Sunset High School - Sundial Yearbook (Dallas, TX)

 - Class of 1944

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Sunset High School - Sundial Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 141 of 166
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Page 141 text:

Smith, Ray, Curtis--Navy Ray, Ed-Army Rayburn, William-Army AC Reagan, Glenn-Army AC Redman, Russell-Army AC Reeb, Charles-Army AC Reed,Ernest-Army Reed, Douglas-Army Reese, Nelson-Coast Gd. Register, Iames-Army AC Reinhardt, Elton-Navy Reitz, A. F.--Navy Reitz, Roy--Navy Rhea, Edwin--Coast Gd. Rhoads, Louis-Army AC Rhome, Byron-Army AC Rhotenberry, Ios.fArmy AC Ribble, Chas.fArmy AC Rice,Ioe--Army Rice, Franklin-Army C Richards, BillyfNaval AC Richey, Allen-Naval AC Richmond, Edwin-Army Ridgeway, Billy-Army Ridgeway, Elbert-Army Ridgeway, I. R.4Army Ridgeway, I. T.-Marines Ridgeway, William-Army AC Ridgeway, Richard-Navy Riggs, Dean--Army Riggs, Robe!tfArmy Rigney, Frank-Army AC Riley, Iim-Navy Riley, DoylefNavy Riley, Pat-Marines Riley, Ransom-Army AC Sunsets Roll of Honor Sanders, Warren-Marines Sanders, Wm.-Army AC Sanford, Charles-Army Sandifer, Ben-Army Sanford, Chas.-Marines AC Santerre, Clifford-Navy Sans, Iohn--Army AC Santerre, R. G.-Army Saunders, Iames-Army Savage, Ioe-Navy Saye, Henry-Army Scaff, Edward-Navy AC Scaff, LoydeAArmy Scaff, Vernon-Army AC Scales, Iohnny W.-Navy Scarborough, Chas.-Navy AC Schaefer, BillyI4Army Schwab, Otis--Army AC Schween, BobfArmy AC Scott, Billy--Navy Scott, Daniel V.-Navy Scott, Ernest-Ar-my Scott, Ernest .-Navy Scott, Frank -Army AC Scott, Haroldgrmy AC Scott, Howard-Army Scott, Irvin C.4Army Scott, Lee-Navy AC Scott, Russell-Army AC Scruggs, Iack A.-Marines Seibenhousin, David--Marines Self, Frank--Army AC Self, Iimmy S.-Army AC Simpson, George B.-Navy Simpson, Eugene-Navy AC Skinner, Bill-Army AC Skinner, Iames-Army Skinner, Ted-Army AC Slaton, Dan G.-Army AC Slater, Smart, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, George H.-Marines Hardy4Marines Albert E.-Navy Alden-Army AC Bob-Marines Britain-Army AC Smith, Brooks-Marines Smith, Chas. A.-Navy Smith, David-Army AC Smith, Edward-Mer. Mar. Smith, Elroy-Army Smith, Eugene A.-Navy Smith, Everett-Army Smith, Faye-Red Cross Smith, Harold-Army Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Ias.-Army Iohn A.-Navy I. C.-Coast Guard I. R.eMarines Kenneth-Army AC LarryiNavy Lee-Army RaymondvArmy AC Smith, Tom-Coast Guard Smith, Tom E.-Army Smith, Vernon S.-Army Smith, William T.-Navy William-Coast Guard Sellers, Howard+Army AC Sellers, George H.-Army AC Shackleford, A. L.4Army Rodgers, Rippley, IackfMarines Robbins.. Robbins, Kenneth-Navy WinstonfArmy Roberts, A. I.-Army Roberts, Billy-Navy Roberts, Ioe--Navy Roberts, Wilbur-Navy Roberts, William-Army Robertson, I-Iall4Navy Robertson, I . D.-Navy Robinson , Bob-Army Robinson, Chas.-Army Robinson, George-Army AC Robinson, Sharon-Army AC George-Army Rodman, IayfNavy Roper, Harold-Army AC Rose, Meador-Army Rose, Milton-Army AC Roseborough, Wm.