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Text from Pages 1 - 96 of the 1942 volume:

in.. LUL7, m. Qafpbeaj 02? '7fze 9454 194.-2 ZW .7115 7942 www 4, we swam: 304, szwzgme eazzege Imudle, flfngmza wv- '.mm.Q-11-2-1-n--Q-1-1mvr'-11,...'y.uv:-ae.,-2.,11,.,,-f- .- .V .-.-1 ,- V '- BARBARA S'I'ElNNIiYER -I EAN I10UGHFAD CAROL EDMUNDS. . . CLAIRE Nm-'rss ...... . IYIATHERINIE WATTIZRS IANE MCFALI.. . ANNIE WATSON ...... Miss IDA I"1'rzm:RA1,n .... ..-1 .Co-Editors-in-Clzief . .Business Illarzager . . .Literary Ediior .... . . . .Art Editor Jzlvertising A'fIIl71Ilyl?I' . . . . .Picture Editor . . .Business Adviser Ure Ms I x . iw H H-. v' ia ' .Ir 1 ,.. r ' "H ,R Q, X , .iv V Q' A 1 ff: 2 Q Mg, 4, . ,, ,Q-ffq -v" 1? ' "--1: Q sffm4',.f L ' z -,pg , fling Y 1. 1 ' Jwtl , ff. , -A. 2,31-f' , .el NL A . ' l 1 X ,fm M La I I ,4 as A 35 B mga W E B H -:-:w -:- E mxw ff ss mn - -. 's K LH KWMI' HN .Q L. I Sakai. Em H B if sf x, '- A S . .TQ -Q , ,Q W- Q Q . .' rr 1 vpe.. p 1 ' ,, V VZ? 7' , , 4.QQ-QQ, QQ ,QQQQQ .Q , .V , ,QQ "gl", X f ll QL 'hixf , Q Q QQ .QQQQ U3PWX ff ?? M Q In-lr V. ' Q Ai' ,.,,: f .3.QQ Q QQ Qifiiff . QQQ EQ 1 Q f,', QQ Fmvi f. . .,,., X ww ., , , f ' -Y . f M-. A " .'1if,., 7' 4' V"" i'-.lflm -T. F K "' W X - iq' H .. . ., H Tig '- - ., x ' 555 -14. '- A 3: . wt- ' '- . . Qgez. 3 1 f ' ' m -gm 1-1' . fkliilg M .' N fs '+Q -xwx M.2'w,:," x , u ,, . x. - - ' ., 5 Q J Q, ,QQQQ Q, QWQ f w vw 2 - Q . me Qw- xx , Y. A7 W ' F - -'Q ... . 32 f - - .:..:.g 99 af., V 5 Q Q QQ:-'.Q w Q .Q V- '-I .,: . wr Www Q , 5 4- - Q Q Aw-:Q , 'H , 1' 'gl :f3."'Q.'- . my f, ,, '4 f. A . -fx .f. M ,, x x, , . W A A mx.. .. ,Q -,ir-J., , "..-my if-N. hw H Q . ,.. ' f fi , .f J . N W' .01 V A wi - J ...LA . W Q - I Sk -, -fl 'VV A, 52,5 A. ,,g mmf? 1-gf .:..Q.E:.,g, ,X . QQ: .ME ' Q .P . x . X M, -H. . .W , . lm, .05 H W-41, .f 1 is--1,-5 V - I - - km' Q Www 'WM VM few- 55.5 was , :g.,Q,. ig-,Q.Q.. wwf: .. ., 31 -QQ a.. ..- wg ' V 'ff'f'?f' 3' W .. .. :WL . ww, .. .N , f- Q. wv WN. .'.. 2 :X - . .5 is X Q 1 , A , A sv., ,.,:.., .gf - Q , -FQ' 41x15 -' QQQQ - , QQQQQI IQ. - .,QQQ fw,,Q .. , ff ,,Q,, .pm 4, ., .. . AQ. Q.. .Ex .4-., 1 -r' ' ."r ,V ""N 'Y . . .. V. r- if . 1-3 , uf.. qv K f-1: Lg, .-5- L N -1 -1.2:e' ' x fn- ,v -J ,. .. ,, N. - - QQ --, 1 . - 1 XQQQQQ QQLQQ QQQ QQQQ ..,AQQ.f Q 343 UT QQ Q Q, Q :QQ il ' M, , P ., ,, .x vi' , W' , 'M ' 'I ' "wif V in 'EAS I1 ...ff 'X T N ,...- fn, ,, mmf ' 'f 'P ., 1 WN: .ww :ww ,Wm , Q Q WN QQQVQ QQ QQQQQ ,Q QQ Q4 .W QU. 5 . QQQ . 1 - .nf . X A A mi. W + sr ' QQ ,,9"'1r. QQ .Q ' rg 552:-Q gig Qwfim .5 -31 .,-N .:.-H X- Qjf Q .Q ,QQ'-- 2 . ww, T,..igQfj1:Q. I Q-Qw.w1, Qg?.5,,. 5 QQQ QQ . RQ I ,Qf 3 my ,. ggi, , , -, QQ. QQ v Q Q, M .,. QQ Q QQ Q-,Q QQQ ,. Q ' ur, , 1, Q Hal- Mc ., ., Q W .. ' , 1 fx' K AQ ' , N ,f , . QQ -11. .f,f.- -Q ,sf of 3. W . Q . . . ,Q .- Q ,. . X , Q Q ,gb r Q E, A Q, , QQQQQL QQQK r QQ KQ Q QQMZQQQQ - , 4, . , . . R Q x 1 'QQ QQ .QX5 -NO ,Q .1 SW, Q3 .QQQ Q Q. N.,.,.. ,M . Qwwg 11 f. Q Q H f ,-1,-' Q E Q Q3-gg -.. BQ... QQ QQ? f f Q X., . . ,.m 1.q-. fw'HXmf HQ+- ' -., Q,-O V '. Q-Q "'X-FHM' A - . n 7 . 4 , Q. M 3, YQ' " 9. ,fe-k,"M:sg5NQ-...-V H ,Q , 535 Q Q, wwfkvm . KA, .gi My J w f , ,f flag... 1 , ww v . X 5Qfi-R ' - ,w.'WQ23,s+M.,,Z . we - -- N - K' QW: v -,xy ,. - fi gp, wg L '- Q.. . w -W H . Q . ffm' N -, . .r WE ,Q X,jW+g ff, -- ' ,W sf " QQ .sw iw - " '12 1' WV 5 Q Q Q QQ QQ Q A., QQ Q V, QV. -5-gag QQ- . ,V vp N Q Q -- 4? 'V Q '. ,Xalan M ,QM .4--21 M. U- . I wg- '59 QQ Q N ' X. X QQ. - , 'Sw , 4 ' - K cwkwfi ' , , 'Q . .., .. 4 liz:-'Q f v- ' 'J ' - we-H" . "Mv'F'. we 1" ' " M M"5"k ' s' A ,' .ga iq, 1. vw Z1 Q, , N .-H. A QQ" EQ324'Q,.,Q ' . f' Qu " , '1 A 5.41-',f, - -Q - 1- . . QQ Q Qhag, -" 5 ' Qggigei-QA.w.m w,. M? C jig 533 . 4 P: " "' 5- .-wwkf 43. M.f."f"SQ, Y' ' Q- Q33 in ' A 'V . 'X ' ' 9? . we .JQ k7QQ if , 4R13 arg, Q.Q N QQ QQ QQQQ Q QW , 3, V, . ., , 8, W Q ,Q ,, ig '-. - - we w .Lg R ' 55 rw... QvWvgQ 5 W Q was 'A ix . Q , , -xl---ff" W W as 99- 1 'Emmy' 2, sZL'.f'-R ,Q P Q Mfg 1323 n ' J -tix' '. X .95 V""-5 affix Qyhcxxfs '-1: F ' W' Mfg" 'H -19-A L- n ' 'M Q' , . , .i . , , , Y ,-A , . , . ....,. Q QQ vv ' , ' Q , Q " QQ 'QQ-fszdblfffgtxvf ' ' A '- in l QR QQQQQ Q, V 'Q Q: Q . Q7g,4..f,,,4 ,Q Q :two SQQQQQQQQQQQ QQ W , ., ., ....... .. Q , ,, - .A 'ik U15 Iris 1942 adm TO Elagadafh Qaanfl Qelkea WHOSE SWEETNESS OF SPIRIT, FINENESS OF UNDER- STANDING, FIRMNESS OF PURPOSE, PIAVE ENS!-IRLNED HER FOREVER STRATFORD. 'SHE is A PORTION WHICH ONCE SHE IVIADE MORE AND BEAUTY OF LIFE IN THE HlizXR'l'S OF OF THE l,OvE1.lNEss LOVELY., Clic' 47l'i5 7942 E716 Iris 7942 fjauulenl' john G. Simfzdfan lean Maid 04 ffennecly EMERALD BRISTOW S'1'm.l,A D. CAMDEN IRENIE COOK SADIE Y. EVANS IDA F1'1'zcnRALD FRANCES H.xY'1'Hr5 KATIIERINI5 PIOOFNAGLIS FRANK JEFFERSON MABEL H. KENNEDY Josus Lewis HALLIE B. IVICNULLIAN JANIE MA:-IAN ANNE E. M.-XR'l'IN EOLINE EVERETT MAY NIARIl5'l'I'A MII.l.l5'l' Russian. NEELY RONNIIZ Onom El.IZAB!i'I'll D. P.xNN1l.r EDNA FISHER PARKER CORA M, RAY I-lumix Snmms JOHN C. SIMPSON A. B. STANGIER JU1.11s B. THOMASSON Dum rFRUI'l"l' Bnssne VAN WAGHNILN 4ARAMIN'l'A HAMMOND 'a V g LW' 2 .af W U16 1651942 3,fQWf uf pf' . C5 xgkwffgjgz- ff ff- i C716 47I'iS 1942 JL , f2Li'4.' 1 ,.,1 Seniaa ealfege Kilt' Iris 7942 Uze iris' 1942 KATHERINE WATTERS Presidmt of Senior Collfgc' Class ELIZABETH LAMONEY President of Student Body I CLASS OFFICERS KATHERINE WATTERS ......................... ...,...... P resident ANNE VVATSON .......... ..... I fire Prcsidmzl AGNES WEST ......... ........ S crretary JEAN LOUGHEAD ..... ........... T raamrer PHYLLIS Jorumx ..... ........ .... S 4- rgeant-at-Arms if 12 E1- BARBARA BOSHART IANE WORTH BROWN VIRGINIA COERR ISABEL COOGAN +sf 13 E+ Clic' 47129 I 942 Ulla' 47175 7942 JUDITH DEUTSCH CAROL EDMUNDS MARJORIE EMBSHOFF I JEAN EMERSON -:EE 14 BELLE FRANCIS NANCY GOOLSBY JEAN HARRIS BETTY JONES if 15 12+ Un: Iris 1942 i l C715 47I'iS 7942 GERTRUDE JONES PHYLLIS JORDAN JEAN LOUGHEAD LD1a.n.-7'K.7'K. Lorn bu QNRLDQ-l5ux's'u5 '-T. -'a7,..,4,,Q4.-,a.GL.'4cs'v-5v--'- KN- GMM. MILDRED MARKS Qi 16 13+ wx.""9t'J v P' JANE McFALL MURIEL OVERFIELD JEAN RATHBURN JOYCE SHACKLETON if 17 inf C716 47l'i5 7942 E716 Iris 1942 BARBARA STEIN MEYER MRS. GEORGE STONE RUTH TOWNES FLORENCE TUCKER -if 1815 'iw'-M 'Q CAROL WATT ANNE VVATSON AGNES WEST wi 19 Ik U16 .7175 1942 U16 fri 1942 Seniafz. Uolfeqe It was a bright and sunny day in the fall of 1940 when our class tripped into Stratford. Some of the sun disappeared while we existed during Rat VVeek, with our dresses on backwards, and black stockings, and more such indignities, but all was rosy again when the seniors gave us a dance and other nice things during Peanut VVeek. By then we had chosen Lib Lamonby to help the class see its way through the year, and VVatson, McFall, Gertie Jones and Nell Luck as aides-cle-campe. And Miss Watson, brought honor to us and herself by being elected president of the Blues, which position she has kept through our Senior year, too. This athletic red-head is one of our two graduating members who also graduated from Stratford Hall. Poofie Townes is the other-she has been a Stratfordite for years and years. Unanimously, we chose Miss Pannill to sponsor us, which she has done with her usual "oomph" and jolliness for two years now. We first gained recognition with the help of our sister classes by winning the Blue and VVhite Hockey game, hands down, also aided by a little pig who grunted and was generally inspiring. Projects such as selling magazine subscriptions and encouraging pushing the materialization of a Student Activities Building we took over with a vengeance, and were of great assistence- if we do say so ourselves. At about this stage in our history, two of our members brought the exceptional worth of our class to public light-Carol VVatt was appointed by the Student Activity Committee to be chair- man of the school's Social Committeeg and "Kappy" NVatter:-I was chosen to head the Decoration Committee. Both of these girls were the first Freshmen ever to have held these positions, and they proceeded to put on the best dances fdecorations and all, the former never having been used beforej Stratford had ever seen. Betty Jones was elected Stratford's Christmas Card Girl, and this year she is our May Queeng while Jane McFall was "Miss Liberty" to represent Stratford for V. P. I.'s contest, and this year she was the very lovely queen