping is her past time John Hill - little but mighty Mary Ann Jadlocki - always wanted at the Warren Judson - always late Jim Kurth - he thinks W. E. is O. K. .nn Lamb - R. L. is her heart throh Joan Michalak - she likes the air corps 'fommy Minnich - airplanes are his hohhy Jerry Morse -- always talking ahout the new Beryl Overmyer - boring. isn't it. Beryl? llohert Pahl - not so quiet Wilbur Parker -- freckles Caroline Pilliod -4 Hazel eyes S door Y42... Y Y , Nancy Pinkstone f- life is short and so am l lla Mae Seewer E always coughing June Severin - in on everything Janet Sipes - Esther is her chum Mary Jane Slane - talks fast Esther Spengler - lxoy friend in the army Steve Stevens s drum major he will be liheda Sulewski - those big blue eyes Alhert Taylor - likes an 8th grade girl Clyde Thompson - likes farming Virginia Vfelch - pretty hair John Hill. Mary Anne Jadlocki. Carolyn Pilliod. and Kay Crandall. 'M ,J t 1 Wanted By the Buck Privates . . .. Miss Bradshaw 1 a good laugh Margaret Miller 1 embroidering and sewing Doris Adams 1 some one to play ball lleloris lVlahon 1 to be a librarian Bonnie Lou Barnes 1 an electric organ Nancy Norse 1 a few more inches to grow Roy Barnes 1 a blue roadster Clarence Puehler 1 more time in shop Buddy Bracy 1 blondes, brunettes, or red heads JHIHCS Pahl 1 I0 be an Eagle Scout Ervin Bak 1 more time at home Grace Puehler 1 more money Joyce Butz 1 to learn the latest dance steps JUHC P21014 1 more time to study Corine Batdorf 1 a grand piano Robert Rowley 1 to be a numer one cowboy Beverly Batdorf 1 to be a nurse llonald Sperling 1 to be at school before 3:5 Dale Boman 1 a vacation lluth Stukey 1 a new bicycle Howard Bugaek 1 more parties Dorothy Vollmar 1 to make the honor roll Marilyn Berkebile 1 a remedy for the giggles Billy Vaughn 1 more chewing gum Howard Cable 1 bobby pins for his unruly hair Carrol Warren 1 a piano player Doris Jean Clay 1 to be an actress Cloris Vlliles 1 a beauty shop Doris Chase 1 right answers to history tests Rosemary Wilhart1- to lead the lmml liobert Czajka 1 to run the bakery Lorraine Davis 1 not to be called "Cookie" lion Eaton 1 to teach shop like Pa. Wilma Edwards -- to be a good cook Jennie Feshler 1 a good housekeeper William Feshler 1 a motorcycle Audrey Grubb 1 to be a school teacher Jack Houser 1 to make a big noise Claude Hill 1 more work on the farm Jack Jacquot 1 to be an airplane pilot Lester Jewell 1 curly hair Barbara Kling 1 a Cornet player Marion Lambert 1 a few more dogs Harold Lambert 1 to run a picture show YW Florin Lewis 1 to be a buyer in a big store Don Emonq Billy Vaughan. Bob fizajkas ang' Jean Morse 1 new hair style for each day llobert Rowley. W A ji f I lll I -I , -.4 4.- Camp Dance and Marv Vlveir. Ellen Clark. Jack Sloan. Jean Dernlan. Lewis Taylor. James Judson. Not in picture: Danny Hamhurg. and Margaret Joslin. Camp Pioneer is very fortunate in having such a splendid orchestra under the direction of Master Sergeant Lewis Taylor. It is a continuation of the orchestra begun a year ago hy Sergeant Shafer. now serving our country in a different section ot the United States. The orchestra has served a great hand in keeping up the morale of Camp Pioneer. playing after games and at parties. 'llhc aims of this organization arc perfect inton ation and good tone quality. The orchestra has played for outside entertainment also. lllemhers of the orchestra are: Master Sergeant Lewis Taylor. drums: Master Sergeant Jack Sloan. trumpet: Master Sergeant James Judson. haritoneg fllaster Sergeant Jean Dernlan. saxaphone: Pfe. Ellen Clark. saxaphoneg Major Margaret Joslin. pionag Miss lVlary E. Vlleir. saxaphone. and Danny llumhurg. guitar. Perfection is 81 Specialty of the Personnel Groups MU. Bxluili of the Typing llepartrnent Ill an Kumi.:-in. I.. A. w'Xl4IxI'1R. II.W.Homal1: .48- Camp Pioneer Has an Fast Growing Air Corps Training For Aerial Duty, 4 Aeronautics Head MAJ. Room: e49- The Chemical Warfare Division ls a Vital Department a.rr MAJ. DANIELS PHYSICS CLASS CH EMISTHY LAB. Mu. Rocca -,.5Q, Aerial and Ground Photography Has Been Masftered by the Photography Corps MAJ. ETLING PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB ScateclhLouis Taylor. James Judson, Junior Hose, James Houser, LJla11clingEFl::yd Meier, William Aslienfelter. Jack Frieda-mann. Mr. Etling. Earl Healy. XIOYIIC Ol'lCR,'X'l'OllS Seatedwllobert Poole, Edward Lamb. Glen Jewell. Viclor Baranow- ski, Neal Slaue. Standing-Gerald Eisel, James Geahlen. Robert Zutavern. Nelson Welch, Leo Karpinski. Dale Buckenmeyer. Paul Span' gler. Paul Keough. Egg- Future Mess Sergeants Q. 4, 0 The lVless llivision is under the direction ol' Major Betty Vllallvolt. In this division the students learn the importance ol' vitamins. hots many cal- ories the food eontains. the numlmer of proteins and hom much of each we need and hon ne can get them from the dillerent foods. They learn to cook the food so that they may get the most nutritional value from them. The meals prepared are known as Welton." Il' ever you see someone with the initials K. P. con' nected with their name. it means kitchen police- in other words they have to do the dishes. Upon the Completion of this training period they will he sent to other army 4-amps as the lu-st eoolts to he liound. new i Mauna ' ,, W Wink., t wh .,52,, . ' Camp Pioneerys Library .. . .. It Under the leadership of the librarian of the Swanton Public Library. Mrs. li. J. Moorman. the first volunteer library club ever to, be organized in Swanton school was set up this year under the name EX LIBRIS. The girls are assigned to duties which include desk work. shelving. filing cards, pocketing books. and errands. The president of the club is Esther Zeiglcr: vice' president. Vernabelle Carmenn: secretary. Helen Pike. and treasurer. Mary Stukey. The library in l9l2. circulated 35.750 books and magazines. lt also helped with the Victory Book campaign by collecting. sorting and mailing I8-1 books to the armed forces and is taking par! ' second Victory Book campaign with the libran N local chairman. ..e library is open to all who wish to use it. Pupils avail themselves of library privileges not only to select books. but to read the thirty good magazines received by the library and to use thc excellent reference material housed there. ,53- C. 0. Moom1,xN 3 ,' 1 Athletic Directors V X77 , M-U. HOFFMAN Har-k Row: ,Iurnes BllSll0llQI. Mgr.: Hzirolcl lfllis Owrnner keith flay Hubert Nalarlan llowmun. Iiill Mclllnrv. lirnvv Shurplvs. Him-liuril Harlan Miller ,I-ulx l rlemlt-:mln M r liarnvs. Rolwrt liurnvs. T1-rry llullvtl. llonulll lf,-Um lx ,ul glully Qnmld N1 9, lficher, Archiv liim-lwr. Dane lie-llvr. uml Paul jlmim Howdul pdl? paul lame- Allen hdvm, K"0"t!l'- Mgr- Strong- 1-lpl Ronald l50Ill Robert Vlcrtz Emer Middle Row: john Mitclwl. liolmvrl Aslwn- son Cola jack liallrmr Not in pivtnrv Frank feltvr. J. ll. lfartc-r. ,lov Mvlotilx. lfurl Gvurig. llinvs. nv rr IN GAMES Swanton 0 l,6I'l'fSlJllTg Swanton Swanton Svsunton--- --- Swanton Swanton Swanton--- --- Swanton Snanton--- --- -3 Hollancl -- 0 lVl21llIll0t' - U Xvllillllfil' - l.i Genoa --- I 'S Vl'anss-on 0 Sylvania - I2 Wliitelionse ll Delta --- - 553, - ,. Y. f. 3 .Mn Through no fault of the annual staffs, the engraving' for Edwin Strongis captain picture failed to be return- ed from the engraver. Chuck played very well all year and besides being elected captain was chosen as the most valuable player. Our sincere apologies lo Mr. Strong for this over- sight. Frank Hines won a letter but moved away before the pictures were taken. He played end and would have been a senior