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f N ,K ww M OX, vxx Y Vxiuf ghx V1 D 5 3 .X 1, :Vie- Q ,ff if 551 Q A ffm- f 'Y' . fx diff WDM w H ff M i ' 21.2 QQ W w 2 4 if lz,1L' IVV, ' '1r,Jl, 'D V , X lffcgqr-kfxj V I 'I ,Ly Jjf f qw Q 5: Y f 1,9 VF I l! 4, ,7-Ly" A ,xy - . -Q MQ. fm Q V JT., Xe Ziff' f x W6 xv I f if 4' .ff 2 ' ?fWfQ'v ff! QL 'X "Ll V ff fd! ' M N Ny , X x, T Z 1' N , I E K i P . . "' K ' 1 X A , v x' ' 1 i ,W ' N . ' , A Ll 'Al f1"yf51f V WW VAN M J El K ' .Q SJW js' v ff ,NT vwffffxf NM W-,.K..A-V -... -.A--W-+ -Y -ww f ---' . V 1- 1 'f-------- -N V -, WW fd s+1iffW,cf5gjgiTCQ My 7 f Q J, Q, Q is Bs LL ,,ffQf7 ffz 'Maw' i , xy may A W ' f W ff WWW ?1J K 4 ,i x 'A E J ............K..,.-..........,-. , Wim-QW, . ,,.,l,ww . 1 '-9. 4, 5"57fTv S2 1 , V ,V N, . .il k ' 'f. M. Y X ,,., A , .,, , F ' A f' AART EDITURA " fl 1 IVVNPIE WALLS L'TfWf'EDff0R . MURIEI: wmowx gb - ': " v ji. BUSINESS MGP? A 3 if M53fTE,E M.DEwf L -.5 f i ff? if A, H .l 'ri H Ib- 5 - '..g,,.,. . I F, g 1 3g JL :ii . ? ' , 6 1 "5 1 a if Fx E' 1 fn uf' fy , , . 'I W sh 1 ' WF ,V J 514 u p 1, , , A .U " 1' 2,1 ' r. ' ls , 5 ,iw w' ' fy -.5 , ' wg, . fu s . . .,.:,:,Y. . 1 1 1 I 0 'J wx 'gg J. Q.. M. ,',4 .- -x f x Q- M .,,:"j - , , .,-X Q' ' - x., ' 5' ' ' , , , gt, X 'N -V ., A IEW? My A ,pf ' I ilnlh ll I 1 I J , 27 GJ -S v ,ann 1115.414 ' "9g" 3 J' - .'.- Q.: ---2' 'ss' ,.:'f 4? TI' - T .' ev L, 'gum . . - ' Fila," 4 ',A:"" - r .f .N .,,,,.,....., 4, .. ,..- -'nw-145.-ga-+'..-v 1 ' " DREW Qne of the iew priviieqes ot a World at War is dreaminq ot and planning tor the many conveniences and improvements promised for postwar happiness. it is with this thouqht in mind that We present this 1944 issue oi the SUNDIAL, coupiinq memories ot happy years spent in Sunset with hope for even happier years to toilow. THE EDITORS R '11 f 3: 4 i 1 . ,q V4 1 Y, ark 4' 1"W-,,BNf QM D., R1 ik 1,5371 'ef' gay .pf Aagiia- K-MSW - 1 WI' Q 1 fad? 'nuff iw 'avg i"-'S-ZW.. if r QQHWMHEW 1. Q' 5' r n gfyi-. V' Q ACTIVITIES C LASSE S SCHOOL ROTC WF' 'Hwy ww M I Q v"'C 5 ff? . gy, ,Q Af V fl :Sr R fs 4' T 5 ,r Nm 5' .L AY' K is 5 , .-- -V fr' ff ' Z ,. 7. -93, Qi':',.! .V--if - 1 E, ,4 A 73121, .-fi " ' v, .' ' K -Q , 1 X . 'I A E: V :X ,Jigs , Llp, V' lslgsgfx. P' 4 ,, ,w,s,f idfll-f'1 2-fi , . "L .A - . .-.2 ww- 1 .vm wg-'. -.1 ,H . if ,..,.if:,fe:-S , ' 'JM .H S - f ,,. -' ,f .fn K ' I jf,Qg:4n3'as ' ,... My - , '1 ,..f ' :mf - . 1 ,- ,I , 5 - 71,5 -1 "il-H' -' I , 'Y Xlkffx, ' ' ' :X 'Ei ': .' ga . ,: v ,A f,f.,1,g-'..,gr..-K 'f--"" "3 , v 1 , - -.,. 1 .' A in X. - " " Y' , 4' 29' , .JH - ' ' .. . , X ' f 4 , zu, ,Pi Y M' 7. ', 'ff' 'P , 5' -44 ' 3.1 ' ' - -Tad' 1 ' 54? J " t .' ' , ff J' ' " ."! 'I ' 'V A' X 1-.R+ "H - f V , if '. f-,3 I , . , 1 'ini .Q ' A ,gl ' ii! - J 33.3 Q' 5 ' .1 1 -4 pf -- ' If , K Hfgp , -' . .- 'r ' ' nf Q, ef :V ' ' .' - ,, ' , n 52. 1 N. J. ' 1.4-" ' "dv :fi V ' f. ' . . P, Q' ,-V ., Y .- yi: ' f- 7'A1f.,,.- .V .t . -, 4 - 'mf r-.v , rs wg? .' QA fig' - fm- we' ,- J-,' s ' ,. ,R ,- ,..f- ,1 ,sr ' f -- 4 ' ' uf, :' f Q - ' A , J.. IKE? ' 'Q ' ' 'gh W fig 5 1 ,4 f 1 .-an Fi ' ' q i ff 14 .-f' 1-'s1v:2e4V- " .. -5 ' 1"q:i?'p - A ' ' ' J' ' M '7f..Ff4fLW'5' ' ,gryj V g, .:- ,,,.. Q12g,'..1f2 fu , f. ' f ,EV M, - N gffx h , V h M , , ,JT ' ' L ff .ALf'?3f2'5Q:'tQ-'f:n- -'SSH 1 f Pr' . , . If wif--fi-2-1fwf:ff-r+1W - :gre . '- K 1 '-. ' . . x 2 Y ,. ,TJ . W A ' ' 'sxx 1,1- RDER BOOKS Enlighfen the people generally ana' fyranny and oppression of both inind and body will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day. -THOMAS JEFFERSON SK: kg ,P 'MEQW A, K 3 is , Q .1i?w.g f. 1, V W aj -.Lv .V qwtM,fe, k 'Wig V, 'Y if :Q .. 'swag . mk..z.m J, , . .Q K' !'1li"1', .Lf TV Y Q Q is 43 '13 5511? 1 Q . . ,QQ 1 . was f ,, if LM , X sf A 5 . M. , nf Q - . ,QZ , ww. 1 ' :Jim fs: . PM .. N ,,. Q, .5 M. . ,3 - iskfx -. La . 'A.,,Mi,m:y .K M K fam,-1-. Ywvx. 5 -1 Q NA Q K' w."'f :-x 2.4! MQ ' ,. Q X . 1. 5 3 2 X. Q Z- W 1 . K .gf K Iv M ,K 4. 3 5 2 Q 6, ij 'Q ' 2 WE 5 if E x E , f mam g. , we 'V . ' A ly, .- ,V . 45? lf ' Fri Sisiig. X A syvw-A491165 1 E Wa H nz 3 ,Q To the Seniors of '44: The optimism of your youth will now produce the miracle essential to its own survival. That is why, though ashamed, we are not afraid to hand over to you a world busily engaged at suicide. We know that you are spiritually dynamic, grounded in a realistic faith and in a realism grown courageous. With great confidence we send you forth into a world where danger is great but not desperate, where difficul- ties are many but not invincible. Yours is the commission to mount guard in the cita- del of civilization and to avoid forever a recurrence of global mayhem. The chal- lenge to you is this: To compound from the present the ingredients of useful livingp to draw from the future the formulae of your dreamsp and to find in the past the basis of eternal truth and verity. Qfgaiiff' I. D. CHALK, IR lULlUS DORSEY Superintendent of Schools Board of Education L. V. STOCKARD Assistant Superintendent oi Schools David W. Carter, Ir., M.D. . Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt . Finance Mr. Gabe P. Allen Chairman Mr. L. O. Donald Mr. Dan D. Rogers Lunchrooms Mrs. T. A. Waggoner Chairman V Mr. Dan D. Rodgers Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt COMMITTEES Welfare MLP. D. Danford Chairman Mrs. T. A. Waggoner Mr. Gabe P, Allen Rules Mr. Dan D. Rodgers Chairman Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt Mrs. T. A. Waggoner 'WARREN TRAVIS WHITE Assistant Superintendent in Charge oi High Schools . . . President . Vice-President Supplies Mrs. W. P. Zurnwalt Chairman Mr. L. O. Donald Mr. F. D. Daniord Building and Sites Mr. L. O. Donald Chairman Mr. Gabe P. Allen Mr. F. D. Dantord Sunset Dads Club Qi G if OFFICERS Lin Gower . . . . President Gus L. Berry . E. O. Williams I. R. Temple . . First Vice-President . Second Vice-President . Third Vice-President W. l-l. Boone . . Fourth Vice-President G. W. Kallstrom . . Fifth Vice-President C. W. Burnam . . Sixth Vice-President I. B. Harpold . . . . Secretary-Treasurer Sunset High Dads Club during the year l943-l944 has attempted to live up to its traditional motto of "Working in the lnterest of Sunset High School." Throughout the year great emphasis has been given to student participation in the programs of the Club in order to maintain close relationship between dads and the student body. Among the chief objectives accomplished by the club during the year are the following: cash prizes each semester to outstanding students in ten subjects, awards each semester to four outstanding R. O. T, C. membersy gold fcotballs to each member of the championship football team, scholarship to R. O. T. C. encampment to deserving member cf R. O. T. C4 election of Dads Club Oueen from student body, with appropriate gifts to her and her tive attendants at a coronation ceremony which was one of the high- lights of the athletic season. Other appropriate awards were made to students for outstanding accomplish- ments. Probably the outstanding objective accomplished by the club during the year was the creation of a fund, to which a substantial sum was appropriated, to be used at the termination of the present World War for the erection of an appropriate memorial to perpetuate the memory of former students of Sunset who give their lives in the service of their Country. Fiffrfn Sixhfcn Mrs Mrs Walter W. Murphy . . . . . .Leon Price . . Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs R. E. Morrison . W. A. Wimberly . Gerald Prescott . T. A. Gray . . Frank Grossman A. E. Harris . . C. E. Freberg . O. H. McDonald . Ctis McDonald . W. E. Cotton . Dean Gauldin . W. S, Barnhill . Norman Mansfield Frank Brown . parent-Teacher Association Writ. . . . . President . First Vice-President Second Vice-President . Third Vice-President Fourth Vice-President . Filth Vice-President . Sixth Vice-President Seventh Vice-President . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . . Historian . . Parliamentarian . Publicity Chairman the Dallas City Council The Parent-Teacher Association of Sunset High School holds membership with The National Congress of Parents and Teachers, The Texas Congress of Parents and Teachers, and The Dallas City Council of Parent-Teacher Associations. The objects of this association are to promote the welfare of children and youth in home, school, church, and communityg to raise the standard oi home life, to secure adequate laws for the care and protection of youth, and to bring into close relation the home and the school so that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the training of the child and develop between educators and the general public such united efforts as will secure the highest advantages in physical, mental, and spiritual education for every child. OUR MOTTO: "ln essentials, unityy in non-essentials, libertyp in all things, charity." Meetings are held on the second Friday of each month at 10:30 A. M. at Sunset High School. Faculty GEORGE R. ADKINS Social Studies SHUMAKE M. BABER English, Public Speaking BEULAH BAKER Mathematics RUTH BAKER English WANDA BANKER Public Speaking l. C. BARNETT Science, Physical Education MARGARET BOONE Home Economics DORA NELL CARROLL Lunchroom Manager AVA CONSUELO COGDELL History IA MES P. COOK Accounting HERMAN A. COWLEY History, Coach SARA DlNSMORE English VIRGINIA l. DURRETT Dean AGNES EDWARDS Lcitln, History HENRY W. EMBRY Biology y if W ry.. - ."-4, 'Gwittfl I ' A Seventeen Y ,E z -gk , .b.. K E ' gum V if? - 5 2 Saw Eigbleen LILLIE MAE FINNEGAN Biology, Aeronautics VV. D. FRANKS Mathematics BESS HACKETT History FRANCES HATCHER Spanish RAY B. HOBEIN Mechanical Drawing GLADYS HOEHN Secretary J jr I '7 f HATTIE LEE HORNBEAK English RUTH HOUSTON History MERLE HUDSON Commercial COBIN HUMPHRIES English NESLON A. HUTTO Iournalism, English BESSIE IACKSON Enqlish ELIZABETH KEMP Clerk IRA B. LEE Mathematics ESSIE LIPSCOMB Mathematics W. A. MANGUM Mathematics BEN A. MATTHEWS Ccmmandarii OTTO K. MICHELS Music RUTH MORRIS Biology H. W. MUNROE Commercial RUTH NEECE Pianist I. O. NEELY Chemistry MABEL RUTH OLDHAM Commercial R. C. PANTERMUEHL Physics ANITA PATTERSON . . bpanish, Senior Counselor ONA PLUMMER English E. D. REED Mathematics FLORENCE ST. CLAIR Mathematics BESS SCOTT Mathematics ESSIE D. SHACKELFORD Study Hall Nineteen Twenly '- 'I .5 GRACE SIMPSON Social Siudies EULA PEARL SMITH English AGNES SPENCER Art LONA BELLE SPRUIELL English RENE LEE STENNIS Library LUCILLE STEPHENS History GEORGE ANNA TALIAFERRO Spanish STANLEY THOMAS Commercial MAE VENABLE Physical Education l-IALLIE D. WALKER Iournal ism, English LOUISE WARE Study Hall KATHLEEN Enqlish STELLA B. WARREN Clothing, Spanish VIIITHERSPOON - y mu- X,, v' " '-3- . 5' - - :gf-V 'l.y. 4 A . Us Y 7,135 Q. A X X, A - 4i'h'AT' -. . wg, X 1,4 A7 ' - V' ' " P oc 2 1 ,193 -,Q . 5 -. .. , aa , t f A .. ,110 lx 15 , - .Hg Af f 25' - .,,,iQ:A'1'1' ' 9 , if wiv V 2 YA I, 1 V I. . x - - . A -v P'-'iv 1 - . ' A' xi' ' V .f L , fl Y + ff. 1 ,fl 1 ,i-. f 4 , . . ' ,Aga ,f ' .Nu . , '1' ,H-sk '1 ' - -' 45- ' I ' -. I ,xy r I -' F- ' E, 1- wg-l r ? , Mi - ' ' "' , M A ' A-5' - - . - - :P . fmgvxfig egg, ,A - , ,f'4Nf?-ffzfflkffgrgjj . V! -5 WEL -- x-.-it 3. ' E, ,V ' h A.' :, sih'- N' , A Jing, 7-5,4 'J H 5 ,. ,, , . , 4 In . 1 Mu V- I? Q T: :fini - .. ,, , '1 L K L V K ,-5' a - ' -d1.,:L-?5 . A , - LAS Class of January, 1944 OFFICERS Charles Clanton Sorrells . . . . President Iames Louis Chamberlain . . . VicefPresiclent Betty Louise Bishop . . . . Secretary Nona Patricia Morgan . . . Treasurer Miss Lona Bell Spruiell . . . Sponsor BENNIE ALBRITTON National Honor Society, Treasurer III-A Class, Special Linz Pin, Vice-President Debate Club, National Forensic League, Student Council, Sodalitas Latina, Band. DAYTON BOYER President of Student Council, Good Scholarship Club, Lettered in Football, Basketball and Baseball, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Track. LAWRENCE ALSBROOK Student Council, Stampede Sports Editor, R. O. T. C. HORACE BACHMAN Assistant Editor of Stampede, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Linz Pin, Good Scholarship Club, R. O. T. C. BETTY BISHOP Secretary IV-A Class, Treasurer IV-B Class, Linz Pin, Good Scholarship Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Girl Reserves, Ice Skating Club, Senior Day Skit, Senior Play. MICKEY BRADLEY Good Scholarship Club, Linz Pins, Girl Reserves, Ice Skating Club, Senior Day Skit, Senior Play. KAYE DON BROWN Lettered in Football and Baseball, Stampede Sports Editor, Non- commissioned Officer in R. O. T. C, WILLIAM IENNINGS BRYAN Lieutenant Colonel R. O. T. C., Rifle Team, Camp Dallas, Officers Club, Basketball, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. ARTHUR L. BURCH Lettered in Football and Baseball, Tri-Captain of Football Team, Iunior and Senior Hi-Y, Student Council. KATHERYN BENNIE BUSHONG IIMMY CHAMBERLAIN President of National Honor Society, Vice-President of IV-A Class Helper President of El Sol LINDA CHRISMON Stampede Reporter Special Linz Pin, Good Scholarship Club, Student Council, Office 'X PEGGY COBB National Honor Society, Linz Pin, Sodalitas Latina, Essay Winner, President of Biology Club, Girl Reserves, Ice Skating Club, Drum Majorette, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. HA RRIET IANE COLWELL Secretary of Ice Skating Club, Stampede Reporter, Girl Reserves, Senior Day Skit, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. .15 l Twenty-three . BOB COOKE I Entered from Adamson, Assistant Manager of Stampede. R. O. T. C., One Hundred Per Cent Banker. I mrs LORINE CORLEY IoHN P. CRABB. IR. ' Captain of R. O. T. C. Band, Head Drurn Major of Purple and White Band, Orchestra, Student Council, Sodalitas Latina, Ice Skating Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. HUBERT CUNNINGHAM I. I. CURE Enrolled from Vernon Hiqh School, Track, Baseball, Lettered in Football, Dramatic Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. GERALD DOTY HELEN DUNCAN ROBERT LEE EDGE Lettered in Football, All-City Football Team, Track, Baseball, Reporter for the Stampede. Noncommissioned Officer in R. O. T. C. DOUGLAS FREBERG Officers Club, Major in R. O. T. C. CReservel, Camp Dallas, Track, Crack Company, Senior Day Skit, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. RICHARD GIBSON FRED GOODWIN Lettered in Football and Tennis, Tri-Captain of Football Tearn, All-City Football Team, Basketball, Baseball, Student Council, Good Scholarship Club, Linz Pin, Non-Commissioned Officer in R. O. T. C. Band, Crchestra. IAMES GORDON IOHN GRA NT DORIS GRIFFIN Sunrays-Flag Corps, Iunior Red Cross, Ice Skating Club. Twenty- four BETTY IO HAMILTON Linz Pin, Good Scholarship Club, Office Helper, Orchestra, Chorus, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. EDWIN HARPER Lieutenant Colonel in R. O. T. C., Officers Club, Camp Dallas, Pan-American Student Forum, Student Council, Ice Skating Club. MARILYN HAYS Library Helper, Good Scholarship Club. MARGARET HEIMAN Linz Pin, Assistant Edltor of Stampede, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. GERALD HENDERSON Student Council, Linz Pin, Good Scholarship Club, Purple and White Band, R. O. T. C. Band, Sergeant-at-Arms, Iunior Historical Society, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. LOIS HILLIN Reporter for Stampede. MA RIORIE LUCILLE HOLDEN Exchagqe-Editor of Stampede. One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Sunrays. FRANK HOLLOWAY Special Linz Pin, National Honor Society, Editor-in-Chief of Stam- pede, Business Manager of Sundial, National Student Congress, State Champion N. F. L. Debate, Student Council, President of Dramatic Club, Vice-President of Speakers Club, President of N. F. L., President of Debate Club, Iudqe of City Bicycle Court, Senior Play Cast, Pan-American Student Forum, El Sol, National Thespian Society. IACK HOWARD WILLIAM HUGGINS IAMES H. HYNDMAN GERALDINE KINNE Entered from Woodrow Wilson Hiqh School, National Honor Society, Linz Pin, Pan-American Student Forum, Dramatic Club, Good Scholarship Club, Office Helper. RANDALL LEWIS Football, Track, Good Scholarship Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, R. O. T. C. YVONNE LEWIS Secretary of Nc 'tional Honor Society, Good Scholarship Club, Spe- cial Linz Pin, Linz Bible Award, Student Council, Pan-American Student Forum, Secretary of El Sol, Office Helper, Iunior Red Cross. if A J Tm Q li? Twenly-five 4 iiislt1":fz"i's5'-15523'YZLLWL4 '-'5:':E:s:s1sf-.-if : 9-: 's1i ,, - xr ' Vg',:rye .fsastzafs ' ' -. . l T , 5-igfgzfmggtqi - '-I-Z' .. V Q if . ' z :'- :-A F925 ?YZEi1L'-' ' f , , -. , .3 - s2:Fh: ' ' . 5-,. , :' eg . . ' J A- lgstifeza .flzgegQg5.k . "1 fn Y QS. if: :is " '- w5':.': 55 ' , - 'fs stir :. 1:-. 5.1 . il, 'mf-fW"9 "J f:"F'. U3 .t:m1,,v.'rf'.z t wi:-:iS'l1f?SSF sexi Ssgfggggg 1 . - 2 1 f i' if , . . .-.,. ,.., , . -lfzz rr, .rf fi: - Liieieteflesg + 4 f' Y -. , , fflfilli Twenty-:ix BRUCE LINTNER ERNEST LYLES Reserve Lieutenant Colonel in R, O. T. C., Camp Dallas, Rifle Team, Officers Club, Hi-Y, Crack Company, Senior Play, Senior Day Skit. CLAUDE MCCLENNAHAN President of Student Council, President of IV-B and III-A Class, Lettered in Football, Basketball, Baseball: Lieutenant Colonel in R. O. T. C., Officers Club, Iunior and Senior Hi-Y, Camp Dallas, Good Scholarship Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Track. GRETA McLARTY Senior Play, Captain of Baton Corps, Girl Reserves, El Sol, Ice Skating Club, Good Scholarship Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Iunior Red Cross. ALBERT E. MASON National Honor Society, Sergeant in R. O. T. C. Band, Purple and White Band, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. ELAINE MANNING Entered from Washington, D. C., Stampede Staff, Good Scholarship Club, Linz Pin. MARIORIE MARLETT o Entered from Kilgore High School, Flag Corps of Sunrays, Ice Skating Club, Senior Girl Reserves, Iunior Red Cross, One Hun- ded Per Cent Banker. HAROLD MELTON Drum Major, Senior Play, Senior Day Skit, Popularity Contest, Officers Club, Captain in R. O. T. C., Dramatic Club, El Sol, Purple and White Band, Senior Hi-Y, Orchestra. PERN LOUISE MOODY Ice Skating Club, Sunrays, Usher at Commencement Exercises and at Senior Play. BOB MOORE Hi-Y, Debate Club, Purple and White Band, Non-Commissioned Officer in R. O. T. C., Golf Team. IACK MORAN One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Non-Commissioned Officer in R. O. T. C., Stampede Reporter. NONA MORGAN Dads Club Queen, Student Council, Treasurer of IV-A Class, Secretary of III-B Class, Senior Play, Girl Reserves, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Ice Skating Club, Good Scholarship Club. IUANITA MoRR1LL n Senior Play, National Honor Society, Student Council, Linz Pin, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Orchestra, Good Scholarship Club, Iunior Historical Society, El Sol. ROBERT WM. MOSER Ice Skating Club, R. O. T, C. Band, Purple and White Band, Orchestra. FORREST NICKELL National Honor Society, Special Linz Pin, Office Helper, Second Lieutenant in R. O. T. C., Student Council Representative. LILLIE GRACE ODOM National Honor Society, Special Linz Pin, Good Scholarship Club, Co-Captain of Sunrays, Senior Skit, Girl Reserves, Pan-American Student Forum, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Orchestra. BILLIE FLAY OLER Girl Reserves, Good Scholarship Club, Assistant Editor of the Stampede. HORACE PATTERSON Linz Bible Award, Non-Commissioned Officer in R. O. T. C., One Hundred Per Cent Banker. MARGIE LOUISE PHILLIPS One Hundred Per Cent Banker, French Club, Iunior Historical Society, Orchestra. BETTY PRATT Good Scholarship Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Business Staff of Sundial, Sunrays, Chorus, Senior Skit. MILDRED REDDRICK Vice-President of National Honor Society, Good Scholarship Club, Linz Bible Award, Linz Pin, Student Council Representative, Vice- President of El Sol. I L MILDRED ANNE RHoADs National Forensic League, Stampede Staff, Debate Club, Girl Re- serves, Tennis Club, Biology Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Bicycle Club. BILLIE PAT RICHARDS Captain in R. O. T. C., Camp Dallas, Member of Hi-Y, Reporter for Stampede, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Football. RICHARD ROBERTSON National Honor Society, Special Linz Pin, Everts Award, Good Scholarship Club, Sodalitas Latina, Non-Commissioned Officer in R. O. T. C., Purple and White Band, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. IOHN ROLLWAGE MARY LOU SANFORD Cheerleader, Senior Play, Senior Day Skit, Girl Reserves, Stam- pede Editor, Good Scholarship Club, Biology Club, Iunior Red Red Cross, Art Club. IAMES SARTIN Purple and White Band, R. O. T. C. Band, Orchestra, Stampede Reporter. RUBY LOUISE SCOTT One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Sodalitas Latina, Latin I Tournament. Twenty-seven 'rms' -t-euwt'-fr.-2, me . Q 1,, 1 fr., 3 . 'N on-'X Q35 Ang s. grggfigf ' . zbiiirf '. -- -we 1 1- - -4555555 ss.,f,f,W..+,.,,.1f...,., S ii . lt Emi -Qs9t,q3f2ifaXSm.4'. S gs, , Ft 3 s , 3 e 2 P i W I .. ey ,Q v A Twenty-eight G Q ar' IIMMIE FRANCES SEARS Senior Play, Secretary of III-A Class, Secretary of IV-B Class, Assistant Editor of Stampede, Good Scholarship Club, President of Chorus, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Senior Day Skit, Ice Skat- ing Club, Girl Reserves. CAROL SCHMIDT Entered from Houston, Chorus, Sunrays, Girl Reserves, One Hun- dred Per Cent Banker. VALERA SHADIX Senior Day Skit, National Forensic League, Girl Reserves, Linz Pin, Office Helper, Officer in Sunrays, Good Scholarship Club, Linz Bible Award, Debate Club, El Sol, Red Cross Representative, Biology Club. ELIZABETH SMITH National Honor Society, Good Scholarship Club, Perfect Attend- ance, Sunrays, String Ensemble, Orchestra, Stampede Business Staff, Ice Skating Club, El Sol Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Senior Day Skit. CHARLES SORRELLS Vice-President of Student Council, President of IV-A Class, Vice- President of IV-B Class, Treasurer of II-B Class, Vice-President of Officers Club, Major in R. O. T. C., Camp Dallas, Iunior and Senior Hi-Y, Good Scholarship Club, Student Council Representa- tive, President of Biology Club, Senior Play, Baseball. LOUIS STULTZ Entered from Adamson, Good Scholarship Club, Debate Club, Iunior Red Cross, Ice Skating Club, Bible Award. ELI A. STURGES One Hundred Per Cent Banker, National Honor Society, Linz Pin, Office Helper, B. O. T. C. Officers Club, Lieutenant in R. O. T. C., Dramatic Club, Tennis Club, Good Scholarship Club. ETTA FRA NCES STURGES CHARLES TERRY Good Scholarship Club, Lettered in Footbail, Lettered in Baseball, Basketball Squad, Tennis Club, Stampede Reporter. MARY FLORENCE TULLIS Entered from Houston, Linz Pin, National Forensic League, Pan- American Student Forurn, Good Scholarship Club, Debate Club, El Sol, Biology Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. ELEANOR WADE MARY ELLA WAGNER National Honor Society, Good Scholarship Club, Business Staff of Stampede, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. ALVIN VVALKER Cheerleader, Senior Hi-Y Club. TED WALLER HELEN FAYE WHEELER Student Council Representative, Stampede Exchange Editor, Sunrays. MARY ILA WHITE Cne Hundred Per Cent Banker, Stampede Reporter, Pen Pals. TOMMY WHITTLE Non-Commissioned Ctfcer in R. O. T. C., Member of Hi-Y, Traci: Team, R. O. T. C. Band, Purple and White Band, Orchestra, Soda- litas Latina, Biology Club, lunior Red Cross, Student Council Representative. AUDRY MAURINE WILLIAMS National Honor Scclety, Good Scholarship Club, Majorette, Pan- American Student Forum, President oi V. L.'s, Girl Reserves, Cne Hundred Per Cent Banker, Sunrays, Senior Day Skit. DICK ZEHNER Football Manager, First Lieutenant in R. O. T. C., Member of Hi-Y, Officers Club, Track, Baseball, Orchestra. VIRGINIA RUTH ADAMS Senior Play, Girl Reserves, Dramatic Club, Ice Skating Club, Senior Day Skit, Good Scholarship Club. ' ' 'af f X ,,t . Qther Graduates BOYS ADAIR, PAUL BENTLEY, IOHN EARL CLARK, EDWIN COBB, IACK DEES, PAUL DERR, IOHN DOUGLAS, KENNETH FELTON, IOE E. HOLLOWAY, CLYDE MCCOY, ORBAN MAYO, BOBBY NANCE, ICHN L. PHARES, GENE POWELL, WAYNE RAI-IN, EDDIE RAY, BEN BURKE RUSSELL, LOUIS STEWART, RAYMOND WALLS, DAN GIRLS BAXTER, LUCTLLE BRTMBERRY, 1oY BURKSWANDA IO CAMPBELL, RUTH CCCHRAN, IANE EWTNC, BERNYCE PTSHER, TEPFTE HALLIBURTON, PATRICIA HARGETT, SUE HORTON, FRANCES lvCcERlDE, ANE MATTHEWS, EVA LYNN NTCHCLS, BETTY IO RANDALL, JERRY SMITH, RUTH STEPHENSCN, FRANCES WIGINTCN, BOBBIE Twenty-nin Thirty My I X 1 N J .,1 ,,. if if rf Class oi June, 1944 OFFICERS FALL TERM Bob Webster . . . . . . Earl Predoly . . Margaret Dalton . . Mary Louise Kirby . . . Miss Lona Belle Spruiell . . SPRING TERM Alonzo lensen . . . . Earl Preoldy . . . Euna Vay' Garrison . . Barloara Blaine .... Miss Lona Belle Spruiell . . . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . . Sponsor . