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,!All C JL ,C . f W 1 y t ' N " f ' P v .V j C yjj O ' :t O .(i) i ox A 9 , ■ I ' i- - — p crj lu ' c k (KcVM x= _v. -- J 3V A (. X 1 e7 O y •-■ ' ' v- ' • - T 5 V . V - . v... ' i ' " A - .K- •xS " 3|« j (X a Z- ? ' O -x ' i H ic k; i .w w ,)fl ' - ' y o- : - y- ,- V3 V V { - I " -5 1 4 ' 4 I-, 1 " 4 4 y OO X A 1 I -7-: ,j -. %, X ' -iO i 4 %, ' ' % ; : ::aB--::;vS-S i HELIOS 1965 . _ y - -a t S i HELIOS 1965, an Annual Publication of the Students of Sunny Hills High School. Fullerton, California Q ' i_r lv Kditor Wendy Balgrosky Business Manager Chuck Dell ' Ario Adviser Mrs. Ciarabcdian Art Editors Pam Nevius Kris Kargo Jcannic Frccland Ink Sketches Robert Young -(U, DEDICATION " Walk together, talk together, all ye people of the earth, then and only then shall ye have peace " is the motto of the American Field Service. Al- though the ultimate goal of the AFS is world peace, the program prompts a cultural exchange, an awareness that the United States is not the only or best country, and a student-to-student understanding of the people of different lands. The Sunny Hills chapter of the American Field Service sponsored two foreign students for the ' 64- ' 65 academic year. From Matsushiro, Japan, came Yoshimi Yamamoto. Yoshimi, only 4 ' H " and 100 pounds, competed with 2,000 other Japanese students who applied for an AFS scholarship. She was one of 120 who came to the United States. Although Yoshimi had studied English for six years, she had never spoken the language. At Sunny Hills she " tackled " United States history, civics, economics, speech, and English. Certainly Yoshimi ' s explanations of life in Japan and her com- ments and shy giggles about American " customs " have enriched any Lancer who knew her. Krishen Mehta, from New Delhi, India, was the first male exchange student at Sunny Hills. Kris, not one for idle talk, was always probing to learn more. His keen interest in poli- tics and sociology often led Kris into discussions and arguments. India has fourteen official languages and Eng- lish is used in many schools. Kris has been speaking English since he was in the second grade. At Sunny Hills he studied civics, economics, trigonometi-y, drafting, English, and participated in sports. Yoshimi and Krishcn have taught us much about Japan and India and have taught us to appreciate and analyze our own country. But " ' oshi " and Kris have given us something more aluable — the opportunity to strengthen world understanding and friendship. For tontributing to Sunny Hills that which neither teachers nor other students can donate, we dedi- cate the 1964-196.5 Hrlioi to Yoshimi Yamamoto and Krishen Mehta. JMWlMMHHHMMSsi Table JI Hi; J E- H|W «. .v. ) ' V -4 of Contents Administration Seniors Classes Organizations Activities Sports Advertisements 8 24 72 no 152 184 238 ,. .H ' - -fip ' 5 i BsnnRnuniawiaiiutniH FACULTY i AK ll Board of Trustees ' . V LEONARD ANDREWS FRANCES I.AIRI) JAMES RATCLIFFE WALTER SMITH HERBERT WARREN The student body of Sunny Hills High School wishes to express its appreciation to the members of the Board of Trustees and to Superintendent Lake and his administrative staff for their contribution to and participation in the students ' educational experience. Dr. Lake was appointed District Superintendent of the new North Orange County Junior College District this past year. The students of Sunny Hills High School extend to him their best wishes for every success in his new assignment. DR. ERNEST LAKE Superintendent District Administration JOHN MANN Assistant Superintendent Instruction WALTER PRAY Personnel Services WALLACE RIUICEL Assistant Superintendent ELION WARD Assistant Superintendt nt Physical Plant and Facditie p- A high sth(K)l is icwcd lioiii many vantage points. This is to be expected when one considers the size of this com- plex and dynamic organization and the impact on its indi idual mcmbei-s and on the surrounding community. With the closing of this, the si.xth, year of development of growth and achieve- ment at Sunny Hills, there emerges an increasingly definite overall image of the school and its program. Impressions are continually comnmnicated to me of greater school spirit, of greater student responsibility, of an excellent instruc- tional program, of high standards in achievement, and of genuine ( ommun- ity support. Indeed, we have built much of which to be proud in these few years and cer- tainly each of us has contributed. As the school develops an image so will the students develop images of themselves as part of this organization. This per- sonal image is probably the most im- portant of all. Looking back upon this as a year of opportunity and the extent to which challenges have been met and conquered can indeed be revealing. I sincerely hope that each of you can look back upon this year of investment in your own behalf as fruitful and truly worthwhile. As we bid this fourth graduation class farewell, it is only appropriate to extend to them the gratitude of those who fol- low. They have contributed much to the development of this school and its program. Yours truly, Bert Hathaway Principal Administration and Counselors Seated: Mr. Fred Meier, Administrative Assistant, Mr. J. K. Smith, Dean of Counseling and Guidance, and Miss Helen Wiesseman, Dean of Instruction. The student body truly appreciated the able leadership of the ad- ministration and counselors this past year. Mrs. Thompson joined the counseling staff this year as freshman counselor. Mr. Bresee became full time senior counselor. Miss Wiesseman, Dean of Instruction, spent a great deal of time on a new grading policy for Sunny Hills ' teachers. Mr. Smith, Dean of Counseling and Guidance, inaugurated the IBM registration of students as well as strengthening the policy of individual interviews with students and their parents. The entire counseling office expressed its gratitude to Mrs. Michel, a new secretary who helped them work more efficiently. MILTON D. ROBERTSON, V Studtnts. -Principal arid Dean of MRS. THOMPSON MR V. NO T.R MIS.S CASPERSON MR. BRESEE MISS MC FARLIN Art and Music JULITA JONES, Art GARY LINES, Mu ic DON SPITl.ER, Art RAY VAUGHAN, A ,. Faculty LU ANNE BAKER, Spanish HELEN BECKER, Fr,,uh WALLACE ESCA TE, Crrma. MARY IWAN, French SUSAN MACADAM, Spanish LINDA MC:)ORE, Frmch REUBEN QUIJANO, Spanish EVELYN ROOT, Latin MARGO STUART, G rman - , l ?-fl JAMES BAILEY, Agriculture HARRY BAKER, Biology WALTER BAYLER, Physics T. L. NORDSTROM, Biology BERNARD SCHUMAKER, Physical, PAUL SENGO, Agriculture GERALD SIETSEMA, Chemistry DUANE SPROUL, Chemistry Math »rr Science and Agriculture THOMAS HELL, Cncral Math RICHARD BREWSTER, Basu Math WESLEY HUNT. Algebra JOE LARSON, Algrbra EDMUND LASSWELL, Geometry .WERY LISCOMB, Algibra I JAMES REEDER, Geometry PAUL SNYDER, Geometry GORDON TRAYLOR, Algebra II MIKE WOODS, Algebra I ROBERT BAAR, Varsity Baseball GARNER BARNETT, Varsity Track PETER CARHART, Swimming MARY CHESTNUT, Drill Team DIANE COHEN, Modem Dance CECIL CROW, Varsity Football MILDRED EKEDAL, Gymnastics RUSSELL HAWK, Varsity Basketball PHYLLIS JOYCE, GAA DON LARSON, Wrestlino BILL LINGENFELDER, Track GENE MARTIN, Baseball Physical Education IS = T Home Economics JANICE r.ARAHEDIAN. Horn, (AROl.VN SMI lU, Food. IlKl.KN WAI.I., Clotliin! ' (,()RI)(). MiCAI.I,. Itium SUSAN MILLER, Swimming LERO ' MITCHELL, Football WA ' NE PA •NE. WustUn i I ' .KI IT SCHMIDT. GAA RK:IIARI) SKAIN. H,ad of Boys ' Athtrtics HAROLD WALLACE, Bask.thall L LOIS BERNOT, Enolish I RUTH ELWELL, Spaxh CHARLES ENOS, Enolish IV MARJORIE FRENCH, Enolish 1 JUANA GALLEGOS, Enolish 1 SUZANNE GARY. Enolish 111 VIRGINIA HAGEDORN, Enolish 11, IV SUZAN JACOBS, English II, III DORIS JOHNSON, Drama ' -1 M| m M |g g |g| " jr A l n HBH m I English 1 LENORE KING, Kn lUh II JEAN KLINGHOFFER, I ' M lish 1 MARY LEWIS. Slucch FRANCES OHLER. MAXINE RANDOLPH. •;;;; ' m , IV JLI.IA RLLNKR. l-:,r l, h III. IV BRUCE SAYERS, lui lish III LESLIE SCOTT, Knnlish IV lAMES SEBRING. luinlish II |UNE SMITH. Em lish III tWILA TATE. KrioHsh IV KAl HLERN Yl ' NKER. l-irJiJ, II CARL AMES, Civics and Economics RUSSELL BOVEIA, Civics JOHN DEWEY, Mcrchandisina JACK FISK. Bookkecpins. SUE GALEY, General Business HAROLD POHLOD, Shorthand HELEN WALTHER, Typing JAMES CRIPPEN, V.S. History ELNA JOHANSON, General Education ROBERT LINN. U.S. and IVorld History MARY MOORE. World History Social Studies JOAN REINER, U.S. History GLORIA SALE, World History CORNELIUS VANDERBILT. U.S. History LOUISE VINSON, Economics NEIL BERCK. Architectural Drawim RON GARLAND. FAeetroivcs KENNETH GORDON, Graphic Arts LLOYD MCFARLAND, Auto I, 11 CHARLES MORONI, Metal 1 ARVIN SETHMAN, Wood 1 7 ' wHjii Business I i s. r. Industrial Arts " 1 ni 1 % . iip Special Departments Elanore Hidde Vera Fitzgerald Nursf Mary Thedinga Attendance %l J vl hM £. . ' : K iW Madge Jue HI! JH B ML iMaij i. Cafeteria r.. r i Corrine Leonard Cafeteria Marie Cornish Stella Drott Mrs. England Helen Homii zewski Snack Center Snack Center Cafeteria Manager Cafeteria ■w a Minnie Michel Josephine Alexander Lucille Dolan Manann N ' ii hols Counseling Secretary Student Activities Secretary Library Clerk Departmental Secretary Administrative Assistants Mr. Chipinan and Mi l.iiiiili , Custodii Bus drivers, ROW 1 : Jim Norman, Jim Heyne and Terry Sutton. ON STEPS: Bruce Reynolds. Mike ; Goodwin. •. yyO y n i« , - ;;.• ' SENIORS • f - . Anne Mtlnnis Secretary Ai 4.; ; Bob Deshon Vice-President Senior Class Officers Wayne Redfeai n President Cindy Amnion • ' " 4 ' 1 [,1 ' slic Aiw.itci, Janet Ht-llcr, Stt ' M ' Hartshoin, Channagne Vaughn, and Cind Ammon disiuss the proposed sites for senior party. The rlass voted to ha e th( annual graduation party at Anaheim Bowl. pr ' m ' Janet Heller raises her hand lo make a sug- gestion as the officers listen. V i mk in MIbH ROW 1 : Channagne Vaughn, Marsha Hodges, Wayne Redfearn, Anne Mclnnis, Bob Deshon, SheiTi Walley, and Janet Heller. ROW 2: Nat Theibert, Bob Skinner, Steve Hartshorn, Jon Kronick, Chuck DcirArio, Chris King, Leslie Atwater. Senior Class Council The Senior Class Counc il spent a busy year coordinating senior at tivities. The council conducted a vote for the site of the senior party and decided on the senior gift. Such topics as a senior pic- nic, senior playnight, and senior week were discussed. One of the council ' s most imp ortant goals was to establish a precedent for future senior privileges. The members stressed use of the senior area by seniors exclusively and made plans to land- scape the area and paint the senior bench. ANNETTE ACHAY LINDA ADAMS Drama 2, 3, 4 Thespians 4 Red Cross 2, 3 Pres. 4 Concert Choir 2, 3, GAA Pep Chib DARRELL B. ALBERS Basketball 3, 4 Varsity Club 4 Pep Club I, 2,3,4 VIRGINIA ALBRECHT Hehos Staff 4 Girls ' League PE Rep. 4 JEANNIE ALFORD Spanish Club 2 Y-Teens 1, 2 Pep Club CURT ALLEN Football 1, 2, 3, Most Inspirational 4 Student Court CSF2 Justice Class V.P. 3 Chris Haymond waits to have his senior picture taken. Bermuda shorts and sport coats were common attire as the boys were photographed. KATHERINE ALLEN GAA Transfer Student 3 KAY ALLMAN Transfer Student Concert Choir 4 CINDY AMMON SUE ANDERSON Class Treas. 4 Assembly Committee 3, 4 FBLA 2, V.P. 3 Jr. Red Cross Y-Teens 3 Art Club DAWN AMBRIDGE Song Leader 3, 4 Drill Team 2 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 NANCY ANDRE Social Chairman 4 Accolade Staff 1,2,4 Class Council 3 i IM AROAl , AKMSIRONC; LOUISE ARMSTRONG Girls ' LeaKue, Rep. 2, Trcas. 4 French Club 1,2, 3, 1 ASB Elections Cominillec ;arv arne! I JANICE LESLIE Walrr Polo 2 ATKINSON ATWATER ' rp c:iub 3 Modern Dance 1, 1 Helios Staff ■■.r.Hh Club 3 Class Council 1 CSF 3 BARBARA BACON JOANNE FHA 3, Treas. 1 BADDELEY Jr. Red Cross 3. 1 FHA 1, Treas. 2 Y-Trens 1,2, 3 Red Cross 3, 4 C;. . ' Modem Dance 4 WENDY LINDA BARKER BALGROSKY Transfer Student 4 Helios Editor-in- Chief 4 CSF 1,2,3,4 Forensics 3 €35 JACK BARTH LARRY BATES Football I, 2, 3, 4 Electronics Club Baseball 3, 4 Cross Country N ' arsitv CMub 2, 3, 4 Track SUSAN BAUGHN MARGARET RUTH DEBORAI Pep Club 1, 2, 4 BEEBE BEEBE Concert Choir 2, 4 HomeconiinK Pep Club 1,2, 3,4 FBLA, Sec. 3 GAA 1, 2, 3,4 Girls ' League Girls ' League PE Rep. 3 PE Rep. 3, 4 ROLAND R. BELL ROBERT BENDER DAVID W. Football 4 Senior Seminar BENNETT Key Club 4 Treas. ASB Vice Prcsiden Track 4 German CUub Treas. Water Polo 2, 3, 4 C:iass Council 3 WILLIAM BERRY CLAYTON BEST CONNIE BILL Accolade Staff i, 4 FHA 2 Assembly Spanish Club 2 Committee 4 jr. Red Cross 3 Election Committee 4 Steve Van Gcldor and group piovided free entertainment tot the students before school, at the break, and during lunch. MIKE BLAND Tt)D BLEDSOE LESLIE BLISS Water Polo 2, 3, 4 Key Club Transfer Student 2 Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4 Varsity Club .Assembly Varsity Club 3, 4 Track Committee 4 Float Cominittee 4 STEPHEN G. BARBARA JILL SUSAN BOND BLITCH BOIES Marchina: Band 1 CSF 3, 4 French Club 1, 2 Majorette 2, 3 Senior Seminar GAA, Modern GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Dance 3, 4 . GARY BONE OARY LEIGH TED BOYER Srnior Seminar BOWDEN Sludi-nt Court I Football N ' arsity Baseball :i, 1 Track Vrl■stlitl HOI! BRADI.KV PAI BRANDON OINDY BRAUOII ' Transfer Siudrnt 1 AKS Committee ! Y-Tecns 2, 3, 4 Modem Dance 3 GUY BRISTOW Band 1. 2 Football 2 LYNNE BROCOFF GLEN BROWN Flag Twirler 4 National Merit French Club I, 2, 3 Scmifinalist Rallv Committee 4 Senior Seminar Water Polo 1, 2, 3, 4 DA ' ID BROWNE PAT BROWNE Transfer Student KAREN BRUCE Class Trcas. 3 Assembly C:ommittce 4 HistonClub 1.2,3,4 lOAN BUCHANAN KATHY BURKE ELIZABETH French Club I, 2, Mascot 4 BURLEIGH V.P. 3, 4 Student Senator 2 ASB Pep Chairman CSF 1, 2, 3, 4 Modern Dance 3, 4 Class Council 3 German Club French Club 1, 2, 3 MARK ROBERT RICHARD JOHN JAY BURNELL BURTON BUTLER Track 1,2, 3 Basketball Cross Country 2, 3 Swimming Varsity Club Thespians IAN CADY BOB CALHOUN CHERYL Drill Team 3 CALKINS French Club 2, 3 Spanish Club 2 GAA 1,2,3,4 Pep Club 1 Girls " League PE Rep. 2, 4 It ' s all in a day ' s work! Seniors on the Accolade staff were ROW 1 : Steve Van Gelder, Shcrri Walley. Mark Williams, Pam Notman. ROW 2: Jan Harvey, Clayton Best, Carol Forney, Bob White, Sharon Tolle, Jon Hilgers, Nancy Andre. ROBYN CALL Drill Team German Club 3 Girls ' League PE Rep. 2, 4 SANDY CAMPBELL GAA 1, 2 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 Art Club 2, 3 JOHN CARLISLE Track 2, 3, 4 Key Club 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 TIM CARLSON ALICE L. CARLE LLOYD CARMICHAEL Varsity Basketball, Mgr. 2, 3 Varsity Club JV Baseball, Mgr. 2 m - SU CARNAHAN I.OUIE C;aSADAY MARILYN HomccominK CHAFFEE Princess 1, 4 Art Club GAA 2. 3 Y-Tcins KENNY jODY (;ayle CHALLMAN CHAMBKRUAIN CHAMBERS Spanish Club Class Sccroiar 3 Y-Teens 1, 2 Pep Club 1,2,3, FHA4 V.P. 4 Pep Club 1 Student Senator 2, 3, I KEN CHAMPION BARBARA CI.APP Anolade Editor-in- Chief Accolade Staff 3, t ASB Publicity Chairman CHRIS CLARK Forensirs DIANE L. CLARK GAA, Gymnastics Swimmini? Spanish Club Assembly DAVID R. CLARY TIM CONGER Electronics Club Tennis 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4 Varsity Club 3, t FFA 2, 3 GLENDA CLAUDIA ( :()NN DA ID C()NO ER CONKLIN Band 2, 3 Football Wrestling Class Council 3 JERRY CONRADI RON CORNELIUS LINDA Football I, 2, 3, 4 Forensirs 3, 4 CORNWELL Wrestling 2 Pep Club 1 Key Club FHA 1,2 Art Club 3 FRANK S. COX WILLIAM COX PEGGY CROOKE CSF Track 1 CSF 2, 3, 4 Football 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Girls " League V.P. 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Hi-Y Prcs. 4 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 The senior area was a busy spot at lunch-time. Seniors relaxed and enjoyed lunch and conversation on the benches and tables provided. PAMELA RICHARD RANDY GROUSE CULVER DA IDSON Pep Club 2 Gymnastics 4 GORDON DAVIS LINDA R. DAVIS LINDA DAY NFL Drill Team 2, 3 Majorette 2, 3 GAA 1, 2, 3 Pep Club 4 Assembly Committee 3 MARY S. DEDIC A. CHARLES SUSAN DEMENY CSF 3, -1 DELLARU) FBLA, Trcas. I t:SF :;, S, V.P. 1 Latin 2, 3 Korrnsirs 3, 1 Senior Seminar BOB DESHCJN C:lass V.P. Track 2, 3, 4 NFL 1,2,4 Water Polo 2, 3, Pep Club 3 PAM DeWITT MIKE dk;kens CSF 2, 3 Electronics Club FBLA, Sec. 4 Spanish Club 4 KAREN DICKEY Y-Teens " .P. 3, Sec. 3, Treas. 2 Music Club ' .P. 4 California State Honor Band BILL DICKINSON Track 1 Pep Band 2, 3, 4 Jazz Club 2, 3 JOYCE DICKMAN FRED DISC:HER KIRT DOLLENS Helios Staff 4 Football 1, 2, 3 Gymnastics 3, 4 Basketball 1 Orchestra I Track I, 2, 3, 4 SUSANNE KAY DORION French Club ALLAN DORMAN Track I, 2, 3, 4 arsity Club 2, 3, 4 Student Senator 1,2, 3 SUZANNE DOVE Transfer Student 4 Pep Club 4 DAVID DR. KE JACQUELINE SARA DRUMMY FBLA 4 DRUMMY Pep Club Library Club 3 Concert Choir 3, 4 Concert Choir 4 Chamber Choir Senior Girls ' Choir 3 Pep Club TIM DRURY KRISTIXA JIM DuHAMEL Diving 2, 3, 4 DuBOIS Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 Y-Teens 1, 2, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 2 Over-all V.P. 3 Football 1, 2 I ' M M £ a " That ' s me? " grimaced Stan Fuller as he examined his senior pictures from Albert James. THOMAS DUNCAN DOUG JOHN DUR. ' KLL DUNC ANSON Water Polo 2, 3, 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4 FFA 1, 2, 3, V.P. 4 Varsity Club 4 DONNA DURBOROW French Club 3 GAA 4 JOHN DYER ED DYGERT Yell Leader 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Varsity Diving 3, 4 Student Senator Pep Club Pres. 3 ' arsity Club 4 JEAN ELDRIDGE BOB ELLIS DAN EBERHART GREG B NANCY M. Football 1. . ' , 3, 4 EDMONSON ELNSEL Student Senator CSF 3 N ' anity Club 3. 4 Math Club Sec. 2 Pres. 3 Art Club 3 ' M kPL DOUGLAS M. ELWELL Boys ' State NFL 1,2, 3, PrriJ. Key Club 3, 4 Twin athletic cripples Jerry Conradi and Danny Eberhart discussed their football injuries with Bruce Roberts, a former Sunny Hills player. k MILES ENGLE II Pep Club 3, 4 Rally Committee 4 GREG ENGLESBY CONNIE EVANS Student Senator 1 Concert Choir I, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club I BETTY JO ETHELL Pep Club Assembly Commii Student Senator GAYLE EVANS TOM EVERLY Drill Team 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Pep Club Track 1 French Club Latin Club GREGORY FALL KAREN FARRELL MARILYxN Water Polo 3, 4 FHA 1, Pres. 2, FAZEKAS Forensics 1, 2, 3, 4 Treas. 3 CSF Varsity Club 3, 4 Assembly Latin Club Committee 4 Spanish Club SHARLANE STEVE PEGGY FLNCH FITZGERALD FITZPATRICK Flag Twirler 2 ICC Pres. 4 Drill Team 2 Music Club Treas. 2, Football 3, 4 G. A I, 2, 3, 4 Sec. 3 Wrestling 3, 4 Spanish Club 3 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Foreign exchange student Yoshimi really digs into her school work. BOB FLANDERS JIM FOLLETT CAROL FORNEY Diving 1, 2, 3, 4 Cross Country Accolade Staff 4 Water Polo 2 Capt. 4 JV Yell Leader 2 Wrestling 4 Track CSF CHARLIE FOSS LARRY FRARY JERRY FRAZEE Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4 Water Polo 2 FFA 2, 3, 4 Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 4 Spanish Club I, 2 ' arsity Club 3 I KAN NIK PAM 1 RKEMAN MIKE FROST FREKLAND GAA 4 Football Drill Team 2 Pep Club 4 Basketball Uiispians 1, 2, Baseball V.P. 3, 4 rl Club Prrv ■» lilLL GALLIO FFA Surprise! Carol ' s Iriciids dctoiaiud her locker with balloons and signs for her birthday. They also gave her a cupcake and a Beachboys ' album. ROBERT GALLIO BILL GIBBS LYNDA GIBBY FFA Track 1, 2, 3, 4 CSF Cross Country 3, 4 Football 1, 2 SHERRI GIBSON LINDA A. P. TRICIA Transfer Student 3 GIERMAN GILBERTSON Girls ' League Transfer Student FBLA 3, 4 PE Rep. i« MERRIE SUE RICHARD GODDARD GODETT Concert Choir 1, -, ' ' Sr. Girls ' Chorus 1, 4 Latin Club 1,2, 3 lAMES L. GOODBAUDY Hand 1, 2, 3 WILLIAM GOSLOVV Hi-Y 2, Sec. 3 Baseball 3 BILL c;r f- LSF FS li.