Stratford Academy - Overlook Yearbook (Macon, GA)

 - Class of 1975

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Stratford Academy - Overlook Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 294 of the 1975 volume:

xgw 11 '-1. A QLZJ f 17-4'fV 'Sq sv. , v -sa, u 5... 5 rw Wbivaf, kiwff' cjwewumees eaugfibimfwwebcs Qfycqwv wwveafb-rLwfvvT1evfiJoQ0KU goQ1fnvnwmerZl3Tb4vpmewuATbl9e, iw 9VmpwJQQwg mW,1:ZM9ZLQgw Mm 5w:1fw,TVwfMwAfswMQHmAg51bu Gum Kawai emMfop0WLa'KwfuLefu 55 goal. CgUiAmiATV11ZCpwp1f5 UA r' v 113 3 L, l 5 1 E E V I 1 4 2 1 ? 4 f Q ? - 5 in Q 'ff .Z v K 1 i v Q i P Q xl. 5 S Y - i . V - 4 5 v 3 2 -- r X f 3 -K-Q 4 4 1 5 K v r E N Q Q ? FQ . f 5 s 3 F 5 E 's f 5 r K f X F S 3 1 3 1 2 1 s Y 2 1 !i...-..,, ,.. , .fi -.., gm, A A-A -,.j"j" THE OVERLDGK 1975 Macon, Georgia Volume XIV Table of Contents Ded1cat1on Estabhshment Compehtors Part1o1pants D1vers1ons F mancers ' ' ...................... . .4 ' ..... .18 Individua1S . . . ' 3 . . . . .48 ' .. .... 146 ' ' ..... .... 2 02 ' ' ... . . . .224 ' A .... 244 Dedication A smile can brighten our darkest moments A pat on the back can strengthen our last ounce of hope A nudge in the right direction can steady our faltering steps And a Word of confidence can lead us to success. He is the donor, and we are the recipients. We, the Class of 1975, dedicate our annual to a faithful friend . . . Mr. T. F. Fields I 2 4 1 Life, so they say, is but a game And they let it slip away X 'Nu if V' L "":',.9'..1 ff 172 '35 wi. N we 1 1'-Q Like the twilight in the road up ahead They don't see just where We're goin' I And all the secrets in the universe Whisper in our ears ili L., rf" 'WS N --.Sul ,E wwf' A 156 L , Y'i' ' 1 , :.. my ,,,,j, ,, , f , WWW 4, K. Q fi - J KW, 12,3 f?,X 4, Q 4, gf 9: ? , Y s Q f. We may never pass this way again . . S me Dreams, so they say, are for fools And they let them slip away Peace, like the silent dove should be blind, But it,s only just begun - Like Columbus in the olden days We must gather all our courage L X , .- --.'.4 gy 5,1 gf fftrtr .11-T.. ' ,TRATFHD W4 A LI.,, wean, Q f A Qw- L... V X V V " f-- Q ,,, ,, ,,,,,g Auf" .. 3 Sail our ships out on the open sea Cast away our fears 1 WA. ,+A X 'P xxx. I5 And the years will come and go and take us up, always up W In ,aa, Y e,ffmg::sfQ.,esef f We may never pass this Way again. Seals and Croft 3 2, Q2 ffmzm-'xi wiv mx Y itll! VX A Like Columbus in the olden days We must gather all our courage - ESTABLISH Joe B. Hill, jf Headmaster x i Mr. Marvin Davis Assistant Headmaster Mr. George Phillips Business Manager vis Stratford oademy Standing, left to right: Mr. George M. Grant, Mr. William H. Elder Qseej, Dr. Loy Strawn Left to right: Dr. F. R. Childs, Mrs. Lem Clark, Mizj. William Herin fchairmanj, Mr. W. H. Anderson Il Seated: Mr. R. F. Hatcher, Mr. Harry Dismuke Ctrcas.j -.alum 9 S : Standing, left to right: Dr. Wilbur Harper, Dr. Loy Strawn,,Ioe B. Hill, Dr. Hugh Smisson fvice-chairmen of boardy Seated: Dr. Rodney Browne, Mr. Richard White, Mrs, Lem Clark Board Of Governors Left to right: Dr. E. C. MacMillian, Mr. R. A. Bowen, Mr, Richard White, Dr. Wm. C. Shir- ley, Mr. Earl W. Farriba, Mr. Charles jay F1 5 4 ff 3' .J Standing: Dr. Wilbm Harper, Dr. john Pauljoncs Seated: Dr. Rodney Browne, Mrs. Gus-Iones, Mr. David W. Thornton,judge A. M. Anderson . I s Mr. Hal Hatcher Elemental' School 1. Mrs. Elaine Massey 2. Mrs. jean Jester 3. Mrs. Virginia Powers Mrs. Elaine Massey XM sy as 'ss Principal '. ' i igfgfwi. L H Mrs, jean Jester Mrs. Virginia Powers Secretary Librarian Mrs. Sue Hill Director of Admissions and Guidance Mrs. Sue Hill Director of Admissions and Guidance Mrs. Anna Smith 8th and 9th Grade Guidance Guidance Mrs. Anna Smith 8th and 9th Grade Guidance , 1 0ff1CG 1. Mrs. 2. Mrs. 3. Mrs. 4. Mrs. 2. Frances Gunnels jackie Moore Dianne Moore Reba Lanier 5. SQA' ai School Enrichment 1. Mr. Earle Barnctte 2. Mr. Howard Inglcy 4. Mrs 6. Mrs Suzanne Harper 3. Mrs. . Dot Brown 5. Mrs. . Marilyn Rice Sue Coggins ' 1 Enghsh Department 1. Mrs. 2. Mrs. 3. Mrs. 4. Mrs. Elizabeth Hincslcy Linda Bibb Georgann Banks Faye Holliday 5 T i , r I 29 Science Department Mrs. Bronwyn Daly Mrs. Cheryl Rawls Mr. Steve Barson Mrs. Anna Smith Mr. T. F. Fields Mrs. Marjorie Lovein K xx f"x X xX9x'b. Mathematics Department 1. Mr. T. F. Fields 2. Mr. William Brake 3. Mrs. Rubyjo Argo 4. Mr. Griff Iithridgc 5. Mrs.joAnnc Roycr 2. 1 5 . x Y 33 Social Studies Department 1. Mrs. Betty Stewart 2. Mrs. Blanche McAllister 3. Mr. Stan Stavely 4. Mrs.-Joyce Happ 5. Mrs. Dinah Brown 2 't':rt':""' " "--- -f ff-- : Qtr.. Q---is gg? Q.. fx.. 3. 4. 'V W i j 5. 35 Ph sioal Education 1. Coach Richard Rcid 2. Coach Grady Smith 3. Coach Bobby Brown 4, Coach Paul Gillespie 5. Mrs. Ruby jo Argo 6. Coach Bubbcr Adams R , ' 'R 2 'il azz 36 W 4. 6. 5. 37 Language Department 1. Mr. Aubrey Floyd 2. Mrs, Estelle Nircnstcin 5. Mr. Gustavo Perez 4. Mrs. Frances Wright ,,,...--f Business Department 1. Mrs. 2. Mrs. Li 3. Ivlrs 4. Mrs 5. Mrs Sandra Holcomb Margaret Davis brarians . Helen Walker . Rosemary Evans . Glenis Fields Kindergarten Four Mrs. Carol Robeson Mrs. Sally McCury Mrs. Susan jones X W W?-3, Mrs. Anita Tillery Mrs. Debbie Read Mrs. Carol Squires Kindergarten Five lf ' ,,,, '3 Mrs. Judy Raffield Mrs. La Vonna Fritz Mrs. Joyce Bishop Helpers Mrs. Betty Hilburn Mrs. Sally Merck Mrs. Joanne Bowers First Grade Mu nine Mrs. .Iinarmc jordan Mrs. Sue Crumbley Mrs. Lois Irby Second Grade : E -3- t ' 1 , L x sf Aj , t Mrs. Lucille Pinkston Mrs. Evelyn Batson Miss Betty Atwater Third Grade Mrs. Sarah Grier Fourth Grade Mrs. Mary Evelyn Hamlin X , s sy -.Mus Mrs. Eugenia Espy Grade S Sixth Grade Mr. Andrew Lawson , Q ' M Mrs. jackie White Mrs. Virginia Dougherty Seventh Grade 1. Mrs. Isabelle Malone 2. Mrs. Amelia Mahone- 3. Mrs. ,Ioan Flul-ter Mr. Elton M. Adams A.B. Mercer Univ. Mrs. Ruby -Io Argo A.B. Mercer Univ. Miss Betty Atwater A.B. Wesleyan College M.Ed. Mercer Univ. Mrs. Georganne Banks A.B. University of Ga. Mr, R, Earle Barnette B.M. Wesleyan College Mr. Steve Batson MED Georgia College Mrs. Evelyn S. Batson A.B. Mercer Univ. Mrs. Linda D, Bibb University of Utah State Mrs.joyce F. Bishop A.B. Emory Univ. Mrs. Bowers Univ. of South Carolina Mr. William Brake B.S. Univ. of Ga. M.Ed. Mercer Univ. Mr. Bobby E. Brown A.B. Mercer Univ. Mrs. Dinah C. Brown B.S. Ga. College Mrs. Sue Coggins A.B. Univ. of Alabama Univ. of Toulouse Mrs. Sue Crumbley B.S. Valdosta State Mrs. Bronwyn Daly B.S. Furman Univ. Mrs. Margaret Davis B.S. Georgia Southern Mr.-I, Marvin Davis B.S. Georgia Southern M.Ed. Mercer Univ, Mrs. Virginia Dougherty A.B. Mercer Univ. M.Ed. Mercer University Mrs. Mary Louise Dukes A.B. Mercer Univ. Mrs. Eugenia B. Espy B.S. Georgia Southern Mr. G. Griff Ethridge,,Ir. A.B. Mercer Univ. Mrs. Rosemary K. Evans B.S. Ed. Tift College MLED Univ. of Georgia Mrs. Ruth C. Farber B.S. Ia. State Univ. M.Ed. Mercer Univ. Mrs. Glenis Fields A.B. Mercer Univ. Mr. T. F. Fields A.B. Mercer Univ. M.Ed. Mercer University Mr. Aubrey Floyd A.B. Mercer Univ. M.A. Columbia Univ. Mrs.,Ioan G. Fluker B.S. Women's College of Georgia Mrs. LaVonna K. Fritze B.S. Purdue Univ. Mr. Paul S. Gillespieulr. B.S.Ed. Ga. Southern Mrs. Sarah H. Grier A.B. Tift College M.Ed. Mercer Mrs. Frances Gunnels Office Mrs. Mary Evelyn Hamlin A.B. Huntingdon College M.Ed. Mercer Univ. Masters Reading Specialization Mrsjoyce Happ B.A. Goucher M.Ed. Mercer Univ. Mrs. Suzannej. Harper B.A. Agnes Scott Masters in Italy Mrs. Betty Hilburn B.S. Univ. of Georgia Dr.joe B. Hill,,Ir. A.B. Mercer Univ. M.Ed. Mercer Univ. Ed.D, Univ. of Georgia Mrs, Sue Hill B.A. Mary Washington M.Ed. Univ. of Ga. Mrs. Elizabeth Hinesley A.B. Mercer Univ. M.A. Emory University Mrs.-Ianet Hobbs A.B. Mercer Univ. M.Ed. Mercer Univ. Mrs. Faye Holliday B.S. Georgia Teachers Mrs. Sandra R. Holcomb B.S. Univ. of Georgia Mr. Howard Ingley B.M. Eastman School of Music M.M. Univ. of Rochester Mrs. Lois Irby B.S. Georgia College Mrs, .lean ,Iester Office Mrs. Susan Smith ,Jones B.A. Mercer University Mrs. ,Iinanne Bennett jordan B.S. Valdosta State M.Ed. Mercer Univ. Post Graduate: Ga. State, Ga. So Mrs, Reba A. Lanier Ga.