Sturgis Brown High School - Mato Paha Yearbook (Sturgis, SD)

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Sturgis Brown High School - Mato Paha Yearbook (Sturgis, SD) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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-.Q :-z f iff ' A f -....V, 1" 1 .. P- , rx 1 I , ,.2. 9 4 Q ,U ,yup .L ,.,9JHL ',,: .. ,QM 5 '.L,JvS4 ,, QQ 74, 4 . 1 . 41 I' - n S S507 as they move from class to class. -2- A ' i '- . ll . H 'T M " sw .. . is fi . Hs ' 3 V' 4 f it , e S iii l I ' i es ll' . ' fi: Q 1 if V 'ig Q A , Q Q ' If VA Q. W 9 t . .. Z A ' 'i Since its erection in l936, Sturgis High School has seen come through its doors many hundreds of young men and women. lt has sent out through those dors and into this community and other communities a large number of young men and women well fitted to go on with educational pursuits, or to begin life in their communities. Sturgis High School is also a symbol of good times, and happy memories, of championship athletic teams, and cham- pions in many other fields of endeavor. There have been interesting classes and fun loving teachers. Yes, S. H. S. has seen and given a lot of life to a lot of young people. I E -3 : EL' 5 21 K 'f 1 2825232571319 3 With the beginning of school, the halls of S. H. S. are again filled with shuffling of feet and the happy echoes of teen-age voices Let us follow one of these students who commencing as a bewildered freshman grad ually becomes accustomed to the class routine participates in extra-curricular activities and acquires a feeling of responsibility and leader ship until finally he reaches the peak of his high school career as a self-sufficient senior E. Grunwald, Superintendent Jesse Bauer Sciences it -A..iid44- R. B. Williams Grade School Principal William J. Brown High School Principal ' Lillian Anderson English Il and IV acuity "'-Z - l . Francis E. Benson Music 2 .44 4 l Z 'rleaff L Elizabeth Harrier Vernon Smith Mary E. Coachel- Home Economics Commercial Social Sfudieg K Henry A. Sather Agriculture and Shop 'K' Esther Serr English l and II 'Ns R I dk- A i ' A. 1 ,VJ QR Zi., S Qi . ' I ,E :IH in E . x i Alex Carswell Mathematics and Speech -x B. W. Woodle Mrs. C. E. Knapp Elgie Coachev Athletics and Lalin l and ll Job Training, World History Algebra, and 3 World Geography at-Q During the hours devoted to study, students prepare their lessons for their forthcoming classes. At least two hours a day are reserved for the pupils in which they have ample time to complete any outside work the teacher may assign. Here, in this large study hall, they have an opportunity to study in silence and use the well-suplied library in the adjoining room. These books furnish the required references and reading material for S.,ljl.. S. students, when the requirements are made for students to look up addition l t ' l h' h ' ' ' a ma eria w ic cant be found in their textbooks. 5 . X As a supplement to home training in the rudiments of homemaking, S. H, S. offers a fine Home Economic Department containing modern equip- ment for first hand experience in cook- ing and sewing. Under a three-vear plan all phases ot home management, in- cluding care of sick, baby care, food preservation, etc., are presented these "future homemakers of America". OITLQ C 'T 5110 'A 'Y ...fe i. 1 I li ' i 1-..-n'-v' -' . ' A - - ,.: + Q H' 55' 1- me - i s , . 9 -ri X' x 1 ' - f iv- rv ' . J .Q .' ' K: l aw-iw ft --1 ' 1 ii - A-div ' " ' ' 'X "HX Q.-. QSQ was First Row: W. Raetz, S. Meyer, L. Jones, B. Kenley, D. Ketfeler, D. Swenson, D. Swenson, J. Spencer, L. Mettler, E. Ramsay, E. Aga, E. Schuelke, C. Whitford. Second Row: J. Ahnberg, M. Stopp, M. Hendrickson, L. McBride, B. Strong, E. Bartlett, L. Huddleston, B. Alexander, l Moore, C. Ziegenbein, D. Carlson, G. Kymala. Third Row: Mrs. Harder, L, Eichenberger, J Speakman, D. McFarland, B, Peregrine, E. lngalls, B. Henry, J. Guegel, E. Moeller, S. Keffeler, l. Lyons, C. Beehler, T. Grubl. 6 Under the supervision of Mr. Smith, commercial students gain a thorough knowledge of the typewriter and the fundamentals of bookkeeping to aid them in their future occupations in the busi- ness world. ,1'., ' NEWS1, 1. ' , J 4 6 f i For those interested in the physical sciences a well-supplied chemistry lab and intricate apparatus for physics demonstrations are available for experi- mentation under Mr. Bauers' direction. 