-nih Club (iREGOIRE Tlug, glug. glug BOB GREINER SANDY DRIER SUSIE GRIGGS Football 1, 2 Student Senator Wrestling 4 Electronics Club TOM GRONWALL BERTA GROWER VERA GRUETER Football 1 Assembly German Club 3, Track 1 Committee 1 Sec. 2 Pep Club 1, 2 Art Club 1, 2, 3, 4 m (.i:ri guill mm guysi kenneth g. Assfiiibly Future- HAHN Cloiiimittfc li. 3 Farmers 1, , :t Lilir.iry OIuIj l,L ' ,:i, Siudent Senator t Baseball Kallv Committee I Football .2.S (.:INDV MALI. R( ). HANSON (iAK ' i HARD IN ASB Sr. retarv 1 KIrdi .ni.s Club AFS Exchan e Indus rial Arts Student to Fin and CSF ,2,i, Leslie, Bob, and Anne visited Miss Mi Fy college applications and information. ffici- frcqunilly to disi uss KIM HARGROVE JENNY ANN HARRIS Modern Danrc 3, 4 HARRINGTON Forensics 4 GAA1,2 Y-Tecns CSF 1, 3, 4 History Club 2 Senior Seminar DALE HARRIS ALLEN C. STEVE Baseball 3, 4 HARRISON HARTSHORN Irack 1 JV Cross Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 3 Country 1, 2 Varsity Club 3, Art Club Pres. 4 Key Club 2, 3, 4 JAN HARVEY LERt)Y HAUER IIM HAWLEY Thespians 4 Swimming 1, 2, 4 Drama Club 2, 3, 4 All LeaRue 3 Water Polo 2, 3, GAA3 All League, GIF Hon. Men. 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 CHRISTOPHER K. ANDREA HEIDEN JANET HELLER HAYMOND Class Sec. 3 Class Council 3, 4 Red Cross 2, 3, 4 Social Committee 4 Forensics Publicity Girls ' League History Club Committee 4 Pub. Chr. GREATER FULLERTON f. KIWANIS PANCAKE BREAKFAST Key Club members John and Doug welcome hungry i ustomers to the pan- cake breakfast. STEVE MATT RICHARD HEMSTREET HENDERSON HENDRIKSEN German Club Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4 Chess Club Water Polo 2, 4, Bee Capt. 3 Student Senator 1,4 RAY HENRY BENNIE HESLOP TONI HIBBARD Football 2, 3, 4 Thespians Drama Club 2, 3, 4 I SALLY HICKMAN ION HILGERS NANOE HILL Class Vreas. 1 Football 1, 2, 3, Modern Dance 3. 4 Soni Leader 3 Capl. 4 Assembly NFL 2, 3, 4 Key Club 3, Pres. 4 Committee 4 Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 Student Senator 4 SUZV HINKS MARIE HINRIC; IS MARSHA Helios Staff 4 Math Club, Pres. HODGES Pop Club 3, 4 German Club Y- Teens 3, Assembly Math Assn. Pub. Chr. 4 Committee 3, 4 America Award Class Council 4 French Club 4 Yum! Thirstv Stan takes time out for I GLENN DOUGLAS ROBERT HOFFMANN HOGLUND Spanish Club CLINTON HOLEMAN Football 2, 3, 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 AFS Committee 4 REBECCA HOLLIS c:arolyn I. KATIA HOPE Banner Carrier 4 HOLSTON Student Court Art Club 1,2 Concert Choir 2, 3, 1 Justice 3, 4 Spanish Club 2 GAA 1,2,4 CSF 1,2,3,4 Spanish Club 1,2 Forensics 1, 2. 4 Sec. 3 W] LINDA HOSFORD RANDALL Jr. Red Cross 3, 4 HOUTZ Y-Teens 1, 2 Senior Seminar Pep Club 1,2 NFL Tennis 1, 3, 4 RUSS HOWELL Chemistry Award 3 Cross Country CSF 2, 3, 4 JEFFREY HOWES BILL HUGHES Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 1, 2, 4 Water Polo 2, 3, 4 ' arsity Club 4 Spanish Club 1,2,4 Ml. Rdbfitscjii. I ' m doin ' it! TIMI INNIS ALAN JACKLEY NANCY GAA Swim Team Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 JACOBSON Pep Club Drill Team 3, 4 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Latin Club I, 2 BOB JAFFE LINDA JARCHOW TERRY JELINEK Sportscaster 1, 2, 3, 4 Girl of the Month 4 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Forensics 1, Helios Staff 4 V.P. 3, Corresp. Treas. 2, 3, 4 Assembly Sec. 2 Accolade Staff 3, 4 Committee Sec. 4 Marching Band 1, 2 uR M I m m i?. ( IIARLES HRADLEY lONES Art Club 3 Math Club 3 VINC:E JONES Baseball 2, 3, 4 Varsity CUub lEANNETTE JOYCE Student Senator Spring Fonnal Attendant 1 Assembly Committee 4 STAN jOVtiE ROD KAIIN Varsity ■rniiils Varsity Club Pep Club RANDY KALL Hcst Debater 2, 3 Forensics 2, 3 ' I don ' t (Tft it. " . I mri IKI F KANE KRIS KARGO CLAUDIA KAY Drill Team 2, 3 Helios Staff 4 PEGGY KAY PATRICIA BARBAR. ' X JEAN Latin Club Sec. 3 KENWORTHY KEOUGH Rally Committee 4 Committee 4 Pep Club Modern Dance 4 GAA ■MP ORRIN KIEFER SHARON KILOH BOB KING Concert Choir Drill Team 3, Head 4 FFA 1, 2, 3 GAA 1, 2, 3,4 CHRIS KING CSF 2, 3, 4 Class Council 4 CHRISTY ANN MICHAEL KING KINNEY Thespians 4 Sportscaster 2, 3, 4 Senior Girls ' Chorus Debate 1, 2 Concert Choir 4 Forensics 1, 2, 3, 4 ' My hero! " Sally sighs, as she and I ' erri examine Artie ' s wounded arm. KIRCHMANN JON KRONICK Latin Club Pres. 3 Class Council 4 CLAUDIA J. KROUT Latin Club 1, 2 Forensics 1, 2, 3 Helios Staff 4 JOHN KUHN CHARLOTTE BONNIE Cross Country 1, 2 LACY CHRISTINE Track 3, 4 LAE Accolade Staff 1, Y-Teens 4 Sports Editor 2 DONNA LANG DEBBIE LARKEY PAM LARSON Flag Twirler 3 Laiin Olub L ' , I C:SF 2, 3 Pep Club 2, 3 French Club t, Rouirv Award 1, 2 Prej. 3 P,-p Club I Red Cross 2, Act. Chr. 3, Treas. t S IAN LARSON ClU CK LcBON BARBARA B..ncl 1 Water Polo 2, 3, 4 LEDBETTER Swiinmini; 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 1, 2 Varsi ty Club 4 Concert Choir 1,2,3,4 CAA 1 DAVID H. LINDA C LEIGH LEGGAT Cross Country 4 Track 4 FRED LEONARD GORDON LE Y JANICE LEWIS Accolade Staff 2 Helios Staff Track Wrestling 2, 3, Co-Capt. 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 Transfer Student 4 CHARLES M. DAVID SUSAN LIDDELL LILYQUIST LINDAMAN Student Court Baseball 2 Justice 3 Football 2 Student Senator 1 NFL DENNIS LINDSEY DONALD H. DICK LIPPI Art Club LINDSEY Assembly Committee Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Wrestlim? 2, 3,4 Varsity Club 3, 4 Head Yell Leader 4 Art Club 1, 2 5 Miles, Scott, and Glen display the Victory Bell that the Lancers stole from Fullerton. BOB LOBITO MIKE JUDY LOEBLICH Pep Band LOCKSHAW Y-Teens 1 Marchmg Band FHA4 CARL LOEFFEL- CLIFF LOZIS SAMUEL HARDT Diving LUNGU III CSF 1, 2, 3, 4 Art Club Latin Club Senior Seminar Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 I i SIK E rk:h. rd MIKE MALONE MAC ii.R rm MADSKN Class President 3 (;i.if I ' ootlull WrestlinK 1, 2, 3, Wairr Polo . ' C:o-Capt. + arsity Club 1,2 3 MIKE MANSELL ANN ETTA L. DARLENE Fooiball 1, 2, 3, 4 MAPLES MAPLES WrestlinK 2 Drill T.ani 2, 3, Head 4 Betty Crocker Homcmaker of Tomorrow CSF 2, 3. 4 Gymnastics " Okav. Gordon, sav " Uncle ' ! " FLO MARCH MARIE MARKS ROBERT GAA 2, 3 FHA MARINCIN French Club 2 Pep Club Pep c:iub 2 LOU MARLIN MARTIN JAMES MARTIN B Football 2 VAN MARTEN JV Tennis 3 German Club TOM C. MARTINET Track 2, 3, 4 Cross Country 3, 4 Football 2 LEXIE MARTONE DENNIS MAXSON French Club 2, 3, Student Senator 1 Pros. 4 Latin Club 1, 2 Flag Twirler 3, Language Award 3, 4 Head 4 Inter-Club Council 3, Sec. 4 ICHAEL ANNE McINNIS MARGARET McCLOUD Class Secretary 4 McIVER NFL 1,2,3,4 Homecoming Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4 Princess 4 Student Senator 1 Assembly Committee 4 m: mm " Hey, Su, mine ' s got a worm in it! CLAUDIA MEEK KRISHEN MEHTA RUSSELL R. FHA 2, V.P. 3, AFS Exchange MERRITT Pres. 4 Student 4 Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 1, 2 Senior Seminar Water Polo 2, 3, 4 Key Club 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 TERRY MESSICK BILL MEYER DENNYSE Student Senator 1,2 Key Club MILLER Assembly Swimming 2, 3. 4 Committee 4 Water Polo 2, 3, 4 Modern Dance 3, 4 mm JOAN MILLER SonK Lfader ' .!, Head 4 Homecoming Queen 4 Drill Team 2 LESLIE MILLER NANCY MILLER Banner Carrier 4 History Club Conccri Choir 3, 4 Spanish Club LARRY MILLS NANCEE RANDY MILLS I KRYSTVNE FFA1,2, 3, 4 MILLS Sue Templeton joins tlu ' Alumni Asso iati year ' s senior rlass. i(h was fomipd by this DAVID KAY MOERKE MITCHELL Rally Committee ■ Wrestling 4 French Club 3, 4 FTA 2, 3 JON MOONEY SYLVIA MOORE RON MOREAU STEVE MORRIS Drill Team Track I, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club Football 2, 3, 4 Y-Teens DENICA DENNIS BOB MULLION MUEFFELMAN MUEFFELMAN FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 Modern Dance 3, 4 Football 1, 2 Wrestling 1, 2 % fP: n CARL MUSICK BARBARA MYERS SCOTT NANCE Spanish Club I, 2, 3 Latin Club 4 Rallv Committee 4 NFL 2 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 History Club 1 O " Now, I figured it out this way . . . " SUSAN NAYES PAM NEHER PAM NEVIUS Girls ' League Rep. 4 Class Council 3 Helios Staff 4 Y-Teens Pep Club 1, 2, 4 GAA V.P. 3 French Club 2, 3 SUE NICHOLS VIKKI NICHOLS JULIE ANN Y-Teens 2, 3, Pres. 4 Pep Club NISHIZU Girls ' League Concert Choir CSF 1, 2 Service Chr. 4 GAA 1,2,4 Gymnastics 4 NANCY NISSEN MIKE NOGGLE PAUL NORMAN Senior Seminar Football CSF 2, 3 J.V. Yell Leader 2 PAM NOTMAN DIANA NUNLIST NOREEN O ' BRIEN Accolade Staff 3, 4 Drill Team 3, 4 C:SF Forensics 2, 4 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 Thespians GAA 3, 4 Assembly FBLA Prcs. 4 Committee 3 Who says we don ' t use the senior area? JUDY O ' DAY FBLA Pres. 3 DEBI OGG Pep Club 3, 4 KATHY OGLE GAA 1,2, 3, Pres. 4 ICC 4 Spanish Club 3 JOE O ' MALLEY RICK OTTO SALLY LEE Football 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 PARKER SUSANNE DAWN PARRETT JANIS PARSHALL PARKER Flaf! Twirler 4 Latin Club 4 GAA 1, 2, Drill Team 2, 3 Drama Club 4 Corresp. Sec. 3 NFL 1, 2, 3, 4 Modern Dance 4 Publicity Chr. 4 DON PEASE MIKE PECK JOHN " FRENCHY " PELLETIER Electronics Club Yell Leader 4 Rally Committee 4 . ' One lump or two? JIM DAVE CHARLES PENNINGTON PERSINGER PETERSON FFA 1,2, 3,4 FFA 1,2, 3 CAROL PHILLIPS MARY PINKSTON LINDA PINNELL Drill Team 3 Latin Club 1. 2 FBLA 4 Pep Club 1 msmm IC) ANN PIROS PAT POWERS CHRISTINE Modi-rn DaiKf ASB Treas. 1 PRATHER Thespians Drill Tc-an. So. , Chr. a, Sec. 1 t:sr ;), 4 Class Treas. 2 FrinchC:iub.Sec. : RICK PREECX UU:K PRINCE CJARY PROUTY Hi-Y 1, 4, Chaplain 2, Pres. 3 r.cnnan Club 1, 2 ! i 1 " • m ITJI mfr ■• m icVi i- „.T . " Now where did 1 put tliat spark plug? " MIKE PL ' GH Football Baseball WrcsllinK SHARON PULVER LINDA LOUISE Transfer Student PYRON FHA3 ROGER SUE RADCLIFFE DONNA RADER RADCLIFF Transfer Student KAREN RADER ROBIN RAINE French Club 1,2, Forensics Treas. 3 Pep Club History Club V.P. 4 Spanish Club DIANE RANDALL jV Yell Leader 2 Girls ' League Pres. 4 Drill Team 2, 3 WAYNE DEBBIE REED KATHY JO i REDFEARN Latin Club REHBEIN K Class Pres. 4 Art Club Spanish Club 1,2,3 J ' Key Club 3, V.P, 4 Y-Teens FBLA 1, Pres. 3 W Football 1, 2, All League 4 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 i- " Oh yeah, I thought she was going out with VIC REINKING BILL REINSCH RON RENNO Football 2, 3, 4 ASB President 4 Baseball Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Basketball Key Club CSF 2, 3, 4 BONNIE RESICK DAVE REYNOLDS STEPHANIE Jr. Red Cross Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4 REYNOLDS NFL 4 CSFI,2, 3, 4 FTA Pres. 4 German Club 1,2, Pres. 3 Debate 2, 3, 4 ymgg ii ! ' RICHARD SCOFIKI.I) RIIEF.M II Thespians 2 LINDA K. RHODES ASB Ass.-niblv Ohr Spanish Club GAA 1. 2, 3. 4 PAM RICHARDSON Accolade Staff 2, 3 GAA Spanish Club 2, 3 ROBERT L IRIDE ROBBINS ROCKWEI. Baseball 2, 3, 4 NFL 2. 3, 4 Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4 Pep Club Varsity Club 3, 4 Art Club c:arol roe Concert Choir 2, 3 Spanish Club Modern Dance 3, 4 ' These layouts are driving iiic 3 LINDA ROGERS JOE ROMEO STEPHANIE GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 ROSA Pep Club Latin Club 1, 2 TC )M ROTHEN- BERGER Football 1 Pep Club 2 DENNIS ROWE RAY ROYBAL French Club 1 NFL 2 mmm [IM RUCKER ARTHUR SALCIDO Baseball 1, 2 JEFF SALTZMAN Pep Club Jazz Club Pep Band KEITH SAMSON RAYMOND SCOTT SANDERS Student Senator 2 SANCHEZ Varsity Club 3, 4 Wrestling 2 Swimming 3, 4 Concert CSF Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 I wondei what would happen if I added a little hydrot hlorii- acid to this? TOM SAWYER DOUGLAS LINDA SCHUTH Baseball 2, 3 SCHULTZ Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 4 Senior Seminar GAA 1, 2 Swimming 2, 3 Student Senator 1,2 HERBERT K. MARIANNE CATHERINE SCHWAB SCIOLA SCOGGINS FFA 2, 3, 4 FBLA 4 Pep Club Swimming 2 Library Club Sec. 4 Social Committee 4 Water Polo 2 Gymnastics 4 ,qM CHRISTINE SCOTT Pep Club .2 GAA 3, 4 FBLA LARRY SCOTT GRANT SCOTT Pi ' P C:lub Pros, t Studi-ni Senator 4 KX: 4 I Ma KENNY TRUDY SEEMAN NANCY SHAW SEEFELDT C;AA Pep Club 1 FHA 2, 3, V.P. 4 " Didn ' t your nioiii wrap your sandwii li in Haggles? " MICHAEL RON SHUMAKER JOHN SHELLA- CSF3, 4 SIMPSON JR. BARGER Forcnsics 1, 2. 4 CSF 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 2, Pres 3 Latin Club 1, 2 Senior Seminar Hi-Y 2, 3 BOB SKINNER JEANNIE PETE SKINNER Son? Leader 4 Student Senator 2, 4 Justice 3 Senior Seminar Drill Team 2 DALE SMITH GALE SMITH GARETH M Basketball 1, 2, 3, t SMITH Baseball 1,2, 3, 4 Baseball 2 Varsity Club 3, A MARILYN SMITH MARK C. SMITT MARGIE SNYDER GAA 2, 3, 4 Senior Seminar Y-Teens Student Court Chief Justice 4 Water Polo 2, 3, 4 n m % ■ ' S 2; " Well, I guess I ' ll have to get out my skateboard! STEVE SOLBERG SUE SOLLEE STEFANIE Pep Club 1 SPATZIER Concert Choir 2, 3, 4 CSF 2, 4 FHA 2 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Sec. 4 Latin Club 1, 2, Treas. 3 CHRISTOPHER KARL DAVE STALICK SPURNEY STADLMAYR Track 1,2,3,4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 1, 2 Football 2 Cross Country 3, 4 DIANE STAM TRUDY DARRELYN NFL 2. 3, 4 STEPHENS STE ' ENS Modi-rn Dance 2, 3, 1 Pep Club 1, 2, 3 [r. Red Cross, V.P Concert C:hoir 2, 3. 4 FBLA 3 V-Teens Pub. Chr. Fren( h Club 3 KEim ALAN STEVENS Concert Choir ROliERT STEWART Track 3 Student Senator CRAIC; STEWART " I shouldn ' t have stayed up to vat( h ' Man From UNCLE ' last nip;ht! " CYNTHLV ERIC STIEFEL SANDY STINSON STEWART Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Modern Dance 3, 4 Pep Club Wrestling 1, 2 Assemblv Student Senator FFA 1, 2, 3, V.P. 4 Committee 4 Pep Club I HOWARD STONE BILL STONE PETE Electronics Club 1, 3 STOYANOVICH Sec.-Treai. 2 Pep Club LYNN JOHN STREET CHERYL STRATMAN ' STUBBLEFIELD Y-Tcens 1, 3, 4 German CMub 2 GAA TOM STUHLEY Assembly Committee 3, 4 Rally Committee 3, 4 Publicity Committee 4 " How many times do I lia f to tell you! There aren ' t any cho olate ones left. " SUSAN SUTTON CLNDY SWANSON JACK SYKES Modern Dance 1,2 FBLA OGA Shorthand Award FRANK TABOR JAMES L. Basketball ' TAUTGES 11 jomam SUE ELLEN TEMPLETON Publicity Committee 4 Election Committee Jr. Red Cross 2, 4, Treas. 3 ' DIANA TENNYS(JN Y-Tccns 2, Pres. 3, Treas. 4 Modern Dance 3, 4 French Cliil. 1,2 Art Club 1,2 FRANK THAHELD NAT THEIBERT Track Spanish Club CARV THOMAS MARK THOMPSON Swimming Water Polo History Club Senior Seminar C1.-IS5 Council 4 CSF 2. 3. Sec. 4 KATHRIN ANNETTE THOMSON Modern Dance Concert Choir 1, 2 " Lay on, Macduff! " Chuck and Doug act out a scene from which was reciuircd reading for all seniors this year. k « i CAROL THURMOND AFS Library Club 1, 2, V.P. 4 French Club LINDA LEE TICE ROBERT TICE Transfer Student 3 GAA 3, 4 SHARON TOLLE RON TOMLINSON PA TTI TROUT Art Club 2, 3, 4 .Swimmin? 1, 2, 3, 4 Song Leader 4 Pep Club 4 Water Polo 2, 3, 4 Spring Attendant 3 Accolade Staff 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 Drill Team 2, 3 - 1 1 JOAN TRUESDELL Drill Team 3 GAA Gymnastics 2, 3,4 German Club 2, 4 HAROLD TUCKER Electronics Club BOB TYMA Tennis 3, 4 Varsity Club 4 Track 2 STEVEN HENRY VAN GELDER Track 1, 2, 3, 4 NFL 1, 2, 3, 4 Accolade Staff 4 TOM VAN HORNE " Well, it looks like you need a little help with this! DOLLY VAN VEGTEN Orchestra 1, 2 FBLA 4 CHARMAINE LIBBY VAZQUEZ VAUGHN Spanish Club 1, 2, 3 Forensics Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Drama Club 1 Assembly Pep Club 2 Committee 4 CRAIG VICE Pep Band 3, 4 Band 3 Orchestra 4 DUANE PHILLIP GABRIEL VISY VILLA Spanish Club, V.P. Thespians 4 Pres. 4 Drama Club 1, 2, 3 Baseball 1, 2 SUE TERRI WAGNER APRIL WAKEMAN WADSWORl II ' irll Leader 3, 4 Girls ' LcaRur Sec 4 Drill Team :;, 3, 4 Drill Team 2 GSF 3. 4 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 NFL 4 Senior Seminar Election Commitlee 4 SALLY WALKER GAA, SwimminR Modern Dance THOMAS A WALKER Student Senator V.P. 4 Pep Band 2, 3, 4 Forcnsics 2, 3, 4 C;iNGER WALLACE Y-Tecns 1, 2, 3, 4 Music Club 1,2,3, Marching Band 1.2,3,4 ' Thank goodness it ' s Friday! SHARON M. WALLEY Class Council 4 Accolade 2, 4 Y-Teens MARSHA WALSH BILL WARNOCK Pep Club Spanish Club Football CURTIS WARREN MARJORIE WARREN Y-Tcens, V.P. 4 Library Club 2, 3, Pres. 4 History Club K. THIE WEBER G. . Swimming, G -mnastics Art Club .I ' Yell Leader 2 d SHERRY DONNA WEMM PAM WENSEL WELSHER Pep Club 4 Student Senator GAA 1, 2, 3 GAA Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Pres. 1 Concert Choir WILLIAM WEST CHUCK DEBBIE WESTGATE WESTLUND Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Yell Leader 3, 4 Class V.P. 2 NFL 2 ' Aw, fellas, you shouldn ' t have done it! It ' s not even my birthday! PAMELA S. WHALEN CSF 3, 4 Concert Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 Chamber Choir 2, 3, 4 KATHY WHEELER BOB WHITE Football 1, 2, 3, Capt. 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, Key Club 4 GEORGE DAVID KENNETH MARK WILLIAMS WICKMAN WILLIAMS Thespians 2, 3, 4 Cross Country 3, Football 1 Drama Club 3 Capt. 4 Spanish Club 1 Track 2, 3, Baseball Varsity Club 3, 4 CAROLYN WOHLFARTH AFS 4, Semi- finalist 3 History Club 1, 2, V.P. 3, Pres. 4 Y-Tecns 1, 2, 3, 4 DIANA ELAINE RICK WILSON JOYCE WINTERS WILLIS SwimminK 1, 2, 3. 4 An Club 2 GAA 1, 3 Water Polo 2. 3, 4 Y-Tccns 4 MarrhinR Band 2 CSF 2, 3, 4 Modem Danre 3, 4 TON! WOODSON BILL WRIGHT GAA 2, 3, Rep. 4 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 If you are among the ver ' young at heart DONNA WULF lUDY YACKEY YOSHIMI Girls ' Chorus 1, 2 YAMAMOTO Y-Teens 3 Foreign Exchange Student 4 Senior Seminar DANNY YODER JOHN BARBARA ZACHARIAS ZIMMERMAN Swimming 2, 3, 4 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Water Polo 3, 4 Sec. 1 Varsity Club 3, 4 IT ' S Wf s ALL OVER! BEST DRESSED SMOOTHEST TALKER BIGGEST FLIRT MOST ATHLETIC MOST SPIRIT Bill Dickinson Doug Elwell Cindy Amnion Steve Hartshorn Frenchy Pelletier Jody Chamberlain Kathy Ogle Debbie Westlund BEST DANCERS Chris VVhitaker Robin Raine ma m± MOST LIKELY TO SUCCCEED MOST IDEAL FRIENDLIEST HANDSOMEST PRETTIEST Mark Smitt Tod Bledsoe Rick Hendrikson Vic Reinkini? Jcannic Skinner Cindy Hall Joan Miller Nancy Andre .Wot Pictured CLASSES 1 v W % i i m H o1 r S -- C j j:i_ aj 0 THE DAILY GRIND... ;cj I Juniors Larry Comstock Vice-president Randy Thomas President 11 .. f i f The juniors started this past year with a sweatshirt sale. This was their main money-raising activity for the Junior-Senior Prom. Other projects were sev- eral sales at the break, their playnight, and a carwash. Major events for the juniors were the ordering and receiv- ing of their rings. These were their symbols of finally becom- ing " upperclassmen. " All in all , the juniors had a profitable year and are looking forward to their senior year. CLASS COUNCIL— ROW 1 : Nancy DeMers, Sandy Lehmer, Mary Citrano, Randy Thomas, Chris Allen, Larry Comstock, Judi Heller, Jane Hanawalt, Marsha Eady, Gila Berghaus, Beckv Sessions. ROW 2: John Tobias, Henry Mitchell, Ken Slezak, Rick Raczka, Mike Dehn, Larry MacDuff, Dave Dickson, Paul Kaump. mimffB ■ f «» •f n 9 f f f c» £ f f © f 9 a c , . ' 0.. f « 1W s ' n » a ? ' irKinia Ald.