Stranahan High School - El Pasado Yearbook (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

 - Class of 1978

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Stranahan High School - El Pasado Yearbook (Fort Lauderdale, FL) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 412 of the 1978 volume:

«r v WL. : ■ Wii Another Time Another Dimension in Outer Space 1 978 Qtranahan High Qchool 1 978 - Somewhere in Space in another time. in another place There exists other dimensions. other extensions of our earthly humanity. The insanity of time Says we are today. But could we not be our own yesterday or tomorrow I «« -vZ .v...... ■■■■■ ' ■■ ' ■■■ ••• ■■ ' ■■■■- ' m C ' JN: ' Mi ,»-v. . - Iff • ■ -i ' M r m.. ii ' ml .- -.a - fl . m i " ■ ' ' rrTr i i i. ' iin -. . " • ' . tl vi-V. r _ J SrfS ; V 1 1 1 iitki.-» « i! ' 1 j|«EArJ|f r- J Blv - ' , " " »»■ rw ■ •• . • ' v :! ' ■ ' -: ■! V ' ■». ., • .. i»i Mi Mil I ' 1 1 w - : ' ' i. rf ? »• t-.%. yirr.v -i. -t- " HV.- ' -.. .-»f " ' ; r- • . • £jf ' ! w ii, rv. »N»„ ,. ..5.... J? ' ' " - ' - .;?i . •.x).vi: sr? ' -«5- ' .r ' . ' WrfO " i f f iT I iliii r „: 1 ... .1 . ■ ' i1 ' .s Hbi)- ' ■Mkm i • miK: - " " .A PS Tl i c A Z . y » r ■.M- -X ' ' T ' l iihllfT ' : ' t - •-. If the few flashes we have just seen were to cement our future to where we are or where we have been Then would we not project a variety of selves who might crawl Through a wall or travel through space and place the flag of friendship On a universe of patterns and dots That have mutated Into everyday historical creatures. If this all be true, Fall in line as we pose to climb our family tree. 3- vjoOb Wara nouj b(L tooct n(LicA v dor 5¥ caftai v 1 o oi . i;y hour I b.K. ' 2.-7 ' - ' i ' Scf fci Tracy ROW, VA .0.E6.M 1. r D WENOw ' i ClD ;r WIS ' l " A UtU ' ' ii, Yoo ' ; W i- ; ? 5£ i O tT I Kope our college days are as df p as fhese yere LoVe you always ; ' f . hcri «V ltd r«t - v CrVj JQY: obe r ji ru, etr) ' uJ I , 1 , r-v V- V ' ■Jp (T-- ' , e UiNE i AYS : THf NKS -TO A,ui. iv y C ia s of 80 x. ' r ct,, fed cu. ' Mi cujdj , fco mi ' , ' ckolli uA i To +h« fJ3i-er ficio a ' of " v oo IPX To ' W a , C . a M € c WATEi Polo " I L ' SuboA Lav- y on jv v Pm KLe f?( n LeDuke 6 1 11 Koo. ' U n(A Bryant G-rcs fSlaViuT R (I i e Da " »; J RriF " l h-e ? ig ' i F i7 is ef i AJ.H.5. X Love the Colo t(M £.y t A% oT Oj THe- .. ALL CUE, A 5 f t , 5 Glue, AcE, CmA cB- .V ' ' Tern Bf .-.. ■•■:■. I ,lit, Kim LeBlanc, Anthony Napolitano, Sue Rains and M ii k I unk btii.uine other beings for ' ' PPV ' ' ' ' ' " " " ' JssKinnicnt " way out " dance. Echo Staff ready to write the big story: 1st Row: Tern Brewer, Wayne Garcia, Li a Benson 2nd Row: Stephanie Sloan, Joy Edwards Mueller, Cathy Ginter, 3rd Row: Norman Benoit, Paige Matheny, Bob Houston, Dawn Cold, Carolyn Foley, Diane Peloso, Sue Cook, Kimball Chris Janet Sue Rams, El Pasado photographer, rerords how it was, and how It will be. El Pasado Editor Jan Dunsmore ' s other self leads the way through ' 78 39 5 ' Trip Campbell sounds the call to preview a massive homecoming i Leslie Grimm listens as Dean Kwaitkawski tells the story of how Stranahan will heal the Flying L ' s. Knowing his dance steps. Leotis shows Antonio and Cedric how to do It up Dragon style while Barbara Ace keeps the beat ' - 5S,fel5( 1l ¥5r: ' %m- — ne Glenn and Mike Harris transmit the sounds of today for all to hear With his head held high. Stanley Baker lets the dance begin Ms Corn with sign in hand tells it like it has always been. Jean Curtis and Roxanne Jones take the spaciest football playeri on the team home to rest. ' Mr Citra and Coach Cavari show Mr Sullivan what Stranahan does to ex Fort Lauderdale teachers even if they are today ' s assistant adminis trators Cheerleaders from outerspace come to |0,n the Dragons ,n the form of Coach Thomas and Coach Allen and Coach Tavenner Captain Jean Curtis Tern Brewer Jim Neely and Kurt Wederbrook shake hands as a sign of team togetherness in preparation for the game of the century Joanne Gillespe look up shocked to see her spacey sis ters in action. .■,, ' .. ' Mil ' -anhA Jenny Collins The cheerleaders shoot a universe ot moons to a happy crowd Capil Rose Prince, Lt. Edith Berez, and Ll Allison Coffey emerge from another time. Hopelessly rowdie, the Dragonettes show the spirit that sets the pace for the whole school Wendy Edwards leads the Dragonettes in a rousing r hee First Row; Allison Coffey, Ro-h fnriLt. Lditfi Berecz Second Row: Linda Vaughn, Sherry Lame, Lynn Carter. Sue Minicus, Lon Meassoral, Peggy Hewitt. Madilane Mitach. Shan Basco Third Row: Sandy Gizzi, Michelle Gizzi, Mary Keelan, Colleen Hen dricks, Gail Murmger. Mary Greenwald, Maria Millio, Lisa Steinhurst Fourth Row: Linda Burchnel. Lisa Gallego, Valarie Boar ber, Mara Semiz, Cris Foley, Alba Vanzwela, Debbie Pugh, Edwinter Jones Fifth Row: Cathy Bradford, Debbie Dobbins, Dona Lester. Dona Culbreth, Dons Johnson, Phylis Hope, Jonny Bass, Ginger Van Voast Sixth Row: Sally Johson, Jamia Larson, Julia Minto, Patte Hosterman, Bobby Anderson. Beth Toughey, Merry Carol Dixon, Daisy Howard Seventh Row: Rowena Ander son, Judy Silvia, Dina Baker The marching Dragunultui, .tiu v thuii sutft un the bO yard line with Daisy Howard, Lynn Carter, Dana Baker, Beth Touey Mr Hendon awaits the big event of the Marching Band, The excitement begins as Todd Bradley gives the signal to start Nicki Novak knows her notes Chuck Diggs plays his clarinet. Top Row: Ron Fulton, Jeft Griftin, Mark King, Nelson Herr.iM, Him inr Hcrrird, Lanre Halick, Pat Doorman, Johnny Jordan, Joe Kruzew- ski. Wade Wilcox, Joe Wright, Carl Fulton 2nd Row: John Foiise, Mjrk Jmdersdk, Jean Hovey, Tony Parish, Gary Ratay, Ed Dellicarpini, Doug Kay, Greg Hensel, Chuck Diggs, Bruce Bartusik, Rusty Sinacore 3rd Row; Brenda Sleight, F ebecca Peraz, Sue Hershman, Kelly Cunningham, Melanie Hamilton, Jan Blohme, Gretchen Lindenbolt, Tama Simez, Leslie Grimm, Shelli Rrimmer, Allison Smith, Tammy Poston, Bottom Row: Dorothea Bradford, Sherry Deschenes, Tracy Anthony, Gretchen Thumb, Vicki Zimmerman, Ana Fuentes, Nicki Nowak, Robin Harvey, Amy Cash, Naomi Pazos, Sue Cromer The members of the band prepare to march at halftime. Sharon Wnghl, Gary Ratay, Sherry Deschenes, and Rusty Sinacore pi. during a game Tred Bernstein leads the band on to a grea t performance First Row: Sandi Blackburn, Patricia Pitts, Lori Pottinger, Carolynn Woods, Adele Scott, Karen Knight, Joanne Holland, Janet Hard Debbie Reed Second Row: Stacy Hall, Kelli Evans, Kan Streike, Faye Baker, Patty Marino, Susan Gooding Slrar.a.-.i- S ' Cc ' i Z • = .:„■ ' . ' ■ 2-a " e r-.e-zzr.. A corr.panist: Mike Clark L to r. Bottom Row; S-e .•-.ern ir.. „..e !j.i„r,, De.ores Scruggs, Snaron Foose. Maria Guerra, Debbie Napier, Belh Touhey, Mara Semiz, Mona Monesis, Rose Prince. Top Row: Troy Roysler, Rick Jesus, Sebe Clandy, Jefl Mathews, Mike Clark, John Kansman, Ken McCray, Jerome Manning, Tim Bradford, Ted Schichll Not Shown: Nell Wolfinger. Sandy Martin. ▼ 1 f r H HM ■J J j fpkulij i- Hb- V M ikiKml 1 Bi Clark directs the singers. : Christmas show. JJ Concert Chorus Director Mike Clark, Teacher Ms Hollelt, Accompanisl Caroline Hudson Bottom Row: Betty Walsh. Annette Autry. Licia Santiago, Cheryl Willis, Charmem Lockhart, Sue Cromer, Cathy Durdin, Kista Rush. Dana Edwards, Dana Ford. Joanna Barwick. Delores Mack, Penny Grove Middle Row: Brenda Pillow. Denyse Ore. Kim Hamilton. Anita Cobb, Leslie Hall. Anne Lynch, Sharon Foose, Vincent McMahon, Tina Piccolo, Vernita Lowe, Rada Rasmith, Linda Knapp, Caroline Hudson Top Row: Greg Royster, Jeff Mathews, Ben Bates, Larry Morgan, Allan Hunter, Larry Jones, Daniel Bender, Mike Moment, Chris Bates. Rick Jesus, Ted Schichtl Richard Jesus entertains the audience Caroline Hudson plays the piano as the rest of the singers sing-along. Homecoming can only leave Marsha Hunt and Ginger Baker in smiles. 60 -, jlA Homecoming King — John Basco, and Homecoming Queen Ginger Baker, Queen Ginger Baker prepares to leave the field. A smiling little Joanne Gillespie shows Juniorette spirit. Homecoming Queen Candidate — Con nie Smith. 1976 Homecoming Queen and one of this year ' s candidates, Angela Williams, tour the field. Rose Prince and her escort nervously await the final decision. The judges are Tramonte Watts, Mrs. Burrows, and Mr. Wright Now comes the celebration of the winner. And here is the Wizard ot Whoopee, the Unknown ComirJ ' Mona Meneses, Maria Pachei m, ..khI ( nnl Br 1 hijw to use marionettes Ddwn Cold IS upset about the bad news. 1.1 Afxander find out how the Chris Mueller and Delores Scruggs show off their marionettes. Prom King and Jesters Prom King Gene Pettis Queen and Coutf Angela Prom Queen Marsha Hunt " Ford Lauderdale, Florida " Tel. 564 3221 POWELL MOTOR CO. 1333 N. Federal Hwy. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 The greatest writers and mathematicians in the world had no more to start with than you ' ve got. They just found out how to put it together. Now it ' s your turn. Causeway Lximber Company Boca Raton Fort Lauderdale Plantation RED THUMB HOME CENTERS save where builders sa e STATE FARM INSURANCE STATE FARM INSURANCE CO. Home Offices: Bloomingfon, III, RICHARD D. GIBBS Agenf 410 Davie Boulevard f. Lauderdale, Florida 33312 Bus. Phone: 581-7740 Res. Phone: 581-5594 BROWARD BAND 1316 NE4+h Ave. F+. Lauderdale, Fla. --- ' . M WILLIAMSON RESTAURANT Federal Highway (U.S. 1)atS.E. 14th St. About 10 Blocks South of the Tunnel 12 Private Dining Rooms Public Dining Room for 500 Cocktail Lounge 250 Phone 523- 1443 One For All. All For Free. Buy-O-Matic. Publix Plus. Bill-0-Matic. Money Orders. Cook Travelers Checks. Transfer of Funds to your Checking Account. Gift Folders + Notary Service + Direct Deposit of Income Checks. Discounted Movie Tickets. One Plus Account. All for Free. $10.00 Minimum Balance Required. HOLLYWOOD FEDERAL UJISAVINGS Fort UHidarrial Sti E. Broward Btvd. Phone: 463-4282 Congratulations STRANAHAN HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS Compliments of THE VILLA A Great Place for Pizza VILLA JORO Tel. 792-41 1 1 1 2380 S. St. Rd. 7 Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 33317 BLACKBURN FUNERAL HOME 718 S. Federal Hwy. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. 33316 Senior President Fred Berstien Would we not raise a toast to boast senior pride as the future opens wide to bide the time for graduations past to last long enough to slow the present and show that mankind graduates through life. moment my moment, absorbing the mirth and girth of each new birth. Anno- Fu«i.r -te ' 5 3 men rot __ K Chap MAY JPe fcY Your f er (yt A - , 28 frb.78 Remember: T-u . . J. 8rOU«r- rD€rrjcKS, Dime 5 .« «miUD c«»€r C an 4 4 L - o Dt -V y e II- - .1 ivoft To ' y D«1ne U ' .-Jiv p:p;5iTV 6e ! le e. T T FbunJ Iwc MS. ALW IT N C etc OF V w COL p ( % PJ o all I ' ' Z ■p ' i ' :.0 Xy P TodO IE r,S ' ' X S.H.S. Vy 4 , : TIM4S uJf ' vC Had a LoT of tWaK Owc«.4W OJ MOy Kfl ' fw, J ' RfllTiOS c K 1 i e I.AA.B L, fitG rHtifAftN rt M.V MAA U QJM6 be MCu;. TKcLwK.S f ' or every- +U ' ' WQ CiOuVe d-OMe or me vM I If ' e . . . X Love You oo it [ Your T-ieod Porewerl S T bAill -fJA ' I 7 loRIFedor: | 4.5 u At. ' i-u ' ' .-rrvwi v t L Xn cdc i KO, J :u. L M- A.L.VV UT . c ilj ' , Ol: QU. -WdllE KeV -f iPM ' AC VAI ' . ' ' ftRKft .U .V J,J.- VLWAV6 DONA y Youi-e de-fini-he y ' uL i r my Hit " i O ' jfV never -Toraet a ' Me qca - ' mes Sheri ' B e ' P : i m 0% fm. [Mi ; ■::: , - jkyU S - ' -y Third in Class — Patty LaHaie Fourth in Class — Eduardo Cabrera Fifth in class — Leslie Grimm Evelyn Havan Edith Berecz Sixth in Class (Three Way Tie) - Wayne Garcia Tenth in Class — Bill Cranston Ninth in Class — Laura Dolan Eleventh in Class — Kim Ratay For All Photographic Needs HOBBY HOUSE Kraft R-C Systems Plane and Boat Kits Sig Balsa Dremel Engines — All Types Model Marine Supplies 305 S. AndrwsAv. 522-1522 Beirs Beauty Shop 841 N.W. 16th Ave. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 3331 1 (305) 584-4407 Owned And Operated By: LUCY B. GRAFTON DIXON David Armstrong Beatrice Baily Ginger Baker Peter Anzelon Gwendolyn Badger r - Carol Angermuller Catherine Armerding Pat Badstibner Connie Baxter Craig Black Keith Blakeman 91 Melvin Boatwright Enid Brandon Lizzie Brown Lillie Bryant Deborah Brito Annette Browning Linda Bryant Annette Bouyer Tanya Britton Marsha Brunette Don Buckland Gloria Brown Judy Bryant Richard Bursey Sharon Busch Soraya Calvera William Coftman Mike Corday Catherine Cret er i William Cranston Fernando Cruz Michelle Davis Donna Culbreath Aurelia Dale Sherry Deschenes Susan Deubler Maureen Dolan Jean-Pierre Ducas Dolores Dominick Christian Duffy Barry Dodge Kimberly Drennen Mike Dodge Lisa Dreyer Ross Edstrand 96 Wendy Edwards Calvin Ethridge Carlos Eques Lori Ann Fedor Robin Fingerle «6» ■ ' • O .V Monica Fogaras Richard Foley Deborah Ford Ana Fuentes Randall Fulton Anthony Garofalo Francis Garofalo Joanne Gillespie Leslie Grimm t Angela Gurley 98 Jeffrey Haas Tim Habig Christine Haakonson Douglas Ha Jacqueline Harden Cynthia Hamilton 11 Tami Handy Beverly Hardwick Beth Harple Michael Harris Rena Henry Susana Herman Shen Hf yer Lascheryl Hinton 99 Daisy Howard Lucretia Jackson Thomas Jackson Russ Irving Faye Jackson Evelyn Jacobs Patti Jamerson Maria Hurtado Robert Jinderack Leah Hurly Richard Jesus Edwinter Jones John Kansman 102 Palricia Kelly Larry Jones Cheryl Keberdle Roxanne Jones Lawrence Kelly Willie Key Dan Kilpalrick Anna King Richard King Carl Knight Thomas Krips Raymond Lake Tracey Landerfeld Harold Lanyon Steve Lauderback Sandra Lee Mary Legette 103 Dwight Lewis Evelyn Loving Jerome Manning Teresa Mason Rhonda Lewis » Deloras Mack •».., Michael Markenstein Jarvis McArthur Karen Lindenbolt Theodore Martin Barbara McBride N 104 Joanne McBride Carol McCarthy Kevin McCarlny Todd Macneir Miguel Martinez Catherine McBride Shirley McClain Marvin McChary Ellisa McCormick David McCoy Barbara McDowell John McKay Richard McKinnis Kevin McNeely Cheryl Mierisch Mona Monezis Gary Monroe Michael Moore Sylvia Murphy 105 James Neely Michelle Needy Debbie Napier Kathryn Noon Carl Olson =v Enrique Pantell Clayton Pates Bill Orange 5O Kurt Perrv Debra Peterson Brenda Petoskey Varann Pn krif ' y . s Walter Pierce Lornaine Pottinger Derek Phillips Robert Pilkington Shelly Powell 108 Phil Proffer Barry Rudanoff Shelli Pfrimmer Michelle Picket Angelo Pillitteri w» ■ Jacqueline Ramos Rolando Ramos Kimberly Ratay 4 Eric Raynal Chavela Reid Michelle Reid Sherry Reynolds Ron Ricker Nancy Rush Melissa Rushin Alice Sanford 109 Sandra SanMiguel Lisa Schwartz Sherri Schwartz Dolores Scruggs Randy Sherman Cednc Shirley Janet Simpson Julie Skidmore 110 IvarSkogland Dyana Sleight nifjbk V Ldsh. ' IfSdidrt Prenella Spicer ,, ,, Laurie Terwilliger Cunnie Smith Daniel Stacy Nathaniel Strum Benny Thomas W " Kent Smith Diane Si Amand V Chris Sughrue Nellie Thomas Kenneth Todd Susan Tufts i Deborah Spallitia Rupert Taffe Marcia Valenzuela in 112 Julia Whisler Pamela White Cheryl Whitney Diane Willey Miriam Williams Kelly Wolf Shelia Wnght Alberta Willidtus Veronica Williams Katherine Worley Angela Williams Annette Willis Joseph Wright Kevin Wynn m Donna Windham Sharon Wright Ricky Yancy Greg Yocca Carrie Youngblood Sponsor 1 1 3 Liberty Bailey Valedictorian — Karen Folz Qalufaforian Susan Tuffs 115 Convenient Full-Sen ice Banking Locations Throughout Florida Centum RAIK W«i FORT LAUDERDALE (2 downtown locations) 25 S Andrews Ave ; 501 E Las Olas Blvd CORAL RIDGE (2 locations) 2626 E Oal land Pk Blvd , Onthe-Beach, N E 33rd Ave . 4 30th St HOLLYWOOD 3363 Sheridarl. LAUDERDALE LAKES (2 locations) 3649 W Oakland Pk Blvd . Branchin-theMall. 3351 N State Rd -7 PLANTATION 8200 W Broward Blvd BOYNTON BEACH 1920 S Federal Hwy WEST PALM BEACH 2608 N Dixie Hwy. Cpntury Banks ate located in Bovnton Beach, Fort Lauderdale. Gainesville. Gulf Breeze Hollv ood I audetdale Lakes. Lehigh Acres. Melbourne. Milton, North Palm Beach " . Paldtka, Pembroke Pines ' . Pensacola. Plantation, Pompano Beai Sf Petersburg. West Palm Beach ' Opemng 1 7 581-5612 ADAMS BASS MOTOR CO. INC. George J. Bass Choice Trucks and Cars 2600 W. Broward Blvd. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 33312 PRETTY POODLES Professional Grooming All Breeds Hand Scissoring Custom Made Dog Accessories " FOR SERVICE CALL " PRETTY POODLES 2607 Davie Blvd Malnum Marntf Factory Authorized Mercury Outboard Mercruiser Stern Drive Fiberglass Repair OMC Stern Drive Volvo Penta INTRACOASTAL MARINE SERVICE. INC. 522-2809 1335 S.E. 16th Street Ft. Lauderdale, Fla, 33316 SALES • SERVICE • STORAGE N. American — Signature — McKee 1600 N. W. 27th Terrace Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 33311 Phone (305) 484-1864 Developers of Homes • Apartments DON F. BAILEY President Your future is showing. It ' s bright and promising. You ' ve picked your friends well. You ' re determined to succeed. You have a warm, winning personaHty. And you expect to be around a long, long time. Good for you. FIRST FEDERAL OF BROWARD... Right for you. Fi,.