Stratford High School - Log Yearbook (Stratford, CT)

 - Class of 1946

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, X ,LR mlznvauf- 'z.z,. .Fri my ',:z4fzi:,.N aw, .ug 42 ' L' 'L--f' 1 ww x '. "1 'ff ' f " A ' .. 0 1 z1,sxT.x1'niflvi-wl1xHi,w,.'.4xvl ' 'X'.2a.-Amman, , ya 'U ?lus vzziijim TX 553. Em z - ?"W2 A PY ', 3253536 F5 iifity , ii? Q" if K W , K ",V", 5 x l' 1 - , "'- Q- js , .Q -Z APWQTSVQ Q , g Q Af :fx f , K? 1' 5 ff ' ' X ' 2 L A .552 5 iii 5 - -, W 3 - i 'b,. ., , 'Q' Y Hvrf'-'Pia i A '1 if H 7, ,Q my QA 1 f- A Qs s KE ,'i'1 3,15 ilims-K IIUNALII W. FIIWLEH . we cfecficate "The fog In his first year of administration he has won our friend- ship, gained our admiration and respect, and proved worthy of the high ideals with which we associate faculty and students of Stratford High School. -gcfminl'.4ttafion DR. CHARLES E. CHAFFE DONALD W. FOWLER Superintendent Principal ELDEN H. DUSTIN CECIL N. HEATH Vice Principal Director of Gniciiznce ARTS Glen Maresca CAFETERIA Marion Kimball COMMERCIAL Avis Alcott Ruth Cunningham Llynola Curtis Imelda Goyette Lois Kraus Virginia Patterson Anita Raymond ENGLISH Pauline Dennett Audrey Estes Vinsen Gorman Mildred Hoehn Evelyn Holmer Fred Priestley The 7-acufty Thomas Puglise Helen Schell Muriel Varnum HOME ECONOMICS Elna Duerell Jane Kaeser Isabel Mccobb INDUSTRIAL ARTS Earl Flagg Edward Olson Michael Prezkop Charles Quinlan john Sottosanti Harold Wassmer Carl Wischan LANGUAGE Marjorie Boyle Fannie Lichman Ruth Mantet LIBRARIAN Theodora Nowlan MATHEMATICS Mildred Black Mary Cooney Estelle Lippincott Everett Wordell MUSIC Kareta Briggs NURSE Ethel Peck PHYSICAL EDUCATION Helen Foland james Penders SCIENCE Henry Anderson Lowell Lippincott 5 Katherine Merillat Clinton Read Ruby Wlieeler SECRETARIES Norma Fila Evelyn Kennedy Marie Kravutske Jean Molgard SOCIAL STUDIES Jennie Alderman Eloise Carter Dorothy Hamilton Pearl june Honor McCarn Anne Paris George Puglisi GUIDANCE Cecil N. Heath fa: 0 ef 0 XXV xl, N Q5 T3 "WW Ku. O ' X and ' QR Q I i g X XXX x SX R I If :fl N .595 N ,' .4 t, x ' I P -4' ' -1.9 K . -.-wfirfw QW X X a 'f' 160. , wx xg rr was XXX N 'N 5 l' W K" we ' .5 I . Jxs 5 I -'Mv 'XA ' W'--Wo X . Jo- : 'wal' ' I an 97 ' -' ,.":x:,f-!35LMl'i W .l,'1x'V1" N U I ! f .x'.0,gQfgi'3 .M .A If 'QCA . -IA 11298 I '35 if 13" xi' ff' - , -9' F5 ,I 39 5 fi A '.'- t A X '-:L -T Q S S Q K Q46 'nv ,EMI 4 " X X X . x X x R X S x S X X i F X A f X f f 2 '11 X X wi", ' 9 1441, f fl 1' 1 A 'p J NX X fm X ,I EY 1. ,V W, ij 54,1231 xx fy .fxuxxxw I XR - Wo, -ami-", ' ' 1 vm I :-4-:mx ml: "f' " 'Jphxuz' x W'---W: ' , , ,QV f- fn." .,, '. ,I "fe" 1 r ,I - .i-1 1.4 : '.:',, 'V M' vgyd 114 'fhgtfl , 1,9 .,'N,.s. S ' i In -'WU X WM' IU, 1 "ll CQ" Sk if at X -- 4 45' X l I' X i ' ,I '40 nl' W S I, gf! .LA A EOL 55M EDWARD AGVENT "ShellJ" 199 Clover Street The world :ray made hefore me. and then I came-Now u'e're the hert of friendr. Intramural Baseball 2, 3, 43 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4, A.A. Alternate 4. ANTHONY F. ALTIERI 'FPUPY7 271 Knowlton Street If work lnterferer with plearure, why work? Intramural Baseball 1, 2, 3g Intramural Basketball 1. LUG ALFRED J. ARSENAULT HAI!! 630 Reitter Street When joy and duty clarh, I let duty go Jmarh. Intramural Baseball 2. BEATRICE A. ARSENAULT HBea!! 24 Arbor Street I-Ier air, her rnannerr, all who raw admired. MARY JANE ASPINWALL ff-lane!! 335 Woodstock Avenue I'd walk a mile for one of her rmiler. Student Council 1, 23 Travel Club 2, 3g Biology Club 3, 4g Girls' Sport Club 3, 4g Log Staff. ETHEL D. BABIS HEI!! 88 Feeley Street A .rufeet Jrnile tacked in place by two dinzpler. Film Service Club 3, Sec- retary 4g Student Council 43 Senex cum Laude. LLOYD BAGNELL ffuoydll 92 Bush Court Quietly he goer hir way, in and out day hy day. Transferred from Portland High School, Portland, Maine, September, 1945. National Honor Society 4. VIRGINIA M. BAKER "jean 'I 5 6 Rockland Avenue Quiet? Girls' Sport Club 1, 2, 4g Red Cross Representative 3g Civics Club. MARY O. ANDREWS ffMdrylf 1687 North Avenue Dependable I .rhould Jay: doer a good turn ezfery day. Masquers 2, 3, Secretary 43 Senex cum Laude, National Honor Society 3. 43 Senior Flayg A Cappella Choir 2, 3, Secretary 4. FLORENCE R. ARRINGTON "Florence" 54 Hamilton Avenue IVith malice toward none. LORRAINE BALOGH "Lorry"' 215 Garibaldi Avenue It'J nice to he natural, when youre naturally nite. A.A. 1, 2, 31 O.F.F.g Les jongleurs 33 Publicity Club 4. GEORGE BARNA rrjinxu 80 Hih Park Avenue Charm and intellience rate him topf. Homeroom President 2, 5, 4g Football 4g Basketball 1, 41 Senex cum Laude Presi- dentg National Honor S0- ciety 3, President 4. 19115 JEAN BATTERSBY "Jeanne" Box 336 Highland Avenue I have a voice, but why wear it out. Junior Red Cross 3. WILLIAM H. BAULIEU "Bill" 1674 West Broad Street One of thoxe happy Jouls. Photography Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Boys' Club 2, 33 Civics Club. BARBARA BEARDSLEY HBd!rbf7 116 California Street A modern girl with hazel eyef, and personality twice her yize. Student Council 3, 45 A.A. 2g Girls' Sport Club Log Staff. 1, 39 JOHN A. BEARDSLEY "Cookie" 56 Lindsley Place Having a wonderful time! Civics Clubg Boys' Club 1, 2, 3, 4g A.A. Representa tive lg Senex cum Laude, Paper Drive 2, 3. WILLIAM BEDNER "Bill" 60 Peace Street A little nomeme now and then if relished hy the bert of men. RUTH H. BEERS "Ruthie" 320 Housatonic Avenue Up the ladder of succest she climhi. National Honor Society 43 Gamma Rho 1, 2, 3, Presi- dent 4, Masquers 3, Treas- urer 43 O.F.F.g Girls' Sport Club 1, 2, 3, 4. RITA E. BARRETT "Rita" 118 Freeman Avenue The N1ll!l.C'.l'f manner, the gentlext heart. Art Club lg Senex cum Laude: Civics Club. JANICE M. BATEMAN "jan" 320 First Avenue Genlle in manner. .rlrong in performance. Homeroom Secretary Z, 3, 4, Class Vice-President 2, 3, Senior Play: Senex cum Laudeg National Honor So- ciety 3, Sccrctary 4. MARIO BENIGNO ffMe76hJ! 221 Burritt Avenue Wherever there'J fun to he had, you'll he ture to find thii lad. MARJORIE L. BERG frMargef1 4551 Main Street A friendly nature, a Jrnile Jincere. A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4g Les jongleurs 4g Glee Club lg Cafeteria Cashier 2, 5, 4. LUG DOROTHY A. BIZAK ffDeeff 114 Wfenfield Drive Thy voice it a celeitial melody. Glee Club 3g Les jongleurs 3, A Cappella Choir 4. CONSTANCE BIORK "Connie" 40 Wiebe Avenue Although the iJn't very tall. She it friendly to one and all. Home Nursing 5. PHILIP A. BLOCK Hphilll 2192 Main Street He appeari quiet, hut we wonder rome timer. Student Council 3g Biology Club 2, 5, 4, Intramural Basketball 3, 4g Hall Guards 4. WALLACE BOICE ffwdllyll 360 Stonybrook Road I5 it youth or recond childhood? Band 1, Biology Club 2, 33 Intramural Baseball 2g In- tramural Basketball 1, Man- ager 4. JANE E. BOND rrjdnieu 2885 Main Street Alwayi willing to lend a hand. Glee Club 1, 25 Homeroom Librarian 2, 33 Senior Hal- lowe'en Dance Committee, A.A. Representative 2g Paper Drive 3. HENRIEITA BORO W Y "Henie" 46 5 Hollister Street A quiet girl ir welcome anywhere. Publicity Club 3, 4, Travel Club 4g Senex cum Laudeg A.A. 5, 43 Log Staff. FRANCIS BIGLEY HBigU 302 Knowlton Street If it'J in the hookr, let it he. Boys' Club 2, 3g Baseball 2, 3. OLGA BILCHAK rrolgieu 175 Burritt Avenue Cute to walk with, witty to talk with, and pleaxant to think ahout. Girls' Sport Club Ig A.A. 1g O.F.F. MARION BOYD "Maren" 640 King Street To a young heart everything if fun. Girls' Sport Club 4, EDWARD BOYHEN rIEdl7 3 54 Laughlin Road Men of ferr' zvordr are the heft. Football 43 Bowling 3. 19115 JOHANNA A. BUDA IF-7077 257 Thompson Street A quiet girl. hut a loyal friend. Glee Club 1, 23 Clarion Representative 3, 4. EVELYN E. BULLOCK NEW.. 98 Woodcrest Avenue Quiet and neatg friendly anzl Jzveet. Glee Club 1, 2, 3: A Cap- pella Choir 45 Homeroom Librarian 1. LORRAINE BUNCE "Lorraine" 1964 Broadbridge Avenue Shadow of annoyance never came near thee. Girls' Sport Club 4. WESLEY E. BURRITT, JR. rrwejil 157-A Wooti Avenue Study if my favorite mh- ject: I could Jit for hoarr and watch it. WILLIAM BusH1NsKY "Bill" 101 Sheridan Street A little frrn. a little Jtlrdy. anrl you ar my buddy. Red Cross Representative 4, VIRGINIA M. BUSTER "Ginger" 230 Smith Street Bridgeport, Connecticut She hay fun and laughter hy the haml. Junior Red Cross 1, 2, 5: Creative Writing Club 4g Glee Club 13 Cafeteria 1, 2, 4. ROBERT A. BRANTLEY "Bob" Box 538 Nichols Avenue What next, little man? Art Club 4. PETER BREZOSKY "Blaze" 25 High Park Avenue Well, that'.r 01f6'f,' nou' for something better. Student Council Representa- tive 1, 2g Paper Drive 3g Intramural Baseball 5. LAUREL E. BUTLER "Lolly" 1380 Cut Spring Road jolly and lovahle, Clever and dependable. Art Club 1, 2, Secretary 3, Vice-President 4g Sopho- more Class Secretaryg A Cappella Choir 4g National Honor Society 4g Masquers 4. MAVE CAHILL "Maize" 147 Floral Way' Let'J' he merry. Care it of the dead. Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4g Les Jongleurs 45 Girls' Sport Club 4g Homeroom Treasurer 3, 4g Log Staff. LUG JULIA M. CECCARELLI rrjudyv 228 Franklin Avenue A light heart and a care- free manner. Glee Club 1, 2g Clothing Drive 43 Homeroom Clar- ion Representative 3. MARGARET A. CECCARELLI "Marge" 21 Swanson Avenue Generally speaking, .the if generally fpeaking. Glee Club 1, 23 Homeroom Clarion Representative 3g Clothing Drive 4, LOUIS H. CHAGNON ffL0uU 513 Soundview Avenue Ready to do hir :hare and more. IRENE CHANDA "Towle" 241 Huntington Road Serene and calm as an nntronhled day. Girls' Sport Club 2, 3, 43 Film Service Club 4g A.A. 2. MARILYN L. CHAPMAN ffchapil 25 Willard Street Fan if the bert Jnhject. RUTH CLANCEY "Ruthie" 2 80 Allyndale Drive Why he Jttll, when there it something yon with to Jay? Glee Club lg Girls' Sport Club 1. FRANCES CASEY "Fran"' 183 Highland Avenue A merry .rpirit and a charming nay. Transferred from Harding High School, September, 1945. K. EVELYN CASPER "Eff" S46 Nichols Avenue ll7hat thir world needy it thinherx not talkers: Lost and Found 2g Junior- Senior Prom Committee 31 Stamps and Bonds Repre- sentative 31 Clarion 4g A Cappella Choir 2. i S EILEEN J. CLARK "Clarke" 484 Stratford Road She aimr to pleare. Vice Chairman junior Red Cross 2, 43 Senex cum Laude: Homeroom Librari- an 2. ANTOINETTE COMINO "Toni" 168 West Avenue Calm. rleady, rare. Clarion 1. 