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OFFICAL MAP OF KiriBEKLr The Peanut Rzpxrti •4 iht OoAjxoA Uioti Suffolk High School 1956 3wimwJul: As all corporations publish an annual Statement of Condition, we herewith present to our stockholders and other interested par¬ ties The Peanut of 1956, being our faithfully rendered account of resources and liabilities. Our plant, Suffolk High School, opened for business in 1923 and has maintained a regu¬ lar schedule of production from that date. We have found it necessary to change models every year but we like to think that each design bears our special hallmark. Upon examining this report you will observe that our formula combines equal parts of “Labor”, “Management”, and “Program” blended with a liberal amount of school spirit and a dash of competition, the whole somewhat tempered by the pressing need for expansion of our facilities. We invite your continued support and patronage. Given, for the Staff, under our hand and seal. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 11th day of February, 1956, in the Clerk’s Office of the Circuit Court of the City of Suffolk, Virginia. V J 7 : t E A Lj: ; .... THE PLAN 9meAal fllanayeA V-lani JTLuiayeA ®£,dLcatLan To the parents of the 1956 grad¬ uates of Suffolk High School we dedicate, with respect and affection. Volume XXXIV of o n Annual Re¬ port. You are the “silent partners” without whom this “Special Dividend” could never have been declared. Please accept this simple tribute ac¬ companied by our prayer that we may ' ever merit your love, deserve your sacrifices, and reflect credit upon our Alma Mater. IftuMneAA 0. V1R. ARTHl R E. JONES Assistant Principal and Business Manager MISS BETTY JONES Secretary to the Principal MRS. FREDERICK NORFLEET Office Secretary MISS MAMIE BASLER School Treasurer Requested by_ Approved by V V MRS. CHARLES L. BAILEY B.S., Madison College MISS MAMIE BASLER B.S., Mary Washington College MISS MARGUERITE BELL B.S.. Madison College M.Ed.. College of William and Mary MR. ROSS O. BRIDEWELL A.B.. Duke University MISS VIRGINIA H. BRINKLEY B.S.. Longwood College MRS. P. M. Bl RTON B.A.. Randolph-Macon Woman’s College MRS. ANNETTE R. CARTER B.S., Madison College MR. WILBERT CROCKER B.A., University of Richmond MR. HAL FURR B.S.. M.A., W ake Forest College MR. W. HILL KILBY Staunton Military Academy MR. LEO IMPERIAL R.M.. Stetson University MR. ARTHUR E. JONES, JR. B.S.. University of Richmond M.S., University of Richmond MISS BETTY J. JONES B.S., Lorigwood College MR. VIRGIL 11. KEE. JR. A.B.. Randolph-Macon College M.A.. Middleburg College MR. JOHN MILLIGAN B.S., East Carolina College MR. MICHAEL H. MOFFO B.A., Elon College MRS. JAMES A. MYATT A.B.. William Smith College M.A., Smith College MR. JAMES A. MYATT A.B., University of Virginia MRS. RICHARD NORFLEET A.M., University of Maryland A.B., Asbury College MRS. JOHN C. PERTS St. Catherine Institute St. Petersburg, Russia MR. MARVIN PICKARD A.B., University of North Carolina M.A.. Appalachian State Teachers College MR. JAMES E. SHIPP B.S.. Richmond Professional Institute MISS JOHNNIE L. THOMPSON B.S., Madison College MISS REED WEST .B.. College of William and Mary M.Ed.. University of Virginia MRS. LEWIS R. WHITE B.S.. Longwood College MR. LEWIS R. WHITE B.S.. Hampden-Sydney College MISS GLADYS YATES A.B., Elon College O iceA ' .l o-ft the, SaAp,oAatian President Vice-President Secretary Sponsor Sally Birdsong George Birdsong Jane Vanture H. B. Brock well The Student Senate Representatives: Aubrey Goldberg. Buckv Thorn¬ ton. Sandra LoCasio. Sarah Leigh Rogers. Jo-Kitt Brothers, Roy Roberts. Prince Butler. Cindy Quavle. Anna Moore. Joyce Odom. Edward Blanchard. Sam Oliver. Betty Hayes. Sue Benton. Pearl Blair. Vir¬ ginia Ann Hill. Duane Jubenville, Bill Elliott. Special Dividend for 1956: Seniors Young Executives: Juniors Apprentices: Sophomores Newest Models: Freshmen Raw Material: Eighth Grade Raw Material: Seventh Grade LABOR 4 S YLVIA ARTHURS KATHERINE BELL BENITA BERNSTEIN SALLY BIRDSONG GEORCE COULBOURN DICKIE CULPEPPER MARTHA CUSTIS BILL ELLIOTT EMELINE ELMORE LEE EVERETT CAROLYN GOODWIN FEROL GREEN HRUCE GRIGGS AUDREY HARRELL BILLY HAWKINS BETTY " HAYES FAYE HICKS I ' 11 I llntt RLEi N( BOB HOLLA DA LORETTA HINES BILLY MALLORY LAURETTA MARSH RAYMOND McCLENNY betty McKinney - l Di i i i; ANNA MOORE LAURA MUNDEN BARBARA ANN PETTY GEORGE PETTYJOHN QUUdend FAYE PIERCE DICKY PONI) J ANET POWELL LYNNE ROBERTS SARAH LEIGH ROGERS DOl ' G SHOTTON TOMMY SHOTTON ROB SKINNER Aac ni P ftaAtfictnce SALLY ANN BIRDSONG: Basketball. 1. 2. 3. Co-Cap tain. 4: Choral Club. 1, 2. 3: Dramatic Club, 2, 3. 4. Secretary. 3: Student Senate. 1, 2. 3, 4. Vice-President, 3, President. 4: Ways and Means. 3, 4. Chairman. 3; S.C.A. Convention. 2. 3: Monogram Club. 2. 3, 4; Pea¬ nut Picker Staff. 3. 4: Peanut Staff. 2. CYNTHIA CAROLINE QUAYLE: Tri-Hi-Y, 1, 2, 3, 4, President. 2. Vice-President, 4; Peanut Staff. 2, 3, 4. Editor, 4: Peanut Picker Stall. 1, 2, 3; Choral Club, 2, 3. 4; Cheerleader. 2. 3. 4. Co-Head. 4: Monogram Club, 2. 3. 4; Girls ' State. 3; Forensics, 1, 3; Student Senate, 4: Way and Means. 4; Executive Committee, Senior Class: National Merit Scholarship. 4: All-Stale Eastern Chorus, 3: Blue Ridge Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y Leaders ' Congress, 1, 2. 3; Model General Assembly, 2, 4; D.A.R. Good Citizen Medal, 4. MARTHA JANE ANTI RE: Student Senate 1. 3. 4, See. 4: Ways and Means Secretary. 4: Civie Samaritan Tri-Hi-Y, 1. 2: Dramatic Club. 3. 4: Three Act Play, 3, 4: Secretary Junior Class: Peanut Picker, 3; Varsity Cheerleader. 