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1 I ,.-,LY 7.5991-A -v-1' X v ...- .I H K-X. 277 - fy Vi?GfL7 5 U16 iris If is enough that we are given I toreachfor . . . Puwslfed by Che Student Hady Tw 'x ff'- l lx X K1. X Iris' Szecutive Staff MARY EVELYN' JEFFERSON ....... Editor-in-Chief ELIZABETH GRANT ....... Lois WILLIAMS. . . CAROL EDMUNDS. .. HELEN :HOFFMAN .... ALICE FULTON LUCILLE PIAUTON ' POLLY RIIYNE ......... Miss IDA FITZGERALD. . . Miss JEAN MOI,LISON. . . . .Bufimavf M anager . . . . . . .Literary Editor . . .Adverti.ving .Manager . . . .Picture Editor Circulation Marzagerf ......,.Sfcretary . . .Buxinefs Acivifer . . ,Literary fldvifer Strazfrfrd Hallegf, Danville, Virginia ww E545 saw W Q W mm New if B, gig ww W K mg? Nga UUXE SW HYQ EEE E Dedication PRESIDENT JOHN C. SIMPSON . BECAUSE HE DARES TO DREAM IN A TIME WHEN TOO MANY HAVE LOST THEIR VISION . . .BECAUSE TI-IE SHINING STRENGTH OF HIS OWN FAITI-I IN THOSE DREAMS MAKES THEM REAL TO US. I "n 'I N Y I IH, if ki- f I' I .J ,-, 'X Y.. I President falm G Simpsm 742 lm MARGARET P. BRYDON STELLA D. CAMDEN IRENE CooK SADIE Y. EVANS IDA FITZGERALD FRANCES HAYTIIE DEAN MABEL H. KENNEDY Sfrayord Sfaculfy I'IALLIE B. MCMILLIAN JANIE IVIAHAN ANNE E. MARTIN EOLINE EVERETT MAY MARIETTA MILLET JEAN MoLLIsoN KATHERINE HOOFNAGLE LELIA ANNE NIUNCE FRANK JEFFERSON NIABEL H. KENNEDY RUSSELL NEELY RONNIE ODOM ELIZABETH D. PANNILL EDNA FISI-IER PARKER CORA M. RAY HELEN SI-IIELDS A. B. STANGER JULIA B. TIIoMAssoN DELLA TRUITT BESSIE VAN WAGENEN GARRETT NVATKINS U16 Zzvulfy andy-Une 748 Im U16 Zzculfy M Saw? Y WN UW war-f I . Senior glffftfyf 744 Im jean Fcrzfcld Tompkins Preridevzt of Student Body gl'lll16't7S Ransom lane Prexident of Senior College Clay: Harbara lc: Armeufraut Katharine ,41111 1576115011 Kathryn ylflfzrtcllf Halbert l6'ur14ctt wzlvcrhousf Waajq-Une 7fze Im l6'c'f.s'y Davis Isabel Smcrsoff ,Mae 91111214 flsie Kose Garvin jean ,7efHe Gibbous Sdzeeellz Peziften Grant l6'er11iee Heard Helen Hoffman Qaufq-Gne 7fze lm Mary Evelyn jefferson Marina Lfaneenslein ,fesie lewis Virginia glarenee ,Mefean Hefty Harbcr Maynard Betta jean 0'jVaill Mary laaisc' klzyae ,Mildraa laaisa kayers Zzwiy-Gm 744 lm ,Mary Eaalya Shelfaa Barbara Shields Glaria Salaaaa ,Agnes ,Nelsaa Swain Katherine lfauisf Wilkams lfois Williams Hharlattf Worslzam aaajff-Une We Im Scrzivr Hvllege flisfvry The fall of nineteen thirty-nine had come! With no brass band to meet us, but with music in our hearts, we, the Class of '41, stormed the gates of Stratford. Frances Lane was chosen as conductor, and she has wielded the baton ably. Although many menial tasks were performed during Rat Week, it may be admitted that all dis- cipline was given and taken in good spirit. Our complexions were much improved, it's true, by the lack of make-up, and our hair grew curly as a result of being worn in pigtails for a week. We emerged from this, our first audition, ready to conquer the world. With the coming of snow and the jingle of Christmas bells, Gloria Sullivan was elected Strat- ford's Christmas-Card Girl for 1939. And to the accompaniment of choral music, our Madonna of The Nativity, jean Tompkins, stirred the hearts of all. Refreshed by a welcome Christmas vacation, and with exams safely over, we proceeded to show our ability both inharmony and as soloists. With a powerful serve, which could not be withstood by even the mightiest Senior, Bette O'Neill won laurels as tennis champion. Not content with this, however, we sent Libby Grant to Winchester to represent Stratford as Apple Blossom Princess, while here at the school Mary Evelyn Jefferson made a big success of Spring Planting Day. After a grand finale of final exams, the curtain fell on our first year at Stratford, and an inter- mission of summer vacation was called. Sk Pk if ,F fl' Harvests were ready to gather in when we returned to Stratford, high and mighty Seniors to greet our year. Midst fall leaves and under an autumn sun, our Class President, Frannie Lane, reigned graciously as October Day Queen. Sponsored by the Senior College Class, Good-Manners Week came and went with great success, and later in the year we produced a Good-English Week not to be equalled in fun or in achievement. To Jean Gibbons goes the credit for bringing the Whites through as successful a Senior year as had been the Freshman year under Libby Grant. Again from among our group was chosen the girl to whom the honor of portraying the Madonna was given. Christmas in 1940 found Lois Williams bending over the manger breathing a prayer for the Holy Infant. With the spring came the glorious flowering of fruit trees, and Betsy Davis went to Winchester as our Apple Blossom Princess. At home, in regal splendor, Elizabeth Grant, reigned as May Queen. And so, with a clash of cymbals, we graduated into the world-a liner group-instilled with love and gratitude. Lois WILLIALIS X f Senior Erfllegf Supcrlafiws Superlafizfcs lfimrxl Clmmrm'-Burnett Culvcrhousc lirxl-all-Amum!-Lois Williams Maxi 1'of1ulr1r-Barham Armcntrout H4-.xl Slmlvnt-Bcrxiicc Heard Max! IffIVflXl'IllHli1V4T'-EiiZZliJCf.h Grunt Brsl .flllzlclc-Bette O'Ncill Alex! Talrznlndfjcnn Tompkins Bas! IJ:-ms-ml-Bzirbara Shields Willicsl-Hclcn I-IofTman Bcsl Looking-Betsy Davis Fczgfccf Seuiar Ilair-Elsie Garvin Eyes-Charlotte Wm-sham Nose-Jean Gibbons N1014lf1'K3thRfil1C Benson Skin-Martha Laubenstein Ilands-Betty Barber Maynard F igurc-Agnes Swain Legs-Polly Rhyme Voice-Frances Lane Qafufff-Ene 7fze Im Senior Cfrfllegf Will and Przfplzecy " Wh.ile I nodded, nearly napping, 5-uddenly than came a tapping, A5 of .romeone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door." The familiar words startled me. WVorn and weary with studying Chaucer, I had picked up the little book of poems from a neighboring table and it had opened to these melancholy lines. And at the same time it seemed that I could hear a faint, but insistent, tapping at the library window! Filled with a dread I could not name, I arose in my chair, half expecting to see an ebony Raven take form from the velvety blackness beyond the open window. But instead a Hoot-Owl stepped across thc sill and flew to the top of a bookcase, perching under the portrait of Christine Burns. "Who-who are you?" I asked, trembling. With his wise, blinking eyes, the bird looked down at me, and then he spoke: "I am the Past, the Present, and the Future. 1've come to tell you what a mistake you are making. There you sit, hunched over those books as though there were nothing in the world more important. You are so concerned with things long dead that you take no thought of the living people about you." He spoke so seriously and yet looked so ridiculous that I laughed aloud. "Yes, laugh if you will," he said. "But tell me: How much do you know of the sorrows and joys, the hopes and dreams of your classmates here at school? When June comes, you will all separate and go different ways. It will be too late then to learn to understand them and, because of this understanding, to love them.', "Well, how much do you know about themfi' I asked defiantly, disturbed by his grave challenge. "I know everything," he answered, "and even more. I can tell you more about those classmates of yours than they know themselves. To them the future is foggy and mysterious, but I can sec clearly five, even ten years from now." Intrigued by his words, I eagerly implored him to tell me of our class and what we would all be doing in ten years. There was a loud roar of thunder, and a bolt of lightening must have struck a power line somewhere, for the library was plunged in sudden darkness. Only the eyes of