Stratford Academy - Overlook Yearbook (Macon, GA)

 - Class of 1971

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Stratford Academy - Overlook Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 208 of the 1971 volume:

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M-'VV .. . - - , - -V fm " -w W, .,.,,.:' ..., m.fVl5:QMj'fw' ' 5" f V-.fig -- V ,, ' ' ' , ."T.sf 1 ,. H V fm. VV V .eh-, ,,J2fze4,,,f g,-Wzf' V. ' -' ' V V - V,,,, M' Wk: 9 M 1' -v- ,. V- ,M-X 3 - 5 ,V .,' W 'V if ', ,- VV , ..w ,, . VV . Vg V. I ' VW' , - V -. V . W . ., y My ,wr I Wrxxwr A 1 H We be K Vi: A V J .. N, H f , iff? ff' . N ,, 'Mk V. gxfffffp. V ff:-ig - -f ' M , 'IL V -. -,- V-g,' gM,,wrm,, V ,w,V-.,f,, ,.-- f A wgm 4. 'RTT 7, , . ,V , My 'f"?7li'E'?Fvf" W ' r ww." 'Wink 1 M Vf' .. 'Rf'-'Nw , W " ' ,i ' X4 1 A 1: ,VV'Vj'fgVis:,jyV,V- , .,,.V W, , i -1 ,. -V- , ,. ,ig - V Q ,F gs :f A "f ' f F M ,f Q - 2 V-5 A 1.4 ' J, ' ,.f'4fHa, ' 'PV ' .wVs5'4" VI' A- , T -, . ,,,L . V M , V, ,J ,,,, VM. ,V ,mx Aw, , , , V Y ,rf 'sf . . L in 34.11 ..VV A A 4 ,5,,gVA,.,x,,,wf"f3,E Mrxgk i ,A wwf J y V V - eff: fan 4 V . fi-,if-Q V i , .K , - ,V fm H fV,,,3.VV-Q. 1, ' V - J A 'V . . . . V V, W M'f-'iV'w- 1 C5!2""-V f- 'X' f ' : Ai' -'sift nf gif f . . 'V -V 1, .V f , , Xa. ' .Q , as . .5 2 b " wf. " " - "' V"" S'-Pg, Nl- I' N 14. ' 1 g , -. Va 1. , if Q., J 5 ., . x .-V .+ - , W-,p,fg,.a., ,M 5' an , v"n,,lh "W Kg, nv, , -' ,P ". ' -, , JH' -My ' J' 4' fi -,1,,,32?"5a1 ff ' - ' Vi 1, ' . 1- ' ,r 'IWW R , 'H' ' W WJ 'W V ' . , m.'g1,,v W w.. A QV, V+-K Q , , . M KA h , A , 1 I - f ,.- Q, . W., ' 4. A 0 Maw, - "V, , , .4 , Me'?"q,i,'w " A W ' A "Fila 1 ' k ' Mu my n J W ,S ,A x V. , 1 -5 ,k w 'X V TW 'Z I dv 1- ' , ., -ying . Q' MM WM- -37 , In RX, "0 ' RPO' . 1.1.-V 'M !.V-- ' ' " , ' . -w ' M 'iz 4 if 'ff ' fi "' 'V , V Y ' w ' ' HM-.1 It has been our attempt to capture this year's ex- periences in these few pages. We hope that which has been meaningful to us will recreate for you the highlights of Stratford Academy, 1970-1971. It is the past we reflect upon and the present we record. Although there is nothing new under the sun, we Wonder still what the fu- ture may bring. It was the best of times It was the Wlorst of times u1...,.x. X-,X mf. www. mm M. .-0.-.N W wx Nga, ' 1..l3Qllv.1.LlZTlL u . ,,.. ,Qg. , Q ...J. g ,W , f-,5-,, Q.. . z W.W.., ..,. . 1 ,U ...,k H. ....,......,. E ., ,MN ,,.q..,.W...+.,..w H .... 1. ..k. ..,...,,,.W,.f,.,...m -. .QMM -?:: ..:. V.. .. I ,m,,..i.,.,L.w,.Q w -4 1u,.m........C.-,,.,..., . ....,M,...,.. .. ..,Q.... 2' ax .nf if ., .W we-am -- ,,..-WW 1,-Q: , - ggggg 3 1 3 A 53 W 'E wi W? X w-.N mmwywi ..,, h .. .3 ' .wa A 4 xg , Q we J 6 .S 7' -lu. "It was the epoch of belief It was the epoch of incredulity, . 7 "It was the season of light It was the season of darkness . . . mf X It was the spring of It was the winter of hope - despair . . . 3, ,r . .., 3 1 . 51 gg 1- -z ff! in F , ' ig, 1 We had everything before us 54,1 ... .gk rx ., We had nothing before us v ' ln, lv 3 ,L , FS f ' - . '15, W Eiffif " T55 V' 1 ,, ,flip f ., f 'W f 'Pf5f?51?f5f,- , 'L f I gf fm U' . ,, ,,,k1, H , 5,1 ' i 1, , .K gg, 4 it - 5, ,,, MM, 5 ., ' ,f -z ., K, I X'--1 h.: r k in ff,.g,,f- - R K-, fr ,, ' 1, 5 'jw'5f3f2e1. .kj-Zi,,'2v k ,f ' . ? -3- 3 ,M ,X , Q , f , 2, V . ki,f ,fy fl 7,7 fy .1 v-'ff+i2l'5 Q, ff,,,g,,, ya, . ,, ..,, + L A wif .m,g:11f1,, , 3, f' f 3 A-u ?'3"J M. W"'2-W Ms ,J W s fy Y.,, 4' f' , ,..' If 1' 'f I I I f 14, , I '.-' ,af , v . ,' ia f , if ' Al' ', ""g ' ' ,,,, .M ,, ,,,L , - . ,,g fi, ' ' .-iii? " V . , V, 22- , , :1f'f, f jfs , 1 . 'FZ 5' k ,Q ' Af 865, 1 A 7' 05 Tb 6 , Mi! ,ff f if ,Q v A, :Ev ':,' QQ i 4 QQ, ji 4:5 Q 5 ii W q u s R ,y . , ,L ,QV 4, fi-v mifffmg M rn aww N sf ww if Stratford Academy Presents The Uverlook 1971 Macon, Georgia Volume X Q i .V...l..... I ,...,,,Y...,, E283-XV H ' '. 1" ' 'fa fn 'Zvi ---.....--..,.,.,-,--,-- '2 'Mr 8 HA57' Eikegt, v FE s YE Y tl lc 'f" i'1 , If 4 ir 1 3 an :hxxrg it ,f .FT ' -5-' 'V I new lik ' 'li F1 Qt. L + 1 Bikini WH fy! Sgt., lg, I s W X tv W , - X X ' V22 . sr AA-r:gc:g:-1 - '- zL.c.1z.,1.: 'Liam - Table of Contents Dedication .... . . . 16 Classes ..... . . . 18 Sports ........ ..... 8 8 Organizations .............. .... 1 24 Administration and Faculty ..... .... 1 38 Advertisements ............ .... 1 56 X 1 Dedication Friendship in its truest sense is next to love. This true friend is some- one Who inspires us to do our best. He is the outstretched hand beck- oning us to strive for the best, the friendly smile and the encouraging Word that makes bleak days seem a little better. We the Class of 1971 dedicate our annual to a true friend . . . Mr. T. F. Fields ,A , J 4 .V ASSES CLASSES CLASSES CLASSES CLA1i xr . x X v SES CLASSES CLASSES CLASSES CLASSES Senior Honors ALICE ANN DOMINGOS Salutatorian RONNIE ELLIOTT Valcdictorian Rf-'IQ Best Citizens ANN AULTMAN JIM CATO Adv-HW-W JW? - bs-5 ,. Q , X X X: X Qi f' ,Q Q . ff- X X X . -.3 -A ' -M X 1 .arf .f ff, N fa' 5, . W --my fi Aff ,Lf 1 i 5 4 I A 4 -4 1 3 K I 1 3 5' -I Lv ' .wk WM 95? ,W I 1 f ,g -1 Rx'-, fi ik 4, 53 - i N Xa 1' N7,N,f k , MW' ,... Nam, ,,,, V,,f M..,.,..-ww ,....,-....... ' , rkjg w,.,W,.. ww 6- .,, wr V., ' gym! - af" ff Q ,, M 521: zfkgfw. . W l -uw, wr if vw H 27" " v H Q .Km Q ' 'W , x f N1 ' H ., f fe 'ff , 4' w 4 1 5 i -"ff ,' ,paw - '.. Q , ,, 4? -if 6+ M, A ,QM a . Lrg Why f.., JM Q 4, -if zp' i I at In . , bm I . iwn ik , 'S?!b,,,, 5 W 2 H , ' -w .- 4, ,W -Nm ' 3. :MW 'Q fx A lf' .. wg-,f ff M ,, l Kim -XY , f k me 3, ,fri Wig? fl., f W f ' L , aw- w - , ,,, AA,, Q gs, - ,,.f,'U 1,193 ' 5' 95 u , 7 .E em ' M-M ' p pm A Qfw f 4 A Llp: BOB WILLIAMS Belm- SUSAN DORSBY up: LIZ COLE Above.. BOBBY MEDLIN Above rzlgbt: ANNE FOX Above: STEVE MALLARY Rzgbts SALLY DUGAN, KATHY HILL, WAUNELL JACKSON LEE HAYES Bel0w.' BURKE HARRIS Below rzgbt: CHRIS HOMEYER Rzgbtx MERRILL TALBOT Far 7"1gl7f.' CAROL TAYLOR Balm- JIM CATO Rfgbff GENE BEATTY EM rzgbf: AARON KAUFMAN Lap: PATE SKENE Below: JUDY ANDEL Lepf LARRY CLEMENTS Rfglm JANET CHRISTENSEN OFFICERS AND ADVISORS: Mr. T. F. Fields, janet Christcnson, Prcs.g jim Cato, Vice Pres.g Tamscn Hicks, Sec.-Trcas. CLAY ALLEN Give me athletics anol give me girly, and I'll Jeeh no more delzghtf. JUDY ANDEL A quiet girl of intelligent ways if a gf to the worlaf WAYNE ANDERSON Wine, women, and Jong are Getting rne down. I think I 'll give up Jinging. ANN AULTMAN Generalbf peaking, Jhe 115' generalhf yeaking. MAURICE BARNETT In hzk eye you catch a glint of work, ofjoy, gf alevilment, BEN BASHINSKI Submit to the present evil, leaft a greater one befall you. 28 LUCIA ADAMS Grate in all her Jtebx, heaven in her eye, in every gerture elzgnigf and love. ,i,..a.