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: ,5 Af W W Eg' N 4' f QQ J f Q , 0- . A ,' Ap . 3 A P Q4 ,N , 'Q ff M. - N - K , X, fi ff Jffjm' bs Q 3 JR 5 E M NE - - , ., ,M -1. ,V , f-2795. f ' 5 2 V I XJ . . tr: 4, ., I of lf! N.-rv I 0,214 gf-calf, ? . v ' ' ?'?fffi,,f' .,A ,g ll 4 A A, ft Hn- ' x J f 7 7 f f'f?' 5'M"" 1 fn a if ii T -Z-Mylg, ,gy fa A . Q . . jf., ui.- :Q b I 1 Q Y' :fr , , M My 2 Mf,f:fh,5,:QfQf1fxCQffHF,ffyf:ffkf 4, Ay Q W K X W j1b'l f'JMdjm ff2fs 4fU MM' Ev' M Jw V ff gli MV a f v - ' '- x W W f , 1 22153 4,,f ,7 9 Eggg-L Q ' f f " 1T?E 5 LW4, gftgqigi 383-f .g5+' 5 - i23233i35 5jQ+w4w,,w ii:3533Q3i EW,5fi ? ' r l ,.L.L f"11f -fff gzffaff SK ff?fiJ3y35jigx3, Ns , Ex X fwigwi iw: wwf 9JbZ,myJWxW miiggigfikidw " Vl ff ff? ",,,w!Q, ,- p-r 2 V: -ff.-., y N . N X551 f ' ff . , H-f ",' 2- , p ' 'Z' A -xmi A Q- hx -XV f 5 Q Q-1 QNX I rlflfll' 'lar al , 1 f,. xg 2 1 - X L THE SENIOR CLASS' The Hilltop Players The '53 Moraine A Play of Memories Portrayed in Three Acts STRANDBURG, SOUTH DAKOTA 2 T 2 fx'gV The '53 Moraine A Play of Memories Portrayed in Three Acts Th th Dakota town of 't, andb th 1 rooms of dtrandb g Pu' .5 h 1 F 5 pt, ber' 1952 to May 1953. PROLOGUE 0 0 THE PLAYERS O Q THE PLOT O O O O O Act I , Athletics Act II, Music Act III, Dramatics and Speech PRODUCTION STAFF O O O O O O ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS O O O EPILOGUE O O O O O O , 4 . I 'L 5 " 1 y 5 1 i f 95 . A 3 y ' 4- 4 I l I The Hilltop Playhouse . . . Beloved SHS which has graced the hilltop for forty-eight years . . . . We look to you in gratitude as we unfold the curtain where are enacted the dramas and comedies and romances of its myriad players . . . . SHS which has been the home of rising stars and whose walls have seen and understood the joys and an- ticipations and sometimes the sorrows of its stars and supporting players, and above whose footlights is being enacted this presentation of memories . . . . The Hilltop Playhouse, standing majestically against a backdrop of blue, look- ing down upon moraines and valleys, seeming proud but not haughty . . . . Here we have enjoyed our work and laughter .... Here we view the world in its changing colors of seasons . . . . And from here we look out upon the vast un- seen panorama which holds our destined future . . . f ff 111 'W' W f Aliiggili UE., the people . . . To our faithful audience, of the com unity, who has witnessed our victories and defeats, our joys and sor- rows, and our hits and flops, we, the players of Whll the World's A Stage,N wish to dedicate this Moraine of l953 . . . . . have rejoiced with us in our victories keenly felt our defeats . . . ' ce and kindness, and humbly and ' of You u have atien 'on, we Moraine PROLOG and yo You have shown p as a token of appreciati fully dedicate this, the ur audience. ' x I gfaie l953, to you, o ' ' av-u,,G,,a N ll I K al 4, xp ff, . J l d ,Q s e N M jfig :El if H Q h'V,b 5 5 ' 4 f' :ir 'gsqg Mfg! K- Y nil , . : it af' V-H71-Q' t- Www 1 g y 'f J-lk-ga, . r r 4 ,Q F - fr, r j Y, ,,a,fqNi gm i N . 1 W1 , i is c 1 ill ,la K i - .1 x my-,,S'm,, , V MMM -Q V, ' 'f,'1mv,. Y rg ig, '1QQg,i, wwf ,f-inn Y S l.,,, ,V .,qi,, , 5 V ' . Mm,fMQ f,A, ' - , r Nwwwwssf, Jywews, I W5MWmywiwgfsWK. 1 if We Mr'-f"N t 'ITWY Q- Va , . 5 , S '. 1557 , , pm? , Vx 4 . 1 1, A ,wif BV . " 'Y 1 in Egg 4 5 .-x 2 . M , ff , ml 15: fm f THE PLAYERS . . . Stars . . . Supporting Players Understudies . . . Coming Attractions Donald Lindanl . 'X ,gd Basketball . . 'l23L Af Football . . 231, ' Track .... 23A if President . . 1, V. President . 3 3- of horus ..... 231, VQ5 oraine Staff . L IQ!!! Crier Staff ..... 3L t lays ........ 3A U rnival King Candidate l gf? S oy's State ..... 3 Jeanette Payonk Moraine Staff . Crier Staff . . Secretary . . . Chorus . . . . Girls Ensemble Mixed Ensemble Girls Phys. Ed Pep Club . . . Plays . . . office Giriiorijb My , Mojsclw Stars . . . ff' ,yd . 31+ . . . 123 . . . 123A . . . . 123A 2252135 Mx ff?f M 551 If gf 9 iff, 9:53 Oy Cecil Larson . . Basketball . . Football .... Track ..... Moraine Staff . Crier Staff . . Carnival King . Student Body Pres. . Plays . . . . . Student Council Chorus . . . . . P-' NNN gp XA KANAKA J-'NMI-'P'l-'KAJ-'J-'J-'C' Faye Schuchard-. Moraine Staff . L Crier Staff. . . 3h Student Council . 1 Treasurer . . . h Pep Club . . . . . 123 Plays . . . . . . . . 23h Phys. Ed. . . . . . . 123A Office Girl, Librarian L Joyce Johnson . A Moraine Staff . . A Crier Staff . . . . 3h Student Council . . 2 President . . . . 2 V. President . l Declam . . . . 2 - BL Chorus . . . . . . 123A Girls Ensemble . . . 123A o n o o 0 a 0 n Mixed Ensemble . . . 3 Carnival Queen Cand. 1 Plays . . . . . . . . 23A Office Girl, Librarian L Pep Club . . . . . . 123 pail Eunice Larson . . Moraine Staff . . Crier Staff . . . Treasurer .... Student Council . Plays ...... Pep Club . . . Carnival Queen . L 3b 2 A 23h 123 L 'K W Ui I. ax U W Q, M550 W W ,Ju Stars . . W Bi ggi i nf f M f tx M155 if Herbert tundin . 