Strathmore High School - Pleiades Yearbook (Strathmore, CA)

 - Class of 1953

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Strathmore High School - Pleiades Yearbook (Strathmore, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 29 of 92
Page 29 of 92

Strathmore High School - Pleiades Yearbook (Strathmore, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 28
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Page 29 text:

ANNUAL REPORT f ear: 1973 3lace: Various Parts of the world o 'St 1 Subject: The occupations, dispositions, and accomplishments in 1973 of 'Z 7 the members ofvthe class of 1953, Strathmore Union High fi ,Q School r L T Q The Korean War is still going on. Dorman Collier and Arnold Crawford F lj -Q x eceived the Congressional Medal of Honor for bravery displayed when if 1, V Q, hey drove 52 miles into enemy lines and killed or wounded 137 Com- ,f mfg! 'D V, nunists, When the pair were decorated, Mr. Collier made the following 1- " lomment: "Heck, 't wa'n't nothinf I was having a drag race with an- qi if' J vther tank, and didn't notice I had run off and left it. And Arnold just gg-, '7' JY f ouldn't keep his hands away from those guns." When Mrs. Collier, the D Jrmer Patsy Coley, was informed of her husband's bravery, she fainted, , ' U - Carol Bequette, who in pri ate life is Mrs. Crawford, received the Pulitzer Prize for her coverage of the war. 'he President, Louis De Paoli, was inaugurated in a colorful ceremony. At the first cabinet meeting, e and his Secretary of State, Garland Pike, disagreed on how much authority the Secretary of State hould have. In the ensuing argument, Mr. Pike was relieved of his duties. The new Secretary, johnny ola, and the President are in disagreement over Mr. Sola's policy on Korean War prisoners. The Pres- lent does not agree that we should "lock 'em all up in a big room." The Secretary of Agriculture is fody Noel. It is rumored that Mrs. Noel, the former Barbara Nelson, is really the brains behind the idical policy changes in the Department. The Postmaster-General, Donald Goings, has announced a ampaign which should make the Post Office break even for the first time in years. . feature of the SUHS P.T.A. during the past year was their lecture series. Co-sponsors of the proj- :t were the president of the P,T.A., Ona Lee Power, and Roy Britt, principal. The series included such otables as Dr. Eddie Zinn, who spoke on "How to Curb juvenile Delinquency," and Delphia Pierce, :lviser to the Merit Board, who spoke on "Why the Merit S ystem Hasn't Been Revised in Fifty 'ears." Refreshments were served after the lectures by Harold Spuhler, athletic director, and Edward amb, head of the Music Department. 'he famous socialite, Doris Marks, gave the party of the year in Porterville, which has become the so- al center of the nation. Among those present were Bette Oswald, the Hollywood gossip columnist 1d Phyllis Knutson, with her sixth husband, Harold Stein. Providing entertainment was Ieri Willows, ho won an Oscar for her performance in the musical, "Outside the Lindsay Drive-In." She was asa sted by Marcella fChi-Chil Dye, Leetta fFifij Thomas, Georgina fBubblesl Del Greco, and Iessie Honeyl Reyes, with Lois Fitzpatrick at the piano. arol Barrett Iepson and Sue Barrett Day live in a duplex in San Diego. Carol's daughter and Sue'5 .fin daughters are planning a triple wedding for Iune, 1974. he Bikini Burlesque Ballroom was raided by Dell juan Hughes. The manager, V. M, Hunt, and the ar of the show. Maurine Haney, were jailed. judge Pattv Conley set bail at 310,000 each. Miss Han- "s lawyer, Ioe Cadell, was fined for contempt of court when, after talking five hours, he would not t down at the ,request of the judge. he 500-mile Indianapolis Speedway was won this year by Rushing-Ruth Gange. The trophy was pre- nted in the usual manner bv jerry Fairley. The team of Welch Hudson and john Wilcox thfeatgned fiss Gange's lead for a time, but Hudson and Wilcox spun out on the 148th lap. Among the notab-les ho witnessed the race were Iudy Tocchini, National President of the American Bird-Watchers' So- rty, and Mary Hirabayashi and Bonnie Takemoto, curators of the renowned Strathmore Museum of ,odern Art. len Woody and Donna Lowe are still doing astounding things. This year they led the first expedition scale Mt. Everest. The United States Ambassador to Tibet, Raymond Foster, secured permission for e expedition through some brilliant diplomatic maneuvering. Porters on the expedition were Nick Hui- r and Gene Burgdorf: Georgia Rogers, who acted as secretary on the trip, compiled enough data to l a book. Halfway up the mountain, the group ran into june Hurt and Lenna Cromeenes, who said ey just wanted to get away from it all. id so the members of the class of 1953 disposed themselves in 1973. Page 25

