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Stranahan High School - El Pasado Yearbook (Fort Lauderdale, FL) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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16 0505 dev foresenfs' QVTRANAH AN N A STRANAK ANDY QIPANAHGN HIGH SCHOOL EILAUDERDALE, FLORIDA HD 1 962 .AQ .. W w Wy 1 D r V . ' ,v K -4 ' I Am- ,..Is.m ,.',,. - K .,4"'Q EMOEJEQ 1962 began as Z1 xvinning yclar . . The DRAGONS brought home the Iirowzlrd County Gymnastics Cflmmpionships and . . . wcrc Gold Const COIlf'-Cl'C'I1L'C linsc-ball runners-upf Ru unc 1' up . . . to give the school year a winning finish . . . The DRAGON Golfers captured the Gold Coast Conference Championship was echoed through the halls as Stranahan welcomed the Amigos from Costa Rica. Even from the first night as the Band, Dragonettes, and over one thousand enthusiastic students greeted our newly arrived guests, we realized that this experience would be an important factor in Stranahan's history and would remain in our hearts and minds for a life time. Stranahan students show the Amigos how to "Twist" 'aww trr. was the crowning point to a suc- cessful junior year for the "Class of '63." 7 Q '51 N NXXS N, X 5 Z X fzxx L ww LX ' 4' if X i ,X X X , -ff X R26 X PofuDevotiow We Derlicate Because he taught us how to win in sports and sportsmanship he is dedicated M124 rcemmen-1 I-MUN, Paimipalz A man of many talents leads SHS . . . Mr. Haun represents us in important affairs, plays host to important visitors, and lends his time to our extracurricular activities as well. Our world is proud to have as our principal, a, man who is interested in us. Mr. Huun attends Z1 principals' meeting Q i if L, l I ' I- 1 IQ 9 K?ELifTQQa . . --vW-,.,,.,- K ' H Avid Dragon fans Mr. and Mrs. Haun are a familiar sight at sports events. The Hauns take time for a family portrait. is Ia W N I,2 Mr. Mosser makes a schedule change wfem'-,mm Fllilllt out for a friendly chat . -f , J-yflvw, ff is is E Nearly' MRS. GERTRUDE COLE, Dean of Girls Mrs. Cole, friendly and understanding, handles all attend- ance and discipline problems. Her interest in Stranahan has long been a contributing factor to the success of our world. I4 MR. ROBERT CHILDERS, Dean of Boys Mr. Childers, SHS firm, but fair dean is an asset to Stranahan. He handles all attend- ance and discipline problems and takes an interest that is deeply appreciated by all SHS boys. Mr. Childers still finds time to enjoy one of his favorite hobbies, singing. PN i. - . v. A . A 1. , . Q, -, -I ,K W , ' Ki M, Wy 4 MN Jw! . AQ , .,. I ,319 if P Wkyga- ,fwf 2 'h',", ,A Lf gjglziff 2' +!w"f:f::,15f' lb ' L12 fafsfmi I 8 ACADEMI CQ I9 2 "Art is the creative expression of individual feelings, real or imaginary, of the world about us." Students learn the development of basic con- cepts for those who wish to make art their career, whether it be in the com- mercial field or fine arts field. Besides basic work they are taught the history and appreciation of art through the ages. XVALDMAR HAHN Students working on papier-mache projects. gnu Usa, Oh, I have never had so much fun in my life! ,wry My fy A little dab of this, and a little dab of that . QU Ni in ..,. .,.. RA "" A NG li fi 1Q-Q A - ,Li ,.,. V,,,, , - 1 f ...................... .................i .-U-B-Us 1 - f' l Y ,ff C 1? ff? C ,rf 'ska fm Drum Major Dick Elliot introduce-s the Strarmhan High Si-licml Blurching Band. DRAGON BAND COUNCIL: Adu Eldredge, Zml Lt.g Diivc Campbell. Ciiptaing Bob Tliixton, 2nd Lt.g Kip lil.imlcrs, Ist Lt.g Dick Elliot, Drum Majorg Slmron Strickland, Mnjorettc Captain: Bob Spear, lst Lt. A., nw ROW' I-V-left to right: Marcia Haskins, Jane Von Waldburg, Marsha Speck, Kathy Auner, Diane Smith, jimae Tarry. ROW 2-Lynette Rowell, Darlene jackson, Tom Mock, Amelia Bradley, Sally Bartold, Martha Hughes, Karen Lambert, Kip Flanders, Kathy Fink, jerry Napolitan, Ada Fldredge, Stewart Winger, Karhy Woodruff, Carol Robinson. ROW 3-Kathy Kluberg, Carolyn Hines, Lou Meucci, Sandy Giampapa, Gloria Gillespie, Alicia Burns, Dianne Pinder, Derek Shannon, Bob Bennie, Karen Rosen, jeff Kielbasa, Ronnie Vaughn, Louise West, Allison Thomas, Nancy Flnor, Dick Elliott. ROW 4-Jerry Baldwin, Frank McComb, Ronnie Manchette, Alan Coburn, George Motz, Marvin Wfilson, Mike Linthicum, Cathy Protheroe, Melody Gustafson, Judi Fvans, Tim Rosen, Bruce McFarland, jean McLendon, Frank Niswander, Steve Hightower, Richard Towne, Reggie Smith. ROXX' 5-Cstandingj Bruce Ritchie, Tom Crow, Tom Roberts, Bob Spear, Doug Laurie, jim Ceronsky. BACK ROW'-Dave Campbell, Mike Murphy, Bob Thixton, jim Fletcher, Bill McLellan, Andy Rowell, Bob French, John Yergler, jim Sorrentino, C. H. Peters, Tim Clary, Lacy Croft. Paul Carr, Bob Ball, Mike Hafer, Roger Tuttle. Absent: Sharon Strickland. Band Officers: Dave Campbell4Captain. Dick Elliott--Drum Major, Kip Flander, Bob Spear-First Lieutenant, Ada Fldredge, Bob Thixton-Second Lieutenant, Jean McLendon-Heild Librarian, Sharon Strickland-Majorette Captain. Q 9 v N- Vp! GS The Stranahan Dragon Band at attention. 22 Q John and Ada: XWhich way do we go? Band Captain Dave Campbell, Drum Major Dick Elliot l The majorettes along with the band help usher in Santa Claus at the Christmas parade in Holiday Park. Diane and Jimae participate in roll- off. The Stranahan Dragons salute Channel 5 during the halftime of the XX"est Palm Beach football game. 23 JIAME TAR RY an-ff 9 , iii ii KATHY AUNER 24 MAJO Wai owmr We T ? ? MARCIA HASKINS SHARON STRICKLAND, Captain The varsity majorettes work with the band, performing halftime shows, parades and concerts. They also compete in district and state contests. DIANE SMITH MARSHA SPECK JANE VON WALDBURG EUQINEQQ EDUCATION Teresa Crowder, Judy Hayward, Becky McCown, and Anita Pilsco work with the dictaphones during secretarial practice. 5 5: ELLEN BUTLER ALICE AGYROS ' Q Donna Tanner at Work in C.B.E. LINDA BASKETT BOYD BURKETT Pat Menard, a C.B.E. student, is working at the Board of Public Instruction John Maloney, V. P. in charge of Univis, Inc., and M EDNA DUNAWAY 26 DOROTHY FOSTER JANE GOLDER MIRIAN LENNINGTON a S 2 Rayman Volk, the Ft. Lauderdale News Circulation Manag KE , -., f m.WW..M..A 1 A ---- 1- -Y ff X-W sf Si I. PATRICIA WEITZEL 6 ', of the Advisory Committee visit Business Education Iasses at Strauahan. PAULIN E SPANO GRACE MORGAN MARY MORTON JOHN SCHUBERG sg Hifi W- M MARILYN WOLFE Janet Whipple and Margie Law Mary Lee Woetring and Gail Curtis Judy Brickner and jean Mikkelsen r CHORUS PEGGY BARBER Singers represent SHS at nation-wide contest in Charleston, W.Va. , john Morris, Wlayne Reeves, Roger Wise and jim Robinson. Stella Bell and Linda Deniston Eby Rayma, Mary Alice janclu, Phyllis Flythe and Ellen Carter Intern leadmg Class Boy s Cholus Echo Four wgq: W Vocalaires SHS's traditional Christmas program 4 SANDRA DAVIS Echo Seven Girl's A Cappella 'Q EDUCATION The purpose of the Driverls Education Program is to teach the mechanics of driving with emphasis placed on safety. Completion of the Driver's Education Program allows the student many advantages such as reduced insurance rates. CLINTON RUBICAN Hang on, here we go! Well, we all have different taste So this is how you change a tire. "Doors open to a better understanding of English." ENGLISH The English Department of Strzmahan High School strives to provide opportunities for each stu- dent to advance at his own rate of speed. Wfith this idea in mind, Eng- lish courses are classed as special, general, advanced, and honors. MILDRED MILLER Mrs, Rose consults with students about an English assignment. junior English students engrossed in literature. MARY CAMPBELL Mike Morgan and "Touche'I' Ronnie McMahan demonstrate fencing finesse in conjunction with Shakespearos 1151771161 for the fascinated students of Mrs. Mil1cr's English class. VIRGINIA DAVIS I A TI-IERESA DOXVNING I EVELYN GREEN How many more hours of this did you say we had? MARSI-IA HALTRICH JOAN HUTCHISON 35 P, 1E52JJf f fklwium' lJ,i.iT9 filagviniiifx I lfffm. I we ,.,, Ii e'fi.'fml.1'?,rf M, wi, ze zsfjfxvz,--gd Hfnxiiffzif iifilhfl 1:5332 f'eP1, 'S-r'iT"f-wwf" if :wi If Qi' Lime. mm- mx win of '1'iV',f,? dxf-9353? sw f 'tis bfmzw--'i ms Lkzirr. HE-Ze -A210 v11r'f'Nf ,gill 5434324 hu' f. 97 FIVE COFISTAFIT :IES 26 WH-m'Wf 'WM "1fewex'o1mA,.D - to ipfziwf +G wrfii "sr time QWM 'ff' .2 1,,., .,.v1 ' MW "NWN 'NJN f M fm f f fy Naam- UM Z11mgQTH.f.scm1 the DQQWLQQ N2igCU1??f3YlS?3i?SS - not to Zio 11250 others you wfmfif, TIG? szhouid do unto fron: "E-z'ofxz'iQ'tw - jim Siwffvs haffmw F fix emu-tgmf tower-'i 'Ufiskwri - 'IQQ5' I". ' ffrfm' .ww-1 1 SEEN 'Qiiriccmif' ff! 1-UU" Hrgxrzzf 37. , , ., ag a.f-W A A mf, we .xrrcfe ff 47.4,.f3zf,,1 .:,'vwfgU- 1 Zim- 'fx 1 1 ' f 3 , W. N' :,,wfEf., .1,?f ww at ss 1,5 :S Q v- f ii 'iw Sfcwz- 3,Qr1Etx,. Ek1'fffw fifw' 4 if ,f wh 1 v . ug nw fzxflyl ffffff 1 fzl-Z if Q iv fvvfffl ru Jill T ws-, Limp: 145-:f1+'xA!,, 15,-. 624: "H Sz- E-Ea wiv wi if X if 1 mul' K i- rd, wg: rwxenr fismrwm , . xg f5,4,,' ,.,fg1,fm,,J, qgjkgym, .,,,Q1m,f, ?QfQ.Qgg2w2n Bob Wfinquist holdmg the attenuon of L'f3'-'JV W fffXf1f"'fW"- his Etiglish class. Ed Lundgren agcepting Mrs. MiIler's help. It's about term paper time, eh, Irm? ANN JONES 36 JUDITH JOHNSON GLORIA KLINE JAKE LAND G. XV, PARTRIDGE BETTY LOU ROSE CHARLES SHANNON PAUL SHEA Mr. Wfellington spoke twice to the junior English Class. He explained some of the philosophy of lndian literature, partciularly that of the great Nobel Award winner Rabinclranath Tagore. After reading and in- terpreting a poem of Tagores Mr. Wfellington re- turnetl to give a dramatic presentation of Tagores play Sfzrrifife. -- il- , viii? 1 415' K' Asn- ev. ig 1 2 V. f i 2 W - -11 .. t H! 1 .Q ,,,, , , E 5 ,si-1 f ' M ur as -Ji M S it BONNIE XVHIPPLE COLLEEN STORY CAROL TITRNER :swggf s - :Qi i ----- , -, s ,.:,Am A . , . .2e.,i,,2,L ..l ,A tii'i i. . i t 5 El WIRQAYQ Q QN X iii A .-,S 'W- igm J , 1 STL Q P in 1 C .JU iiqxigg mv? --Yom x Lf? Q Wa . T -W 'E 'S t .C ,t .K RV, N i i .NR e H5111 1. as T?-5 1 'H ax 4,3 i ' W , t U s i ,Q W ,4:'?"l? we 'Q MARY XVI LSON 37 Q-urmwce SDM is Y Carol Bradley helping out in Guidance, Mr. Eikeland timing prospective typing student with Minnesota Rate of Manipulation Test. DR. GRACE HUNTER, Guidance Director "S-.. National Merit Scholarship semifinalists: Richard Powers, Ron Schmid, Bob Sweitzer, "DOC," 33 jack Staten, Scott McLane, and Art Von Waldburg. Kids, dreams, frustrations, hopes, kids, grades, colleges, jobs, teachers, kids, parents, records, tests, kids-What is Guidance made of? College-bound students busy in Guidance at lunchtime. RAYMOND TEARNEY JAMES EIKELAND Guidance Personnel ALICE WARLOW, Guidance Personnel FRANCES COOK. Registrar MARGUERITE BEASLEY, Secretary n HOME ECONOMICS 1 ll? Pat Mellor and Judy Allen displaying baby clothes made in sewing classes. MARY CRISS exif Jane Frey, Roberta Romaley, and Marie Antonello during cooking class. 40 Lynda jones and Joyce Landon N The Home Economics Department offers students an opportunity to be better qualified for their futures as homemakers as well as the beginning of an interesting career. i fi .5 K f.i-: 3 ' ""' f -r"1 f ,K . -"' T BILLIE BOYD Mrs. Boyd demonstrating use of sewing machine to Pat Loftus and class Home EC girls active in nursery. Boys in metal shop working with wrought iron. 5. 5? fm, Q fe, , was 152525, ' 1, igg. , IN Jim Bromwell and Roger Jansen working with electricity. ALVIN AURAND ROBERT LAMBY Dean Young and Bob Coleman, Dave Flemming, Fred Liese, Greg Blok, Alfred Manganello. Bob Smith and john Tighe Peter Hora and joe Hemingway in wood shop mga, f WAYNE MCWHINNEY WALTER METZGER CALVIN VEST Industrial arts, an elective subject, is a part of general education at the high school level. It provides the student ample opportunity to investigate and experiment in the mechanical and technical fields of industry. This is accomplished in one or more of the fine major areas offered here at Stranahan-Drawing, Graphics, Woods, Metals, and Basic Electricity and Electronics. jean Albury with the radio tower that he made Horace Howard busy enlarging pictures in the darkroom The Sf, 'Ir of, S I S c1,ool J QM janv"-N I Mr. Ogle lays down the lawllll P.-ff Gary Snyder shows Nancy White, Marsha Doty, and Donna Samal how to work the multilith. 44 Diana Coutu, Sally Dunn, jill Dotts, and Donna Fernandez working hard Sharon Pennock, Editor of the Di jest 'w I 6 5? f-"'.. .Vf -f ,L -Q Curtis Hinkley, Pam Marty, and Allen Petlrngas staple newspapers, E2l2fi25iEQ:Q ll2IQiQ - ' --:"':5'3,1:5:-1-:fm S fi A? 5 on the yearbook- Mr. Watters from the Taylor Publishing Co. gives yearbook advice to Amie Kormanyos and Mary Brewingtori. Who's caught? ' , we 136 5' I Q, 1 H4 HM' 3, Y AQ 4 1 SPANISH MRS. FEDERLINE It's so pretty! !! MR. HEFLIN df 1 5 ,S Good Try ! ! ! 'Y' Gisela Griffin listens in on her students. LANGUAGES Stranahan is able to offer a student a broad program in foreign languages. Latin, French, Spanish, and German are included in the courses designed to make the student proficient in his conversation and apprecia- tive in his reading. This is the most fun!! Who's confused ? Trouble on the cable. SHI --.,.............,, n ii MRS. WILKES MR. KOLB LATIN 1 N fw rv' W Martha and Arthur read the Latin Christmas cards. FLINOR ADAMS law Bill Stcmukcr uml Dine Brown studying Roman architecture. LAHR 1 DOROTHY TI TSSING FRENCH Miss Brown, intern teacher, Conducts vowel drill. 112 'E MILDRED BAILEY It's Aw iw I-low Yew I-low Yowu Mouiivl YU A U ,gl i EE b..,....v ,, . AW lg-wg, OH 49 LIBl2Al2Y s Q 2 rr The library can provide you with material on almost any subject, and it's all yours for the asking. It has a book collection of 13,000, plus maga- zines and pamphlets. It also has audio- visual materials for classroom use. Gary Crosby consults Miss Brown Bob Wfinquist using files Lorch, Darragh, Martelli working diligently 'ii 5" Chris Wfigglesworth shelving borrowed books. KW 3 A Af W Q ERCIE ADAMS MAH-IEIWYUCQ Mathematics, whether it is the multiplication table or analytical calculus, is the com- mon tie between subjects. Though a language may change, one plus two is still the same and three feet still make a yard. The subject may be science or Frenchg however, phases of mathematics still play an important role. All cultures need a system of mathematics. Logic, which is applicable in other studies, is taught. These basic skills of reasoning may be applied to dressmaking as well as surgery. BARTIE BATES Q 1- '77Q Z glad? Ck 5 CF-32 9 D Nw? QQ 5 6 Rory Raynortwirlin his com ass X6-2 9? g P Q Q X:-Vai' A ae- '62 we ,V f we b 7' i Q19 N il it LL IQ 7'- fa - ' 22 K7 c c 52 ' J MARGARET CASON NORMAN CHINOY Kris Burley and Ron Goller learning different geometrical figures in Solid Geometry. if rf, 1 ,i , , if si: V ,ww " 9535. 1. ' N1 wifi' f 5 WILLIANI HOWARD L.v114'7'i"111 I V' " ! my 'Hn vw, GERALDINE GREER ,,.1f V 4 i ff 2 C 'Q ii 1 Xl ea a 1 An impressive entry in the Science Fair. FRANK GLAZE JOSEPHINE DAVIS LINDA ESHLEMAN ELIZABETH GELDBAUGH 5 - W-.:1, f we 25 1 . W S vc 5 fig K tx 51 ,K S Q 1 SMT V559 f' , 5, ,Qt S 1 fiswt f gm ww fzfrxfl Sow? 35 .fm E5 .garb t mf, tggatfa ' , 'L' X y. f 22365 3 'fan is Q, Q Kia ,X if S t fs. f in 1 JACK MOORE JONAS MORRIS Mr, Cornell interns for Mr. Glaze MARY PERFECT 54 -W .QM u s, .:,:., ff ,- ji I M .... 51. RAK A math project for the science fair. if . as KH fi 3 X 9 ' 'fr Y' 1 1, Q, 5,5 'Y 4' W A X , mqrj e,..,f Lf v Q. A -vwrew A s ., ,Q me all ,,-'sr' ,uf ,Mrs -' 7 .., Val, a sophomore, closes her eyes to plane geometry. Numerous instruments are necessary for an understandmg im-WLQW fu KATHY FITZGERALD C. H. PETERS RONNIE IHREADGILL MISS SANDRA DAVIS NELSON CHAPPEL JAMLS WALLS MARTHA LACEY .Eli MM' A M fr , EARL HUPP HELEN MCBROOM E L. E Stomach in, Chest out! It's Mine and I am Going Home 1, 2, 5,-Kick! 56 The Drill Team Practicing in the brisk morning air. Students of Stranahan are able to participate in 21 popular, well- rounded sports program, under the supervision of qualified Coaches and instructors. JOSEPHINE POWELL XWILLIAM WOHRMAN DOT OWENSBY JOHN WIENANTS aw h ' ' d lc '. . . Rhonda Ac or servmg m ec tenms Arthur, you dance divinely! M gfflmrffv ' wigiriff Four!!! Archery class takes aim. It's in! ! !--Maybe 58 Clean, orderly locker rooms rarely seen. l , ws., N-in JAMES BRATTON JEAN BUCCI r. Bratton teaches students Bosa Nova "Only 99 more points and I'1l break 100." ,Q SCIENCE The science department with its goal of improving our knowledge of biological, chemical, and physical environment has served us in our years at Stranahan. The scientific approach of cause and effect not only helps us as chemists, physicists, or biologists, but as bankers, nurses and parents, it teaches us organization. 2. -gt , Q or v 5512 5 fp, 2 rag at-R1 r Q JH A' 2 'Fifi F f 52, .,., , Uf rssi' mr gg W 2 me in 7213- 'wi - MWF' in Q' Modern equipment makes biology more fun. 3 es, :I-H Q' V .a ilirn You mean it really works? As I look into my crystall ball WNI. AUGUSTIN ELIZABE I TERRY HAMILTON BLANCH BAZANOS FRED STOVER INEZ YOUNG JOHN TOSH JAMES CLINE WINIFRED REECE Biology introduces sophomores to science at SHS. f X, gill A -ix b. 1 . xx . Students studying the structure of the atom. N , : MML37 ANN FINLAYSON EDNA HURST I'l1 cut him and you pin him! bl LOUISE UNDERWOOD KAY RODNESKY Is that why our water tastes so funny? This course is harder than I thought it would be. Mrs. Lnderxx ood reads the riot act. -as 'Nr i At last we've created life in a test tube! A Milf LJJKJKMNKL S43 we mms, wanna: -ii we 1 -J ww maxi. rw Q .. 1, uv. ,.., my Mp. W Ll my-za 5530 Qldsiiii GP J,-, W My 4 Q ,ww , ,, -, 2 wr.