the Hoot-Owl shone in the darkness, and his feathers glowed luminously as he started speaking in a low sing-song voice: "Fame lies ahead for some, and I see much happiness. The graduates of this year go out into the world to fulfill their highest dreams and greatest expectations. "Jean Tompkins, who declares she leaves her histrionic ability to Bucky Harris, manages to beg, borrow, or steal some more, for she becomes the leading actress on Broadway and thrills audiences of millions. "Frances Lane, whose versatility and powers of leadership she bestows upon graduation to Beth Lamonby, becomes the first woman president of the United States and remains in otlice for four terms. She is said to be the greatest orator ever to live in the White House. I"rannie's chief aide is Martha Laubenstein, who gave up a very alluring private life to do her duty for her country." "Tell me, Mr. Hoot-Owl, what becomes of Bee Williams?" I interrupted to ask. "She already seems to have her future quite definitely planned for herself." "Yes," came a twinkling reply, "and so do some of the others in thc class, though not everybody knows it. Elizabeth Grant, for example, leaves her May Queen dress to the member of the Freshman class whom it fits best, but she does like the idea of a long, white train. "Helen Hoffman, though she doesn't know it yet, is due for a very short, but ardent, courtship this summer to be climaxed by an elopement before she can even get her breath. The whole thing will be quite a surprise to several people, I imagine. "Then there's Jean Gibbons, who leaves the Whites to the Hall Seniors and the Hall Sophomorcs. After ten years of research work, she is just completing a book on philosophy. The live-volume master- piece, To Be or Not To Be, is expected to revolutionize the whole realm of philosophical knowledge. "Tall, stately Burnett Culverhouse, who bcqueaths her flair for making faces to jean Loughead so that she can carry on the job of haunting Stratford, becomes the wife of the Duke of Frankenstein," continued the Hoot-Owl, as he gravely shined his spectacles on the soft feathers under his wings. "Speaking of Dukes," I interrupted again, "tell me how Charlotte Worsham fares as a doctoris wife." fffontirzuzrl on Page 301 . - .. em ' ' I .4 .I uvrllq-11, , V '.. . , ,,,,..,... .. .uw-f. r-N, x gh - :.vf.u.. ' 'g,-:V- . . .4..., n..... .ue ....-.gk-,I , ' -:W ... .l.. v..l.1. ' ' ' , . , ., A . ..,,,. ,n..n ,:.., I ifwv, - ' ,.,. .4 vu.. nn- uf- - ,, 1 ...u ....n . 11... ..-..l. . ....... v.....-. hm 1. . ...Mr - . .x nw., K.-ir llq' V ., .v ..,.... n.-...'.., , .....1... rm..-, . ...-:...,...,-.1 - :...,gm. 1 , xw .X 1, . .W-.L v nu.. ma, ' . . .1 1. ...W-, , -. ........r.. W . Mlm ., . .if r...:.,. ' W w .J . 'II .I.. 1.-Ilmlf " ,, V: ..........,,,.q :N ,Mw- , . .HU L..-.. .14 u., ,nhl H... W., ' ,.f ....- M.,-.-,K 5514511 fin!! "W'l1ff-f- QMS Wai T gt Vx' 0' 7!w Im ga-.-,.w..w., F-'xx-f1A 'ei'91l I -KI. wily, is Mn. ,T,.,a.t.E,1 W fy" J af ,W P 1m0,IhPIS'pl1!T1-xnf P' r'-0n'9'X 1 ,f Xggk VM km - r Am Lt9k1'SM.3'i.9.5eLhlu- S 25 W Xklmx 0110! kzilinkuxxbxwi We V411 2008 uo2Gk 'W,I1Siu"UQ W Mb R W imwl mia Q1-vvh L df,-T Barbara Stuart ,Adams Prexidevzt of Senior Hall Clay: ,Mazyarie Lf Aadcrsaa ,Yarra 61 ,Austin jean ylflarryaay Hlark Nancy 5'c'11icl1cl lfucille flzzutan Wiuyrcd ffaywwd Mary 61 Krcfschmar B1--I 70-H. 2-ELLTZZY 701, 74411 f.-.dd Z4i!"- 4--6-cvi, - Usa ' 35? ,LM , - -vm ,.1?1I',Tf.."'f,.,f.."Z,,"T"' ww i Qmiq-Une 742 Im Joan ,Cagarde Ezzralyn Eambefh Nelms' ,Meade fm Kathleen lfitflejvhu flmmz jcauncfff LMcDa14isl ,Aiwa ,Miltccr Wzabetlz ,Mary Parker frzznccs ,Cwzisc kifhardsou andy-Une We Im gvfvxbz Oxyoxxxi- Q. o0o0'3x'nXlf,x3YV6y39 wi 54, Q-110 'V j ,,+k,yg, Aifiwvygfgix Cx TF' lfucille ?ra11fz Gouda Schvnweld Nzzvmi Spear 1761114145 Sfvufell Helen Admiral Tully Senior Jia!! History I am the Class of '41, and although I was a little under nourished when I was born four years ago, I at least had Nellie Lea, a permanent asset. Nellie began to see to it that I had financial backing, and she has done so faithfully during these four years. 'Things really began to brighten up when Marjorie Anderson came to the rescue. IVIargie took me in hand, and between the two of them-Nellie and Margie I had a substantial nucleus for future development. Maybe with that as a starter, I might yet burst into my rightful heritage. At the age of three, I began to take on more shape and form when "Barbie" Adams, "-Ieanniev Clark, Carolyn Lambeth, "Parlay" Parker and "Blazie" Hauton became a part of me. "Barbie" plunged headlong into things and came up a winner. She has been my leader for the past two years, and a very active and inspirational one at that. Njeannief' was another championg she walked right off with top honors in the badminton tournament that year. "Blazie" was given t.he cup at the Horse Show, and I entertained my older sister at a picnic. Thus, you have a minute picture of the things I accomplished when I was three. I struggled through that adolescent period and stood by watching my older sister, Class of 41, set out on her own in the world, wondering how I would be able to step into her shoes CI never dreamed they would be such a tight Htl and keep things going at home. I was wary of the situation confront- ing me, but now I have definite proof of the old adage, K'It's always darkest before the dawn", for dawn burst upon me like radiant sunlight the following September. I became complete, with the addi- tion of jane Austin, "Buddy" Fenichel, "Rusty" Kretschmar, Winifred Haywood, Joan Lagarde, 'fKathie" Littlejohn, "Scotty" Spear, Doris Mayberry, Anne Milteer, Frances Richardson, "School- helcl," "Tully" and "Stowell." I can't resist calling to your attention a few of the honors which they brought me. First, there was jane, who won the tennis tournament and then turned around and won the bad- minton tournament. Not only that, but three-parts of me are in the May Court: jane, joan and "Blazie," who is Maid of Honor. And for Mirth, there is "Tully," who was Court Jester at Twelfth Night. As my last project before leaving, I undertook the Spring Planting Day program. There is much more which is worthy of praise, but Timz AlC17'CILt'.l' On, and I must not tarry too long. Now I find myself at the door, ready to say good-bye to those I leave behind, and fully equipped to step out and take my place in the world. I have definite ideas as to what each part of me wants to do and a few last treasures to leave to those who must some day follow me through this door. 4 -006 7fze lm Senior Jing!! Prrfphc y A QUICK GAME OF TRUTH AND CONSEQUENCES f , "Look forward, look deep into the crystal ball, and ye shall see my brilliant future," say I, Class o 41. The crystal floods, and as it clears, Anne Milteer stands at the altar, a blushing bride, her one-and- only by her side. As she fades from view, Mary Parker, with brush and palette in hand, appears, putting the hnal touches on her masterpiece. After this, the pictures come in rapid succession. There is Barbara Adams in a massive palace, her childhood dreams realized. She is followed by her many attendants as she paces the silver floor, a chariot of glittering gold awaits her at the door. Jeannie Clark and Joan Lagarde fthey have both added to their names, but it's a sccretj are eating ice cream cones while they tear along the road at White Sulphur Springs on their way to meet their surgeon husbands for a game of golf. Jane Austin-in spite of the fact that she has just played the most astounding match of the tennis world, even surpassing the record of her predecessor, Alice