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Stranahan High School - El Pasado Yearbook (Fort Lauderdale, FL) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Cover

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nw " 'N' wx " ' MG , R A 1-,.f,,,u 4 -w s -' 1 4-I, . ,.,. . ' M' ' N5-ut Wi,-. -nl.-F ff' . 'f ,, ,Mt MSP , f-w'w f.f,1: , . . . , 1 . ' 's 5 2. ' ,- -- . . ,,f,"1 v. '. '- ,2.e"'f .1 . ' ' X ' ,ng,.' f ' 1 5 I 1 X ' ' ' V: 'A F1 L1f'f' . sa- r ' ","""V" ' W' G' 'V " ' wr ' " i f 34' nw-W--, ' :'H. . - 'f- m f - , , , -A ' . .1 ' ' ' 'E " W ' A g QA X " y ' I :rv ' ' , ' WW-. - V .4 . - :wk V - u - , jk N .-4.- -.fl . I - . ...-5 ,ati - - , 1 - , - 5 , , u w . :. m Q. , ,va . , 1 5 .. 'U - A . K , 1, J. 5' K ' , 4, Q 'f' 1 . . ' ' ff ' f : ,IQ f" . 5 'f .' -' --v'1'n ,K fn " .f.-,.,,,:, Q . H ,nit ' ' .9'1".:' 1 ' .'-'1. MW ' l wk '-I W.: JV.. T. 4 X 'K E' Mfif,l2',.'ev5f,f 4 : .' 5 . g"V1f. ' VR f' Q . t - gpg-way., 1' 'V W 0 , - " A vf ' - f 41 -v .4 A '57 , 'wjwk , 4 , -Q 'EV 1" --1-' -,Y -. . W, W 4 . ,tiA.T'f , ', 't fi ., .- 1.g?12!'Q f',7m3.?efff' , LAI' - I N233 J 1 43 - ,. - 5. A. ,, if 1 45 f 'n 2:9 W' . ay Q V, A: ,f ne., Q ? ' "I . 'a i sf. 4. ' :A-. ,F , -.:f,1!.f1- X N' N, ' 1 wWl'3.,, .x .1 'MX , fi " '?.. Q ,N 55,14 ik -lg? 1. v' "in, " A , 4- .aff I . 4 uf ---. . , Q f . R., ,v nys .fr-7. ,' . ik:- l , J b x ,,,, A 41 if, .,-wr 1 rx , Q L.,-5.x-. . , V g - ig M N , 1 fv n , -Ag , I 4, V. ,- wi ,f La. -- +1.20 , v N. . , ,152 ak 11, . X..-',.g,,.-W:,,,,+.f.f - f 5, ,L r f? ,NV .- 1 : lui .. iii P Q5 -P u YL, Mi: ,QQ 1 1 e XNKW' f' .yfq , ,mn "V" -'. . f f ' x N V ' f . , - , - f , in i7 f' - f 'xx I rgvfif ua, A Y Q 2 .fl A 'N A 17, BW fa, ,,y ! I sx f cg, 1145 if .554 If. M , T! 2 n' X l A ' M y I ' i ,WW if ff f Q N SEQ - 'W , Q fi' Faculfy S V .I XJ 5 Cfff ' M, XT K 1 w 1514 Zvi" ,Z fl-nj, 1 -fix' K + f 'f x' fhkpf' x "i 'A ' N ,Y X "fi'l',h ,W wi V 4 f 1 fs fs f A AA,1 wwf OZ, . . Wig 'X U6 bg gf Achvlfies f K fr 35 " ,VV 5 U ,s i?Q"5 , Sports lf we Travel 6 miles To The beach or 266 miles To Gainesville, we find STranahan sTuden'rs playing, work- ing, and learning. If we journey l6OO miles To New England or 6,000 miles around The world we find STranahan sTudenTs recreaTing and relaxing in a new mood of life. The El Pasado ediiors, Nancy Till- man, Chris McCann, PaT Miller and Corky Tarry, record This dynamic "On The Go" action Tor The i966 pafrons. Tofv X75 4 J I ., . I 'X ri yygq yy ,f,f'? 3, , Ir yy TE ja Q T fl 6 Lx he Q , I hx ff fi will o M f ,X 1 X, QW A 8 Mgr f Y Mu W 4 Ng, 1, ,T 'M sf , 4 1 T All Kill.. N 6 f V 1 ' V " . ,,, R x li A ff' 7 X ?' fii,i iff Classes , 4 aww .s X 15? y .. j, T T V Eco Qhm. 0 "li i"l f 0 an me - fd N ,, V, I ' I fl T f V l X Q ff sf -NNN in , ' V E , X4 iw ff, xxllt ' up ,A 'N 'Ts :ill l i 65? , Qvxiffgj G QQ, ml, X N :js l 5.6 Lvwsa.-gi, . lr, fm- 'MEL' - ,gi ,R 4, J X, Eli I 1 iflj, J M Niki X. 1 lk , "" 'xl Q, , , Q f 2 Q V f ', A x v H f 'T J 5 l 6 4 rr A? ,r iff l l LW' 0 T l 11,29 1 X iyyyl I y Clubs 15554 2229 T hi fm W , En I 3 lg: 02063 ff 4. i A Ei' I If V,,, tf .T ' -. i ities l A I i l 1 V75 2 A X 15252355 l a ll fi T5 l T -- : Advertising . .gglz M.. my Q. 'Vw ,Q -mow 'WTAQF' LLLA f 'hm ,gqmwegev I HM f-1.'. -2.5: .av N 1 IK' Q ,.,,., , ,,,,i, "4"-wx 2r,,H,, " .' ,w ,M I . no ip.: .,,.,, I .i...+ war ,. -'71 in me LLA' 1 x-HW' ' 1- , -Q., A W-me I -.Q K -sw ma?" -1199 on M-amfwwd K 'War' :mm ,, N' A i "'m"iW Kent Whipple, Paula Shell, Mike Kensler, Judy Gradolph, Keiih White and Mary Lynn Jamison romp along the beach. , Lynn Parsons, Bev Fuelling and Melanie -as A . Meadors go canoeing in the ocean. Bob Zimmerman dives at The second reef. Q .L :.i?le!kIH'.eaF?"I1!f,-imbvaxilf Brief vCW'Q'.,. . ,, Q c. Nick Tussing slips into the soup as he heads for shore. Barbara Reeves, Janice Holland, and Karen Sum- merfield try trick horseback riding in a local canal. 'Sv- 'I z '35 M 1 1 l , , 5? 2 M ' Q, "1 'zi' .,,K,,,,Lk A A LL:'bLW iil "'. 4 ,:,,, . Z ' AH Kent Whipple waits To be retrieved after a spill, Trish Forum reaches the end of the line as the surf dies on the beach. :Msn , . ,, iggf- ,i : , :w a l -5 i r igkiiilyf 1 f . , f-,, , 1 ,rua W f f, 'H , X 'X' kv auf .-g 455: .WM -tv 3 X ' ' .: N 4 W5 Af fs , 'F . Y' " , E Vw R' if ,w , N N Six. Iii, IQ JT if fl t 1 li 'il' ,A i 1' . ggi, Y, ,. . il .' i'a"z 1 J 'gs ,. E 'L u 'Mmm'- .ua 1.-.i Stranahan math and science enthusiasts Ed Evers and Dick Tinklenberg visited Cape Ken- iedy while attending summer classes at Rollins Iollege. iob Effinger, Ginny Aldredge, Barb Appleford, lick Whitworth, Dave Wilson, Rick Lambert, and ficki Zimmerman, enioy one of the State's iiggest attractions, "Beach Buggyingf' x-tn. n, rx DA FIBA FLORIDA V51 W 2 BUYS F3193 l IOY P STATE ber L, Boy's Staters listen to a House of Representatives Dwight Rogers poses for his "City," at Bov's State. Sharon Henderson studies State. ,,. fu . in speech given in the in Tallahassee. a group picture with her speech tor GirI's 1 ,' , S? M, 'YM 'Mx 6 H 'N V - . 3 If . ,. 'ff , i H ' ' fe K g ' 9 ' if f "" qgxf I, is 4. K. rx' 'f ' S Q , 223 ff , L t, Qi ff ', x , ' 4 Q , 3 X , ,, IJ? ll Q?-991 rw .,.,.. .V ,w M A Q.,-fi' ' ' ' awww ii' .Q H ' V - i ,fi fri ,L , --,f I ,k, Chris McCann visited the student center on a recent trip to the University of Florida Nancy Norton and Martha Whitney walt for new instructions at Cheerleading Camp Mrs. Chandler and her daughter tour Yellow- stone National Park on horseback. Annette Griffin rides the "Flying Saucer" at Disneyland. Nancy .Norton and her sister set out for a visit to Alcatraz Island. a V f i i if? mmf YU fffvfwrig weig- . Carol Podworny studies the border plaque be- tween Canada and the United States. Linda Winters toured President Harding's home in Ohio. Vicki Baxter and sister pose with a Cherokee Indian Chief. O 1 4 , .ry ': Martha Whitney sightsees from the bow of her boat as she cruises down the Delaware River. Jean La Rue visits Yellowstone National Park while participating in the Girl Scout Jubilee. N, , wx x 6 5 X ' MQQQMN ,ff-' A V' ' 92 QA 1 - Hs 1,4 Tig.-Aik:'i1S fffflgi 311U.'b,N 9 , .J -..! , , qw, . H i., ,dc kk XV my E-iff, My 51? ,Q Q, V I H W W' '5WH5wfWf""' WS? ' ' . , -,QQ ,I Y K W A N W ,X P aj D 1? . .I 1 H 1. X' I 'V M bv49Vi'!V"" .ff-- 5' V' N fl "' . Q A? 1 x . nm... W fm.. I EIKI... x , ., Q , V Qfime' 'I D A is P' Q . . A, r tg X ' W1-3 rn, K iq 1 'L n is 1 Vlrs. Bailey stands in front of the Matterhorn an her summer trip to Switzerland. Iudy Turner sticks her hand into the mouth of an Aztec God in Mexico. Ihris Lee views the city of Toledo Spain. 'ete Von Lindon overlooks the country side 'rom the Chateau de Amboise in France. FL sa we " ' 'f it f 5153222115 1 f P till, ww, ,git I ui' All ,gfffff IW I ,M fl I Linda Tompkins stops at Notre Dame Cathedral on her trip through Europe. Ann Gartner made many friends on her trip to Zermeitt, Switzerland. Pat Miller waits for her flight at the Gander Newfoundland airport. Sue Cheaney and Linda Borg attended Bible Camp in Jamaica as part of their vacation. Nancy Taylor lsecond from the left, standlngj, Francine Mirigliano Csiiting cenferl and Judy Turner Csittlng on the righfl were among a group of exchange students to Mexico This sum- mer. Paula Shell rides a donkey in Mexico. nfl r J ., w -e-- . l V... ' 1. P X tn H575 Q-ji 1-I-4- '35 .1-msgs K' iff .1 '11 , EWS: .,1.'!'2 0 if 1 it-22,1 tif N ' i 3 t v A ,mr - - ' : ff' N A-:cf li-N 4 I X v" X' 1 V 'X , s Av.-71 . .LL S K 'L - Y 4 . i A 'Y-2 fl l Q N is x Q '-' Ui.. 0- V W fgil .Q tl ' A if - ' x The bell sets into motion each day's activity. Students moving through the halls and around the campus of Stran- ahan recording visions such as these. " i 211 . , Vi .ue A - .. ,. M 1. , L1'.,,, f ig. . -r, ,bp , ' aww. ufvr ,,,... Q f 1 .. . - '- 67 -,rfqiw 5 11 if , wi av -' m , -172154, f 2 44, '- '2 1 I '1 ' 4' vs 1 J Egg.. ,,," . 3 1 .3,. In-Aiiwillllln L wwvwwwfwswyxwwwmmu w ,MN , .5-5 N-4 ' N1 i 4' 1 8 , -,,rjm,.q" gi, , ' Y . ,v':pEiJ,1v Y 6 r A W kv x. 1,5 S , Q 0 wx I , I A ff! t. Sf Mi Av f A ff ' " N , T, -3 qv , 4 is f Akdwtgt yx p ,, , . gy Qf WT1Qi.ef5f. Q: , , J ab, 5 H . AL , V1 " - 1 , ' x , k f 43 A ,- J Q ' -, K. . I ":r. b ? I ' 'iii v-' PFW I. , I 7 N fs Q ET jx , W- 7..' 3 ns K , ji V Q 2 si, AJ M r. 4 . gf. , .w. -Q wr Juxf ,Q- ' ff, ' " ,,,'?'-:- ' A A-1"f-'V gk ' ' Q "". .ff N b WL .V - X '- 1 ' 'Fil Xl' Fu f nur .. . ff- ,,,,,. 4" ., A5 ' x N r QL .ffm f X . N .Sh w 'N 'J' " - ' .v x T!! " f ' A Q -'W Vx ' 5 af 'QA ,J ltf I 3 , x- r.:-9-,gig 15' 4'3"-I.'1s' z 555 We ,Lvx ng VS? f fi J! I' X-Eff QQ f Q Mrs. Cole, Mr. Childers, Mr. Mosser, Mr. Haun X 1 ffm 1 I ' 'WA "' W . J M. mzfzf fv-N---"W lg 4 1 " 4 fl! BM 1-: X X I WI fy 'M fjf 'pf LZ. ' ' ff' Faculty S is Q, ,514 A' , mr. , H +w,. . ' Y ,u 'Q 122 u. 1-Q gf sg ! ' ',Mi,.,g,A, , f gmsyr Ti - 'V , K - W M-sauna-naw W Mr. Haun lll , if The "Man on The Go" could well be The TiTle for STranahan principal Mr. KenneTh Haun, who Travels ex- Tensively during The school year as a represenTaTive of The Sfranahan FaculTy of Broward CounTy. The faculty consisting of T17 indi- viduals always has Time for afTer hours acTiviTies and Tun. This is illus- TraTed loy Mr. Harold Mosser and Mr. RoberT Childers as They pose WiTh capTured enemy dummies. ffl mr i 'aw E 57" :Y i, 211 .15-4 -Queeg? eggs: my .mi QM aff William ibvagustine Physics 5' A L --V' I zig Liberiy B ley American History .4 - -B3 'Qi 6:1 Mildred Bailey French Elizabeth Baker Chemistry . V .kiy 'L . km, hir A 'Z f 1 Peggy Barber Chorus .V V WJ, ff? Harol easley World History . 1 1- 5: mv- SL ,. ,M .,V - in -fel' , x ik' H K, fair 4 4 1 Marie Aichi Emie Adams Elinor Adams Guidance Secretary Algebra Laffn f QV' -. .V I ,V .L 74- , il-we H - 1 .Q is i . , il 'Q zsyyfi, 5 ' i if 9 1: , - ,.,-1' Genevieve Bland Billie Bdyd Charles Brackett Spanish Home Economics American Government if 'Q H 5. Q 25 2 Ted Bracket? Typing 1 . 1 -,,, fi' s .'!.:, + r 'V-, .-' Ann Brandon James Brallon Boyd Burkeif Library Secrerary Physical Education Shorlhancl 3, er. , . ,frvbw . M -c -,Mr ' f irflrl? 'Z g1ir.,gxA 1, , 5311543 YQ, 1 ' an ,.' - 2 'X . rr +1:,."-vt. 5' wwf! ' ' gif -fM?"'i.w L fx x ,, ii'Zf"'?4,, 432 ffnfzk Q: lg , 'H' w- H l K, Huff, g 5 3 ,A ,.r,'-- :fifT7w ,J V4 i , d :'Y g Q q, J In 57 757 .Er Iv 2: Q Q I? K 'Q A .Ag 1 s 14 l 5 'v Q ' Q 4 save 'Y Nlr x 'T air, Q, , Edward Donovan Florida History sl if U M if " 4 L V lliii' 'VI' ' ' rgl' rVTl?5W?TWVf?Wi?25?WU3?y?mak.W, lwi'r6r' i ' l?WwiQ5?Q?3?Q5Q elf I 4. 'Uf!" f r ,N N , i ,A . Hamilton with his family visits Daniel Boone in Boone, North Carolina. c . ' -an "" ' AQ. fri' Q , iiwll ii l niald Donate .l?r'n Daubert lgraifgliceis Cook Physics Trigonometry Registrar , s 1: Wa ' Margaret Cason Algebra Y 38. +1 ,, fd QRS Lili e .lliiig Chandler English we Vw i we ms! Norman Chinoy Marh ligj 4 'W " J Nm V l cline Science si F Q r Mary Criss Home Economics 29 Manager . f V Q b Evans M Y Hall f 3 ,, f a 1, M V ,, 4 e Modern Eiirdpean History Foster Shorfhand Greene English it . l iwfli B if Q ig rn Hahn - An ,?,,mL'L 2152- U G, Marion Edwards American History 5 Ei K A Elfzaig f eeldbaugh Algebra Q fm- ef, J 1 ' fm- A ,M - , -.f2'ff1i1',, Dotoihy Golder Typing Griffen Eshleman Algebra 'K " ' Nw Richer' '.,, , f Modern E urci F. F istory 3 A'l' B , lxbreer Trigonometry 1 ion 4 - 'i'l8u logy w ig-w, ,Wan A , , ,.f. ., -Mg i iii rdng Cioiilgmpora ry History , , ,.., was L wil' N ' '1 gl Howa rd Math . V , M B. 5 :,, 1, as - I E f Winifred Jackson Biology . C5 41 ' ffl' 'Ril,a,', V 45755 5 i H 1 V 'lx iifgifon Physical Educafion 77 My-'f R uv I: ' Ng f ' " is ' 2-: li i eflin Spanish gzvgg . ,iln . ' 'L -I ' L TQPFFSEQEYYZ 4 . J P 1 I' l 'Ea Hupp Physical Education :Lf :., Q ah. -- - W, M +L.. i W 8 ' V Donald King D.C.T. Kolb America Histo if 5 an -Zim? - . 11 55 ,V V .1 'im l '5- ' .-5 . 1153" ' . ,, , . . Q - W N Deanna Heflin A, Secretary '-1. f.. -5 " M' X q Joan Hill Math 1 2 , N-. 'f i 5' ii'-if ,., L Kal ii iilud son H M Guidance if Tiiz yiai 4 Grace Hunter Guidance U 'ng Joan Hufchison English Gloria Kline English olrf Korb H World History .V ' f Y Typing 3 I www my gi J, file i.. Mr. Beasley and sons Phil and Jerry, in front of dorm at Harvard. A student troubled with lines seeks help from Mrs. Turner. Under the disguise of sun glasses and a straw hat, Mr. Kruse acts as iudge for Soap Box Derby. "The Presidents Quartet" sings with Dorthy Collins. The trees stimulate Mrs. Shaw's thinking at Everglades National Park. Mr. Kline greets a fellow officer before going on maneuvers. Mrs. Cason and daughter enioy the Tennessee mountains while soaring through the sky. - , i T s, JE 'fri aff' -pw rf . . .gy ii i Avzffffm. Yiiiwwif if T we li .4 V gf, V f . ,, g if ',.. jb 'I ,Nfl ! ,,f'2"1 4 ,r K H MM v ' f I ry, C I 1 . , g- ffw . :, KJ QIF7 547, Lk 502 4 : ' A 'il ,- - y ? 1 ., "1 ,- 'W' Yay: '5 f if ,wiki Q , ' . gf ' f fill!-'??hY 5 Je, .glaiifif l ' 'ffl 33 ' f wlfffiat, - L V Giulia .Y Q- pl ff 5 '51 11 rt me ji, 'L an-'-.K 5' ef f' A ,, ,L f ti, ,K Margaret Lang Robert Lamby Sforekeepef Industrial Arts Jake Land English Y . 3 'V .F 1 Q We W' 1 James Kurth Drivers Educatio Georgia Landon Physical Education Miriam Lennington Bookkeeping . .. .. :.. as-sf , if to K- My fa . f . aa .., .-W 1, . M ogg I. Q 3 54- Joe Link we World Geography KVLK is i if Ida Jane Madl Modern European History an s f y ' , My , 4 H - ,, if ill : i .'-,' " i , "x iii iattat V,,, Marlin Marcum Marion Masi Heier! MCBFOOYU Physical Education Dean's Secretary Physical EClUC6fiOf7 34 ti' si 25' kv N .L -.N jf , sss,s A r ,-N 2 W f ii Betty McDani Typing K i , , A ii f ini .:- I Y A 7 wh 4 W . I - 8, rg ,:k: VLA' my Marion McDermott Charles McQuagge Mildred Miller Grace Morgan C,B.E. English English Office Practice M - Sig.. 3 'ri 4 if. x' . '74 iz ip N, r D' if Y J ,N A iii Always on the go Mrs. Miller attends the annual English Convention in Cleveland, Oliio : LA Q -Q if 3, Q if ag , wr' iii' i if uw fm. ,.: :inf Jonas Morris Geometry K L . Virginia Myers Secreiary 'L i S , N. "M" i Mary Ann Nickerson Bookkeeping 3, -ig ' 1 wr, .5 ,-if Calarencc Noe Drivers ErluCiiiiOr1 1-i if if Boyd Ocili: Journalism Clifton Rubicani Betty Lou Rose Ruth Patterson Ploydcnc Partain Drivers Education English l.B,!Vl. English Carolyn Salyer In rcii c a , Library V Josephine Schantz Trigonometry Q E , if .. Q, zA ,. Revell Shaw V Physical Education Paul Shea English X -.. x Pauline Spano Shorthand Helen Sproul Band 1 I , l i A' Q -f..E, Roger Tavenner V Guidance Leon Tucker Spanish , 5 sir " , ' Qin 7 iw -if Q f. 41 if Robert Schantz Industrial Arts Robert Sharp English f if Robert Sheppard Drivers Education E ii -rl is .':: X, a Fred Stover Biology Ab ' af 'M it 1 . 5 O American H mas istory 'fy i English f ,Q X , , .sw ,r :,,'f:fgg1, ' William Snyder Audio-Visual 5 'ff t W fi A mei mi K K J s ,,., -Zilla: 1,. ..:.,.-gas ,c il ' Betty Sullivan American History ll john Tosh Biology 'Ll 5' 5 Y' Turner . - ,zz i ll . fi in , J ' Doroth Tussing English ' A - Latin Louise Underwood Chemistry Ida Vaina Bookkeeper Q. , K soft. ', K I 4 fr 5,55-21 .. Q -in f Naru Valaski , 7 "L' A X Chemfsffy 5 a calvin vest -- if 'if Industrial Arts it 5 Alice Waflow Edward Weaver Guidance History l G1 ' W sson fl f .. omlfoge Q 'Hn' Bernice Whipple L A , English L A ' :if L dz i . r,., gh Y r Ted Wlweeler John Wienants Chofus Science gy? Louise A . Typing Lois Wnsley WD 3 1 Lfbfafv w .,,, Biology 37 .Jr -ff-:fe 'Q Wi' ' e 4, . .' ' f""f,."f s , vs, " '..,,,J"fg LH fv -c Q" Ks. , ff 'H 'B 'ff ' 4' ,Q f ,J ' . -MJ: 4 new Q 4.- ' s . "'. V Mk: ' J. 5 Y if!! N I i 'ifffifs 1 N ,L t , -K .. 'nm pw, -gc 1 ,Q v .. c -Q 5 Ve" .1 sf 6 " L 'WR L in X 6 , I 4 . X In Scotland, Miss Kline visited Edinburg Castle Before taking a picture in the Alps, Mr. Hard- ing crunches on a snowball. Far from civilization Mr. Korb enjoys a restful vacation in the Tennessee mountains. in '31, ie "'-+----- yu x v 2 - wg A ar wa...-f"'.. s au tw' 7' 4, ' xl . 1011 19 35. -.V i Eg " we-.W TW f Mr. Rubicam visits a Russian Art Museum in Leningrad. Miss Hutchinson visited Shakespeare's home in Stratford-on-Avon. Miss Barber stands in front of one of Rome's many romantic fountains. s 1 ,A it gl' at Q '.4:in9gf'rfIft g 4 in 1 fir is W , s mt- f. 'Q 39 Linda Baker, Elaine Sanchez, AniTa Yocca, Nancy Norfon, Lynn Parsons, Robin Anderson, Martha Whitney, Leila Kane, Judy Norion Activities 47 R f Qamgflvfi . 5 f E591 xftff f ,HQ .ggi .,.. F IIIIlluu Illlln nnl...... .......... ................... 1 1 nmlHWI lmll ku M, ,Ev ' . in . QNX fx A551 vu ,,.. ,, A Mr.,-,,,, ,Q ff 7 ."" A. Miss Schwarzbeck serves to Gail Doutrich and Lois Parcell in Home Ec. Gary Alexander and Anita Scheib examine Biol- ogy specimen. Jimmy Stuart finishes work on water skis in Industrial Arts. Joanne Stenger concentrates on Hamlet in English class. Pat Mitchell, Barbara Sweeney, Jean Graves stamping passes as they enter the library. Paul Harding and Carol Bagley use the slide rule in Mr. Chinoy's math class. Peter Marion finishes typing assignment in Mr. Kruse's class. ,V-If nr W E .. L 1' " 5 '96 FQ, WS N'kg A sl .. f. f Qi w 5 I.. 5 'We If i HQ i ...- F -4173 'W' 32 .nf X .us lf, N +-+14 '-an-g.,,,, .. vqavffk xfgv""""" ' S ' A A - - .. - .. - 9 . t o ,,:,. i , .. Q W., Q-10-uw QS :i Mr. Brackett delivers his famous 'Football lec- ture. Coach Bratton watches a demonstration of a heaclstand. National Merit Semi-finalists: Natalie Price, Ed Evers, David Eibling, Kenneth Caudell, Walter Whitacre, Linda Manieri, Dick Tinkelenberg, William Starr, and Keith Smith. Rosa Boneta, Martha Whitney, and Miss Bland put on the tape in the language lab. X ,iw . our r ir s N S sw ,gif 41" I !IIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIllIIllIIunnuunnuuummumllllllllllllIllllllllllmll li Sk ik Eg a? .v X x 1 1 . Y 3 . -. X X x ,V 'ff 'A J ' L. 51 A ,,,W' Q 525 ' Q qs5 kb 1 !? 5i A' . x Q -5 e V1 5 i . K illllllilllIIll'llNIllIIIIIIIINIIIIIIllIIIIIIllIIInnnl....................1.lunnllIIllIIIIllIIll'IIIIIIIIlIIIIIlIlIIlIII!IIII NN., Q " . . Q.: 'Q' -1 'N V r I Qi' K E, at Q x Q gn 2.21, QL f is Q f Z ...I X iw M 5 . , QM it 1 ,, K 4 X Q fi, ' g UHF, 5 4 J 25:4 i. 42 , A , V x A Af of 5' Xa Y A A Q " v- f ' 'Z K' ' .f ' f- A X Q... 