Sulphur Springs High School - Cats Paw Yearbook (Sulphur Springs, TX)

 - Class of 1946

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Sulphur Springs High School - Cats Paw Yearbook (Sulphur Springs, TX) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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,vF, NJ ' ' -xv, .1 . V.,- ,-x. -a ,. V-V Y." - -45.5. NL . X. ,, Rx, A , iv.-" .,. ' f A ,Q X , V, A, V, N... VV A ,A .. 1, . xv, , I, x .1 C . , --W . . .f 'JV f - n wx s -. 1, , X R ,,., 1, . ,LV ,- - ,vt .,,,.f M 11, ,gf , ,K 7,1-x. , M X f x . - , 1. Ex' ,, rl ' ,- L Q .r, uix ,147 ,,g,, , il , 45' ., V f ., 94, L: , 4 1 . , X ,X .mc ., -6 1 -,:, ' -'V , .f 'f ' 2,4 L . . vii. . ,WV ,. 3-r... V . :- 1454 ' .mfg , 1 1-.. , Q. - Y, , .. - , , 'Q ,1 31.1 1- ' -,.-:J ,MJ -,f ,.C1, in 1, -5.. YQ, L -.. V ,7. , ,,-cv -'. ., , ,qv- if 1 HM J 1 E fgjiffw, i WWMQ M WM .f ' - ' lx X A 2675" V JZ X' PANX ' 'HBA moi. Qiw q A A! iz W 21 Q L51 5: 5 f Q? ST YT Si 15 ig! 4 S 3 Y A Q.. Q sf 5 E 2 E X2 E E S - 5 4 :E if S :E z E fi e TIE-IIE If IA TS IDA M S IP WI 9 QI 6 ,fyj es l Fonzwonn 25,35- The pictures on these pages are here to bring back the most pleasant memories of high school days. May they live again and surround you with thoughts of the joy, hope, and success of your school life. f 1. R "1 ii Q5 .J , 1 Hr- r. . 3. , m EW ' 'Wir .Q t sm, xi 1 . :ff- I 1 , 3 1 . To our superintendent, Mr. Ercell W. Brooks, who has wrought pleasant changes in our school won the admiration of our entire student body during the one year he has been with us, we, the dedicate this, our booktof 1946., A ' ' ' t t iff. ,M . 2, ,Sta 5 V .X .'l,'1 . ., 4-in .gap ' -mr ..-.f'. ,. -14 ,, ,,. WY HL: va 94 'N n 5 4- A 5 ra x ii A Ge M .asf .Q 1 -. t Li 2 4 v 1 A A, ii r vw' va :A ft .1 Q 15 A .X jf, .1 31' W 2? X kt' z H211- fr 1 .f get t ,L Af B X Q-:.'3t 7 fa? +35 S. 4 e 1 -r Q HSQ VIIIEINS Mxarr f ,nav . ' -f ' mf- - F30 ' .1 . kj Q , '.,.d'f"' ,L -5 ,. as 5 ,Q .' '.,'?,' ,nt - ' . ' L-4 ' li 'P 31- ff .vi . we yf7 fwU't-2 sg", '3' H ' 'Lx 'fr . W , .J :Q- f"9'j . X , A x LAS? 'UT 4Ar':f' X . , "WI i U' Q 3' my ww W ai-'K 'Q vm 'ir 4' 1 'ff iff? ., wwf? 'f- .X V '-Exe 'J Xi- ,, , W-.A . ,,,, U 1 x Q 4 v S v. ,,, ,1 Jn, , 55.31. M ,ig A fg f, 1, .lf j gm: ' lf' ' N-f" v'.' A f if .1594-51 - 'Q4i,1qyxf,1-'- FL' WT' ?M 173- 51 fig.. ..,f,1:. "iff A ,3f.4t-:J .N J. 424- 951 Tm "3 1 .IQ , ws.-a " if-1 Y. -wg: ,fr J '-:H-as ' 3 .,5,3,.'f'- , , lfwifl- karl-.f4I+:. u ' gy-.95 , GW' ny - "ty " 511: fn' Y ,i I' :.11qv.-v f 'Q 'ff ,, M. A 4 SQHSSL BW-JRIE . . X dgggp.Qg:y John Sheffield L. F. B id President r gas Secretary R. E. Pratt Vice-President il! W. A. Carothers M. D. Merrell T. T. Sapaugh Bruce Bevi MUlMlllNIlS1VlHi MIIIUIN '4,..,,g': will ' ,J i - X ..f ,xi fy All X 1 f . fr! tf X A X 7 H ' f , if Wy I I BOARD OF EDUCATION PRINCIPAL. JOHN M. SHEFFIELD, President R. E. PRATT, vice-Presidenc SESIZEYHQEQ L. F. BRIDGES, JR., secretary JUMOR BRUCE BEv1s Dudley Allen w.A.cARoTHERs HOUSTON M. D. MERRELL Harvey Leew T.T.SAP f ' v Ausmn MGH glilplgur iprrngs Huhlxz Qrhnnla ERCELL W. BROOKS, Superintendent. Sulphur Springs, Qfexas Student friends, together we have worked, planned, and achieved. My expectations are that you will continue,to add to your physical, intellectual, and moral resources and that you will invest yourselves in service. I shall listen with interest and pride whenever and wherever I hear your names spoken. ' Il 0 IW f 7 Nillnmmlgqgg. H-NUUIL II 1 GLADYS ALEXANDER Social Studies If JUANITA BAIRD Spanish MM ALICE BOHANNON English CHARLES L. BOOKER Business Administration ROGER CAMBRON English JOHNOWEEN GILL English CLIFTON F. GUEST Director of Athletics ESTELLE GEE IRWIN Choral Singing MAC MCMULLAN Band Director WAYNE MELTON S c i ence gujkoli 9' s.. f' PEARLE H, MOLLOY dk '41btp English W WI! -62: ' I MACK W. MULLINS Social Studies ORENA W. SPEED Mathematics JESSIE STONE Science WYWQQZZZL FREI DA THOMAS Buslness Administration ADA BELLE WARD Homemaking MARIE WILSON Mathematics 'll nl' f:x 4 ,X V I I -P V17 I , Al I .,, , 6 X, IFIRIESIVIWIEIN OFFICERS 1 h d Hi k S retary h 1 Gil th R porter illy B h V -Pres. L y P sident f2Ngf,3?4YXW K 1 W 4 h Lf h '23, I f' Mnzwf Q fl I ' 5 ,, f ijVJ, WY n + , X ' sf , f' 'WH I I 1 S ? 4 5 f M51 if- S w? if 'D h h FEES HMAN -W Ev ,452 . - S X '-5,-, ae l-T345 INVADE S.SH.S. ROBERT SHERWIN ALEXA1 JAMES BAIN MARY ELIZABETH BALL! CLYDENE BASSHAM JAM S BECK CLETA NELL BENNETf DAVID BIRDSONG RUBY BOATMAN BILLY BRASHEAR RAY DELL BRIDGES MARY D. BURGESS BARBARA JANE BUSSELI DIANE CALDWELL WYNELL CAMP JOYCE DEAN CANNON OLIVER CARNES RALPH CARROLL VELETIA CAWTHRON EUNICE CHANCE RUSSELL CHANEY, JR BONNIE CHAPMAN NINA CHARLTON JAMES ERWIN CHRISTL DORIS COKE BILLY JOE COKER DORIS ALICE COLEMAI DEAN COPPEDGE JAMES COUSIN PAT CRABB LOUISE CRAFT 90' -A T3 if A a Q m,x: in J A-1, lf' nd 1:7 f , ,Q QTY A f 'Bin-131 ROBERT ELL CRUMP PHILLIP CUMMINGS SIBLE CUNNINGHAM DOROTHY DARDEN MARGARET DODD PEGGY ELLIOTT KENNETH FEDRICK WANDA FAY FRENCH MURRY FRONEBERGER R. H. GALLOWAY CHARLES GILREATH GENE GLOVER JOYCE MARIE GRAYSON DORIS GREEN BRICE GREGG WELDON GREGSTON ANNA MARGARET HAGER BILLY WAYNE HALBERT MARY HAMILTON BILLY HARRY MELVIN HATLEY T. R. HAVENS MYRTLE JO HEAD JANIE R. HENDRICKS RICHARD HICKS BILLIE J. HODGE NANCY C. HURLEY JOE EDD HUX PENELOPE ANN INMAN CHRISTINE IRWIN 'UH' -'QL agp! 1 1 :.i gr I 731'-A I . J 3 . Q13 f ' J 1, ,ni ' I- ik f in V:- N .,,5' ffm M, I ,Aw Qs .fw EMM A '---:fm :li . ,Easy TAjA h I I A JAH , .Q T f -33D H3Jl5 A :f,3Qu A il 432 :. K I K . . W L :A ixlltlbqc E k El' ,. ' ,ff 'f! AA Yh Yh,f' :F s.l1P A U .fb az I I, ,M , b ,.:i yi: ra it A X111 f,1jfVQ , M QE I f ' Is X JAX. z f, M lk - 4+ W lx 2, ,K ,.3k 'HY F . A 4- 1 V 1'-M fl - ' 13: FREDDIE JACKSON JOE GLENN JOHNSOF BILLY GENE JONES BOBBY JONES CHRISTINE JONES WYLIE M. KIMMONS BERT KIRKPATRICK CHARLES LOVELACE DON LOWRY MAUREEN MAGEE EVAUGHN MAHAND CHARLES MARTIN DELANE MATTISON FRANCES MCCANN DOYCE MCDONALD JERRY MCGOWAN AUBREY NELL MCGUYEI JAMES MCKINZIE HELEN MCLAUGHLIN WANDA MELTON MARGARET MITCHELL MARY GAIL MONK BILLIE JO MORGAN HARVEY MORRIS MARY ANN MORRIS MARIS MOSS BILLIE ANN MUNDI WANDA RUTH OTTS JOE DELL OWENS PATRICIA PALMER .5 'Us A WJ .f 'wi av L i A , g A J- X. 9 SL ,,4 ,241 ,w X , Hd "',k 7, . fi?