Marble, is modestly accepting "The NVQ- man's Singles Cup" at Forest Hills, New York. Helen Tully, John Power's star model, is slithering in and out of Bergdolf Goodman's and Jay Thorpe's more expensive gowns and passing them off on New York's less voluputuous niatrons. Pixie-like "BuddyH Fenichel leaves the crowds at the Madison Square Garden Horse Show simply limp as she lifts the stallion "Chatham Hall" over the bars. As Nfrs. Cook has retired to the home of her son and daughter-in-law, Mzirgie Anderson, her suc- cessor, is left guarding the portals of Stratford. CSl1ZlClCS of Franklinis, Margie, who'd have thought itlj Schumann-Heink revolves in her grave as Madaiiie Littlcjohn C"Kathie," as she was when "we knew her when"J sends a high Z richocheting through the "Diamond Horseshoe," VVe find Carolyn Lambeth out in the country, with the birds twittering and the cows mooing as she niilks "Bessie" for the breakfast of her red-headed tribe. Nellie Lea, true to her earliest training in Social Problems, is now working hand-in-hand with the Hays oflice. Frances Richardson, scintillating in whale-bone and satin, holds the lever of Charleston's social wheel. Winifred Haywood, in her trim-fitting khaki uniform, is busy boosting the morale of Uncle Sam's Air Corps. We see that the well-dressed woman of the day is wearing "Rusty" Fasliions-and q1crlIe.rjigurfJ, my deahl l "Scotty" Spear is busy making kilts for her young Scots. Jean McDaniel is madly chasing around the campus in pursuit of her absent-minded professor- husband, who forgot his umbrella. "Blazie," between clicks of the knitting needles, is very much occupied with the bringing up of her children according to "Schoollicld's" book on Ilryclzology or Via, Uf'er.ra.J All this with the optimistic view that there will be a world and a future! "Blazie," "Jeannie," "School'lield." P. S. For a nickel more, we will swap and give you another. P. P. S. Consequences?????????r Senior Hal! WY! I have given you my History and my Prophecy, and now there remains but one last thing for me to do before I go: Leave you the "Consequences" to my "Truth.'l "Jeannie" and "Blazie" do hereby bequeath to Nancy Sultzer Cwhat there is left of her after she corners the Chesterfield marketj their "door-knob," "curtain-rods,', and "vic." Cliiguratively speak- 1n . g ,K'Schoolfield" leaves her "midnight" visits to Stratford to anyone who can get away with them. "Barbie" Adams leaves her unsurpassed technique to Jeanne Anderson. Carolyn Lambeth four red-headed darlingj leaves her "interest in Hargrave' to Holly Lockwood. Jean lVIcDaniel leaves to all future students of Latin her love for the subject. Helen Tully leaves her shy, reserved nature to Marion Meloney. Anne hffilteer leaves nothing, she is taking it with her. Joan Lagarde and "Kathie" Littlejohn leave their 9:30 to Io:oo o'clock "Gymnasium" to future Stratford acrobats. "Jane Austin leaves the air she never got To any other Yankee who happens to be hot." She also leaves Sultzer and Thorpe, much to her regret. Jeanne Stowell leaves her reserved seat in Bradley's to Margaret Hancock. ' Margie Anderson leaves her "heavy, heavy hangs over your heacli' bookshelf to anyone else with suicidal tendencies. To Miss Fitz-it is enough that we must leave her. Last but not least, we leave Miss Martin, our sponsor, our deepest gratitude for her grand coopera- tion and hard work for our class. Goodbye now-see ya' soon! 'ICLASS or '4l " Supcrlafilfes Fimfsl Clzararlcr-jane Austin H651-ull-Arouml--Jean Clark Most Polmlar-Marjorie Anderson licxl Slzulcnl-Kathleen Littlcjohn Mus! Rrsprvxenlatina'-Lucille Hauton lies! AUI,l?lC'4JIlI1C Austin Mos! Tnlcnlrd--Lucille Schoolfield lirxl llrzemcrl-1'Ielcn Tully Hrs! Laulcing-joan Lagardc Willicsl-Hclcn Tully Pczgfcct Senior Hair-Ioan Lagarde Eyes-Frances Richardson Nose-Jane Austin M oullz-Jeanne Stowell Skin.-Marjorie Anderson H ands-Mary Parker Figure-Barbara Adams Legs-Naomi Spear Voice-Lucille Hauton aafziq-Ene 7fze lm SENIOR COLLEGE WILL AND PROPHECY CCo1z!inuedfro1n Page 20, Mr. Hoot-Owl shook his head sadly. Hlim afraid she isn't much help in that capacity. One look at her and all her husband's patients get well immediately. Too bad-she's ruined a line practice. "Isabel Emerson, who leaves all her various black and white keys to Holly Lock-wood upon gradua- tion, becomes one of the greatest musicians of 195 I. Virginia McLean cuts short her startling rise to musical fame to marry a handsome foreigner and spend her life contentedly icing birthday cakes. "Another member of your class who attains national prominence is Bette O'Neill. She is awarded a sterling silver horse for the Best Woman Athlete of I951." "There's no need to ask you what becomes of Barbara Shields, is there? That's all quite definite now." "Yes, you're right," agreed the blinking Hoot-Owl, "but there's a surprise element that creeps in somewhere. It'll be a pleasant shock to several of her friends, I believe. "Betty Barber Maynard, who leaves her black hair to Helen Tully, is destined to become the advertising Manager of the New York Times. And speaking of hair, Bernice Heard presents her long, lovely, luscious locks to the shortest-haired girl in school. She feels that in her new position as Consult- ing Lexicographer of the World a few yards of hair is just a nuisance. "Barbara Armentrout, better known as the queen of socks, leaves her knitting needles to Madeline Schloss in order to take up a profession where her popularity and friendliness receive full recognition. Her official title is Head Hostess of the United States Navy." "You know, Mr. Hoot-Owl, I've always felt that Josie Lewis would really do something important. What about her?" 'flosieis job actually is the most important in the world," replied the Hoot-Owl when the reverbera- tions from a particularly loud clap of thunder had ceased echoing. "She conducts a school for children and is famous all over the world as a true exponent of Chaucer's theory: And gladly learn and gladly teach. i' -. "Mildred Rogers, wh, esgher subdued alto to Barbara Adams, is the Hrst graduate of your class to receive her Master's e from Columbia University. Her thesis was entitled The Importance of Chaucer in the Modern World. Also at Columbia is Katherine Williams, worldafamous masseuse, who takes the kinks out of tired students nerves. "Gloria Sullivan, who leaves her artistic ability to Flossie Tucker to help her with her biology drawings, is coming out in a whirl of debutante parties in Cleveland. CShe waited until she got to be a big girl-lj "And speaking of Cleveland, Agnes Swain and Ned are living contentedly in a little bungalow in a suberb of that city." In the silence that followed these words, I realized that the storm was about over, for the moon struggled through the clouds and a pale ray of light glistened on the wet window sill. The Hoot-Owl ruffled his feathers as though preparing to fly away. "There are still some more," I reminded him. . "Yes, I'm not forgetting. Betsy Davis, who leaves her blushing beauty to all the little apple blossoms, reaches new heights as Queen of the Carburetors at the big IQSI automobile show, featuring the latest car models from all over the world. "And Mary Evelyn Shelton, because of her promptness and dependability, becomes the time- keeper for the Elgin,Watch Company. Before they leave the factory, all the watches are set and reg- ulated by her. "The Gretna songbird, Kathryn Colbert, bequeathes her bass-baritone to Gertie jenny Lind jones after her marriage to Marko Maloff, the world's greatest tenor. She feels that one singer to a family is enough-so all her children take dancing. 