next year. Robert g'Bob,, Ashenfelter was a hard fighting guard with a lot of spirit. Dale Paul is a big end who is espn- cially effective on over-the-line passrs. He will be an important Sergeant next year. John Mitchell is a little man who can steal a pass from the arms of the tallest defensive men. 4594 Donald l'Ham', Eicher played tackle most of the time hut was shifted into the hackfield when needed. Rohert Shelly played good hall and should develop into a fine hack with more experience. Joe Melotik. a good passer. hall car- rier. and kicker, will he hack next year. Huhert "Mike" Najarian. a hard-hit- ling hack, was hampered somewhat hy injuries hut was still very effective. His last year. it was his second letter. Earl Geariff. a center. showed a lot of D promise. He will he one of the main- slays of next year's team. liohert hllohu We-rtz. a letterman from last year. proved to he a good all-around hackfield performer. Ellis "Curly" Overmyer was a vet- eran center who called signals part ol' the timeland was valuahle hoth on de- fense and offense. He was a two letter' man. Terry hshermi' Hallett is a small hut mighty tackle. Ronald GgCll3.S.,, Born was a tackle whom the opposing backfield men found very tough. Robert Barnes, one of two freshmen lettermen, played a good games as a guard. James "Hick" Allen was a tough tackle who was especially effective in the Whitehouse game. Edwin Strong, captain. played full- back and was a sparkplug on both of- fense and defense. A Master Sergeanl and a two letterman, he will be badly missed next year. He also received the Booster Club award for the most val- uable player. J. B. Carter is a very elusive runner whom our opponents found very hard to stop. His next year is very prom- ising. - Richard Barnes. the other half of the Barnes twins. also played a good game as a guard. Gerald '6Mike', Miller was a valuable end who was lost early in the season due to a shoulder injury. Tough luck. Mikel lrle was a regular last year. Harlan hfiurlyl' Miller is a good runf ner and passer. He also has some very valuable signal calling experience. Basketball Heads A l M AJ . ICA ToN Mr. Eaton. our acting coach. should he congrat- ulated on the achievement and success which he has given this yearis haskethall squad. Handicap- ped hy the ahsence of our regular coach. Mr. Holla-- man. Mr. Eaton took over the coaching position as acting r-oaeh and gave his loyal support and friend- ly suggestions to the hoys. all of which were ap- precialed. Mr. lfaton started this season as assistant coach. Swanton students may he proud of him for the sincerity and cooperation which he has shown. For services heyond the call of duty, lVlr. Eaton has shown faithfulness and willingness to cooper- ate in all school activities. We sincerely hope that in the future lVlr. lfiaton will he rememhered lvy all those with whom he has had contact from the ath- letic standpoint and also from the academic view- point. M. SGT. ALLEN Captain James Allan won three letters as a mem- her of the Junior High team and his freshman year was elected captain. His sophomore year he was a member of the reserve squad, and for the past two years he has been a varsity man. heing elected cap- tain in this. his senior year. ullickl' was a versatile man, being able to plav either guard. forward, or center with equal ease. He was a team player and good sport and wil' 've ii , very hard to replace next year. J, X Rack row: Richard Barnes. Earl Gearig. ,loc Melotik. ,lack Ballmer. Dale Paul. Kenneth Rorn. Edward Sutherland. Harold Bloom. Rob- ert Barnes. Albert Langenderfer. Game Perryshur 0' C Wvhitehouse Whitmer --- Fulton - Sylvania Maumee - - - Front row: Robert Ashcnfelter. Mgr.: Jack Pilliod. Gerald Miller. Ralph Vaughn. James Allen, Capt.g Jack Friedeman. Lewis Taylor. Eugene Zeigler. Robert Adams. Mgr. Kneeling in front Major Eaton. acting coach. VARSITY SEASON RECORD We They Delta ....... ..... Whitehouse -----18 22 -----25 35 -----l9 29 -----21 38 -----28 35 -----20 44 28 30 --------22 25 TOURNAMENT Game We They Liberty Center ..... 17 22 Perryshurg ........ 2-lv 38 Whitmer --- ..... 29 37 Fulton -- ---fll 25 Sylvania -- ---23 314 Delta --- ..... 27 4:2 Maumee --- ---32 6-ll Rossford ..... ---l6 Ill DEFIANCE --- ---31 61 63- Lewis "Skip', Taylor. a lively and neat scoring guard. He stopped many a fast lmreali. Joe "Nleloy" Nlelotik. watch this lvoy next year. Handled the hall well in all games he played. Gerald "Mike" Miller. played fmv ward and got his share of the points. Good defensive and offensive man. Jack "l"riedie" liriedeman. stole the han and welll for the lmucliet. Good de- fensive man under the lrucket. Ralph "llalphie" Vaughan. proved his worth as guard: also on olliense he Illiltll' his shots count. lfugene "Zig" Zeigler. his minutes ol' play proved worth while in a pinch. l'laxed hard-fought hall. , ,MA Edward 'gSud7' Sutherland. a good haclchoard man who used his head. Pivot shots were his specialty. ,lack L'Buck' Pilliod. his ahility to shoot left handed scored many a shot against opposition. James "Hick7' Allen. was high point man. Captained the team and played good hall all year. Dale wlleanien Paul. a good haela hoard man. hoth defensive and oflcn sive. a good pivot man. RESERVE SCORES Game We They Came We They Perryshurg - .... 27 2-l Liberty Center ...... 40 36 Vlhitehouse .... 37 22 Perryshurg ..... 2l 20 Whitmer - .... 9 30 Whitmer -- .... 28 21, Fulton -- .... 26 25 Fulton - .... Z9 36 Sylvania - .... 28 lf? Sylvania ..... 25 53 Maumee - .... -12 22 Delta -- .... 37 38 Delta - ---27 30 Maumee -- .... 21 lt-I Whitehouse ---37 22 Rossford -- ..... l6 Q0 he Source of Peyppy Cheers Nancy Howard Sue Pilliod Bonnie Hill The cheers this year were led hy three peppy cheerleaders. Sue Pilliod. Nancy Howard and llonnie Hill. They were always ready to yell for their team of which they were proud. whether it was winning or losing. Sue Pilliod has served as cheerleader for three yxars hut will he lost hy graduation. Naney How- ard. a Sergeant. finished her second year. while llonnie Hill. also a Sergeant. was cheerleader for the first time. Our thanks to these girls for their untiring ef' forts in huilding and leading a cheering section which loyally supported our teams. They supplied color as well as encouragement to the players. tlleverly introduced this year were a numher of new cheers. Put hrfore the student hody at pep meetings. they were aceeptul and put into use at the games. , -,mx 1 it ,Q .-1. . S 35 W sc-iglf' S Why :J J ' f ' it Lx K' " no Now mms xv JJ , 3 unior Y. W. C. A. G. A. A. t l Back How: Sue Pilliod, Evelyn Michael. Alicia Scverin, Dorothy Scherzer, Evelyn lirown, Wanda Mae Leist, Major Joslin, Janice Overmyer, Edwina Judson. Front Bow: Nancy Tavtigian. Carolyn Meier, Helen Parker, Rita Buckenmeycr. Margie Pilliod, Ellen Adams, Bonnie Hill. One of the newer organizations of Camp Pioneer is the Girls Athletic Association. which is now a year old. Sergeants and Master Sergeants are eligible for membership in the G. A. A. The purpose and ideal of this organization is reilected in better living. high social morale. more interest in athletics and mental and physical relax- ation. , The G. A. A. was organized during the Fall ol' l9442. A group of selected girls drew up the con- stitution which has been the guide since. The club is open to Master Sergeants and Sergeants who have interests in sports. A point system whereby each girl earns her own merits, has been establish- ed. The officers of 1943 are: President. Master Sergeant Margie Pilliodg vice president. Master Sergeant Helen Parkerg secretary. Sergeant Rita Buckenmeyerg treasurer, Sergeant Ellen Adams. Sr. Rep., Master Sergeant Betty Hassen and Master Sergeant Nancy Tavtigang Jr. Rep.. Sergeant Caro- lyn Meier and Sergeant Bonnie Hill. Since it has been organized, the girls have had hikes. hayrides and dinners, some of which were followed by basketball games and dances. They have sponsored girls' intramural B. B. games. The members of this organization are under thc direction of Major Joslin. 