54" 1' QQ Moraine Staff P . , 3 0 Crier Staff. . . 513' A Declam . . . . W . 4 K Carnival King Cand' at Football . . . . . .A Plays ..... N . .Q 1+ 'ff in 8 ,DQR Faith Lindholm . . Treasurer . . . Student Council . President . . . Chorus .... . Girls Ensemble . . Mixed Ensemble . . Solo . . . . . Girl's State . Phys. Ed. . . . . Pep Club .... Carnival Queen Cand. . Moraine Staff . . Crier Staff . . . Plays ...... Declam ...... Big Six Typing Rep. l 2 3 123A l23L 3 123A 3 123 123 3 A 3h 23h l23h 3 D V" a Xllilaflyl-E35 yi v X. 4. lf tzw We Q 5'T, , , JA . ,Y Q 5-2 Jam ' we V, s I 3 5 It . f , 1- j w 7 .Y , . I ,LQ 1 -- ng.. V6 v fi to M 4Pi'ff+fr .S-J 2g5?v fi Qe4rerf 'f ffg gi r, ,g' Q1 si S TA A 3 uf mi Jxf viii E- 22 ,4 . --kf 3 ,A , , A or xx Eg ' gi E 5 5 . ' X' a ' Q 1 ,V 3 '53 L L 5 .HRV X S I, l il, iv 4 L -4 P N z A Z 1 , ? 5? ,V Q I 1 K 5 5 3 Q ! P ' f s. A rs 5. 3 f I 's 9 1 S U ? I 5' J 'a 1 , f Q f U QQ ,3 I gs A" Q 3 Q, 544 F R 4 5 3 Q greg V P I Lf, A-Q fi' arm X' :en L f Q 3 " fi we Q J' .5 K uv ' ,A -Q -'MAQ-R f,..' ,..4, 514 'gf . 1 ' ' Aa H, . yi., K r""v-...wwwgmhg ' I i -.-1,1-1-a A, hom ' U' 3, 1' ...1 --Q-mage-A spa-4 qpqsgaggylgbz- , A X 4. ., I 4 :.' Q A-ge' -. 54 - 1 Back-Stage Shots . . Back-stage and out of character, the Moraine camera caught the seniors of '55 in characteristic poses. Left-stage: 9 top to bottom: Donnie Lindahl, Eunice Iarson and Faye Schuchard. Center- stage: Herbie Lundin and a home room shot showing Jeanette Payonk and Joyce Johnson who were pix-nixers ibut we got them anywayl. Right-stage: Cecil Lar- son, Faith Lindholm and Jim Pekelder. if-at-ai ttf ,gig , 1 K. lie Inq . . 1 .,,., The Moraine 79 lThe scene is the English room of SHS: the time is about the middle of February, 1953. As the cur tain opens, a group of seniors are shown seated on chairs or desks. There is mingled conversa- tion, etc. , etc.l Faith: Just think when we enrolled at Strandburg four years ago there were a whole fifteen of us and now as seniors we have only nine left. Eunice: And Miss Moe the only remaining teacher we had as freshmen. Faye: Yes, what in the world has become of the others? Donnie: Well, Dennis Nelson dropped out during the first of the year. And Phyllis Henderson moved away as well as Larry Carlson. Cecil: Of course in our freshman year we also had Katherine Willms, Carl Johnson and Joe Cronin. Jeanette: Then wasn't it in the beginning of our sophomore year that Marceill Swanson transfer- red from Milbank and Katherine transferred to South Shore leaving the enrollment at twelve? Joyce: We also had two new faculty members. Mr. Walter Brugger took Erwin Unruh's position as superintendent, and Vince Pratt's place in the music department was taken over by Burge Hammond. S :ff CN f' K1 UD, Q 'gig 5 V 1' 5:21. if v E x The Moraine g. Jim: So we did, and as we started our junior year S it was still the same group plus Warren John- K, j son. AL A EGM' 2 Faye: A new faculty member also was present, Ole 3, Lather, taking Eldor Iarson's spot as coach. ' K Herbie: Fifty-one and fifty-two was a time of events with our class play, WFinder's Creep- , ers,W and our junior-senior banquet with us W as hosts. Cecil: We lost one of our classmates when Mar- ' ceill moved to Texas in the fall of '51, and 5 when we completed our junior year there were g only twelve of us, right? 5 Jim: Right! S L J Jeanette: Warren was married the following Sum- f -xXQv mer: Carl transferred to Milbank: and it , was Joe who slipped down a cog. JL 2 Eunice: Yes, and Mr. Webbenhurst became our new j superintendent, Archie Hill our new English teacher, and Edwin Lindholm our music teacher at the beginning of our senior year. Joyce: And now we are looking forward to our K play, Here Comes Charlie,W skip day, the banquet, and finally graduation. Donnie: Yes, and we hope that the incoming fresh- men will find high school as eventful as we have found it. -., all , , Y-if--f - --' 11-- - QD . N 0 r 5, , QCD , , I ' fs Q emu av f- T O WW k- :N O O X gX X ,X , OOO Of ,, s ' 'L vo O I I at . O n O b J O I V I The Moraine 81 Kgs CH4Mp i A 'f5"i5iQ'3.- Herbie: Since this is our last year, how qiigglf ' about leaving a will so our schoolmates 3:44 will have something to remember us by? N L- Qqgg? Cecil: That's a good suggestion. Faye, what ....J will you will? 1 -ff. H Faye: My dark eyebrows to Karen Dahlgren and 5 my flying fingers in typing to Phil Nelson. Cecil: I'll will my athletic ability to Selmer N Estenson and my ability to flirt with girls I to Raymond Lindholm. Herbie: To anyone who can do them justice, I will my gentlemanly conduct and dramatic ability. Eunice: I think I'll will my waistline to Muriel Misener and my blonde hair to Pat Lundberg. Donnie: To Joel Stevens, I will my athletic build, and to Joe Cronin, my ability to get along with the teachers. QCSLKF' Joyce: I'll will my soprano voice to the girls ji' in the soprano division so they will sing louder at practice and my