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pi .Mgv ., . .H 'TV H' f A QXYYXXKXXISJG' SHOW 6KlXO4Cj5f Q 'D mdxcv Cxdbbw X 0599 il Eiwiixebf X 'HE mt an tha ,gmt I. 5 ' KJ f Ill s 5 Q Q IIA? N095 YQ Y Uv Tb one who has been with us our four years in High School and who has been both a fine teacher and great friend, and has shown not only knowledge but also sym- pathy, understandlng, and guidance Therefore, we w1sh to express our appreclation and thanks by dedicatlng the 1955 Bulldog to yol., Mr. Stuckey Sen1or Class of 1955 KJ Q Q of flyn fb K H ff tn, , f C, ' x - f'S. 1 y W in ax mt: I 6 .ix :L YEARBOOK STAFF Business Manager Editor in Chlef Advertising Photography Sales Manager Grade School Thu -llulldug I955 Typists Lay-out Managers Sponsor Publi hull ll 'Phu Annual lull llrallurd lligh uhuul Betty Cole Dannie Eeds Wandell Whiteg Dorothy Malloy Cathalene Forrester Herbert Sudikg Mary Williams Betty Cosbyg Burna Lobaugh Jane Sheppardg Yvonne Byford, Fahn Turner Barbara Griffing Judy Mase Dorothy Summersg Zella Clark Mrs. R. Forrest To you, The Annual staff of 19514-55, May I say Thanks, For a grand job. To you Our patrons, may I say, The next time you pass your school, Pause a moment To think what this school means To humanity. To you Our students Consider well And be grateful For your Marvelous opportunities . . . Recall the long dark centuries When the Masses were kept in Ignorance, when greed and oppression Ruled The world with an iron hand. From the very beginning of man's struggle for Knowledge, Self-respect, And the recognition of his unalienable rights, The school has been his greatest ally. We refer to the school as Common, Because it belongs to us all, It is ourselves, Working together In the education of our children. But it is a Most unco mon institution. It is relatively new. It is democracy's Greatest gift to Civilization. Let us cherish And improve . Our School. Board of Education Roy C Byford Chairman Q 8 W R Cole Clerk J E Howell Vice Chairman Sid Griffin Jess Wbod Hgnb gr H8mbG1' mlnxsirnhnn Mr Richard Duty Superintendent Mrs. Edna Robertson School Secretary Mr. Ray Stuckey High School Principal Mr. David Jenkins Grade Principal illfll Mrs MaeS Duty BA E nh Hrs Clara Austell ng 5 Speech A B English A 2' A 'Z' V dab 11 Ska Mrs -3ubguForrest J D Connelly Bes 309 H0225 Clyde Knxght Mr 0 L Burney Business B S Voc Agri Economics B S Ind A ts B A Music ?h-R J H Riddle Mrs J H R1dd1eJ T Black urn Coachllrs Maxine Endicottbirs Willie Simpson AB-MA Science AB English BS History AB Sixth Grade BS Fifth Grade Mrs -7 U C0m'l81lYlIrs Gertrude Forrest liss Rhth Burnett Mrs Edith Clark B S Fourth Grade B S Third cl-me M Ed second GradeB s 1 2 Grade zrgnBeE:1er'I:-gtitgf-ada O . ,e ,gg . Q E J N If , 'E , - "T ' . B.sT . . Ed. : .. Q U . . ' Z O U D r I .C . . . I J 1 5 , A 5 QQ, as ,. G ' I I I ' 3 Q ' Q , V 441- fs., f , V- , . Mr, , , ' o c 0 . o o b 1 0 0 V. K V ,, G, at . , I - 1- , ff .. Gx A 'YY UF YROY EK wx N we 5 BOL 'AX QUHQF QHQSS Knlghff Miss Skaggs Sponsor Sponsor RoyGrayFFA 3-YT: Band 3 yrs , President of Senior Class, Track 1 yr, Junior Play 2? Ralph Watts Pep Club l Wendell White-Class Sec Doyle Sharber-Stude t YP , Junior and Senior Yearbook and Guard Staff, Coach, sgt at Arms of Play, Vice President of F H A , Pep Club, Glee Senior C1355 Class