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m? thGquPk .. , a me 643:. .1 fu .b NQK4 LleiM I W0 .. 3:? WV 0ij X 690 E: :53? Cm K0 J 6 12: 3W 32: i: w 0 M9 Kw A0 f0 If WK 1b M E W0 4 c339k a Q3 ' - CAX 1,pr E Q? 2:3 ? if, 9405?? qM- 14614.4 02929- .224 m; MIL xas r? mm V e220,; 22:9 ems, $9 $95??? 7mm Xwa 9d. a , $6 .68 V R .. Ccfwbl " v9 " 4 UPC? A313 fDCQGiEESV' x :ndx 4V0 me-j, and g LL QEXXACDLN L100 7523 1K 9; f x ham? m UAW H699 L08; . X7 Ki? E : LQKU 55639, 8012116 CMEZF a 4 32h . giver QM gkmm 63b. Q; '5' ,;:;c cr3 am ah 'M $ 7 Max? . . K ; I j ,. ax Cc. , 7mm We stood on a green hill, and looked out in long, lonely silence. At the vast calmness of the world below us e and thought: ttHow Beautiful!" And although sad beyond compare'we breathed the freshness of the aire And felt the wind of life cross oter our faces, brushing away the paleness of our sorrow. And somehow, we suddenly knew that tomorrow would come- And you would still be with us. I i MW W W WM W Wmm U B J mm TH. W Q 033 $96311 , 0 LDDUMUDOU h XVe, the class of 1961, appreciatively dedicate this year's annual to Tom Brosnan, cus- todian at Sunset. Since 1940, Tom has given loyal. unselfish service in tending the grounds, landscaping, h and doing much to beautify our school. His warm smile and friendly attitude have earned ' him respect and admiration from both students and faculty alike. Because Tom is Irish he was very proud when he x'as asked to give a speech at a student body dance on St. Patrickhs Day. In the 21 years that hehs been here, Tom has seen many students come and go and is able to say, qn all the time Pve been at Sunset none of the students have ever made me un- happy? Sunset can indeed feel honored in having such a fme man as a part of its staff. 4 2,2, Mr. Orville C. Rogers L Mary-Stewarl' Hoopes i To The Yearbook Staff: Congratulations to all of you for your initiative, zeal, and organization in producing another yearbook. l l I feel there is great value in working together on a project such as this and the end ' project is a real credit to Sunset and the Class of 1961. It is something that you will Cherish l in the years to come and provide you with one more memory of your Sunset days. l Cordially, ORVILLE C. ROGERS Mr. Cloud VMrs. Mason Mr. Jensen Ch??? ' V368 l i Mrs. Picar Mrs. Sproull Mr. Gaff: Mrs. Wiegman Mr. McWiIliams Mrs. Stohr 1 Miss Hammat Mr. Smith .x Mr. Broadman Mr. Wiese Mr. Douglas A I , V Wm Mrs. Bourdeau Mrs. Coffman CAFETERIA WORKERS Mrs. Walls Mr. Gilmore Custodian Miss McPhail Mrs. Pearson mfm7244 mag aZZ M :gx W 5 Zaragocca QxWJMZM Q92fx14$ZWW $mczzzz W m WW zewZJAeMdLM 7$ ZZMW W ZWMXWW, W ?aggcdm anyaw 95 W$ZS$$ZZZ7WW Wyf'c 7W4 MW 1;, MWW; WM; Miywxb oz 6?. W. 7$ g7aZawf Mo? WZ AWZJWWIZ Q45$Z5 MJLZ AWL J5 210 M ' 8 Danny Aldrich Peter Barnard Don Blanks 3,, Corinne Alley Beverley Blout Billy Aucourt Martha Bennett i ' :5 Pete Braudrick Ed Brown Elly Burton Jan Broberg Don Caldwell George Brimhall Ron Bucher Laurel Cole Polly Campbell Linda Carstensen Tom Cook Kathy Comings Roger Crawford John Crossman Rocky Dancy George DuBets Roger Ellis Tina Didrichsen Eric Danysh Lynette Dowker Jean Ernst "2:3 Dorothy Fritsche Kathy Farr John Gamble h 6 Joan Felder 13 Diana Fischer Cindy Flint Holly Garcia Jeri Garoutte Fred Gehring Betty Haak Pat Hall Bruce Givetz Cathy Goldman Virginia Grieco Craig Harder 2 Roger Johnson Don Hare u i: a .fu , 4h .3? "ti .1. Q 1 $35.: $5: ' Steve Johnson : y . K V I 21'; K 21 ir e arra W1 ShlyH h ?ymjf Z; t Paul Heisel Donna Hintz Karla Johnson Ralph Juarez Regina Kasz snake: A. V. Kreger Linda Lachmund Christine Kiger Jeff Knowles Mike Lemons Judy McGill Linda Maderak Pete McArthur ' ,: ; - " U , Pat McGibney Clinton Macy Cathy Merz David Minckler Wesley Morris Susan Mearns Rick Miller '12 Jody Oenning Ron Mumford Andrei Pashin Craig Olsen Tim Petersen Mark Neilson Gregg Pick Robert Popelka X Lani Puharich Susan Pullman Pam Redhead Jan Ramoni 20 i John Riddle Penny Royster Sherry Russell H 4:71. . 2948.154. Nancy Roberts Steve Ruoff Jon Rosasco John Ruskell 21 Gerry Shepard Rod Sibley i Sally Stean Helen Dunn Buddy Smith Erica Steinberger Judy Shone Stuart Smith 22 Duncan Stiff Sandy Strosnider Don Thielen Tim Taaffe Dick Thomas Katie Stoney Susie Tadlock 23 Larry Thompson Peter Vincent Kris Vosburgh Bob Townsend Doreen Webber Cathy Vaa Karen Walkei' 24 Linda Weston John Whitney Wendy Wilder Williams EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS First Semester, top row, left to right: Wendy Wilder, Secretary; Rick Miller, President; Elly Burton, Vice President. Second Semester, bottom row: Martha Bennett, Vice President; Gregg Pick, President; Jan Ramoni, Secretary. 