- GENE BEATTY His height is hut a measure of his friendliness. MANDY BLUM An attractive girl, a witty girl, a girl so full of fun,' a pretty girl, a carefree girl, a thousand girls in one. CONNIE BOWEN She is made of the stuff gr angels - compassion, fairness, and a gentle wirit. DUBS BOYD Every man has his devilish moments. .IANA BROOKS Sweet her manner, quiet her way. IVEY BURNS Principle, integrity, and independence are the essence of his character. JIM CATO An athlete, a wise leader, a man among men,' hut most important, al- ways a friend ROBIN CHANIN She has charm we must admit, sparkling eyes and huhhling wit. MIKE COPELAN D Looe qi rnusie Zlf a rnore potent inxtrurnent than any other heeause rhythr and harmony find their way into the inward plate.: gf the soul. KENT CULVERHOUSE He .poke no more than was hzk need MARSHAN DAVIS A quiet girl Wen hidef a merry wit., ROBERT DICKEY Why .fhouhl the devil haue all the good tirnex? JANET CHRISTENSON She has a world of ready aid, our minds and heartx to hlesx. Many friends hae thif girl made with loue and cheerfulners. ALLETTA CHRISTENSON She 13 genuinebf interested in other peoplek wehfare. LARRY CLEMENTS The direetion in which edueation .ftartx a man will determine hir future LW. LIZ COLE One J the rnoft impiring power: of wornanhood 111' a quiet, intelli- gent, yet beautiful girl. KAREN DURR She loves to laugh, she looes to walk, and oh my soul, she loves to talk. RONNIE ELLIOTT Leader, hard worker, a friend to all - he is truhf a man among men. WALTER ELLIOTT Imagination is the air of the mind ANNE FOX A friend should he one in whose understanding and oirtue we can equalbf confide, and whose opinion we can oalue 'hr its justness and sincerity. ALICE ANN DOMINGOS Most learned of the fair, most fair ofthe learned, her fairness and wisdom make her helooea' hy all SUSAN DORSEY Wisdom and heautjl in the same woman is a ffllbl rare and welcome eomhi- nation. JOHNNY DUKES Still water runs degli, hut, oh, that undercurrent. DELE DUNWOODY For there is nothing more silbl than a silhf laugh. TAMSEN I-IICKS Happinesf ik a perfume you cannot pour on otherf without getting a few drqof on yoursehf KIRK HILL Men of few words are the hest men. CHRIS HOMEYER The greater the dyfficulty, the more glorionf the triumph in surmounting it. ALLEN HUCKABEE A good friend to many,' a man mf certain tomorrow, BURKE HARRIS A little learning ik a dangeroux thing. Drink deep, or tacte not the Pierian glaring. LEE HAYES To he yourfef in thif world of today i5 to he one girl picked from a million. ' '24 'EQ' STEVE HOGAN Hix wit and wzlfdom comhine making a man qfperyect dzlfposition. LUCY HOLLIDAY Event the most heautfnl of angelf may on occasion have a devilish look in their eyef. ROLF JOHANSEN He possesses the characteristic, a God-given trait, of good common 58356. MIKE KAPLAN Heir not lazy, he's just conserving his strength. STEVE MALLARY He is gentle, he zs shy, yet there's rnischicy' in his eye. AARON KAUFMAN Beware when the Great God lets loose a thinker. SPENCE MADDOX I have tasted gf LW from all sides, and it's worth living to the fullest. CLAIRE MCCOMMON Two ofthe greatest virtues Q' all womanhood are true heauty and true dig- nity. DOUG MCCURRY H worry were the onhf cause of death, he would line hreuer. JAN MCEACHERN Tbe quarrel: Qfl01!6'f5 are tbe renewal of love. BETSY MCFALL All beam grow warmer in ber presence, hr Jbe, seeking not ber own, gives freeb fir tbe love mfgiving, nor reap: jbr Jeb' the barvest fbown. BOBBY MEDIN Greatnen Ili not a single outburst ofaccompliybment but the steady dedi- cation mf a lifftime of being qiervice to mankind SALLY MOFFETT A rare compound offriendsbip, frolic, and fun. NANCY MULLINS A5 good-natured a soul as e'er trod on sboex ofleatber. KAREN MURPHEY LW war made fir living, ,fo why waste time being inactive or .rad CATHY NEWTON Itk nice to be natural when you're naturalbf nice. HATSY NEWTON She poxsesser integrity and good .fenxe - two of ltyelv greateyt hlexyingf. HENRY OLINER I om my own man. I yeah for no one hut mysehf A KACY OLIVER Originality' Men findr its way into hearty gf fun and vitality. DAVID ORR He Jmiles with on intent to do mischief MERWIN PEAKE LM' lit' jext and all things fhow it,' I thought so once, hut now I know it GLEN PHILLIPS No one hnowx what he can do until he triex. GREG PHILLIPS Honor, truth, and monhoodj thexe are the things that .rtonei FRANK PINKSTON He has a worthy mind and ILS' not reluctant in using it. ,IODY PURCEL She Zlf pretgl, carqfree, happy, and gay,' Jhe has a good humor and plenty to Jay. GINA ROBERTS Gazety give: the world a hrighter look. ELLEN ROHDE Her rays of happiness shine forth ax the Jun. GAYLE ROOBIN A twinkle in her exprexsion, peryonalizgf in her JACK ROSSON High .vrhool dayx had their delights! hut ean't compare with mg, Jfhool nzghty. PATE SKENE Agree you can,' not, dipute it like a man. FRED SMITH A ready wit and a loue for mixchief make an unjorgettahle eomhi- nation. KATHERINE TANNER Her heart is warm with the friends she mahef. CAROL TAYLOR She llf a hind generous girl who takes pride in all Jhe doex. -IOANIE TAYLOR Small in stature, full of fun, makes her loved hy everyone. BILL TERRY Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow. -IOANNE SMITH A girl of character and enthuyiasm, one whom we cannot do without. LEWIS SMITH Every individual haf a place to serve in the world BUZZY SPIVEY I am a man and nothing that concerns a man do I deem a matter ofindf ference to me. MERRILL TALBOT A maiden whom the fates have hlesyed with beauty, love, and happineys. ,M TIM THORNTON Sorne think the world was rnade for fun and frolic, and .fo do L KIRK TRAIN To he concerned not with the glory hut with the deed is what truhf raix- ar one man ahoue the other. JIMMY WELLS Nothing worriex hirn,' nothing hurriex hirn. I SUSAN WELLS She seem: happy as a wave that dancer on the sea. BOB WILLIAMS , And still the wonder grew that one small head could carry all he knew. REBECCA WILLIAMS The perfection Q' outward louelinexf Zlf the .foul shining through its cryf- talline covering. LAWRENCE WILLIFORD I am not afraid of work, but not in Jyrnpathy with it. SUZANNE WRIGHT Srniling always, helpful, kinak not many like her do we find TRIP YARBROUGH I never let my studiex intewre with my high Jchool education. AVAN YATES Inner sunshine warms not onhf the owner, hut all who come in contact with her. SKIPPER ZIMMERMAN A man': own manner and character is what most becomes him. NOT PICTURED ROBERT FIELDS I know indeed the evil of that I purpose, but my inclination gets the het ter Qt my judgment. A 5 41 Connie Adams Jenny Andrews Bill Argo Lee Baker Kent Baldschun David Barnes George Barnes Dick Bazemore Carden Benton Vicky Blum Birch Bowdre Mike Brabson Wendie Brannen Steve Brook Sharon Campbell Betsy Carter IU x OFFICERS AND ADVISORS: L to R: Mr. Grady Smith, Bobby Brown. Officers: Ernest Greene, Pres.g Ricky Home rf" xl rim. URS 's.g Waldo Floyd, Sec.-Trcas Eugenia Cato Gena Chaffin Bill Clark joey Claxton Tim Clifton Rena Coke Mike Corsini Freddie Daniel Marion Dantzler Lee Dillard Barbara Dreizin Garry Dubose Sally Dugan Cathy DuPree Bill Elder Michael Eller 43 fd' . , W JSMH Randy Elliott Richard Fyke Mary Grant Alison Happ Call' Hefin Qlivia Erbcle -Ian Garrett Ernest Greene Nina Haskins Kathy Hill . Trudy Farber. Pam Gledhill Margaret Greer Helen Hatcher Stella S110 H111 Waldo Floyd john Gordon Willis Hanbcrry Susan Heard SYdnCY Hollis A pdf Z 3 za, je , x if l , f l ,ig lf ,aww V a L l 289 W Leah Homeyer DCbbiC johnson Elaine Killgo Ricky Horne Annie JOHCS Cindy King Merrill jackson Doug ,IOUCS Susan King Waunell jackson JCHUHC ,IOHCS Beth Kinnett i Susan Walraven Leslie Weston Laurie Wheeler Rick White Mary Aiken Wright Neil Wyehe Cathy Malone Molly Martin Angela McAfee Elaine McEachern Pam McGarity Dick McKay Susan Peake Elaine Pemdleton Bill Perry Bryan Persons Steve Peterson Steve Popper jan Roberts Martha Rogers Tommy Scarboro Bill Shirley Marilyn Skinner Buster Slocumb Cathy Smith Judy Strayer Brad Swann Tommy Treadwe Natalie Vann - A ll 47 ADVISORS fseatedj Mr. William Coursey, Mr Richard Reid. OFFICERS 1 to 1 Bobo Sherwood, V. - C J Pres., Randy Barnett, Pres., Bnice Bishop, Sec.