Club, Honor Society, Office, Senior Play Donna J ill C11M'liI18 Ruddv I'e"15'C1a35 Lorena Donehew-Glee F,H,A, l yr.5 Senior Reporter, F.F.A. 1 yr., Club 3 yrs.3 F.H.L. Queeng Senior Play, Track 1 YTQS 50115-01' 2 yrs. Honor Society P187 Lloyd Lee-F.F.A. 2 Raymond Henegar-F.F.A. yrs.5 Track h YTS-3 h yrs.5 Pep Club l yr. Pep Club 1 yr. Mary Jane Williams Nona McBroom F H A l Basketball h yrs , yr , Class Yell Leader F H A b yrs , Glee Office 1 yr , Senlor Club 2 yrs , Freshman Play Queen, Yearbook and Guard Staff, Jwnlor and Sen1or Play Tbmmy Lunsford F F A Sonny Gr1ff1n F F A 3 yrs , Basketball 3 yrs , Junlor Play, yrs , Baseball 3 yr Basketball 3 yrs Baseball h yrs s,PepClub2y'rs 2yrS,FHA hrrs, lee Club l yr , Honor Glee Club 2 FTS 1 Year ociety, Ju ior and book and Guard Staff, en1or Play, Yearbook Junior and Senior Pl3Y, a Guard Staff, Office 1 yr , Honor ffice 1 yr SOC1ety Fahn Turner Selby Basketball h yrs , Softball h yrs., F H A. 3 yrs , Junior Play, Yearbook and l Guard Staff ' ' s o I . l ' 0 0 0 ., ll .Q ' n 0' 50 '3 l -udy Ann Muse,F.H.A. h Betty Lou Cole-Pep Club -10.1 .3 1' 9 Q 0 0' n ' , -' ' 4 1 Gri1iin'Glei Burna Dean Lobaugh yr ' Yearboo Glee Club 1 yr , Guard Staff, sen Playi Junior Yearbook and Guard Staff Jlmmy Spurlock F F A yr , Basketball 1 Arthur Watts F F A 1 Honor Soclety yr , Basketball 1 yr Doris Jean Cherry-Glee Club 3 yrs , F H A 2 yrs , Band 1 yr , Class Song Leaderg Junior Play Betty Cosby F H A 3 oathelene Forrester yrs , Softball I4 yrs , H A 2 yrs , Honor Junlor Play, Honor Soclety, Basketball 2 yrs , bophomore Class Queen Allen Wood F F A li B seb ll J yrs gif ding l if , Honor Curtls Reason Soc1ety, Basketball 2 yrs , Junlor and Sen1or Plav Junior Masters F F A h yrs , Honor Society John Danlel F F A 2 vrs , Track 1 yr , Pep Club 1 yr , Basketball YT Dorothy Summers F H A 2 yrs , Basketball 1 Yearbook and Guard Staff Ladue Nease F F A 2 yrs , Jun1or and Senlor Play, Pep Club 2 yrs 5 Track 2 yrs , Basket ball 1 vr Zella Clark-GleeC1ub 1 Yr , Yearbook and Guard Staffg Offlce 1 yr Herbert Sudik Band h YTSQFFQA .l.yT, Senior Play, Yearbook ana Guard Staff DeVer1e Mercer F F A, 3 YTS , Pep Club 1 yr Yvonne Byford F H.A h yrs , Pep Club 2 yrs Yearbook and Guard Staff, Offlce 1 yr Dannie Eeds F F A 2 yrs 1 Basketball 2 yrs Pep Club 1 yr , Guard Staff, Ed1tor in Ch1ef of Yearbook Doyle Blttle F F A 2 1 . ' e a o - . . .Q ' 0' .3 yr., J y'rS.3 2 yrs.3 yrso Louls Perry F F A U yrs , Baseball 2 yrs L E. Ballard F F A U Pep Club 1 yr , Honor SOC16ty Theron Slmpson F F A 3 yrs , Basketball 1 yr Baseball 2 yrs , Pep Club 1 yr Doroth Malloy F H A 1 yr , Year book and Guard Staff Donald Callen F F L 2 yrs , Basketball 2 yrs J.P. Williams-Pep Club 2 yrs.3 Basketball 2 yrs.5 Baseball 3 yrs.5 Honor Societyg Senior F187 Name Judy Muse Ruddy Lewls Mary J Willlams Sonny Grlffln Betty L Cole Tommy Lunsford Jane Sheppard Doyle Sharber Fahn Selby Dannle V ds Dorotuy Malloy Donald Fallen Nona McBroom Ralph watts Wandell Whlte Dorls Jean Cherry Heroert Sudlk Yvonne Byford Curtls Rosson Donna Cummlns Allen Wood Betty Cosby Rofce Smlth Zella Clark Roy Gray Barbara Grlffln Ladue Nease Burna D Lobaugh Louls Perry Dorothy Summers Arthur Watts Cathalene Forrester J P W11118mS Lorene Donehew L E Ballard Doyle Blttle John Daniels Raymond Henegar W11l1e Lawson Lloyd Lee Theron