774, Annual Camp Publication Pioneer Staff . . . liack llow: llelcn Parker. Wanda lVlac lieist, John liuckcnmeyer. lfllis Uvermycr. lionald llorn. hlildrcd llaalv. llalc lluckenmeyer. Margie llilliod. lihyllis Hayuts. buc Pilliod. lfrout lion: james Judson. Alicia Severin. lack Sloan. lean llernlan, Nancy' litYlls1lillt, lxate ltlton. lt has lveen customary lor the Nlasler Scrgeants ol' Camp Pioneer to pulxlish a year hook portraying thc activities ol' thc memlwers who are iourncyiugg through classes. organizations. play s. athletics. mu- sic and all the yaricd achicvcnlents uhich are ali- forded to us at tfamp Pioneer. 'llhe name ol' our ycarlvook was chosen in l92il. Although in the past years the title has lteeu delvat- ed. lay a vote ol' thc memlters of liamp Pioneer it nas decided to retain its original name. vw . nl. .-. . . llw purpose ol the lioncer is to give to all who desire it. a record ol' the many' eujoyalmlc hours which were spent here and also to serve as a suit- alnlc reference hook as well asa volume which may hc referred to with pleasure. ,,72 . The editor and stall' was chosen this year as a result of a selected conuuittee. Major liaker is our capahle faculty advisor. deserving much credit for the time and work spent ou this project and also his never-failing watchfulness over all the aspects ol' puhlislling the hook. Master Sergeant ,lean llernlan was selected edi- tor of our yearly pulmlicatiou. We also owe her much appreciation for the many' hours of work spent in making our Pioneer a great success. 'llhe stall' has regarded highly' the duties given to it. It has attempted to huild an annual that will he in saying with the high standards of the past. The stall' has a feeling of pride in presenting the annual of I9-lil. Camp ourna Hi-Life Staff liack lion: Joyce Crandall. Major Curtis. Jacque Schultz. Lewis Taylor. Nlajor llogge. Helen Parker. Joy' Wlertz. Eleen Aflams. Mary Vaughn. Kate Elton. lfront lion: Hazel llike. Lois Y0llI1l21t'. lfllis Uverrnyer. ,lean llernlan. Nlihlretl Ilaalv. ,llltClIllZ1 Lemmon. In gazing upon the many aclvantages given us hy the memhers of Camp Pioneer. one of the most outstanding is our neekly journal. the Hi-l.ife. 'llhe Hi-Life is a weekly puhlieation. efliterl hy' :1 nlenlher ol' our earnp. It is printefl at the local lfnterprise olliee. 'l'he stall' is chosen as a result of try outs. livery person wishing to heeome a memher ol' the stall n rites tyso articles. the hest is selected hy' the editor. Nlajor Curtis and General llogge. The stall this year was uncler the supervision of Major Curtis ancl General liogge. Xlany' hours ol' work is spent lay the atlvisors antl 773, the lnemhers tvery week until their paper is corn- lcte ancl sent to the printers. The purpose ol' pull- lishing this journal is to inform tne rnemhers ol Camp ljieneer of the weekly happenings. gossip and aclclecl features. The stall' for the year was as liollons: liclitor. Master Sergeant Jean llernlang assistant editor. lllaster Sergeant lfllis Overmyer: Typist. Master Sergeant Helen Parker: reporters. Master Ser- geants Mary Vaughan. Kathryn Elton and Milclretl llaahg circulation manager. Master' Sergeant l,ewis 'llaylorg reporters. Serge-ants Jacque Schultz. Thel- ma Lemmon. ljllen Aclams: Corporals joy Wiertz. l.ois Vollmar. ,loyee Cranmlall. ancl l'. l". lf. Hazel Aim For Better Jr. Girl Reserves This y'ear the Junior Girl Reserves is composed ol' lifty' trainees ol' the l'. l". lf. and Corporal rank. Our program is "'l'o lace life squarely. to find and give the best." Major Harris. our capable sponsor. has given us help in our meetings and programs. w V. . . v 'lhe ollleers ol our club are: l,l't'SlllCIll. Lor- poral Marilyn Weihl: vice president. Plc. Marie Stichradt: secretary. Plc. Donna Bloom: treasurer. lforroral M 'ra lirvan: Proffram chairman. Cor- . P' poral l.ois Vollmar: Social chairman. Corporal Joyce randallg l'ianist. Pfc. Alice Elton: Chorister. Joyce Crandallg Pianist. Pfe. Alice Elton: Chor' ter. Corporal Joyce Crandall. Our programs for the year included a playlet. a lecture by Mrs. Butz on "Nursing as a Vocationf a quiz program. and a public opinion test on foreign nations. In November the Junior and Senior Girl Reserves had a formal initiation. a very' impressive ceremony. conducted in candle- light. followed by a tea for the mothers. A rough initiation party. a Valentine party. and a hobo hike were among our social activities. liack lion: June YLlll"ll". Peffffy' Schondel. Joy' Wertz. Esther Zeivler. Lois Noll- 1' PP. . mar. Virginia liaker. Joyce llrandalil. l'illcn Clark. Rosemary Camp. Joanne Heard. Nlyrna liryan. l.e Yonne Dayton. Dorothy lfvans. llatly' Davis. Alice lflton. Nliddle lion: Nlajor Harris. lluth Mahon. l'hy'llis Mapes. Margaret liowrnan. l'eggy' lfee. Janet Mohr. liosemary' lfiehner. Hazel Pike. Helen Sarkisian. Nollis Smith. llulh Kornmucllcr. Wanda Minnich. Dorothy Zcigler. Doris Seeman. llelte liloom. Marilyn Weihl. l"ronl How: llelen Pike. Marie Stickradt. Jeanne Koepfer. Margaret Dennis. Alice jean liarher. Carolyn liurgin. Donna Bloom. Dorothy' liorck. lla Mae Judson. Mary liennett. lfrances Span. lluth lirown. lrynda Harris. Civillian Life The Senior Girl Reserves is an organization f,rmed to aid in the development of the social and spiritual life of the girls in Camp Pioneer. It is a branch and junior member of the Y. W. C. A. Their purpose is to face life squarely. to find and to give the best. The Senior Girl Reserves have sponsored the tular dances after our basketball games. At Christmas their treasury was increased by making and seiling Christmas wrcathes. A candlelight service was held with the Junior Girl Reserves at which mothers were invited and vas followed by a tea. They have had parties. hay- rides, and a dinner with members of the Girls Alhletic Association. During Girl Reserve week each member wore Sr. Girl Reserves yarn dolls. Another of their activities was a brcaff fast given to the Mastcr Sergcants by the Sergeants. The program for the year was planned by at selected group. Master Sergeants and Sergeants are eligible for membership and they are under the capable super- vision of Major Walbolt. The officers of the year are as follows: Presi- dent. Sgt. Mary Vaughang vive president. Sgt. Marilouise Kreuzg secretary. M. Sgt. Katherine l:Il- tong treasurer. M. Sgt. Phyllis Haynesg chaplin. Sgt. Alice Miller: program chairman. Sgt. Retty Spauldingg social chairman. M. Sgt. Rachel llaw- kinsg music. Sgt. Mildred Thompkinsg mother ad- visors are: Mrs. Vaughan. Mrs. Spaulding. Mrs. Miller and Mrs. llusack. l I ii- ., Rack Rom: Clavera Kreuz. Virginia lluckenmeyer. Mary Westphal. Agnes Vt elch. Major Walbolt. Betty llauer. Nancy Howard. lean Wcirich. Rose Ann llatdorf. Vic- toria Sarkisian. Front Row: Alice Miller. lletty Spaulding. Kathryn Elton. Mary Vaughn. Plwllif- Haynes, Mildred Thompkins, Marilouise Kreuz. 775, 7ml Ilfm: IM-lurm Xlillltlll. ,lmw Sn-x'1-r'in. Him-I Vik.