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V.. • v. , • • w.: V tA cy IV f fa a S Jb r j C ?ue € . h ' A S ' U V r, V c 2- ro5 ' - i !? r y? (7 6 -2 7S Ss6 6 iifif vy m !• ' r m | r i : i I j» r , ' vV • ‘ v . $ w « p llif l s ■ v - v£V - . 1 ■ 1 J- v. • ■■.,■■ ' S ' : ’ ' ■■■ ' • ■PUBLISHED BY— THE STUDENTS OF SWAN NAN OA HIGH SCHOOL SWANNANOA, NORTH CAROLINA EDITOR JMJ CHIEF--IRENE ADfiMS ITOEUMBIL— IW BUSINESS HMiP £R_„3QKK BASS feaduate cj 7 the Clxxs.s cj 7 1949 This, the 19U9 volume of " The Cygnet " , is dedicated to the memory of Mrs. Grace Hensley Freeman, one time cominercial instructor at Swannanoa High Schocl- A SYMPATHETIC ASSOCIATE AN UNDERSTANDING TEACHER A TKJE FRIEND ONE iVH0 WILL EVJrR B REMEMBERED. " To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die. " —Camp be 11 Swannanoa, Swannanoa, We will never find your equal; To you we’re singing, Swannanoa, Here’s to you- RAH, RAII, Here’s to youl Our praises ringing Mr. Herman Knauth jar. Roy Alexander, Secretary Mr. Latt McMa han; Mr. Paul Young, Chairman; Mr. A. B. Yow Mr. Howel , Principal Miss Dunham, Bible Mrs. Owen, Music Mis3 Nancy Wrenn History - Physical Education E. Y. Neill History - Coach Mrs. Elmer DeBruhl Mathematics Mr 3 . Margaret K. Rowell Languages - Librarian Miss Ruth White Science - physical Education Mrs. -vy English Selmer R. Neskaug Agriculture Miss Rachel Baker Co miercial Mrs. Rut., Carlisle Hc: ie EccnorJ-CS Fender Ingle Adams Ward Brigrnan We, the members of the Yearbook Staff, wish to thank the many members of the Faculty and Student Body for their cooperation and contributions of material and pictures, which made the publication of this Yearbook possible. THE STAFF Editcr-in-Chief - Senior Assistants - Junior Assistants - Business Manager Business Assistants Production Staff -- Adviser - _ Irene Adams _ Betty Ingle and Billie Fender _ Marilyn Ward and Betty Brigrnan ___Joan Bass _Billy Gosnell and Billy Mills Evelyn Roberts, Raymond Clark, Bruce Plemnons _ ' _Mrs. Elmer DeBruhl Roberts Clark Mills Bass Gosnell M3 COTS Elizabeth Nanney Jerry Dean Fender Class Song Swannanoa, Swannanoa, To you we’ll always be true; You’re our dear old Alma Mater And we’ll always love you. Your guiding light will lead us Through paths that we do not know; We will take our memories of you Down through life’s long, long, road. Class Colors---Red and white Class Flower-Red rose buds Class Motto-’’Today we launch; where shall we anchor? " Billy Gob nail; B Blond ' ir eyes of ' clue, I ' m sure you’ll like bin too. " S Club; Basketball; P.F.A.; Toast Master; President, Senior Class; Annual Staff; Best Citizen. Elmer Pender: " I carae, I saw, I conquered. " Glee Club; F.F.A.; Marshall; Vice-President, Senior Class. Clara Allen: " Her happiness they all enjoy. " Glee Club; Beta Club; Student forum; Class Secretary; Football -„ueen. Norma Hensley: " In every group I find a friend. " S Club; Glee Club; Scien :.e Club; Basketball; Dramatics; Treasurer, Senior Class. Irene Adams: " They can conquer, wo believe thev can. " Best Citizen; 0lee Club ■ eta Club; F.H.A.; Editor Annual; Salutntorian. Robert 3. Ballard: " Never trouble trouble, ' til trouble troubles you. " F.F.A. Patsy Bailey; " A good disposition is more valuable than gold. " Basketball; F.U.A.; Beta Club; S Club; Hay Queen. Stuart Banner: " Happy am I from care. I am free; why can ' t they all be happy like me? " F.F.A.; Science Club. Betty Bartlett: " True worth is in being not seeming. " Glee Club; F.H.A.; Student Forum; Glee Club; Hones of Tomorrow. Joan Bass: " The