25 71w CHE The seventh graders this year have produced conscientious students and leading Citizens. They have attained high scholastic achievements. The entire class has taken part in some type of extra-curricular activities. The first semester officers were Pete CranePresident, Ronnie Fukagawa, Vice Pres. and Sharon Smith, Secretary. The results of the 2nd semester election were John Martin, Presi- dent, David Marvin, Vice Pres., and Vikki Brinsmead. Secretary. These leaders of the 7th grade did much to better the Class. The girls and boys also participated in sports affairs. Mrs. W'iegmanls girls won the V01- leyball Tournament and Mr. Smitlfs class the basketball. The boys produced a fine All-Star team in football, softball and basketball. The seventh graders held two dances, the Spring and Valentine. Both of these were enjoyed by all who went. These students, Sunsets 8th graders to he. will meet the requirements of contributive Eighth Grade Class. A Ix "f ' r e... e, TNJX ws "1:... ' V r - e 26 David Armanasco Rocky Baird Lee Baugh Ann Brown Anne Davies Sandy De Costa Frank Earle Carmen Edwards 4m .3 Bob Fonseca Jerry Forsman Ronnie Fukagawa Theresa Frumkim David Hogue Susan Keelan Ricky McCue 27 John Orehek Debbie Smith Nancy Thompson Jim Waddell Debbie Whittlesey Rita Wiekhorst Pat Aldrich Dick Bauer Ricky Burke M I '; git! f r, m Ff .0 1; i wan f , nuff'yfzn, 147': Chris Fuller Kevin Hale Tim Head Jim Johnson 28 Susan Kramer Bart Kraus Marilyn Kodani Larry Lillefield Susan Olson John Martin Pam Martin Penny Nesbin Connie Norwick Peter Ruster 3 i l:ynn Szpente; Tina Stanford Gaylord Swim Tony Ziegweid 29 Pam Baldwin Kathy Bauer Dick Clark Peter Crane Gordon Davis Susie Draper Steve Grinsfine Linda Gulbranson Hazel Jacoby Mark Miller John Montmorency John Otter Barbie Pearson 30 Bard Sherman Jim Smith . , . . J: i Jim Strauss Doug Watson Mary Weatherford Danny Albert Craig Cunningham Judy Davies Marty Dukes David Ericson Jon Forsman Gloria Gottsleben John Gorey 31 kl. a Sandra Graham Ken Haff L Richard Harmon Patricia Harris Salli Holbrook Karen Kahn Marilyn Lane David Marvin Bob Sinclair Janet Sheingold Laura Shepard Joe Stevens Barbie Stone Tim Templeton Louise Woodward Patrick Woolsey 32 Meredith Burde Joyanne Coggin ; , , f 2 fl Steve Donahue Nancy Farr Tasha Filatiev Roger Fonseca Susan Foster Paula Garvey Jimmy Hatlo Jeff Hudelson Julia Klaiber Martha Lo Rocca Conrad Lewis Larry Little 33 Gerald Pullen Kim Roberts Vicky StewarK Joanne Thompson Richard Tinker Fred Twomey Bill Wilson n ! wt. . ' W m, ,z' w .h I . I '7' n I ' I ; Wu'; rm'"! Robert Lindner Susan Springer 7TH GRADE OFFICERS Bottom row, First Semester, Left to right, Ron Fuka- gawa, Vice President, Sharon Smith, Secretary, P e t e Crane, President. Top row, Second Semester, Vickey Brinsmead, Secre- tary, David Marvin, Vice President, John Martin, President. 34 Sixth Grade, Mr. Smith Third row, left to right: John Rennels, Kim Schaurer, Tiger Steele, Richard Oleson, Ricky Taylor, Bill Edwards, Ricky Shelton, Edward Kawananakoa, Mr. Smith. Center row, left to right: Danny Coleman, Bettie DeWhitt, Vance Booker, Natalie Chapman, Colleen Goggin, Charlene Seaver, Mary Faulkner, Roger Miller. First row, left to right: Twig Stephen- son, Laurie Holm, Susan Minckler, Roberta Goulding, Shelly Rayne, Karen Adams, Susie DuBets, Joan Bassford. Sixth Grade, Miss McPhail Fourth row, left to right: Margaret Grieco, Nancy Shively, Donna Yurkovich, Kenny Wade, Barbara Berry, Shannon Stien, Miss McPhail. Third row, left to right: Nancy Cronwall, Mel Grimes, John Zimmerman, Jere Erk, Louis Shone, Mike Axtman, Tom Holsinger. Second row, left to right: Buddy Fox, Tommy Weaver, Patricia Pallock, Cindy Pilot, Helen Davies, Richard Duncan, Connie Dudley. First row, left to right: John Montgomery, Darlene Zarp, Carolyn Updike, Patsy Stone, Dough Korpi, Dennis Moore. 1 3h: :3; Room 95 Story Room 9 has been quite busy this year! Through our class bake sales we managed to earn enough money to go on a wonderful trip to Yosemite National Park. XVe spent from May 19 to IXIay 21 hiking, camping, and having lots of fun. 11 October the two sixth grade classes spent a week at Redwood Glen Camp in the Santa Cruz mountains learning many valuable things about nature and conservation. ... Our gymnastics team went to the University of California in Berkeley during March to see an intercollegiate gymnastic meet. Some of the best gymnasts in the nation per- formed in the meet. During the year our class has taken several trips to the beach for RE. Wye have em- joyed broad jumping off 10w Cliffs and the thrill of Climbing hTricky Traverse", XVe have composed some fme poetry and many interesting stories which we used in a room talent show. This year has been for room 9 an educational one-and lots of fun, too! 36 t Q: Q E N In December the 8th graders held a popularity contest. The Debating class gave a de- bate on the subject and also the opinions of some of the eighth graders appeared in the paper. Elly Burton and Gregg Pick won the contest. They are both noted for their outstanding qualities and capabilities, This year Elly has been Vice-President of the eighth grade and also Chairman of Pub- licity in Student Government. She is outstanding for many reasons: her smile and person- ality make her rate high in the students standings. Elly was born