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,-5 ' 3, 1 rr' ' fx KH ' f9 'X PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THE STUDENT BODY I Loualiu ln fha' mirlsf of rolling uxoorllanrls Umlermfafh a sky of blur Slamls our noble' Alma Mafvr, Sfrong aml fvrzrlm' lo our Lfivzug Swain? of manly hard-foughi sfrugglvs, Aml of 'many friumjmhs, foo. joys 100,110 luiown aml sorrows xujfercrl, But our hearts were fuer lrzmg Faifhful L',!'1' fo ilear'-lozfail Strafforal, To har sfanrlarzls we will hog By a low' Time 011111101 allcr, Prom' our sleaflfasi loyalfy. Wilh an azlzlvzl slrcngfh aml courage, Aim' a hosf of Illl7I7I0l'll'X .vwc'f'f, We shall go forlh fillcrl with arrlor, Brave and sfrong whafc"f'r uw 111001. Though from hcrcf our paths may sever, Anil our ferfl may zlisfanf roam, Ye! thc' 'HIC'liI0l'y c'0r shall linger Of our c'herish0a' fosfcr homo. Lai ns lH'0IlIlljf swell Ihr anfhrfm Far aml zuirle, and loml and long- Sfrulforillv beaniy and her glory Ever be our loyal song. STRATFORD CGLLEGE . . . DANVILLE, VIRGINIA Jglzmz QL azz W 9 Z LIIICAZ Nil'-l To Petie Noi sail, nor joyous- Wc' can but murlz Ilan' ibrzzsl Thai svn! fbee b0l7lL'lUIlfll, Angel- Homezonrzl through flu' zlilxf. Noi free, nor bimlwzerl- We are lm! lofi fo 'wait Anil sing fby rarols, Angel, Soffly, S0011 amz' laic. No! glufl, nor liiiier- Wc' now licfbolzl My fave, Il"s flH'77i71g lJ0mc'warzl, Angvl, The cfartb lscflrl not llay jilurv. Ola, Pracre zrffvnil flaw c'vvr! We shall noi bv afraid- For flaou basl' laugh! 115, Angel, Of wbui fby wings are mazlv. March 16, 1940 -JEAN MoLL1soN TRIBUTE For patient guidance-for abiding faith-for genuine friendship-for their constant lending of heart and hand-we Wish to express deep and lasting gratitude to our President and to our Dean. 5- To Those It's no simple matter to make germs and chemicals interesting to a worldly-minded bevy of college girls, but Miss Anne Martin's solu- tion must be a good one for she makes us want to learng or could it be her own endless vitality that is the secret? . . . Mrs. Camden's Christmas Party is the big event of the season at Stratford and the finest example we can give of her great heart and sympathetic under- standing . . . despite her full time job as twin rearer and Traveller adviser, Mrs. Gordon May is always eager and willing to make our problems her problems . . . a companion for jollity, a guide for learn- ing, and unfailingly a friend. She has taught us that "dreams and courage never die," nor shall our admiration for Miss Ida Fitzgerald . . . because her own exquisite touch has added so much beauty to Stratford's personality, we shall remember 'Miss Bessie Van Wageiien always . . . a rollicking charm and infectious friendliness that brings laughter and merriment to whatever group she is in is Miss Eliza- beth Pannill's most distinguishing characteristic. . . Miss Della Truitt is unfailingly dependable. Every sparkling eye and rosy cheek at Stratford is active testimony to her efficiency and skill . . . Miss Rachel Black's keen sense of perfection has given us all more for which to aspire . . . a petite figure breezing in and out among us with the sort 1940 we Honor of good-fellowship that causes us to think of her as "belonging" in a very real sense, Miss Katherine Hoofnagle . . . with a song and a smile, Miss Margaret Vfhittington can chase away any complicated case of "boarding school blues" . . . Miss Margaret Brydon's eager cooperation with us in our feverish search for books and articles will not be soon forgotten . . . Because she has taught us the loveliness and comfort we can find in music, we are forever indebted to Miss Hallie McMillan . . . Miss Ronnie Odom's thoroughness in teaching us Latin has given us almost as firm a Roman background as Julius Caesar himself . . . l10t only has she been a source of understanding as well as a consoling hand to us, but Mrs. Claude Cook's excellent counsel has kept us out of more mischief than We like to remember . . . an air of hearty amiability is Mr. Russell Neely's high sign and it never fails to buoy us . . . Mrs. Wailtei' Parker's professional genius has given us an infinitely greater interest in Stratford dramatics . . . her astute craftsmanship and quiet Congeniality have made Miss Cora Ray's students think of her as a sincere friend . . . for constant and tireless service to Stratford, Miss Helen Shields is well-known . . , Through their cheerful endurance of endless hours of scale frilliug, Mrs. Julia Thompson and Miss Janie Mahan have taught us that patience is indeed a supreme virtue! IRIS 1940 IRIS Executive Staff VIIKGINIIK CULPEPPEII . MAIRY LILLY PUIIIIUM . ANNE SIMPSON . . BARBARA GRIFFITPIS . . LEA BAILEY, BETTY CHAPIN MISS IDA FITZGEIIALIJ . . Ezlilor-in-Cbivf Bzzxinvxx Nftllillgfl' LiIlt'l'lll'.'j' Erfilor . Piffllft' Ezlilor . Cirrnlniiou Mamzgvrs . A1fI-'i.II'r 3 :igg ' f 12 if , W . ,y ,- ., 1 N V 1 vi 1, 3, J, -3, . .-J X 1..--mg if mfg, 1 Em ,X 1940 SENIGR COLLEGE ANNE SIMPSON DANX'lLLE, VIRGINIA President Freshman College Class 111, President Sophomore College Class 121, Member International Relations Club 1l,21, Member French Club 1l,21, Alumnae Reporter for TI'dl,'t'1lf'l' 1l,21, Toaster, Founders' Day Banquet 111, Toaster, Travellc'r"s Birthday Banquet 111, October Day Queen 121, Vice-President International Relations Club 121, Blue Pencil Club 11,21 , May Day 111. EDITH BOND SAYVILLE, LONG ISLAND, N. Y. Blazer Club 121, Basketball 1l,21, I-Iockey 121, Ping Pong 1l,21, Spring Planting Day 111, IRIS StaHi 121, TraI'r'll1'r Staff 121, International Relations Club 121, Interior Decoration Club 121, Student Council 1l,21, May Court 121, President Student Council 121. VIRGINIA AMES RIcI-IMOND, VIRGINIA Student Council Secretary 121, Treasurer Dance Committee 121, Interior Decoration Club 121, October Day 121, Sophomore Class Fashion Show 121. ' ANNE BQWEN BALTIINIORE, MARYLAND Secretary-Treasurer Blazer Club 121, Member Blazer Club 11,21, Secretary Senior Class 121, Ping Pong Champion 1l,21, Glee Club 1l,21, Tennis Team 1l,21, Hockey Team 1l,21, Nativity 121. CI-IAIRLEE BRYANT SPRING GARDEN, VIRGINIA Dramatic Club 1l,21, Hockey 111, Soft Ball 111, Basketball 111, Good Mannerls W'eek Play 121. VIRGINIA CABELL BALTIMORI5, MARYLAND Treasurer Student Council 1l,21, Fall Tennis Champion 111, President Blazer Club 1l,21, Secretary Athletic Council 1l,21, President Blues 111, Hockey 1l,21, Basket- ball 1l,21, Best Athlete 1l,21, Glee Club 111, TruuvlIc'r 121. 1940 SENIOR COLLEGE JULIA CARTER DANVIHLE, VIRGINIA Trarrllrfr staff 1l,21, IRIS Staff 111, Dramatic Club 11,21, "Stage Door" 111, "Spring Dance" 111, "The Lilies of the Fieldn 121, Stratford VaIen1ine 121, May Court 121, lfashion Show Model 121. HESTER CI-IATTIN SCI-IOOLFIELD, VIIKGINIA Blazer Club 11,21, International Relations Club 121, Interior Decoration Club 121, Tnrwllci' Staff 121, lRIs Staff 121, Sophomore Treasurer 121, Poetry Society 11521, Vice-President Blues 121, Blue Pencil Club 121. ELIZABETH CORBET ELIZABETH, NEW JERSEY Basketball 111, Hockey 11,21, Traveller Staff 1I,21, October Day 11,21, T:'.1L'e11r'r Banquet Toaster 121. VIRGINIA CULPEPPER DANVILLE, VIIXGINIA Secretary of ,Blues 111, Editor of Old Gray Marr 111, King of Twelfth Night Court 111, Christmas Pageant 11,21, Founders' Banquet Toaster 11,21, Humor Editor of 'Fl'lIl'1'IIl'l' 11,21, Vice-President International Relations Club 111, Planting Day 111, May Day 111, Blue Pencil Club President 121, Vice-President Sophomore Class, His- torian of Sophomore Class, junior-Senior Breakfast Toaster 111, Editor of the IRIS 121, Blazer Club 121, October Day Court 121, Toastmistress of Traveller Banquet 121, Poetry Society 1l,21, Master of Ceremonies Twelfth Night 121, Fashion Show Nar- rator 121, Class Song 11,21. ,IANETI-I EARLY M ULLENS, XVES1' VIRGINIA Glee Club 121, NVardrobe Mistress Glee Club 111, Secretary-Treasurer Dramatic Club 121, Delta Psi Omega 121, Secretary Sophomore Class 121, TI'aLfc'llc'I' Staff 121, IRIS staff 121, Blue Pencil Club 121, "Stage DooI"' 111, Queen Twelfth Night 111, Master Follies Twelfth Night 121, Toaster Freshman-Sophomore Breakfast 111, May Day 111, October Day 111, Dance Committee 121, Nativity 111, "Let It Go At That" 121, Fashion Show 121. ' MARY HUNTER EDMUNDS DANIIILLE, IJYIRGINIA Vice-President Freshman Class 111, French Club 1l,21, Dramatic Club 1I,21, "Stage Door," "Spring Dance," ChaiI'man Good English Week 111, Toastmistress Founders' Day Banquet 121, Trzzzfellcr Staff 1l,21, Business Manager Trawllm' 121, IRIS 111, "Lilies of the Field," President International Relations Club 121, Chairman Current Events Weelt 121, Toaster, Founders, Banquet 111. ' 1940 SENIOR COLLEGE HELEN FRIEDLANDER NEW Yoiut CITY International Relations Club QZJ, Advertising Staff Travcllm' QZJ, Huntsman Club QZQ, Sophomore Fashion Show Model QZJ, Spring Planting Day Speaker QU, Current Events Weelc Committee QZQ, Assistant Business Manager IRIS QZJ. PEGGY LOU FUTRELLE EMPORIA, VIRGINIA Christmas Card Girl QU, Sergeant-at-Arms Q1,2j, Glee Club QU, Stratford Sextette QU, IRIS Staff QU, May Court QU, May Queen Q2j, The Nativity Q2j, Fashion Show Model Q2j. BETTY GALLAHER LII