Page 28 text:

CLASS WILL I, Dorman Collier, will my good friend, Donald Berryhill, to Phylli V I Collins. . 4 I, Bette Oswald, will my length to Louis Reisig. I, Leetta Thomas, will my quiet attitude in study hall to Carolyn Rowell I, Lois Fitzpatrick, will my giggles to Iames Tanzola. f I, Ioe Cadell, will my western shirts to Charles Gill. , We, Carol and Sue Barrett. will the love light in our eyes to all whn ' may be interested. ' I, Cody Noel, will my cowboy boots to Tronye Alexander-here's hop A Xi 35' ing you get the full benefit of them. 4 --5. ' , ,,d, I, Donna Lowe, will my glasses to Roberta Hughes. - 4435- ' 1 I I, Welch Hudson, will my ability to get along with Mr. Bottoms to Doi Smith, who can't always persuade Mr. Bottoms to his way of thinking I, Maurine Haney, will my meekness to Gary Humphrey. I, Dell Iuan Hughes, will my "cold showers" in P.E. to Linda Parman--may she love every minutf of it. I, Ellen Woody, will my talent on the piano key-board to Lester Lemon. I, Iohnny Sola, will my perfect grammar while conducting assemblies to Waymon Roberson. I, Louis De Paoli, will my position with the merit board to Beatrice Huizar. I, Ruth Gange, will my baby face to Sam Stephens. I, Nick Huizar, will my best grades to any smart person who wants them. I, Lenna Cromeenes, will my long hair to Mr. Lightner. I, Ierry Fairley, will my hot rod magazines to Charles Smay, hoping he will enjoy them as much as l I, Garland Pike, will my way with the teachers to Daryl Fisher. I Roy Lee Britt, will my wide stride to Bruce Crawford. 1, Donald Goings, will my good-looking car to Val Zuniga. I, Iohn Wilcox, will my seat in geometry to Ioe Takemoto-Good Luck, Ioe! I, Carol Bequette, will my gift of gab to Barbara Farless, hoping that she or someone will equal it ii 1954. I Ieri Willows, will my parking place at the Lindsay Drive-in to Oscar Gower.--you probably knov D which one it is, Oscar. I, Patsy Coley, will MOOSE MARTIN to Nancy Riggs. I, Ona Lee Power, will my mumbling to Donald Berryhill, which may not be too easy for him. I, Eddie Zinn, will my cue stick to Dolores Hubbard. I, Iudy Tocchini, will my remaining 25 merits to Pat Bequette, who may lack a few. I, Patty Conley, will my soft voice to Max Hurt. I, Iune Hurt, will my antelope running ability to Louis Kimbrough. I, Arnold Crawford, will my bashfulness to Bud Goings, I, Georgia Rogers, will my ability in the Commercial Room to Nancy Ruth Peterson. I, Harold Stein, will my gracefulness to Edna lean Hughes. I, Bonnie Takemoto, will my art ability to Peter Kobseff. I, Phyllis Knutson, will my blushing ability to Gary Garlin. I, V. M. Hunt, will my nice manners to Lola Mae Longley, who may need them. I, Edward Lamb, will my position in F. F. A. to Marvin Aubery. I, Harold Spuhler, will my bold remarks to Milford Iackson. I, Iessie Reyes, will my position as class yell-leader to some peppy Iunior. I, Delphia Pierce, will my studious attitude to Bobby Alcorn. I, Barbara Nelson, will my position as Spartan News editor to some junior who can handle it. I, Doris Marks, will my outside-of-school life in Porterville to Peggy Douglas. I, Mary Hirabayashi, will my tennis racket to Monta Sue Miller. I, Marcella Dye, will my poodle cut to Frances Wilson. I, Georgina Del Greco, will my locker in P.E. to Noel Huxtable. I, Raymond Foster, will my evenings at the show with Miss Aubery to Wiley Crocker. Page 24