-Ala. Bus. College Crandall College Mr. Charles Andrew Lawson A.B. Duke Univ. Mrs. Marjorie Lovein B.S. Georgia College Mrs. Amelia Mahone B.B.A. Univ. of Ga. Mrs. lsabelle Malone M.Ed. Mercer Univ. Mrs. Elaine Massey A.B. Wesleyan College M.Ed. Mercer Univ. Mrs. Sally B. McCurry B.S. Georgia College uthern Mrs. Blanche McAllister Augusta College. A.B. Wesleyan College Mercer University Mrs. Sally R. Merck A.B. Home Economics Brenau Mrs, Diane Moore Crandall College Mrs. jackie Moore Office Mrs. Estelle Nirenstein A.B. Univ. of Georgia Mr. Gustavo Perez T-4 Georgia College Mr. George Phillips LL.B. Univ. of Ala. Mrs. Lucille Pinkston B.S. Georgia College Mrs. Virginia Davis Powers A.B. and M.Ed. Mercer Lib. Specialist- Univ. of Ga. Mrs,,Iudy Raffield B.S. Elem. Ed. Georgia College Mrs. Cheryl Rawls B.S. Ed. Univ. of Ga. Mrs, Debbie Read Univ. of Ga, Mr. Richard Reid A.B. Mercer Univ, M.Ed. Georgia College Mrs. Marilyn Rice A.B. M.A. Mercer Univ. Mrs. Carol Robeson B.S. Brenau College Mrsjoanne M. Royer A.B. Stetson Mrs, Lynette Sessions B.A. Valdosta State M.Ed. Auburn Univ, Mrs. Anna Smith Undergrad. Converse B.A. Psychology Grad. Mercer - M.Ed. Social Science Mr. Grady Smith B.S. Univ. of Ga. Mrs. Carol P. Squires B.A. Mercer Univ. Mr. Stanley Chason Stavely B.A. Mercer Univ. Mrs, Betty Stewart A.B. Mercer Univ. M.Ed. Mercer Univ. Mrs. Sophie Thompson B.S. Georgia College Mrs. Anita Tillery Kaigler's Bus. College Mrs. Helen Walker Univ. of Ga. Mrs.,Iackie White B.A. Mercer Univ. M.Ed. Tift College, Mercer Univ Mrs. Frances Wright B.A. Maryville College N.D.E.A. Univ. of Tenn, La Sorbon ne, Paris Mrs. Remelle S. Young B.S. Georgia College Laura Booker and Prentiss Robinson ! if 1 Maids And Ianitors Alonzo Bryant, Willie Mae Bell, Eula Watts 3 N , 2 L gr? l Like the twilight in the road up ahead They d0n't see just where We're goin'. 'I-Mai. 'tfiifiiiiiif .,, i',, I DI IDU LS Laura Andrews Valedictorian Suzanne Dunham Salutatorian Calder Clay Best Citizens Kelly Nyimiez Honor Graduates Sarah Barnes 'M .fplmg W Brenda Barnett Leslie Bowen wwwlyy 'SM 2251 WAS. Matt Burnham is Wk.k , . i 2 3 f' .f A Donna Eschen Tava Domingos Don Guritz Beth Gledhill Sonny Iester Mal Lawrence nf - r L, . 'ni' ea 4 Kelly Nyimicz Pam Mayes Shirley Rives Larry Read Sharon Worsham Martin Westmoreland i ,, ,,,. ,,,, v. ,..,,,.... ' TQ.,.fr-fb 3 5 A ' F fa3f,g:N.15 , :QQEQQ l e.: - V 1 Q P 4 w.L5.Q ' Q M,'- fl:Ljm5r,23 - W ,,,111,, 1' A 'Q' -W MQ is '-b:. K ....,,, M--v"""" , .x M ' K' l:iii in 2 ---' I ,,,,,, ' 1 , .i,. , . 1' jfQ ' 5' 9 , ,, 1 ' ff 'x 7 , i ' fs Seniors w, Q J 215 QYQ33 r NI V, .. 3 Q . K 2 '. 1 New Student: Tony Kirk Morris Y ,r,, rrif' 2 YT' ir Left to right: Mrs. Lynette Sessions, Advisorg Quin Nolan, Vice-Presidentg Don Guritz, Prcsidentg Ellen Bames, Sccretaryg Mr. Skip Fields, Advisor. ,A LL L ADAMS, KATHRYN .JAMES ANDERSON, SALLY ELIZABETH Above left: ANDREWS, LAURA Above fight: ARGO, DONNA Jo Right: ARRINGTON, DONNA KAY 66 1 M W fi, ff X 5 Q1 , F 4 QM W -X . 5 F if A 1 1 ' F6 V . 'Q ff' an v 'W 1 W W-, ig . M X 5- " , il F Wk + 1 Q' W' 4 'S 7 Q C 1' Wi M Q 5' Q an, ,-he f Q w Q A ff Q' 1- H -Vid: V zu ' ,, , SL ' 5 cy :.,., vii' ,af 6 ,., Y 1 1' 2' R .., ,1 Wy wr :Q fm ,QB ' MN.,-:-w , , 1'n'LnLv :IV , 1-Zu 'xiii 11311, A, f ,V ,, MSA' Q .WM ,wx f Wg , 'A M, s M , ' X, M :W qu- LW., E m i vs' W 135112351 A' g fgix 5 W Q. Q ig 2 E 52 ' f A 1.4 5 5:1 L ? F EQ g " Q " 1 v W MU 4 1 Wzymmm fx V ,r T? 1 w Q Q ' H Y ne' 1 Q ' M Jw , YA U Mgey 5, s If :fi W . Hn? rm QQ if ,N X hx I L'!"f',Q is 4 g5'If'hg,V - '-uw ' 34" Q7 vi fi,., 'ii' ff-f.J'f '15, 3 gf f 1. A ..-, ,, W . k K . .7 N gif. ff , ' 'V vm A1 ' -, . 5 ' . - , , W... V 4 Z 5 A 5 WW f is-1 Xl ,gg-'fzigf . , V -- - w. M , . Af , , ,ff , 5 1 - fs A, ', , wgdaewww f , an ' '1,iu,' "P+ W 'W - YL ,, 5 fe-' VV fxgfql Y, 5 1551: :",,.,fE" " .M ,ww W' M 'Qfgf-L1 '1 ' Q sf, f' 'ik , ivan, ,Q WWW A 5 . V ' ' f- X ' Vg, ,, 1 gp 3 M A ' , , ff ff 23:4 ,. 'Muff W 1. K ' A , f , , ff' aff? Q51 wr' 1 'S' ' A ,pf gh gefmi 11, 4' jg, f W J, ,w M ,gv yi. ,. A 1 , A :gf af, Q. va 'IQ , 7' Y V ' . ' " ' wigla Q?f'e5IQ ,K -1 fir A 1' ' 1' gf' ui, ' -r ' M- ' T-f, , 5? af: ', , .1 ,F .. L V -Q 'M ,, 'N 5341. l 51- A 'K " , ., R, WN - g ' as , ,ig ifwg '. ,?"Qf"s-A BL V f .--- -Q .- J A , Jr P '. "A 'fynn ,f"t, '. Wu'-'if ikga' Efrjvvf nffgz, iff j 5'-3, ? gre 5 ,141 .. 1145 if 4 ...., -- .-. af.,-.. A 91, 5 ' .'i"H QLZwP'e',, j56R.,k g?' '.f'51'1-Vx . Q, gl 1.5.1 5 ,ff-.1h3"v 1 A - ,, i Tk, Ninn-'.jih .--.-, A mx ,'.-is fx. mA..l4A1E'gY . ,L N. ff-Ffifml -H4-'Lili -N 5, ,faxu-Q'r.'j'i5,' "1 W We 5 Am, :,.'ui,--e ' idfiha 'I 'H ,- Y 1 jf? 114 A ., f Je: El ,fa-?f"V,""" W H' 'ff' 53" ii' "JW . a.2'Q5Lw'ivCi W, 1 V 'Q' X 5h,y,.i'2g,,':.q "fi ' K 'qui ,VJ ' 23 id K ' , -ak, M I: al-gf, If '- Egwiexf Refi? J" 1 ,, Xfff ffvxvgk . K X vx 9' A 'wif Q le ' ff. 234:55 lm 'AST A Cfmvmki-:1 I-M? Begg' fe' If xi, .414 ' ff 'Hag' dxf Un," 1.5 mfs' t S 2-.E P N! , ,.!fM,Vg1,-ski, Pj P -f .2 QQ fix 9 'Qi' f N. .415 5- .1 ie fig ff' , ,High ,. lf: w.f'1. W ,L , I f N92 fi ,fwgmffi5m'. 15' .SI A 'Six- F 'WF I 'fl K 5, gs. 55 Yqpgifgx .X ., ,Q ,Q 'FM x -J .ik 3,1 if E: W 3 Top left: BLOCK, KATHERINE ANN Top right: BOWEN, LESLIE WALTON Left: BURKHALTER, STEPHANIE ANN W "?'5?i.v-hx ' -0"L'1'A5' ,ff ,,f' ...M B2 R321 ,gi ,I it j 7 .5 UN , 1 5 ,11 V: , , Le ff !'5 ed iiii ' '5:f:'E,f" V: ffl fi, "- "l P f f ef, "f , gs X 'wt , g4.1.rm 5 ,if : g ,Q-"ig if P Q ' ,'ZwEE,5f4 1 :WM wa if m 2555? If R, Z'W'f'v XM , ,W A ASW 1 Left: CATHERWOOD, PETER LAURANCE Bottom left: CHAFIN, LAUREN LEIGH Bottom right: CLAY, CALDER BENJAMIN ' ' T,"V"'ai" Q e W Y' F w 5 ww- ,M Wm 1 lf 1 M 1 M v , -P' F ak gilt ' C G .i EV 'M f X 'Qui 5 A ! , , f wifi. "H gf 5 Www' 1 -.M ,, , - "'N ,53,.M , W,A,,- wma wa , , ' ' We , lf, , 2, ,A 2 Q T ' , V V in Q' Wir " ,"N- , 5 , " ff? M , N A-5, I , v X , W NW, , 1 W, ' Wfv1i 1, ,, ' V - Vp- 1 5.7, 19 5 , my A, wig, 1: x1 ww,n'wWifQ - , , 4, Q 11:,NN::4,,gEfw, Q fr - v -1 N -fg, , Y ' 5 274, Q ' " , 5 V Q ' 'F Y- ' v fgfliw, 2 H 'f .'-,M M .1 .. 9' M T 4 , 6,1 ,, gg f , 'M , ggkm A 1 -5.1- 0 X 7 v B Q' ,S 'if K A an if ff x 5 A dmv, 14u11,AN gg, +251 2 ' 7, A M SL is ,ffl wx' x K rw 411 y A if ? 4 N if fi f 5 , ' is S 1? M may BR ww 75 , J M :R , TV , . M 6 , 2 f 6 V , My , , ' f 1 P 'ap RQ ,L Q? Q' ' , , X., fs MW' an ' , ,, eg , 1 V, - W -H ' , Y R' ' , fm , Q wi Riff ,,, ' , , 3 ' if f A gb ' J ' W , M 4 ig M 4 'M W 1 P Ai uw W A - k ' -- gi 5 ' Elli r-:' f, W i k "N' . -' , 4. K x , I fgf , .. , V J 1 ' J " + ,N x N WA " i' ' -V F Sw X ,, ' N W ' M 1-P V+ WW H ' N - 'ML ' ' ' 5 , , ' -, - is ,, N- o 3 Q T4 " Y Y V ' V - R r gm, Y - W U N Ai Y Y Y Y A V my JH ,ff :gf a T ' -'anew V , 'H " 5' " 5 ' -' U.. wma Wx., , M if E, ' ' as -w w f, 'X ' "" 1 xi ' , :E . " ' ! Top left: DOMINGOS, MARY OCT AVIA Top right: DOUGLAS, PAUL ALLEN Left: DUNHAM, SUZANNE HELEN i. NV QE? 1 f f'-..., 5 I, 11" -zllziism .... aww-::,::::z:::EZ - 3 L -55 W .:Q3::-:nw ,,,W1iw,, ,, V ,. N AH N522 ., Ek 2 A 'sawfefx -if I:.EEgl!lqJ??:.E .:.1. gs:.:.:,,: Q ,,,,pv' up N. ,Q ' LU, ,A , I1 xt QXQEME H is ,Z X "'f ,. , ieiw- "', "" 'M E ' '- ff' ,---- , ,- t 4 , rg 14, -X, ,, Jn. r "EWR ,+V .X hw W - x ,A f X. Q s K 1 ,r ,N f ua. , mv MS! M film mf - 'ww w-J::11,m.Q-, Left: GLEDHILL, BETH ELAINE Bottom left: GURITZ, DONALD KEITH Bottom right: HEARD, ISABELLE CURRY Right: HENDERSON, JUDITH ANN Bottom 1oft1 HEYWARD, MARCELLA DEARING Bottom tight: HIPPARD, SUSAN DIANE 953. - 'A A H. y' ' f if" .J -. -, Q K ' -' . f ,. f X' v mg A as my 'W ? "N l I1-Q, .' x 4 . ,sw 5. wk 5 K 1 -Hr U 9 ings? ,L,..,A :SJR NM ,,mY,.,1p W 'Q' A fwh 'X 'ff S-9 S. xximxxx 1 f?Y'x.s :RQ W V, - 1 .,,,y , M li., .. M' ,lfkat pq, -Nahum. -Q v-, - . '-'sw 4 WMTV 1,vf'..15, ' --' . 'Mi Y D " . in f , Q6 ' X X 1 . 1' 417 x .E 1 I A , W Q x , iz , W -, ff " 1 Q' ." Af Q1 Q ga: X, new gg ,iw 1 xp X , M , Q A ,. H" 1 ' 'I Q " In H gil? 3 xi Q . 1 zip- X K K . AQ 5, ' ' QP V M , ag WK 4 5, W 'af ...xi W., lm. .E me V R Q .., , , N is A , , Sf I J Y.,,1f 1 W m :gf I " f' A13 n 1 gi 2 Y J' ylif , ,lk mv, ' . vv.- 43, 3. - ,. rf-f ' Af if ef U K l ., 4, .Je 'gi Y. S V 3 tg' Q if? 3 i J? W , ,E qw HW wwf! ,,,,,,y- ,l M' t Left: JONES, BRUCE FREDERICK Bottom 1eft:,IONES, VICTOR REYNOLDS Bottom right: KOPLIN, EVAN LAWRENCE 11 , Wi' 1 Viigiifi Y ,Q ez, ? x Fvfisy 45325 .gffiiuq :fx w A K A A 355iRgE25? .w"'f'!'W Q5.. W' ' fQr., ,,, "1 ' ,zrsvxuusan kW h 4 1 s fs fu A 5 E '9 e 1 gh E? E?"l': Q K 5-EQ A S 435552252 655225225 pl ml., F, -.W v. My 1. ' - , g U ,fi 5 .52-gg gg' Q , , gk ,,. Lgaii , ,,., ,VW mf if in M hw ,w E2 12111 "1 fi? !