FOLLETTE, TENNESSEE The Nativity QU, Fashion Show Committee Q21 , Fashion Show Model QZQ, Committee for Cl1ilCll'Cl1,S Christmas Party QZJ. EVELYN GILLEY AXTON, VIRGINIA Student Council QU, Vice-President Student Council QZJ, Glee Club QU, President Glee Club QZQ, Dramatic Club QU, President Dramatic Club QZJ, "Stage Door,', "Lilies of the Field," Basketball Q1,2j, I-lockey Ql,2j, Blazer Club Q1,2j, October Day QZJ, Interior Decoration Club QZJ, Secretary Good English Week QZQ. BARBARA GRIFFITI-IS BIUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA Traveller Executive Staff Ql,2j, IRIS Staff Ql,2j "Stage Door," "Let It Go At That," Director "Just Won1en," Blazer Club Q1,2j, Poetry Society Q1,2j, Founders' Day Ban- quet Ql,2j, Traveller Banquet Ql,2j, Freshman-Senior Breakfast QU, Chairman "Rat XVeck," Good English Weelc Captain QZQ, May Day QU, October Day QU, Interior Decoration Club QZQ, Firc Sergeant Q2j, Golden Quill QZJ, Archery Q1,2j, Cheer Leader Q1,2j, Basketball QZQ, Delta Psi Omega Ql,2j, Twelfth Night Q2j, Chairman Dance Committee QZJ, Nativity ANNE HAGERTY BALTIMORE, MAIKYLAND Dramatic Club Ql,2j, Basketball QU, Delta Psi Omega Q1,2j, Chairman Class Refresh- ment Committee Ql,2j, Chairman Christmas Party QZJ, Chairman Fashion Show QZJ, "Stage Door" QU, "Spring Dance" QU, Tmuellcr Staff QZJ, Stage Manager "Lilies of the Field" QZQ. 1940 SENICR COLLEGE PEARL KOTLIER WOIIGESTER, MASSACHUSETTS The Nativity 111, Glee Club f1,2j, Stratford Sextette QZQ, Student Council Q1,2j, Business Manager of '40 Class, Secretary-Treasurer Glee Club Q1,2j, Trrwcllei' Q1,2j, IRIS QZJ. MARY LILLY PURDUM DANVILLE, VIRGINIA Blue Pencil Club C1,2j, Tlwuellcfi' Staff fly, Circulation Manager Tmtfcllci' QZJ, Inter- national Relations Club 121, French Club QU, Freshman-Sophomore Breakfast Toaster QU, Co-Chairman Spring Planting Day QU, Student Council CZJ, IRIS Business Man- ager QZJ, President of Blues Q2j, Hockey Team Q1,2j, Basketball QU, Blazer Club Q1,2j. CATHERINE PARR BALTIMORE, MAIKYLANIJ The Nativity Q1,2j, Bride in Fashion Show QZQ , Stratford Huntsman Club QZJ, Ways and Means Committee Freshman Class, Dramatic Club Qlj, Good Manners Week f2j. CAROLYN PERKINSON DANVILLE, VIRGINIA President Interior Decoration Club QZJ, Traifellw Staff QZJ, Sophomore Fashion Show Model Q2j, Decoration Committee Freshman Class, IRIS Staff Typist QZQ. PEGGY RODNICK WOODNIERE, LONG ISLAND, N. Y. French Club fly, Glee Club Q1,2j, May Day QU, May Court CZQ, Secretary of Good English Wecli QZJ. CAROLYN SANDERS PRINCETON, WEST VIRGINIA May Court 122, May Day Qlj, Glee Club f1,2j, Dramatic Club Qlj, October Day Q1,2j, Fashion Show Model QZQ, Nativity QU, "Stage Doorl' UQ, Chairman of Arts and Decorations Committee QZQ, Blue Stunt f2j. , , 1-. - 1 f?La,,Nw M4 A lfvwvqwnfx , . - 1' b , "" I' 1 'v' dl..1'.Aj',-,dk Jv' '4'V'4'wd A ' f 7' I- A 1 4-A .M .4.4'.'.,'.fv'xq 'W' "" A ' A F ji ' I Q.y,,,.jJ: , 5 ',-' -44 .bf A -,.- . -'V-1 . V .1... , A J . ff 1 1 .-,fl SENIOR CCDLLEGE CAROLYN SMITH DANVILLI3, VIRGINIA French Club CU, Class Decoration Committee QU, Junior-Senior Breakfast Programs QU, Founders' Day Banquet Programs CID, Printed Senior Class Year Book CZJ, Fac- ulty Lists flj, Fashion Show QZQ. GLADYS STEVENS MAIWLEWOOIJ, New JERSEY May Day Page flj, Fashion Show Model QZJ, Poster Committee for Good English NVcek QZQ. VIRGINIA STROTHER RICHMOND, VIRGINIA TrzII'vHr'r StafI flj, Dramatic Club Qlj, Interior Decoration Club QZJ, Horseback Riding Club 121, Fashion Show Model QZJ. ELIZABETH TURNER AFTON, VIRGINIA Fashion Show Model 121, Blazer Club Ql,2j, Poetry Society f1,2j, IRIS Staff QZJ, May Day CU. FRANCES WALTERS DANVILLE, VIRGINIA Basketball flj, Poetry Society f1,2j, International Relations Club QZJ, Interior Deco- ration Club CZJ, Shuffleboard fly, Ping Pong SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY And in the beginning it was September. Yea, verily, September of the year nineteen hundred and thirty-eight, when we of the class of' forty found that we had a future on our hands and decided to spend a little of it at Stratford. So all dressed up in our Sunday best we descended upon this institution like wolves on the fold, but we were met practically at the front door with a proclamation to the effect that we would have to doff our gay apparel for the more appropriate Cand less competitive-for we still feel sure our less beautiful sisters had their minds on the Sweet Shop all the timelj garb of black stockings, stocking caps and paintless profiles. Were we furious! But we took it on the chin and after a week of cruel persecution began to gain our rightful place in the sun. As chief sun beam we chose Anne Simpson Cwe thought she needed the experiencelj while her able executive assistants were Mary Hunter Edmunds, Betty Lynch, Betty Mason and Peggy Lou Futrelle. Our first conquest came at Christmas when the student body decided that it would be a treat for the public if we elected Peggy Lou as Christmas Card girl. And she must have been good because our angel from Emporia rode right into the May Court a couple of months later on the cloud of glory that arose from this choice. In March we decided it was up to us to show this school what a really good Good English was, so with Mary Hunter as head grammar-vendor we placed another star in our gleaming crown. Spring Planting Day in April was a signal not only for the flowers to burst forth with all their radiance, but for Mary Lily Purdum and Edith Bond to bloom also as our masters of ceremonies. As a grand climax to our term of rookie-ship we won the softball game hands down from the Sophs and due to Dinny Cabell's fall tennis victory and Ann Bowen's capture of the Ping-pong honors we had the privilege of swinging the silver horse-shoe around the neck of our horse-napped Traveller. Here endeth our first year at Stratford. We returned the following September at least ten years wiser and positively rippling with pride at being hailed as BIG SI-10Ts. We vowed we should make our inferiors taste the keen blade of our two edged sword and sure enough we have. October brought the first triumph of the new season when the faculty chose Anne Simpson as October Day Queen. We and nature made a solemn pact that everything would go well for her majesty and her courtiers that day and it is a matter of record that her reign at Fairystone was one of the most successful in a long line of October Days. Not only have we emerged victorious from two athletic contests-hockey and basketball, but Bowen has again brought home a nice slab of bacon wrapped around her Ping-pong paddle. And Stratford's Valentine, Julia Carter, really brought down the house, while Queen Futrelle, monarch of the May Court was lovelier than anything ever conceived by Raphael or Michaelangelo. Spilly's elevation to Captain of the Blue Team was an extremely notable feather in our cap, while Anne's continued success as class president stands as further proof of our good judgment even when we were new at the college game. And so "all's over that is ours, and life burns on" at Stratford, but without the inflammable characters of the outgoing sophomores. But may the future lights rise higher and higher and the flames be forever unquenchable. LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the Sophomore College Class of 1940, being of sound minds--though Weill never be able to prove it-decidedly unsound bodies after the wearying bouts and sleepless nights of Chaucer, Beowulf, and tennis-do hereby sadly and solemnly take cognizance of the fact that we have worn out our welcome at Stratford and must soon be drifting elsewhere. Before folding our intellectual tents and silently moving on across the horizon, however, we find it expedient to dispose of a few of our treasured belongings to the rem- nant of this year's student body. First of all, Barbara would like to leave to her rival faction, Mary Fazel, a big bottle of Sweet Shop guaranteed to cure any case of graduation blues. Spilly Purdum with much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth relinquishes her captainship of the Blues to Anne Watson, while Anne Simpson has decided that she'll leave her textbooks to Leah Taylor. That takes courage. lf you find Beppy Gallaher and Pan Stevens dissolved in a salt mist it's all because of their "kiddies" which they have agreed to put out for adoption. Faith undying, Edie Bond unclasps her little Blue Book from her heart and lays it reverently at Booksie's feet. lf you happen to run across Carolyn Smith in the future and see her smoked glasses, better stop to console her for she's left those divine peepers to Jean Gibbons. The better to see you with, my dear! Mary Hunter's theory of perpetual motion, exemplified by her pendulematic right foot, she leaves to the Biology class to mull over. Peggy Rodnick leaves her statuesque form to Venus in the auditorium. We have often seen them admiring each other and that's what We call real art lovers! Carolyn Perkinson declares she'll have nothing more to do with "Wills," but that's rather doubtful at the present. Little Turner leaves her gorgeous auburn locks to Louise Emerson, who has tried hard enough! Corbetti's poetic