in southern California and remained there until she moved to Carmel 2V2 years ago. Elly thinks all the students and teachers are wonderful here at Sunset, and enjoys all student activities and sports. Math and Science are her favorite subjects, History is also rated very high. The 8th graders are very glad that Elly got this honor and we are sure that she well deserved it. Gregg Pick was elected the most popular boy in the eighth grade. He is well liked by both the students and teachers. He does well in all of his subjects and is an all-star in base- ball and basketball and has won many ribbons in track events. Gregg was born in Seattle, Washington, October 16, 1947. He lived on a ranch in Eastern Washington, until he moved to Carmel. Hunting and customizing car kits are two of his many hobbies. All of the students here at Sunset respect him for his high standards, sincerity, and loyalty to his friends. We are all confident that Gregg will go a long way in years to come. ' Dorothy Fri Nancy Robertsxw Betty Haak-Cind Craig HarderwRonnie Bucher Grag Pick-Martk Nielsen- mzanareu i h?.,g en 9. 109 Jan and Vicki 13. Dance. "Malaguana" Pl wuss; mu; 14. Vocal Three L'3"VLaura, Loni Lorra+ 15. Dance Duet Mrleaton" safaaippi Mud" Suea'L .Lxene 8 Master 0r Ceremoniesh--6-6--6W Judges- -------- --n-- Mr. T Barr: Accompariat--Lvu-u--Mr. J Stage CT6W"'-6-66"---Ricky Awarda----wu-n-n----mJohn L , Acts V111 be judged on the 1 g 2 AndienCQ Reaction 5. Tal6Lu I VWw v.0 2: 0? 03,3, J51! Hm mgaLVe fa? ,CCG QJ 96263 " Q60 o '0, C; 6'3 AW The Student Body Dances were ones to remem- ber. They were colorful and well organized. Snow- balls were part of the dances, and they always got everyone on the hoor. Seventh and Eighth grade mixes provided a chance for the two classes to get acquainted. XVe thank the Leaders Club for having them. The Yearbook staff would like to congratulate the student body officers on the fine way that they have carried on their meetings. Student Body Elections The campaign produced many fine speeches, some of: the speakers are pictured here. They were humorous and well presented. Everyone listened attentively to the speeches, as the election of oHicers is a major affair. Ring Bev Erica and Susie Ron 4O a a3 REFEREE; The 1961 session of the de- bating class has been one of the most active and interesting ones since its origin. The pur- pose of this Class is to learn to talk to a group and to be a good conversationalist. In debating you learn to C011- centrate and to carry out an idea of thinking from its be- ginning to end. One of the most successful debates was the Nixon and Kennedy debate in which the whole class participated. Other debates were Going Steady , So cialized Medicine, Compulsory Education, Disarmament, and the Honor Role. i Top row, left to right: John R., Pete V., Roger C., Gordon D., Linda L. First row: John G., i Bud 5., Debbie 5., Sharon 5., Ron F. WIT EBCDQD Top row, left to right: Van Y., Jeff H., Dave M., Andrew M., Tom C. Second row: Lanie P., Janet 5., Susan 0., Katie 5., Rick M., Ken H., Mr. Cloud. Bottom row: Conrad L., Gloria G. Craig C., Larry L. The Great Books Class is a new idea, here at Sunset. The class is composed of students with high reading ability. They will read such classic as Red Badge of Courage, Oliver Twist, Scarlet Letter, Hamlet, etc. Upon completion of each reading, the students write a brief report on general topics that are given to them to test their comprehension of what they have read. D 2AM m El? t This group, although small in number, does much for the benefit of our school. Under the skillful instruction of Mrs. Stohr they file and shelve hooks, help with the catalogue cards and keep us well informed of the new and incoming hooks. Sunset can thank these people for making our fme library the asset that it is. LIBRARIANSHIP. lst row, left to right: Robert L., Leslie M., Jim 5. 2nd row: Kathy C., 1 Heien D., Cathy V., Doug W. Qmaww Md SCULPTURING. lst row, left to right: Jeff K., Larry T., Pat H., John M., Steve A., Bill W., Paul H. 2nd row: Richard 8., Roger E., Gregg P., Bob 5., Gerry M. 3rd row: Rod 5. Bard 5., Pat M., Lyn 8., Don C., Steve G., Stuart 5. The sculpturing class is an all boy class under the guidance of Mr. Wiese. It is learning space relationships and how to work with different tools and materials. Mr. VViese hopes that he can have the same type of Class next year, and he en- courages girls to join also. I This year the pupils have been working in woods, glass, enamels. plastics, stones, and metals. They use many pro- cesses in constructing their sculpture pieces. Some of them are: casting. enameling, solder- ing, drilling, and carvind. The most important thing they learn is to Visualize their idea and then proceed to re- lease the idea on a piece of paper. 