'fOf course you know of Kit Benson's success as an army ofhccr's wife. But she is also gaining in- ternational fame for her great epic poem, The Song of Roland. "Alice Fulton leaves her serenity and poise to all the College Seniors of next year. They'll need it, and she won't-at least, she'll have to keep only enough to carry her through her big church wedding. "Because of their ability to keep up with anything new, Polly Rhyne and Elsie Garvin become the very modern hostesses on the new, streamlined submarine, The Firh. "And that," said the Hoot-Owl, Hying down from his perch, "takes care of all who really get somewhere." "But, wait!" I cried. "You haven't said anything about me yet. Will I ever-3" Quoth the Hoot-Owl, "Nevermore." MARY EVELYN ,IEF F ERSON V - . Wuxi-5 unly' vqgfk -. w.r1drclx,m5Q':: lim hxconuftiif' - -u xulkingiuu 'M .ur mare: R.-, muh C'-'G E11 'lv fix: Tut: wlv lm Mika nh: -AhC1l1Cr.1,i-15123 wg -14 duh, -wh 'ks4'vCCllHl1!Illl5Klk 3.1 rlzcn ru! MF ,X 'hw' NAS I I :Ann TaUiv ,,:1x- .1 Hliw lx 1.f,'u lkxlnk ' ll.n-I YB' ,,,.,1...!, ur'ulHl1'l- N Uf , V , .L ,,.17-W. ay A181-gg! ll W .j,gz- M 'nvflmv ,N 'Q A "A il .ua ,,-I Nffx 5-, :bg ,X K i gx,-.Y w,-1 . H 91? hmm Krfllegf 764 lm 0Mccrs ELIZABETH LAMONBY Przsidznt of Ffexhman Collfgf Clan ANNE WATSON JANE MCFALL Vzce Prefzdent Secretary GERTRUDE JONES NELL LUCK Trfafurer Sergeant-at-Army -6 ,ff FRANCES AI-IES JANE WOR'I'll BROWN CAROL IHDMUNES ANNA MAY FERRY IRMA PIARRIS LYIJIA LEA BAILEY VIRGINIA COERR NIARJORIE EMBSIIOEE BELLE FRANCIS I5 ETTY JONES FRANCES BINGHAM ISAEEI. COOGAN JEAN EMERSON NANCY GOOLSBY PIIYLLIS JORDAN mm 'Turn - , o-c..', all QLALQ, K . N. 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Treaxurer Clan' Prrsidentr FRANCES LANE ELIZABETH LAMONBY BARBARA ADAMS MARY MooRMAN JoNEs ISABEL LEWIS BETSY COLEMAN BETTE O,Nlill.I.. . ANNE WA1'SON. .. JEAN GIUBONS .... ,., KATIIAIAINE BENSON ..... MISS IiI.IzAIsETII PANNILI.. . BAIIIJANA AIlMEN'I'llOUT JANE AUSTIN JEAN CLARK GEIl'FIlUDE JONES NIARY IVIOORMAN JONES MAIITIIA !I,AUl3ENS'I'ElN l6'lu er Klub JANE MCFAIIL NIARY PARKER NANCY SULTZER SARAH TIIORPE ' JEAN TOMIIKINS KATHERINE XVILLIAMS I.o1s XKVILLIAMS . . . .PfBJid!7lf . . . . . . Vic: Przxident . . . .Secretary-Treaxurzr . . .Sports Mavzager . . .Spomor 110 norary M ember: A4158 IDA FITZGERALD Mxss BESSIE VAN XVAGENEN Miss KATHERINE Hoo!-'NAGLE xvz' Lf, -IX A f LJ I, ,E ggsp VIEW .' Yxggaf 115141 ' 'fire 46-fAZ'q-Une 7!ze im Pastry Society Lois xVII.I.IANS ..... , . .... Pre.ficlrnt Mus. QQORIJON H. NIAY. . . . . .Sgtnomror AIANH VVORTH BROWN MANJORIE Enmsnolflf NIARY NIOORMAN JONES ELlzAnE'r1I LAMONBY NIILDREU Romans BARBARA STEINMEYER ANNE XIVATSON IQATIIERINE WATTERS liA'l'llERlNE XVILLIAMS fnfernatiaual Kclafious gfllb IVIAILY l'fv1cl,YN wl1s1fF1mSON .... , 1'r.4'Jirln'nt .IANH WORTH BROWN. .... VM' Prefident A LICE 1"Ur,'1'oN ....... Sz'crL'1ary- Trrmurer Miss NIARlli'I"l'A NIILLET. .. . .Spmzmr CAROL EDMUNDS l'jl.IZABETH GRANT BERNICE I'IEARD l'1LIZABE'I'l-I LAMONBY l"1xANcx:s LANE JOSIE LEw1s .IHAN LOUG1-LEAD BAlusAv.A S'r1axNmEYExx j1e:AN 'l'oM1-KINS Lms XIVILLIAMS Jam Kim Iota Sigma 1 940 IiIDl1'u BOND H1:s'r1an CIIATTIN NIARY I'IUN'I'l5K EDMUNDS PEARL Ko'r1,1r:a NIARY LILLY PURDUM ANN11: NIARYE SIMPSON 51:6 glllb HELEN PIOFFMAN. . ..,.,. ..... I ,l'f.f1.l'lFllf NELL15 LUCK .,.,.., .S1'rr4'!ury- Trvn.f'zm'r MR. FRANK jm-'1-'1msoN ........, Sponfur BANILARA ADAMS .IEANNE ANDERSON KATIIRYN Cox.mau'r NANCY I?INc:L1s11Au'x' Lucu.1.1: I'1AUTON .NIIARY NIOORMAN JONES ,IONDAN ANNE Kr51.1,v NTARY IQRETSCIIMAK Dolacrrxlv L1N'roN IQATIILHEN IAITTI.lij0lIN NIEAN LOUGHICAD Vmc1N1A NICIJEAN M11.DxusD Romans ROSA CERAY SIMPSON Al EANN12 S'rowzsI.1. JEAN 'l'oMPmNs 1.015 x'VIl.1.lAMS QR up Ee -v andy-Une 7fze Im ' Um Strawn! Playars BURNETT CIILVERIIOUSE ....... Prffidmzt ANNE WATSON ........... Vice Prefidcnt BERNICE LIEARD. . . .... . .Sfcretary FRANCES LANE ...... . . . Trmfurer MRS. W. W. PARKER. .. ..,Spon:or BARBARA ADAMS JANE WOIKTI-I BROWN NANCY ENGLEIIART IRNIA HARRIS LIELEN I'IOl-'FMAN NIARY EVELYN JEFFERSON l?1LIzAIxE'I'II LAMONBY MILOREIJ MARKS MILDREO IQOGERS BARBARA STEINMEYER JEAN 'POR-IPKINS KATXiEllINE WATTERS KATPIERINE WILLIANIS LOIS WVILLIAMS .Sutra Nous FRENCH CLUB BERNICE PIEARD. . ...... Prexidenz FRANCES LANE ....., . , . Vine Prnident ELIZAEETII GRANT ...,. ..... S ecrelary ICLIZABETII LAMONBY ..... , . .Treaxurer MISS MARIETTA MILLET. .. .. .Sponxor JANE XIVORTII BROVVN JEAN CLARK VIRGINIA COERR ALICE FULTON HELEN HOFFMAN PIIYLLIS JORDAN JOAN LAGARDE KATHLEEN LITTLEJOIIN MARY PARKER BARBARA STEINMEYER SARAII TIIORPE FLORENCE r1'UCKER ANNE WATSON IQATIIEIUNE NVATTERS CAROL XIVATT KA'Fl-IEIiINE LIOOFNAGLE GENE RAY Daughters 61116 JANE IVICFALL. . ., LEA BAILEY .... JEAN CLARK.. .... .,. MISS IDA I"ITzGERAI,n. . . . LUCY BRALLEY PfI',fZ'lic'lIl Ser rrlary Trfz1,r ll rar . Spa nmr MARY NIOOILMAN JON I-Ls ELIZAIIETII GRANT NIAY CRuMI'I,IaR JANE McI"AI.I, LOUISE GAlkDNIiIi ,Coral Students glllb BERNICE H EA RD .............. 1'l'z'.r1'Ifw1l NANCY CARTER BOA'I'WllIGIl'I' MAY CRUMl'LliR BETSY COLEMAN BETSY IDAVIS MARGARET ljliI'IAll'l' CAROL EIJIIIUNIIS ISABEL EMERSON BELLE FRANCIS ALICE FULTON LOUISE GARDNER NANCY G0Ol.SIiY ELIZABETH GILAN1' CAROLINE HARRISON WINIEREI1 PIAYWOOI! MARY I?IvEI.YN J ICFFERSON MARY IVIOORMAN JONES MARY GARLAND KING CAROLYN LAMliE'l'Il VIRGINIA I,AMIaIa'rII NEI.LIli LEA ISABEI, LEWIS JosIE l,EwIs JI-:AN MCDANlIil. DORIS MAYBERRY JANE McFAI.I. BETTY BARBER MAYNARIJ JEAN RATIIRIIRN GENE RAY VIRGINIA RomeR'I'soN MARY EVELYN SIIELTON ROSA GRAY SIMI-SON AGNES SWAIN LUCILLE ScIIooLFIEI.n RUTII TOWNES CIIARI,O'I'rE WORSIIAR! JEAN YARRORO Qaatifq -0446 We im U15 Zrmfcllcr Staff BARBARA ADAMS IQATHARINE BENSON VIRGINIA COERR KATIJRYN COLIIERT MAY CRUMPLER JUDITI-I DEUTSCH CAROL EDMUNDS IVIARJORIE EMESIIOEF ISABEL EMERSON ANNA MAY FERRY ALICE FULTON ELSIE GARVIN MARY EVELYN JEFFERSON MARY MOORNIAN JONES VIRGINIA LAMEETII l6'luf Pencil gfllb BETTY BARBER NIAYNARD . . . . . .Pres-ident MRS. GORDON H. MAY ............... Sponfor CAROL EDMUNDS ISABEI. EMERSON IDA FITZGERALD ALICE FULTON IYIARY EVELYN JEFFERSON JEAN LOUGIIEAD JANE NICFALL JEAN NIOLLISON AGNES SXVAIN FLORENCE TUCRER CAROL WATT ELIzADET1I LAMONBY ICATHLEEN LITFLEJOIIN .JEAN LOUGIIEAD NELLE LUCK BETTY BARBER NIAYNARD JANE MCFALL VIRGINIA MCLEAN POLLY RIIYNE 1 'Y' . . .A'dvz':or VIRGINIA ROBERTSON MARY If1vEI.YN SIIELTON BARBARA STEINMEYER AGNES SWAIN FLORENCE '1"ucIcER CAROL VVATT 'LOIS WKLLIANIS .Quill and Scroll BARBARA ADAMS A IARY NIOORMAN JON ES KA'l'llI.EliN LITTIEJOIIN MARY ISVELYN JEIfIfERsoN. . . Mlss JEAN MOl.I.ISON. .. Miss IDA FITZGIIILAIL. . BARBARA AIlMEN'l'ROU'l' CAROL EDMUNDS ALICE FULTON ELIZAEETII GRANT' PIELEN PIOFFMAN BETTY JONES VIRGINIA LAMIIETII U16 fri Staff JEAN LQUGIIEAD NlCLl.E LUCK JANE MCl"ALL BETTIE O,NEILL MAIIY PARKER POLLY RIIYNE IVIILDRED IQOGERS . . , .Editor-i-n-Chief . . .Literary Advisor . . . .Bufirzfff fldvifol' MARY EVELYN SHELTON BARBARA STEINMEYER AGNES SNVAIN FLORENCE TUCKER KATHERINE WILLIAMS Lozs WILLIALIS LUCILLE HAUFON rg Qualify-Une llll L 1 7fze Im ummary of Orgauizafirws True to her boast, Stratford has this year indeed "encouraged participation in those extra-curric- ular activities which are a vital part of student life." The Student Council has strived this school year to promote a higher sense of honor, to inspire a greater loyalty to Stratford, to encourage a deep fellowship between students, and to develop an efli- cient student organization. It has drawn up a new Constitution to further this aim, and it has brought about the installation of an