-Navy Roth, Milton-Marines Rowe, Hubert-Army AC Rownsend, Bob-Marines Rudd, T. F.--Navy Ruhl, Geoner-Army AC Rushing, Kenneth4Marines Rushing, Ias.-Marines Rushing, Roy-Army Russell, Tommy-Navy Russell, Wilford-Army Sage, Kenny-Army AC Sale, HerbertAArmy Sale, Scott-Army Sallis, HaroldfArmy AC Sample, Dathan-Army AC Sanders, AubreyfNavy Sanders, Iarnese-Navy Sanders, Kirby-Army AC Shankles, IoeANavy Shankles, Louis-Army Shanklin, Iack-Navy Sharp, Atley-Navy Sharp, A. T.-Navy Sharp, l. B.--Army Sharp, Marlane-Navy Sharp, Vernon-Army Sharp, Wallace-Army Shaw, Iohne-Coast Guard Sheffield, Edward-Navy AC Sheffield, Rex-Marines Sheffield, Roy-Army Sheffield, T. I.-Army Shelton, Chas.-Navy Shelton, Dowlen-Navy Shelton, Warren C.-Navy Shepherd, O. W.-Army AC Shippee, Cruse-Army AC Shook, Iack W.-Army AC Short, Billy-Army Siebenhousen, Richard--Marines Sikes, Bobby-Navy Sikes, has.-Navy Silas, Harold-Army Siler, Arthur--Army Silvus, Calvin-Marines Sims, Iack-Marines Sims, Kenward-Marines Sims, Luther L.-Navy Simmons, Abe-Navy Simmons, Bob-Navy Simmons, Glenn E.--Navy AC Simmons, Iohnny-Army AC Simmons, Kenneth4Army AC Simmons, George B.--Navy Singleton, Iack-Army AC Simpson, Dan-Army AC Smyth, Lewis-Navy Snider, Robert-Army Sorrell, Alfred-Navy Sorrells, CharlesiNavy AC Sorrells, Geo.--Navy Somers, Ioel-Army AC Scuthern, Terry-Army AC Spain, Bill-Navy Spears, Aubrey-Army Spears, Ioe-Army Spears, Ioe-Army Spencer, Bob-Navy Spencer, Iacke-Army AC Speed, Raymond-Army AC Speed, Worth-Army AC Spring, Ioe-Marines Springston, Arad-Army AC Sprowls Bill-Mer. Mar. Sprowls, I. L.-Army AC Sprowls, Iohnnie-Army AC Sprowls, W.-Army Spruce, Merlin-Army AC St. Cricq, Marcel-Army AC Stahl, Dick-Army AC Stailey, Benton C.-Army AC Stalcup, Bobby-Army AC Staley, Margie-Wac Stalter, Iimmy-Navy Stallings, RaymondiArmy AC Stanford, Iohn-Navy Stansell, R. D.-Army Stapp, William-Navy Starkey, Bi1lyAMarines Steger, Bill-Army Steinhoff, Keth-Army Stephenson, Clayton-Army AC Sterling, Alvin-Army Sterling, Mac-Army Sternburg, Paul-Mer. Mar. Stevens, FredYMer. Mar. One Hundred Thrrly :even

Page 140 text:

F Sunsets Roll of Honor McAnal1y, Alvalee-Marines McBee, CharlesAArmy AC McBride, Bob-Army McBride, Chas.-Army AC McBride, Iohn-Navy McBride, Robt. K.-Navy McBride, W. L.-Army McBroom, Herman-Army McCain, IackvNavy McCain, Marshall-Navy McClain, R. H.-Navy McClain, Billy-Marines McClelland, Iohn H.-Army McCleannahan, Claude-Army A McC1enan, George-Navy McCleskey, Lee-Navy McConathy, Emittt-Coast Guard McConetley, EmmettkCoast Guaz McCord, Bob-Navy McCord, Ross-Army McCord, Warren4Army AC McCoy, Charles-Navy McDaniel, Arthur-Army McDaniel, Buck-Army AC McDaniel, Gerald I.-Navy McDaniel, IamesAMer. Mar. McDaniel, Ierry-Navy McDaniel, W. D.-Army AC McDonald, Alva-Navy AC McDowell, Iames-Navy McDowell, Owen-Navy McFarland, Richard A.