-!!! 1 1- --H 11", ':,,,11'1,n,,,L 14, ' 'M 1,,11,n ,lv A31 L 1 - 1 W: 1 V ,322 1111 ' A H F kv Bif. Q " E, gi, 1 1:,::,:a2,:: uf :SESS 1 I 1 1 ,W W W, M, 1 'fi :'c:,,:, W :V .,,,,,, , MF 3 V ri fi S A E W ,, W MW whim H' -L: ,,,::: V V , V.,, JIH1:1:i1W1b'1?M!2J71Emu1 - 11111111 11 s:s:Q::,a::,::,,::,::::::::,:,L:f2iEv'L :1::n3z,:1:,g3m5,l ,. W5 W3g1:3i:5:g5g153g53W" f 1- awww" 'M uw ME V if 11111 1-. f' 112 11 1111111 11 if "111:m1:1::j if ' Q1 4 3 F, w , P 5 5 u i ,. 4 1 , 2 . 5 4i M ,, W, Ham, - f f S N f B - 4' 05 5 'dy?iiwiA15gp.' yv, , -1, ., ,. '-zffffz -'L-1 1 "'- L- yr f :MU w11U-U- Nl' f ?f A .. , , ,1., W-K' rw MXN h gig. 4 1 ,,,!1i:1' 'M V1 sk Q' L Uv:- . ns. -9 H, Q, Right: OLLIEF, JAMES EDMUND Bottom loftt POPEJOY, SAMUEL WAITE, III Bottom tight: PRITCHETT, CHARLES ELRICH Top left: RAYBOURNE, STEVEN HUNTER Top fight: READ, JAMES LARRY Left: RIVES, SHIRLEY MARGARET Top left: ROOKER, MARK ALAN Top fight: SANDERS, SCOTT EDWARD Right: SANDERS, v1cK1E '91 1 tg 4 ,, ,,, ,M 1 K ML? MP 1 MK Q A P A X W g W an "" ' A v f 'W 1' '-1?,?7'1 Qi! ,, V 1 W, F , 57 3 '?' f Q Elm 7 2 5 F2321 T! 1 ' ' f i if 5 4 W gr 2, s " V H lg, Ld F' eq,f g11::s-15M ,,,,,, ' 12 S V 355" i':'? ' H, V ' . J 3 ,ly- Effvgw ' U ,nf , I x, , .1 B, i til' ef- K, E - IL: 'J' , ,. 1 Q :f 1 ,. an g ,,:' 2? URM f :AV E .X : X W f :4q 1i L K x ' , 4- U M WM u M B ' Mxkr"""5m ' 5 Q lv ,Fe 'WN . ,M W ,-, 'L 'L ,, an in ww ,, --10 , f if '- J. 1- wr wa '. 2"-qi, v W f, ww, .M 1 in , . S 1 , ,y ai, M ' X , ,M 51, , 11.53, M as 1 ' "", 1' L-migqgsgasgiz-1:m'9M - 1 R s . 1 Right: SKINNER, WILLIAM DANIEL Bottom left: SMISSON, HUGI-I FRANKLIN, III Bottom tight: SMITH, JOHN DIXON .sw W 'Q I 1 35 . ' V ,, , 4 wggiw 2 , 3 ,nf by W 4 gi, .wif " -1:3 1 K, sf 'V' A ai . if ' ' 1 A M f5???'fA 4 'Nz V, V 1" , 4915-,gg 4 I i C4 rica, A lr I Ji E V .. ,fW, , W , X M X W M, Eff + Q r i, 1 , , il! A 2 i I .5 RW M W Ex Aly? mf 3, 7 L. W ? Q , 3 1 A g Q Q h is 4 , Ei an if , '93 Q 4 ng, Y IYWV . ,it N 1 .gg :Fi- if -1' ,, ,.., i M ' . 'f Y ' 'N EK 5245 4 1f REQ EQ NN... 17 ra Q f:,..-f" 5 Q-"s-gi if it X - 0 A .ff g 5 ....,....--' AL. Sk ,nf ' Fw iv--ei Top left: TANNER, MARY ELIZABETH Top right: WALDEN, MARY AUDREY Right: WALLACE, SANDRA KENCRICK g 'AA' F! ir -4 -T f , " fs "' W ig V 2 f mv W ' ' 12 Afii Q.a6"' 'MN f ,M Q' ' V .F 3 if 65 Qt , 1 5 QW QQ- 1 N K E W Q ' ew 1 M MMM V, fi 'Q 1' Q5 , W, J .fm rage f f""w.y "' 'J f Eff 'i f 1 ' . F ,hw J. Ala. . -'J 3. 1:39 X, , .4 . J, , ,- - ., i I Y f V ,WV A ' V-. 1. 1' QQ' Q V 'uw 3 I- ' 'K ' A 1 L M, , ', M' , Q LN NA, ' w ' - 1 ' f ' w . , W.. 'Rjv M . I 5 My ,. , . ki ' K g 4 .. gig? H, 1 . - X1 ww, V V , m H -' - ' I -, . , , ' wiki, F' " N M " f' ' ' V f. 4 Q' si -9 ' ' .-'QW E'- 1 : +1 Y A , . I . 5 f- Q if 1. ' t - Q 0 i "ln it v 4 'W K H ' ..:",M V 1A...vw x . ' , . ' 9, - .far -' i - f ' ' 4 V R u 4 . . I A ' ' 1,32 r ia. QQ ' ,1 ' - I .' T I 1. - Q 1' . L 5 ' Eh ' 5 5 f J i gf H ' Q 'rj' x ' ' , ' . , 3 , ' A . C , ' . 2-1-, . ' J. ,f . v.. . R. - t I . " W N , . 1' ' ' ' ' Q ' Nw ' WWW W W , , W 1, 5 nf , J x mf N,-A sf' I! at 1 1 H 'f A ' , Li uf .W HW VWMR,-Tfkrj is 8 , D Ni, wk-- - .Q ' N M 4 ',,.zWfF-- G' j 5- 5' Gif M ' wagwumfsgwmf, W 'J we' ' e is e H X , C L ' if wsfnEs,EWkmB'A 4 ,M W M - Vw V, ,' " n ' L, . rx N, ' - 4 9 4 ' A-Elffvz V -. '?9fT'f A w?fP i: ,gag 4 , 'dry ' Q, A rf f H , M . 'iff-?: -Ati 5 l V' ' X .,u' ' KP, 543 ' hw"- J if J , 4 I l E 78' , V L,! iii. ' as ga ,X 'f 'f' Y -u V gms' l,.z2g wi A2 ' L54-F QV S ?Yf' Z'f ' g ,Wifi Af 3 F V I an A Top left: W YCHE, GLENN CENTER Top right: WYNN, RICHARD SCOTT Left: YATES, .IEANNA NEWTON YOUNGJANET LOUISE ZIMMERMAN, JOHN BRIGHAM ,Q ,H ww, , ,454 '? "" W Y 'W W , V 'Wifi - 'Till' 255 :L 5, Howell Adams Donny Banks Angelene Barnes Shelly Barnecre Skyla Barnette Duell Beard Wesley Bennett Ronnie Binner Bobby Bishop Susan Bloodworth Craig Burgess Eleventh Grade l Left to right: vice pres, Billy Meeksg Mrs. Scewartg sec., Lilyan Hanberryg Mrs. Davisg pres., Marc Corsini 1 I l l l l 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 W Billy Meeks Robert Merck Mimi Moore Buddy Murph Wendell Nelson Ross Newton Natalie Newton Faye Orr Susan Peterson Mandy Philhower joan Pound 'El 102 N jay Adams Mary Clare Alexander Pam Barnett Allan Bashinski Stephen Bashinski Lisa Beard Bob Bell Terri Bickel Charlie Bowdre Dean Brook Morris Brown Tenth Grade Left to right: Mr. Stavelyg vice pres., Charles Heardg see., Kathleen Doddg pres., Shannon Nyimiczg Mrs. Bibb Christy Buxton Lynn Carroll Cathy Carter David Clay Robert Clay Laura Cole Renee Davis Steve Deeb Kathleen Dodd Phil Dorminey Dorothy Dunham Bruce Elliot -Ioan Everett Claire Farriba Stephen Feitshans Judy Forester Tracy Garner Monroe Garette George Grace Stuart Hammock Meridith Happ Fran Harper jan Harper Deena Harrell Holly Hayes Charlie Heard Kelly Heath Linda Hilburn Billy Hinesley Laurie Hobbs jeff Hodges Bob Hofstaclter Taylor Hogan Riley Holliday Sissy Hudspeth john Humble Suzanne james Billy jarrard Carolyn jones Paul jones Gene Kelly Drew Lawrence Tim Leggett Mary Leverett jenny Luce Ken Mallory Sandy Martin Tracy Matthews Kim Matthews Patti Mayes Kathleen McCook Tom McEachern Suzy lvlillwood Kendra Minish jenny Monfort Cindy Moore Mary Beth Morley Sherry Newton Bobby Nicholson Shannon Nyimicz Lindsey Owens ,Io Alice Patterson Tommy Penn Andy Perry David Perryman Randy Peterman Missy Philhower Mark Phillips Trip Pye julie Reed jan Rice john Rogers Wayne Ryle 1 1 Anne Adams Chuck Adams Kathy Adams Denise Alford Stephanie Allen Billy Anderson Morgen Arden Harold Atkinson Bucky Avant Sherry Banks jim Barrow inth Grade 'lei' Left to right: sec., Dana Simmonsg pres., Marcus ,Iesterg Mrs, Argog Coach Adamsg vice pres., Sandy Shealy Marcus Jester Frederick johnson jeanerra Jones Mary Virginia Kay Richard Keck Tricia Kelly Lee Kinman Laine Lasseter Gena Lawrence Lisa Lear Dana Lewis Billy Linnenkohl Clay Lisenbyi jimmy Maddox Kenson Marbut Allen Marlow Brother Massenburg Tommy McSwain Tony Menendez Donna Kay Miller Edith Newton Mark Newton jay Oliff Chris Parsons Pat Patterson jim Penn Lee Pennington Nancy Peterson Buddy Pope Blake Powers Craig Pye Karen Ramsbottom Fabia Rogers Reg Rogers Katie Sattler Sandy Shealy Dana Simmons Bill Snow Stephen Solomon john Spivey Charlie Stubbs Frances Taylor Terry Thornton Bob Turner David Vance Vickie Walden Bill Walker Bryant Willis Elizabeth Avirett Laurie Banks jim Barnes Denise Beall Si Becker Durwood Benson Keith Brown Stephen Burdette Beverly Burt Carla Buxton Mike Casteel V Eighth Grade 'Q Left to right: Coach Smithg pres., Rusty Hilbumg vice pres., Logan Personsg sec, Hal Harpcrg Coach Reid Bobby Cleveland Lori Clos Carol Coney David Cotton Cindy Courtney Larry Davis Wmren Dennis Beth Dunwody Frank Flanders Karen Garner Kirby Garner Melissa Garette Hugh Gibson Judy Gledhill Randy Glover Janine Grossman Brian Gunter Bob Ham Hal Harper Corley Hawkins Hal McCard Ellen McElrath Sam McGaughcy jim Merck Sandra Metrs Lisa Milligan Billy Monfort Melissa Mahoney Trey Norris Kathleen O'Neal Fred Otto Wilbm Owens Win Parkins Logan Persons Andy Philhower jack Raybourne Tina Sheffield Bill Sherwood Summer Smisson Riley Smith Mark Sorrells Becky Sosebee Nancy Standard james Stephenson Mark Stewart Thomas Strickland Cheryl Sullens Scott Thompson Brian Tiller joe Turner Timothy Waters Amy Williams Tol Williams Dan Younger Matt Barnes Whitney Beard Charlotte Bowen Jack Bowers Paula Brady Laurie Brook Kelly Brown Lisa Browne jennifer Burgamy Lee Ann Campbell Ann Carter Kathy Chamblee Tarver Clarke Barbara Clements Wallace Crawford Eve Cutler john T. Edge Diane Edwards Lisa Fernandez Elizabeth Flournoy Joanna Floyd jordan Freeauf Danny Fritze Lisa Gibson Staci Goldman Seventh Grade s E Diane Graves Marie Griffin Mike Grossman Elaine Hammock Bill Hanse Dee Hill Holly Hill Robin Hogan Ellen jones Marion Kelly Kathy King jim Kinman Robin Knight Lee Lincberger james McCook Dee Ann Miller jack Moore Pam Mullis Phillip Murph Hannah Napier Elaine Oldham Leanna Oliver johnny Page Bonnie Ramsbottom Tony Ratliff Robin Schwartz Mike Seekins Yvette Shaw Thomas Shealy Cindy Standard Claire Stephenson jay Still Belinda