42 .ZEARRFEU The art elective class con- ducted by Mr. Broadman is actually vocational art. These students by paintinor, sculptur- ing, sketchinor, water coloring and Visiting various art gal- leries dgtermine whether art holds a future for them. Top row, left to right: Bob T., Cathy M., Geoffry W., Tyler R., Duncan S 2nd row: Steve R., Linda 6., Lois W., Barbara 5., Laura 5., Sandra G. Front row: Mark M. Bart C., Tom K., Lee 5., MW BAND BAND. Ist row, left to right: John M., Gaylord 5., Kim R., George B., Andrei P., Frank E., Dave H. 2nd row: Larry L., Susan K., Judy M., John 0., Bob F., Bob P., Dave E. 3rd row: Jim H., Ann 0., Don B., John W., Craig 0., John R. 4th row: Gerald P., John F., Tim H., Don T., Tony L., Fred G. . Under Mr. Holman's skillful and patient direction the band has done well this year. They have performed before the Stu- jv h dent Body at meetings, Special assemblies and special activi- ties. The students have good quality in their selection of music and are very talented. Sunset is proud of its perserver- ance, and its quality. 43 The lst semester Leaders Club was one of the finest in Sunsetls history. Their achieve- ments were outstanding and and they were truly leaders of the school. The Talent Show and Carni- val sponsored by this club, were 1 not only entertaining but also helped a great deal with the finances of the yearbook. They also originated the sale of Stu- dent Body Cards. This not only hettered the school treasury, hut entitled one to special activ- ities that otherwise could not be held. Sunset is proud of this group and honored at having them as representatives of our school. Top row, left to right: Jim H., Rick M., Ronnie F., Buddy 5., Don B., Stuart 5., Dan A. Front-row: Tiny K., Elly B., Cathy G., Pam B., Martha B., Polly C., Bev B. MAID Top row, left to right: Erik D., John G., Ralph J., Ring 6., Dot F., Sandy D., Stuart S. Seated: Pete C., Pat H., Nancy T., Vickey G Erica 5 Jan B., Hazel J. The 2nd semester Leaders Club was just as competent as the lst. This group originated the sale of a student handbook for Sunset. It includes rules. custom. and other bits of in- formation. They also sponsored a very successful variety show in which the students displayed their various talents. Student Govt. was known for their extensive work in Red Cross Drives and they have re- ceived much gratitude from this organization. The students of Sunset are grateful to 2nd semester Lead- ers for upholding the hue standards of the school ar'1cl for being such fine leaders. 44 The choir had a busy year singing at school and commun- ity functions. They gave four concerts during the Christmas season, competed at the tri- county Music Festival, sang at the Pacihc Grove Exchange As- sembly, at the Public Schools Week program, and at the Mu- sic Assembly. mxw 'lst row, left to right: Gerry 5., Sue K., Marilyn K., Chris F., Pat A., Kandy K., Carmen E., Debbie W. 2nd row: Judy D., Marilyn L., Louise W., Susy T., Peggy C., Tina 5., Martha L., Vicky 5., Joanne T., Marsha M., Julia K., Linda C. 3rd row: Tiney K., Wendy W., Doreen W., Connie N., Linda M., Jean E., Susy D., Meredith 3., Tina D., Shirley H., Karen K., Marjorie M., Diane F., Marty M. 4th row: Cindy F., Pam R., Michele C., Lynette D., Pam 3., Donna H., Debbie 5., Nancy F., Barbara P., Sue F., Jay C., Tosha F., Sally 5., Christine A. a, w QJLQMUR lst row, left to right: Sue 5., Tim T., Sherry R., Joe 5., Gloria G. 2nd row: Roger F., Rita W., Chris V., Teresa F., Gisele L., Dick Clark. 3rd row: Tony Z., Robert F., Fred T., John F., Steve D. Mr. Gartis Drama group began the semester by learning the fundamentals of speech. They presented speeches before the class and learned to evaluate the qualities of a speakers Next, they went to impromptu skits and pantomimes learning how to express without the aid of conversation. Winding up the year, Drama presented a play before the Student Body. The cast was excellent and it was beautifully done. This group has shown talent and we hope they con- tinue to pursue the art. 45 Mrs. Wiegmank French class, a group of ardent scholars, has gained admiration throughout the campus for their achieve- ments. After only a year they have mastered the art of read- ing, writing and speaking com- plete French. Those taking this course receive a full yearhs high school credit. Bonne Chance! e Top row, left to right: Steve J., David S. Seated: Debby C., Corinne A., Wendy W., Regina K., Cathy V. B$YFB" GEM Top row, left to right: Tyler R., Randy M., Don T., Dave M., Fred G., Stuart 5., Rod 5. Fifth row: Don 8., Randy R., Pat H., Dave M., Pat H., Ron B. Fourth row: Bob P., Roger C., Roger E., Dave E., Jim 5., Rick M., Jimmy H. Third row: Dave H., John M., Ring G., Kris V., Kim R., Roger J., Bob F. Second row: Steve R., Pete C., Bud 5., Tim P., Mark M., Dick C. First row: Conrad L., Jim K., John 6., Andrew P., Frank E., Ed R Gordon D. The Boys Glee Club was or- e ganized in February of this year. The group met three times a week at noon. Their performances include: a Stu- dent Body meeting. The Public Schools Week program, and the Music Assembly. 