-Treas. Bob Adams Steve Amerson Cheryl Andrews Meg Adams Ronnie Anderson joe Andrews 48 Laura Avant jeff Bgyme Billy Barnes Susan Beary Randy Barnett Bruce Bishop Randall Basllinslil Robert Bowen J TH GRADE brim- Chip Burnham Susan Carter Cecilia Daniels Ralph Elliott Tony Gavin Susan Burley Nelle Childs Mafjic Dickey Stan Evcrsole jack Gibson Vicky Buxton Trip Crumblcy Carl Dishef Susan Floyd David Gordon Sidney Buzzcll Bonnylin Daniel Andy Duff Ricky Galloway Rick Griffin Randall Hammock john Hanberry Bill Harris Tommy Haywood Tim Hemmingway Fran Herin Ricky Hicks Hathy Higgison Tina Hight Marion Hightower Alice Hippard' Laurie Hodges Lindsay Holliday Andy Homcycr Fran Homeycr Robbie james Barbara jones jan Jones jeff jones Katherine jones Margaret jordan Laura Lamon Molly Mallary Beverly Martin Cynde Martin john Martin W1 Bill 'Matthews Ginny McCommon Jack McCommon Teresa McEachern Lisa McElrath julie McMillan at ,-V-- S ,.,,. i 5 Alan Meadors john Meadows Leigh Melton s 1 3 Q i Pat Miller Marianne Mitchiner Fran Moore Mickey Morrison Nancy Newton Daneen Nyimicz Ellen Orr Phil Phillips Cissy Pittman Parks Popejoy Bruce Rabun Tom Ray Susan Raybourne Bill Richardson Bobby Rogers Phil Seagler J,-.-eg., if Beth Williams Mary Linda Williams jack Wood Randy Wright :JW Ginny Shannon Bobo Sherwood Kathy Sinclair Robert Slocumb Dawn Smisson Dana- Smith jay Smith jaqueline Souder Rody Spivey Sam Swgert David Thames Ian Walthall john Adams Pam Adams Kathryn Adams Beth Alexander Jeff Allen Carey Atwater Blanc Barnes Margi Barnes Bill Barton Laura Bloodworth Merritt Boone Melanie Bowen Kim Bridges Betsy Brinkley Debra Brook was sssrbsmu, I mm, imfefws Qs sas ...M ADVISORS: Bottom: Mrs. Pat Clay, Mr. Elton Adams. Q CERS: L lo r: Ed Hamlin, Sec.-Trcas.g Debbie Wells, V. 'H KDE k Farriba, Pres. Christy Bryant Ethel Burns Bucky Buxton Ken Chaffin Stephen Chaffin Susan Childs . Helen Clark Randy Clark Clarence Clay jamie Cowen Cathy Cullen Wimbcrly Dennis Brendan Dodd Buff Dorningos Gail Dorningos J. Dorsey Ellen Espy Ellen Ewing Randy Faile Mark Farrilja Ted Feitshans Billy Fielding Terri Fluker Al Fortney Jeannie Futch Emrnitte Griggs Ed Hamlin Brian Henderson Ralph Hibble Sam Hightower Vickie Hill E Paul Hogan Fran Holliday james Holmes Susan Howell Mary Huckabee Rebecca Jamison Eric johnson Rudolph jones Shannon Kay Anne King Chuck Lanford David Lawrence Fran Lawrence Lanny Lee Barbara Lovett Morgan Lovett Ken McMillan Cary McCommon Louisa McEachern Chris MCLendon Beth Metts Walter Mullins Dennis Mullis Kim Murphy Linda Murphy Suzy Newton Marcia Nirenstein Joe Oldham Hank O'Neal Anita Pendleton Ginger Penn Ryan Rabun Evelyn Redding jim Sams David Sauls Kristy Sehlottman Scott Singletary Lynn Skcne Cubbage Snow Carolyn Somers Lisa Spears Cheryl Stevens M Holly Strawn Margaret Thornton jan Towe Carolyn Train Louise Train james Vaughn Kay Voseipka Layle Watson Debbie Wells Tommy Williams Wanda Williams Elaine Wilson Sally Anderson Laura Andrews Donna Argo Donna Arrington Stewart Barfield Sarah Bames Brenda Bamett Jule Blair Beth Block Kathy Block Leslie Bowen Catherine Brown Bob Bundy Mat Burnham janet Butler Leesa Campbell iD'- OFFICERS QL ia rl: Mrs. Ruby -Io Argo, Ag sorg Tava Domingos, V. Pres.g Sarah Ban 5.5 Dudley Shannon, Sec.-Treas.g Coach dl rules Weston, Advisor Knot piriure di? Dianne Capps Lauren Chafin Calder Clay Carol Colston Cynthia Comer Patty Davis Marion Dennis Mac Dismuke Tava Domingos Paul Douglas Iori Dreizin Suzanne Dunham Brown Edwards Paul Edwards Donna Eschen Brant Frost Reid Hanson Marcella Hayward Annette Haywood Susan Hippard Susan Hoff Mary Holliday Wendell james Keith johnson A1 Jones Bruce jones Tim jones Vic jones Ginger Gibbs Beth Gledhill Don Guritz joe Hanse Sheila Kelly Evan Koplin Mal Lawrence Clark Levererr Barbara Marbut Tee Martin Tinsley Matthews Pam Mayes Ed Middlebrooks Kathy Monfort Skipper Monroe Lisa Moore Dee Morrison Burke Murph Lynn Newberry Clark Newton Quin Nolan Kelly Nyimic. Paula Odom Jay Oliff George Peake Eve Pennington Calder Pinkston Steve Rayboume Larry Read Robert Richardson Scott Sanders Vicki Sanders Robert Schlottman Randy Sessions Dudley Shannon james Sheehan Trip Smisson Louise Smith Ted Smith joe Pope Waite Popejoy Charles Pritchett wwe, in X9-P Glenn Wyche Jeanne Yates an Young Brig Zimmerman Cliff Stewart joe Stumpf Mamie Tanner Melissa Thompson Audrey Walden Frank Walthall Anthony Weller Martin Vlestmoreland Beth Wcstdn Burt V7iIkerson Bill Wfillizms Elizabeth XVi11ingham K V Q, ii? 5 PATROL BOYS Arlis Acord Heyward Adams Martha Anderson Pam Arnold Duell Beard Susan Bloodworth Leslie Bradford Nancy Carter john Cato Bob Clark Sandce Claxton Cater Clay Marc Corsini Travis Crouch Bob Cmmbley Keith Culvcrhouse Louise Daniels Carol Domingos jill Dreizin Mary Dukes SEVE TH GRADE Below: FLAG RAISERS l.ef2.' FIRE MARSHALLS Emily Dunwody Drew Durr jane Espy Mike Farber jane Fickling Lcanna Fortncy Martha Grant Lilyan Hanberry Ann Harper Paul Harris Chris Hays Lane Heard Scott Heath Becky Hemingway jeffrey Henderson Nancy High: West Hightower Kathy Hogan Roger Holliday Susan Hudspcth Duggar Jamison Barbara johnson Carlton jones Sanford jones David Kempa Lowe Kinman Elizabeth Lamon Rick Lanford Frank Lloyd Jeni Masscnburg Lisa McLemore Robert Merk jim Mctts Mimi Moore Buddy Murph Natalie Newton Ross Newton Susan Peterson Mandy Philhower joan Pound Shirley Rives George Searcy Susan Shirley Stephen Sigal Charlie Smith Dickie Smith jim Smith Dan Strawn Kathy Stubbs Sissy Swann Virginia Watson Chan White Carol Williams Danny Williams Larry Williams jay Adams Allen Bames Pam Bamcn Allan Bashinski Stephen Bashinski Lisa Beard Charlie Bowdre Dean Brooks Morris Brown Cathy Carter Amy Chearhem David Clay Robert Clay Laura Cole Helen Comer .wif Renee Davis Kathleen Dodd Sara Domingos Phil Dorminey Dorothy Dunham Btuch Elliott Peter Erbele Claire Farriba Stephen Feitshans judy Forester Monroe Lee Gatrette George Grace Stuart Hammock Laura Hanson Meredith Happ Fran Harper jan Harper Kelley Heath Michael Hemmin Billy Hinesley Laurie Hobbs Bob Hofstaclter Taylor Hogan Riley Holliday Sissy Hudspeth Suzanne james Carolyn jones Gene Kelly Barry King Drew Lawrence India Lee Sarah Longinotti Ken Mallary Suzy Millwood jenny Monfort Dawson Moore Sallie McCommon Kathleen McCook Tom McEachem Sherry Newton jay O'Neal Lindsey Owens Missy Philhower "' W r ai- Q Mark Phillips Tripp Pye john Rogers Rebecca Rogers john Sheehan Sally Sinclair john Slocumb Raymond Smith Hugh Sosebee Brad Stevens Trip Walden Duncan Walker jimmy Waters Charing Weaver Morgan Weaver Beth Westmoreland Chuck Adams Kathy Adams Billy Anderson Harold Atkinson Bucky 'Avant Art Barry Valerie Beckham Paula Bloodworth Tolar Boone Alan Burns Fran Buzzcll Hank Clay Sunny Cone Sean Dodd GRADE Bonnie Edwards Mary Erbele Charles Fowler Russell Hatfield Clark Henderson Charles Homan Benjamin jackson Frederick johnson Mary Virginia Kay Patricia Kelly Lee Kinman Lisa Lacy Gene Lawrence Clay Lisenby Michael Maddox Kenson Marbut Allen Marlow Robert Masscnburg jim McLemorc Tony Menendez jane Mullins Edith Newton Mark Newton Kelly Nottingham jay Olliff Pat Patterson Lee Pennington Karen Ramsbottom Ridgely Richardson Fabia Rogers Reginald Rogers Bill Snow john Spivy Mark Thompson David Vance Bill Walker 445 C' M FOURTH GRADE Midi? ' in ,, . Mm -,,,. ""' 5' i IQ 7. Davis Adams April Aultman Elizabeth Avirctt - Denise Bcall Dan Bundy Bobby Cleveland Hugh Comer Cindy Courtney Wuren Dennis Barry Evans Melissa Garrette Judy Gledhill Janine Grossman Hal Harper Corley Hawkins Melanie Maddux Richard Marlowe Fred Martin Hal McCard Virginia jackson Nancy johnson jamie Kaplan Donna Higgins Ellen Homan Marcia Hemingway john Marshall Keen Becky Lanford Kyra Lee Anne Lyndon Stephen McEachem maui Ellen McElrath jim Merck Sandra Metts Trey Norris Wilbur Owens Win Parkins Logan Persons Bert Ponder jack Wright Raybournc Danny Schwartz Tina Sheffield Summer Smisson Brock Smith Becky Soscbee Laine Spears Nancy Standard Mark Stewart Scott Thompson Tol Williams Luanne Askew Matt Barnes Whitney Beard Gene Beckham Charlotte Bowen Laurie Brook Lisa Browne jennifer Burgamy Ann Carter Babs Clements Wallace Crawford Eve Cutler john Edge Cooper Falls Elizabeth Flournoy TI-IIRD GRADE 23 rx , si ff' 1 W .Q V1 Joanna Floyd Robert Gibbs Dan Grantham Marie Griffin Michael Grossman Elaine Hammock Bill Hanse