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, P 1, 'fm I , Y. aw .i If J Vi "'f Ax, a .N 5,1-' ' , M' img? , pxxg ' " -V 1' , 1 gi f..f-f , . 1. - . ' . L4 ' ! - ' K ' J A ' " 5 Q 2.23 1 '. -.VHX , ' y -f, ,xg fwfgf ' a ,x ,f'5vM ,su - k , . Q My ,L of M ,pf A ,X U .,-ff' ,W Q if 55 Www 'W VQLQEM fgifli X fx Niwg Q .I f J wi f L Q dxf ,af W X V7 A '. 1 'I f ' Q! ,, sffag ' 'J V V ' A 'L Ujyv jf! " 2 c 'i' 4 A' X fx .A k ' A U 2 S ,. .Q-.z A. V Y .' ,.'! W v X . , x u' ' V f k - 4 2' T , 5 ' 5 " " A 'Y ' J V All VT u I 1 - 5 -' ,v nj ,v eff Q A w. , A V ,Q 1: . L . , Y A '. - Y -' ff' x 2 ' I 5, ,A 7 . .f 1 , . I , , I , ' 1 ,. J ,kk M 1 it , C - ,R I 1 Q 1 1 ' N Tj A Q ' 2 ' JJ Guy x ,pf F KI Y f U KV I , X J ox' N ' l a Q 3 1 V ' 5 A ' M5 :- Ev h a - 5 l Ni 96, KKK N I , ' Q RJ 'Q' gf P :Ii I , '- .' V x, 5 if t x 3 QQ if V V Q fra nf ' 'W - J 2' I ' Q X , J if 'VW. i x 113 ? Z J 4 xg,-ff' X f 5 f 1 J J . 5 W 1 Q2 Vg fi 2, " f f J! A W i I I ,NY H H g.. 1 X VK 1: 1 ' i 1 J Ab I V , A ,J l I , N1 xx Q , XS i ff 'T' ix ' K t ' X LE.. . I K X 6 J N N. x my 119 V , A , LL K' - 'ig . 65w?fl.'v S xg ew zy V V W V -54:1 , 4 1-5 VV V, ' V ' 4' V ' JSw:v'ff,'T s VVV-if , ' A V :V ' Afigi , ,V ,.!. ., I V " 1'f:.w, Vg .A d , f ' ' ' V -1113 , .V L K 4 1 . X ggwigl -V1 V N' ' 0 V' R' a ' . A Q51 ig , f X , " , -V ' f -' ' IA '- ?V2QEf iif1 - V v F Qi X ' ' ' ' -1 L Q , ' 'Q 'sf - 'sf IV- . f Juli, V .-V1 r - I -ft v'k A. , V ,aff QW43 Y ' V ' .N -Yin 1 V V 0' I-If A , . , y .V -9 x 1 , , fx I . A 1 ' A ' FJ f' ' ' A ' 'V ' . 'V ' Q E ' M if f 'tfif i ', - 1 j V ' t tf QQ :V Va, -if' A' V ' . . V-' . 5 , X' , jg 'www -. A, . , f. 'iv if ' ,"- V ' ' ' V ' ' ,' ' . ,ey , ,K I xx gf ' wx Nf 'Ev .f.,.. V , .A Mr V' . i, 1 -V5 3, .eggs-' .. " 'ARS a A . H fe 1: - VV ', ,AfYJiQ'5i ff, V , , , , V:l,,,-,fy".:,3 iff' Q , 'VFQQ J' . , ' , ., 'fVf71,.'L5:j'jlVV.- "A ' V V 'ff YS - ,kg , ' . V 1 . , - V V V W . f Vi. 'V V , A " kid "' .5 AV ' - . . ' .1 15 ff A . 5 I . -Q . x , v. , . e :V 1, 'ul-w XV " . A f ,fra V ,..fw,, K '21 'w l Q1 . ' aj .w w Q 3 Qffi'?'l, f , A4 45 .45 ,, - '.f1,.,.'w.,'.V.., V fl '. . ' ' , w ep V y M y 1 V V ' J V V 'V '1 ' . -V .V ,:13,A .1 'rip 12121256 '- x , 1.4 -K ' V' Vg ,v -V w A .V , ' . 1 m V. Af- V , -R 4, V ...-,-mf .- . V- V, -. VV H 512- V1'Af.VN 15? pfi-1 Lf V' few! ?Vu,,J??ilf2Q2H. , , VT ' f XM ' 1 Shri" Q Ji . 4 my -. 1 Y fy p ,, "Ig ' 'A V 4' AH2k,7"V Vff .,"22f4: K. f'2fiff1" 4 ' W 5 , " , ,ii W Q V i- 9, A Z 'ffi ff' 13 1' ' VV H ,- W , V Wxf wwf M115 Ml f jim awe Mi QWQMQM 6646 an ' A N' I I UQMWWM , jg WEN A'd7TwcwL,Qffff.277J2-+V 1 X - Q ' ,, W ifE'jX9yg XENJ ix .QU M WW L 1 Q X ilk Ng 'V X -,gdolfp M3 R is WW'cfN ESX WWW ikxifx njdiss "'V'T-i1+ff1j"'U."f, fn? .lf f3'P'k.'f7':jtw4 I J1,f9,ff D L 5 I A D E ,L S' W MM ESF yf - 4 RESENTED BY STUDE A ' AIT!-IMORE UNION HIGH SC GUM X 3, L, st? 5 X S555 ix X. V EDITORS: ELLEN woom, CAROL BEQUETTE BUSINESS MANAGER: DELL JUAN HUGHES L 'N ,-1 L A ADVQER: MRSEJAY pix X ,gi 1 C fl '.I 17 9 if xx , XX J if 41 P1 JL, Page GJ LCDWQEWCDVQD SU What does this yearbook mean to you? To us the staff, the '53 Pleiades means hours of research and Clays of hard work. It stands for accomplishments each staff member has made which unite to form the one big accomplishment -- this annual. It stands for dreams fulfilled, hopes and wishes answered, and most of all, our gift to you, the Student Body. Wlzat though, does the '53 Pleiades mean to you? Does it mean a record of the events of the year or does it signify merely the completion of that year? Does it bring back memories of school rooms, teachers, parties, ball games and dances? Through our Pleiades. do you recall names, faces, and qualities of classmates and friends? Possibly you take delight in the pictures and sketches in the book. Then again the annual may be another souvenir of high school days to add to your collection, to cherish and enjoy in later life. If you are a senior, this yearbook may represent an accumulation of all the memories, good and bad times, to add to your storehouses of high school memories and write a finis to that chapter of your life. The staff feels that if one of these meanings applies to you, their year of work has not been wasted. If you appreciate and enjoy this annual in any way whatsoever, their purpose has been accomplished. Then the staff can truly say that this year has meant to them a suc- cess, climaxing a successful year-one of achievement, progress, and significance. 'Dn 11-Q '7 N lr 1 if W ff MTW ,W ,W ff, 6 4 ADWNISTIQAWQN P 3 WP lDl-l-PLY Age 15, high school student. Mr. D. R. Lightner, Principal of Strathmore Union High School Graduating from University of Southern Cali- fornia after receiving his B. A. degree. Serving as a soldier during Worl ADDNQECIATE The time has come for us to bid, adieu to a great man in possibly his greatest capacity-that of a public high school principal. It isn't a very glorious job, but he has made it full of glory. It isn't a job which carries much honor but he has heaped honor upon honor not only upon himself but upon his school and community. Most people wouldn't think of a principal as being an artist. yet that is how we of the student body see him. An artist, moulding the character, the intellect, the personality, the very lives of students with whom he has come in contact during his thirty years as head of our school. Thirty years of students-some good, some bad-some quick to learn-some slow-witted-some destined to be successes, others, apparent failures. In those thirty years, he has built a school which can hold its own with any high school in the state of California. He has seen his dreams realized in the form of the modern school plant just completed. The life of the com- munity has been greatly improved by his activity and interest. Through the years, into his classrooms have come children of his former students. These new students soon realized that this re- markable man improves with time. They recognize the fact that here is an artist of people and ideas, a builder of good citizens for two generations. However, there must come a time when we should lose the services of our beloved principal. That time has come when he feels that he has served Strathmore in an exclusive capacity long enough. Next year, he will begin a new service of youth which will encompass in one year nearly as many people as he has taught here at Strathmore in thirty years. Yet, we who have known and revered our principal shall always think of him as having a permanent place in this school. Go on, Mr. Lightner, to this position which will bring you so much satisfaction and reward. But take with you always the gratitude and respect of two generations of Strathmore students. So, to you, Mr. Lightner, we dedicate this 1953 edition of the Pleiades with our sincerest hope that the years to come may he as fruitful as those that have been. "Grandpappy Llghtner with his grand pal as a football coach In early Mr. Lightner is a flower fancier irom way children, Margaret and Danny McFadzean at Strathmore back. and Dennis Stukenbroeker BCDAQD JTIQUS N Q18 "Jack" Short "Pete" Pfrimmer Ralph Royster Oliver Rogers Donald Baird Board President Clerk Many words have been Written and many eulogies spoken in praise of the five men com- posing our Board of Trustees. It has been said that they are men of integrity and character, that they are able and experienced and that they have the best interests of the school always in mind. Yearbooks have bespoken the fact that these men are real citizens, the kind this and every community can use more of. Yet it occurred to this editor that rarely, if ever, has mention been made of the fact that if it were not for a dream of these men, the Class of '53' would not be graduating from this modern lovely plant of ours. These buildings would be no more than plans on paper or ideals in the minds of the poor teachers struggling to hold classes in the attractive but antiquated old building. This quintet of men fostered, nourished, and built that dream of theirs from steel and concrete into a magnificent plant of modern and convenient class rooms and Work rooms. , Here in brief, are listed the main qualities and accomplishments of five men, who qualify as true Spartans, The class of '53' is grateful to them. Page 6 l CDUIQ DIQINCIWXL l r eeee our School administration might be divided into two parts: the daily routine with no two days the same. and the annual events. The daily affairs come and go more or less automatically. The annual events require time, preparation and anxiety. Most of them require serious consideration. Of these an- nual events I have experienced- 30 first days of schoolg 30 football, basketball and other athletic sea' sonsg 30 Junior and Senior playsg 30 Junior and Senior Banquetsg 30 occasions to complete a full faculty: 30 Pleiades to worry with and signg 30 Board elections to observe vigilantlyg 30 periods to ponder "Will this be it or will I get another year?"g 30 budgets to prepareg 30 summers to rejuvenate, repair, and prepare for another year. During the past 30 years of daily affairs and annual events, I could not have wished for more loyalty and cooperation from students, teachers, trustees and people of the community. I hope this true Spartan spirit will always prevail and that nothing will ever deter the development and in- fluence of the Strathmore High School. May I say :'That's 30 for now" and sign off. 'Do nn '7 BERNICE AUBERY E E. R. BERRYHILL BOTTOMS Physical Education Adv. Junior Class Club G. A. A. Adv. Y-Teens D. J. CONLEY Vice-Principal Science Mathematics Adv. Senior Class Spartan Knights TRIS HUBBARD Hi-Y Social Studies Football Social Studies Studies Athletics Baseball MINERVA GAY RUBY GRAVES English Home Econ s Adv. Pleiades Service Club FACL These fourteen men and Women have given from one semester to years of service to Strathmore Union High ' School. Some are institutions here. Without them, our school would not be the same. Others are very recent comers, Page 8 PHIL LINDGREN J. V. MILLER shop Shop Basketball General Math. Football CA ROL NYSTROM Office Secretary BLANCHE PREMO HAROLD SMITH Spanish Commercial English Adv. Sophomore Class Adv. Freshman Class Spartan News Spanish Club C. S. F. QTY with new ideas and different ways of doing things. To- A gether they comprise a good balance. They guide and direct the students through their activities as well as their school work, shaping citizens of the future. Dunn Q CHARLES SOLOMON Agriculture Adv. F. F. A. JOHN STATON Music Tennis Adv. Student Council Merit Board CLASSLS f MR 75453 9 'RN K' u w J .1 f 3 ' I 4, J 'iff Jv I ' , 9 - ff M V ff' ld X U QF T: , X' Q,- - , 3 J f J 5, f f i 1 .254 ff, P' ,.... 11 5512 A yg. 1. 'IM '35 Q si Wm! f--wr ,s . ,N -'aw i u ""'i-.a-....,...,.,,,, Nwf -use-uns-I ii .i' X 2 R 12 K 'Q X 9 .Q 3 3 ..-il" 5' 13 F, 1, .,f,,.,,. W if f --4 15.525, 1 fu, Mp: fgfgwx .f v if 1 : 'M 12- f A fp if x E? w Pa, a. li 'E QMf Q SL , Fisk . W - . 