-Army AK McGinn, Betty-Waves McGouldrick, Iack-Army AC McGouldrick, Iohn-Army AC Mcllroy-Horner C.-Navy Mclntosh, George-Army AC McKay, ChestereMarines McKay, Kenneth-Army McKeever, LeroyAArmy AC McKenney, Clyde E.-Navy Mcenney, Geo. V.-Navy McKenney, Margaret-Waves McKey, Irvine-Army AC McKinney, Eugene-Navy McKinney, George-Navy McKinney, no. R.-Army AC McKinney, Mercer-Navy McKinney, Buddy-Navy McLarty-Army AC McKenzie, EdwinfNavy AC McMath, Bill-Army AC McMurray, Bill-Marines McMurray, Claude W.-Marines McMurry, Ino.--Marines McMurrY. l. O.-Marines McNair, Paul-Army AC McNair, Lloyd-Army AC McNutt, Price W.4Army McVey, I. C.-Army AC McVey, Raymond-Army AC McQueen, Ernest-Navy AC McVey, Richard-Marines Nail, Bob-Army AC Nailer, Burnest-Army AC Nance, Douglas-Coast Guard Nance, Elden-Marines Nance, HoytACoast Guard Nash, Bonnie-Navy AC Nearpass, Clifford-Navy Nash, Ioe-Navy Nash, Homer-Navy Neff, Donald-Army Nelson, Albert- -Coast Guard One Hundred Thirty-six New, Iames-Marines Newberry, Clarence-Army AC Newberry, Robert-Marines Newman, UlmerfArmy AC Newton, Robt.-Marines Nicol, Don--Navy Nicholls, Claude-Army Nicks, LawtoniNavy Nitche, Edward-Navy Norman, HenryeArmy AC Norman, Ted4Army Norris, Tom-Army Nowlin, Charles-Army AC O'Daniel, Norwood-Army AC Oden, Hillman-Army AC Oden, Karl4Navy Oden, Robert-Navy Oefinqer, Lyman-Navy Oqlesby, H. B.-Army Oliphant, Dick!Army AC Oneal, Iames-Marines Ord, Billy-Army AC Orenbaum, Sam-Army Orenbaun, Cutton-Army Orr, Billy-Army AC Osterrnan, RaymondvNavy Ott, Leon-Navy Osborn, Ralph-NavY Overton, Billy-Army Overton, Earl-Army Overton, Noel-Army Owsley, Raymond--Navy Oxford, DickfArmy AC Packer, Gilbert L.-Navy Packer, W. B.-Navy Packer, M. S.-Navy Packer, Iamese-Navy Panto, Albert-Marines Pappas, Pete-Mer. Mar. Paris, Sam-Army AC Parish, Randall-Marines Park, Iim-Army Parker, Bob-Marines Parker, DickeNavy Parker, Floyd-Navy Parker, lack-Navy Parramore, R. T.4Navy AC Parramore, Leroy I.-Army AC Parsons, HerberteMarines Pasina, Frank-Army Pate, Iimmy-Navy Patterson, Billy-Army Patterson, F. M.-Army Patterson, Geo,eArmy Patterson, Harold L.-Armv Patterson, Margaret-WACS Patrick, Willie Ioe-Army AC Pattillos, Billy-Navy AC Patton, Clarence-Army AC Patton, Dari-Army AC Patton, William H.-Navy Peacock, Glenn-Army AC Pearce, MaryeWACS Pearson, B. C.fNavy Peckham, Chester-Coast Guard Peck, Paul-Navy Pendlev, BUIAAYITIY Penta, Henry-Army Perdue, R. I.-Navy Perkins, Clyde-Army Perkins, I. I.--Army AC Perkins, S. T.fArrny Peters,Claude-'Army Peterson, Ferol-Navy Pettigrew, lack- -Navy Pettigre Pettiqre W, Iim- Army w, Hugh--Army Pettigrew, Robert-Army AC Philbrick, Charles-Navy Philley, Ramon-Army AC Phillips, Basil-Navy Phillips, A. I.-Army Phillips, Dick-Army Phillips Phillips , Iack-Naval AC , I. C.-Navy Phillips, Iohn T.-Army Phillips, Iohnny--Army Phillips, Thomas4Army Pickett, Weldon-Naval AC Pinta, Oliver-Navy Pitts, Byron-Marines Pitts, Iim-Army Player, Charles-Navy Pledger, Gordon-Marines Pollard, Russell-Army AC Pollard, Edward'-Army AC Pomerinc, Alfred-Navy Ponder, EdwardwArmy Ponder, Elwyn-Navy Ponder, Thelwin-Navy Ponder, I. T.