7 Jai ef slap After a brief recess S.H.S. is again offering manual training to skillful boys who create objects of their own design and also benefit the school by their handicraft for different classes. A three-year course in Smith-Hughes Agriculture has also been intro- duced this year under Mr. Sather's direction for the "F t America" which embodies in its studies f ing, crop and soil st d u ure Farmers of or the year, stock raising and judg- u y, and farm management. First Row: B. Sigman, F. Weyrich, F. Wolf, G. Sorenson, L. Gleason, J. McGuire, P. Weyrich Second'Row: D. Wolf, B. Peterson, L. Lamberton, D. Grimsbo, W. Nonnast M Speakman, R. Aga, V. Jones. Third Row: P. Dobenz, D. King F W. Simons, E. Selwinder, D. King, Fourth R ' M. O'Grady, V. Simons F ' , . Bedsaul, R , . Madler, R. Harwood, R. Grant ow. Mr. Sather, M. Magnuse, D. ' , . Miles, R. Carlson. Oliver, C. Septka, B 1 IPS 171811 Eva Aga Raymond Aga Virginia Allan Lulu Bachand Martin Bachand Ralph Bartlett Clara Beehler Jim Blodgett Edythe Bowen Alice Bremer Darleen Carlson Russell Carlson Margaret Christopherson Orven Clinch Ardith Conger Belva Cordes llladon Cruickshank Delores Curry Cecil Dodson Ronald Dodson James Dulany Joan Dulany Lucille Eichenberger Margaret Grass Teresa Grubl Jolene Guegel Carroll Hardy Delores Hardy .. 'L C S 'EIN W I 55 Q.. t' an Yca' J fx 1 X iff 'Ui Q we --lil 'YY' .f 'v"' y' 33- 0. 'fm l G V X. . ff-.1 P I 9 .J 1' '5 I Q51 NL- T :rl -fi ad' ,Q 1 Richard Harwood lleen Hefner Bernice Henry Lois Huddelston Kermit Keffeler Shirley Keffeler Burney De King Edward Knapp Gwendolyn Kymala Bruce Lushbough Irene Lyons Francis Madler Meredith Magness Dorothy McFarland Lydia Mettler Dean Miller Ethel Moeller William Nonnast Dean Oliver Darliene Palmer Leslie Pribble Willa Dell Pullins Wanda Raetz Ella Jo Ramsay Fred Rovere Earleen Schuelke Clinton Septka Bob Sigman Grant Sorenson Roy Speakman Jocelyn Spencer Cora Standley Walter Stanley Audrey Swanson Darleen Swenson Dorothy Swenson Jean Tippey Delores Voorhees Mary Ann Wells Corine Whitford T' 145' if" Mertie Wildberger Lois Williamson . 45? DeElda Woodle H W E7 Fred'Wult is ' at 'll ' X N 1 K Bill Ziegenbein fi J .seq Q V' v e Z l f U lwl P047 if J 'fierrqsiw X " Q f ' , gg, . 4, r iv, , "4 1 f .-'2':".:" 40 'v jqizff' f 1 3 0 'Kiki' 1 I! VI .456- J , , ,..-' Senior Officers: Francis Eveleth, pres: Jack Blaess, v. pres: Dorathie Grubl, treas. and sec. Junior Officers: Gordon Dodson, pres: Verne Doyle, v. pres: Betty Schwab, sec: Bobby Pederson, freas. Bill Coacher Q Student Council President Qs.. I X ,Mika Y -1 816183 QfA.C8I'S Student Gouncz' Sophomore Officers: David Morrill, pres: Bonnie Lou Strong, v. pres: Darleen Keffeler, rreas. and sec. Freshman Officers: Bruce Lushbough, pres: Fred Rovere, v. pres: Teresa Grubl, sec: Darleen Swenson, freas. 1,45 IP' Norma Bell, Jerry Taylor, Francis Eveleth, Marjorie Morrison, Ida Moore, Delores Curry, Kay Marcohe, Dwayne Garlick. Not appearing, Jesse Bauer, sponsor. CS3OpllOlnOf8S Joyce Adams June Ahnberg Beverly Blair Dean Boston Cliarline Carlson Marilyn Cole Gene Cox Jim Cox Bob Daane Boyd Daane Karen Denu Duane Doyle Edward Dutton Daisy Forrester David Gigear Aileen Griggs Bruce Grunwald Russell Harris Ramona Harrison Duane Hartl Myrna Hendrickson Janice Hildebrand Jimmy Holmes Roger Huddelston 41" Q no Q V Z, nit, -3 f qi A I ft. :jig . alll I R , 'N Nad' are 1 2 V0 l In W9 RR Yew .M 3 5 Irene Hukill David Hutclles Elaine Ingalls Faye Ingalls Ernest Jastorff Marvin Jastorff Virginia Johnson Donna Jones LaVon Jones Zola Jordan Darleen Keffeler Clifford Kenoyer Donn King Vera Lcngden Fern Limbo Kenneth Leife Marie Lei Joyce Lehmann Geraldine Matlick Lois McBride Shirley Meyer .lack Middlebrook Frederick Miles Lorraine Moore David Morrill Jeanne Nehren Michael O'Grady Florence Olson Betty Peregrine Gordon Rose Edward Selwinder Teddie Sigman Clara Beth Simons Virgil Simons Jerry Taylor Selma Thompson James Sprung Maureen Stopp Bonnie Lou Strong Wayne Sundstrom Joyce Wester Beverly Wet: Elton Wilson Lois Wilson Charlotte Ziegenbein N it , g QC 1 ll. vi . ,X I 5 5 ,1 5 X 9 mb ll Climaxing the l947 football season was the 7th annual Homecoming which featured a parade led by the queen, Joan Haley, and her attendants, R. Madison and D. Grubl, respec- tively. is 5535 inf . . -.Lil I ri 'A Winning first prize in the float contest was the senior float which glided smoothly along in marked contrast with the dilapidated old Ford driven by the cheer- leaders at right. Jester Marcotte prepares to read the proclamation before the Coronation of the queen at right by S. C. president Bill Coacher. For the first time in the history of S.H.S. students elected by popular vote a Marshal of the Day, Francis Eveleth, who awaits the recognition of his sovereignty by President Coacher. 