Slmpson John Masters Jlmmy Spurlock Myrl Ross Irle Womack bnNlOR STAFlSTlCb Chlef Attractlon Engagement Rlng No belt' Eyes Curly halr ULongH blacm halr Dre wg ev s nNaturalU blond UF1gure Red halr Innocent loo Helghth Loans Neatness Whorror Laug Ouletness Personal1t5 Pr1ssyness Smlle Blue Ford Eyes Frlendllness Slze Dlmples Personallty H1m Ha1r Dark complexion Wdalk Personallty Intelllgence Smlle Long halr S1de burns Pleasantness Grln Frlendllness Personallty Complexion 'Looks' ar F1gure Dark curly hair No braln Harp Pleasantness Wants to be Mrs Bruce Corley Banner lst woman Pres Ballet dancer An anLel Autaorltv on g1P1S Hot rod dr ver 0 N P T J Sln le ef 6' Mrs Lnv'1sh Teacher 'Wlatts' Free Success "W11 e 'Somethlng' Mrs B Pace Mr Grlffln S cretary Farm r Free Doc P1lot Good General Qulet Ag Teacher Math Teacher On t1me Milllonalre Genlus Sc1ent1st Farmer Ehgllsh Whiz Great lover Cameraman Supt of S nLoxe HSue S Mann Chopln II Intelllvent HCh1efU Cook A Success Most engoyed pastlme Bruce Opera Slnglng Dancing Dlscusslng glrls Dano ng Smoklng clgars POl13hlHg Halo Drlnklng pop? Wlmp Fllrtlng Drag raclng Ehgl1SD Prlmplng Dra Plnv Malo Watcmln TV Church Aggravatlng Benny Laura Wr +1ng L tters Bettr Bask tball Danc41g Rldlnv horses Playlng Superman Jlmmy V1s1t1ng slck Studylng Ridlng the Range Readlng Glrls Boys Datlng Studylng Engllsh Plnball machlne G0lH9 to Ada Drag raclng Basketball Foot races Golng to A Q M Concert Playlnv golf Trylng new reclpes TV Usually found 'Sl Chev nC1ty Dump On phone Eavesdropplng D xr annie Leo's 5 Pops Beauty shop C X ' Ada Huntlng Krlund Room l7 vat 's Gln Deoot Hon Town Pes Prllf YJLDH B HWY L ura's Pos Off1ce Bct+v's Uwth Allen Gen 's Home Up ln the a1r M1 h Jlmmy Rolf Wlth Barbara Lazv LP Ranch Plavlng tall Gettlnv admits Shlnnur Cltr Cafe Home Off ce Town Ada DPlV1HQ Wlth Dorls Scxool Shoo Shoo Muslc Halls Huntlnp Cafe Home -N , . - . . , O . H D ' 1 . . - ! u 0 . ' . -. , A . - 1 - q 1 ayf e',f1J , , 7 , ,a ' ue A . ' , A i , A N PI'3S. fYvaJa-its K . ' 1"-ere 3 - I1 'A g n A . I' ' ' - -e 1 k ...,. . . I - n n A ,-' A 1 I n ' H T ' " . X W J or' Q I , Q I 1 ' 1 t , hu u u' 30' 0 ' A ,. . . 'L 1 ' g U 9 DeVerle Mercer Handsomeness Movie Star Flirt with Senlors DPlV1HQ bus - - , -c n , . . , K . , .1 t 2 7 , ., ' . . , ' r' ' e . . ' . . a ' e i.' e , t ' ' . ', e 1 1 4 ' Mrs. e nl -c Y .' 'A lr e - u n- ' - ' ' 0 . . . ' . . . . . . ,.+ . U . ' 1 1 . 1 O . . I . . . x . . . J. O . . . . . .... I a ' . . . i , K , , , Y . SHB . . . , C , dn Q . . , . K Q L . . . . .D . Q . , U H. . . . I I A S S S T O We, the Senlor Class of 1955, started out twelve years ago, or rather 1n l9h3, on the race for education we've f1n1shed twelve years w1th 8 of us comlng all the way together, the rest dropping ln at opportune tlmes to add thelr talents to our class Fahn flurnerj Selby, 18 the f1rst I shall mentlon as comlng all the way Fahn has played basketball and softball h years She had a leadlng part 1n our Junlor play and we were happy have had her as one of our classmates Doyle Bittle also has been w1th us for 12 years, and we've engoyed having h1m We wouldn't want to forget Jane Sheppard, who started here in the f1TSt grade also She took part 1n our Junior play and has been a great contrlbutlon to us Ralph and Arthur Watts have also honored us by comlng