Robin Hogan Craig johnson Louise jones Marion Kelly Kathy King jim Kinman Lee Lineberger Amy Maddox james McCook Michael McCullough Betsy Middlebrooks Phillip Murphy Hannah Lee Napier Elaine Oldham Lufy Odom jonny Page Melanie Pittman Bonnie Ramsbottom Robin Schwartz Cindy Standard Perry Stanley Emily Taylor Philip Walden Kitty Walker Anna Weaver john White Claire Williams Howard Williams my-,--r 'Wx 'w.,,,,, 'gltlmawv SECO D GRADE Mal Atkinson Gene Beall Randy Benson Scott Brody Carol Bumham Beth Butlcr Ralph Chaffin David Churchwell Cathy Clark Brett Cleveland john Dorminey Robert Faudrce Mark Hemingway Amy Hodges David Hoff joe james joy johnson Chip Koplin joric Lawrence Burt Lee Lisa Lineberger Blake Lisenby Lynn'Metts Elizabeth Norris Lynn O'Kellcy Patricia O'Neal Stella Owens Amall Page Rob Patterson ' Peter Persons Elanor Ponder Terri Raley Laura Rawlings Shannon Rogers Tino Sheridan Steve Slocumb William Slommb jill Smith Marilyn Smith Molly Stanley jay Strickland David Thompson Clay Trimble Laurie Vassas Niel Weaver Susan Westmoreland Donald Wigley Teri Williams julie Yates FIRST GRADE Allison Altman Elaine Asbell Steve Askew Bonielisa Barron Texas Barry Tucker Bass Tracy Benton Alan Bloodworth Bryan Bonner Mary Catherine Boone Burmy Bryant Bill Burgarny Bill Coggins Beth Daniels Laurie Dozier Guy Eberhardt Iaural Eddy Barbara Ellis Robin Fernandez julia Fickling Brian Goldman Tirn Grant Peyton Hanson TerrifHaskins Robbo Hatcher Katie Hill Tommy Horton jill Huffman Robby johnson Frank jones Leigh Lcitner Ginny Lcwis Laurie Lokcy Tony Long Karl Lorenz Bessie Mallary Michcll Martin Whnberly McCook Colyar McCord Sara McEacher Leah McLcndon john Meyer Elizabeth Moody Tilda Morris Milledge Newton Todd Newton Lee Olivcr Thomas Grant Laura Griffin Kitty Hancock 3'-un-. Sara Wfilliams Monty Wood Richard Young Woody Parham Tom Parker Craig Parkins Jim Rice Kem Robinson Rickie Rogers Artic Schwartz Betty Schwartz Chuck Schwartz Steve Schwartz Tom Smith Tnxdy Smith Willis Sparks Kim Starr Ann Still Alice Strawn Lcstcr Taylor Pctc Wcllbom Garry Williams FS SPURTS SPORTS SPURTS SPCJRT Z SPGRTS SPURTS SPORTS SPCJRTS .Lf 1. - ,aw J f J 1' 'DI ,I - -143211-Y" " 'Sw vu . ar- " """" "' , , . , "" w .. fffanfr1f'? Eff . , , 4 :qv .1 .4 6 A A 4 l 'V 7 ' :QI L f- Y "' ---H --h,a N "' g . 35 ,, a M ...f ,Ur .rev " N ww 4 qfj' 'C r--NT .H N53- 91,7 I J af b "r7,-5 I at ,, ,Q1 -. , Y 5, EVM A arg. NN h. :"".f f ' XX " ,fr 0 1 1 N, N ai' l ' if Ex. I , X K 6,455 . If 1 N N N X ,,, s PQ N NN 5 ff, Fw C N x X f I, fb a m ' Stratford Op - - 37 14 Edmond Burke 70 George Walton O Monroe Lakeside Monroe Deerfield Southland Deerfield QV ,tw rf' iw -vr V 0' 4'-P1 xr'-,..n 'f ,-4' 129' If ity... ,kfgf 48 0 L -L "ez, 'N Y' 14 O IE ' Q55 l , "tam 21 12 v '-:QM .. 25 o :.- , , u s lml I I 'vig 'na -. 1 ,k , , fir 95'-fu n, ,j A A - -,ff x B '3' A , ' 1" 412. fit: 5'3" ,. v ' ..-fLiT""" w 0 'ff E37-.Q-9.1 :i ' : -' . . l:lp53 1.i2i.y: 't,f ,' 5 1 1 E..,.- "" .v-:..,.:a. 2 ,. ' .f.a.,- A Football: A Beginning First row: I1 to tj Lovett, Clifton, Luther, Horne, Presons, Hamlin, Corsini, Brabson, Argo, Swann, Raybun, Green. Second row: Dickey Shirley Meadows Peterson Seglet D ones Mallory, Fyke, Daniel, White, McKay, Elliott. Third row: Coach Adams, Barnes, j. Allen, Farriba, Cato, Popper, Maddux, Swygert, Bishop Bazemore Smith McCurry C Allen Coach Brown. The first head football coach in Stratford Academy's history was a man beseiged by more than his share of problems in his first season. Bobby Brown was surprised even to be coaching a team for the 1970 cam- paign, having thought that he would coach his first team the following year. At the commencement of prac- tice in mid-August, Coach Brown found himself in charge of a group who had little or no previous high school football experience. A delay in the arrival of equipment until the first of September caused Coach Brown many anxious moments. The first game was rapidly ap- proaching, and after much thought, continued Brown decided to platoon his players, starting eleven men on offense and eleven different men on defense. The first game, a 37-14 romp over Ed- mund Burke, gave the Eagle fans an idea of what was to come. The first touchdown in Stratford's history came on tailback Bruce Bishopls 62 yard scoring jaunt on the third play from scrimmage. In the second game, an unbeliev- able 70-0 victory over George Wal- continued ton, Bishop scored three touchdowns, with Freddy Daniel and Tim Clifton adding two apiece. In one of the key games of the season, Stratford mauled Monroe Academy 48-O. Continuing on their winning note, the Eagles de- stroyed Lakeside 49-13 and stretched the win streak to four games. Stratford's first road game, a re- match with Monroe, was played in a heavy downpour, and the Eagles were fortunate to escape with a 14-O victo- ry. After the offense scored the first two times they had the ball, the de- fense held on for the win. During the week prior to the Deerfield game, high scoring running back Bruce Bishop sustained an injury and was lost for the season. Ricky Horne moved into the slot vacated by Bishop and did an outstanding job the rest of the season. The Deerfield game found Stratford behind at the half for the first time of the season. But a 90 yard kick-off return for a TD by Horne put the Eagles ahead to stay, and Stratford held on for a 21-12 win. In what Coach Brown described as the best game of the season, Horne scored four touchdowns and led the team to a 25-O romp over Southland. continued After an outstanding regular sea- son, Stratford found itself in the championship bout with Deerfield. Deerfield scored first for a 6-O lead, but Horne scored a touchdown and a two point conversion to give Stratford the lead. The score remained the same until the fourth quarter when Tim Clifton returned a fumble for a touchdown. Less than a minute later, Dick McKay picked off a Deerfield aerial and scored the final touchdown of the 1970 season. The Eagles' 22-6 victory gave them the SEAIS crown and a perfect 8-O record in their first season. w I Football Awards Mon' Valuable Player: Ernest Greene. r Above: Bef! Offemive Bark fm-wimzerj: Rick Horneg Rzghls Golden Helmet: Tim Clifton. Bef! Ojfenfive Back Cro-winnerl Bruce Bish op. elow - Moy! Imprwed: Freddy Daniel 3 gb! - Bef! Dcfenfive Back: Steve Mallary. Lap - Bef! Dejfemive Lineman: Bill Shirleyg Abmue - Bari Hustler Ed Hamlin. Bart Offmxive Lineman: Dick McKay . . And They Led Us on Ann Aultman - Captain Robin Chanin - Co-Captain Susan Floyd Nancy Newton 4 Molly Martin 1 l l 1 l l l Through Good Times and Bad Les Mars li h Stella S H ll Baby Eagles: Another Beg1nn1ng Coaches - Weston, Smith, and Bowden Stratford Opponent 36 Monroe 18 20 Tatnall 12 28 Gordon Ivey O 14 Monroe 26 20 Southland 18 8 Tatnall 22 341: page B Team Cheerleaders Below: I1 to rj First row: Ginny Shannon, Laurie Hodges. Second row: Ginny McCommon fcaptj, Vickie Hill, Dawn Smisson fco-capnl. Third row.: Wanda Williams, Beth Williams, Evelyn Redding. i l 9 if i , i . , y, Basketball Stratford Opponents 105 Brentwood 81 84 Wilkes 53 80 Gordon Ivey 45 63 Flint River 66 101 Burke 72 75 jonesco 51 96 Gatewood 29 73 Wfestfield 31 82 Monroe 40 70 Burke 44 102 Brentwood 58 55 Beechwood 49 79 Southland 70 66 Flint River 62 113 N. Greene 57 63 Westfield 47 105 Gordon Ivey 65 75 Deerfield 52 81 Brentwood 46 94 Gatewood 45 95 Burke 52 83 Wilkes 41 81 Beechwood 48 95 N. Greene 61 97 Monroe 57 77 Southland 52 59 Deerfield 57 Region Tournament 80 Westield 40 94 Burke 44 81 Flint River 70 State Tournament 66 Fullington 47 63 Southwest 60 65 Deerfield 41 Everyone thought that the Strat- ford Academy basketball team would dominate competition in their first year in the SEAIS. And this was true to a very large extent. The team start- ed off the season as if they were not to be outdone by the high-soaring Eagle football team by winning easily in their first three encounters. In the fourth game of the season the Eagles ran headlong into a good Flint River ball club and came home with their first defeat of the season, 66-63. The loss opened some eyes to the fact that the season was not to be a bed of """--.. 