of our traditional October Day. In the spring, we did some more "showing-everyone-how-good-we-were" by putting on a rip- ping Library VVeek, and later an informal dance, which everyone agreed was the best affair in a decade. A great many of our attractive girls were voted for Nlay Court, while the class continued to do original things-selling crew caps to the other classes, and rolling bandages for the Red Cross, We ended our Freshmen year with typical success funderstand, we do not wish to sound conceited, but we believe in giving credit where it is duei by wishing the seniors a Bon 'Voyage with a farewell breakfast at the Hotel Danville. Another fall came, and it saw our now well-known class back in Stratford, a part of us gone, but replaced by Mrs. Stone, Tick Overfield, and Jean Harris. Someday we can expand proudly one day in a well known and well packed concert hall and say, about Jean, "Ah, yes, my dear, I graduated with her in college!" Our class president became the president of the Council, and "Kappy" VVatters has been her able successor. After showing the new girls a few ropes, we put on an informative and amusing Good Manners Week to start things properly. By this time Carol VVatt and Virginia Coerr had put the Hunt Club on its feet, and for the first time Stratford had a well organized and reorganized riding club. The former was also toast mistress of the Traveller Banquet, while our other Carol flidmundsj did the same for the Founder's Day Banquet. And the war came. At first we felt helpless to do anything constructive, but soon we saw that there was plenty for us here, VVe learned how to be air raid wardens and fire fightersg knitted watchcaps and sweaters for the Red Crossg bought VVar Stamps, and studiously observed priorities. For Christmas, ouI' Senior Class gave the school an American flag, while Mildred Rogers, individually, gave her another large and beautiful one. Lamonby and Loughead seem to be the bright lights of our dramatic abilities-both were made members of the Delta Psi Omega. Five of us were members of the May Court, a number not exceeded by a senior class for quite a long while. And Queen Betty jones looked like a fairy from The Land of Heart's Desire. On another sunny day, we will be given our diplomas from Stratford. The storm and darkness of war are in the background now, but we have learned things here that will make us able to cope with the demands war will make on us. VVe could not have done this so well on that other bright day two years ago. VIRGINIA Comm +3l 20 I-Er Che fri Seniofz. Gaffege Wd! cane! X9 june 8, 1952 Dear Miss Kennedy: You have asked me to send you some information on the class of I942, and I feel that this will answer your query. I include the last wishes of the class as well as their present activities. Mildred Marks left her sophistication to Erma Bryant, therefore, you will not be surprised to learn that Mildred is well on the way to becoming a very prominent social leader in Dallas. Ginny Coerr and Carol VVatt left the stables in the care of Harriet jordan and Claire Noyes. Ginny has sent interesting letters from the Court of St. james, where she is a member of our diplomatic staff. Carol is finding it easy to adapt herself to the life of an Army pilot's wife. Jean Loughead, who left Sudie to Susan Orr, had a meteoric rise to fame after the publication of her book Nnlifw llfhirrs in .'1Il1I'l'fl'!l, but suddenly retired from the public eye to become a happy housewife Joyce Shackelton, who bestowed her Chaucer notes on Lois Tucker, is now happily married and living in 'l'eaneck, N. J. Tick, you may remember, left her Hash guns to Bonnie jean, and can be found running her own branch of the "'l'raveler's Aid" in Grand Central Station. Gertie jones, who surrendered her dancing ability to Patty Peace, is featured with Charlie Barnett and his orchestra, doing exhibition dancing in the U. S. O. shows. Betty Jones, who gave her serenity to Marge Seagrave, is now contentedly sewing buttons on shirts for the Star Laundry. Flossie Tucker left her tap shoes to Edith, and now does impressario in a large night club in VVashington. jane VVorth Brown left U. V. A. to Barbara Adams for bigger and better ice cream parties, to become a social leader well known in Chattanooga, as well as Philadelphia and Wasliington. jean llarris gave the piano in the auditorium to Miss Mac to become that well-known radio personality, "'1"he 'Bama Boogie Beat Girl." Kappy VVatters willed her drawing board to Elaine Treitman, and worked up to being the editor-in-chief of Vogue. Belle Francis left her shorthand books to Carolyn Lambeth, and now heads a business school in Atlanta. Phyllis Jordan, who left her dignity and poise to Sherry Daly, is resigning her position as hostess on the "Southerner" to venture into matrimony with a certain well-known commuter. Barbara Boshart gave her spot in the office to Jean Clendenin, and reliable sources have it that Barbara is to be the confidential secretary to the next president of our country. "Pootie" Towncs relinquished her blonde hair to Mollineaux, who wanted it, because she now has another blonde to keep her head in the clouds-and they don't read Roll Jordan Roll. Mildred Rogers left her room to Skinney and Sweeney, and spends her time lolling on the beach at VVaikiki. Jean Rathhurn parted with her Beowulf notes to give them to Margaret Anne Brewer, and is now the leader of the Cleveland branch of the Y. VV. C. A. Agnes VVest surrendered the third bed in her room to Dot Jane, and can be found singing nursery rhymes to her own children. Margie Embshoff set her alarm clock for Sara XVest, and is now typing for the president of the Vicks Chemical Company. Frankly speaking, Steinmeyer couldn't think of a thing to leave, and I rather imagine you know what happened to her. Nancy Goolsby conveyed her "A's" to Alice Boyd and is an expert in child psychology in St. Louis. Carol Edmonds donates her llair for ad copy to Marie Barksdale, and is now pushing the hair out of her eyes to study her A. B. C's. ,lane Mcliall bequeathed her middle name to Austin, and her better-known canvases are found at the Metropolitan Museum. Judy Deutsh rendered her laugh to Sehniek, and gives Jack Dempsey strong competition with her restaurant. Anne VVatson donated her athletic ability to Moo Anderson, and writes a nationally syndicated column. Miss Pannill, who couldn't hear leaving her class, is studying what she does not know about medicine at johns llopkins, and is directing the interne's May Day. . .and can they ever maypole! To whomever can do it, Lib Lamonby offered her versatility and is rolling in acres of "Betta" homes and gardens. Mrs. Stone willed her courage and adaptability to the future students and succeeded in being hooded with her daughter at Randolph-Macon. I hope this will help you with the gathering together of material of the zllurnnae Bulletin, and send sincerest love for you who are part of the Stratford we will always love so dearly. Isaser. Cooczm -'Sf 21 lif- 7942 Che Ms 19492 , Kai Sentara eaflegae S Best All-round CAROL WATT Blast Popular BETTY JONES Best Student fllost Refrreselztrltiwe KATH ERIN E WATT ERS Best .flthlele ANNE WATSON Ilflost Talented ELIZABETH LAMONEY JANE MCFAI.I. Auf 22 yaw- .E-'fd B est Dnfsxerl RUTH TOWN ES Bext Looking CAROL EDMUNDS PVittiest ISAEEL. COOGAN U15 Iris 1942 U16 iris 1942 MI: my :UJXV sms ss SARAH '1'1A1oRPn: LUCY BRALLEY Presizlcfnt 0 f I1 nl I ljl'l'.YidFlIf of Srzzior Ilall Claxs CLASS OFFICERS SARAH 'THORPE .......... . ............ ........ ..... . P nude nt MARY MOORR'IAN JON ES .... VIRGINIA LAMBETH ...... MARY PARKER ........ HOLLY LOCKVVOOD .... ...... +5'f241E4' .. . .Via Prfvzdent . . . .Sergeant at arms JEANNE ANDERSON MAY CRUMPLER MARGARET Def-I ART MARY FAZEL 25 Ef- Uze Iris 1942 Zflzc Iris 1942 LOUISE GARDNER PEARL GONZALEZ MARGARET HANCOCK MARY MOORMAN JONES 4326 1-3- X IRCXINIA IAMBETH DONNA LEWIS fgivfwffffff Qi2?i"f?ff6 W HOLLYAIQJCKWOOD I ? U15 his 7942 My I i 5716 fri? 1942 DIARY PARIxER .7k.'7n."g,,,,,, vu, ,af-cf aw,J!eo4 4.-.V ,Uaf-o0,uJ.Llffa-cc, guy 4904-Iv.. :fn-av, 1 MARY PARSONS V , Iz156AzFWUfAA AAL, .9341 f144.fC,4I4a. JEANELLE RAY 77'5fJ""'1,g7 5 43 9 'ff 52. 3 32 Uzc Iris 1942 1 VIR O TSO qO7f"Jf'7Vl'w ' 5160700 ML? 14411 me ALM! 1 ala Z ,bfwewughf ayufjgigdlon '7YlAAAJ Lou A7... V J29va27dv,1 QQ! VIRGINI JOY ROBINSON , MMU Npwmw I' zf 41444111-LV 701.21 ,ad - 6z4i,Lc,oif jffff,Z4x,fo 15 fm! QQ! 541, QXLGAESR WM.' f If en. sbnmm .Slow Q. LA Aland' MA ,mdk AUDREY A-D x AL-it .um-vu ' A. . . Nvuuwvu 9. ull! a. 