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 - Class of 1937

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OUR HIGH SCHOOL ' OUR NEW ASSEMBLY HALL OUR HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT 3 STAGE IN OUR NEW AUDITORIUM OUR MANUAL TRAINING DEPARTMENT -Courtesy Dover Reporter Brief History of Strasburg Schools . Six school buildings have been the stage for the scenes of the history of Strasburg Schools which covers the century and a quarter from 1816 down to the present time. Early histories of this county record the fact that the first building was a one room log cabin school which stood near Where the Hartline School now is north of the village. This crude little structure represented our pioneer fathers' struggle to give their children some training in the fundamentals and their sincere belief in education at a time when existence was beset with danger and hardship. But from this meager beginning the need of public schools was established and so other and better schools followed. 1828 marks the year when our village of Strasburg was laid out by John Fulk. Soon after that time the residents decided that the town needed a school of its own and it was erected in the south end of the village at a site near what is now the corner of Wooster Avenue and Third Street SW. It, too, was of log construction and of small dimensions. It served its purpose for more than forty years and was then moved back to another lot where it became the framework for a residence. In one of its logs had been hewn the year of its erection, but plaster has covered it and no records are available to establish the exact date. With the 'growth of the village and the increasing need of larger quarters another school building was erected in 1869. This building is likewise standing today and is included in what is now known as the Town Hall on South Wooster Avenue. Frank Hartline, Strasburg's oldest teacher, was one of the first teachers in that building. The school term was of six monlhs duration and seventy pupils were on the roll. In 1881 the Village and township schools were divided when the village com- pleted its brick structure now known as Castle Hall on South Wooster Avenue. At the time it was one of the finest school buildings in this section and gave Strasburg's schools a decided place in the county. Originally it was only of three rooms to which several additions were made in later years. It was adequate for many years and marked much progress in education. Here High School branches of study were introduced and for a number of years summer school was held for students who wished to take advantage of special courses of study. Although for a number of years classes had completed the work of the school it was not until 1905 that the firstxcommencement was held and the first high school diplomas were given to a class of three. From this beginning the high school made rapid strides and in 1912 was accredited as a first grade high school by the State of Ohio. In 1914 the old building which had served so well for more than thirty years was declared inadequate and a more modern structure completed on Bodmer Avenue. Fourteen recitation rooms and a laboratory were included and the enrollment of the school passed the 300 mark with 80 in high school. The passing of twenLy-two more years again brought the need of a larger school and in 1936 excavations were made for a modern high school plant. May 17 of that year the Masonic Lodge laid the corner stone for the building. It was not until March, 1937, that we moved into it and on March 17 it was formally dedicated. The new structure cost Sl50,000. It includes a modern high school plant and a com- bination auditorium and gynmasium. Twenty rooms give ample room for high school work. The former building is now used for grade purposes only. Thirty-one classes have graduated from Strasburg High with an Alumni enrollment of 458. With one of the finest school plants in this part of Ohio we go forward to greater achievements and successes. There is now ample room for both grade and high school work of the best kind. It is proposed to make our school a centralized one for this section and we look forward to welcoming the pupils of our neighboring country schools in both the grades and high school. . STRASBURG'S FIRST SCHOOL BUILDING Used from 1830 to 1869 - Now Residence on Third Street, S. W STRASBURG'S SECOND SCHOOL BUILDING Used from 1869 to 1881 - Now Town Hall 1 STRASBURG'S THIRD SCHOOL BUILDING Used from 1881 to 1914 - Now Castle Hall . .3 3 ,,:g,. .5.1As.3fii 115. 5, 3151- 357513.-f'T' "- 1 ,g...... . ., .-.- ff:-A .-:.::-.,.:--::..,.. .,i:12 gf gs.: 55?-f. 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Ohio , Under the Supervision of The Senior Class of 1937 Table of Contents I. Advertising II. Activities A. Music B. Sports III. Coming Attractions A . Juniors B. Sophomores C. Freshmen D. Eighth Grade E. Seventh Grade IV. Selected Short Subjects A. Poems B. Stories C. Jokes V. Alumni VI. Feature Presentation A. Seniors -5 ?:2 1: x '-sax I " lla ' ll"ig1iE-Pig. T we ...lil u i ii' 25 Xl' .5312 ins sw I ,,Ba-ur -rpg ' .:::..-: , .. , F . :gg i .5 "Sig-N ls? 5? 535251'Trl1:.1':.:'.'.'-'-PI-ffm::X .3 5 ilkfsak Wigs 5. E155 ks-is? .lea-':.:.t:.-::.':.: ....- ,-:1-.' - - i : ass.. . I sl ,mf , Ewzig .fr ,-5:2 x -2 S-S., -A . ,bf - 1533:- N . I 2 Xi X .-L-.iss - 4 . - lsr:-X -. '4 . " I . ,, 5 5, 11 1 S J rs. F It 1 ' I ","'i'r 5'fl ' X E S E54-'1:2V9: .:E:fE'5 ' 2 5 r -- '- . ' --A N .ie rs-X. It 1 a !- I . 'ps 5 ffs2EvaE'ksiei9isf'15fs:i1 ' --. S wt' 7 'W suse T . 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Herii - Iones Company Designers and Manufacturers of CLASS JEWELRY AND GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS CUPS - MEDALS - TROPHIES Indianapolisg Indiana Official Jewelers to Class of 1937, Strasburg High School COMPZEKVIENTS ,S Dr. IU. E. Fisher Dentist Distributor Rawling's Athletic Goods 134 Second Street, S. E. Ulm. H. UJallick CANTON, 01410 Groceries, Meats and Good Beer T. A. "CADDIE" STUDER DOVER, OHIO HUGH SPOTTS, JR. Route 21 R. D. 2 Results of Athletic Events Promptly Received RESS BROS. Sportsmen's Store Everyone Needs INSURANCE We Can Satisfy Those Needs Miller Insurance Fishing Tackle Ammunition Tuscarawas Avenue Agency DOVER Phone 104.1 Strasburg, O. l Always look neat . . . See FRED IIIEBER CITHZS SERVICE The Barber Battery and Tire Service for Chevrolet and Buick Dealer EXPERT TONSORIAL SERVICE Phone 96 Strasburg, Ohio No. Wooster Ave. Strasburg, Ohio RIPPLE DRUG STORE HOTEL 6. RESTAURANT L. G. 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I I . 4 'Y 5 News Flashes W of ' '1 r T Strasburg High M School mf Us J First row Cleft to rightjz Ella Schurnaker, June Pfaeffli, Arline Schenk, Ruby Liggett, Ethel Siber, Lillian Schenk, Irene Hummell, Rosemary Weinman, Hope Spidell, Marguerite Beans, Ida Weinman, Beverly Haswell, Maurice Bayer, Elson Austin, Bob Heid, MacDonald Jones, Paul Haswell, Howard Johnson. Second row: Lucille Mann, Margaret Yutzy, Lucille Humerickhouse, Marjorie Froman, Juanita Barnett, Maxine Jones, Mary Garver, Carol Waltz, Marjorie Hanner, Margaret Ramsey, Dale Reed, Robert Lewis, Third row: Vivian VanFossen, June Jones, Vita Smith, Frances Garver, Mildred Deibel, Grace Davidson, Pauline Suncheimer, Clovis barber, Bob Raica, Dale Mast. ' Fourth row: Betty Yackey, Mildred Fuhrer, Alice Shonk, Edwina Siber, Verna Espenschied, Ruth Middaugh, Chester Loos, Albert Margo, Carl McClure, Blake Rausch, Oscar Brady. Fifth row: Vivian Mullett, Doris McGonigal, Dorothy Garver, Phyllis Yackey, Edna Hawk, Kathryn VanFossen. High School Chorus The Chorus of Strasburg High School is giving the operetta "The Sunbonnet Girl," under the direction of their music teacher, Miss Bair. Since this is to be the first high school operetta in nearly ten years, the Chorus is working hard to make it a success. l First row Cleft to rightji Helen Garver, Glenna Gepfert, Donna Trachsel, Doris Allison, Patty Ramsey, Jack Haas, a Edward Weber, Heinny Yenny, Betty barber, Melba Meininger, Herbert Liggett, Maurice Froman. Second row: D. E. Greco, Frances Eyster, Hope Spidell, Franfes ., aver, Richard Hartline, Donna Dickerson, Eileen Baker, Verda Zeltrnan, Jack Miller. Third row: Junior Breniser, Margaret. Ramsey, Mary Wardel F ale Heed, Bob Spidell, Junior Limbaugh, Bob Heid, Edwin Spidell, H. P. Lohrman. Fourth row: Mary Garver, Marjorie Renner, Phyllis Yarrkey. Back row: Clyde Denzer, Erma Froman, Oscar Brady, Ruth Graef, Virginia Mullett. First row Cleft to rightjz Hope Spidell, Frances Garver, Lucille Mann, Mary Garver, Frances Eyster. Second row: Mr. Greco, Directory Phyllis Yackey, Melba Meininger, Doris Allison, Betty Garber. Third row: Edwin Spidell, Bob Heid, Oscar Brady, Bob Spidell, Margaret Ramsey, Mr. Lohrrnan. A First row Cleft to rightbz Bob Raica, Charles Rieger, Pete Haswell, John Miller, Garver Wallick, Bob Dreher. Second row: Joe Haswell, Bob Deibel, MacDonald Jones, Ramon Renner, Maurice Bayer, Edwin Smith, Pete Welsch. Third row: Sumner Mullet, Managerg Coach Roby. Baseball The fall baseball started with a game at Baltic, September 18, where the Tigers won 5 - 2. The outstanding piece of work of the game was Haswell's fifteen strike outs. On September 22, the Tigers met Tuscarawas at Strasburg and lost 2 - 6. The rest of the games were postponed because of rain, cold weather and snow. The first game of the spring season was played at Bolivar, April 13, where the team won 13 - 4. The Tigers have a fine line up and the rest of the spring season should be very successful. First row fleft to rightjz Charles Rieger, Lloyd Haas, Ramon Renner, John Paul Miller, Pete Haswell. Second row: Coach Paul M. Roby, Robert Raica, Robert Deibel, Willard Wiegand, Maurice Bayer, Garver Wallick, Sumner Mullet, Senior Student Manager. Basketball -9 This year will go down as one long to be remembered in basketball circles in Strasburg. Dedicating our new gym. the finest in this part of the state, we will never again hear that name "box car" ascribed to Strasburg's playing floor. Starting our season with 3 men back from last year's team which won 13 and lost 8 games, plus a good reserve team, we expected a much better season than last year. The valuable experience gained from last year's play and a better balanced team with a wide open scramble for positions assured us that every fellow must keep on his toes and in good shape to keep a position on the team. It turned out that way, too. Starting with a hard fought 21-16 upset victory over Bolivar's veteran team, we were forced to take one of our defeats from our old rival Sugarcreek on their floor, 22 - 17. Stonecreek was buried 63 - 12. We next moved to Beach City and we more than doubled the score on a good team 38 - 15. Sugarcreek was met and vanquished in one of the most interesting games of the season 30 - 28 after Andrews, their star center, was ejected on fouls in the fourth quarter. We dropped a 22 - 18 decision to Midvale after leading 13 - 8 at the half. Reiger and Haas going out on ff-111' helped Midvale considerably. Port Washington and Dundee were beaten 42 - 22 and 64 - 9 in uninteresting games. Then came Tuscarawas who expected to go places this year and their defeat 33 - 22 due to an almost perfect first quarter from our standpoint of 17 