Sunset High School - Sundial Yearbook (Dallas, TX)

 - Class of 1944

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Sunset High School - Sundial Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 138 of 166
Page 138 of 166

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Page 138 text:

Hayes, Harold-Navy AC Hayne, Jack-Navy Hays, Tome-Army AC Hays, J. T.-Navy Henderson, Zebe-Army AC Herndon, James-Army Hightower, Henry-Marines Hilly, Charles--Army Hilly, DickAAArmy Heagler, Billy--Navy Heartsill, W. C.4Army AC Heartsill, Walter-Army Heath, Glenn--Navy Heather, Arnold-Army AC Heimlick, Vernon-Army Heimlich, Bernard-Army Henderson, Wm.-Army AC Henderson, Zeb-Navy Henderson Zebe Arm AC Sunsets Roll of Honor Horton, Gerrard--Army AC Horton, Edward-Navy Horton, Donald-Army Horton, Gene-Army Harn, Olin-Army Horning, Houston, Houston, Houston, Harold-Army C. L.-Army AC Howard4Army Jasper-Army Howard, Jack-Navy Howard, Warren--Marines Howard, Lane-Navy Howard, Lee-Naval AC Howard, Claude-Navy Howard, Jack-Navy Huber, Billy'-Navy Howard, Lone-Army Hubbard, Billy-Army AC Huddleston oe4Marines Jordan, Marlon-Navy Kemp I -' Y Henderson, Charlie-Army AC Hendrix, Felix-Navy Hendrix, Frank-Army AC Hendrix, Chas.-CoastGd. Hendrix, Cecil-Army AC Hendrick, Auverne-Navy Hendricks, Phillip-Army AC Henry, Dave-Navy Henry, Steve-Army AC Henson, E. R.---Naval AC Henson, Leroy-Army Heston, Edward-Navy Herndon, Ben-Marines Hickox, Leonard-Army Hickman, Henry-Army AC Hicks, E. R.--Army Hicks, Richard-Marines Hickson, Joe D.-Mer. Mar. Higgins, Wm.-Army AC Hightower, HenryfMarines Hille, Dick--Army AC Hilburn, Wm. G.-Army Hille, Charles-Army AC Hill, Doneal--Army Hiller, Leroy-Army AC Hill, Jack-Navy Hill, Jimmie-Marines Hill, L. C.-Naval AC Hill, Edwin--Army Hillin, Roy--Army AC Himes, Horace-Marines Hines, Bill--Marines Hines, Grady-Army Hinkley, Jack-Army Hobdy, Chas.--Marines Hinton, Charles-Navy Hodges, Ernest--Army AC Hodge, CalvinwNavV Hoff, Jimmy--Army AC Hoff, James--Army AC Hogan, Bill--Navy Hogan, Barbara-WAC Holland, Clayton-Marines Hollis, Chas.-Navv Hollonquist, Phil-Navy Holloway, Charlie--Coast Gd. Holloway, Clyde-Army Holmes, Henry-Army HollowGY, las.vArmy Holmes, Charles-Army Holt, Billy--Navy Hooten, Frank-Marines Hooten, Billy--Navy AC Hoover, Robert-Armv AC Hopkins, Paul-Naval AC one Hundred TlJi?ty-fbu? . l Huckabee, Monte-Navy Hubbard, Billy J.