height to Pe U 1, . Se! s Pekelder. - Jim: I'll will my crew hair cut to Wesley Lind- I - e holm, and my ability to do bookkeeping to X ' I X. 5 I Johnnie Lundberg. x . Faith: My brown eyes I'll will to Joyce Nelson , . and my tiny waistline to Mary Ellen Malcom: Jeanette: My dimples I'll will to Norma Kucker and my freckles to Gerry Johnson. Supporting Players f Members of the junior class, above, have participated in many scenes on the set of SHS. These supporting players are, left to right, up-stage: Wayne Linngren, Wesley Lindholm, Joseoh Cronin, Walter Lundberg and Philip Nelson. Center-stage: Dennis Lundborg, Vuriel Misner, Velma Swensen, Norma Jean Hucker, Lucille derg, and Joyce Nelson. Down-stage: Peggy Pekelder, Mery Ellen Malccm, Marilyn Johnson, Marion Johnson, and Pat- ricia Lundberg. -fig: Q17 .45 ,Mm ti Between Acts Scenes . . . ...Hard at work are these Juniors on a typing assign- ment .... Those sophomores on the next page look interes- ted in something .... The freshmen, bottom of next page, are usually that hap- py, tooasoo -I- ff Ps fa? fa? s iw Understudies . . Three actresses and eleven actors are members of the sophomore class. Spotlighted from left to right, back-stage, are: Kenny Anderson, Jack- ie Peterson, Joel Stevens, Harold Johnson, Alvin Larson, Denton Larson, Billy Dorman and Robert Rabine. Up-stage: Billy Malcom, Selmer Esten- son, Faris Lindholm, Frances Kolb, Geraldine Johnson, and Eddie Peterson. Newcomers to the Hilltop stage are the nine freshmen pictured above who have been preparing themselves to step into leading rolls soon. Our SHS spotlight shines on, up-stage, left to right: Robert Pekelder, Hay- mond Lindholm, John Lundberg, Allan Peterson, and Tommy Cronin. Down- stage: Hazel McBride, Evelyn Kolb, Roberta Dorman, and Karen Dahlgren. ,Q Milf ff' F Arif' Beginners in the preparation for the Hilltop house are the following students: Up stage: Larry Cronin, Eldon Johnson, Ralph Frank Engebretson, Orville Anderson, Carol Anderson. Rosa- Judy Play- Fritm Center stage: Miss Linngren, Delores Rabine, lie Nelson, Carol Mae Weber, Gloria Habine, Fritz, Paul David Peterson, Arlyce Eliasen, and Teddy Dahlgren. Down stage: Diane Gilbert, Shirley Anderson, Cyn- tnia 'oolums, .".' Fred Lundberg, Danny Nelson,Cbne Blick, and Esther Swenson. Not pictured: Geraldine Rufer. Coming attractions to the Hilltop Playhouse will feature the Intermediate room pupils, pictured above,ina few years. U1 stage: Alma Peterson, Sandra Lundberg, Donald Weber, Carolyn Habine, Karen Lindahl, Joan Woolums, Kathryn John- son, and Mary Lou Larson. Center stage: Milo Larson, Jerry Blick, James Rabine, Paul Nelson, Randy Nelson, Lloyd Peterson, Lee Kucker, and Colette Cronin. Down stage: Mr. Gilbert, Edith Swenson, Judy Nelson, Glenn Williams, John Dahlgren, David Linngren, Dennis Bloom Leonard Rufer, Gerald Eliasen, and Audrey Dahlgren. Coming Attractions . . . Junior High pupils, pictured below, will soon be un- der studies in the SHS Hilltop Playhouse. Up stage: Mary Ann Johnson, Marjorie Nelson, Dale Williams, Lowell Anderson, Norma Jean Fritz, Gloria Pe- terspn, Clifford Miller, and Inez Larson. Down stage: Connie Payonk, Barbara Rabine, Neil Fors, Joann Peterson, Carol Ann Linngren, Sonja Lundberg, and Miss Peterson. Not pictured: Larry Lundquist fu nga' is ,An n , . V W J 4:-e iw?" ...,, :iw +1-Q. iw' x'?kf QA, ago. E., A 6 Donald Lindahl Cecil Larson Jim Pekelder Jackie Peterson Kenny Ano rso Center Full Back Right End Act I, Athletics . . . Football took the center of the stage when school opened last fall. All of the Tiger's home games were played at night under the floodlights at Stock- holm. At the right are pictured the players of the 1952 squad. Up-stage, from left to right: Coach Lather, Walter Lundberg,Kenny Anderson, Wayne Linngren, Jim Pekelder, Harold Johnson, Cecil Lar- son, Donald Lindahl, and Alvin Larson, manager. Down-stage: Allan Peterson, John Lundberg, Phillip Nelson, Denton Larson, Jackie Peterson, Herbert Lundin, and Billy Dorman. The 'Little Four' Left End Full Back :WG X Ref 'B Allan Peterson John Lundberg Center Half Back r i I I np-5 Wayne Linngren Herbert Lundin Harold Johnson Philip Nelson Walter Lundberg Quarterback Left End Quarterback Center Half Back SCENE1,FOOTBALL .5 4 if r v. Jlen Lathe? Denton Larson Coach Right End .-,,+.,-f. 1 ' N .. .f , M sg. Q g ,I up 1.113 y,+gm1y , .- mf sf'.S.,Qi, 'xii A WEE TR bhfg , E F P . m A A 1 ht -.g '- ,. .