Strickland Billy Sullins Cydney Tyler Richard Vendette Philip Walden Kitty Walker Anna Weaver john White julie Wilkerson Claire Williams Howard Williams Lisa Wilson Alisa Wynens jill Young Sixth Grade jackie Banks Gene Beall Lark Bennett Randy Benson Bee Binner Philip Bond Scott Brody Melanie Brown Carole Burnham Ralph Chaffin David Churchwell Brett Cleveland john Dorminey Robert Faudree Billy Faulkner Blair Harper Susan Hart Mark Hemingway Anne Herring Laurie Hiers Amy Hodges Eddie Hudspeth Ben Hudson ,Ioejames Karen ,Iarrard joy johnson Butch jones Chip Koplin jorie Lawrence Lisa Lineberger Carole Linnenkohl Blake Lisenby Nancy London Dawn Maurizi Laura Meadows Lynn Metts Bland Moody Elizabeth Norris Lynn O'Kelley Tricia O'Neal Stell Owens Arnall Page Rob Patterson Rhonda Perryman Peter Persons johnny Peterson Leslie Porter Terri Raley Laura Rawlings Tino Sheridan Stacy Simon Robert Slocumb William Slocumb Marilyn Smith Nan Solomon jay Strickland David Thompson Clay Trimble Laurie Vassas Neil Weaver Donald Wigley Susan Westmorela Teri Williams Fran Willis Bob Woodcock julie Yates nd Mark Albritton Torri Barnette Bonnie Barron Texas Barry Tucker Bass Tracy Benton Alan Bloodworth Bryan Bonner Mary Catherine Boone Wade Buendia Bill Burgamy Bill Coggins Laural Eddy Barbara Ellis Karen Feicht julia Fielding Brian Goldman Tim Grant Tom Grant Laura Griffin Marie Ham Kitty Hancock Terri Haskins Robbo Hatcher Vicky Holbrook Fifth Grade ,. wk Tammy Horton Melanie Huebner jill Huffman Robby john son Frank jones Susan Lamb Ginny Lewis Tony Long Karl Larenz Bessie Mallary Michelle Martin Wimberly McCook Colyar McCord Leah McLendon john Meyer Kay Milner Milleclge Newton Todd Newton Walker Nolan Lee Oliver Woody Parham T. Parker Craig Perkins jim Rice Kem Robinson Artie Schwartz Betty Schwartz Chuck Schwartz Steven Schwartz Margaret Sellers Tracy Ann Sims jill Smith Trudy Smith Kim Starr Alice Strawn Ann Still Pete Wellborn Ray Wells Garry Williams Sara Williams Monty Wood Richard Young Fourth Grade Beverly Ashmore Artie Banks Sandy Birdsey Meredith Bishop Susan Bond jennif er Boone Leanne Browne joy Burnham Zack Dozier Chaudron Dillard Guy Eberhardt Mitsy Edwards Josephine Evans Robin Fernandez Roy Fielding Langley Freeauf Lea Gibson Brian Goodman Cathy Griffith Chuck Hancock Eric Hefner Erin Hennecy Monty Hill Fayne Hirsh Shawna Holloway K Bronwyn jones jimmy jones Margaret Keen Dimy Kendrick-Holmes Robin Lee Mary Parker Liles Sammy McAfee john McCard George McCommon Douglas Milner Dottie Moody jerry Mullis jay Patterson Marci Patterson Michelle Sacre Katie Standard Buck Taylor Kristie Vendetti Greg Wells Stacie Wigley 132 Carol Williams Third Grade Bill Abercrombie Dorie Alexander Andy Anderson jay Anderson jimmy Asbell Langston Bass Buddy Batchelor Ida Becker Mary jen Benton Laurie Bonner Susan Boone Kelly Bowers Faye Brody Cathy Brown Tracey Brown Barry Butler Cindy Carter Alan Chamlee Chappell Coggins Monica Davis Marykate Drake Mary Pat Dunwody Wade Epperson Whit Evans Wnren Griffin joel Hatcher Kathryn Heard David Hill Lee Hobbs Hannah Holmes Neil Holton Barry Hudson Keryn Kelly john Knight Holly Lanford Lee Martin Amy Maurizi Lynn Mclaendon Anita Menendcz jennifer Newton Misty Oliver Margaret O,Neal Mary Kay Parham Billy Ramsbottom Rob Raley Albert Reichert john Rudd David Rutland Polly Sattler Leslie Schwartz Shay Sellers Parker Sessions Charlie Snow Helen Stephens jennifer Stone Kurt Thomas Patricia Trimble Dawn Williams Ned Williams john Adams john Barron Maia Battin David Batts Harris Beall Margaret Beall Ashley Benton Pam Bloodworth Elizabeth Boswell Bonnie Blue Butler David Chapman jo Childs Frances Clay Cal Cutler Katherine Ann Drake David Fritze john Griffin George Hanse Richard Haskins Misa Hayashi Stacey Heath Aimee Herring John Hilburn Ann Hodges Bradley Hodnett Second Grade jeffrey Huebner jean Huffman Carolinejohnson Kathleen Kelly Mace Kramer Paul Lamb jim Lewis Robert Marlow Peggy Mayes Sondralyn McCard Scott Meyer josh Neel Sean O'Kelley Scott Page Ken Parker Trip Read Carl Schuessler Ann Frances Schwartz Coleman Schwartz Susan Schwartz Paige Slocumb john Stone Kyle Sullins Lisa Vaughan Jimbo Vaughn Christy Abbott Margaret Adams David Arrington Walter Austin Rusty Banks Octavia Becton Gena Brown Katey Brown Laurie Brown Tony Brown -Ief f rey Browne Michael Caldwell Lisa Davis Mary Christy Dodson Bankston Dozier Susan Eberhardt Maureen Feicht Kim Fernandez Melissa Forte Kelly Grant Milton Heard Laurel johnson Melanie johnson Todd Johnson Blake jones First Grade WH1 in Thomas Tracy Stephanie Train Robby Wade Lee jones Michael Ketterbaugh Rebecca Liles Melody Lorenz Susan Marbut Kent Martin Merritt Mattox Thomas McCook Gibson Napier Raines Newberry Kaye Newton Brian Partridge Kimberly Patterson Hughes Pinson Trey Rhodes Stephanie Rice Sam Richardson Christine Robinson Trey Shaffer Shannon Shiver David Sides Marcus Simmons Laura Stapleton Elizabeth Stephen Frank Talbot Kelly Abbott Samantha Abercrombie jim Adams Stacy Alexander Beth Allen Chris Armstrong Beth Bailey Beth Batchelor Becky Batchelor Joey Bell Sylvia Boykin Billy Bray Freeman Brook Wendy Brown Tammy Bryant Dixie Butler Cecilia Cain Clara Caldwell Stuart Chapman Christie Childs Piper Cohn Judy Cox Billy Cox Madeline Crosby Mitzi Davis jay DeGrandis jennifer Eller Wayne Evans jamie Fennell Chris Forte jay Fountain Andrea Frolick Lisa George Laurie Gilbert Ben Griffin Charlie Grinstcad 140 Amy Hart Masayoshi Hayashi Martha Heck Mandy Holloway Kelly Hucks Kristy jay Carter johnson Chrissy Kitchens Paul Knight Sheila Key Melissa Malone Pam Maurizi Lassie McDowell Elizabeth Meyer Melissa Mullis Riley Nelson Squires Nolan Shannon Pettis Terry Price Catherine Rives Ginger Rudd Ruskin Shipp Shea Smith Stephanie Spinks Kelly Squires Georgie Stewart Will Strickland Jamie Sullivan Terri Taylor Angela Thomton Sissy Train jeff Veazey jennifer Wilder Claire Williams Angela Wilson Chris Young Paul Abell Sam Anderson Stephanie Avant Scott Barksdale Ramsay Battin Mollie Batts Anne Margaret Baxley Mark Baynes Brad Benson Dwayne Benson Paul Boland Lisa Boone Charlie Boswell Blair Cleveland Elizabeth Dillard Henry Drake Sam Edwards Amy Elliott Marc Evans Marc Frolich Ronnie Goldman Hannah Grossman Tommy Healy Eddie johnson Meredith jones Marc Kalish Ginger Knowles Bill Ladson jason LaFarge Tripp Lamberth Sandy Lee David Lewis Philip Lord Mell Leggett Mollye Lamb Phillip Moore 142 Kindergarten Four jenny Lee Kristy Martin Greg Matson Ben McNair Susan Marie Mincey Paige Newberry Rick Read Eden Richardson Missy Schuessler Laurie Schwarzenberger Rader Sellers Claudia Sessions Todd Shiver jonathan Sims Dudley Smith Melissa Spires David Stephens Lisa Stoudermire Dee Taylor jamie Tucker Andy Vogt David Walsh jay Wmsley Elizabeth Weaver Susan Vfeigand julie Williams l 143 W ,Ma-. I ., 1 w f ' ,X H 2 :gf ' vw . .,, .g ,fu XJ' Z4 1' 1 "A , , ,+,2, LA , , Q22 'siiifig 522:32 u'5.5,ff'.:-F, Q -1-- ,fittvvgtg gtg., ,ky it un, M -In -ll v ,pus-Lsoinmav ,,t.nw5 L' 4-5,,Mw,,+ .4 gs! Iigmb l'l'z.',4,4, 'Msg' ,tw-1 ,lsgv-O 111.95 54.51. W ' ' 4" LIKE-I 1:47-H+ 1121"-::?::a::::: i'iLTiI'-woiw-g-v'- in-vows-n-atv-0 ""4" iyamlsujdvb l9L9""" ,pmgli-Wvlivfff "ff ,401-vuimbvlfgfbff . uvvivi nv-400 FMU' ,mai-14514 19314411 ynvgmpnnmambvripn 021172-It 122172 4-vyeltgtygpa,,f MM'?5"6' is Q0 1'-3'1- """" 505- V whiff, 'apqsbi f I V, iss Qfilfbff 'f"""'l'v-if-nvi-"1 ?"f:5"l's,v0'1-afvf . , fflivvvx-1-sf" K ,IAM ,, m,.,.....q,,,.. Y I K wg: t Life, so they say, y is but a game y And they let it slip away . . . I I CO PETITORS OPIIOIDKINQNP PI Sth Grade Rep. - Summer Smisson 9th Grade Rep. - Sean Dodd 10th Grade Rep. -jenny Luce 11th Grade Rep, - Beth Luce I4 Homecoming Candidates Donna Argo - PETITON N N E Ellen Bamcs - FRENCH CLUB Sarah Barnes - THE GAZEBO i ,,,J? , E Tava Domingos - BETA CLUB julie McCrancy - INTERLUDE 15! M mi 9 :xi , My w . . X "94 - 4 f 'xfsff .Y - , X M 1 4-.Lf . 