effective honor system in Stratford. Each student has signed an honor pledge, strengthening the individual challenge to herself. It is hoped for future years that there may be a keen realization felt within each student ofthe significance of a wholesome, active student government and a sincere desire to hold to it with unfailing devotion as the moldcr of great character. In keeping with its high purpose and ideals, the members of the Blazer Club have given themselves wholeheartedly to unselfish service. Ostensibly an Honor Athletic organization dedicated to maintaining interest in all forms of sports and upholding a line spirit of rivalry in all athletic contests, the Club has extended its aims to include greater loyalty to Stratford and to humanity. The Poetry Society has met on Sunday afternoons throughout the year in order to stimulate an interest in and an enjoyment of poetry. The club has succeeded in bringing together those who read and write poetry and in developing in them a finer appreciation and understanding. The purpose of the International Relations Club has been to study and maintain an interest among its members in the importance of world events. Current Events Week, sponsored by the club, has sought to promote in the entire student body an understanding of the significance of each day's happenings. Stratford Players, the dramatic club of the college, has successfully presented two major productions this year-one in the fall and one in the spring. In addition to these, various shorter skits and scenes have been given from time to time by the members. Lectures and discussions on dramatic teclmique, make-up, pantomime, and stage directions have been held to develop in the students a greater love and knowledge of dramatic art. The purpose of Entre Nour, the French Club, has been to afford students a greater opportunity for practice in French conversation. To join all daughters and granddaughters of alumnze of Stratford, a Daughters Club was organized this year. The club's aim is to be the connecting link between the alumnm association and the student body. Another new club organized this year is the Local Students Club for the purpose of uniting and bringing together as a group the Danville girls who attend Stratford. The Glee Club has not only given numerous public recitals, but it has also continued to lead the singing at Sunday Vespers and to inspire in all the students an appreciation ofthe value of group music. These organizations, varying in purpose and in operation, make possible experiences which appeal to every girl and cover the entire range of school life. 1 5 ,4 flzlefics 742 Im 131 c' and White Hockey 511 6 157115 6611171 White Team JUIJITII DEUTSCH NANCY ENGLEIIART IRMA HARRIS GERTRUDE JONES MARY IVIOORMAN JONES DOROTHY LINTON JANE NICFALL ROSA GRAY SIMPSON BARBARA STEINMEYER NANCY SULTZER SARAH THORPE FLORENCE TUCKEIK ANNE WATSON KATHERINE XVATTERS BARBARA ARMENTROUT JANE AUSTIN KATHARINE BENSON JEAN CLARK BURNETT CULVERIIOUSE JEAN GIBBONS HELEN HOFFMAN FRANCES LANE VIRGINIA MARSHALL MARION MELONEY BETTE O,NEIl.L NIARY PARKER NAOMI SPEAR AGNES SWAIN JEAN FFOMPKINS HELEN 'FULLY IQATIIERINE WVILLIAMS LOIS WILLIARIS Husker 157111 -IEANN15 ANDERSON LUCY B1zA1.1,m' JANE WORTH BROVVN .IUDITII IDEUTSCII I-Ixs1.IaN Curmscu Gmlrkunn JONES Bmrrz O,NElI,l. NIARY PARKER ROSA GRAY SIMPSON JEAN TOMPKINS ANNE WATSON K A'rn ERIN li WA'1'1'IillS IQATIIARINE NVILLIAMS Zauaciug 7fze 911421 ,Archery Tennis ffllllf 61110 CAIIOI. WA'I'l' .... VIRGINIA COEIIR .... ISAIIEI. LEWIS. .. JANE AUSTIN .KIT BENSON . . .Mifmxrf of the' Hunt . . .F-irxt Whippcr-I-n . . .Second Whippar-In NANCY ENGLEIIAIU' LucII,I.E I'IAUTON HELIEN TULLY Ping-Pang BURNETT CuLvEIuIousE KA'FklLEEN LI'r'r1.E1oIIN HEl.EN GUENSCII BETTE O,NEILL IILMA HARRIS GI.OIKIA SULLIVAN ELAINE r11OWNE JANE Aus'rIN Lucv BxAI,I.EY JANE WoI1'I'I-I BI1owN IsAIxEI. COOGAN JEAN GIBBONS PIIYLLIS JOIIDAN JoAN LAGARDE DOROTHY LINTON MARY PARKEI1 Badmiufvu ROSA GRAY SIMPSON NAOMI SPEAR BARBARA STEINMEYEIQ NANCY SULTZER JEAN 'POMPKINS FLOIQENCE TUCKEII ANNE WATSON IQATIIERINE WATFERS LOIS NVILLIAMS 40414- one Wie im Summary 1ff,4fl1lcfics September 1940! Stratfordls doors open wide to her students for another year- They barely had time to say hello to their roommates before the fall tennis tournament was in full swing with many new aspirants for the single's title. And sure enough in the hnals, Bette O'Neill, our 1939 champion, was defeated by Jane Austin, a new tennis lassie from Hartford, Connecticut. Before we completed the tennis tournament, we began our practice for field hockey, with sixty-six girls out for positions on the class teams and the Blue and WVhite varsity teams. The night before the game, the lfVhites buried the Blue spirit, while the blues burned the White spirit, in a campus bonfire. The game was exciting and Well played, with the Blues finally coming out with a small margin to win. Then indoors to play badminton, and our three courts stayed occupied until March 15, when we had an excellent hnals match between Jean Gibbons and jane Austin. Jane came through with a two-out-oil three game win over Gib to add to her racquet victories. The ping-pong champion is still to be known, but the winner will deserve her title, for the players are many and skilled. Now with spring weather here, the campus becomes a playground, with the tennis courts and prac- tice board seeing much action. The softball diamond and archery range are alive again with practices for the spring games and tournaments. Our new canoes will add greatly to our spring sport calendar, for our canoe meet and races are sched- uled for May. VVith this successful year to spur us on, we shall begin next year with enthusiasm and new high hopes. E. D. PANN11.1. 5'-1. xx QQ., mm V we L gmfure haha GCTOBER DAY QUEEN ?m14ccs Zami .Allie 5 5 . Q 740 Im VALENTINE Lucille Aflifclzcll C1-1 R1sfrMAs CARD GIRL Hefty jones . ffhga -' MISS TRAVELLER Hefty l6'arbcr ,Maynard , N -' Q 0 f- Q1 , 1 h -' 6 Qxfxifx riff? Y 1 ,'..- ai" 7 1 f-'5i,x?,g:'V,ifl3i:31', f' . S" ef , iv '25- c, ' F9393 ' f N X ,rpg-N N ' V H '-sy , Qaalrf-Une 7fxe Im f'-Q,:fhf-ff!! F 11111 4 Senivr Cfvllcgf Zzslzivrz Show F' 7940 may .Queen and dfurf MISS LIBERTY jane Mega!! Ta. 2 5 A x X. 1 y I 5 www ' Mw- , vfmifii' z 5 52 'ihfqwru H ff: -QA ,n 1-:.. - 1 , . . M ., - nx- 51 4441 1.,.Q.,.3rf'2 .,.:,. . , - -' 4 -. , . H " , ' 1-W--:'::-':': 'Mia , "'V"fnHff?fK 'fm - - 5' , 'A ' 1 . r , 'rw ,- ,X ig, - -- .11-,W f M, U - , ,, -2 ' -lr Y -4 :V 14 V 'E-:f-V 'si V . 1 J.-:Jigga Nh S S 7713 im 5:2-1 , APPLE BLOSSOM PRINCESS Hefsy Davis MAY DAY MAID OF HONOR Blazqzf flaufafz va WH, na Q, X X, A Mu E H ,, K W Q MM sms if I XY xs QEWZ fixing' Q W 1 N' mf. H M W E Q M Q . H M p., -uma mu, sr: YS w - X M H M W Wm :SLE -D Axim - ' Ragga ss KEN Qfgmg--M SM sg, M5- mgw gf'W.sWE,1 4 mmm Es Nevin ,gi B A W Mm 1' xg me may gg ,A mx um MAE X. Q H I wi V 35195, ggi Ag", , K B gs g sf . Q-W, g- if 11 XA A W -b 'AM my .ff Wg? w S 45" wif N-V -Vi ESF- SEE j fm- A ' 1' -'-- H V Sw .422 .i -P J. X nf Sh r - ---Aj' E, M Q H, ,,,g- , H.. km ,, - ,M , Hlxm. -, W ,, -4--::.u.-.-4-7, A , 1 Q. -2 hw 'M"A MESH!! ' AfQ.,.Nl-U, Wg? H . .V -A ig,-' 5 ., - 1 , 4- 4 ' 5 1 sm ,, ff A gf LIN A MK Af - ' Ev., L, , .Lg H 3,8 Jghrwgga , '- w ig? 'A ff nr-y...,L. .if K 55 -5 V 'f-'21..s'LJ.f.....