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . . Sponsor ERNEST ADAMS EDITH MARIE ALMON Good Scholarship Club, Sundial Art Staff, Stampede Reporter, Art Club, National Honor Soclety. IOHNNIE MAE BANKSTCN Good Scholarship Club, Sunrays, Office I-lelpcr. MARY ANN BARBEE IOHN BARROW BILLY IOE BATES NAWONA BATES Entered from Mabank High School. NANCY BEAN Linz Pin, Orchestra, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Staff Sergeant in Girls Military. P 3 Q 'S 1 3 1 U5 f, 1 A A 'Q' V rt x fx? . .-- A ig? Q., if ,tg A f f 'favs HASKELL BEATTY V BILLY BECKER L' M I captain in R. o. T. c., Officers club, Camp Dallas, Iunior H1-Y, X Student Council, Good Scholarship Club, One Hundred Per Cent Q Banker. , as- 5? gg 5 I ' IOE BEHNE ' Ag- .. ,ff WINNELL BENEDICT ,Z ,gl Q Stampede Staff. 1 ,:.v A I is 5 Y' l Lettered in WAYNE BENNETT Football, Track, Iunior and Senior Hi-Y. NORMA IEAN BICKFORD Tbirfy-our 4 xi Thirty-Kuo E. D. BISHOP Non-Commissioned Officer in R. O. T. C., Camp Dallas, Track, Baseball, Bicycle Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Pan- American Student Forum, Dramatic Club, El Sol, Hi-Y. BARBARA BLAINE Secretary Student Council, Secretary Girl Reserves, Red Cross Representative, Good Scholarship Club, Linz Pin, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Treasurer of IV-A Class, Natonal Honor Society. BILL BLAIR PATSY BLAND BETTYE RUTH BLANKENSHIP Stampede Business Staff, Iunior Red Cross, Girl Reserves, Tennis Club, Chorus, Sunrays, Sprinq Show, Victory Concert, One Hun- dred Per Cent Banker. ALLEN FLORINE BOLIVER Iunior Red Cross Representative, Flaq Corps in Sunrays, El Sol, Pan-American Student Forum, Biology Club, Stampede Business Staff, Dramatic Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. EDNA LOUISE BOOTH Student Council, Good Scholarship Club, El Sol, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. CHARLES BOYD Crchestra, Band. IOHN L. BOYD Stampede Reporter, Staff Sergeant in R. O. T. C., Crock Company, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. ELEANOR BOYETT Good Scholarship Club, Dallas Junior Historical Society, Linz Pins, Purple and INhite Band, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, National Honor Soclety. GLORIA BRADFORD CHARLES PRICIE BRAGG Student Council, Vice'Presider1t of Good Scholarship Club, Candi- date tor Special Linz Award, Candidate for Everts Award, Ccm- missioned Cfficer in R. O. T. C., Rifle Team, Officers Club, Camp Dallas, Tennis Team, Ice Skating Club, Sodalitas Latlna, Orchestra, Band, Cffice Helper, Cne Hundred F-er Cent Banker, Natonal Honor Soclety. LOUIS BROAD First Lieutenant in R. O. T. C., Assistant Editor of Stampede, Camp Dallas. FRANK BROVVN BETTY BROWNLEE Ice Skating Club, Good Scholarship Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. DORIS BRUMIT Secretary of Girl Reserves, Good Scholarship Club, Linz Pins, El Sol, Pan-American Student Forum, Student Council, Editorial Staff of Sundial, Candidate for Special Linz Award, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, National Honor Society. EVELYN BRUNSON Pan-American Student Forum, El Sol, Good Scholarship Club, P. E. Captain. PHYLLIS BYROM ffg, JACK CARLOYE ., . . WANDA CARPENTER Entered from Leonard High School, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. DEVON CARRELL Senior Hi-Y, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. BERTIE CHARLES F WILLIAM CHRISTENSEN HOMER CHRISTENSCN CURTISS WALLY CHRISTIAN I Good Scholarship Club, Vice-President of Sodalitas Latina, Latin Tournament Representative, Dramatic Club, Speakers Club, De- claimer, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, National Honor Society. HELEN RUTH Cl-IRISTIE Student Council, Secretary of Public Speaking Class, Tenikoit and Volleyball Captain in P. E., Posture Contest, Good Scholarship Club, Girl Reserves, Dramatic Club, Ice Skating Club, Debate Club, Biology Club, Pen Pal Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. LOUIS COATS CATHERINE COFFIN Girl Reserve Officer, Good Scholarship Club, Cffice Helper, Candi' date for Everts Award, Candidate for Special Linz Award, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Speakers Club, Dramatic Club, Pan- American Student Forum, Dallas Iunior Historical Society, Sunrays, National Honor Society. 1 fl fi. 'f Thirty-tb ree Tkfl'fj'-f!17ll' LAURA LOUISE COLE National Honor Society, Good Scholarship Club, Candidate for Everts Award, Candidate for Special Linz Award, Student Council, Sodalitas Latina, Tennis Team, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. Drum Majorette, Sundial Editorial Staff. TOMMY COLE Student Council, Good Scholarship Club, Linz Pins, Received First Division at Five Greater Dallas Music Festivals, Purple and White Band, R. O. T. C. Band. EVELYN EARL COLEMAN Orchestra, Sodalitas Latina, Girls Military, First Aid Class. MARILOU COLLINS Girl Reserves, Stampede Reporter, Tenikoit Captain in P. E., One Hundred Per Cent Banker. CAROLYN COOK El Sol, Orchestra, Chorus, Dramatic Club, Good Scholarship Club, Stampede Reporter. EDWARD COOK El Sol, Declarnation, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Sergeant in R. O. T. C. IEANE COOK Girl Reserves, Student Council, Good Scholarship Club, El Sol, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. EDWARD COCPER BILL COTTON PATRICIA COXE El Sol, Good Scholarship Club, Linz Pins, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, National Honor Society. VIRGINIA LEA CRAIN Student Council, Linz Pin, Iunior Red Cross Representative, Girl Reserves, Good Scholarship Club, El Sol, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. MARTHA CREWS MARVIN CROW . One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Purple and White Band, Track, Baseball, Greater Dallas Music Festival, Non-Commissioned Officer in R. O. T. C. IACK CROWE One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Stampede Reporter, Good Scholar- ship Club, Baseball. RUTH CROWELL CA RLETTA CROWLEY Red Cross Representative, Secretary of Art Club, Girl Reserves, Stampede. One Hundred Per Cent Banker. I. R. CUPP VERNICE CURRY NANCY DAIGH MARGARET DALTON Most Popular Senior Girl, Cheerleader, Secretary of IV-B Class, Treasurer of II-B Class, III-B Nominee for Dads Club Queen, Stu- dent Council, Good Scholarship Club, National Honor Society. DORIS DAVIS Girl Reserve Officer, Ice Skating Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. NINA IEAN DAVIS Sunrays, Chorus, Spring Show Victory Concerts, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. MARY MARTEEN DeWITT Business Manager of Sundial, Art Club Secretary, Stampede Re- porter, Good Scholarship Club, Linz Pins, Girl Reserves, Iunior Red Cross Representative, Pep Squad, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Spring Show, Music Festival, National Honor Society. MARY DICKENS HELEN DOELLE Linz Bible Award, Stampede Reporter, French Club, Pen Pal Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. PATSY IO DOERR Girl Reserves, Bioloqy Club, Pan-American Student Forum, Stam- pede Reporter, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. KENNETH DOOLEY MARGIE DUNCAN Entered from Forest, Good Scholarship Club, Girls Military, Stam- pede Reporter, Student Council. l Thirty-five Qt. Tlairyt-six DOROTHY DYER Good Scholarship Club, Ice Skating Club, Officer of Dallas Iunior Historical Society, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, National Honor Society. ALICIA IEAN DYSART Good Scholarship Club, Linz Pin, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Representative of Iunior Safety Council, Girl Reserves, Stampede Reporter, National Honor Society. RUTH ELAINE ELFENBEIN Good Scholarship Club, National Thespian Club, Dramatic Club, Speakers Club, President oi Pen Pal Club, Dallas Iunior Historical Society, Biology Club, Art Club, Symphony Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Business Staff of Sundial, Assistant Editor of Stampede. DAVID E. ELLIS Sodalitas Latina, Officers Club, Commissioned Officer in R. O. T. C., Crack Company, Camp Dallas, Track. MARY ELLEN ERWIN Linz Pins, Linz Bible Award, Good Scholarship Club, One Hun- dred Per Cent Banker. FLORA MAE ESTES Assistant-Business Manager of Sundial, Girl Reserve Officer, Good Scholarship Club, Dramatic Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Pep Squad, Stampede Staff, Spring Show, Music Festival. DOROTHY EVERS Tennis Team Captain, National Honor Society, Student Council, Candidate for Special Linz Award, Candidate for Everts Award, Scholarship Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. Stampede Staff, Good DORIS FARMER IANICE LEE FISHER BOB FOLSOM Lieutenant Colonel in R. O. T. C., II-B Class President, Best Com- pany Commander, Candidate for Special Linz Award, National Honor Society, Key of Knowledge, Lettered in Football, Lettered in Basketball, Lettered in Track, Lettered in Baseball, Secretary of Cfficers Club, Good Scholarship Club, Company Commander of Company Winning Parade Line Cup, Student Council. IOAN FREEMAN President of Debate Club, Letter in Debate, National Forensic League, Good Scholarship Club, El Sol, Pan-Arnerlcan Student Forum, Student Council, Candidate for Special Linz Award, National Honor Society. SHIRLEY FREEMAN Girl Reserve Officer, Good Scholarship Club, Pan-American Stu- dent Forum, Cffice Helper, Sunrays. DEAN MURRAY GANDY National Forensic League, Good Scholarship Club, Debate Club, Speakers Club, R. O. T. C., One Hundred Per Cent Banker, National Honor Society. BOBBY GARRETT EUNA VAY GARRISON One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Most Beautiful Girl, Treasurer of Girl Reserves, Red Cross Representative, Staff Sergeant in Girls Military. LESLIE GAYLORD Tennis Team Captain, Vice-President of Chorus. IOAN E. GIFFORD Art Club, Office Helper, Chorus. ELAINE GILTNER Linz Pin, Linz Bible Award, Iunior Red Cross, Pan-American Stu- dent Forum, Ice Skating Club, Good Scholarship Club, Girl Re- serves, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. LIN H. GOWER Lettered in Football, Track, Baseball, Good Scholarship Club, Major in R. O. T. C., Regimental Staff, Officers Club, Camp Dallas, Officer in Hi-Y. VENETIA GRAHAM Good Scholarship Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. LEON GRAY Good Scholarship Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Purple and White Band, First Sergeant in R. O. T. C. Band, Camp Dallas, Stampede Reporter. ANN GREER Candidate for Everts Award, Candidate for Special Linz Award, Good Scholarship Club, Treasurer of Pan-American Student Forum, Advisory Council Representative of Pan-American Student Forum, Student Council, Office Helper, Red Cross Council, El Sol, Dallas Iunior Historical Society, Girls Military, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, National Honor Society. BARBARA E. GIFFIN Entered from Huntington Park High School, Debate Club, Stampede Reporter, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. DONALD GRIFFIN Lettered in Baseball, Lettered in Football, Non-Co issioned Officer in R. O. T. C., Hi-Y. IA NE GRIFFITH Pan-American Student Forum, All-City Secretary of Pan-American Student Forum, El Sol, Dramatic Club, Linz Pin, Good Scholarship Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. MARY ANNE GROSSMAN Linz Pin, Good Scholarship Club, Girl Reserves, Pan-American Student Forum, First Aid Course, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. NORMA IEAN GUTHRIE Co-Captain of Sunrays, Girl Reserves, El Sol, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. HILDA HADEN Captain in Girls Military, Dramatic! Club, El Sol, Girl Reserves, Red Cross Representative, Stampede, Orchestra. Tlsirly-seven X IN 1 Xi' Thirty-eight IACK HAPEMAN MADELYN HARBIN Secretary of Chorus, El Sol, Pan-American Student Forum, Girl Reserves, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. HARGUS HARDEMAN HELEN RUTH I-IARDEN Sodalitas Latina, Good Scholarship Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Stampede. WILLIAM HARE One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Sergeant in R. O. T. C. BARBARA HARPER Good Scholarship Club, Linz Pin, Speakers Club, Secretary of II-A Class, Linz Bible Award, Drarnatic Club, El Sol, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. BETTY HARPER A. E. HARRIS RICHARD I-IASTY IOHNNIE HATCH MARY BETH HENDERSON Treasurer Dallas Iunior Historical Society, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Good Scholarship Club. BOB HENDRICK Major in R. O. T. C., Camp Dallas, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Office Helper, Student Council Representative, Vice-President of Iunior Red Cross, Stage Manager. ELLEN IANE HENSLEE Student Council Representative, Pan-American Student Forum, Girl Reserves, Treasurer of El Sol, Good Scholarship Club, Ice Skating Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Iunior Historical Society. MERCEDES ELIZA BETH HERRERA Linz Pin, Good Scholarship Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Iunior Red Cross. BETTY BROWNLEE Ice Skating Club, Good Scholarship Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. DORIS BRUMIT Secretary of Girl Reserves, Good Scholarship Club, Linz Pins, El Sol, Pan-American Student Forum, Student Council, Editorial Staff of Sundial. Candidate for Special Linz Award, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, National Honor Society. EVELYN BRUNSON Pan-American Student Forum, El Sol, Good Scholarship Club, P. E. Captain. Pl-IYLLIS BYROM .GIL JACK CARLOYE WANDA CARPENTER ' Entered from Leonard High School, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. DEVON CARRELL Senior Hi-Y, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. BERTIE CHARLES 5 WILLIAM CHRISTENSEN I-IOMER CHRISTENSCN CURTISS WALLY CHRISTIAN X Good Scholarship Club, Vice-President of Sodalitas Latina, Latin 7 Tournament Representative, Dramatic Club, Speakers Club, De- claimer, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, National Honor Society. HELEN RUTH CHRISTIE Student Council, Secretary oi Public Speaking Class, Tenikoit and Volleyball Captain in P. E., Posture Contest, Good Scholarship Club, Girl Reserves, Dramatic Club, Ice Skating Club, Debate Club, Biology Club, Pen Pal Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. LOUIS COATS CATHERINE COFFIN Girl Reserve Officer, Good Scholarship Club, Ciffce Helper, Candi- date for Everts Award, Candidate for Special Linz Award, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Speakers Club, Drcmfxtic Club, Pan- American Student Forum, Dallas Iunior Historical Soclety, Sunrays, National Honor Society. 74 I , I 2' f ...., V T' I Thirty-three LAURA LOUISE COLE National Honor Society, Good Scholarship Club, Candidate for Everts Award, Candidate for Special Linz Award, Student Council, Sodalitas Latina, Tennis Team, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. Drurn Maiorette, Sundial Editorial Staff. TOMMY COLE Student Council, Good Scholarship Club, Linz Pins, Received First Division at Five Greater Dallas Music Festivals, Purple and White Band, R. O. T. C. Band. EVELYN EARL COLEMAN Orchestra, Sodalitas Latina, Girls Military, First Aid Class. MARILOU COLLINS Girl Reserves, Stampede Reporter, Tenikoit Captain in P. E., One Hundred Per Cent Banker. CAROLYN COOK El Sol, Orchestra, Chorus, Dramatic Club, Good Scholarship Club, Stampede Reporter, EDWARD COOK El Sol, Declamation, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Sergeant in R. O. T. C. IEANE COOK Girl Reserves, Student Council, Good Scholarship Club, El Sol, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. EDWARD COCPER BILL COTTON PATRICIA COXE El Sol, Good Scholarship Club, Linz Pins, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, National Honor Society. VIRGINIA LEA CRAIN Student Council, Linz Pin, Iunior Red Cross Representative, Girl Reserves, Good Scholarship Club, El Sol, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. MARTHA CREVVS MARVIN CROW . One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Purple and White Band, Track, Baseball, Greater Dallas Music Festival, Non-Commissioned Officer . O. T. C. IACK CROWE One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Stampede Reporter, Good Scholar- ship Club, Baseball. Thirly-fuu r MARILYN SUE IONES TILFORD IONES RI-IEA KEELE Lettered in Football, Track, Baseball, Iunior cmd Senior Hi-Y, Student Council Representative, Non-Commissioned Officer in I Second Band, Purple and White Band. MARY LOUISE KIRBY Treasurer of IV-B Class, President of Dramatic Club, Good Scholar- ship Club, Vice-President of Speakers Club, Secretary of Thespian Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Candidate for Linz Pin, National Honor Society. CARL LAMBERT Two-Year Letterman in Tennis, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Good Scholarship Club. OLA MAE LANDRUM Entered from Borqer, Texas, Member of El Sol. Student Council Representative, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Girls Military, Chorus Club. MARIAN LAYTON Captain of Flag Corps in Sunrays, Vice-President of Art Club, Stampede Re orter, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, May Festival, Iunior llted Cross, Girl Reserves, Dads Club Show, Pan-American Student Forum. CLYDE LEATHERWOOD Office Helper. BILL LEE Student Council Representative, Assistant Business Manager of Stampede, Non-Commissioned Officer in R. O. T. C., One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Baseball. ANITA RAY LEWIS CAROL LEE LIVINGSTON Good Scholarship Club, Candidate for Everts Award, Candidate for Special Linz Pin, Platoon-Leader in Sunrays, Pan-American Student Forum, Dramatic Club, Biology Club, Ice-Skating Club, Make-up Staff for Senior Play, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, El Sol. SIDNEY LIVINGSTON Purple and White Band, Commissioned Officer in R. O. T. C. Band, Rifle Team, Camp Dallas, Hi-Y, Good Scholarship Club, Orchestra. 1 . IUDY ,LLOYD Posture Contest, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. HELENE LOGAN at qi it .gf I .. , If A . L Forty-one ,. ANNETTE LOMAX Ice-Skating Club, Safety Contest Winner, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Sunrays. 1 MARTHA DRUCILLA LOONEY One Hundred Per Cent Banker. WAYNE LOWRY lANE LOVELACE I 4 IOHN THOMAS LYNCH 1- - i ,z gvl I DALE LYNN ' ' , A lf Track, Good Scholarship Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. at .. rrnrrr rfn Y r lr --r-: lili'ff'i'ff. EUGENE McCLANE :,K llk, Non-Commissioned Oflicer in R. O. T. C., Crack Company. 'rrrr . :E E E, JACK MCELWAIN "" QQ' R. O. T. C. Band, Purple and White Band, One Hundred fi 'V 'h- Per Cent Banker. KENNETH MCINTOSH Staff Sergeant in R. O. T. C. PEGGY MALONE NORMA MANSFIELD Platoon Leader in Sunrays, Girl Reserves, Biology Club, lce-Skate ing Club, Iunior Red Cross Representative, Good Scholarship Club, Spring Show. VAL MANSFIELD Vice-President of ll-B Class, Student Council Representative, Mem- ber of I-li-Y, Sharpshooter Award in R. O. T. C., Crack Company in R. O. T. C. WAYMOND MANSELL BOB MARTIN Captain in R. O. T. C., Camp Dallas, Rifle Team, Officers Club, Track, Football, Good Scholarship Club, R. O. T. C. Band, Purple and White Band, Orchestra, All-City Band and Orchestra, Student Council Representative, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. Forty-two LEONARD G. MARTIN Member of Pan-American Student Forum, Staff Sergeant in R. O. T. C, ROLAND MARTIN WESTELLE MAXWELL Bible Award, Linz Pin, Good Scholarship Club. MARTHA MEANOR GLORIA MITCHELL MILDRED MITCHELL ROBERT CHARLES MOMAN One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Orchestra, Band, Iunior Hi-Y, Senior Hi-Y, Sergeant in R. O. T. C. BOB MOOMAW IOANNE FRANCES MONTGOMERY Vice-President of Girl Reserves, Captain of Volley Ball Team, Tennis Club. DORIS MAE MOORE One Hundred Per Cent Banker. IIMMY MOORE Baseball, Track, Tennis Club, Rifle Team, Officers Club, Speakers Club, Lieutenant in Military, Camp Dallas, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. IMA IOY MOORE MARIORIE MOORE Dramatic Club, Biology Club, Girl Reserves, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Stampede Business Staff, Flag Corps in Sunrays. PAULA SUE MOORE Entered from Adamson, Good Scholarship Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, El Sol, Girl Reserves. -irq 'f Forty-three' Forty-four HUGH MORGAN A. M. MOSHER MADGE MOTSENBOCKER FRANKIE LOU MUNSELLE RUBY NEAL A Linz Pin, Student Council Representatiye, El Sol, First Sergeant in Girls Military. MARGARET RUTH NEARPASS One Hundred Per Cent Banker. BETTY NEWBERRY Girl Resetws, Art Club. EUGENE NICHOLL Good Scholarship Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, R. O. T. C., Purple and White Band," Orchestra. I MARY, RUTH Nix El Solf One Hundred Perl Cent Banker, Staff Sergeant in Girls Military. PEGGY NORRIS IOHN H. NoRrH, IR. Tennis, Good Scholarship Club, Officer in R. O. T. C., Stampede, Camp Dallas, Student Council Representative, Iunior Hi-Y. BOBBY OLIVE A PEGGY O'ROURKE Pen Pal, Secretary of Dramatic Club, Sergeant in Girls Military, Stampede Reporter, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. BOBBY ORR CHARLES OSBORN Lieutenant in R. O. T. C., Ice Skating Club. DICK OSBORN MARY ANN PACE Girl Reserves, Captain ot Tenikoit Team, Candidate for Graduation in Summer School. BETTY PARKS Entered from Denton, Texasy Dallas Iunior Historical Society, Linz Pin, Good Scholarship Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, National Honor Society. GEORGIAZPATAK Sunray Squad Leader, Good Scholarship Club, Secretary of Public Speaking l, Student Council Representative, Natlonal Honor Society. BLIX MARY PATE Secretary of Dramatic Club, National Thespian Club, Member ot All-City One-Act Play, Bicycle Club. DOROTHY PATTERSON Student Council Representative, Good Scholarship Club, Linz Pin, Cttice Helper, Pep Squad, Stampede Reporter. VICTOR PATTERSON One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Pan-American Student Forum, Non- Commlssioned Officer in R. O. T. C. Band, Purple and White Band, Greater Dallas Music Festival. FRED HARVEY PENNINGTON, IR. One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Commissioned Otilcer in R. O. T. C. Band, Purple and White Band, Good Scholarship Club, Sodalitafs Latina, Rifle Team, Camp Dallas, Orchestra. NORA DEAN PERKINS SUE PETERSON Cheer Leader, Girl Reserves, Biology Club, Sodalitas Latina, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Stampede Reporter. MARTHA HELEN PETTIGREW President of Chorus, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Stafi Sergeant in Girls Military, Glrl Peserves, Tennis Club, El Sol, Dallas Iunior Historical Society. F. R. PETTY CHESTER PI-IELPS A "Tl if ., , it Ast t W A L .MQ . t.-.f .tlttgemt iwsiiegt if.: -71 ities? f- 'xiii 1732: r L Skate s tty .' if A- -'2zwQf.ts., 'lifIt1Li5Q?i. " fi in , uv' t I 'Ns A sr , 3 'fe D it Qt 1 gb - Y an M , t s 2. is at gg N t 55 jig .f Forty-five gram rail' l , . in y f 46: . he 1 , was W Q it Y K Ki fi , 'Wx X , Q. .gli Rf. E' " X . t , wg 'XA 3 I ' 9 lv' Forty-six AW I i ' T252 f Q 333, I is ' 1 f 3 I ., , ,Q . 1, 7 525 3 , 1 GLYNN PHILLIPS Sodalitas Latina, Sergeant-at-Arms, Senior Hi-Y, Football, Track Baseball, All-City Orchestra. BOBBY PICKETT Drum Major, National Thespain Club, Dramatic Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Pan-American Student Forum, Non-Commissioned Officer in R. O. T. C. Band, Track, Baseball, Greater ,, Dallas Music Festival. V GENE POE HERBERT POI-IL . MARION LOUISE POLLARD Entered from Santa Monica High School, Good Scholarship Club, Iunior Girl Reserves, Ice Skating Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. SALLY FAY POWER Student Council Representative, Good Scholarship Club, Linz Pin, Secretary of Pan-American Student Forum, Girl Reserve Officer, Iunior Red Cross Council, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Bible Award, Candidate for Special Linz Pin, National Honor Society. EARL PREDDY President of IIIVB and III-A Class, Vice-President of IV-B Class, Letter in Football, Baseball, Captain in R. O. T. C., Officers Club. Camp Dallas, Stampede Reporter, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Hi-Y. ALFRED PRENDERGAST President of Student Body, President of Officers Club, Iunior Hi-Y, Baseball, Tennis, Track, Lettered in Basketball, All-City Basketball Team, Major in R. O. T. C. LOIS ELEA NOR PRESCOTT Entered from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Dads Club Oueen Candi- date, Speakers Club, Girl Reserves. WALLACE DUNCAN PRICE, IR. Football, Baseball, Military. NAT!