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. f.,., .QQ Xe 5- gf! Z l, gm an ,,, , QQ Q QQQ Q QQ QQ Q Q Q Q Q QQQ Q QQ Q Q QQ QQ Q Q QQ Q Q Q Q Q Q QQ QQQ QQQQ QQ QQ Q Q Q Q QQQQ QQQQ Q QQ Q Q Q Q QQQ QQ Q Q QQ Q Q QQ Q Q QQ QQ QQ QQ Q QQ QQ QQQQQ Q Q QQ QQ QQ QQQQQQ QQ Q QQ Q Q Q Q QQ Q Q Q Q Q Q QQ QQ QQ Q Q QQ Q QQ QQ Q Q Q Q QQ Q Q QQ Q Q SIRAIHIRII HIGH SIIHIIIH Q Q Q Q QQ Q Q Q STRATFORD OKLAHOMA '- " QQ Q Q QQ Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q -- - " ,, , xg . N vcrfm Q- - 'Q . ' ,,,,f QM" K Qaffwu .fy -- f' 1' 7'-C?k5al,. . Q ' L 54- "fT"::t. tbl ,f ':'zf.,, ,,7,iWX-.-2" ' f ,,w.QQ, f.Q- .9fzfmVf' ' af" "Q:-1 '. g ,fzif ?' -12-rg-, gi awk' nt.-' J' .0 '5M, f QQA. Q' fn .................. .... ........... ... .................. .. ............... ............... . .................. .... ............ . .. ...... .. . .. ........... .. .. .......... .. .. ............ .. .. ............. .. ... . ...... ...... .. . ......... .... ... ........ .... ,.. .. ..... .... .. . . ..... ..... ,.. ......... .. ., .. ....... . . .. . ........ .... .... .......... ... ,... ... ......... .... .... . ...... ... ...... ....... .. .... . . .... ..... .... ....... ...... . ...... .... ...... ........... ...... ..... . ...... .... ... ... . .. . . . .. .... ... ... ... ..... .... .. .... ,... .... . .. .. .... ......... . .. , .... .. .. . . . ... ... ...... . .. ,.. ... .... . . ... . .. . ... ......... ... ... ... .... .. .. ... ... .. .. .. . ' l Q I u 0 0 U I 1 u 0 Q Q ... ..... . . . ... ... .... .... ......... .. . .. . ....... .. . ..... ... ... ..... .... .... ..... .. . . ... . ........ .. . ... .... .... .... . ... ..... ..... .. . ...... .. . ... . .. .. ...... .. . . .......... . .. . ........... .. . . ............. . ............ .... . .............. . . .............. . . ... .......... . . .... ... ... .. . . .............. . ................. . Q .. .... . ....... .. ...... .... ....... . Q ................ ..........Q...... . . .............. . .. .............. . I QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Q .. .. ....Q..... . . ... ... ..... . ,. .... ......... . . . ... ........ . . .QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQ-QQQQQ IIHIICAIIII 'lk In grateful acknowledgment for all the hard work pat1ent endurance and frrendly advxce g1ven us by our sponsor Mrs Ruby Forrest we of the Year Book Staff of 50 51 hereby ded1cate th1s volume THE REFLECTOR and all lt conta1ns to her 2. f,- fs-S I MELVIN LUNSFORD ROLAND COLE JACK BLACKBURN Member of Board of Education Clerk of Board of Education Member of Board of Education SCH00l 'hm fifth .A 1---f SID GRIFFIN A W BARRETT President of Board of Education Superintendent of Public Schools AUMI ISIHAIURS X. JOHN LEWIS ELVIS HOWELL DAVID JENKINS High School Principal Member of Board of Education Grade Principal 3 V wc: f . s if 6 F 5 fb" i fi X i In Q I , C z ' .5 sf p ?Qmm',, mv- .W fps ps - ,T .Q ,I I "Ji 1vl??:f ,., . N553 1, 1,215 .f 3 I V n I E fxfiififxul MRS, RUBY FIJRRESI' I, IJ, CUNNALLY MRS, AI.IcgI5 PYRON ' ' ' CUIIIIIICYCC VocaIII1IIa1Agriculruru VncaIIoIIa1 IIMIIQ IZCIRIIIIIIICS fs is ,lzrwq r ,V Q , 22 '- ""M I MRS, CLARA AUSTELI, C. H. U-A-TFIELD Engljgh Marhemarics ff? IR 45 . ,, K A-an-Q. ' jg 5 UOYLE BURTON MRS, OCIE I.uwIS MUSIC Duector 1 ,, Gm , Sexpmh dn. fu, Kgs, +R if MRS. MARY FORREST MRS, WILLIE SIMPSON MRS, ORA JONES 5134111 Grade Fifth Grade Fourth Grade I MRS. GERTRUDE FORREST MISS RIITII BURNETT MRS. BIESSIE JENKINS MISS BETTYNILLER Third Grade Second Grade FIFSI Grade Sec. to Supermrendcm Bl sau J ins. Shl PRESIDENI' Rly Dean Underwood NICE PRESIDEN1 Leld Corley SLCRFTARY Bllly Bob Ashley IREASURER 'Vi my Ruin Jones 'X LL LFADLR Jln my Mac Coz-by RLPORI ER Floyd Freeman YLLL LEADER P1 Lbton G1 lnth lm 'S f"'s::q f""D S--. sd 41' PARLIAMEN1 ARIAN lllII'Llll5ldLlil3L,1I'D A' SONG Ll ADER Y ji- 'zrf' Q1 T' 'Q 5 Jlmmy Ray Nmhols CLASS POET Inez Fulds CLASS HISTORIAN Exa Mae Eeds Dorotha McConnell Loyd F1 eeman Dena Coffey Peggy Phillips ,Evan Jones Betty Crisp Troy Henry Dolores Reidel George Marcum Mary Frances Ethmdge Ldur 1 June Bryan Ahce Wdllgren 5 5 ."' Q'-a,gf Q I "r, 1, .L-M2 .' - , X E .gona Curia f. Ig! '3 S11-nrnl 1 Q .Q AV1S Va B111ye e g S Wanda potte x P 9 I if Q G' Ge C S111 urge Gra DOrOth l X Y !V11IldI71SOn I' yy, fu' ,ext , f Q Y D bl 3' 1. , . f ahojd hfb, 6 . +A fin t, . 