'W l 1155 is J. Si? 'Q Xxf X .sikwr f'E'1 5- -. -s sf yay t t - 6 SQ., yew gl if mis' 7 ASH , X .f .' Q, . J . U' svn' 5 Q 'i ft i The band marches out to another performance at half time. Sam Obsharski keeps up the spirit during the time out on the field. Larry Oliver and the trombone section slide into a pep number during the game. Harvey Beaupied, Sandy Meyers, Carl Barnes, and Ruel Michalec keep the spirits high as they return to the bandroom from the Pep As- sembly. Larry Raudebaugh weaves his way through the ranks to the head of the band, Hs., . KM .K t r lf' 'filfltttt r 51231153433 is E., ,I 1' we ff 'gm r 'Qin I Linda Stehle, Terry Farris, Linda Martin Martha Clark, Beverly La Douceur and Rita Outz per- formed at half-time during football season and later competed in marching and twirling con- tests. The Stranahan High School Concert Band pro- vided many hours of listening pleasure during 1965-66 concert season. Sophomore twirler Linda Martin, performs with two fire batons at halftime at the 1966 Home- coming game. eeef2 e--E' r .jf us J W Q .Af 3? nnnur will ' -www. -- - as -'N-a..,, The Calendar girls for 1966: Beverly Fuelling, Kris Goode, Judy Gradolph, Diane Gurly, Marsha Hill, Peggy Hughes. The emotion of the contest is shown by the preparation of Terreca Galloway, Rita Outzs, Eileen Menke, by Donna Lambert durnig the semi-finals, by Charnell Aycock when she is crowned and, by Linda Hafendorfer in the dressing room. 56 ff PJ L. 1 'xi gg, 1 N 1 N f X N., , ,, V 'Nj 13 I "am I I 'Q f f. j N ,f .JV ' A 5 fir F lf' fr ' - ' T2 g . v - , - Q Lx ., " " gffff. ' XL" X ,ff - 'hw W JL' ,1 k Xlr V' ' 1 . .L1,f,?: is Q, as 1 Wm ,fn 4 ' N - ,A 1 K. ,,?- ,,, Q V , ',,q.-R , , A I, V. ,1.,,H4W:' . Amp V I fr -, -yf::,fe ,beg-gfmff-' ' wx- ,, f ' Q P .- . I" -- ' Wtix -I . LF, hr-' fiiwf-163J.., , K ss 3' X ..- R K 5, Y 3 X T-5 N ,131 ' ' . 15-'?'Qmfp,'gE 41 J sig V if lapse f if "'2'- gag' ix B - ,f 5 ' -5' 'n . 57 July ff Novem A- Nr mins-0' XM gsiww .,. ' -in.. .- ,,,,..-av-L l X The Calendar girls for 1966: Eileen Menke, Judy Nobles, Sharron Rushing, Duffy Valin, Darla Vrana, and Linda Ferrell. ii 5 M -v :SEQ H5 62 Captain of the cheerleaders, Linda Baker, has served on the varsity for two years. Anita Yocca, Junior, is a first year varsity cheer- leader. Judy Norton, as a Senior enjoys her 'First year of cheerleading. Lynn Parsons cheers to promote enthusiasm. Elaine Sanchez, Junior, enjoys her first year on varsity. 1965-66 Varsity cheerleaders practice hard to perfect their cheers. Clockwise they are: Robin Anderson, Lynn Parsons, Anita Yocca, Elaine Sanchez, Terri Reiser, Linda Baker, Captain, Nancy Norton, co-captain, Judy Norton and Leila Kane. Drum major Larry Raudebaugh and the cheer- leaders lead the spirited Dragons from a pep assembly. Lela Kane and Nancy Norton enjoy cokes at half-time. 4' P 1 1 - ' J sl l 1 WMWWW mf,-ar, fs 'C wi-- QL sg 'gh " L sa .. as '1l.'i"'L'i rsse '-,,, ...-ww' ' ,.Qqaf"' K ,..- ,,s me f, L1-45 ip. W1 my 5 ,. , L e V if e . re- , ef ' i X.. YK .f M M1 ,ye of CQ vig, 5:7 , . si ' WZ N qnw. ,.,., , . Ti Despite rainy weather, Leila keeps on smiling. Come rain or shine Robin Anderson is always in there keeping up the spirit. Terry Reiser is the only Sophomore on the 1966 Varsity squad. Before the game Mrs. Hill gives a few words of advice. Mrs. Hill turns cheerleader at the Lauderdale Pep assembly. After several hours work at cheerleading camp, the cheerleaders take a rest. The Varsity Cheerleaders take a moment for prayer, before the game begins. as ,ff L? if sf- -R Lk 1 " . 5 5 ,jg Q Y 'Wig Eff 1 P1 1 4 .A L, I a X 1 .W , Q K X . , Wt L! t Ls: 3 ...,.,,..v, , ' a y. I IQ , ' - . ' ,Q ' if , .jj K: N . , ' , . KK . i .ii ,M , - . ' ' A fam K IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllununnunnuunummmm.mmmuunllllllllllllllllllllll H gm 6 A ,aff "' K W Ei' IuulllmulullIIIIIIIIlIllnum................. ...... .. .. ..... ... .............. mmunnlllllllllllllllllllll Chorus Concerts In Singer's can be found the vo- cal best and Barlo Hemphill a mem- ber, illustrates this talent at a Choral Concert. Interc sin ers warm U and Q F3 then present the morning hymn. 'Ns' f. " NFB ? S . f. , f f ii., , ..,., , . .. N , , lll i " . f 4 if ff Singers travel to Saks Fifth Avenue for one of their Christmas Concerts. Miss Barber and Mr. Wheeler give Singers last minute instructions before a performance at the Christmas Sing. Mike Morgan, a Miami Herald columnist in- troduces the Singers at Saks Fifth Avenue. Miss Barber directs handicapped children in a Christmas Song. Singers perform at the traditional gathering in the gym. 5. 68 www 'SY 'il i T f'iT" lk: 56, Mr. Wheeler relaxes his group before a per- formance. Girls Acapella, under the direction of Mr. Wheeler, play a part in the Christmas Sing performance. Mixed Chorus did their part to add to the enioyment of the audience at the Christmas Sing. Charles Smith, pianist, helps Boys' Chorus along with another smooth performance. Singers were strongly represented in the I.C.C. Basketball Tournament. ,st .fr xx. Q , this SW-H-J '""""'''"""'''""i1""'''1"111"""' " MA ' "' " "" "'111'1"11'1""'1""'1"' 1 , vm' W i Q . v . 3 ' s 5 H 5 '57 B 1 4- .- .- .QQ 81,92 3- Q ' Q K I, "'-n 9.4, ff' " M ' iii! an i' 751 . QW' .way ,M zu h Zi 55173-e' w M K' 5 il'4f'l'f L,i:'f'gf 'T' MWF .3 " W f in-ywxnf, . .Ask 4,j,x'if -P.-: ' r MW .i l Q. - F N QQ X v Ji J. 15 V 3, s ' 4, 'sg' M r,-rx as Us . . M 11' 'Q wily.. A 'Y ,X A 1 . X in 7 g us iff: Drummer Donna Douglas ,CJ Miss Weinke, describes the Dragonette half- time performance from the press box. Dragonettes for 1966: Outside row-Peggy Magahey, Nancy Hyma, Nancy McKinney, Jeanne Antonello, Jo Ann McClung, Leslie Borg, Mary Lynn Jamison, Judy Lynch, Charnell Ay! cock, Sue Collins, Paula Miller, Kathy Pierce, Lynn Hanna, Mary Sattler, Jo Ellen McKinney, Carol Begley, Merlene Smith, Jane Strong, Judy Gradolf, Judy .Botts, Candy Currie Inside row: Paula Shell, Cindy Dodds Pat Quimby, Darla Vrana, Francine Grehl, Debbie Thompson, Linda Scott, Betty Brown, Wendy Jackson Nancy Pat- terson, Susan Cheaney, Sandi Waski, Gwyn Curry, Candy Crane, Linda Manieri, Roberta Radanoff, Sue Powell, Carol Hamilton, Captain: Ginny Aldridge, Drummer: Donna Douglas Candy Crane, Darla Vrana and Sharon Rushing help boost school spirits by posting carica- tures of varsity 'Football players. f ' il!5'f5ii!5'f ' ff' - y .f 1 , .L , ,. ,. F-: ,Q , . .,' if ,as Q gf' 5 : - ',1 lfl f 5 A a First Lieutenant Judy Botts Second Lieutenant Wendy Jackson ff, Captain Ginny Aldredge and drummer Linda Miller and Donna Douglas wait to begin a rou- tine while other Dragonette members watch for a signal to parade on to the field. Francine Grehl concentrates on her marching steps. Jo Ellen Gibbens leads her line of Gwen Cur- ry, Kathy Pierce, Sue Collins, Sandy Waski, Linda Scott, Mary Satler, and Candy Currie as the Drill Team marches into formation at a football halt-time performance. y olyry if ,fir 1 h 1 ,i,,, , Captain Ginny Aldredge . u E """"""""""1"1111W1""1141 W ' ' ' i' 111"'1111'111'11"1"" ' HH ...... .. .... .... .. .. .... ,... ........ ...mmmnwuJL0lI Elections Bob Effinger is one of many sup- porters who campaigned for candi- dates in the Junior and Senior class elections. The October election of officers was held with an abundance of sf' candidates running for the positions of class officers. 'Qi -v 'N s XXV 3. E E? fl X Xe ,xx xx xxx Wynn Courtney, Larry Bigney and Candy Cur- rie relax after campaign speeches. Linda Comeau helps Connie Mantle put up campaign posters. Julie Mcllvane, Candy Currie and Gail Malcolm put up campaign posters. Lucie Lowen and Dan Prodanovich help in campaign speeches for Junior Class officers. Carr Lee Fletcher takes down campaign posters after election. Dave Ericks makes campaign speech for the office of. Junior Class vice-president. NN if ,MJF + v-. + 4 , fs -1-,'4'.f' 3 4- if V' 'V ,gm y v 4-ak GK '35 xiii' gg! I ,. 'H'w4W,m,h M.-MW , ww Tx' -x u-...k,,....,.- x-'1'-' H-w.f K' Y jj ' ,.n,,, K K4 fba, W ' wif: Q X , Y , 1 Af 1 ' , 'O . if V 7 ik ,,..-' X 'if W 69 2f5Q23Y3Q?Qws 430 Aff? Xjmzb Q99 fx!-f up-.f 59 TRISH '71 J' E m 7714! wrm YO 9 IQMALFJZ .vvtl o yi 7755 ,af Ill' X' QQ nvvgkf L9 'i r v-5 C6 82 4, , vu I ,,g . ,. N rr Q Q ,W swf? l 1 5 , N 7 ,, l 3 l ll 2 E , -fc l y L , K I 1 X E .. t l i i fa' E , I! jx, i I ' l l t l 5 f X ....,-A Mc. J LD S X , 1 XX, Q Student Council Officers for 1966-Rusty Wood, John Seeley, Lisette Logan, and Ginny Aldrege. Dave Ericks, Carr Lee Fletcher, Rich Norman, Jim DeVenny and Bill Poulson campaign in a big way for their candidate, Nick Tussing. Jewel Larson shows that campaigning goes on in the classroom as well as in the school cor- ridors. Q -1 X V i N ' X 1 ff X X? X , . Q Q Q fi, - m . .i as- exf- HFW MF' 7 ,- M IQ., , . it . T ,, If Af' "' 4 ' 1 , Q f x S? Q .uf s- Q 2 Q A Q aff. A , ,, 5: J? ix... 5 , ... t 1 is t ' ,JA F ,JV 4,14 Q , 4 ,515 If ry. J r. -' 'i 'nw .1 J , Q ui R '10 86 SEPTEMBER Marina Whitney and Rich Norman ..,t.M 1 A . OCTOBER Nancy Russell and Mike Vetro ii if f ef NOVEMBER Julie Mcllvaine and Jim Welch fi E ig DECEMBER Melanie Meaders and Tony Duva 87 E 'J is A 5 5 . L,L' LLL,'. , i LL,..,.. Q1 LL,,..., ,,... LL., ,ge,Q.,,g,WN.,Wr-N -W---WE V JANUARY FEBRUARY Beverly Fuelling and Mike Sherlock Linda Baker and Dwight Rogers 88 r 1 , 9 MARCH Sue Schmid and Jim DeVenny b 'Tl 'W Q Ni A ,ll N gg nz, 'ss ,421 fs , 11 - w 'M f r' L .T A, KJ ,X -' 4 r , x Q' , I APRIL Barb Dale and Nick Tussing 1 ll W Hx, -H11 if 1, . , gf l 5, l, i 89 .V - gg? lnul.................. ....................llnn I llllIIIImHmm mlu 5 'E K1-Q' , X ,gg 13 QQ? N A . , 5 - W . 3 as W-af-9,-i...,.,,,,- .-....., ig ,Q M it 'QW f 5 if Martha W h i t n e y Queen - 1965 Home- V an I coming flanked by ' " ,,,, ,. ' ,i Charnell Aycock and Q A ' Lisette Logan. 5 ,V,kW VZ,kVVVV U I Azyyy l Homecoming Queen if " . -A5 " Candidate - Char- t ' nell Aycock - driven i' V ' ,, , by Nick Tussing. Homecoming Queen Candidate Barb Dale driven by Bob Beckett. Homecoming Queen, Martha Whitney, 1965. Car drivenjay Joe Abernathy. Martha Whitney being congratulated by Bill Cambell. 12533 v A 4 fr' M Q a ., in fi if ij: 51. A L' ' Ft it P 51 . c N , K fa X 'ls 'gi . H M fi ' N L . ,uv . . , I A "J 'V Homecoming Queen Candidates Lynn Parsons, Charnell Aycock, Lisette Logan, Barb Dale, and Queen Martha Whitney. Homecoming queen candidates and their es- corts relax before the game. There are tears of ioy as Martha is announced the 1965 Homecoming Queen. Charnell Aycock waves to the crowd . . . and Barb Dale gives one of her pretty smiles as they are driven around the track. Martha Whitney is overwhelmed with excitement but recovers and becomes radiant and smiling, for her happiness is a Homecoming crown. Martha receives congratulations from Senior Class'President Dwight Rogers. Sue Givens, 1964 Homecoming Queen crowns the new queen, Martha Whitney. A tribute is played to the queen and her court. Two of the Homecoming queen candidates, Lynn Parsons and Lisette Logan are driven before the admiring crowd. ind' Cx 4 ' ' J 3 , , 2 Tff- ,, kiwi 'a"W509O4'oo.Of' . -ws-ff6 00940 442 ff AXE ,' LV:xx.'W 1,34 if ' I V A wg -3 , ' , I 4 "' ,. f,g.1aMb .h9,w"' ,.,y.-uto10M5' V . 954915 "Ra.dvlQgY . A ' ffQ1...v A P1 ' Qh Q bQ Q as kim "Explode the Conchs" won first prize in the float competition for Anchor-Interact. Melinda Underwood presents winning checks to Julie Mcllvaine, Juniorettes, and Jim St. Claire, Key, second prize and Jane Abernathy, Anchor and Joe Abernathy, Interact, 'first prize money. Singers float "Stomp Key West." Usherettes float "Crack the Conchs." Juniorettes-Key replica of a Dragon earned sec- ond prize. . ' ifwffigfzf, ,, 1 - n1l.................... ............. . . ........... M if K if L 5 W X Yay J: Q iffy! ffggx ix 'Q in S 5? Q. ' A M M , -M van- Sits Merlene Smith gets another person to try his luck at the Dragonette booth Throw-a-go-go. Linda Scott, Sue Collins, and Carol Hamilton created "A-go-go" atmosphere for the Jubilee. Sally Staten, Linda Chapman and Kathy Wilkin- son follow the path of the hoop as it heads 'For a prize at the Usherettes Whiskey a-go-go. Fortune teller Natalie K. Price, waits for next customer to pay Jo Ellen NlcKinny for a look into the future. Mr. Hamilton tests his skill at the Future Doc- tOr's Dart Throw. Paul Harding, Joanne Stenger and Sandi Pea- body cheer for Rick Jarvis' turtle at the Thes- pian Booth. A X fha. Q 'Q t,,,,: 1 , Yi . " 1 :wx -47:2 , .L 'Q nj . W.. fggigffaf L , Q 1 qw 4' , - gl ,, ,, , W , , Ma 1 1 L if" n - i 1',. l'V' 3 V , Z 'X W -if ,Q 'rl r-A 43731 taut, W I - fillliiil .. t fuuuuu 1 .... Wl ,W l ,nuuuul 2, I . UF Aff L 47 M ','3E5.i3llll 5-M sat? 'e-if Laittitlt' it .Hmm f G Q .- if g Qi g:i'5'i'l'iiu. t l ' " run?-u ' ,t 'tuuuuurl ' afisemlllu,Ta-uuuu.eitfgl22i?f2"' , '5""""ll ggarallquuufe ffeuuwuaeuauul w . -limi!! u .il 4main-wauuuuurauuwuuuu tw-uuuuuuuu .u an ur msn-- l''1llllilllfH-fllilllla lM3i"IiL.l213llllllg"iXll auuuuunn, 1-,uuuulul lfaverulluaumuuneuu-. umm . ,mam 'i""la1 .sailuwuumuuu ftuuuuuuuu maui it llillatifiliuillllll Hlllllll 'iliilllllf1lllllllg.aigHn::: ianllluuefuvusuuuumuam, ienllunuauuuuhn-.m,,,,,! f iiuunnnnuauuumguuuuuuuuu llllllllllllllilf I ggllilllllli' lllllll if I I 3l ll uu u i all s " Qf' I 1' ."" .2-" if iuu .ul ,. , c if I . ..- uluuuu I uuuuuuau..-.wituuul . lllillllllll uuuu . .. .,:..tqunluuuuulliuusuuurllu'.31.1, Hlig' ti' V' n I I lr I' J 4 ,v t 1' U , -fllall 41" 't ll , . -1' itil' ' 2 Y till' S Q j , . u all ll . lt c uuu uuuu a'A25?-'l'l5'3l.E::::::tft'4illi:'ui i gigillllllgunulullliguuuuult un!!!,uuuuuuuuugmuuuuuf l..'..:.'.ll..'::'jlllngIl 'IIBHyigwgMlll!hggll'2,ggill illl'Hf.guwt. i t'-sf"'.gl8i"'g ' glr 51 all ,au:-aguaat-egg:-r.-ggzimgguur :fini S"4"'ull"'alW"uI"' -1 bled the "hard" way. arrival of another water balloon. Hut." f i,.,r , "Wvlh A sturdy pole provides a good place for a spec- tator to watch the action of the evening. uuu llllll huuuuul IS ll 'lt Full I' I4 'qu l ling l lil si . if l.!.!!ull!!nllmnlIf.!stil!! ' 1 fill' '7 l lull Exchange Club members get their eggs scram- lnteract member John Binder anticipates the A member of Modern Dance "GO-Go" Girls takes a 'Few more wiggles before getting ringed. Tri-Hi-Y girls stand by their palm frond hut and erect signs reading "Feed Your Gut at the 'all 'W' Sw wsu A',.. , ,..r ww. Ir... -.wxxvgvwt W u 'G ' X i .. - ' ' E ' N ,, Awskii--. Jw -' X A . Asn fx? 'N A 9 x x xx 5' K ,lf f X 2 X ff vs f' 'F , 'f A :Y self Arnie x""ff'fi1E ,kc f if .fi "' i ii' , wi Q T , ..., , W x K W' fd" if . 2 ig Q E Q ' MQ ' f"" hx ,, x xmmw' Ki .,kL L I 1 'L , gif' Q , g g i, A I YQ I04 Mr. Ogle checks copy layout before sending it to the printer. Rene Hodges, Business Manager, checks the fi- nancial situation of the Echo. Vicki Zimmerman and Jo Ellen McKinney are making last minute changes before the news- paper goes to the printer. Jim Boyd files picture negatives for future use. Jinny Novak and Jo Ellen McKinny begin paste up of the final stage of the Echo. Jerry Edwards reads the first issue of the 1965 Echo. ma!! ,S gui' :.i ' L, 'nw' h' X X 'EE 3 firm . Q ?-QR YM , if "xr .5 if X , . IO6 1 7: ig' .uf 1" u'i:u":::":'. 1 Q Q 3 2 525: 549' be -, x Q, f Nb 'l . QP - .4 . .Q x ' ' 'M 'SA k. x'?z,C'w ' 1 5 I ,.,--' .. if Kay Gaterman, Kent Whipple, and Linda Olson return money forthe Echo. Mr. Ogle, Kathy Mahony, and Essie Mann start the distribution of the Echo. Joan Kinsey, Dave Wilson, Linda Tompkins, Pat Miller, and Gail Houghendoubler check for errors. Diane Gurley, Linda Haf-fendorfer and Nan Pet- erson pick up Echo before homeroom. Kent Whipple, Vicki Zimmerman, and Fred Irwin count money after the sale. 1 "f"'MM.. Emi "MW, . . umm "wk A 0 ,. H 'J 'Hum . k "" se. 'm ' K si 3: A w 9, 5 We h at , nf ' 3 1 4 Q Y S K Q Q.,-f ' i -K an i feagw R X fx: fi v, , ., wf Q, 1 ' Jzxw "H'sJa L, s . Akryy .f ,:,.: - V, EG W " , K, ' ' sa in -F ' i 1,,,,,,, Cast for the Curious Savage: Bev Fuelling, Paul Harding, Pamela Phelan, Rick Whitworth, Bill Steeler, Lenore Bushe, Pat Dean, and Dianne Higgins. Mike Grant assists Pat Dean and Miss Kline in choosing a gown for Dianne Higgins to wear as she portrays Fairy May. Rick Whitworth and Ken Katz clown around back stage as they did in the selection of Dianne's gown. Property chairman, Nancy Tillman, patches Mrs, Savage's teddy bear. Pat Dean, portraying the part of Mrs. Savage, waits for her cue. Rick Whitworth, playinq Titus tries to remember his next line, Mike Grant, as seen from off Stage watches the other characters play their parts. Mrs. Turner discusses Junior Class Play, Our Town, with Thespian members Richard Tinkel- berg, Ed Evers, Paul Harding, Carol Gould, Phil Trick, George Burns, Jane Metcalf Mike Finchem, Sandy Samel, CarrLee Flecher, Connie Mantle, and Lisa Griskes ,,,5 U .., asia? Y . qi, A' ,l 5' if - t Qi' 'ft Ark A KK sw.. 5 X .5 aa.. g 'VM X Y Lx -, fi X 'C ' Q 5 LN 'iw Q1 . 1116 . , 'vs fff . F 'I 'QQ--f E J' .9 '34, as we Ed Evers and Rose Cook wait to be called on stage. Cathy Hoeffer, George Burns, Becky Childers, Juanita Woods, and Sandy Samal perform in Why I Am A Bachelor. Sharon Hutchinson, Mike Fincham and Jill Seip rehearse for While the Toast Burned. Laura Austrobe sets up the stage before the play begins. Bob Effinger -- winner of the "Best actor" award in While the Toast Burns. Fred Erwin - winner of the "best actor" award in Why I Am A Bachelor. Paul Harding, Ed Evers, Ralph Crosby and Diane Higgins in The Monkey's Paw. Dianne Higgins, winner of the "best acting" award in The Monkey's Paw. 2 5 'l EX 'K f K , 0 lk l dt I , Q, jr if W' ev K Nw ,gag 1 J 'EN fi zz x f ilk 19' Beverly Fuelling Francine Grehl Q , ,W, , ,L,. , ,hffsyf , QE T ' a ff, ': mga . ,ggfl-5,:55V5f,T,, L, - W6 A ,.,,: i Y L as l i i l o 7' . X g, Susan Lockwood Julie Mcllvoine H7 Marsha Hill Junior Prom Queen for 1966 Wendy Jackson Leila Kane Jill Seip Sue Stuart """"""""""' WM 'L my 42. Im ,,., 'W +L J -' "H it m' Martha Whitney Rita Quzgs K CI b - ev U Larm Club I22 Linda Hafendorfer Joyce Nicoll Suzie Lockwood German Hi-Y FHA The following girls were elected by their clubs as representatives in the annual Miss Showboat Contest: Lisette Rirner, Student Council, Melanie Meaders, Civitan, Janet Hamilton, Fu- ture Doctors, Judy Lynch, Dragon- ettes, Lynn Parsons, Cheerleaders, Gail Malcolrn, Band, Bev Fuelling, ln- teract, Carol Conway, FSA, Yvonne Smith, Quill and Scroll, Penny Har- mon, C.B.E, Linda Baker, Anchor, Karen Chana, French, Ginny Katter- frelol, D.C.T., Linda Borg, Singers, Molly Lowery, Juniorettes. ,avi , wvwf i ' 3 fl V ,, ik gy, f' Q, g,, is J C Patty Griffith Bev La Douceur Spanish Tri-Hi-Y Jane Metcalf Thespians L Susan Cheaney Pep fn N.