-, MAJ' i 4 f H A A K , Va A .... ' A ' .J 3 . b" I . I A SWAT , T.wA, L, , ' , Af LL1.L 4 , x, A . 0 A 9 J" A 2, S, -5, V, iff -f.A . , fib xerh "H ..2 ,Ax F I fi ' ' -1 H, Q Q Af , wg . Tic.: P li 5.Q l a A if Nw A :si H2 g I A Y' i y, 'J4d" . Y 4 ' 'LB S I K 1' Bs' f , .,,LA 1 X ff? 'L 2 f K rata L13 . -l iq-1 all ll s Y , L,A' J A A M 7' I A , gg 1 , V . ul, A Y 'Y ,. Wi ' VK A A ,Q I XAAW K Q it s rn f Q . ' A ?fr ' H f fi l , ,' 5 A -w Hm- ' J L, lL Q A vifi ' Yliy gg it Q' QIS " IRA K. PARKER ROLF PAYNE NITA JOY PICKENS FRANKIE PRICE BOBBIE JEAN PROCTOR JACK RAM Y THOMAS JOE RANDOLPH PAT RAWLINGS CHARLES REYNOLDS DUANE RHYNE GLADYS ROLLINS ROSE SCOTT SYLVAN SENIT JOYCE SEWELL JOE DON SIKES MARGIE SIMMONS HENRY CLOVIS SIMMS MYNURD SMITH RUBY JEWELL SMITH WM. HOWARD SMITH JAMES STEPHENS BOBBIE JOE STROUP DOLORES JEAN TALLEY NORWOOD LEON TANTON WRIGHT PATMAN THOMAS BILLY TICE WAYNE TITTLE BILLY TURNER BRODY WAYNE TYLER POWELL VAN WEY ik MARY WALLACE BARTON WARD LOUISE WATSON DOROTHY WELLS 7Y'H FRANCIS JAMES WHITE S94 GENEVA WHITEMAN KENNETH w1LL1AMs BETTY SUE WINCHESTER I M! NA fjg. ,. . . X . r s ' xa.f.Q.., If 5- fx 1 F K ,RX E TROY EUGENE WHITE I A I , 1 if !. if WW Tw! f' 1' I ,,- 'V ., ,, SQIPIH SIWIQIRIES OFFICERS Jack Byrd . . .President Billy Connor. Vice-Pres. Jean Ramey. . .Secretary Betty Kistenmacher. Reporter 2 Y f , X 4 V ' 91 fx '+L 'Q ' Xx figib .E-.Q d s N 4222: r-"'Q:-' X 'g:3?Fy. rxxxx in w Viggfr x r A , fQ.6..: V, mi- 51555 X X iS tk? NICS Cf' X , 1 r dVANCEd,SOhAVC'3 N I A ,Q 90 ,ul I Q ..- -s 2 , wi' 73 o-.J ..,4d'f .ei .X ,Q V15 'ali .J . NN: . sf' -W,,, gi' My ? 3 'DL ,Sf , W ,L., 1' .. --. awk ,V 01 av 'UW , ' If ,,-1,-fig A ,Q- 'vs df s 1 . I , -a 5 v Q, I4 3 ' .1 .nf-9 Al A! Y, , A H A B K' .skrrm P . S 1 1 A L "'1'F' "ff fv V ' . l. ,.. ,, -F W MAG Wyw.. V ..,."-.Am if as I Q1 pm vii' 'Z' ' ' ,H 5 I Q ASS ' .5 5, arf' , , kj' i z, - I PM 2, 'W 4' I A A I Agyy " ' NX . - , H M ELMO ANDERSON LAURA JEAN ANDERSON RAY BAIN ELIZABETH BANKS HAROLD BARNES DORIS BARRETT EULICE En BEADLES, Jl BILLIE PEARL BECK JAMES BIRMINGHAM GLENN ALLAN BOX KENNETH BRADEN GENE BRICE JO ANN BRICE ANN BRIDGES BILLY B. BRIDGES LANELLE BROOKS BOBBIE SUE BRUMLEY BOBBY F. BRUMFIELD MARY NATHALINE BRUMFI PEGGY JOYCE BURNS JACK H. BYRD CAROLYN CAMP GERALDINE CAMPBEL MELBA CAMPBELL LOIS CHANCE LOU ANN CHANDLER SYLVAN CANNON GRACE CHAPMAN JIMMIE CHAPMAN J. D. CHERRY WAYNER CITTY MARGARET RUTH CLAYTON DESSIE B. CLEM LOU JEAN COCHRAN BILLY CONNOR VALERA D. CONNOR PATRICIA COOK CHARLOTTE ANN COPELAND PATSY COPPEDGE GERALD CRAFT JOHN CUMMINGS JERRY BERT DAVIS BILLY DEATON ELIZABETH DeFORD JACK DODD JOE E. DODD KENNETH DODD ALBERT DONIHOO MELVIN DUNHAM LA JUANDA DUNN HERBERT EUGENE ELLIOT LONNIE ESTES BETTY L. FOLMER JOYCE FORTENBERRY BOBBIE NELL FOSTER DUMONT GAMBLIN MARY LOU GAMMILL GEORGE DAVIS GIDEON BOBBY GILLIS df' li 1 .qv - -A YV' - A ,.....- fp ,. ,...v 43' J' ' v X A AX -Q . W X ",r , Q, 5, Q J ., 5 NA' QQ -'Q A -4oA XS -6 'YYY was A AW JAMES GOLDSMITH BILLIE RUTH GREGG BRICE GREGG BETTY GULLEDGE CARLTON HAM HERSHEL HARRIS JOHN HAVEN ROYAL HAZELWOOD BETTY HELM BOBBY HILL STANLEY HOLCOMB BILLY HOOKS LAURA RUTH HOUSTOF GERALDINE HUXLEY GEBEVA JENKINS VELDA RUTH JENKINS ALMA LEE JOHNSON GAY JOHNSON HAROLD JONES MARY ELLEN KENEMORE KENNETH KERR BETTY KISTENMACHER JEAN LEMON RUBY LEVERTON ELIZABETH LINDLEY MARY KATHERYNE LOYD GALYN MADDOX GAY LYNN MAHAND BOBBY MARTIN VERN FAYNE MARTIN JAMES CLAUDY MCFADDEN JIMMIE OPAL MCGUYER ALLEN MCINTIRE JAM S MCKEEVER PANSY RUTH MCLAUGHLIN MURLENE MILLER NORNA LOU MILLER MAURACE MILLSAP BILLY MITCHELL BOBBY MORGAN CHARLES MORRIS ALLINE OWENS MARY FRANCES PARKER ANN PATTERSON BILLY PAYNE EDGAR PAYNE JO ANN PAYNE GLENNA PEARCY LOU JANE PENSON NORMA PERIMAN MARY FRANCES PETROSS LOU ANN PHARR WILLIAM PICKETT DOROTHY PINSON VERA PONDER JACKIE V. PRESCOTT PATSY PUTMAN KENNETH RAGAN JEAN RAMEY JUNIOR RECTOR ,Z , -J Ag 5 IO ,K R vs., , . .3 'RQ M ,fvR1RRQ X A QM his ', -Rx f I s ..,.a-4' Q 3 :ef fx , A , Maw 0' 3 A .a ,all ,Q fir s.1' ' . 1 5 ar 'Q 5 1 g O f O53 i A ff .Y4?gQf if I R '3 if YAAR Y DG I ig? Q S qs M .-ff-w Q ii AV., gin ik, ...Q O s. 5:55 Mt A LXIV' S V. f BRRRaIRRgpB 4jP, f I1 Q 3 5?OWWgE bw M 'IR Q g,, 13 6SRRiRilQ4" qu 394 'S 1,3 f - vw 32. -,f mx- J' . . 5 K ..f- F 'L44a!wf vw qkdj EWIS RHODES 'UL MARY RHODES DOROTHY ROBBINS ROBERT ROBERTS B" GRAOIE SANDEFUR DON SAPAUGH SUE SATTERWHITE JANE SAYLE JUNE SAYLE LAVATA SELF TROY SHATOSKA JEAN SHEFFIELD W, A, SHEPPARD BETTY JO SMILEY BILLIE ROSE SMITH BOBBY SMITH CALLIE SMITH VALTON SMITH JOYCE SPARKS PATSY SPENCER ROBERT SPINKS PATRICIA ST.CLAIR FRANCES STOUT BARBARA SWINDELL ELSIE TATOM DOROTHY TOLLESON DOROTHY VENABLE CLEMYE WEBB ADA WESSON HASKELL WESSON '7 .Q , Wm . 