1945 ELMER R. CRAW IrElm1! 29 Parkway Drive Better late than never. Intramural Baseball 1, 2, 43 Boys' Club 2, 43 Foot- ball 4g Senex cum Laude, Treasurerg Band 1, 2. JOAN CROSSLEY Nj' C'.vr 966 Wells Place Neptuaefr Playmate. Biology Club 5, 4g Gamma Rho- 2, 3, President 4g Li- brary Club 2, 3, Treasurer 43 Senex cum Laudeg Na- tional Honor Society 4. MARYLOU CROWE "Maryl0u" 74 Meadow Street A good companion and an easy friend. Girls' Sport Club 1, 4g Cafeteria Cashier 4. WILLIAM CROWFOOT HBi1l,U 33 Randolph Street Swiftly a llldllif man, excell- ing in rportr. Football 3, 4. ROMUALD CZAPLICKI "Ray" 15 27 South Avenue The Hart hundred yeanr are lhe hawlert. ELIZABETH J. DAVIS ,'BeIly" 174 Allyndale Drive Goodaerr and gladrzerr rhizze from thine eyer. Glee Club 1, 2g Travel Club 2g Photography Club 4g Girls' Sport Club 4. MARION G. CONGDON "Gert" 1536 South Main Street My heart ir :warm with the many ffiemlr I'z'e made. Transferred from Harding High School. September, 1945. BARBARA CONINE "Baht" 24 South Elliott Street She newer larhr 41 frieml. Biology Club 2, 41 Photo- graphy Club 4g Senex cum Laudeg National Honor So- ciety 4. ROGER M. DAVIS lFR0gel7 297 Windsor Avenue Me excited?-Never! A.A. 1, Vice-President 4g Student Council 23 Senex cum Laudeg Boys' Club 1, 2, 3g Track Team 1. CORRINE DEBATTISTE "CiJ5y" 1195 Cut Spring Road A friendly rmile for every- one the hnowr. Glee Club lg Photography Club 2g Travel Club 33 O.F.F.g Gamma Rho 2, 3. LUIS ARTHUR DECKER Hzlifrtll 1865 Elm Street O Mischief, thou are Jwift to enter into the heart: of men. A.A. 1. LOUIS DELALLEY ffL0uU 43 Sikorsky Place Friendrhipr are made from year to year, the hert of all life'r treasarer. Paper Drive 2g Intramural Basketball 2. NORMA DELOYA ffN0ymlf 48 Norman Circle Brevity ir the foal of wit. O.F.F.g Stamps and Bonds Representative 3. NOLA L. DENESE "N ola" 116 Long Beach Drive No Jhy ir heavy, if the heart is light. G-lee Club 33 A Cappella Choir 4g Red Cross 3. RUTH DERBY HDe,rbH 6 Knowlton Street Golden hair, like .ranlight streaming. Homeroom Secretary 4g Art Club lg A.A. 3, 4g Paper Drive 3. GLORIA DEROSA frcloryff 164 Peace Street Nothing war ever accom- plirhed without enthusiasm. Clarion 3, Editor 4g Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4g Senex cum Laudeg Library Club 2, President 3, 4g Ushers' Guild 4. ANNA MARIE DECARLO "Pat" 502 jackson Avenue The alarm clock forgot to ring. Publicity Club 2. JOHN Ai DECARLO, JR. f'Defr 502 jackson Avenue 1What'.r the me of worrying? It never was worthwhile. Homeroom President Ig Technical Arts Advisory Committee 2g Stamps and Bonds Representative 1, 2, 3. DOROTHY R. DESSANO "Dot" 122 Raven Terrace Patience il' the remedy for every trouble. O.F.F. CARMELLA DIMAURO "IlIel" 320 Henry Avenue A penny for your thonghtr. Senex cum Laudeg Glee Club 2, 1911 JOYCE L. ECAY ffjoyff 41 Cottage Place Friendly and Jnappy, never unhappy. Biology Club 25 Senior Play 43 Squad Leader 13 Daisy Chain 3. MARIE EISENMAN "Marie" 1215 West Broad Street And my Jtnrlier all alone Jhall live within the book and volume of my brains. unmixed with barer matter. A. A. Secretary 43 O.F.F., Treasurerg Clarion 3, Asso- ciate Editor 4g Senex cum Laudeg Homeroom Treas- urer 4. MARIE A. ENGLISH "Marie" 17 King Street Where there'r work to be done, you can count on her, Student Council Secetary 4g Junior Class Secretary 31 Travel Club Treasurer 43 Ushers' Guild 5, Treasurer 43 Senex cum Laude. B JOHN FALAT "johnny" 298 Henry Avenue Bored of education. Boys' Club 13 Basketball 1. PHILOMINA M. FAz1o Hpwf 176 Thompson Street Friendly, kindly people are better met than dercribed. Glee Club I, 2. HELEN D. FEDOR "Helen" 160 Henry Avenue A twinkle in her eye to match her Jrnile, Library Club 1, 23 Stamps and Bonds Representativeg O.F.F. ANDREW DURIKA "Andy" 127 Clover Street Everything if ar you take it. Intramural Baseball 2, 3. FRANCES A. DURIKA "Frannie" 127 Clover Street All nature 11'ear.r a lnziverral grin. JAMES B. FITCH, JR. ffjimff 165 Huntington Road He taker life ar it comer. A.A. President 4g Football 1, 2, 3, 4g Homeroom Presi- dent 1, Senex cum Laudeg Student Council 4. PAUL E. FLEMING "can 217 5 Elm Street Stratfordk lachy rtrihe. Om' gain if Californialf lon. Transferred from Herbert Hoover High School, San Diego, California, October, 1945. Football 4g Senex cum Laudeg Boys' Club 4. LUG RAYMOND E. FUSCI ffRdy!, 112 Mary Avenue If all girlf were treer. he'tl he a woodchopper. A Cappella Choir 1. 2. 3 Band 2. 3. GEORGE GABOR "Shorty" 33 St. Michaels Avenue He'5 little hnt heh' 'u' WILLIAM GALTO ffisfzzff 4 79 Woodlawn Avenue Here today. there toniorfozv. Student Council 1: A Can- pella Choir 1, 2, 3, Presi- dent 4g Masquers 3. 43 Senior Play, Variety Show 2, 3. 4. JIEANNE M. GARNEAU "Jeanne" 9 5 9 Wells Place Contentment it hetter than richer. O.F.F., Clarion 4, Home- room Librarian 2, Red Cross Representative 23 Of- fice Worker 3. ALBERT GEORGETTE HA!!! 267 Soundview Avenue Strictly confidential-he? cate! Class President 13 Home- room Secretary 1g Home- room Crairman 3. ANNE B. GERMAN "Anne" 1195 Cut Spring Road A willing heait plaf a .fIl7277jf nature. Film Service Club 43 Girls' Sport Club 1, 2, 3, Treas- A Cappella Choir Vice-President 4, Gamma Rho 2, 33 Variety Show 2, 4. urer 45 2, 3, HELENE FOLDY "Helene" 63 9 Bi rdseye Street Small and fall of nzifchief. DOROTHY E. FRENCH "D0l!i6" 593 Barnum Terrace Extension Sincerely and happily, .the goeJ on her way. Senex cum Laudeg Publicity Club 1, 2. 35 Girls' Sport Club 1g Glee Club 1. LAURA L. GIOVANETTI "Lt111ru" 44 0 Soundview Avenue Street dignity .vpicezl zeitlf friwzdlirzen, Publicity Club 5, Vice President 4g Ushers' Guild 5, 41 Travel Club 5, 4: O.F.F.1 Student Council 3. JOHN GOLUBOWICH Hll7lJlIe'yf' 400 Glenridge Road If not teen. laearzl. Homeroom Vice - President 23 Intramural Baseball 2, 3, 'Ill Intramural Tennis 3g Senex cum Laude: Stamps and Bonds Representative 7 :dl 19115 LAWRENCE NI. GRIFFIN "GriDz" 483 Nichols Avenue I love to meclitate-011 llllj- thing but bookx. Baseball 2, 5, 4g Basketball 3, 4g Football 41 Hi-Y 31 Homeroom Treasurer 4: Paper Drive 2. PAUL GROSSO "Grafx" 436 Wilcoxson Avenue Care lx 4 zz'0r'ry I :l011"t ozwz. FVFLYN A. I-IAEFELE "ELM 1688 North Avenue S0 llI1Llfflz!3L'f66l. .fo cotzzpruetl tz miml, Girls' Sport Club 4. GLADYS HAEFELE "Glad " 1688 North Avenue A willing heart will 4 IIUIUJ' llatlzre. Student Council 13 Girls' Sport Club 2, 3. PAULINE C. HAGAN "Pfz1zli11e"' 105 Plymouth Street If lt'r zz'itlJi11 her power to help. she zrill, and gladly Senex cum Laude: Ushers Guild 3. 43 Senior Playg Travel Club 2, 3, 41 Na- tional I-Ionor Society 4. JOYCE HAINSWORTH rfjojg- lO92 Success Avenue Of mfuzzzerr gentle. of affections milrl. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. v E. FRED GORTON "Lefty" 32 Bassick Court ll"lu1t liex beyoml tlmt mlm exter'i0r'.9 Film Service Club 3, Vice- President 41 Hall Guards 5. 41 Football 3, el. MARTHA GREGSON "Marty" 751 Broad Street A zrilllng lnzml .rlle tloer p0.i'.i'e.v.v,' ber tlllJ'!l'L'l' In clvorex lj' tllznlyi' "yet", Publicity Club Treasurer 2. 5. 41 O.F.F.g Travel Club 4. l PATRICIA HALEY "Pal" 1 185 Linden Avenue Raven l1', .rparkfing eyef. care and worry .rlae lzelier. Cheerleader 1, 2, 5, Co- Captain 4g Girls' Sports Club I, 2. 5, Secretary 4g Ushers' Guild 3, Vice- President 4. Log StaHg Senex cum Laude. MILDRED E. HALLQUIST "A4iffie', 957 Stratford Avenue Cbeerfuf company .Yl907'lE7I.f the mifer. Photography Club 2, 5g Gamma Rho 33 Senex cum Laudeg Senior Play, Log Staff. LUG RICHARD A. HENDERSON "Dick" 177 Third Avenue O quiet. u'eU-maurzered youth. Boys' Club 2, 3, 4. ARTHUR HERMANSON "Arif 181 Soundview Avenue Wflmt .rhould a man do but be merry? Biology Club 2, 3, Treas- urer 4g Councileers 2g Pho- tography Club 4. DOROTHY HILL "Dany" 144 Riverview Place Frierzdlirzerr atlructr neu' friendr. Art Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Sports Club Ig Homeroom Secretary 43 Stamps and Bonds Representative 2, 33 A Cappella Choir 4. E. HELEN HODGSON "Helen" 727 Nichols Avenue Itfr eurnert work that lzriugr ruccerr. National Honor Society 3, 43 Senex cum Laude, Mas- quers 2. 31 Student Coun cil 2g Girls' Sport Club 1, 2. MARTIN A. HORBACK. JR. "Mort" 75 Drome Avenue Life ir "Gay"'.' Class Treasurer 5, 4, Base- ball 1, 5, 41 Bowling 1, 2, 3, 4g Boys' Club 23 A.A. 1, 2. HELEN HRICEK "Hefen" 155 Oakland Place In quiet .rifle,t. RALPH D. HAPPEL HHKJP., 276 Reed Street School ir my partirrze. Clarion Exchange Editor 41 Les Jongleurs 43 Paper Drive 5. GRACE V. HEI SLER "Heir" 1218 Wells Place She beepr ui' all in u whirf. Film Club 4g Travel Club 4, Stamps and Bonds Rep- resentative 4g Log Staff. DANIEL HULL "Dan" 15 9 Raven Terrace A perfonafity rare to mcceed. Football 3, 4. MARJORIE A. HURD "Marge " 2047 Broadbridge Avenue Look on! upon the .vlan and rhame them with thy coantenanee. Senex cum Laudeg A Cap- pella Choir 2, 3, Treasurer 43 Masquers 2, 3, 43 Log Staffg Director of the Senior Play. 1945 GERALD W. JACARUSO ffjewyy, 62 Allen Street A grin for everyone. Stamps and Bonds Repre- sentative 1, 2, 3, 4g junior Red Cross 23 A.A. 2, 5, 4g Senior Dance Committee 43 Prom Committee 3. DOROTHY JANULEWIT HDD!!! 150 Avon Street The glam' of fashion and the mold of form. Transferred from Milford High School, September, 1944. VERONICA M. JARUSINSKY "Ronny"' 14 7 Henry Avenue She pleased zvhife diftant. hat near Jhe charmed. National Honor Society 3. 