16 N i if in 3 .,, aa.. a afm- - gf-.1 , , .J F Well, our hero has decided to be a foot- Q, ball star, but it seems as though he's having a little trouble! Perhaps we shouldn't be too hard on him, though as you see it happens in real life, too, with our center, G. Gerhard, coming in for a one point landing. me A -mL- H 1 'K 4 -' What's the matter, Merlyn? Your head shouIdn't ache after this victory over Lead! Below: Fullback Eveleth plunges through for the extra point in Lead thriller! lw lvilw' -i i'xf1?'r'i-rl?e?1'.'?-' A s Y 'YV' . 1.+,m ,l 35 ri gt ry 1 1 ' - , 4 3 K 1 - . - 1 f . .ffm ' . " lah at Q fi V A V i " ' "' ' i -Q. Af Q xffifyr milk- , , 'L -vile "lm .V lvl im , 5 a- ' 1 K 'lr 1 A N .-va r r Q .f ft. rf., h-.r ,, . -A 1 " '- . , w ' 'Q . .. ,, . I 4 l 3-ai. k , 5 A, J' 131 . K L, Q g 4 , F ri! 4' ' n er'-4-0 l -5, Lf.-W ,a g w s . '- 1- - ,gl - ' ' ...saws s was-1.2,-.av-e' - x A , , , , ,Q , ,e r' ,hum " " "v"""-'-- 2. ,J . . A -, ' 'rr Mg- A 'U' I an e :Y 41. at I, A yt 1 V ., V v 1 I 1 WM . zusmhmgwmnzmzi 'nad ' '- 4 nk .,,-,- K m,,rY Im V -nl.: -v , ,, 45 'Ii -1: . ' -4. . . '--- ., ' . M H is ar k My -h H , v L .gm ,gf ' . N f V' iw. -. --p'-,-iff: 1-. A , ,s , ,,utv-P-137 '-4 L us.. "" "' ,"'r"" " , f 4 ,,Qgug15:i. ,f4.4j,.' .-me Q45 ?,11'x:1z..fq:,i K L w u s ? g ,gn .V Q "4-'f 4'Q wi: 'ffwazfizz'-3 YW '5if3.5ff5'.gf f- ,,ff' at 'l 17 , ,ea X Black Wills on erence ntieal Back row: Coach B. W. Woodle, D. Morrill, T. Sigman, D. Garlick, K. Marcotte, R. Soelzer, J. Blaess, C. Tribby, D. Johnson, M. Veren, F. Eveleth, Ass't Coach E. Coacher, Front row: E. Wilson, B. Lushbough, C. Hardy, M. Jastorff, J. Taylor, W. Simons, R. Conklin, G. Gerhard, D. McGuire, J. Sprung, V. Doyle, J. Cox, manager. ' 1 THEY WE Ely v Iwi :gpg ndeka tec! OI'LkI'QI'LC9 .Gblay B. Coacher, J 1 . 'jf Q, mam Sept. Custer 6 " , ' Sept. Spearfish 7 , Sept. Hot Springs 6 Oct. Lead 0 I Oct. Deadwood 'I3 YA, Oct. Rapid City 1 Oct. Belle Fourche 0 -., .rf A ' 5. , 1 ,,,,,f-vnu: Oct. Casper. Wyo. 24 A 1 1 1 1- 'Q V? I S R' ig .551 'du J y .af-,gr " M. -main ' A .4 . ' -for is - ' Co-Captain Co-Captain R. Conklin Backfield: M. Veren, F. Eveleth, B. Coacher, W. Simons. B. Coacher D. Johnson. Line: D. McGuire, C. Tribby, R. Conklin, G. Gerhard, R. Soelzer, J. Blaess, I8 Z' v-..q. ' R-. L . .h 'Iv Q17 'N ' - "5 f in A"2 wxf, 199- ' , E ' - , 1 t ' ' fi . , :'fq- ' ,, ,f 'H --,. K , 525,51 ' .. ,, ' ff ,L 1 xx ' 'X f,34l' Y . " -Q if -1. . X 1 - ' , -n.,,,-tr, ,lg A- -QM X W A '53g,i:. -S "' X .. -w. ' ,,, , ff .V .W -.1 - b , if I . y ' ar 'tx 'S K M- :rv ' i ' am V I ' ggi'-.13 . i X . M 4 ff' , 5 Q 4 J 2. 0' .g. ' . " i '4fige. f X 5 - M . .-q.,.. " - "" 1 - ' " N f Kiki I -. , .., --is-L, .-., --N QW? --..-.L-L-....5..., V, '75 , ' ' , 555 "mu 'Q " -K' , !Qf'T1"X WU: :ggi it ', me z If A 4' ' I I ' X 1' .m,L:Y,l,,,S,,S.k , ff:Ya1,.', -.Q ,N fy s vifkfki- W . if -' L' L-k' xf-' f Q T 9 M ' rx,,,,, -J -J-.-Lf N g ,- 'li A Uf?'f1 W- Y 2 xvn ' 'gif . ' '- ,hi -'Q - 'Ln' E.sxi.'-w.,,.,'?m-Mm. + 'L 'QQ aw? N' +mmT5A W UfLlOI' S Bonnie Alexander Roberta Baird Evelyn Bartlett Myra Beehler Oretta Bender Jean Carlson Valorie Cox Rose Daane Raymond Davis Gordon Dodson Verne Doyle Jean Dumcke Dwayne Garlick Jean Gervasi Paul Grubl Laura Hale Edna Haley Ronald Hannah Lottie Hendrickson Katherine Hild DeVilIo Holmes Dean Johnson Vern Jones Barbara Kampa Bernice Kephart Eddie Lou Kinney Jack Kinney Louis Lamberton Michaela Lane Jessie Limbo Dona McKim Goldie Miller Rose Odekoven Virginia Pawlowski Bobby Peterson Marilyn Schryvers y, .af in-. 5 fx E . ' ,- ,WW -5,545 ff 'W-v -CX SL We -u L., if-Jil B-'ST Q--1 -...if 4-ZA , Z ' lk lf I, i it i if 4. i 1 I 3' 'Q-:., l an QQ ' S' Y rx K Hfg ga , . ri Q in are Donald Wulf - X - Tr? . :fill A ',, N., . I if a 1. s 22 Betty Schwab Joan Speakman Viorene Spencer Harold Stetler Wanda Symonds Etta Mae Szymanski Gwendolyn Thomas Merlyn Veren Rita Watson Paul Weyrich Dorothea Wildberger Garrett Williamson ft 3 LH'l,t.OI' ot? L' 5:l2lN" x Qs .'