to 1. Newcomerstown's crack team cracked here to the tune of 40 - 18, Mineral City, Baltic and Gnaden were taken in stride 32 - 103 37 - 20: 36 - 25: the last game being hardest as it was the final game of the league standing. Thanks to Bolivar beating Midvale in their final game, the League Championship was ours. Dennison was met and defeated in one of the best games of the season 29 - 28, on their own floor and with their veteran team, 4 men back from the team that went to Columbus, last year, ouite an accomplishment. The tournament this year was expected to be a closely played hard fought battle in almost all games and it certainly lined up to expectations. Strasburg's first game with Gnaden ended in a 41 - 27 win. Bolivar was turned back 30 - 23 and next came the battle royal with Tuscy, the surprise team of the Tournament who beat Midvale and Sugarcreek to meet Strasburg in the finals. Strasburg was glad to hear the gun crack with a one point lead 29 - 28. In the Sectional we played 3 games: Walnutcreek 55 - 25g St. Joseph's 28 - 19 and Tuscarawas again 33 - 29. Going to Dennison Philo was turned back 36 - 33 and then came the heart breaker with Midvale, with a 27 - 26 defeat. In this game Reiger held the high scoring Baumholtz to 7 points, 1 field goal and 5 fouls, while scoring 2 field goals and 3 fouls himself. Nuf Sed-21 wins, 3 losses. Our 1936 - 1937 Tiger Squad in Action I JOHN PAUL MILLER On January 18, 1920, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Miller were blessed with the birth of a son. "Cheese" obtained the sand and grit for his basket- ball career when he was quite young. One day when he was visiting his Aunt Margaret he found what he thought was some white sand. Imagine how sur- prised his aunt was when she found him playing in her 100 pound sack of sugar. In his Freshman and Soph- omore years, Johnnie served as center on the reserve team. The past season. he has filled both the forward and center positions. Next year, he will be a valuable member of the Tiger Squad. BOB DEIBEL Bob was born May 29, 1920. While yet quite small Bob had to be guarded because he ran away so much. His mother would tie him to a tree and his true friend, Carl McClure, would untie the rope and give Bob his freedom. Bob began his basketball training as a guard on the reserve team. He held this position during his Freshman and Sophomore years. Bob has worked hard on the Varsity this year and all indications show that he will be a re- nowned S. H. S. guard next year. CHARLES REIGER Chuck entered this world May 7, 1920. Babe started his strict basketball training while he was yet very young. He was taken to a wedding supper and after supper the cigars were passed. Babe was asked if he smoked. While taking a handful of cigars Babe replied, "I don't smoke but my Dad does." Babe played guard on the second squad his Freshman year and has held the same place his Sophomore and Junior years. Babe was well rewarded for his diligent basketball practice when he was placed on the all County and all District Tourney teams this year. Chuck will be one of the best qualided players for 1938-1939 Varsity ROBERT RAICA Robert Raica came to live at the home of his parents on August 8, 1920. From little up, he wanted to make himself higher in this world. He used to climb the picket fence be- side his house. His dad would call to him, "Get off that fence before you fall down and break your pumpkin." Bucky played forward cn the reserve squad last year and was a sub for this year's Tiger team. The Tiger's 1937-38 sea- son will be greatly helped by his playing. PAUL HASWELL Paul was born April 23, 1919. His basketball abil- ity is not to be judged by throwing his shoes thru an upstairs window when his aim was bad. As a Freshman he was on the Reserve Squad and during the next two years he was a regular forward. Handicapped the past year by a bad knee, he still made the all-county tour- nament team and the all- district mythical five. We say to our fans "Watch Pete next year." RAMON RENNER GARVER WALLICK Garver Wallick was born April 8, 1919. Brig at- tended Wooster Highway School where he received his early basketball training. Brig played forward on this year's reserve team. He was one of the first ten on the Tiger squad. Brig is a promising mem- ber for next year's team. All season his work has pleased both the coach and fans. He is a good shot, a graceful player and looks forward to a year of splendid basket- ball ahead. ' MAURICE BAYER Maurice first saw the light of day April 5, 1921. He showed his athletic inclination when he play- ed on the Klinetown ball teams. Maurice filled the forward position on the Reserve team and is a very promising prospect for the coming seasons. Bayer plays hard and his ambition to land a regular berth on the Tig- ers five will not go unre- warded. When the season opens next Fall, Bayer will be in shape. LLOYD 'HAAS The Renner family was very happy on January 23, 1918 at the arrival of Ramon. From little up he was athletically inclined. When he was quite small, he played miniature golf in Shutt's garden. This game started Ramon on his basketball career. Raino played on the sec- ond squad in his Sopho- more year and has held the center position on the Varsity squad in his Junior and Senior years. Renner made the all- County and all-District teams this year. He will be greatly missed by the team since he is graduat- ing this year. We wish Ramon as much success in life as he has had in basketball. WILLARD WEIGAND for Willard Life began Weigand on May 9, 1919. Even in the second grade, he became the "center" of attraction. "Red" held the center position on the reserve team the past season. Because of his height, he has a splendid chance of becoming a full-fledged Tiger next year. Although the center jump has been eliminated "Red" will be a valuable asset. The stork passed over Strasburg on December 15, 1919 and left a bounc- ing baby at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Haas. Even as a small lad, Lloyd was fascinated by round objects. One moonlit night, he, his mother and father, went to Bolivar. On the way, Lloyd spied the moon. Each time he looked from the window, he saw a different moon. Till he reached home he had counted twelve moons. This trait hasn't left him but he has turn- ed his gaze to another round object-the basket- ball. In his Freshman year, Lloyd played guard on the Varsity team. This year, as a Soph, he has held the same position. g' Y' I 1 First row: Edward Weber, Bill Dreher, Fred Deibel, Randall Garver, Dick Welsch. Second row: Donald Garber, Maurice Froman, Paul Burrier, George Lohrman, Calvin Jones, Mr. Pfeiffer, Coach. Grade Basketball The grade basketball team was not highly successful from the standpoint of wins. Fundamentals of the game and good sportsmanship, however, were stressed on the gym floor. After the season was over, a tournament, composed of sixth, seventh and eighth grade teams, was held. In the final game the eighth defeated the seventh in a hard fought see-saw battle. Intramural Sports In order to take care of the noonday recreation hour a well organized intra- mural system was set up by Mr. Roby. Anyone who desired could participate. The boys played basketball and the girls played volley ball. The Basketball teams were: The Renaissance, Mudhens, Mugwumps, Alley Rats, Hot Shots, Red Peppers, Whezzers, Muckleheads. The Renaissance won with six victories and one loss. Wallick, M. Jones, B. Shutt, Margo, Mercer, Anderson and Humerickhouse composed the winning team. In the girls' volley ball league, which has not been completed, there are five teams. t o f H -li k -f1:.'f'f4':i ' A it Q --t fe rg if f 1 , - f.. U ' roi'-I-M' .L Y - 1 , H. 1 ..-- .. -L- 'LY'-'L-. T.'5 - 45- - V, I ' 1 15 --, ,j' : ,,,..- "' -.:. -J-ITLY ,-in-4 N ,aff 1 ft ' , H, Y f V ja- - f ,'.:' - N : -' ,iz-? . 1 t ' V Y ' - .-- W Y f V i W -n .4 In f 7 J, I ft Fr, PT!-+u ,- -Q 1 -i,:'-- n ' iii f if Y'i',,,-- ' V ' VV riff if-' Y, - ' . Nils , I - J . ,r f ,. Il 4, nn Y- , "Q --L 'iz H 5 H'-,"' I, - I ffr?-do w, --Y , Il ' i , ff.:v ' 771 ,' , t4',f5X xxx'-gri Q H' -...., .... --- , srgxsf' - f-. Q-if , 11. -- 'x -YG- I , V. 'ff X IZ, ---Y F 1 'nt Q-'r -"Zi-f "-XSX' . f' o ! 'X ff W -' -- ' ,1 i,l-rm" si 4'1" Z k ,, I' W U AE vm dt r I f N H N Coming Attractions t Strasburg Hrqh School fa 1 , l ,. Class of 1938 President ........... 1......... J ohn Miller Vice President ............... ............. D ale Reed Secretary - Treasurer ......., Marjorie Hanner Adxdser ........ ...........................,. P aul M. Roby Iuniorastics of 1936- 1937 The Junior Class has experienced the most successful and progressive year of its existence. Nothing that it has attempted to promote has been too difficult for it to accomplish. The class began the year with a skating party which, while profitable, but faintly predicted the large measure of success it was to attain later on in the year. The class reached its climax in cooperation when it, with the willing help of the mothers, so efficiently planned and served the chicken supper. It continued its unusual record by presenting one of the best plays ever given in Strasburg High School. This play, "Who Wouldn't Be Crazy," was rendered doubly memorable by being the iirst to be given in the new auditorium. Various members of the class were outstanding in their scholastic ability. The following Juniors received awards for ranking highest in the county scholarship test held here: June Jones, French Ig Vivian Mullett, English IIIQ John Paul Miller, Physics. The class as a whole gained more recognition on the honor roll than any other class in the high school. The Juniors were well represented on the basketball team by placing six members on the first ten. They were: Paul Haswell, Charles Reiger, John Miller, Robert Raica, Bobby Deibel and Willard Weigand. The Juniors also constitute the majority on the baseball team. Three members of the class were Cheerleaders. They were: Dorothy Garver, Marjorie Hanner and Eddie Spidell. We are now looking forward to paying tribute to the Senior Class by giving them a well deserved reception. John P. Miller Chester Loos SAILING The Junior ship is sailing Far out into the sea, Another year will roll around And Seniors we will be. With dignity and pride we'll sail Into that final portg Each knowing that all Juniors gave Their best and full support. Vivian Mullet '37 Juanita Edgar BARNETT BORDER Carl Dorothy DONEY GARVER June Robert JONES LEWIS Ruth John Paul MIDDAUGH MILLER Charles Junior REIGER SHETLER Grace Robert Irene Clovis DAVIDSON DEIBEL DREHER GARBER Jr Marjorie Paul Dale D. Edna E. HANNER HASWELL HAWK HAWK Chester Lucille Albert Carl LOOS MANN MARGO McCLURE Vivian Homer Robert Dale MULLET - MYERS RAICA REED Edwina Edwin Pauline Kathryn SIBER SPIDELL SUNTHEIMER VAN FOSSEN Ida Willard WEINMAN WIEGAND Others: Warren Harding, McDonald Jones, Veryl Jones, Dale Mast, Robert Rentsch, Harvey Shetler, Grace Steitz First row ileft to rightbz Arline Schenk, .Tune Pfaeifli, Irene Hummel, Ruby Mae Liggett, Betty Zeigler, Cletus Reed, Bob Spidell, Bob Dreher. Second row: Ethel Siber, Roy Howell, Mildred Deibel, Frances Garver, Mildred Fuhrer, Marjorie Froman, Evelyn Resh, Blake Roush, Howard Mercer. Third row: Lewis Krantz, William Humerickhouse, Doris McGonigal, Vita Smith, Norma Weigand, Dorothy Spade, Elson Austin, Junior Limbaugh, Emil Such, Bob Heid. Fourth row: Loren Miller, William Duvall, John Strauss, Raymond Carruthers, Charles Tucker, Maurice Bayer, Pete Renner, George Kaiser. Fifth row: Walter Limbacher, Joe Haswell, Bill Shroyer, LaVerne Page, Lloyd Haas. Students not present when picture was taken: Irvene Hylbert, Joe Shutt. Class of 1939 CLASS OFFICERS President ,.... ................................... P ete Renner Vice President ........................ Frances Garver Secretary-Treasurer ......... ........ B ob Dreher Adviser ..........,..,.............. ....... G lenn Baker OUR DREAM This year we're Sophomores Unreal as it seems, Next year to be Juniors Is forever our dream. Frances Garver '39 1 First row: Ella Schumaker, Marguerite Beans, Isabelle Limbacher, Willard Hanner, Leale Anderson, George Garber. Second row: Nadine Weber, Oscar Brady, Walter Duvall, Dick Shetler, Bill Shutt, Donald Haas, Fred Yenny, Junior Breniser. Third row: Vivian Van Fossen, Wilda Weinman, Maxine Jones, Helen Stewart, Verna Espenschied, Charles Meininger, Pete Welsch, Howard Peterman, Ralph Dreher. Fourth row: Betty Yackey, Greba Shonk, Helen Robinette, Mabel Renner, Garver Wallick, Arvene Beitzel, Melba Froman. Fifth row: Iona Gable, Ruth Weber, Beverly Haswell, Alice Shonk, Hannah Ridgeway. Students not present when picture was taken: Ruth Harding, Edwin Smith. , Class of 1949 CLASS OFFICERS President ..................,.....,..e,e.. Wilda Vifeinman Secretary ........ ........... M elba Froman Treasurer ........ ..r..... H elen Robineite Adviser ........ ........... G len Jones We shall never, never forget our Hrst year in high schoolg especially the first week, at which time we were given a warming reception and an opportunity to keep the ball diamond in shape. We were "greenies" for a long, long time, but today the upper classmen accept us as full-fledged students. First row fleft to rightj: Edna Doney, Ruth Bott, Betty Rentsch, Clarence Doney, Eugene Brady, Dick Hartline, John Carruthers. Second row: Betty Suntheirner, Betty Studer, Helen Mears, Dorothy Shetler, Mary Wardell, Doris Allison, Donald Arth, Paul Margo, Herrnon McClurg. Third row: Ruth Graef, Althea Bayer, Janice Mullet, Mary Hoover, Dorothy Weber, Clyde Denzer, Bill Dreher, Maurice Froman, Paul Haueter, Daniel Shroyer. Fourth row: Virginia Mullet, Annabel Strauss, Doris Shaffer, Esther Dickerson, Jack Miller, Frederick Deibel, Ruth Tucker. - Fifth row: Margaret Fiddler, Melba Meininger, Miss Paserbevis - Teacher, Betty Garber, Ruth Giauque, Marjorie Renner. Student not present when picture was taken: George Resh. Class of 1941 Adviser ....... ...... M iss Paserbevis OUR FACULTY Here's to our faculty, Mr. Lohrrnan is very nice, And when he comes into the room 'lhe kids are still as mice. Then comes Mr. Roby So short, jolly and round, I often thought that He must weigh over a thousand pound. Mr. Jones is very nice to know Although he does get cross He just yells at a boy or girl And they know who's boss. Next there is Mr. Baker A right smart teacher is he, He grins from ear to ear at you, And you never know what it's to be. Miss Paserbevis is a newcomer, She always has to grin, And she has to tell our class To get quiet agin and agin. Then of course there is Miss Rieker She seems nice to me, But when we're in English, She's not the same-you see. Mr. Pfeiifer is a gay old teacher, He makes us laugh with glee, When he says, with a southern accent, "Chattanooga, Tennessee." -Betty Studer '41 First row fleft to rightj: Howard Smith, Dale Sherrett, Donald Shaffer, Donald Garber, Robert Limbaugh, Richard Welsch. Second row: Donna Trachsel, Edward Beans, R. B. Johnson, Walter Hanner Jr., Calvin Jones, Edward Weber, Delila Belle Willison, Faye Shaffer, Mr. Baker, Third row: Clara Rentsch, Marilyn Waltz, Elizabeth Garver, Mary Haas, Irene Pfaeili, Helen Garver, Eileen Baker, Margaret Yackey, Erma Froman, Herbert Liggett. Fourth row: Dorothea Jones, Frances Eyster, Donna Dickerson, Paul Burrier, Randall Garver, George Lohrman, Harold Lawrence. Fifth row: Elsie Shetler, Verda Zeigler, Verda Zeltman, Helen Shroyer, Lillian Waldman, Eileen Strauss. Class of 1942 Adviser ................... ......... ...,.. M i ss Rieker NAMELESS These merry Seventh Graders Have not yet found a name, For words describing other grades All seem so very tame. Sophisticated the Sophomores seem. The Seniors are so dignified, The Freshmen seem so green, Haughty describes the Juniors We thought for just one word, To give our grade a name, But every word seemed so absurd, That my efforts were in vain. Elizabeth Garver '42 Defeat Can Be Conquered By Phyllis Yackey '37 Genius, that power that dazzles mortals' eyes, Is oft but perseverence in disguise, Continuous eifort of itself implies In spite of countless falls the power to rise. Twixt failure, and success, the points so fine Men sometimes know not when they touch the line Just when the pearl is waiting one more plunge How many a struggler has thrown up the sponge! A little more persistence, courage, vim! Success will dawn o'er fortune's golden rimg Then take this honey for the bitterest cup There is no failure, save in giving up. No real fall as long as one still tries, For seeming setbacks make the strong men wiseg There's no defeat in truth save from within Unless you're beaten there, you're bound to win. f N 'ya 4 1 Q in Selected ,Short Subjects J ffl K To An Oak Tree By Gladys M. Heid '37 Once thou wert a tiny acorn Buried deep 'neath woodland mould, Raindrops came and gave thee watery There thou grew in strength untold. Years have passed, yet still thou standeth, Veteran of my childhood daysg Thou art king of all the woodland, Deserving of the highest praise. Mighty monarch of the woodland Thou art faultless and supreme, Thou in thy majestic splendor Art the answer to an artist's dream. The I oy of Livinq By Mig Ramsey '37 When Spring comes peepin 'round the hill And bees start buzzing near the hive When everything is calm and still Now, arenlt you glad to be alive? When Summer brings her joys to earth The trees and flow'rs become alive We realize Dame Nature's worth Aren't you, too, glad to be alive? When Autumn with her Indian hues Of red and gold and brown contrive To paint a scene which us subdues And makes us glad to be alive. When Winter comes with freezing winds Which shake snowflakes from out the skies Although the cold does nip your chin Who isn't glad to be alive? Confession of Love My dearest, darling, lovable Merle My precious gem, my flawless pearl My heart doth leap when thou art near To me thou art so very dear. This cruel cold world is dark and hard But you are my understanding pard No matter what I do or say You'll understand me any day. My heart o'er flows with tender love For you my little turtle dove Your burning kiss my lips doth sear E'en though it has a scent of beer. I don't care what the others say I love you more and more each day In this poem I confess my love As true and shining as the stars above. These lines are crude and may not rime But please! dear Merle Come up and see me some time! -Gladys and Audrey '37 Did You Know Mary Garver likes red-heads. Margaret Yutzy has a boy friend. Carol Jean Waltz wasn't afraid of the big bad Bair. Lillian Schenk likes to go "Berry" picking. Rosemary Weinman doesn't like to shake hands. Glenda Kaiser expects to make her future home in Dover. The Senior Class had to stay for detention a certain Friday night Bud Johnson's ambition is to be a Wash woman. Phyllis Yackey is half "Bain" Hope Spidell likes to play wink. Geeve eet to hee-em!" "Padd1ers" "Did We Miss Any?" Witnesses" "Ouch!', "Waiting" Brig and Irene" "Playmates" Hans and Margaret Y. Freshmen Schenk and Renner" Junk" "Mig and Bill" "Three Mi1kmaids" "Three Cheers" "Marj, Eddie and Do Siamese Twins" "Quartet',' "Babe 'Tarzan' Reiger A Dam View" "Seniors as eighth graders" "Flea-is? 'Pop' Roby" Free Wheeling" llDot97 "Three Musketeers" "Travelers" "Chug! Chug!" Tourists" "Carol, Peg, Glenda, George, Bob 8a Lloydie at a tender age." "Studying? " 'The Senior Sextettev ffmuffr' "Yum! Yum!" KCRed!l I OKES "Beg your pardon, but what is your name, sir?" the hotel clerk asked Ramon Renner. "Name!" echoes the indignant Ramon, who had just signed the register, "don't you see my signature there?" "Of course," answered the clerk. "That's what aroused my curiosity." Tailor: "When your father sent you for samples of cloth didn't he say what material he wanted?" Small boy: "I don't think it matters, sir. He wants to use them for pen-wipers." Marge: "Fizz is such a dear! He is going to teach me to play cards so that I'l1 know all about it after we're married." Do: "That,s nice. What game is he going to teach you?" Marge: "I think he called it solitaire." They're hidden sitting in the swing in the moon- light alone. No word broke the stillness for half an hour until-"Suppose you had money," she said, "what would you do?" He drew out his chest in all the glory of young manhood, "I'd travel." He felt her warm, young hand slide into his own. When he looked up, she had gone. In his hand was a nickel! "I understand," said a young woman to another, "that at your church you are having such small congregations. Is that true?" "Yes," answered the other girl, "so small that every time the rector says 'Dearly Beloved' you feel as if you had received a proposal!" Officer: "Hey! Pull over to the curb, lady. Do you know that you were going 75?" Hope: "Isn't it marvelous! And I just learned to drive yesterday!" "And now," asked Mr. Pfeiffer, "will anyone give me an example of an indirect tax, please?" The dog tax," answered Jim Corell. "Why do you term that an indirect tax?" "Because the dog doesn't pay it." u Mr. Schlemmer: "Our John will be in the hospital a long time." Mrs. Schlemmer: "Why, have you seen the doctor?" Mr. Schlemmer: "No, but I have seen his nurse." Reporter: "To what do you attribute your great age?" Grandpa: "To the fact that I was born so long ago!" "ls your new horse a dray horse?" asked the in- quisitive lady. lt's a brown horse-and cut out the baby talk!" said Suchie. at u What's wrong, Paul?" asked his wife. My razor," boomed the voice within the bathroom. "lt doesn't cut at all!" "Donit be silly. Your beard can't be tougher than the linoleum-it cut that fine." . an Ted: "Father, my Sunday School teacher said if I'm good I'1l go to Heaven." Mr. Lohrman: t'Well?" Ted: "Well, you said if I were good, I'd go to the circus. Now, I want to know who's telling the truth." "If you try, to kiss me I'll call Mother." 