road called toil leads to the city called success. " Glee Club; Girls ' Service Club; F.H.A.; S Club; Beta Club. Everett Biggs: " Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow. " F.F.A.; S Club. ■ Betty Burleson: " An unusual girl and a jolly pal. " F.H.A.; Glee Club; Art Club; Science Club; Student Forma. Wesley Burnette: " I ' m not bashful, I ' m just thoughtful. " F.F.A.; Science Club. Raymond Clark: " Stepping forward all the way, he ' ll t e a credit to us someday. " Beta Club; Annual Staff; Earshall; Office Practice; Valedictorian. Herman Clippard: " I for everlasting fame Glee Club; F.F.A.; dramatics. I Jay G. Early: " All the world was made for me. " F.F.A.; S Club. Ruth Eller: " The one way to have a friend is to be one. " Glee Club; Science Club; Dramatics. Billie June Pender; " It 1 3 nice to be natural, when you ' re naturally nice. " :lee Club; F.H.A.; President, Beta Club; Annual Staff. Albert Foster: " He ' s a quiet person, but his smiles speak volumes. " P.F.A. mm HHHI Norma Hameriek: " As merry as the day is long. " F.H.A.; Glee Club; Beta Club; Art Club; Homes of Tomorrow. Bill y Hunter; " Always a friend, always a gentleman F.F.A. ii Tom Huntsinger: " Always happy always gay, always glad when he comes our way. " Captain, Football team; Vice President, S Club; Dramatics. Betty Ingle; " she is pretty to walk with, witty to talk with, and pleasant too, to think on. " Glee Club; Secretary, Beta Club; President, S Club; Dramatics; Annual Staff; Service Club; Basketball. Bruce Plemmons: " His personality will be his passport to life. " F.F.A.; Dramatics; Annual Staff. Pearl Ramsey: " Judge not her worth by her size. " Cheerleader; Glee Club; Girls ' Service Club; Beta Club; Dramatics; Manager, Girls ' Basketball team. Jimmy Reese; " Silence is more eloquent than words. " F.5.A. Evelyn Roberts: " Cute as pie, she ' ll catch your eye. " Basketball; President, Buncombe County F.H.A.; Annual Staff; Office Practice; Vice President, Beta Club; Marshall; Glee Club; Dramatics; S Club; Third Honor Student. Jack Rogers: " I will live to be an old man; why waste my youth in worry? " F.P.A. Richard Sides: " Give me athletics or give me death. " S Club; Dramatics; Foot Dali; Captain, Basketball team; May King. Prances Waddell: " Let us enjoy pleasure while we can. " Chorus; Glee Club. Theo Weaver: " Kindness is wisdom. " Glee Club; Dramatics. Good Citizens Senior Snapshots Sweetpea Green and White MOTTO " GIVE TO THE WORLD THE BEST YOU HAVE AND THE BEST WILL COME BACK TO YOU. " Our class entered high school in nine¬ teen and forty-six with sixty members. Our sponsors in the ninth grade were Mrs. Margaret Rowell and Mrs. Ivy Brown. In the Tenth, Mrs. Rowell and Mr. Joe Walden were our sponsors. This year they are Mrs. Rowell and Mrs. Ruth Carlisle. Five of our girls have married and left our class since last year. They are: Hazel Strickland, Gladys Gant, Marie Foster, Peggy Duncan and Wilma Mar¬ tin. We have contributed many boys and girls to the football and basketball teams this year We have contri- rnted cheerleaders and members of the " Cygnet ) staff also. Many of Ns - our class be¬ long to the Beta, F.F.A., and V S Club. It was a pleasure to, entertain the seniors at our Junior-Senior Banquet. - Class Officers- Robert Stroup©, President; Geraldine Jenkins, Vice President; Marilyn Ward, Secretary; Arnold Teems, Treasurer Rose Abram, Aubrey Aiken, Ross Bailey, Neal Bartlett, Herman Bates Paul Bias, Barbara Biggs, Betty Rrigman, Peggy Bryant, Anne Burnette Sue Cline, Nadine Deweese, Oberla Fox, Joe