Stratford High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Stratford, OK)

 - Class of 1956

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Stratford High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Stratford, OK) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 64 of the 1956 volume:

YIQKQQH !'!',flW ' 'WE Hwy ' ,rw 2!E'7':.:'EVj7"17f'7N'N4'+1-fqvfgmax XWPQK -' f'QV'-ibqgia T H E SENIOR CLASS of 1956 PRESENTS THE BULL DOG STRATFORD HIGH SCHOOL GARVIN COUNTY STRATFORD, OKLAHOMA PP 99 f---L--Q f 3 ff: T , K X I fi. -'X N I hlrflhnn We, the class of 1956 do humbly and reverently dedicate this issue of "The Bulldog' to our parents, for their never ending and unselfish contribution in aiding us to obtain this goal Today we lay a laurel of tribute at their feet ,Q 1: A '73 , ,n1,"'-viii, V f A n 0 . THE NNU L STAFF Laura Griffin, Annie Wall, Kay Endicott Nancy Sudik,Jan Andrews, Mary Woods,Berthelene Ballard, Mrs Bell Yearbook Advisor Mrs Duty Senior Snonsor, Garmon Mercer Gene Cowin Jack Connelly: Glenda Selph, Shasta Ballard, Clengg Maggy seated are Jeannie Betts and Harold Woods PRESENTS en,t'o .tafcuity Amen Spafdo Q.. Sup' C' F27 lillill trat lon Mr Richard Duty 'Superintendent Board of Education ROYC Byfofd w R cole Chairman Clerk Jess Wood sid Griffin Hembel' newer vice chan-mn I 3 1 F5 . " 'M -i 1 EI ,Y isisjfx -' 9:"i I QQ.. , - ' O f . , , O I I m . 4 - l. f ,flgf K L n ,,:r A Mrssacz FROM ru: surznmrrnornr Education for American citizenship today and for years ahead needs to be geared into dynamic na tional and world movements World tensions have yet to be resolved Epochal changes in economic life, in the growth much promise for human welfare Amid world shaking changes, the guiding ideals that six generations of Americans have venerated stand unmoved and unaltered a refuge to which we can all repair Ideals of citizenship education do not change but the methods for realizing them do change We as students and faculty members here at Strat ford School, realise the urgency of us striving at all times to become better citizens Sincerely, Richard t Superintendent O V e and movement of populations, and in government are going forwardg they hold Mr Richard Duty Superintendent MP Ray Stuckev Mr Everett Manns High School P1"if1C5-P81 Grade School Principal Mrs Edna Robertson School Secretary t if 1113 'S' 4 h '15 Y rf ' 4-e ' A 1 to v li QE gif. 'r " .3 Li. -V af Mr. Joe Tom Blackburn Mr. J Ridd Math, History, Boys Coach Sf'pPeSe'cIyfeDfa'mfEfgs Scofmce 19 Mrs. Clara Austell Mr. Jeff' Connelly MPS' Betetgciell English Vocational Agriculture Comm v--v Mr. Pete Burney Mrs. Dorothy Jarrett Mr. Clyde Knight Bend Instructor Home Economics shop Mrs. Duty Sponsor Charles Powell Class President FFA 1 M Baseball 1,2 Junior Play Mary Jean Betts Yell Leader Senior Queen Basketball 1 M Lettered 1 Softball 1 M Band 2, 3 Majorette 2,3 FHA 1 M Guard Staff Yearbook Staff Gene Cowin Yell Leader Basketball 1 M Lettered 1 M Baseball 1 M Track 1 M Band 1,3 Freshman King FFA 1 M Yearbook Staff Junior Play Compliments of 5 Mr. Blackburn Sponsor Mary Ann Woods