4 ff. . N"-Rfifeafa,,Wf3w,,N Aff: ,, ,, , , ' 1 if X' ' ' 1 M + W gig? A X .1 L X N vu YN in I " , sm Que LISA MQO 3 Q ll z , , Zi Www New , C Top row, left to right: Asst. Coach Bubber Adams, Scott Heath, Barry King, Mal Lawrence, Rick Lanford, Duell Beard, Chan White, Roger Holliday, Trip Smisson, Don Guritz, Calder Clay, Danny Skinner, Danny Williams 2nd row, left to right: Asst. Coach Dave Hill, Larry Read, Robert Clay, Morris Brown, Hal McSwain,jimmy Hinson, Bob Crumbley, Wendell james, Mare Corsini,-lim Dawson, Sonny Jester, Bill Stout, Tommy McSwain, Asst. Coach Tim Clifton, Head Coach Bobby Brown - 3rd row, left to right: Cathy Carter fStatisticianj, Stuart Hammock, West Hightower, Stephen Wyche, Donnie Banks, Randy Peterman, Dan Strawn, Ronnie Binner, Andy Perry, Burke Murph, Evan Koplin, Gene Kelly, Nancy Carter QManagerj, David Kempa CManagerj 4th row, left to right: Kim Mathews CStatisticianj, Paul jones, Bill Williams, Brad Stevens, Wesley Bennett, Billy Meeks, jeffrey Henderson, john Wilson, Billy Hinesley, Tinsley Mathews, Quin Nolan, Robert Merck,-Jimmy Waters, Lisa Moore CManagerj Varsity Coaches I vw .. ,W - 'jf f ' 1 sM,gg,j 59' 4 ww iff L M ,, . Q ' E ww , ., 2 kiry I mis Mm ,W - "' ,,if -f ,, if ,A i ggi .,k- . QW if Z6 5 , K .. , .f,, v is W Y? gf f- fl ,..x. K, gig 1: S! k MST? to Aw 'vs ww, EQ F! km . fg, K ,fzz W :VEA M 3 A .. YJ .gg,, Fx, 1 ei -".-A W L qv if H ,,Ak , k X M 41 'X , S- M I- But the Eagles' bubble was burst the next week against arch rival Monroe. The Mustangs overwhelmed Stratford 15-0 and it seemed that Stratford couldn't do anything right. Defensively Don Guritz and Tinsley Matthews turned in good performance in a los- ing cause as the Mustangs completely shut off the Eagles' offen- sive attack. It was tough to lose especially when the hopes of win- ning a region crown were dimmed, but that didn't stop the Eagles. The next week Stratford got back on the winning trail defeating Deerfield Academy from Albany 39-0. The offensive team put on a spectacular show, and the defense led by Guritz, linebacker Trip Smisson and ends Calder Clay and Danny Skinner were tremen- dous as the Knights were never in the game. Edmund Burke became the next victim, as Stratford completely outclassed the Spartans 26-0. Quinn Nolan scored twice, and juniors Billy Meeks and Iohn Wilson each scored once as Stratford ground out 280 yards in offense and held Burke scoreless. fwiif mf, - tf 4 I'frfff1'W""" 7' "" Sh. E S 1411 - ' fm ., new' 4-if Q elif-L .a X U :,4 K K g gg g Revenge is always sweet and especially against Monroe. Stratford got their revenge by defeating Monroe 14-7 in For- syth. Even though it was a non-region game, the Eagles did hand Monroe its first loss of the season. Offensively in- the line Sonny Iester, Mal Lawrence and Burke Murph and in the backfield Wendell Iames and Billy Meeks all turned in fine performances. The defense once again was awesome as Stratford held Monroe to a single first down in a fine team effort. The homecoming game was the next week against Tattnall Square on Halloween night. The Eagles scored 20 points in the first 'half on touchdowns by Paul Iones, Wendell Iames and Billy Meeks, and 19 points in the second half as the Eagles beat the Trojans 39-0. f , Qi? ' "HN .fa if ef f ,fire 4 Mp 3' 2 -f-' if H . ' f QW mf. f f1ffe:f:zv.e 1 2 - 1 MOST VALUABLE PLAYER: Quin Nolan BEST OFFENSIVE LINEMAN: Mal lawrence GOLDEN HELMET AWARD: Don Guritz ie: TEAM CAPTAINS: Don Guritz, Calder Clay, Quin Nolan MOST IMPROVED PLAYER: Trip Smisson 164 :ld BEST OFFENSIVE BACKS: Wendell ,Iamesg Bill Meeks BEST HUSTLER: Burke Murph :raw MOST IMPROVED SKINNER: Larry Read B-TGHmFOOfbH11 Standing, left to right: Dana Simmons fmgrj, Bryon Tiller, Hugh Gibson, Riley Smith,jay Olliff, Bryant Willis, Bob Turner, Brother Massenburg, Richard Keck, Mark Newton, Donna Kay Miller fmgrj Kneeling: Durward Benson, Trey Norris, Sam McGaughey, Clark Henderson, Danny Younger, Thomas Strickland, Ben ,Iackson,jim Penn Seated: Scott Thompson, Neal Ham, Pat Patterson, Keith Brown, Rusty I-Iilburn, Hal Harper .ue Coach Grady Smith B-Team Football Stratford Opponent 6 Pineland Academy 21 32 Presbyterian 28 0 Tatnall Sq. Academy 18 20 ,Ionesco O Windsor 27 Southland 14 20 Tatnall Sq. Academy 8 27 jonesco 19 Coach Paul Gillespie ffl.: ..,. . 1 W, , ,mu V, KNVMW A W .,,,., , f f 2J 1 Boys Varsit Basketball Left to right: Danny Skinner, Calder Clay, Tony Morris, Quin Nolan, Trip Smisson, Bill Meeks, Chris Hayes, john Caro, Drew Durr,jimmy Hinson, Glenn Wyche, Robert Merck, Tinsley Matthews,-Ieffrey Henderson, Danny Williams, Roger Holliday Managers, Ann Adams, Susan I-Iix, Natalie Newton Coach Richard Reid Scatisticiansg David Kempa, Tracy Matthews ! 5 ,ff 3 I 5 J- Caldcr Clay ,fsvffkr I' ,,.,, . Z V J-v 4 :A I' 5 I l 1 ill , ,,,. ,,,. .:, M, 4' f fx.-1 ,,.,, f ll f' lx l M . I kwa - 1 Z 5 '-' ii!! 4 W , llll J l - l - l ll l - Bill Meeks 1 if II W ' sf l 1 ' - ww 3 T , , i 4 172 mg... ,,,..,,.,., , ,, K...,, K" "A' ' l M15 ii k,.4 We-" xx FQ ll""N .an Q in -755, Qwex-an i S was L ,.,,,,,-, .gll N .4uilll""' , , Q, ,fl gn H ww 9524.595 . Q , 3. 1 W rn, N- fl 5' 2 ! if 1' I 6 fl H S fi f w gf f . , f 1, ,. . . -A 4av.f,w ":z13w:.w:f 0" fi 1 if it Qi Q f 1.1, m, , 'M my 1213 49 "f-... A 1 ml' lf? w .,a ai,,,, I N Y f Q WISE , , f q...,.,.,. x , Girls Varsity Basketball i v i Left to right: Mimi Moore, Claire Farriba, Linda Hilburn, ,Ian Harper, jenny Monfort, Lane Heard, Laura Andrews, Lauren Chafin, Fran Harper, Cater Clay, Emily Dunwody, Susan Peterson, Suzanne jameshleni Massenhurg "!s,,X' Managers, Natalie Newton, Hal Harper, Susan I-hx K Coach Grady Smith Statisticiansg Donna Kay Miller, Tracy Matthews Z l P E 5 e li 5 1 E i mmm sw! 32 20 37 fin, ' n az 1 - x S 'N UK 2 Aw V? Wifi V 'Yi' Qu il K - Q .Wx ,,,..,, i. V .,,. ,uv may , MH WWWULW T,W,,, q 1 , QL Runner-Up - Bo S Seals State Championship Tinsley Matthews - BEST DEFENSIVE PLAYER Danny Skinner - MOST VALUABLE IJLAYERS BEST OFFENSIVE PLAYERg FREE THROW AWARD had Tony Morris - BEST HUSTLER Quin Nolan - MOST IMPROVED PLAYER Calder Clay - TEAM CAPTAIN 1 B-Team Boys Standing, left to right: Steve Solomon, Bruce Elliott, Bryant Wil- lis, Hank Clay, Clay Lisenby, Brother Massenburghleff Hodges Bob Turner Kneeling: Wayne Ryle, Brad Bibb, jay Oliff, Billy Hinesley, Bobby Nichols, Greg Sattlcr, Brad Stevens Sitting: Stephen Wyche, john Spivey, Ken Mallary, Paul jones Billy Anderson,jim Penn, Marcus-Jester 184 Q 0' B-Team Girls Kneeling, left to right: Nancy Peterson, Amy Hill, Sandy Metts, Laine Lasseter, Susan Hammond, Donna Higgins, Lisa Wilson, Becky Lanford, Anneila Holton Standing, left to right: Marcia Hemingway, Tracy Garner, Tracy Matthews, Diane Graves,julic Wilkerson Coach Richard Reid A il? H , e ' s Rx A Y 3" H1 8 is -1+ Q , .rw V.ii W ' is X K N-nw S 2,535 . ' ' . ,V-pfm!F" ' s Q zum, ' as 1 Q H "" S-+ eeef if - "" W hdqisg ,. 0 2 I 'hp' 185 1 i WY, W W Eighth Grade Team 5 r Coach Grady Smith 3 K5 Standing, left to right: Clark Henderson, Billy Monfort, Riley Smith, Fred Otto, Rusty Hilburn, Mark Stewart, Warren Dennis Kneeling: Trey Norrishlohn Keen, jim Merck, Hal Harper, Keith Brown, Randy Glover, Tol Williams --- --ft zereta 1, eww-:wx S t.,, ' 3 t asia Q .um my B Ht 'tt v :X-we MN E N.. . 186 FH Sixth And Seventh Grade G ' 1 Coach Tim Clifton de Boys 8th Grade Cheerleaders Left ro right: Kyra Lee, Denise Beall Cco-capnj, Laura Lamb, Summer Smisson fcaprj, Logan Persons, Lisa Herring, Melissa Garrette Lefr ro right: Gena Lawrence fco-capr.J, Lee Kinman, Sandy Shealy, Sherry Banks, Sean Dodd, Kathleen McCook Ccaprj, Terry Dawson Varsity Cheerleaders lindsey Owens Carol Williams Mimi Moore Sandee Claxton Nancy High: - Captain Lauren Chafin Kathleen Dodd jan Young Renee Davis Baseball Managers and Srarisriciansg Nancy Carter, Susan Shirleyhludy Foresrcgjom Everett Coach Bubbef Adams 190 P P,k . 1 .- " fw- ,Z ,, V 'J XV . MTA tuwdngffyffggy ,, . l Danny Skinner z Q ww . Quin Nolan B111 Meeks Tony Morris 'i 1 - . 1 Miami. A we " . . I f- f Vw' f ,. , ' rl , , .J k 'iiii AW J ' l I 'L' K f ' gg fggz-iffy, , .. V ,V f CP' ' , , - f- U . ' 2, M , 7 y-,:.5"'w ' " ' " W w I 'K my, -- r . ,. , 1 - V - :gf If " ' , Robert Merck Bob Bell f.gxs,:eff..,, f wif f : 1 .Jap .4f I92 A. 8 I I W. my X Paul jones Kerry Glover 1 , u x , ww.- Q L f':.1L4z5- J L er f ,A-Q., ' .QL ' I 'mf ' '. M. x qj'5?gT'fig'f' ' -ya. i ,Kr -4511--.-u' ef. f 1,-. z,w2:w,-- -It ,Iwi e QP' . K Q' ' Q ' ,, - 5 P -' ,E , . .Y Em S6 ,f', f,f.:- J . K . 1 :uc ' ' -- - WP4 44 jeffrey Henderson Hal Mcswain 1 3 Brad Stevens John Wilson Q .. f ,QM i hawk Q Q. wp.. , -wg. 4..- iq ,M:.?l., -1 , 1 x .44 Xu! -4 ,Z ' Miil HS? .4 Y9'.'2 A V 3 . A 6 in gf .fri A KV I 'f .. . ,w:x?,nruv' I ' WS Oi' f , 1 .. uf I vw ' 1 L -i ,S z:r4Qi,f?..,. 