-. Jn-an Nlursv, llnrullry Yull W he Ba dwg, iuvlx llmx: 'Xgm-s We-If-Ir. ,lvam lim-plvr. vllflllllll llillivll l.1-Mis 'llrylmp lfllvn 4 lrlflx. l'arllx llilYlS. ltvc-lxn xllI'llilCl. mllr llmx: .lim Jllllilill. lxvnm-Ill llorn. .luniur Hose. lm- l'urlwr. lftl. Slllll0l'lLlll1 Illl'Ul1l lrlmmr. Xlumlu lust. llc-lvn l,ilI'l'iPI'. llorotlly livznls. June' Xilllgllilll. llll lion: lmis X lllllllilll lluul S vumilvr. llill llmwll. Gvorgv SH1l'liS.'lwC'l'I'N Halle-tr l . . . lmw- llilllflilll. .lunws lll'llllll'Il. llzli Nlvivr. ,Iavlx Sloan. ,lillllI't' Uvc'rnly6r. lrrl llmx: ,lvaur l,l'l'1llLlll. lmxwll lllllllilllll. llvggry lsvc-. I-Xliviu Sl'V0l'lll. ,lulm lla 1lUll..,l0il!l Xllfllillillx. llc-ryl flwrrlryvr. ,lm-rry lYlm's1'. lfllllr lllalmn. Nlury llvnrwll. ' I V . , , . . m ll. l vggy llullvll. llllflllllf AClgl1'l'. lrurhm IHWIXSII. l,1ll1s llurtlcll. , . w vw .. -. . lfl lwxx: lxuy Llllllililll. fwul'g1' lillllgllilll. llilI'liilI'll lXllllQJf. Alllll' lrillllli. Marilyn Xlx 4 Illl. l' Ifml Xlvwr. .luvlx llillltlilll. ,lim lllll'li0lllIlK'fl'l'. l'.1l. l,2lIlllh. lllll'lS ju-un Lluy. 76- A Military High iglli 4. 4, Q, llavk Nou: Xlajsn' lflling. Nlivia SCYL'I'lll. llill lluxxcll, jack Sloan. Wanda Leisl Luis Yllllllliill lfil, Finllnirlaml. Kenny Horn. Ed. liarnlr. jim lim-l. nnieyer. Harolc lilll0Ill. ,loc l'arli01'. Jlrcl lims: llnrlun Iirmxn. junior Hose. Anne liamlv, Lcwis rlxilylljf. Tvrry Hallvll Xlary llonm-li. George Sparks. llurutliy vfblllllilll Kay Cramlall. ,lane Vanglian. lluryl Ux eriny 1-r. Virginia lialxcr. 2ncl Hou: Jerry Nlursv. Juan xlllllilllili. llurotliy Zeiglvr. ,lack liranmlall. ,In-an TNl0l'50. Peggy llallvll. llumlliy Evans. Hazvl l'ikL'. Jim Jnclsnn. ,lllllll llalmlorf. l,illia llalllvlt. Pe-ggi lfcv. lloris .Ivan lflay. lfllcn lflarlx. jcan llvrnlan. lsl Now: illurilyn llicilll. lgmell Hlllllilllil. llnlli Mahon. Cvurgv Vlwillligiilll. liar lrara Kling. lfloyl Kleivr. l'al Nlcicr. Helen Parkcr. Delores Mahon. ,lflflfl lfrandall. Junc Severin. lanicc Uvcrinyer. 7774 Ms Leaders 4. C, Q, Mxl.lC'1'l.lw: llmw. Cm' Sriwzluw Agnus Wm-If-ll. ,ll'illllIl' KOCIIf'l'l'. Putty Davis. lfvvlyn Mivlmm-I V , 777 ,W , ,, f 6 Ti Band Activities l. ,. Q The band at Camp Pioneer is composed of sixty officers and enlisted men conducted by Major Forest R. Etling. The Camp Pioneer band has several functions "We want to play well, to march well, to en- joy playing good music, and to cooperate with others in a worthwhile endeavor." In the fall, the marching band presented many interesting and novel maneuvers for the crowds that attend our football games. The em- phasis this year was placed on formation, rep- resenting our armed services and our effort for victory. To mention a few of these, there was the "V" for victory, the airplane, the anchor, the bell, the ship, "U. S." and the "A" for America and the "Hi Neighbor" formations. The band is well known for the precision with which they excercise their maneuvers. The band also contributes much to the camp by their playing and marching for the Flag Dedication Services, War Bond Parade, Corn Festival Parade and the Memorial Day Service. The Spring Concert, presented by the mem- bers of the Concert Band and under the direc- tion of Major Etling, was a brilliant success. Musically and in appearance. the group proved themselves excellent "soldiers" The program emphasized music of a United Ameri- ca at war. Highlighting the program was the Rhapsody "Deep South" by Isaac-Lillya, which contained melodies of the South and the selec- tion "Covatina" by Raff, which was a huge ova- tion for the musiclike phrasing of its beautiful melody. Special comment should be made of the "Chorale" by Bach, which displayed the fine blending possibilities of the band. "Southern Melodiesw by Yoder also featured melodies of the South. The marches were "Noble Men" by Fillmore, a new victory march entitled "Three Short, One Long" by Monson, and the program was concluded with the brilliant march, 'The Stars and Stripes Forever" by Sousa. The Sat- isfaction gained by the members of the band in presenting this fine program to other mcmbers of the Camp repaid them many times for the many hours of rehearsals. Each year, Master Sergeants of the Concert Band are presented awards for outstanding achievement in music. The band has its own achievemen program. The solos are First Class Musicans, Second Class Musicans, Third Class Musicans and Fourth Class Musicans. To ob- tain these awards the members must faithfully attend rehearsals, be punctual, and play well upon their instruments. The Master Sergeants that received awards this year are, Master Ser- geants Jack Sloan, Wanda Mae Leist, Lewis Taylor, Alicia Severin, Helen Parker, Jean Dernlan, James Judson and James Geahlen. The awards were beautiful gold pins. In addition to executing marching maneuvers with precision and playing a concert program. the members are all "swell soldiers." The Band officers for this year are: presi- dent, Master Sergeant Wanda Mae Leistg vice president, Master Sergeant Alicia Severin: li- brarian, Corporal John Batdorfg assistant, Cor- poral Edward Sutherlandg equipment manager, Sergeant Joseph Parker, and assistant, Cor- poral Kenneth Born. Every Army Camp Q, 4, .. Girls, Glee Club liuvlx limx: 'I-lll'lllIil l.x-mlmm. Nlurgurm-1 Vllllyllllll lla-My Viuolvy. Urlcllu XXHIIPF- ln-Ill. Allllli' xilllglllilll. llurolyn llurgin. lfsllwr fviglvr. Ylill'Q2ll'l'l l'illlgllll. llusm- Nlaary . m,., . ,. , . . l',n'llvr. xlffllil llryun. llvlvn llllxv. llmlnu lllomn. Many llllxlllh. .lldll ullllfll- illlyllif .lulnmun I-lu-lyn lhvllvs, Ik-lly Spaulding. Num-y 'llilXliQlilll. lllflllll llrm: lll'il1'4' llnrm-ll, llllllllll' .'xSllCIll'l'lll'l'. ,lillIl'l NlUllI'. .lily WVVU- llnfif 54-4-,mlm -l4,4mm- lil-lmlh ,-Xliw Ilan-Iwr, Phyllis lVlilIlL'S. Phyllis lxm-llvr. Xxlllllil Loon. lllillflli' l.a1lnuvIvml1-l'l'4-1', Nvllis Slllllll. Yll'gIlIllil l:ll1'lil'!lll1l'fl'l'. lxlilfgll' lll'IHllS. lllillliil Nliw l,.IlIlH'l'. V , . . , . . lmll lu rlylll: lully llilXlS. Xlilfll' 5lfllLllIlXNll'Z. Nm-In-I lluulxins. Iris Nllllgltl l.-llwr lXl1lglll. l,4-Xmlvw llilXlUIl. l'4'Q'uN lfvv. jc-umm' lX4ll'lDl'l'l'. l:lux'vru KITIIZ. Nlillll' l'illl'lxI'illll. XlilI'X fllll4'lxl'X. Xlzll'il4.l1is1' lXl'l'lIZ. NUM' xlilfy llillilp. llunniv lllll. 'xlll'1' Nlnlla-r. Num-5 llmxurll. lllllll Nlulnm. l'ulrir'ia1 Krvnx. llurullry lfvulls. Lois Yullnmr. Xlillj ll1'Illll'll. xll'Qllllil llillxL'l'. -Xliviu N-u-rin. lfu-lpn Nlivlmm-l. lh-ltr' lllfblllll. X71-lnm llvgm-11l'm-llvl'. llllll'l'l'S2l l4illlQ.fl'll- ll4'l4l'1'l'. .Xlif-v lfllun. l,llIIlsl' llvalr. Nlzulvlim- Cvzir. llvlvn SZll'lilSlilll. lla Klux- Jllllitill. , ,. . . Sm' l llllml. ltrlxximl ,lIlllSUll. l'iulm: llill'0lyII Nlvim-r. H O Needs Music . . . Boys' Glee Club Hack Row: James Stipp. Wendel Camp. 