46 Left to right: Tim T., Dick T., Karen W., Paula G., Jan R., Roger J., Margarita A., Pam M., Linda S. 2 m n Y7 CUE Mr. Jensents Journalism class is one of the most popular elec- tives in the school. This group works feverishly throughout the year to not only publish a yearbook which will keep our memories of Sunset with us for many years to come, but a bi- monthly paper as well. How- ever their efforts are well re- warded by the gratitude ex- pressed by both students and faculty. Ist row, left to right: Pete R., Tim P., Bob M., John C., Holly G., Jerry 6.. 2nd row: Scott R., Pete M., Ron M., Clinton M., Pat W., Mike L. 3rd row: Bill A., Mike B., Randy M., Ed B., Danny A., Bruce D. 47 8th Grade Football The 8th grade all-star football team had a fair season this year. They played the schools from the Monterey School District, Fremont, Marina, and Walter Colton. In the opener they won against Walter Colton and in the second game, against Fre- mont, they lost a Close one. In the game against Marina they played great football, winning 36-0. They lost a game to a very powerful team from Fre- mont and lost another close one to Walter Colton. This gave them a two and three record. Top row, left to right: Rod 5., Pete 8., Fred G., Dan A., Don C., Mark N. 2nd row: Robert P., Ed 8., Randy M., Tom G, Don H., Craig 0. lst row: Lyn 8., Pete M., George D., Ralph J., Ron M., Larry T., Stuart 5. 8th Grade Basketball The eighth grade basketball team had a fairly good season. However, their 2-3 record does not tell the whole story. In the first game against VVal- ter Colton they were doing well until the Colton forward started sinking jumpshot after jump- shot. Sunset lost by 16 points in the end. The second game was the most exciting one. Sun- set was behind in the first, sec- ond and third quarters, but in the last 30 seconds of the fourth quarter, the Sunset boys pulled up to a tie. Then Andrei 1 Pashin came through with a h V , . L t , , e: . free-throw to win the game Top row, left to right: Don T., Randy M., Pete 8., Rod S. 2nd row: Ed 8., Ralph J., Craig H., 23-22. Tom C., Fred G., Don C. Ist row: Clinton M., Andrei P., Gregg P., Ron M., Larry T., Craig 0. 48 Top row, left to right: Don H., Bill A., Ralph 1., Don T., Ed 3., Randy M., Lyn B. Bottom row: Pete M., Pete 8., Craig H., Gregg P., Fred 6., Craig 0. 7th Grade Football The seventh grade football team had a successful season this year. They won three, lost one and tied one. One of the most amusing and interesting games was against Marina, a running team. On this play the quarterback from Marina was about to hand off to one of his halfbacks when Steve Grin- stine a Sunset defensive end, came charging through the line, stole the ball, and ran for pay dirt. Such outstanding examples of teamwork made the seventh grade football season both ex- citing and prosperous. Top row, left to right: Bard 5., Steve 6., Tony I., Dave M. 2nd row: Danny A., John M., Rin'g GL, h 8th Grade Baseball The eighth grade baseball team was very successful and Sunset can be proud of these boys. In a Peninsula tourna- ment composed of eight teams of eighth graders our team won in three straight games. These were all great team efforts fea- turing good pitching by Ed Brown and nearly flawless fielding by the team. In a later game we defeated the Carmel Mission by a 19-6 score. This was a great show of hitting power. WEB Bob F., John F. 151' row: Tim T., Dave A., Bart C., Pete C., Craig C. 49 7th Grade Basketball The 7th grade basketball all- stars had a very successful sea- son. They won Eve and lost one. All the games that were won were done so by a 20 point mar- gin. In the one game that Sunset lost they played against Fre- mont. It was a close game until the 4th quarter when Fremont broke loose and won. The season was ended by playing a game against Tular- citos in which we took full control of and won by 20 points. Top row, left to right: Steve 8., Bard 5., David M., 2nd row: Robert S., John M., Ring G., Bob F.15t row: John M., Craig C., Pete C. 7 th Grade Baseball team, just as the eighth grade team, had a very fine season. It can be summed up in one word . . undefeated. They tripped Fremont twice in 2-1 and 3-1 Victories; and gave up six runs to Pacific Grove while scoring t 10. We are all proud of these T tine players, their teamwork and their sportsmanship. The seventh grade baseball T T Top row, left to right: Tim H., Dave M., Bard 5., Bob F., John 0., Tony I., Steve B. 2nd row: Pete C., Bob 5., Craig C., King G., John M. 50 Left to right; Dorothy F., Diana F., Polly C., Shirley H., Jody 0., and Susan M. PQDETB This year the girls have par- ticipated in Volleyball, Base- ball and Softball. The winner in Volleyball for the 7th grade was Mrs. Wiegt mants room and for the 8th grade Mr. 00qu class won. In Basketball the winner for the 8th grade was? Mr. Jenselfs room and for the 7th grade, Mr. Smitlfs class. The Softball winner for the 8th grade was Mr. 0011de class and for the 7th grade Mrs. Wiegmalfs room. Left to right: Beverley B., Salli 5., Jan R., Jean E., Tiney K., and Karla J. 51 DD! Top row, left to right: Lynn 5., Penny N., Pam M. Middle