43 Student Council 45 Li- brary Club 1, President 2, 43 Log Staifg O.F.F. JUNE JEZIERNY Hjenerrkeu 86 Warwick Avenue Quiet at fini. hut look again. Cheer Leader 3, 43 Girls' Sport Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Log Staffg Senex cum Laudeg Civics Club. HAROLD E. JOHNSON fffdyif 99 Brightwood Avenue Hi! heart dwelfr hehind the footlightr. Art Club 2, Vice-President 3, President 4g Film Ser- vice Club, Vice-President 3, 43 Masquers 2, 3, 4g Log Staff, Editorial Boardg Stage Manager 1, 2. 5, 4. PATRICIA G. JOHNSON "Gremlin" 275 Washington Parkway Dynamite comer in Jmall packages. Homeroom Secretary 1, Z: Stamps and Bonds Repre- sentative 2, 3. CAROL MARIE HURLIMAN "Card" 956 Wilcoxscxn Avenue One need not fooh further for !flliIIff!1C.l'.l' and charm. Travel Club 2, 5, Vice- President 41 Biology Club Z, 5, 4g Log Staff: Home- room Treasurer 4. JEAN IRVING "jean" 507 Patterson Avenue Noiry hut nice. Glee Club 13 Homeroom Librarian l. 3g Masquers 43 Senex cum Laude: Log Staff. LOIS JONES Iflonjeyfl 762 Stratford Avenue A quiet girl and a grand girl. Girls' Sport Club 1, 2, 43 Gamma Rho 1, 2, 33 Pub- licity Club 4g Photography Club 1. RICHARD KAESER HDickl7 171 Housatonic Avenue The fear of worry never comet riear me. Homero-om President 1, 2, 3, 43 Debating Club 33 Stamps and Bonds Repre- sentative 2, 33 A.A. Coun- cil 33 Senior Play. l LUIS SHIRLEY R. KASCAK "Shirl" 34 3 Soundview Avenue A quiet girl with pleasing wayr. Glee Club 1, 43 A.A, Rep- resentative 2. EILEEN KEANE rrjdnieu 1385 South Main Street Why teacherr turn gray. Glee Club 1, 23 Junior Red Cross 23 Stamps and Bonds Representative 3, 43 Log Staff. GEORGE KELLY "Frerichyl' 71 Bassick Street Why work when you can dance your way through life? Film Club 43 Log Staff3 Writers' Guild. ALFRED D. KLEPS HAZ!! 131 Victory Street Clever hoy, clever way, Al if the artist of our day. Log SYSHHQ Book Week 2, 3, 4. JOSEPH E. KMETZO F'-I0e,'Y 63 Hollister Street Wirdom it wealth. LILA R. KNAPP "Lila" 74 Sheppard Street Quiet ir my middle name. Photography Club 13 Travel Club 3, 43 O.F.F.Q Clarion Staff 3. DOROTHY KANUCK "Dot" 2 79 Roosevelt Avenue She who laughy and ir happy hrirzgr Jurzyhine with erfery day. Stamps and Bonds Repre- sentative 43 A.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 junior Red Cross 1. MICHEAL KAPAREIKO "Alike" 25 Knowlton Street The world will go on and 012, hui I word! interfere. Homeroom President 1, 23 Boys' Club 33 Stamps and Bonds Representative 4. JOSEPH KOCHISS UW.. 634 Success Avenue Quiet people are zrelfome e1'e".1"zz'lJere. GEORGE KOMAR "Harding"' 7 Mead Street I .rlep forzwarrl into the world-:woe if me Transferred from Harding High School, September, 1945. Football 4. 1945 JOSEPH P. KOSTENKO H-Ioelf 216 Orange Street They Jay a carpenter' ir known bert by lair cbipy. Football 3, 4. DOROTHY KOVALICK "Shorty" 64 jackson Avenue Tbozzglatfulnerr maker frierzdrhipir and thought- frzlnesf keepr lloerrz. ELIZABETH KRISTOFF HBEUEI' 14 jackson Avenue Frierzdx are like keepralaer grozwirrg more dear. more preciour, more cheriyloea' year after year. Glee Club 1. GEORGE KRUG "George" 26 Dover Street Girlr, Ilaey are the leaft of my worrreff Boys' Club 2, 5. 4. DOROTHY A. KUBA "Yo Yo" 192 Taft Street Her' hair .vo blonde, eyef 50 blue: all flair play perronality too. Glee Club 13 Girls' Sport Club 4g Red Cross Repre- sentative 2g Log Staff. JEAN A. KUPEC "fearzr1e" 282 Bruce Avenue Not too .reriorzly not too gayf Jlaek jar! rigbl in every way. Ushers' Guild 3, 43 Travel Club 5, 41 O.F.F.g Library Club 1g Publicity Club 1, President 2, Vice-President 5, Secretary 4. ELIZABETH KOPCHICK "Bette" 4 3 2 Soundview Avenue Sire lakes' tbirlgy ar Ibey come ana' newer zrorriex. Homeroom President 11 Glee Club 1. DOROTHY KOSHA "D0ffie" 24 7 Clover Street Lizfirz' and lovin' if. Glee Club 25 A Cappella Choir 13 Senex cum Laude. RITA KUPEC ffRee77 475 Barnum Terrace The walk of a dignified dren. Senex cum Laude, Glee Club 1, 23 Girls' Sport Club 3, Civics Club. ROBERT KUPEC HB0blI 45 Euerle Street Newer let women interfere with your education. Class Vice-President 4, Film Service Club, Presi- dent 4g Hall Guards 4g Student Council 5, Boys' Club 3, 4. LU JOSEPH LQBASH Hjoell 83 High Park Avenue His Jmiler reflect hir per- ronalityg hir friendr, hir popularity. junior Class President, Senior Class President, Basketball 43 Senex cum Laude, Student Council 4. RUTH M. LEACH ffRu!l7U 929 Wilcoxson Avenue Tallaing ir no rin. Student Council 1, 2g Glee Club 1, 2, Girls' Sport Club 4, Service Crew 4. JUNE LESZEZYNSKI er-,anew 40 Kings College Place Mildnen gorfernr more than anger, Senex cum Laude. 22 B HELEN LILLA "Helen" 11 1 College Street Her voice war eifer roft and low, an excellent thing in woman. AGNES A. LISCINSKY ffiqgfl 346 Burritt Avenue Charmingly and silently the maker her way. O.F.F.3 Senex cum Laude. JOAN M. LoMAs rrcindyff 251 Nichols Avenue A comrade hlithe and full of glee who darer to laugh aloud and free, Girls' Sport Club 1, 2, 3, 43 O.F.E., A.A. Staff 4. CHARLES KUROGHLIAN "Tyrone" 1099 Success Avenue Live today. why worry about tomorrow? Intramural Baseball 2, 3. ROMAYNE KYTE "Mayner" 3 3 Colony Street Ar merry ay a erichet. Band 2, 3, Secretary 4, Homeroom Treasurer 3, 4g Publicity Club 2, President 3, Treasurer 4. TODD LOVELL "Todd" 105 King Street School it nice but vacation ir nicer. JULIA LUCSAY "T0ot.rie" 5 90 Greenheld Avenue To he ejfciezzt in a quiet way. llmfx her aim through- out the day. Senex cum Laude: Lost and Found 4. 19115 GLADYS M. MacKIMMIE "Mac" 1 East Street The more mirchief, the hetter rporl. Student Council 1, 2g A,A. Council 2, 5, 43 Log Staffg Travel Club 4g Film Club 4. LOIS MADDOX HLOVY 164 Raven Terrace Wforh if well done when i!'.r done with 61 will. Biology Club 1, 2, 5, 4, Secretary 3: Homeroom Secretary 4g Art Club l, 2, 5g National Honor Society 5. 4g Senex cum Laude. WALTER MAJESKY Viggo 348 jackson Avenue lr he really yo rhy? Homeroom President 43 Intramural Baseball 2. GABRIEL E. MALFRONTE "Gabe" 114 Ocean Avenue For hefr a jolly good fellow. Orchestra 1, 2, 33 Band 1, 2, 5g Les jongleurs 4g Hall Guards 4. MARY J. MAMONE "Mar" 152 Thompson Street A merry heart maketh rr cheerful foznztendrlce. Glee Club l, 2. CLAIRE MARKS "Slim " i 10 7 Grove Street Cheerful and gay, ai' the marie Jhe doth play. National Honor Society 4g Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Photogra- phy Club 2, 5, Treasurer 43 Senex cum Laudeg Girls' Sport Club 4. KATHRYN C. LYNCH "Kimi" l2 Ridge Road Sweet ii' the word for you Daisy Chain 5, RALPH MACISCO l,Cl.YL'O" 50 Homecrest Avenue Never excifed. A Cappella Choir 2, 4. DONALD T. MARKS HD07Z7! 1058 North Avenue A willing worker with a smile for all. Student Council 4g Stamps and Bonds Chairman 4g Homeroom President 4g Photography Club 4. RITA M. MARSIC "Reet" 350 Thompson Street Fond of fun! LUG ROSE MARTINO "R ose" 633 Woodencl Road She's quiet and sweety a girl quite complete. Girls' Sport Club 23 Glee Club 2g O.F.F.g Librarian 2, 3. FRANCIS D. MAY "Frank" 26 5 Bruce Avenue Fun is my hest suhiect, hut haskethall runs a close second. Basketball 3, 45 Masquers 49 A.A. Council l, 2g I-Ii-Y 3g Boys' Club l, 2, 3. WILLIAM McCALLA fIB0y7l 23 Hull Court Musie is my pastime. Band 2, 3. FRANCES J. McCARTHY "Fran" 51 Melville Street Much has she undertaken, much has she done. Student Council 2, 3, 41 Social Committee Chair- man 4. JOYCE MCINNIS "Michey" 2 7 Allyndale Drive A quiet personality with a touch of rascality. Log Staffg Clarion Staff 4: Travel Club 4g Les Jong- leurs 45 Girls' Sport Club 5.4. y MATTHEW MCNALLY reMdtty:: 30 Wood Avenue A healthy frame, a level mind, here rose an athlete, A.A Re resentative 1 2 3 . P a v s 43 Basketball 2, 3, Captain 43 Baseball 1, 2, Captain 3, 4g Football 3, 4g Home- rcom President 4. PHYLLIS MARSTON Upbylfl 261 Reitter Street Her heart as golden as her voice. Publicity Club 3, 4g Gam- ma Rho 4g A Cappella Choir 4g Variety Show 3, 4g Log Staff. ROBERT MARTIN ffB0bU 100 Clinton Avenue To worry little, to study less, is my idea of happiness. Film Service Club 3, 4. ROSEMARY D. MCNAMARA "Mac" 146 Patterson Avenue A friend to ali. a foe to none. Travel Club 1, 2, Glee Club 4g O.F.F.g Student Council 43 Senior Play Ticket Committee Chair- man 4. N. PHYLLIS MEIER "Phyl'1 84 Mary Avenue A dark haired lair with twinkling eyer. Art Club 13 Girls' Sport Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Civics Club li Ushers' Guild 5, Secre- tary 4g Log Staff. 194 RALPH J. MEZZONI rrRalphu 168 West Avenue Be wire, have a good time ai! the time. A.A. 4. EVELYN MIKLOS ffE1jeU 408 Hollister Street Therelr a Jparhle of humor in her eye. Junior Red Cross 1. ROBERT L. MINASIAN, JR. moi" 1188 Stratford Avenue He har an amz:-'er for everything. Senex cum Laude: Hall Guards 5, Captain 43 Foot- ball, Baseball, Basketball Manager 4g Boys' Club Baseball 1, 2, Stamps and Bonds Representative 1, 2, 3, 4. E VILMA MOZZI HVVI 320 Soundview Avenue Such joy ambition firzdr. O.F.F.g Publicity Club 3 45 Travel Club 43 A.A. 1 2, 5, 4. EVELYN MUISE "Make" 949 Huntington Road Ar nice a girl as can he found arryzrhere. Publicity Club 1g O.F.F.1 Travel Club 4, Girls' Sport Club 1g Senex cum Laude. ROBERT MULRENAN HB0b7! 115 Holmes Street It'.v my ride to iozfe them ai! aiihe. Transferred from Fairfield Preparatory School, Sep- tember, 1945. Boys' Club 4. ELEANOR MELNICSAK .,E!t'.. 659 Artic Street Bridgeport, Conn. fl .vmiie for L'I'E7',VOIIL'. a frorwz for mme. Homeroom Secretary 1' Lost and Found 3. 4. MARGARET MEZICK "iliarge" 71 Fisher Court A .rmiiing face rereaiy a happy heart. Gamma Rho 13 A.A. Rep- resentative 3. 