Gregg, Doris Johnson Barbara Jones, Irene Kilby, Jimmie King, Mary Lel ' asters, Ruth Meeks S7JU CLJMSJNfi Pilly ' ills, Mary Ruth Cates, Virginia Owenby, Rather Read, ' uln Reed J, 3. Robinson, Cthn Sides, Arvel Silvers, Betty Sizemore, Genevieve Slagle Jack Smith, Mildred Spann, Margaret Stephenson, Clarence Suttles, Virginia ' weed Thelma Trantham, Wayne Willard 10B-2 From Sponsor to Glass IOb-1 If your instructors have been rise in the ways of life, as well s in the routine of the class - ■oom, they have taught you that iot all battles go to the strong ' hey will have taught you that not very race belongs to the fleet, lather will they have taught you ;hat there are things of the spir¬ ts that mean more than material :uccess can possibly mean. They rill have tried to inspire you ;hrough their teaching to make .ive not merely a living. Unless your training thus far ias given you principles which fill be companions to you as you Look upon the ugly things of life- is you view the deceits, the wrongs and the quarrelings--and ill the enthusiasm you now have vill wilt as does the bloom of the " lowers, and the place in your ieart where your dreams now rest vill be crowded out. Class of 10B-1, I challenge J ou to adopt a good companion. ?ruth is a good companion. Truth lever dies. The ages come and go. fountains wear away. Empires crumble into dust. Truth may be lidden under the debris for a- vhile but it never dies. Seek cut the truth within yourselves; 3eek out the truth in life, lold steadfastly to it. It will oe an anchor for your faith. Always remember as you go forth from these year of learning, that as you view the building of industry; as you travel on the nighways; as you delve into the nystery of the years ahead of you; in all the ages, in all the years, nothing has been accomplished without work, without vision, without dreams. E. Y. Neill, Sponsor On September 13 , I9I4.9 y there were thirty students Enter¬ ing 103-2. Now we have only twenty-four. To the six we have lost: Laura Stroupe, Helen Candler, Barbara Edmonds, Dorothy Shope, Peggy Reed, and Evelyn Creasman, we wish the best of luck. The following people have won letter In various sports and we’re very proud of them: Martha Penley--Cheerleader David Miller—Football Harry Adkins--Basketball From the class we have picked the following superla¬ tive s: Class Crooners--Sidney Bass Frances Spivey Best Looking--Keith Gant P ' rances Robinson Most Athletic—Harry Adkins Martha Penley Wittiest—Bobby Cooper Anita Lacky Most Likely To Succeed-- Barbara Gibbs Bobby Anderson Most Popular--David Miller Barbara Gibbs Best Personality--David Miller Rosa Lee Russell Best Dressed--Wayne Howie Janet Plummer We raised 80 for Martha Penley who ran for Football Queen she won second place. There were two girls in our class who ran for May Queen ' s Attendants: They were Frances Robinson and Janet Plummer. Wilma Church won first place in our spelling compeition and represented Swannanoa at Blanton’s Spelling Contest. Our party at Christmas was a very nice one. We had refreshments and played several ames. The refreshments of oughnuts and cider were very tasty. (Plate, 0((icete SapAcxmaxe (Plate 10B-1 Carl Hall.. Bobby Tipton-—-----Vice Clara Swafford- Nadine Allen- Mr. Neill- •Pres ident President Secretary Treasurer Sponsor Harold Moody Joan Penland Betty Stronpe Betty Bastarache Pegf.y Pembroke Eariene McCall Barbara Adams Lloyd Edwards Crlstir.e Cordell Rav Ledford V Grady Peek Glenn Brown Roy Creasman Bruce LeBruhl Bernard Briggs Harry Bates Sam Duncan J. D. Robinson