- Leila Kane Exchange Ma ry Id e Usherettes X ak' Linda Stotler Modern Dance l23 Nancy Norton and Barbara Dale take Cheaney on a tour through France in first place Juniorette skit, Julie Mcllvaine prepares props for the Ju ette skit. Modern Dance waits to go on stage to form their third prize act. A iazz number by Vickie Zimmerman was of the four parts of the Modern Dance The Civitan chorus line performs before main attraction of Rick Whitworth and Royal Naval Dancers. Sue the nior- per- one GCT. the the if.. I ,A 4' Ty ,A 1 1 5 ssyyysss gy: 5 M is is I 5 Q s - eee A likes. Q Y ,Q 4 ,A ,..-.-q,,, Q S NE 7g"x,,V 2 iff ' v .af N Q X. N5 ""' 'fd IJ.: we-ur utr' X 1 Y-i "" IZ8 wa , K -1, Q-.M :Mk .M x iw " A ' x fl Q3 gg, .. QL U, ,J i. mi-ww -2 K. N? as KSN Wm: 35, A :im 5. X- 1 I ,, ,,, 3 x. w ,Y- 5 W' -g-1 A K W fm, .. it .1 Mr. Ogle, Corky Tarry and Chris McCann ex- amine picture proofs. Chris McCann daydreams during publication class. Underclassmen prepare to have pictures taken. Linda Baker takes time out waiting for Mr. Ogle. Diane Gurley discards last year's pictures. . . im, E lf W1 l J C I29 1, R ti Richard Mahan cuts the receipts for pictures of underclassmen for yearbook. Judy Lakamp, Gail Dooher, and Melanie Wolff crop pictures for yearbook. Sue Kurs, Nan Robertson, Jo Ellen McKinney, Linda Hafendorfer check through receipts for yearbook. Linda Olson, Darla Vrana, Charnell Aycock, Tony Duva, and Linda McMilIian plan adver- tising layout sheets for yearbook. Betsy Lehotay, Marie Riddlehover, Pam Cavey and Richard Mahan sort pictures for the sen- ior section of the yearbook. bps. 4- 'Ks 45 8? f ,gg 'fw muff H l MMM-lain-u A T Cindy Robelen practices taking pictures of yearbook staff during class hour. FIFTH HOUR YEARBOOK STAFF fFirsf ROWJ Rita Owens, Kay Gaterman, Nancy Russell, Judy Beatty, Regina Bernard, Lindy Comeau, Kathy Winnett, Linda Baker, Paul Jones, James Sheddy. ISecond Rowl Sandy Schwartz, Chuck Febro, Sandy Langley, Sandy Bostain, Sandy Wetherhold, Bill Poulson, Dave Medley. CThird Rowl Sandy Peabody, Cindy Staats, Ann Hamblen, Heidi Badgett, Monica Armentano, Suzie Lock- wood, Jewel Larson, Patty Gosset. SIXTH HOUR YEARBOOK STAFF TFirsf Rovvl Jeff Gerum, Tony Duva, Charnell Aycock, Melanie Meaders, Linda Olson, Gail Dooher, Melanie Wolff, Pat Shaw. fSecond Rowj Darla Vrana, Sharon Huch- inson, Judy Lakamp, Jo Ellen McKinney, Eileen Menke, Janet Rosbury, Linda Mc- Millan, Ellen Brown. SEVENTH HOUR YEARBOOK STAFF: fFirst Rowj Diane Gurley, Betsy 'Lehotay, Yvonne Smith, Nan Robertson, Phyllis Seitz. ISe-cond Rowj Judy Luck, Judy Doss, V Marie Riddlehoover, Karen Baker, Linda Wilhelm, Nan Peterson. .Xl ,ar , .1 . ' ' some 5 r marsrnn Cv' L 1 Z -i 1 K X M, ,L eff" ' T f 7' 5 ,iff - f Q V X ! , U n I V , A Q ag - v H5 rf 'W Fd I '1alWi'f Y f A,,k '21, will, -ua-'i's"".51u Hi? Bic . , ,krxai a 44 A "" h - Winans- . Jim De Venny 4 e" lb Sports I 4, w p p, 4 Athletic Director Being Athletic Director of a large school like Stranahan is no easy iob, but Mr. Paul Kruse manages to keep all areas ot the department running smoothly. Under his able direction Stranahan athletes manage to start out on the right toot. Football , . sk Jim Welch and Bob Ekle zero in on the ball Tom Zarfa starts 93 yard run against The "L's carriers. IP v , in Don Schiavon stares at foe from linebackers position. N' i unn 'ff' W is f N T, A Ag A if Fi , " im-39,5 2 4 -Ea if ' i X ' A. f-.4 -Ky J E Q e Mr. Kruse, with the protegtive parasol, Mr. Schantz and Mr. Thomas watch annual picture taking chore. ,sggg " uf.: 1 Q ' v . ,L .ki , - an 4--A . ,, ,-L ,fi gf . 'V 'R 1 ,--4, , , - fx '4' ,f ,, 4 3' ' 515: 55 , 4 , X-SX Nhw."""-uM+n,,,,,,. .wwf 'Q C, ,K .V Y. 'K , ilu V il .1 A wwf A f' Y' fkk' 'nf' + ,MQ 'VY' - Y "", '4-Q'-4 A, ,, W ., A . wi: vi V .W Q . 4? ?, ' I A 3945179 egg" A gli 'fax if 2 :nv ,L - , i n . ag, f if wg, 5A M 'mn .M f .fb . if Y ag, A W 'A Q Q. , . ,,....--f" X Head Coach Louis Gibson Players hudclle in moment of prayer before game. Sandy Wefherhold relaxes in Stranahan's whirl- pool. Managers check over equipment prior to game. fdlll' Y , T59 def l 71 - ' 4 , ' f ya.. I AA ,5 4 aivxzmfiv xy. 5' ,',x,,'yr" 'Z r '.j'i,ff M A V "Sgr -.,' . I , A aw, 'b'f'.'3 " .V I ..' .A-f ' 1 W 'Q ' V' K. ' .gf ....: My s a 'i'i"" ' ffl? ' " y . , . Q, f w V .1 .eg I 1,17 43 MA . 3 Z fTF' . if - . ' ,I 3- .MT W fl . 4, 'fb'-1' M .. f 'cy-:fi .gf-sl L, 5 . bf ,Lil ,. , V M l ' "mf ,. . W " 4 9' .tg Vi. , ,, ., ., :Agni .L,'V'L fi' ffl "" W" M . ' f-Q 'v , . . 521 ""4iyi"':1'5ft ' A , . ,,,q.fn. V ,...g,3,' 5.2 ' 1 . ' . 1 1. -f. ' Q , fa ..,. ..,, . .Q ,-fa .,,', -r A fp n if , ,fu - vfvy V. . ,.:,rJ ,. . A y . -Wg' kv- 2 1 ' a we ff ,R-Ji , A wfrgaq, ' x gUg."9K'Q,2FQ Y',,:A.,', 8 M.,LTXti. u , wk RS.-FQ ,A I. V .,,.,,,'j ,,,.L' -. I. .Q , EJ' , 1' ' f.,,w ..,+,AH,,'2 K. 'f " 4 irrzdn. X: my A U, , I39 what if af- -4 , 5 as Mr. Tosh's Annual Football picture taking brings out the "Ham" in everyone. Mr. Brackett compiles football statistics. Football coaches: Thomas, Kurth, Stover, Schantz, Gibson and Kruse, lead a cheer. 0 ix of it my 1 ij!!- ta? c lips' is W 4 WN W S di' .3 guyz , .tux 4 .. r H , Rf' as Quarterbacks and Fullbacks: First Row-Ray- mond Toth, Lawrence Jarvis, Jim Sheddy, John Poole, Gary Weller, Rusty Wood. Second Row: Philip Beasley, Dave Ericks, Paul Jones, Chuck Hodges. Tom Zarta returns punt. Phil Beasley lines up mighty Dragons. Haltbacks: First Row - Jan Andrei, Jim de Venny, Jeff Shaffner, Ron Wilson. Second Row: Edward Hill, Richard Norman, Tom Ullom, Tom Zarta, John Chapman, Walter Rooney. f -Q.. ,,,g,,m" W ' ' ., 'H PWA QQ' 1 ,N Ends: First Row-Vince Anderson, Hubert Smith, Vernon Goff, Vince Bryan, William Jellison. Second Row-Sandy Wetherhold, Don Schiavon, Rick Shaw, Andy Lehotay. Rick Shaw closes in on unsuspecting quarter- back. Jeff Shaffner carries message from coach to huddle. ve. 5 f ,X S saqrpnwwzi Guards: Firsr Row-Bob Ekle, Jim Welch, Ken Bradshaw, Richard Snyder. Second Row: Carr Lee Fletcher, Jerry Worley, Dennis Dawn, Frank Greenfree, Philip Lloyd. Centers: Richard Wagner, John Binder, John Raether, John Alexander, Robert Defroscia. Tackles: First Row-Mike Taylor, Bennett .Evans, Mike Mason, Dan Prodonovich. Second Row: Bruce Canigilia, Rick Whitwonh, Rick Lambert, Nels Norm. 1 . y ,. -3 -e .+ I 27.5 A ' 1 "Q-' ,- Y 5' 'z-4. fi-"1,lw l 1 e. 8 VR r L A ' S 3 f ,, , .wa L A I n - S he e , Hodges pitches out on end sweep led by Wood and Welch. Jack Chapman tackles would be scorer. N W Cross Country :gf 1 2 , Wynn wins again. Cross-Country requi YES I . 1 c ff! 100 per cent effort tttt . . t M t t W- ' , -' W' LA ' -- A ,kv N., ' -T V -wait, wh ' x " 'W " 'I' i':.f'?""'T.Q'f""-5' RWM ' 1- ' 'vm -f f+ f""" ' W'- ff ' r, Mi, K " . - .. . W . .al V -H' ' .M W - ,sq , 'W HA ' A , 4me2"W .f-Q '. - tw . "'7'1'lt2"W'Ft 4 if ..t t t t 729' Q 9 . .Qt ff? , , , , . , -2 .,. my .. , -,.- -. - ,, , A , -'Q ,,,f-- W. "glut , 1 Q,--W' A L . A ' 5' W' ' ' I .. V17 " - -v-71' T i""':'?f-WF' 4' 41 mf 'H+-J 2-..:4, 4 Courtney puts it on the line with South Flori- Tired but Happy. da's best. ts . ..,' fx.. I . K 1 A Fr Sm V W " -I , f - . . K. f+f,'n'EE?? T S 1: ii 1. X " ! 3'ilf4Mf',5 , - 1-w ' -2. 'Z ,,- . -fx 'E ,Q-1 3fJX"5'fME'f7'Qi'Qfifwg K . i 4 t, N t . 5 2. , K N, w - - g . , . K , ' . N -'T' . ' -- K x, M5114 - Q " 'R QW ' "" 'x ,w ,,-MQ' "- . ' 1 ' Y , he .z, N. iw..-. . 1 ,,,1 KTM ,. x. fa, 12 . .Lg 14' 5 ' .i 4, wt ' :if ff. 1- '1 'I ' ' 4' H53 M ' , xiw ,A ..-N 1. WL- " X X if 'Sv "'gif3' 'S "4 J Coach Noe checks the time for his runners. WY' Don Yarling finishes in good style at im- portant meet. With Jerry Edwards and Zane Pulliam strategy continues even after race. Dennis Hipsley outruns a mustang at meet heid at S.H.S. ,r"' l l Basketball hw da J A...-4--f yuan' ,. " -, vwzkfhlw--' - ii, , lf 4 f l Dick Boy and Mike Ezell get ready for las! John Seeley comes down hard but still hangs quarter of play. on, l50 Jw-I-1.. Qu 'ht-..,S,,, -4. ""'Nnu.... --...,,,, 32 w"""'N-ww """-1'-w wg, KM. Am., 'n'f'1v-Am' - N-MQ .Wm +4 'Y' iff? Tony Duva looks for an opening. Coaches Marcum and Brafton caught in a rare silence during the game. ""hg,,,,,,M Mike Ezell outdistances everyone for the Dragon score. John Seeley gets ready to grab rebound. George Cheshier goes full tilt for the basket. Tom Grimm goes up for the tip as John Seeley and Tony Duva get ready for rebound. Even during a rest, Tony Duva is still in the game. is S fn A 195' ' V . .,, Q VHA Rx 'wg f K , .,.,w,q. f .swam . . 7 M, -5903 . ,. ' ,: gg, 'xfrffn I ' ff, , - ' - ' '- fflfikkrff ,.., ' " 'ff ,,,.,g,f3f.u' 4 v W- win' unqm. ff,' W-mmwvn-4-pn... 1-33 ar 3 out ' for that is lust reach in for Two as Trissel and se? To rebound with four on one, scores for H ZAA 4 Tigifi 'VVV A m"' ., ,, , , 3 X 'im ,J 2 2 5 The "66" Varsity Basketball Squad. First Row: Mike Ezell, George Cheshire, Tony Duva. Second Row: Richard Howard, Dick Boy, Mike Trissel. Third Row: Mike Meers, Tim McCartney, Ken MaCardy. Fourth Row: Weldon Beach, John Seeley, Tom Grimm, Cliff Danley. Coach Marcum ponders next move. John SeeIey's rebound starts Stranahan's fast- break. Pompano unable to stop Mike Ezell as he heads for another Dragon score. Mr. Hann discusses game with an official time- keeper. Tony Duva waits for pass as an opponent dashes to cover, ..--""' ,Lad N 1 .Af ll '.,.W :,,h.,:,,f.r.,e N.. ,, yi: , ,J ff TE- df , La.- Fx Ts. T SWN-.X Mighty Stranahan defeated the Key West Conches, 79 to 66, to be- come the Gold Coast Conference Champs. Leading the Way to victory were Tony Duva, Tom Grimm, George Cheshire, Mike Trissel, Weldon Beach, Mike Ezell and John Seeley shown here. John Seeley made 17 points and grabbed 24 rebounds while Tony Duva made a total of 34 points. This victory gave Stranahan the number one spot in the final Gold Coast rat- ings. 4 ,nv Nh.. ' Q V? S. af," -f 2 gf' UG L , in ? 1- I W I Wrestling Robert Burfon Tries to escape from rivaI's hold. Bob Spong maneuvers for best position To make a successful pin. Greg Adams attempts a 3A Nelson pin on Coach Tavenner announces the line up for the opponent. wrestling match. itil haf rl Wrestlers: First Row, Joe Wahlberg, Bob Allard, Raliegh Pardun Bob Spong Second Rowp Herb Sperry, Greg Adams, Ed Hill Stan McDonald, Third Row, Bob Burton, Bob Sonnet, Jerry Worley, John Poole, Fourth Row, Bob Wright, Forrest Coleman, Mike Taylor Raliegh Pardun, John Poole, Bob Allard, Stan McDonald, Greg Adams Herb Sperry, Joe Wahl- berg, and Coach Tavenner add moral support to the meet. Ed Hill applies the pressure to gain points for a Stranahan victory. Bob Allard begins a sit out escape, Jerry Worley accomplishes another pin. Raliegh Pardun warms up neck muscles before meet. l 1 1 l i l l aff' . " - qv: 1' . " W-- t11g5gA?f9?K.iM ,.-, . 4f,,, ., f Wg? . ,V i l Ek v S , 'fd LV . qu-, A' K . 1 x 3' 5 H 'A A' if i 'vi 4 fx qv Q ' , , ik 'V 51's I63 Mi, -' i .. ,.:,,,,,,,,,,. . ,::1 ,Y - H -34 if-H.: . A k Wea e e e e A i Diana Graves adds another lap. Sherry Campbeil comes ..., H -f K is - up after doing a dive. L,, iA -L The sound Hof theHstartiqgl5f11gg.rgQ2sgpd5 Louis rmaira, Robin Avfaiday '-'. "Ti3iii,ngj on a t asP"f3V7iC?A15P47"15'-'r. t Sherry Campbell executes a dive. Howard Kirk makes a turn and starts another lap. .N a ha... A fb 1 K uf, .md Iizr Vw 1 0 KK I N frkr, A .. ., k:,, 5. ,ia , - . , M I A O ,V 1-gig! "'- fi: A K I gm musk wi VVVK kig. .,.. kk ,,... ,Rh K in 1 MRA . ,mm Members of the Boys Swimming 1eam for 1966 are, Eric Peterson, Louis Maire, Robin Paiday, Howard Kirk, John McMillian CCaptainJ, Tom Areha, Neil Wilkinson, Skip Hope, John Gal- lagher, Doug Hanna, Paul Fifer, Alex Clark, Nick Tussing, Coach Wienants, Jim Hughes, Dave Hanrahan and Dick Boling. Dave Hanrahan Tries hard to better his Time. Coach Wienants Talks To Trish Forum during cold practice session. Dave Hanrahan starts his way across the pool again. Breast sfroker Pam Ratliffe prepares io make a turn. Free styler Howard Kirk drives To the finish line. -xxx ,-...r..,,,,,,, r X-5 K .... :I fp, 1 M C EW ,.o ' Z ,,.r we 9 a , g , i fir? if ' E, gi is W fm mf r A -lf. ,, Naseem: .,.,..,..,. ,gG,i,M,fg , - 2 J - ' i3'f'ff1ii -- i 3-13-5 .. ?fS?Ef?3?5:f'?::2f5 - --.- e :-- ,,.g,,.:,,5.f . ,f,. A -.,f,,. ,vs,,.,,L 'J my 3isLcLg1,,4.4g:,.g4,...W if-kiwi!! K+ Q n The members of the 1966 Girls Swimming team are: Pam Ratliffe, Donna Lewis, Sue Cronin, Miss Weinke fcoachl, Julie Fraser, Linda Hughes, Carol Gegen, Diana Graves, Linda Rooney, Jill Greenwood, Emily Drews Cmgr.J Madelyn Schroder, Patti Keefer, Linda Dorough, Trish Forum, Linda Manieri, Coach Wienants, Sherry Campbell, Peggy Hughes, and Laura Tosh. Diana Graves practices in freestyle. Practice makes perfect for Trish Forum. The butterfly stroke is Julie Fraser's specialty. ,m ,, 6 4 5 eff' ,Q .v if 1 if , Q L ' l - ,1,,e,,e,,gg.--,g ,Q ..eis:gghi.ss1e111fgg,f'' 1 . ..., , ""'.ih., 1 F lq1'J:i'VJs1N"p "'f'fTa- N' ' J .f ,--1 A J' " vi . pfifi- A", '- Q K 5- . H wg - . 4- Q., ' , . ' 1. Vx K?x , wa. 9' 1 lf, Q t A V w """' rs., Karr. '. r f K ,, QL -'3,..'I'5'M. - , F. an :UM 'K , , ., , 0 4 - ve .f f ,4 !i' Fla 5 ' wi y 'meg FY5 . Q-.. K 1 Q rf" QQ - 1243? 4, Y ,nrt , K, -1 wr- . . afvnf K , ...nv ng, 2, ,L ,N I69 Doug Hanna executes a half twist off low board. Sherry Campbell uses trampoline to perfect diving style. Doug Hanna slices water after near perfect dive. Concentration is always necessary for Sherry Campbell to dive in competition. it e I wi I7 Chuck Hodges checks his swing. Paul Jones tips off a foul 4. y ,,-il 1 Mr. Beasley offers encouragement at a base- ball game. 'L ' Larry Newman makes the catch for the out X I' I74 First Row: Dave Sheets Mgr. Bill Poulson, .arry Newman, Mike McClain, Hubert Smith, Chris Poole, Terry Cummings, John Alexander, lim Welch, Tom Zarta, Paul Jones, Chuck Hodges, Sandy Garner, Second Row: Mike Sranr, Jeff Motyka, Dennis Dawn, Ron Wilson, Vlike Gillo, Bob Crosby, Pat Walsh, Sliding: 'Vlike Aldenderfer, Bob Crosby and Sandy Garner demonstrate ream work really helps on second base. Ronnie Wilson really puts himself out. Saul Jones ads as catcher while Coach Beasly swings for a home run. Ml Q F I! I76 John Alexander puts on ca1cher's proiecfive garb. Jim Welch heaves a mighty throw for the Dragons. Jim Welch ends his wind up and swings into the delivery. Paul Jones, Mike Grant, Jim Welch, John Alex- ander, Bill Paulson, Sandy Garner, Bob Crosby, and Mike McClain wait to back on the field. Bill Paulson displays piiching iechnique prior to pitching The ball. qw M. -qv .,,sK J 1+ - W. H .2 hi? we fi .,i' 4 ' , m'k """!"'i , f.-- f. fi-111 k - in W,., - Q81 .NF W,A' f , " My . Dave Thomas passes the baton 10 Rick Collins Cliff Miller gets aid from a Junior High student in the relay. -gg...-1 Tom Ullom and Ed Madonia run ihe sprint relay event. Coach Noe ponders over strategy we, i H 9 K lf, r I80 QWK C W .... The Track Team for 1966: First Row: Randy Smith, Don Yahrling, Pete Gerolamin, Ben Ash, Wynn Courtney, Joe Simmens Joe Specker John McCann Second Row: Phil Beasley, Jim St. Clair, Jeff Shaffner, Ron Collins, Jerry Edwards, Bussy Goff Skip Holt, Bob Beckett, Third Row: Zane Pulliam, Jim York, Phil Spears, Jim de Venny, Chester Jennings, John Bogert, Bob Hargraves, Mike Wainwright, Tom Ullom Jim Langford, Brian Vogel. Les Olian puts the shot. Jim de Venny clears the hurdles. Chester Jennings John Bogert and Phil Beasley run a practice lap be-tore the meet. Wynn Courtney receives the baton in the mile relay. 5 .. ,,..,, in ' , ill l8l Jim York and Jim de Vermy clear the bar after the vault. Jim St. Clair tests the strength of his pole before attempting to vault. Mr. Ehrke, Field coach. Rusty Wood puts all his weight into the throw- ing of the discus. Field members of the track team include, First Row, Earl Persinger, Carr Lee Fletcher, Don Dorr, Jim St. Clair, Dave Thomas, Cliff Miller, Jim deVenny. Second Row, Scott Arrand, Jim York, Bill Copeland, Les Olian, Rusty Wood, Mike Raether, Ward Brissick, Kenny Smith, x Tennis ,.:,,,,,, '11 'M' . f ,L . . ,V it if s ,J H '11 S5 Q 5? ' EV 5 mail' sgfafm X5 Miss McBroom demonstrates the proper way Dwight Rogers and Mr. Weaver discuss the to grip a racket. next tennis match s rf? .O i ..n...g-an , ya-yr, i., Lucy Lowen completes a return successfully Using a iwo handed grip, Scoh Doyle returns ball. , 1 P , , . , v 1, 5 5 ii H 1 if ge 2415 .. W,, , T1 F ,- if rig' 'W' 'fr fi E 1 s . . , W' , . ,Q "- -1 . . N 'Q E The Boys' Tennis team for 1966: Dwight Rogers, Bob Reed, Glen Graham, Bill Miley, and Glen McAnnich, Tennis Captains for 1966 are Bill Miley and Sue Schmid. Bob Reed prepares to defend the net with an overhand smash. Holly Hock serves a fast one. The girls tennis team for 19667 First Row: Lucy Lowen, Holly Hock, Cindy Robelen, Scott Doyle, Sue Schmid. Second Row: Diane Chublos, Bar- bara Miller, Nancy Mandeville, and Diana Cor- rell. y Q T 7 ff P 5, ,K K .Ei H - l,l.,-lg 1-4 V' atfi stri Q te te V T., srrst T tera s - e at T N fi. 1 'Va 1 me 'E Q f' T: 3? JM ' "'f"'Q l'359?'J9! UMW ' ' zvvwenfmm-s 4 4 ,410 1, T? ' X Y " . I 'I X H1113 'f HJ aa H 32238 F!! E' . 2 ' 1 Ur-' 11-Ewi!fd5?if1:11'Z ,. ,LL ,,,,.,,,.x f, . ,:'--JMJJJQE za, ff-1 t,msy,:,,,,.'3, H lu, 'is'-yffygj-:'g2Zrf 'f ww wfmqrrf. 2- , 'BEF My .ww f f - ifiiilifz - 1, ,. N.-gl efgpygz ff v Qsf2f::22LQfffv?wfg,2i5f W " 'f - fvmlrr' xg Y 4-J fl Golf 4 - ,fe 1 M 'G ity K , f' w Charlie Horrell hits an iron shot to the green. Mickey Manning biasts his way out of a sand Trap. Dave Kaplan lines UP PUN- Randy Feather tees off 4 ' mam:- F P 3 get in 1 ' QHEJ' I 5 :wk .Q if H 'F l 9, xx 5' fi fl .i xl fs, H l 1 Q . f ...