row: Marilyn K., Susan 0., Susan K., Tina S. lst row: Kandy K., Pat A., Margarita A., Chris F. .PCDEBCIFB Top row, left to right: Vicky 5., Nancy F., Vikki 8. Bottom row: Martha LV Paula GA, Joyann C., Joanne T. Volleyball i G.R.A. iGirls Recreation Associationi is a group of sports minded girls i who meet after school on Mondays. The object of the club is to promote better I skill and sportsmanship in the held of sports and make it enjoyable. This year G.R.A. has had many activities. A Play Day at Colton, basket- ball game at Tularcitoes, Initiation, and many more activities have been en- joyed by the members. Under Miss Hammatis direction, G.R.A. has functioned quite nicely this year and we hope that next year will prove to be just as profitable. Girls in action 53 L Laura Sheperd 2. Shannon Stein 3. Judy Davies 4. Ed Kawnanakoa 5. Kathy Miller 6. Mel Grimes "Waaaaaa" 2 u?" 8 "You don't say!" H "The He Man" UH W. ' "Cheese" R3! 54 1. Betty Haak 2. Pat McGibney 3. Mr. Jensen 4. Beverly Blout 5. Linda Weston 6. Danny Aldrich and Nancy Roberts 7. Martha Bennet 8 . Craig Harder "Caught red handed." 2 "Sfick 'um up!" !4 "That was a funny onel'WN "Look at the birdie." LN "I don't get it." m "Merry Christmas?" 8 "What a ride!" 6 55 L Ron Mumford 2. Bob Mcginnis 3. Pat Half 4. Erica Steinberger 5. Salli Stean 6. Sandy Strosnider agree on that Jw NWAWWM Perswrx11ify les Nancy Rokertg Q Jim Kean? V Karla Johnsan Mark NeiEVOL ' jan Ramonj $ Makn Pray ' Cathy Farr Craig Harder jam Broberg Don Thinien 83310 Tndieck $ anfd Mincklwr Roverley Rlou4 George DU Refs ;g33 Livia Jesfnn $ Tim Wetersen Elly Wurtnr k renq Pick PONV 1'":?5 e;?-E,:2el3 8: Ralph mate? 1, k 0 wag.w Vbni o 10. est Xthiptew Okay, okay, so you lost! Like, what a crazy beatl! Sleeping on the job! Bushman? Jealous? Gee whiz, you're cute! What's the matter girls? Say cheese! z xv Porky Pig . . . Lunch, ugh!! Ready for take off! Mary had a little lamb . . . They went that 'a' way Hi there, cuties . . . Glamour girls! 7th grade boys are fun to chase Bashful Smile for the camera Big Boy Pete This is the place?- Food and school mix? What a smile! 7th Grade Valentine Dance The 7th grade Valentine Dance was a great success. The entertainment, decoration, and Nancy, Rita, Sharon and Jim refreshment committees all did a wonderful job putting together the dance. I Under entertainment there was dancing and a few dancing contests. Prizes were given for 1 the winners of each contest. the refreshments were served. They were cupcakes, cookies, and juice. The cafeteria, where the dance was held, was decorated for the occasion. During the dance u MD J Mm, WW Yambmk wmhw 69g WWW? OQQKKku wmw U-XL- W min: $010 QQ$W WRWW MW M WWWK. 990mm Rm Mum Moms W h m0, ,0 f Quack m Cg g 1, 1, L Mrs. Mason,s Class .Michele Chase. will all my candy wrappers, daydreams and Shoelaces to any student at Sunset School. Elly Burton, will to Nancy Farr my ability to chew gum without getting caught. .Judy MCGill. will John Gorey Mr. MCVVil- liams P.IZ. ability. .Nancy Roberts, will to Paula Garvey my skinned up toe that I got skipping in the hall. .Rohert Popelka, will my nifty magnetic space saver binder to Tim Templeton with an empty tube of glue. VCindy Flint, will Vikki Brinsmead my old Constitution paper. , Martha Bennett, will any 7th Grader the art of chewing gum and getting caught at it. .Jim Kennedy, will Mr. Hull a good joke book. .Tyler Raclclue, will to Mr. Hull's room my ability to turn in Current Events and all the old magazines in my locker. ,Roger Crawford. will Mr. llull an original Huckleberry Hound autograph with a pic- ture of Yogi Bear included. ,Karen Walker, will Sharon Smith a chewed eraser, a leaky pen and a broken pencil. . Corinne Alley. will Debbie Smith my mathe- matical mind. ,Peter Vincent, will M r. Hull an old lost white horse. .Gerry Shepard, will Susie Draper all my old tests from Mrs. Mason and Mr. Hull. Cathy Goldman, will Vikki Brinsmead my old braces that I left in my desk last year. Lois Watson, will to my brother my ability to not listen in class. Larry Thompson, will Jimmy Hatlo the crummy jokes Mr. Hull tells. 64 GDDTPEUCEEEEND Dill. p-a I. .Jon Rosasco. will John Gorey my English. America. Teens, Green Reader, Civics, Math and Science books. .Cathy Merz, will all my daydreams, bubble gum and candy wrappers, to Sunset School. , liric Danysh, will Jimmy Hatlo a joke book he can share with Mr. Hull. ,hleri Garoutte. will my holy eraser to Robert Sinclair. , Dim Caldwell, will Mrs. Mason a billion math and science books. Mr. Jensenis Class .Salli Stean. will Nancy Farr my old suntan. , Danny Aldrich, will Jerry Erk a broken win- dow. , Clinton Macy, will Steve Donohue my study habits. , Holly Garcia, will Steve Donohue all my used erasers. . Roger Johnson, will Mr. Jensen all my school books. . Linda XVeston, will Vikki Brinsmead all my A.B.C. gum. , Karla Johnson, will Paula Garvey my messed up locker. ,Sharon Fox, will Mr. Jensen my corn nuts, wads of bubble gum and stale pretzels from my desk. Jean Ernst, will Jaunita Partridge elevator shoes. Randy Mapstead, will Susan Draper my handsome teacher Mr. Jensen. ,Wendy Wilson, will Theresa Frumpkin a new bathing suit. ,Jan Ramoni, will Vikki Brinsmead my ability to get in trouble with the teacher. , Cathy Vaa, will Mr. Jensen a sense of humor. , Peter Braudrick. will Ring Guy a thousand answers. .Don Thielen, will my drumming ability to Mr. Farr. 1, Regina Kawananakoa, will Susan Draper all Ring Guy,s winks. 