-P - a n ,. , 1 Q 1952 Football Schedule We They Sept. 12 Marietta O 62 Segt. 26 South Shore O 13 Oct. 3 Gary 12 13 Oct. 10 Revillo 29 6 Oct. 17 Wilmot 28 7 Oct. 2h Castlewood 21 26 Bigighgoggan Football Team A Coach Q lofi in Y cQ.Qy14L41rxD ,'w,El'x'n - q5ox,,. swf, gy . C o Q :,A if wg 34 24 t -, gg , , It Q gg m"NQk 5 W QQ ,E 9 , 3 i , ,, t 5 M 2 .. . .,-, WlQg?5,,, e he Basketball constitutes the main action of UP-553395 COGCU LdUHUV, Walter LUUdb9FQ the plot of the Moraine. With Ole Lather as C9011 Larson, Harold Johnson' mentor, the Tigers have added another success- Down-stage: kenny Anderson, Jack Peter ful season to the list of sHs athletic feans. Son, and WeSley LiHdhOlm' Another tipoff for the Tigers! Peggy Pekelde The nBig Fiveu Deanie Johnso - If fi HI 1' L' huiw' Qi in-ni r Wkf 69 elhlhnnlf Jbqilnh' 7L9o4m1 JY if .p4'! Champions of the Big Six Grade basketball Up'StSge: Jim Pgkelder' Wayne Linngren' tourney held at Waverly in November are pictur- Uonald Lindahl, Alvin Larson, manager. F U0Wf1'5tf1E3ef John Lundberg, Bllly Mal' these cubs who will someday play importan1 com and Dennis Lundborg. 1 Norma Kucker Joyce Nelson ed below. SHS talent scouts have been watching roles on the SHS hardcourt. Our Moraine spot- light shines on, up stage, from left to right Milo Larson, Glenn Williams. Donald Weber, had dy Nelson, Lowell Anderson, Coach Webbenhurst, Niel Fors, Dale Williams, Paul Nelson, Leonard Rufer and David Linngren. Dow: stage: Cheerleaders, Margaret Rufer, Carol Ann Linngren,Connie Payonk, Gloria Peterson, Sonja Lundberg and Marjorie Nelson. fi' I . -.- fini ,ug so - ff l:?'721':f:-f 1 - :ry W . . MW? X Vagflnwl .fairer . ' f F lx"x X ., Jtx-2:4 x rp: , TIGERS CLOSE CAGE SEASON WITH 26 WINS The Strandrburg Tigers completed a successful 1952-53 basketball sea- son with a record of only 9 losses out of the 35 games played. The Tigers were crowned Big Six conference champion by defeating all of the teams in the league twice during the season. During the Christmas and New Year vacation, the Blue and Gold participated in two invitational tournaments: One at Bryant, in which they won consolation honors, and the other at rome, where they were victorious. In February the Tigers went on a road trip, defeating Cavour but los- ing to Iroquois in the Huron arena. At the Big S-ix tourney at Milbank in January, the Tigers won runner- up honors by defeating South Shore 35-28 and Goodwin 69-38. They lost to Summit in the finals 45-53. The Hilltoppers won the District 9 championship by defeating Revillo '71-44, Florence 62-49, and South Shore in the finals 53-42. This gave the Tigers a berth in the Region 3 playoff at Clear Lake in which they drf-.r-ned the first game to Hayti 4:2-57. Cecil Larson was awarded the free-throw trophy at the athletic banquet. Last year it was Won by Walter Lundberg. Coach Ole Lather is in his second year as mentor of the Strandburg Tigers. A trophy case is being presented to the school as a g'ft of the Class of '53. Mr. Korsberg will build it. The PILIWIHIOUSIE SIHIEDW IIILIL STRANDBURG HIGH SCHOOL FRIDAY, MAY 22, 1953 TRACKMEN TAKE CENTER 0F STAGE Track in Strandburg High School took its 'place in the activities of the school along with the other sports. In the '53 season, 18 boys reported for the sport. The team participated in six meets: the post-se-ason at Clear Lake, Redfield relays, Big Six conference, Inkipo, Tri-School, and the Region 3. The team broke several records, one being the pole-vault by Wayne Linngren at the Big Six meet held at Milbank, May 6. Over 150 grade school pupils from thc surrounding schools and of Strandburg participated in the an- nual Field Day on Friday, May 15, sponsored by SHS. Coach Lather had charge of the events and was assisted by the members of the track te-am. BACCALAUREATE AND COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES Baccalaureate exercises were held for the nine graduating seniors at the Baptist church in Strandburg, Sunday, May 17. Rev. Bertrand Gilbert delivered' the sermon. Commencement exercises were held Friday, May 21, with Rev. A. Fast of Stockholm giving the main address. The members of the Class of '53 are Joyce Johnson, Cecil Larson, Eunice Larson, Donald Lindahl. Faith Lindholm, Herbert Lundin, Jeanette Payonk, James Pekelder, and Faye Schuchard. Joyce Johnson and Faith Lind- holm have been named valedictorian and salutatorian, respectively, of the Class of '53, Both girls have been active in all phases of school activi- ties. The SHS girls glee club and mixed chorus both rated Excellent at the Brookings contest in April. Rev. Lindholm has had charge of the music groups this year. STARS I-IONORED AT BANQUET "A Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow" was the theme of the junior-senior banquet held at the Skyline Sup-per Club in Watertown on May 6. Marilyn Johnson, junior class president, served as toast- mfstress. The theme was carried out in the program, invitations, place cards, and decorations. The program consisted of an In- vocation iby Rev. Gilbert, Welcome by Marilyn Johnson, Response by Donald Llndahl, Toasts by Wayne Linngren, Mary Malcom, Peggy Pelzelder and Supt. Webbenhurst: Vocal solo by Wesley Lindholm, and Vocal duet by Joyce Nelson and Pat Lundberg. Miss Nellie Moe su-pervised the planning of the banquet and Mary Malcom and Norma Kucker had charge of the decorations. The Girl's State representative of SHS this year will be Marilyn John- son. Walter Lundberg will be the representative to