ability she has willed to Edna St. Vincent Whatsis. Make a note of that. We'll want to remember when we see the noted one's poems get betterer and bettercr. , Caroline Sanders and Anne Hagerty were nabbed just as they came out of the grocery store and they agreed at once to leave Jevie Evans and Jesse Benton to Lois Williams and Gloria. Peggy Lou's contagious giggle that borders on the very brink of hysteria during the quiet moments, she has given to Ingles. May it live long and prosper! Cassie Parr and Strothers bestow their "bund" spirit upon Sarah Thorpe and Boots Bralley. Pearl Kotlier has a couple of high C's all wrapped up to present to Catherine Oakes, while Frances Walters puts her V. P. I. jacket on the very capable shoulders of Elsie Garvin. We nabbed Julia Carter sidling down the main stairs and she Whispered that she had just willed her blond tresses to Betty B. Maynard in case B. B. ever wants a variety. With an eye peeled for Mrs. Cook, Julia disappeared around the corner and Virginia Ames stopped in passing to reveal that she wished her sincerity to the Chamber of Commerce. Which leaves us with practically nothing except twenty-seven hearts full of grati- tude to our sponsor, Miss Anne Martin, the faculty members who have endured with us, and the school that we shall love and remember always. Signed and sealed this Hrst day of June in the year of our Lord and our Gradua- tion, 1940. HELISNE. SENIOR COLLEGE Bm! All-Arozzml . Maxi Pojmlnr . Brxf Sfilllf'iIf . I Mos! Rl'fI!'USL'lIf0fi1f'l' . Bcxf Afblcfc' . . Maxi TrIlc'1ziz'zl . Best DI'c's.Iml . . Wiffic'.If . . . Bcsf Looking . . THE PERFECT Hair . Eyes . . Nosf' . Mouth . Skin . Hamis . Figirrr . Lvgs . Frm' . SUPERLATIVES . BARBARA GIKIFFITI-I . PEGGY ROIJNIGR . ANNIE SIMPSON . EIJITIVI BOND . VIRGINIA CAILELL CAROLINE SANDERS . . JANIETI-I EARLY VIRGINIA CULPIIPPER PEGGY Lou FUTRELLE SENIOR PEGGY Lou Fu'I'RI5LLIa . CAROLYN SMITH . . ANN BOWEN ELIZABIQTI-I TURNER I'IES'l'ER CI-IATTIN . CATHERINE PARR . ANNE HAGEIKTY . JANET!-I EARLY . PEGGY RODNICK HUMOR IS OF THE HEART I hr -Mueller MAGAZINE SECTION WITH ALL OUR MIGHT WE WOULD BOTH IM- PART" WI IS OF THE BRAIN U A-ND MAIN viii, vin I I S'l'R.A'l'l+lORIJ COLIil+Jttl-Z. DANVLLIIPJ, VIRGINIA NO. 1 HOT NEWS ITEMS CTHEY'RE JUST A FLASH IN THE PANJ The fend is still hot between tiullaher und I-'riedlunda-r. tllclcnc asked Mrs. t'unnlt-n win-re Chattanooga wus!! 1: 'k 'lr 'l'hc boarding: students from above the Nason Dixon line have openly accused the dny students ot' siiiiiggliing in ammunition to the Cont'et1L-rate forces in the dortnittory. lu fact' the entire Sociology class is about to be subpoened for their rect-ut and persistent t'Xlllll'lltli-itlllti ot' G1-nerttls In-e and Grant. It scents that the former is without u doubt the only Soutln-rncr that ever surrendered either before or utter the C.W. ik 'k 'k "Wee Hit" 'I'uroer coins-s to school liinp- ing:-both tel-t dratrrzintx thc ground twell. wc hopt- soil. When asked what the trouble wus she stated that she had st-wed up it cavity in the heel of her sock and it. was rubbing her ankle. "What on curth did you use to sew with, rope!" they queried. "No," she answered solcninly, "I was all out ot' rope-had to use thread." 'lr tk vi' Stxtrbuby Fitzgt-rald, purported to be tllt- inost widely-read-to dot: in the ouudrupt-d realm. has recently displayed a profound in- terest ii. tht- gr:-at 1-pic l5I'1OWUl,I". Many ot' us can readily understand her absorption, for aftcr all he was u Grout Dane . . , Jenn, who has been one ot' S's most enthusiastic sponsors, int'orins us that her prodigry Lfl'tIXVlH when:-vr-r anybody mentions Grendel, llut the sophomores go her one better. They Lrrowl when anybody mentions Ib-ownlf. if -R 'N 'l'his is the sud. sad story ot' Carolyn who bus und:-rfgone a ntetainorpliosis d'atunur. Wbut was Carolyn the Curoling, Perkinson the Pcrt. is now Carolyn the Unstdown, Per- kinson the Pt-ssiinist. When asked recently wht-ther she had ever she replied dis- been disnnpointed in love, niully-"l've been in love." "But thnt's not what I asked," her in- t4-rrouator replied back, "'l said, were you ever disappoillted in love?" Hlvllt'l0V0I' has been in love has been dis- appointed in it," came the sud, sad answer. So now we know. DAINTY DARLINGS DROP DATE DUDS DUE TO DUDE DATES BOOTS BREECHES 'N' BABES BOU v '41 CARRIER-ON-ER 3? Lucille Sandruck . . . from lowly "rat" to holy terrier . . . . , a terrier is a dog-whicli is u four- lnugt-cl, auiinuted illlllL'jTCll2l.l'tlt'l14P1'iZ!'tl as "small, alert, intelligent and courageous" by Mr. Winston in one ot' his well-known editions. "With :1 propensity t'or dit-rgingf' Mr. XV. adds . . . !-'rt-slnnan Sandruck, having served her full ltattnunship, will slcp into tht- I'Inlier-thnn- thou air of Senior-ority next. year, And about this terrier business, we don't- nn-an Lucille is a dog but just in case she wants to be, she is nnalitit-d-and she does have to have four leg.-cs und be decidedly aniinutod for n'hat's in store. Any ole editor can tell you that. tContinut-d on page 25 CONVENTION CLIMAX CAT-PED WHEN CUBS COP CUP TRAVELLERS TUMBLE IN TORRENTS FOR TREMENDOUS TREAT After eight steady years ot' travolin,e:, the "'l'rav4-Ili-r" is still :tt it snappier and Strongrer than ever before. Not, only has tht- stall' put out about ten editions of their brainchild tMrs. ltlny's tripletll this year but tht-y'vo also grrabbed a couple ot' gold rings in the form ot' that notorious Ilu Hu llook--'l'he Old Gray Marc, which made its third pilgriniage to the Press Room this sprintr. And then there was the nntprazinc supplement which Sant a Claus brought ns for the . . . . . . V Christmas edition, us well ns the alumnus- issue winch concluded our first, seine-ster s ' 'puhlit'utint:.' ' The truditionul birthday banquet was also a red letter event, und featured an Illlllllilied issue ot' our pups-r as its prograni inolif. One ot' the many unique innovations was the uinbrellas suspended front the ceiling.: and loaded with "'l'ravcIlers" which camo pouring out al the end ot' the ft-stivities. Smnetbint.: else which was dont- for the tirst your of our history was the adoption of newspaper stock to replace the glossy niaprnzine paper used heretol'ore. And jnrlging: front tht- ,iudgnit-nts ot' the judges at the conventions which dittcrent ,frl'0l1DS attended in lVashinL:ton und New York, there 'Auin't no tlies on us."-:tt least not, techni- cally SI-Vlllliillgl NOE BOISTEROUSLY OVER BARS AND IT,s AN O.K. ORDER TO HUG TIGHT-OR ELSE "Whoa there, Betsy!" "Bank up, RoyI", "II:-rc, here Prince, old man, take it easy!" . . . no, it's not a tire, an earthquake, nor even a flood. just the fainiliar ring of horse lingo heard around our new riding ring. Mr. Garrett lVatkins, instructor, began all of the girls who are taking riding, with a slow trot that since then has had the whole schoul galloping with enthusiasm. The for- mation of at l'Iunt-:man Club caused an expan- sion that necessitated lar,fze1' stables and more horses-and also bigger orders of lini- inent from the "drug." On cue side of the ring there is a brush jump where the girls learned that "ner-king in public" isn't so had when it keeps you from goin,-1 over the horse's head. But that was only at the befzinning and the higher hurdle atop the antphivtheatro hill is no more ditiicult than a curbing for them, these days. So climb into your jodphurs. saddle Your horse, and canter away, for it's collegiate tn be horsey und it's plenty of fun, too. ETIQUETTE HAS ITS DAY BUT THEN, SO DO NVE ALL . . . Something new in Emily Post's line has been incorporated into Stratford tradition this year. Seeing an urgent need for a little rehearsal in "How the best behaved people are be' having," the sophomores put their curly heuds together and concocted an occasion which we remember new as GOOD MAN- NERS NVEEK, during which every Strat' fordite was cautioned and cajoled into say- ing' her "Yes thank you's" and her "If you please's," A series ot' Right and XVrong tubleuux was presented and also :in illustrative dra- niutie sketch intended to stimulate our as- piration and make us Hltess Noisy, More Poisc-yi" Drop around some nigrht after the bell ending' Study Hall has rung and see how well it, worked! ETHER D1scOvERs FRANNIE . ETHER YOU DO-OR YOU DON,T A new wrinkle has found its way into the sacred portals of Stratford. For the first time in the sehool's history, we have radio stars among: the student-body. Franny Lane was the pioneer in the field when she ven- tured inajestieally forth across the ether waves sometime during January for ber initial porfor lance as lyricist of the Poet's Corner. EMT Friday evening at 8:30, Franny speaks her little pieces and they do say she-'s quite a hit, about town, too. Other actresses who have performed nt various times are Barbara Adams, Barbara Griftiths. and Jean Tompkins-to say noth- ing of the entire Glee Club. Page 2 THE STRATFORD 1'hXVELlllCH, MAGAZINE SECTION STAFF OF LIFE October Day Queen ...... ., Madonna .....,.,.. . . Xmas Card Girl. . ..... . . . Is in Tompkins Glrum Sulln in Julm fJill'lJP!' Clizaheili Grunt May Queen . ,..,...... lslngrgy Lou 'i"llfI'l'lll' Maid of Hcnmr ............ Frances Pointer Vnlcnfinva ..............,... Apple Blossom Princess ,, .Anne Simpson . 1: " ' , .... 1 ., l PRESIDENTS OF '40 Student Body ......,..... .... E dith Bond College Senior Class ......,., Anne Simpson College Fresllnlnn Class ,.,..., I-'fanny Lnnv Hull Senior Class ,....,. ..F1'ance-s Pointor Hall Junior Class .,,,.. .,.. B zu'lm1'a Adams Hull Sophomore Class .... ...May Cruinplci' Hull Fresllmnn Class .....,,.. .. Gum- Rny Blazer Club ...,,...., , . ,Virginia Cninoll International Relations Club, Mary Hnntm' lflclinunds Drzunniim- Club.. . .,.....,.. Evvlyn G'ill0y Glee Club ................... Pearl Kntlicr IN PARTING, LET US SAY . . . It seems strange fm- us, perlmps, to renlizc' that this IRIS is the last bit of visible work we slmil do for Strntforil. For twn yours now, almost our entire lives have liven l'L!lll0l'Bl-l here. Our prnlnlnms, our triumphs, our defeats have taken place within ihcse walls :xml during that time our hearts und minds hnve been storing up treasures of nwmories that will lingvr with ns long after thv irinls W0 elnllirf.-cl lnwc- bn-en fm',Q,fntten. Fm' Sfl'11lf01'd has been kind to the girls sine has lllll'lNll'l'!d. Oni' wlrellioilsiloss nncl protests she has emlurecl lmtiently and Olll' joys and friendsliips sho hns sliarerl 4:11110- fnlly. The walls that mniilod :ind soft:-nr-rl the sounds of our tours have Pchoed our lilllgl1ll31' in ringing penis for all nf us to rmnenibcr. 'Phe hunks we porml ovc-r, the classes W0 nttcmlvrl ure all just as surely il part. of our livvs as our voices, our fl-!!lilll'PS, And sn, lining.-:li this lmuk may he the lust thing we do at Stratford. for people to suv- lmffause uf what our Alma BIlll7l'1' has meant tn us, we shrill go on loving hm' and zlnin,-z for her-just as snri-ly and willingly as shr' has clone fur ns . . . TO YOU WHO ARE STAYING . . . But it will be well for ns to l'Pl1191Ill!G1' that not everybody will be ,fzraulnute-cl with the seniors nnfl snplimnmes. Indvcd. ai, goocl pm'- tion, over half, will bc on hand when that first 4-all to class comes one bright morning lIL'Xt Sopt01nhe1'. And it is to these l'0l'll.lIl2ll10 girls that we shall mnkv our concluding: rvnlnrks. Perlmns you can understand the difficulty in having the right perspective of :1 situntion that sur- rounds you on all sides und if so thvn you will realize why we, who 111-0 nlmuf to lunvv the ilniuvdiato future of Stratford in your hands, wish to Warn you of these tliimzs. Should ynn vriticisel Yes, hui: cnnstrnrf- Lively :ind never harshly. lVm'k? Undoubt- edly, but for others as well ns yourself. Play? Constantly. but only to keep your mind and lmdy fit :md not as a career. Learn tu know your coinpnnions tlinl' you may understand and love them. 'Fake ull of the good and fine things Stratford ot?0rs to you so that when your day comes tn say "Good bye" to her, yon'll have no cause to regret all those nice things you "might have -but just didn'tl" EPICEDIUM . . . NVe'll laugh aloud and clasp the air, Free, frue, free, nt lnsti XVe'll have no more of scliolnrs' cnrog Lust, long look is mini. . . , We'Il shut the flour :ind luck it, tcm, Glad, glnfl, glad in know Weill soon linw wondrous things to dug High, wide, fan' wi-'ll go. . , . Wc'll than look hack frrnn our g'l'01lf ln-ipglit, Seairvli, senrcll, senrull, . . . Lu find A small :ind siezuclg-burning light: Still, sweet joy . . . lwhincl, -J. N, TOWER TERMITES P4-oplc say HS0l'lIl1.2' is lwliuvim:"-init thoy also sny "Looks are dec-vivin,-I." Su what would you dn? 1: ax: 9: Penplv sny "An onnvv nf lxruvuntimm is wortil :1 pound of vnrf-"-Init they also suy 'KEX1l0l'lCIll'C is the in-st te:ueli0r"-so il looks likv Porn' Riclmrd and his conlpelilnrs 1-unl1ln't innke np the-ii' minds. 7? 'k 9: People sny "Two's cnnlpnny, tllwc-'s ri m'owd"-init tlwy also :my "'l'lim'v's snfvly in llllllllJ0l'Hm1S0 all you'vo gmt to dm-ide is Wll0li10l' yon want in stay out nf QIIIIIHUI' Ol' lmvu some fun. rr 'k 'k Penplv say 'K'l'ou ninny 4-:mics spnil thi- ln'ul'I1"-lnit they also say "Two lleads nr:- ixuttei' than une"-ro ii lrnks likv the only thing to do in il misc lilu- this is nsv in 'rel-ipu Cm' :L i'est:un'z1n1:!l W 'k if Ponpin say "Live illilllt' und like' it"-hui thvy also say "Misery likes cinnp:iny"-sn V it lrvnks likv we d heir:-r lenvv hvforr' surmi- body wnnfs us Lu fignrv out thu :lnswvr 10 :hut our-. THE HALL OF SHAME fWhere the rhythm is horrible but the motive pure.J Oni' mortar boards wc dull' to an nminhli- Snph, And We Cllllllflt undersfnncl hun' point. nf view, 'I'hou,2'h thv boys with joy nclrlri-ss hvr, 'Phil poor mlnrlings can't iinpruss her- And wo ninsf say ll1nt's astounding, 'I'r',aEu'y Lon. T T if 'Wnllisnn the cynic. lug-rehy nuhs Il nil-he Tn C0ll'llllf'lll0!'ZllfC hex' irridesvent witticisms whivli Are pnurlvss in perfuutiim, lint fcnrful thingrs to face: Like "S1'n'ing: looks so silly slnenrud :ill :around thv pluc-o." if if -J: Oh we huvr' girls at Stratford from nny slnie you plcnsei And many variations :incl typvs yon'll find in ilu-so: But the one that' Glide: this l'Hllll'llll'-fillll we must say she befits if. Ts Bunny G., who 15011108 from 'I'v11i10sseu-:uml frvqnently admits it! '41 CARRIER-ON-ER fCl!1ltlllllI'l1 ifrinn pugr- 15 Shcfs no six-foot!-r. so In hcprin with, thnt lzikvs L-:nw of Numln-1' 1. As fm' iruinf.: mill0'l'l',', wc-ll, she was rigzlmt on the dnl, at every stnli' meeting: this yenr. And lhut's nmrc than :x lot of thv lrigrgios vain lmnst. "TntL-lligzi-nt"? Dunno, hui it has 119011 whis- pered about tlmf she knows n sluv of the answers, Number 4 Speaks for itself: she has nlrcenriy urfcnptvcl the '41 feditorship of one annual named nftc-r one spring flower. And that hikes plenty of ffrm111'n,rrt', ns Chiuf Culpepper will verify in n jiffy. ' So store up lnts ui' good old propensity during the summer, Lucille, because next yvzu' y01l'1'P in for plenty of . . . DTGGING! Maybe you'll strike gold, I betchn . . . EMILY'S POST Now if this wrarce only the new gym we 1-oulrl my something.: nlmnt the "last column Quin: up!" lint, ulns, iifs only n newspaper and the w:olnn1n's not going up ut. :ill-it's going clown fnnlm-ss yon ri-nd China-wiseil sn liuru we :irv with no way 10 hegrin our lust pieuu de rvsistnnue und theru's 11 1Hl.'l'llg1'fxpll r-rent up nn ns already . . . Tt begins in look like this humor business is going to bc simple, nr :is Kennulh Hurd replied when Mrs. Pau'- ker ilNkl'Ll him if hu uunld lllllllflifli the love . sci-iw in Lilies of the Field :ill right- 'Sure, thutis n vlinc-h-l moun Il r-inr'h!" 1: xl: if There's No Foolin' a, Feline Dnrinyr tho New York 11':i11sgrm-ssinii of 1-Hrutl'-l'1l's Tcrrilxie Trio, the following came in light: Anne lunsping in thx- lllll'l'0l'lI "Oh clear, I hunk like Sl'll'l0tllillLf tho Pnl drnggrod in, but I clun't f'ni'c!" Jeannette: "Hui, l look like something the 4-:ui rlrngrgrr-ri in :mil tin- frail diiln't rfuri-." vw w df Clin-slur fthe Gninpll has been frantically smm'liim.r thu lihrury for sannething by Nilirlcly ever sinm- Miss Brydun snill, "And T hope you will all he rc-ailing: widely during Book lVvck." :i 4: 12 Chnpin's definition nf nn optimist: "A person who gorgns himself nn the lmwl of 1-lln1'v'if's tlxnt lifu is supposed to iw." And probably very well rvd by that tinw, lou . . . 4: -J: 1' Caught Short Handed, Eh! T'lll'fllll1l'S pricelvss pn1'npllruse 'l'hnl, Dl'lllllIltS unch 1uzl'llll'lmtioi1-- 'i'I'l1e1'u wns the station nnnonnver who had short paws- l"m' station idcntificnliim!" 1: -1: A curtain will writer who possesses fl dis- tini-tly sonlizrinmic ulinrni infurnn-d ns recently that Shu gets ii big kick out of strolling on tho hunk K'll.ll1DllS looking: ni the stairs. 'Pho hitrfhz sho 4li4ln'l i-any where the stnrs NVCFU. Q: w W Slinlu-slm:n'v's wnrning to all ambitions little journalists: Ili- who 4'nn't wi-llc: right should lvuvv Sl2ili7l0llL'I'1' stnfionnry. '!: 1? W POEMS ARE MADE BY FOOLS 01' AND WE CAN PROVE IT! ilnw muny limos has thorn liven n romance Beunnso some gnxqzouiis fs-mnlc happened by vlmnce Tn nnssinfx n fr-llow und swishing: her hip- l"rmn hm' hnnd :1 llIll'KlkP'l'l'lliPf lightly lot slip. Anil the buy picks it np, his instincts to obey, "Storms in conqnu1"' ns smneonn may sny: And wmuli-rs if he'li gvt ax smile rn' a kiss As he rnu1'mnrs, "Yun clrnppvd yum' lmnd- lccn-liivf, miss." lint in qimstinn luis 4.l'tvn pnzzlerl me su, l'vv wonclcrcd and wnmlq-wil, :incl wanted 10 knnwg iluw will tho women Dllifilll the mule sex Win-n they ull lwgin buying: and using Kim-unoxi 'k 4: W Which nic-uns Lhnl. our time is about np. W1-'ve mlm.: u lmst-lioiv und now we've got to lie in il. Oli well, in ni' out of it we probably would nnywny! And dnn't cnnfuse the verbs . . . strivtly on the q.t. it has been n nice 1-onplc of ymirs, hnsn't it? And sn until the reunion fill, see ynu in the newspapers! 