3: Forensics, 3; Band, 1.2; National Merit Scholarship. 4; Quiz ' Em On the Air, 4. EDWARD BROTHERS BLANCHARD: Hi-Y, 1: Varsity football. 1. 2. 3. 4; Key Club, 2. 3, 4; Vice-President, 3, President. 4: Student Senate. 2. 3, 4: Ways and Means, 3; Monogram Club, 3. 4: National Merit Scholarship, 4, Semi-Finalist, 4; Boys’ State. 3; Sophomore Class President: Class Treasurer, 3; Forensics, 3; Quiz ’Em On the Air, 4. WILLIAM ALFRED ELLIOTT: J. V. Football, 1, 2; Varsity Football. 3, 4; Hi-Y. 1, 3, President. 3; Mono¬ gram Club, 1, 2. 3. 4; Dramatic Club, 2: Key Club, 3, 4. Vice-President, 4; Student Senate, 4; President of Senior Class; Track Manager. 2, 3: Peanut Picker. 3, 4, Sports Editor, 3, Feature Editor. 4; Quiz ’Elm On the Air, 4. WILLIAM ALFRED WOOD: J. V. Basketball. I: Varsity Basketball. 2. 3; Three Act Play. 4: Dramatic Club, 4: Key Club. 2. 3. 4. Member of Board of Directors. 4: Boys’ State. 3; Quiz ’Em On the Air. 4: National Merit Scholarship, 4. .■sally Ann Birdsong Cynthia Caroline Qua le Edward Brothers Blanchard Martha Jane Vanture William Alfred Elliott William Alfred W’ood cuAAent faexiJtWieA, WW £ VW ' MOST DEPENDABLE: Cindy Quayle and Bill Elliott Senior MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: Edward Blanchard and Jane Vanlure 28 Ui,d c Qti a .V e Superlatives BEST LOOKING: Faye Pierce and Dickie Pond BEST ALL ROUND: Bill Elliott and Anna Moore Glenn Allabrook Carson Barnes 7 Algie Barren JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: President: Joyce Odom Pice-President: Prince Butler Secretary: Martha Joyner Treasurer: Pearl Blair Andy Boyce Barbara Brantley Carol Browning 30 Donald BulTkin Beverl) Burton yxumy e cexutliu A, Mac Burton Prince Butler George Gardner Faye Gordon Peggy Gray 31 Eva Green John Harrell Miriam Harrell Juniors Mary Ann Johnson Steve Johnson Ruby Jordan yxMtuj, esxMiAituKeA, Jeanine Matthews harline Oliver Shannah Parks Martha Railey David Runnels Jimmy Ware Sherry West Betty Wills Betty Jean W ' omble Bobby Womhle Joyce leads the Junior ( ' lass ii cussion of plans for the Jr.-Sr. an enthusiastic tlis- Sophomore Betty Ann Allsbrook Elsie Mae Baines Fave Baines Herman Baines Roberta Baker Ellen Bass Edgar Beaton Joyre Blythe Frances Bradley Randall Caton Jimmie Caulk Bobby Coulbourn Carole Crews Billie Crocker Alice Cudlipp Susan Dodd Jerry Draper Anne Carland Dunn Randolph Early Tommie Ellis Tommy Everett Harold Familant Jack Gayle Jane Gayle Penny Gray Rose Gray Barbara Harrell Phyllis Hicks Virginia Ann Hill Gory Hines Ann Holland Betsy Hopkins Ruby Jakrman Evelyn Jones Patricia Jones Allan Jubenville Emily Sue Judkins Phyllis Kincaid John King Jessie Leggett Susan Lupton Sophomore Raymond McNeill Sandra Mitchell Pat Moser Delores Mumford Tommy Murphy Walter N’urney Sandra Pettyjohn Bill Powell w 4 Marjorie Price Bobby Rayburn Roy Roberts Mary Ann Santo Judy Shorter l)a id Solomon Kay Spivey Linda Spivey Shirley Steel Kaye Stewart Eddie Sutphin Holly Thompson Bucky Thornton Shirley Turner Kay Wallace Joe Watson Tommy West Bobby Whilbey Ann Claudia Whitfield Barbara Whitt Betsy Williams Billy Womble Milton Woodall Tommy Wyrick V 4 Mw- At mxulelb FIRST ROW Delores Aragon Shirley Ann Babb Nancy Baker Jean Barrett Billy Beamon Kenneth Beaton Susan Birdsong Marlyn Bowden THIRD ROW Withers Carr Margaret Causey John Cockey Mina Coggins Rufus Cope Jane Coulboum Lucy Coulbourn Randy Crabtree FIFTH ROW Tommy Foster Johnny Galvin Bobby Gardner Aubrey Goldberg Robert Gray Patricia Griggs Allie Blue Habel Michael Harlan SECOND ROW Dale Bowen Grace Brinkley James Bristow Tom Brothers Betsy Buckles Joe Burch Gloria Burns I eona Butler FOURTH ROW Ann Curnes Bill Darden Chappell Dillard Dickie Duck Becky Elmore Gail Ervin Taylor Everett Joyce Folk SIXTH ROW Joe Harrell John N. Harrell Louise Harrell Judy Haslett Morgan Haslett Virginia Hayes Amv Helmer Bill Hines SEVENTH ROW Charlotte Hines Becky Hofler Elise Holladay Pat Holladay Jo Lynne Howell Nancy Joyner Ray Kiser Mary Leggett Freshmen • VP: new4,6t madeik FIRST ROW Jerry Lillie Sandra LoCascio Beverly Luke David Lyons Rita Marcoux Cecil Martin Carlton Matthews Jimmie Mathews THIRD ROW Barbara Palmer Jimmy Panton Benford Parker Caroline Parker Tommy Pettit Frank Piland Julia Pond Eleanor Powell FIFTH ROW Patricia Shotton Billy Speight Becky Stephenson Bohbv Taylor Faye Thomas Lynne Thomas Betty Dare Tidwell Robert Turner SECOND ROW Peggy Mays Mary McNeill Tommy Missetl Edward Neal Billy Nichols Joan Nowell Mary Ann Odey Sandra Ohlinger FOl ' RTH ROW ' Johanna Pruden Mary Elizabeth Ralph Curry Richards George Earl Rogers Dickie Rountree Palmer Runnels Kay Sadler Mark Schnitzer SIXTH ROW Carol Walton Carolyn Watson Sandra Weatherly Rose Marie Wese Alice White Ralph White Tommy Whitley Wayne Whitley SEVENTH ROW Joe Wilkins Marion Wilkins Martha Wills Judy Wilson Amelia Winslow Billy Womhle Judy Writtenberrv Billy Wyatt Freshmen Iaw- maieAiat 8th Grade MISS BULL ' S ROOM: Artman. T., Benton, T.. Bernstein. J.. Doughtie, P.. Dot!