1 I v ROSEMARY MULVANEY "ROJernary" 692 King Street She reef the world throngh rote-colored gla.fJe.t. Clarion Staff 3, Feature Editor 4. THEODORE MURZYN "Ted" 1653 North Avenue Life if Jwell, bat ah- Jo are girlrl Football 43 Clarion Repre- sentative 4, LUG FLORENCE NOBLE "Florence" 10 Lines Place Her perronality it reflected through her rrniler. Homeroom Secretary 4. GLORIA D. NOBLIN "Gloria" 54 Charles Street A Jweet dirporition it the .tign of a friendly foul. A Cappella Choir 4g Senex cum Laudeg Les jongleurs 33 Civics Club. NANCY J. NORCO "Nance" 24 Locust Street Nancy with the laughing face. Art Club 15 Girls' Sport Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Ushers' Guild 3, 4g Civics Clubg Senex cum Laude. JEAN C. OCAME "Jeanne" 86 Park Street W ho rpeahx least knows mort. O.F.F,g Photography Club Ig Clarion Staff 33 Travel Club 3, 4. CLAIRE O'HARA Hljhff 181 Fairview Avenue fllufayr willing to helpg always trying to pleare. Photography Club 15 Girls' Sport Club 1, 2, 4g Biology Club Z, 3g Debating Club 33 Glee Club 1, 2, 4. D. ELAINE OLSEN "Lane" 309 Sherwood Place To draw, to rketch, to paint ir my delight. Art Club 1, Treasurer 2, 3, 4g Biology Club 2, Secre- tary 3g Homeroom Treas- urer 3, 4g Senex cum Laudeg National Honor So- ciety 3, Treasurer 4. REXFORD NETTLETON "Rex" 5 8 Blalceman Place Silence it the tool of all trite thinkers. WILLIAM M. NEWMAN "Bill" 37 jesse Avenue Eat, drink, and he merry. Senior Play 4g Log Staff, Assistant Editorg Hall Guards 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 Biology Club 2, 3, 4. HARRY C. OLSEN "Harry" 309 Sherwood Place Puff freely tltroziglag the ll'07'ld'.f all thine own. until the end of time. Debating Club 33 Home- room President 33 Boys' Club 3, 41 Hall Guards 43 Senex cum Laude. STANLEY OLSEN "Stan" 223 Soundview Avenue A good name ir better than richer. Senex cum Laude 4g Pho- tography Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Film Service Club 3. 1945 LENA M. PAGLIARO HLeU 302 East Main Street A Jitnny rnzile that rnaker the hitrdert tark tt pleartire. Girls' Sport Club 1, 23 Glee Club 1, 2g Travel Club 4g Lost and Found 4. ROSEMARIE PAOLETTI HR0ie7! 619 Nichols Avenue A willing worker and 4 rrnile for all. National Honor Society 3, 43 Senex cum Laudeg Li- brary Club 2, Treasurer 3, President 4g Lost and Found 3, 43 Log Editorial Board. PETER PAPPAS rrpetelt 760 Stratford Avenue Carefree, withoitt worrier, along the road of life he rcurrier. ELIZABETH J. PARRISH "Betty" 226 Dover Street Be glad and your friendr are many. Glee Club 43 Mop Crew 33 Senex cum Laudeg A.A. 33 Latin Club 2. JAMES PASCUCCI Hjim V! 58 Everett Street The quiet afcontplirh rnucla, Base- Boys' Club 1, 2, 33 ball 3g A.A. Representa- tive 2, 3, 4. MARGARET R. PASCUCCI "Margie" 121 Evelyn Street Alznzyr clyeerful, tzluvzyr gay: iz smile for everyone, eifery day. Student Council 1g Service Committee Chairman 3, 41 Girls' Sport Club 1, 2, 43 Glee Club 1. RICHARD 1-r. oLsoN 'fort-if 126 Willcbw Avenue Silence if goltlen but :vim zmntr to be rileut. Senex cum Laude: Boys' Club 1, 2, 5, 4: Tennis 3. 43 Hall Guards 41 Squad Leader 3, 4. VIRGINIA T. O'SHEA "Ginnie" 60 Elliot Street Take life too J'6fi0ll.flA1f. and z1'ht.'t if it zvortla? Band 1, 2, 5, 43 Les Jong- lcurs 4. -ai ""'l.'3' ROBERT PEGG reB0b,v 44 Temple Street 'Tix good to be free from care. Boys' Club lg Stamps and Bonds Representative. KATHERINE PELLEGRINO "Pelly" 98 Clover Street Popularity it tbe keynote to ruccefs. Log Eclitorg Student Coun- cil 4g Biology Club 2, 3, 4g National Honor Society 3, 45 Debating Club 3. ..,w,.w 5 LUIS JOYCE A. PHILO "Quads Quacku 45 Dogwood Place Devon, Conn. Superactizfe and very attractive. Travel Club 2, 3, President 4g Log Staflg Glee Club 1. GERTRUDE ANN PIEGER "Gert" 126 Barnum Terrace I breatbed a Jong into tbe air. Travel Club 3. 4g Glee Club lg A Cappella Choir 4: O.F.F.g Homeroom Libra- ian 4. EDITH I. PIMPINELLA "Edie" 2 20 Bruce Avenue Witbout one cloud of gloom. A Cappella Choir I, 2, 3, 4g Senex cum Laucleg Clar- ion Staff 4. RAMON B. PISONERO 'FRH-ly!! 38 Marsh Way' Good nature if one of tbe ricbett fruity of peryonality. Technical Arts Advisory Committee 2g Football 3, 4. MARGARET S. PIVARNIK "Margie" 4 32 Swanson Avenue A pleaying personality gen you anyufbere. National Honor Society 41 Senex cum Laucleg O.F.F, Secretaryg Clarion Staff 43 Photography Club 2. WILLIAM PIZZUTO HBH!!! 2 3 O Dewey Street If football were rnuric. be'd be tbe wbole bran' band. Football l, 2, 3, Captain 4. LEONARD PENGUE "Lenny"f 56 Eunice Parkway All I atb it a tall Jbip and a Jtar to Jteer ber by. Intramural Baseball 2, 3. MAGARET C. PESCHELL "Margie" 3 Reeds Lane Sbe if tbe rnildest rnannered girl. Glee Club 1. 2, 3g Gamma Rho 33 Senex cum Laude. l ETHEL POWERS "Et" 586 Housatonic Drive I chatter. chatter as I go. Creative Writing Club 43 Glee Club 1. RUTH M. PRENTICE "Ruth" 480 Harvard Avenue Her carer re.rt upon her lightly. Mop Crew 2. 53 Homeroom Librarian 5. 2 L.. 1945 LUCY I. RAMALHO HW' DAVID REED 50 Dewey Street Small in rtature. big in heart. Glee Club 13 Junior Red Cross 43 Clarion 3, Art Editor 43 Girls' Sport Club 3. MARY JANE RAYMOND "Janie" Box 561 Nichols Avenue Ar mrtrical ar Appolobf flute. National Honor Society 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, Vice-Presi- dent 43 O.F.F.3 Log SEQHQ Stamps and Bonds Repre- sentative 2, 3, 4. DOLORES REBSTOCK "Reb " 90 Taft Street Often teen, Jefdom heard. O.F.F. 29 "Herbie" 84 Nichols Avenue Hit ttzlentr are of the .filerzt kind. CATHERINE J. RESEL FfKdy!J 197 Freeman Avenue When at the piano. Jhe'.r at her bert. National Honor Society 43 Senex cum Laude3 A.A. Treasurer 43 Student Coun- cil 43 O.F.F. ELEANOR L. RIZZO HRiZ'7 53 Boswell Street Mischief, tholz are afoot. A Cappella Choir 2. 5, 43 Glee Club 13 Travel Club 43 Variety Show 1. 2, 3, 4. IDA M. PRlMAVERA "Prim " 286 Patterson Avenue Popular, pretty and af1z'ay.r pfeamtll. Cheerleader 1, 2, 5, Co- Captain 43 Ushers' Guild Secretary 5. President 43 Girls' Sport Club 1, 2, 3. Vice-President 43 Student Council 5, 'l?l'U.lSUI'Cl' 43 Senex cum Laude. FRANCES PRUZINSKY "Frau" 231 Huntington Road Every girl har her Virtue and herr if .rport.fr11ar1.rhip. Girls' Sport Club 1, 2. 5, 4. BETSY M. ROSS "Bet" 113 Sands Place To he merry hey! hecornes yon. Girls' Sport Club 4. JEAN V. SAMUELMAN "leannie" , 100 Lake Street A nice perron to know. Transferred from Staples High School, Westport, Connecticut, D e c e m b e r, 194 5. O.F.F. Kin Mauna... L NICHOLAS J. SCHIRILLO "N ink" 71 General Street Ar nice a lad as we all know, and one without a Jingle foe. NICHOLAS J. SCHIRILLO ffsdbulf 73 General Street Nothing if imporsihle for me. Intramural Baseball 2, 3, Intramural Basketball 3. BARBARA SCI-IREIBER "Bohhie" 3810 Main Street Everything ir ar you take it. Gamma Rho 2, 31 Lost and Found 3. I1 30 B SALVATORE J. SCOSTA Usa!!! 60 Swanson Avenue Toilay ix the thing, for who knowy what tomorrow will hring? Transferred from Malden High School, Malden, Mas- sachusetts, September, 1945. EILEEN SEXTON NE-ir! 1066 Wells Place A :toni ilisporition ir the Jign of a friendly Jonl. Clarion 3, Feature Editor 4, Civics Club, Red Cross Secretary 4, Glee Club 1, 2. STEPHEN SHARNICK "Sieve" 50 Wiklund Avenue Not that he likes work len, hut fun more. Hall Guards 4. STEPHEN G. SANTA HD0!!yJ7 295 Patterson Avenue Slratforilk Choice! Student Council President 45 Football 4g Senex cum Laude, Homeroom Presi- dent 33 Masquers 4. JEAN SCHAER "Jean" 8 5 Greenlawn Avenue Her dimpled ymile will go a long, long way. O.F.F.g Glee Club 1, 2, 4. EDYTHE SHERIDAN "Sherry" 368 Jackson Avenue Still :water rant deep. junior Red Cross 1. 2, 3. ELEANOR -I. SHIROKY "L0ll" 222 Burritt Avenue A little work and a little play keept her happy all the clay. Senex cum Laudeg Girls' Sport Club lg Les Jongleurs 43 A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. 1945 JOSEPHINE M. SIEDLECKA filo!! 399 Stonybrook Road Qnietly the came and went. JACQUELINE S. SMITH "jackie" 27 Jefferson Street Beauty if one of G0d'J giftr Class Secretary 4g O.F.F. Vice-President: Masquers 2 43 National Honor Society 5, 4g Senior Play. THEODORE F. SMITH Urea" R.F.D. l Stepney Depot Let nze go ufhereer I zrill. Boys' Club l. BEI IY A. SODOSKI IIRedU 91 Vought Place lVhat gift more tlerirahle than a happy heart. Glee Club 2. 3. FLORENCE SOPCHAK ffzw ll4 Chelsea Street Plearant to everyone. Senex cum Laudeg O.F.F.3 Girls' Sport Club 2g Glee Club l. JOHN D. STANTON "johnny" 32 Maple Street He it hound to rife and fire, until the top he'J reathed. Film Service Club 3, 4g Civics Club. LUCY SHOLONlCH "L1trj"i 616 Porter Street A true friend to many. with many true frierzdx. O.F.F. Presidentg Publicity Club 5, President 41 Gam- ma Rho, Treasurer 43 Senex cum Laude, Vice-President 41 Homeroom Secretary 2, Vice-President 5, 4. VINCENT F. SICA "Vin" 866 North Avenue Bridgeport, Conn. Life without .rportx if not life. Football 3, 43 Basketball 3. 4g Baseball 31 Homeroom President 31 Senex cum Laude. CATHERINE M. STAVOLA "Kay" 9 54 Wfells Place Modext, pleaxant, and dependable. Les Jongleurs 4. FRANCIS STERBACK "Frank" 127 Henry Avenue A modert man with little to Jay. Hall Guards 4. LUG ROBERT J. SWITZGABLE rfBObtr 46 Glenwood Avenue Ferl' tbingi are impoyxlble to diligence. Biology Club 2, Vice-Pres- ident 3, President 4g Tennis Team 2, 3, Captain 43 Senex cum Laude, A.A. Representative I, 2, 3, 41 National Honor Society 4. JOHN TALBOT "jack" 404 Dahl Avenue Little given to Jpeeclw. Boys' Club I. 1 LOIS TALLMAN "Lott" 531 California Street Mifclaief daures in her eyes and xmiler upon her lipy. Glee Club 1, Red Cross Representative 3, Stamps and Bonds Representative 4, Senex cum Laude, Log Staff. CHARLES H. THIBAULT "Charlie" 368 Windsor Avenue Thy hair. long may it wave. Senex cum Laude, Boys' Club I, 2, 3, 4, Counci- leers I, 2, 3, Hall Guards 4, Band I, 2, 3, President 4. MARIE THIBAULT "Marie" 442 Windsor Avenue A good companion make! company. Publicity Club 4, Senior Dance, A.A. 2, 3, 4. ETHEL S. TYLER "Ethel" I7O Beardsley Avenue Quiet, uurujled, and cheerful. Girls' Sport Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club I, 2, Red Cross Representative I, 2, 3, 4g Library Club 1. EDWARD F. STODOLIN K HEKZU 70 Wiklund Avenue Sober but not rerioui, quiet but not idle. Senior Play 4: National Honor Society 3, Vice- President 43 Biology Club 2, 3, 4g Hall Guards 4g Film Service Club Treasur- er 4. EDWARD SUTYAK UELZIH 29 Dorus Street Noble in every thought and deed. A.A. Representative 43 Stu- dent Council Alternate 2g Intramural Basketball 41 Intramural Baseball 4. JEAN VAN ETTEN fflgdnrf l58 East Laughlin Road And that xmile. like .unz- shine, dartx into many a .rzzrzleu heart. Stamps and Bonds Repre- sentative l. 2, 53 Travel Club Zg Ushers' Guild 3. 