'wg 1-Hui ' r X-hw YE X41 S. LAL SMH, ggx Nbuawdilw an nmevd-uw.. DDL-T my M :mu-u-w XQLLA. ghmm, 4.--In CLA- Cllr? i7!'i9 7942 Swim Jia!! Glam aqiaiaaq Suddenly out of the night I found myself stumbling along the rocky path of learn- ing-I was the Class of '42. lVIy sole supporters being Basie Crumpler and Louise Gardner. I was off to a brilliant start because of their outstanding scholastic rating and financial genius. Next September rolled around and I felt my wavering footsteps greatly strength- ened. I was amazed at the number of supporters I had gained--why there were Boots Bralley, Virginia Lambeth, Virginia Robertson, lVIargaret Del-lart, llflary Fazel, lldary llfloorman Jones and Sarah Thorpe! This increase enabled me to push farther into my four year sojourn. Basie Crumpler continued as my guiding hand which led me safely to my third year. Then Holly Lockwood, Jeanne Anderson and llflargaret Hancock cast their fate with ours. Mary ll-Ioorman Jones steered me through this year quite capably too. Nly fourth year found me greatly increased and strengthened for the last lap. Rosalind Randall, Mary Parsons, lVIary Parker, Jeanelle Ray, Joy Robinson, Carol Liddy, Audrey Wiiig and Donna Lewis all came to add their strength. To guide me through my senior year Sarah Thorpe took over the wheel. I should like to mention several honors which I have had. I won the prize for having the best banner at October Day ,4.I, then, my members won for me the Stratford lVIagazine Contest ,42. In lVIarch, '42, finding myself quite grown-well, almost, anyway--I took over Spring Planting Day-did quite well too. Not all of my honors came from the class as a whole, though, every member stood out. Here are a few: Boots Bralley was the first house president of Stratford Hall. Carol Liddy was court jested at Twelfth Night, '42, and also a member of the cast in the Spring Play, '42, Holly Lockwood graced the May Cou1't in ,4I and '42, she was also the Christmas Card Girl, '4I. Our own Joy Robinson was chosen maid of honor in the lVIay Court, ,42. Audrey Wiiig was also in the May Court, '42. And so with these honors flaming behind me I embark with a courageous spirit into the surging tides of life with the knowledge that: All's well that ends well. -:Sf 30 Ee i U15 fri 7942 It wasn't Halloween but with lots of conniving we were granted an interview with Stratf0rd's Little Grey Lady-she is all wisdom and she knows the future of her Stratford daughters as well as the past. And so we asked her what and where we would all be in 1952. Sh-h-h-h, the Little Grey Lady begins to speak-"As I see it, Louise Gardner has just completed her tenth degree. They have given out of regular ones, so now they have just conferred the most honorable degree, P. D. Q. " Basie Crumpler is now living in a green mansion surrounded by green, dotted with a few red heads to complete the color scheme. "Your two exotic blonds, Audrey and Parkie have just won the Van Wagener prize for outstanding painting. Audrey is in- fluenced hy the beauty of the ocean. And also among your prize winners Mary Fazel has just won the A. E. Martin prize for scientific discoveries. "Ohl Margaret Hancock seems to he content holding down the booths at Bi'adley's while Holly Lockwood is still "femme fatale" to the linsigns at Norfolk. "And looking into a room full of yarn l Iind Virginia Lambeth and Pearl Gonzalez knitting tiny pink socks. "joy Robinson has opened for exhibition the world's greatest collection of African Oddities. "Carrol Liddy is doing a Rip Van NVinl-:le to try to get rid of the circles she gained while at Stratford. "Roz, the movie star, has been given the academic award for her latest picture "Bill, the Woman Killer." "Boots Bralley is Dean of Women at the University of Altavista. Also in the profession of knowledge scattering, Virginia Robertson is holding her Home lic. Classes while fascinating jeanelle Ray is being married for the sixth time-she demeurely rawls "mir is the real thing." "lVfargaret De Hart is now running her famous shoppe "Le Parisian." "Parsons is hostess at Camp Lee, while on the side she is rearing little generals. "Donna Lewis is the outstanding woman doctor of America. 'f leannc Anderson has just won the title f'Miss America" while modeling for Petty. Nlary Moorman jones as first lady has 'ust completed her latest book, "President Wooding and His Day." "Sarah Williams nee 'l'horpe has just completed her 18th book of poems and is still looking for a publisher." Having completed her prophecies the Little Grey Lady vanished into a mist but as she went, these words floated back to us, 'If ou don't believe me just look into vout crystal-or better still, try to find me." Y . . SARAH N' MARY Sexual: Jia!! Will We, the Ultra-Ultra class of Stratford fSenior Hall, to you ll think it mete and fitting to leave this as our last will-with a wish for a jolly good time for those who are leaving and a rayer for those who remain. First, we leave our love for Stratford fand cancfhy barsj to all other blossoming youngsters who think they can fill our shoes. KOf course, we have our doubts as to anymufr ability to do soil To the faculty as a whole, we leave our sincerest hopes that the class of '43 will take our place as model children-precocious, -weren't we? To Miss Odom, our sponsor, we leave an all-day sucker-a sweet symbol of the twenty-four hour job she has had all year. We carry with us deepest love and respect for all that she has meant to us. We must now embark upon the last mutterings of those mouldy-minded individuals who dared to mumble a few last words. jeanclle Ray and joy Robinson do bequeath, with tenderest sighs, their golden locks to Susan Leitch. Lockwood leaves her howlegs to Mary Pickett. Virginia Lambeth leaves to jean Yarhoro her powers of concentration-especially in French. Margaret De Hart leaves her standing room at the bookstore to Addie Stanley to carry on annoying Mrs. Evans. "Doors" Gardner leaves her genius in Caesar, Cicero, and Virgil to Jamie Catherine Harris-plus a pair of bi-focals. Roz Randall Qbetter known as Rumblej leaves her Bill for other Stratford girls to dream about. Mary Parsons leaves her impish smile to jean Boze, and Mary Fazel leaves her scientific nature to Barb. Ann Beasley. To anyone who can stay awake, jeanne Anderson bequeaths her midnight chats with Boze. Pearl Gonsalez leaves her little knitting needles to Miss Hoofnagle to produce bigger and better results. Liddy leaves "the skin you love to touch" to anyone who's interested! Her twilight rendezvous in front, of Stratford each evening is left by Margaret Hancock to anybody who can get by with it. Audrey Wing leaves a blanket invitation to all those cold-blooded-well, Yankees-to come to Florida for a general thawing out. Boots Bradlley leaves the supervision of the Hall-with pleasure! To any capable day student, Virginia Robertson leaves her place in Miss Martin's office. Mary Parker bestows her artistic talent to Gene Ray. Mary Moorman jones, Basie Crumpler, and Sarah Thorpe leave their well-worn seats in English Class and their conversations ith Miss Fitz to any courageous youngsters who think they can carry on. Given under our sign and seal fthe Victory Sign rather than a haloll this day, june 9, I942. Tun SENIOR HALL Ctass as 31 is 'lf U16 Iris 7942 Seniafz. 6461! 5 Best fill-round flflost Rep1'ese1zmli-ve RCIARY MOORMAN JONES SARAH THORl'E 111051 Popular AUDREY WING Best Student LOUISE GARDNER Hrs! Hlllfflf' IVIARY PARKER flfosf Talented .IEANIELLE RAY 4:4 32 52:- ' ed, Bart Drexvcrl Bfxsm CRUMPLER Hrs! Looking PIOLLY Locxwoou Wirrim Cfmor, Lmm' Che Iris 1942 aaedfpman foliage E715 iris 1942 eazzege awww aww JANE AUSTIN. . . BETTE EBBERT. . EVELYN Rosn. . . MARY AMES. . . JUNE NICHOI,AS. . . +sf 34 32:- . . . . .President . . Vice President . . . . .Secretary . . . . . . Treasurer Sergffm1t-rzt-Arnls QXTQ, DDQ gg Stxyg, mae-xv CEQA? ,pee Q-.wif ww QSM! 3-Osiimiw- Q, UNO!-Q. m . rqgb Tm , A S-.KLT.fvn. N Xue. kat Nxiv- Gnu- I . V ' ' Jn -X-Q4-cfm 508-XDGXK uwu cap. mmzkkk N1-cQ'.s5v NNLQQ- ,V 'Sew Q. 