-rson Mary Jo Alcxaiulti Phillip Allan Chris Allen Robert AUinKhani Beverly Anderson Clancy Asrhbrenni Debby Ashley Wally Aulmor Ginny Austin Diane Bachelder Dianna Baion Donna Baker Jill Baker Lowell Baker Nancy Balzhiser Bud Barker Susan Barnes Bob Barringlon Lynda Battle Robert Beardsley Stanna Bcasley Frank Bcaudine Colleen Beck Vicki Beckham Jerome BellinKer Lydia Bennett Steve Bernhard Gila Berghaus Pat Bird Randy Bish Sharyn Blanton Jan Bloomenthal Margie Blundon DonBoland Mary-Jane Bosch Don Bradway I Sandi Brewer John Brimble Karen Brookhou: Margaret Brooks Janne Br... Stephanie Brown Jack Browne Carole Brozowski Brian Bullard Sally Burleigh Randy Byrnes Kathy Cadnian Eileen Caldarelli Dick Campbell rp n A o n f " ' Lynn Carlson Stephania Car Chris Carter BiUie Case David Cassaro Barbara Cassel Renae Catalano Jan Caugherty Ken Chamberlain Lynda Chapmar Pat Chicli Vicki Childress Everett Chinowth Charlotte Chittende Vicki Christian Jeannie Christi Mary Citrano Mary Clark 4 ' m c 5 I- - f £ ?t - 1 9 m m r j. ' s " ' ? A. ajj E ' 4 Iti. Terry Clark Pete Claudius Peggy Cogan Charlotte Coler Larry Comstock Randy Condict Bruce Copeland David Cox Charlotte Crawford Karen Crawford Jane Creel Steve Crocker Marydith Carrie John Curtis Mary Daley Diane Damschen Robert Danly Judi Davidson Janet Dav.s Rick Dawson Vicki Day Diana Dean Diane DeBoer Steve Deeter Mike Dehn Kathie Delahanty Nancy DeMers Andrea Demes Sandi Denkler Karen Denlinger Dave Dickson Larry Dickson Joe Dietrich Tom Doehrman Nancy Dorris " " " " ■ " T tteim r ■ r t 45i f r ' t Ct - ,ii April (Jibbs Ohris Gibbs Craig Gibson Lynne Gibsi Stpvp Gilbert Dcbbi Girod John Givens Brcnda Glenn Sami Glenn George Gomoi Bill Goodbaudy Pam Gould David Graber Bob Graffis ludv Graham Lisa Grainger Richard Graingei James Grant James Greene Tom Gruenberg Ronnie Dorris Arthur Douglas Mary Duir Pat Dunn Ernie Eadson Marsha Eady Linda Easley Linda Easterly Joyce Eastman Suzanne Easton Kathi Elliott Bill Ellis Mary Lou Emer Barbara Emigh Mary ' Ender Dan Endresen Joan Engemann Larry Englehart Bill Ensign Nancy Erb Sharon Eubanks Dale Evans Rick Farley Tom Farr Tom Fekete Sharon Ferguson Jan Field Peggy Field Jim Flint Pam Foley A ril Ford Wrn Fotheringham Sharon France Rick Fraser Bill Freund Tom Fries John Fulnier r. ry «■ ' ' v 5t - v f% p e- € aK Jeanne Grugel Barbara Guiles Terry Hackett Allan Hagedorn Charles Hale Alex Hamilton Ilonka Hamminga Jane Hanawalt Dave Harris Chris Hartfel Melissa Haseltor Jan Hassebrock Pat Hatleberg Bob Hawk Mark Hay Chris Haymond Chuck Haynes Mike Hearron 9 ? O V 9 1 P ■ k 0P P. p S .i - ' - f i fl f1 v " " f% ? ' ? .iSk:;; -: a D A f " ' ■■• f ■ Harsha Hebden Judi Heller Susan Hembree Bob Henderson Norman Henker Mary Henry Debbi Hentzcll Alan Herlands Roland Hernande George Herrera Fred Hesch Peggy Heslop Ron Hilbert Toni Hilgers Bob Hiskey Mike Hobson Ron Holeman Dave Holley James Hopton Virginia Horn Dennis Howard Bonnie Howe Mike Huey Glenda Hunt Mike Ingouf Laurie Irwin Cheryl Jacobs Phyllis Jervis Eric Joachim Al Johnson Brad Johnson Carol Johnson Chuck Jones Bob Jones Saxon Jones f f r Wale Jonrs Charles Jordan Sherr ' Jordan Willy Jordan Paul Kaiimp Dan Ka ■ana l. Elsa Kayr Neil Kent Terry Kcnward Dick Kerr --K 1 lai k Keu hum Pel.- Key Pat Kicky Bob Kilcy Sally Kilian Tom Knaup Bonnie Knight Diane Kren.l Dean Lachinan Jim Lacy Gary Lawrence Linda Lawrence Dee Leggat Sandi Lehmer Bob Leisenring Pam Leonard James Lether Sherry Levorsen Kordyan Lewandowski Christy Lewis Pam Lewis Vicki Lewis Leo Liberio Phillip Lish Lynda Littleworth Jim Lloyd Patti Loope Paulette Lucania Tom Lucenti Mary Lukarila Bruce Lyon Lou Machos Mike Macias Gordon MacPherson Marianne Maize Robert Maize Judi Malley Monica Maluy Kim Manzella Ramona Marciel Dave Marshall Dave Martin Sheila Martin Cecilia Martinez Bob Matson Claudia Matson Lou Matson Bill McAfee V 0 f 9 ,J t Gary McCann Susan McCarty Jeanine McCoriiiick 4- ' Barbara McFadden Adria McMurray Lucy McProud Chris Merlo Paula Merrit Philip Merrit Ron Meyer Cheryl Meyer Dave Milbrat Jim Milby Jim Miniaci Henry Mitchell Jackie Mitchelson Rosemary Mongeon Mary Moon a » m .dr f m t ' iM ' ' e , •» a fl p X f- ' ■iv i 4 Candy Moore Nick Moore Bruce Morgan Perry Morgan Robert Morgan Marilyn Morrell Ken Morris Linda Morris Sharon Morrow Rick Munroe Dave Murphy Mike Murphy Steve Murphy Marvin Musick Bev Myers Albert Nash Bill Nayes Merrilee Neal Marilyn Neeleman Donna Nelson Linda Newton Diana Nichols Peggy Nichols Janet NicoU Dick Nixt Chris Nohr Cathy Norman Gregg Nussle John O ' Day Mike O ' Day Penny Okey Michelle Ormseth Linda Oury Scott Pacourek Karen Parker f . . n r r 4, SI r ' J, It V ii A 1 Tom Robinson Carole Rocha Ann Rodeckcr Randy Rosales David Rosenfpld Charlenc Roth Marlenc Roth Terri Ruk aber Churk Rutherford Ellen Sanchez Kay Sanchez Cindy Sandbcrg Darrell Sarich Peggy Scaling Judy Scheid Wayne Seefeldt Ulrich Schoettle Erik Schultz Jeff Schulze Coralinn Scofield Bob Scott I.vnda Scott W-s Scott [ ' .nil Scfton Rathi Seidell -a Rob Parker Bob Parknian Bruce Palton George Peabody Linda Pease Merle Peterson Penny Pczzino Dale PlounK Jacki Plude Bob Polkinghoi Chris Preece Mike Priest Bucky Privctt Cathy Prosser Dennis Pruitt Buddy Purel Willy Purvis Rick Raczka Rcggy Rake Dennis Randall 1 i - .- p • ' p Becky Sessions Dave Shaw Lyle Sheffield Pam Shelters Pat Shepard Marvin Sherman Jim Shipman Karren Sillett( Joe Simon Sue Skalla Linda Skidmore Ken Slezak Sheila Slocum Hank Slonecker Craig Smith Dave Smith Debbi Smith Dick Smith PI a . V I ' M r - a • % 1 ' 4 o • r n ' ■ " " ■ C J! ft 4 «S Kandi Smith Lynn Smith Dana Smitt Susan Soderman Susan Soennichsen Debbi Soto Bob Soutar Danny Sparks Janet Sparks Steve Speak Dale Spitler Lorin? Spitler Jeff Stair Margaret Stalick Doug Stanley Steve Stanley Liz Stark Rene Starr f . i , Linda Steiner «»i ig Allan Stern " i • James Stetson Pat Steurer Scott Stewart Paulette Stofleth Cathi Streech Bonnie Sumey Jim Sundey Pat Surrah Carolyn Sutherla) Pierre Sutphin Bryant Swenson Lynn Tabor Mike Tautges Sue Tharp Randy Thomas (S) (P l c - Sandcf I ' liurnas Sheri Thomas Jim Thompson Steve Thompson Bill Thrall John Tobias Ken Touw Bob Townsend Cecelia Trail Vince Tulunicllo Tom Turner Kathi Twombly Dan V ' anderwall Linda VanNalla Carl Vitolo Sandy Wagcn Jim Wagner Amanda Walery Bob Walker John Walsh Nanci Wansor Cynthia Warren Peggy Wartenbcrg Linda Watkins Susan Webb Mike Wecse Philip Weir Bonnie Weiss Kathi Wells Karen Wcmm Trudic Wester Steve Wheeler Jerry Whetstone Carol White Paul Whitmcr Kent Wie Bruce Wi Wendy Wilde Martha Wilkinson Carol Willis Llorene Willis Jim Willson Win Wolslanel John Woodall Tom Woodcock Sue Woodruff Bob Woodward Lynn Yackey Susie Yerton Eric Yoder Ron Yoder Charles Young Clifford Young Dennis Young Gary Young Robert Young F f " I VT . • •». " :r. Sophomores Tom Goodhope Vice-President Mary Beth Thompson Secretary The class of ' 67 left behind a successful year. The sophomores will sponsor the 1966 Junior-Sen- ior Prom, and they concentrated the year on raising money for that dance. Under the leadership of Mark Collins, they held food sales at the breaks and also a playnight. The sophomores supplied a few members of the varsity football team and the class of ' 67 showed its spirit for these boys and the whole school. Mark Collins President Jan Powers Treasurer CL.XSS t:C)UNC;iL R( » V l: Trncv G.irnctt, Sue Fcn;visi.n. c:jr..l Hamel, Felicia Beilock, Mark C:ollins, Maty Beth Thompson, Tom t,0( Twombly, Maureen Sim, Jenny Allen, Patty Jones. ROW 2 : Dave Ale Greg Sanderson, Russ Lowe, Richard Barnes, John Hughes, Steve . ndv Sills. algrosky, John Hansen, Jist i i Luke Achay Slrve Adams David Alexander Cher l Allen Jenny Allen Karen Allen Susan Alles Karen AUnian Phyllis Alongi Boh Althouse Dale Aminon Dave Andersen Shari Apuian Robert ArnistronK John Ashman Randy Aycrs Bill Baldwin Sheral Baldwin Sieve BaUrosky Cindy Barker Ri( k Barnes Tony Barr Linda Barrcda Dan Barron Judy Bassani Jan Bauer Joyce Baylcss Greg Beam William Beaudine Richard Becker Felicia Beilock Bobbi Bell Terry Bcrnhard Bob Berry Glenn Bianchi Cynthia Black Sharon Blevins Wendy Bloomenth:i Laurence Boag Jim Bobst Mary Bogart Julie Boinkc Patt Boone Penny Bowman Nick Bowman Sandy Bozeman Mike Bradbur - lom Bradford P.iulette Braune Bev Brauner Robert Briggs Mary Bronsing LceAnn Brouillette Cheryl Brower Leslie Brown Patty Brown mi £ fm f ii a 51 IM L , r :m i Don Buffington John Bull Paulette Bullard Richard Burtt Margery Bush Cynthia Byerrum » Madelaine Campbell Wendy Carney Debera Carper Jim Catlin Cheryl Cerniak Bette Champion Richard Chard Connie Chick Linda Chilcoat 4 m A a Q. if ' a n jiu 1 - n a 0 a ?• £■ - ' 1 jflf James Carter luTB j m Robert Case J ' «■ 0 Darryi Chin Joe Chinowth Nancy Chute Alene Ciampitt Lynda dinger Joan Coffeen Don Coffman Ron Coffman Cathy Cogan Patti Coleman Mark Collins Stan Commons Pat Conger Mike Conner Rick Connor Pat Conover Chris Conradi Jerry Cook Jim Cooke Dan Coopwood Bill Cords Michael Cosgriff Cathy Cox Pat Crocker Davy Crook Kathy Crum Noe Cruz Kennv Cureton Glen Dalton Kathy Dalton Tom Dalzell Ron Danly Chris Daum Patt Davinroy Don Davis rmiMimjipi tf m ' : -i Im Cs M a n f . ' ' 1 .1, . 7 4| - " A -i- ; r. ' A, i5 ' Eddie Eubanks Wanda Eubanks Kent Evans Mark Everett Andy Fall Sandy Faulkner Dawn Faxon Libby Ferency Sue Ferguson Eugene Fernandez Hob Ferrante lames Fields Bill Finch Glen Fisiher Arlene Fisher Brad Fisher Sharon Fisher Linda Fitchelt Linda Flanders Connie Fleming Ruse Ann Fl Linda Flock Bob Ford Pam Ford William Fos • Kaihy Davi, Steve Davis Charlenc Day Jessie Dean Wally DclVecchio Susan DePrieslcr Barbara Desliun Janice Desrochers Martin Dcveney Linda Deweese Lynn Dewey Pat Dickey Vickie Dicks Ray Dillinan Janet Dillow Kathy Dorion Susan Douglas Tom Douglas Fred Dozier Nan Drake Pat Druminy Uebbi Drury Marilyn DuHan Rick Duncan Oarole Dunlap Diane Dykes Ken Dyla Kathie Eberhari Dorothy Eggcrts Steve Ehlcrs GregEledgc Rebecca Emigh Ruth Endrcsen Dianne Enquist Jim Erickson Paul Erickson Judy Estes i - Si» i V n -• " • t o i . ' ■- ' ' . 4 John France Lorrie Frankfoi Tura Franzen Sue Fraser Lynn Frazier Melissa Fretz Richard Frey Mike Gae;gia Sue Gallaghc Susan Geisler Mark Geiss Vcrn Gcrvais m f. r ' ' Ik Janet Gann ,IL, Nancy Gannon [lirv John Gardner Tracy Garnett Ghris Gaston David Gearhart al f i% i .- ' { bv ' L Lin Gibbs Robbyn Gibbs Tim Gibby Steve Gilbertson Tom Goodhope Doug Graft Trudy Griner Linda Gudka Josie Guzzo Matt Hacker Debby Hall Jamie Hall Lindee Hammond Helen Hamshaw Rod Handsfield Chris Hansen John Hansen Denny Harding Sandi Harkey Stan Harris Dave Hartzheim Mary Ann Haselton Marolyn Hawk Susan Hawkins Keith Hawkinson Brad Haymond Linda Hazel Sally Heger Kenny Hemstreet Lcslye Hendricks Judy Hendriksen Connie Hcnsley Shirley Hesrh Bob Hill mam n f J! « ' H6 . . ' ' i Run Mill C:.iiol Hindi M..rk llinrichs M...V Hitch C:indy Hobbs Ja. k Hobbs Hodan Midi:.- Hodi;.- Ro.i HonkiT Siis.iM Molbrook Mike Hopion lorn Hottcl Gene Howard Roslyn Howard r.ri Hubbard Toni Hucbsrhcr John Hughes Candy Hunter Sue Husband Mike Huskins - Ingram Dawn Innis Thcrcse Jackley Ron Jackson Susan Jackson Ernie jockheck Lynne Johnston Mary Jones Patti Jones Diane Kalklosth Candi Kail Richard Kaufinar Ricky Kelley Sharon Kennedy r.loria Kent John Kent Mike Kerr w k Tom Kerr Don Ketterlini; Pennv Kidwell John King Beth KitzniiUer Susan Knight Judith Knouse Paul Knudsen Barry Kooiman Cappy Kvasnicka Gary Lack Carolyn Lacy Charlie Lavorgna Barbara Leek Janice Ledbetter Jeri Leisenring Greg Leisz Cathy Lewis Darwin Lewis Mike Lewis Willia.ii Liddell Larry Linch Ed Lindemann Cheryl Lindsey Leanne Linson Daryl Locblich Melodic Loewc Georgeannc Lo ' Russ Lowe Susie Ludi Jim Luthei Marianne Luthe Bonnie Lynch Sue Lyon Andrew MucDonaki Theresa Macias Monica MacNeil Linda Majors Pain Malone Judy Manley Cynthia Marshall Barbie Mason Eva Maturino caa f j 9 v A- ' ft ' r . ■ " 0% i ' - r iff - 1% ?P Barbie Maves Charles Maxson Dennis McAvan Marsha McClanahan Jim McCloud Greg McClure Tom McCutchen Barry McDaniel Hugh McDonald Pat McDonald Judy McFarland Steve Mclntirc Clathy Mclver Barbara McMahan Joe McNicol Cliff Mcgerle Maggie Mcrrado Bill Merriam Jon Mettrick Pam Miller Paul Miller Kendall Mills Joanne Mongcon Carol Moon Debby Moore Don Moore Judy Moore Monte Moore Ralph Morales Bill Morgan Wayne Morgenthaler Cindy Morris Robert Morris Connie Mount Randy Mudrick PS- h fe ' i n fk 1 , D f fi r t% 1 V P X ' r. lohn Pfings raff Linda Phillips Mike Phillips Bill Pittman Wayne Pitzler Tom Pizula Frank Pizzuto Mike PlounK Randy Pollock Yolande Posener Richard Posey Kathy Powell Jan Powers Patrick Price Richard Prosser Pat Pruitt Ron Pruitt Sally Pugh Terry Pultz Linda Pur is In, a Pyle Gary Raines X ' icki Raines Vicki Rake Ann Ray i: P f ' 4 ( 9 P Lynn MuUer Miini Muse Grant Mus rave DouK Myers Layne Myrdall Stephanie Naff Aaron Nagayama Paul Nash George Needhani Ghet Nelson Jackie Nelson Rick Nelson Susan Neuhart Glenn Nishizu Jeff Nix Gregg Nolan John Nuffcr Mary O ' Brien Mark Oliver Craig O ' Rourke Donald Osberg Linda O ' Toolc Cecelia Palmer Jill Parker Wendel Parker Martin Parsley Debby Paull Pat Pawlicki Debby Peairs Caroline Pearce Linda Peck Linda Percan Domenica Perito Dave Perrone Steve Persinger Joe Petak Linda Pete Bob Rebich Dave Rechni Jan Rcinert Carol Rice- Garth Rice Janics Richardson Rvcic-n Richards. Jeff Richkind Lois Rigss Nancy Ritzinai Dale Robbins Carol Roberts Tom Roberts Nancy Robert: John Robson Dennis Rollins Sherry Rook Dorothy Roth i- . ,1 a p %- ' r. T-.-f i (Mm a m £ 4 " f f. f. r -r- 1 p r .? (1. l ' s ■ V p r ' m p p s. . w f r ' Douglas Rowe Nancy Rowe Ron Rundell Larry Russell Karen Ruth Sue Ryel Paul SaeviK Gayle Salisbury Chris Saltzman Steve Samson Marge Sanders Greg Sanderson Jim Sawyer Eric Schaller Harry Schechter John Schulze Nancy Schuth Bob Scioneaux Craig Scott Wayne Scefcldt Ja ne Senefeld Frank Shafer Linda Shaw John Shefferd Lois Sheffield Steve Shepard Steve Sherman Andy Sills Maureen Sim Marilyn Simeroth Bob Simpson Stephanie Sipple Chuck Siroonian Cathy Skalla Burleigh Skidmore msam r A Geoff Slack Sandy Sloruiii B;irb Smilh David Smith Dcbbii- Smilh Lynnt- Smith Miki- Smilh Rand Smith Rick Smith Rick Smith Vc-rnon Smith Marlin Snyder Pam Sollcc John Sotnick Stephen Sotnick Frank Soukup I ' ■►-L, ' ' P " Darlcne Spccht ' -• •_■ .. iii.i. Kirk Spindclman Jan Stark Victor Starow Renate Stasch Laurie Stetson George Stevenson p ■ " ' H ( ZlJt ■ ' - ' Randy Stewart • aLMt m 1 Merilce Stiles 9 m r ii L John Thompson Mar - Beth Thompson Steve Tobias Sharan Tomlinson Steve Topik Anne Traiiimcll t:arolc Traniiiifll John Tropiano Ludd Trozpck Marcia Truesdcll Paul Trujillo Carol TurnbuU Dennis Turner Connie Turnquist Julie Twombly Randy Unruh Tim VanWinkle Lana Ventriglia Kathy Stoddard Nancy Stratman Buddy Sutton Madelyn Svet Steve Taylor Betty Teasdale Beverly Templeton Karen Teson , - Greg Thatcher F ' M Janice Thomas Karen Thomas Janine Thompson Don Vivrette V Wayne Wakeman . • Vicki VValery Steve Walker 0, ' ' - ? (? O Wendy Walker Jim Walraven Craig Walters Tom Warnock Brian Watanabe Gary Watson Pam Weaver Steve Weiss Larry Welch Peggy Wemm Andy Wendland Nedra West Jim Westgate Greg Westphalen Jackie Whitfield Kay Wilbanks Marjean Wilcox Theresa Wilcox f --f 4 - k a ' " u ?i V : L iSm V jm 11 r A Pk i f Hope Wilder Judie Williams Scott Williams Margaret Willson Bonnie Wilson Gail Wilson Alan Wood Jayne Woodward Cecily Wooters Patti Worman Susan Worth Jeff Yoder Nedra York David Yost Buck Young Lani Young Randy Young Janice Younger Lin Zacharias Micki Zlaket J } J ' Freshmen Vince Citrano Treasuur Although new to Sunny Hills High School, the freshman class started this past year right by winning the ASB card sale. This added another playnight, sponsored by the juniors, to the freshman activities of the year. For the first time at Sunny Hills, the freshman class had a class council. Members of the council were chosen by the class officers. Among their projects were food sales which proved profitable. The freshmen are looking forward to three more successful years at Sunny Hills. CLASS COUNCIL— ROW 1 : Lynda Lyon, Sue Flynn, Debbie Lewis, Gini Luther, Perry Holley, Holly Cresswell, Diane Harrington, Michell Tamamian. ROW 2: Barbara Alexander, Jeff Brimhle, Rirh.nrd Parrrtt, Tom Parks, Rod Emery, Eric Sanders, Vince Citrano, Mark Spitler. s ? f f r . f ' 1, P r h l;. f i ■ - V a Paul Boeckerma Debbie Boland Dave Boone Pat Bousquct Linda Bowers Bill Box Keith Bracht Jim Bradlev Janet Brandon Jack Branen Larry Branen Jeff Brimble Gre Brooks Jint Broughton Danny Brouillctte Denise Browcr Dirk Brown Donna Brown Gail Brown Wayne Brown Kd Browne Ukr Dr. in Biiffini;ton Kathy Adirr Barbara Alexande Ronnie Alfred Marc Allan Mark Allison Roni Ambrid e Mar ' Anderson William Andrews Sue Arnold John Atkison Sharon Barhelder Cynthia Bain Mike Balfe Dave Ballantyne Sue Bantly Lynne Barto Janet Bcchtel Don Beck Bonnie Bccbe Bruce Beebe Judy Beech Mariiaret Bell Debbie Belt Denise Bent Mike Berr ' Stan Berry Grei; Bieglcr VVcndi Bill Jimmy Bindofcr Terri Bingham Kathy Birks John Blackburn Christine Blankcn John Blanken Sally Blanton Lindsev Blitch Patricia Boaz a § f . P • 4 % ' »? ' v ' ' - Lynne Buxton Carol Cadman Jim Calkins Gary Callaway Mitch Campbell Steve Campbell Gary Capon Betty Carle Alan Carlson Gordon Carter Rav Case Stuart Case Donna Caslin Linda Chapin Chris Chase Scott Chase Craig Childress f p n t3i ii p ;-•.. s 3 f% - p«fe. r. Kathy Chr Janice Chute Antoinette Campitti Ken Ciccinati Vince Citrano Jack Clark Beth Clegg Betty Clement Nancy dinger Dana Clor Norma Cochran Ronnie Coffman Vicki Coffman Pat Collins Holly Colville Pennie Cooper Mary Cords Gail Cornelius Coleen Cory Ronald Costa Pat Costley Jim Covington Chuck Cox Dave Cox Lori Cox Sheldon Craig Hollv Cresswell Diane Crosson Randv Cu David Curci Estelle Curry David Dahlstrom Kathy Davis Kim Day James Dean " " " " " ' %. 1 !♦« 9 O ' ' f 4. £ Dave Fowler Tore Franzen Nancy Frcedman Larr - Freeland Linda Freeman Shirley Friday (;ar - Garland Kathy Garrett Tim Garrison ' icki Gibson Linda Gilbert Debbie Gill Linda Gillum Barbara Glascoe Cindy Glenn Fred Goddard Michele Gollin Richard Gonzales Karana Goode Pat Goode Paul Gou4;h Mike Gould Tom Grant a Ntarv DeMers l ..ul Drinet l..irn D.nkU-r j.ff D.SMlft Mil belle de St. Aul Becky Dicks (ires Dill Jiidv Dorris Linda Drake [ennifer Druminy Boll Duffy Debbie DyRcrt Bill Eadson Don EldridKc Jim EldridHc Scott Ellin son Stephanie Elwell Rod Emery N ' ancy Endresen (iayle Ensign Jim Erbes Ion Erickson Neal Esterlv Paul Evans Stacy Evans Steven Farr Linda Farrell Janis Fazekas Jo Feichtinger Drew Ferguson Peggy Fletcher Susan Flinn Dcbby Ford Lesley Ford Steve Forsythe U- l P yy a j. Steve Gray Sharon Green Linda Gregory- Chuck Gi Steve Gri Tim Ctoii Robert Groom ' al Grower David Gruenberg Kathv Gruenberg Jim Gussow Frank Hacker Steve Haight Laurie Hall Wayne Hall Dean Halverson Candy Halvorsen John Hamshaw C fl ■s 1 ,-- . i ni- € y p s . i«. f r f- ' V r. 3 % -4% o p r ' ' i i. f H s 1 3 Carol Hanson Ken Harding Craig Hargesheimer Jerry Harmon Diane Harrington Norman Harris Patricia Hartunian Colleen Harvey Jack Harvey Tom Hass Judi Hassebrock Wayne Hatleberg Ina Hawley Laurie Hayes Loreen Hazel Barbara Headrick Nancy Hebden Barbara Hembree Scott Henderson Tom Henderson Tom Henderson Bill Hendrickson Jon Hermes Linda Hill Tom Himrod Carol Hineman Jim Hinze Bill Hipp Mark Hitchcock Jeanne Hoffman Cindy Holley Perry Holley Jay Holmes Jim Holzinger Robert Holzinger ft Ifc r c ' - " -( ■• " • Cindy Hoskins Ronnie- Hollcl Wayne Houscr Ton. Houts Jim Howard Lorrac Howard Dorothy Howe Pat Hubbard Calvin Hunter Becky Hurlbut Joan Irish Vic Jacobs Kathy Jacobion Debbie Jaeger . Debbie Lewis Laura Liberie Brian Lindaman Lynn Lincberger Bruce Linton Michele Loewe Pricilla Lovato David Lowrance Mike Loyd Bob Lucas Tuck Lunday Gini Luther Eric Lutz Lynda Lyon Tom Machos Brian Maclnnis Charlotte Mack Leslie MacNeil Lynn Mahony David Maize John Maize Kevin Maley Rex Malott Sue Manning Debbie Maples Irene Marciel Janice Markman Mike Marks iSc y ' Bob Marquis Rhonda Marshall Vera Martinez Jan Mason Mike Mattly Richard McCann Edna McCloud Pat McCloud Lynn McComas Mike McConnell Terry McFarland Mary Mclnerny Meredith Mcintosh Devon McLaughlin David McLean Virginia McMahan Mike McMillen Mitch Mead David Meigs Carl Merritt Martin Meyer Charlene Micallef Chris Miller Maryan Miller Ray Miller Diane Mills Diane Mitchell Paul Mitchell Scott Montgomery Barbara Monto Carla Moore Cathryn Moore Pat Morales Tony Morales Mike Moran " " " " " " " ySEp A , Doris Peck Randy Penman Jennene Perkins Sue Perr.