| l-,-d, ' ..,|-i,iviliK-,inill.Mi, s„,,.il„.,i.ilH,,.v.,,rilOiUl,lv Faculty Chairman Ron Bullingham Would we not yearn to learn of the magnificence ' of robot thought generations and compare the little red school house genre with open alternatives that would force all mankind to gain control of outer space within his own brain ® v ; 6 n r)nf:, ' ,rt -li ' O A i vaj Did AT rF ' io TO fAV tu ' rtf-T, . »4. Kf P THOSE Gr cf . J K r 0MJ ycM. ta.1 +ht cx+ ftvi years. X)« eus mvicA oj yotccon. ■B. T, XVvjpe i t+iCL+ am. 5irY Keep « 9eH cr. X wisK you wer€ r 1- rvvOv;r (ft » ' i» -to 3© -fol C-MTtJA [Y L YVK A: To f U favorite S rwors l . . Pa . ' uU kie. Leslie 6 r» Ti Eric Ra - i c l Karer Pol Desc-KeneS;P " ttv Hav-jctu, I Ev elv Hc v c n y Pat; I PovO 3;0er r y - " " ColhrsS Pc t Dorrv- c love, you cxU.T ' l rrNNSS you Ser vor$. T ' Vv ' Lowe ' s you ' ve mac - f-h i Qrea ' t st- ' Thanks ' ■ ' cif ' CM; W, :u. M- i S V f IP J h ' " " « . ' ' Grope v e, n-«-4r-f f « r -e c-Zifl " . ' r- ' ,H c X ■ Un dcr cJa ' iS sn ' hh ii- fi-E e School- Gooot LocK. ]Mft ,. do iooe ou i nc mi. Scin- lleA 1 She ' a - An (l«rvrvi ' e, , it uj ll c, -fhis hosr Ka done t |ov4. Thanx 4aciVm m€ -fo B CDITOR coir 0 tfy yo « = • ' ■ ' To aJI oj: i 1 r o ' ' TU ov you, P " - : «-■ ' »» o- CO- o P " J ' ' ( .(X- Hl hJc yf. , P ' 6i? 1 I : .m A r-i ! » " r 3 Mr. John L. Sullivan, Asst. Principal Mrs. Anne Mosely, IBM. Secretary Ms. Criss consults Dean Askew on pressing matters Mr. Scruggs forgets being a dean. F ' Mr. Martin conveys message to Mr, Cifra via intergalactic device while leleph-innnj t,j, ImIj; an Freebairn and h,s musical contraption sends greetings to all English classes here, there and everywhere. Jim Keelan arrives to speak from parts unknown. Charles Shannon stops to catch a note or two. .f ' 4 ., fl It ) k r Mrs Morns demonstrates a mprhanir al teacher to he XV ¥ . Tern Brewer and Mr, Sullivan discuss Mike Alexander f_nd,Kevin, ynn do ,] Echo affairs. their spacey skit for Mrs. Turner. Mike Hoffman and Ken [Hester under surveillance. William Ware and Robert Langston figure dimensions for new Space Odyssey Carol Writley wonders about stars while in Earth Science, Cii a f._..J ( J; y Science Teacher 1984 Ana Fuentes holds hands with legless c haracter J Mr. Treadwell ' s Social Studies class takes a nap before recreating their fantasies from childhood 0 ' L7 ' Dee Ann Johnson cuddles up to a friend Patti Saganski and Jeff Hickman hold Impressions of their past while fantasizing about their future. Mr Treadwell, in one of his better moods! James Gordon is skeptical about unidentified information. Janet Simpson greets fellow beings of the ever present. Bruce Kolb expresses his emotions. Ed Stevens and Kris Brown practice CPR on Kurt Wederbrook. Mr. Adkins helps Trip Campbell with his homework. 139 Ed Stevens gets a tew pointers from Mr. Snyder. m ms 5 ' " Mr Dave Boyett im m m Mr. Valentir " helps out his student with a cheerful assignment. Dave Yip finds a solution for tfie class. Allison Smith asks a simple question but receives a detailed explanation from Mr, Snyder, Edith Berez, Patty LaHaie and Rolando Ramos put their brains together to solve a problem. Seth Whitcomb and Stephen Seidel contact beings from beyond. M.iyi ' s helps Patti Jamerson Matt Rantanen brazes a pro|ect Angelo Pilliteri cleans up after the festival. Ms Barnes samples food by John Basco and Oscar Shaw. Kathy Hungerford ' s eager to batter the prize .i,rit(i ruit ' s his blindfolded pinata i Ana Cartinel expresses her gratitude toward Santa. Tern Tompkins waits impatiently to receive her candy. Que tal, chico? Spanish proves to be interesting and fun! Ms. Schober helps her pupils. Ihris Provoyeur reads a narrative to the lass Mr. Kruse leans back and takes things easy. Brenda Radford practices her typing. Josephine Hess — Business Department Head Mr. Rupponer demonstrates ' how it ' s done. ' Tali.ina Sert Janice Moment and Antonetle Green mess around in class. Garfield Taffe experiences " Scooter surfing. nts out driving signs. Coach Hupp demonstrates his award winning forehand. Charles Paynter adds a touch of color to his life. Ar+ Teacher 1984 Mark McKinley, Larry Gordon and James Bostic doing " bubble sculpure. " Mrs, Miller proves her talent by |0ining in on an art lesson. Karl Merklein expresses his artwork to help boost school morale. Mr. Hatchell displays a color wheel to his class. • MtUON,Ar,l) ' S ' H((;)isaiuoiik|j BAND Fred Bernstein looks back on his memorable experience with the " McDonald ' s All-American High School Band. 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Member FSLIC Accounts Insured up to $40,000 by the Federal Savings Loan Insurance Corporation A Great Place to Be Whether It ' s Dinner Or Cocktails Join our Captains and Flight Attendants In our " Final Approach " Cocktail Lounge For Your Leisure Moments . . . RUNWAY 84 RESTAURANT LOUNGE Then Enjoy Dinner in " The Hangar " as You Dine on the Finest of Foods From Throughout the World. Lunch Served 1 1AM-2:30 PM Mon.-Sat. Dinner Served 611 PM 7 Days Sunday 5-10 pm Cocktail Hour 5-7 PM Mon.-Fri. Complimentary Hot and Cold Hors d ' oeuvres Proper Attire Requested We Honor VISA, Master Charge 467-8484 330 State Road 84 Fort Lauderdale neufs fbratt you do. LH Fort Lauderdale News r -r- ' WuTfa C " " ' FRANK AND JIMMIE ' S PROP SHOP lOOS.W. Ft. Laud Phone: Sixth Street erdale, Fla. 523 7723 ARCHIE ' S HAIR SCHEME Getting and Keeping the Haircut You Want One Financial Plaza Landmark Bank BIdg. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 33394 BOB ' S AUTO PARTS 763-3679 505 NW 1 0th Terrace Ft. Laurderdale. Fla. 3331 I Junior President Lisa Klasing Would we not urge the soon to be born seniors to scorn everything that we can taste in haste as we sense the suspense of a hereafter and a here before as the core is examined and found lacking and without backing in the cosmos. Acre. sxL (lj:xjcrA. iu:)i6. Foo o f j c la 55 of 7S of yoc. 7 r 5 tC ' COmG. specially to SeieNl£ 9 1j 4 ' y t ' r ft? . - • is •3 EaTI L r QAVo do ct, .OOOCC, JJ.?. ' Sill 11 tJe e c( tor}- 6» fVr O h«ll here ihSK5.« «4 Vcdr H ill be ©or Ias4l Between M on »rJ Urt voor fhe hesk •! he pl GuLA-AeeA)T ypu bWD y(?u UA5T7H£ f J Knows S 1 (A. H - X 9 IT 1 i mp LL-- ' - ' O. to scvy 2 kMeto 0. i u M. : h School oortcihHer. -2? ( N- NT ' M il S OCT Ovc•s V " ■ le olet hu- she - 4 EC HO • jp- cr ' V a,c,C r «• ita r ? UoCH ice ' s, t ' sJ e. ' j cui r :i ' ' « Looe , WRCSTLCRSKNOW J . X THC Moves ! I . ' ep up -+l- e cvV - - " ■ A SM ■bpcc ,oJ the oKt) " K m ' bi ' sf Vvv ' fvl ■tiS Melmda Adams Howard Adkins Frank Adderley Chris Ahrens Suzanne Alley Bobbi Anderson Rowena Anderson Serrin Anderson Maria Amo Tracy Anthony Donna Antinoro Mane Anzelon Cleveland Arnold Linda Aubel Bill Autry Earl Badger Kelly Baker Melanie Baldwin Barbara Balzer David Banaszak Joyce Banic Tanice Barfield Sheri Basco Ben Bates John Bates Kris Beals Susan Beasley Tracy Beavers Patricia Beck Bernard Beckman Mary Behringer John Behrman Judy Bellows Lori Benson Isabel Bernal John Berryhill Mark Bittner Greg Blahut David Bocoing Maria Borbolla Atiit j Debbie Boston Britt Bradford Kathy Bradford Todd Bradley Tom Brennan Tern Brewer Jim Bridges Dan Bristow Becky Brown Lizze Brown Roy Brown Troy Bryant Linda Burcfinell Eddie Bursa Robin Bursey Lisa Klasing exiiibits her talent. Our President ' s motto: " Practice makes perfect. Deana Deerman Lisa Defedeli Mike Demarest Sharon Foose Vicki Foote Ronnie Fortmeyer Debbie Foulks Margaret Fox ' t. Ml- ' % ) g ' M e Angela Fulmore Lisa Gallego GregGallion Robert Gaogan Sharon Garrity Cathy Ginters Sandra Gizzi Robert Goins Robert Goldsmith Mary Gordon Debra Green Keith Green Mary Greenwald Mike Grigg Jeff Grimmett Nancy Grogg Penny Grove Maria Guerra Beth Guethler John Gurley Elizabeth Hall Dan Hallgren Lance Hallick Kathy Halverson Scott Hamilton Tim Hamilton Debra Handley Mike Handy Janet Hardwick John Harmon Kim Harrington Winston Harris Lori Harrold Teresa Hassett Debbie Heasley Colleen Hendricks David Hensel Hector Herrara Ken Hester Eric Higdon Jody Hildebrand Michael Hoffman Joanne Holland Chris Hollyman Lone Holsapfel Robert Hord Ellen Hornick Kim Hornick Roxanne Hornick Tim Houmes Robert Houston Jason Hubbard Kathy Hungerford Cecil Hunter Cheryl Irving Elaine Jackson Evelyn Jacobs Shawn Janniche Mike Janson Osualdo Jimenez Joiceteen Johnson Richard Johnson Sally Johnston Don Jones Evelyn Jones James Jones Sandy Jones Brenda Jonstone Tom Joyce Shirley Kahler Ahmud Kahok Pam Karageorges Jim Keelan James Kelley Robert