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-- 1 IZII I .V- I III. . J-:lil V Hn.-.QI ' v: . . - , - IIg,'I I- . nt-"Hz In II I v ,-I -.-,,II-.I II I. 4 I I " "" 47 " ff -Q ' L ' . W. I . . I Y I . .r -" 'ji 'I , I.I ,, Y - 1, I. xI.I .Vf I r - 45.5 . ,Mfg -' 'T UL-' -yn ' . 5" ?' .. . II .-.I. 'A II2. .-. :Ik..I"-II . .'HjI.I ,rg I I II f XI if .Vxf I'.41Iv. II, --. ,. Aa 'FQ .-.. . Lu' HJ, .'.:, Im, ,. ..,..I 3 I1f..q I ,:.I -I' .. ,I J . '. E' .. " I 1.1 ,WH "-'- I. '- a I.: II :IIIIII Vffgg ,fi N I .1 FY, -.In n ,-. , 3.-L PW '.'- P. p'.,'f. - In 'N' 153214, . H: p. .-.4 II . H. .44 I 'T ..fIl.Tf'I9 '. I-1 :". A ,' E, ...W Q- 54 1 "l,' Q., '. ,. ..-s I I Y -g.,- I V I . 11 -. .lm I. , . I IIII I I II". , J I I .. 1. W . . I I I-, ' 31 I?- un' I .. lr 'r X 1 4, n ISI.. I IIIII .... ,P .fl . HF' 'f '-WW I IMI ' T .tr" ' . AIAII. in 'l g - III lJ'l'I, 'if' M ' ' -mf ?T. ..- '1 IJL. Fzi In 4-13 . II L 1 .4-1 -E .'fR7 .L Iam 4 'UE .L IIVJ-QI ,,, 1... . F-.' . F. -. .x. .4 .. T' l H Ny! . YF 'T 4 1.- A N . H 5 I . I I 4, ,JI ,'. 'x . I, II . . .'Iv' I I! Il'- 'H' lui . I I-IJ sl . . l W V ny" f W L ' ' '."A"""5" -7' 14,6 xfzsfmfwf' gfyfwf 4 fgfg ,, Qi Zig, J' VR my-flfff fl?-49 66,43 jg x-AKQA,-5 4:4-257 W. W wwf? ff w I . ,fail "'h -KLVL, fa W W4 fm . f,fL.Z,7g,fi0aZfL.f!:2.w..,f zflwvfzfgnvl 'fdfff-f7 - .QA A F ,gf of A Zf"Qf"'!Xd'Z-C-M. 5-4,Qf,,g"'Q4C N? 54 'ffwfmfflg ' ,W-fgffvbff - N xg 'QA-Jiffy 4?'fjfff4-aff 2Q2ZfZif,122 WF gfdqifd M fb ff T if Mffnf'-4 Adgayffuff lx f ' . ifm, fL.b.f -1' ,W ,MM ,W QMJML? K? M rwyzjjf 242' -Qvvvccf-Eff. fluff 'film Avena fr T 7"""x -- W .C 45 442. 55,5 X3 gx ZW: W.4??Zf7qjZo Zfim .LJ Q55 ff? Amy' ,fffyaf M M jgfwhvazx W X f W0 44" I J. ' ff J iifzfffiwbffz fffff Pulrhshed by Che Sfudmf Early Sfrarjford Grfllffge Danville, Va. MARY IQRETSCHMAR CLAIRE Novus MAliY BAOORMAN JONES. . . EMMA OR R ....... ,... SARAH C11AMP1,1N .... IRMA M1TT1z1,MAN ..... N'lARY COOK MAR1c'rT .... . NIISS IDA F1TzcERA1,D.. . Co-Editorx-in-Chief . . . .Literary Editor .........ArzEdizor . . . , . .Picture Editor Adz.'frt1'.fz'1zg M anager . .Blzsirzefx .Manager . . .Bufirzeff Adwifor 1943 ss mass Ein mm gm EEE Em-KZ Eifffim, E Q A-nz.. gg-., mv: U m-:L- may Af 4 - E 5 in an ma mm new 1 ,mi f .. , - - es. . ' - I-'ZQL -NL A.. ,L ."'9 W ll O. ,' ., ' .-- L . -s " 5 . 'He ... A A v .-gi, aw' . , , ., P W '. . YY. "cp - ' 'e 'W . . ' ln k .5-I' ,4,,.' ,- 3. nl' ,, HT -Ls :' 4, f'N .. . "f 324.4 -Q ff' ' 'Q -w-lr Slim., ' ilfqf' , ff QM? ' ,f - 51, - ifff, '-' ' 3. ., l . . 4 . .- f 5512 A , f ,S 5 A - 2 ffl 5. s,-" ' r V by f ,' Asif: ,.- n rr' 3 .An , . -vm, 1 4, ab 'n ' f . S. ' - 3 X' 1 .rr , ab A T P ,,,L , m Q.-V xg- X . -, +'Zg,,.- ' U 1 A A -an 5 . . Y 4. . g . - 5 --5 - -Q ' if E X Q W '- 4 :Jn-'L iq. . l ' . I N ' ' --,,. av lx' A .ld L- -f , 1 N-4-ask , ,H-. , K ,,.J,Ljf, '14"'Q-. P, - X -fm X' hi -5-.I Nh .. M ,. ' , W. Fm H3 ,M ,1:,FL,f,s 1 A r- X1 ,-.-,k.,-.- on H' -1 AF 6 1 3 , Ce ,lleezeriea We dedicate this book to you, America-to your beautiful rolling woodlands, to your powerful gray cities, to your pure freedom and your gay individuality, to your churches, schools and institutions. "St1'aUf0reZ will pledge herself A0 thee, Awzereica, and always be A daughter true in peace or strife And dedicate to yofzr our lzfefn 'YwE5'? Y . Y 11 i-In ,AXQI -.-, 1 :iw 'Q L- nn, in I M. -V I Collecting fcrapfor Uncle Sam Firft Aid Clan prarlice bamlaging The 4'Traveller" .ff7071J'0l'I the ral: of War fl. W. V. S. Student: earn point: toward Sfampx and Bondi uniform COIl17l1.EfC1-dl dt'Pfll'lHIt"l1,l a1'd.r the Danville Rallllllillg Board nA- Mn THE IRI 1 H 1 ' Wynn WEEE -HERE Qian... W President fvhn K Simpszw Dean Mabel J! kennedy U15 Zaculfy STELLA D. CAMDEN IRENE COOK SADIE Y. EVANS IDA FITZGERALD FLORENCE GARRETT ARAMINTA HAMMOND FRANCES HAYTIIE KATLIERINE HOOFNAGLE FRANK JEFFERSON NIABEL H. KENNEDY JOSIE LEWIS HALLIE B. MCMILLIAN JANIE MAHAN ROSE MARCIOLE K8D EOLINE EVERETT MAY MARIETTA NIILLET RUSSELL NEELY RONNIE ODOM ELIZABETH D. PANNILI. EDNA FISHER PARKER CORA M. RAY MARY RICHARDSON NIARY LEE ROGERS HELEN LOUISE SI-IIELDS JOI-IN C. SIMPSON JULIA B. THOMASSON BESSIE VAN WAGENEN CAROL VVATT I I Fllll 1943 THE IRIS FUR 1943 61115555 This is the typical American girl- There is a place for study in her lifeg She knows its value for future years When peace has taken place of strife. lflizrzlzrlfi .'llIllI'1'f0AY wax rlioffu by popular voir ay Illl' lyjrihzl .lrzifrfran girl qf Szralforzl 1113 A, THE IRI sy SENIOR COLLEGE l, J' 4 H' V41 - Tl, Rf: W , 'Uv in X 515. iw?" NIARY AMES ........... ....... I Jrefidenz NIARY COOK NIARETT ..... .... I ficf 1'n'f1'df11t SARAH CHAMPLIN ..... ..... S :warm-y ELIZABETH HIGI1 .... ........ T rezzfzwfr IRMA NIITTELMAN ....4 . . ,Se1'gfmzf-zzz-Ami: The future is ahead-the past we leave behind! The college class of '43, under the guidence of Miss Bessie Van Vlfagenen, have brought to a close their days at Stratford. 'Throughout their two years here they have added much to and gained much from Stratford. Their class banner of green and white decorated with the White rose, points with pride to the fulfillment of their class motto-"Let Deeds Correspond to VVordsf' C122 F03 1943 ., .. - , '. SENIOR COLLEGE MARY ELIZABETH AMES "Mary Berk" "Go to Guineav HELEN Bocas "Helm" "VVell, this is the way I feel about it." SARAH CHAMPLIN "SaZly,' She laughs and how! CAROLINE CLORE "Clare" "Hey, you got a 'fourth'?,, C137 fs sy SARAH GERTRUDE DALY "Sherry" "That's asinineln ANNE MARIE DERONGE "Schn1'ck" "But it always comes out so unexpectedly!" POLLY-DORE K. DONNELL "Polly" "I've got so much to do, I don,t know what to do!" MARJORIE GATEWOOD "Marjorie" "Silence is golden" K 14 7 THE IRI i A Fllll 1943 SENIOR COLLEGE ELIZABETH HIGH " Libby " "Oh, NO." DOROTHY JANE IIMMERSON "Dot jane" She just talks-We can't remember it I l MARY CAROLINE KRETSCHMAR "Ru.vzy" "W'hy doesn't SOMEbody write me a letter?" MARY COOK MARRETT "Cookie" "I just couldn't make myself sit still ' another minute." 1151 fn ay SENIOR COLLEGE, ANNE GAMBRELL MCCARTY "McCarty" "Oh, happy day!" S3 JEAN MCDANIEL "jean "VVeltor1 says .... ST. CLA111 WALKER MACMILLAN " Sinny " 79 "Down in Charleston the judge ...... ELLEN JANE MCPHAYDEN "jane" "If they dare to make me give another speech ...... " 1163 THE IRI FUR 1943 SENIOR COLLEGE IRMA SYBIL MITTELMAN "Irma "Oh, this is more fun!" JUNE NICHOLAS "fume" "Say, have you heard this one ........ ? CLAIRE NoYEs "Claire "Now what happened to that paper? EMMA ORR "Emma "Let's play the Air Corps song." l 171 . gf . gig! Mfwiyg ffffiflf THE nu S9 ' Z?,!Hbgf OLLEGE fiiifffiig 9' Sf!! PATRICIA PEACE " Peace " gb " ...... Yuh know?" VIRGINIA PULLEN "Ginny" . "Well, do you think?" EVELYN NORTON Ross "Rosie" "Oh, this chaotic world!', EDITH VIRGINIA SINNOTT , "Edie" She doesn,t say. I C183 Fllll 1943 Senior Hollcgc History "Our school days fast are flying, one by one . . ." Do you remember? . . . September 15, IQ4I . . . that day when we first entered the doors of Stratford College, just an excited, slightly bewildered group of girls who were to become the College freshman class. . . . the rush and confusion of those Erst few days . . . unpacking, buying curtains, meeting new people, getting classified, making plans, dreaming dreams. . . . that inevitable Rat week when we laid aside all those new clothes we had so carefully bought to 'Ago away to collegey' and donned old print dresses Qbackwardsl, black stockings, tennis shoes, and wore our hair in those dread- ful pigtails to be slaves to the old girls' com- mands for a week. . . . and that night of Rat Court when we all quaked in our boots as we sang, danced, and put on stunts in the chapel. . . . the pride we felt as we had our first real class meeting and felt that we were really a part of Stratford and elected Jane Austin, Bette Ebbert, Evelyn Rose, and Mary Beth Ames as our leaders for the year. . . .October Day at Fairystone Park with Jane Austin representing our class with her beauty and charm in the queen's court. . . . the hockey games that fall with the freshman class carrying away victories from the College sophomores and Hall teams, and the big climax at the Blue-White game with Patty Peace, captain of the VVhites, leading her team to victory over the Blues. . . . the Christmas dance when we were so proud to have Bette Ebbert and -lane Austin representing our class in the leadout. . . . the merriment of Twelfth Night with June Nicholas as king of the revelry and Barbara Adams as court jester. ...Book Week in March with our class "doing itself proud" in the way in which it put this event across. . . . those afternoons on the basket-ball court when the freshmen class again proved its athletic ability by winning the class tournament. . . . the spring tennis tournament when two freshmen, ,lane Austin and Betty Leyden, battled in the finals for the champion's title which, as it turned out, went to Austin. . . . the fun and work of planning the Fresh- man-Sophomore breakfast, and the thrill we all had when it was such a success with Patty Peace as toastmistress Mother Goose. the Athletic Luncheon when our Jane Austin was awarded the finest athlete cup. . . . the thrill supreme when the IRIS came out and we found that Jane Austin had been elected "Girl of the Yearf' 4193 .. . September, 1942, with all the happy reunions, all the "Guess what happened when I was at so-and-so . . ." 