(I. I).. E ' itzhugh, B., Holland. P., Hutton. J.. Mundcn. B.. Parker. H., Savage. R., Pond. C.. Frank. R.. Akers. S., Antis, S.. Debnam, M.. Glenn. A.. Holladay. B.. Jernigan. P.. Micelle, G.. Mil tier, P.. Priee, EL. Pond. M.. Stallings, S.. Willoughbx. B.. Carter. B.. Kiser. J. MR. FIRR’S ROOM. Baker, J., Barrett. A.. Brinkley, J., Claud. J., Eure, J., Holton. W.. James. R., Nichols, EL, Pritchard. M., Roberts. J.. Smith, C., Aragon. A.. Ashell, C.. Carter. C., ELI wards, M., Gatling, J.. Haslett. N., Howell. J.. I .cake. 1,., Matthews. S„ Mitchell. P.. Parker, V., Sewell. B.. Stanfield, S. Shotton. M.. Wyrick. H. MR. BRIDEWELL’S ROOM: Babb. B.. Britt, W., Chapman. B. . Culling. W.. Deshields. E.. Mill. J.. Holland. F.. Mitchell. J. f Powell. S.. Roberson. E.. Salmon. P.. Syndor. F., Whitley. M.. Dennis, J.. Borden. L.. Breakiron. C.. Butler. A., Far- renkopf, L, Gray, L.. Hicks. S., Minton. D.. Owens, S.. Rogers. P.. Stay lor, K.. Tavlor, A.. Ward. D.. Warrington. C. . Zajicek, A. MR. MYATTS ROOM: Bitner. R.. Blair. G.. Carter, R.. Daniels. B.. Evans, H., Farless. J.. Harrell, B.. Johnson, F., King. R., Matthews, L.. Scott. B.. Sherard. S., Speight. B.. Wilkins. C.. Beamon. B.. Bruce, B., Byrd, B.. Daughterv, D.. 45 Hurdle, V.. Brinkley. P., Mitchell. K.. Pierce. K.. Riddick. P.. Scott. F.. Sydnor. F., Tidwell. B.. Thorten. M.. W ' allace. B.. West. P., Buchanan. E. MRS. WHITE’S ROOM: Carr, G.. Draper. B. Flynn, J., Holland, J., Molly. D.. Kinsey. R.. Matthews, J. | , Petty¬ john, B.. Storey, J.. Riddick. J.. West. J.. Farrenkoph. A.. Annas. 1... Barden. P.. Cross. A.. Ellis, J.. Griffin, J., Hol¬ land, 0., Harmon. C.. Jones. J., Morgan. B.. Parker, S.. Rogers, P„ Stewart. B.. Tribble. Jones. J.. Snook. B.. Kelly. J. MISS HERBERTS ROOM: Bartles. J., Bunch, B.. Byrd. D., Grant. J., Gray. H., Johnson. M., Jones, F.. Joyner, V., klaggs. R.. Missett. J., Pfcil. G., Reeves, E.. Russell. C., Ward, S., Winslow, A.. Barden. J., Bracey, D., Carr. B., Coulbourn. A., Gav. B.. Hewitt, S.. Johnson, E., Nichols, M., Norfleet, A., Powell, J., Rid¬ dick. E., Smith. S., Waddell. M. Seventh MISS PARKER’S ROOM: Bahh, J., Browning. C., By rd, J.. Forbes, B.. Harrell, D.. Hiltner, B., Howell, A., Jor¬ dan, C.. Kinsey, W„ Lucas, F., Martin, H., Mitchell, B.. Pond, W., Smith. J., Smith. D„ Tyler, S„ Asbell, J., Baird. MISS TITMIS ' S ROOM: Duke. J., Everett. G., Johnson, P., Holland, B.. Lightner, S., Rupp, B., Corcoran, D.. Todd, J., Howard, R., Dillard. R.. Kelley. A.. Parker. K., Grefe. N., Issuer. R.. Oliver, B., Felton. M., Fletcher, B., Nor¬ fleet. S., Rollings, M., Crabtree, S., LoCascio, M.. Smith, P., Hamilton, L., Marcoux, J.. Thompson, P.. Brvant. B.. Leggett, L., Parker, C., Brown. O.. Zajicek. I. MRS. WALLACE’S ROOM: Brandy. J., Byrd. B. Crocker. R.. Foster, Z. Catling. J.. Green. R.. Harry, B.. Herring. R.. House. B.. Howell. J.. Jones. C. Marshall. J.. Oliver. V.. Richards. F.. Stallings. D.. Woodward. T.. Bristow, P. Clay, II.. Curnes. V.. Davidson. M.. Duck. P., Faison. J.. Goldberg. E., Gray, D. Holland. P., Rieger. S.. Slight. J.. Taylor. F.. Wornble. T. MRS. MATHEWS ' S ROOM:Bowden. R.. Bradshaw.W.. Brown. A.. Butler. R.. Gatling. G.. Hurdle. M.. Johnson. J.. Mann. J.. Nowell. W.. Rawles. C., Thompson. I.. Vaughan. M.. Whitley. E., Atkins. B.. Blizzard. D.. Bolton. J., Bradshaw, R.. Branch, k.. Ellis. B.. Eure. P.. Harrell. J., kuty. J.. Lowe. L., Odev. P.. Parker. E.. Parr. P.. Reed, C., Simpson. L.. Turner. P. k.. Birdsong. G., Courtney, P.. Duke. P.. Earley, P., Green, V.. Habel. B.. Howell. J., Matteson. B., Matthews, k.. Parker. M.. Pond. k.. Stokley, J.. Wade, k., Wills. M.. W : renn. J. PROGRAM 3n-£ervice Oraining Mr . Carter supervise one very important phase of the Home Economics program. Here are some of her girls engaged in " Operation Meal Loaf " . Their " star boarders”, the Key Club members, will be along any minute now to keep their regular Monday luneh date. Home Economics Health Education and Intramural Sports Head up. chin in. shoulders back, chest straight! Silhouetted in our corridors are the winners of the Posture Contest, a part of the Health Education program. Sam Oliver and Dot Parr took first honors and Mark Schnitzerand Martha Wills were runners up. Parr. Wills. SchniUer. Oliver W INNING SOCCER TEAM: (From) Pond. J.. Hahel. A. Ervin. G.. Hayes. V., Ellis. T-. Harrell. 1... (Middle) l.eggrtl. M.. Aragon. D.. Will . M.. Mitchell. S.. Thompson. H.. Hines. C.. Thomas. L.. LoCascio. S.. Whitfield. A.. (Back) Cudlipp, A.. Howell. J.. Shoiton. P.. Parker. ( ' ... Miss Thompson. Pruden. J.. Walton, C. Birdsong. S.. Brinkley. G. This is how you hold the stick! The first crisp days of fall find Miss Thompson getting! the hockey team " on the ball. " Social Studies The scene is a class in World Geography. The central figure is Mr. Joe Foulkes. ’ ' everybody ' s weatherman " , on loan from W TAR-TV. He is flanked by two enterprising members w ho asked him to talk about meterology. This is how we use community resources. Guidance and Testing Can you use a scholarship? Then see Miss Bell. As the director of our greatly ex¬ panded services, she will help you survey the possibilities like the National Merit Scholarship Tests which are the subject of this confer¬ ence. The Dailey Grocery has a junior partner trained bv the Distributive Education Department in the art of pleasing every customer. We may not know a hexachord from a hexagram but this is unmistakable harmony form Mr. Imperial’s successful All-State Band Contenders. Business Manager: Jane Caulk Assistant Business Manager: Miriam Harrell Staff Members: Mary Jane Thomas Lynne Roberts Hetty McKinney Molly Harden Judy Bolton JANE C AULK Business Manager MISS VIRGINIA BRINKLEY ' - ' -Mb _ MIRIAM HARRELL Assistant Rusiness Manager X v SUE BENTON Associate Editor DEE WALLACE Sports Editor CINDY QUAYLE Edilor-in-Chief MRS. BURTON Sponsor The Suffolk Red Raider ) ' first xeason in roup 1 proved a little rough in football. They on only one out of five from Group 1 school , tis being a 7-0 victory over Granby. Against roup II