Kelley Richard King Lisa Klasing Karen Knight Linda Kool Verlinda Lampkin Le Lang Jamia Larson Karen Larson William Lauderback Neil Lawerence Darlene Lealh Caroline Lee Carol Lehman Lance Lehman James Leonard Jeff Leriger t )nna Lester Kris Lester Faye Lewis Bruce Limm Mike Lindie Kenny Lit1le|ohn Juan Lorenzo Cherie Lumia Michelle Lungberg Sandy Martin, Junior Class Secretary ' Is Piano playing the Key to her futurei " Don Lynch Keith MacBride Marty Malsbury Diane Mamphen Randy Manchester Diana Mandli Tern Markestyn Tom Markestyn John Martin Robert Martin Sandy Martin Paige Matheny Jeff Mathews Lynn McCaslin Charlie McClung Reggie McCoy Kay McDaniel Barbara McDowell Mark McKay Robert McMahon John McMilllan Marsha McMilliari Keith McNeely Robin McPherson John Mears Julia Minto William Mitchell Madalane Mittash Joe Moment Dawn Moody Jim Moore Rosanna Motesy Lynn Mulveiny Gail Muringer Hugh Nestor Anthony Newton David Nielsen Brad Noe David Noe Tracy Norton RoseanneOutten Alyson Owler Carlos Pacheco Julie Padran Sherry Pagano Ronnie Paine Alfred Parker Tami Parkinson Tony Parnch Noemi Pazos Valerie Pergolizzi Barbara Peterson Tom Phelis Carol Phillips LuAnne Piland Cathy Pitts Gwendolyn Pitts Tammi Poslon Robin Powell Paul Powers David Pnkle Aly Prosky Jeff Raymond Paula Reid Chris Reilly Melinda Rentz DeeDee Revelle Kathy Ring Steve Rogers Cindy Romano Sonny Romano Bill Sadowski Aggie Salsamendi James Samuel Tony Sanders Keena Sanford Carmen Santos Bob Sarvey Yvette Sass Sheri Sayre Janet Scarborough Dave Schaller Carol Scheirmann Judy Schmelz William Schmidt Adele Scott Debbie Shannon Jonny Shaw Oscar Shaw ;:;- ' S ■ " Judy Silvia Randy Skidmore Sarah Skoglund Yvonne Slaughter David Smalley Sharon Smith Youlanga Smith Sandra Snyder Steve Sobol Shelley Star Joyce St, Dennis Kim Stedfield Margret Stephen Liz Story Melvin Story Kan Struike Mary Swartz ' Jrlean Taylor Herb Taylor Marcia Tennyson Denise Thebold Sue Thebold Andrea Thomas Jeanette Thomas Phillis Thomas Robert Thompson Terri Thornburg Mike Tibbets Chuck Todd Ten Tompkins Norma Torres Lori Vasselo Linda Vaughn Ray Vickers John Viggiani Linda Volz Jonnie Walker Waitus Walker Randy Warren Sarah Watkins Anthony Weaver Debbie White Jackie Whitfield Mark Whitlleton Kelvin Wilkerson Paula Wilkins PavioWill James Williams Janice Williams Juanita Williams Ram Williams TIFFANETTES ,- v r :«. -;• ■ TIffane+tes Tiffane+tes Tiffane+tes Tifanet+es TIffane+tes Tlffanet+es TIffane+tes TiHanettes TIff nettes Tiffantttes TIffanettes TIffanettes TIffanettes TIffanettes Stranahan TIffanettes TIffanettes TIffanettes TIffanettes TIffanettes TIffanettes TIffanettes TIffanettes TIffanettes TIffanettes TIffanettes TIffanettes TIffanettes TIffanettes TIffanettes Financing Available Used Cars — Trucks DISCOUNT TRANSMISSION SERVICE " n ' WEST AUTO CORP. 927 S. State Road 7 Plantation, Florida h " :l 791 6880 Buy Sell Trade oom. Distinctive Penthouse Dining 5:30 p.m. — 1 1:00 p.m. Pre-Theatre Dinners From $5.95 Served 5:30-7:00 Nightly In the Lounge Pierre Page at the Piano Bar Reservations: 524-5551 ARROWHEAD COUNTRY CLUB A 8201 NW 24th Davie Tel. 584 0130 • 1 8 HOLE PAR 70 • PRACTICE RANGE • GOLF SHOP • TENNIS COURTS • BANQUETS • LOUNGE • DINING 0 Jfl» c ALTERATIONS REPAIRS LlftMTlNft fOautIS Of ALL KINOt 467-2909 George L. Burrows Electrical Contractor " Free Estimates " BURROWS ELECTRIC COMPANY 1 552 Northwest 6th Street Fort Lauderdale, Florida THE SALVATION ARMY " Caring Is Sharing " Tel. 463-4572 1315 W. Broward Blvd. 1901 W. Broward Blvd. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. GILBERT BAIL BONDS Tel. 462-3331 121 4 West Broward Blvd. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 33312 m Athletic Director Lou Gibson Would we not wish to shuttle into space and face a galaxy of rivals on the grid and on the courts of sports J ' : ' m. r arenas w floating flawlessly before our faces in places never before fancied. hM- . ' ■= iC A; . iiril KrC Key C . ' •111 Vylj q experienc l. TO L.H- 7HI5 i.S 10 Rl!Ml D 05 OF 0 ' PROM15E ABC ' L ' r P P- FRCrA D.C. © J (xJ -C U- ' -c 1- - ' t r Py, Tl ' LC. .r - " v ; _i v? r- ■ ' ' ' r dorv r. - .■H i y fV Jln ' is ' J. SKIP +he 1 1 D Do -- Q fuMT ' rr 1 1 I the thought left unsaid blows away in the wind. Leaving no trace of it ' s comina or going. The leaves go on fallina, the sun goes on shining. Having not the pleasure of hearing the thought left unsaid. But in the night the thought slips back. And you wish it hadn ' t been .a thought left unsaid. cBjtJvv- yfcr O S U z mtss CL e A criAMP. Ro cr H. 6c ird Grood Luck ANcTloR Tt» Love ■ Connie- J U rs O €1 T T E. 0 - X y Cir ' DS - - -ac Co a r 6a s 77V am ?us zh ' U V U j - .if " ' GO £: qi2 ) £ c . ? 7 7 zu7 £: Lovs L ocy 97 - ht C A?ss of 7 Z7Z A c s £- £ s ? e £ ' Sojvg i_£ c £ je. ZTg j w c C ' y .csyt= y,£. %u ? % 1 .A. . " 1 . . 1 1 ' i L " rC " " • Carlton Rose causes fumble Football Team: First Row; Bernie Gonzaltv, Brj ' i Nuf, Tony Garotalo, Mark Funk, John Basco, Bruce Capone, Todd MacNeir, Dean Todd, Ricky Jesus, Ron Twist Second Row: Mike Marshall, Chris Ryan, Mulvaney, Terry Smith, Walter Pierce, Jeff Leriger, Herb Taylor, Derek Phillips, Andy Gooding, Tim Houmes, Jim Acton, Anthony Newton Third Row: Dennis Walker, Jesse Williams, Earl Badger, Rick Olsen, Frank Garofalo, Kurt Wederbrook, Mike Farina, Jim Neely, Mike Jansen, Ron LeDuke, Anthony King. Fourth Row: Ronnie Paine, Carlton Rose, Sam Williams, Bernie Beckman, Paul Powers, Scott Shields, Ed Bursa, Eric Raynal, Ed Stevens, Craig Black, Fifth Row: Mike More- house, Melvin Boatwnght, Mark Rush, Randy Skidmore, Chris Duffy, Carl Kurzrock, Phil Davis, Steve Rogers, Scott Dixon, Athletic Director Lou Gibson Dr Stevens, Team Doctor | HB 4I . .J m=r ■ R [ jjfl ll j S ■ ' Hjl H Defensive Line Coach Allen P .Mfl K. jj j kS m H|l B B . 1 ■» H Football Coach Rick Perry discusses strategy Carlton Rose and Scott Dixon display tough aetense Team Doctors Mr Norcia, Dr Whitson l, ' U I .■IKl. ' t tt Mark Rush penetrates through the defense for some yardage liiMiBI iMMtftiSia Dragons defense stops Ft. Lauderdale attack Scotl Dixon, Earl Badger, John Basco i isi i ' «!. 1 Boys ' Water Polo: Third Row: Mih fialogh, Mike Dodge, Tony Bursey. ' eWld Row; Mike Gard ner, Chris Nielson, Norman Dodge. First Row: Scott Bishop, Tim Nichols, MSrk Braymer. ursey. 3 Wd i rm r ' v vr X A 1 I ' Girls ' Water Polo; Beth Todd, Liz Story, am Karageorges, Kathy Halverson, Kathy Hunge Tompkins, Diane Bard, Debbie Brito, Tanya Britton, Elizabeth Hall, Barbie Brito. rf«cdr iiOTiPP Coach Chapman Girls Cross Country Team — lakes . ' Pott " tnams it up. fc■fc■?s .ncr Leslie Grimm Boys ' Cross Country Team: Ken Hester, Rich Foley, Jarvis McArthur, David Jones, Mike Lindie, Marsial Echinique. Jarvis McArthur leads the team to another victory. mw m ' } . Qti ■ X,- L4«f " -y Girls ' Cross Country: First Row: Lori Pottinger Second Row: Ana Fuentes, Leslie Grimm, Pani Jamerson, Sharon Busch Third Row: Beth Gueth- ler, Lisa English, Suzanne Alley, Sandy San Miguel Sharon Busch and Leslie Gnmm Sharon Busch 211 Girls Varsity Basketball First Row: Veronica Wilhams, Cheryl Irvmg, Second Row: Marca Tennyson, Sharon Smith, Evelyn Jones, Simone Wilburn, Liz Jones, Melinda Adams, Peggy Brown Benny pulls down a rebound Gene Petlis moves through the air with the greatest of ease. Dennis Walker Craig Black VarsiTv Basketball; Derek Phillips, Roben Gree- .i- " o- - .-- .e lugene PeTTis, Dennis Wsa?- t- 1: .000- J-acyacA a-- Thomas, David Schaller, Cameron Clarke. Ray Vickers. Girls reioice atler a sweei viclor ' f elinda drives for two eas points Maro la shoots her deadi lumper Evelyn Jones sets up to shoot while Veronica Williams looks o ' ' y %.. ' ■•■i J •t ' V " : - ST !!!rr 3h Hr„i.;pr Piprre Bob Sarvev Cv Wynn, John Martin, Kim LeBlanc (not shown), Berr Bob Sarvey never ■counts the lights, " right Sarv? Bernie Gonzales does a sitout to escape his opponent. Mark Funk prepares to pin. Carl Kurzrock pins opponent to win the match for Stranahan. f-- % A jp Coach Haskett -.JlU».i|l ' ll « r Captain Marcia Hunt y s h f§kr Veronica Williams dives for the ball Chris Lester sets up for a spike Sue Herman Varsity Volleyball: First Row: Sue Herman, Veronica Williams, Lynn Fortaleza, Marsha Hunt, Capt. Second Row: Beth Todd, Debbie Peter- son, Jenny Collins. Third Row: Ms. Haskett, Mane Anzelon, Angle Fulmore, Kris Lester, Bobbi Anderson, Chuck Donate. DihliM f ' .iiison spikes the ball. While teammates look on. Marcia Hunt, first team all county. Sherri Noe defends tfie Dragon ' s territory. Girl ' s volleyball players. Sue Herman, Jenny Collins, and Veronica Williams. f y . { ■ i J ■ ' v. ' • , ' V- ' ' ? -y i ' -v%:? i? ' ' ' Kl- ' ■■ ' ' " ' ' - .u- ' -r ' " .