's. the fun of meeting the new girls and making them feel at home. , . . . those first class meetings as sophomores when we began to make plans for the year under the leadership of Mary Beth Ames, lyfary Cook Marrett, Sally Champlin, and Frances Tull. . . . Good hffanners Vifeek with the College sophomores putting on programs that were entertaining and beneficial to all. . . . the beautiful picture that June Nicholas made in her crown of autumn leaves, reigning as October Day queen. . . . those informal class parties over in the art studio around an open fire and the formal class tea in the College drawing rooms. . . . the music and laughter and soft lights that made the year's formal dances never-to-be forgotten occasions under the direction of a dance committee composed of three sopho- mores: Mary Kretschmar, Sherry Daly, and lvlary Cook Marrett. . . . the deep Christmas joy we experienced by entertaining the underprivileged children, of Danville, at the annual Christmas party with Patty Peace as chairman for the occasion, and the lighter side of the Christmas dance with Mary Beth Ames, Emma Orr, Patty Peace, Dot Jane glimmerson, and Anne Gambrell McCarty in the queen's court. . . . Good English Week under the sponsor- ship of the Sophomore class. . . . the election of Libby High as treasurer to fill the vacancy left by Frances Tull. . . . the way Dot Jane Jimmerson looked like a real old-fashioned valentine as queen of the Sweetheart Ball with three other sopho- mores: Mary Beth Ames, Mary Kretschmar, and Emma Orr, in her court. . . . all the fun we had at the"Iris" Carnival, the jitterbug contest we sponsored, and the thrill we had when Mary Beth Ames was an- nounced as maid-of-honor in the carnival queenis court. Do you remember? And before it is all over, how many more things will we have tucked away in our hearts to remember . . . our second lvfay Day. . .all the final luncheons and breakfasts . . . the thrill of choosing Class Day dresses and all the excitement of Class Day, the flowers, the salutatory, the valedic- tory, and the tears ...those final heart-to- heart talks in our dormitory rooms with remi- niscences of the past and plans for the future. . . academic robes, "Loyalty," graduation, di- plomas, "Alma lVIater,, and . . . farewells . . . THE llll Senior Kallege Will and Przfphccy VVhile studying laboriously on "Beowulf" in the library, a College sophomore of the Class of 1963 found in the binding of an ancient Beowulf textbook a worn manuscript, upon which was the VVill and Prophecy of the Senior College Class of 1943. Unrolling the musty scroll, the inquisitive sophomore gazed upon: "We the Class of 343 place our future in the hands of our three illustrious prophets, who have set down upon this scroll our VVill and Prophecy. Pattie Peace leaves her originality to Gloria Gersh, and is seen going back to the "frozen north" across the "Mase"-on Dixon line. Irma Niittelman surrenders her room to "Oscar" fthe rodentj, and goes into a large compaign of advertising mouse traps. Jane McPhayden bequeaths her easel to "Chosh,' Waldo, and is later found in the White House restyling Mrs. Roosevelt's clothes. Edith Sinott leaves her complacency to "Tish" Andrews, and becomes Brooklyn's first Ambassador to Spain. Helen Boggs Wills her red hair to "RozH Randall, and continues imbibing the fountain of knowledge while seeking a degree higher than the Ph. D. Sherry Daly gives her incredible hair-do's to anyone else who could wear them and leaves to continue her history of one continuous Paige. Ann McCarty leaves her Ames and higher standards to the succeeding students of Stratford and becomes thefirstwoman president. Emma Orr departs from Stratford on Winged feet and joins Bill to command their "squad- ron." Sally Champlin parts with her laugh to give it to Martha Jane Smith and is seen devoting the rest of her life to S-C-O-T-C-H. ClScien- tiflc Care of the Connecticut Dot Jane Jimmerson relinquishes her loquacity to Elizabeth Hammock and picks up her life to carry on to be the sweetheart of the Air Corps. Evelyn Rose wills her sophistication to " Be" Wright and devotes the rest of her life to riveting. C203 June Nicholas leaves nothing at "al" and goes into collaboration with Bob Hope in his new hit "W'it While You Wait" program. Sinny Macmillan leaves the "Roost" in a chaotic condition, and goes into the study of the English language. Mary -Beth Ames, after bestowing her nails on Dot McClure, leaves to enter a scientific study of keeping the ends of her hair up. Jean McDaniel donated her earrings to "Robin,' Mahoney, and is found planning U. S. O. entertainments. Leaving her one-man bridge games to who- ever is Bent-on going crazy, Rusty Kretschmar takes up a career singing coloratura parts in light opera. "Cookie" Marrett parts with her "Vic" and gives it to and establishes the hrst one-woman orchestra. Caroline Clore would leave a pack of gum to every potential secretarial student but be- cause of priorities she will just leave to take up life in the nursery to care for the BUDdings BRUCES. Libby High wills her jitterbugging to "Boze" and goes to Harlem to delve further into the primitive art. Marjorie Gatewood gives her typewriter to Polly Donnell and starts tl1e 'first typewriting course by correspondence. Claire Noyes leaves her continual state of confusion for the first time. Here's hoping the coming-out party is successful. "Schnick" deRonge leaves a pair of hard- ened eardrums to Miss Shields and goes forth to play her recordings in the asylum for the deaf. Virginia Pullen parts with her Beowulf note- book to give it to Mary Moorman Jones and is now mending small parachutes. "Ve" Woodson and Jean Manice NOSTRADANIUS, JR.,JR. JR.,JR. JR. JR. Rusty Kretschmar "Schnick" deRonge. Sally Champlin. FUR 1943 352 J I Senior 60 lege Superlofizfas' llloxf Rrpmfrlrlalive Mort Talmzred Bart SITHZHI-I ANNE MCCAli1'Y Mon Popular MARY Bxrrll Annes Beit .fltlzletc PATRICIA Plmclf IWOJI Courtroux EMMA Oluv. 7 Wirzim JUNE Nlc11oLAs Illofl Depzmlable MARY COOK NIARETT Ihnrt Looking D01-JANE JIMMERSON lint Dreffed EVELYN Ross 1211 PERFECT SENIOR Hair: MARY KRETSCHMAR Eyefz DOT JANE JIMMERSON Nofe: EVELYN ROSE Mouth: MARY AMES Slain: DOT JANE JIMMERSON Figure: EMMA ORR Legfz EMMA ORP. Handx: DOT JANE JIMMERSON Voice: ANNE MCCARTY D J is THE nu --- - ay SENIOR HALL ' H MARGARET ANNE BEASLEY .... ....... 1 Jrerident MARY W. PICKETT ........ .... V ice Prexidfnt VIRGINIA MARSHALL ..,. ...... S ecremry JEAN TREVVETT ..... ......... T reafurer MAE MURRAY ..... .... S ergeant-at-.f11'm.f We dood it! Graduation has come at last to the Hall Class of '43. lHigh school books are closed, leaving a record worthy of display. Guided by Miss Elizabeth Pannill, this class symbolized by a gold and white banner and the yellow Iris, offers a challenge to those who follow in their footsteps. These footsteps now take different pathways-some to the far corners of the earth, others to continue at Stratford and carry on the Spirit of '43. C221 Fon 1943 by fe SENIOR HALL MARGARET ANNE BEASLEY "Bob Anne" "Everybody come to the class meeting Tuesday, or else!" it A A NANCY CARTER BOATWRIGHT "Carter" " Re-a-ll-y ? " JEAN BOZE "Bom" "Well, let me tell you, have you heard?" 