-IALIE OUIRAM Good Scholarship Club, Linz Pin, Stampede Reporter, One Hun- dred Per Cent Banker, Student Council Representative, National Honor Society. BILL RALSTON I. L. RANDALL Sodalitas Latina, Representative for Latin Tournament. BOB REAGAN PAT REEVES BILLY REESE Student Council Representative, Officer in R. O. T. C., Rifle Team, Most Efficient Private at Camp Dallas. ELMO REESE Entered from Corsicana High, Football, Track, Member of Good Scholarship Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. PAT RESTINE Entered from Amarillo, National Thespian League, Dramatic Club, Sundial Business Staff, Good Scholarship Club, Dallas Iunior His- torical Society, Pen Pal Club, Chorus. BETTIE RICE MARGARET ANN RICHARDS Candidate for Everts Award, Candidate for Special Linz Pin, Good Scholarship Club, President of the Pan-American Student Forum, El Sol, Iunior Historical Soc'ety, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Ice Skainq Club, Girls Military, National Honor Society. HELEN LEE RIEFKOHL Good Scholarship Club, Student Council Representative, Officer in Girls Military, Art Club, Sundial Art Staff, Biology Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Stampede Reporter, National Honor Society. BILLY RIFE Ccmmissioned Cff'cer in R. O. T. C., Stampede Staff, Officers Club, Camp Dallas, Purple and White Band. WYNELL RISINGER Good Scholarship Club, Linz Pin. PATSY RUTH ROACHE Linz Pin, Goccl Scholarship Club, President of the National The- spian Society, Vice-President of Sodalitas Latina, ,Dramatic Club, Dallas lunior Historfcal Soc'ety, Cne Hundred Per Cent Banker, National Honor Society. IOE FOLEY ROBERTS 1' Commissioned Officer in R. O. T. C., One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Purple and 'White Band, Officers Club, R. O. T. C. Band, lunior Red Cross Council. WANDA IUNE ROBERTSON Entered from I-Icney Grove High School, El Sol, Honor Roll. BILLIE MAE ROGGE Entered from Lubbock, Texas: El Sol, Dallas Iunior Historical Society, Ice Skating Club, Good Scholarship Club, Pan-American Student Forum, Linz Pin, Glrl Reserves, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. ANNIE RAE ROSS DUANE ROW STAN RUNKEL CLARENCE SHELDON RYDELL First Lieutenant, R. O. T. C., Officers Club, El Sol, Camp Dallas, Student Council, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. PATRICIA SANSOM National Forensic League, Debate Club, String Ensemble, Sodalitas Latina, Good Scholarship Club, Orchestra, Sunrays, Linz Pins, Spring Show, Victory Concerts, National Honor Society. MARION SASSE Dramatic Club, Pen Pal Club, Bicycle Club, National Thespain, Speakers Club, Girl Reserves. BROWNIE SAVAGE President of Girl Reserves, Dramatic Club, El Sol, Red Cross Council, Good Scholarship Club. DICK SCHWEEN Letter in Football, President of Iunior Red Cross Council, Major in R. O. T. C., One Hundred Per Cent Banker. RUTH CORINNE SCHWAMBERGER Entered from New York, Good Scholarship Club, Editorial Staff oi Stampede, Business Staff ot Sundial. National Thespian Society, Dramatic Club, Speakers Club, Pen Pal Club, Dallas Iunior His' torical Society, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. LEE SCOTT BILLIE BLANCHE SENFTENBERG Good Scholarship Club, Linz Pins. 1 ,if WAYNE SHEFFIELD Qqiarnatic Club, Hi-Y, Technical Sergeant in R. O. T. C., Bicycle Club, Good Scholarship Club. BILL SHELTON Non-Commissioned Officer in R. O. T. C., Marksmanship Medal, Iunior Red Cross Council, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. VVILLIAM HARRY SHCCKLEY One Hundred Per Cent Banker. ANN SHULER Ice Skating Club, Pan-American Student Forum, Speakers Club, Good Scholarship Club, Linz Pin, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. PEGGY SHUMATE NEWTON SIMS IANE SINGLETON IUNE LAVERNE SMARTT Entered from Henrietta, Texas. BETTY SMITH Girl Reserves, Good Scholarship Club, Sodalitas Latina. BILLIE SMITH DOLORES ZAPATA Entered from North Dallas High School, All-Round P. E, Girl, Girl Reserves. KEITH SMITH MAXINE SMITH SUZANNE SPANGLER National Honor Society, Editorial Staff of Sundial. President ct lunior Historical Society, Good Scholarship Club, Linz Pin, Vice- President ot El Sol, Cne Hundred Per Cent Banker, Soclalitas Latina, Biology Club, Iunior Red Cross Council. EVELYN STALLINGS Crchestra, Festival Solo Contest, Recording Secretary cf National Thespain Club, Treasurer of Dramatc Club, Vice-President of Girl Reserves, Student Council Representative, Iunior Red Cross Coun- cil, Linz Pins, Good Scholarship Club, Speakers Club, Soclalitas Latina, Natlotial Honor Society. CHARLENE DOLORES STEVENSCN Letter in Debate, Member of National Forensic League, First Place District N. E. L., Tournament Winner, Semi-finalist in Texas Inter- scholastic League Debate, Linz Pin, National Honor Society. MARGARET EARLE STOKER Girl Reserves, Sodalitas Latina, Ice Skating Club. IO ANN STCKES Dramatic Club, El Sol, Iunior Historical Society. Forty-nine Fifly IOAN STONE LOLA SUTTON MARCELE SWAIM ARLENE TAYLOR Linz Pin, Posture Contest, Good Scholarship Club, Girl Reserves, National Honor Society. MINOR LORENE THACH Sunrays, Dramatic Club. KENNETH THOMPSON SHIRLEY LOUISE THORNTON President of Iunior Girl Reserves, Secretary of Sophomore Class, Sodalitas Latina, Secretary of Biology Club, Inter-Club Representa- tive of Girl Reserves, Vice-President of Girl Reserves, Vice-President V.L.'s, President of V.L.'s. H ff OE TILLERY IERRY TRAVERS CLINTON TRULY and, Military Band, Speakers Club, Linz Bible Awards, Golf Club. DORIS FAYE TRIMBLE Linz Pins, Good Scholarship Club, Chorus, Program Chairman of Chorus, Sunrays, Spring Show, Victory Concerts. NORMA TUCKER GLORIA TUROUETTE Battalion Commander of Sunrays, National Honor Socieiy, Student Council, Good Scholarship Club, Secretary of Soclalftas Iat'na, Candidate for Special Linz Pin, Candidate for Everts Award, Girl Reserves, Tennis Club, Drcmatic Club, Makeup Committee for Senior Plav, Biology Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. BOBBY IO VIVRETT Good Scholarship Club, Linz Pins, Sundial Editorial Staff, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, El Sol, Iunior Red Cross Council, National Honor Society. LARRY WADE VIVRETT Good Scholarship Club, Linz Pins, Dads Club Award in Chemistry, El Sol, Iunior Red Cross Council, Non-Commissioned Ctficer in R. O. T. C. Band, Purple and White Band, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. BILLIE MAE VERNON NONA LAEL VANNERSCN Pan-American Student Forum, Advisory Council Representative in Pan-American, E1 Sol, Art Club, Linz Pin, Good Scholarship Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. CHARLOTTE MARIE VAN METER Student Council, Girl Reserves, Good Scholarship Club, Stampede, Girls Military. DALE ESTES WAGENER Greater Dallas Music Festival Orchestra, Seven Awards in G. D. M. F. Solo Contests, Sunset Orchestra, Singing Strings, Sodalitas Latina, Speakers Club. FRED E. WAGNER Commissioned Officer in R. O. T. C. IIMMY WALKER MARIE 'WALLS Linz Pin, Linz Bible Award, Good Scholarship Club, Art Editor of Sundial, Candidate for Everts Award, El Sol, Art Club, Iunior Red Cross Council, National Honor Society. WILLIAM EARL WALLS Lettered in Football, Baseball, Iunior and Senior Hi-Y, Officers Club, Crack Company, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. BILL WANDERLING ALLEN WARD SHIRLEY RAE WARREN Pan-American Student Forum, Good Scholarship Club. IEANNE WASI-IAM Commissioned Officer in Girls Militcry, Good Scholarship Club, Art Club. MARY INATKINS if . gk .S ."E:" Qzsf Es, A ' it A X Fifly' OMC PATSY WEAKLEY BOB VVEBSTER MARIORIE WEEKS VVINNIE VVESSON LOUISE GAYLE VVEYMOUTH Office Helper, Assistant Business Manager of Stampede, Girl Re- - serve bificer, El Sol, Good Scholarship Club, One Hundred Per Cerft Banker, lce Skating Club, National Honor Society. NX l DORlS WILEMON XGoQ'd Scholarship Club, Student Council, Girl Reserves, lunior Red - Cross Council, Stampede Reporter, Tenikoit Captain. 1 PERRY WHILDEN 7. X 'nh 7 E ,uf MARGIE LOUISE WHITE . : A .X .. , B ' National Thespian Club, Dramatic Club, Speakers Club, El Sol, R t . . - Linz Pin, Good Scholarship Sophomore Award, Secretary of Il-B NQ4 -- j ig, Class, Treasurer of ll-A Class, Girl Reserves Inter-Club Council fr f t ' Representative, National Honor Society. Q ' I X ,V V H H l , I - ROBERT LEE wH1rrEN, JR. ' Ti . Staff Sergeant in R. O. T. C., One Hundred Per Cent Banker, , J Good Scholarship Club. ,.., DICK VVIDENER -- i 'i '." t xx ...i- E t X , HERBERT WIGLEY l Non-Ccrnrnissloned Cfficer in R. O. T. C., Linz Pin, Good ' Scholarship Club. DCNALD W'lLK1NSCN Supply Sergeant in R. O. T. C., Candidate for Special Linz Pin, Stampede Reporter, Good Scholarship Club, Sodalitas Latina, Helper in the Dean's Cfflce, National Honor Society. i '--' 2 f:' K . -"' . MARGARET WILHITE VIRGIL ALBERT WlLLlAMS, IR. Pan-American Student Forum, Chorus, Baseball, Camp Dallas. Q. Fi f ty-two u,, . MURIEL WINDHAM National Honor Society, Editor of Sundial, Lettered in lnterscholas- tic League Spelling Contest, Student Council, Good Scholarship Club, Sodalitas Latina, El Sol, lunior Historical Society, Biology Club, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Candidate for Everts Award, Helper in Dean's Office, Candidate for Special Linz Pin, Staff Sergeant in Girls Military. LOUISE WISDOM One Hundred Per Cent Banker. HMMY WOODALL Student Council Representative, Rifle Team, Technical Sergeant in R. O. T. C., One Hundred Per Cent Banker. JACK F. WOODARD First Lieutenant in R. O. T. C., Officers Club, Football, Stampede Reporter, Camp Dallas. IACK WOODS Linz Pin, Business Sta-ff of Sundial, Helper in Dean's Office, Com- missioned Officer in R. O. T. C., Officers Club, Sodalitas Latina, Good Scholarship Club, Camp Dallas, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Crack Company, Football, National Honor Society. STINSON E. WORLEY Officer in R. O. T, C., Officers Club, Hi-Y, Tennis Club, Stampede Staff, Sundial Business Staff, Art Club, R. O. T. C. and Purple and White Band, Spring Festival, Camp Dallas Efficiency Award. GORDON YEARGAN President of Good Scholarship Club, Non-Commissioned Officer in R. O. T. C., Linz Pins, National Honor Society. GEORGE L. YOUNG Linz Pin, Commissioned Officer in R. O. T. C., Camp Dallas, Dallas Iunior Historical Society, Officers Club, Good Scholarship Club, Office Helper, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Football. LA WANDA YOUNG Girl Reserves, Posture Contest. MAXINE YOUNGER MARIE MCKINZIE IIMMIE MORTON, IR. Linz Pins, Good Scholarship Club, Sodalitas Latina, Non-Corn- missioned Officer in R. O. T. C., Crack Company, One Hundred Per Cent Banker, Office Helper. LLOYD TUCKER -7,5 g , Staff Sergeant in R. O. T. C. IEFFIE BEDINGFIELD Sodalitas Latina, Secretary of Girl Reserves, One Hundred Per Cent Banker. ,A Fifty-Ihre: . Fifty-four Q' 'M HAL TURNER DAN EUBANKS Qther Graduates BOYS HERRMAN, WALTER BECKHAM, BOBBY SHARP, JAMES COLLINS, JOHN SHAW, LEWIS RAY CRANNELL, LAUR GIRLS DU BOSE, IOHN BLALOCK, MARTHA ESTEP, JACK EDDINS, BILLIE JO HALFPENNY, ,TACK HEAD, BILLY BANE GRIFFQN, WILMA IEAN INILKINS, MAE Class ol OFFICERS Eddie Moore . . . Ernest Pickering . . Dolly Brady . . . Forest Guyton . . Miss Sarah Dinsmore BOYS Adams, Ernest Bandy, Bill Bates, Billy Behne, I oe Berry, Gus Blake, George Boisseau, Daniel Brandt, George Christianson, Chris Coleman, Emerson Cook, Kenneth Copeland, Foster Crowe, lack Daniel, Paul Davenport, Edwin Davison, Billy Dickerson, Charlie Dodge, Hale Doeckel, Leo Durbin, Vernon Easter, Harley Evans, Rex Fisher, Bill Gadberry, DeWitt Gaylord, Leslie Guyton, Forest Harris, George Haynes, Narel Hendrix, Sammy . . President . Vice-President . . Secretary . Treasurer . , Sponsor Hokett, Leon Hutchings, Harold Irwin, Hollan Kane, Ted Kemp, Sims Kilgore, lack Kuckenbacker, Arthur Lasswell, Arnold Litton, lames McBride, Pat McElroy, lohn McVey, Floyd Mansur, Robert Marshall, Frank Medlin, Winston Miller, Donald Moomaw, Robert Moore, Ben Moore, Eddie Mosher, A. M. Phillips, Glynn Pickering, Ernest Powell, Raleigh Purcell, Billy Ralston, Robert Reed, Iohnnie Ribble, Dick Rice, David Rolater, Douglas i t as 3 5 A A m 49- Ama Q, .4 January, Sharp, Frank Slackney, Robert Smith, Fred Smith, Loren Stark, Nathan Stockham, Grant Summers, Norman Thomas, lack Wall, Iack Watts, Eugene Wilmoth, Allwny Wimberly, Wallace Woods, lohn Woods, Thomas GIRLS Achilles, Audrey Bilyeu, Dolores Bowen, Barbara Brady, Betty Brady, Dolly Brannan, Virginia Brewer, Bettye Brown, Margaret Burnam, Dorothy Carpenter, Wanda Chandler, 'Yvonne Charles, Betty Ccckrell, Billie Cribbs, Norma Crowley, Carletta Dee, lune Drake, Mary Louise Etter, Ann Carol Gadberry, Dorothy Garrison, Euna Gifford, loan Goodloe, Alberta Graffcrd, Anita ' 1945 rf" W J X 11 Harper, Barbara Hightower, Ruby Hill, Charline lohnston, Martha Kelley, Patty Kirkpatrick, Lois Lloyd, Anita lo Looney, Virginia Lowrance, Beverly McDonald, Angelina McDowell, Bernice McNellis, La Verne Miller, Betty Mitchell, Gloria Moore, Barbara Moore, Ima Ioy Morrisett, Ioyce Cgden, Betty Csborne, Patsy Phipps, Norma Prescott, Marjorie Price, Elizabeth Redman, Doris Robbins, Wanda Sherrill, Betty Smith, Gladys Smith, Leah Strong, Nancy Waldbridge, Hazel White, Iean White, Margie Williamson, Iulia Wilder, Doris Fifty fi e Fifly-six Class ol June, OFFICERS Patsy lo lones ..... President Ray Karras .... Vice-President Patsy Price ...... Secretary Billy Heath .... . Treasurer Miss Essie Lipscomb . . , Sponsor BOYS Bailey, Bill Abercrombie, Baxter, Bill Donald Beckham, Olney Ioe Abrams, Paul Beerbower, Ben Akin, Hugh Bell, Kenneth Albritton, Walter Allen, Robert Anderson, lohn Armstrong, Neal Arnold, Henry Bevers, W. M. Blanks, Lyman Blanton, Le Roy Boone, Billy Brown, Fisher Brown, Iames Leo Buchols, Gene Burden, Wayne Cagle, Mark Carter, George Clark, Wayne Cobb, Bill Coker, Edwin Cooner, Bob lim Costin, Don , Cox, Lilburn Cross, Marlin Crowder, lim Darden, lames Davis, Dan DeForcl, Horace Andrew Ditch, limmy Duncan, Frank Eves, lames Epperson, Hollis Rex Evans, Eugene Fain, Billy Flagg, Charles Foldberg, Dan Fox, Alvin Franklin, Douglas Freeland, Gene Gaddy, Thomas Gibson, Bobby Glenn, Owen Goode, limmy Gossett, Ken Goswick, Horace Graves, Donald Hammond, Charles Heald, Terry Heath, Billy Hickman, Charles 1945 Hill, Bobby Hodges, Pat Holbrook, Iames Holley, Arthur Hooten, A. W. Housewright, Everett Huckabee, Allen Hudson, Brantley Huggins, Sam Hunt, Robert Ingram, lackie Jackson, Wesley Kalinec, Charles Karras, Ray Kennedy, Charles Kern, Armin Kimple, Bill Kirkland, Iimmie McCleskey, Ottis McCoy, Calven McPherson, Hoyt Laughlin, lack LePere, Tommy Lowrey, limmy Martin, William Thomas Mathews, Dan Henry Merriman, George Minnis, Iimmy Mitchell, Paul Mobley, C. B. Moore, Bobby Claude Moore, Earl Mullins, Fred Murphy, Thomas Nelson, Stanley Nixon, Arthur Oden, Hugh Orr, Billy Patman, Vaughan Patten, Edward Peabody, Pete Pearce, Arnold Perkins, George Peterson, Floyd Petty, Martelle Pierce, lohn Pietsch, Howard Poag, S. L. , Potts, Curtis Rankin, Loren Ray, Darwin Remele, Laird Rich, Gordon Roberts, lulian Ross, H. E. Sadler, E. L. Sanders, Ben Sarver, Iames Scarborough, Leo Schroder, Iimrnie Self, lack Sellers, lack Shaw, Clyde Shepherd, O. W. Short, Clarence Simmons, Fred Slay, lack Smith, Arthur Smith, Billy Wade Smith, Iohn Smith, Nelson Spitler, Marion Spratt, lohn fContinued on Page 573 ..... ..,...,,......g... 0 0 0 0 9 9 9 5 9 2525! 335.8 1.4.2 '-s.A.A' Vaughan, Hugh LGU Stalcup, Bobby Stalsworth, Billy Stanford, Bennie Stapleton, Iames Stephenson, Claude Stokes, Melvin Stroud, Iimmy Stuart, Dan Toland, Drexel Towry, Gene Trench, lack Turner, Aubrey Van Voorhis, Robert Watson, Will Watts, Bobby Weempe, Sammy Westerlage, Henry Wiggins, Gene Wilkinson, Dick Willers, lack Williams, D. C. Wilmoth, Lilboan Winburn, Billy Wisdons, Paul Yates, Iames Young, David Yowell, George Zuefeldt, Harry GIRLS Abbott, Billie l. Adds, Virginia Murel Allen, Opal Armstrong, Orneta Ashley, Rebecca Austin, Betty lane Austin, Lillian Burton, Ioy ' Bynum, Nancy Barksdale, lane Beach, Iune Grace Bell, Betty Lee Bennett, Evelyn Bentley, Velma Faye Benton, Peggy G. Beyer, Virginia Blackston, Nan Blevans, Mildred Booth, Edna Bowman, Doris Boyd, Cecelia Boylson, Mary C. Brack, Ioyce Brack, Pattie Iune Britton, Mary Brown, Elizabeth Brown, Mary Io Burkes, Ioanne Class of June, 1945 Cardwell, Mayona Chambers, Barbara Chapman, Ioanne Charles, Mary Lou Church, Doris Qlark, Nellie Clayton, Alice Clayton, La Nelle Coates, Nita Rose Coffman, Reva Cole, Ioyce Ruth Cook, Martha Iean Cooper, Dorothy Copeland, Ruth Couch, Rose Marie Cox, Mary Ann Cox, Muriel Crow, Iohnny Daniel, Margaret Danner, Louise Darby, Betty Davidson, Edna Davis, Martha lane Davis, Mary Ellen De Man, Ann Dennis, Lucy Dodd, Bettye Dodson, Betty Ieane Doerr, Patsy Donnell, Pauline Dorsey, Elizabeth Douglas, Nell Drummond, Dorothy Dunham, Mary Lee During, Io Anne East, Dorothy Nell Eason, Bonnie Io Edwards, Betty Eisenlohr, Bea Elliott, Bertha Emerson, Marorie Ernst, Tonie Falk, Geneva Fallis, Ioyce Fawks, Waunita Ferguson, Bonnie Finefrock, Ruth Finley, Mary Catherine Fisher, Loyce Iean Fisher, Rose Helen Fletcher, Peggy Io Ford, Io Marie Fowler, Mary lo Fowler, Wilhelmenia Fowler, Ruth Fulbright, Doris Gamer, Carol Cates, Mickey Io tContinued from Page 567 Garrish, Glen Gaskins, Bobbye Gillet, Donna Ruth Green, Veta Grice, Eleanor Griffith, Mary Lee Guess, Thelma Gullick, Ann Gurnm, Doris Guinn, Mary Haden, Milda Hamman, Patricia Hampton, Iune Handley, Billie Io Hardcastle, Patsy Harned, Marianna Harris, Eva Io Harrison, Ann Havens, Shirley Herring, Carol Hess, Gloria Hillin, Dorothy Hinckley, Ianis Housewright, Della Fae Housden, Imogene Iackson, Ruth Iennings, lean Iernigan, Doris Iohn, Caroline Iohnson, Helen lohnson, Wanda Iones, Gwendolyn Iones, Marilyn Iones, Patsy loyce, Mary Ellen Kee, Betty Sue Kelly, Lucille Kelly, Audrey Kendrick, Ieanne Kilgore, Betty Io Knight, Billie lean Lam, Tommye Langham, Iackie Langsdon, Helen Laseman, Frances Leach, loan Lee, Ruth Leiieste, Mozelle Levelsmier, Drusilla Lewis, Ann Ligon, Lucy Lloyd, Estelle Lowe, Patricia Lucas, Lillian McCall, Patricia McGee, Billie Louise McKey, Ioanne McKinney, Ieanne McKinnie, Nellie McMinn, Louise Marshall, Pat Mercer, lean Miller, Miller, Miner, Moore, Moore, Moore Moore, Moore, Betty Lou Iakie Marilyn Donna Frances Iva Ioy Ann Paula Morrel, Bobbie Morrison, Betty Ioyce Morrison, Donna Morrow, Monaray Muether, Doris lean Mulkey, Iuanita Murdock, Ruth Nelson, Audrey Nicholl, Roena Nichols, Patricia Norris, Sarabeth Norwood, Sue Oliver, Georgia Peacock, Louise Pearce, Mary ,Helen Pendleton, Ruth Helen Penn, Lena Bess Peters, Iacqueline Penn, Virginia Phillips, Ida Nell Phillips, Irene Popplewell, Dortha Belle Posey, Lillian Powell, Margaret Pressly, lean Presley, Iune Prestridge, Ruth Price, Patsy Pruyn, Helen Pugh, D. Helen Ramsey, Dollye Rannals, Mary Io Peeb, Doris Reneau, Nona Rice, Inez Robertson, Betty Robison, Pat Robinson, Emma lean Rose, Ellen Rose, Ioyce Routt, leanne Rumph, Dorothy Sartin, lean Scott, Mary Louise Simpson, Flocille Sims, Billie Smith, Frieda Smith, Barbara Smith, Nelcine Smith, Ouida Smith, Patricia Smith, Virginia Sommers, Diana Sparkman, Elizabeth Spears, Martha Spruce, Hellen Spurgin, lean Staton, Bettye Steele, Hazel Roze Stephenson, Patsy Stevenson, Margrette Stockard, Billie lean Stovall, Betty Stuart, Virginia Swain, Betty Tamsitt, Ioann Taylor, Mary Louive Thornhill, Rosemary Thornton, Polly Ann Tichenor, Mary Sue Tidwell, Dorthy Tivey, Martha Tolson, Betty Truett, Betty Nan Tucker, Marjorie Tumlinson, Betty Ruth Upton, Maxine ' Vandiver, Mildred Van Kirk, Iohnnie Wallis, Betty Gene Walther, Alice Iune West, Marion Westeriield, Iacqueline White, Mary Evelyn Whiteside, La Verne Whitten, Ethel Williams, Georgia Williams, Lucy Dale Williams, Anita Williamson, Bobbie Wilson, Barbara Willson, Margaret Winterbauer, lean Witt, Ruth Ann Wyatt, Alvah Yarborough, Iimmie Lee Yarbrough, Marie Yeager, Patricia Young, Io Ann Younkman, Billie Faye Pi ty-reveri Class ol January, OFFICERS Shirley Bowen . Gladys Smith . Mr. H. W. Munroe . BOYS Adair, C. l. Arnold, Dewey Avery, lim Beddingfield, Billy Bennett, Edwin Berry, Bob Bishop, Bill Bost, l. C. Brarnmer, Billy Brown, Charles Carroll, I. D. Carson, lack Conover, Harold Cox, lerry Davis, Robert Dobbs, Brice Eisenlohr, lohn Evans, Milton Farrier, Thomas Farrow, Bill Gammill, Lee Goad, Howard Green., Fred Grogan, Norman Graves, lohnny Hall, lohn Harvill, Charles . . Secretary . Treasurer . . . Sponsor Hasty, Billy Hess, Donald Hightower, Karle Hiller, Lloyd Hines, Hugo Holder, lack Hopper, Donley Horton, Richard Hunter, Phillip lohnson, Alan lohnson, Gordon Kallstrom, Bill Kemp, Billy Kendrick, Lynn Kornegay, Cecil Lampkin, Don Lawler, Morris Lomax, Gene Lott, Eddie Lundberg, Ioe McBride, Charles McDonald, George McDonald, O. H. McGinn, lames Martin, Billy Harrison Massey, lack Massey, Roy Meers, Weldon Moody, Iarnes Moore, Hiram Moore, Thomas Morrison, David Morrison, Ronald Moxley, Harry Pensinger, Rex Phelps, Louis Randolph, Kennon Reed,Claude Reinhardt, Milton Richey, Wayne Roberts, Richard Sacher, Edward Scott, Clay Sellers, Bobby Sexton, Bill Simpson, Henry Smallwood, Robert Smith, Withers Spencer, Louie Starr, Charles Sutton, Gerald Taryer, Paul Temple, Iames Terry, W. E. Thompson, David Thompson, O. F. Threadgill, Wilbert Townsend, David Webster, Lloyd White, lack 1946 GIRLS Burton, Shirley Benson, Rose Berlen, Patsy Blevans, Marcia Bloomfield, Alice Boozer, Anniece Boudin, loanne Bowen, Shirley Brazeal, Charlotte Brentlinger, Bobby Burns, Mary Nell Caldwell, Barbara Chauncy, Betty Chenault, Mary Ann Chrismon, Anna Coe, Dolores Connorty, Rose Crawford, Kitty Crow, Louise Dean, lean Dockery, Ethel Floyd, Christine Geiser, Lucille Goode, Ann Gray, Phyllis Greer, Frances Hambright, Gladys Hankins, Wanda Harpold, Elizabeth lenkins, Lexie lohnson, Vedora Kavanauqh, Patricia Keeler, Surene Kemp, Dorothy Leach, lean Marshall, Wanda Belle Martin, Elizabeth Ann Mason, Betty Nance, Betty Neal, Connie Pyle, Paula Riddell, Dorothy Roberts, Nelda Rodman, Maxine Ruth, Norma Anita Sandlin, Anne Belle Sledge, La Nita Smart, Kathryn Smith, Delore Smith, lackie Smith, Norma lean Stewart, Peggy lean Stockham, Colleen Thomas, Ailene Thurston. Dorothy Underwood, Ruth Walraven, Helen White, Donnie Wilcoxson, Pansy Wood, Ouida Woods, Wanda Fifty eight Class of June, 1946 OFFICERS Mack Pharr ...... President Gene Mathews . . Vice-President Beverly Slaughter .... Secretary Billie Frances Carpenter . . Treasurer Mr. W. D. Franks BOYS Abbott, Phil Allen, Robert Anderhub, Charles Anderson, George Andrews, Bob Anz, E. C. Argo, Floyd Armour, Rex Austin, Ernest Austin, Dillard Ayland, Bill Baker, Richard Ballard, Harrell Bames, Willie Sidney Bamhill, Billy Bates, Harold Beck, Edwin Binford, Iames Black, lack Boisseau, Iack Roger Bolton, Iames Patrick Boyd, Marvin Bradley, Sammy Brewer, Iackie Bryan, Tommy Ioe Burkley, Burt Burkley, R. G. . . . Sponsor Burns, Ken Raymond Caldwell, Kenneth Cantrell, George Cappleman, Iames Chadwell, Charles Chadwick, G Rayman Chastain, Douglas Clark, Lewis Clark, Richard L. Clark, William Collard, Charles Collier, R. L. Condra, Granville Conner, Wayne Covington,Dan Patrick Cox, Robert Crow, Charles Crow, Iulius Cutaia, Henry Louis Dalton, Bobby Davison, Richard Deane, Gerard DeFord, Henry Lee Duncan, Roland Merideth Dwinnell, David Elliott, Earl :WM Enos, Richard Clyde Farish, Billy Buck Farmer, Raymond Farrow, Roger George Ferguson, Geoffrey Douglas Fields, I. Frank Fisher, Lewis Fitzgerald, Bill Flick, Billy loe Forbes, Frank Fouts, Thomas Calvin Fowler, Nealon Frederick, Weldon Frye, Ioe Wayne Gill, lohn Gilley, Ralph Frediric Girnarc, Iohnny Douglas Golden, Bonnie Ray Grass, Iames Green, Billy Green, Forrest Greunke, Herbert Griffin, Gilbert Groce, Billy Grossman, Carol Grossman, Donald Guillory, Eugene Hagan, Hilton Handley Hargrave, Lewis Ham, Albert Harper, Alex Harris, lack Harvey, Iohn Hash, Iames Hawes, Horace Hayles, Thomas Henderson, Bill Henderson, Iimmy Henry, Pat Hensal, I. C. Hepp, lohn Hilliard, Hilton Hodge, Charles Howard, Hoff, Benny Ioe Holt, Overton, Ir. Hoseck, Ralph Houser, Charles Howell, Alvis Huffstutler, L. D. Hulen, Bill Hunt, George Hunter, lack, Ir. Hunton, Howard lames, Billie Bob Iasper, Iohn Walter letton, Howard Iohnson, Bob lohnson, Fred lones, David Iosch, Martin Judd, Harold Lloyd Kempe, Billy Kendrick, Glynn Killian, Iohn King, Carl Kramer, Gordon Kyser, Roy Gene Laird, Iirnmy Charles Lamb, Bill Larr, George z 0 A-9 Zig: QA A A4648 2 -AQASQAO 156355 .A 444 .4 ,-----1 Laughlin, Neil Lawless, Robert Leatherwood, C. F. LeBeau,, Frank Emmett Lehman, Ioseph Leuschner, Freddie Lewis, Maurice Little, Eugene Lively, Frank Loyd, Boyd Lucas, Hugh Lynch, Charles Lynch, Richard McGouldrick, Iames McH,am, Charles McHugh, Edgar Lee Mclntyre, Max McKinnie, Wayne Maintz, Charles Maples, Marvin Marshall, Iimmy Mathews, Gene Mays, Roy Miller, Bryan Miller, Garland Morgan, Gene Mouser, Chester Muether, Robert Murrey, Dewey Myers, Leonard K. Myers, Robert New, Ben Earl, Ir. O'Neal, Ray Pendergrass, I. R. Pettigrew, Bill Pharr, Iames Mack Phillips, Leslie Phillips, Norman CContinued on Page SUI Fifty-nzne Sixty Pittenger, David Potts, Ioe Power, A. G. Prather, I. E. Preston, Conrad Raines, lames Reagan, Harold L. Reed, Ollie Ioe Richards, William Risk, Kenneth Roberts, Donald Robertson, Louis E. Rodgers, Garwood Rose, Frank Rose, lames Ross, Billy Lloyd Poutsong, Tommy Rowe, Raymond Sale, Charles Sallis, Clarence Samford, Wayne Sample, Neil Sams, Lewis Sanders, Delmar Scaff, Iames Scott, Ray Iames Short, Bennie Earl Shuffield, Bobby W. Siddens, Howard Sides, Iohnny Smith, David Smith, Eugene E. Smith, Robert Lee Smith, Robert Weldon Spitler, Iames D. Stanford, Tommie Stansell, Eugene Stasny, Frank Stonestreet, Lee, lr. Stovall, Richard Strickland, Harold Swain, George Tankersly, Homer Tanner, Iohn Terry, Iohn O. Thompson, Namon Tilton, Bobby Townsend, Allan R. Trammell, T. I. Travis, C. L. A Travis, Ioe Richard Tucker, Erwin Vincent, Vercell Walls, Glenn