'MC :M X91 X QREGS' 5715 fri? 7942 i Uma- M. A2 ' LJLmv.,LagZ1 94-4- J-AZ! xi. Iimanmm Almms Mmzjolulc ANmfRsON KA11-uznmfe ANDERSON BONNIE JEAN ARND1' 'I'Hm,MA Bmua MARIE IIELIQN Boccs ALICE BOYD I RLJ.: R: l..' z .JRC L . In f. 4: iz I 1 'z U P lS'III x B us IX Muu"ul'1' ANNI' Blwwwa Fm x B1YxN'1' SXRXII CIIXMPLIY FRANCES CHAPIN JEAN Cmexnzcxm CAROLINE CLORE ELEANOR DAYTON 5 23? Kilt' fri 1942 - N DEEE H Warm m E nv z Q :.a - A W A A N ms mm ss m ., E EW EW X N E M Iggy EEE D D Ham H H - E H E J 5 -6 H N N xg ' Wm: B H , iiig :. E gn ' Era f- F an 5 I - ,A .I H E H E E ,N B W N A L H H Q E H H W sk: Q in as mm -wa W . was D ms asm SARAH DALY NIARJORIE Gzvrnwooo KITTY Hopf-ER I-IARRIET JORDAN 5 E E Qin , H H, X ms na .am MARY DANIEL ELIZABETII HIGH BARBARA IFIUYLER MARY Klus1'cHMA1z i : - r ANNE DIE RONGIE GLORIA I-Iocswoon DOROTHY JANE Jim M liks0N CAROLYN LAM ma'r11 +zl 36 Jew Bren Nlcza FITCH li'l"l' DEN N15 I-IOLcoMnE BARDARA JORDAN PANSY LAND .I IN Ll' Clic' 1727.9 7942 l NIELLIE Lum ST. CLAIR MIXCMII, JANE McP1IAYnuN Mmzjolzlxc Muxvrzs JIIANNII 1.IsQI'oI.D Bu'1'I'Y LEYDEN LAN ANNE GAMvIIRIzI.I, MCCARTI' JEAN MCDANIEI, MARY COOK IVIARli'l"l' Iluvm lVII'I'1'LEMAN CLAIRE Novus EMMA ORR -if 37 MARY LEYDEN VIRGINIA MCDONALD JEANNE MOLLINEAUX SUSAN Om: -l'. ,,,. ,L ff' MJ? -rf'-"2 Tfgfjf-f ,Q-,p-PF' fm , p::.if'5z'JA Z lQ,,..,-- ' W-fff,,1.+z,:f'e Che .7ri 7942 v Am PA'rluc1A PEACE Zuum Pr-:AK VIRGINIA PU1,1,1aN IVIARJORIIZ Slzfmlmvne MARTHA SHARP MARY S1urTI,rf'r Enrm S1NNo'r'r ELLEN SMITH Lm,m STo1,1,ENwERcK FRANCES Swunxm' Ii,x'1'nraRlxE THORNTON IELMNE 'IqREI'l'MAN Lois TUCKER PHY1.1.Is VVASMUTII Mfmjoxuxa WHLLMAN SAR.-m VV1as'r MARY Coomak Wlrmzslnn if ss 12? U15 Iris 1942 umm, Sa a-mafze I' W Qfzedfzman U16 .7ri 1942 my R-m mn A 1 An mn ' nv an wg xv EV LQ M-. wi H. my M A A A A R A R l L MARTON MELONEY, Presidcnl fXNI'I'A Ln.1,1AN DAvENsoN MARY P1CKli'l"l' MARGARET ANNE BEASLEY JAMIE CAT1-1ER1NE HARRIS GENE RAY NANCY CARTER BOATWRIGH1' SUSAN LICITCH ADDIE VIRGINIA STANLEY MARY BOSHART ISAEEL LEWIS JEAN YARnoRo VIRGTNTA MARSHALL LEAN B825 Lois ICOESTER ETsY OLEMAN CRT - 7XLI.ER N CAROLINE HARRISON ' ' CE VS ' ORRIS MILDRED HELM RosA GRAY SIMPSON qaedfunan Qual! FRANCES HART JANET S. ZUG Uagcangcziiand E716 ffis' 7942 5-IRR 5716 I7I'i5 7942 -If Im an ' A Is Siaclenl' fauna!! ELIZABETH LAMONIIY. . . ..... President JANE-WORTH BROVVN. . . . .Vice President CAROL WATT. . . ..... Secretary VIRGINIA COERR. . . . Treasurer KATHERINE WAITERS JANE AUSTIN SARAH FFHORPE MARION MELONEY BETSY COLEMAN MARJORIE ZUG JEAN HARRIS BETTY JONES ANNE G. MCCARTY Jef 42 R+ MARY KRETSCHMAR VIRGINIA MARSHALL Lucy BRALLEY JANE MCFALI, grae em The Glue Club, under the direction of Frank JCHCFSOII is one of the ITIOSI delightful activities Stratford has. Its purpose is to stimulate a deeper appreciation of music and to enrich the e-Itudents with its benefits. lt is comprised of thirty-five members who have proven their ability to I't'1lKl Zlllll sing music. JIIAN Axniaxcsox MARY Ames BONNIII JIIAN AIINIYI' IZIIMA liRY:KN'l' MAY K'IIUMrI,IzR ANI'I'A I.. DAvIfNsoN MAII,Io1nIa l.EMl1SlI0l"l" ANNIE me RONGIQ NANCY CIOOLSIIY JAMIIQ CA'1'IIIakIxIa IIAIuus DENNIS l'l0l.COMlil5 JEAN l'IAIuI1s HAIuIIu'I' JoIcnAN PIIx'I.1.Is JORDAN MARY M. joxifs MARY KIua'I'scIIMAIz BI5'I'I'x' LIZYDIEN MARY LIaI'IusN IIIMA MI'I'1'I,mvIAN JUNE NICI-IoI,As MARY PARKER EvIaIA'N RosIa f.iWYNN S1-lIl"I.l5'I' RosA G. SIMPSON LIIA S'roI,I.HNwIaIIcK ELAINE '1'I:EI'I'MAN SARA VVIas'I' JUNIQ DuwIIuIzs'I' xa- smite wa me sw 'nw z Ulla' fri 7942 an aus YW as I: E It msg A ,.. E II me It It 2 an is Im It Q I, I E H I , . Im ' ps . 1' x .-,W In ' , :' "' .. . if 5 M W H H f ' ,I as ' . -ff E S E E M . It 1 wt - 5 is jst 5 Q A M I .. ig It Q fm In ' H I.. . 5:5 I - ....,:ga M 1 I H 4 ' , ,N-1.-...g..:I:I3 . - 2:23 I H V .... ik 3 .I A 35. i Em W , H A - , It Im ' A .I ' Im . w, n , I Q ,. H -,- wwf sms ' an - : H M . me ' - E A we BHS I-I -:f::Y::: .491 - -e2-5-2'-2-.- .H as I-. 11: ' ' B nga as ,- E - si 1, E1 ' ::-:V mam- a ' f : It fi H535 M ...,. , , SSH rMWQ w.r5'?:2?r 2 E 2 ? B M H 2 Q E 53:5 " H B H E gif - H W In B H 'BI B - It E ,sf E E E E E E K E W L E E I s X H H H H E I1 E II W Q s ii E El E E: Hmmm E E Q E If W.- EA s H LW , mi I BE me Im It 435 11-3 5:1- If me Ch fri 7942 nfeaia fbecafmiian GM MARY AMES Prz'.vzdf'11l ELEANOR IJAYTON Vue Pzwidcnl Mmcjoklrz MUNVES Lois TUCKER EL1zA131z'1'11 H1011 IRMA M1'rTLs1v1AN Zsum PEAK Paelaq Gini Ull,I'ffl'l' fhllll lln' lllilllillg Of ll gold t'l'0'Z,Ullt'lf king Is lllr .vafv-lcrpl llll'Ill0l'y Of a lofurly lllingf' SARA '1'1a,xsn.x1.1z Axxza GAM111u51.r, MCC XRIY Co- CflllfI'7lI!lll Bli'l"l'li EIIIXICIVI' Co- Cfldlflllllll IC1,1z.xn1aT11 I,1xM0x11Y P1x'1'1uc1A Pmcla MARY Ames SARA11 DALY P1z1sc11,1.A B1z.11s1.1N jovcla S1f111c1c1,xa'1'oN Mxnmuan Romaus MARY Come MAR1a'1"1' P1-11'1,1.1s W.xsMU'1'11 Imuraixlux Almms Ii1,1z1x111c'1'11 Ilxcu SA1,1.Y CH.-xMP1.IN CAROL NV A'1'1' BlE'l"l'Y Bmuzlax Mnxfxlzu Lois TUCKER Qif 4.4 12+ 11., . s. lil 'l'I1m.MA BARR Amen Bovn PR1scn,1.A BRA1sx,1N FRANCES CHAMN JUDITII I7m1'1'sCl-I MARJURIE EMIZSIIOI-'F Dm' JIMMERSON BARBARA JORDAN VIRGINIA l.AMllli'l'll RI,IZ.'Xl1li'I'll 1.AMoNnx' Alla.-xx LIJUGIIIZAII Awxla ffAMI!RliLl. MCCARTY J.-xxla lV1Cl,llAYllI5N C1,AxRna Novus l.uaA S'rou.l,R:cw1cRcR FRANCES SVVIEliNliY SARAH 'lqlIORI'IZ KA'l'nuaRxN1a r1'llURN'I4ON C'ARom'N I.AMliE'I'll MARY I..m'lJliN Mn.nRlzn ROGERS BARBARA ADAMS MARIE BARKsnAl,l2 IERMA BRx'Ax'r IRMA M11"r1,nMAN JEAN Mo141.1N1sAux NIARJURIE Muxvxas CPIENIE RAY RUTH Tnwxras l21.AxN1s '1'RliI'lM.XN N1ARjflRIli Zum I-'m'1.1.1s WASMUTH BRRNICR l7ITClIliT'l' MARY Coon MARvc'r'1' Iivlalxx Rosli RosA1.1xn RANnAl.1. MARY KRE'l'SCIIM.'KR VIRGINIA ROBERTSON lil:1,1.rc FRANCIS BE'r'rY I.liYnliN M1,vRua1. OVERFIIELD lim"n'Y B.-'XRBHR MAYNARD Buxxuz ,IRAN ARNDT CAROL XVA'r'1'. . . CAROL Emvxuwns .... VIRGINIA COERR. . . JANE MCFALL ,... FLORENCE TUCRHR MARY MOURMAN joxlas a Siafj ..........,...................IfdiZor-in-Chief .Iiu5in1'.f.v Jkfallayrr and .Jd-'vfrtisilzgCoordinator Editor, Mzzgazirze Seciion Cirfnlalion Managvr glue pencil will ana! Small a mn as R my mga -an x..zn:gn..m:n1un.-,-g J I-,. A Hgmwm E " B ms E Y- A H R .x ea Agni mm my H ,Mmgfwn Us as was mggyzfit ww cpm- 'E mb-f:a.,Qgxfl B xx- 'K- wx ,ximian 'Q??T?Sw mn 'R HBH U16 471415 7942 wwf. -43.33, BARBARA STEINRI EYER JEAN LOUGPIEAD MISS IDA FITZGERALD. MARIE BARKSDALE GERTRUDE JONES BETTY JONES BETTY BALLARD JONE JEAN RATI-IBURN ROSALIND RANDALL BETTY LEYDON MARY LEYDON SARAH TIIORPE S wi Staff I I MARY MOORM AN JON ES ANNE GzXMIlllIiI,II McCAR'rI' ELIZAIIETII LAMDNDY VIRGINIA COERR ISABEI. COOGAN CAROL VVAT1' BARBARA ADAMS CLAIRE NOTES BONNIE JEAN ARND'l' -:Sf 416 ifc- . . .Co-Editors-in-Clzif'f . . .Bzzsimfss Hdfviser AI,ICli BOYD JUDITII DEUTSCI-I MARJQRIE Emnsuonfrf MARY IQRISTSCIIMAR JANE MCPIIAYDEN MARY Coox MARIIETT MARJQRIE SEAGRAVE PHYLLIS WASM U'1'I'I HELEN Bocas U15 Iris 1942 l l The Blazer Club is an athletic organization open to all those who make 300 points throughout the seasonal activites. The members must also possess a love for their school and a deep sense of truth, beauty, loyalty, reverence and sportsmanship. The Blazer Club was started by our sponsor, Miss Pannill four years ago, but this year we are happy to say it may claim more members than ever before. JANE AUSTIN ..... ...... P resident GERTRUDE JONES. . . ..... Vice President JANE M CFALL. . . ......... . .Secretary-Treasurer lVIembers MARY MooRMAN JONES MARY PARKER SARAI-I TI-IORPE ANNE VVATSON KATIIERINE WA'I'rERs Lucy BRALLEY RosA GRAY SIMPSON IEA NELLE 'RAY JUNK NICHOLAS EI.IzAIaE'I'II LAMONIIY BE'I'rY LEYDEN MARY LEYDEN EI.EANoR DAYTON l3A'I'RlClA PEACE BARBARA JORDAN Bli'1'l'Ii ErmER'I' ANNE DE RoNoE MARJORIE SEAGRAVE MARJORIE Zoo ELLEN SMITH KA'I'klERINE TIIoRToN joy ROBINSON EMMA ORR BARBARA STEINMEYER LEILA S'I'oLI.ENwERcK ELAINE rPRIETMAN ST. CLAIRE MACMILLAN DONNA LEWIS sq -I7 Isi- PIELEN Bocas CAROLL LIIJDY MARJORIE MUNVES IRMA MITTELMAN F acully ANNE BooTH IDA FITZGERALD KA1'HERINE HOOFNAGLE BESSIE VAN WAGENER U15 Iris' 1942 Zmmaiic 0 6 The Stratford Players, the dramatic club of the college, hm successfully presented two major productions this year, one in the fall, "Emma," and one in the spring, "Time for Romance." In addition to these, various shorter skits and scenes have been given from time to time by the members. Lectures and discussions on dramatic technique, make-up, pantomime, and stage directions have been held to develop in the students a greater love and knowledge of dramatic art. JEAN LOUGHEAD ...... ....... P resident BARBARA STEINMEYER. . . . .Vice President ANNE WIATSON ....... ..... S ecretary JANE WORTH BROXVN .............. ............. ......... Y ' reasurer BARBARA ADAMS PIELEN Bocos JANE VVORTH BROWN VIRGINIA CoERR BETFE EBBERT CAROL EDMUNDS DOT JANE JIMMERSON ELIZABETH LAMDNEY CAROL LIDDY JEAN LOUGHEAD MARY Cooic MARETT MILDRED MARKS ANNE MCCARTY JEAN MOLLINEAUX JUNE NIcHoI..As MARY PARKER MARY PARSONS VIRGINIA PULLEN RDSALIND RANDALL JEANELLE RAY JOY ROBINSON .8 Jie MILDRED ROGERS ANNE DE RONGE EVELYN Rose ZELDA SILVERMAN LEA STOLLENWERCK ANNE WATSON ICATHERINE WA1'rERs AGNES WEST Gamma Glad BONNIE JEAN ARNDT. .. . ...... President PENNY LEDPDLD ...... . . . .Vice President EDITH S1NNo'r1'. . . ...... . ..... ..... . .............. ...... S 4 'cretary Fl.0RliNCIi 'IQUCKIER PIlYI.I.lS VVASMUTH BARBARA I-IUx'1.ER I-IARRIET JORDAN CLAIRE Novus MARY IQRETSCHMAR LEIL.