6 continued 1,2 5? a Z2 W? TEAM - Sitting: Clifton, Floyd, Argo, White, Horne, Swann, Claxton, Kaplan. Kneeling: Huckabee, Brook, Barnes Daniel, Orr, Shirley, Spivey. Standing: Elder, mgr., Clarke, Bishop, Beaty, Popper, Cato, Allen, Morrison, Williams, Hemingway, mgr. 104 roses. The squad didnot lose heart with the defeat and started winning again, the next victim being Edmund Burke. After running up five more straight victories, the Eagles proved to be un- grateful hosts of their first Christmas tournament by taking the crown. In the title game against Brentwood, junior guard Joey Claxton set a new school scoring record with a 41 point performance. The Eagles, looking ahead to the Flint River game, took two close vic- tories over Beechwood and South- continued land. At home Stratford gained sweet revenge over Flint River by taking a hard fought 66-62 win. The cage team finished the remain- der of the season without a loss. One of the highlights, a 115-57 romp over Nathaniel Greene, set a new school scoring record despite the fact that the game was called with two min- utes left in the fourth quarter. Going into the region tournament con tinued I0 as favorite, Stratford coasted through the first two games by posting wins over Westheld and Burke. In a re- match with their archrival Flint River in the championship game, the good guys Won a 81-70 thriller and the re- gion championship. In the state tournament, the Eagles had a relatively easy time in the first game by downing Fullington 66-47. continued But the team had to come from be- hind the next night to take a narrow 63-60 win over Southwest. The cham- pionship game proved to be a re- match from football season. Deerfield was looking for revenge, but the Ea- gles broke open a close game in the second half and won going away 65- 41. The victory gave Stratford their second state crown in two tries in the SEAIS. Girls' Basketball Stratford Opponents 59 Brentwood 84 66 Wilkes 26 54 Gordon Ivey 31 33 Flint River 55 55 Burke 31 71 jonesco 44 61 Gatewood 39 45 Westfield 32 53 Monroe 1 29 62 Hancock 27 56 Brentwood 53 56 Beechwood 38 54 Southland 36 36 Flint River 35 55 N. Greene 57 42 Westfield 32 56 Gordon Ivey 47 54 Deerfield 38 45 Brentwood 44 79 Gatewood 67 75 Burke 31 92 Wilkes 14 53 Beechwood 28 64 N. Greene 51 64 Monroe 42 59 Southland 36 64 Deerfield 42 Region Tournament 59 Burke 27 37 Flint River 38 54 Westfield 40 E State Tournament .W 28 Deerfield 41 25 TFAM - Wright,-Ieanne jones, Homeyer, Peake, Hight, Spivey, Childs, King, jan jones, Newton, Wells, Skinner, Cato, Lawrence, Penn, Murphy, T 9 'I'l0 I'I'l The Queen and her Court: Z to rs Ann Aultman Liz Cole Claire McCommon Merrill Talbot, lst runner-up Rebecca Williams, 1971 Homecoming Queen Connie Bowen, 2nd runner-up janet Christensen Mandy Blum Homecoming my 4 B Teams Eighth Grade Team Cheerleaders ,595 Q, fa? Team - First row: Bill Argo, Ed Hamlin, Carl Discher, Neil Wyche, Brian Hender- son, Buz Spivey, Bill fTrolll Luther. Second row: Randy Wright, George Barnes, Steve Peterson, Ricky Horne, Steve Mallary, johnny Dukes, Mike Corsini. Third row: Coach Adams, Mark Farriba, jeff Allen Fred Smith Cla Allen joe Claxton 9 9 1 Y 1 Y Bobo Sherwood. ' 7 Golf TEAM: Brian Persons, jack Rosson, Dick McKay, Randy Elliott, Doug jones, Brad Swann. 4' my s"u Z' . 9 0 Right: Bill Barton, Kirk Train, Birch Bow- dre, Steve Amcrson, Andy Homeycr. Below: jimmy Wells. Tennis 3 , Lejit' Andy Homeyer. Above: Birch Bowdre. Rzgbt: Kirk Train. Susan Peake. Left' Debby Wells. Abmfe: Leah Homeyer. Above: Leslie Weston, Debby Wells, Susan Peake, Claire McCommon, Leah Homeyer, Carolyn Train. 413+ 9 . 1 MK, S ,pv- L. new ,,,,,. Am,,,,m,. WW, "Q ,, ,. K -'1 ,.,,,m ., ,aw 'I2 FIONS URGANIZATIUNS 4 CJRGANIZA1 'NS QRGANIZATIQNS ORGANIZATIQ ...--................. 4 .--L I ,vi ll i , i W l - l 1 ly llll lllll 'i Editor jim Cato Associate Editor Claire McCommon Business Manager Ronnie Elliott Classes Editor Alice Ann Dorningos Organizations Editor Robin Chanin Sports Editors Lawrence Williford Suzanne Wright Advisor Mrs. Joyce O. Happ 1 ii I ii 14 Planning: Randy Faile, Claire McComrnon, jim Cato, Mrs. Happ, David Orr, Walter Elliottl Larry Clements. l l i i i l Sports: Bill Argo, Lawrence Williford, Ann Aultman, Brad Swann, Suzanne Wright. Nor pictured: Freddy Daniel. Business: Lee Dillard, Bobby Medlin, Lee Hayes, Steve Hogan, Ronnie Elliot, john Gordon, Bryan Persons, Kacy Oliver, Barbara Dreizin. Classes: Leslie Weston, Connie Bowen, Al- letta Christenson, Alice Ann Domingos, Ali- son Happ, Eugenia Cato. Organizations: .Ioannie Taylor, Barbara Dreizin, Hatsy Newton, Sally Moffett, Re- becca Williams, Robin Chanin. 7 Gazebo -S: we xv.. i., V 3 Q Aaron Kaufman Steve Brook Mrs. Hinesly Pate Skene Birch Bowdre Lee Hayes Fran Moore Mancly Blum Walter Elliott Bryan Persons Rebecca Williams Robin Chanin Ivey Burns Henry Oliner Kirk Train Kent Balclschun Avan Yates Betsy McFall Alletta Christensen Hatsy Newton Gayle Roobin Ellen Rohde Not p1'ctured:jacqueline Souder, Mike Kaplan, Elaine McEachern, Bobby Medlin, Mary Grant, Cathy Dupree, Lee Dillard, Buzzy Spivey. w l 1 l ii' N ! Q I 5 a E 5 V ,Y 7,,,u ages, msg record el d books to the at Fayetteville the Fort Brlgg packages were the high seas Bed Cross has sent covers Christmas potted plants to the money and gifts to supplied by the service men on o have no fami em presents The contain cigarette nuts, Iountaxn ettes lit packages con e gift and smaller g playing cards, clg and candles - were eteran hospitals. Oth lude. 14 fruit cakes, Christmas music, hard candy, 46, crlptlons to the Post, and BEV- edltion books. Cross. will turn, ith 100 Christ- ning fount- rettes, and 'd .polnset- nior group stmas cards by the service ir families and enu covers were ts. have sent S100 ren overseas, and 2 gift boxes, to be em at Christmas. ns one toy, soap, toothbrush, socks, ets. sent the St. Ma- bus to Fayette- to sing for vet- club ls directed te ol the college. s 'sted with ght setice will be held in Christ Episcopal Church Wednes- day night beginning -at 10 30 with special seasonal music to be fo! lowed at 11 o clock by observance of the Holy Communion The Right be Gagthu Editor Pate Skene Managing Editor Kent Baldschun Circulation Editor Robin Chanin LBusmess Manager Hatsy Newton Asst Bus Manager Rebecca Williams Editorial Editor Ivey Burns Feature Editor Mandy Blum News Editors Henry Oliner Aaron Kaufman Sports Editors Kirk Train Buzzy Spivey Cartoonist Walter Elliott Advisor Mrs. Hinesly of christian faith, much which is obscure and confused becomes clearer. "We realise that even .1 vu' nz , M QR in .V W Eplsco Comm at 11 15 Ch lowed by sp including a Shepher e, R M C a m hr Communlo ed and sp will be re ence E tor, will o Midnight Midnl the Sacred nesday nigh Vincent S leigh as 0 ral men s Chrlstm will be hal o'clock Hig grated any 11 ered. choir A Christma he in 0 Church, co dor Kuehne On Chrlstni - candlelight ser and song will be ity Luthera Musical - Mrs. fl and chol the muslca - following: Adam, by -- a duet, "Jesu Mrs. W. -K. 1 a tn-16, 'fsaugl Dloldnson, - fP. W. --- .Leagerg : theme: "U ry to God in ous Chri -- Sheep Lay conlreie --1 several od- The 0 three . ,ID s fw-4--"Q .vt .. 