Watkins, Harold Weaver, Robert Webb, Don Webster, Floyd Wheatley, Leon Whittle, Ioe Williams, Allen G. Williams, Guynn Williams, lames B. Williams, Kellett Willoughby, E. W. Class of June, 1946 Winslett, Kenneth Wolford, Clifton Woods, Edward H. Yowiell, Robert GIRLS Adams, Ellen Ioyce Alexander, leannine Arnspiger, Iimmie Io Atteberry, Mary Lou Austin, Norma lean Autray, Mary Ioy Badgett, Edna Io Bailey, Betty lean Baker, Betty Io Barrow, Betty Lyle Barrow, lo Ann Bates, Bobbie Bates, lane Batla, Betty Bean, Katherine Beckham, Mary Lou Beckler, Marianne Bell, Marceline Bellows, Mildred Bethel, Betty lean Bilby, Dorothy lean Blackburn, Gloria Boyd, lane Boylson, Carolyn Brown, Bettie Brown, Norma Brown, Tommie Brumfield, Lucy Lee Bruner, Sally Dell Burks, Patsy Ann Burnham, Sue Cardwell, Ioyce Calhoun, Alice Carpenter, Billie F. Carpenter, Helen Lee Cato, Inez Chadwick, Annie L. Chambers, Louise Chenault, LaVerne Christensen, Marilyn Cochrane, Delores Coker, Ioan Marie Collier, Ida Mae Covington, Frances Crabtree, Margaret Craighead, Margaret Crutchfield, Ierry Damall, LaVerne Davis, Billie Deans, Theresa DeFee, loan Dodd, Marcella Domin, Ruth Marceline Doran, lean fContinued from Page 591 Doty, Frances Dudley, Mary Virginia Duncan, Pauline Elliott, Marilyn Ellis, LaNelle Engquist, Bernice Everitt, Alzine Fields, Christine Fisk, Doris Frederick, Gloria Garvin, Betty Sue Gaulden, Noreen Ioye Gaulropp, Doris Anita Gibson, Gloria Gill, Ernestine Glasgow, Anita Goff, Betty Goodwin, Billie Io Graham, Beth Ann Grantham, Ioan Grass, Barbara Ann Grady, Amalee Gregston, Margaret Ann Grindell, Mona Grove, Mary Groce, Marianne Hale, Melba Haley, Charlene Harpe, Betty Sue Harrell, Gertrude Harris, Charlotte Harris, Dorothy lean Hart, Rosa Lee Hartman, Evelyn Haynes, Barbara Iean Hedden, Anna Dee Heitman, Barbara Henderson, Marylea Heiskell, Doris Hendrix, Dawn Hendrix, Donna Henry, Vivian Hicks, Edith Marie High, Alma Ioan Hodge, Leota Holder, Gloria Holmes, Ioan E. Howard, Gene Hunt, Louise Hutto, Emily Ingram, Io Nell Iames, Doris Iennings, Io Lanel Iohnson, loweline Iohnston, Theo Ray lones, Mary Louise Keating, Ioan Kehrein, Ioyce Allene Keller, Gloria Kennedy, Alice Kennedy, Margie Lawson, loyce Ledbetter, Margie Line, Io Ann Long, Ruth Lucas, Ernestine McCall, Zalia McCormick, Charlotte McCormick, Glenna , McFerren, Frances Io McKenzie, Billie lean McCorkel, Bobbie lean Maloney, Sarah Ellen Marshall, La Wana Matlock, Harriet Anne Meanor, Patricia Medlin, Gloria Meisell, Fern Merrell, Patricia Merritt, lenell Miller, Betty Miller, Iuanita Miller, Opal Mills, Sidney Gail Moore, Callie Ruth Moore, Edith Moore, Katherine Moore, Nancy Moore, Rose Mary Morris, loan Morris, Alene Moseley, Priscilla Mote, Norma lean Muse, Ann Estelle Neff, Alta Lou I Oliphant, Ioyce Owens, Peggy Oxford, Norma lean Parnell, Katherine Parish, Katherine Park, Ioyce Pearce, Dorothy Dell Pearce, Virginia Pettit, Jeannine Pinkston, Peggy lo Pitts, leanne Poole, Nelda lo Potter, Ioan Prince, Anna lean Pugh, Nancy Purser, Frankie Quinn, Gloria Ouiram, Grace Ruth Radcliff, Patsy Rakes, Nelda Ramsey, Marjorie Reid, Ramona Reinhardt, loan Rider, Patricia Ridgway, Patsy Riggs,,'Billie Cloves Ritchie, Martha Ann Row, Mary Lou Ross, Patricia Rumph, Virginia Lee Russell, Betty lean Sawyer, Myrlee Schlottman, Wanda Scott, Bobbie Sheets, Wanda Sheffield, Ina lean Shrurn, Ioyce Simmons, Betty Rhea Slaughter, Beverly loyce Smith, Vera Ven Spencer, Peggy Starnes, Betty Io Starr, Mina E. Steadman, Martha Sterling, Barbara Stoker, Martha Ann Summer, Beth Taylor, loyce Y. Teague, Carol Templeton, Mauna Lou Titus, Eleanor Todd, Mozelle Trezevant, Eula Tucker, Carol Tumey, Billy Ann Turner, Peggy Upchurch, Margarett Vacek, Lois Vivian Vaden, Mary Louise Van Meter, Lila Lee Villines, Ioyce Wagner, Betty Lou Wall, Norma lean Walters, Helen Webb, Doris White, LaF ay White, Norma Lee White, Tommie Iean Whitten, Ioida Wigginton, Betty Wilchar, Ann Wilkinson, Doris Williams, Patricia Willingham, Beryl Willis, Marilyn Wilson, Mary Idell Woodall, Mary Leon Woods, Gladys Woods, Nona I. Woodhead, lune Wood, Mary Lou Wright, Marcelyn Wray, Billie Ruth Wright, Helen Lee Zehner, Bettie I 1- N! ,'., ...yu f.. ,-v-'- -L ., , ,JIM ,Q . ,T 1 .Q 11193, -M-,,,, Pa' WM!- 9 5 vp. ,4 + fx Q., 91 'P Wx '1 vi r 'Q S w-. 'fha x 1 'S X '-. 5 'W V' kwa wwf '- 'W'-an 'WSF' r x ' -'H .u I . .x Q liiljf 78. H -5 . , J 1 - . J . Ad.: I a - . K l ,f 53. - 7- ."'.1,' , D- Al,g . I A -.. ' X i-.Sb-5.1 ! Y V. I 52. -A ' K. 4.1 Q. , -- .,-'-,.x-1,-. y i' ' 5. .3 H ft J?-A2-'Wig .' lv .4 j , '- 11, :Q - " ff... :- ,biie --A f ,j-31.-" 4.3.3 - ' my ,- . V. . .ml- .Q " gf.: f' -3 , A n .V . .gifs -' ' -fp .W L.. f . x"'?"5'4" Ldgfniff' " "5 1 f , . A , ly - 4. -".-1 iw , - 6 , .- , .f ' u .V -'1- .' " V '11, - i ' fa, U3 5 , 5 - , f if .. -Q. P , , t A 54 , P 5 ,. Ja .J , ,3 . . - P Q 1117,-. A ,D . . .':',5, . 1 ' , '- -.251-"' : I V ' I-."-l if-,li 'Qg'7'- 3? 2 , 5 A, g' 5,.,'y15fg2i13Fi-f'. N' ' ' '3'3"2i5H 93"1s ."'4? ' iff- 555 an X' ' 'K ' "?f5.iJ' l . hfg' ,f Ai 1 W . ' ' :'sg.-W7 Q' X 14- .. - , ,,. , . S, , ,P . - 6 .,-- -fy flifffiw-Wausau "AVG li POPU I MQST HANDSOME BOY ggwojcl Qhhqfleflozfz MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL 'U 61117161 Gy gCl'V'1"iSO1'l MCDST POPULAR SINIOR GIRL :i7!ZOCl1f'gCl'l'CZ Qvafion A Wx, -'magjw MOST PQPULAR SENIOR BOY 1'ZlLL'L1' F zwcfl MOST POPULAR UNDERCLASS BOY pfl1',L C O LMC rg MOST POPULAR UNDERCLASS GIRL f aisy Cl C4 J Cf f' iii f 5 Dads Club Queens NONA MORGAN PATSY RADCLIFF LOTS PRESCOTT DOROTHY GADBERRY SHIRLEY BURTON EMOGENE ROBINSON Sixty-five Sixty 'six Above: Whgt's cook' Above ' lnq, Ruth Crowell? right: Students enjoying Miss Stennis's popular library. Right: Miss Finnegan cmd her oerongutics clcxss. ,,,e Above' A b . usy hour in the biology lub Right: The typing class seems indifferent manpower shortage. to the 5--f Above: Mr. Ernbry prepares CI slid f e or cz bioloqv student. Right: Officers Club and quests attend cr dinner Below: lohn Collins, stuff photographer for the Sundial. Above riqht: Mrs. Durrett, Mrs. Kemp ond osslst- ants in Decrn's office. B l i A eow rlqht. Colonel Matthews. Are those del merits, colonel? .aj , 1 Sixty-seven 9 li F' W . LX i it -9- W ,ii N X ' 5 My 'li ' - if Mft ' "' ll -. of V 'A f ' ' W 'P .' ,Mu -. r el P' " X- , r . , Sify!! N l' r WW! - ' c rg, ,l52iMa44,p12grg" . I-f""J K wiv' 1 , fum, , X is - A K A F , Y Jiri ff? 8 fi 'l' 'Y ' illmg hui?-.fl ' Q! -ll . f All g5 j51'f5iiivQ?il 'gyh 3 l , ' .ff - V- -' Q ,Q H 4 4. it , ff I Q , , Yr H ,LTV ,Z 5, ., q w . .J 5' A 1 --fd I .woff . V -'11 'l 'f t fl ax t lj f l2"'tf?fl5'5'i' " if i in x 'MM t lx Y A V A tr ,H an Adm? 'K L iang -ag.ff-ig .1 :sv-:ill I , , " 1 l I x 'wi lt I ,ffl-Q s - En- I as , Q K " i f V Q i s -nv im' M., , 1 .Q .Q 4 v,3 K k . in,-5, HM.. . The physical education classes touqhen upon the obstacle course. Carl Lambert wields a powerful tennis racket. Physical education boys go through some rigorous exercises. lean Spurqin practices for tough competition in the tennis matche Sixty-eight S 1 If .J 4 ai' Q Z 6402 if an Seventy Sundial Editorial Staff Muriel Windham ................ . . .Editor Marie Wells ..... . . . Art Editor Miss Agnes Spencer Miss Ona Plummer . . . . Ari Sponsor . . . Literary Sponsor Suzanne Spangler Ieanne Washam Dolores Iames Bobby Folsom Doris Brumit Virginia Brannon Helen Riefkohl Edith Almon Bobby Io Vivrett Laura Louise Cole Mary Dickens L Noi in the picture: Iohn Collins Sundial Business Stall Mary Marteen DeWitt . Emerson Coleman . . . Flora Mae Estes . . Mr. I. O. Neely . Marvin Boyd Laverne Darnall Ruth Elfenbein Georgia Frederick Mary Grove Frank Holloway Wanda Hulse Lexie Ienkins Patsy Io Iones lo Anne Line Wanda Marshall Ioy Moore Helen Pettigrew Irene Phillips Pat Bestine Martha Ritchie Iulian Roberts Buth Schwarnberger Billie Sims Mildred Vandiver Harrison Woods lack Woods Thomas Woods . . . . Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Assistant Business Manager . . . . Business Sponsor ....n.........l Seventy-one The Sunset Stampede Published bi-weekly in the interest of Sunset High School by students in the lournalisrn classes. Printed in the Dallas High Schools Printshop. MEMBER INTERSCHOLASTIC LEAGUE PRESS CONFERENCE AND OF TEXAS HIGH SCHOOL PRESS ASSOCIATION Superintendent of City Schools ..... . Iulius Dorsey Assistant Superintendent ....... . L. V. Stockard Assistant Superintendent in Charge of High Schools . . . W. T. White Director Dallas High Schools Printshop . . . . Dan B. Goodrich Principal Sunset High School . . . ......... I. D. Chalk Sponsors ...... . Miss Hallie D. Walker and Nelson Hutto EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief . ............ Frank Holloway Assistant Editors . . Bette Rice, Mary Lou Sanford, Iimmie Sears, Bob Cooke, Horace Bachman, Billie Flay Oler, Margaret Heiman Exchange Editors . . . . Marjorie Holden and Helen Faye Wheeler Sports . . . . . . . Lawrence Alslorook and Paul Dees BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager . ........ . ..... Ioe Felton Circulation Manager .................. Mildred Rhoads Sales Managers . Elaine Manning, Elizabeth Smith, Eleanor Wade, Mary Wagner, Mary Ila White REPORTERS lack Halfpenny, Bill Huggins, Bill McLean, Iohn Rollwage, Harriet Colwell, Linda Chrisrnan, Barbara Griffin, Iohn Grant, Lois Hillin, limmy Hyndman, lack Moran, Harold Melton, Billy Richards, Iarnes Sartin. Szweniy-two The Sunset Stampede Published bi-weekly in the interest of Sunset High School by students in the Iournalism classes. Printed in the Dallas High Schools Printshop. MEMBER INTERSCHOLASTIC LEAGUE PRESS CONFERENCE AND OF TEXAS HIGH SCHOOL PRESS ASSOCIATION Superintendent of City Schools ............ . lulius Dorsey Assistant Superintendent ........ . L. V. Stockard Assistant Superintendent in Charge of High Schools . . . W. T. White Director Dallas High Schools Printshop . . . ....... Dan B. Goodrich Principal Sunset High School .... ......... I . D. Chalk Sponsors ........ ...... M iss Hallie D. Walker and Nelson Hutto EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief ..................... Patsy Roache Assistant Editor . Louis Broad, Ruth Elfenbein, Helen Ruth Harden, Marion Pollard, Ruth Schwarnberger Exchange Editors ..........,.... Billie lean Smith, Anita Huffaker Copy Readers ........ Helen Riefkohl, Doris Wilernon, lean Dysar, Shirley Freeman Columnists: Barbara Blaine, Margaret Nearpass, Charlotte Van Meter, Dorothy Patterson, Wynell Risenger, Hilda Haden Features: Edith Almon, Flora Mae Estes, Mary Marteen Dewitt, Dorothy Evers, Pat Sansom, Donald Wilkin- son, Mercedes Herrara, Inez Hunter, Peggy Malone, Nathalie Ouiram, Herbert 'Wigley, Dolores lames, Paula Sue Moore R. O. T. C. ...................... William Rite BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager .... ..... . . . Keith Smith Assistant Business Manager ...............i Louise Weymouth Circulation Manager ................... Doris Trimble Sales Auditors .... Bettye Blankenship, Allen Boliver, Patsy Hill, Margie Moore, Margaret Willhite REPORTERS Nawona Bates, Winnell Benedict, Berta Mae Charles, lean Cook, Helen Doelle, Billie Io Eddins, Dorothy Gad- berry, Madelyn Harbin, Hargus Hardman, Marion Layton, Judy Lloyd, Martha Looney, lane Lovelace, Martha Meanor, Gloria Mitchell, Ioy Moore, Madge Motsenbocker, lohnny North, Dorothy Pugh, Iune Robertson, limmy Walker, Winnie Wesson, Peggy Shumate, Martha Blalock, Gloria Bradford, Marilou Collins, Carolyn Cook, Laur Crannel, Patsy Io Doerr, Margie Duncan, Euna Vay Garrison, Betty Harper, Webb Holland, Betty lean Hunt, Ronald lohnson, Peggy O'Rourke, Blix Mary Pate, Nora Dean Perkins, Sue Peterson, Earl Preddy, Maxine Smith, William Earl i1Valls, Dick Widener, Wayne Bennett, Charles Boyd, lohn Boyd, Charlie Dickerson, Iohn DuBose, Richard Hasty, Walter Herman, Bill Lee, Dale Lynn, Bill McLean, Wallace Price, Bill Palmer, Dick Schween, Lewis Ray Shaw, Wayne Sheffield, loe B. Tillers, Fred Wagner, Carletta Crowley, Anita Ray Lewis, Frankie Lou Munselle, Peggy Norris, Annie Mae Ross, lane Singleton, lohn Barrow, Haskell Beatty, lack Crowe, Kenneth Dooley, Leon Gray, A. C. Ianuary, Alonzo lensen, lack Woodward, Stinson Worley, Doris lean Davis, Greta loan Iackson, Io Anne Mont- gomery, Doris Moore, Betty Newberry, Ioan Stone, Bobby Olive, Kenneth Thompson. . -cc M. - i I Seventy-three Above Peggy Cobb and William Bryan on Senior Day lanuary 1944 Above right Vice President Henry A Wallace making a radio address from the Sunset auditorium Center: Emerson Coleman and Bobby Pickett in the Christmas play. Below left: Colonel Hans Christian Adamson, who told Sunset of his experiences with Eddie Riclcen- backer on a raft in the Pacific. Below riqht: Gwen Dew, former prisoner of the Iapanese. M51 .in-as-11-.fzfm Y 4. .LJ . .fxfzxusww jy 7 A-24:'?r'2" ' .wif A, A- ,If ll ,.,., , Airy' A, ,,f?,k, x, wffii-lf-' ' ,A ww- k r Q1 J -.sri V m uw.. avi jf fi' V ,.. National Honor Society ., 54,2 me i use First row: Bennie Albritton, Treasurer, Edith Alrnon, Barbara Blaine, Eleanor Boyett, Charles Bragg. Second row: Doris Brurnit, Iimmy Chamberlain, President, Wally Christian, Peggy Cobb, Catherine Coffin Third row: Laura Louise Cole, Patricia Coxe, Margaret Dalton, Mary Marteen DeWitt, Dorothy Dyer. Fourth row: lean Dysart, Dorothy Evers, Bobby Folsom, loan Freeman, Dean Gancly. Fifth row: Ann Greer, Frank Holloway, Mackie Ien Holmes, Ann lngle, Anita Fay Iones. Sixth row: Geraldine Kinne, Mary Louise Kirby, Yvonne Lewis, Secretaryg Albert Mason, luanita Morrill Seventy-six Q- National I-lonor Society Q 'K X 1. Q F if-'5 ? if ., f,,. 5 - if 'ff ! E ., A 3 . A . .' il K 1 W ' ' F o First row: Forrest Nickell, Lillie Grace Odom, Betty Parks, Georgia Patak, Sally Power. Second row: Nathalie Quirarn, Mildred Reddrick, Vice-President, Margaret Ann Richards, Helen Riefkohl, Patsy Roache. Third row: Richard Robertson, Patricia Sansorn, Elizabeth Smith, Suzanne Spangler, Evelyn Stallings. Fourth row: Charlene Stevenson, Eli Sturges, Arlene Taylor, Gloria Turquette, Bobby lo Vivrett, Filth row: Larry Vivrett, Mary Wagner, Marie Walls, Louise Weymouth, Margie White. Sixth row: Donald Vtfilkinson, Audrey Williams, Muriel Windham, lack Woods, Gordon Yeargan, Miss Cog- dell, Sponsor. S6"L'i'l1fy-Sl'1-'C11 Student Council - First row: Bennie Albritton, Lawrence Alsbrook, lane Barksdale, Billy Becker, Gus Berry, Barbara Blaine, Secretary. Second row: Edna Booth, Dolly Brady, Virginia Brannon, Doris Brumit, limrny Chamberlain, Helen Christie. Third row: Tommy Cole, Emerson Coleman, Iecxnne Cook, Bill Cotton, Iohn Crabb, Virginia Crain. Fourth row: Marjorie Duncan, Dorothy Evers, Dan Folclberg, Ioan Freeman, Fred Goodwin, Ann Greer. Fifth row: Edwin Harper, Bob Hendrick, Mackie len Holmes, Ellen Icme Henslee, Ann Inqle, A. C. Ianuarv. Sixth row: I. L. Iohnson, Rhea Keele, Ola Mae Landrum, Bill Lee, Bruce Lintner, Yvonne Lewis, Claude Mc President. Sc'vc'111fy-eigbl Clennahan Student Council 99' WY' xg V,hV . V: 1, .K . First row: Ioan McKey, Val Mansfield, Bob Martin, Martha Meanor, Iuanitof Morrill, Thomas Murphy, Ruby Neal. Second row: Forest Nickell, Johnny North, Georgia Parak, Dorothy Patterson, Nora Dean Perkins, Szzlly Power. Third row: Alfred Prenderqast, Treasurerg Mildred Reddrick, Bill Reese, Bette Rice, Helen Riefkohl, Margaret Ann Richards. Fourth row: Emma lean Robinson, Clarence Rydell, Lee Scott, lane Singleton, Dayton Smith, Keith Smith. Fifth row: Charles Sorrells, Vice-President, lean Spurqin, Mary Sue Tichenor, Hal Turner, Gloria Turquette, Charlotte Van Meter. Sixth row: Bob Vlfebster, Helen Wheeler, Doris Wilemon, Audrey Williams, Muriel Windham, Iimmy Woodall, Mr. S. M. Bober, Sponsor. Not in the picture: Mickey lo Cates, Iohn David Daiqh, Kennon Randolph, Ann Harrison, Mary Arnold, Sammy Weempe. Seventy-11ine Eighty pan-American Student Forum 4'-4 1 if First row: Nan Blackstone, Allen Flo Boliver, Virqinia Brannon, Doris Brumit, Evelyn Brunson, Nancy Bynum. Second row: Mary Ellen Davis, Palsy Doerr, Pauline Donnell, Rose Helen Fisher, loan Freeman, Shirley Freeman. Third row: Jimmy Goode, Ann Greer, Treasurer, lane Griffith, Mary Ann Grossman, Ann Gullick, Madelyn Harbin. Fourth row: Ellsn lanr Henslee, Mary Lou l-lurid, Dolores lames, Geraldine Kinne, Iackie Langham, Yvonne Lewis. Fifth row: Carol Livingston, Leonard Martin, Monaray Morrow, Lillie Grace Odom, Sally Power, Secretary, Margaret Ann Richards, President. Sixth row: Pat Robison, Billie Mae Raqqe, Ann Shuler, Vice-President, lean Spurqin, Mary Florence Tullis, Nona Lael Vannerson. Seventh row: Sliirloy Wai'i'en, Audrey Williams, Virgil Williams, Ruth Ann Witt, Pat Yeager, Miss Taliaferro, Sponsor. Dallas Junior Historical Society i L 5 39? I LR 'W' A 1 16- .1 X M Q, 'fir 5 lv-' SW' First row: Annie Boozer, Shirley Bowen, Eleanor Boyett, Virginia Brannon, Alice Clayton, Lanelle Clayton, Nita Coates. Second row: Dorothy Dyer, Secretary: Ruth Elfenbein, Anne Goode, Gerald Henderson, Mary Henderson. Treasurer. Third row: Ellen lane Henslee, Georgia Oliver, Betty Parks, Helen Pettlarew, Gloria Frederick. Fourth row: Maraie Phillips, Pat Restine, Patsy Roache, Billie May Boaae, Puth Schwamberqer. Fifth row: Delores Smith, Hazel Steele, Suzanne Spangler, Presidentp loann Stokes, Georqe Young, Shirley Burton, Vice-President, Miss Stephens, Sponsor, Eiglafy-one 3 i I Good Scholarship Club Gordon Yeargan . Charles Bragg . Patsy Roache . . Ray Karras . . Miss Eula Pearl Smith Abbott, Phil Achilles, Audrey Adams, Ellen Albritton, Bennie Alexander, Ieannine Almon, Edith Anderson, Iohn Andrews, Bob Anzy, Ernest Austin, Norma lean Bachman, Horace Baker, Betty Io Bates, lane Bean, Nancy Behne, loe Berry, Gus Lindsey Bevers, W. M. Bishop, Betty Blackston, Nan Blaine, Barbara Bland, Patsy Bowen, Barbara Boyd, Cecelia Boyd, lane Boyd, Marvin Boyett, Eleanor Brady, Dollie OFFICERS MEMBERS Brandt, George Brannan, Virginia Brown, Elizabeth Browne, Tommie Brumit, Doris Bruner, Sally Bynum, Nancy Cade, Gloria Carloye, lack Cates, Mickey Io Chadwick, Annie Lovis Chamberlain, Iimrny Chambers, Barbara Chapman, Ioanne . . President . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer . Sponsor Christlan, Wally Church, Doris Clark, Nellie Clayton, Alice Cobb, Peggy Coe, Dolores Coffin, Catherine Cole, Laura Louise Collier, Ida Mae Conner, Wayne Cooner, lim Bob Covington, Don Cox, Muriel I. tCcntinued on Page 925 Bragg, Charles f:.:+: f:.:.: zrxfz m Eighty-two Georqe Brand! . Wally Christian . loann Tamsitt . Barbara Chambers Miss Agnes Edwards Boys Ayland, Bill Barnhill, Billy Berry, Gus Binford, Iames Brandt, George Christian, lNally Conner, Wayne Ferguson, Geoffrey Grass, Iames Grossman, Carol Grogan, Norman Sodalitas Latina Wg OFFICERS MEMBERS Grossman, Donald Hendrix, Sammy Mays, Roy Power, A. G. Fandall, I. L. Sams, Lewis W'illers, lack Girls Adams, Ellen Alexander, Ieannine Austin, lean Autry, Mary Ioy Bellows, Mildred Boudin, Ioanne Boyd, Cecilia Boyd, lane Brown, Tommie Chamers, Barbara Christensen, Marilyn Davis, Mary Glasgow, Anita Haley, Charlene Henderson, Marylea High, Alma loan . President . Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer . . Reporter . Sponsor Hutto, Emily Maloney, Sarah Morrel, Bobbie Muse, Ann Pinkerton, Peqqy Redman, Doris Buth, Norma Sheffield, Ina lean Tamsitt, Ioann Willis, Marilyn Wright, Marcelyn Eighty three EI Sol Glenn Walls . . Suzanne Spangler . Audrey Achilles . Louise Weymouth . Miss George Anna Taliaterro . Achilles, Audrey Barrow, Betty Bilby, Dorothy Blackburn, Gloria Blackton, Nan Bolivar, Allen Boozer, Anniece Bowen, Shirley Boyd, Marvin Brannon, Virginia Broad, Louis Brumit, Doris Bruner, Sally Dell Burks, Patsy Burton, Shirley Cardwell, Ioyce Charles, Betty Cooper, Dorothy Ann Covington, Don Cox, Robert Coxe, Patricia Crabtree, Margaret Davis, Mary Ellen DeMan, Ann Eisenlohr, lohn Fields, I. Frank Fitzgerald, Bill Freeman, Hoan Garvin, Betty Gillett, Donna Ruth Giltner, Elaine Girnarc, lohnny Elglzlg four OFFICERS MEMBERS Goode, Ann Greer, Ann Harpold, Elizabeth Harris, Charlotte Harris, lack Hash, Iames Hart, Bosa Lee Heislcell, Doris Hendrix, Donna Henslee, Ellen lane Hepp, lohn Hill, Charlene Hodo, Virginia lames, Dolores lernigan, Doris loyce, Mary Ellen King, Carl LeBeau, Frank Line, Io Ann Long, Ruth McKenzie, Billie lean Matlock, Harriet Meanor, Patricia Miller, lackie Moore, Paula Morrow, Monaray Mouser, Chester Oliver, Georgea Griffith, lane Grace, Marianne Hagan, Hilton Harper, Barbara , . ,,.. ,r...-.o,.r.,..A . . President . . Vice-President . Secretary-Treasurer . . . Reporter . . . Sponsor Pettigrew, Helen Bice, David Pichards, Margaret Ann Riggs, Billie Clover Ritchie, Martha Robertson, lune Bogge, Billie Mae Bumph, Dorothy Fumph, Virginia Smart, Katherine Smith, Delore Spangler, Suzanne Spratt, Iohn Starnes, Betty lo Sterling, Barbara Stoker, Martha Ann Stokes, lo Ann Stautr, Peggy lean Tanner, lohn Temple, limmy Templeton, Mauna Loa Trezevant, Eula Tullis, Mary Florence Vacek, Lois Vivian Vannerson, Nona Walls, Glenn Walls, Marie Weymouth, Louise White, Norma Lee Williams, Allen G. Wilson, Mary lclell Windham, Muriel Art Cluh Ann Gullick . Marion Layton . Carletta Crowley . Mary Marteen DeWitt Miss Agnes Spencer Adams, Virginia Alrnon, Edith Brannan, Virginia Brown, Elizabeth Burnham, Sue Crowley, Carletta DeWitt, Mary Marteen Grice, Eleanor Gullick, Ann Harnrnan, Pat OFFICERS MEMBERS Hunt, Betty lean Iackscn, Wesley Iornes, Delores Kalinec, Charles Layton, Marlon Lovelace, lane . President . Vice-President . Treasur GT . Secretary . Sponsor Riefkohl, Helen Rich, Gordon Sanford, Mary Lou Schmidt, Carol Sims, Billie Sharp, Frank Douglas McCormick, Glenna Walls, Marie McKinzie, Marie Newberry, Betty Pruyn, Helen Wanderling, Bill Washam, Jeanne Worley, Stinson Eighty-five Sunset Junior Red Cross Council Dick Schween . Robert Hendrick . Dan Foldberg . . Miss Corin Humphries Dick Schween Mary Lou I-Iund Stallings, Evelyn Boyd, Cecelia Harbin, Madelyn Walls, Marie Hund, Mary Lou DeWitt, Mary Marteen Fchween, Dick Neal, Ruby Cox, Marianne McLarty, Greta Covingotn, Frances Blaine, Barbara Lewis, Yvonne Crain, Virginia Lea Brewer, Betty Garrison, Euna Vay Eighty six PQ OFFICERS REPRESENTATIVES TO CITY COUNCIL ALTERNATES ADVISORY REPRESENTATIVES Henderson, Marylen Griffith, lane Haden, Hilda Savage, Barbara Iohn, Caroline Boliver, Allen Hendrick, Bob Foldberg, Dan VVheeIer, Helen Spangler, Suzanne Vivrett, Larry Tucker, Betty Mercer, Iean Hamman, Pat Smith, Billie Iean Whittle, Tommy Wilemon, Doris . . President . . Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer . . . Sponsor Betty Blankenship Iean Mercer Swain, Marcele Herrera, Mercedes Greer, Ann Powell, Margaret Hodges, Sybyil Crowley, Carletta Burton, Ioy Scott, Mary Lou Moore, Ioy Ann Glltner, Elaine Bently, La Homa Thornton, Polly Ann Smith, Billy Wade Williams, Lucy Dale Blankenship, Betty Becldingfield, Ieffie Pen Pals Fxuth Elfenbein . Patsy Roache . Peggy O'Rourke Betty lean Hunt Miss Ruth Baker Boozer, Anniece Bowen, Shirley Burton, Shirley Bilby, Dorothy Curry, Verniece Doelle, Helen OFFICERS MEMBERS Gossett, Ken Goode, Anne Harris, Eva Io Hill, Charlene Hulse, Wanda Morrison, Betty . President . Vice-President . Secretary . Reporter . Sponsor McCormick, Glenna Restine, Pat Futh, Norma Smlth, Frieda Schewambeiger, Ruth White, Mary lla Eighly-seven Girl Beserves . .Q-" 'F " 5' Q Ki Q Sv Q l 5. f il 436- K -or l ,. . 51 , 11 ? V Q l .,,, Q Lw F I , i t A S t I , . , X ' , ,. ff F tg of-F 'Q ' el --': as W ' as ' ,.k ri-f ww, W First row: Mary Britton, Doris Brurnit, Secretary, lo- anne Chapman, Marilyn Christensen, Catherine Coffin, Marilou Collins, Mary DeWitt. Second row: Nell Douglas, lean Dysart, Flora Estes, Shirley Freeman, Treasurer: Carol Garner, Norma Guthrie, Pat Harriman. Third row: Patsy Hill, Dolores lames, lackie Lang' ham, Estelle Lloyd, Norma Mansfield, Pat Marshall, lean Mercer. Fourth row: loy Moore, loAnn Montgomery, Nona Morgan, Bobby Morrel, Lillie Grace Odom, Betty Ogden, June Phipps. Eiglsly-eight Fifth row: Marion Pollard, Sally Power, Bette Rice, Eurrna Robinson, Billie Mae Bogge, Ellen Rose, Mary Lou Sanford. Sixth row: Marian Sasse, Brownie Savage, Carol Schruidt,, Peggy Shurnate, Billie Sims, lane Single- ton, President, Evelyn Stallings, Vice-President. Seventh row: Margaret Stoker, Charlotte Van Meter, Margie White, Audrey Williams, Margaret Wilhite, La Wanda Young, Dolores Zapata. Girl Reserves use g ,..v I Q A znz . N il, , ani W' V I.., T., , I , he t 1 li S K. Yu! 19 M T' Bk rr .. 