-i. J- fu QL MY NAME is Au.. p i M emremwc STRANAHAN scnENcE mn N' FEBRUARY I4-IS, i963 PEN House-Feats-soo-snow SCIENCE Ed Duffy with his grand prize winning project. Roy Froid with his first prize winner. Mrs. Valasky studies Richard Wisniewski's project. QOCLAL QIUDIEQ The Social Studies Department strives to develop our knowledge of world affairs and the events in history which are responsible for the World situation today. IDA JANE MADL And you say Napoleon went where . . .?? Monte Bein leading discussion during Sociology Seminar. RICHARD GOODHART LEON TUCKER ,Vs Contemporary Affairs class keeps informed by reading a variety of newspapers. EDWARD WEAVER JACK EHRKE 5,5 it S 4 2 1 5 CHARLES BRACKETT HAROLD BEASLEY Hd' mMm,,,,.-1-f""a ,, A d,,,Q-f . f . HELEN OVERMYER ' Historical Documents in building 1 donated by the Senior Exchange Club. ' Florida History students at the Seminole Indian Village. Sharon Grizzle and Rick McCall dress up Indian style KENNETH HARDING BETTY OSLIN DANA WALLACE f' I 7 1 l 'ig AQHA 52 Modern projectors are used to show films. Students wonder what has happened to the Indians. JOSEPH LINK It's a wide wide World. EDWARD DONOVAN HAROLD COX What time do the cartoons come on?? Moose and Rcnny of the "Vikings 3" giving folk Culture to the T.V. Classes, 68 u lecture on Biology on T.V. is a new ' x ' - 1 T - 1- L,... -- M .. 'I ' I M - ' 5-f5'i5FffE:if32:s.Ei"5::EF -' SPP-EERE? I . J 5 gg :.f, ixf - -. L, ii rser or , ::: 3 f-Sw . K H .aff Q ,ggggw X ki .. , 2 j .. I en Xl Kimi a s ,Qwz T A 1 A ,.l, F 571 .., ' . ' f 1 ,af g,zi,i:, Q bl n kgg- Y .,.. 4 . 1 ': " " ,,'1 . 5 'VW gf 5 f K . Ks .. QQ Mrs. Young lecturing to a Biology class. experience to S.H.S. students. LIBERTY BAILEY, chairman of T.V. classes OF-FICE KATHRYN DUCHEMIN, Secretary O'ff1ce Manager. 2 Lynn Gass working hard in the of- fice. "What do you mean you've connected New York City??!!!" was Mrs. Massey checks a student's schedule for one of the deans. A RUTH PATTERSON, Clerk-Typist VERNA SLATON, IBM Operator MARTHA COCHRAN, Bookkeeper E W Ek The cafeteria is a place the students all know well. The teachers and students appreciate all the people who help bring this facility to us. mn.: Scott Austin working hard. Tom Krienberg pitches in to help, wil, ' L he fs' ,A ' ' Sue Park with the beginning of a nourishing lunch. 72 Mrs. Tappan and Mrs. Smiley, cafeteria managers, talk over the clay's menu. An average day at the lunch table. CUQIODVXNQ These are faces we all know well. The custodians see to it that our halls and classrooms are well kept, and they are always on hand in case of emergencies. Yes, they keep our school in good running condition. This darn clock never works. WILLIAM R. HELMS MR. CHILDERS 'R U aw im- ,sl Rv M 13 - ,M .5 --,21'f'fI::f,f iii? 'fttzfffi' fE52'Q,' 'iE?:E3i ftjgri. gixzrzfk 4,1 ff' fsiSfa : isvzzxl. fw ' S: 'li wx :fin "SEQ sry., 11 .N K ft, -M'xg,',w. k ,Hn ,. K .im W, ,.-.. .L 4-vu. if in 3 SQL Q J 1 V Exif W ggi, X N?l5:.:" M ,N, N if 5 ,mama My ,lm ,'mQ5.dw+'f lg gyrg Uf'k.,Mgwgw+5'ig:4,'Q ,M 'V , 'L"' ig Kick-off to Ll great year! 76 Only 179 more days to go! fr ,, V 52 11 V i i . I 4'1xl9'iiY"W'wf, , ' gm, - W QWQQQKK May I have -. - "z.:.-s w J, -' Lsgfnx' V Q , Z f IXGN' ' ' " A' 2 ff J - df" -..-g1-:y..f.,.-.n.-v-- ff' "' 1-QM. :. AI-- .bw x o ' .1 'fo A 'I f' af' fi' f C9 Senior Priority pays off! :E dw? , 151 ,W , J'-'A S W A , .i,q your aumgmph? Hope it doesdt rain-but it did! , L ia xx 4 S 2 A '15, fn 1 X xzs S 'QQ Si u M fg L Nsgiggmzgsl S, S H :Q " 1:55 ,. -f- r: srigfviiiv ? , f 5 ,' as E1 36 315 , .- Q VE , mul: I Spirits were high fo An important day for Seniors V V J fa Q ,amLGob0ias A IQ ' rf Q V W, it he Lauderdale game. pw. ,Junnnnq-W N. -M,,,,--' . .,., TTU 5 Q., ,L , x Ik Stranaharfs New Mascot Yiixx lx, I 'PvfXPTi?9l b K CHLiRCfEi HN if-K CX Dragonettes salute Carol Bradley ., NOVEMBER A X ay 'omecoming Queen fl ny' vw A r' 11 hr V, AL,, rl ag r r gr ,, ff - .. ' ing K1-mfr any -Q AEHMJ1 5 Q xl P AI, -nf, 3 a f , J, 1, it r K' ' 1 I f 1 X' 1 I z E5 +4 G w UA gw N .er r Y 1 'sf' A. 1 , gg :pf 54? JJ?" ,is 5, Y fr- -1 1 x 'x U 1 f ,mek , L.7, 1 xxx 2: 'N wb Another Happy Carol azy trip to Fort Myers Who has the popcorn balls? The line up? No. The Stranahar And-a-one, and-a-two 1' ,SV p b . ' I L, 1 A , , A ,,,,,,.. . 5 hh p h Q 4 SM L ff m ' LA 1 QQ DECEMBER . . . lumni return. f Ira 1 S is RING Tl-IE OLD All right, where's the Ajax 1' 2 y 1 in-rf' .3331 l M , ,ty -I :5 '12 N411 s' 1 5 . W rp + 3 v e. ,Q 4. 1.31" n ...M , ,q ,., W f.. .. ...Q , ' y 'lf 'y Qivivh-ii! 9 a,'i i-3 Qi iwlmbin fn , uiww., if 41- vinneurxuz , . ..... , -.::?It....,..,m 3 'wmv W ' ,- V . N -'J f 91 as RING- IN Tl-IE. NEW YEAR! 4 x ,z 1 4 12 31. ,. . ,QL , Y K k 52 ' 53233 wi gk? vssrfg - Marr 1:1 z::':1-W fs! S222 img '-,+'s1::: A iris? mm. 23--Q ' 4... : f.. gf- A.. 4, 4 WEE? .5535 .Serge L A f I " 131 ia.. 84 gang ,iw JAN Congrats, Artie! :iw , 2 -' ,E -ff, ' 1 3: L - -Q . 5 515 55 - ,1 gf wif: g 11 , 12 - A ti - Q, ,ig -1 gig rlgf 3 , fpflfigf - " ,A,L , . g- I ' ., Mr. Wellington speaks sincerely to Stranahan students, I will not be 2 3 yr 2 tried for perjury ! Mr. Vole, it is very important that you tell the whole truth, I ought to punch you right in the mouth! Splish splash I was walking to class. PUDDLEQ 2 I 5 ! 5 t 2 s F I Q ffisiiigg, ru 3 .t Slave driven committee strives to -iw it RIF? They've got what it takes to get in Interact!! Sing along with Ann and Artie! 7 BEFORE AFIEIZ 55, 'x,,,.-K+' . tl .. , :nay A . it w t 9 meet the E1 Pasado deadline. VC'e made it! We made it! Intern: sg . 3 Help! Here they come. 89 Q APRIL AND ANY TI-IE mn. - TI-IE CEILING . . . This place is for the birds!! M Don't worry. Only three more 1 ai I THING GOES BOOKS . . . days of twirp season!! 'S '. , 15? me i How does it feel to be graceful? I s W N Wy, A 4 iftsliii and the FIRE EXITNG-UIQ!-IEIZI NOIIFHIH Ilii- ' fans Psst! XVanna buy a cheap fire extinguisher and we'Il throw in 500 green stamps? -'S D And away we go! fl 92 Come on, fellas, couldn't you spare one dollar for the pool? STAHNHHHN kill iiiiii Q 2? 1 iii J i , 1, if is Q 3 2: Q ww is L, "Double, double, toil and trouble"fKr1it two, purl three-Drop back 15 and punt. mwif D . A -and this time don't forget your glass slipper! JUNE GRADES Wfell-At least I Passed. 94 Now as we depart from these halls recalling our accomplishments, memories, and imperfectionsg knowing that in the afterglow will come tomorrow, with its challenges, its hopes, and its dreams. Stranahau will alvx nys be a part of our lu es. GIZADUAHON Study hindi? X 2 2 E f G00 . Wzltch out, IVORLD! Here we come. 96 HONORS WefQwUuba. . . n-recerzmrwsuooeseora.. Am Pofdzf. Ant Vow Waldbeffg .TI-IEINTELLECTOF. . . Qcofb Mciaiw Peggg Valiw ...'H-lEQPH2II'OF..- ff a lf f Jim mm JM wmppw LIndafDeuuisfow Gwv5Beclwev . . .THEPEI-ZSONALHYOF. Bob Ima, p'll3003f1 T1-IEAH-ILEHCABILHVOF . . . ,Aw,?,M A WH, K K I A Lgnw Clwlmm Qcobb Austin " Q11 ww, q gi jiri Q.- fm? ,Ya Higham. ' nP.'5vAn'I1 'gi' ' Ykp: ,K .X A .Fm K ...A 1 .ff Q 90 ivan. 13:2 - I rf .ws ...TI-IEWITOF... 1 ax. Qwsw Donogluw Moab Y' -nsi Wifi' sy, ,,. Q 53 , E' 'M' Q 4' is Q s4ifQ'5i .M T Q 1 ,,. L. V 5, ff, CE-OF... 3 QL ,, -- 1. 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Jaw Ham Lama, Hunt Bafabanaf Pmgow Botsg Poplwuw 1401115 Bwww lCe3M1bQweetheafd:Caud1dates ff v z Qfl 'Wiflg Q, R glikifzeaazi 1, . ni?il??i?2:fafV'f 71 wazfy-fl . "'f?3!Ymf..f,f-kg 1 Qi3a1wfm , em S W vi 2 ,, S 5.55 K W 5 ILX VL V Omtaw Queew Cowub I A ,,Kvf.5 j wi V :,, :NA J Joanne Cowwtlv Mwldiw Whwhw Linda, Qiaugkfev Mwvdfwwmag, Oiuifaw Quggw hmmm 0-mf, ,UW ' - ,mm ww 'dw wfvvsfk, k-5vxM4xis!5!Ql9' wwwm 1:3 f J, QuefMoutgowea5 THE 'Q usd? ee: . an K, in 'L E-Sh Q, V T 9 QQ, ff, f f sz , ff' 5 ,si Ass, 3 :.k - gms, ,. fi 1. rf Wf A Q' W . 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Ann Parks Kathy Kingry Sally Van Antwerp Laura Hunt Elizabeth Oprian Judy Abiuso Sue Sanders Carol Bradley Sue Saunders Carole Witte I29 I -, Q 41 ,i M QQ ""vi.,"'a vu, " Q 'wg 1-. ,, -iw TW-1.i , 'M ill '-Q ,,, at The P4130 Pwjwb Q, ,xx ,mfs gs. .. W-A wasnt M YA, M f.. if wi ws. stunt A ...,.w. mi Ms, 14 men. 1+-if if-N Q- mme, we-ml .W M,-1 ff vemmw . . .Q ..i-...van sw rw www H, ,M ner-f-ri sf naw. .,.-i. .WNW V-w,f,,,,, -.1 www ws msn- awww: ticzws 1 :f:u,v+:1lu M041 B6 ami Hu ...WY W ff ww, ms .. ,. f. T.. N .i.,,,,., if . Mmm.. Msn EUWJLUSOIS f is Q s.,4,m- H.: :ww This project also placed first in the Zoology Division. I30 1 Q62 SCIENCE H21 Paige Wfmwu 014665 Bafmzy Z00!0 1. Floyd Osterman 1- Ed Duffy 2. Susan Chambers 2- Jafk HHHIIH 6. Lynn Ezell 3. Arden Brake Pryrbology Clvemiflry 1, A1 Griffin 1. Richard Wisniewski 2. Frank Sheeman 2- Keith Parker 5. Ken Hammond 3. Sue Montgomery Ployfirf 1. Roy Froid 2. Dave Short 3. Mike Murphy Mdlligmdliff 1. Phil Cheaney 2. Roger Roach 3. Roger Roach Y ' QL,, ,-Lk-,, , ,, 153E3f5:ifE'Lr. ' -' u J A lf- ff, jamie Weersing for "Antic Spring." Joylyn Barron for "The Trouble with Mothers versa y R QC!-IOLAQTIO LEITEIZ AWARDS Qfwfeub C0umoFLAw0fcd5 Qbemwlunds Highest Qclwlznstw I-lonofu HELEN VALIN EN YOUNT I34 CLASS OF 'ee PRESIDENT ....... Jim Dwumglv VICE PIZEQIDENF. . .Ifwwf Pico33a QECPHZXI-EY ..... Linda, Guistiw TREAQJRE2 ....... Dick Elliott sponsors, ...... J olwf Qclwbmg I35 Judy Abiuso james Ackerman Charles Adams James Adams Mike Adams Randy Adams x l Vg dl s Y I 1 'f'f Richard Adams Judy Allen Sue Allen Nancy Anderson Paul Anderson David Andrews , fy if if Q 1 Y I W ' Y i J Ellen Baker Ronald Baker john Baldwin Judy Baldwin Mike Banks Gloria Bnnnock Mary Lou Angelo Sharron Asa Bill Atkinson Kathy Aun Scott Austin Steve Baer 1 'wt rm y , S O Marian Barnard Ken Barnett Bob Barry Craig Barry Sally Brrrtold Sum Bassett 7 Y 1 V 1 Janet Batchelder Stella Beall Cheryle Beard Marvin Beasley Anita Beatty Gary Beckner W so so I F V, Linda Bennett Sandra Benson Arthur Berni Bonnie Berson Jean Bessant Belita Betton Heather Behrens Monty Bein Arthur Beller Kris Bellett Linda Benefield Isabell Bennett Bill Binkley Carl Birch Robert Birch Wzllt Birclwell George Birth Gail Bishop 5 Samlm Black Sharon Black Shirley Black Douglas Blake Freddie Blake Judy Blanchard X 1 Michael Bourke Marj Boyer Carol Bradley john Brunner Judy Brannin Martin Brzirzcl Leroy Blankenship Pat Blziuvelt Dianna Blough Suctta Bode Linda Boehme Nancy Boetrner Y Y X I' I , Robert Brayman Kathryn Brendla Herman Brewer Mary Brewington Judith Brickner Wanda Briley 'i X' s -fi 1 W' Y V 'l ' ' Judy Britten jim Bromwell Elaine Bryan Claudia Buchanan Bob Buntrock Susan Burch 2 Y 7 sf 5 Judy Byrd James Cairns Agnes Campbell Alice Campbell David Campbell Johnnie Campbell Connie Burlce Kristine Burley Milze Burns Douglas Butler Penny Butterworth Celia Byrd Lynn Campbell Marcia Campbell Gary Carpenter Barbara Carter Sally Carter Robert Casanova Y 1' 3 1 I Carina Cavendish Bonnie Cawood Linda Cayoqette Judy Cecconi Robert Cebaus Carol Cermola A v . i - X Ann Chirico Edward Choat Pat Churchville Carl Clark Chauncey Clark Skip Clark Lynne Chalmers Barbara Chapman Philip Cheaney Kent Chilcot Sara Childers Diana Childress 7 Y' I45 s 2 I, Robert Clark Darryl Coker Myra Cook Jill Clark jim Clark Dick Clem Linda Clemons Patsy Cone Cindy Cook F red Clarke Margarita Condell Kris Cookeumaster Claudia Corbo Barbara Cooley Judy Copeland Ronald , Courtney John Craddock Dmngm Contu Mary Cowden Lacy Croft Carol Crompton Judy Crandall Gary Crosbie Gail Cross jim Darragh Wanda Davenport Steve Davis Robert DeCarlo Robin Decker Carol Dedecker Judy Dodds Ronald Doerfler Arlene Donoghue Kathy Druce Edward Duffy Patricia Dunn David Denault Linda Denniston Nancy Denton Marc DeRossi Carol Disque George Dobzynsl-ci Lynn Durham Mary jane Earnshaw jane Edinger Raymond Eldon Ada Eldridge Dick Elliott Y a V Y x S 'Y 5 David Ellis Dona Ellis Judy Ellis Chris Elmore Nancy Elnor Bob Elrod Nancy Fairbanks Lyall Feather Ginger Felde Donna Fernandez Warren Eincham Carl Fisher Gerald Ensign Danny Erwin Carsten Evans Cheryle Evans Bill Fagan Karen Faigley is-1a1,.f,ffxf1'alqiimg1wfw4wfS:1f"1 ' : 2 f Tom Fisher Cathy Fitzgerald David Fleming Carole Fletcher jim Fletcher Denise Flowers . ,' Y Y 'I gl r 1 , if Peter Flowers Phyllis Flythe Ronald Fonda Linda Force Charles Ford Glenn Foreman Leslee Friel Derek Fuelling Donna Fuller Lynne Fulton Charlotte Gallahar Charles Gannon Radford Fox Robert Frasard Sandi Freeman Wfinslow Freeman Edward Frenier Audrey Friedel f do F 9 u Bruce Garry Ray Gauss Michael Gauthier Bonnie Geiger Janet Geiger Connie Geske f H E 'KZ 'E 1 l is Tom Gibbons Phyllis Gibson Jeanne Gillo Linda Giustino Mike Godley Elaine Goins X Y 7 I Melody Gustafson Randy Guy Barbara Hackworth Sid Hall Sandy Hamilton Lee Hansen Ronald Goller Kenneth Gorth Mary Pat Graham Bill Greene Diana Griffin Judy Gullo 3 V 1 m 1 i All , ?e,.....o.r M Cheryl Hanson jim Harris Harold Harrison Peggy Harvey Marcia Haskins Bill Hassenplug v y, I 56 1 Y Michelle Hayes Guenther Heil Charles Henault Larry Hendry Robert Henry Lynn Herbert X Curtis Hinckley Donna Hoff Bob Holden Helen Holladay Donna Lee Homer Linda Hogan Warren Hermance Tania Hernandez Carolyn Herron Martha Heun jim Hightower Jerry Hill V Y 2 Y I l H Laverne Howard Trm Hornberger Shrrley Hosterman f K? Pam Howard Tony Hunter Eugene Iozze Peter Home Marylm Huges Judy Hurley Kay Ince Terry Hurlhurt Mary Alyce Jmda Carolyn johnson Dan Llfllb Beryl jelhson john johnson Karen, Johnson Elaine johnson Kay johnson Bryn jones Sandy Johnson Sheridan Johnsoz Pat johnson Sam jones Joyce Jorden Jane Joyner Cathie Judson Rusty Justis Sandra Kalvaitls Diane Kasmarik 1 if r Y y 1 Oz Kegrgy Kathryn Keegan Albert Keet Marian Kelley Linda Kendrick Sue Keyre Alan Kirk Victor Kleiss Edward Klima Nancy Klubcrg Ande Korrnanyos Ted Kornowski Gail Kicklighter Karen Kielbasa Marian King Pat King Kathy Kingry Sherry Kinsey vm- f Martha Lacey Mike Lacey Lorita Lagiglia Karen Lambert Regina Lang Barbara Langford Fred Krammer Robert Kreinberg Karen Krohn Louisa Kronfeld Dorothy Krushina Kathy Kulpa 1 1 V f f 1 e Alan Larson Neil Luubnugh Richard Lnuth Phyllis Laualee Margie Law Doug Lawrie v .f 1 V Y V f W I f Wwe Karen Layton Tracy Lewis Carol Lindsay Mike Linthicum Brenda Little Ion Lobdell W Q E Vi Cyd Loudenslagel George Loveday Gay Lovelady Ed Lowry Candy Luckharte Edward Lundgren Tommy Locke Charlotte Lockwood john Lockwood Pat Loftus A1 London Lynne Lorch on 1? f 2 f X - Carolyn Lunsford Donna Lutz Sue Lynn Pete Maddock Rod Madsen Jack Malloy Y 1 tl 4 i T V' ' 'Q Alfred Mnnganello Margrct Maranettc Mark Markham Lynne Marsh Dennis Martell Paula Murtelli Richard McCall Douglas McCallistcr jim McCann Phil McCann Carl McCormack Becky McCown I66 lf Lynn Masscngill Elsie Matthews Jack Mathews Donna Mattison Marvin Matz Edward Mayer Y 1 Carolyn McCoy jim McCoy Donald McFarland Kevin McGinnis Roberta joan McKinney Martha McKnight 1' F' li Scott McLane Ray McLaughlin Bill McLellan jean McLendon Ronald McMahan jack McMullen . I 1 Sherry Merritt Bob Merry Gary Metzger Jacquelyu Meyer james Micetich jean Mikkelson Wanda McNeal Ann McPhi10my Richard Meister Pat Mellor Pat Menard Patsy Merrdicino F 'K 'Q i Jeannie Miles. Bitsy Miley Donna Milke Carolyn Miller Janice Miller Marilyn Miller Mary Miller Mary Ann Miller Penny Miller Vicki Miller Warren Miller Joyce Millett Jeanne Moje Dell Morgan Barbara Nations Faith Mitchell Randi Moe Elianc Moran Linda Moran Shirley Motz Elizabeth Murchie Patricia Moore Mike Morgan jeff Neher jill Nolan Gerald Norwood Signe Olsen Linda Newton Marlene Nivens lean Norrrs Sunny North Joseph O Conner Barbara Odebralskr -f 2 af Robert Norem Max Nowotone Sharon O'Malley K Ann Parks Barbara Patrick Amy Patterson Robin Paul Judy Peabody Allen Pedrnzas john O'Neil Elizabeth Opriau Richard Orcutt Allan Otis Joe Pallgrdiuo Valerie Palmiter I I i WY i Y Sharon Pennock John Perry Bryan Perrynlan Charles Peters Barry Peterson Juanita Pfanner U ' f 'I 1 Y ,' ' l' P , I r X I : Becky Phillips Irma Picozzl Kay Peirson Anita Piesco Vivian Pinnel Peggy Pitti I . e,,. X Bud Radford Bobbie Randell Al Rappoli Pat Rastutter Jay Ray Bill Raynor Gale Plant Paul Plante Dick Powers Sylvia Prothero Cheryl Putnam Billie Quinn 3 7 Terry Ready Wayne Reeves Kay Reiss Sharon Reiter Judy Reno Elizabeth Richards V 'fr Q3 Anita Richmond Becky Ridgeway Dennis Ridgley Bette Rimmington Gary Rirnmington Terry Rinehart Tom Roberts Larry Robertson Gary Robinson Gerald Robinson jim Robinson Bonnie Robitaille Bruce Ritchie Roger Roach David Roberts Linda Roberts Lloyd Roberts Mary Lou Roberts Y f Kay Roe Wzlyne Roper Karen Rosen eff Rosenberg l N sSancly Rosenthal Nancy Rounsevell f David Rowett Warrerm Russell Harry Ruth Don Sabatini Robert Sager Robert Snlveson ly l 5 W I77 Harold Sampson John Sanders joseph Sasck Sue Saunders Terry Schawn Helen Schcrmerhorn f I ' + Ronald Schmid Peggy Schmidt Diane Schwimmer Dianne Scott Chester Scabury Carolyn Sebold 5 S r v' Y w Karl Seger Gloria Shaver jerry Sheldon john Shelter janet Sherman Howard Shull 2 F' V if " David Short Ruth Shuman Sharon Shutes Dianne Simmons Trude Simon George Simpson s Linda Skidmore Ardeth Smith Cliff Smith Doug Smith Howard Smith jerry Smith N Y 5 i x x Mary Ami Smith Pam Smith Robert Smith Gary Snyder Robert Spear Hunk Speicher ix I 80 V 'R V is If , Susan Sperry David Spiller Margaret Stackpole Betty Stacy Helene Stamos Patti Starn y ff ' 1 r -ge 4 ' S X 1 i"- T 1 i f 1 3 if Janice Starts Richard Stask john Staten jerry Steaclman Harold Steele Bill Steele Marge Stephenson Edward Stehle Wfalter Stem Cheryle Stuens Bob SUM Beverly Stenberg Sharon Strickland Walter Swanson Karen Surmay Beverly Svabek ' 1 l Robert Sulmonetti Y fr Robert Sweitzer Carole Syer Mary Swindell Dennis Swinden V l' 5 s Donna Tanner jimue Tarry Thomas Taylor Paulette Teawalt john Thompson Bob Thixton Marianne Thompkins Lois Thiel Roger Thompson as V W 'Q Bill Trouthwein Ted Troxcl Edwird Trubenbuch Gary Townsend Lena Tucker Regina Turner Diane Thornburg Jack Tighe Mike Tighe Donna Tripp Lee Trivison Edward Troth Roger Tuttle Peggy Valin Sally VanAntwerp Put Van .Kirk Carole Vargo Ronnie Vaughn l 1 F no gi gr si, V2 Jacqueline Velders Marie Vermans Sue Verzaro Bob Vickers jane Vincent Charles Virgin 'kr X Ellen Walsh Mary Lee Walsh Sheila Walters Robert Walther Nancy Walton Frank Warnhoff I86 3 Art Von Wfaldburg jane Von Walclburg Gail Vroom Bill Walker Wesley Wfallis De Marguis Walls 1 Y Lorraine Warren Deanne Watson Jane Weich Pat Weidling Mary Vlfeiner Darrell Welborn Q i 16? 