.1 m u h lx 'J X is. is -gr xxcgq of 'ti R X15 lbl , , 'X ' is l ll B me K vi 4, "ONE WILD NIGHT" a A Q59 :ffl Ti , Gordon Dodson - Rodney Dodd Oretta Bender - Charlotte Allan Vern Doyle - Jodwillow Roberta Baird - Henrietta Betty Schwab - Aunt Myra Donald Wulf - Dr. Bell Dona McKim - Doris Winthrop Rose Odekoven - Mary Belle Dorothea Wildberger - nurse 23 Cast Eddie Lou Kinney - Ned Steerwell Dean Johnson - Mr. Hawkins Merlyn Veren - Mr. Dickens Etta Mae Szymanski - Jade Jean Carlson -- Mrs. Rooley Edna Haley - Mrs. Batsom Dwayne Garlick - Scorpio Paul Grubl - Brader 696161171 O Back row: Mr. Carswell, coach, B. Linstrom, F. Eveleth, M. Sigman, K. Marcotte, O. Bender, Miss Serr, coach. Front row: B. Coacher, K. McKay, I. Moore, M. Magness. For the third consecutive year Kathleen Mc- Kay has won first place in the local and district contests, thus enabling her to go on to the Regional contests where she received excellent ratings. Having participated in declam since her freshman year, she has always entered the humorous divisions in which she has brought many honors to the school. 24 From the students who participated in declam at the local contest, four were selected to go on to the District Contest held at Lead. They are K. McKay, humor- ous, B. Coacher, oratory, O. Bender, poe- try, and not appearing B. Alexander, dramatics. Of these, K. McKay received a superior rating, and the others received excellent ratings thus winning a tie with Lead for the District Contest. C , mebate fl Having already proved to be an out- standing declam student, Bill Coacher has also excelled in debate and extemp. At three invitational debates held this year, he took three lsts. in Extemp., and at Philip he won 2nd. in Original Oratory and 3rd in Extemp. Back Row: H. Stopp, M. Sigman, E. Knapp, -K. Marcotte, Front Row: K. Denu, B. Blair, R. Dodson, B. Lushbough B. Alexander, B. Coacher, L. Bachand, Mr. Carswell, A. Bremer, S. Keffeler. coach. With debate offered to the lower classmein for the first time, a large class under Mr. Carswell's direction was started this year with the result that sev- erqjexcellent teams have participated in the various invitational tournaments. 25 Winners of the 4th annual Amateur Con- test were the seniors and sophomores, who tied for lst place with the freshman and iuniors placing 2nd and 3rd respectively. The Student Council, sponsors of the con- test, honor the winners by having their names engraved on a cup to be placed in the trophy case. 1 Slum I tw" I-ak yarn- ' W "1 .',I:,-if 3 .. UE, 5h1E'f'L s 716' SCHQ J. Carlson, J. Limbo, J. Bachand, G. Dodson, B. Knapp, A. Bremer, L. Bachand, I. Cruickshank, E. Haley. S. Thompson. I , L. Huddelslon, B. Lushbough, R. Murray. Front Row: C. Leslie, R. Dodson, K. Leite, N. Sinclair. Back Row: G. Gerhard, V. Doyle, R. Linstrom, D. Gar u lick, M. Lane. 27 N M. Hendrickson, G. Rose, D. Gigear F Denker, L. Tanquisf, D. Miller. Front Row: M. Doyle, L. McBride Blair, M. Cole, V. Daum, S. Hardy Sfandley. Back Row: E. Szymanski, V. Johnson Lettau, R. Finney, B. Bell, K. McKay Forrester, R. Carlson, B. Peterson. 1 1 Shown above in a typ- ical pose is our drum majorette, Margianne Sigman who, in addi- tion to leading the band, instructs a class of high school and grade school twirlers. .vpv Cgwirlers .. -114-ips- Besides leading the band when marching, the twirlers have also performed at basketball games throughout the season. One of their most effective variations has been to twirl in the dark with burning batons. lleen Hefner has also entertained the crowd at several games with her solo act with a lighted baton. They are from left to right: J. Spencer, l. Hefner, F. Benson, band director, M. Sigman, and J. Gervasi. QFMOI' CZSS DAVID BABCOCK Faith, S. Dakota l5 Track 2-3. HELEN E. BEEHLER "DirnpleS" Rapid City l-25 G.A.A. l-25 Glae Club 35 F.H,A. 35 Mix- ed Chorus 3. NORMA JEANNE BELL "Jeanne Bell" G.A.A. l5 Pep Club l-2-35 Quill and Scroll 3-45 Speech Club 3-45 Journalism 2-3-45 Junior Play 35 Student Coun- cil 45 Orchestra 45 Mato Paha 3-45 Band 2-3-4. JACK BLAESS Basketball l-2-3-45 "S" Club l-2-3-4, Pres. 4, Sec. 