6 ,W K ,A A N, i , J, ,... p A I l I f 4' E-Wa KW Af? UW, f I PEGGY WILLIAMS I ' ROBERT WILLIAMSON lin - ' " We 1f L 5 MARY Jo w1LsoN W e DENNIS woon Y A BOBBY wooDARD mff JO ALLEN WORSHAM FRANCES LOUISE WRIGHT JOE B. YATES 43 Qg'f 72 x f If kN ff! ' lxyixvggyf 1 X' 1 3, 1 I, MW F' y X !rw,I X YJ f I Z , f 'Q L, X Qlxf -0 vf , I f f J U X F M Q r 'm V Vp, N 7 f R IA f K in A QAILV isuwgf Q f f 6 L ff Y5f?A I - A Lg, P ' SSAS 'S .. E ,,,. A H Neo vy-ain'f She 6 . --Q-7 . 'ical 2 :gf X -- Irgaz.-fag, fm W me wiv f ,L an - , ,. Qi-"A fl- ,wgidf x" kk Half'-wif P155 are beauhkfifl f"'7OH'z was di9appginTed Too 4' .P SULPHUR Honaliahf Vouhzp VCC! STI'-o lghT From 'fh g If P1 GIG MWF wnwsrne begin Ne vah I And 1,+ff0,,h The background? Cof hay 1 unsung G A D! I 'm Ion: ERT! my BA BW 3 4' f Th flC4OT3 his ,Kfsf 'Vs UJ1. or oph omorc. grff' The .staircase f Knowledge X N . 1? X5-sow' vcen Comle Ted V ed Q Senior Tw J i ' o 5 F A VBS me W OFFICERS B i Willi mS.Reporter B h ..S etary k Wilki ..Vi -Pres. y W 't ...P ident ws, .A.. Z I I A f V' 'Gu , , A I , A A '4Y Ww', 1 ff .l I I 1 nf+Y if f' I ' A he J ,L sa'-I: K fx 5 f X J. u m A f , X' N , ,qv fl' K P7 A ' ,Na R4',g W JK J SEQ XA NM Aung gNJJ:2EEf A' ' E ff I f ff AF 'K 4, N : L, if A Y pf-:ar ., I X, it H Q5 if If 1 LEON ABBOT ALICE ADAIR BILLY ALLEN JOYCE JEAN ALLEN LOU AMOX ROBERT ARDIS PHIL BAKER JOHN BARRON ARVILLE BAXLEY RONALD BAXLEY THELBERT BAXLEY BETTY BAXTER JAMES BAXTER FERN BESHEARS C. W. BRADFORD JACKIE BRADSHAW A, Wa BRAMLETT MAXINE BROOKS HELEN MARIE BYERS JOHNNY BYERS JEANETTE CARMACK JO NELL CARROLL LOIS CHARLTON LOUIS CHARLTON HOWARD CLAYTON ROSIE CLAYTON LENA FAYE CONNER NORMA CONNOR ARBA JEAN DARBY CHARLES DEATON 5 A an W :xr . fs ,-4 4-1-Of -, - .Y -0, r J .1 W '4 nv f . gr I ! A L' r 1 Ibm X, A If 4. -V as I ' " . . ,- .J " ' '.:3 T, , .1 .2 YEY g 1 X I . , as ..1. ,Mia Ad . ,- , . 'N 1' i 4 I .1 ui' Q 3 g 2: .3 'av ' "' 1? . Y nn. X . V I xx . K ,. f' r- - 5. It -.6 '37 49 - 4 +4 ,, 5- J lf A x 1 ! R .-6-6-W 01 ...Q Y I H Pf- 5 - A f 2 .6 X A I 0 1' , "NG I .I .wig . 'JL L'-1 Q X XY il ,M 'J A ii 5 nf .1-'Q 97 ro f - - ,Q ,w' ek. mi MARY A. DeBORD KATHRYN DECCO TROYCE DENNIS GLADYS DUFFER JAMES DUFFER BOBBY JOE DUNAVIN PATSY RAYE EVANS GLENN FERGUSON JOYCE LYNN FLEMING PATSY FLIPPIN CLOVIS FOX BOBBY FRAZIER HELEN FRAZIER WADE FREEMAN JAMES FRONEBERGER HOYT GIDEON DONALD GORHAM DAVID GREGG PATSY GRIFFIN RUTH INEZ GRIFFITH HAZEL HAIRE FAENELL HALLMARK ANN HAMMOND IMA JO HELM GLENN HENDERSON REGINALD HILL CURTIS HOOD ROSE JEAN HURLEY NELDA IRBY BOBBY JONES 1 aff., ... 5 ff nd E , ,. W . at , M. ,,, 4, FY A . 4 if J I ' -Q 4' I1 1 s AN-f 'Sf Ii ff ff' J ,, f f 'QLR 'C' ' A ' .4 in- T iii" N3 kW I EW it 'iz I- : - rx ' ,Q 1 H 'V L'-k V- , Q g?fAf iii? ., .1 , , H.-.w h fi .1 ,.. MARVIN JONES LAVELL KENNEY ROENA KIRKPATRICK JAMES LAWRENCE DORIS LEE BENNIE LINDLEY ANN LITTLEFIELD WAYNE LORD LOIS LOYD BILLY LUNDY DOYLE MANSELL MARJORIE LEE MCKEEVE JOE MCLAUGHLIN JOYCE MCLAUGHLIN TOMMIE M LTON BOBBIE MILLER KENNETH MILLSAP JOAN MITCHELL MELVA JEAN MINOR GRACE MARIE MONK KATHLEEN MORGAN WANDA MORGAN ROSEMARY MORRIS JAMES MOSELY MARY MYRE MARY SUE NEAL O. B. NICHOLSON BOBBIE NUNN HELEN OWENS NEWMAN PALM R rf -I 44 D -J ,..Q , ff , ,VN ' 1 -q R -J ii 13 I . S , 'Q A A '45 fs .gg fee? 'v -2 'W er J A 'J ,-ap mi Y 47 lIIIgjI.t ia Q an I I I If Q A ' g f 7 ' ' " - It 5 A sf A M , .HQ . A I X . h 9,3411 8 , yrs: 47 .R:WAQfK H I I AA4Aw.A.M,: 3545: . lg yd , 3 I A bp' , f I 1 - A I -Az" f ' ' I I Lk l . BT3!0g! .Qtr K f 49? Ac? A .3 A M W 0? l If M, ' Q I 4 , 1 E 43 i fl' Nl f vm-V: Aa: 1' . ' 'Z -,,,q . , A ,,.h, . , , A A A A A R'H 4 , ,Q ' " '-., A , ia V 5 I ' N - I 4 A I fam , 1"' EfIAe EAwH!?AfE7 H I , ' Aijafxff, - A , -1 . f f F ' 95' A . 'V' biz" 5:3 wg '11 I ' I A. AT all A - AfAA MAMA. HAAIwQ'R A R wwf 'w FV' BILLIE DOVE PATTON DOROTHY PENNEY RAMONA PHILLIPS oLEs PINSON MARY KATHERINE PRIM ROBERT RAWSON DOLORIS INETA REPPOND DOT ANN REYNOLDS BILLY RIBBLE MARGARET ROBERTS DOLLIE ROGERS BILLY JACK ROMACK KENNETH SANDERS BILLY SHELL TAFT SICKLES MARTHA Jo SMITH DOROTHY sNow J. w. SPENCER, JR. KAY SPIVEY PAT STEPHENS Bonny STEWART MARY STOUT MARTHA STRIRLING JAM s TALLEY PATSY TAPP BEN TATOM DORIS TAYLOR FRANKIE TERRY CHARLES THOM SON JAMES TOLLESON GEORGE E. TOLSON HUBERT TOWNSEND WANDA TULLEY ROY TURNER DOLLIE VANDERGRIFF MORRIS VANDERSLICE BETTY VANZANDT JERRY WAITS BILLIE MAE WALKER BILL WALLACE OTTO WALLING G. R. WARD KENNETH WARD CHARLES WELDON LELAND WESSON JACK WILKINS BENNIE WILLIAMS BRUCE WILLIAMS MARY WILLIAMS DORIS WOFFORD ROSE WOODARD MARY WRIGHT S Elm wwe OFFICERS 49 John Hatchett . vice-Pres. ,S Harry Mayer . . .Secretary Ng X Lena Lou waits. . Reporter 7,- x Nancy Myers . . .President .. 5 1 fl K -iv 5 X Q X 3- XQR wovlclw f f - ' NXNK N f Y Q L- XXX X containing H' r X XX X5 if 191-5 ag N X s I x K f ,X XS e X.. 