-Army Huffaker, Terrence-Army AC Huffman, ArthurgMarines Huffstutler, Truett-Army Hughes, Ernest--Army Huguley, Boone--Navy Huffman, Arthur-Marines Hughes, Ernest-Army AC Hugleston, Joe-Army Hulsey, Deckleye-Army AC Johnson, EugenevArmy Johnson, James-Army Johnson, James--RAF Johnson, Jack-Army AC Johnson, NealAArmy Johnson, Robert-ArmyAC Johnson, Tom-Navy Johnson, SidneyAArmy AC Johnson William-Army AC Johnston, Bill---Army AC Johnston, Thomas-Army AC Johnston, John-Army AC Jones, Alfred L.-Navy Jones, Calvin-Navy Johns, Charles-Navy Jones, Donald-Navy Jones, EdSNavy Jones, Ed-Navy Jones, Emmit-4Army Jones, H.E.--Mer, Mar. Jones, Harry-Navy Jones, Lewis-Navy Jones, Lewis-Navy Jones, Loise-WAC Jones, Otha-Marines Jones, Robert--Naval AC Jones, Roy--Army AC Jones, Thomas-Army AC Jones, Walter-Navy Hull, Edmond-Army AC Hunt, Bill-Navy Hunt, Bobby-Navy Hunt, E. C.--Navy Hunt, Jackie-Navy Hunt, Jay--Navy Hunt, Jimmy-Naval AC Hunt, John--Navy Hunt, William-Navy Kadley, Bobby-Army Karns, Clyde-Navy Kautz, Charles-Army Keady, Carlton-Army AC Keating, Edward-Army Kessle, Lester-Army AC Keeler, James-Army Kelley, Charles-Navy Kelley, Evan-Navy Hunter, Richard-Navy Hunter, Bill-Navy Hunt, Hobertfltlavy Hunton, Virgil-Army AC Hutchins, T. C.-Army Hutchinson, Landon-Army Hutchinson, Ralph-Army AC Hyndman, Jimmy-Army Iden, Walter-Army AC Irvin, Burd--Army Isaminger, G. .C.!Navy Jack, John-ANavy Jackson, Alton--Army AC Jackson, Roland-Army AC Jacobson, Nathan-Army Jamison,, Marie-WAC Jarmagin, Earl-Army AC Jarrett, Harry-rmy Jarvis, Wayne-Marines Jennings, Char1esiArmy AC Jennings, Herman L.-Navy Jenkins, Jack--Army Jenkins, Lucille-NCWR John, Bill-Navy AC Joris, Chas.---Navy Johns, Sarl---Army AC Johns, Jimrny--Army AC Johns, Robert-Navy Kelly, Wm.--Navy Kelso, J. K.--Navy Kemble, Horace-Army AC Kemp, Billy--Army Kemp, lack-Army AC Kemp, James-Army Kemp, Lee--Navy , Robert-Navy Johnson, Byron-Army AC Johnson, Bruce-Navy Johnson, Bud-Armv AC Johnson, Carl, Jr.-Army Johnson, Cecil-Army Johnson, Clyde-Army Johnson, Ed-Army Kemp, Sims-Navy Kemper, DeWitt-Navy Kemper, Erskins-Navy Kempton, L. Rf-Coast Gd. Kenlrick, Auverne-Navy Kennedy, Ruel4Navy Kenslow, Roy-Army AC Kent, Edgar-Army Kidd, James-Army AC Kilgore, Louis-Army Kimbrough, DukeAArmy Kimbrough, Arch-Army Kimbrough, Allen-Naval AC Kimple, Louis-Army Kincaid, Jack--Army King, Harry4Marines King, Milton-Army AC Kingsbury, Bob+Armv AC Kinser, Floyd--Naval AC Kinser, Reese-Army AC Kinslow, KennethvArmy AC Kinslow, Roy-v-Armv Kirkland, Wesley-eNavy Kitchchen, EarlfAi-my AC Kline, William H.-Army Knight, J. A.-Army AC Knight, Calvin-Navy YY-v x X.