J. V. Whiteside 1013-2 First Row- Bobby Cooper, Mildred Pruitt, Elizabeth Shope, Frances Spivey, Barbara Gibbs, Anne Garland, Anita Lackey. Second Row- Miss White, Bob Anderson, Bobby Hunter, Wanda Jones, Elizabeth’ Green, Frances Robinson, Janet Plummer, Martha Penley, Rosa Lee Russell, Wilma Church. Third Row- Bobby Carson, Harry Adkins, Wayne Howie, Keith Gant, David Killer. Class Officers Keith Gant, President David Filler, Vice-President Barbara Gibbs, Secretary Bobby Andersen, Treas ;rer Anne Garland, and Bobby Cooper, Co-Party Chairmen. i The class of 93-1 started their first high school year with a bang under the leadership of Mrs. Ivy Brown. To ' be¬ come ’ ' Freshmen” was a grand experience for us. V.e are looking for a few of us to wind up in Congress and especially for Billy Bridges to become President. Our class has a number of fine athletes of whose records we are proud. V.e had five boys on the football team and three of the same boys made the basketball team, and one was a Cheer¬ leader. We think cur class has plenty of ability and will go far, and we hope that our athletes will weave a banner of fame and glory for themselves and our school in the future. Our Class Officers are; Jimmy Webb, President: Jin Huntsinger, Vice-President; 3etty Pinkerton, Secretary; Faye Bartlett, Treasurer. Class Colors are: Black and Gold. Class Motto: " To do our best at all times everywhere.” Our class also has a lot of singing ability. vie have a regular quartet and we enjoy their singing very much. So all in all we have a very outstanding class. The Good Citizens of the Ninth grade are Jimmy Webb and Peggy Moser. The Twelfth grade girls defeated our Ninth grade girls by a one point margin in the annual F.H.A,. tournament. The final score was 15 to lip. High scorer for the Twelfth grade was Fvelyn Roberts, while Pat Stevens tallied 6 for the losers. Those claying for the 93-1 class vrere Thelma Mayfield, Betty Lou Slagle, and Doris Hall. Dorothy Nobles, a much liked member of the 9 B-I class. it I Row 1-Class Officers: Jimmy Webb, Thelma Mayfield, Carolyn Martin, Betty Pinkerton, Faye Bartlett, Jim Huntsinger. Row 11: Harold. Spivey, Frank Pulliam, Fred Strickland, Eileen Vincent, Ralph Shook, Dorothy Nobles, Bill Bridges, Peggy Towe, Lucille Lizotte, Doyce Settles, James Rickard, Edna Robinson, Roy Nanny, Zelda Mae Teems, Sewell Strickland, James Redmon. Row 111: Jack Edwards , Franklin Spann, Doris Hall, Kenny Wood, •Ernest Allen, Jim Isley, Evelyn McDaniels, Frances Clayton, Peggy looser, Barbara Eller, Beatrice Robinson, Betty Lou Slagle, Barbara Allen, Ila Mae Holbert, John Shope, Dan Redmon. Charmian Weatherly, Velma Rigsby, Tommy Jackson, Lloyd Gragg, and John Bogan are absent from the picture. i Athletes (Boys): Jimmy Webb, Jim Isley, Ernest Allen, Kenny " Wood, Jim Huntsinger. Vthletes (Girls): Eileen Vincent, Thelma Mayfield, |3etty Lou Slagle, Doris Hall. Mrs. Brown Class Crooners M : w k • HcV (BH Jim Betty Isley Pinkerton Harold Spivey the largest migrations in the history ox LASS DONER RSON- ALITY Swannanoa School took place in the fall of iolj.8 when eighty-eight proud eighth graders become hopeful Freshmen in high school. The teachers took one look at us and quickly divided us into two sections, ours be¬ coming 9B-2. Our first few days were filled with wonder¬ ing and wandering as we tried to accustom to the routine of changing classes, new studies, and mingling with friends during the day. But in no time we were feeling like old timers and were successfully adding our bit to school life. Some