Boys' State. The two were chosen on the basis of scholarship, dependability, leader- ship, and future promise. SENIORS ENJOY CHICAGO TRIP Senior Education Days were spent on a trip to Chicago, April 23-26. Riding on a super-dome, seeing a. radio broadcast, and watching a. major league baseball game, were just a few of the highlights of the three-day event-packed trip. The planned tour of Chicago was featured as 'part of commencement activities for Sl-IS seniors. The trip was financed by proceeds from the seniors' play "Here Comes Charlie," basketball concessions, and 'bake sales. Supt. and Mrs. We-bbenhurst ac- companied the seniors on the trip. A wiener roast and skating party was enjoyed by student body and faculty at Milbank on May 14th. A A snfff5e"n-- f r 'fwse'Q Zeit' - L 3 .dll Am - Wwe Act II, Music . . Providing the musical background for our play is the girls' glee club. Members of the group are, up-stage, left to right: Norma Kucker, Evelyn Kolb, Mary Malcom, Faith Lindholm, Marilyn Johnson, Joyce Johnson, Jeanette Payonk, Faris Lindholm, and Pat Lundberg. Down-stage, left to right: Karen Dahlgren, Peggy Pekelder, Marion Johnson, Roberta Dorman, Geraldine Johnson, Lucille Berg, Muriel Misener, Joyce Nelson, and Rev. Lindholm, director. Winning a superior rat- ing at the Region Ill con- test at Milbank this year is the girls' ensemble. Included in the ensem- ble are, on-stage, left to right: Carol Linngren, Faris Lindholm, Jeanette Payonk, Mary Ann Johnson, Marilyn Johnson, Joyce Johnson, Faith Lindholm, and Joann Peterson. Boys' voices are adced to the girls' glee club to form the mixed chorus. Members of the group are, up-stage, left to right: Wayne Linngren, Jack Peterson, Wesley Lindholm, Jim Pekelder, Cecil Larson, Herbert Lundin, and Harold Johnson. Up center-stage, left to right: Robert Pekelder, Allan Petersen, Raymond Lindholm, Kenneth Anderson, Joseph Cronin, Billy Dorman, Donald Lindahl, and Eddie Peterson. Down center-stage, left to right: Peggy Pekelder, Norma Kucker, Faris Lindholm, Marilyn Johnson, Joyce Johnson, Faith Lindholm, Jeanette Payonk, and Pat Lundberg. Down-stage, left to right: Karen Dahlgren, Evelyn Kolb, Mary Malcom, Marion John- son, Roberta Dorman, Geraldine Johnson, Lucille Berg, Muriel Misener, Joyce Nelson and Rev. Lindholm, director. V 65: 'W , .i Act I II Dramatlcs and Speech ""', The plays 'within a playf this one, WThe Lucky Pen- ny,n starring the juniors, was presented November 20, with Miss Moe, director. The above picture,taken be- tween acts of the final performance shows, standing up-stage: Phil Nelson ..... Cal Pringle Walt Lundberg ....... O'Shane Wes Lindholm .......... Kerry Velma Swenson ......... Flash Marilyn Johnson.Mrs.Prngle Dennis Lundberg .... Mr. Daly Wayne Linngren ......... Greg Pat Lundberg .......... Hulda Marion Johnson.Miss Haskins Mary Ellen Malcom ...... Gram Seated down-stage: Joyce Nelson ......... Joanna Peggy Pekelder .... ...Penny Lucille Berg .... ...5usett Muriel Misener ......... Vera Norma Rucker ...... Georgina Across the footlights last fall came the voi- cescn'these declaimers: up-stage, Alvin Larson, Joyce Johnson and Norma Kucker.oown-gage: Mary Lalcom, Marion Johnson, and Tommy Cronin. Inset is Faith Lindholm. The carnival with its coronation, below, was a festive affair. The Coronation group at the leftincludes, up-stage: Walter Lundberg, Teddy Dahlgren, Cecil Larson, King, Eunice Larson, Queen, Shirley Anderson and Norma Kucker. Down- stage: Allan Peterson, Bill Dorman,Faris Lind- holm and Evelyn Kolb. The grade Coronation The above group, which thrilled its audience with WFinder's Creegers,H last season, turned to a drama- comedy, WHere Comes Char- lie,W for its production this year. Archie N. Hill was the director. Taken during rehearsals,the above picture includes, up-stage: Jeanette Payonk ........ Nora Jim Pekelder .... Mort Kersey Joe Cronin ...... Tim McGrill Cecil Larson...Larry Elliot Down-stage: Herb Lundin ..... Uncle Aleck Faye Schuchard ....... Vivian Eunice Larson...Mrs. Kersey Faith Lindholm...Aunt Fanny Joyce Johnson ....... Charlie Donald Lindahl...Ted Hartly is pictured at the right. Up- stage: DaleWilliams,Frince,Barbara Rabine,Princess. Center: Mike Rufer and Kathryn Johnson. Down-stage: Shirley Anderson. eddy Dahlgren, Eldon Johnson, Gloria Rabine, and 1' 1 0 -rl Y ---g.,-.,..,,, V -F L J 1 . DHT PL NS ' fxof giifgir, 6, O UWM ., 4 151-ri' LQ: f J .V 11" X ' if -Y.-,. Q' 1 ' H X, W7 -v ff f .Jj Y P 3 J 1f v'f",.lf 7: fflakajif fl ,J 74 . 1- .. ,HL 1' ff - If J Y 21 g AJIJ L L ' fb f-'f-' Qld f + 1 4' k"v X 5 "an f',?, ,fr T'fJuU , rs 5 - ' F f ,f - If 0- MLA' J I, 1 f Jfda 1!f,6',,.,,i A 1 i ' , ,yy , 7 12 t' I 1 1 JJ J! I , J . - A-,I 7 1 I 'L f'f'J'9,,w .4 4 r f f,- 1, ,J , nf ,X F, l I !P'q 'C'!"""LQ ffarqfn 'L -I 5, ff-fgr.: - JJ " M V 1 .21 fd It 1 'of rf, y I J 1 1 f 1 , , , f f f ' fi I f J f r "Jug ff illrw J W' A r I I-1'JL4f12 Jf,,,dl,f,I2,7Z- . t 4 ical . I PRODUCTION STAFF . . . 