'l'llE S'l'ItA'l'FOltD lt-AVELLER, MAGAZINE SECTION Pa ge 3 ON OTHER CAMPUSES QBY THE PROM-TROTTERS, WHO USUALLY AREJ Bai-by Shields dot-su't do this column mueh good. She says the only thing on other cam- pases as far as she is concerned is Ruolt of the Washington and lice Ruot'f's. W -J: 'A' And it looks like lfranny Lane might buy a little stork in the sumo eompuny. Only Jitntniz-'s afraid she won't lu- able to support him on her salary yet awhile. at- tt- w Hut it's B, tl. that's really in a fix. Some potential zipper-upper frmn a well known kledieal t'ol!t-ge took her lu-art to Riehmoiul to have it dialrnost-ml. 'l'he symptoms art-n't very eneourap:ittg.:-lutt we t-an honestly say that we hope they both get the disease! tk 'N i- llowt-n's lnuhlim.: admiral is what interests lu-r most on other eampuses. 'l'hut's the old t-ollt-gre spirit, Ann, and rt-nu-mln-r, don't give np the ship ever . . . "lWl9e11 fhe Cuffs Away"- Buf Alas . . . During Rai tVeek., I-Ie N ever Is! Long: black stockings, tt dearth ol' make-up, no eurls-in fart. nothing: that would help make a girl look tlu- least hit pres:-ntahle is letral . . . thut's the shortest dt-linitinn ol' Rat Week-wlu-n the poor deluded little l"reshmv-n are natruetl, pt-rset-nit-d and ha- ranznc-d into complete servility by tlu-ir brut- ish hit: sisters, the sophomores, for seven gruesome days. No promenndiup: on tlu- front walks and lawn. no insubortlination, eternal "yes nt'amiui.u" and "no l'll'1lllllllLf.' to the sophs: and as it tlisgusting.: elinmx a parade ol' all Rats in full rt-graliu to the Sweet Shop where a l.ll'lll'ltllIS and l't!fI'0SllllltI banquet of elteese and water awaited you il' you were a timid little Rat and sqtu-aked only when hidden. Hut it all 1-time out in hlonday's wash and when the misty old Sophotnores did unlax and be niee to you, it was worth waiting for. 'l'he T'eanut Surprises somewhat made up for all that Allah praising. And it was prt-tty swell showint: oil' your hi.: sister on Oetolu-1' Day. Ho it's not so had when you 'rt-tnt'-utlu-r that- "roses have thorns and silver fountains ntnd"-anil eats hare even lu-en known to help Rats out: of n hole oeeasionnlly! SPORT SHORTS "Sticks and stones may break your bones, but a little exercise never hurt anybody." 'WVQ eall our tennis shoes 'Absorbine Jrs.' beeause thc-y're for Athletc-'s Foot." BLUES SING "TtuUMPHAL1s,' As WHITES TURN ENVY-GREEN When the Blues gazed into that crystal 'hall at the beginning of the year and found what fates inlhu-tu-od their destiny, they were any- thing but Blue. 'l'ho tirst vic-tory the oracle east. to them was the winning of the Hockey annie-tliat over stimulating and shinveruok- ing gums- which the Olympit-ds place near the lop. 'l'hey were still kind after tliat, and without arousing the warth-like jealousy of the eternal prophets and still supporting: the Blue honor and untourehableness, they deemed them worthy ot' exeelling in that miniature 1-omhat, ping-pong. Anne Bowen, the champion pinger t'rom lhtltimore, whieh from all appearaiu-es must be a ntodt-rn Parnnsstts, still upheld her age- olrl reel-rd ot' keeping the itsy-bitsy tennis lntll on the tahle. Miss Pannill said "You've Lrotta make it mood!" and dot-:gone if Ali Baba t1idn't make a. cunning: fourteenth century Apollo-but not quite. Bt-fore the I-Im-key game could pro off there just had to he a stunt night and as on all Arabian nights, Ali Baba and his forty eompuniuns were snatched front their groove and did some right eotnmendal.wle acting. 'Phr-ir threat to "take the Blues for a ride" and to gain the treasure was futile and l'l'llStl'!l1C'Il t'or the true-blue Blues overpow- ered the rival thieves by their bravey and eourture und erosst-tl the goal-line way out in front. While Ali Babu and his Nilky XVhites left the staue niutterintr "T tanka so home" or "I must go to ltlost-ow!" New Trajfie Hazards Arise- Pafmill Sfages Color Races Sotuc-thine flitferent-tlmt's those unbeat- ahh- t'ol'-1- Raves whieh Miss Pannill thought up last l"ull as a pep-:trouser for the Blue and White teams. 'l'lu- ohjeet ol' the rare is for the runners on eaeh team to capture for their side what- ever vantage point will be most favorable to tlu-in or most unfavorable to the other side, So woe be unto the Blues when the XVhites GRANT,S GRENADIERS Vow TI-IEY,LL DRAW Blue BLOOD When the members ot' the NVhite team peeped in thru the bull-rushes last September and t'ound Elizabeth Grant lying in ft basket labelled t'Captain," they knew that destiny had pointed out the way for them. And sure enough it ltad. for under the inspirational guitlatu-e of this enthusiastie "G-rand Su- ehctn" tlu- Vtlhites have fought tooth and nail against their older contetnporaries, the Blues, in battle after battle on tennis and basketball eourt, hockey field and ping:-pong lable. Their most notable prize captured to date is the Fall Tennis Championship capped by Comrade O'Neill: while in tlu- other tilts they have given the Blues the hardest com- petition sinee Chaucer, with at least five Blue nervous hreakdowns caused by strain to their credit. So even if they didn't get all the prizes. at least the foundation tlu-y've built has made them strong enough to mow down all contenders next year. And here's to 'eml Parle Springs, Ahoy! Blazers Declare Divielencl Calendar event of the Fall for the Blazer Club was n two-day fiesta at Danvi1le's most fashionable suburban summer resort-Park Springs. during the tirst part of October. For one long and luscious week-end, over it seore of ambitious switnnu-rs, rowers, l1lkGl'S, gossipers. tand we eve-n had our C'ard-Shark Foursomel made mad and merry in the rambling villa overlooking the green banks of the mirror-like lake. Of course we might make mention ot' the spaeious suites we occupied-two Blazes to a mattress with at least three feet between domains: or the refreshing shower that eamg tumbling: in through open sereens in our three c-xposnred retreat-hut' it's only the thoroughbred club members who might ap- preciate that seeming disadvantage and they have already! Nevertheless it was a whooping-up hit: event for all concerned and even the eom- munal cooking system brought forth no ugly retorts. Our only complaint is that the Blazer Club we-ek-end parties are too few - . Iwnf HH., Sprint fm. the dining rlmm doors' and too far between, Frosted Malted Sandvvlches and the Melancholy Maidens had to crawl tltru the windows for all meals that day. Or think of the discomtitnre of Miss Bessie , who had to enter her own studio via the step-ladder route because the vicious little lllut-s had tat-ked their symbol on lu-r door. But sonu-body always grets at laufrlt out of . it and then ton, t:here's always the possi- bility that next time it may he you! For Genuine Satisfaction COUNTRY CLUB E F I R D ' S INN Try Our Delicious Sfeaks Da111Jille's Economy Center Page 4 THE STRA'I'1f'ORD RAVICIJLER, MAGAZINIC S'l'lU'1'ION IRIS SPONSOR-S ,E-A M'ss Ida. Fitzgerald Guess who co-Stars in this "too-real" feature above! . . A mint for your thoughts, Stan'-Baby , . . Cam it be that you'1'u thinking' ull 'bird in the mouth is worth two in the trf:u"Y Perllups not, but that plmlsml vxpwssion on Miss l"i1z's face can umun no more nor less than "fm hundred hooks in your lmnds :wc worth one in the copy basket" . . . The library once littered with vnpy so dear- Ahl sighs Miss Brydon, :xt lust it is clvnr. The errzmt eyebrow of our sponsor, Miss Fitz, In :I normal plume now quietly sits .... The stuff of tho "Tris" by its L-ditu1"s side, Looks upon her with the gcrentust of pride, The pencil now guna from Culpa-ppu1"s 4-nr: What Iwttvr signs that ihe "IRIS" IS HERE!!! --Anne Simpson, '40, CHRISTMAS WEEIC. Holding: more surprises than Santa Claus' pack itself, Christmas week vnnu- nn zxpuvc at Stratford. lwinging with it tho Bird's Christmas 'l're1'. the Party for Undvrnrivi- leged Children, the Christmas duncn, the pageant of the Nativity, the Servants' Party -aio say nothing of ll badly needed furlough of two won-ks from the Acuclmnic grind. As the 1Nhulonn:1 in the Nativity, .Term 'Pumpkins was busily the lovelic-st feature in the entire r'eIPh1'ntion. hm' f'll2l1'JH'f01'iZiltiflll of Mary In-ing both beautiful and impressivv. The party for 1ll1rierp1'iviIe.':t'd children also provided something that was gratifying: :ls well as amusing to all who had :L part in lt. And we lvft Strzntford on Dovmnhcr 17 with 21 glowing wnrmih dm-11 insidn und a dvvpel' nndc1rst:mdin,e: of thv real Hl0illIillL',' of "Christmas spirit." T O M ' S Incorporated STRATFORD,S AIR CASTLE BEGINS TO MATERIALIZE 'l'he-11+ hnvu Ivuuu mxmy dvlmlvs as 10 whvlhor or not il is Iwttcr tu huvv ill past, pl'vscuI', or i'll1,11l'e. 