- Don Peterson Steve Peterson Marilyn Phillips Hunter Piper Ron Pitts Alan Pivo Harr ' Plude Robert Plummer Linda Prais Pat Prince Pat PuUen Tom Purkiss Linda Ramey Maxine Ramos Mary Rank Shirley Rasmussen Brad Rawlins Lillian Raze Bob Reed Marlcne Reeve Ron Reeves r Steve Morgan Linda Morphew B.tiv Morrow Juhn Moultoii Debbie Muller CJary Muimne Lynctte Munson V NLiree Murphy Janet Myers Dennis Napoli Cloria Ncelcman C:indy Nelson Kathy Nelson Sharen Nelson Christine Neptune Dave Newhouse Danny Nichols Luanne Nichols Margaret Nickels Beverly Nixt Mark Nohr Ruth Norfolk Cindy Oleson Peggy O ' Neal Mark Ormseth Chuck Otto Chuck Padilla Janet Palen Polly Parker Tom Parks Richard Parrett Jean Parshall Dave Patterson Pam Pal ton Connie Paulk If ' . Roseman- Peabody Dana Pease r fl « A - S - i A. r i .A d .. t n . IK. ' . ,. Jack Regan Chris Reinking Barbara Relth Pam Reott Pam Resick Eddie Rhodes lohn Rich Toy Rich Janet Richard Debbie Riddle Lynda Ridout Darryl Riley George Ritchey John Ritchey Joanne Robbins Keith Roberts Frank Robinson Lupe Rodriguez . LA cs « 3f i -Tvi r Cynthia Roe Steve Rosa Jim Rose Miriam Rosner Greg Russell Cecelia Ryan Ken Samuels Helen Sanchez Eric Sanders Greg Sanford Kim Sanson Scott Sanson Kirk Sawatzke Rita Schaer Gail Scheesley Kevin Schinhofen Ross Schultz Jenny Schulze Neil Schwartz Grant Seeman Gail Sefton David Seidlitz Jeff Shapiro Dave Shumaker Jim Simpson Ludwig Smeets Alva Smith Brett Smith Dale Smith Eric Smith Janice Smith Janis Smith Rita Smith Sue Smith Terry Smith ' ' uk . a ; £ fi %f Stan Thompson Pat Tice Janet Todd Karen Tolbert Donna Tomaiuolo Mark Tovin Donna Trosper Al Trowbridge Margaret Turchick George Umlauf Steve Underwood Donald Urquhart Pat Vierra Laura Vitolo Pat Wagen John Wagner Pat Waigii Bob Walery Phillis Ward Lonnie Ware Debbie Warren Jim Wartcnberg Bonnie Watkins Tom Webb Fred Weber -f P, - ' % r ' " ; ' al Smith Virginia Sn ilh Kathy Sodermar Dave Sorensen Hal Sorensen Dianne Soriano Scott Specht Jim Sperling Mark Spitlcr Sandy Stables Mike Staffieri Elizabeth Stalick Charlene Stanley Sharon Stebbins Warren Steurer Pat Stewart Susan Stodgcl Bruce Stoughton Vickie Stowe Mike Strauss Deyanne Strickland Richard Stumman Lorraine Siyron Nancy Sundvold Pete Surrah Don Sutherland Jaye Swedberg Brainard Swett Tim Swihart Debbie Sylvis Julia Tabor Michele Taraami: Kathy Tatum Mike Taylor Jim Tegeler Suzanne Tennyson Dan Tester pi - IX v fl Henry Woodrome Robert Woodson Karen Wright John Wyatt Debbie Yoder Gregg Young Mark Young Pat Young Charles Zacharias Judy Weil Jeff Weindling ft r fl Linda Welch i- f -f A ,.-« -; f " Mark Welch Richard Wells Tim Welsher A h.,. i-: . Mary Wester Greg Wexler - c% p Bob Wheeler - . . Barry White f% C- Caprice Willert f» f- , Mary Williams t ' Paige Williams Hugh Williamson Sue Winston V- ■ " ■4 m Donna Wohlfarth Joan Wollesen Pat Wood ■ , a ; ?. " A ' ' imiii m kv m ■ 1 t fn T ' m PP HtI BT n H I h m UtJ V Ifif jJF MW S m Sfa ' : ' ' i !i - t. wmpn tmftmwK)!tt«mi,,,o.rr f ummi-m F ■ c- S r ' Z c-t- r- r ORGANIZATIONS ASB PRESIDENT Lancers, During the 1964-65 school year, Sunny Hills High School took a long step down the road to maturity. As a relatively new school, we faced many difficult and challenging problems. Through an interested and in- fomied student body, we were able to elim- inate the majority of these problems. While our accomplishments have indeed been num- erous, we must remember that success comes only through dedication and sacrifice. In the coming years. Lancers must remain dedicated to their ideals and goals. Let no future Lancer be afraid of dedication and sacrifice. They are the foundation of success and greatness. Sunny Hills High School has all the char- acteristics of greatness. Sunny Hills has been acknowledged as one of the finest academic institutions in southern California. Sunny Hills has an administrative staff that can be equaled by none. Sunny Hills has one of the most beautiful campuses in the area. And Sunny Hills has excellent facilities for any type of athletic endeavor. There is no reason why Sunny Hills cannot become the finest high school anywhere. All Lancers must re- member that a learning institution such as ours is only what we make it. The level of achievement which we attain rests solely upon our student body. Thus, Sunny Hills High S( hool will be only as good as its stu- dents. As the years progress, I am sure that Sunny Hills will continue to climb up the ladder of success toward greatness. It was a tremendous honor for us in stu- dent government to serve you, the Associated Student Body. On behalf of student govern- ment I wish all Lancers the best of luck in future years. Become responsible and mature students. Continue to have tremendous school spirit. Develop the pride necessary for a great school. And do not settle for anything less than the best. Sincerely, Bill Reinsch ASB President ASB OFFICERS I ASB VICE-PRESIDENT DAVID BENNETT Da id ' s rosponsibiiitii-s as viti-- pn-sident im ludid lit-adiiie; the Sonalo and serving on the pro- posed constilulion (oniinitu-t-. As election coininittee chainnan, he londucted all student body elec- tions. A ASB SECRETARY CINDV HALL As student body sci retary. Cindy spent many hours at the niimeo machine running off ASB agendas, records, and minutes. She organized all the i lerical work and the correspondence with other schools. ASB TREASURER PA ' l ' POWERS Pat handled all student body finances. She was in charge of ASB card sales, and she signed pun base orders for ASB funds. At the close of the year, she made a complete report of ASB finances. ASB CHAIRMEN ASB Social Chairman Nancy Andre ASB Publicity Chairman Barbara Clapp Wi ASB Assembly Chairman Linda Rhodes ASB Pep Chairman Betsy Burleigh ICC President Steve Fitzgerald Boys ' Athletic Commissioner Chuck Humphreys " " " " jTIHini EXECUTIVE COUNCIL I hi- Executive Coumil, one of till- major links between the ad- ministration and the student body, I cKirdinalcd all student at tivities into a snKK)th-runninp;, efficient government. They worked in close connection with both the Student Senate and the Student Court to solve many i ampus problems. Meeting with the administration and keeping up with P.T.A. ac- tivities kept the Council well-in- formed on all activities and prob- lems (onierned with the student body. These problems include such things as littering the campus and smoking in the restrooms. In addition to their work during the school year, the Council drafted a new ( onstitution for SHHS dur- ing the summer of 1964. The efforts of the E.vecutivc Council, along with those of the other branches of the student govern- ment, have helped to lea e the next class with a sound founda- tion on whi( h to build. STUDENT COURT Chuj Ju tuc- -Mai v ■•• Chuck DeirArio Clerk Greg Fal Bailiff Curt Allen Katia Hope Gary Bone ■A •• V r V Q ' •--i .. ' ' . r- ' ' Teri7 Hackett Jane Hanawalt Ken Slezak O ' M ' M STUDENT SENATE I -jr m . David Bennett President The 1964-65 senate made many gains in varying areas of student and campus activities. The greatest strides were made in the litter and smoking problems. Sen- ators cited students for such offenses as crowding in line, smoking, and littering. The senate also passed a bill that made it possible for boys to wear bermudas to school. Tom Walker, president pro tem, and Jon Hilgers, secretary ' , provided leadership to make the Student Senate an active campus organization. David Bennett . ) ' Tom Walker President pro tern jim Hilgers Seeretarv ASB AFS ROW 1: Mary Haselton, Susan De- Priester, Cindy Braucht, Anne Mclnnis, Stefanie Spatzier, Katia Hope, Peggy Kay, Yoshimi Yamamoto. ROW 2: Clint Holeman, Cindy Hall, chairman; Carolyn Wohlfarth, Pam Neher, Carol Thurmond, Henry Mitchell, Kris Mehta. Not pictured: John Carlisle. Elections ROW 1 : Layne Myrdall, Marianne Maize, Louise Armstrong, Anne Mclnnis, Leslie ROW 2: Doug Elwell, Sue Templeton, Clayton Best, Wendy Balgrosky, Da%id Bennett, chairman. Not pictured: Sue Wadsworth. ROW 1: Sue Templeton, Nancy Andre, chairman; Leslie Atwater, Joan Miller, Libby Vazquez, Nancy Nissen, Andrea Heiden. ROW 2: Gary Bone, Carolyn Wohlfarth, Janet Heller, David Conover, Linda Jarchow, Kar Bill Dickinson. Not pictured: Ann Harris, Cindy Ammon. COMMITTEES Rally ROW 1 : Geri Guill, Kay Mocrkc, Barbara Myers, Betsy Burleigh, chairman ; Peggy Kay, Becky Sessions. ROW 2: Nat Theibcrt, Joan Miller, Tom Stuhley, Clayton Best, Mike Ensle, Barbara Bond, Dawn Am- bridgc. Not pictured : Frenchie Pelletier, John Dyer. Publicity ROW 1 : Barb Clapp, chaimian ; Pat Powers, Karen Bruce. ROW 2 : Linda Jarchow, Marsha Hodues, Katia Hope, Janet Heller. Not pictured: Sue Templeton, Andrea Heiden. Assembly ROW 1 : Nance Hill, Pat Kenworthy, Sandy Stinson, Karen Farrell, Linda Jarchow, Nancy Nisscn, Sally Hickman, Dawn Am- bridge, Lcxie Martone. ROW 2 : Linda Rhodes, chaimian; Leslie Bliss, Terry Mes- sick, Roberta Grower, Terri Wagner, Jody Chamberlain, Karen Bruce, Joan Miller, Cindy Ammon, Bill Myer. ROW 3: Suzy Hines, Kathy Burke, Bill Dickinson, Tom Stuhley, Dick Lippi. Helios Art and Faculty Edit Jeannie Freeland Pam Nevius Kris Kargo Senior Editors Marsha Hodges Barbara Myers Karen Bruce Class Editors Joan Miller Nancy Andre Leslie Atwater Business Mananer Chuck Dell ' Ario Copy Editor Judy Graham z: -i- ' 5 Staff 1- Oraaiiizations Editors Susan Bond 1 .ouisc Annsti onR ' iii;inia Albrccht Advi.ur Mrs. Oarabcdian . Activities Editor: Lynne Brocoff Dawn Parp ' tt Su i Hincs Girls ' Sports Editi Stefanie Spatziei Joyce Dickman _ Accolade Barbara Clapp, Editor-in-chirf Mark Williams Kay Sanchez W.l Candy Moore 4 ' Bobjaffe Linda Easterly Nancy Andre Jon Hilgers Staff Ik.l) Vliit - Sharon loll.- C:iiiLs Gibbs Clavton Best Mrs. Oblci. Adrisci 9 ft. Adiia-Ann McMurray Sieve Van Gelder Pain Notman Steve Fitzgerald President f r : Inter- Club Council Mx i Steve Hartshorn Doug Elwell Jon Hilger Varsity Club Forensics Key Club I ' - . Chuck Dell ' Ario Lexie Martone i German Club French Club Daryl Loeblich Latin Seminar ' m f T Through Intcr-Club Council, any dub on campus could ha f a voice in student government. It was composed of one representative from each dub desiring representation. They met about every two months to discuss problems com- mon to all of the dubs and to plan projects to be carried out during the sc hool year. Some of these projects included putting lettering on the announcement case, painting the trash cans, and pooling the funds of all clubs to raise money to carry out ICC projects. The main purpose of ICC was to create a closer relationship between the students and their government through representation of the dubs in the government. I )c iig Duni ansoM ll-A N ' ..ic.ii O ' Hrien l-HI.A )a id Reynolds FTA Hill Dickinson Afu i, Club Carolyn Wohifarth Hntory Club Jeannie Freeland Art Club Y-Teens Y-Tecns were active in si hool and community service projects. This year they sponsored Christmas Formal, a pre-school facuhy tea. and a special project to help a Tijuana orphanage. Over-All Officers ROW 1 : Sandy Lehmer, treas. ; Mary Lou Emerson, vice-pres. ; Marsha Hodges, publicity. ROW 2: Carolyn Wohlfarth, service; Bonnie Knight, pres.; Lexie Martone, sec. Not pic- tured : Janine Thompson, chaplain. Class Officers ROW 1: Gail Sefton, Diana Tennyson, Sue Nichols, Maureen Sim, Sidney Verry, Lynda Chapman, Carla Moore. ROW 2 : Sue Tenny- son, Margie Warren, Stefanie Spatzier, Mary- Beth Thompson, Pat Steurcr, Rene Starr, Sue Ferguson. Not Pictured: Peggy Scaling, Patsy Young. Pythagorean Society The purpose of the Pythagorean Society was to inspire curios- ity about mathematics, a subject feared by many students. The iub tried to dispel this fear by sponsoring talks and field trips. W jr Members Inge Hinrichs Robeit Maize Andrea Denies Ces Wooteis Ann Rav I ( -f Varsity Club The senior letternien are, ROW 1: Dan Ehcrhardl, Tod Ho Bledsoe, Doug Duncanson, Allan Dornian, i Rcinkinu. Bland, Da Bob White, Tim Con(?er, Jack Barth, Rick Sticfcl, Mark Conradi, Gordd Smitt, Jon Hilgers, Mike Malone. ROW 2: Scott Sanders, John Zacharias Tim Drur -, Jim Hawlev, John Durall, Rii k Wilson, Steve Russ Mcrritt, ( Hartshorn, Bob Tvma, Charlev Foss, Boh Robbins, Jeff Skip Allen, C;ii s, (:hu( k LeBon, Ed Dygert, Mark Thompson, Mike Wayne Rcdfcrn, Bob Skinner, Jerry : Don Lindscy, Jim Follett, V, V ' ince Jones, Greg Fall, I, John Carlisle, John Dyer, I k Henderson. The Varsity Club is an oiganizalioii opi-ii to all li-ttn nitii. Under the leadership of Steve Hartshorn, president, and Coach Skain, the main objective is to promote high stand- ards among athletes and unity within all sports. ' I ' his year the dub sponsored a pen sale in the fall and on March 8 the traditional donkey basketball game. ' Ilie members also supplied all-league trophie s, and they presented a gift to the boys ' athletic department. Other lettenncn include, ROW 1: Doug Stanley, Buz Young, ern Fotheringham, Ken Slezak, Larry Marduff, Tcrrv Harkett, John Brimble, Bob Hiskey, Bob Hawk, Bob Polki ' nghorn, Bob Barrington, Bill Ensign. ROW 2: Andv Fall, Bob Kazebee, Dave Murphy, Jim Wagner, Lowell Baker, Randv Thomas, Mark Clark, Tom McCutrhin, Jim Flint, Bob Boone, Alan Herlands, Bill Freund. T H E S P I A N S The Thespians, a national organization for the pi oniotion of interest in dramatics, was divided into two groups at Sunny Hills, Thespians and apprentices. The Thespians (below) included: Jeannie Free- land, Merle Peterson, Nancy Erb, Jan Harvey, Mark Williams, Duane Villa and Mark Everett. The apprentices were, ROW Sue Hawkins, Pat Vierra, Joan Irish, Pat Brown, Paige Williams, Rosy Peabody, Drew Ferguson, Janis Parshall, Annette Ac hay. ROW 2: Alva Smith, Bill Goocjbaudy, Kathy Tatum, Mai v in Musick, Janet Palen, Inge Hinricks, Cris King, and Jay Butlei Thespians participated in a drama festival, Christmas piogram, and a spring show. I Senior Seminar Composed of a selected (;i()up of seniors, Senior Seminar conducted a cul- tural exploration of the humanities. They invcsti- Rated numerous areas of fine arts and sciences and their programs included speakers on ballet, opera, western art, and anthro- ]3olop;y. They also partici- pated in several field trips. Sinior Si-ininar iiicnibers in- i luded, ROW 1 : .Xpril Wake- man, Kris KarKO, .Nancy Nis- sen. ROW 2: Mark Smitt, Chuck Dcir. rio, Gary Bone, Randy Houtz, Annetta Maples, Katia Hope, Doui? Schultz, Carl Locffclhardt. ROW 3: John Simpson, Chris Prather, Sieve Blitch, Glen Brown, .Nat Thcibcrt, Ann Harris, Cindy Hall, Deb- bie Larkey, Pete Skinner. Not pictured: Bob Bender, Yoshi- iiii Yamamoto, Kris Mehta Sportscasters I The announcers ai sports events included, ROW 1 Mike Kinnev, Bob Jaffe, .Man Herlands. ROW 2: Torn Henderson, Grec Fall, Frank Beaudine. AFS The newly instituted AFS dub was developed to further interest and understanding among nations through international friendships. Two major projet ts were spon- sored by the t lub members. An AFS assembly, featuring a dant e performance by Yoshimi Yama- moto and speeches by Kris Mehta and Cindv Hall, was held before the bond sale. Over $1,900 was contributed by student sales for the financing of exchange student travel. This year ' s candidates from Sunny Hills were Cindy Hail and the future hopeful Hank Mitchell. =np Electronics Club Making AFS assembly plans are Yo- shimi Yamamoto, Tom Walker, and Carolyn Wohlfarth, assembly chairman. Peggy Kay sells Terry Jelinek one of the 8,000 bonds printed. AFS exchange students included: Hank Mitchell, Kris Mehta, Cindy Hall, president; and Yoshimi Yamamoto. Other members not pictured were: Nancy Andre ' , Leslie Atwater, Gila Berghaus, John Carlisle, Susan De- Priester, Marianne Haselton, Marsha Hodges, Clint Holeman, Chuck Lid- dell, Anne Mclnnis, Adria-Ann Mc- Murray, Pam Neher, Nancy Rowe, Bill Sanders, bond chairman assistant; Stefanie Spatzier, Carol Thurmond, bond chairman; Joan Truesdell. Electronics Club, under the guidance of Mr. Garland, attempted to fulfill the requirements necessary for the amateur radio operator ' s license. One of the requirements is the learning of the Morse code. The club ' s roll included: Robert Morris, Andy MacDonald, Jim Catlin, Don Osburg, vice-president; Jim Willson, Kenneth Cureton, president. Not pictured were: Jeff Ritchkind, Ed Lindemann, secretary-treasurer; Larry Freeland. ' Girls ' League Girls ' League opened the school year with its annual weUonie party for all ne%v female Lancers — " Les Jours des Dames. " The handbook was revised and dis- tributed. They sponsored a father- daughter banquet with GAA and they conducted two assemblies. An outstanding senior girl received the Girls ' League scholarship. In March, the Girl Date dance with a Sadie Hawkins theme climaxed a vear filled with work and fun. Diane Randall President F ' cggy Crooke Vice-priiidrnt April Wakeman Secretary Louise Armstrong Treasurer Class representatives: Sue Nayes, senior; Stephania Carlson, junior; Helen Hamshaw. sophomore; and Virginia Mc- Mahan, freshman. Sue Nichols, service chairman; Libby Vazquez, dress board chairman; and Janet Heller, publicity chairman. -r - Girl of The Girl of the Month is a program coordinated by Girls ' League for honoring a previously unrecognized girl. Each month, girls are nominated by students and teachers, and a committee makes the selection. The selection is based upon academic achievement, per- sonality, and extra-curricular activities. The girls are c hosen bee ause they are representative of the ideal female student at SHHS. November Cheering the football team to victory is Linda Jarchow, November Girl of the Month. As a sophomore, Linda was a member of the sophomore class council and the NFL. She served on the decorations committee of the Junior-Senior Prom during her junior year. She also painted posters as an active participant of the Pep Club. Linda ' s senior year was filled with extra-curricu- lar activities. She was the secretary of the ASB assembly committee and a sports editor of the an- nual. As a Pep Club member, she organized the boys ' sports banquets. On the ASB publicity com- mittee, the school showcase was her responsibility. Active on the ASB scxial committee, Linda made decorations for Homecoming, Spring, and Girl Date dances. Linda ' s hobbies include sewing all of her own clothes and swimming. A great fan of spectator sports, Linda prefers football and baseball. Pres- ently her future plans are indefinite, but she hopes to teach or to be a physical therapist. December Santa listens attentively to December Girl of the Month — Chris Merlo. Chris ' academic record at SHHS is excellent. She has been a member of CSF since her freshman year and was secretai-y for the first semester of her junior year. During her freshman year, Chris was the Girls ' League Freshman Representative. Her duties included: heading the freshman PE representative council, publicizing the Girl Date Dance, decorating for the Father-Daughter banquet, selling Hush Day tickets, and attending two Girls ' League conventions at La Habra and Ventura High Schools. With her council of PE representatives, she sold candy canes at Christmas time for the Girls ' League treasuiy. As a sophomore, Chris worked at the CSF Book Fair and com- peted in the Journalistic Tournament at Santa Ana High School. She won ninth place in feature writing. Chris also became a mem- ber of the Lancelles, the drill team. During her junior year, Chris was a member of the Junior-Senior Prom decorations committee and the junior Girls ' League PE rep- resentative council. She also performed on the drill team and will continue during her senior year. Chris enjoys sewing and listening to Peter, Paul, and Mary. She also likes to swim and to acquire a sun tan. m the Month March During her fri-shman year, Carolyn was a mem- ber of the Future Teachers, Y-Tecns, German Club, GAA. and the Girls ' League Dress Board. She also sang in the talent assembly. As a sophomore, she joined History Club, GAA, Gemian Club, Y-Teens, and the Girls ' League Dress Board. Carolyn became Girls ' League Junior Represen- tative and German Club president during her jun- ior year. She also served as Y-Teens publicity (hairman. History Club vice-president, and was selected as a semi-finalist for the AFS student abroad. She worked on the Girls ' League Dress Board and was one of four girls in Southern Cali- fornia selected to program the ' -Teens Conven- tion at California Lutheran College. Her senior year kept Carolyn busy. She was chair- man of the AFS assembly, president of the History Club, service chaimian of S ' -Teens, and a member of the Girls ' League Dress Board. Carolyn sews almost all her own clothes and greatly enjoys the thrills of mountain climbing. She and her father reached the peaks of Mt. Whitney and Mt. Lassen. Carolyn took voice les- sons, and she performed in the concert choir for three years. Studying at Whittier College and later teaching s( hool and joining the Peace Corps are included in Carolyn ' s future plans. l).