Page 137 text:

Favors, Iames-eArmy Fellers, Felker Mauis-Army Tom Arm AC 1 -d Y Elton, Ioe-Navy Fergun son, Charles-Army AC Ferguson, Chas.-Army Ferguson, Ias.-Army Ferguson, Marvin-Navy Ferris, Glenn-Army Ferris, Olen-Navy Fields, Fields, Fields. Bill,fArmy AC Clinton-Navy Webster-Naval AC Fiet, I. B.hArmy AC Findley, IamesiArmy AC Flewharty, Tommy-Army AC Floyd, Billy-Navy Floyd, BillyiMer. Mar. Floyd, KennethfNavy Fluheart, Tommy-Army F oldberq, Henry-Army Follis, Iames Folsom, IohnnyvArmy AC Ford, Iames B.-Navy Fordson, Eddie+Marines Forest, Lee-Army Forrest, Iohn-Navy Forsythe, Warren-Navy Fortsmeyer, Ed.-Army Foshee Foster, Foster, , C. I.-Navy Clarence B.-Army AC Horace-Navy Fouts, IackiNavy Fowler, Boyce-Navy Fowler, Thomas H.-Army AC Fox, G. A.-Army AC Fox, Paul-Navy Frammell, Iimmy-Army AC Franklin, Arlis-Mer. Mar. Franks, WendalleArmy Frederick, R. E.vNavy French, Sims-Navy Freeman, Craig-Navy Freeman, GilbertAeArmy AC Freeman, MarviniArmy Fry, Iudson G.--Army Fultner Fulwill , Gene-Navy er, Glenn-Army Gaffney. lack--Army Gaffney, Leroy-eArmy AC Gaines Gains, , IohnnyfNavy Collins-'Army AC Gamble, Bill-Navy Gamble, Newton-Marines Gandy, M. Z.-Navy Gannon, Dave-Navy Gantz, H. L.fArmy AC Ganz, Dudley-Army Gardell, IamesiArmy AC Garrett, Beeler-Army Gaston, Nelda-Waves Gatlen, William H.-Marines Gattisk, Floyd-Army Gaunce, Charlie-Navy Gaunce, Iohnny-Navy Goiser, David-Army Genoway, Glenn-Navy Gentry, V. L.-Army Gentry, Virgil-Army AC Gerner Gerrity Gibson Gilbert Gilbert , Bill-Army AC , Iohn-Armv , Wallace-Coast Guard , A. E.-Coast Guard , Andrew-Navy Sunsets Roll of Honor Gilbert, Richard-Army AC Gilbert, Robert-Army AC Giles, Grady-Army AC Gill, E. T.-Navy Gill, Iim-Navy Gisclari, lack-Navy Glenn, Bryan C.-Army Gleese, I. R.-Navy Godbold, I. B.-Navy Godden, Bobby-Army AC Gayle, Gordon-Navy Gohry, Herman A.-Army Golay, Chas.-Army Golay, ClaudeiArmy AC Gooch, Marvin-Army AC Goodier, ElwoodiCoast Guard Goodloe, Roy F.-Navy Goodman, Howard-Army Goodman, Truman-Army Goodman, Wimberley--Army Goodman, Sandlin-Marines Goolsby, BillwArmy AC Gordon, Elaine-Marine Aux. Gordon, Iames E.fArmy AC Gorman, Edward-Army AC Gossett, Iack-Army Gossett, Tom-Army AC Gossett, Rufus-Army Goswick, Oliver-Army AC Goswick, Sammy-Marines Gowdy, Harry-Army AC Gowdy, Wm. B.