-Army Ponder, W. B.-Army Pope, David-Army AC Pope, Iimmy-Naval AC Pope, Raymond-Army AC Pope, Ralph-Navy Porter, Iohn--Army Porter, George-Army AC Potter, Iames-Navy Pounds, La Mar-Navy Pounds, Truman-Navy Pounds, Powell, Powell, Powers, Powers O. l..fN avy D. B.-Uavy Howard4Army Charles-Navy Albert-Army Pratt, CI. If--Army Preddy, Prewitt, Price, C Robert-Coast Gd. Iames-Navy arl- -Army AC Price, I. C.--Coast Gd. Price, Owen-Navy Price, R. Vf-Army Price, Wayne'-Navy Pribble, Fred-Navy Price, C Proctor, Proctor. Pritchet arl--Army AC Bill--Navy Chas.-Army t, Henry-Marines Pruitt, Iames-Navy Pulley, Purdue, Purtell, Rod: ick-Army AC Raymond-Navy C. l-l.fArmy AC Ouiram, Wilton-Army Rahn, Eddie-Navy Rainbolt, I. D.4Army Rainey, I. R.-Army Rainey, Rainey, I. B., Ir.-Army Robert-Naval AC Ramsey, Austin-Navv Ramsey, Iack-Army AC Ramsey, Weston--Navy Randolph, LaMott-Navy Ranne, Ioee-Navy Rattenberry, Iames-Army Rawlings, Albert-Navy Rawlings, Ivan--Armv Rawlings, LeeRoy-RAF

Page 142 text:

Stevens, lack-Mer. Mar. Stevens, Sherwood-Army Stewart, Bobby-Mer. Mar. Stewart, las.-Army AC Stewart, Le Roy-Navy AC Stice, lack-Navy AC Stoqsdill, Chas.fCoast Gard Stone, Alvin-Army Stone, Gordon E.-Navy Sunsets Roll of Honor Thurman, David-Coast Guard Thurber, loe--Navy Thurman, loe-Navy Thurman, Sidney-Army AC Thurmond, Leo-Army Tiltord, Harrisone-Marines Tinsley, Iames-Navy Teiple, lohn-Navy Wallis, James-Navy Whitttield, Roy-Army AC Wickoft, Kenneth--Navy Vfilcox, Fred-Army AC Vtfilde, Bieber--Navy 'vv iiey, Earl-Army Wilhite, George-Army Wilkinson, Robert-Army Mfillianis, Cullen-Marines Vtlllliams, Elmo-Army AC AC Stone, lacks-Army AC Stovall, lames-Navy Strange, Elmore-Navy AC Street, Frank-Army Strecktuss Strickland Strickland: Strickland, Strickland , Harold-Navy Douglas-Army AC K. L.-Navy Lynn+A1'my Warren-Army Starring, Iol'mfArmy AC Sturqess, O. G.-Army AC Suadlenak, Ino.-4Army Suhler, SidneyvArmy Surles, Sam-Army AC Suter, William-Army Walls, Don-Navy Walraven, Iimmy--Navy Wanqer, Bub--Naval AC Ward, Allen-Army Ward, Thos.-Army Ware, Calvin-Army AC Ware, Iames-eArmy AC Ware, loc,-Army AC Warm atli, Martin--Navy Warner, Clarence-Army Warner, Kenneth-Navy Warner, Iohn-'Army AC Warren, IackeNavy Warren, Kenneth-Navy Warrington, Gail-Navy Welch, I Sutherland, Lonnie-Navy Sutherland, 'TomfMarines Swain, Thomas E.--Army Swenson, Gus-Army AC Swenson, WilliamfNavy Swope, Leroy-Army Tabor, Elmore-Marines Talbot, Iames+Ar'my Talbot, Thomas-Army Talliaferro, l'..esliefNavy AC Tanco, Felix-Army AC Tankersley, Gordon-Navy Tankersley, IackfArmy AC Tarver, lack-Navy Tarver, lack A.fMarine AC Tarver, Dalton-Army AC Tate, HowardvArmy AC Tate, Tom--Navy Waters, Warren-Navy Watson, Billy-Navy Watson, Elmer-Army AC Watson, GradyiArmy AC Watson, Iames-Army Watson, Quinton-Navy Watson, Reece-Marines Waugh, C.