- 1 A 'JQSR1 1 yi ' f EA-1. .. 5 Coach Hupp holds the pin during- practice session. Randy Feather, Mike Morre, Mickey Manning, Charlie Horrell and Mark Johnson practice at Ft. Lauderdale Country Club, home of the Dragon golf team. Mark Johnson chips to the green. Y W SF wav 3 ww! J. V. Participants at Stranahan J V Football 1966: First Rowg Charles Gray, John Parks, Harry Robelen, Bob Burton, Edward Moseley, Second Row, Ken Townsend, Bob Bra- man, Dominick Palleschi, Bill Copeland, Jeff Coffey, Dennis Hamilton, Joe Wahlberg, Third Row, Jim Zarta, Ken Hall, Bill Massey, Richard Debevee, Wayne Milan, Mike Test, Alexander Boutzilo, Jim Alexander, Fourth Row, Terry O'Hearn, Doug Smith, Jay Scott, Tony Chad- wick, Mike Thomas, Art Hess, Brian Vogle, John McLeese, Fifth Rowg Tim Dobbins, Richard McCorquodale, Dorcy Stover, Irving Bubueck, Gary Rogers, Alan Campell, Beniamine Sisk, Leroy Smith, Sixth Rowg Bill Stough, Forrest Crane, Jeff Nieddu, Jerry Williams, Mike Thomas, Edd Madonia, Rick Boardman, Steve Bhas J. V. Cheerleaders 1966: Carol Brandon, cap- tain, Betsy Sheets, Liz Greenly, Dee Billington, Devon Ezell Dennis Hamilton advances the ball to the Northeast goal line. J.V. Coaches, Thomas and Kurth watch action from the sidelines at Lockhart. F' S E w 'a 3 559511111 The J.V. Basketball team for I966: First Row: Jeff Becker, Bill Copeland Dave Walclschmit, Terry Nemisek, David Dale, Coach Bratton Clint Barnes, Don Palleschi. Second Row: Vic Morvay, Bob Bobblings, George Polaiski, Dan O'Donald, Mark Hall, Dan Wright. The J.V. Cheerleaders for T966: Liz Greenly, Devon Ezell, Carol Brandon, Betsey Sheets, Sherle Esterline, Dee Billington. Terry Nernisek drives for a lay up at the J.V. Basketball team. The J.V. Tennis Team for 1966: Grace Huntley, Kathy Hamen, Marline Slopey, Linda Correll, Sue Haris, Lorrane Damico, for ,'.,,1iff.Qg 33-315 mliff I 1122723115'1"fQ?,Q',V,fjf1rZL3' ' " l 'W-5'22?fg,, ia ff, H , f ,gray 1' if-Ierfif-:v,f'.Qfi:-M ' W ..-Av--A ' Q,"-,Li vG,':gif.'.A -iw,-, :.',.-v-.- - ,IZi'.H7 i fm, fl, ,,a,'fff.C:p3,. rgifirf its, , e-ng--. ff QQ' .f,fg.:Q:9 5 M3753 '.'f4if-T49 Q -Cffglfyif .,sr..t,i' kia. WM ' 1 f F, uf' '- gf? lx- If X". ,fain ,, ' A ,.'ff,.V:,y,f77',5f iffjg 'V K ' 'A 'gig' M 9 ig 45'7f"'iz TfT51f.1.naf"fi:iIff?i,n-.if ' H .P 5" - - flora., fl., V - ii' ., tw' 'ff'f'i1x:fr ' f ' 'X if :U ,:,f,,t.,.,f, 5-i 1,-H, , 5 ivfrwpfiffazgi err: relic' me ,ip ,go ,Levi-.4 wi ' ,1 fi,'.',j-',u'fg,"" ' '-'. J.-ilfi,4Qr7" M--A-M .a i ,. 1.1.2 X:..v,r1"!,f ff' . , iv.23,.s'iim1','i:,q ,, ,, , , T E1 i Q, ggjigillfrfg-ff,g'ZLf,-i fi! , 1 , - - - ' -'-weQ.43t.t':,-f.,h"ff 'mf-' f 'ff 1 g . 1 , Q - - V .cl abnwdrnznln an r--in ' f M N s , ' 3 J fh'lfivf1f,'-94241 'exif i' a 5 7 3sf,q35?'.I,',f1:f':,:p2' 2123 g,f9g,ggy15f -,TQ ,Q . , ffynpnr-1 ,,-Q' , ,, qlmfhq-gg,g,. pl. I , ff , . B B :M6.s1g4f:m 5 E ,hx ' , A ' as JL' 2 ' :fy ,-, -',, K , - ,-k-- fy .. , 'N W K ' is 'R' T fs My N T 9 l Gu X 'if-X' . 'A' was . A - W R . , . . f- 1 Q 1 . L. rg... f it i , 3' v E . ,N'K"-w ef' J? ' 'mf' , 1 ,gf V W,-V. - Q f 1 was 2 rr.,,, , L. V ,A ' 1, EX i ' , ' , f 15:5 i .. 51 Sf" " P+? - Z vs K 1.455 F' W l.:" 2-2 X Q ' f - " as QP' Q' 3, , B at . l 2 at 'rdf ,ff 'e . ' - 1 B 'T .2 5 f Q . iff' . . , . i ' iwiefiif . .' i?" Si. ' ' ' if -fr-H' Q it " ' of - if . ., -rsr .. Qsz- -.s, -' . ' s , Q W i K ' if' N nfl' f as '5 1 '1'5'f Q'-s : VL ,." ' iig ' 5?f'if2f 'f 'V' 1'fZ5i1:,ii -'-9" 5 -1 it , K X. W f- , gg as -- 1 -s-. :ii 1,31 Tfif' i -"' TQg,g-liSaf gigigigeegffa i , ' , gikjsggj 'SYS -7' i7W"'jff. "" f:j25'f2 '-fIi?fTf'1T" ali: ' -?f:5if1i:i1'f"frw'f-5m-w-- 'gy r ' i-.. "' K , . I. K K . K 'K f-ss 1.-1.55, H B I . 'P 353 N x s - .fit I97 ,, H V' The J.V. Cross Country team members Paul Merson, Dave Thomas, Danny Aunapu Jeff Motz and Dave McConkey. Tim Haines awaits a throw to third base. Pitcher Wayne Milam begins his wind up. Cross Country runners show speed through Birch State Park, The J.V. Baseball team First Row: Jeff Nieddu, Don Stowell, Clint Barnes, Dennis Hamilton, Bobby Antonello. Second Row: Tris Meucci Tim Haines, Dave Cummingham, Wayne Milan, Jim Zarta Don Bryan, Russ Harris, Tom Weaver, Ralph Lundy, Don Paleschi, Danny VanNest, Bill Copeland, Coach Bill McQuagge. . , sss, ss,,s MZ-TL X7 z Whitworth Kenf Whipple, Dick Tinkelenberg, Dianne Higgin if Q E9 Classes oi! I ff7 -ali fi 1 4. .1913 is . .3 K z g a, Q x fi , X YN 5 ,, wx RQ X uv ,I R vi K? QW' M vii v Jane AberneTl1y Joe Abernathey Frederick Adams Vivikka Adams Cyndi Adler Richard Albury Ginny Alclredge Jane Alexander Mike Amare! Rosanne Ambrose Rick Ammons George Anderson Greg Anderson Jody Anderson Linda Anderson Vincent Anderson Jan Andrei John Andrews Joe Andrules Kathie Anthony Barb Appletord Angela' Arensman Naioni Asercion Ben Ash Alinda Aunopa Charnell Aycock Carol Bachtold Annette Bacile Jeff Bair Christine Baker Dennis Baker Linda Baker 1 t 1 si Hi:- Melinda Underwood, Pat Miiler and Vivikka Adams "on the go" at Lake Geneva- Pat Ash Lucille Asselm 205 IVV! W -Jn Annett Griffin "on the go" at Navy Yards. Bob Barnes Jr. .,...., Janis Barney V, 206 Lela Baldasare Bruce Bruce Raul Balsera JoAnne Barakos Alice Baum Barbara Baur Jerry Baxter Karen Beasley Phil Beasley Judy Beatty Bob Beckett Carol Beecher Carol Begley Anthony Benin O Marilyn Bennett Susan Bennett Larry Benson Regina Bernard Ted Berd Pam Bess Sue Betz STeven Bickford Larry Bigney Barry Bindsnedler Marcia Birhanzl Alice Birth Peggy Bistline Mary Lou Bizas Kalhy Blankenship Jeanne Blougln Dave Blue Lydia Bobo William Boyle Barbara Bradley Terry Milam and Joe McMillam "on The go" at Boca. 208 - --. f Mmm: Bill Bomboy Rosa Bonefa Jenella Border Linda Borg Judy Bolts Richard Boy James Boyd Sarah Boyd Nancy Bradshaw Wendy Bradley Marcia Brice Bob Bridges Susan Bridges Ed Brin Lewis Brisfon Linda Brockman Patty Broseke Paul Brotman Betty Brown Ellen Brown Nancy Brown Thomas Brown Beverly Buck Jeffrey Burch Robert Burlingame George Burns Judi Burrell Virginia Burris Cheryl Bush Larry Butler Vincent Byron Bob Calolerr Stephanie Calkins Wayne Campbell Bruce Canigilia Judy Canfow Pam Carroll Arlene Cascarell Bryan Case Mark Casello Dennis Cafhcart Kenneth Caudell Karen Chana Jack Chapman Linda Chapman Lee Chafterlon Susan Cheaney John Cheek John Cherry George Cheshier Roger Childers Karen Christian MaryAnn Cicalese Chris Clanton Bill Clark Carol Clark Susan Cluverius Bonnie Coais Debbie Coe Nevra Coffin Linda Cole Kathy Collier Henry Collins Margie Comeau Wynn Courtney Cindy Covan Mr. and Mrs. Haun and Tony Duva "on the go" at Homecoming. 2I2 William Confer Carol Conway Greg Cook Rose Cook Bob Cookenmasfer Debra Coppola Susan Coupe George Copeland Carolyn Crane Karen Crawford Bruce Cronin Sue Cronin Rod Cronk Sharon Crosbie Bob Crosby Roger Croreau Ray Crozier Alice Cully Robert Cunningham Candie Currie Linda Cufcher Barbara Dale Tony D'amico Cliff Danley Fred Davis Jr. Donna Dawkins Dennis Dawn PaT Dean Ralph Dearden Sandra DeBusschere Cheryl DeCluTe Pauleiie Dees '1 F, f Nan Robertson "on the go" for Homecoming Motorcade. Becky Davis Dennis Davis 2l3 ,, -, Charnell Aycock "on The go" as Miss Broward County. L Carol DeSabro Jose DeSiIva , K 2l4 Kenneth DeFricke Bob DeFroscio Dewey Dellinger Robert Denton James Desmartin Jim deVenny Diana Dibble Stephanie Dilleuig Deborah Dixon Caroi Diya Alan Dobbins Daris Dobry Cindy Dodds Rich Doersarn Alan Dollar Brenda Donahue Jim Donoho Judy Doss Gail Doutriclfi SCOTT Doyle Suzanne Downs Ellen Duckworth Jim Dunlap Barbara Dunn Tony Duva Michael Dzoba Ann Earl Beffy Jean Earl Jerry Edwards Robert Effinger David Eibling Greg Eisman W ir A if ' L , .. gf E , '--' ii 1-I -fr is .LLL... is .P . N fi 'S' 31 V kirk VLL: ' ff ? T 5 5 ' 2 J': fm . . vf'J it ff' Q s kL'- ,fi r-P, s , . 'fr ,. 4- 11 . . J ,, , '35 2 ,:-' 2 ,X 'sf .L ff is I Jeff Shaffner No 43 on The go with members of "all countyu offensive Team. Margie Eldredge Debbie Elhard Marilyn Elliof Frank Ellison Bob Emanlel Mike Emmons Donny Erdicoff Dale Eriksson John Eimanczyk Nancy Evans Paul Evans Ed Evers Michael Ezell Steve Fanning Renee Farmer Janet Farrar Robert Farres Donna Favvl Randy Feather Charles Febro Thomas Fedele Irene Feiler Bobbie J. Feldman Cecil Ferguson Mary Fitch Sherrie Fitch Pamela Floyd Kevin Foley Trish Forum Diane Foster Jackie Foster Casey Foote :mu-K vvx, a F .fs or Q- ,B ,,,, W. K , s ssss ff ly F C-Li? F? 1 S 7 - B ,z ii' Q Joe Fernandez F1 J V Y I lifi J lx 5 eil F F J ,E - lie ' fs, QA ' 'U ,UQ J: e J! l i x it Q I .Q 'lg sms - Filw lg Q ' ' - is J N- X sd ' - -:gg C V " i aa-l f , J F ,. E- iii.t rrs.- Tom Zarte, 22g Jim Welch, 67g and Bill Jellisen, 85g "on the go" as "all county" defensive. A Diane Firth 'U' v.,, ,117 2l7 Jack Founrain Karen Fox Veronica Franco Peggy Franz David Fuller Linda Fulling Faye Fulton Karhleen Gander Sharon Gardner Dave Garlock Sranley Garmenr Sanford Garner Ann Gartner Patricia Garriso John Gary Kay Gaferman John Geers Linda Gersrensloger Mike Gillo Carol Gilmore Cheryl Glasser Kris Goode Bill Gordon Mary Jane Gorth Lance Gottlieb Judy Gradolph Franie Graham Jean Graves David Gregory Francine Grehl Helene Grefhlein Anneffe Griffin Natalie Greco Sharon Greear Miss Barber and Singers "on the go" at Saks Fifth Avenue 'Q'-N 5- Linda Hafendorter Steve Hater G vw .wpfumwf 4f'Q'A".3-gf wr"iaa feet WW- .k ,QiWWi "" ' it i , 2 '45 navel ff' 1 i 'Tig f'?"iN ' 231' - . '. af,,f'f G 4 Homecoming queens "on the go" with escorts. 220 Rose Grimaldi Tom Grimm Shirley Grizzard Paul Gross Georgia Gruber Donna Gunn Diane Gurley Janet Haddix Brigitte Hager Debbie Hall Melanie Hallett Ann Hamblen Carol Hamilton Janet Hamilton William Hansen Paul Harding Pelma Harmon Jim Harrison Bobby Hari Chisrine Hassel Anna Hasz Allan Hayes Margaret Haynes Murray Hayward Barbara Hemphill Sharon Henderson Heather Hendricks Vicki Hendrickson Linda Herndon Brenda Herron Linda Herson Bonnie Heyworh I 'Qu 'nl ,,-, wp Paula Shell "on the go" in Mexico. yr wx Linda Hirnmelheber Larry Hinson Dianne Higgins Jennie Hightower Jerry Hill John Hill Kenneth Hinton Dennis Hipsley Holly Hock Chuck Hodges Renee Hodgens Raymond Hoefer Janet Hofstra Beverly Hollenbesh Karen Holt Richard Holt Suzanne Honaker Don Hood Frank Hoops David Horlacher Pai Horner Bill Horrell Charles Horrell Chris Howald Cindy Howard Roberf Howard Roberta Howser Diane Huggans Gail Hughes Linda Hughes Sharon Hutchinson Nancy Hyma Alan Inman Charles Iver "1 K" Margaret Hughes ll r yy C i GM 1 'ff' Sarann Hughes Nancy Taylor on ihe go in Mexico 3 k"""w. Wh.. 223 Elizabeth Jablonski Sharyn Jablonski Sherry Jackson Diane Jacobs Linda Jaggers Gary James Mary Lynn Jamison William Jellison i l PeTe Jerolaman Doreen Jobing Sandra Johansen Bruce Johnson Carla Johnson Dusfy Johnson Linda Johnson Lyneffe Johnson Nancy Johnson Jeff Jones John Jones Paul Jones Patty Jordan Philip Kadala Henry Kannigis Dave Kaplan Charlene Kay Mary Keane Walter Keating Patty Keefer Kathleen Kelly Gail Kennedy Nancy Kennedy Sandy Kilian MV' f Ginny Katterfield efh Katz Ev. 'iff' 225 'ft-x 'WWW QKSWQME wwMdww',N,M ci' ik vb' ix' Murial Kirkpatrick - ' --"- X - zzW,,. Nirr .. , "A Q '?":T,j J Francine Grehl "on the go" in Intercoastal. Becky Kis 'xggj " ' J K Qik if I Mary Jane Kimble Janis Kingsley Joan Kinsey Howard Kirk Patricia Kiser Karen Klemenf Roberta Knoch Greta Knox Sandi Knox Deanna Kopp Linda Kofowsk Ann Kaipa Karen Kruse Lynn Kurima Sue Kurs David Lagi Judy Lakamp Barbara Lamb Donna Lambert Rich Lambert Gail LamiTie Ronnie Landis Diane Landry Ronold Lane Jim Langford Sandi Langley Joe Lanza Diane Larson Jewel LaRue Gerard Laurence Jan Laurie Walt Leaman Mike Leary Lois Leaverton Margaret Lee Cheri LeFenre Karen Leg ue Richard LeMieyx Mickie Leonard Loretta Lester Steve Linster Kim Little Ginny Livingston Gary Lloyd Leslie Lockwood Suzie Lockwood Wa rren Lockwood Lisette Logan Karen Logan Karen Logsdon Jean London Linda Long Torn Long Soe Lorenzi Cassie Lowery Earl Lowery Joyce Lupa Judy Lynch Sherry Lytz Julie Madsen Peggy Maganey Joanne Mahan Connie Mailnof Louis Maire 1 1 -' lr! ERREUN 6 5 W Y 5, ii +I' 72 Band "on The go" at game. Norman Manqanello Atv Linda Maniera Pat Making Gail Malcolm Joe Malkus Bonnie Mancheife Essie Mann Linda Manning Mickey Manning Charles Marker Thomas Markley Denise Markus Nancy Marnetfe Lynny Marsh Dorofhy MarTin Raymond Martin Jarvey Marfs Donna Marvin Bill Massey Claudia Massey Eddie Mallis Terese Matlison Susan Matthews Don McAneny Geen McAninch Chris McCann John McCann Bryan McCarroll Tim McCartney Sian McConkey Jim McGuigan Paul McGurin Julie Mcllvaine Shirley McKinley Y , 5 will v Bob McCrory N X Darla McGhee Phil Spier "on the go" with football equipment. -...-bm J lf' 23l A: 'Q Ns... Marybefh Mead 1 Melanie Meaders SHS's football team "on the go." 232 4'-s JoEllen McKinney Linda McKinney Jon McMillan l.inda McMillan Jeff McNally Penny McNeil Allen McQUade Dianne McVicker Brenda Mears David Medley Ed Medley Cindy Meliclfiar Glenda Mellen Eileen Menke Theresa Menser Carol Merlo Vince Messina William Metzger .loria Meyer Terry Milam Chris Miles Bill Miley Clare Miller Donna Miller Judy Miller Linda Miller Pat Miller Roberl Miller Philip MilleTT Frank Millsaps Francine Mirigliano Shirley Mitchell . it Q 5 1 s M sssii W ei' ' sa gb v Y I Georgine Miller l lX"4'win"-f i John Seeley, coach Gibson and daughler "on The go" after game. Jo Ann Miller WX 233 Joy Moffef Mike Molyneux Dan Monks Michael Moore Richard Moshier Linda More Jeff Moryka Gail Muirhead Mike Murphy Roger Murray Darlene Myers SCOTT Nagele Pere Nanfouech Benny Navarro Barbara Neese Audry Nelson Cynthia Nelson Buddy Nesmith Debbie Nesselt Judy Nevers Larry Newman Leo Noble Andrea Norman Richard Norman Judy Norton Nancy Norton Linda Novak Jennifer Nowak Linda Olson Bonnie Ostram Dennis Ostheim Bruce O'Toole ene Obringer fmt? Calendar girl contestants Diane Gurly, Linda Ferrell, Karen Chana, and Lynn Parsons "on the go" with last minute touchups. John O'Connor We 'W ,wg "RTT ...Mx .E ..,. 235 1 1 5 ,A Chris Pelleteri Carolyn Penny 31345K ,f . A ' -+L- si! CFI ll I Bill Whitehouse Cat rightl "on the go" at Swimming Hall of Fame with Johnny "Tarzan" Weismuller. 40' 236 Rita Ouzts Rita Owens Robert Palumbo Lois Parcell Iris Parlin Lynn Parsons Carol Pasquale Sandi Peabody Diane Peters Eric Peterson Nan Peterson Gene Petraglia Pamela Phelan Mark Pitzele Sandra Plant Carol Poclworny Pafrick Poland Valerie Pollick Chris Poole Johnny Poole Linda Pofrer Bill Poulson Karen Powell Nafalie Price Cindy Proctor Ed Propsf Kenneth Pugh Zane Pulliam Carol Quansrrom Sally Quick Judie Quimloly Patricia Quinloy r.,,,o, . gf, ' S 47? kin 5.J' Rv - . Q I 121 42 lf 41? V-K !9V""' -eq . M? 55 1 Judy Norion "on the go" at ICC outing. ,.,,..M,m,,,,-l,w,,, ,.., ri,,mgy,,,.,,,. Pam Pritchard Charles Prifchetf 1 V Y VW Y V Y B' 237 Dennis Quine-T Jim Rackard Scoff Rash Gene Rasmussen Joanne Recchi Roberf Reid Alien Rice Theresa Richard Ma-rie Riddlehoove Tom Ridge Derrick Rivers Cindy Robelen Snaerleen Roberts Nan Robertson Jan Robinson Emilio Rodriquez Dwight Rogers Ali Rohrs Noreen Rooney Virginia Rooney Walt Rooney Janet Rosluery Ann Merri Ross George Rotchtor Gary Rotman Pat Roussos Patricia Roy Wendy Ruch Nancy Russell Donna Rutan Steve Rutkowski Robert Ruttkay d Mariann Rushing Sherron Rushing L X Jim Welch, second from left, "on the go To the University of Florida with foot ball scholarship. ma., Sue Schmid Glen Schofield v-1-.., '-Fw!! 3? +'Hci Q51-' Larry Raudebaugh, Cback row, 10,1 "on The go" at FSU drum maiors' camp. 240 Kelly Sadar Bonnie Sage Jennifer Saikley Jim ST. Clair Mike Sanchez Sa ra Jane Schaefer Sandy Schaller Don Schiavon Roger Scholfen Kay Schoonover Steve Schryver Linda Schvvarfz Sandra Schwartz Ronald Scoggins Gary Scott Lynda Scott Terry Seaborn Gail Sears Michael Secor Herb Seeger John Seeley Sandy Seig Phyllis Seitz Mark Seymour Jack Shaninger Steve Shapiro Pat Shaw Rick Shaw James Shedcly Helen Sheesley David Sheets Kitty Shell Qi' V Y 1, f f' Y Jim Welch, Jeff Shaffner, Coach Gibson, Tom Zarta, and Bill Jellison "on the go"at football banquet. Susan Mark Shoemaker 242 Paula Shell Mike Sherlock Rosemary Shetler Barbara Shippers Felix Shull Sharon Siddon Pan Silver Joe Simmens Pan Simone Carol Sinclair Stephanie Sinopoli Joe Sisson Richard J. Sitman Darlene Smith Debbie Smith Doris Smith Ellen Smith Keith Smith Merlene Smith Yvonne Smith Jean Smolter Mike Sorrentino Robert Sonnet Joseph Specker Phillip Speier Robert Spong Cindy Staats Sallie Staley Jerry Stamper William Starr Sarah Staten Sherry Stearns Charles Steeler Linda Stehle Joanne Stenger Geraldine Stephenson Vicki Stephenson Terry Stern Noel Sterrett Nathalea Stewart James Strong James Stuart Helen Suchman Burton Sullivan David Swafford Barbara Sweeney Russell Sweet Cathy Swinehart Sandra Szumanski Glen Tafuri Corky Tarry Carol Taylor Kalee Taylor Nancy Taylor Sondra Taylor Brian Teahan Florence Tibbefis Richard Tinkelenberg .Ioan Tishler Linda Tompkins Linda Toplansky Ray Toth Par Travis David Trissel 1 Y I ir' ' Philip Thomas ,,w,,gfw-M .. '- Charles Horrell "on The go" in Jamaica. Glen Thompson fralfl 59A 245 T Marcia Trucksess Nancy Tillman Judi Turner Nick Tussing Melinda Underwood Janis Usmiller Dave Valin John VanArsdale Kay VanFossen Mike VanHorn Charles Vaniman Louis Vannucci James Van Wrinkle Bob Vargo Paf Vaughn Robert Vaughn Mike Velro Jackie Vlasak Darla Vrana Herb Walden Pat Walden Terry Walden Tammy Walker David Wallace Palrick Walsh Barbara Walters Diane Walfers John Walton Laura Weiss James Welch Sandy Welherhold Mary Weston Lynda Wilhelm Jeni Williams Dragonettes "on the go" forming a pinwheel. 