'tWhat's the matter with your father?" "Oh, he isn't as deaf as mother is." u Richard doesn't love me any more," she sighed. Why, Dorothy," said her mother, "I heard him say last night that you were one girl in a thousand." "Yes,', said Dorothy, "but he used to say I was one girl in a million." :S HIGHER EDUCATION 1Collected from school papersl Benjamin Franklin's father was a tallow chandelier. The ancient Greeks planted colonists for their food supply. Sir Walter Raleigh was once put out when a ser- vant found him with fire in his head. The heart is located on the west side of the body. The Romans were too thickly populated to be very confortable. Girl: "My face is my fortune." Boy: "Oh, so you're on relief." Bob Deibel: "I keep all the money I earn under my mattress." Jarl McClure: "Why do you keep it there?" Bob: "So I'll have something to retire on." -illianz "We had our roof fixed and the carpenter didn't charge us anything." Rosemary: "Why not?" Lillian: "Oh, he said it was on the house." It Happened at the Wentz on New Yea.r's Eve- "How old are you?" Lloyd's partner asked him. "I've not told my age since I was 16," answered Lloyd. Oh, you'1l tell your secret some time," she said. Oh, no," answered Lloyd, "I've kept it a whole year already." cc at June: "Did you read in last night's paper about the little boy who found 251,000 sewed on the back of the dress of his grandmother who died?" Juanita: "Yes, that was a lot of money to leave behind, Wasn't it?" Phyllis: "Why, Cheese Miller, why do you have your socks on wrong-side out?,' Cheese: "Oh, my feet got hot so I turned the hose on them." Martha Rose: "I've worked this problem eight times, Mr. Jones." wir. Jones: "Very good and thorough." Martha Rose: "Here are my eight answers." Teacher Cduring a written English testi: "Write a sentence with the word 'analysis' in it." Pupil's exam paper: "The teacher told us to look up the word 'analysis' in the dictionary." Fat Schlemmer: "That woman must be a mind reader. By just looking at me she could tell I had an operation for appendicitisf' Bud Johnson: "What did she say?" Fat: l:She said, 'That boy doesn't seem to be all t ere? " Vita Smith Cto Mr. Pfeifferj: "What is the capital of Alaska?" Mr. Pfeiffer: "Juneau." Vita: "No, I don't know-I'm asking you." The Tigers were admiring the belt buckles which they had received as runners-up for District Champs. On the buckles were the letters HSAA CHigh School Atheltic Associationl. Lloyd Haas looked at his and said, "Why. they spelled my name wrong." , Edgar Border Cto the salesmanj: "I thought you said this suit would wear like iron." Salesman: "Well, didn't it?" Edgar: "Too much so! It's getting rusty already." The Proper Spirit Mrs. McClure: "What did the preacher say when you sent him the brandied peaches?" Carliez "He said he didn't care so much for the 'weaches as he did for the spirit in which they were sent." Bucky fto Idaj: "She has the fatal gift of beauty." Ida: "What makes you think so?" Bucky: "Such glorious hair and complexion." Ida: "Oh, that isn't a gift. I was with her when she bought it." "That Jones boy that used to work for you Wants me to hire him. Is he steady." "You bet! If he were an steadier. he'd be motion- ess." Pete: "Darling, hear my prayer." Do: "Y-yes: pray for all you're worth, Pete, I hear mother coming downstairs." Mr. Pfeiffer: "Who was Karl Marx' intimate friend in Socialism?" Bud Johnson: "Harpo or Groucho." In World History Class, Mr. Lohrman asked, "How was King Philip put to death?" Roy Howell: "Someone must have killed him." Mr. Lohrman: "What trouble did Jesse Owens get into after the Olympic Games?" Lloyd Haas: "He got married." "Peg" Dreher's telephone conversation-"Number 111, please. Is this the railroad speaking?" Mr. Pfeiffer: "Name two types of law." Raino Renner: "Those that are enforced and those that aren't." Rosseau's definition of sovereignty is: Sovereignty is indivisible, inalienable, infallible and supreme. Fat Schlemmer's version of it is: Sovereignty is indivisible, inalienable, inflammable and su- preme. Panther Eyes Hope Spidell nearly caused the death of a gentleman in Columbus by "pantherizing" him. Held by the love for somethingj in her beautiful eyes, he walked unaware in the path of an oncoming car-he was saved by the brakes. Mr. Pfeiffer: "What are some of the farmer's econ- omic problems?" Bud Johnson: "Well-" Mr. Pfeiffer: "That's one. Now, continue." Mr. Baker: "What does burnt wool smell like?" Marge Hanner: "BroWnish!" Renner: "I saw a good show last night-'The Plow and the Stars? " Johnson: "Oh, a double feature!" Mr. Jones freadingb: "What is so rare as a day in June?" Jim Corell: "Some days in March are pretty raw." Mr. Lohrman: "What is the difference between Progress and Congress?" Carl Doney: "Pro and con." A Mr. Pfeiffer: "Where are the rubber forests in Brazil?" Roy Howell: "In Argentina!" Calvin: "June, what's etiquette?" June: "It's saying, 'No, thank you,' when you want to hollar, Gimme? " Blank Verse by Bob Heid I saw a man upon the stair And when I looked, he wasn't there: He wasn't there again today. Gee, how I wish he'd go away! A Chemisfs Point of View Fair Cleopatra, so they tell us cenhiries ago. Dissolved a pearl and drank it, her magnificence to show: But lo! it did not' serve to prove the glory of her state- It showed that vinegar dissolves calcium car- bonate. Old and New They used to turn the gas down low, So they could not be seen: But courtship in these modern days ls more like this, I ween: An auto in a country road, A broken-down-machine, A pair of occupants who then Turn down the gasoline. Why did John Schlemmer go home directly after physical education last Monday, March 29? John should perhaps wear a suit of armor to play basketball-that won't rip!!! Imagine-going to Washington and not even visit- ing the ' Capitol Building. That's what Peg and Ott did. She Had Felt It He: "Did you ever know a moment when the very air throbbed with emotion?" She: "Yes, Yes!" He: "When your heart felt like a bird fluttering 'neath your hand?" She: "Yes, Yes!" He fdrawing nearerjz "When the whole world was centered so close to you that eyes looked into eyes and answered them?" She fedging away from him and his eyesjz "Yes, yes, I've known it -- I have." He Cmore and more ferventlyjz "And into that mo- ment crowded years and years of suffocating intensity?" She: "Yes, yes, and its memory will live forever!" He fmakes to take her in his armsjz "And that mo- ment-that moment is-" She: "Was-you mean, was Saturday night when the score was tied and Haswell got a foul shot! In about ten minutes, the doctor pronounced him out of danger. We don't believe in kicking, It ain't apt to bring us peace, But the wheel that squeeks the loudest, Is the one that gets the greese. By-Haas 8: Heid '39 A good theme song for the SHS Skating Parties would be "Pick yourself up, Dust yourself off, and start all over again." Senior will Jim Corell-His ability to contradict to Albert Margo. Margaret Dreher-Her giggles to Edna Belle Hawk. Mary Garver-Her love for redheads to Lloyd Haas. Leroy Hartline-His height to Carl Doney. Gladys Heid-Her way with men to Nadine Weber. Lucille Humerickhouse-Her stature to Ella Dean Schumaker. Bud Johnson-His physique to "Fat" Denzer. Glenda Kaiser-Her way of worrying about Prices to Greeba Shonk Dorothy Kemrnerlee-Her interest in Snatchtown to Betty Garber. Mig Ramsey-Her successful parties to Ida Weinman. Sumner Mullet-His graceful walk to Paul Burrier. John Schlemmer-His way with the women to Carl McClure. Hope Spidell-Her studiousness to Junior Shetler. Lillian Schenk-Schenk's ponies to Emil Such. Gene Such-His whiskers to Dick Reed. Carol Jean Waltz-Her plumpness to May Espenschied. Rosemary Weinrnann-Her love for Frenchmen to Betty Yockey. Herbert Welsch-His curly hair to Howard Peterman. Phyllis Yackey-Her piano playing ability to Grace Davidson. Margaret Yutzy-Her quietness to Marjorie Hanner. Audrey Zeltman--Her love for spinach and fish to Mabel Renner. Ramon Renner-His basketball ability to Howard Mercer. The Senior Class-Their class adviser, Mr. Pfeiffer, to the Junior Class. Tiny Tcrlkie Ticklets oi Modern Movies The Thin Man-Carl Doney. After the Thin Man-Willard Weigand. Desire-Everyone for better days. Ready, Willing and Able-Senior boys to borrow typewriting paper. Gold Diggers of 1937-All S.H.S. girls. The Gay Desperado-Bob Heid. The Magnificent Brute-Fat Schlemmer. Banjo on my Knee-J oe Haswell. Head Over Heels in Love-Grace Davidson. Life Begins-at 8:30. The Bengal Tiger-League, County, Sectional Champs. Early to Bed-the night before a Tournament Game. Easy Money-Betting on S.H.S. Tiger. Show Them No Mercy-Freshmen on Initiation Day. Petticoat Fever-S.H.S. Boys. Stage Struck-Junior Play Cast. ' Till We Meet Again-Seniors of S.H.S. Csniff, sniffj Luckiest Girl In The World-One who has a boy friend. Love Begins at 20-False Report. May Time-Junior-Senior Reception, Senior Day, Graduation. Six Easiest Questions in History 1. When was the War of 1812? 2. Who wrote We11's Outline of History? 3. Which two countries fought in the Spanish - American War? 4. In what season did Washington spend the winter in Valley Forge? 5. What was approximate duration of the Hundred Years War? 6. Describe Swiss Navy. I To miss a kiss Is more amiss Than it would be To kiss a missg Provided that The kiss you miss The miss herself Would never miss. But if you try To kiss a miss With whom a kiss Would be amiss You'd better always Miss the kiss. LANDING A PASSENGER Ruth rode in my new cycle car, In the seat in back of meg I took a bump at fifty-five, And rode on ruthlessly. FINIS He saw her home, The hour was late: They paused a bit, Just at the gate. "Pd like a kiss," He shyly said, She ran - he got The gate instead. Bite off more than you can chew, Then chew it. Plan more than you can do, And do it. Hitch your wagon to a star, Keep your seat and there you are. -Anon Can You Imagine - -- Eddie Weber keeping quiet in the library? Edgar"'Beef" Border having the lead in "Who Wouldn't Be Crazy"? Johnny Paul Miller with little feet? Peg Dreher without giggling? Irene Dreher without dimples? Dorothy Garver without a boy friend? Marjorie Hanner without talking? Bill Dreher being a sissy? Rosemary Weinman without curly hair? Strasburg School without a good basketball team? Chester Loos being a dwarf? ' Dorothy Kernmerle without "Rich"? John Schlemmer without any money? Betty Yackey with a boy friend? Carl Doney with long curly hair? K Garver Wallick without a girl? Tommy Krantz being an orator? Doris McGon1al with black hair? A Fish Story One day Ramon Renner and Mr. Roby went to a lake to fish. They fished all afternoon but were unsuccessful. About time for sup- per, Ramon caught a Bsh and Mr. Roby also got one. Mr. Roby said, "Gee, Ramon! This is a marvelous spot to Hsh. You mark it so We can come out here again tomorrow." That night as they were going home Mr. Roby asked, "Hey Ren- ner, did you mark that good fishing spot?" "Sure," said Ramon, "I put an 'X' on the bottom of the boat." "You dumb thing," said Roby, "we may not get the same boat tomorrow." Oh Professor! The absent-minded professor called his biolog class to order shortly after lunch hour. "Our special work this afternoon," he said, "will be cutting up and inspecting the inward workings of a frog. I have a frog in my pocket here to be used as a specimen." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a paper sack, shook its contents out on the table, and out rolled a nice looking sandwich. The professor looked at it, perplexed, scratched his head and muttered, "That's funny. I distinctly remember eating my lunch." f NH L March of Time OUR CLASS OF 1905 EYSTER, CLAYTON E. Manager of I. G. A. Strasburg, Ohio SPIDELL, JOHN A. Editor of Strasburg Record Strasburg, Ohio WEBER, WILLIAM G. Pastor 616 Oak St., New Philadelphia, O. CLASS OF 1906 AREND, ALBERT Manager of Pattern Works 841 Dayton Street, Akron, Ohio I-IARTLINE, LLOYD Janitor of Lakewood H. S. 1 2094 Carabelle Ave., Lakewood, Ohio HOOPINGARNER, LEWIS Supervisor of Federal Projects 833 Auburn Place, N.W., Canton, O. MILLER, HERBERT C. Manager The Garver Bros. Co. Strasburg, Ohio MOLEBASH, JOHN J. Teller Reeves Banking 8x Trust Co. 109 West 10th St., Dover, Ohio SPIDELL, MRS. ALMA fWebeI'J Wife of John A. Spidell Strasburg, Ohio WENGER, AARON Auditor and Accountant of Marsh Lumber 808 Race St., Dover, Ohio ZEIGLER, H. WRIGHT Died October 23, 1918, in Wyoming during the influenza epidemic. CLASS OF 1907 AGNES, MABEL Saleslady 919 Ninth St., S.W., Canton, Ohio . BECKER, MRS. ANNA qweberp Wife of Herbert Becker 15 Lexington Ave., Jersey City, N.J. KANAGY, ARTHUR J. Employe of a Rubber Co. 911 West Exchange St., Akron, Ohio MILLER, MRS. MARY CGarverJ Wife of Herbert Miller Strasburg, Ohio PARK, MRS. FLORENCE QKapitzkyl Manager of Park Insurance Agency Beach City, Ohio SMALLWOOD, MRS. MARGUERITE KGarverb 10003 Lamont Ave., Cleveland, O. SPIDELL, ROSCOE C. Sec. 8z Treas.of Spidell Printing Co. Strasburg, Ohio WALLICK, REV. LLOYD M. Pastor of Grace Lutheran Church Drexel Hill, Pa. 741 Edmonds Ave. YENNI, EDITH Died at Strasburg, Dec. 19, 1907 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION KNO class in 19081 CLASS OF 1909 BORDER, CHAUNCEY A. Sec. of Chamber of Commerce 439 S. College St., Tulsa, Oklahoma FERRELL, MRS. HAZEL fKreiterJ Principal of Lakewood School of Akron District Roselle Ave., Akron, Ohio GARVER, PHILIP A. Treas. of The Garver Bros. Co. Strasburg, Ohio HARTLINE, MRS. CELIA CYenni7 Wife of O. H. Hartline 123 Kennet Ct., N.W., Canton, Ohio LEWIS, MRS. ALVA CHartlinel Wife of Edward C. Lewis R. D. 1, Strasburg, Ohio MOLEBASH, MRS. GERTRUDE CBosel Wife of John J. Molebash 109 West 10th St., Dover, Ohio RETZLER, CLARENCE F. Asst. Mgr. The Columbia Fire Brick Wooster Highway, Strasburg, Ohio ZELTMAN, RALPH Government Inspector 110 N. 7th St., Colorado Springs, Colo. CLASS OF 1910 COOPER, MRS. LYDIA QGarverJ Wife of Elmer E. Cooper 411 Hilldale, W., Detroit, Michigan EISINGER, CLARENCE E. Plant Mgr. of Nestle's Food Co. Ripon, California KANAGY, MRS. MARY KGarberl Wife of Arthur J. Kanagy 911 W. Exchange St., Akron, Ohio KOHR, ROY Teacher in the Beach City Schools R. D., Beach City, Ohio LAUBE, MRS. DORA CWeber5 Wife of Clifford J. Laube 10706 - 103rd Ave., Richmond Hill, Long Island, New York WALLICK, J. LESTER Employed in office of Berger Manu- facturing Co. 1225 Daugherty Pl., N.W., Canton, O. WALTER, MRS. LINA CMachanD Wife of Warren Walter 479 Hammel St., Akron, Ohio CLASS OF 1911 FERNSELL, CLYDE F. Employee of Marsh Lumber Co. Strasburg, Ohio FERNSELL, MRS. ERMA CRetz1erJ Wife of Clyde F. Fernsell Strasburg, Ohio GARBER, EARL Employee of Northwestern Magnesite Chewellah, Washington KANAGY, WILLIAM H. Employee of W. Sz L. E. Railroad Co. Beach City, Ohio KOHR, W. MORRIS Supt. of Middlebranch Schools Middlebranch, Ohio KOHR, MRS. GRACE CGarberD Wife of W. Morris Kohr Middlebranch, Ohio I-IOFER, CHRIST Supt. of Relief Squad of Rubber Co. 1856 Java Ave., Akron, Ohio HOFER, JESSE Tire Trimmer at Rubber Works 261 Kryder Ave., Akron, Ohio RAMSEY, MRS. BERTHA CDreherj Wife of W. B. Ramsey Strasburg, Ohio SPIDELL, ANNETTA Linotype operator for Spidell Ptg. Co Strasburg, Ohio WEBER, FRED Salesman 319 Franck Ave., Louisville, Ky. WELSCH, BENJAMIN Coal Miner Strasburg, Ohio CLASS OF 1913 BAKER, DELPHOS Attorney-at-Law 502 National Bank Bldg., Akron, O. DANIELS, MRS. RUTH fKapitzkyJ Wife of Dr. Lewis C. Daniels Barden Rd., Bloomfield Hills, Mich. DREHER, FLOYD Salesman 729 Bell Ave., Akron, Ohio GARVER, JOHN B. Garver Bros. Dept. Manager Strasburg, Ohio GNAGY, MRS. GERTRUDE CBaerl Wife of James Gnagy 13th St., S. W., Canton, Ohio MYERS, G. RAY Employee of Optical Co. 801 Fourth St., N .W., Canton, Ohio PFAEFFLI, ERMA Teacher cfo Clarkson Building, Canton, O. REX, HAROLD Lawyer and Teacher 213 E. Oakland, Columbus, Ohio CLASS OF 1914 CLAPPER, VERNON L. Died December 24, 1933 FOX, GRACE Asst. Postmaster Route 1, Strasburg, Ohio GARBER, ETHEL Teacher Bolivar, Ohio GLAZE, MRS. ELLA fWardelD 34 E. Lincoln, Westerville, Ohio GARBER, MRS. EDITH fHartlineD Wife of Ray Garber Strasburg, Ohio HAAS, MRS. ELSIE QGarberJ Wife of Bryan Haas Strasburg, Ohio HABLITZEL, MRS. BERNICE CWolfJ Deceased HARTLINE, WALDO Civil Engineer Cor. 16th 8a Walnut St., Dover, Ohio HOOVER, LLOYD Employee in office of Ice Cream Co. 30th St., N. W., Canton, Ohio KOHR, FLOYD Electrician Route 3, Louisville, Ohio LAHR, MRS. VERNA CRetz1erJ Wife of Frank Lahr Route 2, Dover, Ohio MAYS, MRS. GEORGIANNA QSnyderD Wife of E. R. Mays 304 McKinley Ave., N. Canton, O. MILLER, MRS. GERTRUDE QSchutzbachJ Wife of Byron C. Miller 585 Lindell St., Akron, Ohio MOOMAW, MIRS. ANNA fAmosj Wife of Walter Moomaw Stonecreek, Ohio RANCK, MRS. GRACE QWardellJ Wife of J. O. Ranck 34 E. Lincoln, Westerville, Ohio SHUTT, JOHN A. Clay Plant Manager Curwensville, Pennsylvania WEINMAN, FRED Principal of Schools South Euclid, Ohio CLASS OF 1915 BENDER, MRS. INA lHartlineJ Wife of G. Sterl Bender 2518 Lake Rd. Blvd., NW., Canton, HOFER, CHARLES Died September 15, 1918 Killed in action in France during World War. LAUTZENHEISER, FRED W. Member of Lautzenheiser 8a Kempf Insurance Agency 849 Baker Ave., New Philadelphia, O. LOEBER, MRS. MILDRED 1YenniJ Employee at Rubber Works 126 Middlebury Ave., Akron, Ohio SHUTT, JOE U. District Field Man in Ohio Soil Conservation Strasburg, Ohio SNYDER, EBER Orderly in U. S. Government Hospital Box 351, Sheridan, Wyoming STEINER, JAMES, Massillon, Ohio faddress incompleteb VOELM, WALTER Steel Mill Worker 420 East Tenth St., Dover, Ohio O. WALTZ, DONALD Asst. Mgr. Empire City Savings Bank 2 Park Ave., New York City, N. Y. WEBER, MRS. MARGUERITE fFernse1lJ Wife of William Weber 903 First St., Dennison, Ohio WEBER, WILLIAM Partner in the Haas Hardware Co. 903 First St., Dennison, Ohio CLASS OF 1916 AREND, MRS. VENONE CBaerJ Wife of Arthur Arend 3019 Ninth St., S. W., Canton, Ohio BAKER, MRS. ELZUMA lBenferJ Wife of Troy Baker 773 Notre Dame, Cuyahoga Falls, O. BAKER, MRS. ORVANNA fSnyderJ Wife of R. J. Baker Route 3, Alliance, Ohio BASH, MRS. HELEN fBakerJ Wife of Frank Bash Beach City, Ohio DENZER, EDGAR R. Electrical Contractor and Custodian, Strasburg's New High School Building 106 Sixth St., S.W., Strasburg, Ohio DENZER, MRS. MINNIE fYackeyJ Wife of Edgar R. Denzer 106 Sixth St., S.W., Strasburg, Ohio GARBER, CLOVIS L. County Sealer of Weights and Meas- ures in Tuscarawas County 504 S. Bodmer Ave., Strasburg, O. GARBER, MISS COILA Grade Teacher in Magnolia Schools Magnolia, Ohio HACHTEL, MISS ESTHER Psychiatrist in Veterans Administra- tion Hospital, Aspinwall, Pa. Aspinwall, Pennsylvania HACHTEL, MISS MINNJE Teacher in Poydras Asylum, Presby- terian Home for Children, New Orleans, Louisiana 5354 Magazine St., New Orleans, La. I-IEID, MISS EDNA Bookkeeper for The F. Weber Plan- ing Mill Co. 423 N. Wooster Ave., Strasburg, O. KANAGY, MISS KATHERINE School Teacher Akron, Ohio LEBOLD, MRS. MABEL 1GarberD Wife of William C. Lebold Route 1, Bolivar, Ohio MILLER, JACOB A. Secretary The Strasburg Savings 8: Loan Company 127 Third St., N. W., Strasburg, O. MILLER, SLYVAN P. Mgr. the Miller Insurance Agency Minerva, Ohio MOORE, MRS. FRANCES 1GarberJ Wife of Harry L. Moore Blacksburg, Virginia MYERS, MISS EDITH Nurse in Public Health System of State of Kentucky Lawrenceburg, Kentucky MYERS, FLOYD Farmer Route 1, Strasburg, Ohio WENGER, CHARLES Employe of The Invincible Vacuum Cleaner Co., Dover, Ohio East Fourth St., Dover, Ohio WILSON, MRS. HELEN CYenniJ Wife of John Wilson St. Louis, lVIissouri CLASS OF 1917 BAKER, MRS. HANNAH CMarburgerJ Wife of Paul V. Baker W. 21st St., Dover, Ohio BIRCH, MRS. ILDA lSaamD Wife of Morris Birch Richville, Ohio BORDER, NILE Died in Navy Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, March ll, 1929 EISINGER, HENRY Traveling Salesman for Biscuit Co. 768 S. Haines Ave., Alliance, Ohio LAB, MRS. MARY lSlemmerJ Wife of Raymond Lab Route 1, Bolivar, Ohio MILLER, MRS. GRACE CLautzenheiserJ Wife of Philip G. Miller Sleet St., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania POLAND, MRS. RUTH QMoodyJ Wife of Wm. Poland Wadsworth, Ohio PRINGLE, MRS. NETTIE fBairD Wife of Clyde Pringle 1003 Third St., N.W., Canton, Ohio REIGER, MRS. CLARA QWe1schJ Wife of George Reiger Route 2, Dover, Ohio SHAFER, MRS. DOROTHY fRippleJ Wife of C. S. Shafer Strasburg, Ohio STANBARGER, OWEN Clerk in Hardware Dept. of Garver's Store Strasburg, Ohio STAUFFER, FRED Roller in Weirton Steel Mills 1412 Oak Grove, Steubenville, Ohio TUCKER, MRS. JENNIE fKellerl Clerk in Dry Goods Dept. of Garver's Store Strasburg, Ohio WEBER, GEORGE Died in Aspinwall Sanitorium September 3, 1929 CLASS OF 1918 BLAIR, MRS. ETHELYN Csmithy Wife of Harry Blair 515 - 10th Street, N.W., Canton, O. DICE, ODA F. 3384 North High St., Columbus, O. GABBER, CLAYTON Loader at Ohio Power Co. Plant Walnut St., Crooksville, Ohio GARBER, JOHN A. Died December 3, 1918 ETLING, MRS. EDITH CBairJ Wife of Carl Etling Strasburg, Ohio GERHARD, MRS:-EDNA fSteffeJ Wife of George Gerhard 07 Alcarzar Apt. N. Market HARTLINE, MRS. ESTHER qMyersy 2 . ' v Wife of Walter E. Hartline Akron' 01110 Route 1, Strasburg, Ohio HAUETER, MRS. FERN CKohrJ Wife of Elmer V. Haueter Strasburg, Ohio ' I-IEID, CARL Employee in Grocery Store 209 Slingluif Ave., Dover, Ohio HALL, MRS. HAZEL QBaerl Wife of Emory O. Hall 206 Exeter St., S. W., Canton, Ohio LAUTZENHEISER, MRS. VIOLA fHaueterJ Wife of R. L. Lautzenheiser Route 1, Bolivar, Ohio MILLER MRS. MARJORIE lGarberD HUFFMAN, MRS. HAZEL fYackeyJ . ' . Wife of R. L Huffman Wife of Forest Miller Strasburg, Ohio Sugarcreek, Ohio SNYDER SHERWOOD JOHNSON, MRS. VIOLA qcoreuy Employeg of Hoover Co. Wife of Harold Johnson 2315 Seventh St., Canton, Ohio KANAGY, RALPH 412 E. 3rd St., Dover, Ohio KLOHA MISS EMMA Seventh St., N.W., North Canton, O. S'IEIN, STUART . Died December 2, 1923 SWALLER, MRS. EDITH QMachanJ Primary, Teacher in Youngstown ggflgrii ngygfgn G' Swauer Schools ' 3036 Hellman Ave., Youngstown, O, WALTZ, HERBERT MANCHESTER, MRS. EDITH fSchutzbachJ Wife of Harry A. Manchester 1423 S. Cedar St., Spokane, Wash. MAYS, WALTER C. Auto Mechanic 1328 - 4th St., N.W., New Phila- delphia, Ohio CLASS OF 1920 Dispatcher of Ohio Power Co. ARMBRUSTER, MRS- MARGARET S. River Road, Zanesville, Ohio REED, MRS. ELLA CBaerJ CStanbargerJ Missionary Wife of Rev. John M. Armbruster 3182 Calle Simbron, Villa de Parque Wife of Albert Reed B Aj' S th Am - 13814 st. Clair, East Cleveland, o. uenos resb Ou erica BAINTER, D NALD RIGGS, MRS. VANDELIA qsnydery Steel Worker Wife of Noble Riggs West Street, North Canton, Ohio SHUTT, MRS. RUTH CPringleJ Wife of Joe U. Shutt Strasburg, Ohio STANBARGER, ROBERT Strasburg, Ohio BORDER, MARY State Agent of 4H Club Dept. Manhattan, Kansas CORELL, VICTOR Died October 26, 1922 Mgr. Clothing Dept. of Garver Bros. CRAIG, MRS. GEORGIA cpm-neyy Strasburg, Ohio STRANDBERG, MRS. FERN Wife of Stuart H. Craig 4037 W. 158th St., Cleveland, Ohio fNydeggerJ FERNSELL, CHAUNCEY Wife of George Strandberg Dayton, Iowa Farmer Strasburg, Ohio TUCKER, MRS. ORPHA CKeplingerJ KAPITZKY, FRANCES Wife of John Tucker Strasburg, Ohio Bank Cashier Strasburg, Ohio WILLARD, MRS. LYDIA fA1I10S, KRICHBAUM, MRS. GRACE CHaasJ Wife of Llovd Villard Wife of George Krichbaum 922 Garfield Ave., S.W., Canton, O. 539 West Cambridge, Alliance, Ohio WEBER, GLENN E. Mechanic at Weber Garage Co. Strasburg, Ohio CLASS OF 1919 