3 'S f ' ELSE ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS .V , .1 g . 1 4 55 'Y Ml, , 4 P 1 ff' EPILUGUE. .. W. ,,1.,-- fx BY If I ' ' I xx 4 4 . ., I . V x s. J-I A 1 Director . . . George V. Webbenhurst, B Superintendent General Beadle Teachers South Dakota State Graduate Work South Dakota State Geometry Drivers Education Senior Science Grade Basketball e Production Managers . . . Sourceful--resourceful are the members of the Board of Education: the production managers of the Hilltop Playhouse. Their efforts to improve the school seem untiring. We wish to give spec- ial recognition to them for the work that makes our school possible. Production managers, from left to right, are: David Lindahl, Sidney Lund- quist, Simon Dahlberg, Arthur Nelson, chairman, E. E. Nelson, H. G. Johnson and Arvid Linngren. .S. Nellie.Moe, Principal University University English III Latin II Algebra Typing I Typing II Associate B.A. of Minnesota of Wisconsin if ,, iixx ,,,A. Q, ,. - 1 - . , 1 'S WQNYF Af: , 1 . -Mk' M 1Mr.m .4nllfm1' .Y - -f-iq A L' Amy V. Peterson, da lnngren' N h St te Teachers College General Beadle Teachers College B3ggke52115aTeacher5 College Grades 7-8 Directors . . Ned Lather, B.A. Coach Huron College History Social Studies General Science Biology High School Athletics .1 X C. ,,,u, Grades l-2-3 Bert Gilbert, University of Minnesota Bethel Seminary at St. Paul Grades A-5-6 Archie N. Hill, B.S. Mankato Teachers College General Beadle Teachers Graduate Work South Dakota State University of South Dakota English I English II English IIIS Bookkeeping World Geography Edwin Lindholm, B.A. North Park College Moody Bible Institute Macalester College Music Student Production Managers . . +O- Stage M Student 5:w'uction managers, in high school jargon--the student coun- cil, serve as intermediaries between the classes they represent and the faculty. Class presidents, with the assistance of one representative from each class, are the members. Student body president, Cecil Larson, pre- sides at the meetings. Pictured at the ileft, up-stage, from left to right: Superintendent Webbenhurst, Billy Malcom, Cecil Larson, Wayne Linngren and Donald Lindahl. Down stage: Allan Peterson, Faris Lind- holm, Marilyn Johnson, Eunice Larson, and John Lundberg. anager . . . g Truly a trooper is Augie: Augie who repairs our properties, who keeps us comfortable when the mercury shows ten below, who serves as confidante to the Playhouse cast, and who plays such an important role behind all scenes. His role is not only that of stage manager, but that of counselor, advisor, and friend as well. To August W. Kors- berg, our janitor, goes an extra-spec- ial WMoraine salute.N , Make Up... 'MC 4 A! XX Q, .L- '4- '-. ka x ' ' f, sf , ., . t. 1, r it 'kg ' 7 4..,,' , ,f r y,'xd,. 'rg ' - J 4 Q , 6 1:2 V ' ' ' x 3 9 1 il gf 1. Q X nThe most of the best for the least,n that's their motto -- these cooks who Wmake-upn the daily noon meal for the some lOU per- sonnel of the Hilltop Play- house. WMake-upn is artis- wholesomely tically and headed by Mrs. Gerda Dahl- berg, left, and Mrs. Anne Larson, right. To these 1 two, we of the Playhouse staff give another extra- special WMoraine salute.n Ushers . .. Through rain and snow and mud, South Dakota weather, they get through, somehow. drivers, Edwin The bus Dahlberg, left, and Robert Dahlberg, right, Nushern us to and from school. For their patien e ind kindness we give another Hmoraine V salute,n extra-sgecial. 4-4 fl I N Qigggxoismana- NT d the c1oo5e hoefi, School pres' m'5rS0" 8 sf-udentl 1 La no 1 0 Rt of Y' 8986139-1 .Y at aotembeigended fffioxi S195 . if sine e C'ecS6xDuY.'E Agate as y,- Q,':1', .1-30 1 - T13 -.1V. 3-11. 5,'3X2 Publicity nr' uv' H - I ,ZX 1013530 ,fKkxx WN' 25 770 ' . gcc' ' 7 Q4 58- " AQ0, 0555. F6415 MN, -Q3 . the foo 000 . A e . :ff .. . we he U ,si O cheerleaC X5 J coal? one Sax lfsu, X vg,,oDe,, K ,-,X.s 1 :QI 355 ml Xxx'-,xr X X T003 xd on X Jan' 7,0 so X 5991 2.3 Reuix 11. XVII I if ,B QMMH, uf in " "3 10 67 A 599 7-rl git rg haa- in XX , buf. I BT? 'Sd man -. 5599, '52 ytif? nniilglicgty for the Hilltop productions is handled by the andl 'O me not -0- ,,f OP 1' 913 H N0lWhlY Student publication under the 66754 5 a ligt there., Ye by . direction of Miss Nellie Moe. Rating highest in the South gg upl r- Bu re ,W Dakota High School Press Association contests for many srrllfv n. Tlggip, S XT yeari and winning national recognition in the Quill and hei- days iv AVQQSQLXN Scro l, the 'Hilltop Crier' and its staff plays an impor- r an' .ls w in JA 0419 KX tant part in reporting and interpreting school and local ""' uf- SXOL. so cy, 59 f news to the community. Those who are responsible for sg lf-QT igwn, oxoee these records are: standing, up-stage: 2-U18 DQS Q sr la Gxxotg lgss Mgei...........Advisor Seated, down-stage: WIS' Qs .fc Q Sy eeeeeeeeeeene s a ,...A . N 6290 Q6"Qq9Ag if Marion Johnson....Bus. Mgr. Jeanette gSgonk..?T..g:?:1Eg:- ml 4 'of sz' GJ Q9 Q e QQ! uc JQYCG Johnson.......Printer Herbie Lundin Assist. Editor me BI, Islswqhgy in Cy-. Marilyn Johnson.........Ads Donald L:lndahl........Sports ull . Q55 'J ,ngue geslsy L1naho1m......spm-as Faith L1naho1m........Ea1tor zh' 62. 