- ..I,..'4 KH ,,.awK.5,f1 IQ4I MAY Q EE Shah tl: Grant 7!w ha "Unlike to Chee" For meeting here af friend: with loyal friends, Exchanging warmth in word: up frorn the hearty Forjoy that'.r left when all the laughter endJ,' For thought: that ftay when all the guexty departj For peace and freedom ftill throughout our land, While all about uf darlenefs jill: the .rleyj For giving us the Jtrength of mind to ftand Uprightly for the lightf that we live byg For little thing: of comfort in our days: For :un and rain, and moon, and night: with Jtarfg For all the joy we jind in little wayxf But 1no.rt of all, for eonftant faith that'J ourf, We now would say, af oft we'll Jay again, Our humble thanlef to Thee, dear Lord. Amen. 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LHERMAN 'ianvdlezv 351 .5?0re' "Our Fifly-Fiftlz Year of Sincere Service" Lois Beauty Shop "IVe fllrllw' Lovelillrmr L01Jf'IiK7", . jefferson Ave. at Five Forks Phone 191+ D 3 D- V 1 l 1 C E n it e r p r 1 S e 1NcoRPom'rEn VVyatt-Buick Sales Company Danville, Virginia H - Offeraling CAPITOL GREYHOUND RIALTO SERVICE SrfA,fl1lON 2.4.-Hour Service DAN ,-1 TEXACO PRODUCTS H XV7lSl1illfI, Lubrication and Polishing DANVILLE VIRGIYIA Cars Called For and Delivered y L Free Parking to Our Patrons QA Sfanhing Elnfritzxtinu YOU have a most cordial in- vitation and a friendly welcome awaiting you always at Dan- villels 'ibiggest little shop." Come in often and select your favorite fashions in ladies' clothes and accessories. 'WHERE STYLE AND THRIFT ARE ON AN IDENTICAL BASIS i GURDINE-GENEVA "The Shop of Lovely Things" "Patro1zize Palter.vorz'.r' Dependable Drug Store Service F our Registered Pharmacists to Serve You Bennett's Esso Station ESSO SALES AND SERVICE Car: Callrrl For and Dfrlifucrcd Courteous, Eflicient and Prompt Service Phone 2341 Cor. Main and Holbrook PLATEEIRESENQRUG Virginia Theatre MAsoN1c TEMPLE DANVILLE, VA. Main Street Phone 568 SEND YOUR CLOTHES TO DA-BORNE 125 Watson Street CLEANERS Phones 3572 and 3573 VERY BEST WISHES rfD0l2QJl.ffL',.f Shopping Cerzfef' BELK-LEGGETT COMPANY DANVILLE Schooliield and Lea 1 Tl t DAIRY PRODUC1 s Co. lea TCS INCOKPORATIED PHONES QI I - 592 I4 1111111 llfarfllrffrs of ICI! CREAM AND BUTTER Efirdis Department Store 538 Loxuu. S'rmam' DANVILLE, VA. , 4.II Main St. Danville, Va. of action- the pause that X 1 An c WE MARK Reels ER Jef' 'ax l Itis the refreshing thing to .hi Y ,I +4-Q . . - .ggi fzgfwi COCA-COLA! BQTTLING eo. Q7 43 ""'05'..'5:E' Ah.'.m'ifd X X X f Q T A BTI L 1,4117 ' ' -Q 5 X. E, A J. .mx Q ' uhh-- S M.s4-4 ' ini' ofthe rhythm fl V qi re reshes 013 ' o f 1 do R EMV! 1 Suits are STRA TFORDIS' ffzfvnriles this year. Another year slyles may clmnge. But every year 'u'e'll be SlIY1ff0l'll'S "s11ii-ary" . . . eager Io lvzoiv, to help and to pleaye Slrrztforzl girls . . always alert io keep flzeir fnzvur. llappy fulurfsl Frances Kahn 4.10 Main Street Danville, Virginia F07',ffd'62,E0, Bfllllfj' f07' fl0llIfllillll'7If.S' of All College Functions PEARSALL STUDIOS ' can H GILES FLOWVER SHOP 9 F1'21I1kliH ROM PHONE 2436 ROANOKE, XIIRGINIA ai' 'Ir 'A' ir -if -A' if ir ak I if -Af 'k if 'K ou Qkcioh to c ange your name as Andes ozffen JJ First, you will need wedding invitations or announcements. Then, new visiting cards . . . stationery beating the address of your new 'A' 'lr 'ir ir home . . . notes for the acknowledgment of gifts. Call on us. We will take pleasure in helping you with all your stationery problems. Brides for several generations have come to us for their wedding stationery. No! THE S5 TQNE HUNTING CQJWPAINY ROANOKE, VIRGINIA Dial 6688 Y DLf5'IGNLlR5' AJVD PRINTERS' OF THE 19-H IRIS' Sen 22 Holley FRANCES LANE, 53 jane Street, Greenwich Village, N. Y. President of Class, '40-'41, Dramatic Club, '40-'41, Nativity, '40-'41, Traveller Staff, '40, October Day Queen, '41, Student Council, '40, French Club, Vice President, '41, Inter- national Relations Club, '40-'41, Blazer Club, '41. JEAN PENFIELD TOMPKINS, 236 Green Avenue, Sayville, L. I., N. Y. Student Council, '40, President of Student Body, '41, Dramatic Club, '40-'41, "Lilies of the Field," '40, "Prize Money," '40, "Imag- inary Invalid," '41, "The Happy Journey," '41, Founders' Day Toaster, '40, Founders' Day Toastmistress, '41, Nativity, ,4I, Madonna, '40, Dance Recital, '40, President of Riding Club, '40, Horse Show, '40, May Court, '40, junior-Senior Breakfast, '40, Athletic Banquet, '40, Blazer Club, '40-'41, Internatio11al Relations Club, '40-'41, October Day, '41, Alumnae Program, '41, Religious Service at Presbyterian Church, '41, Glee Club, '41, Commentator of Fashion Show, '41. BARBARA LEE ARMENTROUT, 4009 West Franklin Street, Richmond, Va. Traveller Staff, '40, IRIS Staff, '40-'41, Fashion Show Model, '41, Blazer Club, '40-'41, Co- chairman for Children's Christmas Party, '41, Student Council, '41, Vice President of Whites, '41, May Day, '40, White Stunt, '40, Class Secretary of Good English Week. KATHARINE ANN BENSON, 1 West Over- lea Avenue, Baltimore, Md. Hunt Club, '40-'41, Blazer Club, '40-'41, Club, '41, Sports Manager, Blazer Dramatic Club, '40, "Lilies of the Field," '40, Glee Club, '40, Spring Horse Show, '40-'41, Fall Horse Show, '41, Gymkhana, '41, Final Horse Show, '4IQGO0d English Week Committee, '41, Traveller Staff, '40-'41, Traveller Banquet Toast, '41. KATHRYN MARTELLE COLBERT, Gretna, Va. Glee Club, '40, Traveller Staff Typist, '41, Interior Decoration Club, '40, Fashion Show Stage Committee, '41, Tennis, '40. BURNETI' CULVERHOUSE, 1901 Eutaw Place, Baltimore, Md. Basket Ball, '40, Hockey, '40-'41, Dramatic Club, '40, President of Dramatic Club, '41, Traveller Staff, '40, Ping-Pong, '40-'41, Fashion Show Model, '41, Secretary of Student Council, '40-'41, Art Committee, '40-'41, May Day, '41. BETSY DAVIS, 219 Randolph Avenue, Danville, Va. May Court, '41, Traveller Staff, '41, Dance Recital, '40, Founders' Day Banquet Toaster, ,415 October Day '40-'41, Apple Blossom Princess, '41, Art Committee, '41, Attendant to Valentine Queen, '40, Leadout at Valen- tine Dance, '41. ISABEL EMERSON, 140 Park Avenue, Schoolheld, Va. Glee Club Pianist, '40, Local Students Club, '41, Traveller Stall, '41, Inis Stall, '41, Toast at Traveller Banquet, '41. ALICE FULTON, R. F. D. No. 4, Danville, Va. Ways and Means Committee, '40, Spring Planting Day Program, '40, Chairman, Social Committee, '41, Angel in Nativity, '41, French Club, '41, Secretary, International Relations Club, '41, Traveller Staff, '41, Co-Circulation Manager of IR1s, '41, Fashion Show Model, '41. ELSIE ROSE GARVIN, 426 George Street, Charles-Town, W. Va. Traveller Staff, '41, Decorations Committee, '41, Handbook Coinmittee, '41. JEAN JEFFIE GIBBONS, 2628 Dartmoor Road, Cleveland I-Ieights, Ohio. Charter Member of I-Iunt Club, '41, Spring Horse Show, '40, Twelfth Night, '40, Service Committee, '40, Blazer Club, '40-'41, Cap- tain of Softball Team, '40, Secretary- Treasurer of Blazer Club, '41, President of Whites, '41, Ways and Means Committee, '41, Good Manners Week Play, '41, Student Council, '41, Pre-Season Hunt Trials, '41. ELIZABETH PAXTON GRANT, 815 Main Street, Danville, Va. Nativity, '40-'41, Apple Blossom Princess, '40, Treasurer of Freshman Class, '40, Chair- man of Ways and Means Committee, '41, Business Manager of Iius, '41, Chairman of Fashion Show, '41, Secretary of French Club, '41, International Relations Club, '41, Founders' Day Banquet Toaster, '40-'41, May Queen, '41. BERNICE HEARD, West Main Street, Dan- ville, Va. Student Council, '41, President of Local Students Club, '41, President of French Club, '41, Secretary of Dramatic Club, '41, Secre- tary of Class, '40, Vice President of Class, '41, Nativity, '40-'41, International Relations Club, '40-'41, May Day, '40, "The Imaginary Invalid," '41, Good Manners Week Play, '41, Author of Hymn to America, '41. Sm 21 Holley HELEN I-IOFFMAN, 338 Westwood Road, Woodmere, Long Island, N. Y. Glee