1 X ' 15. ' J x ' C . if l "" ' -M A 65 X 5 ' R I I Sa 6 ,, A V vi B tr 1. 1- Q ' V 'Q' ' I 4 'J UST KIDS" Dorotha Marye Ruth A Q' Jlmmy Ray Peggy Al1ce Dolores Dean Eva Bessxe Jane FS F' 'vi' Y!! Evan George Laura June -1 Samm1e Troy Harrell Lela Mary Franc1s Benney Sf Blllye B1ll Jlmmy CLASS DISTINCTIONS Tallest J1mmy Ray N1ckols Shortest Bxllye Betts No1s1est Marye Ruth Jones Qu1etest Eva Mae Eeds Youngest Mary Frances Ether1dge Oldest George Grantham Smartest Lela Corley Most Popular G1rl Laura June Byran Most Popular Boy Benny Freeman "Sh1ek" Jxmmy Loyd Freeman Crooner Ray Dean Underwood "Torch S1nger" - Av1s Savage Most Beautxful G1rl Pe y Ph1ll1PS Most Handsome Boy - B1i?Y Bob Ashley Best All Around G1rl Bess1e Jane Sh1 Best All Around Boy Harrell Blackburn Hardest WOFk1Hg Al1ce Walgreen at Dortha McConnell Plumpest Samm1e Lee h1 Sk1nn1est J1mrny Mack Cosby B1ggest Smart Alec George Marcum Strongest Preston Grantham Least amount of bra1ns Dolores Re1del Most hkely to succeed Troy Henry Most romant1c boy Evan Jones Most d1mp1es Betty Ann Crxsp "F1ve by? Dorothy Pearl W1ll1amson "Go1ng steady" Harold Wr1ght The BEST SPONSORS Mrs. Ruby Forrest Forrest and Mr. Martm "Red" Loper. 7 4 ' 335 . 5,3 f-'6 . 4 9 A ' X F all 1 1 I '-" 'Y' . ""' u , lt r Q : l Y-fgar, ' I ' ' 'A '7?fz.Ql 1 V "'i? 1- A 'J 1 3 " vu g Q -9' '-E " - . 1 ' ,f L Q 6 ' 1 Ll E -A+ .' L ' ' ? " .Refi ' lf. I - L .. 2-ggi' l 1 -,.-i-71 7 - ' 5.62 .f Q , l ' Q .. F Q vb , i P N! 2 w 5, R rw X x b-F, , , - - . S . Movrnf' onward step by step 7'-9" llllltltl ll' ee lor many years our loy al band llas made rts way together Of course we ve had a lot of help From parents frrends and teachers To them we grve our srateful thanl s Through farr and stormy weather Wrth hopeful smrlrnf features looltmg lllIO future years Wrth eyes full of ambrtron We te added year by year our part Io Stratford llrgh s tradrtron In all our work as well as pla We ve done the DSSI we could And we challenge any one, anywhere To show us a class as good We we laughed and play ed and had our fun And now we have come at last To graduatron and may we frnd The future as sweet as the past Based on the wrrtrngs of Jmtmy Ray Nrcl ols HISIURY All tlnngs must have a befvrnnrng and an end Thus rt was that our Senror Class of IQSI had tts begrnnrng on an early day of September 1939 Of that prrmary group only frve have con trnued on and frnrshed together They are Lela Corley Laura June Bryan Dorothy Pearl Wrl lramson Bessre Jane Shr and Harrell Blackburn They were taught by Mrs Zealand Scott Wood 'lhrs was our frrst step rn the drrectron of graduatron We contrnued happrly through the 2nd grade and rn our grdy ear we were Jomed by Eva Mae Feds whom we welcomed gladly Our next addrtron came the followrng year when we acqurred Brllv Bob Ashley In the 5th tear we proved to be rather drstrngurshed rn the number ofspanlungs we recery ed But we also presented fwrth a lrttle help from the 6th gradey a musrcalskrt called The Weddrng of the Pa1nted Doll The half wav mark our 6th year round two more students added to our roll call Dolores Rerdel and Mary Frances Etherrdge were our new classmates and we were happy to have them Jorn us We were really startrng to grow as we entered Jr Hrgh rn the 7th grade Four more came rnto our hardy group They were Benny Freeman Peggy Phrllrps Marye Ruth Jones and Loyd Freeman Together we went through the 8th grade and rejorced that we had come thrs far toward our frnal goal graduatron Now at last we prepared to enter Hrgh School When the doors swung open for the term of 1947 48 the Freshman Class found ten eager puprls seekrng admrsslonrnto our clan We wrllrng ly agreed to annex them and Brllye Betts Dortha McConnell Alrce Walgreen Betty Ann Crrsp Jrmmy Macl Cosby Troy Henry Evan Jones Jrmmy Ray Nrchols Ray Dean Underwood and Harold Wrrght became our classmates We were duly rmtrated and hazed by the Senrors ofthe same year but we managed to turn the tables at the Freshman Senror party by puttrng castor orl rnto the cokes we served the Senrors The results were