'W' L T' In it 5 Li-fl! ,553 li? V W' . " - , ' , ' ' .-1 QQ. ' ff b . , In K Q S ' A 9 " . fi nw fi-f -A - L- ,, ', W L' U' 5 , v- lf- Q . 5 ,pk f . f K! . , ,fu I 4 I uf I . 2 , ,A A, f 3. h , 'W uw . ' ',j,,Q,k3 , . I :ssl Q Im: f tl , f , ,, ...W K I Ja. F K . ,,,,.,.,..,1 M., Auf. ,, 55 ' ., ,, ' ' 2': ' , .f K LY ' ft . ,, mv., A V. ,, ,, ,,.,., , I ff "MMM W - 'A -' - I ,KJ .fri I Z, fryk .. ,. , I I I F a1.,,' .17 A 5, ,, h I U, ii 2 'Y' E , K M- ' flfk K H VV , M . my In ,H H A M , ,,,W,,M.,,,, --., -f f'vv9e'imw ,J M , ,4 ,. M 4' f . 4 VK,,. i L x ww ' - '...,..., . .,., 'Aww w' ' ' "f' f MM :, , f 'J ' ' ,' ,, V, Inf 35 4 '., JW i W A' 'A 'i1A A ,jf I ' X 1. f . ,., . V f -nv 6322, W 'mf-.. I I L, I f r Y I ' mf' L, 7 e QA R W ' i VE' ,. 1 .W 1 A W' 5 ,,,, L. m f 2 N x V-1 IW.. Golf Team Coachg Grady Smith s , 1' f 4 1 WI Duncan Walker Robert Schlottman Wendell Nelson Reg Rogers Craig Burgess 5 Bill Walker ' Burt Wilkerson Bruce Elliott Boys Tennis Team Coach: Richard Reid r irr New , Standing, left to right: Allen Bums, Marc Corsini, Brown Edwards, Charlie Heard Kneeling: Billy Anderson, George Grace, Charlie Bowdre xi! Charlie Bowdre 'K i. r .1 ,su K . X , . i s...-...M.. ' 'Ny n 'I 4. . , 1. GCO1'gC GIRCC Charlie Heard Brown Edwards Uh. Standing: jamie Kaplan, Ellen Barnes, Barbara Marbut Kneeling: Fran Buzzcll, Kenson Marbut, Tava Domingos , , 9, Sfifif ,. 'M ,W-,fvf-f-' .W-ff' 'K.. ':r. 'WWW W .aww rl ws- N. ' S, gy gmkgv' gf" 5' .- V34-' l ' Barbara Marbut Tava Domingos Girls Tennis Team Coachg Margaret Davis ri. R I all Fran Buzzcll Dedicated To wi .. Cur Coaches WW' www Peace, like the silent dove, should be blind But it's only just begun - 2. 11 RTICIP NTS 20 4 The Overlook Co-Editorsg Sarah Barnes, Kelly Nyimicz Advisorg Berry Srcwan Business Managerg Stewart Barficld . . 6. 1 W we Ei! ,N B, L. fp., .9- B aiiigyi lg 4 QI W, , tn- .w 2, S gt Qw ll .nk 5-H - Q ta, ,- 4' H -2 L1 fran' fl, Gigi? Establishmcntg Isabelle Heard, Brenda Barnett, Leslie Bowen vs ew! A I-Ns. . 1 f ' -v .i K W Af , Competitotsg Pam Mayes Individuals 5 Beth Gledhill, Beth Weston, Kathy Monfort Photographers, Standing: Donna Higgins, Riley Holliday Seated: Stuart Simon, Mike Farber, Robert Clay Participants, Beth Weston, Mamie Tanner l 1 I f r 4 i 4 Business Staff, Lane Lasseter, Sean Dodd, Gena Lawrence, Charlie Bowdre, Suzanne Dun- . ham, Cindy Copeland, Amy Williams, Kyra Lee, Duncan Walker, -Io Alice Patterson, Denise Beall, Lindsey Owens, Mary jane Flanagan, Mark Stewart, jennifer jenkins, jan Harper, Fran Harper 1 i W 1- 8 ,, , .. i, c ,,1, nit The Overlook '75 From top to bottom: Sarah Barnes, Kelly Nyimicz, Isabelle Heard, Kathy Monfort, Sally Anderson, Suzanne Dunham, Brenda Barnett, Lilyan Hanberry, Liz Lamon, Becky Hemingway, Pam Mayes, Mamie Tanner, Beth Weston, Leslie Bowen, Beth Gledhill , 20 7 QU 2 Ea thu A Publication of Stratford Avzwla-:ny Dr .Joe B. Hill. Headmaster Starting from back, left to right: Don Guritz, Calder Clay,julie McCraney, Lauren Chafin, Donna Eschen, Sonny jester, Lisa Moore, Sarah Barnes, Mrs. Elizabeth Hinesley, Mal Lawrence Stewart Barfield, Isabelle Heard, Kathy Monfort, Beth Block, Kathy Block, Laura Andrews, Kelly Nyimicz a Wax. H199 agfx Mal Lawrence - editor Mrs. Elizabeth Hinesley - advisor Grammar School Staff Front to back, left to right: Cydney Tyler, Lisa Browne, Philip Walden, ,Ioanne Floyd, Diane Edwards, Holly Hill, Charlotte Bowen, Hannah Napier, Ellen jones, Laura Brook, Elaine Oldham, Marie Griffin, Anna Weaver, Alisa Wynens,jill Young, Kity Walker, Dee Hill, Lisa Wilson, jennifer Burgamyhlulie Wilkinson, Claire Williams, Mrsjoan Fluker, Kathy King, Eve Cutler 2 1 Interlude Donna Eschen, presidentg and Mrs, Sessions, advisor Top to bottom, left to right: Martha Grant, Suzanne Dunham, Patty Davis, julie McCraney, Donna Eschcnhloan Pound, Mal Lawrence, Ellen Bames, Martin Westmoreland, Lisa Camp bell, Stewart Barficld, Sonny Jester, Becky Hemingway I W S Q l l w I l w l l French Club Q Left to right: Stephanie Burkhalter, Treas.g Leslie Bowen, Vice- Pres.g Mrs. Wright, Advisorg Brenda Barnett, Presi- dent 0 S. Left to ri ht, top to bottom: Marcella Heywarcl, Leslie Bowen 9 8 Barbara Marbut, Ellen Barnes, Brenda Barnett, Ste- phanie Burkhalter I Left to right, top to bottom: Lynn Herring, Elizabeth Lamon, Linda Cannon, Cater Clay, Lilyan Hanberry, Susan Peterson, Mary Dukes, Faye Orr Student Council Standing, left to right: Lori Clos, Marcus Jester, Evan Koplin, Don Gurirz, Stephen Sigal, Marc Corsini, Mal Lawrence, Rusty Hilbum, Donna Eschen Sitting, lcf t to right: Sarah Bames, Nancy Hight, Shannon Nyimicz, Sonny Jester, Lisa Moore, Donna Argo, Mr. Aubrey Floyd, Susan Hix, Laura Andrews, Brenda Bamett - 1 'r A " M i A I i Q at r L ttiitn L if 1 rf J if , 7553, , 1. f-me iqfwmirikvh e n .V 1 tette ,V J, n - M554 36 'Nfl A i 'K Advisorg Mr. Aubrey Floyd Officers, Sonny-Iester, vice-pres., Lisa Moore, pres.g Donna Argo, sec.-treas. Key Club Left to right: sec., Don Guritzg sweetheart, Lisa Moore, pres., Sonny jesterg Mr. Fieldsg v. pres., Evan Kopling treas., Brant Mr. Skip Fields - Advisor Frost Front row: Don Guritz, Lisa Moore, Sonny Jester, Mr. Fields, Evan Koplin, Brant Frost Middle row: Stewart Barfield, Trip Smission, Rick Lanford, Marc Corsini, Bill Williams,john Cato, Glenn Wyche, Dean Brook, john Wilson, Bruce Elliot, jay Evans Back row: Duell Beard, Billy Meeks, Bob Clark, Roger Holliday, Kerry Glover, Billy Hinesley, Brown Edwards, David Kempa, Scott Heath, Mal Lawrence Ufficersg Beta Club E X 11.3 Q ,V H? El! E" 5 P,- Laura Andrews, pres. Mrs. Bronwyn Daly, advisor ...-If Left to right: Mrs. Bronwyn Daly fstandingj - advisorg Leslie Bowen, secretaryg Brenda Barnett, chaplaing Suzanne Dunham, vice-presidentg Read, rreasurerg Laura Andrews, president 4 l l 1 l Larry - l :Z Top to bottom, left to right: Craig Davis, Larry Williams, Eddie Williams, David Studhill, Stephen Sigal, Bob Coney, Hal McSwain, Chris Hayes, Stuart Simon, john Cato, Bill Meeks, Faye Orr, Mary Dukes, Cindy Copeland, Lynn Her- ring, Jeni Massenburg, Emily Dunwoody, Allison Lucas, Cater Clay, Mary jane Flanagan, Martha Grant, Beth Hicks, Becky Hemingway, Beth Luce, Angela Maddox, Nancy Carter, Carol Williams, Sandee Claxton, Pam Cam- bell, Debbie Faulkner, Mike Farber Not pictured: Gary Sagnibene, Wendell Nelson . aw fwaaw- ..,, .-, W, We ,, ., . V, , 5 F at .1 'fl T " , 'Q ,,.- g 3 ,, -,.- ,wtf e 4. w' , ws, V. .. .Mu W, in . ' was so 1 S: W ' W nfiail 1 ' 1 ' Y 1, t I S Top to bottom, left to right: Matt Burnham, Martin Westmoreland, Larry Read, Don Guritz, Dickie Smith, Kelly Nyimicz, Sarah Bames, Beth Gledhill, Suzanne Dunham, Sharon Worsham, Laura Andrews, Mal Lawrence, Donna Eschen, Pam Mayes, Leslie Bowen, Brenda Bamett, Tava Domingos, Sonny Jester Not pictured: Ellen Barnes, Mamie Tanner 5? 0' S Stratford Band M Conductorg Mr. Earl Barncttc Grammar School Band High School Band Strata Singers n The Gingham Menagerie R Pep Club Clockwisc: pres., Susan Hixg SCC.,J2.fl Youngg adv., Coach Browng v. pres., Drew Durr Eighth and Ninth Grades Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Grades Mike Farber, Chemistry Club 1 Stuart Simon, Bob Coney, Peter Catherwood Mrs. Bronwyn Daly Stratford Ecology Association Standing: Lisa Herring, Lori Clos, Amy Wlilliams, Melissa Garrett: Kneeling: Mrs. Mariorie Lovein, Mark Sorrells, Thomas Strickland, Richard Marlow Neal Ham Rifle 2 Z l Team i l l l i i ' I l r V l . ,, K K ,r ', - L. V 1' ' . 4 B ' Q f 1 1 ' ' l Coachg Stan Stavely Varsityg left to right, standing: David Perryman, Steve Deeb - Co-Captain, Phil Dorminey, Hugh Sosebee - CcvCaptain, Travis I Crouch - Captain Kneeling: Frank Walthall, Art Barry, joe Stumpf B-Teamg Left to right, standing: Billy Linnenkohl, Blake Powers, Becky Soscbee, Elizabeth Averctt, Cindy Courtney, Barny King, Stephen Feitshans, Dean Brook Kneeling: Charlie Stubbs, Bob White Patrol Boys Left to right: Richard Vancletti, jim Kinman, jack Moorqjack Bowers,-Jay Still, Tarver Clarke,-Iohn T. Edgehlohnny Pagehlames McCook, Philip Walden F ire Marshalls Flag Boys F Right to left: Mike Seekins, Howard Williams, Lee Lineberger Left to right? Robin Schwartz and Marie Griffin lst, left to right: jordan Freeaur, Matt Barnes,john White, Michael Grossman, Billy Sullens 2nd, left to right: Bill Hanse, Tony Ratliff, Danny Fritze, Tommy Sheal Y Book Store Assistants I t"s s 5' T 0 . Q' My , E, S Us ' V135 Y ' Q , '- - 5 Q fi lx x ' K 1 1 w 16 Q 1, Q S w ,, zumgsamw Wvbmm ,,,, f fW.,,,,W , f w """W"wi+3mwze,- i ,gf ' 1 Ay ,41f,,ywmq2-ggayiafffwyvmgv W' 1 i V- we I 1 M Iv y , , rr.. . ,. fr f ,.qM,, 'Wm L QAW, hr, . 