90 oo ,Qxfdf sq in Fayne Linngren.......Sports Muriel Misener.... Reporter . SA 0. .9 ' A fl BYO 3ChUChard......Printer Peggy Pekelder... Re t in Playwrights 'Y Lgrson.......Printer 'U por er ""g -fi uc e erg............Ads "C-A So And here they are--the playwrites of this 1952- W, j,a"t"- " "-----" -fr -as - - l 'V 53 yearbook. "That's us," as Jeanette would say. 'WS and adviso 'Sad C4500 was cg, the ten new 'WWI entered as we 0 Us U- Sl' Q. b S se ai'.iI'1gS at 0 St -1511 53 S edoy. No need to say more--our expressions happy we are to be able to show you taken place on our SHS set this year. Joyce will have more to say in her epilogue on I page 56. thousantn nl.. -ati to .3?Xo- nf his tc we --...- what has Our editor as 0111- Q05 dz' O JO students are Us gbedjtzfqlzobaicox wtion A football ga? bob. 601518 I C' rely Up-stage: Archie N. Hill. . .-. . . . . . .Advisor 'K Jeanette Payonk. . . .Class Editor Eunice Larson . . . . . . . .Ad Manager Faye Schuchard. . .Faculty Editor Faith Lindholm Associate Editor Joyce Johnson. . . . . . . . . . ..Editor Down-stage: C8611 Larson . . ...........Sports Herbert Lundin . . . . . . . . .Features Donald Lindahl Business Manager J in Pekelder . . . . . . .Photographer 5 X5 "' 6 1 1 iii TunerviIIe's Service, E. Lindner Tunerville, S. D. A PETERSON MACHINE WORKS Blacksmithing - Welding Paul W. Peterson, Prop Strandburg, S. D. BERG MAGNETO SERVICE Phone 2540 Sales - Service LaB0lt WOOLUMS COFFEE SHOP Meals and Lunches Ice Cream and Cigarettes Strandburg, S. Dak, 'P ' JOHNSON 8z SON IMPLEMENT CO. IH Parts 8: Shop Service Phone 2545 LaBo1t, S. D. Gunn' s Studio For the Finest in Photography - Watertown , So . Dak . G Sidney Lundquist - Owner Phone 0609 Strandburg, S. Dak. ...Left stage. ...Why are you so glum girls? ...Those green freshies...What happened to you Harold? ...Hard at it ...How becoming! ...Right-stage Is it squishy, Allan? ...Why the face Marion? ...Oh those ood old da s' 1 Z Y 0 ...The two Bi1ly's...Party troubles? YE M EN TS . . GRANT COUNTY on. co. L. mu' -E Wi mg- ' -T W Wnlqe Clasoline - CDH - Tdres - I3atteries - Ekccessories Phone 2544 - La Bolt, S. D. LINNGREN 'S STORE Groceries Meats Strandburg, S.D, SCHUCHARD 'S BLACKSMITH Blacksmithing Welding Stockholm, S . D . SUNDIN GARAGE Standard Oil Products Strandburg, S.D. Compliments of INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER COMPANY Watertown , S0 . Dak - liilllll 'IT THE MIDLAND LIFE STATION Watertown, S- D- .-.. U W1LLIAMS GROCERY Z 4 School Supplies I fl Meats Groceries Complete Locker Service Strandburg, S. D. Left-stage: ...The other two are in the other column...Declaimers...Where's the saddle...No letter today...Fall weiner roast...Right-stage: ...The other two are in first column...After...Before... More declaimers...Nothing to do...Den- nis, the menace...Mary J., Cedric Adams and Joyce J. ...Love sick seniors... P Q.. , ., :W fs. k ,si 'S , ,7 " 'T 3 F' iifsiehvii V! A QM o. P. sKAees STORE 6 Waferiown, S. D. Jdmwan BOOKSTORE 4 EAST www AVENUE - TELEPHONY Moo WATERTQWN, SOUTH DAKUIA NORD'S KPPLI7-KNCES ROY N. NORD, Proprietor Milbank, South Dokofo Phone 386 Wawmwn 77Zotofz 714464 14444. Watertown, South Dakota i- Watertown Paint and Glass Company 10 nm Av.. N. E. r.1.p1me 5240 Watertown, South Dakoka " Y sTocKHoLM STATE BANK Tw STOCKHOLM, s. DAK. , '4' fi . SAFETY, COURTESY AND SERVICE ll S BU TNC? 40 SUPPLY CCD. T. Johnson Manager' Phone 1805 Strandburg Left-stage: ...Can't decide... Out on parole...How I Love That Man of Mine... Under cover agent, Jeanette...Oh oh, another test...Right-stage: ...The old Alma Mater...Class of '53...O1d Horseof the War...Gab session...Who's popping a question? ... GENERAL MILLS VVATERTOVVN. S.DAK. THE GRAY'S STUDIO 10 E. Kemp Ave. Watertown South Dakota Livestock Soles Born Watertown, S. D. Larson Clothing Watertown, So. Dak. Mem Clothing and Furnishings CEMENTPRODUCTS fif' gl' HANSEN IMPLEMENT CO. JOHN DEERE FARM EQUIPMENT STOCKHOLM, soU'rH DAKOTA E. E. NELSON INSURANCE AGENCY Fire 8a Windstorm Insurance Strandburg, S. D. AL! Q 4 EQ Left-stage: ...Left face KThat's Joyce? ...Lover boy...Mirrors really get the eyes...Pat's baby...Bull session? ... Slinging hash...Right-stage: ...That's Joyce too...It's a frame up...'52's big carnival...K-rations...Which one has a toni? .0. . ' SKI NNER Transfer Gstorage Phone 4202 Watenown, S. D. 21 2 sTsAK House 1 Mile East of junction 81 and 212 on Highway 212 LESLIPYS GROCERY Family Foods LaBolt, S. D. GRAND HOTEL Watertown, S. D. DlCK'S SPORT SHOP Watertown, S. D. 23.10.-e of Sweets LUNCHES SOFT DRINKS Cujalellown, South foakota EAGLE CAFE Waferfown, S. D. emu SPEIHS gupqpg PHARMACY mon: 67 MILBANK. SOUTH DAKOTA f if af if 1 1 5-STAR S E RV I C E Milbank South Dakota Left-stage: ...Pied Piper of strand- burg. . .The plotters . . .1 woncler who she's looking at? ...Faye didn't, want this one t.aken...Donnie and Faith... Right-stage: ...'l'hat's our "Pr'of."