qurte enough to avenge our rnruatron Our class had proved able to answer for rtself Our Sophomore year saw four capable students come rnto our rnrdst Avrs Savage George Grantham Preston Grantham and George Marcum Upperclassmen and Junrors we were now and hrgh fly rng ones Our candrdate for Acuvrty Queen won the contest and our class play Comm Around the Mountarn was recerved en thusrastrcally as one of the best ever grven We acqurred as sponsors Mrs Ruby Forrest and Mr Martrn Red Loper two of the most popular rnstructors rn school In fact we were so fond of them that we prevarled upon them to contrnue as sponsors for our next year Our frnal year has been our best one We gave another hrghly regarded play called Tumblrn Creek Our members were found rn all branches of actrvrtres and drd frne work Sammy Shr de crded to cast herlot wrth us and has enthusrastrcallydone her partto add to the ments ofour class Through the years our class members have taken honors rn their studres rn athletrcs F F A Sc F II A musrc and dramatrcs The Senror Class ofI95I wrll long be remembered and proudly harled as one of the most outstandrng rn the annals of Stratford l-hgh School Hrstory - I W MW - ' , V xq' I .l -1 -' , v. I - I Q 4- X. A U 1 ' . 1 , ' ' - , . - -1 1, : 1- I V ' 1 -1 ' ' I tr - ' . : I ' , ' ,' 4 - 4 " 'i . '. Q I 4 . . I 4. 4 1 , 1, - " - .. A l Y -U. ' - ' I . , I . . ' . I I .- . . f . .. I. . 1 I I 1' l . V Q 4 ,QQ 4 4 043,41 - . . . ,' M I ' ' 1 . .. ' I . ' : ' V . I , ' f.- . . I - "' A- I y Q. . , - I .. . ' . I -' ' 1.1 Q 'VI ' rt l t M JU IIHIS Kenneth Turner, Vice-Pres, jtwAnn Griffin, Treasurer Richard Watts, Rcpi-rter Kathryn Williamson, Cheerleader Charles Smith, Parliarnentarian Glenna Andrews, Song Leader Valton Potter JoAnn Mitchell Jerry Lewis Carole Keith Paul Barrett Mary Joe Shi J. A. Patton Opal Wood Frank llankins Thelma Brown Arthur Smith Claudene Inman Jack Clinkinbeard Willie Mae Reed James Daniels Betty Hanks A. L. Anderson Fern Reyiitwlds Jimmy Burnett Leta Mae McConnell Louis Spurlock L. A. Davis Dorthy Willis Gary Little ,- .EQXQV ffx2'f'1 ark, A3 3 I 1 --do rs ,4- 45 Q O- -.J 4? If , v 'Qi' .44 Billy Joe Blackburn 1 "IQ I 'jj' President Mary Sue Jones, 4' 'L Secretary , 'Ina 1905 I 3 ' f 1 ,rfhf v ,IQ ,J ' Q-I .Q -Q 14' has ,Ent Y? N S . g Y 'I V ' 1-, 4' Bd . -41 l 'VF' J If to gf: as ' ' , ,J , ...Ki -f 3 P s 4' 1 47 Q X Q X y f 3 l X 7' 4 X e F 5: , F af YF -2- 'Q' ' nk I 45 . L , - fa J 'Q' M 1 I I f, at fr: ,L - 1' ff-,I "" - A ' J ' .A a -A 17 ,.., Q, , A . " L ""' 'it 1 x X x 7' M ,- ' it f , '11 -:gy-sis, . ' 03 ,, , . ,A V. . .ye 3 S fv 4? Jerry Martin, President Ruth Lowe, Secretary Dixie Summers, Vice-President Joyce Jones, Song Leader Tommy Weast, Sargeant-at-Arms Jackie Lou Ashley, Reporter Nancy Bryan, Queen Louis Wallgren, Treasurer Jackie Corley Bobby Alexander Marguerite WHIIS Haskell Cosby Eva Betts Billy Sullivan Jo Ann Williams Edward Lee Joletta Brewster Robert Duke Nettie Sue Morris Jimmy Ballard Patsy Suit John Ballard Bernice Sam Jimmy Ingram Betty Duke Jesse Rae Spurlock Janette Reynolds Tom Ed Hollingsworth Elizabeth Summers Larry Lou Gaits SIIPHUMIIRES V N., -.. fr .4 , ed 'Tr .4 V - . S21 -rg: A "F 'nan 1, Q , . 4. v I s . -- x- -43 -f A A -:V :fly ' X 7 i s f' , f l fail-1f,:'?i X Q? . 1: fs., ,L . tiny ' "X , '- -'Lf L' I X ,.,,,:.:f-' 'Q-we ,itgizf ff? . f -44- 1 :wr - ri . .,. ga ' '-f' 1 60' ' 3 39 I 7 v 4 ,, ex A . I Y R , R 1 , , I ' I "' 'Q elf' K . , , ' f 43 IQ , ' A , , if L f- as 93. 'xiii 'Q l X 1 f gy N 1? 1 X X . Z a ' -' . , f f 4 ,J 5 ' A 'fw' ' Nd " 1 J F 1 r 1 'fb' 1- A "t' ' Ji! , J it J- i' .jf 1 , 1 1 gf Q 3, E tt Q R . be 1 4 4 4 FRESHMAN 231 ' CLASS OFFICERS XVI L gf X S110 Edgrnon Glen Lunsford Samniie Dykeman Richard McClure Lynnwood Gray Anna RODUWSOI1 President Vice-Pres. Secretary Treasurer Sgt at Arms Reporter A K fo- ' A ... l Ronald Dickson Doris Jean Cherry 4 A fi H, 1'5- Patsy Cosby Yell Leader ,S F'-ra "" q ' 1 V 5 '7' l .,g 'Q L L L ' A A, Bobby Cunnish f ,nv 1 5. q . Y vi -A f . -4 . 0 L' Q Q '.'