'W 2 1 54' fn 1 ki? 3, ' Q 5 if 1 : ,..35f A, , A MEX 3 4 0 : f Sf. Q"T?fffiQ , . W 1-1572: ,ff'g.s52ff49g:'Qf?'Q'f'i5f .ff 3 3 " ' ' sm'-evxilziwisi fwkiiegggwi iii. ' n mmf' mv- we 115f!f'if -iff? Ziff? V . .,,,,, QM , Q .,,., .M .,, Q',i,1,AfQLJQ3lp 6 -S, f -WM! . if if ,,.1 he 1 J Q 'muh "1-..,, SQ J :I K CLASS The noisy. energetic sophomores added another adjective to their descriptive phrases this year-enten prising. The class of "55" proved themselves able to uphold school tradition and spirit. Of course, this was their year for choosing and purchasing their class rings. The rings were ordered through Codays jewelers in Lindsay and the class was well pleased with the design and style of this year s rings. L. to R first row-Barbara Cargile, Vernon Welter, Tommy Morrison, Caroline Nelson. Second row - Gwen Caudle- Kay Cravan. Wilbur HHHSEH, Larry Jones, NIOHYH Sue Miller. Third row: Mary Kissick, Alene Merryman, Dale Lansford, Gary lVlcGowen, Peter Kobseff. L to R. first row-Arthur Sloan, Richard Thompson, Haskel Norton, Dan Wood, Mr. Smith, adv. Second row- Noreen Speck, Rosalie Speck, Creighton Willbanks, Joe Ruiz. Third row-Nancy Peterson, Donald Rondon, Jere Schultz, Bobby Florez. 'Doon 14 CDE 65 uring the year, the class sponsored a delightful assembly portraying the school days of the faculty. tthe close of the year, several of our class were honored by being asked to serve as waiters and aitresses at the Iunior-Senior Banquet. L to R, first row-Barbara Branch, Jack Haney, Patsy Conksey, Peggy Douglas, Carolyn Fleming, Charles Gill. Second row-Bud Goings, Janet Gonzales. Edna Hughes, Margaret Hamilton, Bobby Harrison. Third row-Donna Gill, Garland Arkinson, Iva Hunt, Ruby Hirabayashi. L to R, first row-Shirley Kellogg, Patsy Thomason, Joyce Yarbrough, Lola Longley, Bill White, Dick Keith. Second row-Marilyn Peterson, Alvin Long, Lenore Lowe. Patsy Keith, Hope Lane, Louis Reisig. Third row: Nicky Rodriguez, Diane Pike, Mary Royer, Joe Takemoto, Virginia Keck. Page 15 Lee Akins Janice Armstrong UDY1 Berryhill Mary Blackwood John Braughton Weston Butts Bill Coleman JERRY NANAMURA President Seniors at last! Eleven years of school behind us, and here we are, about to embark on the most celebrated year of our high school career. We're very confident that next year we will choose class officers as wisely as we did this past year when we elected the following: president, Ierry Nanamurag vice- president, Morrie Efseaffg secretary, Shirley Williams, treasurer, Lloyd Thet- ford: yell leader, Nelda Dunn - and they were good! Our Iunior year has been about the busiest weve had yet, what with the lun- ior play, which, by the way, was quite a success, the dance, which we spon- sored, and then later the lunior-Senior banquet and prom, There are a lot of words we could use to tell you about our prom and banquet, words such as wonderful, stupendous, beautiful, successful, and so forth. But maybe you'll get the idea if we just tell you, we all had the time of our lives. In the field of sports our boys made a good showing, as always. Sports is one of the highlights of the school: so naturally we are proud of having so many participants from our class every year. Since basketball seems to have been our best game, let us mention the names of the players from our class on the A team. They were Gary Sortors, Way- mon Roberson, and Val Zuniga. On the B team were Lloyd Thetford, Gary Garlin, loe Wayne Rowell, VViley Crocker, Donald Berryhill, Iimmy Noris, and Ioaquin Rodriguez. C class, Ierry Nanamura. The B class went to Cen- tral to play for Valley Championship, and we were right with 'em all the way. We're proud of the girls in our class, too. Six were initiated into Service Club this year. They were Linda Parman, Mary Blackwood, Tronye Alexander, Shirley Williams, Nlaurine Foster, and Betty Tickel. Most of the girls were in G. A. A., and some were in Y-Teens. Barbara Farless was merit board secretary. We would like to thank our able advisor, Mr. Bzrryhill, for helping make our unior year all that it has been. Are we going to have as much fun next year? More!! You can bet on itll' l Wiley Crocker liorothy Dodson Bonifield George Dunk Nelda Dunn Robie Eastiack Dnn-n 12 JUNICDVQS lf il an-hw. -an yl Fisher Nlaurine Foster Gary Garlin Clyde Gartung Oscar Gower Dick Habe,-mm, Bengmce Huizqr ' ff -ali """yP Q., .-eq, D Humphrey Lewis Kimbrough Lester Lemons Cloteen McGowan Roy Murdock Bobby Nein James Norris 1 alla. -lu' Q 'H'-nr fm! a Parman Robert Phillips Nancy Riggs Waymon Roberson Joaquin Rodriguez Ellen Rogers Carolyn Rowell fe 5 Qi-.sf lyne Rowell Leo Royster Enedina Ruiz Charles Smay Gary Sortors Shirley Speaks LSFOY Spuhler ' Ill J l ff I' K' ' U F' I KL' 5t:'p!1'Xrs Gloria Taylor Huey Thomas Belly Tickel Shirley Williams Lyman Wilson Valentine Zuniga Tronye Alexander Jean Busby Dolores Hubbard Lloyd Thetford Melba Carol Barrett Joyce Sue Barren Ei za fz A if Carol Ann Bequette Roy Lee Britt Gene Louis Burgdorf Joe Allen Cadell Patricia Donne Conley Arnold Wayne Crawford L5 Z5 3 cf ,, ? Patsy Carolyn Coley Larry Dorman Collier Silt CHAPTER I Now the history of the Class of Three-and-Fifty, of High School of the City of Strathmore, County of Tul State of California, is in this Wise: In the beginning, in the nine and fortieth year of our L in the ninth month, there entered into this Land of Lez ing, four-and-eighty seekers of knowledge. Some came from the Eighth Grade, where they had for many moi been busily engaged in storing their minds with the hc of wisdom, some were green and fresh from a far cour and some were from halls of other learning. And it came to pass, as they did enter the Land, that 1 were received with wild welcomings and rejoicings Blanche, of the surname of Premo, one of those who it decreed should henceforth lead them up the slippery ways of knowledge. Page 18 na Jean Cromeenes Georgina Dei Greco Louis De Paoli, Jr. Marcella Faye Dye rry Paul Fairley Lois Marie Fitzpatrick DQS 2 it came to pass that they were received with ls glee by a certain band of wild beings who were Sophomoresm and Who, because of their fierce taste hman blood, did pounce upon them daily and night- did cause them to suffer great things, and to say hearts: , blessed be the name of Education, for because of we endured great torments. Verily, have we been to its great and noble cause!" they dwelt long in the land, they fell in with the of the inhabitants thereof, and their strangeness ay, and they became as one among the rest. h..,.,,. Roy Raymond Foster Janice Ruth Gange Donald Gene Goings Maurine Alice Haney Mary Sumiye Hirabayashi Rvbert W6lCh HudSOr1 Dell Juan Hughes Alejo Nick Huizar K, 5 Nia lt, its M' Vernie Malcom Hunt Marjorie June Hurt Phyllis Eraline Knutson Edward Gene Lamb Donna Joanne Lowe Doris Ann Marks CHAPTER II And the whole number at the beginning of the second 1 was five-and-sixty. Now it came to pass at the beginning of the second 1 that a new band of youths did come up from the adjoii territory, and the Class of Three-and-Fifty, in the dignity of their promotion, remembered the days of t own greenness, and as the Sophomores of their day done unto them, even so did they do unto these new Fri men, and did show no mercy unto their sufferings, and heed unto their lamentations, until all were bruised and of much sorrow. Now it so happened that this land to which they had c was ruled over by one known as Harold Smith, a profe of much wisdomg and at the beginning of the second 5 he spake unto them saying: lrbara Gayle Nelson Cody Allen Noel Bette Ann Oswald Delphia Faye Pierce if arland Kent Pike Jessie Dalores Reyes ather ye in a body, and organize yourselves into a hat ye may gain in strength, and that your courage ax hot!" he spake unto them, so it was done, and they chose fisest, one known as Jim Gaines, to be their leader, lled themselves, with much pride, the Class of Three- fty. came to pass, as their pride grew to a great bigness them, that the Class began to wish for symbols be- their stationg and many messages were sent to the es and all the towns round-about for samples of their avelryg and at last, after much considering and recon- g, the Class professed itself to be satisfied with its and rings were purchased with which they rested intent. Dan-A Q1 Ona Lee Power Georgia Joyce Rogers Johnny Edward Sola Harold Henry Spuhler Harold Adolph Stein Bonnie Misako Takemoto X i Leetta Jane Thomas Judith Marie Tocchin John Richard Wilcox Jeri Marie Wi110ws CHAPTER III And it came to pass that the Class of Three-and-Fifty found favor in the eyes of a certain ruler, called Richard Berryhill, and success looked fair before them, and they were much glad. But a great cry went up from the throats of the greedy Class: "Lol if it doth happen that some are to graduate after many days, it appeareth that there is much need of many dollars wherewith to provide the song and dance thereof !" And so, thinking these things, the Class did aspire to dra- matic honors, and did present to the people a great and wonderful play, wherein each would act what he was not. And lo! the multitude did cry out, "How grand and won- derful this thing which ye have done!" and the heads of the Class did become swelled to the fullest capacity at the praise they did receive. And it came to pass, in the same year, that the Class did sit themselves down that an artist of much skill should make them pictures of great beauty, but when they were done, and their eyes fell upon that which was said to be like unto their faces, disgust was upon the face of the whole class and they were much angry, for behold, it was like nothing on the earth, nor on the face of the angry deep. And it came to pass, after some months, that their eyes were turned toward graduation, but many began to make excuse. The first said, "I must needs serve Samuel, my uncle. There- Mary Ellen Woody James Eddie Zinn fore I cannot graduate. Another said, "I must needs toil at home, and therefc cannot graduate. A third said, "T am dull and cannot learn. I pray thee me excused. And still another said, 'AI am going to be married, and ti fore I need not graduate." So thus did this class decrease in numbers until the x number at the end of the third year was two and fifty. CHAPTER IV Now this, the fourth year in the history of this great wonderful Class has been one of much hard labor, an: little resting by the waysideg for preparations have been making for them to take their final departure the land. Now it so happened that a man of much learning and repute, David Conley, from an adjoining territory, did to dwell in the Land that the travels of the Class 1 continue. And it came to pass that a great shout did go up fron throats of the Class, and the words thereof did find with the members of the Class, and were adopted class yell. And behold, they did proclaim this yell thn out all the streets of the city, till it did re-echo fror highways and hedges roundabout. And lo, the peopl stop up their ears, and did flee in terror from the of Three-and-Fifty! tContinued on Page 663 Dn nn 00 it Q Lee Britt' IN 1936 is Fitzpatrick e 3, e Q I Months Harold Stein 1 Year 'A Louis and Welch Hudson l ' z Eddie Zinn Carol and Sue Barrett A I ll- ,....A.1- Gene Burgdorf DQIPMU e, o,e, wi Hi! CLASS WILL I, Dorman Collier, will my good friend, Donald Berryhill, to Phylli V I Collins. . 