of our 93-2 students who have made a name for themselves in school activities are; Bill Allen, who earned his football letter; Hilliard Owen; and James Rice. James Johnson and Bill Allen represented the class in basketball, while Harry Padgett served as manager for the team. Pat Stevens, Maxine Gardner, Joyce Q,ueen, and Elaine Fox made the girl’s U B " team in basketball. Our best spellers were Jewell Cooke, Peggy Rayburn and Pat Stevens, with Pat winning the honor of helping represent Swannanoa High School in the contest at Blanton’s Business College. Twenty of our boys belong to the Future Farmer of America while eleven girls are members of the Future Homemakers of America. With our varied interests placing us in many school activities, we feel that it has been a year well spent and that in our way we have contributed much to school life. At the same time, our benefits have been many. For as we have participated in school life, we have learned our own capabilities as well as what is expected of us. Thus we close this first experience looking forward eagerly to our next three years as worhty members of our school community. Class Superlatives Best looking............. June Roper, James Rice Wittiest .Pat Stevens, Cecil Whiteside Best dressed.Joyce Wueen, Bill Allen Most popular.Betty Vess, Harry Padgett Best personality.Nancy Stanton, Billy Rogers Class crooner.Mary Grace Head, Charles Hall Most athletic.Elaine Fox, Hilliard Owen Most likely to succeed. ...Ruth Harris, John Fortune MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED ROLL CALL OF CLASS 9B-2 Second Row First Row Third Row Hiss V renn Vice-President Bob Bradley Joyce Queen Clinton Strickland Carroll Green ' ' ary Grace Head John Fortune Billy Rogers Secretary Charles Brooks Ruth Harris Haney Stanton Ottaway Austin June Roper James Johnson Hetty Lou Green Treasurer Bill Allen Blaine Fox Betty Vess Hillard Owen Robert Chambers James Rice Charles Hall President James Banks Pat Stevens Peggy Rayburn Jerry McMillan McKinley Harrison Maxine Gardner Lyle Green Anne Earley Graham Creasman Colors Freida Hyams halter Reed Harry Fadgett Jewell Cooke Red and white Jimmy Pruette Cecil Whiteside Raymond Cole Wilber Creasman Absent:, Pearl Capps Frank Cline SUPERLATIVES Norman Burnett Daniel Hall l Barbara Jonea Pearl Ramsey yirC ' i. 7 Mm 3arbara Biggs, Jimmy King, Nadine Deweese, Utha Sides, Ruth Meeks. Nadine Allen, Norma Hensley, Virginia Owensby, Marilyn Ward, Betty Ingle, Evelyn Roberts, Manager Manager i 7c u t Front row consisting of first team players- Kenny Woods, Jim Huntsinger, Budgie Sides Bill Oosnell, Arvel Silvers ’ 6 Back row- E. Y. Neill, Conch; Harry Adkins, Carl Hall, Jim Isley, Bill Allen Eileen Vincent Martha pen ley Anne Burnette, Joan Bass, Ruth Meeks yts ov« crc i i 4 i Senior Home Economics Class Mrs. Stevens and Lunch Room Employees LIBRARY SCIENCE The High School Library is a standard one, containing reference and fiction books. In addition to these we have the local papers and a large number of popular magazines. This year the Library received several hundred new books. The Library Science classes under the direction of the Librarian, Mrs. Margaret K. Rowell, processed and classified these and made them ready for circulation. Some of the most important things the Library Science classes have done this year were: made an entirely new file of catologue cards; prepared a new accession book for the High School and a complete set of shelf list cards for the Elementary School Library. Another task we all like to do is to plan and