-iii()iistrating kite-flying tei liniciues is the March Girl of the .Month Stephanie Elwell. .■ s a freshman, Stephanie devoted most of her " leisure " lime to ihe National Forensics League. She competed in several local speech tournaments in the extemporaneous and debate lategories. The highlight of her spi-ec h experiences was her Cjualifying for the State Tournament at Santa Barbara with four other SHHS students. Although she claims that she is not very domestic, Stephanie does a lot of sewing and ccx)king. She enjoys playing pool despite the fa( t that she has only done it once. She also likes outdoor a( tivities. especially walking and swimming. Stephanie ' s future in( ludes plans to become more active in stu- dent government and school clubs. She also would like to tour Europe with a group of teen-agers on bicycles. Someday she hopes to study dramatic arts or teaching. Girl of the Year Carolyn Wohlfarth for 1965. L-le ted as the Girl of Year at SHHS Future Teachers The goal of FTA was to ac- quaint students with various meth- ods and opportunities in teaching. All members worked at least once a week helping teachers on campus with odd jobs. The club attended classes on teaching at USC, FJC, Pacific State Hospital and School, Cal Poly at Pomona, Chapman College and UCLA. The officere attended a conference at the Stat- ler Hilton. An all distri ct FTA pot- luck was held on our campus, at which Mr. Bayler was the guest speaker. The club also gave a scholarship to a senior who plans to go into teaching. m . i - FTA members included: .Amanda Walery, vice-president; Linda Barker, secretary- Debbie Girod. Not pictured: Pat Clegs, Pat Costley, Peggy Fletcher, Brad Foss, Judy Graham, Marsha Hebden, Bonnie Howe, Glenda Hunt, Candy Hunter, Sharon Kelleher, Mary Rank, Dave Reynolds, president : Miriam Rosner,Sue Soennichsen, Margaret Stalick, Beth Kreutzer. Future Homemakers The goal of FHA was to provide members with a better understand- ing of the role of the homemaker in school, community and countiy. Their major project was to provide the home economics department with a set of silverware. Other ac- tivities included selling cupcakes at the break, making FHA aprons, catering at banquets, and visiting a gas company. An all district meet- ing of FHA held on our campus, the state convention and various service projects completed FHA ' s activities. ffil FHA included: Gayle Chambers, secretary, Maxme Ramos, Bonnie Beebe, Judy Loeblich, Jeannie Freeland, Barbara Bacon, treasurei Pam Shelters, Nancy Shaw, vice-president ; Claudia Meek, president. Not pictured: Kathy Kenncd , Debbie Ford, Linda Flock, Mary Lou O ' Brien. ROW 1 : Glen Bisel, Jim Holzinger, Dennis Pruitt, Jeff De Smcl, Lynn McComas, Rav Miller, Steve Haight, Kcnnis Harding, Dick Brown, Wayne Hatleburg, Jim Tegeler, Kevin Maley, Vic- tor Jacobs, Bob Plummer, Jetf Yoder, Dennis Harding, Jim El- ridge. ROW 2: Charlene Micallcf, Joy Rich, Kathy Powell, Cheryl Allen, Linda Gillum, Colleen Cory, Sally Blanton, Kay Future Fanm-is is a national organization for students studying vocational agrieultuie in high schools. The curriculum c onsists of conducting and taking part in a publii ' meet- ing, speaking in public , buying and selling co-operatively, solving agricultural problems, financing investments, and assuming civic responsibility. Davis, Pam Reott. ROW 3: Bill Lang, Tom Dalzell, Sieve Oris- wold, Bob Townscnd, Larry Branen, Rich Wells, John Phings- graf, Wayne Houser, Steve Peterson, David Gearhart, Tom Purkiss, David Cox, Danny Brouellctte, Kevcn Schinhoffcr, Ron Hottel, Richard McCann, Jim Hinze, Bill Pittman, Chris Dabl.s, Mr. Sengo, adviser. ROW 1: Terry Bernhard, Grey Thatcher, Bob Myers, Monte Moore, Darwin Lewis, Allen Woods, Brad Raymond, Jim Carter. ROW 2 : Stan Joyce, Tom Hottle, Linda Berrada, Sandy Harkey, Pat Cohman, Betty Teasdale, Ron Druiit, Kendal Mills, Wayne Pitzler. F U T U R E F A R M E R S ROW 1 : Vincent Tulumell, Terry Kenward, Dave Persinger, Chuck Rutherford, Rick Slifel, Steve Bernhard, Doug Duncunson, Bob MuUion, Dan Kavanagh, Ray Robal, Lynn Carlson. ROW . ' : Jim Pennington, Bill Ellis, Herb Schwab, Larry Reott, Ron Yoder, Bob Brooks, Ben Heslop, Randal Mills, Scott Stewart, Bob King, Jim Guysi, John Curtis, Mike Noggle. 1 Language Latin Seminar Latin Seminar included: Pat Price, Sam Longur, John Robson, Scott Nance, Rod Emer , Steve Persinger, treasurer; Noreen O ' Brien, Mary Bronsing. Not pictured: Sue Eubanks, Dave Rechnitzer, George Peabody, Rod Handsfield, Tom Goodhope, Ricky Kelly, Sally Heger, Don Bradway, Linda Phillips, Caren Gishop, Bob Ford, Janice Parshall, Cathy Cox, Debbie Larkey, Wally Delvecchio, Randy McDonald, Gene Smith, Cathy Skalla, Mark Spitler, Marsha Hebden, Wayne Wakeman, Ron Jackson, Bob Butler, Daryl Loeblich, president; Tracy Garnett, vice-president; Cathie Lewis, secretary. Le Cercle Francais French Club included, ROW 1 : Susan DePriester, Joan Buchanan, Kay Moerke, Ann Harris, Marsha Hebden, Mary Lou Emerson, secretary; Sally Burleigh, vice-president; Debbie Geirod, Becky Sessions, Linda Peterson. ROW 2 : Mary Haselton, Sandy Faulkner, Chris Daum, Carol Thurmond, Marsha Hodges, Lexie Martone, president; Debbie Larkey, Louise Armstrong, Karen Crawford, Lynne Gibson, Pam Sefton, Lucy McPioud, Mary Sue Lyon, Jackie Nelson. Not pictured: Daryl Loeblich, Barbara McFadden, Margaret Stalick, Sue Soennichsen, Bonnie Wilson, Jenny Allen, Melissa Haselton, Suzanne Dorian, Carol White, Chris Gibbs, Bucky Privett, Annetta Maples, Joan Truesdell, Dorothy Eggerts, Cheryl Meyers, Mary Citrano, Stephania Carlson, Louis Marlin, Katia Hope, Pam Nevius. Latin Seminar was divided into four G;roups. Mythology- section presented " What ' s My Line " panels. Derivation section made visual presenta- tions of words. Sight transla- tion section helped members to understand Latin anec- dotes and Roman life section presented plays. The Roman Banquet and the UCLA field day were the major events of the year. French Club members learned about French culture and people through slides and guest speakers. The main events of the year included co-sponsorship of the Inter- national Dinner and the Lan- guage Awards Banquet, a pint meeting with the FUHS " French CIuId, and a Christ- mas caroling party. Break sales helped to raise funds. Two Spanish nun ics, seen at ClaicMiont and Padua Hills, and various slides shown by Mr. Quijano and Gabriel Visy, i lub president, helped Spanish Club mem- bers learn about the i ustoms and language of many Span- ish cultures. The elub also sponsored 26 students to take a test offered by the .Amer- ican Association of Teachers The highlights of the year for Gennan Club included a visit to the German Embassy in Los Angeles, dinner at a German restaurant the same afternoon, and ( o-sponsor- ship of the International Dinner and the Language Awards Banquet. Members learned of Germany and its people through slides and guest speakers. Clubs Los Dorados Spanish Club included: Linda Chapin, Cecelia Ryan, vice-president; Kim Sanson, Carol Hineman, Linda Gregory, Candy Kail, Lynn Smith, Cynthia black, Muffie Willson, Gabriel isy, president. Not pictured: Jeanne Leek, Susie Godi?cl, Peggy Fletcher, Colleen Harvey, N ' ick ' i Giloiion, Pam DeWitt, Julie .Nishizu, Nancy Miller, Beth Clcgg, treasurer; Rick Parrcit, Sharon Fisher, Chuck Otto, Susan Stod.gcl, secretary. Deutschverein German Club included: Joan Truesdell, Peggy C:rooke, Lexie Marlone, Robert Maize, Don Vivrette, Rick Connor, Lud Trozpek, Cecily Woolers, Pat Shepard, Mike Bradbury, Greg Fall, Mrs. Sluart, Judy Weil, Mary Lou Emerson, Chuck DcH ' .Xrio, vice-president-treasurer; Lyn ' ne Johnston. ' Not pictured: Alan Herlands, Kent Weise, Gregg Young, Tom Himrod, Sherry Levorscn, Martin Marten, Joan Buchanan, Pat Pullen, . ndy Fall, Richard Chard, Bob .Mlhouse, Leslie Miller, Bud Barker, Pat VVaigli, Ken Cureton, Don Osberg, Jeff Rich- kind, Sandra Stables, Bev Brauner, secretary; Doug Elwell, president. At their bi-monthly meet- ings, History Club discussed problems of foreign coun- tries, foreign and domestic policy, and current and past events. Activities included a field trip to see The Greatest Story Ever Told and a tour to the Huntington Library. Major achie ements of the year included writing a con- stitution and presenting a club award to the most de- ser ' ing senior member. History Club ROW 1: Kordyan Lewandowski, secretary; Don Bradway, Karen Rader, vice-president Mark Thompson, Tom Stuhley, Nancy Rowe, Gail Wilson, Carolyn Wohlfarth, president. ROW 2 Bud Barker, treasurer; Kent Weise, Karen Bruce, Gila Berghaus, Katia Hope, Carol Thurmond, Chuck Lidell, Stephania Carlson, Mrs. Moore, adviser. ROW 3: Lynda Rich, Suzanne Dove, Nancy Miller, Eric Voder, Stan Roberts. Library Club Library club ' s purpose was to enrich its members ' knowledge of procedure, techniques, and facilities of the school library. Some of the activities of the Library Club were to purchase a plaque for past presidents ' names, to change the bulletin boards in the libraiy once a month and to visit a public hospital, taking along arious books for patients to read. Mi-s. Hidden, Carol Thurmond, Margie Warren. Maryann Sciola, Nancy Ritzman, Sharon Blevins. Forensics 111 I ' K ' il ' K ' .f ll 1964-65 Foronsii! was the qualifying of five members: Stephanie El- well, Ann Harris, Sally Parker, Dave Reynolds, and Diane Stam for the state tournament at Santa Barbara. The team won championships in the Fall Novice and Fall Open Tournaments in Anaheim and Beliffower. ROW 1 : George Gomond, Bill Beaudine, Neil Schwartz, Dave Reynolds, Tom Henderson, Chuck YounK, Tom Hendenon. ROW 2: Ann Harris, Sally Parker, Trude Rockwell, Mary Lee, Eva Maturino, Lucy McProud, Madeline Campbell, Helen Hamshaw, Katia Hope, Lynne Mahoney. ROW 1; Andy Sills, Bob Ford, Bob Jaffe, treasurer; Tom Robinson, Doug Elwell, president; Frank Beaudine, Chuck Liddell, Gary Mummy. ROW 2; Miss Elwell, adviser; Sally Hickman, Sally Burleigh, Diane Stam, Janis Parshall, Virginia Smith, Marianne Hasclton, Stephanie Elwell, Terri Wagner, Marilyn DuHamcl, Laync Myrdall, Mrs. Lewis, adviser. ROW ;5: Tom Walker, Nancy Nisscn. Terry Hacket. Not pictured: Stephanie Reynolds, secretary. Hi-Y The Hi-Y group was repre- sented by Vem Fotheringham in February at Sacramento for a youth government prt)- gram. During Thanksgivini; vacation, Chu( k Deli ' Ario. Doug Elwell, John Carlisle. and Dave Bennett attended the Yosemite Youth Confer- ence. Other Hi- ' activities included : sponsoring a stag dance, partic ipating in sports activities, and planning a service project. ROW 1: Glen Nishizu, Mike Gould, Jim Sundey, vice-presi- dent; Bob Beardslcy, chaplain. ROW 2 : Warren Streurer, Jack Brennan, Doug Elwell. Not pic- tured: Dave Bennett, John Car- lisle, Chuck Deli ' Ario, John Du- rall, secretarv ' - treasurer: ' ern Fotheringham, president: . l John- son, Bob Kazebee, Jeff Stair. Future Business Leaders FBLA included: Mr. Fisk, Dolly Van Vegten, Sue Soderman, Mary Dedic, treasurer; Marianne Sciola, Theresa Wilcox, Paulette Stofleth, Pam DeWitt, secretary; Linda Pinnell. Not pictured: Chris Scott, vice-president; Janet Dillow, historian; David Drake, Chuck Jones, Nancy Einsel, Bonnie Howe, Noreen O ' Brien, president. Jr Red Cross Last summer Jr. Red Cross sent two members to leadership camp at Lake Arrowhead. Their main project was the school fund-raisina; drive, which is continued each year. Other projects included wrap- ping packages for senicemen at Christmas, serving as aids at blood banks, distributing gifts to patients at Orange County General Hospital on Valentine ' s Day, and planning an Easter party for the children at the same hospital. FBLA has tried to build a stiong and worthwhile club for the business department. They wrote a new constitution and more than doubled previous mem- bership this year. They sold tickets for home basket- ball games as a fund-raising project. Their major accomplishment was to acquaint all members with machines and equipment used in a business career. KSmt m Jr Red Cross included: Annette Achav, president, Janet Haitinan, Janet Brown, Baibara Bacon, Judy Graham, social chairman. Diane Bacon, Linda Hosford, Debbie Larkey, treasurer. Not pictured: Bonnie Beebe, Kathy Birks, Karen Brookhouser, Vicki Celdress, Mary Dedic, Janis Fazekas, Marilyn Fazekas, secretary; Joann Feichtinger, Arlene Fisher, Eileen Caldarelli, Laurie Irwin, Maxine Ramos, Lynda Rich, Darrelyn Stevens, vice-president; Paul- ette Stofeleth, Phillis Ward, Julie Nishizu. Music Club Music Club members pictured: Amanda VaIer -, Robert B(.lHi l. ., (;,,,ii.r- annc Love, Bob Althousc, Karen Dickey, Steve Balgrosky, Bill Un k. iisuii. Not pictured: Pat Dickey, Linda Morris, Vicki Walery, Lloreen Willis, Tom Walker, Steve VanGelder, Wendy Walker. Music- Club has given much of its time to si hool sci-vices. Thfv have sold rcfrrshmcnts at the break and at football and basketball games. However, the purpose of the dub, as stated by the president, Bill Dickenson, is to " further enrich the interest of its members in music. " The club planned several field trips, one of which was a trip to the Melody- land Theater to hear a concert of the Orange County Symphony Orchestra. Art Club Art Club devoted much time to the displaying of its members ' works. They have worked on several projects, including the Christmas display and the cari( atures of the teachers, which have been displayed in the teac hers ' lounge. The purpose of the club is to give any student who wishes it the chance to display his talent. Under the direction of their adviser, Mr. Spitler, and their president, Jeannie Free- land, the . rt Club also planned se eral field trips. Art Club ni. ■..,!..■,- ; ' . ' . ■ t ■ ■ . ■ r • :., Guiles, Douif (ir.ilt, .M ..,„, . l,-i.,,ii.- Ilr...tir, .M.irv ho , I,, t;,,nnu- Hom- ing, Perry Morgan, Jeff Rawlins, Jcannic Krecland, Greg Englesby, Linda Punis, Randy Aycr , Mary Citrano, John Ritchcy. CSF This year CSF saw the materi- alization of a project which had been worked on for the previous three years. The brick announce- ment sign, purchased from the proceeds of the previous Book Fairs, was built and dedicated early in the fall. The number of sealbearers was the largest in school histoiy this year. These students traveled to the district conference at Bellflower High School or the regional conference at Whittier to fulfill their seal- bearer requirements. The members of CSF included, seniors: Leslie Atwater, Wendy Bal- grosky, Robert Bender, Steve Blitch, Lynne Brocoff, Glen Brown, Joan Buchanan, Betsy Burleigh, Jeff Chin, Frank Cox, Peggy Crooke, Mar - Dedic, Chuck Dell ' Ario, Pam DeWitt, Pat Dolbee, James DuHamel, Nancy Einsel, Greg Fall, Marilyn Fazekas, Lynda Gibby, Cindy Hall, Ann Harris, Katia Hope, Russell Howell, Kris Kargo, Chris King, Debbie Larkey, Pam Larson, Carl Loeffelhardt, . nnetta Maples, Sue Nichols, Nancy Miller, Nancy Nissen, Noreen O ' Brien, Diane Randall, Bill Reinsh, Stephanie Reynolds, Scott Sanders, Ronald Schumaker, John Simpson, Pete Skinner, Gareth Smith, Mark Smitt, Stefanie Spatzier, Ronald Stutheit, Nat Theibert, Carol Thurmond, Thomas Van Home, April Wakeman, Pam Whalen, Richard Wilson. Juniors: Bob Barrington, Barbara Bond, Lynda Chapman, Margaret Cogan, Judi Davidson, Arthur Douglas, Mary Lou Emerson, Lynne Gibson, Robert Graffis, James Grant, Jane Hanawalt, Marsha Hebdon, Rob- ert Henderson, Alan Herlands, David Holley, Charles Jordan, Bonnie Knight, Dean Lachman, Sandy Lehmer, James Lether, .Adria .Ann McMurray, Lucy McProud, Chris Merlo, Philip Merritt, Merrilee NeaJ, Judy Schied, Ulrich Schoettle, Pam Sefton, Becky Sessions, Pat- rick Shepard, Susan Soennichsen, Loring Spitler, Margaret Stalick, John Tobias, Amanda Walery, Martha Wilkinsen, Carol Willis, James Willson, Robert Young. Sophomores: Jenny Allen, Robert Arm- strong, Steve Balgrosky, Cindy Barker, Cynthia Black, Julie Bomke, Paule te BraunCj Bev Brauner, Stan Commons, Susan De Priester, Walter Del V ' acchio, Fred Dozier, Marilyn Duhamel, Dorothy Eggerts, Arlene Fisher, Robert Ford, Janet Gann, Tracy Garnett, Linda Gudka, Lindee Hammond, Mary Ann Haselton, Midge Hodge, Ron Jackson, Hugh McDonald, Paul Nash, Jackie Nelson, Donald Osberg, Jill Parker, Ann Ray, John Robson, Nancy Rowe, Susan Ryel, Steven Shepard, Paul Saevig, Geoff Slack, Lynne Smith, Betty Teasdale, John Thompson, Ludd Trozpek, Lana Ventriglia, Brian Watanabe, Gail Wilson, Cecily Wooters, Bruce Young. Freshmen: Paul Boecherman, Linda Chapin, Alan Carlson, David Curci, Paul Demes, Drew Fer- gusson, Robert Gabriel, Scott Henderson, Tom Himrod, Bob Hol- zinger, Toms Houts, Barbara Knaup, Lynda Lyon, Lynn Mahony. Devon McLaughlin, David Maize, Janice Markman, Paul Michell, Chuck Otto, Janet Palen, Tom Parks, Alan Pivo, Pat PuUen, Neil Schwartz, David Schumaker, Mark Spitler, Susan Stodgel, George Umlauf, Judy Weil, Greg Young. Key Club Under the leadei-ship dI thiir luw .idviscr, Mr. Janus C;iiijp(n. Key Club made the 1964-65 school year their most productive and worthwhile of their short career, according to Jon Hilgei-s, president. Not only did the .si hool, but the entire commu- nity benefitted from the various drives and projects sponsored by the club. The boys were active in such community projects as collecting clothes and school equipment for the needy in flood-ravaged northern California, presenting gifts and Christmas parties at the Albert Silton Home and the Orange County Ceneral Hos- pital, conducting programs for the Fullerton Youth Museum, selling AFS Bonds, and participating in the " Meals for Millions " ovei-sea.s program. At school, the club sponsored the Bemiuda Day dance. f ; C f 4: ROW 1 : Ken Slezak, John Dyer, Bill Brehm, Larr - MacDuff, Larry Comstock, Tom Goodhope, John Hanseon, Mark Collins. ROW 2 : Mr. Crippen, adviser; Jerri- Conradi, Bob Polkinghorn, Mike Dane, Bill Ensign, Terr ' Hackett, Russ Lowe, Rick Barnes, Rod Handsfield, Stan Fuller. ROW 3: Bill Myers, Bob Deshon, Chuck Humphreys, Steve Hartshorn, Bob White, Doug Elwell, Bob Skinner, scrrctar -: John Carlisle, Curt Allen, Wayne Rcdfearn, vice-president; Roily Bell, Tod Bledsoe, treasurer; Kris Mehta. Astronomy Club « i " The Astronomy Club furthered the members ' knowledge and un- derstanding of science. The ac- tivities included studying the solar spectrum, watching films, solving problems related to the field, and making observations through tele- scopes. Members: Allan Stem Jim Holzinger John Ritchey Pep Club Pep Club helped promote school spirit by pub- liiizins; games, planning sports banquets, selling mums at Homecoming and building the Home- coming float. One of the largest clubs on campus. Pep Club is open to the whole student body. Ac- cording to Larry Scott, president, the dub ' s future goals are to " increase interest in minor sports and establish a white-shirt section at basketball games. " Pep Club members included : Larry Scott, pres. : Jody Chamberlain, vice-pres. ; Nancy Nissen, sec.