4 I, Bette Oswald, will my length to Louis Reisig. I, Leetta Thomas, will my quiet attitude in study hall to Carolyn Rowell I, Lois Fitzpatrick, will my giggles to Iames Tanzola. f I, Ioe Cadell, will my western shirts to Charles Gill. , We, Carol and Sue Barrett. will the love light in our eyes to all whn ' may be interested. ' I, Cody Noel, will my cowboy boots to Tronye Alexander-here's hop A Xi 35' ing you get the full benefit of them. 4 --5. ' , ,,d, I, Donna Lowe, will my glasses to Roberta Hughes. - 4435- ' 1 I I, Welch Hudson, will my ability to get along with Mr. Bottoms to Doi Smith, who can't always persuade Mr. Bottoms to his way of thinking I, Maurine Haney, will my meekness to Gary Humphrey. I, Dell Iuan Hughes, will my "cold showers" in P.E. to Linda Parman--may she love every minutf of it. I, Ellen Woody, will my talent on the piano key-board to Lester Lemon. I, Iohnny Sola, will my perfect grammar while conducting assemblies to Waymon Roberson. I, Louis De Paoli, will my position with the merit board to Beatrice Huizar. I, Ruth Gange, will my baby face to Sam Stephens. I, Nick Huizar, will my best grades to any smart person who wants them. I, Lenna Cromeenes, will my long hair to Mr. Lightner. I, Ierry Fairley, will my hot rod magazines to Charles Smay, hoping he will enjoy them as much as l I, Garland Pike, will my way with the teachers to Daryl Fisher. I Roy Lee Britt, will my wide stride to Bruce Crawford. 1, Donald Goings, will my good-looking car to Val Zuniga. I, Iohn Wilcox, will my seat in geometry to Ioe Takemoto-Good Luck, Ioe! I, Carol Bequette, will my gift of gab to Barbara Farless, hoping that she or someone will equal it ii 1954. I Ieri Willows, will my parking place at the Lindsay Drive-in to Oscar Gower.--you probably knov D which one it is, Oscar. I, Patsy Coley, will MOOSE MARTIN to Nancy Riggs. I, Ona Lee Power, will my mumbling to Donald Berryhill, which may not be too easy for him. I, Eddie Zinn, will my cue stick to Dolores Hubbard. I, Iudy Tocchini, will my remaining 25 merits to Pat Bequette, who may lack a few. I, Patty Conley, will my soft voice to Max Hurt. I, Iune Hurt, will my antelope running ability to Louis Kimbrough. I, Arnold Crawford, will my bashfulness to Bud Goings, I, Georgia Rogers, will my ability in the Commercial Room to Nancy Ruth Peterson. I, Harold Stein, will my gracefulness to Edna lean Hughes. I, Bonnie Takemoto, will my art ability to Peter Kobseff. I, Phyllis Knutson, will my blushing ability to Gary Garlin. I, V. M. Hunt, will my nice manners to Lola Mae Longley, who may need them. I, Edward Lamb, will my position in F. F. A. to Marvin Aubery. I, Harold Spuhler, will my bold remarks to Milford Iackson. I, Iessie Reyes, will my position as class yell-leader to some peppy Iunior. I, Delphia Pierce, will my studious attitude to Bobby Alcorn. I, Barbara Nelson, will my position as Spartan News editor to some junior who can handle it. I, Doris Marks, will my outside-of-school life in Porterville to Peggy Douglas. I, Mary Hirabayashi, will my tennis racket to Monta Sue Miller. I, Marcella Dye, will my poodle cut to Frances Wilson. I, Georgina Del Greco, will my locker in P.E. to Noel Huxtable. I, Raymond Foster, will my evenings at the show with Miss Aubery to Wiley Crocker. Page 24 ANNUAL REPORT f ear: 1973 3lace: Various Parts of the world o 'St 1 Subject: The occupations, dispositions, and accomplishments in 1973 of 'Z 7 the members ofvthe class of 1953, Strathmore Union High fi ,Q School r L T Q The Korean War is still going on. Dorman Collier and Arnold Crawford F lj -Q x eceived the Congressional Medal of Honor for bravery displayed when if 1, V Q, hey drove 52 miles into enemy lines and killed or wounded 137 Com- ,f mfg! 'D V, nunists, When the pair were decorated, Mr. Collier made the following 1- " lomment: "Heck, 't wa'n't nothinf I was having a drag race with an- qi if' J vther tank, and didn't notice I had run off and left it. And Arnold just gg-, '7' JY f ouldn't keep his hands away from those guns." When Mrs. Collier, the D Jrmer Patsy Coley, was informed of her husband's bravery, she fainted, , ' U - Carol Bequette, who in pri ate life is Mrs. Crawford, received the Pulitzer Prize for her coverage of the war. 'he President, Louis De Paoli, was inaugurated in a colorful ceremony. At the first cabinet meeting, e and his Secretary of State, Garland Pike, disagreed on how much authority the Secretary of State hould have. In the ensuing argument, Mr. Pike was relieved of his duties. The new Secretary, johnny ola, and the President are in disagreement over Mr. Sola's policy on Korean War prisoners. The Pres- lent does not agree that we should "lock 'em all up in a big room." The Secretary of Agriculture is fody Noel. It is rumored that Mrs. Noel, the former Barbara Nelson, is really the brains behind the idical policy changes in the Department. The Postmaster-General, Donald Goings, has announced a ampaign which should make the Post Office break even for the first time in years. . feature of the SUHS P.T.A. during the past year was their lecture series. Co-sponsors of the proj- :t were the president of the P,T.A., Ona Lee Power, and Roy Britt, principal. The series included such otables as Dr. Eddie Zinn, who spoke on "How to Curb juvenile Delinquency," and Delphia Pierce, :lviser to the Merit Board, who spoke on "Why the Merit S ystem Hasn't Been Revised in Fifty 'ears." Refreshments were served after the lectures by Harold Spuhler, athletic director, and Edward amb, head of the Music Department. 'he famous socialite, Doris Marks, gave the party of the year in Porterville, which has become the so- al center of the nation. Among those present were Bette Oswald, the Hollywood gossip columnist 1d Phyllis Knutson, with her sixth husband, Harold Stein. Providing entertainment was Ieri Willows, ho won an Oscar for her performance in the musical, "Outside the Lindsay Drive-In." She was asa sted by Marcella fChi-Chil Dye, Leetta fFifij Thomas, Georgina fBubblesl Del Greco, and Iessie Honeyl Reyes, with Lois Fitzpatrick at the piano. arol Barrett Iepson and Sue Barrett Day live in a duplex in San Diego. Carol's daughter and Sue'5 .fin daughters are planning a triple wedding for Iune, 1974. he Bikini Burlesque Ballroom was raided by Dell juan Hughes. The manager, V. M, Hunt, and the ar of the show. Maurine Haney, were jailed. judge Pattv Conley set bail at 310,000 each. Miss Han- "s lawyer, Ioe Cadell, was fined for contempt of court when, after talking five hours, he would not t down at the ,request of the judge. he 500-mile Indianapolis Speedway was won this year by Rushing-Ruth Gange. The trophy was pre- nted in the usual manner bv jerry Fairley. The team of Welch Hudson and john Wilcox thfeatgned fiss Gange's lead for a time, but Hudson and Wilcox spun out on the 148th lap. Among the notab-les ho witnessed the race were Iudy Tocchini, National President of the American Bird-Watchers' So- rty, and Mary Hirabayashi and Bonnie Takemoto, curators of the renowned Strathmore Museum of ,odern Art. len Woody and Donna Lowe are still doing astounding things. This year they led the first expedition scale Mt. Everest. The United States Ambassador to Tibet, Raymond Foster, secured permission for e expedition through some brilliant diplomatic maneuvering. Porters on the expedition were Nick Hui- r and Gene Burgdorf: Georgia Rogers, who acted as secretary on the trip, compiled enough data to l a book. Halfway up the mountain, the group ran into june Hurt and Lenna Cromeenes, who said ey just wanted to get away from it all. id so the members of the class of 1953 disposed themselves in 1973. Page 25 SE XI ICQ F FAVORITE FAVORITE WORST FUTURE CAUSE OF - NAME NICKNAME SAYING PASTIME FAULT OCCUPATION I DEATH Carol" Sewing Her Barret "Tolly" Beans! Fine Seams Dreaming Housewife Grandchildren Sue Filing Carol's Barret "Susabelle' "You idiotl' her nails Ton excitable Housewife Grandchildren Carol Whale of a Bequette "Becky" "Landsl' Swearing off Griping business woman Spouting off Roy Imltatlng lnferlority Hit hls head on too Britt "Stretch" 'Babeel" Jerry Lewis complex Jocky many chandeliers Gen, "What's it Trading Ambassador to Burgdorf "Bird' to you'!' Cars Whispering Lower Slobavia , June Joe His F. F. A. Too loud Song and Too many Cadell "Baby Face" Nothing Project in class Dance man words pany Ditching Bearded Coley "Pee' Coley "Nasty" Berta P. E. Lady Moose Do,-man "Prune Studies Second Smoking llier "Lover Boy" Juice!" Pestering too much Mr. Mlller cigars Co pany "Oh, Day dreamlng Poor I y F d I" I I d Dt h d' Cong, "Pat" u ge n cass gra es lc ugger Drowned Amold "Vou've "His girls Model for Missed a free Crawford "Arno" had lt!" friends Bashful 4771 liquor ads shot Lenna "Oh, Havlng slumber Lady Reducing Q-omeeneg "Len" foot!" partles Nervous chemist preparations Georgina ' "Thunder Plaguing the Teasing Bubblegum Tristadact- Del Greco Hgeoy-gig" mud" teachers the boys wrapper aphobia Lou., I Chewing his Circus . De Paoli "Loule' "Duh-h-h' fingers Too bold Barker Over exertion Marcella Looking over Old Lady's Dye "Marcia" "Oh, Gosh! Dyeing her glasses companion Dyieling Jerry Soaring Bachelor Prof. of pa,-ey Has n "Holy Cowl" His hotrod Freshmen animal husbandry Old age Lois "Is that Her brother's Batting her Lady Parachute Landed on Empire Fitzpatrick "Lulu" so?" Cadlllac eyelashes tester State Building Ra!! . poster "Tex" a shame!" Problems Pennles Mexico C. of C. from Texas Ruth . Looking for a Indian Game "Gang1e ' "Oh, CarI" black chevy Sa casm God-Mother scalped Donald "I don't l . Fla! Dole Gogngs "Mousie" know!" His horse Too mousle sitter G01 all Av, Maureen N Doesn't Sargeant in Burst a Haney ' Moron" "Oh. dear" Studylng have any Lady Marines vocal chord Mary I H , Tormentlng Wiggles Breeder. of ned . Hirabayashi , "Hiram ' Now! Now! Mrs. Graves too much white lice cqnve,-pple vvelcn 4' Q . P'ay"'9 . , GO' Hudson "Casanova" "0-o-oh!" Practicing poker Tritagonlst slapped ben Juan "Is anybody ooino Lmdny - - sucking Hughe, "Dell Wonnle' to Lindsay today?" Drive-In Klddln9 Cowboy Bronco Page 26 STATISTICS u 0 3 :L ns E' Q oo N 2 - W ,Q 1-,o .n 'U m o ua 9' Q :U as 'U - nv b. - Q "' g ov C W 7 3 .5 0' w E OE .E 5 +I 0 , L .cg g lv 9 Q o m ,, n. : ua N N -- ,.. o u 5, .2 " cg .2 0 E -E E -u 5 3 3 'H Q .E 5 U If 3 fu Q :I .U 'u m 0 o - m es m 3 u O0 o -E3 2 0 .Q 5 0 5 UL .E 5 2 Wm 0 - 8: as 0' 0 L 'V - ., X ,.. A U -un -go Q .: - ig - ,g Q ,.. n g as , Q 11, L U, ml- 3 eu -g 0 L fu 5, 1. n.. .. - u TI, 1- 1. S., n 5. u u --,, x mn, ug -- LN ,,. o up o NL 5 ... .: on of-' o ru- v 0 Ng ,E I U I In Ill Zg, I: I -: 01 I' I-LJ: m Eu IL -I O lg ll-E U I3 I I 01: . eu 'u L -o o ,B : o 'E .E 2 2 0 In Q 2 U L 3 213 L E is 5 'V h-Tia 0 U. I- :ol U 0 mm .U N lv.: ns E o.: 5 g -3 2 Q-5 .- g v E U v O -Q g 1 -- , -5, ,gi 5 . C v vi E . ru 0 Q Lf fu 6 gr 5, 'E -.3 58 5 - 1 3 " 0 2 " C 0 UB. B SC Lu 'U' 'Dm ES i' U rl: 'ns on' 'EE '10 ' .2 2 2.3 2 g.. 33 E s: Hg gs as si is sg 5, 2 a- fra Ea s.. .0 eg EE I q.. 3 .