41 Photography Club 45 Glee Club 1. AUSTIN K. VERMILYA r'Kay'r 27 Sunnyside Terrace A quiet perron, except when otheruiire. Masquers 2, 3, President 41 National Honor Society 3, 45 Student Council 3g As- sembly Chairman 4g Senex cum Laudeg Senior Play. 1945 ADELINE WALKER "Addie" 2 2 Hull Court An athlete lo the lar! degree. Photography Club 3, 41 Girls' Sport Club 1, 2, 3, 4. JEANETTE R. WANZIE rrjednu 58 Main Street Pleayant to everyone. rmplearant to none. Glee Club lg O.F.F.1 Mop Crew 3g Home Nursing Z. DANIELS WEAVER "Dau" 84 Whippoorwill Lane I alare do all that may become a mari: who alarex do more if none. JOHN WEIMER "Doc" 553 Birdseye Street What Jhoald a man do hut he merry? Senex cum Laude. PHYLLIS G. WELLINGTON "Phyl" 62 Ward Street Nezfer trolzhle tronhfe. fill trorzhfe trofrhfex yon. Girls' Sport Club l, 2, 3. ROSABEL B. WELLS NR ore" 940 Huntington Road Sober. rteadfart. and !1r?lIlIll'6. Girls' Sport Club 2, 3, 43 junior Red Cross 2. WALTER VOGT " Walt" S5 Kings College Place If there it frm to he had, have il: if there if fill!! to he done, do it. Basketball 1, Z1 Football 2. 53 Student Council l, 31 Hall Guards 43 Senex cum Laude. OLGA WAI RY "Babe" 210 Harding Avenue A girl with a cute and :rin- rzing way. Student Council lg Glee Clubg Red Cross 5, 41 Civics Club. MARION WEST "Bi1'dieH 451 Windsor Avenue Ever helpful, alzzfayt willing. Student Council 3, 43 Stamps and Bonds Repre- sentative, Homeroom Treas- urer 43 Girls' Sport Club 1. WILLIAM F. WESTLIN MBU!!! 409 Allyndale Drive He who milf the rea of ambition anchorr in the harbor of succett. Student Council 1, 23 Soph- omore Class President, Senex cum Laudeg Civics Club Presidentg National Honor Society 4. LUIS WILLIAM J. YORK fIBiZlU 36 Marsh Way It'J great to he alive. JOAN ZAVORY "1 onni el' 78 Frash Street Study it my middle ntmze, Photography Club 1, 2, Secretary 3, 4, Clarion Staff 3, Associate Editor 4, Senex cum Laude, National Honor Society 4, Log Stall. DORIS ZENHIGH "Dorn 401 Laughlin Road It is iz friendly heart that hat plenty of friendf. Girls' Sport Club 1, 2, 3, 4g O.F.F.g Clarion Represent- ative 3g Homeroom Secre- tary 2, Treasurer 33 Senex cum Laude. THERESA M. ZIETKOWSKI ffTrelf 29 Bowe Avenue A thy girl hut iz loyal friend. O.F.F. AN NETTE ZION "Nettie" 89 Canaan Court A true friend to all who know her. WILLIAM ZRELAK "Billl' 139 Henry Avenue I am at .terioizr at 11 judge. NATALIE P. WILMOTT "Natalie" 7579 Main Street She cannot frozen - ,the never trie.t,' her heart if aluvzyi' merry. Glee Club 1, 21 Les Jong- leurs 4g Log Staff. THERESA WOLSKI "Terry" 6 Eunice Parkway Style it the dren of thought. Transferred from Warren Harding High School, Sep- tember, 1944. ERNEST SPADA "Sparkle" 528 Sedgwick Avenue Cart in manly mold for Jporty. Squad Leader 1, 2, 53 Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, Captaing Intra- mural Baseball 1, 2, 33 In- tramural Basketball 2, 34 Vice-President Freshman Class. MATHEXV BLAND "Limey" 55 Alanson Road 111 arguing. too. Bland 0u'17.f hir Jkill, for even Ilaougla vanquirlaed. be could argue Jtill. MARY MCKIERNAN "Iri5l9" 118 Cupheag Crescent She maker laome rum in lmreball ax 'well ax friendf. 1945 BORIS MOSKOLENKO Hlllofkil' James Farm Road Few thing: are imporxible to diligence and xlfill. Transferred from Newton High School, jackson Heights, New York, April 2, 1946. 1 Q. '7 . , 253012, -5 1' 'Wi' 1 f - M 'ro ffgfll fb ffl' ,eff 0 L 'W W' 1 X X X52 1 17' f 1 f.1i', ' n?5Sy4?:,,-31595 0 A pdgffffp ..-.J1'i9' ""?52' 0 0 :af - 1532 lil' 'A' X 0 f" ff 41 1 ffff' 7 flff 1,5 gbfiyifgfff X OXM ' J l"E4 X axe. ,UH X . 55 F 3 6 f'X QW? sfx, Kawai: im, , f A 6 ,C fi X gf fff f " iff' X X f u X r"" I 1 C If lL Class Characteristics GLORIA DE ROSA . JACQUELINE SMITH . JANICE BATEMAN . LUCY SHOLONICH . RITA KUPEC . JOAN CROSSLEY . Tl-IERESA WOLSKI . . Barr Sffnlwzt . Bert Looking . . C'1f1e.f1 . Mm! Pflplliall' . Mint Dignifiecl . Bw! Athlete . Bef! Dreued . FRANCES MCCARTHY . , Done M011 for School . . FRANCES MCCARTHY . ELAINE OLSEN . . . MARJORIE HURD . . . ROSEMARY MncNAMARA NORMA DE LOYA . . . HELEN HODGSON . . JEAN IRVING . . CATHERINE RESEL . Mm! Obliging . Beit Artifi . Bigger! Flirt . Bef! Dancer . Wiltieft . . Biggeft Grind . Biggefl Giggler . Ben Musician . 38 . XXXILLIAM NEWMAN . FREDRIC GORTON . ROBERT KUPEC . . GEORGE SANTA . . KAY VERMILYA . MATTHEW McNALLY . ROBERT KUPEC . . GEORGE SANTA . . GEORGE SANTA . . ALFRED KLEP3 . RAYMOND FUSCI . . GEORGE KELLY . JOHN GOLUBOWICH LLOYD BAGNELL . PHILIP BLOCK . . . VINCENT SICA GABRIEL MALFRONTE I 4:2 fc Q'-5' aj A A If 'A 2 ik 2 I Y 5 I Class Charactefistics JOSEPHINE SIEDLECKA . . . Mon Baxbful MARY ANDREWS . . . . Best Actor GLORIA DE ROSA . . . Mort Likely to Succeed . PHYLLIS MARSTON . PHYLLIS MARSTON . JOAN zAvORY . . JOAN LOMAS . JEAN BAKER ..... KATHERINE PELLEORINO JOSEPHINE SIEDLECKA . LUCY SHOLANICH . . KATHERINE PELLEGRINO PATRICIA HALEY . . . KATHERINE PELLEGRINO FRANCES MCCARTHY . Beft Vocalift Wont Blzuber Ben Author Mott Carefree Biggeft Alibier . Noixieft . . Quietext . Most Optimiftic Moyt Penimixtic . . Moxt Collegiate Biggest Cutup Moxt Energetic 39 . JOSEPH LA RASH HAROLD JOHNSON . .OEOROE SANTA . .GEORGE SANTA . JOSEPH LA BASH . WILLIAM WESTLIN . LAWRENCE GRIFFIN . . . . FRANK MAY . JOHN GOLUBOWICH REXEORD NETTLETON . . . PETER PAPPAS . JOHN GOLUBOWICH . JOHN STANTON . . . VINCENT SLCA . GERALD JACARUSCO . JOHN GOLUBOWICH . MATTHEW MCNALLY Eg :nf 3 nl: "im ix Sill ' was nm Senior Class President . ...... . Joe LaBash Vice-Prerident . . Bob Kupec Secretary . . Jackie Smith Treasurer . . Martin Horback. Adviser . . Miss Imelda Goyette The Senior Class, the flrst post-war graduating class, completed a memorable year under the able guidance of Miss Imelda Goyette, senior adviser. The first outstanding class activity was the senior play, "Swing Fever", which was presented on November 16 and 17, under the direction of Miss Audrey Estes. This riotous comedy was a highly enjoyable and also a profitable entertainment. The long-awaited Junior-Senior Prom was held at the Ritz Ballroom on May 10. This, more than anything else, made seniors realize that the end of their high school days was in sight. The annual Senior Banquet was held on June 10, at the Stratlield Hotel, at which the characteristics were announced and the presentation of awards were made. Highlighting the entire year were those special days which seniors had dreamed of with great joy, and yet, with sadness--Baccalaureate Service and Graduation Day. 40 Junior Class Prerident . . Harold Jensen Vice-Prerident . . Andrew Tomasko Secretary . . . Norma Miller Treafurer . . Annette Versepy Adviser . . Everett J. Wordell The junior Class, under the capable direction of Everett Wordell, finished another active year. With the ordering of their class rings went the prayer of every junior- that they would get their rings before they were seniors. The climax of the year was the junior-Senior Prom, and to the Junior Class goes much of the credit for its success. A 41 Sophomore Class Prerident . . George Wood Vice-President . . Mary Primavera Secretary . . Rita Macisak Treasurer . Jean Brantley Adviser . . . . . . Miss Eloise Carter The Sophomore Class, guided ably by Miss Eloise Carter, was very busy this year. The annual Sophomore Party, held on March 8, was a wonderful success, with everyone cooperating to put it over in the best way possible. The class has also taken part in various drives. 42 Prefidem . . joseph Stavola Vice-Preridem . . William Morrell Secretary . . Rae Recupido Treasurer . . Pat Regan Advirer . . Mrs. Jennie Alderman The Freshman Class, directed by Mrs. Jennie Alderman, was extremely active this year. The Get-Together Party was held on March 22, with a great number of the class participating enthusiastically to make it the great success that it was. u Freshman Class 43 5 :M , 5 ,:' ,xv a I ,. 41 Mary Jane Aspinwall Barbara Beardsley Laurel Butler Marie English Anne German Pat Haley Grace Heisler Dorothy Hill Helen Hodgson Marjorie Hurd Carol Hurliman Literary Slay? june jezierny Harold johnson Eileen Keane Gladys MacKimmie Phyllis Marston Joyce Mclnnis Phyllis Meier Bill Newman Nancy Norco Claire O'Hara Joyce Philo LOG Adverliring Gladys Haefele Marion West C0-chairmen Ruth Beers Grace Heisler Jean Irving jerry jacaruso Gladys MacKimmie Eleanor Melnicsak Marie Thibault Ida Primavera Lois Tallman Natalie Wilmott ,loan Zavery Typirrs Veronica jarusinsky Romayne Kyte Mary jane Raymond Mrs. Curtis's Period 3 Typing Class 44 STAFF Editor Katherine Pellegrino Art Edztor Elaine Olsen Photography Editor Don Marks Afxirtant Editors Mary jane Aspinwall Don Marks George Barna Bill Newman Marjorie Hurd Elaine Olsen Harold johnson Rose Marie Paoletti Joe La Bash Mary jane Raymond Lois Maddox Bob Switzgable Photography A rt Jane Bond Mildred Hallquist Mave Cahill Mel DiMauro Helen Hodgson Dorothy Kosha June Leszczynski Lois Maddox Phyllis Meier Nancy Norco Natalie Wilmott joan Zavory C zrculation Helen Fedor Evelyn Bullock Co-chairmen jean Crossley Veronica Jarusinsky jean Kupec Agnes Liscinsky joan Lomas Marjorie. Mezick Lucy Sholanich jerry jacaruso Al Kleps Adifiiery Ruth E. Cunningham , 1 . appreciation to the students and members Muriel Varnum of the faculty who have assisted them in the preparation of this book. i The Log Staff wishes to express its 45 . Qfii f f Qf-ff 5 f S W kv HQ F-,Q Q p -,mm , 753 .7654-6' - f1'L4Zf'QL. A ...