--- ,, i Hii ' .dioit, BjitLd!! Third Row: Coach Pete Cavan, Oscar Shaw, Dave Smalley, Ricky Fuentes, Tony Napolitano, Bill Autrey, Second Row; Bubba Lanyon, Mike Demerest, Jeff Leriger, Scott Bishop, Kurt Wederbrook. Third Row: Ovi Jemenez, David Latorre, Ray Fortaleza, John Basco, Tom Butts, Paul Powers. vdi iiy baiyiii3 Seconti Row: Cathy Bradlutd, Ram tdstburn. Donna Leslci First Row: Shawn Janneche, Kathy Birkmeyer, Connie Baxter, Diane St. Amand H m Girls ' Softball: First Row: Debbie Pokryska, Dotti Cauwenberghs, Sue Herman, Marcia Hunt, Kathy Delegal, Kelly Cunningham Second Row: Faye Jacksori Barbra Peterson, Ann Lynch, Maryann Howard, Tammy Heidcamp, Veronica Williams Third Row: Becky Brown, Don Lynch, Brenda Mizeil, Cheryl Keberdle, Annette Bouyer, Debbie Peterson, Anna King, Cheryl Irving. Debbie Peterson ,.. ' C7a ' . ' »:.W. ' : ' ' ' = " ' -n ' C: .. Z -- ' ■ -W Boys ' Swim Team: Second Row: Tim Nichols, Randy Manchester, Chris Nielsen, Mike Balogh, J. T. Moore, Front: Danny Mandich Tripper White, Dave Smith, Ronnie Fortmeyer, Girls ' Swim Team: Second Row: Maureen Dolan, Pam Karageorges, Beth Todd, Center: Kathy Halverson, Lisa Scott Liz Storv Front- Deb- bie Brilo, Ginger Baker, Jan Bloom, Barbara Brito, Debbie Brito, Maureen Dolan, Ginger Baker, Pam Karageorges Coach George Valentine X Liz Story practices her butterfly stroke. Tim Nichols Chris Nielson 4mt Maureen Dolan does recordbreaking breaststroke. Pam Karageorges Terry Tompkins Kerry Rhodenbough Girls Tennis Team: First Row: Kerry Rhodenbough, Wendy Howell, Stacy Hupman, Sue Tompkins. Second Row: Coach Brown, Tern Tompkins, Chris Lester, Kathy Hungerford, Jenny Collins, Coach Bratton, Boys Tennis Team: First Row: Chris Voet, Phillip Flavell, Norman Wilkerson. Second Row: Coach Brown, Mike Merrill Demitrius Alexander, Fernando Cruz, Kim Bethea, Coach Bratton. v - im m ' ' ' (■ ?;•■■«¥; Fernando Cruz tftml+ ltffi Norman Wilkerson Kathy Hungerford Jenny receives the ball as Kris Lester looks on. Dave Smilpy reldxps dtter i " tough " 18 holes Cedrick Shirley ■■•■ m M is M iwW . ' " " " ' •liiTf .. ■• S ' ' 242 ¥ ,.- " ' ' ' . ■■ ' •■ Z " Boys ' Track Team; First Row: Anthony Clarnty, Billy Stevens, Jimmy Gerum, David Jones, Dean Kwiatkoski, Jarvis McArlhur, Anthony Pedro, Joe Wright. Second Row: Coach Chapman, Todd McNeir, Walter Pierce, Steve Sobol, Ed Cabrera, Mark Rush, Anthony Taylor, Dean Todd, Brad Noe, Richard Andrusiglio. Jarvis McArthur paces the team in the mile run Girls Irdik Ic.tni First Row: Sharon Busch, Lori Pottmger, Debbie Sawyer, Sheri Noe, Angela Gurley, Pam Watson Second Row: Betty Jo Sparks, Sandy San Miguel, Annette Crance, Beth Guenthler, Susanne Alley, Angella Fullmore. Suzanne Alley Dean Todd pulls away in the 220 yard dash. - lht- ' - ' -t Coa .h Christian Sheri Noe makes her move. h Angela Fullmore Walter Pierce takes his mark. " The " Agony of defeat FERRETERACUBANA (HARDWARE) Complete Line of Sprinkler Systems Pump Repairs Parts for Appliances 2611 Davie Blvd. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 33312 Armando Pazos Tel.: 581-6464 |3ro ' sPORT SWO?S DIRECT FACTORY DISTRIBUTORS Spotbilt • Spalding • Rav lings • MacGregor • Louisville Sluggers Danskin • Speedo • Adidas • Converse We Sell Trophies Too! 906 N. Federal Hit, iway 763-7111 Across Street From Sears 248 LAUDERHILLMALL 58 1 -08 1 1 Coral Ridge Shopping Plaza 585 2433 Business Ph.: 463-4931 Home Ph.: 525-2672 Personalized Cosmetics Merlene Atkins Studio Owner 266SW31 St. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. BURGER KING 19 BURGER KING 792-6285 3491 West Broward Blvd. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 33312 Thank You Mr. Kolb for Helping Us This Year LAUNDRY DRY CLEAN FRESH AS A DAISY Cleanest and most convenient laundromat in the city. Parking for 1 5 cars. Attendant on duty. Drop off laundry and dry cleaning. Competitive Prices — Self Service Cas Wash 25c We Think Clean 8CX)S. Andrews Ave. .ISr bor Beach Pha 4331 Ravenswood Road Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 33021 584. 1637 Qophomore President Faye Baker Would we not rage those of a younger age to look f uturistically at the remnants of each passing second that has beckoned to us and then waved " Good-bye ' leaving us to wonder " Why " we did not learn to fly through all ages believing. x € ' (i vJ ' l:r fo s Y i .-X ) 4. ■ V i V " Coc ( HOT OOST W THE WltlO ' ChttAWa ' KoW ' »- V-lK (3e le CS L j-e a « txdrtfni -H A ' . ' .. C i.-ft. 6- -S D ■c n.i.L.L.c[ ' 54 g 4 o Uv Hy " ' ' j_ _v I) 0;e s . os - or- )fi- b - ' " f4f r f .-Cv 5 m (LV lW 4vr . v ' ' , o 4, 5+.i -1r,. UA ' T- ' . " " - ' ' " f t -e " i ' l .i r 3 r. r- Q li ' ' ] 0 p vD-f - ' a c ' " ' ' V o T ll t. AS Ln ' ■ ' ■ -.. " " ' h - ' " " ' - fvef -.«- ' ' f„ Barbara Ace Sue Adams Demetirus Alexander Jane Alexander Timmy Allen Richard Androslgll Jimmy Atkins Joe Autry Ronnie Badger Annette Bailey Richard Bailey Benny Baker Dana Baker Faye Baker John Baker Cheryl Banner Dave Barker Carlos Barbolla Lisa Barwick Chris Bates Margaret Baumgart Richard Baumgart Wayne Bell Curtis Bennet Marvin Bennett Donna Bergstrom Jesse Betterley Jim Bishop Lori Bittner Sandy Blackburn Dave Bland Tracy Blevins Jan Bloom Leslie Bloom John Bowmen Cathy Brown Kim Brown Robert Brown Tern Brown Willie Brown Janet Brunson Lisa Bunson Ik SPih:yl«w L Janet Busch Ed Callahan RobCalzaretta Gary Cannon Anita Carr Elaine Carr Debra Carroll Sherrie Carroll Eddie Carter Lynn Carter Pat Carter Donald Carver Amy Cash Charlie Cason Kim Cassoloan Rusty Casteel Dottie Cauwenberghs Clinton Chambers James Chance Tama Chant Mike Chatham Price Chearnley Teresa Clay Sue Clemens Pat Cleveland Brad Cloman Anita Cobb Jose Cobielles Diana Cone David Conroy Dave Cook Warden Copeland Sherry Coppet Eugene Cox Annette Cranee DeniseCrapser Gladys Crawford Beatrice Cuccu Sponsor — Mildred Slaughter Alphonso Dacas Paul Darcey Dan Davis Mary Davis Kathy Delegal Edio Delhcarpini Annie Delvecchio David Demarest Patricia Demars Stacy Dempsey Jeff Diet? Mary Carol Dixon Robert Dobbins Jose Dominquez Roland Dominquez Pat Dorman Elizabeth Downey Fred Dresselt Ralph Drinnen Linda Ducas Ernie Duncan Jan Durrenberger Del Earnheart Chrissy Eaton Ken Echternacht Stephanie Eddie Dana Edwards Janice Elliot Lisa English Kelly Evans Perry Evans Donald Farmer Dawn Farquhar Jose Felipe Rosi Fernandes Greg Fetz Greg Flores Carlotta Fluellen Thresa Flythe Christine Foley Sheryl Foose Patricia Foote Dana Ford Tammy Fortney Ronald Foster Sharon Frank Mike Frankin Latondia Freeman Mary Fuentes Theoran Fullwood Kim Fulp Carl Fulton Linda Fulton Bobby Galarza Allen Garcia Jeff Gardner Vicki Garofarlo Carl Gebert Mark Geramino Jimmy Gerum Deana Gibson William Gilmor Francisca Giraudel Linda Gizzi Michele Gizzi Mark Gleason First Row: Tim Wilson, Ricky Lynn, Jeff Thomas, William Stevens, Eddy Comer, Jackie Roberson. David McDowell. Second Row: Tony Wallers, Tim Ruwe, Kevin Pain, Demetrius Alexander, Victer Smith, Cyrus Wynn, Keith Skinner, Coach Mike Brown. Third Row: Richard Androsiglio, Luke Haven, Bruce Roberson, Lou Marram, Anthony Padron, Don Framer, Brandon Lamb, Bruce Cromer Fourth Row: Coach John Francis, Evertt Perry, Ronnie Badger, Charles Cason, Tommy Butt Fifth Row: Lee Williams, Melvin McFadden, B C Clark, David Wolf, Mark King, Rusty Casteel, Bryan Roberson, Tom Butt Bryan Roberts and Luciano Moran prepare to score the winning point. Michael Hasson Luc Hauan Barbara Hedrick Tammy Heidkomp James Henderson Kelly Henderson Greg Hensel Keith Herbert Sherri Herman Echo Heyer Jeft Hickman Erin Hinckley Susan Hirchman Lisa Hoffman Paul Hoismgton Ken Holland Karyl Holmes Robert Hornick Aren Howard Mary Ann Howard Bob Howe Catherine Hudson Albert Hunter Jim Hunter Dane Hupman Darryl Irving Debra Jackson Emily Jackson Howard Jarman Robert Johanson Arthur Johnson Dons Johnson Gail Johnson Laurie Johnson Donea Jones Elizabeth Jones James Jones Michelle Jones Johnny Jordan Tamara Jordan Tammy Joyce Tom Katpinski J. V. Waterpolo, L to R: Lynn Mulvaney, Helen Griffin, Kim Wilhsow, Lisa Scott, Debbie White, Elayne Sayward, Sandy Tremellain, Par Eastburn. Doug Kay Mary Keelan Lisa Kellow Tim Kelly Marc King Robert Kisarewich Bill Kooi Karen Kordes Robert Krise Joe Kruszewski Yorg Kuhne — Shan Lamb Rosalyn Langstan Mike Larson Rochelle Leblane Mavis Lewis Shane Lewis Allen Linde Scon Linden