BURRELL, MRS. FLORENCE CGarberJ Died July 5, 1931 CHAIN, MRS. EDNA fBakerJ Wife of Claude Chain 70 East Mill St., Akron, Ohio MACHAN, HERBERT Dentist 704 Walnut Street, Dover, Ohio MAUGER, MRS. HILDA QMarburgerb Wife of Maurice Mauger Route 4, Massillon, Ohio PFAEFFLI, BLANCHE School Teacher cfo Clarkson Bldg., Canton, Ohio REIGER, DAVID Employee East Sparta Shingle Plant Mineral City, Ohio COBES, MRS. GERTRUDE fHeidJ RICE, MRS. MARJORIE fAndereggl Wife of Paul Cobes Strasburg, Ohio Wife of Paul Rice Route 4, Massillon, Ohio RIPPEL, MRS. KATHERINE QMosshartJ Wife of Geo. V. Rippel 1115 E. Front St., Dover, Ohio SCHLUNDT, MRS. MILDRED fKep1ingerJ Wife of Karl Schlundt Box 783, East Liverpool, Ohio SHAMMO, MRS. ABBIE fSlemmer3 Wife of Hiram Shammo Dalton, Ohio SLEMMER, ROSCOE Laborer Route 1, Strasburg, Ohio TUCKER, FREEMAN Insurance Agent Navarre, Ohio YACKEY, MRS. VIOLA fMyersj Wife of Ralph Yackey Route 2, Dover, Ohio CLASS 0F 1921 GARBER, MRS. RUTH CAUSTINJ Wife of Clayton Garber Walnut St., Crooksville, Ohio GARBER, CHARLES CUnknownJ GARVER, PAUL Advertising Manager Garver's Store 520 N . Wooster Ave., Dover, Ohio HUFFMAN, IVAN Laborer Strasburg, Ohio HUTH, BROOKS Farmer Route 1, Bolivar, Ohio JOHNSON, MRS. MILDRED CRussellJ Wife of Jasper Johnson Route 1, Brandywine Rd., Dover, O. MARBURGER, LAWRENCE Farmer Route 2, Dover, Ohio STRUBEL, HARRY Grocery Clerk , North Industry, Ohio TSCHANTZ, MRS. EDITH fWelschJ Wife of Walter Tschantz R. D., Sugarcreek, Ohio WALLICK, REV. CYRUS Pastor of the Lutheran Church 765 Maywood Ave., Maywood, N. J. WARDELL, PLATT Mechanic 1606 Marjorie St., Lakeland, Florida YACKEY, ALVIN Works in Office of Timken's Route 2, Dover, Ohio CLASS OF 1922 BAYER, ERMA Teacher at Bolivar Bolivar, Ohio BRANT, MRS. PAULINE CFernsellD Wife of Harold Brant 15 S. Foote Ave., Bellevue, Ky. CHARTON, MRS. MARGARET CMyersJ Wife of George Charton Route l, Bolivar, Ohio CLAY, MARGARET Bookkeeper at Garver Bros. Strasburg, Ohio DREHER, CARL Partner of Dreher 8: Dreher Coal Co. Strasburg, Ohio DREHER, MRS. LOIS fMizerJ Wife of Carl Dreher Strasburg, Ohio GARBER, TRACY Plumber Strasburg, Ohio GEPFERT, MRS. MARGUERITE CS1emmerJ Wife of Thurman Gepfert Navarre, Ohio HARDY, MRS. LEAH QGoudyJ Wife of William Hardy 620 Logan, Mingo Junction, Ohio KOHR, CLAY Superintendent of Schools Magnolia, Ohio LAPORTE, CLARENCE Died July 8, 1926 MARQUARDT, MRS. ODESSA CHartlineJ Wife of C. E. Marquardt Hower St., North Canton, Ohio MILLER, RICHARD Rancher R. D., Falbrook, California ROBBINS, JOHN Steel Worker Bolivar, Ohio ROUHIER, MRS. HAZEL QSteitzJ Wife of Earnest Rouhier 401 - 27th St., Massillon, Ohio SMITH, MRS. LUCILLE ' CSchutzbachJ Wife of Dalton Smith 3595 Woodrich St., Cleveland, Ohio STANBARGER, MRS. DOROTHY , CKHHHQO Wife of Verner Stanbarger 214 Commonwealth Ave., N. E., Massillon, Ohio CLASS OF 1923 BAYER, MARGUERITE Teacher at Sugarcreek Sugarcreek, Ohio BROWN, MRS. OPAL fDreherJ Wife of J. W. Brown 223V2 E. 3rd St., Dover, Ohio DONEY, HERBERT Bus Driver 431 Broad Street, Dover, Ohio EVERHART, THEODORE Died March 5, 1936 FOSTER, JAMES Asst. at Foster Bakery Strasburg, Ohio JOHNSTON, MRS. LAURA fAmosD Wife of Robert Johnston Route 1, Canton, Ohio LIMBACHER, HOWARD Mechanical Engineer at Battelle Memorial Institute 1484 Michigan Ave., Columbus, O. LINDEMAN, MRS. VIRGINIA CReifJ Wife of Louis Lindeman Canton, Ohio NORMAN, RUSSELL Employed at Republic Steel 1327 Cleveland Ave., S.W., Canton, O. NORMAN, MRS. VIRNEDA fSundheimerJ Wife of Russell Norman 1327 Cleveland Ave., S.W., Canton, O. PHILABAUM, MRS. RUBY CHeidJ Wife of Clarence Philabaum ' Strasburg, Ohio REED, MRS. GLADYS CWeberJ Wife of James Reed Canton Rd. fReedurbanJ Ohio SIMUKKA, MRS. MARIE 1MachanJ Wife of Wm. Simukka, Supt. of Collinwood H. S. Cleveland, Ohio SNYDER, MRS. EDNA fEberlyJ Wife of R. Snyder 310 N. Ninth St., Cambridge, Ohio STANBARGER, PI-IYLLIS Strasburg, Ohio VAN CUREN, KEENE Bookkeeper Fostoria, Ohio WALLICK, FLORENCE Stenographer 1501 Cascade Dr., Youngstovsm, O. WALLICK, MRS. MILDRED CAllisonl Wife of Clyde Wallick Route 2, Dover, Ohio WALTZ, ROBERT Auto Re airin D E 229 Beaver Ave., N.E., New Phila, O. CLASS OF 1924 BELL, MRS. LETHA 1Shuttb Wife of Peter Bell 123 Belleflower Ave., Canton, Ohio DALZELL, MRS. MARGARET CGoldenJ Wife of John Dalzell 527 Bigelow St., Pittsburgh, Pa. DAVIDSON, MRS. ILDA fGarberJ Wife of Z. R. Davidson 1206 Greenfield, S.W., Canton, Ohio DAVIES, MRS. BLANCHE fWarnesJ Wife of George Davies . 116 Church St., Galion, Ohio JONES, MRS. PEARL CDreherJ Wife of C. S. Jones Route 4, Barberton, Ohio BLOSSER, MRS. MABEL fKaSt0rJ Wife of Russell Blosser Route 2, Dalton, Ohio KOHR, AUDREY Died June 27, 1933 KOHR, MRS. LAURA CAndereggD W'ife of Arthur Kohr Route l, Bolivar, Ohio MERCER, LLOYD Truck Driver ' Springfield, Ohio MIZER, GEORGE Filling Station Operator Strasburg, Ohio MIZER, MRS. HYANTHIA QShivelyJ Wife of George Mizer Strasburg, Ohio MYERS, DWIGHT School Teacher Route 1, East Akron, Ohio NELSON, MRS. THALIA fFernsel.lJ Wife of Gene Nelson Strasburg, Ohio SHUTT, DALE Insurance Agent 214 Spink St., Wooster, Ohio SHUTT, OLIN Roller in Steel Mill 1682 Elbur Ave., Lakewood, Ohio TRACHSEL, MRS. FAYE CStanbargerD Wife of Ralph Trachsel North Lawrence, Ohio WARNES, MRS. FLORENCE CWardellJ Wife of Luke Warnes Strasburg, Ohio WATSON, MRS. KATHERINE 1BenferJ Wife of Oliver Watson Canton, Ohio WEBER, RANDALL Service Station Proprietor Navarre, Ohio YOCKEY, ARDEN Teacher Elm St., Coshocton, Ohio CLASS OF 1925 ANDEREGG, EDITH Artist Route 1, Strasburg, Ohio CRYSTER, MRS. IRENE CMizerD Wife of G. A. Cryster Box 75, Tarentum, Pa. DREHER, GLEN Works at Polsky's 569 Hoff Court, Akron, Ohio FORD, MRS. HELEN CSundheimerJ Teacher in New Cumberland Schools Strasburg, Ohio HAUETER, FLORENCE Teacher in Strasburg Schools Route 1, Strasburg, Ohio JEFFERS, MRS. ALTA fLimbacherJ Wife of Emerson Jeffers Route 1, Beach City, Ohio KAPITZKY, KATHRYN , Clerk at Citizens-State Bank Strasburg, Ohio LAPORTE, BRUCE Lawyer 2777 Lancashire Rd., Cleveland Hgts., Cleveland, Ohio MCGONIGAL, JOHN Proprietor of Mary Ann Bakery Rausch Apts., Dover, Ohio MCGONIGAL, MRS. VELMA fBoseJ Wife of John McGonigal Rausch Apts., Dover, Ohio MOODY, EARL Employed by Goodyear Rubber Co. 1840 Adelaide Blvd., Akron, Ohio NORMAN, CARL Lawyer Dayton, Ohio SHUTT, MRS. FRANCES Wife of Paul Shutt Strasburg, Ohio SHUTT, MRS. FRANCES CStanbargerJ Wife of Dale Shutt 214 Spink St., Wooster, Ohio SHUTT, PAUL Electrician Strasburg, Ohio SNYDER, DONALD Millworker at Republic Steel Strasburg, Ohio WEINMAN, WILSON Works at Brickyard Route 2, Dover, Ohio fKanagyD CLASS OF 1926 BEERS, MRS. PAULINE CDreherJ Wife of C. R. Beers 28 Ninth St., N.W., Washington, D. C. LEEMS, ROGER Foreman at Timken's 227 Wells Ave., S. W., Canton, Ohio FUNK, MRS. MARGUERITE CSwankJ Wife of Dale Funk Millersburg, Ohio GARBER, PAULINE Student in Medicine 3608 Roanoke Rd., Kansas City, Mo. GASSER, MRS. JENNIE QPetersJ Wife of Adolph Gasser Route l, Strasburg, Ohio GORDON, DELBERT Garage Mechanic Route 2, Dover, Ohio HEID, MURIEL Nurse at Ev. Deaconess Hospital 3245 E. Jefferson Ave., Detroit, Mich. JONES, GLEN Teacher in Strasburg School Strasburg, Ohio MAUK, GLEN McNeil Salesman 1320 Ninth St., N.W., Canton, Ohio IVIEARS, FLOYD Salesman llth Street, Dover, Ohio MILLER, BLANCHE Teacher in Youngstown Schools 3920 Sheridan St., Youngstown, O. WARNES, LUKE Salesman Strasburg, Ohio WEBER, MRS. HELEN fBenferj Wife of Glen Weber Strasburg, Ohio WEISGARBER, MRS. GRACE CKellerJ Wife of R. Weisgarber Massillon, Ohio WERTMAN, MRS. DOROTHY CWoodj Wife of Robert Wertrnan Route 2, Dover, Ohio WYSS, EDWIN Works at Brickyard Route 2, Dover, Ohio YACKEY, LLOYD Bookkeeper Route 2, Dover, Ohio CLASS OF 1927 ANDEREGG, ROBERT Farmer Strasburg, Ohio BAER, MRS. HELEN CKniselyJ Wife of George Baer Route 2, Dover, Ohio BLACK, MRS. VIRGINIA QStuderJ Wife of Russell L. Black Strasburg, Ohio CONTINI, MRS. GLENDA fWernkeD Wife of Jack Contini New Philadelphia, Ohio DOMER, MRS. FLORENCE CShuttl Wife of Calvin Domer 1009 Race St., Dover, Ohio FARBIZO, MINA A. CMarburgerJ Wife of Clarence Farbizo New Philadelphia, Ohio GOUDY, WILLIAM S. Steel Worker Strasburg, Ohio HARVEY, MRS. BEULAH CVan Fossenj Wife of Andrew Harvey Strasburg, Ohio HUTH, LELAND Bookkeeper Navarre, Ohio LUCKRING, MRS. QUEENIE fSchwartzJ Wife of Roy Luckring R. D., Justus, Ohio MIZER, MRS. GERTRUDE fTschantzJ Wife of Warren Mizer 504 Lawn Ave., N. W., Canton, MIZER, WARREN Butcher 504 Lawn Ave., N. W., Canton, O. MURPHY, HERBERT Mechanic Strasburg, Ohio NEIDENTHAL, WALTER Laborer Strasburg, Ohio SCHUMAKER, MRS. FLORENCE CSeeseJ Wife of Cloyce Schumaker 23 Shriver, Massillon, Ohio SHUTT, RAYMOND W. Miner Kirkland Junction, Arizona SPARKS, MAURICE Mail Carrier Strasburg, Ohio STANBARGER, GERTRUDE Teacher at Richville Strasburg, Ohio WARNES, ANNE Teacher in Strasburg School Strasburg, ohio O. WERTZ, MARGARET Teacher at Dundee Strasburg, X Ohio YOCKEY, EVA MAE Teacher in Strasburg School Route 2, Dover, Ohio CLASS OF 1928 CORELL, VERBA Clerk at Garver Bros. Strasburg, Ohio DEEMS, ORVAL Filling Station Operator Strasburg, Ohio DENZER, CLYDE Employed with Nickles Bakery Navarre, Ohio DEUBER, MRS. MARIE fMaybachJ Wife of Walter F. Deuber Stowe, Ohio , GARBER, MARIE Route 1, Bolivar, Ohio HARTLINE, HELEN Employed at Garver Bros. Strasburg, Ohio HEID, HARRY H. Employee of Spidell Printing Co. Strasburg, Ohio HIMES, VERDA Route 1, Strasburg, Ohio JONES, MARGARET Teacher in Strasburg School Strasburg, Ohio KASTOR, ALBERT Steel Worker Route 2, Dover, Ohio MILLER, MRS. RUTH QBenferJ Wife of Robert J. Miller Strasburg, Ohio MILLER, ROBERT J. Insurance Agent Strasburg, Ohio NEIDENTHAL, PAUL Bookkeeper Massillon, Ohio RICHARD, MRS. LULA fShuttD Wife of E. W. Richard Route 4, Dover, Ohio SCHUMAKER, CLOYCE Bookkeeper 23 Shriver, Massillon, Ohio SUNDHEIMER, PAUL Forester in U. S. F. S. Camp F-5, London, Kentucky SWANK, MRS. EDITH fShetlerJ Wife of Ralph Swank Station 19, Waterford, Connecticut WERNKE, CLARENCE Enrolled in CCC Camp Creston, Idaho CLASS OF 1929 ARNOLD, MRS. MIRIAM QEysterJ Wife of Dr. Francis Arnold Seattle, Washington ' BONSTELLE, MRS. EVALINE CWeberJ Wife of Vernon Bonstelle 145 Rhoades Ave., Akron, Ohio DENZER, JAlVlES Employed at Crown Brick Plant Route 2, Dover, Ohio HAAS, CHARLES County Agent of Geauga County Burton, Ohio MILLER, ARTHUR Bookkeeper c X o Carrollton China Co., Carrollton, Ohio MILLER, RUTH Route 1, Falbrook, California MYERS, WAYNE E. Employed in Soil Erosion Office New Philadelphia, Ohio SANTORE, MRS. HELEN 1HanenkratJ Wife of Carl Santore Washington St., Dover, Ohio SHIVELY, BLAINE Clerk and Musician Dover, Ohio STEITZ, RUTH Strasburg, Ohio UHL, MRS. LUCILLE CMyersj Wife of C. Uhl Route 1, Strasburg, Ohio VOLLMER, MRS. WILMA CHaueterD Wife of Robert Vollmer Route 1, Strasburg, Ohio YACKEY, CLYDE Laborer Strasburg, Ohio CLASS OF 1930 DREHER, WILSON Laborer Strasburg, Ohio GRAY, MRS. ALICE QYackeyj Wife of Lyle Gray 1112 Tusc. Ave., N.W., New Phila, HEID, ISABEL . Strasburg, Ohio MARBURGER, PHILIP Farmer Route 1, Dover, Ohio IVIEARS, FREDERICK Clerk 200 E. Iron Ave., Dover, Ohio RENNER, MARY Died August 20, 1931 RENTSCH, MRS. PEARL CWeberj Wife of Jacob Rentsch Strasburg, Ohio WEBER, MRS. FLORENCE fPetersJ Wife of Keene Weber Route 1, Strasburg, Ohio WEINMAN, MRS. IRENE CLabJ Wife of Wilson Weinman Route 2, Dover, Ohio , ZINGERY, MRS. HELEN QWernkeJ Wife of Cecil Zingery Beach City, Ohio CLASS OF 1931 EYSTER, HELEN Nurse in Cleveland 2065 Cornell Rd., Cleveland, Ohio FROMAN, HARPER Member of U. S. Navy Band 628 Lexington Place, N. E. Washington, D. C. I-IAUETER, GLEN Teacher Peebles, Ohio HEID, JOHN Works for Caldwell Construction Co. Strasburg, Ohio HENNING, MRS. DOROTHY 1Mi1lerJ Wife of Charles Herming 506 High Ave., S.W., Canton, Ohio HUTH, MRS. EDITH fGarberJ VVife of Robert Huth ' Walnut St., N. E., Canton, Ohio MAST, MRS. EVA QPershingJ Wife of Truman Mast Sugarcreek, Ohio MILES, MRS. MIRIAM QWernkeJ Wife of J. A. Miles Strasburg, Ohio MILLER, VERLE Research Work 116 E. Loine Ave., Columbus, Ohio PHILABAUM, MABEL 1932 Wheelock Rd., Cleveland, Ohio PHILABAUM, RUSSELL Laborer Strasburg, Ohio SCHERER, PAUL Carpenter Strasburg, Ohio SHETLER, MRS. IDELLA Uonesl Wife of Blaine Shetler Route 1, Bolivar, Ohio STANBARGER, HOWARD Works at Brickyard Strasburg, Ohio WEAVER, MRS. HARRIET CWarde11l O. Wife of John Weaver 1003 E. High Ave., New Phila, O. CLASS OF 1932 BATES, EVERETT Died October 26, 1935 DENZER, MRS. MARGUERITE fMu1letD Wife of James Denzer Route 2, Dover, Ohio DREHER, HERBERT Laborer Strasburg, Ohio GARBER, LOUIS Engineer and Surveyor Strasburg, Ohio HARTLINE, DALE Farmer Route 1, Strasburg, Ohio MARBURGER, FLORENCE ' Route 1, Dover, Ohio MENNOM, MRS. RUTH CKaiserJ Wife of Harold Mennom Route 2, Dover, Ohio MILLER, H. GARVER Works for Electrical Co.