'w Sail our ships out on the open sea Cast away our fears DI ERSIUNS Iunior- Senior Whiffle Ball Game Iunior- Senior Dance .Mi l'I'1l kill him!" 33, . , . 'f..'i J fi 1 . y R ,S 295 -KLL Senior Carnival Wow! inf' wg 1 just one more nickel . . . 'wd,,,,,, ..,.. Boy, could I ever impress Suzy with this! ' '24 leee l l lll o l M W, l f i il luelfl 9if1"' I 'Q .N ,?' i , Z f Y ,Q l Qi!! xxx wg ,ojl' l You wouldn't put me in here . . . Or would you? 5 ee W e , EW , , js? X 5 l l Q if n .PU . "1 0 s. W 0 There have got to be some diamonds in here somewhere! 1 1 This is my sucker! A . .r ,. .24 K ,,... . if-'e' 1 M he ,,,I,-f ,. fi 7533 Y , .. s f .,,s.. : -- ,,,- . t Q avfm. . ,,.. ,,..s.. Z 'ii Q s we, f is L- if , an X K Y . f Q S E . E ' N fwfr' s- g fm . " '.-'L H 51 1 . 2 .Q Q .. . 1 f --" 1'.:-:Nz-sf: 'G 1:51222 - Q . .-., he ff , ' 1-QSM M -. f Q How did I get stuck wich :his job? 'Wax Why would anyone wan: ro wreck this gorgeous hunk? Even "Steven came! Christmas 1974 ' ,W S 1 iM 4 A Q Ai' , 4 Dr. Hi11's 50th Birthday Twirlers Mrs. Gcorgann Banks - Advisor l -Ianc Espy Elizabeth Lamon Becky Hemingway Angela Maddox Shelly Bamerte Susan Hix CO-CAPTAIN CAPTAIN Valentine Candidates Top to bottom, left to right: 8th grade - Lori Clos, Laura Lamb 9th grade - Sherry Banks, Sean Dodd 10th grade - Laura Cole, Missy Philhower 11th grade - Natalie Newton, Leanna Fortney 12th grade - Kelly Nyimicz, Sarah Barnes 8th Gradeg Kyra Lee I 9th Gradeg Nancy Peterson 11th Gradeg Angela Maddox alentine Sweethearts 10th Gradeg -Ioan Everett 12th Gradeg Lauren Chafin Talent Show 23 ,E fwww tl: I 1' K ,,: v I WGBH . 'Z ff Y 'E Q 52 fk A 1 . . x ! wwwfzwg 6 . A-Sw ' - HQ- . ..X, f "ff - - ' ik Lf' f-.5 ' 5 Q If 7 .1 'if' -fi ffvqi f fi? si,-iii M aw f,. ' - A A 2 'xi 6 L , i A H ,g f f f "ii Lk W: " K Q, fi N 5 Y A t if fm gi Q K 'K Y f " X ,. x V 'S "' Q. f f Q in: f - . 1.1.afwHi: ..,. . " mx, Qu. alumna. , f -f ' .in WWE -- pm: . :M . M 2 . W- Mu, K, K. xv ffl' WWA 410' m .,,3 ' ,mi rg! wx " lfvllei , X 5,5-W, mf, if ,- 2 . J r , . s wk ns. T A. f 4 If .rlfyy Av his 'E V" 1. 0 0 ,ff 5 92' g 1 1 we ' ,,a.fa' v"m -K , d2.f' ,1 . a.. 5 ,f 7.6, my J' 5 '3.'44 AL' Q f' T fi W n -A f' ?" 'o , 5 Q qw .K ' .Q w ff' 4 If xy, . A. -1 0 aW,,W ,, 5 fha at LW A Ai -Q 0 " 43910, '?wQQK? at , mu, ffa "" Q ,J s Q And all the secrets in the universe Whisper in our ears. .N5 , i J rl' ,N I W4 Nia.-sa max rs 5186255 ffm PI N CERS Complimen+s of AMERSON CONSTRUCTION COMPANY .-...........a-, H., .. ., mm- - . . ,. . -. We are proud to have been selected to build the New Stratford Academy. FRANK AMERSON, IR CompIimenI's of MCDQNALDS 2383 Ingleside Ave. in Ingleside Village "II Pays To Play" THE SANDWICH CELLAR DELICATESSEN MEATS and CHEESES "We prepare party trays" Q Q D Open 11 - 11 Mon. - Sat. 743-5387 New and Used Paris for Gas, Diesel and Army I N C ' Trucks ' Q TRUCK 3. PARTS COMPANY 5201 Houston Road Dial 788-9121 P. O. BOX 2262 Macon, Georgia 31203 "Your SpeciaIis+ in SporI's" Macon, Georgia y 3 l202 Qu TAYLOR - Rumzkronn gn TROPHLEE. INC. Q' 'HE "f-I"..'?.53I..?.5.kEcT""" 'I ' LT3'2"fSfZ?."sE'4E'f 'Ii?,'f.i'2" We Ou+fi+ +he Ea g I eg w w .,,s:.s'Ua,,s .- 0 , CoTJ33fY2Z'1v..7.'2'...FL1 " . 745-4371 I Spor+ing Goods TRAMMELL FURNITURE GALLERIES and Toys Boa+s and Mofors TRAMMELL JEWELERS 484 Second S+. WaInu+ and New S+s. 14 Mm Sim Fofsyfh, Phone 743-544I Phone 746-623 I 994-9313 24 Complimenls of CHRIS R. SHERIDAN AND COMPANY Complimenls DEANS WILSON of TYPEWRITER FOOD AND MARKET ADDING MACHINE COMPANY 339 Hall S+. I30 College Sfreef Macon, Georgia CENTRAL TIRE COMPANY Della, Mohawk and Michelin Tires 722 Broadway Wh CIMA, I-Illlfl STYLIST Phone: I722 Walson Blvd. 923-3203 Warner Robins, Ga. 3 I093 I 35211 ' ay u IU V 'I I A If I I II? 7Zm64va.I! ,Dfap 'Em 72'Nm ,ninja Wxfafnx. Q21 MACON TENT AND AWNING CO., INC. 230 Sou+h Slreel Phone 743-2684 Aluminum Carporls Aluminum Awnings Canvas Awnings Venelian Blinds Trampolines Gym Pads Blocking Dummies DirecI'or's Chairs A, I - az, v BEN'S MACON RADIATOR SERVICE Macon's OIdesI' - AII Work GuaranI'eecI R A D IA T 0 R S N7 an as eq s l EXPERT RADIATOR REPAIRING Bus. PI1one SH. 3-5548 763 Broadway Macon, Georgia ' IIIITZQ2."'ZJ?3i1 CompIimen'Is of DAVID BONNER COMPANY, INC. Complimenfs of H EATH ICE 8: COAL COM PANY BATCHELOR ENTERPRISES, INC. CLAXTON-GRAVES DRUGS P.0. Box 6255 2463 Vineville Avenue M 6I9 C2-:Mage Shgigoa Ph 746 5647 M G BATCHELOR REALTY coMPANY 9I2!743 9376 SONIC ARTISTS 8m PROMOTIONS 9I2!745 7982 JOHNSON- Complimenfs W'LL'AM5 of THE CLOTH WORLD INSURANCE CO' CAUSEY ELECTRIC Propiizl Fire 2970 Rivjljde Drive Iffusriarfl azo Ea++h s+ree+ Weshwe Man Comfjgmmf PHARMACY MANAGEMENT SERVICES MACON CIGAR . AN D Unl+ Dose Sysfems TOBACCO 743-0420 COM PA NY WAREHOUSE 0 DISTRIBUTORS AUTO PARTS AND EQUIPMENT ass. wAl.NuT STREET MACON, GEORGIA ana: S+ucly Wi+I1ou+ Ac'Hon Is Fu+Ile . . . Ac'I'ion Wi'Il1ouI' Sfudy Is Falall CE NTRAL B NK GEORGIA "PEOPLE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE" Member FDIC Bankcard Congralulalions, Class of '75 Maxwell House Coffee Phones 743-8995-6-7 VANCE ECCDS, INC. GLCRY LAND Dis+ribu+ors Serving Regime,-ed purebred Resfauranl' - Ho+el - Hospi+aI Drive In '- lnS+i+u+i0n MR. AND MRS. JAMES D. SHANNON, JR. sae TweIf+h s+. PC. sox su 34 FOX 3' ' CHARLES VANCE - Pres. Macon, Cs. 3 I zoa -'effe'SO'W"'e- Ga- 3 ' 044 9 I 2-945-3997 Complimen+s of FT. VALLEY CABLE T.V., INC i FI. Valley, Georgia I I LOWE ELECTRIC COMPANY ' I WHOLESALE , Compleie Elecfrical and Plumbing Supplies 1 I 525 Forsy+l1 S+ree+ Macon, Ga. 3 I208 in Macon l 'Ihere are 'Ihree SQS I cafeterias 425 Cherry SI'ree'I' 434 WaInu+ S+reeI' 2626 Riverside Drive Full Catering and Banquet Services Available "Service with that Personal Touch" A Division of SMITH AND SONS FOODS, INC. House of Quality Food CompIimen+s of mg :, ,, ,Suff- E54 7 A FRIEND In ,. OASIS FOOLS. INC. Porcelain lgzffv E- 'firm St , I Glgflff: HOYAL AND DUNWOODY pl'8S9I'1 3 IVE am BSS 6 I912I 742-7866 Vinyl Liner INSURANCE AGENCY Complimenis of 9 HAVERTY FU RN ITU RE Ligh+ing Fix+ures and Ba+I1 Accessories Buy Your Ford "Coun+ry S+yIe" . I343 Georgia Avenue ' Macon, Georgia 3 IZOI GORDON FORD Gordon, Ga. 742-67I9 SANCO PRODUCTS COMPANY A Division of SANITARY SUPPLY 8: CHEMICAL CO., INC. SINEE I 6 -s Nllu. V QE? 'Y Telephone 9 I 2-746-4828 ' I8 I 0 Sevenih S+. Macon, Georgia 3 I 206 Complimenls of BLUE BIRD BODY CC. Blue Bird Wanclerlodge Fl. Valley, Ga. X., CompIimen+s of GREYHCUND BUS and TERMINAL OPERATORS WILLIAM H. ELDER, JR. Professional Insurance Services A+lan+a Wig Bou+ique Belk-MaH'hews Bell Bros. Shoes Bryanf Appliance Bufler Shoes Chick-Fil-A Crafl' Casfle Dipper Dan Eckerd Drugs Ed Causey's Lid. Elmore's Evelyn's Friedman's Gaieway Books Gran? Cify Hall of Music Hous+on Mall Package Sfore La Marick Beauiy Salon Serving All the Needs of Middle Georgians PARTICIPATING MERCHANTS: Langley Lock 84 Key Mary Car+er Painis Orange Julius Playland Radio Shack Robin's Sporiing Goods Sam Neel's Shoes Sears Sewing Circle Fabrics Sherri's Singer Co. Sul+an's Crown Sugrue 8: Son Sou+hern Discoun'r The Ark The Red Door Yankee Peddlar s"-x X I CHARTER MEDICAL CORPORATION , ,Q CHEROKEE BRICK CQ TILE COMPANY ' v PLANTS Nos I6 3 WATERVILLE ROAD GENERAL OFFICE WATEEVILLE ROAD'F?O.BOX 4567 MA CON ' GEORGIA 31205 TELEPHONE 912 781-6800 25 Compliment of VAUGHN LUMBER COMPANY F h G ' Where better ideas mean better banking. E D SOUTHERN NATIONAL BANK MEMBER FDIC sm HARDEMAN umm comrmv " Y 0 " ' Gray mm 333 C0 NACO FOR FASHIONABLE FEMALES ..' .. f:. .riff '52, :::: -:rv ':::... . - -- 'rrsgu zz., WT, mtg.: uugmwmgrm REALTOR B k c a Il Op I K d ++ Serving Middle Ga. Motorists Since l9I8 HUCKABEE AUTO OLDHAM'S OPTICIANS COM PANY 685 First s+f6e+ :ou Oldham slag. 743 4655 746-4866 696 Th d S+ree+ 745 8501 M G Q Always Enioy PEPSI-COLA C5315 PEPSI-COLA BGTTLING Macon, Ga. MURPHEY, TAYLOR 8. ELLIS, INC. rj75F QS? l9I2l743-267I 3 .208 R R Q P.O. Box 4468 Next time your bank gets to you, maybe you should get to know 0 of?