-Army AC Grady, Melvyn--Army Gragq, Elmer-Navy AC Graham, Torrance-Navy Gram, Gordon-Navy Grant, Fred-Army AC Graves, Glenwood-Army AC Graves, W. G.-Navy Gray, Doyle-Army Gray, G. H.-Navy Gray, Cleaves-Navy Gray, Iack-Army AC Gray, Ioe-Army AC Gray, Kenneth-Navy Green, Billy I.-Army Green, TommyiNavy Greer, Iames-Navy Greer, Richard-Army Greig, Ias. A.--Navy Gregory, George-Army AC Grice, Geneva-Army Griffin, CarlkMarines Griffin, Gilbert-Navy Griffin, Glenn H.fArmy Griffin, Leo-Army Griffin, Wilbur-Army Griffin, WillardiArmy Griffith, Alfred C. -Army Griffith, Bill-Army Griffith, Dale-Army Grgfith, Richard-Army AC Grissom, Iohn-Army AC Grogan, Harrold-Navy AC Grogan, Robert-Navy Grone, Iames I.--Army Gross, Sonny-Marine AC Grost, Frank-Navy Groth, Billy-Army AC Groth, Hubert-Navy Groth, Iohn-Army Groves, George- -Army Groves, Kenneth-Army Groves, Louis-Army Groves, Paul-Army Groves, Richard-Army Growman, Ed.-Army AC Guess, Charles E.-Navy Gullick, Renee-Navy Gunter, Ioe-Navy Guy, Claude-Army AC Guy, Warren-Navy Haby, Larry-Army Hagerman, C. B.-Army Haggerman, Clifford-Army Hagler, Percy-Navy Hagler, Bill-Navy Hag ue, Alphonso-Navy Hale, Bobby Ed--Army Hale, Herold-Army Hale, Hugh-Army Hale, Nolan-Army Halfpenny, Bob-Navy Hall, Bob-Navy Hall, Edwin-Army AC Hall, Edmond-Army Hall, G. W.-Army AC Hall, Ioe-Navy AC Hallmark, Roy-Army Hallonquiest, PhileNavy Hamburger, IohnnyHNavy Halimton, Edward I.Navy Hamman, Bill-Navy AC Hammon, Ewing-Navy Hamilton, laccard-Navy Hammon, Homer-Marines Hammond, Ice-Navy AC Hanks, Haskell-Army Hanks, R. L.-Navy AC Hardwick, Bob-Army AC Harden, Harrison-Army AC Harden, Robt.-Army AC Harden, Gene-Marines Hardin, Aaron, Navy Harget, Harry-Marines Hargrove, G, U.-Marines I-largraves, Herndon-Army Harkins, Iohnny-Army Harp, I. T.-Navy Harper, Tommy-Navy Harpold, Carl-Army Harrell, Peirrepont-Navy Harrell, T.M.-Army Harrington, Carter-Army AC Harris, Aaron Glynn-Army Harris, David-Army AC Harris, Leonard-Navy Harris, Wi1liamiNavy Harris, Grady-Navy Harris, Ioe--Navy Harris, Iirnmy-Army Harrison, Iames-Navy Harper, Thomas-Marines Hart, Iack-Army AC Hartman, Bill-Army Harwood, Ripley-Army Haskins, E. L.-Army AC I-lastland, Edmond-Navy Hasty, Herbert-Army AC Hatfield, Richard-Army Hatcher, Francis-Marines Hauteman I. Gordon-Army Havens, Earl Iack-Army AC Hawkins, Dorsey-Navy Haden, Stuart-Army AC Haden, Eugene-Marines Haden, Kenneth-Mer. Mar. One Hundred Thxrly three