! x r I i' ' -J x Q X Charlene Forrester Loyd Childs Charlene Reynolds "' 'vs 1 -1 S . -. Ylx ru Dolores Hanks Euel Porter Sammie Jones 1- ,f -x ' , .Q fo -un ,.,. , W 'js' ',3, 3 , 'V , cw gffktfi. '- 1 O. A. Sovage Jo Ann Jones J. C. Gratham John Miller Francis Davis Edgar Lawson , 4 ff" :S --..Qf "' Clark Richardson Alta Jean Williams Ronald Reidiel g 4 ' Ianet Green Bobuy Fox .qu , .. ' as -,A s I .if QQ. , f- fl. IQ' 7 r "' A 3 17 A " , n Bonnie Sue Holman Henry Watts Oneza Thomas Q' W "ll " t rv v. ' 1 QA' --- .1 sw Q: - l 'W r Q, -1 v- 6 A 0 - n ,,, Ag- " A J ,,, Q --f , ear ' 4 . 'rs 'V' y 4 L in N A ' 1: is ,. . .-. 4 A i-A In 4 fl 4- vu . 1 nl 0 A 9 ,- h 'H , 9 A I N M ' X , 'lf X 1 t 1. ' X 0 r' vu A 1 A L A 9 Q .5 x 5 J -4 X x 4 I JJ .. X v f X ' 1 -for f " C' . 45' if Q' rj. ,- '- - " J" fr 9- ' ' .2 1 Q, f , , -. . A , Y 'v. . , nl " f - " ' . . ,L H- . ' A f' vi' ' 3 5' ,,, '75 . ,Q l ",,. r - A a ll' ' ' ,Qt Q ' 4 Q J r 1 1 5 9- L N M ' Harvey Smith Carol Williams Bobby Rowland Donald Watts Joyce Russell orma orrrs HIESHNII -ry .1 si' l F t Marllyn Reed Jack 510116 Warren Frtzzell Lovell Melton Hugh Conway Corrrne ores er if W, ff If T ler Steve Phrllrps Inez Chtlds Forrest Doshler Wendall Woods Omegla OW ,Q li. .Q ff- ,. qi ,.., Lyda Fae Maxey Elzre R Edward Wtlson Rlchard Mamn Leroy Stonecrpher af' 1 4' ussell Beatnce Brown Grlbern Patton Wanda Fae Rowland Don Burns Davts Cnsp Charles Sheppard 'Cl ff 4 ' I- N4 . ,fa , 6 F: 24 -Q , AJ- H, -4 " J ,.. 3 -A f A-J . Ax., if . . K? , ' w ' ' 3 X ' f at 'r 3 I WX x 13 V ,v.-vin' A K 1 V 4-rx A' I 7 :T - A-A . , I , M- b -.Q 1 Q ,, a . t I P ,' A Q r ,. - 41' V . 41 . 'vw L:-'lr h i ,J 2 ' ' -2 y 1 'J - .- l 1 "' .,ftE.Q, ' -' l A "" ' ' K- E ' y b .rj Ni k.:. 1 4 7 li N -. s t t A fy 6 , I X4 ' L K3 x V ' J -3- A H V " Q ' Q lwhi' 4 rv- , , Qui. ' ' 0 in . A, V -4 -.msn r an h Q 1 K I I H Q 4 wa t ? V i 3 7-"T-'Y FOURTH ROW: J. P. Williams, Jerry Anderson, Royce Smith, Berthel Gentry, Raymond Henagar, Betty Lou Cole, Jerlene Som, Fahn Turner, THIRD ROW: John eith Sonny Griffin Doyle Bittle RalphWatts John aniels. SECOND ROW: Claudine Woods, Berth- lene McGeehee, Donald Callen, Mary Ann Shi, Roy Gray, Josephine Shackelford, Jane Sheppard, FIRST ROW: Teacher--Mr, David Jenkins, Billy Cosby, III H R A Theron Simpson, Joyce Howerton, Berna Dean Lo- baugh, Arthur Watts, Dannie Rex Eeds, Claudean Lovelace, Barbara Watts, Curtis Rossen, K . ' I . . . . I D LEFT TO RIGHT, FOURTH ROW: Charles Powell, James Williams, Donald Ray Crisp, RonnieGadberry, Ed Walls, Cletta Maxey, Wanda Phillips, Joyce Pot- ter, THIRD ROW: Leroy Sam, Harold Lee James, Anna Walls, Rowena Florence, Jean Jones, Earma Lee Jetton, Jackie Connally, Bobby Craig. SECOND ROW: Billy Joe Grantham, Robert Wood, Wanda Jean Gratham, Margaret Roland, Carol Alexander, Kay Ann Endicott, J.R. Burkhart, FIRST ROW: Mrs. lv E IV H 6 R A U I Lewis, Jerry Smith, Sadie Wyatt, Cathelenelfor- rester, Billy Williams, Donnie Brown, Jan Andrews, Jimmy Sallie, Berthelence Ballard. 13 LEFT TO RIGllT, THIRD ROW: Bobby Christie, Larry Parton, Florence Walls, Eveyline Millsap, Cherry Pyron, Kenneth Raper, Wayne Wright, La- mon Lewelling. SECOND ROW: Claud Nickols, James Dillon, Forrest Weast, Lauria Patton, Mary Ann Wilson, Lee Williamson, Billy Don Cole, Chester Martin, llarold Lee Watts, FIRST ROW: Mrs. Mary Forrest, Rozetta Austin, Jerry Turner, Pat Ferguson, Donnie Connally, Mary Florence Hol- land, Reba Riedelg Judy Lambert. SIXIHGRADI if! c' HIIH GRADE LEFT TO RIGHT, FOURTH ROW: Billy Smith, Robert Sherfield, Duane Rosson, Sandra Adams, Freddy Staff, Barbara Roland. THIRD ROW: Richard Robertson, Glenda Burnett, Yvonne Sliger, Joyce Craig, Joyce Watts, Lavoyd Wills. SECOND ROW: Mrs, Willie F. Simpson, Jerry Ashley , Dixie Elmore, Donald Lewelling, La Don Morris, Peggy Riedel, Diann Jones, Martha Will Shi. FIRST ROW: Louise Williams, Patricia Patrick, Betty Roland, L. B. Williams, Io Ann White, Marion Childs, Berverly Corley. 