1, Ralph Juarez, will Bard Sherman my mathe- matical ability in algebra. I, Beverley Blout, will Paula Garvey my chewed up, torn up P.IE. clothes. I,Christine Kiger, will Vikki Brinsmead my second-hand corn nuts. 1, Jon Gamble, will Kim Roberts my ability in exercises. Mr. Cloud,s Class I, Polly Campbell, will Debbie Smith my ability to talk in class. LTina Didrichsen, will Patricia Harris my very last piece of genuine, imported Swiss- made American cheese. I, John Whitney, will Jim Hobson one slightly used guitar string with frayed ends and the mufHer I swimped off his car. 1, Marty May, will Mr. Cloud my bubble-pipe, may he smoke it in good health, and Pat Harris a dish of pickles and ice cream with catsup on top. 1, Pamela Redhead, will Nancy Thompson my beauty which I owe to my curlers. So I will her my curlers too. I, Bruce Givetz, will Dukes all my bucks. I,Shirley Harrah, will Pam Martin my dog- haired skirts. 1, Robert Parkhurst, will Ken Wade my locker. 1, Joan Felder, will Lynn Spencer the gum 0n the bottom of my desk. I, Lanie Puharich, will my teacher, Mr. Cloud, :1 broken heart. I, Bud Smith. will my sister continued happi- uess. I,Peter McArthur, will Peter Ruster all my lousyluck. 1, George DuBets, will my retainers and rub- ber bands to 13.13. I, Tim Petersen, will all my magazines to Pat Woolsey. 1. Stuart Smith, will the sawdust from the shop to Ken. LSue Mearns, will Gloria Gottsleben, whols probably gonna flunk, my Constitution book. 1. Betty Haak, will Joe Stevens my blue lip- stick. I, Diana Fisher, will Judy Davies my talent of doodling. I, John Riddle, will Sunset School my beliefs. 1, Don Blanks, will Pete Crane all my Fls in science. I, Rocky Dancy, will Bud Fox my used pillow stufhng. LRon Bucher, will Mr. Cloud my famous words, "Sink, Swim or Drown? LJOdy Oenning, will John Gorey the art of getting Mr. Jensen mad. Mr. HulPs Class 1, Paul Heisel, will Steven Grinstine the talent to do Mr. Hullis little odd jobs. 1. Fred Gehring, will Robert Sinclair my talent of making the first string football and basket- ball team ; also a small partof my starry brain. 1, Donna l-lintz, will Vickie Stewart my hairis ability to go straight. 1, Rod Sibley, will my beautiful shined finger- ri'ail clipping to Kim Roberts. I, Linda Stoneson, will Joyarme Cogan the abil- ity to wiggle my toes. 1, Pat McGibney, will Guy Ring a pair of glass eves. 1, Pat Hall. will John Gorey bad luck the last day of school. I, Gregg Pick, will John Martin all my talents. I, Kati Stoney, will Pat Harris my seat back- stage. I. Janice Kachavos, will Tina Stanford my long fingernails. I.Linda Carstensen, will Tina Stanford my "lecture data pencil? I,Marjorie Martin, will Joyarme Coggin my old worn-out eraser. 1, Duncan Stitt, will Mark Miller all my scrub- bed-out car drawings. 1, Lynn Beckley, will Ring Guy the ability to like cars. I, Andrei Pashin, will Leon Gilmore my upper teeth. I, Kathy Farr. will Louise Woodward my abil- ity to laugh at teachersl jokes. 1, Ed Brown, will Joe Stevens 3 pair of loose pants. LPeggy Cole, will Vickie Stewart my RE. tennis shoes. 1, Roger Ellis, will my "Al, on the Constitution test to Steven Abbot. I, Jon Crossman, will my unfinished homework to Jim VVadel. I, Susan Pullman, will Tina Stanford my desk in Mr. Hullls room. I, Sherry Russell, will my extra head to Susan Foster. 1, Rick Miller, will Bob Sinclair a kick in the nose. 1, Penny Royster, will my ability to sneak off the school grounds to Nancy Thompson. 1, Craig Olsen, will my sports ability to Ring Guy. 1. Judy Shone, will my dear grade on the Con- stitution test to Joyann Coggin. LJePf Knowles, will Dave Marvin a rope to swing through the jungle 0n. I,David Minckler, will my handsome yellow tie with big purple and green polka dots to Ring Guy for student body meetings. Mrs. Picardis Class I,Mark Neilson, will Elly Burton to Pete Crane. 1, Linda Maderak, will Sandra Graham my old math and science and pen, pencil and desk. I, George Brimhall, will Tim Head my place in kindergarten. I, Doreen Webber, will Susan Du Bets my abil- ity to tease Mr. Jensen and get away with it. 1, Dick Thomas, will Bill Wilson my freckles. LTim Taaffe, will the mimeo machine in Mr. Jensenls room to the dump, in the hope the school will get a new one. LBilly Aucourt, will David Marvin my power to be backward. LScott Ricker, will Robert Sinclair my un- manageable hair. 1, Virginia Grieco, will Peter Ruster my solo. I, Ronnie Mumford, will Peter Ruster, 5 Toni plastic curlers. y-a Craig Harder, will Peter Ruster my prob- lems. my talents and my teacher. 