4 Q ' JACQUELINE BRILL "jackie" "I can't do anything but draw" C231 I fn r- - ay SENIOR HALL CAROLYN CUNNINGHAM " Carolyn" "Got a letter from Bill" Qas she twists her hair with a pencilj ANITA Lou DAVENSON "Nita Lou" "Dougie-keep him Hyin' "I JANE ARTHUR ETHERIDGE "Arty" "I thought I'd die!" JOYCE EVANS "C'uddle.v" KAW bull, Cootien C243 'IIIIE IRI I:-dh wi' . fIs.S,-J FUR 1943 SENICR HALL GLORIA GERSH "Ger.vh "Singing the blues in the night" SUSAN LEITCH "Sue "Stop Hipping your lid" ISABEL LEWIS A "Babel" "Oh my goodnesslu FAITH LIBERMAN "F, A." "Now the Way I did it was ...... " C252 I 1 1 Q T - sb? :rj S 5 " 5' F w cu 0 U - .. v-1 77 O Z l" F1 Z .. H 5 3 U 5 'PQ 3 2 55 5 55 fn fb 5 ' 'D P' K4 5 '33 21 "3 D O - "' rn O 2 f-+ Z T. m m :r F' 'Q nw L11 ::: ,D '-4 " F. E3 2 1 O 1' V3 5 'D S if' E xi U3 m O W :3 f-r O 2 D1 5' is 5 .. 5 2 2 2 : 3 E E Z E 'fr N 3' Q O 'E T SENIOR HALL "Well, down in Greensboro ........ " 1267 THE Illl Fllli 1943 M' SENIOR HALL MAE MURRAY "Mae' "Let me tell you something funny ........ ' PATRICIA O,CONNOR "Pat' "When I was out with Tom, Dick, Harry, Joe, Bob .,,,,.,,,,,,..,, etc." MARY PICKETT "Pickett' "Well, Bay says that ........ " CAMILLA RAY "Cootie' "AW bull, Cuddleslv 4279 0, 32' Q 1.1 F1 Z F1 71 32 +4 cS N 3 luv SENIOR HALL "Has anyone got a nickel for the coke machine?" BARBARA REICII "Barbara" " Well, tough bunny!" ADD11-: VIRGINIA STANLEY "Addie" "Have you ever been to Stanleytown?" 77 JEAN TREVVETT " Trewezt "Do you give a hully?" - 6283 'lllll llil F011 1943 f"1w SENIOR HALL ANNE WILSON "Anne" "Oh, I'm going home for the Week-endu MARJORIE WYATT L'Blu:hy,' "Oh, I'm just bashfuln JEAN YARBORO " Yardbirdu "You know" Qfiipping her handj 1293 Senior flu!! History is Tllll llil ---- ry Upon receiving their orders for September, 1939, five eager, young enlistees reported for duty at Stratford. With Gene Ray in com- mand, assisted by Jean Yarboro, Carter Boat- wright, Isabel Lewis, and Addie Stanley, much was accomplished by these members of a squad. The lirst medal came on October Day when we marched off the field with the winning banner. Our status increased the next year with Jean Boze, Virginia Marshall, and Marion lvleloney as new supporters. The third year Barbara Anne Beasley, Anita Lou Davenson, "Suzy" Leitch, Mary Pickett, and Faith Liberman, were added to the roll call. Finally promoted to Senior Rank in our last round of training, we had many eventful times. Our enlistment had now become a large com- pany. The new recruits from Virginia were Jean Trevvett, Barbara Reich, Joyce Evans, and hlae Murray, Tar Heels of North Carolina, Camilla Ray, and Priscilla Nlitchellg from New York, Carolyn Cunningham, Gloria Gersh, Nlildred Miro, and Pat O'Connor, and sunny Florida, Jane-Arthur Etheridge. Bob Anne Beasley was honorably made all- star commander-in-chief, and ably assisted on her staff by hilary Pickett, Virginia Nlarshall, Jean Trevvett, and Mae Murray. November quickly rolled around and Bob Anne and Isabel Lewis admirably represented our ability by giving toasts at the Founders' Day Banquet. Joyce Evans played tricks on us and Jane-Arthur Etheridge turned into an old maid in the fall play, "Quality Streetf' We were proud to have Marion Meloney as the lovely Madonna of the annual Christmas Nativity. Virginia Nlarshall and Isabel Lewis also had parts in this traditional pageant. When we returned after the holidays we were pleased to find two new volunteers, lvlarjorie Wyatt and Anne Wilson. Good English week adorned us with new awards when Isabel Lewis' poster ranked highest, Jane-Arthur Etheridge received first honors in the English Contest, and our tags, of wings keeping Good English Flying, were honorably mentioned. VVe seniors went "all out" for the annual hlagazine Contest and came up as class winner, with Gene Ray meriting individual honors. Spring came and we sponsored the traditional Spring Planting Day. Our dramatists became sophisticated in, "The Opera," one of the spring plays. Our own Barbara Reich was chosen to be Maid of Honor in the May Court, and three more beauties, Marion Meloney, Virginia Marshall, and Gene Ray, were also in the court. Our training has now come to an end, and we must try our new-found wings for stronger and better things for this world. Happy Landing! Senior Hall Prepheey As the immortal poet, Shakespeare, once put it- "All the worldb' cz Jtage And all the 'men and women merely players: They have their exit! and their entrancerj And one man in hir time play: many pczrtr, Hir act: being reaeu ages." We, the members of the Senior Hall, Class of '43, have just finished an act and now are ready C307 to make another entrance-this time into the world. Let us look forward to the year, 1953, and see what we will be doing then. Anita Lou Davenson is now married to Dougie and they have just bought a larger estate to make more room for ':Nita's" col- lection of Dougie's pictures. Joyce Evans is now Blacksburg's most well- known track star. She got her training run- ning after Mac back in '43. F03 1943 Virginia Marshall is the star in the new radio show, "W'hy Don't You Do Right P" co- starring John Murray, "The Victor Mature of 7S3'7? Mariori Nleloney is married to WVarren, New York's most eminent surgeon. Marion spends her spare time designing pink and blue operat- ing gowns for her husband. Gloria Gersh has started her own "Letters to the Lonely" bureau. If we remember cor- rectly, she made an excellent start back at Stratford. Mary Picket, after many years of struggle, has finally advanced from sweetheart of Cl1icago's "public enemy no. 2" to wife of "public enemy no. If' Carter Boatwright has given up her dancing career to marry Russell Newton, her old fiame of '43. She is now engrossed in designing her own home on her new lake at "Dan's Hill." Jean Boze, this year, was awarded a cup for having attended more midwinters at William and Mary than anyone else. Isabel Lewis' horse, ':Stratford,,' has just won the Kentucky Derby. It was trained on her private estate at Darlington, S. C. Mae Murray has remained in Danville and is now the wife of Mr. Fuller. A strange coin- cidence is that Mr. Fuller is now working with the Brush Company of the same name. Jacqueline Brill is still living in New York City but now has her own apartment and is Saks' top designer of long-tailed shirts for girls. Gene Ray, now Mrs. john Minor, was re- cently elected president of the Alumnae Asso- ciation and is doing all in her power to further the Student Activity Bill. Priscilla Mitchell has turned her Greens- boro estate into a U. S. O. center for the men stationed at the air base there. Co-working with her is Carolyn Cunningham who is in charge of enlisting the entertainment of the men's favorite movie stars. The men are sur- prised to find that more actors than actresses are appearing on their programs. jean Yarboro, lier husband and her two children have recently moved to a new pent C31l house on Riverside Drive. Her husband in a statement to the press said, "I owe my success to my wife." Faith Liberman is this year entering VVelles- ley as a freshman, Latin having been omitted from the entrance requirements for the first time. Addie Stanley, now one of Stratford's alumnae, annually awards the Stanley cup to the student who has attended Stratford the greatest number of years. Barbara Reich, now Nlrs. VVelly Goddin, is the owner of one of Richmond's most exclusive woman's shops. Rumor has it that Barbara designs for Nirs. Roosevelt, who incidentally is still in the W'hite House. Mildred Miro is now ofiicially head of the publicity department of Holy Cross. Even back in '43 the general opinion was that this would be her career. Jane-Arthur Etheridge has just published her most successful collection of verse, "Mem- ories of Stratford." We are unable to judge this work fairly as we have read only two of the six volumes. Pat O'Connor has recently discovered an injection making possible the painless removal of tonsils. She used her own experience at the Danville Memorial Hospital as a basis for her research. The numerous and seemingly pointless questions that Camilla Ray asked during her year at Stratford have finally been turned to a useful purpose. "Cootie" is now managing an information booth at the Naval Training Station at Norfolk. Anne Wilson is making a lecture tour through South America lecturing on "How to Speak Spanish" and as her most efficient secretary we find Margery W'yatt. jean Trevvett, now treasurer of the W. D.- U. A. CWives of the Duke University Alumnaej seems to be just as efficient balancing the books of this organization as she was for the Senior Hall Class in 1943. Susan Leitch and Bob Anne Beasley, having discovered their writing ability while doing the Senior Class Prophecy, believe that they will be among the world's most noted humorists. The rest of the world, however, has its doubts. 