Gretchen Lindenbolt Bill Lmlefield Robin Livargo Rene Lockley Wendy Logan Kenneth Long Mane Lorences Verenitha Lowe Frankie Lucania Diane Luetgenis Debbie Lumia Patli Luniki George Mackey Nancy Mackrelly Barry Macneir Brian Macneir Bill Maine Debarah Mann Karen Manousakis Carlton Mapp Felecia Mapp Antonio Marino Patty Manno Brian Martin Helen Martin Janet Martin Kathy Marts Karen Martusis Lloyd McBride Debbe McCallum Gordon McCann Elizabeth McCarthy Michelle McCoy Kenneth McCray David McDowell Edith McEachern Mary McGee Steve McGill Martin McMillan Laurie McQuilkin Ed Merendine Lee Meredina Mike Merrill James Milte Charles Mobley James Moment Mark Monk Linda Moody Earl Moore Kim Moore Marcella Moore Luciano Morain Mike Morehouse Larry Morgan Rene Msadoques Steve Murrin Peter Murtha Scott Nein Charlene Nero Greg Nesen Joe Newton Kathy Nicholls Shan Noe Fred Noenlnacha Fred Nonnemacher Niki Nowak Laura Odonits Stan Olsen Kevin Omally Denyse Orr Lamont Osgood Anthony Padro Lewis Padron Nancy Pagano Eddie Palles Chuck Palmer Joyce Palmer Ji-rether Parker John Parker Troy Parkinson Sandra Parsons Jt ' tf Pastore [ir-nis Pauze Christopher Provoyeur Debbie Pugh Cynthia Purcell MaryQuinn Richard Rabb Jacqueline Ramos ' ' Pam Rand Gary Ratay Jody Ray Enrico Recchi Graver Reddick Debbie Reed Willie Reese Brigirte Restrepo Steve Rice Cynthia Richards Greg Riddlehoover Bruce Robbins Bryan Roberts Pam Roberts Rose Carlton Sandie Rosemeyer Tamalee Rouse Troy Royster ' eslie Blohme Tami Joyce Laura Odonits Kista Rush Elisa Ryder Jamie Saccullo Eduarda Saiz Donald Santord Licia Santiagg Debbie Sawyer Elaine Sayward TedSchichl Coy Seaton Mathew Seidel Lori Seitz Tanya Semiz Kendall Shaffer Lori Shelton Scon Shields Rusty Sinacore Brenda Sleight Allison Smith David Smith David Smith Hank Smith Jacqueline Sn- Jeff Smith Jeff Smith Judy Smith Penelopa Smith Scott Smith Sherri Smith Victor Smith Heidi Soderholm Kevin Somers Pat Somers William St. Dennis William Stevens TimSliles Carl Sloffers Deardre Stone Bob Stotler Diane Sughrue Chris Synoyannis Ken Si-losek Garfield Taffe Kimberly Tannihill Lori Taylor Roger Taylor Teresa Taylor Bryan Thabit Sue Thebold Jane Thixton Jetf Thomas Brian Thompson Mark Tibbets Lisa Titkanich Beth Todd James Toole Cherry Ann Trayler Sandy Tremillen Ronnie Twist Carlos Usategui Alba Valenzuela Ginger Vanvoast Bruce Vassello Debbie Vezina Connie Vonwoerden Chris Vonzech Katrina Walker Melvena Walker Mike Wallace Betty Walsh Jimmy Wallers Pam Watson Charles Whitcams Simone Wilburn Lori Wilcox Beth Wilhelm Kathy Wilkerson Sherri Will lly Williams Dame Williams Lee Williams Sam Williams Shirley Williams Patricia Willes Daniel Willex Bobby Wilson Kim Wilson Steve Wilson David Wolfe David Wolff Scott Wood Beverly Worly Cindy Wright Melvin Wright Cyrus Wynn David Yip Sherry Zanaglio Cristina Zellar Ten Zimmer Vicki Zimmerman J V Volleyball prepares for a victory Shan Noe sets up the winning point. Girls ' J,V Volleyball First Row: Sarah Bennefield, Judy Schmelz, Lisa Ken Sherry Haskett. Jinne George, Brenda Pillow, Shan Noe, Chuck Donate. Elliott, Patti Luneke Third Row: Coac First Row Y .1 zuela Second Haynes hmI.i Bradley, Tynessa Gramham, Loutha Washington, Roberta Wilburn, Alba Valen- Row: Coach Marcia Hollett, Sandra Wilson, Janice Moment, Beatrice Perry, Dorothy Sam Williams shoots for two points George Otis drives hard tor a lay up 3 ? 1 1 1 st £ mL ' H ■ 1 m ' .. 1 Bi. ■■1 ■■ Don Farmer puts the " hold " on Lou Moran. J.V. Wrt itlers: First Row: Jerome Freelove. James Gordon, Lou Moran, Donald Farmer Second Row: Timmy Wilson, Mike Wallace, Chris Pierce, Mi ' e Haberland, Les Frazier J.V. Baseball: First Row: Fermin Puron, Bryan Roberts, Carlos Barbolla, Mike Wallace, Bob Brown, Second Row: Mark Bramer, Encheurique, Rusty Sinacore, James Hunter, Gary Cannon, Jose Martinez Third Row: Mike Long, Greg Nieson Gary Pierce Tini Ed Carter. Marcial Bishop, IV. Basketball First Row: Terrance Cunningham, Charles Thomas, Mike Brown, Robert Hall, Marcial Echinque, Mike Moment Second «w: William Gilmore — Mgr , Charles Cusau, Otis George, Scoti Wood, Wardell Copeland, Sam Williams, Coach Francis, Rusty Casteel, veith Skinner, Elvert Perry, Demetrius Alexander, Jeff Gibbons, Darryl Irving MR. NICK ' S Congratulates the Class of 1978 World Famous Subs 901 S. Andrews Avenue 462 1913 Spinsterettes of Stranahan Congratulates All Those Who Succeeded in hiaving Fun JOHN R. ELWELL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY General Contractors A C 305 463-2563 I 1 04 NW First Street Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 3331 I Northwest Ft. Lauderdale Funeral Directors George W. Benton L F.D. DeloresGray L.F D Louis D. Benton L F.D. BENTON FUNERAL HOME 220NW5thAve. 16th Psalm 1st Verse — Preserve me, God, for in Thee do I put my trust. New River Post Office Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 63-8558 Box 419 ROY MIZELL FUNERAL HOME A Home for the Family Who Cares 1305 N.W. 6th Street For Information Call: ROY MIZELL FUNERAL HOME 1 305 Northwest 6th Street Fort Lauderdale, Florida (33311) (305)467 3426 Roy Mizell, Funeral Director Richard A. Kurtz, Funeral Director WOMEN MEN 665 S.W. 27th AVE. FT. LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA 33312 8:30 - 5:00 MON. - SATURDAY 583-6655 REALTOR OFF: 761-3300 EVE: 522-3203 REALTOR -ASSOCIATE GOOD SERVICE REALTY 1674 S.E. 10th Terrace Lauderdale Harbor Shopping Center Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316 BROWARD MARINE. INC. Tel. 522-170! P.O. Box 22858 Ft. Lauderdale, Fla, JOHNF. RING, REALTOR CENTURY 2 1 Tel. 301— 764-0202 12! East Broward Blvd. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. 3330 ' ' I.C.C. President 9ue Minicus ' m m Would we not wish to see what we are, what we were or might be? 1 Would we not dress, address and redress ourselves to the giants and elves of an outer place and race other planets in understanding social grace. To I ' Ke 5tuJeKf; cV ' q q R - ' l-oC.ti-HO X a) 1 -to 5 y 00 Luck t vti . 9? ' " 7, ' Q o. H .Sc rdl. ' 5eA lor year, -j: Bflrv-eVje xr y M Q.nd L.U- P3 ci ue " be f Vci ' - ' ?)0 h I j . OiZ- f ji i 5 ' ow that Senior Year A . ' Q2 ) JZ. has come, I find my vN r-fV VcLgYi School Days are 6 r tM I Mi.jx ' JMUUJ.UJ l.J i. ' ' (-? V ' n - re member the good time jW V Xi.V and all the friends I 7 ( 5 O left behind. doneo. I will always ■ remember the good time! Cindy Keesler NIGH AMXIETY ira ' ' • dds ifisi r. mamm -■ " ' . . ' , X 6i BLe L ' ,+ your a Svp r K T ?ac «r, (Sod 6[ei5 chtti- Mfaf balls! % y .oj i w rtr. l AOEr, s4av Svmee; A ' »r A,D -o vv A ew friEA;z;. .5AMf5 C »p CKr. ' b+io.rN IE v? fAlCM - _ ■- V i , V - Our D ' Al " " Jge " " JJ " Incoon ' i+o,, tUomivaj Pi ij c u 9 j Knot cu he are). Nose hioso Mc no Saqc.r in t y CO e N.Yevcf7 -Ccrtur ViHaae » yeah • Shai- t» i nice - -o uy-r J + espoc, Duai e kw i Irli- net-tens icR- Ui ' . Aon— RcM rtibc. " HiUrte of Miu v , ft I , 0Jr( ic:: ■ ' •- " " NT - cA - , o , 9 f - " ■ o- " o Ty,ckt Ktf rrtorn o x f I Polo - A. 71 . " KiM ALABAMA a«vKn . •■ iV ;.N, . ,-. ' , I ' I a: u " fiii y, Kp . V 1 _ Vyu t7. ' ' --l ;; IS ' — Lme Lv; oo-.. - JOiTTHlMIC flj Teres Lovt yoo Scoft ' ftLUPi D ooBBI Y ' H y you - ' 5C07 7 - J KLUTZ, UW ' T 4 Te J d r,ZC 6 DtfiM 11 n . - " - -5= €5„ L. era i , -i ? 