Class Secretary Yearbook Staff Guard Staff Basketball 1 Softball 1 M Junior Play Jackie Connally Vice President FFA 1 M Basketball 1 3 M Lettered 1 Baseball 1 Junior Play Track 1 Ji my Sallee Senior King Class Reporter Yearbook Staff Basketball 1 M Lettered 1 M Band 1 M Junior Play First Nat'1 Bank Stratford 1 1 . M ' -M 1 -M , - - 1 1 I in Freghnan Queen F Yearbook Staff Charley Brister FFAl-L, Basketball 1 2 Baseball l 2 Track l 2 Pep Club l Class Officer l Shasta Joan Ballard Guard Staff Yearbook Staff Basketball 1 h Softball 1 L J R Burkhart Band 1 L Class Officer l Junior Play Basketball 1 Pep Club 1 Kay Ann Endicott Guard Staff Yearbook Staff Basketball U Band 2 Majorette Glee Club 1 Junior Play Class Officer FHA l h Officer Compliments of Okla. Tire k Supply Stratford 'Snr' 'bf Beverly Jan Andrews Guard Staff Yearbook Staff Basketball A Band 2 Glee Club 1 Sophomore Queen Majorette Junior Play Class Officer FHA l A Officer Berthalene Ballar Guard Staff Yearbook Staff IWC' 'ii Basketball 1, Junlor Play FHA 1 Q? Bobby Craig Basketball 1,3,h FFA 1 A Billy Grantham Baseball 2,3, FFA 1 k EQ Compliments of f5 Reed's Grocery Yi? Stratford Laura Jane Griffin Guard Staff Yearbook Staff Junior Play Junior Queen Pep Club Cletta Joyce Maxey Basketball 1 A Softball l Yr Junior Play Lettered A Yrs Yearbook Staff Guard Staff FHA l Yr Glenda Ruth Selph Guard Staff Yearbook Staff Basketball 2 Yrs Softball 1 Yr Secretary Junior Play Jerry Smith Agriculture Junior Play Compliments of Pelter's Dry Goods Stratford Boyd Matlock FFA 1 Jerry Savage FFA 1 A Basketball 1 Baseball 1 2 Track 1 Garmon Mercer Basketball l Baseball l A Track 1 2 FFA l 2 Junior King Gene Sudik Staff earbook Staff ketball L, 2 jorette FHA 1 L Officer Compliments of Studios Enid J . A ' -2 -3 R L V 15A 1 I l-M S 9 3 1 Annie Ozella Wall Guard Staff Yearbook Staff FHA 1 Yr Billy Jack williams FFA 1 M Basketball 1 2 Baseball 1 2 Track 1 2 ii!! -v we-1' David Bryan FFA 1-M FFA Officer is fix Robert Wood FFA 1 2 Junior Play Track 1 2 Pep Club Glen wallgren FFA 1 M Basketball 1 Baseball 1 Harold Louis Wbod Basketball 1 Yearbook Editor Guard Staff Track l Junior Play Baseball 1 B Basketball 1 Baseball 1 2 -va. - o 1 A -L " , - , - . ,, r - A f . - " iff ' , . 5 u J 'ja n ,. N"-' .w -.f..-- 4. ' ,V-.,,?1,: - ,A Align -, . ' ff' . 1- ' S o.zwf - I - H k - -2 .- N18 Jan Andrews Bobby Craig Jeannie Betts Harold loods Laura Griffin Jackie Connally lary loods Robert lood Nancy Sudik Gene Colin Cletta laxey J R. Burkhart Sue Ballard Billy Grantham Glenda Selph Charley Brister Shasta Ballard Glen lallgren Kay Endicott Jimmy Sallee Annie lall Gamon lercer Boyd Matlock Jerry Smlth David Bryan Billy J :num Chief Attraction Height Good Nature Dimple lusdles Figure Loud Mouth Figure Curly Hair Athlete Build Hair Eyes Build Changeable Hair Ready Smile Sweet Innocent Look Pearly Teeth Romantic Look Flatop Brains Voice Nice Manners Good Looks Brown Eyes Bow Legs Black Ha1r s lavy Hair SENIOR STATISTICS lants To Be Boys Coach Pool Shark Airline Hostess Electrician A Rosson Horse Doctor A Powell Goat Rancher Bubble Dancer