- 01. 0,2 L IK 3 uc : u L gs ru., or 4, : Lv 09- ug no .5 mm L J - O Q. L3 0 - . O u-I 'W' 0: 3- eu" 1- Lv eu ov U0 -.. n: ' .: o.Z m :E I w p-w I'-6 mu :LE E va: mo I.: oo wE 05 um 5 w og or 2.1 mn 59 QS on E' u Q L 5. U, . . 0 -5 . 4 g .L gg 2 X 3 - cn 5 E t E .: : 3 5 C .2 ,E : E o 'U .E 51 '5 ua N o 5, .Z Us S U 0 5 21: 23 is E Z 3 fg .s E .5 m .s g 2 E .s G 5 E 5 ' I E5 .-Q 's 2 fi 1 S E 3 '61 S E 1 S- E S2 2 .2 2' og M 2 5 5 2: : , R 2 'E .ef S 3 S 3 'aug -2 .9 .2 :S so a I 4 mm IE I up D. I lL : .J O Z O I In I- U Zn I- 0 I Om I-2 I 1: 3 , 53 .: -5 ev 0 E ' 5 5' U u- 'cs 3 f 'U O 0 2 .2 us - u 0 2 '10 'E , . m -5 gf.: E' ,C .E 'Ea If 5 'U -2 u Z' ,," " .5 .2 3 5, 3 5.2 I5 55 H' 3 on L' 2 u-E S3 23 '- 5 g 3 52 ': if ' 2' 11 : E 3 S :K 28 5 .Ea N 1 - 0: -'E ,. 5 0 w - -'X -- f- - -- ,. ... :- 3 M 5 N I :I o og L O L rug 3 Us 0 .Eh 02 I fo Q 2 0 g .. Nu 0 l- 9- 0 I 5 n. o.: 0 av 33 I3 E m.: 5 I2 In 3: I-E m Q3 cs ua m ws Q i Q . o 0 : ' gi ' N J' 5 S 9' u -0 ' . 5 X " 0 - nz. 5' " 2' - or oi v 3 1: 3' , : -Ugg 2,5 -S 5 P- S 'IS E. I 2 o '5 . E -5 - : vi 30 'u cv .gr I N - an N Q 11 " ' - -. 0 :. - W E 0 ua f- N -I L : 1 0- . - 3 -- 1. I, X: L L 15 2 1 U- ig- 2 0. 3 - Eg -1? 52 - 9 Eg Z : IJ va " 3 'O O 'U : -3- --'L' 9 Bo :Z : 30 :U u 9 0-' 1 " v o " 0 o 5' g -F' .: Ao " -I -is 0 05 'o o U o 0' H QP: 9 5 W 9 ? S' sfo? v9B QFOFZQEL-s an-2 10 3?.36 I -q . I I . - - . gm O --I: . .0 . 5, .: .q : Zu :-5 - : ,Q :J 3- if : : I : 0 I : u . - A 5 . 'W U . 5 ,fs . , . fu E '. . 'u 'E x w- u E 3 L " g 1 3. 1, 5 B 0 I E - . S Q, . 0 E 3 L : Q v .- 0 : ,, 9 . 3 0 2 - N 0 - vs . ru .- ba 1. .D s 'D 3' I -' E -o .n 'L S : .n W L 'U 5' c o : - 'U 3 QU' N H : I 0 n o 0 'U 3- N -- - 5 .: -u 0 : 0 ...E ua o 'ag .: -- ru 0 o -- g u 0 .. 5 ns Z ? 1 ll- IU .I IL EC jg II 9 -I I 0 0 m I 0 E so D In ,Q w I .. - : I : : I - Q-I I - I I I I I Z I I I 3 . : : ,vp EW 5 1: 'V 'U 3 15 E Us "' an TT' L v .22 H nv - kr 3 'Ev C "'- .. 'ar ? 23 2 .es M 5 1 s 5-' 2 'Ev ,U :+- "9 20.221 .ng :.- BN 'Sv JE, 9 -u so C QE og :Q -'E ,QE ,S o :'U .2 - sf -L :xl 35 23 L5 1-- -ov ...B .- s N3 Wh o f' L: L-- :x 'Q - --: va -of - gg X m I- 0 'UU .E..,L.- -Q : 5 05 35 .cr 'qm Oo 0 mu no lbw 0. fu.- co Uv mo oo an N3 om U.: go Q 0 - 'u.- 1: PI -.1 n.xln-.1 0.1 as mz oz mo ng on on wa: cur -,vp Im Im mp- .np -,r- -,BI-,B m3,mN i in-u 1 l l il Page 27 GVQQANIZ!-XTXCDNS 3 A. , "'7g , , 05' 'QS x IX WW w 44. me .Y n f 7 Y . - 1 x X A K fy I 4 i Hgwffd STUDENT CCUNCIL la to R seated - N. Peterson, Pianist, B. Branch, Secretary, K. Craven, Sophomore President, P. Knutson, President of Pep Club C. Bequette, Co-editor of Pleiadesg E. Woody, co-editor oi Pleiadesg R. Gange, Yell-leader: B. Nelson Editor of Spar an News. L to R standing: J. Staton, adviser, S. Williams, Program Chairman, W. Roberson, Vice-president, J. Nanamura. Junior licsiden J. Sola, President: R. Murdock Stage Manager, D, Rowell, Freshman President: H. Spuhler, News Reporter H Stein Se lor President: IW. J. Hughes, Business Manager of Pleiades. ' The Student Council, the major governing unit of our school, enjoyed an active and suc- cessful year. It met on the second and fourth Tuesdays at which time the various officers made reports on their official activities. Also important school and group business was brought up for discussion and planning, Just one of the duties and privileges of Council members is to attend district and section conferences. This fall, several delegates attended the district C.A.S.C. 4California Associ- ation of Student Councilsl Conference held in our neighboring town of Lindsay. Then again in the spring, members participated in a C.A.S.C. district meeting which was at the same time, profitable and enjoyable. Another undertakng of the Council was selling popcorn at athletic contests with the help of the new automatic machine. This year the payments on the machine were completed by the Spartan Knights. A big post-game dance was sponsored by the Student Council with Carol Bequette as chairman. Several important events took place in the spring, the outstanding being the Variety Show given in honor of the basketball players. The show was a great success under the able chairmanship of Georgia Rogers and Harold Spuhler. Then toward the end of the year, Student Body elections for the coming year were held. The student council supervised, and planned the events of Homecoming Day in conjunc- tion with the Alumni association. Graduation marked the close of the activities of the Student Council for the 1952-1953 year. Johnny Sola served competently as president, aided and advised by Mr. Staton. Page 30 NEWT GUARD L to R V. Welter, Sophomore Representativeg W. Roberson, President of Merit Boardg J, Staton, Adviserg B. Farless Jun lor Representative: N. Huxtable, Freshman Representative: Delphia. Pierce, Senior Represntative, The Merit Board was Strathmore's most active governing board. Its function was pun- ishing students for tardiness, unexcused absences, and various other offenses, and re- warding high scholarship and good citizenship. This is the way' it worked: each student was given 100 merits at the beginning of each semester. Some lost merits, and many gained. The average at the end of the first semes- ter was 104. The lowest was 29. The top ten were: Delphia Pierce 169 Georgia Rogers 165 Shirley Williams 159 Mary Blackwood 156 Ellen Wr-Ody 146 Maurine Haney 146 Patty Conley 145 Tronye Alexander 143 Barbara Branch 142 Ona Lee Power 142 The Freshmen and Juniors each elected a representative to serve two years. The Sopho- mores and Seniors had the same representatives that they had last year. Representatives on the Merit Board were Noel Huxtable, Freslimeng Vernon Welter, Sophomoresg Barbara Farless, Juniors: and Delphia Pierce, Seniors. Johnny Sola, student body president, served as president of the Merit Board, and Mr. Staton was adviser. The Merit Board met every Wednesday in the Board Room. Most of the time the Board merely decided the innocence or guilt of the offender or determined the nature of the offense. The number of demerits for most offenses is set down in the school constitution. The Merit Board awarded merits to students on the recommendation of a faculty mem- ber. Merits were also earned for no absences, no tardiness, and good grades. Page 31 DLEMXDES Q3-: I i - -N 3 Qi 'Sis . 4- ' is M, - N 4, Q , - s 1 ii X f ,J . E M- .2 L to R, Carol Bequette, Co-editor: Mrs. Gay, Adviser: Ellen , 4 -f..4 E Woody, Co-editor. X I 1 El i g 'I -Y ,J The annual staff devoted one period a day to the production of the 1953 Pleiades. Tl worked in the room which they shared with the newspaper staff, under the direction Mrs. Gay. The room is a full-sized class room, with plenty of shelves and table spa 1 However, for years the staff had no place of their own. They used whatever space tl could find. When the new Home Economics building was built, the staff moved to a 4x8 storeror Here was a place of their own, but what a place! Only two people could work there a time. If another went in someone had to come out. In 1951 the staff moved to their present home. They still worked amid some clutter a confusion, as they were not accustomed to so much space. This year the room was cal the publications room, and housed both the newspaper and annual staffs. The arrang ment was ve1'y satisfactory, and the working conditions quite pleasant. An innovation in the 1953 Pleiades is the summer supplement. In previous years all ba ball, track, and tennis scores could not be' put into the annual because the book had be at the printer's before the seasons were ever. This year these three sports, along W Linda Parman, Assistant graduation and other spring pictures, will be in an eight page supplement. Those v Business Manager bought annuals will receive the supplement sometime during the summer. Recognition should be given to Doris Marks, who did at lot of typing for the staff. L to R. Clyde Gartung, Assistant business manager: Dell Juan Hughes, Business manager: Georgia Rogers, liitefaiy edi'or: Jerry Nanaml Sports editor: Judy Tocchini, Typist: Lee Akins, Assistant editor: Peter Kobseff, Art editor. Page 32 SDZNQTAN NEWS x 1 f A wi- 4 , 1 1 I H! 'x ' s , X ry L to R, Ruth Gangs, Assistant editor, Mr. Smith, Adviser, Barbara Nelson, Editor. f zz One of the most anticipated days of the school week was Friday. This was due partly to the week-end 'un ahead and partly to the games and programs on Friday night but due a great deal to the iact that the Spartan News came out on that day. This year, as usual, the school paper made its appearance every other week, full of news, views and gossip. Much of the Work involved with "pubiishing" the Spartan News fell upon the shoulders of the Editor, Barbara Nel- son, and her assistant, Ruth Gange. It was their job to edit and compile the news articles handed in by their staff of reporters. At the beginning of the year, an intensive drive for subscriptions was launched and handled by the Business Manager, Delphia Pierce. Jerry Nanamura acted as sports editor for the year. The other re- porters covered various phases of school and community life. Doing the indispensable typing for the paper Was Georgia Rogers, who typed the stencils. Always in the background. providing advice and direction was Mr. Smith, adviser for the Spartan News. In the spring, the Juniors took over the paper for a week and published a Junior Edition. To end the year with a flourish, the Senior Edition was produced which contained the plans and hopes of the class. So was completed a successful year in the history of the Spartan News. se, starting lower lett: Doris Marks, Typist, Delpliia Pierce, Business manager, Tronye Alexander, Monta Sue Miller, Kay Craven, Mary lackwood. Peggy Douglas, Carol Bequete, Reportersg Jerry Nzrnamura. Sports eflitorg Bette Oswald, Reporter. r Page 33 Gary Sortors BAND L to R, front row: Linda Parman, Gwen Caudle, Dale Lansford, Patsy Coley. Second row: Myrna Main, Val Zuniga, Tronye Alex- ander, Shirley Gibson, Leetta Thomas, Marvin Awbrey. Third row: Jo Wayne Rowell, Sue Perkins, Charles Gill,' Morrie Efseaff, Joe Ruiz, Jerry Nanamura. Back row: Mr. Staton adviser, Mardell Main, Pat Bequette, Sam Stephens, Jimmy Norris, Alvin Long, Jimmie Nelson, Tommy Morrison. - The '53 band at Strathmore Union High School had thirty members. It was under the direction of Mr. 