'llale Paul. lid. Sutherland. Holi Adams, james Judson. John lloren. lfugene Zeigler. Ronald Born and Paul Spangler. Middle How: Bill Ashenfelter. Kenneth Horn. Guy Severin. James Allen. Keith Clay. Jaeli liallmer. Victor liaranoxxski. Junior Healy. James Hauser. Rolrert Barnes. l"rank Eitemiller. Alhert liangenderfer. Norman Kreuz. llanny DeLong. lfront Row: John lialdorl. John liuekenmeyer. Terry Hallett. Joseph Kreuz. Richard Barnes. Junior Usten. Lowell lihuland. George Tavtigian. Ivan Lewis. l l ianisl: Alice lflton. The Glee Cluhs have lieen a part of Camp Pio- neer for many years and have Contributed many opportunities for girls and lroys to display their talent. They are open to any one interested in music. :Xu aim of tliem is to teach appreciation for good musie. They also provide relaxation and pleasure to all their memlmers. .X comhined ehorus was organized for a Christ- mas program and to take part in a eoneert with the ,ya hand in the Spring. liesides the chorus. two groups of ensemlales mere selected among the girls for outside entertain- ment. lieeause the Girls' Clee lilulr is large it has lueen divided into two groups. There is one Class ol' hoys who are enrolled in the Glee Clulm. These elulms are under the supervision of Major llulmer and Major litling. Goal. . Better . . . Hi-Y Included in the many extra-curricular activities at Camp Pioneer is the very worth-while organiza- tion that is a branch of the Y. M. C. A. and is known as the Senior Hi-Y. Sergeants and Master Sergeants are eligible for membership in this club. The high ideals of this organization are rellected in its common purpose-to create. maintain and ext tend throughout camp and community. higher standard of Christian living. Similar to this is the platform to promote athletics. clean speech. clean scholarship. and clean living. Service is the word that can be rightfully applied to the Hi-Y. l. Service to members. 2. Service to school. 3. Service to community. The oldest Hi-Y club was founded at Chapman. Kansas on October 4. 1890. The term "Hi-Y" was applied to the 'LI-ligh School Y. M. C. A." in l9ll in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. Spread throughout our nation are 7,500 Hi-Y Clubs. The members of this organization are very well entertained. Throughout the year parties are held. At the regular business meetings many preachers and business men speak. Among the persons par ticipating this year were Father Myers. Rev. Still- ings, Carl Mays. Hi-Y representative. and Ensign Wines of the U. S. Coast Guard. The officers for this year were: President. Mas- ter Sergeant Cerald Miller: vice president. Master Sergeant Ellis Uvermeyerg secretary. Master Ser- geant Hubert Najariang treasurer, Master Sergeant Ronald Born. The members were under the able leadership of Major Eaton. 41. Service to nation. 5. Service to world. 0. Service to Cod. liaclx Row: ,Ioe Melotik. Wendel Camp. .loe Parker. James Allen, Neal Slane. llichard Kahle. liill Pospisil, Bob Wertz. Middle llow: John liucltenmeyer. Archie Eicher. Gerard Eisel, Edwin Strong. Earl Ccarig. ,lacque Schultz. Glen Jewell. Eugene Zeigler. l"ront liow: liob Kreuz. liob Ashenfelter. Hubert Najarian. Ellis Overmyer. .Xlajor Eaton. lionald Born. Ed. Lamb. Jim Buckenmeyer. -821 All Around Living . . . The Junior Hi-Y is an organization of privates and corporals whose purpose is a'to create. main' tain and extend throughout the camp and surround- ing community. high standards of Christian char- acterf, There were twenty-nine privates and corporals in the Junior Hi-Y this year. This has heen the lirst x' ar of their association with the State Association. hcing given. along with the Senior Hi-Y. state recognition by Carl May for promotion of religious understanding. Throughout the year parties were held. The Iirst party was an initiation party. Oetoher 6. Their next social gathering was a Spring party. Marr-h 16. At the close of school an outdoor roast was ln-Id on May l8. Many speakers gave valuable . . Junior Hi-Y knowledge to the hoys throughout thhir schocl meetings which were held every three necks. In order to become a member. every applicant must be voted upon. For admittance in.n the club. cvery member must have a three-fourths vote. The officers for this year were: President. Cor- p rral Jack Ballmerg vice president. Corporal Nor- man Kreuzg secretary, Corporal Terrance Hallettg treasurer, Corporal Edward Sutherlandg Sergeant of Arms. Corporal Kenneth Born. The group is under the supervision of Major Daniels. Until recently the Junior Hi-Y was known as the Torch Cluh. Hack liow: John liatdorf. Junior liatdorf. Donald Eicher. Archie Vaughn. John 2' Uoren. Dale Paul. llohert Adams. Harold Bowman. Keith Clay. James liushong. Clarence Zeigler. Middle How: Alhert Langenderfer. Harold Miller. Nick Carroll. liichard Barnes. liruce Sharples. Hohert Barnes. Lowell Rhuland. Romain Loefler. Bryce Keough. llick Czajka. Georgia Tavtigian. Front How: Norman Kreuz. Kenneth Born, Jack Ballmer. Terry Hallett. lidwartl Sutherland. Paul Langenderfer. Joseph Kreuz. Major Daniels. mggm The Campls . . Sgt. Play Cast Hack liow: Major Curtis. James Jadloeki. Richard Kahle. Joseph Parker, Earl liearig. Major Harris. Middle liow: ,laniee Overmyer. lfdward Lamh. Agnes Welch. Alice Miller. Grace Lornell. lflllen Adams. Bonnie Hill. Front Row: lletty Lou Spaulding. Harold Bloom. The Sergeant's Class Play. which was staged lie- cemher tl. was a great success. liveryone who came enjoyed an evening of delight. The fun is ohtained when a young: widow. lletty Lou Sjraulding. nearing 1140. has her I3-year-old son. Edward Lamh. dress and pose as a youth cl l ll. so that she might pass as a younger woman and 'narry a widower. Harold liloom. whom she he' Iieves to he wealthy. ln turn the widower. trying to appear younger also, has his I7-year-old daugh- ter. Janice Uvermeyer. pose as a girl of lil so that he might wed the widow whom he helieves to he rich. Neither the widow nor the widower have ll cent. hoth having lost their money in the stock market. This situation leads to amusing complications in- volving the grandmother. Agnes Welch: friend of the family. Mrs. Angelis. 'Alice Millerg Cynthia. Bonnie Hill: Sylvia. Grace Cornell: Wilbur. James Jadlocki: Minnie. the colored maid. Ellen Adamsg and Max. the real estate dealer. Joseph Parker. All add their hit to the fun. This wonderful production would not have heen possihle without the supervision of Major Harris and Major Curtis. 134, Various . . Corp. Pllay Cast Hack How: Terry Hallett. Harlan Miller. Kenneth Born. Major Vaughan. Jack Yollmar. Major Joslin. lfront Row: Peggy Jo Fee. Janet Mohr. Margaret Dennis. Joyce Crandall. Myrna llryan. Joy Wertz. Lois Vollmar. It has lween customary in the last few years for the Corporals to stage a play for the enjoyment ol the entire camp and also show their skill for the oncoming plays. It seems as if the play was exceedingly interest- ing hecause of its appropriate theme. "YOUTH ANU UNCLE SAM" l'lot-Some high school students. on the lmasis o some unfouncleil rumors. accuse one of their teamfli- ers ol' having communistic tendencies. The source of this unjust accusation is lmrought to light antl the teacher is vintlicatetl. The play is tl lesson in ale- f mocracy. accomplished in an interesting and Inn- HIOFOUS H'lE1IlIlCl'. Setting- rA hallway in the Fairview High School. Characters-Dora. the secretary. Joy Wertz: Mr. Erskine. the principal. Kenneth Born: Arlena Moo- cha. Margaret Dennis: Hose llelancy. Peggy Feet Winifred Martindale. Myrna llryang Carl Hoffner. Terry Hallett: Sonny Hampton. Jack llallmer: Mary. Janet Mohrg Mrs. Olivia Martindale. Joyce Crandallg Miss Brodsky. Lois Vollmar. Presentation-Felwruary IO. I9-L34l:00. Directors-Major D. Vaughan antl Major M. Joslin. Stage manager-l'larlan Miller. Productions . . . M. Sgt. Play Cast l gi llack liow: Major Curtis. ,lim Judson. lfllis Uvermyer. Paul Keener. Lewis Taylor. lleatrice Bauer. Second Row: Archie Eicher. Vic liaranowski. ,lack Sloan. Paul Keough, Alicia Severin, Major Harris. l"ront How: Nancy Tavtigian. Helen Parker. Wanda Leist. Betty Hassen, Sue Pilliod. Mary Vaughan, Kathryn Elton. 'LSpring Fever" is the name of the play selected for the Master Sergeants to present on April 30. The author of this play is Glenn Hughes. The entire action takes place in the living room of Mrs. Spangler's rooming house at lirookheld Colleffe. a small co-educational colleve in the East. D i Y D on the day hefore Lommencement. the latter part of Ma '. A remark from Mrs. S manvler is "I never . 