Butler Genius Undertaker Housewife Ballet Dancer Scientist Bronc Buster Soda Jerk Shoe Cobbler On Televisiol Dog Trainer Beauticia Horse Jockey Artist A Great Lover M11kman Butcher lost Enjoyed Pastime Playing Football Playing Pool Giggling Norma Smooching Shooting Hookers Milking Cows Reading Love Comics Breaking Hearts Primping lorking English Eating Eelan English Daydreaming Playing Superman Flirting Coon Hunting Dancing Singing Sewing Driving Around latching T V Alzce Patsy lriting Letters Usually Found Sleeping Ada Pool Hall Black Ford Roff With Curtis Not Inch Telling lith Charles Hoff Anywhere School Theater Eldridges Drive-in Studying latching T V lith Irene In the Office Getting Adnits At Ada Around Home Ec Hoon Anywhere Home Alice s Patsy's City Lake I Charles Powell Muscles Bird Watcher lorking on Car Mary Ann's . . a e ' l CLT S ilelCnY Marching up the stens in the x r of September l9hh of the Stratford Grade School were three small chlldren Flrst in llne was Annle Wall, our class success Jlmmy Sallee, "The girl chaser, was next in llne Behlnd Jimmy stood Bobby Craig who stuck by his class for twelve years Our deepest compliments for twelve years of loyal and un broken attendance is extended to them Jan Andrews spent her first year at Ada, decided to go to Flordia for her second vear but thought she would l1ke it better at Stratford so she Joined us during her second year From McGee came Sue Ballard who has finished the race with us Bllly Jack Nllliams also Joined us but left to vo to Prairie Grove He got lonesome for hls classmates so reJoined us in the sixth to flnish throughout the twelfth grade charles Powell came to Str tford in the thlrd grade but left to go to Cottonwood for two years Jerry Smlth Joined us in the thlrd grade of school to flnlsh the twelfth at Stratford Jackie Connally, our class comedlan, came to us in the fourth grade from Prague Wlthout Jackie our class would have been very dull Kay Ann Endlcott Joined us during our fifth year from Doll burg Robe t Noods also came to us ln our fifth year but left to rejoin us during the sixth Also during our sixth year Charles Powell returned to finish the many school days ahead of us Durirg our seventh year Cletta Maxey, our basketball star, Jolned us from Lone Hlll Then came nd8DClUg Nancy Sudlk from Mountaln View They contributed much to our class Burkhart, the great artist, decided he would run the race also so now we see hlm flnlshing the twelfth grade with us when the elghth grade rolled around, Laura Griffin and Boyd Matlock joined our class to be a graduate from Stratford also Well, at last the ninth grade rolled around and we were Freshmen This was an 6XCitlUg year for we were now in High School From McGee came Mary Woods, Shasta alla , Glenda Selph and Harold Woods who finished the next four years with Also Gene FOWlD came bounclng in wlth a big smile pasted on his face which has lasted all four years orley blest us wlth Glen Jallgren and Charley Brister who have been Mrs Austell's favorite pastime Then the eyecatchers, Billy Grantham and Garmon Mercer came to us from Prairie View