14 inf' LEFT TO RIGHT, FOURTH ROW: John Ray Maxey, Ralph Harris, Barbara Nutt, Janett Toller, Marsha Young, Cicile Gentry, Betty Barrett, Mark Pyron. THIRD ROW: Jerry Austin, Joyce Burns, Wendell Williams, Herman Wilson, Paul Howerton, Patricia Allen, Caroline Hickols. SECOND ROW: Sonja Sloughter, Elvin Jones, Carl Hicks, Jerry Cossey, Glenda Glover, Judy Florence, Louis Daniel, Barbara Klutts. FIRST ROW: Shirley Tucker, Raymond Milli- gan, Newton Watts, Charlene Austin, Jorene Ronsley, Judy Maxey, Betty Kay Eldridge, Barbara FUURJHGRADI Christie, Teacher--Mrs. Ora Jones. IHIRDGRAUE an 396 LEFT TO RIGHT, FOURTH ROW: Charlie Burnett, Jenette Gooch, Betty Jo Walls, Laveda Lewelling, Marcus Davis, Lynn Ross, Raydeen Adams, Charlene Young, Amybeth Connally, THIRD ROW: Charles Baker, Karen Hicks, Kathryn Maxey, Charles Willis, David Olin, Wendyl Conway, Sammy Gentry, Richard Winn. SECOND ROW: Pamela Sherfield, Woodrow Elmore, Teddy Archer, Linda Florence, Doris Dillon, Dwayne Bratcher, George Pearce, Richard Eager, FIRST ROW: Freddy Williams, Lura Lane, Leora Weast, Patricia James, Joan Daniel, Teacher-1-gflrs. Gertrude Forrest. FOURTH ROW: Jimmy Patrick, Sharon Ann Byford, Diane Bratcher, Edith Kay Robertson, Johnny Barker, Doris Kate Klutrs, Bobbie Jones, Joe Martin Turner, THIRD ROW: Gary Cole, Richard Elmore, Sandra Sliger, Roger Williams, Travis Lambert, Glenna Ruth Foster. SECOND ROW: Patricia Ann Cossey, Ruth Ann Wood, Boyd Potter, Stella Bittle, Molly Wanda Shi, Barbara Sue Nichols, Nancy Lou Griffin, FIRST ROW: Oran Wayne Horsley, Milburn Boyles, Billy Wayne Lobaugh, Emma Belle Childs, Gary Burnett Endicott, Mary Milligan, Louis Carol White, Teach- er--Miss Ruth Joyce Burnett, SEED UGRAD 48 FOURTH ROW: Ola Mae Burkhart, Charles Wayne Harris, Patricia Ann Olin, Ken Andrews, Lonnie Walter Mann. THIRD ROW: Sherman Jetton, Betty Kay Potter, Daraleen Howell, Tresia Sue Doshier, Lorena McEuin, Gary White, Dorothy Jean Skaggs, Mary Ann Alexander. SECOND ROW: Kathy Clark, FIRSIGHADI Barbara Lee Eldridge, PauletteClowdus, Virginia Lee Ketchum, Tommy Strickland, Betty Smith, Rebecca Ann Mink. FIRST ROW: Diane Watts, Lareta Sue Wood, Jimmie Sherfield, Billy Gene Ballard, Faith Bryan, Dewaine Smith, L.E. Coleman, Shirley Ann Williams, Teacher--Mrs. Bessie Jenkins. 16 MIIIVIIY llllll , 1" ,fu Miss Nancy Bryan, Activity Queen of 1950-51, was crowned Fridaynight, December 8, 1950 by Tommy Weast The event took place between halves of the Lindsay verses Stratford bas- ketball game. fb The Queen's Attendants--BOTTOM ROW Mary Sue Jones, juniorg Dortha McConnell, Senior. SECOND ROW: Patsy Cosby, Freshman Claudean Lovelace, Grade Schoolg Queen, Nancy Bryan. YIARBIHIK SIAH 1 T' THIRD ROW: Paul Barrett Harrell Wayne Bl Evan jones SECOND ROW: Carole Keith Bessie Jane Shi Laura june Bryan Mrs. Ruby Forrest TIRST ROW: Dena Ccffey Delores Riedel Eva Mae Eeds Billye Betts ADA TYPEWRITER EXCHANGEQ Ada, Oklahoma BACK ROW: Fahn Turner Betty Lou Cole John Keith FRONT ROW: Mrs. Mary Forrest Jan Andrews Mary Ann Shi Mr. David Jenkins ackburn I. H. A. F. I. A. F . H . A . ENROLLMENT ' -FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bessie Jane Shi, Jo Ann Mitchell, Peggy Phillips, Carol Keith, Janet Green, Mary Francis Ethridge, Mary Ruth Jones, Marylin Reed, Inez Childs, Larry Lou Gates. THIRD ROW: Kathryn William- son, Mary Jo Shi, Jackie Lou Ashley, Nancy Bryan, Lydia Faye Maxey, Sammie Dykeman, Doloris Riedel, Margurite Watts, Joyce Jones, Sammie Jones. SECOND ROW: Jo Ann Williams, Nettie Sue Morris, Wanda Faye Roland, Francis Davis, Mary Sue Jones, Jo Ann Griffin, Dorothy Pearl Williamson, Claudine Inman, Jackie Corley, Patsy Cosby. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Alice Pyron, De Loris Hanks, Glenna Ruth Andrews, Doris JcanCherry, Sue Gates, Lovell Melton, Eva Irene Betts, Anita Robinson, Lela Corley, Billye Murray Betts, Charlene Forrester, Corene Forrester, Jo Ann Jones, Eldridge Butane 8: Propane Magic Chef Gas Ranges-GE Appliances WHOLESALE 8: RETAIL CONOCO PRODUC Phone 9, Stratford, Oklahoma TS 19 F.F.-5. ENROLLMENT--FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ray Dean Underwood, Jimmy Daniels, L.A. Davis, Evan Jones, Harold Wright, Harrell Blackburn, Paul Barrett, Gary Little, Billy Bob Ashley, Jerry Martin, Jerry Lewis, Robert Duke, George Marcum, Jack Stone. THIRD ROW: Lloyd Childs, Hugh Conway, Richard Watts, Eugene Woods, Jimmy Ballard, Loyd Freeman, Kenneth Turner, Billy Joe Blackburn, THIRD ROW: Floyd Freeman, Edward Lee, Bobby Gene Cunnish, Ronald Dixon, Dixie Sumner, Charles Sheppard. SECOND ROW: For- rest Doshier, George Grantham, Bobby Don Fox, Don Nutt, Don- ald Watts, Lynwood Gray, Tom Edd Hollingsworth, Billy Sulli- van, J,C, Grantham, Henry Watts, Eua1Potter, Davis Crisp, Edgar Lawson. FIRST ROW: Mr. J,D, Connally, Ronald Riedel, Leroy Stonecipher, Clark Richardson, O,A, Savage, A.L. Anderson, Glenn Lunsford, John B. Miller, Charles Smith, Troy Henry, Edward Wilson, John Henry Ballard, Louis Wallgren, Bobby Roland, Valton Potter, Wendell Woods, Richard Martin. BRADEN'S DAIRY PRODUCTS Sulphur, Oklahoma ...... ..... ..... .'