35 Quartet 25 Octet 45 Foot- ball l-2-3-45 Class V. Pres. 3-45 Glee Club 3-45 Mixed Chorus 3-4. JOYCE AGA IIJOII CHARLES D. ANDERSON "Chuck" Speech Club 3-45 Mato Paha 35 Junior Play 35 Band l-2- 3-45 Student Council 25 Orchestra 2-45 Debate 4. JACQUITA BACHAND "Jackie" G.A.A. l5 Glee Club 2-3-4 Pep Club l5 Band 2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 3-4. JOHN A. BEEHLER "Lighting" Football l-25 "S" Club l-2 3-45 Track l-2. Q W- . KEITH EARL CAHILL Rapid City, S. Dakota l-2g Rifle Club l. AUDREA COBB 3 Ql'ltOI'S BELVA BORUP IlBUnnyIl Flag Twirling 3g Glee Club 21 Junior Play 3g Pep Club l-2-35 F.H.A. 2-3. WILBUR J. BOSTON IIB'lIlI Cresbard, S. Oakota l. 1 ROSS R. CONKLIN llTigerll Basketball l-2-3-45 Football l-2-3-45 "S" Club l-2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 4g Glee Club 4. DONAVON DACHTLER "Dock" Basketball 2. BILL COACHER "Little EIgie" Original Oratory 4g N,F.L. 45 Glee Club 45 Mixed Cho- rus 4g Speech Club 344g De- bate 3-45 Declam l-2-3-45 Junior Play 3g Extemp. 4g Football l-2-3-4g Basketball 2-3-4g "S" Club l-2-3-45 Student Council 2-3-4, Pres. 4g Class Pres. l. LAVONNE CONGER "Blondie" Faith, S. Dakota l-21 Class Treas. 2g G.A.A. l-25 Glee Club l-2g Pep Club l-2. Ql'LlOI'S ROSALIE FENNER "Rosie" Glee Club l. GAYLORD GERHARD Basketball l-2-3-45 Football I-2-3-45 "S" Club l-2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 35 Glee Club 35 Band 3-4. Z DOROTHIE CLAIR GRUBL "Blondie" Class Sec. and Treas. 45 G. A.A. l. JOAN HALEY IIJOII Student director Junior Play 35 Class Pres. 35 Glee Club 45 Pep Club l-2-35 Speech Club 3-45 Mato Paha 45 Business Manager 45 Mixed Chorus 4. FERN DENKER G.A,A. 15 Glee Club 2-3-45 Pep Club l-25 Junior Play 35 Band 2-3-45 Mixed Cho- rus 3-45 F,H.A, 2. FRANCIS EVELETH llEViell St, Martins Academy l-25 Glee Club l-2-3-45 Mixed Chorus l-2-3-45 Band I-2- 3-45 Student Council 45 Speech Club 3-45 Class Pres. l-2-45 Declam 45 Basketball l-2-3-45 Football l-2-3-45 "S" Club 3-4. 45 F.F.A. 4. RUBY FINNEY Glee Club l-2 Junior Play 35 Operetta l5lBar1d 3 4 ROBERT GRANT - "Bob Mixed Chorus r Glee Club DEWAYNE HAYES llHayeSll Basketball l-25 Track l-2-4. BEVERLY KENLEY IIBeVlI Seattle, Washington l5 G. A.A. l5 F.H.A. 4. CECIL HARRIS Keystone, S. Dakota l. WANDA HARRISON "Claudia" Junior Play 35 Glee Club 45 Pep Club l-35 Speech Club 3-45 Mato Paha 45 Mixed Chorus 4, 81110119 MARIAN JENSON "Bubbles" Woonsocket, S. Dakota l5 NV' in .uk l . Class Sec. and Treas. 35 Glee Club l-2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 3-45 Declam 15 Band l. HAROLD ORLANDO KILNESS Mixed Chorus 45 Band 3-4. AGNES R. LETTAU HRedll Glee Club l-3-45 Mato Paha 3-45 Pep Club l-25 Journal- ism l-2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 3-45 Band 3-4. ROBERT Ll NSTROM llBObll Band l-2-3-4, Pres. 4, Stu- dent Director 45 Orchestra 2-45 "S" Club 3-45 Basket- ball 2-3-45 Football l-2-35 Glee Club 3-45 Declam 2-3- 45 Mixed Chorus 3-45 Octet 45 Quartet 35 Speech Club 3-4. 8l7,lOI'S KAY MARCOTTE HK-11 I Football 3-45 "S" Club 3-45 Class Pres. 25 N.F.L, 45 Octet 45 Cheer Leader 35 Speech Club 3-45 Student Council l-45 Declam 2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 45 Glee Club 45 Junior Play 35 Debate 3- 45 Octet 4. KATHLEEN McKAY llKayIl Class V. Pres. l-25 Declam l-2-3-45 Student Council l- 2, Sec. 25 N.F.L. 45 State D.A.R. 45 Glee Club l-45 Pep Club l-35 Speech Club 3-45 Journalism l-2-3-45 F. H,A1 25 Mixed Chorus 45 Mato Paha 3-45 Band l-2-3- 45 Orchestra 2-45 Quill and Scroll 3-45 Operetta l5 Sex- tet l-4. lRVlNG MIDDLEBROOK Illrvll Basketball 25 Football 2-35 Mixed Chorus 45 Glee Club 4. VIVIAN MlLACHEK IIVHVII Glee Club l-45 Pep Club l-25 Mato Paha 3-45 Speech Club 3-45 Quill and Scroll 3-45 Mixed Chorus 45 Busi- ness Mgr. Junior Play 35 Operetta l5 Journalism l-2- 3-4. RAMONA MADISON llpudgell G.A.A. 2-35 Glee Club 45 Mixed Chorus 45 Pep Club l-2-35 Mato Paha 3-45 Class Sec. and Treas. 25 Student Council 35 Speech Club 3-45 Cheer Leader 2-35 Journal- ism l-2-3-4. CHARLES MADLER llBudll Ollie, Montana l-2-35 Junior Play 35 Basketball l-2-35 Journalism 3. DONALD McGUlRE "Mack" Basketball 45 Football 3-4 "S" Club 3-4. TWYLA MCKNELLY "Mickey" Pep Club l5 Journalism l Band 2-3-45 Orchestra 2-4 l ic io BETTY NONNAST IIBetzIl LILLYAN JUNE PALMER "Dimples" F.H.A, 25 Glee Club 2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 3-4. lDA MOORE "Spider" G.A.A. l-2-45 Glee Club l 45 F.H.A. 45 Declam 45 Mix- ed Chorus 45 Operetta l5 Student Council l-4. MARJORIE MORRISON "Margie" Student Council 4, Sec. 45 Glee Club l-2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 3-45 Journalism l- 2-3-45 Sextet 2-3-45 Mato Paha 3-45 Pep Club l-35 Pres. S.D.H.S.P.A. if. ff' 55 X1 . 