Without these we would never have made it Also our Freshmen Year brought our Queen, Jeannie Betts, to us from Prairie Grove She has been a great success to our basketball team Our Sophomore year found us adding David Bryan to our class Davld we are proud of you as you w re the last member to Join and graduate with us Our Junior year was the one ln which we worked hardest We presented our play, nW1llie's Weekend, which was a great success That year we won the Queen's race, and gave our Junior and Senior Banquet at Murray Lodge Next came that glor i our year Seniors at Last' But we have truly enjoyed our years at Stratford and these will make for lovely memories ln the years to come Sue Ballard Laura Griffin A. . 9,-, vw :J I ' 1 ' 5 s 5 JS-Q - I D ' . . lg . . N 0 . - e .- e A C . e . - . . Q,- . . o 1 - Q 11 ,-, ' 11 , U . . . o . L t.: ' e . . , . o . X' ' e . . ' A, -A u . . . . n . . 1 ' I A o o Jo Re . . . u - . t o . -O o - I S . . B rd nu . . . use u . 75 o v . wr V O a W A o ' 4 Q . - . Q , . Q . .A S U . - o ' ll 0 0 o , ' " Q 4 . 0 - - .. .. - .- - .. - - - IIIIIIII' 594 , 00' V . I . gh, 1 ' WL If Q ,. .i 'Q A7'b Qf .,.,.,.,.... 1-1-n-'III' sign? iill ' Billy Don Cole President Gustin Wallgren Vice-President .ht 'LG F, .. 4? WW Lee Williamson Judy Lambert Reporter Reporter Mr. Knight Sponsor Doris Killian Sec. and Treas. Rozetta Austin 1 Q Don Carleton Don Connally Marion Drake IDEOUR 'EP'- Mrs. Austell Sponsor Jerry Turner Song Leader 41 R. B. Betts Ronnie Hanks Compliments of Fgrmer's Exchange Grocries, Dry Goods and Produce Stratford Map' I 1 1 Marv Holland f 5 654' 1 A , ,x 1 ,x Joe 'Kuykendall 95 'UP Frank Lewis Otis Lewelling A Larry Patton Richard Smith Compliments of Wo1f's Gro , Mkt , Sta Stratford Jimmy Lambert '19 Eveylene Millsap F- Forrest Weast Compliments of :lass Druz Stratford LU 111111113 I3 C 4- -f - o l l N IU ' L Ai . ' ff fxllds N 4 nnr r -Q, W -' li f J 5 y Z1 I av Cl? f K P5 as , K L 13 Q , 1 I' I ' f ' 2 . N 1 C N Mrs Bell Soonsor 'F Janice Mercer Secretary I5 Q 1 sl I Beverly Corley Cheer Leader Jams D J "N 1. ji? :ll Richard Robertson President zpffb Max Song Judv Carleton Cheer Leader Marion Childs Compliments of 0 T Gare e O O S Stratford, Oklahoma Duane Rosson Vice President 'D Louise Wood Sons Leader M A xx Sandra Adams Mr Burney Sponsor Shirley Reynolds Renorter Joyce Watts Cheer Leader Cnrlon Cosby Compliments of Jhck's Barber S 11012 Stratford, Okla. Glenda Burnett 'K Jerry Ashley Donald Lewelling '-ie fi 'R 415 Lax La Don Morris Martha Shi Jimmie De Weese Freeda Lee Elaine Lawson 4 ai '17 Peggy Penner If Q--1? B111y smith AQ Retha Muse 1 Kathrin Prewitt :sv Barbara Standrige Jo Ann Wh Dixie Elmore 41 6' Charles Malloy Barbara Roland Charles Thompson Ag N J f k 1 -2 5 l be I A4 A A. I - 1' f A7 ' ' , , i 3 N .-v, iy- s - fl W, V ... 'a XV ,A . 4-n ' "7 4 L ,. '- ,vp 1. - ' a E ' -X , A K 3 f A X1 + 4 if r . fe la' dq 4: . 