-treas. ; John Dyer, senior rep. ; Gila Berghaus, junior rep. ; Felicia Bielock, soph. rep. : Mary de Mers, fresh, rep. ; Dar ll Albers, Virginia Albrecht, Jill Baker, Bob Beardsley, Margaret Beebe, Lydia Bennett, Cindy Black, Julie Bomke, Ted Boyer, Patty Brown, John Bull, Betsy Burleigh, Wendy Carney, Mary Citrano, Linda Day, Kathv Delahanty, Nancy de Mers, Kirt DoUins, Susananne Dove, Joan Englemann, Greg Fall, Sue Flynn, Geri Guill, Janet Gunn, Matt Henderson, Rick Hendricksen, Chuck Humphreys, Candy Kail, Tom Lee, Pam Neher, Linda Phillips, Chris Pratter, Linda Pur is, . nn Ray, Bob Robbins, Jeff Saltzman, Debbie Smith, Kathy Stoddard, Bill Stone, Tom Stuhley, Nat Theibert, Karen Tison, Sharon Tolle, Ludd Trozpec, Bob Tyma, Chris WhitaJcers, Muffy Willson, Bonnie Wilson, Gail Wilson. [wmmnM iiiHiiiiiliMilH I MUSIC DEPARTMENT Girls ' Chorus llUlliMflflfi! rt tfenrif hiSk p», The members of the Girls ' Chorus under the direclion of Mr. ' aui;han were, ROW 1 : K. Wright, ' . Dicks, C. Hineman, C. Browcr, B. Carle, R. Marshall, C. Blankcn, K. Teson. P. Lovato, N. Cochran, J. Beech. ROW 2 : C. .Mien, P. Stewarl, G. Ensiun, J. Dorris, M. Murphv, C. Miller, J. Perkins, D. Wohlfarih, C Har .v, C. Fraca, B. Wilson, P. ONial, M. B.ll, J. Brandon. ROW .i : . . Ritzman, J. Tabor. . . Zazzaro, L. Williams, S. Flynn, ' . McMahan, J. Bassani, M. Phillips, L. Prais, C. Mack, C. Nelson, M. Tamamian, L. Skidmore, P. Kieley, D. Mitchell. ROW 4: D. Maples, L. Brown, D. Soriano, D. Tomaiuolo, C. Mclvcr, M. Bronsine, M. Reeves, S. Korh. Senior Girls ' Choir ■rs ■: i m.i ' m i Members of the Senior Girls ' Choir Wadsworth, L. Clinijer, B. Lerk. D March, P. Sailer. S MrC:nrtv. I " • L. Scott, -. I.rwis. J. Willi,,: ncluded, ROW 1 : P. Dickev, S. :arper, D Innis, M Sanchez, V. Raines, V. .Mderson, K. Rehbcin, C. Scofield, L. Chilcoat, G. Love, L. Lawrence. ROW 3: S. Pulver, J. Manley, S. Barnes, L. Frazier, D. B,ikrr, J. Eneemann. D 1 .ixoti. .S B.iiii. ' bii. M flodd.ird. I. 1.11.. . . I.-w,s. J. Nelson ' ■■ -A , 4 fS ■ ♦- , -«• t Mk - tW 4 ' Bi ¥% nKLf r u I 4a -... Concert choir gave its first formal per- formances at Christmas. They sang at two local churches and at Sunny Hills. The repertoire consisted of both serious and light Christmas music. In March the choir competed in the district music festival. The climax of the year was their spring concert at school. The choir sang both classical and contemporary music. Their last perfonnances of the year were at bac- calaureate and graduation ceremonies. The choir is directed by Mr. Ray Vaughan. Concert Choir ROW 1 : K. Rehbein, G. Wilson, C. Evans S. Drummv, A. .Achay, D. Nichols, Mr. Vaughan ROW 2: A. Harris, L. Smith, D. Danischen,T;. Bverrum, D. Smith, J. Drummy, P. Chick, J Ledbetter, B. Brauner. ROW 3: C. Holston, S. Finch, C. Wohlfarrtr, C. Kins;, D. Specht, S Sollee, B. Ledbetter, K. Allman, K. AUman, V. Walefy, P- Drummy. OW 4: S. Baughn, M Goddard, B. Knight, W. Wilde, V. Austin, V. Nichols, P. ETfowne, CTHobbs, P. Loope, P. Whalen L. Miller, L. Bennett, R. Beebe, D. Stam. ROW 5: D. Shaw, R. Pollock, S. Henderson, T. Good hope, B. Beardsley, D. Reynolds, E. Yoder, R. Handsfield, G. Sanford, A. Wood, R. Young, G. Slack, W. Hall, L. Piper, ROW 6; J. Atkison, D, Lowrance, S. Craig, K, Stevens, P, Pawlicki, M. Sherman, G. Peabody, L. Balfe, J, Gui, R, Coffman. Orchestra included: Flute; . manda Walery, Kandra Kargo, James Gussow, Oboe; Karen Dickey. Bassoon; Dale Ploung. Clarinet; David Reynolds, Thomas Sawyer. Violins; Diane Randall, Susan DePriester, Judith Weil, Viki Rake. Viola; Cecily Wooters, Linda Schuth. Bass; Walter Delvecchio, Christopher Spurney, Cheryl Calkins, Trumpets; Bill Dickinson, David Rosenfeld, William Galey, Lawrence Jones, Paul Miller. French Horn; Rob- ert Henderson, Mike Ploung. Trombone; Craig Vice, Kirk Spindleman. Baritone; Ron Hill. Tenor Saxophone; James Walraven. Percussion; Tom Walker, Burleigh Skidmore, Matthew Henderson. Piano-Percussion; Shar- lane Finch, Stanley Berry, Kathy Crum. Orchestra The orchestra, conducted by Mr. Gary Lines, participated in many activities. They gave two perfonnances in December, the Christmas Assembly and their winter concert. Other activities included their spring concert at school and competition in the March district music festival at Fullerton Junior College. Many students have furthered their interests and talents in music by performing with this group. WW I. «r ancer Band Lancer Band included: William Andrews, Paul Boeckerman, John Butler, Nancy Clinger, Charles Connor, Chris Conradi, Karen Dickey, Pat Dickey, Robert Duffy, William Eadson, William Finch, Stephen Forsythc, Dean Halvcrson, Thomas Hass, Lorccn Hazel, Jon Hcrmi-s, Louis Jas- person. Penny Kidwell, Crandcl Lanij, Robert Maize, Kevin Maley, Judv McFarland, Albert Nash, Alan Pivo, Dale Ploung, Mike Ploung, Gary Raines, Regina Rake, Jack Regan, Robert Walery, Wendy Walker, Ginger Wallace, James Walraven, Greg Wexler, Theresa Wilcox, Lanidcnise Young, Charles Zacharias, Berry McDaniel, Llorene Willis, Michael Lewis, Linda Zacharias. L Mr. Gary Lines Band Director One of the more colorful aspects of Sunny Hills has been the Lancer Marching Band. Under a new music director, Mr. GaiT Lines, the band ex- ecuted several half-time shows, ranging in theme from the 1890 Chicago World ' s Fair to " Pins and Pens. " The band also presented a concert in Decem- ber and planned to attend the District Music Festival in the spring. They participated in several school events including the Christmas assembly. They also marched in parades with the drill team and their aux- iliary groups. The band has contributed to the increased spirit and pride of the student body in their school. Kneeling: Sandy Lehmer, Marsha McClanahan, Peggy Scaling. Standing: Linda Battle, Bonnie Knight, Penny Okey. ROW 1: Sue Wadsworth, Robin Call, Gayle Evans. ROW 2: Chris Merlo, Diana Nunlist, Nancy Jacobson. Officers: Pat Powers, secretary; Jan Cady, president: Shar- on Kiloh, co-leader; Annetta Maples, co-leader: Judy Hel- ler, social chairman: Marcia Truesdell, points chairman. Karren Silletto, kneeling, flanked by Mary Lou Emerson, Nancy Wansor, Mary Daley, Jeanne Christianson, and Nancy Chute. «y Kneeling: Linda Phillips, Dorothy Eggerts, Jenny Allen. Standing: Jan Reinert, Jan Powers, Mimi Muse. LANCELLES Doing things a different way seemed to be a keynote to the 1964-1965 Lancelles. The entire group participated in organizing the routines for the four half-time shows. For the first time the drill team used precision drills as part of their performances. Another no elty was that there were co- leaders instead of one leader. ■■ -mjj -J .V Pictured: Judy Heller, Marsha Eady, Pam Lewis, Chris .Mien. K.indi Smith, Lvndn Chapman. I ACTIVITIES Mb -r ■ ■ m • -- ' i;- ' a d ammmmimMmmiim 4. hAi jcmi ■t ' " hM SEPTEMBER 10 Big and Little Sister Day 14 School opened with 2.250 in attondami- 18 Stag " Hello " Dance 20 JV Yell Leaders chosen 23 First Assembly, " Introduc tion of Officers " 25 Football season opener with Buena Park OCTOBER 2 Stag dance after Fullerton football game 16 Stag dance after Villa Park game 18 Victory for Song Leaders, Flag Twiri- ers, and Majorettes at El Monte 30 Homecoming Royalty chosen 31 Football victory over Rancho NOVEMBER 6 Homecoming victory over Tustin 7 Dance after Homecoming CALENDAR 1 Atomic Energy Assembly DECEMBER ;i Fall Sports Banquet 5 Basketball vie toi-y over Fullerton 1 1 Junior rings arrived 12 Varsity speech team took sweepstakes 16 Christmas Assembly 17 Drama Christmas Program. " While the Spirit Lingers " 18 " Santa ' s Ball, " Christmas Formal; Christmas vacation began. Varsity basketball team took 2nd place in La Habra tournament JANUARY 4 Basketball victory over Bolsa Grande 8 Basketball victory over Lowell 15 Freshman Playnight 16 Speech Tournament and Banquet iM ' R 1964-1965 7 Talent Assembly 29 Scxk Hop alter basketball ictoi-y over Magnolia 9 Spring Formal 28 Pep Squad Candidate Assembly 30 Junior Playnight KKBRUAR - 5 Basketball gaim- witli Ranc ho MAY 6 District Drama Festival 13 Spring Sports Banquet 9 Assembly with John Goddard 14 Sophomore Playnight 27 GIF wrestling finals 19 Combination Music Festival MARCH 26 Awards Assembly, Choir Concert 2 Baseball game and track meet with 28 GAA Sports Banquet Magnolia 29 Junior-Senior Prom 5 Girl Date Dance, " Hayseed Hop " 8 Donkey Basketball Game 1 1 Winter Sports Banquet JUNE 1 2 Modem Dance Program 3 FFA Banquet and Awards 19 District Music Festival 4 Thespian Initiation and Awards 26 Freshman Playnight Banquet 13 Baccalaureate APRH. 17 School Closes 2 Senior Playnight 18 Graduation. Senior Party f M c o M I N G 64 5 v — . •• •- r Students and alumni gather to cheer the winning touchdown. Male cheerleaders eagerly help royalty from the float. Queen Joan lui ns in siniU- at her es( ort. Bill Dicki Lancers carry the ball to a 19-13 victory over Tustin. Couples uait in lino to i lu ' ( k thcii lo.iiv ,ii d |hhso! Slaiuia and Hill cnlci Uirough the nifgapli. Students help decorate the gym before the dance. PRINCESS Margaret Mclver PRINCESS Su Carnahan PRINCESS Margaret Beebe PRINCESS Susan Baughn HOMECOMING ROYALTY The third annual Homecoming game was highlighted by the crowning of Joan Miller during halftime activities at Buena Park Stadium. She was attended by prin- cesses Margaret Beebe, Susan Baughn, Su Carnahan and Margaret Mclver. This was the first year that the five finalists have been selected by the football team, then voted upon by the student body. QUEEN Joan Miller r " " »r 7iT ir BERMUDA DAY TlffffTi " 1 i2£X, ' Yoo hoo . . . C-L-A-Y-T-O-N!!! " The Varsity Club-sponsored donkey basketball game with Fullerton ended in a 30-28 victory for the Lancers. Merle Peterson, as Madame Arcati, prepares to conduct a seance in Noel Coward ' s comedy Blithe Spirit, presented by the drama department March 26 and 27. . ( i t L r 1 i e J, .- ' ' Hfe SlC__ b )l U i m g Mm» m ■■ i f w i k Gordon Reinsch Awards Levy, Jim Wagner, Alar display their wrestling Banquet. Jackley, Darrell Albers and basketball trophies and from Bill the Noon rallies add spirit and enthusiasm to many Lancer games. VK.- ESyTtfl ca Banquet. Volleyball is just one of the many a(ti ities in vhi( h students parti( ipate during (lass play nights. The spotlight is on the modern dance classes as they perform in the Dance Spectrum, presented March 12. ASSEMBLIES X f L SPRING - ' KING TOD BLEDSOE AND QUEEN DEBBIE WESTLUND I ROYALTY DAWN AMBRIDGE SENIOR PRINCESS JUDY HELLER JUNIOR PRINCESS JAN BAUER HOLLY CRESSWELL SOPHOMORE PRINCESS FRESHMAN PRINCESS SPRING FORMAL Stag Dances The Sunny Hills gym was filled to capacity this year as students gathered for stag dances after football and basketball games. Lan( crs kicked off their shoes to dance to the beat of top bands: the Electras, the De- toui-s. and the Three F PROM m t r -s m ■ 4 I ■- S ' 1 ' ' ju i» Yell Leaders Pictured : Dick Lippi, Debbie Westlund, John Dyer, Terri Wagner, " Frenchy " Pr Song Leaders Flag Twirlers ROW 1; Jan Bauri, Madclainc Clampbcll. ROW 2: l.vnn.- I ' .io, .,11. L.xic Mait.un-. Dawn Panvtt. The Vvp Hand ' s main responsibility was U perform at all pep rallies. They also played at football and basketball games where they added to the spirit of the occasion. Pictured: Paul Nash, Dave Rosenleld. Bill Dickinson, Fred Bozier, Steve Van- geldcr, Tom Walker, Chris Conradi, Jeff Salzsman, Steve Balgrosky, Craig Viie, Dave Reynolds. Connie Tumquist Majorettes f " - iik a igi Majorettes display one of their performini; loutincs. After receiving first place at a majorette per- formance contest, the Lancer majorettes competed at district and regional contests. In addition to these achievements, they performed at all home football half-times and at all pep rallies. Vicki Stowt JV Yell Leaders JV Yell Leaders helped add more spirit and en- thusiasm at ail JV foot- ball and basketball games. In addition to this they also perfomied at all of the Varsity Water Polo games. Cathy Strcech Ginnv Austin — Hiad Julie Twombly Debbie Hall Bctkv Sessions !, ' t Mascot JV ' s display one of the many group yell positions. Banner Carriers Lancer pepster, Kathy Burke, performed and created spirit at all football and basketball games. ROW 1 : Stephanie Brown, Paulette Braune, Gardyn Pieicesa, Becky Sessions, Bev Brauner, Margaret Wilson. ROW 2: Cynthia Byerrum, Arlene Fisher, Debbie Smith, Becquie Hollis, Leslie Miller. J m Coach Barnett Coach Larson Coach Payne Football Co-( aptains Bob White and Jon Hilgeis The Lancer football team, under the leadership of its new head coach, Cecil Crow, compiled the second best record in the school ' s history as it finished with a 3-6 record and placed third in league. Assisting Coach Crow were back coach Garner Barnett, line coach Wayne Payne and end coach Don Larson. After losing their first three games, the Lancers rebounded with a 26-13 drubbing of Villa Park. Next, the Lancers suffered a one point loss to the eventual Crestview League champions, Santiago. The team bounced back as it upset one of the league favorites, Rancho Alamitos, 7-0. It was the first shutout in over three seasons. Next on the line was the Homecoming contest with Tustin, which proved to be victorious for the Lancers as they came through with an e.xciting 19-13 victory. The team was co-captained by Jon Hilgers and Bob White. Hilgers was named the most valuable player while Wayne Redfearn was se- lected as the most improved player. Skip Allen also received recogni- tion as the most inspirational player of the year. Three players were selected for the all-league team this year. Among them was senior Wayne Redfearn, who was selected as offensive right end. The two others were juniors Bob Hawk and Larry MacDuff as offensive center and defensive left end, respectively. MacDuff and Bob Hiskey will co-captain next year ' s team. Sunny Hills 13 Sunnv Hills Sunny Hills Sunnv Hills 26 Sunny Hills 19 Sunny Hills 7 Sunny Hills 19 Sunny Hills 6 Sunnv Hills 6 26 Buena Park 21 Fullerton 12 Huntington Beach 13 Villa Park 20 Santiago Rancho 13 Tustin 28 Magnolia 18 La Habra All-League playeis were Hob Hawk, Wayne Redfeain, and Larry XLuDuff. The most valuable player was Jon Hilgers; most in and most inspirational player, Skip Allen. i ' d ijlaver. VVavne Redfearn; Quarterback Terry Hackett rolls around right end as fullback Rick Raczka prepares to cut down would-be Oiler tackier. Oiler ball carrier is met by a host of Lancer tacklers- Wayne Redfearn, Jim Wagner, and Jon Hilgers ; Bill Ensign approaches to aid in the play. ff . ' Jt. iJInii fi iT- rQjU ' ifidkk i-g . .- -j-.;«T ; The ARSriV team i.uludcd, ROW 1: Slrvr FitZk;ciald, Jot- O ' MalU-v, loin Luccnti, Paul Kaiimp, BUI Pui is, Randv Thomas, Bill Hughes, Clint Holeman, Ed Dvgi-rt, Tom McCuuhen, Steve Wheeler, Mike Frost, Rick Razcka, Sieve Larson. Rt)W 2: Coach Pavnc, Coach Harnett, Tom Sawyer, ' ic Rcinking, Ken Slczak, Stan Fuller, Gar - Bowden, Bob Hawk, Larr - Russell, Roily Bell, Terry Hackett, Rick Stiefcl, Bob Polkinghorn, Jerry Conradi, Jim Vagner, Bill Freund. ROW ;( : Mark Clark, Mgr., Run Moreau, Bob Hiskev, Jack Barth, Jon Hilgers, Larry MacDuff, Bob Barrington, John Brimble, Bill Ensign, Steve Hartshorn, Bob White, Skip Allen, Wayne Rcdfearn, Randy Byrnes, Doug Duncanson, C:oach Crow. ROW 4: Lowell Baker, Bob Boone, David Conover, Bill Warnock, Don Moore, Bill Naycs, Henrv Mitchell, Mark Geiss, Tom CJoodhope, Frank Cox, Mike Mansel, Jeff Stair, Kendall Mills, Tom Fekete, Eric Schullz. Lancers have every reason to be proud of their JV foot- ball learn. Coached by Gamer Barnett and Don Larson, they captured the league crown, going undefeated in all their games, " These were a terrific group of boys who re- fused to go down in defeat. They fought back, at times against tremendous odds, and well deserved the champion- ship, " declared Coach Barnett. Sunny Hills 26 Sunny Hills 13 Sunny Hills 26 Sunny Hills 20 Sunny Hills 7 Sunnv Hills 19 Sunnv Hills 27 Sunny Hills 19 13 Buena Park H. B. Marina 13 Villa Park 19 Santiago Rancho Alamitos 13 Tustin 6 Magnolia 7 La Habra The JUNIOR varsity team included, ROW I : Eric Schultz, Randy Thomas, Kendall Mills, Tom Lucenti, Rick Ra cka, Jeff Stair, Henrv Mitchell, Paul Kaump, Coach Barnett ROW . ' ■ Ton. Gcodhope, Tom Kekete, Bill Nayes, Bill Purs is, Don Moore. Larr Russell, Mark Geiss, Steve Wheeler. a ! 7Q Bob Bairington mOA i - orh f 7 SI John Brimble 190 Uni 4 Lettermen MLAt Slc c Fitzgerald ? Bill Knsign ,P Mike Frost Randv ' nionias «j. c= ' -»{r! i -«-?i- l ' ROW 1: David Cox, Mike Berry, Mik, s ,,,,!,, l ' ,,,| M.i.hrll, M,,,k Collins, .], H.msr,., |,„ I Hobbs, Dana Smitt, Dann Vanderw.ill, I ' un I ' l ula, Bukc St.nmluc.Ti, lom Dochninn, R..rid Smith, Robert Berry. ROW 2: Dale Spitler, Don Southcrnland, Phil Allan, Greg Westphalen, Tom Douglas, Greg Sanderson, Buddy Sutton, David Rechnitzer, Dave Perrone, Gordon Carter, Randy McDonald, Russell Lowe, William Cords. ROW 3: Coach Mitchell, Tom Kerr, Dan Barron, Robert Case, Steve Bernhard, Johnny Hughes, Doug Rowe, Mike Huskins, Mark Young, Pat Conover, John Ashman, Bob Parker, Richard Weese, Chris Dabbs, Bill Merriam, Coach Hawk. B Football The Bee football team, headed by Coaches Russell Hawk andLeRoy Mitchell, had a challenging season. Placing third in league, the team began to show much improvement and promise in their victory over Tustin. The captains of the team included Jack Hobbs, John Hansen, Dana Smitt and Paul Mitchell, while Randy McDonald was voted the most valuable player. Sunny Hills Sunny Hills 38 Sunny Hills 6 Sunny Hills 6 Sunny Hills 2 Sunny Hills Sunny Hills 19 Sunny Hills 19 Sunny Hills 7 9 Buena Park 6 FuUerton 3 Huntington Beach 7 Villa Park 14 Santiago 29 Rancho 13 Tustin Magnolia 7 La Habra Coach Mitchell Coach Hawk Bill Cords kicks for PAT after Lancer touchdown. R ' W : Ink 1-; ' ,,1:.