'lllll Illl Senior flu!! Will Now that the year is over we, the Senior Hall Class of '43, leave this will of memories and unforgotten times. We wish the girls that follow in our footsteps the best of luck and the most of everything. A bouquet of orchids goes to Miss Pannill, to whom we owe our sincere gratitude for the endless hours she has spent to make us all the ideal Stratford student. As for the faculty we hope the Class of ,43 will prove to be a lighter burden upon the shoulders of you all-if possible? At last the time has come to take a glance up the stairway of the past. Barbara Reich leaves her sweet, innocent voice to Jane Stimmel. Joyce Evans leaves her smoking permission QD to Eileen Maitland. Nancy Carter Boatwright leaves her Latin and geometry brilliance to Rosa Gray Simp- son. Her four years stay at Stratford is left by Addie Stanley to Anita Smith. Susan Leitch leaves the new arrangement of the books in the library to anyone that can manage to find the hidden key. Jean Trevvett wills her brilliance to Lawry Clark. Faith Liberman leaves her seat outside the telephone booth to Betty Hess. Carolyn Cunningham leaves her seat in "Idiot's Delight" to anyone who is interested. Virginia Marshall bestows her scientific nature to Barbara Cary. Mae Nlurray has left John Fuller to any little girl that can get him-huh! C323 Jean Boze leaves Helen Weaver her card for an appointment to meet Shakespeare in 1950. Isabel Lewis wills "Eight Bells" to Jean Pritchett. Margaret Ann Beasley leaves her many freckles to Mildred Helm. To anyone that can pick up where she left off, Mary Pickett leaves the spot in front of Stratford College at 5:45. Marion Meloney leaves Stratford Hall- period! Ann Wilson leaves her bed in the infirmary with regret. Camilla Ray bestows her daily letters from "Branna River" to Marjorie Zug. Pat O'Connor leaves her height to "Peter" Pannill. Gloria Gersh's bottle of peroxide goes to Betty Woods. Mildred Miro wills her Spanish records and accent to Jean Manice. Gene Ray leaves her place in Miss Hoofie's heart to Betsy Coleman. Priscilla Nlitchell leaves her blond locks to Gloria Jernigin. Marjorie Wyatt leaves her bashfulness to Ann Dick Pritchard. Anita Lou Davenson regretfully leaves Mail Box No. 471 to any under-grad who can follow- up with daily Air Corps mail! Jean Yarboro leaves her love of Latin to Margaret Handy. jane-Arthur Etheridge leaves her athletic ability to Betty Boatwright. , Jackie Brill donates her drawing board to anyone who wants it. FUR 1943 Swim' Hall Superlafiws 1 M 0:1 REjJI'd'.H'llZlll ive Bart Alhletr MAIiGARlE'l' ANNE BEASLEY fWo.rt Popular Bart Loofeing VIRGINIA MARSIIALL M on Talented JACQUELINE BRILI. .14 But St-udent 1Vo.rt C01LI'lK01L,f JANE-ARTHUR ETHERIDGE Maxi Dejhenrlablf MARY PICILETT Wm im JEAN TREVVETT Brit Drznezl BARBARA ANNE REICH C337 E mn was J E B I E si E E E E ma 5 . . PERFECT SENIOR Ifair-,' ISABEL LEVVIS Eyef: FAITI-1 LIBERMAN Nom: ANITA DAVENSON lllouth: JEAN 'FREVVIETT Skin: JEAN TREVVETT Ilamlx PRISCILLA MITCHELL Figuw: VIRGINIA MAIKSHALL Legx: NANCY C. BOATWRIGHT Voice: PRISCILLA MITCHELL 5, arf" nxjvlv P ii!Q'k,:.' ,fringe-'Lx :L , I 4 ' I, Tx, M is fer it i T if' SJ Al . 1 vhngi lwdl fra!! 4 WPI, ,div L! Qld I l !u.N,e4""' Qian vglfl 'E. I R, I fp U1,v4fW"'i4' j 5-P' 494 r"'a:?,, W! lyk i "'G"i pa nf js 09:9 YfJ 01 via to i FRESI-IMAN COLLEGE ia! QM.. ELIZABETH ANDREWS. .... President EL1zA13E'rH TAYLOR. .Vice President DOROTI-IY lVlCCLURE ...... Secretary SUE EDWARDS .......... Treafurer KITTY HARDIN. . . Sergeezvit-at-ffrmf " For the brave, battles!" is the motto ofthe college Class of ,44, a motto which already they have upheld. XVith the colors of red and white and their flower, the gardenia, and ably assisted by their sponsor, Miss Mary Richardson, the " Freshiesn have marched forward. In sports they challenged the Senior College to a hockey game, won the class basket ball tournament, in addition to various individual achievements. In other activities they likewise took honors-dramatic, musical and literary. They entered all and proved their sportsmanship, interest and coopera- tion. With such a record this Class of ,44 cannot help winning through to great victories. 1347 QY f ?MfQ9J4f 5 M f 55 ---- MLX f f . 1 ,jf Af I -Wyfy Jhfuywvff N X ff gy QW-Yip-'IK ldj-1-J Dv talk: ,4 I 'f:'f-Mi 421 JJ, UW" Ak' 6' fro J '4M:'ZWL.,m I If fi? M522 I f! -7- AL- In ll LJ. P- .gf 'I E y- ' f ,, I S o. Afj CAD Y fvug.-4.4' D-J ELIZAIIETII ANDREWS MARY BLACKWVELL SUE EDWARDS JOSEPHINE FRASER - JAH MARY .IANE I"oRTuNE GLORIA GOLDSTEIN BETTY GUERRANT ELIZABETH HAMMACK f" 'jug ' KATIIERINE I'IARDlN ELIZAEETII HILL FRANCES HOXVARD MARY MOORLIAN JONES J -K I LOUISE ICESSLER .1804-AJN . -4'-fig C357 ,MM Z? THE IRI '7 , in cv VIRGINIA LAMBETH CARROLL LIDDY ROSFMARY MAIIONLY DOROTHY MCCLURE JUNE MILLER ANNIE LAURA MUNDY MARY PARSONS AUDREY PAVY ANVE POLLOK ELIZABETII POWELL ROSALIND RANDALL JEANELLE RAY 431. X431 Lladnff M- 'EYUQI5 lkbgli' Us ggiilfe +51 K gqWIxgC.q5 wig x,QI.,Ls.i F 0 R I 9 4 3 Hfkhf ',RL'Ji,,flQLDil,fv Lycqi' LJgLl'a'l' Us fJLI.I' .WJ 9 'xnxx I'.A I WI' -4 -I -n IIIQ1--I ' file-JC'uq fi'CiC'g CMU' 5 f1'13qbav ur wan Imp I I U LIl'JJe:fulQ9X,0. S-lull MAIQY FRANCES Rusu DORIS ANNE SIIELTON ELEANOR SMART MARTHA JANE SMITH lfiLIzAuETII STEIIBINS NANCY STOVALL ELIZABETH TAYLOR JOCELYN TODD CIIARLOTTE WALDO RACHEL WALKER NANCY LEE WALL ELIZABETH LEE WRIGHT lil QU cd fp-U ' gg , JUNIOR HALL THE IRI RosA GRAY SIMPSON P1'zmim2 CAROLINE HARRISGN GRACE NORRIS 1 f LV ' . af- X - ' BARBARA CARY MILDRIXD I'IELM BETTY O,CONNOR HELEN WEAVER L 1 t 1 4 f N 4 BIETSY COLEMAN GLORIA JERNIGAN FRANCES PARKER BE1'rY Woons 1387 LAURIE CLARK ANNE BELLE LEE PATRIK IA RAHN F0 R l 9 4 3 SOPHOMORE AND FRESHMAN HALL 'I MARJOIIIIE Zum: VIRGINIA CAILTEIL BI:'I"rY I-fuss EILEEN MAITLAND Pmmldm ANN DICKINSON PIIITCIIARD JEAN PR1'I'cIIE'r'r ELLEN IXRMENTROUT FRANCES BARR BETTY BOATWRIGIIT -'I-I P'N'N" PEYTON I'IANDY ANNE NORTON 1399 8? . THE IRI I. e11Jivetl1i1zki11 bv 1111161 .walclza know oe? .romirz ' in S . 5 9 8 2.lllkf71g life eaxy 6. ali along and lonely IO,pOJ'f1Lgf02' the fa-111cra . going lafef? 7. il it not-IW-i.rf Kenner! ? 1 I. Sunrla 1 fo tu vrmfli-11' 3 fy J A 4.01d pak 8.go1'ng out 12. F01'tuue'f in the clouclf i401 FUR 1943 Organizafims NIJ- , 1 , , . 6 ,f . . -...- P224 Vi "'7'7I2T' J Ulm , V nf This is the typical American girl- She thrives on activityg She knows her talents and uses them With enthusiasm and sincerity. C415 eg 'll IIE llil ry --un. Sfudmf Unuuril Student government within Stratford is fashioned after the government of America. By making and enforcing their own rules the Stratford students prove that the youth of America is capable of directing themselves and solving their own problems. The members of the council are elected by the student body as their repre- sentatives to act as their voice in carrying forth their ideas for the betterment of the school as a Whole. lVith the use of an Honor System, the students learn responsibility and self- discipline by upholding the rules and regulations, and, in so doing, develop into better future Americans. JUNE NICHOLAS .............. ....... P refirlent ANNE GAMBRELL MCCARTY. . . . . . Vice Prefrdmzt PATRICIA PEACE ........... . . ...., Secretary ANNE DERONGE. . . . . . Treafurer IELMLIA ORR DOROTHY MCCLUIKE NIARJORIE ZUG GIiNli RAY JEAN PRITCIIETT MARION NIELONEY MARY PICKETT ELIZABETH ANNE HZILL ST. CLAIR NIACMILLAN MARX' BETI-I AMPS ELIZABETH ANDREWVS MARGARET ANNE BEAs1.m' RosA GRAY SIMPSON C425 Fllll 1943 f'N f? Eiga' ,Quik -..L Glen' Klub Each Sunday evening as the chimes are ringing from the church across the street, members of the glee club don their vestments for the candlelight vesper service. Twice a week throughout the year their voices could be heard rehears- ing for various chapel programs and the operetta, HH. M. S. Pinaforef' which was presented in the spring. Under the direction of Frank Jefferson, the members have gained a deeper appreciation of music and its value in one's life. FRANCES l'lOWAR1J, . , .......... Preridmt EVELYN ROSE .... ..... ........... . . .Secretary-Treafurer MARY Bli'I'H Annes ANNE DERONGE VIRGINIA CARTER GLOllIA GOLIJS'l'lilN BETTY Hnss .lfiLIZAliIi'1'lI ANNE I'IILI. MARY IQRETSCHMAR ANNE BELLE LEE INEZ LESTER I"A1Tu LIBERMAN JEAN MANNZS MAE