-X STOLLENWERCK 1.015 r1iUCKER SALLY CHAMI-mx PR1scn.1,A BRAISLIN M1LDREn ROGERS JANE McP1-IAYDEN ALICE Bovn MARJDRIE Emnslxolfx-' MILDRED MARKS A W J amen, em BARBARA .STE1NA1EYER. . . . . . , . . .Pnfsident PATTY PEACE ........ ...Vice Presidenl V IRGINIA CDERR. . . . . . . ..... . . ....... Secretary ANNE IVICCARTY .................. .............. .......... T 1 'msurer PlI'x'l.I.IS JORDAN IEl.1zAnla'1'1-I LAMONDY VIRGINIA PULLEN JEAN McDAN1E1. lsAnE1, COOGAN CAROL EDMUNDS MUR1EL OVERI-'IELD BARBARA JORDAN SARAH 'IQIIORPE JEAN HARRIS MARX' Coox NIARETI' PIELEN Bocas BARBARA HUYLER MARY MDORMAN JONES Che Iris 7942 Jw! Glad The Hunt Club is composed of nine members who organize and sponsor horse shows, informal dances, steak fries, and take cross country hunts. The regular college horseshows come three times a year-Fall, Spring, and final horse shows, with a Gymlchana in ll-larch which induces the members of the faculty to participate! Membership is obtained through horsemanship, sportsmanship and 21 unanimous vote of the active club members. CAROL VVATT. . . ....... President VIRGINIA COERR. . . . .Vice President ISABEI, LEYVIS. . . ..... Treasurer PENNY LIaoPoI.u SARA W rasr CLAIRE Norss AUDREY VVING HARRIE1' JORDAN Jlmxxls Axosrcsox sf 50 12+ E715 Iris 7942 in iic-nal Refaikwzd Glad The purpose of the International Relations Club is to stimulate interest in world affairs and current events. It is composed only of students whose academic standing is very high. Usually the Inembers of the club furnish the program at each of the bi- weekly meetings, but speakers on topics of world interest are sometimes invited to address the club. At such times the meetings are held for the benefit of the entire school. A Current lfvents VVeek is held each year during which the club proposes to bring to the attention of the entire student body these topics of current interest which they consider of outstanding importance. CARoI, EDMUNDS .... JISAN HARRIS ..... JUNE NICIiOI,AS. JANE AUSTIN MARIE BARRsImI,Iz HELEN Bocas JANE VVORTII BROWN Bs'r1'I2 E13nIsR'r NANCY Goonsm' BARBARA HUYLER ELIZABETH LAMONBY JEAN LOUGIIIIAD efif 51 Jiff- . . . .. .President . . Vice President . . . . .Secretary MARY KRETSCHMIXII ANNE MCCARTY MURIEL OVERFIELD BARBARA STEINMEYER U16 Iris 1942 Uffzefz. 60464 DAY STUDENTS CLUB DAUGHTERS, CLUB VIRGINIA CLUB NEW' YORK CLUB ALABAMA CLUB 14 lfzleiicd U16 Iris' 1942 Che fr: 1942 Blue Blue 7am ANNE VVATSON KATH ERI N E YVAT'I'E RS ELIZABETH LAMONBY IUDITH DEU1'SCYI FLORENCE TUCKER MURIEI. OVERFIELD SARAH 'THORPIZ MARY PARKER JEANNELLE RAY CAROL LIDDY Joy RomNsoN ISAEEL COOGAN BARBARA STEINMEYER RosAL1Nn RANDALL JANE WORTH BROWN LUCY BRALLEY MARY MooRMAN JONES 7Ufu2?fe 7eam IXNNE EERUNGE JANE AUSTIN ELAINE TRIETMAN K.K'l'l1EIiINE 'Tl-'I0ll'I'0N LEA S'mLl.ENwERcK ELLEN SMITH BH'I"l'E EHIHERT MARJoR1E SEAGRAVE MARJORIE ZUG EMMA ORR BE'1"1'Y LEYDEN MARY LEYDEN EVICLYN ROSE ELIEANOR DAYTON JUNE NICHOLAS Mmcl-3 SPONG MARY B0suAR'1' BARBARA JORDAN BARBARA I-AIYLER HELEN Bocas PATTY PEACE fudge!! Gamelan? U16 iris 7942 Cha iris 1942 vqacheay '7enmLi 5716 47175 7942 U16 iris 7942 S fufafigpmii Stratford takes ti1ne out from being broadened by knowledge to become unbroadb- ened by athletics ' SFfJf8llllll'l'-FfI'St View of Stratford's new athletes with 82 turning out at the call of hockey and so large a number signing up for the fall tennis tournament that "Peter" Pannill searched the town for a piece of cardboard big enough to hold all the names. October-The Hockey team of VVatson, Coogan and Seagrave challanged the team of jones and jordan and what looked like a farce turned out far from it with the favored team of Watsoii, Coogan and Seagrave pushing through with a shakey victory of 4 to 2. Nofvember-Blue and White Hockey game with the VVhites having the day over the blue Blues and winning the game 6 to 5. Highlighting the battle was VVatson getting her nose to the ground and Patty shooting the victory goal. Felnvmry-VVith mid-year exams over study-weary students seek forgetfulness from the awful truth as winter weather drives them inside and the Y. VV. C. A. echoes to the sound of pounding balls and feet as basket ball rolls into action. fflarclz-Faculty plays students in bang-up basket ball, and heat the students 28 to 25 as "Peter" Pannill proved she can practice what she preaches by her powerful playing with no small help from M1'. Neely. Between quarters, typical scene: lVIiss Bessie stretched out full length under blankets with frantic students fanning her. After came the Blue and VVhite yearly duel with the Whites sharp shooting through to a 20 to I3 victory. fllay-'.'Peter" Pannill aided by lVIiss Bessie burn the midnight oil to give Strat- ford a triumphant lVIay Day with the students after weeks of stiffening practice show- ing what dancing really is. Witli lVIay Day over spring sports and spring fever go hand in hand with soft- ballers on the diamond, rackets on the tennis courts, badminton courts Hying with shuttle cocks, plus arrows in the bull's eye, ringing the bell that the season is over. June-Putting aside their sportswear, Stratford dons her festive air to review the outstanding achievements of the year in the annual Athletic Banquet. CLAIRE Novus at 58 2:3 Qwzfwm Ulf: Iris 1942 C716 fffb' 1942 ., UXQEE Hman E my my BK K Hn A . H H an-W' mn ss . ,. H X ws . ss mn Emu ss L1 um x fx-w xx E . a ss a ms B ., ss um' V an B ms .-2: mm E sw x ng ,ng 'VH 'i Sf, gm N 5 H VH fm N H . ,U ,I M14 M 4' H 'Yiwu M E H 4. if HH? fa Wfeuw 'gym A .E .E . M H Wm H. .W Em m.E wnlwl E HQ HW M . Q E . H ms ZX M W, MM 'Hn HBBIE I Q Q oe mlm H. gg HB UH ,, MM ii ms 'E' jc- Ucfodm lay Queen, ane Illegal! Page. . . .JANE VVORTH BROWN U15 iris 1942 we www, Cflb' 47I'fS' 7942 Gam! Wd! S'ru,x'1'FoRu 'V,x1,r5N'1'1N1z Jlollq .fackwoal - CHRISTMAS CARD GIRL, Cllr? 47115 7942 JANE AUSTIN Qld of Me yearn Ziff Jimi M412 BETTY XVHITXVORTH JONES 194.2 May .Queen Yi -P 1 'L Mm, hw -Q my 5. B 12? E E Q H was mg fm' 7942 Bw mn ,ws ,H wi ww, amkglmS1,,m,,sH an ,mv We n ws m3f:ZsMEsmw'w1mi www N' mm N H " W mx Q ,ff ms gm- -H as mv nwiwwn. n gs FWn':.Qa gn . 1:-mgrmsysga 'mfvg HK ms ss Q use ,wi mn am E Em gm E sf ssl! Eijiaq HB f- H WV?-5 E s H EEE AVKZSEFR ss If na ss ss jgfgigsg an ,nw na Bwpnmgsggmmg Q gm -wi gm K gm gwgm Hmmwnm we mWa1fQmSHwS awww zu :saw we na was Ns nw va Em K. E Q ss H E n is pus - ,... of 1 a a ,ws .mH ma ss '7welfj!' AWA U15 iris' 1942 Clic' 47I'iS' 7942 The .7ris 1942 P Dem' God, dem' l"ntl1f'r, bend to us A1111 bless us by Your jwrcfxffzufe here, 111111161111 to ux Your pmvzf mul fllllll That S1'7'!'7lyflll?7I.Y us, 'gninst hate and fear. UQ' beg You this with humble hvurf, hyilhout Your lo-vr' our Iifovs arf naughf. dm! tearh us. God, that lznfzpincss Through only iruih and faith ix brought. MARY MOORMAN -ION ES U15 iris' 1942 7464064-Ziiemenzd Stratford College Junior College of Cultural and Practical Arts and Stratford Hall College Preparatory Department Congratulatc the Staff of the IRIS on This Volume- May Success be the Happy Realization of Every Stratford Girl MABEL I-I. IiENNEDY,De1L11 - JOHN C. SIMPSON, President Catalogue and Book of Views on Request DANVILLE, VIRGINIA Complimenls of Danville Hardware Co. EIfRID's DEPARTMENT STORE 411 IVIain St. Danville, Va. Greenberg C4'0lIlfJlilllf'7lfS of Wholesale and Retail IVIeats KINGOFFIS PHONES ' I l FIVE Foiucs 408, 409, and 3936 Drzzzfwllrf s Leruluzg fzfzuelerr Jas. T. Catlin 81 Son Co. INCORPORATED INSURANCE IN ALL ITS BRANCI-IES Masonic Building Phone 54I Danville, Virginia -:Sf 70 E:- lVl1erv is our llIlllg'Oll-If after classes? Tlze 7'l'IZdL'Z'U0llA' of lafls ana' lII.Y5l7'.Y, lnlerzf on mnleing f1'z4iitfziljm5se,v', Il'.v .'IOHNSON'S DRUG. llf'l1c'rr' flo 'wr' go for 1111 ice or II drink? llflrwu do 'we go Qvlzcn fwe want fo think? "Tfwixt us and society, fwlzafs the link? Ifs JOHNSON'S DRUG. For efueryflziwzg from slrmzps to pearls, From 7HIl!jIIZi7ZL'A' fo f7l.IZ.Yf01' curly, 7',IU7't? is one slow for Sfrniforal Girls, I!'