3. ' St »:gS v c;5 ' John Basco attend., ' he Halloween Dance as Dracula. Sponsors: Mrs Bower, Miss Kane, Vice-President Caria Servin, President Connie Smith, Secretary Tracey Beavers, Treasurer Valerie Pergolizzi. Anchor Club: f ' lrt Row: Alison Coffey, Caria Servin, Connie Smith, Trary B M..r, Mil. I Huij, V.ilene Pergoliz i Second Row: Ian Dun more. Donna Lestt . Connie Baxter, Lisa Stemhurst, Lisa Callego, Adele Scull Third Row: Torn Thornberg, Lori Bittner, Patti Jamerso,. jinger VanVoast, Cathi Cattlett, Dyana Sleight, Tanya Britton Fourth Row: Kdlhy Marts Marty Malsbury Tern Markenslvn Jana Baker, Karen Trulson, Shan Lamb, Lyn Carter. Ill: I ;iii Anchors show spirit in campus cleanup. The Halloween dance was very popular. Rick Fuentes in his costume. Sherry Bower Scott Bishop ■ Anchor Admiral Patti Hosterman Allison CoHey M J- M T Rusty Casteel — Anchor Sophomore Shipmate Steve Rogers — Anchor Junior Shipmate • iii -i i Chess Club Kelvin Wilkerson and Walter Pertis are planning their strategy. hess Club: First Row: David Yip, Evelyn Havan Second Row: Kelvin Wilkerson, Mike Corday, Rolando Ramos, Bill Schmelz. DCT takes a break after decorating their Homecoming float 294 Sue Rains, photographer Victor McMillan works hard. DECA Club: First Row: Erma Mattair, Melvin Boatwnght, Sherri Reynolds, Kan Strelke. Second Row; Pat Kelly, Willie Key, Beth Wilhem, Ronald Gagne. Third Row: Cathy Cretzer, Warren Graham, Victor McMillian, Johnnie Bass, Tony Sanders, Fourth Row: Lori Bittner, Linda Bryant, Robert Spangler Fifth Row: Alberta Williams, John Healy, Phill Proffer, Kevin Blakeman. David Ccx)k tunes another frequency. Ml Dudley watches over his Electronics class. i Pete Anzelm displaYS his proiect. % Electronics Club: First Row: Mike Wallace, Mike Hoftman. Ken Hester Second Row: David Cook, James Sullivan, Steve Murrin, David Haberland. Sponsor, Mr. r )lb. Vice President, Ed Stevens. Presidt-nt, MjrK Tunk, Tn usurer, Bill Cranston, and Secretary, John Basco hanqe Club New Members First Row, I to r; Chip Rowan, Buddy Schmidt, Phil Proffer, Ron Ricker, Second Row: Mark King, Dave ner, Jeff Leriger, Rick Jesus, Ron Twist, Jim Leonard, Third Row: Mike Hoffman, Mark Bittner, Bernie Beckman, Jim Neely, Randy Exc Griner, Jeff Lerigei Skidmore, Steve Leddick, Rusty Casteel, Phil Da Youre in good hands with Exchange! w f Exchange Club: Fir Kim LeBlanc, Jim Kl ens, Mark Funk, John Base Second Row: Mr, Kolb, Herb Ta ion, Paul Powers. Third Row: buL UL-iJbmith, Ron LeDuke, Ed L. N.ipolitano, Noe, Dave J[ TZ %,¥ ,.fc Smalley, Mark Fritz, Kurt Wederbrook, Chris Dufty, Dave Williams, Scott Bishop, Steve Rogers, Jim Acton, Scott Dixon, Britt Bradford. Fellow Exchange men ' bers Mike Hoffman, Brad Noe, Jim Keelan, Bob Goldsmith, and Scoti Bishop take a break from school activities I Row: Chris Dutty, Steve Rogers, John Basco. Mike Jansen, Herb Tavlor, Jan Dunsmore Second Row: Valerie PeigoUzzt. Kim LeBlanc, Donna Lester. Jim Keelan, Lisa Steinliearst, t Bishop, Adele Scott, Mark Funk Third Row: Mark Fritz, David Williams, Connie Smith, Tracy Beavers, Scott Dixon Mark Funk and Scoti Bishop work hard Eddie Bursa gets into bags! Theodoshia Brown, Sponsor Sue Cook decorates for Homecoming Donna Reed, past president on Exchangetles Senior Rush Ins Burrows Vice President Lori Cauwenberghs Recording Secretary Diane St. Amand Treasurer :.A M j . i- i ' M W y -1 ...j:l. nr ' ti7.:.. Exchangettes- First Row: Lori Cauwenberghs, Iris Burrows, Laura Kohs, Robin Fmgerle Second Row: Michelle Stutz, Aurelia Dail, Joy Hoffman, Cheryl Keberdle, Sue Cook, Lynn McCaslin, Jenny Collins. Third Row: Patti Williams, Yvetie Sass, Mane Anzelon, Debbie Lumia, ■ ' ■• t " ' •■ ,i. ' i , . JS ' - " " , ' ' ' -iTif;; ' :•; 1 I i,ru., Luwn Mdi.idy Fourth Row: Connie St ' i i h ' 1 1 , ' n -,i, ■ ;: ,-.,1,, ,; .,: ,:. .luAt.-nl.ieryh ' ,, Lindj Bryant. Fifth Row: Sarah Skoglund, Mary Schwartz, Tracy Anthony, Laura l-errara, Mary Ann Howard, UeDbie Heed, Melanie Baldwin, Kelly Craig, Jackie Kamos Laura Ferarra I -oks on with interest at the baseball game. Ski Kjliind inflates helium balloons at a football game. Debbie Reed and Larry Vita support the Mighty Dragons Baseball Team. Marsha Hunl shows she is a girl of many talents in FBLA class. 1 FBLA Club; First Row: Carol McCarthy, Dyana Sleight, Dawn Cold, Don Lynch, Judy Sylvia. Second Row: Brenda Radford Marcia Hunt Laurie Edwards Lori Cowenbergh, Susan Gooding, Wendy Pawluk. Third Row: Mrs. Colder, Kim Ratay, Eve Franqipane Cheryl Mierisch ' I bandy Snyder, Evelyn Loving. » i- . r Mr. Wilhe Allen Derek Phillips Penny Spicer, Angela Williams, Daisey Howard 314 First Row: Derek Phillips, Eugene Petlis. Second Row: Mr Willie Allen, Penny Spicer, Angela Williams, Daisey Howard Third Row: Miss Johnyta McNeal, Mrs. Rosa McGriff. :?i ' -i... Horizon Club Fif5t Ro tugene Penis, Angela Williams, Cednc Shirley Second Row i .rmny May Bass, May Held. Robin Garden Brenda Pillow. Annene bouver, tariton Rose Third Row Daisey Howard, Pam Roberts, Francene Shephe Horizon Club Earl Badger, Francene Sheperd, Malinda Adams ety of people and activities can be found at an I.C.C. meeting. ICC Members- First Row: Tim Bradford, Sue Minicus, Patty Haydu, Second Row: Lisa Klasing, Scott Runic, Leslie Blohme, Laura Kohs, Jan Dunsmore. Third Row: Mark Funk, Bill Cranston, Sherry Deschenes, Fred Bernstein, Jean Curtis, Connie Smith, Diana Sleight, Ed Stevens, Faye Baker, Eugene Bettis. [ ' ,,!!, M,,, Vice-President — Karen Fol Edith Berecz — Treasurer Patti LaHaie — Secretary Juniorettes First Row: Patty Lanaie, Karen Foltz, Patty Haydu Second Row: Gretchen Lindenbolt, Alr,fiii Smith. Kathy Halverson, Leslie Grimm, Elissa McCormick, Jan Bloom, Susan Tufts Third Row: Sh.iron Busch, Marcia Valenzuela, An.i, Monica Valenzuela. Chris Beals, Sandy Martin, Marcella Moore, Margaret Fox, Joy Edwards Fourth Row: Joyce Fletcher, Lori Meserole, Caroline Lee, Janet Busch, | « .•t;-! : . Di ma Pierce. Shelli Pfrimmer, Niki N. ,-. ' h i; [.in Harvey, Brigitte Restrop Fifth Row: Linda Vaughn, Valerie Barber, Nancy Culliney, Gail Murrmger, Ana Fuentes, JoAnn Gillespii , i ' dlly Hosterman, Kathy Hungerford, Katie Owler, Edith has her say. Susan Tufts, Edith Berez, Karen Foltz, Patti Lahaie, hang together. Taking a break for some refreshment Margaret Fox having a good time. latest fashion for the fall Members of Key Club participate in Zone Rally Key Club: First Row: Wayne Garcia, Todd McNeir, Ed Cabrera. scond Ro w: Chris Mueller, Rich Foley, Ken Hester, Doug Edwards, Jeff Dec, Tim Nichols, Mike Dodge. Vice President Fred Bernstein - r f . m r i. X. Honor Society: Fi, st Row: Leslie Gnmm, Fred Bernstein, Bill Cranston, Jim Acton, Karen Folz_ Second Row: Tanya Britton Dyana Sleight Patty LaHaie, Mike Dodge, Pam White Third Row: Jenny Harvey, Ana Maria. Evelyn Haven, Sue Tufts, Kim Ratay Fourth Row: trie Hay lal, Wayne Garcia, Chris Mueller, Ed Cabera, Patty Haydu, Debbie Ford, Rolando Ramos. Studei • Council President — Wayne Garcia Vice I ' Sue Minicus Valerie Pergolizzi, Ana Fuentes and Kris Lester do their part for Student Council 9tudenf Council Randy Warren, Treasurer, Laura Dolan, Vice President; Sue Minicus and Secretary, Beth Touhey participate in meetings Studenl Council: First Row: Laura Doian ,... Mi-- us. Wayne Garcia, Patty LaHaie. Second Row: Eric R.tyn.ii i.shr .,i,mn; i .. ' ■■• Mu. ler. Bill Cranston, Robert Houston, Third Row: Scon Dixon, Allison Coffey, Kim LeBlanc, Jim Acton, Free] Bernstein, (vliKe Dodge Foun ■ .r , ■ ■ •- ow: Debbie Brito, Tracy Landefeld, Ana Fuentes, Lori Vasello, Karen Trulson, Lou Ann Piland, Scott Runick, Maria Guerra, Isabelle Sur- al, Linda DeLoach, Janet KimbaN, Robin Walsh. Marcia Hunt Cindy Purcell Earl Badger Dawn Cold and Lori Edwards show their dramatic ability m a scene from " White Ins, " Thespians: First Row, r to I: Enid Brandon, Allan Hunter, Maria Pacheco, Mona Monezis, Chris Mueller, Joy Edwards. Second Row: Mike Alexander, Winston Harris, Delores Scruggs, Sebe Claridy, Brenda Mizell, Lori Edwards, Jack Palaio. Third Row: Peter Murtha, Lisa Klas ing, Robert Houston Not Shown: Kevin Wynn, Dean Kwiatkoskl. Mona Monezis (Secretary), reads tea leaves in " White Ins Dawn Cold does a quick improvisation. Marionette cast of 339 ' Cinderella " Quill and Scroll: Stephanie Sloan, Diane St Amand, Jan Dunsmore, Wayne Garcia, Tern Brewer, Johnnie Mae Bass, Sue Rams, Lorl Pottinger, Jem Collins, Lisa Dryer, Michelle Davis, Norman Benoit, Sue Harrison, Cathy Ginter, Varawn Pinckney, Carol Angermuller, Joy Edwards, Allan Hunter, Katie Worley, Dawn Cold, Robert Houston, Diane Peloso, Sue Cook, Alison Coffey, Julie Dixon, Bruce Limin (picking up) Lori Fedor, Chris Mueller, Gene Pettis, Carolyn Foley, Ins Burrows, Dave Smalley, Scott Dixon, Lisa Benson. Quill and Scroll Boyd Ogle, Sponsor The shadow of a great photographer. Sue Rams. Ginger Baker, Tina Meiedith, Lui i F edui , and Margaret Stephens show the spacier side of Stranahan ' s Quill Scroll. Freshman President Donna Cauwenberghs Would we not invite each infant form to perform its dances from stances evolving from simple glances into and out of our own heredity leaving us capable of fathoming not only our strife but the life of a million generations that co-exist with us. i mSM ' : m reRRy THE CLfiS5 c ' M Loi e SomcOO ' C sen s ' l u:iAQ ■ ycor heart pcur oct Uu ' nd you ' ll W -,Keo Acv€ Sy Vo srn, CK.,. ..- ToGttXL Ond V rttst lina. ' To evtK ClQSs of t . ?? b m -o V y ,- VSr 0 S " ' •W SC ' i.r-i ' 8 6 it ' (f. - ru- a dTLU The. ySC r 15 rq|r770f T, Y e r i -Tor each orher e uoell. 