'l'lwru will hc no morn drlhrltvs on the IIIRUJDI' for wc' :At Sl'I'2lfrlll'll hnvv settled it. And ull au'c'mn11 of nur nvw y.fylllIlll!4illllI' tu-In-. Tn tho past wc- supposed that by Juno the would be il p:u'1, of our nm-ur t'ul'ux's-, gym but that presvnt wusu't fLll'l,h-iltllllillll' sn it hams boon dvcidr-cl tn wuii awhile und lllllklff it, vvvn bugger than was origimllly iutc-nrh-d, with perhaps u ruvo truck or :xl gigrnntin rullvr- vonstcr. fwntsnn even insists wo huvu one wing: suhsidizc-d by Ringling Brns.5 Hui F0l'i0llSly spanking: tho foundations of our new gym are bccon1ing: lirmcr and l'Illl'l svv H11- iirxnvr, :mal il' pm-rllups wv uf-tim! digrgringr, ii's Ines-ullsv it's Irving: duno vvon clvvpl-1' than ws- have Illx- IIOXVUI' In snuff :md survr, tool Which Goes T0 Show "W'e Know a Good A nz-w position has bf-on mliinriul stuff of "Tho Iris," And lsllllf is thv very rvspunsilrle nflicu ol' lfldilm'-Also-Tn' Chief, whivh wont this your to an vxtrx-nu-ly f'XlH"l'iPlIl'l'd Zllllflflflll' in thc' tion business, Jr-:nn Mollisun svt Mollisuns. Jn-un's knnwh-4120 1-f jnurnnlistizf 1nnm-uvv1'- inz runs well into 1111- Your sylluhlud nnljvv- Livv class, sinvo just lust yuan' sho wus high- prir-Stvss to the st:lI1' ll'l0l'llhP1'S of both "Thu 'I'1':wollm"' and "The Iris," while during' nim- TllIIl'lll'IS she has bevn unquvs- The pnwor behind thc- throno :nnrl Thing-"l zfrexlfod on thu amnunl 11uhlic':x- nf tho Mnnhns- flu' past timmhly desorvvs ull tho hlznms-and pm-rl1:nps n sumt- tvring uf XVll:1f0V0l' praise there is! Her job of tying up all loose ends nf "The Tris," il'lStl'llK'fiH2' dubious llElHll'lsll'lI!Ilt lwnds, vonsuling: and p:etI'f-rs, and pouring' oil on :my troubh-cl NVll.l'f'l'S has lmrc-ly loft hm' time tn lmndlv Miss Kvluwelyka oilicizll lmsim-ss, we SlIHlH"L'f1lHl1' slw must lm p1'e111'y 0I'firi1-nl 'lm- r-:mse We hnvon't lxuurd nnybody r-un1pI:nin- ing! And the-x'1-'s 1-1-vtalixxly nn point in allowing tx skills-cl annual-pullc-1'-outs-1' go to wnstol SCI-IOOLFIELD AND LEA THEATRES Phones 911, S92 "For ibn' Res! of Your Life" C HOTEL DANVILLE Hugh Clements, Mgr. Goorl English XVc'elc-P1fc'sz'0! Good English Sfroszzgl ! ! In 1-mrpa-rntiun with our good. l!l'il5IlI1 and 1-nlla-u,um-, Dnnirrl Wvbslur- Lhe ICng'lisl1 de- 1ml'l1uc-lll stains-rl ilu- most Illilllllllllfll G'oo11 English NV1-4-lc ul' thvm ull April 15-19. I'Iv4-ry vuvnl fznllx pus wus ixnlnudiulvly dv- lm-:-I4-d, pnvked :mul Inlwlll-cl with the insignia ul' ilu- alert 1-lass-nu-xnher who xnurlc- the "pin:-ln," Azul nfu-r tin- first 1-uuplv of days it mm iw t1'uthI'ully suid that Stratford girls l'4'ZIll,V lmpgan in think in run IueI'1u'v they spuliu. This yv:u"s vrup of postsrs wus also out- stnnrlim: mul 4-uvln mm :l good vxzlnlpln oi' to what lvnglhs Sll':n1I'nrcI Immun' muy us-mend for dc-sm-udj in nn 01111-1'p.fmr11ry. The ingenu- ity l'c-vvulwl llll'I'l'ill was positively vxllilzlrzlt- ing, e-von if the nrt work wnsn't all plu- Pivusso. A play, writlvn :md pl'c's4'n1,v11 by the Silpfil- 1-inns Sopllonmrvs ulsn wluservcs Lup-billings. Miss Iil'lHlI'Llj"S cmhrynnir- d1'u1nntistss vm'- tuinly gave Sllnlu-spa-nw und the rest of thc boys il "run" Fur thvir money-in say noth- ing: nf tho wir-kvd litllw double nvgrativus and rlunL:linp.: lJ1ll'lil'illl4'S thu-y put to shaunv. In fuvt, to put it sll1'1L'l'l:Itiv0I3'-it was umm thnn Gnod lllnulish wc-ck: mnrv thnn livttvl' l'1nL:lish Wvvk: during ilu' your nf 1940, il wus Bust I'Ing.rlish XV1-ek! Tbvrr was an Ilfgfllf rmvl for sonlvllvirig sburl uml lwigbl lo gn in fbis sparc so 'wr' rlwviflr llml Prggy Rmluivk mul Olin' Barra: fillml Ibn bill bvlirr fban unyibing we lcnmu. Collegiate Afmosploere . . . . Tasty Snacks After Class AT COLLEGE SWEET SPIOP Phone 110 ESKELUND,S BEAUTYSALON I-IAMLIN AND I-IAMLIN Topsy, Star Baby and China Girl "This Corner Going to the Dogs" FRESHMEN COLLEGE CCLLEGE FRESHME Firsf Rauf: FRANCES LANE, President, Lois Ahlman, Bar- bara Armentrout, Katherine Benson, Merle Black, Kathryn Colbert, Burnett Culvcrhouse, Betsy Davis, Nellie Durham, Isabel Emerson. Second Row: BLANCHE NAUGHTON, Viz'c'-Prvsirlmfg Kitty Finney, Ingles Ford, Alice Fulton, Elsie Garvin, Jean Gib- bons, Betty Gingrich, Helen Hoffman, Mary Evelyn Jeffer- son, Martha Lauberstcin. Third Raw: BERNICE HEARD, Sccrcfaryg Elsa Martinew., Jeannette May, Betty Barber Maynard, Virginia McLean, Cuca Perez, Beba Perez, Betty O'Neill, Dorothy Robinson, Mildred Rogers. Fourfb Row: ELIZABETH GRANT, Treasurer, Polly Rhyne, Lucille Sandruck, Gloria Sullivan, Mary Evelyn Shelton, Agnes Swain, Leah Taylor, Jean Tompkins, Betty Trap- nell, Verna May Turner. Fifth Row: BARBARA SHIELDS, Sergcazzt-al-Arms, Margaret Lee Wade, Lois Williams, Katherine Williams, Bess Wfood- ard, Charlotte Worsbam. .1 v I Q39 99,3999 ia-gag '?'?Q IRIS ODE TO THE FRESHMEN To FRANNIE, our president, may her paths neier be rough, Shc's a girl we'll remember, you know . . . the real stuff!! To LIBBY and BERNICE, hard workers and true, They did their best for the Silver and Blue . . . ' LOIS, a screwball of the first high degree Everyone enjoys ber company . . . Another gal with a strong appeal Is our tennis champ . . . that great OyNE1LL. . . JEAN, to some, a lass blithe and bonny Will always to us be known as just . . Tommy . . . BARBY, whom we can scarcely see, We love . . . though sbt' loves W. and Lee . . . INGLES, the merriment of the hall, Is, you might say, right on the ball . . JEANETTE, a member staunch and true Her studies always will pursue . . . To POLLY, who sounds like Donald Duck, We hope she won't always have to cluck . . . To KATHY and BEss, a contrasting pair, May they never ever have a care . . . To CHARLOTTE, our pint of fun and laughter, She'll be one that men-y are after . . . To MARTHA and VIRGINIA, our best musi- cians, Bound to find top-scale positions . . To BETSY, a bounding, dancing sprite She's smiling and gay both day and night . . . To JEAN J. G., let praises ring, For her gift to talk, if not to sing! To BURNETT and BOBBIE, who laughs all the time Mostly at Burpie's Frankenstein . . . To wee-bit MAIKYIE, not quite contrary, But sweet as they come . . . that's our MARY!! To DQTTY, otherwise known as Martha Raye, Crazy and swell . . . what more can we say? To HELEN, may her life be as gay as her laughter, And the Fords roll ever . . . and even after. To MARGAIKET, our doctor without M.D. XVho sings and chats as much as can be. To VEIKNA MAE and ISABEI-, our students strong, No matter what, they seldom are wrong... BETTY, the athlete through and through Is noted for her loyalty and spirit true . . . To LEAH, screwball No. 2, With a line that . . . well, Sl'l'lIlS to do! To GLORIA and ELSIE, charming and gay XVe're glad they came and glad they could stay! To BETTY BARBER, Mrs. May's right hand, She walks the streets with an ad-demand!! To our two MAIRY EvEI,.YN's we give a salute We couldn't do without them . . . Root- a-toot-toot!! To MILDREIJ, a steno-will-have-been, If a local young man doesn't intervene. . . To AGNES, our red-haired siren, who's kinda swell Just for that . . . we recommend Pall Mall . . . To KIT, whose heart dwells in Raleigh, We wonder if ........ To ALICE and BETTY who are often seen fliogetherj . . . but seldom heard . . . To NEWTON, whose direction gets our glances, Oh, when she jitterbugs!! or should we say dances? To JOSIE, one of the brighter type, We wish her luck with all our might . . . To MERLE, whose curls we fiercely admire, Why couldn't we have them? we oft inquire . . . To BEA, very often our moral support, May her ship come to rest in the very best port!! And now, to MISS FITZ, our sponsor, we come, She's as swell as the l'CSE . . . and swvller' than some!!!! LUCILLIE SANDIKUCK, '41. 11 A12 A X' w ' w SENICR HALL 1940 FRANCES POINTER Class Vice-President Ql,2,3j, President of Senfor Class Q'-40j, Student Council f1,2,3j, May Court C'39j, May Day Maid of Honor f'40J. ANNE XVATSON PETIQRSIIURG, VIRGINIA Second Vice-President of Student Council f'40j, Blazer Club, Captain of Hall Basket- ball Team Q'40j, Hockey Team, Basketball Team, TI'tIlJf'l1Ul' Staff, Scrub Glee Club. LEA BAILEY CIREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA Nativity CID, Queen Twelfth Night flj, May Court QU, Secretary of Senior Class Qlj, Tl'lIl-'!'Hl'!'St1lfT CID, Blue Stunt flj, IRIS StaH' Clj. BETTY CHAPIN COlK'I'LANIJ, NEW YORK President of Sophomore Hall Class C37-'38j, Vice-President of Senior Hall Class H39-'40J, President of Hall Council C38-'39j, Second Vice-President of Blues, Blue Stunt, May Court Q'40j, King of Twelfth Night f'40j, Nativity C37-'38j, October Day Court Q'37j, Hockey Q'39j, Glee Club C36-'40j, Treasurer of Class C58-'39j, Second Vice-President of Student Council f'39j. LOUISE FEINBERG NEW 'YORK CITY IRIS Staff QU, TraI'I'll1'r Staff Qlj, Dramatic Club Clj, Ping-pong Tournament. EVELYN LEWIS DANN'lLLTi, VIRGINIA Dramatic Club C39-'4Oj, TrnI'z'Ilc'I' Staff f'40j. VIRGINIA NENON CHATHAM, VIRGINIA President of Junior Class C38-'39j, TI'uI'vllr'I' Staff C39-'40j, May Day Q'59j. CATHRYN CAKES DANVILLIE, VIRGINIA IRIS Staff C39-'40j, TnlIfI'l1I'I' Staff C39-,40j, Glee Club f'40j, Treasurer Senior Class f'40j, Nativity f'39j. RUTI-I TOWNES DANVILLE, VIIKGINIA Sergeant-at-Arms C39-'40j. ANNE TYREE LYNGI-I STATION, VIRGINIA Blues Secretary, C4-OJ, Secretary of Junior Class C,39j. SENICDR HALL WILL WE, the cuter girls, about to burst into a collegiate world in all our glory, do give and bequeath to the rem- nants of Stratford these, our most treasured possessions, with the hope that the next generation, if they try 'very hard, can become as uniquely unique as we are!! To Jean Mollison, our patient and long-suffering spon- sor, we leave our apologies. To the faculty as a whole-we leave!! Upon Miss Brydon we confer, with our blessings, an inexhaustible supply of slugs for the Coca-Cola machine. To Miss Fitz, whom we suspect never had a more interesting English class, we