1 1 1 I I U know if theyre in or out. llhey come and go so fast you couldnit keep track of them if you were at paid spy." Thatis more than true the day lmeforf- lf ummm-nccrnent: for in addition to her regular col- lege-hoy roomcrs. their girl friends keep popping in and out. a few parents and an aunt show up: and the "Prexy" and Professor Bean find occasion t.: call several times. Ed. llurns is a chemistry student who is forever experimenting with a sulrstitute for dynamite Howard lirant is a senior-maylvefVic Lewis is an artist at large. Lou Herron is a journalistic per- son. rather fond of lid. Anne Purcell is Howar'i'- interest and the daughter of the millionaire parents. who call at the school. Aunt Maude. Howard's spinster aunt. also arrives at Brookfield for the graduation. Vivian George is Vic's girl and a chum of Anne. We must not forget. also, the Professor of Zoology. Professor Bean. and last but not least Dr. Dixon. President of 'Brookfield College. Things really happen! "Spring Fever" had hit Brookfield. Characters: Howard Brant. M. S. Ar- chie Eicherg Ed. Burns. M. S. Jack Sloang Vic Lewis. M. S. Lewis Taylorg Lou Herron. M. S. Alicia Severin: Mrs. Spangler. M. S. Nancy Tavti- giang Anne Purcell. M. S. Sue Pilliodg Vivian George. M. S. lietty Hasseng Henry Purcell. M. S. Ellis Uvermyerg Phoebe Purcell, M. S. Wanda Mac Leistg Maude Corey. M. S. Helen Parkerg Professor Virgil Bean. M. S. James Stippg Dr. Dixon. M. S. Victor Baranowski. b Major Harris and Major Curtis are faculty ad' Visors. .M ja U l g.f!'f'o. A 41 Strong Bodies Are Built l-lere Girls' Basketball Teams liack How: Kathryn Elton. Sue Pilliod. Wanda Lcist. Margie Pillicd. Helen Park er, Phyllis Haynes, Virginia Buckenmeyer. Marv Vaughan. Third How: Ellen Adams. Marilouise Kreuz. liita Buckenmeyer. Mary Vlvestphal. Janice Uvermeyer. Betty Spaulding. Bonnie Hill. Second Row: Esther Zeigler. Mary Stuckey. Joyce Crandall. Jane liolrertson. Bar- bara Russell. Margie Langenderfer. Doris Seeman. Hazel Pike. lfirsl llow: Mary Bennett. Ila Mae Judson. Peggy McClure. Jean lioepfer. Virginia llaker. Ifllen Clark. ljnda Harris. Alice Barber. Velma Degenfelter, For the desire of entertainment and also hecause of their love for sports. manv of the girls of Camp Pioneer formed the P. l". C.. Corporals. Sergeants and Master Sergeants lmaskethall teams. After many noons of praetiee. the day arrived for the tournament. The master sergeants and the eorporals tied for first place with four wins. one tie. and one defeat. The P. l". C. and Sergeants were second and third places. respectively. The captains of the dillerent teams were Kathryn lflton. Master Sergeants: Nancy Howard. Ser- geants: Doris Seernan. Corporals: Virginia liaker. Pvts. F. C. This tournament was under the direc lion of Major Joslin. From these four teams two all-star teams were chosen. Harvard and Dartmoutlr. with Master Sel- geant Mary Vaughan and Master Sergeant Helen Parker. captains. The Harvard team included Master Sergeant Mary Vaughan. Sergeant Janice Uvermyer. Master Sergeant Wanda Mae l.eist. Sergeant Betty Lou Spaulding. Master Sergeant Margie llilliod. Ser- geant liita lluckenmeyer. Master Sergeant Virginia liuekenmeyer. Sergeant Nancy Howard. Corporal Jane Robertson and Corporal Marie Stuekey. The Dartmouth team included Master Sergeant Helen Parker. Sergeant Marilouise Kreuz. P. l". C. Virginia liaker. Corporal Doris Seeman. Sergeant Ellen Adams. Corporal Esther Zeigler. P. l". C. Vel- ma Degenfelter. Corporal Margie Langenderfer and Tllaster Sergeant Kathryn lfltm n. th S. Why We Remember the M, Sgmts Betty Allen James Allen Betty Baeur Jathes Bahus Victor Baronowskl Rose Ann Batdorf Ronald Born Dale Buckenmeyer John Buckenmeyer Vlrglnla Buckenmeyer Wendel Camp Jean Dernlan Archie Elcher Gerard Elsel Kathryn Elton Frank Eltemlller Jack Frledeman James Geahlen Louise Gear Dean Griffin Iris Halderman Blll Harrington Betty Jane Hassen Merlln Hassen Rachel Hawkins Phyllis Haynes Glen Jewel James Judson Paul Keener Paul Keough Clavera Kreuz Irene Kujawski Wanda Mae Lelst Arthur Miller Gerald Miller Hubert Najarlan Ellis Overmyer Helen Parker Jack Pllllod Margie Pllllod Sue Pilllod Bill Posplsil Mildred Raab Lillian Repka Dorothy Scherzer Alicia Severin Neal Slane Jack Sloan James Stlpp Edwin Strong Nancy Tavtigan Lewis Taylor Ralph Toland Bill Vargo Mary Vaughan Robert Wertz Viola Wheatlng Orletta Wlnterteld Ehler Wolf Eugene Zelgler Robert Zutavern Jean Welrlch her his ner hls his her RIB nls hls her hls quietness glrl trouble l1K1I1g lor Adrian walk way of talking petlteness laugh seriousness sllmness cooking humor Hi-Life editor hls hls her hls hls his her hls her "Montana Kld" bashfulhess pleasing personality Ireckles seat ln the assembly JBIODDY wavy hair blond hair intelligence cutting up in school her hls her her our hls hls hls her her her hls hls his his snappy eyes long stride low volce diamond ring vice president slow drawl plaid shirts grin beauty friendliness disposition Jokes basketball playing pet expressions short stories Hl-Life typlst hls her her neatness carefree attitude cheerleading that certain girl those grades her her her his hls hls hls her hls his hls her his her her his hls hls her -3 g.. neatness red hair . nv. 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W, A xg li HW l r .vu , 'sv X .V 522 w 3' .n.4 r' x -MU ' .-9 .-lf?-"- .m ff "V if V all W! heir Wills Seniors Betty Allen James Allen Betty Bauer James Bahus Victor Baranowski Rose Ann Batdorf Ronald Born Dale Buckenmeyer John Buckenmeyer Virginia Buckenmeyer Wendel Camp Jean Dernlan Archie Elcher ffl Gerard Elsel Kathryn Elton Frank Eitemlller Jack Friedeman James Geahlen Louise Gear Dean Griffin Iris Halderman Bill Harrington Betty Hassen Merlin Hassen Rachel Hawkins Phyllis Haynes Glen Jewell James Judson Paul Keener Paul Keough Clavera Kreuz Irene Kujawski Wanda Mae Lelst Arthur Miller Gerald Miller Hubert Najarian Ellis Overmyer Helen Parker Jack Pllliod Margie Pllliod Sue Pilliod Bill Pospisll Mildred Raab Lillian Repka Dorothy Scherzer Alicia Severin Neal Slane Jack Sloan James Stipp Edwin Strong Nancy Tavtlgian Lewis Taylor Ralph Toland Bill Vargo Mary Vaughan Jean Weirich Robert Wertz Viola Wheating Orletta Winterfeld Ehler Wolf Eugene Zeigler Robert Zutavern her his her his Will dependability need for more time between classes glasses tardiness that "come hither charm" her his his his her his her his his her his his his her his her his her his her her his his his his her her her his his his his her his her her his her her her her his his his his job at Faubles "butch" haircut movie operator job sales talk even temperament imitating Red Skelton giggles red hair nickname "Whitey" smile haDDY nature basketball jacket sleepiness in study hall ability to keep quiet position as a senior braids feet cute clothes bashfulness gracefulness historical knowledge "trig" book tie wisecracks "Horse sense" pulchritude boy friend lovely tresses short stature basketball and football letters curly hair L'il Abs walk and nickname personality style of chewing gum vim and vitality car physics book quietness freckles long blue sweater shyness knowledge of math books last name S0me of her "height" his his his her her his her drumming ability "love" for books black hair typing strut Cal' talk part of her "height" his his his last name sincereness liking a good time M891 To Janet Mohr George Tavtlgan Marilyn Weihl Lois Vollmar Bob Adams Peggy Schondel "Ham" Elcher Richard Kahle Dorothy Zelgler Mr. Vaughan Dick Coon Esther Kurth Vicky Sarkislan Earl uearig Mr. Eaton to a sourpuss Harold Miller Kenny Born Janice Overmyer . any julnlorh une n Bernard oss a style shop Ed Lamb Nancy Howard Mr. Walker back to the authors S. H. S. boys Donald Haynes John Batdorf any homely individual Uncle Sam John Batdorf Junior Rose anyone who can carry them Hitler Harold Bloom Jane Robertson Madeline Gear Miss Curtis Edwina Judson anyone who can afford it paper drive Clurly Mlller Wanda Minnlch Josephine Lewis Ellen Adams back to Vaughn anyone who will take 'em Mr. Etling Paul Langenderfer Allen Reed Ila Mae Judson Myrna Bryan Mr. Baker Patty Davis scrap drive Marie Stlckradt Danny Delong any glnm person Terry Hallett Bonnie Hill Activities of the . . BETTY ALLEN English class treas. :Grand Rapids! 