MUIKRAY C439 JUNE NICHOLAS BETTY O,CONNOR PAT O,CONNOR IXNNE Dieu PRITCHARD PAY RAHN RosA GRAY SIMPSON 'PHE llll Crmfeller Stay? The Traveller sees all, hears all and tells all the news Of Stratford. Its eyes and ears are the staff snoopers, its backbone the staff advertisers and circulators. The Traveller, under the direction of Mrs. Gordon Hill May, has, throughout the years, Won many awards and as the years go will continue to grow bigger and better. ANNE GAMBRELL MCCARTY. . . MARY MOORMAN JONES ...... EVELYN ROSE ....,.,.... JEAN MCDANIEL SHERRY DALY ' CLAIRE NOYES FLORENCE TUCKER """ JANE MCPHAYDEN FAITH LIBERMAN JEANELLE RAY ROSALIND RANDALL MARY COOK MARETT DOROTliY MCCLURE SUSAN LEITCI-I ANITA DAVENSON ELIZAEETI-I ANNE HILL JOSEPI-IINE FRASER FRANCES HOWARD ELEANOR SMART CAROLINE CLORE MARY BLACKWELL CARROLL LIDDY ROSEMARY MAHONIEY GLORIA GOLIJSTEIN JEAN NICDANIEL LUCILE SCHOOLFIELIJ C443 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Editor-111-Chzef ....,.......Ma1zagi1zg Editor . . .Promotion and Circulation Editor lu C0-Aclzferlifing Editor: .Co-Editor: of Magfzzivze Section MARJORIE GATEWOOD LOUISE KEssLER EILEEN MAITLAND MARJOIKILI ZUO ELIZABETH POWELL IRMA Ml'FTP1Lh1AN POLLY DONNELL lVIlLDR15D NIIRO BARBARA REICII JEAN 'l'REvvET'r BARIIARA CARY BETTY NVOODS SUE EDXVARDS JANE FORTUNE ANNE PRITCIIARII MARY IiRE'l'SCHMAR JACQUIELINE BRILI, IN:lT'l'Y I'iARDIN Fllll 1943 gg ay ---- 167116 Pencil 611111 A birtlsong breakfast in the spring of the year is a long-held tradition of the Blue Pencil Club whose members are composed of those students who have contri- buted to the publication ofthe Traveller and are of a high scholastic rating. At the breakfast the new members of each year are pledged into the club. During the ceremony, the president places upon her successor the scarf of her ofhce. Ii'r,our:Nc1s TUCKER .... .... P refident CLAIIKIS Novus JANE MCPIIAYDEN ANNE GAMBRELL MCCARTY C457 'l'll Illl dairy 61116 In mid-winter the Poetry Club meets in the front drawing room by the blazing fire to read and discuss poetry. A contest is held on original poetry and by vote 'cThe Poem of the Hour" is determined. On Valentine's Day the favorite meeting was held at the home of Mrs. Mary, the sponsor. Poems were read and then the delightful dinner disappeared almost pronto. For lovers of poetry, the bi-weekly meetings will long be remembered. JANE-ARTHUR ETHERIDGE. . . . . . . .....,. P7'KJ"idL'7'1-I PATRICIA PEACE ELIZABETH ANNE HILL MARY COOK MARETT DOROTHY JANE -IIMMERSON BETTY ADE1. WOODS CAROLINE CLORE DOROTHY NICCLURE MARY BET:-1 AMES ROSENIARY MAIIONEY ANNE GAMBRELL lxfICCARTY SARA:-r DALY C461 FUR 1943 FP my Dramatic glllb "Foots on, house off, curtain!" VVith these words actors await their cues, the stage crew and director stand by as another play is given by "The Stratford Playersf' As the major projects of the year, the Dramatic Club presented "Quality Street" in the fall and three one-act plays in the spring. In addition, the members have studied various techniques such as pantomime, make-up, and stage directing with the hope that each member would gain more poise, self-assurance, and appreciation of Dramatic Art. ANNE DERONGE ........... ...... P rexident DOIKOTHY JANE JIMMERSON. . . . . .Vue Prexzdent MARY COOK NIARETT ....... ...... S ecretary :HELEN Boocs ........ ........... . ..... . . . Treasurer I'II.IzAIsE'rII ANDREVVS CARROLL LIIJDY JEANELLE RAY BARBARA CARY ANNE GALIBRELL IVICCARTY ELEANOR SMART JOYCE ICI-'ANS RUTH NEXVh1AN ELIZABETH TAYLOR GLOIQIA G1iIiSlI JUNE NICIAIOLAS JOCELYN TODD IQITTY HARIIIN PATRICIA PEACE NANCY LEE WALL BETTY Hass ROSAIIIND RANDALL I'IELEN WEAVER 647D A 39 Tllll llll ay ,Msg , Q 1. .-5. Jnfernafianal kclafiaus 61116 'With theeyesof theworld upon theworld, thelnternational Relations Club has a greater significence than ever before. The members,who possess the qualifications of scholarship, citizenship, and an active interest in international affairs, meet every other Sunday to discuss the latest happenings. For the benefit of the student body, this club sponsors a current events Week and in so doing hopes to impart to their audience something of what they themselves have attempted to gain this year-a broader knowledge and understanding of international affairs in order to better take their place in the world. MARY KRETSCHMAR ......... ........ P reyidmt JANE MCPI1AYDEN. . . . . . Vzce Prendent BETTY LEE WVRIGHT .... ..... T rea:-Imer CHARLOTTE WALDO ..,... .... S ecretary MISS MARIETTA MILLET ......... ........... . . .Sponror MARY BET1-I AMES MARY NIOORMAN JONES EAIMA ORR HELEN Bocas ANNE GAIvIIaREI.I. MCCARTY PATRICIA PEACE ANNE DERONGE JEAN MCDANIEL ELEANOR SMART KITTY HARDIN JUNE NICHOLAS NANCY STOVALL CLAIRE N OYES K 48 I Fllll 1943 3355 Day Siudents' Klub On stepping over the threshold of the Day Students' Room on the garden floor of Stratford, one would see the faces of the day students of both College and Hall glance up from study or "bulling." Through the work of the Day Students' Club, this room was made possible. Throughout the year they have worked to make it more comfortable for study, for club meetings and for relaxation. VIRGINIA LAMIs1:'I'II . . . .......,... Prefident VIRGINIA PUI.I.IzN ..... .... S ecretary- Treasurer 1493 'sr sy THE llil .l iris Stay The "IR1s,', Stratfordis year book, attempts to catch the spirit of Stratford and present an easy' return to our past days spent here. It is the project of the IRIS staff to try to picture not only the publicized and known Stratford but the unknown and informal Stratford. MARY KRETSCHMAR . . . . .Co-Editor!-in-Clzifj' CLAIRE NOYES MISS IDA FITZGERALD. . . . . .Bwinexx Advisor MARY MOORLIAN jones LUCILE SCI-IOOLFIELD BETTY Woons SARAII DALY EILEEN MAITLAND IRMA MITTELMAN POLLY DONNELL ELEANOR SMART BARBARA ANNE Rxsrcn ELIZABETII ANDRIQWS ROSALIND RANDALL JOCELYN Tonu EMMA ORR ST. CLAIR MACAlII.LAN DoRoTIIY MCCLUIKPI ELIZABETII 'TAYLOR MARY COOK MARETT C503 SALLY CIIAMI-LIN JANE-ARTHUR E'l'IlliRlDUli SUI-1 l'lDlrVARDS JACQUIILINIL BRILL IQITTY I'lARDlN EL1zAIsIs'I'II POWLLLL liIvIa:LYN Rosr: ,IRAN lx'fCDANIE1. NANCY LEE XVALL Fllli 1943 Afhlafics i i This is the typical American girl- Physical fitness is her creedg For health is beauty, strength and joy. She must be strong for she must lead. C517 fn my 'IIIII IIII 1 . 1 I JUNIOR AND SENIOR HUNT CLUBS A gymkhana, three horse shows, the Key award, in addition to cross country rides, picnics and steak fries are sponsored by the Junior and Senior Hunt Clubs. The members are a select group of riders possessing the qualifications of sports- manship, cooperation and general interest While the Senior group in addition requires good riding ability. Culminating the season is the presentation of the Key award to the rider who has best fulfilled the thought of the award-"Key to True Horsemanshipf' JUNIOR HUNT CLUB SENIOR HUNT CLUB SALLY CHAMPLIN ................... PfEJI'!l!'Ill ISABEL LEWIS. .,.......,..,........ Pmridenl EDITH SINNOTT ....... .... V ice Prefidnzt CLAIRE Novus .... .... .... V 1 'ce Prexident CHARLOTTE WALDO .,..........,.... Trzarurzr EMMA ORR ,.,... .................. T reafurzr ELMABUUIANDREWS ROSEMARY RIAHONEY DULEEN RJAITLAND DOROTHY MCCLURIE CAMILLA RAY JEAN PRITCHETT DAOZELLE RJCE CAROL WATT ..... .... S ponfor I52I FUR 1943 I . .'5'. - I A the S ir.. N E III 1111 fy..-,-.'. . ' 4 I BLAZER CLUB The aspirations of the Blazer Club are embodied in the five pointed star representing reverence, truth, beauty, loyalty, and sportsmanship. Membership is by three hundred athletic points and the unanimous vote of the present mem- bers. As an inspiration in living up to the pledge of membership, each month the Honor Council, an impressive ceremony by candlelight, is presented. ANNE DERONGE. PATRICIA PEACE. EMMA ORR ..... Miss ELIZABETH MARGARET ANNE BEASLEY HELEN Bocas MARY MOORMAN JONES CARROLL LIDDY NIARY Com: NIARETT ST. CLAIR MACh'IILLAN IRNA lVIITTELMAN JUNE NICHOLAS . . . . . .Prerident . . . . Vice' 1J7'6'.f'idE71i Secretary- Trmmrev' PANNILL .......... ........... S ponror MARY PARSONS JEANELLE RAY RosA GRAY SIMPSON MARJORIE ZUG DOIIQTIIY MCCLURI2 ELIZABETH ANDREWS NIOZELLE RICE CIIAIALOTTE WALDO 1543 FACULTY ANNE Booru WI1.l.IS IIIA FITZGERALD KATIIEIIINII HooIfNAcI..I: BESSIE VAN WAGENEN FUR 1943 "IIE Illl BLUE AND WHITE HOCKEY TEAMS WHITE TEAM CAROLYN CLORE EILEEN MAITLAND SCIINICR DPZRONGE CINDY BROWVN EVELYN ROSE SINNY MACAIILLAN EMMA ORR BOB-.ANNE BEASLEY BIMBY EVERITT SHERRY DALEY FRANCES FFULL HELEN Bocas DOT-IANE JIMIIIERSON JUNE NICHOLAS CLAIRE NOYES BLU 111 T EAM Captain DORO1'llX' NICCLURE ........... C567 Cnosu WALIQO LOUISE KESSLER SKEETER HILL LIEANELLE IQAY CARROLL LIIJDY IEOSALIND RANDALL loc TODD NANCY LRE XKVALL MOZELLE RICE JUNE MILLER 'IEANNE Fox JO FRASER CONNIE CARLIPZN BETTY LEE WllIl3llT 'l"1sI1 ANDREWS ELEIANOK SMART Capia-in llllll 1943 Sfazfures This is the typical American girl- How pretty and young is she! She was born in the land of song, The land of the gay and the free. C577 THE IRIS AY M SSH 43 Eg Marion Meloney, The Modonno Pictured ax :he appeared in Ihr Nalfuiiy, SlraU'ord'.r annual Cvlfl-J'f7lld,f mirarlf play 1597 V Z I 2 - I 6? 