'E QQ, CARL ADAMS Victory Corps Drivers' Club Student Librarian F. F. A, LAURA RUTH ALLEN Homemaking Club Choral Club Junior Usher Student Librarian Knitting Club Victory Corps Red Cross Civic Music Ass'n Assembly JP PEGGY BAXTER Choral Club JANE ALEXANDER Red Cross Band Flagbearer Junior Usher Choral'Club Homemaking Club Knitting Club BETTY LOU BAIRD Homemaking Club Choral Club Junior Usher Student Council Knitting Club Victory Corps Red Cross Civic Music Ass'n DEDLEY BEARDEN Physical Education Library Service Club Code Club JVM G YLE O. BESHEARS Band Orchestra Choral Club Civic Music Ass'n Assembly Drivers' Club Student Librarian Of F. F. A. KENNETH BEVIS Football-4yr Letterman Co-Capt Football Team Basketball Track Victory Corps Drivers' Club ELMER BLIZE Basketball F. F. A. Physical Education KENNETH BREM Choral Club Student Council Red Cross Junior Usher Model Plane Club Hi-Life Staff LAVON BURGESS Red Cross Victory Corps Physical Education DICK CALDWELL Football Manager Basketball Manager Sports Publicity Manager Track Manager Copy Editor-H1 Life Choral Club W Stamp 8: Bond Com.Q' BETTY CHAMBERLAIN JUNIOR CHAPMAN National Honor Society Officer Student Council Student Council Honorary Lioness Hi-Life Staff Junior Usher Student Librarian Red Cross Council Honor Roll Choral Club Victory Corps Red Cross Class Reporter DERYL COCHRAN Physical Education Baseball Boxing Victory Corps Red Cross Sec. Jr. Class National Honor Society Victory Corps Model Plane Club Code Club Assembly GERALD COKE Physical Education Red Cross - X7 MATTIE LE CRABB Home a g Club Ch al Club brar ervice Club unior Usher d Cross ., Ny JAMES CROSS Basketball Football Baseball Track F. F. A. Red Cross qjfr Mun DEATON Band J' Victory Corps Model Air lane Club e bly St nt Librarian P sic Education tv jf f 75 CHARLES WAYNE DODD Basketball Hi-L Baseball Code Club Red Cross Fo tball-3yrs Rfk, TEDDY CRAFT Football Baseball Boxing Red Cross Drivers' Club ELMER CUMMINGS Football Baseball Basketball Red Cross WANDA DEATON Hi-Life Staff Choral Club Student Librarian Homemaking Club Red Cross Victory Corps JIMMY DONIHOO ife Staff-Art Editor Physical Education Red Cross -lbw ff ww A 0-771 ,f J 11' 1 BILLY FELTON Football Basketball Track Baseball Junior Usher Victory Corps Red Cross 'Q DELRAY FUNDERBURK Football Basketball Baseball F, F. A, Victory Corps Red Cross WANDA GALLOWAY Homemaking Club Student Librarian Victory Corps Red Cross 1 U: . Q! 5 bei? GILL Band . Choral Club Victory Corps School Orchestra Model Plane Club Science Club First Aid Club Junior Usher Student Librarian Drivers' Club JOHNNY FOLLIS Football Baseball Basketball Track Boxing Red Cross ELLIS GADDY Football Baseball Basketball Junior Usher Victory Corps Red Cross KENNETH GIDEON F. F. A. Football Victory Corps Red Cross BILLY GLENN Football Victory Corps Model Plane Club Red Cross CURTIS HAMBY Band Victory Corps School Orchestra First Aid Club Model Plane Club Student Council Student Librarian Red Cross MARGIE HARRY Homemaking Clubx Choral Club Pianist for Choral Club Student Librarian Junior Usher Victory Corps Knitting Club Red Cross Homemaking Club Physical Education Honor Roll Drivers' Club JOHN HATCHETT F. M. HOLDER,4s7 Football Junior Usher Student Librarian Physical Educatio Band Victory Corps Model Plane Club Red Cross Basketball GX Q VA JAN HORTON JOSEPH HOWELL Typist for Cat's Paw Physical Education Choral Club Red Cross BETTY JACKSON Editor of Hi-Life National Honor Society W. A. JACKSON Choral Club Junior Usher Student Council Stamp 5 Bond Committee Office Assistant Honorary Lioness Junior Usher Library Service Club f FRANCES JOHNSON National Honor Society Student Council Hi-Life Staff Junior Usher Student Librarian Choral Club Red Cross Victory Corps Red Cross Drivers' Cluy , A .W p Asseinblb' f J X ' I I 4,9 j J 4, - I. ' V r 3 JL, jQ'Qf5? J U A J if ,gp A7 A T: tJAf3',1 ARDELL JONES 3 yr. Letterman Football Capt.-2yrs. Vice Pres. Jr. Class Basketball Baseball Track Student Council Honor Roll Drivers' Club National Honor Society RUBY NELL KIMMONS National Honor Society Student Council Office Assistant Hi-Life Staff Junior Usher Homemaking Club Victory Corps JERRY LEMON Editor Cat's Paw Ass't Editor Cat's Paw National Honor Society Student Council Choral Club Civic Music Ass'n. Pres. Homemaking Club V. Pres. Homemaking Club Reporter FHT Ares VII Stamp B Bond Committee Information Service Club Victory Club Pres. Freshman Class Honorary Lioness Junior Usher Red Cross Jr. Class Favorite Victory Corps Code Club Red Cross E. T. LAWSON 1 Basketball F. F. A. Red Cross HORACE RAY LEWIS F. F. A, Song Lea Victory Corps Red Cros W If ,pf M Jj, L FA' pf IJ! I xr xflpwfx A M, . I l . 'U ,ym -Aw., - . P of F f .3 R, w it W fy, 0 BOBBY LITTLEFIELD Football Manager Basketball Manager Track Manager Victory Corps Code Club Red Cross RANDALL MADDOX ' Choral Club Hi-Life Staff Bus. Mgr Honorary Rotarian Student Council Red Cross Junior Usher Model Plane Club Victory Corps Student Librarian BOBBIE MASSEY National Honor Society Junior Usher Red Cross Council Assembly Homemaking Club 4 Choral Club Victory Corps Ng RRY MAYER ootball-3yrs. Tennis Sec. of Senior Class First Aid Club Junior Usher Code Club Victory Corps Red Cross Band Basketball Baseball LOWELL MADDOX Football-3yr Letterman Basketball Track Baseball Choral Club Civic Music Association Junior Usher Red Cross RUTH MARK Junior Usher . Choral Club Student Librarian Red Cross Victory Corps Assemblies MURL MATTINGLY Football Basketball Sec. of F. F. A Boxing Track Red Cross MORRIS MCCORD Football JX Basketball F. F. A. Victory Corps Red Cross f lf' MARY MCDONALD Student Librarian Junior Usher Choral Club Red Cross WAYNE MCGRADY Baseball Football Track Band VERA MINTER Choral Club Junior Usher Homemaking Club Victory Corps brary Service Club u t, Office Ass't Red Cross Knitting Club LFATSY MORGAN Junior Usher Homemaking Club 'itting Club 'S dent Librarian Jy if lv? V. V. MILDRED MCDONALD Junior Usher Supt. Office Ass't Student Librarian Choral Club Drivers' Club Assembly Red Cross Victory Corps VONDA MERRELL Treas. Student Council Choral Club Office Assistant Homemaking Club Victory Corps Red Cross Band Junior Usher Assembly Knitting Club Honorary Forum Member LOLA MOORE Student Council Student Librarian Honor Roll Red Cross NORMAN MORRIS Football-3yr