-- 3 K""'ff', M , g D Football The football team of 1945 was one of the Finest elevens ever to represent Stratford High. Until they met their waterloo on No- vember 9 at the hands of Fairfield, the team was heralded prominently as the State Class A champion, the nrst time that a Stratford team had ever received mention as such. The team finished the season with seven well-earned victories to counterbalance the two heartbreaking defeats that marred the other side of the ledger. The two defeats came at the hands of Fairfield, 7-2, and Bassick, 7-6. The first six victories, won consecutively, were won against Danbury, Hardlng, Norwalk, Branford, Derby, Shelton. Then, to climax a successful season, the team administered a sting- ing defeat to Milford by rolling up a lopslded score in the Annual Turkey Day game. 'The team composed of a heavy line and a pony backfield, rolled up a total of 194 points against an insignificant opposing total of 26 points. Of a total of twenty-six lettermen, twelve will return next year while Captain Plzzutto, Griffin, Fitch, Hull, Santa, Kostenko, Pisoncro, Crowfoot in the line, and Slca, McNally, Gor- ton, Barna and Murzyn in the backfie'd plus Manager Minasian will be lost through gradu- ation. The schedule for next year, having been revised to include seven class A games plus the Milford game, has finally severed relations between Stratford and the Housatonic Valley League. I9l-l- Reglzlum' Fitch - - - Guckerr --- --- Piscnero Malfrome Pnzzuto .... ..... Santa --- ----- Grxihn -- .... -- Sica .... MCNally -- - Bama - - Weldman 1 SL 5-46 Football Line-up Pmilirnl Slrfnlillftur - ---L.E. .... --- SCh11alf -- Cords L.G.-- - ..... Fitch Crowfoor Kosrsnko - Huduk - jenscn Q.B.--- --- German Kopnicky - ---F.B.--- --- Murzyn --- .... R.H.B. .... ,-- Gorton 49 Basketball 1945 - VARSITY SCORES - 1946 Stratford Fairfield .... W-- 29 Stratford -44 Fairfield - -, ---- 22 Stratford Norwalk - - - .... 21 Stratford 36 Branford - - - - - - - 40 Stratford Alumni .... .... 3 2 Stratford 34 Milford --, --- 19 Stratford Norwalk --- -- 33 Stratford 39 Harding --- ---- 47 Stratford Seymour --- -- 15 Stratford 35 Danbury --- --- 12 Stratford Lyman Hall ,,..... 17 Stratford 4 2 East Haven ,,,, , - , 2 2 Stratford Derby ..... .... 2 1 Stratford 59 East Haven --- - - - 28 Stratford Hamden - - - .... 18 Stratford 5 8 Derby ..... - - - Z 5 Stratford Branford --- .... 37 Stratford 64 Shelton ,.,,,. U- 29 Stratford Milford - - - .... 30 Stratford 3 2 Lyman Hall 5 5 Stratford Hamden -- .... 23 Stratford 2 Shelton - - ,A 0- - Forfeir Stratford Hamden - - .... 19 Stratford 3 2 Hartford Weaver- - - 5-1 Stratford Seymour ......... 41 i --- 97 647 Following in the wake of a successful foot- ball team, the Stratford basketball five went out and bucked the toughest schedule ever put up to a Stratford teamg yet when the firing was over and the smoke had cleared, the boys had a 20-5 record to show for their efforts. The team was unique in more ways than one, however. After the first two games Coach Tom Andrews let go of the coaching reins be- cause of illness, but jim Penders, amiable gym instructor, stepped right into the vacant posi- tion and guided the team through the rest of the season with amazing success. Midway through the season the schedule was juggled around so as to include the neces- sary number of games to qualify the team for entering the CIAC tournament. But in the playdown, Stratford went down fighting in an overtime game against a big team from Hart- ford Weaver, S4-32. As for the H.V.L. race, Stratford tied with Branford for the title, each with an 11-3 won- lost record. The varsity, consisting of six men, with live subs, racked up twelve games in the win column before bowing to Seymour for their first loss. After that, losses came at the hands of Branford, Wzlllingford, Harding, and the aforementioned Wetxver. The team was led in scoring by Don Cos- tello, followed closely by Matty McNally. The Vifallingford game was the final inter- scholastic basketball tussle for Capt. McNally, Griffin, May, Barna, LaBash, and Sica, while the lettermen returning for another season in our two by four gymnasium are Costello, jen- sen, and Dinahanian. Baseball The baseball team shows promise of hav- ing a very successful season. Led by return- ing Captain Matty McNally, probably the finest scholastic catcher in the state, are a large group of lettermen including Costello, Fitzsimmons, Griflin, Pascucci, McEnaney, Horback, and Masso. McNally, Grifhn, Pascucci, McEnaney and Horback will don their spikes and gloves for their last time in the seasons finale against Bassick. The team so far has shaped up well, and looks both good defensively and offensively. In addition, if Coach Penders' basketball record- is any criterion, we can surely expect a cracker- jack outht. Boys' Club Cheerleaders .1 Fall Tennis Manager . Mario Benigno Bafketball Manager . Wallace Boice Adviser . . . . james Penders C0-captain! . . Ida Primavera, Pat Haley Adviferq . . . Miss Helen Foland Q 53 Bowling Captain Martin Horback Adviser Everett j. Wordell POW! Tennis Captain Bob Switzgabfe Adrifer Henry Anderson Golf Team Co-captain: George Barna Shirley Lasto Advirer Edward Olsen l E S Girls' Sport Club President . . joan Crossley Vice-Prerizlent . Ida Primavera Secretary . . Pat Haley Treamrer . . Anne German Bowling Manager . . Mary Primavera Bafketball Manager . . Armena Boyajian Swimming Manager . . joan Wallace The Girls' Sport Club is the group that sponsors an intramural pro- gram of athletics for girls. This club is a member of the Fairfield County League for Play Days, and during the school year our girls participate in Five play days: swimming, bowling, volley ball, basketball, and tennis. Each year the club sponsors a spring festival in Sterling Park, at which time the girl who has been chosen queen is feted. 55 Athletic Association Prerident . . James Fitch Vice-Prerident . . Roger Davis Secretary . . Marie Eisenman Treawrer . . Kay Resel Advixer . Henry Anderson The Athletic Association had one of its most successful years. The annual football and basketball athletic drives netted a larger income than any previous drive. To aid the drive, large pins were olfered to the par- ticipants instead of tickets. Elaborate programs were sold at the Stratford-Milford football game in order to raise money for an electric score-board. The Athletic Association also sponsored the annual A.A. Dance and conducted an A.A. assembly at which those who participated in the sports activities of the school were awarded letters and sweaters. 56 ' '. jf 1 .lI'k? Avid.. ,ff Q3 -AMMQ iillilf? N! i!-' Jin' i ,....l. Q15 '-vi' 1-1-ui f"'N A V9 x-'5 J' r PC' QUAQX "Eg K Ray? f , "riff, S -. 'iff' , l L 331.3- K, sq. ,.,---Q. Q LN 1 'Y K vga. I X T' mL ' z """" - ... K -T QL ,l ' ' Q f ' ! 2 cs xiii 1 Q ' 'L V' e XXX ff iff! N X I fi Q X X x x x f f .1- fifi ' N N X f 7 X K Z" N -F f C I ,fv- ls f x,-1, N ul A ,ff 1 ii -fs: !+fN,"j,":, 1 'I WW Q :M V ,B f lf fgffk ,Yi--Q fx ,im ,T U 'QQN 1 ' N 7 if X If Student Council Prerident . ....... George Santa Vice-President . . Ted Beckwith Secretary . Marie English Treasurer . . Ida Primavera Faculty Advirer . . Miss Anne Paris The Student Council, under the advisership of Miss Anne Paris, completed many important projects toward helping the nation as well as the community during the year 1945-46. The Student Council, which governs school activities, is composed of members of the four classes of the high school. Each home room is represented and addi- tional seniors are chosen as delegates at large. Regular meetings are held each Monday and are open to all students of the school. Several committees are organized at the beginning of the year to handle the many branches of work. They include the following: The Ways and Means Committee, with Katherine Pellegrino as chairman, con- sists of at least one member from each class, and is organized for the purpose of planning ways and means to earn money. The Variety Show, the Mardi Gras, and the sale of banners, stickers, tags, stationery, and senior hats were activities initiated by this committee. The Social Committee, under Frances McCarthy, this year supervised all social school functions such as a Variety Show, whichwas called "Radio Ripples 60 of Stratford High" and used the theme of a day at a Radio station. The show, running for two nights, proved to be a great success. The Christmas Dance was the only non-stag affair of the fall term. A tea, to which all the school faculty were invited, was given in December. This provided for a student and faculty get together. The committee took charge of all other club and Student Council dances. The Assembly Committee, under Kay Vermilya, took charge of all assemblies throughout the year. Members meet with Mr. Dustin, the Vice-principal, in the spring and selected speakers for the following year. The Student Council assembly put on for the juniors and seniors was enjoyed by all. The purpose of the Publicity Committee, under Marie Schuler, is to publicize the various events and dances of the Student Council. The Service Committee, under Marge Pascucci, has carried out its purpose to sponsor the school drives of the junior Red Cross, National Tuberculosis Asso- ciation, March of Dimes, and the Crippled Childrens Drive. Christmas packages were sent out to service men's