1 year- TKe-On-e- L-or i Mt« tr49 S( .V Q jPeQlly great Love yQ 3 A - t o raW r M% OG ' a T Oi m FRIENDS FOREVER ' S ' . ,«3IM ' WT¥r- JSSJS XLV.5. icrioN Lives uycUi clftS5M£u. L-fiicr 0 CftUS6 I ' M Goxi. MMU " JicH; ' %d lu ihU3 ' ' rtb.lo " i3fou-,nahef?e r t " 01 cc De4 Dawn Abrams Lon Abrams Shirley Ace James Adams Donna Addvensky Lisa Aiken Mark Ament Beverly Anderson Diana Anderson Gail Anderson Ed Angelbello David Anthony Randy Antinoro Rena Arndt Shelly Arnon Andra Asbury Steve Askew Serwna Audson Annette Autry Fred Babendererde George Babula Dan Baker Bruce Bartusek Joanna Barwick Steve Bass Robert Battista Phillip Baughman Lionel Beaver Jill Beavers John Behe Susan Behe Ed Bell Carol Bellamy Darryl Bellamy Cindy Bellows Jill Berry Jeanetle Betancourt ValrieBiehl Daniel Binder Bobby Bissonnette Todd Blair Mark Blakeman Mike Blakeman Bill Bland Pam Blindy Pete Blohme Mark Boas Jimmy Bomar Left: " Once upon . time ■■ says Mr. Treadwell Right: Mr Treadwell, class spon sor, reverts to tiis sec ond childhood. Debbie Borden Dorothea Bradford Lisa Bradford Mark Bramer Keith Brau Kevin Brau Lisa Brennan Lythel Bright Barbara Britto Linda Brookins Kevin Brown Linsey Brown Mike Brown Mike Brown Wilhe Brown Monica Buckland Charles Burns Lisa Burns Tom Butt Thomas Buzzard Mary Cabot ft ..X ■,1 Jim Cady Lenora Carsweil Lon Calhoun Craig Calkins Chris Carlson Donna Carroll Tammy Twist, Candy Owen, Jack Palaio, Randy Carroll Ricky Carter Val Carter Lissette Casas Donna Cauwenberghs Robin Chamberlain Joann Chance Cole Chandler Margret Chase Karen Chasse Mike Cherybe Jody Cirrincione i { m ' yM Arnette Conawa Tom Conner David Cook Lina Cooke Robert Colvin Richard Coulter Cindy Cox Cordell Cratton Rickey Crews Bruce Cromer Janice Cruse Kelly Cunningham Terry Cunningham Larry Curran Damita Curry Chris Curtis Ronald Dahlgren Kim Day Scott Decker James Defelice Darlene Deliber Laura Dellicarpini Linda Deloach Domenick Delvecchio Lecer Dennis Stacy Dentzer Todd Dexter Chuck Diggs Mary Dillevig Norman Dodge Maria Doniaiquez Bill Donovan Malissa Douglas Mario Ducas Linda Dunbar Kathy Durdin Greg Duty Linda Eaton Marcial Echenique Lori Eckinger Rose Edwards KimElardi Lee Ernest Lisa Ferrara Felicia Ferris Phil Flavell Brigdette Freelove Callie Fodor Edward Folz Charles Fordham Lynn Fortaieza John Foose Israel Fossas Ellen Fox Suzanne Fulton Can Funk Dave Gahring Greg Gardner Paula Gardner Steve Gaskill Dana Gearardo Wanda Gelsey Jenny Gorge Nick Givotovsky Tim Goins Veronica Gordon Pam Gordy Gary Gould Kemp Graders Lidia Grana James Grayhart Gary Greathouse Beverly Greene David Greene Mitzi Greene Sue Greene Chuck GriHey Martin Guethler ' Ed Haas David Haberland Lon Haberland Sharon Haidosz Peter Hall Roberl Hall Calvin Hamilton Meloney Hamilton Scott Hamilton Don Hanlin Dan Harris Johnny Harris Dorothy Haynes Robert Heim Bill Hildebrand Roger Hill Kurt Hensel Nelson Herrara Ronnie Hess Graig Holsadeel Gene Hovey Wendy Howell Adam Hubbard Stacy Hudman Caroline Hudson James Hughes Marybeth Huldtgren David Hulton Diane Inciarrano Linda Janes Roy Janniche Randy Jesus Mark Jindracker Tammy Jonies Deeann Johnson Judy Johnson Lula Johnson Lynde Johnson Mark Johnson Vanessa Johnson Derrk Josack Drew Karpinski Rick Kearney Rita Keenan Laurie Kelchner Tim Kellerman Tracy Kelly Alisa Kemp Sherlyn Kerkukian Eric Key Janet Kimball Debbie Knapp Linda Knapp Johnny Knox Barendan Lamb Sherri Land Leslie Larsen Mike Lawler Kathy Levay Marilyn Lewis Kenny I i! • - Hicky Lir- Charmi ' ri I ■ ■ i- ' u Nancy Longmire Lester Losoc Joanne Loveday Holly Lowrance Ann Lynch Jim Mahan Peggy Mahar Jill Ma lone Norena Manderson Danny Mandith Robert Marshelle Michelle Martineali K Walker — Cheerleader Coach r- -«t % l Jase Martinez David Masiello Cheryl Mason Pam McCallin Pal McCard Pam McClung Belinda McCraw Barbara McDowell Edward McFadden Jean McFadden Scott Mclntyre Troy McJimsey Mark McKinley Vincent McMahon Tara McNeely Steve Mears George Melbourne Bonnie Merrill Janette Mills Lisa Miqueli Evette Mitchel Julie Mitchell Mike Moment Michelle Moore Stacy Moore Tom Mouradian Steven Munk Mark Murphy Mark Myers Kim Newman Donna Nichols Kevin Nickmey Pastor Nodarse Ellen Nyman Jerry Olmstead Nels Olson Tom Ostberg Felicia Osburne Stacy Owen Sally Owler Mercedes Padron Kevin Paine Jack Palaio Jill Palaio Arden Palmer Gloria Palmer Darryl Parker Holli Parkison Tim Parsons Susan Pauze Chris Pearce Hawser Pearce Joe Peloso Lorenzo Perez Jennifer Perno Vicki Phillips Tina Piccalo Dawn Piecuch Gary Pierce Thersea Pinkney Gegory Pitts Gegory Pitts James Portell Renee Poteet Mike Prah Ramon Prendee Mary Price Matilda Proenza Fermin Puron Lisa Ray Ronnie Ray George Rada Matt Rantanen Thersea Raulersoi Gabriella Raus Wanda Reese Gary Reimeis Rhonda Reimers Tim Reline Lisa Rentz David Revelle Maureene Reynolds Ken Rhodenbaugh Debbie Riddell Randy Ridgeway Vickie Ridgeway Carol Ridley Carl Roberts David Roberts Greg Roberts Jackie Robertson Todd Robinson Albert Rodriguez Tracy Rogers Karen Romek Paul Ruby i aasii m y- 1 i f ' L Rich Ryder Robert Ryder Patricia Saganski Nury Saiz Stephanie Sampon Jan Sanchez Grzon Sanchez Lola Sartin Cecilia Sass Bart Saunders John Scapecchro Stacy Scarborough Ken Schlosser BillSchmelz Mark Schram Lisa Scott Mark Schwinot Kim Seitz Tina Sells Kim Sessa BillShackletin PrissillaShifflet Bruce Shoemaker Greg Short Mina Sills Richie Sills Shan Skidmore Tracy Skinner Vicki Skinner Linda Small Candy Smith Cassandra Smith Chris Smith Mushirley Smith Tina Smith William Smith Wilhe Smith Wayne Snyder Dwayne Sprenger Angela Stephins Brian Stephins Joe Steven Scott Stockman Mary Story Donna Stripling Anthony Taylor Dianne Taylor Teresa Teague Amy Thaker Margie Tibbets Vincent Tilman Sara Timothy Blane Thomas Danny Thomas Cornelia Thomas Susan Tompkins Andy Townsend Irene Toylor Tammy Traband Mike Tremellen Terry Trent Maribel Troche Steve Tufts Tammi Twist LuisValdes Sandra Valenzuela Sandy Vettek Chris Voet Terry Wade Damon Walker Dezirea Walker Gloria Walker James Walker John Walters William Ware Darrell Ward Donna Welker Marilyn Wernet Tripper White John Whiting Peter Whitt man Roberta Wilburn Timothy Wilcox Robert Wilhelm Lisa Wilkerson Norman Wilkerson Cedric William Deleshie Williams Kelley Williams Michael Williams Neal Williams Robert Williams Robert Willuris Cheryl Willis Kathy Wilson Sandra Wilson Tern Wilson Tim Wilson Robert Windham Anthony Windham Tern Wood Roger Worley Delvia Wright Bernita Wynn Tim Yodanis Paula ZIydazyk «2« „; . — Freshmen Cheerleaders: 1st Row: Rena Arndt. Ann Lynch, Sue Green, Mitzi Green 2nd Row: Tina Sells, Delvia Wright, Lon Calhoun, Kim Newman, Partners Licensed Funeral Directors R. A. Skidmore D. H. Fairchild B.D.Branch R. P. Fairchild FAIRCHILD FUNERAL HOMES F+. Lauderdale, Fla. Est. 1930 W. Broward Chapel 3501 W. Broward Blvd. Phone 581 6100 N. Federal Chapel 299 N. Federal Hwy. Phone 763-4488 Member National Selected Morticians WILDERNESS SOUTH FACE WILDERNESS OUTFITTERS South Face Wilderness Store Inc. 609 South Federal Highway Fort Lauderdale. Florida 33301 RON C. McDADE President (305) 463 6489 iBBB Lawns • Termites • Pest Control AMERICAN POWER SPRAYING 90 Vermont Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 33312 Hank Wolfman Entomologist Broward: 581 0058 Dade: 9440883 CAUSEWAY LUMBER COMPANY Congratulates Stranahan Seniors D Tel. 763-1224 P.O. Box 2 1 088 Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 33335 -% s v»- ' ; El Pasado Editor Jan Dunsmore Somewhere in space in another time in another place there exist other dimensions other extensions of our earthly humanity. The insanity of time says we are today. but could we not be our own yesterday or tomorrow. Might we not borrow a molecule or an atom then split and divide until we hide portions of our being then upon seeing us in another dimension our real self might say, " Did ! not meet you along the way at another point in time on another day? " SKetWWf ; ■ ;• ■ T; ■ ■ ■ ■ " - ' ■ ' " mi0 Lod ± tv a V a. " o -V.X que.33 X co V] r aue K eci VN j ,: |pv - ucv li e a o Ao, 1 n ic lrl o Ks V AKck iq; ' J W P A fi -N OoA (jv o " IjoA x oov v cAj A Sew. GcjcA Llkc ' ' - - V - - ' ' v iCv AVoCvVjS r.i-A(i fo.t . ,- 6 qA ' ' ' " " 7ivly -n.Ae K X , ,i r - .K - « " 5 . ' xo - v .0 J - " V- 5 . e ' A - 7 ' ' q ' ' ,c ■J c- . ' ( ' ' c= ' v , ..f 4. 0.. y 6 i , l jyC-cJui -ij _v -v dH ' J - ' ,d.. 1 .. : Mi A I ■ JP 4J ,x«. u,.. eX..r h- ' " " - •.-J c-a . - ' - Y ■ y •• - f ' . . riL. d r W C iy- i Wl- ' - - :l ' i 2-,JLf J J ' ty P- - l -y (7 t J U- ■:

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Stranahan High School - El Pasado Yearbook (Fort Lauderdale, FL) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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