200 "'w'L ily? x iff 1 'Q' CAROL SHAW llcibbyll G.A.A. l-25 Glee Club l-2- 35 Pep Club 2-35 Speech Club 45 Junior Play 35 Mixed Chorus 2-35 F.H.A, l-25 Operefta l. MARGIEANNE SIGMAN "Mike" G.A.A. l-25 Glee Club l-25 Band 2-3-45 Maiorette 3-45 F,H.A. l-25 Speech Club 45 Pep Club l-2-35 Journalism l5 Declam 45 Debate 45 Twirling Instructor 3-45 Operetta l. E ALVA LUCILLE OLSON llBunnyll Newell l5 Glee Club 45 Mix- gd Chorus 45 Flag Twirling KAY ROTTENBUCHER "Muggins" St. Martins Academy l-25 Glee Club l5 G.A.A. lg Dramatic Arts 2. RALPH SOELZER IISOVI Basketball 2-35 "S" Club 2-3-4, V, Pres, 45 Cheer Leader 45 Pep Club l-3-45 Football 2-3-45 Mixed Cho- rus 45 Glee Club 4. JACQUELINE ROSE SPEAKMAN "Jackie" G.A,A, l5 F.H.A. 25 Glee Club 25 Operetta l5 Pep Club l5 Twirling l. DONNA SlMMONS Piedmont, S. Dakota l-25 Glee Club 3-45 Mixed Cho- rus 3-45 Declam 2-45 Oper- etta 25 Band 45 Business Mgr. Junior Play 35 Class Pres. 25 Sextet 25 Mato Paha 4, Business Mgr.-4. WALTER SIMONS Basketball 2-3-45 Football l-2-3-45 "S" Club 2-35 Track l -2-3-45 Student Council 3. ERNEST SUNDSTROM "Ernie" Newell, S. Dak. li Band l. HOLLIE MAY SYLVIS "Mazzie" MARY LORETTA SORENSEN "Leech" Vale, S. Dakota l. HAROLD STOPP Corinth High, N. Y, l5 Penn's Grove, N, J. 2-35 Biology Club 25 Track Latin Club 25 Glee Club Speech Club 45 Debate Mixed Chorus l-45 Octet 3 4 4 4 LOU I E THOMPSON CHARLES HENRY TRIBBY llTribll Football 2-3-45 Mixed Cho- rus 45 Glee Club 45 Mato Paha l-3-45 Octet 45 Class Sec, and Treas. l. NADINE TAYLOR "Taylor" G.A.A. l5 Pep Club 35 Speech Club 35 Journalism 2-35 Junior Play 35 Cheer Leader 3-45 Debate 35 De- clam 3. LAVONNE THOMPSON llTOnq ll . Y Glee Club l-45 Pep Club l-35 Malo Paha 3-45 Editor 45 Junior Play 35 Speech Club 3-45 Journalism l-2-3- 45 Mixed Chorus 45 Operetta lg Quill and Scroll 3-4. RICHARD TODD llDickll Spearfish, S. Dakota I5 Football l5 Track l5 Band l. JOAN YOUNG IIJOII G.A.A. l5 Glee Club 45 Pep Club 35 Declam 3-45 Speech Club 35 Debate 35 Junior Play 35 Journalism l-35 Mixed Chorus 45 Cheer Leader 4. p O H -, 1. 'f' ' , E. B. Coacher X , s F' nce 'x iwf 'na Sflmes I1 'Ivor ale 'N xx. R 5- of Ok 7, 6iiiJriic,aVO05 Q0 x " . x , ,N , xv t Xue '5- 'ii .loan Haley, Business Managerf LaVonne Thompson, Ed itorg Kathleen McKay, Organizations Editor. . . - Q, A 0 .., 4 '-3 Q ,N ' Q ni! a' 1 Vivian Milachek, Snapshot Editorg Marjorie M sistant Editorg Agnes Letfau, Class Editor. 36 orrison Ramona Madison, Typistj Norma Bell, Assistant Organiza- tions Editor Wanda Harrison Cartoonist. Alu .l Donna Simmons Ass't Business Manager c 6? 6 67, ,9- Classes: Jessie Limbo, Betty Schwab, Charles Tribby, Photographer, Oretta Bender, Ass't Snapshot Editor, Bruce Lushbough, Sports Editor. 88 -f"""""' 1 Q, ,,, ' , i X at s , , ,sgsif sw' '. -we f -4 1 iff ' 'L X5 A..I...:...a.4...:..4f.f5:-:X . .s,,.. ,N if U. lfs ag 39 Marilyn Schryvers Ass't Business Manager .4 I ersonalztzes - NL 1 ., Y fx, .. - From top to bottom: Most represenfative: Charles Anderson and Kathleen M K C ay. Most popular: Francis Eveleth and Joan Haley. 40 A -... 4 ,15E5r32 lf" 55, 4 Shown in a state of excited elation is the team in their dressing room after winning a ticket to the finals in the State "A" tournament by defeat- ing the Sioux Falls Warriors. They are, left to right: D. Johnson, M. Veren, B. Coacher, J. Blaess, R. Conklin, V. Doyle, D. Garlick, J. Sprung, and D. MC- Guire. Not appearing in the shot are J. Kinney, center, and Jim Cox, manager. The Second Team Left to right: F. Madler, J. Taylor, G. Cox, B. Lushbough, T. Sigman, D. Morrill, B. Grunwald, F. Rovere, M. Jastortf, C. Hardy, R. Speakman. 41 MVN YN PXRCT Y S Q x 11 118 ,iq '56 at 1 tw twfglg ixi "Big Jack Blaess" sights for a crucial basket in the finals at the State "A" basketball tournament. All-State Ross Conklin STU RGIS SCOOPERS Basketball Record Broadus, Mont. -- .... 7l Sioux Falls .... .... 3 4 39 Mitchell .... Huron ..... Deadwood .... .... 