3 L ,A ' it 1 6 ,W ,,. in 53-if , , Wx Y J if!! 1' 'wh First row: Virginia Adams, lane Barlcsclale, Barbara Blaine, Secretary, Betty Blankenship, Patsy Bland, Edna Booth, Bettye Brewer, Norma Fay Brown. Second row: Nancy Bynum, Beatie Charles, Peggy Cobb, lean Cook, Carletta Crowley, Mary Cather- ine Finley, Euna Vay Garrison, Treasurer. Third row: Ellen lane Henslee, Ann Ingle, Gwendolyn Iones, Lucille Kelly, Marian Layton, Mozelle Leifeste, Jane Lovelace. Fourth row: Angelina McDonald, Bernice McDowell, lody McKey, Greta McLarty, Marjorie Marlett, Martha Meanor, President, Patricia Meanor. M -1- ..i. L L A, ,gi 5, 0' 4 "" 'Q ir ' ' in 4 6 4 7 if A wi? ' f , Fifth row: Margle Moore, Paula Moore, Pat Osborn, Norma lean Oxford, Mary Pace, Nora Dean Per- kins, Sue Peterson. Sixth row: Helen Pettigrew, Iune Presley, Betty Bob- ertson, Mary Scott, Valera Shadix, Betty Smith, Shirley Thornton, Vice-President. Seventh row: Mary Tichenor, Gloria Turquette, Louise Weymouth, Marian West, lean White, Doris Wile- mon, Miss Bessie Iackson. Eighty-nine Ninely V. Lfs l l 1 First row: Barbara Bowen, loanne Chapman, Secretary, Doroihy Gadberry, Billy Io Handley. Second row: Anita Fay Iones, Lucille Kelly, lackie Langham, Joy Moore. Third row: Palsy Price, Brownie Savage, Mary Scoti, Treasurerg lane Singleton. Fourth row: Polly Thornton, Shirley Thornton, Vice-President, Audrey Williams, President, Miss Rene Lee Stennis, Sponsor. I-HV Qi First row: lim Avery, Bill Baxter, Ioe Beckham, Kenneth Bell, Devon Carroll. Second row: George Carter, President, Emerson Coleman, Lilburn Cox, Dan Davis, Secretary. Third row: Horace Goswick, limrny Kirkland, Tommy Le Pere, Vice-President, Sidney Livingston. Fourth row: Jimmy Lowry, Bobby Moore, Martelle Petty, Herbert Pohl. Fifth row: Iulian Roberts, Wayne Sheffield, Huqh Vaughan, Tommy Whittle, D. C. Williams. Mr. Herman Scruggs, Sponsor. L ! is - 5 fa XF' - Ninety-one Cox, Robert Coxe, Patricia Crabtree, Margaret Crow, Charles Crow, Iohnnie Crow, Louise Crowe, lack Daigh, Nancy Dailey, Eeverett Dalton, Margaret Darby, Betty Davis, Martha lane Davis, Mary Ellen Dees, Paul DeF ee, lean Deman, Ann Derr, Iohn DeWitt, Mary Martcen Dockery, Ethel Donnell, Pauline Drake, Mary Dwinnell, David Dyer, Dorothy Dysart, lean Eisenlohr, Iohn Eisenlohr, Rea Elfenbein, Ruth Etter, Ann Carol Everitt, Alsine Evers, Dorothy Fields, Christine Fisher, Rose Helen Folsom, Bobby Frederick, Gloria Freeman, loan Gaddy, Thomas Gandy, Dean Murray Garner, Carol Gaskins, Bobbye Gibson, Floria Gillett, Donna Ruth Giltner, Elaine Glasgow, Anita Goode, Iimmy GoodWin, Fred Gray, Leon Greer, Ann Grice, Eleanor Griffith, lane Griffith, Mary Lee Groce, Marinne Grogan, Norma Gullick, Ann Handly, Billie Io Hardcastle, Patsy Harden, Helen Ruth Harpe, Betty Sue Harris, Charlotte Heiman, Margaret Hendrix, Donna Henry, Vivian Hepp, Iohn Herrera, Mercedes N mety Iwo Good Scholarship Club Continued From Page 82 Hess, Gloria Hickman, Charles High, Alma Ioan Holland, Webb Holloway, Frank Holmes, Ioan Holmes, Mackie len Huckabee, Allen Hund, Mary Lou Hunt, Betty lean Hunter, Inez Hutto, Emily lngle, Ann lackson, Greta Ioan Iames, Dolores lasper, Ruth lohnson, Bob Iohnson, Iowelene lohnson, Wanda Iones, Anita Fae lones, Gwendolyn Iones, Patsy lo Ioyce, Mary Ellen Karras, Ray Kemp, Dorothy Kempe, Billy King, Carl Kirby, Mary Louise Lambert, Carl Leach, Ioan Lee, Ruth Lewis, Yvonne Ligon, Lucy Livingston, Carol Long, Ruth Lucas, Emestine Lynch, Charles Lynm, Dale McBride, Pat McCall, Patricia McCall, Zalia McCleskey, Ottis McCormick, Glenna McDonald, Angelina McKay, lo Anne McKenzie, Billie lean McLarty, Greta Manning, Elaine Marshall, Pat Martin, Bob Matlock, Harriet Maxwell, Westelle Meers, Weldon Miller, Betty Moore, Ben Moore, Bobby Claude Moore, Eddie Moore, Hiram Moore, Nancy Moore, Paula Sue Moore, Rose Mary Moore, Ruth Morgan, Nona Morris, Alene Morrow, Monaray Montgomery, Io Ann Morton, Iimmy Mote, Norma Neff, Alta Nelson, Audrey Nickell, Forrest Odom, Littie Grace Ogden, Betty Oler, Billie Flay Oliphant, Ioyce Oliver, Georgia Parks, Betty Patak, Georgia Pearce, Arnold Pearce, Dorothy Penn, Virginia Perkins, George Pohl, Herbert Power, A. G. Power, Sally Presley, Iune Price, Patsy Prince, Anna lean Pruyn, Helen Purser, Frankie Quiram, Nathalie Rakes, Nelda Ramsey, Dollye Reddrick, Mildred Reneau, Nona Restine, Pat Rice, Bette Rice, lnez Richards, Margaret Ann Ridgway, Patsy Riefkohl, Helen Roache, Patsy Robertson, Richard Robinson, Emma lean Robinson, Pat Rogers, Garwood Rogge, Billie Mae Rumph, Virginia Ruth, Norma Sacher, Edward Sansom, Patricia Sartin, lean Scarborough, Lee Schwarnberger, Ruth Scott, Robbie Sue Scott, Ray Smith, Vera Spangler, Suzanne Spratt, Iohn Spurgin, lean Stallings, Evelyn Starnes, Betty Io Sterling, Barbara Stevenson, Charlene Stoker, Martha Ann Sturges, Eli Tamsitt, Ioann Taylor, Arlene Temple, Iimmie Terry, Charles Thurston, Dorothy Todd, Mozelle Towry, Gene Trammell, T. I. Trimble, Doris Tucker, Norma Tucker, Pat Tullis, Mary Florence Turguette, Gloria Vacek, Lois Vivian Van Meter, Charlotte Vannerson, Nona Lael Vernon, Billie Mae Vivrett, Bobby Io Vivrett, Larry Wade, Eleanor Wallis, Betty Walls, Glenn Walls, Marie Walraven, Helen Walters, Helen Walther, Alice Iune Washam, Ieanne Watts, Eugene Webster, Lloyd Weempe, Sammy Weymouth, Louise White, Margie White, Tommie lean Whitten, Ioida Whitten, Robert Wiggins, Gene Wigley, Herbert Wilcoxson, Pansy Wilkinson, Donald Willhite, Margaret Williams, Audry Williams, Georgie Lee Willis, Marilyn Wilson, Barbara Senftenberg, Billie BlancheWilson, Mary ldell Shadix, Valera Simpson, Henry Smith, Betty Smith, Delore Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Freida Smith, Gladys Windham, Muriel Woodall, Mary Leon Woods, lack Wright, Marcelyn ' Yeargan, Gordon Young, George Younkman, Billie Faye A if 2 1--.- vp.: -oa- 'A 'pn ..wp,1 VS' -M-6 4 og-o in 's , ww FN! 'vis W' 'Qu-A -Q.. 30- 'D x P.: f . FKPYV. ,,-.4-fkfiefirslr .,.-. ' A .- , , '-'N f ' 1 ,A w 1, . - L- ,. lf, . -14, I' ,Q , .. -,' . A J. :' V h H '.1::. ' -f ..-, .A 0 - . -. .-z 1.-fig - ,,',.-. ,, 4 'N -, Q 4 . 1 4 - - A-,.,,' ..,-fh U , - V.-JA., . . N J g igunu-gg s -' v, wr 'Q '- - - f'f5 ' 'ig 5' 4 5' ., . A V . ...,.,,.,v . .4 ,,, M . . !- v: .-1.5 3.-I. u-jg - -- if 5 I ls, .h v 'T - afz:f ,w2':"?af .. ,A L 5 U' 5 . L -.. -- , -... ' .-- ..2 1 .- '-1 ,af .1 1 .- .C .-1 - , ' fw . " Q , 1 -Qu .. ,111 ' 1 ' ". iffy 1' .W .- ' . ,v. va, -. ,' .- ' , , u . L' . ' '-. ,-SQ. ' if . ,Q ' Lq,1A,,.,.- 1 r..g.4,... f:.5 : 'f W 1-' Ha v ' V vi' - , , - X. .4 -f A. - 4 - .- '. ,,, --"' 1 ,. 1' , . f 1."-' A- '. D Q - wil - 'f ' 1 1 1-' -z'2"f:'? M' ,'a x-.,, . ,, ,. Q,"' - f . ',. 3' p., ' -'S-1, L 1 -1 ,'V . 1 " 1 4-A1":,,, ,nf 1 5: . - gyf A , iw- -if -' Vx.. ,N ,M 1 -gb -, -A ' ......uL.w 4- 4,3 A yzu' -. L....,f...v:1.J ' wif,-l " - , if J,- , 'i-2 1 , 1.f'+ I. ..-r ,Y ' 1 . , .'.,.4- . ' -- V J- 21, 4, , - hi., , , - . - 5 . 1 ..-,, ' q 41,-' , I "JL"- -e.f3:.Y, ,, , . xv ,Q " 2 r...f'fjrf " 7 ' . , .. ,, . V1 - ' rl: Q ., , f - , if-N' - t-4 , , Q,,:a::. pf- gn.-.L-. -Q-7-'v I4 -ff' ve.. - ffl. 55, 14 . 1- .. , , . A , L4 ..- .I . V' - 4 Sy' . as :,:j'f ' National Thesoian Club l l First row: Marvin Boyd, Emerson Coleman, Ruth Elfenbein, Marilyn Elliott, Ann Etter. Second row: Charlene Haley, Frank Holloway, Corresponding Secretary, Pay Karras, Mary Kirby, Vice- President, Anita Lloyd. Third row: Mildred Mitchell, Blix Mary Pate, Pat Restine, Patsy Roache, President, Pat Robinson. Fourth row: Stan Runkel, Marion Sasse, Treasurer, Ruth Schwamberaer, lack Self, Evelyn Stallings, Record- ing Secretary. Fifth row: Marcele Swaim, Joyce Taylor, Margie White, Harrison Woods, Mrs. Wanda Banker, Sponsor. Ninety-four National Forensic League ir ,gui 'gran r EW 3 if . , 63' is 14 1 '15-1 : 'Q ,.... or M First row: Bennie Allcrltton, Cecelia Boyd, Secretary-Treasurerg Virginia Brannon, Parliarnentariang Barbara Chambers. Second row: Helen Christie, Emerson Coleman, Vice-President, 'Wayne Conner, Dan Davis, Ann Carol Etter. Third row: Ioan Freeman, Dean Gandy, Barbara Griffin, Frank Holloway, Presidentp Mackie Ie-n Holmes. Fourth row: Ray Karras, Mildred Rhoads, Pat Robison, Sian Runkel, Patricia Sansom. Fifth row: Charlene Stevenson, Ioann Tarnsitt, Mary Florence Tullis, Mr. S. M. Baber, Sponsor. Not in the picture: Margie White Ninety-five Debate Club I First row: Bennie Albritton, Vice-President, Cecilia Boyd, Virginia Brannon, Tommy Brown, Louise Chadwick Second row: Barbara Chambers, Helen Christie, Dolores Coe, 'Emerson Coleman, Vlfayne Conner, Dan Davis, Third row: Ann Etter, loan Freeman, President, Dean Grandy, Glen Garrish, Barbara Griffin, Charlene Haley. Ninety-six Fourth row: lack Harris, Frank Holloway, Parliamen- tariang Mackie Holmes, Cecil Korneqay, Gloria Medlin, Priscilla Mosely. Fifth row: A. G. Power, Mildred Rhoads, Iulian Rolo- erts, Pat Robison, Secretary-Treasurer, Patricia Sanscm, Robert Smith. Sixth row: lean Spruqin, Charlene Stevenson, Ioan Tamsitt, Mary Florence Tullis, Mr. Baber, Sponsor. Not in the picture: Arlene Callen, Keith Myers, David Pittenqer, Norma lean Smith. Frank Holloway . Mary Lou Kirby . Blix Mary Pate . Evelyn Stallings . Mrs. Vtfanda Banker Adams, Ellen Alexander, Jeanne Bates, lane Boliver, Allen Boission, lack Boudin, Ioanne Bowen, Barbara Boyd, Marvin Brown, Tommie Coffin, Catherine Christion, Wally Coffman, Reva Coker, loan Coleman, Emerson Dramatic Club Cos, Mary Ann Collier, Ida Darnell, Pauline Eason, Bonnie lo Elfenbein, Ruth Elliott, Marilyn Estes, Flora Mae Etter, Ann Carol Frederick, Cloria Graham, Beth Ann Haley, Charlene Hammon, Pat Harris, lack Hartman, Evelyn OFFICERS MEMBERS lensen, Alonzo lohn, Caroline Karras, Bay Kinne, Geraldine Leach, Ioan Lloyd, lody Logan, Helene Lyles, Ernest Mitchell, Mildred Ann Nichols, Pat Moore, Margie Ogden, Betty O'Rourke, Peggy Pickett, Bobby Rakes, Nelda Restine, Pat Ftoache, Patsy Robenson, Pat Runkel, Stan Hugh, Norma Sasse, Marion Schwanberqer, Ruth Self, lack Sheffield, Wayne Simmons, Betty Slaughter, Beverly . President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer Sponsor Spangler, Suzanne Sterling, Barbara Stokes, lo Ann Sturgis, Eli Swain, Marcele Taylor, Ioyce Thornhill, Rosemary White, Margie Whitten, Ioida Williams, Allen G. Woods, Harrison Wright, Helen Lee Ninety seven Speakers C u 9 t t t First row: Virginia Brannon, Frederick L. Chinske, Catherine Coffin, Frnerson Coleman, Treasurerg Ruth Elie-nbein. Second row: Ann Carol Etter, Bill Fain, Rose Fisher, Dean Gandy, Pat Hamrnan. Third row: Frank Holloway, Reporterg Ruth Iasper, Anita Fay Iones, Ray Karras, President, Mary Louise Kirby, Vice-President. Fourth row: Mildred Mitchell, lim Moore, Betty Ogden, Lois Prescott, Pat Robison. Fifth row: Stan Runkel, Marion Sasse, Ruth Schwamherger, Ann Schuler, Secretary: Evelyn Stallings. Sixth row: Marcele Swain, Clinton Truly, Dale Wagner, Marqle White, Mrs. Wanda Banker, Sponsor, Mr. Baber, Sponsor. Ninefy-eight JANUARY SENIOR PLAY HfVly Cousin from -I-exasn Mrs. Wanda Banker ..,. Pete Williams ..... Peaceful Iohnson, a colored maid . Mrs. Beulah Scott, a widow . . Sheila Scott, her elder daughter . Doris Weaver, Sheila's best friend . Wilhemina Scott, Beulah's youngest Lucille Scott, the young daughter . Preston Rogers, She-ila's fiance . . lohnny Benton, an unexpected young Eshew Smith, Iohnny's colored valet Cactus Kelly, a cowboy . . . Tomasina Cooper, from Texas . IHCII1 . iThree-Act Cornedyl CAST OE CHARACTERS JUNE sENloQ PLAY " ne Wild Night" Miss Wanda Banker . Guernsey Le Pelley . Rodney Dodd . Henrietta .... lodwillow .... Aunt Myra Opal Dodd . Charlotte Allen . . Dr. Bell .... Nurse Trent . Ned Steerwell . . Doris Winthrope . Hawkins . . Dickens . . Maribelle . Mrs. Rooly Mrs. Batsom . Iade Darnelli . lcmes Scorpio . . Ctficer Brayder ..... CAST OF CHARACTERS . Director . Author . . Betty Bishop Virginia Adams . Iimmie Sears . Greta McLarty . Iuanita Morrill Mickey Io Bradley Charles Sorrells . arold Melton Frank Holloway . Ernest Lyles Mary Lou Sanford Director . Author . Stan Bunkel . Patsy Roach . Iack Woods . Carcele Swaim Blix Mary Pate . . Billy Reese Gloria Turquette Wayne Sheffield . . Pat Sansom . Bobby Pickett Terrence Huffaker . Lois Prescott . Margie White Flora Mae Estes Mary Louise Kirby . Bob Moomaw Pete Hendricks I 5 ,, t l '3 1 gg, i Nix rely-nine Representatives in Acaolemic Contests DECLAMATION Stan Runkel Marian Sasse EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING Ray Karras Virginia Brannan ONE-ACT PLAY "Road Into the Sun" Ray Karras Stan Runkel Marian Sasse Ann Carol Etter Patsy Roache ORIGINAL ORATORY Ray Karras Ann Carol Etter interscholastic League Altemates Dan Davis Betty Ogden Margie White GIRLS' DEBATE Charlene Stevenson Ioan Freeman Alternate Barbara Chambers BOYS' DEBATE Emerson Coleman Wayne Connor National Forensic League ORATORICAL DECLAMATION Marian Sasse Stan Runkel EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING HUMOROUS DECLAMATION Virginia Brannan Ray Karras Mary Louise Kirby Emerson Colemon Altemaie Dean Gandy ESSAY WRITING AAnn Carol Etter Mary Lee Griffith SPELLING Suzanne Spangler Pat Robison DRAMATIC DECLAMATION Stan Runkel DEBATE Charlene Stevenson Ioan Freeman Barbara Chambers Virginia Brannan i 1 1 i i Om' Hundred X x N Aikin, Hugh Bevers, W. M. Cook, Kenneth Cox, Lilburn Fisher, Lewis Gimarc, Iohnny Green, Fred Harris, lack Hoskins, Olin lngram, Iackie Batla, Betty Bean, Nancy Che-nault, Mary Daigh, Nancy Dorsey, Elizabeth Elliott, Marilyn Orchestra Mr. Otto K. Michels, Director BOYS Ienson, Alonzo Moman, Bob Moore, Bob C. Moser, Robert Mosher, A. M., Ir. Nixon, Arthur Phelps, Chester Phillips, Glynn Pohl, Herbert Beagan, Harold Roberts, Iulian GIRLS Harrell, Gertrude Hutchinson, Shirley Iohnson, Theo Levelsmire, Drusilla Morrill, Iuanita Odom, Lillie Grace Short, Lee Slay, lack Smith, Loren Stuart, Dan Truly, Clinton Vercell, Vincent Weaver, Robert Wiggins, Gene Willers, lack Zehner, Dick Phillips, Margie Smith, Elizabeth Stallings, Evelyn Whiteside, Laverne Williams, Georgie Lee O P Hundred Two Christenson, Homer Cunningham, Hubert Felton, Ioe Brown, Margaret Bowdin, Ioan Cates, Elouise Davis, Nina Iean Doran, lean Eason, Bonnie Io Eddins, Billie Io Fields, Christine Fredericks, Gloria Giffard, Ioan Chorus Mr. Otto K. Michels, Director BOYS Gaylord, Leslie Harris, A. E., Ir. Shahan, Ralph Sharp, Frank GIRLS Giltner, Elaine Harbin, Madelyn Hartmen, Evelyn lones, Mary Louise Martin, Elizabeth Matlock, Harriet Moore, Donna Mosely, Priscilla Pettigrew, Helen Quiram, Grace Tankersley, Homer Williams, Virgil Woods, lohn Bestine, Pat Rice, Betty Buth, Norma Sears, Iimmie Slaughter, Beverly Swaim, Betty Iane Teague, Carol Trimble, Doris Wilkins, Mae Om' Hundrnd Three ,f"W,W,w 'W ,fra 5::.' Nf .... . ff ,, - . ::. . , riff, W Tim' Ll . I. ' -Z' .' g- f U ,N wi, A GLSA N A Q f . Y y by ll ,...., W Www X ,N vf F2 ' - . .Q ' 7 A ' 'X-2Ej:jI:.f L2 f-7' ,g ' M A - Democracy in action, An example of what many privates would like lo do to their serqecmts. One Hundred Four Basketball player and friend. Some lucky boy has cm cxrmiul of girls V 7 . f-vin SECOND PERIOD CLASS We strive, in our department, to make the maximum contribution to a better life--physically, mentally, morally, and socially. physical Education THIRD PERIOD CLASS Among our activities of the year are tenikoits, volley ball, tumbling, and baseball. Regular participation in these develops and de- mands strength, endurance, stamina, coordination, and agility beyond that ordinarily required for peacetime pursuits. Our girls recognize the value of such participation. One Humlrrd Six ,, .. I , , FOURTH PERIOD CLASS The development of physical fitness throuqh the use of activities is our qoal for this year. This demands vigorous participation over protracted periods of time. This means that We must not stop at the first sian oi iatique, but continue our exertions until we are tired- a wholesome tiredness. physical Education FIFTH PERIOD CLASS War-time demands fall on the shoulders of our girls as well as on our boys. For this reason, we are trying to develop the strength, skill, and stamina required for active service and hard work. Om' HIIIIIIYPII Srren CZOGCTTZS Top Row HERMAN A. COWLEY, Football HERMAN SCRUGGS, Football I. C. BABNETT, Baseball, Football STANLEY THOMAS, Basketball Bottom Row R. C. PANTERMUEHL, Golf One Hundlred Eight NELSON A. HUTTO, Tennis IRA B. LEE, Manager Drum Majors and Majorettes Harold Melton Audrey Williams Iohri Crabbe Bobby Pickett Peggy Cobb Ci'122!'i6dCi6I'S A. C. lanuary Margaret Dalton Alvin Walker Mary Lou Sanford Patsy Io lones Sunray Commanders Lillie Grace Odom Gloria Turquette Norma Guthrie 1 32 iff in ..AQ .4 if 1' WY qw f W7 L, j'u.,1 4 1 . Z K. 'QM " if , ,g X , if 'ET- t M "' FOREST 126 to OD Picking up where they left oft last year in the city race, Sunset's mighty Bisons, defending champions, whipped the Forest Lions to the score of 28 to O. The Bisons started on the first game into defending their many times attained title. The first score of the year was brought about when tailback Arthur Burch crashed through Fore3t's line for three yards and a TD. Wingback Claude McClennahan made the second :core when he took in a thirty-yard pass. The third and fourth were produced by runs of fullback Bobby Folsom and quarterback Burch. Thus the Bisons started cn the long trail to the City Title. of' LA TECH C20 to El The Bison's hard-running and accurate-passing at- tacks paved the way to a 20-to-6 victory over the Tech Wolves. The fighting Bisons began to function when the first whistle blew and never stopped. Run- ning and passing to the Tech three-yard line, Burch threw end Charles Terry a touchdown pass. Burch later tore through Tech's line for eight yards and a TD. Bobby Orr kicked his first extra point, which later led him to become the regular extra-point man. The half ended with the Bisons on the big end of l3 to U. Starting the second half oft, Burch threw McClennahan a pass for the final TD. The Tech Vllolves never got started because of the brilliant line play of Sunset's line, which was soon to be known as one of the best lines in the state. Top row: lohn Pollwcge, Fred Goodwin, Arthur Burch, Linrank Meisell, lr., Dick Schween. Eottcm row: Lm Kalkstrom, Kaye Don Erowi, Lee Scott, F Gower. -..: -' I f - .. . . T -. . . N 1 .rf 1. .eeliifi I ll K --' .. r ' . x .T .. it f ' ' ew- Bfffgggka . 2 This if FQ ..,. 3 7 Top row: Rhea Keele, Ted Kane, Winston Medlin, Charles Terry, Bob Webster. Bottom row: Robert Edge, lack Halfpenny, Elmo Reese, Cloud McClennahan. NORTH DALLAS f27 to 6? Completely out battling the North Dallas defense, the powerful Bisons rolled to their third straight vic- tory of the season, whipping the North Dallas Bull- dogs 27 to 6. A Burch pass to end Dayton Smith from the Bulldogs' eight-yard line produced the first score. Bobby Folsom and Art Burch made two more TDs in the second quarter on runs. Orr kicked all the extra points the first half to boost the lead to Zl to U. Wayne Bennett made the final TD on a line plunge. The Bisons' line, led by tackles Dick Schween and Bob Edge, held the Bulldogs to only 8 yards. The Bisons were still proving their capability. ADAMSON t3O to 73 The Bisons, scoring in every quarter, continued to bring victory to old Sunset. They took full control of the game from the first to eat their Oak Cliff rivals, 30 to 7. Blocking back lack l-lalfpenny got the scor- ing started when he plunged over the goal line from the four-yard line.. McClennahan later took a Burch pass for 15 yards and a TDQ a few minutes later tackle Lin Gower blocked a punt which rolled out of the end zone, giving the Bisons two more points. McClennahan scored again in the second half on a reverse, and Burch ended the game with a 44-yard TD run. Bobby Orr kicked all four extra points. Captains Iohn Rollwage and Fred Goodwin and the rest of the fighting Sunset line held the Leopards almost yardless in running. WOODROW 'WILSON U2 to 277 The Bisons met their first and last defeat in the city race at the hands of the Woodrow Vvfilson Wild- cats to the tune of l2 to 27. The Wildcats started off at the beginning oi the game, making a TD after a long pass completion. Sunset came back to make a TD and tie up the game on a pass from Burch to McClennahan from the Woodrow 27-yard line. Fol- som put Sunset in the lead when he dived over the Wildcats' goal line. The halt ended Sunset l2, Wood- row 6. Something snapped in the Bisons' playing from then on, everything they did and tried was to no avail. The Wildcats played their best game that last half and landed on the big end of the score, 27 to l2. NORTH DALLAS C26 to 62 Getting back into the win column, the Bisons easily took the North Dallas Bulldogs for the second time this season, 26 to 6. The score was almost iden- tical to the Bulldcg game earlier in the season. The tirst score occurred when tackle Robert Edge, who played in the N. D. baclcfield all night, intercepted a Bulldog lateral and ran 19 yards for a TD. After a BU-yard drive Burch crashed over for the next score. ln the some quarter Folsom raced l6 yards on the old Statute of Liberty play for 6 more points. A pass from Burch to Bennett brought the final score. The great Sunset line set the Bulldogs back for a total of 25 yards. Top row: Bobby Orr, Wayne Bennett, Bobby Folsom, Elvet Speed, Earl Preddy. Bottom row: Donald Griffin, I. I. Cure, Dayton Boyer, 'Nilliarri Vtfalls, Dan Foldberg. 'mf H - i ..,, . Wi " ZZ-A 1 M, 14" 4 ,.i,,., , go, V xwiygg was has - ,, 1. ' , Lf I'f7Ef"f N ' V V , ., .,W.f, A A .V .,.,. . Q if A 'A ' - 55314 Emi in . , THUWJ QQ Z 3 fi M355 ' 5 K Q' H567 ' ' 1, . -:+---FI M A " V ' '- "" ' mug 553 1 ' , T 3.2. mgivf- ' 1: tsftagtsgf x ft x 7.1 ki -V . . Ha. ,-Q..-sg ,f , , .yzzlz M -M , fi 1 I eg H' 2 f- if . - . .. , W ,tg 3- 'si' Wt" flx mf- 1 . as . -f 'A 1'f:5?2iz:5'3-'f '- ffi eiufiiwlli ' ' ' - im Z ' z Q3 4 fri, I V7 i T .li 73... t, W 42. -. . Y , ll- .133 f 1 'E "L, .. kk y in 'iz-ye -iflifi, 5. . - ' ' ' Mig! f:,1,1,. S Y ff . .V ' , we ,- ,g 4 -- ,. . , K QE . my - ,fa my , 5 as . , , N - fu at 1 gg We fb f it .Lat-:ggi 'aff Sri: h rig ,, f'ff.f-ig-qi f I . ii B liit f tiff? fi Top row: Thomas Murphy, lim Minnis, loe Overbeck, Boyd Lloyd, Billy I-leath, DeWitt Gadberry. Bottom row: Charley Dickerson, Bill Parker, John McElroy, Bill l-lasty, Clay Scott, Hugh Vaughn. FOREST KS4 to OJ Playing their best game of the season up to this date, the Bisons slaughtered the Forest Lions, 54 to O. A new type of offense was used, the rnan-in- motion. The TD plays were produced accordingly: a 6-yard run through center by Burch, a l6-yard run through tackle by Folsom: another l9-yard run by Burch around endg an 8-yard pass from Burch to Foldbergy a Folsom-to-Burch lalefal and run for 27 yards: a 3-yard pass from Burch to Folsom: a 42- yard pass interception run back by center Fred Goodwin, and finally a 45-yard gallop by reserve tailback lim Kallstrom. The Bison line displayed its greatness once more when Forest made only l3 yards running and lO yards passing. ADAMSON C35 to Ol The 35-to-O defeat of Adamson brought to Sunset its seventh victory to one defeat. The purple and white brigade scored in every quarter. A pass from Burch to McClennahan for l6 yards produced the first score. The second came about when Folsom plunged over after a 53-yard march. I-lalfperiny did the same for the third, and the fourth and fifth were made on 58- and ll-yard passes by Burch to Mc- Clennahan, Orr continued to kick extra points, kick- ing all five. Adamson rnade a total of minue 2 yards through our line. One Hundred Sixteen FOOTBALL SCORES Continued from Page ll5 TECH C14 to 07 The Bisons added one more victory to their string of 8 when they beat the Tech Wolves 14 to 0. Runs and passes by Burch, McClenna- han and Folsom brought the ball to the 9-yard line, where Burch ran it over. The next score came when Halfpenny blocked a punt behind Tech's goal line for a safety and 2 points. In the fourth period Burch, Halfpenny and Bennett ran the ball to the 9-yard line, where McClennahan went over on a reverse. Now, all was ready for the champion- ship game with Woodrow. NORTH SIDE C34 to 07 The Bi-District championship was won for the third straight time when Sunset crushed North Side 34 to 0. Claude McClennahan started things when he caught a pass from Burch and carried it over the goal line. The next quarter Halfpenny and Folsom made TD runs. The half ended 20 to 0. The second half Wayne Bennett and Iim Kallstrom made runs of 3 and 6 yards for the final TDs, while Fort Worth remained scoreless. The Sunset line held the North Side boys to 12-yard running, as they played a brilliant game, causing the Fort Worth players to fumble five times. WOODROW WILSC N We did it again. Before a record-breaking crowd of 20,- 000 the Bisons won the city championship from the Vtfild- cats for the fourth consecutive year. The Bisons, keeping the ball on all but three plays in the first quarter, made a TD in that quarter on a 6-yard heave from Burch to Folsom. Orr converted. Woodrow later scored, with the half ending 7 to 6 for Sunset. Starting the second half with a determined spirit, the Bisons made 2 TDs in the third quarter on a 38- yard run by Bennett and a Burch-to-McClennahan pass. The game ended for Sunset 20 to 13. Yes, the City Cham- pionship was won once more by expert coachig, a spirit of fire, hard work, and the will to win. HIGHLAND PARK C0 to 147 On a muddy, water-soaked field the Bisons' stampeding trail ended, as the High Park Scotties handed them a 14- to-0 defeat. The Scotties made the TDs on a run and a long pass to bring the defeat to Sunset. The Bisons fought all the way, coming close to scor- ing on many occasions. The will to win never left the Bis- ons, even in the last minute of play. Thus the season ended for a great squad of players and a great squad of men. 