put up new bulletin boards and displays to correspond with the seasons and events of the year. Each student has a special task to perform; such as reading the shelves, checking books in and out, tabulating the daily circulation, and keeping the magazines and newspapers in order. The following are taking this subject: Irene Adams, Clara Allen, Patsy Bailey, Anne Burnette, Bruce DeBruhl, Billie Fender, 3111 Goanell, Thomas Huntsinger, Ruth Meeks, Betty Sizemore, Jack Smith, Margaret Stephenson, Virginia Tweed, Frances Vv ' adell, and Theo Weaver. Mr. Howell and Office Helpers Miss Baker and Senior Typing Class I In nature and the textbooks our budding " scientists " have delved into the various scientific fields to find themselves involved. In chemistry, the mystery of the atom and molecule unfurled and even HC1 made sense to a few. Gasoline motors were inspected at the garage by the General Science people and even the sad buses got a going over by the inquiring class! Wild flowers, earthworms, insects, phylums, sub-phylums and family’s were the downfall of the biology students, dissected, collected, moaned and groaned’. r OX, Clark, Chemistry students Peggy Bryant, Miss Nadine Deweese, Silvers. A ubrey Aiken, are White Bill Ruth Irene Kilby, Betty Brigman, Oberia Teacher, Mary LeMaster, Raymond Mills, Wesley Burnette, Arvel Meeks, Geraldine Jenkins. X ' President—Billie Fender Vice Pres.-Evelyn Roberts, Clara Allen Secretary-Betty Ingle Treasurer-Geraldine Jenkins Sponsor-Mrs. Margaret K. Rowell The national Beta Club is a non-secret achievement service. It was organized for high school students and one of its ob¬ jects is to encourage and assist students to continue their education after high school. The qualifications for membership are: good mentality and character, creditable achievement and commendable attitude. Our local chapter has sponsored a clean-up campaign through out the school which has helped the conditions of the school. The Beta Club presented a one-act play before the student body November 11 , 19)4.8. This is an annual Armistice Day custom. Elmer Fender, Pearl Ramsey, Betty Ingle and Evelyn Roberts are the remaining charter members still in school. The club was instituted in the year of 19 4-7 with twenty-three members. The following students are members of the club: Irene Adams Clara Allen Betty Brigman Anne Burnette Raymond Clarke Billie Fender Elmer Fender Oberia Fox Betty Ingle Geraldine Jenkins Ruth Meeks Billy Mills Pearl Ramsey Esther Reed Evelyn Roberts Patsy Stroupe Nadine Allen Betty Bastarache Irene Kilby Bruce DeBruhl Nadine Deweese Carl Hall Barbara Jones David Miller Betty Stroupe Martha Pen ley Arnold Teems Thelma Trantham Marilyn Ward ■: S CLUB Front row- T. J. Huntsinger, Vice-President; Betty Ingle, President; Nadine Deweese. Treasurer; Patsy Bailey, Secretary. Second row- Bill Mills, Jimmy King, Robert Stroupe, Carl Hall, Barbara Biggs, Betty Bastarache, Marilyn Ward, Pearl Ramsey, Norma Hensley, Evelyn Roberts, Nadine Allen, Eileen Vincent, Mary LeMasters, Doris Johnson, Betty Stroupe, Geraldine Jenkins, David Miller. Back row- Mr. Elmer Neill, coach; Arvel Silvers, Arnold Teems, Clarence Suttle, Herman Bates, Jim Hunt3inger, Kenny Wood, Utha Sides, Jim Is ley, Ruth Meeks, Virginia 0 wen3by, Thelma Mayfield, Barbara Jones, Joan Bass, Martha Penley; Miss Nancy Wrenn and Miss Ruth White, coaches; Bill Gosnell. The Coach In Action i YEAR’S ACCOMPLISHMENTS 1- Community Projects and Activities- Erected l OO lenial feet of 6ft. fence around playground Pruned and sprayed shrubbery