Letterman Honor Roll National Honor Society Vice-Pres. Student Body Junior Favorite Sophomore Favorite Vice-Pres Junior Class Pres. Sophomore Class Basketball Pres. Freshman Class Junior Usher ALICE MOURGOS Homemaking Club-Reporter Junior Usher Victory Corps Knitting Club Supt. Office Ass't. Student Librarian Red Cross Physical Education JACK MURDOCK Band Junior Usher Victory Corps Model Plane Club Red Cross NANCY JANE MYERS Pres. Jr. Class Pres. Sr. Class Sophomore Favorite Junior Favorite F. F. A. Sweetheart Pep Leader Sec. Freshman Class Honorary Forum Member Student Council Junior Usher Victory Corps Red Cross Drivers' Club Choral Club MINNIE MAE NICHOL Victory Corps Homemaking Club Red Cross Knitting Club MARGIE MUNDEN Student Librarian Homemaking Club Choral Club Red Cross DOROTHY MYERS Flag Bearer of Band Student Council Supt. Office Assistant Student Librarian Junior Usher Victory Corps Red Cross Drivers' Club Choral Club PATSY MYR Chora Cl Vict Red Cro Ju or she sslyrrpk M Mywc ' Y LULA NOLES Junior Usher Homemaking Club Choral Club Home Nursing Club C s WANDA PATTERSON Homemaking Club Red Cross BETTY PEARCY Band Homemaking Club Red Cross DWAIN PINSON Physical Education Red Cross HENRY PONDER Boxing Football Baseball Victory Corps Physical Education ROBERT PAYNE Band Choral Club School Orchestra Victory Corps First Aid Course 6 mf WMA. 51114 GERALDINE PENSON Band Homemaking Club Victory Corps JOE POGUE Junior Usher Student Librarian Red Cross Victory Corps Physical E ation Library Ser Club P 5, fxjbdkyggky CLAIRE PRATT Feature Editor Hi-Life National Honor Society Band School Orchestra Office Assistant Student Council Junior Usher Tennis Victory Corps Red Cross Assembly Knitting Club Drivers' Club Reporter Sophomore Class www IMOGENE PROCTOR Homemaklng Club Red Cross MARGARET REEVES Homemaking Club Red Cross Victory Corps Knitting Club CLOYD ROWELL Football Baseball Basketball F. F. A. Red Cross HENRY SARTIN Basketball Baseball F. F. A. Red Cross MARY RHYNE Student Librarian Homemaking Club Red Cross MARTHA GENE ROBINSON Student Council Junior Usher Supt. Office Ass't Choral Club Victory Corps Assembly Red Cross FLOYD ROWELL Football Baseball Basketball F. F. A. Track Red Cross MARY SARTIN Student Librarian Library Service C Honor Roll Red Cross x .I WW' 1 'J ' Qwigsts " 2, ,FJ nh ,n, ,r .U GENE SATTERWHITE Projection Operator Physical Education Student Librarian Red Cross JUANITA SIMMONS Choral Club Knitting Club Red Cross BILLY SIMMONS Student Librarian Physical Education Choral Club Baseball Football Victory Corps GLENN SMITH F. F. A. Reporter Physical Education Red Cross 'V 5 x 4 IDA JO SMITH Student Council National Honor Society Office Assistant Student Librarian or Usher o al Club E o ing Club ed Cross X X ' H. M MARTHA STANLEY Student Council HI-LIFE Staff National Honor Society Junior Usher MARY LOU SPARKS Red Cross MARGARET STOUT Homemaking Club Junior Usher Choral Club Student Librarian Y Choral Club 1 J Civic Music Association , Band ," Victory Corps .Victory Corps Red Cross RedACross, " v ' Knitting Club Assembly Programs Assembly Programs ,NN7fv.Akf' I Q W,Mw,,... -,-,. walgyi A i,W.fm51 JANIE TATOM Sec. of Student Council National Honor Society Reporter Freshman Class Junior Usher Homemaking Club Officer Choral Club Victory Corps Red Cross Assembly Programs Knitting Club JIMMIE THOMAS Pep Leader Student Council Honor Roll tamp and Bond Com. Drivers' Club St ent Librarian MARY ALICE TITTLE Junior Usher Knitting Club Red Cross BESSIE LOU VANZANDT Student Librarian Choral Club Red Cross Knitting Club Junior Usher BILLY TENNISON Drum Major of Band School Orchestra Choral Club Victory Corps Assembly Code Club HI-LIFE Staff Student Librarian 'iivfagafi fvfQ,"f4r:-r CAROLYN THORNTON Freshman Favorite Band Student Council Honorary Forum Member Office Assistant IS udent Council Reporter Homemaking Club Junior Usher Choral Club Red Cross Drivers' Club Victory Corps LEWIS TYLER Victory Corps F. F. A. eww LENA LOU WAITS , National Honor Society F. F. A. Sweetheart Senior Class Reporter Honorary Lioness Treas. Homemaking Club Choral Club Red Cross Council Victory Corps Junior Usher Wwfiw ,L za., I' JOE WATERS Red Cross GENE WEAVER Pres. F. F. A. Honorary Rotarian Victory Corps Red Cross DOROTHY WATSON Junior Usher Band Assembly Programs Choral Club Homemaking Club Drivers' Club Red Cross CARROLL WHATLEY Pres. Student Council Pres. Nat'l Honor Society Bus. Mgr. Cat's Paw Football Letterman Ass't. Editor HI-LIFE Sec. Sophomore Class Choral Club Q Track Victory Corps Honorary Rotarian Junior Usher Drivers' Club Code Club Basketball Baseball MARY JANE WHERRY KENNETH WHITE Football Sweetheart Football National Honor Society Red Cross Student Council Victory Corps HI-LIFE Staff Student Librarian Office Assistant Junior Usher Chora l Club Physical Education Victory Corps Red Cross Knitting Club Information Club Assembly Programs MARTHA WHITE Twirler-Band Student Council Junior Usher Student Librarian Victory Corps Knitting Club Red Cross Assembly Programs BOBBIE NELL WILLIAMS Student Librarian JANET wx NBURN FRARX wnfcrrr Band ax? .Choral Club " Homemaking Club Q Victory Corps Red Cross Homemaking Club Football Victory Corps X GN Model Plane Club go Q! X CIL YOUNG ELLA MARIE WESTBROOK 1 . 1 W Q X ff , - , V , 4 1 ,u Q 1 A o ou I ' ou I ,lg f f gf, r Q ' f f-,, 1 : fl A L, X., Ti? V ...l ! W 'ES '???i! JI LE T PEHEE PREVJNL af SFRQWN I ZMUVIIQ Ps PW ,ixw A vi, -- .