all through grade and high school with Ralph had a leading part in our Junior play and Arthur has CODtT1bUt9d much to our basket- ball team Curtls Rosson decided he would run the race with us too He has been a great proflt to our class and to put it plainly, we couldn't have done without h1m Ladue Nease and Raymond Henager have also played a b1g part in our class Raymond and Ladue worked graclously at every thing given them we were glad to have Lorene Donehew spend her first four years here She then declded she would try Pra1r1e Grove the next four years of grade school Finally in our Freshman year she came back to Stratford and is finlshlng with us th1s year Yvonne Byford started w1th us 1n the first grade, went 6 months and declded she would go to Corley to f1n1sh grade school We were fortunate enough to have her come back our Freshman year She took part in basketball and proved herself very good Donald Callen started wlth us in the second grade and has gone all the way except one semester, but declded he llked Stratford better and came back We're glad to have had you Donald Our second year 1n grade school brought us good luck Betty Cole came to us from Oklahoma Clty and has been with us ever slnce She has contributed much to our class and took part in our Jun1OP play J P Will1ams, who entered our class in the 3rd grade, has played baseball an taken all honors in Math We're glad to have had you J P In our hth year Burna Dean Lobaugh and Royce Smlth added their names to our roll We have been glad to have them as they have been very loyal class members It's a b1rd, 1t's a plane, no, it's Roy Gray In our Sth year of school Roy declded he would add his knowledge to our fair class Roy has become a p1lot and was our class president our Senior year He also had a part in our Junior play the 6th grade and seventh but moved the next year and d1dn't join our class until we had reached the tenth grade M rl has very much muslcal talent and we're glad to have had him w1th us It seems as though John Daniels had a hard tlme dec1d1ng whlch school he llked best, but 1n the 6th grade he declded to stay with us John played a very important part on our baseball team Our 7th year in school brought us Sonny Gr1ff1n from Ada He is a good boy, but resldes in the offlce more than 1n class He played basketball for h years and took a lead1ng part in our Junlor play To our good fortune our 7th year also brought us Tommy Lunsford, Dannle Eeds, and Theron S1mpson Tommy and Dannle played basketball M years and Theron took an active part in our hlgh school band Herbert Sud1k came to us 1n the eighth grade from Mounta1n View Herbert 18 our class comedlan, but is also a very Wintelligentn pup1l At the beglnnlng of our Freshman year we received, will1e Lawson, Zella Clark, Betty Cosby, Judy Muse, Barbara Grlffin, Dorothy Summers, wandell White, Dorothy Malloy, Mary Jane Wllliams, L E Ballard, Lloyd Lee, Junlor Masters, Louls Perry, Jlmmy Spurlock and Allen Wood from surrounding schools This was a great help to our class in many ways They have been a very 8Ct1Ve group and we've engoyed working with them our four years of high school Karlene Dav1s also came to us our Freshman year from McGee She was unable to f1nish w1th us th1s year as she moved to New Mexlco the f1PSt of the school year DeVerle Mercer and Doyle