competition, the team recorded 3 ut of 5 victories. In their last contest they de¬ fied Group II District I champion. Smithfield. he score was 9-6. Against Norview. the new late Champions the Red Raiders ' defense held lem to their lowest points in a single game of le year. Suffolk lost 13-0. Many of the losses in the 4-6 record were pcause of injuries to key players. Football Captain Alton Byrd leads Raiders on the field for first game. A m m m. Football Awards AMERICAN LEGION Alton Bvrd MOST VALUABLE PLAYER Prince Butler TOM SYKES MEMORIAL George Pettyjohn Suffolk 6 So. Norfolk 12 Suffolk 7 Granby 0 Suffolk 0 Norview 13 Suffolk 6 Cradock 13 Suffolk 13 Virginia Beach 40 Suffolk 25 Great Bridge 7 Suffolk 13 Princess Anne 12 Suffolk 6 Churchland 13 Suffolk 0 Wilson 28 Suffolk 9 Smithfield 6 Could Coach and Captain be tak¬ ing a dim view of these scores. I Wilson vs. Suffolk Queen Anna and Her Maids Peanut Bowl The highlight of this year ' s- football season was the Peanut Bowl Game on November 11. 1955. Our opponent was Wilson High School of Portsmouth. Anna Moore, the Peanut Bowl Queen, and her maids Jo-Kitt Brothers and Bayla Goldberg were chosen by the Red Raiders. Adding a touch of pomp to the oc¬ casion was the presence of the Honorable Mills Godwin, our state senator, who crowned the queen. i 41 Dramatic Club President-Barbara Ann Petty. Vice Prcsidriit-Ferol Green. Secretary-Anna Moore.Treasurer-Prince Butler. MEMBERS: J. Brothers. P. Moser. H. Thompson. B. Bernstein. G. Hines. N. Martin. P. Jones, C. Turner, K. Spivey. K. Wallace. B W il- lianis. M. C.ustis. J. Bolton. S. Rogers, E. Green. Spivey. L. Roberts. S. Birdsong. A. Mayo. E. Bass. A. Whitfield, j. Vanture. V. Hill. S. West. J. Caulk. K. Stewart. E. Elmore. E. Davis. B. Wills, G. Coulbourn. J. Eainilant. B. Skinner. B. Thornton. T. Keenan. A. Dunning. B. Hayes. I). Pond. B. Wood. E. Weems. G. White. J. Da il. P. Scott. S. Steel. M. Johnson. B. Goldberg. Mr. Myall. Mis West. Sponsors. One Act Plav THEY CANNOT RETURN Cast: Tommy Murphy. Anne Dunning. Bob Skinner. Joan Dail. Barbara Petty, and Carol Turner. SCENES FROM " ARSENIC AND OLD LACE " Cast of Three-Art Play Jane Vanlure. Betty Hayes. Buck Thornton. Mar Burton. Boh Skin¬ ner. George Coulbourn. Sam Oli¬ ver. Billy Wood. Prinre Butler. Jim Woodward, Eddie Weems. Joe Familant. Miss West. Di¬ rector. Monogram Club Bottom row. left to right: Gordon. Curtis. Spivey. Elmore. Williams K. Wallace. Brothers. Second Row: Roberts. West. Elmore. Yanture. Blair. (Juayle, Bolton. Harrell. Third Row: King. S. Birdsong. Goldberg. Pond. Luke. Rogers. Brantley. Fourth Row: Rountree. Womble. Salmon. Byrd. Shotton. Butler. Elliott. Fifth Row: D. Wallace. Jubenville. Burton. Dailey. Caulk, Draper. Sixth Row: W »od Runnels. G. Birdsong. Earley. Whitley. Pettyjohn. 72 A Quiz ' em On The Air .. . „ . Jane Vanlure •FINALISTS . A Team defeated Virginia Beach ”B " Team defeated Churchland " C” Team defeated Norfolk Catholic 73 CLARINETS Dot Parr Pat Dow Betty McKinney Barbara Whitt Shirley Steel Faye Baines France Svdnor Ann Curne Faye McKinzie Peggy Bristow Harriet Clay FLUTES Carolyn Goodwin Linda Bowen Ann Dunn Mary Ann Santo Barbara Tidwell BASOON Virginia Hill Bettv Bruce BASS CLARINETS Sara McNeill Dottie Daughlrey ALTO CLARINET Ann Bruce ALTO SAXOPHONE Becky Stephenson TENOR SAXOPHONE Fred Johnson BARITONE SAXOPHONE Bill Byrd BELLS Barbara Wallace SNARE DRUMS Bobby Coulbourn Betty Ann Allsbrook Jim Dennis Gary Hines BASS DRUM Charlie McKinney OBOES Treva Wnmblr Judy Scott MAJORETTES Marjorie Price Susan Lupton Faye Pierce Miriam Harrell Pat Mitchell Pal Brinkley Kay Sadler Melinda Davidson Brenda Bailey FLAG BEARERS Jimmy Caulk John Edward Story TROMBONES FRENCH HORN David Solomon Lauretta Marsh George Blair Eva Green Ronnie King Betty Ann Byrd Ralph Bittner Ruby Jakeman Billy Wyatt Elizabeth Buchanan Bill Soft Bobby House Tom Woodward BASS CORNETS Carson Barnes Jimmy Ware Bill Hines Ralph Tanner Bobby Speight Mark Schnitzer Harold Familant BARITONE Jethro Howell Randall C.alon Bill Harrell Blair Harry Sam Sherrard Phil Evans Susan Lupton. also a co- drum majorette, struts a brisk step trading the S.H.S. hand. Along with Marjorie, she provides much enter¬ tainment with her twirling Mr. Imperial waves his ba¬ ton over our Concert Rand hard at work preparing the Christmas music for their joint recital with the Choral Club. 1 — I ISEE B i 1 ml p X 1 li .v r i 1 y nl Majorettes Seated are the drum majorette ., Susan Lupton and Marjorie Price. Standing are: Brenda Brailey. Miriam Harrell. Pat Brinkley. JFaye Pierre. Barbara Whitt. Patsy Mitchell. Kay Sadler, and Melinda Davidson. The majorettes add sparkle to the half-time shows of the Suffolk High School Band. Cheerleaders In the foreground are the co-captains of the cheerleading squad. Martha ( ' .ustis and Cindy Quayle. In clockwise fashion are: Jo Kilt Brothers. Kav Wallace. Betsy Williams. Pearl Blair. Faye Gordon. Becky Elmore. Anna Moore, Kay Spivey. These girls have been faithful throughout this year in leading our teams to victory. 