248 Roberta Wharem Walt Whitacre Alice White Evelyn White Kenneth White Bill Whitehouse Anne Whitney Rick Whitworth Rick Williams Chris Williamson Dave Wilson Ron Wilson Ronald Wilson Ronnie ,Wilson Ronnie Wilson Craig Winger Kathy Winnette Linda Winters Marsha Wipfler Melanie Wolff Michele Wolf Dollie Wood Rex Wood Rusty Wood Judy Woodward Jim Workman Jerry Worley Sally Worthington Jackie Wright Phil wright Wallace Wright Cheryl Wulfekamp 7 ITU? ,1 Cindy Robelen, Betty Brown, Lynn Parsons, Judy Botts, and Melinda Underwood "on the go" in Home Economics. Robin Wood Glenn Woodruff Di "ffm" 249 Keith Zent Penny Ziesm Don Yahrling Jim York Kris York Sharon Zakraisek Joseph Cipperly Ronald Cray Anita Cruse Tom Darbro Monica Lakota Pete Punkett Dolores Schmidt Martha Whitney Bob Zimmerman 250 i v r 1, Valedlcforlan r . , , M. ,I Receiving the honor of Valedictorian of the class of 1966 is Ed Evers. Ed has been outstanding during his Three years at Stranahan both in academics and leadership. He has served as pres- ident of German, Math, and Honor So- ciety Clubs as well as being an active member of Civitan. Gradevvise Ed scored a perfect 800 on the Math portion of the College Board tests and has received four scholarship letters, an accomplishment never before achieved by one person. Linda Manieri has earned the Salutatorian Honor for the Class of 1966. Through her hard work she received two scholarship letters, was elected secretary ot Honor Society and held a position on the Dragonette Corps. fT 'Q- Rik Y. unr- P' :gi , 1.1 , 4 ' 3. ef 1' Ki A E f,:mw.:g' -.. , ,V .- Q T ,ar . -rar 4 , SW? Karla Achor Jol ine Ache rman Darlene Adam I ,f , , Jim Ahern 4 A ,. - 'rw SL ,f ra il ,Q 'f 119 -fs. its + ' gv' . at J' A f A an ...,, f , Mike Aldenderfer Sonya Alderman 1 4f?a3zi:, fa John Alexander ,, ,, 'QQ , fl "'Tfi ' Norman Allen Y , ',l J Lyfr V A ,5 V Bee Schim "on the gow af Disneyland reee J Ted Allen A , rr,V A- Steve Allread Judy Alspaugh llaa V w 1 1 J V Gary Alvarez Y V AK., E Z Bob Anderson 4. ,T Gail Anderson . Robin Anderson Sheryll Andui V ' Marlyn Andrews Jeanne Antonello it V Betty Appleford ,frr ii rr, ,J A rell Monica 'J , Armenlano Gene Aslcraff -G ,r" iliv 'C J- . , . . I , .:V-v ,iz K kr. 1 zivg L, 4, , , I A A , V '-rf1r' V rr1-" Jack Atohi 4 i P Af , 4. """ 'ff 2 " .2 au me 0 I F J ,.., K K Lynda Bacon X ,V g -'f 1 ' J - Toni Bach A A rfi 4- Heidi Badgett K M ' Barbara Bunch Karen Baker , Sheila Baker if sa :ii fr .-fa, 5 , B if . I t f V "ms "" ' f -"' 52,5-, - ' ,," at . ,kff . ,. V H v. if ,Q - uk,f, .f f , ybwgw " gf -f, 1 45, v V '-1' . i V ysrn f 1 - 2 A ' , . f"' 'kkk. 'n 271 ' ',,k -W , 1 " 4 Q B A A arrsr . 2 1 " ' ' .f , - -P vf"'y, 14 fs . K , vw ,ly Wilma Barnes I ,fi mf ,- 6 ..,' A "-- W- , gm, ' f ' f ' , f A'L' 57 J 5 " ' Z1H2Sf,,L,,g. Mary Jane Ball f-h,, ff-,' ""x'h' , . " is - ' ' is is Sharon Boles . ga I B J Peggy Baldwin S V K . I A J - ff .,,. A LLL, , ' J f f 1 ,AA . 1 is W' f LL., -V 1 B. . , ,, 'Q - i V V J 'i "" "lf ... Ji 'I"'fU""""' A Z ff 'ff- yy : v.', 'ly wil- 571 ,,, J ' if Govef Barron Elaine Krushira World's Fair. ua f bf W , .:,:- ada ..,' 5 Christine Barwick New York "on the go" at the Debbie Bates A -,. ' Linda Bates gl s ,. V ,..Vr 4 Fm X 1 , A .AW 4- + f- Q W ,, i J , Q44 as f W Kevin Beauchamp Mary Jo Beasley Nancy Bickford A J Harvey Beaupie 2 John Binder 2 iw 'li .RWE M W3 F Wanda Barnett ,C of f QE lla' 2+ E if . ..,. A 59? calf, Paul Bauer Donnie Barde ssse yyye Vicki Baun Jean Becker Robert Binkley Jean Berardi Fuiie Barrineau Vicki Baxter X . " if 1 a cc, A Katherine Berry s-cr ,, 'av fm ,f.. we , ,, ,J Ag. ,Q F r lk Q v 4 A Nancy Birhanzl La rry Bitting if Weldon Beach Wally Bickerton Dave Black 255 ,. X W' 4 if . 135' 'QI ,Fr a y 1 a X if ,E y ,f -K ' H, rrrr 'Z A . -' '- 'cv 'f::w"L2 .eiiifiii ' ' ' -5 ,, ' riff? 155 9 Q2 gi B yiirr We B ,K X if , it at Libby mack rrrs Gary Blass , mf John Bogert I fi A Pat Bolden "i,,. , ' 'KL" r ssrs K B' "1 . ,M ssarri si Beth Boles L'W" Did' B0'i"9 Q Sandy Bolynn Leslie Borg Sandy Bostain A David Bowden W Wyyy VV,,, ,L Pat Bowman ' Scott Boyer Kim Brewington M p Marti Bricker In 1 Richard Brinker 2 'Iiilx Ward Brinick . 'W ! :B . fi mf? Linda Faye . , A Brown K W ,xy I V Elizabeth Brown k,,,. ,, E1 ad ,, Clifton Brown Janice Brown 256 5 f Q Tom Zarta "on the go" at varsity football practice. i y, fp! s f Q 41" ,J You 2 as Ken Bradshaw V y rm -'H+ i ll F Kathi Bray Jeff Brein aa Charles Britton Bruce Broach Katherine l Bronson IZAZ E . .,,,, 4921: ' iit L t" : . B Myrna Brown B V , 'VVVA 2 Marcia Broxson Elaine Budary x ,R is we W , , , 4 la gi Pat Burlingame "" e fa I Q ff Besti Chilton K 'He u lffffl fl of r Mariorie Clark Elaine Sanchez "on the go" at a E MQ Thomas Bruitell Daryl Cavendish L 1 ' ,EAL -'gf fa g -Cf' ' Ruby Church Martha Clark Mg ra iulr C Larry Butcher ,ja QM ew I-ff We v Alice Cayse Paula Cicaroni A af 5 ,. l r ' S Douglas Clegg football game. Lwii an ax V,Lw,,,,,. Fred Cable l liiaflf jg' Ralph Chambers .,,, 5 Ann Cabot HA, Madelaine W M3 1 , 'I aw sg, gy ' ff Judy Buchanan B ruce B u rd e r Q 1, Edward Calkins xl? s Chapman Becky Childress ' s'll I ',,'. , Steve Ciaricice A 'V Don Clapp E. 31' A Beniamin Clark al,.l V H , :.,,f' tial: , ,,lr,,,' B 4 . r S S fll' K Q lyyacr Beverly Clonor ill, A -',, , -ll-'dl Coffman , fl l ,f' , ' W, Susan Cole f l .,.. -F f Beverly Buchert Pat Burke ? la Steven Caschera Larry Clark r yy yi:y,l ,P Fran Colicchio 257 97 A Jerry Collier ., W 'li 1 Ii -Q.. a I , ' f ,gf 'ff E ', 4 Marie Cook fav V J , 'I , 7-45, .z Q -f K--, Diana Correll lil, , ' ,,,,f X . Ralph Crosby .,,:.a C f Ti WZ, ,Q ,V ,XM all r , ,, as Debby Davis 258 S. 'Ja is E Susan Collins Mary Jane Codey Linda Correll 3 6'3" X Qi , I - A H - .3-.',ztmz:...1 rv? 3 N Linda Comeau , Barb Contner ' 15 " " . -Qi-4, ' HL, Roberta Cooper ll Evelyn Corbell ay ,, -JQNQEEQEE: f,,,, ,,: " S f. ,, , -z--,w.+,. A. H,s.:::a.v. , . HS' ," W1 r,, V Pat Cosley ' I Suzanne Cotter , ' will , wg .:' Terry Cummings ' ' . 5 " 'll Sandra Cummins s KMH3' Guyn Curry Debbie Davis M i m fi , 1 Gary Davis I A Julie Davis , L -. Q- Nels Norem fn, ,- ,nal . E is "on the go" at the football ban- N, quet. .Q -ff. r ,Q uf fx ', 4 Tl A 1 F' K ,a Sheila Counts X l' John Cox fi , Y 4343K l Louise Curry fl l x, 'lf .. , I Murray Davis s..,r W Helen Daroza ifglp x f 1 if il 5 x ,lf , ,f Nancy Davis i s , I Jeff Creel Doug Davenport l a f i f riy r .X it fn . l Roy Davis ' ASI. W Clarinet Players Marta Foutz and Rifihafd Tetreault "on the go" at a football game. B " 1.. ff we 1 M! it it 1 Beverly Deren A ' el, ll ri, rw ' 5 Barbara Doetsch Barbara Dours al? , at ,,. ia " A5 i ff Aqgwiifif , Q, t Bonnie Dillon ,W ....,, 3 ,F rj y Peggy Donahue Cindy Dufty Q 'lf f 5' fy , m E?,1z Robert Dinkins 'iw ,, George Donley Ha gy Dottie Dunbar ,Q '09, , Q aff. . , af . ax f 1' Susan Dawley ,ry Jim Decker .. ., 'wg as t r,1 ,,i.. -ff i lk H Kathy Dix I 'il Q! . rr : iii' f f ., 41. -. iff fi' H 4 . fu Q .Zz hw! ' 1",L,.. ,ff dir' k:Uf"m53. , li" Gail Dooher Rebecca Dunlap Pat Deal aiirt, d,,.,.,,. 2, B it 2 Virginia Deedrick , 4, Sally Dixon 5 A H F Wifi , Q' N . 4-1 X Cathy Dooley Bonnie Dunn 2-K i A4 gli' 1 s 7 Sandra Deaton " iam 1 Wa! if Clay Delong at w Wylie? Jerry Dixon iaa V , Jim Doolittle ie ll't' at ,, . Larry Durham r , . 3 41 M Debbie deBrauwerre im Linda DeMent 1 wif? B H ' .f, . 'iii ,i',i ' Hifi , Lyle Dodsin Y ,I W3 1 D e.,iaa ' Linda Dorough fi Q - , Art Durrence 259 , X Diane Duskie y y ,im f" 2 4 r Gayle Eaton m'1f 2 is ' , ,,,... 'Q 'F ftiiffr 'ib .. 'u.. ' Sandra Emmons Chris Evans F. - 4 . 3 -,,, Louise Favre 260 E ,, ii" , 1.1 e , , p' Emily Drews ,af ' 33 f -.4 F F ff" r Walter Eldon ,V ,ls F F ,f Kenny Endicott we an we 'H-J Dalen Fanning V 1 Peggy Fay ! AU' lk I ' K I Sh' rryyr :l,1 ' A A Bob Dykes Mary Eady 512 lr LV V! r , Jane Elwell . '. 'Ui ,I f-1' i wif J Bill English rv, ZW! X A f 'x Bill Fariello Y fl " 2 w 'QS' I M56 . 5' .i ' , , ,V 'H- ' , , , . .gt .. ., 34, f"l f. -' . 01'-5 ' Kathy Fay KF' I Tommy Elwell f Eg -12" I. , 1 'st ,. K ,, F Qu . Dave Ericks Linda Fariello - aa a nw - 3 s , H 4, . ' ' iii ,, X v V , r.L yi Q. ,gg A ,, -f ,I W vga :Wm Dave Hanrahan "on the go" with the swim- ming team ,, X 'i r ' -., I rry RS ' vllll L" if 7' 'lv i l.r, f "WU Gary G - " a I Eschenbrenner Gary Estes Ben Evans M: g 1 , I T P-n-6 -any I Don Faris . .W Gail Farmer 1?-a..o:-f:7:Tpmtrain: V Peggy Faust 3' , 'N ,' A i 'U 1237 'H' v Susan Faye ft 51. Carol Ferrera Elizabeth Ferraro Linda Ferrell Leila Kane "on the go" at Key West football game. Gail Fuelling t xg l,l - Stephen Gardner lli' l 'll'lle s XL lll All x Guy Gallo Caryl Gagen at or rr l J 2 rre llan S Tom Gehweiler Betty Gebut ", , V ""r' l S E erar W ,rll " V. if - Stephen Gibson Kathy Gibbs Susan Fleming Tom Freymuth Y JL ,., John Gallagher Connie Gerdetz Jo Ellen Giddens it at .51 , :M ,ZF Carr Lee Fletcher Sandy Fridovich Terreca Galloway Chuck Gerencer 3. X ll' , , 5 Sirk! 5? Gail Gierok ,. Marty Foutz i , ., . .m,,5,,gsfW a,y,ge Janet Frost I 1 f -I aj. ft, I -W fu'-'H' iz if + 4 K Clay Gamber Jeff Gerum M? -9 X Judi Gilley f cr 5, 4 F , ,U .g,,,:, ,,:W, O, Paul Franzelas 5 arrt yygly Steve Fry 9 Q 6 Q 4 3 'f 2 Q' F James Garnett . V fx t trit Bob Gibbons Q . , , 1 J A, James Gillman at 1 T121 1 A ' i'V 5 1 Barry Gldendefer 2 c W Buz Goff t :,l iff Sli Q33 5 .sr ,L,,L. Betty Grasser J l t eiiii Frank Greentree ,rw 9, Sandra Goheen Mike Grant ...5 .. L ,5L.1' 135, Eg, tk Q J John Gresley Jim Gullic Q if Gene Grooms il i J., Q M 'r Alberta Gollahon Paul Graver ,M ..,, ,, Wes Griffin ,iigqigiy sz-1 rrs Dan Gush Betsy Lehoty "on the go" fishing. Jackie Gonzalez ,Er ,, amz- -mm I -1 -,ft' -'12f' 1 Q59 V Diana Graves , yezlr Patty Griffith milf J ',,'. ". 'mix' 52 K Xa, Richard Guthrie 'WW ,- M.. I Shirley Goodman f as fn lk M if Faye Grayson 1 ttt fn- 4 S rrr ...: 1 .fe A 'ffl 1 ,, . .fr a ...,.,.,,,,...,.. X ,Q ut , --w,..1m-,Q .Q . vis , A tffffmw, - -,AUM ssi 921 J L, 1452" ki 1 5 U ' Lisa Griskus W John Hahn 41 ' if . + E UPA , t 2 Richard Gott Dorothy Green J 4' tta Chris Graff i i n rsi ,J ,, Bill Greenawalt JJ . M 'A is s Anna Grisson - . - .Q -- -ou-wg, tiits :i : if 1 5 Robert Hall Harriet Grivas Kathy Hall V i i l I Jeannie Antonello "on the go" for Dragonettes 45" Q Q, .w J David Hardy i it 5 ,,v 4,24 733 't 2 H .217 , "-' 6 John Harris - A -J-f 1' D n nnn ' ' . 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Hilts . llz X ,,V A Skip Holt 3+ gg fy Ray Hosterman nlll f gl s 2 ' llll we if I 5 -l "i , Linda Hughes A 9 , 4 1 MF mi if George Hill 1 16 vi! 'vi Suzanne Hinds Jennifer Hoops Sharon Hudson Marsha Hill as 'Sl J lr,,.. I Kathie Hoefer Janice Holland "on the go" .,-' A J K f .,-. ' K lhr ,klz 3' nfl -,Q , at J A " J fl J. ' ,. Linda Hoops if m fy tl llrl V , , .jf Richard Howard ,r.' at lrr 'Maw' Astrid Hope Beverly Hord f. Q 'Va E ff , J Kathy Huffer V f A ' Carol Huffman , :,i , J Debbie Hufchim J, Grace Huntley ug a X we aw. 'Ss 'sr ' git 1 J -:gs ,Q Q, distributing Echos. Lois Horlacker ,rf X ,f W, V4 J e J sl oa t Dolores Hughes Lelia Kane and Robin Anderson "on the go" as cheerleaders. gm Bob Jackson Lawerence Jarvis Wendy Jackson K Freddie Johnson Judy Jones Richard Jacqueres V 15 ff ZW 1' mf J '94 Vff Jl- 4-1. 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Q i rr - Gary Kobza Kurt Kolheffer Kathy Koons , degli! yyy I 'isx Beverly LaDoucur ,q - Nancy LaFlamme Dianne LaCotta 266 ,YM Contest. 1 !' 'L' L f Q t 1- t ll 5 X Ricky Kerlin t ,,,.. ,W ..,, ...H L ,Q Swat, :W .:.,,1: 1 f,, W I "i3ifZ7'?L2ie ,Zvi V," Mary Ann Kirk 1 AT A , Tim Krine Barbara LaCamp s +14 K , , l at Earl Kessinger Wendy Kitchen at 'M 'ii af. ,, 'fl F' - AH ,,,, 'ff -an 4 ,G if 'Y Elaine Krushura 2 i, ff ,M it Anita Lamb V , , -sl ?" 'il' Vader Schantz W' U f ,S Key Dave Klenm 4 5-ajft Steve Kulander Bev Landis Myrtis Kier W Jan Kingesman Ken Kurzrock , fi V, 1 kbkk ' K . ,, +4 1 dl in Kathy Lane Janet and Linda Thibodeau "on the go" on Carol Larkin Lake Michigan. to i l ' ' J - Af, ' f l' Y" is 5 -Xlv i' I L 5 - x gf ,q,, f ii i r Al L K? V Andy Lehotay if Jim Lee - Chris Lee , Debbie Leckel PW x Ak . :- X- Q1 I it . ,+, ' f NJ tiki Terry Leonard George Linkenback Sherry Lewton David LePack J We J I I John Lang ' . 7' 'J ., .L 1 Rande Launitano ' : 1 1 Q 3 f-" I ,., L 53? Betsy Lehotay Chuck Ling y y W -aa-an- ,I N 'f V ' I r '- l 2 1. 2 4 - 1' Don Large Cheryl Lapere IQ- A -A in E 91. .Will N-53 . 'Y Cathy Leavers Jim Leas lx fW Denise LeMieux JoAnn Lelrowig ,J , W, :' ,g e X ' C 5' V. 4-"5 H i at A-Q. 2 if H 713, y -Q- A on if Ann Little Peggy Lisko n X ' v K Q 5, L V 1 Q 'I L Wi 'K71' N ' 1 K ' few Brenda Looney L if 4 if J 'ii" T I Kathleen Logan ' l I ,ix .' 1 K, Dianne Lockwood Jeannette Lopez I : Al fit, -. .. . ...n Phil Lloyd Doug Lloyd 267 M 2-? M 4 ,g , ,,., my Cheri Louden Luci Lowen iie C ' T Q'i, 7 h. 4- i ul? ' x. 'P' 'I s lf. ,ig ,R "1-L' K ,Y Vickie Lyons ?pG',1 V I. 53721, farms, i likew- Carol MacPherson is David Malone Mike Mansfield f I -. Q Phyllis May i 31' ,. ,V - 176 V I 'W' Tom Marx e Y 'f M i'iA fi 17 S - , ear A A John McCoy Richard McCorquodale 268 Q , fi.. 1 4, f w . ,X 17, .. 0 . Sandra Lund David Lynch , , ii,, ., -jx V I C 'ff Susan Mahan V' 5 gl' all Tom Mahar Bev ' SYM Connie Mantle xl' il A Cheryl Martin ef L. Bob Marion IN 3 ,iff ' :V .a f-. W: Silk Me... f x Sandi Martz Q9 David McAninch ' ' Eileen McCaffery 48" Stanley McDonald i Q Pennie McDowell Q Scott McElhaney 6, umm ni'-R! F I Ladouceur "on the go" at football game. I 4 , 3 ,Hi f , S la . DanhY Mason V 'lf ' ' ln Mike Mason , ,ZW i is 34 li: 5 ,Q ,Ty , .tg 'ix K' 'LX,i,?4,W U JoAnne McCIung ' A ' ' V we Cheryl McCormick Linda McGaher Linda Olson and Mary Ann Kirk "on the goi' at Fort Lauderdale Airport. Bob McKinley ,W 'W Phil Mclain if' Q. M 5 B M ll-k l 223 ' W1 4 1' lfgg, ind' , Q A ,, , Russell Moore P lr B Q I M 1 X i ' ' Larry Murrah ,I f Qi ,f' Qpl Linda Nessen - li Bill McPherson 'llli' ' ri i Drew Moore -,-' 'fl, Cheryl McLean is Jerry McRee Tina Moon 1 Qf . ,J , - mf- 1 , V-f' E tt, ,s,, 4'- 4 f.. t,? 'f-4 Q i I' S Mike Myers 4. fm J fe , Chuck Newman r I X Sandy Myers N, fa Ron Mclean Jane Metcalf W V' ' Ron Montgomery -., w Sherell Myers Q' - Q '. I' i i ' - if Q 4 Sandy McMillan ,gt Cheryl Meyers rv., -0 . 'f 1' mf-A-v -r, i +w,3- f 1 ffwf' ii! . I Jane Nolen ff li Danielle Neely Q, Terry McGovern M iree ' fy 'Zia z kia R. , ,J I t We 5 'Y , N. 'f fb Bonnie Mcllvaine 5' Ai' if Robert Mclntyre 'kVf'l:Qf?'f V. 2 ' .ffw-iTi't'f'1.,v 'ff 'P Kathleen Mclver 1 te 'll at g sf . -A , . Tom McMillan ' Claude McNiel , A ,rw-5 M 57- 1,2 if ' . mf I "' MZ, . ..W, fi- ' saw' Russ Mules I ' "" Gary Morris a y, L'nda M'tchell ,.,V' ' I I I A 1 Bud Neil Donna Miskurr M1 - Pat Nesmith 269 l l A Steve Nicol Nels Norem E ,ga J 3 a y Kevin O'Kane 4- f, , Q, ree. , 9 Dan Osborne 1 Pl hw George Nivenbrink 3 31. 229 E: ' 3 X N C Dale Norris , 'ji f V wines- Jennie Nichols , xl A '4' :, . . W I 1 .. y Vps. ff l M ' .f 3: , y gg gffil' ff" l"I'b":6?'E2-'E, f!1f'f "if 1 ' 151 vfuizffw ffffffflhlz, xi' Marie Novak ag I 6-1 f , ls ,gl Af 1 l X im E 4 r xc Peter O'Kane ails' W fa' -X f , 2 I .. I laura Ostrow Les Olian I Becky Owen ' 1: i ee 4 -av ly ' ' ' 1 Q , , we-' iiy E 5 if J :ci J ' John Paland + 7 fllr , J 270 Raleigh Pardun Charles Parker 6 J ,X Judy Nobles "l" Q ,..a,i,. Suzanne Nowak 5, E ,M,,kl "-:Vi ,pn C Larry Oliese David Pace f liii J Q git. s K F i W, .hi 'J ,O Q .A rx K R K 'n i Roy Parker 1 l l i l Dick Boling "on the go" at a Latin Cub meeting. Charles Olsen Qs" John Pack Linda Parkinson ' -,J Connie Ondreiicka :in f Bob Pennypacker , A Chuck Parks linda Orberg Q. 15 V, ,,.. fry, 'A I L H 1 ' Gerald Paine Thomas Parmar Beckey Partain ' H m ,. f I Phil Patter Annette Petrizzi Donna Petrizzi gt, gg QQFV J ,.. gf nv' 1-- J A B IW 'l' f sl xii X , i i' A, Joe Picone , A A Debbie Pierce F 'L so , K ,. wr' 1, 3.3 stbv, Joe Phillips Dan Prodanovich 1 '16 1 A97 , If Ju Rhea Phillips Q, 6,1 ll , 'kr M 1 wa? 'Q f ,p f, 4 ,. 34, nh .1 Phil Pellyol E: fl W M X J John Petticord . R "lj .V if Kathy Pierce Judy Pleasants C - 4 , ' , ag-.E , a J ' 3?4uQ'1'gff'f2f",."vZ-5 .2 Jane Pryor 1 ' . Bill Purdy ppl A, if f. . , I . . " ' Lester Pero -v lm. - t QQ ., E E ,t 'S 5' Randy Pettit Bass player Jim Raudebaugh "on the go" dur ing halftime performance. tw 1, Pat Pitman Gary Pitts Pete Phells A 4 7:-. J Becky Poole , K ly X --tf , Sue Powell A lj David Priest fq. Emily Phillips Carol Pritchett T ww Linda Puruis 5 , , J' , 4 Roberta Radanif V F' 9 - '-- Loran Radford A Anna Radke Diane Radomski Susan Reda R i s we ' ll-P? ,g ., s. 55' .4-if ,R 'il' I , s Steve Randazzo I ' 'K Jim Raudebaugh Q5 ie, ' 12- g 3 Don Redmon wr? x 1 fa, 'L" ff LQ' 'E 1 V . V Q ,V V, Diane Reid Carol Renkel Pat Riney 3' Stephen Ripple Q- yfff f Saliio Roller 272 Sandy Roller Barbara Recues 0 Q -1' 5 e- J' at Sally Repass Toni Rizzo F M . fig nw. 'Q K , ., . xx M im .NX A Linda Rooney Q A 39 ' I out its .l Mike Rearic Robert Regan 91 5 1 D George Rhodes Q My Gary Roberts ' l V WST. , Ann Rosbury -if f:,, 1' Pam Richmond 4 . , ' ' if an Las 'iw r,,,V A was ttf 'U Jim Robinson Mike Myers shooting a basket. uv - 4. 'EV5 ' , 3 54 , , Q' Paul Richmond ii ,f if 5 V Q-'il , , ., Roy Robinson Q yy" Z S Greg Rossman 2 RVA ff Phil Roughton f tag I - M at ' uf? Bruce Riegel WL' aa an M 2 -of K' 3' I l Don Rolland I I i 'Fi N f. K, 4' Jera Rowe ,,,,, , , -4 12 . J 'SZ' Richard Ruback Sandy Ruby ' 7 , ,,, - '5 7 i 4 if . L JT' R , 'Fla-1,1 J if , ,IN H 'W'-.J ' - Bonnie Salinger Chester Salter E. .. , . gi fffrv V,1. S rraaa arr ' ,v, A L' CQ ge 4 f i K K X BM Ly K g 1 rlar Q Elaine Sanchez Stephen Sandford ki l K i rar,e'rrr , J -V A "' l , , Richard Schilling Bee Schmehl Cheryl Seeback Jean Seemayer X ff ,SK Q ,Q. tk !' men' ., f , ,zf X, 1, 2, xg' Dennis Rushing -ff' V-1 Sandy Samal 1 . n. . Mary Sattler 12" Tanya Schoch .M , Jill Seip .-Qi 41' x ln. Q LM 3611 1 , ggi ' H ls . a xi r. h ag, g Margaret Sabino 5 reii C H if Judi Sampson Xi 4 -we J in ' if ff Q EM' 5, , ,VX Steve Saunders Q if . is , We 2 A John Schomm Y iii ff: Greg Service Weldon Beach "on the go" trying for a basket f- KA, - if 3 if 3 1. u un... Sue Savacine Andrea Schroder , we - 5' WW' y 4 Luary Sheaffer C- :X Darlene Schaller ' . l ,,,, Z rr ' , ,,, I Charles Schaupetes WallY Scott I J A 'A'Nlw"! Robert Searles 1 if A' , Vg I NJ 97 jr f, ,M . .x c QQ qu .l J, Q, "nw Q rerr - f L 5 on Sandy Sandor '-me? SY' '- Steve Sealey N , ik V vw? l 1 N ,i V. I V X v Karen Sheddy 4-11 Shirley Simmons 'Vi ,,,,, v -F: Gary Smily l James Smith Josette Soltow 2 74 Kris Sheddy "t 'A ik ,. ina V 2 o gli' Karen Shippers Julie Shumpert J 5- A J tml N Marlene Slopey ll' l V, Sandi Slowik J ' - Jim Slusser ,rw A I . Nfl QL if RAY W- ,- ,, J y Becky Smith , K Bill Smith Charles Smith .IBN-Q if , 1 , , , S , 6 p if '3 ni '.i ' ' J J at Z f ' . , K' YW : i" Karen Smith - '51- l f ' ' A' Landis Smith Randal Smith I- , Z 11. ,Q Q., E f. Ken Spaar ,X ' :sax Joan Spear Jill Speary rv' li Q Q Vicki Zimmerman in spare time is a Tahitian Dancer at the Mai Kai. 55" y,,, :i3,, David Smith , , N 4 ,B W K 'QE' 15.4 . L L ., Rod Smith ' a Q, it " " rd .. f Herbert Sper 'Y Edwinna Smith 1 .Dv L f ga-f' v 4 Y J J Russell Snow Herbert Springston fxflt f" 1 137' I Hubert Smith 1 ,ia "5 M W Richard Snyder N iw V 3 , l is z 4 'VW Hn. ,K 1 ,A A Tom Staley Glenda Stamper AF' if 1 j?1'Ef 6 VI Kay Stanton 1 lij Martz Staily Karen Summerfield Mike Taylor VX T' Q, ii .H 'W' VM? all Ray Robinson "on the go" iowa" 'i-ii' fi Julie Stanton - mm ,K ' aw' y 1 , on T, L t 5 QVV ' Zyl fn 'Y' 5 5.5 . I V gr John Steinmann M X T ,rr a Z,lrri a Linda Stilwell ' A fu Bill Stimman J' an 'wif Kathy Stringfield T "' ' i - ' 1 Tom Stroubinger ' Sue Stuart T , f if efi"i fifiii iw P' f' y l y l T if Robb Sweazey A li ll ' U . 