-Army Wayland, lames-Navy 'W'eathered, Iim-Army Webb, G. A.-Navy Webster Webster Webster Webster , Earl-Army AC , lerry-eMarines , limmie-Navy , Iohnny-Navy Weems, Mary H.-WAVES Welch, Ben-Army AC ames-Army Taylor, Earl-Marines Taylor, Gene L.-Army Taylor, Ioeel-Xrmy Taylor, lames M.-Marines Taylor, Louis-Army Taylor, Bonny--Army AC Welch, Ned-Army AC Wells, Billy-Navy Wells, William-Navy Wells, Boyd-Navy Wells, Wendle-Army Werner, Anna L.-WAVES Teal, Edward-Army AC Tenneson, L. B.-Army Tenney, Gordon--Army AC Terry, Benjamin-Army Terry, Charles-Army AC Terry, Dolan-Navy Terry, Floyd E.-Army Teubner, Harold--Army AC Teubner, Pat-Army AC Thomas, Billy-Navy Thomas, Charles-Army AC Thomas, Richard-Navy AC Thompson, DickeArmy AC Thompson, EdwineArmy Thompson, Fred E.-Army AC Thomson, Ioseph-Army AC Werner, FrankeArmy Werner, Harry-Army Werner, Loyd-Navy Werner, William-Army West, Charles-Armv Thompson P Thompson Maurice M.-Army Thompson, , Richard S.eArmy AC Robert C.-Army Travis-Army AC Thompson, Thom son, , T. B.-Army AC Thomson, William H.-Army Thorp, Maurice--Army Um' Hundred Tbirty digbi West, Stark-Army AC Westbrook, Buddy-Navy Westerfeldt, Donald-Navy Westerfeld, I. I.-Navy W'etesles, lohnnv-Navy 'VVexler, Iohn-Marines Whicher, limmy-Army AC Whiddon, Earnest-Coast Guard Wilden, John-Armv Whisenant, Iohn-Marines White, Bill-Marines 'W hite, MarvineCoast Guard NVhite, Raymond-Marines Vllhite, Walter-Army Vxfhitam, Marvin-Navy Whitehead, E. L.-Army Whitiield, Al-Marines Vlfhittield, Ray-Navy Williams, GeorqewArmy Williams, Joe-Navy 'wlv'illiams, Iohn-Army AC Williamsjnc. B.-Army WA, illiams, KennethACoast Guard Mfilliams, Rayburn-Army AC Williams, Richard-Marine AC Willis, Dee--Navy Wilson, BilleArmy AC Vlfilson, HugheArmy Vtlimberley, Katherine--WAVES Wirnberley, Olive-WAVES M indham, Donald--Army AC 'Wi:,chocil, Bob-Marines Wise, Curtis-Navy Wishart, IimmyeNavy Wisner, William-Army AC Wolfe, Babe-Army AC Wolfe, Chas. E.+Army Wolfe, Chas. M.-Navy Wolfe, Edward-Army AC Wolfe,Lorrie-Army Wolfe, PeteeArmy AC Womack, Robert-Navy Woods, BoydfArmy Wood, Charles-Marines Vlfcods, Charles P.-Army Woods, Florine-WACS Wood, H. C.-Army Woods, las. B.-Army AC Wood, Oran-Army Woods, Ruth-WAS WoolseY, Charles-Marines 'Wooton, Cliffton+Navy Wooton, Gaston-Marines Wooton, Howard-Navy Worden, Iohn-Coast Guard Worley, Lawrencey-Army Worth, Milton-Army Wright, Ioe-Navy Vfriaht, I. D.eArmy Wy att, lack-Army AC Wyatt, Raymond-Marines Yarborouah, Barkley-Marines Yates, A. P.-Navy Yecrgan, Albert-Armv Yearqan, Ralph-Army Young, Beason-Navy Young, David-Army Ycunq, Earl-Army AC Young lack-Marines Young, LeonordeArmy AC Young, Lloyd-Navy Young, Murdock-Army Younq, VernoneNavy Youngblood, Clifford-Army Ycrvfell, Emery-Army AC Yowell, Iohn D.-Army Yowell, RichardeArmy Zehner, Dick-Navy Ziealemeyer, lulius--Army AC Zuete'dt, Roy-Navy

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