.v jOHNSON'S DRUG. ,-I JOHN SON'S DRUG STORE if 71 12+ OMMI Shop at FROSTED FOOD Uniforuz Quality the Year ffroilml S e av 1' S W. I. ANDERSON COMPANY Greensboro, N. C. Exclusive Distributors ana' Safve COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND VIRGINIA THEATRE Main Street Phone 568 DANX ILI I X IRGIVIA Srrfving Slrnfforrl for 30 Ymrs Rl PP ES Danville Virginia EAT TO YOUR HEARTS CONTENT AT G.SJQ RESTAURANT THE HOME OF DELICIOUS MEALS Danville Virginia +21 72 9 Ci-'X ,Stunning Cgl11f'lll'EIfiL'llI YOU have a most cordial in- vitation and a friendly Welcome awaiting you always at Dan- ville's Ubiggest little shop? Come in often and select your favorite fashions in ladies' clothes and accessories. WHERE STYLE AND THRIFT ARE ON AN IDENTICAL BASIS p-1 l GURDINE-GENEVA "The Shop of Lovely Things" DANVILLE "Pnlro1zz'ze Patterso1z's" DAIIQY PRQIDUCTS CQ. Dependable Drug Store Service INCORPORATED Four Registered Pharmacists ,.. to Serve You Ill Ill1llfllCfIll'8l'.S' of r-1 ICE CREAM AND BUTTER IDAATTERSON DRUG COM PAN Y 538 LOYAI. S'I'REIi'l' D,wv1l.1.ii, VA. M,xsoN1c IISENIPLE DANVILLE, VA G REYHOUN D SERVICE STATION 2.1.-i'I0ll1' Service GERALD It 'HARRIS .-I Ha l.1'd7'L'.l'J67'5 TEXACO PRODUCTS VVashing, Lubrication and Polishing Cars Called For and Delivered 135 yvatson St. Phone 32 Free Parking to Our Patrons 73 BIBEE'S SUPER MARKET "A SCoTCHMAN's PfxRAn1si3" T. Townes Printing Co. Corner Union and Patton Streets Danville, Virginia Brown Jewelry Company Manufafrluring and Di.rjm1.tin9 Opticians Main Street Danville, Virginia Schoolfield and Lea For Your illusirf IVTFKIIK Theatres The Music Center "Bob" Cleveland Leon Paul PHONES 911-592 107 cwagheml sf. Danville, va. s Congratulations to the Graduates of '42 It has been a pleasure to serve you. May you have success and happiness in the future! BELK-LEGGETT COMPANY "Dr1nfm'lle"s Shopping Center" rm 1 SEND YOUR CLOTHES TO DA-BORNE CLEANERS 125 Watsoii Street Phones 3572 and 3573 Bvlliwoorl Food IJVOIIIIHTYS for Colleges W. H. W ILLIAMS 6: Co. Rielimoiicl, Virginia D an ville Enterprise INCORPORATED If Operaiiizg For Added Beauty for fill College FIllIlIfl.071.V D Call GILES FLOWER SHOP PIPIONIE 2486 CAPITOL RIALTO DAN I-' DANVILLE, VIRGINIA Best VVishes to the Class of '42 and All VVIIO Made This Splendid lssue of the "lRISU Possible. Shopping lleucl- Shopping Head- qimrters for Style- . quarters for Style- I'I'Iw-QIIIM' Uanvzllea' Ze!! Hare" Value-Qualify -H4 75 H+ CAMPUS CLASSICS 'I'O WVEAR LONC AND HARD - DESIGNED FOR AMER ICA'S YOUNG WOMEN AND TI-IE AC TIVE LIVES THEY LIVE . . . lneeaffg, 410 Mam Street Dal 29 'x ' 10 , Q Q X- S 2 AYQIQ Q25 ve 521. .. . K AA I A A HL ,, f a Coca Cola When you Want a refreshmg moment's rest, swmg mto the pause if that rdreslaes with ICC cold Coca Cola It's the right step to real refreshment OUR COLLEGE MAID FOOD PRODUCTS ARE BEING SERVED IN EIGHT S'I'A'I'ES TO 500,000 STUDENTS - ARE YOU INCLUDED? I-I. Susman Company RICHIVIOND, VIRGINIA Thr Olzlrxf Food Prazlzzvlx Institution Housr in firginia '7fze 194.2 faid, wad ancf pfziwkcf iq '7fze Siena ana! Ga. Roanoke, Wa. +3 77 g . BARBARA BOSHART, R. F. D. No. 2, Jamesville, New York. IRIS Staff, '42. JANE VVORTI-I BROVVN, 117 River Point Road, Signal Mt., Chattanooga, Ten- nessee. Dramatic, '41, Treasurer, 42, French Club, '41, Poetry Society, '41-'42, International Relations Club, '42, May Day, '41, The Nativity, '41, "The Happy Journey," '41, Production Staff "Emma" and "Time For Romance," '42, Fire Chief, '42, October Day, '42, Hockey, '42. VIRGINIA COERR, VVormsloe, Savannah, Georgia. Hunt Club, Vice President, '41-'42, Trafa- fllfr Stalt, '41, Editor Magazine Section, '42, Treasurer, Student Council, '42, Dra- matic Club, '41-'42, Spring Plays, '41, Toaster Trafuz'll4'r Banquet, '41-'42, Horse Shows, '41-'42, French Club, '41, Secretary, '42, IRIS Staff, '42. ISABEI, COOGAN, 832 Old Lancaster Road, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Production Staff of Dramatic Club, '41-'42, May Day, '41, Hockey, '42, Co-Chairman, Orientation, '42, Chairman, VVays and Means Committee, '42, Treasurer, Blue Team, '42. JUDITH DEUTCH, 1217 Beach 9th Street, Far Rockaway, New York. Trafuvllm' StaFF, '41-'42, May Day, '41-'42, Gymkhana, '41, Horse Show, '41, Glee Club, '41-'42, Ping-Pong, '41-'42, Hockey, '41-'42. CAROL EDMONDS, 156 Gray Street, Dan- ville, Virginia. Trafvvllfr Staff, '41, Advertising Manager, '42, Advertising Manager of the IRIS, '41, Business Manager, '42, Toaster Trafvrllrr Banquet, '41 , Class Chairman, Good English Xveek, '41, Day Student's Club, '41-'42, Cup Award, Trafvfllfr, '41, International Relations Club, '41, President, '42, Blue Pencil Club, '41-'42, Dramatic Club, '42, "Time For Romance," '42, May Court, '42, The Nativity, '41, the Angel, '42, Toastmistress, Founder's Day, '42. MARJORIE EMBSHOFF, 118 Andrew Road, Manhasset, Long Island, New York. Glee Club, '41-'42, Trafveiln' Staff, '+I-'42, IRIS Staff, '41-'42, Delegate to Press Con- vention, '41, Poetry Society, '42, Tennis, '42. egrep JEAN EMERSON, 18915 Oxford Road, Cleveland, Ohio. Glee Club, '41-'42. BELLE FRANCIS, Dry Fork, Virginia. Day Student's Club, '41-'42, Tralvcller Staff, '41-'42. NANCY GOOLSBY, 157 South Main Street, Danville, Virginia. Day Student's Club, '+I-'42, May Day, '41, International Relations Club, '42, Chairman, Gift Committee, '42. JICAN HARRIS, 3121 Carlisle Road, Birm- ingham, Alabama. Student Council, '42, The Nativity, '42, Alabama Club, '42. BETTY JONES, Box 236, Inverness, Florida. IRIS Staff, '41-'42, Treasurer, Blue Team, '41, VVinner, Rat VVeek, '41, Rat Court Committee, '42, October Day, '41-'42, May Court, '41, Christmas Card Girl, '41, Chairman, Christmas Party, '42, May Queen, '42. GISRTRUDE JONES, 902 Fairfield Avenue, Kinston, North Carolina. Blazer Club, '41, Vice President, '42, Sports Leader, Class, '42, October Day, '41-'42, May Day, '41, Treasurer of Class, '41, VN-'inner, Rat VVeek, '41, Hockey, '42, The Nativity, '42, May Court, '42, Rat Committee, '42. PHYLLIS JORDAN, I7 Oakland Place, Summit, New Jersey. Glee Club, '41-'42, French Club, '41-'42, May Day, '41, The Nativity, '41-'42, Badminton, '41, Co-Chairman, Orienta- tion, '42, Class Sergeant-at-Arms, '42. IELIZABETH LAMONBY, 1730 South Cul- lom Street, Birmingham, Alabama. Maid-in-NVaiting, October Day, '42, In- ternational Relations Club, '41-'42, Dra- matic Club, '41-'42, Poetry Society, '41-'42, May Day, '41, Spring Planting Day, '41, Toaster Founder's Day, '41-'42, Toaster Trafurllfr Banquet, '41, French Club, Treasurer, '41, President of Class, '41, The Nativity, '41-'42, Spring Plays, '41, "Emma," '42, Production Staff, "Time For Romance," '42, Chairman, Handbook Com- mittee, '42, President Student Council, '42, Ping-Pong, '41-'42, IRIS Staff, '42, Tennis, '42, May Court, '42. all 78 Rf- JEAN LOUGHEAD, 174 VVyoming AY'CIIllC, Soutl1 Orange, New Jersey. Trafzu'Ilrr' Staff, '41-'42, Glee Club, '41, Dramatic Club, '41, President, '42, Inter- national Relations Club, '41-'42, Poetry Society, '41, Bl11e Pencil Club, '41-'42, French Club, '41, IRIS Staff, '41, Co-Editor, '42, Spring illlli Fall Plays, '41, "Emma" and "Time for Ro1nance," '42 , Toaster Trafv- rllrr Banquet, '41-'42, Chairman, Refresh- ment Committee, '41, The Nativity, '41-'42, Color Races, '41, Chairman, Social Com- mittee ol' Class, '42, Treasurer of Class, '42, Tennis, '42, Ping-Pong, '42, October Day, '42, May Day, '42. MILDRED MARKS, Virgilina, Virginia. Dramatic Cl11b, '41-'42, Spring Plays, '41, Glee Cl11b, '41, May Day, '41, "Emma," '42. JANE Mel'Al.I., 1041 Mai11 Street, Danville, Virginia. Daughter's Club, '42, President, '41, Sec- retary, '42, Blazer Club, '41, May Court, '41-'42, Blue Pencil Club, '42, Tl'1l'UI'HI'l' Staff, '41, Circulation Manager, '42, Fash- iu11 Show, '41, October Day, '41, Queen, '42, "Miss Liberty," '41, Secretary Class, '41, Hockey, '41-'42, Virginia Club, '42, Day Student's Club, '41, President, '42, Toaster 7'I'll'UI'Hl'I' Banquet, '41, Advertis- ing Manager of the IRIS, '42, Chairman, Arts Zlllil Decoration Committee of Class, '42, Toaster l7ounder's