4 3 37 Speartish --- Belle Fourche .... .... 2 9 Custer ........ ..,. 4 8 Rapid City ,- Speartish -- Lead ...... Deadwood - - - l-lot Springs --- ---- Custer ...... Deadwood --- ---- Spearfish ..... .... Belle Fourche --- ---- Hot Springs --- ---- Philip ...,.. Lead --.---- Rapid City ............. Sectional Lead .........-....... Rapid City ............. State "A" Huron .............. -- Sioux Falls --- ---- Mitchell --- All-State Dean Johnson ,fi Q Q4 It xo KN I v y' Jack Blaess Honorable State Mention Blaess and Conklin jump for rebound while their All-State teammate, John- son, stands by. lm, "Spark p I u g Conklin" does a pirouette with his opponent in one of the most important "ballets" of his career. 625 M Club Hardy Lusllbougll .QM . U' wk 'g W" .-' Q ' Above Wilson Johnson Gerhard Tribby Conklin Simons Llnstrorn Left: Kinney, McGuire, Sprung Below: Sigrnan, Doyle, Soelzer Right: Garlick, Rovere, Marcotte. Taylor Blaess Veren Not Appearing: Cox, Jastorff, Beehler. Morrill Coacher Eveleth b ggvrx A. 9:fQ.o'f ep ofeacfers ,S Sl' 175+ His heart swelling with pride as he vigorously claps his hands, "our hero" shows his loyalty to the team as he "gives out" with the school song. Nadine Taylor, Head Cheerleader Left to right: G. Williamson, J. Young, J. Matlick, E. Szymanski, S. Keffler, N. Taylor, R. Soel- zer. 45 usic epartment K Girls' Sextette: D. Woodle, I. Cruickshank, K. McKay, M. Morrison, M. Jenson, L. Bachand. Boys' Octette: H. Stopp, V. Doyle, D. Garlick, K. Marcotte, J. Blaess, C. Tribby, B. Linstrom, F. Eveleth. , .. 8- ,S tas- x Mr. Benson Music Instructor First Row: B. Voyce, L. Moore, J. Wester, B. Kephart, J Adams, B. Henry, D. McFarland, M. Jenson, D. Voorhees, L, Bachand, E. Bowen, J. Dumcke. Second Row: J. Hildebrand, L. Jones, C. Beehler, I Moore, I. Cruickshank, M. Cole, J. Bachand, I. Hukill, H Ruby, E. Moeller, R. Watson, L. Williamson, D. Carlson, D. Curry, F. Ingalls, L. McBride, G. Thomas. Third Row: D. Swenson, D. Swenson, J. Lehman, B. Wetz S. Thompson, J. Hokstead, V. Johnson, D. Forrester, yf Spencer, B. Peregrine, R. Harrison, M. Morrison, J. Gu guel, E. Ingalls, D. Simmons, A. Lettau, D. Palmer, J. Pal- mer. Fourth Row: M. Wildberger, R Madison, M. Lane, D Woodle, K. McKay, V. Milacheck, L. Thompson, F. Den ker, J. Haley, O. Bender, M. Schryvers, J. Speakman, J Carlson, A. Bremer, E. Szymanski, M. Wells, V. Allen, D Keffler, S. Kettler, C. Simons, E. Aga, I. Lyons, J. Mat lick. Fifth Row: B. Burgess, R. Conklin, D. Garlick, V. Doyle B. Lushbough, F. Rovere, D. Johnson, J. Blaess, B. Grun wald, B. Linstrom, F. Eveleth, E. Follett, R. Dodson. Sixth Row: D. King, B. Coacher, R. Carlson, R. Speakman H. Kilness, G. Williamson, R. Grant, H. Stopp, G. Dodson I. Middlebrook, R. Soelzer, K. Marcotte, D. Morrill, R Murray, M. Veren, J. Taylor, G. Rose, C. Dodson, C Hardy, E. Kinney. IY S A1 r'4i49fL rpg ..,' 456 ll! 7 6' 2 1.9 I4 lc? 192 ,MQ 8. Two deep. il-I 5. an '92 Lu ul! Ji- 3: :gm ra E' E nu! '1 'fu 3:57 "YP G 9,5 UI 300 9:05 950 3 c 'A'-2-0 W IW. J: S. 'UPU 5 m :--.Q :- v 3 :ein :Lug N 552 8 2. N .,,g wi: 'Tw 2-V. :r.- '4 Z mu-3. 9.2. 3?- gon: -fu 31:--v ms' .- 2 zz, wi, B-,- ooo :nam gunz! Nia: L ll G .a E -J ll G1 S 0 : fi f, , ff V, J' 1' NYM, nf .x L 2 XXV..-Q.,Q1+ Mix .3 'WX ff!! X 5 XX . X. S -J ,A W1 Z i -ii . . - -.05 -2 ' .U .. .,fl:1,,,3XHQ.: jlwyls. fy.-bfi. . Kirin' Q dwg HOME '- fr " SOUPS on f My-L XX .- 'V -fx X, 4 .Spa f 44' ,, 'rnqclx ,.. Ha wsm- -mm'-A-wmr. Receiving instructions from Mr. Williams is the beginners class of journalism. Lett to right around the table are: J. Hockstead, E. Knapp, M. Mag- ness, L. Huddleston, R. B. Wil- liams, instructor, G. Kymala, T. Grubl, W. Pullins, B. Cordes, W. Raetz, D. Curry, D. Hardy. Running off the finished pages are: J. Limbo, O. Bender, B. Sch- wab, editor, M. Schryvers, M. Morrison. ourna lsm Staff Under R. B. Williams' sponsorship, the BBB. is written and printed wholly by the students in the jour- nalism plant at the grade school. Here the editor, B. Schwab, assigns stories which the reporters get and write up, then they set up the pages and run off the papers on a hand press for distribution to businessmen and students. R. B. Williams :mi- Setting up a page on the stone are left to right: L. Thompson, R. Madison, A. Lettau, V. Milachek, N. Bell, K. McKay. T' it so QQCZ Under the supervision of Miss Noltensmeier, the G. A. A. girls par- ticipate in bi-weekly workouts as a part of the program to build up more vig- orous and healthy youth for a stronger America. ,-assi ,-.1 ,. ' - ' EEL' -:-13535:-H an -YE . Q. xx:-'A First Row: S. Thompson, D. Voorhees, C. Simons, D. Forrester, M. Wildberger, J. Spencer. Second Row: D. Woodle, L. Williamson, E. Bowen, L. Mettler A. Swanson, J. Dulany. Third Row: Coach, Miss NoltensmeierJ. Dumcke, M. Hendrickson, E, Schuelke, J. Hildebrand E. Ingalls, L. McBride, B. Peregrine. 