'IIIE IIII Jocelyn Todd, Christmas Cord Girl Chofeu by .rludc-nt elfction lo appear in :lm K'Trmml- !e1"' af SlmLford'f Clzr1'JZma.v gI'L'L'li'l1-g to im' rmrlfry C607 Fon 1943 Dorothy Jone Jimmersorm, Stratford Valentine lflrclnl by populm' ante zu Stratfordk Jweeilzvart, .rlzr war queen of ilu' flrznual Swcfthearl Bafl. C611 if -..-..,g? I IRIS CARNIVAL TOP f i1ff6'1'blLgg'i'llg'-'SO plzomore Collfge Bingo-lla!! Seniozzr CENTER' Tlzf F reflzmau Spook Home BOTTOM " Travelie-1"f" Pitch Penny The Queen and her Court I62D FUR 1943 tm gv 1 X 'l. , N R . I . Vi "fi QQ, c' Q fag , ,fi 1"-..', -' .Q X , . Fw. E-' I J A ' , 1 A m A mn,- ,. ,l 'Q H ,LA w V1 . f. -lg, ,W if gy 4 ','--N1 a' .ss M I -- A Q Y X 'gsmsmss sk' l .nw mfg ex F 'frgggg Y-nz, -f ' is ' "xg ,E S5 I " : ,L W , Mory Kretschmor, 1943 Moy Queen Sin' wax crnwnnl nl May Frolicf, pfvfmlted by the Blue: and Iyhitznr 'in an ajforl to rarry on thc traflilional lway Day .fpirif in Jpftf of war-lim: dzfivultief. C637 or ay THE Illl EVE NTS OF September. MCU The Traveller gets underway. CQJ Glamour away. . . it's Rat Week. October ..... CSD Spirits were high at the Hunt Club rush party. QD October Day . . . I'll bet it tastes good! 15D Blue and White hockey game . . . just a fifteen-minute intermission. C6j Halloween party . . .by crackyl I November. . .Q'7j Fun on the tennis court. C81 Dissecting the neeturus . . . what a delight! Q9j Stratford's sweetheart at the Founders' Day Banquet. C101 "Quality Street." December. .OU A. VV. V. S .... looks hard but it's fun. C125 Santa Claus was good to her. U31 Even the birds got a Christmas tree. CMJ Christmas party for under privileged children . . . 'tis better to give than to receive. i647 FUR 1943 35 THE YEAR January ..... February. . . Marcll ...... April .... C151 Those good ole English posters. C161 The New York trip . . . need we say more? .CI71 Our Valentine formal . . . sweet and hot. C181 Iris Carnival . . . Gruesome, isn't it? C191 lVe'll cut the"Traveller,s'lBirthday cake. C201 Is zattso, teacher? C211 Exams! Isn't that enough? Spring weather. C231 lVIaybe Darwin was right. C241 Tennis . . . from here it looks good. C251 Sprin,g,plzmting day . . . and de boids were on de wing. C261 Scene from "Beau of Bath." C271 Stars of "For Distinguished Service." C281 Spring Horse Show . . . the Lone Ranger. ' cesi or THE llil ay Q15 Nice work if you can get it C21 Spring fever C3j Chaucer the easy way C4j All together fgj Who's the luekyguy? Q65 Trading techniques C75 Conspirators Q85 On a Sunday afternoon Cgj 99 44f1oo?f, pure QIOJ Who are you trying to scare, Rusty? CII, The essence of industry Q12-133 Yum-yum fI4j Thanue Iongen folk to go on pilgrirnages CISQ Two heads are better than one CI6j Blue and White spirit. 1661 Fllli 1943 Advertisements ui i. i., I ri' f This is the typical American girl- A careful shopper she's learned to beg For though she loves to spend and buy, She's saving naw for liberty. Sec ad section for glamourizcd seniors i673 Stratford College Junior College of Cultural and Practical Arts and Stratford Hall College Preparatory Department Congratulate the Staff of the IRIS on This Volume- May Success be the Happy Realization of Every Stratford Girl MABEL H. KENNEDY, Demi JOHN C. SIMPSON, P1-e.vi11'en1 fjflflllflgllff 117111 Book of Views 1111 Rl'Qlll'.Tf DANVII,I.lE, VIRGINIA Sludevll Co'II,11rII'l'.v Ilall11wr1'n Parry 1687 Congratulations, Graduates YOU NOW ARE READY TO SET OUT ON THE SEA OF LIFE - MAY THERE BE SMOOTH SAILING FOR YOU ALL! WE HAVE ENJOYED SERVING YOU. 1- SHOPPING HEADQUARTERS FOR STYLE, VALUE AND QUALITY L. H E Il M A N 'famzdlex Ze!! .ftoren K697 BIBEE'S SUPER MARKET "A SCOTCHMAN'S PARADISE" -Iohnson SL Swggle Danville Enterprise Druggigfg 1NcoRPoRA'ren lVIain St. Danville, Va. "' Upemting CAPITOL ComjJlimen1s of , , DAN KINGOFI' 'S H Dan-viIIe's .Lfflllilly Jewelers DAANV1I4LE,V1RGl'fgTIA CAMPUS CLASSICS TO VVEAR LONG AND HARD - DESIGNED FOR AMER- ICAIS YOUNG WOMEN AND THE AC- TIVE LIVES THEY LIVE . . . -K A414884 df 410 Main Street Danville, Virginia I707 -x ,- Q-wf A ,-'T TRADE-MARK Bottled under authority of The Coca-Colo Company by GERALD K HARRIS flu frd z'f'.l'.vw'.1' VIASS- NIOBLEY I-L-XRDW'ARE Co., INC. W'1-1o1,fssALrs AND RETAIL l'llll'Il'ZL'Il!'l', Roofing, zllill Supjwlirs Pi 135 NNIZIYSUII St. 'Pltonc 32 Phone 1584 230-232 Nlain St. Danville, Va , . SEND YOUR CLOTHES TO C0lllPlIlIl1'llf.l' of DA BO HITCHCOCK STUDIO CLEANERS 427 lllain St. Danville, Va. l25 lVatson St. Phones 3572-3573 C71l SERVICE I Since you came to Stratford we have tried to serve your every need. In our store you found curtains, bedspreads, rugs and many other things to make your dormitory cheerful. Big week- ends and classes, too, were brightened by clothes you bought here . . . many a beau has thrilled at the picture you had taken in our photograph department. We have enjoyed serving you . . . come again. BELK-LEGGETT COMPANY "Dr1nm'lfe'.r Shopping CJL'7Zft'1'U C721 H1JI1f7'O7ZiZL' Patter.v0n'.v" LOHINHHWH Dependable Drug Store Service of Four Registered Pharmacists to Serve You VVHI'1'li'S Bmwv S HOP H PATTERSON DRUG Phone 2387 Danville, Va. PANY Mixsomc 'TEMPLE DANVILLE, VA HERE THEY ARE! STRATFORD'S PRIDE AND JOY You FIGURE THEM OUT, WE GAVE UP LONG AGO 1733 YOU have a most cordial in- vitation and a friendly Welcome awaiting you always at Dan- vilIe's "biggest little shop." Come in often and select your favorite fashions in ladies' clothes and accessories. CA Skinning Slnhituiinzt WHERE STYLE AND THRIFT ARE ON AN IDENTICAL BASIS GURDINE-GENEVA "The Shop of Lovely Things" I, just a Block Away . 2i'f'ff A f .gf. ,fur fit T A FOR ICY DRINKS AND FOOD TO PLEASE AND A MILLION OTHER THINGS YOU NEED-ITIS .IOHNSOIVS DRUG STORE 1741 Compliments of EFlRD'S DEPARTMENT STORE Visit Our Ready-to-NVe:u' DCll21I'tl1ICIlt-H lllost Complete Line of Ladies' and Misses' Dresses D.-xNvn.i,1z, Vmomm 'PHONE 2706 VIRGINIA THEATRE Main Street Phone 568 DANVILLE, VIRGINIA J. M. CHURCH GROCERY STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES NORTON FLORIST Chambers Street Phone 3141 S19 Stokes St. Phone 3716 DANVILLE J. T. Townes Printing Co. Corner Union and Patton Streets 1NC0Rl,ORA.mD Danville, Virginia I-' J11fl7lllf11L'fIl7'6l'.T of ICE CREAIVI AND BUTTER mjfffgl SHTHNVE QVQSI45 5 38 Lox'Ar.. S'l'Illili'I DANVlLI.Ii, VA. A-JHWA Jas. T. Catlin 81 Son Co. INCORPORATED Q-H INSURANCE IN ALL ITS BRANCHES Masonic Building Phone 541 Danville, Virginia 1751 SENIOR COLLEGE MARY ELIZABETH AMES, Nlontross, Vir- gxnxa. Ixus Staff, '42, Glee Club, '42-'43, Interior Decorating Club, President, '42, Poetry Club, '42-'43, Virginia Club, '42, May Day, '42, Court, '43, Class Treasurer, '42, October Day, '42, Court, '43, Red Cross, '42-'43, Stunt Night, '42, President of Class, '43, Toaster, Founder's Day, '43, Installation Day, '43, Orientation Committee, '43, Art Club, '43, Christmas Dance Court, '43, International Relations Club, '43, Air Raid Warden, '43, Ixus Carnival Maid of Honor, '43, Valentine Dance Court, '43, Student Council, Judicial Committee, Executive Com- mittee, Entertainment Conxmittee, '43, Class Executive Committee, Chairman, '43. SARAH CHAMPLIN, 81 North Quaker Lane, West Hartford, Connecticut. Poetry Club, '42, Horse Shows, '42-'43, Rat Court, '43, junior Hunt Club, Treasurer, President, '43, Air Raid Warden, '43, Dec- oration Committee, '43, Orientation Com- mittee, '43, Dining Room Conxmittee, Co- Chairman, '43, Class Secretary, '43, Ixus Photography Staff, Chairman, '43, White Team, Treasurer, '43, Class Executive Committee, '43, May Day, '43. HELEN BOGGS, 770 Wilson Street, Daxxville, Virginia. Blazer Club, '42-'43, October Day, '42-'43, Hockey, '42-'43, May Day, '42-'43, Spring Play, '42, Dramatic Club, '42, Treasurer, '43, International