3" 5 x E A 5 if Karen Walker Louise West jim Westcott Manning Wfestfall Bonnie White Bryan White ,I Sheila Williams Pamela Wilshire Georgia Wilson Gerald Wilson Jo Wilson Linda Wilson 2-E-1-vim L janet Whipple Caryl White Douglas White Rick Wfilder Barry Wfillianus Cormie Willinhis 1' Ninas-.0 Sandy Winstone Marilyn Wolfe Kenneth Wooclall Mary Lee Wotring Gary Wright Larry Wright W W V w pf 1 W 1 William Wright Mary Yarbrough Paul Yoshioka Mary Young June Zeller Kevin Zeltwanger JUDY ZIMMERMAN TONY ZEOLI Tl-HQ N' Lynn Carroll, South African Dancer .ff P- 'ia Fr f H ,ini 1 m 1 'f--Y .4. 2Z'22f'f'i? " mv . amz 1,--. ,.,4,fsg5 W Wir' ' FF' ' 'X up ,I I 3, I fins ,T J' s It H53 K", '35 by an-s, Q sf: ' W 9 iff! , fi Q wi 24, 'K 1 V 1 13? NH? X x'f?l V fyzfiisf' xx? y ,L We i Festival rtmss6ofutlwP , , ,mgg , , M, ' -Mb "lfiu ,Nm Football . sw fu i it 5 Qclwolbl Qeuiowwofab Dag ,j"Y"'S-X Cl1a.asI21agQa!a 5 Tlwcwtmemls ff Z 1 Z ,V , M fem .. , if Q 1 f ,P 'W U' x ,W ,xg , :V . 1- 'MN tht . .. A ff - 11 41 ,fi Q fs I' k "' , F553 ., 'SY 5? 33 5 I M W1 as RQ! - ' K fi ff W W1 as U ,' L12 1 F i fe ' , K ..I. 'Q win., .L W, Editor's note: The number after the club or activity represents the number-of years in that club. ABIUSO, JUDY: Pep Club 1, Future Nurses 1 ACKERMAN, JAMES: Pep Club 1 ADAMS, CHARLES: Gymnastics 5, Junior Achievement 1, Senior Class Play 1 ADAMS, MIKE: Track 1, Baseball 2, Bowling 1 ALLEN, JUDY: Pep Club 2, Dragonettes 2, FHA 4, Echo 1, PUBLICITY DIRECTOR of Echo 1, Quill and Scroll 1 ALLEN, SUE: Tri-Hi-Y 2, Pep Club 1, FBLA 5, VICE PRES- IDENT of FBLA 2, FSA 2, SECRETARY of FSA 2, CBE 1, CHAPLAIN of CBE 1, El Pasado 1 ANDERSON, PAUL: Cross Country 2, Track 5, Civitan 5, Hi-YW 1 ANDREWS, WILLIAM DAVID: Baseball 1, Exchange ANGELO, MARY LOU: Chorus 1, SECRETARY of Chorus 1, FHA 1, Pep Club 1 ASA, SHARON: Pep Club, FHA ATOHI, GEORGETTE: Dragonettes 1, Pep Club 5, FTA 2, Tri- Hi-Y 5 AUNER, KATHY: Majorettes 1, Honor Society 2, FSA 1, FHA 1 AUSTIN, SCOTT: Football 5, Baseball 1, Track 2, Basketball 3, Key Club 3 BAIN, VICTOR: Stage Club, Boys' Chorus BAKER, RONALD: Gymnastics BALDWIN, JOHN: Track, DCT BALDWIN, JUDY: Pep Club, Echoes 4 BANNOCK, GLORIA: Dragonettes 2, Juniorettes 2, SECRETARY of Juniorettes, Tri-Hi-Y 2, Homecoming Queen Candidate BANVILLE, RICHARD: Bowling 2 BARNARD, MARIAN: FTA 2, HISTORIAN of FTA 1, FHA 1, Chorus 4, Vocalaires 2, Girls' A Cappella 1, Librarian of Girls' A Cappella 1, Little Tonettes 1 BARNETT, KEN: Football 1, Baseball 5, Wheel 5, VICE PRESIDENT of Wheel 1, PRESIDENT of Wheel 1, ICC 1, Stu- dent Council 1, Showboat 5 BARRY, BOB: Boys' Chorus, Echo BARTOLD, SALLY: Future Nurses, Band 5 BASSETT, SAM: Football 5, ICC tournament 5, Pep Club 2 BATCHELDER, JANET: FHA BEALL, STELLA: Singers BEARD, Cheryl: Play Festival 2, Jr. Class Play 1, FBLA 2, VICE PRESIDENT of FBLA 1, PRESIDENT of FBLA 1, Tri-Hi-Y 1, GAA 1, Thespians 2, Student Council 2, ICC 1 BEASLEY, MARVIN ERNEST: Swimming 2, Golf 1, Pep, German 2 BEATTY, ANITA: FHA, Pep, FSA BECKNER, GARY: Tennis 2, Baseball 1, ICC tournament 2, Singers 5, PRESIDENT of Singers, Exchange 1, ICC 1, Hi-Y 1, Boys' Chorus, SECRETARY of Boys' Chorus, Pep 1 BEHRENS, HEATHER: Stage Club 1, Young Dr. 1, Pep 2, Future Nurses 1 BEIN, MONTE: Exchange 5, PRESIDENT of Exchange 1, Honor Society 2, Hi-Y 2, Science 2, Student Council 2, TREASURER of Student Council 1, Showboat 2, Jr. Prom Committee 1, ICC tournament 2, "Cum Laude" 1, Science Fair Prize 2 BELLER, ARTHUR: Swimming 2, Hi-Y, TREASURER 1, PRESIDENT of Hi-Y 1, National Honor Society 2, PARLIA- MENTARIAN of Honor Society 1, Science Club 2, CHAPLAIN of Science Club 1-, Showboat, Juniorette Jubilee BELLETT, KRIS: Thespians 5, El Pasado 1, Thespian assembly 2, Play Festival 5, Junipr Play 5, Senior Play 5, Cheerleader 1 BENTTON, BELITA: Girls' A Cappella 2, Echoes BENEFIELD, LINDA: Chorus 5, Echoes 2, Girls' A Cappella 2, TREASURER of Girls' A Cappella 1, FHA, Jr. Achievement BENNETT, ISABEL: CBE, FSA BENNETT, MITCH: Basketball 1 BERSON, BONNIE: Echo, CIRCULATION MANAGER of Echo 1 BINKLEY, BILL: Key 2, Honor Society 2, Science 1, Student Council 1, Honor Society, TREASURER of Honor Society 1 BIRCH, CARL: Football 1, Chorus, Projection BRIDWELL, JESSIE: Football 5, Track 2, Basketball 1, Wheel 2 BISHOP, GAIL: Pep 2, Dragonettes 1, MANAGING EDITOR of Newspaper, Di Jest, and El Pasado BLACK, SHIRLEY: Pep BLACK, SANDI: Jr. Play 1, Showboat 2, Honor Society 2, SECRETARY of Honor Society 1, Singers 2, Chorus 2, El Pasado 1, French Club 4, Play Festival 1, Sr. Play 1 BLACK, SHARON: Camera Club BLAKE, FRED: Football 1, Golf 2, Singers 2, Boys' Chorus 2, Pep 2 BLANCHARD, JUDY: Pep 2, FBLA 1, FSA 1, Homecoming Queen Candidate BLANKENSHIP, LEROY: Cross Country 1, Science Club 2, Honor Society 2 BLAUVELT, PAT: Pep 1, CBE 1, Tri-Hi-Y 1, Chorus 2 BLOUGH, DIANNA: FHA 1, Echoes BODE, SUETTA: Pep, French, Jr. Achievement BOEHME, LINDA: GAA 2, Track 2, Booster 1, Business Program BOETTNER, NANCY: Honor Society 2, Young Doctors 2, Science 2, HISTORIAN of Science Club 1 BOURKE, MIKE: Track 1, Civitan, 2, Honor Society 2, French 2, VICE PRESIDENT of French 1, Student Council, PARLIAMEN- TARIAN of Student Council 1 BOYER, MARJ: Thespians 2, Play Festival 2, Jr. Play 2, Juniorettes 2, French 5, SECRETARY of French 1, Honor Society, HIS- TORIAN of Honor Society 2 BRADLEY, CAROL: Cheerleader 2, CO-CAPTAIN of Cheer- leaders, Anchor, Pep, Student Council, Tri-Hi-Y, Miss Civitan, Homecoming Queen '62-'65, Calendar girl BRANNIN, JUDY: Spanish 2, FNA, CHAPLAIN of FHA 1, FHA, Tri-Hi-Y, Senior Play 1, Junior Play 1, Senior Prom 1, FBLA 1 CAIRNS, JIM: Gymnastics 2 BRATZEL, MARTIN: Science 2, Honor Society 2 BRENDLA, KATHRYN: Singers 3, FNA 1 BREWINGTON, MARY: Play Festival 2, Junior Play, Senior Play, El Pasado 2, CO-EDITOR of El Pasado 1, FTA 2, PARLIAMEN- TARIAN of FTA 1, Tri-Hi-Y 1, Pep 1, Tennis 1, Quill and Scroll 1, Thespians 2, CHAPLAIN of Thespians 1 BRICKNER, JUDY: CBE, FHA 1 BRILEY, WANDA: GAA BRITTEN, JUDY: FHA, GAA BRIZZIE, DAVE: Baseball 3, Wheel 3 BROMWELL, JIIVI: Band 1, I-Ii-Y BRYAN, ELAINE: VOE magazine, FSA, FBLA, FHA BUCHANAN, CLAUDIA: Tri-Hi-Y 3, SECRETARY of Tri- Hi-Y, PRESIDENT of Tri-Hi-Y, French 2, HISTORIAN of French, Anchor 2, Drill Team 2 BUNTROCK, BOB: Swimming 3, Pep 1 BURCH, SUSAN: Pep 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2, FHA 1 BURKE, CONNIE: Echoes 1, Vocalaires 2, FHA 1, Pep BURLEY, KRISTINE: Student Council 1 BURNS, MIKE: Showboat 2, Exchange, Hi-Y 1, TREASURER of Hi-Y BUTTERWORTH, PENNY: Swimming 1, DCT 1, FHA 1, Chorus 2, Junior Play 1 BYRD, CELIA: Play Festival 2, FHA 1, PRESIDENT of FHA, FTA 1, Student Council 3, SECRETARY of Student Council 1, Echo, CIRCULATION MANAGER of Echo 1, Anchor 3, PAR- LIAMENTARIAN of Anchor 1, Honor Society, Thespians 3, CHAPLAIN of Thespians 1, JUNIOR CLASS SECRETARY BYRD, JUDY: Tri-Hi-Y 2, Pep 1, Young Doctors 2, FNA 1, FHA 1, German 2 CAMPBELL, AGNES: FBLA 1, FHA 1, Pep 1, Library 1, Chorus 1 CAMPBELL, ALICE: Pep 1, FHA 1, Tri-Hi-Y 1, Art 1, El Pasado 1, ADVERTISING MANAGER of El Pasado, Chorus 1, Home- coming Committee CAMPBELL, DAVID: Honor Society 2, Civitan 1, Science 1, Band 3, ASSISTANT DRUM MAJOR of Band 2, CHAPLAIN of Band 1 CAMPBELL, LYNN: FHA, Student Council 3 CAMPBELL, JOHNIE: FBLA, Pep 1, Chorus, FHA 1 CAMPBELL, MARCIA: FHA 1, El Pasado CAREK, RICKY: Track, Swimming, Cross Country CARROLL, BOB: Basketball 2, MANAGER of Basketball CARTER, SALLY: GAA 2, VICE PRESIDENT of GAA, Pep 3, Tri-Hi-Y, CHAPLAIN of Tri-Hi-Y, Student Council 3 CARTER, BARBARA: Pep 1, Tri-Hi-Y, FSA 1 CASANOVA, BOB: DCT CAWOOD, BONNIE: Pep 3, Chorus 2, Tri-Hi-Y, French 1 CAYOUETTE, LINDA: FHA, Swimming CEBAUS, BOB: Gymnastics 1, Band 2 CECCONI, JUDY: Anchor 3, RECORDING SECRETARY of Anchor, PRESIDENT of Anchor 1, El Pasado 1, Pep 2, Student Council 3, ICC 1, HISTORIAN of ICC, Senior Work Day Committee, Showboat 3, Honor Society 1, Jr. and Sr. Prom Com- mittees CERMOLA, CAROL: Echo 1, EDITOR of Echo 1, Pep 3, Jr. Prom Committee CHALMERS, LYNNE: Tennis 3, FNA 1, CHAPLAIN of FNA 1, PRESIDENT of FNA 1 CHAPMAN, BARBARA: CBE CHEANEY, PHIL: Tennis 3, Camera 3, Honor Society 2, Junior Achievement 2 CHILCOT, KENT: French 2, Pep 1, Showboat 1, Sr. Workday Committee CHILDERS, SALLY: DCT 1, Tri-Hi-Y 2, FBLA 2, TREASURER of FBLA 2, FHA 2, Pep 1, Band 2, FNA 1 CHIRICO, ANN: Tri-Hi-Y, Pep CHURCHVILLE, PAT: Gymnastics 3 CLARK, CARL: Track 3, Cross Country 3, Basketball 2, Civitan 2 CLARK, JILL: Student Council 1, Tri-Hi-Y 3, FNA 1 CLARK, CHAUNCEY: Boys' Chorus 2 CLARK, JIM: Band 2 CLARK, SKIP: Swimming 2, Gymnastics 1, Basketball 1, Wheel 2, Hi-Y 3, PRESIDENT of Junior Class, Student Council, Show- boat 3, ICC 1, Work day Committee 2, Work day CHAIRMAN 1, ICC tournament 1 CLARK, BOB: Tennis CLARKE, FRED: DCT 1 CLEM, RICHARD: Key 3, Band 2, Showboat 1 CLEMONS, LINDA: El Pasado 1 COLWELL, JERRY: Gymnastics 2 COOK, CINDY: Pep 1, FNA 1, Echo 1, Art Club 2, Camera 1 COOK, MYRA: Pep 3, Tri-Hi-Y 1, FHA 1, Cheerleader 1 COOLEY, BARBARA: Jr. Class Play 2, Sr. Class Play 1, Honor Society 2, Science 2, Thespians 2, Folk Dance 1, Scholarship letter 1 COKER, DARRYL: Football 3, Basketball 4, Track 2, Key 3 CONDELL, MARGARITA: FSA COPELAND, JUDY: Dragonettes 1, Tri-Hi-Y 2, SECRETARY of Tri-Hi-Y 1, FTA 3, CHAPLAIN of FTA 1, Student Council 1, FHA 1, Pep 1 CORBO, CLAUDIA: FSA, CBE, FSA, PRESIDENT of FSA 1 COURTNEY, RON: Projection 2, German 2, Honor Society 2 COUTU, DIANA: French 4, FHA 1, GAA 1, El Pasado 4, Jr. Prom Committee, Sr. Prom Comm. COWDEN, MARY: Pep 1 CRADDOCK, JOHN: Track 2, Wheel CRANDALL, JUDY: Pep 1, FHA 1, Band 3, Chorus 1 CROFT, LACY: Wheel 3, Band 3 CROMPTON, CAROL: Pep 1, Echoes, Vocalaires 1 CROSBIE, GARY: Science, Baseball 1, Basketball 1, Math Club CROSS, GAIL: Pep CROWDER, THERESA: FSA, Pep CUMMINGS, JIM: Track, Football 2, Wheel 3, Pep, Showboat 2, Senior work day comm. I97 CUSTICK, JIM: Football 3, Basketball 1, Track 2, Hi-Y 2 DODDS, JUDY:.Tri-Hi-Y 3, VICE PRESIDENT of Tri-Hi-Y 3, Student Council 1, Senior work clay committee, Junior prom committee, Senior prom committee DAMAN, BILL: Exchange 3, Science 2, Showboat 2 DARRAGI-I, JIM: Golf, Student Council 3, Junior prom com- mittee, H1-Y 1, Key 3, TREASURER of Key 2, Senior class PRESIDENT, Senior work day committee, ICC 1 DAVENPORT, WANDA: Honor Society 2, FTA 2, SECRETARY and TREASURER of FTA, Dragonettes 3, Showboat 3, Echo 1 DE CARLO, GEORGE: Football 3, Basketball 2, Student 'Council 1, Projection 1, Bowling 1 DECKER, ROBIN: Tri-Hi-Y 3, Junior Achievement DE DECKER, CAROL: CBE, FBLA, FSA DENAULT, DAVID: Football 2 DENTON, NANCY: FBLA 2, Student Council 1, FHA 1, Pep 1 DE ROSSI, MARC: Tennis 3, Wheel 2 DIMAGGIO, MIKE: Debate 2 DOBRZYNSKI, GEORGE: Football 1, Swimming 1, Pep DOERFLER, RONALD: Gymnastics 1, Wrestling 1 DONOGHUE, SUSIE: Play Festival 1, Assemblies 2, Pep 3, VICE PRESIDENT of Pep 1, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Thespians 2, El Pasado 1, Showboat 3, Student Council 2, Senior Prom Committee DRUCE, KATHRYN: Honor Society 2, French 3, VICE PRES- IDENT of French 1, PRESIDENT of French 1, FTA 3, TREAS- URER of FTA 1, PRESIDENT of FTA 1, FHA 1, Showboat 1, Scholarship Letter DURHAM, LYNN: Cheerleader 1, Drill team 2, Play Festival 1, Showboat 2, Anchor 3, VICE PRESIDENT of Anchor 1, Pep 2, Student Council 1, El Pasado 1,1 Junior Prom Committee EDINGER, JANE: Swimming 1, Pep 4, Chorus 1, FHA 1 ELDON, RAY: Football 2, Wheel 2 ELDREDGE, ADA: Band 3 ELLIOTT, DICK: Civitan 3, Honor Society 2, Band 2, SECOND LIEUTENANT and DRUM MAJOR of Band 1 ELLIS, DONNA: Vocalaires, Girls' Chorus ELLIS, DAVID: Pep 2, Showboat 1, Boys' Chorus 1 ELMORE, CHRIS: Pep 2, GAA 1, Tri-Hi-Y 2, Chorus 4, PRESIDENT of Girls' A Cappella 1 ELNORE, NANCY: Band 4 ERWIN, DANIEL: Track 1, Honor Society 1, Key 1, Hi-Y 2 EVANS, CHERYL: Chorus 4, Pep 1, FHA 1 FADELEY, JEANNE: CBE 1, FBLA 1, FSA 1, FHA 1 FAGAN, BILL: Young Doctors' Club FAIGLEY, KAREN: Chorus, FHA FAIRBANKS, NANCY: Future Nurses 2, Pep 2, Band 2, FHA FEATHER, LYALL: Gymnastics FERNANDEZ, DONNA: FBLA 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2, TREASURER of Tri-Hi-Y 1, Juniorettes 2, El Pasado 1 FINCHAM, WARREN: Cross Country 2, Track 2 FISHER, CARL: Baseball 3 FITZGERALD, CATHY: Tri-Hi-Y, Pep, Chorus 1, Orchestra 1 I98 FLEMMING, DAVID: Gymnastics 3 FLETCHER, JIM: Football 4, Basketball 3, MANAGER of Basketball 1,'Track 2, Wheel 3, SECRETARY of Wheel 1, FLOWERS, DENISE: Play Festival 1, Junior Play 1, Tri-Hi-Y 3, VICE PRESIDENT of Tri-Hi-Y 1, PRESIDENT of Tri-Hi-Y 1, Juniorettes 2, German 2, VICE PRESIDENT of German 1, Young Doctors' 2, Honor Society 3, Student Council, HISTORIAN of Student Council FLOWERS, PETE: Football 1 FONDA, RONNIE: Football 1 FORCE, LINDA: Pep 3, Girls' Chorus, Girls' A Cappella 3, VICE PRESIDENT of Girls' A Cappella, Tri-Hi-Y 3 FORD, CHARLES: Track 2, Soccer 1 FOREMAN, GLENN: Chorus FRASARD, BOB: Junior Achievement FREEMAN, SANDI: CBE 1, Pep 1, FSA 1, Chorus 3 FREEMAN, WINSLOW: Civitan 2, Science 1 FRENIER, EDWARD: Science 2, Singers 1, Young Doctors' Club FRIEL, LESLIE: FHA 1, FTA 1, FBLA 2, PARLIAMENTARIAN of FBLA 1, FSA 1, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Student Council, Jr. Prom Com- mittee FUELLING, DEREK: Track FULLER, DONNA: FHA 1, Dragonettes 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2 FULTON, LYNN: Pep, Tri-Hi-Y, El Pasado 1, Chorus, French, Cheerleader 1 GALLAHAR, CHARLOTTE: CBE GARRY, BRUSE: Student Council 3 GAUSS, RAY: Camera GAUTHIER, MIKE: Track 3 GEIGER, BONNIE: Pep 1, FSA 1, VOE 1 GEIGER, JANET: Tri-Hi-Y 1, Student Council 1, FSA 2, PARLIAMENTARIAN of FSA 1 GESKE, CONNIE: FHA, Singers, Girls' A Cappella GIBBONS, TOM: Cross Country 2, Swimming 2, Key 3, Honor Society 2 GIBSON, TERRY: Singers GILLO, JEANNE: Tennis 1, Tri-Hi-Y 1, Echo 1 GIUSTINO, LINDA: Play Festival 3, Thespians 2, SECRETARY of Thespians 1, Showboat 1, GAA 1, FSA 1, FBLA 2, SECRETARY of FBLA 2, Honor Society 2, Usherettes 2, CHAPLAIN of Usherettes 1, SECRETARY of the Senior Class GOLLER, RON: Tennis 1, Class Play 1, Exchange 3, HISTORIAN and SECRETARY of Exchange 1, Honor Society GRAHAM, MARY PAT: Future Nurses 2, Echoes 1, Vocalaires 1, Pep 1 GREENE, WILLIAM: Baseball 2, Wheel 3, Hi-Y 2, Honor Society2 GRIFFIN, DIANA: FSA 1, Junior Achievement 2 GULLO, JUDY: Pep 1, Tri-Hi-Y 1 GUSTAFSON, MELODY ANN: FHA 1, FTA 1, Band 4, Student Council HACKWORTH, BARBARA: Juniorettes 2, Tri-Hi-Y 1, FHA 1, Showboat 1, Student Council 2 HAGGERTY, PETE: Junior Achievement HALL, SID: Basketball 3, Track 3, Exchange 2, Student Council 1 HANSEN, ELISA RUTH: Vocalaires 1, Girls' A Cappella, Calendar girl HAMILTON, SANDY: Showboat 1, Play Festival, Jr. Play, Pep 2, ICC 1, Tri-Hi-Y 3, PRESIDENT of Tri-Hi-Y 1, FNA 1, FHA 1, Thespians 2, DCT 1, Jr. Achievement, Majorettes, Jr. Prom Committee HANSON, CHERRY: FHA, Pep, Student Council, FTA, Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. Prom Committee HARRIS, JIlN'1: Football 5, Band 2 HARRISON, HAROLD: Bowling HARVEY, PEGGY: Chorus, Tri-Hi-Y, Dramatics HASKINS, MARCIA: Swimming 2, Band 3, CO-CAPTAIN of Band, Majorettes, Honor Society 2, Pep 1, Tri-Hi-Y, Juniorettes 3, CHAPLAIN of Juniorettes 1, FNA, "Magna Cum Laude" in Latin exam HAYWARD, JUDY: Tri-Hi-Y, Pep 1, Future Secretary 2 HEMINGWAY, JOE: Football HEIL, GUENTHER: Jr. Achievement 2 HENRY, BOB: Showboat 1, Pep 3 HEUN, MARTHA: FHA 1, Echo 1, Chorus 1, FNA 2, Tri-Hi-Y, VICE PRESIDENT of Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. Play HERRON, CAROLYN ANN: CBE, FSA, FBLA HERBERT, LYNN: Anchor 3, Dragonettes 1, Showboat 2 HERMANCE, WARREN: Band 2, Jr. Achievement 2 HIGHTOWER, JIM: Junior Achievement HOFF, DONNA: French Club HOGAN, LINDA KAY: Tri-Hi- Y 2, Pep Club 1, FNA 1, Echo, ADVERTISING EDITOR of Echo 1, Jr. Achievement 2 HOLDEN, BOB: Wheel 3, Showboat 2, ICC tournament HOLLADAY, HELEN: CBE, Pep Club, FSA HOMER, DONNA: FHA 2, Chorus 4, Girls' A Cappella, Tri- Hi-Y 2, FNA 1 HOSTERMAN, SHIRLEY: Pep Club 3, Tri-Hi-Y 1, Jr. Prom Committee, Sr. Prom Committee HOWARD, PAM: Pep Club 1, CHAPLAIN of Pep Club 1, Stu- dent Council, Echoes 1, PRESIDENT of Echoes 1, Girls' A Cappella HURLBURT, TERRY: shewbeee 1, Pep ciub 2, PARLIAMEN- TARIAN of Pep Club 1 INCE, KAY: Pep Club 1, Bowling 1, Chorus 1 JANDA, MARY ALYCE: Singers 2, FHA 1, Vocalaires 1, FTA 1, Showboat 2 JOHNSON, CAROLYN: Pep Club 2, Tri-Hi-Y 3, FHA 1, Echoes, El Pasado 1 JOHNSON, ELAINE: Library Club, French Club JOHNSON, KAREN: FHA, Echo 1 JOHNSON, PAT: Showboat 1, Honor Society 2, Usherettes 2, SECRETARY of Usherettes 1, Student Council 1, Vocalaires 1, FHA 1 JOHNSON, SANDY: Dragonettes 2, Pep Club 1, TrieHi-Y 2, Showboat, Jr. Prom Committee JONES, BRYN: Football 3, CAPTAIN of Football 1, Basketball 3, Baseball 1, Track 1, Hi-Y, Student Council, Exchange JONES, SAM: Basketball 1, Projection 2, Student Council JORDAN, JOYCE: FHA JOYNER, JANE: Swimming 1, Pep Club 1, Tri-Hi-Y 2, Anchor 2, Student Council 2, Girls' A Cappella 2, FTA, El Pasado 1, Student Council, VICE PRESIDENT of Student Council, Work- day Committee, Jr. Prom Committee JUDSON, CATHIE: CEC JUSTIS, RUSTY: Football 3, Echo Printing Foreman 1 KALVAITIS, SANDRA LEE: FHA 2, Pep 2 KASMARIK, DIANE: Junior Play, Play Festival, Thespians KEAGY, OZ: Basketball 1, Swimming 1 KEEGAN, KATHIE: Pep KELLEY, MARIAN: Pep 1, Chorus 2 KENDRICK, LINDA: Singers 3, SECRETARY of Singers KEYTE, SUZIE: DCT, Chorus 2 KICKLIGHTER, GAIL: Pep KIELBASA, KAREN: Cheerleader, Key Club Sweetheart, Anchor, Singers, CO-CAPTAIN of Varsity Cheering, Calendar Girl KING, MARIAN: Camera, Honor Society 2, Chorus 3, Honor Society 2 KINGRY, KATHY: Showboat, Anchor 3, Pep 1 KINSEY, SHERRY: Chorus, FHA, Pep KIRK, ALLEN: Pep 1 KLIMA, ED: Vocalaires 3, PUBLICITY MANAGER of Vocal- aires 1 KLUBERG, NANCY: Pep 1 KOKMEYOR, RENE: German KORMANYOS, ANDE: Pep 2, French 2, Student Council 2, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Prom Committee, El Pasado 1, CO-EDITOR of El Pasado 1, Showboat KORNOWSKI, TED: Baseball KOWALESKI, BARBARA: Swimming, FNA KRAMER, FRED: Band 2, Jr. Achievement KREINBERG, BOB: Football 4, Basketball 2, Civitan 4, TREAS- URER of Civitan 2, Honor Society 2, CHAPLAIN of Honor Society 1, Student Council 4, PRESIDENT of Honor Society 1 KRONFELD, LOUISA: Swimming 3, Pep 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2, Girls' A Cappella KRUSHINA, DOROTHY: Singers 1, Girls' A Cappella KULPA, KATHY: Swimming 2, Cheerleader 1, FTA 1, FNA 1, Tri-Hi-Y 2, Honor Society 2, El Pasado 1 LACEY, MIKE: Football 3, CAPTAIN of Football 1 LAGIGLIA, LORITA: Singers 2 LANG, REGINA: Pep 1 LAMBERT, KAREN: Band, Junior Achievement LANGFORD, BARBARA: Echo 2, EXCHANGE EDITOR of Echo 1 LARSON, ALAN : Pep 1, Band 2 LAUBAUGH, NEIL: Pep 2 LAW, MARGIE: Chorus, Tri-Hi-Y 1, Pep 1 I99 LAWSON, RICHARD: Football 1, Basketball 1, Pep 3, Student Council 1, Honor Society 1 LAVALLEE, PHYLLIS: DCT, Jr. and Sr. Prom Committees LAYTON, KAREN: Pep 1, Dragonettes 2, FSA 2, FTA 1 LEWIS, TRACY: Pep, FHA, Student Council 1 LINDSEY, CAROL: FHA 1, Bowling 1, Junior Achievement, Chorus LINTHICUM, MIKE: Wheel 3, Band 3, Pep Club 2, Camera 1, Jr. Achievement 1, PRESIDENT of Jr. Achievement 1 LOBDELL, JOHN: Track 1, DCT LOCKWOOD, CHARLOTTE: FHA, Jr, Achievement LOFTUS, PAT: Swimming 1, Pep Club 2, Jr. Prom Committee, Student Council 1, FBLA LONDO, CAROL: Majorettes LORCH, LYNNE: Tri-Hi-Y 2, Pep Club 1, El Pasado 1, Jr. Prom Committee, Homecoming Queen Candidate LOVELADY, GAY: Pep Club, FHA, FBLA, Tri-Hi-Y LOWRY, ED: Baseball 3, Football 2 LUCKHARDT, CANDY: Dragonettes 1, Future Nurses 1, Tri-Hi-Y 1, Sophomore Class Treasurer, GAA 2, Pep Club 2, FTA, Showboat 1 LUNDGREN, EDWARD: Football 3, Track 3, Basketball 1, Swimming 1, Exchange 3, VICE PRESIDENT of Exchange 1, Hi-Y 1 LUNSFORD, CAROLYN: Dragonettes 1, Showboat, Anchor 2, Honor Society 2, FTA 1 LUTZ, DONNA: Anchor 3, CHAPLAIN of Anchor 1, Singers 2, Pep Club 2, Showboat 3 LYNN, SUE: Swimming 1,, Play Festival 2, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Honor Society 1, Pep Club 2, Thespians 2, FHA, FTA MADDOCK, PETE: Tennis 3, Showboat 2, Hi-Y 2, French Club2 MADSEN, ROD: Varsity Band 2 MANFORD, JERRY: Pep 1 MANGANELLO, ALFRED: Swimming 1, Pep 1, Student Council 1 MARNETTE, MARGARET: FHA 1, VICE PRESIDENT of FHA, Pep 1, French 3, SECRETARY of French 1, Girls' A Cappella 2, Singers 1, Dragonettes 2, Drill Sergeant 1 MARTELLI, PAULA: Tri-Hi-Y 3, CHAPLAIN of Tri-Hi-Y, Pep 1, FBLA 2, Student Council 2, FHA 2, El Pasado, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Work Day MARTY, PAM: Play Festival, Thespians, Pep 2, Library Club 1, TREASURER of Library, Thespians 2, PRESIDENT of Thespians, FHA 1, Showboat 1 MASSENGILL, LYNN: Pep 2, Tri-Hi-Y 1, El Pasado 1 MATTHEWS, ELSIE: Pep 1, Echoes 1 MATZ, MARVIN: Football 3, Basketball 2, Baseball 3, Wrestling 1 MCCALL, RICHARD: Track 2, Projection, SECRETARY of Projection 1, TREASURER of Projection 1, STUDENT IN- STRUCTOR of Projection 1, Echos, Vocalaires 2, Boys' Chorus 2, Junior Prom Committee McCANN, JIM: Football 3, Track 3, Showboat 2, Key 2, SECRETARY of Key 1, Junior Achievement 1 McCOWN, BECKY: FSA 2, CBE, TREASURER of CBE 200 McCOY, CAROLYN: National Honor Society 1, Dance Club 1, FBLA 1, Play Festival 1 McCOY, JIM: Play Festival 2, Jr, Class Play 1, Thespian As- sembly 2, Senior Class Play 1, Thespians 2, Singers 2, Band 1 MCFARLAND, DONALD: Play Festival 1, Stage 2, Projection 3, Tumbling 1, Band 1, Swimming 1 MCKINNEY, TOBERTA: FHA 3 McKNIGHT, MARTHA: GAA 1, Juniorettes 2, National Honor Society 2, El Pasado 1, CLUB EDITOR of El Pasado MCLANE, SCOTT: Swimming 2, German Club 2, PRESIDENT of German Club, National Merit Semi-finalist MCLAUGHLIN, RAY: Dance Club, Stage Club MCLELLAN, BILL: Golf 3, Work day Committee, Band 2 MCLENDON, JEAN: Tennis 1, Band 3, LIBRARIAN of Band, Girls' A Cappella MCMAHAN, RONNIE: Football 2, Jr. Class Play, Key 3, Honor Society 2 MCNEAL, WANDA: FHA, Pep MCPHILONY, ANN: Stage Club 1, DCT 1, Pep 1 MEISTER, RICHARD: Basketball 3, Baseball 3, Wheel 3, Band 2 MELLOR, PATRICIA: Swimming Team 2, Showboat 1, Junior- ettes 4, VICE PRESIDENT of Juniorettes, Student Council 1, Young Doctor Club 1, Stage 1, Jr. Prom Committee, Cheerleader MENARD, PATRICIA: FHA, Pep 2 MERRITT, SHERRY: Girls' Basketball Team 1, FSA 2, GAA 1, Business Economics 1 METZGER, GARY: Gymnastics, MANAGER of Gymnastics 1, Band 2, Chorus 1 MEYER, JACKIE: Band 1, Future Nurses, Young Doctors Club, Debate Club 1 MIKKELSEN, JEAN: FHA 1, Honor Society 1, FBLA, German Club, FSA, Junior Achievement MILLEY, MARTHA: French Club, SECRETARY of French Club 1, Pep Club 1, Tri-Hi-Y, Student Council 1, El Pasado, SPORTS EDITOR of El Pasado MILKE, DONNA: FHA MILLER, CAROLYN: Pep, Tri-Hi-Y, FNA MILLER, MARY: French Club 3, Dragonettes 1 MILLER, JANICE: CBE 1 MILLER, LYNN: Play Festival 1, DCT, Thespians 2, Chorus 1 MILLER, LYN: Dragonettes 2, Thespians 2, Showboat 3, Play Festival 2, Jr. Class Play, Anchor 3, TREASURER of Anchor, French 3, TREASURER of French 1, Honor Society 2, FTA 1, Cheerleader 1, FHA 1, FTA 1, SECRETARY of FTA, Chorus MILLER, WARREN: Junior Varsity MILLER, VICKI: Tri-Hi-Y 1, FTA 1, Pep 1, FHA 1, Junior Achievement, SECRETARY of Junior Achievement, Decorating Committee for Homecoming 1 MILLETT, JOYCE: Thespians 3, Pep 1, El Pasado, TYPING EDITOR of El Pasado, Chorus 1, Student Director Play Festival, Senior Class Play 3, Junior Class Play 2, Play Festival 2, Show- boat 1, Cheerleader 1, Junior Achievement 1, ICC Tournament 2 MITCHELL, FAITH: Basketball, FHA, TFC MOJE, JEANNE: Student Council 1, Girls' A Cappella 1, Office Worker MOORE, PATRICIA: FHA MORAN, ELIANE: French Club 1 MORAN, LINDA: FHA 1, Chorus 1 MORGAN, MIKE: Thespians 3, VICE PRESIDENT of Thespians 1, Play Festival 1, Junior Class Play 1, Key, Honor Society, Student Council 1 MOE, RANDI: Junior Class Play 1 MOTZ, SHIRLEY: FHA, El Pasado MURCHIE, ELIZABETH: Debate 1, Honor Society 2, Usherettes 2, VICE PRESIDENT of Usherettes, Science 2, Junior Honor Society 1, CHAPLAIN of Junior Honor Society, FHA 1, FNA 1, PRESIDENT of FNA NATIONS, BARBARA: FHA NEHER, JEFF: Swimming 1, Senior Class Play NEWTON, LINDA: FHA, FSA, Pep NIVENS, MARLENE: Pep, Bowling NOLAN, JILL: Junior and Senior Class Plays, Thespians 3, SCRIBE of Thespians 1, Honor Society 3, Student Council 3, Pep 1, Echo 2, Dijest 2, EDITOR of Dijest 1, El Pasado 1, EDITORIAL MANAGER of Echo, Dijest, El Pasado 1, Quill and Scroll 1, PRESIDENT of Quill and Scroll 1 NOREM, ROBERT: Football 2, Pep 2 NORTH, SUNNY: Pep 2, Swimming, El Pasado 1 NOWOTNE, DAVE: Wrestling ODEBRALSKI, BARBARA: Pep, VOE OLSEN, SIGNE: Swimming 2, FHA 2, Chorus 1 O'MALLEY, SHARON: Chorus 2 O'NEILL, JOHN: Football 2, Pep 2 OPRIAN, ELIZABETH: CBE, FSA, VICE PRESIDENT of FSA 1 OTIS, ALLAN: Gymnastics 1, Pep 3, PRESIDENT of Pep 1, Hi-Y 2, CHAPLAIN of Hi-Y 1, Boys' Chorus 2, Vocalaires 1 PALMITER, VALERIE: DCT, Cheerleader 3 PARKS, ANN: Junior Prom Queen, Calendar Girl 2, Student Council 4, VICE PRESIDENT of Student Council 1, CHAPLAIN of Student Council 1, Juniorettes 3, HISTORIAN of Juniorettes 1, PRESIDENT of Juniorettes 1, Pep 1, Honor Society 3, ICC 4, PRESIDENT of ICC 1, VICE PRESIDENT of Junior and Sophomore Classes PATTERSON, AMY: Honor Society 1, Juniorettes 2, Pep 3, Chorus 1, Girls' A Cappella 1, Showboat 2 PENNOCK, SHARON: Swimming 1, Yearbook 1, EDITOR of Yearbook 1, Echo 2, Dijest 1, EDITOR of Dijest 1, Quill and Scroll, VICE PRESIDENT of Quill and Scroll 1 PERRYMAN, BRYAN: Golf, Basketball PETERSON, BARRY: Swimming 4, Pep 1 PEABODY, JUDY: Tennis 2, Jr. Class Play, Thespians 2, FHA 1, Usherettes -2, Honor Society 3, TREASURER of Honor Society 1, Science 5 PFANNER, JONITA: Usherettes 2, TREASURER of Usherettes 1, Echo 2, EDITOR of Echo 1, Chorus 1, Quill and Scroll, TREAS- URER of Quill and Scroll 1 PHILLIPS, REBECCA: Dragonettes 1, Play Festival 1, Jr. Class Play, Honor Society 2, VICE PRESIDENT of Honor Society 1, Thespians 1, Tri-Hi-Y 5, CHAPLAIN of Tri-Hi-Y 1 PLANTE, PAUL: Basketball 1, Tennis 2, Football 1, Pep 1, El Pasado 1, Junior Achievement 1, Senior Class Play, Bowling 2, Student Council 2, Jr. Prom Committee PICOZZI, IRMA: Dragonettes 3, First Lt. of Dragonettes 1, Cheerleader 1, CAPTAIN of Cheerleaders 1, Anchor 3, Pep 3, TREASURER of Pep 1, VICE PRESIDENT of Senior Class, Showboat 2, Jr. and Sr. Prom Committees, Senior Work Day Committee, El Pasado 1 PIESCO, ANITA: Young Doctors' Club PIERSON, KAY: FHA, Chorus 1 PINNEL, VIVIAN: FHA 1, VOE 1 PITTI, PEGGY: Play Festival 1, Honor Society 3, Thespians 2, FSA 2, CBE 1, PRESIDENT of CBE 1, Echo 2, Tri-Hi-Y 3, TREASURER of Tri-Hi-Y 2, HISTORIAN of Tri-Hi-Y 1, TREAS- URER of Freshman Class, Quill and Scroll PLANT, GALE: FHA POLLARD, LINDA: Usherettes, Chorus POWERS, DICK: Football 2, Track 2, Junior Play 1, Showboat 1, Honor Society 3, Science 2, National Merit Semi-finalist PROTHEROE, SYLVIA: GAA, DCT QUINN, BILLIE: FHA 1 RANDALL, BARBARA: Honor Society 2, FHA 1, CBE 1, FBLA 1, FSA 1 RAPPOLI, AL: Bowling 2, French 1, Pep 1 RAY JOHN, STANLEY: Swimming 3, Wheel 3 RAYNOR, BILL: Exchange 3, Pep 1, Singers 2, Showboat 3, Honor Society 3, Swimming 3, Boys' Chorus 3, ICC Tournament 3, Junior Prom MC 1 READY, TERRY: Exchange 2, PARLIAMENTARIAN of EX- change 1, HISTORIAN of Exchange 1, Pep 1, Echo 2, Quill and Scroll, HISTORIAN of Quill and Scroll, Photographer 1, Jr. Prom Com. REEVES, WAYNE: Singers 2, Boys' Chorus 3, Vocalaires 1, Echoes 1, ICC Tournament 1 REITER, SHARON: Dragonettes 1, Showboat 1, Honor Society 2, SECRETARY of Honor Society, Juniorettes 2, French 2, Science 2, SECRETARY of Science 1, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Scholarship Letter 1 RENO, JUDY: Tri-Hi-Y, Showboat, El Pasado, Jr. Prom Queen Candidate 1 RICHARDS, ELIZABETH: Chorus 2 RICHARDS, WAYNE: DCT 2 RIDGLEY, DENNIS: Golf RIMMINGTON, BETTE: Pep 1, Girls' Chorus 1 RITCHIE, BRUCE: Basketball 1, Civitan 3, Band 3 ROACH, ROGER, Camera 2, PRESIDENT of Camera 1, Echo and El Pasado Photographer 1, ICC 1, Honor Society 1, Jr. Achievement 1, PRESIDENT of Jr. Achievement ROBERTSON, LARRY: Student Council 3, Jr, Prom Committee ROBERTS, TOM: Showboat 1, Camera 3, Band 4, LT. of Band 1, French 2, Young Doctors' 2, VICE-PRESIDENT of Young Doctors' 1, Honor Society 5, Key 3, SECRETARY of Key 1, PRESIDENT of Key 1, Echo Photographer 1, El Pasado Photographer 1, Class Treasurer Sophomore and Junior year ROBERTS, MARY: Thespians 2, FHA 1, Play Festival 2, Junior Play 2, Thespian 1 ROBINSON, GERALD: French 1 ROBINSON, JAMES ROBERT: Pep 1, Singers 1, Journalism 2, Di Jest 1 20l ROBITAILLE, BONNIE: El Pasado 1 ROE, KAY: Showboat 1, FTA 2, VICE-PRESIDENT of FTA, French 2, TREASURER of French, ICC 1, Usherettes 1, Pep 1, National Honor Society ROPER, WAYNE: Track 1 ROSEN, KAREN: Band 4, Class Play 2, FNA 3, SECRETARY of FNA, Honor Society 1 ROSENBERG, JEFF: Key Club 3, Debate 2, Junior Play 2, ElPasadQ ROUNSEVELL, NANCY: FBLA, FHA . RUSSELL, WARREN: DCT 2, Swimming 1, Tennis 1 SABATINI, DON: Baseball 2 SALVESON, BOB: Track 1 SAMPSON, HAROLD: Jr. Achievement 2 SAMULAK, PAUL: Golf 2, DCT SASEK, JOE: Jr. Class Play 2, Play Festival 1, Thespians 3, Camera Club 1 SAUNDERS, SUE: Pep 2, FTA 1, Usherettes 2, Jr. Prom Queen Candidate SCHERMERHORM, HELEN: Play Festival 1, Dance Club 1, Library Club 1 SCHMID, RON: Basketball 1, ICC Tournament 2, Jr. Exchange 2, VICE PRESIDENT of Jr. Exchange 1, CHAPLAIN of Jr. Exchange 1, National Merit Semi-Finalist SCHWIMMER, DIANE: Jr. Class Play, Pep 1, Tri-Hi-Y 1, FTA 1, Chorus SEABURY, CHESTER: Honor Society 1, Math Club 1, Band 1, I-Ii-Y SEGER, KARL: Football 1, Gymnastics 1, Band 2 SHAVER, GLORIA: DCT 1, SECRETARY of DCT 1 SHELDON, JERRY: Baseball 1, Pep 1 SHERMAN, JANET: Usherettes 2, PRESIDENT of Usherettes 1, German Club 2, PRESIDENT of German Club, Pep 1, Tri-Hi-Y, ICC 2, Honor Society 3, Jr. Prom Committee, Showboat 1 SHORT DAVID: Science 1, Honor Society SHUMAN, RUTH: FTA 2, Pep 2, FHA 1, Anchor 2 SHUTES, SHARON: Pep 1, FHA 1, Chorus 3 SIMON, TRUDE: DCT 1, Bowling 1 SIMPSON, GEORGE: Football 1, Senior Class Play, Pep 1 SKIDMORE, LINDA: Swimming 3, El Pasaclo 1 SMITH, CLIFF: Track 2, Football 2, Baseball 1, Swimming 1, Bowling 3, DCT 1, PRESIDENT of DCT 1, Hi-Y, TREASURER of Hi-Y, Jr. Achievement 3 SMITH, DOUG: Track 1, Jr. Achievement SMITH, MARY: FHA SMITH, JERRY: Student Council SMITH, HOWARD: Camera 3, Young Doctors', Showboat 1, FHA 1, Stage 3 SMITH, PAM: Swimming 2, Play Festival 1, Showboat 1, FHA 1, Juniorettes 1, Stage 1 SNYDER, GARY: Football 2, Track 2, Basketball 1, Key, Senior Class Play SPEAR, ROBERT: Band 4, First Lt. of Band 1 SPEICHER, HANK: Tennis 4, Captain ot Tennis 1, Key 5, TREASURER of Key 1, VICE PRESIDENT of Key 1, Hi-Y 1 SPERRY, SUE: FHA SPILLER, DAVID: Pep STACKPOLE, PEG: Tennis 3, Thespians 3, GAA 2, FNA 1,: Jr. and Sr. Class Plays STACY, BETTY: FHA sTAMos, HELENE: Honor society 2, El Pasado 2, CLASS EDITOR of El Pasado 1 STARTS, JAN ICE: FTA 1, Honor Society STASIK, DICK: Basketball 1 STEADMAN, JERRY: Football 1 STEELE, HAROLD: German Club STEHLE, ED: Honor Society 2, Science Club 2 STEIN, WALTER: Gymnastics, German Club, Honor Society STENBERG, BEVERLY: Calendar Girl 2, Tri-Hi-Y 1, Pep Club 1, Student Council 1, FHA 1, Echoes 1, VICE PRESIDENT of Echoes 1 STEVENS, CHERYL: Student Council 2 STRAIT, BOB: Football 2, Basketball 2, Track 1, Exchange 1, Student Council STRICKLAND, SHARON: Majorettes 4, CAPTAIN of Major- ettes 1, Showboat 1 STROTHMAN, BERNELI.: DCT, FSA, TREASURER of FSA 1, Student Council, Dragonettes SUAREZ, ROGER: Junior Achievement SURMAY, KAREN: FSA, CBE, Tri-Hi-Y SVABEK, BEVERLY: Singers, HISTORIAN of Singers 1, FHA 1, Orchestra 2, Vocalaires 1, Girls' A Cappella 1, Chorus 1 SWANSON, WALTER: Jr. Class Play, Play Festival, Key Club 1 SWEITZER, BOB: Football 4, Basketball 2, Golf 1, Showboat 2, Wheel 3, Science 1, Honor Society 2, Student Council 1 SWINDEN, DENNIS: Young Doctors 2 TANNER, DONNA: CBE, FSA, FBLA, Dance TARRY, JIMAE: Cheerleader 2, Swimming 2, Pep 1, Juniorettes 3, HISTORIAN of Juniorettes 1, Echo 1, French 1, JHS 1, Major- ettes 2, El Pasado 1, Junior and Senior Prom Committee, Showboat 2 TAYLOR, THOMAS: Key 3, Student Council 1 TEAWALT, PAULETTE: GAA, FHA THIEL, LOIS: Pep 2, Usherettes 1, FHA 1, Tri-Hi-Y 1, Student Council 1 THIXTON, BOB: Civitan 2, Band 2, SECOND LT. of Band 1 THOMPKINS, MARIANNE: Pep 1 THORNBURG, DIANNE: Pep 3, CHAPLAIN of Pep 1, TREAS- URER of Pep 1, Juniorettes 1, FHA 1 TIGHE, MIKE: Junior Play 1, Exchange 3, Thespians 3 TOWNSEND, GARY: Football 4, Track 3, Stage 1, Student Council 1 TRIPP, DONNA: Chorus 2, FTA 1 TRIVISON, LEE: Pep, Tri-Hi-Y, Senior Play TROXIL, TED: Baseball 3, Showboat 3, Hi-Y 3, SECRETARY, TREASURER and VICE PRESIDENT of Hi-Y 1, Exchange 2, TREASURER of Exchange 1, ICC Tournament 3 TRUBENBACH, ED: Cross Country 1, Track 1 TUCKER, LENA: FHA, CBE, FSA, Honor Society TURNER, REGINA: Play Festival 1, Thespian Assembly 1, Thespians 1, Honor Society 1, FHA 1, FTA 1 VALIN, PEGGY: Pep 1, Usherettes 2, Thespians 2, Honor Society, Science 2,ISECRETARY of Science 1, Scholarship letter 1 VAN ANTWERP, SALLY: FHA 2, Pep 1, Echoes 1, Vocalaires 2, Tri-Hi-Y, 2, Future Nurses 1 VAN KIRK, PAT: FTA 1, PRESIDENT of FTA 1, Pep 1, Tri-Hi-Y 1, El Pasado 1 VAUGHN, RONNIE: Band 3 VERMAAS, MARIE: FSA 2, FBLA 1, CBE 1, FHA 1 VICKERS, BOB: Gymnastics 3 VIRGIN, CHARLES: Football 3, Track 3, Basketball 1, Exchange 2, PRESIDENT of Sophomore Class, Student Council 2 VON WALDBURG, ART: Football 4, Basketball 4, Track 4, Civitan 3, PRESIDENT of Civitan 1, Honor Society 3, PRESIDENT pf Honor Society 1, Student Council 4, National Merit semi- inalist VON WALDBURG, JANE: Jr. Class Play, Band 4, Majorettes, Showboat 1 VROOM, GAIL: Pep 1, Chorus 3, Thespians 2 WALKER, BILL: Student Council WALKER, LILA: Tri-Hi-Y WALLIS, WESLEY: Track 3, Cross Country 1 EUALSH, ELLEN: Jr. Class Play 1, French 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Show- oat 1 WALSH, MARY LEE: Chorus 2 WALTERS, SHEILA: FBLA, FHA, Chorus 2 WALTHER, BOB: Play Festival 1 EVALTON, NANCY: FHA 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1, Science 1, Band 2, cho 1 WARNHOFF, FRANK: Singers 2, Boys' Chorus 3 WARREN, LORRAINE: FHA WATSON, DEE: Play Festival 2, Jr. Play 1, Showboat 1, Tri-Hi-Y 3, French 1, Pep 2, Thespians 2, Girls' A Cappella 1 WEICH, JANET: GAA 1, CBE 1 WEIDLING, PAT: Swimming 1, FHA 2, Pep 1 WEINER, MARY: Tri-Hi-Y, Pep 1, FHA 1 WELBORN, DARRELL: Chorus 3, Vocalaires, PRESIDENT of Vocalaires WELKER, KAREN: FHA 1, Echoes 1 WEST, LOUISE: Band 3 WEST, STEVE: Football 3, Wheel 3, Hi-Y 1 WESTFALL, MANNING: Pep 1 WHIPPLE, JANET: Cheerleader 2, CAPTAIN of Cheerleaders 1, Pep 2, ICC 1, Juniorettes 1, El Pasado 1, Jr. Prom Comm. Chairman, Showboat, Senior Work day Comm. WHITE, BONNIE: Pep 3, Tri-Hi-Y, Echo 2 WHITE, CARYL: Pep 3, Tri-Hi-Y 1, El Pasado 1 WHITE, DOUG: Golf 2 WILLIAMS, BARRY: Baseball 3 WILLIAMS, CONNIE: German Club 1, Student Council 1, Usher- ettes 1, Honor Society 1, Library, TREASURER of Library 1, Chorus 1, FHA 1 WILLIAMS, SHEILA: Swimming 1, FHA 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2, Pep 2 WILSHIRE, PAM: Pep 1, FNA 1 WILSON, GEORGIA: FHA 1 WILSON, GERALD: DCT 1, Band 3 WILSON, JO: ICC 1, Pep 1, Dragonettes 3, SECOND LT. of Dragonettes 2, CAPTAIN of Dragonettes 1, El Pasado WILSON, LINDA: FHA 1, FSA 1, Pep 1 WINSTONE, SANDY: Anchor 3, SECRETARY of Anchor, Dragonettes 1, Honor Society 2, FBLA, Student Council 1, FHA, Showboat 2 WOLFE, MARILYN: Tri-Hi-Y, CBE, Junior Achievement WOODALL, KENNETH: Football 2 WOTRING, MARY LEE: Honor Society WRIGHT, BILL: Golf 2 YOSHIOKA, PAUL: Science 3, PRESIDENT of Science, Honor Society 2, German Club 2, Student Council 1, CHAPLAIN of Student Council, ICC 1, PTSA 1, CHAPLAIN of PTSA 1 YOUNG, MARY: Juniorettes 2, Tri-Hi-Y, SECRETARY of Tri- Hi-Y, FTA 1 ZEREGA, PAT: FHA 1, Senior Play 1 204 TR BILL , W If IZNTO U,-1 I COUNCIL The purposc of ICC is to promote unity among the Clubs :mil to hclp Cach club live up to the stzimlgxrtls set. as nl Pwfidwzf-Ann Parks l'7iruP1'cfJfa'w1I' Kcnny Burnett S1'r7'ff.11'3'-T1'cffz.v111'e1'YJanet Sherman flj,lf07'jLNI"lLllly CcCCOr1i Cheryl Beard Gary Beclmcr -Janet XVl1ipplc Mr. Mosser Art Br-2llCr Monte Bein W... l - - L.. ..