'I2 0 Beta Club 5 W 1 lwlgtgtlrata l imit-til Birch Bowdre Mrs. james Pate Skene Burke Harris Kent Baldschun Anne Fox jim Cato Connie Bowen Susan Dorsey Judy Andel Chris Homeyer Freddie Daniel Bob Williams Ellen Rhode janet Christenson Waunell jackson Kathy Hill Steve Hogan Bobby Medlin Kathy Newton Betsy McFall Beth Kinnett Mary Grant Sally Dugan Alice Ann Domingos Lee Hayes Claire McCommon Angela McAfee Carol Taylor Larry Clements Henry Oliner Steve Mallary Eugene Cato Merrill Talbot Molly Martin Bill Argo Bryan Persons Dick McKay Rick White Ronnie Elliott 7? 5 J' an I B XR , . Z' Q 4 sf ' Q! Mrs. james, advisor, and Ronnie OFFICERS: Lap to Right, standing: Betsy McFall, Histo- riang janet Christensen, Corr. Sec.g Alice Ann Domingos, 2nd V. Pres.g Merrill Tal- bot, 1st V. Pres.g Claire McCommon, Rec. Sec. Kneeling: Bob Williams, Treasurerg Ronnie Elliott, Pres. NEW MEMBERS fm to ngbfy- Suzanne Wright Pam McGarity Ginny Andrews Marilyn Skinner Gena Chaffin Betsy Carter ,Ioannie Taylor Susan Walraven -Ioanne Smith Gene Beatty Student Council 1. Bruce Bishop 2. Debbie Wells 3. Phil Seigler 4. Mark Farriba 5. Bo Bo Sherwood 6. Waldo Floyd 7. Randy Barnett 8. Ed Hamlin 9. jim Cato 10. Dudley Shannon 11. Al jones 12. Mr. Floyd 13. janet Christenson 14. Helen Hatcher 15. Tamsen Hicks 16. Sarah Barnes 17. Tava Domingos 18. Shannon Kay Not pictured Ernest Greene Ricky Horne Buzzy Spivey W we 1 4 , 1 '1 LCR to right: Mr. Floyd, Advisorg Tamsen Hicks, Secretary-Tteasurerg janet Christenson, Pres! den tg -lim Cato, Vice-Presiden r. Key Club Lei? to right: Skipper Zimmerman, President Maurice Barnett, Vice President Pate Skene, Secretary Buzzy Spivey, Treasurer Q wil Civ, 3 C FQNAT XOXXY Rebecca Williams, Key Club Sweetheart Kneeling, let? to right Pate Skene Waldo Floyd Bryan Persons Chris Homeyer jack Rosson Neil Wyche Birch Bowdre Cary Herin Standing, left to right: Burke Harris Dick McKay Steve Popper Mr. Fields Skipper Zimmerman Rebecca Williams jim Cato Rick White Steve Brook Walter Elliott Not pictured: Robert Dickey Clark Mann 6 Light is tail . Henry Oliner . Bob Williams . Betsy McFall . Aaron Kaufman . Chris Horneyer . Mandy Blum . Kacy Oliver . Ellen Rohde . Sydney Hollis . Mr. Coursey, Advisor . Ann Aultman . -Ioannie Taylor . Angela McAfee . Glenn Phillips . Anthony Weller . Susan Raybourne . Connie Bowen . Sally Moffett . Fran Moore . Alletta Christenson . Vicki Blum . Adele Dunwody . Martin Weatmoreland . Cathy Dupree . Gayle Roobin Sue Ann Lovett Kathy Hill Walter Hill Not pictured: Olivia Erbele, jan McEachern, Burke Harris, Louise Daniels, Trudy Farber, Carden Benton, Pate Skene, Ivey Burns, Karen Durr. Editor: Henry Oliner Assistant Editors: Ann Aultman, Mandy Blum Debate Club it . , . I . AG,y lkflwrf mf. Y' lx 1 fl to rjg Walter Elliott, Rec. Seag Susan Wells, Corr. Seng Henry Oliner, Presg Pate Slcene, Pro- lgram Chairmzmgjohn Gordon, Vice Pres. i 1. John Gordon 1 2. Susan Wells 3. Aaron Kaufman 4. Steve Brook 5. Cary Herin 6. Henry Oliner 7. Mrs. Sessions, Advisor 8. Bryan Persons 9. Pate Skene 10. Waldo Floyd ' 11. Walter Elliott Not pictured: Dick McKay, Ralph Elliott Olivia Erbele. f " i 6 French Club 21 Jbiligqgos, llft afafig MHNWB Robin Chanin Elaine Pendleton Avan Yates Mary Aiken Wright Wendie Brannen Margaret Greer Ginny Andrews Rebecca Williams Mrs. Frances Wright Betsy McFall Anne Fox Ellen Rohde Leah Homeyer Connie Bowen Susan Raybourne Sydney Hollis Leslie Weston -Ioannie Taylor Alice Hippard Stella Sue Hill " LE CAFE SOCIETE OFFICERS UQ? to rzghllx Hatsy Newton, Sec.g Connie Bowen, V. Pres.g Liz Cole, Pres.g Eu- genia Cato, Treas. 21. Kathy Newton 22. johnny Dukes 23. jim Cato 24. Suzanne Wright 25. Waldo Floyd 26. Hatsy Newton 27. Alice Ann Domingos 28. Clarie McCommon 29. Carol Taylor 30. Eugenia Cato 31. Mrs. Margaret Gordon No! Pictured' Wayne Anderson janet Christensen Chris Homeyer -Ieanne jones Aaron Kaufman Nancy Mullins fx ' vb' K Christmas 1970 LTY ADMINISTRATIUN AND FACULTY A IINISTRATIUN AND FACULTY AD MINIST1 Q 40 To the Class of 1971 As Stratford enters its second dec- ade of operation, you are the tenth class to graduate. Those who have gone before you have established a tradition of excellence and success. I have faith that you will continue this tradition. You will be the largest class that Stratford has thus far graduated. I hope that the future years will bring you continued success and happiness. The best to you '71! rsfwult, . joe B. Hill, jr. Headmaster Mr. Marvin Davis Assistant Headmzlsrcr Mr. George L. Phillips Curriculum D1'rc'Ctor 42 Mrs, Susan F. Hill Director of Guidance' and Admissions Mrs. Elaine Massey Elementary School Supervisor 7-...,.., . R 2 5. Mrs 1. Mrs. 2. Mrs. 3. Mrs 4. Mrs Diane Moore Ann Sanford Frances Gunnels Margaret Mitchell Reba Lanier 44 Board of Governors I 1. Mr. William Herin 2. Dr. F. R. Childs 3. Mr. Hal B. Hatcher 4. Dr. E. C. McMillan 5. Mr. Harry C. Dismuke 6. Dr. William Shirley 7. Mrs. Lem Clark 8. Mr. R. A. Bowenklr. 9. Dr. Joe B. Hill, jr. 10. Dr. john Paul Jones 11. Mr. Marvin Davis 12. Dr. Clifford Ray 13. Mrs. S. Gus jones Nor picrured: Judge A. M. Anderson Dr. Edmund A. Brannen Mr. Henry K. Burnshlr. Mr, Travis Crouch Mr. Earl W. Farriba Dr. Robert G. Ferrill Dr. T. E. Rogers,jr. Mr. W. A. Walker Mr. William H. Elder, jr. Standing: Mr. George W. PeakC,,Ir.g Mr. David W. Thornrong Mr. W. P. Thomp- son, -Ir. Sitting: Dr. W. F. Homeycr,,Ir.g Mr. John B. Harris, jr. 'I4 46 Faculty English Department: Mrs. Sessions, Mrs. Hinesley, Mrs. Holliday, Mrs. Clay, Mr. Coursey. Social Studies Department: Mrs. Happ, Dr. Hill, Mr. Adams, Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. Faudree. l l l Language Department: Mrs. Wright, Mr. Floyd, Mrs. Nirenstein, Mrs. Gordon, Mrs. Faudrcc Math Department: Mr. Fields, Mr. Phillips, Mrs. Argo, Mrs. Middlebrooks, Mr. Hutcherson, Mr. Carr. 147 48 Faculty - Science Department: Coach Brown, Mrs. Lovein, Mr. Carr, Mrs. James Science Department: Mrs. Lewis, Mr. Phillips, Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Harper. my ii. .k ami Q.. A Pbyxica! Education: Coaches Reid, Adams, Brown, Smith. Argo. Librarians: fftandingj Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Fields. Study Hall Supervzkom' fyiftingj Mrs. Tillcry, Mrs. Barnes. Physica! Educalions Mrs. Davis and Mrs. 'I49 50 First and Second Grade Toachers: Mrs. Morrison, Mrs. Crumbley, Mrs. Pinkston, Mrs. Irby, Mrs. Atwater. 4 r Third, Fourth, and Fikh Grade W-f ff AWN Teachers: fstandirzgj Mrs. Dukes, Mrs. Farber, Mrs. Parmalce fsittingj Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Young, Mrs. Mahon: 3 2 z 3 Us S - is Sixth and Sc'vc?nrh Grade Teachers: Mrs. Malone, Mrs. Fluckcr, Mrs. Hobbs, Mrs. Daniels, Mrs. McAllister, Mrs. Espy Grammar School Enuchment I .3 1. C iii Mrs. Coggins Mrs. Tutt Mr. lngley MR. ELTON ADAMS B.A., Mercer University Geography, Physical Ed. MRS. RUBY JO ARGO A.B., Mercer University Algebra, Physical Ed., Cheerleaders, Girls' Tennis. MISS BETTY ATWATER M.Ed., Mercer-University A.B., Wesleyan College 2nd Grade. MRS. BETTY BARNES Georgia-Alabama Business College Study Hall. MR. BOBBY BROWN A.B., Mercer Football, Biology, Baseball MR. GUYTON CARR M.Ed., Mercer University A.B., Mercer University Algebra, Science. MRS. PAT CLAY Salem College, A.B. University of Georgia English. MRS. SUE COGGINS University of Alabama, University of Toulouse Elementary French. MR. WILLIAM COURSEY A.B., Mercer University English. MRS. SUE CRUMBLEY B.S., Valdosta State College First Grade. MRS. ELSIE DANIELS B.S.A.G., Masters of Education, Specialist in Education, University of Georgia Sixth Grade. MRS. MARGARET DAVIS B.S., Georgia Southern College, Mercer University Physical Ed. MR. MARVIN DAVIS B.S., Georgia Southern M.Ed., Mercer University Assistant Headmaster. MRS. MARY LOUISE DUKES A.B., Mercer University Third Grade. MRS. EUGENIA ESPY B.S. in Elementary Education, Georgia Southern Sixth