Club, '40-'41, White Stunt, '40, Nativity, '40-'41, Hockey, '41, Rat Week Chairman, '41, French Club, '41, Christmas Party Com- mittee, '41, Goocl Manners Week Play, '41, luis Stall, '41, October Day, '41, Fashion Show, '41, Dramatic Club, '41, "Imaginary Invalid," '41, "Three Pills in a Bottle," '41, Basket Ball, '41, Good English Week Play, '41, May Day, '41. MARY EVELYN jEFFERSON, I60 Gray Street, Danville, Va. Travrllzr Stall, '40, IRIS StaH', '40, Dramatic Club, '40-'41, Secretary, International Rela- tions Club, '40, Chairman of Spring Plant- ing Program, '40, Junior-Senior Breakfast Toaster, '40, Founders' Day Toaster, '40-'41, Travrlln' Birthday Toaster, '40-'41, "Prize Money," '40, "Imaginary Invalid," '41, Page Editor of Trazwllcr, '41, Editor-in-Chief of Ims, '41, President of International Relations Club, '41, Social Committee, '41, Local Stu- dents Club, '41, Blue Pencil Club, '40-'41, May Day, '40-'41. MARTHA LAUBENSTEIN, 42 5 Centre Street, Ashland, Pa. Glee Club, '40, Blazer Club, '40-'41 , Riding, '4o. .IOSIE LEWIS, Gray Street, Danville, Va. International Relations Club, '41, Local Stu- dents Club, '41. VIRGINIA FLORENCE MCLEAN, 20011 Malvern Road, Shaker Heights, Ohio. Glee Club, '40-'41, Traveller Stalf, '40-'4I. BETTY BARBER MAYNARD, 204 Marshall Terrace, Danville, Va. Secretary of Class, '41, Toastmistress of Traveller Birthday Banquet, '41, President of Blue Pencil Club, '41, Advertising Manager of Travrllzr, '40, junior-Senior Breakfast Toaster, '40, May Day, '40-'41, Business Manager and Advertising Coordinator of Traveller, '41, Fashion Show Committee, '41, Ixus Stall, '40, Local Students Club, '41, October Day Court, '41. BETTE JEAN O'NEILL, I2 Muirheld Road, Rockville Centre, Long Island, N. Y. President of Blazer Club, '41, Fall and Spring Tennis Champion, '40, Captain of Hockey and Basket Ball Teams, '40, Interior Decora- tion Club, '4o, lius Staff, '41, Good Manners Week Play, '41, Fashion Show, '41, Twelfth Night, '41, May Day, '40, White Stunt, '40-'41, Good English Week Play, '4o. MARY LOUISE Rl-IYNE, 929 East Boulevard, Charlotte, N. C. Dance Committee, '40, Circulation Mariager of Traveller, '41, Interior Decoration Club, '40, Fashion Show Model, '41 , Secretary of IRIS Staff, '41 , Secretary of Good English Week, '41. IVIILDRED LOUISE ROGERS, Naval Mine Depot, Yorktown, Va. Traveller Staflf, '41, Glee Club, '40-'41, Dramatic Club, '41, IRIS Staff, '41, Poetry Society, '41. MARY EVELYN SHELTON, 816 Shephard Avenue, Danville, Va. Interior Decoration Club, '40, Costumes for May Day, '40, Decoration Committee, '41, Traveller Staff, '41, IRIS Staff, '41, Stage Com- mittee for Fashion Show, '41, Local Students Club, '41, Costumes for Dramatic Club, '41. BARBARA SHIELDS, 4471 Conduit Road, Washington, D. C. May Day, '40, T1-awller Staff, '40, Sergeant- at-Arms, '40-41, VVhite Stunt, '40, Good Manners Week Play, '41, Fashion Show, '41, October Day, '41. GLORIA SULLIVAN, 2833 Courtland Boule- vard, Shaker I-Ieaight, Ohio. Art Committee, '40-'41, Ping-Pong, '40-'41, Badminton, ,4O-'41, Nativity, '41, Fashion Show, '41, May Day, '40. AGNES NELSON SWAIN, Broad Street, Danville, Va. May Day, '40-'41, IRIS Stall, '41, Traveller Staff, '41, Fashion Show, '41, Good English Week Play, '41, Ways and Means Committee, '41, Hockey Team, '40, Nativity, '41, Blazer Club, '41. KATHERINE LOUISE WILLIAMS, 15609 Brewster Road, East Cleveland, Ohio. Dramatic Club, '40-'41, Property Manager of "Lilies of the Field," '40, Stage Manager of Spring Plays, '40, Blazer Club, '40-'41, "Imaginary Invalid," '41, Stage Manager of "Imaginary Invalid," '41, "Three Pills in a Bottle," '41, Ixus Staff, '4I, Ways and Means Committee, '41, Poetry Society, '41. LOISVIWILLIAMS, Brantwood Farms, Elkton, d. Madonna, '41, Student Council, '40, Vice President of Student Body, '41, Judiciary Committee, '41, Poetry Society, '40, Chair- man, Poetry Society Tea, '40, President of Poetry Society, '41, Traveller Staff Secretary, '41, Traveller Staff, '41, Chairman, Traveller Banquet, '40-'41, Traveller Banquet Toaster, '41, Class Treasurer, '41, Founders' Day Toaster, '41, Glee Club, '40-'41, Dramatic Club, '40-'41, "Imaginary Invalid," '41, Stage Manager of Spring Plays, '41, IRIS Staff, '40, Literary Editor of IRIS, '41, Inter- national Relations Club, '41, Blazer Club, '41, Fashion Show Committee, '41, Junior- Senior Breakfast Toaster, '40, May Day, '40, Chairman, Rat Week Dance, '41, White Stunt, '40, Spring Planting Program, '40, Children's Christmas Party, '41, Fire Chief, '41, Ways and Means Committee, '40, Service Committee, '4I. CHARLOTTE WORSHAM, Main Street, Dan- ville, Va. Advertising Staff of Traveller, '40, May Day, '40, Fashion Show, '41, Silhouette for IRIS, '40, Tennis, '40, Good English Week Play, '41. S614 21 Hall BARBARA STUART ADAMS, Cox-Carlton, Hotel, Atlanta, Ga. President of Class, '40-'41, Traveller Stall, '40-'41, Glee Club, '40-'41, Dramatic Club, '40-'41, "Lilies of the Field," '40, "The Imaginary Invalid," '41, "The Minuet," '41, IRIS Staff, '40-'41, October Day Court, '40-'41, Stratford Hunt Club, '41, White Cheer Leader, '40-'41, Dance Floor Committee, '4o-'41, Founders' Day Toaster, '4o-'41, Sophomore Fashion Show, '41, Poetry So- ciety, '41, Rat Week Committee, '41, Traveller Birthday Toaster, '41, Student Council, '41, Spring Planting Day, '41. MARJORIE L. ANDERSON, 5 Baltimore Street, Hyattsville, Md. President of Sophomore Hall Class, '39, October Day Court, '39, May Day, '39, Trariellef' Staff, '40, Captain of Good English Week, '39, Secretary of Good English Week, '4O. JANE S. AUSTIN, 62 Highland Street, hVest Hartford, Conn. Blazer Club, '41, Pre-Season Hunter Trials, '41, White Runner, '41, Student Council, '41, Nativity, '41, Tennis Champion, '41, Strat- ford Hunt Club, '41, May Court, '41, Bad- minton Champion, '41, Spring Horse Show, '41, Final Horse Show, '41, Spring Planting Day, '41. JEAN MERRYDAY CLARK, 225 Storer Avenue, Akron, Ohio. Vice President of Class, '41, Blazer Club, '40-'41, October Day Court, '41, Glee Club, '40, French Club, '41, Treasurer of Daughters Club, '41, Student Council, '41, Dramatic Club, '40-'41, Badminton Champion, '4o. NANCY FENICHEL, 235 NVest 76th Street, New York, N. Y. May Day, '41. LUCILLE HAUTON, 2905 Andrews Drive, N. VV., Atlanta, Ga. Secretary of Class, '40-'41, May Court, '40, Maid of Honor in May Court, '41, Dramatic Club, '40, "Lilies of the Field," '40, Glee Club, '41, Secretary of Stratford Hunt Club, '40-'41, Horse Show Cup, '40, Pre-Season Hunter Trials, '41, Second Vice President of Whites, '40, Secretary of Whites, '41, White Runner, '40, IRIS Staff, '41, Rat VVeek Com- mittee, '41, Sophomore Fashion Show, '41, Founders' Day Banquet Toaster, '41, Spring Horse Show, '41, Secretary of Good English Week, '40, Spring Planting Day, '41. XVINIFRED HAYWOOD, P. O. Box 571, Danville, Va. Armistice Day Parade, '41. MARY C. KRETSCHMAR, 666 West End Avenue, New York, N. Y. Glee Club, '41, Leadout at Valentine Dance, '41, Sophomore Fashion Show, '41, Captain of Good English Week, '41, Spring Planting Day, '4I. JOAN LAGARDE, I23O Leighton Avenue, Anniston, Ala. French Club, '41, May Court, '41. CAROLYN LAMBETH, R. F. D. 6, Dan- ville, Va. Standard Bearer of Class, '40-'41. KATHLEEN LITTLEJOHN, 16 Myrtle Ave- nue, Summit, N. Glee Club, '41, Trzztwller Staff, '41, French Club, '41. JEAN hfIcDANIEL, 139 Robertson Avenue Danville, Va. ANNE MILTEER, 405 Walnut Street, Franklin, Va. Dramatic Club, '41, "The Imaginary In- valid," '41, Iius Stali, '41, Glee Club, '41, Dance Floor Committee, '41. ELIZABETH MARY PARKER, Country Club Lane, Parkersburg, W. Va. Blazer