4 f, : - .,....-qv , in Mike L. Taylor Mary Sweet Sandy Thatcher Judy Swindell f"w 4, ,fu J: Q U "X Klip Susan Stokes X, it " ,-if ' ff Mike Stubblefield Chuck Tabbert ax.. Q M" QQ Elizabeth Thebeau Mary Thixton Iifew- f 1. is- as manager of varsity football team. 'K lf x 5 ' Bonnie Stone ' Ralph Sullivan Lucille Tanner Deborah Thomson li Rebecca Story 'e !l!ll L Cf. ett -:ff e 'ff X Rick Sullivan yt ,2f'fE 1 Fin , I T5 A. ff, 1 Charlotte Taylor Carol Tinkler 275 g MQQ , , " 6 Mike Tinssel Q, John Tolliver Rick Ulrich Y' 91' QQM Ina VanArsdale if M 1 . , L me N ,.... 1: K! I K ..'k . Nancy Verbeck 276 Enrico Tiritill Laura Tosh ' 1 , A e A2 iii 5' Kai? Bob Uncinoli Patricia Vanderfriff :iii Nick Verbanic Bill Steeler and Mike Grant "on the go" acting in the Senior Class Play. 422' f '53 N . -w eel i ,ia ll 'ill i' iiii Kondy Traxler ,,', , ,,,v Ladd Trenoweth Nancy Underhill 7: U 1 F5 : ey: Q 5 -W 'L :hx 2 2 o o LL X . Pam VanMetel Marian Vaughan "i awwwep i lil ',,L, aww w 2-: N A ria -is Ml ll ' egr' iviii i Donald Vinning ' T 1, Donald Vining Roger Trunk Brenda Valentine ,' fiqiiiv ,, -.!,? w r 4, Carole Vaughn 4, 4 W jigkfa auaii James Vogal ik R Ronnie Tunks Vick Valerio iii fi if X Q e. Paul Vanon Pete Vanlehmden XX- iz any 2, KL if Mack Tunstead f' 49" ii' ' -i t 'W fm Y 1 Duffy Valin K lii ,., ,, 1 1 , ff -. ,,,E,f:11-, sei Virginia VanValen ezifl il ' Sandra Wade 2' ,HX new D 4 .1 'asf' Sheila Wade Ron Wagner . ,f li V ' if? Q. .A ,,,., V V K V M - ,iff--g,1L 5 C Q. C "' i ,'. A ' " ' 'EZ' X vt f f- ,, ,X . Mike Wainwright A' 4 lr Bernnie Waldemmoer V X Kafhye Walsh Bitsy Waring ff l 'SSMQ , it Gary Weller Tom Wero . may , A - .,,, V+ Kent Whipple Celeste White , h Q 5 kyrl W . is W me David Walker I K ,f Y - Wendy Jackson "on the Marsha Walker -5. l A1 Pete Walker sz? go" for Anchor. 4 ,335 fm f - Vk y A 3+ X 5 if s ' ig Terri Wallace - Timothy Wallox X V t ,,l, Connie Watson l Q ' ' 1 , ' Sandy Weggat A If Q e - bb W' it it 5 , :a De ie 'W ' ' x L K I X, V Weissenborn L C M ikyy ,,l xg V H V Judy Welch 7 . 'fy V ' V VV Ken Weldgor ,i,, Q ,341 W :V gh lg W K X 2 yylr f ' Sandy Wentworth ',,f- 'Q V , i -E ttl,, " W W Steven Westfall Q C V , , ,, . ix' V V' V V MV M, Cindy Wethered ii-1, Wflf J are . i C is VV1,,. V V 4 Gary Wetherhold , , 3, i yf ZVV K5 ,V X Jackie 1 Rl ri K, Vff' "' Wetherington ' ,l , 'fy f .t ffaafx , i wi' i Q . A V " N David whale T' 1 ,i Ma Frank White A A' - I A Richard White yu., Lee Warra Mona Widdoes 277 M.,-f-wt George Wilkinson A vi Q fizfsfflf Linda Willson Vince Wilson Juanita Woods Harriet Young 278 W M M7 2 J Kathy Wilkinson , ,-ff. if - H527 ii in Y gl H Al Wilson Carol Winkelhake 523 at -W' 4, , ,V - gil i . Sharon Wotring if +1 ,df ff- ,N l fi , Bruce Yount 1 lg, V V 12: 1- fai l ' , - ' ,lli K K yyyy Q i , 11, ' 8 i,".- Ma"Y Ann ,, ,. i ,,,,. , William A ,,lf,,, A , .,.. Gayle Williamson 2 D fiis i KM , A: I in mia: 'mi ab Q M9 f' l 3 5, if ' 2, W., 5 Kenneth Wilson W Ruthie Wilson llle f A' . o g gg Ron Winterburg l-1 Karen Wolf ,g1,.fJf55f:' , ff F Mary Thixton keeps "on the go" by dancing. Debbie Wood Mike Wood Jerry wright L LL aiiio y Sandi wrighr -' q Anita Yocca A jjv Diane Yarbrough " f , ,Q V ,,, ,,.f I fi Bob Zaleski . JaCqueline lll Zimelman Kathy Zimmerman xx ZZLV V k A Fleetwood Woodard 'fl " ' rtr Debbie Young Vicki Zimmerman ., L ,, ? xi? X J if Gerald Barringeau M 2? s tttttgy X Ernie Combs A solitary Junior "on the go" preparing for the prom. s E, 1 -nl, 4. -." " ' we , Carol Dentnck Nigga . 5 x llmlalx' : Q y Dale Eccellente lt . " "' X , ' X V F, Paul Grandal ' H' Rick Hackett Robert Lusser V . .. 5' I Nancy Mandeville V Richard Martin ' , 7, 53 A Peter Mathon L f J Linda May .,,, R r M a V Mfg AWV' .R E 1 Tom Miller Aw i , ., f V Linda Ross ' I .r in , A . Illl . ll Img! Greg Rossman l ' " W 'lf Phil Roughton m y "7 l',i Q .9 ,. ,,,. ,. Ronnie i-V' '-1 if Rounsevell iii' , eg xi vn f X ,Z L Barb Sumner L Ruth Thomas V Thomas E. Thylton Lance Williams xvsxs., ' 4' , Mary Jones 1o" l5ggt,, ifififixtit Charlene King ,V 'fi V x I f Kathy McKee Jera Rowe .X Ronnie McManus - '-,iz l iiiii .gs.i Sue Schaupeter Mrs. Foster Sponsor Mrs. Cason Sponsor 279 1 v in E Y 1, ,, if -'IZ . it n . i Sophomores wwwmwmv F YQ K x x I M K EUFH. V552 C'fwi3wfffsLc diff A s K 58 5 ii 1.23 1 ill The sophomore class elections were held during the month of February. The class of '68 was eager to elect their officers and the candidates showed much enthusiasm during the campaign. One these pages are pic- tured seven of the fifteen running, Danny Aunapu, Leslie Borg, Ginny Rogers, Mary Krochmanly, Joe Rizzo, Gary Alexander and Candy Edewaard the remainder of the candidates in- clude, Cathy Bromwell, Leslie Jones, Vice President, Marcia Broxson and Bonnie Mcllvaine, Secretary, Martha Ackerman, Carol Goold, Carol Koteff and James Murray for Treasurer. gf 'P J: Q! P W2 'K X iq. QL fx., ii.. M. V vw' . 'Ig MI ,- ,gn sivfv . 1, A jfiwf Q gl v 5. L U41 Q W, z 7 wiv' Q 'll 3. Ai Bill Adams Karen Adams Kenny Adams Alice Addy Martha Akerman Carl Albrehtsen Gary Alexander Claudia Almirda Tim Attman Jim Auders Jon Andrei Frank Andrews Bob Antonello Lorraine Arnold Scott Arrano Pat Asa Dan Aunapu Diane Bacon Tom Badgett Ron Badgeley Beth Bailey Julie Baker Mary Baldwin Kathy Barbera Donnie Brade Carl Barnes Clint Barnes Gene Barnes Diane Barnhill Neila Barron Susan Bass Joe Bastiann -I fs :,, B 2 ff' , ' f :LQA .A 31.3 si ,, , - J fe-1. is M 'F' 'I - :lxuf f si '- 4 'I 1- 'e 2. , ' X ff J V rl , 5 ii Q I r i :.V J J J , f ii' f - f a . 2 . V 17 5 4 r-:kfiagffzz-Gi. 4. v ,Y 1 3. Q' Q 4- - ' ' J 9 0 C 'K H-iii ,Yi,e J g in Q ,A X A A ' il Z , . A 'n h I l , ir 5 , 14 'i X' 5 4' l f '41 I 'li l ' s ' Y? ff .lvl H9 i J: Q r H" 'IF' fx I 'Q V , s . K .Lk at' K' " ' -11' fe. url A ggi as ' , wr, , i f ""i iil ' W M., . , .. :', A :gre ' " l sr ' " ' ' ,'::a5f, f l if I f . V lit ' . . 1 5 we my f t at QQ iil " .3 1 Mfr?" ' -. t l Q' , 'in M A ,, Z , twf r , , r ,- x agrv W fa I f 4 ta-,gsw9 fr- ' 'gg' 1 G , asa. .. ,mx ,mf X in an - Julie Bostian Dave Bates .. Ronnie Bauer J A 9 Delfina Bautista Az. Vicki Baxter "": ' Phyllis Beasley . :. X it B k X Xl I SX GC Chrel Beck Jeff Becker Lynn Becksmith Steve Beinke Carolyn Bell Murry Bell Barry Berg V. Nancy Bewley "?, , 8 A Ni EQ' , Dave Bickerton X Jim Bickford V ,V 1 Sue Bickner ' '- l Cinoy Biebel Fat , A. i! 'ffl' Sherry Bigney Jfi f Dee Billington iii -": ' " Carolyn Birch 15, Q Cindy Bishop ,, if I Mitch Bishop - V ' Steve Bizas ,V K Art Blackwell W V . A T Q 3 i' Jerry Blackwell Q " '-1 f 9 'h ' "1 " .1 A Bonnie Blickle ' Ja? 525'-C? Douglas Blok - J i' ' , 'NY ,W Jim Bloomquist X 'Hx X N tall Tom Blumke 1 A ,Vi 'ff W '3 1 Rick Boardman 283 f , wnQ T, it-ig? 4' it ws, tg! B 5 cg ,y A X ! .ct . will MQ! it-, i Ernest Bobbing Betsy Bomboy Chris Borlin Alexander Boutzilo Roger Bower Dave Bowman Lyla Boyer Bob Braman Carol Brandon Linda Bray Richard Bray Debbie Brizzi Karen Brocksopp Cathy Bromuve Butch Brown Carlin Browne Leah Brown Nancy Brown William Brown Joyce Bruce Vicki Brumbaugh Mike Brumder Jeff Brunetto Don Bryan lving Burbeck Jeanne Burke Brian Burns Vera Burns Robert Burton Dianne Bushey Dough Button Steve Byrun ' H 'X -t . gi 5 A 'iw l K 1 E an A, 'X I ,QW 5 A . Q' D S ' K its 'Q if In ft, ... , A x xl Q. i 3 -'airs'-h, 1' Q 1 - ' X 'X x if fra' " ,k '-"is, T T ai . I Q ' B , h . , fgpr, A it Q, :Q .gg Ag 5 JVV 11.1 . C4 B ' . 'J 'iii in H ,,,:V, X as 'vu' H K X I ear l . ig -. 5 -Mia, Mt - T ff 15.5, y ,ip A ' - -fc Q igxif M-:sf T M. 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Smith rr- .er ,J rr iseiirriir Deee Smith i" i'e,1r J f Flefehef Smifh ' J 'iet "iii e 'in ' Q Ken Smffh J erire eeee he iiiee JJ' X f Margaret Smith A 'i" fe l'll' in vgfl 292 .J i Tony Smith Roberta Snow William Snow Susin Snyder Kathy Speier Steve Spera Dave Standridge Lois Stanmeir . 4, .. ,V . ,, xkki J c l XW T '24 fr' J A ,Q .4 1 - " T K K , '-' K j 'g a X- I r . . - N. I , EW- 'll .ffl Doug Stann V Connie Sterling ' A K Sharon Stevenson ., K q Debbie stamens 9, 1 , W je J :ig T. J: -, L"'i'i' ' Jgffff ": :jg g ' Betty Stone Z.. 4- T Vyhy m a ? K KU, Jeff Stone 'T :Z Jeff stoner T , self K, so Bill Stough K Dorsey Stover . X7 L Don Stowell P K 'J " . I A Earlene Striggles ff AQ y Q "K ei QW, L . f - W, Kathy Strong . lg ig 4' K is KK 4' KK Mary Strong ff 'M i ff- XZ.. - 1, N' f I J ,J J lg fr - - . f. . 1- ,Si Q: , it ,. sts-iff: - , Greog Stubblefield ' - J 'ig w s Q - Q, 5 25-Q: ' W1-'V 5-Q' Edlyn SU995 N ,Ja if T ' 'J Valerie Sullivan K .M Marilyn Sullivan K . ,' if f . David Svetlick K f ' - Darrell Sweany E KK AIL A J K 5 di' N f J , Shelly Sweetman ii , K RK , Zt, . Q Susan Swinehart K '.""'l i f ,. Nam' Swlshe' ' t S , J A liii S l ll A Gall Tafuri ll KX .F , I -. .K-,g Jeanne Tallman . K KL Judi Tapley ll is . 5 J f - Tom Taoby H K, K :K - Q L 5 K ,KKKK . ' 54" , Hal Taylor V J' K: J .9 Y, Jovce Taylor t,yyi Ar 4' 1' aiaat C is ef' Mfke Tw 1 lt, T ' Wx ' rf. N t file ll agi' J Steve Thalfhef 1 tt,, 1 r ' 5 l:" J ' 5 'Z Y "7 ' W' -A C it tix. ff - N lst 1 W . Bob Thebeau Janet Thibodeau Charles Thisler ,K 5 - KK ' Ann Thomas W . ., - 4 l K W," '65 David Thomas .V J Gr ' '- h 'ff KV' 'Q 1 W Michael Thomas 4 ' '- ' 'TZ ,fx K K L ' K If K 1 mf Lana Thornsbury if iii if - "if, "l ' J g A 't ' 3 Jan Thrailkill . K. K Q my KK K 5, S, KM? Xe . K 'tx ' . ,KK Kggijt i t K ,K ttt.K J IKK KJ? Kr . - , ,K 1 K KK',K ,I Richard Thomas A. ay N VKKK Doug Thompson ,E s ,JJK V Richard Thompson f , gi' ,,., Z K J f Q Bruce Thornton H .1 fi .. Q, Q, K , K K 'K Betsy Thrift 1 .,,. T ', 'L 'TK I .K ,A Dianne Tinkler M , M ' S .T-e.Lf3 X . D To ei ' S . ' JIII -ssr ' -- . T' ee p .1 V , S l'i"1: J E " , ' -1 ,Q Judy Torony A ' . I if iii f -' 'E 'W Citi ' 1 K . . Kg K X X . ,QE KKJK KR .HK Linda Tosh Chris Toth J A Mark Trairs . - ' Q, V A . air Cary Troxel K , F, KK K, X- J Q T D W " Fred Troxell , A, - X :1 . t C , . ' i m so A- str ff fi be-f --K J 'iss fr , Lance Tucker A x , 'itil r J ii.. in Danny Van Nest SK .Q ,155 ' ' ix' i 'i I Kd ig- f' Nancy Van Wyk 293 X 'K rs- ri li? V.: .. W, ! ,....w 3, W! 1 2 Vg A fis r ff' , lA Q, f ' J J ,,,,LL, 'A - .gg "' H ,g Y ' h'h- 2 ,W -fc: .,,, .1 gt ":" 3 -' V in ,ft X.. ,:, 1 , ig Y 5:, ,V , , , J - .' V :" ::Lb' J f J ,. 1'4iY'iT? -xii , if " 2 --JM ,i fgfggm gig, ,V er ' L.-- s A L- L , J t J ' "'1 h11 "' ' f - ' VV x, Cliff Vessey Sharon Vetro Gene Vidal Brian Vogel Sheldon Voss Gary Wade Mary Wasley Joe Wahlbery Kathy Walch Steve Watson David Waldschmidt Carol Wales Larry Wallace Linda Waller Pat Waltrip Thomas Waters Tom Weaver Donna Webler Gery Wethernato Lewis Wheeler Janice White John White Kenny White Ollie White Robert White A t,., L , J , N' Sandee Whiteman , -ig j , tt., 1 t,,i fi '---' ,ak Paul Whiting ' Janis Whitlock -, . if - - GinnY Whlfman W G Tom Wieben its iii l Y ' sltni it Gai' Wibanks A 5 V "ii A , Q Robin Wilde Sheila Wiley V Sharon Willey Karen Williams 5 :l.- ,D Richard Williams V H J ltll. I fiiiayx .. . I , Robeff Williams A ' t, Barry Wilson , . 5 , ,,,r Bud Wilson V 'YA-l ' V Cl W'l 9 ,-'l Xfi-5, V 'll V In a I SOD X, gxx, , 4 4 , f ,..' A gf V K, :lf Tom Wintrey I M, Terry Winquist , Gr M , 1, H J , " Diane Wood . .V J ina .V . J i' fl Q W 'V V ,, 1 ' 4 21 . , ' Q' ,Vt ' Beau Wolfe -'t, ',i' 5 " Diane Wonderhill V ' ll l 'l t"' , 3? Karen Wood J i ' 'lll Virginia Wood "" V1 ri-' ,,V, , H J J it w dh I J sssstnr Y lt Pre S 'llii , Y as O n oo ea sid V V, ft ttr ,' - - I Gary Woods Dorothy Woodward Jerry Woodward Ray Woodward Sharon Wotring Dale Wright Dan Wright John Wright Paul Wunderlich Dell Yarbrough Art Yarosh Gary Yetter Janine Young Jimmy Young Ronnie Young Sue Young ,V 7 f K 3' X FL, 33- AZ' .. YV . it f its gulf 1 Jim' V Q N, ' ,ist "" - f V ,Y Y ,Y Y G , ,Q at M' 3' V ,,, Na vi- f -HV" ' V '1 1. . ' 5 tll: 4T"'I? ' - if"' , 1 ff X V K 1. ll ' V V tin ,, A tlll J , W . , g ,a A ' ' .V . V V ' ' , ' Q 'lv 'W - wi., '3'-K Jim Zarta Dale Zufet Brenda Acres George Allen Doug Bateman Earl Burfel Mark Collier John Colucci Larry Cromley Mickey Decker Gary Fox Amelia Hamilton Salley Henry Jack Latrobe Steve Mellor Ronnie Newton Mike Parkman Don Parton Rick Scoble Shirley Simmons Francis Stroud Pam Walker Mark Woodall fe fix-xg Y 'vi A ., l 4 If A V Q' I gt Pictures Late Arriving - ,r ,Ba 1 Q J- 'if l if J, X ,gg W 1 rr-'ei 'X S, V ' -are Q ,S f y M P , 35 E L 4 r A s Y ,, -11' 3 .. . V I I I 'H- K ar Q x,, I 7 .a:. , ' , - f i -' r . 1- .K is kili - I1 H K i rxxp 1 Q F Q A , K K in f , ik: 'lim A 'e , 4 . :-- rr a2-e ii ,. -. S wa-M - 5 R. for ,, 2 :v is -A z':.'.x., Z ,. i s 4 lb t I . B ' if .if-Q I t . . 1 1 Mr. Howard Sophomore Class Advisor x F 2' i ii E gg . 'is-i..,h A 14 4. ,vie ML ,ir A K 2 f r .'+ N A ' - QS. kr' Cf '9- Vivikka Adams, Melinda Underwood, Marcia Birhanzl Clubs I HIIHIIIIIUIII' ""' ' """"""""""""' ' """""" 'HW """""' Hmm""n"""""'H i......,,.,,..,,, 1. 1, ..,,..,,.,. ..llf F, V Wav ,e 619 nil The I.C.C. basketball tournament needs quite a bit of management and Mr. Mosser is just the person to supervise seating and gym Set-Up. Phil Beasley accepts the trophy from I.C.C. president, John Seeley and vice president, Martha Whitney for Civitan, the winning club. I.C.C. secretary-treasurer is Julie Nlclllvaine. Civitan shows winning trophy won at I.C.C. tournament. Juniorettes and Anchor compete for the girls' trophy which was won by Juniorettes. 165 ug' was Q ' : 2. S. , E Q .Q ' 5' 4 K , A IQ " 'I rg. A. - -,A A Q ,N W Fr J w S3 f' , 6 l Q 'R Mix Q H ,.Lx . ly .. x yy 1 Pg. g'...,.x f I Q ,ix Il-vu .r , 4 is 1 wvv. pf r .rg - 1 121 e , is S E n - vw ' . 33532 15- .xl Q Pa x J 'A v,, tix' Q .. N " 8,1417 'IQ 3-41, 1 -, 1-i,A,., 4:v -, g , J -5: bb- XX , mf ""'fff.f.'- , r, , ' FK Ku . x bwfffff 'Wg-I - 1. 5, 'iff-' . fa.. 1. 5 'w my ... A ,ew U 5 v..-Aft., ,gs-y?,f,li A 1 pn , '.: 'K ' " ,gig B pf .. nh ,,. q ,gh .. KNAW -WK' in , K fr xlgkfkf' ke L 'K QQ ,La gy M " 15 ,12 :AL-A . QHIAXFQTQ ,awww , ,,,. , . na., -sf W' W ,, nr Cl' K Y W in aff ND W D xg W time-k. :TQ,:.x NESS A :S P f .si-f 'f-Q4 - ' N255 I L ' Q:-.. X Sb' s a ff 1' -. i f ,fl '--Q. SQNNNX -pf' -J Anchor can L - R SX If -J ' N . LQQ Ml A KJ ' -5 -, ,V'rT .0' Q, A :ic Elmo - J Q-5 7-gf cfhvaagfiq "'V V fi , n, R 5 2 Tl N X 1 x li S I 5 I 1 gr!! V i if .W J yr fd fu Q ' K 'I l -' ' f' Ill ,yi N I , ,- I gg-ii ' ,-43 if 33:2 ' K ,pk Z ,J .. e K 4k if Q J A k Mrs. Madl A Sponsor Mrs. Miller Sponsor Tom Ullom, Rich Norman, and Jim De Venny, Anchor Admiral candidates cheer the dragons to another victory. Anchor members, Pam Richmond, Linda Baker, Nancy Russel, Nita Jane Abernethy, Arlene Obringer, Lise-He Logan. Second Row: Sally Dixon, Sharon Henderson, Wendy Jackson, Mary Thixton, Pat Quinby Judy Norton. Top Row: Corky Tarry, Sue Schmid. Anita Yocca, Paula Shell, Carol Begley, Sharon Greear, Robin Anderson, Andrea Schroder 304 Martha Whitney Pat Quinby President Vice President Melanie Meaders -lUClY B095 Secretary Treasurer Anchors, Melanie Meaders, Judy Norton, and Martha Whitney help Teachers after school as a Teachers aid proiect. Charnell Aycock and Sharon Henderson sell a Homecoming Corsage To Chuck Hodges dur- ing a lunch hour. Anchor girls, Wendy Jackson, Mary Thixton, Jane Abernethy, Anita Yocca, Dana Fawl, Sue Schmid collect stuffed animals for the Jubilee. 'swf' ,- ,gk I CBE W ni dire r an I 'i' g"'MlNAX K WM F K' . Q ' 'v r g' iv ,gf J ii" A 4, 're Q as X ' I 5- 'u 'Q li' ff fl: ff Xfd X y , ff VW ' M :NK 'lf . L 'i .. , Lf- . v W A., ' U . fi' . wressvill Lpiitlmxvk 1 ei- 8 M5 Judy Jennings .- . i s K P 'T ij.-1 ix' J 1, xr ., K I 'Y President KY ff 'K F' g p NA if 'X k . 5 A ' ' E 3 -me x an ' ' 1 ' 4' 'W' ' .., ,lv-wll1.r-r. " wr- k"'l'.FJ' Susan Mathews Vice President Bonnie Sage Secretary Judi Burrell 306 Treasurer mm Y s ? f ,, ya Judy Jennings and Pat Garrison sort clothes for the big rummage sale. Penny Harmen, Bonnie Sage, Patty Garrison, and Judy Burell do some public relations in order to continue rummage sale. C.B.E. girls at work in the classroom. Stranahan was host school for the District 9 Cooperative Education Convention. Coordina- tors present were: Mr. Crawford-Dillard H.S.p: Mr. Wright-Blanche Elyp Mr. Horne- McArthur H.S. and Miss Feingold-South Broward H.S. 'WSH . W,,,... Q ty SA Mrs. McDermott Sponsor 307 1 'I l C.B.E. depends on the cooperation of city and county business em- ployers. These girls are employed at the following places: Sue Matthews- Broward Health Dept., Kathy Swine- hart-Stranahan Athletic Dept., Ginny Peters-Neisers, Tammy Walker-Mace Corp., Jean La Rue-Girl Scouts, Karen Powell-Grants, Tonya Lynden-Bro- ward Health Dept, Sally Staley-Univis, Brenda Herron-Johnnie Lowerie Drapery Shop, Roseann Ambrose- Broward Health Dept, Anna Hasz- Sears, Bonnie Sage-American Na- tional Bank, Mary Jane Gorth-Bro- ward Adiustment Service, Brenda Donahue-Telectron, Judy Burrell- Britts, Dollie Wood-American Auto Assoc. Penny Harmon-Ship and Shore Electronics, Linda Brockman- Broward County Courthouse Lela Baldasare-Public Library, Patty Gor- don-YMCA, Pat Garrison-Broward Health Department, Alice Birth- Double B Tool and Dye, Judy Jen- nings-Plantation First National Bank. Arlene Obringer waits for her car at the C.B.E. car wash. ff f'1ll.i ' 9 R 309 Clvlfan ?i55'gf Q Y V1 YQJ QVVM 'lf ' "-'W' 'WW x , , XL,-, Af r LJfM r u and 1 u wager? o n? Rusty Wood Vice President if Ph'l B I V Plresiilziwiy f 7 gg? V- - rw 1' ' n Y o ' if fji - V! VV Bob Cunningham W' ' Secretary V Q .www 5 John Tolliver Treasurer mg 'ws' 4 my f . A, f or 49+ j,.g VV . W x gi ' V ,, V X "---- wwfy , ,J-,-A' "' z 'fi J., f fr.. Q , r ru , Ar r V V If ' i - -, . f 'f-1 J -. , , X .A ' f" If 2 qi, ,Wm.,,.,f, , ,, :V , fx . .4 W 'V VV M:N3,,r N VA , ,. V 5 , V , ,. ,Q, .,. . , . ., , VV KV V, HIGH ' ' 'fkff 'fox Jain , -t,qVV1ja, , , 7 """'W"' 1 ' -i , " m L-.. Q7 fg ffi. --I r ..:" M r VVVV AA A V H Vjf'V' , . V fgf r-'f'+Vf?,Ql1,,, LVVV V VV V 3 1 . "3 . V ? Ym f , ' .,., ., ,V V VV V f g A V -1 ' Q V X V5 VV r V , 1 f fe .