- Clgiualia Buchfmzm David Campbell Lynn ChulmcrS Kathy Druce Bob Krienbcrg Pam Marty Scott Mclnne Peggy Pitti Tom Roberts Chester Seribury Cliff Smith Art Von Whldbtirg lo XVilSon Paul Yoshikoa Slmron Joyce Bob Martin Olivig Candle jane Ray 206 EY I .V,L 42- s rib 3 . . . . .. . , tr q,um,f,f' The objectives of Key Club are to develop initiative and leadership, X vfgw.rft ,' to serve the school and community, to promote higher standards in scholarship, sportsmanship, and social contacts, to develop a more intel- -sti ii ligent and serviceable citizenship, to form enduring friendships, to Ismlcmg render unsellish service, and to build a better community. The club Key Club activities are sponsoring buses to football games, the Sweetheart Dmce the sale of Stranuhan decals, and any other service to the school P, gjjd Pf1i'lm772ff1Ii1f'i.n1 im ell! Tom Roberts J MCCHUU Vim Pnzridezzt .CbfzpZ.1n1 Hank Spcicher Mike Morgan Se M emu I 1 mrzuez Jacque Devereaux Jim Darragh Bill Binkley Ronald McMahun Richard Clem Tom Gibbons Darryl Coker Dxnny Erwin Dan Bennett Gary Hainline Jeff Rosenberg Thomas Taylor james Amadei Arden Brake T0l'Pfff Kevff .leff Kielbw iz 3 ' ' 1 4 ,-M li , fs- g- -': .fw3'i5Hggeiwzgg, 11 f 'V ' J, ,F 1 Tim Patrus Bob Miller- Keith Parke John Ring Marvin Swrr 207 J Qponsm Clwmles Bwcleetb Douafdfking Sweetheart Queen and Court Kathy Brown, Betsy Popham, Sweetheart Queen Laura Hunt, Jane Hall, and Barham Pryor. NE x ML Q V , M - ML M . Sellin D 5, ragon Trzlcks 'X sw 5 The purpose of juniorettes ' is to render service to the school and community, to luuiltl strong, and to spread happiness with 21 juniorette smile. Junlorettes Lllllllldlly sponsor the luniorette jubilee in which all clubs may participate. Projects include color days, welcome letters, trophy to the winner of the ICC tournament, :intl L1 juniorette scholarship. Mari Bover Donna Fernandez Amy Patterson Becky Phillip' wwe, f TCU C1'ECLl Lynn Eggll ' .gffisfsi is c L of juniorettes' moncs nising projects. ' 'Milt 'lin n T tg Q1 it W., , 5 Y 'sf l, 4117 - Nav W.,- Cathy Hollinger Cathy Lfizell juniorettcs join in Chi ist Kay Club and a mas party. H , su-in Tlic -liiiiimctlcs Llcwnntul tlic mgirqiic to the Salioul. Denise Flowers BLlI'l3LlI'L1 Hzickwortli Miirtlm Mcliniglit Mary Ann Miller Q LH? 2 2 - Ann Avi-rill Shlmm Rqiffy Diiinnc Simmons Mary Young ,.+1is3E'iiH 'wfllifi wg- '. i- in A E If K K A , K ii ' 1 l M 5? an -K . ,- fi . f' 'Li 'Si' , 'qw ' N P S - - .fi V, itil " xx ii gf w , ' 2 4. 1 li' - A: S, W 1 . limi sim' 53 ff. t ,I xi . Aileen liuriosi Judy l'lLlI1QUClC june Hull June Huncmk in af'-Q. ff k---k: 735553555 M qi-gi . A' n' n W' -- iw. n n n f vi 'fifp A A W , :-x5l:Q5'- Y-W, -, ,gf , QL 1 Billie Ann Pildnei- Vcnim Quick ,lane Ray . Q 3 s 1 al V V si i f , SQ, r ' , , my fx il ' if 1 3 J' L if 1, 6 I i Ky fx, K, in R I W 'gi if if Z if ,um , ff . w . lunimx M Wuint their Ol'lf'lI1Lll skit for sl1ivv,lm.1t unch vent. . ,S . 5 f' -wx B l ll Camilla XY'cStly Linicwimttus sin-prism new incmltmcr. sN Another fuml-rgiising priwiccn is tlii' nnniiiil siilc ol' pep rilwlwns dur- ing football sc-Asian. is , 111, LT L1 if ii wwf A 1 ai VWWL 5 we P1-gjjdwgz Vice Prgyidgnf S6L'7'L'fJ7'j T1'et1.r1n'e1' Monte Bien Ed Lunclgren Ron Goller Ted Troxel Cbiljfftlill P.1rli4wzezzl,z1'ia11 Ron Schmid Terry Ready GE The junior Exchange Club of Stranahan strives to stimulate fellowship, encourage good citizenship, and develope the qualities of service, dependability, and school spirit in each member. Annual projects include the placement of the prayer plaques in the cafeteria, sale of football derbies Irma Picozzi and Ken Barnett accept the December and pep tags. They also maintain the stone benches on the patio. David Andrews Art Beller boy and girl of the month awards. Bill Raynor Mike Tighe Sfwzzrwu' james Cline Bruce Kolb 3 Mike Burns Bill Daman Sid Hall Monte Bien dedicates the me- morial to Bob Mastin a-L2i2.As1dL212JSsi l I ,1 355,555 any Q. 5 ' 2' - ML all llfk L,.-,F-11,1 m l an-vs Life i t z Gary Gray Alan Harms Bill Herbert Tim Inserra Bill Kalvaitis Bill La Gasse Bob Lanteri Paul Lindoerfer Ed McLung Don Mitchell Jerry Napolitan Floyd Osterman Rusty Robb Gary Saltus John Spera Doug Splane Ed Virgin Dave White Terry Winder Richard Wisniewski Frank Baldasare John Calvert Winfred Deal Don Detmer David Gardner Bob Goral UQ Prefiderzz Vife Prefidenl Secrelary Rec. Cow. Secretary janet Sherman Elizabeth Murchie Pat johnson Peggy Valin T1'en,fu1'er H ifzorimz Chaplain Pm'Zi4zmentm'ia1z Juanita Pfanner Judy Peabody Connie Williaiius Linda Guistino t i ti-Tfs, SI.. -, ' '-?lL4saf??'Gs1f'wIi?':Q T15 W . - L-Itfi' :E ,:'.. 2 , ., , r '- If ' f u ? it-ffffftwi K Evelyn Green jack Ehrke The goal of Usherettes is to promote, advocate, and exemplify good citizen- ship at all times. They sponsor the an- nual calendar girl contest, operate the cash registers in the lunch room, usher at all school functions, and sell tickets to interscholastic contests of Stranahan High School. f rl blP FRONT ROW: Tracy W'illqinson, Sue Head, Sharon Lunsfortgl, Pat Johnson, ju y Pea ory, cggy Valin, jonita Pfanner, Elizabeth Murchie. BACK ROW: Barbara lXIazucr, Kay Roe, Diane Clmp- man, Diane Scott, Connie XVilliams, Mike Pierce, Tippy Valin. Linda Gustino. i, C i .,,,V: in it ,mt i i V Uslicrettes annually sponsor the Calendar Girl Contest. "After Twirp season I'll start opening the door for you again." 2I5 Bob Thixton Roger Tuttle Frank Shceman Vife Pfariderzl Rfrording Secrelfzry Cofwarpoxzdilzg Secrelzzry Art Vonwaldberg Pmfidefzl Civitan Post Cards feature an aerial photograph of Stranahan. CIVITAN PROJECTS. . . Annual Civitrin projects include the sale of Color Post Cards t featuring the Stranahan Campus, Claxton Fruit Cake, and sponsoring Bob Krienburg an all-school dance at which time Miss Civitan is selected. Trmfurer Roger Thompson Carl Clark Paul Anderson Dick Elliot 2l6 The purpose of Civitan is to cultivate social relations and good fellowship, to promote clean living and good sports- manship, to make service a watchword, and to foster the ideals of Senior Civitan Clubs. mira' V 1- Steve Hightower Fred Tosh Ricky XX'agar Jim Gilliam ,4 isa- Mwwn Marty Habel jake Land S17onJ0r Mike Bourke Civitan Queen Martha Wlmeeler ev? - 5 -H ai '1 NC!-10121 The purpose of Anchor Club is to serve h t e home, school, and community. Anchor Club, sponsored by the Pilot Club of Fort Lauderdale, prepares young women for fu- ture lea J dership. Fund raising projects include the sale of Homecoming corsages, stationery, and the annual production of Showboat. The Anchor Club also sponsors the Christmas mailbox an av and awards a trophy to the most athletic senior girl. W ar Siu-Q +g- Lynn Herbert Pizrliimze1zf.1rir111 Celia Byrd C brzplnifz y J 'N Q 1 ,, Q Ig - 2:8 K A f- Sandy Wfinstone Secret ary If M inn in Q-. l'- S ix . if 1- - --1...1- .- - ' -5 il- na 1'-1' R Helen Bond Serrfmfy Lynn Miller T7'61I.fZl1'61' l Z7 11-1 3-lip-1 l,-110 Claudla Buchanan Jurly Copeland KKHUI K1Ull'1l59 N X L Milc.l1'erl Miller Ida Jane Madl T - 25. Kathy Kingry Carolyn Lunsford Donna Lutz Z' l Irma Picozzi Ruth Shuman Janie Baker ,-5 Karen Blue Kay Blue Joanne Conrath Art VonXX'aldhurg Azzrbor Admins! I Carol Eckhardt Diane Gerstenslagcr Laura Hunt ....-- Q , - . r pf' Q 15 ynn Durham . , - :fe Prafzdwzl - , Q Eg EQ? K1 ef? it K SL A S 'K 5 is ly, ' ' . -r "' .rf ,N V. I' i 3 Judi, my l WJ? ff- 223555252 le . . 1 14 - , A , ffffij P fm, was A- , , , ,lf wr ' 5 NZZT7' . an .f 1 - Judy Cecconi P1 arid: 112 Barbara Schmidt Barbara XY"agncr Martha Vifheeler Lynn Hutchinson Georgia Macchio Sue Montgomery I CT Interact's main purpose is to build better students and citizens. It has numerous activities, some of these include selling Stranahan High School Banners, and parking lot stickers. They also produce Showboat in conjunction with Anchor Club. Lee Alexander Tofi Atohi iic. ss c it t em as M, 'il if s 'lx Robert French Dick Hessler Walter Birdwell Raymond Eldon Richard Meister Craig Edewaarcl 'Wm 'QQQ3' I ta jerry Kennedy Skip Clark Lacy Croft Marc De Rossi 'HVUQ Bill Greene Bob Holden Mike Linthicum John Ray bi A , V ""'1..w Steve Everhart Kar S ,, g ,I ,, ' wma ,, . N Buzz Truxal Robert Sweitzer Steve W6Si if tl fe V K . ,- AA.',. J Y vi, Harold Cox Spomor fr rx it 5 1 Q1 Y 1 v X Gary Wfalclron Clifton Rubican Sponmr 1 "Eve1yone watch the birdie and say cheese!" i 222 Giving the letters away? ment. .,::, W, al ' H ,N Claudia Buchanan Denise Flower Judy Copeland D01-ma Fernandez Prefidwzl Vice Pwridezzz SH,-ffm-y T7'F!IIIl7'6l' Gloria Bannock Susan Burch Barbara Carter Elilille GOUIS Leslee Friel Diana Griffin Jin Clark Sandy Hamilton Martha Heun Carolyn Johnson Louise Kronfeld Lynn Lorch Paula Martelli ' Becky Phillips Sharon Reiter Chaplain Hirtorifzrz Blanch Bazanos Spomor Q i ZEIZX T121-I-ll-Y Tri-Hi-Y strives to promote Christian ideals and standards in the home, school, and community. It serves the school by promoting fellowship. Carolyn McCoy Pat Van Kirk Ellen Walsh Maryilyn Miller Jane Von Waldburg Dee XVatson Si gne Olsen Gail Vroom Mary Young Preridenl Vice Prerident Art Beller Ted Troxel I-ll-Y r f,, , K , W., , 5 vc k an-4 1 W1 Serrefnfy jay Kane QW,-J .aqseeilf Trerzrzzrer Cfmfzlaizz Scrgemzf at Awzr Mike Burns Alan Otis Jerry Kennedy The Goals of Hi-Y are to mold good character and citizenship. These goals are based on Christian principles in our modern society. Montee Bein jim Cummings jim Cusick Topper Keffe Danny Erwin Bill Green Bryn jones Ed Lundgren Pete Maddock Frank Baldasare Bob Cooper Bob French Gary Henline Mr. Shannon Dick Hessler Irv jhonson Ricky Wagner Gary Waldron Mr. W'eaver L. N, ,,....: f'v'15rs2u1v:g 7-2- ' we f , ey gg , K " f ir , .,5i5y3,,, 2 , I in , 5" 'A+ W ' 71' ' . .. i fix 1 ,swf . - -V "" 5 ' '- i - - W i . 1 ,1 ' " ,. - X it 9 U, 1 . E 'L A JUNIO T121-I-Il -Y The junior Tri-Hi-Y strives to create and maintain high standards of Christian character and to extend these standards throughout the school and community. At Christmas the Junior Tri-Hi-Y sent 21 basket to a needy family and set up a Christmas tree. They entered a booth in the circus at the YMCA. The girls sell Cookies to raise money for the club. dia me if-swf Vice President--Slly Dunn, Secretary-Nancy Borgschulte, President-Carol Eckhardt, Treasurer-Doane O'Connell. Sally Dunn, Joanne Conrath, Jeanne Copeland, Chris Garbe, Nancy Bourschulte, Sandi Faber, Effie jo Melton, Barbara Herter, Carol Eckhardt, Mary Ann Moon, Camillia XX'estly, Teri Turner, Betsy Popham, Sherry Cox, Mrs. Wfhipple. 226 Combined Junior and Senior Tri-Hi-Y banquet. V? X.. Bonnie Whipple Sponsor Owl Kay Forber, Jean Wicknian, jane Fry, Sharon Joyce, Susan McCartney, Linda Greenwald, Dawn Heaton, Barbara Schmid, Sue Smoker, Patti Page, Sandy Becker, Sharon Grizzle, Barbara Pryor, Marylin Zegel, Pam Bridges, Janice Bonial, Naomi Paul, Patti Capozzi, Kitty McCarro1l, Martha Wheeler, Wendy Bluth, Susan Van XX'yck, Katie Gustafson, Kathy Clemes. 3 if me - Mrs. XY"hippie, Carol Eckhardt, Sally Dunn, Nancy Borgeshulte, Doane O'ConnelI, Becky Hoegstead, Patti Capozzi, Barbara Pryor, Marylin Zegal. 227 is ' f Each and every member of the Dragonettes is ex pected to uphold the traditions of their organization to the best of their ability. They are expected to es tablish leadership and high character, rank high in dependability, promote fellowship between other citi Jo Wilson zens and members of the corps, and to promote school spirit. Irma Picozzi wg Kay Blue lNIimi Lynn Karen Sandy Carolyn Mary Ann Linda Lori Marnette Eze-ll Layton Winstone Lunsford Moon Slaughter Bannock 6 Lynn Miller Sandy johnson Marilyn Zegel Sue Parks Katy Gustafson Candy Luckhardt Denise Flowers Carol Eckhart Josephine Powell Marsha Campbell Donna Fuller Diane Gerstenslager Lynn johnson Claudia Buchanan Sherry Lynch Barbara Schmidt Lynn Hutchinson Georgette Atohi Judy Allen Marge Collie Karen Blue Kathy Hollinger Jean Kerr Betsy Popham Sharon McKinney Dragonettes in action during halftime. I The purpose of Pep Club is to promote and maintain school spirit and sportsmanship 1 at all school sponsored activities. Money Pfgfidgm making projects include selling shakers and Tofl Atom sponsoring "Homecoming.', Vire Preridenz Susie Donoghue ' Cofrerpondirzg S errelar y Camilla Westley Pfzrliam enmrimz Terry Hurlburt m. .K ROXX' 1: Jane Fry, Evelyn Brandon, Linda Monte, Connie Bevans, Lyn Gooly, Vin Diebert, Sandy Monks, Mike Brandon, Kathy Sattler, Peachy Jones, Barbara Odebralsti, Kathy Keegan, Mary Ann Moor, Jerry Sheldon, Jim Darrah, Jim Cummings, Peggie Jann, Linda Slaughter, Derek Fuelling, Paul Heorner, Bruce Whipple, Pat Sjodin, Scott McClain, Mary Edwards. ROW 2: Mila Belick, Pat Capozzi, Margaret Potter, Sharon Case, Donna Young, Joyce Dale, Anna Lehoetay, Susan Campbell, Sandi Berni, Robin Baker, Wanda McNeil, Donna Pierce. Sunny North, Becky Friend, Paula Martelli, Judy Crandall, Elaine Gains, Jean Copeland, Jean Wickman, Al Rappol, Tofi Atohi, Barry Peterson, Jo-la Johnston, Georgia Ash, George Dobrinski, Sue Sanders. Recording Secremry Barbara Carter Trefzfurer Diane Thornburg l Chaplain Mary Lin Hughes Pep Club clowns promote spirit at Lauderdale assembly. ROW 3: Carolyn Heins, Alice Campbell, Merry Beth Hyma, Bonnie White, Gayle Smith, Lyn Slack, Cindy Ferro, Jodie Ulrich, Pat Bobbing, Roger Brault, Vicky Fries, Fred Kramer, Nancy Kluberg, Nancy Chapman, jill Dotts, Alan Larson, Linda Mallinger, Terry Ready, Don Mitchell, Bob Roat, Fred Liese, Bruce Garry, Barry Williams, Carol Curtiss. ROW 4: Kay Starn, Pat Stran, Bob Buntrock, Susie Donoghue, Mary Lyn Hughes, Bitsy Miley, jan Booth, Carol Tong, jean Stoffler, Pat Cummings, Camilla Westley, Cathy Clemes, Kitty McCarroll, Cathy Mizell, Brenda Lansky, janet Sterling, Mike Lithicum, Chris james, Sam Bassett, Barbara Carter, john O'Neil, Sharon Joyce, Connie Kinball, jack MaCahill, jerry Kennedy, Paul Plante, Janet Iverson, Marlyn Faucera. 9 ,I t V if .V ,e il ' 1 1 William Wfohrman Betty OSlir1 . - n'f.yv"h" " , 'R " 1f""o"""" 23l :za 1 Kathy Auner, Monte Bein, Arthur Bellar, Gilmer Blankenship, Nancy Boettner, Mike Bourke, Martha BIcKnight, Scott McLane Ron McMahan, Marilyn Miller, Mike Morgan, jill Nolan, Celia Byrd, David Campbell, Philip Cheaney, Barbara Cooley Wanda Davenport, Judy Peabody, Roger Roach, Tom Roberts, Kathy Row, Dianne Scott, Janet Sherman, Kathy Druce, Linda Guistino, John Johnson, Marian King, Carolyn Lunsford, Mary Brewington, David Short, Ed Stehle, Bob Sweitzer, Lena Tucker 'K' Prerfdwzz Vice Pferidefzl Serrelizry Treizrurer Art Vrunvlfaldbrrfg Becky Phillips Sharon Reiter Bill Binkley l-'CN O21 QOCIEIV f A The National Honor Society strives to promote and t ,L i"ii ' - I further scholarship, leadership, character and service ,.r ' P 'Li': iti here at Stranahan. Honor society sponsors a tutoring "N -:1.i"" service through which the members are available to Q WA help anyone who needs help. To help create school P spirit, the members make and sell Dragon dolls of Miss Perfect Mr. Augistin orange and blue yarn. s ' at 7? Peggy Valin, Jane Vincent, Paul Yoshioka, Martin Bratzel, Ronald Courtney, Dick Elliot, Denise Flowers, Tom Gibbons, Bill Greene, Marcia Haskins, Pat Johnson, Ann Parks, Irma Picozzi, Margaret Pitti, Dick Powers, Barbara Randall, Bill Raynor, Hel- ene Stamos, Connie Wfilliams, Sandra Wfinston, Mary Xwatring, Marxin Beasley, Kathryn Brenclla, Kris Burley, Lynn Chalmers, Lynn Durham PJI7'lju17U67Il.I1Afcl7l Clmplfzifz Chaplain Hifloriam Art Beller Bob Kreinberg Elizabeth Murcie Mari Boyer Donna Fuller, Lorita Lagiglia, Donna Lutz, Dennis Swinden, Lee Alexander, Gloria Bachlotd, Jane Baker, Philip Baur, Jean Bicker, Hellen Bond, Jan Booth, Arden Brake, Olivia Caudle, Susan Chambers, Marc Clarke, Paul Clarke, Sharyn Cox, Lynn Ezell, Roy Froid, Martin Hable, Barbara Hall, Jane Hancock, Judy Hancock, Dawn Heaton, Lynn Hutchinson, Robert Johnston, Suzanne Lafitte, Joyce Landon, Paul Lindoeyer, John Lowry, Georgia Macchio, Suzanne Morrtydrnery, Kerta Parker, Jeffrey Phelan, Mike Preice, Cheryl Snyder, Trevor Splane, Jean Stoeffler, Terilyn Turner, Ed Virgin, Barbara Wagner, Gerald Wfillwerth, Richard Wisiewski, Carol Ziufelt. P9 OO Ol2Al2Y AFFSNIZQ A ., C H Peters Troy Parish Phyllis Gibson Heather Berrons .Ns-M7""V 4 'Quad Cathy Keegan Nancy Walton Cathy Sattler Helen Shermerhorn Students interested in dis- cussing current world problems meet periodically to exchange news in order to realize a more informative point of view. lb. Mr. Brackett I Jon .White 5-I,0,U0, Dzfrurfzan Leader ? s The Debate Club strives to give Stranahan students a better understanding of debating and forensics. lt tries to teach them to evaluate issues and to express them clearly. Richard Goodhart, Sponror DEENE ' Alston, Larry Maurer L. to R. Bob Williams, Martin Bratzel, Randi Moe, Jackie Meyers, Robin Paul, Mike Godley, Bonnie Berson, Kathy Thomson, Barbara McClain, Pat McCann, Chris Knox, john Buck, Lynn Martini Kathy Preridefzl Vice Preriderzl S6L'1'6f!Z7'y Chester , Paul James Seabury .cf J Clarke , Pfau 'mv' A 'Ja Q. r .fx 1 V ::, W, 3 V W L fi' 'rm' 'N ki V rs' Trearwer Purliamenlarian Chaplain john Bob Dick Evans Johnston Eavenson SCIENCE The Stranahan Science Club strives to instill in its members the 3' 1 is ' importance of a good scientific edu- ii' ' 5 cation. 