Page 139 text:

Knepper, Allan-Army AC Klinqler, Karl-Navy AC Klingler, Devon-Navy Knox, Iames-Army Knox, Iames-Navy Kockos, Chris-Navy Kuhn, Karl H.iArmy AC Kusler, Dick-Army AC Lamb, Archie--Army AC Lambert, Wm. F.-Army AC Lamberth, Buddy--Army AC Lamberth, TomeArmy AC Lancoster, Edgar-Army Lancaster, Edgar-Marine AC Land, Bob--Army AC Landrum, FrankNNavy Landrum, Graham-Navy Lancaster, Edward--Army AC Lantz, Robt.-Army AC Lane, Eugene--Navy Laster, Iunior-Marines Lastar, Eugene-Marines Latham, Rh ea-Coast Guard Lattimore, Iohn-Navy Law, Billy I.wArmy Lawless, Leo-Army Lawson, BufordeAmy AC Lawson, Charles-Army AC Lawson, George-Army Lawrence, Ned-Navy Leak, Charles-Army AC LeBean, I. O,-Army Lee, Bob--Army Lee, Maurice-Navy Lee, Ralph--Navy Lennon, Ho ward-Army AC Libby, Alfred H.-Army AC Liqon, Bill--Army AC Lindsay, CharlesiArmy AC Lindsey, C. E.-Army AC Lindsey, C. E.vArmy AC Lindsey, Edwin-Army AC Lindsey, Glenn A.-Navy Lindstrom, HalAMarines Linyrae, Evert-Army Lipscomb, WebbiArrny AC Little, Harp -Navy Livingston, Iohn-Army AC Lloyd, Billy-Mer. Mar. Lloyd, Bryan-ArmyAC Lloyd, Dee-eNavy Lockett, Hudson-Navy Lokey, Bill-eNavy Lokey, Bill--Mer. Mar. Lollar, Roger-Marines Lomis, George-Army Lomis, Ierry-Army Lompkins, MiltonAArmy AC Lompkins, L. E.-Army Lonq, R. I.-ANavy Long, Iimmie-Marines Loomis, George H.-Army Looney, Guy-Navy Looney, BilliArmy AC Loomis, Ierry W.-Army Looney, Iohn W.-Army AC Looney, Russell-Army Losey, Charles-Marines Losey, C. E.-Marine AC Loupo, Floyd-Army AC Lowe, Iohn-Navy Lowery, Dick-Navy Lowrance, Cecil-Army AC Lowrance, Wilson-Navy Sunsetls Roll of Honor Lowry, I. L.-Army AC Loyd, Bryan-Army AC Loyd, Dee--Navy Lucas, Kenne-theNavy Lucas, MarqareteWaves Lucas, Iack-Marines Lucas, Kenneth-Marines Lucas, Harvis-Marines Lund, Chas,-Army Lund, Roland-Army AC Lynch, Ino R.-Navy Lynch, Walter-Army AC Lynde, Paul-Marines Lynn, Warren-Navy Lyons, L. A.-Army AC Maas, Billy-Army AC MacMurray', I. O.-Marines MacWillian1, Iimmy-Army AC Malone, Holt-Marines Malone, I. C.eArmy AC Maloney, Billy-Army AC Maloney, Charles W.- Army AC Maloney, Robt.-Marines Mann, Alfred-Navy Mann, Iohn-Army Mannerinq, Mack-Navy Marble, Guy-Navy Marble, R. A.-Navy Mark, Oliver, Ir.eNavy Marlowe, Iack-Navy Martin, ClarenceiNavy AC Martin , Iack Marines Martin, Kenneth--Mer. Mar. Martin, Reginald-Marines Martin, Roland-Marines Martin, Sam-Army AC Martin, Wm.--Navy Martinson, Avery--Navy Miracle, Dixon-Navy Mitchell, DaneMarines Mitchell, Lon-Marines Mitchell, Harry-Navy Mitchell, Eugene-Army Moman, Lloyd-Navy Monk, Oliver-Navy Montgomery, Iohn R.-Army AC Moon, William--Marines Moore, Moore, Ashley'-Army Billy-Navy AC Moore, Bobby-Marines Moore, Bruce-Army Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Dewey-Coast Guard Don -Navy Edward-Army AC Genn-Army GlenniArmy Howard-Army AC Ias, G.-Navy Moore, Iohn E.-Marines Moore, Maral-Army Moore, Martha-Waves Moore Mar yiWaves Moore: Morris T.-Navy Moore, Norman-Navy Moore, Robert-Coast Guard Moore, Ross-Army AC Moore, Stuart-Army Moore, ThomaseArmy Moore, Ward-Marines Moorehouse, Billy-Army Moorman, George-Navy Moorman, Ralph-Army Moorman, Ted-Army More, Iimmy-Army Marton, Reginald-Marines MasseY, lack-Marines Mason, George-Army Mason, G. F,iMarines Mathis, Eugene--Army Matthews, Iimmie--Marines Maupin, Warren-Army AC Maxwell, KeithWArmy May, Elgene--Army May, Iames-Army May, Ioe T.-Army AC Mays, Rollo-Navy Mayo, Bobby-Army Means, Marry-Navy Mears, Vernon W.-Army AC Modaris, Garland-Army AC Medford, Geo. W,-Army AC Meeks, Billy--Army Menis, HarryfNavy Merriott, Iaok-Army Merritt, Paul Dee--Navy Newman, Ulmer I.iArmy AC Morehouse, Iulian-Navy AC Morehouse, Sidney-Army AC Morgan, lack-Navy Morgan, T. C.iArmy Morrell, Elbridge-Army Morrill, Rich.iArmy AC Morris, Darrell-Army Morris, WilliameArmy AC Morrison, B11lyeAmy AC Morison, BobbyfArmy AC Morrison, Chas. L.-Army AC Morrison, Eddie-Army AC Morrison, Landon-Navy Morrison, Malcolm-Army AC Morrison, Richard-Navy Morse, Morse, Morton Gifford-Army AC M. W.fArmy , Clarence-Army Morton, amesiArmy AC Morton, Iohn-Navy Morton, Paul-Army Morton, Roland-Marines Morton , Sam-Army Moser, Robert-Navy Milan, Pat--Navy Milburn, O'Neil-Navy Milbourn, Daniel-Navy Miller, Charles-Navy Miller, Edward-Army AC Miller, Morris-Army Miller NelsoneNavy Miller, Richard-Navy Miller, RoberteArmy AC Miller Woodrow-Marines Millikin, Paul-Marines Miles, David-Armv AC Mims, BobefArmy AC Minyard, Bill-Army Moss,Billy--Army AC Mosteller, B1l1y+Army AC Mott, B. R.--Army AC Muhs, I. E.--Army AC Mullane, Robt. D.iNavy Mullins, Billy-Army Mullins, . L.-Army AC Munster, Frank-eCoast Guard Munster, arnes-Navy AC Murphy, Walter D.-Army AC Murray, CeciliArmy AC Murray, Earl-Army Murray, I. E.-Army Muse, Iohn---Army AC One Hundred Tlrirfy-five U

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