Day Banquet, '42, MITRIEI. OVERFIELD, 88 Virginia Street, Salt Lake City, Utah. llockey, '42, Basket Ball, '42, International Relations Cl11b, '42. JEAN RATIIBURN, Randolph Avenue, Danville, Virginia. May Day, '41-'42, IRIS Staff, '41-'42, Day Student's Club, '41-'42, Tennis, '42. MILDRED ROGERS, Naval Mille Depot, Yorktown, Virginia. Glee Club, '+I-'42, Dramatic Club, '41-'42, Poetry Society, '42, Photography Club, '42, Trafvz'llrr Stalf, '41-'42, Virginia Club, '42, JOYCE SHACKLETON, 430 VVyoming Ave- nue, Maplewood, New Jersey. Poetry Society, '42, Room Award, '41. BARBARA STEINMEYER, 25 Riggs Ave- nue, VVest Hartford Connecticut. French Club, '41, President, '42, Dramatic Club, '41, Vice President, '42, Poetry So- ciety, '41, IlItCl'llIltI0llIll Relations Club, '41-'42, Tl'nfm'llrr Staff, '41, May Day, '41, The Nativity, '41, Hockey, '41-'42, IRIS Staff, '41, Co-Editor, '42, October Day, '42, Production Staff, "Emma" and "Time for Roma11ce", Tennis, '42. MRS. GEORGE STONE, Hawtliorne Drive, Danville, Virginia. Special Student. -el 79 lfe RUTH TOVVNES, Virginia Avenue, Dan- ville, Virginia. May Day, '41-'42, Day Student's Club, '41-'42, October Day, '42, Trafvnllcr Staff, '42. FLORENCE TIICKER, 508 Huston Street, Chattanooga, Tennessee. French Club, '41, Trafvrllm' Staff, '41, Page Editor, '42, President, .Blue Pencil, '42, Hockey, '42, IRIS Staff, '41, Ping-Pong, '41, Softball, '41, Socce1', '41, Badminton, '41. ANNE VVATSON, 1843 Berkeley Avenue, Petersburg, Virginia. Dramatic Club, '41, Secretary, '42, Basket Ball, '41, Hockey, '41, Captain, Class Hoc- key, '42, Blazer Club, '41-'42, President, Blue Team, '41-'42, Picsture IRIS, '42, Badmi11to11, '41, French Club, '41, Spring Plays, '41, Tennis, '41, Ping-Pong, '41, May Day, '41, The Nativity, '41-'42, Vice President of Class. '41-'42, Production Staff "Emma" and "Time for RomaIIce," '42, President, Virginia Club, '42, October Day, '42. CAROL VVATT, 2501 Montevallo Road, Mountain Brook Apartments, Birming- ham Alabama. President, Hunt Club, '41-'42, French Club, '41, Blue Pencil Club, '42, Poetry Society, '41-'42, T1'afv1'llerStat'f,'41, Editor-in-Cheif '42, Cllalflnall, College Social Committee, '41-'42, The Nativity, '41-'42, Toaster Trafvz'll1'r Banquet, '41, Toastmistress, '42, Represented Trafvrfllrr at V. P. I. and New York, '41, Chairman, VVays and Means Committee, '41, Toaster Founder's Day Banquet, '42, Secretary Student Council, '42, Captain Drill Team, '42, Stratford's Sweetheart, '42, May Court, '42. CATHERINE VVATTERS, 2814 Niountain Avenue, Birmingham, Alabama. Poetry Society, '41, Dramatic Club, '41-'42, Glee Club, '41, Blazer Club, '41-'42, Oc- tober Day, '41, Maid-in-VVaiting, '42, The Nativity, '41 , Decoration Chairman, Dances, '41, Hockey, '42, Basket Ball, '42, Toaster Production Staff, Spring Play, '41, "Emma," '42, Cast of "Time for Romance," '42, May Day, '41, VVinner Poster, Good English XVeek, '41, French Club, '41, Ping-Pong, '41, Hockey, '42, Basket ball, '42, Toaster Founder's Day Banquet, '42, Chairman, Art Committee, '42, President of Class, '42, Student Council, '42, Alabama Club, '42, Art Editor of the IRIS, '42, ClI21lI'mZ1Il, Good Manner VVeek. AGNES VVEST, 3 Lee Street, Onancock, Vir- ginia. October Day, '41-'42, Rat Court, '42, Room Award, '41, Chairman, Arts and Decorations Committee, '41, TEnIliS, '41- '42, Ping-Pong, '41, May Day, '41, Cast of "Emma," '42, Dramatic Club, '42, Secre- tary of Class, '42, Production Staff of "Time for Romance," '42, The Nativity, '42, Virginia Club, '42. Seniaa ,IEANNE ANDERSON, 1114 E. 36th Street, Baltimore, Maryland. Glee Club, '41-'42, Basket Ball, '42. LUCY HARDVVICKE BRALLEY, Lynch Station, Virginia. Student Council, '40-'42, Secretary of Class, '40, Executive Committee of Senior Class, '42, Hall President '42, Blazer Club, '41- '42, Daughter's ChIb, '40-'41-'42, Basket ball, '40-'41-'42, Ping-Pong, '40-'41, Ten- nis, '4o-'41-'42, Glee Club, '40, Rat Com- mittee, '42, The Nativity, '40-'42, Canoe- ing, '41, May Day, '40-'41-'42, Virginia Club, '42. MAY CRUMPLER, Lady Astor Street, Dan- ville, Virginia. President of Class, '39-'40, October Day Court, '40, Hunt Club, '40, Treasurer of Blues, '40, May Day, '40, Spring Planting Day, '39-'40, Trafvellrr Staff, '41, Daugh- ter's Club, '41-'42, French Club, '42, Glee Club, '42. MARGARET DEHART, 3871 Alabama Avenue, S. E., VVashingt0n, D. C. Class Treasurer, '40, Hockey, '40, Serg- eant-at-Arms of Class, '40, Costume Com- mittee, Dramatic Club, '41, May Day, '41, Local Student's Club, '41-'42, Blue Team, '40-'41-'42. MARY FAZEL, 1530 VVestover Avenue, Petersburg, Virginia. May Day, '40, Sergeant-at-Arms of Class, '41, Tennis Tournaments, '40-'41-'42, Ping- Pong, '42, Food Sale Committee, '41-'42, Rat Court, '42, Virginia Club, '42. LOUISE GARDNER, Forest Hills, Danville, Virginia. Daughter's Club, '41-'42, Student Council, '40, Secretary-Treasurer of Class, '39, May Day, '39-'40-'41, Ping-Pong, '42, Local StudeIIt's Club, '41-'42. PEARL GONZALEZ, 82 Chestnut Street, Rutherford, New Jersey. Glee Club, '42, Photography Club, '42, Costume Committee, October Day, '42. DOROTHY GROGAN, 235 'XVest Main Street, Danville, Virginia. Local Student's Club, '42. MARGARET HANCOCK, 306 Hillcrest Drive, High Point, North Carolina. Trzwrllrr Staff, '41, May Day, '41-'42. MARY MOORMAN JONES, Cherry Hill, R. F. D. No. 1, Danville, Virginia. Vice President of Class, '40-'42, President of Class, '41, Blazer Club, '40-'41-'42, Athletic Banquet, '41, Trafvrller StaH', '41- '42, Trafuvllvr Birthday Toaster, '42, May Day, '40-'41, October Day Court, '41, Poetry Club, '40-'41, Glee Club, '40-'42, Hockey, '40-'41-'42, Basket Ball, '40-'41-'42, Spring Planting Day, '41, Student Council, '41, French Club, '41, Daughter's Club, '41-'42, Quill and Scroll, '41-'42. VIRGINIA LAMBETH, R. F. D. No. 6, Danville, Virginia. May Day, '40-'41, Tra'v1'llz'r Staff, '40-'41- '42, Costume Committee, Dramatic Club, '41, IRIS Staff, '41, Ping-Pong, '42, Class Secretary, '42, Glee Club, '42, Local Stu- dent's Club, '42, Christmas Party Commit- tee, '42. Jia!! DONNA LEVVIS, 1109 Grayland Street, Greensboro, N. C. Hockey Team, '42, Ping-Pong, '42, Tennis, '42, Basket Ball, '42. CARROLL LIDDY, 541 Barrington Road, Grosse Pointe, Michigan. Dramatic Club, '42, Hockey Team, '42, Ping-Pong, '42, Tennis, '42, Jester, Twelfth Night, '42, Basket Ball, '42, Blue Stunt, '42, Michigan Club, '42, "Time for Ro- mance," '42. HOLLY LOCKVVOOD, Linkhorn Park, Vir- ginia Beach, Virginia. May Day Court, '41-'42, Class Secretary, '41, Christmas Card Girl, '42. MARY PARKER, Country Club Lane, Petersburg, VVest Virginia. Blazer Club, '40-'41-'42, Glee Club, '41- '42, Dramatic Club, '41-'42, Class Treas- urer, '41-'42, Hockey, '40-'41-'42, Basket Ball, '40-'41-'42. MARY PARSONS, 1538 VVestover Avenue, Petersburg, Virginia. Virginia Club, '42, Dramatic Club, '42, Ping-Pong, '42, Basket Ball, '42, Tennis, '42. ROSALIND RANDALL, 770 Shirley Drive, Birmingham, Michigan. Hockey, '42, Dramatic Club, '42, IRIS Staff, '42, Trnwrllrr Staff, '42. .IEANELLE RAY, 104 Magnolia Curve, Montgomery, Alabama. Blazer Club, '42, Dramatic Club, '42, "Emma," '42, Alabama Club, '42, Tennis, '42, Captain, Hall Hockey Team, '42. VIRGINIA ROBERTSON, R. F. D. No. 2 Danville, Virginia. May Day, '40-'41, Tl'llfZJl'lfl'I' Staff, '40- '41-'42, Local Student's Club, '41-'42, Ping- Pong, '42. JOY ROBINSON, 721 South VVillow, Tampa, Florida. Blazer Club, '42, Dramatic Club, '42, Horse Show, '42, Daughter's Club, '42, Hockey, '42, Tennis, '42, Ping-Pong, '42, Blue Stunt, '42, Color Races, '42, Basket Ball, '42, Maid of Honor, May Day, '42. SARAH Tl-IORPE, Townsend, Georgia. Vice President of Class, '41, President of Class, '42, Blazer Club, '40-'41-'42, Glee Club, '40-'41-'42, Trafvrllvr Staff, '42, IRIS Staff, '42, Hockey, '40-'41-'42, Basket Ball, '40-'41-'42, Tennis, '40-'41-'42, Badminton, 40, Gymkhana, '41, Founder's Day Toaster, '42, October Day Court, '42, VVinner Latin Tournament, '41, Student Council. '42, Executive Council, '42, May Day, '40, Poetry Society, '42, French Club, '41-'42, Rat Committee, '42, Orientation Committee, '42, Student Activities Commit- tee, '42, Blue Stunt, '40-'42, Blue Runner, '40-'41-'42, Chairman, Food Sale Commit- tee '41, Secretary, Better English VVeek, '40, Judiciary Council, '42, Spring Plant- ing Day, '40, Chairman, '42, Nominating Committee, '42. AUDREY VVING, 86 Marina Street, St. Augustine, Florida. Hunt Club, '42, May Court, '42. -if 80 Ef- Addaeuea of Uafhea Siadmzh 1sAR1sA1zA ADAMS .......... MAR1. 