77 Here we see the projects committee of the Gladys Yates Tri-lli-Y embarked on one of its many annual campaigns, such as T. B. Bangles. March of Dimes, and selling stationery. Gladys Yates Members: J. Thomas. K. Bell. S. McNeill. P. Blair. S. Benton. F. Pierce. M. Joyner. S. Arthurs. B. Mc¬ Kinney. L. Bowen. L). Parr. M. Darden. M. Russell. R. Holland. F. Gordon. M. Harrell. N. Hurley, E. Green. J. Odom, L. Daniel. B. Brantley. M. J. Thomas. J. Kauffman. A. Bruce. S. Long. TriHi-Y OFFICERS President.Faye Pierce Vice President.Cindy Quaylc Recording Secretary.Sylvia Arthurs Correspondence Secretary.Molly Darden Treasurer.Dot Parr Chaplain.Mary Jane Thomas Billie Crocker President Emily Sue Judkins 1st Vice President Betty Dare Tidwell 2nd Vice President Julia Ann Brinkley Recording Secretary Faye Baines (Corresponding Secretary Susan Dodd Treasurer Elsie Mae Baines Assistant Treasurer Carol Crews Historian Kav Buck Chaplain Mrs. Railev Mrs. White Sponsors Members: Susan Dodd. Billie Crocker. Emily Sue Judkins. Faye Baines. Carol (Crews. Mary Ellen McNeill. Martha Wills. Joyce Blythe. Julia Ann Brinkley. Alice White. Betty Tidwell, and Kay Buck. Civic Samaritan Tri-Hi-Y Hi-Y Members: George Birdsong. Ronnie Haynes. Gary Hines. Bobby Rayburn. David Saunders. Bill Hines. Ray mond McNeill. Jimmy (Caulk. Ronnie Haynes President Gary Hines Vice President David Saunders Secretary Bobby Rayburn Treasurer George Birdsong Chaplain Mr. Bridewell Mr. Kee Sponsors Junior High Senate Junior Members of The Student Senate Bottom Row: S. Owen . S. Stanfield. M. L. Pond. President: E. Goldberp. V ' ice President; L. Annan. Second Row: M. Felton. J. Thompson. B. Speipht. Johnson. Third Row: R. James. A. Howell. T. Benton. B. House. Members: A. Norfleet. C. Reid. B. Speipht. B. Willouphbv. J. West. S. Owens, T. Woodward. M. Parker. J. Brown oonferinp with Student Senate president Sallv Birdsonp. 8Q Choral Club SOPRANOS: P Jones. P. Blair. 1. Causey. P. Doss. B. Wills. L. Hines. A. Dunning. C. Quay I e, M. Bussell. ALTOS: N. Hurley. J. Brothers. K Gordon. D. Parr. B. Bvrd. E. Elmore. M. Thomas. P. Shot Ion. S. West. TENORS: J. Baker. C. McKinney. G. Hines. BASSES: K. James. D. Solomon. B. Hawkins. T. Murphy. B. Coulhourn. Dim-tor: Mr. Marvin Pickard. V7 Peanut Picker Editor-Sarah Leigh Rogers; News Editor-Fave Gordon; Assistant News Editor-Mar Burton: Feature Editor-Bill Elliott: Assistant Feature Editor- Sherry West; Sports Editor-Dee Wallace: Assistant Sports Editor-Eddie Neal: Business Manager-Sylvia Arthurs: Sponsors-Mr. Myatt. Mr. Kee. Key Club Edward Blanchard President Bill Elliott Vice-President Ronnie Luke Secretary George Birdsong Treasurer MEMBERS: L. Everett. R. Luke. B. Elliott. E. Blanchard. G. Birdsong. H. Familant. C. McKinney. J. Familant. G. Coulbourn. J. Ware. J. King. G. Gardner. D. Wallace. B. Lupton. G. Turner. B. Goulbourn. M.Ware. B. Wood. P. Butler. S. Oliver. J. Woodward. D. Jubenville. Mr. Imperial. sponsor. Fire Chief Rufus Baines assists Ed¬ ward and Bill in testing the fire ex¬ tinguishers which the Key Cluh sold in order to raise money for their welfare project. Edward Blanchard and Ronnie Luke hold the Siewer Trophy of achievement which the Suffolk Club received for being the most active in the capitol district which in¬ cludes Virginia, Marx land. District of Columbia, and Delaware. President. Roms Gray: Vice-President. Peggy Crabtree: Srorrlar), Penny Gray: Treasurer. Tommie Ellin: Sponsor. Mr . Annette Garter. Members: P. Smith G. Burns. J. Gatling. R. Brinkley. B. Barrett. J. Kiser. K. Mitehell. E. Price, S. Ohlinger. N. Joyner. P. Miltier. P. Jernigan.G. Mizelle. (1. Asbell. J. Wilson. A. Glenn. J. Gayle. N. Haslett. S. Akers. M. Debnam. F. Thomas. A. Holland. R. Johnson. B. Harrell. R. Marcoux. S. Weatherly, S. Mitchell. J. Brinkley. J. Shorter. L Mar- cuux. A. Gudlipp. O. Holland. S. Hicks. F. Svdnor. R. Wese. V. Hurdle. L). Milton. J. Nowell. H. W ' yriek. B. Beamon. F. Bradley. P. Hicks. S. Antis. C. Carter. A. Cross. 84 ' uture Homemakers of America D. 1. OFFICERS President . . George Pettyjohn Vice-President.... Nancy .Martin Secretary.Karlene Oliver Treasurer.George Daniel Sponsor.Mr. Shipp MEMBERS: Bill Ilovtell. J.T. Little. (,ror»c Daniel-. Nancy Martin. George Pettyjohn. Earlene Oli¬ ver. Roland (.laud. Lewi Morgan. Melton Dailey. Billy Gardner. Betty Jean Womble. Robert Cox. Peggy Strickland. Lucy Cutchins. Waller Nurney. Donald Buffkin. Bobby Traylor. Algie Barrett. David Saunders. Alton Byrd. Gu» Vaughan. Otha Rountree. Secretary. Penny Gray: Treasurer. To mine Ellis; F. B. L. A. OFFICERS President .Carolyn White Vice-President.Shirley Paige Outland Secretary-Treasurer.Betty Lee Ellis Sponsors . . Miss Jones. Mrs. Norfleet MEMBERS: Carolyn White. Shirley Paige Outland. Frances Bradley. Patty Smith. Jeanette Dale. Phyllis Hicks. Tommie Ellis. Betty Lee Ellis. Marcia Cope. Peggy Crabtree. Thin corner in especially reserved for our good friends, Henry. John, and Cora. SHS Hall of Fame Taylor Everett " on leave " as page in the Senate of the Virginia General Assembly gets his instruc¬ tions from Senator Mills Godwin. 86 Though she is over three. Regina got her ”har. Tommy Murphy, taking over as f ' .ity Mana¬ ger. as Glenn Allshrook assumes the duties of Fire C.hief-all a part of Suffolk’s annual observance of Boy Scout Week. Seniors on Capitol Hill The government ( ' lasses, accompanied by Miss Yates and Mrs. Burton, spent a day in Richmond visiting the Capitol, the House of Delegates, the Senate, and St. John ' s Church. - «ir»U« i minded our original allegiance. y to like the combination. Naturally we wanted to go i iting. an faculty member . geography Hu»ine Education Modern , and their little brother and iMen |»a e Mrramed out to I.IPTON TEA. where Mr. John B me. plant manager, w.l. u» graciously, familiar (ace of S.H .S alumni among the em- ployre adi another proof of the fnendly relationship between u« and our community ncw»e l enterprw? lV r» one " hip Hum tree ' t » another, a t.Rf T RitHHtOMF H-- FIRST ROW. Left to ri|eht: AlUbrook. Draper. Bvrd, Wal- son. Wallace. BACK