on school grounds Dug up and set out shrubs around school building Leveled and seeded terraces on school grounds Constructed five courts on playground 2- Improvements made in Department- Put up Venetian blinds in classroom Installed circulating heater in classroom Erected large heater in shop Made rack for scrap lumber Provided stump for anvil footing Made hood for forge Oiled shop and classroom floors J- Improvements made in library facilities, including teaching references and materials for classrooms, shops and F.F.A. Booked some fifty movie films shown during year Paid fifty dollars on new movie projector bought by school Purchased sixty-five film strips and thirty-seven film strips on order Added sixty-five textbooks to department library Jp- Miscellaneous accomplishments- Made concrete steps for entrance to Agriculture building ? ' ? 4 . FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF- AMERICA SWANNANOA CHAPTER " TOWARD NEW HORIZONS” President: Nadine Allen Vice-Pres.: Thelma Mayfield Secretary: Joan Bass Treasurer: Anne Garland Reporter: Betty Stroupe Historian: Margaret Stevenson Song Leader: Virginia Tweed Parliamentarian: Betty B igman Adviser: Mrs. Ruth Carlisle Wives and mothers of tomorrow must be more than good cooks and sock darners; they must also be good neighbors. This was the conclusion reached a few years ago, and it lead to the coast- to-coast growth of the Future Homemakers of America, an organization of some 150,000 teen age girls. We have State, National, and Local advisers, but the organization is actually operated by the girls themselves, who hold the State, National, and Local officers. The members are all high-school students, interested in Horae Economics, but the clubs do not teach house¬ hold skills. Instead, they work out projects. A family in their town needs help, so the girls take on jobs as baby¬ sitters, house-cleane rs, and errand-runners to help the family. The Swannanoa Chapter has two projects for the year: planting of red roses on the school grounds, and the adoption of a Foreign Home Economics Class. We are sending boxes of needed material to the girls, and also writing letters and exchanging ideas. Three of our members have passed the test, winning their Chapter Homemaking degrees. They are Nadine Allen, our Pres¬ ident; Martha Penley; and Betty Stroupe. Anne Garland has passed the test for Junior Homemaking. These girls are now working on their State Homemaking degrees. Valentine was a great success, celebrated in the Buckner Building. Both boys and girls pronounced it a fine part-y. We were represented at the district Ralley in Hendersonville by Geraldine Jenkins, Margaret Stevenson, and Elaine Fox. Delegates to our State Convention in Raleigh were: Nadine Allen, Martha Penley, and Pat Stevens. Pat modeled a dress that she had made in first year Homemaking, and Martha was selected to be the commentator for the Fashion Show. We are planning more activities for the summer so that we won ' t lose contact during that time. F. H. A. Officers ; Left to Right: Margaret Stevenson, Betty Stroupe, Thelma May- i field, Nadine Allen, Virginia Tweed, Joan Bass, Anne Garland, and I Betty Brigman. KING Ric’oarcr Sides qUEEN Patsy Bailey Front Row - Doris Hall, Betty Stroupe, Doris Johnson, Irene Adaas, Richard Sides, Patsy Bailey, Betty Ingle, 3nrbara Jones, Barbara Adams, 3etty Pinkerton, Ji... Second Row - Arvil Silvers, Aubrey Aiken, Kenny Woods, Raymond wlark, T. J. Huntslnger, Norma Hensley, Billy Mills, Bruce Plemmons, 3 ernar d Briggs r liTiik arm SW’Qjy Cu yy V S39S4SI £ J ' ms mm . WwSSw ' •££ }• .J.C.