'John Staron Making up our band were seven freshmen, seven sophomores, thirteen juniors and three seniors. Eighteen of these returned from last year out of a twenty-six piece band. The goal for which we are striving is a forty piece band. When we reach this, we will then begin a marching band. Our band played a large variety of music, some classic and some popular. Public appearances put in by the band this year were at the Junior Play, Senior Play, Graduation, Bac- calaureate, and in an assembly. Clarinets: Trombone: Tronye Alexander Shirley Gibson Joe Wayne Rowell Myrna Main Tommy Morrison Jimmy Nelson Betty Tickel Charles Gill T1'11I11DetSI Jimmy Norris Val Zuniga Sue Perkins Alvin Long Wiley Crocker Flute: Linda Parman Oboe: Gwen Caudle Violin: Wilbur Hansen Baritone: Morrie Efseaff Bass: Sam Stevens Jerry Nanamura Bill Farris Carolyn Rowell Joe Ruiz Mardell Main Page 34 Saxophone: Patsy Coley Dale Lansford Marvin Awbrey Leetta Thomas DTUIYIS I John Braughton Pat Bequette CMCNQUS L to R, frort row: Mary Blackwood, Margaret Hamilton, Diane Pike, Barbara Branch Edna Hughes Second row' Patty Conle , - - y Jeri Willows, Carol Barrett, Ona. Lee Power, Gwen Caudle, Phyllis Knuton. Third row: Sue Barrett Mary Royer, Shirley Wil liams, Lois Fitzpatrick, Rosalie Speck. Fourth row: Gary Humphrey Val Zuniga Lloyd Thetford Wiley Crocker, Tomm Mor , . , Y rison, Lester Seay, Marilyn Peterson, Pianist. Fifth row: Gary Garlin, Gene Burgdorf, Garland Pike, John Wilcox, Morrie Efseaff, Lymon Wilson, Mr. Staton - director. The Advanced Chorus, under the direction of Mr. Staton, consisted of 30 selected voices that put in many hours of practice. The principal voices in the different sections were John Wilcox, bassg Val Zuniga, tenor: Patty Conley alt-og and Jeri Willows, soprano. The accompanist was Marilyn Peterson. In October, after a month's practice the chorus traveled to Visalia to sing with other schools forming the All-County Chorus, conducted by Jester Hairston, a well-known director, arranger, and actor. This per- formance was given for teachers all over the county at the Teachers' Institute. About two months before Christmas the chorus started wgrking on Handells "Messiah.l' lt was the most difficult Derf0I'mHI1CC and lO9I'haDS the Outstanding one of the year, as far as the chorus was concerned. The guest Soloists, W110 S9-Hg 5919050115 in the "MC-2Ssiah" were Harold Smith and Betty Gorinson. This oratorio was given in the Presbyterian Church, along with Fred Warings' arrangement of "The Night Before Christmas," and a, medley of Christmas carols, at the annual "Night of Music put on by the chorus. In the spring the chorus gave its annual concert. The most successful pieces done by the chorus were, "Set Down Servant," also the beautiful 'Dark Water? Immediately following the concert, the chorus concentrated completely on the operetta, "On Top of Old Smoky" presented on May 81th. The cast enjoyed working on the operetta because it was a stor taken from Y the mountainous country of the Southern Appalachians and it consisted of mountain songs. G V . 4 . raduatxon was the final performance given by the Advanced Chorus. Other incidental programs were an assembly, singing for the grammar school, Womens Club, and Bac- calaureate. The .most popular pieces done by the chorus this year were numerous Negro spirituals, 'Onward Christian Soldiers," the "Creation," and the Well-known "Hallelujah Chorus." On the Whole the chorus had a very successful and enjoyable year. Page 35 i L to R, front row-Harold Stein, Roy Britt, Gene Burgdorf, president. Second row-Lloyd Thetford, Wavmon Roberson. Johnny Sola, Arnold Crawford, Joaquin Rodriguez, Roy Murdock. Back row: Jerry Nanamura, Welch Hudson. Inset- Mr. Conley, adviser. ,ll 3 R I l-,,,.---f-"i, ' . . ' ' 1 A ,. Every year the Spartan Knights hold a place of distinction and honor in th Q school, This year was no exception to the rule. As always, the members wel ff" Q! ready to lend a helping hand and bolster the Spartan spirit. 'V , The Knights chose Gene Burgdorf to head the club in its year of service an ' activities. Under his administration and with the guidance of Mr. Conley, th N L' - adviser, the club took part in several important projects during the year. V The Service Club and the Knights jointly purchased flags for the classroom - Each room was furnished with an American flag and the California Bear flag. V 5 Before each football game the Knights assisted the Service Club girls in readyin ' ' the concession booths for that night's game. While one group was doing thi. x .f another group of boys decorated the goal posts. J Probably one of the biggest contributions to the student body this year was th - ' lending of money from its treasury to enable the student council to complel 5 f Q payment of the popcorn machine. i Nu: 7 fy The Knights proved that their salesmanshin was almost as good as their sports manship when the members sold Strathmore Spartan stickers to replenish the X treasury. , Strathmores Spartan Knights have completed a successful and satisfying yea K ' 4 , ' i' Kr: llc Q. V Page 36 o R, front row-Ona Lee Power. Georgia Rogers-President, Maurine Haney, Shirley Williams, Phyllis Knutson, Mary Blackwood Secre , Tronye Alexander-Treasurer, Betty Tickel. Back row-Carol Eequette, Ellen Woody, Mrs. Gay-adviser, Jessie Reyes, Delphla Plerce ire-Patty Conley, Bette Ann Oswald SEVQVlCE CLUB? Service Club is the Lpperclass Girls Honorary organization Girls are lble if they have four points, which are given for scholarship, citizenship its, and athletic ability. The club is dedicated to the good of the school gives service to help make Strathmore High School a better place s year the Service Club had the largest membership in its history, with :teen members the second semester. New members were initiated for one k at the beginning of each semester. Initiates had to dress out-landishly, bow to old members and do favors for them. Service Club and Spartan Knights jointly operated a concession stand at football games. They sold hot dogs, coffee, candy, and gum. The club isored two parties for the entire school. The first was a Christmas party he Lightner Gym, and the second was in the spring. The Service Club Spartan Knights bought American and State flags for the classrooms. rice Club girls do minor tasks for teachers. For this service they receive its. The service which girls give before becoming members of Service Club :es them eligible for membership. They continue with their services during abership. -uw, 2? N 'Q' f Q, 1 6 fa President, Barbara Nelson, Ruth Gange, Dell Juan Hughes, Bonnie Takemoto, Maurine Foster, Linda Parman. Members not in the 4. 5 i J., . D N . 0 . ' v T C ESP- lqit HAROLD SMITH Advisor L to R, front row: Welch Hudson, Carol Bequette. Second row: Babara Nelson, liaurine H a n e y, Georgia. Rogers, Ona Lee Power, Ellen Woody. Ciahtorhkn CS? L to R: Patsy Keith, secretary, Donna Gill, treasurer: Pat Conley, presideirtg Delphia. Pierce, vice president. . Scholarship 5, if f 4 I X L to R, front Bemice Branch, bara Branch, l Ruth Peterson. ond row: Lola ley, Tronye Al der. ederanon CSF iS the Sf1101HI'ShilJ S0Ci9ty in StTathH10T6 High. Membership is attained by receiving a minimum of ten gram points, Three points are received for every and one for every "B" in all academic subjects. A new system, affecting all students after this year's graduating class, provides that a Student must have been member of CSF' four out of his last six semesters in High School, to become a life member. All freshmen who hai acquired the necessary points are, therefore, associate members. At the first meeting last fall, the CSF'ers elected their club leaders - president, Patty Conley, vice president, Delph Pierce, secretary, Patsy Keith, treasurer, Donna Gill. In October, the club traveled to Bakersfield for the District X Fall Conference, where they were awarded a 100 attendance certificate. First semester, CSF was an all-girl club. Barbara Branch, Patty Conley, Donna Gill, Patsy Keith, Lola Longley, Ba bara Nelson, Bette Oswald, Delphia Pierce, Georgia Rogers, and Ellen Woody-six seniors, and four sophomores-we members. Fourteen students won membership second semester - eight seniors, one junior, four sophomores and one associa member. Carol Bequette, Barbara Branch, Bernice Branch iassociate memberl, Patty Conley, Donna Gill, Mauri Haney, Welch Hudson, Lola Longley, Nancy Peterson, Delphia Pierce, Ona Lee Power, Georgia Rogers, Ellen Woo and Troyne Alexander were members. The Spring Conference was held in jlrvin. Page 38 FV Cl UR 5SDANQL to R, fI'0nf POW -- L to R, front row - Donna Gill, R u b y Hirabayashi, D o r i s Marks, Georgina Del Greco, Janet Gon- zales. Back row - Lola Longley, Gary McGowen, B u d Go- ings. -ginia Keck, Peggy Jglas, Caroline Nel- i. Back row-Shir- y Williams, Lee ins, D a vi d Flli re, Wilbur Hansen, o n y e Alexander, urine Foster. L to R-Linda Par- man-V. Pres., Betty Tickel-Treas., Shirley , Speaks - Pres., Patsy Q an-IL Keith-sec. Allgludlulllinl, ix v i if li-gg" ,vinci --X - i.ANcHE PREMO X. , . XQ lifornia's Spanish pioneers would have approved and been proud of the activities of the Strathmore High School inish Club during the past year. Under the expert guidance of their adviser, Mrs. Premo, the club prospered and omplished a great deal. is year an album was received from a school in Argentina in return for one the Spanish Club sent last year. 'I'he um was prepared by the Antonio Ortiz de Ocampo school in Jose Mariz, state of Cordoba, country of Argentina. The ums were made under the auspices of the Red Cross. unusual feature of the term was the annual assembly sponsored and presented by the club. This year the Spanish lb was given the honor of presenting the assembly in recognition of Mr. Lightner's birthday. The program was nposed of various sketches beginning with his childhood days, on through school and army and portraying his years football coach and principal here at school. Completing the program was the cutting of the big birthday cake of ich all partook. on discussion and study, the club came to the conclusion that the best way of creating interest and at the same ie, showing membership, would be to purchase club pins. Therefore, for the first time in a number of years, pins re ordered and purchased by the members. In the Spring, the members enjoyed a gay and festive party to climax activities or the year. Also, a sale of Spanish and American candy was sponsored by the club as a money making iject. us, with a full and interesting year completed, the Spanish Club calendar of events was closed. Page 39 L. to R, front row-Joe Takemoto, Lloyd Thetford. Jerry Nanamura, Joe Wayne Rowell, Don Smith, Noel Huxtable, Bruce Crawford, Lester Seay, Tommy Moreno, Ronnle White, Jimmy Norris. Second row-Robie Eastlack, Jerry Schultz, Jim- my Nelson, Richard Thompson, Dick Haberman Donnie Rowell, George Morey, E Bill Grisham, Nick Huizar. Back row- Arthur Sloan, Joe Dee Boyd, Peter Toc- chini, Jack Scarbrough, David Fillmore, Larry Jones, Gary Sortors, Joe Ruiz, Foster Nrlson, Arnold Crawford, Nicky Rodriguez. L to R, front row-Edna Jean Hughes, Lola Mae Longley, Barbara Branch, Linda Parmal Lenna Cromeenes. Mary Lynn Blackwood, Maurine Foster, Tronye Alexander, Roberta Hughe Second row-Patsy Coley, Judy Tocchini, Donna Gill, Caroline Nelson, Nancy Riggs, Delori Hubbard, Ona Lee Power, Dell Juan Hughes, Jeri Willows. Third row-Patty Conley, Barbal Nelson, Ruth Gange, Ellen Woody, Georgia Rogers, Carol Bequette, Phyllis Knutson, Delph Pierce, Donna Lowe. Despite the fact that the Hi-Y was a relatively new organization, the club enjoyed a fruitful and worthwhile yea Weekly meetings of the Strathmore High School group were held at the school on Wednesday nights with the leader Tris Hubbard and