|, K.r, ( ,,,., (,,r. Dill, I ' .nil Fa. ins, I ' ,,llr,s,in H.UIS Whltr I..n IV Kinsman,,- Snnth, nu ,■ Srion.-aux, Stuart Case, Paul (;ough. ROW : Mark Onnseth, I red Weber, Jim Calkins, Jon Hennes, Ross Schultz, Mike Slaffieri, Mike McConnell, Mike Taylor, Jim Gronwall, Joe Petak, Lonnie Ware, Jeff Yoder. ROW 3: Coach Barr, Tec Groom, Bob Mcrrit, Kent Evans, Crai? Childress, Jim Bindofer, Scott Henderson, GrcR McClure, Dana Clor, Bill Pittman, Bob Bernhard, David Seidlitz, Bob Hill, Fred Goddard, Cloach McCall Most Valuablr Pla C Football - life M- Mti The Cue football team, loai hed by Gordon Mc- Call and Bob Barr, posted a 6-3 season mark and a 3-2 league mark to take third place in the Crest- view League. The outstanding players were Mike Staffieri. Steve Bernhard. Craig Childress, Fred Goddard, Bob Hill. Mike McConnell. Kent Evans, Jon Hermes. Tee Groom, Jeff Yoder, Greg Mc- Clure, and Jim Bindofer. The most valuable player award went to Scott Henderson. For the first seven games the first string defense was scored upon only once. Sunny Hills Sunnv Hills Sunnv Hills Sunnv Hills Sunnv Hills Sunnv Hills Sunny Hills .Sunnv Hills Sunny Hills 6 7 Buena Park Lynwood Huntington Beach 7 Villa Park n Santiago .. Rancho Alamitos Tustin 13 Magnolia 25 La Habra Coach McCall Coach Barr i. Scott Hciideisoii dri cs 1 " i Bindofer for a touchdown. It. nu. .„ Ju, The varsity cross u)unti team included Done; Klwell. iii.inager, John Gardner, Greg Beam, Clark Jordan, Jim Follett, Gcoige, Jini Flint, Dave Smith, Jack Ketchem, and Coach Bill Lingenfclder. Varsity Ties for Fifth Cross country 1964 might be termed a building year as juniors dominated the varsity squad that tied with Mag- nolia for the fifth place berth in the Crestview League. Only three senior lettermen, John Carlisle, Carl Loeffel- hardt, and George Wickman, returned from the 1963 team that finished third in league. This year ' s squad was co- captained by two seniors, Jim Follett and George Wickman. Doug Elwell managed the combined varsity and junior var- sity team and veteran coach Bill Lingenfelder put the dis- tance-men through training and meets. Jim Flint, a junior who crossed the finish line first for the Lancers three times and second twice, was voted the most valuable player. The varsity squad saved itself from a lonely cellar in the league finals. They had lost to Magnolia, 23-32, on the final Friday of dual competition, but on the following Wednesday the Lancers placed in front of the Sentinels to prompt the tie. In cross countiy the low score wins. The first five finishers from each school determine the tallying. If one team would sweep the first five places, for instance, they would have 15 points. The places taken are simply added. To be in shape for the weekly two-mile races and daily workouts of up to eight miles, cross country sportsmen must work out during the summer. This involves daily running around town, on the track, and through the hills. Sunny Hills ' course includes a series of hills and was the site of the GIF prelims. The races start at the south end of the track and continue one-half mile completely around the athletic field. But that is just the start. The route crosses the baseball diamond in the Hughes recreation area and winds through two hills on the Hughes ' property. The race concludes with another lap of the athletic field for the iwo-mile total. Crestview Standings La Habra Highlanders Tustin Tillers Santiago Cavaliers Rancho Vaqueros Sunny Hills Lancers Magnolia Sentinels Dual Meet Scores Sunny Hills 46 Sunny Hills 50 Sunny Hills 42 Sunny Hills 41 Sunny Hills 39 Sunny Hills 34 Sunny Hills 46 Sunny Hills 32 16 Fullerton 15 Westminster 17 Marina 20 La Habra 16 Santiago 21 Rancho 15 Tustin 23 Magnolia " Don ' t let them break away, and then catch them on the hills. " Coach Bill Lingenfelder gives senior Chris Spurney a few hints just before the varsity run against Santiago. The visiting Cavaliers won 16-39 in the league meet. Clark Jordan recuperates in the chute after a gruelling run against La Habra. Clark, a junior, finished third for the Lancers. ll.-tt .uid ji.,1 Finn s,,ulr It ,,ut .,lir, thr,, half mile before hitting the liills bt-yond the trac k. Sunny Hills ' iwn mile course is con- sidered the toughest Crestview League route. Coach Bill Linsfcnfelder talks to three of his varsity runners, Carl Loeffelhardt, Jim Follett, and Clark Jordan, before the start of the La Habra race. The Highlanders beat the Lancers, 20-4 L Among those honored at the Fall Spoils Banciuct were Jim Follett and George Wickman, varsity cross country captains, and Jim Flint, who was voted the most aluable player by the varsity team. r Chris Spurney and Phil Fortin prove that size is not the deciding factor for cross country success. p4«£M1 nfl JV ' s Take Fourth Dual Meet Scores Sunnv Hill Sunnv Hill Sunny Hill: Sunnv Hill Sunny Hill Sunny Hill: Sunny Hill: Sunnv Hill- IB Fulk-rton 1 " ) Westminster 1 ' ) Marina 19 La Habra 21 Santiago 33 Rancho 17 Tustin 47 Magnolia Feet taped, knee bandaged, and tired after the two mile rare, Danny Sparks jogs through the chute after the I.a Habra junior varsitv run. ROW 1 : Phil Fortin, Ron Krcnzln, Grec; Lcisz, Dale .Ammon, Danny Sparks, Bob Dcshon, Don Peterson, Larry- Jones, Ludie .Sniret, Ron Srhumaker. ROW 2: Chris Hansen, Doug Elwell, Dave Leggit, Vern Smith, Churk Dell ' .Xrio, John Carlisle, Chris Spurncy, Tom Martinet, Russ Howell, ReKg Reside, Coach Bill Lingenfelder. . ' Xi . Varsity Water Polo The Sunny Hills varsity water polo team ended the 1964 season with a 3-1 record tor league and an 8-4 record in overall season competition. The varsity team scored 146 times for an average of 12.2 per game, while allowing 93 goals, 7.8 per game. The one loss in league was by one goal to La Habra. This defeat gave La Habra the league championship. For the all-league first team five of the seven players were from the SH team. These players, elected by the other league teams, were Mark Smitt, John Durall, Mike Bland, Jim Haw- ley, and Bob Young. John Durall was not only a member of the all-league team but was team cap tain, October player-of-the-month, and most valu able player for the season. For the second year ir a row, Mark Smitt was leading scorer for the var sity team. He was also the leading three-year tota scorer with 119 goals. Mark was named player-of the-month for November. Jim Hawley was the sec ond highest scorer for the season and was also sec ond in three-year total scores with 107. Jim had the distinction of being the fint Sunny Hills water polo player to receive honorable mention in GIF Andy Fall, the only sophomore on the vanity squad, was voted the most improved player on the squad. B01T0M ROW: Harry Schechtcr, Greu Fall, Glun Brown, Russ Mirritl, Rick Hcndrikscn, Bob Young. ROW L ' : CoarhCarhart.Mark Smilt, David Bennett, Mike Bland, Captain John Durall, Mark Thompson, Chuck LeBon, Manager John Zacharias, Rick Wilson. ROW 3: Randy Condict, Gordon MacPherson, Steve Crocker, Ron Toinlinson, Bob Kazabcc, George De N ' rics, Jim Hawlcy. B John Durall Captain Most Valuable Player ' f-V Ui ' Vf All-league players were: John Dui jU, Maik iinitt, Mike Bland, Jim Hawley, Bob Young. amn Bees and Cees i -:$ ROW 1: Mark Oliver, Mike McMillen, Bill Lang, Kris Mehta, Stan Harris. ROW 2: Coach Carhart, Paul Erickson, Captain Bill Meyer, Bill Thrall, Managers Kirk Spindelman, Jim Catlin. ROW 3: Jeff Rawlins, Rob Graffis, Dave Graber, Steve Sotnick, Joe Dietrich. Bill Meyer Captain John Sotnick Most Valuable Player wamm In the final game of the 1964 water polo season the Sunny Hills Bee team defeated La Habra to win the league championship. The most consistent scorer for the Bees was Mark Oliver with a 56 r scoring average. Mark was also named November player-of-the-month. John Sotnick was voted the most valuable player of the 1964 season by his team-mates. John was also the highest scorer for the Bee team. Team captain of Bees was Bill Meyer. First-string goalie, Bill Thrall, most valu- able player of the Cees in 1963, stopped 64 ' ' r of the goals attempted while he was in the cage. The final season record of the Sunny Hills Bee team was 10-2. • ' y League Champs i . John Kent Captain l)k k Chard Most Valuable Playi In the 1964 season, Sunny Hills Cec water polo team suffered its only loss to Newport Harbor, by one goal. As for league play, Sunny Hills was league hanipion with a 4-0 record. Dick Chard, voted most valuable player of the 1964 season by his teammates, was the highest scorer in Cee action. Dick was also named the November player- of-the-month. First-string goalie, Pat Collins, was named the player-of-the-month for October. Greg Nolan successfully scored 1 ' ' ( of the goals he at- tempted. Team captain, John Kent, made 49 7 of his goal ailempts. The Cees ended the season with an ll-I record, scoring 113 goals (9.4 per game) and allowed only 65 goals (5.4 per game). ROW 1 : Eric Sanders, Jon Erickson, John Moulton, Joe Kohnen, Charles Zacharias. ROW 2 : C;oach Carhart, Glen Dalton, Luke Achay, Dick Chard, Captain John Kent, GrcR Nolan, Steve Weiss, Dan Laws. ROW 3: Warren Stcurcr, Brad Rawlins, Phil Kahn, Bill Bo.x , Rex Malott, Jim Cooke, Pat Collins, Mike Cosgriff. aaaiuii T WX , . 9 43 i f V-V Remember December 4? Sunny Hills 62 Fullerton 54 Basketball 1_ We Beat: Fullerlon 62 j4 Villa Park 88 59 Pioneer 79 65 Sierra 63 61 Los Altos 63 56 South Hills 69 47 Bolsa Grande 95 64 Lowell 78 54 Santa Fe 85 57 Huntington Bearh 72 64 Westminister 80 70 Santiago 66 46 Tustin 74 55 Magnolia 73 61 Santiago 78 57 Tustin " 82 63 Magnolia 75 63 Fullerton 30 28 L LOW 1: Manager Bob Reinsch, Manager Kent Wiese, Chuck Humphreys, Darrell Albers, loin an Home, Alan Jackley, Dale Smith, Chuck Westgate, Mike Frost, Bill Brehm, Coach Rus ' i Hawk. ROW 2; Jim DuHamel, Steve Hartshorn, Larry Comstock, Bob Robbins, Frank tlox, Wayne Redfearn, Bill Reinsch. Never has Sunny Hills had a basketball team with so muih determination, drive, team-work, talent and success. The 1964-65 varsity squad left behind a season that will be hard to equal or sur- pass. They started out by beating Fullerton and went on to take seeond place in the La Habra Christmas tournament and the semi-finals consola- tion round of the many-teamed Covina tourna- ment. Entering league with an 11-4 record, the varsity played to the wild and happy cheering of the Sunny Hills crowds, crowds that even filled the gym on Tuesday afternoon games. But after three st raight league wins, the Lancers were de- feated by Rancho and La Habra, a pattern that repeated itself in the second round of play. In that final round the Lancers needed a win over La Habra to have a shot at a GIF berth, but the Highlanders won in the last 30 seconds of the game to smother GIF hopes. Gaptains Darrell Albers and Bill Reinsch were the two big men for the team. Junior guard Larry Gomstock was the club ' s speedy play-maker who totaled 187 season points. Bill Brehm, the other junior on the sc|uad, developed a deadly shot from the comer. Often exploding for 15 points. Bill hit 43 ' r from the floor and totaled 201 points. Center Alan Jackley was second only to Albers in the re- bound department and also amassed 148 points. Ghuck Westgate ' s 61 ' r free throw average and 47 " f field goal average added to the sc|uads scor- ing punch. Sunny Hills ' talented starters were backed by one of the league ' s strongest benches. Steve Hartshorn saw a lot of late season action, and guards Jim DuHamel and Bob Robbins both played over 30 quarters. Frank Cox, Mike Frost, Chuck Humphreys, Wayne Redfearn, and Tom VanHorne rounded out the team that averaged 69.5 points a game and ran up a 17-8 season record. Coach Russ Hawk is flanked by his two varsity cap- tains, Darrell Albers and Bill Reinsc h, two of the reasons for Sunny Hills ' record-breaking and win-studded year. Darrell, " Mr. Inside, " is set urely in the record books. He topped every major scoring and rebounding department for the season. Darrell averaged 48 ' ' from the floor, sank 67 from the free throw line, picked off 115 of- fensive rebounds and 132 defensive rebounds, and scored a record 38 points against La Habra. Darrell averaged 18.9 points a game, and his 471 point total surpasses the previous schcxsl record by 186 points. Voted most valuable player by his teammates, the .senior was also honored as a member of the Crestview League first team. Bill Reinsch, " Mr. Outside, " is also securely in Sunny Hills basketball history. Second only to Darrel, Bill hit 40 ' ;f from the floor and 60 ' ' r from the line His 10.4 game average added up to 262 points for the sea.son. The senior guard was voted to the all league second team. fi -fvi4 .llv:54yj ROW 1 : Coach Hal V.illa .-, Tom UtxxJhopc, Bill Morgan, Bill Ensign, Mike Ochii, Ron Pitts, Steve Gilbertson, Shannon Rhodes, Dan Endrcsen. ROW 2: Captain terry Hackett, Bill Puriis, Mike Phillips, Gary Gentr ' , Gene Fernandez, Manager Paul Mitchell. JV Basketball •..•:«V ' Lfd bv lVii- - Ha( kett and Bill Knsie;n , the junior varsitv basket- Ito IV d C " ball squad won 80 r of their non-k ague games but had to settle B - J. F.I r tfi for a third place ( 5-5 ) finish in thf ough Crestview League. After ■H JcfeffA 1; H knocking; off Fullerton in the first contest of the year, the JV ' s f S j oAh M staved on the path and defeated sever of their next eight opponents. i m JT j iMmrkr m La Habra finished first in the leagu e standings and was the onlv nC. W ' d I A league foe the Lancers did not deft at at least once. Sunny Hills }M ' nift F fH and Rancho tied for third behind Magnolia. V - ' iv BB Mi ' GaiT Gentrv. Bill Pur is. Shannon Rhodes and Gene Fernandez iiflnT f usuallv rounded out the starting line-up. Mike Phillips, Kendall Mills and Mike Dehn supplied most of the bench power. Bill Ik l VflB a1 gkJ Ensign was the season ' s high scorer ith 304 points. Captain Terrv im. t V mm .m ' fl Hackett tallied 214 points during the season. Coached bv Hal VVal- limmmkmX i lace and managed bv Paul Mitchell and Scott Stewart, the jV team Im mrMMAr ym VI compiled an over-all record of 13-7. 1 Season Record ik b1: ». v C J iHl 10 ] 1 . ' i Bill Morgan and Gary Gentry struggle for a rebound in the Buena Park game which the Sunnv Hills 4.T . ' lb 1-ullerton Sunnv Hills 76 42 Villa Park Sunnv Hills 68 47 .... Buena Park Sunnv Hills 68 41 Lakewood Sunnv Hills 49 63 Los Altos • Sunnv Hills 68 54 .. Bolsa Grande ir Sunnv Hills 87 66 Lowell ▼A Sunnv Hills 68 35 Santa Fe ' Ml S3 a Sunnv Hills 58 54 Huntington R. m k A i- Sunnv Hills 39 43 .... Westminster KWKl ' l V P H KH Sunnv Hills 63 61 Santiago % .. I K9 Sunnv Hills 54 49 Tustii. B lw i H SsI Sunnv Hills 40 54 Magnolia lrrJm i m nf « -f Sunnv Hills 53 65 La Habra rawwi r tm ■ mw f Sunnv Hills 60 73 Rancho mmmi m Im i Sunnv Hills 66 63 Santiago D r A 1 ml 11 f ' . Sunnv Hills 41 55 Tustin l m Mk J mx 1.1 4 Ar Surmv Hills 73 61 Magnolia 3 B4CMjM y ' Sunnv Hills 39 56 La Habra Mmt f - ' jr Tm , __ _ Sunnv Hills 60 55 Rancho Terrv Ha( kett fights lor (oiitiol ot the hall while Bill Ensign and Garv Gentrv come in to help. Hai k •tt went on to score 1 1 points in the game. 209 ROW 1 : Wayne Pitzler, Bob Armstrong, Tom Doue;las, Vic Starow, Nick Bowman, Mike Bryan, Mark Young, Coach Gene Martin. RC)W 2: John Ashman, Steve Shepard, John HuRhes, Bill Cords, Russ Lowe, Bob Butler, Bob Wheeler. John Hughes drives in for two points after stealing the ball. Bee Basketball Although they beat La Habra in both meetings, the Bee basket- ball squad tied with the Highlanders for the Crestview League title. In non-league games, the Bee team lost only to Santa Ana Valley as they carried a 17-2 record to the final game of the season against Rancho. The Vaqueros, however, edged the Lancers in overtime, 48-46, to prompt the first place tie with La Habra. Coach Martin ' s scjuad was led by Bill Cords, most valuable player, and regular high scorer. Captain Russ Lowe was the team ' s regular center. John Hughes, Bob Case, Nick Bowman, and Vic Starow were other key men. Buck Young managed the champion Bees. Season Record Sunny Hills .. ... 42 41 Fullerton Sunny Hills .. ... 70 28 Villa Park Sunny Hills ... 69 38 .... Buena Park Sunny Hills . .. 60 52 ... Costa Mesa Sunny Hills .. ... 58 74 Santa Ana Sunny Hills . ... 48 27 Lowell Sunny Hills . ... 59 58 . Bolsa Grande Sunny Hills . . . 65 38 Santa Fe Sunny Hills .. ... 72 71 Huntington B. Sunny Hills .. ... 51 48 ... Westminster Sunny Hills .. ... 56 50 Santiago Sunny Hills .. ... 72 76 Tustm Sunny Hills .. ... 46 31 Magnolia Sunny Hills .. ... 58 44 La Habra Sunny Hills .. ... 66 52 Rancho Sunny Hills .. ... 73 41 Santiago Sunny Hills .. ... 52 33 Tustm Sunny Hills .. ... 58 29 Magnolia Sunny Hills .. ... 42 39 La Habra Sunny Hills .. .. 