2 Grand Rapids High School 1, 2. J AMES ALLEN Engllsh HI-Y 3, 4: glee club 2, 3, 4: captain 4: football 4: Intramurals 2, 3, 4. JAMES BAI-IUs Foreign languages glee club 4: photography club 3, 4: Intramurals 3. VICTOR BARANOWSKI English movie operator 3, 4: class play 3. RosE ANN BATDORF English Jr. G. R. 1, 2: Sr. G. R. 3: G. A. A. 4: Intramurals 1, 3. BEATRICE BAUER Home Economlcs Jr. G. R. 1, 2: G. A. A. 3: Sr. G. R. 4: Class play 2: class play 3: Intramurals 1, 3. RONALD BORN Science Class v. pres. 2: HI-Y 3, 4: trees. 4: glee club 1, 2, 3, 4: class play 2: class play 3: annual staff 4: basketball 3, 4. DALE BUCKENMEYER Science movle operator 3, 4: glee club 1, mlnstrel 1: Intramurals 2, 3, 4: annual staff 4. JQIIN BUCKENMEYER Cammerclal class v. pres. 1: glee club 4: treas. 4: HI-Y 4: torch club 1. 2: class play 3: mlnstrel 1: Intramurals 1, 2, 3, annual staff 4. "Bette" uHick9s ssBinzby9s siyipn "Rosie" :'BeIIy" "Hawk" ssBuck99 2Z ioHuck97 41 VIRGINIA BUCKENMEYER "Wh.eazie5' English Jr. G. R. 1, 2: G. A. A. 3: Sr. G. R. 4: glee club 1, 3, 4: mlnstrel 1: operetta 2: Intramurals 3, 4. WYENDEL CAMP "Windy" Science HI-Y 4: glee club 2, 3, 4: pres. 4: Intramurals 2, 3, 4: JEAN DERNLAN Sclence Class sec. 4: Jr. G. R. 1, 2: operetta orchestra 2: HI-Life 3, 4: edltor 4: annual staff 4: editor: band 1, 2, 3, 4: Intramurals 2, dance band 4. ARCHIE EICHER g'Arch" Commercial HI-Y 3, 4: Intramurals 2, 3, 4. GERARD EISEL "Whitey" English torch club 2: HI-Y 3, 4: movie operator 4: Intra- murals 1. FRANK EITEMILLER "Red" Science glee club 3, 4. lf - V - 1'--4-1.--Y --v--- -fv A -1 I . - 'Ir o ref: KATHRYN ELTON "Toosie" . Commerclal class sec. 3: Jr. G. R. 1, 2: A V. pres. 1: sec. 2: Sr. G. R. 3, 4: A v. pres. 3: sec. 4: glee club 1, 2: , a h sec. 1, 2: class play 3: minstrel 1: V j : 'L'- Rj ig., operezca 2: annual staff 4. fi 2. 'a V nf. Mr' JACK FRIEDEMAN "Friedie" 'g sm ,795 English jet.: photography club 4: Intramurals 3, 4: "" ' ' basketball 3, 4: football manager 4: ' Scott High School 1, 2. JAMES GEAHLEN "lim" English photography club 4: band 2, 3, 4. I LOUISE GEAR Commercial mlnstrel 1: glee club 1, 2, 3, 4. CLAVERA KREUz "Mugs" Home Economics Jr. G. R. 1, 2: glee club 2, 3, 4: Sr. G. R. 4. A IRENE KUJAWSKI "Snooks', Home Economics J WANDA MAE LEIST "Heinie" Foreign languages class sec. 2: G. A. A. 3, 4: sec. 3: Jr. G. R. 1, 2: pres. 2: band 1, 2, 3, 4: pres. 4: class play 3: Intramurals 1, 3, 4: annual staff. ARTHUR MILLER "Arty" LI Sclence Scott High School 1, 2: foot- ball 4. GERALD MILLER "Mike" 1 Science " class v. pres. 3: torch club if 1, 2: pres. 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: pres. j 4: class play 3: football 3, 4: . basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. HUBERT NAJARIAN "Mike" Science class pres. 1: torch club 1, 2: HI-Y 3, 4: sec. 4: football 3, 4: basketball 3. ELLIS OVERMYER "Curly" Mathematics class pres. 3: torch club 1, 2: v. pres. 2: HI-Y 3, 4: v. pres. 4: class play 3: football 3, 4: HI-Life 2, 3, 4: ass't editor 4: annual staff 4: Intramurals 4. HELEN PARKER "Queenie" , English class treas. 3: Jr. G. R. 1, 2: G. A. A. 3, 4: v. pres. 4: Jr. rep 3: class play 3: Intramurals 1, 3. 4: band 1, 2, 3, 4: HI-Life 4: annual staff 4. JACK PILLIOD "Buck" Mathematics torch club 1, 2: mlnstrel 1: operetta 2: Intramurals 1, 3: basketball 2, 4. MARGIE PILLIOD "Dodge" Science Jr. G. R. 1, 2: G. A. A. 3, 4: pres. 4: treas. 3: class play 3: ln- tramurals 1, 3, 4: annual staff 4. Eur 1111- -- . . Q' .Nl Master .Sergeants . SUZANNE PILLIOIJ i'Sue" Engllsh class sec. 15 Jr. G. R. 1. 25 program chairman 25 G. A. A. 3, 45 glee club 1, 2, 3, 45 treas. 2, 45 class plays 2, 35 mlnstrel 15 Intramurals 1, 3, 45 band 1, 25 annual staff 45 cheer- leader 1, 3, 4. BILL POSPISIL 'iWill', Science HI-Y 3, 4. MILDRED RAAB Mathematics Jr. G. R. 1, 25 Hi-Life 45 annual staff 4. LILLIAN REPKA Commercial glee club 1: Jr. G. R. 1, 2. DOROTHY SCIIERZER "Red Home Economics Jr. G. R. 1, 25 G. A. A. 3, 4. ALICIA SI-:VERIN "Steve English class sec. 25 Jr. G. R. 1, 25 treas. 25 G. A. A. 3, 45 Jr. rep. 35 glee club 1, 2, 3, 45 sec. 25 librarian 4: operetta 25 class play 35 mlnstrel orchestra 15 Intramurals 1, 35 band 1, 2, 3, 45 v. pres. 45 annual staff 4. NEAL .SLANE Commercial Hi-Y 45 band 1, 2. JACK SLOAN "Pearl" Science torch club 1, 25 sgt. at arms 25 glee club 15 mlnstrel orchestra 15 operetta orchestra 25 class play 35 band 1, 2, 3, 45 annual staff 45 dance band 3, 45 lntramurals 1. JAMES STIPP Football 4. IRIS HAI.ImI-:RMAN Social Science BILL HARRINCTON "Hosey Science torch club 1. 25 treas. 25 class play 3. BETTY JANE HASSEN "Cugu- English Jr. G. R. l, 25 G. A. A. 3, 4, Sr. rep. 45 glee club 1, 2, 3, 4: librarian 45 class play 3. -. NIERLIN HASSEN "Burch Science RACHEL HAWKINS Home Economics Jr. G. R. 1, 25 chorister 15 Sr. G. R. 3, 45 chaplain 35 glee club 2, 3, 45 intramurals 3. PHYLLIS HAYNES "l'l1II Commercial Jr. G. R. 1, 25 G. A. A. 3: Sr. G. R. 45 treas. 4: glee club 15 lntramurals 1, 3, 45 annual staff 4. GLEN JEWELL "Gus Science class v. pres. 45 torch club 25 I-ll-Y 3, 45 movie operator 3, 45 Intramurals 3. "hy" Q. ,. 0 JAMES J UDSON Science librarian of band 25 photog- raphy club 3, 45 pres. 45 "Jud" glee club 1, 2, 3, 45 annual staff 45 dance band 3, 45 mlnstrel 15 class play 3. PAUL KEENER Science torch club 1, 25 lntramurals 3. PAUL KEOUGH Mathematics photography club 3, 45 minstrel 15 operetta 25 football manager 45 lntramurals 3, 45 band 1, 2. LDWIN STRONG "Chuck Science torch club 1, 25 Hi-Y 3, 45 football 25 Intramurals 2. NANCY TAVTICIAN "Tuff Foreign languages Jr. G. R. 1, 25 tre'as. 15 G. A. 3, 45 Sr. rep. 45 class play 35 operetta 1, 2 annual staff 45 intramurals 1, 3. LEWIS TAYLOR '6Skip' Science photography club 3, 45 v. pres. 3, 45 class play 2, 35 band 1, 2, 3, 45 H1-Life 2, 3, 45 dance band 3 45 mlnstrel orchestra 15 operetta orchesta 2. RALPH TOLAND "Rodney Science glee club 2, 3, 45 quartet 2, 35 class play 35 Hi-Y 3, 45 torch club 25 operetta 35 mlustrel 25 football 2, 45 cheerleader 35 intramurals 1, 2, 3. WILLIAM VARCO "BIl1' Science H1-Y 45 torch club 2. MARY VAUGHAN Commercial class pres. 4: Jr. G. R. 1, 25 social chairman 25 Sr. G. R. 3, pres. 45 class play 35 mlnstrel 15 operetta 25 Hi-Life 3, 45 intramurals 1, 3, 45 Fulton 1. JEAN W EIRICH Home Economics glee club 1, 45 Jr. G. R. 1, 25 Sr. G. R. 3, 4. ROBERT WJERTZ Mathematics H1-Y 45 football 3, 4. VIOLA WJHEATING Science Jr. G. R. 1. ORLETTA WINTEREELII Home Economics glee club 2, 3, 45 operetta 25 EHLER WYOLF SCICHCG EUGENE ZEIGLER Mathematics torch club 1, 25 H1-Y 45 band 1, 25 glee club 1, 3, 45 basketball 2, 3, 4. ROBERT ZUTAVERN Mathematics Intramurals 35 Waite 1, 2. ... "Cookiv' "Buff Rullzie' "TO0Is' "Gene, "Zut CALENDA Sl'IP'l'EMl5lfIlt l-2 Induction changes. 7 Labor llay. Majors meeting. 8 Army life begins. ll Election of camp officers. l8 Our first football game of the season with l'errysburg. I9 lfverybody happy-Corn Festival. 