3 :. 9 i . ' ' :li Mary Valaslcy Elizabeth Baker , 21 Sjmfziw 5111111 mr zx 1 i iv' 'B' Ss Ci if Sa Ar u ir sg .f fi W .- 51" 5' :V .- nfl 5255 J. rg? . if ' jar, -,2 . ,h . . . ,. , fffl P is-: X 'V 3 iigfifkiifi gizlsflr :lib ,swam Maggy, 1 rl .. Y no W 5 4 will " ,K ,Q ,. an Paul Yoshiolca, Ed Duffy, jack Cabat, Roy Froid, Mel Bulman, Topper Keefe, Carl Weiland. John Jhonson, Art Beller, jim Sorrentino, Frank Sheeman, Martim Bratzel, Russell Somlter, Ted Toilet, jack Hanna, Ken Hammond, Nancy Boettner, Sharon Reiter, Phillip, Bower, Chris Knox, Paul Lindoefer, Paul Clarke, 236 Prefidefzf Paul Yoshioka Vire Prev. john johnson SEf1'6lm'j' Sharon Reiter Treafzzrer Dave Short Hiflorimz Nancy Boettner Cluplrzizz Art Beller E" Math Club is devoted to promoting and exploring new fields in Mathematics. By having math contests and by having people come in to speak on various phases of ad- vanced mathematics, they hope to further this interest. Geraldine Greer Spomor Marvin Beasley Leroy Blankenship Phil Cheaney Wanda Davenport jack Hanna john Johnson Roger Roach Prsfidefzl Xllfanda Davenport Frank Sheeman Sefffmry Trcarurer Roger Roach john Self Frank Sheeman Dave Short Gerald Willworth Leroy Blankenship Vlre Preriderzz , 'RK I 'gm Prmfdtrzzz Vice Pmariduzf Sefrezi1111-T1'm.i14rw' Sjmmof' Scott McLane Denise Flowers Elizabeth Stein Mrs. Griffin The purpose of German Club is to acquaint the members with Germany, her people, Culture, and language. Fund-raising activities inclutle a bake sale anal an airplane wash. Projects in- clude obtaining pen pals in Germany and German books and pamphlets for the library. The annual banquet is helcl at the Hofbrauhaus and the menu is strictly German. ROXV I, front to back: Harold Sampson, Marvin Beasley. Ed Stahle. Lorraine Boutzilo, Lorraine Lawrence, Tim Reed. ROW II: Anne Krnmholz. Rene Kokmeyer, julia Smith, Alan Schmidt. Elaine Beasley, Vifendy Chapelle. Judy Byrd, Mrs, Griffin. ROW III: Lilo Baumhartlt. Carol Eckhardt, Melanie Schmitz, Floyd Osterman, Rebecca Ridgeway, Mike Parker, Walter Stein, jerry Grims. ROW! IV: Denise Flowers. Janet Sherman, Ron Courtney. Elizabeth Stein. Scott McLane, Howard Smith. V rrrr 1 I Q' -2? s,i?w'-:awww elif l gp-ff' Curl-..,,kMA'h!vk may i ,. .. 5: qi .1 . 'mm 'sl' r -r 4. - 5 , V , - an 4 A :, I ' l ,Q , A f . X gy Q . A ,L 4 .. -9 Q. . I . A, C!-I Pfariderzl Vice Preridefzl Secretmy Tieflrurer Cbaplfziaz Hixlorifw Kathy Druce Mike Bourke Mimi Marnette Katherine Roe Kent Chilcot Claudia Buchanan The purpose of La jeunesse is to learn more iw, AQ' about the language, culture, and people of France. Ml in , L A Activities include Christmas caroling and a party, ig a spring banquet at a French restaurant, and the do- X I A ' nation of special materials to the French classes. E4 h ,L th I , 47 - - Parlmmezzlmimz Sponyor Sporzfor ac yeir e c ub avi ards a 55-5 scholarship to a Senior Jay Howling Mrs. Bailey Miss Story member who plans to further his study of the language. MEMBERS Pat Anthony, Tofi Atohi, Francine Berardi, Bonnie Berson, Sandi Black, Sue Bode, Helen Bond, Sandy Bowen, Mari Boyer, Becky Brumbaugh, Susan Campbell, Marc Chinoy, Diana Coutu, Sally Dunn, john Evens, Elaine Erate, Aileen Furiosi, Chris Garbe, Dave Gardner, Diana Gerstenslager, Pat Harris, Lynn Hutchison, Deanna Inman, Tom james, jo Ann Jocis, Sandy Johnson, Robert Johnston, Sharon Kasmarick, Marian King, Chris Knox, Suzanne Lafitte, Mickie Luckhardt, Pete Maddock, Pat McCann, Dennis Mahood, Larry Maurer, Barb Mielo, Lynn Miller, Mary Ann Miller, Randi Moe, Elaine Moran, Karen Palasay, Sue Park, Jeff Phelan, Karen Pierce, Billie A. Pildner, Sharon Reiter, Torn Roberts, Kay Roe, Bryan Selp, Frank Sheeman, Elizabeth Stein, Bill Tarleton, jimae Tarry, Allison Thomas, Teri Turner, Tippy Valin, Pat Van Kirk, Ellen Walsh, Carol Wanamaker, Gerald Willwerth, Martha Wlieeler, Kay Woodinan, Aimee Yoshioka, Mary Young, Marylin Zegel. 239 S Q I 1 N Vim P1511-llike Linthi CUID Snr.-Tr, t ,--Chris Nclwn Pre.f.-Fred T05 Lab Tub,-Ed 240 ,umm CAMERA '7 ' lv BACK ROW: Mike Lin- thicum, Robert Frey, Fred Tosh, Mary Young. FRONT ROXV: Christine ' Nelson, Edward Duffey, Betta Gustine, Mike Parker. Spawn: John Tosh TT ECU ON I l Bob Martin ' -Richard McCall Robert Ripple ,,.wttt.M .. x 1" , -- , ff A . wif It . 42- W, at ,'fk . F ' tg 'T SX " ' i ' . .. f 'P ,bp Walter Metzger Barbara Brown 1 Spolllar 511373501 Lee JNICGLIICF l i 1 Frank Tliomus Gilbert Wfcstlvcr-ry Steve Miller Pete Hora Sandy Berni Tony Gardner Lee McGurer Zelda james Bruce Mtxcl-Joniiltl jim MacDonald Bob Martin Bruce Button Robin Baker Greg Vlfood I-lzirry Nnllett Brent Blakely Etltlic Maxwell Lynn Conn 24I Linda Masi, Marcia Makepeace, Toni W'ilson, Sue Edwards, Linda Rolle, Diane Fulwider. Sue Tack, Sue Rosenberg, Marti Crane, Sandi Bird, Sue Beller, Roberta Clark, Sandy Medema, Sue Givens, Linda Hardy, Karen Cheshire, Linda Burton, Diane Inman, Ronnie Alpern, Sue Burford, Barb McCullar. Wendy' Chapelle. Qiagazsszesxsafw . L- asa sf vf?i1fW?fzi ' ,. r x 5 iiiszf- A X, , 1- v f LQ is of -f isis' , , M, , . - N ' , ?"fv- . 3' Ei?f5?5,':ii-' fe , F f 3-5 I z' Nr-1. 33 I-'152Qei,'l5f W .v . f' :'-im , 11' 2f2i1if,1ff,: ' " i "2-3: :Pai in 1 ' hfffsei K I fly. ' - 1 r, V ,:,Z.. 1 f S .V ,izgl , A . I k K KA F, i Ei' kj' Q, f. 1 L di L Toni VUilson Becky Creel Vice Pferident Preridenl Sue Beller Sandy Sanderson Secrezary T1'ea,r.ure1' 242 ' 'Atltletw ea -- 1 f A a'ae,,v,,5,,a ., ,.., . . I -, 'fy QRS ' ' ' , ' ' ri m ' , azz, In , mf' jr a , 501 P- , ,.r. U, ii' Dot Owensby Jean Bucci l Helen McBroom Q 'f fl 3 gym ,agawfag S gi . Q exit Barbara jones, Barb Sheldon, Rite Fitt, Elan Barth, Tomi Tyler, Sandy Long, Jodi Land, Lonna Reimers, Sharon Hansen, Sharon Kazmarick, Pam Cromwell, Laura Long, Linda Barns, Karen Decker, Lorraine Boutizilo, Lynn Farrell, Paulette Tea- walt, Barbara MacNeil, judy Dumont, Becky Creel, Sue Howard, Sharon McKinny. Prw'idcz1I Vim Pfwfdarzl S5fI'L'f.I7'-1' Olivia Caudle Suu Sinders Aileen Furinsi Dame E "One, two, three, one . . . jo Powell, Sjwzzwr jean Bucci. Sjffmmr Carol Londo. Sue Sanders, Olivia Cgiudls, Aileen Furiosi, Cindy Ifcrrn. ,Indy Ulricht, Rosemary Mi1cNi1mari1, Mary JMC Hum' pat gavage- Sue Kingsley, jenn Bickert, Cheryl Dodson, Linda Arnold, Marla Stearns, Susan Lufitte, Joanne Joris, Diane Sanchez, Gay Plumlcy, Brenda Whkcficld, Rlwnrln Achor. 243 Natmwlz Tlmespfnw l-lomofv mfs , f b-,, A I . . . and the plays go on. ixfff .,-, A' W H W l ' K' - 1 ,L . xv J " 1 '- Try' ff H35 'wb . i, 3 a L 2 VW? V 6-.. 4 -' ,, , Preridezzl Pam Marty Z J , l Vice Prefidefzl Mike Morgan Cheryl Beard. Kris Bellett, Mary Brewington, Celia Byrd, Barhara Cooley, Susie Donohue, Linda Giustino, Sandy Hamilton, Diane Kasmarik. Martha Lacey, Sue Lynn, Jim McCoy, Pam Marty, Lynn Miller, Joyce Millett, Mike Morgan, Jill Nolan, Judy Peabody, Mary Roberts, Joe Sasek. Peg Stackpole, Mike Tighe, Regina Turner, Roger Tuttle, Peggy Valin, Gail Vroom, Dee Watsrin, Diane Gerstenslager, Judy Hancock, Bob Martin, Ruth Miller, Sue Park, Terry Sweat, Teri Turner. 244 Secrelfzfy Linda Giustino f ,f Trerzfzzref' Martha Lacey J P, - Scribe Joe Sasek A ' ' y Clmplairz Mary Brewington Pm'lifzme12lf11'if111 Bob Martin Carol Turner Spomor ,Q -my-.M Jane Ray P1'c'.ridw1Z l-I MAKER +098 SO! 44, ' 7 5 2 ' Roseunn Grnzinno E ...l ij Q Effie JO Melton Vire Prefidezzl A iv Y ,Q Serremry Ok 1' O? 44,0 QSM Nfw HO Judy Byrd T1'mfz11'w' as Judy Brannin Jody Land C lmplaizz H irloritzzz Karen Rei ner Pm! mm 6'72lp11'jiJU1 fa- 5?? Mr. Carrol of Carrots Jewelry Store talks to members about fine china, silver, and crystal. A good time was had by all members Mrs. Criss A womans place is in the home and she Should he well versed in all phases of household man- agement, this might well be the theme of Future Home- makers, Ni who attended Daddy Date night. Mrs, Boyd 245 Vive P7'5ifj6fC'7.7fi,ll1ClC Hanna Seawrtrlz3-Trml11rerfKoolcy Chambers Pl't',S,fff6'7Zff,l4UIU Roherrs Young Doofoms Future doctors meet at Broward General Hospital to gain insight into the medical profes- SIOU. 246 "Crowd around, the operation begins in just 60 seconds!" "This is almost like biology lab!" Kooky Chambers, Nancy Boettner. Denise Flowers. Lorraine Lawrence, Lucia Wfolfer, Harold Rockwood, Dr. XWoulfe, Tom Roberts, Phil Tucker, Lew Mucci, Jack Hanna, Ed Duffy, Gary Saltus, Ken Hammond, Dennis Swinden, Jay Salyer, Jack Brewer. N .5 in ,i The purpose of the Euture Nurses of America is to give in- terested students information and experience in the field of nursing. Judy Abusio, Cassandia Miller, Ilona Howath, jackie Meyers, Pain Seig, Karen Rosen, Sharon Davis, Diana Evans, Sharon McKiney, Lynne Chalmers, Martha Huen, Karen Decker, Sandy Hansen, Heather Behrens iw ' we -ix A 'f 'vii' ' Q, s izifzzl-if t 'fn .. 1 . 'VV , 'gay ff ' -,a- W ,ga w as . Elizabeth Geldbaugh Spomor sf' Q Edna Hurst Karen Rosen, Sharon Davis, Lynn Chalmers, Heather Behrens, Martha Heuns Sponsor 247 4 Q - me 2 1QNgS ii,?59Q1: .. , . Marian Barnard Barb Carter Lynn Herbert Carolyn Lunsford Teaclwzs Donna Lutz Diane Schwimmer fs. ig.. Dick Powers Jane C. Vincent Q Q,-af:3sm2,sa1r .env as-,rs-rf. , -- ,,.. . W s Ewen. ',-, K V 3 ' , Mia f. rfkwsriiz , ., 5. lim I - ff::11g.f 1 . ,.- A- -, - . ,gh':r.:p-i:e',.s Q:-, - 1 L 7 -' 1 ::,. L: ""' ' ..... V r ' . Y - - Wanda Davenport, Treasurer, Mary Brewington, Parliamentarian, Kay Roe, ..., 5. . .I . A I ' ' ' .V .,.,., . Q f frk, i - - Q5 , - I VNV Vice President. Judv Coreland, Chaulain. Eden Yount, Historian, Chris . .K 4- -,Z Cookenmaster, Secretary, Kathy Druce, President. gi, . .gf ' R , 1 - " ' f - ' .44 ' f.', l joan Hutchinson 'lk f -1' i - : ::H,. 2l..s:Fs-r ,F sz, J. : -A -,L . .s . L r Sue Kingsley Joyce Landon Vickie Renfro Carol Shafer Gilbert Westberry 248 Helen Overmyer ,ga Becky Brumbaugh Diane Pinder Lynn Farrel Candec Ferrera Kip Flanders FutwwQ 'o6vA ' The Future Secretaries of America strive to promote a finer understanding of the benefits of a secretarial career. I l Ellen Butler Carole De Decker, Pat Loftus, Kathy Judson, Claudia Carbo, Sue Allen i Marie Vermans, Marlin Wolf, Barb Randall, Jeanne Norris, Helen Holladay, Diane Grif- fin, Elaine Bryant, Elizabeth Oprian, Linda Bennet, Becky McKown, Sue Verzaro, Heather Behrens. Dorthy Kruchina, Carol Lindsay, Carol Hcran, Judy Gorsett, Lynn Marsh. Gloria Mikkleson, Judy Blanchard, Pat Loftus, Carol Lspeck, Judy Buckner, Carol De Decker, Sandy Freeman, Bonnis Geiger. Elaine Bryant, Kathy Judson, Jeanne Fadley. Marie Vermans, Linda Bennet, Barb Randall, Diane Griffin, Carole Lindsay. 249 Claudia Corbo Gail Curtiss Carol Decker jeanne Faeleley Linda Bennett Pat Blauvelt Judith Brickner Barbara Chapman Ginger Felcle Janice Miller Charlotte Gallahar Bobbie Randall Carolyn Herron Karen Surmay Helen Hnlladziy Donna Tanner Lena Mari jane Weich Marilyn Wfolfe Tucker e Vermaas . Q M .f G WE: E M .i , ,i,, , , - L ,, 7, I , ' , , '- f 1 ln' Tiara in ' ii? i " K W, ,, fm.1'lJ:2aiW ' Ellen Butler Spofzfof 250 At Thanksgiving time C.B.E. gives food to some needy family. Three girls busy at the C.B.E. Car Wash. BUAUABSS Cooperatvie Business Education offers the girls who are tak- ing business education courses the opportunity of applying their skills to a career as a stenographer or secretary. This is arranged so as the girl can spend a portion of the time spent in school and on the job. Ginger Felde at the Lauderdale News Mr. Charles Lassa of Broward County Credit Bureau talks to a Secretarial Practice Class. it Sandy Freeman working at XVFLM. Peggy Pitti at Brow- ard Builders Ex- change Preridezzz Peggy Pitti We , 1 f I l Vice Previdezzl Sefrelfzry Sandy Freeman Kathy Judson r C,B.E. girls reading the financial page. W f fl T1'w.r1z1'e1' Cfmjvfzlilz Becky Cown Sue Allen ,ag qt? flivoriazz Pfzrfifwz ffzzfmiiifz Elizabeth Oprian Pat Menard 252 The main goal of the Di- versified Cooperative Train- ing organization is to pro- vide Stranahan students with an opportunity for combin- ing school Work with an occupational experience. In this program the student at- tends school four hours a day and works at least four hours on their job. Prefidefzl Vice Preridenz Secretary Cliff Smith Valerie Palmiter Gloria Shaver D IFIED OOO TRAINING ...Mil mm nm Sponsor Mr. King Officers discuss plans for future activities. Trefzyurer Richard Lauth john Baldwin Penny Butterworth Robert Casanova james Cairns Fred Clarke Pam Howard Sheridan johnson Sue Keyte Phyllis Lavalee john Lockwook Ann McPhilomy Jack Matthews Lynn Miller Sylvia Prothero XX'urren Russell Trade Simon Gerald Wilson W'illiam Armstrong Don Foley jean Taylor Not Pictured Paul Samulak Chaplain Sandy Hamilton ,ge A., l K,', , lg N , K s s i f N '- ' i 2 Prerzdent 2 gf K I Cheryl Beard A I V: kv "' We Pmldent ' T"f'4W'f' A Sally Childers "l' ' l"' 7 'l',ll 5 I lll if l Serreiary J Pat weidung M-may if Reporler s Sandy Winstone Mama, Linda Baskett Bu8ine8S The world of business awaits those who are aware of the opportunities available. "This is how you do it." Bafbflfa MHZUI. A8065 Campbell, Barabara Wygant, Cheryl Beard, Marge Collics, Carolyn McCoy, Sandy Winstone, Sue Chamberlaine, Pat Savage, Lynn Gooley, Jane Titcomb, Linda Gustino, Pat Weilding, Sally Childers, Leslie Friel. 254 P0lwIAf7-TQ01Cl1P!U- Associatiow Teamwork leads to success and at Stranahzm it is the team of parents, students, and teachers who work together for a better school. OFFICERS: Mrs. Burge, Mrs. Larsen, Mrs. Roblnson. Mrs. Valin. , 2 R r , H kv H I 'kkk S, 1 x x X writ x xx Pafgnfg game back to 5-H45 The Spaghetti Dinner was fine ENTOOUNCIL Wfilliam Heflin Spam or Walter Birdwell Judy Ceuoni jim Cummings Tofi Atohi, Gloria Bathtold, Karen Blue, Kay Blue, Cookie Chambers, Teri Creed, XX'infred Deal, john Evans, Steve Everhart, David Gardner. Frank Garro, Dick Hessler, Kathy Kluberg, Jerri johnson, Bill La Gasse, Lorraine Lawerence, Rick Louden, Dennis Mahood, Patti Page. Jane Ray, Bruce Shaffner, Sue Smoker, Sherri XX7igglesworth, Martha XXf'l1eeler, Teri Turner, Susan Van XX'yk, Ed Virgin, Camilla Westly. jim Darragh Judy Dodds Susie Donosghue Jeanne Gillo Mike Linthicum jim McCann Patsy Mendicino 256 The purpose of Student Council is to pro- Pmm,UI! mote and practice good citizenship, student- Bob Krienberg teacher relationship, to improve school mo- IfmPm.,,jL,,1, rale, assist in the management of the school, Ann Parks and provide a forum for student expression 5,.m,,,,,.y for the general welfare of the school. Stu- lUtlYH1mfUfk dent Council sponsors the sale of I. D. cards, T1'L.l.fIH'c'7' the annual Christmas tree, and the bulletin Mmtl' Brin board. - Sandy XY'instone Susan Beller, Bob Brenner, Ed Bauer, Diane Fulwider, Darryl Garner, Ray Heaton, J21DCfXVhiPl'le Bill Herbert, Susie Hightower. Barbara Howland, Mary Ann Habbert, Mary jocis, Jo Ann Johnson, Randy justice, Tom Kreinberg, Larry l.a Dauceur, Mary Lucas, Mickey Luckhandt. Maureen McCann, Alass Miller, Dave Mosley, jane Platt, Susan Scott, Patty Sjodin, Linda Syer, Anthony Taylor, Dan Vaniman, Darlene Wetzel, Donna Young, Eden Yount. Roger Thompson Carole Vargo Mike Morgan Robin Paul Cliff Smith Beverly Stcnbcrg Robert Swcitzer 257 i Jill Nolan EDITORIAL wgumohg Jonita Pffinner CO-EDITOR Jane Hall ,MAKE-FP MANAGER CO-EDITOR Barbara Mielo Marsh I Dot . 1 Y MAKE-UP MANAGER Mary Priest MAKE-UP EDITOR ADVERTISING EDITOR. Linda Hogan Celia Iivrcl CIRCULATION Bonnie BHSOH I EDITOR J Vkkri Julia Smith Peggy Pitti EDITOR Joylyn Barron tym ' ji J J Judy Allen PUBLICITY DIRECTOR Lynn Durham ART EDITOR Sharon Pennock EDITOR STAFF Carol Cermola Evelyn Cockill Kitty Kacenas Diane Newman Linda Newton Michael Parker Richard Polangin Donna Samal Patricia Savage Jean Smith Frances Turner Bonnie W'hite Nancy Wliite 258 J 8 TYPING EDITOR anet Gei er Terry Ready PI-IOTOGRAPHER Jim Robinson ASSISTANT EDITOR MAKE-L'P MANAGER 'Gail Bishop BUSINESS 'MANAGER Dianne Simmons CO-EDITOR Ande Kormanyos Mary Brewington CO-EDITOR I Lynn Massengill ACTIVITIES EDITOR Jeff Rosenberg HONORS EDITOR Helene Stamns CLASSES EDITOR Joyce Millett TYPING EDITOR Alice Campbell ADVERTISING EDITOR EL PASADO CO-EDITOR Sharon Joyce ACADEMIC EDITOR Judy Cecconi Bitsy Miley SPORTS EDITOR Jill Dotts HONORS EDITOR Martha McKnight' CLI'BS EDITOR Kris bellett ,TYPING EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER STAFF Marcia Campbell Linda Clemons Brian Conboy Susie Donoghue Sally Dunn Donna Fernandez Becki Friend Lynne Fulton Lynne Fulton Carolyn Johnson Jane Joyner Lynn Lorch Susan MacNeil Paula hfartclli XX7alteI' Mitchell Sunny North Donna Pavey Irma Picozzi Paul Plante Judy Reno Bonnie Robitalle Linda Skidmore Marsha Speck Jimae Tariy Pat Van Kirk Peggy Vann Janet XWhipple Caryl X5Uhite Jo Wilson PUBUCXYHONQ MANA jill Nolan, EDITORIAL MANAGER fi R43 I' ii I my N: 35 3 .642 ' V g ' ' QQ 'Y gi I-,Lil ' 51 'iii ?14j,i1?,,.,-' I 5533 , ll. . V , ix it-,. My A W, I "ww Gail Bishop, BUSINESS MANAGER Dianne Simmons, 2nd Sem. MAKE-UP MANAGER li li Fi 4 Carol Cermola, Ist Sem. MAKE-UP MANAGER jane Hall, MAKE-UP MANAGER EC!-IO EDITOI2-Q Barbara Mielo CO-EDITOR jonita Pfarmer, CO-EDITOR Peggy Pitti, janet Geiger, Bonnie White PRINTING MANAGER TYPING EDITOR TYPIST Terry Ready, PHOTOGRAPHER, and Mike Parker look over equipment. Marsha Doty, MAKE-UP EDITOR, and Linda Hogan, ADVERTISING EDITOR, assist Celia Byrd, CIRCULATION EDITOR, in tabulating ECHO sales. 