-ax I " 4, h ' i tl XD-.5l1x,xNi?5 A 1 2 ' l X U xiigllgx ef' 'n wig? TWG' f W 1 Ag "" fluff by I f 'xml 1. fed J jf!! ' 1 Msn ' rf-I fl, f 1 4 1-1 ly., QM- ffffm IQ 0 4 ff ,f Q if ? , , 7 , , 1 if f 2: , sl Li 4 5 Z ' f V. , L f + X' 'L- V I ,Li-ni A 2"""' f " - i A Y B if 'Y A F , , . ,iifji f,Zcef' 2 ' V K 'N 4, 4 f' ,wmgfll rv--QV ' - is,-' 4 :- JI W 'i S NI F 1 4 if f--T' , xg ,, g1i7 2i ii, fg,-Q 4 355- 1 7 f ,,- " --cfiggh gi "' '1 K! ' fa K .. L fiAlii ' "Til 'Q x 6, 17 if' 1- "?ffT'ifi g:, Q52 is' fi' R -' s P 14 K. 'ff iff 410' I L , 5' X . M Qflliiy Qi if- H A iw 13 if wif-' if ' ,fffg ' b., 4 4519 T45 W .QL N ! ., -, f,-J H -'ff 1 X X f M ff- - 1 , X 'ge I f 'L Ei' li Q- I ab! 51417 N 515+-f, y 55 mfr ,JY Y Q1-' 4 K qQ :":Li 2 , ' ff" Y "W -..-bsijrgf Q jzf- ' ' ' Q x"' ' -L33 K if 4AA?x"AfL' WA--1 5+ qi! 'iii' Q..- fm- ,f- N.2'-f .iFf +Q1 Q fp ,. X 4i j WY Y ,ETZ?4? Q " a f I ,' -' 4 ,V 7 ' 4vYA?LhiI?i4N n ,nfl nm- , I ' .i Z 1. lm? 1 Afi! -rf? K 'K -- 4 xi hw ! K - ' 'fpbxb . I 1 lu " ' " , I f , ff-2 4 sl f X Xx V 9 . ,, yffi 4111? .L1M' X. - --7-- ' ' -11 iN ' ' 3 J,-.44 C 1,177 it: f"" Km" XX . " -Q lf - ,-,,....-.- 'l 7 F IA I IA X ff' V, ,nn Beshears-Ass't Ed.,Lemon-Editor,Stone-Sponsor,Tapp-Ass't Bus.Mgr.,whatley-BuSineSS MHHHE Horton-Typist,Gill-Sponsor,williams-Artist,Baird-Sponsor,Brooks-Printer,Bridges-Ass't Ar - Q i,,,,q 1 ,. M -- u I E NSI n F THEH1 LIFE VOI. 1. Sulphur Springs High School, Friday. l1'cl,iruai'y 111415. NU- -5 ildcats Distrietpghamp 3 . . l """', , Facts About Our Dramatic Artist ,Our New Swimming i Thu Swim-1--' ,Snr--rms Wildgfits S . d P f .P I jcanie throuirh with their first bAA uperln-ten ent cr ornls Q 00 lllistrict championship, as they , .i,....-......---,....1..T . Nipnsswmsof SUPT, BROOKS The entire city school system is greatly indohtcd to its superin- tendent, ldrcell W. llrooks. for his entlnisinstic leadership in cal'- ryinf: out many, loiii:-in-mleil ini- provements in its school liuild- ings after the hardships of the war years. Mr. Brooks was horn in Ver- non, Texas, September 15, 12101, the youngest in a family of seven. His father was a railroad con- structor and was killed hy an ex- plosion when helping to build zm railroad from Vernon to Ennis, Oklahoma. while 'our' Mr. Brooks was only a small child. As a boy, Mr. Brooks' hohhy was raising pigeons, hantains and rabbits, and while in high school he clerked in a grocery store af- ter school and on Saturdays. Lat- er he received his Bachelors De- gree from Baylor Tlnivf-rsitv' al- so attending Colo '4- chers College. ani of Texas. Mr. iliooks firs educator was as Thompson school. 1923. Then he l Superintendent f Vernon. Wilbargc as, in 1927. Frf cepted the positio tendent of Ind: Ihslxii-ts of 'fzxli 1933 ne he-came Siipefi. tendon, l tlrzunntn- art: t ...M.,,.... l .......... Bliss liniilinc Rogue, hrilliantl As you all know the city has 's in dynamic and started construction on a new vital interpretations, appeared in 1 swimming pool :xt the City Park. 3 g,,ul3,e,.n .x.,.,,,..,i.i.. H...-fu..-.,.-im-L. "rust ua.. .-..-.1 .,f me most pm. 'l'hursday, I' in the Su School unili audience ot hlisfa Bog es costume. acted plays lc--tions :int Alimony: thc llocue was acted play i plc. liistiirt. wi in 1935 he super-intend schools, wht standing ac of these ini the number laistics were nuniher of districts mc pc-nditnres L no increase Junior Hiirl tielsl were l It was fr ,Brooks can Qin 1945. 4 gschools have .repainted ii 'roundings C ed, and the, xlargcr basis 'made for a Paze Two , the city has rs, and we are the approval of y the youth of ts you all are froject we have THE HI-LIFE' I it d Office Room 6, Sulphur Springs High School Editorial Staff Editor--Betty Jackson Asst. Editor--Joan Mitchell ' Make-Up Editor-Betty Cham- berluin. News l:Iditor--Frances Johnson. Asst. News Editor-M-W. A. .lack- son Sports Editor-'John Barron Asst Sports Editor--Bill Payne Copy Editor--Dick Caldwell Feature hlditor-Claire Pratt Reporters-Bennie Williams, Lou Waits, Betty Kistenmacher, Charles Gilreath. Typist-Miluby Nell Kimmons. Business Staff Business Manager--Randall Mad- dox Asst. Business Manager--Kem neth Brem Sponsors Mack Mullins, Mrs. Pearle If you some idea lke. till lie 70 feet is will he a bath l side and you lol from this 'tl he 9 1-2 feet iilace and 1: l-tl uallowest place. l a wading pool iThe new pool l by a concrete iaxnentzil fence. ,ll also he sur- On top of the io he a pavilion ,iliout six inches tlion there can lrts and dances. : and tables for l will have un g system and hig flood lights e the pool at 'imodate many ill he a place to al candy. ,dinxz the new iserve food ,Each schoo Molloy, Miss Alice Bohannon, iwere made by e city will save iflining room. ni. ...'iT'CfEi?fii."'.'J irxii-:'5T1TuuI:':T.??ei',tJ0O by boil,-1- the reconditioned, n woodwork -shop set up in high school, a full itime music teacher and county iing the pool themselves, E If everyone will pray and hope afor pretty weather and good luck, lhezit the Highland Park Scotties, '32-25. i The Wildcats played their best Qdefcnsive game of the season in lhcating the Scotties. Their de- fense has improved immensely since the first of the season. The lHiirhlnmlers were held to two ipoints the last quarter. while the :Wildcats scored eleven. The Wild- zcuts' defense was sparked by the play of Elmer Cummings. V'-'hen ever there was a fight over the i l iball, Cumniinirs was always in the iniiddle of it. His hall handling and tpassim: was one of the highlights iof the Wildcat victory. When it lcamc to getting the hall off the -hackboard, Gregg and Blize were the stars. . Many fans thought that the , this had