- uk' ' ' - L2 V 1 ' .5 ' f ., , 'i J u u r ,K V 3 V fggff' N Mr. Kline ' '. N Sponsor Vj ? V Cheerleaders Linda Baker, Nancy Norton and Judy Norton drink cokes supplied them by Civitan .Jeff Shaffner leaps toward another score for Civitan. Eldon Duckworth sells T-Shirts during lunch hour to Jim Robinson and Rocky Wetherhold. President, Phil Beasly and new members Den- nis Dawn, Jeff Shaffner, and Don Schiavon display Civitan project. Only the artistic ones get the pleasure off painting the Civitan garbage cans. Melanie Meaders buys a Civitan Fruit Cake from members Rusty Wood and Phil Beasley. Civitan members Chuck Parks, Ed Evers, Jeff Bair, Rick Lambert, Eldon Duckworth, Bob De- froscia, Lester Olian, Skip Holt, Bob Cunning- ham and Dennis Dawn receive club shirts from President Phil Beasley. TY Jim Dunlap Joyce Lupa President Vice President Marie" . f . , Mt: ,. s 5' ' ' fc ..,f.,,,N: i - s . f .HQ V il B ,is .tg f' xv ' F K ' x.,if'xk' f'?3e ,, ,i ' 9 1 ,V :su X li 7' , Wu U K M, 23 2 1 C..f r- ,gil Sara Boyd keeps busy in the office of the Duncan Edwards, Inc. lndre Staneira prepares to x-ray a Broward County Board of Health X-ray Tech. Grover Barron demonstrates a machine at Broward County Board of Instruction lMicro Filing Labl. Mr. King leads class discussion during a DCT Class, , ,, I 1 D Linda Anderson, Paula Weaver, Mr. King, Secretary Treasurer Sponsor !J7" , X -H':c' f 5:5 .X - ,S 'W,,.,-v' is iv 'Nw , S Q 'Z 1 ri ,.-1 The DCT decal looks great on everyihing. Joyce Lupa works at Thompson Office Equip- ment Co. Bob Rutkay has a hard day at Poinseita Press. is 'x 4 'if' Exchange 1-REX? 34 Q g 'Vi 5 i 0 4 G, X Q , A 11.9 3 'W' W xdm gig' K m f if x .unsung K ,Q I wx-any N7 A W 'li A51 ,J The Exchange Club Executive Board is made up of Wynn Courtney, Rich Norman, Mike Sherlock, Mike Vetro, Nick Tussing, and Jim deVenny. Paul Jones and Mike Vetro repair patio benches donated by Exchange Club. Exchange Club members for 1966 are: First Row, Sam Obsharsky, Tim Haines, Dennis Ham- ilton, Dick Boling, Jim de Venny, Nick Tussing, Wynn Courtney, Rich Norman, Mike Vetro, Mike Sherlock, Bob Anderson, Jim Murry. Second Row: Dave Hanrahan, Harvey Beaupied, Greg Service, Mike Thomas, Randy Pettit, Joe Sim- mens, Danny Aunapu, Mike Sorrentino, Bob Jackson, Carr Lee Fletcher, Doug Hanna. Third Row, Frank Greentree, Sandy Garner, Chip Lockwood, Bob Beckett, Dave Ericks, John Bogart, Jim York, Jim Raudebaugh, Fourth Row, Dick Boy, Cliff Childers, Mike Ezell, Dan Prodanovich, Tony Duva, George Linkenback, Paul Jones, Tom Ullom, George Cheshire, Phil Wright, Dennis Hipsly. Senior Exchange Club members include: First Row, Jim de Venny, Nick Tussing, Mike Vetro, Wynn Courtney, Mike Sherlock, Mike Sorren- tino,. Second Row, Dick Boy, Chip Lockwood, Rich Norman, Phil Wright, Sandy Garner Third Row: Bob Beckett, Dennis Hipsley, Mike Ezell, Joe Simmens Fourth Row: Tom Ullom, George Cheshire, Paul Jones Tony Duva Jim York Tony Duva and George Cheshire, varsity bas- ketball stars, coach Exchange members Jim Murray, Oakley Farmer, Randy Pettit, Doug Hanna, Joe Simmens, Sandy Garner, Phil Wright Cliff Childers, Mike Sherlock, Jim York, Bob Beckett, Dennis Hipsley, Danny Aunapu, George Linkenback, Tom Ullom, Mr. Kolb, Rich Norman, Paul Jones and Jimmy de Venny in I.C.C. basketball tournament. Exchange Club members: Joe Simmens Bill Hamilton, Paul Jones, Chip Lockwood, Nick Tussing, Rich Norman, Bob Beckett, George Cheshire get roses ready for delivery on Valen- tine's Day with the help of Mel Meaders, Corky Tarry, Bev Fuelling and Sandi Waski. Rich Norman goes up for a iump shot at the I.C.C. Tournament 1"'ss W, , , 1 ag, 4, ,,,. , ,ff 5 aw. .am 44, TW 175. ,,, " J mm 1 W 2-H .afiglzidif ki at p . A 8 X X W iw ffz H ,fx 3l8 Barb Heller Pat Miller President Vice President French snxvxg "5-g,.ff ,rig fl B00 'ff 4x J ww if Melinda Underwood Ralph Dearden Secretary Treasurer Language Lab Assistants Emily Drew Ralph Dearden Barb Heller Melinda Underwood Vuvlka Adams Marcia Bnrhanzal Nancy Taylor and Polly Ray French Club members Nancy Taylor Marcia Burhanzl Melinda Underwood Emily Drew Ralph Dearden and Barb Hellgr rehearse Christmas Carols in the halls Mrs. Bailey Sponsor ,...--V ...-- ,gil WX- Ak "New members of French Club serve their ir'llTlaTlOn." Melinda Underwood, Vivan Adams, Nancy Tay- lor, Barbara Heller. sell French Club candy on patio during lunch. if ,Mi-41' may lillll 3l9 ll of Bill Miley Wynn Courtney presidenf Vice-President Francine Mirigliano Secretary- Treasurer John Tolliver, Sue Harris, Bonnie Stone, David Eibling, Candie Currie, Stephenie, Powell, Ed Propst, are shown equipment. Modern equipment is shown to Cecil Ferguson, Natalie K. Price, Becky Kaiser, Steve Gibson, Linda Gage, John Futral, Sandy Brown, and Linda Hibbits. Joe Fizzo, and Alan Dobbins look on while Jim Van Winkle scores for Future Doctors. Dr. Wolfe performs a mock operation on Joe Fizzo as Mark Cisello, Chuck Enbarb, Cecil Fergusom, Dave Eibling, Bill Miley, Londa Gage, Barbara Neese, Suzy Hightower, and Carmen Lawerence witness. Mr. Hamilton .s.f"""' Sponsor 2 Wh Q? 4... 9 I qv-af . ft' , f X F.S.A. "Sr"- 1,-qw x,-x,, fr Mxkwxw I 'V , , 'f ,ff . .1 L if, Glenda Mellen President Mrs. Wesson, Miss Morgan, and Guest Speaker listen attentively as members open meeting. The Future Secretaries formally initiate their new members Anita Cruse serves punch at the F.S.A. Christ- mas party Linda Manning and Glenda Mellen work on the F.S.A. trash cans. Mercedes Mir, Sara Allen, Carol Taylor, Carol Hoffman, Ann Kulpa, Brenda Mears, and Glenda Mellen enioy a Christmas party S143 hui S!ephanie Calkins Vice-President Judy Jennings Secrerary Linda Manning Treasurer A '5 63 'E G ., Www, 1 v Q if 4 . 3 5 -.-.uv XE 'mf 'i Edward Evers President 1171-C M 'lf' Bill Miley Vice-President 'wk w -Tzgvg rfms, ww: an cw A ,Q I Ron Scoggins, Ed Evers, and Chuck Burgess mount the German club projection screen. Linda Hofendorfer and Allen Stepp check over bulletin board. German Club was well represented at the I.C.C. Basketball Tournament by Greg Eisman, Tim Thomas, Mike Lawrence, Don Bryan, Danny Monks, Ron Scoggins, and Bill Miley. Bill Miley shows his artistic ability on a German Club trash can. 2'-Q 15 Kathryn Schoonover Secretary Patty Keefer Treasurer 324 '.W,,,..f' L. X ,lv Bill Miley controls the ball for German Club at I.C.C. Tournament. JoAnn Miller, Robert Smith, Gail Higgins, Cathy Bromwell and Joel King discuss their annual pin sale. Regene Richards, Donna Lewis, Linda Rooney, and Patricia Harris test the cooking ability of fellow members. V i5'TEu6fl f f sms-35 ,'.f i""l"'a' x-.I GoAoAo my W . K . f, li, it ffl K it li t f' 13 y 13? fa' af " C Q69 6 , ' , s A 1 , if Q t , It i A , J Wwe . it Q' V i wc 'il l y 7 f ' t , " ' Qflllv W , llmlllil l lii lll il-' ' M 'll' V 1 Se yi Miss McBroom Sponsor Linda Miller President Vice President Linda Gerlenslager Donna Petrizzi JUdY Pflveif Sec,-efafy Treasurer Judy Privett, Andrea Norman, Sandi Langley Brenda Donahue, Diane Caroll, Linda Miller members of G.A.A. demonstrate sports par- ticipated in during the year. G,A.A. member during volleyball game. Underclassmen find pleasure in the sports of G.A.A. The G.A.A. bowling team. G.A.A. members: KFirst FOWI Peggy Donahue, Nancy Swisher, Linda Bates, Sandy Schaller, Essie Mann, Diane Witzel, Andrea Norman, Second row: Penny Zeismer, Sharlene Roberts, Patty Privett, Judy Privett, Brenda Doahue, Georgia Myers. Third row: Mona Widdaws, Janice Usmiller, Sandy Raugly, Eliane Roush, Diana Correll, Judy Swindell, Melanie Wolff, Sharon Cracbie, Fourth row: Lorraine Damica, Kathy Logan, Debbie Linieux, Cindy Nelson, Carol Beecher, Jean Tollman, Carol Miller. Fifth row: Emily Phillips, Marget Peck, Becky Smith, Diane Underhill, Cris Graff, Linda Correll, Wilma Barnes, Nancy Taylor. Sixth row: Diane Lacota, Marlen Slopey Susan Fleming, Donna Pitrizzi, Betsy Lehota. Seventh row: Linda Miller, Linda Gertenslager, Peggy Smith, Nancy Liehauf, Alice Addy, Mary Cole, Lynn Gibblony, Gail Haugendabler, Anette Pitrizzi. YI 3 ii sf. gif 'WY N. ""'f--.W N'-+.,,,,wL '--S., -5No, ' f :Yee-at " ' .MW ',,, I J jtzdf V L Rick whiiwonh 7 ' -ef mom :g f --Q f 328 l s o K s. I Vo Mr. Weaver Sponsor S3 President Bob Effinger Treasurer John Binder Vice-President Bob Ekle and Gary Weller collect for the March of Dimes. Nels Norem, Rick Whitworth, Gary Weller and Bob Ekle make preparations for the annual Easter Basket contest. President Rick Whitworth conducts Hi-Y meet- ing while members, Paul Jones, Wynn Court- ney, Bob Effinger, Rick Lambert, Jim Robinson, Bill Poluson, Jim Sheddy, Sandy Wetherhold, Tom Ullom, Bob Ekle, and Tom Zarta listen take part in proceedings. "wa, lfli 6 'rr 5 1212 me 2 2 1 i-til! l Ed Evers President Janet Hamilton Vice President Linda Manieri Secretary Sherry Lytz Treasurer Honor Society , VV, A? 12' , 51 N115 Q W L! u N 1 1 K X V ij x " N Mx 1 XX Ji-.94 , if Nj Q- ..., 17 ' I Q I Q 4. Nr r mtg th Q 4 , ,wg a-'M -In vw Ed Evers and Natalie K. Price await the answer to a question from a Lauderdale mem- ber at the Brain Brawl. Rosy Cook concentrates on answering a Brain Brawl question. Kathy Springfield buys a yarn doll from Steve Gibson as part of an Honor Society project. Candy Currie, Cindy Carr, Becky Davis, and Natalie K. Price sign up for the honor roll. Y-W-fffxf 12 Ken Katz instructs new members on 'filling out pledges for Honor Society membership Melinda Underwood gives Dick Tinklinberg an "Honor Society" shoeshine. Ed Evers presides over an honor society meeting. img, Nu.. .-f ,xx .,,,, 5, ,f Y fb fe S nl EFX? M2 KA Q , Dwight Rogers Rick Shaw Jim Sheddy President Vice-President Secretary Jim Welch Treasurer .Wi ff I f Interact 7 way 1 "X ,Q i fjyrrw fi i ' i W 31,15 his ' C wi' 2 ggi, , W ir f If lk! i 4 J X H Z S W i gk K. I yffsffwx Mr. Sheppard Sponsor be 'Y , ii , x 1' Mr. J. Kurth Sponsor E i E i ,If if--so ,W Interact members, George Rotchford, Gary Weller, Mike Grant, Tom Zarta, Jim McGuigan, and Tom Grimm, display one of lnferac1's many proiects-the selling of pennanfs. Dave Blue aids Stranahan Dragon in school spirit. Jerry Whorley collects money from fellow Interact members for The purchasing of park- ing spaces. 1 i i King Loyd displays Interact license plates. Joe Abernethy and Donny Palascki prepares cannon for another touchdown. Jack Atohi and Steve Spera invite people to throw water balloons at John Binder. Art Hess, Chester Salter, Bill Whitehous Rick Shaw, Tom Zarta, Barry Berg, Jaon Binder, Dave Blue, Gary Weller, Dave Black and Brian Vogel were Interact's ICC basketball team Gary Weller, John Binder, Chester Salter, and Rick Shaw fight for a basket for Interact Tom Zarta and Brian Vogel score for Interact. -gr" I lllll l i!! I . . M yy W rri, , . c,, 3' T ni I il 4 y My .,,,i.Hfm ,fr H ,N , 7 . W ' 1 QA ww 3 K4 xx. 337 - Q5 x AT A , M- W R Q Junlorettes J rkk, .29 K if v V- xQf ,K '- I an , , Q l ,553 if eff , 1- - +4 Q ,gi 4 f i ff , 7 J Z ' U -avr-, , fx XY mf-LY -A , - 2 N -'SE-K, fi O XJ rm, 'J il 5' AQ I , -it f Ph, 1 f ' "1 i m " i' .f K -E , X, ess. 3 C :J ga Qfi X f' f -Q Ltgyj --,,,,f ,f x 53 ff ie. 1 L . 5-5 -1 ,I ,sw is f 5,1 f i i 'vm Julie Mcllvaine Karen Klement President Vice President Julie Mcllvaine assists Molly Lowry in putting letters on the Marquee. Jeanie Antonello, Alinda Aunapu, Pat Travis, Karen Klement, Julie ,Mcllvaine, Carol Gagen, Leila Kane, Nancy Manderville, Nancy Norton, Susan Cheany, Gail Malcolm participate in the Juniorette formal initiation. Julie Mcllvaine wears the latest fashion to the I.C.C. basketball tournament. Nancy Mandeville and Laura Tosh serve'candy at the Jubillee. Bill Miley, president ot Future Doctors, re- moves a splinter from Karen Klements, a wounded Juniorette. Miss Greer Sponsor Miss Eshelman Sponsor ix DL. get Travis Trish Forum ecrefary Treasurer "T: ,44 JoEllen Gibbens, Rita Outz, Molly Lowry, Nancy Hyma, Lisa Griskas, Laura Tosh, Francine Grehl are initiated as new Juniorettes. The winning team takes time out for a picture, Betty Appleford, JoEllen Giddens, Francine Grehl, Terry Wallace, Elaine Sanchez, Mary Sattler, Trish Forum, Debbie Thompson, Laura Tosh, Jeannie Antonello, Lela Kane, Lisa Gris- kas, Betty Brown, Carol Gagen, Pat Travis, Julie Mcllvaine, and Scott Doyle. Julie Mcllvaine and Pat Travis proudly carry their newly painted trash can. Betty Brown and Paula Shell iump for the ball during the I.C.C. tournament. Juniorettes and Anchor battle for the ball at the I.C.C. tournament. Alinda Aunapu adds her special touch at a Juniorette car wash. Am A 1 'ij it -f1Sl35'ft- :Q ffflfjb - . kgigx. -1, eff, E., 5 QT' f ' :'Qg,,17'- . ' u' L- ?43'iG It ' L11 'Ni'-l"" X sewn, sm Q W au' 34I Key I En! Y gl' K ff " U5 f, .Fq Q 17 H5 at 4 ,, W "" in 24' If m ,.,,L Treasurer-Tony Hughes and Key President Jim St.Clair keep lunch menu up to date N N3 if w ix 'xyfpefxx K x 1 if 9 C 0 f 99 -4 1-A f , ' lsy if J 12,2 envy k,lN!u, mf 'W i we E fm- may Bill Vice Poulson President ' s , ,x , ..,..,k xp 7' X uuui y li'i si . Kent Whipple 5 342 ecretary Key Club meeting Juniorette-Key Homecoming Float passes in review. Johnny Gallagher, Bobby Antenello Ward Bris- sick, get assistance from a Juniorette mem- ber af their car wash. M14 , fi. l 5 1 'i 1 I .. , nf . I X X A I' 3' - f 1 R . f 2 1 a ,. K ti 4.1 3' f' J ' 1? - A S ' N15 4 'SLN ,'-'imuibvy--, 'ng Q., --mx .,x.. "mln N . ,.., kd N. . W . 1 lk I 31 wk 'S' 'nfl n KEY cLu vc, 43 Q m 5' Q-114110 STRANAHAN HIGH SCHUUL FURT UUDERDALE FLURIUA l 'il as, 64.3 -Q"5,,TZ"g3 Key members observe new plans for the com- ing year. Key Club proudly poses their club's banner over the water fountain which they purchased for the school. These Key Clubbers: Randy Feather, Glen Graham, Bob Antonello, Jim St. Clair, Walt Rooney, Bob Vargo, John McMillian, Mike Moore, Bill Massey, John Gallagher, Ben Ash, John McCann, Tony Hughes, pause for a min- ute before the action begins. Key members, Larry Bigney, Brown Badgett, Norman Allen, Ward Eshelman, and Walt Rooney, help collect for the March of Dimes. Jim St. Clair goes up for a score at the l.C.C. tournament. ,Mwwnmmi i' ,..,,WfW,f,,,.,,,wwf-ww , .mi,,,...-fmwffff ,- , Modern Dance lfffe MX-'YK-'kff Chris Miles Audrey Nelson Janet Haddix Q ME f x Fixx 9234? ix, 7,00 Luigi? 9 sl fe ,H President Vice President Secretary The Modern Dance Members: Sally Lebow, Can- dence Edawards, Teresa Edwards, Becky Ed- wards Cathy Bromwell, Pat Margraves, Carol Ferrera Diane Firth, Georgine Miller, Cheryl Ives Lmda Waller, Standing, Jean Seemayer, Polly Ray Sue Collins, Shari Crandall, Debbie Davis Modern Dance Members: Donna Mackey, Myr- dice Kier Bonnie Jordal, Sharon Cannello, Macty Bricker Kathy Lane, Kathy Walsh, Dana Fowl Linda Statler, Geri Liotle, Cindy Dufty. Chris Miles Jerry Leotti, and Murtis Kire per- form Modern dance in their booth at the Jubilee A Go Go. Marie Riddlehoover Revell Shaw Treasurer Sponsor I N Pep yy, 348 asa E X1 1 J f 'QM P aft it M it , ,.J A 5, Bill Campbell President K Ed Propst Vice President Dianne Higgins Secretary Melinda Underwood Treasurer 'uf if it 5.5 44 , y STF 1 ?' X 1 K s. + ff P' H: n . V M .i.i 3 A M ,Lf I N Quin PE Mrs. Hill, sponsor of Pep, clowns around af the Stranahan-Lauderdale pep assembly. "Go Dragons", yell supporters of Pep Club. Melinda Underwood and Susan Powell show Mr. Haun Pep Club's directory of activities. "Go Dragons!" Tie pinning the spirit of Bill Copeland Bob Becket, and Gail Malcolm. Stranahan crowd cheers the Dragons to victory. f..+..X..,M,.,w.W,,,,...,..,.-4-an-N 1 K - NAI-KAN owe , A -nu. .... M . ......:L,,,,. --'Q-wfawnk-. . ,... f -LLL A -suv' mm, ,M...v..1.,,. X- -"' .,w..,....f --M A F of v m 4 N 'SLK , ,K ff ooo fo Mrs. Underwood Sponsor A ,cf , ml ,gwgp-in . A -Ao T I I1 X ff ff' President Pay Miller Natalie K Price Vice President Linda Hafendorfer collects money from Soni Taylor and Vicki Zimmerman for club pins. Mr. Ogle, explains tentative plans for the completion of the DiJest, during Quill and Scroll meeting. Pat Miller and Jo Ellen McKinney paint trash cans for Quill and Scroll. Natalie K. Price, Carmen Laurence and Kathy Mahoney concentrate on a story. P , ., 'nj' f. ' ','wvaf-" -1 - 'ni' -. 3 'Q--fliii.. 5 5 i 1 , L 4' 1 1 'I " an Q' I ' W . p K Q Q, x f. I lf , ff , ,1 , I Stranahan Photographer, Jim Boyd, goes to great pains to get an aerial view pic- ture of a club member. Refreshments are served after Quill and Scroll meeting. Linda Tompkins checks through her sec- retarial files. Jo Ellen McKinney, Yvonne Smith, and Pat Miller cheer for the Quill and Scroll basketball team. Mr. Ogle gives Quill and Scroll basket- ball team final pointers. 34" ,J '47 49 e. f ef ,M . -Q , 1 Sf AU, 'xl 'U-gh F V il . , W , -1' X as-.A 'N a e Q i ' V 4- 'S ,l sm' X A .44 , Nxxpslrl i, 5 4' is It 5 wt ' 4 l X ' i 4? K Wm A fy ' N I X S ,"9Q.Q," ' V el fvk A' ' iw '. 'S , " Q ' it v is "3 ff ll X! 'I' f X N N N x J fx s 0- fra' Q ' flf ' 'Ax - f ' f J' A Y' A K ,Q Q 3. F ,A 'H ' f. ' s , ,f .5 . I . 5. , W A .K,' ' 1, M ' N A ., A I .vb A 4 K .Qi ., - 5 we 5' Us A," -4 ' is , -., 4 I ' . v 'V , wg i, 2?-naar r ' ' all V Lh il " ' . we-f fl: 1 ,W ftfcx V Judy Miller I President Spanish Club members collecting food for Viet Nam. Spanish Club members take time out for a picture. Jeanne Ricldlehoover Judy Miller, Linda Par- kinson and Pam Phelan paint garbage cans. Becky Davis and Linda Parkinson collecting money for club pins. v'1 M. , W Jw C ' Elie' -fl A -'Ml Q Q ,Q . -K :QQ ' . ' H -. ,g O . 1? . . 