leave tenderest memories of us as "the great psychological experiment" of '36-'40, As ardent admirers of pastel colors, we leave Junior's red flannel shirt to Basie Crumpler. Q Anne Tyree bequeaths to Miss Wliittington a bar of candy-to be eaten in chapel period only. Franny Pointer leaves her pugilistic nature to "Parky." Buzzy Bailey leaves her wind-racked frame to Marjorie Anderson. Junior Chapin bequeaths her four-year-old position as President of the Night Owl Gang to Addie Stanley. Virgie Nenon leaves her "burns" to Bluzey I-Iauton. Louise Feinberg bestows her persecution complex upon Barbara Adams. Anne Watson leaves her ability to stick to the straight- and-narrow to Anne Boocks. To Sarah Thorpe, "Babe" Oakes leaves her regular Friday night open-house. Evelyn Lewis leaves her frequent fainting spells to Scrawny Jean Clark. Ruth Townes wills her standing room among Franny Pointer's coat hangers to future day students-on the Hall!!! Given under our sign and seal this eleventh day of June, nineteen hundred and forty. THE SENIOR HALL CLASS. SENIOR HALL SUPERLATIVES Bvsf All-Aroulm' Moxl POPHIZII' . Bos! Sflllffllf . M ox! Rc'12rc'sI'11iz11'i1fc' Bvsf Alblffcf . . . Mos! Trzfvfzfvcl . Besf Drmsmf . Wifficfsi . Bvsf Looking . . . . BETTY CI-IAPIN . ANNE TYREE FRANCES POINTER ANNE WATSON ANNE WATSON . EVELYN LEXVIS RUTH TOWNES CATHERINE OARES . LEA BAILEY THE PERFECT SENIOR H air . Eyvs . N 051' . Moufb . . Skin . . Ha 11115 . FigIll'l' . Lcfgx . Fee! . RUTH TOWNES LOUISE FEINBERG . BETTY CHAPIN . BETTY CHAPIN . ANNE TYREE VIRGINIA NENON . LEA BAILEY . LEA BAILEY VIRGINIA NENON BARBARA ADAMS . . . Presiclezzf ANNE BooCKs . . Vivo-Presiflefzf LUCILLE HAUTON . Secreiary NELLIE LEA . . . . Treasurer CAROLYN LAMBETH Sergealzf-at-Arnzs Miss RACHEL BLACK .... Sponsor Mary Parker Jo Ann Otis Virginia Robertson Marjorie Anderson Margaret Brown MAY CRUMPLER . . . . Presirleut MARY MOORMAN JoNEs . . Vice-Prcsirlefzf LUCY BRALLEY . . . . Secretary MARGAIKET DEI-IART . . . Treasurer ADDIE STANLEY . . . Sergcfalzz'-af-Arms Miss KATHRINE HOOFNAGLE . . . Sponsor Mary Fazel Virginia Lambeth Louise Gardner Jean Clark Sarah Thorpe GENE RAY . . . Presiclcfzi ISABEL LEWIS . Vice-Presirlenf OLIVE BARRAS . . . Secretary JEAN YARBORO ..... TFOtlS7lTC'7' NANCY C. BOATWRICHT . . SL'Fg6'6lIIf-df-,AVIIZS MRS. WALTER PARKER . . . Sponsor Q0 Csiull-XX 9i.rl- Qeixne ,qi X493 xQono..A nad? 'AA-X.l'l'D r nl- . Class of '41 . I 'lumlllina lmsxl A lllbll Silks, W W "U 7 Class of 42 , .fj..L.J,1G-M-1 Ah' Irai--'1' Class ol '43 W6iX!OlL QTEK aljlllfli 5lD.4.40l'lL fUtilLC6,5.5 lou Cjznfzzefff, .fwicly QIIEZII g-.l:Qj,,QJm.'r'5gF .Aj "' , K H .ki - Ar, F, .Y , , Q ' ' I E qw 4 I I - 1 QA I ,w , ' ,' r,L w gy w W . J ,. STUDENT COUNCIL EDITH BOND ........... Prcsiclrni EVELYN GILLEY . . Vive-Prvsizlwff ANNE WATSON . . Srwoml Viva'-Pwsirlmzt VIRGINIA AMES . . . . . Sc'c'rc'fm'y VIRGINIA CABELL . . . Tmlsurm- Miss HALLII3 B. MCMILLAN . ....... Advisor Lucy Bralley Mary Lily Purdum Louise Gardener Frances Pointer Pearl Kotlier Jean Tompkins Lois Wfillinms 1 YY. r' "' I f ,4', ,,,,I -J .-:I P T ri In ILL i U '-Il' ,..., .Q INTERNATIONAL RELATICNS CLUB Mmm' I-IuN'r12u EDMUNDS . . . . . . . . . President ANNIE SIMPSON . . . . Vive-Pi'cxidc'11f MARY EVELYN JIEIVI-'IZRSON . . . Svc're1fary Miss hm lfl'l'zcs121mL1i Edith Bond Hester Cliattin Virginia Culpepper Helene Fricdlnnder Bernice Heard Frances Lane Mary Lily Purdum Jean Tompkins Frances Wa1te1's S jmnsor BLUE PENCIL CLUB i Anne Simpson Mary Lily Purdum Janeth Early Jean Mollison Virginia Culpepper DRAMATIC CLUB EVELYN GI1.1..1zY . . BARBARA GlillfFl1'l-IS . JANETI-I EARLY . . . Barbara Adams Katherine Benson Merle Black Ann Boocks Julia Carter Jenn Clark Burnett Culverlmousc Mary Hunter Edmunds Louise Feinberg . . P l'L'Sif1l'llf . . Vice-Prcsizlellf . . Ser rcfary-Trc'as11 rel' Anne Hagerty Lucille Hauton Mary Evelyn Jefferson Frances Lane Evelyn Lewis Jeannette May Mildred Rogers Jean Tompkins Katherine Wfillinms Bess Woodard Si? i-.La -lqbfx i f XL I .- A .TRAVELLER STAFF BARBARA GRIFFITI-is BETSY DAVIS ELIZABETH CORBET JANETH EARLY VIRGINIA CULPEPPER LEA BAILEY HESTER CHATTIN ANNE SIMPSON BETTY BARBER MAX'NARD X MARY HUNTER EDMUNDS . MARY LILY PURDUM . Mary E. Jeiferson Virginia Cabell Cathryn Oakes Leah Taylor Louise Emerson Ann Boocks Virginia Nenon Kitty Finney Virginia McLean Blanche Naughton Lois Williains Jeannette May Lucille Hauton Edith Bond Julia Carter Frances Lane Pearl Kotlier Lucille Sandruck Burnett Culverhouse Mary Marye X General Managers AllUl'l'fiSf1Ig Manager Bnsimfxs Mamzgcr Ci7'l'lllllfi0l7 Mfl17dgC'l' Barbara Shields A gnes Swain Barbara Armentrout Charlotte Worsham Evelyn Lewis Betty Trapncll Helene Friedlantler Katherine Benson Ann Hagerty Carolyn Perkinson ij"- IRIS STAFF Miss IDA FITZGERALD . . ....... Azlwvcr Barbrwa Adams Barbara Armentrout Lea Bailey Edith Bond Virginia Cabell Betty Chapin Virginia Culpepper Jnneth Early I-Ielene Friedlander Betty Gingrich Barbara Griffiths Mary Evelyn Jefferson Mary Marye Betty Barber Maynard Carolyn Parkinson Mary Lily Purdum Lucille Sandruck Elizabeth Turner Katherine Willianis GLEE CLUB Barbara Adams Virginia Ames Olive Barras Kit Benson Anne Boocks Betty Chapin Kathryn Colbert Janeth Early Kitty Finney Evelyn Gilley Betty Gingrich Lucille I-Iauton Helen Hoffman Pearl Kotlier Martha Laubenstein Virginia McLean Cathryn Cakes Peggy Rodnick Caroline Sanders Margaret Wade Lois Williams SCRUB TEAM Miss MARGARET XXII-IITTINGTON . . . . . . Coach Boots Bralley Margaret Brown Ingles Ford Mildred Rogers Sarah Thorpe Betty Trapnell Anne Wfatson Bess Woodard INTERIOR DECORATION CLUB CAROLYN PEILKINSON ......... Prcsidwrl VIRGINIA STROTHERS . . Vic'c'-Prcxiden! KATHERINE COLBERT . . Svcrvtary VIRGINIA AMES .... . Trc'asm'cI' MISS BESSIE VAN WAGENEN . . . Sponsor Edith Bond Virginia Cabell Evelyn Gillcy Blanche Naughton Mary Evelyn Shelton V vp 1. , ' w ' , W , -fr, A M 1 BLAZER CLUB Barbara Armentrout Edith Bond Anne Bowen Dinny Cabell Hester Chattin Katherine Benson Virginia Culpepper Betty Gingrich Evelyn Gilley Barbara Griffiths Jean Gibbons Mary Moorman Jones Mary Parker Mary Lily Purdum Sara Thorpe Elizabeth Turner Anne Watson Jean Tompkins HONORARY MEMBERS Miss Ida Fitzgerald Miss Bessie Van Wagenen .- , -K' 11: ," ,4 L .4-.5 "v . , ' . .13 , Q V Y. HQ. li V9 , ' . V 1-4. -'J-. wr, - TENNIS Katherine Benson Virginia Cabell Anne Bowen Hester Chattin jean Tompkins BASKETBALL Martha Lauberstein Anne Watsoim Betty Trapnell Katherine Benson Lucille Sandruck Virginia Cabell Jean Tompkins Jean Gibbons Betty O'Neill Boots Bralley Edith Bond Mary Parker Hester Chattin Sara Thorpe Virginia McLean Betty Gingrich Lois Ahlmam Jean Clark Mary Moorman Jones Margaret Brown HOCKEY Virginin McLean Catherine Willianis Burnett Culverhousc Betty Gingrich Jean Gibbons Edith Bond Sara Thorpe Mary Parker Mary Lily Purdum Mary Moorman Jones Jean Tompkins Hester Chartin Virginia Cabell Katherine Benson Anne Watson Evelyn Gilley Virginia Culpepper Elizabeth Turner STRATFCRD HUNT CLUB MR. GARRETT WATKINS . . Barbara Adams Kit Benson May Crumpler Helene Friedlander Lucille Hauton Isabel Lewis . . . . . . Martha Lauberstein Elsa Martinez Catherine Parr Gene Ray Virginia Strother Leah Taylor Jean Tompkins ARCHERY Kit Benson Barbara Grifiiths Mary Elizabeth Parker ATHLETIC COUNCIL VIRGINIA CABELL . . . Prcsiflcnf BARBARA GRIFFITHS . . VfL'6'-Pl'!'5flfl'llf ANN BOWEN . . . . Sc'z'1'z'la1'y-Twaszzrar Miss ELIZABETH PANNILL . . . . Azlvixvr , 1 , N .5 4 ' ' l ' y a . ', M vo 'Y 41 u - ss 4 ' 7 1 I A I 3 fx! . ' 1 .5 K in 's 01761 WHITE OFFICERS ELIZABETH GMNT JEAN TOMPKINS . LUCILLE HAUTON CAROLYN LAMBETH ISABEL LEWIS . . . P resid ent First Vice-Presiflent Second Vice-Prcsirlcnzf . . . Scrrcfary . Trrfasu rer BLUE OFFICERS MARY LILY PURDUM . . ....... President HESTER CHATTIN . . . ,First Vice-President BETTY CHAPIN . . . Seconrl Vice-Presirlenl ANNE TYREE . . . . Secretary MAY CRUIAPLER . . Treasurer IRIS fs.-H . -.- +- 315 -:Fl 'x 1 Q' 'Y 'S STRATFORD COLLEGE Junior College of Cultural and Practical Arts AND STRATFORD HALL College Preparatory Department Congratulate the Staff of the IRIS on this Volume May Success be the Happy Realization of Every Stratford Girl MAB-EL H. KENNEDY, Dann JOI-IN C. SIMPSON, Prc'xidtnt Catalog and Book of Views on Request DANVILLIZ, VIRGINIA J, T. TOWNES PRINTING COMPANY Corner Union and Patton Streets DANVILLE VIRGINIA VENABLE-BROWN CO CINCINNATI, OHIO Advertising Counsel for Stratford College WYATT-BUICK SALES COMPANY DANVILLE, VIRGINIA Compliments of HARPER 85 CROXTON, INC Wholesale Distributors Candies, Tobaccos, Drug Sundries Specialties :Ind Groceries X x ' ' f We're Proud too. fx alll """""m" .i.-- Q i EERE ' Z ff -A N We ,Ll Gr. 505 X fwjuaffd f 1 ' ff to' a. ' G Z N cw sm ne e 7 L HERMAN HDQILVIWGQI Best Sfore' I f 5 h h hh ehe h , ee o e k he 311:3:11511:::::5rg:3:5:3:5:::5:5:5:f:545:gggg::153:gf:,:,:::::5:ggsf:g:Q:5:f:5:5:Q:fgggQgrgig:g:f::rg:iz55:gi:5:1:xg:f:f:::5:5:Q:f:5:F:5:I:Q:1:5:5:5:j:5:2:5:21212:::Q:1:115g:E:::Ez::E:g:5:55:1:5:fazzfzgf:::5:::5:::5:5:::f:::2:f 1I:5:i:Q:5:f:5:5:f:3:3:3:5:5:I:113:1:1:5:1:5:f:I:3:I:2:2:l , ., ':Jg:- '- S:-. gf., ,, wg ,,..4, , A. .. ..:...A, . ...A ,,4, f. -. , s E RV E YO u R s E L F R IG H 1' . "ff wl1H A REFRESHING PAUSE e, It's part of the take "time out" for ttle of ice- cold Coca-Cola wholesome, deliciou o team up with one y and be refreshed. 