.'. .'.'. .'.'. 5 ' , BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dolores Riedel, Joleta Brister, Mary Francis Ethridge Meet Your Friends At The . . . , Bessie Jane Shi, Mary Ruth Jones, Jackie Low Ashley. MIDDLE ROW: Elizabeth Summ rs BAYZESE' DRUG CO' Betty Lou Hanks, Margurite Watts, Mary Jo Shi, Jackie Corley, Jo Ann Williams SUM or ' Oklahoma BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Doyle K. Burton, Wanda Potter, Glenna Andrews, Lela Corley Phone 74 . Billye Betts, Laura June Bryan. BURTON DAIRY Natural Pure Raw Milk Konawa, Okla. Tel. 4831 FIFTH ROW: Jack Stone, Royce Smith, Paul Barrett, J,A,-Patton, Jimmy Burnette, Harvey Smith, Don Nutt, Richard McClure. FOURTH ROW: Eual Potter, Margurite Watts, Nancy Bryan, Ronald Gadberry, Gilbert Patton, Ruth Barrett, Larry Lou Gates, Sammie Jones, J,P, Williams. THIRD ROW: Lovclle Melton, Jackie Corley, Claudine Lovelace, Anita Robinson, Betty Hanks, Joyce Potter, Sue Edgmond, Lela Corley, Elizabeth Summers. SECOND ROW: Theron Simpson, Glenna Ruth Andrews, Betty Lou Duke, Claudine Woods, Sue Gates, Larry Patton, Bobby Christie, Kay Ann Endicott. FIRST ROW: Harold Lee Watts, Jerry Smith, Billy Don Cole, LR. Burkheart, Rozetta Austin, Jimmy Sallec. McDOWELL BROTHERS Srl North Western Oklahoma City, Okla, HAROLD GRAHAM 816 S Johnston Okla s Only Exclusive Band InstrumentDea1er E. Ada, Okla, ... . . '.'. . . . . ..- . . . . . . . . VHHIA SIIIASS FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Delmer Greenlee Elmo Hlcks Walter Dansby Ray Rurnett Davrd Rrley Murl Prather SECOND ROW Mlller Drake Harvey Jlnks John Summers Boyd Haggard Delbert Jones, Mrllage Mc Reed Lowell Caskey Instructor of Veteran s Agnculture Trarnrng Program Th1s group of Veterans meet tw1ce aweek They make many f1eld trrps and go to many hvestock shows and fan-s They also sponsor an annual f1e1d day 21 . 3 n ' 1 n 1 I I 0 . 2 ' . A . . . ' ' Donald, THIRD ROW: A.W. Barrett--Superintendent of Schools, Eugene Lance, Jack Woods, Elvis Howe, Louie ATHHIIIIS K 'lv Wx, -mx is v 1, 1 0 gi Rabb1t Barrett Mule Tram Wea Podunk Underwood Pete Burnett Forward Guard Guard For 11rd :ish in :Aff 4 Curley Freem Plow Boy Freema Guard Forward BILL COOK S SERVICE STATION Str itford Ar fotle 'Iurnf-r 10051 ' V I Ffrffard Iorwa 1 I C AH S f f-.II L3 GRIFFIN' GROCERY Stratford, Oklahoma Pauls Valley Okla HIGH SCHOOI GIRLS 'lllese grrls may well be proud of the1r record thls year Attordmg to thelr schedule they have comprled a season s record of 27 wrns and 5 losses to galn recog nrtronas the No I team rn thls sectlon of the ountry They have been awarded two trophles for Ist place rn two tournaments the All Glrl Tournament at Llndsay and the Garvm I ounty Tournament at Pauls Valley Also they were runners up ln both Conference and Dtstrrct play The team was led by Marye Ruth Jones fNo ooj a semor who counted 580 potnts to average I8 pornts per game and who also was outstandlng rn het Job of reboundmg and passlng Tlus fmetecordfthe best ever set by any grrls team from Stratfordy ts due to the leadershlp and coachtng of Mr A W Barrett who aroused rnterest co oper atlon and good sportsmanshtp rn the team as well as rncreasmg thelrablltq to play an outstandtng brand of basketball 1g SERVICE CHEV CO See Servtce Chevrolet Co Ada Okla for Anythtng Automottve FIELD BROS 8: FIEI..D'S TAVERN COPELAND' BAKERY Ada Okla VARIET Y STORE SALLEE'S O T GARAGE Stratford, Okla Stratford Okla HIGH SCHOOL BOYS This year s team one of the fmest to ever repre sent Stratford Hrgh was led by Harrell Blackburn s1x foot two tnch semor w1th an average of I4 pornts a game to hrs credxt Close behlnd htm was Brlly Bob Ashley also a semor and of equal herght whose average was II pcnnts per game I'he