-Artist 1771 Fay Ave., Cleveland, Ohio REED, GLEN Works in Office at Massillon Strasburg, Ohio SCHENK, SAMUEL Works in office of Republic Steel Route 2, Dover, Ohio SHIVELY, RUTH Clerk at Store Strasburg, Ohio TONKS, MARY LOUISE Employed in Beauty Shoppe Strasburg, Ohio WEBER, MARY AMBER Teacher at Wooster Highway Strasburg, Ohio WINKLER, NICHOLAS Laborer Strasburg, Ohio YA'I ES, WILLIAM Works at Massillon Commercial Strasburg, Ohio Sch ,CLASS OF 1933 BAKER, EARL W. Drives for Nickles Bakery R. D., Navarre, Ohio BAYER, HAROLD R. Works in Restaurant at Canton Strasburg, Ohio BRADY, HAZEL M. Works in Linen Room Wade Park Manor, Cleveland, Ohio CORELL, CLYDE W. Laborer Strasburg, Ohio CORELL, NORMAN Trucker for Garver Bros. Strasburg, Ohio FOWLER, MRS. ARVADA fShutt5 Wife of Richard Fowler Route 1, Dover, Ohio GARBER, GLEN R. Farmer Route 1, Strasburg, Ohio GREEN, RALPH O. Filling Station Operator Strasburg, Ohio HUTH, LEWIS Clerk at Garver Bros. Strasburg, Ohio 4 JONES, BILLY D. Farm Bureau Insurance Strasburg, Ohio MURPHY, MRS. MARY fDenzerj Wife of Herbert Murphy Strasburg, Ohio PETERS, FOSTER Farmer R. D., Dundee, Ohio SCHENK, FRED Works for Kemp-Gerber Route 2, Dover, Ohio STEFFE, JOSEPH Mortician Route 2, Dover, Ohio WARNES, H. WANDA Works in Office of General Electric 320 Payne Ave., Galion, Ohio WASSEM, MARY JANE Stenographer for Everhardt Mfg. Co. 221 High St., S.W., Canton, Ohio YENNY, MARTHA E. . Works in Office of Hoover's 416 Howard St., Canton, Ohio in Dover CLASS OF 1934 DONEY, PAUL Employed at Modern Radio 8z Ap- pliance Co. Strasburg, Ohio EBERLY, KATHERINE Clerk at Garver Bros. Co. Strasburg, Ohio GIER, MRS. LAURA CCaruthersJ Wife of W. L. Gier Navarre, Ohio HARTLINE, PAUL Employed at Moss Advertising Co. Massillon, Ohio HAWK, VIVIAN Teacher at Souder's School Strasburg, Ohio HOFER, MRS. ALICE fAgler5 Wife of John Hofer Ellet, Ohio HUPRICH, FLORENCE Student Nurse at Massillon City Hospital Massillon, Ohio JONES, RALPH Laborer Strasburg, Ohio KAISER, MILDRED Student Nurse at Aultman Hospital Canton, Ohio KEPLINGER, GLEN Student at Kent University 335 E. Summit St., Kent, Ohio KRANTZ, JOSEPH Farmer Strasburg, Ohio KRANTZ, WILLIAM Farmer Strasburg, Ohio LEWIS, MRS. MARJORIE fLeWisJ Wife of Edwin Lewis Dundee, Ohio McCRACKEN, W. EDWARD Employee Citizens-State Bank Strasburg, Ohio ROUSH, K. WAYNE Bookkeeper Ohio Textile Products Co. 105 Heiman Blvd., Mansfield, Ohio REIGER, ELW YN Laborer Strasburg, Ohio SCHENK, JOHN Grocery Clerk at Garver Bros. Co. Route 2, Dover, Ohio SCHERER, VERA Employed at Massillon Commercial Massillon, Ohio SHUTT, ALICE Secretary at Varian Part Co. 114 Spink St., Wooster, Ohio SHUTT, FLOSSIE Student at Massillon Commercial Strasburg, Ohio STUDER, JOHN Truck Driver for Van-Orr Co. Route 2, Dover, Ohio SUNTHEIMER, DELBERT Employed at Stark Dry Goods Co. Canton, Ohio WEBER, MRS. KATHRYN fMearsD Wife of Laverne Weber Canton, Ohio CLASS OF 1935 AUL, CHARLES Farmer Route 1, Strasburg, Ohio AUSTIN, LOWELL Works at Brickyard Strasburg, Ohio BAER, MARGARET Music Teacher Route 2, Dover, Ohio DENZER, GEORGE Laborer Strasburg, Ohio DONEY, ROBERT I aborer Strasburg, Ohio DREHER, JAMES Asst. Dreher 8: Dreher Coal Co. Strasburg, Ohio EYSTER, MARGARET Telephone Operator Strasburg, Ohio EYSTER, PAUL Works at Akron Rubber Works 1109 Santee Ave., Akron, Ohiio GARDENER, FRED Works at Brickyard 16th Street, Dover, Ohio HAAS, WILLIAM Works at Mill Strasburg, Ohio HASWELL, ROBERT W. In U. S. Navy San Pedro, California HASWELL, JUNE Strasburg, Ohio HARBARGER, MIRIAM Works in Canton Route 1, Strasburg, Ohio HOOVER, RICHARD Student in Massillon Commercial Route 1, Strasburg, Ohio HOSTETLER, GLEN Student at Wooster College cfo Ora Flack Applecreek Road, Wooster, Ohio KRANTZ, MRS. ELIZABETH CSnyderb Wife of William Krantz Route 1, Strasburg, Ohio MILLER, ADRIAN Secy 8x Bookkeeper at Kemp-Gerber Strasburg, Ohio MULLET, LLETA MAE Em lo ee of Dover A liance Co. D Y PP Strasburg, Ohio MYERS, CARL Laborer Route 1, Strasburg, Ohio SAAM, RUTH Strasburg, Ohio STEITZ, ARTHUR Laborer Strasburg, Ohio SUCH, THOMAS Works at Berger Steel Route 1, Strasburg, Ohio VAN FOSSEN, EUGENE Farmer Route 1, Strasburg, Ohio VERNIZZI, ISIDORE "ISSY" Insurance Clerk for Miller Insurance Agency Strasburg, Ohio WARDELL, MACK Trucker Strasburg, Ohio WEBER, LEONA Student at Kent University 605 Willow St., Kent, Ohio ZELTMAN, VIOLET Teacher at Alliance 539 West Cambridge St., Alliance, O. CLASS OF 1936 DONEY, CLIFFORD Laborer Strasburg, Ohio EYSTER, JEAN Employee in Dalene Beauty Shoppe Strasburg, Ohio FEUTZ, HILDA Clerk at Garver Bros. Route 2, Dover, Ohio FROMAN, DOROTHY Student at Massillon Commercial Strasburg, Ohio GARBER, PAUL Farmer Strasburg, Ohio GARVER, GWEN Student at Canton Actual Strasburg, Ohio HARTLINE, ARLOENE Student in Beauty Culture Route 1, Strasburg, Ohio HAWK, BRAY Student at Kent Route 1, Strasburg, Ohio HEID, MARTHA Strasburg, Ohio HEID, MARY Strasburg, Ohio HIMES, OTIS Farmer Route 1, Strasburg, Ohio KRANTZ, MARY Cashier in Garver's Grocery Route 1, Strasburg, Ohio KREIS, MRS. MAXINE fHanenkratJ Wife of Elmer Kreis Bolivar, Ohio LEWIS, DOROTHY Strasburg, Ohio MYERS, WALTER Massillon Steel Worker Strasburg, Ohio RIEGER, MARCELLA Clerk at Garver Bros. Strasburg, Ohio ROUSCH, HAZEL Clerk at Garver Bros. Route 2, Dover, Ohio SCHERER, DONALD Clerk at Garver Bros. Strasburg, Ohio SPARKS, JOHN Student at Ohio University 27 S. Congress St., Athens, Ohio STRAUSS, ARTHUR Laborer Strasburg, Ohio LIGGETT, MARJORIE Student in Canton Actual Bus. School Strasburg, Ohio McCRACKEN, HELEN , Student in Kent State University Strasburg, Ohio McGONIGAL, BETTY Student at Safford's Business School Strasburg, Ohio WARNES, MARTHA Secretary at Court House Strasburg, Ohio WEIGAND, IRENE Strasburg, Ohio Our Superintendents 1901 1902 P. L. A. Leighley 1902 1905 A. C. Baker 1905 1908 H. A. Lind 1908 1914 Charles Barthelmeh 1914 1916 F. M. Portz 1916 1920 J. H. Neff 1920 1922 Wayne Moore 1922 1925 W. S. Fagley 1925 1930 Inez V. Summers 1930 1937 Herbert P. Lohrman " CLASS OF 1912 HILDEBIDDLE, MRS. BERTHA BAIR, MRS. ORPHA CVoelmb CYackeyJ Wife of Curtis H. Bair Wife of Lyle Hildebiddle . 311 E. 11th Street, Dover, Ohio 14212 Northfield Ave., East Cleveland BOYER, MRS. NELLIE QMercerj MILLER, JAMES Wife of John Boyer Employed in Drafting Dept. of the R. D., Beach City, Ohio Cleveland Automatic Machine Co. COOPER ELMER E 757 McKinley Ave., Bedford, Ohio Detroit Office Manager of The REGULA, MRS. ORPHA fWa1terJ Berger Manufacturing Co. Wife of Oscar Regula 411 Hilldale, West, Detroit, Mich. R. D., Beach City, Ohio YOUNG, BILLY Laborer Strasburg, Ohio ZEIGLER, ROBERT Laborer Strasburg, Ohio ZEISMER, MRS. LOY KStuderJ Wife of Arvine Zeismer Massillon, Ohio VOELM, CLINTON Employed at Columbia Fire Brick Co. Route 2, Dover, Ohio WELSCH, MRS. ALTHEA fGarber3 Wife of John Welsch R. D., Dundee, Ohio WELSCH, MRS. BERTHA QMil1erJ Wife of Benjamin Welsch 131 Third St., N. W., Strasburg, O. WELSC1-I, JOHN Farmer ' R. D., Dundee, Ohio 1' NOTE-The Class of 1912 was unintentionally omitted from the Alumni Directory copy and the omission was discovered in time to add them above. We are sorry they have to be printed out of their regular order but we add them here rather than omit them entirely.-Alumni Editor. Autographs of the Stars f N Feature Presentation SEN IORS with HOPE SPIDELL -- President MARY GARVER - Vice Presid 1: JOHN SCHLEMMER - Se 1: y LILLIAN SCHENK - Trea PAUL PFEIFFER - Ad ' H. P. LOHRMAN Ohio University GLENN BAKER Otterbein College HELEN PASERBEVIS Kent State University GLEN JONES Wittenberg College MATIE RIEKER Otterbein College DOMINIC E. GRECO PAUL M. ROBY Otterbein College PAUL PFEIFFER College of Wooster MILDRED BAIR Wittenberg College Clur Board Eclucatlon J. A. MILLER D, A, SHUTT . Clerk FRANCES KHPITZKY President P. A. GARVER C, L, G-ARBER Vice President 'NW N-.-rs' HOPE SPIDELL HOWARD JOHNSON PHYLLIS YACKEY Editor Business Manager Literary Editor MARGARET RAMSEY ' RAMON RENNER LILLIAN SCHENK Joke Editor Advertising Manager Snapshot Editor GLADYS HEID ROSEMARY WEINMAN Art Editor Alumni Editor In appreciation of what he has done for us through our four years of high school, we, the Senior Class of 1937, dedicate this, our book, to Mr. H. P. Lohrman MARY GARVER Mary has been a diligent student. She is not only studious but also interested in non curricular work. She belongs to the band, orchestra and chorus. She has been an honor student all through high school. LEROY HARTLINE "Lee". never has much to say but in spite of this he is a good hard worker and always does his part in making the Senior class a success. JAMES CORELL "Jim" is the "official class tease." If there is an argument on hand you will find that Jim is right there. He is always willing to lend a helping hand. MARGARET DREHER "Peg" is a living example that good things come in small parcels. She is always jolly and ready to laugh. In her serious mo- ments she finds time to make good grades. HOWARD JOHNSON "Bud" has always striven to make good grades. Although he is slight in stature he is mighty in mind. He is good-hearted and cooperates in all activities. GLENDA KAISER Glenda is studious and a hard worker. She spends her leisure time typing. She is ready and willing to help whenever she is needed. Glenda is an honor student. GLADYS HEID Gladys is interested in art and poetry and she has talent in both. She always does her Work to the best of her ability. LUCILLE HUMERICKHOUSE Lucille is quiet. She is interested in sports and music. She was on the girls' track team in her F h res man year and a member of the chorus four years. MARGARET RAMSEY "Mig" is full of pep and jokes. She has been an active member of the band, or- chestra and chorus in all her high school years. She is an honor student. RAMON RENNER "Raine" is the Tiger's big center. He has been on the varsity basketball team in his Junior and