23 Cheerleaders elected: Sue Pilliod. lionnie Hill. and Nancy Howard. 25 Holland-f-there. 30 Organizations met for the first time this year. NOVEMBER 3 G. A. A. hayride and picnic to State Park. -1 Program: "Chalk Talk" by Bob Wood. 6 Home game with Whitehouse. 9 Master Sergeant conference with Dr. Guy Bingham. ll Armistice program and dedication of the ser- vice man's "Honor Roll" at Main and Broadway. I3 Last football game of the season with Delta-- there. l8 lfirst period omitted for organizations-more fun. 21 Sr. Cirl lleserves "Christmas Crafrsn party. 26-30 Thanksgiving vacation. aaa? Ot ITC llililt 2 Maumee. 8 County Majors' Institute- V- out at fizlltll 9 Viihitmer-if-there. I2 Sergeant rings seleeted. ll oth period omitted--organization niet. lo Cenoaf-there. 225 Home game with Wauseon. 27 Holiday for the Master Sergeants. l'ietures taken at l.ivingston's Studio --eaniera survived. 28 Organizations. 29 Sylvania-here. S50 Yippie Ya no drilling! Northwestern Ohio Majors' meeting. lil The Coblins were plentiful at the Halloweien party in the gym this night. IJECIQMIEICR lf Sergeants successfully presented "Mama's liaby Boy." 7 Camp Pioneer after one year of war. 8 Toledo Edison movieg Camp Pioneer extend- ed a farewell to Major Hoffman who was inducted into the Army at a new post. Il Opening basketball game with Perrysburg. I5 Swanton Challanged Whitehouse. lo Second period omitted for organizations. l7 Senior Girl Reserves Christmas party. l8 Whitmer-there. 23 Christmas programq vacation starts for Christmas. 25 Christmas. 4 4i 194-2 F 11943 JANUARY 4 Rack to camp again. 5 lfulton challenged-to our sorrow. 8 Home game with Sylvania-we were defeat- ed. I3 Organizations. I5 Home game with Maumeefour defeat. I9 Iixams and more drudgery. 20 Second semester begins. 21 G. A. A. supper and basketball game. 22 Delta whipped us again. 26 Whitehouse defeated us. 29 Perrysburgfwe're getting tired of being de- fezlted. I1 r ll FEBRUARY 3 Organizations. 5 A Whitmer victory. 9 Our first victory-over Fulton. I0 Corporals successfully presented their class play: Jr. Girl Reserves Valentine Party. I I Group pictures taken for the Annual. I2 Another Sylvania victory. I5 Defeated hy Delta on the home floor. I9 Maumee's victory. 22 No routine-Washington's birthday. 23-26 Drilling in mornings onlyaliation lioul. R issued in afternoons. 21 Liberty Center challenged. , 25 Sr. Girl Reserves' "Dancing at the Pent- house" party. 26 Rossford-there: end of -lth six weeks period. MARCH 3 Organizations. I4 Chili and basketball get-together for the Sr. Girl Reserves. 17 Ist period omitted for organizations. Majors" meeting at Metamora. 24 Music program. 2.1 General Scholarship Tests for Master Ser- geants. APRIL I Sr. Girl Reserves "Ytrap Sdrawkachf' 7 Organizations met. 2I Program by the NDeep River Singers." 23 Good Friday. No work. 25 Easter. 28 -Lth period omitted for organizations. 30 Master Sergeants presented "Spring Fever., District Tests. MAY sl- Sr. Girl Reserves Hobo Party. 7 Spring Party. I2 Organizations met. I-lt Rand Concert. 2I Master Sergeants' exams. 23 Baccalaureate. Sr. Girl Reserves "Senio- Brcakfastf, 24 Sergeant and Master Sergeant Ranquct heltl 26 Under-servicemenis exams. 27 Commencement-today I am a man. 28 Last Day-Army life will always he a pleas ant memory of the passing Master Sergeants. 933 rv- - I-. -..,-- 'T E I- ' 1 1 1 1 l The Prophecy For Our Lieutenants . . . '1- , I ii 1 l , 3 3 91354 I I P ll After finally receiving my parole from the dis- thy Scherzer were both happily married. ,lean l abled old maid's home of World War II, I Sue Pil- Dernlan and Mildred Raab were now running a liod, decided to go back to my home town and see charm school. I had to hang up as it was time for , what had become of my old classmates. But oh! to my taxi. When it arrived, I found 6'Edwin Strong my great surprise it was no longer a town, but a and Co." written on it and Ehler Wolf driving. He ' I small city, built by the class of '43. I stopped first told me that he and the former Louise Gear were at the high school and found Bob Zutavern, super- recently married. I got out up town in front of the intendant, and Ellis Overmyer, principal. Mary city hall and bumped into Bill Harrington, the J Vaughan was teaching girl's physical education newly elected mayor. He informed me that James a and Gerald Miller was coach. As I stepped into the Allen was now village clerk and that Ralph Toland , I office imagine my surprise to find Kathryn Elton was running the water works. He also said that ' A 1 and Phyllis Haynes the competent office secre- James Stipp was street commissioner and Merlin 1 taries. They also informed me that Rachel Hawkins Hassen, the Common Pleas judge. A and Betty Allen had taken over many tasks of the ,ig HCW public libfilfy- After leaving Bill I started down the street and saw Margie Pilliod, superintendent of nurses at Upon deciding to go up town I called a taxi and Dr. Gaehlen's new hospital. She asked me if I , chatted with my old friend Betty Bauer, now a tele- wouldn't like to go over to the "Taylathon" with 1 phone operater. She told me many things about the new and different town. Dean Griffin was a chief petty officer in the navy, Jean Wierich and Doro- .J4 --. her. I looked at her very dazzled and she quickly explained that it was Lewis Taylor's community playhouse. Jack Sloan and his orchestra played ...94.- V I 'l , -41.14 After The Present Crisis . . . there and John Buckenmeyer was manager. They also had a hig dining room run hy Rose Ann Bat- dorf. I told her I was sorry hut I had so many people to see that I just couldn't go. Going down the street I passed the Vargo Es- quire Shop--for men only. Bill was out in front and as I talked to him he told me that husiness was very good. due mostly to his head tailor. Victor Baronowski. Going farther down the street I pass- ed Jim Judsonis three-story food market. Slane-'s Super Deluxe llakery and Eitemillefs popcorn stand. I stopped in at Jack Friedemanls press of- fice and found Urletta Vlinterheld as the social edi- tor. Art Miller was an ace reporter and James llahus was the foreign correspondent. I hought a paper and sat down to read for a minute. The headlines read wlfarmers' Co-op Here Gains Con- trol of Wall Street." Important names mentioned were Eugene Zeigler. Paul Keener. Paul lieough. and llale liuckenmeyer. Un looking at the society page I found Wvanda I,eist,s and Huhert Najariarfs pictures in for heading the community chest drive. On the same page was the announcement of Lil- lian Repkais marriage to Wendel Camp. Un the following page it told of three heroic nurses in foreign service. Nancy Tavligan. Alicia Severin. and Virgina liuckenmeyer. ,lust then I heard a co- motion and ran outside to find Gerald Eisel circl- ing the town in his new airplane designed hy Glen ,Iewel and manufactured at the Pilliod Airplane Lo. As I started down the street again I passed the hank and saw ll. Born and A. Eicher as head hank- ers and C. Kreuz and I. Kujawski as cashiers. Ahove the hank was the office of Halderman and Pospisil. noted psychiatrists. The last thing I re- memher was the heautiful heauty salon of Helen Parker and Bette Hassen. Then. much to my dis- may. somehody grahhed me and put me hack in the old maid's home. We mcwfcf Za QQMQKWLAQQ Qmwp mqcwfvwZ4a,mLZmf94f3. ffhmcfmea fine limb an M QQULMLQ Laila camnukggg, micwecf mmf qafae ZW66d e. 7Qe Samoa 61044 af Swanlan ,WL sczmz L J 1 1 X I 5 lx '1 I

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