'YY' Basket Ball 2 E FIRST TEAM Back to front: Hal Turner, Bobby Folsom, Alfred Prendexgast, Boyd Lloyd, Paul Mitchell, Dan Foldberg, Iimmie Kirkland, Claude McClennahan. The team won the state championship. SECCND TEAM Front row: Bill Bramrncr, David lones, Clay Scott, Lynn Kendrck, Glynn Kendrick, Horace Delford, Floyd Argo. Back row: Billy Boone, Maurice Lewis, Hugh Vaughn, Im Avery, George Carter, D. C. Williams, Thomas Murphy. Our' Hundrml St'l't'71fE'Fl7 Track 1 . 4 K asian- HM . V X A K First row: Iohn McElroy, Wayne Bennett, Lincoln Hinsch, Iimmy Moore, Dan Foldberg, Richard Hasty, Tilford lanes, Emerson Coleman, Allan Huckabee, Charles Anderhub. Second row: lames Sharp, Allen Townsend, Bob Martin, Bobby Folsom, Rhea Keele, Dale Lynn, Wayne Lowry, Dick Widener, Glynn Phillips, Bill Stallings, Horace DeFord. Third row: Iohn Boisseau, Iohn Anderson, David lones, George Cantrell, Howard Rodgers, Iames Stratton, lack Bond, Robert Gilstrap, Harry Bush. Fourth row: Coach Scruggs, Edward Patten, James Bolton, Managers. Not in the picture: Lee Scott, Bobby Orr, Alfred Prendergast. Baseball . 4 . 1 . . . Q- -or-,we , ,f-, t..r i - .. Front row: Cecil Kornegay, Bill Kallstrom, Charles Kalinec, I m KGUCJIOIU, B-11 LGS, Elvrt Speed, lC1Ck Crowe, Eddiil C1-1Tli-3. Don Graves, Ricky Rowe, Conrad Preston, Ronald IOhDSOI'1- Second row: Henry Westerledge, Bobby Olive, Bill Brammer, Marvin Maples, Wallace Price, D. C. Williams, David Young, lack Trench, Donald Webb, lim Avery. Third row: Bob Webster, Hiram Moore, Wavne Bennet, Floyd Argo, Arthur Smith, Stanley Nelson, Ilm Morton, Hugh Vaughn, Charles Harvil, Charles Chidwell, Bill Cotner, DeWitt Gadberry. Fourth row: I. C. Barnett, Coach, Earl Preddy, Bobby Folsom, Charles Dickerson, Lincoln Hinch, limmy Moore, Harold Hutchins, Iohn Robinson, Rhea Keele, Dan Foldberg, Wayne Lowry, Delmer Sanders. One Hnznlred Eighteen Tennis Kneeling: lune Phipps, Dorothy Evers. Standing, front row: Barbara Bowen, Gloria Quinn, Gloria Keller, Laura Cole, lean Spurqxn. Standing, buck row: Hollis Epperson, Nelson A. Hutto, Coach, Carl Lambert, Leslie Gaylord, Charles Braqq, Alfred Prenderqast. Boys' Singles: Carl Lambert. Boys' Doubles: Leslie Gaylord, Alfred Prenderqast, CCharl2s Bragg, Alternatej. Girls' Singles: Dorothy Evers. Girls' Doubles: Gloria Keller, lune Phillips, lLaura Cole, Alternatel. Sunset won City Championship this year. Golf R. C. Pantermuehl, Coach, Herbert Pohn, Laur Crannell, Billy Baxter, Bill Cobb, A. C, Ianuary, Hiram Moore Gene Towry. One Hundred Nineteen Below left: R.O.T.C. officers. Riqhi: Sunray Flag Corps in the Armistice Day Parade. Above: R.O.T.C. color bearers. Above right: R.O.T.C. band on parade. Right: An R.O.T.C. company drilling in the Bull Pen. EL hi CLAUD MCCLENNAI-IAN Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Om' fllllltllffli Tu'c'r:ly-Iwo BEN A. MATTHEWS Colonel lnstructor Commdndctnt of Cadets STAFF SERGEANT FRED BEDSON Aide to Commcmdcmt BOBBY FOLSOM Cadet Lieutenant Colonel N' - ,N,y - I. '-- T . T vi ff -assess fdwlff QA -ef Qui: 'fa,,p.q,,g- . . ,itwsvii .. ,t , I . twat f wt' - Q.. snr :if mmf .,,, ,, ,,..t ,Q 19? if 1 .Ki Regimental Staff First row, left to right: Techn1ca1 Sergeant Fred Bedson, Lieutenant Colonel Claude McClenahan, Major Ernest Lyles, Captain Lin Gower, First Lieuten- ant Richard Hasty, Second Lieutenant Keith Smith, Captain Douglas Freberg. Second row, left to right: Lieutenant Colonel tReserveJ William Bryan, Lieutenant Colonel lReserveJ Edwin Harper, Major Lee Scott, Captain Terrance Huttaker, Second Lieutenant lReserveJ Gene Phares. Third row, left to right: Sergeant Major lohn North, Sergeant Ted Kane. Captain: Iohn Crabb. Executive Officer: Harold Melton. First Lieutenant: Robert Moser. Second Lieutenants: Charles Bragg, Alonzo lenson, I. L. Iohnson, Charles Osborn, Fred Pen- nington, Billy Rite, Ioe Roberts. First Sergeant: Iames Sartin. Sta!! Serqeants: Benny Albritton, Charles Boyd, Sidney Livingston, Tommy Whittle QRe- servej, Stinson Worley. Sergeants: Gus Berry, Leon Grey, Sam Hug- gins, lack lngram, Albert Mason, Iulian Robe erts, lack Sellers, lack Willers, Lilburn Cox. R. O T. C. Band Corporalsz Tommy Cole, Fred Green, Roy Massey, Iack Massey, Victor Patterson, Bobby Pickett, Richard Robertson, Duane Row, lack Slay, Clinton Truly, Larry Vivrett, Will Watson, Gene Wiggins, First Class Privates: W. M. Beavers, Marvin Crow, Terry Heald, Gerald Henderson, Everett Housewright, Ray Karras, lack McElwain, Charles McBride, George Merriman, Arthur Nixon, Dan Stuart, 'WL E. Terry, Allen Town- send, Paul Wisdom. Privates: Hugh Akin, Neal Armstrong, Ben Beerbower, Edwin Beck, Kenneth Caldwell, james Cappleman, R. L. Collier, Don Costin, Charles Crow, Iames Eves, Hattis Efierson, Hay Foley, Bill Fitzgerald, Iohn Gill, lack Harris, Hilton Hogan, lohn Harvey, Bill Hulen, Bill Kemp, Bill Kirnple, Gordon Krammer, Max Mc- lntyre, Bob Moore, Chester Mouser, Louis Sams, Lewis Shaid, Drexel Toland, Robert Weaver, Allen Williams, Kenneth Winslett, loe Whittle. Girls: Betty Batla, Pauline Donnell, Doris Anita Gaulrapp, Charlatt Harris, Shirley Ha- vens, Ioan Kennedy, loan Leach, Aline Morris, Io Ann Sine, Iackie Smith, Mina Starr, Billie Clover Riggs, lean Pressly, LaVerne Whiteside. i i 1 i i 1 il .H Captain: Dick Schween. First Lieutenant: William Walls. Second Lieutenants: Louis Broad, Johnny Reed. First Sergeant: Jack Moran. Staff Sergeants: Bill Farrow, Horace Patter- son, Georqe Brandt. Serqeants: Sammie Hendrix fGuidel, Johnny Lynch fGuidel, Jim Avery, F. R. Petty, Leonard Martin, John DuBose, Robert Whitten, Bill Sex- ton. Captain: Alfred Prenderqast. First Lieutenant: Jim Kallstrom. Second Lieutenants: Eli Sturges, Jack Wood- ard. First Sergeant: John McElroy. Staff Serqeants: Fred Vfaqner, Donald Miller Thomas Woods. Serqeants: Eddie Moore, Wallace Price, Ed- win Davenport, Harold Hutchins, Jimmy Kirk- land, David Morrison, Harley Easter. Company Corpsrals: Grant Stockham, Richard Horton, DeWitt Gaaberry, Olney Joe Beckham, H. E. Ross, Bill Cotton, Dan Eubanks. Privates First Class: George Farrow, Jack Wall, Lyman Blanks, Alvin Fox, Arthur Smith, Fred Simmons. Privates: Bob Andrew, Rex Armour, Floyd Amo, Sidney Barnes, Billy Barnhill, Jack Car- loye, Foster Copeland, Jim Crowder, Richard Darwin, Horace DeFord, Roland Duncan, Earl Ellis, Raymond Farmer, Frank Forbes, Weldon Company B Corparals: Paul Tarver, Cecil Karnegay, Jack Carloye, Devon Carrell, Jack Laughlin, Lee Gainmil, Wallace Wimberly. Privates First Class: Gene Mathews, Hollan liwin, Jimmy Schroeder, Jack Carson, Horace Goswick. Privates: Dewey Arnold, Edwin Bennet, Billy P shop, Jackie Brewer, J. D. Carrol, Douglas Chastain, Vernon Durbin, John Eisenlohr, Bill Faxn, Lewis Fisher, Thomas Fouts, Bonnie Ray 3 Frederick, Howard Good, Eugene Guillory, John Hepp, Lewis Horqrove, Alvis Howell, L. D. Huffstutler, Jack Hunter, Alan Johnson, Gene Lomax, Robert Lawless, Marvin Maples, O. H. McDonald, Edqar McHuah, Weldon Meers, Gar- land Miller, Billy Orr, Pete Peabody, Martelle Petty, A. G. Power, James Rains, Harold Rea- gan, Gordon Rich, H. E. Ross, Ray Scott, John- ny Sides, Billy Wade Smith, Robert Smith, Louis Spencer, David Thompson, Wilbur Threadqill, Bob Titton, T. J. Trammel, Vincent Vernell, Lil- born Wilmoth, Cliften Wolford. Golden, Donald Graves, Horace Howes, Thom- as Hayles, Jimmy Henderson, Hilton Hillard, Charles Houser, Lynn Kendrick, Maurice Lewis, Boyd Loyd, Frank LaBeau, Leon McVay, Bryan Miller, Ronald Morrison, Stanley Nelson, Ben New, Bill Pettiarew, Mack Pharr, David Pitten- qer, Wayne Richey, Richard Stoval, Harold Strickland, Bob Sheffield, Leo Scarborough, Joe Travis, C. L, Travis, John Tanner, Jimmie Tem- ple, Loyd Webster, Jack White, Lenar Kieth Myers, Jack Gilbert, Billy Groce, Joe Tillery, Kenneth Martin, Hugh Hardman. neww' Captain: Bobby Folsom. irst Lieutenant: Bob Webster. econd Lieutenants: Clarence Rydell, Robert TISS. irst Sergeant: George Young. ta!! Sergeants: James Gordon, Johnny itch, William Huggins. Sergeants: Albert Ingels, Kenneth McIntosh, l Wanderling, Max Weatherford, Donald ilkinson, Chester Phelps, S. L. Poaq. Eaptain: Earl Preddy. -irst Lieutenant: Rex Evans. Second Lieutenants: Bill Reese, David Ellis. 'irst Sergeant: Jack Woods. itafi Sergeants: Bill Purcell, Bill Bally, Paul rams. ierqeants: James Ditch, Bill Hare, Jimmy ndman, Don Matthews, James Morton, Gene 2, Allen Ward, Jimmy Woodoll. Company C Corporals: Henry Westerlage, Dan Foldberg, Bill Hasty, Allan Huckabee, Huah Oden, Ben- nie Stanford, Jack Hapeman. Privates First Class: Clay Scott, Norman Groaan, Hugo Hines, Bill Kallstrom, Withers Smith, Edward Patten, James Rose, Lee Short, Kennon Randolph. Privates: George McDonald, C. B. Mobly, Gene Freeland, Georae Cantrell, Bobbv Stal- cup, John Anderson, Harold Conover, Gordon Johnson, Louis Phelps, Glynn Kendrick, Charles Company D Corporalsz Bill Bedingfield, Bill Brammer, Gene Evans, James Goode, Pat McBride, Curtis Potts, Bobby Watts. First Class Privates: Emerson Coleman, Dean Gandy, Ken Gossett, John Hall, Darwin Ray, Bob Reagan. Privates: Walter Albritton, Harold Ballard, Joe Behne, Wayne Connor, Dan Covington, David Dwinell, Buck Parish, Bill Fick, Weldon Frederick, Condra Granville, B.lly Green, Gil- Kennedy, James Darden, Bill Henderson, Rich- ard Lynch, Dick Ribble, Floyd Webster, David Smith, James McGinn, Harrison Woods, Eddie Lott, Ken Bell, William Martin, Harry Zuefeldt, Ollie Joe Reed, Bob Dalton, E. Y. Saddler, Rich- ard Enos, Namori Thompson, Earl Short, Armin Kern, Bob Johnson, Bobby Gibson, Sammy Bradley, Kenneth Risk, James Grass, Benny Hoff, Billy Shelton, Harold Watkins, Neil Sam- ple, Joe Lehman, Lee Stonestreet, Donald Grossman, Freddie Leuchner, Neil Laughlin, J. C. Bost, Donald Hess, Brice Dobbs, Frank Lively. bert Griffin, Charles Hammond, James Hash, Donley Hopper, Brantly Hudson, George Hunt, David Jones, C. F. Leatherwood, Charles Lynch, Jimmy Marshall, Ottis McClesky, Hiram Moore, Thomas Moore, Gene Morgan, Harry Moxley, Vaughan Patmczn, Joe Potts, Milton Reinhardt, Garwood Rogers, Frank Rose, Bill Lloyd Ross, Robert Sellers, Clyde Shaw, Eugene Stansell, Eugene Stasny, Gene Towry, Sammy Weimoo, Dick Wilkenson, James Williams, Kel- lett Williams, George Yowell. i Captain: Bob Hendrix. First Lieutenant: Bob Martin. Second Lieutenants: David Rice, Earnest Pickering. First Sergeant: lohn Woods. Supply Sergeant: Iohn Derr. Platoon Sergeants: Bob Cook, Bill Bandy. Guide Sergeants: E. D. Bishop, l. R. Cupp. Squad Sergeants: Forest Guyton, Sims Kemp, Eugene McClaine, Lloyd Tucker, Eugene Watts, Virgil Williams. Captain: Billy Pat Richards. Executive Officer: Billy Becker. First Platoon Leader: limmy Moore. Second Platoon Leader: Robert Monseur. First Sergeant: Bobby Olive, Staff Sergeant: A. M. Mosher, First Platoon Sergeant: Gerald Dody. Second Platoon Sergeant: lirnmy lacobs. Squad Sergeants: Lincoln Hinsch, Huigh Mor- gan, Howard Pietseh, Vlfayne Sheffield, Fred Smith, Herbert Wifgley. Company E Corporals: lohn Boyd, Lewis Colts, Eddie Cook, Edwin Cooper, Philip Hunter, Pat Reeves, Bill Stallsworth. First Class Privates: George Harris, Webb Holland, Ronald lohnson, Bob Moohaw, Frank Sharpe, Allwyn Wilmouth. Privates: Robert Allen, Charles Anderborb, Ernest Austin, lack Black, Marvin Boyd, Fisher Brown, larnes Brown, Tommy Bryan, Burt Burk- ley, Mark Caqle, Wayne Clark, lim Cooner, Milton Evans, Charles Flaqa, Tom Forier, Douq- Compeny lr Guide Corpora': Richard Roberts. Squad Corporals: Georae Blake, A. E. Harris, Bill Lee, Gordon Plummer, lohnny Pierce, Rob- ert Slakney. First Class Privates: William Christensen, Tiltord lames, lohn Killian, Arnold Lasswell, Ben Moore, Perry Whilden. Privates: Ernest Adams, Billy loe Bates, lames Binford, lackie Boisseau, lames Boltan, Gene Buchalz, R. G. Burkley, Charles Chad- well, lulius Crow, Henry Cutaid, Henry DeFord, Leo Daeckel, Geoffrey Ferqusson, Ralph Gilby, Q E i t ft las Franklin, loe Fry, Thomas Gaddy, Bobl Garett, Forrest Green, Leon Hakett, Alexand Harper, Norel Haynes, Walter Iasper, Howa Ietton, Bill Lamb, limmy Loird, Charles Main' lim McGooldrich, Roy O'Ne-al, Dick Osbor Norman Phillips, I. D. Prothen, Tommy Ret son, Charles Sale, lames Sarver, Robert Sma wood, Eugene Smith, Robert Smith, limmy Sp ler, Marion Spitler, Tommie Stanford, Charl Star, Claude Stephenson, Horner Tankersle Iohn Terrv, Erwin Tucker, Glenn Walls, Ro ert Yowell. Herbert Greunke, Carol Grossman, lohm Graves, Karle Hightower, Pat Hodaes, Bil lames, Fred lohnson, Martin losch, Billy Kem Carl Kina, Gene Kyser, Morris Lawler, Euqei Little, Frank Lively, Huah Lucas, Charles N Ham, Hovt McPherson, Dewey Murry, Arno Pearce, George Perkins, Leslie Phillips, Co rad Preston, Loren Rankin, Loird Rernele, Loi. Robertson, Rxckev Rowe, Clarence Sallis, lam Seatt, lack Self, Howard Soiddens, lohn Spro Aubrey Turner, W'illis Truelane, Robert Vc Voories, Dan VJobb, David Youna. . . , ,W M, ,.. . .... n. i - A- f Gaim....imma First row. leit to right: Second Lieutenant illy Reese, First Lieutenant Bob Martin, First ieutenant Kenneth Thompson, Major Ernest yles, Lieutenant Colonel tReserveJ William ryan, Lieutenant Colonel Claude McClenahan, echnical Sergeant Fred Bedson. Rifle Team Second row, left to right: Second Lieutenant Louis Broad, Second Lieutenant Charles Bragg, Second Lieutenant Fred Pennington, First Ser- geant Iohn Woods, First Lieutenant lim Kail- strorn, Captain Alfred Prenderqast, Sergeant Iirn Woodall. Third row. left to right: First Sergeant Bob Olive, Second Lieutenant lim Moore, Sergeant Sam Huggins, Staff Sergeant Billy Purcell, Captain Bobby Folsom. Captain: Laverne Whiteside. First Lieutenant: Alice Calhoun. Second Lieutenants: lean Pressly, Jeanne Washam. First Sergeant: Helen Lee Riefkohl, Platoon Sergeants: Nelda Roberts, Bettye Brewer. Guide Sergeants: Shirley Havens, Billie lean Knight. Captain: Hilda Haden. First Lieutenant: Billie Faye Younkman. Second Lieutenant: Anita Huifaker, Patsy lo Iones. First Sergeant: Ruby Neal. Platoon Serqeants: Lillian Lucas, Ouida Woods. Pre -Wacs Company A Sergeants: Edith Almon, Mary Ann Cox, Ber- nice McDowell, Ioanne McKey, Bobbie Morrel, Ann Shuler. Corporals: Virginia Brannon, Ann Greer, Elizabeth Martin, Sarah Beth Norris, Margaret Ann Richards, Norma Smith. Privates: Rebecca Ashley, Winnell Benedict, Peggy Gene Benton, Mary Io Brown, Bettye Charles, Louise Crow, Mary Tom Davis, lean Dean, Margie Duncan, Billie Io Eddins, Io Fowler, Ruth Fowler, Wilhelmenia Fowler, Pre -Wacs Company B Guide Sergeants: Paula Sue Moore, Doris Bowman. Sergeants: Helen Langscion, Nancy Bean, Doris Iernigan, Marilyn Iones, Dorothy Hillin, Mary Ruth Nix. Corporal: Betty Dodd. Privates: Charlotte Brazil, Ioanne Burkes, Dorothy Burnam, Mary Lou Charles, Doris Church, Evelyn Coleman, Dorothy Ann Cooper, Betty Dodson, Mary Lou Drake, Bonnie lo I!! iliilflllllllliliiflll Phyllis Gray, lane Griffith, Patsy Hardcastle, Helen Ruth Harden, Barbara Harper, Gloria Hess, Patsie Hill, Inez Hunter, Mavis Nell Iohnson, lean Leach, Anne Lewis, Martha Lloyd, Peggy Malone, Betty Morrison, Pat Niche ols, Sue Norwood, Peggy O'Rourke, Mary Helen Pearce, Doris Reeb, Dorothy Rumph, Anna Sandlin, Peggy lean Stewart, Betty Nan Truett, Charlotte Van Meter, lean Wall, Mar- jorie Weeks, Marian West, Ethel Whetter, Geor- gie Lee Williams, Alvah Wyatt, Iimmye Yar- borough, Euna Vay Garrison. Eason, Elaine Giltner, Billie Io Handley, Carol Herring, Ianis Hinckley, Gwendolyn Tones, Marilyn Sue lanes, Dorothy Kemp, Ola Mae Landrum, Ruth Lee, Yvonne Lewis, Patricia McCall, Betty Mason, Pat Merrell, Betty Miller, Frances Ann Moore, Mary Alice Morgan, Madge Motsenbocker, Connie Neal, Virginia Penn, Jackie Peters, Helen Pettigrew, Nelcine Smith, Susan Spangler, Betty Tolson, Billie Mae Vernon, Anita Williams, Io Ann Young. F Qllicers Club First row: Billy Becker, Charles Braqq, Louis Broad, William Bryan, lohn Crabb, David Ellis. Second row: Bobby Folsom, Secretary-Treasurery Douglas Freberq, Lin Gower, Ed Harper, Richard Hasty, Bob Hendrick. Third row: Terrence Huffaker, Robert lames, Alonzo Jensen, l. L. lohnson, lim Kallstrom, Earnest Lyles. Fourth row: Claude McClennahan, Bob Martin, Harold Melton, Iimmy Moore, Charles Osborn, Fred Pennington. Fifth row: Earl Preddy, Alfred Prenderqast, President: Iohnny Reed, Bill Reese, David Rice, Billy Richards. Sixth row: William Rite, loe Roberts, Clarence Rydell, Lee Scott, Keith Smith, Charles Sorrells, Vice-President. Seventh row: Eli Sturges, Kenneth Thompson, William Vxfalls, Bob Webster, lack Woodard, Colonel Matthews, Sponsor. One Humlred Twenty-nine Il Donnell, Earl R.-Navy Owen, Iohn-Navy Fouts, I. Ward-Navy Stephens, George-Navy Findley, las. H.-Army AC Etheredge, A. I.-Army AC Law, Ioe B.-Army Sample, Dathan-Army AC Patterson, Forrest-Army AC Bridges, William-Army Mathews, Louie-Army Ross, Arch-Army Moore, Arthur R.-Army AC Eidson, Frederick M.-Navy Dean, Lloyd-Navy Cobb, Ballard-Navy Spears, I. W.-Army AC Thomas, Iouette-Navy Weaver, Alton-Navy Caldwell, Maxwell-Army AC Morris, Wm. S.-RAF emoriam Bone, Walter--Army AC Kerbow, Earl -Army AC Pritchett, Pierce-Army AC Horton, Gene- -Army Pinto, Albert-- -Navy Iohnson, Iack--Army AC Wilcox, Fred S.-Army AC Warner, Ned---Army AC Hotard, Billy- -Army Kiskaddan, Lawrence--Army Couch, W. C.--Army Hamilton, Gray---Army AC Houston, Gordon-Army Pierce, Charles---Navy Snelen, William- -Army White, William--Marines Zieqelmeyer, Iulius--Army AC Sharp, Wallace---Army Bradley, Ias. B.--Navy Day, Fred- Navy AC SUDSCFS of Abbe, lno. A.-Army Abbott, Ernest--Navy Abbott, Iames E.--Army Abercrombie, Blanchard- Army AC Abshire, Charles--Navy Abshire, David-Army AC Abshire, Robert- --Army AC Acrey, Milford-Coast Guard Adams, F. N.-Navy Adams, Sammy--Marines Adamson, Billy-Army AC Adamson, Ralph-Army Adamson, Thomas I.--Army AC Aderhold Bob-Navy AC Allen, Allen Allen Allen Allen Allen Allen Allen Allen f I I IQLL3- IQLLLL Bill- -Army Buddy-Marines Carl--Army AC David-Army AC Francis -Army I lack E.-Marines. Iames-Army AC Larry-Marines Morris-Navy Allen, N. D,--Marines Allen, Orville-Navy Allen, Paul E.--Army AC Allen, Tom- -Army AC Allsbrook, Lawrance-Army AC Alsup. Bob- -Marines l"lOI'1Ol' Adkins, Iack---Navy Adkinson, Iack-Navy Adkisson, W. C.-Navy Adlev. Iulius-Navy Albritton, Bennie-Army Alexander, Alexander Alexander Alexander Bill-NavV , Bobby- Navy Marlin Arm A , - . y C , Moulin-Armv AC Alexander. Paul-Army Ac Om' Hundred Thirly Amos, Richard--Army AC Anderson, Bill--Navy Anderson, Frank-Army Andrews, Iames---Army AC Anqers, Tippy--Navy Anale, Wallace-Army Applegate, Harold-Marines Applegate, Kenneth- -Navy Appleton, Roy-Marines Armstronq, Bob--Marines Armstronq, Don -Army AC Armstrong, Iack ---- Marines Armstrona, Paul--Army AC Arrington, Guy--Army AC Arrington, Iimmie--Navy Asbury, Flethcher-Navy Atchley, Bob-Navy Atchley, Walter--Navy Atchletl, W. C.-Navy Atwell, Ias. A.-Navy Austin, Howard-Navy Babb, Paul--Army AC Becker, Bill-Army AC Bailey, L. C.--Navy Baird, Mandy--Navy Baker, I. G.---Navy Baker, Iack--Army Baker, Ias. C.--Army AC Baldwin, Iames---Navy Baldwin, Hartwell- -Army Ballard, Lawrence-Army Ballard, Odom-Army Baltzell, Charles -Marines Baltzell, Dan--RCAF Bamiord, Tom-- -Army AC 1-fy ,J l Banden, Frank-Navy Banks, Don-Army AC Banks, Robert-Army AC Barlow, Clifton-Marines Barnes, Bruner-Army Barnett, Billy--Navy AC Barnett, Iames-Navy Barouqh, Wm.-avy Bartlett, Bobby---Marines Barton, I. .-Army Basden, Welburne-Army Bates, Byron-Navy Bauks, Robert E.-Army AC Bauman, BillAArmy Bauman, Bob-Army Bauman, DickACoast Guard Baxter, Murphy-Navy Baxter, Turner-Army AC Beaman, W. R.-Army AC Beane, Don-Navy Beaudoin, Frank-Navy Beaumon, D. F.-Navy Beazley, Bill-Navy Beazley, Dan-Navy Bellamy, lack-Marines Bellamy, Iohn-Navy Bell, Glenn C.-Army Bell, Paul-Army AC Bell, Raymond-Army Bellow, Van E.-Army Benat, Lawrence--Army Bender, Bill-Army AC Bennett, Buddy-Army AC Bennet, Grover-Army AC Bennett, Harold--Navy Bentinck, George F.-Army Bentley, Billy-Mer. Mar. Bentley, Edwin-Army AC Bentley, Iohn E.-Army Berry, Bob--Army AC Bever, Davide-Navv Beves, DavidiNavy Binqio, Billie-Navy Billinas. Tom-Army AC Bird, Bill-Army AC Black, Billy--Navy Black, Doyle-Army Black, GeneANavy Black, Nelson-Navy Black, Walter-4Navv Black. William L.-Navy Blackburn, Bill-Army AC Blackburn, Kenneth-Navy Blaqa, LestereNavy Plaaq, LeonfNayy Blaine. Mose-Army Blair, Billv-Marines Blanchett. Leonard-Navy Blankenship. Geo.-Army AC Rlanton, Bil1v4Arrruf Blanton, VJillia1'r1-Army AC Blaylock, Billy--Navv Blaylock, Billv-Coast Guard Boatwriaht, C, M.-Navy Bobo, Walton-Navy Bohn, Arthur-Army AC Boisserm, Tom-Army Bond, Chester-Navy Booker, Carl-Army Boone, Billy-Navy Boone, Zeke-Army AC Boone, Huquley-Army AC Borden, Calvin-Army Borden, Travis-Army Sunset,s Roll of Honor Boren, Claude--Army Boudwin, BettyiSpar Bowman, Clarence-Navy Bowlinq, Chester-Army AC Bowling, Wayne-Navy Bowling, Harold-Army Bowman, Jas.-Army AC Box, Ouenton-ANavy Box, Robert-Army AC Boyd, Harold-Army AC Boyett, HaroIdiArmy Brabham, Charles-Army Bracken, O. D.-Naval AC Bradbury, I. D.fArmy AC Bradford, Robert-Army AC Bradle ohn Arm Y, I E.- Y Brantly, Sherwood H.-Army AC Brannon, Elisha-Mer. Marines Brank, Alfred-Marines Brandenburg, Tom-Army AC Branderburq, Bob-Army AC Brashear, Tommy-Navy Bray, Leslie-Army AC Brazelton, Everett-Marines Brewer, lack-Army Brewer, GeneiArmy Brewton, Earl-Navy Bridges, Wi1liameArmy Britain, A. W.--Army Britian, Raymond-Army Britian, lack---Navy Britain, Lynn-Army Britton, Ernest-Navy Britton, Wm.fCoast Guard Broadbent, Iames-Army AC Broadb Bronar, Brooks, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown ent, RobertfArmy AC Robert-Army AC Glenn-Navy Iohn-Marines Iohn H.-Navy IohnfArmy Robert-Army AC Ioe S.-Army Will-Navy RoyfNavy BillyfArmy AC S. R., Ir.-Navy Dewitt-lArmy Brown, David-Army Brown, Browni Carroll-Navy na, Marcus L.-Army Burn, Penrod-Navy Burnett, A. C.--Army Burnett, Bill-Navy Burnett, Iacke-Army Burnam, C. W.-Army AC Burnett, Greer-Marines Burns, Leslie-Army Burrous, Emmett-Army AC Busbee, Chas.!Army AC Bushman, W. W.-Army AC Bushoqn, HerbertfArmy AC Bush, Ross L.-Army AC Bush, BobwArmy AC Butler, Albert-Army Butler, Betty R.-WAC Bye, Milton-Army Byrd, Wm.-Army AC Caffarel, Ierry-Navy AC Calder, Ias.-Navy Caldwell, Humbert-Navy Caldwell, Mac-Army AC Calhoun, Franklin- Army Calhoun, Herbert N.-Army AC Calhoun, Tom-Army AC Calloway, Ted-Marines Calvert, Edward--Army Calvert, Grady-Army AC Camp, Billy-Coast Guard Camp, Marlin-Army Camp, Roy-Navy Campbell, Chas.-Army Campbell, Dean--Army AC Campbell, Iohn-Navv Campbell, Sanders-Army Campbell, W. H.-Army Campbell, William-Army Campion, Bob -Army AC Cantrell! LelandiArmy Carbone, I. T.-Marines Carbone, Howard-Navy Carillo, Iohn-Army AC Carmichael, Roland-Navy AC Carpenter, PatiArmy Carrillo, Ierry-Army Carrillo, Iohn-Army AC Carrinaton, Sam-Army AC Carrol1,2D. R.-Army Carrol, Wm.-Army AC Carrol, Reynolds-Army Carter, Billy-Army Carter, Iames E.-Army AC Carter, Iohnnie-Army Brownlee, Richard4Army Brown, Robert-Army AC Brummaqin, Billy-Navy Brundrett, IackiArmy AC Brundrett, Warner-Army AC Brundrett, GeorqeeArmy AC Bryan, SonnyfNayy Bryant, L. L.-Army AC Bryant, Goble--Army AC Bryant, Leroy-Army AC Buckly, Harold-Army AC Bull, WalterANavy Bunn, Euqene-Marine AC Burq, Chqs.-Army Burch, Arthur-Army AC Burden, I. W.-Navy Burdette. Houston-Army AC Burqer, Billy-Armv AC Buraer, Frank-Navy Burqess, V. N.-Armv Burhead, Tommy--Naval AC Burks, las.-Army Burke, Wm. T.-Army AC Burn, Aldrie-NavY Carter, Lyman-Army Carter, Paul G.-Army AC Carter, Odys-Army Carter, Perry-Navy Carter, RolandiArmy Carter, Roy-Navy Castle, Vernon L.--Armv AC Cathey, F. H.-Army AC Cathy, FrankiArmy Cathey, William Warren-Mari Cathey, Wm. W.-Navv D Caudle, Iohnnie B.-A rmy AC Caver, loe-Army AC Chalk, Neville-Army Chamberlain, lerrV4Armv Chapman, Dell-Army AC Chapman, Dill-Navy Chancellor, H. C,-Army AC Charles, RobertiArmV Childers, Chas.fMarines Chilton, Richard-Army Chinske, Richard-Army One Hundred Thirty-one I All Christian, I. B.-Navy Churchill, Francis--Army AC Churchill, Frances--Army Churchill, Ralph--Army Civilette, Victor-Marines Clanton, Herbert I.-Army AC Clark, Ioe E.-Army Clark, Iody--Army Clark, Cecil-Navy Clark, Earl-Navy Clark, Lanier-Army AC Clauser, Donald-Army Clayton, Bill-Navy Clem, Alton-Army AC Clem, Earle-Navy Clemons, Iack-Army Clemons, Billy-Army Cline, Billy-Army Cline, Leo-Army AC Cloud, Robert-Army Clute, Claire-Navy Cobb, Billy-Navy Cobb, Harvey--Army Cochran, Bill-Army AC Cochran, Earle!-Xrmy Cochran, L. D.-Coast Guard Coier, Ioe-Navy Coffey, Bernard-Army Coffin, Raymond-Army AC Coqhill, Bob-Navy AC Cole, ElreiqheArmy Cole, Earl-Army AC Cole, Earl-Navy Cole, M. E.-Navy Collins, Bill-Marines Collie, BilleArmy AC Collins, Edward-Armv Compton, Gordon B.-Army AC Cook, AlleneArmy Cook, Austine-Army Cook, Clifton-Marines Cook, Floyd-Army AC Cook, Iames-Army Cook, Ias.-Navy Cooke, Bob-Navy Cooke, Robert Wilburn-Navy Coomer, Clifford-Army Coomer, T. I.iNavy Cooper, Ion-Navy Cooper, Ioe-Navy Cooper, Marvin-Naval AC Coooer, Roy-Navy CordraY, lohnnev-Army Cordray, Paul-Naval AC Corskin, Donald-Navy Corneilson, Paule-Army Corum, Clayton-Army Corwin, Norman-Army Cothran, Charles-Army AC Cottner, Tom-Navy Couch, RillveNavy Couch, Euaene-Army AC Couch, VV. C vArmy Council, William S.