5' 1 ff- a N ' a a X, K s N ' 1 N 2 , ir ,I , 7' 5 1 .:5 m lg on a ' Ro, Watson L. B. Williams I wjfinwn Mrs Riddle Mr Riddle SPOUSOP S onsor p Judy Jones Patsy AllenBarbars Klutts President Vice Preqident Secretary Glenda Glover T Q Reporter Charlene Austin Neta Bryan Joyce Burns 7 Finls Bailey Jonnny Brewer La Von Cottrell 'QQ' Betty Eldridge wi I fs Barbara Roland Fox Cecilia Gentry Eugene Hocutt .. Elvin Jones rg Buddy Helm Carl Hicks Joan Kuvkendall Neketa Lobaugh Johnny Maxey L' Lv , r. Zi f , of 3 5 n g A Z, l A ' . -9 if., 'Q 15,2 ' A X ' . in V d if 'wi 4 "' ., V, , I h . , 'TIP 5' e Q' V' -I fi - N ' ' 1 e m , Judy Maxey Raymond Milligan 'Q Maudie Linda Savage Larry Ream Leslie Ream Francis Sharver Shirley Tucker Newt Watts A a Wllliams Wendell Williams Marsha Young PICTURES NOT AVAILABLE Ze lma X Preyint fxfllf. nan! S' ' , Ns K Jerry Austin af' A? ' Eddie Brumley Nl ,g Sv 1 Compliments of Watts' Gin Stratford, Oklahoma gzffaggftgmngfg Compliments of 9, X Richard Elmore Jimmey Eldred Gary 4' 'r' 4 Xara X 9 Oron Horsley Bohbig J Lynda g fr 'I 4Q V '4 N A 1' Albert Austin Carrol Adams v Harroll Adams Johnny Barker Compliment's f w runner Comnfn Mr Jenkins Stratford SEVENTH GRADE ord Emma Crllds Gary Cole Donald Cosby Joe B Da 1 ry Gayle Tiqugingrgy Sponsor K'3 Tj? ewisB5-11? T-'obaugh Barclay Martin Jerry Matlock --at :Wi 1 5 . K 2 .5 4 Louis White Mr, Manns Ken Andrews Billy Ballard S 51:51, Ola Burkhart Mary Burleson To gf'- I w -.-fy rl, "' 2 zu' vJ' e.4 :kgs Di Pauloticlowduwe 1 o1'1a3rebNloger Cosby! , " 5 A f' ' I' gf ? l ' lf, Y qv if , U . J 5 41 4 ' KUYkewdal1'1'r'av1l Lalbert Meg-1111 ill? xielfoxnaraleno Hows11John Carleton 91' ,D 5 . - I vii I ' 1 A.. ,H f ' 5' .f-3 . A, aa laxey Robert Kidd Garvin Melton GRADE Betty PotterB0yd Potterlorena MCEWUX Betty Smith Tom Str-ic Rebacca linkynnie A N , v x fi 1 1 . kland Glenn TenninJerryWil1iaIe Car Compliments of Gilt Edge Dairy Norman, Oklahoma Janice Woods olin ,Sue Wood Barbara White Rich S Williams Gary White ' f .Q ., Q ..' if o e S Q . W Complinents of Gray laundry Stratford, Oklahonn ' MISSING PAGE MISSING PAGE IQ' 'F-an-' Aga LOHY1ie Elmore Shirley Freeman Locker and Grocer nts Compliments of Rex Theater Y Stratford Cheryl ButlerLarryBlankenshipJudy Clowdus 5'-1 Sh ir Mar Y at A mx v if 'V' ie Lee lic Maxey Jayne King Jerry Kuykendall Nan cy La Joey Manduano Eddle Marnln Judy 'Q Mlnk Evelyn Morris Larry Mercer' Joann I f 'Q .mi Pa Sharbe olanda Smith ar91 Turner cathi. wood. wayl18 Woodfin lc' .,r, ,I- -fa.. -f A Thomas McEu1n Linda Donna Butler Frank Cosby SECOND GRADE 'Q ' ' ll 5 2 mfs 1 'Q 4 gf Q S Jar 5 fq 5 1 Loyd Milligan Gemma White Q if Teddy Miser MHA? Mable Young 'l David Allen GRADE Robin Alred Jaynell Patton Phylis Strawn Teacher. Mrs Endicott pm, Jerry Whlte Q! Loretta Roland Steve Cloudus A Elva Howell Walter Watson Twylah Whlte Charles Archer Nadine Willis Jimmy Marcum James Maupin Margie Meely Allen Jones Linda Ballard Donna hldre FIRST GRADE Pegg Ballard oT'1r1.rew'1mzt:on 'ny Candelas Mrs Tea Roger Greenlee Stanley Griffin Jean Ann Harris Paul Kuyke nd ol 1 Annettee Manduano Anthon Menduano Y Earlene Marcum Lee Von Maxey Yhyne McKnight Vivian Morris Richard Pearce- Lela Rigney Lena Kay Turner Thurmn Watson Rey Russell Judy weed J W Chisholm Ronald Dagley Glenda Davis C ompliments of For-Get-He-Not Floral Shop wolfvg Grocery, Mkt, 5, sta Adi: OKI-850518 Stratford, Oklahoma Comhliments o Betty Eldridge Eldridge Butane Service r IIII Queen ! r W ,: 'gf , , '-,'! 