Bob Bottoms acting as advisers. At the end of the first semester, when Mr. Hubbard was called into active service for Uncle Sam, the boys presents him with a leather traveling kit. Then they welcomed Mr. Bottoms as their new adviser for the remainder of the yea During the year the boys hosted the Porterville Hi-Y for an evening of basketball and refreshments. Representing tl club at a HY" Conference in Asilomar was Gary Sortors. A basketball team from the club participated in a tournz ment at C. O. S. Officers for the year were as follows: President, Jerry Nanamurag Vice-President, Joaquin Rodriguezg Secretar Gary Sortorsg Sergeant-at-Arms, Joe Wayne Rowell. This year the Strathmore High School Y-Teen Club had Miss Aubery as adviser and Mrs. Tocchini as club mothe Officers who served the club this year were president. Ona Lee Power: vice-president, Linda Parmang secrctar Delphia Pierceg treasurer, Barbara Branch, program chairman, Barbara Nelson: and devotional chairman, Lola M: Longley. The YWCA provided money to help send four girls, Mary Lynn Blackwood, Maurine Foster, Bernice Brant and Patsy Coley, to Asilomar for the mid-winter conference. Five delegates and advisers attended the conference. whic was a highlight of the year. The YWCA purpose has been fulfilled by SUHS Y-Teen girls this year. The purpose is "to build a fellowship of womi and girls devoted to the task of realizing in our common life those ideals of personal and social living to which x seek to understand Jesus, to share in his love for all people, and to grow in the knowledge of the love of God." Page 40 L to R. front row-Ruby Hirabayashl, Margaret Hamilton, Peggy Douglas, Jane! Gonzales. Rosalie Speck, Barbara Cargile, Diane Pike. Second row-Mrs. Premo, advisery Myrna Main, Mardell Main, Patsy Keith, Marilyn Peterson, Edna Jean Hughes, Peggy Tillery. Third row - Deanna Stewart, Lou Ann Thomas, Patsy Dye, Joyce Jackson, Dorothy Hurst, Mar- jorie Foster. Maxine Barker, Roberta Hughes. Back row-Olivia Skuba, Patsy Adams, Shirley Gibson, Joaquina Mar- tinez, Bernice Branch, Phyllis Colllns, Peggy Dill. Caroline Nelson. fl. front row-Beatrice Huizar. Mary Hirabayshi, Donna Lowe, Lenna Cromeenes, Judy ni, Dell Juan Hughes, Jeri Willows. Wiley Crocker, Patsy Coley. Second row-Carol te Bonnie Takemoto, Delphia Pierce, Doris Marks, Phyllis Knutson, Ellen Woody, n Rowell, Tronye Alexander, Shirley Williams. Third row-Georgia Rogers, Barbara , Jean Busby, Nancy Riggs, Enedina Ruiz, Don Berryhill, Joe Takemoto, Dorman Betty Tickel. Back row-Ruth Gange, Georgina Del Greco, Marcella Dye, Bette Os- Mary Lynn Blackwood, Shirley Speaks, Nelda Dunn, Linda Parman, Maurine Foster, a Farless. is year has marked a new event in the school spirit of each and every Spartan. ice several students felt the lack of school spirit among themselves, they undertook the task of starting a club all students interested in giving our fellows moral support at the games. 'rd was passed around and when the day for the first meeting came, approximately 80 students jammed the study l. Ruth Gauge presided over the first meeting at which the club elected Phyllis Knutson as their president. The retary-treasurer, Delphia Pierce, was appointed by the president. Mrs. Premo consented to be the teacher-adviser the first Pep-Club. this time school spirit was riding high, The club sponsored a rooter's bus to all "away games." Judy Tochinni a elected head song leader. She selected Linda Parman, Jeri Willows, D. J. Hughes, and Lenna Cromeenes as her lstants. A constitution was drawn up and adopted by the club. ne of the projects the club undertook this year were as follows: secured rooterls caps for members of the club, ught pom-poms to all games, supported and created assembly rallies before games. ry member hopes that this club shall continue in the future, and that it shall be the gathering place for every .nny and Jeannie Spartan united for victory. PQ an A1 Tl-IL-1E'HC . ,anch .. ecreta,, . SSQCIATIGN ..... ...., A X -5 K ri if 1 5 Qi 'E is I ff C Front row, L to R-C. Rowell, B. Tickel, M. Foster, C. Barrett, P. Conley, L. Longley, N. Peterson, E. Hughes, A. Merryr D. Hughes, J. Tocchini. Second row, L to R-T. Alexander, S. Speaks, N. Dunn, D. Hubbard, L. Thomas, D. Stewart. S. Gibson, P. Adams, C. Nel B. Nelson, R. Gange, D. Pierce, P. Knutson, G. Rogers. Third row, L to R-J. Hurt, J. Jackson, P. Dye, M. Foster, L. Parman, L. Cromeenes, J. Reyes, M. Dye, O. Power, D. Ma B. Oswald, M. Main, S. Barrett. Back row, L to R-M. Main, M. Burns, P. Collins, A. Kinnard P. Dill, M. Royer, E. Rogers, P. Keith, M. Peterson Douglas, J. Gonzales, E. Ruiz. N. Riggs, J. Willows. Qi RLS' ... .-,. . . wood, Vice-presiden C o l e y, President: A u b e r y, Adviser Williams. Treasurer. This year the G. A. A. had more members than any other time in the history of Strathmore. With a little couragement from the adviser, Miss Aubery, the girls have all taken much interest in G. A. A. and in doing over half the girls in school have turned out for the meetings. The officers for the year were Patsy Coley, presidentg Mary Lynn Elackwood, vice-presidentg Shirley Willi: secretaryg and Barbara Branch, treasurer No longer is one required to have 250 points to be able to join club, as the members decided to open the club to anybody who was interested in joining. By doing this club has operated much better. During the year the sports of volleyball. basketball, and softball were played. In volleyball, the Sophom won the championship after playing off a tie with the seniors. The seniors were the leaders in basketball, second year for the class '53 to hold this honor. In October some of the girls went to a playday in Porterville. The day was spent in playing volleyball. The big affair of the G. A. A. was held on the night of February 25, in the high school gym. They held l annual basketball game between the high school all-star team and an alumnae team headed by Rot Longley. Everyone enjoyed themselves. The score: Alumnae, 225 G. A. A, all-star, 28. Page 42 if' it '55 sl 3 L to R, first row-Jimmy Elmore, Clyde Glover, Larry Erickel, James Tanzola, Robie Eastlack, Jack Haney, Lester Lemons, Coy Pierce, Bob Nein. Donald Leyh, Harold Stein. Second row+lames Fairley, Leo Royster, Louis Reisig, Pat Bequette, Larry Davidson, Ronnie McGarrah, Joe Takemoto, Weston Butts. Third row: Terry Lewis, Tommy Morrison, Charles Gill, Tommy Simmons Leroy Spuhler, Dan Wood, Alvin Long. Last row-James Barber, Garland Atkinson, Daryl Fisher, Vernon Hansen, Marvin Awbrey, Ronnie White. l L to R, front row - Cody Noel, reporter: Joe Cadell, vice-presi- dent: J e r r y Fairley, treasurer: Johnny Sola, president: Harold Spuh- - ler, secretary. B a c k is 'Q M I row - Edward Lamb, sentinel, Mr. Solomon, adviser: Mr. Whitney, cadet teacher. As the school year comes to a close, the Future Farmers can look back at their accomplished goals and feel secure in the knowledge that their work was not in vain. The freshmen found their tasks grueling and tiring but to the more Seasoned SODh0m0reS, Juniors and seniors, it was all in a day's work of preparing themselves for the future. In the last four months of 1953, the Future Farmers' Calendar was well-rounded with events. The club ex- hibited at the Tulare County Fair 111 September with each member contributing either food or livestock as entries. Their booth took fourth in its class. Johnny Sola and Joe Cadell were awarded a "choice" ribbon for their steers entered in the livestock exhibition. Abellt the middle Of October the freshmen green hands were initiated into the local chapter. On October 13, the Strathmore officers were invited to install the officers of the new Exeter chapter. Two days later, Johnny Sola, Joe Cadell, and Harold Spuhler were elected to the F, F, A. sectional executive committee. At the beginning of the new year, the Chapter participated in two events. First the Co-operative Quiz with Cody Noel and Johnny Sola as contestants, and secondly, the snow trip to Lodge Pole. The Cal Poly band and glee club provided the entertainment for the F. F. A. Assembly in March. That same night, the Chapter sponsored the annual livestock show. Immediately following the show many of the members loaded their steers and hogs on trucks and set out for the Cow Palace where our Chapter won many ribbons. SDCDRIS Qfwflfp Q' A ,A lfbf WW WWW wwf ima Q Af' X WW 2 Q22 X' A,Q' X -.QT I X A xiii? -1, M - E. Zinn, L. E. W. Roberson. L. H. C. Gartung. R. G. L.. DePaoIi. C. C. Noel. R. G. .,'..... is H. Stein. Captain W VXXIQSITYQFWCCTQAHLL ll M The Strathmore Spartans did not have a very successful season. Un- der a new mentor. Tris Hubbard, the small squad had lack of ex- perience. But this season has help- ed build for a better squad next season, Everyone on the squad play- ed hard but still they were unable to win. The Spartans placed Harold Stein Qleft tacklel on the first team All- League berth. Score . . , ..., 0 McFarland . , ,, 2 Shafter S. ...,.,,, 7 Porterville . . .... 0 Exeter . ..,,,,,. 0 Woodlake . .. ..... 0 Orosi , 0 Lindsay . ..,..,.. 0 Dinuba . .... 0 Avenal if Mr. Hubbard. Donald Goings R. Britt, L. E. V. Hunt. G. S. Stephens. R. E. E. Lamb. I R. Foster. R. H. B. Coleman, C. G-DUf1k'C- V- Zunisa. R- H- G- Bursdorfv G! we X BQ MQ ,,1a,m? jr' fimag T, Q F'- v M k 1 wf , sv M .Y 35 2249 vw ig gf: Q11 tg, A , in sis, I 5 ,mf Q. x A . ' QW' J? 1 'cf ', nv ,, i '51 A .AV- an ,K V z: L V fi 1,.5. ww ihnw gm .M Q Q Sw W, '4 qi fn l.l 1 Front row, L to R-Jerry Nanamura, Wiley Crocker. Back row. L to R-Larry Jones, Gary Garlin, Gary Humphrey, Lloyd Thetford, Joaquin Rodriguez, Jack Scarbrough. L to R-Louls Kimbrough, John Braughton, Joe Wayne Ro' B.lI Grisham, Bud Goin s, Roy Murdock, Arnold Crawford LlQlJlWl2lQl4l Co-captain, Arnold Crawford The Strathmore Babes had a very successful season. Just missing "championship," the Babes finished the season with a 6 Win, 3 lost record. Ccached by Phil Lindgren the Babes placed second in the League. The Babes, a strong contender in the League, placed three men on the Leagues first team. Gary Garlin, and Joa- quin Rodriguez, Cco-captainl, hard running halves were on the offensive team backs. Lloyd Thetford was placed on the defensive line position. The Babes lost their lone League tilt to Woodlake 13-7. "Fumbleitis" was with the Babes all through the game. One giving Woodlake a score, and the other, on their four-yard line in the last few moments in the game. After its first League set-back the Babes went on to FQCDTl3f1XLL Co-captain, Joaquin Rodriguez defeat the remaining teams without many difficulties Their hard-Adrlving half, Joaquin Rodriguez and stellai end, Arnold Crawford, were elected co-captains for the 1952-53 season. These were the scores of the season: 33 StI'athm0I'6 ........................ McFarland ,,,, ,,,,, E Strathmore .,..,,.,..,.,.,rr.,.,l., 7 Shafter ,,,,,,,,,,, ,.,,, 2 5 Strathmore .,..,. ..,,, 1 4 P01-terville ,,.., ,,,,, 1 Strathmore ,,,,., ,,,,, 1 3 Exeter .,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, 1 4 Strathmore ,.,.,. ,.,,, '7 Woodlake H , ,-,,, 11 Strathmore ,,.,,. ,,,,. 