-Army AC Cousin, Don-Army AC Cowina, Richard-Army Cox, ohn-Army Cox, Sherman--Army AC Cox, Thomas-Navy Crabtree, Billy-Army AC Craia, Wavne-Navy Crain, Wallace-Navy Crain, W. E.-Armv Crannell, K. B.-Navy One Hundred Thirty-two Sunsets Roll of Honor Cranshaw, Prank-Navy Creech, Lewis-Navy Crews, las.-Army Crews, Ino.-Navy Crews, Lester L.-Army AC Crews, Richard-Army Crofford, IimmieeNaval AC Cross, Chas.-Army Crow, Chase-Army AC Crow, Earl-Marines Crow, Luther-Marines Crow, M. D.-Army AC Crow, Rufus-Army AC Crow Wm.-Army AC Cunniqham, Charles-Army Cunningham, Chas.-Navy AC Cunningham, I. W.eArmy AC Cunningham, HubertfArmy Cure, I. I.-Navy Darley, Lee E.-Navy Davidson, Roy-Navy Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Charles-Army , Clinton-Army , Dwiql'itAArmy AC Geneillrmy AC GeorqeiA.rmy AC Hamlet-Naval AC ack-Army Davis: Iim-Army Davis, Iim-Army AC Davis, Iack-Army Davis, Davis Davis , Davis, Davis, Davis, Iohn-Naval AC Iames-Army AC Luther-Army AC Wm. H.--Army AC Wm. H.-Army Walter-Army Davis, William-Army AC Davis, Romey-Army Davis, Stuart-Navv Davis, VernoniArmy AC Daniel, Martha-Waves Danks, Russell-Navy Darby, IackfArmy Darden, LeoneNavV DauqhertY, lack-Coast Guard Dauaherty, Redfern-Army Day, Iohn-Navy Day, Robert-Army AC Day, Ralph-Navy Dean, Tames -Army AC Deck, Gene-Navv Dees, Georqe-Armv DeKay, Carlise-Army Denuty, Bob-Navy DeShazo, DonfArmv DeShazo, Neal-Army DeVose, Huqhe-Navy Dial, H. C.-Army Dickerson, Tilman-Marines Disclare, IackeNavv Dixon, Claude-Army AC Dockery, Arthur--Army Tvwdv, Gerald-Navy Donley, AnciliMarines Dosier. Earl-RAE Doss, HermaneNavy Dossev, Earl-eMarines Doty, Rex-Navy Doucrlas, Allen+Armv AC Douahertv, Temrmle-Coast Gua Dowlen, Edward-Army AC Dowlen, Eddie-Arm" Doyle, Iohn-Army AC IT Dozler, EarlwArmy AC Draper, Arthur-Army Driqq, Raymond-Marines Drum, Wallace-Marines Drummond, DoyleiNavy Dryden, BryaneArmy AC DuBose, R. 'l'.-Army AC Drummond, Lacy-Navy Dudley, MorriseArmy Duqqan, Wm.-Army DuHaday, Harold-Navy Duke, RaloheArmy AC Dunham, Carrolle!-Xrmy Dunn, Bob-Navy Dupre, IuliusAArmY AC Durbin, Clyde-Army Durkee, Frank--Army Durkie, FrankeArmy DuValL, Iohn-Army DuVall, RaymondhNavy Dyer, Bob-Navy Dyer, Frank-Army AC Dysart, Powell-Army Dysart, Kenneth-Army Dyson, Thos.-Navy Earnest, Ioe-Army Easter, S. W.-Army Eckert, Erwin-Army AC Edens, Iames-Navy Edwards, Alfred-Marines Edwards, Bryan-Army Edwards, C. V.-Army Edwards, FredeMer. Mar. Eisenlohr, David-Army Elder, Arthur-Naval AC Elder, Iames-Marine AC Elder, IimmyANavy Elder, Harry-Army Elfenbein, HaroldAArmy Elkinqton, IoeeNavy Elliott, William-Army AC Ellis, Ioe-Navy Ellis, Ioe W.-Navy Elmer, Iohn-Army Elmin, Iohn-Army AC Embre, Steohen---Army AC Emerson, Billy--Army AC Emerson, W. C.-Navy Enqlis h, Youna-Army AC Enqquist, Calvin-Army Erikso Estan, Estes, Estep, Estep, Evans n, Enfrid-Navy Iames- Navv Otis-Coast Guard Arthur-Army AC Iack-Marines , David O.eArmv AC Evans, MichaeleArmy AC Evans, Stewart-Army Evans, Wilbur--Navy Everett, Luther-Armv Evers, Duane-Army AC Ewing, R.B.-Army AC Face, Tack-Navy Pain, Burt-Navy AC Fain, I. H,-Navy Fallis, las.-Navy Fallis, Iames-Army Faries, Paul-Navv Farmer, Chester-Army Farmer, Ed-Army AC Farmer, Frank-Army AC Farris, Paul-Marines Farrow, Earnest-Armv Faulkner, Fred-Army Favors, Iames-eArmy Fellers, Felker Mauis-Army Tom Arm AC 1 -d Y Elton, Ioe-Navy Fergun son, Charles-Army AC Ferguson, Chas.-Army Ferguson, Ias.-Army Ferguson, Marvin-Navy Ferris, Glenn-Army Ferris, Olen-Navy Fields, Fields, Fields. Bill,fArmy AC Clinton-Navy Webster-Naval AC Fiet, I. B.hArmy AC Findley, IamesiArmy AC Flewharty, Tommy-Army AC Floyd, Billy-Navy Floyd, BillyiMer. Mar. Floyd, KennethfNavy Fluheart, Tommy-Army F oldberq, Henry-Army Follis, Iames Folsom, IohnnyvArmy AC Ford, Iames B.-Navy Fordson, Eddie+Marines Forest, Lee-Army Forrest, Iohn-Navy Forsythe, Warren-Navy Fortsmeyer, Ed.-Army Foshee Foster, Foster, , C. I.-Navy Clarence B.-Army AC Horace-Navy Fouts, IackiNavy Fowler, Boyce-Navy Fowler, Thomas H.-Army AC Fox, G. A.-Army AC Fox, Paul-Navy Frammell, Iimmy-Army AC Franklin, Arlis-Mer. Mar. Franks, WendalleArmy Frederick, R. E.vNavy French, Sims-Navy Freeman, Craig-Navy Freeman, GilbertAeArmy AC Freeman, MarviniArmy Fry, Iudson G.--Army Fultner Fulwill , Gene-Navy er, Glenn-Army Gaffney. lack--Army Gaffney, Leroy-eArmy AC Gaines Gains, , IohnnyfNavy Collins-'Army AC Gamble, Bill-Navy Gamble, Newton-Marines Gandy, M. Z.-Navy Gannon, Dave-Navy Gantz, H. L.fArmy AC Ganz, Dudley-Army Gardell, IamesiArmy AC Garrett, Beeler-Army Gaston, Nelda-Waves Gatlen, William H.-Marines Gattisk, Floyd-Army Gaunce, Charlie-Navy Gaunce, Iohnny-Navy Goiser, David-Army Genoway, Glenn-Navy Gentry, V. L.-Army Gentry, Virgil-Army AC Gerner Gerrity Gibson Gilbert Gilbert , Bill-Army AC , Iohn-Armv , Wallace-Coast Guard , A. E.-Coast Guard , Andrew-Navy Sunsets Roll of Honor Gilbert, Richard-Army AC Gilbert, Robert-Army AC Giles, Grady-Army AC Gill, E. T.-Navy Gill, Iim-Navy Gisclari, lack-Navy Glenn, Bryan C.-Army Gleese, I. R.-Navy Godbold, I. B.-Navy Godden, Bobby-Army AC Gayle, Gordon-Navy Gohry, Herman A.-Army Golay, Chas.-Army Golay, ClaudeiArmy AC Gooch, Marvin-Army AC Goodier, ElwoodiCoast Guard Goodloe, Roy F.-Navy Goodman, Howard-Army Goodman, Truman-Army Goodman, Wimberley--Army Goodman, Sandlin-Marines Goolsby, BillwArmy AC Gordon, Elaine-Marine Aux. Gordon, Iames E.fArmy AC Gorman, Edward-Army AC Gossett, Iack-Army Gossett, Tom-Army AC Gossett, Rufus-Army Goswick, Oliver-Army AC Goswick, Sammy-Marines Gowdy, Harry-Army AC Gowdy, Wm. B.-Army AC Grady, Melvyn--Army Gragq, Elmer-Navy AC Graham, Torrance-Navy Gram, Gordon-Navy Grant, Fred-Army AC Graves, Glenwood-Army AC Graves, W. G.-Navy Gray, Doyle-Army Gray, G. H.-Navy Gray, Cleaves-Navy Gray, Iack-Army AC Gray, Ioe-Army AC Gray, Kenneth-Navy Green, Billy I.-Army Green, TommyiNavy Greer, Iames-Navy Greer, Richard-Army Greig, Ias. A.--Navy Gregory, George-Army AC Grice, Geneva-Army Griffin, CarlkMarines Griffin, Gilbert-Navy Griffin, Glenn H.fArmy Griffin, Leo-Army Griffin, Wilbur-Army Griffin, WillardiArmy Griffith, Alfred C. -Army Griffith, Bill-Army Griffith, Dale-Army Grgfith, Richard-Army AC Grissom, Iohn-Army AC Grogan, Harrold-Navy AC Grogan, Robert-Navy Grone, Iames I.--Army Gross, Sonny-Marine AC Grost, Frank-Navy Groth, Billy-Army AC Groth, Hubert-Navy Groth, Iohn-Army Groves, George- -Army Groves, Kenneth-Army Groves, Louis-Army Groves, Paul-Army Groves, Richard-Army Growman, Ed.-Army AC Guess, Charles E.-Navy Gullick, Renee-Navy Gunter, Ioe-Navy Guy, Claude-Army AC Guy, Warren-Navy Haby, Larry-Army Hagerman, C. B.-Army Haggerman, Clifford-Army Hagler, Percy-Navy Hagler, Bill-Navy Hag ue, Alphonso-Navy Hale, Bobby Ed--Army Hale, Herold-Army Hale, Hugh-Army Hale, Nolan-Army Halfpenny, Bob-Navy Hall, Bob-Navy Hall, Edwin-Army AC Hall, Edmond-Army Hall, G. W.-Army AC Hall, Ioe-Navy AC Hallmark, Roy-Army Hallonquiest, PhileNavy Hamburger, IohnnyHNavy Halimton, Edward I.Navy Hamman, Bill-Navy AC Hammon, Ewing-Navy Hamilton, laccard-Navy Hammon, Homer-Marines Hammond, Ice-Navy AC Hanks, Haskell-Army Hanks, R. L.-Navy AC Hardwick, Bob-Army AC Harden, Harrison-Army AC Harden, Robt.-Army AC Harden, Gene-Marines Hardin, Aaron, Navy Harget, Harry-Marines Hargrove, G, U.-Marines I-largraves, Herndon-Army Harkins, Iohnny-Army Harp, I. T.-Navy Harper, Tommy-Navy Harpold, Carl-Army Harrell, Peirrepont-Navy Harrell, T.M.-Army Harrington, Carter-Army AC Harris, Aaron Glynn-Army Harris, David-Army AC Harris, Leonard-Navy Harris, Wi1liamiNavy Harris, Grady-Navy Harris, Ioe--Navy Harris, Iirnmy-Army Harrison, Iames-Navy Harper, Thomas-Marines Hart, Iack-Army AC Hartman, Bill-Army Harwood, Ripley-Army Haskins, E. L.-Army AC I-lastland, Edmond-Navy Hasty, Herbert-Army AC Hatfield, Richard-Army Hatcher, Francis-Marines Hauteman I. Gordon-Army Havens, Earl Iack-Army AC Hawkins, Dorsey-Navy Haden, Stuart-Army AC Haden, Eugene-Marines Haden, Kenneth-Mer. Mar. One Hundred Thxrly three Hayes, Harold-Navy AC Hayne, Jack-Navy Hays, Tome-Army AC Hays, J. T.-Navy Henderson, Zebe-Army AC Herndon, James-Army Hightower, Henry-Marines Hilly, Charles--Army Hilly, DickAAArmy Heagler, Billy--Navy Heartsill, W. C.4Army AC Heartsill, Walter-Army Heath, Glenn--Navy Heather, Arnold-Army AC Heimlick, Vernon-Army Heimlich, Bernard-Army Henderson, Wm.-Army AC Henderson, Zeb-Navy Henderson Zebe Arm AC Sunsets Roll of Honor Horton, Gerrard--Army AC Horton, Edward-Navy Horton, Donald-Army Horton, Gene-Army Harn, Olin-Army Horning, Houston, Houston, Houston, Harold-Army C. L.-Army AC Howard4Army Jasper-Army Howard, Jack-Navy Howard, Warren--Marines Howard, Lane-Navy Howard, Lee-Naval AC Howard, Claude-Navy Howard, Jack-Navy Huber, Billy'-Navy Howard, Lone-Army Hubbard, Billy-Army AC Huddleston oe4Marines Jordan, Marlon-Navy Kemp I -' Y Henderson, Charlie-Army AC Hendrix, Felix-Navy Hendrix, Frank-Army AC Hendrix, Chas.-CoastGd. Hendrix, Cecil-Army AC Hendrick, Auverne-Navy Hendricks, Phillip-Army AC Henry, Dave-Navy Henry, Steve-Army AC Henson, E. R.---Naval AC Henson, Leroy-Army Heston, Edward-Navy Herndon, Ben-Marines Hickox, Leonard-Army Hickman, Henry-Army AC Hicks, E. R.--Army Hicks, Richard-Marines Hickson, Joe D.-Mer. Mar. Higgins, Wm.-Army AC Hightower, HenryfMarines Hille, Dick--Army AC Hilburn, Wm. G.-Army Hille, Charles-Army AC Hill, Doneal--Army Hiller, Leroy-Army AC Hill, Jack-Navy Hill, Jimmie-Marines Hill, L. C.-Naval AC Hill, Edwin--Army Hillin, Roy--Army AC Himes, Horace-Marines Hines, Bill--Marines Hines, Grady-Army Hinkley, Jack-Army Hobdy, Chas.--Marines Hinton, Charles-Navy Hodges, Ernest--Army AC Hodge, CalvinwNavV Hoff, Jimmy--Army AC Hoff, James--Army AC Hogan, Bill--Navy Hogan, Barbara-WAC Holland, Clayton-Marines Hollis, Chas.-Navv Hollonquist, Phil-Navy Holloway, Charlie--Coast Gd. Holloway, Clyde-Army Holmes, Henry-Army HollowGY, las.vArmy Holmes, Charles-Army Holt, Billy--Navy Hooten, Frank-Marines Hooten, Billy--Navy AC Hoover, Robert-Armv AC Hopkins, Paul-Naval AC one Hundred TlJi?ty-fbu? . l Huckabee, Monte-Navy Hubbard, Billy J.-Army Huffaker, Terrence-Army AC Huffman, ArthurgMarines Huffstutler, Truett-Army Hughes, Ernest--Army Huguley, Boone--Navy Huffman, Arthur-Marines Hughes, Ernest-Army AC Hugleston, Joe-Army Hulsey, Deckleye-Army AC Johnson, EugenevArmy Johnson, James-Army Johnson, James--RAF Johnson, Jack-Army AC Johnson, NealAArmy Johnson, Robert-ArmyAC Johnson, Tom-Navy Johnson, SidneyAArmy AC Johnson William-Army AC Johnston, Bill---Army AC Johnston, Thomas-Army AC Johnston, John-Army AC Jones, Alfred L.-Navy Jones, Calvin-Navy Johns, Charles-Navy Jones, Donald-Navy Jones, EdSNavy Jones, Ed-Navy Jones, Emmit-4Army Jones, H.E.--Mer, Mar. Jones, Harry-Navy Jones, Lewis-Navy Jones, Lewis-Navy Jones, Loise-WAC Jones, Otha-Marines Jones, Robert--Naval AC Jones, Roy--Army AC Jones, Thomas-Army AC Jones, Walter-Navy Hull, Edmond-Army AC Hunt, Bill-Navy Hunt, Bobby-Navy Hunt, E. C.--Navy Hunt, Jackie-Navy Hunt, Jay--Navy Hunt, Jimmy-Naval AC Hunt, John--Navy Hunt, William-Navy Kadley, Bobby-Army Karns, Clyde-Navy Kautz, Charles-Army Keady, Carlton-Army AC Keating, Edward-Army Kessle, Lester-Army AC Keeler, James-Army Kelley, Charles-Navy Kelley, Evan-Navy Hunter, Richard-Navy Hunter, Bill-Navy Hunt, Hobertfltlavy Hunton, Virgil-Army AC Hutchins, T. C.-Army Hutchinson, Landon-Army Hutchinson, Ralph-Army AC Hyndman, Jimmy-Army Iden, Walter-Army AC Irvin, Burd--Army Isaminger, G. .C.!Navy Jack, John-ANavy Jackson, Alton--Army AC Jackson, Roland-Army AC Jacobson, Nathan-Army Jamison,, Marie-WAC Jarmagin, Earl-Army AC Jarrett, Harry-rmy Jarvis, Wayne-Marines Jennings, Char1esiArmy AC Jennings, Herman L.-Navy Jenkins, Jack--Army Jenkins, Lucille-NCWR John, Bill-Navy AC Joris, Chas.---Navy Johns, Sarl---Army AC Johns, Jimrny--Army AC Johns, Robert-Navy Kelly, Wm.--Navy Kelso, J. K.--Navy Kemble, Horace-Army AC Kemp, Billy--Army Kemp, lack-Army AC Kemp, James-Army Kemp, Lee--Navy , Robert-Navy Johnson, Byron-Army AC Johnson, Bruce-Navy Johnson, Bud-Armv AC Johnson, Carl, Jr.-Army Johnson, Cecil-Army Johnson, Clyde-Army Johnson, Ed-Army Kemp, Sims-Navy Kemper, DeWitt-Navy Kemper, Erskins-Navy Kempton, L. Rf-Coast Gd. Kenlrick, Auverne-Navy Kennedy, Ruel4Navy Kenslow, Roy-Army AC Kent, Edgar-Army Kidd, James-Army AC Kilgore, Louis-Army Kimbrough, DukeAArmy Kimbrough, Arch-Army Kimbrough, Allen-Naval AC Kimple, Louis-Army Kincaid, Jack--Army King, Harry4Marines King, Milton-Army AC Kingsbury, Bob+Armv AC Kinser, Floyd--Naval AC Kinser, Reese-Army AC Kinslow, KennethvArmy AC Kinslow, Roy-v-Armv Kirkland, Wesley-eNavy Kitchchen, EarlfAi-my AC Kline, William H.-Army Knight, J. A.-Army AC Knight, Calvin-Navy YY-v x X. Knepper, Allan-Army AC Klinqler, Karl-Navy AC Klingler, Devon-Navy Knox, Iames-Army Knox, Iames-Navy Kockos, Chris-Navy Kuhn, Karl H.iArmy AC Kusler, Dick-Army AC Lamb, Archie--Army AC Lambert, Wm. F.-Army AC Lamberth, Buddy--Army AC Lamberth, TomeArmy AC Lancoster, Edgar-Army Lancaster, Edgar-Marine AC Land, Bob--Army AC Landrum, FrankNNavy Landrum, Graham-Navy Lancaster, Edward--Army AC Lantz, Robt.-Army AC Lane, Eugene--Navy Laster, Iunior-Marines Lastar, Eugene-Marines Latham, Rh ea-Coast Guard Lattimore, Iohn-Navy Law, Billy I.wArmy Lawless, Leo-Army Lawson, BufordeAmy AC Lawson, Charles-Army AC Lawson, George-Army Lawrence, Ned-Navy Leak, Charles-Army AC LeBean, I. O,-Army Lee, Bob--Army Lee, Maurice-Navy Lee, Ralph--Navy Lennon, Ho ward-Army AC Libby, Alfred H.-Army AC Liqon, Bill--Army AC Lindsay, CharlesiArmy AC Lindsey, C. E.-Army AC Lindsey, C. E.vArmy AC Lindsey, Edwin-Army AC Lindsey, Glenn A.-Navy Lindstrom, HalAMarines Linyrae, Evert-Army Lipscomb, WebbiArrny AC Little, Harp -Navy Livingston, Iohn-Army AC Lloyd, Billy-Mer. Mar. Lloyd, Bryan-ArmyAC Lloyd, Dee-eNavy Lockett, Hudson-Navy Lokey, Bill-eNavy Lokey, Bill--Mer. Mar. Lollar, Roger-Marines Lomis, George-Army Lomis, Ierry-Army Lompkins, MiltonAArmy AC Lompkins, L. E.-Army Lonq, R. I.-ANavy Long, Iimmie-Marines Loomis, George H.-Army Looney, Guy-Navy Looney, BilliArmy AC Loomis, Ierry W.-Army Looney, Iohn W.-Army AC Looney, Russell-Army Losey, Charles-Marines Losey, C. E.-Marine AC Loupo, Floyd-Army AC Lowe, Iohn-Navy Lowery, Dick-Navy Lowrance, Cecil-Army AC Lowrance, Wilson-Navy Sunsetls Roll of Honor Lowry, I. L.-Army AC Loyd, Bryan-Army AC Loyd, Dee--Navy Lucas, Kenne-theNavy Lucas, MarqareteWaves Lucas, Iack-Marines Lucas, Kenneth-Marines Lucas, Harvis-Marines Lund, Chas,-Army Lund, Roland-Army AC Lynch, Ino R.-Navy Lynch, Walter-Army AC Lynde, Paul-Marines Lynn, Warren-Navy Lyons, L. A.-Army AC Maas, Billy-Army AC MacMurray', I. O.-Marines MacWillian1, Iimmy-Army AC Malone, Holt-Marines Malone, I. C.eArmy AC Maloney, Billy-Army AC Maloney, Charles W.- Army AC Maloney, Robt.-Marines Mann, Alfred-Navy Mann, Iohn-Army Mannerinq, Mack-Navy Marble, Guy-Navy Marble, R. A.-Navy Mark, Oliver, Ir.eNavy Marlowe, Iack-Navy Martin, ClarenceiNavy AC Martin , Iack Marines Martin, Kenneth--Mer. Mar. Martin, Reginald-Marines Martin, Roland-Marines Martin, Sam-Army AC Martin, Wm.--Navy Martinson, Avery--Navy Miracle, Dixon-Navy Mitchell, DaneMarines Mitchell, Lon-Marines Mitchell, Harry-Navy Mitchell, Eugene-Army Moman, Lloyd-Navy Monk, Oliver-Navy Montgomery, Iohn R.-Army AC Moon, William--Marines Moore, Moore, Ashley'-Army Billy-Navy AC Moore, Bobby-Marines Moore, Bruce-Army Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Dewey-Coast Guard Don -Navy Edward-Army AC Genn-Army GlenniArmy Howard-Army AC Ias, G.-Navy Moore, Iohn E.-Marines Moore, Maral-Army Moore, Martha-Waves Moore Mar yiWaves Moore: Morris T.-Navy Moore, Norman-Navy Moore, Robert-Coast Guard Moore, Ross-Army AC Moore, Stuart-Army Moore, ThomaseArmy Moore, Ward-Marines Moorehouse, Billy-Army Moorman, George-Navy Moorman, Ralph-Army Moorman, Ted-Army More, Iimmy-Army Marton, Reginald-Marines MasseY, lack-Marines Mason, George-Army Mason, G. F,iMarines Mathis, Eugene--Army Matthews, Iimmie--Marines Maupin, Warren-Army AC Maxwell, KeithWArmy May, Elgene--Army May, Iames-Army May, Ioe T.-Army AC Mays, Rollo-Navy Mayo, Bobby-Army Means, Marry-Navy Mears, Vernon W.-Army AC Modaris, Garland-Army AC Medford, Geo. W,-Army AC Meeks, Billy--Army Menis, HarryfNavy Merriott, Iaok-Army Merritt, Paul Dee--Navy Newman, Ulmer I.iArmy AC Morehouse, Iulian-Navy AC Morehouse, Sidney-Army AC Morgan, lack-Navy Morgan, T. C.iArmy Morrell, Elbridge-Army Morrill, Rich.iArmy AC Morris, Darrell-Army Morris, WilliameArmy AC Morrison, B11lyeAmy AC Morison, BobbyfArmy AC Morrison, Chas. L.-Army AC Morrison, Eddie-Army AC Morrison, Landon-Navy Morrison, Malcolm-Army AC Morrison, Richard-Navy Morse, Morse, Morton Gifford-Army AC M. W.fArmy , Clarence-Army Morton, amesiArmy AC Morton, Iohn-Navy Morton, Paul-Army Morton, Roland-Marines Morton , Sam-Army Moser, Robert-Navy Milan, Pat--Navy Milburn, O'Neil-Navy Milbourn, Daniel-Navy Miller, Charles-Navy Miller, Edward-Army AC Miller, Morris-Army Miller NelsoneNavy Miller, Richard-Navy Miller, RoberteArmy AC Miller Woodrow-Marines Millikin, Paul-Marines Miles, David-Armv AC Mims, BobefArmy AC Minyard, Bill-Army Moss,Billy--Army AC Mosteller, B1l1y+Army AC Mott, B. R.--Army AC Muhs, I. E.--Army AC Mullane, Robt. D.iNavy Mullins, Billy-Army Mullins, . L.-Army AC Munster, Frank-eCoast Guard Munster, arnes-Navy AC Murphy, Walter D.-Army AC Murray, CeciliArmy AC Murray, Earl-Army Murray, I. E.-Army Muse, Iohn---Army AC One Hundred Tlrirfy-five U F Sunsets Roll of Honor McAnal1y, Alvalee-Marines McBee, CharlesAArmy AC McBride, Bob-Army McBride, Chas.-Army AC McBride, Iohn-Navy McBride, Robt. K.-Navy McBride, W. L.-Army McBroom, Herman-Army McCain, IackvNavy McCain, Marshall-Navy McClain, R. H.-Navy McClain, Billy-Marines McClelland, Iohn H.-Army McCleannahan, Claude-Army A McC1enan, George-Navy McCleskey, Lee-Navy McConathy, Emittt-Coast Guard McConetley, EmmettkCoast Guaz McCord, Bob-Navy McCord, Ross-Army McCord, Warren4Army AC McCoy, Charles-Navy McDaniel, Arthur-Army McDaniel, Buck-Army AC McDaniel, Gerald I.-Navy McDaniel, IamesAMer. Mar. McDaniel, Ierry-Navy McDaniel, W. D.-Army AC McDonald, Alva-Navy AC McDowell, Iames-Navy McDowell, Owen-Navy McFarland, Richard A.-Army AK McGinn, Betty-Waves McGouldrick, Iack-Army AC McGouldrick, Iohn-Army AC Mcllroy-Horner C.-Navy Mclntosh, George-Army AC McKay, ChestereMarines McKay, Kenneth-Army McKeever, LeroyAArmy AC McKenney, Clyde E.-Navy Mcenney, Geo. V.-Navy McKenney, Margaret-Waves McKey, Irvine-Army AC McKinney, Eugene-Navy McKinney, George-Navy McKinney, no. R.-Army AC McKinney, Mercer-Navy McKinney, Buddy-Navy McLarty-Army AC McKenzie, EdwinfNavy AC McMath, Bill-Army AC McMurray, Bill-Marines McMurray, Claude W.-Marines McMurry, Ino.--Marines McMurrY. l. O.-Marines McNair, Paul-Army AC McNair, Lloyd-Army AC McNutt, Price W.4Army McVey, I. C.-Army AC McVey, Raymond-Army AC McQueen, Ernest-Navy AC McVey, Richard-Marines Nail, Bob-Army AC Nailer, Burnest-Army AC Nance, Douglas-Coast Guard Nance, Elden-Marines Nance, HoytACoast Guard Nash, Bonnie-Navy AC Nearpass, Clifford-Navy Nash, Ioe-Navy Nash, Homer-Navy Neff, Donald-Army Nelson, Albert- -Coast Guard One Hundred Thirty-six New, Iames-Marines Newberry, Clarence-Army AC Newberry, Robert-Marines Newman, UlmerfArmy AC Newton, Robt.-Marines Nicol, Don--Navy Nicholls, Claude-Army Nicks, LawtoniNavy Nitche, Edward-Navy Norman, HenryeArmy AC Norman, Ted4Army Norris, Tom-Army Nowlin, Charles-Army AC O'Daniel, Norwood-Army AC Oden, Hillman-Army AC Oden, Karl4Navy Oden, Robert-Navy Oefinqer, Lyman-Navy Oqlesby, H. B.-Army Oliphant, Dick!Army AC Oneal, Iames-Marines Ord, Billy-Army AC Orenbaum, Sam-Army Orenbaun, Cutton-Army Orr, Billy-Army AC Osterrnan, RaymondvNavy Ott, Leon-Navy Osborn, Ralph-NavY Overton, Billy-Army Overton, Earl-Army Overton, Noel-Army Owsley, Raymond--Navy Oxford, DickfArmy AC Packer, Gilbert L.-Navy Packer, W. B.-Navy Packer, M. S.-Navy Packer, Iamese-Navy Panto, Albert-Marines Pappas, Pete-Mer. Mar. Paris, Sam-Army AC Parish, Randall-Marines Park, Iim-Army Parker, Bob-Marines Parker, DickeNavy Parker, Floyd-Navy Parker, lack-Navy Parramore, R. T.4Navy AC Parramore, Leroy I.-Army AC Parsons, HerberteMarines Pasina, Frank-Army Pate, Iimmy-Navy Patterson, Billy-Army Patterson, F. M.-Army Patterson, Geo,eArmy Patterson, Harold L.-Armv Patterson, Margaret-WACS Patrick, Willie Ioe-Army AC Pattillos, Billy-Navy AC Patton, Clarence-Army AC Patton, Dari-Army AC Patton, William H.-Navy Peacock, Glenn-Army AC Pearce, MaryeWACS Pearson, B. C.fNavy Peckham, Chester-Coast Guard Peck, Paul-Navy Pendlev, BUIAAYITIY Penta, Henry-Army Perdue, R. I.-Navy Perkins, Clyde-Army Perkins, I. I.--Army AC Perkins, S. T.fArrny Peters,Claude-'Army Peterson, Ferol-Navy Pettigrew, lack- -Navy Pettigre Pettiqre W, Iim- Army w, Hugh--Army Pettigrew, Robert-Army AC Philbrick, Charles-Navy Philley, Ramon-Army AC Phillips, Basil-Navy Phillips, A. I.-Army Phillips, Dick-Army Phillips Phillips , Iack-Naval AC , I. C.-Navy Phillips, Iohn T.-Army Phillips, Iohnny--Army Phillips, Thomas4Army Pickett, Weldon-Naval AC Pinta, Oliver-Navy Pitts, Byron-Marines Pitts, Iim-Army Player, Charles-Navy Pledger, Gordon-Marines Pollard, Russell-Army AC Pollard, Edward'-Army AC Pomerinc, Alfred-Navy Ponder, EdwardwArmy Ponder, Elwyn-Navy Ponder, Thelwin-Navy Ponder, I. T.-Army Ponder, W. B.-Army Pope, David-Army AC Pope, Iimmy-Naval AC Pope, Raymond-Army AC Pope, Ralph-Navy Porter, Iohn--Army Porter, George-Army AC Potter, Iames-Navy Pounds, La Mar-Navy Pounds, Truman-Navy Pounds, Powell, Powell, Powers, Powers O. l..fN avy D. B.-Uavy Howard4Army Charles-Navy Albert-Army Pratt, CI. If--Army Preddy, Prewitt, Price, C Robert-Coast Gd. Iames-Navy arl- -Army AC Price, I. C.--Coast Gd. Price, Owen-Navy Price, R. Vf-Army Price, Wayne'-Navy Pribble, Fred-Navy Price, C Proctor, Proctor. Pritchet arl--Army AC Bill--Navy Chas.-Army t, Henry-Marines Pruitt, Iames-Navy Pulley, Purdue, Purtell, Rod: ick-Army AC Raymond-Navy C. l-l.fArmy AC Ouiram, Wilton-Army Rahn, Eddie-Navy Rainbolt, I. D.4Army Rainey, I. R.-Army Rainey, Rainey, I. B., Ir.-Army Robert-Naval AC Ramsey, Austin-Navv Ramsey, Iack-Army AC Ramsey, Weston--Navy Randolph, LaMott-Navy Ranne, Ioee-Navy Rattenberry, Iames-Army Rawlings, Albert-Navy Rawlings, Ivan--Armv Rawlings, LeeRoy-RAF Smith, Ray, Curtis--Navy Ray, Ed-Army Rayburn, William-Army AC Reagan, Glenn-Army AC Redman, Russell-Army AC Reeb, Charles-Army AC Reed,Ernest-Army Reed, Douglas-Army Reese, Nelson-Coast Gd. Register, Iames-Army AC Reinhardt, Elton-Navy Reitz, A. F.--Navy Reitz, Roy--Navy Rhea, Edwin--Coast Gd. Rhoads, Louis-Army AC Rhome, Byron-Army AC Rhotenberry, Ios.fArmy AC Ribble, Chas.fArmy AC Rice,Ioe--Army Rice, Franklin-Army C Richards, BillyfNaval AC Richey, Allen-Naval AC Richmond, Edwin-Army Ridgeway, Billy-Army Ridgeway, Elbert-Army Ridgeway, I. R.4Army Ridgeway, I. T.-Marines Ridgeway, William-Army AC Ridgeway, Richard-Navy Riggs, Dean--Army Riggs, Robe!tfArmy Rigney, Frank-Army AC Riley, Iim-Navy Riley, DoylefNavy Riley, Pat-Marines Riley, Ransom-Army AC Sunsets Roll of Honor Sanders, Warren-Marines Sanders, Wm.-Army AC Sanford, Charles-Army Sandifer, Ben-Army Sanford, Chas.-Marines AC Santerre, Clifford-Navy Sans, Iohn--Army AC Santerre, R. G.-Army Saunders, Iames-Army Savage, Ioe-Navy Saye, Henry-Army Scaff, Edward-Navy AC Scaff, LoydeAArmy Scaff, Vernon-Army AC Scales, Iohnny W.-Navy Scarborough, Chas.-Navy AC Schaefer, BillyI4Army Schwab, Otis--Army AC Schween, BobfArmy AC Scott, Billy--Navy Scott, Daniel V.-Navy Scott, Ernest-Ar-my Scott, Ernest .-Navy Scott, Frank -Army AC Scott, Haroldgrmy AC Scott, Howard-Army Scott, Irvin C.4Army Scott, Lee-Navy AC Scott, Russell-Army AC Scruggs, Iack A.-Marines Seibenhousin, David--Marines Self, Frank--Army AC Self, Iimmy S.-Army AC Simpson, George B.-Navy Simpson, Eugene-Navy AC Skinner, Bill-Army AC Skinner, Iames-Army Skinner, Ted-Army AC Slaton, Dan G.-Army AC Slater, Smart, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, George H.-Marines Hardy4Marines Albert E.-Navy Alden-Army AC Bob-Marines Britain-Army AC Smith, Brooks-Marines Smith, Chas. A.-Navy Smith, David-Army AC Smith, Edward-Mer. Mar. Smith, Elroy-Army Smith, Eugene A.-Navy Smith, Everett-Army Smith, Faye-Red Cross Smith, Harold-Army Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Ias.-Army Iohn A.-Navy I. C.-Coast Guard I. R.eMarines Kenneth-Army AC LarryiNavy Lee-Army RaymondvArmy AC Smith, Tom-Coast Guard Smith, Tom E.-Army Smith, Vernon S.-Army Smith, William T.-Navy William-Coast Guard Sellers, Howard+Army AC Sellers, George H.-Army AC Shackleford, A. L.4Army Rodgers, Rippley, IackfMarines Robbins.. Robbins, Kenneth-Navy WinstonfArmy Roberts, A. I.-Army Roberts, Billy-Navy Roberts, Ioe--Navy Roberts, Wilbur-Navy Roberts, William-Army Robertson, I-Iall4Navy Robertson, I . D.-Navy Robinson , Bob-Army Robinson, Chas.-Army Robinson, George-Army AC Robinson, Sharon-Army AC George-Army Rodman, IayfNavy Roper, Harold-Army AC Rose, Meador-Army Rose, Milton-Army AC Roseborough, Wm.-Navy Roth, Milton-Marines Rowe, Hubert-Army AC Rownsend, Bob-Marines Rudd, T. F.--Navy Ruhl, Geoner-Army AC Rushing, Kenneth4Marines Rushing, Ias.