hospitals and the committee sent out cards also. The Will' Bond and Stamps Committee, under Don Marks, is in charge of all bond campaigns throughout the school. The committee sponsored a bond drive where prizes were offered to the holders of the right tickets. First prize was a portable radio and the other prizes were donated by the merchants of Stratford. The Welfare Committee, under Dorothy Lupariello, keeps a record of student attendance and sends cards to those absent from school one week clue to illness. A gift is sent to those who are unable to attend for a longer period of time. Among some of the other achievements of the Student Council are the send- ing of "Clarions" to the alumni, servicemen and women both at home and abroad. The Council has also an adopted "War Orphan" and pays S15 a month for the child's care. The Ushers' Guild sponsored by the Student Council, is made up of girls from all four classes, and its object is to assist at social events during the year. 61 Y A Cappella Choir Prerident . . . Vive-Prefident . Secretary . . Treamrer . A dzfirer Les Jongleurs Preridenz Gabe Malfronre Vice-Prerident Ivan Hubbard Secrefary Charlotte Pulley Treamrer Veronica Mako Adzfirer Miss Kareta Briggs Bill Gairo . Anne German . Mary Andrews Marjorie Hurd . Miss Kareta Briggs 62 5:4 If fo, l i 4, ,E+ .Wx T., k , Band Preridenl . . Charles Thibault Vice-Prerzklenl . . Mary jane Raymond Secretary-Manager . ...,. Romayne Kyle Librarian . . . ..... Margaret Downs Executive Committee . Ivan Hubbard, William Gardiner Adzifer . . . ..... Earl V. Flagg Film Service Club Preriderzt Bob Kupec Vire-Prefident Fred Gorton Secreiary Ethel Babis Treamrer Edward Stodolink Advirer George Puglisi 63 Y i vi R i i f i . I National Honor Society Prefiderzt . . . George Barna Secremry . . . Janice Bateman Vice-President , Edward Stodolink Treasurer . . . Elaine Olsen Adrifer ............ Miss Helen Folnnd Senex Cum Laude Prerident . . George, Bama Secretary . . Elaine Olsen Vice-Prexident . Lucy Sholanich Treasurer . . . Elmer Craw Adviser . . ......... Miss Imelda Goyette 64 'VN f W ii . ..., it W V Masquers Prefidenl . Kay Vermilya Treamrer ..... Ruth Beers Vice-Prefident . . Silvia Gernert Enfemzinment Cfloairnzan . Harold johnson Secretary . . Mary Andrews Pmgnmz Cflmifman . . Bill Gaito Adviser . . . Miss Audrey Estes Dramateers President . . . Eleanor Saley Secretary . . . Cecilia Krug Vice-President . . . Anna Person Trearurer . . . Bernice Florian Adviser . . . Miss Audrey Estes 66 Junior Red Cross 5356i Preiident . . Margie Pascucci Secretary . . . Florence Noble Adriferf . ...... Miss Anne Paris, Miss Helen Foland Bonds and Stamps Committee Sludenl Cozmcil Chairman . Don Marks Adzfiferr . . . Miss Anne H. Paris, Caxbier .... Veronica Jarusinsky S I ul Mrs' Llnolu A' Cums . a ergzr J . . . Mary jane Raymond, Pwdymng Agent ' ' ' -lean Putka Margaret Mihalik, Elizabeth Duda, Par Clerk .... . Helen Fedor Dgggngn, Dorothy Kubg 67 Editor-in-Chief . Associate Editors F eauzre Editorr . Advertising Manager Sport: Editor . . Art Edfitor . The Clarion . Gloria DeRosa Marie Eisenman joan Zavory Rosemary Mulvaney Eileen Sexton . Ruth Beers . jerry Alena . Lucy Ramalho Exchange Editor . Circulation Manager Burinerf Manager Faculty Adviser Art Adviser . . Businerr Advirer . . . . . Ralph Happel Shirley Van Sleet . Ruth Beers . . Fred Priestlcy Mrs. Glen Maresca Miss Lois Kraus "The Clarion", Stratford High's semi-monthly publication, has endeavored to help create a stronger, more unified school spirit among the students by keeping them informed on all prob- lems connected with the school. This year "The Clarion", has assumed a major role in assisting all "Schools-at-War" campaigns, and it has promoted a greater cooperation between students and school authorities. This year, "The Clarion" was awarded a second-place rating at the Columbia Scholastic Press Conference. r aw s ,X 1 ,Ati .X 4 ffil i' il 2 wwrwaxiil Service Corps Chairman . Ted Beckwith in N T ,M 'Y 'Q E c.. fb :J F5 U : V5 2. :1 Gamma Rho l 6 Prefident . . , Ruth Beers Treamrer . Lucy Sholanich Vice-Preiidenl . . Doris Alber Secretary . . Peggy Braychak Advifer . . Miss Jane Kaeser 69 1 Radio i ,kg Preiiidenl . . . Stanley Olsen if Vice-Prefidwzt . . George Brirnu Secretary . ' . jim Fitch Treafurer . . . Dick Olson Advirer . . Lowell Lippincott Biology Club Prefident . . . . Bob Switzgable Secretariat . Patricia Driscoll, Wfinifred Renney Vice-Prerident . . Arthur Hermanson Treafurer ..... Barbara Brown Adviser . . Miss Katherine Merillat 70 Inseam --I Ill ll ggi i ll 'Q Travel Club Prerizlent . . . Joyce Philo Secrelary . . Marie English Vice-President . . Carol Hurlimun Treamrer . . . Pauline Hagan Aclvixer . . Mrs. Dorothy Hamilton Art Club Prefident . Harold johnson Vice-Prefident . Laurel Butler Secretary . Lillian Shephard Trearurer . . Elaine Olsen Adrirer . Mrs. Glen Maresca 'mummy- 71 O. F. F. Prefideut . . . . . Lucy Sholanich Sefrenzry ...... Marge Pivarnik Vice-Preridenl ..... Jackie Smith Treamrer ...... Marie Eisenman Adrifen . . Mrs. Llynola Curtis, Miss Vinsen Gorman Ushers' Guild Prefident Ida Primavera Vice-Prefident Patricia Haley Secrelary Phyllis Meier Treafufer Marie English Adviser Miss Evelyn Holmer 72 Photography Club Prerident . . . William Gardiner Secretary . . Vice-Prexident . . William Buxton Treafurer . . Advirer . . . Miss Ruby Wheeler 74 . . Joan Zavory . Love Chorney Lost and Found Advifer Mrs. Mildred C. Black Prefizfenl Patricia Samuelson V1uefPre.ride11l Carol Neu Secretary Treamrer A ff 1 'ifcr -A Civics Club President . . . . Bob Scott Secretary . . . janet Carver Vice-Prerident . . Harold Blatchley Treamrer . . . Joyce Barber Advirer . . . Miss Eloise Carter Library Club Theresa Swaikowsky Charlene Heinrich Mrs. Theodora Nowlan 75 Publicity Club Prerident . . Lucy Sholanich ' Secretary . . Vice-Prexident . . Laura Giovanetti Treamrer . . Advixer . . Mrs. Jennie Alderman 76 jean Kupec Romayne Kyte Hall Guards Captain Bob Minasian Adrvirer james Penders Q9 FELLDWS PLAY BALL OUR GYM -:rag -:S-" Qfv eff, BFOW X ' 0 4 if? 'Ubi' 'bg Vu, it uaffflfd ll, ' A uri' ' ,D C0 D WC cARnv M I C. Boo KS IN Tue Y N Shi' I .411 A 417- :J N ' Lg' -44... ' xx CA . 5 5 ' ml ' Q7 - Y, L? .PQUHMA , fr.. W -g. SHS Sig? SMCKE' Ro 074.- Ie vw-x5 l- ii5,- V sg, . . . Q S-M'-M4150 Q- m KLQQ b'RSf?,.'Q'4+ 77 r 'av 4C who qv-3 you trying to kM'1'f,QfEAP'fSU50 A X so V X ALLT QSCHANGE it-4 s VJASY MARK FROM 1 WTHINKL' M f Y X USDT00 ' sg- T0"A ' 4 f COUKW " +0 0 M ROOM Q 5 N I A N ol X qxf N 1 M ' SQ LEFN 1 v X R Q ... 'MW'-+, ---- ?"ff,, N X 1' ' 'W Ysxh' Kr zritgxbh s N : V T ' f,q'iQRADUAT NG?X I -'?gf'g1gj5:fN 's.n-Ls. !-mfr A , A 3 carerfng 044, i x fig? X -,1-.11-I J kv, All A I" ...L Q x ' .--Av ' ' JL 1 v ll Q , x Q -- ?-- - X -J X655 Q wsu., n's ABOUT TIME .' ff f .F 7 , 1 , K . S' A stony N 'Q y 1'FEEL suck 2 SAIQE LATE bQGAqN 'IT D V ' A G I X 1-30 'F "' wi 4' R Xl L U A Il Q sm,MY cfm ons Down 78 -P a QARMER V0 S Q 5' 13 5 fy ? O sl' in X J :V f a fl 'i' 04' - S: .',' f.-. , i t , rsh Q. - tiff f . Q 4-ll.. -, 131-' 'ff -.'kf'i"l'-'f'X C3 m et ::kei:',.z4 11 41 .il F I 1 'gif ,-,,:. .it ikkxhifgalx IL. , --5 :fx ' . ,- we xii- 175' HU ' 1.: ' R Xie.. N ' V ' 14. K Zz, 'A fx V x 'D 4 QONAEE-rlco Savings Accounts Travelers Checks Safe Deposit Boxes Christmas Club MORTGAGE LOANS G.I. - F.H.A. - SEM I-ANNUAL - MONTHLY COLLATERAL LOANS STOCKS, BONDS OR BANK BOOKS Mechanics and Farmers Savings Bank 930 Main Street BRIDGEPORT, CoNN 5' luoulululuu llllllunl I 79 HOWLAND'S is your store! Odd, isn't it, the way a store can be so important in your daily life? Even as a baby, you start visiting us. You come to our Boy Scout Shop, join our Calling All Girls Club. After school, you just naturally gather at our luncheonette. To a freshman, our College Shop is almost a requirement. We're glad you like us, and we aim to keep you feeling that, no matter where your paths lead . . . Howland's is your store! HOWLAND'S ClHI1f3lillI6l1f.S' of Mitchell-Bradford Chemical Co. 2446 Main Street STRATFORD, CONN. Manzcfaftrrrers of Metal Treating Salts and Protective Finishes 80 E WHERE DO You 0' - Y "., . GO FROM HERE? 5 ' ii ' E is X b'EE l, . To college, to fworlz or play, al l 1: ,xii buy your career clothes at sf 551 , I1 H , Read's first, then, m style, ,-.qt .. ,U 1-, " be on your way. A D. M. 1. ,s - - as Reaa' label 15 your tzcket to 83 3.5 .45 ',,' Haig Q A s . success. Us .: --'-v Q he lx E .wwf fE 4ll5x I if fl. gg- CON-GRAD-ULATIONS fl, , A fi .