Senior years. He never worries but always takes things as they come. DOROTHY KEMMERLE Dot" is quiet and studious She is willin t g o do her best whenever she is ask d ' e . Dorothy is an honor student. SUMNER MULLET "Sub" is one of the more studious boys in the class. Besides 'spending his time study- ing, he is Chief Manager of the Tigers. Sumner has put forth all his efforts to help the team. He plays in the band. HOPE SPIDELL Hope is very studious and an honor student. In all her high school years she was a member of the band, chorus and orchestra. GENE SUCH Gene is quiet and easy going. He is in- terested in athletics, mainly basketball. Gene played on the second team in his Junior and Senior years. LILLIAN SCHENK Lillian is an honor student. She was a member of the chorus for four years. Lil- lian is always willing to cooperate and to help. JOHN SCHLEMMER "Fat" is the clown of the class. He is always telling jokes and playing pranks on his classmates. In spite of this he can be serious when he wants to. HERBERT WELSCH "Herb" is one of the well-behaved gentle men. of the class. Although he is studious, he devotes much of his time to outside work. - PHYLLIS YACKEY "Phy1" has been an honor student durin 8 her four years of high school. She has do ' , 01'- ne commendable work in band chestra and chorus. CAROL JEAN WALTZ "Carol" was a member of the band three years and of the chorus four years. Carol is always willing to help when ever she is called to do so. ROSEMARY WEINMAN Rosemary is rather quiet and studious She belonged to the chorus for four years sistance is needed. She is willing to help Whenever her asa AUDREY ZELTMAN Audiey is Jolly and when she laughs she makes you laugh. She can be serious and she IS always ready to do her part. of her ability. History of Class of 1937 September 11, 1933, marks the date of our entrance into the cinema studios of Strasburg High School. Screen tests revealed we were thirty-six in number and color tests that green predominated. In that opening week as Freshmen we had to undergo many "try-outs" to find out just where we fitted in and to adapt ourselves to "studio" life. Our boys vividly recall that these trials were not all confined to the school rooms, assembly halls and superintendent's office, but on that first Monday they were sub- jected to a surprise test on the school ground at the hands of their upper classmen. The memory of those paddles fwhat shapes and sizes they inventedlj lingers yet. Each Freshie had to prove his genuineness of character as an aspirant for the honors of S.H.S., and we are glad to here record that each of our boys bravely went thru the line of "paddles" and established his right to continue as a full-fledged Freshman. Our first year in the "studios" brought many more such touchstones of exper- ience, most of them trying, to be sure, but 'all a criterion of the metal of which our class was made. Miss Erma Bayer was our "studio" adviser and to her we owe much in changing the color from green to something more satisfactory. Hope Spidell was our presiding officer in our first year's class meetings. MARGARET YUTZY Margaret is reserved and quiet She never complains but does her work to the best When September 4, 1934, rolled around and the "studios" again called us from our vacation pastimes, we found that thirteen of our number had fallen by the way- side. Some found the "klieg lights" hard on the eyes, others found employment more pleasant and more remunerative than "screen work" in S.H.S. studios. We hated to part with them but part we must, and our Sophomore Band was soon doing its full share of "recording" in its second year. We recall as Sophomores some outstanding social events that helped to soften the stress of work and relieve the strain of constant appearance before the "cameras" A weiner roast in the Garber Woods, a I-Ia1lowe'en Party in the Record Building, a Chili Supper at the Kemmerle home! What memories these occasions recall! It was September 8, 1935 that our directors asked for our return for another "picture" and how glad we were when every one of our twenty-three "characters" was found present ready for work. And how we worked! Howard Johnson made us a good Junior president and under his guidance we accomplished much. Junior "studio" work proved more difficult but also more interesting. We began to realize that if our high school production was going to be complete we must do our best and we look back on it now as a "picture" worth while. ' There were some high-light experiences during the year which helped to relieve the monotony of the every day grind. Our class weakness for suppers resulted in meetings at which bean soup and spaghetti topped the menus. Not the least among these interesting events was our Junior play, "In the Light of the Moon' given at Hall Theatre, November 22, before a fine crowd and the compliments we received on our attempt at dramatics are carefully noted in our diaries. The American History Class excursion to Columbus was outstanding. The lessons learned on our visit to the Ohio Penitentiary, the Home for the Feeble Minded, the Hospital for the Insane and the State Capitol will always be remembered. And then perhaps the chief social event of our Junior year was our reception for the Class of 1936. Held at the American Legion Home on Thursday evening, May 21, it proved to be a very delightful meeting of the two classes. Sixty-five were seated at the long tables which were beautifully decorated in the '36 colors of gold and green. Bouquets of yellow tea roses and yellow tulips in green bowls made a lovely setting for the dinner which was served by the Junior mothers. Our inclina- tion toward "theater" themes was already in evidence in our Junior year when we arranged our reception program in that manner. Bud Johnson, junior class president, was toastmaster, appearing under the title, "Opening Night." "Props" was the topic of a talk by John Sparks, senior, and Miss Frances Kapitzky, president of the board of education, gave an address of interest entitled, "Between Acts." A vocal duet was presented by Principal Paul Roby and Glenn Jones, high school teacher, and an in- strumental duet was presented by Misses Hope Spidell and Mary Garver, juniors. The theater program was concluded with an address by Superintendent H. P. Lohr- man, under the caption, "On With the Show." A theater party provided diversion for the remainder of the evening. The summer which marked the interval between our Junior and Senior years passed very quickly and before we realized the curtain was being drawn on the nrst act of our last "picture" in dear old S.H.S. We worked hard to cultivate the proverbial dignity of Seniors but it has often been remarked by our advisers that it seems to be an elusive quality for us. The year has seemed much shorter than any of the others and as this history is penned we seem to hear the directors magaphone message that "Finis" must be written to our fourth production. Only one member was lost during the year and we hope to finish twenty-two strong. Loaded down with work and extra-curricular activities, we have had a busy year. So busy in fact that social events have been few. Our failing for "soup" was temporarily satisfied with a fall party at Schenk's Cabin and the Class will long remember the good time. Eleven of our number enjoyed the three-day jaunt to Washington, our national capital in March. We proved our staminahunder test, saw the sights, and enjoyed the contacts with the other high school students of the county. It was a fine "extra" of our Senior year. Our colors are Orchid and Silverg our flower, the Pink Rose, and we have chosen for our motto "With the ropes of the past we'1l ring the bells of the future." Although we have not had much time in it, we are proud to be the first class to graduate in the new S150,000 high school building. Moving from the old building to the new one early in March we found the conveniences of our new plant beyond our expectations. Our new gym and auditorium are beautiful and we look forward anxiously to receiving our diplomas from its stage. To make it all new and different we have decided to be the first class from S.H.S. to wear the caps and gowns at com- mencement time. To record our "takes" in full for this year we must set down our final activities as they are tentatively scheduled for our closing weeks. On Friday evening, May 7, our high school will present the operetta "Sunbonnet Sue" in which a number of our Seniors will again be before the lights. E Friday evening, May 21, our class play "Oh Professor" is to be staged under direction of Mr. Pfeiffer, our adviser. The cast of characters is announced as follows: Jake-Jim Corellg Miss Frederica-Mary Garverg Dr. Aristotle-Leroy Hartlineg Fluff-Hope Spidellg Bertha-Carol Jean Waltz, Jean-Lillian Schenk, Belle-Rose- mary Weinman, Michael Pemberton-Ramon Rermerg Professor Percival Courtwright -Sumner Mullet, Jimmy Anderson-Howard Johnson, Patricia Patterson-Phyllis Yackeyg Mlle. Fifi-Margaret Ramsey. On Sunday evening, May 23, our Baccalaureate service will be held at the School Auditorium with Rev. C. W. Speakman of the United Brethren Church bring- ing the message to our class. Wednesday evening, May 26, we are to be the guests of the Junior class. Thursday evening, May 27, we go before the "camera" for our iinal "shots," and to receive the coveted parchments for which we have worked. Our program is an- nounced as follows: ' Music ............. ........ H igh School Orchestra Invocation ........ ....... R ev. Waldo Berlekamp Salutatory ........ ................ P hyllis Yackey Music ................ ........ S enior Girls Violin Solo ......... ....... M ary Garver Class History ...................................................,........ Lillian Schenk Class Poem, written by Gladys Heid ........ Rosemary Weinman Choral Reading ................................................................ The Class "School Days", Whittier "We Are Seven", Wordsworth Valedictory .................................................................. Hope Spidell Class Address ..................... ....... R ev. T. W. Hoernemann Presentation of Medals ....... ..................... H . P. Lohrman Presentation of Diplomas ........ ......... F rances Kapitzky Benediction .................................................... Rev. Dale C. Recker And so the curtain descends on our final S.H.S. production. We go on to other Work and other successes we hope. Our years in high school have only made us determined to take prominent parts in the greater "pictures" of the school of life, and we say to our directors, whoever they may be, "We are ready. Lights! Camera! Action!" -Phyllis Yackey -Hope Spidell K A l' ff fs my is-W 5-' ' iw 151 f- ' '- -" 1 -- '7- .- -f -LIB' 1' LT A 1 I " - f - 'H ..,-- 'TT'-"?: 1 'rw' 1, 'ir 1 ...- y I , 1': i ,,4Q A V V N 4- . -- -X -X , , - . ' -k A 'VA- - -'im ' K "7 X f--ff' " 7""'Q -' I 1 ' .4 ,. ix - A X -,nf , f xx-. nf gx ' I ' fixx x'x' ..--,-'rf-,4' 4 .L sr Q H ' lf ' ,,fg4J ' -N " - -.,f-.-1 1 ' Y' Ru" xx-sz?-gif: I W i if N Wi The End Li., J? X ,M

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Strasburg High School - Senoracle Yearbook (Strasburg, OH) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 9

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