51 'I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 New paint iob for S.H.S. Lose something, Joan? What's the matter, Jim, bashtul? Piccolo Pete favors the camera with a grin! Don't take it so hard, boys. Just resting. All-heavyweight of 1948. And we did, too! W-'I-Y il it 5 l . 81-I sa N .4 A b - - if N :7 ,. LK 1. Norma, DeWayne, and the Woodles, just an old neighbor gang. 2. Hint of events to come? 3. Lumberjenny. 4. You can tell the McKays by their earsl 5. How could the camera take it! 6. Sweet sixteen and never .... ? 7. Rooten l l tootin! rooters ! 8. Hips! One, Two, Three, Four. 9. Practicing up for Billy? 10. There is always a happy ending in the Junior Play. 11. Friends forever. 12. A beaver? 13. Bums on a log. 14. One of those toothpaste grins. 15. That's one way to get there! 16. ". . . but don't go near the water." 17. Beauty and the beast. 18. Out seeing the bright sights. 19. Mr. Who? 53 Cgguture Cgeaclzers o merica Seated: Mrs. Carr and Mrs. Coacher, Sponsors. Standing, left to right: F. Denker, D. Grubl, l. Moore, F. Eveleth, A. Letfau, D. Hayes, M. Sorenson, M, Jenson, B. Nonnast, R. Finney, Miss Betty Adams Secretary of the high school oarcf of gcfucation .A Left to right: E. V. Morrill, Dave Hildebrand, Charles Waldman, Gus Anderson, Henry Cooper, John Richards, Glen Murray.. 54 an tgnspira tion o is earn Rx mecfica tion Shown above in a familiar position is the coach loved and respected by all who know him-the "champ" to whom we proudly dedicate this, our I948 Mato Paha, Coach Buell Woodle, in the past two years, has turned out two champion football teams and two champion basketball teams-a feat which any man would endeavor to emulate and be justly proud if that honor were attained, Through his unfailing devotion to his work and friendly guidance to his team, he has not only won the admiration and backing ot the townsfolk, but he has built up a group of fine, clean American men who will reveal, in later years, the training received in their high school career. For these and numerous unmentioned accom- plishinents, Coach Woodle, we salute youl 55 Coach B. W. Woodle THESE FIRMS AND INDIVIDUALS HELPED TO MAKE THIS ANNUAL POSSIBLE J. C. Penney Co. Haley's Super Market Sturgis Motor Co. Black Hills Implement Co. Bear Butte Valley Bank Black Hills Power 81 Light Co. Lushbough Hardware Independent Oil Co. Rainbow Milk Co. Sturgis Tribune JolIey's Variety Store Midway Grocery Madeleine's Dress Shop H. O. Anderson 8: Sons George A. Biesmann, Jeweler Eric's Bakery Walt Bauer, Plumbing 8. Heating Black Hills Press Sly 8. Freeman Drug Store Sturgis Clothing Co. Quality Cleaners Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. Security Land In Abstract Co. Spic'n Span Cleaners Dodson Grocery Hardy's Service Station Dr. R. H. Riedesel E. V. Morrill, Law Office Bate's Grocery J. C. Hoel, Distributor of Indian Motorcycles Maiestic Theatre Lambert Lumber Co. Sturgis Sheet 8. Metal Shop First National Bank Tri-State Milling Co. M. A. McMahon, Feed, Seed Implement Co. McKay Drug Store Sturgis Monumental Works Red Owl Store Chase's Store Matkins Motor Co. Vernon's Service Station Wigg's Lunch Neugebauer's Jewelry Store Marsh Food Center J. U. Dickson Sawmill Dr. R. l. Wood Collingwood Auto Supply L. B. Urton, Druggist Doran's Grocery Eccarius Electric Co. Fruth Hotel Gamble Store M. J. Kerper, Insurance Dr. D. P. Hines Horne Craft Bakery E. M. Olson, Hardware Co. Moore Modern Supply Richard's Frosted Food Lockers Sturgis-Ft. Meade Taxi Co. McMahon Co. Sturgis Lumber 81 Grain Braden Bros. Service Station Dr. L. A. Massa Duprel Confectionery Dr. J. N. Hamn THANK YOU MATO PAHA STAFF AND STURGIS HIGH SCHOOL 56 r CTOIIAI. nvsns co. 7 bi ld X 1 Y0lfKA YE ' KS 'f 1 Wim . .,., A,4. ,..,

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