rest oftheteam whtle not possessmg any such tmposmg scormg record nevertheless played top notch ball and made a flne showxng from start to ftnrsh These boys have won three trophres thrs year one ftrst place and two runner up For the second consec utrve year they won the Conference trophy playlng their enure conference schedule wtthout a defeat Losing by narrow margms 1n the Purcell Lextngton tournament and the Garvtn County tournament, they were bested only after playtng hard, fast ball. They also were runners up rn Drstrrct play, losrng to Byng after a thnllrng game The team has amassed a record of 31 wms and 5 losses and this frne performance 15 due to many hours of practtce and hard work under the expert superviston of Mr. Martin "Red" Loper, one of the ablest coaches ln the state. QLLLEIQ KNOTT'S BAKERY. Ada. Okla. t li ' - . . D " U I - - l V , , ,lt Nl- . 2 4 4 ., In 4. ",,.,..T.:Sv - ' E 1 l 1 I 'I S . . ' W . l , f. -A . . I S WN I N. ,I ', . tg , T ' . If , I -' . . G - 1 . W I n , ll 33 H, B. MEYER gl SON, Dallas, Texas Sanitary Srhool Suppliva Peggy Phillips Carole Keith Mary Ruth Jones Bessie Jane Shi Kathryn Williamson Joyce Jones Mary Sue Jones Dorothy Williamson S'I F'FFl N S DAIRY PRODUCTS Ada Oklahoma 25 P is ,, A-if Avis Savage Eva Betts Jackie Lou Ashley Jo Ann Griffin l fl I l 9 I Y JR.HHHlBOYS These boys have an average rec- ord of 3 wins and 3 losses. Coach Martin Loper has decided that this team will probably be a strengthen- ing factor to the Senior High team next year. Ready and willing, as all of these boys are, you can see that they intend to go places. TOP ROW:Dar1nieBums, Richard McClure, Lyn- wood Gray, Henry Watts. MIDDLE ROW: Edward Wilson, Donald Watts, Charles Sheppard, Edgar LSWSOD. BOTTOM ROW: Coach--Martin Loper, O. A. Savage, Ir., Glynn Lunsford, Ronald Riedel. JR.HIBHUIRlS The Junior High Girls played this season with an even ref-orcl of 3 wins and 3 losses. Sue lfldgrmm led her team in points. Coach A. W. Barrett is anxious to see what this capable bunch of girls can do for his Senior High team of next year. TOP ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: Francis Davis Janet Green, Sammy Dykeman, Omcgia Tuwler, MIDDLE ROW: Corene Forrester, Samrr.icJoi1es, Norma Jo Morris, Sue Edgman, BOTTOM ROW: DeLoris Hanks, Patsy Cosby, Alla Jeanwilliarm, Charlene Forrester, COACH: A.W, Harreu, GRAUEBIRIS The Grade girls have arecord of 4 wins and 9 losses. These girls are good prospects for a leading high schoolteam. The team was led by Fahn Turner with 136 points. Other members of the team are working for those four letters as high school players. Coach Ocie Lewis is very proud of her team. BACK ROW: Fahn Turner, Celtia Maxey, Betty Lou Cole, Wanda Phillips, Joyce Potter. SEC- ONE ROW: Mary Ann Shi, Barbara Waus, Claudine Lovelace, Rowena Florance, Jane Sheppard. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Ocie Lewis, Carol Alexander, Erma Lee Jeuon, Wanda Jean Grath- azix, Jan Andrews, GRAUIRUYS As a result of top leadership and coaching these boys have a rec- ord of 13 wins and 8 losses. Sonny Griffin led Coach Martin Loper's team in points with Tommy Luns- ford as best defense man. The Stratford Bullpups have 4 trophies to their credit--one first place and 3 runner-ups. BACV ROW: john Keith, Royce Smith, berthal Gentry, j,P, Williams, SECOND ROWg Donald Lallen, boimy Griffin, John Daniel. THIRD ROW: Mr, Lopev- Coach, Danme Leda, Harold Lee James, Billy Joe Qoshy, Ul'Il:YlllL1lllbl'5ISUf lfltfltlilll that are not pic- tured are 'J oinrny Lunslord and Ladue Neasu, S0llBAll Stratford softball squad closed their season with a record of 8 wins and 2 losses, The losses were to Wynnewood at a score of iz-14 and Washington o-3. With the coaching ofA, W, Barrett, tthey won their County Tournament i after defeating Paoli, ElmoreCity and then Lindsay in the finals, Theytook district automatically and played Washington in thc Regional. They were defeated o-3. Five of the squad are graduating, They are: Billye Betts, Dorothy Wil- liamson, Avis Savage, Peggy Phillips, and Bessie Jane Shi, FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach--A.W, Barrett, Dorothy Williamson, Avis Savage, Joyce Jones, Peggy Phillips, Bessie