2 5 Orosi ,,,,,,,,, ,.,.. 4 Strathmore ,,,,,, ..,,, 1 3 Lindsay 1 Strathmore ...... ..... 3 3 Dinuba ..... ,,... 2 l Strathmore .,,... ..,.. 4 1 Avenal ..,,. ,,,,, 1 4 Front row, L to R-Alvin Long, Jim Barber, Elbie Mauck, Merrie Effseaf, Dorman Collier, Donald Berryhill, Bobby Nem. Back row, L to R-Dale Lansford, Joe Boyd. ,. llgl ' - . . Front row, L to R-Jim Tanzola, Earl Robertson. Ma Awbrey, Milford Jackson, David Foster, Pat Bequette, l' Tocchini. Back row, L to R-Tommy Nloreno. Bruce C ford, Lester Seay. Da nn AQ it of 2 ffl' , O , f ..,', , ,fpje5:-1,-. ' 'fy X wa kgsfw Sam Stephens, , . . V, 77 W -: . QQ ' , M Gary McGowan Center fi. HQ, Lloyd takes ball away from Lindsay player. Grisham has ball: Norris and Lindsay man in. SCGRE CARD Nl League Games Strathmore Strathmore Strathmore Strathmore Strathmore Strathmore Strathmore Strathmore Strathmore Strathmore 34 38 37 49 42 63 40 69 47 48 Avenal ....,...,..... 28 Orosi ...,,....A..L,.. 37 Woodlake .,..,,.A 48 Lindsay . ,,..,. 48 Dinuba ............ 38 Avenal ..., ...... 2 2 Orosi ..,.,,,...,..... 16 Woodlake ,,,,..., 30 Dinuba ,,,,........,. 32 Lindsay ........,... 32 E CLASS Joe Wayne Rowell, Captain Schultz. Grisham. Norris. Gower, Berryhill, Long, Efseaff. Having the powerhouse of the League, the Strathmore Babes took thc championship. Being coached also by Mr. Lindgren, the Babes completed a fine season with a nine win one lost record. Through the entire season, the Babes kept a 17 win, 3 lost record. One being against Central, for Valley playoffs. Going against a hot Central five, the Babes lost the valley play-off by a tune of 62-47. The Babes placed their two spark plugs on the first All-League team, Gary Garlin and Joaquin Rodriguez. Also picked was Lloyd Thetford on the second five. Joe Wayne Rowell was elected captain by the team. Playing its first practice tilt against the Visalia five, the Babes squeezed a 30-29 win. Meeting Alpaugh the Babes trounced the Alpaugh team 42-22. Following these victories the Babes went on to defeat Hanford, 42-37 and 48-31: Porterville 41-26 and 24-17 and McFarland 48-25. Facing Exeter, the Babes trimmed the Exeter five 36-25 and lost its second game 30-31 in a nip and tuck game. Joaquin Rodriguez Lloyd Thetford Arnold Crawford Wiley Crocker Gary Ga, va- ,..- an i Nicky Rodriguez and Woodiake player leap high into the air Jimmy N0rFiS, JEVVY Nalmmufa and NICKY IVIVOIVCU In 3 bit 7 OH 3 1055 UP. heavy action during the Woodlake game C C 4- A S S Al?CEgoREuggEnI2es Strathmore Strathmore Strathmore Strathmore Strathmore Strathmore Strathmore Strathmore Strathmore Strathmore if L to R-Bruce Crawford, Don Smith, Tommy Simmons, Joe Ruiz, Peter Tocchini Mr Lindgren Coach The Strathmore C's took its second consecutive undefeated championship and stretched their winning streak to 39 straight games. Coached by Mr. Lindgren, the powerful team, showed a great deal of teamwork throughout the entire season. The C's placed three on the All-League team, Nicky Rodriguez and Jerry Nanamura on first all-five, and Larry Jones on the second team. Having a great successful' season, the team elected their high scorer, Nicky Rodriguez, for captain. The C's opened the season by dumping Aipaugh 30-22. Meeting Porterville twice, the "champs" took both games 24-13, 24-22 in a close one. Then the "champs" trimmed Exeter twice, 30-23, 26-20. Being better organized the C's trounced the McFarland C's 42-22. Those lettering this year were Don Smith, Joe Takemoto, Peter Tocchini, Joe Ruiz, Bruce Crawford, Floyd Simmons, Nicky Rodriguez, Jerry Nanamura, Dale Lansford, Ronnie White, and Larry Jones. anamura Joe i Page 53 Takemoto Larry Jones Ronnie White D-,le Langford ACTIVWIES 6. M., H gi, X' g' X 1 if X Z Z xi nn lil ' nnunw itll! II I ll ""L.,e-1 :au ' I Ill! lllllll Ill 1 IXIIIIIII un nun IIIII llliiii I fllllll uunllllilullll Ili' IHIIIIII ll l-li'- " 1l'!L15"LE.'1 'MW Wu-nnnun an nun 4 lllalllllllllill u Ill: HQY' lux x nun: gn' ,HV 1121! ul 1 nn , 6 X li 4 Ny - 4 A ff I f f ,::::::i. ' iieessazsmut, ' 1541 nnun. .--, Illl. u.,,...:,,T. ....-... all l " :I 1 1 A I 'll ' lax .1 . .4 '. U" . I I ' A ' 'nfuemv , VA ' n A,...g,"' II' Qyf Nlr. Miller, Director l.. to R, sitting-Maurine Foster, Tronye Alexander, Shirley Williams, Barbara Fa Nanamura, Mary Blackwood. Standing-Lloyd Thetford, Linda Parmarl, Gary Eiortl Dunn, Jo Wayne Rowell. JUNICDVQ PLAY On the evening of December 19 in the Strathmore Elementary school auditorium the Junior class presented its annu play. The hilarious entertainment came Linder the title, "Parents Are Like That." This three-act comedy whil took place in the Burton's living room, reveals the obstacles a father meets in his struggle to be a. good father ai citizen. When father Burton, played by Joe Wayne Rowell, had a chance to be nominated for head of the sclic board, his dreams were upset by his children's sudden uprisings. His daughter, Barby, fLinda Parmanl seemed be thinking of eloping with her friend Ross Wheeler fJerry Nahamuraj, Then, when his young son, Donny, CGa Sortorsl S05 iii trouble with Mayor Hansen KLloyd Thetfordh, things surely looked bad. In the middle of all th Mother Burton iBarbara Farlessb tried to keep the family calmed down, The young daughter "Jelly," fMary Ly: Blackwood? and her friend "Fretos,' lMaurine Foster? caused trouble in their own way by pestering Aunt Cla 4Shirley Williamsl. Adding general enjoyment to the play and keeping things popping were Della, Donnie's g friend and Mrs. Wheeler, iNelda Dunn and Tronye Alexander, respectivelyl. The cast had a good production sta to help put the play over, consisting of Ellen Rogers, business managerg Nancy Riggs and Jean Busby, student c rectorsg Betty Tickel, Shirley Speaks, Charles Smay, and Roy Murdock were stage managers. A wonderful job directing was clone by Mr. Miller. PARENTS ARE UKE TMAT L to R-Jerry Nanamura, Linda Parmnn, Mary Blackwood, Gary Sortors. Production staff. L to R, sitting-Betty Tickel, Shirley Spe Riggs. Standing-Charles Smay, Jean Busby, Roy Murdocl Q xi 3 E l Sitting-Welch Hudson, Judy Tocchini, Don- L to R, Welch Hudson, Harold Spuh- Harold Spuhler, Patsy Coley. i, Patsy coley, Bette Oswald. standing: Ier. Judy Tocchini- llcox, Ona Lee Power, Lois Fitzpatrick, Spuhler, Phyllis Knutson, Gene Burgdorf, SENHQVQ PLAY the night of March 20, the annual Senior Play, "Willie The Worrierj' was presented at the Strathmore Grammar iool Auditorium. n Hughes. e action took place in the Gail cabin at Lake Kickachoo. Gloria Gail fPhyl1is Knutsoni has just become :aged to Melvin Sharpe CWelch Hudsoni. She breaks her engagement to Melvin in a spat, and accepts Willie rryman's tHarold Spuhlerl proposal. Willie's worrying takes over the Gail household and threatens to drive ryone mad. Charming Magnolia Shattuck fJudy Tocchinil appears on the scene, and Melvin takes an interest in '. Meanwhile, Henry Harcourt CGene Burgdorfi, a wealthy railroad magnate, finds Mrs. Gail fDell Juan Hughesb, be charming. In the customary happy ending, Willie rescues Melvin and becomes a hero. Magnolia becomes en- :ed to Melvin, Mrs. Gail promises to marry Mr. Harcourt, and everyone is happy, Humor is provided by Della kLois zpatrickl and Zenith fPatsy Coleyb, the maids: Beryl Gail CBette Oswaldl, Gloria's brat sisterg Chuck Peterson hn Wilcoxl, a detectiveg Dr. Evangeline Cutlass fOna Lee Powerlz and Lottie McVane fD'onna Lowel. 2 play Went on very smoothly with the help on the production staff which included student directors, Georgia gers, Jessie Reyes, and Ruth Gangeg business manager, Delphia Pierce: publicity manager, Carol Bequetteg stage nager, Patty Conley: and assistant stage managers, Roy Murdock, Charles Smay, and Donald Goings. :cial thanks went to Mr. J. V. Miller for his fine direction. With the excellent production staff and outstanding t, the Senior Class Play, "Willie The Worrierf' was rated a success. WlLLlE THE WCDVQVQIEVQ Production staff-L to R, Jessie Reyes, Ruth Gnnge Carol Barrett, Pat Conley, Ellen Woody, Carol Be quette, Delphia Pierce, Georgia Rogers, Mr. Mil idson, Phyllis Knutson. Dell Juan Hughes, Lois Fitzpatrick. ler, director. Service Club "NIeIlerdram- mer" presented by the inxtiates. In resurfacing the new walk, as in almost every- thing. the teachers and custodians do all the work. PAH A serious conferencl tween coach and play Page 58 llVIlllS and quarterbacks. X ff Q, There's always a mad scramble between classes. PRES 59 Red Cross projects were done by the Homemaking III girls. Two stellar c e n t e r s Gary goes after the jumping for the ball. ba WINTER Britt making tw Fitrathmore. Ronnie White he our t'C's" to their cl pionship. Strathmore's p o p u lar and hard-working jani- tors. Carol Bequette and Bet- te Oswald represented SUHS in the Lions Club speaking contest. Page 60 IHVIHES ju m p s against ake. scramble for the 1 a C-class game. This is characteristic of Lindsay - Strathmore games! Arnold sinks another one for our champion B-class. Judy Tocchini, Gene Burgdorf, and Jerry Nanamura, Jeannie and Johnny Spartan. Patty Conley and John- ny Sola, Elks award winners. ' ' nina! ' Wbffdkbbf-fjbgg jtfag wg! ifw ,J-ff ,,, 32, fM"ibm"!" bg, . . E f V4.4 , .,.Q...zj4,5q . Aa, 2,047 .4.v'oZ """""""'j' A3 Aw: 7 'I' b f ,rub L4...J4fu4fl7" fa-f-0 4.....2:.L """""'f"""'f'-'J-'ua-df.: """"6 Aa-4 f""V ffl--f-ld." fuk -9A..?iJ""""?i'54-'f ?-lJmu".,4,,, , 'fi-if-16--46 A., uf. Manger Jxzziii -:..fMu..,,L'f""A'z2aL vw-+654 f , 32,-'2 Mfimffgf-f2?Mm fa ,m.J..Jw.z'gZ4Leg4e,f5fw .z:4 6af.z'..wz ,,.,,6"f u-,-0.4. lv. 6 bjbdofku " xx V'VM'f 0 K g,fL"'1'9ff W, A-.215 ' fp' -ff-I ug 1.9 ,..,..,,QQf 'LZ Rx' 'XZ' A W 14-obo! j !i4?d, .zz X' " N v . Z N71 WIP -,.::.! gunz ,au .AJ .if-5 A J 4412 flfffndx A 7AJ,J H 'C' Q" ' - 7, , fwdfzzzifzfzm , , ,3 MOR'I'ON'S L-z CLEANERS A and 260 Bruce St. Strathmore, Phone 8-7781 179 N. Elmwood. Lindsay Phone 2-3958 hone 8-8014 P. O. Box 96 STRATHMORE FREE PICK UP AND DELIVERY ?afz .faecal Weave The Strathmnre Seniinel Congratulations To The Class of '53 LINDSAY FOX f STARK PACKING CORPORATION Your Favorite .oranges Place of 0 Entertainment Grapeiruit LINDSAY. CALIFORNIA STRATHMORE 1 ig WU-SUN DRUG DAYBELL Nuns!