Relations Club, '42-'43, Basket Ball, '42, "Quality Street" Business Manager, '43, Good English Week, '43, Current Events Week, '43, Co-Chairman of Christmas Party, '43, Literary Contest, '43, Red Cross, '43, Class Gift to School Com- mittee, '43, "The Opera," '43. CAROLINE CLORE, 131 South Elm Street, Henderson, Kentucky. Traveller Staff, '43, Class Ways and Means Committee, '43, October Day, '43, Good English Week, '43, Red Cross, '43, Hockey, '43, Basket Ball, '43, Rat Court, '43, Class Card Committee, Chairman for Good English Week, '43, May Day, '43. SARAH DALY, 2211 Friendly Road, Greens- boro, North Carolina. Poetry Club, '42-'43, October Day, '42-'43, Twelfth Night, '42, Stunt Night, '42, Ping- Pong Tournament, '42, Shufileboard Tourna- ment, '42, Cheer Leader, '42, "Emma," Production Staff, '42, Rat Week, Chairman, '43, Decoration Committee, Chairman, '43, Dramatic Club, '43, Ixus Staff, '43, Co- Advertising Manager of Traveller, '43, "Quality Street" Production Stall, '43, May Day, '43- ANNE DERONGE, 645 Farmington Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut. Dramatic Club, '42, President, '43, "Emma," '42, Glee Club, '42-'43, Blazer Club, '42, President, '43, Ping-Pong Tournament, '42, C763 Badminton Tournamexxt, '42, Hockey, '42-'43, Red Cross, '42-'43, May Day, '42-'43, Ways and Means Committee, '42, White Team Secretary-Treasurer, '42, "Quality Street," '43, Student Council Treasurer, '43, Octo- ber Day, '42-'43, Tennis, '42-'43, Campus Police, '43, International Relations Club, '43, Basket Ball, '42-'43, Toaster, Foundcr's Day, '43, Class Captain of Good English Week, '43, "The Opera," '43, POLLY DONNELL, Rocklxoxne, Oak Ridge, North Carolina. Traveller Staff, '43, Ixus Staff, '43, Basket Ball, '43s May Day, '43- MARJORIE GATEWOOD, Route No. 1, Dan- ville, Virginia. Red Cross, '42, Basket Ball, '42, May Day, '42, Traveller Staff, '43, Day Students Club, '43- ELIZABETH HIGH, ll6 jefferson Street, Whiteville, North Carolina. Tennis Tournament, '42, Cheer Leader, '42, Costumes for "Emma," '42, Class Treasurer, '43, Glee Club, '43, Red Cross, '43, May Day, '43, Class Executive Committee, '43. DOROTHY JANE AIIMMERSON, I9 College Court, Montgomery, Alabama. Dramatic Club, '42, Vice President, '43, Traveller Staff, '42, IXIay Day, '42-'43, Stunt Club, '42, Alabama Club, '42, Red Cross, '42-43, October Day. '42-'43, Fall Play, '42, Christmas Dance, Court, '43, Card Com- mittee for Good English Week, '43, Poetry Club, '43, Valentine Queen, '43, "Quality Street," '43, Class Social Committee, '43, Rat Court, '439 "Nativity," '43, Hockey, '43, Basket Ball, '43, "'Ihe Opera," '43, Blazer Club, '43. MARY KRETSCHMAR, 666 West End Avenue, New York City, New York. Tennis Tournament, '42-'439 Glee Club, President, '42-'43, New York Club, Vice President, '42, Traveller Staff, '42, Student Council, '42, Ways and Nleans Committee, Chairman, '42, Red Cross, '42-'43, "Na- tivity," '42-'43, Magazine Sale, Chairman, '42, Orientation Committee, '43, Rat Com- mittee, '43, International Relations Club, President, '43, Dance Committee, Chairman, '43, Secretary of Good English Week, '43, Ixus Carnival, '43, lF'ouxxder's Day Toaster, '43, Valentine Dance Court, '43, Co-Editor- in-Chief of Ixus, '43, First Aid CAir Raidj, '43, Chapel Program in Good English Week, '43, May Queen, '43, Salutatorian, '43. ST. CLAIR MACMILLAN, 49 Gibbes Street, Charleston, South Carolina. Tennis, '42-'43, Red Cross, '42-'43, Stuxxt Night, '42, Basket Ball, '42-'43, Blazer Club, '42-'43, Student Council, '43, Air Raid Warden, '43, October Day, '43, Class Social Committee, '43, Hockey, '43, May Day '43, Ixus Staff, '43. ANNE NICCARTY, 502 Quintard Avenue, Anniston, Alabama. Student Council, '42, Vice President, '43, Traveller, '42, Editor, '43, Dramatic Club, '42-'43, French Club, Treasurer, '42, Poetry Club, '42-'43, "l'1mma," '42, "Nativity," '42-'43, Red Cross, '42, Stunt Night, '42, lius Stall, '42, l"ounder's Day, '42, Toast- mistrcss, '43, International Relations Club, '42-'43, Blue Pencil Club, '42-'43, Delta Phi Omega, '42-'43, May Day, '42, "Quality Street," '43, Christmas Dance, Court, '43, Good lin flish Week Chairman ' ' Dormi L v x 4-3, ' tory Fire Chief, '43, October Day, '43, Good Manners Week, '43, Orientation Com- mittee, '43, May Court, '43, Golden Quill, '43, Valedictorian, '43, Blue Pencil Club, '42-'43, "For Distinguished Service," '43. ,IICAN Mt'DANIl'Il.., 139 Robertson Avenue, Danville, Virginia. International Relations Club, '43, Traveller Staff, Co-Advertising Manager, '43, Traveller Banquet, Co-Chairman, '43, Ixus Stall, '43, Tennis Tournament, '43, May Day, '43, ELLEN .IANIC MCPHAYDIEIN, 4201 Grove- land Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland. Traveller Stall, '42-'43, Fall Play, Production Staff, '42, "Nativity," '43, l"ounder's Day '42, Toaster, '43, Ping-Pong, '42, Shuflle- board, '42, Chairman of Class Decorating Committee, '43, October Day, '43, Art Club, '43, Co-Editor, Class Book, '43, May Day, '42, Blue Pencil Club, '42-'43, MARY COOK MARETT, 1543 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, Georgia. Dramatic Club, '42, Secretary, '43, Traveller Staff, '42-'43, Poetry Club, '42-'43, French Club, '42, IRIS Staff, '42, Business Manager, '43, Tennis, '42, Ping-Pong, '42, Shuffle- board, '42, October Day, '42-'43, Stunt Night, '42, Red Cross, '42-'43, May Day, '42-'43, Badminton, '42, Blazer Club, '42- '43, Social Committee for Senior Banquet, '42, Dining Room Committee Co-Chairman, '43, Refreshment Committee Chairman, '43, Orientation Committee, '43, "Quality Street" Production Staff, '43, Good Manners Week Committee, '43, Class Vice President, '43, Class Social Chairman, '43, "Nativity," '43, Good English Week, '43, Air Raid Warden, '43, Class Executive Committee, ' 3, "Beau of Bath," '43, Production Stall ol' Fall and Spring Plays, '42, IRMA Ml'l"I'l'lLlX'lAN, 280 Fern Street, West Hartford, Connecticut. October Day, '42-'43, Blazer Club, '42-'43, May Day, '42, Trzivfllfl' Stall, '42-'43, Glee Club, '42, Tennis, '42, Basket Ball, '42, Ping-Pong, '42, Interior Decorating Club, '42, Art Club, '43, Inns Advertising Manager, '43, Class Sergeant-at-Arms, '43, Red Cross, '43. JUNE NICHOLAS, 4302 Orient Avenue, Douglaston, Long Island, New York. Blazer Club, '42-'43, Glee Club, '42-'43, Dramatic Club, '42-'43, Stunt Night, '42, Class Sergeant-at-Arms, '42, Fall and Spring Plays, '42-'43, Hockey, '42-'43, October Day, '42, Queen, '43, Twelfth Night, '42, Tennis, i77l C li P V '42-'43, May Day, '42, Orientation Corn- mittee, Chairman, '43, President of Student Council, '-139 Good Manners Week, '43, Good English Week, '43, Toaster, Founder's Day, '43, Air Warden Chief, '43, Interna- tional Relations Club, '43, "Nativity," '43, Delta Psi Omega, '42-'43, Red Cross, '43. LAIRE NOYES, Fort Benning, Georgia. Tennis, '43-'43, IRIS Literary Editor, '42, Co-Editor, '43, Drill Team, '42, Hunt Club, '42, Vice President, '43, Hockey, '43, Basket Ball, '43, International Relations Club, '43, Class Ways and Means Chairman, '43, 7'I'lZ1Jl'HE7' Staff, '42, Co-Editor, Nlagazine Section, '43, Blue Pencil Club, '42-'43, Golden Quill, '43, Horse Shows, '43, May Day, '43, Blazer Club, '43. MMA ORR, 55 Magnolia Avenue, Garden City, Long Island, New York. Hockey, '42-'43, Blazer Club, '42, Secretary- Treasurer, '43, Red Cross, '42-'43, Horse Shows, '42-'43, October Day, '42-'43, May Day, '42, Court, '43, Student Council, '43, ,lunior Hunt Club, President, '42, Senior Hunt Club, Treasurer, '43, Class Secretary of Good English Week, '43, International Relations Club, '43, Co-Editor of Class Book, '43, luis Art Director, '43, Air Raid Warden, '43, Valentine Dance, Court, '43, Christmas Dance, Court, '43, Basket Ball, '43, Art Club, '43, Decoration Committee, '43, Isis Carnival, '43. ATRICIA PEACE, 22 Westmoreland Drive, West Hartford, Connecticut. Hockey, '42-'43, Tennis, '42, French Club, Vice President, '42, Poetry Club, '42-'43, October Day, '42-'43, Stunt Night, '42, Red Cross, '42-'43, Blazer Club, '42, Vice President, '43, Captain of White Team, '42- '43, May Day, '42, Chairman, '43, Student Council, Secretary, '43, Basket Ball, '43, Orientation Committee, Chairman, '43, Christmas Party, Chairman, '43, "Nativity," '43, "Quality Street,"'43, International Re- lations Club, '43, "The Opera," '43,Dramatic Club, '43, Air Raid Warden, '43. IRGINIA PULLEN, IOS Floral Avenue, Danville, Virginia. Dramatic Club, '42, Day Students