Sharber enrolled 1n Stratford H1gh our Sophomore year DeVerle was one of our bus drlvers and a very good student Doyle came to us from Vanoss and proved 1m self to be a very good pupil even though he 1S a llttle m1SCh19VOUS Dur1ng our Jun1or year Irie Womack came to us irom Wynnewood we engoyed havlng h1m in our class very much Ir1e had to drop out of school the flrst of this year for an operation but we hope to see hmm back before the year 13 out Also 1n our Jun1or year we gained Ruddy Lewis He took part 1n several class as emblies and was a very active part of our class Donna J1ll Cummlns, Nona McBroom, and Dor1s Jean Cherry entered our class our Senior year They each contributed much to our class Concludlng our fabulous class 15 Cathalene Forrester, who declded to hurry through school by graduating in 3 years and thus added her name to our class roll Our Junior year was the year in Wh1Ch we worked our very hardest we gave our Junior play 'THE CANNIBAL QUEEN', and gave the Junior and Senior banquet at Murrary Lodge, Ardmore At last came our Senior year These are the elements that fill our school years to the fullest and make for lovely memories in the years to come C L H I R Y A . ' ' ' to use ' M rl'Ross couldn't decide which he liked best - California or Oklahoma. He was with us in ' . h' - Xl' 1- wi- -XX wx., 1 5 L II apshols f Charley Brister Harold Janes Benny Pace Harold loods David Bryan J. R. Burkhart Glen lallgren Jerry Smith Bobby Craig Betty Smith Billy J. lilliams Berthaleue Ballard Cletta laxey Jerry Ddleese lary loods I, Boyd Matlock Billy Grantham Nancy Sudik Gene Cowln Laura Griffin Queen ,nn 'Ol l Bin, cole Bubby Chinn Doris Killian Judy Lllbert Forrest Weis! President ,ice President Secretary Treasure R0P0l'f-01' Donnie Connelly Lessie Phillips Gustin lallgren 1 Reporter Sona Leader Sono-Leader Evylene In nglmxnure SUP Chester Martin U8I'i0H DNV' Pete Jues Dillon 5P0"301' Flarence Wal lee Williamson Mgry Freeman .Terry Turner Roxen. Austin P,.eL,uu, YN Llrn htton R. B. Betts Oth Lewelling ll!!! Irish! 'FIN UNI Ronnie Huh , , D , , I X Q X , , , , 'E ft , J xl . : D G '. 'z . K . . E .A 1 I . , GJ" V in A , , . . ' ,, 2' Q ' 1 . 1 -fb 'ixhj 'I 0 . N I ' . A A I O 0 O 'Wu' fu. QP Laura Griffin 'Wm fi. 1 .139 3. mf5N1 in M2 " ' Q fo QQ .4 1' T- vsr WM' -'Q ,fgffwa :Aff aaa' Judy Lambert and Billy Cole, Sophomore Shirley Tucker and Karl Hicks, Eighth Grade to right' ft L lass: C nior Ju lercer Oh Germ ing K her d BI1 UT8 La Oueen I' Ou girl' 81' OW F1 FIS, levi y B T C Donna Cummins and Doyle Sharber, Senior Perry, Crown Barrier Glen lrl' 9 81' OW Fl rn Blackbu ie M1 C and Jerry Ashley, Freshman Class: Amybeth Connally and Charlie Burnett, Seventh Muse Pethn C LD , W K I -, .- I .. ilk V I ' A i J' M -x ' P A' . ,ul Q . . A . U N an ' " ' x - - Q rf' ik E 4 N -.f- Y V g I 1' ' V " 1 " . ' " n , .. 2 I Q U . lf' -...I . V, - , . .. , he Q Fe- Y M... . f . '. f . fi X A 'I , v . A I .. .- , 3 vs 0 A II 'U H G ' . ,- 0 v-4 Q -4 In , , 'yivf R, 122' , - , f C A C ,. ff' Q, " ' 'l.- ' - ' '- T' ' 'A Q-af..-' . 