1, Deborah Conley, will Janice Kachavos my blast at Sunset. 1, Jan Broberg, will Susie Olson my job on the paper. I,Dorm Hare, will Stu Masten my place in sports and t0 hnd out what I didnlt learn in school. I,Steven Johnson, will absolutely nothing to any 7th Grader who wants absolutely noth- mg. I, David Schetter, will my seat in Mrs. Picardls room to any unfortunate 7th Grader. l,Erica Steinberger, will Pam Baldwin the charred remains of my last shop subject. 1, Laurel Cole, will Sandy de Costa my talent for public speaking. 1, Wendy Wilder, will Mr. Jensen the left overs of my dissected frog. 1, Bob McGinnis, will my skill in leading gangs to all the 7th Graders. 66 Mrs. stohr MT. Cloud mr. Jensen mr Smith Here is a closer look at our facultY- H alien ' t Lhey cute 0 H Mr. Wiese Miss Hammat Mr. Gartz WEEGCK ml On Frdiay, the 12th of May, all of Sun- set,s students came out for a track meet, either to watch or compete. There was individual competition for high point honors. Randy Mapstead came out high- point man with 13 points. Ralph Juarez came in second with 12h; points. Among the events were the high jump, 50 yard dash, 660 yard run, hurdles, shot put, and a 300 yard relay. There were three classes, A, B, and C. Everyone ran in their own class size. I think we should be proud of the great tournament put on, the large crowd, and all who competed. High Jump Hurdles Ae-Neilson AeMapstead BePick and Mumford BePiek Consburgh C;WOOlSEy Broad Jump 50 Yard Dash AeMapstead Av-Juarez BeEllis BeMumford C-Kreger CeKreger Shot Put 660 Yard Run AeJuarez 1. Popelka B-Ruskell Z. Barnard C-R0berts 3. Whitney 68 va4l. TV..- 4.4 u DRUGSamiUQUORS P.0.Box 371 - CarmeI-by-the-Sea,California SERVED ALL DAY Me Village to M er ALL DAY . . . Fountain-Lunch BREAKFAST Corngr 6DEIores and 1' W v v SUNSHINE on our Outdoor Patio Hours: 8:30 10 7:00 a. m. p. m. Open Every Day PHONE MAYFAIR 4-3314 REE. PH. FRuN'nzn 2-7432 SHEIIage $11M ngpair WHERE Scavm: AND QUALITY MEET SAN CARLOS NEAR OCEAN CARMEL BY THE SEA ANTHONY R. GOMEZ 726 HILLGREST AVE. PACIFIC GRDVE cu-wnnxza TU M B RDWN C309790X7zn7ebww793 074 157 557leJ-o CZQ-r :5A4J494 Ailing House Pest Control 7th and San Carlos MA4$2H Barnard's Stationary 8: Office Supply San Carlos and 51h MA,4-3715 Boys Town Ocean and San Carlos MA 4-2285 Carmel Ballet Academy Mission and 7th-8th MA 4-7870 Carmel Barber Shop Ocean and San Carlos MA 4-1433 Carmel Cleaners Dolores and Ocean MA 4-6447 Carmel Plaza Drugs 1Rexall1 Carmel Plaza MA 4- 69 Carmel Toy Shop San Carlos and 5th MA 4-3203 Carmel Savings and Loan Dolores and 7th MA 4-6741 Crocker-Anglo National Bank Ocean and Dolores MA 4-121 1 Crosby's Jewelers Carmel Plaza MA 4-8413 Leidig's Texaco Automotive Repair Service San Carlos and 7th MA 4-7027 Derek Rayne L T D Imports Ocean and Lincoln MA 4-1253 Flint Floors Dolores and 7th Ma 4-1033 - tween Mission and San Carlos Mackes Gifts mel Builders up I I4 8th and San Carlos , J. 0. Han Iey, O ner ?' MA 4-2146 , MA 4 6426: . V, .7 l 4 Mission Cleaners ncer's House of C r s Ocean and Mission 1 Carmel, Califo nia 7' MA 4-6546 l b ' ' . House of Seven Seas ert IMPORTS Plum mg nd Heating Dolores and 7th nipero and 6th : MA 4 ' Wm Oc;a nd San Carlos ,,,..- MA 4-3821 Henry's for Hair Styling 6th between Lincoln and Dolores x- MA 4-2616 Village Cleaners ark Fenwick Ocean and Mission MA 4-7643 The Shoe B x Dolores and Ocean House Of Originals MA 4-6813 '7 CERAMICS Dolores and 6th MA 4-6752 Wood Shed, The Shadow Box Dolores and 5th MA 47801 Carmel Glass Co. Junipero and 3rd Carmel, California Nielsen Bros. Grocery Dolores and 7th Pernille MA 4-6441 6th and San Carlos Carmel Drive-In Grocery Byron B. Blout a 8th and Dolores IBM Equipped Public Accountant MA 4-3476 Salinas, California 70 KODAK POLAROID HO TRAINS. MODEL AIRPLANES. SHIPS. VEHICLES CRAFT SUPPLIES AND TOOLS CAMERA CRAFT I THOMAS G. Touszv. JR. - DALE w. HALE carme' craf's HObbleS P.O. Box l350 . PHONE MAYFAIR 4-4127 OCEAN AVE. BETWEEN SAN CARLOS 5t MISSION OCEAN AVENUE BETWEEN DOLORES AND SAN CARLOS CARMEL. CALIFORNIA CARMEL. CALIFORN IA PHONE MA 4-7460 LEICA ZEISS P.O. BOX 2082 MON. TO SAT. 10:30-5:30 Ymp orkwl 73'503 +Neecls " - SKIRTS $N3WE'ATER3 - 131291195123 77212 Casua! Sh op ' owimve. mam st. mmu. PHONE MAYFAIR 4-1555 P. A. MCCREERY DRUG STORE . INSURANCE COR. OCEAN AND DOLORES PHONE MA 4'7720 CARMEL, CALIF. HARTFORDFIREINSURANCECO. -P.o.eox 335 HARTFORD ACCIDENT AND INDIMNITV Co. CARMEL. CALIFORNIA PHILIP CONIGLIO POST OFFICE BOX 2481 MAyfair 4-2022 PHONE MA. 4-7556 CARMEL-BY-THE-SEA : P. 0. BOX 0 o 5 CALIFORNIA i mediterranean market 6; OCEAN AVENUE E MISSION CARMEL. CALIFORNIA Fine Wines I mpOtted and Domestic F 00d Delicacies y 71 SPECIALIZI 6 IN VINYL LINE POOLSC44, ng$ I M .. I 7707973251,! ' P. 0. BOX I746 Phone MAyfaiT 4-7900 CARMEL. CALIFORNIA RALPH L. STEAN. Builder MONTEREY PENINSULA TELEVISION wON THE CABLE"

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1961, pg 71

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