ROW: Burton. Jubenville, Jenkins. Boyce, Butler. King. Shotton. Wallace, taking a jump shot as Burton for a follow-up against Woodrow Wilson. Coach Arl Jours and Cap¬ tain Alton Byrd. Scores of 1955-56 Basketball Season Suffolk 41 Wilson 85 Suffolk 35 Granby 53 Suffolk 43 Cradock 50 Suffolk 45 Oscar Smith 69 Suffolk 52 Warwick 62 Suffolk 41 Hampton 73 Suffolk 54 Norview 65 Suffolk 79 Maury 81 Suffolk 45 Newport News 65 Suffolk 55 Wilson 79 Suffolk 102 Franklin 50 Suffolk 68 Newport News 82 Suffolk 51 Granby 60 Suffolk 58 Cradock 54 Suffolk 52 Oscar Smith 56 Suffolk 64 Warwick 75 Suffolk 54 Hampton 58 Suffolk 54 Norview 84 Suffolk 77 Virginia Beach 64 Suffolk 69 Maurv 82 g? ,1 ■Mrwa 9 £mtr c r:ti i v 1 Junior Varsity FRONT ROW: Aubrey Goldberg. George Birdsong. Captain: Ralph White. STANDING: Bobby Draper. Richard Scott. John King. Bobby Rayburn. Jessie Leg¬ gett. Jimmy Manlove. Jerry Little. Eddie Neal. Peter Doughtie. Mgr. Little Raiders Little Raiderettes SEATED: Charlotte Hines. Sandra LoCascio. Ann Dun¬ ning. Captain: Tommie Ellis. Susan Birdsong. STAND¬ ING: Virginia Hayes. Phyllis Hicks. Marjorie Price. Lynn Thomas. Jane Caulk. Sandra Pettyjohn. Grace Brinkley. Julia Pond. Holly Thomp¬ son. Mgr. Basketball We can have no more than three seconds in " key " !! Miss Thompson and co-captains check up on a new rule. Bay la and Sally are the co-captains. SCORES Suffolk 42 Churchland 41 Suffolk 62 Deep Creek 28 Suffolk 49 Obici Nurses 22 Suffolk 65 Franklin 25 Suffolk 47 Hampton 49 Suffolk 63 Deep Creek 30 Suffolk 51 Churchland 32 Suffolk 44 Hampton 47 SAB Ml LEIGH ROGERS JOYCE ODOM BARBARA BRANTLEY ROBERTA BAKER PROMOTION SELECTIONS WE GUARANTEE AND SERVICE E ERYTHINC W E SECE! FOL LARGES JAFFE FURNITURE CO 0 - FIRNISHING YOIR DREAM HOME IS FI N AT THORNTON El RM i l RE lions, point out features, ami offer helpful suggestions. You are cordially invited to come in and look around. You ' ll find it’s easy to buy the best in (Quality Home-furnish- ings and Household Appliances - on the Easiest Budget Terms at THORNTON’S. . . . Where you will always find exactly what you want in Quality Furniture and Appli¬ ances! Whether you prefer Fine Traditional or Period Pieces or the Newest in Mod¬ ern. it’s such a joy to choose from the immense selections with courteous, friendly sales¬ people to answer your ques- Mis Yates seems to In getting some help on the fool hull program from the Gl R- LEY PRESS. The are extremely helpful in any school activity, especially arrang¬ ing and preparing the football programs which we enjoy so much. Let ' s remem¬ ber them for all sorts of printing, and thanks. Miss Yates, for those programs!!! For all sorts of general hauling it s WEBB ' S TRANSFER. They cam everything from peanuts to furniture, so when you need t o move o r haul something, re mem her WEBB ' S! Mr. Bill Rupp, chief engi¬ neer. and Mr. Earl Hund- lev. commercial manager of W.L.P.M.. are prepar¬ ing a program for the air. This station is very help¬ ful in making announce¬ ments just for Suffolk High students. You listen to W.L.P.M. because they have enjoyable and varied programs which are of in¬ terest to all. The kids surely loo k happy, and no won¬ der! They’re enjoying a shake from WOODY’S SODA SHOP. They know that they will always find good shakes and sodas at WOODY’S, as well as many of their friends who come there after school. SUFFOLK EQUIPMENT CO. Windsor Highway Elephant ' s Fork Telephone 9361 Suffolk. Virginia GODWIN MOTOR COMPANY, INC. Tom Whitfield, President PARTS - ACCESSORIES - SERVICE AUTOMOBILES and TRUCKS 423 - 25 - 27 West Washington Street SUFFOLK, VIRGINIA t’iudv. %»hat «lo you. and Jaup think f that n« u KURD from GODWINS From tliiiM xiniie . 1 gather it niu-t drrvv a gr At it luck.-. And those color combination !! i-ti thi picture t rr iiv color «u everyone Could -ec the bcanli- Thin is a place I ' m sure you know. Here you buy the corsages for the Junior Senior Prom and other school soc ial activities. The flowers are always fresh and the arrangements are really beautiful. The name of the place? U by. PIN- NEK’S FLOWER SHOP, of course!!! Jane and Pearl are certain to find a record player that they like at MONTGOMERY WARD ' S. Girls, there’s also a nice selection of dresses and coats downstairs. You’D probably want to stop there on your way out. Here’s Beverly. Judy and Martha going into the PALACE THEATER, where they’re sure to see the best in movie entertainment. All the best movies that come to Suffolk are shown at the PALACE. Look s like Ann has made up her mind, but Anne Garland and Mary Russell can’t decide w ith so many nice things to choose from. Come on. girls! There are always many customers in the gift department of BYRUM’S HARD¬ WARE. so don ' t keep everyone waiting! Here’ the gang at BRADSHAWS. There’ al¬ ways a crowd there, especially after school. " Meet ’cha at BRADSHAW ' S " ha become a very popular saying around Suffolk High. Irv¬ ing can fix some mighty nice coke , a the smile of those in our picture will endorse. Anne, it look a if you’ve chosen your silver. It ' s a pretty pattern. BREWER’S has beautiful crystal and chinawarc. too. You can alwavs find an appropriate gift for every purpose at BREWERS. What’s this? David and Billy buying tools? Your car haven’t broken down, have they? If they have, v’all are at the right place’cause WES¬ TERN AUTO has everything for cars. Also you might want to look at those nice boat motors for this summer. WESTERN AUTO has a motor for every boat. Bill and Dick are working hard to get those POND BROTHERS