Grade. MRS, RUTH FARBER B.S., Louisiana State University Faculty Fifth Grade. MRS. GLENIS FIELDS A.B., Mercer Elementary Library. MR. T. F. FIELDS Mercer University, A.B. Walters F. George School of Law, M.Ed., Mercer University Algebra Trig. MRS. CAROLYN FAUDREE A.B., University of Georgia Government, Spanish. MR. JAMES AUBREY FLOYD A.B., Mercer University Columbia University, M.A. Spanish. MRS. JOAN FLUKER Associate of Arts, St. Petersburg Junior College Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Woman's College of Georgia Seventh Grade. MRS. MARGARET GORDON A.B., Wesleyan College M.Ed., Mercer University C.E.F.A., Amboise, France French, Latin. MRS. FRANCES GUNNELS Office. MRS. JOYCE HAPP A.B., Goucher College M.Ed., Mercer University Western Civilization, Georgia History, Political Science MRS. MARY EVA HARPER A.B., Wesleyan College, University of Chicago Chemistry. MRS. SUE F. HILL B.S., Mary Washington M.Ed., University of Georgia Psychology, Counselor. DR. JOE B. HILL A.B., Mercer University M.Ed., Mercer University Ed.D., University of Georgia Intellectual History, World History, Headmaster. MRS. ELIZABETH HINESLEY B.A., Mercer University M.A., Emory University English. MRS. JANET HOBBS A.B., Mercer University M.Ed., Mercer University 7th Grade. MRS. FAYE HOLLIDAY Andrew College, Georgia Southern, B.S., Mercer University English. MR. PAUL HUTCHERSON B.S., North Georgia College Mathematics. MR. HOWARD INGLEY B.M. and M.M., Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester Music. MRS. LOIS IRBY B.S., G.S.C.W. First Grade. MRS. ROBERTA JAMES A.B., Wesleyan College M.Ed., Mercer University Biology. MRS. REBA LANIER Georgia-Alabama Business College, Crandall College Secretary Dr. Hill. MRS. PAT LEWIS A.B., Wesleyan College Liberal Arts, Chemistry, Science. MRS. MARJORIE LOVEIN B.S., Georgia Southern, Mercer University Science. MRS. AMELIA MAHONE B.B.A., University of Georgia Fifth Grade. MRS. ISABELLE MALONE Tift College, A.B., Mercer University, M.Ed., Mercer University Seventh Grade. MRS. ELAINE MASSEY A.B., Wesleyan College M.Ed.,' Mercer University Elementary School Supervisor. MRS. BLANCHE MCALLISTER Augusta College, A.B., Wesleyan College, Mercer University Sixth Grade. MRS. JANE MIDDLEBROOKS A.B., Wesleyan College Algebra. MRS. MARGARET MITCHELL Office Bookkeeping. MRS. DIANE MOORE Crandall College Secretary. MRS, PATRICIA MORRISON A.B., University of South Carolina M.Ed., George Peabody First Grade. MRS. ESTELLE NIRENSTEIN A.B., University of Georgia Latin. MRS. KATHRYN PARMALEE B.S., Miami University Third Grade. MR. GEORGE PHILLIPS L.L.B., University of Alabama M.Ed., Mercer University Curriculum Director, Advanced Math, Physics. MRS. LUCILLE PINKSTON Georgia College Second Grade. MR. RICHARD REID A.B., Mercer University M.Ed., Georgia College Physical Education, Basketball Coach Tennis. MRS. ANNE SANFORD Mercer University, Crandall College Secretary. MRS. LYNETTE SESSIONS B.S., Valdosta State College M.Ed., Auburn University English. MR. GRADY SMITH B.S., University of Georgia Physical Education, Basketball, Football. MRS. BETTY STEWART A.B., Mercer University M.Ed., Mercer University History. MRS. SOPHIE THOMPSON B.S., Georgia College Fourth Grade. MRS. ANITA TILLERY Kaiglers Business College Study Hall. MRS. ANNE TUTT University of Ala., Wesleyan Conservatory, High Museum of Art, University of Georgia Art. MRS. HELEN WALKER Librarian. MR. CHARLES WESTON Mercer University Elementary Basketball MRS. FRANCES WRIGHT B.A., Maryville College, N.D.E.A. Language Institute, University of Tennessee, Sorbonne, Paris, France. French. MRS. REMELLE YOUNG B.S., Georgia College Fourth Grade. Our Helping Hands Lonzo and Cleve l First tow: Etta, Ruby, Carrie, Laura. Second row: Hazel Eula, Bessie, Williemae. Command Performance 4 The Faculty: H' "Mama told me not to comcf, "I'm in with the crowd." "Tea for two." "What's new, Pussycat?" Wishin' and hopin' " "Catch us if you can." Froggy's gone a' courrin"' 'U Where It's at! oc" WOMENS LIBERATION FS ADVERTISEMENTS ADVERTISEMENT LDVERTISEMENTS ADVERTISEMENTS AI Y Q4 its fi... Z Q . V r Kali 5-xi 15:54, x 4 is , . ' ' 3' A 1 4 . ' 5 1:- Us 1 H I sw' its A 4 5 'www-.N 2? f. , hi sw ' ?gyT.flw if tt f ' Qfgaxf li 9 F 'N , w " 'lk H 331' ,tr 14 "We Have What You Wonf When You Wont II" MULBERRY PROVISION CO. SPECIALIZING IN QUALITY AND SERVICE TO RESTAURANTS-CLUBS-DRIVE-INS-HOSPITALS ond SCHOOLS 447 MuIberry SI. Ln. MACON, GEORGIA Phone SH 3-7424 and SH 3-7425 We're a bank. And every sIudenI knows wha+ a bank does. We Ius+ happen Io Ihink we do II beIIer Ihan ofher banks. P THE CITIZENS AND SOUTHERN NATIONAL BANK Member FDIC 9 ! ii 1. if . 3 I 1 . 1 1 1 Through her d1::z1.1i11g5 as busixzcfss with vuE1u:31 Jew cm gm: 15rx?11g2fz1z1 gz1firm1z mz11m1gcrc11ft:hci1o1fm:,1:271f: rzT110df:fs71f1 'iNif3ITE2i?1l tum im ai .iT2fYXK'!3mT3'AU Qtlhlij 5114 111131 251111211 brings sound Cci11n1z1n?1fciza1Ze131uf3t1Lg1?312z11'c1z11 is 1111 zwwz 11? gzmrgye 1.3412L11m1mif131.?1f1Z:a Q her jL1dgH1CY1t mf 21 F1353 fglsgzscfd aigaxx xm1i111' 111 My Y Sha? kmcvwsi th21tii51f3fwi11'S1f Ccj1154tg,it1s 51114111 A1215 fins ze al r. 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WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIRING A SPECIALTY 666 M Ib St t Seoigl 3213301 Teleeheee SH 5-2324 742-6020 742-1292 368 Second Street, Macon, Georgia Compliments of I ANDERSON'S SERVICE srArloN l93l Shurling Drive 095.-ekiezvlag 414 cuennv sr. wicon, csoncm 31201 PE RSI-COLA ZQQLJOCQJ Compliments of RIVERSIDE FORD Compliments of TOM'S GULF SERVICE STATION 225 2nd SL 1a9o shuriang Drive Macon' Ga' The South's Finest Wedding and Formal Center Complete Wedding Service and Florist 4 Q ' Wedding Gowns , . - Bridesmaids J ' Mother of Bride and Groom Dresses 0949 - M' M' " ' ' I Wear b Atter Six nnusrenlurs Mm . Y I ., ' Engraved Invitations X3 - IFine Ecru Velluml l 7 ' Complete Catering Service I 770 Mulberry Street . Music ' MUCOUI GU- ' Wedding Directing Phone 745-0909 Sales and Rentals Bridal Consultant Counseling With No Obligation 161 lvmxws 'no us 4 Alf 09' 7 -8 B ssnvluo W DR V NST 673 FIFTH ST. 1 r ' 4 ' - f - ' , NC. 2 ,, 1. I' 3 1- 'I' " - - or . ' 'EL - Hosrrml. f'v,.,.ew, ,-,ff 1 - -'A- E I f vsgfig -Z Q' F 'Q.V. 1 ., A. A MACCN. GA. TRADIIIG POST 484 First St. Dial 743-2678 Compliments of AMERICAN BAKERIES CO. Merita Bread and Cakes Compliments of BEN FRANKLIN Shurlington Plaza Compliments of CLAXTON HILLS DRUGS Shurlington Plaza 62 Compliments of CLIFF DAVIS HARDWARE M Mdff66WS Qs lBURNslnlcx B UILD amen Buninmos Compliments of MONA SIGNS Compliments of BOB MADDOX MOMAR INC. Atlanta, Ga. Compliments of POWELL PHARMACY THE BEST FRIEND YOUR OFFICE EVER HAD! T 552 IVIULBERRY ST PHONE 746-7373 oFFlce EouiPMENT 'WAGON' GEORGUX coMPANv Compliments of REGERO JEWELRY CO. 368 - Second St. Compliments of SOUTHERN BAIT AND TACKLE Gray Highway Compliments of SHURLINGTON ENCO RAY ANDERSON, Dealer Compliments 1? of GEORGIA MOTOR FINANCE CO 548MIb s TI +1 7462465 C peif t e l RAYMOND HAMMOCK P' , 'T E' -E fi. v P ff? -1 r, 2,5 M Hn-1-:HH f ill I,,lElil,:,nl.I,-:E-. -E -- " 1 XQ MEMQRIAL CH PEL FUNERAL SERVICES EVERETT SAMMONS WILLIAM SNOW, JR. 746 CHERRY STREET MACON 66 ifiifarik Hlurluarg ls Distinguished Among Funeral Directors Middle Georgia's Oldest Funeral Institution With Quiet Dignity - Gentle Courtesy and Conservative Policies. Established I899 PRIVATE AMBULANCE SERVICE 7 46-4321 765 Cherry Street I T V7 gm S IEEQKIBI - 3 p..'