fallen down on their of- -fensive prairie, but the Highland Park pzuine proved that if you have two good men like Follis and Xffross, you cannot watch them lioth at the same time. When Coach Guest sent in Follis for the last half the Scotties turned to 'watch him, and that is when Truss broke loose. James Cross, .the smallest man on the quad, was point man. He dropped six ihigh afield goals in the basket and made out of six free throws. He followed up by David Gregg, scored five points while play- ing his part as pivot man for the iWildcats. Follis, Blize, Red Row- lell and Baxter scored four, three, itwo and two respectively. James ,I-iaxter, who started the game in- og' Iiollis, grovecihtotbe one o ie es guar s on e eam. Johnny Follis, who has been ill for about two weeks, came lnto h me ' l s i four EWHS use will he higiwhf, inurse for elementary grades to line added, if possible. and the ten- ,nis courts and foothall stadium 'fn he reworked. VVQ fmnreciate you will be able to dive into the pool by June first. t half to score helped the considera- t e ga ln a 'four cause it body wishes the luck in the world come. fg ft f tp 6 4 2 16 1 1 3 3 2 1 3 5 0 0 5 0 1 0 0 2 2 0 1 4 1 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 G 14 32 on page threej SWUIUIEN l KOIUNIEIIIL Janie Tatom--Secretary Carroll Whatley--President Bettie Jackson--Reporter Billy Allen--Vice-President Gladys Alexander--Sponsor H. Clay Cheek--Sponsor Vonda Merrell--Treasurer Jerry Lemon--Parliamentarian Junior Chapman--Sergeant-at-Arms Freshman and Sophomore Members Junior and Senior Members ff fag? X -rx' ,gr-1 , L 'B 5 A 4'- Sludenl C ou-n eil Ba-nciluei IN H S5 Left to right: Carroll Whatley, Presidentg Mrs. Molloy, Miss Alexander, Miss Wilson, Mrs. Vest, Mr. Cheek, Sponsorsg Norman Morris, Vice-Presidentg Bobbie Massey, Secretary. NHTIONRL 4 BOND SDD U K JE y X V5 Lf Kathleen Morgan--Pres. dartha White--Vice-Pres. Mary Myre--Sec. Lena Lou Waits--Treas. Wanda Morgan--Reporter Janet Winburn--Parl. Ann Bridges--Hist. Ada Belle Ward--Sponsor First Year Class Second Year Class Third Year Class ar W 'vm M-4 ff A 'W 3 x1 W CA Wx u- fl 5 2 xx OR TEXP' 5 bnuv: ,411 E 'Z 0 zjiibd' ff' 1 'NAM Q N faq ik ' U Sk 1 ' 5 A 4 ' eu by ' ...M , . xX'f?iYkr ,ad Y . "Fm' -4+ I fr if ls x 'QGSi?z31igs , JMS AF? 2 ' ,J V19 1 K x ' 1 fz'2f N nf!! xv V ooP',.'9N 6 'Q f 3 fgfrf' 'v '5'-. I., OS 5 0 . T?:'V :DQ T? . - ' A ' C 01 4 - Q- , 05? in ' f .L U 0 If '- if President Secretary Reporter- Sentinel- 2nd. Vice 3rd. Vice -Gene Weaver Vice-President--Ben Tatom -Troyce Dennis Treasurer--Lanning Ishmael Glenn Smith Parliamentarian--Glenn Ferguson Wayner Citty tHistorian--Kenneth Ward President--Louis Charlton Song Leader--Horace Ray Lewis President--Hubert Townsend Adviser--L. E. Stone Conductors--Billy Deaton, E. T. Lawson Sweethearts--Nancy Myers, Lena Lou Waits EINIEIEFIHIEAIRTS S -1 ...Wg -Q. 9 5 i Q s 1511 A Ha 'gx I 3 'GY ug . MU' ' x.-IQ' . , . ., HQQQV 'SP 1 Gif 4 ., SQ wr ,. if -1 ,Q 4 1 E A IN ID NK' Director---Mac McMu11an Drum Major---Billy Tennison M131 W..-as... elif-4 B -,, 4 A ,w.a .... A . iff -I ,a,,,...: Dot Ann Reynolds Jeanette Carmack Mary Myre Martha White Jo Ann Payne Patsy Spencer Nancy Hurley wif: f if hm. Q xi li 774.41172 fans 172 HCf'lb'7'l 2 3, HHHMP! 'Frmmm f aliew fiom Shoufin OH ,W I N "-hm... 'if' J-""' mzgvglsf , L. J I 9 ff f f 'B X 1 S- 'ff Q. A A A - ,,, , K 1- H . , iff' . I .. 1 ,mf,, ffm A , 'IL in fi -AN " 1,- ,I -V K ix kk .j A ,, ,. "':W',, Ki, 3, Q. . I ,qkwf . f 13 is V Q. , 1 N if A K ,k,,.,m, k I 1 .Q f, ., - :W W . +- L , X 1 1 ' "U'i'. H ' . ' 'fi-fQhi1'1W1f 1 1 - ' ' ,, " 'if ' i'jf f - -ff4' iF'-4 'T ' W Q , v ' L X L, ,, ' V 2 N . . Mfm,w.N X, ,Q ,, ,W .. Jw M A .h .gf f , .. ,. 15 KM'-P' ' . - K f M v.-.W ffwlgfkwwff-vs m.fM:A:,2,: K- f FLAG BEARERS Jackie Bradshaw Dorothy Myers Jane Alexandez G O 1 E uv 1- n 3 45 Q 3 - v K A N x QW!-wgf-2 ay 'if 5 1..,,xx if 4 1 K ' 4 af Q"W' ' M: 5, 4 055 W-5. K s ' -f on ' w9 ? havin 'F J M -Y.-.,.. Wx . aa. .y Il, 'Mk Gif 'L' 5' N cr'-f at f -2' fm. qs A 437115 I ,, 'N W.. 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S . 4. 0' mf A 'Se Wm MW FTIUTPZAII QMIFIITI-IITAIQT Cl Il 73am Nr 3 .ui Tc-:arf 3, ross aves if .3 ' 7523? E Hi G ,. 2 if , - ' - ' M , Q Q v, RRY sas, ini ' A G I J, ,B E I , is t it L ,,.7 -..............., ..., . ,. - A, .M L-,m,...-.........,.f ' - d Q Q, S 5'3" , ' gikyz . K I : 'M I Q 62 -Q Sf av' K0 ' nr W' .jf ,kr - 'ii' fd. Q X 'ml 4 Q45 f fi 4 16 fff 0 Q ' A f - ' I A s , ' rig! i ' cfw ' A L N tm! L 145WS:Aii'c'zs4g?Vx:H2mvinSjffgrqi'-irltwylffilcr 6 '- Y ' ff' - - ' f QW f - A4 x fx U Auf-'Q che m tin' ymtim ui jay- '.ff-,L,,W,, 4 sr 0 ,',.,f" ' IN' . , . .. ,sq + 1- "yy 'ly -A ' 0 5 x A Lx'--'kynf' :vmmlmzis tm' thm 2 ,712 A "fb, DWG? . ' f' x ,g i ' A W HZ! H 44 V '-' X 1 ' f" --firm: mlm- I -w -I ' hz, 0 f bf" . 2 : 4' . ' .. 5: X Wil? 1 'U -HW' fy J ' ,gi 0 J Jig, 8 mwilayj-k,A.hAJJf. NZOHN 4, IE , 5, -' A W r '11 ,rw J, Nw, S10 , f .3 gg. 1 f 4 fl - N .1 . ox A ,,,. Q 5,5 x, .X S 0 Q '1y,,,f.v! ,LW .vfmlyg xml gy S ,,, 'Ag '51-x"'u R in .- 2 ' A . 