... The "Flying Fiblweru eoitor's....Gooci Ldight the water cold? Just hanging on... fmd qnnfhlzsnfllizrqzn 58271110527 FUNERAL CHADILIN. VVATERTOWN, 5.0 WAR SURPLUS STORE Waieriown, S. D. FIRST CITIZEN NATIONAL BANK Waieriown, S. D. CODINGTON COUNTY OIL CO. Wa+eriown, S. D. FARMERS GRAIN 8: LIVESTOCK C0. Theo. Wechsler, Mgr. Phone 2551 LaB01t, S. Dak, Stockholm Co-operative Creamery Assn. DA'-E LARSUNI MGMSU srocKHoLM, soun-1 DAKOTA I ESTABLISHED 1896 1 up-Lxfl I-IOME OF STOCKI-IOLIVYS PRIDE BUTTER Hwy Left-stage: ...Where is the other half of Pat? ...Our queen before she was queen...The ULittle Four,n again ...Their WRoyal Highnessn...Just two minutes to go...Left-stage: U... The WholdW.g.Ride 'em cowgirl...The frosh didn't like this...the Uocc himself oo.5omeone's going to get it! 0.0 'QD 1 D1 N ETTE CAFE LUNCHE5 MEALS LABOI T B238 LUIIIBE H YHRD LUMBER 8a BUILDING IVYATHIRIAI. STOCKHOLM SCU'T'El DAKCVI' EIIGLIIID GRUGERY Your Complete Food Market NELSON HARDWARE 8a ELECTRIC General Hardware 85 Appliances Phone: 1302 Pl'1Ol'l8 2549 La Bolt MOIDENHAUER'S STORE LINDQUIST General Merchandise . Dry Goods Groceries Fairway Foods - Meats - Groceries Phone 2542 LaBolt Stockholm, S. D. M9815 IIBEE 593116 E STOCKHOLM SOUTH DAKOTA LUTHER PAINT 8a GLASS WATERTOWN, SOUTH DAKOTA RED on-ri. STORE WATERTQWN, s. DAI-1. NELSON HARDWARE Watertown, S. D. A FRIEND PINKY'S BARBER SHOP WATERTOWN, SOUTH DAKOTA SPERLING SHOE CO. Waiedown. S. D. BASKERVILLE 8: DAHL CO. Waferfown, S. D, KREISER DRUG STORE M A LAUEFLPROPRIEYOR WATERTOWN. SOUTH DAKOTA ...Left stage...Who's the bag?...Carr1ival preparation... l crown thee, Eunice...vvhat's on your mind, Miss Moe'?... l love those skirts, Selma...Up stage...Watch that whis- pering, Marilyn...The little Lindholm's...Cz-aught in the 34 act , Billy. COAST TO COAST MILBANK souru DAKOTA WRST NNUONAL BANK OF ABERDEIN MILBANK BRANCH MILBAN K, SOUTH DAKOTA EMANUEL'S FURNITURE STORE Milbank South Dakota PLYMOUTH CLOTHING CO. M I LBAN K, SOUTH DAKOTA INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER MILBANK SOUTH DAKOTA 1'FIE l.CDlCEEhJ CZCJDAFDAAFIY lNSURANCE-INVESTMENTS-REALESTATE 7 SOUTH MIDWAV WATERTOWN.SOUTH DAKOTA Whaf-Noi Shop 302 South Main St., Phone 40 MILBANK, SOUTH DAKOTA rrrroorrrr Moroos hdHbank,SouUoIh nna BERG BROS. HARDWARE STOCKHOLM SOUTH DAKOTA JENSEN AND CHRISTENSEN'S Milbank South Dakota N. J. BLESER DRUG CO. Hhihlllrn nnsANn, sourn oAxo1A Stockholm Farmers Elevator Bo. STOCKHOLM, SOUTH DAKOTA Up-stage: ...A mass of humanity...Oh, what a pretty picture...What's the occasion? ...Sheep-raiser? ... Right-stage: ...Working geometry, again? ...Caught in the act...Posed? ..Off to Bible club conventiona 35 1? -o '1 Wm. - P ' 1 n S . ,xi Q Y 'u WK Fly, A fr'rP:gg 9 ' ' X . A :Ol "K u a 1-fs ., F 92 A-, u M o 4. - - if P " Kg5 - , 1' ' il! 'x A WWII Hin: lr... ii! STANDARD SERVICE K. W. Nelson Strandburg, S. Dak. PHIICO XXX TV- Ranges ,ff .. . Radios Refrigerators Electric Wiring Radio Repairing BLOOM RADIO E APPLIANCES Strandburg, S. Dak. STANDARD OIL Bulk Service A. J. Nelson Strandburg, S. Dak. EPILOGUE . . . As we draw the final curtain on our 'All The World's A Stagen, we think back upon all the hard work and yet the enjoyment that has gone into this pro- duction. Our best wishes to our under- studios and all the coming attractions. We are confident that they will make a hit in their individual roles on WThe Stage of Tomorrow.n We want to thank our directors, and managers. We hope that they will be able to direct and manage many more productions on the set of SHS. f, -y EE f' Left-stage: ...Hair designer and as- sistants...Our hero...Age of Innocence. ..Slick chick...They always have people guessing...Right-stage: ...Haro1d's not talking...Gab1e doesn't do it that way. ..How...Leftover from leap year...Left! Right! 36 we if ML? g 5,1 414' 4, f' A if f, J' 'I mix f' a . . . Q Orly! W -,.4ij,,.1 .f ,L . .J .1 .pq Zj vw., Q , ju fi +1...,af 5, lgffff ' L A' N 'Q-216, V ' ,. -, L .f . ,MQ .. ,- :fy wwf Ri' Kg? gg 'R' R MQ' ,J , Wfff ff , Q, ,Q x I 4 .- " fl .1 4. ' 7, . ' , , D ri jug ' 1, ' -.,- 4 f , , :af , ,ff 5-1 M H ,sf yi j A U, - . 3 ,.f5,4f,1x11pL,1,g .': ",Lif , I 1 I 44? A ' I JJ 1 x X3 , ,fn s " , f , . , V A 'J' J-mg iff W . ,im ui ,. X X IP if 7 . , ,,M-41.4 ,,fj1, ff - f 1 .QF ,Jn rf' T 'I N .N i 3- 1 H V 'X C ' E, A f' L 1 Li, r , A ! '31 L L "N Aki, 3 ' 1 g Q f- Q if - N- lg K' c. '? M If -X Z As. 'x F: 1 P' 'o lx f ' " . x - V, 1 I .. P '. .Q 4: ' ix vii J N. ,. A 0 . X xxx 55. - V in F' Q I S f 'Z 4 .. I 7 el - 1: -4 94 A "L - an K ET s 5 Q he L' F-, fx J .- - 1 x K sg v 'Q X x A N 3. QN S Q? 'T' Q R1 S id Q-QQ 2 E i Q A flxx' . , fy n X EE

Suggestions in the Strandburg High School - Moraine Yearbook (Strandburg, SD) collection:

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