Club, Secretary and Treasurer, '43, May Day, Pianist, '43, EVELYN ROSE, 1404 Confederate Avenue, Ifl Richmond, Virginia. luis Staff, '42-'43, Traveller Staff, '42, Cir- culation and Promotion hflanager, '43, Glee Club, '42, Secretary, '43, Dramatic Club, '42, "Nativity," '42, Fall and Spring Plays, '42, Virginia Club, '42, Hockey, '42, Tennis, '42-'43, Drill Team, '42, Horse Shows, '42, Stunt Night, '42, October Day, '42-'43, Poetry Club, '42, Class Secretary, '42, Traveller Banquet, '42, Red Cross, '43, Basket Ball, '43, May Day, '43, DITH SINNOTT, IIS Arlington Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. Glee Club, '42, Horse Shows, '42-'43, May Day, '42, junior Hunt Club, Vice President, '41 SENIOR MARGARET ANNE BEASLEY, Market Street, Cheraw, South Carolina. Blazer Club, '42-'43, May Day, '42, Athletic Banquet, Toaster, '42, President of Class, '42-'43, Student Council, '42-'43, October Day, Court, '42, liounder's Day Banquet, '42, Spring Planting Day, '43, May' lirolics, ,M . NANCY CARTER BOATWRIGHT, Dan's Hill, Danville, Virginia. Sergeant-at-Arms of Class, '39-'40, May Day, '41, Treasurer of Class, '41-'42, May Day, '42, Fashion Show, '42, Local Students Club, '39-'43, May Frolics, '42. JEAN BOZIC, 2725 West Grace Street, Rich- mond, Virginia. Vice President of Class, '40-'41, Vice President of Class, '41-'42, Glee Club, '42-'43, May Day, '42, Travrller Staff, '40-'41, May Frolics, '43. JACQUELINE BRILL, Q9 Ulster Avenue, Atlantic Beach, Long Island, New York. lrus Sta'H, '42-'43, Trrrvrflm' Staff, '42-'43, Dramatic Club, '42-'43, Nlay l"rolics, '43. CAROLYN CUNNINGHAM, Ludlow Drive, Seven Bridges, Chappaqua, New York. Glee Club, '42-'43, Operetta, '43, May lfrolics, '43. ANITA LOU DAVENSON, IS7 Newbury Street, Hartford, Connecticut. Traveller Staff, '42-'43, Operetta, '45, May l"rolics, '43. ,IANE-AR'l'I-IUR l'I'i'I-TERIIDGIC, 310 North- east QQID Street, Miami, Florida. Dramatic Club, '42-'43, "Quality Street," '42, "The Opera," '43, President of the Poetry 1783 HALL Club, '42-'43 , luis Stall, '42-'43, Spring Planting Day, Opcretta, '43, '43, Travellcv' Stall, '42-'43, May lirolics, '43, JOYCE EVANS, Faculty Row, Blacksburg. Virginia. Dramatic Club, '42-'43, "Quality Street," '42,"'l'l1C Opera," '43, Trazreller Staff, '42- '43, May Frolics, '43. GLORIA GERSH, Atlantic Beach, Long Is- land, New York. Operetta, '43, "Quality Street," '42, Dramatic Club, '42, May l"rolics, '43. SUSAN LI1IITC.l'I, 1100 Hoyt Avenue, Saginaw, Michigan. Traveller Staff, '42-'43, May Day, '42, Ser- geant-at-Arms, '41-'42, ISABICL LEWIS, IIS Lady Astor Street, Danville, Virginia. Vice President ol Class, '39-'40, Stratford Hunt Club, '39-'40, President of Class, '40- '4l, Fashion Show, '40--'41, May Day, '41- '42, Student Council, '40-'41, October Day, Court, '40, Treasurer of Hunt Club, '40-'41, President of Senior Hunt Club, '42-'43, May Frolics, '43, Spring Planting Day, '43, l"ounder's Day Banquet Toaster, '42, "Nativity," '42, Final Horse Show, '40, Gymkhana, '41, Hunter Trials, '40, Spring Horse Show, '41-'43, Final Horse Show, '43. li'A1'l'I-I LIBICRMAN, l'fsscx House, New York, New York. Dramatic Club, '42, Cleo Club, '41-'43, Poetry Club, '42, Trzfwllfr Staff, '43, Iltts Stall, '43, Spring Horse Show, '43, Final I-lorsc Show, '43, May lfrolics, '43. VIRGINIA MARSI-lAI,,I,, 33 Roekridge Road, Mount Vernon, New York. Secretary of Class, '41-'42, Student Cot1ncil, '41-'42, "Nativity," '41, May Day, '42, "Nativity," '42, Secretary of Class, '42-'43, Carnival Court, '42, Leadout in Valentine Dance, '43, Nlay Court, '43. MARION lVll'il.ONlKY, 3.10 Beverly Road, Douglaston, New York. Secretary ol' Class, '40-'41, President of Class, '41-'41, October Day Court, '41-'42, Student Council, '41-'43, "Nativity," ,4I, May Court, '42, President of Hall, '42-'43, Madonna, '42, Leadout i11 Valentine Dance, '43, Spring Planting Day, '43, May Court, '43, NllI.DRl'fD MIRO, 159334 Riverside Drive, West, New York, New York. Y'rawllr1' Stall, '42-'4.3. PRlSClI.l.A Ml'l'CHliLI,, S14 Cypress Street, Greensboro, North Carolina. Glee Club, '42, May l"rolics, '43. MAE MURRAY, 1111 West NVashington Street, Peterslmurg, Virginia. Glec Club, '42, Sergeant-at.-Arins ol' Class, '42-'43, May l"rolics, '43. l'A'l'RIClA KYCONNOR, Dwight Manor, l'inglewood, New jersey. Glee Club, '43. MARY PlCKl'I'l'l', IOI6 Hollywood Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. May Day, '41, Vice President, '42-'43, May l"rolics, '43, Student Council, '42-'43, CAlVIll,l.A RAY, Oxford, North Carolinzt. junior .l'Iunt Club, '43, Stratford T1':1t1fllr1', '42-'43, Dramatic Club, '.4,2-,431 Spring 1793 Planting Day, '43, Spring Horse Show, '43, Final Horse Show, '43, Niay Frolics, '43, Senior Hunt Club, '43, Blazer Club, '43. GENE RAY, Forest Hills, Danville, Virginia. President of Class, '39-'40, October Day Court, '39, Stratford Hunt Club, '39-'41, Daughter's Club, '39-'43, Final Horse Show, '41, Treasurer of Class, '40-'41, Treasurer of Whites, '40-'41, Fashion Show, '40-'41, May Day, '42, Tratleller Staff, '41-'42, Stu- dent Council, '43, h-Tay Court, '43, WVi11ner of Nlagazine Contest, '43, Local Students Club, '39-'43. ' BARBARA RISICH, Coxendale Road, R. F. D. No. 1, Chester, Va. Glee Club, '43, Travzller Staff, '42-'43, Irus Stall, '43, lX'Iaid of Honor in hflay Court, '43. ADDIIC STANLISY, Stanleytown, Virginia. Sergeant-at-Arins of Class, '39-'40, hlay Day, '40, Glee Club, '42, May Frolics, '43. Al ICAN PETTUS TRIQVVETT, 3.1.10 Monument Avenue, Richmond, Virginia. Tratzellrz' Staff. '42-'43, Treasurer of Class, '42-'43, Glee Club, '42, Itzts Staff, '43, May lfrolics, '43. ANN IVILSON, South Boston, Virginia. MARJORIE WYATT, 215 Randolph Street, Danville, Virginia. ,Il'iAN VARBOR0, 130 Nlarshall Terrace, Danville, Virginia. Secretary ol Class, '39-'40, Sergeant-ab Arms, '40-'41, Nitty Day, '41, Fashion Show, '40-'41, May Day, '.,2. Addresses ef Other Siueleufe ELIZABETH ANDREWS .... ELLEN B. ARMENTROUT .... FRANCES BARR ..4....... MARY EXUM BLACKWELL. . . BETTY BOATWRIGHT ,... VIRGINIA CARTER .... LAURIE CLARK ........ BARBARA CARY ........... BETSY ANNE COLEMAN ....... SUZANNE GRACE EDWARDS. ..... . . . MARY JANE FORTUNE ........ JOSEPHINE COOK FRASER ..... RUTH JACQUELINE GELLMAN ....... GLORIA HILDA GOLDSTEIN .... BETTY PORTER GUERRANT .... PAULINE HALL .............. ELIZABETH LEWIS HAMMACK ....... MARGARET PEYTON HANDY, . . CAROLINE LIARRISON ......,.. iViILDRED GRAY HELLI ....... MRS. ELIZABETH HERNDON. . , ELIZABETH JANE HESS .....,. ELIZABETH ANNE HILL. .. . . .. FRANCES COVINGTON HOWARD ..... MARY GLORIA JERNIGIN .... . . MARY MOORMAN JONES .... LOUISE OLIVE IQESSLER. . VIRGINIA LAMBETH ..... ANNE BELLE LEE ..... CARROLL LIDDY ...I.,... ELIZABETH ANNE LONG .... DOROTHY NICCLURE ....... NIRS. ROSE lX'1CDANIEL ....... ROSEMARY MAXLIONEY ........ EILEEN MAVOUREEN lVIAITLAND .... JEAN MANICE ..... .......... MARY INEZ NIAULTSBY ....... MURIEL JUNE MILLER ..... ANNIE LAURA MUNDY. . . GRACE NORRIS ...,...... ANNE NORTON ............ ELIZABETH M. O'CoNNoR .... FRANCES PARKER ......,.. lVIARY PARSONS ......,.. AUDREY PAVY.. . . ANNE POLLOK. ...... . ELIZABETH POWELL .... ...... ANN DICKINSON PRITCIIARD. . JEAN PRITCHETT .,.......... PATRICIA RAHN ........... ROSALIND RANDALL .... JEANELLE RAY ...... I6 St. Andrew's Fairway, Memphis, Tenn. 4009 West Franklin St., Richmond, Va. 122-B Jellferson St., Danville, Va. 3III Sunset Ave., Richmond, Va. Danls Hill, R. F. D., Danville, Va. Forest Hills, Va. 1057 Providence Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 272 Cordova, West Palm Beach, Fla. 806 Main St., Danville, Va. 41 Hen Hawk Rd., Great Neck, N. Y. Schuyler, Va. 402 Little Falls Rd., Falls Church, Va. 25 Centre Hill, Petersburg, Va. 207 Beaver Ave., Beckley, W. Va. 121 South Main St., Danville, Va. Wilson St., Danville, Va. Lawrenceville, Va. 135 College Ave., Danville, Va. , Forest Hills, Danville, Va. Pickwick Arms Hotel, Greenwich, Conn. 325 College Ave., Danville, Va. S2 Sutton Place, Lawrence, N. Y. 2206 West Grace St., Richmond, Va. IIO West Pine St., Farmville, N. C. 620 W'yoming Ave., Elizabeth, N. J. Cherry Hill, R. F. D. NO 1. Danville, Va. I7OO Albemarle Rd., Brooklyn, N. Y. R. F. D. No. 6, Danville, Va. 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Suggestions in the Stratford College - Iris Yearbook (Danville, VA) collection:

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1943, pg 19

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