5,Y-2' . , Y - 1 di ,.,, X I 1 If 1252 , .J f QIL, ,A N Q xv., lx aff 1 8 1 ...-4-. -d ev --df X "vs, vias- ,gvwv-K il '4UG .-,ng--l , -- f- ' ' Q 1, 4 I' 5 'Yr' v,.-vv'.?:zqla.. -rv' ah' ",:Tl"'4'.. N BQ . . Wx y no enllll' Pla!! sun as cuss 4"'r56 ag-1' GERA LDHVE NVD THE WHITE ROBE Dlrectors Mrs Duty, Mr Blackburn 'if 1111 411 -N2 CHARCFERS Nancy Sudik Gene Corin Bobby Craig, Laura Griffin, Kay Endicott, Harold lood, Jackie Connally, Jeannie Betthhry Ann Ioodg, Ji,-,ie 531193, Jm Anirafs - - 54. " A . ' I ff 'P N I ' Q Q I I C . T ' '-Envy -' 11-- 7 l 15A-1-Lf- i'1 A-115-'J , 1 2 3 'r FT . 5 1 5 , - ' ' 0 1- 0 , P, 4 , ' 1 gi g. y fl 2 I if A I I, , Q. ' . 1 F . . , , U O FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA KJ? f Washita Valley Grain Co Pauls Valley, Oklahoma '54 Top Row Bovd Matlock, Charlie Qrisfer, Xt ROW Billy Jack Williams La Don Mov'r'1s,r'9ng Cowin, Joe Kuykenda LHPPY Reams Leslie Ream, Johnnie Brvrir,D0ng1d Lgyglling, garmon qercer, Charles Th0mPS0l'1, David Bryan, Eddi0 BPI-lII119y.B D Betts First Row Donnie Connallv, Charles Powell, Jackie Connelly, Bobby CPB5-S Billy Granunam,-TBPPY bmithv Marion Chu-d3vMr. Gonnally Sbbrrsor. Lll , ,4'?' A 4'-V' ' , ' R- A ' 'ai 2:1735 - he 'ri ' -131,53 x' 7 lv P , fi' F H ,. --K , 'f' J J,-an " N? it I -N " V ,...r,. A " A 1 A , R K ' W V I Q' . ' 1 'Q -' , ,u M-. I t 1 , . X N3. LW ki I --- ..- X. f Y - V f J ., A L ? - A , J. , -r?l C . ., , . ', 1 . I" : , . U , Ne I ' 1 . . - 9 , . A . - 4 " Q . FUT RE IIOMEM KERS of MERICA IIT! ' Front Row Farbara Maxey Louise Woods, Jane Carlton, Barbara Wolf, Francis Pinner, Linda Cofer, Linda Martin Second RO' Joan Wh1t0n Joan Kuykendall, Judy Maxey, Lavon Cottrell,Bg1-bar-g Klutz. Katheryn luxe Lenorl W9lSt. ChlP19U9 YOUUS-Third Row: Lavida Lewelling, Nancy Bradey, Janice Mercer, Amy Conna1ly,L11-,da Rgamg, Karen Hicks, Doris Dillon, Fourth Row: Joyce Burns, Beverly Corley, Martha Shi, Glgndg Selph, Patricia Jhmes. Glenda Burnett, Joyce craig. Fifth now: Jim i, Bette, MHP! 70058, Shasta Bl118Pd,Sh1r1ey Reyn01d,,S1xth Row: Jeannie Betts, Jin AndP9'ls NBUCY Svdik. Elane Lawson, Retha Muee,Sponsor: Irs. Jarrett Compliments of Compliments of Thompson Son Book df Supply Co. Ada Typewriter Exchange Ada, Oklahoma Ada, Oklahoma e .P I'-U ' Q , ri X W 5 O ' - . 1 . . , . yr 4-Il CLUB Front ROW Glenda Magar Sandra Greenlee Barbara Parlsh Judy Shi Olene Willis Clyta Foster Second Row Oran Horsley Billy Lobaugh Jerry Mercer Richard Elmore Barclay Martin Joe Turner Patsy Savage Thlrd Row Charles Wood Teddy Archer Richard Winn Fourth Row Charlie Burnett Darroll Adams Carroll Adams Mary D'-If-Y Mr. Jenkins NHUCY Griffin Nancy Parker RObeI"tSOl'1 Patricia Lewis Sharon Byford N 1 - , . . ' - . . . MT Burney Director Compliments . Graham g Ada, Oklahoma ...---""-d- 1,2 Z'-2 Mc Farhnd-Robertson Music Co Ada, Okhholl lvl :Pg -S4 is 'I ' 'Sify' -gf ' W 2 iz.: gi-vis" .