Page 30 text:

SE XI ICQ F FAVORITE FAVORITE WORST FUTURE CAUSE OF - NAME NICKNAME SAYING PASTIME FAULT OCCUPATION I DEATH Carol" Sewing Her Barret "Tolly" Beans! Fine Seams Dreaming Housewife Grandchildren Sue Filing Carol's Barret "Susabelle' "You idiotl' her nails Ton excitable Housewife Grandchildren Carol Whale of a Bequette "Becky" "Landsl' Swearing off Griping business woman Spouting off Roy Imltatlng lnferlority Hit hls head on too Britt "Stretch" 'Babeel" Jerry Lewis complex Jocky many chandeliers Gen, "What's it Trading Ambassador to Burgdorf "Bird' to you'!' Cars Whispering Lower Slobavia , June Joe His F. F. A. Too loud Song and Too many Cadell "Baby Face" Nothing Project in class Dance man words pany Ditching Bearded Coley "Pee' Coley "Nasty" Berta P. E. Lady Moose Do,-man "Prune Studies Second Smoking llier "Lover Boy" Juice!" Pestering too much Mr. Mlller cigars Co pany "Oh, Day dreamlng Poor I y F d I" I I d Dt h d' Cong, "Pat" u ge n cass gra es lc ugger Drowned Amold "Vou've "His girls Model for Missed a free Crawford "Arno" had lt!" friends Bashful 4771 liquor ads shot Lenna "Oh, Havlng slumber Lady Reducing Q-omeeneg "Len" foot!" partles Nervous chemist preparations Georgina ' "Thunder Plaguing the Teasing Bubblegum Tristadact- Del Greco Hgeoy-gig" mud" teachers the boys wrapper aphobia Lou., I Chewing his Circus . De Paoli "Loule' "Duh-h-h' fingers Too bold Barker Over exertion Marcella Looking over Old Lady's Dye "Marcia" "Oh, Gosh! Dyeing her glasses companion Dyieling Jerry Soaring Bachelor Prof. of pa,-ey Has n "Holy Cowl" His hotrod Freshmen animal husbandry Old age Lois "Is that Her brother's Batting her Lady Parachute Landed on Empire Fitzpatrick "Lulu" so?" Cadlllac eyelashes tester State Building Ra!! . poster "Tex" a shame!" Problems Pennles Mexico C. of C. from Texas Ruth . Looking for a Indian Game "Gang1e ' "Oh, CarI" black chevy Sa casm God-Mother scalped Donald "I don't l . Fla! Dole Gogngs "Mousie" know!" His horse Too mousle sitter G01 all Av, Maureen N Doesn't Sargeant in Burst a Haney ' Moron" "Oh. dear" Studylng have any Lady Marines vocal chord Mary I H , Tormentlng Wiggles Breeder. of ned . Hirabayashi , "Hiram ' Now! Now! Mrs. Graves too much white lice cqnve,-pple vvelcn 4' Q . P'ay"'9 . , GO' Hudson "Casanova" "0-o-oh!" Practicing poker Tritagonlst slapped ben Juan "Is anybody ooino Lmdny - - sucking Hughe, "Dell Wonnle' to Lindsay today?" Drive-In Klddln9 Cowboy Bronco Page 26

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