260 C, me 2, E 3 3 S 5 3 DIJEST EDITOR Sharon Pennock and ASSISTANT EDITOR ECHO staffers Richard Polangin, Donna Samal, Pat Savage, jim Robinson discuss the latest edition with Frances Turner. jean Smith, Nancy White prepare an edition. Linda Newton Elaine Bryan Joyce Millett TYPIST TYPIST TYPIST Judy Allen, PUBLICITY DIRECTOR, and julia Smith, FEATURE EDITOR, go over the plates with Kitty Kacenas. Lynn Durham Bonnie Berson ART EDITOR CIRCULATION EDITOR joylyn Barron Mary Priest SPORTS EDITOR MAKE-LTP EDITOR 26l EL PAQADO EDITORS MARY ISRlTXX"lNC1'l'ON ANDE KORMANYOS SHARON JOYCE EL PAQ4 O 97231211 CLUBS EDITOR Martha McKnight and Carolyn johnson, Sunny North, Donna Pavey, and Brian Conboy check copy. 4-mould, Peggy Vann PHOTOGRAPHER Paula Martelli, Caryl White, Susie Donoghue, john Leatherwood. and I.ynn Lorch discuss problems with ACTIVITIES EDITOR Lynn Mussengill. Terry Ready, PHOTOGRAPHER 263 HONORS EDITORS jill Dotts and jeff Rosenberg go over layouts for their sec- tion. mt, ADVERTISING EDITOR Alice Campbell talks shop to Paul Plante, Walter Mitchell, Bonnie Robaitalle. TYPING EDITORS Kris Bellett and Joyce Millett read rough copy editions. A 1 It -Emi -f-'- mg ACADEMICS EDITOR Judy Cecconi goes over layouts with her staff Irma Piccozi, Becki Friend, Peggy Vann, and Linda Skid- more. Sally Dunn and BUSINESS MANAGER Diane Coutu chcfk EL PASADO receipts. CLASSES EDITOR Helene Stumos completes layouts with thc assistance of Sue McNeil and Marsha Campbell. N L. ,. A A V SPORTS EDITOR Bitsey Miley works on lay outs with Lynn Fulton, Judy Reno, Donna Per nzxnclez, and Put Vim Kirk. FIRST ROW from left: Diane Schwimmer. SECOND ROW: Sally Dunn, Bonnie White, Elizabeth Murrhie, jane Weersing. Ron Courtney, THIRD ROW: Barbara Mielo, Lorraine Lawrence, Frances Turner, jill Nolan, jonita Pfanner. FOURTH ROW: Kathy Keegen, Bonnie Robitaille, Carol Cermola. Q wil FIRST ROW from left: Becky Phillips, Andy Kormanyos, Gail Bishop, Dee Dee Simmons, Mary Brewington. SECOND ROW: Alice Campbell, Marsha Speck, jimae Tarry, Peggy Pitti. THIRD ROW: Terry Ready, Joy-Lyn Barron, jim Robinson, Sharon Pennock. 266 Paws Pwpleog Quote me not about the flower that opens each morning to fulfill its life long dreams of beauty and grace. Quote me not about the sun's glorious ray's that bring the day's long rest to an end and start God's record of time again. Quote me not about the bird that sings and fills each listener's heart with joy and happiness that never ceases. I will never utter those words, for they have no meaning in our chaotic world where no one can stop and listen to a poet's call. Quote me now of mushroom clouds that fill our world with sorrow and pain as we witness the death of all flowers. Quill and Scroll awarded the first creative writing award to Jim Robinson, author of the poem Poet's Prophecy. Quill and Scroll chorus lines up to sing one of their original compositions in Showboat tryouts. Peggi Pitti Terry Ready Barbara Mielo Secrelary Chaplain Hirtorian Jim Robinson fm I F-...W Sharon Pennock, Vice President, points out the club charter to jill Nolan, President. 267 JJ' , 'Q 268 5.55 BSHTC , I CLAQQ CIF- '64 PRESIDENT ...... Lee Aiwamdmv VICE PRESIDENT. Ilwnlef Baldasow QECIZEIIGI-221 .... Katie Gustafsow TEEAQUIZEIZJ ...... C0515 Migellb QPONQOIZ ..... Maagawb Casow 269 Pat Acton Bruce Albert Lee Alexander Barbara Allen Charles Allen Lewis Alquist james Aniadei Jon Anderson Wfayne Anderson Carol Angell Marie Antonello Christine Apel Fred Armstrong Ronnie Armstrong Sharon Arnold joan Arsenault Georgia Ash Tofi Atohi Ann Averill Charles Babcock Edwin Babcock Gloria Bachtold Janie Baker jeff Baker Tarry Baker 270 ., " Z V 1 w g, Y ' ,egvxflk , 19 K pf: ff ,pew wie W 'WW' Terry Baker Frank Baldasare jerry Baldwin Judy Barber Carol Barnes Charles Barrett Joylynn Barron Danny Barrow jerry Barter Louise Bartley Louis Barton James Bartz Carol Bates Linda Bauerle Kenneth Baum Philip Baur Sandra Baxter Greg Beaupied Sandy Beckett Teresa Behr Dan Bennett Robert Bennie jackie Benoit Ray Benway Francine Berardi 27I Wfayne Bettis Jean Bickert Elaine Bierman Barbara Bird Rick Bishop John Black Wfzzltei' Black Robert Blair Gloria Blake Brent Blakcley Judy Blank Bob Blasky Sona Blankenship -Iolm Blattner Karen Blue Kay Blue Pam Blust VC'enLly Blutll Pat Bolvbing Alike Botlkin jim Boggs Kcifer Boggess Pam Bohunon Hellen Bond Linda Bond 272 7 Zvi Sr. ma" K' 7 ml' , f li" ggi 7 as 3 Ar 33 ,S Q, sk? P. A Q l ii , .l s , ' .- .rfaxzsfr ' u w . 9137551353 , , Nfwiliitggszei f ,mage 'Q wi 7 eesaissfssfsziwesfi Wilagsfisfn siiififfaiiew ff-- -- -,.----..,- . . . is f,Wm,,,,,,J K ,,:: -- .wr3mM.,s,.:s1 ,-wx' , .. w.m s,,. aww- z.1q:,Lg M61-ar 31 if - I ,- ra. .qw-ug, MSC wif it ,B , H Lt B H GK... Janire Boniai jan Booth Nancy Borgschulte Lorraine Boutzilo Sandy Bowcn Russ Boy Mary Boyer Nancy Bragdon Arden Brake Rochelle Brandes Mike Brandon Don Branner Roger Brault Jack Brewer Pam Bridges Lou Jean Brin Terrell Brooks Cathy Brown Kenny Brown Marysia Brown Richard Brown Bob Brown Bob Brown Susie Brown XX'ilbur Brown 273 Rebecca Brumbauglt Karen Brueggeman Peter Brunner Mike Bruno Tim Bruton john Buck Mel Bulman jean Bunner Orson Burdick Bob Burdick Jeanne Burge Merlene Burgess Shirley Burks Alicia Burns Jim Burns Diane Burton Bill Burton Pam Bush Bruce Button Cheri Byrne Judy Cagle Mike Calkins Claudia Calverly Jean Calvert John Calvert 274 ax' 1 . 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Archie Cameron Susan Campbell Bill Campbell Patty Cglpozzi Ifl.1n Cgxrtcl' Riclmiml Carter Olix in Camille Slicrry Cm endisll Ray C.1yuS0 Sue Cligimbcrlairl Susan Clmmlners Bruce Chandler Diana Chapman Nancy Clmpman joey Clieutlmm Rlionilii Clicrnault Bob Childers Dolmnnn Chilton Marc Cliinoy Judy Clark Lonnie Clark Paul Clarke Tim Clary Dawn Clem Larry Clements 275 Kathy Cleines Patsy Clowney Chuck Coker Randy Coleman Marge Colicchio Emmett Collins Brian Conboy Lynn Conn Joanne Conrath Charlotte Cook Bill Conley Bob Cooper Jeanne Copeland jack Corey Robert Corp Robert Corsino jim Costanzo Mike Covelli Sandra Cox Sherry Cox Billy Creaig Teri Creed Betty Creekinore Becky Creel Arlene Cronin 276 'tiff 'P K ,:. A si W -. ' ji. cp.. if -2: W ': Qi. 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Lynn Martin Pam Martin Bob Martin Linda Masi Cassandra Mason Dana Matonis Phil Matthews Robert Matthews George Massey Bob Maull Eddie May Marney Mayo Don McAnemy Steve McCall Maureen McMann Candy McConnaughhay Frank McComb Kathy McConnell Sharon McCray Barbara McCulla Elizabeth McDonald Paul McDonald Angie lNlcDoWell Bruce McFarland Lee McGurer Lynn Mcllvaine Martha McKinnes Sharon McKinney Barbara McLain Irma McLaughlin Keith McLaughlin Robyn McLendon Rebecca McManus Vifalt McMullen Rosemary McNamara Cindy McPherson Sandy Medema JoAnn Meder Bill Meeks John Meiers Mason Mellor Les Mellott David Llerson Gail Metzger Louis Meucci Bruce Meyer Joanne Meyer Steven Michalec 32I Mary Mitlkiff Raymuncl Burl Alice Miller Curt Miller Darryl Miller Deborah Miller Lfiirilyn Miller Bob Miller Diane Mitchell Don Mize Karen Mollica Linda Monte Put Montefusco Michelle Montgomery Denise Montininy Maryann Moon Bob Moore Sue Moore Tom Moore Gary Morgan Ray Morgan Gary Morris john Morris Dave Moseley George Motz Paul Muclgett Steve Mueller Bonnie Muirheacl Jeff Mullins Michael Murphy Jack Myiitt John Nriber Mark Nzihm Barry Nation james Napolitan Albert Neel Linda Neil Christine Nelson Linda Nelson Robert Nemesek Gary Neismith Joyce Newman Pat Newman Ronda Nicholson Jell Nieclenthal Richzircl Niemczyk Ken Noble Richard Nolen 322 Q A f fr i . 4. 61? 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' .. v David North Carol Norton Toma Nott Dennis Nuualilli Frank Nowakowski Karen Oates Lynne O'Brian Dick Ogburn Jan O'Lcnick Christine O'Neill Susan Orberg Richard Orr Donna Osborne -lucly Osterman Bruce O'Toole Tom Overfield Ruthanne Padgett Chuck Papworth Layton Parham Barry Parillo Gary Parker jim Parker Michael Parker Peggy Parker Effie Parsons Chas. Pascual Ronald Patrick Linda Patterson Patrick Patton Mickey Pearson Donald Pelton Jerome Perry Paul Perry Sara Pettit Barbara Petty Jim Pfau Diana Pierce Donna Pierce Karen Pierce Orencio Pieclra Nancy Pinnel Lintla Piontek Dennis Pittman john Pittman Jane Platt Gay Plumley Rich Polangin Kathy Poling 323 Ida Polly XX'ilma Porter Diana Post Margaret Potter Stephen Potter Lucy Pou Stepheny Powell Tavelle Powell Danny Premock Tommy Prescott Jerry Price john Price Phyllis Price james Priest Charlie Prus Donette Pruitt john Puckett Graham Pugh Linda PuI'ClO john Purser Ann Quanstrom David Quinn Judy Quinn Susanne Radford Jeffrey Radtke lNiaurecn Rafferty Thomas Rafferty Bucky Rand Karon Randall Carol Rash Rory Raynor Ginny Ream Barbara Rech Emmatt Redding Jay Reed Steve Regner Lonna Reimers Vickie Renfro Fred Reuter Dianne Rhoads jon Richards Linda Richards Shelby Richards Robert Richardson Dorothy Richardson Warti Richardson Bob Riegal Melvin Riffle 324 R ' is J is c Q it , xx x Q' 54, -in .. 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'i ,ti JAY SHIYCF A Kris Samal gt ,vwff N Linda Sampson p Diane Sanchez e Linda srmdeffef A.. 325 Gene Sanders Sandy Sanderson Pat Sanford Annette Sano Gary Saracene Tony Sarandes Bill Sarcia Judith Sattler Gary Saultz Pat Savage Adrian Schild Steve Schlie Nancy Schmied Bill Schmidt Jim Schnee Nancy Schneider Cleve Schorr Barbara Schuppert Gary Scott john Scott Susan Scott Sylvia Scott Steve Seay Bryan Seip Kathy Serra Carol Shafer Barry Shaffer Lfike Shankman Sue Sharp Bob Sharpe Alice Shaw Donald Shaw Gerry Shay Bob Sheaffer Barb Sheldon Linda Shively Ray Shoaff Ann Shoal: Vance Shular Steve Shull jackie Sikes Ed Simmons W'ayne Simmons Carol Simon David Sims Patty Sjodin Linda Slaughter Tony Slaughter 326 f it 'g,, fi ft' tilt' 46+ 'Ks 7 a f- fx QP' Vigff 5 uw' as , i my I fit H 3 it +3 4: it e2ft1fs,k,. i1,,o g.:,..,i,. likggygimff H www lt ' ,bb 5 ,:.' ff' fi .xii SWAN ,. t 1 1 ' 'ati are Z. . gf M rl Q we W fa g ft: t MSL, as ' W , . . ff . ' Q. wn,: ii: f , ,LW . i. , vile ,Q ! 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N E W Q '95 David Slaymaker Carol Smith Clay Smith David Smith Douglas Smith Fonda Smith Gary Smith Georgia Smith Jean Smith Ken Smith Lyle Smith Margaret Smith Pat Smith Ronald Smith Tom Smith Wencly' Smith Frank Spahn Donna Spangler Bill Speier Jr. Kathy Spera Judy Spieget Sandy Stacil: Kay Starn Marla Stearns Don Steimlc Ron Stenhcrg Howard Stephan Janette Sterling Brenda Steward Dale Stewart Sandi Stewart Tom Stewart Michael St. Hilaire Boh Stibal Janice Stigliano Bill Stonaker Nancy Stowell Lynn Stowman Aubrey Strickland Carlton Stroud Harry Stroud Vanetta Stroud Charles Studley Cecil Sullivan Bfartha Sullivan Sandy Sujat Lee Sulmonetti Mary Ann Summers 327 Fred Svarney Paul Sweat Kirk Sweet Wfilliam Sweetman Linda Swisher Linda Syer Suzanne Tack Laureen Taggart Ken Tarnove Carolee Tayis Candace Taylor Richard Taylor Steve Taylor Susan Taylor Tony Taylor Mary Telfer Gilda Texter Helen Thcbeau Sue Thibodeau Cathy Thomson Frank Thomas Tom Thomas Don Thompson George Thompson John Thorla john Thurber Linda Tibbetts Don Tidwell Fred Tinney Jane Titcomb Susan Tolson Terry Townsend Douglas Tramell jerry Travis Debby Traxler Phillip Tucker Pam Tunnell Sherrie Turner Steve Tuttle Tomi Tyler Joanne Ulrich Mike Underwood Cathy Upson jane Vadnais Ron Vadnais Nicky Vance Gaynelle Vandergriff 328 Mk we-, :,. X . K.. 1:- ' , .L . 1 V, -V ,. ,fi I sb X Q ..,.,.,,. W sm wg, " gk 4 "' ,A Wie vw Q, z X Er -543. lg' MTX if .xx rx Q T l f ' l 5 , ,, . ' ., ,L ,ff nr' I 4 1 " ,Q 2 ,gig ,fb - K rar ww gh 114 if X l as i-19" E vi 1 K 3 X QE' 2 Q F1 df! lv . Ew- i,i.s.f u it T f Y, - as' 9 x in X ,, 2,-115' Af' fi A .115 x V 'Y 'Q A - ' I .A 'A 1 '-, -E, -'I 1 li A 'J' 'aw' la':'."lf'-55 " ,, " T ,,cs Ax 1 mf ' for is . 'A x ' K l ater T l i -i " ' ' 'EW' " ? m mf- sf "N 6 . a- WW at ' gf 1 fee i W' if Q Y, A ' ri ' ,,.c 11" QM Sf 5, is ew , V. T -,i , .. 5, . ,,,. -"'- M53 i ky my Wi, ,cgi x if . .,,. lb 3 T X' S1 1 2 if 1. 'ng R at I 3s 2 il, L: A ' V ia X ,W ,M Q W gsm ,A ,sv 'A' y , H - Y V ' l fn . , 4 .. 0' sm, , 5 or - so .f rl H' 'l ' P' with 'QYTY ,pn iiiiiifsiiflsfll, 3' K Hi of gawk ii S .Q ' 5 151252 yen' x K 1 E 2 figs, far- ' 'Zig1i"f",,Q. .- 'fiiw 'ffm fi' Qifgsg Q: 'rw-' i 4, ww-fr vf., f,-fs - ,,,q.s:,xsi"1f-4, 17, I ,,.,-. 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Ron Vi1nderPlnte Dan Vnniman Rosalie Vunn Mark Vurca Phyllis Vzlrner Lois Vaughn John Veitch Shirley Vcrmaas August Verzarro David Vining Bob Vogl Shari Viilkmim Sherry -Xxiiltlt' Bruce Wiignr Sandra XX'i1gner Donna XX7z1l1lquiSt Brenda Wilkefield joe Whkefield Gary Vlfnlker Lonnie Wzilker Bfargic XX"g1lker Jim XX'ulkup Dave Wixllnce Duane XX'Y1lll1lCC Diann XYVLIHCI' jim Walls James XY'41lton Carol Xx',L1l'li1l'1lHkC1' Veronica Whrd Fred Waring Bfargarct Wfaring Bob Warneck Randy Warren Jim Wzlssberg Fay Vifaters Pam XV41tkins Tom Watts jerry Webb Vicki XVedgeon Marian XWeismann Terry Welbor'n Jim Welch Vickie XY'eller Bruce Wferner Pat West Gilbert Westberry jim XVestfall Blain XVl1arten 329 Darlene Vifetzel Charla Wheeler Bruce XX'hipple Lester XX"hitcomb Cathy White Dave White Nancy XY"hite Sharon XVhite Bill XWhite Martin XX'hittaker Chris Wfigglesworth Barbara Wiggin john XY'ilkes Leslie XY'ilkinson Dan Vifilkner Ken Wfillaman Cherry Vlfilliams Carol Wilson Judson Wilson Marsha Xwilson Nancy Wfilson Norma XX'ilson jane XX'ilson Toni Wilson Terry NX'inder Barbara XX'itters Lynda XX'olvert0n Barbara Wood Linda Wood Tom Wolchick Fred XY'otocelc Art Wright John Yergler Aimee Yoshioka Donna Young June Young Eden Yount Pat Yount Susan Yount Don Zeiders Christine Zeltwanger Margie Zilbauer Charles Zirkle 330 A ff.: - isa li' at 1 f, at wr- ...L si.,,. , .::, , , And those whose pictures came late N3 5 N X 1 1 3 7 is 35552 W' 5? If , Ziggy' x xr X elf! s i 9 I' wa ' gum 41 ii --:, lfflv .. 5 83855. we 5: ffl ,li l f li fe. .. ,gfe , "' E ':,,,. .Emlfm .ffm my ,A 7 , my ff Vfillinm Behrens Jay Brodin Roland Bulsera Robert De Silva Blflllfil Dobbes joe Iykes WLlyVUC Jackson Melody Johns Donna Kenney Sandy Kirkland Linda Kurzroclc Susan LaCk Steve Miller Cullenn Ostin Linda Pnllaro jackie Salcie Peggy Samm Joey Surmiak ,lim Tlxythe 4 lSll EQMNQZS lf TY If '54 S ' 15Q3,34' AM?-1 an f-fiizi' 'S 6 1-ffl"? 4- f 1 l 1g,,"e S Lkrr k1iW+,3uj gg F Q 3, '1 A fl WH ll S153 V ef' I A, 61151 vb ,:,, , Fa gk-avhli 332 Paul Kruse Athletic Director XFN. ww my MQQQ Y AH-ILEHCQ 333 hz M iw ,9- Whwwtlw f fa "Www dw Aw Teams Aw! 'I an ,ff A T5 n Q Q I I flfkgfwxif Hessler, Markham. Dragon, Walter Birclwell neatly blocks 2 Norlund players Jim Cusick Carries the ball for a 12-yard gain. 338 ,,, FIRST ROW: Lowery, Weinger, Brake, Hemingway. SECOND ROW: Dixon fmgrj Coach XWallace, Judd, Cooper, Coker, West, Mahood. THIRD ROW: Coach Cox, Schmidt fmgrj Halaska fmgr.jfSvarney, Bennett, Korman, Kennedy, FOURTH ROXW: Massaro, McCahill, Brenner, Thomas, Splane, Miller, Birdwell, Winquist. STRANAHAN 25 Palm 6 South 13 Christopher 27 Mac:Ar 6 North 12 Nor 0 Fort 28 St. Thomas 2 1 Fort 7 Pomp Fc FIRST ROW: Ferris, Fletcher, Krienberg, Spera, Langford, Hendry, and Robb. SECOND ROW: Austin, jones, Deal, Waldron, Carter, Truxal, Coach Wfohrman, and Coach Gibson. THIRD ROXV: Snyder, Sweitzer, Lacey, McCann, Shapiro, Johnson, Locke, Mills, Mr. Haun, Mr. Kruse. FOURTH ROW: VonWaldberg, C. Virgin, justis, Townsend, Cusick, French, Burns, Barrett, Goral, and Young OPPONENTS Beach 0 Broward 7 Columbus 0 thur 0 Miami 27 land 7 Lauderdale 20 Aquinas 7 Myers 1 5 mo 55 An unlucky "L" proved luckier at the game! Q i SCOTT AUSTIN All-County 'D ffl I SCOTT AUSTIN CHARLES BARRETT JIINI BURNS RICHARD CARTER WINFRED DEAL JOHN FERRIS Leading Scott Austin 78 pt jerry Kennedy 18 ' Dick Hessler 13 ' Byrn Jones 12 ' VCU , .::::2,:sfwmw 1v:?L55ifQSQ2g4g! wg 5? 14' ' :ff-ms-gay 7 mem.-5 -H ?,,5'.,n., g vf:mse1i5f? . 1. - 5: 31, 5511552 gfgizilh-'fg gifyizfgl Iii: V -441' -,,.-- AP E-T K 'XVD , T , q i T N-I . .wgfggfnil 1 ft ,., . sue , - . pf 3 2 Q ,, S 6,85-9 Lk 2 K, + St is S S K 3 S S , 1 F Q Q W Q, M Q S ' ' 1.3 xii QW 3 Z M 5 Q 'Wi Q 2? Hn J if 2 E 5 :A A ,ff 3 ex f ,.x , 8 xv X 9 Lrg: H..-.,x . ,. .. 3 -,v:.:- ly., -' W DAN BENNETT WALTER BIRDWELL DARRYL COKER JIM CUSICK JIM FLETCHER BOB FRENCH Scorers red Svamey 6 pts. 'ob Winquist 6 U ack MaCahi1l 6 " Id Virgin 6 " DRAGON POB Scott Austin falls over the line for a touchdown against the Bulldogs. A unique tackle against the Explorers. The Dragons escape the clutches of the L's. 342 NAME Deal, Winfred Jones, Bryn Svarney, Fred Bennett, Daniel Hendry, Larry Austin, Scott Clements, Larry West, Steve Coker, Darryl Judd, Larry McCahill, jack Kennedy, jerry Shapiro, Ellis Barrett, Charles French, Bob Lowry, Edward Korman, Glenn Mahood, Dennis Waldron, Gary Lacey, Mike McCann, james Snyder, Gary Miller, Elmo Fletcher, James Spera, john Robb, Rusty Kreinberg, Bob Carter, Richard Hemmingway, Joe Johnson, john Mills, Charles Locke, Thomas Truxal, William Young, Mitchell Winger, Stewart Sweitzer, Robert Burns, james Splane, Douglas Ferris, John Townsend, Gary Birdwell, Walter Massaro, joe Virgin, Charles Hessler, Richard Goral, Bob Cusick, jim Langford, Bob Thomas, William Virgin, Edward Brenner, Bob Winquist, Bob justis, Rusty Von Walburg, Art 25 12 13 20 21 23 24 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 42 43 44 46 50 51 53 54 60 52 62 61 41 47 64 63 65 57 48 49 56 71 73 70 72 74 55 75 80 38 39 27 28 82 83 84 81 85 NUMBER YEAR 11 12 10 11 12 11 12 12 11 11 11 11 11 11 12 11 11 11 12 12 12 11 12 11 11 12 11 12 12 11 12 11 11 11 12 11 11 11 12 12 11 12 11 11 12 11 11 11 10 11 12 12 Only inches for a Dragon 'lbuchdownf Kennedy prepares the path for a pass by jones A Norland fumble aids a Dragon drive. BOB GORAL :N -'iw' 7 1 X: ' iw' In :fm ' ' , ..,.:.,',,. mf W, r -:-fm , - . swf fi Til' - 'pl,fyf'fSf!1F5W,g,, F ., ' BRYN JONES JERRY KENNEDY BOB KRIENBERG 344 -Fig? 5 41 3' i . JOHN JOHNSON RUSTY JUSTICE the Opening game against Palm Beach .L .,..., - J' V 1,3 ,ras-Wg'fJf3?. Q 1' fyin-:mi-,fgfffiyj , -ff Q Ps. JK M A Q W Q we , , E . . .. TOM LOCKE ART VON XVALBVRG Senior End "NWho does the twist?" w Kc f . A f , irq! yew. Hawk ff ' A-.Mg I ,qw -,,L. ff" Qwxigwi V Pfimifw Qtgwi SLEQ T W T3 - iq E -11-I . Q- 'f . ., f f 4 JACK MCCAHILL JIM McCANN Jw I -2 fn Y Ev? A: I E, I' , . J S , 1 . , i , , 1 ., Am' A W ., Q. 51, -. . 