1 --9:12, . . . , rf , -sr. .2-.f-Cezw-Q,-:gp-.,,-.1Qf . n ,mp ' f fi P11511 JLIIOUI ask tball Back Row Mr Blackburn Coach, Allen Wood, Jimmy Spurlock, Forrest Weast, Sonny Griffin, Willie Lawson, lommy Lunsford Front Row Jimmy Sallee, Gene Cowin, Dannle Eeds, J P wlll1amS, B1lly Cole, Bobby ChT1SI18 Date November November December Uecember January January January February rebruary February STRATFORD BOYS BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Opponent McL1sh Byng DaOll Elmore Wynnewood Davls Pernell LLMOPG Maysville 18 Stonewall 195k bb Results Lost Won Lost Lost Won Won Lost Lost Lost Lost Uate November November December December January January February February February Opponent Latta Wayne Pernell Latta Maysv1lle Paoll Wynnewood Maysville Davis The ffI'0Phy was won at the Elmore City all boys mutational tournamen The Stratford boys won the Distrlct Tournament by aefeatlng Bylng 65 to 53 Results Lost Won Won Lost Won Won Won Lush Won t as runners up 2 ' 9 l2 l6 November l9 McLish Lost November JO Stonewall Lost 3 . ' lb lY 2l h ll ' lh ' lb ' 2b l h ' 8 ' ' 8 ' ll Qfumfrefzenuw Winners 1 CJ' Back row--Dorothy Summers-guard, Joyce Craig-guard, Glenda Burnett-guard, Cletta Maxev- forward, Mary Jane Williams-guard, Elaine Lawson-forward. Front row--Mr. Stuckey-coach, Betty Cosby-forward, Shirley Reynolds-guard, Fahn Turner- Selby-forward, Jeannie Betts-forward, Yvonne Eyford-guard, Judy Lambert-forward. STRATFORD GIRLS BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 19514-SS Date Opponent Re sults Date Oppone nt Re Sults November Mc Li sh Won January Wynnewood Won November Latta Lost January Maysville Won November Byng Lo st January Davi s Won November Wayne Lost January Paoli Won November McLi sh Won January Parnell Won November St onewall Lo sf, February Wynnewo od Won De cember Paoli Won February Elmore Lost, De cember Perne 11 Won February Maysville Lost De ce mbe r E lmore Won Fe bruary D avi s Won De cember Latta Lost February Stonewall Lost, JUNIQR HIGH A. I rujHnw11 I r Riddle Sponsor SPOMOI' x.f NX Duane Rosson Janice Mercer R th M President Vice President Sgcrgtalxe Elaine Lawson Martha Shi Lavo d 715111 Reporter Song Leader y g JOYCC Watts Dixie Elmore Richard Robertson Jo Ann White Barbara Standrige N Barbara Roland L. B. Williams Sandra Adams Jerry Ashley ct ' an lil, V I 7' N o 1 ' 'jf Sf' ",.a . f ,. , V , R nv Q59 ng n R e n R 1 Q lindell King Billy s-nh Leonard loppin Carlon Cosby Donald Lewollini Joyce Craig F reeda Lee Sue Thomas fir Jinie Betts Beverley Corley Roy Iattson Peggy Fenner La Don Morris Jimmie De 'ees' llarrion Childs Glenda Burnett ll Donald lloore rley Reynolds 1. 'su lax Philpoz Louise 'Wd 4 'Q' X, . x. XM It V x ja , 'Q 1 1 Z K , i I ' ' ' lll --fv . Shi , ' K1 if President EIGHTH GR Newt watts Barbara hlutts Patsy Allen Glenda GIOVGT Shirley Tucker V President Secretarv Treasure Report l df" I A AQ .ZL- 7 1 "' ,Cn Mr Blackburn Sponsor Lxnda Savage Song Leader Gary Hollinger Sgt at Arms Charlene Austin Elvxn Jones Lavon Cottrell Edward Beets Lewis Daniel Raymond Milligan Billy Hales Jerry Austin Wendell Williams Joyce Burns Roland F Barbara Maxey Barbara Christie Carl Hmcks Johnny MBXCY Neta Bryan Neketa Lobaugh Pat Williams l Sonja Slaughter Marsha Younf I ty Eld id Judy Jones Judy Maxey Buddy Helm Cecelia Centry I r ge '7' G Q 1 f - il Q Wea gm JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL GIRLS TOP ROW: Mr. Ray Stuckey, Judy Jones, Linda Savage, Peggy Penner, Shirley Reynolds, Janice Mercer, Jimmie Betts, BOTTOM ROW: Glenda Burnett, Pat Williams. Elaine Lawson, Retha Muse, Joyce Craig, Beverly Corley Trophies were won at the Davis Invitational Tournament and the County Meet. JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL BOYS Top Row Duane Rosson, LaVoyd Willis, Jerry Ashley Donald Moore, Mr Joe Tom Blackburn, Coach BOTTOM ROW Rlchard Robertson, Billy Smxth, LaDon Morrms Marion Childs Carlon Cosby T hey W0n the runners up throphy xn the county meet 5? 