5 ffl AAA, ,Q - TTLING Co. Dehcnous and Refreshing -fw: IN DANVILLE, IT'S JOHNSON'S DRUG COMPANY THE SOUTH MAIN STREET STORE PHONE 615 THE DOWN-TOWN STORE JOHNSON-SPIGGLE -Eat To Your I-Iea1't's Content At- G. S. K. RESTAURANT THE HOME OF DELICIOUS MEALS DANVILLE VIRGINIA CAMPUS CLASSICS . . . designed for collegiates who recognize clothes confi- dence comes only with wearing clothes styled in the best of taste and tailoring . . . assenzhled with a lznowledge of Stratford students' needs at the SPORTS BAR of Frances Kahn 410 MAIN STREET DANX'ILLE, l VIRGINIA 'U v YOU have a most cordial Qglmolinuydlilgn r invitation and a friendly Sl welcome awaiting you always q D O at Damfille's "biggest little GL ',Ufu,QluYAlr4u,lruLQ,u11 shop." Colne in often and select your favorite fashions in ladies' clothes and acces- CX- vories. Where Style and Thrift Are On An Identical Basis . Gurdine-Geneva "The Shoji of Lovely Things" Jas. T. Catlin 8: Son Co. Incorporated IIISYIWIIICC' In All Its Bmzzvhes P Nh S41 MASONIC BUIIDING DANVILLE, Vm INI VERY BEST XWISI-IES "Da1zvil1e's Sfoopping C6I1f'FP,, BELK-LEGGETT COMPANY DANVILLE ENTERPRISE EJQZLQEJ MJ, Incorporated CLEANERS-ovens X Oj7crafi11g- Capitol Rialfo . DW B DANXVILLE VIRGINIA BOWL For Health and Keep Physically Fit RED CROWN RECREATION MoRoToc:R BLDG. DANX'ILLE, VA. PHONE 3464 GREYI-IOUND SERVICE STATION 24-Hour Service Texaco Products Wfashing, Lubrication and Polishing Cars Called For and Delivered Free Parking to Our Patrons FOR ADDED BEAUTY FOR ALL COLLEGE FUNCTIONS BROWN JEWELRY COMPANY CALL Manufacturing and Dispensing GILES FLOWER SHQP OPTICIAN S PHONE 2486 MAIN STREET . DANVILLE, VA. Fuels and Building Materials Ojlrial jeweler for Stratford J E N K I N S DQUTHAT-RIDDIJE Manufacturers of School and College Jewelry RAYMOND SMITH PHONE 9 DANVILLE, VA. 20 W' REDMOND STREET BALTIMORE, MD. DANVILLE DAIRY PRODUCTS COMPANY Incorporated Manufacturers of Ice Cream and Buffer HPATRONIZE PATTERSON'S" Dependable Drug Store Service Four Registered Pharmacists to Serve You PATTERSON DRUG COMPANY 538 LOYAL STREET DANVILLE, VA. MASONIC TEMPLE DANVILLE, VA. STRATFORD COLLEGE --- 1939-40 BOARDING DEPARTMENT Adams, Barbara .,..... Ahlman, Lois ..,...... Ames, Virginia Lee Anderson, Marjorie ,, Armentrout, Barbara . . . Bailey, Lydia Lea . . Barras, Olive .... Benson, Katherine . . . Bond, Edith ...,. Boocks, Anne . . Bowen, Ann ..,...,.., Bralley, Lucy ......... Brown, Margaret Blanche, . . Bryant, Charlee ,....,. Cabell, Virginia ,... Chapin, Betty ..,. Clark, Jean ...... Colbert, Kathryn . . . Corbet, Elizabeth .,.. Culverhouse, Burnett . . . Emerson, Louise ..... Fazel, Mary Elizabeth . . . Feinberg, Louise ..... Ford, Ingles .....,. Friedlander, Helene ,. Futrelle, Peggy Lou .... Gallaher, Betty ...... Garvin, Elsie ....... Gibbons, Jean ..., Gilley, Evelyn ,.,,... Gingrich, Elizabeth .. Griffiths, Barbara . . , Hagerty, Anne . . . Hauton, Lucille .... Hoffman, Helan .... Kotlier, Pearl .... Lane, Frances ,.,.... Lauberstein, Martha ,... Marye, Mary Christian , . Martinez, Elsa ..,...... McLean, Virginia ,... Naughton, Blanche .. Nenon, Virginia , Newton, Betty . . . O'Neil1, Betty . . . Otis, Joan ...., Parker, Mary ., Parr, Catherine . . . Perez, Beba .... Perez, Cuca ......, Pointer, Frances ,... Rhyne, Polly ..,,... Robinson, Dorothy . . . Cox-Carlton Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia 18402 Lynton Road, Shaker Heights, Ohio Montross, Virginia 5 Baltimore Street, Hyattsville, Maryland 4009 West Franklin, Richmond, Virginia 306 North Mendenhall, Greensboro, N. C. 315 West 48th Street, New York City, N. Y. 1 West Overlea Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 251 South Main Street, Sayvillc, New York 406 N. Columbus Street, Lancaster, Ohio 5108 St. Albans Way, Baltimore, Maryland Lynch Station, Virginia South Broadway, Bartow, Florida Spring Garden, Virginia 2834 Maryland Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 43 Clayton Avenue, Cortland, New York 120 Front Street, New York City, N. Y. Gretna, Virginia 546 Westnaiiastei' Ave., Elizabeth, N. 1901 Eutaw Place, Baltimore, Maryland 13106 Forest Hill Avenue, East Cleveland, Ohio 1530 Westover, Petersburg, Virginia 393 West End Avenue, New York City, N. Y. 311 Brown Street, Martinsville, Virginia 222 West 83rd Street, New York City, N. Y. Emporia, Virginia Middlesboro Road, LaFollette, Tennessee 426 George Street, Charles Town, West Va. 3330 Maynard Road, Cleveland, Ohio Axton, Virginia 1206 North Rodney Street, Willningtoii, Dela. 45 Roland Park Drive, Huntington, W. Va. Merion Manor, Merion, Pennsylvania 2905 Andrews Drive, N. XV., Atlanta, Ga. 338 Westwood Road, Woodinere, L. I., N. Y. 2 Chamberlain Parkway, Worcester, Mass. Shefheld, Massachusetts 425 Center Street, Ashland, Pennsylvania Shawsville, Virginia P. O. Box 1715, Habana, Cuba 20011 Malvern Road, Shaker Heights, Ohio 10610 Magnolia Drive, Cleveland, Ohio Chatham, Virginia Cedar View, Briclgeville, Delaware 12 Muirfield Road, Rockville Centre, N. Y. Box 726, Westport, Connecticut Country Club Lane, Parkersburg, West Va. 100 Park Lane, Baltimore, Maryland Hotel Camaguey, Camaguey, Cuba Hotel Camaguey, Camaguey, Cuba Roxboro, North Carolina 929 East Boulevard, Charlotte, N. C. 2617 Acacia Court, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Rodnick, Peggie Rogers, Mildred Sanders, Caroline . . . Sandruck, Lucille ..... Shields, Barbara ...... Stanley, Addie Virginia Stevens, Gladys ...... Strother, Virginia . Sullivan, Gloria ,.,... Taylor, Leah Wood Thorpe, Sarah ..,. Tompkins, Jean .. Trapnell, Elizabeth . .. Tyree, Anne .,.,. Wade, Margaret . . . XVatson, Anne . .,... . NVilliams, Katherine . . . NVilliams, Lois ..., Black, Merle .,... Boatwright, Nancy Carter, Julia ..... Chattin, Hester . . . Crumpler, May .. Culpepper, Virginia Davis, Betsy ..... DeHart, Margaret ..,. Durham, Mildred ,.... Edmunds, Mary Hunter Emerson, Isabel .,,,,. Fulton, Alice Lee . . . Gardner, Louise .,,. Grant, Elizabeth ...,. Heard, Bernice ..,..,. Jefferson, Mary Evelyn Jones, Mary Moorman . Lambeth, Carolyn .... Lambeth, Viiinia .. Lea, Nellie Meade . . . Lewis, Evelyn ....,. Lewis, Josie .......... May, Mary Jeannette . . Maynard, Betty Barber Oakes, Catherine ..... Perkinson, Carolyn .,., Purdum, Mary Lily . . . Ray, Gene Hazelwood , Robertson, Virginia Ani Shelton, Mary Evelyn . . Simpson, Anne Marye . Smith, Carolyn . . . Swain, Agnes .,.. Townes, Ruth .,.. Turner, Elizabeth . Walters, Frances . Worsham, Charlotte . . . Yarboroiijean ,... '1 362 Westwood Road, Woodmere, L. I., N. Y. Naval Mine Depot, Yorktown, Virginia . .North Walker St., Princeton, W. Virginia 1127 West North Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland . .4471 Conduit Road, Washington, D. C. . . . .Stanleytown, Virginia . . . .21 Oakview Ave., Maplewood, N. J. 6724 Three Chopt Road, Richmond, Virginia 2833 Courtland Blvd., Shaker Heights, Ohio 2170 Fifth Ave., Bay City, Michigan Townsend, Georgia 51 Fifth Avenue, New York City, New York 729 St. Johns Road, Baltimore, Maryland Lynch Station, Virginia 3319 W. Grace St., Richmond, Virginia 1843 Berkley Avenue, Petersburg, Va. 15609 Brewster Road, East Cleveland, Ohio Brantwood Farms, Elkton, Maryland LOCAL STUDENTS 924 North Main Street, Danville, Virginia Dan's Hill, R. F. D., Danville, Virginia Broad Street, Danville, Virginia . . . Schoolfield, Virginia . . . .Lady Astor Street, Danville, Virginia 691 Berryman Avenue, Danville, Virginia . . . .Randolph Avenue, Danville, Virginia . . . .221 Robertson Avenue, Danville, Virginia 152 West Main Street, Danville, Virginia i :Gray Street, Danville, Virginia 140 Park Avenue, Schoolfield, Virginia R. F. D. No. 4, Danville, Virginia Forest Hills, Danville, Virginia . . . .Main Street, Danville, Virginia . . . .West Main Street, Danville, Virginia . . . .Gray Street, Danville, Virginia . , . .Virginia Avenue, Danville, Virginia . . . .R. F. D. No. 6, Box 93, Danville, Virginia . . . .R. F. D. No. 6, Box 93, Danville, Virginia . . . .West Main Street, Danville, Virginia . . . .204 Girard Street, Danville, Virginia . . . .Gray Street, Danville, Virginia 226 Randolph Street, Danville, Virginia 204 Marshall Terrace, Danville, Virginia . . . .College Avenue, Danville, Virginia . . . .Green Street, Danville, Virginia . . . .Route No. 3, Danville, Virginia . . . .Forest Hills, Danville, Virginia . . .Franklin Turnpike, Danville, Virginia 816 Shepherd Ave., Danville, Virginia 127 S. Main Street, Danville, Virginia . . . .Virginia Avenue, Danville, Virginia . . . .Broad Street, Danville, Virginia Virginia Avenue, Danville, Virginia 1 :Forest Hills, Danville, Virginia College Avenue, Sclioolfield, Virginia 920 N. Main Street, Danville. Virginia 130 Marshall Terrace, Danville, Virginia

Suggestions in the Stratford College - Iris Yearbook (Danville, VA) collection:

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1940, pg 40

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