1a1.1zA1se'r11 AMES... 1iA'r11RvN1a ANDIQRSDN .... MARJoR11c ANDERSON .... 1soNN11c JEAN ARND'l' .... JAN1s AUSTIN .........,.... 'r1-1n1.MA BARE ............... MARGARET ANN BEASLEY.. NANCY CARTER BOATVVRIL HELEN FRANCES BOGGS ..., MARY BOSIlAR'l' ............. JEAN BOZE .....,........... PRISCl.l'.A BRAISLIN ........ . MARGARET ANN BREXVER. .. ERMA BRYANT ............. VIRGINIA CARTER. .. SARAH CHAMPLIN .....,... FRANCES CHAPIN ........... VIEAN MARIE CLENDENIN... CAROLINE CLORE ........... BETSY ANN COLEMAN ..... I-IATTIE CRIITE ............ SARAH GERTRIIDE DALY. .. MARY FRANCES DANIEL ..... ANITA l.ll.LlAN DAVENSON. ELEANOR DAYTON ......... . ANNE MARIE DIQRONGE ...... IIELEN El.lZABE'I'Il EBBERT. BERNICE FI'l'CIIE'l"l' ......... MARIORIE GATEVVOOD ...... JAMIE CATHERINE IIARRIS. CAROLINE HARRISON ....... JEAN HART ............. MII.DRED I-IELM ....., ELIZABETH HIGH ,........ GLORIA HOGEXVOOD ........ ELSIE DENNIS HOLCOMBE. .. KITTY HOPPER ............. . BARBARA HIIYLER ........... DoRo'r1e1v JAN1c J lMMI3RSONi f f f 1 II BARBARA IORDAN ........,.. l.OIS KOESTER ...........,.... MARY KRETSCHMAR .... PANSY LAND ............ . . . . . SIISAN LEl'l'CH ............... ANDREA ,IEANNE LEOPOLD.. ISABEL LENVIS ................ BETTY LEYDEN ............. MARY LEY DEN ............... ST. CLAIRE VV. MaeMILLAN.. ANNE GAMBRELL MCCARTY. JEAN MCDANIEL .............. VIRGINIA MCDONALD ....... ,IANE MCPIIAYDEN ...,.. MARY COOK MARETT ..... VIRGINIA MARSHALL ....... MARION MELONEY ........... IRMA SYBII. MI'li"I'ELMAN. .. ,IEANNE MOLLINEAUX ...... MAR-IORIE ANN MIINVES .... IH'l' Cox Carlton Hotel, Atlanta, Ga. Montross, Virginia. 216 Mt. Vernon Ave., Danville, Ya. 5 Balti1nore St., Hyatteville, Md. 55 Aberfoyle Rd., New Rochelle, N. Y. 62 l"lighla11d St., VV. Hartford, Conn. Hotel Shelton. 49th and Lexington Ave., N Market St., Cheraw South Carolina. Dans I-lill, Danville, Va. 770 VVilson Ave., Danville, Va. R. E. D. No. 2, jamesville, N. Y. 2,725 VV. Grace St., Richmond, Va. l'l1e Gramatan Hotel, Bronxville, N. Y. 918 Gray St., Danville, Virginia. Spring Garden, Va. Forest Hills, Danville, Ya. 81 N. Quaker Lane, VV. Hartford, Conn. 185 S. Main St., Danville, Ya. 1505 Alandale Rd., Greensboro, N. C. 131 S. Elm St., Henderson, Ky. 306 Main St., Danville, Ya. ISSM Holbrook Ave., Danville, Ya. 2211 Friendly Rd., Greensboro, N. C. 517 E. Main St., Belhaven, N. C. I87 Newbury St., Hartford, Conn. Cold Soil Rd., Lawrenceville, N. J. 645 FZIFIIIIIIHIOII Ave., Hartford, Conn. 100 Carmen Ave., Lynbrook, N. Y. 16181 NVarwick Rd., Detroit, Mich. Route I, Danville, Va. 3l2l Carlisle Rd., BiI'ITIIIII.Il'lZIlII, Ala. Forest Hills, Danville, Va. Chatham, Va. Pickwick Arms Hotel, Greenwich, Conn. 116 jefferson St., NVhiteville, N. C. 2416 Camden Rd., Greensboro, N. C. 3220 Connecticut Ave., VVashir1gton, D. C. Clayton, Georgia. 32 Maple Ave., VVa1'wick, N. Y. I9 College Court, Montgomery, Ala. 301 Kemper Rd., Danville, Va. 7739 Hartwell, Dearborn, Mich. 666 VVest End Ave., New York City. 630 Kemper Rd., Danville, Ya. 1100 Hoyt Ave., Saginaw, Mich. 110 Simpson Rd., Ardmore, Penn. IIS Lady Astor St., Danville, Va. 2015 Leighton Ave., Anniston, Ala. 2015 Leighton Ave., Anniston, Ala. 4,9 Gibbes St., Charleston, S. C. 502 Quintard Ave., Anniston, Ala. 139 Robertson Ave., Danville, Va. 8699 VV. Outer Drive, Detroit, Mich. +2OI Groveland Ave., Baltimore, Md. 1543 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, Georgia. 33 Rockridge Rd., Mount Vernon, N. Y. ew York City 320 Beverley Rd., Douglaston, L. I., New York. 280 Fern St., West Hartford, Conn. 29 VVest Columbia St., Hempstead, N. Y. 25 Oxford Place, Rockville Centre, New York. +25 81 JUNE NICHOLAS ............. . GRACE VVALLER NORRIS ..... CLAIRE NOYES ........,. MARTHA SUSAN ORR .... EMMA ORR ............. PATRICIA PEACE ..,.. ZELDA PEAK ........ MARY PICKETT ....... VIRGINIA PULLEN ...... EVELYN ROSE ............ MARJORIE SEAGRAVE.. MARTHA SHARPE ....... MARY G. SHIFLET ...... ROSA GRAY SIMPSON ......... EDITH VIRGINIA SINNOTT. .. ELLEN D. SMITH .............. ADDIE VIRGINIA STANLEY.. LEILA STOLLENVVERCK ....... FRANCES SVVEENEY .......... KATHERINE THORNTON .... ELAINE TREITMAN .......... LOIS MILDRED TUCKER ...... PHYLLIS ADELE NVASMUTH. . MARY ELIZABETH VVELLMANZ f f f fi SARA ELIZABETH VVEST ...... MARY COOPER VVHITESIDE.. JEAN YARBORO ............... JANET S. ZUG .......... ... . . 4.3-02 Orient Ave., Douglaston, L. 307 VVest Main St., Danville, Virgi Fort Benning, Georgia. 102.1 South 43d St., Birlningham, Ala. 4 . I., New York lll'l 55 Magnolia Ave., Garden City, I.. I., New York 71 XVardwell Road, VVest llartford, Conn. Peakville, New York. 2025 Park Road, VVashington, D. C. 105 Floral Avenue., Danville, Va. 1.104 Confederate Ave., Richmond, Va. .1 Greenhurst Road, VVest Hartford, Conn. Owls Roost Farm, Guilford College, N. C. 211 North Madison Street, Marion, N. 127 South Mai11 St., Danville, Va. 118 Arlington Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 5213 Purlington VVay, Baltimore, Md. Stanleytown, Virginia. 621 E. 34th St., Baltimore, Md. 200 VV. Thomas St., Salishury, N. 628 Narrow Lane Road, Montgomery, AI C. C. 366 Gregory Ave., VVest Orange, N. J. Hillcrest Road, Towaeo, N. J. 523 VVasl1ington Ave., Glendale, XV. Va. 306 Gray Street, Danville, Va. 1602 Confederate Ave., Richmond, Va. 317 Choccolocco St., Oxford, Ala. Marshall Terrace, Danville, Va. 38 King St., New York City. Zlawliq Nclcfaeaau JOHN C. SIMPSON ....... . .. MABEL H. KENNEDY .... .... ANNE E. MARTIN ..... .... RONNIE ODOM ............... .... R. RUSSELL NEELY ............. .... KATHERINE M. HOOFNAGLE ....... MARIETTA MILLET ............ .... STELLA D. CAMDEN ovnsq ........ IDA FITZGERALD ................... EOLINE EVERETT MAX Mrs. G. H.J . I' c N HELEN LOUISE SHIELDS. . .. JULIA E. THOMASSON qmfejffffff HALLIE B. McMILLlAN ...... JANIE R. MAHAN .......... .. EDNA FISHER PARKER fMrs. ELIZABETH VAN VVAGENEN ........ DELLA B. TRUITT ........... CORA M. RAY ............... MARGARET P. BRYDON .... REV. A. B. STANGER ......... ELIZABETH PANNILL ............. .. SADIE Y. EVANS fMrs. Oscar G.J .... FRANCES HAYTHE .................. EMERALD BRISTOVV .... ..... JOSIE LEVVIS ......................... FRANK JEFFERSON ................. ARAMINTA HAMMOND fMrs. J. B.J. vvf WJ . 127 South Main St., Danville, Va. 105 St. John's Road, Baltimore, Md. Stratford College, Danville, Va. Chestnut Oaks, Bennettsville, S. C. 122 Mt. Vernon Ave., Danville, Va. 1129 VVest Ave., Richmond, Va. 1028 Camelia Ave., Baton Ronge, La. .4313 Fort Ave., Lynchburg, Va. 118 W7est Main St., Da11ville, Va. 226 Randolph Ave., Danville, Va. 719 Nevin Ave., Sewickley, Pa. Stratford College, Danville, Va. Eutzlw, Alabama. Caswell County, North Carolina. fl. 260 Manor Pl., VVestover Hills, Danville, Va. lI2.l. Main St., Danville, Va. Snowden, North Carolina. 2152 Baringer, Louisville, Ky. College Ave., Danville, Va. 8.18 Paxton Ave., Danville, Va. 2101 Oak St., Jacksonville, Fla. 338 Virginia Ave., Danville, Va. 521 Monroe St., Danville, Va. 2307 Park Ave., Richmond, Va. 132 Gray St., Danville, Va. 313W Fayetteville, Raleigh, N. C. Chatham, Virginia. at sz tee Signallafzed mi lawn Vx' Pas .BN-vb!!! i'H'd " lffov' n"Q 'ng' of +A" Hwsr sunv a.,'J I h,,u., 651,-, 0gv7 05-W7 luc.lC7 fo 4001, ?oc.q,,79S' Plzfnl. 77dr'l.f.- ?gn.9.. ,9luf' LHS buf' '19"' rr""""" +1107- I 'linv-Q, fuutd. 119:-4.1 - a..u1.f!. lngn-41 +I'-E Irvs I A-901 9-W ff H my mf, ao,-:J 9 lnsf- ons . - I Ann-uf' 'W 5b?sa nu4,al- buf' err. e-af!! 61. Phavr., A ',"""4'5-- Afallcuii- of-os' 'frvtnJ3L7o LfS'Pp'l- 'End I G'-'buf' you-v 'I-o e.u-wife +G I-ng off ru-v.,.on.r V-I 405 6410: 544 tv naeci- In-UJ :eff .Z 54... ,g-,,.7.-1: 'ffvnk you. . 714- 7119! Aus 5:60 A9 6171: Jymruvf' ,are-4-M ff: QQ:- 6.11- 'a6'E'-'P .fd I I foua 17954, ,Mays I. r5!f9'lt Lylphf ,307 L Z4-S2 fb 70" gif.,-r-,,,,4,,y,,f ,,, ,fat 5,.C,,,-QL 50501 94011761 I 5104 ,qnfugxeh .Z-ldv rn-F6641 haf' L fav- ffrvru-17 7af-o up f-fr. 7915 fuer-7 7'-f-nt QM, Amir mf Mig- I Gnfqr L5-0154, dvr. caaff fo 071 Coffs-cifa Fa 70-Eu, 2'9'!"71?0M- Ar-It 9 bagged. - fffiysv 172 dn! rtmfmlfw- fave .. 95-.'rvnL p7'P""'Le .I ? wl

Suggestions in the Stratford College - Iris Yearbook (Danville, VA) collection:

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1942, pg 28

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