5, v , , .ef ' me xg ' ,Af ,eavll , Z V ,Wal H .V -,A , , ,H Spanish r 'ff' 'f' ' Z 1 4 ,l left. R , IQ ' A ff ix rg' E I 1 , 1 fi. Judy Turner Becky Davis Linda Parkinson Vice President Secrefary Treasurer S Qi Rusty Wood John Seeley President Vice President Student Council 2' 1 ff, tc- ,Jf su r , Q 957 ff? tiff . f, ,W ' ? Zffyrl Y- X. n f N i y M llill L - A is W 2- g Ve ' Y! r. r cf i. , i r , W ef ff, lil tgigfg , xg yize gym ' ff Nm -. f' X ffi, ' 5 l ' ,f , , vfff - s X .lil 5 "' in ' Y 61? Q 3- f 9 5 el , -if 71 Lisette Logan, Rusty Wood, Mr. Heflin, and John Seeley go over Student Council by-laws Linda Scott enioys herself while others paint trash cans. Student Council officers Ginny Aldredge and John Seeley help Sheri Campbell decorate the Christmas tree in the library. Lisette Logan decorates the Christmas tree for Student Council. Ginny Aldredge reads the past minutes for the Student Council meeting. if 5 ,VVA h if was ie. wi, 8 w.1 n ,Q .X I 1 .,I: V' 45? , 3 40. W 1 . bf Q' , 19 an 9 ,,L 'W' , , ,.:,, 3 9 9 Q+:Sf,ff,, M 357 f U - ,J am -," rw, 1? if 'rx' ' if z , - My 5 ,, as -affwf-1 Ginny Aldredge tries to keep Student Council members awake with one of her great speeches. Lisette Logan listens whole-heartedly as Rusty Wood gives a lecture to the members of S.C. Student Council representatives listen intently to business matters. Rusty Wood prepares Student Council mem- bers forthe morning's agenda Mr. Heflin listens quietly to the morning's meeting. awswi- ' - fx y,sl "fb gm le ig 4- E 4'-4 359 Nerva Coffin Debbie Coe President Vice-President Chris Williamson Marilyn Bennett Serrefary Treasurer Tri-Hi-Y 5 'jr' Y Y i r ,Z 'N 5 fl N iv Q' 'li' ' al be .5 Q X if fl r" ,11'f.ff- ,ffl lf- f16.....W.-.L ,,,. will XL ' W li" WW ff Elm!-' 3 4 Z 2 360 ,Hin-' in-. -arf Tri Hi Y members, Carol Vaughn, Sue Downs Regine Benard, Debbie Coe, display painted trash cans for i.C.C. Vice President, Debbie Coe calls committee meeting to order. Being well groomed is important, Ann Ham- blen Judy Buchanan, Bev LaDoucer, Patty Grif- fith, Sue Downs, Marylan Bennett, Annette Griffin, Pam Hess, Ann Hamblen, Judy Bucanahan, Peggy Magahy eat leftovers from bake sale. S .. va A F an' p ., Q, wiv f v .5 4 ' , p x fi' 1 m fr' K 'A ' " N ' . 53504-,' --"'g I " .-.' fp ' f 1 2 x 'L,. '." '- .H W I!Zf'S- -:XFX-f,f'L -' nf ' ' I - - Mrs. Golder A Sponsor ....,-.qf E Mrs. Whipple Sponsor fm 5 . I ,. ,,, 559' A Usherettes of 1 3, 1 Xgfdf " s ?. , ?1? 4- 5 -Y .Y 4 'Y X, ,- f -Y. v-.1 Z K 34"'e6 -fff' ff 4? X, 4: -Z, , , fared JF , ,. ll 7 G VFP' 2' i 'Q 5 Mrs. Morris Mr, Ehfke f l. Y ' fs? 2 1. 4 f y f ff af fy - , U , ai 1' ' 1 -B., 5 'ff , , a- g Q? at . if i , L' f- A , ,, f ff X H, . . ,wi X , J .X rr r L ,ff N 1 l l Marcia Berhanzl esident Melinda Underwood Vice President -Siv- Pam Phelan Secretary Vivikka Adams Treasurer r ,V K ,,wEEi 5 Usherettes ioin in the fun of painting trash- cans. Left to right: Vivikka Adams, Pam Phelan, Suzanne Nowak, Melinda Underwood, Chris Williamson. Usherettes help out in Cafeteria. Left to right: Pat Vanderfriff, Carla Johnson, Marcia Berhanzl. Homecoming game takes time out to look at Usherettes float. Karen Beasly, Marcia Berhanzl, Mr. Weaver, Melinda Underwood, Pam Phelan Mr. Beasly, and Vivikka Adams display trophies. Mary lde and Linda Chapman sell tickets at a Basketball game, Melinda Underwood, Usherette, speaks to Miss Morris at the Calendar Girl Contest. Semi-Finalists of the Calendar Girl Contest: Kris Goode, Caryl Gagen, Karen Chana, Char- nell Aycock, Cathy Bray, Bev. Fuelling, Theresa Galloway, Judy Gradolph, Francine Grehl, Linda Hafendocfer, Peggy Hughes, and Donna Lambert. in K' SPOHSPI' Sponsor -Q --,l n ,,,, QR 1 is Q . Wk.. 0 1 :- - 1 We L. v-S K2 'iw yan f ri ' A V 13' .Lqwvl A77 .f-5-I Camera Club -f Jim Boyd President Mike Korb Vice-President Becky Davis Secretary- Treasurer Mr. Tosh, Sponsor, displayed his camera skills at Parrot Jungle field trip. Camera club members, Becky Davis, Pat Vaugn, Sherry Litz, Diane Cole, Linda Tosh, Kathy Huffer, Jim Boyd, Mike Korb, Kelly Sisk, John Geers, Bcab Burkholder, visit the Parrot Jungle. A I Sm Mr. Korb Sponsor Discussion and Drssenf A f -4 ss , , 1 s f- ,,L s s 7 . 1 .X i s 6 ,, ++ J : V fr if ' J - Ls f ' ' I O O K ,X f t gg Q ' f I an fn- 6' A 9 .S 4 Z I K ,Y ,I 1' ff 2, 4 1 I0 9' ffi 'Z ' ' 0 x f ff W- 'ihw Mf 19 -Jfa? 2 X f ai? 3 X .,, 'H U 1 k 'wr Sponsor Mr Goodhart FHA erik, I Debbie Dixon NFHCY Tillman LL!! W fi I President Vice President Z fl l is v--h...-,- Future Homemakers, Sara Shaffer, Marcia Bir- hanzl, Linda Yount and Vivaka Adams experi- ment in the kitchen. Karen Underwood, Pat Walden, Katie Taylor and Monica Lakota wrap presents 'for soldiers in Viet Nam. Nan Peterson, Nancy Tillman Bonnie Jordell Debbie Dixon, Judy Turner, Kay Gaterman, and Audrey Nelson are being installed as the new F.H.A. officers. Q36 it lm if I f 1, 1' l GK a 'M l l 111 Kay Gaterman Judy Turner Secretary Treasurer X R in 1 Ts 'ii X I Mrs. Criss, Mrs. Boyd Sponsor Sponsor ,I ,,,...,.. 1 Future Nurses 1' pxrixf J A 1 S t f'9??.e 7 '? ' gh :V A ll , yy . "a"-Sex J Q: Mrs E W Baker Mrs. Winifred Jackson Q1 fy 4 Q, f ' ' Sponsor Sponsor N. +71 76 vin' '?? 5-IHOP ? rv,-, -X Barbara Baur Kathy Hayman President Vice President f., Pat Waltrip Secretary bs. s. 5, s Bonnie Mcllvaine, Kathy Hayman, and Barbara Baur, prepare screen for a Future Nurses film. Cindy Proctor, Pat Waltrip Kathy Hayman, Mariann Rushing, Barbara Baur, and Bonnie Mcllvaine listen to lecture of Representatives from Broward General Hospital. President Barbara Baur calls meeting to order. Those present are: Kathy Haymen, Patty Waltrip Janice Barney, Nancy Underhill, Joanne Druso, Marian Rushing, Ann Hall, Kathy Spier, and Bonnie Mcllvaine. S rf i QR N... ri, ' I ' 1 .lay Latin A' , l 412113 17 lg 4 r M fl 1 if I I it ,fi X, , l 'V :ful Q ,,,, X W: 'lll"l'l R Q, l Ml LQ Dave Kaplan Bob Vargo Pf9SlCl6f1f Vice-President Rita Ouzts Jeff Ball' Secfefafy Treasurer Latin Club performs initiation ceremony Latin Club members proudly display their awards. Rita Outzs, Bonnie Stoue, Linda Gage, Robert Miller, William Kent Starr, Julie Shum- pert, Jeff Bair, Gail Higgins David Ebleug, Jan Roper. Mrs. Admas Sponsor FQ we, S K G X vm i . Mrs. Tussing Sponsor 368 Math Club mcf f I if ' 5 E I 'Sr' Linda Manieri, Ken Katz, and David Trissel confer over a math problem. Mike Sanchez, John Seeley, Ed Evers, and Dick Tmkelenberg spread a problem on the board Ken Katz Keith Smith, Mickie Manning, Mark Seymour Allen Dobbins, Dick Tinkelenberg, Mike Sanchez George Anderson, Ed Evers, Pete OKane and Dave Trissel, pause before a game in the l.C.C. Tournament. 1 i Edward Evers Dick Tinkelenberg David Trissel President Vice President S9C"efafY'Tfea5Ufef Mr. Norman Chinoy Sponsor Beverly Hond, George Linkenbeck, Secretary President Mike Raether and Sharon Greer observe a science demonstration. Doug Bateman Treasurer talks to Gail Higgins, Susan Powell, Ken Platt, Jean Graves, Mary Beth Mead, Rod Meilo, and Dennis Haynes about club finances. Science Club sponsors a Bake Sale. esrl Mrs. Valasky Sponsor 1 :E y 5 K 'L of x l x IR il q os., K Mrs. Turner Rose Cook Dick Tinkelenberg Sponsor President Vice President I N' , I A 'ffI,:'f-i 'iffW,ff, ,X tv Thespians fra Paul Harding, Diane Higgins, Ed Evers, Thes- pian members, participate in the Monkey's - Joanne Sten er Paw, one of the plays in the Play Festival. 9 Secretary Thespians demonstrate the many activities in belonging to their club. Paul Harding Treasurer 37I X , ef ,lm deVenny John Seeley . c Tom Ullom Jim Welch Club Favorites hog 3 ily? i U , O lsr , xh ' ?'sp,!J if fl f Q! This year's Anchor Admiral is Rich Norman who was selected by The Anchor Club on the basis of leader- ship, scholarship and all around abil- ity. He received this honor from a group of boys nominated by the club. 5W3'aw 1 9' 3 4? 1 1 ff Z 5' W H A' ' V' ' "Wi-,:fZ'. 35s3'',' H-5434 f , .v'i55'5',n..',:'Q'Jf,m'1'f'f 3, 5 , Vie 'Q ' ,:, g5ffg52,2gq 3a+?v:.'Aw-a'n:"2fZ Q ' i j iwi-izif' 5 - 1f1IzE:,1'z 0 Qu: c I f -11 a' g,1f':1:fE'l-V !9'QUL9,'Ia'..'J.'f inf . 1- 4 " Melanie Meade-rs, crowned by last year's queen, Berfa Gusfine, was chosen by the boys of CiviTan To reign as This year's Miss Civitan. af ll J I W if -' N , ,, 5-.N r . Q 2' 'Afiwqi 1 , San dy Car 'ler . -sr Gall W0 ' ,g.,4' V f 1 . g 5' ' 1. , k 71 'gb' y ,QS X Dfc k . 'Soy well we Phil Beasley was chosen by Jun- iorettes as this year's King of Dia- monds. He was selected from a group of five candidates to receive this honor. Key Club selected Anita Yocca to reign as their Sweetheart for 1966. Her court included Carol Wales, Mary Thixton, Wendy Jackson and Duffy Valin. For the second year in a row Mike Ezell was given the honor of being named Mr. Legs. He was chosen by the student body from the five candi- dates put up by Pep Club. l Mike Ezell George Cheshire Cfiff Danley riv- . wir Sf-1.3 ' a' Dick Boy Weldon Beach lffll f 1 2 Riff 01 1 'A 1 11' ibm 0 1 9 SX, 3 1 QDRIVES A6""V, 73 ZW ? QNX 537 f 0, --J tk n 7- . -V V -H--A---xffxaz Y --:V f---V--V ..Y-Y-:A 7 ,..-.Yn7--,..,. .....,......h.Y...,.n.,,,.....A,, Corky Tarry, Jim Boyd, Chris McCann, Linda Hafendorfer M 'W I' V04 , af U9 Ai' f Q Advertising M 11" 7 ziiszf-Sgi V. K me. QR .,gf'I"-111 K ff tx P 'N k A,.q?ii 235 M Q QQLQ . Q 'aw ff ,. ,, 1 ,.- . , ' - A. bu "' -f f W N J Z ' i 5 ,, 1 ' 5 Q S fag. ...-f.. Aff .!!".L'1- . ,,r1. 'ii .,,M 'Wi fu- - Y , 2- 1 -,.-r- gn , - '. . , , 7,252 ' ...W 1 4 , Q 71' " y' Vf1T,:":',. , V W V' 1 U- , , , .- ,A A ,f'f ' '71 y - ' ...- Iwi '1-.. M451- Q-K ' lun V, . , j .f I . ! 1, - , sn., , sa ,J I-an I 4 , ' ,E ,g . in ,Q ,1-,ann-qs pr- , ,pax .MW 5 4. ig. , 1 LQ-A Q ew Ei X esgr- L. JXENQ ,- J - gg' gr jg-',fx k x N.. me 1, M., 2 ,, ,L Qi:-1.-:J Si -f y, ,U N I , v - . , , W . A . U I-3 , N if inf -S -1 Q, pw l v, gf gif, .QI ,AM ' U .. - 'f ' -f f 1--5 x ' , f' - 4 . , '- :- ' i ' Q-x1.Q,-M K Q ' W W -- Q W W ' 'L g f x Q 'RA . 5' 4 f in i? 1 A, N, F 1 gk . , A ...m . K , ,Q K V ...,. QT 1 ' wg . "A Voice With a Smile" Best Wishes From Soufhern Bell Telephone Company PHUUPS STAOER'S SOUTHSIDE SERVICE GOO SOUTH ANDREWS AVE. "SAVES YOUR CAR. SAVES YOUR TIME, SAVES YOU!" O an 9 , 750129 if S Yf CJGSCGQ GOWOIIGQS I Q C IIZ1 1 3 15632 Zfyesf xy3r0wa1'0fy30ukUa1'0f 38I Enjoy fhe Wonderful Warmth Found in fhe World of Wood! c AU s E wAv L u d dd d d d n d o d A N v Fo rf ----:-11f:1E Eli BOW W Lauderdale Q, , .,1.:,1:Q5ef :E::,,,..r U' Ai b Raton . at Q M r- I 382 Bonanza Sirloin Pif Ili 54 3231 W. Broward Boulevard, Fl. Lauderdale, Fla. BROWARD TRUCK 8: EQUIPMENT 2817 9. ANDREWS AVENUE JA 3-5484 Sunrise Blvd. - Ff. Lauderdale Jorden Marsh Congrafulafes the Graduating Class of 1966 fgfospecf JYQHN SQA' cg. CO. -.Z CSX 71 La110Q1'rfak, '77 .1-3,325 21226 CSeC1'Qfa1'1dff71'a11fz1L'2y Ranch House Commissary "Throughout Florida" 5710 N. Federal Hwy. 943-0355 Z5 13 R. T. Hodges and Son ms sm Sunrise Blvd. Real ESfdfe Fort Lauderdale, Fla. FORT LALIDERDALE LINCOLN MERCURY 123 sunmss BLVD. - Font LAUDERDALE, FLA. Aflanfic Transfer 8 Sforage 2549 W. Broward Blvd. V1 a'Yi10We .,. lr Mayflower Q FLA PUU9 x rf ' X., aoeryfzfm Banff cQ 212201209 1710 7H04'QH!S xjuenue 'uv' T4 , ie Wolfies 2501 East Sunrise Blvd Forf Lauderdale, Florida LO 6-7476 Open Fri. and Saf. 7:00 A.M. - 3:00 A.M. Sun. - Thurs. 7:00 A.M. - 2:00 A.M. Harbor Beach Pharmacy -' Harbor Beach Plaza Ff. Lauderdale, Fla. JA 4-3700 Quik at Zum Sawice Zazlhcuatgoaaeewcteto wdetiefzlafzgeafzamall X067 7lf,?fzow4zdf5,!ad. -4:-..... .. . George Caldwell and Scott QQSTRUCTIII' ca me A4-ii A . f ivi. In .DWI , ,.... -:ff .-wi x -Y" P, P.O. Box 22160 Forf Lauderdale, Fla. .....,D BROWARD SPORTS SHOP DOWNTOWN CORAL RIDGE PLAZA PLAZA CENTER 9 9. ANDREWS AvE. 3350 N. FEDERAL Hwv. 28 w. BRowARD JA 2-1314 L0 5-2433 1-Dal 1 1, iff file ilfairrhilh Funeral Home C if FUNERAL 2991 N. Federal Highway JA 22811 Brunswick Lauderdale Lanes 1910 S.W. 40 Avenue 587-4440 AND DAILY TRIP9 i TO THE REEF9 NWC- MOST COMPLETE DIVE SHOP IN THE SOUTHEAST fa Q E I E -I E ' il' QE . If . 'P-3'I If 1.5 :dit O 'I III NW-II J A 'ix 'IUIHMIE , I xxg . nuv x K I . X l!lf11afg5L:LAda,55 ww , .I I ,,EI , I I E" ' 4' '-P" '31, 8 h 's-' -'C-5 vt .lvl my Al R .M , . I - '- cffjpfi, 83,533-'fo , I I fa0M sOR xi" I Compass I ' "F" s. L -I' REISJLSERVICE I I I SAxIE2.nde.mfiv4""'Ndm 1' , I o cokuowx Ro. I ' gs.e. I2 QVENUEI Locdted on the water I5 minutes to the reds Phone 524-21 I 2 or 524-0022 Nighfs.58l -7026 Fort lauderdale, Florida mvme Lessons ---..- Your Future Looks Brighter With a New Ford ZANW 3 FQIILJ Ph on e ' 1333 North Federal Hwy. 1-Qgan 4-5221 BEAL SIGN COMPANY 1413 9.W. 2 AVENUE PHONE: 524-1 193 393 MACK'S GROVE9 INC. WHUI-ESA'-F RETAIL 9,9 V 180 N. FEDERAL Hwv - POMPANO BEACH W'W 941-4528 frmzmgffj SHIP FANCY FRUIT PACKS. GIFTS, AND SOUVENIRS Summerfield Boat Works 1500 S. W. I7fh Sf. - Forf Lauderdale - Florida 525-4726 - I A 'ffm .- if Ei? 315' 2 1. 49. 3. .1 I 'it :YN H Complefe Marine Repairs - Covered Wef Storage I Painting - Varnishing - Spar 8 Rigging Work 394 Come Alive! You're ln the Pepsi Generation Fl. Lauderdale, Florida "For lhe Young al Heari Go Chevg" 92226 ll OO JZ , P' no f irreia llill l il'i i efrl M3993 Chevrolei Inc 909 Souih Federal Hwg. 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Compliments of AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY BANK OF FLORIDA BANK OF COMMERCE OF FLORIDA FORT LAUDERDALE NATIONAL BANK BROWARD NATIONAL BANK GUARANTY NATIONAL BANK CENTRAL BANK IN FORT LAUDERDALE LAUDERDALE BEACH BANK COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK OCEAN NATIONAL BANK CORAL RIDGE NATIONAL BANK PLANTATION FIRST NATIONAL BANK THE DANIA BANK STERLING NATIONAL BANK EVERGLADES BANK AND TRUST COMPANY SUNRISE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK FIRST BANK OF PLANTATION WILTON MANORS NATIONAL BANK FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN FORT LAUDERDALE After high school ...what direction? A solid educational background becomes increasingly important in getting and holding a good job and enjoying a better way of life. A college diploma is an investment that will continue to pay dividends. College grads can expect to out-earn high school graduates by 7096. Florida's universities, colleges and junior colleges are in a period of unprecedented growth, both academically and physically. The college of your choice can prove to be your best friend. Whatever you decide to do...good luck, best wishes, and more power to you. A Y .H Q '- " as HIDA POWER 8 LIGHT COMPANY'HELPlNG BUILD FLORIDA 41 'file SYMBOL Q' . fianownnn H .. .Xie A6622 -5, X .. X RANGE . gm Ai., 45 ix I 5 -1 i x Q "" I g- 1 I-4 . 6 C O M PA N Y 5 ji' + PPESIDSTVT I 0 1 , ' f'-.W If? W' ' Judy Luck S.i-LS. '66 When you buy Real Esfale buy your ABSTRACTS 81 TITLE INSURANCE from N. B. Cheaney, Chairman of lhe Board Philip N. Cheaney, President Choose one of FIVE OFFICES nearest you for fast dependable service FT. LAUDERDALE POMPANO BEACH DEERFIELD BEACH HOLLYWOOD FT. LAUDERDALE 222 East Las Olas Blvd. 2301 E. Atlantic Blvd. 1350 E. Hillsboro Blvd. l926 Harrison St. 2604 E. Oakland Pk. Beach Blvd. 525-1341 941-5600 399-6200 1 922-2643 566-7426 AREA CODE 13053 CALL OR WRITE FOR LEAFLETS DESCRIBING OUR VARIOUS SERVICES ABSTRACTS ' TITLE INSURANCE ' ESCROWS Vogel 's Marine X EL Q 1 I r 4 nhkiza 601 S. Andrews Avenue Phone: 524-2583 204, me ww fhere's such a big '6T 2 difference in beaufy schools and fnaining . . . O 9 f Sa- , 4 1 if's ouf of fhis world! Here's our new school where you'll alwayi find a.warm welcome whefher you visif us fo fallc over your fufure career, or for Hi-Fashion Beaufy Services by our clever sfudenfs,-or iusf fo visif us and see one of America's mosf beaufiful Beaufy Schools. For complefe free informafion, call, wrife or visif Doris Robinson's Professional l Beaufy Salon af leff enfrance of new school building Tel: l40l N.E. 26l'h Sf. Lofs of free parking. Ff. Lauderdale, Florida Tel: LO 4-643I Ofhoial School Photos Whon you Want a .Who Portrait . . . to rooord foraoor with oharln and aianitp tha irnportant ooonts of your hfc: oorno to tho photograph studio of your ofhoial photoaraphar Mba SUNSHINE FASHIO 522-4706 Phone il I U 1 Lauderdale Painf l nc. 722051-Zlffzvwpwfili Forf Lauderdale 'Ill 11' ' ' :N MP W' AP r :rm uc" Dil, UWT A T, kNSlCY Uk SWA' I if LAUDERDALE PA Painf - Wall Paper - Unfinished Furnifure Riverland Shopping Cenfer P , I . . ., ff. ff, , H L' ,K is -" up L e ee fif'f L, 7 , r.a. J ! ' ff L L jlf f fa' if A f ix L L 'lf .f,,,,.: .W i'ii" ' L f' L ra :iiii iiiii - 1 ra Y a rp L Phone Davie Blvd. 8. Ringland Rd. LU 3 8115 Ft. Lauderdale Fla. 404 A 8 M Sheef Mefal and Roofing 2709 N.W. 19 Sf. Fl. Lauderdale, Fla. 587-1990 Specializing in reroofing, all types of sheef mefal work, cupolas, hood, venfs, etc., Cooper and galvanized KIM 1! Compliments of the f r ' 0 1 . ,fx nj .IL Q wx K ' I4 Y' ' ki 9 "M" Q Q' 4' 'QQ ' f Q av 4 5 1 g -1 2 ft I ,Qs X' mc- ', FI. Lauderdale Police Benevolent Assoc., Inc GRIFFIN BROTHER'9 COMPANY, INC. I ll ml f'COI ' PAV 6143 S.W. 45Ih Sfreef Davie 58 3-1319 'Gigli QYNS Q Xr ' , qXbmWc83Y' , V, Y .vA'C'mTfi l X' A we s l .xv , 1 n s r V 5 ynrff ' , ' l gcxx5'X x1x1x0'0x l -29+ xxkgi-NQX96x X0 V ,LWV XK0 5 dv X L C:-Wa' x X ' xx Noxc' Xiviy, WNV? Xxx 0 K +630 1 so 'SAX X X . Congratulations to you graduates. . . You have studied your text- ' books and loarnod about tho X x x v. , ,x x X X x K X Qxoqw ff past and the present. Hut is rlwrv ra toxlboolr for tho future? Tlwrv is. ltls your nmusapvr, up-to-flnto and romplvto every day. From now on, read your newspaper tlrorouglzly vvory day. lfs the toxtbook of your future . .. FORT LAUDERDALE NEWS Fort Lauderdale News The P. T.S.A. Sponsors Annual Scholarship Dinner K . . i l :ss K.: s u'N I 4 ,, 4 y. Wig Mr. Charles Brackeff Dedication He created a spirit within the stu- dent body which reflected his in- terest and vitality. These combined with friendliness rnade him always willing to help those who needed guidance and encouragement. To Mr. Brackett, we dedicate our yearbook in return for his dedication to us. r KEEP: -1---fw-.-W-..., , v , ' ' 'S 3 - ---...L . "H-.....,

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