-:nr PRESCRIPTION SPECIALIST Phone 8-7541 Complete Nursery Service STRATHMORE 133 North "E" Street - Porterville Quality and Service The Finest In Screen Entertainment! Phone 373 Molina Theatre . . Phone 307 Porterville Furniture EKMAN'S JEWELRY S- I-UBI-IN Keepsake Diamond Rings Post Office Box 522 - Telephone 451 --- - Main and Olive Sffeef E. LINDGREN W. STEWART PQRTERVILLE, CALIFQRNIA 303 North Main Porterville. Calif. P 6 lil - Y 1-1 V lil if 1 . , ,,,Q V A N' at - . K Asif ' ru QVIZA 4F ef ' w,::r7'ff,""' "" stto utnrlwsmtllul For Chinese and American Food 93118 5110'S T03 92111211 Ken's Sporting Goods PORTERVILLE. CALIFORNIA A WPORTERVILLE. CALIFORNIA THE ERY Mother and Daughter Shop ORTERVILLE PHONE 31-W L d' d T -A Cln the South Strathmore Suburbl a les an een gers Ready to Wear FOR FINE ICE CREAM, SHERBETS AND FROSTIES Cones, Pints. Quarts, Gallons Dressmaking Alterations Buttonholes Covered Buttons We Make Our,Own Products Phone 88101 Sequoia Camera and sports Shop Pharis Lumber Yard CONGRATULATIONS IT PAYS TO PLAY! CLASS OF 1953! . Everything for the Sportsman CAMERAS AND SUPPLIES . hone 2-3075 107 E. Honolulu Lindsay 4 Miles West of Strathmore Corner Cairns and Crescent Ph. 8-8365 'he Home of Studebaker's Sensational Faiuilyglmlqaalg J DANNIDES MOTOR C0. Porterville CContinued from Page 227 Then it straightway came to pass that the members ot the Class began to write down the greatest and most wonderful of thoughts, such as no one had ever thought before since the beginning of the world, upon sheets and sheets of foolscap, that the people who should come unto them to listen unto words of deep scholarship upon the night of their Commencement should not need be turned away in disappointment. So it has come to pass that of the four and eighty that entered this Land in nine-and-forty will depart, for verily, verily I say unto you, that broad is the gate, and wide is the way that leadeth to the High School, and many there be that go in thereatg but straight is the gate, and narrow is the way that leadeth to graduation, and few there be that find it. Four years hath the Class of Three-and-Fifty sojourned in the Land, and gathered in large portions from the Tree of Knowledge: but it is written, "In the day when ye shall have eaten of all these fruits, ye shall surely be driven forth from the land." Now, I say unto you, .hey must depart thence to go each a separate way, t. lands they lmow not of, to do, they know not what. But, "let us not be weary in well-doing, for in due season, we shall reap if we faint not." And now may the blessings that ever attend the noble and good and true, follow and abide with us, each and all, now and forevermore. Amen. She who now speaketh these words of enlightenment unto you is one known as Patricia, of the House of Conley. CHAR-LOU MALT SHDP WE SPECIAUZE IN: CCNGRATU LATIONS MALTS - sHAKEs - SUNDAES 'C I-ASS QF '53 SANDWICHES - - SALADS - LUNCHES - The Friendliest Store in Town STRATHMORE. CALIF. A M , S MARKET Meats given to outstanding members. fContinued from Page 437 A successful event of the last part of the term was the Parent and Son banquet at which awards were As a fitting close to a year of high achievement, 20 members of the local club will take a trip through , four western states which will end sometime in June. STRATHMORE RICHMQND METERS LINCOLN - MERCURY "ALWAYS THE BEST" PDRTERVILLE VISALIA l - lv.: .l-.tlw l 3 , BICE MOTORS BREMLEIUS DE SOTO PLYMOUTH The Store for Men 400 East Putnam and Young Men PORTERVILLE Ph0I1e 1143 Porterville, California GRAIN FEED FERTILIZER SACKS TWINE POULTRY SUPPLIES INSURANCE B-I FARM SERVICE PORTERVILLE, CALIFORNIA ROBERT IVI. STEVENTON P. O. Box 848 -o- Phone 224 MACOMBEIVS MARKET-LOCKER SERVICE 687 Copley Avenue STRATHMORE, CALIFORNIA QUALITY MERCHANDISE AT ALL TIMES S. P. MACOMBER R. P. MACOMBER BULL ARDQS conuls .nlwllmns I 144 E. Honolulu sl., Lindsay. Calif. Telephone 17 - P. O. Box 910 Authorized Dealer "Your I-Iome Town Store" for Gorham - Wallace - Heirloom DRY GOODS H READY-To-WEAR Towle - International - Lunt 1 Sterling Silver ' in 1 -1: 1 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '53 Segunda LINDSAY Gold Medal Award Winner California State Fair 1952 3 l l U Mark's Tractor 8 Truck Co. Your International Dealer 201 South Main Street PORTERVILLE, CALIFORNIA TICKEUS MARKET GROCERIES MEA TS STRATHMORE. CALIF. W. L. KEEl..EY'S Men's Clothing Store "Everything a Man Wears But a EroWn" LINDSAY, CALIFORNIA 1 IIIIV !I,Iy,rv p . ,, , 7- in! arm2:!A:277IlIl STATIUNERY 8. GIF1 1 m e "' E oxog sii? I ,Wag 166 No. Elmwood Phone 2-3087 LINDSAY Furniture - Floor Covering - Appliances ESSLINGER - HARDEN YE A G E R S I 6 N S "The Home of Westinghouse" PORTERVILLE H. C. YEAGER Phone 2-4035 435 S. Main Phone 2170-W ll9 E. Honolulu Lindsay, Calif. Guns --- Fishing Tackle --- Ammunition Air Conditioning Equipment Strathmore Ladder Works W. R. SPALDING p LUMBER COMPANY Building Material Merchants Trellis Braces Olive Lealers Picking Equipment Phone 8-8712 P. o. Box Q STRATHMORE, CALIFORNIA STRATHMORE, CALIFORNIA 9 U M M EH? M 5 N T NN :.f1. . 4 Q .as XL E fs x....,.,,, YQ err New ssl iff. 1 Sl 3 i if 51. was-W if 'A nssgggnrukw As .391 55 wrffifq wx students Front row L to R B Farris D Nolwn Wil unior Quhes J Busta More dressed V' H lzar J Armstrong L 0 R J of X ,d rd e , W . J -W 1 i K ig.. ,1 3 3- ,. , B .I ....g,. ' 1 ' 2:2525-2 if ' S sl - wr .ag Q. Q I, A ei .... iii sz '-" : 2-. ..., .. " Y.. . - A Q , - , 5 . ', . . . S. .i4cr, J ' . -!. to Fl, . y, up ' 1 C. Pierce, G. Cline. Back row, L to Fig J. Hicks, W. Tolmuchfwff, N. Fliggs. .:. u'1 , . . t , . ' Sortors l.. Kimbrough, M. Hurt, D. Noel. Inset, L to R5 S. McGowan. E. Hughes, S. , Thetford. Turner. 'L ,frm is wig Q, Junior Rodrnquez, 'Www 4 MF Lillhfnefv 9Y'll0Yifl9 NS RCW Office Chaif, PFCSSMEU A.nn!l1er birthday for our principal and a huge cake, serve to -himxal the assembly honoring him. body. d to the entire stul E. Q W ..i.,...,, , W ' t th ban ue! L to R' J Fwirley H Stein J Sola, The Lnqnmers posing puuuuly u csluc Our F.F.A. award winners a e Q - , . 1 . . , . . presenied them by the Future Farmers at their 2 C. Noel, H. Spuhler, E. Lamb. banquet. i i scene from the Freshman assembly -- an enjoyable one. Two old vets-30 and 27 years of service. respective b 7 President Eisenhower, ali Our basketball queens and captains during the basketball assemniy. These are Junior Ru es Welch Hudson, campaignir fl' , 5 3 , , A ,XTX X3 ...,, x'-R 'f Leroy Spuhler recelvlng an FFA trophy from Mr. Thompson. The Senator J. Howard Williams trophy being presented Cadell by Bill Rodgers. Sure Is True for '53 Wien Zelda cwtamofilee me fad!! BUICK Strathmore Machine Works We Have Implements In Ten Western States will dado! dem BARNES BUICK C0. 38 So. Mirage Ave. I O. Box 758 Phone 8-8584 Stmthmore Lmdscxy, Ccrhfornlor M 0 B I L G A S General Petroleum Products E. D. Dinkins, Distributor Porterville, California When In Porterville culuanue Make it a Habit W Li to visit our New Houseware Department Fine Dishes Furniture and Appliances USE OUR LAY-A-WAY PLAN OR PAYMENT PLAN PRICE-HODGSON CO. "The Homewares Store" Z5 No. Main Phone 1820 POR'I'ERVILLE. CALIFORNIA CULLIGAN SOFT WATER SERVICE means better living all through the house . . . for bathing, shaving, dishes, laundry, cleaning and cooking, there's nothing like Culligan service. The savings are greater than the cost. No equipment to buy, no maintenance work, no contract to sign. CULLIGAN SOFT WATER SERVICE 143 W. Samoa Phone 2-4052 Lindsay Russell C. Spuhler Geo. B. Lewis -"' J - EDWARDS STUDIO Packard Willys A Reo PORTERVILLE SALES 8 SERVICE 101 E. Orange Street BE THE MAN WHO OWNS ONE! ICHARD LAMB PHONE 329 or 330 TEVEN LALANNE PORTERVILLE, CALIFORNIA I-IAENER'S Your Jeweler FINE IEWELRY, DIAMONDS AND WATCHES EXPERT REPAIRING 218 MILL STREET PHONE 1410-I CGMMERCIAL TIRE SERVICE C0. Goodyear Tires and Life Guard Tubes Body-Fender Work - Painting and Wheel Alignment Expert Recapping and Repairing 401 So. Main Porterville Phone 1370 IESSE F. ECKLES, Prop. Gibson Stationery Store 1 CONGRATULATIONS! 429 North Main Street PORTERVILLE, CALIFORNIA J. C. PENNEY C0. 'Ieadquarters for School Supplies H ZIPPER BIND PENCILS - INKS - NOTE BOOKS PHONE 2-3041 LINDSAY WHITRIIIGE TIRE SERVICE Capping and Treading All Size Tires I 500 W. Olive St t Ph 533 PORTERVILLE CALIFORNIA U. S. and ARMSTRONG TIRES RECAPPING ALL SIZE TIRES New Tire Guarantee 7 Phone 2-4003 RACE 8 LANDERS HARDWARE COMPANY Radios - Maytag Washers 6. Ironers Frigidaire Refrigerators "THE HOUSE GF QUALITY" RANGES W. P. FULLER PAINTS 6 VARNISHES 74 NO- EIIIIWOOCI - 1-iI1dSC1Y Phone 2-2077 145 No. Elmwood Ave. LINDSAY, CALIFORNIA Service Sales Telephone 2-3546 180 So. Elmwood LINDSAY, CALIFORNIA Your Friendly Ford Dealer for the Lindsay - Strathmore Area CLASS UF '53 Let's Eat! WE Follow the Gang to the CONGRATULATE DINKY NNER YOU! Security-First National Bank oi Los Angeles LINDSAY, CALIFORNIA Across from the High School Strathmore Variety Store Notions - Infants' Wear - Gifts FILM SERVICE Strathmore California BATTERIES PETROLEUM TIREWW 3 QM!! ' FARM SUPPLIES ,M M' we Z TEXACO PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Highway 65 P. O. Box 388 Office Phone - 96 Residence Phone - 1643-J Porterville, California HOME CROWN HOME PRODUCED FAMOUS EVERYWHERE CENTRAL VALLEY 0LlVE CU. Phone 8-7521 Strathmore, Calif. lestern Floor Covering Co. 5 GIVAN BUICK cg. CARPETS I Y Wool, Rayon or Cotton SALES alfa SERVICE We Feature Smoothedge T kl I ll ' as ess nm 'mon F. GIVAN, owner Phone ses 1 WGSI Olive Porterville C A 1 I GENERAL ELECTRIC INNERWARE REFRIGERATORS RANGES HARDWARE LASSWARE DISHWASHERS RADIOS POWER TOOLS JONES HARDWARE COMPANY O. Box 230 -o- 311 North Main Street PORTERVILLE. CALIFORNIA W. E. STEVENSON Reliable Insurance Protection 178 E. Honolulu Street TELEPHONES: P. O. Box 976 Office 2-4032 LINDSAY, Residence 2-3394 CALIF, Seven entirely new Ch evrolet sport models . widest, smartest choice in the low-price field! 9f5:5:5,51:.g..g,'-F "-' flf'-72--,Q.:g:Q-'Q ,,,- ifIT1:f'::'fl?'1: .V . ,352 Nfl' Y ..nn, ,, , A . it . e f ws s f f f f 5 5 5 5 525 5 5 2 5 5 5 5 5 2 1 i 22sfss2?if5iE5E?'2525555555555SEE?Ei??E????i?i5?F?E?fisfEs55f5??!Ef55?5Z25fi55 i s 5:52f2i????f?ff??fEf??ff???IL1: fig g ian t - , ""'n- "" A ........ '..,,...,.,2gg.1.i.1.i.1.i5.,.,3L,.31g313QgQ3333i' ..,, :N ' t-'-"- -- - - - --- - -- - ---- - --- ' -'---v- -'-' -'---A-'-'--'e-A-4- ' T t -A-1-'- ---'--'--------'-'--'--'--h 1 : ,T - -- The colorful and captivating "Two-Ten" Convertible 'H "" I 1 X 525:3:f:Q: : .-' 'ff' 'fffffifil-3' li 'f25E5E?' The swank .........,.......,.........,.....,... 5 - 4--- ' an Air conmnb -,-.4 .'.-.-. - .-.-.-. : 3 'Q' - .-,-.-.-,-.-. - .-N:-. 515232554 A "" 2'1E:llifElfE552EEE3E5555EE5E55g35E555g3EQE.A'55 bnbl P W, i L NQHWEVROLETI-,fist ..... .,,.... " "4" ' 2 """' I eff.. 'Nw "" ' "H """' I FfiifgffllEEEg55j,5g.::,. Th' lGUn'Y ' "" ' A i:i55555EisSz:2QL.fIf:f15 5 f5 25Ss:s:s:::: '3g5: I" f 9 The sma sal Air Span CouPe "'A"" " 't" I ""' " t'iif5r? f?f " " ' i l y 'wwe-ren: n :Els lhnl X ..,. :-:fa:55s::f5S:rf:' 5P0fl CW! Y Q e--- T 3 ,Q ,,, .. Agn ,,,. g,1. 'QQ:. , E 'fIqp.1,E,: ,.,.,. gp, .,,.. , .,:.,.:.1.1.1.Q.: E :g:..3:,ug:,1,.:,?'-W EQ l 1.55:15:5f5:5EgE5E5E5E5E3E55:5:5:5Eg. 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' 535135 " ' W mf M iw wg ww wr .6,,, Syd WW M sLy 4 , 'E QM WWW W 29233 ww gPMW.WAM M 9,nQTf WTTTU qw Tw 1,.. KW? 1, ,W WWW W ,,..,.,g MW ' 2 , , ffgffff- WW,-f 4 iv, N Q 4 f '1v'gf2v:J K fdli rvmf QT -. ..,'.?.g7Gl!'j iii! 6 F:L?rCAfi V of fn ff X' it b, x , . '1 7? fb , vz ,fA xlib is Si il In .g'N . I I Q? JL Us 4 as 4! MM! WW 7 Z rv ffm 5 ifffff! A V MFKWJ dat ,. 3 wi A A I M0462 A Pa,e ,,, ML AGN? V17 ,ug J 1f wfiim ww W l T P' 45 iff X372 , ' m. Mfg: . 5 . x ,. f 1 f.. ' 3 p . E E S 5 2 33 S! ES: K s M , ' J? v L MQW i5gff?M fifiifffg QW Af' V H MW Ea QZQyf44Z54Z .JW 50 f W 2 fQff MQWZ Qffffff W my , ,QQ , MLM 3 95? A: 4' f E '

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