-U-... ' , ..Jir i ggS: ■ CwSiw Ki [ ■ ji T ;,i u - - j||||| R4 V B|- 12th Grade - Irene Adams and J Illy uosnell 11th Grade - Betty Brigman and Robert Stroupe Good Citizens GOOD CITIZENS 10th Grade — Frances Robinson and wsrl Hall 9 th Grade - Peggy Moser and Jimmy Webb — —Jl SENIOR SUP- FLAT IVES Best Personality - Norma Hensley and T. J. Huntsinger 1 2 3est Dressed - Betty Ingle and Jimmy Reese 3 Host Intellectual - Billie Fender and Raymond Clark 4 Most Friendly - Norma Hensley and Billy Gosnell 5 Most Talented - Joan Baas and Elmer Fender 6 Best All-round - Patsy Stroup Bailey and Finer Fender 7 Best Looking - Patsy Stroup Bailey and Richard Sides 3 Most Athletic - Evelyn Roberts and Rioh-rd Sides 9 Most Original - Pearl Ramsey and Bruce Plemmons Phone Asheville 318 7 ESTABLISHED 1889 HARDWARE AND FURNITURE Phone Black Mtm 3860 G.E. PHILCO REFRIGERATORS, RADIOS, STOVES MAYTAG EASY WASHING MACHINES SWANNANOA„ N C COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS nOBLITT STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES FRUITS, VEGATABLES MEATS Swannanoa, N. C. CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS GULF SERV OWNED AND OPERATED BY JOE RICE SON U S. Highway N0.7O At Swannanoa, North Carolina Tires - Batteries and Accessories MANUFACTURING ' COMPANY SwANNANOA, A oRT CAROLINA BLANKETS mate W rrn frietuis IrltcfrictrJ 5 V 7 £ ;aNiTiei ' LUMlt ‘ ista hvnc C OMP LI MENTS FRAME AND AXLE ALIGNMENT WELDING AND BODY WORK PHONE 5738 COMPLIMENTS of W. JJ. SMITH SWANNANOA,. N. C. IN FRONT OF SCHOOL ICE CREAM, COLD DRINKS BEST OF CANDIES, SCHOOL SUPPLIES. WEIOOMF THE BOYS GIRLS COUNCIL and HIPP YOUR ESSO DEALER VERIFIED LUBRICATION ATIAS TIRES - ACCESSORIES SWANNANOA,, N C. HAPPY MOTORING STARTS AT THE ESSO PHONE 3714.6 SIGN mviDSon coni company COMPLETE ASSORTMENT of KEROSENE AND FUEL OIL LUMP,, BLOCK, EGG STOKER COAL COMPLIMENTS of DIXIE HOfil STORE SY ANNANOA, N- C„ THE BEST ASSORTMENT OF GROCERIES W. J. PARKS Swannano®,, North Carolina? Coajl - Wood - Groceries and Keats WELCOME TO EASY TO FIND-HARD TO LEAVE CURB SERVICE COUNTRY HAM STEAKS, CHICKEN , . PRIVATE PARTIES Ralph Pyatte (Operator; MRS. MARGUERITE J. COURSON OWNER DINING ROOM STEAM HEATED COURT FOR THE BEST IN DRY-CLEANING PHONE US ry Cleaning and Laundry Phone 37I4.7 Swannanoa, N.C. SERVICE STATION ACROSS FROM BEACON ELMER DEBRUHL VAN GADDY GAS, OIL, TIRES, LUBRICATION (PROPRIETORS) REGULAR MEALS SHORT ORDERS GOOD HOME-MADE PIES OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK HARRY DAVIS ( OWNER) STORE JfuzsiMu t ' s ft ceHu HEATS-GROCERIES-FEEDS FROZEN FOODS SWANNANOA, N. C PHONE 3865 -JBBHHHRHBHHHBBHHHHttBo -K-K- - r -; c-r- •! hi - ■? PW ROXY THEATRE THE BEST LITTLE THEATRE IN NORTH CAROLINA OWNED BY E.Y. NEILL CO A PLI AENTS OF BLACK MOUNTAIN NEWS FLUFFY CREWE DONUT SHOP PIES, CAKES, DOE UTS, COOKIES WE SPECIALIZE IN BIRTHDAY CAKES PAUL VANOVER (OWNER) SCHRAFFTS tt THE NATION’S LEADING CANDIES. " ON SALE. AT GOOD STORES EVERYWHERE MORGAN BROS.,INC. ■SHfr- WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS 67 BROADWAY, ASHEVILLE,N.C. CANDY IS DELICIOUS FOOD ENJOY SOME EVERYDAY r C V m Ar ' (■ ■ X » rt A A A A A A A W A A % A A A A A NELLIE S. WILKINS SUCCESSOR TO JOHN H. SMITH HARDWARE NOTIONS GROCERIES 0 ra THPiNKS TO MTU.E.STRKWBRTOGB_.FROTOCURPHER stbkwbhiike fiwshm sewice jli.01 ENGLEWOOX AVENUE OTUW.NORTtt c»m - . o .?. A .n

Suggestions in the Swannanoa High School - Cygnet Yearbook (Swannanoa, NC) collection:

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