Club, '40-'41,I1us Staff, '41, May Day, '40-'41, French Club, '41. FRANCES LOUISE RICHARDSON, "Win- dermere," Charleston, S. C. Glee Club, '41. LUCILLE FRANTZ GOODE SCHOOLFI l'2I.D, Rye, N. Y. Spring Planting Day, '41. NAOMI SPEAR, 830 Bryant Street, Wood- 1nere, L. I., N. Y. White Hockey Team, '41, NVhite Runner, '41, October Day, '41, Blazer Club, '41. JEANNE STOYVELL, 316 Haven Avenue, Apartment 8, New York, N. Y. Glee Club, '41, White Cheer Leader, '41, Dance Floor Committee, '41, Sophomore Fashion Show, '41. HELEN ADMIRAL TULLY, 257 South Belve- dere, Memphis, Tenn. WVhite Hockey Team, '41, Pre-Season Hunter Trials, '41, NVhite Runner, '41, Dance Floor Committee, '41, Stratford Hunt Club, '41, Twelfth Night, '41, October Day, '41, Final Horse Show, '41, Spring Horse Show, '41, Blazer Club, '41. Addresses of ,Members af 0 her Elzzsscs FRANCES AMES ....... . JEANNE ANDERSON ..... LYDIA LEA BAILEY ..... FRANCES BINGI-IAM .,... BARBARA BOSHART ..... J EAN BOZ E .............. J AN E WORTH BROWN .... LUCY BRALLEY ......... VIRGINIA COERR .,.... ISABEL COOGAN ...,..... JU D ITH DEUTSCH ......... MARJORIE EMBSIIOFF. . . . JEAN EMERSON ......,.. NANCY ENGLEHART .... MARY FAZEI.. ........ . . ANNA MAY FERRY ..,. HELEN GUENSCI-'I ...... . MARGARET HANCOCK .... IRMA HARRIS .....,... BE'I'I'Y JONES ....,.. GERTRUDE JONES .... PI-IYLLIS JORDAN .... . SYVILLE KOI-IN ........ JOAN LAGARDE ........, ELIZABFITI-I LAMONBY. . . . FRANCES I.,ES'I'E R ,...... DOROTI-IY LINTON. . . . HOLLY LOCKWOOD ...,.. JEAN LOUGHEAD ..... NELLE LUCK .......... MILDRED MARKS ......... VIRGINIA MARSHALL ..... MARION MI'II.ONEY ..... JEANNE MILLER .,....., LUCILLE MI'l'CI-IELI.. . . . BARBARA MULLIGAN .... , NAOMI OLSEN .....,..... REBA PASCI-IAL ,....,.. MADELINE SCIILOSS .,.... . JOYCE SHACKLETON ..,... . ADDIE VIRGINIA STANLEY .... .,... BARBARA STEINMEYER. . . GLORIA SULLIVAN ........ NANCY SULTZER ........ SARAH THORPE ..... ELAINE TOWNE ...... . FLORENCE TUCKICR ..... HIf.Ll'.N TULLY .......... ANNE MINOR TYREE, . . CAROL WATT ,......,.... ANNE WATSON ..........,., KATHERINE WA'l'I'I'iRS .... AGNES WEST ............... CATHERINE WILLINGHAM .... . . . BOARDING STUDENTS 638 North Jackson Street, Arlington, Va. III4 East 36th Street, Baltimore, Md. 306 North Mendenhall Street, Greensboro, N. C. F. O. Box 5.1.7, Thomasville, N. C. 9 Sullivan Street, Cazenovia, N. Y. 2725 West Grace Street, Richmond, Va. 117 River Point Road, Signal IVIountain, Tenn. Lynch Station, Va. iiWOf111SlOC,,, Savannah, Ga. 832 Old Lancaster Road, Bryn Mawr, Pa. 1217 Beach 9th Street, Far Rockaway, N. Y. IIS Andrew Road, Manhasset, Long Island, N. Y. 18915 Oxford Road, Cleveland, Ohio. 2205 Cross Drive, Nlemphis, Tenn. 1530 Westover Avenue, Petersburg, Va. 7148 Alaska Avenue, N. VV., NVashington, D. C. 3419 149th Place, Flushing, N. Y. 306 Hillcrest Drive, High Point, N. C. 80 Neptune Avenue, Woodmere, Long Island, N. Y. Box 236, Inverness, Fla. 902 Fairfield Avenue, Kinston, N. C. I7 Oakland Place, Summit, N. 12727 Cedar Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio. 1230 Leighton Avenue, Anniston, Ala. 1730 South Cullom Street, Birmingham, Ala. 1:3 JeITerson Street, Falls Church, Va. IZOI Andover Road, West Gate P. O., Philadelphia Linkhorn Park, Virginia Beach, Va. 157 Harrison Street, East Orange, N. J. College Avenue, Ashland, Va. Broadway, N. C. 33 Rockbridge Road, Mount Vernon, N. Y. 320 Beverly Road, Douglaston, Long Island, N. Y. 235 Buckingham Road, Rocky River, Ohio. 814 Cypress Street, Greensboro, N. C. 308 Meadowbrook Terrace, Greensboro, N. C. 110 Third Street, Elmer, N. J. 2814 Peachtree Road, N. W., Atlanta, Ga. 1559 Crest Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio. 430 Wyoming Avenue, Maplewood, N. J. Stanleytown, Va. 25 Riggs Avenue, West Hartford, Conn. 2833 Courtland Boulevard, Shaker Heights, Ohio. I2 Heathcote Road, Scarsdale, N. Y. Townsend, Ga. II Blackburn Place, Summit, N. J. 508 Houston Street, Chattanooga, Tenn. 257 South Belvedere, Memphis, Tenn. Lynch Station, Va. 1326 South 19th Street, Birmingham, Ala. 1843 Berkeley Avenue, Petersburg, Va. 2814 hffountain Avenue, Birmingham, Ala. 3 Lee Street, Onancock, Va. 232 Westminster Drive, N. E., Atlanta, Ga. fem! Students BETSY COLEMAN .........,.......... MARGARET DEHART ..... CAROL EDMUNDS ....... BELLE FRANCIS ....... LOUISE GARDNER .... NANCY GOOLSEY ......., CAROLINE HARRISON ...... MARY MOORMAN JONES .... MARY GARLAND KING ..... VIRGINIA LAMBETH ...., ISABEL LEWIS .,......... NANCY LUNDIE ...,... DORIS MAYBERRY .... JANE MCFALL ......... JEAN RATHBURN ....... GENE RAY ................. VIRGINIA ROBERTSON ..... ROSA GRAY SIMPSON .... AGNES SWAIN ,........ RUTH TOWNES ...... JEAN YARBORO ..... NANCY CARTER BOATWRIGHT ....... MAY CRUMPLER ...................... .Main Street, Danville, Va. "Dan's Hill," R. F. D. No. I, Danville, Va. IO4 Lady Astor Street, Danville, Va. 221 Robertson Avenue, Danville, Va. 156 Gray Street, Danville, Va, Dry Fork, Va. Forest Hills, Danville, Va. 157 South Main Street, Danville, Va. Forest Hills, Danville, Va. "Cherry Hill," R. F. D. No. 1, Danville, Va. cfo Mrs. George Stone, Forest Hills, Danville, Va. R. F. D. No. 6, Danville, Va. II8 Lady Astor Street, Danville, Va. Wilson Street, Danville, Va. 842 Claiborne Street, Danville, Va. Main Street, Danville, Va. cfo Mrs. Kenneth IfVeakley, Arnett Apt., Danville, Va. Forest Hills, Danville, Va. R. F. D. No. 2, Danville, Va. 127 South Main Street, Danville, Va. Broad Street, Danville, Va. Virginia Avenue, Danville, Va. Marshall Terrace, Danville, Va. Addresses ef Members ef gezeu y MISS MARGARET P. BRYDON.. MRS. STELLA D. CAMDEN .........,... MRS. IRENE COOK ........ MRS. OSCAR EVANS ........ MISS IDA FITZGERALD ..... .... MISS FRANCES HAYTHE .........,,.,. MISS KATHERINE HOOFNAGLE ....... MR. FRANK JEFFERSON ..........,.... MISS MABEL H. KENNEDY ............ MISS HALLIE B. MCMILLIAN ........,. MISS JANIE MAHAN ..,......... MISS ANNE E. MARTIN ...,... MRS. GORDON HILL MAY .... MISS MARIETTA MILLET .... MISS JEAN MOLLISON .......... MISS LELIA ANNE MUNCE ,.... MR. RUSSELL NEELY .....,... MISS RONNIE ODOM .......,... MISS ELIZABETH PANNILL ..... MRS. WALTER PARKER ...... MISS CORA RAY .......... MISS HELEN SHIELDS ....,. REV. A. B. STANGER ........., MRS. JULIA B. THOMASSON .... MISS DELLA TRUITT ........... MISS BESSIE 'VAN WAGENEN .......... MR. GARRETT WATKINS ..... College Avenue, Danville, Va. 4313 Fort Avenue, Lynchburg, Va. Box 66, Fountain Inn, S. C. 338 Virginia Avenue, Danville, Va. II8 West Main Street, Danville, Va. S21 Monroe Street, Danville, Va. 1 129 West Avenue, Richmond, Va. 313M Fayetteville Street, Raleigh, N. C. IO5 St. Johnis Road, Baltimore, Md. Eutaw, Ala. Caswell County, N. C. Stratford College, Danville, Va. 226 Randolph Avenue, Danville, Va. 1028 Camelia Avenue, Baton Rouge, La. IIS West Main Street, Danville, Va. West Harrison Street, Danville, Va. 118 Mt. Vernon Avenue, Danville, Va. Chestnut Oaks, Bennettesville, S. C. ZIOI Oak Street, Jacksonville, Fla. 304 College Avenue, Danville, Va. Stratford College, Danville, Va. Nevin Avenue, Sewickley, Pa. 848 Paxton Avenue, Danville, Va. Stratford College, Danville, Va. Snowden, N. C. 1 124 Main Street, Danville, Va. 183 West Main Street, Danville, Va 26.20. 040011 ,f-0cif.! fvL.cA.i -17,C,,.,-rygf! ,Q ,Af-7vz4Lf,f l 5 s 17 .-0 . Q- A-J.-fu: f 1. 4- A- v 1 W 1 1 v R 1 1 x X ul P .. - . . , , -v.-I. I , . -. ,,-. "if .fL.Q,,- "QL f . 4 . f . nh. r I r.LI If 4 ,, L irw - , in ,.'- . , .-, ,gn -.- '.- . . . . A. . , .Ng-

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1941, pg 55

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