!fk1--- 1 ' - 'if' r-if-if-.'1"i. 5 Ay, ,- rvir-unmr -333 J j-5,:, .5 - g xx. - ' -it .... I 5151. I f I . I Ffflfldz ,.,., g Q A. ss. -X ' Middle Georgiak t -"R . wifi. .51 ' 6 R "Since 1962" Outstanding Ik-o'vM-PA-o1s.. ,gfiqg . , . JEWELER BILL HARDEMAN 378SwndSf- MACON,GA- 31201 REALTY COMPANY We 4" MALLARY CARPET SALES' INC' 333 Cotton Avenue ' Macon, Georgia 482 Walnut Street 746-0286 CUSTOM DRAPERIES AMPLE PARKING HOOVER VACUUMS 742-2304 693 Pine Street SHURLINGTON PLAZA Macon, Georgia 31202 BEAUTY SALON 743-6779 Shurling Drive Phone 742-2183 Macon, Georgia WILLIAM HIGGISON Regional N TICNALLY ADV TISED F RNIITU Bt CARPET 1 Snutlpern g17fur11iture zmh UNITED INSURANCE Glarpet gmtmf, gin., VI. S. IBUDDY, GIBSON 8o?Ai:3SAgZYAY Pnzsinswr PHONE 746-3541 BARNES 8. BARNES, INC. 477 Cotton Ave Be Sure You Insure With Us. Insurance and Surety Bonds 7 Best Wishes Compliments of coLEMAN, MEADOWS, PATE DRUG co. DILLARD'S LAD 8. l.AsslE 4531 B'0UdWC'Y 3122 Vineville Macon, Go. Avenue complamenfs Zity radio Compliments of SOLOMAN-TRUESDEL INSURANCE AGENCY Compliments of , , Southern Trust Building INGLESIDE FLORIST AND GIFT SHOP 3100 Vineville Avenue "Flowers ond Gifts for Every Occasion" Compliments of WILLINGHAM AND PAYNE Compliments ot CARLHAYS, JEVVELER "Member of National Bridal Service' DORSEY'S RIVERSIDE DRUGS Macon 's Camera Center COKPS Cameras - Film Developing 735 Cherry St. Dial SH 6-3286 R. S. THORPE AND SONS Quality Clothing for Men and Boys See Us for Your School Wardrobe 169 70 MACON FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION "Where you save or finance your home does make a difference!" Macon's Oldesf and Largesf Savings and Loan Associafion 337 Third Sfreef 900 Pio Nono GA. STEEL ERECTORS 81 FABRICATORS MACON MACHINE sl-lop, INC 313 Walnut Street P. O. Box 1491 MACON, GA. 31202 Bes'r Wishes To I CICISS of '71 From Compllmenfs of JACKSON OLDSMOBILE R. L. DUNN HARDWARE CO. INC Macon, Ga. Emery Hwy., Macon, Go. WBMI. RADIO Blu. HUNT Blu. RAGAN HUN Compliments of T- fztfi, IQQIIISI If? :::::,4 GILBERT FURNITURE Co. WE PREPARE WEDDING S: BIRTHDAY CAKES TD Y D LARY'S BAKERY BAKED FRESH DAILY AT THEIR EIEET CAKES - PIES Sc PARTY SPECIALTIES POPIOI' Sfreef TU PLEASE YUU DIAL '745 4695 A Y 5 665 BAEDNFIELDS E 72 JAMES LARY MACUN GA 131201 5 Compliments of THE DEMPSEY HOTEL Telephone 746-0264 SYDNEY PYLES PLUMBING 81 HEATING , H .1 I I II Ill X .. .. 1 .... sm ... ...... .... .us ...-. - - , ... - . - lllll- lil : -I lilll lll I I 'I : nn ... 1 -I .. yu- -... in . ,un .... - . - . KKK!! lllll I ll I Q1 'mf ,, nun WSW . I ww' Controcts ond Repairs 5' '11 cn g -hj TD -1 b -1- 3 - Q Q--.3 Q... V' us- N: -'3 rv' neo Z O0- 3 5: di 339 QS H-I' E QQ '4 C IU' z 6'3- 3"'U I' 29. U Q13 N KO 1 CD Z 3 ' n 2 398 - gm Os. 9 an "".u gf 55 0-I -,W 4 9- ig- 'Y 1-:Q Sa 221: UU g oz 1 3 Wm ,I cn 5' 'T' 6 XI UD Z jg rn sb U 4 - 'U :EZ Q 2 ,-5 S .E 5 51' 'vox to In U, 3'l'Tl 5:50 5 'Q A sz 5 A 1 I 'T' 5 'ua' 5 U1 Z Z 3 z Pl-'E 3 Q 0 Z O U1 8 .gf 5 iw Q D m QU1 E, .- 5 3-. 3 gig: Q I Q bi '+I QQW 'T 3 aft U58 15.5-' Qroo. nw 321.5 9- UU 173 Merry Christmos! BILL MERIWETHER PHOTOGRAPHER 2720 Riverside Drive 742-2055 Compliments of SMITH REALTY Compliments of VILLAGE CLEANERS Shurlington Shopping Center Compliments of MARY LOU SHOP 74 Compliments of RESERVE LIFE INSURANCE C0 CHARLES LEE Compliments of JQYLAND, INGLESIDE Compliments of JEAN AND HALL FLORISTS vez- rea Il1Q."'Yf K I W ie' Q 5 I B I d U d A h y f The Coco-Colo Company by Compliments of BOTTLING C0. GLO OIL COMPANY OM ANDERSEN'S JEWELERS Official Railroad Watch Inspectors Diamonds - Watches - Jewelry Expert Watch Repairs on All Makes Phone 743-3846 361 Second St. Macon, Ga. CB RADIO - CUSTOM STEREO - PARTS - TUBES Telephone 788-0936 LAFAYETTE RADIO ELECTRONICS ASSOCIATE STORE Owned and Operated by CLARK ELECTRONICS DIST. CO. JOHN D. CLARK 3222 Pio Nono Ave. presidenf Macon, Ga. 31206 AAA COMMERCIAL MEETING Rooms QUALITY COURTS MOTEL ALPINE 1990 Riverside Drive Compliments of BIBB STEEL 81 SUPPLY COMPANY Fabricated Structural Steel Macon, Ga. Phone: 746-6221 B. J. REEVES, Mgr. Home Phone: 935-8342 ABC LETTER SERVICE American Federal Building 4105 Broadway 31205 Macon 746-5851 C. W. DEKLE Compliments of DUNLAP VOLUME CHEVROLET 76 Phone 746-0527 PERSONNEL OPPORTUNITIES, INC. "Quality Placement" SHARON CHICK Manager Home Federal Building Suite 601 Macon, Georgia 31208 AMERICAN FEQERAL n . 4 i ll ,ll !li E , ll, 1' All i'i'fiIfli'i'lii Eli Save for ll lol lil AIHI All V pvc W a , c Your Future ll ll lil HI IIA E QI' l,l4 gl? r I ,ll in in ng: in un ,ll lilo 1l,l lil ,II Il See American Firsf lil II II II II American Federal .Bldg V v f V Macon, Georgia II, II ill, ,EI II se i'H"ll"'! sg QL X i I ll! axe f gill, ,Elin Q E?,,: Q,,is 4' AME EHAL CHEROKEE FARMS, INC. Qualify Milk Since 1913 MERCER UNIVERSITY Undergraduate Programs in 23 Fields Graduate Programs in Law, Pharmacy, Education Write: DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS Mercer University Macon, Georgia 31207 fl Join the FIRST NATIONAL BANKING FAMILY We'd like to "Go Steady" now and later in lite. Helping young people get started with financial matters is "our thing." 178 Let's get together . . EARL ZIMMERMAN, JR. Suite 1201 Georgia Power Building Macon, Georgia 31201 Telephone: 742-5709 CONNECTICUT MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY The Blue Chip Company, Since 1846 Compliments of DIXIE SEELSEI PEQOQEEIE PLUMBING SUPPLY PHONE 742-2589 M CLURE, BALDW N a. GR FF N 370 Pine Street R. A. BQWEN, INC. and BIBB CDNCRETE PIPE C0 CITIZENS BANK OF FORSYTH, GA. Compliments T 81 T PACKING COMPANY QUEEN OF DIXIE MEAT PRODUCTS "D"" D-'uf f 'T NSU'--K - fD-'Q-A' I 540 Seventh Street 742-64 I 5 Macon' Georgla 35 South Lee Street Forsyth, Georgia ORGANIZED I92O MEMBER I:.D.I.C Mocon's Most Complete SociaI Expression Center - Featuring -Q-Wwmfedfwu. Compliments TOWN, AND COUNTRY OI CI WESTGATE SHZIPPING CENTERS 81 COMPANY Compliments of J. T. HILL FEED AND SEED Forsyfh, Georgia Complimen+s WHITE AND LAVENDER ALEXANDER'S PHARMACY PEST coNTRoL, INC. INC. , 746-5I34 Forsyfh, Georgia DOHN BONNER LAMAR RUSSELL GENERAL STEEL CO 224 Walnut St. Macon, Ga. Distributors Steel Building Supplies Fire Extinguishers Safety and Welding Supplies MCDERMOTT TRAVEL AGENCY 666 Mulberry s+ree+ Domeslic and Foreign Travel Air, Land and Sea ROBERT RAPPAPORT, Manager DAVIS FOOD STORE For Choice Aged Wesrern Beef Macon, Ga. LE PERL'S LADIES READY-TO-WEAR Shurlingfon Plaza Dial 742-0930 INGLESIDE MUSIC CENTER Records, Cards, Sheer Music and Tapes 2320 Ingleside Avenue Phone 745-3773 Complimenfs of INGLESIDE MEN AND BOYS SHOP 2328 Ingleside Avenue Macon, Georgia 3I204 INDEPENDENT LIFE 8: ACCIDENT INSURANCE CO. 790 Firsf SI. Macon, Ga. S. H. PUTNAL, Disfrlcf Manager, Asst. Managers W. K SMITH, C. THOMPSON, H. E. GRIZZARD and L. M. MURRELL. Ordinary and Weekly Premium Insurance, Life, Accidenf, Endowmenf, Reiiremenf Income, Family Group Hospifalizafion, Morfgage Plans, Maior Medical and Fire Insurance. Tel. 745-4788. 745-4789. 745-4780 R.E.E., B.M.S.A. MT STOKES-SHAH EEN, INC. Wholesale Fruirs and Vegerables S'I'a+e Markef Macon, Georgia 4 wir: . rt in ' f i f - ..- . fi... ,I f lx JOHNSON'S GARDEN CENTER I40 Harfley Ave. Phone 745-7662 "To be 'rhe periecr gardner-Check wiih ne+ure's parIner" Macon, Georgia J.R.C., Ed. JusI' Arrived New Junior Dresses Sizes 3 I'o I5 For The mosr exciiing Junior clolhes, shop JOS. N. NEEL CO. Junior Depf. Second Floor A squid ea+ing dough in a polyefhylene bag is fasf and bulbous. Go+ me? Compliments t 0 PERSONNEL E'-'-EWS OPPORTUNITIES Home Federal Bldg. S te 60I SERVICE M Georgia 746-0527 BIBB SUPPLY CO. Industrial Equipment Pumps Compressors Conveyers Motors Controls Rust-Oleum FAILE'S PHARMACY 3272 Pio Nono Avenue Dial 788-8l7l 86 It Pays To Play CHARLIE WOOD, INC Your Specialist in Sports Macon, Georgia Sporiing Goods and Toys 484 Second S+. Phone 745-544l Boais and Mofors Walnuf and New S+. Phone 746-623l WE OUTEIT THE EAGLES FANGO DEALS LUGGAGE STORE INC. 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