PEANUTS shipped to places where you can get them. POND’S JUM¬ BO PEANUTS are famous throughout Peanut- land for their delicious taste and their large size. BELAIR CHEVROLET CORPORATION 1038 WEST WASHINGTON STREET SUFFOLK. VIRGINIA Orytntij d Spy National Bank of Suffolk Suffolk. Virginia THE FARMERS BANK OF NANSEMOND Serving the Banking Needs of this Community for More Than Eighty-Six Years General Banking and Trust Service SUFFOLK. VIRGINIA Organized 1869 Member F.D.I.C. Member Federal Reserve System MR. PEANUT EXTENDS GREETINGS AND BEST WISHES TO THE PUPILS OF SUFFOLK HIGH SCHOOL. PLANTERS is the word for PEANUTS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS ★ SUFFOLK IRON WORKS Machinist Welders CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1956 " Whether Your Garments Are Old or New We Clean Them To Satisfy You” Telephone 9402 JOHNSON OPTICIANS, INC. MASTER CLEANERS PRESCRIPTION OPTICIANS Telephone 2800 163 North Main Street 700 East Washington Street Suffolk. Virginia SUFFOLK. VA. BUCK OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. 215 W. Washington St.—Suffolk. Virginia Phone 3663 AUTHORIZED SALES AND SERVICE AGENCY FOR REMINGTON RAND CONGRATULATIONS To The Class of 56 CONGRATULATIONS To the Class of 56 SUFFOLK GAS BUCK HURLEY’S CORPORATION Interior Deeorating ARMSTRONGS Linoleum Tile Plastie Wall Tile 151 North Main Street Dial - 2376 Paperhanging For fast, elean. dependable Natural Gas Serviee 718 W Washington Sl Phone 8251 Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1956 CARL SCHADEL SHEET METAL W ORKS Suffolk. Virginia BIRDSONG STORAGE COMPANY Incorporated RADIO SERVICE CO. SUFFOLK. VIRGINIA Paul K. Brady 107 N. Saratoga St. Dial 8221 There’s a " one and only” in refreshment, too V_ 7 SUFFOLK COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS IS OUR GOAL $,mmi c@., mmi CONGRATULATIONS TO THE Pepsi-Cola SENIOR CLASS PEPSI • COLA BOTTLING WORKS ★ o HARRY P. TAYLOR 107 Hall Avenue Suffolk, Virginia ELECTRICAL COMPANY Phone 5711 Dial: 2381 ♦ Compliments Suffolk ' s largest Cleaners ♦ . of SOUTHERN DRY CLEANERS 239 West Washington Street SIMPSON ' S Suffolk, Virginia Compliments Compliments of of SUFFOLK RADIO and T. V. SERVICE Telephone 2110 J. M. BUTLER SON 602 West Washington Street SUFFOLK PACKING CO., INC. Compliments SMITHFIELD HIGHWAY ☆ of Wholesale Meats SUFFOLK CITY TRANSIT Meat Products Custom Slaughtering ☆ Phone 2354 - 2355 Residence 9461 RIDE . . . and . . . SAVE Compliments HOLLADAY FASHIONS of NANSEMOND DRUG CO. “For Personalized Service ” o Where You Get the Best of Quality and Service 117 North Saratoga Street Suffolk, Virginia Phone: 3414 We Deliver Dial: 9100 BEST WISHES FELTON APPLIANCE CO. from HOT POINT SALES AND SERVICE THE FRANCES SHOPPE NECCHI SEWING MACHINES LADIES READY TO WEAR 109 South Saratoga Street Suffolk, Virginia 204 West Washington Street Suffolk, Virginia T. Roland Felton, Proprietor Telephone 4482 CONGRATULATIONS Compliments TO THE of SENIOR CLASS THE PASTRY SHOP 314 West Washington Street ☆ THE HUB Phone 6443 CONGRATULATIONS Compliments SENIORS of from SCHERR ' S ESSO SERVICENTER Kimberly RUSSELL ' S Suffolk, Virginia Dial: 9871 “Service With A Smile ” MERCURY LINCOLN Sales Service Established 1891 ★ NANSEMOND MOTORS 1. O. HILL AND COMPANY 428 East Pinner Street Suffolk, Virginia o- o- -o Dealers In Quality Furniture 0-0 0- Compliments 159 WEST WASHINGTON STREET of SUFFOLK, VIRGINIA C. C. CLARK MOTOR COMPANY 248 West Washington Street Suffolk, Virginia SUFFOLK MOTOR COMPANY BEST WISHES TO BU ICK-PONTI AC THE CLASS OF 1956 Sales and Service USED CARS 245 West Washington Street Dial 9948 -SnT SUFFOLK FLORAL GARDENS CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! Compliments J. E. AUTO SUPPLY CO. Wholesale AUTO PARTS and SERVICE BOWDEN FLORIST 212 West Washington Street Corner of South Main and Cherry Streets Suffolk, Virginia Dial: 9944 Compliments SUFFOLK QUALITY CLEANERS of JOSEPH P. HALL, INC. ■» Insured Garment Storage “The Prescription Store ” 807 West Washington Street ☆ Suffolk, Virginia Phone 3461 Dial 9441 LEVY JEWELERS R. W. BAKER CO. 109 West Washington Street FINE FURNITURE Suffolk, Virginia Established 1885 ♦ 208 W. Washington Sl Phone 3861 Keepsake Diamonds Suffolk. Virginia ❖ Phone 6841 Celebrating Our 70th Anniversary Compliments of CHOREY-JONES MOTORS, HARRELL ELECTRIC CO. W. B. Harrell, Jr. Incorporated 308 W ' est Washington Street • Telephone 9958 800 • 802 West Washington Street Suffolk, Virginia Compliments • of DODGE • PLYMOUTH - DODGE TRUCKS Sales arul Service SIDEWALK MARKET BRINKLEY ICE PLANT 625 East Washington Street Suffolk. Virginia Congratulations To The Senior Class! Wholesale and Retail Ice Specializing in Party Ice THE FASHION SHOP Phone 4491 Compliments of ( omplimrnt- Z. TURNER CONSTRUCTION CO.. INC of General Contractor JANUARY ' S Office: 123 Wellons Street Phone 4781 P.O. Box 37 Suffolk, Virginia For Your Pocketbooks’ Sake. . . Congratulations To The Senior Class Get The Penney Buying Habit! J. C. PENNEY CO.. INC. LUMMIS and COMPANY Suffolk. Virginia SUFFOLK NEWS HERALD HOME LAUNDRY The home town newspaper of Suffolk John A. Howell and the communities of its rich agricultural area. Owner Congratulations to Best Wishes to The Class of 1956 The Class of 1956 BEAMON’S INC |n|TTT kfy ' j°jj Building and Automobile Supplies surrout VIRGINIA See us in our new location at 708 West Constance Road (Compliments of Compliments of R R. ALLEN and SON, Ine. THE COLLEGE SHOP WOMEN’S APPAREL YOUR FRIGIDAIRE DEALER of Same name - Same loc ation DISTINCTION Since 1866 124 