- - y Null JW? l Q W all J i XV C School's out . . . it's going to be a busy Summer. . . and an even K busier Fall. Be sure that your clothes can keep up with the pace. Meigs has specialized in clothing for young men and women for a I Y l l V long ume . . . since 1888. llllil If llll All llll. SIIIEIS. IIIIIEPIIT 7' null If 81 EARL R. SMITH, INC. Steel Sash Service - Erecting - Repairing - Glazing - Painting Phone 7-4451 659 Ferry Boulevard STRATFORD, CONN. MODEL AIRPLANE SUPPLIES TENNIS BASEBALL GOLF FISHING TACKLE Frigidaire - Sales and Service Bengal Combinations Electric, Oil and Gas Ranges Hardware Plumbing and Heating H. C. LOVELL 8: CO. BRODIE DRUG CO., INC. THE STORE OF PERSONAL SERVICE Delivery, Anytime, Anywhere Phone 7-4406 1889 Main Street STRATFORD, CONN. 82 CITY SAVINGS BANK NORTHEAST CORNER MAIN AND BANK STREETS BRIDGEPORT, CONN. DIVIDENDS PAYABLE SEMI-ANNUALLY APRIL IST-OCTOBER IST WHEN YOU LONG FOR ICE CREAMD HAVE H U BE R ' S IT IS A DELICIQUS, REFRESHING AND NOURISHING FOOD JO E ' S M A R K E T Stratford Ave. and Eleanor St. Phone 7-9767 EDDIE'S SUNOCO SERVICE SUNOCO GAS and OIL 1725 STRATFORD AVE. STRATFORD, CONN. Telephone Opp. Baird Machine 7-2321 Company FOR DRUGS AND PRESCRIPTIONS TRY THE ETHICAL "First" S' kr a d Sur ' I HAIRDRESSERS 'C "fS'I,,,Q'1f.?, W" Bedside OXYGEN SERVICE Telephone Prescriptions called for 7-5745 and Delivered 3700 Main Street STRATFORD, CONN. The Ethical Pharmacy 1260 Main Street Opposite Hotel Stratfield BRIDGEPORT Phone 5-4123 ul llllll llllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll is S' H STRATF ORD FURNITURE STUDIOS 1717 Barnum Avenue STRATFORD, CONNECTICUT Phone 7-0694 DOBBY'S MEN'S SHOP Men's Wear of Distinction STRATFORD THEATRE BUILDING HAROLD jOHNSON'S GULF SERVICE Main and Brewster STRATFORD, CON SMITHCROF T INC. SCHOOL OF BEAUTY CULTURE 187 Fairfield Ave. , BRIDGEPORT 3, CONN. ce Blair, Mgr. Phone 4-7143 GAGTOMSQQ FOR BETTER HOME COOKED MEALS HARD'S CORNER Compliments of COOPER'S FLORIST 2386 Main Street STRATFORD CENTER Compliments of CARL'S DELICATESSEN 3696 Main Street Paradise Green STRATFORD, CON sl lllllllillIllIllIllIllIllllllllllllllllllllllll llIllIllIllIllIllIlllllllllllIllIllIllIllllIllIllIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllnl f C OJVI PLI M EN TS Contract Plating Cu., Inc. INDUSTRIAL ELECTROPLATERS Phone 7-4437 540 Longbrook Ave. STRATFORD, CONN. Compliments of . . . DICK'S MAGIC KITCHEN Barnum Ave. STRATFORD, CONN. Stratford Dept. Store Headquarters for MCGREGOR SPORTSWEAR ARROW SHIRTS - TIES - UNDERWEAR ADAMS HATS- ADAMS SHIRTS INTERWOVEN HOSE - DOUGLAS SHOES LADIES SPORTSWEAR - SHOES Phone 7-9175 Lovell Building CENTER SUITS AND TOPCOATS SEE D. FRIEDMAN STRATFORD CENTER Cleaning - Pressing - Tailoring ST. JOHN 81 KELLY I.. S. KELLY, Rtg. Pharm. 1200 Barnum Ave. Cor. Nichols Ave. "Your Nearest Drug Store" f llllllIllIllIllIIllllllllIllllllIllIllIllIlllllIllIllIlllllIIllllIIllIllIllIllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllIll E Compliments of . . . BARNUM FOOD MARKET BELLOFF'S SERVICE STATION 1900 Barnum Ave. BRIDGEPORT, CoNN. Paradise Green STRATFORD, CONN. Tel- 6-0149 Compliments Compliments of . . . HONEYSPOT MARKET JACQPIANS 452Pii32fyi?ii91i0ad ' CLEANERS RYAN JEWELERS K eepsalze Registered Diamond Engagement and Wedding Rings Fine Watches - Jewelry Gifts - Silverware Radios and Electrical Appliances ALWAYS MAKE OUR STORE YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR GIFTS 2406 Main Street STRATFORD, CONN. Compliments of CHARPAR'S MARKET 429 Honeyspot Road Free Delivery Service Phone 7-1393 Compliments of MUSANTE SL DE BARBIERI FANCY FRUITS AND VEGETABLES 3638 Main Street CAPITOL FOOD MARKET PROPRIETOR, JOHN MELNICSAK FREE DELIVERY Phone 7-2953 1756 Barnum Avenue IIllIllIllIlllllllllulllllllllllll ullllllullIlllllllllllnlllllllllllll Lolatte's City Service Station AT HARD'S CORNER GAS - OIL - LUBRICATION Fon BETTER SERVICE SEE Us Courtney Radio Service L I B B Y ' S BARNUQM DRESS SHOP Home ana' Auto Radio Repair Philco Radio and Refrigerator Junior Miss ana' Misses Phone 7-3530 , Dress, Coats, Suits 1305 Stratford Ave. 1742 Barnum Ave. BRIDGEPORT, CONN. Dermody's Academy Restaurant HOME COOKED MEALS FOUNTAIN SERVICE Open from 5:30 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. Sunday 5:30 until 7:00 p.m. 1888 Main Street Phone 7-9113 Compliment' The Y-D Fllllng Statlon of . . . HENRY L. RIPPE, Prop. The Motor Tune-Up . Gas, Oils ana' Accessories Road Service 1250 Barnum Ave. STRATFORD 1. lllllllll IllIIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllll llll lllll lllllllllll lllllllllll lllluluuululuunumng I 88 llllllllllllIllllllllIllIllllllllllllllllllIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll LUNCH KELMAN and SONS AT Meat and Groceries OUR FOUNTAIN T B rns Bunny Kalman ST' 2381 Main Street STnA'rr-'onw CENTER DRUG STORE . AUTO PARTS C The UNCLE HENRY Rexall Store TRY HIS PARTS STRATFORD CENTER 1409 Stratford Ave. Phone 7-0050 Compliments of J ERRY'S CLEANERS 45 Sedgwick Ave. RATFO Phone 7-5735 Fine Watch Repairing Jewelers for over 30 years TIF ON JEWELERS Fine Diamonds ana' Watches 984 Main Street, cor. John BRIDGEPORT, CoNN. jEWELRY REMODELED AT LOVV COST N OOK Permanent Waving A S peeialty Phone 7-4205 HELEN LASSE, Prop. 328 Nichols Ave. STRATFORD, CONN. 5. IIinllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllll null llllll J' Compliments W H A T C H ' S THE HOME OF QUALITY HOUSATONIO I U , Even Wlth Present Scarcmes . 85 You Get More Food Value INSURANCE at HIATCHR OSCAR ALL MILK DRINKS MADE WITH MALDO I PETERSON HGRADE A" AERO REPRODUCTIONS OFNHVHWHAND BLUE PRINTS PHOTOSTATS PHOTO-TRACINGS VAN DYKES OFFSETS DRAFTING 8c REPRODUCTION MATERIALS Sz EQUIPMENT Dial 4-3159 2319 FAIRFIELD AVE. BRIDGEPORT, CONN. BORDEN GIFT SHOP C0mp,,m,, Gifts - dppliances of Radios - Toys S,a,m,y DOWLING'S MARKET Victor ana' Decca Records 3604 Main Street 2393 Main Sr. STRATFORD CENTER Phone 7-0614 STRATFORD w. ...................................... ................... ................... .................... .................... ------------- ---------- -' 90 T lllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllullllllllllulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllnllllllllllllllllIIIIllIllIllIllIllIllIllIIllIllIllIllIIllIllIIllIllllIllIllIllIllIllIllIllIllIIllllllllllllllullllllll is STUDIO OF MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY ' GORLANOFF STUDIO official photographer for the classes of 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944, 1945, and 1946 1822 MAIN STREET, STRATFORD, CONN. - 'I-0147 Q "A GIFT FROM DAVIS Sc HAWLEY'S MEANS MORE" Specialists RINGS - WATCHES -- SILVER - JEWELRY AND GIFTS Dafvis 6? Hawley Co. 966 Main Street Phone 5-8119 Parking in rear of store Certified Gemologist MEMBER AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY WILLIAM R. GLEASON REALTOR INSURANCE -- RESIDENCE BUILDER Paradise Green Center 7-5333 STRATFORD - Since 1927 Illlullllullllllllnlllll llllll llllllllllllllllllll 01 WILFREDA'S BEAUTY Compliments of SALQN NAN JONES' GIFT SHOP . crrrs FOR ALL occAsxoNs-cnmzrmc cARDs 1044 Main Street BRIDGEPORT, CONN- 24 HOUR SERVICE ON PERSONALIZED mms Telephone 4-8614 3698 Blain Street STRATFORD, CONN. HELBIG'S MARKET Complete Selection of The Best in Fooa' Compliments Of PARADISE GREEN BARBER SHOP Phone 7-4409 3610 Main Street Complimenff V. Sz D. MOTORS Of 1501 Stratford Ave. J. T. STRATFORD, CONN. S T A T I O N PHONE 7-9865 HARD'S CORNER Stratford, Connecticut PHONE 7-9017 Used Cars General Repairs Tires Gulf Products Compliment, USED PARTS FOR ALL CARS AND TRUCKS Of WILLIE,S AUTO WR1-:CKING CO. 1298 Stratford Ave. STRATFORD, CONN. Phone 7-1371 3540 Main Street STRATFORD CARS AND TRUCKS BOUGHT AND SOLD Compliments Compliments of Of SHOE SERVICE SHOP Paradise Green STRATFORD ZEP Stratford Ave. STRATFORD CONNECTICUT M lullullllllllllllllllllllllllll 1 Compliments Of NELSON'S GRILL 2428 Main Street STRATFORD, CONNECTICUT Compliments of THE VALLANCOURTS HOLMERDEN 3634 Main Street . STRATFORD, CONN. Paradlse Green . Electrical Appliances ANDY'S MARKET MEATS STRATFORD CONNECTICUT AND GROCERIES Phone 7-4330 1141 Barnum Avenue Stratford High Students Compliment-Y Can Always Be Found of at 9 Mooney s Sport Shop Q I If 1511! 46' ' Y 'I 5 1' Al ATHLETIC OUTFITTERS 78 Elm St. BRIDGEPORT, CONN. Between Main 5: Broad Phone 5-0028 Sporting Goods Wholesale-Retail HARPERS F URS SAVIN JEWELRY COMPANY Fine Diamonds and Watches Stratfield Hotel Bldg. 1223 Main Street Phone 5-4010 BRIDGEPORT, CONN. Compliments I Of H. L. GREEN CO., INC. 1092 Main St. BRIDGEPORT, CoNN. 1 IIllIllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllll llllllllllllllIIIllIlIllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllll el Keating Brothers, Inc. SALES SERVICE Phone 7-3321 Hard's Corner STRATFORD, CONN. Compliments of V I C M U S A N T E Paradise Green FOR GOOD FOOD KNOWN FOR FINE QUALITY Diamonds - Watches - Silverware - Jewelry Since 1883 INCORPORATED J E W E L E R S l054 MAIN STREET- OPPOSITE HOWLANDS BELLE BEAUTY SHOPPE 3692 Main Street Paradise Green STRATFORD, CONN. FRIED'S COLLEGE LUGGAGE AND BRIDGEPORT ICE CREAM TRUNK AND BAG CO. 1085 Broad St. Compliments of Complimentx of CATALANO'S NEWS STORE Phone 7-9168 S1'nA'rFokD CENTER Store Compliments of CONN. STATE OIL CO. FUEL AND RANGE OIL Stratford Ave. 7-1485-Phones-7-1889 FRUITS - VEGETABLES GROCERIES - MEAT Phone 7-0570 3550 Main Street THE HEART OF YoUR BUSINESS IS YOUR RECORDS PREPARE THEM EASILY-FILE THEM CONVENIENTLY PROTECT THEM PERMANENTLY The Frank H. Fargo Co. 1001 BROAD STREET AT BANK STREET Q mlmnnmumlulnmlmuuuuunluuunmum:mum mmnnu nnmnuluuunnInluumIIuunuuluuummllml lu B Ellsworth Steel Ered Soderquist E99 Supply CO' Burner Repairs and Installations Mllls Supplles 67 Boswell Street 1483 Stratford Ave. STRATFORD, CONNECTICUT STRATFORD, CoNN. Phone 7-4382 Compliments ' of Compliments THE MUTUAL SYSTEM of 872 Main Street BRIDGEPORT, CONN. STRATFORD' THEATRE DAVIS 8: SAVARD Smart Clothes for Telwhone 7-0064 Ygung Men 2422 Main St. STRATFOR 1118 Main Street BRIDGEPORT Compliments of RESTAURANT 1621 Stratford Ave. STRATFORD, CoNN. IIllIllIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 95 Skinny and Ted's Service Station Range Oil Delivery - Tires - Batteries 1625 Stratford Avenue Phone 7-0396 STRATFORD, CONN. THE THE BRIDGEPORT ENGINEERING INSTITUTE Founded 1924 EVENING COURSES IN Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering Industrial Engineering Five Year Courses on College Level Transfer Credit to Leading Technical Institu- tions Available to Properly Qualified MEX' Registered Jewelers American Gem Society 1134 Broad Street Near Fairheld Avenue Students BULLETIN ON REQUEST BRIDGEPORT Administration Office: 881 Lafayette Street BRIDGEPORT, CONN. Telephone 6-1634 Main SIICCI 0 Cortley Clothes for Boys and Young Men B-gs' DBPOMS Complete Outfitters for Students Palms uco Tel. 7-1065 OPEN A CHARGE ACCOUNT PARADISE GREEN PHILIP O,CONNELL, Manager of Boys' Dept STRATFORD CONNECTICUT llllllllllllllllllll mmnmum uuumnmu nm , A ,. -2 .Y':v1 'f5i':12-Qawseilmieiwinasn L.:

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