5155 L, Top Row Y Qyford, L Uherry, D CUWmlHS, N Wllllams, B Cole, J Fuse, N McBroom, J Nhlte D Summors, B Cosby Mlddle Row Miss Skagrs, K LDd1COtt, E Nillsap, C Forrester, J Cralg, G Jurnett, M Freeman D Allllan, E Lawson R Muse, J Mercer Bottom Row E Jones, J Andrews, J Betts, B Corley, J Watts, L Nood, J Betts, N Sudlk, Top ow left to rlgnt B Grs tnan, D Conna1y, B fr mg, R Gray, f er 1 F Pallxrd H Hen 1 Jr Yasser, J Po alj, n foou, L rl is o ro Posey, lt , f Jallvren, E 'evd, n 1ll1amSOU, J avuge, L Vau ln, O Leweiilng, r umlty, T p of, B n1L111ms, 1 Voore Hobtom T,MOPT1S, J Ashley, H Uet+s, J T r er, C Powell, L Perry, A Wood, I Joou, U Mercer, U Ieweillnf 1 " . A. . ,V , . - l 0 Q AI Ai v 0 0 A I 0 . . . D . . V . Y L ' , N Q Q e 1 0 0 O I I C . , . - I l I 0 I I I O n v-1 1 1 nf 51,1 '1 AA-..- , ... ., .... - L, , . . . . , Z .n . : . ,U I . . J 'e . ' ,. pri J, , , ,. ,, ,. , , , , gf L D 1 . Z, . u,, . ,A . , ,H. . . , . ., rn . . , H - . an w: C. o J. s h 1. A , , f,, L,e ... . C . . . C . C., H. .1 N . 2 . o f . . 3 . . - - L. . n , ,rf S , . , f 1, 1 ,, , . ' 1 ' 1 'V . - , 4 L Q .1 Lf.. J o '1 Tl o o o In 1 , , . . ,, , ,J X 4 A Sixth ,, Grade is GS W1 QP :Q ik AX Qfwfw ,402 Lau Qb5'?v"i :asm-M-,Qu f .sg Qt3uMuN if HQ. r-0' " -fx IT' -ad, 1 'fl' .4 ,v-Q IU' 'VK Y Y 'v' First Row Daralene Howell .Ken Andrews, Eugene Lewelling, Morris Amos, Mary Burleson, Betty Potter Second Row Caroline Rich Tresia Doshier. Charles Harris, Janice Wood, Boyd Potter, Glenn Txnnin Thxrd Row Do th Sk Lo ro v 800 e McEuin 'lebeca Mink Ola Burkhart Barbara E dridoe Will Ballard LENREIZW MROSIEI' C05bY. Ury i iQ8n. Sue Wood, Leland hidd, Travis Lambert, es nc Maxev ghirlev vuurgnsn L82 Jerrv Willillhx Lonnie Mann Paulette Clawdus, Stella Bxttle, 'UIXLH Hou Barbara White Gary White. Dixie Fox, Tommy Strickland, Betty Smmth i Mrs. SXIIIPSOII - - -V H U A., In ,-'I 4 V' - , Q F Q ' ,?x,,1, 7. Y M ,V F a 'tx S ' " 1' ,4 1 , va.. 'i lvl ' ' Q to . k , ' A A 'Q 12 - ' 1 ' l fp A .. 5 s ' - 1 ' ' 7 - 4 ,M T V . A A li , 5 x A m ., Q ulqn 1 sw I b , 41 ' T In . l y K ur :J xl' K F b ' ff f ff df- 1' fl A' 3 , I I' '9 ' 2- g Sire A Q I-af 1 ,. .4 V A X w I . ,qv .l, t U. gr K it . , I Hy A . if ll 'li f ' ' ' ' . , In U ' S MW HUM fyfwflbw WM yyw 3, M W My .MVqf ,P fyffwp MEX M' www YW fl vial' fi 0.11 is RAD 772.,4,vjavrwZZ 9U,,.,,f,4.4.., JJMMAQMM eww Jffwwfw imwiw bgw., M430 Jpggfww, !fzi6f77vU'fQWfLWXzZf.,6.4.4,. 1 97gu.,l,4f.?JjQAL,J',M,,uf 7166 9 Q A p 5 A: ',N: 4 fa V Q -1 -ve - - Q' ' 42. 1 si? 'A Mgr Vf ' v Q V , Q. . WAAAZ . ' . s. . Ha I-. 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Suggestions in the Stratford High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Stratford, OK) collection:

Stratford High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Stratford, OK) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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