West Washington Square For the Best in Dairy Products Best Wishes to the 1956 Senior Class GREENFIELD DAIRY UVESAY’S TEXACO STATION Dial 3431 B. E. CARR. Owner Congratulations to The Class of 1956 NEHI BOTTLING CO. BARR BROTHERS OF SUFFOLK Friendly Jewelers Credit for all Suffolk H igh Students H. M. Small. Manager Phone 3260 312 Caroline Avenue Suffolk. Virginia Best Wishes. Congratulations, Seniors! Visit us at our new location on Route 13 Outside of City Limits REGINALD E. BROTHERS CO.. INC. SENIORS! V. C. CLEANERS and LAUNDRY " Suffolk’s Lcudinp Quality Clc nfrs ' SUFFOLK PEANUT COMPANY Dial 3161 126 East Washington Street Compliments To The Class Of 1956 Apartments and Houses for Sale and Rent B D. LADERBERG AND SON L. S. BURTON Suffolk’s Largest Department Store Real Estate 179 -187 East Washington Street Suffolk. Virginia Phone 2581 Compliments Best Wishes to a Fine School of and to the 1956 Seniors SUFFOLK LUMBER CO.. INC. CRYSTAL RESTAURANT " Serving Suffolk Since 1920 " Mulberry and Jefferson Streets Phone 3581 Suffolk’s Largest and Most Modern Restaurant Suffolk, Virginia Plume 2891 PIERCE TIRE COMPANY Tires GOOD YEAR Tubes Vulcanizing Recapping 404 W. Washington Street Suffolk. Va. J P BOONE S T V RCA-VICTOR TV- Sales and Service 104 North Saratoga Street Hobbs l 2 118 Washington Square Suffolk. Virginia Compliments to the Class of 1956 KELLEY FURNITURE COMPANY 207 East Washington Street Phone 3331 Compliments of HOWELL S LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANERS 300 Caroline Avenue Suffolk. Virginia Dial 3421 " Plenty of Parking Space at Our Plant " W hat Your Home Needs We Have! CHARLES H. SHOTTON. CO. Appliances - Building Materials Home Improvements • Aluminum Awnings 188 East W ashington Street Phone 3416 Victor. Columbia. Decca. Capital Records PHILCO Radios. Television and Refrigerators ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES. INC. 173 North Main Street Suffolk. Virginia Phone: 2511 P. O. Box 138 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1956 SUFFOLK FEED AND FUEL COMPANY Quality Service Since 1903 " Fur the Best in Coal and Fuel Oil " Phone 2323 Congratulations Seniors!! Compliments of W. A MALLORY CO. LEON A. FAMILANT ENTERPRISES Phone MA 5-2102 McIntosh studio of PHOTOGRAPHY, INC. 117 W. 21st Street Norfolk 10, Va. Wholesale Candies and School Supplies 421 Smith Street Dial 4833 Publishers.Myers and Co. Richmond. Va. Topeka. Kans. Covers.Kingscraft Kingsport, Tenn. Photography. Senior and Faculty potraits. . . .McIntosh Studios Norfolk, Va. Underclassmen.W. W. Th ompson Studio Richmond, Va. Croup Pictures.McIntosh W. W. Thompson J. T. McClenny W. E. A. Moore The Staff gratefully acknowledges the loan of several glossy prints from " Spike " Moore of the Suffolk News-Herald. GOLF: The members of the golf team in order of their position are Jim Woodward, Doug Shotton, Beverly Burton. Steven Johnson, George Coulhourn, and Coach Art Jones. TENNIS: Under the coaching of Mr. Mike Moffo, the tennis Ronnie Luke, our No. 1 tennis player, won the singles trophy team had a very successful season, holding 2nd place in the and teamed with a Maury boy to win the doubles trophy, district The players are: Bad: rote: John King, William Turner, Coach Moffo, and George Birdsong. Front row: Bucky Thorn¬ ton, Ronnie Luke, Mark Schnitzcr, and Eddie Neal. Hoots Leggett and Billy Nichols listen as Billy Missett tells just how high he jumped in the day’s track meet. BASEBALL: This year was the baseball tram ' s first rx| rrirnre in playing Croup I teams. They made a very good showing. The players are: Front mu-: J. Drajier. Everett, Baines. White. Richards, Wallace, and ( ' ulpep|wr. Hack ton: Pettyjohn, manager: J. Mathews. B. Ta lor. C. Mathews, Boyce, Jenkins. Coach Dick While, and Doughty, manager. American History Classes Go To Washington, D. C. SENIOR ASSEMBLY HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM 11:00 A.M. Bill Elliott Presiding Processional Senior Class Welcome Bill Elliott Devotions George Turner Roll Call Joan Brothers Class Song Words by Dot Parr Music by Mary Jane Thomas “Time Marches On” Sarah Leigh Rogers Joe Familant, Lynne Roberts, Billy Wood, Cindy Quayle “A Teachers’ Meeting—1976” Carolyn Goodwin, Edward Blanchard, Mary Jane Thomas, Sam Oliver, III, George Coulbourn, Bob Hotladay, Eddie Weems, Billy Mallory Dedication of “The Peanut” Cindy Quayle Student Senate Awards Sally Birdsong Special Awards H. B. Brockwell Presentation of Class Gift Anna Moore ‘The Mous-Kateers’ Revenge” Jane Vanture, Dot Parr, Molly Darden, Anna Moore Recessional Senior Class Class Day Commencement Night FIRST ROW: H. B. Brock well, principal; Bill F.lliott. George Turner. Edward Blanchard. SECOND ROW: Cindy Quayle. Loretla Hines. Ba la Goldberg, Doug Shotton. Sarah Leigh Rogers. Sally Birdsong. Missing from the picture are: Jim Woodward, Dot Parr, and Eleanor Briley. BILL ELLIOTT: Boys’ Activities Medal GEORGE TURNER: Boys’ Citizenship Medal EDWARD BLANCHARD: General Excellence John E. Martin Scholarship Science CINDY QI AYLE: Girls’ Activities Girls ' Citizenship LORETTA HINES: B’nai B’rith Scholarship BAYLA GOLDBERG: Girls ' Athletics SALLY BIRDSONG: Girls’ Athletics DOUG SHOTTON: Bovs’ Athletics SARAH LEIGH ROGERS: Business and Professional Woman’s Club Scholarship DOT PARR. Engli-h Medal JIM WOODWARD. Science Medal ELEANOR BRILEY: Bookkeeping Medal Autographs 119 Autographs Summer 120 Supplement YEARBOOKS o r FI CA L M AP or VIRGINIA =3 19 40 C==- ,, OFFICE OF THE CITY ENCB.,

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