'Wi ' ' f uv- I -. - - ri I .. 4 :-1-" -, I ' if Q FV V7 - - -M V ' : fw I I . I - -1' ' , W7 - I' 7 fi.9fQ'i1Q3'?'3JwfgN I 1 I s pa, , f I? ,I wi - 1 3 . .. f' 35: 3 - . git W .,, ,-,,.gf:JRf4- mil: , ,vs -. s ez .fa : IW W J, ,m,.W1,., Q , f I - ED LOWERY DENNIS MAHOOD JOE MASSARO ' R,,,f,ww vs riff I-vain 1 ELMO MILLER A Norland block stopped the Dragons for a little WHILE. 346 CHARLES MILLS RL7STY ROBB 1 -J H ' ff If .,, W 1 . 0 i- - fm .L , .,,. wifi, 4 Q U' 1 .., ,, if . "F ' SSI? ,Qsf M- an , sf -' Y ' . . A W QM .f ,QQ ex, 1 Q. QA 6 41 .1 .af 5 I 5- - fn? NL-1 'f5?Q1 ' rf ,s:yi:.,.' M332 ELLIS SHAPIRO GARY SNYDER 162. GARY TOWNSEND BILL TRUXAL V W The pass before the touchdown U K ,.,..,, rw fy, 'cw dwg? nf 'vi ,W,5g, f kxhj X M as v . -W ..,, if M' rfgfiyzlikiw L K 155,255 i Zgffii -.Q"J':?t-"1' ff fH wlfii 'Q V .V , A w ww?4'3Q1:M'75sd5E52'fa?21f , DOUG SPLANE BOB SWEITZER N Meet the managers 347' McCahiIl forges through the Ft, Myers line on rr touchdown drive. f :Hoc J. ,Q - A 3 . , , r -W --4. b X i , , W , Q, Y ' I Q 4., "5 f-5 ' f H STEVE WES'1' STUART XWINGER -4, fmwgr .re L'l"" ,.. I Nw ' E ,,r,M,.1,5W xr 2 K S9 wg as fx 'iw L 65 , S Us LN .ww :Z 'Ea ' W f iw K 1 N A . , .,... ,M Q -. as ' - . 4 , 348 ,A , Q BOB WINQUIST MITCHELL YOUNG Before the game the hnys take ll minute t Townsend tackles Fort Meyers' McDuffie to prevent a "Greenies" touchdown. 3-. gi CHARLES VIRGIN ED VIRGIN l ow their heads in prayer. ART VONWALDBERG GARY WALDRON Craig Evans off on a touchdown run. COACH HAROLD COX 6 Baby Dragons stoppec COACH DANA WALLACE 94 FRNAH4 Lolxcumoa' xi smir 'V fix 1... ,X .gl g ,ie . cv " -Q E i rf ax! fl Q, ' . jc .K ' 'F on 5 lf"L?1?l55if' 4" K .1422 'S ' 'ff rerkwzklz :..'-,f,,..., -4 vw! 1 :jf C. k.?:fa.i' '- If V FIRST ROW: Moseley, Slaughter. SECOND ROW: Taylor, Edwards. THIRD ROW: Coach Cox, Variman, Evans. FOURTH ROW: Coach Wallace, Morris. FIFTH ROW: Smith, Her- bert. after short game. .f A fumble recovered. XX - rp- iy xy, 5 ,-KA -A-, A x l , e f 5 R 4 or l - P 7 mi w f ,Z-. l if r 4, "v s 'I vi FIRST ROW: Steimle, Griffin, Kreinberg, Coleman, Guarnieri. SECOND ROXV: Gray, Lanteri, Bennett, Stroud, Tuttle, Shull Moore, Harris. THIRD ROW: Dunn, Carlon, Glueck, Horton, Salato, Dempsey, Brown, Thomas, mgr. FOURTH ROW: Wol chick, Morgan, Scott, Smith, Freeze, Fuller, Radtke, Dixon, mgr. FIFTH ROXV: Townsend, Brandt, Massey, Impson, johanesik Sweet, Edwards. - r ms, ,, , if 5 vw ,K KS: . .?1,gL3N I A Q 12 Ng M Q RL 'Sew S2 CHEERLEADERS MARY LUCAS KRISTEN KUTCHINS SUE BELLER ANN FIN LAYSON MARY ANN HULBURT 1 1 PEGGY DEXTER BARBARA BOYER AA X BONNIE DUNBAR W X 'H , Coach Bud Marcunfs return to Stranahan encourages the 1963 Varsity Dragon Basketball Team to a successful SCHSOII. as at Coach Marcum gives the Dragons ll pre-game talk Junior Varsity Huddles They're ready for the second half. The Varsity ED VIRGIN ART VonWALDBURG CARSTON EVANS BOB XYIINQUIST BOB MILLER SID HALL JEFF PHELAN JOHN THOMPSON WINFRED DEAL DEAN YOUNG SCOTT AUSTIN FRED SVARNEY A Successful Season Coach Marcum and his aide relax and view the action. Posts: 15 Wins, 7 Losses ll fa-sin ,A . ,um ..L,,, W' ,M- H' as 5 - 5:3 -:Q 3 uv 5 'ln ,X 3.5. 1.5 'f ' Q: :W 'xi i fm," . rw-1 ff 5 . ,. f W5 319915153 . M R ' s N ii E F m g. ,f wwW4i"f J x x QF J x 4 wg A L 2 ' 'iff-Kim 'm Ei G4 r ,,,. FRED SVARNEY Fred Svarney, a startling sophomore, pulled through with the extra points needed by the Dragons for our victories this season, JEFF PHELAN SCOTT AUSTIN Evans raises the score. r A E COACH BRATTON in I 4 1" a Y M if ' 'T' t Q all ll Q, hl ' is . V fs- N , LA E. s yn A X S fs - ,, , umfffnr, sw, ..,, Dragons surround the basket and "The score Evans desperately carries hall as goes up another notch." McArthur gains. LH sinks a basket as Pompano watches helplessly. 36I z 3 MQW N if ,, , -' --v e iq , N A 1 4 .QL Q,-LA b .VW ff I - V- , ,Rf K ,H "H ,, . ' K K 27,7 V s we M - , - - , gf f s ,x r Q v ,. H4 i if F' ' , f. , I , . v S - -'-' f , ,, - 1 , J ,,-,,., ,V i , ' . ,7-, f-if, 3 '? - gg ," I ,,,t, sf- , 1, w'f.:,1':2Li5i15Maf "' is iff ,, V .JW 'JF' V ' f ,," in ffr' -W7 V T? kin, f- ' - f ,age r lily, -',-, 5 .V-,-'fizzjr 55 7 5-x-MQ5 ,ffn,ff,. m 12, f-- V f'.- -',, V ,9:: 'W , --.:--I Il -, , f-my 'f+,4y,1z17As14Mm. - ,i ,,,',, ,,, vv-- , ,M ., lm-M-WN r V j - A On your mark-get set- ' .5212 It 7 ialffdf '7- Wu... ,. ,M-"""'J OOPS!! I-le flies like a bird- E 'tl 'MW - ----....M. ,MMU . 5 H uailkwn y W 'F ITALIAN F000 5355366 SSS mea? tr F fax lclislgfieirf FIRST ROXV: Elaine Dade, Ande Kormanyos, Louisa Kromfield, Kathy Kulpa, Marty Cramer, Wendy Smith, Karen Winkopp, Rhonda Achor. SECOND ROWQ Barry Blakely, Pete Ickes, Ed Lundgren, Bob Buntrock, Bill Raynor, Art Beller, Marvin Beasley, Barry Peterson, Scott McLane, jerry johnson, Coach Wienants. THIRD ROXW: David Harris, jim Phau, Paul Lendorider, Tom james, Dave Underwood, Gary Langley, Don Mitchell, Marty Habel, Steve Plant, Larry Luke. 362 5 71 , E with salt on it's tail. E'frEff1?fZe A y ' L gm :. Wk J, W 7 fi-..:gtm. m, Oohhhh-Is this fun ? I "Easy" says Becky Hoegsted. Q W ,M wx ..-QQ, ,A . ff 'VM . wj'- '?5"?-271 N, . 4. . ' 'X N ' If k 4 ,S ' ,gghih W. Q? R , 2-,gfx ,N M H-.' 'NM " , A . A ' ., Q x M E ,KW ,,""" ' A ...uw ,L -I MRM 1. 4, N. K.: aww , H2O's WET! 363 .""au-r. . A M... bn-.M wx. .If R '--Q ,"iWo?j"":",A'A ,'f, Na ,.g-....'-Lad" WT? ...uv- .... .441-4. X""""' 'E' ww .. . ,....,, M, 2-NAU f -1, M ,A , M M ,,,V,,.v-Jmwlnf 1 A M is ,. ,M - Q ,,,,...... Wynn- N.,-f ' " mv-ovf , N' ' .. fw,a.t-. VMNWY' ..r... an N J.. "'- . - K ,m,..-."" ,...,"W--s-- - 'ff .sv -rn .N .-um. -N-Q... .ram y M:--fin... .anrisfN""""-.. i .ww W -- . K LM W.. N, N ww.,-1 TM Phew! !! ONLY 45 more laps 1 wh .wwwb-WW,-.M,m.mww.m .,.L. , WMM, """N"""-flvm 364 "Sure hope they dO1'1't move that pool !" . to go! ...I ,K . ,- I . V, . KI We gxix .Vg ' - ir ,:'?.,'3u:. .pw vb X- A - N , My , U "Hey, News, seen the soap??" Ill In s c E Q1 Yyrkswggyw Z ,L ,,.. N " ' 'LF I1 mu- i 4 +, E, R 3 W ,MMYR K y s ' 365 COACH WEAVER QNN1 ffl' COACH MCBROOM HANK an CHALMERS -5- EARL LAMBERT and JANE HANCOCK ROBIN MCLENDON - WY -1-Mwmmw ,G R., PHIL CHEANEY m1wmmwfu,.ww-Q ,-,M , Huggy ww-ww is Q. 'L AA,:: KNEELING: Caroline King, Karen Randall, Pat Anthony. STANDING: Donna Russell, Marsha Hamilton, Sandy Sander- SOD. Mike Guthrie, jack Brewer, Bob Williams. KNEELING: Mary Lou Cmaylo, Robin McLendon STANDING: Donna Russell, Laurie Lauren. any x fn 0 5, s mf Pete Maclclock, Laurie Lauren, Mary Lou Cmaylo Gary Hainline. 367 Rn 'G F' 'N M.-q 'ww Wi -1-r df GOLF- Bryon Wfhite leads off. ' L. ig, . 5 , we Nice out, McLellan! CBillD COACH HUPP "OH, NO!! Not again!" Don Steimle chips out. "Sure hope I'm in the right position," says Arden Brake. "caddy, hold that flag Simi!" Steimle finishes up. "At least a mile," says Bill Remington. "That's only a practice swing claims Bryan White. "Man, I'll clobber this ball!" hopes Bill Wright. BASEBALL joe DiMaggio demonstrates correct batting 5 position. 370 Dwgoas Vsit New Yeah Yankees ship. .lun COACH BEASLEY Ralph Houk lectures the boys on good sportsman- Yi!! Ed Lowry looks on as Yogi Berra and Elston Howard give catching in- structions. CL -Lx -in. ' Nu N N 11, r T , '-4sQ'Q..n.u... S, af in , ,fi i 1, '3,.,.Q. f ill: 'av ,lil FIRST ROW: Craig Evans, Jerry Sheldon, Dave Brizzie, Steve Keiser, Ed Lowry, Ken Barnett, Tom Elwell. SECOND ROW Darryl Garner, jim Boggs. Gary Horton. Bob Martin, Barry Williams, Don Sabatini, David Slavmaker. THIRD ROW: Coach Beasley Gary Kayser, john Vlohnson, Carl Fisher, jeff Phelan, Dick Hessler, Frank Baldasare, Gregg Twiggs. Gregg Twiggs, Frank Baldasare, jerry Shelclon, jeff Phelan, Gary Kayser. 4 Carl Fisher, john Johnson, Barry Williams Dragons take time out at Fort Lauderdales Yankee Stadium. ohn johnson swings Strike three! Out at third. 0up1-m4mnrwmn.nm1,W:fMuwmw-uwfgwimm. ,Q-.,-,iwmww-fQ:m.uwMQwm:w Dick Hessler fielding. 1 if ' f 9 ps Dave Brizzie demonstrates his bunting technique. A :Ms 3, Gregg Twiggs on the pitcher's mound. KWWL " Safe at home. Brizzie winds up. 373 TTZACIC FORMS if OVER! .Sim UP! Gregg Baupiecl, Andy McQuigg, Tim Reed. gr... . f DOWN ! Sprinters get off to a fast start. john Calvert, jerry Kennedy, and Wesley Wallis. A 7 I are -wgl. K f . Gary Snyder puts the shot. H Cross Country team members practice. 376 COACH NOE Cross Country sets a rapid pace. S Sw D THE T ONS CI. Z A STPANM Q, ,WMA AND? 7 Sfranaha-Ann and Shana-Andy Suggesi' You Try Oui' The La'I'es+ in Spor+s Equipmeni' a+ BROWARD SPORT SHOPS PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER DOWNTOWN-S. ANDREWS CORAL RIDGE PLAZA For Family Fun Join fhe Gang a+ . . LAUDERDALE BOWL-O-MAT I9I0 SOUTHWEST 40 AVE. LU 3-6220 378 ,A -1:12 1 fi S W ma'-I SM. KK' 'B Pw gezifmszz' 1 -Silff-4 QSM, ff S , m am - gsgggsgfsqgzs. QMS 1- i znazggfgiqa ff Q, Q -:"f:S,"'1, iq, :szQg:- iw Simiqaw L25 HSA N "155: ',I45iLTQEl!A .31 ,L 1 51- ,wvfwfmfk S mm -f-: fs 35 555355 ' 'fklffi '. weak' Accept this diploma and the responsibilities that go with More Power to you...Graduates! determination hold the promise of a better Florida future. Only through the fulfillment of your potential can Florida achieve greatness. In a very real sense, you are Floridals future. FLDRIDA POWER 85d!7I9H1' COMPANY 379 For the Best in Gentlemen's Formal Attire TROPICAL FORMALS, LTD. I00l E. LAS OLAS BLVD. JA 5-298I Broward School of Beauty Culture sitfh .. fi v5.'fs4,,,,,,g . 'W - "s'.:' f f ' P. fin pq!" f f 5:52, 'ffm' '- ,-e,--.1-rx' . f,::.i1i,l- "21-.g:iy.- 2 .5 1 . ' E: -'ig Ei: -53.11522 Ffliifwg? gtiiggnz. 'Iu.v1"" ixuzifg QET61' it 'gl-. A I xv.. ,. .3. I -'Ji' ici? v My '. 4 isgkts iii 7' :Aft-I 1351- - i 'sggsgn .3 1 gif,-if iff .74-5?-1.zQi--92555515 D 35' 'fffifiiffi-'ii.i'i"H ' 5f:itii353f'ff 1-Z -- gszzrxrzzf. 'dw . y F,.....,w 3 Hiyiftsfiji 380 "We all need Beauty Aids." 2l9 S.W. 2nd Street One Minute Success Story The opportunities tor a career as a cosmetologist are tinancially sound and personally rewarding. At BROWARD SCHOOL OF BEAUTY CULTURE, you will acquire in a tew months a protessional skill which will be yours to use at any time and in any place. Where you receive your certiticate DOES make a ditterence, as it is on this cer- titicate that you will be iudged initially. Doesn't it make sense, then, to iudge with care your school ot training it you're choosing a career in beauty? Call today tor tree 32 page brochure, Successful Careers in Beauty Culture." " Accredited tor State ot Florida Day and Evening Classes "' Free S35 Beauty Equipment Kit Upon Enrollment JA 3-l55l fl' For Fast, Efficient, and Friendly Service . . . STACER'S SOUTHSIDE SERVICE SOUTH ANDREWS AT JA 5-3567 6 ST. Take il' From Ann and Andy . . . You Really Gel Carried Away Wilh . . . EVERGLADES FERTILIZER co. 200I WEST BROWARD BLVD JA 2-285I 38I I HENRI S Q f Men's CIo+I1ing and Formal Wear I IITTI 8 Take a Tip From Andy-For +I1e Besi fx I 5 I 3 in Men's Formal A'H'ire Go Io Henri's. Cool Man!! Apartments I POOL Edgewood Arm 2850 S.W. I8 TERRACE O AIR CONDITIONING O I8 NEW APARTMENTS Rent by Day, Week, Month, Year QQ' MQ? "Ng hen you want az ine portrait... to record forever with charm and dignity the important events of your lite,come to the Photograph Studio ot your Official Photographer... SUNSHWI, FAS?-HONS 1'1- ! V L 6 jf" I ,M 431- in is Ai Ei X , WINTERHURST 2829 NORTH FEDERAL HIGHWAY LO 4-9659 Ice Skating-A Recreation the Whole Family Can Enjoy A WINTER WONDERLAND IN A TROPIC SETTING WEST BROWARD Clinic 81 Hospital IIOI Wes+ Broward Blvd. For'r Lauderdale, Fla. JA 2-3606 ouch mia! 384 "Take a Drive in Ihe Sky-and Learn Io Fly-" Wi+h Ihe Shanahan CIan aI' Sunny South AIRCRAFT SERVICE, INC. IROWARD INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT JA 4-550 I eo-so-so +0 . . Flamin 0 G0 QDES LAN ES 2222 WEST BROWARD BLVD LU 3-930I 385 For Every'l'hing Phofographic . . 49' CLIK CAMERA SHOP RIVERLAND SHOPPING CENTEI LU 3-77I2 I BUY I SELL I TRADE Comple+e Supplies for fhe S+uden+ 3007 W. Brown's Office Supply LU 3-6330 BROWARD BLVD. "HeIIo . . . AncIy??? Have You Heard +he LaI'esI' Abou+ . . . MAIN OFFICE LOCATED AT 300 N.E. THIRD AVENUE as I X E P Growing With the Future Srfufheru l6'cl! Cvlcplzonc '-". n . .iggff .A,A Y ' - -f--. , -'A."- 5 M- e M 5 3 S I if ... , iw ,.V- A ----'-""'-'. .,.,. 4.i.5fffQfflfQfQ5-if 2.i: if f 1-- ""5 4'A-1 --'-,...- ....-., .,,' . A "" ' '-.--,.,. 1 ..., ' 1 ,.,.1 j li' I I ' " ':' A A 'A A:.Q " I ' A V 2 W 21 :" ' A' ' A W :" A :" '1"' 1 'z z 'AV' A'1' A . , , n ., , 3 A 9, , "A, .. "AA'l ',:,,qA f is i f . -1 I.: I .P .,:,, I :,: :ill 1 Af, . . 3 5' 1,1-Is.. gli.. ERI- Z . QE.: D I A 5 , , -': f A Tlme IS a sort of rlver of passlng lzizl -- i . . AV' f 3 events, and strong ln ltS currentg E - A': A .:t. ',,:,: - 2 Q AA' no sooner IS a thlng brought to ii Af Sight than lt IS Swept by and an' . l"" I . . 2 , "A" ' Q s,'- f I other takes nts place, and thls too , . -AAQ ,. , ',,.... ' ,A1, . is ,,,, ,..: E ,,,, I 4,'. -... I - WWWWWV b .A E . v.,,,,.,, , Z , fgasf A2s a,:3.1 :g:g: . , '-b,, E Wlll be swept Elway . . . i ' A A15 A - 2'f 2 ':"" Hffgeg - z A V I in I -'Mamas Au'eliu5 Anfvniw lzz 1 , :t:::1.,r: , ., "'1 I ,,1,,,s: :,:: i me :IZ ,..i 4 :,:.:, izz zizz : :A' I I I E .,,:.. ..,,., AAtt EEE? " 1f.1 'sz 2-2 ff2w:"5zz'5eixs2522S 2 ::::: :-:-:-:- ....,...... - i w'-' .. X "".L.-sr rm EfE:E:: xi ng- "-r- '----:r.,: 25 .rir 'AAA' ' AAAAA A'A Atz. X i. es : 'AAAA STRANA-ANN AND STRANA-ANDY AT THE . . . "Hey Mac!" Gef Rid of Thai' Noisy Muffler af: 388 Midas Mufflers are guaranfeed for as long as you own your car. 22I2 S. ANDREWS AVE. JA 3-8I I5 JA 3-I576 PROSPECT HALL Fine Secretarial Training for Girls 828 Sou'l'l'1 Easl' Four+l1 Sl'ree+ FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA JA 4-8325 Can-oe Think of a BeH'er Place +0 Slay? soon HARBOR DRIVE MQTEL JA 4-1555 l333 W. FEDERAL HWY LO 4-322l Live H' Up WH'h fhe Lively Ones a+ . . . G1 ll U95 S W 17 JA 2-25 C4055 64 W4 y If It's in Fashions-It's at CWLGJUJ SUNRISE SHOPPING CTR. FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. LO 6-960l For 'rhe il y K mae? Finesi' in Commercial Q Dov IU' f V F ,WM Q2 2,01 se My me Q as s 5 es wr www ms me F3 if sf F X X S ae H1 X2 Liz' T 3335 'www-w F Fskfs Q me SHN M Q .W .wwmfffzgiez iigzggiezisw .fsz,:sz,.fw W -'w:.:i: :Meer 'w1w's:.f vwwsxs z'2zz1sf4sv15mQ1 f2::azfwz,-Mez'-ser w,:a:':aQ4 ,.f2:,m14e:sL,,: mage1:s9swe1gs1?1s:i -fgwxiiefi5gg,AQwgw,, 'V'-W'r" WWW Fw'Mi2v'12'-21"2i, Fw-ezwgszgisz.wgaysa.fmfxgissrszixzwy,fgrenfwf :zg,zAfwAfQ:,'g2,4 .ww V- sz,':f:':v-mem:-.verses,:fewzvsww1fz,.fwz':vvse,.f,s.2:s:1zgfw,:vuzLfw:. v' :uv-1 saws. if ,zwz:.,, ,Me use .wfFz.w1Mew, fax'gem.wpwages,Few,gggMLf,,1,,m,f,WM,:yumk,,M5M2i:XHknewMmwggsmkMMM M gmwfw .mx fx:se,if31,.gagff,:ruwggge,.fmwgisziwrimev, ew,.geesem,.F,gQ,:5,,isWm,,1,,Mww,WW,5,LPM A 3,,kM3,,w, Mmqfifslm .Fls,.ezggfz.51151M,sz,.fxez:germ11:suis.fs.2zg.:e,Afsm,,.e:,ens:.sngi,.smng:iwiffxgwgsisgixli W M: :sw-QW,f,12::fx..f,:2,::x::gs,.fw: Fa,ew.evsgmwvw:fznwszma,fi,.fszzegfswz.fq:fiwzr1 -W Ewen ,A :ff : .szfw:,ggQa,,..s::s,'awwfa: gQvm.Q:.:s:ge ,L.: w:.gsw,.szfeggwwz:Qzfwmw-zrwz - 1 vffmw:wgrwzLQ,:smwerees,.:wAwe,f.x,,:Ff,.:,rg ,Hzqs,.fewfsgsgfMr::wi.w,,:fw:ggs,iQ,A.w:'sqze,ie,:wrgiQ,ww::s::w::a:,gaaA1F:,:e:wexew swears samwfz:1w:xz:sn5z'xwwfcr :: Q f2.fWfssW12L:SS2iwwgfiilliihwnssfzis,swgzzssvzfwgfszggszsig,:minisewgszihiiigzwkigggrsgfysi Iigfwgw I sig g ,351 ig? 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FORT LAUDERDALE mf' CORNER ANDREWS AVENUE AND SUNRISE BLVD JA 2-2886 1 Now, TI1ere's a Grea'I Two'sm for Ya- and They Owe II' AII 'I'o ALTH EA MALCHOW MUSIC STUDIO II08 N.E. I7 WAY For'I' Lauderdale JA 3-3620 QuaIi+y?? QuanIi+y?? You'II Find I+ a'I'- Sears, Roebuck, and Co. 90I N. FEDERAL HIGHWAY Fori' Lauderdale, Florida JA 5-I6II Each year Shanahan is +he recipienl of a Driver Training car 'From Sla+on Chevrolet Federal Highway I962-63 Driver Training Car ?.'E6..'EE'?' STRONG'S 290I W. Broward Blvd. LU 3-0540 I47O Sfafe Road 84 JA 3-53l I 5243 W. Broward Blvd. Planiafion LU I-45II CHARGE ACCOUNTS WELCOME B . .W.ei'a9iQi For Your Banking Needs WILTON MANORS NATIONAL BANK N.E. 26 Sfreef AI5 Avenue FORT LAUDERDALE xxllfo ks 0,1- 2+ 4: 1? 41 'Cr IEE 1:- 4 I1- F0 N s l,Hxx MEMBER OF FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM HARDRIVES 846 N.W. 5 Avenue FORT LAUDERDALE JA 3-343i Florida's Oldesl' and Locally Owned Paving Concern. Your Fond Memories of Shanahan Are Jus'I' Like Our Paving . . . Bo'H1 Will Lasf for Years 398 We're Heading 'ro Gei' Some Singer Ice Cream FEAR LESS, HOPE MORE. EAT LESS, CHEW MORE. WHINE LESS, BREATHE MORE. TALK LESS, SAY MORE. HATE LESS, LOVE MORE. AND ALL GOOD THINGS ARE YOURS H. W. SINGER, INC. Ice Cream Disfribuiors PORT EVERGLADES, FLORIDA Ann and Andy Picfures arf, if ,im Sirana-Ann Shana-Andy Bonnie Robifaille PauI Planfe by.. Jackman Studio 4I80 S.W. 64+I'1 Ave. DAVIE, FLORIDA Experf PI'1o'I'ograpI1y Q For Individuals I For Groups CALL 58I-I64I 250I Eas+ Sunrise Blvd. Forf Lauderdale, Florida Can You Top This 'for an Af+er +l1e Game Trea'I'? if -A lmwrf iiii ci s- Jr? 1 Ja-J - ' I by fE','f'5"5H-c"'.w,4-ff A- , 4 ,,,u.',x., A H-ul-. - ' - , - , , 1- . ,pq ' Bb ,s ,u . .K ., Q.. , i A , .f.i:.v-9-1: ,T F ffl? Qs 'M i f, W i n ga' QL ag-Q5 . Qi: Q, ' Q V 1 1?"'F: QT?-fi, !f:..-W--'lun-.. I Il -f

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