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W' Back row, left to right: Kenneth White, Johnny Follis, Taft Sickles, Ellis Gaddy, Coach Guest, and Glenn Henderson. Front row, C. W. Bradford, Black Rowell, Tiger Littlefield, James Cross, Red Rowell, and James Baxter. The team of 1945 was the first in modern Sulphur Springs High School history. Headed by Bill Looney and Vernon Smith, star catcher and pitcher, and aid- ed by Johnny Follis, Red Rowell, James Cross, Wayne McGrady in the infield and Kenneth White, James Bax- ter, Black Rowell, and Ellis Gaddy in the outfield. The Sulphur Springs team lost only two games out of sixteen played, prior to the state tournament. In the state tournament Sulphur Springs defeated Shallo water, a strong West Texas entry, before losing out to Sunset in the quarter-finals. This year's team is made up largely of players from last year. David Gregg and Taft Sickles are expected to be the main pitchers. If a capable catcher is developed, this team will go farin the State race this summer. nf 8 X ,- ..- 1 E g' A K. -F. k A745 ' flwiiiiq 5 'E'f"??5'ks.f bi Q N.: I. ' .M-1 ,,.,,.,,,.. .,,. + -.X i- r 1- in ,r xx wh ,Q Qwix Dwi 'r ,Xie ' 553112 ,fr 1152 Y ,ff 'H ni " ,,, Q5 ....,,,,,,,, B ',,,n-v"""' '56 gk i' 6 Q v .. :lg lr rn 4 -3 A'-,. w, .in ,. 'ky 'K :Ai X at En. VL a it n Q .ek C , . ,.. ........ . fi -rx: I ,. " SNMVS ANID MDS uve mules Lowrs or A IFOR TV-HE 1946 SEIDHQRS eraffcl ffore s Ld L JPM t 517m Inmrance Cbmpanyyww Erk FARM DEPARTMENT c.H. MCCORKLE 3. co., AGENTS SliLl?l:lUR SPRING? .TEXAS IHINI Jane Alexander Lena Lou Waits Dorothy Myers Carolyn Thornton Martha Robinson Nancy Myers Bobbie Massey Mildred McDonald IQQEQ IW ll JIT "P -mr A.5 Qifa !w4Q EQTHBR ' fdiiwg 5 Officers: Carolyn Thornton--Rush Captain Dorothy Myers--Reporter, Claire Pratt-- Rush Captain, Frances Johnson--Vice-President Martha Robinson--President, Patsy Myre--Secretary Lena Lou Waits--Parliamentarian, Ruth Mark--Treasurer 'X mc! C Ruth Mrs. B S11 Frances Jo Mu S11 Martha Mrs . Claire Patsy Mary J. V I ' E F V w A ami 1 ., " A .M my ,N 3' ,W . Q JM- ' .qw ,-. -- ' -- ii .fab R 'A 1: K an-X4 s51f':kIe!fgY'f Y A kg WW M ,cn GLR 4 L I fi iii wg, ' xc:-I' '45 9 'SY- L?.r W f Qi 'ffif 1 ,322 if Q s ws V Ex ef M1 5 Qiiffk Q fs . it 'N N7 ' x W v J . QSF. r . x I -i-'X -,D A 'V' rind ...-c..g ,.,f- .v , N rr, THF 4 Ei" 'it x !x .k' Q, A - VME -was Nw. I! , A I an Y sa .. , ' Q if 'IA 'Ang 6 . tt A L ,r 1 V' QW 5 4. x, .. 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TP8rL low-cost Electric Service enables you to enjoy these new advantages to the fullest. Plan now to equip your home with the many electric appliances that add so much ro better living. Low-cost TP8rL service is your golden key to better living in the home of tomor- row . . . beginning today! C0099 LICUCCXDTS OF YUN-GRAY LU 'BEM du lphur 3DPl'lHQ5J eras PRO S ' READY- TO - WEAR MosT EXCLUSIVE LADIES' SHOP IN sutpnua svnmes C Omplimen ts of Southwestern alfour ompany S. RHIIISCY, R,CP1'CSE11f8'l7lVC Ol,HCl2ll Jewelers for Our Senior Classes MADDOX MOTOR DRY GOODS ' HARDWA ggymj li I! I IP 6 IE S moo Mm N I: E SULPI-IUR Snnlne H H T Pinus co. E HO F LQZZZMZQIQEM comPLlmEN'rs LFMEQIDE M IIFIFE MELVIN PHTTUN STUDENTS' on-so nc li IRE lEIll'S .alkfw is Burn Slllbli HE STR - . Us B.Ym.Y YUSSUS SMI TH LU r Pf f U em " 0 SANDWICH lmme of v JMS SHOP 0 6 0 "THE YOUTH CENTERQ 217 CoNNAu.Y STREET SULPHUR SPRINGS, T 325152 :ms TR aggvm WUVING msxuned. and PHONE 137 - 2.56 - 713 1531131131 LFS CAFE CLAUDE 1l1i'5BLE,PROP. 'ITIUEQ CZEAHER? Clzwwui 'f'P1-Lmuui YOUR BUSINESS RPPRECIATED AULK BROS. DRUG STORE DRESCRIPTIONS OUR SPECIALTY PHONE SULPHUR SPRINGS, TQXAS RAT I lz.g14.,.f, c., 5495? TKGLQ Qffcdzc f GIQOCERIES IVIEATS Fl? ESH FR UIT6 VE G ETA BLE5 . EUmpFim5nt5 ZWKFIWMZIEH WMI? ZZ7l7!Z5!f!f!f!2 SAFEWAY Sims V THQ Home UF Qunuw F0093 u Fmennw Senvzce Q Qfean GTS Hill ClwaDmanfOur1er Ccmplfinellff of Sulphur Sprnngs Sioie Bonla .LB LUGSTGR TENNISRACKETS PLAYGROUND BALL ?M WHT Q NE HW A LANE Cm S. H HENDERSON HANNNAE CHEST FOR GRADUATION SPORTING GQODS 1Uoi'rs .Bus Lines covering we 'ferns 69 CLEANINGQJ-DRESSING ALTEPING 2+ DYEINC-3 QNEENAN CLEANERS jf..iFJ2fIi EH? l10GILMERSTREET Lam and c""""" IIMON REA! f5IAIf 'NCIIRANCI AGFNCL fafztzdz' CQ-flcfw The Cafzcpzl Dfuzfgbbtb The ,sim wlwxwhuf calm ai Am 1 O, M P331 v E . ,W , rv ef A 3 131. '1 5, 9 fv :O 5 'ft- A ' . . - , 1' , Q5 5 ,Q ' .nu n " 1 Q J W A """3-L, . ax J.. CONGRATULATIONS TOTHE 1946 GRADUATINO, CLASS LET Us MAKE YOUR GRADUATION l3nOTuRE.1N YEA! To COME YOLJ7Ll.. BE GLAD You DID 'IDI' " I IIIIIII - I- O ETS EAT GEURGEQS EQEAD IEURISES BIIKERY MURDUCKV 56 to S199 STORE EAST SIDE SQUARE firwfme Gore D. l..E5-ff? SMITH Giylce.. fqporfimg Goocfs 4146 V-9' sump UNH COUFIDEDCE C0fWfWf7f'5"ff' WV TG D D I S QD B may 51,0 THQ STORE THQT SHEPISEIED 9 P QUSTQEUEQQS Bum' M 503 Deveiwoazrs ff f., W0 570425 You Musi Be Saluslqed JOHN M. 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ONLY QUALITY MERCHANDISE 'Ina LAPIODE EXCLUSIVE I.adIeS' Qeadq -to-wear MIll1r1eI'q 81 Shoes WHERE STYLEE PRICE MEET s.f24LmLf Suuts made to measure See SHED - I-Iave a fat CLEEINING HND DRESSING YDUD BUSINESS IIDDDEUAIED MRM . lllEl'IS'F0WIillS IILUIILIENEUIIIIIIIIII GROCERY MARKER AND SEEDS JEWI5 PEFNODTQMUHQ Claws STEWART Ucugs Sayid SULDEiDi0i3ZDb"K3?aOZimS QUQUTHJ ITIDSQ Phone 926 I fx! I I l'NfWlf51?.Q Merrell Clrevrolef C o 4 Cars and Trucks Parts MA cces Smeg P- lk A , Sulphur Sprnngs, p-'2xa.S 4 CH 11.4.-Q ron me ssnvucr: or AMERICA I--'-f . CQIVIDLIIVIENTS OF CARNATIUN CUVIP ' NILI4 66From Contented Cows 'Q ff THE END AU'I'D5BAPiI5 ,4 ?f Q, G4g6fc9340'? 146,46 aJ 4 -5C4f.fxQZ2fZf , QwgfQ,.A. SAW ww. 1. . q . A rw? ,lgkixkh-ISA' A ADWWM AMW' -'gWf'f" 9, HW'M'N' QM ' J' ,z W BMVf"'4.. QM 1 ww? , 9, f, fjfwdfvzvflgiyd gQ4MU ww X W My QA, il 'WWUWUWWM QMJWW ffW'wLvLzf? 'VlM'w - ' X , Q 40, ,M I 2 HX .X X E vt QMC S5 3 , Y 5 V . , F Vx n. eff! 2 X , V. 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