-Marines Rushing, Roy-Army Russell, Tommy-Navy Russell, Wilford-Army Sage, Kenny-Army AC Sale, HerbertAArmy Sale, Scott-Army Sallis, HaroldfArmy AC Sample, Dathan-Army AC Sanders, AubreyfNavy Sanders, Iarnese-Navy Sanders, Kirby-Army AC Shankles, IoeANavy Shankles, Louis-Army Shanklin, Iack-Navy Sharp, Atley-Navy Sharp, A. T.-Navy Sharp, l. B.--Army Sharp, Marlane-Navy Sharp, Vernon-Army Sharp, Wallace-Army Shaw, Iohne-Coast Guard Sheffield, Edward-Navy AC Sheffield, Rex-Marines Sheffield, Roy-Army Sheffield, T. I.-Army Shelton, Chas.-Navy Shelton, Dowlen-Navy Shelton, Warren C.-Navy Shepherd, O. W.-Army AC Shippee, Cruse-Army AC Shook, Iack W.-Army AC Short, Billy-Army Siebenhousen, Richard--Marines Sikes, Bobby-Navy Sikes, has.-Navy Silas, Harold-Army Siler, Arthur--Army Silvus, Calvin-Marines Sims, Iack-Marines Sims, Kenward-Marines Sims, Luther L.-Navy Simmons, Abe-Navy Simmons, Bob-Navy Simmons, Glenn E.--Navy AC Simmons, Iohnny-Army AC Simmons, Kenneth4Army AC Simmons, George B.--Navy Singleton, Iack-Army AC Simpson, Dan-Army AC Smyth, Lewis-Navy Snider, Robert-Army Sorrell, Alfred-Navy Sorrells, CharlesiNavy AC Sorrells, Geo.--Navy Somers, Ioel-Army AC Scuthern, Terry-Army AC Spain, Bill-Navy Spears, Aubrey-Army Spears, Ioe-Army Spears, Ioe-Army Spencer, Bob-Navy Spencer, Iacke-Army AC Speed, Raymond-Army AC Speed, Worth-Army AC Spring, Ioe-Marines Springston, Arad-Army AC Sprowls Bill-Mer. Mar. Sprowls, I. L.-Army AC Sprowls, Iohnnie-Army AC Sprowls, W.-Army Spruce, Merlin-Army AC St. Cricq, Marcel-Army AC Stahl, Dick-Army AC Stailey, Benton C.-Army AC Stalcup, Bobby-Army AC Staley, Margie-Wac Stalter, Iimmy-Navy Stallings, RaymondiArmy AC Stanford, Iohn-Navy Stansell, R. D.-Army Stapp, William-Navy Starkey, Bi1lyAMarines Steger, Bill-Army Steinhoff, Keth-Army Stephenson, Clayton-Army AC Sterling, Alvin-Army Sterling, Mac-Army Sternburg, Paul-Mer. Mar. Stevens, FredYMer. Mar. One Hundred Thrrly :even Stevens, lack-Mer. Mar. Stevens, Sherwood-Army Stewart, Bobby-Mer. Mar. Stewart, las.-Army AC Stewart, Le Roy-Navy AC Stice, lack-Navy AC Stoqsdill, Chas.fCoast Gard Stone, Alvin-Army Stone, Gordon E.-Navy Sunsets Roll of Honor Thurman, David-Coast Guard Thurber, loe--Navy Thurman, loe-Navy Thurman, Sidney-Army AC Thurmond, Leo-Army Tiltord, Harrisone-Marines Tinsley, Iames-Navy Teiple, lohn-Navy Wallis, James-Navy Whitttield, Roy-Army AC Wickoft, Kenneth--Navy Vfilcox, Fred-Army AC Vtfilde, Bieber--Navy 'vv iiey, Earl-Army Wilhite, George-Army Wilkinson, Robert-Army Mfillianis, Cullen-Marines Vtlllliams, Elmo-Army AC AC Stone, lacks-Army AC Stovall, lames-Navy Strange, Elmore-Navy AC Street, Frank-Army Strecktuss Strickland Strickland: Strickland, Strickland , Harold-Navy Douglas-Army AC K. L.-Navy Lynn+A1'my Warren-Army Starring, Iol'mfArmy AC Sturqess, O. G.-Army AC Suadlenak, Ino.-4Army Suhler, SidneyvArmy Surles, Sam-Army AC Suter, William-Army Walls, Don-Navy Walraven, Iimmy--Navy Wanqer, Bub--Naval AC Ward, Allen-Army Ward, Thos.-Army Ware, Calvin-Army AC Ware, Iames-eArmy AC Ware, loc,-Army AC Warm atli, Martin--Navy Warner, Clarence-Army Warner, Kenneth-Navy Warner, Iohn-'Army AC Warren, IackeNavy Warren, Kenneth-Navy Warrington, Gail-Navy Welch, I Sutherland, Lonnie-Navy Sutherland, 'TomfMarines Swain, Thomas E.--Army Swenson, Gus-Army AC Swenson, WilliamfNavy Swope, Leroy-Army Tabor, Elmore-Marines Talbot, Iames+Ar'my Talbot, Thomas-Army Talliaferro, l'..esliefNavy AC Tanco, Felix-Army AC Tankersley, Gordon-Navy Tankersley, IackfArmy AC Tarver, lack-Navy Tarver, lack A.fMarine AC Tarver, Dalton-Army AC Tate, HowardvArmy AC Tate, Tom--Navy Waters, Warren-Navy Watson, Billy-Navy Watson, Elmer-Army AC Watson, GradyiArmy AC Watson, Iames-Army Watson, Quinton-Navy Watson, Reece-Marines Waugh, C.-Army Wayland, lames-Navy 'W'eathered, Iim-Army Webb, G. A.-Navy Webster Webster Webster Webster , Earl-Army AC , lerry-eMarines , limmie-Navy , Iohnny-Navy Weems, Mary H.-WAVES Welch, Ben-Army AC ames-Army Taylor, Earl-Marines Taylor, Gene L.-Army Taylor, Ioeel-Xrmy Taylor, lames M.-Marines Taylor, Louis-Army Taylor, Bonny--Army AC Welch, Ned-Army AC Wells, Billy-Navy Wells, William-Navy Wells, Boyd-Navy Wells, Wendle-Army Werner, Anna L.-WAVES Teal, Edward-Army AC Tenneson, L. B.-Army Tenney, Gordon--Army AC Terry, Benjamin-Army Terry, Charles-Army AC Terry, Dolan-Navy Terry, Floyd E.-Army Teubner, Harold--Army AC Teubner, Pat-Army AC Thomas, Billy-Navy Thomas, Charles-Army AC Thomas, Richard-Navy AC Thompson, DickeArmy AC Thompson, EdwineArmy Thompson, Fred E.-Army AC Thomson, Ioseph-Army AC Werner, FrankeArmy Werner, Harry-Army Werner, Loyd-Navy Werner, William-Army West, Charles-Armv Thompson P Thompson Maurice M.-Army Thompson, , Richard S.eArmy AC Robert C.-Army Travis-Army AC Thompson, Thom son, , T. B.-Army AC Thomson, William H.-Army Thorp, Maurice--Army Um' Hundred Tbirty digbi West, Stark-Army AC Westbrook, Buddy-Navy Westerfeldt, Donald-Navy Westerfeld, I. I.-Navy W'etesles, lohnnv-Navy 'VVexler, Iohn-Marines Whicher, limmy-Army AC Whiddon, Earnest-Coast Guard Wilden, John-Armv Whisenant, Iohn-Marines White, Bill-Marines 'W hite, MarvineCoast Guard NVhite, Raymond-Marines Vllhite, Walter-Army Vxfhitam, Marvin-Navy Whitehead, E. L.-Army Whitiield, Al-Marines Vlfhittield, Ray-Navy Williams, GeorqewArmy Williams, Joe-Navy 'wlv'illiams, Iohn-Army AC Williamsjnc. B.-Army WA, illiams, KennethACoast Guard Mfilliams, Rayburn-Army AC Williams, Richard-Marine AC Willis, Dee--Navy Wilson, BilleArmy AC Vlfilson, HugheArmy Vtlimberley, Katherine--WAVES Wirnberley, Olive-WAVES M indham, Donald--Army AC 'Wi:,chocil, Bob-Marines Wise, Curtis-Navy Wishart, IimmyeNavy Wisner, William-Army AC Wolfe, Babe-Army AC Wolfe, Chas. E.+Army Wolfe, Chas. M.-Navy Wolfe, Edward-Army AC Wolfe,Lorrie-Army Wolfe, PeteeArmy AC Womack, Robert-Navy Woods, BoydfArmy Wood, Charles-Marines Vlfcods, Charles P.-Army Woods, Florine-WACS Wood, H. C.-Army Woods, las. B.-Army AC Wood, Oran-Army Woods, Ruth-WAS WoolseY, Charles-Marines 'Wooton, Cliffton+Navy Wooton, Gaston-Marines Wooton, Howard-Navy Worden, Iohn-Coast Guard Worley, Lawrencey-Army Worth, Milton-Army Wright, Ioe-Navy Vfriaht, I. D.eArmy Wy att, lack-Army AC Wyatt, Raymond-Marines Yarborouah, Barkley-Marines Yates, A. P.-Navy Yecrgan, Albert-Armv Yearqan, Ralph-Army Young, Beason-Navy Young, David-Army Ycunq, Earl-Army AC Young lack-Marines Young, LeonordeArmy AC Young, Lloyd-Navy Young, Murdock-Army Younq, VernoneNavy Youngblood, Clifford-Army Ycrvfell, Emery-Army AC Yowell, Iohn D.-Army Yowell, RichardeArmy Zehner, Dick-Navy Ziealemeyer, lulius--Army AC Zuete'dt, Roy-Navy . 'WF R' ' W A fc,-V V.. f.,.,5,u,gL4qg- x. .a Sm? 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' 3, r-:fr HVV-f' 1 va ,gin ,R Q5 3 -,, ,V b 1. M , . ,. L. I -V V- V- " VV V5 . . I ,, 5,45 ' , .VV , Vl"6 V 'w F' 't""1- ' - - I V. ".rs3V,2i-Q:--sf:VV-'il'" ' .. . V ' 'R '2 M, I V' , V, J ,ci -' . 'V'- - ' ':,Ai.f-".,- ,IV , . .' "' ' 3 "-'e'-H . , - V-,,-- N1 -ru ' V -' . Vff'V-351 , Q 'J - ' UV-111, '-V55 '0f':': VVVQVV V, - ,IV 1 V "i g A V V- .QV -Hr , 1, K., :4 .,1V,,..:f .:V..-NE, A V if ,5 -V s , . .. , ,QVVg,tV,j Q- ff'7f, ' , V ' ' 1" ,QV 5 -17. ,I k ,,, "'fVfV"-. 5 , L1 3 V .V V2 V VV V .1J'3"I'V' ' " '. " . ' ' V t , ,.f1nwQ.y, q 4rA'JV 91' V , JS- A x TEARNER'S BARBER SHOP We Specialize in Ladies', Men's and Claildrenfs Work EXPERT SHOE SHINING 1319 West Davis M-0371 Q MEANOR'S MARKET Poultry of All Kinds Fresla Fish' and Oysters in Season Phone M-5113 1414 West Davis I S I Best Wfisbes to T P Class of '44 Beverly Hills Candies and Tobacco Models and H ob br Supplies Prescription Dru ggist , JOHN A. CARROLL, Proprietor 1505 West Davis M-0416 M-1515 3128 West Davis The Only Breakfast for Miles Around Compliments Opin at 6 :00 M. D VIS C FE GAY,S BARBER SHOP On Davis Street , U d' N M 1 t 1416 West Dam M0482 MRSIIFTO i?Avis1f1iigff7ief0f O WE SERVE GOOD FOOD E ERLY HILL DAIRY B V S BOB'S GROCERY AND MARKET Grade A Raw and Pczsteurized Milk Staple and Fancy Groceries Home-made Ice Cream Choice Mean 4301 West Davis M-0619 3105 West Davis M-0124 Q2 LAURA JONES, ELORIST , Artistic Service - Reasonable Prices S 1308 West Davis Phone M-0591 LAURA R. JONES DALLAS M5626 M0051 THE SHOP FOR LADIES HUMBLE SERVICE STATION , E. T- CED, JOHNSON, Manager 1222 West Davis Street 1201 West Davis at Winnetka Open 11:00 A- M. to 8:00 P. M- Washing - Polishing - Lubrication - Tires - Tubes One H1l11tl1'l'!l Forty as 1 V E R 1 3 Y E A R 5 ':' N15 3 ' lllll m0llll 5H0P DIAMONDS . . . wATc:HEs . . .JEWELRY SILVERWARE- LUGGAGE , ' 25-V .. l. q'V' 553515 9 '95 ":"- 55' 'V . ll' 1936 ELM STREET AT HARWOQD A' 'A' A Compliments of F k C YARBROUGH STUDIOS af A 0' 1026w Elm Street C-3130 ELM, FIELD aim' PACIFIC Q Compliments of Furnishing Texas Homes B 54 G HOSIERY SHOPS Since 1502 Elm Street 1628 Elm Street Every Purchase Unconditionally Guaranteed 981 DOS! ONS Efficient Employment Supervisor and more than 900 positions annually. Forty per cent more than we are able to fill-virtually assure inspiring employment opportunities to Draughon graduates. Twenty Accredited Courses leading to early starts on business careers .... Largest in Dallas. Call, Phone R-3133, for Complete Information 1 BUSINESS 'LCLLL ZOIZQCOLLEGE Opposite City Hall 49 Compliments of PAUL'S SHOES, Inc. Sincere Congratulations to THE FACULTY 1600 Elm Street Dallas THE STUDENTS G and WHITTLE MUSIC COMPANY THE CHAMPION FOOTBALL Everything Musical TEAM C-5191 1108 Elm Street CLYDE SHUMATE One' H lt ml mi Forty THE RUSH COMPANY Everything for Art and Mechanical Drawing 1401 Elm Street Phone R-4403 0 Cornibliinents of Dr. H. Walter Wm M Dr. Gus I.,-roman uf. D. Hugh McCall Beautiful Shoes OPTICAL SERVICE CLINIC 1800 Elm 234 West jefferson 1611 Main 118659 LLL to -L I Q. DIAMONDS - WATCHES - SILVER - JENVELRY - TROPHIES GRADUATION RINGS Coinlblinzenfs of SHUTTLES One of the Sonth's Finest jewelers Forty-seven Years in Dallas Second Floor Southland Life Building Next to Baker Hotel A Sf Dresses - Lingerie - Hosiery A. L. CONDER A. L. CONDER 84 COMPANY Food Brokers MODE O'DAY 242 Wm 1611611011 1412 111111 1100 Cadiz sneer Phone R-9357 5 CLINE MUSIC COMPANY, Inc. All Previous School Negatives Everything for Band and Orchestra are on 7118 at GUARANTEEIJ REPAIR WORK D E N I 5 0 N 1 5 C-1948 1409 Elm Street 110216 Elm ffaftinedzt eallegte A Distinguished Dallas I nstitntion for 56 Years METROPOLITAN GRADUATES ALWAYS SUCCEED Phone C-8773 Hnmlrczl Forty-lu'0 L. O. DONALD DRUG STORE Tyler and jefferson "Forty Years in Oale Clif" UAK CLIFF RENIIL LIBRARY ANU BUUK SHUP School Books and Supplies COMPLETE LINE OF GREETING CARDS LATEST FICTION NO MEMBERSHIP 929 West Jefferson Phone W-6665 M-2116 Frances King, Librarian i I "The Smartest Styles First" ,V fl I f' ffl? Where Sunset Students Trade gI.s'f:.1.'. 4 it . 0l'll18l'l Arrow Shirts - Jarman Shoes 333 West Jefferson . . . In Oak Cliff OAK CLIFF PAINT 84 WALL PAPER COMPANY Shades . . . Linoleum Electric Floor Sanders and Polishers A. KUCHENBACHER, Proprietor Phone W-5885 831 West jefferson J. L. DRUMMOND SERVICE STATION 939 West jefferson Boulevard Phone M-0523 Dallas, Texas GBen's Beauty Shop INDIVIDUAL HAIR STYLING "Complete Home Furnishers" Easy Terms Smith Furniture Co. by 912 West jefferson SKU-LED ARTISTS Buy . . . Sell . . . Exchange J. H. SMITH, Manager 219 South Polk M0401 Phone M-1150 Dallas, Texas Compliments of "Let's Dine at Luhy's" "Co11L'e11ie1zt for EI!f'l"j'0lZ6n LUBY'S CAFETERIA A FRIEND 1006 Main Street Phone M-4411 210 South Bishop BROWN PLUMBING CO. Complete Garage Service SINCE 1905 Phone M-2605 1000 West Jeffersop W Contracting-Repairing-Remodeling GUS M. BROWN, Owner Dallas, Texas Our Humlrcrl Forty-three .EANING CO. 'ecialty Shop :lift Neighbor"' W-4727 634 West Jefferson GREEN HUT CAFE menfs of Fooa' for Health is Food for Thought ELLISTON 'de' 224 West Jefferson M-0110 MAIN 5 - OVERCOATS Compliments . . Tailor-Made - B. F. Goodrich :h1n g Co. . Sllvertown Store e's Store of Dallas" Dallas, Texas C. LOCKETI' I Home o f Siloertown Tires 436 West Jefferson W-3141 liments SOUTHWESTERN INIATTRESS COMPANY 3arb ec ue 191 Business, R-6113 Residence, M-9981 0 DR. A. A. MCCARLEY Twenty Years in the Heart of Dallas Y-2-2550 EYES EXAMINED GLASSES FITTED 1917 Main Street Dallas, Texas COMPLIMENTS OF FRIEND Om' Humlrea' Fort Specializing . . . Call W-5802 L Z ' 1 ROSEMONT PHARMACY ef Z ff J' . . ' A , For Quick Delivery Fried Chicken ccalifornia Style, Phone XV-9603 WE DELIVER "It's Worth Going Miles to Get" OTIS BRYANT'S GROCERY Quality Meats -- Fresh Vegetables THE CHICKEN SHACK 2700 Fort Worth Avenue Fancy and Staple Groceries 507 South Rosemont 47 M A G I C L A N D The Store o f 1,000 Wonders SAM DYSTERBACH COMPANY Elm at Pearl FOR BAND AND PEP SQUAD UNIFORMS OF THE BETTER KIND Our Uniforms Are Outstanding 1031135 409 North Ervay, opposite Post Office Q9 Ride the Street Cars . The very low street car rate granted the high school students is a real aid to them in securing their educa- tion .... We want every student to be our friend. Dallas Railway 84 Terminal Co. H26 Years in Oak Clif' COX 8: STAILEY Real Estate . . . Insurance Rentals . . . Home Builders 215 South Tyler Street M-8161 Compliments of TI-IE TIN CAN CAFE Hamburgers and Home-made Chili Our Specialty 935 West Jefferson 9 218 South Tyler Street Phone M-3545 TYLER AVENUE GARAGE Starters - Generators - Ignition General Auto Repairing Bowl for Health Bowl for Fun Bowl at Boedeleer's C. H. CHAPMAN, Proprietor NEW LEAGUES WELCOME o Compliments of GUY F. RADLEY 309 E. Jefferson Avenue Insurance W6035 C-9124 107 North Field Street Boecleker Bowling Alley Om' Humlrcd Forty-six THE SUITATORIUM I CLEANERS Where Service Rei gns Supreme 1900 West Jefferson M-6820 49 BOUNDARY GARAGE J. J. cRoss Auto Repair - Tire - Battery - Greasing p 116 North Marlborough Phone M-3389 49 UNIFORMS SPORTSWEAR Conzplimelzis to THE SUNSET BISCNS The Military and Sportswear Style Store of Dallas Rl G 84 BREWER 55 Compliments of u T H E R F 0 R n efferson W-1452 "Better Trained Graduates" 9 0 Shoilhand and Typing 0 Boo eeping 0 Comptometer 0 Burroughs Calculator eleen 910-tone Spermanents 9 Monroe Calculator es and JU! f7Gnds of Qeauty Clvjork : Iligggglxeggllisggachine LILA O and Evening 'I' Dallas' Taxaa WILSON BUILDING, DALLAS 59 CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL SENIORS Ju Are Always Welcome at the nderson Furniture Co. m Street Since 1897 f RENE H. COX FUNERAL HOME BURIAL INSURANCE AMBULANCE SERVICE Davis and Madison Streets Phone Madison-8165 WALTER REED'S Magnolia Service Station Compliments HOME FURNITURE CO. Elm and Preston Complete House M-0457 Bishop and Davis Fllfnifblncgf Oihce, VU-1146 RCSldCl'lC6, M-5506 Y A T E S S T U D I O EDGAR WELLS COMPANY 200 Easdefferson M-5976 Real Estate and Loans Kodak Finishing Photographs 225 East jefferson Boulevard Dallas 8, Texas Cllmefd Repflif'-Y Photo Coloring COMPLIMENTS OF TEXAS - ROSEWI MIDWAY - BISON - A TOR YOUR OAK CLIFF THEATRES Compliments of P O P l S C A F E 900 King's Highway M-0040 E. T. CHILDRESS Compliments of VPS BEAUTY SHOP 935 North Edgefield Phone W-6112 "Let's Meet at Kessler" KESSLER PHARMACY Edgelield and Stewart Drive M-8768 -Phones- M-0063 R U S H M A N ' S Cleaners and Dyers Owned and Operated by NO BETTER than the BEST but BETTER than the REST JOE and ROY Phone W-1000 112 South Lancaster Compliments of MACK DURHAM Fashion Cleaners One Hundred Forty- 5 HOLLAND CLEANERS E. W. HOLLAND, Owner "A Good Place for Good Work" 702 South Hampton Phone ISI-0080 Compliments 0f C. D. HANCHER H. L. Dunlap Service Station ROAD SERVICE Washing and Lubrication 620 Hampton Road M-0483 Compliments of ROBERTS VARIETY "The Friendly Store" Phone M-0076 707 South Hampton W. N. ROBERTS STARLING FOOD STORE 611 South Hampton S. H. Sims Grocery and Market 703 Hampton Groceries, Fresh Meats and Poultry Congratulations 1944 Grads SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. Oak Cliffls Most Complete Department Store 301 West Jefferson W-1141 Compliments of SAFEWAY GROCERY 81 MARKET 1117 South Hampton PIKE BROS. BODY WORKS BODY AND FENDER WORK DUCO PAINTING 603 Hampton Road M-0238 UNDERSTANDING Best Wisloes to Class of 1944 Compliments of S E R V I C E COGHILL Sc TO 35.00 STORE 2004 West Jefferson .++"""""Q. Phone W-4855 it of fu. . mam D bhpnuw, ENNIS CONNER SERVICE STATION 1422 Commerce Street Phone C-5175 1202 South Hampton M-4512 Flowers Telegraphed Everywhere Washing and Lubrication One Hundred Forty-eight MIDWAY CLEANERS AND TAILORS ffllnslenn-Fnr- "Lei Chap Do IW Phone M-0056 109 West Jefferson C Q ompnm M A N D E L S T A M , S EXPERT REMODELING FUR STORAGE NICE LINE OF NEW COATS AT ALL TIMES Ladies, Ready-fo-IVr'ar and Millinery and Afeessories 125 West jefferson Telephone W-S511 0 Compliments of Onlz Clzjf Bnnk if Cjrnsz' Co. "SERVING OAK CLIFF" R. D. SUDDARTH President Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation QD ' FRONTIER STUDIOS 383 West jefferson Avenue, Oak Cliff Dallas, Texas Only You Can Give Your Photo E. L. SEITZLER FAY SEITZLEI2 gay? gefwelers Diamonds - Watches - jewelry FINE REPAIRING Phone 225 West jefferson Y-2-2828 fOak Cliffj Dallas Complimenfs of GROVES LUMBER COMPANY 106 East jefferson Phone M-2171 BUY BONDS One Hundred Forly leading SCDUTEIERN HQME EURNISI-IERS cgincs 7555 CCDURTEOUS FRIENDLY SERVICE WE WELCCDME VQUR CHARGE ACCOUNT 13 Elm Street ---- . Telephone R-3 'ljly C""'f'li""f"'5 Ford Radio Shop TEXAS CAFE Frzgidaufes "Where Better Foods Are Served" Telephone W-3119 227 West jefferson W-0152 209 West jefferson Oak Cliff The Francine Dress Shop 238 West jefferson W-0700 Across the Street from Texas Theatre JUNIOR, MISSES AND WOMEN'S APPAREL "Exclusi11eness Without Extravagancen LA VONNE RINDY, Owner A x9 Compliments George Karlen Automobiles YOUR OAK CLIFF DEALER IN HIGH GRADE GOOD USED AUTOMOBILES 336 West jefferson Phone M-5179 6? Oak Cliff Headquarters HAMPTON PLACE PHARMACY WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES ""m""f" Phone M-4818 1125 S. Hampton Road Fred A. Kelly Furmture Co. QUILL NANCE 200 West Jefferson Real Estate TZUEQZIJI Years Ollk RESIDENCE OFFICE PHONE PHONE Telephone W-1800 W-5927 W-1974 One Hundred Fifty ,www JONES-CALVERT COMPANY Realtors Real Estate and Insurance of All Kinds 2324 West Brooklyn W-1974 M-8516 Compliments of GREGORY BARBER SHOP 617 Hampton Road MONTGOMERY'S DRUG STORE Prescription Dru ggists PHONE W-5600 1201 Hampton Road, Corner Kingston Compliments of SUNSET THEATRE 1112 Hampton Road "Always a Good Show" Compliments of HAMPTON BARBER SHOP 1205 South Hampton M-0298 "LET'S TALK LUMBERH DON CAMERON Manager Oak Cliff Yard GEO. VY. OWENS LUMBER COMPANY M-8101 - Residence W-1616 1126 Hampton Road Dallas B0-J Compliments Accentitate Your Personality of with a Bojan original BO -JAN Bobbie Lockhart ---Janne Poteet W-3000 Across from Texas Theatre Mike's Place 612 South Hampton HAMPTON CLEANERS We Call for and Deliver Clarendon at Hampton Road Phone M-0079 H. O. DUNNIGAN Magnolia Service Tenth and Beckley W-8479 Ilumlrcd Fifty-fu' Compliments of NATA'S BEAUTY SHOP 505 S. Rosemont M-0455 Fine Wfalcb Repairing , . . All W'orl2 Gnaranteel DALLAS WATCH SHOP Ground Floor, Allen Building DICK VAWTER C-0519 206 South Ervay Texas Cartage Co. POOL CAR DISTRIBUTION GENERAL PICKUP and DELIVERY SERVICE H-7658 H-7659 Comlblimenis of y. e. paw, ea Phone W-9743 221 W. jefferson SABTONI GROCERY Groceries and Market M-2144 Sales, Loans, Leases, Rentals, lnsuranre CENTRAL REALTY COMPANY 117 North Beckley Phone M-S154 Dallas INI-0052 M-9578 Repairing anal Ozferbanllng BRITTON'S GARAGE Duco Painting, Body and Fender Work XVrecker Service 305 North Beckley Dallas, Texas Compliments of BEN FRANKLIN STORE 230 West jefferson "Variety Our Specialty" PHONE M-0212 MAIN OPTICAL COMPANY E e Glasses 2ICompleteQ 3 . In Oak Cliff 248 West jefferson Phone M-5527 Greeting Cards jnez giff cgfiop Packages Wrapped for Mailing . . . Baby Gifts Personalized Cosmetics 517 XVEST JEFFERSON AVENUE Inez Helms Dallas, Texas OI1L'1'IIll1Kl?'Ftfl:lfl Compliments of TEX INN CAFE 336 West jefferson MRS. ELLIS Owner and Manager Oak Cliff 49 Phone M-0308 W. H. Young QUALITY SHOE SHOP First Class Repairing Satisfaction Guaranteed 951 W. Jefferson Dallas 49 OAK CLIFF MUSIC CO. W. K. BARTON, Manager 226 West jefferson W-1171 49 Compliments of VICTORY FRUIT MARKET Everything in Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 379 West jefferson M-0279 "COMPLETE HOME FURNISHERSU Q Eas erms BOLIN si SELVIyDGE FURNITURE CLYDE B' LAMAR JOE H- SMITH COMPANY . Bi lW.i35,E:i22z2f:2.2z...,.i1. M C Lamal Si Smlth W. M. 1 in one -258u S. W. Selvidge Dallas, Texas 9 Funeral Directors and Ambulance Service J. M. ROOTS Oak Chg Pmperw T lephon 800 West jefferson ' e es: 504 W. jefferson M-31 18 M-2146 - M-2147 Dallas, Texas Q2 Compliments to B U Sunset Students and Graduates F . M ki MCCONATHY GRO. 8: MARKET ruff 557' ef Trinity Heights OPEN DAY AND NGHT C Congratulations and Best Wishes . . . B. R. REYNOLDS SMILEYS 1 S. S. SMILEY 8: CO., LTD. , Smart Feminine Wearing Apparel, 605 JEff61'S011 Oak Cllff Shoes and Accessories Phone Y-2-4223 211 W. Jefferson One Huvidrea' Fifty-four J. HENRY COLEMAN Specializing in Oak Cliff Homes 214 North Willomet Eugene S. Smith PRINTER and PUBLISHER 1 Phone M-2803 DALLAS, TEXAS Q 916-918 W. jefferson Phone M-9177 A - D FOOD STORE 900 West jefferson Specializing in M-7926 Books, Magazine and Catalogues 49 I Complinzents of C"mPl'me"t" soUTH TYLER BARBER sHoP of W1Je1'e You Ge! the Best of Serrire 219 South Tyler W. E. EVANS 1 HARRISON S Q 1 DUNLAP-SWAIN COMPANY Grocery 84 Market Y OAK CLIFF STORE . 656-58 XVest Jefferson Street M-5101 505 North Bishop Phone W-5252 Q9 ALAMO LAUNDRY, Inc. 5 Dry Cleaning 524 West Jefferson Phone W-0958 Dallas, Texas i POOLE FUNERAL HOME "ln Service of Others" ' 457 W. Jefferson Dallas 8, Texas CHARMODE BEAUTY SALON MRS. G. T. GARRISH 326 W. jefferson M-4241 BUTCHERS CAFE Fine, Home-Cooked Foods Steak-Chicken BISONS WELCOME 304 West jefferson Corner of Madison at Jefferson Oak Cliff O71t,HIll1t17Cd Fifiy fi " -WE CALL FOR POLISHING and DELIVER WAXING L. A. FERRELL MAGNOLIA SERVICE STATION MOBILUBRICATION WASHING-TIRE REPAIRING Winfield-5401 Q 939 North Edgedeld Avenue Madison-0595 RIPLEY SHIRT MFG. CO. CUSTOM TAILORED SHIRTS "The Wise Man's Choice" 410 South Beckley W-1151 Q9 PRIBBLE'S PHARMACY Prescription Dru g gist 913 South Tyler Phone M-7812 Dallas, Texas 49 SERVICE PRINTING COMPANY Commercial Printing and Ojice Supplies 924 West Jefferson Phone M-2343 J A 49 EASY TERMS . . . We Carry Our Own Notes Without Red Tape CHHHLEU PHILLIPS HIUTURS 206 West Jefferson, Dallas, Texas BUY AND SELL ALL KINDS OF USED CARS AND TRUCKS Telephone W-9610 Q? E I L S EA UTY ODLLEGE LEARN BEAUTY CULTURE Mrs. Margaret Watkins Writes: "I am averaging Easily. .Jnexpensively 325.00 per week." This is the average pay for Many Positions Open . . . Good Pay the Neilson graduate. 412 West Jefferson Completely Air Conditioned Madison-0458 Om' Hnl1zlrerlFiffy-six Boundary Shoe Shop 117 North Marlborough Street Your Best Use in Leather Top Lifts Here is a 10c liquid polish to dis- play and sell for school shoes and soldiers, too-Oxblood, Brown, Tan. BLACK AND SADDLE SOAP For Victory Buy War Bonds X Piqsdndwidx . Compliments of Pig Stands, Inc. "We Appreciate Your Patronagen P. L. KENNEDY COMPANY The Ful-O-Pep, Save-on-Feed Plan Fits Every Poultry Need Lawn Mowers . . . Illachine Precision Grinding . . . Repairing C H A R L I E, S "The Bicycle Doctorl' Bicycles, Lawn lrlowers Sold, Bought and PHONE M-1882 , , E-ffbdffsfd fclsphone M-0:51 207 North Beckley KORNEGAY SERVICE STATION E L - P A T I O 737 XWEST JEFFERSON You An, Wvlmme Waslairzg and Greasing 136 West Davis Madison 0556 M-0316 I n sincere appreciation of the patronage and friendship of the entire Student Body and Faculty of the Dallas High Schools for the past 21 years. naerican Beauty Cover Co. 2002-8 North Field Street The Cover on This Book Was Produced in This Plant lingingsnaith JEWELER Headquarters for College and School jewelry DIAMONDS-WATCHES-GIFTS COMPLETE JEWELRY SERVICE 1707 Main Street Dallas, Texas Om' Hunzlrcd Fifty 2lOO 41300 "'f2s2s2s QAT99 Q . . 0 O :':' . . O :.:, Q . 5.3. l'Z'C 4.1.1. .'I'I'I'I b o.0.l'l'l.c 'fu .'2':'I':'I'I' .... f ......... . . . . , . '.'.'.'.-.'.-. . . .'.'.'.'I'I'Z'I'I'I'.'I'I' .u'u.I'u.l'u.u'uI1's.u.l.l'u'u'a'o'u'u'r'u U' .................... .. ,.,.D.-.,.-.,.,.,...,.,.......,.,...,...g.. Each year finds an even greater ef- fort on the part of both the Sundial Staff and our organization to keep up the high standard of the SUNDIAL Masterpieces. We appreciate the journey through the years with your publication personnel and School officials. SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVINC-5 Co OE DALLAS Jackson Street Phone Riverside- DALLAS, TEXAS This Annual Printed by dl9IfZm'l?1A91?.!ZIllBflZl? -iff .5 W umvumna Auwnmmm gaxmmsm g 1717 WOOD STREET -,v-nvwg,-.-mv.-uqu-W.-m bmw.. X Q5 W 5 ,Wig fzimfm K if QQ ! S xxiqm- QE Q MQ is 55 i ,F 44" X .- 1.1 7. -, rf . . XXL ' If 7 f . 4 M H, f 4 H ff ' f ,if 1 i' I If , , 4. 1

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Sunset High School - Sundial Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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