- .., rt., QW" n .1 ,Q 1 i' Kefb all Front Row Jim Sallee, rlckard Hobertsol, Gene FOWIF, Harold Woods Gustin Wall green Second Pow B111 Cole, Dewane Rosson, Forrest Weast Jack Connal1y,Donnie Connally, Poach Blackburn lkqieasikug Ipod' Service Station 'su-aurora 3""'tf"" f .r 2 it J , a X , , . , I F ? Q , . T 9 1 X . f' ,, Q . U' A J Y J A , . . ' . . . , J s I t QQ 5 7mm 1 Frm Mft to Right! lr Stuckey, Coach, Cletta llaxey, Pat Williams, Glenia Bwnett Joyce Craig, Elain Larson, Shasta Ballard P08837 P05505 U-ml 3l'l80r lnrtha Shi, Jeannie Betts, Shu-1,7 Reynolda, Judy Lambert Forrest Motors Stratford , Oklahoma 4- Q... - , L 4 o O 0 .-2 Hasfbaxx N x Y X Front Rol: Gene cdfill Carlon Cosby Gnstin Inllgreen Billy Grantham Forrest Feast Richard Robertson Seconi Row: Joe Kuykerrlall Denne Roaaon Harold loods Jackie Conmlly Donnie Connally Garlen larcer R, 'coil es, Ro ein 5811599 is V tratfoiziety ackbxxfn, Coach, Ned' 185559 '30W097 Brent ' Ream, Buddy Helm E5-die Bfuib-LGY 9 B1 1: , x,a1"f'J B9-hey , 1 W e 1563 Y 0 Toni Hom X35 2,1410 Son am, Johxxtw Hai 30 F reeman ' S Gr S tratforscery gpsxke Re XCDBHX ASKETB L Griffin, Jxidg Joins, 'lens om wit to Rights Ir. Stocks-1, Goach, Have? Shi, with RODSTYSOD, my Qonnaxlg, Glenia GXOWT, WST Sao-ge, Nancy Yafker, 5h'Lr1o7 'Waker , PM WL11'Lams, GRADE BASKETB LL TEAMS First row Mary Duty, Barbara Wolf, Jane Carleton, Patsy Savage Nancy Griffln, Molly Shi, Linda Martin Second row Karen Hicks, Joyce Woods, Edith Robertson, Nancy Parker xi .v Linda Ream, Amy Connally, Mr Manns El First row Gary Marty Turner, Weldon Lambert, Freddie Kidd, Melton Wh1te Woodrow Elmore Second 70W SZ: Z1?eEgiZgyCaEgo1ha2g2ms, Connle Mercer, Charlle Burnett, A 2 : 1 : . s I I .' rev--:-f-' y -qsyupp-.yy ,,-- K f- X , g '::.',1-X ' x 1 A . 1 : - . D . I U CAFETERIA WORKERS K9 -Q, H-n Left to rlght Mrs Ausfln, Nrs Eeds, Mrs Fuse and Mrs House to ff f 9 JI fr Mr Clarence Ph1111nsMf Uyless Ballard . k 1 e Q v .f l , 3 QAT3 ' "f'f?a' 1 - f'f.AL"1f 'K '1 " " 'Qvv V V' 1 P A9 if .IQ 'if - A ' ff? ff, b L, -auf -V. .4 ! I 4. I , 41' ll , f ' s4ZJ9Qi4 .,. f ' 1wMfMMr.l I . ' ' A A O i' SNAPSHQTS 5 Kg 5 4 RQ ff f 2 J Y ' is V! lx f ' GQ -H ,J W mg: , f 5 , X :K KA ff Af' GJ! q Lf N, A rf 1 QQ- E ff q .I 5 ,951 , ,s lu Q . RE-hz-sm 'A B C ' , F f- ws 4 A , qv f , 7- .' ' as 4172-XLS K r.. T Y'-wf cg YV X L, 71 , WK X l 773 x 3 S! ...ff-'fx YQ AN X X G 3, Qfiv? Vw 5 ee 2911? -N I ff. -Q H,-:W ff XG, 3Q5Lg 1111131 ugh E,v,,? B OO TE if-XJ 1 1 - QQ 7 f f-Q ' K Uk fa' ,e , ' , , 7 'f r Q X ,cf 1, Y' Lf '4 ' Q C, B 1 W J 1 f f J Q1 , J x Q: mx ,. X im 11 L 1 1 sf 14 1 H J ki' 5 f' , .J 1 ,f U , 3 ' QL Q u Q, 1 A , f-?,l L Q., X., X Q' S R S I I gy INTER COLLEGIATE PRESS TOR Kansas Cnty f U . I WH Publwshers lfover Munufurlurevs Book Blnders FAI Y HUMY Offlff - - ---V' -'-- - - --- Q -,- ni- .- --- -. V---Y -Y. . - Y - --'- '----v--r-:pvv4,.,,,y-ff-4 ... .A7,l. J -k.44':i:'QiL:-:I'la..1x . . 1.1 A . .- . .,n: :in 11 l1:f9".iD1:!i1i illl,fffQ?,W,JZlvZfl,fi4'ff !i..31-Yff1'f."- -, , ia xf:-. , E: 1" : 1 ' ,

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