Jane Shi, Kathryn Williamson, Mary Sue Jones, and Mary Ruth Jones--scorekeeper. BACK ROW, Corene Forrester, Patsy Cosby, Billye Betts, Eva Betts, Alta Jean Williams, Norma Jo Morris, and Omegia Towler, BUYS' BASEBAII BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT, Coach, Martin Loper, Jim Cosby, pitcher, Dixie Sumner, second base, Benny Freeman, left field, Preston Grantham, right field, Jim Daniel, pitcher, Harrell Blackburn, pitcher. FRONT ROW, Jerry Martin, catcher, Loyd Freeman, third base, Kenneth Turner, catcher, Dean Underwood, short stop and Captain, Tommie Weast, center field, Billy Bob Ashley, first base. The season closed with ii wins and 3 losses, They were defeated by Elgen, Warren, and Vanoss. They defeated Lindsay and Wynnewood to win the County Tournament. Defeated Sulphur in finals of District Tournament, defeated Wilson ir. first game of Regional Tournament and was defeated by Elgen in the finals. They defeated Newcastle Martha, and Lake Creek in O.U. Baseball Tournament. ata me y :T ,QQ 'gi H. ' f 'x 7 s fi J, if 3 '. ff 4' t ' ' 4 , 'Q ,gt x NX ' 1 Y ' x tx x ' J V' ' gui icfii 4 gf effge-..,,,, yr. I Left to Right BACK ROW: Charles Wayne Harris Boyd Wayne Potter Ken David Andrews Jimmie Patrick Roger Williams Patricia Warren Mary Lou Burleson Sharon Ann Bvford Genelle Hamilton Edith Kay Robertson Bobbie Jones Ola Mae Burkhart Diane Bratcher SECOND ROW: IIHYIHM BAND Molly Shi Glenna Ruth Foster Daraleen Howell Gary Endicott Mary Ann Alexander Nancy Lou Griffin Gary Cole Barbara Lee Eldridge Dorothy Jean Skaggs Lonnie Mann Gary White Louis White Milburn Broyles Billy Lobaugh THIRD ROW: Billy Gene Ballard Z9 Lorena McEuin Sue Wood Shirley Williams Oran Wayne Horsley Rebecah Ann Mink Gary Smylie Diane Watts Ruth Ann Woods Barbara Sue Nichols Tommy Strickland Melba Faith Bryan Mary Milligan Sherman Jettan DIRECTORS: Miss Ruth Burnett Mrs. Bessie Jenkins o W? 4: ' VP. If M51 K we 'fl' J iw' M52 Fl'- ,+ 3- 411 'GW J J '?55,,, 'lui' 'l l r Q v ,JN ...ti 'sg E,-,?,+"'?"" 1 :- --av .JN 1t3"""? -L,-al 30 B15 Cornplinmcnts of BEN '1'. W1LL1AMS District Judge Pauls V1111cy, QD1i1Ii11OITId Cornp1iments of '1FARMER'S EXCHANGE" Iviarvis Weast, Proprietor Stratford, Oklahorna Cornplinmntb G11 MER LONG County Attornay auls N 11 my O 1 Con1p1 nucnts of STRATFORD PRODUCE CO Stxdtford Ok1f111ornf1 C:OII1P11I'I'1L1'1tS of CIIY BARBER SHOP .1 uk C ox My Proprutoz 1 1tfo rd Oklahorn Co1np11n1entQ JI GLASS DRUG STORE Sfr1tfo1d Oklihuma Cornp11rnLnt: RAGNA HLNDLRSON County C11 rk P41115 V111Ly Oklihozn i Cornphxnenta of WILLIS MORGAN County Supgrmtgndent 13111115 'N 111LN OK1u1lJ1'I ci Comphn c nts 1 DONAGH1- Y GREENHOUS11, Xd 1 Okl 1110111 1 Coznphn ants I REX IHLAT RE Strmford OK11hon CH XMPION SHOL SHOP 9111111 Gm Cumpl n entb oi S 1M1V111. WOOD Cldgs 0111350 Str tfold O1x1L111OI'Y Compl nmtnt F1OydMlrML, IONA LOVLLACE. BL1L11.R C1455 1 10-17 Erankfult GCT1T11IiE ' ' of ti X . - 4, , ,. ,-I , ' ' P J 'z lf ', kk. , ' , . - . E k K, ix I . , 3 ', . , Q ' , Q " Stw , ' 21 ' D ' of ' ' T 7 1 . - 1 A. x Y A ' 5 . . L -. , Q K ' K- f? ,'f, ' V i 1- 11' 50- "N Jo' - 4- .- , , E . -4 .4 f f , ? 5 9 , ' 1, id 1 1 it S ' " Y ' --WE A 1 S 41 ', , ' 'L' 'EQ1 L . ' - 1415 A A ' 1 'H 01 ' S ' ob ,, Q. . , C, , Group Pictures In This Book Made By J. C. ATKISSON Exclusive School Photography Z9 Years 1904 East 36 Kansas City Mo See SERVICE CHEVROLET COMPANY Ada Oklahoma For Anything Automotive CHARLIE DLMPSEY Industrial Chemical Representative 2841 N W Zlst St Oklahoma City Oklahoma P H I LCO WMWQMQMWQQQM C M MAYS LUMBER CO Stratford Oklahoma Phone 3 The Pause That Refreshes -Xda Oklahoma Select These Popular Brands MOON ROSE AND NU CREST FORR EST MO TOR COMPANY when You Bank at the Phone 10 X Stratford Oklahorna Stratford Bank Your Banking Connection lilo Compliments of FREEMAN'S GROCERY The Friendly Store' Stratford, Oklahoma Is One of Your Best Assets THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF STRATFORD I - T. j . . I 1 I From Your Favorite Independent Retailer ? N I ll I! ' I ll INIYERSL? 22n'5YFARBo0Ks MYERS AND CO INC TOPEKA KANSAS C :o.,.:.c ' 4 Q.. 'oft IHF f'ACfN1-UJRS Of QHNIH o..g. I . . ,

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