-U 1 K sf 5. W f if 5- if it ,I 'ff 4 ' ,.,.. , .- . , - O 'fl K 0 I ll ? A WX I Q, 1, ky. Ulnil 9 x S! X VK? y I 1 A- N V X Y I I P i w fps' Z. L , ,, , of mit X ,, 1 2ll.'3" , K, f f f ll ff X 'Zo' 'l,l'gu!QlJ 44 .,.sP:.1g:aln Wt W 41, ,I U 6 M,,2a,,4lEaiggaee cisitlblle itll N. .z K . 1 tllt 'I l ug Q1 +V. QQ . W U ' A . , ,.vQf5fyl,l,,,,f ,, 41 - tulxxx-'x 'Va' ,M . - yall.: owl.-"Wil-57 ' " r f' f"1-3'2'5"4f1w?7'l' x 'lt fvlf'-, 1 ttff.'wsw lt fl 11-E 'gl . , la' lx 'Zig l1KN5 e. 2, Ml f,,'f"lfl,. Gm-A - 4 9 .',- 'v Q Q' ,mow Q we1z'lv'l1lltfs:t:st BAN' Compliments ot INGLESIDE JEWELERS Compliments ot HARTS MORTUARY N Tommy Coings f lx l ' Q1 L? A 'H nz H-- wllwfo E ia Q- B7 mmm' t l MACON GEORGIA 31204 1 l .ww-Q, .I 3157 VINEVILLE AVE x 1 .4 nn ' Q. my TEL 743 4466 MUNFORD DO-IT YOURSELF 433 Walnut Street - Macon I7I8 Watson Blvd. Warner Robins R. A. BOWEN, :Nc AND BIBB CONCRETE PIPE co. F lik ., , N X I if-lr :5i::m.'?'E ' A b X fifi il x AMERICAN FEDERAL awkzyd American Federal Building Branch Office -- l068 Gray Highway 745-239I FAI LE'S PHARMACY 3272 Pio Nono Avenue Dial 788-8 l 7I CHEROKEE FARMS l N C. QUALITY MlLKslNcEa9l3 ADAMS DISTRIBUTING CC. Lighling Fix+ures - Buil+ ln Appliances l MACON TILE 81 CARPET CC. All of fhe besl' in floor coverings I20 Walnul' S'l'ree+ Macon, Georgia l l 26 l W EARL ZIMMERMAN, JR. CONNECTICUT MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. The Blue Chip Company, Since I846 Sui+e I20I Georgia Power Building Macon, Georgia 3 I02l Telephone: 742-5709 JOHNSON'S GARDEN CENTER I4O Har+Iey Ave. Macon, Ga. Phone 745-7662 "To be Ihe perfec+ gardener - Check wifh naI'ure's par+ner" Sevenfh A+ Mulberry P O Box 49 Macon, Georgia 3I202 Phone 742-259I Area Code 9I2 FARM MACHINERY HARDWARE SUPPLIES It's the real thing. C959- Enjoy tart a ' . Get Growin ! with aeon Federal. 0 Get top interest rates on passbook and savings certificates, compounded daily. O Choose from a wide variety of savings plans to add to your savings program -including Flexible Money. O Back yourself up with the experience and strength of Central Georgia's largest savings and loan association. 0 Depend on sound, helpful advice from experienced savings counselors. O Enjoy the feeling of security, well-being and confidence that comes from money growing safely and soundly. Come into Macon Federal. You'll come out ahead. Largest 111 Central Georgia IVIACDN FEDERAL SAVINGS S. LDAN ASSOCIATION 7 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS: Main Office: 337 Third Street Riverside Branch: 2540 Riverside Drive Rocky Crook Branch: 3411 Pio Nono Avenue Pio Nono Branch: 900 Pio Nono Avenue Forsyth Branch: 101 North Lee Street Northeast Branch: 1302 Gray Highway Cochran Branch: 145 Second Street 267 Complimen+s of CRU MPTONS SHOES Third Sfreef S+a n+on Plaza Macon, Ga. Warner Robins, Ga. 4,4344 in REGISTERED JEWELER ' AMERlCAN GEM SOCIETY Diamonds ' Colored Gem Slones Ho+el Dempsey Building Pearls ' China ' Crys+al ' Silver Macon, Georgia 3 l20I An+iques and Es+a'I'e Hems . . . 742-6494 POWELL'S RIVERSIDE PLAZA PHARMACY Riverside Plaza Macon, Georgia 3 l204 Phone 743-4408 Complimenfs of BATEMANS FOOD STORES 2780 Riverside Drive C. OF GA. S.A.L. SOUTHERN ANDERSEN'S JEWELERS Official Railroad Wafch Inspecfors Diamonds - Wafches - Jewelry Experf Waich Repairs Phone 743-3846 36l Seco G.S.8zF. nd Sf., Macon, Ga. COKE'S Cameras - Film - Developing Service 735 Cherry S+. Macon, Ga. EJURNSHRICH 'LD BETTER BUILDIN6s rv 1 CompIlmen+s of MACON NEW CAR CompIimen+s of AND TRUCK DEALER'S ASSOCIATION GEORGIA MOTOR FINANCE CO. T I ph 746 2465 548 M Ib S+ CompIimen'Is of M G Jon-IN e. RAWLS, co. Timber Es'Hma+es A VIS AVIS RENTS +h D pendable D d d I'I1 f cars 55I PI S+ 'I' 746-533I CompIimen+s of NIACON BANK HARVEY COLE 2330 Ingleside Ave. 8. TRUST COMPANY P,,e,43,5,,9 ARMSTRONG CORK COMPANY 270 DESSAU REALTY AND INSURANCE CCD. Proper+y Managemenf A SpeclaH'y -555 Furs? S+ree+ Macon, Georgia G. G. HARDEMAN REALTY 307 Co++on Avenue Complimen'I's of HEATH ICE 81 COAL 743-8656 COMPANY "Club - Bulls" The Ra Cavar For Golf Clubs Producors of - "caIIi1" Labels "T'c Sfic" The Gripper Exorcism HOLE I9 Kelp The Golf Couric Clean a 654 Firs+ S'I'ree+ Macon, Georgia 3 I2OI I I 'lg J :: Phone: 743-3408 C. Mack Lucas I I Residence I 2480 Kensingfon Road REALTY coMPANv P'wne147S-6626 nd Green DAVIDS SHOES , , 438 Cherry S+ree+ Q Macon, Ga. 745-7533 Q Q l -rv alker L 577 Mulberry St. WELDING 3, 1001 Macon, Georgia, 31201 I912I 746-9421 1885 Broadway - Macon, Georgia INDEPENDENT a GROUP I H I DOM SUC 8 OREIGN Q , rouns TRAVEL y I H TQQAEISLEERSS AIRLINES I "": iv H U ' A V ..,. . Q E 1' 9 3-Snare f V CRUISES ' '2': S' Travel Agency CAR RENTALS BUSINESS TRIPS EUROPEAN CAR VACATIONS UYOUR PASSPORT TO SERVICE" SALES A ,- MACON HILTON BUILDING 3 679 WALNUT STREET: SI For all of your S1'uden+ Tours and Cruises Call: BeTsy LonginoH'i Carson our S+uden+ Group Specialis+ MARBUT COMPANY Plumbing, Heafing and Cooling Appliances ' AmeI'ICdI'l Slahdard "A Leisure Company" Tappan -- Kilchen Aid -- Frigidaire KENDALL'S LTD. Complimen+s of 4I4 Cherry S+ree'I' KITES BOOTERY 745-3962 0 Besl Wishes +o Class of I975 R. L. DUNN CQ. WA N Drcffmg Supolies-Photocopies Emery Hwy. Macon' Ga. L UI ST CO 'Mow mf O E S I 75 "CompIe'Ie Hardware Service" CompIimen+s of A FRIEND I S LOUIS S- PHlLHOWER.JR- Phone 746-6262 William McKinley Woo, Regis+ered Pharmacisf Thormon' Parish 8' Gaunh, 565 Phd Shed E. Ralph Wilson, Regls+ered Pharmacisl' Smcks and Bonds Macon Georgia I904 Monfpeller Ave. 743- I 54I or SYDNEY PYLES PLUMBING 81 HEATING CO. 742-0344 Con+rac+s and Repairs N0I'a"Y PUIDIIC- MONEY Orders Telephone 746-0264 525 Twelf+h S+ree+ FOUNIGIU Service SYDNEY PYLES Macon, Georgia CompIimen+s of BOSTON LEATHER CO. CITGO WALTHALL OIL CCMPANY Distributor CITGO Petroleum Products Wi, I mfk1g1'QQ4f'v X S fee I ,Q A W1 N 2 fi .ff ,ff - . in 5 -V .L if - E I Ii III I1 ., Q .- f I ' , I' g N g W XJ l Y L --" i-'L' 'J MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Join Ihe FIRST NATIONAL BANKING FAMILY We'cI Iike 'ro "Go SIeady" now and Iaier in Iife. Helping young people gei s+arIed wiII1 financial ma++ers is "our 'II1ing." TRAVEL UNLIMITED Airline Tickeis - Ho+eI Reserva+ions - Cruises - Car Ren+aIs -- Eurailpasses ABSOLUTELY NO CHARGE FOR OUR SERVICES TRAVEL UNLIMITED X 2720 Riverside Drive I 9 I 2-745-4258, 59 ! Macon, Georgia MACON RUG Complimenfs sHoP d QuaIi+y Carpefs Eureka HENDERSON WHITE AND LAVENDER PEST CONTROL, INC. 746-5l34 Complimenfs of INGLESIDE MEN 8: BOYS SHOP 2328 Ingleside Avenue Macon, Georgia Dave S. Kruger Phone 745-8 I 72 1D on waz, 'YQ 24 How? PAD!0 14650 0000000 IN 90 f 0 195550905 SN s' E' 5 as 23 ' . Q gg' . ' 5 ! -4 no g Q0 '00 Ll .s 5000000' INQSQ ago I 5 Q cg fa U1 Z 3 gp 0' w E2 n 40 Pj .,, 2 ,U R' Q, Q 53 5 ff E 05 52 E 3' E 2 'Q W :aa XQ E11 o 9 'B SQ m Z5 E 5s 1 2 ' S. 1 00 oo 0 0 0 0000000 ss Real Italian Spaghetti ' Lasagna - PIZZH Selved with Cusp Gleen Salad 717 R 746 5663 ll 0 0 Sis' 275 Q ,nr -..Q ,....,. 2.-ffm, -, ui 1?- , ,AX P Nl ffwff QW Mbgwww 4 MM ? WWW W 04133351 Wk 45,54 T jx '5f74Lf7V7 A, , if A ' I 9?.57Lu-aff-L E fgfdfk W7 FEW www! WJZZTCQ A f gg? JE fix mf 7C iLQ-U82 Wuxi, ' 25,45 V P 1 -7 .y . ,, lei-f 4 f' ,A ' 7 ,. 2 f I' f iff- V! ! ,M ,,,,.. ' " 'Xi V K C 'x ?f Ili' f ff! 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I Wanna laugh while the laughin' is easy - F A ill? . N W N 1 Y KW X H ' , K - .fu-mf M 282 I Wanna cry just to make it worthwhile H fb- 'W M.. ,s W-M' JA 1 f W A V1 ' H- ,X , ,..., :ll :l: dr I M5 mme . , - We may never pass this way again g ,Q ff. - Q? Q as , fy .W , ..,L A X .. . ,mf if 4-P' ,fs . U W .ge -'Civ U '95 A-'S " f 5 WE-1: 3 df' ,fi 0 , S355 .xii SSE? -X1 Wag A: if 'f-K: - ' 'A Y-V -JL H 45' 14 if , 3? -,muon awaln 7 AWWMQQWMMQWWQ aaeepT3L0w.qAf5W:wWLeJsef pogeb vznwnpQ1QS0f5TfwwwElZw1cLpowAonafZi1I1QsTfVM Zawmadewms gewvwmwwfm19QeTbws. Awwamwwmwmwww, UMiuwApimLf1emaLnA.5CiA 0LUUlUi5yUTZL1I wafLwewpTim1LWwm0QfMg1Cf74-75 Cfjfyub EUS mmowi wwgowew. dwwfv 93M UW JWMM5 ADW' M W mmykjm Po 1,0 , I v0 KWH? 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Suggestions in the Stratford Academy - Overlook Yearbook (Macon, GA) collection:

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