46 48 Rancho Russ Lowe goes up for a shot, but has it blocked. John Hughes, John Ashman, and Vic Starow are Lancers assisting the play. ROW 1 : Manager, Warren Steurer, Stuart Case, Hank Woodroine, Mike Staffieri, Ron Hoeckcr, Alan Hildebrand, Paul Bocckerman, manager; Coach Leroy Mitchell. ROW 2: Craig Harge- sheimer, Mike McConnell, Chuck Cox, Scott Henderson, John Wyatt, Carl Merritt, Craig Childress, Jim Bindofer, Tee Groom. Cee Basketball The Cee Basketball team, captained by Carl Meriitt and Mike Staffieri and loachcd by I.eRoy Mitchell, captured second place in the league. They posted a season mark of 1 7-5 and a league mark of 8-2. They were led by Craig Childress who averaged 11.3 points per game and made 243 rebounds. Mike Staffieri contributed 51 assists. The Cees averaged 44.1 points per game while holding the opposition to 29.8 points per game. Season Record Sunny Hills Sunny Hills Sunny Hills Sunny Hills Sunny Hills Sunny Hills Sunny Hills Sunny Hills Sunny Hills Sunnv Hills Sunny Hills Sunny Hills Sunny Hills Sunny Hills Sunny Hills Sunnv Hills Sunny Hills Sunny Hills Sunny Hills Sunnv Hills Sunnv Hills Sunnv Hills 39 23 Kullerton 49 18 Villa Park 40 21 .. Buena Park 54 36 Savannah 34 39 Norwalk 51 34 Savannah 46 24 Nor valk 47 24 .. Bolsa Grande 43 47 Lxjwell 47 33 Santa Fe 49 28 Huntington B. 30 32 .. Westminister 57 36 Santiago 39 21 Tustin 50 28 Magnolia 40 46 La Habra 46 31 Rancho 47 28 Santiago 47 27 Tustin 48 19 Magnolia 26 30 La Habra 41 30 Ran hn Craig Childress attempts a lay-up. but the shot missed. Scott Henderson pic ked up the rebound for the Lancer Cees. Carl Merrill s block his aides. C. is; c: « o i B n o Coach Larson The VARSITY team included, ROW 1 : Pat Goode, Tom Machos, Mike Hopton, Doug Stanley, Gordon Levy, Mike Gaggia, Mike Malone. ROW 2 : Gary Bowden, Vic Reinking, Skip Allen, David Conover, Bill Freund, Jack Hobbs, Jim Wagner. Wrestling The Varsity wrestling team, under the leadership of Coach Larson and Coach Payne, finished their season plac- ing third in the league. The team was able to send an experienced group of matnien to the all-league finals in which Gordon Levy, Jim Wagner, Skip Allen, Gary Bow- den, Bill Freund, and Pat Goode placed. Levy and Wagner, placing first, went to the CIF prelims. The Junior Varsity, with an 11-1 record, placed first in league. George Peabody and Henry Mitchell wen- unde- feated. o « ' Coach Payne p » f? , ® L ® a The JUNIOR VARSITY team included, ROW 1 : Andy Sils, David Alexander, Bob Flanders, Bob Greiner, Henry Mitchell, George Peabody, Tom Lee, Chet Nelson, John Hansen. ROW 2 : Mark Gaggia, Greg Westphalen, Mike Pugh, Steve Peterson, Doug Elwell, Tom McCutchen, Pal Conover, Dick Lippi, John Atkison, David Dahlstrom. Not pictured: Bob Parkman and H( Varsity Win Sunnv Hills 2: Sunnv Hills 29 Sunnv Hills 29 Sunnv Hills 42 Sunnv Hills 20 Sunnv Hills 25 Sunnv Hills 31 Sunnv Hills 25 Sunnv Hills 35 Sunnv Hills 20 Sunnv Hills 14 Sunnv Hills 21 for a takf-down. Loss Record 33 Pacific 24 Fullerton 24 Bolsa 10 Buena Park 23 Western 26 Lowell 16 Tustin 24 Garden Grove 14 La Habra 28 Santiago 29 Magnolia 29 Rancho Hobbs tries for a stand-up switch on Stanley. Reinking applies a chic ken wing to Allen ' s ami. r Allen sets up Reinking for a fireman ' s carry. The Varsity squad included, ROW 1 : Tom Lee, Steve Crocker, Gregg Fall, Vern Fotheringham, Al Johnson. ROW 2: Coach Carhart, Jim Hawley, Rick Wilson, Mike Bland, Mark Smitt, Russ Merritt, Rick Hendriksen, co-captain; Kris Mehta, manager. ROW 3: John Durall, co- captain; Ron Tomlinson, Randy Condict, Bob Kazebee, George DeVries, John Zacharias, manager; Andy Fall. Rick Hendriksen Co-cabtain Varsity Swimming - League Champs The Varsity swimming squad of Sunny Hills ended the 1965 season with the league championship. During the entire season the record for league was 3-1. The single loss to La Habra was by a 27-28 score. In over-all meets the Sunny Hills record was 7-4. In the league finals the varsity 200 medley relay team tied the Crestview league record with a 1:48.2 time. This was a new school record also. Jim Hawley broke his own record with a new time of 23.3 in the 50-yard freestyle. George DeVries broke the school record he previously set in the 200-yard individual medley witha new time of 2:16.5. George also set a new record of 1:08.9 in the 100-yard breast stroke. Tim Druiy set a record for points in diving with 154.8 total. The squad elected John Durall and Rick Hendriksen to serve as co-captains for the 1965 season. Tim Drui7 Diving liob ' oung Joe Kohiicn .I " hn Fran( o The Bee swimming team of Sunny Hills ended the season with a record of 8-3, over-all. Their league record was 3-1, while they were second in league for the season. Steve Sotnick set a new school record of 1:12.9 for the 100-yard breast stroke during the league finals. For the 1965 season the squad elected John Sot- nick to ser ' e as captain. Bee and Cee Swimming John Sotnick Captain The Bee squad members were, RCIW 1 : Goach Carhart, Dave Graber, Bill Thrall, John Sotnick, captain; Mark Oliver. ROW 2; Mike McMiUen, Paul Erickson, Joe Dietrich, Hunt Piper, David Ballanytyne. f { John Knit Captain 4La ' Cce squad members were, ROW 1 : Coach Carhart, John Kent, captain; Dick Chard, Jim Cooke, Bill Box, Pat Collins. ROW 2: Tom Arai, Brad Rawlins, Steve Weiss, Jim Calkins, Jon Erick- son, Mike Cosgriff, Greg Nolan. League champs for the 1965 season, the Sunny Hills Cee team had a league rec- ord of 4-0. Their over-all record for the season was 10-11. The squad elected John Kent to ser e as cap- tain. During the league fi- nals the Gees set new rec- ords for both league and Sunny Hills. The 200 med- ley relay team set a new league record of 1 : 58.8. John Kent set records in the 50- and 100-yard freestylcs for league. The school rec- ord for the 200-yard free- style relay was set by a new time of 1 :44. Jim Cooke set a new school record of 30.5 in the 50-yard backstroke. , VS ' . 1 r iifiiiia; yti m. Baseball 4 - m J_« k a V 2M ' ' c J m g Wl flv i 1 .V ' ' ' K ' S " i J5 . ' sit " ■ JMA f i 9 S S • f - l - fp 2Mli§ffi rsiii£iik ' ' S Coach Baar ROW 1 : Randy Thomas, Terry Hackett, Tom Everly, Dale Harris. ROW 2 : Frank Cox, Art Salcido, Jim Duhamel, Rick Raczka, Bill Purvis, Wayne Redfearn, Bob Hawk. ROW 3: Bill Cox, Larry MacDuff, Skip Allen, Bob White, Vince Jones, Bob Robbins. Varsity Baseball The Varsity baseball team was short on seniors, but they didn ' t lack talent. Junior Rick Raczka led the hitters with a .500 pre-league average and five home runs. Two other juniors, Terry Hackett (.400) and Bill Purvis (.375) added hitting power. Three returning lettermen were : Vine e Jones, first base; Tom Everly, shortstop; Gary Bone, se( ond base. Danny Kavanaugh at third and Bob Hawk behind the plate rounded out the infield. Bill Purvis. Larry Mac- Duff, and Terry Ha( kett were outfield regulars. Bob Rob- bins and Ri( k Ra( zka usually rotated pitching duties. The Lan er squad was managed by Doug Elwell, (oac hed by Bob Baar, and assisted by a new pitihing maihine. Bob Robbins rounds third and heads for home in the Santa Ana game. The score ended 5-5 as action was halted because of darkness. Bob Hawk dives back to first base to beat the pitcher ' s pii k-off throw. The Lancer Varsity went on to defeat Buena Park. , . ' ' ' « ' , Coach Wallace ROW 1 : Gordon Carter, Jon Henncs, Larry Russell, Gene Fernandez, Dale Spitler. ROW 2 : Mike Phillips, Mike Dehn, Bill Brehm, Larry Comstock, Tom McCutchin, Coach Wallace. Junior Varsity Baseball Freshman - Sophomore Baseball Coaih Martin ?- ii ' " ' T-»Wtf • ' .•: ' i f ' l -i ■ ' • I ROW 1 : Greg McClure, Buddy Sutton, Randy Smith, Rick Becker, Wayne Pitzler, Randy Mud- rick ROW 2: Kent Evans, Mike Staffieri, Fred Goddard, Bob Hill, Mark Youn?, Crai? Srott, Chuck Cox, ROW 3: Coach Eugene Martin, Mike Huskins, Mike Berry, Mik Rr an. Bill Cords, Tom Goodhope, Bob Wheeler, Bob Butler, Pat Conover, manai er. 1 a o a f ROW ! : Tim Swihart, David Smith, Jack Ketchum, Mail Ormseth, Gregory Beam, David Drake, Brian Watanabe, Ron Moreau, John Gardner, Dave Perrone, Bill Gibbs, Richard Munroe, Steve Shepard, Karl Stadlmayr, Frank Thaheld. ROW 2 : Manager Chuck Dell ' Ario, Kirt Dollens, Bob Polkinghorn, John Woodall, Jim Wagner, Gary Bowden, Gary Lack, Mark Thompson, Jack Branen, Rod Handsfield, Bill Nayes, Dave Leggett, Larry Bates, Tom Robmson, Scott EUingson. ROW 3: Coach Lingenfelder, Gregg Nussle, Chris Spurney, Don Lindsey, Steve VanGelder, Dave Mur- phy, Jim FoUett, Bob Matson, Bob Barrington, John Car- lisle, Jeff Stair, Joe Simon, Tom Martinet, Jim Flint, Wayne Morgenthaler, Randy McDonald, Jim Wartenberg, Mike West, Allen Dorman, Coach Barnett. f? J i » Track In track, 1965 was a year of broken records, outstanding performances, and improving underclassmen. For the Varsity squad, senior Chris Spurney set a new school record in the high hurdles and was rated one of the out- standing performers in the county in that event. Rated the best in his event in Orange County, Dave Murphy broke the school shot put record. Other marks fell as Bill Gibbs stretched the broad jump record, Don Lindsey set the record for the high jump, Gary Bowden and Mike West tied the pole vault record, and Karl Stadlmayr set the record in the 100- and 220-yard dash. Stadlmayer and Spurney served as co-captains for the squad which was coached by Garner Barnett, Cecil Crow, and William Lingenfelder. Member s of the Bee and Cee squads also turned in outstanding per- formances. Randy McDonald turned in gocxi times for the hurdles and 660. For the Cee team Richard Kaufman performed well in the broad jump and low hurdles; Brian Watanabe excelled in the 100- and 180-yard dash; Gregg Childress set a new record in the pole vault. Varsity record makers and outstanding Bee and Cee tracksters added up a successful season. Dave Murphy Steve Van Gelder Don Lindscv I A , JU Cris Spurney L. Karl Stadlniavr Gaiy Bowden Rod Eniei7, Matt Hac ktr, Dave Penone, Rii hard Monroe Brian Watanabe h ROW 1 : Dale Ammon, Pat Goode, Dave Rechnitzer, Dana Smitt, Dan ' anderwall, Dave Cox, Gar - Lack. ROW 2 : Kirk Spindlman, Chris Hanson, Rich Barnes. Phil .Allan, Frank Uddo, Doug Rowe, Tom Doehrman, Bob Deshon, Sheldon Craig. ROW 3: Eugene Smith, Stan Com- mons, David Smith, Rod Handsfield, Randy McDonald, Steve Shepard, Craig Jenkins, Rod Emerv, Nick Bowan, Richard Munroe, Tom Bradford. Bee Track Cee Track ROW 1 : Dale .Ammon, Ludwig Smeets, Greg Leisz, Pat Goode, Steve Forsythe, Mike Gaggia, Richard Kaufman. RC)W 2: Dave Shumaker, Don Peterson, Paul Evens, Tom Grant, Lonnie Ware, Jim Gronwall, Brian Watanabe, John Bull, Ron Krenzin. ROW 3: Bob Holzinger, Gregg Childress, Scott Henderson, Carl Merritt, Tim Dailey, Steve Haight, Greg Dill, Larry Jones. Tennis The Lancer Varsity netters anticipated their third straight Crestview league championship, and asserted their authority by many lopsided scores. The returning Icttermen were : Charlie Foss, cap- tain; Mike Hobson, Eric Joachim, Tim Conger, and Alan Hcrlands. Additional talent was supplied by Steve Hartshorn, Steve Balgrosky, Phil Kahn, and Fred Dozier, newcomers to the Varsity scene. The Lancer machine extended their three-year victory string to over thirty consecutive league wins. §in w lie EBB © i Steve Hartshorn strokes a forehand volley. The Varsity squad included, ROW 1 : Eric Joachim, Alan Herlands, Fred Dozier, Steve grosky. ROW 2: Bob Tyma, manager; Phil Kahn, Steve Hartshorn, Charlie Foss, captain; Til Conger, Rod Kahn. Not pictured: Coach McCall. Mike Hobson awaits a Hartshorn volley. The Junior Varsitv squad indudcd, ROW 1 : Tom Walker, Boh Groom, John VVvatt. Dana Clor ROW 2; Mark Geiss, Clark Jordan, Randv Houtx, John Ashman, Slan Harris, Boh Althouse Bob Ford. Charlie Foss Captain JVV ■ Fred Dozier dri es a forehand past his oppo; Girls ' Sports HI Vici ' -Pr,sld,nt Adria-Ann McMurray Recording Sec. Paula Merritt Corresponding Sec. Two of GAA ' s a(ti itics wi ' ic a demonstration night vhi( h ini luded exhibitions of g ninasti( s, sync ronized swim- niing, and modern dance, and a father-daufjhter sports night. At Christmas the girls had a ran-stacking contest, and the donated canned food was given to needy families. The GAA bought a Polaroid camera that was given to the PE department. The money was acquired by a car wash and candy sales. A sports hanouct ( liiiiaxed ihi- vcarV various athletic activities. Susanne Parker Publicity s E N I O R S SENIORS — ROW 1 : Pam Notman, Carolyn Holston, Pam Wensel, Linda Rhodes, Toni Wood- son, Donna Wemm, Linda Adams. ROW 2 : Miss Schmidt, Peggy Fitzpatrick, Kathy Ogle, Linda Tunstill, Margaret Mclver, Trudy Seeman, Pam Freeman, Vicki Nichols, Barb Keough, Cris Scott, Marilyn " Smith, Cheryl Stubblefield. ROW 3: Sue Bond, Sue Parker, Margaret Beebe, Peggy Crooke, Donna Durborow, Pam Larson, Linda Rogers, Terry Jelinek, Virginia Albrecht. SOPHOMORES— ROW 1 : Janet Gann, Lynne Smith, Charlene Day, Jackie Whitfield, Caren Bishop, Gail Salisbury, Layne Myrdall, Sharon Turnbull, Dale Robbins, Sandy Slocum, Sue Eubanks, Becky Emigh, Nancy Gannon, Sue Lyon, Debbie Moore, Bonnie Wilson, Patt Boone, Joanne Mongeon, Linda Percan. ROW 2 : Jeanine Tomlinson, Candy Hunter, Wendy Walker, Pam Miller, Tracy Garnett, Marilyn Duhamel, Felicia Beilock, Susan Ferguson, Penny Bowman, Jan Younger, Kathy Stoddard, Jill Parker, Judy Hendriksen, Karen Ruth, Mary Jones, Pat Croeker, Mary Bronsing, Lois Sheffield, Connie Hensley, Barb Maves, Sandy Bozeman. ROW 3: Mrs. Miller, Jane Senefeld, Eva Maturino, Roslyn Howard, Cynthia Marshall, Sue Ryel, Sharon Thompson, Pam Weaver, Mary Beth Thompson, Pat Conger, Mary Hitch, Nancy Ritzman, Carol Rice, Carol Dunlap, Linda Barreda, Linda Flock, Lynne Johnston, Barbara McMaham, Midge Hod ?c, Marjean Wilcox, Linda O ' Toole, Stephanie Naff, Cathy Skalla, Miss Chestnut. s o p H o M O R E S FRESIIMKN ROW 1: I.nid., I.mui, loin H,,v,s. (nni Lulhn, Drl.lur I.rwis, Sandv Kanaua, Pat St.-wari, tiolet-n Clarv, Kathv N.-lson, Marv DcMrrs, Hollv Crrsswrll. Kim Anderson. ROW 2: Cindy (Meson, Cere Ryan, Debbie Riddle, Jan Chute, Kalhy Birks, Joann Feichtinger, Carol Hineman, Colleen Har v, Laurv Hall, Chris Reinkine, Gavle Ensian, Kathv Raborn, Lorrae Howard, Jean Parshall, Mrs. Cohen. ROW 3: Joanne Robbins, Pat Pullen, Beth Cleng, Shirlov Friday, Pam Resick, Barbara Hembree, Lynn Lineber(;er, Ina Hawley, Jaye Swedbem, Darlene Norfolk, Deborah Jaeger, Miriam Rosner. J u N I O R S F R E S H M E N JUNIORS— ROW 1 : Kay Sanchez, Pal Chirk, Pam Shelters, Marsha Hebden, Lynda Rich, Judy Srheid, Reggie Rake. ROW 2: Barbara Emigh, Debi Smith, Dee Leggat, Sandi Reott, Phyllis Jervis, Lynn Smith, Kris Nohr, Paula Merritt, Pam Foley, Janis Brown, Mrs. Joyce. ROW 3: Karen Parker, Martha Wilkinson, Terri Ruk.gabcr, Peggy Heslop, Adria-Ann McMurray, Carolyn Sutherland, Lucy McProud, Paulettc Lucania, Karen Crawford, Lynne Gibson. Toni Woodson Judy Scheid Seniors Juniors Class Representatives Tennis Badminton After - School Sports ROW 1: Pat Boaz, Gloria Neelonian, L.i;.ru- M.rdall. ROW 2: Maril N ' eeleman, N ' edra West, Dianne Freeman. Ban Basketball Swimming 13 r J I -1 4 Mggg 1 9 w ' l i ADVERTISEMENTS Leslie, Dorthy, Sue and Cynthia examine the wallpaper samples at FULLERTON PAINTING CO. , 214 N. Richman Ave. 526-1283 Chris and Tom admire Dawn ' s new outfit from THE PILLOWRY. 306 N. Harbor Blvd. 525-4363 TOWN AND COUNTRY RAMBLER 555 S. Euclid 871-4373 Jim, Jeanette, Margaret, ami Chuck enjoy the feel of a new Rambler convert- able. TIMELY HARDWARE EASTERDAY SUPPLY CO. Dick, Anne, Leslie, ami Frenchy look at some of the houses offered by JOHN T. ATWATER ASSOCIATES, 215 E. Com- monwealth Ave. 525-2216 C. _ . Slecens JEWELER CUSTOM DESIGNING OF FINE JEWELRY 5 12 W COMMONWEALTH FULLERTON. CaLIFOHNI LAmbeht 5-6878 Rick, Debbie, Terri, Martin, ami Bob dream of owning this 1965 Riviera from SCHUTH BUICK, 1890 W. Common- wealth Ave. , 526-2281 Karen and Leslie rv cm the party corsages from HASSON ' S FLOWER SHOP, 701 W. Commonwealth Ave. , 526-8389. mBH K. Bob, Barb, Gerry, and Debbie devour a delicious pizza from GIOVANNI ' S PIZZA, 920 W. Williamson Way 526-7322 FROM MAUVIS Ten per cent discounts to students on all items. Simply show your ASB card. 1330 Chapman Ave. 879-8000 f ft J i ' " - ' 2i mSi 1 Chuck, Bob, Jeff, and Bob appreciate the fine clothes from TOWN E AND COUNTRY MEN ' S WEAR, 1823 W. Orangethorpe Ave. 525-4471 Li)ida, Vic, Joan, a}ul Betty find it difficult to choose from the manv records at THE TURNTABLE, 729 N. Harbor Blvd. 871-372 HUNT FOODS AND INDUSTRIES INC. Bonnie and Marilyn model the latest styles at IRENE ' S HOUSE OF FASHION, 1125 W. Or- angeth rpe Ave. 526-4460 At HARRIS DRUG STORE, Ruth, Virginia, Sharon, ami Margaret fill all their Cosmetic needs. 201 N. Harbor Blvd. 525-3576 m Congratulations to the class of 1965. J PACIFIC HAWAIIAN PRODUCTS COMPANY 360 S. Acacia Ave. 871-4495 " I ' d get doivn on my knees for a glass of Hawaiian Punch, " says Beckv to Billie. . .j ; tjf SMITH ' S COLLEGE OF BEAUTY 1525 W. Commonwealth Ave. 871-1663 wm ROY ' S PHOTO SERVICE 216 N. Harbor Fullerton 871-4440 Sales Rentals Repairs -S) COAST PONTIAC 626 S. Euclid Ave. 526 -4674 At SUNNY HILLS DRUGS, Pam shoivs Rick ami Charlotte some of the fine merchandise foiincl there. 333 W. Valencia Mesa 871-8190 Clothe Cl l! BACK STREET CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 65 Pierced Earrings All plastic rings 1 2 price when you men- tion this ad. Good ' til September ' 65. Bye Bye Sweet Charlotte 301 N. Harbor Blvd. 879-8837 FULLERTON MORTGAGE AND ESCROW CO. Cong}-atidations to the Class of ' 65 F.H.A. V.A. Loans Conventional Financing Bomled and Licensed 513 S. Euclid Ave. 525-2368 Mark, Paul, ami Donna practice their pool for the Senio) Party at ANAHEIM BOWL. 1925 W. Lincoln Ave. , Anaheim 774-4710 Vicki says, " You ' ll flip your wig over the neiv GTO. " See it and the other new wide -tracks at CASEY-BECKHAM PONTIAC. 801 S. Los Angeles St. , Anaheim 533-3121 GLENDALE FEDERAL SAVINGS Watch xoiir savings groiv tvith the 4. 85% rate at GFS. 320 N. Harbor Blvd. 526-8331 Cindy atul Satuly enjoy shoiving off the neiv 1965 Comet at SIERRA MERCURY. 700 S. Euclid Ave. 871-6220 HENRY RADIO IN ANAHEIM fcrr STEREO HI-FI SYSTEMS COMPONENTS DECKS RECORDERS Liberal credit - Trade-ins Accepted We warratity all sales. Factory Authorized Dis- tributors or: FISHER McINTOSH SCOTT MARANITZ HARMAN- KARDON SHER WOOD AMP EX MAGNECORD GARRARD M IRA CORD SONY KLH JBL WHAR- FEDALE THORENS REK-0-KUT ADC EMPIR E PICKERING PILOT BOGEN ELECTRO-VOICE FRAZIER DYNAKIT TANDBERG ami most leading brands. 772-9200 931 N. Euclid Ave. Anaheim i BH Everyone finds the new Mustang at McCOYAND MILLS FORD irresis- tible. 700 W. Commonwealth Ave, 526-5501 Robin, Jackie and Kathy find their new spring outfits at ESTHER ' S APPAREL SHOPPE. 203 N. Harbor Blvd. 525-5656 Jon and Leslie try on some of the rings at LAWSON ' S JEWELERS. 221 Orangefair Mall 871-0410 RAY ' S PET SHOP MOONEY - ANDREWS TRADITIONAL SHOP KNOTT ' S BERRY FARM All squaws ami chiefs have heap hig fun at Knott ' s FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF FULLERTON 225 E. Commomvealth Ave. At the sign of the time and temperature 526-8361 Marsha, Debby, Patti, ami Susan agree that there ' s " a rocket for every pocket " at HANSEL OLDS- MOBILE. 1325 W. Commomvealth Ave. 526-5511 BALLARD Lynne and Louise find the cutest bugs at Ballard. BALLARD MOTORS 1325 N. Lemon Ave. Anaheim 879-8100 AUBREY 1 LAKE INSURANCE 1 Don Sparks - Glenn V. Shaw Wm. A. Bryant - Bob Quinn 116 W. Commonicealth Ave. INSURANCE WITH THE PERSONAL TOUCH WITCH S HUT Beauty Salon 149 W. Amerige Ave. 526-9272 FULLERTON SAVINGS AND LOAN Your Savings Earn More with Safety! Plus savings are insured to $10,000 by a permanent agency of the U.S. Government 200 W. Commomvealth Ave. 871-4244 RAY ' S PET SHOP NEAL S SPORTING GOODS 601 S. Euclid Ave. 871-5988 BILL ' S BODY WORKS 320 S. Highland Ave. 525-6870 CONGRA TULA TIONS CLASS OF ' 65 FROM HUGHES i AIRCRAFT COMPANY Cynde, Debbie, and Rod examine the high-speed Hughes H-330 Computer at Hughes -Fuller ton. tr .- .M. " • ' • ' -•- ' - ' ■ " " ■■■ — ' — CONGRA TULA TIONS SENIORS from the Sunnv Hills Alumni of SNACK SHOP 4 Kathleen Nilsson Michael Bird Dennis Spruit Nancy Moffitt Dee West At the neiv ICE CREAM REN- DEZVOUS, you can find Lexie, Dan, and Donna eager to wait on you. 158 W. Bastanchury Road 871-8393 THE SUNNY HILLS STUDENT BODY WISHES TO THANK THE ADVERTISERS FOR THEIR SUPPORT OF THE 1964 - 1965 HELIOS m We Especially Thank... R. Wallace Pischel, Inc., our publisher, for their fairness in dealing with our " problems " . . . Mr. Marion Willette, of Albert and James Studios, for his photograjjhic assist;] and extra hours of work . . . Mrs. Garabedian, our adviser, for her hard work and patience . The faculty and administrative stafT, for their kind ( o-operation Students of Sunny Hills, for providing active and interesting subjects for th yearbook . . . Becky Sessions and Billie Case, the juniors on our staff, who did the " dirty work. The staff of the 1964-1965 Helios expresses its heart-felt appicc iation to all th who have helped make this yearbook possible. J K : e - i !SL-. X ;- i- Editor aiUM tMUtltim oy . ■ r ' i ' € t K-i f 3 ,,t .. ' . ' r . - tc Jin o iv rl. ill •5 " x - s. Ij I ♦ta » J (, ». A v 5-., $ M J- (., y n vV v: -v-; - -„ , ' A ' -t; ) " v. P5 r( t V ..r ' M s; ' . . ' 7. w X ' 0 V? ■■,t • ■ - ' ' - , " - A ' ' " V O A .0 -,4 J , • ' fcK " y (i ' - ' . - yj ■ J- ' p v oJ (y p ' o- V f , f h i frf y lo m mmmm r am mmf e=

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